_HEUTE_0516 :

09550516             ALBERICH—II—PAPA, (bastard?) SON—OF—OCTAVIANUS, was elected PAPA.
12230516             —DONNERSTAG
13250516             —AM, LAUT INTROITUS—ET—EXITUS—53—FOLIA—171
13250516             Darunter befanden sich 2—MILITES et 4—DOMICELLI.
13250516             Der HAUPT—MANN erhielt PRO—MONAT 64—FLORENI, der miles 16—FLORENI, jeder armiger oder DOMICELLUS 12—FLORENI
13250516             Der miles hieß DOMINUS—JOHANNES—DE—GRAS, der andere war der HAUPT—MANN.
13530516             an ihn schrieb
13540501             SIZ—IRER/ CONESTABILI—EQUITI, (24—POSTE 3—RONZINI) 13540516—13540616    199—FLORENI NOMINA—EQUITATORUM :
13540516             PRO—EMENDA—EQUI sui pili bai maltincti... mortui per gentes in CASTRO—CORNETI,
13540516             REBELLES—ECCLESIE, quando
13540516—13540500    —DE—PRESENTI—MENSE, DICTUS GRAF—UNACUM—PETRUCIO—GOLE etc. equitaverunt ad faciendum guastum circa dictum castr, 18—FLORENI
13560516             (WILHELMO)—ARCHI—EPISCOPO—COLONIENSIS[ERZ—BISCHOF—VON—KÖLN] ejusque SUFFRAGANEIS scribiturj DOMINUM—PAPA—M se mirarij quod ipsi literas super collectione DECIMAE destinatas exequi distulerint.
13560516             —IISDEM mandatur, ut singuli suis in DIOECESIBUS praedictas literas POST dies 15 a praesentium praesentatione exequi curent atque PERSONAS—ECCLESIASTICAS sub excommunicationis et interdicti sententiis ad DECIMAM rite solvendam inducant.
13560516             REYNERUS—III—DUX—GELRIAE de superioribus literis certior redditur idemque monetur, ut ARCHI—EPISCOPUM—COLONIENSEM[KÖLN] ejusque suffraganeos ad solutionem DECIMAE efficaciter inducat.
13950516             BUR Neustadt S—AEGIDIUS[ÄGIDIUS,GILLES,GILES]).
13950516             † THE—NECROLOGY—OF—NEUSTADT records THE—DEATH—OF "BEATRIX filia DUCIS—DE—MONTE, uxor Ruperti senioris, fundatoris huius ecclesiæ"
14770516             —AM, AND —FOR—21—DAYS—TWICE DAILY the Alarm Bell was rung at ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] to call men to readiness, and
14770516             —AM, AND —FOR—21—DAYS—TWICE DAILY the Alarm Bell was rung —THROUGHOUT BRABANT, to call men to readiness,
14770516             —FOR—21—DAYS, THE—TOWN—BANNER, bearing THE—ARMS—OF—THE—TOWN, was set up at THE—TOWN—HOUSE  and
14770516             —FOR—21—DAYS, EACH—GUILD set up its banner at its GUILD—HOUSE on THE—MARKET—PLACE,'
14770516             —FOR LOUIS—KÖNIG—VON—FRANKREICH] had surprised ARRAS —
14770516             and THE—TOWN became busy with warlike preparations.
14770516             THE—MERCHANTS, traders were suffering from the hostilities, for
14770516             LOUIS—KÖNIG—VON—FRANKREICH] had —POSTED ships at THE—MOUTH—OF—THE—SCHELDT[SCHELDE] to intercept shipping, and
14770516             THE—MENACE—OF—THE—FRANCE—WHO had got POSSESSION—OF—TOURNAI[DOUAI,TOURNAY,DOERNICK], was felt by THE—FLEMISH—TOWNS to be so severe that
14770516             THE—FLEMISH—TOWNS had to take steps to keep EVERY—AVAILABLE—CITIZEN within their walls for their defence,
14770516             which necessarily diminished THE—CONCOURSE—OF—PEOPLE at THE—ANTWERP—FAIRS[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS]s.
14850516             they even captured FLUSHING and sacked it.
14850516             FLUSHING, which BECAME—OF—SO much importance —WHEN the improvements in arTILLEry enabled it to close THE—SCHELDT[SCHELDE] at its will and cut ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] off from the sea, was then 1—UNWALLED town.
14850516             Details bearing on ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] in THESE—DAYS are meagre, but we read that plunder sometimes came from FLANDERS to be put up for sale.
14850516             —JUST—AFTER, ARCH—DUKE—MAXIMILIAN—ERZ—HERZOG—VON—ÖSTERREICH[AUSTRIA] Walloon troops refused to march longer with him as their pay was in arrear.
14850516             —JUST—AFTER, ARCH—DUKE—MAXIMILIAN—ERZ—HERZOG—VON—ÖSTERREICH[AUSTRIA] was too well accustomed to being in NEED—OF—MONEY to be disconcerted by such 1—OCCURRENCE,
14850516             —JUST—AFTER, ARCH—DUKE—MAXIMILIAN—ERZ—HERZOG—VON—ÖSTERREICH[AUSTRIA] shouldering 1—PIKE like 1—FOOT—SOLDIER led his GERMANs into THE—LAND—OF—WAES, where they took great BOOTY—OF—HORNED beasts, DROVE them to ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS], sold them there.
