_HEUTE_0711 :

02120711             DAS—RÖMER—BÜRGER—RECHT wird durch RÖMER—KAISER—CARACALLA ausgedehnt auf alle Freigeborenen des GESAMT—RÖMER—REICHS—GEBIETES.
09360711             RUDOLF—I. Beigesetzt in S—COLOMBE—DE—SENS
10560711             —URKUNDE—VOM, BY, in comitatu FRIDERICI ducis [GAU]IN—PAGO—MASELANT" to KLOSTER—Burtscheid
11650711             BERTOLF, PRIESTER t —VOR
11740711             † AMALRIC—I—KING—OF—JERUSALEM.
12440711—12440823    —JERUSALEM, RAZED, THE—KHWAREZMIAN—TURKS completely.
12440711—12440823    —BY, THE—KHWAREZMIAN—TURKS left JERUSALEM in ruins useless to both Christians and Muslims.
13020711             An army of FRANCE—KNIGHTS, led by THE—COUNT—OF—ARTOIS, was routed by FLEMISH—PIKEMEN.
13020711             —BATTLE—OF—COURTRAI
13020711             † —SON—OF—--- (-killed in BATTLE—COURTRAI)
13460711             —TAG—ZU—REUSE—AUF—DEM, CLEMENS—VI—PAPA lenkte DIE—WAHL auf KARL—VON—MÄHREN, nachmaligen KARL—IV.,
13460711             KARL—VON—MÄHREN, nachmalig KARL—IV., Sohn des JOHANN—KÖNIG—VON—BÖHMEN.
13460711             —TAG—ZU—REUSE—AUF—DEM, 5—KUR—FÜRSTEN, ihres —VOR—8—JAHREN geschworenen Bundes uneingedenk, folgten des CLEMENS—VI—PAPA Weisung.
13460711             —TAG—ZU—REUSE—AUF—DEM, SACHSEN und BRANDENBURG beteiligten sich nicht.
13460711—13460611    —SEE
13480711             (JOHANNI—EPISCOPO—TRAIECTENSIS committitur^ ut cum WigboJ^ HERMANNi et Inta^) nata AWERTI—DE—GHERNER nobilibus stme DIOECESIS dispensety quatenu^
13500711             IOHANNI—DE—GHALLO^ et Vinchino de lethi (!)^ Theotonicis, armigeris equitibus IN—EXERCITU—ECCLESIE
13690711             —APUD MONTEMFLASCONEM. MACHARIO—DE—BENFHEM CLERICO de soluta et soluta genito non obstante hoc natalium defectu confertur BENEFICIUM^ dormitorii officium nuncupatum^ jam
14020711             Quietanza del PAGAMENTO fatto da Ser COLA—DI—GIOVANNI—DI—FRANCESCO da Ripatransone^ officiale del Com.—DI—STAFFOLO^
14390711             —A—DÌ, IL KARDINALe fece la massa dell' esercito presso SPOLETO,
14480711             O—REGENTE—DOM—PEDRO—E afastado do poder, conforme nos prova a CARTA—DE—LOUVOR de
14480711—14460115    de deste ano (totalmente idêntica a DE—DE—DE, já referida).
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL controversiste,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL économiste,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL historien,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL jurisconsulte,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL tel fut CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL ".
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL théologien,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL traducteur,
15090711—15170000    CLAUDE—DE—SEYSSEL,
15210711             —DU, Nous Savons par
15210711             —DU, 1—LETTRE—DE—BEMBO t REGINALD—POLE,
15210711             que LONGOLIUS habitait deja dans la maison du noble anglais.
15210711             —DU, 1—LETTRE—DE—BEMBO t REGINALD—POLE, BEMBO se reposait seul á la villa Noniana.
15210711             —DU, Ce fut CHRISTOPHE—DE—LONGUEIL qui mit en rapport les deti.'f futurs CARDINAUX.
15270000—15930711    * † GIUSEPPE—ARCIMBOLDO, ITALY—PAINTER.
15540711             but there was 1—RENEWAL—OF—THE—DISORDERS —ON—THE—DAY—FOLLOWING,
15540711             and it seems to have been
15540711             —AM, that day, too,
15540711             —WHILE THE—MILITARY—S, Herman, THE—KING—OF—THE, Crossbowmen, LANDLORD—OF—THE, Swan in the Cow Gate Streewere maintaining order,
15540711             † † HERMAN—THE—KING—OF—THE—CROSSBOWMEN—LANDLORD—OF—THE—SWAN—IN—THE—COW—GATE—STREET, was hit on the head by 1—STONE and killed.
15540711             —VAN—SCHOONBEKE never recovered his former position, but retired to BRUSSELS, almost ruined.
15540711             —VAN—SCHOONBEKE passed into THE—EMPEROR—SERVICE, becoming 1—MEMBER—OF—THE—COUNCIL—OF—FINANCES, and
15540711             THE—MAGISTRATES had to give way for the moment on all points:
15540711             —DISMISSED, MAES was, from office, and THE—BREWERIES—IN—THE—SUBURBS were allowed to work AGAIN;
15540711             also they promised that THE—SOLDIERS should not be raised IN—THE—TOWN.
15540711             —WAITED, CHARLES, however, his opportunity to punish THE—PEOPLE for THE—OUTBREAK.
15540711             these riots were the most noticeable event which occurred in ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] in his time.
15540711             —REACHED, THE—NEWS—OF—THE rising, CHARLES just when THE—TIDE—OF—WAR was turning in favour of THE—FRANCE—IT seemed possible that even BRUSSELS might be threatened.
15540711             —FELL, Town after town on THE—MEUSE[DIE—MAAS]
15540711             —FELL, MARIEMBERG
15540711             —FELL, BOUVIGNES
15540711             —FELL, DINANT
15540711             and ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] alone in BRABANT seemed capable of supporting 1—SIEGE.
15561200—15540711    + —VAN—SCHOONBEKE, hardly 37—YEARS—OLD.
15680711             in VENEDIG gestorben''), und
15780711             —GRANTED, ENGLAND, SIR—HUMPHREY—GILBERT a patent to explore and colonize AMERICA.
15930711             —PAINTED, GIUSEPPE—ARCIMBOLDO, REPRESENTATIONS—OF—OBJECTS, such as fruits and vegetables, on the canvas arranged in such 1—WAY that the whole COLLECTION—OF—OBJECTS formed 1—RECOGNIZABLE—LIKENESS—OF—THE—PORTRAIT—SUBJECT.
15930711             —PAINTED, GIUSEPPE—ARCIMBOLDO, 1—PORTRAIT—OF—HOLY—ROMAN—EMPEROR—RUDOLF—II. composed entirely of vegetables.
16100711—16100809    —VOM, als Küchenmeister,
16440711             A Florentine scientist described THE—INVENTION—OF—BAROMETER.
16740711             —ET Traetaet^ dat op den ;;
16740711             tuschen SEINE—KAISERLICHE—MAJESTÄT, den CONING—VAN—SPAIGNE[KÖNIG—VON—SPANIEN], H. H. M. ende S. C. D. so solemnelijk gesloten was.
17010711             —AM, HUGO—REINHARD—VON—BREITBACH ist als KELLNER bezeugt.
17080711             —VICTOIRE—DE—MARLBOROUGH sur Vendôme à Audenarde aux PAYS—BAS.
17080711             —AM, —LE—DUC—DE—VENDÔME est BATTU—PAR—MALBOROUGH à Audernade.
17420711             —ISSUED, A DECREE—PAPA was, condemning the disciplining actions of THE—JESUITS in CHINA.
17540619—17540711    —ENDED, THE—MEETING.
17540619—17540711    —ENDED—ALBANY—CONGRESS
17540711             * THOMAS—BOWDLER, the famous prude who bowdlerized SHAKESPEARE.
17570111—17570711    —ON, Finally, at WEEHAWKEN—NEW—JERSEY, THE—2—MEN fought 1—DUEL.
17700711             * JOHANN—LUDWIG—VON—WESTPHALEN (in Bornum am Elm, Landkreis HELMStedt, Fürstentum BRAUNSCHWEIG—WOLFENBÜTTEL;
177250711            † — Coertges, Corn., aus WILDENBURG, RECTOR—INKALTENHERBERG, PRIOR—IN—REICHSTEIN
17740711             —ESCAPED, Jews of ALGIERS, 1—ATTACK—OF—THE—SPAIN—ARMY.
17860711             —AGREED, MOROCCO, to stop attacking USA—SHIPS in THE—MEDITERRANEAN for 1—PAYMENT—OF $10,000.
17890711             -Als KÖNIG—LUDWIG—XVI. AM—SEINEN reformerischen Finanzminister Necker entließ, hatte er auch nicht den Schimmer einer Ahnung, dass
17890711             -drei Tage SPÄTER—MIT dem Sturm auf die Bastille, die französische Revolution beginnen sollte, die am Ende nicht nur seinen Kopf kostete.
17890711             Das ist Revolution:
17890711             RENVOI—DE—NECKER.
17920711             —LA—ASSEMBLÉE—LÉGISLATIVE déclare la Patrie en danger
17920711             —VON, Abschrift des JOAN—STEPHANUS—ENGELBERTI, des KAISER, zu BONN und KÖLN immatrikulierter Notar.
17960711             —AT—NOON, the Union Jack came down, and the flag of THE—USA was raised over DETROIT for the 1. time.
17960711             Under PROVISIONS—OF—THE 17940000             —JAY—TREATY—OF—, THE—BRITISH had agreed to give up CONTROL—OF—MICHIGAN and other PARTS—OF—THE—NORTH—WEST—TERRITORY they had occupied since THE—CONCLUSION—OF—THE—REVOLUTIONARY—WAR.
17980711             —SIGNED, USA—PRESIDENT—JOHN—ADAMS, legislation that established THE—USA—MARINE—BAND, composed of 32—DRUMMERS and fifers.
17980711             —EXISTED, Continental marines had, during THE—REVOLUTIONARY—WAR, but had since been discontinued.
17990711             The attack was ineffective.
18040711             —WOUNDED, VICE—PRESIDENT—AARON—BURR mortally, ALEXANDER—HAMILTON, 47—JAHRE—ALT, former 1. TREASURY—SECRETARY, in a pistol duel near WEEHAWKEN—NEW—JERSEY A warrant for BURR—ARREST was soon issued in NEW—JERSEY and NEW—YORK, where HAMILTON †.
18040711—19990000    —IN, RICHARD—BROOKHISER wrote "ALEXANDER—HAMILTON: American".
18040711—20010000    —EDITED, JOANNE—B—FREEMAN, his writings and published: ALEXANDER—HAMILTON: Writings".
18090711             —ARMISTICE—DE—ZNAÏM
18100711             —DISCOVERED, THE—AUSTRALIAN—BRITON FREDERICK—HASSELBOROUGH, the uninhabited MACQUARIE—ISLAND, HALF—WAY between NEW—ZEALAND and ANTARCTICA, accidentally when looking for new sealing grounds.
18100711             THE—MACQUARIE—ISLAND took its name after COLONEL—LACHLAN—MACQUARIE, GOVERNOR—OF—NEW—SOUTH—WALES 18100000—18210000    —FROM—TO.
18160711             —FOUNDED, Gas Light Co. of BALTIMORE was.
18330711             —LAUT, 1—WEITEREN Brief des REGIERUNGS—PRÄSIDENTEN vom bestehe kein Zweifel, dass
18330711             unter den Gymnasiasten "kein guter Geist herrsche und solcher durch mehrere Lehrer absichtlich unterhalten werde"
18360711             —ALARMED, PRESIDENT—JACKSON, by the growing INFLUX—OF—STATE—BANK—NOTES being used to pay for public land purchases, issued the Specie Circular shortly before leaving office.
18360711             —COMMANDED, This order, THE—TREASURY to no longer accept PAPER—NOTES as payment for such sales.
18360711             This led to the financial panic of 18370000             .
18380711—19220000    * † JOHN—WANAMAKER, USA merchant who founded 1—CHAIN—OF—STORES in PHILADELPHIA.
18480711             Vereinbarungssitzung vom 4. - Juli (2. Artikel)
18480711             Gerichtliche Untersuchung gegen die "Neue Rheinische Zeitung"
18630711             —THE—BATTLE—OF—FORT—WAGER began as Union forces, ASSAULTED, the Confederate battery on MORRIS—ISLAND at the southern approach to CHARLESTON—HARBOR.
18640711             —BATTLE—OF—LAUREL—HILL, WV.
18700711             1.-stone Amstel Brewery opened in AMSTERDAM.
18710911—18610000    —BEGUN—IN, Work on the 8-mile tunnel had under THE—DIRECTION—OF—FRANCE—ENGINEER—GERMAIN—SOMMEILLER
18770711             TEMPERATURE—OF—112—DEGREES—LOS—ANGELES—RECORDED, but it was not recorded as an ALL—TIME—HIGH because OFFICIAL—RECORDING only began —20—DAYS—LATER.
18880711             * BARTOMEO—VANZETTI, EXECUTED, with NICOLA—SACCO, for several murders during 1—ROBBERY, the trial created 1—INTERNATIONAL—STORM—OF—PROTEST.
18960000—19160711    * † DAN—PATCH, 1—RECORD—BREAKING, INDIANA—BORN, harness race horse, and was buried in MINNESOTA.
18970711             —GRÜNDUNGS—VERSAMMLUNG—DES—SOLINGER Spar—, Bauvereins;
18970711             initiiert von Pfarrer OTTO Müller
18990711—19850000    * † E. B. White[ELWYN—BROOKS—WHITE], writer, AUTHOR—OF "CHARLOTTE—WEB" and "THE—ELEMENTS—OF—STYLE,".
19060711             * HELMUT—WEHNER in DRESDEN geboren.
19070000—19890711    * † LAURENCE—OLIVIER, UK—ACTOR, director and producer, in WEST—SUSSEX, UK.
19080000—20080711    * † DOCTOR—MICHAEL—DEBAKEY, THE—WORLD—FAMOUS cardiovascular surgeon.
19090711             † SIMON—NEWCOMB, celestial mechanics authority.
19120711             S—FRANCISCO, 1—RACE was held between 1—MOTORCAR and 1—HORSE—DRAWN FIRE—ENGINE as THE—FIRE—DEPARTMENT worked to convince THE—PUBLIC to retire fire horses.
19120711—19210000    —BY, The motor driven FIRE—ENGINE won the race and the last fire horses were sold at auction.
19130000—20050711    * † Frances Langford, singer and entertainer.
19140711             —DEBUTED, BABE—RUTH, in the major leagues with THE—BOSTON Red Sox.
19140711             —EARNED, BABE—RUTH, $2,900 in his rookie season.
19150000—20060711    * † Barnard Hughes, film and theater actor, in NEW—YORK.
19160711             DAN—PATCH was the 1. harness race horse to break the 2-minute mile.
19160711             Here Leersen details the pharmacopoeia used in racing at THE—TURN—OF—THE—CENTURY.
19160711—20080000    —AUTHORED, CHARLES—LEERSEN, "Crazy Good: The True STORY—OF—DAN—PATCH, The Most Famous Horse in AMERICA".
19170711             —In preparation for the attack, THE—ALLIES, FIRED, some 4.2—MILLION—SHELLS.
19170711             KAISER—WILHELM—II. fordert, daß des GESETZ—ENTWURF zur Änderung des preußischen WAHL—RECHTS das gleiche WAHL—RECHT enthalten müsse.
19170711—20060000    —IN, military teams around FLANDERS still retrieved 2—3—DOZEN shells PER—DAY.
19171110—19170711    —BEGUN, THE—ASSAULT—ON—FLANDERS, finally ground to 1—HALT.
19180711             —JOINED, ENRICO—CARUSO, THE—WAR—EFFORT and recorded "Over There", the patriotic song WRITTEN—BY—GEORGE—M—COHAN.
19180711             —ASSUMED—NEVER, the—crown, GERMANY—PRINCE—HERZOG—VON—URACH—KING—OF—LITHUANIA[MINDAUGAS—II], however, as GERMANY—AUTHORITIES declared the election invalid.
19180711—19181100    —The—invitation, was withdrawn, GERMANY—PRINCE—HERZOG—VON—URACH—KING—OF—LITHUANIA[MINDAUGAS—II].
19200711             * YUL—BRYNNER, actor (THE—KING and I, THE—10—COMMANDMENTS).
19210711             —MONGOLIA—INDEPENDENCE—FROM—CHINA, (National Day)GAINED.
19210711             —ORIGINATED, The holiday of Naadam, which, in the time of GHENGHIS—KHAN, was later fixed to 19210711—19210713     to THE—ANNIVERSARY—OF—THE—REVOLUTION.
19210711             HITLER threatens to resign from the Nazi party if he is not given dictatorial powers.
19210711             HITLER—PLOY is successful and
19210711             —FROM—THIS—MOMENT—ON, HITLER becomes the uncontested LEADER—OF—THE—GERMANY—NAZI party.
19240711             THE—DEMOCRATS won just 29—PERCENT—OF—THE—POPULAR—VOTE in a 3-way race with Coolidge and SENATOR—ROBERT "Fighting Bob" LaFolette of WISCONSIN who led the Progressive Party.
19270711             * THEODORE—H—MAIMAN, physicist.
19340711             —BECAME, PRESIDENT—ROOSEVELT, the 1. CHIEF—EXECUTIVE to travel through THE—PANAMA—CANAL while in office.
19360711             —OPENED, Triborough Bridge linking Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens.
19370711             GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ] wrote the scores for such Broadway shows as "Funny Face," "Porgy and Bess" and "Of Thee I—SING" (his 1. musical to win 1—PULITZER Prize [1932]).
19370711             —INCLUDED, GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ]SONG—HITS, "The Man I—LOVE," "'S Wonderful," "Summertime" and "Love Is Here to Stay".
19370711             The lyrics for MANY—OF—GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ]HIS—SONGS were written by his brother IRA—GERSHOWITZ.
19370711—18980000    † * GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ], composer, of 1—BRAIN tumor at age 38 in BEVERLY—HILLS—CALIFORNIA.
19370711—19180000    —IN, GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ] wrote his 1. hit, "Swanee," for the Broadway show, "Sinbad," starring AL—JOLSON.
19370711—19240000    —PLAYED, GEORGE—GERSHWIN[JACOB—GERSHOWITZ], the piano at the premiere of his widely acclaimed "Rhapsody in Blue", accompanied by THE—PAUL—WHITEMAN—ORCHESTRA.
19380711             THE—FRANCE—CHAMBER passes 1—LAW authorizing THE—PRIME—MINISTER to govern by decree in THE—EVENT—OF—WAR.
19390711             —HOSTED, Yanks, the 7. All Star Game.
19390711             —STARTED, McCarthy, 6—YANKS, AL won 3-1.
19400711             FRANCE—PRESIDENT—LEBRUN resigns and
19400711             MARSHAL—PETAIN becomes HEAD—OF—STATE.
19400711—19400724    The Luftwaffe makes 1—SERES—OF—ATTACKS against shipping in THE—ENGLAND—CHANNEL.
19400711—19400724    THE—GERMANS lose 1—TOTAL—OF—93—AIRCRAFT, THE—BRITISH 48.
19410711             2. great ROUNDUP—OF—JEWS of AMSTERDAM took place.
19410711             —BOMBED, VICHY—FRANCE—PLANES, TEL—AVIV and killed 20—JEWS.
19420711             In the longest bombing RAID—OF——WWII, 1,750 UK—LANCASTER bombers attacked THE—POLAND—PORT—OF—DANZIG.
19420711             —ESCAPED, THE—POLAND—SUBMARINE—ORZEL, from internment and went on to fight the Germans against long odds.
19430000—19440000    —KILLED, From UKRAINE—NATIONALISTS, up to 100,000 Poles in Volyn and EAST—GALICA, areas then in POLAND but now in UKRAINE.
19430711             —HURLED, USA—GUNS at GELA—SICILY, fire at unseen planes overhead.
19430711             The result was the war's worst friendly fire incident.
19430711             20—C—47—TRANSPORTS with 18—MEN each were knocked down by allied gunfire.
19430711             † † † 318—USA—SOLDIERS were killed or wounded.
19430711             —INVOLVED, The peak of the killings, Poles being butchered with axes and saws.
19440711             COLONEL—COUNT—CLAUS—SCHENK—VON—STAUFFENBERG brings a bomb to Berchtesgaden, and
19440711             although COLONEL—COUNT—CLAUS—SCHENK—VON—STAUFFENBERG is with HITLER and GOERING for more than half an hour,
19440711             COLONEL—COUNT—CLAUS—SCHENK—VON—STAUFFENBERG does not release the bomb because HIMMLER is not present. (Children)
19450000—20150711    * † Patricia Crone, DANISH—USA—AUTHOR, scholar, orientalist, and historian, in NEW—JERSEY.
19450711             Napalm was 1. used.
19450711             Beginn der VIERMÄCHTE—VERWALTUNG Berlins.
19450711             The 1. meeting of THE—INTER—ALLIED Council is held in BERLIN.
19450711             THE—SOVIETS agree to turn over control of the allocated AREAS—OF—THE—CITY to THE—BRITISH and Americans
19450711             THE—BRITISH and the Americans have made arrangements to give SOME—OF—THEIR—SECTORS to THE—FRENCH.
19460711             —ORDERED, SS COLONEL—JOACHIM—PEIPER is, hanged for THE—SHOOTING—OF—USA—PRISONERS at Malmedy.
19460711             SS COLONEL—JOACHIM—PEIPER is taken to Landsberg Prison to await execution.
19460711—19510000    ——5—YEARS—LATER, in, SS COLONEL—JOACHIM—PEIPER was still waiting, and
19460711—19561200    —in, SS COLONEL—JOACHIM—PEIPER was paroled. (Secrets)
19470000             * DAVID—BOWIE
19510711             * BONNIE—POINTER, singer.
19520711             The Republican National Convention, meeting in CHICAGO, nominated Dwight D. Eisenhower for PRESIDENT and RICHARD—M—NIXON for VICE—PRESIDENT.
19520711             THEODORE—ROOSEVELT—MCKELDIN (19000000—19740000    ), THE—GOVERNOR—OF—MARYLAND (19510000—19590000    ), gave the nominating speech.
19530711             * LEON—SPINKS, world heavyweight boxing champ (19780000             ).
19530711             "Amos 'n Andy," TV Comedy, also radio from '29; last aired on CBS.
19540401—19550711    —ON, the 1. class was sworn in at Lowry AIR—FORCE—BASE.
19550711             —DEDICATED, The new USA—AIR—FORCE—ACADEMY was, at Lowry Air Base in COLORADO.
19550711             —AM, wurde das "Projekt LS/36/55"beim Landratsamt eingereicht,
19550711             —AM, geplant war der "Neubau eines Jagd-, Wochenend—, Gästehauses bei Duppach"auf 12.000—QUADRATMETER—GROßEN Grundstück mitten im Eifler Kammerwald.
19550723—19550711    —Keine 2—WOCHEN später, am, lag auch schon die Baugenehmigung VOR—UND
19580711             —BECAME, Monument Valley, straddling THE—ARIZONA—UTAH border, the 1. Navajo Tribal Park.
19600711             Katanga province, with THE—SUPPORT—OF—BELGIUM—BUSINESS—INTERESTS and troops, broke away from the new CONGO—GOVERNMENT—OF—PATRICE Lumumba, declaring independence under Moise Tshombe LEADER—OF—THE—LOCAL—CONAKAT party.
19600711             This led to 5—YEARS—OF—MAYHEM.
19620711             —CARRIED, THE—TELSTAR—I—SATELLITE, the 1. transatlantic TV transmission.
19620711             —PICKED, THE—TELSTAR—I—SATELLITE, up broadcast signals from FRANCE and bounced them down to 1—ANTENNA in MAINE,
19620711             THE—TELSTAR—I—SATELLITE delivering the 1. live television picture from EUROPE to AMERICA.
19620711             COSMONAUT—MICOLAEV set longevity space flight record -- 4—DAYS.
19660711             * DEBBIE—DUNNING (actress: Home Improvement).
19660711             "I—AM A Rock" by Simon & Garfunkel peaked at #3.
19660711             declared it "tinged not only with fanaticism but with BLOOD—LUST and something like witchcraft".
19660711             [ Life, ] (cited in Blum, below) - WILLIAM—BLUM, in his excellent study,
19660711             Killing Hope: USA—MILITARY and CIA Interventions Since —WWII, wrote:
19670519             67-023 -- CONTRACT GIVEN TO WACKENHUT SERVICES, INCORPORATED...19670711             ,67-042 -- CONTRACT AWARD TO BROWN & ROOT—NORTHRUP...
19690711             —RELEASED, UK—MUSICIAN—DAVID—BOWIE, his single "Space Oddity," supposedly in conjunction with 19690720             —THE—APOLLO—11—MOON—LANDING.
19710711             AMENDMENT, submitted by PRESIDENT—ALLENDE, to nationalize all mines, PASSED, CHILE—CONGRESS.
19710711             —DETERMINED, It was, that CHILE owed nothing for THE—USA—COMPANY—ANACONDA—COPPER—MINE and KENNECOTT—COPPER—MINE.
19710711             LA—VANGUARDIA—ESPANOLA—PAGE—7;
19720711             USA—FORCES broke THE—95—DAY—SIEGE at AN—LOC—VIETNAM.
19720711             ISC—COUNCIL—MINUTES—OF, report that
19720711             "MISTER—CROZIER said that he had RECENTLY spoken about THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—ISC with MEMBERS—OF—THE, PINAY Committee in PARIS.
19720711—19730000    "MISTER—CROZIER was hopeful of this committee putting up some £20.000,—IN. "
19750711             —UNEARTHED, Archaeologists, 1—ARMY—OF—8,000—LIFE—SIZE clay figures created more than 2,000 years ago for the Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi (Shihuangdi).
19750711_02100000    —SEE
19760331             —REMAINED, Quinlan, who, comatose, † 19850711             .
19770711             This was Cray RESEARCH—1. official customer, paying USA$8.86—MILLION ($7.9—MILLION plus $1—MILLION for the disks).
19770711             —DISAPPEARED, THE—EVIDENCE.
19780711             Christa Tybus of LONDON set a 24—HRS HULA—HOOP record.
19780711             —KILLED, SPAIN, 216—PEOPLE were, at 1—CAMPING—SITE when 1—TANKER—TRUCK overfilled with propylene gas exploded on 1—COASTAL—HIGHWAY—SOUTH—OF—TARRAGONA.
19790711             The abandoned 78-ton USA—SPACE—STATION—SKYLAB made 1—SPECTACULAR—RETURN to Earth, burning up in the atmosphere and showering debris over THE—INDIA—OCEAN and WEST—AUSTRALIA.
19790711             —BLAMED, Solar storms were, for SKYLAB—PREMATURE—FALL back.
19790711             kam es in FLORIDAs größtem Shoppingcenter, der Dadeland County Mall, zu 1—SCHIEßEREI zwischen Mitgliedern des MEDELLIN—KARTELLS
19790711             Dieses bei Tageslicht inmitten 1—ÖFFENTLICHEN EINKAUF—ZENTRUMS begangene Verbrechen erregte größeres Aufsehen in den Medien,
19790711             —ZEIT—ZU—DIESER, nahm man an, daß ca. 100.000—KOLUMBIANER in Südflorida in Kokaingeschäfte verwickelt waren.
19791218—19840711    —ON, It entered into force.
19800711             —AFTER—8—MONTHS—OF—CAPTIVITY, USA—HOSTAGE—RICHARD—I—QUEEN, FREED, by IRAN, because of poor health, left TEHRAN for SWITZERLAND.
19820711             THE—ITALY—SOCCER—TEAM won its 1. World Cup in 44—YEARS.
19830606—19830711    —ON, A friend reported her missing.
19850711             —BECAME, HOUSTON ASTRO—NOLAN—RYAN, the 1. pitcher to strike out 4000—BATTERS as he fanned DANNY—HEEP—OF—THE—NEW—YORK Mets.
19860711             —PLACED, PRESIDENT—RONALD—REAGAN, THE—CONTRAS, who were fighting THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—NICARAGUA, under CIA jurisdiction.
19860711             —CHRISTENED, MARY—BETH—WHITEHEAD, her surrogate Baby M (b.19860327             ), Sara.
19870711             AUSTRALIA—PRIME—MINISTER—BOB—HAWKE won a 3. consecutive term, becoming the 1. Labor Party leader in the country's history to be elected to 3—STRAIGHT—TERMS in office.
19880711             9—PEOPLE were killed when 3—ABU—NIDAL—TERRORISTS attacked HUNDREDS—OF—TOURISTS aboard 1—GREECE—CRUISE ship, THE—CITY—OF—POROS, which was steaming toward 1—MARINA in suburban ATHENS.
19890401—19900711    —ON, A 78—DAY—STANDOFF began and ended 19900926             .
19890711             THE—USA—LEAGUE won the 60. ALL—STAR—GAME, defeating the National League 5-3 in ANAHEIM—CALIFORNIA.
19890711—19910000    —AUTHORED, DONALD—SPOTO, the biography "LAURENCE—OLIVIER".
19890711—20050000    —AUTHORED, TERRY—COLEMAN, the biography "Olivier".
19890711—20130000    —AUTHORED, PHILIP—ZIEGLER, the biography "Olivier".
19900711             —CONCLUDED, Leaders of THE—SO—CALLED "GROUP—OF—7" nations, their summit in HOUSTON by encouraging Soviet PRESIDENT—MIKHAIL—S—GORBACHEV to enact reforms in return for Western aid.
19910711             A solar eclipse cast 1—BLANKET—OF—DARKNESS stretching 9—1000—MILES from HAWAII to SOUTH—AMERICA, lasting nearly 7—MINUTES in some places.
19910711             A NIGERIA—AIRLINES—JET carrying Muslim pilgrims crashed at THE—JIDDAH—SAUDI—ARABIA, int'l airport, killing all 261—PEOPLE on board.
19910711             The plane was 1—CANADIAN—CHARTERED DC-8.
19920711             Undeclared presidential hopeful ROSS—PEROT, addressing THE—NAACP convention in NASHVILLE—TENNESSEE, startled and offended his listeners by referring to the predominantly black audience as "you people".
19920711             —ALLEGED, BOSNIA, it was later, on HOLLAND—TV that HOLLAND—TROOPS deliberately drove 1 armored vehicle into 1—MUSLIM blockade on this day and killed as many as 30—PEOPLE.
19930711             —WRAPPED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, up his visit to SOUTH—KOREA with 1—VISIT to the Demilitarized Zone separating South and NORTH—KOREA;
19930711             he then flew to HAWAII, where he placed 1—WREATH at the site of the sunken battleship USS ARIZONA at Pearl Harbor.
19930711             DES—MOINES, IOWA, severe flooding shut down 1—WATER—SYSTEM serving 250,000 residents.
19940711             —URGED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, on his 1. official visit to GERMANY, his hosts to take on 1—STRONGER—LEADERSHIP—ROLE in global affairs.
19940711             —SENTENCED, SHAWN—ECKARDT was, in PORTLAND, Ore., to 18—MONTHS in prison for his role in the attack on figure skater NANCY Kerrigan.
19940711             † GARY—KILDALL, 52—JAHRE—ALT, pioneer software writer, in MONTEREY—CALIFORNIA.
19940711             —ORDERED, HAITI—ARMY—BACKED regime, the expulsion of INTERNATIONAL human rights observers.
19950711             —ESTABLISHED, Full diplomatic relations were, between THE—USA and VIETNAM following 1—ORDER by PRESIDENT—CLINTON.
19950711             —DECLARED, Srebrenica, 1—UN, "safe area," fell to THE—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERBS.
19950711             7,000 Muslim men supposedly escaped but were never heard from again.
19950711             —ADMITTED, Drazen Erdemovic (24) later, that he participated in killing 70—MEN at Srebrenica.
19950711             Victims were shot in the back in GROUPS—OF—10—BY himself and fellow soldiers in THE—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERB—ARMY—10.
19950711             Sabotage Detachment.
19950711             He was told that he would be killed if he refused to follow orders.
19950711             —SHOWED, Videotape, GENERAL—RATCO—MLADIC entering Srebrenica.
19950711—19950713    —ON, killings of unarmed Muslims took place in 1—SUCH warehouse in the nearby village of Kravica.
19950711—19950716    —ARRIVED, In the Srebrenica Massacre buses, to take women and children to Muslim territory, while the Serbs began separating out all men from age 12 to 77 for "interrogation for suspected war crimes".
19950711—19950716    —ESTIMATED, It is, that 23,000 women and children were deported in the next 30—HOURS while HUNDREDS—OF—MEN were held in trucks and warehouses.
19950711—19950716    —EMERGED, Early REPORTS—OF—MASSACRES, as the 1. SURVIVORS—OF—THE—LONG—MARCH from Srebrenica began to arrive in MUSLIM—HELD territory.
19950711—19950716    Between 19950711              and 19950716              more than 7,000 unarmed Muslim men are thought to have been killed by SERBIA—FORCES.
19950711—19980000    —IN, the book "The Graves: Srebrenica and Vukovar" was published with photographs by Gilles Peress and text by ERIC—STOVER.
19960711             A report stated that Malaria infects 300—MILLION—PEOPLE—EACH—YEAR and kills 1.5 to 2.7—MILLION.
19960711             A drug, artemether, derived from 1—CHINA—HERB was appearing to be as effective as quinine.
19960711             An AIR—FORCE F—16—JET trying to make 1—EMERGENCY landing slammed into 1—HOUSE in PENSACOLA—FLORIDA, setting the home on fire, killing a 4-year-old boy and badly burning his mother.
19960711             —EJECTED, The pilot, safely.
19960711             —RESIGNED, The Argentine MINISTER—OF—JUSTICE, Rodolfo Barra, his post due to his past association as 1—TEEN—AGER in the 60s with THE—ANTI—SEMITIC—GROUP, Tacuara.
19960711             2—BOMBS ripped apart buses in MOSCOW and injured at least 23—PEOPLE.
19960711             A Chechen link was suspected but not proven.
19970711             Uwatec Corp. was sold to JOHNSON—WORLDWIDE—ASSOC.
19970711             (later JOHNSON—OUTDOORS—INCORPORATED) for $33.5—MILLION.
19970711             A defect in the Aladin Air X Nitrox, 1—UNDERWATER diving computer, was not disclosed.
19970711             —FOLLOWED, Injuries and lawsuits, and the product was pulled 20030205             .
19970711             A CUBA—AN 24—PASSENGER—PLANE with 44—PEOPLE plunged into the sea after TAKE—OFF from SANTIAGO—DE—CUBA onroute to HAVANA.
19970711             INDIA, 1—RIOT broke out in Bombay after 1—GARLAND of shoes - 1—GRAVE—INSULT - was draped over 1—BUST of Babasaheb Ambedkar, 1—POLITICAL—LEADER from HINDUISM—LOWEST caste.
19970711             —KILLED, Police, 10—PEOPLE including 2—CHILDREN on their way to school.
19970711             THAILAND, 1—KITCHEN—FIRE went OUT—OF—CONTROL at the 450-room Royal Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya and killed 91—PEOPLE with 64 injured.
19970711—20040711    war GEORGE—JOHN—TENET...
19980708—19980711    —ANNOUNCED, CHINA, that it would broadcast its 1. live court trial.
19980711             AIR—FORCE—LIEUTENANT—MICHAEL—BLASSIE, 1—CASUALTY—OF—THE—VIETNAM War, was laid to rest near his MISSOURI home after the positive identification of his remains, which had been enshrined at the Tomb of the Unknowns in ARLINGTON—VIRGINIA.
19980711             —FROM AUSTRALIA it was reported that dingoes from MOUNT—ARCHER—NATIONAL—PARK—NEAR THE—CENTRAL—QUEENSLAND coast were stalking neighborhoods for food.
19980711             —SEIZED, Police in CARTAGENA—COLOMBIA, 7—METRIC—TONS—OF—COCAINE in cargo containers bound for EUROPE.
19980711             —GATHERED, Some 600,000—PEOPLE, in BERLIN for the annual Love Parade, billed as the largest celebration of techno music.
19980711             —MIXED, GUINEA—BISSAU, Radio Bombolon, music and junta rhetoric and featured the Iva and Ichy local hit duo.
19980711             IRAN, Mayor Karbaschi gave a 4-hour defense statement at the close of his trial in TEHRAN.
19980711             —ACCUSED—OF, He was, misappropriating public funds.
19980711             —REPORTED, It was, that fires in SOUTH—ITALY and Sicily burned 2,500 ACRES—OF—FOREST and grassland.
19980711             —REPORTED, It was, that TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—ROTTING—FISH were left when 1—SECTION—OF—THE—LLOBREGAT River was drained too fast to fill 1 repaired canal.
19990711             A—USA—AIR—FORCE—CARGO—JET, braving ANTARCTIC winter, swept down over THE—AMUNDSEN—SCOTT SOUTH—POLE—RESEARCH—CENTER to drop off emergency medical supplies for DOCTOR—JERRI—NIELSEN, 1—PHYSICIAN at the center who had discovered 1—LUMP in her breast.
19990711             The fingerprints of IBRAHIM—HUSSEIN—ABDEL—HADI—EIDAROUS, 42—JAHRE—ALT and Adel ABDEL—MEGUID ABDEL—BARY, 39—JAHRE—ALT were found on statements taking responsibility for the attacks against USA embassies in AFRICA last August.
19990711             —CONTINUED, COLOMBIA, the leftist offensive.
19990711             An army statement said 202—GUERRILLAS, 19—POLICEMEN, 4—SOLDIERS and 9—CIVILIANS had been killed.
19990711             —KILLED, Rebel sources said 68—SECURITY—FORCE—MEMBERS were, and 32—REBELS.
19990711             —DISMISSED, CONGO, rebels, the peace agreement signed by 6—COUNTRIES involved in the war and said the war would continue and get worse.
19990711             —AGREED, INDIA, and PAKISTAN top commanders, to the withdrawal of Islamic militants from Kashmir along with 1—COMPLETE cease fire.
19990711             GAZA, ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—BARAK met with Yasser Arafat and both promised to work for peace.
19990711             —DEMONSTRATED, IRAN, some 10,000 students, in TEHRAN with protests in other major cities.
19990711             2—SECURITY—CHIEFS—RESPONSIBLE for the raid on 1—STUDENT dormitory, that prompted the demonstrations, were fired.
19990711             —EXPLODED, TURKEY, 1—BOMB, in VAN and 16—PEOPLE were injured.
19990711             Oficina de Prensa y Difusión del Ministerio de Relaciones... involucrado en el negocio, el libanés Sarki Soghanalian, quien afirmó que...al vendedor de armas, al libanés Sarkis Soganalian, quien...(falla de audio ) como el.. =
19990711             BankruptcyNews_org::News articles & research on middleman.. 00.000.199 1 60—MINUTES" also broadcast 1—INTERVIEW—WITH—1—INTERNATIONAL—ARMS—DEALER, Sarkis Soghanalian, in which he claimed to have acted as the middleman
19990711             DISC—MERCHANTS—OF—DEATH - Private arms dealers Sarkis Soghanalian + SAM—CUMMINGS.(CC)(TVG).TLC—SPEED DEMONS -
19990711             bio, un cómplice en Etiqueta Negra es alguien que en. cada número nos regala lo mejor de su trabajo... mental [ Sarkis Soghanalian ].
19990711             Una actriz porno en LOS—ANGELES
19990711             Institute for the Study of Violent Groups... 213—SIGNPOSTS Along the Road (Qutb), 94—SIMON, Steven,173, 174-75, 176, 185, 186219239 Sleeping with the Devil (Baer), 112, 182261 Soghanalian, Sarkis...
19990711             Det danske Fredsakademis kronologi over fredssagen og..
19990711             to våbenhandlere, Sarkis Soghanalian og hans tidligere PARTNER—CHARLES—ACELOR.
19990711             Kilde: The Changing BIOGRAPHY—OF—THOMAS—WHITE, SECRETARY—OF—THE—ARMY.
19990711             Currently popular top 10—VIDEOS for: SIERRALEONE—FOOTY—BIO -stub.
19990711             #1 Sarkis Soghanalian : "MERCHANT—OF—DEATH" "Growing up as an Armenian in LEBANON.
19990711             911—SKEPTICS Unite
19990711             —CONDUCTED, Not only were drills and tabletop exercises, like THE—1—SIMULATING 1—BIO /chemical attack in the mass transit system, but actual emergencies like...
19990711             —TALKED, Hilton, about the so called "Operation Cyclops", the postponed bio drill... Here is 1—QUICK bio check: TOM—COBURN, the new SENATOR from OKLAHOMA...
19990711             Nonviolence in Violence: Approaches to INTERNATIONAL Conflict...
19990711             2. Nonviolence in Violence: Approaches to.
19990711             INTERNATIONAL Conflict Resolution in COSTA—RICA. -BY—PAUL—HUBERS.
19990711             (WASHINGTON, DC: USA—UNIVERSITY, PhD Diss...
19990711             —CONVICTED, Monzer AL—KASSAR BCCI—RELATIONSHIPS with, IRAQ—ARMS—DEALER—SARKIS Soghanalian... A short biography of this lawyer, who became ATTORNEY—GENERAL + whose...
19990711—19990717    BPR Mailing List Digest : DISC—MERCHANTS—OF—DEATH - Private arms dealers Sarkis Soghanalian + Sam...resources we have available in written form + on audio /videotape, please...
19990711—19990717    BPR Mailing List Digest:
20000711             CINCINNATI, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the nation's oldest black church, elected REVEREND—VASHTI—MURPHY—MCKENZIE as its 1. female BISHOP in its 213-year history.
20000711             —DEFEATED, THE—USA—LEAGUE, the National League 6-to-3 in THE—ALL—STAR—GAME.
20000711             A MIDDLE—EAST—SUMMIT hosted by PRESIDENT—CLINTON opened at Camp David between ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—BARAK and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.
20000711             —COLLAPSED, NEW—YORK—CITY, 1—BROWNSTONE apartment building, in Brooklyn and at least 3—PEOPLE were killed.
20000711             † ROBERT—RUNCIE, the former archbishop of Canterbury, in HERTFORDSHIRE—ENGLAND, at age 78.
20000711             —REPORTED, CHINA, it was, that 6—MEMBERS—OF—1—UIGHUR separatist group were executed.
20000711             —KILLED, KASHMIR, Muslim militants, 3—BUDDHIST monks at 1—VEHICLE—CHECK at Rangdum and escaped with Harfurth Rolf, 1—GERMANY—TOURIST.
20000711             ROLF—BODY was found 20000803              on 1—GLACIER in the Kishtwar mountain range.
20000711             —WARNED, RUSSIA, PRIME—MINISTER—KASYANOV, business barons that the immunity they enjoyed under the Yeltsin government was over.
20000711             —CHARGED, Lukoil was, with tax evasion and the offices of Gazprom and MEDIA—MOST were raided in 1—FRAUD—CASE.
20000711             Also THE—HEAD—OF—RAO—NORILSK—NICKEL was told to pay $140—MILLION—EXTRA for his controlling stake.
20000711             —CLASHED, UGANDA, rival clans of the Karamojong tribe, and 63—CATTLE herders were killed.
20010711             —VOTED, THE—DEMOCRATIC—LED Senate, to bar coal mining and oil and gas drilling on pristine federally protected land in the West, dealing 1—FRESH—BLOW to PRESIDENT—BUSH—ENERGY—PRODUCTION—PLANS.
20010711             NEW—YORK—CITY, the city and police union made 1—TENTATIVE agreement to pay $9—MILLION to settle 1—SUIT by Abner Louima over his 19970000              police beating.
20010711             A wildfire in WASHINGTON state killed 2—MALE and 2—FEMALE firefighters in the Chewuch River VALLEY—OF—THE—NORTH—CASCADE Mountains.
20010711             * A new African Union at the closing of the final SUMMIT—OF—THE—ORGANIZATION—OF—AFRICAN Unity (OAU) for ALL—OF—AFRICA—53—COUNTRIES.
20010711             The New Partnership for AFRICA—DEVELOPMENT (Nepad) was set up as the economic development arm of THE—OAU.
20010711             An ISRAEL—SOLDIER shot and killed 1—PALESTINIAN woman after her taxi evaded 1—ROADBLOCK.
20010711             —CAPTURED, ISRAEL—POLICE in Afula, 1—PALESTINIAN WOULD—BE suicide bomber.
20010711             —SIGNED, RUSSIA, PRESIDENT—PUTIN, into law 1—PLAN to import spent nuclear fuel for reprocessing.
20010711             The imports would be subject to approval by 1—COMMISSION chaired by Nobel PRIZE—WINNING—PHYSICIST—ZHORES Alferov.
20010711             THE—LEADERS—OF—THE—WORLD—MOST powerful countries will be protected against possible terrorist attacks during the G8 summit in Genoa later this month by 1—BATTERY—OF—GROUND—TO—AIR—MISSILES.
20010711             —UNPRECEDENTED, In 1, move by the hosts of 1—INTERNATIONAL meeting, THE—ITALY—DEFENSE—MINISTRY has taken the precaution after 1—TIP by "1—FRIENDLY—FOREIGN—INTELLIGENCE—SERVICE" that Islamic suicide bombers might try to attack the summit in 1—SMALL—AIRCRAFT or helicopter".
20010711             KEN MCCARTHY, BRASS CHECK—AIRCRAFT being used as bombs in suicide missions or otherwise goes back at least as far as WWII.
20010711             THERE—NOTHING new about it.
20010711             THE—JAPAN—SUICIDE squadrons are the best known and flew HUNDREDS—OF—MISSIONS, but THE—USA—GOT into the act as well.
20010711             † In fact, JOSEPH—KENNEDY—JUNIOR, JFK—OLDER brother, testing 1—SYSTEM that was designed to guide 1 unmanned plane loaded with explosives into targets over 50—YEARS ago.
20010711             Bodansky is anything but 1—FRINGE figure, however his insights into jetliners as suicide weapons were completely shut OUT—OF—THE—USA—NEWS—MEDIA
20010711             -post 20010911              even though he had 1—NEW—BOOK on bookstore shelves about OSAMA—BIN—LADEN.
20010711             LET—GET the official story straight: 1.
20010711             Reported in THE—UK. Not here.
20010711             - Amazing media amnesia on this 1.
20010711             3. - The week of 20010911             , THE—FAA sent 1—ALERT to all USA—AIRPORTS warning of 1—IMPENDING hijacking of 1—USA—PLANE.
20010711             —WARNED, Mob bagman and S—FRANCISCO mayor WILLIE—BROWN was, off planes that week.
20010711             Check it out in THE—S—FRANCISCO—CHRONICLE.
20010711             —ISSUED, THE—FAA—WHICH has just, 1—HIJACK ALERT—AND its military partner, NORAD, with which it is fully functionally integrated, couldn't figure out what to do and did nothing even though standard operating procedures of what do to in THE—EVENT—OF—AIR—HIJACKINGS are in place and have been for years.
20010711             JOHN SOLOMON ASSOCIATED PRESS—EXACTLY —2—YEARS—BEFORE 20010911             —THE attacks, 1—FEDERAL—REPORT warned the executive branch that OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—TERRORISTS might hijack 1—AIRLINER and dive bomb it into the Pentagon or other government building.
20010711             "Suicide bomber(s) belonging to AL—QAIDA—MARTYRDOM—BATTALION could CRASH—LAND 1—AIRCRAFT packed with high explosives (C-4 and semtex) into the Pentagon, THE—HEADQUARTERS—OF—THE—CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY (CIA ), or THE—WHITE—HOUSE," 19990900             —THE report said.
20010711             "Ramzi Yousef had planned to do this against THE—CIA—HEADQUARTERS," AUTHOR—REX Hudson wrote in 1—REPORT prepared for the National Intelligence Council and shared with other federal agencies.
20010711             ENDS
20010711             Ambassador to PAKISTAN, LEE—COLDREN, STATE—DEPARTMENT expert on Asian.
20010711             —IMMEDIATELY after the G8 Summit 3—USA—OFFICIALS—TOM—SIMMONS (FORMER—USA—AMBASSADOR to PAKISTAN ), KARL—INDERFURTH (former assistant...
20010711             - 3—USA—OFFICIALS: TOM—SIMMONS (FORMER—USA—AMBASSADOR to... Uncovering the Truth: Terror & Mass Persuasion by WILLIAM—THOMAS...
20010711             Bareknucklepolitics_com " "OSAMA—BIN—LADEN Contact With IRAQ" Comment by Thomas.
20010711             # 20060323              Shawn, you must be really enjoying.
20010711             in BERLIN, USA—OFFICIAL s: THOMAS—SIMMONS, 1—FORMER—USA—AMBASSADOR to PAKISTAN, LEE—COLDREN, STATE—DEPARTMENT—EXPERT on Asian matters + KARL—INDERFURTH, Assistant SECRETARY—OF—STATE for Asian matter met with Russian and PAKISTAN i intelligence officers.
20010711             At this meeting, which was under surveillance, it was stated by THE—USA—S that THE—USA planned to launch military strikes against AFGHANISTAN
20010711—19930000    —ADVISED, More recently, an ISRAELI—BORN terrorism analyst who, the Republican Congress on terrorist matters, Yossef Bodansky, wrote 1—MASS—MARKET—NON—FICTION paperback, "Target AMERICA" that detailed how specific Middle Eastern countries were training suicide pilots for attacks against the west.
20010711—19930000    —IN—THE, later convicted World Trade Center bombing had suggested such 1—SUICIDE jetliner mission.
20010711—19950000    —NOTED, The report, that an AL—QAIDA—LINKED terrorist 1. arrested in THE—PHILIPPINES and
20010711—20010000    —SUMMER—OF, The government was so concerned about violence against commercial aircraft in THE—USA—THAT—ATTORNEY—GENERAL—JOHN—ASHCROFT was told to stop flying on commercial planes in the.
20010711—20010700    —IN, 2. Bush went to Genoa where THE—THREAT—OF—1—SUICIDE—PLANE—ATTACK was so high that the Italians put ANTI—AIRCRAFT—BATTERIES at the airport.
20010711—20010911    —ON, 4. Then when 4—COMMERCIAL jetliners simultaneously left their flight paths and stopped communicating with air traffic control.
20011100             [WASHINGTON—POST, 20020711             ]Also present at the meeting were SENATOR—JOHN—KYL (R) and THE—PAKISTAN—AMBASSADOR to THE—USA, Maleeha Lodhi (note that all or virtually ALL—OF—THE—PEOPLE in this meeting also met LIEUTENANT—GENERAL—MAHMOOD in PAKISTAN 1—FEW weeks earlier [Salon, 20010914             ]).
20020610—20020711    —BY, some 3,700—POUNDS—OF—HEROIN was seized along with 9—TONS—OF—OTHER—NARCOTICS.
20020706             MITCH—CROOKS, 27—JAHRE—ALT, the man who made the tape, was arrested 20020711              on 1—OUTSTANDING—WARRANT for petty theft.
20020711             —BALKED, Lawmakers, at moving the Coast Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency into 1—NEW—HOMELAND—SECURITY—DEPARTMENT despite pleas from senior Cabinet officials to stick to PRESIDENT—BUSH—BLUEPRINT.
20020711             —INCLUDED, Both agencies did end up being, in the new department.
20020711             —FINANCED, USA—SCIENTISTS, by the Pentagon announced that they had synthesized 1—VIRUS from scratch for the 1. time.
20020711             They built 1—POLIO—VIRUS relying only on genetic sequence information publicly available.
20020711             —ARRESTED, FORMER—ARGENTINA junta leader Leopoldo Galtieri was, for the torture and EXECUTION—OF—LEFTISTS during the military dictatorship (19760000—19830000    ).
20020711             —PASSED, Lawmakers in ONTARIO, BACK—TO—WORK—LEGISLATION to end a 2—WEEK—STRIKE by TORONTO garbage collectors that covered the country's biggest city in mounds of rotting waste.
20020711             —CONFIRMED, COLOMBIA, authorities, that the mayors of 28—CITIES and towns resigned this week after leftist rebels threatened to kill mayors if they didn't step down.
20020711             Typhoon Chata'an left 5—DEAD in JAPAN and moved north.
20020711             —PICKED, PRESIDENT—KIM—DAE—JUNG, SOUTH—KOREA—1. female PRIME—MINISTER and replaced 6—OTHER—MINISTERS in 1—RESHUFFLE seen as 1—BID to boost the government's image before December presidential polls.
20020711             3—MEMBERS—OF—THE—LEBANON—ARMY—INTELLIGENCE—SERVICE were killed while trying to make arrests near LEBANON—LARGEST—PALESTINIAN refugee camp, THE—LEBANON—ARMY said.
20020711             —PLANTED, MOROCCO—SOLDIERS, 1—NATIONAL—FLAG on Perejil Island (parsley in Spanish), 200—YARDS off the coast near Ceuta.
20020711             —CLAIMED, SPAIN had, control since the 16010101—17001231    —CENTURY.
20020711             —CALLED, Moroccans, the 0.58-square mile rocky outcrop Leila (night in Arabic).
20020711             —DISLODGED, SPAIN—TROOPS swiftly, the Moroccans without 1—SHOT being fired.
20020711             —AGREED, Under 1—DIPLOMATIC—RESOLUTION, both sides, to leave it as 1—NO—MAN'S—LAND.
20020711             —REPORTED, SOLOMON—ISLANDS—POLICE, that 10—MEN who went in search of 1—REBEL warlord to capture him for 1—BOUNTY payment had all been killed.
20020711             —RESIGNED, TURKEY—FOREIGN—MINISTER, dealing 1—HARSH—BLOW to PRIME—MINISTER—BULENT—ECEVIT, who was struggling to stay in power despite ill health and mass resignations from his party.
20020711             —ESTIMATED, VENEZUELA, 1, 600,000—PEOPLE marched demanding that PRESIDENT—CHAVEZ abandon the presidency.
20020711             Cheney Praises Andersen In Video
20020712             † Palestinian FREE—LANCE photographer Imad ABU—ZAHRA—OF—1—GUNSHOT wound in THE—NORTH—WEST—BANK, and 1—FELLOW photographer said the shots came from 1—MACHINE—GUN on an ISRAEL—TANK 20020711             .
