_HEUTE_0708 :

07510000—08100708    KÖNIG—PIPIN—I—DER—JÜNGERE—ZEIT—ZU—DES, war die Prägung noch soweit freigegeben, daß jedermann sein Silber selbst vermünzen lassen konnte,
07510000—08100708    KÖNIG—PIPIN—I—DER—JÜNGERE—ZEIT—ZU—DES, doch durften aus dem PFUND—VON—327.45—G Schwere nicht mehr als 264—PFENNIGE mit königlichem Namenszug geschlagen werden, von welchen dem Münzer 1—DUTZEND als Münzerlohn gebührte.
07510000—08100708    KÖNIG—PIPIN—I—DER—JÜNGERE—ZEIT—IN—DIE, fällt DER—ÜBERGANG zur Silberwährung
10990708             —MARCHED, JERUSALEM, 15,000 starving CHRISTIAN—SOLDIERS, around barefoot while THE—MUSLIM—DEFENDERS mocked them from the battlements.
12550708             PETRUM—ANDREAM, PREPOSITUM MASSILIENSEM. Les pièces CI—APRÈS, dont L1—SOURCE ne sera pas indiquée, se trouvent dans le fonds de La MAJOR aux ARCHIVES—DES—BOACHES—DU—RHÔNE
12960708             juillel. Frédol PRÉVÔT—DE—MARS, pur RÉSIGNATION—DE—G. de Ferr.
13200708             SIEGBURG—URKUNDEN—BUCH—I—251
13550708             YKN. frali'i ARCHI—EPISCOPÛ Arclateii. (\oiii<. tetire JN—RX(jiic IIH—IILIIJIIR)dicliim Hcibi'iliini. aucl. iioslra
14970708             —SAILED, VASCO—DA—GAMA, from LISBON enroute to CALICUT—INDIA.
14970708             VASCO—DA—GAMA His journey took him around SOUTH—AFRICA and
14970708             —OPENED, VASCO—DA—GAMA His journey, THE—FAR—EAST to European trade and COLONIAL—EXPANSION.
14970708             MANUEL—I—DE—PORTUGAL confiouo a VASCO—DA—GAMA cargo de CAPITÃO—MOR—DA—FROTA que,
14970708             ROMAi, " MARINO—SANUTO—DIARII—TOME—I, col.
14970708             —SÁBADO, VASCO—DA—GAMA zarpou de BELÉM em demanda da ÍNDIA.
15080708             THE—EXECUTIONER on this occasion was 1—NEW—HAND and —UNTIL 1—SHORT—TIME before had been apprenticed to 1—SHOEMAKER.
15080708             This being his 1. EXECUTION THE—EXECUTIONER bungled the job and
15080708             —STONED, THE—EXECUTIONER was, by indignant bystanders and
15080708             † THE—EXECUTIONER was eventually killed by 1—SHOEMAKER his boy
15080708             1—SHOEMAKER his boy considered THE—EXECUTIONER had disgraced THE—SHOEMAKER—GUILD.
15450708             DON—CARLOS, SON—OF—PHILIP—II—KING—OF—SPAIN (protagonist in SCHILLER—DRAMA; * hero in Verdi opera).
15490708             —KETT—REBELLION, began in NORFOLK—ENGLAND, during THE—REIGN—OF—EDWARD—VI—KING—OF—ENGLAND, largely in response to THE—ENCLOSURE—OF—LAND.
15490708             —KETT—REBELLION, started at WYMONDHAM when 1—GROUP—OF—REBELS, DESTROYED fences that had been put up by wealthy landowners.
15490708             —KETT—REBELLION, 1—OF—1—GROUP—OF—REBELS—TARGETS was YEOMAN—FARMER—ROBERT—KETT who, instead of resisting the rebels, agreed to their demands and offered to lead them.
15540708             There was uneasiness among THE—PEOPLE—OF—THE—TOWN—OF—ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS].
16210708             * JEAN—LA—FONTAINE, poet and AUTHOR—OF—FABLES.
16700000—17400708    * † PIERRE—VIGNE, Frenchman.
16760708             GABRIEL—MANGOLT (AUGSBURG?).
16860708             THE—AUSTRIANS took BUDAPEST—HUNGARY, from the Turks and annexed the country.
16950708             † CHRISTIAN—HUYGENS, 66—JAHRE—ALT, HOLLAND—INVENTOR, astronomer.
16950708             CHRISTIAN—HUYGENS generally wrote his name as CHRISTIAAN—HUGENS, and it is also sometimes written as HUYGHENS.
16950708—16980000    —PUBLISHED, In CHRISTIAN—HUYGENS his book "Cosmotheros,", he speculated on life on other planets.
17090627             [O.S. See 17090708             ].
17090708             [N.S. see 17090628             ].
17300708             † A magnitude 8.7—EARTHQUAKE in VALPARASIO—CHILE, at least 3,000—PEOPLE.
17400708—20040000    —BEATIFIED, PIERRE—VIGNE was, by JOHN—PAUL—VI—PAPA.
17550708             BRITAIN broke off diplomatic relations with FRANCE as their disputes in THE—NEW—WORLD intensified.
17580708             —DURING the French and INDIA—WAR 1—UK—ATTACK on FORT—CARILLON—TICONDEROGA—NEW—YORK, was foiled by the French.
17580708             —DEFEATED, Some 3,500 Frenchmen, THE—UK—ARMY—OF—15,000, which lost 2,000—MEN.
17760708             —ANNOUNCED, The reading was, by THE—LIBERTY—BELL.
17760708             THE—LIBERTY—BELL had the inscription: "proclaim liberty throughout all the land onto all the inhabitants thereof".
17770708             —BECAME, VERMONT, the 1. USA—COLONY to abolish slavery.
18000708             1. COWPOX—VACCINATION, DOCTOR—BENJAMIN—WATERHOUSE gave the to his son to prevent smallpox.
18000708—17960514    —SEE
18020708             GENERAL—TOUSSAINT—LE—OUVERTURE—OF—SAINT—DOMINGUE (later HAITI) was sent to FRANCE in chains.
18030708             —TOURED, FREDERICK—AUGUSTUS—HERVEY had, EUROPE with his own cook and entourage and inspired 1—NUMBER—OF—HOTELS to take on THE—BRISTOL name.
18150708             —DEFEATED, With Napoleon, LOUIS—XVIII returned to PARIS.
18220708—17920000    † * PERCY—BYSSHE—SHELLEY, ENGLAND—POET, drowned while sailing in ITALY at age 29.
18260708—17480000    † * LUTHER—MARTIN, MARYLAND lawyer and former delegate to the Constitutional Convention, in NEW—YORK—CITY.
18260708—20080000    —AUTHORED, BILL—KAUFMAN, "Forgotten Founder, Drunken Prophet: The Life of Luther Martin".
18290708             * JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER war der älteste von 6—KINDERN—VON—WILLIAM—AVERY—ROCKEFELLER, einem HAUSIERER und...
18350708             —CRACKED, THE—USA—LIBERTY—BELL in PHILADELPHIA, while being tolled for CHIEF—JUSTICE—JOHN—MARSHALL.
18350708             THE—USA—LIBERTY—BELL, was never rung again.
18390708—18900000    —THE Sherman ANTI—TRUST—ACT forced THE—BREAKUP—OF—THE—USA—LIBERTY—BELL his Standard Oil Co.
18390708—19370000    * † JOHN—D—ROCKEFELLER, financier, philanthropist, FOUNDER—OF—STANDARD—OIL, on 1—FARM in RICHFORD—NEW—YORK.
18390708—19370000    —MOVED, JOHN—D—ROCKEFELLER, into the refining END—OF—THE—OIL—BUSINESS and gobbled up competitors.
18450708             —OFFENER BRIEF—VOM, vernichtete die selbständige Stellung der HERZOGTÜMER innerhalb der MONARCHIE—VON—DÄNEMARK
18450708             —OFFENER BRIEF—VOM, des CHRISTIAN—VIII—KÖNIG—VON—DÄNEMARK Die Wirkung, welche DAS—DOKUMENT auf DEUTSCHLAND machte, war außerordentlich;
18450708             alle politischen Bestrebungen richteten sich zunächst der Erhaltung der gefährdeten deutschen Gebietsteile
18450708             zu Zahllose Adressen aus allen Teilen DEUTSCHLANDs wie aus allen Ständen gingen nach HOLSTEIN ab;
18450708             besprochenen —VERHÄLTNISSE die Rechte Aller und Jeder,
18530708             —ARRIVED, An expedition led by COMMODORE—MATTHEW—PERRY, in EDO—BAY—URAGA—JAPAN, on 1—MISSION to seek diplomatic and trade relations with the Japanese.
18530708             —SAILED, COMMODORE—MATTHEW—PERRY, his flagship USS Susquehanna into EDO—BAY—URAGA—JAPAN.
18530708             —SOON, COMMODORE—MATTHEW—PERRY FORCED JAPAN to open its ports with his big gunboats, THE—STEAM—POWERED "Black Ships".
18590000             —GRÜNDETE, JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER Clark...
18620708             —PATENTED, Odore R. Timby, a revolving gun turret.
18630708             Discouraged by the surrender of VICKSBURG—MISSISSIPPI, Confederates in Port HUDSON—LOUISIANA, surrendered to Union forces.
18640708             —RETREATED, Confederate GENERAL—JOSEPH—E—JOHNSTON, into ATLANTA to prevent being flanked by Union GENERAL—WILLIAM—T—SHERMAN.
18650708             C.E. Barnes of LOWELL, MA, patented the machine gun.
18690708             * WILLIAM—VAUGHAN—MOODY, poet and playwright (The Great Divide).
18760708             —ATTACKED, WHITE—TERRORISTS, BLACK—REPUBLICANS in HAMBURG—SC, and killed 5.
18790708             —DEPARTED, The 1. ship to use electric lights, from S—FRANCISCO—CALIFORNIA.
18790708—18810612    —SEE
18820708             * PERCY—GRAINGER, composer, pianist, conductor (Hill Songs), in MELBOURNE.
18890708             MISSISSIPPI, JAKE—KILRAIN (18590000—19370000    ) fought boxing champion JOHN—L—SULLIVAN in the last world heavyweight championship prizefight decided with bare knuckles under LONDON Prize Ring rules in history.
18890708             —DEFEATED, Sullivan, Kilrain in a match that went to 75—ROUNDS.
18900000             —LATER, RON—CHERNOW published "Titan: The Life of JOHN—D—ROCKEFELLER".
18910708             oo WARREN—G—HARDING, FLORENCE K. DeWolfe in MARION—OHIO.
18980708—19810000    * † ALEC—WAUGH, novelist (Island in the Sun), brother of Evelyn, in LONDON.
18980708—19810000    "If we knew where opinion ended and fact began, we should have discovered, I suppose, the absolute".
19050708             —SURRENDERED, The mutinous CREW—OF—THE—BATTLESHIP—POTEMKIN, to Rumanian authorities.
19060707             ENGLAND, JOSEPH—CHAMBERLAIN (18360000—19140000    ), UK—POLITICIAN and statesman and the former mayor of BIRMINGHAM (18730000—18760000    ), led an 80-car rally in the city for 17—MILES to celebrate his 19700708             th birthday.
19060708             * PHILIP—C—JOHNSON, architect.
19070708             —SENTENCED, SF Mayor EUGENE—SCHMITZ was, to 5—YEARS in S—QUENTIN for graft and bribery, but the conviction was later overturned.
19070708             —FORCED, Others were, OUT—OF—OFFICE for accepting bribes from the telephone company, gas company, trolley company, local skating rinks and boxing promoters.
19070708             —ADMITTED, DOCTOR—CHARLES—A—BOXTON (19270000              †), to taking bribes and was granted immunity by DISTRICT—ATTORNEY—WH—LANGDON for his testimony.
19070708             —APPOINTED, Boxton was then, temporary mayor for 1—WEEK in place of Mayor Schmitz and then resigned.
19070708             The Native Sons of CALIFORNIA promptly struck Boxton from their rolls.
19070708             —ELECTED, Schmitz was later, to THE—SF BOARD—OF—SUPERVISORS.
19070708             1—OF—THE—BRIBES was a $200,000 payment to THE—SF supervisors from PATRICK—HENRY—CALHOUN, PRESIDENT—OF—THE—UNITED—RAILROADS, which operated nearly ALL—OF—THE—CITY—PUBLIC—TRANSIT—LINES.
19070708             * GEORGE—W—ROMNEY, later GOVERNOR—OF—MICHIGAN, into 1—MORMON family in CHIHUAHUA—MEXICO.
19070708             GEORGE—W—ROMNEY later was 1—CANDIDATE for the Republican presidential nomination until he admitted that he had been "brainwashed" by the military on THE—VIETNAM War.
19070708             —STAGED, Florenz Ziegfeld, his 1. "Follies" on THE—ROOF—OF—THE—NEW—YORK Theater in NEW—YORK City.
19070718—19070708    —SEE
19080708             * NELSON—ALDRICH—ROCKEFELLER, businessman and philanthropist, in Bar HARBOR—MAINE.
19080708             —SERVED, The liberal Republican, as GOVERNOR—OF—NEW—YORK and then as VICE—PRESIDENT—OF—THE—USA under PRESIDENT—GERALD—FORD (19740000—19770000    ).
19120000—20080708    * † JOHN—TEMPLETON, legendary mutual fund manager, in NASSAU.
19150708             * CHARLES—HARD—TOWNES, physicist (developed lasers), in GREENVILLE, SC.
19170000—20060708    * † June Allyson, chorus girl and film star, in OJAI—CALIFORNIA her films included "THE—GLENN—MILLER—STORY" (19530000             ).
19170000—20120708    * † Ernest Borgnine, USA—FILM and TV star.
19170707—19170708    1—REICHS—FRAUEN—KONFERENZ—DER—MEHRHEITS—SOZIAL—DEMOKRATIE, an der 50—DELEGIERTE—AUS—38—KREISEN teilnehmen, beschäftigt sich mit der Lage der Frauen in DER—KRIEGS—WIRTSCHAFT und fordert erneut DAS—FRAUEN—STIMM—RECHT.
19180708             Ernest Hemingway (18990000—19610000    ), Nobel Prize winning writer, was wounded in ITALY while working as 1—AMBULANCE—DRIVER for THE—USA—RED—CROSS.
19180708             —AWARDED, He was later, THE—ITALY—SILVER—MEDAL—OF—MILITARY—VALOR.
19180708             —AFTER WWI he reported from THE—BATTLEFIELDS—OF—THE—SPAIN—CIVIL—WAR for USA—NEWSPAPERS.
19180708             —BASED, His book "Farewell to Arms" was, on his experiences in WWI.
19180708—19170000    —ENLISTED, Hemingway, in 1—RED—CROSS ambulance unit during —WWI.
19180708—19170000    —COMMISSIONED, He was, a 2. LIEUTENANT and served on THE—ITALY—FRONT.
19190708             —RECEIVED, PRESIDENT—WILSON, 1—TUMULTUOUS—WELCOME in NEW—YORK City after his return from the Versailles Peace Conference in FRANCE.
19210000—20100708    * † DOCTOR—THOMAS—PEEBLES, measles researcher, at his home in Port CHARLOTTE—FLORIDA.
19210708             —AGREED, GREAT—BRITAIN and IRELAND, to end hostilities after centuries of strife.
19210708             —SIGNED, In December British and IRELAND—REPRESENTATIVES, 1—TREATY in LONDON providing for creation of an IRELAND—FREE—STATE—1—YEAR later on the same date.
19210708             —GRANTED, SOUTH—IRELAND was, independence and 6—COUNTIES in NORTH—IRELAND remained PART—OF—THE—UK.
19211206—19210708    —SEEIRELAND—26—SOUTHERN—COUNTIES became independent from BRITAIN forming THE—IRELAND—FREE—STATE.
19230000—20100708    * † CALIFORNIA, ROBERT—DE—HEER, real estate broker, in S—RAFAEL.
19260708             * ELIZABETH—KUBLER—ROSS, author, physician, educator.
19270000—20070708    * † Chandra Shekhar, FORMER—INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER (19900000             ), from 1—BLOOD—RELATED illness.
19300708             —ACTO—COLONIAL.[2]
19310000—20180708    * † USA—FILM star Tab Hunter, in Santa Barbara.
19320708             —CLOSED, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, at 41.22, with an INTRA—DAY—LOW—OF—40.56, its lowest point during the Great Depression.
19330708             In the late hours of the evening, Ambassador BERGEN informs the Foreign Ministry by telegram,
19330708             "Concordat was initialed this evening at 6—O'CLOCK by the Vice CHANCELLOR and the Cardinal SECRETARY—OF—STATE".
19340708             60—PEOPLE are killed during ANTI—COMMUNIST uprising in AMSTERDAM.
19350708—11350708    SOLINGEN Feier "800—JAHRE Gräfrath"
19360708             THE—POLAND—GOVERNMENT declares that THE—GERMAN—SPONSORED movement for Danzig independence is belligerent act (causa belli) that could lead to war.
19360708             Arabs send a memorandum to THE—UK—GOVERNMENT demanding an end to Jewish immigration to Palestine.
19360708             HITLER guarantees AUSTRIA—INDEPENDENCE.
19370707—19370708    The Peel Commission publishes its plan for the partitioning of Palestine into 2—SEPARATE—STATES: 1—ARAB and the other Jewish.
19370708             —CONTINUED, S—FRANCISCO, a 3-month hotel strike, as union members demonstrated in FRONT—OF—THE—HOTEL—MANX on Powell S—OWNER—HARVEY—M—TOY protested with 1—TELEGRAM to Mayor Rossi.
19380708             —DEMOLISHED, The main synagogue in MUNICH is, on HITLER—ORDERS. (See 19380609             )
19380708             ALFRED—ROSENBERGG proposes 1—PLAN for establishing 1—RESERVATION for 15—MILLION—JEWS on THE—ISLAND—OF—MADAGASCAR.
19390708             † HENRY—HAVELOCK—ELLIS, 80—JAHRE—ALT, ENGLAND—SEXOLOGIST (Man & Woman).
19390708             —PROHIBITED, ITALY—COMPANIES dealing with the government are, from employing Jews. (Edelheit)
19400708             HITLER accepts Hans FRANK—PROPOSAL that the Government GENERAL formally become PART—OF—THE—GERMANY—REICH. (Architect)
19400708             GENERAL—DE—GAULLE criticizes the numerous UK—ATTACKS on FRANCE—SHIPS during the past week.
19410708             20—B—17S flew in their 1. mission with the Royal AIR—FORCE over WILHELMSHAVEN—GERMANY.
19410708             —OBLIGATED, All Jews living in Baltic States were, to wear Star of David.
19410708             —SCORCHED, Stalin announces a " earth" policy.
19420708             PRESCOTT—BUSH—LETTER to the editor the next day (193)...
19420708             Prescott Bush letter to the editor the next day (193)...
19420708             AMERICA the Horrible. - Page 6 - THE—ORANGE—MANE - 1—DENVER.
19430708             * FAYE—WATTLETON, women's rights advocate.
19430708             USA—B 24—BOMBERS struck JAPANESE—HELD Wake Island for the 1. time.
19430708             An obscure USA—NAVY—FIGHTER did yeoman duty when times were toughest early in —WWII.
19430708             —PASSED, USA—INVASION fleet, BIZERTA—TUNISIA.
19430708             The 4. DAY—OF—BATTLE at KURSK: Gen Model used his last tank reserve.
19430708             Jean "Max" Moulin (b. 18990620             ), FRANCE—RESISTANCE fighter, was executed.
19440708             —ATTACKED, JAPAN—KAMIKAZE, USA—LINES at Saipan.
19440708             THE—GERMANS give way, and 300,000 Jews, MOST—OF—THEM in BUDAPEST awaiting deportation, are saved.
19440708             437,000 HUNGARY—JEWS had already been deported. (Atlas)
19450708             Schriftsteller, Künstler, Wissenschaftler und Lehrer gründen in BERLIN den "Kulturbund zur demokratischen Erneuerung Deutschlands".
19460708             † Aleksander V. Aleksandrov (63), RUSSIA—COMPOSER, conductor.
19470708             —DEFEATED, THE—USA—LEAGUE, the National League, 2-1, in THE—ALL—STAR—GAME played at CHICAGO—WRIGLEY—FIELD.
19470708             Demolition work began in NEW—YORK City to make way for the new permanent headquarters of THE—UNITED—NATIONS.
19470708             —REPORTED, NEW—MEXICO, the Roswell Daily Record, the military's CAPTURE—OF—1—FLYING saucer.
19470708             It became know as the Roswell Incident.
19470708             —CALLED, Officials later, the debris a "harmless, HIGH—ALTITUDE weather balloon.
19470708—19940000    —RELEASED, THE—AIR—FORCE, 1—REPORT saying the wreckage was PART—OF—1—DEVICE used to spy on the Soviets.
19480708             The 500.
19490708             —BECAME, Vietta M. Bates, the 1. enlisted woman sworn into THE—USA—ARMY when legislation was passed making THE—WOMEN—AUXILIARY—ARMY—CORPS—PART—OF—THE—REGULAR—ARMY.
19530708             * ANNA—QUINDLEN, novelist.
19530708             Neill Sheridan (31), 1—BASEBALL player for the Pacific Coast League SACRAMENTO Solons, hit 1—HOME—RUN against THE—SF Seals at SACRAMENTO—EDMOND—FIELD.
19530708             The ball reportedly flew 1—RECORD—613.8—FEET.
19540708             —TOWED, The raft Lehi with 5—AMATEUR sailors was, out of SF Bay to attempt a 2,200 drifting voyage to HAWAII.
19540708             Mormon elder DeVere Baker (38) led the expedition.
19540708—19540714    —RESCUED, The freighter Metapan, the crew.
19540708—19570000    —ASSASSINATED, He was.
19570708             † WILLIAM—CADBURY, 89—JAHRE—ALT, chocolate maker.
19580708             PRESIDENT—EISENHOWER began 1—VISIT to CANADA, where he conferred with PRIME—MINISTER—JOHN—DIEFENBAKER and addressed THE—CANADA—PARLIAMENT.
19600708             —CHARGED, THE—SOVIET—UNION, FRANCIS—GARY—POWERS, whose U—2—SPY—PLANE was shot down over the country, with espionage.
19610708             JOHN—PROFUMO, BRITAIN—SECRETARY—OF—STATE for War, met Christine Keeler, at 1—PARTY at Cliveden.
19610708             Profumo kept in contact with Keeler and they eventually began 1—AFFAIR.
19620708             —AM, In der Kathedrale von REIMS 1 "Versöhnungsmesse"gefeiert KONRAD—ADENAUER, —DE—GAULLE gemeinsam. hatten
19630708             Reports were MADE—OF—CHARLIE—FINLEY—INTENTION to move KC A's baseball team to OAKLAND.
19630708             —BANNED, USA, all monetary transactions with CUBA.
19660708—19660819    —UNTIL, A—USA—AIRLINE—STRIKE began and lasted.
19680708             —RESIGNED, Golda Meir, from her post as SECRETARY—OF—THE—LABOR—PARTY.
19710708             NORTH—IRELAND, THE—UK—ARMY used lead bullets for the 1. time.
19710708             † SEAMUSCUSACK (28) and DESMOND—BEATTIE, 19—JAHRE—ALT were killed.
19720708             —SIGNED, THE—USA, 1—AGREEMENT to sell grain to USSR for $750—MILLION.
19720708             —PURCHASED, Soviet grain buyers over 6—WEEKS, THE—USA—GRAIN.
19720708             —CALLED, This was later, the "great grain robbery" and THE—PRIVATELY—HELD agribusiness giant Cargill played 1—MAJOR—ROLE.
19720708—19980000    —IN—THE, The story of Cargill was told book "Cargill Going Global" by WAYNE—BROEHL—JUNIOR.
19740708             TRUDEAU—LIBERAL—PARTY won CANADA—PARLIAMENTARY election.
19750708             An earthquake struck Pagan (Bagan), Burma, and destroyed MANY—MONUMENTS.
19750708             ISRAEL—PREMIER Yitzhak Rabin began a 4—DAY—VISIT to WEST—GERMANY.
19750708—19760000    —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—FORD, he would seek the Republican nomination for the presidency.
19760708             A volcano erupted on GUADELOUPE and frightened the capital, BASSE—TERRE.
19760708             A phreatic eruption of the Soufriere volcano cracked open the summit dome
19770708             TIME—OUT;.
19820708             DUJAIL—IRAQ, 17—ISLAMIC—MILITANTS, furious over the execution of 1—SHIITE leader, opened fire on 1—PRESIDENTIAL—CONVOY and killed several people, but Saddam Hussein escaped.
19820708             In retaliation 247,000 acres of orchards and palm groves, the town's primary SOURCE—OF—INCOME, were destroyed in retribution.
19820708             —KILLED, Some 900—PEOPLE were taken away and about 380 were.
19820708—19860000    —UNTIL, 386—PEOPLE were locked up.
19821202             * MARTY—FELDMAN 19330708             , in LONDON—ENGLAND.
19860708             —INAUGURATED, KURT—WALDHEIM was, as PRESIDENT—OF—AUSTRIA despite controversy over his alleged ties to Nazi war crimes.
19860708             —BARRED, He was, from entering THE—USA—DUE to his services as 1—OFFICER in 1—GERMANY—ARMY—UNIT implicated in war crimes in the Balkans.
19860708             —SERVED, Waldheim, to 19920000             .
19860708             —REGARDED, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (86), widely, as "FATHER—OF—THE—NUCLEAR—NAVY," † in ARLINGTON—VIRGINIA.
19870708             —BECAME, LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—OLIVER—NORTH, 1—DAYTIME TV star as THE—IRAN—CONTRA hearings were televised throughout THE—USA.
19870708             Under questioning by committee counsel JOHN—NIELDS, North said the issue of his security system was 1. broached immediately after 1—THREAT by ABU—NIDAL.
19870708             Kitty Dukakis, wife of MASSACHUSETTS GOVERNOR and Democratic presidential candidate MICHAEL—S—DUKAKIS, revealed she'd been addicted to amphetamines —FOR—26—YEARS but had sought help and was DRUG—FREE.
19870708             —ADMITTED, She later, to dependence on alcohol, and entered 1—RECOVERY—PROGRAM.
19870708             —VOTED, Kiwanis Clubs, to admit women and ended its MEN—ONLY—TRADITION.
19880708             IRAN—PARLIAMENTARY—SPEAKER, Hashemi Rafsanjani, said his nation would not seek revenge against THE—USA for shooting down an IRAN—JETLINER over the Persian Gulf, killing 290—PEOPLE.
19890708             —INAUGURATED, CARLOS—SAUL—MENEM was, as PRESIDENT—OF—ARGENTINA in the country's 1. TRANSFER—OF—POWER from 1—DEMOCRATICALLY elected civilian leader to another in 6—DECADES.
19900708             SWEDEN—STEFAN—EDBERG beat BORIS—BECKER—OF—WEST—GERMANY to capture his 2. men's tennis championship at Wimbledon.
19900708             WEST—GERMANY won the World Cup soccer championship by defeating ARGENTINA, 1-to-0.
19910708             —DISCLOSED, Reversing earlier denials, IRAQ, for the 1. time that it was carrying out 1—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS—PROGRAM, including the production of enriched uranium.
19920708             RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—BORIS—YELTSIN met with GROUP—OF—7—LEADERS holding their economic summit in MUNICH—GERMANY, where he offered 1—STARTLING—PROPOSAL to swap factories, energy resources and other properties for RUSSIA—DEBT.
19930000             1—AUSNAHME bildet die 19810000              gegründete USA—MEXICO Binational Commission...
19930708             A jury in BOISE—IDAHO, acquitted white separatist Randy Weaver and 1—CO—DEFENDANT—OF slaying 1—FEDERAL—MARSHAL in 1—SHOOTOUT at 1—REMOTE—MOUNTAIN cabin.
19930708             LEADERS—OF—THE—GROUP—OF—7, in the 2. DAY—OF—THEIR—TOKYO summit, warned against the dismembering of Bosnia, but backed away from 1—THREAT to use force.
19930708             LATVIA, Guntis Ulmanis was sworn in as PRESIDENT.
19940618—19940708    —DISRUPTED, Plans were, by THE—DEATH—OF—NORTH—KOREAN—LEADER—KIM Il Sung.
19940708             O.J. Simpson was ordered to stand trial on charges of murdering his EX—WIFE, Nicole, and her friend, RONALD—GOLDMAN.
19940708             —BLASTED, The space shuttle "COLUMBIA", off on a 2—WEEK—MISSION.
19940708             —OPENED, LEADERS—OF—THE—GROUP—OF—7—NATIONS, their 20. annual economic summit in ITALY.
19940708             —HOSTED, Silvio Berlusconi, the G—7—SUMMIT in Naples.
19940708             —SUCCEEDED, KIM—IL—SUNG—SON—KIM Jong Il ("The Dear Leader"), him.
19940708—19480000    —SINCE, † KIM—IL—SUNG ("Great Leader"), NORTH—KOREA—COMMUNIST—LEADER, at age 82.
19940719             † Funeral services were held for NORTH—KOREAN—DICTATOR—KIM Il Sung, who had 19940708              at age 82.
19950708             Steffi Graf won the women's singles title at Wimbledon, defeating Arantxa Sanchez Vicario.
19950708             He was later CONVICTED—OF—ESPIONAGE and deported.
19950708             A deadly heat wave began in THE—MIDSECTION—OF—THE—USA.
19950708             It claimed more than 800—LIVES, more than HALF—OF—THEM in ILLINOIS.
19950708             —RESUMED, BOSNIA, shelling, and the Dutch abandoned 3—POSTS under direct fire.
19950708             30—HOLLAND—TROOPS were taken by the Serbs to Bratunac.
19950708—19950619    —DETAINED, CHINESE—USA—HUMAN—RIGHTS—ACTIVIST—HARRY—WU, was arrested in CHINA and charged with obtaining state secrets.
19960708             —LANDED, The Shuttle COLUMBIA, after 1—RECORD—FLIGHT—OF—16—DAYS, 21—HOURS, 48—MINUTES and 30—SEC.
19960708             —SLAMMED, Hurricane Bertha, into THE—USA—VIRGIN—ISLANDS with torrential rains and winds that gusted to 105—MPH.
19960708             A 19750000              JetRanger Bell Helicopter crashed in SALEM—OHIO and killed all 5—PEOPLE—ONBOARD.
19960708             —SUSPENDED, NIGER, the military ruler, the Independent National electoral commission after early results showed him losing.
19960708             NORTH—IRELAND, MICHAEL—MCGOLDRICK—JUNIOR, 31—JAHRE—ALT, 1—TAXI driver, was abducted and fatally shot, —2—DAYS—AFTER graduating from 1—BELFAST university.
19960708             He was the 1. VICTIM—OF—THE—LOYALIST—VOLUNTEER Force, 1 outlawed Protestant gang that opposed NORTH—IRELAND—PEACE—PROCESS.
19960708             —PRESENTED, RICHARD—PERLE, the "Clean Break"document to NETANYAHU, who was visiting WASHINGTON.
19970708             —OPENED, The Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, politically charged hearings into FUND—RAISING—ABUSES, with chairman FRED—THOMPSON accusing CHINA of trying to influence 19960000             —THE—USA—ELECTIONS.
19970708             —WARNED, The Mayo Clinic and the government, THE—DIET—DRUG—COMBINATION known as "FEN—PHEN" could cause serious heart and lung damage.
19970708             The drugs were withdrawn in September.
19970708             —MOVED, Michelle MOORE—BOSKO, 18—JAHRE—ALT—OF—PITTSBURGH, who had recently, to NORFOLK—VIRGINIA, and secretly oo her longtime boyfriend, WILLIAM—BOSKO, was found raped and killed.
19970708             4—SAILORS, who became known as THE—NORFOLK 4, were later convicted for her rape and murder.
19970708             A 4. sailor, ERIC—WILSON, 33—JAHRE—ALT, served more than 8—YEARS in prison and has been released.
19970708             A 5. man, OMAR—BALLARD, was also convicted in the crime, and was sentenced to 100—YEARS in prison, 59—OF which were suspended.
19970708             —MATCHED, He is the only man whose DNA, that found at the scene.
19970708             —STATED, His confession, that he committed the crime by himself.
19970708             —CRASHED, A—USA—ARMY—BLACK—HAWK helicopter, at Fort Bragg, NC, and killed 8—SOLDIERS.
19970708             —ISSUED, NATO, formal membership invitations to POLAND, THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC and HUNGARY.
19970708             —SEIZED, CAMBODIA, Interior MINISTER—HO—SOK was, and executed by forces loyal to Hun SENATOR—SOME 30—SOLDIERS—LOYAL to Ranariddh were captured and tortured by Regiment 911 at Kambol
19970708             DAGESTAN, 1—BOMB blew up on 1—BUS carrying RUSSIA—BORDER—POLICE and 9—OFFICERS were killed.
19970708             —CONTINUED, Sporadic violence, along with kidnappings.
19970708             —EXPLODED, INDIA, 1—BOMB, on 1—PASSENGER—TRAIN in the Punjab at Bhatinda and killed 36—PEOPLE and wounded 70.
19970708             —MASKED, NORTH—IRELAND, MEMBERS—OF—THE—IRA boarded, cleared and set fire to 1—DUBLIN to BELFAST train.
19970708             A report on Transnistria, between MOLDOVA and THE—UKRAINE, described it as 1—HAVEN for arms smugglers, money launderers and outlaws on the lam.
19970708—20000000    —IN, 1—FEDERAL—JUDGE approved a $3.75—BILLION national SETTLEMENT—OF—HEALTH—CLAIMS due to USE—OF—THE—DRUGS.
19970708—20090000    —PARDONED, DANIAL—WILLIAMS, 37—JAHRE—ALT, DEREK—TICE, 39—JAHRE—ALT and JOSEPH—DICK, 33—JAHRE—ALT were, culminating a 4—YEAR—CAMPAIGN for clemency based on the sailors' claims that they were coerced into falsely admitting their involvement, that the details they provided were wrong and that there was no physical evidence linking them to the crime.
19980708             —AGREED, Dow Corning, to settle 1—SUIT with women claiming injury from silicone breast implants for $3.2—BILLION.
19980708             A federal bankruptcy judge tentatively approved 1—SETTLEMENT under which 1 estimated 170,000 women, who said silicone breast implants had made them sick, would get $3.2—BILLION dollars from Dow Corning Corp.
19980708             —DEMANDED, THE—USA and European countries, 1—IMMEDIATE cease fire in Kosovo and called for 1—CRACKDOWN on THE—FLOW—OF—FUNDS to ethnic ALBANIA—REBELS.
19980708             —DECREED, AFGHANISTAN, the Taliban, that television was corrupting AFGHANISTAN—SOCIETY and issued 1—EDICT that banned televisions, videocassette recorders, videos and satellite dishes.
19980708             ALGERIA, Khalifi Athmani (24), 1—LEADING—MEMBER—OF—THE—ARMED—ISLAMIC—GROUP (GIA), was killed outside the capital.
19980708             —BELIEVED, ATHMANI—NOM de guerre was Hossein Flicha and he was, to have led the Sep.
19980708             '97 killings at Beni Messous.
19980708             —REPORTED, It was, that elephant poaching had increased in KENYA.
19980708             —EXPECTED, THAILAND was, to withdraw 1—PLAN to deport foreign workers and planned to announce proposals to widen work opportunities for migrant workers from BURMA—CAMBODIA, Laos and BANGLADESH.
19980708—19980711    —ANNOUNCED, CHINA, that it would broadcast its 1. live court trial.
19990708             An AIR—FORCE—CARGO—JET took off from SEATTLE on 1—DANGEROUS—MISSION to ANTARCTICA to drop medicine for DOCTOR—JERRI—NIELSEN, 1—PHYSICIAN at THE—AMUNDSEN—SCOTT SOUTH—POLE—RESEARCH—CENTER who had discovered 1—LUMP in her breast.
19990708             The mission was successful; Nielsen was evacuated the following October.
19990708             † ASTRONAUT—CHARLES "Pete" CONRAD—JUNIOR, the 3. man to walk on the moon, after 1—MOTORCYCLE accident near OJAI—CALIFORNIA;
19990708             ASTRONAUT—CHARLES was 69.
19990708             COLUMBIA, heavy fighting in Gutierrez between the government and FARC killed as many as 78—SOLDIERS.
19990708             —UNVEILED, MALAYSIA, PRIME—MINISTER—MAHATHIR—MOHAMAD, phase 1—OF—CYBERJAYA, a futuristic HIGH—TECH—CITY expected to cost some $5.3—BILLION.
19990708             —CLAIMED, SOUTH—NIGERIA, activists, to have captured and shut down 61—OIL wells operated by Shell Co. Shell workers were also ejected from wells in the states of Egbema East and Egbema West.
19990708             —REPORTED, It was, that Palestinian water shortages were due ISRAEL—DIVERSIONS—OF—80—PERCENT—OF—WEST—BANK aquifer water.
19990708             —PROTESTED, YUGOSLAVIA, some 4,000, against PRESIDENT—MILOSEVIC in Prokupje.
19990708             (IRAQ/KURDISTAN) IRAN, RUSSIA Condemn Incursion; KDP on LONDON said:
19990708             "PUK doesn't take part with ANY—FOREIGN—POWER to fight 1—KURDISH—SIDE.
19990708             UK—COMPANY—GREENFIELD Consultants, which has the.
19990708             GENERAL
19990708             —OFFERED, However, PloughShears were, for sale
19990708             00.000.199 4 at THE—BULAWAYO INTERNATIONAL Trade Fair +
19990708             00.000.199 6 THE—LONDON—BASED Centre for Defense Studies...
19990708             but I still hadn't seen it before.
19990830—19990708    —NAMED, This was 1—PRESENTATION by 1—GROUP, "Global Options" to the National Press Club.
19990830—19990708    —PRODUCED, If this was, then those Navy guys were probably relying on THE—JUNE report that Jim Lord released.
20000708             Venus Williams beat Lindsay Davenport 6-3, 7-6 (3) for her 1. Grand Slam title, becoming the 1. black women's champion at Wimbledon since Althea Gibson in 19570000—19580000.
20000708             —SUFFERED, THE—PENTAGON—MISSILE—DEFENSE—PROJECT, its latest setback when 1—ROCKET that had taken off from Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific failed to intercept 1—TARGET—MISSILE launched from Vandenberg AIR—FORCE—BASE in CALIFORNIA.
20000708             † F.M. Esfandiary, "chronic optimist,", at age 69.
20000708             "There is no scarcity, there is only THE—PSYCHOLOGY—OF—SCARCITY".
20000708             —INCLUDED, His written works, "DAYS—OF—SACRIFICE" and "Optimism 1."
20000708             —GATHERED, GERMANY, over 1—MILLION—PEOPLE, in BERLIN for the techno music Love Parade at Tiergarten park.
20000708             IRAN, a student march to mark a bloody rally 1—YEAR ago turned violent as police charged THOUSANDS—OF—STUDENTS in TEHRAN.
20000708             JAPAN, 1—TYPHOON Kirogi hit the eastern coast and left 3—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20000708             A bomb exploded at the Stewartstown Royal Ulster Constabulary station with no injuries.
20000708             —ANNOUNCED, THE—ORANGE—ORDER, plans to bring the country to 1—HALT the next day if they are not allowed to march down Garvaghy Road in Portadown.
20000708             RUSSIA, PRESIDENT—PUTIN made his 1. STATE—OF—THE—NATION address and called for increased power to the central government to overcome 1—BLEAK—DIAGNOSIS—OF—THE—COUNTRY—ILLS.
20010000             Excerpts from the Congressional Record, 20010708             , 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, and 25...
20010000—20020000    107—HEARINGS: Senate Hearings by Title  Excerpts from the Congressional Record, 20010708             , 9, 10, 11, 12, 15 + 25...
20010708             Venus Williams won her 2. consecutive Wimbledon title by beating BELGIUM—JUSTINE—HENIN.
20010708             —MOUNTED, Cable operator Comcast, a $41—BILLION hostile bid to merge with AT&T Broadband.
20010708             —SPURNED, Although AT&T, that offer, the company's board ultimately agreed to merge the cable unit with Comcast, subject to approval by federal regulators.
20010708             —ESCAPED, BRAZIL, some 100—INMATES, through 1—TUNNEL from Latin AMERICA—LARGEST—PRISON in SAO—PAULO.
20010708             35 were soon captured.
20010708             —CONTINUED, ENGLAND, race rioting, in BRADFORD with injured police rising to 1—TOTAL—OF—120.
20010708             —MARCHED, NORTH—IRELAND, some 500—ORANGEMEN, at Drumcree and dispersed when confronted by police at Portadown.
20010708             —ABDUCTED, ISRAEL—AGENTS in HEBRON, Ayoub Sharawi, a MEMBER—OF—HAMAS.
20010708             —EXCHANGED, In GAZA Palestinians and Israelis, gunfire in RAFAH.
20010708             —DESTROYED, ISRAEL—WRECKING crews, 14—PALESTINIAN homes in EAST—JERUSALEM at the edge of the Shuafat refugee camp.
20010708             —ARRESTED, In THE—PHILIPPINES police in GENERAL—SANTOS—CITY, Nadzmie Sabtulah, 1—HIGH—RANKING—MEMBER—OF—THE—ABU—SAYYAF—MUSLIM extremists.
20010911             Silverstein | 1—KOMMENTAR (200609070821         —1—).
20020708             —CLASHED, WorldCom and its former auditors, over responsibility for nearly 4—BILLION dollars in accounting improprieties, as WORLDCOM—FORMER—CEO and finance CHIEF, SCOTT—SULLIVAN, refused to testify to 1—HOUSE—PANEL investigating the debacle.
20020708             —GATHERED, African leaders, in SOUTH—AFRICA to form the new African Union and to bid farewell to the Organization of African Unity, 1—MUCH—CRITICIZED regional body formed nearly 4—DECADES ago to usher the continent OUT—OF—COLONIALISM.
20020708             —KILLED, CHINA, 1—GAS—EXPLOSION at 1—COAL—MINE, 44—MINERS at the Dingsheng mine in NORTH—EAST—HEILONGJIANG province.
20020708             —ATTENDED, RALPH—NADER, 1—DINNER with CUBA—LEADER—FIDEL Castro as the consumer advocate began a 3—DAY—VISIT to the communist nation.
20020708             —NAMED, CUBA—POET and writer Cintio Vitier was, winner of MEXICO—JUAN—RULFO—PRIZE for literature.
20020708             THE—IVORY—COAST, local elections meant to close the door on YEARS—OF—TURBULENCE ended with complaints by angry crowds that they were not allowed to vote.
20020708             —HEADED, Typhoon Chata'an, towards SOUTH—JAPAN after battering THE—PHILIPPINES, where officials said it had killed 17—PEOPLE -- including 3—SOUTH—KOREAN—TOURISTS who † when their boat capsized.
20020708             —UNARMED, NIGERIA, women, from the Arutan and Igborodo communities occupied 1—CHEVRON—TEXACO oil terminal, preventing 700—WORKERS, including Americans, Britons, and Canadians, from leaving.
20020708             —REACHED, Their number soon, as many as 2,000.
20020708             —PARKED, SOUTH—THAILAND, a bomb tore through a, passenger railway coach injuring a policeman and a security guard.
20020708             —RESIGNED, TURKEY, 3—MINISTERS, in a growing push for early elections.
20020708             -its order DATED—TORONTO—THE—ONTARIO Securities Commission has released reasons for-...
20020912—20020708    —ON, Williams met his girlfriend in PAPEETE and described 1—SCUFFLE that left 3—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20030708             —VISITED, Bush, SENEGAL—NOTORIOUS—GOREE Island, for several centuries 1—PROCESSING—STATION for African slaves bound in chains for THE—WEST—HEMISPHERE.
20030708             MERIDIAN—MISSISSIPPI, Doug Williams (48), 1—WHITE—FACTORY—WORKER known as 1—RACIST who talked about murdering others opened fire with 1—SHOTGUN and 1—RIFLE at 1—LOCKHEED Martin plant, killing 4—BLACKS and 1—WHITE before committing suicide.
20030708             Joanie Harper (39), and her 3—CHILDREN aged 2—MONTHS to 4—YEARS, were shot and killed in BAKERSFIELD—CALIFORNIA Husband VINCENT—E—BROTHERS, 41—JAHRE—ALT, 1—BAKERSFIELD teacher and administrator, was arrested and released, but remained 1—PRIME—SUSPECT.
20030708             † LEWIS—COSER, 89—JAHRE—ALT, leftist sociologist.
20030708             —INCLUDED, LEWIS—COSER—BOOKS, "USA—COMMUNIST—PARTY: A Critical History (19190000—19570000    )" (19580000             ), and "MEN—OF—IDEAS: A SOCIOLOGIST—VIEW" (19660000             ).
20030708             —ESTIMATED, BANGLADESH, 1—FERRY, with 1, 750—PASSENGERS, sank at the confluence of the Padma, Meghna and Dakatia rivers about 40—MILES—SOUTH—OF—THE—CAPITAL, DHAKA.
20030708             —COUNTED, Some 220—SURVIVORS were.
20030708             BURUNDI, Hutu rebels fought their way into PART—OF—THE—CAPITAL, trading gun, mortar and grenade fire with THE—TUTSI—DOMINATED army.
20030708             Thousands fled their homes.
20030708             † ANTONIS—SAMARAKIS, 84—JAHRE—ALT, GREECE—WRITER and children's rights activist.
20030708             —INCLUDED, ANTONIS—SAMARAKIS—BOOKS, the novel "Mistake" (19650000             ).
20030708             IRAQ, Mizban Khadr Hadi (NUMBER 23), 1—HIGH—RANKING—MEMBER—OF—THE—BAATH Party regional command and Mahmud Diab AL—AHMED (NUMBER 29), the former interior MINISTER, were taken into custody.
20030708             —REPORTED, THE—CAPTURE—OF—AL—AHMED was, in error.
