_HEUTE_0229 :

_00450229            1. LEAP—DAY, was recognized by proclamation of JULIUS—CAESAR.
12880229             04010101—05001231     —IN—THE, begun, THE—TRADITION had, in IRELAND.
12880229             SCOTLAND made it legal for women to propose to men.
12880229             —PASSED, THE—SCOTLAND—PARLIAMENT, 1—LEAP—YEAR—ACT whereby women could propose to men.
15040229             —STRANDED, CHRISTOPHER—COLUMBUS, in JAMAICA —DURING his 4. voyage to the West, used 1—CORRECTLY predicted lunar eclipse to frighten hostile natives into providing food for his crew.
16920229             —ACCUSED—OF, SARAH—GOODE and Tituba were, witchcraft in SALEM—MASSACHUSETTS, sparking the hysteria that started THE—SALEM Witch Trials.
17120208—17120229    —SEE
17120229             —NORTH—AMERICA—FRENCH and INDIA—WAR
17120229—17120208    —SEE
17960229             —JAY—TREATY in effect, PROCLAIMED, PRESIDENT—WASHINGTON
17960229             —JAY—TREATY, settled SOME—OUTSTANDING USA differences with GREAT—BRITAIN.
18410229             * JOHN—PHILIP—HOLLAND (18400000              *), inventor of the modern submarine, in Liscannor, County Clare, into 1—FAMILY that had survived the Great Potato Famine.
18410229             —DIVED, With Holland at the controls, the Ram, 64—FEET BE—NEATH NEW—YORK Harbor that —SUMMER, only to be seized by the Fenians —WHEN they lost interest in the project.
18410229—18730000    —SETTLED, —FOLLOWING his immigration to AMERICA, Holland, in PATERSON—NEW—JERSEY where he taught school and, with financial backing from THE—IRELAND—FENIAN Society, began developing his 1. submarine.
18410229—18810000    —LAUNCHED, Holland, the Fenian Ram, a 31—FOOT—LONG—SUBMERSIBLE powered by a 15-horsepower internal combustion engine.
18410229—18950000    —IN, the J.P. HOLLAND—TORPEDO—BOAT—COMPANY, won 1—CONTRACT from THE—USA—NAVY to build 1—SUBMARINE.
18410229—19000411    —ON, —AFTER 1—DISCOURAGING failure, the 2. submarine, THE—HOLLAND—VI, passed her sea trials and was purchased by THE—USA—NAVY for $150,000. 18410224             —SEE
18560229             —CEASED, Hostilities in RUSSO—TURKEY—WAR.
18600229             Herman Hollerith, inventor of 1—TABULATION—MECHANISM (18640000             ) that was 1—FORERUN—NER to the computer, was born.
18600229             GEORGE—BRIDGETOWER in Bia?a, POLAND, where his father worked for Hieronimus WINCENTY—RADZIWILL.
18600229             —LIVED, Bridgetower, in ENGLAND for much of his life.
18640229             Union BRIGADIER—GENERAL—JUDSON—KILPATRICK split his forces at the Rapidan River ordering COLONEL—ULRIC—DAHLGREN to lead 500—MEN his men to Goochland COURT—HOUSE, —WHILE the remainder FOL—LOWED Kilpatrick in his raid on RICHMOND.
18640229             LIEUTENANT—WILLIAM—B—CUSHING led 1—LANDING party from THE—USS—MONTICELLO to Smithville, NC, in 1—ATTEMPT to capture Confederate BRIGADIER—GENERAL—LOUIS—HEBERT, only to discover that Hebert and his men had already moved on Wilmington.
18680229             —FORMED, UK—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—DISREALI, his 1. cabinet.
18960229             Leap years, which have 366—DAYS instead of the common 365, are those years divisible by 4, except centesimal (those ending in 00) years unless they are divisible by 400. —THEREFORE, 3—OF—EVERY 4—CENTESIMAL years are common years, including 19000000            .
18960229—18960000    —YEAR—THE, was 1—LEAP—YEAR, thus February had 29—DAYS.
18960229—19040000    —IN, 1—PERSON born on this —DAY would have celebrated their 1. birthday.
18960229—19040000    —UNTIL, The next leap —YEAR was not.
19040229             —APPOINTED, PRESIDENT—THEODORE—ROOSEVELT, a 7—MEMBER—COMMISSION to hasten completion of THE—PANAMA Canal.
19040229—19570000    * † JIMMY—DORSEY, orchestra leader, in Shenandoah, PENNSILVANIA.
19080229             * The artist known as Balthus in PARIS.
19130229             1—USA—JUDGE upheld 1—WRIGHT—BROTHERS' airplane patent regarding the use of ailerons in 1—SUIT against GLENN—CURTISS.
19130229             —OFFERED, HENRY—FORD, assistance to Curtiss and Ford lawyer W. Benton Crisp put Curtiss —BACK—IN production by employing NON—SIMULTANEOUS—USE—OF ailerons.
19130229—19140000    —IN, 1—COURT—OF—APPEALS affirmed the decision.
19160229             * DINAH—SHORE, actress and singer.
19160229             —SEE 19200229             ; —EVENING World,
19160229—19170301    —SEE
19170301             * DINAH—SHORE, singer (See THE—USA in 1—CHEVROLET), in Winchester, 10.
19200229             —EVENING World, 19200309           .
19240229             * AL—ROSEN, baseball player.
19360229             * JACK—R—LOUSMA, astronaut.
19360229             † ABRAHAM—RUEF, 71—JAHRE—ALT, S—FRANCISCO power broker.
19360229             —SERVED, ABRAHAM—RUEF had, time at S—QUENTIN prison —FOLLOWING graft prosecutions in 19060000—19080000.
19360229             erhielt DOCTOR—REININGHAUS vom Chefbuchhalter EDUARD—HANNY in einem verschlossenen Kuvert die korrekten Bilanzen und schaltete den Präsidenten der Nationalbank und den Finanzminister ein.
19400229             Hattie McDaniel was the 1. African American to win 1—ACADEMY—AWARD—BEST supporting actress--for her performance in Gone With THE—WIND, which won 1—TOTAL—OF—8—OSCARS.
19400229             "Gone with the Wind" won 8—ACADEMY—AWARDS, including best picture of 19390000            .
19400229             —NAMED, VICTOR—FLEMING was, best director, VIVIEN—LEIGH best actress, and Hattie McDaniel best supporting actress, the 1. black performer to receive 1—OSCAR.
19400229             Best actor went to ROBERT—DONAT for "Goodbye, MISTER—CHIPS".
19440229             The submarine USS Trout was lost NORTH—WEST—OF—THE—PHILIPPINES with all 81—MEN —FOLLOWING 1—ENCOUNTER with 1—JAPAN—CONVOY.
19520229             The 1. pedestrian "Walk/Don't Walk" signs were installed at 44. Street and Broadway at Times Square.
19560229             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—DWIGHT—D.—EISENHOWER, he would seek a 2. term.
19600229             the 1. Playboy Club, featuring waitresses clad in "bunny" outfits, opened in CHI—CAGO.
19600229             An 5.7—EARTHQUAKE in MOROCCO—SOUTH—WEST—ATLANTIC—COAST killed as many as 12,000. THE—TOWN—OF—AGADIR destroyed.
19600229—19860000    —CLOSED, HUGH—HEFNER, THE—CORPORATE—OWNED clubs, calling them "passe".
19671128—19680229    —ON, Burnell made the news public.
19680229             At the Grammy Awards, the 5. Dimension's "Up, Up and Away" won RECORD—OF—THE—YEAR for 19670000             , —WHILE ALBUM—OF—THE—YEAR honors went to the Beatles for "SERGEANT—PEPPER—LONELY—HEARTS—CLUB—BAND".
19680229             PRESIDENT—JOHNSON—NATIONAL—ADVISORY—COMMISSION on Civil Disorders (also known as the Kerner Commission) warned that racism was causing AMERICA to move "toward 2—SOCIETIES, 1—BLACK, 1—WHITE -- separate and unequal".
19680229             —SUCCEEDED, He was, by CLARK—CLIFFORD —FOR—9—MONTHS who worked to reverse USA—POLICY in VI—ETNAM.
19680229             THE—DISCOVERY—OF—THE 1. "pulsar," 1—STAR which emits regular radio waves, was announced by DOCTOR—JOCELYN—BELL—BURNELL at CAMBRIDGE—ENGLAND.
19720229             —BECAME, Henry "Hank" Aaron, the 1. baseball player to sign 1—BASEBALL contract for $200,000 1—YEAR.
19800229             —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—CARTER, 1—LAW that renamed THE—ARCTIC—NATIONAL—WILDLIFE Range to THE—ARCTIC—NATIONAL—WILDLIFE Refuge and more than doubled its size.
19800229             —DIRECTED, The law, the Interior DEPARTMENT to assess oil potential in 1.5—MILLION—ACRES—OF—THE—COASTAL plain.
19800229             1—BAN was put on drilling in THE—ARC—TIC—NATIONAL—WILDLIFE Refuge.
19800229             —RANGED, Estimates on oil there, from 3.2 to at least 5.7—BILLION barrels.
19800229             —PLAYED, FORMER—ISRAEL—FOREIGN—MINISTER—YIGAL—ALLON, who had, 1—IMPORTANT—ROLE in the Jewish state's fight for independence, † at age 61.
19800229—20020000    —PUSHED, PRESIDENT—BUSH, to overturn the ban.
19840229             LIBERACE—PALIMONY suit was thrown OUT—OF—COURT.
19840229             —ANNOUNCED, CANADA—PRIME—MINISTER—PIERRE—ELLIOTT—TRUDEAU, he was stepping down —AFTER more than 15—YEARS in power.
19840229             —RULED, SWITZERLAND, 1—COURT, that the villagers of Zermatt owned the Matterhorn.
19840229—19840301    In 1—OF—THE—LARGEST—BATTLES—OF—THE—IRAN—IRAQ war, THE—2—ARMIES clashed and inflicted more than 25,000 fatalities on EACH—OTHER.
19880229             1—NAZI document was discovered that implicated participation of AUSTRIA—PRESI—DENT and FORMER—UNITED—NATIONS SECRETARY—GENERAL—KURT—WALDHEIM in WWII deportations.
19880229             SOUTH—AFRICA—ARCHBISHOP DESMOND—TUTU and other religious leaders were ARREST—ED —WHILE kneeling near PARLIAMENT with 1—PETITION against government bans on ANTI—APARTHEID groups.
19880229             —FREED, All were, hours —LATER.
19880229             "BARRON'S" piece on BRIAN—MEESE - connection...
19880229             "BARRON'S" piece on BRIAN—MEESE connection... conspiracy
19920229             † LA—LUPE, 53—JAHRE—ALT, CUBA—SINGER, of 1—HEART—ATTACK in the Bronx.
19920229             Muslims and Croats in BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA began casting ballots in 1—INDEPEND—ENCE referendum;
19920229             —BOYCOTTED, Serbs, the vote, calling it illegal.
19960229             —ABOUT 30—TELEVISION and entertainment industry executives met with PRESIDENT—CLINTON at THE—WHITE—HOUSE, where they promised to devise 1—TV—RATINGS—SYSTEM.