20030623             —INFLICTED, She † 20030711             —OF—BRAIN—HEMORRHAGE from, blows.
20030711             —PRAISED, Bush and his wife Laura, UGANDA—AGGRESSIVE—PREVENTION and treatment programs to combat HIV.
20030711             CIA Director GEORGE—TENET took blame for PRESIDENT—BUSH—STATE—OF—THE—UNION discredited claim that uranium from AFRICA had been shipped to IRAQ.
20030711             —MARKED, Thousands, the anniversary of 19950000             —THE massacre at Srebrenica in Bosnia, burying 282—NEWLY identified victims.
20030711             —SCHEDULED, THE—CANADA—GOVERNMENT gave Air CANADA the right to operate, passenger flights to CUBA.
20030711             CHINA, 1—MUDSLIDE left 50—PEOPLE missing in Sichuan province.
20030711             —RESUMED, INDIA and PAKISTAN, bus service, 1—TRANSPORTATION—LINK that was disrupted —18—MONTHS—EARLIER due to THREATS—OF—WAR.
20030711             † IN—IRAN—ZAHRA—KAZEMI, 54—JAHRE—ALT, 1—MONTREAL—BASED journalist, of brain hemorrhage from inflicted blows.
20030711             —ACQUITTED, THE—TEHRAN court, Ahmadi.
20030711             SPAIN, a leading USA—ALLY during the war to oust Saddam Hussein, agreed to send 1,300 soldiers to IRAQ.
20030711             —UNDISCLOSED, WEST—SUDAN, about 30—REBELS and 1, NUMBER—OF—GOVERNMENT—TROOPS were killed during fighting near the border with CHAD.
20030711             —RULED, The World Trade Organization, that heavy duties on steel imports imposed by THE—USA violated global trade rules.
20030711             TwinCities IMC: newswire... Wellstone Plane Crash Archive. by formerliberal adap2k.
20030711             (No verified email address.
20030711             01 Slaped...
20030711             WhippedAss_com Real femdom S&M.
20030711             - Religion News Service... Pew Forum study shows sharp spike in number of Americans who believe Islam encourages violence.
20030711             Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life: Poll: —2—YEARS—AFTER 9/11 ...
20030711—20030623    —SEEIRAN later admitted that she was murdered while under police custody.
20030711—20030623    —SEEIRAN later admitted that she was murdered while under POLICE—CUSTODY.
20030711—20030717    —PLEADED, MOHAMMAD—REZA—AGHDAM—AHMADI, innocent and the trial was abruptly ended THE—NEXT—DAY.
20030711—20040000    —IN, 1 closed trial was held for 1—SECRET—AGENT charged with the murder.
20040418             Downing Street Says...: Natwest 3 1. they came for the City Fat Cats + I didn't speak up because I wasn't 1—CITY—FAT—CAT... —POSTED—BY—SIMON—ROBINSON on 200607110845         —1— | Link...
20040418             —POSTED—BY—SIMON—ROBINSON on 200607110845         —1— | Link.
20040711             † JOE—GOLD, 82—JAHRE—ALT, FOUNDER—OF—GOLD—GYMS fitness chain, in LOS—ANGELES.
20040711             † LAURANCE—ROCKEFELLER, 94—JAHRE—ALT, conservationist, philanthropist and venture capitalist in his sleep in NEW—YORK.
20040711             LAURANCE—ROCKEFELLER had 1—LIFELONG affinity for the rustic and left 1—LEGACY—OF—PARKS from WYOMING to VERMONT that were expanded on land he donated.
20040711             —REPORTED, It was, that JONATHAN—KEITH—IDEMA (19560000—20120000    ), FORMER—USA special operations soldier, was recently arrested along with Brent Bennet and EDWARD—CARABALLO for running 1—VIGILANTE ANTI—TERRORISM—CAMPAIGN in KABUL.
20040711             —POSED, They had, as government officials and imprisoned innocent AFGHANISTAN—MEN.
20040711             —RELEASED, Caraballo was, 20060430             , after serving 21—MONTHS of a 2-year sentence.
20040711             —CONTINUED, Idema and Bennet, to serve their 5 and 3—YEAR—SENTENCES.
20040711             A bomb exploded on 1—BUSTLING—STREET—OF—HERAT—AFGHANISTAN, killing 5—PEOPLE, and injuring 29.
20040711             A truck crashed into 1—HOUSE packed with guests at 1—WEDDING—RECEPTION in INDONESIA, killing 17 and injuring 13.
20040711             —AMBUSHED, Insurgents, 2—USA—MILITARY—PATROLS—NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD and killed 3—USA—SOLDIERS and an IRAQ—CIVILIAN.
20040711             —SLICED, Suspected Muslim guerrillas, off the nose, ears and tongue of Mariam Begum, a 14-year-old girl in INDIA—KASHMIR, believing her to be 1—INFORMER for THE—INDIA—ARMY.
20040711             —KILLED, Elsewhere in Kashmir, 16—MUSLIM rebels and 4—SOLDIERS were, in separate gun battles over the weekend.
20040711             JAPAN—UPPER—HOUSE, elections PRIME—MINISTER—JUNICHIRO—KOIZUMI and his Liberal DEMOCRATIC—PARTY—LDP won 49—SEATS, 1—SEAT—LESS than the opposition DPJ.
20040711             Koizumi and his Liberal DEMOCRATIC—PARTY—LED ruling bloc held on to 1—MAJORITY.
20040711             Palestinian militants set off explosives hidden in shrubs at 1—TEL—AVIV bus stop, killing 1—FEMALE—SOLDIER and seriously wounding at least 5—PEOPLE.
20040711             BORIS—TADIC, 46—JAHRE—ALT LEADER—OF—THE—SERBIA—OPPOSITION—DEMOCRATIC—PARTY, took office vowing to bring stability to the Balkan republic and push it closer to THE—EU and NATO.
20040711             The 15. - INTERNATIONAL—AIDS—CONFERENCE began in BANGKOK—THAILAND.
20040711             UN CHIEF—KOFI—ANNAN challenging world leaders to do more to combat the raging global epidemic.
20040711             12_Report
20040711             The primary contractor for the Crusader, by the way, was United Defense Industries, controlled during WHITE—TENURE by -- wait for it -- the Carlyle Group.
20040711             Carlyle sold its stake in the company in April, but United Defense is still chaired by Carlyle Managing Director WILLIAM—CONWAY.
20040711             (S—FRANCISCO—CHRONICLE)
20040711             11:30 GMT ALEXANDER—JAMES
20040711             "That [the Phase II report] is basically on the back burner. " [UPI,
20040711             Tenet left, the 7. anniversary since... www.sourcewatch_org/index.php?title=George_J._Tenet
20040711             IRELAND—EXAMINER——HUMAN rights group to sue over IRAQ...
20040711             Shereef Akeel, 1—DETROIT lawyer, said the people he represents were...
20040711             PART—OF—THE—ALLEGATION is Titan + CACI would benefit if interrogations were...
20040711             Unusual Suspects
20040711—20040714    —RAIDED, Security forces, 5—VILLAGES in NIGERIA—OIL—RICH—SOUTHERN—DELTA, leaving 15—PEOPLE—DEAD and homes ransacked and burned.
20050310             BPR Mailing List Digest: 20170711             /99 ... List) Subject: [BPR] - More Water from the Temple Mount photos From: BPR—LIST... DISC—MERCHANTS—OF—DEATH - Private arms dealers Sarkis Soghanalian + Sam...
20050318             Online NewsHour: HELMS—BURTON CUBA—DISCORD & HELMS—BURTON... 20050711             .---- CHARLES—KRAUSE gives 1—BACKGROUND—REPORT on the events that led to the signing of THE—HELMS—BURTON legislation...
20050711             —SUSPECTED, AFGHANISTAN, 4, terrorists escaped from the main USA—BASE, the 1. time anyone has broken out of the heavily guarded detention facility.
20050711             —SUSPECTED, OMAR—AL—FAROUQ was 1—OF—THE 4, Arab terrorists to escape from the detention facility at Bagram.
20050711             Joao Batista Ramos da Silva, 1—BRAZIL—CONGRESSMAN and 1 ordained MINISTER—OF—THE—EVANGELICAL—CHRISTIAN—UNIVERSAL—CHURCH—OF—THE—KINGDOM—OF—GOD, was detained with 6—OTHER—PEOPLE as they tried to BOARD—1—PRIVATE—JET with 7—SUITCASES stuffed with cash.
20050711             Ramos said the $2.6—MILLION in BRAZIL—REALS was from tithes collected during religious services
20050711             —REPORTED, It was, kidnappers in BRAZIL were targeting THE—MOTHERS—OF—TOP soccer players with 5—MOTHERS kidnapped in the last 7—MONTHS.
20050711             UK—INVESTIGATORS found the images of 4—YOUNG—MEN carrying backpacks in KING—CROSS—STATION at about 8:30 a.m., —20—MINUTES—BEFORE 20050707             —THE subway explosions.
20050711             The Deh Cho 1. NATIONS—OF—THE—NORTH—WEST—TERRITORIES agreed to 1—DEAL with THE—CANADA—GOVERNMENT to get meaningful participation in the environmental assessment and regulatory review of the $5.7—BILLION MACKENZIE—VALLEY—PIPELINE for gas project.
20050711             CHINA, 1—EXPLOSION in the Shenlong Coal Mine in the far WEST—XINJIANG region killed at least 76—MINERS.
20050711             7 were still reported missing.
20050711             6—CIVILIANS were reported killed in the Tal Afar fighting.
20050711             —STORMED, Insurgents, an IRAQ—ARMY—CHECKPOINT—NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD, killing 12—PEOPLE, including 9—SOLDIERS.
20050711             Deputy PRIME—MINISTER—SHIMON—PERES said ISRAEL is asking THE—USA for $2.2—BILLION in additional aid to help fund its upcoming withdrawal from THE—GAZA Strip and PARTS—OF—THE—WEST—BANK.
20050711             A judge ordered the arrest and isolation of 3—SENIOR—OFFICERS—OF—THE—BANCO di Credito Cooperativo Sofige Gela, 1—SMALL—BANK on SICILY—SOUTHERN—COAST.
20050711             They had been under investigation for aiding and abetting the Mafia.
20050711             —DIVORCED, HUGO—ALBERTO—WALLACE, 36—JAHRE—ALT, 1, entrepreneur, was kidnapped as he left 1—MOVIE—THEATER in MEXICO—CITY.
20050711             Frustrated with investigators' LACK—OF—PROGRESS in her son's 20050000              kidnapping, Miranda launched her own investigation, tracking down 5—SUSPECTS.
20050711             —ANNOUNCED, THE—HOLLAND—MARKET—RESEARCH—FIRM, VNU, its acquisition of IMS Health, the leading SUPPLIER—OF—RESEARCH to pharmaceutical firms, for $7—BILLION.
20050711             A boat rescuing FLOOD—HIT PAKISTAN—VILLAGERS hit 1—POWER—CABLE and 14—PEOPLE, including 8—CHILDREN, were electrocuted.
20050711             —REPORTED, RUSSIA—NEWS media, that ROSOBORONEXPORT—RUSSIA—MAIN arms exporter, has signed a $300—MILLION deal to sell jet fighter engines to CHINA.
20050711             —KILLED, RUSSIA, at least 20—PEOPLE were, after arsonists set fire to 1—STORE in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—UKHTA.
20050711             A SA government report said more than 6.5—MILLION—OF—SOUTH—AFRICA—47—MILLION—PEOPLE could be infected with HIV.
20050711             —KIDNAPPED, Kurdish guerrillas, 1—TURKEY—SOLDIER after stopping DOZENS—OF—CARS at 1—MAKESHIFT roadblock in the southeast.
20050711             —REPORTED, THAILAND, THE—DISCOVERY—OF—10—NEW—CASES—OF—BIRD—FLU just as it was about to declare the country FREE—OF—THE—DISEASE.
20050711             —EXPLODED, TRINIDAD, 1—BOMB, in 1—TRASH bin in downtown PORT—OF—SPAIN on —MONDAY, injuring 14—PEOPLE.
20050711             Suche nach dem 1. PUZZLE—STÜCK... Ermittler deuteten gegenüber britischen Zeitungen und Nachrichtenagenturen an, dass der benutzte Sprengstoff aus den Lagern des Militärs stammen könnte.
20050711             The Aspen Institute
20050711             Aspen Ideas Festival : "For more than 50—YEARS, the Aspen Institute has been the... Aspen Ideas FESTIVAL—SPEAKERS: "ALAN—WOLFE is professor of political...
20050711             Bürgerrechtler sind besorgt über die Datensammelwut der GOOGLE—BOYS, die inzwischen mehr über die Interessen und Surfgewohnheiten der INTERNET—NUTZER wissen als jede andere Firma der Welt.
20050711             Denn jedes Suchwort, jeder Klick werden penibel registriert und für Jahrzehnte gespeichert.
20050711             Was mit dem gigantischen Datenwust passiert, liegt völlig im Dunkeln.
20050711             NS—ZEIT im Auswärtigen Amt: Fischer beruft HISTORIKER—KOMMISSION
20050711             Katastrophenalarm: Überschwemmungen im Alpenvorland
20050711             Ermittlungen in LONDON : Suche nach dem 1. PUZZLE—STÜCK
20050711             Katastrophenschutz in Deutschland: Warnstufe Gelb mit Einschränkung
20050711             VAN—GOGH—PROZESS: Angeklagter antwortet mit Koranvers
20050711             Raumfähre "Discovery": Countdown für das schlachtreife Schlachtross
20050711             40—TONNEN—KOLOSS: Toter Finnwal vor Rügen entdeckt
20050711             Umstrittener Link: Neuer Streit zwischen Musikbranche und HEISE—VERLAG
20050711             Terrorfurcht: Londoner steigen auf Fahrräder um
20050711             Beschossener Komet: "Tempel 1" von feinem Pulver bedeckt
20050711             Suchmaschinen: Jagd auf die Gepardenforelle
20050711             Protest: GREENPEACE—AKTIVISTEN belagern Tagungsort der Union
20050711             Budgetloch: Bundesagentur zweifelt an eigener Haushaltsplanung
20050711             MILLIARDEN—DEAL: Allianz plant Beteiligung an Chinas größter Bank
20050711             Katastrophenschutz: Geordnetes Chaos in LONDON
20050711             Wiedergeburt der WALL—STREET: Geld besiegt die Angst
20050711             Wirtschaftsforscher: Experten unterstützen Merkels Mehrwertsteuerpläne
20050711             Lappland: Krieg im Wald
20050711             USA: ANTI—TERROR—KÄMPFERN geht das Material aus
20050711             Gimmick: Hillary Clinton macht sich über Bush lustig
20050711             Finanzinvestoren: HEDGE—FONDS planen Angriff auf Mobilcom
20050711             GAZA—ABZUG: ISRAEL will von USA zwei Milliarden Dollar
20050711             USA: BUSH—BERATER Rove soll Identität von CIA—AGENTIN preisgegeben haben
20050711             Union: Streit über Wahlprogramm voll entbrannt
20050711             TERROR—ABWEHR: Britische Sicherheitskräfte in höchster Alarmbereitschaft
20050711             Prozessauftakt: VAN Goghs Mörder will schweigen
20050711             Yahoo News AP—FOR the better PART—OF—2—YEARS, the word coming OUT—OF—THE—BUSH—WHITE—HOUSE was that PRESIDENT ial adviser KARL—ROVE had nothing to do with the leak of 1—FEMALE—CIA—OFFICER'S—IDENTITY + that whoever did would be fired.
20050711             WHITE—HOUSE Won't Comment on Rove, Leak (AP )
20050711             Report Links Rove to Early Plame Leak
20050711             NPR WHITE—HOUSE—DEPUTY—KARL—ROVE was the source Time reporter MATHEW—COOPER risked jail to protect in 1—INQUIRY into the leak of 1—CIA—AGENT'S—NAME, according to NEWSWEEK.
20050711             Rove apparently didn't name agent Valerie Plame, saying instead that she
20050711             Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal
20050711             Reuters
20050711             Democrats urge Bush to fire Rove in leak scandal (Reuters )
20050711             Yahoo News
20050711             —FACED, REUTERS—THE—WHITE—HOUSE, mounting Democratic calls for PRESIDENT—BUSH to sideline or fire his top political aide KARL—ROVE on —MONDAY over his involvement in 1—CIA—LEAK—SCANDAL.
20050711             Rove Told Reporter About CIA Role But Gave No Name, Attorney Says
20050711—20020000    —CONSIDERED, Born in KUWAIT to IRAQ—PARENTS, he was, 1—OF—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—TOP lieutenants in SOUTH—EAST—ASIA until INDONESIA—AUTHORITIES captured him and turned him over to THE—USA.
20050711—20050712    Fighting between rebels and Afghan and USA—FORCES in Zabul province left 17—INSURGENTS—DEAD.
20050711—20051102    —CRITICIZED, INDONESIA—ANTI—TERRORISM—OFFICIAL, MAJOR—GENERAL—ANSYAAD—MBAI, sharply, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT for failing to inform him that AL—FAROUQ was no longer behind bars.
20050711—20070000    —ARRESTED, Brenda QUEVEDO was, in LOUISVILLE—KENTUCKY, after Maria Isabel Miranda, THE—MOTHER—OF—WALLACE, received 1—TIP and tracked her down.
20050711—20090000    —EXTRADITED, QUEVEDO was, to MEXICO.
20050712             DAVID—CORN: Why Bush Has To Fire Rove : In a 20030711              email that Time magazine reporter MATT—COOPER sent to his BUREAU—CHIEF, Cooper noted he had spoken to Rove on "double super secret background" + that Rove had told him that Wilson's "wife...apparently works at the agency on wmd issues".
20050713             STEPHEN—WHITTLE... 20050711             20050713—20050711             20060222—20060711    —RELEASED, He was.
20060711             —EDGED, THE—USA—LEAGUE, the National League 3-2 in THE—ALL—STAR—GAME in PITTSBURGH.
20060711             —PLEDGED, The Bush administration, that detainees at GUANTANAMO will be accorded basic human rights protections under THE—GENEVA Conventions.
20060711             —DERAILED, CHIC20060801             —BLUE—LINE—TRAIN, and started 1—FIRE during the evening rush hour, filling 1—SUBWAY—TUNNEL with smoke and forcing DOZENS—OF—SOOT—COVERED commuters to evacuate.
20060711             —REPORTED, It was, that Nielsen Media Research will begin formal ratings for TV commercial breaks.
20060711             † KATHY—AUGUSTINE, 50—JAHRE—ALT, NEVADA state controller, suddenly.
20060711             KATHY—AUGUSTINE—HUSBAND, Chaz Higgs, said it was 1—HEART—ATTACK and chalked it up to the stress of 1—UPHILL election battle for state treasurer.
20060711             —TRIED, But just days after her death, Higgs, to kill himself by slitting his wrists.
20060711             —SENTENCED, KATHY—AUGUSTINE was, to life with 1—POSSIBILITY—OF parole after serving 20—YEARS.
20060711             Coalition and AFGHANISTAN—FORCES hunting 1—TALIBAN COMMANDER killed 1 estimated 30—EXTREMISTS in 1—RAID on 1—HIDE—OUT in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN.
20060711             —PLOWED, NORTH—BANGLADESH, 1—TRAIN, through 1—BUS at 1 unmanned railway crossing, killing at least 33—PEOPLE and injuring about 15—OTHERS.
20060711             —EXPECTED, THE—BANK—OF—CANADA held its key overnight interest rate steady, as, and gave no sign it was considering further hikes.
20060711             —AGREED, CENTRAL—USA—PRESIDENTS, on 1—PLAN to ease border controls and install 1—COMMON—CUSTOMS—SYSTEM on the way to negotiating 1—EVENTUAL—FREE—TRADE—AGREEMENT with THE—EU.
20060711             —SIGNED, The agreement, by PANAMA, COSTA—RICA, GUATEMALA, NICARAGUA, EL—SALVADOR, HONDURAS and BELIZE would allow residents to cross borders without passports or visas.
20060711             EU finance ministers made SLOVENIA the 13. - MEMBER—OF—THE—EURO—ZONE.
20060711             A survey, sponsored by THE—GERMANY—DEVELOPMENT—AGENCY—GTZ, reported that breast ironing, the use of hard or heated objects or other substances to try to stunt breast growth in girls, is widespread in CAMEROON.
20060711             THE—AGE—OLD—PRACTICE was said to be traditional in West and CENTRAL—AFRICA, including CHAD, TOGO, BENIN, GUINEA—CONAKRY, just to name 1—FEW.
20060711             —ISSUED, CHINA—PRESIDENT, 1—UNUSUAL—PUBLIC—APPEAL to 1—VISITING—NORTH—KOREAN—OFFICIAL to avoid aggravating tensions with its missile test program, as THE—USA and JAPAN urged BEIJING to press its ally PYONGYANG for concessions.
20060711             —RESIGNED, Andres PASTRANA—COLOMBIA—AMBASSADOR to THE—USA, in anger over PRESIDENT—ALVARO—URIBE—SELECTION—OF—ERNESTO Samper, 1 disgraced FORMER—COLOMBIA—LEADER (19940000—19980000    ) as ambassador to FRANCE.
20060711             —FIRED, Police in KINSHASA—CONGO, tear gas to break up STONE—THROWING—DEMONSTRATORS who were alleging electoral irregularities AHEAD—OF—THE—COUNTRY—1. presidential vote in 4—DECADES.
20060711             INDIA, 8—EXPLOSIONS hit MUMBAI—COMMUTER rail network during the evening rush hour, killing over 200—PEOPLE and wounding over 500.
20060711             Police said Lashkar-e-Taiba was responsible.
20060711             —PASSED, INDONESIA, 1—LAW granting TSUNAMI—RAVAGED Aceh province greater autonomy and paving the way for elections, cementing the terms of 1—LANDMARK 20050000              peace accord with separatist rebels.
20060711             —ALLOWED, The law, local political parties and for the Acehnese to keep 70—PERCENT—OF—THE—REVENUES from their oil and gas reserves.
20060711             Sunni Arab representatives said they will end their BOYCOTT—OF—IRAQ—PARLIAMENT following promises that 1 kidnapped colleague will be released and 1—CALL for reconciliation by 1—RADICAL—SHIITE cleric.
20060711             —INTERCEPTED, Gunmen in BAGHDAD, 1—MINIVAN carrying 1—COFFIN to the Shiite CITY—OF—NAJAF, killing all 10—PEOPLE on board.
20060711             —KILLED, Another 5—PEOPLE were, in 1—DOUBLE—BOMBING at 1—RESTAURANT—NEAR the Green Zone.
20060711             —KILLED, Bombings and shootings, at least 50—PEOPLE—BAGHDAD.
20060711             An AL—QAIDA—LINKED group —POSTED 1—WEB—VIDEO purporting to show the mutilated bodies of 2—USA—SOLDIERS, claiming it killed them in revenge for THE—RAPE—SLAYING—OF—1—YOUNG—IRAQ—WOMAN by USA—TROOPS from the same unit.
20060711             —CLAIMED, The Mujahedeen Shura Council had previously, responsibility for killing THE—2—SOLDIERS, who were seized in a 20060616              attack near THE—TOWN—OF—YOUSSIFIYAH.
20060711             —KIDNAPPED, Gunmen, Wissam Jabr AL—AWADI, an IRAQ—DIPLOMAT who specializes in relations with IRAN, as he was driving near his home in BAGHDAD.
20060711             —ORDERED, ISRAEL—LEADERS, new incursions into THE—GAZA Strip after the Hamas leader said he would not free an ISRAEL—SOLDIER captured by Palestinian militants.
20060711             ITALY, Piaggio & C. SpA, the maker of the iconic Vespa scooter, defied weak market conditions that have derailed other planned public offerings recently to see its shares surge above THE—IPO price in their debut in Milan.
20060711             —KILLED, KASHMIR, 1—SERIES—OF—GRENADE—ATTACKS, 8—PEOPLE and wounded more than 2—DOZEN in THE—SRINAGAR.
20060711             —DECIDED, An officials said KYRGYZSTAN—FOREIGN—MINISTRY has, to expel 2—USA—DIPLOMATS for "inappropriate" contacts with nongovernment organizations.
20060711             STATE—DEPARTMENT—OFFICIAL—PAULA Dobriansky held talks with LIBYA—PRIME—MINISTER—BAGHDADI—MAHMUDI and announced that THE—USA has lifted sanctions on LIBYA—AIR—TRANSPORT.
20060711             MEXICO, 1—MAN was shot to death in FRONT—OF—ACAPULCO—CITY—HALL and 1—NAVAL—OFFICER was abducted, the latest violence in this resort city hit by 1—WAVE—OF—DRUG—RELATED crime.
20060711             —IDENTIFIED, THE—2—MEN slain were later, as military officers responsible for the mayor's security.
20060711             With THE—RELEASE—OF—HUNDREDS—OF—PRISONERS, wrestling matches and hordes of warriors on horseback, MONGOLIA began 1—ONCE—IN 800—YEAR—PARTY in honor of its famed emperor Genghis Khan.
20060711             —REVEALED, NEPAL—MAOISTS, for the 1. time how MANY—SOLDIERS they have, 36,000, in published remarks.
20060711             —TRIGGERED, NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, torrential rains, flooding that washed away homes in 1—VILLAGE, killing 13—PEOPLE and injuring about 300.
20060711             —RECEIVED, PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS' office said it had, $50—MILLION from the Arab League, the most INTERNATIONAL aid Palestinians have gotten since the Islamic militant group Hamas won legislative elections.
20060711             HUNDREDS—OF—FIGHTERS who were battling SOMALIA—ISLAMIC—MILITIA in MOGADISHU surrendered after 1—SURGE—OF—VIOLENCE that killed more than 70—PEOPLE and wounded 150.
20060711             —RALLIED, SOUTH—KOREA, more than 10,000 workers and activists, in the 2. DAY—OF—DEMONSTRATIONS aimed at blocking 1—FREE—TRADE—AGREEMENT under discussion with THE—USA.
20060711             4—TAMIL Tiger rebels were killed when SRI—LANKA—NAVY retaliated against 1—ATTACKING—REBEL—BOAT in the sea off NORTH—JAFFNA peninsula.
20060711             The tiny nation of VANUATU, 1—OF—THE "happy isles of Oceania," has topped 1—NEW—INDEX, THE—UK—BASED New Economics Foundation (NEF), that measures QUALITY—OF—LIFE against environmental impact, with industrial countries, perhaps unsurprisingly, faring badly.
20060711             A Treasury Department analysis "presented in THE—MID—SESSION Review itself
20060711             confirms what outside experts have consistently SAID—TAX cuts do not come remotely close to paying for themselves ".
20060711             —OUTRAGED, Conservatives are, that 1—STRICT—NEW—IMMIGRATION—BILL in COLORADO still allows children of undocumented immigrants to receive public assistance like food + healthcare:
20060711             "We're helping create the
20060711             SPENCER—ACKERMAN on THE—PENTAGON—CLAIM that USA—MILITARY—DETAINEES are now protected by THE—GENEVA Conventions :
20060711             "The very obvious loophole is what will happen to detainees OUTSIDE—OF—USA—MILITARY custody — as in CIA custody, such as THE—SO—CALLED 'black sites,'
20060711             where GENEVA is 1—SICK—JOKE.
20060711             MICHAEL—SAVAGE : "Liberalism is, in essence, THE—HIV virus.
20060711             There is as much wind power potential off our coasts "as the
20060711             current capacity of all power plants in THE—USA combined," according to 1—NEW—REPORT sponsored by THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—ENERGY, MASSACHUSETTS Technology Collaborative + GENERAL—ELECTRIC.
20060711             "Don't believe Social Security PHASE—OUT is coming down the pike again next year?"
20060711             Read this.
20060711             UPDATE: OUT—OF—CONTROL—POLICE in Nashua, NH.
20060711             —ARRESTED, Man, for filming own property Smartalix UPDATE: Lawyer and civil rights activist CHRISTOPHER—KING has picked this case up.
20060711             It promises to be 1—INTERESTING case, as MISTER—GANNON plans to sue once he beats the charges and because the police intend to make 1—EXAMPLE—OF him for allegedly being "verbally abusive".
20060711             A city man is.
20060711             —EXPECTED, Net neutrality debate still simmers A Senate vote is, in September.
20060711             —MEANWHILE, supporters, FOES—OF—THE—CONCEPT jockey for position in WASHINGTON.
20060711             BREAKING: Novak Outs FORMER—CIA—SPOKESMAN As 'Confirming' Source On Plame THINK—PROGRESS—TRANSCRIPT from just now on MISS—NBC:
20060711             CHRIS MATTHEWS: BOB—NOVAK—GOING to go on television tomorrow and give away 1—OF—THE—SOURCES in the infamous Valerie Plame leak story.
20060711             It's going to be BILL—HARLOW, the spokesman for THE—CIA—ALL those years.
20060711             HE—GOING to identify him as 1—OF—HIS—SOURCES, apparently the other source is still maintaining his deep background sourcing role here.
20060711             … BOB—NOVAK—OFFICE has just now confirmed to Hardball that his confirming source — that's THE—1—THAT said, "So you heard," and backed up the initial source — in learning about Valerie PLAME—IDENTITY with THE—CIA, her undercover identity, was BILL—HARLOW, THE—FORMER—CIA—PUBLIC—INFORMATION—OFFICER.
20060711             —COMMENTED, BILL—HARLOW himself hasn't, so far.
20060711             Recall, BILL—HARLOW was THE—FORMER—CIA—SPOKESMAN who repeatedly urged Novak that he was not to use PLAME—IDENTITY.
20060711             —FROM THE—WASHINGTON—POST,
20060711             OLBERMANN: And THE—IDEA—OF—LEADERS and followers going down this path or perhaps taking 1—COUNTRY down this path requires -- this whole edifice requires and enemy.
20060711             Communism, al Qaeda, Democrats, me... whoever for THE—2—MINUTES hate.
20060711             I overuse the Orwellian analogies to nauseating proportions.
20060711             But it really was, in reading what you wrote about, especially what the academics talked about.
20060711             There was that 2—MINUTES hate.
20060711             There has to be 1—OPPONENT, 1—ENEMY, to coalesce around or the whole thing falls apart.
20060711             Is that the gist of it?
20060711             And it came out that MOST—OF—THESE people were PRE—QUALIFIED to be conservatives and this, did indeed, fit with the authoritarian personality.
20060711             OLBERMANN: Did the studies indicate that this really has anything to do with the political POINT—OF—VIEW?
20060711             Would it be easier to impose authoritarianism over the right than it would the left?
20060711             Is it theoretically possible that it could have gone in either direction and it's just 1—QUESTION—OF—PEOPLE who like to follow other people?
20060711             DEAN: They have found, really, maybe 1—SMALL, 1%, of the left who will follow authoritarianism.
20060711             Probably the far left.
20060711             As far as widespread testing, it's just overwhelmingly conservative orientation.
20060711             OLBERMANN: There is 1—EXTRAORDINARY—AMOUNT—OF—ACADEMIC—WORK that you quote in the book.
20060711             A LOT—OF—IT is very unsettling.
20060711             It deals with psychological principles that are frightening and may have faced other nations at other times.
20060711             GERMAN, and ITALY in the 30's, come into mind in particular.
20060711             But, how does it apply now? To what degree should it scare us and to what degree is it something that might be forestalled?
20060711             Why did they murder PHILIP—MERRILL?
20060711             With the notable exception of Dick Cheney, THE—USA—RULING elites don't shoot people in the head for pleasure, if only as they wish to avoid taking unnecessary risks.
20060711             In particular, they don't shoot those of their own kind, with 1—MAJOR—EXCEPTION.
20060711             —ORGANIZED, Like any, crime group, they keep omerta + punish those who breach THE—CODE—OF—SILENCE.
20060711             THE—2—CLASSES—OF—MURDERS are those made to look like accidents, reserved for those who are going to be forced to testify + the more ignominious GROUP—OF—MURDERS made to look like suicides, reserved for those who it is feared will rely on their consciences and testify voluntarily (it is thus much more honorable to be 'suicided' than to be 'accidented').
20060711             —CONTRIVED, The fake suicide is always, to be good enough to look like 1—SUICIDE to 1—CORONER, but, like 2—SHOTS to the head, is obviously 1—MURDER to anyone with ANY—SENSE.
20060711             The obviousness is PART—OF—THE—WARNING to others that THE—CODE—OF—SILENCE will be enforced.
20060711             Sploid describes the 'suicide' of PHILIP—MERRILL:
20060711             If suicide were an Olympic sport, the old and ill Merrill, who managed not only to shoot himself in the head with 1—SHOTGUN but then leap off the boat, but did so with the handicap of tying his legs up to 1—ANCHOR 1. (and
20060711             brought 1—CELL—PHONE and 1—WALLET containing 1—LOT—OF—MONEY, which he considerately left behind on the boat, on the theory that you can take it on the boat, but you can't take it with you), would win 1—GOLD—MEDAL.
20060711             —INTENDED, Obviously 1—MURDER, with the light anchor, to submerge the body for only 1—FEW days (they wanted the family to have the body for 1—FUNERAL).
20060711             What was Merrill going to talk about that he needed to be suicided?
20060711             Merrill was PRESIDENT—OF—THE—EXPORT—IMPORT—BANK 20020000—20050000    —FROM—UNTIL.
20060711             —PROVIDED, The Bank, trade finance insurance to the Coalition Provisional Authority + later to the Interim GOVERNMENT—OF—IRAQ.
20060711             Merrill was 1—TRUE—BELIEVER in the importance of foreign trade and foreign investment, facilitated by USA—INSTITUTIONS—LIKE THE—EXPORT—IMPORT Bank, in reviving THE—IRAQ economy.
20060711             —PROVIDED, Instead, MUCH—OF—THE—MONEY, by USA—TAXPAYERS + probably almost ALL—OF—THE—OIL—REVENUES from IRAQ itself, were stolen.
20060711             This is just now becoming an USA—POLITICAL—ISSUE, but the focus is on amounts stolen in the last year or so.
20060711             The major thefts were from the time that the Coalition Provisional Authority was in CHARGE—OF—THE—MONEY, the time when Merrill, who appears on all accounts to have been 1—STRAIGHT shooter, would have had insider knowledge.
20060711             Bush used 1—OF—HIS—FAMOUS signing statements to ensure that THE—CONGRESS—MANDATED INSPECTION—OF—CORRUPTION in IRAQ would not consider ANY—CONTRACTS involving the Pentagon, effectively removing MOST—OF—THE—POINT from having 1—INSPECTOR.
20060711             The major thefts were from the 'Development Fund for IRAQ', set up by PAUL—BREMER and originally managed by the Coalition Provisional Authority.
20060711             At least 9—BILLION dollars is missing from this fund.
20060711             —RAIDED, The slush find could have been, perfectly legally, if not morally, by using it to fund 'legitimate' reconstruction contracts to USA—FIRMS.
20060711             Instead, this METHOD—OF—LIFTING—OF—MONEY from THE—IRAQ—PEOPLE—WASN't corrupt enough, so they simply stole it (i. e., they didn't even bother to pretend to be providing 1—SERVICE for the money that was taken, possible BECAUSE—OF—THE—WAY in which the Coalition Provisional Authority managed the money).
20060711             As there is no effective MONITORING—OF—THE—SPECIFICS—OF—THE—CORRUPTION (thanks to BUSH—SIGNING statement), people like Merrill are the only officials who could put the blame on THE—FRIENDS—OF—THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION who walked off with THE—BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS.
20060711             —THEREFORE, Merrill is dead.
20060711             50—YEAR study says conservatives 'followers'
20060711             Conservatives waiting on someone to tell them to denounce this study.
20060711             Gecko that usually lives in THE—SOUTH—EAST—USA found in KANSAS
20060711             —WHEN I lived in Lawrence some FRIENDS—OF—MINE had 1—HORRIBLE cockroach problem.
20060711             Their solution? Buy 1—GECKO and let it loose in their apartment.
20060711             —SOLVED, Problem.
20060711             The gecko ate all the bugs in their apartment and the apartment next door before moving across the alley to another building where it presumably kept up its cockroach diet until it passed away.
20060711             —NOW I wonder...was that gecko pregnant?
20060711             Quantifying A Mystical Experience: Hallucinogenic Research Gets To Grips With Spirituality
20060711             —CONTAINED, Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found that 1—ACTIVE—AGENT, in "sacred mushrooms" can induce strikingly similar mystical experiences in different subjects;
20060711             and the experiences seem to be descriptively identical to spontaneous epiphanies that people have reported for centuries.
20060711             Agents in green tea could provide future cancer treatment, say FWCC researchers
20060711             DOCTOR—JAMES—CARDELLI, professor of microbiology and immunology and DIRECTOR—OF—RESEARCH at FWCC, believes that green tea could hold 1—ANSWER in future cancer treatment, but perhaps not in its whole form.
20060711             1. tomb uncovered in VALLEY—OF—KINGS may be TUTANKHAMEN—MOTHER—IT—KING—TUT—MUMMY!
20060711             THE—4—MOST Overpaid WHITE—HOUSE—STAFFERS
20060711             —TODAY the National Journal published 1—LIST—OF salaries for THE—403—WHITE—HOUSE—STAFFERS.
20060711             Here ARE—THE—4—MOST overpaid :
20060711             Deborah Nirmala Misir Ethics Advisor $114,688
20060711             ERICA—M—DORNBURG—ETHICS—ADVISOR $100,547
20060711             STUART—BAKER—DIRECTOR for Lessons Learned $106,641
20060711             And yes, there is 1—WHITE—HOUSE—DIRECTOR for Lessons Learned.
20060711             We aren't making this up.
20060711             Legal Advocate For Torture Being Considered For Top Judicial Post
20060711             The Financial Times reports this morning that the Pentagon,guided by GENERAL—COUNSEL—WILLIAM—HAYNES, recently reversed course and decided that all detainees held in USA—MILITARY custody are entitled to protection under THE—GENEVA Conventions.
20060711             —GUIDED, THE—TIMING—OF—THE—ANNOUNCEMENT appears in part to have been, by 1—ADMINISTRATION—EFFORT to build support for Haynes, whose nomination to sit on the 4. Circuit was taken up by the Senate JUDICIARY—COMMITTEE—TODAY.
20060711             —BACKED, Haynes — who is strongly, by VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY — has been described as a "prime mover " in the effort to contravene the dictates of THE—GENEVA Convention with respect to THE—INTERROGATION—OF—PRISONERS.
20060711             A 20030000              working group appointed and supervised by Haynes argued THE—GENEVA Conventions "must be construed as inapplicable to interrogations undertaken pursuant to [Bush's] COMMANDER—IN—CHIEF—AUTHORITY".
20060711             —APPLIED, That position, as, to military commissions, was repudiated by THE—SUPREME—COURT in the recent Hamdan decision.
20060711             A GROUP—OF—20 retired military leaders recently wrote to Sens.
20060711             Arlen Specter and PATRICK—LEAHY to express their "deep concern" about the nominee (Read it
20060711             HERE ):
20060711             Had MISTER—HAYNES been ignorant of the likely consequences of these policies, the profound errors he made could perhaps be understood.
20060711             But the uniformed JAGS—OF—EACH—OF—THE—SERVICES clearly and repeatedly expressed their concerns about the impact these policies would have both on the reputation of THE—USA and on the integrity and SAFETY—OF—MILITARY—PERSONNEL.
20060711             … These prescient warnings were echoed by the flag officer JUDGE—ADVOCATES—GENERAL—OF—THE—NAVY, AIR—FORCE and Marine Corps.
20060711             —FAILED, But MISTER—HAYNES, to heed them.
20060711             Writing in 1—SEPARATE—LETTER, FORMER—JUDGE—ADVOCATE—GENERAL—OF—THE—NAVY—JOHN—HUTSON argued, "If civilian LEADERSHIP—OF—THE—MILITARY—MEANS anything at all, it must mean there is accountability for failures such as his".
20060711             Read IT—HERE.
20060711             Top WHITE—HOUSE Staffers Pocket $4,200 Raise, Fight $2—MINIMUM Wage Increase
20060711             This year the highest paid staffers in THE—WHITE—HOUSE — including KARL—ROVE, DAN—BARTLETT and STEVEN—HADLEY — got 1—COST—OF—LIVING adjustment of $4,200,
20060711             boosting their total salary to $165,200.
20060711             —MEANWHILE, THE—WHITE—HOUSE is backing Congressional efforts to
20060711             —ISSUED, HERE—1—PRESS release, today by REPRESENTATIVE—GEORGE—MILLER (D-CA):
20060711             For the 5. time in less than 2—WEEKS, Republicans in THE—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES—TODAY voted to block 1—VOTE on legislation to increase the national minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25—PER hour…
20060711             A FULL—TIME—MINIMUM—WAGE—WORKER earns just $10,712 per YEAR—WHICH is $5,888 less than the $16,600 needed to lift 1—FAMILY—OF—3—ABOVE the federal poverty threshold…the minimum wage is at its lowest level in more than 50—YEARS, when adjusted for inflation.
20060711             The good news is, after 1—HARD—DAY making sure that the working poor don't get 1—PAY—INCREASE, KARL—ROVE will have some extra cash for 1—NICE—DINNER and 1—FOOT—MASSAGE.
20060711             Pentagon Counsel Rebuffs Official Policy on GUANTANAMO Commissions
20060711             —TODAY, the media obtained 1—MEMO from UNDERSECRETARY—OF—DEFENSE—GORDON—ENGLAND telling Pentagon officials that all detainees are entitled to protections under THE—GENEVA Conventions.
20060711             SPECIFICALLY—ENGLAND says THE—SUPREME—COURT found the administration's "military commissions…are not consistent with Common Article 3?
20060711             of GENEVA:
20060711             —DETERMINED, THE—SUPREME—COURT has, that Common Article 3 to THE—GENEVA Conventions of 19490000              applies as 1—MATTER—OF—LAW to the conflict with AL—QAEDA.
20060711             —CONSTITUTED, The Court found that the military commissions as, by THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE are not consistent with Common Article 3.
20060711             Apparently, someone from THE—PENTAGON—LEGAL—TEAM didn't get the memo.
20060711             —FROM today's Senate JUDICIARY—COMMITTEE—HEARING on detainee treatment:
20060711             Under questioning from the committee, DANIEL—DELL'ORTO, principal deputy general counsel at the Pentagon, said he believes the current TREATMENT—OF—DETAINEES — as well as the existing tribunal process — already complies with Article 3—OF—THE—GENEVA Conventions.
20060711             "The military commission set up does provide 1—RIGHT to counsel, 1 trained military defense counsel and the right to private COUNSEL—OF—THE—DETAINEE—CHOICE," MISTER—DELL'ORTO said.
20060711             "We see no reason to change that in legislation".
20060711             The Pentagon needs to get on the same page - - this page in particular.
20060711             The administration's decision that all detainees
20060711             are protected under THE—GENEVA Conventions is "not really 1—REVERSAL—OF—POLICY" WHITE—HOUSE—PRESS—SECRETARY—TONY—SNOW said today.
20060711             (Actually, it is.
20060711             Gas Prices Spike to 2.—HIGHEST Level Ever, Analyst Predicts $4/Gallon This Summer
20060711             —REPORTED, NBC News, today on 1—NEW—LUNDBERG Survey showing that the average national gas price has spiked up 11—CENTS over the last 2—WEEKS to $3.00—PER gallon, the 2.—HIGHEST level in USA—HISTORY.
20060711             TRILBY LUNDBERG: We're within 1—COUPLE—OF pennies of the nominal ALL—TIME—HIGH last September, when there was 1—SHORTAGE—OF gasoline brought on by hurricane damage.
20060711             And we're just 6—CENTS under the real high — THE—INFLATION—ADJUSTED HIGH—OF—MARCH '81 — in today's dollars.
20060711             Also this morning, BRAD—PROCTOR—OF—GASPRICEWATCH
20060711             told ABC News he was expecting possible $4/gallon gas prices this summer.
20060711             "We'll see $3 and possibly $4—DEPENDING where the summer goes in terms of hurricanes and other natural disasters that may happen. We'll see 1—UPWARD trend occur".
20060711             It's definitely time TO—KICK the Oil Habit.
20060711             Rumsfeld Promises To Defeat The Taliban After Claiming 20020000              It Was Defeated
20060711             Taliban will be defeated :
20060711             At 1—JOINT—NEWS—CONFERENCE with AFGHANISTAN—PRESIDENT—HAMID—KARZAI, Rumsfeld said militants "don't want to see 1—COUNTRY—LIKE—AFGHANISTAN have 1—SUCCESSFUL—DEMOCRACY. They won't succeed ".
20060711             Yet for the past 4—YEARS, Bush administration officials — including Rumsfeld — have been insisting that THE—USA has already defeated the Taliban.
20060711             Rumsfeld,
20060711             Fox trashes Olbermann.
20060711             "Because of his personal demons, Keith has imploded everywhere he's worked," Fox spokeswoman Irina Briganti told THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES.
20060711             "From lashing out at CO—WORKERS to personally attacking BILL—O'REILLY and all things Fox, it's obvious Keith is 1—TRAIN—WRECK waiting to happen.
20060711             … [W]e hope he enjoys his paranoid view from THE—BOTTOM—OF—THE—RATINGS ladder and
20060711             wish him well on his inevitable trip to oblivion.
20060711             Bush Celebrates 4. Largest Deficit In History
20060711             —TODAY, THE—OFFICE—OF—MANAGEMENT—BUDGET projected
20060711             Bush held 1—PRESS—CONFERENCE arguing that this is 1—VINDICATION—OF his economic policies.
20060711             Actually, it would be the 4. largest deficit of all time.
20060711             Here's the top 5 :
20060711             1. 20040000              (GEORGE—W—BUSH) $413—BILLION
20060711             2. 20030000              (GEORGE—W—BUSH) $378—BILLION
20060711             3. 20050000              (GEORGE—W—BUSH) $318—BILLION
20060711             4. 20060000              (GEORGE—W—BUSH) $296—BILLION (projected)
20060711             5. 19920000              (GEORGE—H—W—BUSH) $290—BILLION
20060711             —WHEN PRESIDENT—BUSH came into office, HE—INHERITED 1—SURPLUS—OF $284—BILLION.
20060711             —PREDICTED, At that time, the Bush administration, a $516—BILLION surplus for 20060000             .
20060711             The fact that Bush now considers a $296—BILLION deficit 1—OCCASION to celebrate shows how far we've fallen.
20060711             Coolsville However it is our belief that the current ADMINISTRATION—OF—GEORGE—W—BUSH has used the mass COMMUNICATION—OF—WORDS and images in ways that have seriously harmed the political discourse in AMERICA.
20060711             Design Observer: writings about design & culture
20060711             Menschenjagd via Internet in ENGLAND legitim?
20060711             Ein möglicher "Kleinkrimineller" wird gnadenlos, weltweit per Internet zerstört.
20060711             Wichtige Medien finden dies gut.
20060711             Dabei wird nicht bemerkt, dass die entsprechende Webseite Rassismus, Sexismus und Homophobie verbreitet.
20060711             Unter Vorspiegelung einer falschen Identität werden Fotos des Opfers in Kontaktforen gestellt und dort weiter Leute geleimt.
20060711             Ihre E-Mails werden im Forum diskutiert.
20060711             Das Opfer ist 1—BRITE iranischer Ethnizität, sein Leben ist möglicherweise zerstört.
20060711             Es wird ihm Selbstmord empfohlen.
20060711             Der Veranstalter, laut Spiegel ein englischer Student, kann offenbar immer weiter machen.
20060711             Niemand stoppt ihn, auch nicht blogger_com, die durch ihn offenbar viele Seitenbesucher bekommen.
20060711             ISRAEL—OCCUPATION—FORCES readies 'massive' GAZA incursion : ISRAEL—OCCUPATION—FORCES were gearing up —TUESDAY afternoon for 1 planned massive incursion into THE—GAZA Strip.
20060711             ISRAEL—MP: Meshal is a Dead Man:
20060711             —DURING 1—MONDAY evening Channel 1—TV—INTERVIEW, MK (Labor) DANNY—YATOM stated that Hamas politburo leader Khaled Meshal is marked for death + the "long arm of ISRAEL" will eventually reach him as well
20060711             'GAZA is starving in the darkness' : At least 51—PALESTINIANS have been killed and over 150 wounded, the overwhelming MAJORITY—OF—THEM civilians and mostly children, since ISRAEL launched its incursions into THE—GAZA Strip.
20060711             ISRAEL—AGGRESSION destroys ANY—SEMBLANCE—OF—CIVIC—ORDER: I cannot think of anything in recent times to compare with THE—ISRAEL—TERROR—TACTICS against the people of GAZA where the mightiest military nation in the region picks on the poorest, weakest and most VULNERABLE—OF—PEOPLES and pounds them and their infrastructure by night and day with bombs, artillery and tank shells.
20060711             6—HUMAN—RIGHTS—GROUPS Petitioned ISRAEL—HIGH—COURT : 6—HUMAN—RIGHTS—GROUPS petitioned THE—ISRAEL—HIGH—COURT demanding that the crossings in GAZA be opened to allow for the steady and regular SUPPLY—OF—FUEL, food, medicine + equipment, including spare parts needed to operate generators.
20060711             Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics Today
20060711             IRAN, EU end nuclear talks with no SIGN—OF—RESULT : "Tomorrow I will have 1—MEETING with ministers of THE—6—COUNTRIES and I will report. We will make 1—ANALYSIS—OF—THE—SITUATION at this PERIOD—OF—TIME and we will see how to proceed," Solana said.
20060711             —VOWED, IRAN vows not to back down : IRAN has, not to cave in to INTERNATIONAL pressure, while its nuclear envoy, ARI—LARIJANI, warned of a "long road" ahead before TEHRAN—ATOMIC standoff with the West can be resolved.
20060711             RUSSIA believes IRAN decades from nuke : RUSSIA believes IRAN to be 25 to 30—YEARS away from possession of nuclear arms, but USA—EXPERTS disagree.
20060711             Our Last Chance?
20060711             —CREATED, THE—USA, should it attack IRAN, will have, for itself 1—DILEMMA very similar to that of ISRAEL, but on 1—MUCH larger scale.
20060711             We will have begun 1—ENDLESS—STRUGGLE with much of the Muslim world, 1 in which we can inflict punishment without ever reaching ANY—KIND—OF—POLITICAL—SOLUTION
20060711             —REJECTED, CHINA rejects N KOREA sanctions: CHINA has again, possible UN sanctions against NORTH—KOREA over PYONGYANG—MISSILE tests last week.
20060711             CHINA says JAPAN overreacts to N KOREA : CHINA said on —TUESDAY that JAPAN—ATTEMPT to seek 1—UNITED—NATIONS resolution against NORTH—KOREA was "overreaction" and would only add to tensions in the region.
20060711             SPLIT within UNSC deepens over NORTH—KOREA resolution : The council delayed the vote again after 1—MEETING—OF—MEMBERS who support the resolution.
20060711             The group was to reconvene —WEDNESDAY morning to evaluate the situation,
20060711             JOHN—FARMER: NORTH—KOREA Nuke Threat Isn't What It Seems : If ever a "crisis" looked overblown, it's THE—1—OVER NORTH—KOREA—NUCLEAR—AMBITIONS.
20060711             Frist: Nonproliferation for NORTH—KOREA:
20060711             THE—SENATE—REPUBLICAN leader said —TUESDAY he will push legislation to add NORTH—KOREA to 1—NONPROLIFERATION—ACT that currently outlines sanctions against foreign individuals who supply weapons technology to IRAN and Syria
20060711             GORDON—PRATHER: Condi vs. the Truth : Condi STRONG—ARMED THE—IAEA Board into improperly and illegally seeking to involve THE—UNITED—NATIONS—SECURITY—COUNCIL in THE—IRAN—BOARD—CONFRONTATION.
20060711             Video: Peak Oil?: The world is at THE—BEGINNING—OF—THE—END—OF—THE—AGE—OF—OIL, according to 1—GROWING BODY—OF—ANALYSTS.
20060711             It stands at 1—PRECIPICE of "peak oil" — the point at which oil producing countries can no longer keep up with growing demand, where production climaxes and then plunges into irrevocable decline.
20060711             USA—WILL—GIVE—DETAINEES—GENEVA—RIGHTS : The Bush administration said —TUESDAY that all detainees held at GUANTANAMO BAY—CUBA and in all other USA—MILITARY custody around the world are entitled to protections under THE—GENEVA Conventions.
20060711             Does a STATE—OF—WAR—GIVE—BUSH a Right to Commit War Crimes?
20060711             —WEIGHED, RIGHT—WING columnist CHARLES—KRAUTHAMMER has, in against THE—SUPREME—COURT—LATEST ruling in Hamdan, claiming that the Court erred in barring PRESIDENT—BUSH from denying GUANTANAMO detainees the protections of the 3. GENEVA Convention.
20060711             Could Bush Be Prosecuted for War Crimes?:
20060711             A Nuremberg CHIEF prosecutor says there is 1—CASE for trying Bush for the 'supreme crime against humanity, 1—ILLEGAL—WAR—OF—AGGRESSION against 1—SOVEREIGN nation.'
20060711             PanAfrica: Aid for the Poor, Not for the Consultants : "Money is being spent on consultants who are earning up to 1,000—DOLLARS 1—DAY," Caroline Sande MUKULIRA—SOUTH—AFRICA country director for ActionAid INTERNATIONAL, told IPS —WEDNESDAY.
20060711             MEXICO: Obrador cries fraud with election videos: Andres MANUEL—LOPEZ—OBRADOR, who narrowly lost MEXICO's contested presidential election showed what he called video PROOF—OF—FRAUD on —MONDAY and refused to commit to accepting 1—FINAL—COURT ruling on the results.
20060711             Gringo tactics don't help MEXICO : The ongoing election dispute in MEXICO has MANY—SIMILARITIES to what happened in FLORIDA 20000000             .
20060711             Coincidence? Not when you consider that SOME—OF—THE—PEOPLE who helped GEORGE—W—BUSH prevail 20000000              have been working in MEXICO to help Felipe Calderon and his National Action Party (PAN) 20060000             .