20030708             He surrendered 20030808             .
20030708             —ARRIVED, USA—MILITARY—EXPERTS, in LIBERIA to assess the need for help in the local civil war.
20030708             —ACCEPTED, NIGERIA—MAIN—TRADE—UNIONS, 1—GOVERNMENT compromise on fuel prices and ended 1—CRIPPLING—8—DAY—STRIKE.
20030708             —RESIGNED, Palestinian PRIME—MINISTER—MAHMOUD—ABBAS, from 1—TOP—POST in the Fatah movement.
20030708             † Ladan and Laleh Bijani (29), IRAN—TWIN—SISTERS, joined at the head, within 90—MINUTES—OF—EACH—OTHER as neurosurgeons in SINGAPORE worked into a 3. day to separate them.
20030708             A SUDAN—AIRLINER crashed minutes after its CAPTAIN reported technical problems following takeoff, killing 116—PEOPLE.
20030708             The only survivor was a 2-year-old boy.
20030708             —PLOWED, SWITZERLAND, 1—SWERVING—CAR, through pedestrians on 1—DOWNTOWN bridge in LAUSANNE.
20030708             2—PEOPLE were killed, including 1—WOMAN pushing her child in 1—STROLLER.
20030708—20070000    —CONVICTED, Brothers was, and 1—JURY said he deserved to die for the murders.
20030714—20031001    —CONFESSED, FORMER—DEPUTY—SECRETARY—OF—STATE, said he had, to THE—FBI, that he told ROBERT—NOVAK about Valerie Plame during a 20030708             , meeting.
20040708             —BECAME, NEW—JERSEY, the 2. state in the nation after NEW—YORK to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving.
20040708             JOHN—RIGAS, 79—JAHRE—ALT, FOUNDER—OF—ADELPHIA—COMMUNICATIONS—CORP. (19520000             ), was convicted along with his son Timothy of looting the cable company to line their own pockets.
20040708             —CHARGED, KENNETH—LAY, FORMER—CEO of Enron Corp., was, in HOUSTON—TEXAS, with 11—COUNTS—OF—CONSPIRACY and fraud.
20040708             —REPORTED, It was, that 1—STRAIN of syphilis has proved resistant to azithromycin.
20040708             —KILLED, IRAN—TROOPS, 2—TURKEY—KURDISH—REBELS in clashes close to THE—IRAQ—BORDER, amid reports of 1—MAJOR—OFFENSIVE by TEHRAN on ANKARA—BEHALF.
20040708             IRAQ, insurgents hit 1—MILITARY compound in SAMARRA with 1—CAR—BOMB and mortar fire.
20040708             5—USA—SOLDIERS were killed and 20 wounded.
20040708             A SWEDEN—APPEALS—COURT threw out 1—LIFE—PRISON—SENTENCE for the convicted KILLER—OF—FOREIGN—MINISTER—ANNA—LINDH, ruling that Mijailo Mijailovic should receive treatment for his "significant psychiatric problems".
20040708             Ridge, Tom announces that USA—ELECTIONS could be 1—TARGET.
20040708             Sabine DOERING—MANTEUFEL befürchtet, dass die neuen BACHELOR—STUDIENGÄNGE an den Universitäten die Fachwissenschaften aushebeln und langfristig Grundlagenwissen durch Module ersetzt wird.
20040708             "Fallen erst die Disziplinen durch den Einheitlichkeitszwang der BACHELOR—STUDIENGÄNGE, ist es nur noch ein kleiner Schritt zur Aushebelung des gesellschaftlichen Erinnerungsvermögens..... Das Ganze ist ein ideologisch motivierter, internationaler Prozess der Gesellschaftsveränderung.
20040708             Ungemütliche Schlagwörter sind schon im Umlauf: 'Workload' statt 'offener Diskurs', 'Effizienz' anstelle von 'Selbstbestimmtheit'.
20040708             Der Begriff 'Kritik' scheint völlig beseitigt zu sein.
20040708             Sie alle stammen aus einem Destillat aus neoliberaler Ökonomie, kommunitaristischen Vorbildern und einem Globalisierungsgestammel, das in einem Atemzug Entbürokratisierung predigt + zugleich die Gesellschaft täglich straffer reguliert".
20040708             Die Autoren sind der Brite JONATHAN—CLARKE, AUSLANDS—EXPERTE des Cato Instituts + STEFAN—HALPER, Berater mehrerer republikanischer USA—PRÄSIDENTEN.
20040708             "Auch liberale Internationalisten halten präventive und präemptive Maßnahmen gegen Terror, Massenvernichtungswaffen und Despotien für LEGITIM—IM äuß1. Fall auch mit militärischen Mitteln. Sie weigern sich, die Souveränität völkermordender Diktaturen über die Menschenrechte zu stellen".
20040708             Nichts anderes gelte für einen künftigen Präsidenten Kerry [KJF965], schreibt Müller und zitiert den Neocon Kagan: "Viele Europäer glauben, sie hätten nur 1—PROBLEM mit der Bush [BGW968] -Regierung. Das ist eine gefährliche Fehlkalkulation. Wenn Kerry [KJF965] die Wahl gewinnt, wird eine seiner 1. Taten sein, die Hilfe Europas im Irak zu fordern".
20040708             Besprochen werden Jenny Holzers Installation "Truth before Power" mit Texten aus CIA—AKTEN im Kunsthaus Bregenz ("Die schöne Wirkung verstellt die politische Einsicht", meint PETER—IDEN),
20040708             "Die Art, wie in Köln über die Fernwirkung des Doms diskutiert wird, zeigt, dass die Hochhausdebatte der Lokalpolitik wohl zu Kopfe gestiegen ist,"
20040708             schreibt CHRISTIAN—THOMAS angesichts der Debatte, die die Unesco mit ihrer Entscheidung ausgelöst hat, den Kölner Dom auf die "Rote Liste" des gefährdeten Weltkulturerbes zu setzen.
20040708             "Sie sollte sich jedoch vielleicht dem Sockel der 157—METER hohen und 750—JAHRE alten Kathedrale zuwenden, zumal angesichts der Halbwertzeiten von Hochhausdebatten".
20040708             Die Tageszeitung, "Wir wollen einfach mit dem Film darauf aufmerksam machen, das unsere Gesellschaft, wenn sie so weitermacht mit ihren Klingeltönen, dämlichen Starbiografien von OLIVER—KAHN bis Dieter Bohlen und all dem anderen Quatsch, in ein riesengroßes moralisches Problem schlittert", sagt MARCUS—MITTERMEIER in einem Interview über sein Spielfilmdebüt "Muxmäuschenstill".
20040708             "Wir werden eine rein ökonomisch orientierte Ansammlung von ICH—AGS. Die Tatsache, dass wir mit Horst Köhler einen Bundespräsidenten bekommen, der aus der Wirtschaft kommt, signalisiert mir, dass es das ist, worum es in diesem Staate auch in Zukunft hauptsächlich gehen soll".
20040708             Kroll Associates was sold to Marsh and McLennan.
20040708             I would mention at this point that Kroll...
20040708             THE—HARTFORD Sightings from The Catbird Seat. ~ o ~.
20040708—20040911    —SEIT—DEM, Süddeutsche ZEITUNG—DIE Außenpolitik der Bush [BGW968] -Regierung ist die "Fortsetzung und Radikalisierung" der Außenpolitik BILL—CLINTONS, entnimmt Tim B. Müller einem heute in den USA erscheinenden Buch: "AMERICA Alone: THE—NEO—CONSERVATIVES and the Global Order".
20040728—20040708    —PRESCRIBED, Tubb, THE—ANTI—DEPRESSANTS after 1—CLEARLY—UPSET—BUSH [BGW968] stormed off stage refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive KENNETH—J—LAY.
20050403             INTERNATIONAL Social Pulse - 20021200             ... 19970708              - Barbara AHO—WATCH Unto Prayer -... Anthrax/Bio weapons: THE—FBI and CDC (Center for Disease Control) came...
20050708             —GRANTED, AUSTRALIA, fugitive FORMER—CHINA—DIPLOMAT—CHEN Yonglin 1—PERMANENT visa allowing him to stay in the country indefinitely.
20050708             —APPROVED, AUSTRIA, an 89-nation UN conference, broadening 1—TREATY meant to keep nuclear material from THE—HANDS—OF—TERRORISTS, opening the way for states to ratify the agreement.
20050708             The Convention of the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material originally obligated THE—112—COUNTRIES that have accepted it to protect nuclear material during INTERNATIONAL transport.
20050708             The amended version expands such protection to materials at nuclear facilities, in domestic storage and during domestic transport or use.
20050708             —RESIGNED, JORGE—ALBERTO—URIBE, COLOMBIA—DEFENSE—MINISTER, amid criticism over his HANDLING—OF—THE—COUNTRY—COUNTERINSURGENCY—WAR and his alleged relationship with 1 jailed female drug trafficker.
20050708             Police said that the bombs used in LONDON—TERRORIST—ATTACKS held less than 10—POUNDS—OF—EXPLOSIVES each.
20050708             CHINA, Exxon Mobil Corp., SAUDI—ARABIA—ARAMCO and top Asian refiner Sinopec signed a $3.5—BILLION deal to expand 1—REFINERY in SOUTH—CHINA, sealing what they called the country's largest oil project.
20050708             —SLAMMED, Hurricane DENNIS—CUBA, sweeping away coastal homes and sending waves crashing over HAVANA—SEAWALL.
20050708             —KILLED, At least 10—PEOPLE were.
20050708             SHARES—OF—GAS de FRANCE (GDF), a 20% stake in the state monopoly, began to trade following THE—PLANS—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—DOMINIQUE—DE—VILLEPIN.
20050708             —EXPECTED, THE—IPO was, to fetch up to $6—BILLION.
20050708             A SALE—OF—SHARES in Electricite de FRANCE was set for October.
20050708             An ISRAEL—SECURITY guard shot dead a Palestinian teenager during a protest against ISRAEL—WEST—BANK separation barrier.
20050708             —CONVICTED, ITALY, 1—JUDGE, and sentenced to life in prison 3—MEMBERS—OF—THE—RED—BRIGADES—TERRORIST—GROUP for 19990000             —THE—KILLING—OF—1—GOVERNMENT—LABOR—ADVISER, court officials said.
20050708             A 4. was convicted and sentenced to 9—YEARS.
20050708             In rural SOUTH—EAST—MEXICO 1—SERIES—OF—EXPLOSIONS at 1—NATURAL—GAS—PIPELINE killed 2—PEOPLE and set fire to houses, cars and cattle near Cunduacan.
20050708             Gloria Macapagal ARROYO—PRESIDENCY was in tatters, her BASE—OF—SUPPORT eroding by the hour, as former backers abandoned THE\X97PHILIPPINES—LEADER and added to calls for her resignation over 1—ELECTION—SCANDAL.
20050708             —CONCLUDED, SCOTLAND, G8 world leaders, 1—ECONOMIC—SUMMIT shaken by terrorism, offering an "alternative to the hatred," a $50—BILLION aid package for AFRICA and up to $3—BILLION in additional support for the Palestinians.
20050708             —PLEDGED, They, new joint efforts against terrorism in response to the deadly LONDON bombings the day before.
20050708             JOHN—GARANG, the rebel leader in a 2—DECADE—CIVIL—WAR for southern autonomy, returned to SUDAN—CAPITAL for the 1. time in 22—YEARS to take up his new position as 1. VICE—PRESIDENT in the government he once fought.
20050708             Viel sozialer Sprengstoff in der Zukunft
20050708             viele trockene Zahlen, die aber, wie der SPD—BUNDESTAGSABGEORDNETE Joachim Stünker feststellte, gewaltigen gesellschaftlichen Sprengstoff enthalten.
20050708             SPIEGEL—ONLINE: Herr Torry, Großbritannien rüstet sich seit langer Zeit gegen mögliche Terrorangriffe.
20050708             Nun ist es doch passiert.
20050708             Müssen wir uns an die Gefahr von Terroranschlägen gewöhnen?
20050708             Torry: Es war in Großbritannien 1—FRAGE der Zeit, bis das passiert.
20050708             Der Londoner Polizeichef hat schon vor zwei Jahren davor gewarnt, dass ein solches Attentat langfristig kaum zu vermeiden ist.
20050708             LONDON ist 1—WELTSTADT, eine offene Stadt + wir können nicht alle Buspassagiere kontrollieren oder alle, die mit der U-Bahn fahren.
20050708             In der Forschungsstation Rothera in der ANTARKTIS registrierten Wissenschaftler zudem drei Tage nach dem SHUTTLE—START ein erhöhtes Auftreten von Eisen in rund 80—KILOMETERN Höhe.
20050708             Normalerweise würden derartige Anomalien nur in Höhen über hundert Kilometern beobachtet, schreiben die Forscher.
20050708             Die Eisenspuren seien zu hoch, um beim Eintritt von Meteoriten entstanden zu sein.
20050708             Vielmehr stammten sie vom Space Shuttle: Das Eisen sei während des Aufstiegs verdampft.
20050708             "Die Daten zwingen uns Wissenschaftler, die Rolle polarer mesosphärischer Wolken im globalen Klimawandel zu überdenken", sagte Steven.
20050708             Jegliche Interpretation jüngster Trends der Wolkenbildung müsse den potentiellen Einfluss von Raketenstarts berücksichtigen.
20050708             USA: Keine Landerlaubnis für französisches Flugzeug
20050708             (Reise, 22:53) - USA: Oberster Richter tritt zurück
20050708             —WARNED, Contrary to original claims that ISRAEL was, "minutes before" the 1. attack, unconfirmed rumors in intelligence circles indicate that THE—ISRAEL—GOVERNMENT actually warned LONDON—OF—THE—ATTACKS "1—COUPLE—OF—DAYS" previous.
20050708             ISRAEL has apparently given other warnings about possible attacks that turned out to be aborted operations.
20050708             THE—UK—GOVERNMENT did not want to disrupt the G—8—SUMMIT in GLENEAGLES—SCOTLAND, or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to LONDON, hoping this would be another false alarm.
20050708             THE—UK—GOVERNMENT sat on this information for days and failed to respond.
20050708             Though THE—ISRAEL—GOVERNMENT is playing along publicly, it may not stay quiet for long.
20050708             This is sure to apply pressure on Blair very soon for his failure to deter this major terrorist attack.
20050708             SEEKING, Unocal, Chevron Ruffles an Asian Partner : CHEVRON—MANAGERS have gone into overdrive to portray THE—CHINA—GOVERNMENT—BACKED offer as unfair competition and to close their deal as quickly as possible.
20050708             —RECEIVED, They have, support from MANY—LAWMAKERS in WASHINGTON, who have painted THE—CHINA—OFFER as 1—THREAT to AMERICA—NATIONAL—SECURITY.
20050708             Galloway claims AFRICA deception: MISTER—GALLOWAY told MPs the government was cynically trying to turn around its INTERNATIONAL reputation "on THE—SEA—OF—BODIES" caused by poverty.
20050708             Truth in a roadshow:
20050708             —CONDEMNED, The World Tribunal on IRAQ has, the war in the country as 1—OF—THE—MOST immoral and cowardly in history
20050708             Applying THE—USA—STANDARD: STATE—SPONSORS—OF—TERRORISM : The standards applied against those THE—USA—CONSIDERS terrorists, terrorist organizations, or STATE—SPONSORS—OF—TERRORISM, are instructive, particularly if 1 is inclined to apply the same standard to THE—USA as it applies elsewhere.
20050708             5—USA—CITIZENS held for suspected insurgent activity:
20050708             MEN—OF—MIDDLE—EASTERN descent had no apparent ties to 1—ANOTHER, Pentagon says
20050708             ABU—MUSAB—AL—ZARQAWI: An Arab Villain Right Out Bush con CENTRAL—CASTING : Of course, there is no concrete evidence AL—QAEDA is "in IRAQ" or even if ABU—MUSAB—AL—ZARQAWI is alive, but never mind—his "internet tapes" are more than enough evidence the mercurial JORDAN—WANTS to make sure civil war wracks IRAQ soon as possible (as his master demands).
20050708             Chomsky: It's imperialism, stupid:
20050708             "Americans do not like to think of themselves as aggressors, but raw aggression is what took place in IRAQ," national security and intelligence analyst JOHN—PRADOS concluded after his careful, extensive review of the documentary record in his 20040000              book "Hoodwinked".
20050708             USA imposes controls on 1—NEW—SECURITY—THREAT—BIRDWATCHERS : USA—SECURITY—AGENTS have come up with 1—NEW—TARGET for increased scrutiny in their battle against terrorism: birdwatchers.
20050708             —FORCED, Birdwatchers in certain areas are being, to provide photographic identification, submit themselves to background checks + even pay for 1—POLICE escort.
20050708             JOSEPH—WILSON—COMMENTS on 'Real Victims' in Plame Case:
20050708             "The real VICTIMS—OF—THIS COVER—UP, which may have turned criminal, are the Congress, the Constitution and, most tragically, the Americans and Iraqis who have paid the ultimate price for BUSH—FOLLY".
20050708             So, MISTER—BREMER, where did all the money go?
20050708             1—MINISTRY claimed to be paying 8,206 guards, but only 602 could be found : 1—USA—AGENT was given $23m to spend on restructuring;
20050708             only $6m is accounted for
20050708             Galloway: Bombings price of IRAQ: Londoners have paid the price for IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN, says GEORGE—GALLOWAY.
20050708             CHAVEZ—USA—FUNDED rivals in the dock: A VENEZUELA—OPPOSITION—FIGURE who was received by USA—PRESIDENT—GEORGE—BUSH is to go on trial with 3—COLLEAGUES, accused of conspiring to change the government using USA—FUNDS.
20050708             2—YEARS Into CIA Leak Probe, No Charges : A prosecutor's hunt for Bush administration leakers of classified information has produced no indictments after almost 2—YEARS + legal experts say it's very possible the only person jailed will be 1—REPORTER who never wrote 1—STORY.
20050708             —MISSED, In case you, it?:
20050708             Everything You Need to Know About MICHAEL—LEDEEN: Would you be surprised to find that 1—MAN who was deeply involved in THE—IRAN—CONTRA scandal during THE—REAGAN—ADMINISTRATION, 1—MAN who is THE—DARLING—OF—THE—BUSH—WHITE—HOUSE and is 1—ADVISER to KARL—ROVE, 1—MAN who loves Machiavelli and studies him.
20050708             —MISSED, In case yopu, it:
20050708             ADL Dinner for Berlusconi Causes 1—STIR : At 1—TUESDAY—NIGHT—DINNER to honor ITALY—PREMIER—SILVIO—BERLUSCONI, the crowd gave 1—RESOUNDING applause when ADL national director ABRAHAM—FOXMAN announced, "I like Bush. I like Sharon. And Silvio Berlusconi, we are delighted to have you here tonight".
20050708             But THE—SOLIDARITY—OF—THE—MOMENT did not extend far beyond the Plaza Hotel Ballroom.
20050708             Human Life in East & West: A hell of 1—DIFFERENCE : When 1—WHOLE—COUNTRY is occupied it is for not occupation but liberation.
20050708             But when 1—FRACTION—OF—ALL that killing takes place in the West, it becomes 1—ATTACK on freedom.
20050708             Bush and Blair, both absolutely blameless?
20050708             If killing innocent people is wrong and heinous for the "terrorists" then surely it is also wrong for these governments to do exactly that, in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN.
20050708             Which is worse killing innocent civilians without provocation or killing them in retaliation?
20050708             Surely the former (aggression) is worse than the latter (revenge). - How To Stop OSAMA—BIN—LADEN:
20050708             The World Needs Justice, Not More Terror.
20050708             ' OSAMA—BIN—LADEN has been precise in telling AMERICA the reasons he is waging war on us.
20050708             NONE—OF—THE—REASONS have anything to do with our freedom, liberty and democracy, but have everything to do with USA—POLICIES and actions in the Muslim world.'
20050708             —MISSED, In case you, it: BRITAIN will pay 'blood PRICE'—BLAIR: BRITAIN must be prepared to pay a "blood price" to secure its special relationship with THE—USA, PRIME—MINISTER—TONY—BLAIR has told THE—BBC AHEAD—OF—TALKS on IRAQ with PRESIDENT—BUSH.
20050708             —FRIDAY, 20020906             :
20050708             —ENGAGED, LONDON is Burning: A government that is fully, in some criminal colonialist activity better prepare its voters for the outcome of its policies.
20050708             Chalmers Johnson : THE—SMASH—OF—CIVILIZATIONS : At 1—TIME when USA—PUNDITS were warning of 1—FUTURE "CLASH—OF—CIVILIZATIONS," our occupation forces were letting perhaps the greatest of all human patrimonies be looted and smashed.
20050708             ITALY to begin withdrawing troops from IRAQ in September, Berlusconi says
20050708             103—IRAQ—PARLIAMENTARIANS—DEMAND—WITHDRAWAL—OF—USA—TROOPS: 103—MEMBERS—OF—THE—NATIONAL—ASSEMBLY (THE—PARLIAMENT) have demanded the adoption of 1—RESOLUTION cancelling the request made by the Government to THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL to extend the presence of multinational forces + urging the Government to put "1—CLEAR—PLAN for army building and 1—TIMETABLE for THE—WITHDRAWAL—OF—OCCUPATION—TROOPS" from IRAQ.
20050708             Dark Waters : The shadow of JOSEF—MENGELE : Withholding treatment from tortured prisoners, breaking medical confidence to tell INTERROGATORS—OF—PRISONERS' physical and psychological weak spots + other heinous practices approved by THE—WHITE—HOUSE and codified in Pentagon directives for military medical staff.
20050708             Americans deserve the unspun truth about IRAQ : No more excuses.
20050708             No more using the unrelated terrorist attacks of 9/11 or terrorism in general as 1—CRUTCH to explain IRAQ.
20050708             No more pap about taking the fight to the terrorists so we won't have to fight them at home.
20050708             —CANNED, No more, speeches about spreading liberty and justice for all when ABU—GHRAIB and GUANTANAMO beg to differ.
20050708             "LONDON Has Reaped BLAIR—INVOLVEMENT in IRAQ" Democracy Now!
20050708             We go to LONDON to get reaction from UK—ANTIWAR MP GEORGE—GALLOWAY, author and GUARDIAN columnist GEORGE—MONBIOT and JOURNALIST—STEPHEN—GREY—OF—THE——SUNDAY Times of LONDON.
20050708             Real Audio And Transcript.
20050708             The struggle against terrorism cannot be won by military means
20050708             The G8 must seize the opportunity to address the wider issues at the root of such ATROCITIES—BY ROBIN—COOK
20050708             PRESIDENT—BUSH is given to justifying the invasion of IRAQ on the grounds that by fighting terrorism abroad, it protects the west from having to fight terrorists at home.
20050708             Whatever else can be said in DEFENCE—OF—THE—WAR in IRAQ today, it cannot be claimed that it has protected us from terrorism on our soil.
20050708             THE—PRICE—OF—OCCUPATION
20050708             The "war against terror" is immoral and counterproductive.
20050708             Tariq Ali
20050708             —OPPOSED, Most Londoners (as THE—REST—OF—THE—COUNTRY) were, to THE—IRAQ war.
20050708             —SUFFERED, Tragically, they have, the blow and paid the price for THE—RE—ELECTION—OF—BLAIR and 1—CONTINUATION—OF—THE—WAR.
20050708             The reality of this barbaric bombing
20050708             If we are fighting insurgency in IRAQ, what makes us think insurgency won't come to us?
20050708             —BY ROBERT—FISK
20050708             —WHEN they die, it is "collateral damage";
20050708             —WHEN  "we" die, it is "barbaric terrorism". Continue
20050708             Above all, keep encouraging Americans to see IRAN as 1—NATION best understood with WASHINGTON—POLICY—DRIVEN clichés, rather than 1—COUNTRY with 1—COMPLEX and authentic political process underway.
20050708             The less that Americans really know about IRAN, the easier it will be to launch the missiles.
20050708             NORMAN—SOLOMON, executive DIRECTOR—OF—THE—INSTITUTE for Public Accuracy, is currently in TEHRAN.
20050708             His latest book, "War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death," came off the press this week.
20050708             For information, go to:
20050708             Reaktion auf Anschläge: Briten berufen Sondertreffen der EU—INNENMINISTER ein
20050708             Sicherheit: Berlusconi wähnt sich im Visier von Terroristen
20050708             Web Ergebnisse 1 - 100—VON ungefähr 13.600—FÜR LaOla welle.
20050708             Michel Chossudovsky: Fabricating an Enemy... (20020000             ) classified outbrief drafted to guide the Pentagon " calls for the creation of 1—SO—CALLED " Proactive, PRE—EMPTIVE Operations Group " ( P2OG )... 20050706             20050708             USA: Pentagon plans to provoke terrorist attacks... the new organisation — the Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG ) — will carry out secret missions designed to "stimulate reactions" among...
20050708             THE—WORLD—WILL KNOW THE—TRUTH—EUPHEMISM as the Proactive PRE—EMPTIVE Operations Group, or P2OG, will provoke terrorist attacks which would then require "COUNTER—ATTACK" by the...
20050708             Web Ergebnisse 1 - 100—VON ungefähr 816—FÜR Proactive Preemptive Operations Group P2OG.
20050708             Neoliberalismo, nuevo desorden mundial y éxodo FORZADO—TRANSLATE this page Neoliberalismo, nuevo desorden mundial y éxodo forzado
20050708             +++ Britische Börsianer verlieren Milliarden +++
20050708             [19.02] An der Londoner Börse haben Anleger nach den Anschlägen Milliarden verloren.
20050708             Der Leitindex der britischen Börse, der FTSE-100, beendete den Handel mit einem Minus von 1,4 Prozent bei 5158,3 Punkten.
20050708             Damit wurden allein in diesem Index 17—MILLIARDEN PFUND—UMGERECHNET fast 25—MILLIARDEN EURO—VERNICHTET.
20050708             +++ Londons Bürgermeister bringt IRAK—POLITIK und Anschläge in Zusammenhang +++
20050708             [16.58] "Die Stadt wäre nicht das Ziel von Anschlägen gewesen, wenn Großbritannien keine Truppen im Irak hätte", sagt KEN—LIVINGSTONE, Bürgermeister von LONDON.
20050708             Auch wenn manche USA—POLITIKER noch leugnen, dass der Mensch das Ökosystem der Erde gewaltig durcheinander bringen KANN—SIE brauchten nur einmal einen Blick auf die Geschichte Australiens zu werfen, um eines Besseren belehrt zu werden.
20050708             Denn der Mensch hat das Ökosystem auf dem Kontinent bei seiner Ankunft vor 50.000—JAHREN drastisch verändert.
20050708             Das glauben zumindest Gifford Miller und seine Kollegen von der UNIVERSITY—OF—COLORADO in Boulder.
20050708             Bislang konnte das Aussterben von mehr als 85—PROZENT aller großen Säuger vor 45.000—BIS 55.000—JAHREN in Australien auf keinen eindeutigen Auslöser zurückgeführt werden.
20050708             Miller und sein Team haben nun den Menschen als Übeltäter entlarvt.
20050708             Hinweise darauf lieferten Eierschalen und Zähne von damals bereits in Australien einheimischen Pflanzenfressern, dem Emu und dem Wombat + der mittlerweile ausgestorbenen Vogelart Genyornis, schreiben die Wissenschaftler in der Fachzeitschrift "Science" (Bd.
20050708             309, S. 287).
20050708             Vote Fraud: New report Professor Ron BAIMAN—OF—THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—CHICAGO at ILLINOIS has offered a
20050708             new study of 20040000             —THE vote.
20050708             He refutes the "chatty Dem, taciturn Republican" theories which have taken root as the official explanation for the exit poll discrepancies.
20050708             Cooked evidence?
20050708             —SUGGESTED, Xymphora has already, that the Bush administration will find evidence blaming the attacks on 1—STATE—ACTOR.
20050708             The only question (in Mr.
20050708             X's mind) is which STATE—IRAN or Syria?
20050708             Advance warning.
20050708             —NOTIFIED, THE—ISRAEL—EMBASSY in LONDON was, in advance, resulting in Finance MINISTER—BINYAMIN—NETANYAHU remaining in his hotel room rather than make his way to the hotel adjacent to the site of the 1. explosion, 1—LIVERPOOL Street train station, where he was to address and economic summit.
20050708             Should we take this to me mean that the Israelis knew not only that 1—ATTACK was imminent, but also where the attack would take place?
20050708             —TARGETED, Was Netanyahu himself ? A striking thought, that.
20050708             How could 1—TERRORIST leaving 1—BOMB—LADEN package behind on 1—TRAIN be absolutely sure where that train would be at THE—TIME—OF—DETONATION?
20050708             FOX—NEWS responds characteristically.
20050708             FOX—NEWS host BRIAN—KILMEADE, in an
20050708             —ON —AIR exchange with FELLOW—FOXER STUART—VARNEY, opined that this outrage "works to our advantage".
20050708             —ACCUSED, Nobody ever, FOX—NEWS—OF—GOOD taste.
20050708             —RESPONDED, Varney :
20050708             It puts the Number 1—ISSUE—RIGHT back on the front burner right at the point where all these world leaders are meeting.
20050708             It takes global warming off the front burner.
20050708             It takes African aid off the front burner.
20050708             Hinweise auf terroristische Angriffe auf LONDON während des G-8-Gipfels in Gleneagles hatten die Fahnder demnach nicht.
20050708             So sieht es SCOTLAND Yard auch jetzt: Es habe keine Anzeichen für die Anschläge gegeben, keine Warnung, sagte 1—SPRECHER gestern und wiederholte es heute.
20050708             Im schottischen Gleneagles herrschte die höchste Sicherheitsstufe.
20050708             Um die versammelten STAATS—UND Regierungschefs zu schützen, wurden 15000000              Polizisten aus der Hauptstadt nach Schottland beordert.
20050708             Dass SCOTLAND Yard von der Attacke in der Hauptstadt so überrascht worden sein soll, ist für Fachleute schwer nachvollziehbar.
20050708             Es sei doch bekannt, dass AL—QAIDA niemals solch hochgesicherte Ziele angreife.
20050708             "Warum den Tiger angreifen, wenn es so viele Schafe gibt?", sei deren Philosophie, sagte TERROR—EXPERTE DAVID—CAPITANCHIK von der Universität ABERDEEN.
20050708             Denn unmittelbar nach der Detonation der 1. Bombe am Bahnhof LIVERPOOL Street lief das Szenario genau so ab, wie es die Sicherheitskräfte es bei einer Übung simuliert hatten.
20050708             Um 1—MASSENPANIK in der Bevölkerung zu verhindern, streute die Polizei zunächst die Information, 1—KURZSCHLUSS habe die U-Bahnen in ganz LONDON lahm gelegt.
20050708             Mehr als 1—STUNDE lang wurde diese Meldung VERBREITET—MIT Erfolg.
20050708             Pendler, Touristen und andere nicht direkt von den Explosionen betroffene Fahrgäste behielten die Ruhe.
20050708             Augenzeugen berichteten später, die meisten hätten sich nur über die vermeintliche Panne geärgert und seien über die Verzögerung ungehalten gewesen.
20050708             Andere jedoch ahnten oder wussten bereits, dass es nicht nur um ein technisches Problem ging.
20050708             "Als ich das Wort Kurzschluss hörte, wusste ich, das war 1—TRICK", zitiert die britische Zeitung "GUARDIAN" einen Mitarbeiter der Londoner U-Bahn.
20050708             Denn: "Die drei Bahnhöfe sind an unterschiedliche Stromnetze angeschlossen".
20050708             Terroranschlag: Falschmeldung sollte Panik verhindern
20050708             Türkei: Schafe begehen Massenselbstmord
20050708             Grabung in HAMBURG: Forscher suchen die verschollene Burg
20050708             Reformen: Bundesrat blockiert höheres Arbeitslosengeld für Ältere
20050708             Australien: Mensch verursachte Ökokatastrophe
20050708             Anschlagsversicherungen: Unternehmen schutzlos gegen den Terror
20050708             Analyse: Cool Britannia
20050708             TERROR—ERMITTLUNGEN: Londons Polizei setzt auf sieben Millionen Helfer
20050708             AL—QAIDAS Strategie: Und morgen Rom?
20050708             Terror in LONDON : Banken rechnen mit MILLIARDEN—SCHADEN
20050708             Gipfeltreffen: G—8—EINIGEN sich auf 50—MILLIARDEN—DOLLAR—HILFE für Entwicklungsländer
20050708             Prototyp: Handy mit Brennstoffzelle
20050708             Britisches OK: Terror soll Olympia nicht beeinträchtigen
20050708             Terrorgefahr: Britische Regierung warnt vor weiteren Anschlägen
20050708             Terror in LONDON : Das Muster MADRID
20050708             PHARMA—LAND CHINA: Milliardenmarkt mit Macken
20050708             ARD/ZDF: Arbeitsteilung verzögerte TERROR—NACHRICHTEN
20050708             Raumfähre "COLUMBIA": Shuttle formte mysteriöse Wolken
20050708             Terror in LONDON : Veranstalter bieten kostenloses Storno an
20050708             Gläserne Manager: Bundesrat winkt Gehältergesetz durch
20050708             Börsen nach Terrorakt: "Da muss schon mehr passieren"
20050708             Interview mit dem britischen Botschafter SIR—PETER—TORRY: "Meine Tochter saß in einer der U-Bahnen"
20050708             Wahlumfrage: SCHWARZ—GELBE Mehrheit schmilzt
20050708             —HEUTE in den Feuilletons: "Angriff auf die Arbeiterschaft"
20050708             Exotische Klänge: Physik des DIDGERIDOO—SPIELS enträtselt
20050708             Großbritannien: ENTWARNUNG—EVAKUIERUNG von Bahnhof in LONDON wird abgebrochen
20050708             Reaktionen in USA: Normalzustand nach 9/11
20050708             Lukrativer Abgang: MORGAN—STANLEY—CHEF bekommt 113—MILLIONEN Dollar zum Abschied
20050708             Gleneagles: G—8—GIBT sich als schlagkräftige Antiterrorgruppe
20050708             Terrorfolgen: USA—BÖRSEN reagieren cool
20050708             Teurer Treibstoff: Benzin und Heizöl so teuer wie nie
20050708             Antiterrorkampf: Union will Schutzlücken schließen
20050708             Terrorattacke: LONDON sucht die Attentäter
20050708             Thedinghäuser Zeitung -
20050708—20030000    —IN, It is easy for TONY—BLAIR to call yesterdays bombings "barbaric" - of course they WERE—BUT what were the civilian DEATHS—OF—THE—ANGLO—USA—INVASION—OF—IRAQ, the children torn apart by cluster bombs, the countless innocent Iraqis gunned down at USA—MILITARY—CHECKPOINTS?
20050708—20030100    —IN, Michel Chossudovsky: Fabricating an Enemy... (20020000             ) classified outbrief drafted to guide the Pentagon " calls for the creation of 1—SO—CALLED " Proactive, PRE—EMPTIVE Operations Group " ( P2OG )... 20050706             20050716—20030706    —ON, Rove appears to have been PART—OF—1—PR campaign to punish PLAME—HUSBAND, FORMER—AMBASSADOR—JOSEPH—WILSON, for writing 1—ARTICLE that the administration had reason to doubt claims about IRAQ seeking yellowcake uranium when Bush cited that dramatic allegation in his STATE—OF—THE—UNION—ADDRESS.
20050712—20050708    —ON, I watched cable television coverage of various UK—OFFICIALS (including the Mayor of LONDON ) + they all seemed quite NERVOUS—TO my eyes, at LEAST—WHEN fielding questions about THE—ISRAEL—CONNECTION.
20050719             Islam in DEUTSCHLAND—MUSLIM—ZEITUNG 20040708              - HTML—VERSION
20051222             In the present article, we cannot go into SCHACHT—KEY—ROLE in orchestrating HITLER—SEIZURE—OF—POWER during 19300000—19330000     (see "Delusion and the Road to Dictatorship," New Federalist, 20020708             ), except to point out the exceptional IMPORTANCE—OF—SCHACHT—CLOSE—TIES with BARON—KURT—VON—SCHROEDER, HEAD—OF—THE—COLOGNE banking firm J.H. Stein.
20060000             (Confidential email from CHRISTOPHER—JAMES to JEFFREY—SKILLING, —POSTED—BY—ENRON—EXPLORER, 20010708              )
20060201             † JOHN—D—ROCKEFELLER — Wikipedia JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER (18390708              * RICHFORD—NEW—YORK;, 19370523              in Ormond BEACH—FLORIDA) war ein USA—AMERIKANISCHER Unternehmer.
20060205             † JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER (18390000—19370000    ) Born 18390708              RICHFORD—NEW—YORK, 19370523              oo 18640908              Laura Celestia Spelman...
20060205             JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER (18390708193705       —1—23——DATE) was an AMERICA n capitalist most known for his role in the early petroleum industry + the founding...
20060205             ROCKEFELLER IV or JAY—ROCKEFELLER.. JOHN—DAVISON—ROCKEFELLER (18390708             — 19370523             ), MEMBER—OF—SKULL and Bone s.
20060330             ANOVI—XIXE siècle JOHN—ROCKEFELLER (Richford, 18390708             - Ormond Beach, 19370523             ) Par MARC—NADAUX... Les ROCKEFELLER s'installent ensuite à Moravia, puis à Owego.
20060521—20060708    —DECLASSIFIED, If Bush had, THE—NIE, why was McClellan telling the press —10—DAYS—LATER that it had been declassified that day?
20060527             —RELEASED, The remaining 5 were, 20060708             .
20060630—20060708    BERMUDA Conference of SDA—CAMPMEETING.
20060630—20060708    —SPONSORED, Concert, sermon, health lectures, by Foundation TWOG, Kvk: S790 TV.
20060700             - THE—NEW—YORK Sun technorati tags:zionist, lies, hutsba, injustice... alfatomega.com/20060708.html
20060706—20030708    —ON, Fitz appears to have caught Libby in 1—LIE that exposes the probability that he actually leaked PLAME—IDENTITY to Judy Miller.
20060708             —CHARGED, THE—USA—MILITARY, 4—MORE—USA—SOLDIERS with rape and murder and a 5. with DERELICTION—OF—DUTY in the alleged RAPE—SLAYING—OF—1—YOUNG—IRAQ—WOMAN and the March killings of her relatives in Mahmoudiya.
20060708             —ISSUED, NEW—JERSEY GOVERNOR—JON—S—CORZINE, an executive order that ended a weeklong state government shutdown, bringing slot machine bells noisily to life as Atlantic City casinos reopened.
20060708             GEORGIA police found the decomposed BODY—OF—CARLNELL Walker (23), 1—MOREHOUSE student from RICHMOND—CALIFORNIA, in the trunk of his car in Riverdale.
20060708             Discovery astronauts Piers Sellers and MICHAEL—FOSSUM went on a 7 1/2-hour spacewalk to test 1—REPAIR technique for space shuttles.
20060708             —ANNOUNCED, The Guggenheim Foundation, it had commissioned USA—ARCHITECT FRANK—GEHRY to build 1—NEW—BRANCH—OF—THE—GUGGENHEIM modern and contemporary art museum in ABU—DHABI.
20060708             —POUNDED, Afghan and coalition forces, 1—TALIBAN stronghold in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, killing 5—REBELS and leaving an Afghan and 3—FOREIGN—SOLDIERS wounded.
20060708             —ATTRIBUTED, An explosion, to a land mine in WEST—AFGHANISTAN killed a PERU—SOLDER and slightly wounded 4—SPAIN—TROOPS.
20060708             —LAUNCHED, CHINA, 1—WEB—SITE, www.linese.com, offering free CHINA—LESSONS and materials to promote the study and USE—OF—THE—LANGUAGE abroad.
20060708             —BURIED, In CENTRAL—CHINA 1—LANDSLIDE at 1—CONSTRUCTION—SITE, migrant workers sleeping in 1—TENT, killing 11—OF—THEM.
20060708             —KILLED, KINSHASA—CONGO, gunmen, Mwamba Bapuwa (64), 1—INDEPENDENT—JOURNALIST, 1—DAY after foreign donors called on the government to guarantee press freedoms ahead of historic elections this month.
20060708             —CRITICIZED, Bapuwa had recently, the government and survived 1—PREVIOUS—ATTACK several months ago.
20060708             Jose RAMOS—HORTA, Nobel peace laureate, was named EAST—TIMOR—NEW PRIME—MINISTER.
20060708             —DEMONSTRATED, HUNGARY, several 1000—LABOR union members, in BUDAPEST against a government austerity package they say requires a disproportionate sacrifice from workers.
20060708             —KILLED, NORTH—INDIA, 15—PEOPLE were, and 8 injured when the bus they were traveling in plunged into 1—GORGE and fell into Bhagirathi river.
20060708             —KILLED, IRAQ, 3—USA—SOLDIERS were, in fighting in THE—WEST—PROVINCE—OF—ANBAR.
20060708             —STOPPED, Gunmen in 2—CARS, 1—VEHICLE in BAGHDAD—DORA neighborhood, forced THE—2—PASSENGERS to get out and killed them in front of horrified bystanders.
20060708             —KILLED, Gunmen, 3—PEOPLE working in 1—ICE cream shop in the mostly Shiite BAGHDAD neighborhood of Nahrawan.
20060708             —REPORTED, Police also, finding 2—BODIES in separate locations in EAST—BAGHDAD.
20060708             † At least 17—OTHERS, in 1—WAVE—OF—BOMBINGS and mortar attacks against mostly Sunni mosques in THE—BAGHDAD area and NORTH—IRAQ.
20060708             —RELEASED, Iraqi and USA—AUTHORITIES, 368—PRISONERS as they continue to whittle down THE—NUMBER—OF—INMATES.
20060708             † In INDIA—KASHMIR 1—POLITICIAN and 4—CIVILIANS and at least 45—OTHERS were injured when suspected Islamic rebels hurled 1—GRENADE outside 1—MUSLIM shrine.
20060708             Leftist presidential candidate Andres MANUEL—LOPEZ—OBRADOR urged his supporters to take to the streets, claiming the governing party stole his victory in MEXICO—EXTREMELY narrow elections.
20060708             —CALLED, Obrador, on 1—HUGE—CROWD—OF—SUPPORTERS to keep peacefully protesting as he goes to court to challenge what he called his fraudulent electoral defeat.
20060708             A MEXICO—FEDERAL—JUDGE threw out genocide charges against FORMER—PRESIDENT—LUIS—ECHEVERRIA, ruling that a 30-year STATUTE—OF—LIMITATIONS had run out.
20060708             WEST—MEXICO, 4—CHILDREN, who won 1—AIRPLANE ride for good grades at school, were killed along with the pilot when the small aircraft crashed near TEPIC.
20060708             —CALLED, THE—HAMAS—LED Palestinian government, for 1—CEASE—FIRE in its violent 2—WEEK standoff with ISRAEL but stopped short of offering to release an ISRAEL—SOLDIER held by Hamas militants.
20060708             Olmert will not agree to 1—TRUCE until Hamas releases the soldier.
20060708             —CLASHED, ISRAEL—TANKS and troops, with militants in EAST—GAZA.
20060708             —ACCEPTED, POLAND—GOVERNING—PARTY, THE—RESIGNATION—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—MARCINKIEWICZ and recommended party chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski, THE—PRESIDENT—TWIN—BROTHER, to replace him.
20060708             A group with roots in POLAND—ANTI—COMMUNIST—SOLIDARITY—TRADE—UNION—MOVEMENT signed 1 unprecedented accord to join forces with the country's 2—MAIN—POST—COMMUNIST—PARTIES.
20060708             —SUSPECTED, SAUDI—ARABIA—OFFICIALS said 7, terrorists had escaped from 1—PRISON in RIYADH—1—FEW days earlier.
20060708             The Islamic militiamen controlling THE—SOMALIA—CAPITAL broke up 1—WEDDING—CELEBRATION because 1—BAND, THE—MOGADISHU Stars, was playing and women and men were socializing together.
20060708             —FLOGGED, Band members were, with electric cables.
20060708             —STRESSED, BENEDICT—XVI—PAPA, family values during 1—VISIT to SPAIN, where church influence has waned and the government has angered THE—VATICAN with its liberal take on issues including gay marriage.
20060708             A YEMEN—COURT acquitted 19 alleged AL—QAIDA MEMBERS—OF—CHARGES they plotted to blow up 1—HOTEL frequented by Americans, citing 1—LACK—OF—EVIDENCE.
20060708             —APPEALED, The state prosecutor, the collective acquittal, and the defendants were returned to their cells at the intelligence services' jail where they have been held for more than 2—YEARS.
20060708             14—YEMENIS and 5—SAUDIS had been caught with guns and fake IRAQ—PASSPORTS.
20060708             "As THE—USA—CONGRESS argues the pros and CONS—OF—NETWORK—NEUTRALITY, MANY—COMPANIES doing business on the Internet say their very futures may be at stake.
20060708             Net neutrality supporters want new laws prohibiting Internet providers from blocking or degrading traffic from their competitors' networks.
20060708             Determining the full effects of Net neutrality can be difficult, however, in part because the concept is hard to define precisely.
20060708             MOST—OF—THE—DEBATE has taken place inside THE—WASHINGTON Beltway, where lawmakers and outsiders have proposed several different versions.
20060708             InfoWorld has 1—SPECIAL—REPORT up exploring the issue with 1—DEBATE between experts BILL—MCCLOSKEY + JON—TAPLIN + SOME—OF—THE—NEWS that has captured the issue as it developed".
20060708             THE—USA—NET—WIDE—FOR 'Terrorist' Names
20060708             WEST—UNION—MONEY—TRANSFERS were at the heart of the linked Associated Press article, but as SOME—OF—THESE comments point out, that's not the only CASE—OF—INTERFERENCE in electronic financial transactions based on THE—NAMES—OF—THE—PARTICIPANTS, akin to the use of THE—MUCH—DERIDED NO—FLY list.