14850516             —JUST—AFTER, ARCH—DUKE—MAXIMILIAN—ERZ—HERZOG—VON—ÖSTERREICH[AUSTRIA] By such means replenished his purse.
14850516             ^
14850516             —REFUSED, MAXIMILIAN—ERZ—HERZOG—VON—ÖSTERREICH[AUSTRIA] Walloon troops, to march longer with him as their pay was in arrear.
14880516             to grant 1—AMNESTY to THE—REBELLIOUS—FLEMINGS, to withdraw THE—GERMAN—GARRISONS,
14880516             to renounce, as far as FLANDERS was concerned, THE—TITLE—OF—REGENT,
14880516             to respect THE—TREATY which had —JUST been made with THE—FRENCH—KING,
14880516             and MAXIMILIAN PHILIP—OF—CLEVES GUARANTOR—OF—HIS promises, charged him to assist THE—FLEMINGS if he did not keep to the bargain".
14880516             and hopes that all would turn to THE—ADVANTAGE—OF—THE—TOWN were encouraged by THE—ARRIVAL—OF—THE—EMPEROR in BRABANT at THE—HEAD—OF—AN army.
14880516             —ON—THE—OF, THE—TREATY made with THE—FLEMINGS.'
14930516             —FESTO Ascensionis ejusdem[DOMINO—NOSTRO—S—CHRISTI],
14930516             venit SANCTITAS—SUA in sede AD—BASILICAM—S—PETRI sub mitra;
14940516             —FERIA—SEXTA, venerunt AD—URBEM 4—ORATORES REGIS—FRANCIE qui fuerunt a familiis PAPA et omnium KARDINALium recepti et —USQUE—AD domum eorum hospitii associati, et
15220516             —AM, he affixed to THE—MAIN—GATE 1—CHALLENGE " to the false prophets and wolves," and ULRICH—VON—HUTTEN sent 1—LETTER—OF—DEFIANCE to Meyer, in
15260516             (Erasmi EPISTOLAE, OPIA—OMNIA, e'd. cit., t. Ill, n° 821, JACOBo Tusuno, BALE[BASEL]).
15270516             —EXPELLED, FLORENCE, THE—MEDICI—NEPHEWS—OF—THE—PAPA and reverted to 1—REPUBLIC.
15680516             MARY—QUEEN—OF—SCOTLAND fled to ENGLAND.
15820516             —FU—DI—ALLI IL—SIGNORE—ALFONSO—PICCOLOMINI con 150—BANDITI ruppe le gente del GREGORIUS—XIII—PAPA che passavano 1.500—CAVALLI sotto Gradara.
15930516             HENRI—IV. annonce qu'il va se faire catholique.
16590516             * CAMPEGIUS—VITRINGA, HOLLAND—THEOLOGIAN, AUTHOR—OF "De Synagoga Vetere,
16760516             zu 1—ENDGÜLTIGEN Regelung der zwischen dem HERZOG—UND—DER—ABTEI streitigen Punkte. am wichtigsten war, daß ABTEI—SIEGBURG—AUF—DIE —BISHER so
16770516             —ANKUNFT—IN—BERLIN.
16770516             Audienz beim DER—GROSSE—KUR—FÜRST—FRIEDRICH—WILHELM—VON—BRANDENBURG, DERSELBE weigert sich, die 4.000—MANN [M.]  Lüneburger abzutreten.
16770516             Es ist  besser, 4—6000—DES KAISER—MEHR nach FLANDERN statt nach POMMERN zu schicken.]  ;;0516;;.
16770516             Op Donderdach voorl. alhier aencomende vond ik H. H. M. RE—SPECTIVE Brieven ende Secrete Resolutien van den 3. ende 4. deser.
16800506/16800516    —DATUM—BERLIN,
16800506/16800516    Stand der Verhandlungen zwischen den streitenden Parteien.
16800506/16800516    Die bezüglichen Vortragsartikel.
16800506/16800516    Verlauf des Krieges.
16800506/16800516    Deren Ablehnung durch die STaaten und ihre Gründe datür.
16800506/16800516    Die BEHAUPTUNGEN des KUR—FÜRST daß M -
16810516             —AMERONGEN—AN—DEN—RATS—PENSIONÄR—VON—HOLLAND. Wiarda VI. 157.
16910516             † JACOB—LEISLER, 1. USA—COLONIST, WAS—HANGED, for treason.