19960229             —CONVICTED, DANIEL—GREEN was, in LUMBERTON—NORTH—CAROLINA, of murdering JAMES—R—JORDAN, THE—FATHER—OF—BASKETBALL star MICHAEL—JORDAN, —DURING a 19930000              roadside holdup.
19960229             Green was SEN—TENCED to life in prison;
19960229             1—ACCOMPLICE who had testified against him, LARRY—DEMERY, is also serving 1—LIFE—SENTENCE.
19960229             1—PERU—COMMERCIAL jetliner crashed in the Andes, killing all 123—PEOPLE on BOARD.
19960229             Jail Term Over JFK Records
19960229             1—FORMER—NEW—ORLEANS—D.1—OFFICIAL is sentenced for not destroying JFK assassination documents
19970229             ALLPOLITICS—MORE—TROUBLE—FOR Huang -
19970229             —REPORTED, THE—LOS—ANGELES—TIMES
19970229             —TODAY that KANSAS City businessman Farhad Azima, who has attended 3—WHITE—HOUSE—COFFEES in the last 2—YEARS...
19970229             Newsletter Fall 20050000              FINAL.indd - - MISTER—FARHAD—AZIMA.
19970229             MISTER—HASSAN—NEMAZEE. Rahimian Family Foundation.
19970229             DOCTOR—LAYLA—S—DIBA. Caspian CAPITAL—MANAGEMENT. (Mssrs.
19970229             Heidari and Motamedi). - Bobijean CESNIK—NEHER... IRAN—CONTRA + Farhad Azima.
19970229             BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—MD 81—CREW stuck in GABON
19970229             —RELATED, It seems likely Azima Aviation is, to IRAN IAN—USA—FARHAD Azima, who was close to the Clinton (s) administration.
19970229             —BASED, MISTER—AZIMA, in KANSAS City.
19970229             Bush family slush funds -- Rant -N- Rave "UNCENSORED" Current...
19970229             Farhad Azima, 1—IRAN ian expatriate who was close to THE—SHAH—FAMILY, owned Global INTERNATIONAL, which was involved in transporting arms for THE—CIA...
19970229             —BORROWED, MORRIS and DOUG JAFFE Doug, from ED—MCBIRNEY—SUNBELT—SAVINGS and provided jet airplane NOISE—LIMITATION—EQUIPMENT for Farhad Azima and others.
19970229             HANSSON—AFFIDAVIT, Part 1
20000227—20000229    —BATTLED, CHINA, some 20 1000—WORKERS, police and soldiers in Yangjiazhangzi due to LOSS—OF—WORK and alleged corruption at 1—LOCAL molybdenum mine.
20000227—20000229    —CLOSED, The facility had, last November and in Feb. workers received $68 for EACH—YEAR they had worked there.
20000229             —ELECTED, Sparky Anderson was, to the baseball Hall of Fame along with TURKEY Stearnes of the Negro leagues and 18010101—19001231     2. baseman Bid McPhee.
20000229             GEORGE—W—BUSH beat JOHN—MCCAIN in VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON and NORTH—DAKOTA primaries.
20000229             AL—GORE beat BILL—BRADLEY in WASHINGTON.
20000229             —COMPLETED, Doris Haddock (90), known as "Granny D.", a 3,200 mile trek to WASH—INGTON DC from CALIFORNIA to urge Congress to enact reforms.
20000229             MICHIGAN, a 6—YEAR—OLD—BOY shot and killed Kayla Rolland (6) with a.32 caliber semiautomatic —AFTER 1—QUARREL in THE—THEO—J—BUELL—ELEMENTARY—SCHOOL in FLINT.
20000229             Jamelle James (19), the owner of the stolen gun, was —LATER arraigned on 1—MANSLAUGHTER charge.
20000229             THE—ALGERIA—ARMY began 1—CRACK down on Islamic militants —FOLLOWING THE—MASSA—CRE—OF—25—SHEPHERDS near Brezina.
20000229             —KILLED, Over the next 3—WEEKS they, 35—MILITANTS—AROUND EL—BAYADH and Ghardaia.
20000229             —KILLED, CHECHNYA, 84—RUSSIA—PARATROOPERS were, —AFTER rebels attacked 1—GUARD—POST—NEAR—ULUS Kert.
20000229             MOST—OF—THE—SOLDIERS were from PSKOV.
20000229             —SUSPECTED, Many were, to have † from RUSSIA—ARTILLERY called in —AFTER the position was overrun.
20000229             —ANNOUNCED, INDIA, the government, a 28.2% increase in military spending, tax increase on higher income people and cuts in government payroll.
20000229             —RELEASED, ISRAEL, 19610000             —THE prison memoir of Adolph Eichmann.
20000229             NIGERIA, the government made 1—AGREEMENT with northern leaders to stop EN—FORCING Shariah where it was in effect and to not adopt it in other regions for the time being due to recent clashes.
20000229             —INVADED, ZIMBABWE, former guerrillas, WHITE—OWNED farms and occupied at least 36 with no official interference.
20000229—19990101    —ON, Haddock (20100000              †) had began WALK—ING, and arrived in DC to draw attention to the need for campaign finance reform.
20031012—20040229    —APPROVED, Workers, 1—AGREEMENT for SOUTH—CALIFORNIA.
20040229             THE—ACADEMY—AWARDS, "THE—LORD—OF—THE—RINGS: THE—RETURN—OF—THE—KING" won 1—RECORD—TYING 11—AWARDS, taking best picture and sweeping EACH—OF—ITS categories.
20040229             SEAN—PENN took THE—BEST—ACTOR prize as 1—VENGEFUL—FATHER in "Mystic River," and Charlize Theron won for best AC—TRESS as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in "Monster".
20040229             SUPPORTING—PERFORMANCE—OSCARS went to TIM—ROBBINS as 1—MAN emotionally hamstrung by childhood trauma in "Mystic River" and RENEE—ZELL—WEGER as 1—HARDY—CONFEDERATE survivor in "Cold Mountain".
20040229             † JEROME—LAWRENCE, 88—JAHRE—ALT, playwright.
20040229             —INCLUDED, JEROME—LAWRENCE—39—PLAYS, "Auntie Mame".
20040229             CENTRAL—CHINA, 1—BUS carrying migrant workers to faraway factory jobs plunged off 1—MOUNTAIN—ROAD, killing 12 and injuring 35.
20040229             —HANDED, GERMANY, CHANCELLOR—GERHARD—SCHROEDER—PARTY was, 1—STINGING defeat by voters in HAMBURG in elections reflecting THE—PENT—UP anger over his push to cut cherished state benefits.
20040229             —RESIGNED, HAITI—PRESIDENT—JEAN—BERTRAND—ARISTIDE, and flew into exile.
20040229             The capital fell into chaos, and THE—USA—SAID—INTERNATIONAL—PEACEKEEPERS, including Americans, would be deployed soon.
20040229             Boniface Alexandre, THE—SUPREME—COURT—JUSTICE, took over as interim PRESIDENT.
20040229             —EXILED, GUY—PHILIPPE, 36—JAHRE—ALT, HEAD—OF—1—BAND—OF—FORMER, soldiers, said his forces would stop fighting.
20040229             —ORDERED, ISRAEL—SUPREME—COURT, the government to suspend work for 1—WEEK on 1—SECTION—OF—THE—WEST—BANK—SECURITY—BARRIER, 1—ATTORNEY said, —WHILE security forces arrested 3—PALESTINE—YOUTHS who planned 1—ATTACK.
20040229             —SLAMMED, JAPAN—AGRICULTURE—MINISTER, 1—SENIOR—POULTRY—INDUSTRY—EXECUTIVE for failing to report THE—DEATHS—OF—TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—CHICKENS on his farm, where officials have confirmed the country's 3. OUTBREAK—OF—BIRD—FLU.
20040229             —AVERTED, SPAIN, 1—BOMBING by the Basque separatist group ETA —AFTER the Civil Guard stopped 1—SMALL—TRUCK and found about 1,100—POUNDS—OF—BOMB—MAKING chemicals.
20040229             —FROM Genesis To Dominion —POSTED—BY—ADMIN
20040229             —ON Reconstructionists believe conservative Christians should take "dominion" over USA—SOCIETY. by STEVE—BENEN
20040229             —DEDICATED, ANTI—EVOLUTION crusader Phillip Johnson, his 19970000              book, Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds, to "Roberta and Howard, who understood 'the wedge' because they love the Truth".
20040229             The mysterious reference is apparently 1—NOTE—OF thanks to Ahmanson, HOWARD—F—JUNIOR + his wife Roberta,
20040229             1—WEALTHY + secretive ORANGE COUNTY—CALIFORNIA, couple who have generously funded THE—ANTI—EVOLUTION—MOVEMENT + other RIGHT—WING causes that advance their fundamentalist Christian outlook.
20040229             HOWARD—AHMANSON, however, is no ordinary FAT—CAT.
20040229             Reconstructionists believe conservative Christians should take "dominion" over USA—SOCIETY.
20040229             Under their version of "biblical law," the death penalty would be required for over 12—CATEGORIES—OF—OFFENDERS, including adulterers, homosexuals, witches, incorrigible children + those who spread "false" religions.
20040229             They regard THE—TEACHING—OF—EVOLUTION as part of a "war against Genesis".
20050221             PRECEDENTIAL USA—COURT—OF—APPEALS—FOR—THE 3. CIRCUIT... - 20000229              Tower filed 1—VOLUNTARY—CHAPTER 11 ... of the loss of its other
20050226             Growing NUMBERS—OF—PEOPLE in CANADA and —AROUND the world are raising their voices against 20040229             —THE coup against the constitutional government of HAITI and the bloody repression that has reigned on that island —EVER—SINCE.
20070207             SEC INFO—FIDELITY—CONCORD Street Trust - N-30D - For 20000229              4600 185725 DENSE—PAC Microsystems, Inc 4600 37806 (a) Digital Microwave Corp.. Separately, Bankers Trust has agreed to pay a $3.5—MILLION—FINE to the...
20070326             THE—BODY—OF—HIS—WIFE, Deysi Benitez (25), 1—IMMIGRANT from EL—SALVADOR, was found 20080229              20—MILES from their home in Frederick.
20071130—20070229    —CHARGED, OWEN—THOR—WALKER, 18—JAHRE—ALT was, with 2—COUNTS—OF accessing 1—COMPUTER for dishonest purpose, damaging or interfering with 1—COMPUTER—SYSTEM and possessing software for committing crime, and 2—COUNTS—OF accessing 1—COMPUTER—SYSTEM without authorization.
20080211             —RELEASED, Hadnott was, 20080229              —AFTER the girl withdrew her criminal complaint against him.
20080229             ..se fizesse obras em vez de barulho.
20080229             SENIOR presidente olhe para os concelhos vizinhos e veja que apesar de não terem urgências têm vida... diario.iol.pt/noticia.html?id=921970&div_id=4071
20080229             —ANNOUNCED, USA—DEFENSE—DEPARTMENT—OFFICIALS, that they had formally agreed to IM—PLEMENT THE—LONG—DISCUSSED Defense Telephone Link (DTL) with CHINA.