20060711             —EXPRESSED, The cyber security spy ring: If the suspicions being, by INDIA—INTELLIGENCE—AGENTS are true, THE—USA—MAY now be in POSSESSION—OF—INFORMATION on INDIA—WAR—PLANS for the army, navy and AIR—FORCE.
20060711             4—MINUTE Video: LA Police Brutality:
20060711             Police using unnecessary force against ANTI—MINUTEMAN demonstrators
20060711             USA—JUDGE to rule on legality of warrantless wiretaps : A federal judge heard arguments in 1—SUIT arguing that USA—PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH overstepped his authority when he authorized the use of warrantless wiretaps on Americans.
20060711             VERMONT judge rejects USA—SUPREME—COURT—SEARCH ruling : A VERMONT DISTRICT—COURT—JUDGE has rejected 1—RECENT—USA—SUPREME—COURT ruling on THE—POWER—OF—POLICE to search 1—PRIVATE—HOME, concluding that the state offers greater protections in such cases.
20060711             CONGRESSMAN—PACS spent lavishly on gifts, wife's firm : In the past 2—YEARS, campaign and political action committees controlled by REPRESENTATIVE—JOHN—DOOLITTLE, R-Granite Bay, paid EVER—LARGER—COMMISSIONS to his wife's 1—PERSON—COMPANY and spent TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—DOLLARS on gifts at Saks 5. Avenue, Tiffany and Co. + 1—RITZ—CARLTON day spa.
20060711             IRAN holds the key : Only the active INVOLVEMENT—OF—IRAQ—NEIGHBOUR can now stop the country from toppling over into civil war.
20060711             JUSTIN—RAIMONDO: Closing In on THE—NIGER Uranium Hoax:
20060711             BILL—GALLAGHER: JOSEPH—WILSON—CONTINUING—FIGHT: Among his MANY—OTHER—CRIMES, Bush deserves impeachment for that naked string of lies to THE—USA—PEOPLE and his COVERUP—OF—THE—LEAK—SCANDAL we now know he initiated.
20060711             His CO—CONSPIRATOR was, of course, Dick Cheney.
20060711             —CENSORED, Former ambassador posts, passages from memoir on website : MISTER—MURRAY has —POSTED full texts of all passages the Foreign Office ordered deleted from the book VERSION—OF—MURDER in SAMARKAND, THE—FORMER—TASHKENT ambassador's account of alleged UK—COMPLICITY in torture by the despotic UZBEKISTAN regime.
20060711             Aggression Under False Pretenses
20060711             —BY Palestinian PRIME—MINISTER—ISMAIL—HANIYEH
20060711             The current GAZA invasion is only the latest effort to destroy the results of fair and free elections held early this year.
20060711             It is the explosive FOLLOW—UP to a 5—MONTH—CAMPAIGN—OF—ECONOMIC and diplomatic warfare directed by THE—USA and ISRAEL.
20060711             ISRAEL—BLOOD—SPORT in GAZA
20060711             Another 50—CIVILIANS have been BUMPED—OFF in GANGLAND—STYLE hits authorized by THE—KNESSET—NEWEST—MAFIA Don, Ehud Olmert.
20060711             Olmert has put the carnage and destruction into HIGH—GEAR eliciting criticism from his very own daughter who protested in front of her father's home with signs that said, "Stop the Killing"
20060711             Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Soldiers -
20060711             War is 1—RACKET. It always has been.
20060711             It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
20060711             It is the only 1—INTERNATIONAL in scope.
20060711             —RECKONED, It is the only 1 in which the profits are, in dollars and the losses in lives.
20060711             Militarism and the Corporate Welfare State -
20060711             1 need only examine THE—HISTORY—OF—THIS nation to recognize the familiar PATTERNS—OF—CONQUEST and oppression.
20060711             —CREATED, THE—OCCUPATION—OF—IRAQ is THE—CONTINUATION—OF—THE—POLICIES that, THE—INSTITUTION—OF—SLAVERY, following the genocide of the Indians.
20060711             The military, far from being 1—DEFENDER—OF—PEACE and freedom, has evolved into 1—EXTENSION—OF—THE—CORPORATE—WELFARE state.
20060711             Nationalize THE—USA—DEFENSE—INDUSTRY:
20060711             Public Good Should Trump Private GREED—BY JOHN—STANTON
20060711             "Converting the companies to PUBLICLY—CONTROLLED, nonprofit status would introduce 1—KEY—CHANGE: it would reduce the entities' impetus for aggressive lobbying and campaign contributions. Chartering the defense contractors at the federal level would in effect allow Congress to ban such activities outright, thereby controlling 1—INDUSTRY that is now 1—DRIVING force rather than 1—SERVANT—OF—FOREIGN—POLICY—OBJECTIVES".
20060711             Diplomatic Deception: The Calm Before the Firestorm -
20060711             —WHILE THE—WELL—WADDED poltroons at Time and the Times serve up KARL—ROVE—COMFORT food about 1—MORE "mature" and sensible Bush foreign policy, the world is actually drawing closer and closer to 1—EVEN deeper LEVEL—OF—DARKNESS.
20060711             What Changed on 9/11 ? A Radical, Extremist Cabal Decided to Use 1—TERRORIST—ATTACK for THE—DISMANTLING—OF—DEMOCRACY
20060711             Bushopedia: This is 1—OF—THE—BEST glossaries of the Busheviks that we have come across.
20060711             —BILLED, It is, as "1—COMPREHENSIVE—ALPHABETICAL—GUIDE to GEORGE—W—BUSH, the Bush administration, other aspects of the Far Right + related topics".
20060711             In short, this 333-page book by BILL—POTTS is 1—CLINICAL—GUIDE to the key players and concepts in the psychotic CULT—OF—BUSHEVISM.
20060711             ENOUGH—OF—THE—FAUX Dem, Republican Lite Duplicity.
20060711             Our GIs and National Security are in Desperate Need of Denouncing THE—LIES—OF—BUSHEVISM that Endanger Us All: "Crackdown in BAGHDAD ineffective, USA—GENERAL admits".
20060711             The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
20060711             The Impeachment Option.
20060711             Why CONSIDERATON—OF—THE—ISSUE is Not Radical, But Rather Necessary.
20060711             "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial CONSTITUTION—SHREDDER GEORGE—W—BUSH".
20060711             Okay, if you think impeachment is 1—RADICAL—CONCEPT, answer this question?
20060711             Tell Us 10—REASONS—BUSH and Cheney Should Not be Impeached.
20060711             Okay, We'll Settle for 1.
20060711             IRAQ says to ask UNITED—NATIONS to end USA—IMMUNITY.
20060711             We Hope that Includes Cheney and Bush for War Crimes.
20060711             Call Chuck Schumer (202-224-6542) and Tell Him That He Either Announces he WILL—SUPPORT—THE—DEMOCRATICALLY—ELECTED—WINNER of the Democratic Campaign for Senate in CONNECTICUT or You Won't Support the Senate RE—ELECTION—CAMPAIGN—COMITTEE (DSCC).
20060711             "Lieberman files forms for independent run". Lieberman and the Dem.
20060711             Senators are Supporting 1—REPUBLICAN in Dem Clothing...They are All Betraying the Democratic Process.
20060711             It's Just the Status Quo Capitol Hill Elite BUDDY—SYSTEM—AT—WORK.
20060711             BushCo, after 1—BLUDGEONING by THE—SUPREME—COURT—DECISION on military tribunals, said —TUESDAY that "all detainees at GUANTANAMO Bay and in USA—MILITARY custody everywhere are entitled to protections under THE—GENEVA Conventions".
20060711             PR stunt or will they finally follow to the law? More likely, the former. 7/12
20060711             Republicans Have Preempted States DOZENS—OF—TIMES With Federal Laws.
20060711             Who Needs STATE—SOVEREIGNTY—WHEN—YOU—HAVE—WASHINGTON? -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
20060711             Bush Spends Billions Creating More Terrorists in IRAQ, But Tries to Cut Funding to Domestic Law Enforcement Programs That Actually Save Lives -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
20060711             Believe it or not, this appalling fabricator actually poses as 1—CHRISTIAN.
20060711             At THE—END—OF—HIS disinfo masterwork, Farina had the audacity to ask: "And THE—FRENCH?
20060711             —ASHAMED, And: aren't they ?"
20060711             —WANTED, As though FRANCE, this war!
20060711             Sorry, Birchie -- it was your pals, Berlusconi and Bush, who made bloody USE—OF—THAT forgery.
20060711             —ASHAMED, Aren't you ?
20060711             Farina appears to have lied not only to his readers, but to the court investigating THE—ABU—OMAR affair.
20060711             In this country, we use the term "perjury" to describe that SORT—OF—THING;
20060711             I don't know THE—ITALY—WORD for it.
20060711             So what lessons do we draw from this?
20060711             The documents were obvious frauds, but the conspirators didn't care.
20060711             They probably felt that after 1—EASY—WIN in IRAQ, NO—1 would look into THE—ORIGINS—OF—THE—CONFLICT.
20060711             —ASKED, After AMERICA won THE—SPANISH—USA—WAR, only historians, hard questions about what happened to THE—MAINE.
20060711             We now know (thanks in part to Laura Rozen and eriposte of the Left Coaster) that Renato Farina, the guy who wrote the "blame FRANCE" disinfo piece, was 1—SISMI agent all along, working under journalistic cover.
20060711             —DESCRIBED, Although Libero is 1—SMALL rag, Farina is nevertheless, as a
20060711             Berlusconi "insider".
20060711             According to Renato Farina, 1—BERLUSCONI insider and deputy editor of the conservative daily Libero, THE—2—LEADERS [ Bush and Berlusoni ] sometimes trade favorite passages from the Bible.
20060711             "Berlusconi is definitely 1—MAN—OF—FAITH," Farina says.
20060711             —CALLED, WHAT—MISSING, however, is what Farina, "1—SENSE—OF—PERSONAL sin".
20060711             "I told him once that God will forgive MANY—THINGS for 1—SINGLE—ACT—OF mercy + Berlusconi shot back: 'I don't need to be forgiven for anything. All I've ever done is work hard.'"
20060711             Good lord, does that arrogant crap sound like Berlusconi or what?
20060711             eriposte has
20060711             —DISCOVERED, Also, were RECEIPTS—OF—PAYMENTS made to 1—RIGHT—WING "reporter" Renato Farina (of the small Libero newspaper) allegedly to enlist Farina's "services" as 1—SPY against Spataro and as 1—PAID propagandist to propagate SISMI—DENIALS on their involvement in THE—CIA—RENDITION—OF—ABU—OMAR.
20060711             It appears SISMI HEAD—NICOLO—POLLARI himself was PART—OF—THIS latter scheme.
20060711             Back to THE—NIGER forgeries Remember the forged NIGER "yellowcake" documents?
20060711             They're kind of important, since, y 'know, they helped to ignite the war and all that.
20060711             —HELPED, Have Bushonomics really, the least among us, as O'Reilly would have us think?
20060711             —INCREASED, The number of Americans in poverty has, EVERY—YEAR under W. The numbers of Americans in poverty decreased dramatically under Clinton.
20060711             If BILL—O'REILLY thinks otherwise, perhaps he should consult the expert opinion of the folks who run INNER—CITY rescue missions.
20060711             Right now, Bush is crowing about the reduced deficit ($296—BILLION, as opposed to $413—BILLION 20040000             ), created by 1—INCREASE in federal tax revenues.
20060711             —REDUCED, The "" deficit is, of course, still 1—HORROR.
20060711             Nothing can change the fact that the last 3—REPUBLICAN presidents ( especially W) have run up the worst debt in history.
20060711             Roughly 1—5. of your tax dollar (some have offered higher estimates) goes to pay for the interest on borrowed money -- and 1—LOT—OF—THAT—MONEY came from communist CHINA and the Arabs.
20060711             Our national debt is NOW—NEARLY 200%
20060711             of the size of our entire Gross Domestic Product.
20060711             (At THE—END—OF—WWII, debt was around 4—PERCENT—OF—GDP.)
20060711             Peers back extradition suspension Extradition arrangements with THE—USA should be scrapped until AMERICA signs its SIDE—OF—THE—DEAL, say peers.
20060711             USA—DETAINEES to get GENEVA rights THE—USA—MILITARY is to observe GENEVA Convention standards for detainees worldwide - 1—MAJOR—POLICY—SHIFT.
20060711             —TRIED, Tax credit frauds 'total £540m' Organised fraudsters, to steal £540m from THE—UK—TAX—CREDIT—SYSTEM 20050000             /06, figures show.
20060711             Fraud video claim in MEXICO poll MEXICO—PRESIDENTIAL—CANDIDATE—ANDRES MANUEL—LOPEZ—OBRADOR shows what he says is video PROOF—OF—ELECTION—FRAUD.
20060711             'Nuclear' book wins £10,000 prize A travelogue dealing in nuclear and political issues wins the £10,000 Wales BOOK—OF—THE—YEAR prize.
20060711             Anybody Got Duct Tape?
20060711             —WHEN the tethers to the astronaut's HIGH—TECH—SAFETY jetpack loosen during 1—SPACEWALK, Piers Sellers asks Mission Control to figure out a "tape fix".
20060711             The Impotence of Being Ethanol It might seem green to jump on THE—CORN—POWERED bandwagon, but the trendy alternative fuel can cut efficiency by 20 % and cost more than regular gasoline.
20060711             AUTOPIA.
20060711             Report: Forget fueling cars on corn or soybeans Think of ethanol as biofuel 1.0. Genetically modified plants or synthetic fuels could be the alternatives that gain traction.
20060711             Bacterial DVD Holds 50TB
20060711             1—HARVARD Professor is claiming to have developed 1—NEW variant of 1—PROTEIN called bacteriorhodopsin (bR) that, when layered on 1—DVD, can store up to 50TB—OF—DATA.
20060711             "THE—LIGHT—ACTIVATED protein is found in the membrane of 1—SALT marsh microbe Halobacterium salinarum and is also known as bacteriorhodopsin (bR). It captures and stores sunlight to convert it to chemical energy. When light shines on bR, it is converted to 1—SERIES—OF—INTERMEDIATE molecules each with 1—UNIQUE—SHAPE and color before returning to its 'ground state.'"
20060711             Patriot Act Bypasses Facebook Privacy
20060711             "An article from the National ASSOCIATION—OF—COLLEGES and Employers contains yet another horror story about 1—PROSPECTIVE hire's Facebook being checked — with 1—DIFFERENT—TWIST. The interviewee had enabled privacy on his profile, '[b]ut, during the interview, something he was not prepared for happened.
20060711             The interviewer began asking specific questions about the content on his Facebook_com listing and the situation became very awkward and uncomfortable.
20060711             The son had thought only those he allowed to access his profile would be able to do so.
20060711             —EXPLAINED, But, the interviewer, that as 1—STATE—AGENCY, recruiters accessed his Facebook account under the auspices of the Patriot Act.
20060711             ' How can a 'state agency' use the Patriot Act to subpoena 1—FACEBOOK profile?"
20060711             "As reported by MISS—NBC, 'The most potent force shaping THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—INTERNET is neither Mountain VIEW—GOOGLEPLEX nor the Microsoft campus in Redmond. It's rather 1—SMALL—ARMY—OF—GUCCI—SHOD lobbyists on WASHINGTON—K Street and the powerful legislators whose favor they curry.' The article examines several PIECES—OF—LEGISLATION and lobbying initiatives which are poised to affect you and your rights online. Topics covered include Net Neutrality, fiber to the home, the Universal Service Fund, codecs + WiFi bandwidth usage".
20060711             "After YEARS—OF—BENIGN neglect, THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT is finally involved in the Internet — big time. And the decisions being made over the next few months will impact not just THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—WEB, but THAT—OF—MASS—MEDIA and consumer electronics as well. Yet it's safe to say that far more Americans have heard about flag burning than the laws that may soon reshape cyberspace".
20060711             Open Source In the National Interest
20060711             "A new report from THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE—ADVANCED—SYSTEMS and Concepts Office recommends that the DoD move to adopt open source software and methodologies as well as open standards in order to make the most efficient use of internal resources. According to CBR, the report states that 1—MOVE to 'Open Technology Development' is not only in THE—USA—NATIONAL—INTEREST, but in the interests of USA national security. OTD incorporates open source methodologies and open standards, but also takes into account the fact that the DoD has systems that it would rather keep secret".
20060711             Virus Trackers Find Malware With Google
20060711             "Malware hunters have figured out 1—WAY to use the freely available Google SOAP Search API, as well as WDSL, to find dangerous.exe files sitting on THOUSANDS—OF—WEB—SERVERS around the world. Queries can be written to examine THE—INTERNALS—OF—WEB—ACCESSIBLE binaries, thus allowing the hunters to identify malicious code from across the internet".
20060711             "We're finding literally THOUSANDS—OF—SITES with malicious code executables. From hacker forums, newsgroups to mailing list archives, they're all FULL—OF—EXECUTABLES that Google is indexing. About 15—PERCENT—OF—THE—RESULTS came back from legitimate Web sites hijacked by malicious hackers and seeded with executables".
20060711             Menschengerichtshof: Brechmitteleinsatz gegen Drogendealer unverhältnismäßig
20060711             Kartellverfahren: EU verhängt hohes Bußgeld gegen Microsoft
20060711             USA: GUANTANAMO—HÄFTLINGE erhalten Schutz der Genfer Konventionen
20060711             Hintergrund: Anschläge auf Züge in Bombay
20060711             GENERAL—MOTORS: Opel schließt Werk in PORTUGAL
20060711             Anschläge in Bombay und SRINAGAR: Terrorwelle gegen die INDISCH—PAKISTANISCHE Freundschaft
20060711             INTERVIEW—MIT—INDIEN——EXPERTEN: "Vermutlich 1—BEZUG nach Kaschmir"
20060711             MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN: 12.500—POLIZISTEN sollen Bush schützen
20060711             Vermögen: Iren sind die reichsten Europäer
20060711             Börsengänge: EUROPA hängt NEW—YORK ab
20060711             Evangelische Kirche: "Armut ist 1—SKANDAL"
20060711             Indien: Anschlagsserie auf Züge in BOMBAY—ÜBER 130—TOTE
20060711             Jugendliche und Alkohol: Kinder reicher Eltern saufen mehr
20060711             "Discovery": Raketenrucksack mit Klebeband geflickt
20060711             EU—BAROMETER: Deutsche haben wenig Ahnung von EUROPA
20060711             Konjunktur: DIW erhöht Wachstumsprognose
20060711             † Pink FLOYD—BARRETT dies aged 60—SYD Barrett, 1—OF—THE—ORIGINAL—MEMBERS—OF—ROCK—GROUP—PINK—FLOYD, has, from complications to his diabetes.
20060711             Rumsfeld praises AFGHANISTAN—MISSION THE—USA—DEFENCE SECRETARY says his country remains committed to AFGHANISTAN, during 1 unannounced visit.
20060711             Nach 22—JAHREN: Papstsprecher NAVARRO—VALLS darf gehen
20060711             ZIONISTEN—EHRENPREIS: Beckstein und der 5. Stamm
20060711             Gletscher: Alpen könnten im Jahr 2100—EISFREI sein
20060711             DEUTSCHLAND—BESUCH: Bush lobt Merkels IRAN—POLITIK
20060711             "The Pentagon has decided in a
20060711             major policy shift that all detainees held in USA—MILITARY custody around the world are entitled to protections under THE—GENEVA Conventions," the Financial Times reports.
20060711             BUSH'S—EXPECTED announcement
20060711             —TODAY heralding the shrinking budget deficit is FULL—OF—DECEPTION.
20060711             "This will be the 3. year in 1—ROW that the administration put forth relatively gloomy deficit forecasts early on, only to announce months later that things had turned out better than expected".
20060711             A federal judge ruled yesterday that the controversial SEIZURE—OF—RECORDS from REPRESENTATIVE—WILLIAM—JEFFERSON'S (D-LA) legislative offices was legal.
20060711             Investigators told ABC News "1—INDICTMENT is likely sometime this summer".
20060711             —CALLED, SENATOR—DAVID—VITTER (R-LA)  - new guidelines
20060711             —FROM the Bush administration on hurricane protection "nothing more than another slap in the face of LOUISIANA ".
20060711             The Army is staying on track to meet its target of 80,000 new soldiers this year.
20060711             —HELPED, Lowered standards have.
20060711             —EASED, The Army has, restrictions on high school DROP—OUTS, raised the maximum age from 35 to 42 + admitted large numbers of NEO—NAZIS and skinhead extremists.
20060711             "Rising interest rates and persistently high gasoline prices will pinch consumer spending more than previously estimated,
20060711             weakening THE—USA—ECONOMY
20060711             "[I]inefficiencies and wasteful practices" plague the Pentagon.
20060711             Projects are as much as - 50 % over budget
20060711             and up to 4—YEARS—LATE in delivery.
20060711             USA—PROGRESS' LAWRENCE—KORB, 1—FORMER—PENTAGON assistant SECRETARY: "It's always been bad, but I've never seen it this bad".
20060711             A new study shows that global warming could wither MANY—PREMIUM vineyards in CALIFORNIA and across the nation
20060711             —BY THE—END—OF—THE—CENTURY.
20060711             "MEMBERS—OF—THE—HOUSE—INTERNATIONAL—RELATIONS—COMMITTEE heard about PRESIDENT—BUSH'S proposed nuclear pact with RUSSIA the same way average citizens did — in THE—PAGES—OF——SATURDAY—WASHINGTON—POST. And panel members and staff, from both parties, aren't very happy about it".
20060711             Debt Levels Worry Bondholders Debt issuance by USA—FIRMS has surged, but some bondholders complain about using debt to fund stock buybacks and dividends.
20060711             MISS—NBC—STAR—CARVES—ANTI—FOX—NICHE—AN aggressive general in MISS—NBC—NEWEST campaign against its larger competitors, KEITH—OLBERMANN jabs at ON—AIR rivals while "Countdown's" audience grows.
20060711             Police STATE—FILES: Videotaping Cops Gets You Arrested In NM Uncle Dave Must have been afraid of being caught doing something illegal themselves.
20060711             CHINA chemical plant risk warning Nearly HALF—OF—CHINA—CHEMICAL plants pose major pollution risks, the country's environmental agency says.
20060711             —QUASHED, MAN—MURDER conviction, A man who has spent 17—YEARS protesting his innocence has his murder conviction quashed.
20060711             Oil furthers UK May trade deficit THE—UK—SEES its trade deficit in goods rise unexpectedly in May, with its oil deficit at its highest since January.
20060711             CRAZY—LONG—HACKER Sentence Upheld An appeals court upholds a 9—YEAR—PRISON—TERM for 1—MICHIGAN man who hacked THE—LOWE—CHAIN—OF—HOME—IMPROVEMENT—STORES through their unsecured WI—FI network.
20060711             What Kind of Genius Are You?
20060711             A new theory suggests that creativity comes in 2—DISTINCT—TYPES -- quick and dramatic, or careful and quiet.
20060711             —BY DANIEL—H—PINK—OF—WIRED magazine.
20060711             Photos: Revving up on fast food The Big Green Bus from Dartmouth College runs on vegetable oil from deep fat fryers.
20060711             BitTorrent Becomes Ever More Legit
20060711             "BitTorrent just signed 1—DEAL with 4—ENTERTAINMENT distributors to add more than 1,600—TITLES to its video library. From 'SuperSize Me' to THE—3—STOOGES to Bollywood films, BitTorrent wants to offer the most comprehensive service when it launches its pay service. The best part is that this content will be made available by subscription".
20060711             "Once distrustful of PEER—TO—PEER technologies, HOLLYWOOD studios appear more willing to partner with companies such as BitTorrent and VIDEO—SHARING site Guba_com, which last month partnered with Warner Bros. to distribute movie titles. BitTorrent, widely used to both legally and illegally swap COPIES—OF—COPYRIGHT—MOVIES, has been aiming to turn its technology into 1—TOOL used for legal services".
20060711             BPI Requests ISPs Suspend Suspected Filesharers
20060711             "THE—UK—PHONOGRAPHIC—INDUSTRY (BPI) has written to 2—OF—THE—UKS larger ISPs, Tiscali and Cable & Wireless, asking them to suspend the accounts of 59—USERS they have identified as 'illegal file sharers.' THE—BPI says they have 'unequivocal evidence' of IP addresses that were used to upload 'significant quantities' of music. Although THE—IP addresses were used to identify the ISPs involved, the providers are the only people able to identify the exact individuals responsible. This marks 1—SIGNIFICANT—CHANGE in THE—BPI—TACTICS; previously they have targeted individuals but it seems that they are now taking it 1—STEP—FURTHER and requesting the ISPs take decisive action to uphold the terms in their own 'acceptable use policies.'"
20060711             Phishers Defeat CITIBANK—2—FACTOR Authentication
20060711             "Crypto experts and USA—GOVERNMENT—REGULATIONS (FFIEC) have been pushing the need for financial Web sites to move beyond mere passwords and implement SO—CALLED "2—FACTOR—AUTHENTICATION" — the 2. factor being something the user has in their physical possession like 1—TOKEN — as the answer to protecting customers from phishing attacks that use phony e-mails and bogus Web sites to trick users into forking over their personal and financial data. According to 1—WASHINGTON—POST—BLOG, 'SecurityFix,' phishers have now started phishing for THE—2—FACTOR token ID from the user as well. The most interesting part is that these tokens only give you 1—MINUTE to log in to the bank until that key will expire. The phishers employ 1—MAN—IN—THE—MIDDLE—ATTACK against the victim and Citibank to log in via php and conduct money transfers immediately when logged in".
20060711             (An update to the blog entry notes that the phishing site mentioned has since been shut down.)
20060711             GUANTANAMO Bay detainees face 'systematic' abuse::
20060711             Prisoners at THE—USA—DETENTION—CENTER at GUANTANAMO Bay have been subjected to "systematic physical, psychological, sexual, medical and religious abuse," according to 1—REPORT released —MONDAY by the Center for Constitutional Rights
20060711             Records Show Pentagon Silence Led to Prisoner Abuses: New documents show senior Defense officials ignored the request by military commanders to clarify interrogation methods.
20060711             CCR Report In Full: Report Details Recent Torture and Inhumane Treatment in VIOLATION—OF—USA—LAW and THE—SUPREME—COURT—RECENT—HAMDAN—DECISION;
20060711             —EXPOSED, Dissident CIA faction '': A HIGH—RANKING Republican congressman has exposed what he sees as 1—DISSIDENT—FACTION within THE—CIA that he says "intentionally undermined" THE—POLICIES—OF—USA—PRESIDENT—GEORGE W Bush.
20060711             Hoekstra Says WHITE—HOUSE 'Outside the Law ': THE—WHITE—HOUSE possibly broke the law by keeping intelligence activities 1—SECRET from the lawmakers responsible for overseeing them, the House Intelligence Committee chairman said yesterday.
20060711             Bush may have broken law over intelligence : THE—WHITE—HOUSE kept intelligence activities secret from the lawmakers responsible for overseeing them until whistleblowers revealed the programmes, the house intelligence committee chairman said yesterday.
20060711             MI5 has secret dossiers on 1 in 160—ADULTS : The Government was accused last night of hoarding information about people who pose no danger to this country, after it emerged that MI5 holds secret files on 272,000 individuals - 1—STAGGERING 1 in 160—ADULTS.
20060711             Saving face over ID : What do you get when you combine 1—AMBITIOUS IT scheme run by the government and 1—PLAN that threatens to ride roughshod over civil liberties?
20060711             The answer is 1—UNHOLY mess.
20060711             Man Arrested For Protesting Against War In IRAQ : VICTOR—KITTILA, 55, of Eastpointe was standing near the road in Ferndale last week holding 1—SIGN that read "Honk if you want Bush Out," according to the Daily Tribune.
20060711             —CONFISCATED, Kittila lost the sign after police, it and placed him under arrest.
20060711             JAPAN Considers Strike Against N. KOREA : JAPAN said —MONDAY it was considering whether 1—PRE—EMPTIVE strike on THE—NORTH—MISSILE—BASES would violate its constitution, signaling 1—HARDENING stance ahead of 1—POSSIBLE UNITED—NATIONS Security Council vote on TOKYO—PROPOSAL for sanctions against the regime.
20060711             N KOREA ready for 'ALL—OUT war ': NORTH—KOREAN—LEADER—KIM JONG—IL has vowed not to make "even 1—TINY—CONCESSION" to THE—USA and said PYONGYANG was braced for "ALL—OUT war" after its missile tests, state television has warned.
20060711             UNITED—NATIONS Postpones Vote On NORTH—KOREA Sanctions: Ambassador Wang Guangya told reporters after 1—MEETING with envoys from RUSSIA, THE—USA, BRITAIN, FRANCE and JAPAN that the resolution would have to be altered for the council to approve it.
20060711             —DESIGNED, I—INDIA—1. TEST—FIRING—OF—1—NEW—MISSILE, to carry nuclear warheads across much of ASIA and THE—MIDDLE—EAST was unsuccessful, the defense MINISTER said.
20060711             —REPORTED, Although initially, as 1—SUCCESS by officials, the Agni III missile plunged into the Bay of Bengal short of its target
20060711             K Gajendra Singh: THE—MOTHER—OF—ALL—BATTLES: For Oil: For the 1. time in its history, Latin AMERICA, sharply split between 1—TINY—RICH—WHITE—ELITE and huge poverty, is moving towards 1—DEGREE—OF—INDEPENDENCE and also 1—DEGREE—OF—INTEGRATION.
20060711             —TERRIFIED, So THE—USA is.
20060711             THE—EVIDENCE to be presented to the Federal Election Tribunal includes alleged PROOF—OF—COMPUTER—MANIPULATION—OF—RESULTS +
20060711             that votes weren't counted, his party says.
20060711             Ortega Reaches 30% in NICARAGUA—RACE:
20060711             —INCREASED, Voter support for FORMER—HEAD—OF—STATE—DANIEL—ORTEGA, last month in NICARAGUA, according to 1—POLL by Borge y Asociados.
20060711             30.1—PERCENT—OF—RESPONDENTS would back the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) member in this year's presidential election
20060711             The Wahbas' last meal : : It's 1—DIRECT hit by the 2. missile fired by the excellent ISRAEL—AIR—FORCE—PILOT + it comes right into the dining room through the ceiling.
20060711             —KILLED, Fatma, 3—MONTHS—PREGNANT, is, on the spot by the shrapnel that hits her spine.
20060711             Her brother, DOCTOR—AHMED, is also killed.
20060711             His DAUGHTER—IN—LAW miscarries her child, the little girl Farah is moderately injured and THE—BABY—OF—THE—FAMILY, Khaled, is critically injured in the head.
20060711             A PUDDLE—OF—BLOOD collects on the floor.
20060711             UN warns of Gazans' struggle to survive : He said in THE—NORTH—OF—GAZA ISRAEL—FORCES had shot and destroyed rooftop water tanks and mains, while in the south more than 1,000—PEOPLE had been forced to leave their homes.
20060711             RAFAH had no electricity because the army would not allow THE—UN to fix 1—MINOR fault, while the rest of GAZA had electricity —FOR—6—HOURS 1—DAY.
20060711             —AFTER—30—YEARS, wife loses right to enter ISRAEL : There was no reason to suspect anything but 1—ERROR.
20060711             —AFTER all, throughout their 30—YEARS together this was the drill: Every 3—MONTHS, 1—DAY or 2—BEFORE THE—ISRAEL—TOURIST visa in her USA—PASSPORT was set to expire, she would go away for 1—FEW DAYS—TO JORDAN, sometimes CYPRUS or EGYPT, then return with 1—NEW visa for another 3—MONTHS.
20060711             'Apartheid ISRAEL' worse than apartheid SA : The "apartheid ISRAEL state" is worse than the apartheid that was conducted in SOUTH—AFRICA, CONGRESS—OF—SOUTH—AFRICAN—TRADE—UNIONS (Cosatu) PRESIDENT—WILLIE—MADISHA said on —MONDAY.
20060711             —ATTACKED, He said Palestinians were being, with heavy machinery and tanks used in war, which had never happened in SOUTH—AFRICA.
20060711             Olmert on IRAN: 'I—RELY on Bush':
20060711             "I am confident that THE—INTERNATIONAL—COMMUNITY, headed by PRESIDENT—BUSH, will take the required, effective measures to stop THE—THREAT—OF—ENRICHING uranium, posed by IRAN".
20060711             IRAN won't give final nuclear response —TUESDAY : IRAN previously said it would not give 1—FINAL—RESPONSE on —TUESDAY but, by repeating the comment 1—DAY before the meeting, the official undermined ANY—PROSPECTS—OF—1—BREAKTHROUGH.
20060711             —MARKED, TEHRAN insider TELLS—OF—USA black ops: There has been 1, spike in unrest in Kurdistan, Khuzestan and Balochistan, 3—OF—IRAN—PROVINCES with 1—HIGH—CONCENTRATION—OF—ETHNIC—KURDISH, Arab and Balochi minorities respectively.
20060711             USA to dangle nuclear energy deal in exchange for RUSSIA—HELP on IRAN : THE—USA—SAID —SATURDAY it is beginning negotiations with RUSSIA on 1—POTENTIALLY lucrative nuclear energy accord, but made clear ANY—DEAL would be conditional on MOSCOW—FULL—COOPERATION in USA—ATTEMPTS to block IRAN—NUCLEAR—AMBITIONS.
20060711             —KILLED, Chechen rebel leader Basayev, : Shamil Basayev, the Chechen rebel leader who became the most wanted man in RUSSIA, has been killed by THE—RUSSIA—SECURITY—SERVICES.
20060711             Web Ergebnisse 1 - 100—VON ungefähr 18.600—FÜR * children killed by * forces.
20060711             4—CHILDREN Killed By ISRAEL—OCCUPATION—FORCES : 1—PALESTINIAN was killed in another IDF attack in the Karni crossing and several others wounded.
20060711             Are Americans getting 1—ACCURATE—PICTURE—OF what's going on in IRAQ?
20060711             It's 1—LOT—WORSE over here [in IRAQ] than is reported.
20060711             The administration does 1—GREAT—JOB—OF managing the news.
20060711             —ALLEGED, Documents prove, IRAQ—RAPE—MURDER—VICTIM was 14, not 20 as the military says : Documents obtained by Reuters on —SUNDAY showed the rape victim was 1—MINOR aged just 14 + not over 20 as USA—OFFICIALS say.
20060711             † ABEER—SISTER—HADEEL was just 6—WHEN she, of "several gunshot wounds".
20060711             CHRIS—FLOYD: Home Free: USA—POWER in Mahmudiyah : Let this be 1—LESSON to all the cannon fodder out there: don't get above your raising, don't emulate your betters.
20060711             Law is for the lowly, not the great and good.
20060711             USA—SOLDIERS, keeping THE—STREETS—OF—IRAQ safe : Well, well, well.
20060711             —SCRUBBED, THE—MINISTRY—OF—TRUTH has now, out GREEN—PHOTO.
20060711             If you access the cached VERSION—OF—THE—ARTICLE you can still see it.
20060711             IRAQ to ask UN to end USA—IMMUNITY after rape case : IRAQ will ask THE—UNITED—NATIONS to end immunity from local law for USA—TROOPS, the human rights MINISTER said on —MONDAY, as the military named 5—SOLDIERS charged in 1—RAPE—MURDER—CASE that has outraged Iraqis.
20060711             Democracy, MEXICO—STYLE
20060711             —LEARNED, It was, that Felipe CALDERON—BROTHER—IN—LAW—DIEGO—HILDEBRANDO—ZAVALA wrote THE—VOTE—COUNTING software + it's already been hacked.
20060711             This new discovery is especially disturbing as whoever controls the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) computer systems can manipulate the vote process, control which votes get counted, which ones don't + what the final vote tally will be.
20060711             Whack NORTH—KOREA, Before It Can Protect Itself? -
20060711             THE—USA is the new ROME--there is no legitimate power but us.
20060711             ANY—OTHER—POWER is 1—POTENTIAL—THREAT to our interests and must be eliminated before it gets ANY—INDEPENDENT—IDEAS.
20060711             THE—USA, however, is far more dangerous than ROME.
20060711             ROME saw its world as THE—MEDITERRANEAN and, for 1—WHILE, NORTH—EUROPE, but THE—USA—THINKS the whole world is its oyster.
20060711             BUSH—SCATTERBRAIN "Reconciliation" Plan -
20060711             Bush is dreaming if he thinks that he can patch things together by throwing 1—BONE to the resistance.
20060711             What good does amnesty do when the country is in rubble and an USA—STOOGE is running the government from the Green Zone?
20060711             This just forces the resistance to stiffen their resolve and continue the struggle.
20060711             THERE—REALLY no other option. Continue
20060711             Pellots from 3,000—YEAR—OLD—YIN Ruins might be missiles
20060711             A large number of pottery pellets have been discovered in the famous Yin Ruins in CENTRAL—CHINA + now 1—ARCHAEOLOGIST said they might have been used as catapult missiles more 3,000 years ago.
20060711             Closing In on THE—NIGER Uranium Hoax
20060711             Who lied us into war? The answer may be forthcoming...
20060711             Putin Weighs In on Robots and SEX—AND Cthulhu. Really.
20060711             New letters reveal MYSTERIES—OF—EINSTEIN—LOVE—LIFE
20060711             —SHOWERED, ALBERT—EINSTEIN had half 12—GIRLFRIENDS and told his wife they, him with "unwanted" affection, according to letters released on —MONDAY that shed light on his EXTRA—MARITAL affairs.
20060711             ''Witch of Pungo'' receives GOVERNOR—PARDON——AFTER—300—YEARS
20060711             So, —AFTER—300—YEARS, she isn't 1—WITCH.
20060711             —PARDONED, So says GOVERNOR—TIMOTHY—M—KAINE, who today, GRACE—SHERWOOD, known as the "Witch of Pungo," 3—CENTURIES to the day she was convicted of witchcraft.
20060711             Bring me THE—HEAD—OF "Kenny Boy" Lay: Another convenient death invites new INVESTIGATIONS—OF—ENRON—BUSH—CRIMES
20060711             KENNETH—LAY, WORLD—CLASS—ENRON criminal, LONG—TIME—BUSH—FAMILY—FRIEND and crime ally, was pronounced dead on
20060711             Huashan Mysterious Grottos
20060711             The Largest MAN—MADE Cavern in Ancient CHINA.
20060711             Scientists consider benefits of yoga for cancer patients
20060711             —AWARDED, Last month, the National INSTITUTES—OF—HEALTH, UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS researchers some $2.4—MILLION to investigate whether Tibetan yoga has 1—POSITIVE—IMPACT on women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.
20060711             It's the largest award ever given to study the effects of yoga.
20060711             —UNEARTHED, Ancient suicide note
20060711             —HAILED, An ancient EGYPT—POEM is being, as the oldest description of feeling suicidal.
20060711             Trotzdem unterstützen namhafte Wissenschaftler, darunter der Präsident der amerikanischen National ACADEMY—OF—SCIENCES, RALPH—J—CICERONE, den provokativen Vorstoß des Nobelpreisträgers.
20060711             Zu den Befürwortern gehört auch Hans von Storch, Klimatologe an der Universität HAMBURG und am GKSS—FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM in Geesthacht: "Crutzen ist ja nun wirklich kein Dummkopf. Man sollte über seinen Vorschlag wenigstens nachdenken".
20060711             Den Provokateur selbst erstaunt der Aufruhr, den er ausgelöst hat, wenig: "Ich weiß, dass ich 1—TABU gebrochen habe. Natürlich wird das ein hässliches Experiment", sagt er.
20060711             Trotzdem seien die Schadstoffinjektionen in die Atmosphäre, verglichen mit dem Schmelzen des Polareises und dem Vordringen der Meere, womöglich das kleinere Übel.
20060711             STEFAN—BRÖNNIMANN, Klimatologe an der Eidgenössischen Technischen Hochschule in Zürich, bezweifelt, dass die Methode überhaupt zur Abkühlung des Planeten taugen würde: "Es würde nicht überall kühler. In Nordosteuropa etwa würde ich eher 1—ERWÄRMUNG erwarten".
20060711             Auch STEFAN—RAHMSTORF vom POTSDAM—INSTITUT für Klimafolgenforschung ist skeptisch: "Man müsste über viele Generationen hinweg mit den Schwefelinjektionen fortfahren, sonst käme es zu einer plötzlichen, massiven Erderwärmung".
20060711             Außerdem führe das Treibhausgas CO2 auch zur Versauerung der MEERE—UND dieses Problem löse Crutzens Vorschlag nicht.
20060711             Auch Crutzens Vorschlag ist vorläufig nicht viel mehr als SCIENCE—FICTION—UND doch hat er heftigen Streit unter den Klimaforschern entzündet.
20060711             Zu den schärfsten Kritikern gehört Lennart Bengtsson vom MAX—PLANCK—INSTITUT für Meteorologie in HAMBURG: "Der Plan ist beängstigend, weil er unerwartete Folgen haben kann".
20060711             Wer könne schon alle Wechselwirkungen des Schwefeldioxids mit anderen Substanzen in der Atmosphäre vorhersehen?
20060711             Die Lösung, die Crutzen einfiel, war denkbar einfach: In Bodennähe verweilen Schwefelteilchen nur rund 1—WOCHE, in der Stratosphäre aber überdauern sie ein bis zwei Jahre.
20060711             In 50—KILOMETER Höhe ist der Kühleffekt des Gases deshalb ungleich größer.
20060711             1—MILLION Tonnen Schwefel pro JAHR—ETWA 1—PROZENT der heute am Boden ausgestoßenen MENGE—WÜRDE die Welttemperatur bereits merklich senken.
20060711             Die Kosten für diese Radikalkur schätzt Crutzen auf jährlich 25—BIS 50—MILLIARDEN Dollar.
20060711             Mit weniger drastischen Mitteln sei die Erderwärmung kaum noch aufzuhalten, befürchtet er.
20060711             "Natürlich ist die Reduktion der Kohlendioxidemissionen das primäre Ziel. Aber ich habe große Zweifel, ob die Politik das je schaffen wird".
20060711             Experten schätzen, dass der weltweite Ausstoß des Treibhausgases CO2 um 60—BIS 80—PROZENT gesenkt werden müsste, um die Erderwärmung zu stoppen.
20060711             Doch die Instrumente des Klimaschutzes versagen kläglich: Selbst die bescheidene Reduktion der CO2-Emissionen, die das KYOTO—PROTOKOLL vorsieht, ist in unerreichbare Ferne gerückt.
20060711             Die Emissionen steigen UNGEBREMST—UND mit ihnen die Temperatur.
20060711             Bei diesen Aussichten kommen auch gestandene Wissenschaftler auf skurrile Ideen.
20060711             So manches zogen sie in Betracht, um Sonnenlicht von der Erde fernzuhalten: Spiegel im Weltraum, reflektierende Folien in den Wüsten oder auch weiße Plastikscheiben, die auf dem Meer schwimmen.
20060711             So zeigen die interaktiven Karten des
20060711             Nicht nur BREMERHAVEN, Wilhelmshaven oder Coburg tauchen da rot gefärbt mit der Prognose "stark abnehmend" auf.
20060711             Vielerorts deutet der Trend in Mitteleuropa auf MIKRO—STATT Metacity.
20060711             So sagt der 15—JAHRES—AUSBLICK auch WUPPERTAL, DUISBURG und GELSENKIRCHEN einen Rückgang voraus.
20060711             Alle drei zählen mit dem Ballungsgebiet RHEIN—RUHR noch zur einzigen deutschen Megacity.
20060711             Weltweit übertreffen nur gut 20—URBANE Zentren die zwölf Millionen Menschen an Rhein und RUHR—NOCH.
20060711             EUROPA und JAPAN stehen einem Bevölkerungsproblem gegenüber, das beispiellos in der Geschichte der Menschheit ist: Bevölkerungsrückgang bei gleichzeitig steigendem ALTEN—ANTEIL", sagte BILL—RUTZ, Präsident des Think Tanks Population Reference Bureau in WASHINGTON.
20060711             "Diese Daten müssen wir mit Ernst akzeptieren", sagte der japanische Premierminister Junichiro Koizumi, als bekannt wurde, dass Nippons Gesamtbevölkerung 20050000              zum 1. Mal überhaupt geschrumpft war.
20060711             Japans Bevölkerung ist heute die älteste der Welt, gefolgt von Italien.
20060711             Während die Mehrheit der Weltbevölkerung künftig in Städten wachsen wird, schrumpfen zwei Inseln des WOHLSTANDS—JAPAN und EUROPA.
20060711             Nach UNO—SCHÄTZUNGEN wird die Bevölkerung Europas von derzeit rund 730—MILLIONEN Menschen um rund 75—MILLIONEN SCHRUMPFEN—MEHR als 1—ZEHNTEL.
20060711             "Wir sitzen auf einer sozialen Zeitbombe", warnt Habitat in dem Bericht und geht hart mit der bisherigen ENTWICKLUNGS—UND Siedlungspolitik ins Gericht.
20060711             "Nur wenige Maßnahmen hatten wirtschaftliche oder soziale Auswirkungen auf die arme städtische Bevölkerungen".
20060711             —SEIT den sechziger Jahren hat sich die Zahl der Slumbewohner weltweit mehr als verdreifacht.
20060711             1—MILLIARDE Menschen leben schon heute in den Elendsvierteln rund um die Millionenstädte der SCHWELLEN—UND Entwicklungsländer.
20060711             Nach Schätzungen von Habitat landen jedes Jahr 27—MILLIONEN Menschen neu in den Slums der Großstädte.
20060711             Jährlich 27—MILLIONEN SLUM—BEWOHNER mehr
20060711             Die Slums am Rand der armen Riesenstädte werden künftig jede Dynamik in den reichen Ländern überflügeln, so das Szenario von Habitat.
20060711             Mit 95—PROZENT verteile sich der Großteil des globalen Bevölkerungswachstums in den nächsten zwei Jahrzehnten auf die Städte der Schwellenländer.
20060711             Gerade die seien am wenigsten auf die rasche Urbanisierung vorbereitet, warnt Habitat.
20060711             "Die Globalisierung macht aus dem 20010101—21001231    —CENTURY 1—JAHRHUNDERT der Städte", sagte HABITAT—EXEKUTIVDIREKTORIN Anna Tibaijuka.
20060711             In dem frisch veröffentlichten Bericht "STATE—OF—THE—WORLDS—CITIES 2006/7" liefern Statistiker und Bevölkerungsforscher von Habitat Fakten für dieses Szenario.
20060711             Überraschend dabei: Landflucht und Verstädterung, die UMWELT—WIE entwicklungspolitisch lange als Wurzel allen Übels galten, werden nun wertfrei als unabwendbar hingenommen.
20060711             Niemand spricht mehr davon, die Entwicklung zu stoppen oder gar umzukehren.
20060711             Die Hochrechnungen von Habitat sprechen für sich: Bis zum Jahr 20500000              werden schon über zwei Drittel der MENSCHHEIT—SECHS Milliarden ERDBEWOHNER—IN Städten leben.
20060711             Bombays Slums haben mehr Bewohner als Norwegen
20060711             Erstmals in der Geschichte wird 20070000              jeder 2. Mensch in einer Stadt LEBEN—UND mehr als 1—DRITTEL in Slums.
20060711             Während aber die gigantischen Siedlungen in den armen Ländern immer rasanter wuchern, leert sich EUROPA.
20060711             Forscher der Vereinten Nationen mussten einen neuen Begriff erfinden, um der Zukunft gerecht zu werden: ÜBER—STADT, englisch "Metacity", lautet das neue Schlagwort für den häuslichen Trend der Menschheit.
20060711             In den siebziger Jahren hatte die Uno den Begriff Megacity eingeführt.
20060711             —ZUNÄCHST stand er für Städte mit mehr als fünf, dann mehr als acht, heute über zehn Millionen Einwohnern.
20060711             Als Metacity zählen indessen Städte mit mehr als 20—MILLIONEN EINWOHNERN—DAS sind mehr als die Einwohner Dänemarks, Norwegens und Schwedens zusammen.
20060711             Klima: SCHWEFEL—BOMBEN sollen Erde abkühlen
20060711             Moskitos Stechmücken summen synchron
20060711             Mit dem Summen ihres Flügelschlags können Moskitos Menschen schier in den Wahnsinn treiben.
20060711             Untereinander dient der Ton den Tieren zur Kommunikation.
20060711             Bahnt sich 1—PAARUNG an, summen zwei Tiere gar im Duett.
20060711             Wenig ist in warmen Sommernächten so enervierend wie das hohe, leicht variierende Geräusch summender Stechmücken.
20060711             Eine einzige im Raum kann Stunden wertvollen Nachtschlafs RAUBEN—GLEICHERMAßEN wegen der Angst vor einem juckenden Stich und durch den Ton selbst.
20060711             —JETZT fanden Forscher heraus: Hinter einem Summen können sich gleich zwei Stechmücken verstecken.
20060711             Der britische UNO—GESANDTE Emyr Jones Parry wies die chinesische Vorlage umgehend als unzureichend zurück.
20060711             Der russische Botschafter Witali Tschurkin sagte dagegen, der Vorstoß sei "die richtige Antwort auf die aktuelle Lage".
20060711             CHINA und Russland lehnen alle Sanktionen gegen Nordkorea ab.
20060711             Der USA—SONDERBEAUFTRAGTE CHRISTOPHER—HILL wurde überraschend zu neuen Beratungen nach CHINA entsandt.
20060711             USA—AUßENMINISTERIN Condoleezza Rice habe ihn um weitere Diskussionen vor Ort gebeten.
20060711             Er soll am frühen Nachmittag in Peking eintreffen.
20060711             Wenige Stunden zuvor hatte der UNO—SICHERHEITSRAT seine Abstimmung über die Folgen der nordkoreanischen Raketentests verschoben.
20060711             Rice sagte, die USA hätten sich mit einem Vorschlag Japans einverstanden erklärt, zunächst den Ausgang einer chinesischen Delegationsreise nach Nordkorea abzuwarten.
20060711             Die chinesische Initiative habe "gewisse Erfolgaussichten", betonte Rice.
20060711             Die Delegation aus Peking war zuvor am —MONTAG in Pjöngjang eingetroffen. ler/AFP
20060711             BERLIN: Polnischer Botschafter kritisiert seine neue Regierung
20060711             Handytarife: Das Ende überteuerter Auslandsgespräche
20060711             Tödliche Unfälle: EU warnt vor MINI—MOTORRÄDERN
20060711             STAMMZELL—FORSCHUNG: Mäuse mit ERSATZ—SPERMA gezeugt
20060711             Europäische Wirtschaft: Furcht vor USA—WIRTSCHAFTSSPIONAGE
20060711             Satellitenbilder: Nordkorea bereitet neue Raketentests vor
20060711             Bevölkerung: RIESEN—STÄDTE wuchern rasant
20060711             Web Page Updated 19950000             —THE—OKLAHOMA City Bombing technorati tags:OKLAHOMA_CITY, Bombing, Revision, Bomb, Padilla, Murrah_Building
20060711             Looks like AL—CIA—DAH or Zionist Propaganda
20060711             JURIST—PAPER Chase: BREAKING NEWS ~ Federal judge rules FBI raid on congressional office legal
20060711             —ISSUED, Blogger Thoughts: The Opinion, seems to completely avoid addressing the
20060711             —FILED, Congressional Brief.
20060711             Embracing Hamdan
20060711             Bainbridge continues to ignore the most fundamental issue with Hamdan + the Guantanimo environment that it addresses:
20060711             It is only with due process that anyone can begin to fairly establish who are and who aren't THE—SO—CALLED "Islamofascist terrorists".
20060711             THE—EVIDENCE is overwhelming that SOME—OF—THOSE at Gitmo are GUILTY—OF—NOTHING, turned in by those wanting the bounty to be had.
20060711             —ENFORCED, The treatment that has been, qualifies as the most barbaric and unjustifiable, short of summary execution.
20060711             —COMMITTED, Evidently those who, suicide 1—FEW months ago preferred death.
20060711             Bainbridge and everyone else who chooses to ignore the practical and theoretical implications of the atrocities that they seem to support is either 1—MONSTER—OF indeterminate proportions, or they are so deluded by the propaganda of the "Terrorists myths" that their POWERS—OF—REASON have ceased to function.
20060711             ProfessorBainbridge_com
20060711             Embracing Hamdan By STEVE—BAINBRIDGE—DAVE—HOFFMAN posts:
20060711             It is sometimes SAID—OF—TODAY—PROGRESSIVES that our agenda is 1—DEFENSIVE crouch.
20060711             More energy is spent rehashing defending old decisions than imagining new victories.
20060711             —TODAY—LAW—STUDENTS, of 1—CERTAIN—MIND, have few modern decisions that resonate like liberalism's now 50—YEAR—OLD—GREAT triumph in Brown v. Board.
20060711             Thus, 1—COLLEAGUE at Temple suggests to me 1—INTERESTING question: is it right to think of Hamdan as this generation's Brown ?
20060711             It's 1—INTERESTING commentary on the academic left, which would equate 1—DECISION on the purported rights of foreign Islamofascist terrorists with 1—OPINION that tried to undo THE—LEGACY—OF—SLAVERY and centuries of racial prejudice and discrimination against 1—CLASS—OF—USA—CITIZENS.
20060711             It's also another example of how SOME—AND I emphasize SOME—FOLKS on the academic left can come off sounding as though they're neutral, at best, on the war on terror.
20060711             (To be sure, Hoffman tries to characterize Hamdan as 1—OPINION about executive power, but that's like calling Brown 1—CASE about THE—POWERS—OF—SCHOOL—BOARDS.)
20060711             NO QUARTER
20060711             TIRED—OF—SPIN in the No Spin Zone?
20060711             —TIRED—OF, Wanting some Hardball but, 1—HOST that tosses NERF balls?
20060711             This blog takes no prisoners and offers no quarter on issues of your security in today's dangerous world.
20060711             We don't care if you agree or disagree with us.
20060711             We only care that you think about what we write. MICHAEL—SCHEUER—GLASS—HOUSE
20060711             FORMER—CIA—ANALYST, MICHAEL—SCHEUER hit the hypocrisy trail last week with his
20060711             attack OP—ED on the credibility of RICHARD—CLARKE + THE—FBI.