17030516             DER—METHUEN—VERTRAG bindet PORTUGAL ökonomisch an ENGLAND.
17030516             Le PORTUGAL abandonne l'alliance de LA—FRANCE pour celle de LE—ANGLETERRE.
17270516             Zeugen mit 3—SIEGELN (je 3—MAL) :
17270516             "Jo.Kasp.Cüpper, Jülischer WEHR—MEISTEREIVERWALTER;
17270516             J.P.W. FREI—HERR—VON—GOLTSTEIN, Erbförster; Diederich Michell, Erbförster;
17270516             —BEGLAUBIGT—VON—J.A.H.Schinnagel, Gerichtsschreiber aus SCHEVENHÜTTE"
17350516             A.D.E., CARTÓRIOS—NOTARIAIS—DE—VILA—VIÇOSA, LIVRO—189, FOLIAS—180V.-181. (Inédito) Doc.
17350516             NUMERO—
17630516             THE—ENGLAND—LEXICOGRAPHER, author and wit SAMUEL—JOHNSON 1. met his future biographer, JAMES—BOSWELL.
17670516             MORE—THAN—30.000—DID so.
17700516             MARIE—ANTOINETTE 14—JAHRE—ALT, oo the future LOUIS—XVI—KING—OF—FRANCE, 15—JAHRE—ALT.
17700516             oo dauphin (futur LOUIS—XVI) avec l'archiduchesse MARIE—ANTOINETTE d'Autriche.
17720000—18280516    * † SIR—WILLIAM—CONGREVE, UNITED—KINGDOM—ARTILLERIST and inventor.
17770516             † BUTTON—GWINNET, USA revolutionary leader, from wounds.
17830516             * ~ Peder ENDRESEN (MELAND) M Meland, Avaldsnes, ROGALAND—NORWAY[NORWEGEN]
17910516             JAMES—BOSWELL—CELEBRATED 2-volume work, "THE—LIFE—OF—SAMUEL—JOHNSON," was published.
17910516—20010000    —AUTHORED, ADAM—SISMAN, "BOSWELL—PRESUMPTUOUS—TASK," 1—ACCOUNT—OF—HOW Boswell came to write the Johnson biography.
17920516             —ABOLISHED, DENMARK, slave trade.
17950516             —TRAITÉ—DE—LA—HAYE avec LA—HOLLANDE.
17990516             SIEYÈS élu directeur en remplacement de REUBELL
18000000—18640516    * † Platt Rogers Spencer, THE—ORIGINATOR—OF—SPENCERIAN penmanship, 1—POPULAR—SYSTEM—OF—CURSIVE handwriting, in GENEVA—OHIO.
18010516             * WILLIAM—HENRY—SEWARD.
18010516             WILLIAM—HENRY—SEWARD was —LATER GOVERNOR—OF—NEW—YORK and THE—USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE from 18610000—18690000.
18010516             Under PRESIDENT—LINCOLN he purchased ALASKA for THE—USA at 2—CENTS per acre.
18030516             —RUPTURE—DE—LA—PAIX—DE—AMIENS.
18030516             LES—ANGLAIS mettent l'embargo sur LES—NAVIRES—FRANÇAIS
18040516             * ELIZABETH—PALMER—PEABODY, FOUNDER—OF—THE 1. USA kindergarten.
18110516             —BATAILLE d'Albufera.
18120509—18120516    —DÉPART—DE LE—EMPEREUR et de l'Impératrice pour Dresde (ils y ARRIVENT)
18240516             * EDMUND—KIRBY—SMITH—EDUCATOR and soldier.
18240516             EDMUND—KIRBY—SMITH—EDUCATOR was 1—CONFEDERATE general in the western theater.
18280516             * WILHELM—VON—ROTHSCHILD, FRANKFURT—AM—MAIN <banker>
18280516—18050000    —IN, he developed the Congreve Rocket.
18310516             * DAVID—EDWARD—HUGHES, inventor (microphone, teleprinter).
18490516             Die "Kreuzzeitung" - Neuer preußischer Fußtritt für die Frankfurter
18490516             —NEUE—RHEINISCHE—ZEITUNG—NUMMER—299—KÖLN.
18490516             —AM, wurde ihrem Redakteur en —CHEF—KARL—MARX folgender Regierungswisch mitgeteilt:
18490516             —AM, "In ihren neuesten Stücken (!) tritt die 'N Rh Z' mit der Aufreizung zur Verachtung der bestehenden Regierung,
18490516             —AM, zum gewaltsamen Umsturz und zur Einführung DER—SOZIALEN REPUBLIK immer entschiedener hervor.
18490516             —AM, Es ist daher ihrem Redakteur en CHEF, dem DOCTOR—KARL—MARX, das Gastrecht (!), welches er so schmählich verletzt, zu entziehen, und
18490516             —AM, da DERSELBE 1—ERLAUBNIS zum ferneren AUFENTHALT—IN—DEN hiesigen STAATEN nicht erlangt hat, ihm aufzugeben, dieselben binnen 24—STUNDEN zu verlassen.
18490516             —AM, Sollte er der an ihn ergehenden Aufforderung nicht freiwillig Genüge leisten, so ist DERSELBE zwangsweise über DIE—GRENZE—ZU—BRINGEN.
18490516—18490511    KÖLN, den, des KÖNIG—REGIERUNG Moeller"
18490516—18490517    Die neue STANDRECHTS—CHARTE
18600516             —OPERNED, THE—REPUBLICAN convention, in CHICAGO.