20080229             THE—USA—AND—CHINA—ESTAB—LISHED 1—HOTLINE between their defense ministries.
20080229             —RULED, THE—NINTH—USA—CIRCUIT—COURT—OF—APPEALS, that THE—USA—NAVY must protect ENDAN—GERED whales from the potentially lethal effects of underwater sonar —DURING ANTI—SUBMARINE training off THE—SOUTH—CALIFORNIA coast, rejecting PRESIDENT—BUSH—ATTEMPT to exempt the exercises from EN—VIRONMENTAL laws.
20080229             1—DIVIDED—VIRGINIA—SUPREME—COURT affirmed the nation's 1. felony conviction for illegal spamming, ruling that VIRGINIA—ANTI—SPAMMING law does not violate FREE—SPEECH—RIGHTS.
20080229             At the annual TED conference in MONTEREY—CALIFORNIA, writer DAVE—EGGERS, cosmologist NEIL—TUROK and religious scholar Karen Armstrong received awards and then made wishes to THE—TED community.
20080229             —WISHED, Eggers, that community members engage 1—LOCAL—SCHOOL and seek TRANS—FORMATIVE change.
20080229             SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, Taliban militants blew up 1—TELECOMMUNICATIONS—TOWER —FOLLOWING 1—WARNING to phone companies to shut down the towers at night or face attack.
20080229             —CHASED, ALGERIA—SECURITY—FORCES, some 30—ISLAMIC—INSURGENTS planting roadside bombs back into their refuge EAST—OF—THE—ALGIERS.
20080229             BELGIUM, lawyers said BELGIUM—WRITER—MISHA Defonseca (71) has admitted that she made up her BEST—SELLING memoir, "Misha: 1—MEMOIRE of the Holocaust Years," depicting how, as 1—JEWISH—CHILD, she lived with 1—PACK of wolves in the woods —DURING the Holocaust.
20080229             —KILLED, BRAZIL, police, 6 alleged drug gang members in RIO—DE—JANEIRO, —WHILE 1—BODYGUARD for THE—STATE—SECURITY—CHIEF was shot dead what appeared to be 1 attempted robbery.
20080229             —DECIDED, THE—UK—MILITARY, to pull PRINCE—HARRY out of AFGHANISTAN "—IMMEDIATELY" —AFTER news of his deployment leaked out in foreign media.
20080229             —AGREED, CHINA, to release sensitive records about missing USA—SOLDIERS and ESTAB—LISH 1—HOT line to the Pentagon.
20080229             —SIGNED, FRANCE and ENERGY—HUNGRY—SOUTH—AFRICA, 3—ECONOMIC—ACCORDS, including 1 for the construction of a 1.36-billion euro COAL—FUELLED power plant by FRANCE—ENERGY—GIANT AL—STOM.
20080229             —SENTENCED, GHANA, 9—NIGERIANS were, to 5—YEARS each for faking E—MAILS and LET—TERS, including 1—FROM THE—GHANA—PRESIDENT, to dupe 1—FRENCHMAN out of $185,000.
20080229             —OVERCROWDED, GUATEMALA, 1, bus plunged off 1—HIGHWAY and rolled into 1—GULLY, killing 45—PEOPLE and injuring 20—MORE.
20080229             —KILLED, IRAQ, gunmen, 3—PEOPLE and abducted Chaldean Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho (65) soon —AFTER he left Mass in MOSUL, the latest in what church members called 1—SERIES—OF—ATTACKS against IRAQ—SMALL—CHRISTIAN community.
20080229             —REACHED, Last —MONTH Eni said it had, 1—COMPENSATION—DEAL in which VENEZUELA agreed to 1—PAYMENT in excess of $700—MILLION.
20080229             —VOWED, HUNDREDS—OF—SERBIA—POLICE in Kosovo, not to follow THE—ORDERS—OF—THE—ALBANIAN—DOMINATED force —AFTER the territory split from Serbia.
20080229             —DENOUNCED, Hezbollah, THE—DEPLOYMENT—OF—USA—WARSHIPS off LEBANON and said it won't be intimidated.
20080229             —DISTANCED, THE—USA—BACKED LEBANON—GOVERNMENT, itself from the military move.
20080229             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER, at least 44—PEOPLE and injured up to 90 in PESHAWAR.
20080229             —KILLED, In the Swat Valley 1—POLICE—OFFICER was, in THE—NORTH—WEST—LAKKI Marwat district in 1—BOMB—BLAST along with 3—OTHERS.
20080229             —LATER in THE—DAY—DURING funeral ceremonies 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER rammed his car into 1—SECURITY—VEHICLE, killing 1—CIVILIAN, 1—SECURITY—OFFICIAL and injuring 21—OTHERS.
20080229             —ARRESTED, PERU—OFFICIALS, 7—MEMBERS from the Coordinadora Continental Bolivariana, 1—VENEZUELA—BASED leftist movement, including the group's alleged leader, Roque Gonzalez, who spent 8—YEARS in prison for kidnapping 1—BOLIVIA—POLITICIAN.
20080229             Coordinadora FOUNDER—FERNANDO—RIVERO told THE—ASSOCIATED—PRESS in VENEZUELA that the group is entirely autonomous.
20080229             2—FORMER—THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENTS, once bitter foes, joined TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS at 1—RALLY to press for PRESIDENT—GLORIA—MACAPAGAL—ARROYO—RESIGNATION over 1—RAGING corruption scandal.
20080229             SRI—LANKA, 1—SUSPECTED—TAMIL—TIGER suicide bomber blew himself up injuring 7—PEOPLE as police tried to search his house in THE—HEAVILY—GUARDED SRI—LANKA—CAPITAL.
20080229             —CARRIED, In 1—MASSIVE—SEARCH, out shortly afterwards, police recovered 6—POWERFUL—CLAYMORE mines, the type commonly used by Tamil Tiger rebels, from 1—HOUSE in the same AREA—OF—COLOMBO.
20080229             —ENDED, TURKEY—MILITARY said it has, 1—GROUND—OFFENSIVE against Kurdish rebels in IRAQ, but said that foreign influence did not play 1—ROLE in its decision.
20080229             THE—UN—REFUGEE—AGENCY said that 3,000 refugees from Darfur have arrived in CHAD in the last —WEEK, bringing the total number to over 13,000 in February alone.
20080229             Von Klaeden wies Obamas Einschätzung zurück, nur Amerikaner und Briten leisteten "Drecksarbeit" in AFGHANISTAN.
20080229             Wer mehr Mitsprache wolle, müsse auch mehr Einsatz zeigen, so die Argumentation der Demokraten.
20080229             Die deutsche Bevölkerung dürfe sich daher keine Illusionen über einen Neuanfang unter einem Präsidenten Obama machen, sagte Annen.
20080229             "In der Außenpolitik wird sich wenig ändern".
20080229             Auch der außenpolitische SPRECHER—DER—UNIONSFRAKTION, ECKART—VON—KLAEDEN, warnt vor falschen Hoffnungen.
20080229             "Der Ton wird rauer, der Druck größer", sagte der Christdemokrat mit Blick auf die AFGHANISTAN—POSITION aller 3—AUSSICHTSREICHEN Präsidentschaftsbewerber.
20080229             Neben Obama sind dies die Demokratin Hillary Clinton und der Republikaner JOHN—MCCAIN.
20080229             Zumwinkel habe seinen früheren Mitarbeitern gesagt, er befinde sich "—SEIT—2—WOCHEN in einem Film, in dem er eigentlich nicht sein will".
20080229             —GEWORFEN, Er habe das Handtuch als POST—CHEF, um dem Unternehmen keinen Schaden zuzufügen.
20080229             Die Regierung Irlands hatte Einspruch gegen die Vorgabe erhoben und Klage vor dem Europäischen Gerichtshof eingereicht.
20080229             Auch hier steht 1—ENTSCHEIDUNG noch aus.
20080229             Nach ANGABEN—DES—ARBEITSKREISES—VORRATSDATENSPEICHERUNG, der die Protestbewegung organisiert, handelt es sich um die größte Verfassungsbeschwerde —SEIT Bestehen der Bundesrepublik.
20080229             Die Bürgerrechtler wehren sich gegen das —SEIT
20080229             —AM—FREITAG reichten Bürgerrechtler 12—KISTEN mit einem Beschwerdeschriftsatz und 34.443—VOLLMACHTEN beim Bundesverfassungsgericht ein.
20080229             Aus ihrer Sicht verletzt die sechsmonatige Pflicht zur Speicherung sämtlicher VERBINDUNGSDATEN—INHALTE sind davon nicht BETROFFEN—DEN Datenschutz.
20080229             Kleins aktuelles Buch "Die SCHOCK—STRATEGIE" ist nun 1—ART—PARALLELGESCHICHTE der vergangenen 30—JAHRE, die nachzuweisen versucht, dass neoliberale Regierungen zielstrebig die Verwirrung und Lähmung ausgenutzt haben, in die Länder nach politischen oder wirtschaftlichen Krisen oder auch Naturkatastrophen verfallen.
20080229             In diesen Krisenphasen werde, etwa —DERZEIT im Irak, schnell das kapitalistische Wirtschaftssystem in seiner reinsten Form durchgepaukt, eine "Schockbehandlung", ehe die Bevölkerung wieder die Kraft habe, sich dagegen zu wehren
20080229             Streit in den Niederlanden: Balkenende warnt vor Veröffentlichung von ANTI—ISLAM- Film
20080229             "Emma" über EUROPA: STURMALARM—METEOROLOGEN warnen vor zweitem "Kyrill"
20080229             Steuerfahndung: Ermittler hatten mehrere Informanten
20080229             FBI ermittelt: Giftstoff Rizin in Hotel in LAS—VEGAS entdeckt
20080229             Dax ohne Richtung: Warten auf die Eingebung
20080229             Schwebetechnik: Forscher enträtseln FLEDERMAUS—FLUGTRICK
20080229             NAHOST—KONFLIKT: Palästinenser werfen ISRAEL "verrückten Krieg" vor
20080229             ORANG—UTAN- Auswilderung: Kulturschock für die Menschenaffen
20080229             LIECHTENSTEIN—AFFÄRE: Rostocker Staatsanwaltschaft erhebt Anklage gegen LLB—ERPRESSER
20080229             Medizinskandal in LAS—VEGAS: Klinikpersonal benutzte verseuchte Spritzen an 40.000—PATIENTEN—AUF Anweisung
20080229             Sechsjähriger in OHIO: Schulverweis wegen Irokesenfrisur
20080229             Gefährliche Strahlung: Forscher wollen SONNENSTURM—FRÜHWARNSYSTEM errichten
20080229             29.Ferb.2008
20080229             Abschied des EX—POST- Chefs: Mitarbeiter feiern Zumwinkel mit stehenden Ovationen
20080229             Strafvollzug: Jeder 100. USA—BÜRGER sitzt im Knast
20080229             Unwetteralarm: Angst vor "Emma" - Meteorologen warnen vor lebensgefährlichem Sturm
20080229             Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Die MASSEN—VERFASSUNGSKLAGE ist auf dem Weg
20080229             DEUTSCH—AMERIKANISCHES Verhältnis: "Der Ton wird rauer, der Druck größer"
20080229             Hier findet die 90/10-Regel Anwendung.
20080229             90 (Politik) der Arbeit werden durch 10 (Politik) der Gelder finanziert.