20060711             According to Scheuer :
20060711             Media teasers about THE—MINI—SERIES have said that MISTER—CLARKE -- the former "terrorism TSAR" -- and 1—SENIOR—FBI officer, the late JOHN—O'NEILL, will be the heroes of the saga.
20060711             If true + if ABC—FACT—CHECKERS are not diligent in verifying MISTER—CLARKE—STORIES + claims, THE—MINI—SERIES will be 20010911             —THE commission's dream come true:
20060711             The Bush administration will be blamed for 20010911             ,
20060711             the feckless moral cowardice of the Clinton administration will be disguised +
20060711             MISTER—CLARKE + MISTER—O'NEILL—IN my view, 2—PRINCIPAL—AUTHORS—OF—20010911              - will be beatified.
20060711             It could be said that MIKE—SCHEUER + JOHN—O'—NEILL were viewed as THE—FACES—OF—THE—CIA + FBI in their respective agency's efforts against OSAMA—BIN—LADEN and al Qaeda terrorists.
20060711             —CONTRIBUTED, Of course, so MANY—OTHERS in EACH—ORGANIZATION, much to the fight and arguably played equal or more significant roles.
20060711             MISTER—SCHEUER—QUOTE in his article,
20060711             "MISTER—O'NEILL was interested only in furthering his career and disguising the rank incompetence of senior FBI leaders", is not only 1—INACCURATE assessment;
20060711             it is, petty and juvenile.
20060711             MISTER—SCHEUER—JEALOUSY—OF—JOHN—O'NEILL is apparent and reprehensible.
20060711             —VIEWED, It further demonstrates that Mike, counterterrorism efforts as 1—CONTEST rather than 1 coordinated cooperative effort.
20060711             MISTER—SCHEUER further states in his article, "MISTER—CLARKE—CLAIM that 'THE—CIA had taken months to tell THE—FBI ' several hijackers were in AMERICA is 1—LIE.
20060711             —COMMANDED, FBI officers sat in the unit I 1., and then served in and they read the same information I did.
20060711             If the data did not get to FBI headquarters it is because THE—FBI then lacked + still lacks, 1—USEABLE—COMPUTER—SYSTEM".
20060711             MISTER—SCHEUER is accurate in his criticism of THE—FBI computer system;
20060711             however he is disingenuous in using that as the reason for THE—FBI not obtaining the information referred to in 1—TIMELY fashion.
20060711             We Need Reform of our Fed. GOVERNMENT.
20060711             The Admin Branch and the Judicial Branch should be combined.
20060711             Oh, wait: looks like that's already happening.
20060711             Judge: FBI raid on lawmaker's office legal
20060711             HICKS—CASE, it's not the law that is the ass Bloglines user bill.giltner has sent this item to you.
20060711             HICKS—CASE, it's not the law that is the ass
20060711             Can you say: "Mountain out of 1—MOLE—HILL"?
20060711             THE—USA—THINKER about BLT's (I mean WMD's) technorati tags:wmd, IRAQ, desperation, nonsense
20060711             A 100—FIRECRACKERS 9/11—BLOGGER—BLOGGING 9/11 Related Alternative News All comments are welcome!
20060711             but please avoid hate speech and profanity + use references when possible.
20060711             A 100—FIRECRACKERS By GEORGE—WASHINGTON—ORIGINAL is here.
20060711             There were numerous eyewitness reports of loud explosions right before THE—COLLAPSE—OF—EACH—OF—THE—TWIN—TOWERS.
20060711             DEFENDERS—OF—THE—OFFICIAL—STORY argue that the explosions were actually floors "pancaking" on TOP—OF—EACH—OTHER.
20060711             However, such 1—THEORY doesn't explain the reports from credible witnesses of 1—SERIES—OF—RAPID—FIRE—SOUNDS—LIKE "gunshots" or "firecrackers".
20060711             —INTERVIEWED, For example: A witness, on television stated "it sounded like gunfire.... bang bang bang bang bang... and then 3—BIG—EXPLOSIONS"
20060711             And a paramedic said
20060711             "at 1. I thought it was -- do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear pop pop pop pop pop -- thats exactly what I thought it was"
20060711             —NOW, the guys who made the video Loose Change have found another witness.
20060711             Specifically, the brand new trailer for the final CUT—OF—THE—VIDEO—LOOSE—CHANGE includes 1—NEWS—INTERVIEW—WITH—1—WITNESS who heard the following, right before the collapse of 1—OF—THE—TOWERS:
20060711             "It sounded as if you had a 100—OF—THOSE... firecrackers and you lit them all off at once... it sounded like the finale of 20060704             —THE over THE—EAST—RIVER"
20060711             How can pancaking floors sound like HUNDREDS—OF—FIRECRACKERS during the grand finale at 1—MAJOR fireworks show?
20060711             —ON the other hand, wouldn't HUNDREDS—OF—CUTTER charges going off at once make exactly that sound?
20060711             And now back to OKLAHOMA City and all those years and events since...
20060711             —REPORTED, Let us assume things being, now about 19950000             —THE—OKC atrocity are even half true.
20060711             —AFTER that, wouldn't you be inclined to become 1—BIT—OF a "9/11—SKEPTIC" as well?
20060711             Wouldn't you want to demand that those events too be adequately investigated?
20060711             A 2. aide to REPRESENTATIVE—BOB—NEY (R-OH)
20060711             has been subpoenaed in THE—JACK—ABRAMOFF investigation.
20060711             —DESCRIBED, Court documents have, Ney "as having received
20060711             gifts, trips and other THINGS—OF—VALUE " from the fallen lobbyist.
20060711             "PRESIDENT—BUSH will likely cast the 1. veto
20060711             of his presidency if the Senate, as expected, passes legislation to expand federal funding of embryonic STEM—CELL—RESEARCH, WHITE—HOUSE—AIDE—KARL—ROVE said today.
20060711             THE—PRESIDENT is emphatic about this,
20060711             ' Rove said in 1—MEETING with the editorial BOARD—OF—THE—DENVER—POST".
20060711             Mayor STEVE—LONEGAN (R) of BOGOTA—NEW—JERSEY is " - calling for 1—MCDONALD—BOYCOTT
20060711             if THE—FAST—FOOD—CHAIN does not take down 1—SPANISH—LANGUAGE billboard advertising iced coffee".
20060711             Lonegan said the advertisement is "offensive" and "divisive" because it sends 1—MESSAGE that Hispanic immigrants do not need to learn English.
20060711             " The true things that bind us together as neighbors and community is our belief in THE—USA—FLAG and our common language," Lonegan said.
20060711             "And when MCDONALD—SENDS 1—DIFFERENT—MESSAGE, that we're going to be different now, that causes resentment".
20060711             LONEGAN—REMARKS must come as quite 1—SURPRISE to THE—USA—ARMY, which launched 1—MAJOR—SPANISH—LANGUAGE ad campaign 20010000             .
20060711             The tagline is "Yo Soy El Army " (I—AM—THE—ARMY):
20060711             Here's the official " - Yo Soy El Army " H2 humvee:
20060711             You might also be interested in THE—SPANISH—LANGUAGE—RECRUITMENT—SITES for THE—USA—NAVY and THE—USA—AIR—FORCE.
20060711             So when does Mayor Lonegan launch his boycott against THE—USA—MILITARY?
20060711             WHITE—HOUSE—ACCUSES Clinton of Sending 'Flowers and Chocolates' To Kim JONG—IL
20060711             Facing increasing criticism of their NORTH—KOREA policy from the right and left, WHITE—HOUSE—PRESS—SECRETARY—TONY—SNOW lashed out at the Clinton administration.
20060711             —ACCUSED, Snow, the Clinton administration of going to NORTH—KOREA with "flowers and chocolates".
20060711             —FAILED, He said the Clinton strategy "" and PRESIDENT—BUSH had "learned from that mistake".
20060711             Watch it :
20060711             1. GEORGE—H—W—BUSH : 1 to 2—BOMBS' worth of plutonium - 2. BILL—CLINTON : 0—PLUTONIUM
20060711             3. GEORGE—W—BUSH : 4—6—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS' worth of plutonium
20060711             But the Clinton administration's strategy, objectively, has been the most successful.
20060711             QUESTION: When you hear from your allies on Capitol Hill and elsewhere who are in favor of the preemptive doctrine + they are CRITICAL—OF—THE—ADMINISTRATION, they think that the administration is not doing enough in TERMS—OF—NORTH—KOREA and IRAN, essentially continuing the Clinton administration policy in NORTH—KOREA, for instance, what's your response?
20060711             What do you tell them?
20060711             SNOW: This is not the Clinton administration policy.
20060711             I understand what the Clinton administration wanted to do.
20060711             —WANTED, They, to talk reason to THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—PYONGYANG + they engaged in bilateral conversations.
20060711             And BILL—RICHARDSON went with flowers and chocolates + he went with light water nuclear reactors + he went with promises of heavy oil and 1—BASKETBALL signed by MICHAEL—JORDAN + MANY—OTHER—INDUCEMENTS for the dear leader to try to agree not to develop nuclear weapons + it failed.
20060711             But there was at least 1—GOOD—FAITH—EFFORT on THE—PART—OF—SOME very smart people to use that as 1—APPROACH.
20060711             —LEARNED, SNOW: We've, from that mistake.
20060711             1—REASON not to go bilateral with THE—NORTH—KOREANS is what we're seeing right now, which is that you need to have concerted pressure, especially from those who have very close and ongoing ties with THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—NORTH—KOREA, so that you can get results.
20060711             So this is not 1—CONTINUATION—OF—THE—CLINTON program.
20060711             The horrors of IRAQ.
20060711             CNN—NIC—ROBERTSON: "1—INTERNATIONAL—OFFICIAL told ME—OF—REPORTS among his staff that a 15—YEAR—OLD—GIRL had been beheaded and 1—DOG—HEAD sewn on her body in its place; and of 1—YOUNG—CHILD who had had his hands drilled and bolted together before being killed".
20060711             More at The Plank.
20060711             Bush Can Forget About POLAND
20060711             POLAND has been 1—STRONG—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION—ALLY in THE—IRAQ war.
20060711             It was 1—OF—THE—ORIGINAL—COUNTRIES to join 20030000             —THE invasion and PRESIDENT—BUSH has repeatedly pointed out the country's support, reminding SENATOR—JOHN—KERRY (D-MA) 20040000              that he "
20060711             forgot POLAND " and its support for the war.
20060711             But the Bush administration's mishandling of IRAQ is alienating even this strong ally.
20060711             POLAND is unlikely to join THE—USA in 1—FUTURE—ATTACK on IRAN because of its experience in IRAQ:
20060711             [The operation in IRAQ] wasn't optimal, wasn't very effective and quite 1—LOT—OF—MISTAKES were done there and still we make 1—LOT—OF—MISTAKES.
20060711             … I personally believe that military intervention in IRAN is improbable.
20060711             … So we should get used to the fact that we will have to deal with IRAN having nuclear armaments.
20060711             It appears the Bush administration's incompetence in IRAQ will complicate USA foreign policy for years to come.
20060711             NEWSWEEK Falsely Claims that Bush has Conceded Global Warming is Caused by Human Activity
20060711             —CALLED, The most recent NEWSWEEK has 1—ARTICLE, "
20060711             —CONCEDED, NEWSWEEK reports that Bush has, human activity is responsible for global warming:
20060711             The dispute is what to do about that warming. Bush did say that in
20060711             Limbaugh Distorts Numbers To Downplay Global Warming Science
20060711             Rush Limbaugh, last —FRIDAY :
20060711             I read something the other day that says in the last 4—YEARS, surface temperatures on average have not gone up.
20060711             They've gone down 1—10. of 1—DEGREE—CELSIUS.
20060711             If they're trending anywhere, they're trending down the last 4—YEARS.
20060711             NASA—GODDARD—INSTITUTE for Space Studies,
20060711             Hoekstra: Admin.
20060711             Must 'Keep the Intelligence Committees Fully Informed of What They Are Doing'
20060711             THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—REPORTS—TODAY that House Intelligence COMMITTEE—CHAIRMAN—PETER—HOEKSTRA (R-MI) wrote a "
20060711             sharply worded letter
20060711             " to his ally PRESIDENT—BUSH in May stating that the "USA—CONGRESS should not have to play 20—QUESTIONS to get information that it deserves under THE—USA—CONSTITUTION". Hoekstra appeared on FOX—NEWS this morning and said he wrote the letter because he "wanted to reinforce to THE—PRESIDENT…by law the requirement that they keep the legislative branch informed of what they are doing".
20060711             —DEBUNKED, Hoekstra, the administration claim that Congress is ALWAYS—KEPT informed
20060711             of intelligence programs.
20060711             —REVEALED, Hoekstra, that administration whistleblowers have brought to his attention secret programs that Congress should have told about previously, including "at least 1—SIGNIFICANT—ACTIVITY that we had not been briefed on that we have now been briefed on".
20060711             More from TPM and Emptywheel.
20060711             Full transcript: QUESTION: Are you saying that as THE—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—HOUSE—INTELLIGENCE—COMMITTEE that you were not briefed about other secret programs?
20060711             —FOCUSED, HOEKSTRA: Chris, that letter, on 3—THINGS that our committee has 1—PASSION about.
20060711             Number 1, getting the right people in the right leadership spots in the intelligence community.
20060711             2. thing is standing up THE—OFFICE—OF—THE—DIRECTOR—OF—NATIONAL—INTELLIGENCE to make sure that that reform effort moves forward.
20060711             And the 3. thing is doing complete and aggressive OVERSIGHT—OF—ALL—OF—THE—PROGRAMS in the intelligence community.
20060711             This is actually 1—CASE where the whistle blower process was working appropriately.
20060711             Some people within the intelligence community brought to my attention some programs that they believed we had not been briefed on.
20060711             They were right.
20060711             —ASKED, We, by code name what SOME—OF—THESE programs — about SOME—OF—THESE programs.
20060711             —BRIEFED, We've now been, on those programs.
20060711             —WANTED, But I, to reinforce to THE—PRESIDENT and to the executive branch and the intelligence community how important and by law the requirement that they keep the legislative branch informed of what they are doing.
20060711             QUESTION: Chairman, THE—PRESIDENT always says in these cases that congressional leaders, including you as THE—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—HOUSE—INTELLIGENCE—COMMITTEE, are briefed.
20060711             How do you explain this failure and how seriously do you take it?
20060711             HOEKSTRA: Well, I take it very, very seriously.
20060711             Otherwise, I would not have written the letter to THE—PRESIDENT.
20060711             You know, how do you explain it, there are LOTS—OF—PROGRAMS going on in the intelligence community.
20060711             You know, we can't be briefed on EVERY—LITTLE thing that they are doing. but in this case, there was at least 1—MAJOR what I consider significant activity that we had not been briefed on that we have now been briefed on + I want to set the standard there, that it is not optional for this PRESIDENT or ANY—PRESIDENT or people in the executive community not to keep the intelligence committees fully informed of what they are doing.
20060711             Hume: A Preemptive Strike on NORTH—KOREA Would Be a 'Successful Strategy'
20060711             This morning on FOX—NEWS—SUNDAY, Brit Hume said NORTH—KOREA—MISSILES are "sitting there like THE—WASHINGTON Monument" and "knocking the missiles out" would be "1—SUCCESSFUL—POSSIBLE—STRATEGY".
20060711             JOE—CIRINCIONE explains why 1—PREEMPTIVE strike on NORTH—KOREA—MISSLES would be
20060711             a disastrous blunder.
20060711             WILLIAMS: I don't think you're suggesting in GENERAL—KRISTOL mode that we start bombing the sites of their
20060711             HUME: That's what we could do.
20060711             WILLIAMS: If we do that, what are you inviting?
20060711             What are you guys suggesting here is the hard line with NORTH—KOREA?
20060711             HUME: THE—1—THING about knocking the missiles out on the ground, they're sitting there like THE—WASHINGTON Monument, they can be struck.
20060711             That is something we could do and would make 1—SUCCESSFUL—POSSIBLE—STRATEGY.
20060711             9/11—SYMPOSIUM: Professor Jim Fetzer
20060711             REPRESENTATIVE—CONGRESSMAN: Impeach Bush For Violating CONSTITUTION—NOT
20060711             REPRESENTATIVE—CONGRESSMAN: Impeach Bush For Violating CONSTITUTION—NOT Partisan Payback Says USA—UNION is bellwether for world government
20060711             Ein Überflieger lässt krachen sfux Harald Haack -
20060711             Das Airborne Warning and Control System (Abkürzung: AWACS) ist ein radarbasiertes elektronisches Frühwarnsystem.
20060711             Gemeinhin wurde der Begriff ?Frühwarnsystem? mit AWACS verbunden.
20060711             Spätestens seit der TSUNAMIE—KATASTROPHE aber wurde der Begriff dem militärischen Bereich entlehnt und wird nun auch im zivilen Bereich genutzt.
20060711             Bayerns Ministerpräsident Stoiber, durch die kürzliche.
20060711             500—AUF FileSharing Demo in STOCKHOLM
20060711             DORTMUND—LINKE Freiräume schaffen
20060711             Manuh DORTMUND—LINKE Freiräume SCHAFFEN—GEGEN POLIZEI—UND Ordnungsamtwillkühr
20060711             Magic Mushrooms Induce Effects "Descriptively Identical" To Religious Experiences, Say Scientists…
20060711             A universal mystical experience with LIFE—CHANGING effects can be produced by the hallucinogen contained in magic mushrooms, scientists claim today.
20060711             —40—YEARS—AFTER TIMOTHY—LEARY, THE—APOSTLE—OF—DRUG—INDUCED mysticism, urged his hippie followers to "tune in, turn on + drop out", researchers.
20060711             FRANK—RICH—OF 'NYT' Hits 'WSJ' and WHITE—HOUSE—FOR Attacks
20060711             NEW—YORK As shown by earlier comments by its top editor and its PUBLISHER, THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES' leadership was not amused by the recent WALL—STREET—JOURNAL editorial that slammed the paper for publishing its bank records surveillance story (even though the Journal ran much the same story itself).
20060711             Police Abuses in IRAQ Detailed
20060711             BAGHDAD — Brutality and corruption are rampant in IRAQ—POLICE—FORCE, with abuses including the rape of female prisoners, THE—RELEASE—OF—TERRORISM—SUSPECTS in exchange for bribes, ASSASSINATIONS—OF—POLICE—OFFICERS and participation in insurgent bombings, according to confidential Iraqi...
20060711             Is That A Balloon Pump In Your Pocket, Or A Bomb?
20060711             Uhm, really? According to Police CHIEF—MICHAEL—COLLINS "officers took prudent steps to handle what may have been 1—DANGEROUS—SITUATION" on —THURSDAY when 8—OFFICERS jumped and arrested 1—BALLOON—ARTIST as he pulled his bike up to his normal PLACE—OF—BUSINESS OUTSIDE—OF—THE—CENTRAL—PARK Zoo.
20060711             His.
20060711             What Do You Know?
20060711             Remember the wisdom of LAO Tzu: He who knows others is wise.
20060711             —ENLIGHTENED, He who knows himself is.
20060711             What do you know?-PAUL—FARRELL—THIS seems to be Paull Farrell appreciation week at the Big Picture.
20060711             I sense his frustration levels are increasing as he continues to rail against some of.
20060711             It's Good To Be THE—KING! — Why We Should Scrap Democracy And Bring Back Feudalism Uncle Dave Could it really be worse than it is now?
20060711             But in the past month, new cases in IRAQ have led to charges against 12—USA—SERVICEMEN who may face the death penalty in connection with THE—KILLING—OF—IRAQ—CIVILIANS.
20060711             Military officials caution against seeing the cases as PART—OF—ANY.
20060711             The ad truth is out there.
20060711             Caffeinegoddess told us about: Brita claims tap water is DIRTY—UPSETS—WATER—PROVIDERS THE—CANADA—WATER and Wastewater Association has filed 1—COMPLAINT with the Advertising Standards Council.
20060711             The Advertising Standards CANADA has been running 1—AD in LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA for the past few.
20060711             "Worst copyright law in EUROPE" passed in FRANCE
20060711             —PASSED, THE—FRANCE—PARLIAMENT has, what THE—ANTI—DIGITAL—RIGHTS—MANAGEMENT (DRM) group EUCD.INFO calls "the worst copyright law in EUROPE".
20060711             Popularly known as DADVSI (Loi sur le Droit d'Auteur et des Droits Voisins dans la Société de l'Information, or Law on AUTHOR—RIGHTS and Related.
20060711             The New Gender Divide: At Colleges, Women Are Leaving Men in the Dust A QUARTER—CENTURY after women became the majority on campuses, men are trailing in more than just enrollment.
20060711             How Bush "Slam Dunked" BOB—WOODWARD—INTO—SELLING—THE—WAR—UNCLE—DAVE—MANIPULATING the media for war.
20060711             Cenk Uygur: Note to Dense Mainstream Media -- Why We Hate Lieberman
20060711             I am constantly amazed by how uninformed people are when their job is to inform others.
20060711             EVERY—PRESS—ARTICLE or editorial I've seen on the Lieberman issue completely misses the point.
20060711             We are not against JOE—LIEBERMAN because we are leftists who require ideological purity.
20060711             We are against him.
20060711             Nuclear plants set for go ahead New nuclear power stations are expected to be given the green light in the government's energy review.
20060711             Security Council split on N KOREA UN Security Council is deeply divided on how best to respond to last week's missile tests by NORTH—KOREA.
20060711             Terror suspect fights extradition
20060711             A UK—COMPUTER—EXPERT accused of running terrorist websites is due to begin his appeal against extradition to THE—USA
20060711             EU set to host IRAN nuclear talks IRAN—TOP negotiator and THE—EU—FOREIGN policy CHIEF meet to try to defuse a row over TEHRAN—NUCLEAR plans.
20060711             USA in $80m 'CUBA democracy' plan USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH approves a fund of $80m to boost democracy measures in CUBA over the next 2—YEARS.
20060711             —WANTED, Chechen rebel CHIEF—BASAYEV dies The most, Chechen rebel warlord, Shamil Basayev, dies in what RUSSIA says was a "special operation".
20060711             Saddam boycotts 'malicious' trial Ousted IRAQ—LEADER—SADDAM Hussein and his lawyers say they will boycott his trial as closing arguments begin.
20060711             House price inflation picks up The rise in house prices is continuing to accelerate, government figures indicate.
20060711             Extinction fear for black rhino Black rhinoceros appear to have become extinct in WEST—AFRICA, the world's conservation body says.
20060711             Terror warnings to be public A new online warning system is to alert THE—PUBLIC to THE—THREAT—OF—ATTACKS by terror groups.
20060711             UN delays N KOREA sanctions vote A UN Security Council vote on sanctions over NORTH—KOREA—MISSILE—TESTS is postponed to give diplomacy more time.
20060711             Heritage body 'no' to carbon cuts The World Heritage Committee rejects calls to protect special sites through cuts in greenhouse emissions.
20060711             —BLAMED, Managers, for NHS deficits Inadequate leadership and management are the cause of the worst deficits in THE—NHS, 1—WATCHDOG says.
20060711             'Needless' stroke deaths attacked Insufficient priority is being given to stroke services, causing unnecessary deaths and suffering, MPs say.
20060711             'LAB—MADE sperm' fertility hope Scientists have proved for the 1. time that sperm grown from embryonic stem cells can be used to produce offspring.
20060711             Mental unit sex assaults 'rife' A study reportedly finds more than 100—WOMAN were sexually assaulted in NHS mental units over 2—YEARS.
20060711             More taken ill in E.coli outbreak THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE in LEEDS affected by 1—OUTBREAK—OF—THE—FOOD poisoning bug E.coli rises to 21.
20060711             Code of the Caveman A new DNA mapping technique may solve 1—ANCIENT—MYSTERY: Do modern humans carry Neanderthal genes?
20060711             Engineers Make Like 1—TREE
20060711             Need to design 1—STRONGER—BRIDGE or 1—MORE—VERSATILE fabric?
20060711             Try ripping off Mother Nature.
20060711             Scientists study tree trunks, microscopic algae and leaves for HIGH—TECH—INSPIRATION
20060711             More Secret WHITE—HOUSE—INTEL
20060711             WHISTLE—BLOWERS tell the House Intelligence Committee of another major intelligence program run secretly by the Bush administration, according to REPRESENTATIVE—PETE—HOEKSTRA, the committee's chairman.
20060711             HE—NOT happy about the legislative branch being kept in the dark.
20060711             Hybrid Tech Could Save SUVs GENERAL—MOTORS and DaimlerChrysler will try to break THE—SUV slump by adding electric motors to their largest models.
20060711             STEM—CELL Bill: GOP—CATCH 22
20060711             PRESIDENT—BUSH promises to veto 1—EMBRYONIC—STEM—CELL—BILL that's expected to pass the Senate by THE—END—OF—JULY.
20060711             LET—WATCH the political posturing from MEMBERS—OF—CONGRESS facing MID—TERM—ELECTIONS.
20060711             Online Video Boom Sparks Concerns
20060711             Homemade videos are posting at the rate of 50,000 1—DAY on YouTube, according to site administrators.
20060711             Parents worry about kids finding obscene or violent material + upload sites say monitoring the explosion of online video is tough.
20060711             EINSTEIN—HUSBAND, Lover and Father
20060711             Physicists Find Users Uninterested —AFTER—36—HOURS
20060711             "Statistical physicists working in THE—USA and HUNGARY have found that THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE reading 1—PARTICULAR—NEWS—STORY on the web decreases with time by 1—POWER—LAW rather than exponentially as was previously thought. The finding has implications for THE—STUDY—OF—INFORMATION—FLOW in social networks, marketing and web design".
20060711             The Energy of Empty Space != 0
20060711             "LAWRENCE—KRAUSS(well known physicist and AUTHOR—OF—THE—SCIENCE—OF—STAR—TREK) invited 1—GROUP—OF—21—COSMOLOGISTS, experimentalists, theorists + particle physicists and cosmologists. STEPHEN—HAWKING came; 3—NOBEL laureates, Gerard 'tHooft, DAVID—GROSS, FRANK—WILCZEK etc. He wrote about the conclusions of this session in Edge, in short: "there appears to be energy of empty space that isn't 0!
20060711             This flies in the face of all conventional wisdom in theoretical particle physics.
20060711             It is the most profound shift in thinking, perhaps the most profound puzzle, in the latter HALF—OF—THE 19010101—20001231    —CENTURY.
20060711             And it may be the 1. HALF—OF—THE 20010101—21001231    —CENTURY, or maybe go all the way to the 21010101—22001231    —CENTURY.
20060711             Because, unfortunately, I happen to think we won't be able to rely on experiment to resolve this problem"".
20060711             -Actually, writing for the National Review on-
20060711             Ledeen said THE—USA should attack IRAN :
20060711             But 1—THING I do know: I would insist that my soldiers have the right of "hot pursuit" into IRAN and Syria + I would order my armed forces to attack the terrorist training camps in those countries.
20060711             The National Review has EVERY—RIGHT to defend Ledeen.
20060711             But they should at least make 1—MODEST—EFFORT to get their facts straight.
20060711             THE—GUARDIAN reports that ES cells have been
20060711             used to create sperm that successfully fertilize mouse eggs, which could aid those with infertility.
20060711             OKLAHOMA, city bombing
20060711             for THE—REST—OF—THE—YEAR".
20060711—19610000    —SINCE, No USA—SERVICEMAN has been executed.
20060711—19670000    —SINCE, ISRAEL bars Palestinian Americans for 1. time : For the 1. time 19670000             —SINCE, ISRAEL is preventing the entry of Palestinians with foreign citizenship, MOST—OF—THEM Americans.
20060711—19860700    —IN, "A large COLLECTION—OF—CORRESPONDENCE shedding light on EINSTEIN—PERSONAL—LIFE and perspectives was made public today by THE—ALBERT—EINSTEIN—ARCHIVES at the Hebrew UNIVERSITY—OF—JERUSALEM. Spanning almost 3500—PAGES, the correspondence encompasses letters to and from his 1. and 2. wives and children between the years 19120000—19550000    .This newly released BATCH—OF—LETTERS fill in details to create a 'higher resolution' image of Einstein beyond what was previously known of his personal life. The collection has been in the Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University for MANY—YEARS, but was not made public in accordance with the will of EINSTEIN—STEPDAUGHTER, Margot, who specified that they not be revealed until —20—YEARS—AFTER her death. Margot †. Einstein wrote almost daily letters to his 2. wife Elsa and to her daughter Margot whilst away from home about delivering and listening to boring lectures, playing music with friends, or trying to stop smoking".
20060711—19970000    —SINCE, beat back 1—MODEST—INCREASE in the minimum wage for the lowest paid Americans for the 1. time.
20060711—19970000    —SINCE, Congress has not raised the federal minimum wage.
20060711—20000000    —AUTUMN—OF, They should reply to 2—LITTLE—QUESTIONS. What use did they MAKE—OF—THE—DOCUMENTS in the and
20060711—20010600    —IN, And on global warming, the most controversial PART—OF—HIS—GREEN scorecard, Bush acknowledged back that the National ACADEMY—OF—SCIENCES believed climate change was "due in large part to human activity".
20060711—20021000    —IN, ?
20060711—20060000    —YEAR, a $296—BILLION federal deficit for fiscal.
20060711—20060101    —ON, This gave SLOVENIA 5—MONTHS to print and mint euro notes to replace the tolar.
20060711—20060620    —ON, The bodies were found.
20060711—20060929    —ARRESTED, Police, Higgs in HAMPTON—VIRGINIA, after toxicology tests found 1—DRUG in his wife's system that would have paralyzed her.
20060711—20070000    —IM—JAHR, werden NUN—ZUM 1. Mal in der GESCHICHTE—MEHR Menschen in Städten leben als auf dem Land, wie die UNO—UNTERORGANISATION Habitat errechnet hat.
20060711—20070629    —CONVICTED, Higgs was, of killing Augustine by injecting her with succinylcholine, 1—PARALYZING—DRUG.
20060711—20080000    —FROM, Identity cards facing delay The timetable for introducing identity cards to THE—UK "might change", the Home Office has admitted.
20060711—20200000    —BY, Global oil output at peak, set to fall 32% :
20060711—20200000    —BY, The world oil production is at its peak and is set to fall 32% as discoveries wane, said ALI—SAMSAM—BAKHTIARI, 1—FORMER—EXECUTIVE—OF—IRAN—STATE—OIL—COMPANY
20060711—20200000    —BIS, "Wegweisers Demografie" der BERTELSMANN—STIFTUNG, welche Städte sich auf Schrumpfung einstellen müssen.
20060711—20300000    —BIS, Auf vier Milliarden Menschen werde sich die Stadtbevölkerung in den SCHWELLEN—UND Entwicklungsländern verdoppeln.
20060722             INDIA: Militant E-Mail Is Hoax E-mails purportedly from an Islamic "ARMY—OF—TERROR" claiming responsibility for 20060711             —THE Bombay train bombings are actually from 1—BOY posing as 1—SPOKESMAN for the militant group Lashkar-e-Qahar, according to INDIA—POLICE.
20060814             [20060711             ]
20060831             PRESIDENT—BUSH, 20060711             : "As 1—MATTER—OF—FACT, we will win in IRAQ so long as we
20060930             A.N. Roy, MUMBAI—POLICE—CHIEF, said his team had cracked 20060711             —THE bombing case and found solid evidence as that "the whole attack was planned by PAKISTAN—ISI and carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba and their operatives in INDIA".
20061108             [20060711              ]
20061108             Chafee comes very close. [20060711              ]
20061230—20090711    —ON, Bousada (69) †—OF—CANCER, leaving behind her twin toddlers.
20070205             AIR—FORCE Logistics Management Agency 19940000             , Darleen Druyun, Principal Deputy Assistant SECRETARY—OF—AIR... Proceedings: AIR—FORCE 4. Aging Aircraft Conference, 9-19960711              USAFA...
20070711             Lady Bird Johnson (19120000              *), WIDOW—OF—FORMER—USA—PRESIDENT—LYNDON—B—JOHNSON (19630000—19690000    ), † in AUSTIN—TEXAS.
20070711             † IN—SAN—FRANCISCO—JOSEPH—KONOPKA, 1—NEIGHBORHOOD—ACTIVIST, at his home on Ashbury St. in the midst of erotic asphyxiation.
20070711             —ARRESTED, TERRY—FRAZIER was soon, and charged with murder, robbery and burglary.
20070711             —REFRIGERATED, ALGERIA, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER blew up 1, truck loaded with explosives at 1—MILITARY—ENCAMPMENT outside ALGIERS, killing 10—SOLDIERS and wounding 35.
20070711             Manol Velev, 1—BULGARIA—BUSINESSMAN, was shot and left in 1—COMA.
20070711             oo Velev was, to BULGARIA—SPORTS—MINISTER and had paid for 20060000             —THE—RE—ELECTION—CAMPAIGN—OF—PRESIDENT—GEORGI—PARVANOV.
20070711             CANADA, "Honest Ed" Mirvish (92), 1—COLORFUL—TORONTO character who restored theaters, produced musicals, and ran 1—BRASH and cavernous discount store, †.
20070711             —ANNOUNCED, CHINA—FOOD and drug agency, stricter rules for approving new drugs.
20070711             —ORDERED, The government also, small, loosely regulated food producers to clean up their act.
20070711             NICK—YOUNG, UK—EDITOR—OF—THE newsletter CHINA Development Brief, said officials had ordered the shut down of the newsletter for violating a 19830000              law on gathering statistics.
20070711             † 3—FIREFIGHTERS while battling 1—BLAZE in 1—FOREST on THE—GREECE—ISLAND—OF—CRETE.
20070711             A passenger ship carrying 70—PEOPLE disappeared off EAST—INDONESIA after reporting engine failure in stormy seas.
20070711             The bodies of 2—CHILDREN were found drifting in nearby waters along with several survivors.
20070711             —CONVICTED, JORDAN—MILITARY—COURT, and sentenced 2—MILITANTS to prison with hard labor for plotting to attack Americans living in the kingdom.
20070711             Kurdish leaders spoke out against 1—KEY—OIL—LAW, raising further doubts over efforts to pass 1—OF—THE—POLITICAL benchmarks sought by THE—USA.
20070711             LIBYA—SUPREME—COURT upheld the death sentences of 5—BULGARIA—NURSES and 1—PALESTINIAN doctor convicted of infecting more than 400—CHILDREN with THE—AIDS—VIRUS.
20070711             But the verdict may not be the final word in the case.
20070711             WEST—MEXICO, Honda, Hershey's and other multinational companies temporarily shut down their factories after rebels attacked 1—KEY—NATURAL—GAS—PIPELINE.
20070711             —ARRESTED, NIGERIA—ANTI—CORRUPTION—AGENCY, 2—FORMER governors who had refused to present themselves for questioning.
20070711             —CLEARED, PAKISTAN—COMMANDOS, THE—WARREN—LIKE—RED—MOSQUE—COMPLEX—OF—ALL—ITS—DIE—HARD defenders, following 1—ASSAULT that ended 1—BLOODY—8—DAY—SIEGE and left more than 80—DEAD, including 1—PRO—TALIBAN cleric.
20070711             —BOYCOTTED, Hamas, the opening of the Palestinian PARLIAMENT—NEW—TERM, effectively allowing PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS to keep his moderate emergency Cabinet in power.
20070711             —APPROVED, RWANDA—STATE—RUN—RADIO said the Senate has, THE—ABOLITION—OF—THE—DEATH—PENALTY, 1—KEY—STEP demanded by THE—INTERNATIONAL—COMMUNITY to transfer genocide suspects to RWANDA—COURTS.
20070711             —REJECTED, Serbia, 1—NEW—USA—BACKED UN draft resolution on Kosovo, saying it would only lead to the province's independence.
20070711             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—THAILAND, separatists over the last 24—HOURS shot dead 4—PEOPLE including 1—GOVERNMENT—OFFICIAL, as THE—THAILAND—PREMIER began a 2—DAY—VISIT to the region.
20070711             TURKEY—AMBASSADOR to WASHINGTON said that USA—WEAPONS have been turning up in the hands of Kurdish guerrillas staging attacks in TURKEY.
20070711             Indes bröckelt der Rückhalt für Bush unter den Republikanern weiter.
20070711             -In den vergangenen WOCHEN—HATTEN sich mehrere republikanische SENATOR en demonstrativ von Bush und seiner IRAK—POLITIK abgewandt.
20070711             IRAK—KRIEG: Weißes Haus gesteht Kriegsmüdigkeit der USA—BÜRGER ein
20070711             "Die Bereinigung der Exzesse wird sich in den kommenden Monaten negativ auf die Gewinne der Banken auswirken", sagt Hellmeyer voraus.
20070711             "In diesem Maße wird DIE—RISIKOAVERSION steigen
20070711             und auch zu einer veränderten Kreditvergabepraxis führen".
20070711             Kommt das Kreditvergabekarussell zum Stillstand, droht den globalen Finanzmärkten auch von anderen Seiten Ungemach.
20070711             Der Großteil der USA—WIRTSCHAFTSLEISTUNG geht auf den privaten Konsum zurück:
20070711             Schränkt der USA—BÜRGER seinen Konsum ein, weil er entweder keine neuen Kredite mehr bekommt oder seine alten Kredite nicht mehr bedienen kann, dürfte die WALL—STREET sehr empfindlich reagieren.
20070711             Doch fällt der Verbraucher als Wachstumstreiber aus, sind die Hoffnungen auf eine rasche Erholung der USA—WIRTSCHAFT hinfällig.
20070711             Königin ELIZABETH II. habe mit der Ernennung des Autoren Rushdie zum Ritter eine klare Botschaft an alle Muslime gesandt, da der Schriftsteller den Islam beleidigt habe, sagte Sawahri.
20070711             Rushdie ist vor allem wegen seines Romans "Die satanischen Verse" bekannt.
20070711             Brown erwägt strenge Terrorgesetze
20070711             Der Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz, PETER—SCHAAR, nutzte gleichfalls die Gelegenheit, um erneut seine Vorbehalte gegen die FOTO—FAHNDUNG deutlich zu machen.
20070711             Die niedrigen Erkennungsraten könnten dazu führen, dass auch unbescholtene Bürger in Verdacht gerieten und sich rechtfertigen müssten, so Schaar.
20070711             Der Einsatz biometrischer Systeme dürfe zudem nicht zu einer Totalüberwachung führen.
20070711             Und auch das war im Kampf gegen den Terror zuletzt selten: der Schulterschluss zwischen Sicherheitsbehörden und Datenschützern.
20070711             WASHINGTON—IHR Heimatland Irak verließen im vergangenen Jahr 790.000—MENSCHEN, wie das private USA—KOMITEE für Flüchtlinge und Immigranten heute erklärte.
20070711             Syrien nahm 449.000—VON ihnen auf, Jordanien 250.000, Ägypten 80.000.
20070711             Insgesamt 202—IRAKER durften sich in den USA niederlassen.
20070711             —ENDE 20060000              gab es dem Komitee zufolge 1.687.800 irakische Flüchtlinge.
20070711             REUTERS—FLÜCHTLINGE: Mehr als 1,6 Millionen Menschen haben den Irak verlassen 1—REGISTRIERUNG in PAKISTAN ergab fast 1—MILLION zusätzliche Flüchtlinge aus AFGHANISTAN, ihre Zahl beträgt insgesamt 2.161.500.
20070711             Videoüberwachung: Kameras sollen Kriminelle erkennen
20070711             Umfrage: Mehrheit gegen Schäubles ANTI—TERROR- Pläne
20070711             Krieg und Krisen: Zahl der Flüchtlinge weltweit dramatisch gestiegen
20070711             FORSCHER—RENNEN: Wirrwarr um Wasserzeichen auf fernen Planeten
20070711             STEINZEIT—SEGLER: Deutscher beginnt ATLANTIK—ÜBERQUERUNG per Schilfboot
20070711             Streit über BIOMETRIE—KAMERAS: VIDEO—WUNDERWAFFE gegen Terroristen floppt im Alltagstest
20070711             Gerichtsurteil: Köln darf SEX—STEUER erheben
20070711             Werksverkauf bei Airbus: Arbeitnehmervertreter wollen mitreden
20070711             Fund in Sibirien: Komplettes BABY—MAMMUT im Eis gefunden
20070711             Korruptionsaffäre: Sachsens Regierung versteckt sich hinter Gutachten
20070711             STRATEGIE—DILEMMA: WASHINGTON windet sich in der IRAK—FALLE
20070711             Londoner Terrorprozess: Rucksackbomber zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt
20070711             Australien: Riesenkalmar an Strand gespült
20070711             Gesundheitsrisiko: USA—BOTSCHAFT warnt Touristen vor Müllbergen in Neapel
20070711             Die Gruppe um DANIEL—STARK vom CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE—OF—TECHNOLOGY (Caltech) fand in den Tiefen des Alls sechs Galaxien, die weiter entfernt liegen, als alle, die bisher von der Erde aus beobachtet worden waren.
20070711             Das berichten sie nun in einem Beitrag für die Fachzeitschrift "Astrophysical Journal" (Bd.
20070711             663, S. 10), der AUCH—ONLINE verfügbar ist.
20070711             Fotostrecke starten: Klicken Sie auf 1—BILD (4—BILDER)
20070711             Das schwache Licht, das die Wissenschaftler auf HAWAII einfangen konnten, ist 13—MILLIARDEN Jahre alt, teilte das Caltech mit.
20070711             Es wäre damit ausgesandt worden, als das Universum selbst erst etwa 500—MILLIONEN Jahre jung war.
20070711             Was die Quelle des Lichts angeht, sind die Forscher sicher: "Wir haben sechs sternformende Galaxien in noch nie dagewesener Entfernung lokalisiert", sagte TEAM—MITGLIED RICHARD—ELLIS.
20070711             Seine unverminderte Rückendeckung für den IRAK—KURS von Präsident Bush entwickelt sich ebenfalls zu einem echten Problem für McCain.
20070711             Selbst konservative republikanische Senat skollegen hatten sich zuletzt gegen Bush gestellt.
20070711             Der Widerstand in der USA—BEVÖLKERUNG gegen den IRAK—KRIEG nimmt jedenfalls weiterhin zu.
20070711             Seine Kampagne sei auch nicht am Straucheln, erklärte McCain.
20070711             "Ich würde die Kampagne als gut laufend bezeichnen", sagte er demnach weiter.
20070711             "Ich bin damit sehr glücklich".
20070711             Freunde des SENATOR s werden allerdings mit den Worten zitiert, McCain wirke sehr ANGESCHLAGEN—EINST galt er als Favorit für das Präsidentenamt.
20070711             Viele sehen McCain ernsthaft beschädigt.
20070711             Es sei im Grunde genommen das Ende der KAMPAGNE—OHNE tatsächlich aufzugeben, erklärte ALEX—VOGEL, ein republikanischer Stratege.
20070711             "Im medizinischen Sprachgebrauch würde man sagen, seine Kampagne ist in einem ernsthaften Zustand. Die letzte Ölung wird vorbereitet".
20070711             McCains wohl ernsthaftester Konkurrent um die Nominierung der Republikaner äußerte sich dagegen zurückhaltend:
20070711             "Ich wäre der Letzte, der denken würde, das war's für JOHN—MCCAIN", sagt NEW—YORK s EX—BÜRGERMEISTER RUDY—GIULIANI.
20070711             TERROR—DEBATTE: Beckstein widerspricht Schäuble
20070711             KOSMOS—KINDERGARTEN: Bislang ältestes Licht eingefangen
20070711             Seafaring SUPER—RICH Dive to Ocean Bottom in Luxury Submarines
20070711             The ocean floor is the final spending frontier for the world's richest people.
20070711             THOUSANDS—OF—PAKISTAN—TRIBESMEN vow mosque revenge : Around 20,000 PAKISTAN—TRIBESMEN vowed —MONDAY to take revenge on PRESIDENT—PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF for the siege of 1—RADICAL—MOSQUE in THE—CAPITAL—ISLAMABAD, witnesses and officials said, cited by AFP.
20070711             USA Aborted Raid on Qaeda Chiefs in PAKISTAN in '05 :
20070711             Private Spies: Who Runs THE—CIA ?
20070711             Outsiders for Hire.: The most intriguing secrets of the "war on terror" have nothing to do with AL—QAEDA and its fellow travelers.
20070711             They're about the mammoth private spying industry that all but runs USA—INTELLIGENCE—OPERATIONS—TODAY.
20070711             Judges OK warrantless MONITORING—OF—WEB—USE :
20070711             Federal agents do not need 1—SEARCH—WARRANT to monitor 1—SUSPECT—COMPUTER—USE and determine the e-mail addresses and Web pages the suspect is contacting, 1—FEDERAL—APPEALS—COURT ruled —FRIDAY.
20070711             —SUPPOSED, THE—USA—OF—ISRAEL : 20070704             —THE is, to be 1—CELEBRATION—OF—USA—INDEPENDENCE.
20070711             But no 1 can honestly claim that THE—USA is independent of ISRAEL and its immensely powerful domestic lobby.
20070711             UK—WORKERS' union calls for boycott on ISRAEL:
20070711             —CALLED, BRITAIN—TRANSPORT and GENERAL—WORKERS' Union has, upon its 800,000 members to boycott ISRAEL i-made products based on what they term ISRAEL 's "criminal policies in Palestinian territories".
20070711             Stranger than fiction : The leader of an AL—QAIDA umbrella group in IRAQ threatened to wage war against IRAN unless it stops supporting Shiites in IRAQ within 2—MONTHS, according to 1—AUDIOTAPE released —SUNDAY.
20070711             Olmert to Assad: 'I am ready to hold direct talks with you' : ' Come to" JERUSALEM to talk' "was THE—MESSAGE—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT to SYRIA—PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD, in an historic interview to SAUDI—ARABIA—SATELLITE—STATION AL—ARABIYA, aired by Channel 10——MONDAY evening.
20070711             Syria urges Syrians to leave LEBANON : Syria is calling on its citizens who are in LEBANON to leave the country ahead of 1 expected military "eruption" expected to take place next week.
20070711             TURKEY has 140,000 troops on IRAQ border, foreign MINISTER says:
20070711             THE—TURKEY—MILITARY had no comment to the remarks by Foreign MINISTER—HOSHYAR—ZEBARI + it was unclear where he got the figures
20070711             USA—ARMY—MISSES recruiting goal again, raises worry : THE—USA—ARMY, strained by wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, missed its recruiting goal for the 2. straight month in June, indicating 1—TREND that some defense officials on —MONDAY called worrying.
20070711             He calls on IRAQ—LAWMAKERS to reject the legislation.
20070711             Short Bedtime Stories From IRAQ:
20070711             —BURNED, HALF—OF—BADIAA—HOUSE is now, down".We will send you 1—CHEQUE".
20070711             —LAUGHED, They, and walked away in the night.
20070711             USA puppet's fear for life:
20070711             Iraqis warn of civil war if USA—TROOPS withdraw : IRAQ—LEADERS warned on —MONDAY that 1—EARLY—USA—TROOP—WITHDRAWAL could tip IRAQ into ALL—OUT civil war after THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES said debate was growing in THE—WHITE—HOUSE over 1—GRADUAL—DRAW—DOWN—OF—FORCES.
20070711             THE—END—OF—MALIKI ?: I am getting DOZENS—OF—REPORTS from various sources which are pointing in 1—DIRECTION—THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—IRAQ(n)i PRIME—MINISTER—MALIKI is on THE—VERGE—OF—COLLAPSE.
20070711             Official: Report will say NONE—OF—IRAQ—GOALS met : 1—LIKELY—RESULT—OF—THE—REPORT will be 1—VASTLY accelerated debate among PRESIDENT—BUSH—TOP—AIDES on withdrawing troops and scaling back THE—USA—PRESENCE in IRAQ.
20070711             IRAQ war 'to last for decades', warns Petraeus : The fight against rebels in IRAQ could carry on for decades, THE—HEAD—OF—USA—FORCES there has warned.
20070711             Sheehan challenges Pelosi to back Bush impeachment : Cindy Sheehan, who became 1—LEADING ANTI—WAR activist after her son † in IRAQ, said on —MONDAY she will run against HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES—SPEAKER—NANCY—PELOSI if the Democratic leader fails to seek THE—OUSTER—OF—PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH within the next 2—WEEKS.
20070711             Key Republicans to challenge Bush on IRAQ : Following are some key Republicans challenging Bush on IRAQ.
20070711             IRAQ: Mixing Oil & Blood
20070711             - Video - A hard hitting documentary on Aljazeera
20070711             A controversial new MIDDLE—EAST—OIL—LAW could lead to the "disintegration" of IRAQ as 1—NATION state.
20070711             2—OF—THE—REGION—MOST respected commentators, including THE—CO—AUTHOR—OF—THE—NEW—IRAQ Oil Law and 1—FORMER—OIL—MINISTER, have each expressed their "gravest concern" at what they believe could happen within their country if the law is approved in its current form.
20070711             Nobody Marched to Impeach BILL—CLINTON
20070711             CONGRESS—FAILURE to initiate ARTICLES—OF—IMPEACHMENT for Bush and CHENEY—CRIMINAL—ACTS is 1—BREACH—OF—CONGRESS—OATH "to support and defend the Constitution of THE—USA—AGAINST all enemies, foreign or domestic".
20070711             If Pelosi and the 110. Congress do not uphold this Oath, they have secured their rightful places alongside Bush + Cheney as ENEMIES—OF—THE—STATE.
20070711             N eocons, theocons, Demcons, excons + future cons
20070711             —OPPOSED, Think of why you are, to the war.
20070711             Is it not largely because of all the unspeakable suffering brought down upon the heads and souls of the poor people of IRAQ by THE—USA—MILITARY?
20070711             Hillary Clinton couldn't care less about that, literally.
20070711             —SUCCEEDED, She thinks THE—USA—MILITARY has "".
20070711             —LABELED, Has she ever unequivocally, the war "illegal" or "immoral"?
20070711             The Killing Machine
20070711             —ESTABLISHED, Bush has, powerful + expensive intelligence + security SUPER—STRUCTURES + he has transformed all the air + sea + land forces into INSTRUMENTS—OF—WORLD—POWER that take war + injustice + hunger + death to ANY—PART—OF—THE—GLOBE, in order to educate its inhabitants in THE—EXERCISE—OF—DEMOCRACY + freedom.
20070711             THE—USA—PEOPLE are gradually waking up to this reality.
20070711             War Criminal Washes Blood From Hands -
20070711             —TRIED, Powell, to talk Bush OUT—OF—WAR
20070711             —REVEALED, THE—FORMER—USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—COLIN—POWELL has, that he spent 2½ hours vainly trying to persuade PRESIDENT—GEORGE W Bush not to invade IRAQ + believes today's conflict cannot be resolved by USA—FORCES.
20070711             MICHAEL—MOORE rips into Wolf Blitzer after runs 1—HIT piece on "Sicko".
20070711             —BY the way -- here is MOORE—POINT—BY—POINT—RESPONSE to the demonstrable lies told by SANJAY—GUPTA, 's ATTACK—HACK.
20070711             Example: : In fact, Americans live just 1—LITTLE—BIT—LONGER than Cubans on average.
20070711             THE—TRUTH: * Just the opposite. The
20070711             Rossmann räumte ein, dass es sehr schwer werde, die Idee der SPD—LINKEN zu verwirklichen.
20070711             Die Bundesbank werde sich sträuben.
20070711             Allerdings hoffe er auf den Koalitionspartner: "Mit gutem Willen könnten CDU und CSU dem Vorschlag folgen".
20070711             Die Bundesbank verwaltet mit rund 3400—TONNEN eine der größten Goldreserven der Welt.
20070711             Im vergangenen Jahr hatten die Vorräte einen Wert von mehr als 50—MILLIARDEN Euro.
20070711             MAULKORB—POLITIK: Früherer oberster USA—GESUNDHEITSHÜTER wirft Bush Zensur vor
20070711             Indien: Dutzende Tote bei Feuergefecht im Osten des Landes
20070711             Brasilien: Lula träumt vom ATOMKREISLAUF—WIE Ahmadinedschad
20070711             Tschernobyl: Roten und gelben Vögeln schadet Radioaktivität am meisten
20070711             Haushalt: SPD—LINKE fordert Verkauf von Goldreserven
20070711             Betrugsprozess: Millionen in der dubiosen Geldmaschine
20070711             KINDERBUCH—ILLUSTRATION: Mikropenis erregt USA—VERLAG
20070711             —LOADED, Congress, and pointed 1—GUN at IRAN in THE—FORM—OF—LIEBERMAN—AMENDMENT to the Defense Authorization act (S.AMDT.2073, amending H.R.1585 and S.AMDT.2011).
20070711             That was more than 6—WEEKS ago, yet the most pivotal FEATURE—OF—THE—AMENDMENT + INDEED—OF—HISTORY in the making, has gone entirely unremarked: It is 1—DEMONSTRABLE—NON—SEQUITUR.
20070711             DAVID—HALPIN: THE—BBC, its FORMER—GAZA correspondent and an Arab : We ask THE—BBC again to honour ALAN—JOHNSTON by reporting the several likely war crimes committed this last —THURSDAY [20070705             ] and to press for 1—INTERNATIONAL—INVESTIGATION—OF them.
20070711—19680704    —ON, A quickie with... MARK—SHAPIRO:, MARK—SHAPIRO was among 1—GROUP—OF—7—DESERTERS and 1—DRAFT resister who turned up on the lawn of THE—USA—EMBASSY in STOCKHOLM to stage 1—SIT—DOWN protest against the war in VIETNAM.
20070711—19950000    —FOUNDED, Young had, THE—PUBLICATION.
20070711—20071206    —RELEASED, Velev was, from the hospital and faced extensive rehabilitation.
20070711—20100000    —PLEADED, Frazier, guilty to manslaughter charges.
20070731             United JERUSALEM—ISRAEL—NEWS Today - 20040711             20070905             ( DEA news release, 20060711             ).