18610516             —OFFERED, Confederate government, war volunteers a $10—PREMIUM.
18610516             —PROCLAIMED, KENTUCKY, its neutrality.
18610516—18610520    —SEE
18610520—18610516    —SEE
18630516             At THE—BATTLE—OF—CHAMPION—HILL, in MISSISSIPPI, the bloodiest ACTION—OF—THE—VICKSBURG—CAMPAIGN—UNION—GENERAL—ULYSSES—S—GRANT repulsed the Confederates, driving them into Vicksburg.
18640516             THE—ATLANTA, Campaign, THE—BATTLE—OF—RESACA, begun 18640513             , ended.
18660516             —AUTHORIZED, USA—CONGRESS, THE—MINTING—OF—THE 1. 5—CENT piece, also known as the "Shield nickel".
18660516             THE—SHIELD nickel was quite effective in replacing the half dime, as its base metal composition discouraged hoarding and caused it to circulate very widely.
18660516             —INVENTED, CHARLES—ELMER—HIRES, root beer.
18670501—18670516    —BIS—ZUM, Bei KUGELMANN blieb KARL—MARX und
18670516             —DANN, KARL—MARX antrat die Rückreise über HAMBURG, um
18670516             —DANN, KARL—MARX auf dem Schiff ganz zufällig der BISMARK—NICHTE—FRÄULEIN—ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER—BEKANNTSCHAFT zu machen.
18670516             —DANN, "Es ergab sich, daß das FRÄULEIN—ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER hieß, des BISMARK—NICHTE,
18670516             —EBEN, EINIGE—WOCHEN in BERLIN zugebracht hatte bei dem BISMARK, ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER.
18670516             ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER hatte die ganze Armeeliste bei sich, da
18670516             diese Familie unser 'tapferes Kriegsheer' überreichlich mit HERREN—VON—EHR' und Taille versieht.
18670516             ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER war nicht wenig erstaunt, als sie erfuhr, daß ELISABETH—VON—PUTTKAMER in 'rote' Hände gefallen sei...
18670516             KARL—MARX ausging offenbar von 1—ZUFÄLLIGEN ZUSAMMEN—TREFFEN.
18680516             —PREMIERED, Bedrich SMETANA—OPERA "Dalibor,", in PRAGUE.
18680516             —FAILED, THE—USA—SENATE, by 1—VOTE, cast by EDMUND—G—ROSS, to convict PRESIDENT—ANDREW—JOHNSON as it took its 1. ballot on 1—OF 11—ARTICLES—OF—IMPEACHMENT against him.
18680516             —TRIED, Although the charges against him were weak, Johnson was, by the Senate as the Constitution provides.
18680516—18650400    —IN, Johnson, who came to OFFICE—ON—ABRAHAM—LINCOLN—ASSASSINATION, was an honest but tactless man who made MANY—ENEMIES in the Radical Republican Congress.
18680516—18680300    —IN, In response to JOHNSON—RECURRENT interference with Radical Reconstruction, THE—USA—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES drew up 11—ARTICLES—OF—IMPEACHMENT against THE—CHIEF—EXECUTIVE.
18710516             —PULLED, THE—VENDÔME—COLUMN is, down.
18740516             DER—REICHS—TAG—ABGEORDNETE J. Most wird zu eineinhalb —JAHREN Gefängnis verurteilt, da DER—REICHS—TAG—ABGEORDNETE J. MOST verschiedene Klassen gegeneinander zu Gewalttätigkeiten aufgereizt habe.
18790516             —PREMIERED, Antonin Dvorak's "Slavonic Dances".
18790516             —EXECUTED, WALLACE—WILKERSON was, by firing squad in UTAH.
18790516             It was so disgraceful that 1—NEWSPAPER, the Ogden Junction, sarcastically reminded the state that "THE—FRANCE—GUILLOTINE never fails".
18790516             It was —27—MINUTES—BEFORE he could be pronounced dead.
18810516             WORLD—1. electric tram went into service in Lichterfelder near BERLIN.
18860516             * DOUGLAS—SOUTHALL—FREEMAN, journalist, historian, Pulitzer PRIZE—WINNING biographer.
18890000—19790516    * † ASA—PHILIP—RANDOLPH, black labor leader and civil rights pioneer in NEW—YORK—CITY.
18890516             STREIKen über 100.000—BERG—ARBEITER, das sind 90—PROZENT—DER—BERG—ARBEITER.
18920516             * RICHARD—TAUBER, [ERNST—SEIFFERT], AUSTRIA—BRITISH, tenor, conductor ("Deine ist mein ganzes Herz").
19011030—18590516    * † B. Schoenlank, in MühlHAUSEN/THÜRINGEN, Akademiker und JOURNALIST, in LEIPZIG gestorben.
19020000—19850516    * † MARGARET—HAMILTON, USA—FILM actress.
19050516—19820000    * † HENRY—FONDA, actor, in Grand ISLAND—NEBRASKA.
19050516—19820000    —STARRED, HENRY—FONDA, in "GRAPES—OF—WRATH" and "On Golden Pond".