20060708             Read on for the Backslash SUMMARY—OF—THE—CONVERSATION.
20060708             FBI Foils Attack by Monitoring Chat Rooms
20060708             anaesthetica (—POSTED—BY—ZONK) 286+
20060708             "A planned terrorist attack on NEW—YORK City was reportedly foiled by FBI agents who monitored chat rooms frequented by extremists.
20060708             —CAPTURED, LEBANON—AUTHORITIES, an AL—QAEDA member who confessed to the plot + stated that ABU—MUSAB—AL—ZARQAWI had pledged financial + other support for the operation.
20060708             Although the planning for the operation was not far along, according to USA—OFFICIALS, they had already been monitoring the plot for 1—YEAR".
20060708             "A government official with KNOWLEDGE—OF—THE—INVESTIGATION said the alleged plot did focus on NEW—YORK—TRANSPORT—SYSTEM, but did not target the Holland Tunnel.
20060708             NEW—YORK SENATOR—CHARLES—SCHUMER said: 'This is 1—INSTANCE where intelligence was on top of its game and discovered the plot when it was just in the talking phase.'
20060708             —PROTECTED, The Holland Tunnel is, not just by bedrock, but also by concrete and CAST—IRON—STEEL.
20060708             1—COUNTER—TERRORISM—SOURCE told the Daily News
20060708             it was doubtful 1—PLOT to blow it up would be feasible, saying huge amounts of explosives + 1 detailed KNOWLEDGE—OF—BLAST—EFFECT would be necessary".
20060708             Der Wonga Coup sfux DOCTOR—ALEXANDER—VON—PALESKE -
20060708             Wie 1—MEUTE von ehemaligen Absolventen britischer High Society Schulen (Public Schools) einen ölreichen afrikanischen Staat 20040000              erobern wollte.
20060708             Mit dabei: SIR—MARK—THATCHER, SIMON—MANN, GREG—WALES, DAVID—HART, ELI—CALIL, Lord Archer, HOWARD—FLIGHT sowie ehemalige Apartheid Söldner aus Südafrika.
20060708             Ebenfalls mit dabei als Transportoffizier: der Deutsche...
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—OF—LARGEST 9/11—FAMILIES—GROUP—SAYS Government Complicit In Attack Blogged with Flock
20060708             NBC—MITCHELL—BLAMES—TALK—RADIO & Bloggers for Hate & Lack of 'Reasoned Discussions'
20060708             —ON  —FRIDAY—WASHINGTON—WEEK on PBS, taped at THE—ASPEN Ideas Festival
20060708             ("Inspired Thinking in an Idyllic Setting"), when asked by host Gwen Ifill about hateful speech in politics + directed at journalists -
20060708             "Is that polarization real or is it just people blogging?" -
20060708             —CHARGED, NBC News reporter ANDREA—MITCHELL, that "the kind of hateful speech that we have seen...in 1—LOT—OF—THE—BLOGOSPHERE...goes back, in my own experience, to
20060708             NEW—YORK Times TV Critic Says Bush Went On Larry KING—TO—BOOST 'EVER—SLIDING' Polls
20060708             NewsBusters_ORG—EXPOSING Liberal Media Bias
20060708             NEW—YORK—TIMES TV writer
20060708             —REVIEWED, Alessandra Stanley, GEORGE + Laura BUSH——THURSDAY night interview on CNN's "Larry KING—LIVE" as 1—DESPERATELY needed chance for 1—SOFTBALL interview.
20060708             "The standoff with NORTH—KOREA over its missile tests, the war in IRAQ and EVER—SLIDING ratings in the polls have given THE—PRESIDENT—LITTLE—REASON to celebrate.
20060708             MISTER—KING gave THE—PRESIDENT—1—CHANCE to defend his policies without RISK—OF—INTERRUPTION or FOLLOW—UP".
20060708             This adjective, "EVER—SLIDING," may be what Miss Stanley wishes and hopes for, but it could not be described as accurate.
20060708             Bush fans would look silly to describe BUSH—POLL—RATINGS as good.
20060708             But they have been creeping upward since THE—KILLING—OF—IRAQ—AL—QAEDA leader ABU—MUSAB—AL—ZARQAWI.
20060708             THE—POLLINGREPORT_com summary shows that several polls have him up 1—BIT since 1—LOW—POINT in early May:
20060708             Keeping It Quiet: ISRAEL—LOBBY
20060708             Phone Jamming Update
20060708             Crooks and Liars
20060708             JOHN—AMATO—VIRTUAL—ONLINE—MAGAZINE—PHONE Jamming Update
20060708             —INDICTED, The 4. man, in 1—NEW—HAMPSHIRE PHONE—JAMMING scheme — in which Republican operatives jammed the phone lines of Democratic GET—OUT—THE—VOTE—EFFORTS in a 20020000              Senate race — will argue at trial that the Bush Administration and the national REPUBLICAN—PARTY gave their approval to the plan, according to 1—MOTION filed by his attorney —THURSDAY…read on
20060708             (I'll be going ON—THE—YOUNG—TURKS
20060708             at 4:30 PST. You can watch it via live streaming)
20060708             Judge orders government to not disclose PADILLA—DEFENSE motions
20060708             Judge orders government to not disclose PADILLA—DEFENSE motions —POSTED on Wed,
20060708             Accused Phone Jammer To Argue Bush Admin. Approved Illegal Tactic.
20060708             The Huffington Post | Raw Feed
20060708             —BY The Huffington Post on GEORGE—W—BUSH
20060708             —PLACED, SHAUN—HANSEN, THE—FORMER—OWNER—OF—THE—COMPANY that, HANG—UP calls to jam Democratic phone lines, was indicted in March for conspiring to commit and aiding and abetting the commission of interstate telephone harassment relating to 1—SCHEME to thwart get out the vote efforts on Election Day, 20021100             .
20060708             Police Suspended Over MySpace
20060708             TBO_com: AP USA technorati tags:myspace
20060708             Hooey! How did they coerce or bribe her?
20060708             TBO_com: AP USA
20060708             CAMDEN—NORTH—CAROLINA (AP) -- A FORMER—BLACKWATER USA—EMPLOYEE said —FRIDAY 1—ADDICTION to prescription pain killers led her to try to extort $1—MILLION from the security company by threatening to leak information about the killings of 4—CONTRACTORS in IRAQ.
20060708             Laura HOLDREN—NOWACKI, 35, of Moyock, made the admission in 1—STATEMENT released after she pleaded not guilty to 1—COUNT—OF—EXTORTION.
20060708             DISTRICT—ATTORNEY—FRANK—PARRISH said OUTSIDE—OF—COURT that, at BLACKWATER—REQUEST, he will ask —MONDAY for the charge to be dropped.
20060708             HOLDREN—NOWACKI said she suffered from "significant depression and severe migraine headaches" and had taken significantly larger DOSES—OF—PRESCRIPTION medicine because of her pain.
20060708             "My addiction has literally destroyed my life and brought me to where I am today," HOLDREN—NOWACKI said.
20060708             "The allegations and statements that I made regarding Blackwater were the product of my addiction. I regret ANY—HARM or damage that they may have caused".
20060708             —RELATED, HOLDREN—NOWACKI had said she had information, to the deaths of 4—SECURITY—GUARDS working under contract with Blackwater who were killed in FALLUJAH—IRAQ,
20060708             Behind the Scenes
20060708             The Destabilization Game
20060708             Opening of Silk Road weaves INDIA closer to CHINA
20060708             Telegraph | News | Opening of Silk Road weaves INDIA closer to CHINA
20060708             This offends me.
20060708             Dear Brethren, the War With ISRAEL—IS—OVER —
20060708             The headline blares "
20060708             The sheet suggests recent job growth proves PRESIDENT—BUSH—ECONOMIC—STRATEGY is 1—SMASHING success.
20060708             LET—SET aside for 1—MOMENT that the "fact sheet" conveniently ignores THE—22—MONTHS—OF—JOBS—LOSSES that proceeded 20030800             .
20060708             Murtha is Right: REAGAN—REDEPLOYMENT—MADE—AMERICA—STRONGER
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—JOHN—MURTHA (D-PA) has
20060708             argued recently that in IRAQ, PRESIDENT—BUSH should follow THE—LEAD—OF—PRESIDENT—REAGAN in LEBANON, who redeployed USA—FORCES.
20060708             Last week,
20060708             —RESPONDED, Cheney, :
20060708             If we follow Congressman MURTHA—ADVICE + withdraw from IRAQ the same way we withdrew from BEIRUT 19830000             20060708             … we will simply validate the al Qaeda strategy + guarantee more terrorist attacks in the future.
20060708             THE—DEPARTURE—OF—USA—TROOPS
20060708             did not stabilize the situation in LEBANON: the civil war raged on, SYRIA—INFLUENCE grew + USA prestige throughout the world, especially in the Islamic world, was tarnished.
20060708             —SAVED, But REAGAN—DECISION, THE—USA—FROM becoming further entangled in 1—RAGING CIVIL—REGIONAL war and was essential to winning the broader Cold War.
20060708             As REAGAN—ASST. Defense SECRETARY—LAWRENCE—KORB and I
20060708             have argued, the real lesson of LEBANON is that our country must be willing to change course when 1—OPERATION does not advance our strategic interests.
20060708             —WHILE THE—SOVIET—UNION was sinking deeper into 1—QUAGMIRE of its own in AFGHANISTAN, Reagan recognized that THE—USA had overreached in its effort to "solve" 1—CIVIL—REGIONAL—WAR with military force.
20060708             The Bush administration faces a similar choice today — whether to further drain our resources in a CIVIL—REGIONAL war in IRAQ or
20060708             redeploy our assets to defeat global terrorist networks.
20060708             —REDEPLOYED, Much as Reagan, USA—TROOPS to better fight the Cold War, so must we redeploy today to better fight the war on terror.
20060708             CHENEY—APPROACH — sapping USA—RESOURCES, further taxing THE—USA—MILITARY + immersing THE—USA in 1—ESCALATING civil war — endangers the entire effort.
20060708             — MAX—BERGMANN—BUSH—BRAGS He Kept Campaign Promise on Global Warming, Forgets Pledge To Regulate CO2
20060708             —SUGGESTED, Larry KING—LIVE last night, PRESIDENT—BUSH, that he has followed through on campaign promises to deal with greenhouse gases.
20060708             He cited his administration's investment in clean coal technologies:
20060708             We have done 1—LOT to deal with greenhouse gases by advancing new technologies.
20060708             —CAMPAIGNED, You know, I, against AL—GORE.
20060708             I said we're going to spend money for clean coal technologies + we're in the process of doing that.
20060708             Geburt einer Weltreligion: Und der Markt ist Gott geworden
20060708             (Kultur, Nahostkonflikt: ISRAEL dringt in GAZA—STADT ein
20060708             Zivile Nutzung: Bush will ATOM—DEAL mit Russland
20060708             KOPFTUCH—URTEIL: Nonnen retten den Islam
20060708             Clean Energy PARTNERSHIP—TOM—COLLINS—TOM—COLLINS is 1—RESIDENT—OF—SILVER Spring, MD + THE—DIRECTOR—OF—SALES & Marketing for Atlantech Online, INCORPORATED
20060708             He is the Immediate Past Chair of the...
20060708             Atlantech Online Research on Atlantech Online : Atlantech Online, Inc 10100000              WAYNE—AVENUE—SUITE 630—SILVER Spring MD 20910 Sales Hotline: 800-256-16120000             ...
20060708             Tech Council of MARYLAND JOHN—FINERAN, Atlantech Online, INCORPORATED
20060708             BRAD—FORREST, Deltek Systems, INCORPORATED
20060708             FRED—FUNK, Essex Corporation GARY—GADSON, AT&T COREY—GARVER, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw.
20060708             WASHINGTON Network Group AMERICA Online • Anteon Corporation • Atlantech Online, INCORPORATED
20060708             • AudioEye Inc • BALTIMORE Ravens • Booz ALLEN—HAMILTON • CACI INCORPORATED
20060708             • Cisco Systems • CitiGroup.
20060708             WASHINGTON Network Group Air FRANCE • AMERICA Online, INCORPORATED
20060708             • USA—BANKERS—ASSOCIATION • Anteon Corporation • ARLINGTON Economic Development • AT&T • Atlantech Online • Booz.
20060708             Wo stehen die WWW—SERVER der afrikanischen Regierungsseiten?
20060708             Atlantech Online, INCORPORATED USA.
20060708             BENIN. keine Homepage. BOTSWANA.
20060708             Government Homepage [A]. Www.gov.bw.
20060708             Sunlight BLOGS—TAKE Our Poll: Is Congress Doing Enough to Clean Itself Up?
20060708             KEN—CALVERT—CONGRESSIONAL Corruption is Real: Read more:
20060708             Corruption
20060708             DENNIS—HASTERT
20060708             GARY—MILLER
20060708             KEN—CALVERT
20060708             see all terms)
20060708             Norm ORNSTEIN—OF—THE—USA—ENTERPRISE—INSTITUTE + Roll Call gets
20060708             all HOWARD—BEALE in his editorial today :
20060708             In all my YEARS—OF—WATCHING Congress, I have never seen anything quite like what we have now.
20060708             It may be 1—CLICHÉ + it may be 1—PARTISAN attack term, but it is also true: There is 1—CULTURE—OF—CORRUPTION across Capitol Hill.
20060708             It still does not encompass THE—MAJORITY—OF—MEMBERS and staffers, MOST—OF—WHOM come here to do the right thing and to stay on the path.
20060708             It may be true that THE—NUMBERS—OF—OFFENDERS, at least those directly breaking the law, are still roughly the same as in other comparable peer groups.
20060708             But the problem is palpably worse.
20060708             —WHILE there is PLENTY—OF—ILLEGALITY here - + I believe 1—WAVE—OF—INDICTMENTS will hit in the coming MONTHS—IT is not what is illegal that is the outrage, to use the old phrase, but rather what is legal.
20060708             Ornstein goes on to list the honest graft through earmarking OF—KEN—CALVERT (R-CALIFORNIA),
20060708             THE—ABUSES—OF—CAMPAIGN—CONTRIBUTIONS by Vito Fossella as recent examples of this corruption.
20060708             There simply is no ethical compass here.
20060708             Need Volunteers to Investigate Congress today's news:
20060708             REED—IN—THE—ROUGH:
20060708             —JUST days before GEORGE—W—BUSH took office
20060708             DELAY—MONEY, Part 9
20060708             Wally Herger ( R-CA ), $1105, $0. KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ), $1020, $0. Curt Weldon (R-PA), $1020, $0. ROY—BLUNT (R-MO), $1019, $0. Ander Crenshaw (R-FL), $1000, $0 ...
20060708             Space: Changes in Congress | NASA Watch
20060708             Dana Rohrabacher ( R-CA ) got the nod to continue as chair in the current Congress even though term limits would have otherwise moved him out.
20060708             Rep KEN—CALVERT.
20060708             Banana Republicans
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA -43) is 1—CHAMPION—OF—THE—CHRISTIAN—COALITION and its "family values".
20060708             But he was sued as 1—ALIMONY deadbeat by his EX—WIFE.
20060708             Tutakai: HE—OUT -- How Ideological Primaries Destroy Moderate...
20060708             Judy Biggert (RI), Ginny BROWN—WAITE (R-FL), KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ).
20060708             Campaign_COM—THE—CAMPAIGN, Election & Voter Home Page
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA 44.)... Land Claims Recognition to Pay for Moon Base To: REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT 20051022             ...
20060708             GARY—MILLER ( R-CA ).20050419             , REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ).
20060708             —ON —SITE Report from BUENOS—AIRES Global Warming Talks #2 ...
20060708             SANS—CULOTTE_org: GOP CULTURE—OF—CORRUPTION Indeed [Updated]
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA )
20060708             Calvert likely to get POST—CREW RELATED LINK.
20060708             CREW Files DOJ Complaint Against REPRESENTATIVE—JERRY—LEWIS ( R-CA )
20060708             ACEC—THE Last Word
20060708             The Daily Muck | TPMCafe
20060708             all came along, joined by 3—DELEGATES from USA territories.
20060708             Congressional Support for THE—DNMC
20060708             Talking Points Memo: by JOSHUA—MICAH—MARSHALL
20060708             Outsourcing THE—PENTAGON—THE—CENTER for Public Integrity
20060708             Rep JOE—KNOLLENBERG (R-MI), $21000. - Rep Don Young (R-AK), $20000.
20060708             Sen HARRY—REID (D-NV), $18999. - Rep KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ), $18500. - Rep GEORGE R Nethercutt JUNIOR
20060708             Rep Robert A Brady (D-PA), $1000.
20060708             Rep Randy "DUKE" Cunningham ( R-CA ), $500.
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—LEE—TERRY (R-NE), $500. - Rep KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ), $500.
20060708             Rep BOB—CLEMENT (D-TN).
20060708             Space Politics: Calvert supports NASA shuttle decision
20060708             Space Politics: KEN—CALVERT, CHAMPION—OF—SCIENCE!
20060708             Key Authorizer Offers Views on NASA Vision, Reauthorization, Hubble
20060708             —ELECTED, Calvert was 1., to the House...
20060708             —FROM the Floor and Press Room: Praise for NSF and its New
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ).
20060708             "It always pays to be MINDFUL—OF—THE—FACT—ESPECIALLY in the wake of 20060911             —THE—EVENTS—THAT there is 1—STRONG + tight.
20060708             Manufactured Housing Institute
20060708             The Stakeholder:: KEN—CALVERT—JOINS—THE—RANKS of the Corrupt
20060708             REPRESENTATIVE—KEN—CALVERT ( R-CA ) is the next name to surface as 1—SUBJECT—OF scrutiny by federal investigators, Roll Call reports today.
20060708             Entführter Soldat: ISRAEL lehnt Austausch von Gefangenen ab
20060708             Contender Alleges MEXICO Vote Was Rigged
20060708             —SWELLED, Downtown MEXICO—CITY, —SATURDAY with the accumulated frustration and rage of the poor, who were stoked into 1—SIGN—WAVING, FIST—PUMPING frenzy by new fraud allegations that failed populist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes will overturn the results of...
20060708             Vote news GREG—PALAST has the latest from old MEXICO: The official COUNT—OF—THE—RULING party is: 36.38% for the ruling party and 35.34% for the challenger.
20060708             Or, to put names and numbers to it: The Bush-o-philiac candidate, Felipe Calderon, collected 402,000 more votes than BUSH—BASHED Andres MANUEL—LOPEZ—OBRADOR.
20060708             But the big winner was MISTER—BLANK -- the 827,000 ballots without 1—MARK for PRESIDENT.
20060708             I smell something rotten… eau d'OHIO, vintage 20040000             .
20060708             In that state, as in MEXICO this week, the presidential "winner," GEORGE—BUSH, had victory margin smaller than the combined "undercount" (blank ballots) and rejected and mangled ballots.
20060708             Blank ballots are rarely RANDOM—IN THE—USA, nearly 88% were cast 20040000             , notably, in minority areas, THE—RESULT—OF—BAD voting machines.
20060708             That is, Democrats' ballots "spoil" and "blank out" 1—HECK—OF—1—LOT—MORE often than Republican ballots.
20060708             What about in MEXICO? I intend to find out.
20060708             —BOOKED, As soon as I saw the "official" vote count, I, 1—PLANE to MEXICO—CITY.
20060708             I'll be there to tomorrow to join our investigators on THE—GROUND—AND to fill in the blanks.
20060708             —SPOILED, And what about the "" VOTE—BALLOTS rejected, lost, mangled?
20060708             Well, some are sitting in dumpsters in VERACRUZ State which is controlled by the old ruling PRI.
20060708             (THERE—1—DARN good chance that THE—PRI, hoping to stave off its extinction, played 1—BIGGER—ROLE than CALDERON—PAN in shoplifting votes from challenger Lopez Obrador.)
20060708             —QUESTIONED, MANY—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN tapes have been, -- see here and here.
20060708             Conspiracy buffs aren't the only ones voicing doubts: Even WALTER—CRONKITE has toyed with these suspicions.
20060708             —BACKED, Those suspicions come, by expert opinion.
20060708             See also this piece by Arabist KEVIN—BARRETT, from last February: The trouble is, it's all based on 1—BIG—LIE.
20060708             Take the recent "OSAMA—BIN—LADEN" tape, please!
20060708             That voice was no more OSAMA—BIN—LADEN than it was RODNEY—DANGERFIELD channeling my late Aunt Corinne from PEORIA.
20060708             I recently helped translate 1—PREVIOUSLY unknown OSAMA—BIN—LADEN tape, 1—REAL 1—FROM the early '90s, back when he was still alive.
20060708             I know the guy's flowery religious rhetoric. The recent tape wasn't him.
20060708             The top USA—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN expert agrees.
20060708             PROFESSOR—BRUCE—LAWRENCE—HEAD—OF—DUKE—UNIVERSITY—RELIGIOUS—STUDIES—DEPARTMENT says that the recent tape is 1—FAKE and that it is possible OSAMA—BIN—LADEN is not even alive.
20060708             Who knows? Maybe OSAMA—BIN—LADEN really did die 20010000             , as MANY—HAVE claimed.
20060708             Maybe AL—MASRI really has been in Tura prison.
20060708             —ASSUMED, Maybe ZARQAWI is living under 1, name in ALBUQUERQUE.
20060708             Maybe AL—QAIDA—CENTRAL—COMMITTEE is 1—CONCLAVE of scarecrows.
20060708             "Discovery"- Flug: Erfolgreicher Ritt auf dem Roboterarm
20060708             ABU—DHABI: Gehry baut größte GUGGENHEIM—GALERIE
20060708             Unwetter in BERLIN: Wassermassen unterspülen Mehrfamilienhaus
20060708             Unterwanderung: Bürgerrechtler warnen vor Neonazis in USA—ARMEE
20060708             —MASSAKER in Haditha: Offiziere haben bei Ermittlungen geschlampt
20060708             N—SCHUTZ—VERHALTENS—KODEX für Waren mit Funkchips gefordert
20060708             Kleiner Unterschied: Geschlecht bestimmt GEN—AKTIVITÄT
20060708             in diesem Fall die der "Süddeutschen", die es so eilig mit der Meldung hatte, daß sie mit der deutschen Grammatik durcheinander kam.
20060708             Ein gewisser Assem Hammoud sei schon vor einiger Zeit im Libanon festgommen worden und habe bekannt, der ?Philosophie...
20060708             —COATED, INDIAN—BORN scientist developing, DVD—THAT can make hard disks obsolete SYDNEY, (ANI):
20060708             An INDIA—BORN scientist in THE—USA is working on developing DVD's which can be coated with 1—LIGHT—SENSITIVE—PROTEIN and can store up to 50—TERABYTES (about 50,000 gigabytes) of data.
20060708             Professor V Renugopalakrishnan of the Harvard Medical School in BOSTON has claimed to have...
20060708             -war die Wasseroberfläche im östlichen Mittelmeer zwischen 22—UND 26—GRAD Celsius warm.
20060708             Keine drei Wochen später, am
20060708             "As timely as today's headlines, this vital book explains why impeachment should be deployed against the serial CONSTITUTION—SHREDDER GEORGE—W—BUSH ".
20060708             —BRUSHED, Last night, Bush, off AL—GORE—CRITICISMS—OF his failure to address... but it is also true: There is 1—CULTURE—OF—CORRUPTION across Capitol Hill.
20060708             however, in part because the concept is hard to define precisely.
20060708             https://alfatomega.com/20060708.html
20060708—20000000    —NEGLECTED, Bush, to mention that he campaigned on 1—PLEDGE to regulate carbon dioxide emissions as central compenent of his energy policy.
20060708—20030800    —SINCE, PRESIDENT—BUSH—JOB—RECORD : Nothing To Brag About
20060708—20030800    —SINCE, 5.4—MILLION Jobs Created ".
20060708—20030800    —SINCE, Instead, let's put BUSH—JOB record in perspective:
20060708—20030800    —SINCE, 1. Monthly job growth is 50% lower than THE—AVERAGE—OF—PRESIDENT—CLINTON—ENTIRE—TERM.
20060708—20060721    —ON, 3—MEN were arrested for his murder.
20060708—20070000    —IN, 4—MEN were indicted for the murder.
20060808             Den ganzen Artikel finden Sie in der Doppelausgabe 20060708             .
20060809             Winston CHURCHILL—AMRITSAR Massacre Speech - 19200708             ... LLOYD—GEORGE being absent, Bonar Law, THE—LEADER—OF—THE—HOUSE, asked Churchill to speak immediately.
20070131—20030708    —ON, "Miller also discussed a 2. meeting with Libby, this 1 . She said Libby mentioned that WILSON—WIFE worked for 1—CIA—DIVISION specializing in WEAPONS—OF—MASS—DESTRUCTION".
20070131—20070708    —BY, Because not only would this indicate that early in July not only did Libby and/or Addington, if not both, appear to know that Plame worked for THE—CIA + where specifically, but
20070131—20070708    —BY, they appear to note AQ Khan in their discussions of this, which means, they knew what Plame was working on.<BR><BR>This is important, because the case being made is that they only knew that she worked on the counter-p SIDE—OF—THINGS at the agency...
20070131—20070708    —BY, AQ Khan was not known for doing business with IRAQ.
20070414             Snapshield — Secured Managed Communication Solution SWITZERLAND : SWITZERLAND—SENTENCE Mossad spy over failed PHONE—TAP (20000708             )... GREECE : Vodafone, Ericsson Get Hung Up In GREECE—PHONE—TAP—SCANDAL (21,07.06)...
20070414             —FAILED, SWITZERLAND : SWITZERLAND—SENTENCE Mossad spy over, PHONE—TAP (20000708             ).
20070708             —ORDERED, PENNSYLVANIA, GOVERNOR—ED—RENDELL, 1—RANGE—OF—GOVERNMENT services shutdown after last minute negotiations failed to break 1—BUDGET stalemate.
20070708             The shutdown took about 24,000 workers off the job.
20070708             A budget deal was hammered out the following night.
20070708             —COMPLETED, SF Bay Area police and FBI, Operation Strikeout, a 3—DAY—PROSTITUTION—SWEEP that netted over 140—PIMPS, prostitutes and their customers.
20070708             —INCLUDED, This, 50—PROSTITUTES and 7 alleged johns arrested in SF.
20070708             —UNVEILED, Boeing, its 1. fully assembled 787—DREAMLINER in EVERETT—WASHINGTON.
20070708             OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA, Odell Roberson JUNIOR, 1—TRANSIENT drug addict, was found shot and killed.
20070708             —DETERMINED, Police later, that his killer used an AK—47—ASSAULT—RIFLE linked to Your Black Muslim Bakery.
20070708             ROGER—FEDERER won his 5. straight Wimbledon tennis championship, beating RAFAEL—NADAL 7-6 (7), 4-6, 7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-2.
20070708             CHINA—STATE—MEDIA said nearly 2,000 officials in CENTRAL—CHINA—HUNAN province have been caught breaking CHINA—STRICT—1—CHILD—POLICY.
20070708             —TRIGGERED, State media also said floods and landslides, by heavy rains have killed at least 26—PEOPLE and left 17—MISSING in SOUTH—WEST—SICHUAN province in the last week.
20070708             FRANCE—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY said he will not offer mass pardons to prisoners on Bastille Day, keeping up his LAW—AND—ORDER—REPUTATION and breaking with tradition.
20070708             —DROWNED, INDIA, at least 4—PEOPLE, or were electrocuted over the weekend in the northwestern desert STATE—OF—RAJASTHAN, bringing INDIA—OVERALL—MONSOON—DEATH—TOLL to 177.
20070708             He served briefly during 1—PERIOD—OF—POLITICAL—TURMOIL.
20070708             —CRASHED, IRAN—STATE—TV said 4—FUEL—SMUGGLING—TRUCKS, into EACH—OTHER and caught fire in SOUTH—EAST—IRAN, killing 13—PEOPLE.
20070708             ABU—OMAR—AL—BAGHDADI, who leads the group Islamic State in IRAQ, said in 1—AUDIOTAPE that his Sunni fighters have been preparing —FOR—4—YEARS to wage 1—BATTLE against SHIITE—DOMINATED IRAN.
20070708             He threatened to wage war against IRAN unless it stops supporting Shiites in IRAQ within 2—MONTHS.
20070708             A suicide truck bomber killed 23—NEW—IRAQ—ARMY recruits when he rammed into their vehicle SOUTH—OF—BAGHDAD.
20070708             A FLURRY—OF—BOMBINGS in BAGHDAD killed 26—PEOPLE.
20070708             —CAPTURED, USA—SPECIAL—OPERATIONS—FORCES in 1—RAID, 12—MILITANTS in BAGHDAD who had broken away from THE—MAHDI—ARMY, and had carried out attacks on USA and IRAQ—TROOPS.
20070708             —APPROVED, THE—ISRAEL—CABINET, the release of 250—PALESTINIAN prisoners, in the government's latest GESTURE—OF—SUPPORT for moderate Palestinian PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS in his struggle against the Hamas militant group.
20070708             —INVITED, LIBYA, INTERNATIONAL tenders for exploration of its onshore and offshore gas fields covering 1—AREA almost the size of SCOTLAND.
20070708             2—GUNMEN attacked 1—GERMANY—COUPLE photographing wildlife in NAMIBIA, killing JOHANNES—FELLINGER, 56—JAHRE—ALT, in front of his wife and taking her on 1—HIGH—SPEED—CHASE.
20070708             —RELEASED, SOUTH—NIGERIA, 1—UK—TODDLER was, by gunmen and reunited with her parents, who said she was fine but hungry and covered in mosquito bites.
20070708             —TRIED, PAKISTAN—ARMY, to blast through the wall of 1 besieged radical Islamic seminary to help free hostages held by 1—CLERIC and his militant supporters, leaving 1—COMMANDO dead.
20070708             —COLLIDED, In THE—PHILIPPINES 2—SMALL—PLANES, in the air and crashed in 1—RICE—FIELD—NORTH—OF—MANILA, killing 2—INDIA—CITIZENS and 1—THE—PHILIPPINES—FLIGHT instructor.
20070708             —DECLASSIFIED, RUSSIA—TOP—SECURITY—AGENCY said it has, documents on MILLIONS—OF—VICTIMS—OF—SOVIET—ERA—REPRESSION (19200000—19500000    ), allowing relatives to request information about those who were executed or †—OF—DISEASE and starvation in prison.
20070708             —LIVED, SPAIN—LARGEST—FIGHTING bulls, up to their fearsome reputation, goring 2 and crushing at least 7—PEOPLE as THOUSANDS—OF—DAREDEVILS sprinted down narrow streets —SUNDAY in PAMPLONA—ANNUAL—RUNNING of the bulls.
20070708             —ARRESTED, ZIMBABWE—OFFICIAL—MEDIA said police have, 16—MORE—BUSINESS—LEADERS in 1—CRACKDOWN on those suspected of violating the government's order to slash prices by 50%.
20070708             Do you believe 9/11 was an "Inside Job"? [Archive] - Page 6 - IIDB
20070708             PAKISTAN versammelt sich hinter seinem Präsidenten
20070708             —JETZT, nach sechstägigen Zusammenstößen zwischen Aufständischen und Paramilitärs, sind die Demonstrationen zum Erliegen gekommen, der politische Streit ist verstummt.
20070708             Über Nacht hat sich Musharraf von einem bedrängten zu einem kämpfenden Präsidenten verwandelt.
20070708             "Musharraf hat in den vergangenen Monaten eine schwere politische Krise durchgemacht", sagt Zahid Hussain, Autor des Buchs "Frontline PAKISTAN".
20070708             "Er war an allen Fronten in der Defensive, seine Beliebtheit war zurückgegangen.
20070708             Es sah so aus, als würde er dieses Jahr nicht mehr im Amt überstehen".
20070708             Doch die radikalen Islamisten haben dem Präsidenten nun unfreiwillig geholfen:
20070708             Sie haben zu den Waffen griffen und behauptet, Pakistans muslimische Bevölkerung zu VERTRETEN—DOCH jetzt müssen sie feststellen, dass sie nur wenig konkrete Unterstützung finden.
20070708             Musharraf dagegen erfuhr die Hilfe des gesamten politischen Spektrums.
20070708             "Alle Parteien, das Volk und sogar die Mehrheit der Mullahs befürworten das Eingreifen des Militärs", sagt Hussain.
20070708             Die Akzeptanz Musharraf s sei in diesen Tagen auf den höchsten Wert der vergangenen drei Jahre geklettert.
20070708             Bei einer Umfrage des Fernsehsenders "PAKISTAN Television" gaben 82 % an, sie seien für ein militärisches Vorgehen gegen die Besetzer der Roten Moschee.
20070708             Nur jeder 10. sei dagegen gewesen.
20070708             Noch bezeichnender ist das Ausbleiben von Demonstrationen in einem Land, in dem schon ZEHN—ODER Hunderttausende für die Unabhängigkeit der Justiz + einen niedrigen Zuckerpreis auf die Straße gehen.
20070708             Proteste sind VERSTUMMT—SPD- Konkurrenz: Beck will die Linke links liegen lassen
20070708             Analyse: Wie die Islamisten Musharraf stärken
20070708             Erneuerbare Energien: "Die Solarförderung muss sinken"
20070708             Autobomber: Londoner Attentäter hatten Verbindungen zu AL—QAIDA im Irak
20070708             Kampf um Rote Moschee: "Unser Blut wird 1—REVOLUTION auslösen"
20070708             "Christine Boutin snared by her controversial suggestions about 20070911             ," Le Monde newspaper said in 1—HEADLINE.
20070708             —QUOTED, Liberation newspaper, MISS—BOUTIN—SPOKESMAN—CHRISTIAN—DUPONT as saying that
20070708             she had not wanted to appear pro or ANTI—BUSH at 1—TIME when MISTER—SARKOZY was being branded a "USA poodle" after meeting THE—PRESIDENT in WASHINGTON.
20070708             —CARRIED, According to a Scripps Howard/OHIO University poll, out last
20070708             Bid to arrest CIA rendition team splits GERMANY—CABINET :
20070708             A GERMANY—PROSECUTOR—REQUEST for THE—ARREST—OF—10—USA—MEN suspected of forming 1—CIA—RENDITION—TEAM has split THE—GERMANY—GOVERNMENT, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported —SATURDAY.
20070708             Reports claim terrorist suspects working for UK police : It has been claimed in reports today that up to 8—PEOPLE with possible links to AL—QAIDA are working for UK police forces.
20070708             SCOTT—HORTON—INTERVIEWS—CHRIS—FLOYD: MP3 CHRIS—FLOYD, author, columnist, blogger and activist, discusses the phony war on terrorism, THE—POLITICS—OF—FEAR, racism and imperialism, AMERICA—MURDEROUS—REGIME—CHANGE in SOMALIA and belligerent attitude toward RUSSIA.
20070708             LOW—COST—INVESTMENTS to save children : In the world today there are over 600—MILLION—CHILDREN under 5—YEARS—OLD.
20070708             They represent the best hopes for the planet, yet more than 5—MILLION—OF them die EVERY—YEAR as 1—RESULT—OF—ENVIRONMENT—RELATED diseases.
20070708             —SKATED, PATRICK—J—BUCHANAN: How Scooter, : The act REEKS—OF—CRONYISM.
20070708             The perception is that Scooter Libby got preferential treatment, 1—GET—OUT—OF—JAIL—FREE—CARD because he was CHIEF—OF—STAFF to Cheney + assistant to Bush.
20070708             —MISSED, In case you, it: USA On Trial:
20070708             Native Americans, African Americans, Puerto Ricans + Chicanos submit evidence to 1 distinguished jury of INTERNATIONAL representatives, indicting THE—USA on charges of genocide, imperialism and racism
20070708             Presstitute and war pimp alert: : RISK—OF—WAR:
20070708             Former senior USA—DIPLOMAT—WARNS—OF—RISK—OF—WAR with Syria this summer in exclusive Ynetnews interview;
20070708             criticizes USA for being soft on DAMASCUS;
20070708             says Fatah will lose WEST—BANK to Hamas if it does not change
20070708             'Syria removing Golan army checkpoints' :
20070708             —BASED, LONDON, AL—HAYAT reported —SATURDAY that ISRAEL was "concerned" that SYRIA—DECISION to remove military checkpoints on the road to Kuneitra on THE—SYRIA—SIDE—OF—THE—GOLAN Heights could be 1—PREPARATION for war
20070708             War pimp alert:
20070708             —INCREASED, USA pursues, pressure on IRAN:
20070708             Senior USA—OFFICIALS will consult allies in EUROPE next week on ways to intensify pressure on IRAN amid suspicions TEHRAN is trying to evade sanctions by concealing the origin of financial transactions.
20070708             War pimp alert: Rice warns of 'increasingly dangerous' IRAN :
20070708             —DESCRIBED, USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE, IRAN as "increasingly dangerous" + refused to rule out USA—MILITARY action if TEHRAN refuses to suspend its nuclear program.
20070708             Pentagon Understates War Casualties, Says Veterans Group : Documents obtained by Veterans for Common Sense through FREEDOM—OF—INFORMATION—ACT—REQUESTS reveal THE—NUMBER—OF—CASUALTIES to be much higher.
20070708             'Supporting the troops' means withdrawing them: GENERAL—WILLIAM—ODOM writes that OPPONENTS—OF—THE—WAR should focus public attention on the fact that BUSH—OBSTINATE refusal to admit defeat is causing the troops enormous psychological as well as physical harm.
20070708             IRAQ war costs could top $1.4—TRILLION.
20070708             According to 1—NEW—REPORT by THE—NON—PARTISAN Congressional Research Service, "in the 1. HALF—OF—THIS fiscal year, the Defense Department's "average monthly obligations for contracts and pay is running about $12—BILLION per month, well above the $8.7—BILLION in FY2006 ".
20070708             USA eager and it shows in IRAQ: THE—USA—COMMAND in BAGHDAD this week ballyhooed THE—KILLING—OF—1—KEY—AL—QAEDA leader but later admitted that the military had declared him dead 1—YEAR ago.
20070708             Slaughtering the innocent:
20070708             AFGHANISTAN—ELDERS, Villagers Report 133—CIVILIANS Killed : AFGHANISTAN—ELDERS claimed —SATURDAY 108—CIVILIANS were killed in 1—BOMBING campaign in western occupied AFGHANISTAN, while villagers in the northeast said 25—AFGHANS † in airstrikes, including some killed while burying dead relatives at 1—CEMETERY.
20070708             Shortages; LACK—OF—ELECTRICITY;
20070708             potable water; tanks rolling through the streets night and day; gunfire and explosions.
20070708             IRAQ—HEALTH care in shambles.
20070708             200—BODIES—TURN up daily in THE—BAGHDAD morgue.
20070708             For Iraqis, it's 9/11—EVERY—DAY. Click to view
20070708             —MISSED, In case you, it - - A Message From The "IRAQ Resistance"
20070708             - Video: Islamic Jihad Army - A message in English
20070708             "We are simple people who chose principles over fear".
20070708             Click to view
20070708             Parasitic Imperialism
20070708             How recent USA—WARS—OF—CHOICE, driven largely by war profiteering, are plundering not only defenseless peoples and their resources abroad, but also the overwhelming MAJORITY—OF—USA—CITIZENS and their resources at home.
20070708             Continue Sacrifice Is for SUCKERS—BY PAUL—KRUGMAN
20070708             —ON this 20070704             , PRESIDENT—BUSH compared THE—IRAQ war to the Revolutionary War + called for "more patience, more courage and more sacrifice".
20070708             —ASKED, Unfortunately, it seems that nobody, the obvious question: "What sacrifices have you and your friends made, MISTER—PRESIDENT?"
20070708             A Farewell to Arms Control
20070708             Republicans are not the only ones GUILTY—OF—MISREPRESENTING the truth regarding IRAQ and weapons inspections;
20070708             —REFUSED, PRESIDENT—BILL—CLINTON had the gall to claim that Saddam Hussein had, to cooperate with weapons inspectors
20070708             Uprooted
20070708             - A must watch documentary by Donia Mili
20070708             "I should of, I could of" made 1—SHORTER—FILM, but I was angry, very angry.
20070708             I felt that we are so bombarded by this propaganda about terrorists and what terrorism is, that I wanted to take as much space as I could about RESISTANCE + the right of the Palestinians to RESIST" Donia Mili, Director and Producer of Uprooted.
20070708             Ghosts of ABU—GHRAIB
20070708             Film Summary Through startling interviews with perpetrators, witnesses and victims, GHOSTS—OF—ABU GHRAIB examines + contextualizes the abuses that occurred in the fall of
20070708             HEADLINES—KEY—BREAKTHROUGH, Long, Detailed NEW—YORK—TIMES—EDITORIAL—CALLS for Rapid Withdrawal from IRAQ: "It is time for THE—USA to leave IRAQ, without ANY—MORE—DELAY than the Pentagon needs to organize 1—ORDERLY exit....PRESIDENT—BUSH and VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY have used demagoguery and fear to quell Americans?
20070708             demands for 1—END to this war. They say withdrawing will create bloodshed and chaos and encourage terrorists. Actually, ALL—OF—THAT has already happened ?
20070708             THE—RESULT—OF—THIS unnecessary invasion and the incompetent management of this war".
20070708             Take 1—DEEP—BREATH.
20070708             Maybe, Just Maybe, We are Crossing Back Through the Looking Glass.
20070708             Toll in IRAQ bombings could surpass 150
20070708             —AIDED, DENVER—POST—OP—ED: Outing Valerie Plame, our enemies.
20070708             Gets the Treasonous SIGNIFICANCE—OF—THE—BUSH—CHENEY -ROVE—LIBBY Perfidy Down to the Details of Who Might Have Been Killed by AL—QAEDA as 1—RESULT—OF—THEIR Outing of Plame.
20070708             FRANK—RICH—OF—GEORGE—W—BUSH : A Profile in Cowardice
20070708             Live Earth Slide Show 7/8
20070708             —DECIDED, THE—WHITE—HOUSE has, to defy CONGRESS—LATEST—DEMAND for information regarding the dismissal of 9—USA—ATTORNEYS, sources familiar with the decision said yesterday.
20070708             Such 1—ACTION would escalate the constitutional struggle and propel it closer to 1—COURT showdown.
20070708             WASHINGTON—POST : "THE—IRAQ—GOVERNMENT is unlikely to meet ANY—OF—THE—POLITICAL and security goals or timelines PRESIDENT—BUSH set for it in January when he announced 1—MAJOR—SHIFT in USA—POLICY, according to senior administration officials closely involved in the matter".
20070708             JOE—GALLOWAY: Why is it that the Bush administration, in its dying throes, looks remarkably more like 1 organized crime ring than 1—OF—THE—ARMS—OF—THE—USA—GOVERNMENT?
20070708             A poorly organized and run crime ring, truly, but 1—CRIME ring nonetheless.
20070708             "Sensing momentum from the new Republican defections, MISTER—REID and other leading Democrats intend to force 1—SERIES—OF—VOTES over the next 2—WEEKS on proposals to withdraw troops and limit spending. Democrats are increasingly confident they can assemble majority opposition to administration policies".
20070708             I think that the Libbey thing is it.
20070708             I have no proof, no good argument or scientifically conducted poll, it's just my gut feeling!
20070708             LET—JUST see how this UN—FOLDS!
20070708             —STARTED, Revolutions have, with less provocations than this.
20070708             Comments: Help Final Push to Impeachment
20070708             It's time! ImpeachForPeace_org is traveling to WASHINGTON DC at THE—END—OF—THIS month to deliver THOUSANDS—OF—DO—IT—YOURSELF Impeachment Memorials to
20070708             key representatives in the House!
20070708             Support for impeachment is building.
20070708             As of this writing, 14—REPS are supporting DENNIS—KUCINICH—RESOLUTION to impeach Dick Cheney (H. Res.
20070708             333). - Even if you've sent them to your congressperson before,
20070708             Click here to send us your DIY Memorials before we go.
20070708             You may not realize that the only thing standing between where we are today and 1—NATIONALLY televised impeachment investigation is the House Judiciary passing this resolution, which is currently awaiting consideration in their committee.
20070708             Luckily, the head of this committee, JOHN—CONYERS, has said recently that he supports of the national impeachment movement.
20070708             All we need to push it over the edge is public support + that's where we come in.
20070708             Video of our trip will be —POSTED on our website shortly upon our return.
20070708             We'll let you know when it's up!
20070708             HERE—1—FUNNY—VIDEO about this unique strategy
20070708             Wegen der Terrorgefahr wurden am Wochenende 1—REIHE von Großveranstaltungen in LONDON durch massive Sicherheitsvorkehrungen und den Einsatz tausender Polizisten geschützt.
20070708             Dazu gehörten das "LIVE—EARTH"-Konzert im WEMBLEY—STADION, das Finale des Tennisturniers in Wimbledon und der Start der Tour de FRANCE.
20070708             Anschläge als "Abschiedsbotschaft" für Blair
20070708             Wie die "—SUNDAY Times " berichtet, waren die geplanten Anschläge in LONDON und GLASGOW möglicherweise als eine "Abschiedsbotschaft" für den kurz zuvor aus dem Amt geschiedenen Premierminister TONY—BLAIR gedacht.
20070708             Dies gehe aus Erkenntnissen des ANTI—TERRORISMUS—KOMMANDO SO15 von SCOTLAND Yard über die Kommunikation eines der acht festgenommenen Verdächtigen mit Führern des Terrornetzwerkes AL—QAIDA im Irak hervor.
20070708             Die Boulevardzeitung "NEWS—OF—THE—WORLD" berichtete unter Berufung auf Sicherheitskreise, dass die Zahl extremistischer Zellen in Großbritannien immer weiter zunehme.
20070708             —DERZEIT habe der Geheimdienst MI5 Erkenntnisse über 219—SOLCHER Gruppen.
20070708             "Das Frustrierende ist, dass wir sie nicht alle unter Beobachtung halten können", zitierte das Blatt einen nicht näher bezeichneten Sicherheitsbeamten.