20071104             SEC INFO—KENNEDY GREGORY—JAMES - 3 - Paygard INC—FOR 20030711              GREGORY—JAMES—KENNEDY,
20080707—20080711    —ON, police arrested Chen Jun (18), who confessed to killing the woman during 1—ROBBERY.
20080711             —SEIZED, USA banking regulators, IndyMac Bancorp INCORPORATED, PASADENA—BASED mortgage lender, after withdrawals by panicked depositors led to the 2.—LARGEST banking failure in USA—HISTORY.
20080711             Fannie Mae and FREDDIE—MAC said that their finances were sufficiently sound to withstand the housing crisis as government officials scrambled to restore confidence in the country's 2—LARGEST—MORTGAGE—FINANCE—COMPANIES.
20080711             Gregg Bergersen (51), a FORMER—USA—DEFENSE Department analyst, was sentenced in VIRGINIA to 57—MONTHS in prison for passing classified information about TAIWAN to a CHINA—GOVERNMENT agent.
20080711             —INTRODUCED, Apple, its next generation iPhone in 22—COUNTRIES.
20080711             —CAUSED, Unprecedented demand, initial service problems.
20080711             —TOUCHED, Oil prices, $147 1—BARREL before beginning 1—DECLINE.
20080711             —PIONEERED, DOCTOR—MICHAEL—DEBAKEY, such NOW—COMMON—PROCEDURES as bypass surgery and invented 1—HOST—OF—DEVICES to help heart patients.
20080711             S—FRANCISCO—ARMANDO—ESTRADA, (30) of RODEO—CALIFORNIA, was shot and killed at 20. and Mission streets.
20080711             AUSTRALIA, the official program for THE—CATHOLIC—CHURCH—WORLD—YOUTH—DAY began, but was partly overshadowed by THE—LAUNCH—OF—1—INVESTIGATION into sexual abuse allegations against 1 disgraced priest.
20080711             —CONVERGED, THOUSANDS—OF—PILGRIMS, on SYDNEY as it braced for the weekend arrival of BENEDICT—PAPA.
20080711             —PROMISED, BRAZIL—PRESIDENT—LUIZ—INACIO—LULA da Silva, to support EAST—TIMOR during talks in DILI with Timorese leaders including PRESIDENT—JOSE—RAMOS—HORTA.
20080711             CAMBODIA, Khim SAM—BO, 47—JAHRE—ALT, 1—JOURNALIST working for 1—PRO—OPPOSITION—NEWSPAPER, was killed along with his son (19) in 1—DRIVE—BY shooting in Phnom Phen.
20080711             A gunman on 1—MOTORCYCLE shot 5—TIMES at the victims as they were leaving 1—SPORTS—STADIUM on 1—MOTORCYCLE.
20080711             Officials said the bodies of 4—AFRICANS have been found in 1—SMALL—BOAT packed with migrants trying to reach SPAIN—CANARY—ISLANDS.
20080711             It was the 3. such tragedy in 1—WEEK.
20080711             —WARNED, PRESIDENT—RAUL—CASTRO, Cubans to prepare for a "realistic" BRAND—OF—COMMUNISM that is economically viable and does away with excessive state subsidies designed to promote equality on the island.
20080711             —ANNOUNCED, THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—INDUSTRY and Trade Ministry, that RUSSIA has reduced its oil shipments to the country without providing 1—EXPLANATION.
20080711             —ANNOUNCED, The cutback was, —3—DAYS—AFTER the nation signed 1—MILITARY—AGREEMENT with WASHINGTON that the Kremlin strongly opposes.
20080711             —DROPPED, RUSSIA later said the supplies, because 2—RUSSIA—FIRMS had decided to refine more crude at home.
20080711             —ACCUSED, ETHIOPIA—OGADENI rebels, the regime in ADDIS—ABABA of deliberately blocking INTERNATIONAL aid to their WAR—WRACKED and DROUGHT—STRICKEN region.
20080711             —DETAINED, IRAQ, THE—USA—MILITARY, 9—PEOPLE SUSPECTED—OF—INVOLVEMENT in THE—AL—QAIDA in IRAQ group in raids in BAGHDAD and the cities of Beiji and MOSUL.
20080711             —REVEALED, ISRAEL—POLICE, stinging new allegations against PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT, accusing him of pocketing TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—DOLLARS by deceiving multiple sources into paying for the same trips abroad.
20080711             —KILLED, ISRAEL—TROOPS, 1—PALESTINIAN gunman who opened fire in the early morning on an ISRAEL—CIVILIAN—DRIVING in THE—WEST—BANK.
20080711             —PLEDGED, INTERNATIONAL donors, more than HALF—OF—THE—EURO1.5—BILLION ($2.36—BILLION) in aid requested by Kosovo to build up its infrastructure and democratic institutions.
20080711             —ANNOUNCED, LEBANON—PRIME—MINISTER—FUAD—SANIORA, 1—NEW—NATIONAL—UNITY—CABINET in which Hezbollah and its allies have veto power over government decisions.
20080711             A fishing boat, carrying 8—TAIWANESE, 1—CHINESE and 6—CREW members from MADAGASCAR, sank after reporting engine problems.
20080711             —ANNOUNCED, In THE—NETHERLANDS health authorities, 1—HOLLAND—WOMAN, infected during 1—HOLIDAY to UGANDA by the contagious Marburg virus, had † overnight.
20080711             The Marburg virus is similar to Ebola and causes heavy bleeding.
20080711             —ABOUT 100—PEOPLE who may have had contact with the woman were under surveillance.
20080711             A senior military official said THE—NIGERIA—NAVY has arrested 15—FILIPINOS after intercepting 1—VESSEL carrying 1—SIGNIFICANT—QUANTITY—OF stolen crude oil off THE—COAST—OF—THE—NIGER Delta.
20080711             —INTERCEPTED, Gunboats, THE—MV Lina PANAMA in the waters off Brass, home to 1—MAJOR—OIL—EXPORT—TERMINAL in THE—SOUTH—STATE—OF—BAYELSA.
20080711             1—SECURITY—SOURCE said the vessel was thought to be carrying tens of THOUSANDS—OF—TONS—OF—STOLEN oil.
20080711             A NORTH—KOREAN—SOLDIER fatally shot 1—SOUTH—KOREAN—WOMAN—TOURIST (53) at 1—MOUNTAIN—RESORT in the communist North, prompting the South to suspend THE—HIGH—PROFILE—TOUR—PROGRAM.
20080711             —STRAYED, Park WANG—JA had, 1—HALF—MILE into 1 fenced off military area and was shot twice from behind.
20080711             —OVERTURNED, SERBIA, 1—BUS carrying POLAND—TOURISTS, NORTH—OF—BELGRADE, killing 6—PEOPLE and injuring nearly 40.
20080711             SOMALIA—TROOPS shot and killed 7—CIVILIANS in SOUTH—MOGADISHU after accusing them of being part of an Islamic insurgency.
20080711             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—SRI—LANKA, rebel gunmen ambushed 1 crowded passenger bus as it traveled down 1—SMALL—RURAL—ROAD.
20080711             —KILLED, The attack, 1—BOY and 3—WOMEN and wounded 25—OTHERS.
20080711             Clashes broke out in the Mannar, Vavuniya and Welioya regions surrounding the rebel stronghold killed 17—REBELS.
20080711             —FILED, THAILAND—PROSECUTORS, new corruption charges against ousted PRIME—MINISTER—THAKSIN—SHINAWATRA for alleged ABUSE—OF—AUTHORITY to benefit his family business.
20080711             A TURKEY—NEWS—AGENCY reported that army troops clashed with Kurdish rebels in the southeast and that 10—OF—THE—REBELS were killed.
20080711             —COMMEMORATED, THE—UN, World Population Day.
20080711             —MENDED, VENEZUELA—HUGO—CHAVEZ and COLOMBIA—ALVARO—URIBE, relations after MONTHS—OF—SNIPING that threatened trade and unleashed 1—DIPLOMATIC—CRISIS.
20080711             ZIMBABWE—OPPOSITION—MOVEMENT for Democratic Change said 1—TOTAL—OF—113—MDC supporters have now been killed in POLITICALLY—RELATED violence.
20080711             ZIMBABWE—RULING—PARTY and opposition held a 2. DAY—OF—TALKS in SOUTH—AFRICA.
20080711             A UN Security Council bid to pass sanctions against ZIMBABWE—ROBERT—MUGABE was vetoed by RUSSIA and CHINA.
20080711             sources: messages
20080711             $82100 worth of cooking and heating fuel to IRAQ from KUWAIT - 335—TIMES... USA—LED invasion, found KBR overcharged the Pentagon by $61m for kerosene...
20080711             frontline: private warriors: contractors: who are the contractors... FRONTLINE asked ESS about 1—CLAUSE in its contract that references KBR... million shipping to IRAQ liquefied gas it had purchased in KUWAIT for $82100 20050321             20080711             press archives 20010000              Newton Residents Sol and Georgette Boucai Elected Trustees of the...
20080711             A. PAUL—CELLUCCI on —TUESDAY, 20080919             , in 1—CELEBRATION at THE—STATE—HOUSE.
20080711             Im Prinzip ist die Brennstoffzelle bereits fast 170—JAHRE alt.
20080711             Spätestens 20150000              wollen die Japaner ihr 1. Brennstoffzellenfahrzeug auf den Markt bringen
20080711             Die USA—ADMINISTRATION will einen möglichen Kollaps der beiden Institute mit allen Mitteln verhindern und schließt offenbar auch 1—VERSTAATLICHUNG nicht aus, wie die "NEW—YORK—TIMES "
20080711             unter Berufung auf Regierungskreise berichtete.
20080711             NEW—YORK, stürzten vorbörslich die Aktienkurse der angeschlagenen Hypothekenbanken Fannie Mae und FREDDIE—MAC um 17—BEZIEHUNGSWEISE 21 % ab.
20080711             Der Preis für 1—FASS Leichtöl der USA—REFERENZSORTE WEST—TEXAS Intermediate (WTI) stieg auf ein neues Rekordhoch von 146,90 Dollar je Barrel (159—LITER).
20080711             "Wir haben Rekordstände beim Öl und eine weiterhin sehr schwierige Lage im Finanzsektor", begründete Analyst CHRISTIAN—SCHMIDT von der Helaba den Kurssturz.
20080711             Der Markt sei jetzt sehr angeschlagen, und man könne davon ausgehen, dass sich die Abwärtsbewegung fortsetzen wird.
20080711             Allerdings ist die Entwicklung schwer zu stoppen: Denn wenn erst einmal Insolvenzgerüchte die Runde machen, dreht sich die Abwärtsspirale meist immer schneller
20080711             —BEREITS jetzt belasten die Probleme von Fannie Mae und FREDDIE—MAC die ohnehin gebeutelten Finanzmärkte massiv.
20080711             1—AUSFALL wäre laut Experten kaum verkraftbar.
20080711             "Wir befinden uns inmitten eines Tsunamis im Finanzsektor. Dies ist 1—STURM, den die USA zuvor noch nie erlebt haben", sagte PETER—KENNY, Direktor von Knight Equity Markets.
20080711             Grund waren Meldungen, wonach der Vermögensverwalter Pimco seine Geschäfte mit der wegen der Finanzkrise unter Druck geratenen Bank eingeschränkt hat.
20080711             1—PIMCO—SPRECHER erklärte aber, man handele weiterhin mit Lehman.
20080711             Im Tagesverlauf war er um gut zwei % auf 10.982—PUNKTE gefallen.
20080711             Damit rutschte das Börsenbarometer erstmals seit
20080711             Fannie Mae und FREDDIE—MAC befinden sich zwar in Privatbesitz.
20080711             Wegen der engen Verzahnung mit der Politik erwarteten die Finanzmärkte stillschweigend, dass der Staat letztlich für deren Schulden weitgehend geradestehen würde.
20080711             Diese Hoffnung hat sich nun getrübt.
20080711             —BEREITS—AM Vortag befanden sich die Kurse der Immobilienfinanzier im freien Fall, nachdem der ehemalige FED—GOUVERNEUR WILLIAM—POOLE die Konzerne in einem BLOOMBERG—INTERVIEW als faktisch insolvent bezeichnet hatte.
20080711             "Die Polizei unternimmt nichts gegen die Gewalt", sagt sie.
20080711             Die Zeitungen und Fernsehsender berichten nur dann über einzelne Mordfälle, wenn Mitglieder der Oberschicht getötet werden.
20080711             "RIO—DE—JANEIRO hat 1—PROBLEM mit dem organisierten Verbrechen", sagt er.
20080711             "Hier haben wir 1—PROBLEM mit dem desorganisierten Verbrechen".
20080711             Finanzkrise: Märkte bangen um USA—IMMOBILIEN—FINANZIERER
20080711             Schwere Vorwürfe: AFGHANISTAN macht USA—TRUPPEN für Tod Dutzender Zivilisten verantwortlich
20080711             MORD—MOLOCH RECIFE: "Die töten einfach nur aus Spaß"
20080711             Spesenbetrug: Israels Polizei weitet Ermittlungen gegen Olmert aus
20080711             Waffen: Experten warnen vor neuen Terrorgefahren durch ATOM—COMEBACK
20080711             Libanon: Rivalen bilden Regierung der nationalen Einheit
20080711             Niederlande: 40-Jährige stirbt an gefährlichem Virus
20080711             Schneeforschung: Lawinen drohen auch an flachen Hängen
20080711             Kurssturz: Ölpreisrekord und Kreditkrise drücken Börsenkurse
20080711             —SCHON wieder: Lufthansa erhöht Kerosinzuschlag
20080711             FINANZ—FUSIONEN: CITIBANK—DEAL setzt Ackermann unter Druck
20080711             Stimmungstief: Deutsche sind pessimistischer denn je
20080711             Sicherheitsmängel: Aufsichtsbehörde schließt französische Atomanlage
20080711             Energiedebatte: Mehrheit der Deutschen will längere AKW—LAUFZEITEN
20080711             INSIDER—AFFÄREN: Französische Justiz ermittelt gegen deutschen EADS—MANAGER
20080711             Bei 53 % der Kreditnehmer von SUBPRIME—HYPOTHEKEN wird bis Ende des Jahres der Wert ihres Hauses unter den Beleihungswert fallen, erwarten die Analysten von Credit Suisse in NEW—YORK.
20080711             Diese Quote werde 20090000              noch auf 63 % steigen.
20080711             "Die Ergebnisse sind bestürzend", sagt Carpenter.
20080711             "Wenn Korallen sterben, tun es auch Pflanzen und Tiere, die in Korallenriffen Nahrung und Schutz finden".
20080711             Dies könne zum Kollaps dieser Ökosysteme führen.
20080711             Noch in den neunziger Jahren wären weniger als fünf % der 704—ARTEN in eine dieser Kategorien eingestuft worden, schätzen die Wissenschaftler.
20080711             Das Team um Kent Carpenter von der Old Dominion University in NORFOLK (USA—BUNDESSTAAT VIRGINIA) sieht die Hauptschuld für den Niedergang der Riffe beim Menschen: Der KOHLENDIOXID—AUSSTOß lässt die Atmosphäre und damit auch die Meere wärmer werden, und Korallen reagieren schon auf kleinste Temperaturschwankungen äußerst empfindlich.
20080711             Zugleich nehmen die Ozeane mehr CO2 auf, was den Säuregehalt des Wassers steigen LÄSST—PURES Gift für Organismen mit Kalkskelett, zu denen auch Korallen gehören.
20080711             Örtlich seien die Korallen auch durch Wasserverschmutzung, Überfischung und die starke wirtschaftliche Nutzung der Küstenregionen bedroht, schreiben die Wissenschaftler im Fachblatt "Science".
20080711             "Riffbildende Korallen sind stärker bedroht als alle Landlebewesen mit Ausnahme der Amphibien", sagte ROGER—MCMAUS—VON—ORGANISATION—CONSERVATION—INTERNATIONAL.
20080711             Sie seien zudem wie keine andere Gruppe durch den Klimawandel gefährdet.
20080711             "Der Verlust der Korallen hat schwerwiegende Auswirkungen auf MILLIONEN—VON—MENSCHEN, deren Existenzgrundlage von den Korallenriffen abhängt".
20080711             9/11—VIDEO.DE—NEWS Beweise für Folter von Gefangenen im Irak und Guantánamo... Bush verteidigt CIA—VERHÖRMETHODEN als "sicher und nötig" baz.ch 20071101             ...
20080711             Tod am Riff: Korallensterben hat sich dramatisch beschleunigt
20080711             Außerdem gab es Gerüchte über neue Probleme bei Lehman BROTHERS—DIE Papiere der Investmentbank verloren daraufhin rund 12 % an Wert.
20080711             —ANFANG der Woche hatte 1—STUDIE der Investmentbank Lehman Brothers die Kurse schon einmal zum Abstürzen gebracht: Ihren Schätzungen zufolge brauchen beide Firmen Finanzspritzen von insgesamt 75—MILLIARDEN Dollar.
20080711             —SEIT im vergangenem Sommer die Kreditkrise ausbrach, haben Fannie Mae und FREDDIE—MAC gemeinsam bereits elf Milliarden Dollar Verluste hinnehmen müssen.
20080711             Investoren gehen schon länger davon aus, dass die USA—REGIERUNG einen Zusammenbruch der beiden Institute nicht zulassen WIRD—DENN dann würde 1—KOLLAPS des USA—IMMOBILIENMARKTES drohen.
20080711             Die beiden Unternehmen halten oder garantieren mehr als 75 % aller Kredite auf Einfamilienhäuser in den USA.
20080711             Wie die britische Zeitung "Daily Telegraph" berichtet, soll sich der scheidende USA—PRÄSIDENT von den anderen STAATS—UND Regierungschefs mit den Worten "Auf Wiedersehen vom größten Umweltsünder der Welt" verabschiedet haben.
20080711             Dann habe Bush in die Luft geboxt und breit GEGRINST—WÄHREND die Umstehenden, darunter Großbritanniens Premier GORDON—BROWN und Frankreichs Staatschef NICOLAS—SARKOZY, ihren Augen und Ohren nicht trauen wollten.
20080711             Das Weiße Haus entschuldigte sich für die "schlampige" Arbeit und erklärte, 1—MITARBEITER habe diese Charakterisierung aus dem Internet kopiert.
20080711             Bush s G-8-Abschiedsgruß : "Auf Wiedersehen vom größten Umweltverschmutzer der Welt"
20080711             AFGHANISTAN: Dutzende tote Zivilisten bei USA—LUFTANGRIFF
20080711             Außeneinsatz: Kosmonauten entfernen Sprengbolzen von "Sojus"-Kapsel
20080711             Bankenpoker: Crédit Mutuel kauft deutsche Citibank
20080711             Aktienkurse im freien Fall: USA—REGIERUNG entwirft Notrettungsplan für Hypothekengiganten
20080711             Roj TV und PKK: Der Kurdensender, der Schäubles Zorn erregte
20080711             MASSEN—ENTLASSUNGEN: Siemens weckt Bayerns Arbeiterführer
20080711             Airbus gegen Boeing: Luftfahrtgiganten fürchten neues Duell
20080711             PAKISTAN: IRAN gas pipeline project makes more economic sense if INDIA is...
20080711             Die deutsche Regierung forderte IRAN auf, die Raketentests einzustellen.
20080711             letsibeledmondsspeak. blogspot_com...
20080711—19390000    —IN, He was among the 1. to link lung cancer to smoking in 1—MEDICAL journal article.
20080711—20060000    —SEIT dem Frühjahr-, als die USA—HÄUSERPREISE den Gipfel erreichten, ist für die Eigentümer der Wert ihrer Immobilien um insgesamt etwa 3,5 Billionen Dollar gesunken.
20080711—20090000    —ALLEGED, JONATHAN—CRUZ—RAMIREZ and Guillermo Herrera, MEMBERS—OF—THE—MS—13—STREET—GANG, were charged with the murder.
20080718             Der Chefökonom der Ratingagentur MOODY—PROGNOSTIZIERT, daß die Auswirkung der Finanzkrise "uns bis weit in die nächste Dekade begleiten wird" (Handelsblatt, 20080711             ).
20080718—20080711    —AM, "Die Kernschmelze im Bankensektor ist folgerichtig und notwendig", heißt es lapidar in einem Kommentar des Handelsblatt.
20080823             - WolliGL. 200607112319         —1—.
20080926             [20020711             ] RICHARD PERLE, CHAIR—OF—PENTAGON—DEFENSE—POLICY—BOARD:
20090115—20090711    —ON, Eugenio Vagni (63), ITALY—RED—CROSS—WORKER, was released.
20090605—19950711    —IN—THE, BOSNIA—WAR—CRIMES—COURT—ZELJKO—IVANKOVIC, 37—JAHRE—ALT, 1—FORMER—MEMBER—OF—1—BOSNIAN—SERBIA—SPECIAL—POLICE—UNIT, had taken part, killing of at least 1,000 Muslim men from Srebrenica and that he would be tried for genocide.
20090708—20090711    —ON, CHINA said 137—OF—THE—RIOT—VICTIMS were Han while 46 were Uighurs and 1 was 1—HUI, another Muslim group.
20090711             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, bomb blasts, 2—USA—MARINES in Helmand province.
20090711             —KILLED, At least 6—POLICE—OFFICERS were, by roadside bombs, 2 in SOUTH—HELMAND province and at least 4—SOUTH—OF—KABUL in Logar province.
20090711             In 1—GUNBATTLE in EAST—PAKTIA province between insurgents and AFGHANISTAN—POLICE, 2—MILITANTS and 1—POLICE—OFFICER were killed.
20090711             BRAZIL, THE—BODY—OF—ARTURO—GATTI, 37—JAHRE—ALT, FORMER—CANADA—BOXING champion, was found in 1—HOTEL—ROOM at THE—NORTH—EAST—PORTO de Galinhas resort.
20090711             —STRANGLED, He was apparently, with the strap of 1—PURSE, which was found at the scene with blood stains.
20090711             His wife, Amanda Rodrigues (23), was soon taken into custody after contradictions in her interrogation.
20090711             A police inquiry later concluded that he committed suicide using the strap of 1—RUCKSACK on 1—STAIRCASE in the early HOURS—OF—THE—MORNING.
20090711             —PRAISED, Obama, and scolded the continent of his ancestors, asserting forces of tyranny and corruption must yield if AFRICA is to achieve its promise.
20090711             A ferry capsized off HAITI—SOUTHERN—COAST, killing at least 5—PEOPLE.
20090711             Authorities said it wasn't clear how MANY—PEOPLE were on board, but as many as 2—DOZEN could be missing.
20090711             —CAPSIZED, INDIA, 2—BOATS, in the Wainganga River in WEST—BHANDARA district leaving 26—WOMEN drowned.
20090711             INDONESIA, an AUSTRALIA—WORKING for THE—INDONESIA—SUBSIDIARY—OF—USA—BASED mining giant Freeport McMoRan was shot dead by unknown attackers in Papua.
20090711             —EXPLODED, IRAQ, 1—CAR—BOMB has, in Gugjeli 1—SHIITE village in NORTH—IRAQ, killing at least 4—PEOPLE.
20090711             † Another 6—PEOPLE, in bombings in BAGHDAD.
20090711             —STABBED, ISRAEL, 2—RELIGIOUS—JEWS were, and another was beaten in 1—FIGHT with secular Jews in JERUSALEM.
20090711             —ATTACKED, MEXICO, gunmen boldly, federal forces across THE—WEST—STATE—OF—MICHOACAN following THE—CAPTURE—OF—ARNOLDO Rueda Medina, 1 alleged MEMBER—OF—LA Familia drug cartel.
20090711             ZITACUARO, 1—MOUNTAIN—TOWN—FAMOUS for its Monarch butterfly nesting grounds, 3—FEDERAL—AGENTS were killed, and 2—SOLDIERS were fatally shot in THE—TOWN—OF—ZAMORA.
20090711             2—FEDERAL—AGENTS were killed and 3—OTHERS were wounded along 1—HIGHWAY between MORELIA and the port CITY—OF—LAZARO Cardenas when DOZENS—OF—GUNMEN ambushed their patrol cars.
20090711             —KILLED, In CENTRAL—PAKISTAN police, 1 suspected militant and seized 1—TRUCKLOAD of automatic weapons and explosives after a 5—HOUR—SHOOTOUT at 1—RELIGIOUS—SCHOOL in DERA—GHAZI—KHAN, Punjab province.
20090711             A clash with militants in SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN killed 1—SOLDIER.
20090711             —KILLED, Gunmen, 5—POLICE—OFFICERS and 1—FORESTRY official responding to reports of 1—DEAD—BODY in Mansehra.
20090711             —SHUFFLED, PERU—PRESIDENT—ALAN—GARCIA, his Cabinet following MONTHS—OF—PROTESTS, replacing 7—OF 16—MINISTERS and naming 1—NEW—CHIEF, the 3. person to hold the post in 9—MONTHS.
20090711             SOMALIA, 1—FOREIGN—FIGHTER and Nor Daqli, HEAD—OF—SECURITY for the capital, were among 16—PEOPLE killed in fighting between UN—BACKED government forces and Islamist insurgents in THE—NORTH—OF—MOGADISHU.
20090711             Obama in GHANA: Yes we CAN—AUCH in AFRIKA
20090711             Berliner Informationszentrum für Transatlantische Sicherheit (BITS).
20090711             zu testen
20090711             Der G 8-Gipfel der STAATS—UND Regierungschefs in DENVER 19970000             , wurde benutzt, um das Koordinierungsteam DEST erstmals zu testen.
20090711             normalerweise
20090711             ie ARG wird normalerweise bei Unfällen mit Atomwaffen eingesetzt, wenn Radioaktivität ausgetreten ist und der Gefechtskopf schwer beschädigt wurde.
20090711             Auch könnten diese NICHT—STAATLICHEN Akteure wiederum von Staaten unterstützt sein, die sich im Hintergrund verdeckt halten.
20090711             Das lange Gedächtnis der Deutschen muss man also einbeziehen, wenn man neu über Kernenergie reden will.
20090711             Das ist mühsam, gewiss.
20090711             Uigurische Familien dürfen mehr Kinder in die Welt setzen als HAN—CHINESISCHE, uigurische Jugendliche bekommen bei der Hochschulprüfung Punkte geschenkt.
20090711             Gewalt und Separatismus, beteuern die Kader, werde überall in der Welt scharf bekämpft, CHINA sei schließlich Teil der internationalen Koalition gegen den Terrorismus.
20090711             Phänomen, das Kritiker in Peking die "Palästinisierung" Xinjiangs nennen.
20090711             Die KP
20090711             Die KP verfolgt unerbittlich kritische Geister.
20090711             Unklar ist, wie viele Terrorgruppen es gibt und wie weit sie national und INTERNATIONAL vernetzt sind.
20090711             Über zwölf islamistische Zellen seien gesprengt worden, berichteten die staatlichen Medien kurz vor Beginn der Olympischen Spiele im vergangenen Jahr.
20090711             83—PERSONEN wurden damals festgenommen.
20090711             die Logik der KP
20090711             Familienpolitik: Ministerin von der Leyen distanziert sich von brisanter Studie
20090711             Überwachung: Observierter DEUTSCHE—BANK—AKTIONÄR will Schadensersatz
20090711             AFRIKA—AKTIVIST Geldof über die Krise: "Wir stecken doch alle im gleichen Sumpf"
20090711             Börsentricks von Investoren: Finanzministerium befürchtet Steuerausfälle in Milliardenhöhe
20090711             UIGUREN—KONFLIKT: CHINA rät von Reisen nach München ab
20090711             Besuch in GHANA: Obama würdigt Bedeutung Afrikas
20090711             Einsatz in Fankneipe: 3500—S—PAULI—FANS demonstrieren gegen Polizeigewalt
20090711             "Sauerland"-Prozess: Islamisten wollten in den Irak
20090711             Lebensmittellobby zu IMITAT—ESSEN: "Gucken Sie genauer und häufiger hin"
20090711             Schwarze Null: Wirtschaftsministerium ruft Ende der Krise aus
20090711             Und es ist an der Zeit, dass die Regierung einen besseren Job macht, dafür im eigenen Land zu kämpfen".
20090711             "Wir sitzen in der Tinte", bilanziert Holloway.
20090711             30—GRAD—WÄSCHE: Waschmaschine wird zur Keimschleuder
20090711—19950000    —SINCE, It was reported that BRAZIL—POLICE were investigating some 660 "secret acts" passed by the Senate which have awarded jobs and pay raises MEMBERS—OF—STAFF.
20100711             —PRESENTED, Avid Radiopharmaceuticals, 1—STUDY that demonstrated 1—NEW—BRAIN scan to detect the brain plaques in patients with ALZHEIMER—DISEASE.
20100711             A total solar eclipse drew an 11,000-km (6,800-mile) arc over the Pacific, plunging remote territories into darkness.
20100711             † In AFGHANISTAN A—USA—SERVICE member following an insurgent attack.
20100711             CHINA, new rules went into effect requiring officials in government and state companies to report personal details from assets to the whereabouts of spouses and children.
20100711             —RELEASED, The new regulations were similar to rules, in April governing senior Communist Party officials, but have been expanded to include everyone from midlevel officials and up.
20100711             Nonparty members and those working for STATE—OWNED business would now also be required to submit their details.
20100711             —KILLED, COLOMBIA, 10—SOLDIERS were, after entering 1—MINEFIELD in THE—NORTH—EAST—PROVINCE—OF—ARAUCA.
20100711             PRESIDENT—URIBE said 12—REBELS, PART—OF—THE—SECURITY cordon for rebel leader Alfonso Cano, were killed in the southwestern mountains.
20100711             —PRODUCED, IRAN said it has, around 20—KG—OF—20% enriched uranium, in DEFIANCE—OF—THE—WORLD—POWERS who want TEHRAN to suspend the controversial nuclear work.
20100711             IRAN, 1—JUDICIAL—OFFICIAL said that the controversial death sentence by stoning for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an IRAN—WOMAN convicted of adultery, will not be implemented for now.
20100711             —CONVICTED—OF, Later that year she was also, adultery, despite having retracted 1—CONFESSION which she claims was made under duress.
20100711             —ORDERED, An IRAQ—JUDGE said 1—COURT has, THE—ARREST—OF—39—MEMBERS—OF—MEMBERS—OF—THE—PEOPLE—MUJAHIDEEN—ORGANIZATION—OF—IRAN (PRIME—MINISTER—OI), 1 exiled IRAN—OPPOSITION—GROUP, accusing THEM—OF—CRIMES against humanity in helping Saddam Hussein to crush 1—REVOLT almost 2—DECADES ago.
20100711             —LIFTED, KASHMIR, 1—RIGID curfew was, from MOST—OF—THE—COUNTRY, but shops and businesses remained shut after separatists called for 1—STRIKE to protest INDIA—RULE in the Himalayan region.
20100711             —KIDNAPPED, NIGERIA, gunmen, 4—JOURNALISTS traveling through the country's OIL—RICH—SOUTHERN—DELTA.
20100711             The kidnappers made 1—RANSOM demand of $1.67—MILLION.
20100711             —CONVENED, SOUTH—AFRICA, PRESIDENT—JACOB—ZUMA, leaders from BURKINA—FASO, KENYA, TOGO, MOZAMBIQUE, THE—NETHERLANDS and neighboring ZIMBABWE at 1—EDUCATION—SUMMIT, before inviting them to join him at the World Cup final.
20100711             —SUPPORTED, The summit was the culmination of 1GOAL, 1—CAMPAIGN, by football's governing body FIFA to use the attention the World Cup commands to publicize the need to get more children into school.
20100711             SOUTH—AFRICA, SPAIN beat Holland for soccer's World Cup.
20100711             † In SUDAN peacekeepers said 1—TOTAL—OF—221—PEOPLE in tribal fighting and other violence in SUDAN—DARFUR in June, as the region's 2—MAIN—REBEL—GROUPS continued to shun peace talks.
20100711             UGANDA, twin bombings in KAMPALA hit crowds watching the World Cup final killing 76—PEOPLE.
20100711             1—OF—THE—TARGETS was an ETHIOPIA—RESTAURANT, 1—NATION despised by SOMALIA—AL—SHABAB militants.
20100711             1—SUSPECT, Haruna Luyima, was supposed to set off 1—BOMB at the dance club but changed his mind at the last minute.
20100711             Luyima told 1—NEWS—CONFERENCE in August that he did so because he didn't want to kill innocent people.
20100711             —DISCARDED, Police later found his, mobile phone, 1—HUGE—LEAD that helped unravel the plot.
20100711             —ARRESTED, YEMEN—INTERIOR—MINISTRY said in 1—STATEMENT that police in Hadramut had, 10—MILITANTS suspected of being AL—QAIDA members.
20100711—20060500    —CONVICTED, She was 1., of having an "illicit relationship" with 2—MEN following THE—DEATH—OF—HER—HUSBAND, for which 1—COURT in TABRIZ, in NORTH—WEST—IRAN, sentenced her to 99—LASHES.
20100711—20100718    —FREED, The journalists were, with no ransom paid.
20100711—20100730    —ON, 3 were charged with terrorism and murder.
20100711—20100817    —BY, had officials charged 32—PEOPLE in connection with the bombings.
20100811—20120711    —RETURNED, AL—QOSI was, to SUDAN.
20100915—20100711    —IN—THE, UGANDA police arrested AL—AMIN KIMATHI—OF—THE—KENYA—MUSLIM—HUMAN—RIGHTS—FORUM and lawyer Mbugua Mureithi as they arrived to attend the hearing of 34—PEOPLE charged for allegedly taking part bomb attacks, that targeted large groups gathered to watch the televised World Cup final.
20110707—20110711    —SENTENCED, THE—4—MEN were each, to 240—YEARS in prison.
20110711             —SMASHED, MAINE, an Amtrak train, into 1—TRACTOR—TRAILER killing the truck driver and injuring several others.
20110711             200—FEET—OF skid marks were left on the road to the tracks.
20110711             —DISAPPEARED, NEW—YORK—CITY, Leiby Kletzky (8), an Orthodox Jewish child.
20110711             Air Algerie cabin crew went on strike.
20110711             —WANTED, They, a 106-percent pay rise and left THOUSANDS—OF—ANGRY—TRAVELERS stranded in PARIS, MARSEILLE and NICE airports.
20110711             —PACKED, SOUTH—EAST—BANGLADESH, 1—VEHICLE, with schoolchildren returning home from 1—SOCCER tournament crashed into 1—CANAL, killing 44—STUDENTS.
20110711             —CRASHED, NORTH—EAST—BRAZIL, 1—REGIONAL—NOAR Airlines plane, in RECIFE city, killing all 16—PEOPLE on board.
20110711             SOUTH—CROSS, THE—FINANCIALLY—TROUBLED owner of 752—CARE—HOMES in BRITAIN, said that it is to close, although its 31,000 residents will continue to receive care.
20110711             The company said in 1—STATEMENT that it plans to cease operating and hand its homes over to its landlords.
20110711             —LAUNCHED, THE—CAMBODIA Securities Exchange (CSX) was officially, after the government delayed it several years.
20110711             —EXPECTED, Finance MINISTER—KEAT—CHHON said that trading was, to begin by THE—END—OF—THE—YEAR and that 3—STATE—OWNED firms, including THE—PHNOM—PENH Water Supply Authority, Telecom CAMBODIA and the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port have announced plans for listing.
20110711             CANADA said it will boycott THE—UN—CONFERENCE on Disarmament for the several weeks that NORTH—KOREA is chairing it.
20110711             —RIPPED, CYPRUS, 1—MASSIVE—EXPLOSION, through 1—NAVAL—BASE after 1—BRUSH fire detonated gunpowder stored in containers, killing 13—PEOPLE, wounding 62.
20110711             —DESTROYED, The Vasilikos power station was, taking out half the country's electricity supply.
20110711             Defense MINISTER—COSTAS—PAPACOSTAS and the country's top military official, National Guard CHIEF—BRIGADIER—GENERAL—PETROS—TSALIKIDES, resigned over the incident.
20110711             ETHIOPIA said it needed $398—MILLION to help MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE in NEED—OF—FOOD—AID due to 1—SEVERE—DROUGHT.
20110711             —ESTIMATED, It was, that 1—TOTAL—OF—4.5—MILLION—PEOPLE will require humanitarian assistance during the remaining period of the current year.
20110711             —SIGNED, The European Union, 1—AGREEMENT to provide 2.5—MILLION—EUROS ($3.5—MILLION) to help care for rape victims in the Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO.
20110711             INDONESIA, 1—MAN reportedly trying to show students how to make explosives was killed by 1—HOMEMADE bomb inside an Islamic boarding school on Sumbawa Island.
20110711             —SLAMMED, IRAQ, 3—ROCKETS, into BAGHDAD—HEAVILY—FORTIFIED—GREEN—ZONE, wounding 1—WOMAN and her children, officials said, as USA—DEFENCE—SECRETARY—LEON—PANETTA began the 2. DAY—OF—1—VISIT to press IRAQ—LEADERS on security.
20110711             —REPORTED, JAPAN—SCIENTISTS were, to have found a "superbug" strain of gonorrhea that is resistant to all recommended antibiotics.
20110711             They said it could transform 1—ONCE easily treatable infection into 1—GLOBAL—PUBLIC—HEALTH—THREAT.
20110711             —KILLED, KAZAKHSTAN police said 9—GUNMEN have been, in 1—SPECIAL—OPERATION to detain 1 armed group suspected of being behind THE—KILLING—OF—3—INTERIOR—MINISTRY—OFFICERS in June.
20110711             † 1—POLICEMAN, during last week's raid in the village of Kenkiyak.
20110711             † 16—PRISONERS, when they blew themselves up after 1—ABORTIVE attempt to break out 1—JAIL in THE—SOUTH—TOWN—OF—BALKHASH.
20110711             1—PRISON—GUARD was killed in the attempted breakout.
20110711             —APPROVED, KYRGYZSTAN PRESIDENT—ROZA—OTUNBAYEVA, an amendment to the criminal code to decriminalize libel.
20110711             —KILLED, LIBYA, 4—REBELS were, and 22 wounded in overnight clashes against forces loyal to Moamer Kadhafi in THE—WEST—TOWN—OF—ZLITEN.
20110711             —FLOODED, NIGERIA, numerous roads and highways were, following the heavy downpour which 1—DAY—EARLIER and continued in LAGOS, 1—CITY—OF—SOME 15—MILLION—PEOPLE.
20110711             † At least 29—PEOPLE, from flooding in KATSINA and LAGOS.
20110711             —SLOWED, An explosive went off under 1—VAN as its driver, down at 1—MILITARY—CHECKPOINT in THE—CITY—OF—MAIDUGURI.
20110711             3—PEOPLE were killed.
20110711             —ERUPTED, NORTH—IRELAND, serious rioting, in BELFAST injuring 22—OFFICERS, as tension mounted before THE—CULMINATION—OF—NORTH—IRELAND—MAIN—PROTESTANT—MARCHING season.
20110711             —SUSPECTED, PAKISTAN, USA—MISSILES hit 1—HOUSE in Gorvak village in NORTH—WAZIRISTAN, killing at least 20 alleged militants.
20110711             Other PAKISTAN—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIALS put the death toll at 23.
20110711             —CRASHED, RUSSIA—INVESTIGATIVE—COMMITTEE said 1—TANGARA airline plane carrying 33—PEOPLE, as it tried to make 1—EMERGENCY landing on the Ob river in Siberia, killing 5—PEOPLE.
20110711             SOUTH—AFRICA, some 70,000 workers at oil refineries and related industries joined 1—WEEK—OLD—STRIKE, raising FEARS—OF—POTENTIAL—FUEL—SHORTAGES.
20110711             SPAIN—OFFICIALS said 1—SURGICAL—TEAM in VALENCIA, led by DOCTOR—PEDRO—CAVADA, has carried out the world's 1. double leg transplant.
20110711             —STORMED, SYRIA—TROOPS, into HOMS, the country's 3.—LARGEST city with armored personnel carriers and heavy machine guns.
20110711             —KILLED, At least 2—PEOPLE were, as 1—DIALOGUE over possible government reforms moved into a 2. day in DAMASCUS.
20110711             —BOYCOTTED, The talks were, by the main opposition factions.
20110711             PRO—GOVERNMENT—MOBS broke windows at THE—FRENCH and USA embassies to protest 1—VISIT last week by the American and FRANCE—AMBASSADORS to the opposition STRONGHOLD—OF—HAMA.
20110711             —ARRESTED, TUNISIA—AUTHORITIES, Bechir Tekkari, 1—FORMER—JUSTICE—MINISTER and charged him with corruption and ABUSE—OF—POWER.
20110711             —CHARGED, He was, with corruption and ABUSE—OF—POWER over trade deals and the awarding of planning contracts.
20110711             —OPENED, UGANDA, its 1. war crimes trial against 1—COMMANDER—OF—THE—LORD—RESISTANCE—ARMY—REBELS.
20110711             —ON—THE, Evangelos Florakis NAVAL—BASE—EXPLOSION was the worst peacetime MILITARY accident ever recorded in CYPRUS
20110711             —ON—THE, incident occurred, when 98—CONTAINERS of explosives that had been stored for 2½ years —IN—THE—SUN on the Evangelos Florakis NAVAL—BASE—NEAR—ZYGI SELF—DETONATED
20110711             —ON—THE, explosion severely damaged HUNDREDS—OF—NEARBY—BUILDINGS including ALL—OF—THE—BUILDINGS in Zygi and THE—ISLAND—LARGEST—POWER—STATION, responsible for supplying over HALF—OF—CYPRUS' electricity.
20110711             —ON—THE, explosion occurred at 05:50 EEST (02:50 UTC) following 1—FIRE caused by explosions of several containers starting 1—HOUR and 20—MINUTES—EARLIER.
20110711             —ON—THE, Vasilikos Power Station, the largest power facility on CYPRUS, which provided approximately half THE—ISLAND—ELECTRICITY, was severely damaged, causing widespread power cuts which affected much of NICOSIA, THE—CYPRUS—CAPITAL, over 40—MILES (65—KM) from the Evangelos Florakis base.[12]
20110711             —AM, Immediate aftermath
20110711—20110713    —ON, THE—BODY—OF—THE—BOY was found in the refrigerator of LEVI—ARON, 35—JAHRE—ALT, who was arrested and charged with 2.—DEGREE murder.
20110711—20110829    —SENTENCED, He was, to 40—YEARS to life in prison.
20110711—20120809    —PLEADED, Aron, guilty to charges of abducting and dismembering the boy.
20110711—20130802    —SENTENCED, Papacostas (74) was, to 5—YEARS in prison after he was found GUILTY—OF—MANSLAUGHTER and causing death through negligence.
20110811             —REPORTED, The killings were, 20110711—20110810    —BETWEEN.
20110914—20100711    —IN—THE, UGANDA, Edris Nsubuga and Muhamoud Mugisha were CONVICTED—OF—TERRORISM 1—DAY after they admitted to CHARGES—OF—TERRORISM and conspiracy for their roles, bombing in KAMPALA that left 76—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20111227—19990711    —INCLUDED, They, police officers JORGE—TRUJILLO, JORGE—ROMERO and Jose Libardo Forero, who were kidnapped in SOUTH—COLOMBIA.
20120711             —EASED, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT formally, sanctions on MYANMAR.
20120711             —DECLARED, THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—AGRICULTURE, natural disaster areas in more than 1,000 counties and 26—DROUGHT—STRICKEN states, making it the largest natural disaster in AMERICA ever.
20120711             —BECAME, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the 1. USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE to visit Laos in more than 5—DECADES, gauging whether 1—PLACE THE—USA pummeled with bombs during THE—VIETNAM War could evolve into 1—NEW—FOOTHOLD—OF—USA—INFLUENCE in ASIA.
20120711             —CONNECTED, USA federal prosecutors said 42—PEOPLE, to the Outlaws motorcycle gang were arrested during raids in INDIANAPOLIS.
20120711             —FACED, They, charges that included drug trafficking and extortion.
20120711             —KILLED, TEXAS, DOCTOR—JOSEPH—SONNIER—III was.
20120711             Dixon had paid Shepherd 3—BARS—OF—SILVER for the killing because Sonnier was dating DIXON—EX—GIRLFRIEND.
20120711             USA astronomer MARK—SHOWALTER—OF—THE—SETI Institute said he has detected a 5. moon around Pluto.
20120711             Showalter used the Hubble Space Telescope and said the new moon, named P-5, is about 6—15—MILES across.
20120711             —NAMED, The moon was later, Styx.
20120711             UK—POLICE investigating corruption in the media (Operation Elveden) arrested 2—MORE—JOURNALISTS, both from rival tabloids to RUPERT—MURDOCH—NOW—CLOSED—NEWS—OF—THE—WORLD: JUSTIN—PENROSE, 1—REPORTER for the —SUNDAY Mirror tabloid, and TOM—SAVAGE, deputy news EDITOR—OF—THE—DAILY—STAR—SUNDAY.
20120711             —ORGANIZED, THE—UK—GOVERNMENT and the Gates Foundation, 1—SUMMIT on family planning.
20120711             A CHINA—SHIP, bow number 560, on "routine patrol" became stranded near Half Moon Shoal in the Spratly Islands, 60—NAUTICAL—MILES from THE—WEST—THE—PHILIPPINES—ISLAND—OF—PALAWAN.
20120711             —CONFIRMED, CUBA—PUBLIC—HEALTH—OFFICIALS said, cholera cases have risen from 85 to 110, with the worst hit area in THE—PROVINCE—OF—GRANMA.
20120711             —ERADICATED, Cholera had been, in CUBA over 100—YEARS ago.
20120711             —SUSPECTED, HAITI was, as THE—SOURCE—OF—THE—NEW—OUTBREAK.
20120711             EGYPT—PRESIDENT—MOHAMED—MORSI said he will respect 1—COURT ruling overturning his decree for the dissolved ISLAMIST—DOMINATED PARLIAMENT to convene.
20120711             EL—SALVADOR—,1—POLICE—INVESTIGATOR, wearing 1—SKI mask to hide his identity, dug up 5—DEAD—BOYS—DEAD, the youngest 15, killed about —3—WEEKS—EARLIER.
20120711             —TRIED, Police said an MS—13—RECRUITER had probably, to persuade the youths to join the group using the usual method: 1—BIG—MEAL with cake and soft drinks.
20120711             —RESISTED, When they, they were stabbed to death.
20120711             —ARRESTED, MALI—GOVERNMENT said the military has, COLONEL—ABIDINE—GUINDO, who directed 1—PARACHUTIST—REGIME, also known as the Red Berets, that attempted to stage 1—COUNTERCOUP in April.
20120711             —ARMED, MEMBERS—OF—TIMBUKTU—ARAB community said they have set up 1, brigade to prevent further DESTRUCTION—OF—THE—TOMBS of ancient Muslim saints by Islamists occupying NORTH—MALI.
20120711             —LAUNCHED, NEW—ZEALAND, 1—SEARCH for HUNDREDS—OF—CHINA—STUDENTS who arrived in the country on FRAUDULENTLY—OBTAINED visas.
20120711             —PASSED, RUSSIA—PARLIAMENT, legislation imposing limits on the Internet, presented as 1—WAY to protect children.
20120711             —SUSPECTED, Police, pirates.
20120711             —APPROVED, He was taken to 1—DETENTION—CENTER after 1—COURT, 1—WARRANT on bribery allegations.
20120711             —FIRED, SPAIN—RIOT—POLICE, rubber bullets at coal miners protesting in THE—STREETS—OF—MADRID over subsidy cuts they fear will jeopardize their meager livelihood.
20120711             IBRAHIM—AL—QOSI, the former cook of slain AL—QAEDA FOUNDER—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN, returned to his native SUDAN.
20120711             —ARMED, Some 100—SUDAN—UNIVERSITY—STUDENTS, with sticks and stones staged perhaps their largest protest since unrest sparked by inflation began nearly 1—MONTH ago.
20120711             —OPENED, SUDAN, what it billed as AFRICA—LARGEST—SUGAR—REFINERY, hoping to boost exports after THE—LOSS—OF—BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in oil revenue when SOUTH—SUDAN separated.
20120711             —ANNOUNCED, White Nile Sugar, earlier that it aimed to produce 450,000 TONS—OF—SUGAR annually and 60—MILLION liters (13—MILLION gallons) of ethanol.
20120711             —CLASHED, SYRIA—REBELS and regime troops, in THE—DAMASCUS DISTRICT—OF—QADAM as at least 9—PEOPLE were killed in violence across the country.
20120711             YEMEN, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER threw himself into 1—CROWD—OF—POLICE cadets leaving their academy in SANAA and detonated his explosives, killing at least 6—PEOPLE.
20120711             A separatist from the southern movement was killed and 4—OTHER—PEOPLE were wounded, including 2—WOMEN, in clashes with police in the port CITY—OF—ADEN.
20120711             TUNESIEN: Dutzende FLÜCHTLINGE verdursten im MITTELMEER
20120711             ÖKONOMEN—TIPP zur SCHULDEN—KRISE, Reiche sollen STAATS—KASSE mit Krediten füllen
20120711             ÄGYPTEN: VERFASSUNGS—RICHTER erklären PARLAMENTS—SITZUNG für ungültig
20120711             Rückversicherer: MUNICH[MÜNCHEN] Re prüft Einstieg ins KREDIT—GESCHÄFT
20120711             Majestätsbeleidigung: Thailändischer KÖNIG begnadigt USA—AMERIKANER
20120711             Erdhörnchen: Wer nicht wedelt, wird gefressen
20120711             Spekulationsdesaster: USA—GROß—BANK fordert Boni von Managern zurück
20120711             ZUKUNFTS—ARCHÄOLOGIE: Wie verstecken wir unseren Müll vor den Nachfahren?
20120711             Digitalmusik: EU—KOMMISSION will Gema und Co.
20120711             Zoff im Königshaus: SAUDI—ARABIEN—PRINZESSIN beantragt Asyl in LONDON
20120711             —FORSCHER und Touristen: Störenfriede stressen Königspinguine
20120711             Staatliche Sichtung: CHINA verschärft Zensur von INTERNETvideos
20120711             TERRORgefasel: Schlafmangel soll zu Zusammenbruch von USA—PILOT geführt haben
20120711             Umfrage, Wähler geben MERKEL gute Noten
20120711             Neuer Höchstwert: Jeder 5. DEUTSCHE lebt allein
20120711             "Vatileaks"-Satire: "Titanic"wehrt sich gegen VERBOT—PAPA
20120711             TODES—STRAFE: GEORGIA will geistig Behinderten hinrichten
20120711             Aerographit: —FORSCHER entwickeln leichtestes Leichtgewicht
20120711             DIW—VOR—SCHLAG, FINANZ—MINISTERIUM findet Reichenabgabe interessant
20120711             SPAR—KURS des spanischen PREMIER: "Wir müssen aus diesem Loch heraus"
20120711             —CHRONOLOGIE, DIE—AFFÄRE Mappus
20120711             Finanzskandale: Lasst DIE—BANKEN endlich wieder arbeiten!
20120711             Zwangsabgabe für Reiche: Naiv und gefährlich
20120711             Hightech in der Archäologie: Röntgenanalyse macht antike Münzen sichtbar
20120711             Umstrittener ENBW—DEAL: RAZZIA—IN—MAPPUS' Wohnungen
20120711             ITALIEN—BERLUSCONI plant Comeback
20120711             TALIBAN—KOMMANDANT: "AL—QAIDA ist 1—PLAGE, mit der uns der Himmel straft"
20120711             Britischer Medienskandal: SCOTLAND—YARD nimmt 2—JOURNALISTEN fest
20120711             Zehnjährige ANLEIHE: DEUTSCHLAND bekommt Geld zu MINI—ZINS
20120711             Razzia wegen ENBW—DEAL: Der tiefe Sturz des STEfAN Mappus
20120711             Liberalisierung: CHINA öffnet sich für ausländische HEDGE—FONDS
20120711             JUNG—DEMOKRATEN in FLORIDA: OBAMAs letzte Reserve
20120711             Ideen gegen DIE—KRISE, KOALITION verschmäht Vorstoß zu ZWANGS—ANLEIHEN
20120711             Kürzungsbeschlüsse: KRAWALLE—IN—SPANIEN bei BERG—ARBEITER—PROTESTEN
20120711             —NACH, Betrugsskandal: USA—FINANZ—KONZERN trudelt in die Pleite
20120711             —AM.
20120711—19940000    —IN, The last big UN conference on family planning took place.
20120711—19950700    —TRAVELED, BOSNIA, some 30,000 Muslims, to 1—MEMORIAL center in Srebrenica to bury 520—NEWLY identified victims, SOME—OF—THE—THOUSANDS—OF—MUSLIM men and boys slaughtered by SERBIA—FORCES.
20120711—20020000    —SINCE, He had been held at THE—USA—RUN—GUANTANAMO prison.
20120711—20120715    —REFLOATED, The ship was.
20120711—20120716    —ON, police announced THE—ARRESTS—OF—DOCTOR—THOMAS—DIXON—OF—AMARILLO and DAVID—SHEPHARD.
20120711—20130916    —SENTENCED, Shepherd (52) was, to life in prison.
20121127—20100711    —IN—THE, The Open Society Justice Initiative said 4—SUSPECTS, bombings in UGANDA claimed men who identified themselves as USA FBI agents beat them up during questioning.
20130711             —ORDERED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE, the government to stop genital searches of GUANTANAMO Bay detainees who want to meet with their lawyers.
20130711             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, 1—TWIN bombing, 5—PEOPLE including 3—CIVILIANS whose car struck 1—ROADSIDE bomb and 2—POLICE—OFFICERS who had rushed to the scene to help the victims when the 2. bomb went off in Helmand province.
20130711             —BLOCKED, BRAZIL, TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—UNION—DEMONSTRATORS, roads and snarled traffic in DOZENS—OF—CITIES in a 1—DAY—STRIKE aimed at seizing the momentum of huge protests that swept the country last month.
20130711             —AGREED, CANADA, The Weston group's Loblaw grocery chain, to buy Shoppers Drug Mart for $11.9—BILLION.