19100000—19530516    * † DJANGO—REINHARDT, Gypsy jazz guitarist in FRANCE.
19110516             Remains of a Neanderthal man were found in JERSEY—UK.
19110516             —WRECKED, Zeppelin "DEUTSCHLAND" was, at DUSSELDORF.
19120516             * Studs Terkel USA—AUTHOR.
19120516             He wrote The 'Good War.' "Take it easy, but take it".
19130000—19840516    * † IRWIN—SHAW, USA—WRITER (Rich Man, Poor Man) in SWITZERLAND.
19130000—20080516    * † ROBERT—MONDAVI, the pioneering vintner who helped put CALIFORNIA wine country on the map, at his Napa Valley home.
19130516             Bei den Urwahlen zum preußischen ABGEORDNETEN—HAUS erzielt DIE—SOZIAL—DEMOKRATIE beachtliche Stimmengewinne.
19130516—19080000    gegenüber Sie gewinnt 180.000—STIMMEN, ihr Stimmenanteil steigt auf 28,83 %, WÄHREND die ZWEIT—STÄRKSTE Partei, DAS—ZENTRUM, nur auf 16,53 % kommt, dafür aber 103—ABGEORDNETE erhält, die Deutschkonservativen mit 14,75 % sogar 147.
19130516—19870000    * † WOODY—HERMAN, jazz bandleader.
19150000             dokumentationsarchiv: 20040000/20040516    /05/22—ER kritisierte, der ehemalige MARINE—RICHTER rechtfertige seine Todesurteile... was er sagen würde, wenn eine fremde Nation einen USA—MARINE mit einem Sack...
19160509—19160516    —SIGNED, It was.
19170000—20190516    * † Architect I.M. Pei, who at the age of 102 at his home in NEW—YORK City.
19190516—19870000    * † LIBERACE, pianist, in 1—MILWAUKEE suburb as Wladziu VALENTINO—LIBERACE.
19190516—19870000    At 17—HE debuted with THE—CHICAGO Symphony Orchestra.
19190516—19870000    —AVERAGED, He —LATER, 1—INCOME—OF $5—MILLION for over 35—YEARS.
19200516             —CANONIZED, JOAN—OF—ARC was, by BENEDICT—XV—PAPA.
19240516             * FRANK—F—MANKIEWICZ, columnist (Perfectly Clear), in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19260509—19260516    Kurzer Abriß der GESCHICHTE—DES—GEIST—UND freiadligen STIFT—WENAU nebst 1—BESCHREIBUNG der Kirche und Gebäude Wenaus sowie
19260509—19260516    der zur Schau gestellten Gegenstände seiner kirchlichen Kunst, gewidmet den Besuchern der Veranstaltung gelegentlich der PANKRATIUS—OKTAV in WENAU. death date: 18690516
19260516             —FOUNDED, IRELAND, EAMON—DE—VALERA, the Fianna Fail (SOLDIERS—OF—DESTINY) party.
19260516             It emerged from 1—SPLIT among those in the Sinn Fein Party, who had rejected THE—ANGLO—IRELAND—TREATY—OF—19210000             .
19270516             —RULED, USA—SUPREME—COURT, that bootleggers must pay income tax.
19280000—20140516    * † CLYDE—SNOW, USA—FORENSIC—ANTHROPOLOGIST in Norman, Ok.
19290516             * BETTY—CARTER, jazz singer.
19290516             * ADRIENNE—RICH—POET (Diving into the Wreck).
19290516             —STAGED, HOLLYWOOD, 1—EXPERIMENTAL—PUBLICITY stunt for the movie industry at THE—HOLLYWOOD Roosevelt Hotel that grew to become THE—ACADEMY—AWARDS extravaganza.
19290516             —PRESENTED, The 1. ACADEMY—AWARDS were, —DURING 1—BANQUET at THE—HOLLYWOOD Roosevelt Hotel.
19290516             The movie "Wings" won best production —WHILE EMIL—JANNINGS and JANET—GAYNOR were named best actor and best actress.
19290516             The 1. ceremony gave out a 2. best award that went to F.W. Murnau's "Sunrise".
19290516             —RECEIVED, The dog Rin Tin Tin, the most votes for best actor, but the academy decided it would be 1—MORE—AUSPICIOUS precedent to grant the award to 1—HUMAN.
19350516             [Nachtausgabe],—BLATT—3.
19360516             —CONDEMNED, S—FRANCISCO—MUNICIPAL—JUDGE—LAZARUS, dance hall operators who made white girls dance with Filipinos.
19360516             He had —JUST held TERRY—SANTI19360822             E—ALT to answer 1—CHARGE—OF—ASSAULT with intent to murder for stabbing NORMA—KOMPISCH, 22—JAHRE—ALT 22—TIMES with an 8-inch butcher knife, despite her cries for mercy.
19360516             Lazarus had —RECENTLY call Filipinos "savages".
19390516             —ISSUED, USA—FOOD—STAMPS were 1.
19400516             * BERNARDO—BERTOLUCCI, director (19000000             , Last Emperor), in PARMA—ITALY.