20070708             "Es ist nur 1—FRAGE der Zeit, bis einer von ihnen durch das Netz schlüpft und wir den nächsten versuchten Bombenanschlag haben".
20070708             Besonders wichtig, erklärte der EX—CHEF der britischen Marine, sei neben dem Schutz der Bevölkerung und der Verfolgung von Tätern, dass die Radikalisierung junger Muslime in der britischen Gesellschaft rechtzeitig unterbunden werde.
20070708             Zugleich rief er die Bevölkerung dazu auf, aktiver mit den Sicherheitskräften zusammenzuarbeiten als in der Vergangenheit.
20070708             "Es gehört normalerweise nicht zur britischen Art, zu spitzeln oder über andere zu reden", sagte West.
20070708             "Aber ich fürchte, in dieser Situation sollte sich jeder melden, der irgendwelche Informationen hat. Denn die Leute, mit denen wir es hier zu tun haben, versuchen unseren gesamten Lebensstil zu zerstören".
20070708             Wörtlich fügte West hinzu: "Wir werden ein wenig unbritisch sein müssen".
20070708             LONDON—DER Kampf gegen die Extremisten werde lange dauern, sagte der Sicherheitsbeauftragte der neuen britischen Regierung, Admiral ALAN—WEST in einem Interview mit dem "—SUNDAY Telegraph".
20070708             "Ich glaube, dass wird 10—BIS 15—JAHRE dauern".
20070708             Morgen erscheinen in Großbritannien die Tagebücher von Blairs früherem Kommunikationschef Campbell.
20070708             AKW Brunsbüttel: Pannen in Atomkraftwerk erneut zu spät gemeldet
20070708             KLIMA—PLAN: COSTA—RICA erklärt der Natur den Frieden
20070708             Raketenschild: Iwanow warnt vor neuer "Berliner Mauer"
20070708             TERROR—ABWEHR: Browns Sicherheitsberater ruft Briten zum Spitzeln auf
20070708             EX—BERATER: Blair wollte vor dem IRAK—KRIEG aussteigen
20070708             USA—TOWER—CORP/MA/- AMT Quarterly Report (10-Q) EXHIBIT 10.1—JOHN—ALEXANDER—HICKS 19840000              Trust.
20070708             —BY : MACK—HARDIN—HICKS 19840000              Trust*.
20070708             JOHN—CODY—SUTHERLAND. COLIN—HOLLAND. Jim Bennett... JON—MANSEY.
20070708             STEVE—MEEPOS...
20070708             Weltwoche.ch Er ist das, was der Dalai Lama für andere Buddhisten bedeutet.
20070708             Dazu zitieren sie ein paar seiner Sprüche, in denen er vor dem Islam warnt ("Türken sind...
20070708             Bush + Blair telefonieren...
20070708             Im Internet lautete die Überschrift des LONDON—TELEGRAPH—ARTIKELS " BUSH—BLAIR transcript 'seized by IRA spies'"
20070708             ( BUSH—BLAIR -Transkript 'von IRA—SPIONEN...
20070708             News www.bunkahle_COM—NEUE interessante KENT—DEPESCHEN
20070708             "BUSH—BLAIR transcript 'seized by IRA spies'" ( BUSH—BLAIR -Transkript 'von IRA—SPIONEN entdeckt'), verfaßt vom IRLAND—KORRESPONDENTEN THOMAS—HARDING.
20070708             Interessant INTERESSANT—CHAT.AT—MADE with Forum101 by worldweb
20070708             Überschrift des LONDON—TELEGRAPH—ARTIKELS " BUSH—BLAIR transcript 'seized by IRA spies'" ( BUSH—BLAIR -Transkript... IRLAND—KORRESPONDENTEN THOMAS—HARDING.
20070708             20030400005118       —1— BUSH—BLAIR transcript 'seized by IRA spies' By THOMAS—HARDING... verfaßt vom IRLAND—KORRESPONDENTEN THOMAS—HARDING.
20070708             BloodyLove.de > Texte > Sonstige > 715
20070708             Im Internet lautete die Überschrift des LONDON—TELEGRAPH—ARTIKELS " BUSH—BLAIR transcript ´seized by IRA—SPIES´" ( BUSH—BLAIR -Transkript ´von IRA—SPIONEN...
20070708             Allmystery • 9—GRÜNDE für die Sprengung des WTC
20070708             Überschrift des LONDON—TELEGRAPH—ARTIKELS " BUSH—BLAIR transcript 'seized by IRA... ( BUSH—BLAIR -Transkript 'von IRA—SPIONEN entdeckt'), verfasst vom Irland -...
20070708             Allmystery • WTC—VERARSCHT?!
20070708             Darin schreibt Harding:
20070708             War die CIA Auftraggeber des Anschlags auf das WTC—HTML—VERSION
20070708             ATLANTIK—BRÜCKE e.V. - Vorsitzender DOCTOR—THOMAS—ENDERS—CEO—VON—EADS.
20070708             Enders Vorsitzender der ATLANTIK—BRÜCKE e.V. Curriculum Vitae
20070708             Astroworld: MISTER—SMITH—GOES—TO—WASHINGTON... government has locked up more than 5,000 foreigners who had nothing to do with terrorism.
20070708             being made by homeland security seems like 1—NEAR—TERM—TEST.
20070708             bastardsword: New NON—LETHAL Weapons.
20070708             having 1—LASER bounce of 1 angled mirror that's mounted on the test object.
20070708             weapons are just around 0.5—MA, based on just 26—WATTS with 50, 000—VOLTS.
20070708             Nwowatcher is the leading resource for topics of political...
20070708             Killing Hope: USA—MILITARY and CIA Interventions Since WWII. by WILLIAM—BLUM [Sounds like 1—VERY—LARGE—BOOK...
20070708             Who is Responsible, for the Trouble in Your Life? Conspiracy -
20070708             Exposing the Global Surveillance SYSTEM Exposing the Global Surveillance...
20070708             Who is Responsible, for the Trouble in Your Life?
20070708             Exposing the Global Surveillance System...
20070708             Prosecutor says evidence clearly points to suicide in Vodafone...
20070708             According to the report, Costas Tsalikidis had monthly meetings with Ericsson...
20070708             —COINCIDED, Costas Tsalikidis ' suicide, with THE—DISCOVERY—OF—1—ILLEGAL...
20070708             Paper publishes what it says is Vodafone CHIEF—STATEMENT to...
20070708             Conversely, no mention is MADE—OF—THE—SUICIDE—OF—VODAFONE computer executive Costas Tsalikidis, who was found hanging in his apartment 1—DAY before the...
20070708             BBC NEWS | World | EUROPE | Death muddies GREECE—SPY probe
20070708             —CRAMPED, In 1—SERENE but, graveyard in the western suburbs of ATHENS, lies THE—BODY—OF—COSTAS Tsalikidis, 1—NETWORK—MANAGER for Vodafone GREECE.
20070708             —QUIZZED, BBC NEWS | EUROPE | GREECE—AIDE, in spy probe
20070708             As the parliamentary investigation proceeds, so too does the inquiry into THE—DEATH—OF—THE—VODAFONE network manager, Costas Tsalikidis.
20070708             The Waterglass: Tapped: Espionage + the
20070708             —DROPPED, Koronias, innuendoes about Vodafone EMPLOYEE—COSTAS—TSALIKIDIS who was found hanged in his apartment the day Koronias contacted THE—PM—OFFICE.
20070708             Interception: Luigi Grandini -
20070708             telecommunications expert Costas Tsalikidis met with 1—SIMILARLY. enigmatic end.
20070708             The Bove case relates to THE—LONG—STANDING controversy over THE—CIA 's.
20070708             BORDERLINE—EUROPE: Informationsplattform zum Massensterben an den...
20070708             Informationsplattform zum Massensterben an den EU—AUßENGRENZEN.
20070708             1—ANGEBOT im Netz an all jene, die sich über die zunehmende Militarisierung und tausende...
20070708             Waldemar PABST—WIKIPEDIA
20070708             The Secret HISTORY—OF—AMERICA: - HTML—VERSION
20070708             EDGAR—HOOVER and FORMER—CIA—DIRECTOR and MASON—ALLEN—DULLES was... Title 27—CFR Section 72.11—SAYS that all crimes are "commercial crimes" and they are...
20070708             Report of the 9/11—COMMISSION: Notes
20070708             —ADOPTED, For simplicity, we have, the following citation conventions in these endnotes.
20070708             —PROVIDED, DOZENS—OF—GOVERNMENT—AGENCIES and other entities, the Commission with more than 2.5—MILLION—PAGES—OF—DOCUMENTS and other materials, including more than 1,000 hours of audiotapes.
20070708             In general, we cite documents and other materials by providing the agency or entity of origin, THE—TYPE—OF—DOCUMENT (e.g., memo, email, report, or record), the author and recipient, the title (in quotes) or 1—DESCRIPTION—OF—THE—SUBJECT + the date.
20070708             We use the following abbreviations for the agencies and entities that produced the bulk of these documents: AAL—USA—AIRLINES;
20070708             —CONDUCTED, Interviews, meetings, briefings + site visits, by Commissioners or by MEMBERS—OF—THE—COMMISSION—STAFF are cited, for example, as "GEORGE—TENET interview (20040122              ).
20070708             "Testimony by witnesses at 1—OF—THE—COMMISSION—12—PUBLIC—HEARINGS is cited as "Condoleezza Rice testimony, 20040408             .
20070708             "Written statements for the record provided by witnesses at 1—OF—OUR public hearings are cited as "THOMAS—RIDGE prepared statement, 20040519              ".
20070708             At THE—REQUEST—OF—INTELLIGENCE—COMMUNITY—AGENCIES (including THE—FBI ), we use the 1. name and last initial, only the 1. name, or in 1—FEW instances 1—ALIAS or title when referring to WORKING—LEVEL—EMPLOYEES in those agencies.
20070708             At the request of several intelligence agencies, we cite most reports from THE—CIA and other intelligence agencies generically as "Intelligence report," followed by 1—DESCRIPTION—OF—THE—SUBJECT and date.
20070708             In 1—FEW instances in which we were given access to highly sensitive documents or information, we cite generically to documents or information provided to the Commission.
20070708             Our investigation built on THE—WORK—OF—MANY—OTHERS, including the Joint INQUIRY—OF—THE—SENATE—SELECT—COMMITTEE on Intelligence and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of 20010911             , which we refer to as the "Joint Inquiry".
20070708             We cite as "Joint Inquiry report, 20021200              "THE—REPORT—OF—THE—USA—SENATE—SELECT—COMMITTEE on Intelligence and USA—HOUSE—PERMANENT—SELECT—COMMITTEE on Intelligence, S. REPRESENTATIVE—NO.
20070708             107-351, H.R. REPRESENTATIVE—NO. 107-792, 107. Cong., 2d sess.
20070708             (20020000              ), indicating "classified version" where appropriate.
20070708             —PRESENTED, Testimony, during hearings conducted by the Joint Inquiry is cited as "Joint Inquiry TESTIMONY—OF—GEORGE—TENET, 20021017             ," indicating "closed hearing" where appropriate.
20070708             —CONDUCTED, We cite interviews, by the Joint Inquiry staff as "Joint Inquiry INTERVIEW—BY—COFER—BLACK," with THE—DATE—OF—THE—INTERVIEW.
20070708             Another major source for our investigation were THE—THOUSANDS—OF—INTERVIEWS conducted by the Federal BUREAU—OF—INVESTIGATION during its investigation of the 9/11—ATTACKS, which it refers to as "Penttbom".
20070708             —CALLED, FBI agents write up their interviews on forms, 302s, which we cite as "FBI REPORT—OF—INVESTIGATION, INTERVIEW—BY—JOHN—SMITH, 20011004             ," using THE—DATE—OF—THE—INTERVIEW.
20070708             —CONDUCTED, We cite interviews, by other agencies by agency name and DATE—OF—THE—INTERVIEW;
20070708             for example, 1—INTERVIEW conducted by THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE—OFFICE—OF—INSPECTOR—GENERAL is cited as "DOJ Inspector GENERAL INTERVIEW—BY—MARY—JONES, 20020709              ".
20070708             FDR—SPEECHES, the Congressional Record. public opinion polls plus newspapers and magazines from across. the nation published in the period 19380000—19450000   .
20070708             totse_com | Omega File: Greys, Nazi, Underground Bases + th
20070708             PETER LANG VERLAGSGRUPPE
20070708             "Bibelpolitik.
20070708             Das Verhältnis von protestantischem Fundamentalismus zur nationalen Innenpolitik der USA. alfatomega.com/09042003antiwarblogg.html -
20070708             Umweltschutz: DIHK—CHEF warnt vor Einbußen an Lebensqualität
20070708             "Live Earth" in HAMBURG: Schwur auf die grüne Bibel
20070708             Überschwemmungen: 1—MILLION Inder von Außenwelt abgeschnitten
20070708             "Live Earth": Mit dem SUV zum KLIMA—WOODSTOCK
20070708             Kampf gegen den Terror: Rumsfeld vermasselte Schlag gegen AL—QAIDA
20070708             Gefährliche Abhängigkeit: Koch warnt vor GAZPROM—UND fordert neue Kernkraftwerke
20070708             ISLAMABAD: Kampf um rote Moschee eskaliert, Musharraf droht
20070708             Hagel: Libby commutation is 'unfortunate.'
20070708             In 1—INTERVIEW—WITH—ACTION 3—NEWS in OMAHA, SENATOR—CHUCK—HAGEL (R-NE) said today that he felt the commutation of Scooter LIBBY—PRISON—SENTENCE was "unfortunate.
20070708             "Contacted by ThinkProgress, his office refused to give more details about HAGEL—VIEWS, saying that it would "refer you back to THE—SENATOR—OWN—WORDS".
20070708             OHIO STATE—REPRESENTATIVE—TO—BUSH : If You Want To 'Coddle Criminals,' Then Pardon Traficant
20070708             —COMMUTED, As soon as PRESIDENT—BUSH, the prison sentence of his former aide, I. Lewis "Scooter " Libby, attorneys across the country immediately began arguing that their clients deserve "the Libby treatment".
20070708             YESTERDAY—OHIO STATE—REPRESENTATIVE—BOB—HAGAN (D-YOUNGSTOWN) sent 1—LETTER to PRESIDENT—BUSH, claiming that his standards for Libby should be applied to another CRIMINALLY—CHALLENGED political figure: FORMER—USA—CONGRESSMAN—JAMES—TRAFICANT, who was convicted 20020000              on bribery + racketeering charges.
20070708             Hagan says that Traficant deserves the same leniency that Libby received:
20070708             "If THE—PRESIDENT is going to coddle criminals in his Administration because he believes they have suffered enough, the least he can do is apply equal justice and release ALL—OF—THOSE whose crimes had far less impact on the public good than Libby 's," REPRESENTATIVE—HAGAN said.
20070708             "Libby lied to THE—FBI and 1—GRAND—JURY about the Valerie Plame COVER—UP, which undermined the nation's intelligence operations," Hagan argued.
20070708             "Add to that his role as VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY—CHIEF—OF—STAFF in promoting false reasons for going to war in IRAQ—AND it all outweighs anything MISTER—TRAFICANT has done.
20070708             "Libby is the 1. sitting WHITE—HOUSE—OFFICIAL to be indicted in 130—YEARS + yet he walks away without paying his deserved debt to society".
20070708             Hagan, who previously
20070708             waged a primary challenge against Traficant, doesn't actually want PRESIDENT—BUSH to commute TRAFICANT—SENTENCE.
20070708             "They both deserve to be in jail," Hagan told THE—CLEVELAND Plain Dealer.
20070708             He has 1—HISTORY—OF—MAKING satirical statments to prove his points.
20070708             1—BILL to ban households with 1 or more Republican voters
20070708             —FROM adopting children". Similarly, this past year, when new regulations for strip clubs were debated, "Hagan drafted 1—AMENDMENT to ban lobbyists from touching lawmakers".
20070708             PRESIDENT—BUSH has yet to respond to HAGAN—REQUEST for clemency for Traficant.
20070708             —APPOINTED, Surgeon, as MINISTER—GORDON—BROWN appoints practising surgeon Professor SIR—ARA—DARZI as 1—MINISTER, charged with improving patient care.
20070708             'Sharp drop' in INDIA Aids levels THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE living with HIV/Aids in INDIA is around HALF—OF—PREVIOUS—OFFICIAL estimates, new figures say.
20070708             Sandwiches 'rival crisps on salt' MANY—SHOP—BOUGHT sandwiches contain as much salt as several bags of crisps, 1—SURVEY suggests.
20070708             Prions key in ALZHEIMER—DISEASE The proteins which cause mad cow disease may protect against ALZHEIMER—DISEASE, say UK researchers.
20070708             Pill to make dieters 'feel full' ITALY—SCIENTISTS have developed 1—PILL that expands in the stomach to make dieters feel full.
20070708             Organic food 'better' for heart Organic fruit and vegetables may be better for you than conventionally grown crops, USA—RESEARCH suggests.
20070708             Obesity to fuel ALZHEIMER—RISE Growing obesity will lead to dramatic increases in CASES—OF—ALZHEIMER—DISEASE, experts say.
20070708             New stem cell could aid research UK researchers say THE—DISCOVERY—OF—1—NEW—TYPE—OF "missing link" stem cell in rodents could boost research.
20070708             FRANCE—SWANS have deadly bird flu 3—SWANS found dead in EAST—FRANCE carried the H5N1 bird flu that can be fatal to humans, tests confirm.
20070708             4—HOURS—OF—TRAVEL 'a DVT risk' The risk of developing potentially fatal blood clots doubles after travel lasting 4—HOURS, experts find.
20070708             ENGLAND smoking ban takes effect Smokers across ENGLAND have sparked up at work and in the pub for the last time as the smoking ban begins.
20070708             —ABOLISHED, EGYPT forbids female circumcision EGYPT has, THE—LIFE—THREATENING practice of female circumcision, its health ministry says.
20070708             Chocolate 'lowers' blood pressure
20070708             A small AMOUNT—OF—DARK chocolate could reduce blood pressure, research from GERMANY suggests
20070708             —BASED, Brain cancer drug hope from frogs A synthetic molecule, on 1—FOUND in frog egg cells could potentially be used to treat brain tumours.
20070708             USA—ENVOY goes missing in CYPRUS THE—USA—EMBASSY in CYPRUS appeals for information on 1—SENIOR—DIPLOMAT who has been missing —FOR—3—DAYS.
20070708             —CHARGED, Russian, in UK spying row RUSSIA—AUTHORITIES—CHARGE 1—MAN with spying for BRITAIN—THE—LATEST—STEP in 1—ESPIONAGE—ROW between THE—2—COUNTRIES.
20070708             'Racist' LIMA restaurant closed A popular restaurant in LIMA—PERU has been temporarily closed and fined for turning away DARK—SKINNED people.
20070708             PAPA ends Latin Mass restriction BENEDICT—XVI—PAPA removes restrictions on celebrating the Latin Tridentine Mass, despite concern from Jewish groups.
20070708             PAKISTAN gives mosque ultimatum PAKISTAN—PRESIDENT tells Islamists inside 1—RADICAL—MOSQUE to free women and children "or be killed".
20070708             Online auction for security bugs Security researchers can now get cash rewards for the loopholes they discover in popular programs.
20070708             —KILLED, Nato raids ' 35—AFGHANS' Villagers in EAST—AFGHANISTAN say 35—CIVILIANS have been killed in air attacks by INTERNATIONAL forces.
20070708             MALAYSIA 'convert' claims cruelty A MALAYSIA—WOMAN—CLAIMS she was subjected to mental torture for insisting her religion is Hinduism, not Islam.
20070708             IRAQ market truck bomb kills 105 A truck bomb devastates a market in NORTH—IRAQ, killing 105—PEOPLE and injuring 240—OTHERS, police say.
20070708             Iranians visit captives in IRAQ IRAN—OFFICIALS pay their 1. visit to 5—NATIONALS detained since January by USA—FORCES in NORTH—IRAQ.
20070708             IRAN ends PETROL—ONLY car making IRAN is to stop making purely PETROL—DRIVEN cars and move to DUAL—FUEL vehicles, in a bid to reduce petrol subsidies.
20070708             INDIA—STOCKS jump to record high INDIA—MAIN—STOCK—INDEX, the Sensex, bursts through the 15,000 mark to 1—RECORD on optimism about growth.
20070708             Global vote picks 7—WONDERS The world has 7—NEW—WONDERS, to add to the numerous INTERNATIONAL LISTS—OF—TOP—TOURIST MUST—SEES.
20070708             DNA reveals GREENLAND—LUSH past Ancient DNA samples show that SOUTH—GREENLAND was teeming with insect and plant life 450,000 years ago.
20070708             Argentine MINISTER in cash probe ARGENTINA—ECONOMY MINISTER admits storing THOUSANDS—OF—DOLLARS in her office bathroom, amid a judicial inquiry.
20070708             Charge over UK bomb attempts UK police charge an IRAQ—DOCTOR in connection with failed bombings in LONDON and GLASGOW airport.
20070708             Clashes mar NEPAL KING—BIRTHDAY—CLASHES break out in KATHMANDU as NEPAL—UNPOPULAR KING—GYNENDRA marks his 60. birthday,
20070708             Concerts promote climate message The last Live Earth concerts to highlight global warming are held in the Americas, —24—HOURS—AFTER the event began in ASIA.
20070708             Und der britische "GUARDIAN" berichtete, Madonna habe mit ihrer letztjährigen Tour innerhalb von vier Monaten geschätzte 440—TONNEN Kohlendioxid produziert.
20070708             Kritik an der Aktion kam auch von der Umweltschutzorganisation Greenpeace.
20070708             "Das Konzert selbst ist eine gute Idee, um viele Menschen mit dem Thema zu erreichen.
20070708             DaimlerChrysler ist aber der falsche Sponsor", kritisierte GREENPEACE—SPRECHER THOMAS—BREUER.
20070708             Der Konzern stelle umweltschädliche Produkte her und habe die EU—KLIMASCHUTZZIELE torpediert.
20070708             Die Organisatoren riefen die Zuschauer auf, Energie zu sparen, sich für alternative Energien stark zu machen, die Wälder zu schützen und Umweltschutzorganisationen zu unterstützen.
20070708             Insgesamt wollten weltweit binnen 24—STUNDEN mehr als 150—ROCK—UND Popstars zur Rettung des Weltklimas auftreten, um eine globale Bewegung zur Lösung der Klimakrise loszutreten.
20070708             Weitere Konzerte stehen bis zum Sonntagmorgen noch im GIANTS—STADION bei NEW—YORK, in WASHINGTON an der National Mall, in Maropeng bei JOHANNESBURG und an der Copacabana in RIO—DE—JANEIRO an.
20070708             Er rief die Besucher auf, ihre eigene Umweltbilanz zu verbessern und eine klimafreundlichere Politik zu unterstützen.
20070708             Die Veranstalter um den ehemaligen USA—VIZEPRÄSIDENT AL—GORE hoffen, "Menschen durch die Kraft der Musik zu verbinden und mit einer simplen, universellen Botschaft in die Pflicht zu nehmen: SOS. Folgt dem Ruf!".
20070708             TOKIO, begann das Konzert mit einer HIGH—TECH—LASER—SHOW der Band Genki Rockets.
20070708             Gore erschien den Konzertbesuchern als Hologramm.
20070708             HAMBURG/SYDNEY—DEN Auftakt des 24-stündigen Konzertmarathons machte SYDNEY:
20070708             AUSTRALIEN, sangen und tanzten weiß bemalte Ureinwohner mit Didgeridoos und Eukalyptuswedeln im AUSSIE—STADION vor rund 50.000—ZUSCHAUERN einen traditionellen Willkommensgruß.
20070708             —NACH—DEM Auftritt der Aborigines wurde 1—VIDEOBOTSCHAFT Gores eingespielt
20070708             —ERST als Mitte der dreißiger Jahre durch die Kriegsvorbereitungen der NAZI—DIKTATUR und der verbesserten Weltwirtschaftslage Millionen neue Jobs entstanden, entspannte sich die Lage.
20070708             Das massenhafte Elend der Joblosen war immens.
20070708             Millionen hungerten.
20070708             Der Anteil der Arbeitslosen, die von der öffentlichen Hand unterstützt wurden, sank auf unter 30 %.
20070708             Argwohn vor dem Missbrauch von Leistungen hatten die Gesetzgeber allerdings damals wie heute:
20070708             Allein 28—PARAGRAFEN beschäftigen sich mit diesem Problem.
20070708             Die Bedürftigkeitsprüfung wurde allerdings gestrichen.
20070708             Der entscheidende Schritt war getan:
20070708             Wer seinen Job verlor, war von nun an nicht mehr auf Almosen angewiesen, sondern hatte sich durch seine vorherigen Einzahlungen in die Versicherung das Recht auf Zahlungen erworben.
20070708             Der 1. Weltkrieg brachte die Wende.
20070708             Die Arbeitslosigkeit stieg im 1. Kriegsjahr rasant.
20070708             Wer seinen Job verlor, wurde zum Fall für die Wohlfahrt.
20070708             Einzelne Berufsverbände und Gewerkschaften gründeten Ende des Jahrhunderts deshalb eine freiwillige kollektive Unterstützung für entlassene + in Not geratene Mitglieder.
20070708             Als Ende des 18010101—19001231    —CENTURY die massiv wachsende Arbeiterbewegung immer schärfer Rechte und Einfluss einforderte, ersann der damalige Reichskanzler OTTO—VON—BISMARCK seine["]revolutionären ["] Sozialgesetze.
20070708             HAMBURG—DER
20070708             Umstrittene Abstimmung: Neuschwanstein fällt bei Wahl zum Weltwunder durch
20070708             ; Page B05
20070708             —OUTSOURCED, Red alert: Our national security is being.
20070708             The most intriguing secrets of the "war on terror" have nothing to do with AL—QAEDA and its fellow travelers.
20070708             They're about the mammoth private spying industry that all but runs USA—INTELLIGENCE—OPERATIONS—TODAY.
20070708             Surprised? No wonder.
20070708             —DELAYED, But the report was inexplicably, - and suddenly classified 1—NATIONAL—SECRET.
20070708             What McConnell doesn't want you to know is that the private spy industry has succeeded where no foreign government has: It has penetrated THE—CIA and is running the show.
20070708             the official capitulation on
20070708—19270707    —AM, wurde diese Regelung dann in einen festen Gesetzestext gegossen.
20070708—19910000    —IN, Valdis Zatlers, 1—TRAUMA surgeon with no prior political experience and widely publicized tax problems, was sworn in as LATVIA—3. PRESIDENT since the Baltic state gained independence.
20070708—19921000    —IN, VIDEO: Highlights from THE—INTERNATIONAL—TRIBUNAL—OF—INDIGENOUS—PEOPLE and Oppressed Nations in THE—USA, held in S—FRANCISCO.
20070708—20070701    —ON, Superfood 'ban' comes into effect Products claiming to be superfoods will be banned under new EU rules coming into effect unless the claim can be proved.
20070708—20090000    —IN, 1—INDICTMENT accused YUSUF—BEY—IV, 23—JAHRE—ALT, THE—LEADER—OF—THE—BAKERY, of murder for allegedly ordering the killing.
20070808             portland IMC—GLOBAL ENENKIO FACTS. 22:20070708—20270708.
20070808             22:20070708—20270708. - The Gathering at Congressman BLUMENAUER—OFFICE.
20080303—16390708    —AM, lässt sich Grimmelshausen als Musketier der kaiserlichen Garnison Offenburg anwerben und erlernt die 143—HANDGRIFFE, die zum Laden der elf Kilogramm schweren Schusswaffe nötig sind.
20080402             Comments of g. jarvis on S20080708             ... the involvement of JONATHAN—CURSHEN and his COSTA—RICA—OFFSHORE... ELIZABETH Dalehite, et al. v.
20080701             Shahameen Sheikh... EFG—HERMES to expand its Private Equity offering across the region 200807082150         —1— GMT...
20080708             A report from 1—USA—SENATE—HOMELAND—SECURITY—INVESTIGATIONS subcommittee said sellers of medical supplies collected as much as $93—MILLION in fraudulent Medicare claims based on prescriptions from doctors who were actually dead.
20080708             —ANNOUNCED, Boeing, a deal with SkyHook INTERNATIONAL, a private CANADA—FIRM, to develop a heavy lift rotorcraft capable of carrying 4o tons.
20080708             —DESTROYED, CALIFORNIA, the Butte Lightning Complex Fire, 41—HOMES overnight in and around PARADISE.
20080708             —EVACUATED, The next day 10,000—PEOPLE were, from the area.
20080708             T. Boone Pickens, energy baron, announced his "Pickens Plan" for installing wind turbines in parts of 4—TEXAS Panhandle counties.
20080708             —REJECTED, ABKHAZIA—LEADER SERGEI—BAGAPSH, A—USA—PROPOSAL to deploy an INTERNATIONAL police force there.
20080708             —KILLED, EAST—AFGHANISTAN, 1—ROADSIDE bomb blast, 1—NATO—SOLDIER and wounded 4—OTHERS.
20080708             † 1—PROVINCIAL—POLICE—CHIEF said 5—INSURGENTS and 2—POLICEMEN, during 1—CLASH in CENTRAL—GHAZNI province.
20080708             —ARRESTED, BRAZIL—POLICE, 1—FORMER—SAO Paulo mayor and 2—PROMINENT financiers in 1—CASE that grew out of an INFLUENCE—PEDDLING—SCANDAL involving senior government officials.
20080708             A CHINA—COURT jailed Xiong Zhengliang, 1—FORMER—ANTI—GRAFT—PROSECUTOR for life, for torturing 1—SUSPECT to death.
20080708             —SENTENCED, His superior was, to 7—YEARS in prison for trying to cover up the case.
20080708             —KILLED, CHINA—POLICE, 5—MUSLIMS who were planning a "holy war" in the latest alleged terror threat ahead of THE—BEIJING Olympics.
20080708             —RAIDED, The 5 were shot dead when police, their HIDE—OUT in URUMQI.
20080708             —RESIGNED, The economy MINISTER, just hours before the takeover.
20080708             Industrial conglomerate Siemens AG said it will cut 16,750 jobs, or 4.2—PERCENT of its global work force, to streamline operations and slice nearly $2—BILLION in costs in the face of 1—SLOWING—ECONOMY.
20080708             A GERMANY—CARGO ship held captive —FOR—41—DAYS off THE—COAST—OF—SOMALIA was released and all aboard were safe and unharmed.
20080708             A SOMALIA—OFFICIAL said the pirates received 1—RANSOM of $750,000.
20080708             —RETURNED, Tillman Thomas, former political detainee, his party to power in GRENADA —AFTER—13—YEARS in opposition.
20080708             The apparent win by the National Democratic Congress was 1—STUNNING—SETBACK for PRIME—MINISTER—KEITH—MITCHELL—CONSERVATIVE—NEW—NATIONAL—PARTY, which was seeking 1 unprecedented 4. consecutive term in legislative elections.
20080708             INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—MANMOHAN—SINGH—COMMUNIST—ALLIES withdrew their support for his 4—YEAR—OLD—COALITION—GOVERNMENT to protest the government's plan to push forward with 1—CONTROVERSIAL—NUCLEAR—DEAL with THE—USA.
20080708             At Developing 8—SUMMIT—OF—ISLAMIC nations, meeting in KUALA—LUMPUR, the leaders of INDONESIA and MALAYSIA called for boosting world food production and finding 1—PERMANENT—SOLUTION to skyrocketing oil prices, saying the twin problems have become "grave threats" to the world economy.
20080708             IRAQ—NATIONAL—SECURITY—ADVISER said his country will not accept ANY—SECURITY—DEAL with THE—USA—UNLESS it contains specific dates for THE—WITHDRAWAL—OF—USA—LED forces.
20080708             —FIRED, THE—ISRAEL—MILITARY said GAZA militants, 1—MORTAR shell into ISRAEL in another violation of 1—SHAKY truce.
20080708             —AGREED, The G8 also, to impose targeted sanctions against leading ZIMBABWE—OFFICIALS after 1—VIOLENT—ELECTION last month that extended PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE—28—YEAR rule.
20080708             —FORCED, AMOS—KIMUNYA, KENYA—FINANCE—MINISTER, was, to resign following the sale of the Grand Regency Hotel to Libyans, without taking bids and advertising the sale.
20080708             —CONFISCATED, The hotel had been, from Kamlesh PAUL—PATTNI, 1—BUSINESSMAN alleged to have paid HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS to individuals close to FORMER—PRESIDENT—DANIEL arap Moi, for THE—EXPORT—OF—GOLD and diamonds that did not exist.
20080708             —ADDED, THE—MEXICO—GOVERNMENT said UNESCO has, 1—MONARCH butterfly reserve in SOUTH—MEXICO to its LIST—OF—WORLD—HERITAGE—SITES.
20080708             —APPROVED, STATE—MEDIA said MYANMAR—MILITARY—REGIME has, visas for more than 1,500 INTERNATIONAL aid workers to help VICTIMS—OF—CYCLONE—NARGIS, with HALF—OF—THEM involved in relief operations in STORM—HIT regions.
20080708             —FIRED, NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, unknown assailants, on 1—VEHICLE carrying tribal police forces, killing 4 and wounding 7.
20080708             RUSSIA—CAUCASUS, region the Interior Ministry of KABARDINO—BALKARIA province said unidentified gunmen had riddled the police car with bullets in the village of Baksan.
20080708             3—POLICE officers were killed.
20080708             A human rights group said domestic workers in SAUDI—ARABIA often suffer abuse that in some cases amounts to slavery, as well as sexual violence and lashings for spurious ALLEGATIONS—OF—THEFT or witchcraft.
20080708             —AMBUSHED, SUDAN, about 200—GUNMEN on horseback and in SUVs, peacekeepers from 1—JOINT—UN—AFRICAN Union force in the Darfur region.
20080708             5—RWANDA—SOLDIERS and 2—POLICE—OFFICERS, 1—FROM GHANA and the other from UGANDA, were killed in fierce gunbattles that lasted more than 2—HOURS.
20080708             —CLAIMED, SUDAN—ARMY spokesman, ETHIOPIA—FORCES had attacked 1—POLICE base 17—KILOMETERS (11—MILES) inside SUDAN—TERRITORY, killing 19—PEOPLE, including 1—POLICE officer.
20080708             —DENIED, ETHIOPIA, the accusations.
20080708             —KIDNAPPED, EAST—TURKEY, Kurdish guerrillas, 3—GERMANY—TOURISTS on 1—CLIMBING—EXPEDITION.
20080708             Alarm in Umgebung: URAN—LÖSUNG aus französischer Atomanlage ausgetreten
20080708             RAKETENSCHILD—VERTRAG mit Tschechien: Russland droht den USA
20080708             Insideraffäre: Justiz lädt amtierenden EADS—MANAGER vor
20080708             G-8-Bilanz: Gipfel der wolkigen Versprechen
20080708             ENERGIEPREIS—SCHOCK: Industrieländer bitten verzweifelt um mehr Öl
20080708             LAUFZEITEN—DEBATTE: Zahl der Atomkraftgegner schrumpft
20080708             Comeback der Finanzkrise: USA—NOTENBANK plant neue Hilfen für Geldhäuser
20080708             Rüstung: USA und Tschechien einig über Raketenschild
20080708             Antike Keilschrift: Geschichtslüge unter Glas
20080708             NIUE ohne Qualm: MINI—PAZIFIKINSEL will rauchfrei werden
20080708             Atomkonflikt: Verhandlungen mit Nordkorea nehmen wieder Fahrt auf
20080708             Klimaschutz: EU—PARLAMENT beschließt Emissionshandel im Luftverkehr
20080708             USA—KINDERÄRZTE: Achtjährige sollen Cholesterinsenker schlucken
20080708             NETZWELT—TICKER: Ministerien schlampen bei DATENSCHUTZ—AUFKLÄRUNG
20080708             G-8-Gipfel: Kanzlerin sieht deutlichen Fortschritt bei Klimabeschlüssen
20080708             EUROPA—VERGLEICH: Arbeitslose in Deutschland sind besonders armutsgefährdet
20080708             Londoner Messermorde: SCOTLAND Yard nahm Verdächtigen nicht ernst
20080708             Dreistelliger Millionenbetrag: HAMBURG bietet mit für HAPAG—LLOYD
20080708             Großmanöver: IRAN droht mit Militärschlägen gegen Tel Aviv und die USA—FLOTTE
20080708             Terror: PAKISTAN weist Verwicklung in Anschlag von KABUL zurück
20080708             Reformprozess: Warum die G8 zu G16 werden müssen
20080708             Vorauseilender Gehorsam: Wenn der Provider Zensor spielt
20080708             Premiere: Physiker erschaffen riesiges BOHR—ATOM
20080708             Saragossa: GENERAL—MOTORS baut größtes Solarkraftwerk der Welt
20080708             SPAR—PROGRAMM: Siemens streicht weltweit 16.750—STELLEN
20080708             LAUFZEITEN—DEBATTE: Trittin wettert gegen Epplers Atomvorschläge
20080708             G-8-Gipfel: Weitere Beschlüsse und Erklärungen von Toyako
20080708             Gelbfiebermücke: Bakterien motivieren zur Eiablage
20080708             Neue Reaktoren: Wie Forscher Atomkraft sicher machen wollen
20080708             CO2-Emissionen: Umweltschützer kritisieren G-8-Klimaziele als armselig
20080708             Nazis in the Attic " Sullivan & Cromwell was not the only firm engaged in funding GERMANY.
20080708             Schroeder, of course, was the Nazi bank on whose BOARD—DULLES sat.
20080708             Shadow of the Swastika It had to borrow the gold from Sullivan & CROMWELL—CLIENTS in the United... made substantial but indirect contributions to the Nazi party as the price of...
20080708             Nazi
20080708             Fannie Mae und der zweitgrößte USA—HYPOTHEKENFINANZIERER FREDDIE—MAC stehen mittlerweile hinter weit mehr als der Hälfte aller USA—HYPOTHEKENKREDITE.
20080708             Die zwei von der öffentlichen Hand gegründeten Institute besitzen staatliche Kreditgarantien.
20080708             Die Unternehmen leiden mit am meisten unter der Kreditkrise und mussten deshalb bereits empfindliche Verluste und Kapitalerhöhungen in Kauf nehmen.
20080708             Die USA—IMMOBILIENKRISE hat sich längst über das Segment der Ramschhypotheken ausgeweitet und betrifft nun auch besser besicherte Hypotheken, die den Löwenanteil des Geschäftes von FREDDIE—MAC und Fannie Mae ausmachen.
20080708             SÜD—JAPAN: Erdbeben der Stärke 6,0 erschüttert Okinawa
20080708             Ökologischer Fußabdruck: Deutsche Urlauber belasten Weltklima besonders stark
20080708             Britische Behörden: Kleinkinder werden auf Rassismusverdacht überprüft
20080708             ATOM—COMEBACK: Energiekonzerne können mit Milliardenplus rechnen
20080708             ONLINE—LEXIKON: Forscher sammeln menschliche Gene in Wikipedia
20080708             1. there is THE—LOST—OF—RIGHTS for the laborer, secondly their was the fanatic FEAR—OF—COMMUNISM and socialism and finally there is THE—USE—OF—FEAR and terrorism.
20080708             To list all the abuses of the Mellons, the Carnegies, the Rockefeller s and others would fill volumes.
20080708             LET—DESCRIBE 1—FEW—OF—ROCKEFELLER—PRACTICES as examples before moving on.
20080708             1. and foremost was the practice that old JOHN—D liked to term sweating, in which his aim was to drive his competitors OUT—OF—BUSINESS by unethical business practices.
20080708             He would lower the price of his oil in his competitor's customer's area below cost while raising his price in other areas.
20080708             Then there was his scam of receiving kickbacks from the railroad;
20080708             these resulted from higher fees the railroad agreed to charge his competitors.
20080708             Thus his competitors were actually paying JOHN—D to ship their product to market.
20080708             This era is then the 1. widespread EXAMPLE—OF—FASCISM in THE—USA—ECONOMY.
20080708             Lets place THE—DAWNING—OF—FASCISM in AMERICA as 18860000              that is the fateful year that THE—SUPREME—COURT handed down 1—DECISION that still ranks as the biggest blow to liberty and blunder of all time.
20080708             That decision stems from THE—CASE—OF—SANTA Clara County Vs SOUTH—PACIFIC—RAILROAD, in which corporations were now endowed with the same RIGHTS—OF—INDIVIDUALS.
20080708             —HANDED, Please note the date that this dreadful decision was, done coincides with THE—LIFETIMES—OF—MANY—OF—THE—PHILOSOPHERS—OF—FASCISM.
20080708             "The most effectual means of preventing tyranny is to illuminate, as far as practicable, THE—MINDS—OF—THE—PEOPLE at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts, which history exibiteth, that possessed THEREBY—OF—THE—EXPERIENCE—OF—OTHER—AGES and countries, they may be able to know ambition under all its shapes, and prompt to exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes".
20080708             THOMAS—JEFFERSON
20080708             Don't count on 1—ELECTION taking place in November, be vigilant.
20080708             The reader should pay close attention to the 9—11—INVESTIGATION between no and the election.
20080708             The Bush administration is doing everything possible to derail and delay the report since they are guilty in allowing it to occur.
20080708             It is clear that the Bush administration had information about the plot as early as mid summer when Bush attended THE—WTO meeting in ITALY.
20080708             —RINGED, The city was, with 1—MISSILE—DEFENSE—SYSTEM before his visit, 1—HIGHLY unusual security precaution never before taken to protect 1—PRESIDENT.
20080708             Note
20080708             SPIEGEL Wissen :: ARTIKEL—ARTIKEL Einer von ihnen, DOCTOR—AUGUST—DIEHN, Generaldirektor des deutschen KALI—SYNDIKATS, vermittelte Kersten an Himmler.
20080708             F-Kreis — Wikipedia.
20080708             August Diehn (Generaldirektor des Deutschen KALI—SYNDIKATS)...
20080708             What Fascism Is & Isn't
20080708             —ADOPTED, In short, the Nazis, the ruling elite in GERMANY and supported them, the exact opposite of what 1—LEFT leaning political ideology would support.
20080708             There is no better proof of the Nazi support for the ruling elite than looking at who supported Hitler in the
20080708             But the real answer to the question is that fascism following WWI was 1—REACTION to the Bolshevik revolution and THE—RISE—OF—LIBERALISM—IDEALS.
20080708             Up until THE—RUSSIA—REVOLUTION, the only economic system was capitalism.
20080708             Communism was 1—NEW—REVOLUTIONARY—SYSTEM.
20080708             It threatened the power elite directly and gave way to 1—RISE not only in communism but socialism and liberalism as well.
20080708             It was no accident that fascism arose 1. in ITALY, where in the period of
20080708             The Republican shut DOWN—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT also serves to point out 1—FLAW in our constitution, just as there was 1—FLAW in THE—GERMANY—CONSTITUTION.
20080708             THE—CASE—OF—THE—U. S. constitution there is no other mechanism other than shutting down the government if Congress fails to pass 1—BUDGET.
20080708             If the fascists in AMERICA can be successful in polarizing USA—POLITICS to such 1—EXTENT that the public, or at least 1—CONSIDERABLE—PORTION—OF it, tolerates 1—GOVERNMENT shut down, then the entire budget process becomes 1—FRACAS.
20080708             And after observing the behavior of the Republicans in their ill fated attempt to impeach Clinton such 1—POSSIBILITY does not appear so remote.
20080708             Schirer writes that 19310000             , when Hitler decided to cultivate relationships between influential industrial leaders, he kept their identity 1—SECRET.
20080708             "The party still had to play both SIDES—OF—THE—TRACKS. The party had to allow Strasser, Goebbels and Feder to beguile the masses with socialist talk and denigrating the industrial magnates".
20080708             SOME—OF—THE—MEETINGS were so secretive that they were held in forest glades".
20080708             S—FRANCISCO—REGIERUNGSKRITIKER im liberalen Kalifornien bereiten ein spezielles Abschiedsgeschenk für GEORGE—W—BUSH vor.
20080708             Sie wollen erreichen, dass 1—KLÄRANLAGE in S—FRANCISCO nach dem 43.
20080708             Präsidenten der USA benannt wird: "GEORGE—W—BUSH—SEWAGE—PLANT".
20080708             Berlusconi wird in der Kurzbiografie als Vertreter eines Landes dargestellt, "das bekannt ist für Korruption und Lasterhaftigkeit".
20080708             Diplomatie: USA entschuldigen sich bei Puppenspieler Berlusconi
20080708             Drohende MILLIARDEN—BELASTUNGEN: Kurssturz bei USA—KREDITFINANZIERERN
20080708             Hohe Energiekosten: Wirtschaft kündigt Preisrunden an
20080708             S—FRANCISCO: Kläranlage soll nach GEORGE—W—BUSH benannt werden
20080708             Streubomben: Pentagon ordnet höhere Detonationsrate an
20080708             Energie: KURT—BECK pocht auf Atomkonsens
20080708             Man müsse jetzt "aus der Höhle" kommen, fordert deshalb Eckart Windhagen, Partner und Leiter der Deutschen Finanzdienstleistungsgruppe bei McKinsey im "Handelsblatt":
20080708             Nicht mehr nur nach den Ursachen der Finanzkrise fragen, sondern die Chancen nutzen.
20080708             "Es ist ein revolutionärer Text", sagte Knohl während einer Rede auf einer Konferenz anlässlich der vor 60—JAHREN entdeckten QUMRAN—ROLLEN.
20080708             "Der Text verändert unser Bild des historischen Jesus und verbindet Judentum und Christentum… Seine Mission war es also, von den Römern getötet zu werden, damit sein Blut zum Zeichen für Erlösung werden konnte", sagte Knohl der "NEW—YORK—TIMES ".