20080229             Es sind die letzten 10 (Politik) der Beseitigung von Schadstoffen, die 90 (Politik) der Gelder verschlingen.
20080229             Für eine relativ geringe Summe können wir unglaublich viel tun, um das Leben zahlreicher Menschen zu retten".
20080229             STUDIE—VON—WATERAID besagt: JEDER—USA—DOLLAR, der in das Abwassersystem investiert wird, führt zu Einsparungen von 9—DOLLAR, weil die Kosten für medizinische Behandlungen sinken und die Produktivität steigt.
20080229             "Wenn Sie sich diese Zahlen einmal ansehen", so Fuller vom BLACKSMITH—INSTITUT, "ist es gar nicht so teuer, die schlimmsten Faktoren für die Umweltverschmutzung zu beseitigen.
20080229             —DOKUMENTIERT, SPIEGEL—ONLINE, Sarrazins drastische Sprüche: Gefräßige HARTZ—IV—EMPFÄNGER
20080229             Immer mehr Kinder kommen hungrig zur Schule, sagt 1—STUDIE.
20080229             "Wenn man sich das anschaut, ist das kleinste PROBLEM—VON—HARTZ—IV—EMPFÄNGERN das Untergewicht", sagt der Finanzsenator.
20080229             Und - auf der PRESSEKONFERENZ waren ohnehin nur wenige Fragen zugelassen.
20080229             "Es geht nicht um die soziale Marktwirtschaft an sich, sondern um individuelles Fehlverhalten".
20080229             "Der Vorfall ist für die Akzeptanz unseres Wirtschaftssystems verheerend".
20080229             Noch nie standen deutsche Manager so in der Kritik wie in diesen Tagen.
20080229             GEHIRN—SCAN: Jazzmusiker improvisieren hemmungslos
20080229             Manager und Moral: INDUSTRIE—BOSSE verstoßen Steuerhinterzieher
20080229             Teuerung: Experte schätzt subjektive Inflationsrate auf 8,8
20080229             NEGATIV—RANKING: Die dreckigsten Metropolen der WELT—GIFT liegt in der Luft
20080229             Hiobsbotschaft: Weltgrößter Versicherer für Milliardenverlust abgestraft
20080229             Bei israelischen Luftangriffen auf den GAZA—STREIFEN starben —SEIT gestern mindestens 30—MENSCHEN, darunter 6—KINDER.
20080229             Zuvor war 1—ISRAEL—IM Grenzort Sderot bei einem Raketenangriff aus dem GAZA—STREIFEN ums Leben gekommen.
20080229             Bei israelischen Luftangriffen im Gazastreifen sind mindestens 6—PALÄSTINENSISCHE Zivilisten verletzt WORDEN—UNTER ihnen 3—KINDER im Alter zwischen 5—UND 12—JAHREN.
20080229             Die Preise für leichtes Heizöl sind im Jahresvergleich zum Beispiel um 33,5 (Politik) gestiegen.
20080229             Aus der Politik kommt heftige Kritik an den Steuersparmodellen der Versicherungswirtschaft.
20080229             "Die Versicherer müssen aufpassen, dass sie nicht den nächsten Steuerskandal produzieren", warnte UNIONS—FRAKTIONSVIZE MICHAEL—MEISTER.
20080229             Niemand dürfe die Abgeltungsteuer umgehen.
20080229             Und die USA—WÄHRUNG wird immer schwächer.
20080229             —HEUTE—MORGEN, rutschte DER—DOLLAR in Fernost unter die Marke von 105—YEN.
20080229             Bei 104,65 Yen erreichte DER—DOLLAR den niedrigsten Wert —SEIT—3—JAHREN.
20080229             "Für den Dollar geht es nur noch nach unten", sagte der Händler einer europäischen Bank.
20080229             Außerdem gab eine Äußerung von USA—NOTENBANKCHEF BEN—BERNANKE—DEM—ÖLPREIS—AUFTRIEB, wonach die Fed zur Unterstützung der amerikanischen Wirtschaft weiter auf Zinssenkungen setzen werde.
20080229             Niedrige USA—ZINSEN drückten den Dollar, und Rohöl biete da 1—ALTERNATIVE für Investoren, sagte ENERGIE—ANALYST VICTOR—SHUM in Singapur
20080229             Doch wenn uns die GESCHICHTE—DER—PHYSIK eines lehrt, ist es dies: Die Wirklichkeit nimmt keine Rücksicht darauf, ob wir uns von ihr 1—BILD machen können.
20080229             Die Erkenntnis, dass dieses Tempo fortwährend zunimmt, wird in diesem —JAHR genau 10—JAHRE alt.
20080229             Verantwortlich für die Beschleunigung ist ein noch unbekannter kosmischer Mechanismus, der als Dunkle Energie bezeichnet wird.
20080229             Denn als Nebeneffekt bringen kosmologische Theorien häufig verschiedene ARTEN—VON—PARALLELUNIVERSEN hervor, die zusammen mit dem unseren ein großes "Multiversum" bilden (siehe "PARALLEL—UNIVERSEN " von MAX—TEGMARK, "Spektrum der Wissenschaft" 8/2003 , S. 34 ).
20080229             Bei 6—PERSONEN wurde —BEREITS 1—HEPATITIS C—ERKRANKUNG festgestellt.
20080229             Dem Radiosender KCBS zufolge hat —SCHON 1—BETROFFENER—1—KLAGE gegen das "Endoscopy Center" eingereicht
20080229             Wolkenbildung: Bakterien lassen es schneien
20080229             Großoffensive auf GAZA: Israelischer VIZE—MINISTER—DROHT—PALÄSTINENSERN gewaltige Katastrophe an
20080229             Inflation bei 2,8 (Politik): Preise steigen noch stärker als befürchtet
20080229             USA—PRÄSIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH sei besorgt über die Lage im Libanon und hoffe, dass die Probleme bald gelöst würden.
20080229             Steigende Energiepreise: Glos stellt Atomausstieg in Frage
20080229             Steuersparmodell: Versicherer überprüfen LIECHTENSTEIN—ENGAGEMENT
20080229             Spekulation: Ölpreis springt über 103—DOLLAR—REKORDE auch bei Gold und Euro
20080229             Stringtheorie: Auf der Suche —NACH—DEN verborgenen Universen
20080229             SPRITZEN—SKANDAL in USA—KLINIK: 40.000—PATIENTEN gefährdet
20080229             "Wenn die Leser dieser Zeitung 1—ANSCHWELLEN von altmodischem Stolz fühlen, wenn sie von PRINZ—HARRYS—EINSATZ in den Fußstapfen seiner Vorfahren hören,
20080229             dann ist das gar nichts im Vergleich zu dem, was die Jungs in der Uniform fühlen".
20080229             Gebrochen wurde das Stillschweigen offenbar durch das australische Magazin "New Idea" - unabsichtlich, wie es heißt.
20080229             Die Zeitschrift teilte —HEUTE mit, sie sei nicht mit einem Embargo belegt worden und habe von solch einer Vereinbarung nichts gewusst.
20080229             Google Earth: AUS—DER- Luftgucker tappen in die Abmahnfalle
20080229             Nahost: USA schicken Kriegsschiff an Libanons Küste - 29.Ferb.2008
20080229             —KRITISIERT, Radikale Sparprogramme: Koch, JOB—KAHLSCHLAG der Konzerne
20080229             PRINZ—HARRY im Kampfeinsatz: Heimlich rein, schnell wieder raus
20080229             USA—WAHLKAMPF: Obama will von EUROPA mehr Einsatz in AFGHANISTAN
20080229             —GEWINNT, Tschetschenien: Geld, die SCHLACHT—UM—GROSNY
20080229             Study sheds new light on bats' animal magnetism
20080229             —CALLED, Bats use 1—MAGNETIC—SUBSTANCE, magnetite as an 'internal compass' to help them navigate, scientists have found.
20080229             —FUNDED, The research, which was partly, by 1—MARIE—CURIE grant from THE—EU, is published in the journal PLoS 1.
20080229             FBI documents contradict 20010911              Commission report
20080229             —OBTAINED, NEWLY—RELEASED records, through 1—FREEDOM—OF—INFORMATION—ACT—REQUEST contradict 20010911             —THE—COMMISSION—REPORT on the
20080229             S. NORTH—COMMAND, CANADA Command establish new bilateral Civil Assistance Plan :
20080229             "This document is 1—UNIQUE, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation's requests for military support of civil authorities,"
20080229             Oil hits new peak at $102 1—BARREL as commodities boom: Oil powered to 1—NEW—RECORD—ABOVE $102 1—BARREL on —WEDNESDAY, closing in on its INFLATION—ADJUSTED peak, as 1—SLUMPING dollar on lacklustre USA economic data triggered 1—SURGE across commodities markets.
20080229             Dollar sinks to low ($1.50) against euro : The dollar sank to 1—NEW—LOW against the euro —AFTER THE—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—FEDERAL—RESERVE—BANK—SAID—WEDNESDAY that THE—USA would encounter more sluggish economic activity in the coming weeks and months.
20080229             Manufacturing data fuel USA—RECESSION—FEARS : USA manufacturing orders on —WEDNESDAY recorded their biggest decline in 5—MONTHS and new home sales slumped to a 13-year low, compounding fears that THE—USA—ECONOMY may be sliding into recession.
20080229             USA—ECONOMY: Confidence Falls, Producer Prices Rise : USA—CONSUMER—CONFIDENCE fell to the lowest level in 5—YEARS and wholesale inflation picked up, limiting the Federal RESERVE—ROOM to maneuver as it tries to avert 1—RECESSION.
20080229             USA—NEW—HOME—SALES for 20080100              fall 2.8% : The decline marked a 13-year low and constituted the latest sign of prolonged weakness in THE—USA—HOUSING market.
20080229             UN expert: PALESTINE—TERROR 'inevitable' RESULT—OF—OCCUPATION:
20080229             1—REPORT commissioned by THE—UNITED—NATIONS suggests that PALESTINE—TERRORISM is the inevitable CONSEQUENCE—OF—ISRAEL—OCCUPATION and laws that resemble SOUTH—AFRICA—APARTHEID - 1—CLAIM—ISRAEL rejected —TUESDAY as enflaming hatred between Jews and Palestinians.
20080229             Manufacturing Consent For GAZA Invasion:
20080229             Abbas says Hamas in GAZA alliance with Qaeda: Hamas has helped AL—QAEDA militants enter THE—ISLAMIST—CONTROLLED GAZA Strip and formed 1—ALLIANCE with them, PALESTINE—PRESIDENT—MAHMUD—ABBAS was quoted as saying on —WEDNESDAY.