19400516             JACQUES—GOUDSTIKKER, HOLLAND—ART—DEALER, fell on 1—STAIRCASE—OF—THE—SS Bodegraven as the ship was refused entry at Dover.
19400516             He † from 1—BROKEN neck.
19400516             —TOTALED, His inventory in AMSTERDAM, some 1,400 works, which Reichsmarschall Herman Goring, HITLER—2. in command, soon snapped up.
19410516             The last great GERMANY—AIR—ATTACK on GREAT—BRITAIN was at BIRMINGHAM.
19430516             "Skipping bombs" were used for the 1. and only time to breach 3—MASSIVE—RUHR Valley dams--the Eder, the Mohne and the Sorpe--that supplied water and hydroelectric power to GERMANY—VITAL—ARMAMENT—FACTORIES.
19430516             —DESIGNED, The bombs were, to bounce over ANTI—TORPEDO nets and explode at THE—BASE—OF—THE—DAMS.
19430516             Despite only 2—MONTHS—OF—TRAINING, Royal AIR—FORCE—WING—COMMANDER—GUY—GIBSON and his "Dambusters" breached the Eder and the Mohne dams and damaged the Sorpe.
19430516             —CLAIMED, —WHILE subsequent flooding in the Ruhr Valley, 1,294 lives, GERMANY—INDUSTRIAL—PRODUCTION was affected only briefly —WHILE the dams were repaired.
19430516             —ENDED, Jewish resistance in THE—WARSAW ghetto, —AFTER—30—DAYS—OF—FIGHTING.
19440516             —REACHED, The 1. of over 180,000 HUNGARY—JEWS, Auschwitz.
19440516             † MAX—BRAND, [FREDERICK—SCHILLER—FAUST], western author.
19450516             THE—NAZI submarine U—234—SURRENDERED to USA—FORCES at PORTSMOUTH—NH.
19450516             It had been bound for TOKYO with 10—CONTAINERS—OF—URANIUM oxide.
19450516             —ENDED, The atomic material, up in the bombs dropped on HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI.
19460516             —OPENED, THE—IRVING—BERLIN musical "Annie Get Your Gun", on Broadway starring Ethel Merman as Annie Oakley.
19460516—19490000    —CLOSED, The play, —AFTER 1,147 performances.
19480516             THE—BODY—OF—CBS News correspondent GEORGE—POLK was found in Salonika Harbor in GREECE, several days —AFTER he'd left his hotel for 1—INTERVIEW—WITH—THE—LEADER—OF—1—COMMUNIST—MILITIA.
19480516             Amir held the post —FOR—10—WEEKS and raised the force to 3,000 personnel.
19480516—18740000    —IN, Weizmann, born in RUSSIA, taught chemistry in ENGLAND and as 1—LEADING—ZIONIST influenced BRITAIN—BALFOUR—DECLARATION—OF—19170000              favoring 1—JEWISH—HOMELAND in Palestine.
19480516—19340000    —SETTLED, Weizmann, in Palestine and
19480516—19480000    —FROM, served as PRESIDENT—OF—ISRAEL —UNTIL his death 19520000             —IN.
19480516—20020000    * †             —APPOINTED, PRIME—MINISTER—DAVID—BEN—GURION, ISRAEL—AMIR, to head the fledgling AIR—FORCE—OF—8—SECONDHAND light aircraft.
19510516             —LAUNCHED, CHINA—COMMUNIST—FORCES, a 2. step, 5.—PHASE offensive [in KOREA] and gained up to 20—MILES—OF—TERRITORY.
19520516             * PIERCE—BROSNAN, actor (Remington Steele, Golden Eye), in County MEATH—IRELAND.
19530516—20040000    —AUTHORED, MICHAEL—DREGNI, "Django: THE—LIFE and Music of 1—GYPSY Legend".
19550516             * OLGA—KORBUT, Olympic gymnast (2—GOLDS—19720000             ), in Grodno, Belorussia.
19550516             —DEFEATED, Rocky Marciano (19230000—19690000    ), DON—COCKNELL in 9—ROUNDS in S—FRANCISCO—KEZAR—STADIUM to retain his world light heavyweight title.
19550516             † USA—AUTHOR and critic JAMES—AGEE in NEW—YORK.
19550516—19400000    —SINCE, This was the 1. INTERNATIONAL light heavyweight bout in Kezar.
19570516             —PUBLISHED, PIUS—XII—PAPA, his encyclical Invicti Athletae.
19580516             1—MAN endured 1—RECORD 82.6—G for.04 seconds on 1—WATER—BRAKED rocket sled at Holloman AIR—FORCE—BASE.
19580516             —HOSPITALIZED, He was, —FOR—3—DAYS for recovery.
19600516             1—BIG 4—SUMMIT—CONFERENCE in PARIS collapsed on its opening —DAY as THE—SOVIET—UNION leveled spy charges against THE—USA in THE—WAKE—OF—THE U—2—INCIDENT.
19630516             —AFTER 22—EARTH orbits GORDON—COOPER returned to Earth in Friendship 7, ending Project Mercury.