20080708             "Dies gibt dem letzten Abendmahl eine völlig neue Bedeutung. Sein Blut wurde VERGOSSEN—NICHT für die Sünden der Menschen, sondern für die Erlösung Israels".
20080708             REKORD—ÖLPREIS: Deutsche Industrie sieht 200.000—ARBEITSPLÄTZE in Gefahr
20080708             FINANZ—MONOPOLY: Deutsche BANKEN—ZWERGE drohen den Anschluss zu verlieren
20080708             Große Koalition: SPD warnt Union vor ATOM—WAHLKAMPF
20080708             Einwanderung: Sarkozy scheitert mit europäischer ABSCHOTTUNGS—STRATEGIE
20080708             INSCHRIFT—INTERPRETATION: Steinplatte löst Debatte über Messias und Auferstehung aus
20080708             Consortium CEO Shahameen Sheikh writes of making 5—TRIPS to KUWAIT... WND reported yesterday DUBAI, in a complex SET—OF—TRANSACTIONS...
20080708             NEWS2U Articles & Comments<BR>The Long and The Short of It...
20080708             Shahameen Sheikh, chairman and CEO—OF—INTERNATIONAL—STRATEGY—GROUP, 1—COMPANY created...
20080708             A run on Indymac? Not at this branch.
20080708             —BLAMED, LOS—ANGELES—TIMES, CA—NEWS—ITEM: IndyMac today again, 1—USA—SENATOR for spooking depositors into pulling their money out of its banks.
20080708             —FROM Bloomberg: "IndyMac Bancorp.
20080708             Former mortgage lending giant faces its grim future Money_COM—HOW did IndyMac end up with a 41-cent stock, 1—JUNK rating from Fitch, and 1—RUN on the bank?
20080708             —BY RODDY—BOYD, writer NEW—YORK (Fortune) -- IndyMac has become...
20080708             IRAQ Insists on USA—WITHDRAWAL—TIMETABLE: official
20080708             —BY AHMED—RASHEED and MOHAMMED—ABBAS
20080708             IRAQ will not accept ANY—SECURITY—AGREEMENT with THE—USA—UNLESS it includes dates for the withdrawal of foreign forces, the government's national security adviser said on —TUESDAY.
20080708—19390310    —AM, also noch vor Ausbruch.
20080708—19540000    —IN, His Templeton Growth Fund was among the 1. to invest in companies outside THE—USA.
20080708—19720000    —IN, he started the Templeton Prize,
20080708—19730000    —IN, which made its 1. award to Mother Teresa.
20080708—19980000    —FROM—THE, ECUADOR—GOVERNMENT seized 3—TELEVISION—STATIONS and 195—BUSINESSES, owned by the Isaias family, to collect debts stemming failure of Filanbanco, owned by Roberto and WILLIAM—ISAIAS.
20080708—20070500    —IN, Liang Jiping, 1—DEPUTY—DIRECTOR—OF—THE—COUNTY—ELECTRICITY bureau, was detained on suspicion of taking bribes.
20080708—20070601    —ON, Liang †, after being held in custody for nearly 5—DAYS and in 3—SEPARATE—PLACES.
20080708—20080530    —HIJACKED, The Lehmann Timber was 1—OF 2—SHIPS, off THE—HORN—OF—AFRICA.
20080708—20080709    —GAINED, The government had, new support from the Samajwadi Party (SP) and submitted 1—DRAFT—REQUEST to THE—IAEA for 1 required safeguards accord.
20080708—20080720    —RELEASED, The Germans were.
20080708—20090000    —SCRAPPED, The plans were, due to LACK—OF—TRANSMISSION—LINES.
20080708—20090101    —INVITED, THE—EU formally, SLOVAKIA to join the euro zone.
20080708—20500000    —ENDORSED, JAPAN, G8 leaders, halving world EMISSIONS—OF—GREENHOUSE—GASES.
20080708—20500000    —BIS, Klimaschutz: G—8—BEKENNEN sich zur Halbierung der CO2-Emissionen
20090707             (AP, 20090707             )(AP, 20090708             )
20090708             SF, PHILIP—DAY, 63—JAHRE—ALT, FORMER—HEAD—OF—SF—CITY—COLLEGE, was charged with 8—FELONIES for using public funds for political donations and other banned expenditures.
20090708             CHESNEE—NORTH—CAROLINA, RICKY—LEE—BLACKWELL shot 1—GIRL, 8—JAHRE—ALT twice in the driveway of 1—HOME where he had taken her and his estranged wife to swim and play.
20090708             —ESTRANGED, The girl's father was dating Blackwell's, wife.
20090708             —CLOSED, Blackwell shot himself as police, in.
20090708             —RELEASED, He was taken to 1—HOSPITAL but his condition wasn't.
20090708             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, a roadside bomb attack, 2—NATO—SOLDIERS.
20090708             —DETAINED, AUSTRALIA said CHINA—AUTHORITIES had, Stern Hu, RIO—TINTO—LTD—TOP—IRON ore negotiator, as well as 3—OTHER—RIO employees on SUSPICION—OF—ESPIONAGE and stealing state secrets, threatening to strain already fraying ties.
20090708             —VOTED, AUSTRALIA—RESIDENTS—OF—RURAL—BUNDANOON, hoping to protect the earth and their wallets, to ban the sale of bottled water, the 1. community in the country, and possibly the world, to take such 1—DRASTIC—STEP in the growing backlash against the industry.
20090708             —ARRESTED, AZERBAIJAN police, ADNAN—HADZHIZADE, 1—VIDEO—BLOGGER and MEMBER—OF—THE "OL!" opposition movement, and Emin Milli, 1—YOUTH—ACTIVIST who also runs an Internet TV program, after 1—FIGHT in 1—BAKU cafe with 2—UNKNOWN—MEN.
20090708             —CHARGED, Both were, with hooliganism.
20090708             A BAKU court decision soon ordered 2—MONTHS—OF—PRETRIAL detention for Milli and Hadzhizade, which prompted criticism from INTERNATIONAL journalism advocates.
20090708             THE—UK—GOVERNMENT set out plans to toughen regulation of its banking sector, including greater oversight of bonuses paid to staff.
20090708             —CLAIMED, UK—SCIENTISTS, to have created human sperm from embryonic stem cells for the 1. time.
20090708             Several critics said the sperm cells were clearly abnormal.
20090708             —RETRACTED, The paper was, by THE—END—OF—THE—MONTH because 2—PARAGRAPHS in its introduction had been plagiarized.
20090708             —ACKNOWLEDGED, Experts, that concerns might be raised about the study's credibility.
20090708             —HELMETED, CHINA, hundreds of, troops in riot gear swarmed the central square of URUMQI, CAPITAL—OF—WEST—XINJIANG, after ethnic riots left some 192—DEAD.
20090708             —PROMISED, The city's Communist Party boss, those behind the killings would be executed.
20090708             Uighurs on THE—STREETS—OF—URUMQI, and from exile activist groups disputed the new figures.
20090708             —RIOTED, FRANCE, some 60—YOUTHS, outside SAINT—ETIENNE after hearing that man had tried to hang himself in jail.
20090708             † MOHAMED—BENMOUNA, 21—JAHRE—ALT, soon after at 1—HOSPITAL.
20090708             HAITI, BILL—CLINTON said 1—LACK—OF—COORDINATION among aid groups and HAITI—LEADERS is hurting efforts to ease poverty in the Caribbean nation, as he wrapped up his 1. trip here as 1—SPECIAL UN envoy.
20090708             INDONESIA—PRESIDENT—SUSILO—BAMBANG—YUDHOYONO won a 2. term.
20090708             Exit polls gave him 1—MASSIVE—LEAD in only the 2. presidential vote since the fall of Suharto.
20090708             Yudhoyono won 61—PERCENT—OF—THE—VOTE.
20090708             Jusuf Kalla, his FORMER—VICE—PRESIDENT, won 12%. - Megawati Sukarnoputri won 27%.
20090708             —KILLED, IRAQ, car bombs in 2—SHIITE villages near MOSUL, 16—CIVILIANS and injured more than 2—DOZEN.
20090708             —REJECTED, THE—IRELAND—GOVERNMENT said IRELAND—VOTERS who, THE—EU—LISBON—TREATY last year will be asked to vote again 20091002              on THE—LONG—DELAYED blueprint for reform.
20090708             G8 Leaders met in LE—AQUILA—ITALY, for talks on threats to global security and stability at 1—SUMMIT where climate change, 1—CONTINUING—GLOBAL—ECONOMIC—CRISIS, nuclear proliferation and world hunger took top billing.
20090708             Protesters in INDIA—KASHMIR set fire to 1—POLICE—VAN and stoned other security vehicles after THE—BODY—OF—1—MISSING—YOUNG—MAN was recovered in the regional CAPITAL—SRINAGAR.
20090708             —ANNOUNCED, MALAYSIA—EDUCATION—OFFICIALS, that they will abandon THE—USE—OF—ENGLISH to teach math and science, bowing to protesters who demanded more use of the national Malay language.
20090708             —SEVERED, MEXICO, investigators found 1, head and 2—ARMS inside 1—PLASTIC—BAG in the of Ario de Rosales, Michoacan state.
20090708             NIGERIA—MEND militants said they blew up 2—KEY—OIL—PIPELINES as they stepped up attacks in response to 1—GOVERNMENT—AMNESTY—OFFER.
20090708             —FIRED, PAKISTAN, 1—USA—DRONE, 6—MISSILES and killed 10 suspected militants at 1—TRAINING—CAMP about 35—KILOMETERS NORTH—EAST—OF—WANA.
20090708             —SUSPECTED, At least 35, militants were killed in a 2. USA—MISSILE—STRIKE targeting insurgents in the northwest tribal belt.
20090708             —CONVICTED, SAUDI—ARABIA—OFFICIALS said 1—CRIMINAL—COURT has, and sentenced an AL—QAIDA militant to death and given more 330—OTHERS—JAIL—TERMS, fines and travel bans in the country's 1. known terrorism trials for suspected MEMBERS—OF—THE—TERROR—NETWORK.
20090708             —BELIEVED, THE—330—ARE, to be among the 991 suspected militants that Interior MINISTER—PRINCE—NAYEF has said had been charged with participating in terrorist attacks over the past 5—YEARS.
20090708             —SEIZED, SOMALIA—PIRATES, 1—TURKEY—SHIP with 23—CREW and were being shadowed by 1—TURKEY—WARSHIP in the Gulf of ADEN.
20090708             —SURROUNDED, The pirates 1., the Horizon-1 in speed boats and then boarded the ship, which was carrying sulfate from SAUDI—ARABIA to JORDAN.
20090708             A senior UN official said fighting between tribes in SOUTH—SUDAN has increasingly targeted women and children and likely killed more than 1,000—PEOPLE since January.
20090708             SWITZERLAND—GOVERNMENT said it would forbid THE—SWITZERLAND—BANK—UBS—AG from complying with ANY—COURT—ORDERED TRANSFER—OF—DATA on TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—USA—CLIENTS to THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, and would consider seizing documents to prevent that.
20090708             TERROR—PROZESS in SAUDI—ARABIEN: 330—URTEILE gegen AL—QAIDA
20090708             CYBER—ANGRIFF: Hacker attackieren amerikanische und südkoreanische Websites
20090708             Staatsschulden: Steinbrück hinterlässt Haushaltsmisere
20090708             Militäroffensive im SWAT—TAL: Armee berichtet von Schlag gegen TALIBAN—ANFÜHRER
20090708             Razzien im Schmiergeldskandal: Festnahmen bei früherer MAN—TOCHTER
20090708             Sticheleien beim G-8-Gipfel: Berlusconi droht PR—BEBEN
20090708             Gipfel in L'Aquila: G-8-Staaten einigen sich auf Klimaziel
20090708             UBS: Schweizer Regierung verbietet Weitergabe von Kundendaten
20090708             Haushaltsloch: Staat macht 509—MILLIARDEN Euro neue Schulden
20090708             Unruhen in Westchina: EXIL—UIGUREN berichten von 800—TOTEN in Xinjiang
20090708             Gipfel in L'Aquila: G-8-Staaten kämpfen verzweifelt um Erfolge
20090708             Jugend global: "Ich verwirkliche den Traum meines Vaters"
20090708             -00.000.
20090708             SAUERLAND—PROZESS: Mutmaßliche Terroristen legen umfassendes Geständnis ab
20090708             Schmerzsalben: DURCHBLUTUNGS—FÖRDERNDE Cremes helfen kaum
20090708             EU—KARTELLVERFAHREN: Verbraucherschützer loben Milliardenstrafe für Energiekonzerne
20090708             Wahldebakel in Argentinien: Kirchner bildet Regierung um
20090708             G-8-Gipfel: USA und EUROPA wollen Debatte über Dollar kippen
20090708             BERLIN—DER dramatische Absturz der Wirtschaft scheint GESTOPPT—UND die deutsche Industrie verzeichnet schon wieder einen kräftigen Zuwachs.
20090708             Bei Schimpansen und Bonobos beobachteten Forscher:
20090708             Wer mehr gestikuliert, bekommt auch eher 1—ANTWORT.
20090708             Es sei ihnen um die Frage gegangen, ob bestimmte Komponenten der Sprache auf grundlegenden LERN—UND Gedächtnismechanismen beruhen, die auch im Tierreich vorkommen.
20090708             Das bestätige die Studie OFFENBAR—DIE Äffchen hätten schließlich das Prinzip eines zeitlich geordneten Musters problemlos verstanden.
20090708             Die Tiere können also die Regeln und formellen Mechanismen bestimmter Sprachkomponenten erfassen, sie aber nicht mit anderen Aspekten der Sprache verknüpfen.
20090708             Zusammen mit Tibet ist die Provinz Xinjiang eines der politisch sensibelsten Gebiete Chinas.
20090708             Mit Grenzen zu Russland, der Mongolei, Kasachstan, Kirgisien, TADSCHIKISTAN—AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN und Indien verfügt sie über eine strategisch wichtige Lage, reichlich Erdölreserven und Chinas größte Erdgasförderung.
20090708             Das Nachbarland Russland stellte sich unterdessen hinter die chinesische Führung.
20090708             Die gewaltsamen Auseinandersetzungen seien eine rein interne Angelegenheit, erklärte das Außenministerium in Moskau.
20090708             Die Initiatoren der Proteste hätten Menschen angegriffen und verprügelt, Autos in Brand gesetzt und Läden geplündert.
20090708             In einem Gastbeitrag für das "WALL—STREET Journal" schreibt Kadeer jetzt ausführlich über die Ereignisse der vergangenen Tage -
20090708             und macht die chinesische Polizei für die blutige Eskalation zwischen Sicherheitskräften und uigurischen Demonstranten verantwortlich.
20090708             Sie verurteilt aber auch die Gewalt ihrer Glaubensgenossen.
20090708             HAN—CHINESEN und Uiguren müssten einen Dialog führen, der auf "Vertrauen und gegenseitigem Respekt" basiere, schreibt Kadeer.
20090708             GIPFEL—ORT L'Aquila: "Yes, we camp"
20090708             Stärkster Anstieg seit 18—JAHREN: Industrieproduktion wächst um 5,1 %
20090708             UNRUHE—PROVINZ Xinjiang: EXIL—UIGURIN Kadeer wirft CHINA Rassismus vor
20090708             Sprache: Affen können Grammatikregeln erlernen
20090708             Kapitalmarkt: Banken hinterlegen weniger Geld bei der EZB
20090708             GELDWÄSCHE—PROZESS: Panamas EX—DIKTATOR klagt gegen Auslieferung
20090708             Schärfere Regeln: USA und EUROPA sagen ÖL—SPEKULANTEN den Kampf an
20090708             Angesichts der Ölkrise sahen sich der französische Präsident Valéry Giscard d'Estaing und Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt
20090708             Zudem hätten die 17—MITGLIEDSTAATEN des "Major Economies Forum" (MEF) bei Beratungen in der italienischen Hauptstadt anerkannt,
20090708             dass die globale Durchschnittstemperatur nicht über zwei Grad Celsius steigen dürfe.
20090708             Bundeskanzlerin ANGELA—MERKEL (CDU) hatte vor Beginn des Gipfels immer wieder darauf gedrungen.
20090708             Sie argumentiert, 1—RÜCKZUG des Staates sei ein notwendiger Vertrauensbeweis für die freien Märkte.
20090708             ist schon jetzt relativ klar: Welche Beschlüsse gefasst werden sollen, geht aus Entwürfen zur Abschlusserklärung hervor, die der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters vorliegen:
20090708             Ein wichtiges Thema in Italien wird auch die politische Krise in IRAN sein.
20090708             In ganz Italien sind mehr als 15.000—POLIZEI—UND Militärkräfte im Einsatz, um den Gipfel zu sichern.
20090708             Es wird mit zahlreichen Protesten gerechnet.
20090708             Mitten in der schwersten Wirtschaftskrise seit 70—JAHREN wollen sich die Staatenlenker für eine verlässliche weltweite Finanzordnung stark machen, außerdem für ein globales Klimaabkommen.
20090708             Mit vereinter Macht stemmt sich das Londoner Establishment auch gegen den HEDGEFONDS—RICHTLINIENENTWURF der EU—KOMMISSION.
20090708             Der Entwurf sieht mehr Transparenz und Kontrolle systemrelevanter Fonds vor.
20090708             Man werde ihn "mit Klauen und Zähnen" bekämpfen, sagte Staatssekretär Myners.
20090708             Der Entwurf gilt als reines ANTI—LONDON—GESETZ, sitzen doch 80 % aller europäischen Hedgefonds in der britischen Hauptstadt.
20090708             "Wir sind wie Goldfische", zitierte der "Observer" den HEDGEFONDS—MANAGER JON—MACINTOSH.
20090708             "Wir schwimmen einmal in unserem Glas herum, und wenn wir die Runde hinter uns haben, sieht alles wieder aus wie neu".
20090708             Den 5400—INVESTMENTBANKERN von Goldman Sachs in LONDON wurden satte Überweisungen in Aussicht GESTELLT—DAS Traditionshaus von der WALL—STREET erwartet 1—REKORDJAHR.
20090708             Das Geschäft mit Staatsanleihen boomt, und dank des Verschwindens etlicher Rivalen konnte Goldman zum Banker des Schuldenstaates aufsteigen.
20090708             Die Gewalt ist 1—RÜCKSCHLAG für die chinesische Regierung, die zum 60.
20090708             Jahrestag der kommunistischen Herrschaft im Oktober das Bild einer "harmonischen Gesellschaft" präsentieren wollte.
20090708             Gipfel in L'Aquila: G8 hoffen auf Durchbruch beim Klimaschutz
20090708             WEST—CHINA: Tausende Soldaten und Polizisten strömen in Unruheprovinz
20090708             Abwrackprämie: Politiker vergleicht Autoindustrie mit Drogenabhängigen
20090708             G-8-Gipfel: CHINA und Indien kommen Westen in Klimastreit entgegen
20090708             Teures Geld: Staatsbank KfW hebt Zinssätze für Kredite an
20090708             Pannenreaktor Krümmel: Regierung sieht geringeren Sicherheitsstandard bei ALT—ATOMKRAFTWERKEN
20090708             G-8-Gipfel in L'Aquila: Krisenbewältigung im Katastrophengebiet
20090708             HRE—RETTUNG: Kaltblütiger Schacher im Angesicht des Abgrunds
20090708             Unruhen in Xinjiang: Chinas Präsident sagt Teilnahme an G-8-Gipfel ab
20090708             Weitere Meldungen trugen zur Sorge um einen wachsenden Schuldenberg bei:
20090708             In den USA—STEIGT die Zahl der Arbeitslosen, die wie noch nie zuvor ihre Kreditkartenschulen nicht rechtzeitig begleichen können.
20090708             Die Aktien des Kreditkartenanbieters AMERICAN—EXPRESS gaben daraufhin knapp zwei % nach.
20090708—19740000    —SEIT Einführung der STATISTIK—NACH Angaben des USA—BANKENVERBANDES ABA stieg die Ausfallquote im 1. Quartal auf das Rekordniveau von 3,23 % und damit auf den höchsten Stand.
20090708—20090711    —ON, CHINA said 137—OF—THE—RIOT—VICTIMS were Han while 46 were Uighurs and 1 was 1—HUI, another Muslim group.
20090708—20091002    —AM, 2. Referendum: Iren stimmen über EU—REFORMVERTRAG ab
20090723—20090708    —ON, PAKISTAN said it had "credible" information that Fazlullah was injured during 1—BLISTERING—OFFENSIVE designed to crush Taliban militants.
20100706—20100708    —ARRESTED, Monk Zhang Wenping (43) was, in HOHHOT, CAPITAL—OF—THE—INNER—MONGOLIA region.
20100708             CLEVELAND Basketball star LeBron James said to 1—NATIONAL TV audience.
20100708             "I'm going to take my talents to SOUTH—BEACH and join THE—MIAMI Heat".
20100708             —SHARED, Once James, his secret, fans poured out of the same downtown bars and restaurants that have thrived during these tough economic times.
20100708             A few set fire to his NUMBER 23—JERSEY while others threw rocks at the 10-story-tall billboard featuring James with his head tossed back and arms pointing skyward.
20100708             —RULED, USA—DISTRICT—COURT—JUDGE—JOSEPH—TAURO, that THE—DEFENSE—OF—MARRIAGE—ACT (DOMA), which bars THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT from recognizing gay marriage, is unconstitutional.
20100708             CALIFORNIA, 1—LOS—ANGELES jury found BART police Officer JOHANNES—MEHSERLE GUILTY—OF—INVOLUNTARY manslaughter.
20100708             —SPARKED, The verdict, 1—RIOT in downtown OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA, with at least 50—100—PEOPLE arrested for smashing windows and looting.
20100708             Hollman has been highly CRITICAL—OF—TIES between illegal FAR—RIGHT—MILITIAS and allies of outgoing PRESIDENT—ALVARO—URIBE.
20100708             Zap INCORPORATED, 1—SANTA ROSA—CALIFORNIA, electric vehicle manufacturer, announced 1—MERGER with CHINA—JONWAY—AUTOMOBILE—CO. Ltd.
20100708             —OWNED, Zap Jonway will be 51%, by Zap.
20100708             —IDENTIFIED, USA federal researchers said that they have, 1—PAIR of naturally occurring antibodies that are able to kill more than 90—PERCENT—OF—ALL—STRAINS—OF—THE—AIDS—VIRUS.
20100708             —BECAME, He created the Realty Bluebook, which, 1—STANDARD for real estate people nationwide.
20100708             —DEVISED, He also, 1—STANDARD—PURCHASE—ORDER, which started with 1—PAGE and grew to 7 to reflect changes in real estate law.
20100708             —ENABLED, His work in the 1950s, researchers to develop 1—VACCINE against measles.
20100708             † In AFGHANISTAN 2—INTERNATIONAL—TROOPS in insurgent attacks as violence spiraled across the country.
20100708             —CAPTURED, NATO—FORCES overnight, 1 suspected TALIBAN—LINKED SUPPLIER—OF—BOMB—MAKING—MATERIALS in Khost province.
20100708             ARGENTINA, SOME—OF—THE—MOST notorious figures of ARGENTINA's "dirty war" were convicted of kidnapping, torturing and murdering 22—PEOPLE at the beginning of the 19760000—19830000     military dictatorship.
20100708             A judge handed down the sentences for GENERAL—LUCIANO—MENENDEZ and former police intelligence CHIEF—ROBERTO—ALBORNOZ: life in prison for crimes against humanity committed at 1—SECRET—DETENTION—CENTER in provincial TUCUMAN.
20100708             2—FORMER—POLICE—OFFICERS, brothers LUIS—ARMANDO—DE—CANDIDO and CARLOS—ESTEBAN—DE—CANDIDO, were sentenced to 18 and 3—YEARS, respectively.
20100708             —INVESTIGATED, AUSTRALIA—POLICE, the mysterious mass poisoning of 7—MILLION tomato, eggplant and other crops which is expected to send prices soaring.
20100708             —PROBED, Detectives, whether vandals or 1—COMPETITOR with 1—GRUDGE had put herbicide in sprinklers at 1—NURSERY near THE—NORTH—EAST—CITY—OF—CAIRNS, wiping out 16—MILLION—TONS—OF—PRODUCE, mostly tomatoes.
20100708             A UK—COURT in LONDON convicted IBRAHIM—SAVANT, ARAFAT—WAHEED—KHAN and Waheed ZAMAN—OF—CONSPIRACY to murder in a case linked to a 20060000              plot to blow up transatlantic jet planes.
20100708             —NAMED, CANADA, DAVID—JOHNSTON, 69—JAHRE—ALT, PRESIDENT—OF—THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—WATERLOO, to become the country's next acting HEAD—OF—STATE, who will have the final say in settling constitutional disputes.
20100708             —REDUCED, The court also, MANUEL—CONTRERAS' life sentence to just 20—YEARS in prison.
20100708             —TRIGGERED, NORTH—WEST—CHINA, local authorities said floods, by torrential rain in 1—REMOTE—PART—OF—QINGHAI province have killed 25—PEOPLE.
20100708             —RECORDED, According to THE—CHINA—NEWS—SERVICE, the government has, 483—FLOOD—RELATED deaths in CHINA so far this year, with 255—PEOPLE still missing.
20100708             —SUSPENDED, THE—INTERNATIONAL—CRIMINAL—COURT at The Hague, CONGO—MILITIA—CHIEF—THOMAS—LUBANGA—TRIAL and rapped prosecutors for abusing court processes and ignoring judges' orders.
20100708             —ENDED, CUBA—OPPOSITION—ACTIVIST—GUILLERMO Farinas, his 134-day hunger strike, following signs the communist government is making good on its promise to release 52—POLITICAL—PRISONERS.
20100708             —REDUCED, The court also, MANUEL—CONTRERAS' life sentence to just 20—YEARS in prison, reflecting 1—COMPROMISE between the right and left over how to punish "dirty war" crimes.
20100708             —EXILED, FRANCE, Darfur rebel leader Abdelwahid Nur announced his decision to join peace talks brokered by QATAR.
20100708             —ARRESTED, IRAN, at least 2—PEOPLE were, in TEHRAN—GRAND bazaar, the 3. DAY—OF—1—MAJOR—STRIKE that has alarmed the authorities.
20100708             A WAVE—OF—ANTI—TAX—STRIKES by merchants in TEHRAN unsettled government authorities.
20100708             IRAQ, 3—SEPARATE roadside bombings in eastern and NORTH—BAGHDAD left 14—PEOPLE—DEAD and at least 63 wounded.
20100708             —TARGETED, The attacks, THE—HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PILGRIMS who defied violence to take part in the final DAY—OF—1—SHIITE religious holiday.
20100708             —ARRESTED, ISRAEL, police, overnight 1—PAIR—OF—ULTRA—ORTHODOX—JEWISH—MEN suspected of trying to smuggle $1—MILLION—OF—PURE cocaine into ISRAEL from BRAZIL.
20100708             —MARCHED, More than 15,000 Israelis, into JERUSALEM and rallied at 1—PARK downtown for the government to conclude 1—DEAL for the release of 1—CAPTIVE soldier held by Palestinian militants.
20100708             —GRANTED, LIBYA said that it has, some 400—ERITREANS permission to stay after human rights group warnings that refugees and asylum seekers among them risked abuse if forcibly repatriated.
20100708             —KILLED, MEXICO, 4—SUSPECTS were, in 1—SHOOTOUT with police in the border STATE—OF—COAHUILA.
20100708             5—CIVILIAN bystanders were wounded.
20100708             MOZAMBIQUE—TRANSPORT—MINISTER said in 1—REPORT that his country will overcome 1—SHIPPING bottleneck to export its vast coal deposits by finding ways for barges to navigate the Zambezi River.
20100708             —SUSPECTED, NORWAY, 2, AL—QAIDA members were arrested for what Norwegian and USA—OFFICIALS said was 1—TERRORIST—PLOT linked to similar plans to bomb NEW—YORK—SUBWAY and blow up 1—SHOPPING mall in ENGLAND.
20100708             A 3. suspect was arrested in GERMANY.
20100708             —ARRESTED, Davud was, along with suspected accomplices Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak Bujak, an IRAQ—KURD, 37—JAHRE—ALT, and UZBEKISTAN—NATIONAL, DAVID—JAKOBSEN, 31—JAHRE—ALT.
20100708             Norwegian and DENMARK—POLICE later said the 3 were likely planning 1—ATTACK against 1—DENMARK—NEWSPAPER that caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.
20100708             —FACED, Jakobsen still, terrorism charges because the allegations against the group rely partly on events that took place before he approached police last year.
20100708             —CLASHED, WEST—PANAMA, striking banana plantation workers and police, leaving 1—MAN—DEAD and 100—PEOPLE hurt.
20100708             —ARRESTED, RWANDA—AUTHORITIES, Agnes Uwimana, DIRECTOR—OF—UMURABYO, 1—PRIVATELY owned newspaper, on CHARGES—OF—INCITEMENT, denial of 19940000             —THE genocide and CONTEMPT—OF—THE—HEAD—OF—STATE.
20100708             —COMPLETED, SWITZERLAND, 1—EXPERIMENTAL—SOLAR—POWERED plane, its 1. 24-hour test flight successfully, proving that the aircraft can collect enough energy from the sun during the day to stay aloft all night.
20100708             —BURNED, URUGUAY, 12—INMATES, to death in 1 overcrowded prison, just as the country's congress debated 1—LAW to put the army in CHARGE—OF—PRISON—SECURITY and relieve the pressure on civilian prisons by moving some inmates into military installations.
20100708—19380000    —SINCE, The curator of the Nieman Foundation at Harvard, which has offered MID—CAREER—NIEMAN fellowships, said that 1—CONSULAR official at THE—USA—EMBASSY in BOGOTA told him that COLOMBIA—JOURNALIST—HOLLMAN—MORRIS has been ruled permanently ineligible for 1—VISA under the "Terrorist activities" section of THE—USA—PATRIOT Act.
20100708—19740000    —IN—THE, CHILE—SUPREME—COURT upheld murder convictions for the dictatorship's former secret police CHIEF and his top agents ASSASSINATION—OF—GENERAL—CARLOS—PRATS and his wife.
20100708—19990000    —IN, Authorities later said THE—RINGLEADER—OF—THE—PLOT is MIKAEL—DAVUD, 39—JAHRE—ALT, an Uighur who came to NORWAY as PART—OF—1—UN—REFUGEE—PROGRAM and then became 1—NORWAY—CITIZEN —8—YEARS—LATER.
20100708—20100710    —ON, A 2. man was killed by police.
20100708—20101015    —RELEASED, Jakobsen was, after prosecutors revealed that he had been 1—POLICE—INFORMANT in the case.
20110526—20110708    —ON, police arrested Fidel Garcia (27).
20110708             —CONFIRMED, USA—HEALTH—OFFICIALS, the death of an ARIZONA man from the same E. coli bacteria blamed for 1—OUTBREAK in GERMANY.
20110708             —VISITED, He had, GERMANY and † last month.
20110708             At Cape CANAVERAL—FLORIDA, Atlantis and 4—ASTRONAUTS rocketed into orbit on NASA—LAST—SPACE—SHUTTLE—VOYAGE.
20110708             30—MICE were also onboard to test 1—BONE—LOSS—DRUG in 1—PROJECT directed by Amgen and collaborator UCB SA in BRUSSELS.
20110708             ILLINOIS, Carolyn Towns (51), FORMER—DIRECTOR—OF—1—CHICAGO area cemetery, pleaded guilty to 1—SCHEME—OF digging up bodies and reselling plots at the Burr Oak Cemetery.
20110708             —SENTENCED, She was, to 12—YEARS in prison.
20110708             † Former 1. lady Betty Ford (93).
20110708             —BECAME, Her triumph over drug and alcohol addiction, 1—BEACON—OF—HOPE for addicts and the inspiration for her Betty Ford Center (19820000             ) in CALIFORNIA.
20110708             A 225-page INTERNATIONAL review showing wide VARIANCES—OF—INTERNET—FREEDOM gave FINLAND the best marks for making citizens' access to 1—BROADBAND connection 1—LEGAL—RIGHT.
20110708             —PRESENTED, The report was, at OSCE headquarters in VIENNA.
20110708             —FILED, BRAZIL—SUPREME—COURT said 1—PROSECUTOR has, charges against Jose Dirceu, 1—FORMER—TOP—PRESIDENTIAL—AIDE, and 36—OTHER—PEOPLE in a 20050000              CASH—FOR—VOTES—SCANDAL that rocked THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—THEN—PRESIDENT—LUIZ—INACIO—LULA da Silva.
20110708             Coulson was EDITOR—OF—BRITAIN—BIGGEST—SELLING——SUNDAY newspaper 20030000—20070000    —FROM—TO.
20110708             —RULED, CANADA, 1—FEDERAL—APPEALS—COURT, that 1—ILLEGAL—IMMIGRANT has no right to free medical intervention of ongoing health care.
20110708             —ASKED, COLOMBIA, PRESIDENT—JUAN—MANUEL—SANTOS, for forgiveness from victims and survivors of a 20000000              massacre by RIGHT—WING paramilitaries that is considered 1—OF—THE—BLOODIEST—CHAPTERS in COLOMBIA—LONG—INTERNAL—CONFLICT.
20110708             A report from the National COMMISSION—OF—REPARATION and Reconciliation says at least 60—PEOPLE were killed in THE—TOWN—OF—EL Salado in NORTH—BOLIVAR province 20110216—20000221    —BETWEEN.
20110708             —CRASHED, CONGODRC, 1—HEWA Bora Airways plane, in 1—THUNDERSTORM as it was attempting to land in KISANGANI airport, killing at least 48—PEOPLE, and leaving 12 or more buried in the wreckage.
20110708             53—PASSENGERS survived.
20110708             Egyptians held 1—OF—THEIR biggest protests in months as tens of thousands took to the streets in CAIRO and other cities to demand justice for VICTIMS—OF—HOSNI MUBARAK—REGIME and press the country's new military rulers for 1—CLEAR—PLAN on transition to democracy.
20110708             —INVESTIGATED, FRANCE—POLICE, 1—TRAIN—ROBBERY on the outskirts of MARSEILLE in which 1—GROUP—OF—YOUTHS held up 1—PASSENGER—TRAIN and robbed 1—FREIGHT train following behind.
20110708             —CAUSED, INDIA, heavy monsoon rains, 1—STONE—WALL to collapse, killing 10—CONSTRUCTION—WORKERS, on the outskirts of Mumbai.
20110708             —KILLED, IRAQ, a roadside bombing WEST—OF—BAGHDAD, 2—IRAQ—ARMY officers.
20110708             —DEMONSTRATED, HUNDREDS—OF—PRO—REFORM—JORDANIANS, in AMMAN and other cities, demanding THE—RESIGNATION—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT nearly 1—WEEK after PRIME—MINISTER—MAARUF—BAKHIT reshuffled his cabinet.
20110708             Andris Berzins (19440000              *) took office as PRESIDENT—OF—LATVIA.
20110708             —POURED, THOUSANDS—OF—LIBYANS, into TRIPOLI—MAIN—SQUARE for mass prayers and 1—RALLY in support of Moammar Gadhafi.
20110708             —BATTLED, Rebels, to within 2—KM (1—MILE) of the center of Zliten town with the loss of 5—DEAD and 17 wounded.
20110708             NATO struck targets in several areas, including tanks, rocket launching sites, artillery pieces, military storage facilities and command and control centers.
20110708             4—BOATS carrying about 1,000 migrants fleeing the conflict arrived on THE—ITALY—ISLAND—OF—LAMPEDUSA.
20110708             MEXICO, the bodies of 10—MEN and 1—WOMAN who had been shot with HIGH—POWERED rifles were found piled near 1—WATER well on THE—OUTSKIRTS—OF—MEXICO—CITY.
20110708             A survivor later said victims were kidnapped —2—DAYS—EARLIER in 1—BAR by MEMBERS—OF—THE—KNIGHTS Templar.
20110708             —KILLED, At least 20—PEOPLE were, in 1—BAR—MASSACRE in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—MONTERREY when riflemen opened fire on the clientele and employees.
20110708             PAKISTAN officials said that a 4—DAY—AIR and ground offensive against militants in 1—KEY—TRIBAL—DISTRICT had left 42—ENEMY—FIGHTERS and 8—SOLDIERS—DEAD on THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER.
20110708             —ORDERED, The government, 1,000 extra troops to deploy in KARACHI with instructions to SHOOT—TO—KILL.
20110708             —ARRESTED, Security forces had already, 89—SUSPECTS over the killings.
20110708             Scores of PRO—PALESTINIAN activists trying to reach Tel Aviv, as part of 1 coordinated protest, were blocked at European airports.
20110708             6—ACTIVISTS who managed to land were deported as ISRAEL moved to defuse the mass arrival envisioned by organizers.
20110708             —AGREED, SRI—LANKA, 1—MAGISTRATE, to 1—POLICE—REQUEST to detain 1—UK—CITIZEN—OF—SRI—LANKAN—ORIGIN accused of causing "disrepute to the country and the army by providing alleged videos to BRITAIN—CHANNEL 4—TELEVISION" for its documentary "SRI—LANKA—KILLING—FIELDS".
20110708             Tens of THOUSANDS—OF—SYRIANS carrying olive branches and shouting for THE—DOWNFALL—OF—PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD—REGIME streamed into the flashpoint CITY—OF—HAMA.
20110708             —TRAVELED, USA and FRANCE—AMBASSADORS, to Hama 1—DAY—EARLIER and left today before the protests began.
20110708             —KILLED, Security forces, 3—PROTESTERS in Maaret AL—NUMAN, 1—TOWN on the highway linking DAMASCUS, the capital, with SYRIA—LARGEST—CITY, ALEPPO.
20110708             2—OTHER—PEOPLE were killed in DAMASCUS' central neighborhood of Midan and in the nearby TOWN—OF—DUMARI.
20110708             —KILLED, Activists said the crackdown, at least 13—PEOPLE.
20110708             —OPENED, YEMEN, PRESIDENT—ALI—ABDULLAH—SALEH—SUPPORTERS, fire, killing at least 11—PEOPLE after their leader's 1. television appearance since his injury last month.
20110708             5—PEOPLE † from gunshots in THE—CAPITAL—SANAA, 4 in THE—TOWN—OF—IBB, and at least 2—OTHERS elsewhere.
20110708             —OPENED, ZAMBIA—PRESIDENT—RUPIAH—BANDA, the country's largest coal mine, after SINGAPORE—NAVA—BHARAT took over majority shares and invested $750—MILLION (525—MILLION—EUROS) at the once defunct state entity.
20110708—20070000    —IN, Police also RE—ARRESTED Clive Goodman (53), THE—NEWS—OF—THE—WORLD—FORMER—ROYAL—EDITOR, who was jailed for hacking THE—VOICEMAILS—OF—PRINCES—WILLIAM and Harry.
20110708—20110706    —SINCE, At least 80—PEOPLE have been killed in the deadliest 6—MONTHS—OF—POLITICAL—VIOLENCE 19950000             —SINCE.
20120704—20120708    —PULLED, Rescue workers, 8—MINERS OUT—OF—THE—COAL—MINE in LEIYANG city, but another 3 were believed to be still trapped.
20120705—20120708    —ON, A woman (30) among the 6 arrested was reported released without charge.
20120708             A blistering heat wave finally showed signs of letting up across THE—USA—MIDWEST and Northeast, with more moderate temperatures bringing relief to overheated residents from CHICAGO to NEW—YORK, according to meteorologists.
20120708             The unrelenting heat left at least 30—PEOPLE across half the country.
20120708             —ATTENDED, DOZENS—OF—WOMEN who, 1—RHODE—ISLAND—HIGH—SCHOOL—RUN by the disgraced LEGION—OF—CHRIST—RELIGIOUS—ORDER urged THE—VATICAN to close the program, saying the psychological abuse they endured trying to live like teenage nuns led to multiple cases of anorexia, STRESS—INDUCED migraines, depression and even suicidal thoughts.
20120708             He was also known as the Navy officer in the television series "MCHALE—NAVY," which aired 19620000—19660000    —FROM—TO.
20120708             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, roadside bombs, 18—CIVILIANS, including 7—WOMEN, traveling in 3—VEHICLES in SOUTH—KANDAHAR province close to THE—PAKISTAN border.
20120708             A NATO—SERVICE member was killed in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN during 1—INSURGENT attack.
20120708             5—AFGHANISTAN—POLICEMEN were killed while responding to 1—GUN—BATTLE being waged against insurgents at 1—CHECKPOINT in THE—MUSA—QALA DISTRICT—OF—HELMAND province.
20120708             6—AMERICANS were killed when their armored vehicle struck 1—BOMB planted in Wardak province.
20120708             —PLEDGED, Donor nations meeting in TOKYO, $16—BILLION for AFGHANISTAN to prevent the country from sliding back into turmoil when foreign combat troops depart, but called on KABUL to implement reforms to fight graft.
20120708             —HOSTED, The conference, representatives from about 80—NATIONS and INTERNATIONAL organizations in 1—GATHERING aimed at adopting the "TOKYO Declaration," pledging support and cash.
20120708             —STARTED, CHINA, work on a 30-billion-yuan ($4.8-billion) tourism project in Lhasa city, as it seeks to draw more travelers to the restive Tibet region.
20120708             CHINA, 1—GAS—BLAST at 1—COAL—MINE in THE—CENTRAL—PROVINCE—OF—HUNAN killed 7—PEOPLE, the latest in 1—STRING—OF—ACCIDENTS in the country's dangerous mining industry.
20120708             —SEIZED, CONGODRC, M23 rebels, THE—EAST—TOWN—OF—RUTSHURU after the army fled their advance.
20120708             A local official said the army looted during their retreat.
20120708             M23 also took the towns of Ntamugenga and Rubare.
20120708             8 armored vehicles from THE—UNITED—NATIONS mission fled Rutshuru for 1—UN—BASE 5—KILOMETERS away in Kiwanja, where MANY—LOCAL—RESIDENTS were sheltering in 1—CAMP for displaced people.
20120708             Rebels said they would cede MOST—OF—THEIR—GAINS to UN peacekeepers and police.
20120708             —PRODUCED, IRAQ—KURDISTAN said it has begun sending oil, in its 3—PROVINCE—AUTONOMOUS region OUT—OF—THE—COUNTRY without the express permission of the central government.
20120708             —EXPORTED, It was being, to TURKEY so it could be refined into various products before being brought back to Kurdistan.
20120708             —ANNOUNCED, ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU, he will back 1—CONTROVERSIAL—PLAN to compel ULTRA—ORTHODOX—JEWS and Arab Israelis to complete compulsory military or community service.
20120708             —KILLED, NIGERIA, 1—FEDERAL—LAWMAKER and 1—STATE—LAWMAKER were, in 1—AMBUSH on their way to 1—MASS burial for victims near JOS.
20120708             —KILLED, At least 20—OTHERS were, when gunmen stormed the funeral of those killed 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20120708             —CLAIMED, Boko Haram later, that it was responsible for the attacks.
20120708             —STREAMED, PAKISTAN, THOUSANDS—OF—HARDLINE Islamists, toward ISLAMABAD in 1—MASSIVE—CONVOY—OF—VEHICLES to protest the government's decision to allow THE—USA and other NATO—COUNTRIES to resume shipping troop supplies through the country to AFGHANISTAN.
20120708             —ARRESTED, SAUDI—ARABIA, Sheik Nimr AL—NIMR was, after he and followers exchanged fire with security forces and crashed into 1—OF—THE—PATROL—VEHICLES.
20120708             —WOUNDED, AL—NIMR, who was, in the leg, faced charges of instigating unrest in THE—OIL—RICH—EASTERN—PROVINCE.
20120708             † SAUDI—ARABIA—PRINCE—MOHAMMED bin Saud (78), 1—SENIOR—PRINCE and former defense MINISTER.
20120708             —WIELDED, SAUDI—ARABIA—PRINCE—MOHAMMED, influence as PART—OF—1—COUNCIL—OF—ROYAL—FAMILY—MEMBERS that helps select the heirs to rule the country.
20120708             —FIRED, SUDAN—SECURITY—FORCES, tear gas after demonstrations broke out at THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—KHARTOUM, where nationwide protests against high prices began last month.
20120708             —POUNDED, SYRIA—FORCES, ALEPPO and Deir Ezzor provinces as at least 35—PEOPLE were killed across the country, among them 17—CIVILIANS.
20120708             VIETNAM, CUBA—PRESIDENT—RAUL—CASTRO met with state leaders following a visit to CHINA, as HAVANA looks to old communist allies while it attempts to push through historic economic reforms.
20120708             MONTANUS—EREMITA
20120708             —KAMPF—GEGEN—KOMASAUFEN: SCHRÖDER plant strenge Sperrstunde für Teenager
20120708             SCHULDEN—KRISE—GRIECHENLAND will Privatisierungen beschleunigen
20120708             AFGHANISTAN—FRAU unter Jubel hingerichtet
20120708             ISRAEL: Tausende fordern WEHR—PFLICHT—FÜR—ULTRAORTHODOXE JUDEN
20120708             —NOCH—IMMER, Die schlimmste CHOLERA—EPIDEMIE WELT—WEIT herrscht auf HAITI.
20120708             —SEITDEM, mehr als 500.000—MENSCHEN haben sich infiziert, mehr als 7000—SIND an der Krankheit gestorben.
20120708             UNO—BLAUHELMSOLDATEN aus ASIEN sollen das potentiell tödliche Bakterium KURZ—NACH, der KATASTROPHE eingeschleppt haben.
20120708             Aufgrund der Regenzeit verschärft sich DIE—SITUATION —DERZEIT, erneut - -EXPERTEn befürchten, daß es JAHRE dauern wird, DIE—EPIDEMIE einzudämmen.
20120708             —INZWISCHEN, DIE—EXTREMISTEN seien durch SICHERHEITS—KRÄFTE vertrieben worden.