20130711             —ACCUSED, CHINA—POLICE—MINISTRY, executives of pharmaceutical supplier GlaxoSmithKline of conducting 1—LARGE, LONG—RUNNING—BRIBERY—CAMPAIGN to persuade doctors to prescribe drugs.
20130711             —FILED, FRANCE, 2—HUMAN—RIGHTS—GROUPS, 1—LAWSUIT in PARIS seeking 1—INVESTIGATION into whether THE—USA—NATIONAL—SECURITY—AGENCY violated FRANCE—PRIVACY—LAWS by secretly collecting huge amounts of personal data.
20130711             —ESCAPED, INDONESIA, some 200—PRISONERS, from 1—MAXIMUM—SECURITY—PRISON in MEDAN after 1—PROTEST over 1—LACK—OF—WATER and electricity turned violent.
20130711             —OPENED, IRAQ, gunmen, fire on 2—CHECKPOINTS guarding oil installations on the road between Haditha and Baiji, killing 11—PEOPLE.
20130711             A suicide bomber rammed his EXPLOSIVES—LADEN motorcycle into 1—FUNERAL—TENT for 1—SHIITE family in the town of in Muqdadiyah, killing 11—PEOPLE.
20130711             A car bomb in EAST—BAGHDAD killed 4—PEOPLE.
20130711             3—ROADSIDE bombs targeted police patrols in THE—CITY—OF—TIKRIT, killing 3—POLICEMEN.
20130711             —TARGETED, In MOSUL 3—SUICIDE car bombs, checkpoints killing 4—POLICEMEN.
20130711             —REACHED, The overall death toll, 44.
20130711             —RUSHED, Embassy officials, Walde and his family out of KENYA THE—NEXT—DAY leaving the crash victims with no financial assistance to pay for 1—FUNERAL and for hospital bills for the 8 or so others who were seriously injured.
20130711             —ADOPTED, Kosovo, 1—AMNESTY for minority Serbs who previously rebelled against the government, 1—SIGNIFICANT—STEP in settling relations with former master Serbia so both can move closer to THE—EU.
20130711             THE—LEBANON—PSYCHIATRIC—SOCIETY said homosexuality is not 1—ILLNESS and does not need to be treated.
20130711             —RESIGNED, LUXEMBOURG—PRIME—MINISTER—JEAN—CLAUDE—JUNCKER, amid 1—SPYING and corruption scandal following revelations that the nation's former spy CHIEF had taped official meetings with 1—RECORDER disguised as 1—WRIST watch.
20130711             —CALLED, MALTA—PRIME—MINISTER—JOSEPH—MUSCAT, for 1—REGIONAL—APPROACH to tackle the flood of African immigrants landing on the shores on the tiny island after meeting EU and LIBYA—OFFICIALS.
20130711             —SENTENCED, In Myan20130325              Buddhists were, over the last 2—DAYS to as many as 15—YEARS in prison for murder and other crimes during 1—NIGHT—OF rioting, burning and killing in CENTRAL—MYANMAR, following weeks in which it seemed only Muslims were being punished for sectarian violence aimed primarily at MEMBERS—OF—THEIR—OWN religion.
20130711             —ENACTED, NEW—ZEALAND, 1—LAW to regulate synthetic drugs.
20130711             The hidden dangers of synthetic drugs.
20130711             —PASSED, In a 119—TO—1—VOTE the country's PARLIAMENT, the Psychoactive Substances Bill, establishing 1—FRAMEWORK for testing, manufacturing and selling such recreational drugs.
20130711             —ENGAGED, NORTH—WEST—NIGERIA, security forces, Islamic extremists in a 5—HOUR gunbattle that killed 1—SUSPECT in SOKOTO city.
20130711             NORTH—KOREA withdrew offers for talks with SOUTH—KOREA on reunions of separated families and resuming tours to 1—MOUNTAIN—RESORT.
20130711             —SEIZED, OMAN police said they have, 30,393 pistols aboard 1—TANKER.
20130711             DUBAI—BASED newspaper Gulf News said the ship came from TURKEY and was bound for YEMEN.
20130711             9—OMANIS were arrested in connection with the alleged SHIPMENT—OF—PISTOLS discovered in Sohar.
20130711             —PACKED, PAKISTAN, 1—MOTORCYCLE, with explosives blew up outside 1—MOSQUE frequented by both Sunni and Shi'ite worshippers in THE—NORTH—WEST—DISTRICT—OF—KOHAT.
20130711             —RIPPED, Hours later another explosion, through 1—MAJOR—BORDER crossing lying on 1—NATO—SUPPLY—ROUTE between PAKISTAN and AFGHANISTAN, killing 2—PEOPLE.
20130711             PORTUGAL—PRESIDENT—ANIBAL—CAVACO—SILVA threw THE—BAILED—OUT euro zone country into disarray after rejecting 1—PLAN to heal 1—GOVERNMENT—RIFT, igniting what critics called a "time bomb" by calling for early elections next year.
20130711             A MOSCOW court found the late investment fund lawyer SERGEI—MAGNITSKY GUILTY—OF—TAX—EVASION in RUSSIA—1. posthumous trial.
20130711             —KILLED, SYRIA, AL—QAIDA—LINKED gunmen, rebel COMMANDER—KAMAL—HAMAMI in Latakia province, in 1—SIGN—OF increased tensions and infighting among groups battling THE—DAMASCUS regime.
20130711             —FORMED, UGANDA—REBELS—OF—THE—ALLIED—DEMOCRATIC—FORCES, 1—MILITIA, in the early 1990s by UGANDA—MUSLIMS, attacked THE—EAST—CONGO—TOWN—OF—KAMANGO, killing some people and forcing THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE to flee their homes.
20130711             —OVERHAULED, FRANCIS—PAPA, the laws that govern THE—VATICAN—CITY—STATE, criminalizing leaks of VATICAN information and specifically listing sexual violence, prostitution and POSSESSION—OF—CHILD—PORNOGRAPHY as crimes against children that can be punished by up to 12—YEARS in prison.
20130711—19920000    —IN, Appeals judges at THE—UN—YUGOSLAVIA—WAR—CRIMES—TRIBUNAL at The Hague reinstated 1—GENOCIDE charge against Radovan Karadzic linked to 1—CAMPAIGN—OF killing and mistreating NON—SERBS at THE—START—OF—THE—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—WAR.
20130711—20090000    —CONVICTED, The court also, MAGNITSKY—FORMER—CLIENT—WILLIAM—BROWDER, 1—BRITON who has spearheaded 1—INTERNATIONAL—CAMPAIGN to expose corruption and punish RUSSIA—OFFICIALS he blames for MAGNITSKY—DEATH in 1—MOSCOW jail while awaiting trial.
20140708—20140711    —BY, it burnt 18,000 acres and threatened over 200—HOMES.
20140711             —CHARGED, USA—AUTHORITIES said they have, CHINA—BUSINESSMAN SU—BIN with hacking into the computer SYSTEMS—OF—USA—COMPANIES with large defense contracts, including Boeing, to steal data on military projects, including SOME—OF—THE—LATEST—FIGHTER—JETS.
20140711             —WORKED, He had, in cahoots with 2 unnamed CHINA—HACKERS to get the data 20090000—20130000    —BETWEEN.
20140711             CALIFORNIA, FRED—BUENROSTRO, 64—JAHRE—ALT, FORMER—HEAD—OF—CALPERS, THE—CALIFORNIA Public Employees Retirement System, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery and fraud and agreed to tell all about his CHIEF cohort's role in the affair.
20140711             CALIFORNIA, the Nicolls Fire began EAST—OF—BAKERSFIELD in the Sequoia National Forest.
20140711             It burned 1,680 acres and caused $6.5—MILLION in damage to public lands.
20140711             —ADMITTED, He had, to setting the fire to fend off other pot growers.
20140711             MICHIGAN—BASED Whirlpool said will pay more than $1—BILLION for 1—CONTROLLING—STAKE in Indesit, the appliance maker's counterpart in ITALY.
20140711             TOM—ERDELYI (19490000              *), aka TOMMY—RAMONE, founding drummer and last surviving MEMBER—OF—THE—RAMONES, 1—NY punk rock band, † in NEW—YORK.
20140711             AFGHANISTAN, 1—ATTACK—LATE—TODAY on 1—CHECKPOINT in the Shindand DISTRICT—OF—HERAT province killed 3—POLICE—OFFICERS.
20140711             A suicide car bomber wounded 3—NATO—TROOPS in 1—ATTACK in the Behsud DISTRICT—OF—EAST—NANGARHAR province.
20140711             —LAUNCHED, ARUBA—PRIME—MINISTER—MIKE—EMAN and several legislators, 1—HUNGER—STRIKE to protest what they say is meddling by THE—HOLLAND—GOVERNMENT in local financial affairs.
20140711             —ASKED, This came after THE—HOLLAND—GOVERNMENT, ARUBA—GOVERNOR to hold off on signing 20140000             —THE budget into law pending 1—EVALUATION—OF it.
20140711             —ADDED, THE—CANADA—GOVERNMENT—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—STEPHEN—HARPER, 14—INDIVIDUALS to 1—LIST—OF—PEOPLE facing economic sanctions and travel bans related to THE—UKRAINE—CRISIS.
20140711             —TARGETED, This brings to 43 the number of Russians, by CANADA in sanctions coordinated with THE—USA and THE—EU.
20140711             30—PRO—RUSSIA—UKRAINIANS have also been hit with visa bans and other measures by OTTAWA.
20140711             CHINA, RUI—CHENGGANG, 1—CELEBRITY anchorman for CHINA CENTRAL—TELEVISION (CCTV-2), was abruptly absent from the live cast of 1—NIGHTLY business news program.
20140711             —REMOVED, State prosecutors reportedly, Rui from his workplace.
20140711             EGYPT, clashes in CAIRO between protesting supporters of ousted PRESIDENT—MORSI and local residents opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood left 2—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20140711             A PARIS court convicted 9—PEOPLE—OF belonging to 1—TERRORIST—NETWORK that trained in AFGHANISTAN and reportedly planned attacks in FRANCE.
20140711             3—OF—THE—DEFENDANTS were tried in absentia, with 1 in custody in TURKEY and 2 at large.
20140711             —DROWNED, GREECE—AUTHORITIES said at least 2—PEOPLE have, and about 1—FURTHER—20—ARE missing after 1—BOAT carrying immigrants trying to enter the country illegally sank off the Aegean Sea ISLAND—OF—SAMOS.
20140711             —ABDUCTED, NORTH—EAST—INDIA, 4—MUSLIM lemon traders were, by 1—REBEL—GROUP in Assam state.
20140711             IRAQ, clashes over the last 24—HOURS between Sunni militants and security forces near Anbar provincial CAPITAL—RAMADI killed 11—POLICE and wounded 24.
20140711             —RAIDED, KENYA, gunmen, Pandanguo village in Lamu County where they locked up men praying in 1—MOSQUE, looted medical supplies from 1—LOCAL dispensary and took 6—RIFLES from police reservists.
20140711             —SEIZED, Kurdish forces, 2—OILFIELDS in NORTH—IRAQ and took over operations from 1—STATE—RUN—OIL—COMPANY, while Kurdish politicians formally withdrew from PRIME—MINISTER—NURI—AL—MALIKI—GOVERNMENT.
20140711             —KILLED, MOROCCO, at least 13—PEOPLE were, and at least 53 were injured when 3—BUILDINGS collapsed in downtown CASABLANCA.
20140711             —CAPTURED, PAKISTAN—SECURITY forces, ADNAN—RASHID, a key Taliban COMMANDER linked to a 20030000              assassination attempt on FORMER—PRESIDENT—PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF.
20140711             The Palestinian death toll from ISRAEL—MASSIVE—AIR—CAMPAIGN in GAZA topped 100—PEOPLE as rockets fired by militants reached deeper into ISRAEL.
20140711             —ENACTED, PERU, legislation after limited debate in Congress that stripped the 6-year-old environment MINISTRY—OF—JURISDICTION over air, soil and water quality standards and eliminates the ministry's power to establish nature reserves exempt from mining and oil drilling.
20140711             It also RE—ESTABLISHED tax breaks for big mining multinationals.
20140711             THE—PHILIPPINES, ROBERT—CERANTONIO (alias Musa), an AUSTRALIA—ISLAMIC—PREACHER, was arrested in LAPU—LAPU city on SUSPICION—OF—LINKS to Muslim extremists and rallying support for militants in Syria.
20140711             —ARRIVED, RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN, in HAVANA to begin a 6—DAY—LATIN USA—TOUR seeking to boost trade and ties in the region.
20140711             Save the Children said 1—CHOLERA outbreak in SOUTH—SUDAN has infected over 2,600—PEOPLE and left at least 60—PEOPLE—DEAD since the 1. cases were reported in JUBA in May.
20140711             THAILAND, THE—MANAGER—OF—THE—CONSERVATION—CENTER said poachers have killed and sawed the tusks off Klao, a 50-year-old elephant that performed in THAILAND—ROYAL—PROCESSIONS and was featured in OLIVER—STONE'S 20040000              movie "Alexander".
20140711             —FIRED, UKRAINE, PRO—RUSSIA rebels, missiles at government troops near THE—RUSSIA—BORDER, killing at least 19—SERVICEMEN.
20140711             —REPORTED, The World Health Organization (WHO), 44—NEW—CASES—OF—EBOLA including 21—DEATHS.
20140711             539—DEATHS in LIBERIA, SENEGAL and SIERRA—LEONE have been attributed to the outbreak.
20140711             —KOMMENTAR zum NAH—OST—KONFLIKT, Der Raketenwahnsinn
20140711             Hormonmittel Duogynon: DEUTSCHE Opfer planen Strafanzeige wegen Mord
20140711             MENSCHEN—RECHTS—BERICHT, AMNESTY wirft ukrainischen Separatisten FOLTER vor
20140711             Millionenbetrüger ULRICH—ENGLER: 2—MONATE HAFT—FÜR—74.000.000—DOLLAR Schaden
20140711             Erneuter RAKETEN—BESCHUSS: OBAMA bietet VERMITTLUNG im NAH—OST—KONFLIKT an
20140711             USA in der SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE: Kalt erwischt
20140711             Die —BISLANG einmalige Ausreiseaufforderung an den obersten VERTRETER—DER—USA—GEHEIM—DIENSTE in DEUTSCHLAND nannte der CDU—POLITIKER 1 "angemessene und nüchterne MAßNAHME".
20140711             1—AUSREISEAUFFORDERUNG an 1—USA—REPRÄSENTANTEN habe es so noch nicht gegeben. WASHINGTON solle die MAßNAHME als Signal verstehen, daß es wichtigere Aufgaben gebe als die Ausspionierung Verbündeter, sagte DE—MAIZIÈRE. "Wir müssen auch aufpassen, daß nicht andere Dienste und andere STAATEN, die ganz andere Dinge in DEUTSCHLAND tun, sich ins Fäustchen lachen, wie das DEUTSCH—AMERIKANISCHE Verhältnis gestört wird".
20140711             Wegen DER—USA—GEHEIM—DIENSTAKTIONEN ist das DEUTSCH—AMERIKANISCHE Verhältnis auf 1—TIEF—PUNKT angelangt.
20140711             DIE—KRISE um illegale Einwanderung dominiert in diesen Tagen die politische Debatte IN—DEN—USA und die Raketen der HAMAS auf ISRAEL DIE—NACHRICHTEN. BARACK—OBAMA ist in TEXAS UNTERWEGS—SPENDEN sammeln, GRENZ—PROBLEMATIK beraten —, CNN lässt seine zentrale NEWS—SENDUNG direkt aus JERUSALÉM moderieren. Das ist die Lage.
20140711             —DENN, daß DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG den obersten CIA—VERTRETER in BERLIN mit 1—RAUSSCHMISS 1.Klasse bedenken würde, das war so in WASHINGTON nicht erwartet worden.
20140711             Psaki weiter: Die Partnerschaft mit DEUTSCHLAND sei "sehr wichtig", sie trage sowohl zur Sicherheit DER—DEUTSCHEN—ALS auch der USA—AMERIKANER bei. Das ist der sanfte Hinweis darauf, daß DIE—DEUTSCHEN bei DER—TERROR—ABWEHR auf DIE—USA—DIENSTE angewiesen sind.
20140711             —IM, Allgemeinen aber äußert sich der ÄRGER—IN—WASHINGTON nicht unbedingt wegen der Tatsache, daß man in DEUTSCHLAND spionieren lässt - 1—BESCHÄFTIGUNG, die ANGELA—MERKEL als "Vergeudung von Kraft"definiert hat -, sondern weil man sich beim Spionieren hat erwischen lassen: Wenn man befreundete Nationen ausspioniert, heißt es, dann müsse man schon besonders auf der Hut sein. "Alle machen das. Aber wenn du das machst, dann musst du auch erfolgreich sein", zitiert der TV—SENDER—ABC den früheren CIA—CHEF—MICHAEL—HAYDEN. Wenn man erwischt werde, sei das die Hölle. Sollten sich nun DIE—VORWÜRFE als wahr erwiesen, dann hätten wir "einen guten Freund blamiert".
20140711             —IM, USA—MAGAZIN "THE—DAILY—BEAST"argumentiert JAMES—KIRCHICK unter der Zeile "Warum wir DIE—DEUTSCHEN ausspionieren müssen"mit BERLINs Verbindungen zu RUSSLAND, mit den IRANISCH—DEUTSCHEN HANDELS—BEZIEHUNGEN oder damit, daß schließlich DEUTSCHLAND Heimat der HAMBURGer Zelle war, also der 9/11—ATTENTÄTER. SPIONAGE—IN—DEUTSCHLAND, so Kirchicks Punkt, nutze nicht nur DEN—USA, sondern eben auch den Alliierten, letztlich also ebenso den DEUTSCHEN.
20140711             JAMES—LEWIS vom CENTER—FOR—STRATEGIC and INTERNATIONAL—STUDIES (CSIS), 1—WASHINGTONER Denkfabrik, sagt, im Falle des mutmaßlichen BND—SPITZELS überwiege DER—POLITISCHE—SCHADEN den Ertrag. Doch generell gelte: "1—GEWISSER Grad an SPIONAGE—GEGEN—DEUTSCHLAND ist gerechtfertigt".Lewis argumentiert im SPIEGEL—ONLINE—GESPRÄCH—MIT—DEM GAZPROM—JOB—VON—EX—KANZLER—GERHARD—SCHRÖDER: "Kennen Sie 1—WEITERE MACHT, deren früherer AN—FÜHRER auf PUTINs Gehaltsliste steht?"Dann sei da DEUTSCHLANDs Beziehung zu CHINA. Ja, sagt Lewis, Freunde sollten Freunde nicht ausspionieren, "aber Freunde sollten auch keine MILITÄRtechnik an Feinde verkaufen".
20140711             KEINE—CHANCE auf FEUER—PAUSE: SEPARATISTEN—IN—OST—UKRAINE wollen weiterkämpfen
20140711             INTERNET für Entwicklungsländer: "Sojus"-Rakete schießt Satelliten ins All
20140711             —NACH—LANGER Debatte: BUNDES—RAT billigt gesetzlichen MINDEST—LOHN
20140711             HAUPT—STADT: Selbstverbrennung vor libyscher Botschaft in BERLIN
20140711             BND—SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE: STEINMEIER verteidigt Ausweisung des obersten USA—GEHEIM—DIENSTLERS
20140711             Offizielle Bekanntgabe: KARDINAL Woelki wird ERZ—BISCHOF—VON—KÖLN
20140711             Schimpansen: Schlaue Eltern, schlaue Kinder
20140711             MITTLERWEILE gehen FACH—LEUTE davon aus, daß 1—MISCHUNG aus allen Faktoren zutrifft: Der IQ ist demnach erblich, kann aber durch NICHT—GENETISCHE Einflüsse verändert werden. Was für den Menschen gilt, scheint ebenfalls auf unsere nächsten Verwandten ZUZU—TREFFEN, Auch bei Schimpansen vererbt sich die INTELLIGENZ größtenteils.
20140711             —ETwa 50 % der individuellen INTELLIGENZ—UNTERSCHIEDE zwischen einzelnen Schimpansen geht —LAUT—ANGABEN—VON—USA—FORSCHERN auf genetische Unterschiede zurück.
20140711             Schimpansen ähneln uns ansonsten sehr. Ihr ERB—GUT stimmt zu 99 % mit dem des Menschen überein. Sie sind damit unsere nächsten Verwandten. Sie gelten als sozial und intelligent. Schimpansen leben in AFRIKA sowohl in der Savanne als auch im tropischen REGEN—WALD. Durch Zerstörung ihres Lebensraums, Wilderei und HANDEL—MIT—LEBENDEN Tieren hat der Bestand stark abgenommen. DIE—WELTNATUR—SCHUTZ—UNION (IUCN) schätzt, daß es noch etwa 170.000—BIS 300.000—SCHIMPANSEN gibt.
20140711             DAS—ERZ—BISTUM—KÖLN—IST mit mehr als 2.000.000  KATHOLIKEN nicht nur das mitgliederstärkste deutsche Bistum, sondern zählt zu den bedeutendsten in der KATHOLIKEN—KIRCHE überhaupt.
20140711             [2]FRANZISKUS—I—PAPA Worte widerlegt
20140711             es wird berichtet, FRANZISKUS—I—PAPA habe ausdrücklich den erzkonservativen Woelki als ERZ—BISCHOF für KÖLN ausgewählt. Das widerlegt eindeutig dessen Bekundungen, sich liberaler gegenüber Wiederverheirateten und Homosexuellen zu zeigen.
20140711             FRANZISKUS—I—PAPA lässt seinen Worten keine ensprechenden Taten folgen. Stattdessen haben bei ihm Teufelaustreiber wieder an Ansehen gewonnen.
20140711             DIE—RE—AKTION DER—BUNDES—REGIERUNG sei 1 "notwendiger Schritt"als Antwort auf den "Vertrauensbruch"der USA—AMERIKANER, sagte STEINMEIER.
20140711             Vergeltungstat in INDIEN: Dorfoberhaupt lässt 14-jähriges Mädchen vergewaltigen
20140711             Kinder in ISRAEL: "Sie müssen lernen, ihre Angst zu beherrschen"
20140711             Rückschlag für APPLE: CHINA stuft iPhone als SICHERHEITS—BE—DROHUNG 1
20140711             Infektionen in AFRIKA: EBOLA breitet sich weiter aus
20140711             —ESKALATION in NAH—OST: HAMAS beschießt FLUGHAFEN—VON—TEL—AVIV
20140711             Luftpost: AMAZON bittet um Testlizenz für Drohnenflüge
20140711             PUTIN besucht CASTRO: Erinnerungen an die KUBA—KRISE
20140711             BUNDES—TAG: Gauck unterschreibt Gesetz für höhere ABGEORDNETEN—DIÄTEN
20140711             —KRISE—IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE—KIEW meldet TOD—VON—DUTZENDEN Soldaten
20140711             —ENTDECKUNG: Geheimnisvolle Blitze aus dem All
20140711             20—JAHRES—BILANZ: Im MITTELMEER schwinden die Fische
20140711             —KÄMPFEIM—IRAK—KURDEN erobern wichtige Ölfelder
20140711             Oder anders ausgedrückt: Ohne Zweifel entsteht kein Fortschritt in der Wissenschaft.
20140711             —IM, Gegensatz zu sogenannten Pulsaren, die wie kosmische Leuchttürme regelmäßig Radiostrahlung aussenden, traten die FRBs nur 1—EINZIGES Mal an 1—STELLE auf.
20140711             —DANN, war wieder Ruhe —, DIE—KRITIKER fragten sich, ob die mysteriösen Blitze tatsächlich real waren.
20140711             Und ob sie wirklich aus den Tiefen des Kosmos stammten — oder doch vielleicht aus der unmittelbaren Nähe der Erde.
20140711             Womöglich gingen sie gar auf technische Eigenheiten des australischen Teleskops zurück, das einst die Fernsehbilder der 1.Mondlandung empfangen hatte?
20140711             "Wir haben den entscheidenden Beweis erbracht, daß ES—SICH tatsächlich um 1—ASTROPHYSIKALISCHES Phänomen handelt", sagt Laura Spitler. "Wir hatten das Glück, zur richtigen Zeit an der richtigen Stelle des Himmels zu suchen".Obwohl, so erklärt DIE—FORSCHERIN, so richtig selten sind die Strahlungsausbrüche eigentlich NICHT—SIE waren —BISHER, nur schwer zu finden.
20140711             In der russischen HAUPT—STADT schwärmen sie HEUTE—NOCH, von der gescheiterten —INVASION in der Schweinebucht 19610000             , 1—DESASTER für DIE—CIA, DIE—DAMALS, FIDEL—CASTRO stürzen wollte.
20140711             Auf KUBA und in BRASILIEN darf sich DER—KREML—CHEF—AUF 1—FREUNDLICHEREN Empfang freuen als zuletzt bei seinem TREFFEN—MIT—DEN Führern des Westens in der Normandie. In FORTALEZA beginnt in der kommenden Woche das GIPFEL—TREFFEN der aufstrebenden BRICS—LÄNDER, an dem neben Gastgeber BRASILIEN CHINA, INDIEN und SÜD—AFRIKA teilnehmen. Alles STAATEN, für die DIE—KRIM—ANNEXION und DIE—UKRAINE—KRISE kein Thema sind.
20140711             "RUSSLAND war in SÜD—AMERIKA nie Aggressor, sondern immer Partner", sagt NIKOLAI—LEONOW, 85. Niemand kann besser Auskunft geben über das Auf und Ab der Beziehungen zwischen dem KREML und HAVANNA als der GENERALleutnant des KGB im Ruhestand, —SEIT—MEHR—ALS—1—HALBEN Jahrhundert ist Leonow eng mit RAUL—CASTRO befreundet.
20140711             —VOR, PUTINs zweitem BESUCH—IN—HAVANNA hat RUSSLANDs PARLAMENT, die Duma, KUBA 1—GROßTEIL seiner Schulden erlassen. Auf insgesamt—DOLLAR sollen sich HAVANNAs alte Verbindlichkeiten gegenüber MOSKAU belaufen. Auf 90 % will RUSSLAND nun verzichten, der Rest soll in gemeinsame Projekte auf der Insel investiert werden.
20140711             Passend dazu sind gerstern auch noch russ. ATOM—STREIT—KRÄFTE in die höchste Gefechtsbereitschaft versetzt worden. Allerdings angeblich wegen des USA—GESETZ—ENTWURFES Nummer 2277.
20140711             Gut so
20140711             Ich hoffe, RUSSLAND und KUBA werden sich einig. Das ist genauso zu begrüßen wie 1—ALLIANZ zwichen RUSSLAND und CHINA. Warum?
20140711             Bin ich Kommunist, PUTINist o.ä? Sicher nicht, Ich bevorzuge 1—ECHTE Demokratie. es ist aber dringend geboten, dem aggressiven EXPANSIONS—KURS der USA/NATO etwas entgegenzusetzen.
20140711             Man lese dieses Gesetzt, das dem USA—SENAT zur Verabschiedung vorliegt:
20140711             S.2277 - RUSSIA—AGGRESSION—PREVENTION—ACT—OF—2014
20140711             DIE—KUBA—KRISE hat 19620000              zw. der SOWJET—UNION und DEN—USA stattgefunden. Das ist vor knapp 50—JAHREN gewesen.
20140711             MOSKAU, inhaftierter UKRAINEr: Europäische Filmakademie sammelt für Regisseur Sentsov
20140711             ISRAEL—BOMBEN—STRATEGIE im GAZA—STREIFEN: Erst kommt der Telefonanruf. —DANN, der Tod
20140711             ISRAEL—ABWEHRSYSTEM: Zittern unterm Raketenschirm
20140711             Dubiose Kredite: BULGARIEN macht viertgrößte Bank des Landes dicht
20140711             [l] DOPPEL—AGENTEN in befreundeten Nationen? Das ist 1—SCHANDE!1!! 1—SKANDAL! Das verurteilen wir auf's Schärfste!!1!
20140711             Außer wenn DER—BND das mit ESTLAND macht, natürlich, dann ist das war ganz anderes!
20140711             [l] Woher hat ISIS eigentlich die ganzen ISLAMISTEN? Aus der TÜRKEI, wie sich rausstellt. MONEY—QUOTE:
20140711             Mehrfache Warnungen unter anderem aus DEN—USA und DEUTSCHLAND, DIE—EXTREMISTEN könnten sich irgendwann gegen DIE—TÜRKEI richten, wollte man in ANKARA nicht hören. Man habe sie im Griff, hieß es.
20140711             [l] DIE—AMERIKANER machen natürlich fröhlich mit beim Schmierentheater. Hach wie furchtbar das doch ist, daß DIE—DEUTSCHEN den Station CHIEF rausschmeißen!1!! Sowas kommt ja FAST NIE vor!!1!
20140711             Ja, natürlich nicht, weil wir doofen DEUTSCHEN normalerweise nicht hingucken bei den USA—AMERIKANERN.
20140711             "I can't recall ever getting to the point where 1—FRIENDLY—SERVICE actually ejected somebody," said JOHN—A. Rizzo, who spent MORE—THAN—3—DECADES at THE—CIA and served as its acting general counsel. "THE—GERMANS must feel compelled to do this for political reasons, because there are certainly ways to convey one's displeasure without taking this kind of overt step".
20140711             "I can't recall ever getting to the point where 1—FRIENDLY—SERVICE actually ejected somebody,"
20140711             a friendly service
20140711             [l] DIE—POLIZEI, dein Freund und Helfer: Krankenhaus erstattet Anzeige, NACHDEM ÜBERWACHUNGS—KAMERAS zeigen, daß POLIZISTEN 1—AUF 1—TRAGE festgeschnallten Mann verprügelt haben. Sie hatten den Mann selbst gerade erst eingeliefert. —DANN, haben sie gewartet, bis er festgeschnallt war, und dann sind sie über ihn hergefallen.
20140711             [l] Oh yes! DIE—USA—AMIS fangen dann auch mal mit 1—PAAR Indiskretionen über BND—OPERATIONEN an. Unter anderem soll DER—BND sich in SWIFT reingehackt haben, und aus Sicht der Amis betreibt DER—BND INDUSTRIE—SPIONAGE. Und auch unsere halbgaren Dementis klingen für DIE—USA—AMIS nicht besser als die der NSA für uns:
20140711             —YESTERDAY, BND HEAD—GERHARD—SCHINDLER issued the following denial to the Zeit online news site: "No TELECOMMUNICATION—INTELLIGENCE is conducted from THE—GERMAN—EMBASSY in WASHINGTON".Not exactly 1—DENIAL—OF—SPYING—ON—USA, is it?
20140711             Mwahahahaha
20140711             Ist leider nur HUFFINGTON—POST, und die verkacken dann auch direkt mal den unteren Teil, wo sie den OVER—THE—HORIZON—RADAR als SPIONAGEinstrument brandmarken. Das dient dem Erkennen von ATOM—RAKETENSTARTS und ist durch internationale Verträge gedeckt.
20140711             —UPDATE, Übrigens: NETZ—POLITIK hat mal den spanenden Abschnitt aus dem zitierten Buch übersetzt.
20140711             [l] Hey, DIE—BÜRGER—RECHTE in der EU sind jetzt in guten Händen. Da kümmert sich jetzt Udo Voigt drum. Ja, der von der NPD. Wen würde man da auch sonst hinsetzen!1!!
20140711             [l] So jetzt ist aber Schluss mit GEHEIM—DIENSTSCHMUSEN mit DEN—USA!1!!
20140711             —NACH, DPA—INFORMATIONEN vom —FREITAG wurde den Diensten als Konsequenz aus den Ermittlungen in 2—MUTMAßLICHEN SPIONAGEfällen VERGANGENE—WOCHE geraten, etwa bei Feierlichkeiten mit USA—STELLEN zurückhaltend aufzutreten. DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG werde nicht einfach zur TAGES—ORDNUNG übergehen, aber die Partnerschaft bleibe, hieß es weiter.
20140711             [l] Hey, wisst ihr, was wir jetzt brauchen? Mehr Geld für DIE—GEHEIM—DIENSTE. Und zwar wegen, äh … *blätter* *kopfkratz* … oh ja, LINKS—EXTREMISMUS!1!!
20140711             [1]will DER—VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ den LINKS—EXTREMISMUS in DEUTSCHLAND wissenschaftlich untersuchen. —UNTERDESSEN, reden Forscher bei der HANNS—SEIDEL—STIFTUNG Klartext: Die Gefahr, die vom LINKS—EXTREMISMUS ausgeht, wird massiv verharmlost — vor allem durch linke Politiker und Medien.
20140711             Da hat wohl jemand DAS—MEMO nicht gekriegt.
20140711             Aber lest das mal ganz durch. Das wird immer übler.
20140711             [l] Wer zwischen all dem Elend hier auch mal was positives lesen will, für den habe ich heute ausnahmsweise mal was: Die Urteilsbegründung zum METRONAUT—PODCASTBUS—URTEIL ist 1—WAHRE Wonne. Das ist mit Ohrfeige noch zu sanft umschrieben, eher 1—VOLL in die Fresse für DIE—POLIZEI, die im Übrigen auch auf den Verfahrenskosten sitzen bleibt jetzt.
20140711             —UPDATE, Besonders schön und wichtig ist der Teil am Ende, in dem das Gericht explizit klarstellt, daß man keinen Presseausweis braucht, um Presse zu sein.
20140711             1—AUFKÜNDIGUNG der KO—OPERATION mit DEN—USA lehnte STEINMEIER ab. "es wäre 1—ILLUSION zu glauben, daß 1—ENTSCHÄRFUNG DER—KONFLIKTE wie auch die Erarbeitung politischer Lösungen ohne enge ZUSAMMEN—ARBEIT—MIT—DEN—USA gelingen könnte", erklärte er. "Unsere Partnerschaft mit DEN—USA ist ohne Alternative".
20140711             [l] Kurzes POLIZEIupdate:
20140711             POLIZIST schießt um sich, verbarrikadiert sich in 1—HAUS.
20140711             Neulich so: Drohnenbesitzer verhaftet, weil er mit seiner Drohne zu nahe an 1—NYPD—HUBSCHRAUBER geflogen ist und die öffentliche Sicherheit gefährdet hat. —HEUTE, so: Nicht die Drohne flog in den Hubschrauber sondern der Hubschrauber (offenbar gezielt) in die Drohne.
20140711             DIE—POLIZEI, dein Freund und Helfer!
20140711             Konkurrenzdenken: Rot macht Frauen eifersüchtig
20140711             —ANGRIFFE—AUF—GAZA—STREIFEN: UNO sieht möglichen Verstoß ISRAEL—GEGEN DAS—VÖLKER—RECHT
20140711             DIE—FARBE erscheint attraktiv —, macht deshalb eifersüchtig. Damen in roter Garderobe gelten als untreu.
20140711             Elfenbeinhandel: Unbekannte vergiften FILM—ELEFANT
20140711             Flughafen BEN—GURION: Verzögerungen im FLUG—VERKEHR über ISRAEL erwartet
20140711             —UKRAINE—KONFLIKT, POROSCHENKO droht Separatisten mit Vergeltung
20140711             USA—KULTMARKE: Früherer AUDI—MANAGER wird —CHEF—VON—CADILLAC
20140711             Standard & Poor's: DEUTSCHLAND behält Bestnote "AAA"
20140711             USA—REAKTION—AUF—SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE: Jetzt ist auch OBAMA verstimmt
20140711             Generell jedoch ist man in DER—USA—HAUPT—STADT verärgert, daß sich DIE—CIA wohl hat erwischen lassen;
20140711             "es wäre unverantwortlich, würden DIE—USA DEUTSCHE—REGIERUNGSBEAMTE nicht abhören".
20140711             Und der Rauswurf des TOP—SPIONS? Solch 1—AKTION wäre sogar in der DDR WÄHREND des KALTER—KRIEG 1—SELTENHEIT gewesen, meint DIE—ZEITUNG: "DIE—ANWEISUNG zeigt den geschrumpften Einfluss Amerikas in der Welt unter PRÄSIDENT—OBAMA;
20140711             "Indem sie auf deutschen BÜRGER—RECHTEN herumtrampelt, beschmutzt die OBAMA—REGIERUNG Amerikas Image und erlaubt es den DEUTSCHEN, sich ihrem früheren Bezwinger moralisch überlegen zu fühlen".Gelinge es OBAMA nicht, DIE—SPIONAGE—GEGEN—DEUTSCHLAND zu zügeln, "dann wandelt er möglicherweise 1—ALLIIERTEN in 1—GEGENSPIELER".
20140711             Informationspolitik
20140711             DIE—FRÜHERE Cheffin der NEW—YORK—TIMES kritisiert OBAMA scharf und die Vereinigung professioneller Journalisten der USA hat 1—BRANDBRIEF—AN—DEN Präsidenten geschrieben. Das Verhältnis der Presse zu 1—PRÄSIDENTEN war noch nie so schlecht, da alles im GE—HEIMEN bleibt und faktisch 1—ZENSUR besteht. es scheint wirklich 1—BEÄNGSTIGENDE Paranoia und Kontrollsucht in der Administration zu gebe: Wissen, was alle machen und verstecken, was man selber tut.
20140711             Private Kanäle = an der Öffentlichkeit vorbei = an den PARLAMENTen vorbei = an den offiziellen Kontrollgremien vorbei = an den GEHEIMEN Kontrollgremien vorbei = Privatsache von OBAMA + MERKEL (+GEHEIMEN Einflüsterern) = DIKTATUR. —------ Habe ich irgendwas ausgelassen?
20140711             —NUN, hatten DIE—AMERIKANER Kenntniss von 1—SICHERHEITS—LECK im BND und statt die BRD zu WARNEN haben sie es abgeschöpft und und als dieses Leck wohl auch NOCH—AN—DIE—RUSSEN verkaufen wollte, haben DIE—AMERIKANER dieses Leck wohl auch —VOR—NOCH dem VERFASSUNG—SCHUTZ gewarnt. Das ist schon 1—SEHR unfreundlicher Akt. Und vielleicht sollte dies auch mal jemand den USA—AMERIKANERN und deren Presse so erklären.
20140711             Ich gehe sogar soweit zu glauben, daß es den BND—SKANDAL gar nicht wirklich gegeben hat, daß das alles nur Theater war, damit DIE—DEUTSCHEN sagen "jetzt haben wirs denen gegeben"und zufrieden sind.
20140711             Wohin führen uns unsere
20140711             Denken Sie über die Tragweite dieser Aussage nach. "am 1—MAI erklärte DER—FRÜHERE—BOTSCHAFTER WASHINGTONs in RUSSLAND und jetzige NATO—VIZEGENERAL—SEKRETÄR, ALEXANDER Vershbow — auch wenn er nur der 2. Mann ist, hat er als USA—AMERIKANER natürlich das Sagen—, RUSSLAND werde nicht länger als Partner, sondern als Gegner gesehen. Gegenüber Journalisten sagte er, DIE—NATO habe es aufgegeben, "MOSKAU stärker zu integrieren", und werde stattdessen nun 1—GRÖßERE Zahl von KAMPF—TRUPPEN in OST—EUROPA stationieren. Vershbow bezeichnete diese aggressive —POLITIK als "Verlegung defensiver Aktivposten in DIE—REGION". Quelle: DOCTOR—PAUL CRAIG—ROBERTS—DIE—WOLFOWITZ—DOKTRIN rechtfertigt WASHINGTONs weltweite VOR—HERRSCHAFT. "es ist unser vorrangiges Ziel, das Wiederauftauchen 1—NEUEN Rivalen, entweder auf dem Territorium der früheren SOWJET—UNION oder anderswo, der 1—BE—DROHUNG der Art darstellt, wie es zuvor die frühere SOWJET—UNION getan hat
20140711             SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE: Fahnder finden Link zwischen SPITZEL—FÄLLEN
20140711             —ZWISCHEN—FÄLLE mit Viren, USA—REGIERUNG schließt nach Pannenserie eigene Labore
20140711             WASHINGTON, —IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—WOCHEN hat 1—REIHE von gefährlichen Zwischenfällen in Laboren DER—USA—GESUNDHEITS—BEHÖRDE CDC für Aufsehen gesorgt. MILZBRAND—ERREGER, Pocken—, VOGELGRIPPE—VIREN waren an Orte gelangt, an denen sie nicht hätten sein dürfen. —NUN, hat DIE—REGIERUNG —LAUT—ANGABEN, der NEW—YORK—TIMES1.Konsequenzen gezogen und die betroffenen Labore geschlossen.
20140711             Betroffen sind auch DIE—EINRICHTUNGEN in ATLANTA, in denen —VOR—1—MONAT schlampig mit dem hochgefährlichen MILZBRAND—ERREGER hantiert wurde.
20140711             Wie ERST—FREITAG—AM, bekannt wurde, wurde 1—PROBE 1—RELATIV harmlosen Grippevirus mit dem hochgefährlichen VOGEL—GRIPPEVIRUS H5N1 kontaminiert. An dem VIRUS sind bereits Hunderte Menschen gestorben. Glücklicherweise habe 1—AGRARFORSCHUNGS—LABOR bemerkt, daß der VIRUS deutlich aggressiver sei als erwartet, und habe die CDC informiert.
20140711             So stellten DIE—ERMITTLER in dem Material des 31—JAHRE—ALTEN BND—MITARBEITERS unter anderem 1 AN—FRAGE 1—ANDEREN deutschen Behörde nach dem verdächtigen Referenten im Wehrressort sicher. In der ERKENNTNISAN—FRAGE wurde DER—BND gebeten, mögliche Erkenntnisse über den Referenten zu übermitteln. Gegen den MITARBEITER—AUS—DER PolitikABTEILUNG wurde
20140711             [l] Hey, psst, wisst ihr, wer dafür zuständig war, den Spion im VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIUM zu enttarnen?
20140711             Kommt ihr NIE drauf!
20140711             Der Spion im BND!
Auf dem Weg zum WM—FINALE macht WLADIMIR—PUTIN 1—ZWISCHENSTOPP bei KUBA—REVOLUTIONS—FÜHRER CASTRO. MOSKAU verhandelt über den Bau 1—MARINESTÜTZPUNKTS—DAS ruft unheilvolle Erinnerungen wach
20140711—20140713    —ON, The body of 1 was found 20140712              and the bodies of 3—OTHERS.
20140711—20150526    —ON, marijuana grower Edgardo Fournier (46) was sentenced to 7—YEARS in prison.
20140717             —FIRED, The foreign ministry said ISRAEL, 102—SHELLS at LEBANON 20140711—20140714    —BETWEEN.
20140818—20140711    —ON, Kawasme, a 40-year-old RESIDENT—OF—THE—WEST—BANK—CITY—OF—HEBRON, was arrested, but the other 2—SUSPECTS remained at large.
20150319—20160711    —ACCEPTED, THE—NANNING Intermediate PEOPLE—COURT, the case against Phan "Sandy" PHAN—GILLIS.
20150319—20160711    —ON, THE—NANNING Intermediate PEOPLE—COURT accepted the case against Phan "Sandy" PHAN—GILLIS.
20150711             —PASSED, THE—NAACP, 1—RESOLUTION lifting its 15-year economic BOYCOTT—OF—SOUTH—CAROLINA after the state took down 1—CONFEDERATE battle flag flying near its STATE—HOUSE.
20150711             —INCLUDED, Her books, "Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World" (19770000             ), CO—AUTHORED with MICHAEL—COOK.
20150711             —DESCRIBED, AFGHANISTAN, ABU—KHALIL—AL—SUDANI, as 1—HIGH—RANAL—QAEDA—KING—OF— operational COMMANDER, was killed in 1—USA—AIRSTRIKE in Paktika province.
20150711             He was reportedly THE—HEAD—OF—AL—QAEDA—SUICIDE and explosives operations.
20150711             —BOILED, BOSNIA, Anger, over at 1—MASSIVE—COMMEMORATION—OF—THE—SREBRENICA slaughter 20—YEARS ago as people pelted SERBIA—PRIME—MINISTER—ALEKSANDAR—VUCIC with water bottles and other objects.
20150711             Serena Williams won a 6. Wimbledon title as the world number 1—BECAME the oldest woman to win 1—GRAND—SLAM crown with a 6-4, 6—4—VICTORY against Garbine Muguruza.
20150711             —DRESSED, CHAD—,1—MAN, in 1—WOMAN—BURQA blew himself up in the main market in N'DJAMENA early today, killing 15—PEOPLE and injuring 80.
20150711             A 2. explosion about 30—KM—NORTH—OF—N'DJAMENA killed 1—PERSON.
20150711             CENTRAL—CHINA, 1—FIRE—LATE—TODAY at 1—RESIDENTIAL—BUILDING in WUHAN city killed 7—PEOPLE and injured 12—OTHERS.
20150711             —SLAMMED, CHINA, Typhoon CHAN—HOM, ashore in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, paralyzing transport links and devastating farmland as authorities evacuated more than 1—MILLION—PEOPLE.
20150711             —KILLED, The storm, 5—PEOPLE in THE—PHILIPPINES earlier in the week
20150711             —CLAIMED, EGYPT, the Islamic State, responsibility for 1—CAR—BOMB—ATTACK at THE—ITALY—CONSULATE in CAIRO.
20150711             1—PERSON was killed.
20150711             —KILLED, IRAQ, bombings and 1—SHOOTING have, at least 11—PEOPLE in and around BAGHDAD.
20150711             —CRASHED, An ISRAEL—DRONE, in THE—NORTH—LEBANON—PORT CITY—OF—TRIPOLI, in the 2. such incident in 3—WEEKS.
20150711             JAPAN, Satoru Iwata (55), HEAD—OF—NINTENDO—CO., † at KYOTO UNIVERSITY—HOSPITAL after 1—LENGTHY—ILLNESS.
20150711             He had led the video game company through YEARS—OF—GROWTH with its Pokemon and Super Mario franchises.
20150711             A MALI army COMMANDER said special forces have disrupted 1—NETWORK—OF at least 6—ISLAMIC—EXTREMISTS plotting 1—ATTACK in BAMAKO.
20150711             —LINKED, The extremists were, to the Ansar Dine group.
20150711             —ESCAPED, MEXICO—DRUG—LORD—JOAQUIN "El Chapo" Guzman, through 1—LENGTHY—TUNNEL under his prison cell's shower, marking his 2. jail break and 1—EMBARRASSING—BLOW to the government.
20150711             —SPEWED, WEST—MEXICO, ash and cinders, from THE—COLIMA Volcano, prompting authorities to close the airport in THE—STATE—CAPITAL—OF—COLIMA and order the evacuation of 1—HALF—DOZEN hamlets on the flanks of the peak.
20150711             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—NIGER, Boko Haram militants launched 1—ATTACK on the prison in Diffa late today, in 1—APPARENT—BID to free fellow MEMBERS—OF—THE—NIGERIA—ISLAMIST—GROUP held there.
20150711             —ATTEMPTED, NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, 1, bomb attack at MAIDUGURI—LARGEST—BUS—STATION failed when an EXPLOSIVES—LADDEN TUK—TUK was prevented from entering the site early today.
20150711             —EXPLODED, THE—TUK—TUK, killing the driver and 3—OF—ITS occupants.
20150711             A PAKISTAN—MILITARY—OFFICIAL said troops in the Waziristan tribal region near THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER have killed 9—MILITANTS after 1—ATTACK on 1—MILITARY—CHECKPOINT.
20150711             —RECEIVED, PARAGUAY, FRANCIS—PAPA, 1—VERY—ARGENTINE welcome at PARAGUAY—MOST important pilgrimage site, with THOUSANDS—OF—HIS countrymen joining HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PARAGUAY—FAITHFUL for 1—MASS that served as 1—MAKESHIFT homecoming for the Argentine PAPA.
20150711             Syria monitors said 1—HELICOPTER—STRIKE on the Islamic STATE—CONTROLLED TOWN—OF—AL—BAB killed at least 28—PEOPLE including 3—CHILDREN.
20150711             A SYRIA—MILITARY—SOURCE said the army had not carried out ANY—AIR—STRIKES—TODAY in AL—BAB.
20150711             THAILAND sent 8—MORE—ETHNIC—MUSLIM Uighur refugees to TURKEY, days after THE—THAILAND—GOVERNMENT faced intense INTERNATIONAL criticism for deporting 109—REFUGEES back to CHINA despite fears they could face persecution there.
20150711             52—UIGHURS remained in THAILAND.
20150711             —KILLED, WEST—UKRAINE, at least 2—PEOPLE were, in 1—GUN and grenade attack in Mukhachevo involving the country's notorious nationalist militia Right Sector.
20150711             —AIMED, YEMEN, 1—UN—PROPOSED truce, at delivering desperately needed aid to millions threatened with famine, failed to take hold.
20150711             The spokesman for THE—SAUDI—LED coalition targeting YEMEN—SHIITE rebels in airstrikes since March said the coalition is not bound by the new truce deal.
20150711             [l] DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG nimmt bzgl der Herero und Nama erstmalig das Wort "VÖLKER—MORD"in den Mund.
20150711             [l] Alle reden von der GRIECHENLAND—KRISE, wo DAS—LAND so pleite ist, dass essentielle Dienstleistungen nicht mehr erbracht werden können.
20150711             Und jetzt guckt euch mal das hier an.
20150711             klammen ESSEN zum Beispiel, wo der Stadtrat die Sparkasse jüngst zu 1—GEWINNAUSSCHÜTTUNG—VON—3,5.000.000—EURO verdonnerte.
20150711             Da ist es nicht mehr weit bis zu SCHUTZGELD—SZENARIEN!
20150711             Schönes Geschäft haben Sie da!
20150711             —UPDATE, Oh, übrigens, in schöner neoliberaler Manier wird DER—MARKT das schon lösen
20150711             [l] In FREISING haben ein paar besorgte BÜRGER 1—PÄDOPHILEN gefasst, der gerade mit 1, 10—JAHRE—ALTEN Mädchen draußen rumlief.
20150711             Leider stellte sich dann, NACHDEM sie ihn verprügelt hatten, dass das kein Pädophiler sondern der Vater des Kindes war.
20150711             [l] DIE—POLIZEI in DÜSSELDORF hat 1, 30—JAHRE—ALTEN 1.ganz BESONDER—GEBURTS—TAG—FEIER beschert.
20150711             "Eine schöne Feier, ohne Streit, Auseinandersetzungen", sagt MARIE WAGNER, die an diesem Freitagabend —VOR—1—WOCHE Freunde zu ihrem 30—GEBURTS—TAG eingeladen hat.
20150711             "Mein Lebensgefährte wurde AM—SAMSTAG, gegen 10—UHR freigelassen.
20150711             Und was sagt DIE—POLIZEI dazu?
20150711             "Das ist 1.ganz normale MAßNAHME", betont Fiebig.
20150711             [l] PAUL CRAIG—ROBERTS erklärt DIE—USA—MILITÄRDOKTRIN.
20150711             PENTAGON Concludes AMERICA Not Safe Unless It Conquers THE—WORLD
20150711             Wer ist JOHN—CRAIG ROBERTs?
20150711             He served as an ASSISTANT—SECRETARY—OF—THE—TREASURY for economic policy in THE—RONALD—REAGAN—ADMINISTRATION.
20150711             [l] Böhmermann meldet sich aus der —SOMMERpause zurück, um mal die ganzen Statements aus den deutschen Medien über GRIECHENLAND zu inszenieren.
20150711             [l] Jetzt wo er nicht mehr FINANZ—MINISTER ist, muss sich VAROUFAKIS auch nicht mehr so zurücknehmen und plaudert mal ein bisschen, was da so gelaufen ist.
20150711             [l] Also wenn es bei DER—BUNDESWEHR schon aus allen Rohren cybert, dann muss man sich auch bei den Waffensystemen mal an einschlägigen HOLLYWOODvorbildern orientieren.
20150711             Wer hat eigentlich entschieden, dass DEUTSCHLAND an diesem sinnlosen Wettrüsten teilnehmen soll, das gerade DIE—WELT zu erfassen scheint?
20150711             Für die Abschaffung DER—BUNDESWEHR!
20150711             BTW: Wer sich jetzt denkt, naja, das ist SCIFI—ZUKUNFTSBLABLAH.
20150711             alfatomega.com/
20150711             Tiansongrubber_COM—SHARED or dedicated hosting?
20150711             Reformpaket: Griechisches PARLAMENT stimmt für SPAR—PLÄNE
20150711             —ANSCHLAG—IN—ÄGYPTEN: Explosion vor italienischem KONSULAT in KAIRO
20150711             —KRISE—IN—GRIECHENLAND: Lafontaine fordert Ende des EURO
20150711             BÖRSEN—TURBULENZEN: Warum der Absturz in CHINA nicht vorbei ist
20150711             —VOR, MissbrauchsPROZESS, Papstbotschafter kommt ins Krankenhaus
20150711             GRIECHENLANDs EX—FINANZ—MINISTER: VAROUFAKIS macht SCHÄUBLE schwere Vorwürfe
20150711             Srebrenica: SERBIENs MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT von Gedenkfeier vertrieben
20150711             EU—GRENZ—SCHUTZ, OUTDOOR—KLEIDUNG macht verdächtig
20150711             ATOM—ABKOMMEN: IRAN sieht sich an keine Frist gebunden
20150711             CHINAs OST—KÜSTE: Flucht vor dem Taifun
20150711             Dürre IN—DEN— USA—KALIFORNIEN schaltet die Strandduschen ab
20150711             Reformplan trotz REFERENDUM: "Wir Griechen erhalten ungern Befehle"
20150711             GRIECHENLAND—VERHANDLUNGEN: SCHÄUBLE schlägt Grexit auf Zeit vor
20150711             PÄDOPHILIE—VORWURF, Vater bei Spaziergang mit Tochter angegriffen
20150711             Übungen in DEUTSCHLAND: USA—ARMEE soll ANTHRAX eingesetzt haben
20150711             DIE—USARMEE soll in ihrem Labor in RHEINLAND—PFALZ mit aktiven statt inaktiven Sporen des Biokampfmittels ANTHRAX operiert haben.