19640000             WASHINGTON—POST 19950516              a15.
19650516             The musical play "THE—ROAR—OF—THE—GREASEPAINT -- THE—SMELL—OF—THE—CROWD" opened on Broadway.
19650516             SPAGHETTI—O'S were 1. sold.
19660516             —RELEASED, COLUMBIA Records, BOB—DYLAN—ALBUM "Blonde on Blonde".
19660516             —NAMED, Stokely Carmichael was, CHAIRMAN—OF—STUDENT—NONVIOLENT Coordinating.
19660516             —EXPLOITED, Mao, his cult status as Communist CHINA's "red, red sun" and urged young Chinese to revolt against traditional culture and leaders.
19660516             —DESCENDED, The country, into the ideological FRENZY—OF—THE—CULTURAL—REVOLUTION.
19660516             —ARMED, Teenagers, with red BOOKLETS—OF—MAO—SPEECHES battled 1—ANOTHER and dispatched millions to the countryside.
19660516             —HOUNDED, Many "capitalist roaders" were, to death.
19660516             Mao, fearing his influence fading, chose to promote the movement, which amounted to anarchy and terror erupting in CHINA—URBAN—CENTERS.
19660516             —DESIGNATED, In doing so, he circumvented his, successors with individuals committed to his vision, including the Gang of 4.
19690516             RUSSIA—VENERA 5—LANDED on Venus and returned data on atmosphere.
19700510—20120516    —PRESENTED, PRESIDENT—OBAMA, THE—USA MEDAL—OF—HONOR to his widow.
19740516             —IDENTIFIED, SLA members William and EMILY—HARRIS were, with Patty Hearst in LA —DURING 1—SHOPLIFTING—ATTEMPT at MEL—SPORTING—GOODS—STORE.
19740516             —ESCAPED, They, in 1—STOLEN van with a 19—YEAR—OLD kidnapped victim.
19740516—19821001    —UNTIL, HELMUT—SCHMIDT (19180000              *), HEAD—OF—THE—SOCIAL—DEMOCRATIC—PARTY became THE—WEST—GERMANY—CHANCELLOR and served.
19750506—19750516    —ON, In hockey THE—PHILADELPHIA Flyers won the semifinal series over BOSTON 4—GAMES to 1. THE—MONTREAL Canadiens won the finals in 4—GAMES.
19750516             Junko Tabei (19390000—20160000    ), JAPAN—MOUNTAIN climber, became the 1. woman to reach THE—SUMMIT—OF—MOUNT—EVEREST.
19750516             —REVOLTED, THE—PEOPLE—OF—SIKKIM had, against the monarchy and Sikkim became INDIA—22. and 2. smallest state.
19750516             THE—LEPCHAS are the original INHABITANTS—OF—SIKKIM.
19750516—19920000    —IN, she also became the 1. woman to complete the "7—SUMMITS," reaching the highest PEAKS—OF—THE—7—CONTINENTS.
19760516             THE—MONTREAL—CANADIENS won THE—STANLEY—CUP hockey finals in 4—GAMES over THE—PHILADELPHIA Flyers.
19770510             —SENTENCED, PATTI—HEARST was, to 5—YEARS' probation for her role in the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) crime spree 19770516—19170516    , 19740000           .
19770516             5—PEOPLE were killed —WHEN 1—NEW—YORK Airways helicopter, idling atop the Pan Am Building in midtown Manhattan, toppled over, sending 1—HUGE rotor blade flying.
19770516             † MALI, FORMER—PRESIDENT—MODIBO—KEITA (19150000—19770000    ) in prison.
19770516—19990606    —ON, 1—MONUMENT for Modibo Keita, was dedicated in BAMAKO.
19780516             —ENTERED, PATRICIA—HEARST (24), the Federal correctional Institute at PLEASANTON—CALIFORNIA, to resume her 7-year sentence for 1—SF bank robbery with THE—SLA.
19820516             THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC, the Revolutionary Party, under THE—LEADERSHIP—OF—JOSE Pena Gomez (19370000—19980000    ), won the presidential elections.
19820516             —SERVED, Jose Pena Gomez, as THE—MAYOR—OF—SANTO —DOMINGO from 19820000—19860000.
19840516             † ANDY—KAUFMAN, 35—JAHRE—ALT, comedian, of cancer.
19840516             —PLAYED, ANDY—KAUFMAN, Latka Gravas in THE—TV sitcom Taxi.
19850516             MARGARET—HAMILTON was best known for her role as the Wicked Witch in THE—WIZARD—OF—OZ.
19851100—20050516    —TO—TTHIS—TDAY, the hunt for "MISTER—X," POLLARD—INSIDE controller, continues.
19860516             Argentine EX—PRESIDENT—GALTIERI (19260000—20030000    ) was sentenced to 12—YEARS.
19870516             —CAPTURED, KENTUCKY DERBY winner Alysheba, the Preakness Stakes in BALTIMORE.
19870516             Alysheba fell short in the Belmont Stakes, failing to become the 1. Triple Crown champion —SINCE Affirmed.
19870516             "Bobro 400," 1—BARGE carrying 3,200 TONS—OF—GARBAGE—SET sail from NY, beginning 1—UNSUCCESSFUL 8-week search for 1—DUMPING—SITE.