20120708             DIE—TALIBAN haben dementiert, in die Tat verwickelt zu sein, DIE—CA—1—WOCHE zurückliegen soll.
20120708             Ihr Sprecher Sabiullah Mudschahid sagte, TALIBAN—KÄMPFER hätten nichts mit der Exekution zu tun.
20120708             Ihr Sprecher Sabiullah Mudschahid sagte, Möglicherweise hätten Dorfbewohner DIE—FRAU erschossen.
20120708             —AM, Hindukusch
20120708             "Wir müssen 1—NEUES GESETZ—ÜBER—DIE WEHR—PFLICHT erlassen, andernfalls
20120708             LIBOR—AFFÄRE: Pikanter Bankenhinweis verschärft britischen ZINS—SKANDAL
20120708             BUNDES—BANK—VORSTAND hält LIBOR—SYSTEM anfällig für BETRUG
20120708             DEUTSCHE—BANK und auch DIE—UBS.
20120708             —NOCH—IMMER, MEXIKO—IN—AUFRUHR
20120708             "Peña, wieviel hat es gekostet, —PRÄSIDENT zu werden?"
20120708             Aus 1—GLÄUBIGEN wird er zum Gläubiger, aus der RELIGION fällt er in die Jurisprudenz.
20120708             GEHEIMNISSE—DES—CHRISTLICHEN Altertums
20120708             Besser als die zirkulierenden z.T.
20120708             Part 1 (16:04mn) : ANNE—WIAZEMSKY, Nanterre, DANIEL—COHN—BENDIT, mouvement du 22—MARS, VIETNAM, RUDI—DUTSCHKE, BERLIN demonstarations,
20120708             OBJETS TROUVES | LOST & FOUND
20120708             Documents, pictures, audio files, movies, collected on the web and elsewhere.
20120708             Meine vollständige Empfehlung:
20120708             SCHLOSS—TÜRNICH
20120708             es steht also erneut 1-WOCHE der Wahrheit an.
20120708             SOFTWARE—PANNE: Wichtige DATEN beim BKA gelöscht
20120708             BERLIN, Durch 1—SOFTWARE—PANNE sind beim BUNDES—KRIMINAL—AMT (BKA) und bei DER—BUNDES—POLIZEI über MONATE Beweismittel in Ermittlungsverfahren gelöscht worden.
20120708             PARLAMENT wieder einberufen: ÄGYPTEN—PRÄSIDENT legt sich mit Generälen an
20120708             SCHWEIZer STEUER—SÜNDER—CD: DEUTSCHE Fahnder sollen zum DATEN—KLAU anGESTIFTET haben
20120708             [l] GlaxoSmithKline zahlt 3-MILLIARDEN-$, um 1—PHARMABETRUGS—GERICHT—VERFAHREN aus der Welt zu schaffen.
20120708             what GOVERNMENT—OFFICIALS—ON—MONDAY described as the largest CASE—OF—HEALTHCARE fraud in USA—HISTORY.
20120708             [l] In Capitalist AMERICA, E—BOOK—IS reading You!
20120708             —IN—THE—PAST, publishers and authors had no way of knowing what happens when 1—READER sits down with 1—BOOK.
20120708             —ENDLICH, MEHR—ÜBERWACHUNG und MEHR—BESCHNÜFFELUNG! Vorsprung durch Technik!
20120708             ASSAD im deutschen TV: DIKTATOR gibt Westen Schuld für BLUT—VERGIEßEN
20120708             "Solange sie (DIE—USA, Anmerkung der Redaktion) in irgendeiner Weise TERRORISTEN Unterstützung gewähren, werden sie zu deren Partner",
20120708             DIE—USA "sind Teil dieses Konflikt", sagte ASSAD.
20120708             "Sie spannen 1—SCHIRM auf und bieten diesen Banden politischen Schutz, um SYRIEN zu destabilisieren".
20120708             "1——PRÄSIDENT sollte vor nationalen Herausforderungen nicht davonlaufen und wir stehen hier im Augenblick VOR—1—NATIONALEN Herausforderung in SYRIEN.
20120708             DER—PRÄSIDENT kann sich 1—SOLCHEN Situation nicht einfach entziehen".
20120708             "es ist deutlich erkennbar, daß wir nicht erfolgreich waren", sagte Annan der französischen ZEITUNG—LE—MONDE,
20120708             —UNTERDESSEN ,entführten mutmaßliche REGIME—GEGNER den Sohn 1—ANGEHÖRIGEN des inneren Zirkels um ASSAD.
20120708             † Der Fahrer starb.
20120708             CHINA wies indes die Kritik von USA—AUßEN—MINISTERIN—HILLARY—CLINTON an seiner Haltung im SYRIEN—KONFLIKT als "völlig inakzeptabel"zurück.
20120708             "Wir haben aber erlebt, wie bei komplexen Sachverhalten, etwa dem DER—ARMEE—EINSATZ—IM—AUSLAND,
20120708             dem UM—BAU des SOZIAL—STAATS oder DER—EURO—KRISE—VON—DER—POLITIK 1—VERMINDERTE Kommunikation geübt worden ist".
20120708             ZINS—AFFÄRE: Investoren fordern Schadensersatz von DEUTSCHE—BANK
20120708             Auch der DEUTSCHE—STÄDTE—TAG lehnt das neue Meldegesetz ab:
20120708             "Unser Interesse geht nicht dahin, mit Adressen zu handeln", sagt der stellvertretende STÄDTETAGS—HAUPTGESCHÄFTSFÜHRER Helmut Dedy in der MONTAGS—AUSGABE der SÜD—DEUTSCHE—ZEITUNG,
20120708             wie das Blatt vorab berichtet.
20120708             1—ENTGEGENKOMMEN gegenüber Adresshändlern hält er für problematisch.
20120708             Doch im zuständigen INNEN—AUSSCHUSS setzten CDU, CSU und FDP—GEGEN—DIE—OPPOSITION——PARTEIEN 1—ÄNDERUNG durch, welche DIE—REGELUNG quasi ins Gegenteil verkehrt.
20120708             Diese neue Formulierung kritisiert nun pikanterweise auch die CSU—MINISTERIN—AIGNER.
20120708             "Wenn IM—LAUFE—DER—ERMITTLUNGEN bei der DEUTSCHE—BANK ähnliche Vergehen sichtbar werden, wie es sie anscheinend bei BARCLAYS gab, muss auch da alles auf den Prüfstand",
20120708             sagte HANS—CHRISTOPH—HIRT von der britischen AKTIONÄR—VERTRETUNG Hermes.
20120708             "es wäre 1—CHANCE für den neuen AUFSICHTSRATS—CHEF—PAUL Achleitner, zu beweisen,
20120708             dass er die von den Aktionären klar artikulierten Sorgen ernst nimmt".
20120708             [l] Andere Länder, andere Sitten: In NEW—YORK kann man für "Tanzen in 1—U—BAHN—STATION"verhaftet werden.
20120708—19550000    —IN, He created 1—VARIETY—OF—MEMORABLE—CHARACTERS in both movies and television and won THE—BEST—ACTOR—OSCAR for his role as 1—LOVESICK butcher in "Marty".
20120708—20080000    —J—IM, LAUT—DARSTELLUNG—VON—BARCLAYS ging DAS—INSTITUT davon aus, daß DIE—NOTEN—BANK falsche Angaben des Geldhauses zur Ermittlung des LIBOR guthieß.
20120708—20120712    —ON, THE—LEGION—LAY branch Regnum Christi —POSTED 1—STATEMENT on its website outlining changes.
20120708—20120901    —SINCE, KUWAIT—ZAIN telecom said its IRAQ—UNIT has been fined $12,877 1—DAY for failing to list on THE—IRAQ—BOURSE but will seek to have the penalty that has reached $4—MILLION scrapped.
20130708             THE—USA and 28—COUNTRIES—OF—THE—EU began negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.
20130708             —CRACKED, SF Bay Bridge officials said repairs to, rods would delay THE—OPENING—OF—THE—NEW $6.4—BILLION Bay Bridge by at least 3—MONTHS.
20130708             —ARRESTED, AFGHANISTAN—AUTHORITIES said they have, ZAKARIA—KANDAHARI, 1—MAN who served as 1—TRANSLATOR for USA Special Forces and was wanted on allegations he tortured and killed civilians.
20130708             The Wardak provincial GOVERNOR—OFFICE said 16—TALIBAN were killed and 2 arrested in a 24-hour operation that ended today.
20130708             2—AFGHANISTAN—SOLDIERS were killed and 6—OTHERS wounded.
20130708             —LAUNCHED, LAGHMAN, province THE—AFGHANISTAN—INTELLIGENCE—SERVICE, 1—PRE—EMPTIVE strike on 1—GROUP—OF—TALIBAN after learning they were preparing to attack 1—POLICE—CHECKPOINT.
20130708             2—MILITANTS were killed in the ensuing gunbattle and 1 captured.
20130708             —KILLED, NANGAHAR, province 3—AFGHANISTAN—NATIONAL—POLICE were, and another wounded when their checkpoint was attacked.
20130708             —HANDED, CHINA, down 1 suspended death sentence on 1—FORMER—RAILWAYS—MINISTER for corruption, 1—CASE seen as 1—TEST—OF—PRESIDENT—XI—JINPING—RESOLVE to crack down on pervasive graft.
20130708             —CLASHED, EGYPT—SOLDIERS and police, with Islamists protesting the military's OUSTER—OF—THE—PRESIDENT.
20130708             The bloodshed left 53—PRO—MORSI protesters dead as well as 4—MEMBERS—OF—THE—SECURITY—FORCES.
20130708             2—OF 15—CREW members were reportedly rescued.
20130708             A pirate COMMANDER said at least 6—PIRATES and 2—CREW members had been killed.
20130708             —REACHED, GREECE—INTERNATIONAL—DEBT—INSPECTORS, 1—TENTATIVE agreement with THE—CASH—STRAPPED country on reforms needed to keep releasing vital bailout loans, although they warned it still faced an "uncertain" economic outlook and needed to sack THOUSANDS—OF—STATE—SECTOR—WORKERS.
20130708             Municipal workers went on strike to protest government plans to reduce the number of civil servants.
20130708             IRAN—COMMUNICATIONS—MINISTER said all citizens will be assigned 1—INDIVIDUAL—EMAIL—ADDRESS which the would aid interaction between state authorities and the people.
20130708             —EXPLODED, IRAQ, a bomb, near a youth center in Madain killing 6—CIVILIANS.
20130708             —EXPLODED, In MOSUL a car bomb, in a commercial area, killing 1—CIVILIAN.
20130708             Also in MOSUL 2—MILITANT—GROUPS shot and killed 1—POLICE—OFFICER and 1—CIVILIAN in 2—SEPARATE—ATTACKS.
20130708             ISRAEL, several 1000—ULTRA—ORTHODOX—PROTESTERS effectively blocked Jewish women activists campaigning for equal worship rights at THE—WEST—WALL from holding 1—MONTHLY—PRAYER—SESSION at the holy site.
20130708             —FIRED, NIGERIA, gunmen, on the premises of NIGERIAN—OWNED but LEBANESE—RUN—CONSTRUCTION—FIRM—SETRACO in BENIN city, killing 2—SOLDIERS, wounding a 3. and seizing 1—LEBANON—CONSTRUCTION—MANAGER.
20130708             —ANNOUNCED, SYRIA—RULING—BAATH party, it has elected 1—NEW—REGIONAL—COMMAND to replace its aging leadership, including the country's longtime VICE—PRESIDENT, as its 2—YEAR—CIVIL—WAR raged on.
20130708             2—CAR—BOMBS exploded in 1—PREDOMINANTLY Alawite and Christian neighborhood of HOMS, killing at least 4—PEOPLE and wounding 29.
20130708             —APPOINTED, Ghassan Hitto, last March as the notional PRIME—MINISTER—OF—THE—INTERIM—GOVERNMENT—OF—SYRIA, resigned.
20130708             —APPOINTED, He had been, to assemble 1—ADMINISTRATION to govern REBEL—HELD territory.
20130708             —REOPENED, TURKEY, ISTANBUL—GEZI—PARK at the heart of last month's demonstrations against PRIME—MINISTER—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN.
20130708             —CALLED, Protest leaders, 1—RALLY there for this evening in DEFIANCE—OF—THE—CITY—GOVERNOR.
20130708             —FORCED, Hours later police, people out due to concerns about 1 planned protest rally.
20130708             —ENSUED, Clashes, in nearby streets before police allowed people back into the park around midnight.
20130708             —ARRESTED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—MADURO said 5—OFFICIALS have been, and charged with embezzling $84—MILLION from 1—CHINA—FINANCED development fund administered by STATE—RUN—DEVELOPMENT—BANK—BANDES.
20130708             YEMEN, army COMMANDER—COLONEL—AHMED—MOHAMMED—AL—SUHAILI was shot dead as he was leaving home for work in Hadramout province.
20130708             —AM, In CALIFORNIA—STATE—PRISONS, 30.000—INMATES began HUNGER—STRIKES in PROTEST—OF—THE—USE—OF—SOLITARY—CONFINEMENT. THE—HUNGER—STRIKES lasted 2—MONTHS (www.latimes_com20131509             ).
20130708—20101100    —SINCE, The European Union Naval Force said THE—MV Albedo, 1 hijacked MALAYSIAN—FLAGGED ship that pirates have held off THE—COAST—OF—SOMALIA, has sunk in rough seas.
20130708—20110000    —IN—THE, VIRGINIA, 3—SOMALIS were CONVICTED—OF—PIRACY, kidnapping and murder shooting deaths of 4—AMERICANS sailing in THE—INDIA—OCEAN off of OMAN and could face the death penalty.
20130708—20130725    —RELEASED, The manager was.
20140708             Federal water managers said drought in THE—SOUTH—WEST—USA will deplete NEVADA—VAST—LAKE—MEAD this week to levels not seen since the Great Depression in the 1930s.
20140708             —EXPERIENCED, USA—EAST—COAST states, severe storms and high winds.
20140708             4—PEOPLE were killed in NEW—YORK and 1 in MARYLAND.
20140708             —REPORTED, CNN, nearly 500,000 homes and businesses without power, mostly in PENNSYLVANIA and NEW—YORK state.
20140708             WASHINGTON, STATE—THE—MILLS—CANYON—FIRE broke out near the tiny EAST—TOWN—OF—ENTIAT, in Chelan County.
20140708             EAST—AFGHANISTAN, 4—NATO—SOLDIERS from THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—REP. were killed in 1—EXPLOSION.
20140708             At least 10—CIVILIANS, and 2—POLICE—OFFICERS were also killed when 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER attacked Afghan and foreign forces near Charakar, the provincial CAPITAL—OF—PARVAN province.
20140708             AUSTRALIA, JAPAN—PRIME—MINISTER—SHINZO—ABE met with AUSTRALIA—PRIME—MINISTER—TONY—ABBOTT to sign agreements bolstering defense and trade ties between the countries.
20140708             —AWARDED, BANGLADESH was, nearly 4—FIFTHS—OF—1—AREA sprawling over 25,000 sq km (9,700 sq miles) in the Bay of Bengal by 1—UN—TRIBUNAL, ending 1—DISPUTE over 1—SEA—BORDER with INDIA that has ruffled ties between the neighbors for more than 3—DECADES.
20140708             BRAZIL, World Cup semifinals THE—GERMANY—SOCCER team beat BRAZIL—NATIONAL team in a RECORD—BREAKING 7—1—GAME.
20140708             CAMBODIA, WILLIAM—GLENN, 43—JAHRE—ALT, an USA—TEACHER from MISSISSIPPI, left his guesthouse in PHNOM—PENH on 1—MOTORCYCLE taxi and never returned.
20140708             —DISCOVERED, His body was, the next day at 1—GARBAGE dump.
20140708             A roadside bomb killed 3—FEDERAL—POLICE and wounded 2—MORE—WEST—OF—SAMARRA.
20140708             —LAUNCHED, ISRAEL, Operation Protective Edge in response to rocket attacks by Hamas.
20140708             —POUNDED, ISRAEL—WARPLANES, GAZA with more than 50—STRIKES—EARLY—TODAY after Hamas militants fired SCORES—OF—ROCKETS over the border.
20140708             Palestinian officials said at least 10—PEOPLE, including 2—CHILDREN, were killed in the attacks from air and sea.
20140708             —POUNDED, Typhoon Neoguri, across THE—SOUTH—JAPAN—ISLANDS—OF—OKINAWA, as residents took refuge from destructive winds, towering waves and storm surges.
20140708             —RESTARTED, LIBYA, production at the Sharara oilfield, 1—OF—THE—COUNTRY—LARGEST oilfields, pumping at more than 90—PERCENT of its capacity.
20140708             NORTH—KOREA—6,700-ton freighter "Mu Du Bong," which had come from CUBA, ran aground on 1—REEF 8—MILES (13—KM) NORTH—EAST—OF—TUXPAN in MEXICO—VERACRUZ state.
20140708             —BOMBED, PAKISTAN—JETS, insurgent hideouts in a restive tribal area bordering AFGHANISTAN and killed at least 13—MILITANTS in Degan village, NORTH—WAZIRISTAN.
20140708             SOMALIA, 3—OF 4—EXTREMIST attackers were shot dead by soldiers after they forced their way into the presidential palace in MOGADISHU.
20140708             —WOUNDED, The 4. militant was.
20140708             —RAPED, THAILAND, the body of 1, girl (13) was discovered early today near the train tracks in Prachuap Khirikhan province's Pranburi district.
20140708             —DISAPPEARED, She had, the night of 20140705              from 1—SLEEPING berth en route from THE—SOUTH—PROVINCE—OF—SURAT Thai to the capital, BANGKOK.
20140708             —ARRESTED, Railway worker Wanchai Saengkhao was, and faced charges of rape, concealing 1—BODY and murder.
20140708             —SIGNALED, UKRAINE—GOVERNMENT, its intention to press on with its campaign against PRO—RUSSIA—REBELS and the militants, regrouping after losing their stronghold, said they were preparing to fight back.
20140708             THE—YEMEN—RED—CRESCENT said some 10,000 families have fled THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—AMRAN in 3—DAYS to escape 1 intensified battle between the army and Shiite rebels.
20140708             —UKRAINE—KRISE, EU verlängert Sanktionsliste gegen RUSSLAND
20140708             USA und DEUTSCHLAND in der AGENTEN—AFFÄRE: Entfremdete Freunde
20140708             —AM—MONTAG—ABEND, sorgte in WASHINGTON 1—MELDUNG der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR—REUTERS für Aufsehen, wonach DIE—CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY offenbar —BALD—SCHON 1—BETEILIGUNG an der SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE einräumen will. CIA—CHEF—JOHN—BRENNAN wird demnach ausgewählte Mitglieder des USA—PARLAMENTS über DIE—AFFÄRE und DIE—ROLLE seines Dienstes unterrichten.
20140708             Gerade erst haben USA—AMERIKANER und DEUTSCHE zur Schadensbegrenzung den "CYBER—DIALOG"in BERLIN eröffnet. AUßEN—MINISTER—FRANK—WALTER—STEINMEIER sagte damals: "Lassen Sie uns miteinander nach vorn gehen, statt uns ineinander zu verhaken".Das klingt jetzt, vor dem Hintergrund DER—BND—SPITZEL—AFFÄRE, unfreiwillig komisch.
20140708             DEUTSCHLAND—EXPERTE JACK—JANES vom USA—INSTITUTE for Contemporary GERMANY—STUDIES (AICGS) in WASHINGTON sagt, IN—DEN—USA mangele es noch am BEWUSSTSEIN für das, was DIE—NSA—SPÄH—AFFÄRE oder der aktuelle SPIONAGE—FALL in DEUTSCHLAND auslösten: "Hier wird das nur als ZWISCHENZEIT—STÖRUNG im beiderseitigen Verhältnis wahrgenommen;
20140708             —NOCH—IMMER, sei DIE—USA—PERSPEKTIVE auf DEUTSCHLAND vom KALTER—KRIEG geprägt: Über JAHR—ZEHNT e habe man dort 1—GROßE MILITÄR—UND geheimdienstliche Präsenz gehabt, diese aber nach Wiedervereinigung und neu gewonnener deutscher Souveränität kaum abgebaut.
20140708             Ganz im Gegenteil: In Folge der 9/11-Anschläge sei der Apparat wie aufgeputscht gewesen —, das habe sich BIS—HEUTE so fortgesetzt.
20140708             GEHEIM—DIENSTE sind TERROR—ORGANISATIONEN vergleichbar mit den ISLAMISTEN und gehören geächtet. GEHEIM—DIENSTE sind eben nicht wesentlicher BESTAND—TEIL
20140708             DIE—AMERIKANISCHEN BÜRGER würden es uns mittelfristig danken, wenn so 1—BREITE DISKUSSION—ÜBER Sinn und Zweck DER—GEHEIM—DIENSTE ausgelöst würde. —DENN, langsam entwickeln sich DIE—GEHEIM—DIENSTE zu 1—STAAT im Staat und stellen für Demokratie und Freiheit 1—WEITAUS größere Gefahr dar, als alle islamistischen Wirrköpfe zusammen.
20140708             DIE—USA kennen nur 1—SPRACHE: Geld und massiven Druck. ALDI macht gerade 1—SONDER—AKTION für dutzende USA—PRODUKTE... einfach im Regal verschimmeln lassen... das ist die Sprache, die IN—DEN—USA verstanden wird.
20140708             Dass in den letzten 2—MONATEN 2—DEUTSCHE Politiker die an Kontrollgremien beteiligt waren, durch GEHEIM—DIENST—INFORMATIONEN aus dem Verkehr gezogen wurden, ist ihr sicher Warnung genug.
20140708             1—FRAGE bleibt NOCH—IMMER ungestellt. Wie bitte kam DER—DIENST an AKTEN—DES—NSA—UNTERSUCHUNGS—AUSSCHUSS? es mutet doch seltsam an, daß DER—BND, dessen Rolle auch vom Ausschuss aufgeklärt werden soll —PLÖTZLICH, AKTEN—DES—AUSSCHUSSES hat.
20140708             "Lediglich DIE—RUSSEN..".
20140708             DIE—RUSSEN waren nicht nur bereit, auf ihre Rechte als Aliierte zu verzichten, vielmehr bot Gorbatschow den Abschluss 1—FRIEDENS——VERTRAG—MIT—DEUTSCHLAND an. Dieses Angebot wurde jedoch von KOHL und GENSCHER abgelehnt. Diese beiden "Herren"hatten also DAMALS—SCHON vor, DEUTSCHLAND zu verraten und zu verkaufen.
20140708             Ich sehe das als Problem, wenn man nicht über den Tellerrand blickt. Behandeln DIE—USA andere Länder etwa anders? Und haben DIE—USA dieses Handlungsmuster ERST—NACH—DEM, KALTER—KRIEG oder nach dem 2.WK. begonnen? Nein, natürlich nicht. es ist historisch belegt dass dieses Handlungsmuster seit Anfang des 19.09010101—10001231    —CENTURY zur USA—AUSSEN—POLITIK gehört.
20140708—20010911    —SEIT, Haben sie schon mal was von Echolon gehört? DIE—USA praktizieren das nicht erst und btw empfehle ich zu 20010911             sich einmal die Kontroverse dazu IN—DEN—USA selber anzusehen. Ziemlich aufschlussreich. Wenn man hier in EUROPA irgendwo auch nur das allerkleinste an Krtitik an der [SOGENANNT]offiziellen Version von sich gibt, wird man unmittelbar TOT Diffamiert. IN—DEN—USA selber sieht das ganz anders aus. Weit mehr als 50 % der USA—AMERIKANER glauben DIE—OFFIZIELLE—VERSION nicht mal ansatzweise und fordern 1—NEUUNTERSUCHUNG! es ist aber schon 1—KRIMINALISTISCHEN Wunder, daß die ganzen amerikansichen Dienste ja tootal überrascht waren, man aber bereits am Abend des 09.11.alle Täter identifiziert hatte, um nur mal 1—DER vielen Kontroversen anzusprechen... JEDER—MENSCH, dessen Kognitive Fähigkeit zu mehr in der Lage sind, als gerade eben die vegetativen Eigenschaften des Körpers aufrecht zu erhalten, MUSS DIE—OFFIZIELLE—VERS
20140708             Ist doch ganz einfach
20140708             G W BUSH sagte doch: "Either you're with or against us".Entweder ihr seid mit oder GEGENUSA—ENTWEDER—FRIEDEN als unterdrückte und bespitzelte Kolonie oderhalt Drohnen über DEUTSCHLAND. So einfach ist das.
20140708             es geht nicht um TERROR, es geht um MACHT
20140708             Und immer wieder die selben längst widerlegten Phrasen. Und immer wieder: es geht nicht um TERROR! TERROR wird geschürt statt bekämpft. Durch den NSA—APPARAT wurde schlichtweg noch kein TERRORIST gefunden. Selbst zehntausende ISIS—KÄMPFER die gerade im IRAK wüten wurden scheinbar noch nicht von der NSA wahrgenommen. Nennt es doch endlich beim Namen: es geht bewiesenermassen um politische Beeinflussung, imperiale MACHT und WIRTSCHAFT—SPIONAGE.
20140708             Wenn man ab und zu mal 1—PAAR TERRORISTEN fängt, dann sind das erfreuliche NEBEN—PRODUKTE DER—GEHEIM—DIENST—ARBEIT — wenn man allerdings länger überhaupt keine fängt, ist das auf Dauer schlecht, dann muss man sich DIE—TERRORISTEN schnitzen.
20140708             Tourismus in BAGDAD: —SOMMERferien im KRIEG
20140708             Schleppender SMARTPHONE—VERKAUF: Gewinn von Samsung bricht 1
20140708             Windräder vs. ATOM—KRAFT—WERKE: SEEHOFER geht auf Abstand
20140708             Wissenschaftlicher Durchbruch: SCHWEDEN erfinden druckbare Mobilfunkempfänger
20140708             Größenrekorde: Wie flogen Vögel von Flugzeuggröße?
20140708             NORRKÖPING—DAS—INTERNET—DER—DINGE soll künftig etliche Alltagsgegenstände miteinander vernetzen. 1—MÖGLICHES Puzzleteil dafür haben schwedische Forscher jetzt entwickelt: druckbare elektronische Etiketten, die sich mit dem Mobilfunknetz verknüpfen lassen. DIE—DIODEN können unter normalen Umgebungsbedingungen gedruckt WERDEN—ETWA in 1—GEWÖHNLICHEN Druckerei, berichten DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER in den "Proceedings"der Nationalen AKADEMIE—DER—WISSENSCHAFTEN der USA (PNAS).
20140708             Dass ihre weniger als 20—TAUSENDSTEL Millimeter dicke Diode funktioniert, demonstrierten Berggren, Gustafsson und ihr Team an 1—KLEINEN gedruckten Display. Über 1—ANTENNE empfing ihr Gerät die Funkwellen, die 1—SMARTPHONE WÄHREND 1—ANRUFS erreichen. Dieses Wechselstromsignal mit 1—FREQUENZ—VON—1,8 Gigahertz wandelte die gedruckte Diode den Forschern zufolge in Gleichstrom um. Auf diese Weise konnte die Diode das Minidisplay anscha zehn, sodass es nach 10—SEKUNDEN klar erkennbar 1—BILD anzeigte.
20140708             Der gläserne BÜRGER ist umumkehrbarer Fakt, es stellt sich nur die Frage wer hineinschaut. DIE—ENTWICKLUNG der Miniaturisierung und Produkterfindung wird weiter gehen und in immer kürzeren Zeiträumen Dinge im INTERNET hervorbringen, die in Komplexität und Kompliziertheit von geschätzt 98 % der WELT—BEVÖLKERUNG weder verstanden noch verhindert werden können.
20140708             soll der nun ebenfallsin den "PNAS"vorgestellte Pelagornis sandersi 1 "meisterhafter Flieger"gewesen sein. Auch seine Maße liegen deutlich über denen von der Flugphysik eigentlich gesetzten Grenzen: Bei 1—SPANNWEITE von bis zu 6,4—METER soll der Vogel bis zu 41—KILOGRAMM schwer gewesen sein. Zu groß und zu schwer, sich aus dem Stand in die Luft zu erheben.
20140708             BUNDES—KANZLERIN in CHINA: MERKEL ruft chinesische Studenten zu kritischer Haltung auf
20140708             Mögliche Verstöße gegen USA—SANKTIONEN: COMMERZ—BANK droht 500—MILLIONEN—DOLLAR—STRAFE
20140708             APPLE—ZULIEFERER: Foxconn will —ARBEITER durch Roboter ersetzen
20140708             ATOM—VERHANDLUNGEN—IRAN besteht auf 190.000—ZENTRIFUGEN
20140708             Schwache NACH—FRAGE aus CHINA: DEUTSCHE Exporte sinken
20140708             Gendefekte in Zellkraftwerken: Auch Gesunde tragen gefährliche Mutationen
20140708             —UKRAINE—PROPAGANDA—PUTIN bremst DIE—HARD—LINER
20140708             —UKRAINE—KIEW knüpft Gespräche an vollständige ENT—WAFFNUNG der REBELLEN
20140708             INTERNET—DER—DINGE: LED—BIRNEN können W—LAN—PASSWÖRTER verraten
20140708             Neuer —CHEF—UND Reformen: FRANZISKUS—I—PAPA schrumpft VATIKAN—BANK zur Zahlstelle
20140708             EBOLA—EPIDEMIE—IN—WEST—AFRIKA: Traditionen erschweren KAMPF—GEGEN—TÖDLICHES VIRUS
20140708             DEUTSCH—AMERIKANISCHE Entfremdung: Das gekränkte Land
20140708             —URTEIL im SAARLAND: BILDUNGS—MINISTER darf NPD als "braune Brut"bezeichnen
20140708             SATELLITEN—DATEN, Forscher prognostizieren HOCH—WASSER MONATE im Voraus
20140708             DOKU—GROßPROJEKT im ZDF: Historiker CHRISTOPHER—CLARK erklärt den DEUTSCHEN, wer sie sind
20140708             Reager und Kollegen testeten DIE—AUSSAGEKRAFT von Schneemengen, BODENfeuchtigkeit und den Satellitendaten in 1—STATISTISCHEN Modell.
20140708             Ziel war die Voraussage 1—PEGELSTANDS, der höher lag als 99 % aller Pegelstände des MISSOURI
20140708             DIE—AUSWERTUNG—VON—DATEN aus fast 2—JAHREN zeigt, daß der nur aus den Satellitendaten berechnete Wert bereits 5—MONATE vor dem MISSOUR1—HOCH—WASSER über 1—KRITISCHEN GRENZ—WERT gelegen habe.
20140708             DIE—METHODE könne die HOCH—WASSERGEFAHR also FRÜH—ZEITIG anzeigen.
20140708             —BEREITS, 6—BIS 11—MONATE vor dem HOCH—WASSER hätten die Berechnungen aus den Satellitendaten Pegelstände prognostiziert, die nur knapp unter dem kritischen GRENZ—WERT gelegen hätten.
20140708             Beispielsweise gelang es Forschern anhand der DATEN, die Grundwassermenge auf den Kontinenten zu berechnen. Außerdem zeigten DIE—DATEN, daß DIE—OZEANE immer mehr Wasser enthielten - 1—HINWEIS dafür, daß Eismassen schmelzen.
20140708             Der 20090000              gestartete Satellit "Goce"liefert noch genauere Informationen, weil er in 1—GERINGEREN Höhe von nur 255—KMSEINE Bahnen ZIEHT—KEIN anderer Satellit fliegt so niedrig. Aufgehängte Platinklötze im Satelliten reagieren auf Änderungen der Schwerkraft extrem genau. Mit seinen DATEN lassen sich sogar Ozeanströmungen auf wenige Zentimeter genau bestimmen. DIE—STRÖMUNGEN heben sich deutlich von der normalen Schwerkraftkarte ab. So entsteht 1—PRÄZISES Bild der WASSER—FÖRDERBÄNDER in den Meeren.
20140708             DOKU—GROßPROJEKT im ZDF
20140708             Historiker CHRISTOPHER—CLARK erklärt den DEUTSCHEN, wer sie sind
20140708             CHRISTOPHER—CLARK fragt in seinem Bestseller "DIE—SCHLAFWANDLER"nach der Schuld am 1.WELT—KRIEG. —NUN, soll er für DAS—ZDF in der "DEUTSCHLAND—SAGA"DIE—GESCHICHTE—DES—LANDES und die Eigenheiten seiner Bewohner erforschen.
20140708             HAMBURG—DAS—ZDF wartet mit 1—NEUEN DOKU—REIHE über DIE—DEUTSCHE—GESCHICHTE auf. 25—JAHRE—NACH—DEM Mauerfall will der MAINZer Sender die sechsteilige "DEUTSCHLAND—SAGA"ausstrahlen. DIE—REIHE soll 1—STREIFZUG durch DIE—GESCHICHTE (angefangen bei den NEANDERTALERn) werden und ZUGLEICH typische Eigenschaften DER—DEUTSCHEN—BELEUCHTEN.
20140708             Konzipiert und moderiert wird das aufwendige DOKU—PROJEKT—VON—CHRISTOPHER—CLARK, der zuletzt den Bestseller "DIE—SCHLAFWANDLER"herausbrachte und damit neue Debatten über DIE—SCHULD am
20140708             In der DOKU—REIHE des ZDF soll es neben DER—DEUTSCHEN—VERGANGENHEIT auch um die Eigenheiten DER—DEUTSCHEN—GEHEN—ETWA die Liebe zum Schrebergarten oder zum Abendbrot.
20140708             Clark kommt aus AUSTRALIEN und unterrichtet an der UNIVERSITÄT—CAMBRIDGE. Er soll von außen auf DAS—LAND blicken und dem Volk 1—SPIEGEL vorhalten. Clark ist —EXPERTE für DEUTSCHE—GESCHICHTE, verheiratet mit 1—DEUTSCHEN und hinterfragt, wie DIE—DEUTSCHEN wurden, wie sie sind. DIE—REIHE soll ab HERBST zu sehen sein.
20140708             GEHIRN—SIMULATION, Forscher drohen mit Boykott von MILLIARDEN—PROJEKT der EU
20140708             HEILIGEN—PROZESSION ehrt MAFIA—BOSS: MARIA verneigt sich vor dem Killer
20140708             MAUT—PROTEST—IN—HOLLAND : Liebe Nachbarn, jetzt müsst ihr blechen
20140708             Kreditkartenbetrug, USA—ERMITTLER nehmen russischen Hacker fest
20140708             —STREIT—UM—STRAßENGEBÜHR: KOALITIONspolitiker mosern über Dobrindts Maut
20140708             Aufrüsten im NAHER—OSTEN—ISRAEL bereitet GROßOFFENSIVE—IM—GAZA—STREIFEN vor
20140708             —PREMIERE: 1.—2—BUCKELWALE GLEICHZEITIG IN—DER—OST—SEE gesichtet
20140708             BND—SPIONAGE—AFFÄRE: —VON—DER—LEYEN verlangt von USA—KO—OPERATION
20140708             Mit bis zu 1—MILLIARDE—EURO will DIE—EU das Vorhaben fördern, das den Schlüssel zur Heilung von Krankheiten wie Alzheimer und Parkinson liefern könnte.
20140708             Und nebenbei auch klären soll, wie man Computern menschliche INTELLIGENZ verleiht.
20140708             Offenbar fürchten die Neuroexperten, daß es im Human Brain Project vor allem um SUPER—COMPUTER geht —, zu wenig darum, zu verstehen, wie DAS—GEHIRN funktioniert.
20140708             äußerte sich der HEIDELBERGer Physiker Karlheinz Meier, CO—DIREKTOR des Projekts: "es handelt sich um 1—TECHNOLOGIE—, Computingprojekt —, kein neurowissenschaftliches", sagte er laut "SÜD—DEUTSCHER—ZEITUNG".
20140708             es gehe darum, die Disziplin der computerbasierten Neurowissenschaft aufzubauen, die komplementär zur laborbasierten Neurowissenschaft sein soll. DIE—LABOR—FORSCHER hätten vor allem Angst, daß ihre Disziplin an den Rand gedrängt werde.
20140708             HIRN—FORSCHER HENRY—MARKR
20140708             "Wir erwarten, daß DIE—USA nicht nur einräumen, was geschehen ist, sondern konstruktiv mit uns zusammenarbeiten, daß so etwas nicht wieder geschieht", sagte die CDU—POLITIKERIN AM—DIENSTAGBEI 1—BUNDESWEHRBESUCH—IN—WARENDORF.
20140708             DIE—USA—BOTSCHAFT in BERLIN hatte —AM—MONTAG—ABEND, erklärt: "Wir arbeiten mit DER—DEUTSCHEN—REGIERUNG zusammen, um sicherzustellen, daß die Frage angemessen gelöst wird".Zur Sache wollte sie sich nicht äußern. USA—REGIERUNGS—SPRECHER JOSH—EARNEST äußerte sich ähnlich. Er betonte, das Verhältnis zu DEUTSCHLAND sei "unglaublich wichtig"- auch die KO—OPERATION—IN—GEHEIM—DIENSTFRAGEN.
20140708             sagte der CDU—POLITIKER, man müsse zur Kenntnis nehmen, "dass es auch zwischen Freunden zu massiven geheimdienstlichen Übergriffen kommen kann".
20140708             sagte SPD—FRAKTION—VIZE Rolf Mützenich der Zeitung: "1—AUSWEITUNG des BND—AUFKLÄRUNGSAUFTRAGS auf das befreundete Ausland ist nicht hilfreich".Man könne die maßlose DATEN—SAMMELEI DER—USA—DIENSTE nicht kritisieren und dann dasselbe tun.
20140708             äußert sich GRÜNEN—FRAKTION—CHEFIN Katrin GÖRING—ECKARDT. Sie sagte der "PASSAUER—NEUE—PRESSE": "DIE—ANTWORT auf SPIONAGE ist nicht GEGEN—SPIONAGE. es braucht mehr Sicherheit und gegenseitigen Respekt unter Partnern".
20140708             [l] DIE—CIA gibt wohl zu, den BND—AGENTEN angeheuert zu haben.
20140708             [l] Wow. —JETZT, will sogar schon DIE—JUNGE—UNION DIE—GEHEIM—DIENSTE abschaffen. Das bringt mich in 1—UNBEQUEME Position. Wer will schon Positionen vertreten, die auch die JU vertritt!
20140708             [l] HARTMANN—UPDATE: DIE—MELDUNG, er habe METH—KONSUM zugegeben, war 1—ENTE. Und: DIE—DEALERIN hatte —GESTERN, vor Gericht Gelegenheit zur Aussage, und hat nichts über ihre Abnehmer gesagt.
20140708             Das sieht immer mehr wie 1——LUFTnummer aus.
20140708             [l] GUTE—NACHRICHTEN—AUS—CHINA: Foxconn hat das MITARBEITER—SELBSTMORD—PROBLEM gelöst!
20140708             [l] NETANJAHU lässt DIE—IDF im GAZA—STREIFEN einmarschieren.
20140708             —ZUVOR, hatte DIE—ALLGEMEINE—ZEITUNG aus MAINZ berichtet, der Politiker habe zugegeben, "einmal 1—BRUCHTEIL der Menge, die —DERZEIT, in Rede steht, konsumiert, dann aber die Finger davon gelassen"zu haben.
20140708             Pallet
20140708             Standartized europallet,
20140708             modified to ride in the tram tracks.
20140708             Realized in BRATISLAVA—SLOVAKIA.
20140708             Schädliches Licht: Forscher messen UV—REKORD in den Anden
20140708             50—JAHRE gefangen: Elefant Raju weint bei seiner Befreiung
20140708             —ESKALATION in NAH—OST: Der RAKETEN—KRIEG kehrt zurück nach ISRAEL
20140708             BUNDES—KANZLERIN in CHINA: MERKEL wirbt in PEKING für Freiheit und Rechtssicherheit
20140708             ITALIENische Camorra: POLIZEI verhaftet Dutzende Mafiosi in SPANIEN
20140708             Weiche Droge, USA—STAAT—WASHINGTON erlaubt Verkauf von Marihuana
20140708             SEATTLE—DER—BUNDES—STAAT—WASHINGTON im NORD—WESTEN der USA folgt dem Beispiel von COLORADO:
20140708             —SEIT—DIENSTAG ist es auch dort Bürgern über 21—JAHREN erlaubt, Marihuana zu kaufen und zu konsumieren.
20140708             DIE—BÜRGER—VON—WASHINGTON, nicht zu verwechseln mit der HAUPT—STADT der USA—HATTEN sich bei 1—ABSTIMMUNG für die Legalisierung ausgesprochen. In COLORADO dürfen Erwachsene schon —SEIT—JAHRES—BEGINN die Droge nicht nur zu medizinischen Zwecken verwenden.
20140708             2—DUTZEND Verkaufslizenzen für MARIHUANA—HÄNDLER wurden in WASHINGTON bereits VERGEBEN—DORT darf ab jetzt JEDER—BÜRGER ab 21—JAHREN bis zu 28—GRAMM der Droge bei sich tragen. Schon ;;0300;;    —IM,HATTEN—CA—80—MARIHUANA—ANBAUER die Zustimmung von der Regierung erhalten, wie DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES berichtete.
20140708             Schließlich sei Marihuana —DERZEIT, in fast allen Großstädten der USA auf dem SCHWARZ—MARKT zu haben, sagte 1—SPRECHER—DER—REGULIERUNGS—BEHÖRDE.
20140708             23—BUNDES—STAATEN sowie DIE—USA—HAUPT—STADT—WASHINGTON erlauben —BISLANG den MARIHUANA—KONSUM unter Auflagen zu medizinischen Zwecken. USA—PRÄSIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA hat jedoch betont, 1—SOLCHE Legalisierung nicht auf alle BUNDES—STAATEN ausweiten zu wollen.
20140708             [l] GOOGLE hat INDIEN beim SSL—ZERTIFIKAT—SPOOFING erwischt.
20140708             [l] 1 "peer review and citation ring"ist aufgeflogen, der Verlag zieht 60—PAPER zurück. Wow. Wer hätte das gedacht? Dass 1—VON diesen furchtbaren Verlagen da was gegen tun würde? Letztlich verdienen die ja an jedem publizierten Paper.
20140708             Immerhin passt das Weltbild an der Stelle, daß das natürlich Chinesen und keine EUROPÄER waren.
20140708             Das ist wie mit dem VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ und BND—MAULWÜRFEN. DIE—GUCKEN gar nicht erst, ob die für DIE—USA—AMIS arbeiten. Und wenn DIE—WISSENSCHAFT—VON—BETRUG redet, dann sind auch üblicherweise nur diese fiesen Chinesen gemeint, nicht unsere ganzen Betrüger.
20140708—19770000    —ANNOUNCED, THE—USA—CENTERS for Disease Control (CDC), that health researchers in MARYLAND had discovered vials of smallpox, declared eradicated, sitting in 1—FORGOTTEN fridge in an FDA storehouse.
20140708—20140703    —SINCE, The World Health Organization (WHO) said 50—NEW—CASES—OF—EBOLA and 25—DEATHS have been reported in SIERRA—LEONE, LIBERIA and GUINEA.
20140708—20140711    —BY, it burnt 18,000 acres and threatened over 200—HOMES.
20140708—20140714    —ON, A 5. CZECH—REPUBLIC—SOLDIER † of his wounds.
20140708—20140930    —SENTENCED, Saengkhao (22) was, to death.
20140708—20150408    —ACCUSED, NORTH—KOREA, MEXICO of illegally detaining the ship with some 50—CREW.
20140716—20140708    —KILLED, On THE—ISRAEL—SIDE, 1—MAN was, and several people wounded since the fighting erupted.
20140820—20140708    —SINCE, News bloodshed pushed the Palestinian death toll to more than 2,030 with 67—PEOPLE killed on THE—ISRAEL—SIDE.
20150618—20150708    —RELEASED, Hamp was, from custody without charges.
20150708             —LAUNCHED, THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES and THE—USA, the Sawab Center in ABU—DHABI.
20150708             —FOCUSED, The new digital communications effort, on using social media to counter the Islamic State group's propaganda efforts.
20150708             —APPROVED, THE—SOUTH—CAROLINA House, taking down the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds.
20150708             —EXPECTED, GOVERNOR—NIKKI—HALEY was, to sign it.
20150708             —HALTED, THE—NYSE, trading for over 3—HOURS to technical problems related to 1—SOFTWARE upgrade.
20150708             —GROUNDED, All United Continental flights in THE—USA were, for about 2—HOURS due to computer network problems.
20150708             —REJECTED, AFGHANISTAN—LAWMAKERS, the 1. ever female nominee for the country's SUPREME—COURT, 1—SETBACK to the government's efforts to promote women to HIGH—PROFILE—POSITIONS.
20150708             Anisa Rasouli, THE—HEAD—OF—THE—AFGHAN—WOMAN—JUDGES' Association and 1—JUVENILE court judge, needed 97—VOTES out of 193 to win, but managed only 88—VOTES.
20150708             —REPORTED, SOUTH—ALGERIA, at least 22—PEOPLE were, killed in 2—DAYS—OF—CLASHES between Chaamba Arabs and Mozabite Berbers in the M'zab valley.
20150708             —EXTRADITED, AUSTRALIA, Dragan Vasiljkovic, also known as CAPTAIN—DRAGAN and DANIEL—SNEDDEN, to CROATIA to face war crimes charges.
20150708             He was 1—FORMER—SERBIA—PARAMILITARY—COMMANDER during the 19910000—19950000     Balkan wars.
20150708             BANGLADESH, Samiul Islam Rajon (13), was tied to 1—POLE and then subjected to 1—BRUTAL assault in which he pleaded for his life.
20150708             A 28-minute video of Samiul was widely circulated after being —POSTED on social media.
20150708             —FILED, Police later, charges against 13—MEN.
20150708             FRANCIS—PAPA flew to BOLIVIA after drawing about 1.5—MILLION—PEOPLE to Masses in ECUADOR on the 1. leg of a "homecoming" tour.