20080229             Poll: Most Israelis back direct talks with Hamas:
20080229             According to the findings, Israelis are fed up with 7—YEARS—OF—QASSAM rockets falling on Sderot and the communities near GAZA
20080229             RUSSIA warns IRAN it may back UNITED—NATIONS sanctions : RUSSIA warned IRAN on —WEDNESDAY that it would support 1—NEW set of UNITED—NATIONS sanctions over its nuclear programme unless TEHRAN stopped uranium enrichment in the next few days.
20080229             ElBaradei is quietly managing to disarm IRAN: The latest INTERNATIONAL Atomic Energy Agency report suggesting progress has been made by IRAN is quietly disparaged by THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION as another clean pass for the rash theocracy.
20080229             The point that MISTER—ELBARADEI—CRITICS—MISS is that he is judiciously achieving the goals that they seemingly desire — the disarmament of the Islamic Republic.
20080229             ISRAEL—PM: IRAN maybe not making nuclear bomb ;: PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT said on —WEDNESDAY it was not inevitable that IRAN would produce 1—NUCLEAR—BOMB, 1—GOAL—IRAN has repeatedly denied it is trying to achieve.
20080229             "I think there is time," said Olmert, asked by reporters —DURING 1—VISIT to JAPAN whether IRAN could be stopped from achieving nuclear weapons capability.
20080229             UN Nuclear CHIEF: USA, RUSSIA Must Disarm: RUSSIA and THE—USA should reduce their nuclear arsenals and lead the way toward 1—WORLD—FREE—OF—ATOMIC—WEAPONS, THE—UNITED—NATIONS—NUCLEAR—WATCHDOG—CHIEF—SAID—TUESDAY.
20080229             Greenspan Tells Gulf To Drop Dollar
20080229             ALAN—GREENSPAN, THE—FORMER—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—USA—CENTRAL—BANK, or Fed, has said that inflation rates in Gulf states, which are reaching near record levels, would fall "significantly" if oil producers dropped their USA—DOLLAR pegs.
20080229             Noam Chomsky, Terrorists Wanted the World OVER—BY- Tomgram:
20080229             The more vulgar apologists for USA and ISRAEL—CRIMES solemnly explain that, —WHILE Arabs purposely kill people, THE—USA and ISRAEL, being democratic societies, do not intend to do so.
20080229             Their killings are —JUST accidental ones, hence not at the level of moral depravity of their adversaries.
20080229             Chavez brokers release of 4—HOSTAGES from COLOMBIA—REBELS : 4—COLOMBIA—HOSTAGES who had been "living dead" in the jungle —FOR—6—YEARS were freed by Marxist rebels last night —AFTER 1—DEAL was brokered by VENEZUELA—LEFTIST—PRESIDENT, HUGO—CHAVEZ.
20080229             Manufacturing Enemies :
20080229             USA Alerted to VENEZUELA—WEAPONS : VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHÁVEZ is purchasing "3 or 4—TIMES" more weapons than he needs, 1—TOP—USA—INTELLIGENCE—CHIEF—SAID—WEDNESDAY, but there is no evidence so far he is providing arms to COLOMBIA—GUERRILLAS.
20080229             GENERAL—MICHAEL—MAPLES, DIRECTOR—OF—THE—DEFENSE—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY, said that the 100,000 AK-103s and AK—104—ASSAULT—RIFLES purchased by VENEZUELA from RUSSIA are going "into armories.
20080229             Bush finds out about $4—GAS forecasts : - PRESIDENT—BUSH, saying he was UNAWARE—OF—PREDICTIONS—OF $4-a-gallon gasoline in the coming months, told reporters —THURSDAY that the best way to help Americans fend off high prices is for Congress to make his 1.—TERM tax cuts permanent.
20080229             Housing bill will 'bail out LENDERS'—BUSH : PRESIDENT reiterates his objection to 1 proposed change to help homeowners in bankruptcy and the creation of a $4—BILLION fund to let agencies buy foreclosed homes.
20080229             USA—HOME—SALES hit 13—YEAR—LOW : : SALES—OF—NEW—USA—SINGLE—FAMILY—HOMES slumped to a 13-year low in January and demand for LONG—LASTING goods declined more than expected, government data showed on —WEDNESDAY, fueling fears of 1—RECESSION.
20080229             —SKIDDED, Economy Slows to Near Crawl : The economy, to 1—NEAR halt in the final QUARTER—OF—LAST—YEAR, clobbered by dual slumps in housing and credit that caused people and businesses to spend and invest more sparingly.
20080229             GERMANY—JEWISH—LEADER urges Merkel to back ISRAEL—STANCE on IRAN : ISRAEL—INTELLIGENCE—COMMUNITY has information about 1—THREAT posed by IRAN that strongly contradicted the "loose" assessment of THE—USA, said CHARLOTTE Knobloch, PRESIDENT—OF—THE—CENTRAL—COUNCIL—OF—JEWS in GERMANY.
20080229             IAEA report confirms peaceful IRAN—NUCLEAR—PROGRAM: GERMANY—EXPERT : "I personally feel that if THE—IAEA was to follow its own RULES—OF—THE—GAME, it should confirm to the Iranians that it has to 1—LARGE—EXTENT met THE—DEMANDS—OF—THE—INTERNATIONAL—COMMUNITY for more transparency and that there are no signs that IRAN would pursue military use," he added.
20080229             USA close to CZECH—REPUBLIC—MISSILE deal :
20080229             GEORGE—BUSH, THE—USA—RESIDENT + Mirek Topolanek, THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—PRIME—MINISTER, have said they are close to agreeing 1—DEAL for THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC to host part of the planned USA—MISSILE—SHIELD
20080229             SEUMAS—MILNE: 1—SYSTEM to enforce imperial power will only be resisted:
20080229             Far from rehabilitating liberal interventionism, the Kosovo experience has exposed the fatal flaws that lie at its heart
20080229             USA PRO—ISRAEL evangelical leader Hagee endorses McCain : Republican presidential candidate JOHN—MCCAIN won the endorsement of PRO—ISRAEL evangelical leader JOHN—HAGEE on —WEDNESDAY, which could boost his standing among religious conservatives who have been reluctant to embrace the likely nominee.
20080229             PAKISTAN Misspending USA—AID : USA—MILITARY—AID to PAKISTAN has come under scrutiny amid allegations ISLAMABAD may have misappropriated as much as 70—PERCENT of its aid package, it was reported —THURSDAY.
20080229             Taliban threaten —SPRING offensive on KABUL:
20080229             —WARNED, Taliban leaders have, they are planning to strangle KABUL, targeting civilians with DOZENS—OF—SUICIDE—BOMBINGS and using THOUSANDS—OF—FIGHTERS to lay siege to road links to THE—AFGHANISTAN—CAPITAL.
20080229             More troops for IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, Defense Department says:
20080229             THE—DEFENSE—DEPARTMENT says it needs more troops to fight in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
20080229             But 1—ARMY—GENERAL warns that troops already in the fight are under too much strain
20080229             —ESTIMATED, War costs, to exceed $3—TRILLION:
20080229             IRAQ Press Roundup : TURKEY Invades IRAQ :
20080229             "These demands through diplomatic channels mean little in comparison to the deep TURKEY—PENETRATION, which, according to INTERNATIONAL relations and political measurement, is 1—DECLARATION—OF—WAR," it said.
20080229             Even as I write this, there is news that in THE—GAZA Strip, THE—ISRAEL—MILITARY, in separate attacks, has killed a 6—MONTH—OLD—BABY and 3—PALESTINE—CHILDREN—AGE 10, 12 and 14. No names yet.
20080229             Causes and Consequences of Our Foreign Policy in THE—MIDDLE—EAST—WHAT It Means for Americans
20080229             It would be easy to blame the current situation in THE—MIDDLE—EAST on GEORGE—W—BUSH, or easier yet, Dick Cheney.
20080229             But to do that would be to ignore our foreign policy over the past 80—YEARS in that region.
20080229             You Think You Are Free?
20080229             —SUPPOSED, WEST—SO—CALLED—DEMOCRACIES, in particular, are, to have governments that are SERVANTS—OF—THE—PEOPLE, whereas, in fact, the opposite is true.
20080229             Under the guise of doing what's best for us or ensuring our security, governments are exercising more and more control over our lives.
20080229             Granting Immunity Rewards Lawlessness
20080229             There was and is no USA—LAW + there is nothing in the Constitution, that authorizes warrantless wiretaps on Americans in THE—USA, no matter with whom they speak or E—MAIL.
20080229             In fact, both the law and the Constitution prohibit such surveillance without 1—SEARCH—WARRANT.
20080229             Terrorized by 'WAR—ON—TERROR'
20080229             How a 3—WORD—MANTRA Has Undermined AMERICA
20080229             —CREATED, The "WAR—ON—TERROR" has, 1—CULTURE—OF—FEAR in AMERICA.
20080229             THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION—ELEVATION—OF these 3—WORDS into 1—NATIONAL mantra —SINCE the horrific events of 20010911              has had 1—PERNICIOUS—IMPACT on USA—DEMOCRACY, on AMERICA—PSYCHE and on USA standing in the world.
20080229             For the 1. time in USA—HISTORY, more than 1—OF—EVERY 100—ADULTS is in jail or prison, according to 1—NEW—REPORT documenting AMERICA—RANK as the world's NUMBER 1—INCARCERATOR.
20080229             It urges states to curtail corrections spending by placing fewer LOW—RISK—OFFENDERS behind bars.
20080229             That's all very well, you may be saying, but it's history.
20080229             —AFTER all, Gray Hawk was sold. To ManTech.
20080229             —EMPLOYED, Which, 1—MAJOR—GENERAL named Renzi.
20080229             —VOTED, Whose son was 1—CONGRESSMAN, who, on bills that gave work to MAN—TECH/Gray Hawk.
20080229             And so THE—MERRY—GO—ROUND goes round and round.
20080229             Financial dispute threatens START—OF—WTC project " zxvciou
20080229             —INSISTED, But Silverstein, he had cooperated with demands by the Port Authority to relinquish PART—OF—HIS—LEASE and share SOME—OF—THE—INSURANCE proceeds his...
20080229             In a - recent REVIEW—OF—SHENON—BOOK, FORMER—DEMOCRATIC—SENATOR and 20010911              Commission member BOB—KERREY called on Congress to investigate alleged SAUDI—ARABIA—TIES.
20080229             "Congress should demand direct access to those who organized the attacks; our indirect interviews were at best inadequate," Kerrey wrote.
20080229             "And Congress should pursue [the] question of whether THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—GOVERNMENT aided the conspiracy".
20080229             READ THE—DOCUMENTS : PDF pages 1-105 , PDF pages 106-210 , PDF pages 211-297. Continue to page 2: Who is Bayoumi?
20080229             That information IS—AVAILABLE here.
20080229             Thompson believes that the possible motive for the Commission to alter the dates is to obscure official SAUDI—ARABIA—TIES to the hijackers.
20080229             He points to THE—REDACTION—OF—THE—NAME—OF—1—PERSON who is 1—KNOWN EMPLOYEE—OF—1—SAUDI—ARABIA—DEFENSE—CONTRACTOR, OMAR—AL—BAYOUMI, who lived at the same location.
20080229             In other words, according to the only public account, both AL—MIHDHAR and Hazmi were in S—DIEGO, not LOS—ANGELES, contrary to THE—COMMISSION—REPORT.