20150711 USA Tosh_frederiksen (
20150711 Win7 ISRAEL Flag TEL—AVIV,
20150711 Win7 USA—FLAG—ORANGE,
20150712—20160711    —FREED, Sharif was, from prison, after serving 1—YEARLONG sentence over comments supporting political change in the kingdom.
20151021             —ANNOUNCED, MEXICO—POLICE, THE—CAPTURE—OF—6—PEOPLE believed responsible for 20150711             —THE prison break by JOAQUIN—GUZMAN.
20151206—20110711    —ON, This was WEEKS—BEFORE—THE—BANK—OF—CYPRUS and other business leaders said "deep spending cuts are needed fast".[27]
20160526             UGANDA, Issa Luyima, the ringleader of 20100711             —THE, bombing by THE—AL—QAEDA—LINKED Shebab that killed 76—PEOPLE in KAMPALA, was found guilty along with 6—ACCOMPLICES—OF masterminding 1—OF—THE—REGION—WORST—ATTACKS in decades.
20160526             UGANDA, Issa Luyima, the ringleader of 20100711             —THE, bombing by THE—AL—QAEDA—LINKED Shebab that killed 76—PEOPLE in KAMPALA, was found guilty along with 6—ACCOMPLICES—OF—MASTERMINDING—1—OF—THE region's worst attacks in decades.
20160704—20160711    —RELEASED, Padgett was, due to LACK—OF—EVIDENCE.
20160709             —RAISED, THOUSANDS—OF—BOSNIANS, their hands in prayer as 1—TRUCK bearing 127—COFFINS passed through the capital on its way to Srebrenica, where the newly identified VICTIMS—OF—EUROPE—WORST—MASSACRE since —WWII will be buried 20160711              on the 21.
20160709             ANNIVERSARY—OF—THE—CRIME.
20160711             —ANNOUNCED, USA—DEFENSE—SECRETARY—ASH—CARTE, that THE—USA is stepping up its military campaign against Islamic State (IS) by sending hundreds more troops to assist IRAQ—FORCES in 1 expected push on MOSUL, the militants' largest stronghold, later this year.
20160711             —WRESTED, MICHIGAN, jail inmate Larry Darnell Gordon (44), 1—GUN from 1—OFFICER killing 2—BAILIFFS and injuring 2—OTHERS before he was fatally shot by other officers.
20160711             —ANNOUNCED, It was, that Lorenzo and FRANK—FERTITTA have sold their Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to 1—GROUP led by WME—IMG, an USA—TALENT agency for $4—BILLION and retained 1—MINORITY—INTEREST.
20160711             —CONTINUED, THE—ABU—DHABI government, to own 10%.
20160711             —BECAME, UK—HOME—SECRETARY—THERESA—MAY (19560000              *), the country's LEADER—IN—WAITING after her sole remaining rival unexpectedly withdrew.
20160711             —ANNOUNCED, UK—VETERAN Labour MP ANGELA—EAGLE, a challenge to JEREMY—CORBYN as party leader.
20160711             —STRUGGLED, INDIA—AUTHORITIES, to contain street protests by Kashmiris defying patrols and 1—STRINGENT curfew after at least 25—PEOPLE † in clashes that followed THE—KILLING—OF—1—TOP—REBEL—LEADER.
20160711             INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—NARENDRA—MODI—MONDAY held talks with KENYA—PRESIDENT—UHURU—KENYATTA in NAIROBI and agreed to further expand investment ties between THE—2—COUNTRIES and diversify trade.
20160711             —DETAINED, IRAN, ROBIN—SHAHINI—OF—SAN—DIEGO who travelled there to see his mother who was diagnosed with ALZHEIMER—DISEASE.
20160711             He received an 18-year prison sentence for "collaboration with 1—HOSTILE—GOVERNMENT".
20160711             —AFTER—2—WEEKS he was released on bail.
20160711             —ADOPTED, ISRAEL—PARLIAMENT, 1—LAW seen as targeting LEFT—WING—GROUPS—CRITICAL—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT by forcing NGOs that receive MOST—OF—THEIR—FUNDING from foreign states to declare it.
20160711             —BELIEVED, NIGERIA said gunmen, to be nomadic Fulani herdsmen have killed scores of villagers in Benue State in 1—LONG—RUNNING—CONFLICT over grazing rights.
20160711             NIGERIA—CHANNELS—TELEVISION put the number of dead at 81 in the past —2—WEEKS—AFTER attacks on farming villages in the Logo and Ukum AREAS—OF—THE—STATE.
20160711             NORTH—KOREA said it has told THE—USA—IT will sever the only CHANNEL—OF—COMMUNICATION between them, at THE—UNITED—NATIONS in NEW—YORK, after WASHINGTON blacklisted leader Kim Jong Un last week for human rights abuses.
20160711             THE\X97PHILIPPINES—MILITARY said government troops have killed 40—ABU—SAYYAF extremists and wounded 25—OTHERS in 2—BATTLEFRONTS in the 1. major counterterrorism offensive in the south under the new PRESIDENT.
20160711             † In PORTUGAL 3—PEOPLE in 1—ACCIDENT involving 1—HERCULES C130 military cargo plane at the Montijo military airport.
20160711             —SEIZED, PUERTO—RICO authorities said they have, $2.7—MILLION worth of cocaine off the territory's north coast.
20160711             —ARRESTED, They also, 2—PEOPLE and were looking for 1—FUGITIVE.
20160711             —SIGNED, ROMANIA—PRESIDENT—KLAUS—IOHANNIS, into law legislation obliging supermarkets to sell at least 51% LOCALLY—PRODUCED meat, fruit, eggs and vegetables.
20160711             SOUTH—AFRICAN—POLICE said twin brothers BRANDON—LEE and TONY—LEE—THULSIE (23), arrested on terrorism charges over the weekend, were plotting to blow up THE—USA—EMBASSY in PRETORIA and Jewish institutions, and planned to join the Islamic State.
20160711             —ORDERED, SOUTH—AFRICA—TELECOMS—REGULATOR, THE—PUBLIC broadcaster to reverse its 20160526              decision to stop airing footage of violent protests, 1—POLICY which critics said amounted to censorship.
20160711             —ORDERED, SOUTH—SUDAN'S as PRESIDENT—SALVA—KIIR, 1—CEASEFIRE after 1—NEW—DAY—OF—HEAVY—FIGHTING in THE—CAPITAL—JUBA that sent THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE fleeing and threatened 1—RETURN to civil war.
20160711             5—FOREIGNERS were raped and their local colleague murdered at the Terrain Hotel in JUBA as PRESIDENT—KIIR—TROOPS won a 3—DAY—BATTLE over opposition forces loyal to EX—VICE—PRESIDENT—RIEK—MACHAR.
20160711             —BECAME, LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—LUKA—AKECHAK, the unit COMMANDER at the hotel, later, 1—OF—MORE than 12—SOUTH—SUDAN—SOLDIERS standing trial in 1—MILITARY—COURT.
20160711             —LAUNCHED, SYRIA, rebels, 1—ATTACK against government positions in ALEPPO in response to 1—OFFENSIVE that cut 1—ROAD leading into THE—OPPOSITION—HELD SECTOR—OF—THE—CITY.
20160711             —KILLED, State television said 8—PEOPLE had been, and that the bombardments had brought down buildings.
20160711             TAIWAN—MAJOR—STATE—RUN—BANKS froze withdrawals from nearly 1,000 ATMs following the theft of more than T$80—MILLION ($2.5—MILLION) from dozens of 1. BANK—ATMS supplied by GERMANY—WINCOR—NIXDORF.
20160711             Police said the remaining 13—SUSPECTS, including 2—FROM RUSSIA, have left TAIWAN.
20160711             —CHARGED, THAILAND—JOURNALIST—TAWEESAK—KERDPOKA and 4—ACTIVISTS were, under 1—DRACONIAN law banning criticism of the junta's new constitution which will be voted on in 1—REFERENDUM—NEXT—MONTH.
20160711             THAILAND—COUNTRY—SINGER and political activist Thanat Thanawatcharanon, known by his stage name TOM—DUNDEE, was sentenced by 1—MILITARY—COURT to more than 3—YEARS in jail for insulting the monarchy, adding to a 7½-year sentence 1—CRIMINAL—COURT imposed on him earlier for the same offense.
20160711             —DEFENDED, TURKEY—PRESIDENT—RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN, his plan to give SYRIA—REFUGEES—TURKEY—CITIZENSHIP in comments published today, arguing the country has ample space after 1—BACKLASH against the suggestion.
20160711             Human Rights Watch said TURKEY—GOVERNMENT is blocking access to independent investigations into alleged mass abuses against civilians in SOUTH—EAST—TURKEY, where security forces are fighting Kurdish militants.
20160711             —PLANNED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—MADURO said that Citibank NA, to shut his government's foreign currency accounts within 1—MONTH, denouncing the move by 1—OF—ITS—MAIN—FOREIGN—FINANCIAL intermediaries as part of a "blockade".
20160711             —NACH—14—JAHREN: USA entlassen GUANTANAMO—HÄFTLING nach ITALIEN
20160711             Fotograf über USA—POLIZEI—GEWALT: "Sie hat nichts gesagt.
20160711             —FLÜCHTLINGS—KRISE—MERKELS —SOMMER der leichten Entspannung
20160711             —DIE—LAGE—AM—MONTAG, RUSSEN und DEUTSCHE—ES wird wieder geredet
20160711             MICAH—JOHNSON: Schütze von DALLAS bekritzelte Wände mit Blut
20160711             4—JAHRE und mehr: Weniger Menschen beziehen dauerhaft HARTZ—IV
20160711             Presseschau zum EM—FINALE: "DIE—PORTUGIESISCHE REVOLUTION"
20160711             Angebot an Aktionäre: DEUTSCHE—BÖRSE will Annahmequote für Fusion mit LONDON senken
20160711             FREI—HANDELS—ABKOMMEN—TTIP könnte deutsche ENERGIE—WENDE abwürgen
20160711             —DROHUNG—GEGEN—DIE—USA : BIN—LADEN—SOHN will angeblich Tod seines Vaters rächen
20160711             —BÜRGER—KRIEG—SYRIEN, Zehntausende Zivilisten in ALEPPO offenbar eingeschlossen
20160711             ANT—ARKTIS—GEWÄCHSHAUS: Gärtnern im ewigen Eis
20160711             ARTEN—SCHUTZ, BORNEO—ORANG—UTAN und Walhai vom AUS—STERBEN bedroht
20160711             DIE—URSACHE ist einmal mehr DER—MENSCH.
20160711             der
20160711             Mensch
20160711             Sie gehören zu den markantesten Tierarten der Welt, doch
20160711             —EXPERTEn sind in SORGE—UM—SIE:
20160711             DIE—WELTNATUR—SCHUTZ—UNION (IUCN) hat den BORNEO—ORANG—UTAN auf ihrer Roten Liste als "vom AUS—STERBEN bedroht"eingestuft.
20160711             Das ist die höchste Gefährdungsstufe.
20160711             stufte DIE—ORGANISATION auch Walhaie und
20160711             FLÜGELKOPF—HAMMERHAIE
20160711             wegen stark schwindender Bestände als "stark gefährdet"ein.
20160711             Es ist alarmierend zu sehen, wie diese symbolhaften Tierarten dem AUS—STERBEN entgegen gehen", erklärte J
20160711             erklärte
20160711             Jane Smart, Direktorin des IUCN—ARTENPROGRAMMS.
20160711             Der BORNEO—ORANG—UTAN (Pongo pygmaeus) SEI—NEBEN dem etwas kleineren SUMATRA—ORANG—UTAN die 2. Art dieser MENSCHEN—AFFEN—NUR noch "einen Schritt vom Artentod entfernt", betonte die IUCN.
20160711             DIE—WÄLDER auf der Insel Borneo, wo die bis zu 90—KILOGRAMM schweren MENSCHEN—AFFEN leben, würden oft abgeholzt und zu Plantagen für Palmöl, Kautschuk oder Papier umgewandelt.
20160711             umgewandelt
20160711             —ZUDEM, werden die Affen auch von Menschen gejagt.
20160711             —VON, Menschen
20160711             "Da ORANG—UTANS aus ihren Lebensräumen gedrängt werden und sich nur langsam fortpflanzen, können die enormen Verluste nur sehr schwierig rückgängig gemacht werden",
20160711             warnte IUCN—PRIMATENSPEZIALIST ERIK Meijaard.
20160711             Schätzungen über DIE—GRÖßE des Bestands schwanken stark zwischen 15.000—BIS 44.000—TIEREN.
20160711             Der Walhai (Rhincodon typus), mit fast 14—METERN Länge der größte Fisch der Welt, und
20160711             der FLÜGELKOPF—HAMMERHAI (Eusphyra blochii) seien besonders durch Überfischung bedroht.
20160711             kämen Walhaie oft in Schiffspropellern um,
20160711             klagt die IUCN.
20160711             In den letzen 75—JAHREN seien die Bestände der Art um mehr als 50 % geschrumpft.
20160711             DER—INTERNATIONALE HANDEL—MIT—GEFÄHRDETEN Haien sei zwar durch Abkommen reguliert,
20160711             Regierungen müssten aber mehr tun, um Haie auch auf nationaler Ebene zu schützen,
20160711             fordert die IUCN.
20160711             SCHUTZ—PROGRAMME haben demnach dazu geführt, daß Walhaie zwar in den Gewässern um die PHILIPPINEN, INDIEN und TAIWAN nicht mehr im großen Stil gefangen würden.
20160711             SÜDCHINA, und bei OMAN sei DIE—SITUATION aber anders.
20160711             Da Walhaie sich oft in der Nähe von Thunfischen aufhielten, fielen sie häufig Fischern zum Opfer.
20160711             Der bis knapp 2—METER lange FLÜGELKOPF—HAMMERHAI bewohnt vorwiegend die küstennahen Gewässer von Süd—, SÜD—OST—ASIEN.
20160711             Wie selten die Tiere —INZWISCHEN, sind, geht aus Zählungen auf indonesischen Fischmärkten hervor:
20160711             Dort kam ein solcher Hammerhai auf etwa 20.000—ANDERE Haiarten.
20160711             Ähnlich sei die Lage auch in anderen Ländern der Region, wo in Küstennähe intensiv gefischt werde.
20160711             DIE—ENTWICKLUNG zeige, daß man strategisch vorgehen müsse, um DIE—ARTEN—VIELFALT auf der Erde zu schützen,
20160711             betonte Smart.
20160711             DIE—IUCN will bei 1—KONGRESS—IN—HAWAII
20160711             Hartes NGO—GESETZ: BERLIN besorgt über "innenpolitisches Klima"in ISRAEL
20160711             BREXIT—FOLGEN: IMMOBILIEN—EXPERTEN erwarten Preisboom in FRANKFURT
20160711             1.Das ist leider nicht zu ändern!
20160711             Der Bevölkerungsdruck in INDONESIEN ist so groß, daß DIE—REGIERUNG Javaner nach Sumatra und Borneo einwandern lässt und ihnen Land (Urwald) gibt.
20160711             86 % der in DEUTSCHLAND aktiven Akteure auf dem Immobilienmarkt rechnen mit steigenden Preisen für Wohnungen und Wohnhäuser in FRANKFURT—AM—MAIN als Folge des BREXIT.
20160711             Das ist DAS—ERGEBNIS 1—UM—FRAGE der Unternehmensberatung EY unter 555—IMMOBILIENPROFIS.
20160711             1—DEUTLICHE Mehrheit erwartet, daß FRANKFURT der Finanzplatz sein wird, der vom AUSTRITT GROß—BRITANNIENS aus der EU ZUMEIST profitieren wird -
20160711             72 % der Befragten sind dieser Ansicht.
20160711             DUBLIN landete mit 13 % weit abgeschlagen auf dem 2. Platz der genannten Finanzplätze.
20160711             PARIS (6 %) und
20160711             LUXEMBURG (fünf %) sahen noch weniger Akteure als künftige Hauptprofiteure des BREXIT.
20160711             Akteure
20160711             EY befragte in der Woche nach dem REFERENDUM 555—INVESTOREN, Projektentwickler, ASSET—MANAGER, Finanzierer, Berater und weitere Teilnehmer auf dem deutschen Immobilienmarkt.
20160711             Davon hatten zwar 82 % ihren Hauptsitz in DEUTSCHLAND, allerdings hatte das auf die Einschätzung kaum Auswirkung.
20160711             Auch 69 % der Firmen mit Hauptsitz in GROß—BRITANNIEN sehen FRANKFURT als Hauptprofiteur.
20160711             Überdies rechnet mit 57 % 1.MEHRHEIT—DER—IMMOBILIEN—PROFIS nicht allein für FRANKFURT mit steigenden Mieten und Kaufpreisen, sondern für ganz DEUTSCHLAND.
20160711             38 % erwarten keinen Einfluss des BREXIT auf DIE—DEUTSCHEN IMMOBILIEN—PREISE,
20160711             nur 6 % glauben gar an fallende Preise.
20160711             ür den Rest der EU sehen hingegen nur 34 % steigende Preise voraus, d
20160711             DIE—MEHRHEIT—VON—59 % rechnet nicht damit, daß DER—BREXIT sich auf den örtlichen Immobilienmarkt auswirkt.
20160711             1—ÜBERWÄLTIGENDE Mehrheit von 91 % ist hingegen überzeugt, daß die Preise auf dem britischen Immobilienmarkt fallen werden.
20160711             Das ist auch deshalb interessant, weil 33 % der Befragten trotz des REFERENDUMs nicht glaubt, daß GROß—BRITANNIEN tatsächlich aus der EU austreten wird.
20160711             Dieser Anteil war unter den Unternehmen, die im VEREINIGTES—KÖNIG—REICH ihren Hauptsitz haben, mit 38 % sogar am höchsten.
20160711             Insgesamt spiegelt die EY—UMFRAGE allerdings 1.große Verunsicherung der Branche wider.
20160711             40 % sehen sich außerstande, 1.Einschätzung DER—BREXIT—FOLGEN für ihr eigenes Unternehmen abzugeben.
20160711             Der Rest glaubt zu fast gleichen Teilen an positive, negative und neutrale Folgen.
20160711             ZEITEN, der NIEDRIG—ZINSEN können Immobilien 1.attraktive GELD—ANLAGE sein.
20160711             gerade in Städten mit stark steigenden Preisen werfen sie nur wenig Rendite ab
20160711             in welchen DEUTSCHEN—STÄDTEN können Immobilienkäufer also noch Schnäppchen machen?
20160711             LONDON, wird alles getan, um fast alles halten zu können.
20160711             Und mit Neuem zu kompensieren, welche Regulatorien u.
20160711             Und die restl.
20160711             wandern grössteils nach dem nahen DUBLIN u.
20160711             Immobilien kann man —BISHER, nicht drucken.
20160711             Abzuwarten bleibt, ob es wirklich zum BREXIT kommt.
20160711             EKLAT an HAMBURGer Schule: Schüler verweigert HANDSCHLAG—LEHRER —BOYKOTTieren Abiball
20160711             —REPORTerin Thea Rosenbaum: "Zäh sein, dranbleiben, Mut haben"
20160711             —KRIEG—IN—SYRIEN: Russische Piloten —STERBEN bei Hubschrauberabschuss
20160711             Kritik unerwünscht: ERDOGAN lässt türkische Unis "säubern"
20160711             Kampagne zur NETZ—NEUTRALITÄT: Muss DAS—INTERNET wirklich gerettet werden?
20160711             [l] DIE—DEUTSCHE—BANK findet, wir brauchen 1.neue "BANKEN—RETTUNG".
20160711             [l] DIE—NATIONALKONSERVATIVEN haben in JAPAN —INZWISCHEN, so viel MACHT, daß sie die Verfassung ändern können.
20160711             Abes LDP hat in 1 20120000              vorgelegten VERFASSUNGS—ENTWURF deutlich gemacht, wohin es nach ihrer Vorstellung mit JAPAN gehen soll.
20160711             ABGAS—SKANDAL, VW zahlt Kredite an EU—FÖRDERBANK vorzeitig zurück
20160711             Bündnis: SPD und Grüne halten ROT—ROT—GRÜN im Bund für MACHBAR—MIT Einschränkungen
20160711             GROß—BRITANNIEN: Leadsom gibt AUF—THERESA—MAY einzige Kandidatin für CAMERON—NACHFOLGE
20160711             —KAMPF—UM—HÖHERE Gehälter bei Ver.di: GEWERKSCHAFT bestreikt GEWERKSCHAFT
20160711             —MACHT—KAMPF—BEI—LABOUR: Abgeordnete Eagle fordert PARTEI—CHEF—CORBYN heraus
20160711             Berühmte PROTEST—FOTOS: Allein gegen DIE—STAATS—GEWALT
20160711             —NACH—BREXIT—BRITEN müssen noch MONATE auf EU—KOMMISSAR warten
20160711             STAATS—FERNSEHEN: Russischer Moderator sinniert über TODES—STRAFE—FÜR—TONY—BLAIR
20160711             Absatz auf REKORD—HOCH: Mineralwasser immer beliebter
20160711             —KAMPF—GEGEN—IS: USA schicken 560—ZUSÄTZLICHE Soldaten in den IRAK
20160711             LINKS—EXTREMISMUS: Gegen alles Mögliche.
20160711             —EVOLUTION: Per Fischschwanz zum Landtier
20160711             In diesen Tagen werden wir nicht nur mit Bildern der BLACK—LIVES—MATTER—PROTESTE konfrontiert, wir werden mit ihnen überschwemmt.
20160711             mithilfe ihres Schwanzes konnten Wirbeltiere VOR—CA—400.000.000—JAHREN den Übergang vom Wasser an Land offenbar besser bewältigen.
20160711             Der AFRIKAnische Schlammspringer lebt vor der westafrikanischen ATLANTIK—KÜSTE und bewegt sich mit Hilfe der Brustflossen auch an Land.
20160711             "Wir wollten 1—DER bedeutendsten Vorgänge der GESCHICHTE untersuchen, als Tiere vom Leben im Wasser zum Leben an Land übergingen",
20160711             GROß—BRITANNIEN—PREMIER—CAMERON tritt —AM—MITTWOCH zurück (Politik
20160711             VATIKAN—PAPA holt früheren FOX—JOURNALISTEN als neuen Sprecher
20160711             Sammelklage: HAMAS—OPFER fordern—DOLLAR—VON—FACEBOOK
20160711             Ergebnis der TASK—FORCE: BND hörte "niedrige zweistellige Zahl"von STAATS—CHEFS, REGIERUNGS—CHEFS ab
20160711             BERLINer —POLITIK nach Krawallen: Planlos, mutlos, wirkungslos
20160711             —NEUEN—GRÜNEN—KONZEPT: Ran an die Millionäre, raus aus dem Ehegattensplitting
20160711             Gewalt unter rivalisierenden Truppen: SÜD—SUDAN—PRÄSIDENT—KIIR ordnet WAFFEN—RUHE an
20160711             MICHIGAN: 2—GERICHTSVOLLZIEHER bei Gericht erschossen
20160711             [l] Und hier ist schon Teil 2—DES "wir brauchen 1.neue Bankrettung"-Narrativs: DER—ECONOMIST sagt an, daß ITALIEN—BANKEN alle total marode sind und bald ein paar STEUERmilliarden brauchen werden.
20160711             [l] Auch das noch: DER—BND soll angeblich seinen Job gemacht haben.
20160711             Sorry, aber ich glaube ja kein Wort.
20160711             Das glauben die hoffentlich selber nicht, daß ich ihnen das glaube.
20160711             [l] DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG will als nächstes übrigens die Autobahnen an Heuschrecken, äh, "Investoren"verkaufen.
20160711             Ungefähr so stelle ich mir das auch vor, wenn "Investoren"in unsere Autobahnen "investieren".
20160711             BREXIT: EU—KOMMISSION korrigiert Annahme über WIRTSCHAFTS—WACHSTUM nach unten
20160711             DIE—EURO—FINANZ—MINISTER befürchten negative Folgen des BREXIT—VOTUMS.
20160711             In diesem und kommenden Jahr könnte das Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) im VEREINIGTES—KÖNIG—REICH demnach um ein bis 2,5 % niedriger ausfallen als —BISHER, angenommen.
20160711             Moscovici betonte, daß ES—SICH bei den Berechnungen noch nicht um PROGNOSEn handele, sondern um 1.Annahmen.
20160711—20170000    —BIS, Für DIE—EURO—ZONE könne sich ein niedrigeres Wachstum von 0,2 bis 0,5 % ergeben.
20160711             —VOR—ALLEM die politische Unsicherheit über die weitere Entwicklung nach dem VOTUM—DER—BRITEN für $—EU—AUSTRITT trübe die Konjunkturaussichten.
20160711             —ORDERED, SOUTH—AFRICA—TELECOMS—REGULATOR, THE—PUBLIC broadcaster to reverse its 20160526              decision to stop airing FOOTAGE—OF—VIOLENT—PROTESTS, 1—POLICY which critics said amounted to censorship.
20160711—20010000    —PURCHASED, The Fertittas had, THE—UFC for $2—MILLION.
20160711—20160713    —WELCOMED, PRIME—MINISTER—DAVID—CAMERON, the development and said he would offer his resignation to QUEEN—ELIZABETH—II.
20160711—20160717    —ON, police said 3—OUT—OF—16—FOREIGN—SUSPECTS have been arrested, 1—FROM LATVIA and 2—FROM rom.
20160711—20170215    —ON, Shahini began 1—HUNGER—STRIKE to contest his incarceration.
20160711—20171000    —IN, Akechak was found dead following medical treatment in JUBA.
20160715             —KILLED, THE—UN said at least 300—PEOPLE were, and 42,000 fled their homes this month during the 20160708—20160711     intense gun battles in JUBA, SOUTH—SUDAN.
20170711             —SIMULATED, THE—USA—SAID it shot down 1, incoming INTERMEDIATE—RANGE—BALLISTIC—MISSILE—SIMILAR the ones being developed by countries like NORTH—KOREA, in 1—NEW—TEST—OF—THE nation's defenses.
20170711             —SIGNED, THE—USA and QATAR, 1—AGREEMENT on combatting terrorism and its financing during 1—VISIT to DOHA by USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—REX—TILLERSON.
20170711             —SIGNED, MICHIGAN GOVERNOR—RICK—SNYDER, legislation that would subject doctors and parents involved in female genital mutilation up to 15—YEARS in prison.
20170711             NEW—YORK—CITY, the Knight 1. Amendment Institute at COLUMBIA Univ. sued PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP saying SOME—OF—HIS—CRITICS have been unconstitutionally blocked from following him on Twitter.
20170711             —DISPATCHED, CHINA, MEMBERS—OF—ITS—PEOPLE—LIBERATION—ARMY to the Horn of AFRICA nation of DJIBOUTI to man the rising Asian giant's 1. overseas military base, 1—KEY—PART—OF—1—WIDE—RANGING—EXPANSION—OF—THE—ROLE—OF—CHINA'S armed forces.
20170711             THE—UN said about 80,000—PEOPLE have fled fighting between the Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO army and 1—NEW—REBEL—COALITION, joining the millions already uprooted in AFRICA—WORST—DISPLACEMENT—CRISIS.
20170711             EGYPT, 1—MEMBER—OF—1—VIOLENT—GROUP SUSPECTED—OF—LINKS to THE—NOW—BANNED Muslim Brotherhood was killed in 1—SHOOTOUT with security forces in Fayoum province.
20170711             2—OTHERS, belonging to THE—BROTHERHOOD—BREAKAWAY faction Hasm (decisiveness), escaped.
20170711             —APPROVED, THE—EU formally, 1—LANDMARK cooperation accord with UKRAINE meant to counter 1—HOSTILE—RUSSIA ahead of 1—HIGH—PROFILE—SUMMIT in Kiev.
20170711             Retired FRANCE—JUDGE—JEAN—MICHEL—LAMBERT, 65—JAHRE—ALT was found dead at his home with his head in 1—PLASTIC—BAG.
20170711             Lambert had been the 1. magistrate in CHARGE—OF—THE—INVESTIGATION into 19840000             —THE killing of 4—YEAR—OLD—GREGORY—VILLEMIN.
20170711             —HAUNTED, The case has, FRANCE —FOR—3—DECADES.
20170711             —REPORTED, GERMANY—DPA news agency, that 1—BAVARIAN court has convicted Hans D. (62), 1—BUDDHIST monk, of more than 25—COUNTS—OF sexually abusing children and sentenced him to 7—YEARS and 9—MONTHS in prison.
20170711             —ARRESTED, GREECE—POLICE, a 33-year old SERBIA—OVER THE—MURDER—OF—1—YOUNG—USA—TOURIST on THE—GREECE—ISLAND—OF—ZAKYNTHOS last week, bringing THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE detained in the case to 9. 6—SERBS, 1—GREEK and 1—UK—NATIONAL were arrested last week and have been charged with murder.
20170711             —SUSPENDED, INDIA—SUPREME—COURT, 1—GOVERNMENT—BAN on THE—TRADE—OF—CATTLE for slaughter, 1—BOOST for THE—MULTI—BILLION dollar beef and leather industries mostly run by MEMBERS—OF—THE—MUSLIM minority.
20170711             —KILLED, INDIA, at least 14—PEOPLE were, after 1—MUDSLIDE swept through 1—VILLAGE—ARUNACHAL Pradesh.
20170711             —SINCE MID—JUNE flooding in Assam state has left some 45—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20170711             —SIGNED, IRAN Railways said it has, 1—PRELIMINARY—AGREEMENT with ITALY—STATE—RAILWAY to construct 2—HIGH—SPEED—LINKS in IRAN.
20170711             4—MEMORANDA of understanding were signed worth some $1.36—BILLION.
20170711             —ERUPTED, IRAQ, sporadic clashes, in MOSUL, 1—DAY after IRAQ—PRIME—MINISTER declared "total victory" over the Islamic State group, with several airstrikes hitting the Old City neighborhood that was the scene of the fierce battle's final days.
20170711             —RELEASED, AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL, 1—REPORT accusing THE—USA—LED coalition in IRAQ of violating INTERNATIONAL law during the fight against the Islamic State in MOSUL.
20170711             —KILLED, It said some 5,805 civilians may have been, by coalition attacks in the fight for WEST—MOSUL.
20170711             —ABDUCTED, ITALY, Chloe Ayling (20) was reportedly, after coming to Milan for 1—PHOTO shoot, apparently 1—PHONY setup.
20170711             —DRUGGED, She was, by her abductor and held in 1—SMALL—TOWN in THE—NORTH—WEST—PIEDMONT region.
20170711             —KILLED, THE—LEBANON—ARMY, 1 suspected Islamic STATE—LINKED militant accused of carrying out several bomb attacks in Ras Baalbek near THE—SYRIA—BORDER.
20170711             A LEBANON—NATIONAL—SUSPECTED—OF—WEAPONS smuggling was also arrested in the raid.
20170711             Major NATO—EXERCISES in EAST—EUROPE began in BULGARIA involving 25,000 military personnel from more than 20 allied and partner countries as THE—USA—SEEKS to reassure NATO—EUROPEAN allies.
20170711             —CONFIRMED, In THE—NETHERLANDS 1—APPEALS—JUDGE, that a 12-year-old boy does not have to undergo chemotherapy if he does not want it.
20170711             —SHOWED, NIGERIA, 1—GRAPHIC—VIDEO seen by AFP, Boko Haram publicly executing 8—VILLAGERS in THE—NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA who opposed the enforcement of its hardline form of Islam.
20170711             —KILLED, NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, 4—BOKO Haram suicide bombers, 19—PEOPLE—LATE—TODAY and injured 23 in MAIDUGURI.
20170711             —URGED, PAKISTAN—OPPOSITION—PARTIES, the country's PRIME—MINISTER—NAWAZ—SHARIF to step down after 1—SUPREME—COURT—PROBE into corruption allegations against his family members found "significant disparity" between their declared wealth and known SOURCES—OF—INCOME.
20170711             Prosecutors in PERU sought THE—ARREST—OF—FORMER—PRESIDENT—OLLANTA—HUMALA (20110000—20160000    ) and his wife on money laundering and conspiracy charges related 1—CORRUPTION—SCANDAL involving BRAZIL—CONSTRUCTION—GIANT—ODEBRECHT.
20170711             SAUDI—ARABIA said its public schools will begin offering physical education for girls in the coming academic year, 1—LONG—AWAITED step toward social reform in the Islamic kingdom.
20170711             —CRITICIZED, Human rights groups in SENEGAL, what it said is 1—INEFFECTUAL crackdown on child begging driven by Koranic schools, saying 1—YEAR—LONG push to remove 50,000 children from the streets is failing.
20170711             —CAPTURED, NORTH—SYRIA, a USA—BACKED, KURDISH—LED militia, AL—UKAYRSHI, where extremists had once run a training camp named for OSAMA—BIN—LADEN.
20170711             —CONFIRMED, THE—SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights said that it had " information" that Islamic State leader ABU—BAKR—AL—BAGHDADI has been killed.
20170711             Rebel groups shot down 1—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT—WARPLANE—NEAR 1—CEASEFIRE—ZONE in the country's south.
20170711             —TRAPPED, THE—UN said up to 50,000 civilians remain, in THE—SYRIA—JIHADIST—STRONGHOLD—OF—RAQA, warning that SUPPLIES—OF—WATER and other essentials were fast running out.
20170711             —ISSUED, TURKEY—AUTHORITIES, detention warrants for 105—INFORMATION—TECHNOLOGY—EXPERTS suspected of aiding last year's failed coup.
20170711             —KICKED, TURKEY, off 1—WEEK—OF—EVENTS commemorating 20170715             —THE anniversary of the thwarted coup and remembering about 250—PEOPLE who were killed.
20170711             —LAUNCHED, Officers, raids against IS across 29—DIFFERENT—PROVINCES, detaining 233—SUSPECTS.
20170711             —KILLED, The World Health Organization said measles has, 35—CHILDREN in EUROPE in the last year.
20170711             The most recent death was a 6-year-old boy in ITALY, where there have been more than 3,300 cases and 2—DEATHS since last June.
20170711             —ADDED, FRANCIS—PAPA, a 4. pathway to possible sainthood: people who lived 1—GOOD—CATHOLIC—LIFE and who freely accepted 1—CERTAIN and premature death for THE—GOOD—OF—OTHERS.
20170711             Under the new category, 1—MIRACLE must be attributed to the candidate's intercession prior to beatification.
20170711             STAATS—KRISE—IN—VENEZUELA: Fast 100—TOTE—IN—100—TAGEN
20170711             Schlagabtausch bei Twitter: DONALD—TRUMP gerät mit CHELSEA—CLINTON aneinander
20170711             Offener Brief zum BREXIT: "EU—BÜRGER drohen zu Bürgern 2. Klasse zu werden"
20170711             Virtuelle Währung: —CHEF—VON—BITCOIN—BÖRSE Mt.
20170711             —STREIT—AN—UNIS : Ist das noch ISRAELkritik oder schon ANTI—SEMITISMUS?  (Leben und Lernen, 13:54)
20170711             SOHN—DES— USA—PRÄSIDENTEN: Wie der Vater, so der Junior
20170711             —KRAWALLe beim G20—GIPFEL—POLIZEI will bis zu 170—SONDER—ERMITTLER einsetzen
20170711             BILD—ZEITUNG auf RANDALIERER—JAGD: Journalismus wie im Wilden Westen
20170711             Begriffschaos: Nicht alles, was brennt, ist Anarchie
20170711             Journalisten beim G20—GIPFEL—HAMBURG: Zugang verwehrt
20170711             G20—KRAWALLE: STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT gibt Nationalität mutmaßlicher Täter bekannt
20170711             SPON—WAHLTREND: G20—AUFWAND steht für DEUTSCHE in keinem Verhältnis zum Nutzen
20170711             NAH—OST—KONFLIKT, UNO bezeichnet GAZA—STREIFEN als unbewohnbar
20170711             —KRISE am Golf: KATAR und USA wollen gemeinsam TERROR bekämpfen
20170711             —ANTI—SOROS—KAMPAGNE in UNGARN: Warum sich NETANYAHU mit ORBÁN verbündet
20170711             [l] DIE—BRITEN haben jetzt 1—PLAN, wie sie aus der EU rauskommen, ohne ihre vertraglich zugesicherten Zahlungen zu leisten.
20170711             Sie wollen sich einfach zu zahlen weigern.
20170711             Und sie sind sich sicher, daß das funktionieren wird.
20170711             Speaking IN—THE—HOUSE—OF—COMMONS, THE—FOREIGN—SECRETARY also told MPs that THE—GOVERNMENT had "NO—PLAN for no deal" because of its confidence in securing 1—STRONG—BREXIT settlement with the bloc.
20170711             —DEMANDED, He went on to say the sums, by BRUSSELS as 1—PRICE for 1—DEAL were "extortionate" and signalled that THE—UK would refuse to pay.
20170711             Klar!
20170711—20170625    —ON, A PAKISTAN—SUBSIDIARY of Royal HOLLAND—SHELL agreed to pay 1—FINE—OF about 257—MILLION rupees ($2.4—MILLION) in compensation for 1—TANKER—TRUCK—EXPLOSION that killed more than 200—PEOPLE.
20170711—20170717    —DROPPED, The suspect, her off near THE—UK—CONSULATE in Milan.
20180609—20180711    —OFFERED, SPAIN—PRIME—MINISTER—PEDRO—SANCHEZ, to let it port in VALENCIA.
20180618—20180711    —ON, police said they have arrested suspect MICHAEL—BOATWRIGHT, 22—JAHRE—ALT.
20180711             —BARRELED, PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, into 1—NATO—SUMMIT in BRUSSELS with claims that 1—PIPELINE—DEAL has left GERMANY "totally controlled" and "captive to RUSSIA" as he lobbed fresh complaints about allies' "delinquent" defense spending at the opening of what was expected to be 1—FRAUGHT 2—DAY meeting.
20180711             S—FRANCISCO—LONDON—BREED, was sworn in as the city's 45. mayor.
20180711             She became the 1. African USA—WOMAN to lead the city.
20180711             A NEVADA judge put the execution of 2—TIME—KILLER—SCOTT—RAYMOND—DOZIER on hold after pharmaceutical company Alvogen urged the judge to block the use of its sedative midazolam, saying the state had illegally secured the product.
20180711             —LOCKED, Adult film star Stormy Daniels (39), who is, in 1—COURT—BATTLE with PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP over their alleged affair, was arrested after allegedly "fondling" patrons at 1—STRIP club in COLUMBUS—OHIO -- 1—MOVE—HER—LAWYER—CALLS a "politically motivated" setup.
20180711             —RELEASED, Daniels was, on bond early THE—NEXT—DAY and charges were dropped the same afternoon.
20180711             —APPROVED, The boards of Broadcom and CA Technologies, BROADCOM—BID—OF nearly $19—BILLION to acquire CA Tech.
20180711             —DILAPIDATED, NORTH—AFGHANISTAN, 1, dam in the scenic Panjshir Valley crumbled under the weight of heavy summer rains, killing at least 10—PEOPLE.
20180711             13—PEOPLE were missing in the Khinj district and may been swept away in the disaster.
20180711             —CIRCULATED, THE—CAMEROON—GOVERNMENT said it is investigating 1—VIDEO, online that appears to show men in military uniform shooting dead 2—WOMEN and 2—CHILDREN for being suspected MEMBERS—OF—THE—ISLAMIST—GROUP—BOKO Haram.
20180711             —HIKED, THE—BANK—OF—CANADA, its benchmark interest rate to 1.5—PERCENT, the 1. increase since MID—JANUARY.
20180711             —ANNOUNCED, CANADA—COFFEE—SHOP—CHAIN—TIM Hortons, it will open more than 1,500 branches in CHINA over the next decade.
20180711             —VOWED, CHINA—GOVERNMENT, to take "firm and forceful measures" as THE—USA threatened to expand tariffs to THOUSANDS—OF—CHINA—IMPORTS like fish sticks, apples and FRANCE—DOORS.
20180711             —SENTENCED, CHINA, Qin Yongmin, a veteran PRO—DEMOCRACY campaigner, to 13—YEARS in prison on vaguely defined subversion charges.
20180711             GERMANY, IRAN—DIPLOMAT—ASSADOLLAH Assadi, SUSPECTED—OF—INVOLVEMENT in 1—BOMB—PLOT against an IRAN—OPPOSITION—RALLY in FRANCE, was charged with activity as 1—FOREIGN—AGENT and conspiracy to commit murder.
20180711             GERMANY, Beate Zschaepe (43), 1—MEMBER—OF—1—NEO—NAZI gang, was jailed for life for her part in the murders of 10—PEOPLE during a 7—YEAR—CAMPAIGN—OF—RACIALLY—MOTIVATED violence.
20180711             —SUSPECTED—OF, GREECE said it will expel 2—RUSSIA—DIPLOMATS, meddling in the politically sensitive issue of MACEDONIA.
20180711             RUSSIA said it would respond in kind to THE—GREECE—MOVE.
20180711             in NORTH—EAST—INDIA 1—MUDSLIDE triggered by monsoon rains demolished TIN—ROOFED homes on 1—HILLSIDE, killing at least 8—CHILDREN and 1—WOMAN while they were sleeping in Tamenglong village, Manipur state.
20180711             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—INDIA, a, carbon monoxide gas leak killed at least 6—WORKERS at a steel mill in Padipari, Andhra Pradesh state.
20180711             † It was reported that DOZENS—OF—WATER buffalo in IRAQ—SOUTHEASTERN wetlands have because of low water levels in the marshes, threatening the livelihoods of 1—COMMUNITY—OF marsh dwellers that has made the area its home for millennia.
20180711             ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU flew to MOSCOW to for talks with DAMASCUS—BIGGEST ally about 1—SYRIA—ADVANCE—NEAR the volatile frontier.
20180711             —PENETRATED, ISRAEL shot down 1—SYRIA—DRONE that, its airspace.
20180711             The drone had also overflown JORDAN and appeared to have been unarmed and designed for surveillance.
20180711             MALAYSIA—POLICE said fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, 1—SUSPECT in THE—LOOTING—OF—THE—STATE—INVESTMENT—FUND—1MDB, has fled MACAU to 1—UNKNOWN—DESTINATION.
20180711             —OPENED, MYANMAR—LEADER—AUNG S—SUU—KYI and the country's military COMMANDER, 1—MAJOR—CONFERENCE with representatives of ethnic minority groups to try to move toward 1—LASTING—PEACE——AFTER—7—DECADES—OF strained relations and armed conflict.
20180711             USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP told leaders he wanted them all to hit that target by January, prompting consternation.
20180711             —AGREED, NATO—LEADERS, to invite MACEDONIA to begin accession talks to join the Western alliance, extending its reach in the Balkans in defiance of RUSSIA following 1—LANDMARK accord with GREECE over THE—EX—YUGOSLAVIA—REPUBLIC'S—NAME.
20180711             —CLAIMED, THE—PAKISTAN—TALIBAN, responsibility for 1—OVERNIGHT suicide bombing at 1—CAMPAIGN—RALLY killed secular politician HAROON—AHMED—BILOUR and 20—OTHERS.
20180711             —KILLED, In THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES 2—MOTORCYCLE—BORNE gunmen, AL—RASHID—MOHAMMAD—ALI, the vice mayor of 1—SAPA—SAPA, the 4. local official assassinated in 1—WEEK.
20180711             Over 400—PORTUGAL—POLICE, including the antiterrorism unit, detained several dozen MEMBERS—OF—THE—HELLS—ANGELS motorcycle club in raids on 80—HOMES and localities across the country.
20180711             SAUDI—ARABIA, more than 100—MUSLIM scholars from around the world meeting in MECCA issued 1—URGENT—APPEAL for peace in AFGHANISTAN as they ended a 2—DAY—CONFERENCE.
20180711             —AGREED, SLOVAKIA—DEFENSE—MINISTRY said it has, to a $1.9—BILLION deal to buy 14—USA—MADE F—16—FIGHTER—JETS to replace its ageing RUSSIAN—MADE MiG-29s.
20180711             THE—SPAIN—FISHING—VESSEL—DORNERA sank off ARGENTINA leaving 1—PERSON—DEAD and 1—MISSING.
20180711             —RESCUED, The Argentine Navy said 25—CREW members have been.
20180711             —CALLED, THE—GENEVA—BASED INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION—OF—JURISTS (ICJ), on POLAND to "restore the independence of the judiciary", adding another voice to 1—ROW between WARSAW and the European Union.
20180711             —WIDENED, THE—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT, its offensive to recover the southwest, extending it to 1—ENCLAVE held by Islamic STATE—AFFILIATED fighters as RUSSIA—WARPLANES targeted the Yarmouk Basin.
20180711             —ISSUED, The Committee to Protect Journalists, 1—STATEMENT saying that at least 70—SYRIA—JOURNALISTS are "trapped" in the country's southwest, where government forces have been on the offensive for the past 3—WEEKS.
20180711             —REPORTED, SYRIA—STATE—MEDIA, that rebels in Daraa had agreed to surrender their heavy and medium weapons.
20180711             —DETAINED, TURKEY—POLICE, controversial Islamic televangelist ADNAN—OKTAR and were seeking HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE linked to him for alleged crimes including forming 1—CRIMINAL—GANG, fraud, blackmail and sexual abuse.
20180711             —DETAINED, TURKEY—AUTHORITIES, 16—PEOPLE in the mainly Kurdish southeast for suspected links to terrorism.
20180711             3—OF—THE detained were FRANCE—NATIONALS.
20180711             UGANDA—PRIME—MINISTER—RUHAKANA—RUGUNDA said the government will review 1—TAX on the use of social media, after 1—PROTEST against the controversial measure was broken up by police firing live rounds and teargas into the air.
20180711             —VOWED, ZIMBABWE—MAIN—OPPOSITION, to press on with demands for fair elections as thousands took to the streets to petition the electoral commission with 1—SLEW—OF—GRIEVANCES.
20180711             Pflanzengift Glyphosat, USA—KLAGEN—GEGEN—BAYER—TOCHTER MONSANTO zugelassen
20180711             —HANDELS—STREIT—USA planen weitere STRAF—ZÖLLE—GEGEN—CHINA
20180711             TÜRKEI—GEMEINDE zum NSU—PROZESS, "Unser Vertrauen in DIE—STAATLICHEN Institutionen ist zutiefst erschüttert"
20180711             —PARTEIen und DER—BREXIT: Seitensprünge in WESTMINSTER (SPIEGEL+, 04:16)
20180711             NATO—GIPFEL: 1—SPRENGSATZ namens DONALD—TRUMP
20180711             —DIE—LAGE—AM—MITTWOCH, ENDE—DER—NATO?
20180711             —VOR, der Urteilsverkündung im NSU—PROZESS, ANGRIFF—AUF—DIE Mitte der GESELLSCHAFT
20180711             —VOR, NATO—GIPFEL: BUNDESBUNDES—PRÄSIDENT—STEINMEIER ruft EUROPÄER zu mehr Selbstbewusstsein auf
20180711             CHINA: MENSCHEN—RECHTLERIN vermutet Kalkül hinter Freilassung von Liu Xia
20180711             Euphorie in PARIS: DIE—FRANZOSEN vergessen DIE—ANGST—VOR—DEM—TERROR
20180711             VERHALTENS—FORSCHUNG über Tiere : Die besseren Menschen?
20180711             (Kultur, 07:45)
20180711             —STREIT—ÜBER—FLÜCHTLINGS—POLITIK,FDP—CHEF—LINDNER wirft CSU "politische Gossensprache"vor
20180711             Höhlenrettung in THAILAND: Mit der "Kraft der Liebe"
20180711             AFGHANISTAN: GROß—BRITANNIEN schickt mehr Soldaten
20180711             HAMBURGer Dynastien: Die nicht so ehrbaren KAFFEE—HÄNDLER vom Sandtorkai
20180711             "Eine sehr gute Qualität": Geschäftsmann will Gletschereis an ausgewählte Bars verkaufen
20180711             Statistik: Schufa stellt Verbrauchern sehr gutes Zeugnis aus
20180711             NATO—GIPFEL, USA—PRÄSIDENT—TRUMP bezeichnet DEUTSCHLAND als "Geisel RUSSLANDs"
20180711             Firmengründung im Unterricht: "Jetzt erfahren die Schüler mal, wie wenig vom Lohn übrig bleibt"(Leben und Lernen, 09:52)
20180711             Urlaub in IRAN: "Der Boom ist definitiv vorbei"
20180711             NSU—PROZESS, Lebenslange HAFT—FÜR—BEATE Zschäpe
20180711             SACHSEN: Wolf mit Betongewicht im See versenkt
20180711             WM—GASTGEBER: Die falschen RUSSLAND—LIEBHABER
20180711             TÜRKEI: Verantwortliche für GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK von Soma müssen lange in Haft
20180711             ITALIENischer Traditionsklub: AC MAILAND—VON—USA—HEDGE—FONDS übernommen
20180711             Selbst wenn alles glimpflich verlaufen sollte: DIE—NATO wird nie mehr die Bedeutung erlangen, die sie im KALTER—KRIEG hatte.
20180711             —GESTERN, schlug ÖSTERREICH—FPÖ—INNEN—MINISTER—KICKL vor, daß es künftig gar nicht mehr möglich sein soll, in der EU Asyl zu beantragen.
20180711             Asylgesuche sollten nur noch außerhalb der Gemeinschaft gestellt werden können.
20180711             —NUN, setzten DIE—AMERIKANER auch DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG unter Druck: DEUTSCHLAND soll DEN—USA dabei helfen, IRAN vom internationalen GELD—VERKEHR abzuschneiden, obwohl DAS—LAND sich weiterhin an das ATOM—ABKOMMEN hält und von den EUROPÄERn nicht mit Sanktionen belegt ist.
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP—REGIERUNG setzt darauf, daß sich die ökonomische Situation in IRAN verschlechtert und es zu AUFSTÄNDEn kommt, vielleicht sogar DIE—REGIERUNG stürzt.
20180711             Doch EUROPA kann kein Interesse daran haben, daß DAS—LAND mit seinen 80.000.000—EINWOHNERN destabilisiert wird.
20180711             Für den Geldtransfer gibt es Regeln, es gelten Gesetze, im Übrigen sollte sich DEUTSCHLAND seine AUSSEN—POLITIK nicht von DEN—USA diktieren lassen.
20180711             Wer KAY—BAILEY—HUTCHISON zuhört, könnte meinen, daß in der NATO Harmonie pur herrsche.
20180711             "DIE—STÄRKE und Einigkeit der ALLIANZ waren noch nie so stark", sagte DIE—NATO—BOTSCHAFTERIN der USA vor dem mit Spannung erwarteten Gipfel des VERTEIDIGUNGS—BÜNDNISSES.
20180711             DIE—ALLIANZ habe ihre Abschreckungsfähigkeit und den KAMPF—GEGEN—DEN—TERRORISMUS verstärkt, und auch bei der Erhöhung der Verteidigungsbudgets gebe es "tolle Fortschritte".
20180711             "Wir sind alle aufgeregt vor diesem großartigen Gipfel", flötete Hutchison AM—DIENSTAGIN 1—TELEFONKONFERENZ—MIT—JOURNALISTEN.
20180711             "Wir haben viel zu feiern".
20180711             DER—PRÄSIDENT putzte —DAMALS, vor laufenden Kameras die hinter ihm stehenden STAATS—CHEFS, REGIERUNGS—CHEFS dafür herunter, daß sie zu wenig für ihr MILITÄR ausgäben.
20180711             Und die 34—SEITIGE Abschlusserklärung des Gipfels stellten DIPLOMATEN —AM—SCHON, Wochenende zusammen, auch DIE—USA stimmten der letzten Version zu.
20180711             So will man vermeiden, daß DONALD—TRUMP die Erklärung noch auf dem Treffen torpediert.
20180711             So will man vermeiden
20180711             man
20180711             DER—EUROPÄER—ALB—TRAUM geht so: DONALD—TRUMP lässt den NATO—GIPFEL krachend scheitern, BRÜSKIERT—FREITAG—AM, in GROß—BRITANNIEN Regierung und QUEEN und feiert —AM—MONTAG sein TREFFEN—MIT—RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENT—WLADIMIR—PUTIN in HELSINKI als rauschenden Erfolg.
20180711             "Wir werden sicher 1.Zielscheibe sein", sagt 1—BERLINER Beamter, "dafür hat DONALD—TRUMP sich schon zu sehr warmgeschossen".
20180711             der sonst eher stoische und auf Harmonie gepolte NATO—SECRETÄR—GENERAL—JENS—STOLTENBERG
20180711             der NATO—CHEF.
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP solle bei seinem TREFFEN—MIT—PUTIN daran denken, wie sehr EUROPA nach den 9/11—TERROR—ANSCHLÄGEN an der Seite der USA gestanden habe, mahnte EU—RATS—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TUSK.
20180711             Psychopharmaka: Medizin mit schlechtem Ruf
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP bei der NATO: Es tut noch nicht weh genug
20180711             Vereitelter ANSCHLAG—IN—FRANKREICH: BUNDES—ANWALT erwirkt Haftbefehl gegen iranischen DIPLOMATEN
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP—GEGEN—DEUTSCHLAND: Dauerfeuer
20180711             HALBJAHRES—BILANZ, Schäden durch NATUR—KATASTROPHEN auf 13—JAHRES—TIEF
20180711             NATO—GIPFEL: MERKEL kontert DONALD—TRUMP—KRITIK
20180711             KABUL: Aus DEUTSCHLAND abgeschobener Afghane nimmt sich das Leben
20180711             Digitalisierung in CHINA: Das autoritäre ERFOLGS—MODELL
20180711             NATO—STREIT: Wie URSULA—VON—DER—LEYEN DONALD—TRUMP in die Hände spielte (SPIEGEL+, 15:07)
20180711             ÄGYPTEN: Riesiger schwarzer Sarkophag in ALEXANDRIa entdeckt
20180711             Griechischer Migrationsminister: FLÜCHTLINGE als Ausrede, um EUROPA zur Festung zu machen
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP—AUSSAGEN im Faktencheck: Ist DEUTSCHLAND ein "Gefangener RUSSLANDs"?
20180711             [l] GUTE—NACHRICHTEN!