20150708             —UNVEILED, BRITAIN—CHANCELLOR—OF—THE—EXCHEQUER—GEORGE—OSBORNE, fresh austerity measures to slash the country's debt.
20150708             Osborne said BRITAIN will commit to maintaining defense spending at NATO—TARGET—OF—2—PERCENT of gross domestic product EVERY—YEAR for THE—REST—OF—THE—DECADE.
20150708             —DECLARED, COLOMBIA—LARGEST—GUERRILLA—ARMY, 1—MONTH—LONG, unilateral CEASE—FIRE as of 20150720             .
20150708             —KILLED, EGYPT, 5—CIVILIANS were, when 1—MORTAR round hit 1—HOUSE in 1—NORTH—SINAI village where the army is battling jihadist insurgents.
20150708             A FRANCE—COURT suspended 1—POSTAL ballot organized by THE—FAR—RIGHT—NATIONAL—FRONT on whether to scrap FOUNDER—JEAN—MARIE—LE—PEN—POST as honorary PRESIDENT.
20150708             GREECE made 1—REQUEST for aid from EUROPE—BAILOUT—FUND as it rushed to deliver details of its proposed economic reforms in time to secure the country's future in the euro and avoid 1—DESCENT into financial chaos.
20150708             —PROMISED, GREECE, to implement pension and tax reforms as early as next week as the 1. step to securing a 3—YEAR rescue loan to cover debt obligations.
20150708             —REGISTERED, INDIA—LEADING—CRIME—FIGHTING—AGENCY, 1—CASE against 1—PROMINENT—CRITIC—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—MODI for accepting foreign funds, amid concerns that overseas charities are interfering in the country's domestic affairs.
20150708             —FACED, Teesta Setalvad, CHARGES—OF—FRAUD, MISAPPROPRIATION—OF—FUNDS and violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.
20150708             —SENTENCED, An IRAQ—COURT in BAGHDAD, 24 suspected MEMBERS—OF—THE—ISLAMIC—STATE—TERROR—GROUP to death for their role in THE—KILLING—OF—HUNDREDS—OF—SOLDIERS during the extremists' blitz across the country last year.
20150708             —SEIZED, ITALY—AUTHORITIES said they have, assets worth more than 1.6—BILLION euros ($1.75—BILLION) from 1—FAMILY—OF—5—SICILIAN pensioners believed to have links to 1—PROMINENT mafia clan.
20150708             —BELONGED, The haul, to CARMELO—VIRGA, 66—JAHRE—ALT, his brothers Vincenzo (78), and Francesco (71), and their sisters Anna (76) and Rosa (68).
20150708             —ERUPTED, LIBYA, fighting, in the center of BENGHAZI.
20150708             —KILLED, At least 14—PEOPLE were, in battles between militiamen and forces loyal to the internationally recognized government.
20150708             Taher Allush, 1—SENIOR—MILITARY—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER, was killed in Misrata when 1—BOMB concealed in his car exploded.
20150708             —RATIFIED, MYANMAR, the chemical weapons convention, bringing the treaty 1—STEP—CLOSER to its GOAL—OF—ACCEPTANCE by EVERY—COUNTRY in the world.
20150708             It will become the organization's 191. nation when it comes into force —30—DAYS—AFTER the ratification.
20150708             —AGREED, PAKISTAN said Afghan and Taliban representatives have, to meet again after landmark THROUGH—THE—NIGHT—TALKS aimed at ending a 13-year insurgency.
20150708             A Palestinian appeals court ruled in favor of maintaining parliamentary immunity for MOHAMMED—DAHLAN, 53—JAHRE—ALT, 1—RIVAL to PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS.
20150708             —CALLED, RUSSIA—LAWMAKERS in THE—PRO—KREMLIN upper chamber, on authorities to blacklist 12—FOREIGN—NGOS as "undesirable", the 1. proposals under 1—NEW—LAW—CRITICS say is PART—OF—1—CLAMPDOWN on civil society.
20150708             —CALLED, SOUTH—SUDAN rebel leader Riek Machar, on PRESIDENT—SALVA—KIIR to resign along with all ministers and THE—PARLIAMENT or risk sparking 1—REVOLUTION.
20150708             THE—SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights said 1—DRONE—STRIKE as PART—OF—1—USA—LED campaign against Islamic State militants has killed 1—SENIOR—IS—UZBEKISTAN—FIGURE in Raqqa.
20150708             —KILLED, MUHSIN—AL—FADHLI, LEADER—OF—THE—KHORASAN AL—QAEDA cell, was, while traveling in 1—VEHICLE—NEAR—SARMADA.
20150708             Hackers claiming to be affiliated with the Islamic State group took down the website of THE—SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights monitor and threatened its director.
20150708             At least 19—CIVILIANS, including 5—CHILDREN, were killed by 1—REGIME barrel bomb attack and rebel rocket fire in ALEPPO.
20150708             —KILLED, TURKEY, Cilem Karabulut (28), her husband HASAN—KARABULUT, 33—JAHRE—ALT in THE—SOUTH—ADANA region with 1—PISTOL stored at home.
20150708             —DETAINED, She was, by police and admitted to murdering her husband out of "honor" after he repeatedly beat her and tried to force her into prostitution.
20150708             A UN resolution condemning 19950000             —THE massacre of BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—MUSLIMS at Srebrenica as a "crime of genocide" was vetoed by RUSSIA, earning denunciations by THE—USA and BRITAIN and by INTERNATIONAL human rights groups like AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL.
20150708             —ESCAPED, YEMEN, some 40—INMATES, in 1—JAILBREAK after coalition jets bombed the area surrounding 1—PRISON in Mahawit province, NORTH—WEST—OF—SANAA.
20150708             —FIRED, Rebels, rockets at 1—RESIDENTIAL—DISTRICT killing 8—CIVILIANS, among them 3—CHILDREN.
20150708             GABRIEL auf Distanz zu TSIPRAS: Frechheit, Schlichtheit, VETTERN—WIRTSCHAFT
20150708             +++Newsticker zur GRIECHENLAND—KRISE+++: Griechen decken sich mit LUXUS—GÜTERN ein
20150708             FINANZ—MÄRKTE: CHINA kämpft gegen BÖRSEN—ABSTURZ—DIE—KURSE fallen weiter
20150708             Sparkurs: USA reduzieren Bodentruppen um 40.000—MANN
20150708             Siedlungsgebiet: PEKING hat sich in 10—JAHREN vervierfacht
20150708             Zu zögerlich saniert: Britische GROß—BANK—BARCLAYS schmeißt VORSTANDS—CHEF—JENKINS raus
20150708             GRIECHENLAND—PRESSE: "Sie wollen 1.bedingungslose KAPITULATION"
20150708             —EINSATZ—IN—WUPPERTAL: SPEZIAL—KRÄFTE nehmen mutmaßlichen ISLAMISTEN fest
20150708             TSIPRAS—REDE im EU—PARLAMENT: "Wir wollen keine Konfrontation mit EUROPA"
20150708             Schutzwall gegen RUSSLAND: Was wurde aus KIEWs MAUERBAU—PLÄNEN?
20150708             —STUDIE in ENGLAND: Einwanderer sorgen für erfolgreiche Klassen
20150708             1—GERICHT—NEW—YORK hat 1—FRAU ein hohes Schmerzensgeld zugesprochen, weil sie über MONATE hinweg die Anrufe eines Telefoncomputers des Unternehmens TIME—WARNER Cable ertragen musste.
20150708             Besuch der Kanzlerin: Jetzt soll's MERKEL auch auf dem Balkan richten
20150708             Rund um DIE—WELT erfreuen sich DIE—KRITIKER daran, dass ausgerechnet 1—HERSTELLER—VON—SCHNÜFFEL—SOFTWARE—FÜR—STAATLICHE Überwacher zum OPFER—VON—HACKERN wurde.
20150708             Trotz faktischer Pleite: Investoren leihen GRIECHENLAND IMMER—NOCH Geld
20150708             ISLAMISTENpaar aus Oberursel: VERDÄCHTIGE Ehefrau wieder frei
20150708             TSIPRAS—COUSIN in der GRIECHENLAND—KRISE, Der Vetter für DIE—WIRTSCHAFT
20150708             FREMD—ABHEBEN: Privatbanken erhöhen AUTOMATEN—GEBÜHR
20150708             Cosa Nostra: MILLIARDENvermögen von mutmaßlicher MAFIA—FAMILIE beschlagnahmt
20150708             ARGENTINIEN: Razzia nach Hinweis auf SICHERHEITS—LÜCKE in Wahlcomputern
20150708             SCHULD—SCHEINE und Enteignungen: Was den Griechen jetzt droht
20150708             TTIP—STREIT: EU—PARLAMENT stellt sich hinter FREI—HANDELS—ABKOMMEN
20150708             —ANTI—TERROR—EINSATZ: RAZZIA—IN—BREMER Moschee war rechtswidrig
20150708             TSIPRAS—AUFTRITT im EU—PARLAMENT: Viel geredet, wenig gesagt
20150708             Technische Probleme: Handel an NEW—YORK—BÖRSE ausgesetzt
20150708             Aktiver KOMET: Forscher spekulieren über Leben auf Tschuri
20150708             DIE—AFFÄRE—UM—DIE Ausspähung der Regierung bekommt durch DIE—DOKUMENTE 1.neue Dimension.
20150708             Ironischerweise ist auch die Handynummer von EX—KANZLER—AMT—CHEF RONALD—POFALLA aufgelistet, der BIS—HEUTE 1.großflächige Ausspähung durch DIE—USA —LEIDENSCHAFTlich dementiert.
20150708             Aus den Zusammenfassungen geht klar hervor, dass DIE—USA erstaunliche INSIDER—KENNTNISSE über DIE—KOMMUNIKATION der Kanzlerin hatten.
20150708             BÖRSEN—CRASH in CHINA: KAMPF—GEGEN—DEN—GROßEN Absturz
20150708             GRIECHENLAND—KRISE, Gefangen in DER—EURO—ZONE
20150708             GROß—BRITANNIENS Haushalt: KONSERVATIVEN—REGIERUNG spart bei Sozialausgaben
20150708             [l] Den Behörden fällt auf, dass man mit Wasserstoffperoxid auch Schimmel bekämpfen kann, nicht nur Bomben basteln.
20150708             [l] Ausrede des Tages:
20150708             Explizit wird in dem BGS—BERICHT die britische Botschaft genannt.
20150708             Ja wie, was lacht ihr so gehässig!
20150708             [l] WIKILEAKS legt noch ein paar Details nach, wie DIE—NSA DIE—MERKEL und DAS—BUNDES—KANZLER—AMT abgeschnorchelt haben.
20150708             THE—WAR on THE—WAR—ON—TERROR
20150708             Zahlungsfristen für GRIECHENLAND: IWF—CHEFIN—LAGARDE fordert Umschuldung
20150708             —URTEIL—IN—ITALIEN—BERLUSCONI wegen BESTECHUNG zu 3—JAHREN Haft verurteilt
20150708             —Im, hatten bereits 60—ABGEORDNETE der UNIONS—FRAKTION in der Frage MERKEL die Gefolgschaft verweigert.
20150708—20110000    —CHARGED, Dahlan fell out of favor and has been, with corruption.
20150708—20150714    —ON, authorities arrested prime suspect Moyna Chowkidar (38) on THE—OUTSKIRTS—OF—THE—NORTH—EAST—CITY—OF—SYLHET.
20150708—20190000    —APPROVED, The European PARLIAMENT, 1—PROPOSAL to begin REFORM—OF—THE—WORLD—BIGGEST carbon market.
20150708—20300000    —PROGNOSE—FÜR—DEUTSCHLAND schrumpft und vergreist (Wissenschaft, 12:28)
20150824—20140708    —LAUNCHED, ISRAEL, military action in THE—GAZA Strip, leading to the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians and 66—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS.
20160610—20160708    —SENTENCED, Hubbard was, to 4—YEARS in prison and another 8 on probation.
20160629—20160708    —ON, police arrested 4—SUSPECTS, but Babb remained missing.
20160708             —EXPRESSED, USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, concern about THE—STATE—OF—DEMOCRACY in POLAND, publicly rebuking 1—RIGHT—WING—GOVERNMENT that has paralyzed the constitutional court and taken steps to control state run media.
20160708             —SHARED, Obama, his worries with POLAND—PRESIDENT—ANDRZEJ—DUDA in a 1—ON—1—MEETING before the opening of 1—NATO—SUMMIT in WARSAW.
20160708             10—USA—STATES sued THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT over rules requiring public schools to alow transgender students to use restrooms and locker rooms conforming to their gender identity.
20160708             —MARCHED, THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, in USA—CITIES—LATE—TODAY, 1—DAY after 1—BLACK—EXTREMIST shot dead 5—COPS who were protecting 1—PEACEFUL—MARCH against police brutality in DALLAS—TEXAS.
20160708             PENNSYLVANIA, GRACE—PACKER, 14—JAHRE—ALT, the adopted daughter of Sara Packer, was raped and smothered to death in a "RAPE—MURDER fantasy" shared by the mother and her boyfriend JACOB—SULLIVAN.
20160708             —ENDED, AUSTRIA—PRESIDENT—HEINZ—FISCHER, his term, temporarily leaving official duties in THE—HANDS—OF—THE—COUNTRY—3—PARLIAMENTARY—PRESIDENTS pending 1—RERUN—OF—ELECTIONS to succeed him.
20160708             BANGLADESH—TEENAGER ZAKIR—HOSSAIN—SHAWON, 18—JAHRE—ALT, who police say was 1—SUSPECT in last week's deadly attack on 1—DHAKA café, † in custody.
20160708             —INSISTED, His family, he was 1—HOSTAGE and alleging torture by security forces.
20160708             —ANNOUNCED, PRIME—MINISTER—DAVID—CAMERON, that BRITAIN is lifting 1—BAN on women serving in frontline combat roles in the army.
20160708             PRESIDENT—RAUL—CASTRO told Cubans to brace for tough times because THE—COMMUNIST—RUN—COUNTRY must cut spending and energy supply as it deals with 1—CASH crunch and reduced oil imports from ally VENEZUELA.
20160708             —ARRESTED, EL—SALVADOR authorities said they have, 5—POLICE—OFFICERS and 5—CIVILIANS for alleged ties to 1—DEATH—SQUAD that killed as many as 40—GANG—MEMBERS in THE—EAST—PART—OF—THE—COUNTRY.
20160708             According to prosecutors, 1—GROUP—OF—BUSINESSPEOPLE, whose identities were not released, had brought together national police in some towns to offer them money in exchange for killing gang members.
20160708             INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—NARENDRA—MODI took his AFRICA tour to SOUTH—AFRICA, seeking to boost trade between 2—COUNTRIES.
20160708             INDIA—SECURITY—SERVICES—JAMMU and Kashmir state shot dead BURHAN—WANI, 22—JAHRE—ALT, 1—MILITANT known for his calls to arms on social media and LEADER—OF—HIZB—UL Mujahideen, 1—OF—1—NUMBER—OF—GROUPS fighting INDIA—CONTROL—OF—THE—MUSLIM—MAJORITY region.
20160708             —APPOINTED, MONGOLIA—PARLIAMENT, Jargaltulga Erdenebayar (42), 1—FORMER—FINANCE—MINISTER, as the new PRIME—MINISTER amid NEAR—FLAT—GROWTH and spiraling debt.
20160708             LEADERS—OF—THE—NATO—MILITARY—ALLIANCE met in WARSAW and began 1—LANDMARK summit that will order ambitious actions against 1—DAUNTING—ARRAY—OF—DANGERS to the security of their nations and citizenry, including 1 rearmed and increasingly unfriendly RUSSIA to EUROPE—EAST and violent Islamic extremism to the south.
20160708             —JOINED, FINLAND and SWEDEN, NATO—LEADERS at the top table for the 1. time as RUSSIA—MILITARY—BUILD—UP pushed THE—2—COUNTRIES—CLOSER to the western military alliance.
20160708             —KILLED, NIGERIA, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER, at least 9—PEOPLE and injured around 12—OTHERS in 1—ATTACK on 1—MOSQUE in Damboa, Borno state, during early morning prayers.
20160708             NIGERIA—MILITANTS said they have blown up 1—CRUDE—OIL—PIPELINE belonging to ITALY—OIL—COMPANY—AGIP in Bayelsa state.
20160708             —ADVANCED, SOUTH—KOREA and THE—USA—SAID they would deploy 1, missile defense system in SOUTH—KOREA to counter 1—THREAT from NORTH—KOREA, drawing 1—SHARP and swift protest from neighboring CHINA.
20160708             —KILLED, SOUTH—SUDAN, at least 115—SOLDIERS from rival factions were, in gunbattles in THE—CAPITAL—JUBA as gunfire erupted near the state house where PRESIDENT—SALVA—KIIR and VICE—PRESIDENT—RIEK—MACHAR, former rivals, were meeting for talks.
20160708             SPAIN, 6—FOREIGNERS, including 3—AMERICANS, were among 7—PEOPLE gored in 1—HAIR—RAISING 2. running of the bulls at PAMPLONA—S—FERMIN festival.
20160708             —KILLED, NORTH—WEST—SYRIA, airstrikes on 1—VILLAGE, 23—PEOPLE and wounded dozens in Darkoush, Idlib province, despite 1 declared 3—DAY—TRUCE.
20160708             —FIRED, SYRIA—REBELS, 1—ROCKET—BARRAGE on residential areas in the government side of ALEPPO, killing 44—ACCORDING to state media.
20160708             SYRIA, militants shot down 1—MILITARY—HELICOPTER—NEAR—PALMYRA, killing 2—RUSSIA—PILOTS on board.
20160708             Super typhoon Nepartak hit TAIWAN, driving THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE from their homes, disrupting power supplies and grounding more than 600—FLIGHTS.
20160708             —CAUSED, The storm, at least 3—DEATHS and more than 300—INJURIES.
20160708             TANZANIA—HIGH—COURT raising the legal AGE—OF—MARRIAGE for girls to 18 and ruled that 2—SECTIONS—OF—19710000             —THE Marriage Act, that allow girls to marry at 15 with parental consent and 14 with the permission of 1—COURT, are unconstitutional.
20160708             TURKEY—FIGHTER jets struck Kurdish militant targets in SOUTH—EAST—HAKKARI province and NORTH—IRAQ.
20160708             —NEUTRALIZED, THE—TURKEY—ARMY reportedly " 17—SEPARATIST—TERROR—ORGANIZATION—MEMBERS" in Hakkari province and 2—MILITANTS in VAN province.
20160708             CLINTON—E—MAIL—AFFÄRE—AFFÄRE— USA—AUßEN—MINISTERIUM nimmt Untersuchung wieder auf
20160708             Vollzeitjob SOCIAL—MEDIA: Wie 1—INSTAGRAMER vom Reisen lebt
20160708             KIM—JONG—UN: NORD—KOREA nennt Sanktionen "KRIEG—ERKLÄRUNG"
20160708             Kretschmann über AfD: "Schlimmer als bei den REPUBLIKANERn"
20160708             Reform: BND darf künftig manchmal immer fast alles vielleicht
20160708             —LONDON, BERLIN und BRÜSSEL: 14—TAGE nach dem BREXIT—SO geht es mit der EU weiter
20160708             GROß—BRITANNIENS Vorbild SCHWEIZ: "Niedrige STEUERN allein bringen keinen Aufschwung"
20160708             JAHRES—TAGUNG—VON—NETZ—WERK Recherche im Livestream: Journalismus an der Grenze
20160708             Wenn MAXIMILIAN Muench seinen Job beschreibt, schütteln viele ungläubig den Kopf.
20160708             Über 34—LÄNDER hat er
20160708             "Niemand muss sich sorgen wegen unserer Entscheidung, DIE—EU zu verlassen".Ob ANDREA—LEADSOM selbst glaubte, was sie den BRITEN AM—DONNERSTAG versprach, darf bezweifelt werden.
20160708             ZERREIß—PROBE—SELTEN trifft dieses Wort DIE—SITUATION in 1—WESTLICHEN Staat so präzise wie —DERZEIT, in GROß—BRITANNIEN.
20160708             Wo man nur hinschaut, 2—WOCHEN nach dem BREXIT—SCHOCK herrscht überall Spaltung: In der Bevölkerung, in den Parteien, in der politischen Architektur des KÖNIG—REICHS.
20160708             WALES, zum Beispiel würde laut 1—YOUGOV—UMFRAGE jetzt 1.MEHRHEIT—FÜR—DEN Verbleib in DER—EUROPÄISCHE—UNION VOTIEREN—ANDERS als noch beim REFERENDUM Ende ;;06;;.
20160708             Andere wiederum nehmen DAS—ERGEBNIS der Abstimmung zum Anlass, RASSISMUS und FREMDEN—FEINDLICHKEIT freien Lauf zu lassen.
20160708             —NACH, der Volksbefragung nahmen Übergriffe, vor allem auf Migranten, zu.
20160708             Egal ob BREXIT—BEFÜRWORTER ODER—BREXIT—GEGNER, alle Kandidaten hatten erklärt, das Abstimmungsergebnis befolgen zu wollen.
20160708             Nichts scheint ausgeschlossen.
20160708             Umstrittenes Gesetz: Reform der ERBSCHAFT—STEUER —VORERST gestoppt
20160708             Überschätzte TOP—MANAGER—"FIRMEN—CHEFS sollten ausgelost werden"(KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 10:29)
20160708             —NEUE—ASYLZAHLEN: DE—MAIZIÈRE meldet deutliche Entspannung in DER—FLÜCHTLINGS—KRISE
20160708             TU BERLIN: Professoren und Studenten streiten um Mitbestimmung
20160708             8—GRÄBER aus der FRÜHE—BRONZE—ZEIT haben ARCHÄOLOGEN in BAYERN entdeckt.
20160708             1—TEIL von ihnen enthielt teuren Schmuck.
20160708             teuren
20160708             in Jengen im Ostallgäu
20160708             mehrere etwa 4.000—JAHRE—ALTE Gräber freigelegt.
20160708             Man hatte dort bereits REIHEN—GRÄBER aus dem frühen Mittelalter entdeckt.
20160708             ALEMANNEN—GRÄBER
20160708             8—GRÄBER mit Skeletten aus der FRÜHE—BRONZE—ZEIT haben DIE—ARCHÄOLOGEN auf der etwa 3.000—QUADRATMETER—GROßEN Grabungsfläche freigelegt.
20160708             In 50 % von ihnen fanden sie Schmuck und andere Gegenstände aus BRONZE—ETWA Halsringe und Gewandnadeln
20160708             ENERGIE—WENDE: BUNDES—TAG beschließt ÖKO—STROM—REFORM
20160708             AUSFUHR—VON—KULTUR—GÜTERN: BUNDES—RAT billigt umstrittenes KULTURSCHUTZ—GESETZ
20160708             NATO—GIPFEL: KREML nennt europäische RUSSLAND—ÄNGSTE "absurd"
20160708             Weniger FLÜCHTLINGE—IN—DEUTSCHLAND: Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn
20160708             Test im CHROME—BROWSER: GOOGLE experimentiert mit POST—QUANTEN—VERSCHLÜSSELUNG
20160708             Sternbild Zentaur: 1. Planet mit 3—SONNEN fotografiert
20160708             Schwache WELT—KONJUNKTUR, DEUTSCHE Exporte schrumpfen
20160708             [l] DAS—FACEBOOK—VIDEO hierzu ist mysteriös verschwunden.
20160708             Wer sich jetzt denkt: Ja nee, klar, FACEBOOK, der hat natürlich völlig RECHT.
20160708             [l] In DALLAS haben bei 1—BLACK Lives MATTER—PROTEST Sniper von Hausdächern 11—POLIZISTEN angeschossen, 5—SIND an den Wunden gestorben.
20160708             Da kann DIE—POLIZEI natürlich nur mit noch krasserer Aufrüstung reagieren und dem Einschalten von MILITÄR und NATIONAL—GARDE.
20160708             —UPDATE, Auf dem Video hört man Schüsse eines halbautomatischen STURM—GEWEHRS.
20160708             [l] PUTIN hat den FSB beauftragt, die Schlüssel für allen verschlüsselten Content im INTERNET zu beschaffen.
20160708             —ACCORDING—TO, THE—EXECUTIVE—ORDER, THE—FSB has 2—WEEKS to do it.
20160708             o_O
20160708             Also DER—ZUSTÄNDIGE tut mir ja fast ein bisschen leid, der in 2—WOCHEN PUTIN erklären muss, daß das nicht so einfach ist, wie er sich das vorgestellt hat.
20160708             —UPDATE, Der russische Agent EDWARD—SNOWDEN ist aber kein TEAM—PLAYER!1!!
20160708             [l] CAMERON hat bei den UK—KONSERVATIVEN so verbrannte Erde hinterlassen, daß sie jetzt 1.Frau zu seinem Nachfolger machen wollen.
20160708             DIE—KANDIDATINNEN sind THERESA—MAY, DIE—BISHERIGE INNEN—MINISTERIN, DIE—BISHER, nur durch furchtbare Aussagen und Initiativen aufgefallen ist, und die ENERGIE—STAATS—SEKRETÄRIN ANDREA—LEADSOM, die ich überhaupt noch nicht auf dem Radar habe.
20160708             [l] Erinnert ihr euch an das "RAKETEN—ABWEHR—SYSTEM", das DIE—USA—AMIS in POLEN installiert hatten?
20160708             Nun, das war so 1—ERFOLGSMODELL, das machen DIE—USA—AMIS gleich nochmal: USA stellen in SÜD—KOREA 1—RAKETEN—ABWEHR—SYSTEM "gegen NORD—KOREA"auf, das strategisch offensichtlich gegen CHINA gerichtet ist.
20160708             Bei Cum/CUM—GESCHÄFTEN werden von ausländischen Anlegern gehaltene Anteile —KURZ—VOR, dem Dividendenstichtag an inländische Anteilseigner übertragen, etwa an BANKEN.
20160708             Mit der List haben DEUTSCHE—BANKEN den FISKUS um mehr als 1.MILLIARDE—EURO PRO—JAHR gebracht, wie 1—RECHERCHEVERBUND aus "Handelsblatt", Bayerischem Rundfunk (BR), WASHINGTON—POSTUND dem NEW—YORKER Recherchebüro ProPublica berichtet hatte.
20160708             Dem Bayerischen Rundfunk zufolge war besonders die COMMERZ—BANK bei Cum/CUM—GESCHÄFTEN aktiv.
20160708             —NUN, ist es 1. gelungen, 1—PLANETEN mit 3—SONNEN direkt zu fotografieren.
20160708             Der ferne Planet hat etwa viermal so viel Masse wie der JUPITER, der größte Planet in unserem SYSTEM,
20160708             "Es zeigt, daß die Vielfalt da draußen doch größer ist, als man es —BISHER, für möglich gehalten hat",
20160708             SCHÄUBLEs STEUER—POLITIK, Die schwarze Null steht in keiner Verfassung
20160708             BREXIT—BRITEN vergeht die Kauflaune —, zwar gründlich
20160708             DAS—VERBRAUCHER—VERTRAUEN in GROß—BRITANNIEN ist nach dem BREXIT—VOTUM deutlich gesunken.
20160708             Der Konsumklimaindex des Marktforschungsunternehmens GfK ging um 8—PUNKTE auf minus 9—ZURÜCK.
20160708             GFK—EXPERTE JOE—STATON sprach von 1 "Periode der Unsicherheit"in GROß—BRITANNIEN.
20160708             Der Chefvolkswirt der BERENBERG—BANK, Holger Schmieding, sagte aber, der Stimmungseinbruch bei den Konsumenten sollte nicht überbewertet werden.
20160708             Es gebe nur 1—BEGRENZTEN ZUSAMMENHANG—ZWISCHEN—DER Konsumlaune und den aktuellen Ausgaben der Verbraucher an den Ladentheken.
20160708             Für den Fall hingegen, daß sich die Bedenken der BRITEN über die weitere Entwicklung am Immobilienmarkt verstärken sollten, schätzte Schmieding DAS—RISIKO 1—REZESSION in GROß—BRITANNIEN als sehr hoch ein.
20160708             —RECORDED, Pinner Village was originally a hamlet, 1.
20160708             BREXIT—FOLGEN: IWF erwartet weniger Wachstum in EURO—ZONE
20160708             —MESSENGER—NACHRICHTEN, FACEBOOK führt "Geheime Konversationen"ein
20160708             EX—EU—KOMMISSION—CHEF—BARROSO heuert bei GOLDMAN—SACHS an
20160708             RUSSLAND—UND—DE—NATO: PUTIN sammelt Feinde
20160708             [l] In DALLAS hieß es, der 1.Heckenschütze habe sich in 1—PARKHAUS verschanzt.
20160708             Das finde ich ja mal ECHT krass.
20160708             Na mal gucken, ob das überhaupt vor Gericht kommt, und was DIE—JUSTIZ dann entscheidet.
20160708             Man stelle sich mal vor, was das für 1—FLUTTOR öffnet, wenn die damit durchkommen!
20160708             [l] Ooooh, ANDREA—LEADSOM hat ihr altes Blog nicht schnell genug gelöscht.
20160708             Tödliche SCHÜSSE—AUF—POLIZISTEN: Schütze von DALLAS war Soldat in AFGHANISTAN
20160708             GIPFEL—WARSCHAU—NATO beschließt Verlegung von 4000—SOLDATEN nach OST—EUROPA
20160708             NATO—STRATEGIE für OST—EUROPA: Ratlos gegen RUSSLAND
20160708             POLIZISTENmorde von DALLAS: AMERIKA am SIEDE—PUNKT
20160708             Tödliche SCHÜSSE—AUF—POLIZISTEN: Was in DALLAS passiert ist
20160708             [l] Langer Tag.
20160708             Der wahre Gamechanger für die (Sach-)Versicherungen liegt hingegen im INTERNET—DER—DINGE, glaubt STEPHAN Noller.
20160708             Boah, Alter, DIE BLOCKCHAIN!!!
20160708             Aber der HÖHE—PUNKT des Artikels ist für mich dieses Bild.
20160708             Wer genau so denkt, sollte keinesfalls an der Stelle mit dem Lesen aufhören, denn es geht noch weiter!
20160708             Sogar die Auszahlung der Schadenssumme lässt sich mit Hilfe sogenannter Smart Contracts automatisieren, die direkt in der Blockchain mit abgelegt werden.
20160708             SMART CONTRACTS!!!
20160708             Da müssen DIE—INVESTOREN (und passionierte Bingospieler unter den Beobachtern) ja 1—BULLSHIT—ORGASMUS kriegen!
20160708             [l] Hey, was macht eigentlich JOSÉ—MANUEL—BARROSO jetzt?
20160708             Kommt ihr NIE drauf!
20160708             Oh, ach?
20160708             Na dann
20160708             [l] Oh!
20160708             Auf dem Papier klingt das sogar richtig gefährlich, denn
20160708             —LAUT, Gesetz muss die Geldbuße "den ökonomischen Vorteil, den DER—TÄTER aus der Tat gezogen hat, übersteigen".
20160708             Auf der anderen Seite hängen an VW so viele Arbeitsplätze und STEUER—EINNAHMEN, daß ich nicht damit rechne, daß die sich hier den Ast absägen, auf dem sie sitzen.
20160708             [l] Endlich ist der Schuldige für DIE—NATO—OST—ERWEITERUNG gefunden.
20160708             Das EHEMALIGE—NACHRICHTEN—MAGAZIN hat das herausgefunden.
20160708             DIE—FINDEN ja alles raus.
20160708             Ich zitiere mal:
20160708             RUSSLAND verdammt die neue NATO—STRATEGIE in OST—EUROPA und kündigt GEGEN—MAßNAHMEN an.
20160708             Ja, richtig gelesen!
20160708             Also jetzt wo sie es so sagen, hätten wir da eigentlich auch selber drauf kommen können.
20160708             [l] 1—SCHWARZER EX—COP erklärt mal, wie das IN—DEN—USA so funktioniert mit DER—POLIZEI
20160708             Es war wohl nur 1.Frage der Zeit.
20160708             Dieser Tag scheint nun gekommen.
20160708             5—BEAMTE starben —NACHT—ZUM—IN—DER—SCHON, —FREITAG in DALLAS, niedergestreckt von 1—HECKENSCHÜTZEN.
20160708             DIE—USA haben den SIEDE—PUNKT erreicht.
20160708             "BÜRGER—KRIEG", titelte die "NEW—YORK—POST"unter 1—FOTO, das die Leichen zweier DALLAS—COPS zeigt.
20160708             RASSISMUS, POLIZEI—GEWALT, WAFFEN—WAHN, Selbstjustiz: Der Horror von DALLAS kommt —AM—ENDE 1—BESONDERS brutalen Woche.
20160708             —DIENSTAG: 2—POLIZISTEN erschießen den SCHWARZEn Alton Sterling in LOUISIANA.
20160708             —MITTWOCH: 1—COP erschießt den SCHWARZEn Philando CASTILE in MINNESOTA.
20160708             —DONNERSTAG: Abertausende marschieren durch NEW—YORK, WASHINGTON und andere USA—STÄDTE, um gegen diese Fälle zu protestieren.
20160708             Auge um Auge, bis alle blind sind?
20160708             Ausgerechnet DALLAS: Die Millionenmetropole rühmt sich ihrer ethnisch diversen POLIZEI—TRUPPE, ihrer guten Beziehungen zwischen Cops und Bürgern.
20160708             —POLIZEI—CHEF—BROWN sieht das etwas anders: "An den meisten Tagen spüren wir nicht viel Unterstützung", sagt er.
20160708             DIE—KRUX ist: Alle fühlen sich —INZWISCHEN, verlassen, verkannt, unverstanden.
20160708             DIE—POLIZISTEN fühlen sich pauschal als rassistische Mörder dämonisiert.
20160708             Beide Seiten rüsten auf.
20160708             Doch das laxe USA—WAFFENRECHT gilt nur für Weiße
20160708             TEXAS, darf man zwar offen Waffen tragen.
20160708             DIE—POLIZEI jagt sein Foto durch alle SOCIAL—MEDIA—KANÄLE—BEVOR sie ihn ohne Entschuldigung wieder freilässt.
20160708             —NUN, bekommt er Morddrohungen.
20160708             "Ihr werdet unsere Hilflosigkeit nie verstehen", schreibt der schwarze Soziologe MICHAEL—ERIC Dyson in 1—OFFENER—BRIEF—AN—SEINE weißen Mitbürger.
20160708             Kaum ist DER—NAME des getöteten mutmaßlichen Täters bekannt, begínnen die Reporter, sein FACEBOOK—PROFIL nach Motiven zu durchforsten.
20160708             Es ist 1.Perversion der berechtigten Wut, die Amerikas SCHWARZE täglich aufwühlt.
20160708             DAS—PFUND—STERLING rutschte nämlich
20160708             Mit DER—KRISE—DES—ITALIENISCHEN BANKEN—SEKTORS kommt zudem 1—HAUCH FINANZ—KRISE zurück, dessen endgültiges Ausmaß ebenfalls noch kaum abzuschätzen ist.
20160708             "ITALIEN könnte ein größeres RISIKO—FÜR—DIE Stabilität DER—EURO—ZONE sein als DER—BREXIT", warnte ANDREW—EDWARD, —CHEF—DES—BROKERHAUSES ETX Capital, in der Nacht an der NEW—YORK—BÖRSE.
20160708             größer als
20160708             "Unsicherheiten und Sorgen darüber, wie DER—BREXIT DIE—MÄRKTE beeinflussen wird, dürften noch 1.LANGE—ZEIT anhalten", sagte WILL—YUN, ROHSTOFF—EXPERTE beim FINANZ—DIENST—LEISTER Hyundai Futures.
20160708             alfatomega.com/20070120.html
20160708             alfatomega.com/
20160708—19941200    —ZULETZT—IM, 1—ÄHNLICH starken Einbruch der Konsumlaune hatte es gegeben, als die Kauflaune unter anderem unter 1—ERHÖHUNG der STEUERN und Sozialabgaben gelitten hatte.
20160708—20010911    Es war das schlimmste POLIZEI—MASSAKER seit 9/11.
20160708—20110000    —5—JAHRE—GEWALT, TERROR, KRIEG (Politik, 14:37)
20160708—20110000    —SEIT, Durch die Geschäfte DER—DEUTSCHEN—BANKEN gingen nach Schätzungen von ProPublica dem deutschen FISKUS—CA——EURO verloren.
20160708—20160106    —ON, Sullivan began confessing to the murder.
20160708—20161031    —DISMEMBERED, The couple, the body in October and it was found by 2—HUNTERS in Luzerne County.
20160715             —KILLED, THE—UN said at least 300—PEOPLE were, and 42,000 fled their homes this month during the 20160708—20160711     intense gun battles in JUBA, SOUTH—SUDAN.
20160811—20160708    —RAISED, The move, the number of suspended mines to 10—SINCE 1—REVIEW was launched.
20170520—20190708    —ACCUSED—OF, ENZO—FRANCHINI—OLIVEROS was later, burning Figuera and was arrested, in 1—TOWN—NEAR—MADRID.
20170702             GERMANY, some 4,000—PEOPLE took part in the 1. major protest in HAMBURG before the 20170707—20170708     GROUP—OF—20—MEETING.
20170706             —POURED, GERMANY, THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS from around EUROPE, into the port CITY—OF—HAMBURG to join ANTI—CAPITALIST—DEMONSTRATIONS for the 20170707—20170708     G20 summit.
20170708             —PROMISED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, $639—MILLION in funding for humanitarian programs, including $331—MILLION to help feed starving people in 4—FAMINE—HIT countries - SOMALIA, SOUTH—SUDAN, NIGERIA and YEMEN.
20170708             —LAUNCHED, The World Bank, 1—PUBLIC—PRIVATE—LOAN—PROGRAM, conceived by Ivanka Trump, to support women entrepreneurs in developing countries.
20170708             —INCLUDED, Initial funding of $325—MILLION for the project, large donations from GERMANY, THE—USA, SAUDI—ARABIA and THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES.
20170708             A federal judge in S—FRANCISCO gave preliminary approval for a $142—MILLION settlement by Wells Fargo in a CLASS—ACTION fraud suit over unauthorized accounts.
20170708             HAWAII, Sgt.
20170708             1. Class Ikaika Kang was arrested after he pledged loyalty to Islamic State leader ABU—BAKR—AL—BAGHDADI.
20170708             A court appointed defense attorney later said Kang may be suffering from SERVICE—RELATED mental health issues.
20170708             —OPENED, OHIO, 2—MEN, fire on 1—PARTY in Colerain Township where 1—PREGNANT—WOMAN was to reveal her child's gender.
20170708             1—WOMAN was killed and 8—PEOPLE wounded.
20170708             1—PREGNANT—WOMAN said she lost her baby after being shot in the leg, but police later reported that she was not pregnant.
20170708             —KILLED, SOUTH—DAKOTA, 4—CHILDREN and 1—ADULT were, in 1—TRAFFIC—CRASH on the Pine Ridge INDIA—RESERVATION.
20170708             S—ANTONIO, TEXAS, JORGE—GONZALEZ found his son Isaiah (15) hanging from the closet.
20170708             A propped up cell phone next to him had broadcast the suicide, believed to be tied to 1—ONLINE spectacle known as THE—BLUE—WHALE—CHALLENGE.
20170708             —STRESSED, CHINA—PRESIDENT—XI—JINPING, to USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP—CHINA—ADHERENCE to resolving THE—NORTH—KOREAN—NUCLEAR issue via talks according to state news agency Xinhua.
20170708             —KILLED, EGYPT—STATE—NEWS said security forces have, 2—MEN, MEMBERS—OF—1—NEWLY emerged militant group called Hasm, in 1—EXCHANGE—OF—GUNFIRE in GIZA.
20170708             EGYPT, 1—EXPLOSIVE device struck 1—POLICE—VEHICLE—LATE—TODAY in THE—NORTH—SINAI TOWN—OF—AL—ARISH, killing 2—CONSCRIPTS and wounding 9—OTHERS.
20170708             —CLAIMED, ERITREA—OFFICIALS, "victory" after THE—UN—CULTURAL—AGENCY unanimously decided to put the African nation's CAPITAL—CITY—OF—ASMARA on THE—UNESCO World Heritage list — THE—RESULT—OF—YEARS—OF—LOBBYING by 1—OF—THE—WORLD—MOST reclusive governments.
20170708             —AGREED, GERMANY, 1—FINAL—STATEMENT, by THE—LEADERS—OF—THE—GROUP—OF—20—ECONOMIC—POWERS exposed 1—DIVIDE between THE—USA and other G20 members on THE—PARIS climate accord aimed at combating climate change.
20170708             —STATED, THE—LEADERS—OF—THE—OTHER—G20 members, that THE—PARIS Agreement is irreversible.
20170708             —RIOTED, GERMANY, ANTI—GLOBALIZATION—ACTIVISTS, violently for a 2. night as HAMBURG hosted G20 leaders, setting up street barricades, looting supermarkets and attacking police with slingshots and firebombs.
20170708             IRAQ—MILITARY—COMMANDERS said they would take full CONTROL—OF—THE—CITY from the insurgents at ANY—MOMENT.
20170708             —VOWED, Islamic State militants, to "fight to the death".
20170708             SOUTH—WEST—JAPAN, the death toll from several DAYS—OF—FREAK weather rose to 16 as rescue crews took advantage of 1—BREAK in the weather on —SATURDAY to search for survivors.
20170708             —REMAINED, At least 14—OTHERS, missing.
20170708             —KILLED, KASHMIR, 7—PEOPLE were, in CROSS—BORDER shelling by both PAKISTAN and INDIA as HUNDREDS—OF—MILITANTS and political activists took to the streets in PAKISTAN—CONTROLLED Kashmir to commemorate THE—DEATH—OF—BURHAN—WANI.
20170708             KENYA, at least 9—PEOPLE were shot and hacked to death in coastal Lamu County early today.
20170708             —BELIEVED, Police sources said Shabaab militants were, to be behind the killings.
20170708             † KENYA—INTERIOR MINISTER and a retired general, in a NAIROBI hospital a month before THE—EAST—AFRICAN country's presidential election.
20170708             JOSEPH—NKAISSERY was 68.
20170708             LIBYA—STRONGMAN—KHALIFA Haftar met with UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES—LEADERS for talks on military cooperation, days after announcing the retaking of 2. city BENGHAZI from jihadists.
20170708             —BELIEVED, LIBYA, the bodies of 19—MIGRANTS, to be Egyptians, were found in the eastern desert SOUTH—OF—TOBRUK.
20170708             THE—LIBYA—COASTGUARD said 30—5—MIGRANTS, including 7—CHILDREN, were feared drowned after their inflatable boat sank off THE—LIBYA—COAST.
20170708             —KILLED, In THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES 1—HOSTAGE was, during 1—GUNBATTLE between his militant captors and government troops that also left 4—MILITANTS and 1—SOLDIER—DEAD in mountainous Patikul town, Sulu province.
20170708             —ABDUCTED, The victim was 1—OF 6—VIETNAM—CREWMEN, by the militants in 1—ATTACK on their cargo ship in February.
20170708             —JAILED, VENEZUELA—BEST—KNOWN, opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was back home and hugging his family after being granted house arrest following 3—YEARS in jail for leading ANTI—GOVERNMENT—PROTESTS.
20170708             [l] DIE—BILDER aus HAMBURG gerade sehen aus wie 1—SCHLACHTFELD aus SYRIEN.
20170708             1 "Bild"—MIT—ARBEITER tweetet dazu:
20170708             Es wirkt, als habe DIE—POLIZEI das Schanzenviertel in #HAMBURG aufgegeben, überall Feuer, geplünderte Geschäfte, wie —BÜRGER—KRIEG!
20170708             Oh und guckt mal, demselben Typen ist DAS—VERHALTEN DER—POLIZEI zuviel.
20170708             —MILITÄR—MANÖVER, USA—BOMBER üben an NORD—KOREAS Grenze
20170708             —DIE—LAGE—AM—SAMSTAG, ESSEN ist politisch
20170708             G20—STAAT—CHEFS unter sich: "Bei Konflikten wird es schon sehr intensiv"
20170708             Randalierer bei G20—GIPFEL: Was ist der schwarze Block?
20170708             GIPFEL—HAMBURG: G20 einigen sich im HANDELS—STREIT
20170708             G20 in HAMBURG: Der GIPFEL—KNAST
20170708             —KRAWALLE—BEI—G20: CDU wirft BÜRGER—MEISTER SCHOLZ Versagen vor
20170708             —ESKALATION der GEWALT—IN—HAMBURG: PROTEST ist trotzdem richtig
20170708             LONDONer Hochhausbrand: Mangelhafte Ausstattung behinderte Feuerwehr
20170708             G20—KRAWALLE—IN—HAMBURG: "DIE—WOLLEN nur TERROR"
20170708             G20—GIPFEL: DONALD—TRUMP beim KLIMA—SCHUTZ isoliert
20170708             —POLIZEI—EINSATZ zum G20—GIPFEL: Rabenschwarzer —FREITAG
20170708             USA—VIZE—PRÄSIDENT—PENCE bei der Nasa: Kann der nicht lesen?
20170708             G20—AUSSCHREITUNGEN: DIE—LINKE muss sich entscheiden
20170708             G20—GIPFEL: MERKEL billigt USA—SONDERWEG zum Klima
20170708             G20—PROTESTE: Obdachlose zwischen den Fronten
20170708             Gipfelerklärung zum KLIMA—SCHUTZ, G19
20170708             —LAUT, VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ ist der schwarze Block ein "punktueller Zusammenschluss gewaltorientierter LINKS—EXTREMISTEN"und ein "Ausdruck LINKS—EXTREMISTISCHER Massenmilitanz".
20170708             DIE—BEZEICHNUNG tauchte 1. ENDE—DER—SIEBZIGER—JAHRE auf
20170708             DIE—BUNDES—ANWALTSCHAFT warf 19810000              mehr als 50—MENSCHEN die "Mitgliedschaft in DER—TERRORISTEN—VEREINIGUNG SCHWARZER—BLOCK"vor.