20080229             #—POSTED—BY—READER : 4:06 AM
20080229             All the evidence connecting the alleged hijackers to 20010911              comes from the same sources that gave us evidence that Saddam was building WMDs to kill Americans.
20080229             Es gibt EINIGE—ZEUGENAUSSAGEN, aber beweisen kann man es nicht".
20080229             Glencore und Xstrata stehen aktuell vor allem wegen ihres Engagements in Kolumbien in der Kritik.
20080229             Laut - Tausende erlitten Vergiftungen, mindestens 10—MENSCHEN starben.
20080229             Trafigura zahlte 1—MILLIONENENTSCHÄDIGUNG an die REGIERUNG—DER—ELFENBEINKÜSTE.
20080229             1—VON—RICHS—SPEZIALITÄTEN war der Handel mit Schurkenstaaten.
20080229             Man nannte ihn den "Admiral", weil er zwischen
20080229             Da die Schweiz weder Mitglied der Uno war noch die Sanktionen unterstützte, diente Zug als globale Drehscheibe für den Handel mit Südafrika.
20080229             Als nicht börsennotierte Firma muss Glencore kaum über seine Geschäfte informieren — und tut es auch nicht.
20080229             1—TREFFEN mit SPIEGEL—ONLINE wurde abgelehnt.
20080229             Unglaubliches geschah im Innerschweizer Kanton Zug.
20080229             Auf eine perverse Art macht es ja Spaß, Irre gegen die Wand laufen zu sehen, Z.B. die CDU.
20080229             —ENTBLÖDET, Die CDU, sich tatsächlich nicht, das Verfassungsgerichtsurteil als Sieg für Schäuble zu feiern.
20080229             —VERSCHWINDET, Ich zitiere das mal in Gänze, bevor das noch.
20080229             Immerhin ist das 1—PRESSEMITTEILUNG, und das hier ist ja Presse.
20080229             Das BUNDESVERFASSUNGS—GERICHT hat mit seiner heutigen Entscheidung Klarheit geschaffen, dass ONLINE—DURCHSUCHUNGEN privater Computer zulässig sind.
20080229             Damit ist die Auffassung der Union bestätigt, dass ONLINE—DURCHSUCHUNGEN in besonderen Fällen unter strengen rechtsstaatlichen Voraussetzungen möglich sind.
20080229             Das hat für Bundesinnenminister WOLFGANG—SCHÄUBLE und die CDU nie außer Frage gestanden.
20080229             Gefahren aus dem internationalen Terrorismus kann —JETZT wirksamer begegnet werden.
20080229             Das war und ist unser Ziel.
20080229             Das ist 1—ERFOLG für WOLFGANG—SCHÄUBLE.
20080229             Wenn —JETZT die SPD endlich mitzieht, dann kann schnell eine einwandfreie gesetzliche Grundlage geschaffen werden.
20080229             Es war richtig, dass WOLFGANG—SCHÄUBLE die rechtsstaatlich fragwürdige Praxis OTTO—SCHILYS, die ONLINE—DURCHSUCHUNG per Verordnung, ausgesetzt hat.
20080229             Einmal mehr wird deutlich: Die CDU ist die Partei der inneren Sicherheit und des Rechtsstaates.
20080229             Ihr seht also: die SPD sind Schuld, und zwar sowohl an der bisherigen ONLINE—DURCHSUCHUNG, als auch an der zukünftigen, und die CDU ist die Partei des Rechtsstaates.
20080229             HAHAHAHAHAHAHA—ES ist —WINTER.
20080229             Die perfekte Zeit, um Hartz IV Opfern noch mal 6,22 Euro monatlich "Warmwasseranteil" weg zu kürzen.
20080229             Denn hey, wozu brauchen Hartz IV Sozialschmarotzer warmes Wasser?
20080229             Die schlemmen da Kaviar auf ihren Jachten, die sollen doch einfach in die Karibik segeln, da ist das Wasser von sich aus warm!
20080229             "Steuerbetrug ist bei uns wie 1—VERKEHRSÜBERTRETUNG".
20080229             Die Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin rät zu Feng Shui.
20080229             1—TAG wie —HEUTE, wo DER—DOLLAR eine charttechnisch wichtige Grenze nach unten durchbrochen hat, eignet sich hervorragend für ein surreales Element wie das folgende:
20080229             "Bush says he believes in strong dollar".
20080229             BWAHAHAHAHA. Die Briten mal wieder.
20080229             CD mit Aufschrift "Home OFFICE—CONFIDENTIAL" hinter Tastatur von Laptop gefunden, der bei Ebay verkloppt worden war.
20080229             Mal was zur Auflockerung zwischendurch: Die Feuerwehr von PHOENIX übt gerade für den Ernstfall einer UFO—LANDUNG, inklusive Kontakt mit Außerirdischen.
20080229             Gut, die Site wirkt nicht sonderlich glaubwürdig, aber 1—SPASS ist das ALLE—MAL, wenn sie da auf das "Firefighters FEMA UFO training manual " linken, wo es unter anderem um "UFO Hazards" wie "Force Field Impact" geht.
20080229             (via) 20080229              Singapur ist ihr lokaler "AL—KAIDA" "BOTSCHAFTER" aus dem Gefängnis ausgebrochen.
20080229             Der Mann hinkt.
20080229             Er entkam, indem er vorgab, pinkeln zu müssen.
20080229             —APOLOGISED, Deputy PRIME—MINISTER—WONG—KAN—SENG who, for the incident said Mas Selamat was being taken to the toilet —BEFORE 1—MEETING at the Family Visit Room —WHEN he escaped.
20080229             Nun, das wäre ja alles wenig überraschend, wäre Singapur nicht das Land, das pro Kopf am meisten für Sicherheit ausgibt.
20080229             Gegen den Mann in der Hand haben sie übrigens, wenn man das so nennen kann, dass er diverse Anschläge geplant haben soll.
20080229             Das wird sicher auch bei uns Schule machen: ENGLAND will —JETZT die Überwachungskameras gegen Parksünder einsetzen.
20080229             Die Araber zeigen —SCHON—HEUTE, wo es mit der EU hingeht: Arabische Liga führt längerübergreifendes Zensurregime gegen AL—JASEERA ein.
20080229             Der ägyptische Informationsminister rechtfertigt den Vorstoß damit, dass Satellitensender vom rechten Pfad abgekommen seien.
20080229             Die Menschenrechtsorganisation "Human Rights Watch" ist bestürzt.
20080229             Vor allem... "Informationsminister".
20080229             Das ist ja fast so krass derb das Gegenteil dessen, was der Mann tut, wie bei uns "Gesundheitsminister", "Verteidigungsminister", "Justizminister" oder "Finanzminister".
20080229             Was denken die sich eigentlich?!
20080229             —AFTER hiding out in SWITZERLAND and BRITAIN, Lethier -- who worked as 1—SECRET... cdu;
20080229             chirac; conspiracy ; corruption; cresson; dgse; dieterholzer; 11 ;... - Scandals and FRAUD—1—READING—LIST -
20080229             ( 11 -Aquitaine), PIERRE—LETHIER (20010000              ).
20080229             Argent Secret: l'Espion de l'Affaire... THE—TURQUOISE—CONSPIRACY : Asil Nadir, THE—COLLAPSE—OF—POLLY—PECK + the.
20080229             Scandals & Fraud ( 11 -Aquitaine), PIERRE—LETHIER (20010000              ).
20080229             THE—TURQUOISE—CONSPIRACY : Asil Nadir, THE—COLLAPSE—OF—POLLY—PECK and the Persecution of 1—FAMILY.
20080229             Global Integrity Scorecard: FRANCE -
20080229             11—ALLEGEDLY paid secret commissions worth 256—MILLION francs (USA$55.3—MILLION) to PIERRE—LETHIER, a. Frenchman + DIETER—HOLZER, a German... report.globalintegrity_org/reportPDFS/FRANCE.pdf
20080229             11—TRIAL—OFFERS—SOAP OPERA—OF—FRANCE—ELITE—AFTER hiding out in SWITZERLAND and BRITAIN, Lethier -- who worked as 1—SECRET... cdu;
20080229             Die Katastrophe war absehbar, überraschte dennoch in ihrem Ausmaß:
20080229             Der nach Börsenwert weltgrößte Versicherer teilte nun am —DONNERSTAG nach Börsenschluss in NEW—YORK mit, dass der Verlust im 4. Quartal 5,3—MILLIARDEN—$, betrage, so viel wie noch nie in der 89-jährigen UNTERNEHMENS—GESCHICHTE—
20080229             Der Wert der Kreditderivate sei um 11,1 Mrd. $ gefallen.
20080229             Dazu kämen allgemeine Wertverluste im Handelsbuch von 2,6—MILLIARDEN—$$, 643—MILLIONEN—$ Wertverlust in der Finanzproduktsparte und 348—MILLIONEN—$ in der Hypothkenversicherungssparte.
20080229             Im gleichen ZEITRAUM—DES—VORJAHRES hatte AIG noch einen Gewinn von 3,4 —MILLIARDEN—$ erzielt.
20080229             Site Search Results Mahmood met with Deputy SECRETARY—OF—STATE—RICHARD—ARMITAGE... INSURGENCY—BY Mahmood Mamdan THE—HISTORY—OF—COLONIALISM should teach us that EVERY—MAJOR...
20080229             MAHMOUD—MAMDANI: ZoomInfo Business People Information
20080229             —DETERMINED, Mahmood Mandani: 'AL—QAEDA + the neocons are both, to remake the world through political violence.'
20080229             PUBLIC—PRIVATE—PARTNERSHIPS: Private und staatliche Strategien zum...
20080229             Im Rahmen der Studie wurde u.a. die Annahme bestätigt, dass in... WHITE—HOUSE (20020000              ): National Strategy for Homeland Security, OFFICE—OF—HOMELAND...
20080229             Von Dual Containment zur Achse des Bösen — Die amerikanische...
20080229             THE—SECRET—HISTORY—OF—HOW—THE—WHITE—HOUSE—ILLEGALLY—ARMED—IRAQ... mehr Ressourcen und Energien auf die Studie aufstrebender Drittweltstaaten mit...
20080229             Infos über Sekten, Kulte und den Psychomarkt
20080229             Heitzinger, Albert : Uberblick über die Vereinigungsprinzipien... Sontag, Frederick: Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, Pathenon Press 19770000             ...
20080229             "Registered lobbyist for Netherworld, INCORPORATED" Antifascist Calling...
20080229             According to the MadCowMorningNews, THE—LAVISHLY—FURNISHED custom Boeing 727—AIRLINER (727PX) which
20080229             Hopsicker does us all proud with this piece and brings to the table SOME—RATHER interesting background material on ISEMAN—DODGY employer, Alcalde & Fay.
20080229             Were there hidden connections between the companies on the client list of comely blond lobbyist VICKI—ISEMAN—CLIENT—LIST?
20080229             —ALLIED, Companies secretly, in SOME—NON—SEC—APPROVED way?
20080229             But don't take my word, check it out. It's well worth the read.
20080229             —ABOUT Alcalde & Fay and —POSTED at Democratic Underground?