20180711             —ENDLICH, tut mal jemand was gegen Rape Culture: Netflix schreibt ihren Filmcrews vor, sich nicht mehr länger als 5—SEKUNDEN am Stück anzugucken.
20180711             Wegen #Metoo, wissenschon.
20180711             —IMPOSED, New rules, on set reportedly include no looking at anyone for longer than 5—SECONDS, no lingering hugs, no flirting and no asking for 1—COLLEAGUE—PHONE—NUMBER.
20180711             Keine Sorge, das hat auch positive Auswirkungen.
20180711             Es betrifft auch Black Mirror.
20180711             DIE—WERDEN bestimmt 1.großartige nächste Staffel abliefern unter diesen Bedingungen
20180711             [l] Neue Gameshow: Dem Gewinner werden seine "mountains of crippling student loan debt"abgezahlt.
20180711             AMERICA, fuck yeah!
20180711             [l] Trudeau sagt beim NATO—GIPFEL an, daß KANADA ihre MILITÄR—AUSGABEN nicht erhöhen will.
20180711             Ich muss sagen, daß mich das ein bisschen überrascht.
20180711             DIE—SCHEINEN noch Hoffnung zu haben in KANADA, daß DONALD—TRUMP vorbeiweht wie 1.Abgaswolke aus 1—CHEMIEFABRIK.
20180711             Ich an deren Stelle hätte ja langsam angefangen, mir existenzielle Sorgen zu machen.
20180711             DIE—SITZEN mit vergleichsweise wenig Menschen auf 1—HAUFEN Rohstoffe, strategisch zwischen DEN—USA und RUSSLAND, die sich gerade verbünden.
20180711             Hoffen wir mal, daß sie richtig gewettet haben.
20180711             [l] KURZE—DURCHSAGE—VON—DONALD—TRUMP:
20180711             "GERMANY, as far as I'm concerned, is captive to RUSSIA because it's getting so much of its energy from RUSSIA," DONALD—TRUMP told NATO—SECRETARY—GENERAL—JENS—STOLTENBERG, in 1—FIERY ON—CAMERA—EXCHANGE that was among the harshest —IN—THE—HISTORY—OF—THE—POST——WWII alliance.
20180711             "We have to talk about THE—BILLIONS and BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS that's being paid to THE—COUNTRY we're supposed to be protecting you against," DONALD—TRUMP said, referring to European PURCHASES—OF—RUSSIA—NATURAL—GAS.
20180711             Nunja.
20180711             Nicht völlig von der Hand zu weisen 🙂
20180711             BRÜSSEL: NATO—STAATEN einigen sich auf Gipfelerklärung
20180711             HORST—SEEHOFER: 1—TRAGISCHER Fall
20180711             Philosoph DAVID Miller über Einwanderung: "Es gibt keine moralische —PFLICHT zur Aufnahme aller FLÜCHTLINGE"(SPIEGEL+, 18:21)
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP beim NATO—GIPFEL: Geschwafel eines Handlungsreisenden
20180711             —HANDELS—STREIT—USA attackieren CHINA und die WTO
20180711             BREXIT—REBELLEN—GEGEN—MAY: Stille vor dem Gefecht
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP—VERSUS—
20180711             MERKEL beim NATO—GIPFEL: Duell auf offener Bühne (Politik, 19:53)
20180711             —NACH, Protesten aus ITALIEN: EZB mildert Vorgaben für Problemkredite ab
20180711             Wegen DROGENKRIMINALITÄT—SRI—LANKA plant TODES—URTEILE zu vollstrecken
20180711             SEEHOFER über Suizid von FLÜCHTLING: "Zutiefst bedauerlich"
20180711             —NACH, NSU—URTEIL: Tausende DEMONSTRANTEN fordern weitere Aufklärung
20180711             Schulterschluss im HANDELS—STREIT: DEUTSCHLAND und FRANKREICH wollen gemeinsam gegen USA vorgehen
20180711             —KAMPF—GEGEN—FAKE News: Twitter löscht gesperrte Accounts aus FOLLOWER—ZAHLEN
20180711             —VOR, 1—FRÜHSTÜCK mit NATO—CHEF—JENS—STOLTENBERG nannte er DEUTSCHLAND dann auch gleich mal 1 "Gefangenen RUSSLANDs".
20180711             "Es ist traurig, daß DEUTSCHLAND massive Deals mit RUSSLAND macht, WÄHREND von uns erwartet wird, es gegen RUSSLAND zu verteidigen", sagte er.
20180711             Und weiter: "DEUTSCHLAND ist total von RUSSLAND kontrolliert".
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP nimmt DEUTSCHLAND ins Visier, und das nicht erst seit diesem —DONNERSTAG.
20180711             Fast könnte man den Eindruck bekommen, DONALD—TRUMP hätte 1.klammheimliche Freude daran, DEUTSCHLAND und seine Kanzlerin zu mobben.
20180711             Als DIE—STAATSLENKER durch das neue HAUPT—QUARTIER streiften,
20180711             Auch da kam DER—USA—PRÄSIDENT umgehend zur Sache —, nahm MERKEL und DIE—DEUTSCHEN ins Visier.
20180711             "Sie bringen uns beim Handel um"("they kill us on trade"), schimpfte er über EUROPA, "und
20180711             sie bringen uns in der NATO um".
20180711             "Und ich habe ihr gesagt, Angela, ich kann es nicht garantieren, aber wir beschützen euch.
20180711             Und dann gehen die her und machen 1—GAS—DEAL—MIT—RUSSLAND".
20180711             Sein Verhältnis zu MERKEL sei "sehr, sehr gut", sagte DONALD—TRUMP grinsend in die Kameras, das Band zwischen beiden Ländern "enorm".
20180711             Tatsächlich erlebte MERKEL in BRÜSSEL 1—USA—PRÄSIDENT mit 2—GESICHTERN
20180711             Öffentlich hetzte er gegen DIE—KANZLERIN und DEUTSCHLAND.
20180711             Bei seinem Auftritt vor dem Nordatlantikrat dann las er von 1—MANUSKRIPT ab, die vorher abgestimmte und weitgehend MODERATE Abschlusserklärung nahm er kritiklos an.
20180711             forderte DER—USA—PRÄSIDENT, DIE—NATO—PARTNER sollten ihre MILITÄRbudgets mittelfristig gleich auf 4 % erhöhen, da man schließlich "in 1—SEHR unsicheren Welt"lebe.
20180711             Welches der 2—DONALD—TRUMP—GESICHTER man ernst nehmen muss, darauf hat auch die Entourage der Kanzlerin keine Antwort.
20180711             Als ob es eines Beweises bedurft hätte, wie schizophren DONALD—TRUMP agiert, legte er kurz nach dem TREFFEN—MIT—MERKEL per Twitter nach.
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP—"schamlose Beleidigungen sowie die Verunglimpfung eines der standhaftesten Verbündeten von AMERIKA"seien 1."Peinlichkeit", erklärten —AM—MITTWOCH die Chefs der DEMOKRATEN in REPRÄSENTANTEN—HAUS und SENAT, NANCY—PELOSI und Chuck Schumer.
20180711             PELOSI und Schumer warnten DONALD—TRUMP, wenn er von PUTIN keine "felsenfesten Zusicherungen"einhole und "konkrete MAßNAHMEn"zugesagt bekomme, daß die "russischen ATTACKEN—AUF—UNSERE Demokratie"enden, werde der HELSINK1—GIPFEL zu 1 "FEHL—SCHLAG".
20180711             Im HANDELS—KONFLIKT—MIT—DEN—USA wollen DEUTSCHLAND und FRANKREICH künftig gemeinsam reagieren: "Unser Ziel ist, 1—HANDELS—KRIEG zu verhindern", sagte BUNDESWIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTER—PETER ALTMAIER (CDU) —AM—MITTWOCH nach 1—TREFFEN—MIT—DEM französischen Wirtschafts—, FINANZ—MINISTER—BRUNO LE—MAIRE in PARIS.
20180711             Beide Länder seien "beunruhigt über den Teufelskreis aus Aktion und Reaktion", sagte er zu den STRAF—ZÖLLEN der USA und den angekündigten GEGEN—MAßNAHMEN der EU.
20180711             Er kritisierte DAS—USA—VORGEHEN scharf: "Wir arbeiten nicht mit der Pistole an der Schläfe".
20180711             Nein, DIE—NATO ist nicht tot.
20180711             Und DONALD—TRUMP wird sie nicht beerdigen.
20180711             Dafür sorgen die wahren Verbündeten DER—EUROPÄER in WASHINGTON: DIE—MITGLIEDER des USA—SENATS.
20180711             Mit 97—ZU 2—STIMMEN haben sie ihrem Präsidenten pünktlich zu Beginn seiner Visite in EUROPA in 1—RESOLUTION 1—KLAREN Auftrag mitgegeben: Hände weg von der NATO!
20180711             Mehr als das Geschwafel eines Handlungsreisenden ist das aber nicht.
20180711             DONALD—TRUMP ist kein AUSSEN—POLITIKER, kein Diplomat, sondern im Hauptberuf Populist und im Nebenberuf Geschäftsmann.
20180711             Er braucht Sündenböcke für alles, was in AMERIKA schiefläuft.
20180711             Zugleich will DONALD—TRUMP den störrischen DEUTSCHEN und den anderen EUROPÄERn amerikanische Waffen verkaufen, deshalb die Forderung nach höheren VERTEIDIGUNGS—AUSGABEN.
20180711             Und die DEUTSCH—RUSSISCHE GAS—PIPELINE missfällt ihm vor allem, weil er den EUROPÄERn gerne amerikanisches FRACKING—GAS andrehen würde.
20180711             DIE—USA halten am westlichen Bündnis fest.
20180711             Und sie stehen weiter zur Eindämmung des russischen Einflusses in EUROPA.
20180711             IRAN, NAH—OST, RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN, NORD—KOREA—DIE 100—SENATOREN haben in der AUSSEN—POLITIK praktisch überall entscheidende Mitsprachrechte, von denen sie auch Gebrauch machen.
20180711             DIE—ABGEORDNETEN, REPUBLIKANER wie DEMOKRATEN, sind die wahren Garanten der TRANS—ATLANTISCHEN ALLIANZ.
20180711             Sie sitzen in BRÜSSEL nicht mit am Tisch, aber sie führen die Regie.
20180711             Und DONALD—TRUMP—AGGRESSIVES Auftreten schwächt das Bündnis, er vergiftet die Atmosphäre zwischen Partnern.
20180711             Er macht die Suche nach gemeinsamen Lösungen für Probleme nicht leichter.
20180711             Das freut alle Gegner, RUSSLAND zum Beispiel.
20180711             DIE—EUROPÄER werden den Präsidenten und seine Wähler kaum beeindrucken, aber sie stärken ihr BÜNDNIS—MIT—JENEN Kräften in AMERIKA, die DONALD—TRUMP und seine AUSSEN—POLITIK genauso kritisch sehen wie sie.
20180711             DIE—BUNDES—REPUBLIK hat 20170000              laut Statistischem BUNDES—AMT—FÜR—19,8—MILLIARDEN—EURO ERD—ÖL und Erdgas aus RUSSLAND eingeführt.
20180711             Wertmäßig waren das 35 % von allen Importen dieser beiden Energieträger.
20180711             Osteuropäische STAATEN wie DIE—UKRAINE oder POLEN haben große Vorbehalte, da sie umgangen werden, TRANSIT—EINNAHMEN verlieren oder im Krisenfall von der Versorgung abgeschnitten werden könnten.
20180711             Auch DIE—USA bekämpfen DAS—PROJEKT—UNTER anderem, weil sie im großen Stil verflüssigtes Erdgas (LNG) aus den eigenen Vorkommen nach EUROPA verkaufen wollen.
20180711             Wichtigster einzelner Energieträger für DEUTSCHLAND ist ERD—ÖL.
20180711             Hier ist RUSSLAND ZURZEIT—DER—WICHTIGSTE LIEFERANT—ABER nur 1—VON 23—VERSCHIEDENEN STAATEN, die den Stoff nach DEUTSCHLAND exportieren
20180711             Für RUSSLAND ist DEUTSCHLAND als Handelspartner wichtiger als andersherum.
20180711             [l] Ich fremdschäme mich gerade darüber, wie DIE—MERKEL sich gegen DONALD—TRUMP—BULLSHIT—ANWÜRFE verteidigt.
20180711             Erstmal dass sie es überhaupt tut.
20180711             Damit wertet sie bloß DONALD—TRUMP—BULLSHIT—KRITIK auf!
20180711             Der kann nicht einfach daherkommen und uns in unseren Haushalt reinreden.
20180711             Was bildet der sich eigentlich ein?
20180711             Wenn man überhaupt auf sowas reagiert, dann höchstens mit absurden Gegenforderungen oder Sarkasmus.
20180711             Und was macht DIE—MERKEL?
20180711             Das hier:
20180711             DEUTSCHLAND sei der zweitgrößte Truppensteller: "Wir stellen den größten Teil unserer MILITÄR—FÄHIGKEITEN in den Dienst der NATO und wir sind BIS—HEUTE sehr stark in AFGHANISTAN engagiert", erklärte MERKEL.
20180711             Damit verteidige DEUTSCHLAND auch die Interessen der USA—VON—AMERIKA.
20180711             Und DEUTSCHLAND tue dies "sehr gerne und aus Überzeugung".
20180711             —NOCH, ein cm tiefer in DONALDs Dickdarm gekrochen und sie wäre unter dem Toupee rausgequollen!
20180711             Übrigens, bei den Teil über das russische Öl hätte man wunderschön 1—ERKLÄRBÄR machen können.
20180711             Schau, DONALD, wir hier in EUROPA haben 1—SYSTEM, das man den Markt nennt.
20180711             Wir brauchen Öl, jemand bietet es uns zum günstigsten Preis an, wir kaufen es dort.
20180711             Wenn du willst, daß wir nicht in RUSSLAND Öl kaufen, dann beschaffe uns 1—BILLIGEREN Zulieferer, der ebenso zuverlässig ist.
20180711             —BIS du den hast, fuck off.
20180711—20240000    —COMMITTED, NATO—MEMBERS, to spending at least 2—PERCENT of their national income on defense, though the terms allow for stretching that in some cases to 20300000             .
20190711             —ACCUSED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, CHINA of backsliding on promises to increase PURCHASES—OF—USA—FARM—EXPORTS.
20190711             PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP said he was issuing 1—EXECUTIVE—ORDER to open all federal population databases to the Census Bureau.
20190711             —THWARTED, Trump was, by THE—SUPREME—COURT in his administration's attempt to add 1—CITIZENSHIP—QUESTION to 20200000             —THE census.
20190711             —NOMINATED, MARK—MILLEY, the Army general, to be Joint Chiefs chairman, told senators that pulling USA—TROOPS prematurely from AFGHANISTAN would be a "strategic mistake".
20190711             Milley also said THE—USA should keep a "modest number" of forces in IRAQ and Syria for now to maintain stability.
20190711             —LANDED, FORMER—ASTRONAUT—TERRY—VIRTS, back at NASA—KENNEDY—SPACE—CENTER after helping to shatter 1—PAIR—OF—RECORDS for 1—ROUND—THE—WORLD—AIRPLANE—FLIGHT over the North and South poles.
20190711             Virts' former space station crewmate, RUSSIA—GENNADY—PADALKA, was on the 1. 2—LEGS—OF—THE—FLIGHT.
20190711             TEXAS, officials found the body of 29-year-old Andreen McDonald EAST—OF—JOINT—BASE S—ANTONIO—CAMP—BULLIS and soon charged her husband with murder.
20190711             —REPORTED, AIR—FORCE—MAJOR—ANDRE—MCDONALD, 40—JAHRE—ALT had, his wife missing 20190301             .
20190711             THE—DJIA close at 1—RECORD—HIGH—OF—27,088.08, topping 27,000 for the 1. time.
20190711             —ATTACKED, CHINA, 1—STATEMENT by 22—WESTERN—COUNTRIES at THE—UN urging it to stop holding MEMBERS—OF—ITS—MUSLIM population in detention centers, calling the measure necessary for national security and accusing the countries of trampling on its sovereignty.
20190711             —EXTENDED, CYPRUS, mobile phone coverage was, to both sides of the divide on THE—EAST—MEDITERRANEAN island nation.
20190711             —ARRESTED, EGYPT, and charged KARIM—HUSSEIN, the administrator of 1—FACEBOOK page that supports FORMER—PRESIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK, with spreading false news and undermining national interests after 1—SERIES—OF—POSTS that implied Mubarak did more to help the poor than the current government.
20190711             Frenchman VINCENT—LAMBERT, 42—JAHRE—ALT, who was in 1—VEGETATIVE state —FOR—11—YEARS while his wife and parents disagreed over his continued medical care, † in 1—HOSPITAL—EAST—OF—PARIS.
20190711             A prosecutor quickly ordered 1—AUTOPSY and 1—INVESTIGATION.
20190711             THE—GERMANY—DOMESTIC—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY (BfV) said that it is stepping up OBSERVATION—OF—THE—FAR—RIGHT—IDENTITARIAN Movement in GERMANY, 1—GROUP that campaigns against immigrants and Islam.
20190711             IRAN—REVOLUTIONARY—GUARDS said that THE—USA and BRITAIN will "strongly regret" the seizure of 1—TANKER off GIBRALTAR.
20190711             ISRAEL—TROOPS shot and killed 1—PALESTINIAN militant in THE—NORTH—GAZA Strip in what the military later described as 1—MISTAKE.
20190711             —ACCUSED, Earlier, Hamas, the army of "deliberately" firing at 1—OF—ITS—MEMBERS, MAHMOUD—AL—ADHAM, 28—JAHRE—ALT, in THE—TOWN—OF—BEIT Hanoun.
20190711             —LANDED, JAPAN's Hayabusa2 spacecraft, on the Ryugu asteroid, collected underground samples and rose safely.
20190711             The asteroid, about 900—YARDS in diameter, is about 180—MILLION—MILES from Earth.
20190711             A Hezbollah lawmaker said USA—SANCTIONS targeting 2—OF—THE—GROUP—MEMBERS in THE—LEBANON—PARLIAMENT are spiteful and won't force 1—CHANGE in their ideology or views.
20190711             —EXPLODED, LIBYA, at least 2—BOMB—LADEN vehicles, near 1—GROUP—OF—LIBYA—NATIONAL—ARMY—LEADERS in their EAST—STRONGHOLD—OF—BENGHAZI, killing 4—PEOPLE and wounding 33—OTHERS.
20190711             2—MEMBERS—OF—NIGERIA—PRO—IRAN—SHIA—MUSLIM sect, the Islamic Movement of NIGERIA, were killed and several injured in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—KADUNA when police fired on an ANTI—GOVERNMENT—DEMONSTRATION.
20190711             —HAPPENED, The killings, at 1—PROTEST against the detention of their leader, Sheikh IBRAHEEM—ZAKZAKY.
20190711             —REPORTED, It was, that NORTH—KOREA has revised its constitution to make Kim Jong Un HEAD—OF—STATE, 1—PROMOTION that could help normalize the isolated country's diplomatic relations with THE—REST—OF—THE—WORLD.
20190711             —RAMMED, SOUTH—PAKISTAN, 1—PASSENGER—TRAIN, into 1—FREIGHT train killing at least 20—PEOPLE at the Walhar Railway Station in EAST—PUNJAB province.
20190711             RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN had his 1. phone call with UKRAINE—NEW—PRESIDENT and discussions centered on the conflict in EAST—UKRAINE that has bitterly blighted relations between THE—2—COUNTRIES.
20190711             —LOADED, RUSSIA, 3—ORCAS were, onto trucks at 1—CONTROVERSIAL—FACILITY—NEAR the far eastern port TOWN—OF—NAKHODKA, as the country continues to release animals from what the media have dubbed a "whale jail".
20190711             —ATTEMPTED, SUDAN—RULING—MILITARY—COUNCIL said it foiled 1, military coup.
20190711             At least 16—ACTIVE and retired military officers were arrested.
20190711             —EXPLODED, NORTH—SYRIA, 1—CAR—BOMB, at the entrance to Afrin, 1—TOWN controlled by TURKEY—FORCES and allied SYRIA—FIGHTERS, killing at least 9—PEOPLE.
20190711             The death toll was likely to rise because SOME—OF—THE—INJURIES were serious.
20190711             —VOTED, THE—UNITED—NATIONS' top human rights body, to launch 1—INVESTIGATION into THOUSANDS—OF—KILLINGS in THE—PHILIPPINES' brutal war on drugs.
20190711             —VOTED, The Human Rights Council, 18-14 with 15—ABSTENTIONS to approve the resolution.
20190711             —RADIKALE—ABSCHOTTUNG: Wie DONALD—TRUMP an der GRENZE—ZU—MEXIKO das Asylrecht abschafft (SPIEGEL+, 00:37)
20190711             Designierte EZB—CHEFIN Lagarde: 1—DREIPUNKTEPLAN für unser Geld (SPIEGEL+, 00:41)
20190711             Folgen des VERSAILLER—VERTRAGS: ITALIENer wider Willen (SPIEGEL+, 00:44)
20190711             Zulassung von Straßenmusikern in MÜNCHEN: Dudelsack verboten, Geige geduldet (SPIEGEL+, 01:16)
20190711             Kulturhauptstadt ATLANTA vor Boykott: Was, wenn die Künstler gehen? (SPIEGEL+, 01:17)
20190711             GRIECHENLAND: Mehrere Tote und Verletzte bei schweren Unwettern
20190711             Reiches EMI—RAT,Öl, Waffen, JETS—USA und Katar schließen Milliardendeal
20190711             Auf Anordnung von TRUMP: USA starten Untersuchung zu Digitalsteuer in FRANKREICH
20190711             Straße von Hormus: IRANer sollen britischen Tanker bedrängt haben
20190711             BERTELSMANN—STUDIE: Hälfte der Bevölkerung empfindet den Islam als BE—DROHUNG
20190711             Apartment mit Weinkeller: BREXIT—FAN JAMES—DYSON kauft sich für 54.000.000—DOLLAR Bleibe in SINGAPUR
20190711             Flüchtlinge: ITALIEN baut Kooperation mit libyscher Küstenwache aus
20190711             PORTA Westfalica: Feuer in ehemaligem STEINKOHLE—KRAFTWERK—LÖSCHARBEITEN unmöglich
20190711             Finanzämter : STEUER—BEAMTE rücken bei "Reichsbürgern" häufiger mit POLIZEIeskorte an
20190711             Menschheitsgeschichte: HOMO—SAPIENS kam 150.000—JAHRE—FRÜHER nach EUROPA als gedacht
20190711             Heftige Feuer in MECKLENBURG: SEEHOFER kündigt nationale WALDBRAND—TASK—FORCE an
20190711             Weiter heißt es im Statement des MAX—PLANCK—INSTITUTS: "Wir können die Untersuchungen am besten unterstützen und ihren Erfolg gewährleisten, indem wir helfen, wichtige und AKKU—RATE Informationen zu finden und zu kommunizieren und irreführende oder spekulative Verwirrung zu vermeiden".
20190711             Der HOMO—SAPIENS hat AFRIKA viel früher verlassen und sich 150.000—JAHRE eher in EUROPA angesiedelt als bisher angenommen,
20190711             Sie haben den Schädel eines modernen Menschen analysiert, der in den SIEBZIGER—JAHREN in einer Höhle in Südgriechenland entdeckt worden war.
20190711             Ein unabhängiger Experte warnt jedoch, voreilige Schlüsse aus den Ergebnissen zu ziehen.
20190711             haben beschädigte Teile des Schädels virtuell rekonstruiert und die Knochen auf 1—ALTER—VON—210.000—JAHREN datiert.
20190711             Unter anderem aufgrund des gerundeten Hinterkopfs ordneten sie den Schädel einer frühen Form des HOMO—SAPIENS zu.
20190711             Der Schädel stamme damit vom ältesten modernen Menschen, der außerhalb AFRIKAs gefunden wurde,
20190711             —BISHER bekannte HOMO—SAPIENS—FUNDE in EUROPA sind mehr als 150.000—JAHRE jünger.
20190711             Es gilt als Konsens in der Wissenschaft, daß sich der anatomisch MODERNE—MENSCH in AFRIKA entwickelt und von dort auf der ganzen Welt verbreitet hat.
20190711             DIE—JETZT veröffentlichten Forschungsergebnisse zeigten, daß er sich viel früher in EUROPA ausgebreitet habe als zuvor angenommen,
20190711             Einen 2. Schädel vom gleichen Fundort identifizierten DIE—FORSCHER als Überrest eines NEANDERTALERs.
20190711             in der Epoche des Mittelpleistozän im heutigen GRIECHENLAND erst eine frühe Population des HOMO—SAPIENS und später NEANDERTALER lebten.
20190711             DIE—SCHÄDELANALYSEN deuten darauf hin, daß die NEANDERTALER später wiederum von neu ankommenden anatomisch modernen Menschen verdrängt wurden.
20190711             fügen sich die Forschungsergebnisse in 1—REIHE von Entdeckungen der vergangenen —JAHRE etwa aus ISRAEL oder CHINA, die die GESCHICHTE—DES—HOMO—SAPIENS immer älter und komplexer scheinen lassen.
20190711             Er äußerte aber Vorbehalte, weil die jetzt neu interpretierten Schädelknochen aus GRIECHENLAND nur noch in Bruchstücken vorhanden sind.
20190711             1—BUCH der USA amerikanischen Forscherpaar DAVID u.
20190711             Unverpackte Retouren: AMAZON führt Rücksendungen ohne Karton ein
20190711             Kassenärzte gegen Homöopathie: "Bitte nicht auf Kosten der Solidargemeinschaft"
20190711             Kritischer BERICHT—ÜBER—AGRAR—KONZERN Cargill: "Das schlimmste Unternehmen der Welt"
20190711             BROKEN—HEART—SYNDROM: Liebeskummer kann tödlich sein
20190711             "Vega"-Fehlstart : Europäische Rakete in FRANZÖSISCH—GUAYANA verunglückt
20190711             APPLE Watch: APPLE deaktiviert die WALKIE—TALKIE—FUNKTION
20190711             Milliardenbetrug bei Malaysias Staatsfonds: USA ermitteln gegen DEUTSCHE—BANK
20190711             1—JAHR nach dem NSU—URTEIL: "DIE—HABEN uns kaputtgemacht"
20190711             —STREIT—ÜBER—GEPLANTE Digitalsteuer: FRANKREICH verbittet sich Einmischung der USA
20190711             Nächster Empfang nach Zitteranfällen: MERKEL wird Hymnen wohl im Sitzen hören
20190711             Innere Sicherheit: VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ stuft Identitäre Bewegung als rechtsextremistisch ein
20190711             —NEUEN—GESETZ: FRANZOSEN dürfen ihre Kinder nicht mehr schlagen
20190711             Entschädigung bei Zwischenstopp außerhalb EUROPAs: EU—GERICHT stärkt Passagierrechte bei Flugverspätungen
20190711             MEDIEN—BERICHTE: Verletzte bei Großbrand in MOSKAUer Kraftwerk
20190711             Schwedisches EINVERSTÄNDNIS—GESETZ: 1. Mann verurteilt, weil Frau nicht in Sex eingewilligt hat
20190711             Remondis und Grüner Punkt: —KARTELL—AMT verbietet Megafusion in der MÜLL—BRANCHE
20190711             Europäischer Gerichtshof: Bisphenol A bleibt "besonders besorgniserregend"
20190711             —NACH, Zitteranfällen: MERKEL absolviert Empfang teilweise im Sitzen
20190711             Vermisstenfall Emanuela Orlandi: Gräber auf deutschem VATIKAN—FRIEDHOF sind leer
20190711             [l] Hmm, also diese EPSTEIN—NUMMER entwickelt sich gerade unerwartet weiter.
20190711             —EXPLAINED, Acosta had, breezily, apparently, that back in THE—DAY he'd had just 1—MEETING on the Epstein case.
20190711             [l] Wer übrigens dachte, Zensursula könnte man mit Fakten und Argumente oder auch nur mit Emotionen überzeugen, der irrt.
20190711             DIE—GROßDEMONSTRATIONEN und der anhaltende Widerstand GEGEN—DIE—IM Frühjahr besiegelte COPYRIGHT—REFORM seien ihr nicht entgangen.
20190711             VON—DERLEYEN beklagte hier ein "wahnsinniges Informationsdefizit", DIE—BEVÖLKERUNG müsse stärker einbezogen werden.
20190711             Völlig verstrahlt.
20190711             [l] Wusstet ihr, daß DIE—POLIZEI ihre TASER—TOTEN nicht melden muss?
20190711             —DER—FALL—HIER ist besonders zynisch, weil sie erst WOCHEN—LANG ausgesessen haben und dann argumentierten, …
20190711             "ZU DIESEM ZEITPUNKT war das große öffentliche Interesse nicht mehr gegeben, weshalb wohl nicht weiter berichtet wurde", so Schäfer.
20190711             Da fällt es mir echt schwer, im Sinne von "im Zweifel für den Angeklagten" noch ZWEIFEL—AN—DER Schuld DER—POLIZEI zu konstruieren.
20190711             SIBIRIEN: Unternehmen warnt Instagramer vor Selfies in giftigem See
20190711             BAMF—AUßENSTELLE: Flüchtlingsbehörde beschäftigte Rechtsextremen
20190711             Audioaufzeichnungen: GOOGLE analysiert Nutzergespräche mit seinem Sprachassisten10
20190711             —NEUEN—HOCHSCHULGESETZ: NRW lässt MILITÄR—FORSCHUNG wieder zu
20190711             NIEDERSACHSEN: Akten mit Daten über V-Leute aus Auto von LKA—MIT—ARBEITER gestohlen
20190711             Nicht nur AMAZON, auch GOOGLE lässt die Audiomitschnitte Tausender Gespräche mit seinem virtuellen Assisten10 von Menschen analysieren.
20190711             GOOGLE lässt einige Gespräche seiner Nutzer mit dem GOOGLE Assistant von Menschen anhören und transkribieren.
20190711             Wenn Ihnen das bekannt vorkommt: Exakt das Gleiche macht auch AMAZON mit ALEXA—GESPRÄCHEN, wie "Bloomberg" —IM, ;;0400;;berichtete.
20190711             Googles Vorgehen wurde am —MITTWOCH vom flämischen ÖFFENTLICH—RECHTLICHEN Rundfunksender VRT bekannt gemacht.
20190711             Demnach hat der Sender mehr als 1.000—GESPRÄCHSMITSCHNITTE—VON—GOOGLE—NUTZERN mit ihren virtuellen Assisten10 im Smartphone oder im Lautsprecher GOOGLE Home zugespielt bekommen, die von VERTRAGsarbeitern verschriftlicht werden SOLLTEN—ZUR Qualitätsverbesserung.
20190711             In diesen Fällen muss der GOOGLE Assistant "Okay, GOOGLE" verstanden haben, als jemand so etwas wie "Okay, Kuchen" gesagt oder den Assistant versehentlich per Knopfdruck am Smartphone aktiviert hat.
20190711             In diesen Fällen müssen DIE—NUTZER optische Hinweise ihrer Geräte übersehen haben, die auf 1—AKTIVITÄT des virtuellen Assisten10 hinweisen.
20190711             GOOGLE—VERTRAGS—ARBEITER gaben demnach an, Bettgespräche ebenso mitgehört zu haben wie Fragen nach medizinischen Informationen, ELTERN—KIND—GESPRÄCHE und sogar Situationen, die nach häuslicher Gewalt klangen.
20190711             Zwar bekommen sie von GOOGLE keine Informationen zu den Nutzern selbst, erkennen könnten sie die Personen aber manchmal trotzdem, etwa anhand der Adressen, die in den Gesprächen genannt werden
20190711             Einem VRT—REPORTER gelang es, mehrere Nutzer zu identifizieren und aufzusuchen.
20190711             Dass Unternehmen wie GOOGLE und AMAZON Nutzergespräche nachträglich von Menschen transkribieren lassen, ist praktisch unvermeidlich.
20190711             Anders lassen sich die ASSISTENZ—SYSTEME kaum unter realistischen Bedingungen verbessern.
20190711             Bei GOOGLE sind es Unternehmensangaben zufolge "0,2 % aller Audiofragmente", die manuell untersucht werden.
20190711             Ein von VRT befragter Auftragnehmer sprach von 1.000—AUFNAHMEN, die er PRO—WOCHE bearbeiten sollte.
20190711             GOOGLES, Bestimmungen zu "Datensicherheit und DATEN—SCHUTZ bei GOOGLE Home" steht davon nichts.
20190711             Dort heißt es nur allgemein: "Wir verwenden Ihre Daten in 1. Linie dazu, unsere Dienste für Sie zu optimieren, indem wir sie schneller, intelligenter und relevanter machen".
20190711             1—HINWEIS, daß menschliche MIT—ARBEITER dabei helfen, indem sie einzelne Aufzeichnungen anhören und annotieren, fehlt dort ebenso wie in der allgemeinen DATEN—SCHUTZERKLÄRUNG—VON—GOOGLE.
20190711             Das ist bei AMAZON und APPLE, das mit Siri einen eigenen virtuellen Assisten10 anbietet, nicht anders.
20190711             DIE—VON—VRT besuchten Nutzer erkannten ihre Stimmen sofort wieder.
20190711             Löschen lassen sich die eigenen Audioaufzeichnungen im GOOGLE—KONTO im Bereich Daten & Personalisierung unter Meine Aktivitäten  und dort unter SPRACH—UND Audioaktivitäten.
20190711             DONALD—TRUMP versus TEHERAN: Die IRAN—SANKTIONEN WIRKEN—GENAU das ist das Problem
20190711             Gegen Koalitionsvereinbarung: WIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTER will Firmen vor MENSCHENRECHTS—GESETZ schützen
20190711             Trotz drohender USA—STRAFZÖLLE: FRANKREICHs Parlament verabschiedet Digitalsteuer
20190711             U—BOOT—DRAMA "KURSK": GESCHICHTE versenken
20190711             Kapitänin gegen ITALIEN—INNEN—MINISTER: Rackete verklagt SALVINI wegen Anstiftung zu einem Verbrechen
20190711             Verwaltungsgericht BERLIN: Staat muss IS—FAMILIE nach DEUTSCHLAND zurückholen
20190711             —STUDIEe: So zerstören sich Krebszellen selbst
20190711             Das Problem liegt in den Genen.
20190711             UKRAINEkonflikt: PUTIN und Selenskyj sprechen 1. miteinander
20190711             Lasern im Mondstaub: Forscher aus NIEDERSACHSEN wollen 3D-Druck auf dem Mond testen
20190711             ANZUG—AN—PROBE während Massenentlassung: DEUTSCHE—BANK—CHEF—SEWING "fehlt jegliches Verständnis"
20190711             —NEUE—UNO—STUDIE: Wo Armut zu Hause ist
20190711             Spannungen zwischen IRAN und GROß—BRITANNIEN: GIBRALTAR nimmt Kapitän von iranischem Tanker fest
20190711             Auch DEUTSCHLAND betroffen: WELT—WEIT Störungen bei Twitter
20190711             Carola Rackete gegen ITALIEN—INNEN—MINISTER: Für SALVINI die HÖCHST—STRAFE
20190711             —LAUT, Militärregierung: "PUTSCH—VERSUCH" im SUDAN vereitelt
20190711             USA—BÖRSE—DOW—JONES knackt historische Marke
20190711—20110000    —FORCED, Mubarak was, from power by 1—PRO—DEMOCRACY uprising.
20190711—20190721    —ON, suspected triad gang members attacked protesters and commuters at 1—RURAL—HONG—KONG train station.
20200706             Trotz der CORONA—KRISE hält USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP an Großveranstaltungen für seinen Wahlkampf fest. Er werde am —SAMSTAG (20200711             ) im Freien auf dem Flughafen des Ortes PORTSMOUTH im nordöstlichen BUNDES—STAAT—NEW—HAMPSHIRE vor Anhängern sprechen, teilte sein Wahlkampfteam mit. Alle Gäste müssen bei der Anmeldung einwilligen, daß sie "freiwillig alle Risiken" übernehmen, die aus einer CORONA—INFEKTION resultieren könnten, die Organisatoren üBERNähmen keine Haftung. Teilnehmer würden "nachdrücklich dazu ermutigt", bereitgestellte Masken zu tragen, hieß es.
20200711             —SAMSTAG, 11. ;;07;; 2020
20200711             Vergeltung für Digitalsteuer: USA beschließen Zölle gegen FRANKREICH
20200711             RUSSLANDaffäre: TRUMP erlässt Vertrautem ROGER—STONE—GEFÄNGNISSTRAFE
20200711             —STUDIEeren in den USA: Das Ende eines großen Traums
20200711             Humanitäre Hilfe für Syrien: Auch russischer Vorschlag scheitert im UNO—SICHERHEITSRAT
20200711             —CORONA—PANDEMIE: WHO schickt Experten zur Untersuchung von Virusursprung nach CHINA
20200711             Über die Besucherzahlen der SPK—MUSEEN können Direktoren in LONDON und PARIS nur milde lächeln. 20190000              kamen alle Häuser der SPK auf 4,1 Millionen BESUCHER—ALLEIN der LOUVRE empfängt pro Jahr rund 10—MILLIONEN Gäste.
20200711             DIE—STIFTUNG Preußischer Kulturbesitz
20200711             Das Image der größten deutschen Kulturinstitution ist endgültig nicht mehr zu retten.
20200711             Auf die Idee, sich vierzuteilen, würde 1—LOUVRE jedenfalls nicht kommen. Der versucht SICH—SEIT—JAHREN in der Expansion
20200711             This is not democracy.
20200711             —COMMUTED, TRUMP, STONE—SENTENCE.
20200711             Anyone else would do serious time for threatening 1—WITNESS. And that's just 1—OF—THE—CHARGES: ROGER—STONE was CONVICTED—OF—7—FELONIES. It is important to understand that he did not just lie to CONGRESS; he lied to help DONALD—TRUMP.
20200711             —COMMITTED, THE—PRESIDENT—OF—THE—USA, 1—CRIME—TODAY in plain view. Commuting the sentence of 1—CRIMINAL CO—CONSPIRATOR isn't protected by THE—USA—CONSTITUTION and isn't within the authority of 1—PRESIDENT. This is as good as 1—CONFESSION—OF—CRIMINAL—CONDUCT by TRUMP.
20200711             The —PROBLEM we have now is that most Americans aren't educated on why what just happened is 1—FEDERAL—CRIME.
20200711—20160000    —INDICATED, Stone, to THE—ISRAELIS, that TRUMP wanted TURKEY—CYBERINTELLIGENCE to be delivered to TRUMP—CAMPAIGN—VIA THE—ISRAELIS that would act as an "October Surprise" to destroy CLINTON—CAMPAIGN. That was 1—ILLEGAL—CONSPIRACY to solicit foreign election assistance.
20200711             And who is TRUMP looking to pardon next? LT—GENERAL—MICHAEL—FLYNN—WHO had secret contacts he lied to the feds about with {checks notes} ISRAEL and TURKEY prior to 20160000             —THE election.
20200711             —DECIDED, The media, it wasn't sexy enough to cover.
20200711             —DEBATTE—ÜBER—"Dreamer": TRUMP kündigt einfachere Einbürgerung AN—WEIßES Haus rudert zurück
20200711             25—JAHRE Völkermord von Srebrenica: Der Stolz der Täter, DAS—ELEND der Opfer Aus Srebrenica berichtet Keno Verseck
20200711             Steinmeier zum SREBRENICA—MASSAKER: "DIE—WUNDEN, die VOR—25—JAHREN in Ihre Gesellschaft gerissen wurden, sind nicht verheilt"
20200711             3—JAHRE—NACH—ENTSTEHUNG: REKORD—EISBERG droht im SÜD—ATLANTIK zu zerbrechen
20200711             Der Eisberg mit der Bezeichnung A-68A hatte sich am 12. ;;07;; 20170000              vom LARSEN—SCHELFEIS an der Ostküste der Antarktischen Halbinsel gelöst.
20200711             Mittlerweile befinde er sich 1050—KILOMETER von dieser Stelle entfernt in der Nähe der Südlichen Orkneyinseln,
20200711             Ursprünglich trug der Eisberg daher den Namen A68.
20200711             Stuttgarter Innenstadt: Elf weitere Festnahmen nach AUSEINANDERSETZUNGEN—MIT —Jugendlichen
20200711             Kalifornien: Tausende Häftlinge dürfen Gefängnisse VERLASSEN—WEGEN CORONA
20200711             Tierkrankheiten beim Menschen: "Auch die nächste PANDEMIE wird uns kalt erwischen" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—JÖRG—RÖMER
20200711             Verherrlichung von Gewalt: Twitter sperrt Konten von rechtsextremen "Identitären"
20200711             —CA—4000—FREIWILLIGE haben sich in der Tübinger Universitätsklinik als Probanden für 1—CORONA—IMPFSTUDIE gemeldet. "Wir sind in einer Luxuslage wie noch bei keiner klinischen Studie. Sonst müssen wir um Probanden ringen",
20200711             DIE—ZAHLREICHEN Freiwilligen kommen nicht alle zum Zug. Insgesamt sollen 168—PROBANDEN geimpft werden -
20200711             DIE—GESUNDHEITSÄMTER in DEUTSCHLAND haben Angaben des ROBERT—KOCH—INSTITUTS (RKI) zufolge 378—NEUE—CORONA—INFEKTIONEN innerhalb eines Tages gemeldet.
20200711             BUNDESWIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTER—PETER ALTMAIER hat 1—KRITERIUM für 1—ENDE der Maskenpflicht im EINZEL—HANDEL genannt: den Rückgang der täglichen CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN in DEUTSCHLAND auf unter 100. "Solange wir im Durchschnitt täglich mehrere 100—NEUE Infizierte haben, wird sie überall bleiben müssen, wo der Mindestabstand von 1,5—METER nicht eingehalten wird", sagte der CDU—POLITIKER der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung". "Wenn wir bei den Infektionen dauerhaft zweistellig sind, müssen Mediziner und Politik neu nachdenken".
20200711             Kalifornien will Tausende weitere Gefangene freilassen
20200711             —SEIT —BEGINN der CORONA—KRISE durften in dem schwer von der PANDEMIE betroffenen WESTKÜSTEN—STAAT bereits 10.00—HÄFTLINGE das Gefängnis vorzeitig verlassen.
20200711             DIE—ANKÜNDIGUNG der weiteren Freilassungen erfolgte kurz nach Bekanntwerden von zahlreichen CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN im Gefängnis SAN—QUENTIN
20200711             In der Haftanstalt, die zu den ältesten in den USA gehört, waren mehr als 1.000—INSASSEN positiv auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— getestet worden. Insgesamt sitzen in Kalifornien 113.000—MENSCHEN im Gefängnis.
20200711             DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG warnt Unternehmen vor Betrügern, die sich als Vertreter eines imaginären "Bundesamts für Krisenschutz und Wirtschaftshilfe" ausgeben.
20200711             Krankenhäuser im NORD—WEST—SYRIEN schränken Hilfen ein
20200711             Medien und Experten kritisierten die Entscheidung der zuständigen Behörden, insgesamt knapp 500—MENSCHEN mit einem WAHL—VERBOTZU belegen, in aller Schärfe. Der VERFASSUNGS—RECHTLER XAVIER—ARBÓS bezeichnete den Ausschluss von Hunderten von Stimmberechtigten als "rundweg verfassungswidrig". Der angesehene Professor für Verwaltungsrecht Andrés Betancor sprach im INTERVIEW—MIT—DER Zeitung "El Mundo" von einer "Ungeheuerlichkeit". Man könne Kranke schon IN—QUARANTÄNE setzen, müsse diesen aber auf jeden Fall das Wahlrecht garantieren, selbst wenn diese zuvor nicht von der Möglichkeit der Briefwahl Gebrauch gemacht hätten, so Betancor von der Universität Pompeu Fabra in BARCELONA.
20200711             "El Mundo" sprach von "Willkür".
20200711—20200405    —AM, DIE—ABSTIMMUNGEN in Galicien und im Baskenland sollten ursprünglich stattfinden, waren aber wegen des Virus SARS—COV—2—VERSCHOBEN worden. Es sind die 1. Wahlen im einstigen CORONA—HOTSPOT SPANIEN seit dem Ausbruch der PANDEMIE.
20200711             1—MACHT—WECHSEL wird in keiner der beiden sogenannten Autonomen Gemeinschaften erwartet.
20200711             Houve mais 8—PESSOAS recuperadas da COVID—19, no ALGARVE, e apenas 7—NOVOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS da doença, até às 16h00 de ontem, dia 10—DE Julho, segundo os dados regionais da Autoridade de Saúde a que o Sul Informação teve acesso.
20200711             Os novos recuperados foram registados em PORTIMÃO (mais 2), SILVES (mais 2), ALBUFEIRA (1), LOULÉ (1), SÃO—BRÁS—DE—ALPORTEL (1) e CASTRO—MARIM (1).
20200711             Quanto aos novos casos, segundo os dados oficiais a que o Sul Informação teve acesso, estes REGISTARAM—SE em PORTIMÃO (mais 3), Aljezur (mais 2), FARO (1) e LOULÉ (1).
20200711             O boletim epidemiológico da DIREÇÃO—GERAL da Saúde (DGS) deste —SÁBADO, 11—DE Julho, atribui mais 7—CASOS de COVID—19—AO ALGARVE, fazendo subir os números totais de casos acumulados para 695.
20200711             "Após a análise dos casos identificados na passada SEXTA—FEIRA, VERIFICOU—SE que a data mais antiga de resultado dos testes remontava a 29—DE junho, pelo que se procederá à atualização de todos os boletins publicados desde 30—DE julho, inclusive. PROCEDER—SE-á, igualmente, à atualização dos dados relativos à distribuição dos casos por grupo etário".
20200711             "em relação à atualização da distribuição dos casos por concelho, esta será regularizada no boletim do dia 14—DE julho". Ou seja, para já os dados por concelhos estão desatualizados.
20200711             dia 11, na região do Alentejo há mais 8—NOVOS casos de COVID—19.
20200711             Aljezur CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—7—ÓBITOS—0—RECUPERADOS—0
20200711             EUSKIRCHEN Kreis Fälle 521—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 270,2 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 13,5—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200711             Aktualisierung 202007110000—UHR
20200711             DÜREN Kreis Fälle 620—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 235,1 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 1,1—TODES—FÄLLE 39,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200711             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.677—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 246,6 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 4,8—TODES—FÄLLE 106,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200711             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER—KREIS Fälle 486—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 171,5 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 3,2—TODES—FÄLLE 22,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200711             BERLIN Neukölln Bezirk Fälle 1.058—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 320,9 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 5,2—TODES—FÄLLE 38,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200711             GÜTERSLOH Kreis Fälle 2.546—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 699,3 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 26,9—TODES—FÄLLE 20,—EINWOHNERZAHL—364.083
20200711             a 1. pessoa a tentar encontrar o seu valor foi o conhecido matemático Arquimedes este descobriu que o valor do "pi" deveria ser ENTRE 3,1408 e 3,1429. Ptolomeu, que viveu no século III D.C  encontrou o valor exacto das primeiras quatro casa decimais: 3,1416.
20200711             Schwere Krawalle in Belgrad: Demonstranten dringen in Parlament ein
20200711             Jenas FDP—OBERBÜRGERMEISTER: "Das Tragen einer Maske ist kein Eingriff in die Grundrechte" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—TIMO—LEHMANN
20200711             DIE—ZAHL der CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN in den USA ist weiter alarmierend: 1. SEIT—BEGINN der PANDEMIE wurden in dem Land mehr als 66.000—NEU—INFEKTIONEN an einem einzelnen Tag verzeichnet.
20200711             DIE—ZAHL der täglich verzeichneten Toten liegt in den USA zwar weiterhin deutlich niedriger als zum HÖHE—PUNKT der —KRISE, hat in den vergangenen Tagen aber wieder zugenommen. Am —FREITAG verzeichnete die Statistik der Universität 802—TOTE.
20200711             [l] Linux fährt jetzt "inclusive terminology". Erstmal nur für neuen Code.
20200711             Da werden aber bei den ganzen Sklaven der Neuzeit die Korken knallen! Endlich befreit sie mal jemand!
20200711             —rw-r--r-- Documentation/process/CODING—STYLE.rst 20
20200711             1—FILES changed, 20—INSERTIONS, 0—DELETIONS
20200711             diff --git a/Documentation/process/CODING—STYLE.rst b/Documentation/process/CODING—STYLE.rst
20200711             index 2657a55c6f12..1bee6f8affdb 100644
20200711             —-- a/Documentation/process/CODING—STYLE.rst
20200711             +++ b/Documentation/process/CODING—STYLE.rst
20200711             @@ -319,6 +319,26 @@ If you are afraid to mix up your local variable names, you have another
20200711             problem, which is called THE—FUNCTION—GROWTH—HORMONE—IMBALANCE syndrome.
20200711             See CHAPTER—6 (Functions).
20200711             +For symbol names and documentation, avoid introducing new usage of
20200711             +'master / slave' (or 'slave' independent of 'master') and 'blacklist /
20200711             +whitelist'.
20200711             +Recommended replacements for 'master / slave' are:
20200711             +  '{primary,main} / {secondary,replica,subordinate}'
20200711             +  '{initiator,requester} / {target,responder}'
20200711             +  '{controller,host} / {device,worker,proxy}'
20200711             +  'leader / follower'
20200711             +  'director / performer'
20200711             +Recommended replacements for 'blacklist/whitelist' are:
20200711             +  'denylist / allowlist'
20200711             +  'blocklist / passlist'
20200711             +Exceptions for introducing new usage is to maintain 1—USERSPACE ABI/API,
20200711             +or when updating code for 1—EXISTING (as of 20200000             ) hardware or protocol
20200711             +specification that mandates those terms. For new specifications
20200711             +translate specification usage of the terminology to the kernel coding
20200711             +standard where possible.
20200711             [l] In Teilen SPANIENs werden angeblich COVID—KRANKE von der Wahl ausgeschlossen. WTF?! Das kann doch unmöglich verfassungskonform sein. Dass da das Baskenland dabei ist, öffnet direkt VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIEN das Tor.
20200711             Hunderte Urlauber aus DEUTSCHLAND sollen am Ballermann auf Mallorca Party gemacht haben, ohne sich um die derzeit in SPANIEN geltenden CORONA—REGELN zu scheren. —AUF—1—AM —SAMSTAG veröffentlichten Video der "Mallorca Zeitung" (MZ) ist zu sehen, wie DIE—MENSCHEN am Freitagabend auf der berühmten "Bierstraße" im dichten Gedränge feiern, trinken und tanzen - "als gäb's kein CORONA", so die "MZ".
20200711             Praktisch niemand trägt dabei Maske, obwohl der von der spanischen Regierung für die ZEIT—DER—"neuen Normalität" vorgeschriebene Mindestabstand von eineinhalb Metern weder auf der Straße noch in den Lokalen eingehalten wird.
20200711             DIE—BILDER schockierten die Insel. Die Szenen zeigten, so die "Mallorca Zeitung", "wie groß die Gefahr einer 2. CORONA—WELLE auf Mallorca sein könnte".
20200711             Viele der angetrunkenen Gäste hätten mit fremden Urlauberinnen und Urlaubern geflirtet, in größeren Gruppen getanzt und Straßenhändler umarmt. Die wenigen Menschen, die Maske trugen, seien zum Teil ausgelacht worden, berichteten Medien.
20200711             MICROSOFT—GRÜNDER BILL—GATES sieht den weltweiten KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— nach eigenen Angaben positiv. Mit seiner Stiftung ist Gates an internationalen Gesundheitsprojekten beteiligt. "Ich bleibe optimistisch", sagte Gates in einer Videobotschaft an die Teilnehmer einer internationalen Konferenz zum CORONA—VIRUS— und HIV.
20200711             MACHT—PROBE mit Moskau: Rebellion in RUSSLANDs Fernem Osten
20200711             —BEREITS 19470000              überquerte Heyerdahl mit einem Floß aus Balsaholz den PAZIFIK, um zu beweisen, daß die UR—EINWOHNER Südamerikas mit ihren Booten bereits VOR—1.500—JAHREN diese Strecke zurücklegen konnten. Das Abenteuer mit der "KON—TIKI" machte ihn weltberühmt. Nach 101—TAGEN kam er trotz aller Kritik am knapp 7000—KILOMETER entfernten RAROIA—ATOLL in FRANZÖSISCH—POLYNESIEN an.
20200711             DIE—GENSTUDIE von Forschern um ALEXANDER—IOANNIDIS von der STANFORD—UNIVERSITY und Andrés MORENO—ESTRADA vom mexikanischen GEN—LABOR für Biodiversität legt nahe, daß amerikanische UR—EINWOHNER tatsächlich die Polynesischen Inseln BESUCHTEN—LANGE vor CHRISTOPH KOLUMBUS und der Ankunft DER—EUROPÄER.
20200711             —BEREITS mehr als fünf Jahrhunderte vor der Ankunft DER—EUROPÄER habe es Kontakt zwischen dem amerikanischen Kontinent und dem östlichen Polynesien gegeben,
20200711             Das 1. Aufeinandertreffen von Polynesiern und USA—AMERIKANERN habe vermutlich zwischen 11500000              und 12300000              stattgefunden.
20200711             1. landeten die südamerikanischen Besucher demnach wohl auf den südlichen MARQUESAS—INSELN. Dabei sei es sehr wahrscheinlich auch zu sexuellem Kontakt zwischen Einwohnern und Reisenden gekommen.
20200711             Ausgeschlossen ist jedoch auch nicht, daß sich auch die Polynesier auf den Weg Richtung Festland machten.
20200711             DIE—STUDIE sieht aber die größte genetische Ähnlichkeit zwischen den UR—EINWOHNERN Kolumbiens und den polynesischen Inselbewohnern.
20200711             Umwidmung der HAGIA—SOPHIA: Erdogan verschärft DIE—SPANNUNGEN mit Moskau
20200711             Os maiores escaravelhos de PORTUGAL andam à solta e é preciso ajuda de todos para os conservar!

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