20170708             Politisch kämpft der schwarze Block gegen KAPITALISMUS, Nationalismus und DIE—STAATS—GEWALT.
20170708             —UMGANG—MIT, Gewalt beim G20—GIPFEL: Linke Gratwanderung
20170708             ARTIKEL zu G20 in HAMBURG: Das war der Gipfel
20170708             RUSSLAND—POLIZEI nimmt Dutzende NAWALNY—ANHÄNGER fest
20170708             20—MINUTEN G20—ZERSTÖRUNGSWUT: Wie der schwarze Block unbehelligt HAMBURG—ALTONA verwüstete
20170708             G20—ABSAGE an Protektionismus: HANDELS—KRIEG vertagt
20170708             LEOPOLDo López: OPPOSITIONS—FÜHRER in VENEZUELA aus Gefängnis entlassen
20170708             —VON, PARIS nach BERLIN: "Marsch der Muslime gegen den TERRORISMUS"gestartet
20170708             G20—GIPFEL: HAMBURGer liefern POLIZEI über 1.000—FOTOS und Videos möglicher Straftäter
20170708—20170710    —REPORTED, CNN, that 1—GIRL, 16—JAHRE—ALT in ATLANTA had also taken her life while participating in the challenge.
20170709             —EXPRESSED, Germans, anger over violence that hit the G20 world leaders' 20170707—20170708     summit, raising awkward questions for CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL less than —3—MONTHS—BEFORE 1—ELECTION.
20171207082247 CHROME62.0—WIN 1280x1024 USA—FLAG—FAYETTEVILLE,
20180708             —APPEALED, USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—MIKE—POMPEO, speaking in HANOI, for NORTH—KOREA—LEADERSHIP to follow VIETNAM—PATH in overcoming past hostilities with THE—USA.
20180708             —CALLED, Pompeo, on NORTH—KOREAN—LEADER—KIM Jong Un to replicate VIETNAM's "miracle" of economic growth by improving ties with THE—USA.
20180708             —INCLUDED, His films, "BATTLE—CRY" and "Damn Yankees!" (19580000             ).
20180708             —CRASHED, WILLIAMSBURG—VIRGINIA, 1—HELICOPTER, into 1—RESIDENCE and ignited 1—FIRE.
20180708             —KILLED, The pilot was.
20180708             —RESIGNED, UK—BREXIT—MINISTER—DAVID—DAVIS, late today and launched 1—NO—HOLDS—BARRED attack on PRIME—MINISTER—MAY—BREXIT plan, calling it "dangerous" and 1 which would give "too much away, too easily" to EU negotiators, who would simply ask for more.
20180708             —ANNOUNCED, UK—POLICE, THE—DEATH—OF—DAWN Sturgess (44) following 1—EXPOSURE to the Novichok nerve agent 1—WEEK—EARLIER in Amesbury.
20180708             —EMBATTLED, ENGLAND, INDIA—TYCOON—VIJAY Mallya (62) said he will comply fully with court enforcement officers seeking to seize his UK—ASSETS, but there was not much for them to take as his family's lavish residences were not in his name.
20180708             ERITREA—PRESIDENT—ISAIAS—AFKWERI met with ETHIOPIA—PRIME—MINISTER—ABIY—AHMED for 1—SUMMIT in ASMARA for the 1. time in 2—DECADES as direct INTERNATIONAL telephone connection was restored between THE—2—COUNTRIES.
20180708             A FRANCE—JUDICIAL—SOURCE said judges have decided to block 2—MILLION—EUROS—OF—STATE subsidies due to be handed out to Marine Le PEN—FAR—RIGHT—PARTY, leading Le Pen to say her party was "threatened with death".
20180708             HAITI, fresh looting broke out on THE—STREETS—OF—PORT—AU—PRINCE, despite calls for calm —AFTER—2—DAYS—OF—DEADLY—PROTESTS over ultimately suspended fuel price hikes.
20180708             —OPENED, IRAQ—POLICE, fire to disperse DOZENS—OF—PROTESTERS—NEAR the southern oil hub of Basra as they demonstrated against 1—SHORTAGE—OF—JOBS, electricity, water and other basic services.
20180708             ITALY—INTERIOR—MINISTER—MATTEO—SALVINI said the new government wants to prevent ships operating for "INTERNATIONAL missions" from bringing migrants rescued off LIBYA to ITALY—PORTS.
20180708             WEST—JAPAN, the death toll from torrential rain and landslides rose to 81—PEOPLE, with dozens still missing after more than 2,000, temporarily stranded in THE—CITY—OF—KURASHIKI, were rescued.
20180708             —FANNED, KASHMIR, police and soldiers, out across much of THE—INDIAN—CONTROLLED territory to enforce 1—SECURITY—LOCKDOWN as separatists challenging INDIA—RULE called for 1—SHUTDOWN and protests on the 2. ANNIVERSARY—OF—THE—KILLING—OF—1—CHARISMATIC—REBEL—LEADER.
20180708             —ORDERED, KUWAIT—HIGHEST—COURT, 1—OPPOSITION—LEADER and 2—LAWMAKERS imprisoned for 3 ½ years over 20110000             —THE—STORMING—OF—PARLIAMENT amid that year's Arab Spring protests, in 1—CASE involving nearly 70—POLITICIANS, activists and others.
20180708             —ARRESTED, Police in PAKISTAN, MOHAMMAD—SAFDAR, the convicted SON—IN—LAW—OF—FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER—NAWAZ—SHARIF, after he resurfaced in the garrison CITY—OF—RAWALPINDI leading 1—RALLY—OF—SUPPORTERS.
20180708             SOUTH—SUDAN'S the presidency said FORMER—VICE—PRESIDENT—RIEK—MACHAR will be reinstated in his position as PART—OF—1—PEACE—DEAL to end 1—NEAR—5—YEAR—OLD—WAR following talks held in ENTEBBE—UGANDA.
20180708             —KILLED, SYRIA, regime air strikes in the south, 4—CIVILIANS.
20180708             A rebel official said THE—EVACUATION—OF—OPPOSITION—FIGHTERS and their families to REBEL—HELD areas in NORTH—SYRIA was temporarily put on hold.
20180708             THE—SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights monitoring group said tens of thousands have returned to their homes in SOUTH—SYRIA since 1—CEASEFIRE—DEAL between regime ally RUSSIA and rebels to end more than 2—WEEKS—OF—DEADLY—BOMBARDMENT.
20180708             THAILAND, rescue operations began for THE—12—THAILAND—SCHOOLBOYS and their coach from 1 flooded cave as divers launched 1—DARING and dangerous mission to free the children and their soccer coach who have been trapped underground for more than 2—WEEKS.
20180708             —KILLED, TUNISIA, at least 6—MEMBERS—OF—THE—NATIONAL—GUARD were, in 1—APPARENT—ATTACK by 1 armed group near THE—ALGERIA—BORDER.
20180708             —ORDERED, TURKEY—AUTHORITIES, the dismissal of more than 18,500 state employees, including police officers, soldiers and academics, ahead of the expected end of a 2—YEAR—STATE—OF—EMERGENCY this month.
20180708             —KILLED, WEST—TURKEY, 24—PEOPLE were, when 1—MULTIPLE—CARS—OF—1—TRAIN derailed in TEKIRDAG province.
20180708             ATOM—ABKOMMEN: IRAN—PRÄSIDENT fordert EU zu schnellem Handeln auf
20180708             VERDACHT—AUF—NOWITSCHOK—VERGIFTUNG: Klinik gibt Entwarnung
20180708             Auswanderer in SCHWEDEN: "DEUTSCHE kommen mir MITTLERWEILE so verkrampft vor"(KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 07:43)
20180708             Gescheiterte deutsche Mannschaft: Es gab kein Wir im deutschen Team —, kein Wir in diesem Land (SPIEGEL+, 07:48)
20180708             TÜRKEI—ERDOGAN entlässt 18.500—STAATSBEDIENSTETE
20180708             DER—BREXIT und die Liebe: "Ich habe Angst, daß sie mich rauswerfen"(SPIEGEL+, 09:08)
20180708             USA—BOTSCHAFTER—TREFFEN—MIT—AUTOBOSSEN: "Wir sind doch keine Bananenrepublik!"
20180708             Tourismus und Naturschutz auf Galápagos: Die Rettung des Paradieses
20180708             HAITI: Gewalttätige Proteste und Tote wegen Benzinpreiserhöhung
20180708             Uploadfilter und LEISTUNGS—SCHUTZ—RECHT: UP—GESCHMETTERT
20180708             Mitten in der Reisezeit: ÖSTERREICH kündigt GRENZ—KONTROLLEN an
20180708             Überleben im HANDELS—KRIEG: Von CHINA lernen
20180708             Was BÜRGER vom MACHT—KAMPF zwischen MERKEL und SEEHOFER halten: "Wie 1.Seifenoper"(SPIEGEL+, 13:14)
20180708             "Seebrücke"—DEMOs in Großstädten: Tausende fordern Solidarität mit Seenotrettern
20180708             Moral in IRAN: Teenagerin musste sich für Tanzvideo entschuldigen
20180708             Widerspruch zu MERKEL: NATO—GENERAL—SEKRETÄR fordert deutlich höhere deutsche MILITÄR—AUSGABEN
20180708             Starkregen in JAPAN: ZAHL—DER—TODESOPFER durch Überflutung steigt
20180708             Wasserkraft in SCHOTTLAND: Loch Ness soll als Energiespeicher dienen
20180708             —VOR, Besuch von USA—PRÄSIDENT—TRUMP: FRANKREICH warnt DEUTSCHLAND vor Spaltung in Handelsfragen
20180708             BRASILIEN—RICHTER ordnet Freilassung von EX—PRÄSIDENT—LULA an
20180708             DONALD—TRUMP sucht SUPREME—COURT—KANDIDAT : Amerikas letzte Instanz
20180708             Mennoniten IN—DEN—USA: Kindheit ohne INTERNET (Leben und Lernen, 19:15)
20180708             Historisches —TREFFEN, REGIERUNGS—CHEFS—VON—ERITREA und Äthiopien sprechen über Frieden
20180708             BRASILIEN: ANTI—KORRUPTION—RICHTER untersagt Freilassung von EX—PRÄSIDENT—LULA
20180708             STEINMEIER zum ASYL—STREIT: BUNDESBUNDES—PRÄSIDENT—WARNT—VOR—"spalterischer Sprache"
20180708             ITALIEN: Stilles Sterben, politisches Getöse
20180708             INNEN—MINISTER—MATTEO—SALVINI: ITALIEN will keine im MITTELMEER geretteten Migranten mehr aufnehmen
20180708             Öffentliche Parteienfinanzierung: Millionenbetrag von LE—PENS Partei beschlagnahmt
20180708             GROß—BRITANNIEN: Britin stirbt nach NOWITSCHOK—VERGIFTUNG
20180708             [l] Auch die SUPER—REICHEN machen sich Sorgen über den KLIMA—WANDEL und den WELT—UNTERGANG.
20180708             Das Setting ist, daß DER—AUTOR, 1—PROFESSOR und Buchautor, zu 1—VORTRAG über DIE—ZUKUNFT eingeladen wird.
20180708             —IMPACTED, Which region will be less, by the coming climate crisis: NEW—ZEALAND or ALASKA?
20180708             Und DAS, meine Damen und Herren, sagt mir, daß hier jemand ernsthaft über den Fragenkomplex nachgedacht hat.
20180708             THE—EVENT.
20180708             Und die Frage stellt sich als wirklich schwierig heraus.
20180708             Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival.
20180708             Und da wurde ihm spontan klar: Das WAR 1—VORTRAG über DIE—ZUKUNFT.
20180708             [l] DIE—UNO wollte sich in 1—RESOLUTION für Stillen (von Kleinkindern) stark machen.
20180708             Based on DECADES—OF—RESEARCH, THE—RESOLUTION says that mother's milk is healthiest for children and countries should strive to —LIMIT the INaccurate or misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes.
20180708             Tjahaaa, da haben sie die Rechnung ohne DAS—LAND gemacht, in dem die ganzen Turbokapitalisten sitzen, die diese irreführenden und falschen MARKETING—BEHAUPTUNGEN zu Milchpulver verbreiten.
20180708             [l] Hier ist 1—FÜR die Freunde der gepflegten Satellitenüberwachung: 1—MOSAIK in der LUTHERstadt Wittenberg.
20180708             [l] GUTE—NACHRICHTEN, liebe Leser!
20180708             Ursprünglich hatten DIE—GRÜNEN den Nachfolger Eichbergers vorschlagen dürfen.
20180708             Oh ach SO ist das!
20180708             [l] KURZE—DURCHSAGE—VON—FRAU Nahles:
20180708             "Wir sind doch keine Bananenrepublik!"
20180708             Es geht darum, daß sich DER—USA—BOTSCHAFTER den Bullshit mit den Politikern spart und lieber direkt mit der Wirtschaft redet.
20180708             Der Einsender stimmt Frau Nahles zu:
20180708             Und über das mit der Bananenrepublik braucht man eh nicht reden…
20180708             Bananenrepubliken haben —INZWISCHEN, funktionierende Mobilfunknetze.
20180708             (und offenes Wifi, wo man hinkommt)
20180708             [l] 1—EINSENDER weist zur ENDSPIEL—FRAGESTELLUNG darauf hin, daß es das Szenario "nur 1—DER Überlebenden hat ZUGRIFF—AUF—DIE Nahrungsreserven"schon in dem Stück "Endgame"von SAMUEL Beckett durchgespielt gibt.
20180708—19570000    —TOPED, His recording of "Young Love", the Billboard pop chart.
20180708—19920000    —IN, CANADA—AUTHOR—MICHAEL—ONDAATJE'S "THE—ENGLAND—PATIENT," which won THE—UK—MAN—BOOKER—PRIZE, was named winner of the Golden Man Booker winner, 1—SPECIAL—AWARD to mark THE—BOOKER—50. anniversary.
20180716—20180708    —ON, Since the daily protests began in Basra 8—PEOPLE have been killed, with demonstrators rallying to put social problems in the spotlight.
20190621—20190708    —FROM, PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN signed 1—DECREE banning RUSSIA—AIRLINES from flying to PRO—WEST—GEORGIA late today in response to ANTI—GOVERNMENT—RALLIES in THE—EX—SOVIET—NEIGHBOR.
20190702—20190708    —ON, Her body was found in 1—TUNNEL formerly used as 1—STORAGE—SITE during —WWII.
20190702—20190716    —ON, 1—GREECE—MAN from Crete (27) was charged with murder and rape in the killing.
20190708             —BLOCKED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE, 1—WHITE—HOUSE—INITIATIVE on prescription drug costs, saying the Trump administration lacked the legal authority to require drug makers to disclose their prices in TV ads.
20190708             —SIGNED, NEW—YORK GOVERNOR—ANDREW—CUOMO, 1—NEW—LAW that directs state officials to share state returns of certain elected and appointed officials upon request from the chairpersons of several top congressional committees.
20190708             —ASKED, EGYPT said it has, Interpol to help track down a 3,000-year-old sculpture of the famed boy pharaoh Tutankhamun after Christie's auctioned it off last week, for more than 4.7—MILLION—POUNDS ($5.9—MILLION), despite CAIRO—OBJECTIONS.
20190708             A government spokesman says GERMANY isn't considering sending ground troops to Syria as PART—OF—ITS—CONTRIBUTION to fighting the Islamic State group.
20190708             IRAN began enriching uranium to 4.5%, just breaking the limit set by its nuclear deal with world powers, while it is still seeking 1—WAY for EUROPE to help it bypass USA—SANCTIONS amid heightened tensions between TEHRAN and WASHINGTON.
20190708             —CROSSED, ISRAEL—MILITARY—SHOT down 1—DRONE that, into its territory from THE—GAZA Strip and discovered 1—ATTACK—TUNNEL running under THE—GAZA perimeter fence.
20190708             —CONVICTED, THE—INTERNATIONAL—CRIMINAL—COURT (ICC) in THE—NETHERLANDS, Bosco Ntaganda, 1—FORMER—REBEL—COMMANDER known as "The Terminator," of 18—COUNTS—OF—CRIMES against humanity for his role in 1—BLOODY—ETHNIC—CONFLICT in THE—CONGO DRC in 20020000—20030000.
20190708             —CALLED, AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL urgently, for INTERNATIONAL pressure and 1—IMMEDIATE UN investigation to help end what it says are possible crimes against humanity in THE\X97PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—BLOODY—ANTI—DRUG—CRACKDOWN.
20190708             THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES said it was redeploying and reducing troops across WAR—TORN YEMEN and moving from a "MILITARY—1." strategy to a "PEACE—1." plan.
20190708             UN human rights CHIEF—MICHELLE—BACHELET said that she was "deeply shocked" by conditions under which migrants and refugees are held at USA—DETENTION—CENTERS, following reports of severe overcrowding and DISEASE—RIDDEN cells.
20190708             THE—UN said WAR—BATTERED YEMEN has been hit with more than 460,000 suspected cholera cases so far this year — 1—SHARP—RISE from the 380,000 cases for all of 20180000             .
20190708             —MACHT—KAMPF—IN—: GUAIDÓ und Maduro lassen sich auf neuen VERMITTLUNGS—VERSUCHEIN
20190708             Satellitenbild der Woche: Meer verschluckt Insel
20190708             GROß—EINSATZ—VON—GESICHTS—ERKENNUNG, USA—BEHÖRDEN durchsuchten Millionen Fotos aus Führerscheindatenbank
20190708             BRITISH—AIRWAYS: MILLIONEN—STRAFE wegen Datenpanne
20190708             Wie die britische Zeitung "Daily Mail" in ihrer SONNTAGS—AUSGABE berichtete, erklärte Botschafter Kim Darroch in GEHEIMEN Briefings an das AUßEN—MINISTERIUM in LONDON, daß die TRUMP—PRÄSIDENTSCHAFT "abstürzen" und "schmachvoll enden" werde.
20190708             —LAUT, Zeitung wurden die Depeschen vermutlich von einem Mitglied des britischen Beamtenapparats durchgestochen.
20190708             "Wir gehen nicht wirklich davon aus, daß diese Regierung normaler wird; weniger dysfunktional; weniger unberechenbar; weniger gespalten; weniger diplomatisch plump und ungeschickt", schrieb Darroch demnach in einer Depesche.
20190708             EX—MCDONALDS—MANAGER: "Fast Food ist Kindesmisshandlung"
20190708             DIPLOMATEN—KRITIK—AN—TRUMP: Britischer AUßEN—MINISTER distanziert sich von Botschafter
20190708             —ABSAGE—AN—TRUMP—REGIERUNG: Keine deutschen BODEN—TRUPPEN nach SYRIEN
20190708             Wohnen in DEUTSCHLAND: Zufriedenheit von Mietern sinkt deutlich
20190708             JUSTIZ—MINISTER—EISENREICH: BAYERN fordert Vorratsdatenspeicherung gegen Hasskommentare
20190708             —TREFFEN—IN—MINSK: Selenskyj will mit PUTIN über die KRIM reden
20190708             GRIECHENLAND: Mitsotakis als MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT vereidigt
20190708             Kriegsverbrechen im KONGO: Rebellenchef Bosco Ntaganda schuldig in allen Anklagepunkten
20190708             Josep Borrell als EU—AUßENBEAUFTRAGTER: Der Katalane, DER—EUROPA einen will
20190708             CSU: Söder schließt ATOM—MÜLL—ENDLAGER in BAYERN aus
20190708             Mordfall WALTER—LÜBCKE: Anwalt des Tatverdächtigen stellt Strafanzeige wegen Geheimnisverrats
20190708             URAN—ANREICHERUNG: So schnell könnte IRAN eine ATOM—BOMBE bauen
20190708             —KONFLIKT—MIT—IRAN: Eskalation nach Fahrplan
20190708             TÜRKEI: EX—WIRTSCHAFTSMINISTER—BABACAN verlässt ERDOGANs Partei
20190708             Für 3—MILLIONEN—EURO: Experten restaurieren REMBRANDTs "Nachtwache"
20190708             Gigantischer Staudamm in Äthiopien: Zoff am Nil
20190708             Radikalumbau: "DIE—DEUTSCHBANKER holen sich die DEUTSCHE—BANK zurück"
20190708             Neuer türkischer ZENTRALBANK—CHEF, ERDOGANs Erfüllungsgehilfe
20190708             —STREIT—ÜBER—ATOM—ABKOMMEN, IRAN hat laut ATOM—ENERGIEBEHÖRDE Uran über Limit angereichert
20190708             Hochburg GOTHA: Wo die SPD noch siegt
20190708             UNO—BERICHT zu familiärer Gewalt: 137—GETÖTETE Frauen, jeden Tag
20190708             USA—MILLIARDÄR: EPSTEIN soll laut Anklage Dutzende Minderjährige missbraucht haben
20190708             VERDACHT—AUF—SEXUELLE Übergriffe: VATIKAN hebt Immunität von BOTSCHAFTER—PAPA in FRANKREICH auf
20190708             EUROPA und die Mittelmeerflüchtlinge: Keine Rettung in Sicht
20190708             REMBRANDT—VAN—RIJN (16060000—16690000    )
20190708             DIE—ARBEITEN finden vor den Augen des Publikums statt und werden live im Internet übertragen.
20190708             Das berühmte Gemälde IST—CA—17—QUADRATMETER—GROß.
20190708             REMBRANDT HARMENSZOON—VAN—RIJN gilt als einer der größten Künstler aller Zeiten.
20190708             "Grundsätze unseres Landes", USA—AUßEN—MINISTER—POMPEO gründet MENSCHENRECHTS—KOMMISSION
20190708             —NEUEN—GESETZ: BUNDES—STAAT—NEW—YORK kann TRUMP—STEUER—AKTE an Kongress weitergeben
20190708             "Kein MANGEL—AN—ENTSCHLOSSENHEIT": USA wollen IRAN—ATOM—BOMBE um jeden Preis verhindern
20190708             Gemeinschaftswährung: Vorstufe zu EURO—MITGLIEDSCHAFT—KROATIEN stellt Antrag
20190708—20170000    —IN, THE—UN—GLOBAL—STUDY on Homicide 2919—SAID some 464,000 homicides were recorded around the world, far more than the number pf people killed in armed conflicts and terrorist attacks.
20200708             —MITTWOCH, 8. ;;07;; 2020
20200708             Jair Bolsonaros CORONA—INFEKTION: Erwischt
20200708             —VETOs im UNO—SICHERHEITS—RAT,RUSSLAND und CHINA blockieren humanitäre Hilfe für Syrien
20200708             MUND—NASEN—SCHUTZ: Hochnäsig oben ohne 1—GLOSSE—VON—MAXIMILIAN—SENFF
20200708             Mögliche Präsidentschaftskandidatur: DONALD—TRUMP nennt Kanye Wests Ambitionen "sehr interessant"
20200708             USA verlassen die WHO—UND CHINA gewinnt Von Mathieu von Rohr, Ressortleiter Ausland
20200708             Enthüllungsbuch von TRUMP—NICHTE: Böser Onkel
20200708             Gesamtzahlung gegen Kinderarmut: DGB drängt auf Einführung einer Kindergrundsicherung
20200708             —CORONA—WUT in SERBIEN: Randalierer wollten Parlament in Belgrad stürmen
20200708             MISSISSIPPI, wurden indes mindestens acht Abgeordnete des Senats positiv auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— getestet. Dazu zählen unter anderem der Vorsitzende des Senats sowie DER—SENATSSPRECHER. Vom GESUNDHEITS—MINISTERIUM hieß es, es gebe mindestens 11—WEITERE Verdachtsfälle unter Abgeordneten und Mitarbeitern des Kapitols.
20200708             SERBIENS, Hauptstadt sind PROTESTE—GEGEN—NEUE Beschränkungen in der CORONA—PANDEMIE eskaliert. Wie die NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR AFP berichtet, warfen Demonstranten Steine auf Polizisten und feuerten Leuchtraketen ab. 1—GRUPPE Demonstranten soll zudem versucht haben, DAS—PARLAMENTSGEBÄUDE zu stürmen. Die POLIZEI setzte Tränengas ein.
20200708             Übereinstimmenden Berichten zufolge beteiligten sich —TAUSENDE—MENSCHEN an den Protesten. Die Demonstranten forderten den serbischen Präsidenten ALEKSANDAR—VUCIC zum Rücktritt auf. Vucic hatte die Parlamentswahlen am 21. ;;06;; klar gewonnen.
20200708             Vor den Wahlen waren DIE—CORONA—RESTRIKTIONEN weitgehend aufgehoben worden, es fanden Sportveranstaltungen mit tausenden Zuschauern statt.
20200708             Besonders die Hauptstadt sei stark betroffen. "Alle Krankenhäuser in Belgrad sind fast voll", sagte Vucic.
20200708             Im USA—BUNDES—STAAT Kalifornien hat die Zahl der täglichen NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— einen neuen Höchststand erreicht.
20200708             Schwer betroffenen ist weiterhin auch das Nachbarland Mexiko.
20200708             Der Anstieg der CORONA—INFEKTIONEN in den USA bereitet auch der Notenbank (Fed) zunehmend Sorgen. Die Firmeninhaber würden wieder nervös, sagte der —PRÄSIDENT der Fed von ATLANTA, RAPHAEL Bostic, am —DIENSTAG in einer Videoschalte für 1—VERANSTALTUNG. Er sprach von ernsthaften Befürchtungen, daß DIE—KRISE länger dauern könnte als erwartet. Die nächsten 3—BIS Wochen könnten darüber entscheiden, wie schnell sich die Wirtschaft erholen werde, ergänzte Bostic.
20200708             LATEIN—AMERIKA, und der KARIBIK hat die Zahl der CORONA—VIRUS—INFEKTIONEN die Marke von 3—MILLIONEN überschritten. Mehr als 50 % der Fälle wurde dabei aus BRASILIEN gemeldet,
20200708             Angesichts der schweren Folgen der CORONA—KRISE sehen sich viele im Ausland tätige deutsche Firmen laut einer UM—FRAGE gezwungen, Stellen zu streichen. 43—PROZENT der deutschen Unternehmen im Ausland müssten Personal abbauen,
20200708             Minus 20—PROZENT: Autourlauber profitieren von niedrigeren Spritpreisen
20200708             Aktion "StopHateForProfit": BOYKOTT—ORGANISATOREN erkennen bei FACEBOOK keinen Willen zur Veränderung
20200708             Ranking der Reisefreiheit: DEUTSCHLAND hat drittstärksten Reisepass der Welt
20200708             —ANTI—CORONA—KAMPAGNE in SÜD—KOREA: Spektakel am Abendhimmel
20200708             TÖNNIES—SCHLIEßUNG: Immer mehr schlachtreife Schweine in den Ställen
20200708             Vergleich der vergangenen Jahrzehnte: NORD—UND Ostsee sind deutlich wärmer geworden
20200708             —STREIT—UM—ZUGANG zu Tibet: USA und CHINA verkünden wechselseitige VISA—RESTRIKTIONEN
20200708             @Karl_Lauterbach
20200708             Grossveranstaltungen wie Bundesligaspiele sind bei laufender PANDEMIE schlicht nicht verantwortbar.
20200708             Wir wissen, daß SUPER—SPREADER bei lautem Geschrei in der Menge eine riesige Gefahr darstellen.
20200708             DIE—VEREINE tragen die grossen Kosten einer 2. Welle nicht
20200708             USA melden Rekord VON—CA—60.000—NEUEN CORONA—FÄLLEN
20200708             Österreich spricht mit Blick auf DIE—CORONA—INFEKTIONEN nun auch für Bulgarien, Rumänien und MOLDAU 1—REISEWARNUNG aus. Die Maßnahme gelte ab sofort,
20200708             Es habe sich herausgestellt, daß in jüngster Zeit mindestens 170—FÄLLE—VON—CORONA—INFEKTIONEN in Österreich auf Heimkehrer aus diesen Regionen zurückzuführen seien,
20200708             DIE—ZAHL der täglichen NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— ist in ISRAEL auf einen REKORD—WERT gestiegen.
20200708             —NACH, einem möglichen Kontakt mit einem CORONA—INFIZIERTEN hat sich nun auch ISRAEL—VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTER—BENNY Gantz vorsorglich in QUARANTÄNE begeben.
20200708             Bulgarien erlebt nach der Lockerung seiner CORONA—EINSCHRÄNKUNGEN nun einen schnelleren Anstieg der nachgewiesenen NEU—INFEKTIONEN
20200708             Wegen schnell steigender CORONA—FALLZAHLEN ordnete Regierungschef Boiko Borissow bereits Ende ;;06;; an, daß die Kapazitäten der Krankenhäuser umgehend erhöht werden sollen.
20200708             BULGARIEN, gilt seit 22. ;;06;; wieder Maskenpflicht in geschlossenen, gemeinschaftlich genutzten Räumen. Doch nicht wenige Bulgarinnen und Bulgaren wollen sie demonstrativ nicht einhalten.
20200708             BUNDESGESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—JENS Spahn hat die offizielle Austrittsankündigung der USA aus der Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO als "herben Rückschlag" bezeichnet. Die weltweite Infektionsdynamik zeige, daß koordiniertes Vorgehen wichtig sei,
20200708             "Wir brauchen mehr Zusammenarbeit im KAMPF—GEGEN—PANDEMIEN, nicht weniger. EU—STAATEN werden Reformen für stärkere WHO anstoßen".
20200708             DIE—GESAMTE Euskirchener MENNONITEN—GEMEINDE, die auch komplett IN—QUARANTÄNE steht, muss sich diese Woche auf DAS—VIRUS testen lassen,
20200708             —ZUNÄCHST war die Mutter der Familie mit Krankheitssymptomen ins Krankenhaus gekommen und positiv auf SARS—COV—2—GETESTET worden. Dann wurde DAS—VIRUS auch beim Vater und bei 11—DER 13—KINDER nachgewiesen.
20200708             "Wir fordern DIE—USA nachdrücklich auf, ihre internationalen Verpflichtungen zu erfüllen und das Verantwortungsbewusstsein eines großen Landes zu demonstrieren", sagte Zhao Lijian, 1—SPRECHER—DES—PEKINGER AUßEN—MINISTERIUMS, am —MITTWOCH.
20200708             Auf die Verhängung der Ausgangssperre wegen einer deutlichen Zunahme der CORONA—VIRUS—INFEKTIONEN haben die Bewohner der australischen Metropole MELBOURNE mit Hamsterkäufen reagiert.
20200708             AUSTRALIENs größte Supermarktkette Woolworths teilte mit, sie habe in VICTORIA Einkaufsbeschränkungen für Artikel wie Nudeln, Gemüse und Zucker wieder eingeführt, nachdem überall in dem BUNDES—STAAT Kunden die Geschäfte gestürmt hätten.
20200708             Wed 20200708             
20200708             [l] Das wird euch jetzt genauso überraschen wie mich: CORONA—KONTAKTLISTE ungeschützt im Internet abrufbar.
20200708             Lasst mich mal vorausgreifen.
20200708             Das war bestimmt 1—SOFTWAREPROBLEM. Da kann niemand was für. Kann man nichts machen.
20200708             25—MILLIARDEN Euro für den Mittelstand: Bund startet neues WEB—PORTAL für CORONA—HILFEN
20200708             VENEZUELA: Oberster Gerichtshof tauscht Vorstand von OPPOSITIONspartei aus
20200708             Wegen der steigenden CORONA—FALLZAHLEN in IRAN hat —PRÄSIDENT—HASSAN—ROHANI 1—VERBOT für Hochzeitsfeiern und Trauerzeremonien angeordnet. "Bis auf Weiteres sind beide verboten",
20200708             IRAN, sind diese Woche die Fallzahlen wieder dramatisch gestiegen. Binnen 48—STUNDEN starben mehr als 350—INFIZIERTE.
20200708             Rumänien verzeichnet einen Rekord an NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM Virus SARS—COV—2. Innerhalb von 24—STUNDEN stieg die Zahl der registrierten Infizierten um 555,
20200708             —NEUE—VORSICHTSMAßNAHMEN waren zunächst nicht in Sicht. Die Medien werfen der Regierung seit Wochen vor, aus wahlkampftaktischen Gründen verfrüht Mitte Mai DIE—CORONA—VORSICHTSMAßNAHMEN gelockert zu haben.
20200708             —SEIT vergangener Woche darf in Rumänien aufgrund eines Urteils des Verfassungsgerichts niemand mehr zwangsweise IN—QUARANTÄNE gestellt werden.
20200708             Das auch bei deutschen Urlaubern beliebte österreichische Bundesland Kärnten verhängt eine abendliche Maskenpflicht in TOURISMUS—HOTSPOTS. An stark besuchten Orten wie Velden oder dem Wörthersee soll im öffentlichen Raum jede Nacht von 2100—UHR bis 0200—UHR 1—MUND—NASEN—SCHUTZ getragen werden.
20200708             DIE—SPANISCHE Region KATALONIEN führt eine ungewöhnlich strenge Maskenpflicht ein. Man werde in der gesamten Region ab —DONNERSTAG auch im Freien selbst in jenen Situationen MUND—UND Nasenschutz tragen müssen, in denen der minimale SICHERHEITSabstand von eineinhalb Metern eingehalten werden könne,
20200708             DIE—VEREINTEN Nationen sehen das Leben von Menschen durch den Verkauf gefälschter CORONA—SCHUTZPRODUKTE in Gefahr.
20200708             nutze das organisierte Verbrechen DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE aus, um untaugliche Masken und andere medizinische Produkte unter die Leute zu bringen. "
20200708             [l] Leserbrief zu den freidrehenden Ärzten:
20200708             Patienten, oftmals mit einschlägigen Vorerkrankungen wie Asthma oder genereller Immuninsuffizienz, kommen in die Praxen und fordern (!) eine "Bescheinigung", die sie von der Maskenpflicht entbindet. Mit dem in Klammern gesetzten Ausrufungszeichen möchte ich ausdrücken, daß besagte Patienten bisweilen ziemlich patzig reagieren, wenn man ihnen entgegnet, daß es keine rechtliche und schon gar keine medizinische Grundlage gibt, solche Bescheinigungen (man könnte es auch AT—TEST nennen) auszustellen.
20200708             —DANN, haben einige meiner Leser angefangen, den Gründern dieser Bewegung hinterherzugoogeln. Der, dessen Bild ganz links ist auf der Homepage von denen, hat 1—WEBSEITE, auf der er "gesamtheitliche" und "komplementäre" "Krebsbehandlung" anbietet. Wenn ihr die Terminologie nicht kennt: Das sind die aktuellen Wieselformulierungen der HEILPRAKTIKER—BRANCHE. Gesamtheitlich heißt inhaltlich gar nichts, aber soll unterstellen, daß die Schulmedizin unvollständig arbeite. "Komplementär" soll heißen, daß man das neben der Schulmedizin macht. Das ist natürlich der süßeste Deal für Quacksalber, denn dann ist die Schulmedizin Schuld, wenn der Patient stirbt, aber man konnte sich noch mal ordentlich finanziell gesundstoßen an dem Verzweifelten in Todesangst. Und nota bene: Krebsbehandlung, nicht heilung. Sonst klagen am Ende noch die Nachfahren. Ein verzweifelter Krebspatient bemerkt aber möglicherweise den Unterschied nicht.
20200708             —DANN, fand 1—LESER noch einen ARTIKEL—VON—VOR—20—JAHREN über einen HAMBURGer Internisten gleichen Namens. Der hat damals einer alten Frau 1—AT—TEST ausgestellt, daß sie beim Anblick von dunkelhäutigen Menschen Angstzustände kriegt.
20200708             DIE—GEISTESWISSENSCHAFTLER sind da ganz anders drauf. Hier gilt nur das wörtliche Zitat als wirklich richtig zitiert.
20200708             Problematisch wird das, wenn man über grundlegend bekannte Dinge schreibt, die man nur in einem begrenzten Umfang anders formulieren kann. Bei den Plagiatsjägern (die meist aus der Geisteswissenschaftsecke kommen) führt das regelmäßig dazu, das sie ingenieurwissenschaftliche Arbeiten zerreißen, weil irgendwann jemand die technische Grundlage genau so oder so ähnlich formuliert und das nicht als wörtliches Zitat gekennzeichnet sondern nur mit der allgemeinen Quelle versehen ist.
20200708             Hier haben wir also mal wieder 1—KULTURENPROBLEM.
20200708             [l] Leserbrief zu Plagiatsjägern
20200708             128_DGS_boletim_20200708             20200708             LAGOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—109—ÓBITOS—0—RECUPERADOS—26
20200708             Aljezur CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—2—ÓBITOS—0—RECUPERADOS—0
20200708             DGS anuncia mais 13—CASOS de COVID—19—NO ALGARVE
20200708             Por Elisabete RODRIGUES • 8—DE Julho de 20200000—20140000    :42
20200708             Dados do boletim epidemiológico desta QUARTA—FEIRA, dia 8—DE Julho
20200708             Tendo em conta os casos que têm sido reportados a nível regional, dos quais a DGS não tinha dado conta no seu relatório de ontem, o Sul Informação sabe que estas 13—NOVAS situações foram confirmadas nos dois dias anteriores, ou seja, desde as 00h00 de SEGUNDA—FEIRA.
20200708             EUSKIRCHEN Kreis Fälle 496—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 257,2 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 7,8—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200708             Aktualisierung 202007080000—UHR
20200708             DÜREN Kreis Fälle 618—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 234,3 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 0,8—TODES—FÄLLE 39,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200708             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.638—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 243,0 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 2,4—TODES—FÄLLE 106,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200708             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER—KREIS Fälle 481—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 169,7 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 2,1—TODES—FÄLLE 22,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200708             BERLIN Neukölln Bezirk Fälle 1.044—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 316,7 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 7,3—TODES—FÄLLE 38,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200708             GÜTERSLOH Kreis Fälle 2.483—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 682,0 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 28,6—TODES—FÄLLE 20,—EINWOHNERZAHL—364.083
20200708             —BIS November könnten einem weithin beachteten Modell zufolge in den USA INSGESAMT—CA—208.000—MENSCHEN nach einer Infektion mit dem CORONA—VIRUS— sterben. Das wären fast 80.000—TOTE mehr als derzeit. Wenn 95—PROZENT der Menschen in der Öffentlichkeit stets Masken trügen, könnte die Zahl der Opfer bis November aber MIT—CA—163.000—DEUTLICH geringer ausfallen,
20200708             erklärte IHME. Im September und Oktober sei zu Beginn der Grippesaison mit einem deutlichen Anstieg der CORONA—TODESZAHLEN zu rechnen,
20200708             —STREIT—ÜBER—MASKE: Zwei Männer nach Hirntod eines Busfahrers in U-Haft
20200708             DIE—BEIDEN mutmaßlichen Angreifer sind DER—POLIZEI durch frühere Vergehen bekannt. Die STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT betonte, nichts erkläre ihre "EXTREME—GEWALT".
20200708             DIE—BRITISCHE Regierung hat ein weiteres Konjunkturpaket in Höhe von 30—MILLIARDEN Pfund (33—MILLIARDEN Euro) zur Ankurbelung der durch DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE geschwächten Wirtschaft angekündigt. Im Fokus stünden dabei die Bekämpfung von Jugendarbeitslosigkeit und die Sicherung von Arbeitsplätzen, s
20200708             Das autoritär geführte zentralasiatische TURKMENISTAN hat 1. SEIT—BEGINN der CORONA—PANDEMIE Vertreter der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) ins Land gelassen. DAS—LAND hat die Gefahr durch DAS—VIRUS stets heruntergespielt. Offiziell gibt es bislang keinen einzigen bestätigten INFEKTIONS—FALL—IN—DER abgeschotteten EX—SOWJETREPUBLIK, die von Staaten mit hohen Infektionszahlen wie IRAN umgeben ist.
20200708             —NACH, einer am Vortag von der EU—KOMMISSION vorgelegten PROGNOSE könnte ITALIEN dieses Jahr einen Rückgang des Bruttoinlandsprodukts um 11,2 Prozent erleiden, bei SPANIEN wären es demnach 10,9 Prozent. Beide Länder benötigen dringend Geld, um die sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Folgen etwas abzufedern.
20200708             HARVARD—PRÄSIDENT—LAWRENCE Bacow kritisierte, die Regelung erwecke den Eindruck, als wolle die TRUMP—REGIERUNG Druck auf Universitäten ausüben, die Lehrsäle ohne Rücksicht auf Gesundheitsbedenken wieder zu öffnen.
20200708             AFRIKA, sind  —INZWISCHEN. eine halbe Million CORONA—FÄLLE verzeichnet worden. Zudem seien fast 12.000—MENSCHEN gestorben,
20200708             In 22—LÄNDERN auf dem Kontinent hätten sich die Fälle im vergangenen Monat mehr als verdoppelt. "DIE—GEFAHR, daß COVID—19—DIE schwachen GESUNDHEITS—SYSTEME auf dem Kontinent überwältigt, eskaliert",
20200708             In einigen STAATEN—DARUNTER ERITREA, GAMBIA, MALI, den Seychellen und TOGO—BREITE sich DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— nur langsam aus,
20200708             —NACH, massiven PROTESTE—IN—DER Nacht zum —MITTWOCH hat SERBIEN—PRÄSIDENT—ALEKSANDAR Vucic eine von ihm angekündigte Ausgangssperre wegen der CORONA—PANDEMIE zurückgenommen. "Es wird sicherlich neue Maßnahmen für Belgrad geben, aber keine POLIZEIstunde",
20200708             Für Menschen aus dem Nachbarland SCHWEDEN sowie anderen EU—STAATEN wie PORTUGAL, SPANIEN und FRANKREICH bleiben die finnischen Grenzen dagegen weiter geschlossen
20200708             Krankenhaus in Bergamo feiert 1. Tag ohne Patienten auf der Intensivstation
20200708             WIKILEAKS—ALTERNATIVE DDoS: STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT Zwickau stellt Server von Aktivisten sicher
20200708             Illegaler Waffenhandel: Razzia bei mutmaßlichen "Reichsbürgern" - POLIZEI nimmt Verdächtigen fest
20200708             DIE—USA—FLUGGESELLSCHAFT UNITED—AIRLINES könnte wegen der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE im Herbst bis zu 36.000—MITARBEITER entlassen. Das Unternehmen müsse wegen der geringen NACH—FRAGE dringend Kosten einsparen,
20200708             Das ENTSPRÄCHE—CA—38—PROZENT der Belegschaft.
20200708             —IM, ;;0700;;dürfte die Passagierzahl aber noch 75—PROZENT niedriger liegen als —IM, 20190700             . Angesichts des derzeitigen Wiederanstiegs von CORONA—VIRUS—INFEKTIONEN in den USA werde 1—RÜCKKEHR zur Normalität zunehmend unwahrscheinlich, bevor es wirksame Behandlungsmethoden oder Impfstoffe gebe.
20200708             Der Organisation für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (OECD) zufolge könnte die ARBEITSLOSEN—RATE im Vereinigten KÖNIG—REICH dann auf knapp 15—PROZENT steigen. Zuletzt herrschte in dem Land beinahe Vollbeschäftigung. Doch Großbritannien ist mit mehr als 44.500—TODES—FÄLLEN bei nachweislich Infizierten das von der PANDEMIE am stärksten betroffene Land EUROPAs.
20200708             soll das vom nationalen Gesundheitsinstitut (ISS) koordinierte Projekt zunächst insbesondere das Abwasser von Ferienresorts untersuchen.
20200708             Mit den Abwassertests lasse sich erkennen, wo DAS—VIRUS im Land zirkuliere,
20200708             Österreich hat wegen der dort steigenden Zahl an CORONA—INFEKTIONEN Reisebeschränkungen für mehrere OSTEUROPA—LÄNDER verkündet. DIE—REGIERUNG in WIEN sprach 1—REISEWARNUNG für Bulgarien, Rumänien und DIE—REPUBLIK—MOLDAU aus. "Wir erleben immer mehr Einschleppungen aus dem Ausland. Deswegen der dringende Appell, nicht in diese Länder zu reisen",
20200708             12,084,126—CORONA—VIRUS—CASES 7,003,160 Recovered 549,616—DEATHS
20200708             —ESTIMATED, EVERY—YEAR 1, 290,000 to 650,000—PEOPLE die in THE—WORLD due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.
20200708             This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781—DEATHS per day due to the seasonal flu.
20200708             Considering that 1—LARGE—NUMBER—OF—CASES are asymptomatic (or present with very mild symptoms) and that testing has not been performed on the entire population, only 1—FRACTION—OF—THE—SARS—COV—2 infected population is detected, confirmed through 1—LABORATORY—TEST, and officially reported as 1—COVID 19—CASE.
20200708             —ESTIMATED, The number of actual cases is therefore, to be at several multiples above the number of reported cases.
20200708             ITALIEN will in einem Forschungsprojekt mit gezielten Abwasseruntersuchungen frühzeitig neue Infektionscluster in der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE erkennen.
20200708             the case FATALITY—RATE with seasonal flu in THE—USA is less than 0.1% (1—DEATH per every 1,000—CASES).
20200708             How to calculate the mortality —RATE during 1—OUTBREAK
20200708             —AT—PRESENT, it is tempting to estimate the case FATALITY—RATE by dividing the number of known deaths by the number of confirmed cases.
20200708             A precise ESTIMATE—OF—THE—CASE—FATALITY—RATE is therefore impossible at present.
20200708             —ENDED, Once 1—EPIDEMIC has, it is calculated with the formula: deaths / cases.
20200708             Infizierter Präsident: Brasilianische Journalisten müssen nach Ansprache von Bolsonaro in QUARANTÄNE
20200731—20200708    —LAUNCHED, NearForm, 1—SIMILAR—APP in IRELAND, and cases can now be traced across the island's open border by 2—SEPARATE—HEALTH—SERVICES.

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