20080229             —JOINED, The quick version is that A&F is, at the hip with THE—INTERNATIONAL—COUNCIL—OF—CRUISE—LINES -- whose members are all businesses registered OUTSIDE—OF—THE—USA -- and was 1—MAJOR—FORCE pushing for THE—CRUISES—TO—NOWHERE legislation in the 90's. That's the bill that made SunCruz possible.
20080229             —SUPPORTED, McCain, that legislation
20080229             Reconstructing 20010911             .
20080229             Kudos to Larisa for extraordinary reporting, again!
20080229             Coupled with the recent revelations by SHENON—NEW—BOOK, we should have 1—GREAT—DEAL—OF controversy surrounding the official story that serves as the propaganda pivot point in all matters political, especially this campaign.
20080229—19990000    —SINCE—IN, Oil wars PENTAGON—POLICY : 1—TOP—LEVEL—USA—POLICY—DOCUMENT has emerged that explicitly confirms the Defence DEPARTMENT—READINESS to fight 1—OIL—WAR.
20080229—20010911    —AFTER, "We know it's Bayoumi," said Thompson, "because, THE—FINLAND—GOVERNMENT mistakenly released 1—CLASSIFIED—FBI LIST—OF—SUSPECTS that showed Bayoumi living in apartment #152—OF—PARKWOOD—APARTMENTS".
20080229—20040300    —SEIT, sollen MITARBEITER—DER—KLINIK—SPRITZEN mehrfach verwendet und damit Patienten in Gefahr gebracht haben.
20080229—20060000    —MITTE, sorgte der Konzern noch für einen weiteren SKANDAL—DAMALS lud 1—GIFTMÜLLTRANSPORTER aus AMSTERDAM hochgiftige Abfälle auf Müllhalden der Elfenbeinküste ab.
20080229—20080101    —SEIT, Die —BEREITS in Deutschland umgesetzte Vorratsdatenspeicherung setzt eine entsprechende Verordnung der EU um, von der selbst noch nicht geklärt ist, ob sie rechtens ist:
20080229—20080317    —ON, 2—MORE alleged members were arrested trying to carry in $65,000 from ECUADOR, money PERU—AUTHORITIES—SUSPECT is Venezuelan.
20111005—20120229    —PLEADED, THE—CAPTAIN and the navigating officer, both Filipino, guilty to mishandling the vessel and altering ship documents.
20120222—20120229    —ON, 1—VIETNAM—REPORT said CHINA—FORCES assaulted the fishermen and tried to take their property.
20120229             Lawyers said the deal could put THE—GUANTANAMO prisoner and his family in jeopardy.
20120229             1—USA—JUDGE—IN—WASHINGTON, DC, dismissed 1—LAWSUIT against SRI—LANKA—PRESIDENT—MAHINDA—RAJAPAKSE alleging he was responsible for torture by the armed forces, ruling that he has immunity as 1—HEAD—OF—STATE.
20120229             —RULED, DISTRICT—JUDGE—COLLEEN—KOLLAR—KOTELLY, that —WHILE the plaintiffs have "shocking allegations" of abuse, the case cannot go forward under THE—USA—TORTURE—VICTIM—PROTECTION—ACT—OF—19910000            .
20120229             A 5—COUNT—INDICTMENT was returned in WASHINGTON accusing AUSTRALIA—DAVID—LEVICK of knowingly skirting 1—FEDERAL—TRADE—EMBARGO with IRAN and plotting to export THE—TECHNOLO—GY without the required authorization.
20120229             Prosecutors said Levick and his company, ICM COMPO—NENTS, INCORPORATED, ordered materials on behalf of 1 unnamed REPRESENTATIVE—OF—1—IRAN—TRADE—COMPA—NEW—YORK.
20120229             NEW—YORK—CITY, federal charges were brought against 1—FRAUD ring that involved 10—DOCTORS and 105—FIRMS that conspired to steal over $250—MILLION from insurance companies.
20120229             The case CEN—TERED on NO—FAULT insurance claims.
20120229             —RAVAGED, At least 16—TORNADOES, the Midwest and South.
20120229             13—PEOPLE were killed IN—CLUDING 6 in HARRISBURG—ILLINOIS, 3 in MISSOURI, 3 in TENNESSEE and 1 in KANSAS.
20120229             † DAVY—JONES, 66—JAHRE—ALT, the lead singer of THE—MONKEES, —AFTER suffering 1—HEART—AT—TACK in INDIANTOWN—FLORIDA.
20120229             —ACCUSED, BRITAIN, ARGENTINA of pursuing a "POLICY—OF—CONFRONTATION" over the disputed FALKLAND—ISLANDS—AFTER the country's industry MINISTER called for 1—BLOCK on UK—IMPORTS.
20120229             BRITAIN withdrew its diplomatic staff from Syria because of 1—GROWING risk to their safety.
20120229             BRITAIN, the world's oldest running nuclear reactor shut down at OLDBURY—ON—SEVERN —AFTER—44—YEARS—OF—OPERATION, —STARTING the countdown to 20250000             , by —WHEN 1—NEW—NUCLEAR—STATION is expected to open on 1—SITE—JUST 1—FEW 100—METERS away.
20120229             —ORDERED, CHINA—CABINET, new AIR—QUALITY—STANDARDS to measure the most dangerous form of particulate matter, —FOLLOWING 1—PUBLIC—OUTCRY over worsening air pollution.
20120229             —ANNOUNCED, EGYPT, that 7—USA—PRO—DEMOCRACY—WORKERS, accused of instigating unrest, are free to leave the country.
20120229             9—OTHER—AMERICANS up for trial had had already left THE—COUN—TRY.
20120229             Altogether 15—NGO suspects left the country —AFTER EACH—DEFENDANT had paid 2—MILLION—POUNDS (roughly $330,000/247,000 euros) in bail.
20120229             HAITI, THOUSANDS—OF—SUPPORTERS—OF 2—TIME PRESIDENT—JEAN—BERTRAND—ARISTIDE—RAL—LIED in THE—CAPITAL—ON—THE 8. anniversary of the former leader's ouster.
20120229             The demonstrators AC—CUSED current PRESIDENT—MICHEL—MARTELLY of not doing enough to improve their lives and pressed for THE—DEPARTURE—OF—THE—COUNTRY—UN peacekeeping mission.
20120229             —FOILED, INDIA—HOME—MINISTER said that police had, 1—MAJOR—ATTACK by suspected MILI—TANTS from THE—PAKISTAN—BASED LASHKAR—E—TAIBA (LeT) group who were caught with explosives at 1—RAIL—STATION.
20120229             —DISCLOSED, It was not, —WHEN the men were detained.
20120229             —RAIDED, ISRAEL—TROOPS, 2—PRIVATE—PALESTINE—TV—STATIONS—BEFORE dawn, seizing transmitters and other equipment.
20120229             The military said 1—OF—THE—OUTLETS, AL—WATAN TV, is 1—PIRATE station whose frequencies interfered with legal broadcasters and aircraft communications.
20120229             JAPAN, CONSTRUCTION—OF—THE—TOKYO—SKY—TREE, the world's tallest communications tower and 2.—HIGHEST building, finished.
20120229             It was 2—MONTHS—LATE—BECAUSE—OF—THE—EARTHQUAKE and tsunami that struck last March.
20120229             —FILED, KUWAIT, —AROUND 30—OPPOSITION—MPS, 1—REQUEST to form 1—PARLIAMENTARY—PANEL to investigate the allegations with powers to interrogate the finance MINISTER, as well the former premier and CENTRAL—BANK—GOVERNOR.
20120229             The government used its constitutional right to demand DELAY—ING THE—FORMATION—OF—THE—PANEL —FOR—2—WEEKS, saying it wanted to study the request.
20120229             —BATTLED, MALI—SOLDIERS, Tuareg rebels in violent clashes in the country's NORTH—WEST—AROUND THE—TOWN—OF—TESSALIT.
20120229             —ARMED, Heavily, gunmen fired on 1—OIL—TANKER off THE—COAST—OF—NIGERIA.
20120229             —THWARTED, THE—PANA—MANIAN—FLAGGED, NIGERIAN—OWNED vessel, 1 attempted boarding by taking evasive action.
20120229             NORTH—KOREA—NEW—LEADERSHIP said it would suspend nuclear and missile tests and its uranium enrichment program as PART—OF—1—DEAL that includes USA—FOOD—AID for the impoverished nation.
20120229             1—PAKISTAN—OFFICIAL said IRAN has offered to supply PAKISTAN with 80,000 barrels of crude oil per —DAY and a $250—MILLION—LOAN to help build 1—GAS—PIPELINE from THE—IRAN—BORDER.
20120229             THE—PHILIPPINES said it would push ahead with plans to expand oil and gas EXPLO—RATION in waters also claimed by CHINA, as it brushed off 1—FRESH—CHINA—WARNING.
20120229             SAUDI—ARABIA said that it would honor 1—PLEDGE—OF $3.75—BILLION in aid to EGYPT, —AFTER complaints by THE—EGYPT—PREMIER that donor countries were failing to respect their COMMIT—MENTS.
20120229             —CLASHED, SPAIN—STUDENTS in BARCELONA, with police and set fire to garbage CON—TAINERS —DURING nationwide protests against education spending cuts.
20120229             —KILLED, SUDAN, 1—PEACEKEEPER was, and 3 wounded —WHEN unknown gunmen ambushed 1—PATROL—OF—THE—AFRICAN UNION—UNITED—NATIONS mission to Darfur (UNAMID).
20120229             —LAUNCHED, SYRIA—FORCES, 1—GROUND—ASSAULT on HOMS to crush the last POCKETS—OF—RE—SISTANCE in the city's REBEL—HELD districts, 1—SECURITY—SOURCE said, even as WASHINGTON worked on 1—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL—DRAFT demanding humanitarian access.
20120229             —SCHEDULED, Broadcasting was, to begin 20120522          .
20120229—19840000    —EXECUTED, ARIZONA, inmate ROBERT—HENRY—MOORMANN, 63—JAHRE—ALT for killing and DISMEMBER—ING his adoptive mother —WHILE he was OUT—OF—PRISON on furlough for another crime, despite 1—SPATE—OF—LAST—MINUTE—APPEALS over his mental disabilities.
20120229—20030300    —CAPTURED, FORMER—MARYLAND resident MAJID—KHAN, 32—JAHRE—ALT, pleaded guilty to helping AL—QAIDA plot attacks from his native PAKISTAN, reaching 1—PLEA—DEAL with THE—USA—GOVERNMENT that limits his sentence 25—YEARS.
20120229—20070300    —AROUND, The export scheme spanned about 2—YEARS —STARTING.
20121122—20120229    —ON, 1—ARREST—WARRANT was issued for former 1. lady SIMONE—GBAGBO for crimes against humanity.
20151116—20160229    —ON, 1—FEDERAL—JUDGE—RULED—THE—GOVERNOR—PENCE—ORDER to cut federal funds for THE—RESETTLEMENT—OF—SYRIA—REFUGEES in his state was unconstitutional.
20160229             —AWARDED, PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, the nation's highest military honor to Navy SEAL Senior CHIEF—SPECIAL—WARFARE—OPERATOR—EDWARD—BYERS, JUNIOR, who participated in 1—DARING 20120000              raid that rescued 1—USA—HOSTAGE in AFGHANISTAN.
20160229             —CONDUCTED, THE—USA—LED coalition, 27—STRIKES against Islamic STATE—IN—IRAQ and Syria in its latest round of daily attacks.
20160229             —INJURED, OHIO, 4—STUDENTS were, —WHEN JAMES—AUSTIN—HANCOCK, 14—JAHRE—ALT opened fire on fellow students in the cafeteria of MADISON—HIGH—NEAR—MIDDLETOWN.
20160229             1—AFGHANISTAN—POLICEMAN shot dead 4—OF—HIS colleagues at 1—CHECKPOINT on 1—REMOTE stretch of on the highway between KANDAHAR and Uruzgan provinces.
20160229             —REMAINED, Another 11—POLICEMEN who were manning the checkpoint, missing.
20160229             ARGENTINA—NEW—MARKET—FRIENDLY—GOVERNMENT struck a $4.65-billion tentative deal with its main holdout creditors, ending 1—BITTER 15-year battle and opening the door for THE—SOUTH—USA—COUNTRY to escape financial pariah status.
20160229             AUSTRALIA—CARDINAL GEORGE—PELL, THE—HIGHEST—RANKING VATICAN official to testify on systemic sexual ABUSE—OF—CHILDREN by clergy in THE—ROMAN—CATHOLIC—CHURCH, said senior clergy lied to him to cover up abuse in the 1970s.
20160229             BRITAIN—DEFENSE—MINISTER said about 20—UK troops are being sent to TUNISIA to help stop people crossing illegally from chaotic LIBYA.
20160229             —BECAME, PETER—RABBIT, the 1. character from children's literature to appear on BRIT—ISH—COINAGE with AUTHOR—BEATRIX—POTTER—CREATION featuring on 50-pence pieces commemorating her birth.
20160229             —HACKED, CHINA, Li Sijun (45) 1—KNIFE—WIELDING assailant, at children in 1—SCHOOLYARD, wounding 10—BEFORE killing himself in HAIKOU, Hainan province.
20160229             † IN—CHINA—KALSANG—WANGDU, 1—TIBETAN—BUDDHIST monk, —AFTER he set himself on fire near the Retsokha monastery in Sichuan province in 1—PROTEST against CHINA—RULE.
20160229             FRANCE interior MINISTER—BERNARD—CAZENEUVE said Parisian police will be given AS—SAULT rifles and KALASHNIKOV—RESISTANT shields in a 1. for THE—FRANCE—CAPITAL—OFFICERS nearly —4—MONTHS—AFTER 1—DEVASTATING terror attack killed 130—PEOPLE.
20160229             —CLASHED, FRANCE—RIOT—POLICE, with migrants as bulldozers moved into the grim SHANTY—TOWN on the edge of Calais known as the "Jungle" to start destroying HUNDREDS—OF—MAKESHIFT—SHEL—TERS.
20160229             —APPEARED, Missing HONG—KONG bookseller LEE—BO, on television insisting he had not been abducted by mainland authorities, in 1—CASE that has sparked 1—BACKLASH over CHINA—INTER—FERENCE in the city.
20160229             The other 4—BOOKSELLERS, who are under criminal investigation on THE—MAIN—LAND, appeared on PHOENIX—1—DAY—EARLIER admitting to smuggling illicit books into CHINA.
20160229             PHOENIX is 1—PRIVATE—CHANNEL which broadcasts both in HONG—KONG and in mainland CHINA.
20160229             THOUSANDS—OF—HUNGARY—PARENTS kept their children home from school to protest the government's education policies.
20160229             —INTRODUCED, INDIA, 1—ADDITIONAL 'green' tax on car sales, aimed at helping fight high LEVELS—OF—AIR—POLLUTION and congestion but hitting car makers that fear this could stall 1—FRAGILE—RE—COVERY in the market for their products.
20160229             IRAQ, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER struck 1—FUNERAL, killing at least 38—PEOPLE, including 1—LO—CAL—SHIITE militia leader, in Muqdadiyah.
20160229             ISRAEL—DRINKS—FIRM—SODASTREAM laid off its last PALESTINE—WORKERS and lashed out at the government for refusing to grant them work permits —AFTER it relocated from THE—WEST—BANK—TO—SOUTH—ISRAEL.
20160229             —RAIDED, ITALY—POLICE, 1 abandoned slaughterhouse near Rosarno in Calabria that African migrant farmworkers use as 1—DORMITORY, PART—OF—1—RECENTLY launched crackdown on labor exploitation.
20160229             —SIGNED, JAPAN, 1—AGREEMENT to supply defense equipment to THE—PHILIPPINES, the 1. such JAPAN—DEFENSE—PACT in 1—REGION where THE—USA—ALLIES have been alarmed by CHINA—ADVANCE in disputed territories.
20160229             —DESCRIBED, LAOS, unknown suspects, as militants opened fire on 1—TEMPORARY—WORK—SPACE being used by 1—CHINA—COMPANY in THE—NORTH—PROVINCE—OF—LUANG—PRABANG.
20160229             † 1—CHI—NESE citizen was killed and 3 injured in 1—SHOOTING.
20160229             —FIRED, LIBERIA—POLICE, teargas and threw stones at 1—CROWD gathered near 1—COURT—IN—MONROVIA to demand the release of 1—POLITICAL—ACTIVIST charged with sedition.
20160229             —FIRED, MACEDONIA—POLICE, tear gas to disperse HUNDREDS—OF—MIGRANTS who stormed the border from GREECE as 1—DEEPLY divided EUROPE traded barbs over the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades.
20160229             MALAWI said it will import 50,000 tons of the staple maize from TANZANIA to avert hunger —AFTER 1—DROUGHT that affected 2.8—MILLION—PEOPLE.
20160229             FORMER—MALAYSIA—LEADER—MAHATHIR Mohamad quit the ruling Malay party, saying it has been hijacked by embattled PRIME—MINISTER—NAJIB—RAZAK to protect his own interests.
20160229             NIGERIA—OFFICIALS said PRESIDENT—MUHAMMADU—BUHARI is launching 1—PROBE—AFTER—WEEK—LONG clashes between Muslim herdsmen and Christian farmers left "hundreds" dead.
20160229             —REPORTED, Up to 300—PEOPLE were, killed.
20160229             —ABDUCTED, NIGERIA, 3—GIRLS who were, by armed men from their school in the eastern suburb of Ikorodu at the Babington MACAULAY—JUNIOR—SEMINARY—SCHOOL on the outskirts of LAGOS.
20160229             NORTH—KOREA—MEDIA said OTTO—WARMBIER, 21—JAHRE—ALT, 1—UNIVERSITY—OF—VIRGINIA student DE—TAINED —SINCE early January, has confessed to "severe crimes" against the state: "I committed the crime of taking out 1—POLITICAL slogan from THE—STAFF—ONLY—AREA—OF—THE—YANGGAKDO—INTERNATIONAL—HO—TEL".
20160229             —HANGED, PAKISTAN, Mumtaz Qadri was, in RAWALPINDI—ADIALA jail.
20160229             —PROTESTED, THOU—SANDS, in 1—NUMBER—OF—CITIES against the execution.
20160229             —HAILED, Qadri was, by hardline ISLAM—ISTS as 1—HERO for killing the provincial GOVERNOR who was seeking reform of the blasphemy law.
20160229             RUSSIA, MIKHAIL—GORBACHEV, the last LEADER—OF—THE—SOVIET—UNION, presented 1—NEW—BOOK about his life and times ahead of his 85. birthday.
20160229             —CALLED, The 700-page book, "Gorbachev in Life" is 1—COLLECTION—OF—MEMOIRS, interviews, letters, documents and articles by him and others.
20160229             —ARRESTED, RUSSIA—POLICE, Gulchekhra Bobokulova (38), 1—NANNY from UZBEKISTAN, was seen waving the severed HEAD—OF—1—SMALL—CHILD outside 1—MOSCOW subway station.
20160229             UN SECRETARY—GENERAL—BAN KI—MOON said the shaky CEASE—FIRE is holding "by and large" on its 3. —DAY despite sporadic fighting and growing ACCUSATIONS—OF—VIOLATIONS.
20160229             THAILAND police said they will have to tighten security on Koh Kut island —AFTER 4—FRANCE—TOURISTS were brutally assaulted, including 2—WOMEN who were raped.
20160229             THE—NEXT—DAY CAMBODIA said that 5—OF—ITS—CITIZENS were involved in the attack.
20160229             1—TURKEY—STOCK—EXCHANGE filing said authorities have shut down media businesses seized —LAST—YEAR from Koza Ipek Holding, 1—CONGLOMERATE linked to 1—USA—BASED preacher accused of plotting against PRESIDENT—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN.
20160229             —ARMED, Turkish, forces shelled positions of the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria in coordination with THE—USA—LED INTERNATIONAL ANTI—JIHADIST—COALITION.
20160229             1—ZIMBABWE—HIGH—COURT allowed the largest mine in Marange, Mbada Diamonds, to return and assume CONTROL—OF—ALL—ASSETS—AFTER challenging the government's ban on mining OPER—ATIONS.
20160229—20110000    —IN, He had shot SALMAN—TASEER, the liberal Punjab GOVERNOR, 28—TIMES at 1—ISLAMABAD market.
20160229—20140000    —OPENED, TURKEY—JUSTICE—MINISTER said as many as 1,845 cases have been, against people accused of insulting PRESIDENT—RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN —SINCE he came to office.
20160229—20160303    —ON, she said she had beheaded the child to avenge Muslims killed in THE—KREMLIN—CAMPAIGN—OF—AIR—STRIKES in Syria.
20160229—20160606    —SENTENCED, Hancock was, to juvenile detention —UNTIL the age of 21.
20160303—20160229    —ON, He set himself on fire in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—DEHRADUN and was brought to NEW—DELHI for treatment.
20200326—20200229    —AM, 1. geriet die Skiregion in den Fokus, als isländische Behörden.bei einer aus Ischgl zurückgekehrten Reisegruppe 15—CORONA—FÄLLE entdeckten.
20200430             —REPORTED, SOUTH—KOREA, that for the 1. time —SINCE the virus's 20200229              peak, it had no new domestic cases and —JUST 4—CASES among people who came in from outside the country.
20200501—20200229    —REPORTED, It was, that the Taliban have mounted more than 4,500 attacks in AFGHANISTAN in THE—45—DAYS—SINCE signing 1—DEAL with THE—USA—THAT paves the way for 1—USA—TROOP—DRAWDOWN.
20201110—20200229    —SEIT—AM, des USA—TALIBAN—ABKOMMEN—UNTERZEICHNUNG, hatten die Islamisten keine amerikanischen Soldaten mehr getötet, ihren Kampf gegen die afghanische Armee aber brutal weiter geführt.
20201124—20200229    —AM, "Das letzte Mal, dass wir keine aktiven Fälle im Bundesstaat verzeichnet haben, war ",