19880516             —RELEASED, USA Surgeon GENERAL—C.—EVERETT—KOOP, 1—REPORT declaring nicotine was addictive in ways similar to heroin and cocaine.
19880516             —RULED, THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT, that police can search discarded garbage without 1—SEARCH—WARRANT.
19890516             —DURING his visit to BEIJING, Soviet PRESIDENT—MIKHAIL—S—GORBACHEV met with CHINA—LEADER—DENG Xiaoping, formally ending a 30-year rift between THE—2—COMMUNIST—POWERS.
19900516             † Sammy DAVIS—JUNIOR, 64—JAHRE—ALT, entertainer in LOS—ANGELES.
19900516             Davis owed THE—IRS $5—MILLION at his death.
19900516             1—SETTLEMENT was —LATER reached for $300,000.
19900516             † JIM—HENSON, 53—JAHRE—ALT, "Muppets" creator, in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19900516—20030000    —AUTHORED, Wil Haygood, "In Black and White: THE—LIFE—OF—SAMMY Davis, JUNIOR"
19910516             —WRAPPED, USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—JAMES—A—BAKER—THE 3., up his latest Mideast visit in ISRAEL without 1—AGREEMENT for ARAB—ISRAEL—PEACE—TALKS.
19920506—19920516    —BURIED, She was, in GERMANY.
19920516             —SKIPPERED, America3, by BILL—KOCH, won the 28. - DEFENSE—OF—THE—AMERICA—CUP.
19920516             —COMPLETED, The space shuttle Endeavour, its maiden voyage with 1—SAFE—LANDING in THE—CALIFORNIA desert.
19930108—20020516    —ARRESTED, JUAN—LUNA, 28—JAHRE—ALT and JAMES—DEGORSKI, 29—JAHRE—ALT were, and confessed to the killings.
19930516             A 2—DAY—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERBIA—REFERENDUM on 1—UNITED—NATIONS—BACKED peace plan ended, with voters rejecting the proposal by 1—WIDE—MARGIN.
19940516             ISRAEL began its final withdrawal from THE—GAZA Strip, shutting down the prison and military headquarters where ISRAEL—SOLDIERS had been in charge —SINCE 19670000             —THE—MIDDLE—EAST—WAR.
19950516             —THREATENED, THE—CLINTON administration, punitive tariffs that would double the prices for JAPAN—MOST popular luxury cars.
19950516             Some $10—MILLION—WORTH—OF—COMPUTER microprocessors were stolen from Centon, 1—CHIP—FIRM in IRVINE—CALIFORNIA.
19950516             Mady Chan, Hoang Ai Le, JOHN—THAT—LUONG and Hui CHI—LUONG were found guilty.
19950516             15—MORE—DEFENDANTS—OF "THE—COMPANY" awaited trial.
19950516             Aum Shinri Kyo cult leader Shoko Asahara was found hiding in 1—SECRET—ROOM at 1—CULT compound in Kamikuishiki and arrested.
19950516             1—LETTER—BOMB exploded in TOKYO—CITY—HALL and injured 1—AID—OF—THE—GOVERNOR who had advocated withdrawing AUM—RELIGIOUS—PERMIT.
19950516             —DECLARED, His teachings, that he was Christ, that meditation was required for enlightenment, and that Armageddon is imminent.
19950516             WILDCAT—ZIRKULAR NUMBER—
19950516—20000000    —IN—THE, The massive "Bytes Dust" task force investigation resulted racketeering TRIAL—OF—THE—4—MEN who masterminded the heist.
19950516—20010000    —SENTENCED, JOHN—THAT—LUONG was, to 88—YEARS in prison.
19960516             —ANNOUNCED, THE—USA—TREASURY—DEPARTMENT, planned to issue 1—NEW—TYPE—OF—GOVERNMENT—BOND that would protect investors from inflation and help government finance the national debt.
19960516             The new bond would offer returns that would rise and fall in line with inflation.
19960516             —ANNOUNCED, The government, 1—PLAN to pay DEBT—STRAPPED HOME—OWNERS up to 30—PERCENT—OF—THEIR—MONTHLY—MORTGAGE—PAYMENTS thus easing the pressure on the country's bleeding banks.
19960516             —EXPECTED, GENERAL—MOTORS was, to pick THAILAND over THE—PHILIPPINES for a $1—BILLION vehicle assembly plant.
19960516             † USA—NAVY—ADMIRAL—JEREMY "Mike" Boorda (57), the nation's top Navy officer, from 1—SELF—INFLICTED gunshot wound —AFTER SOME—OF—HIS—MILITARY—AWARDS were called into question.
19960516             —COMMITTED, Boorda, suicide shortly —BEFORE answering questions from NEWSWEEK Magazine about his right to wear certain combat pins.
19960516             —KIDNAPPED, MICHAEL—LYONS, (8) of Yuba CITY—CALIFORNIA, was, sexually assaulted and murdered.
19960516             —ARRESTED, ROBERT—RHOADES, 45—JAHRE—ALT was, the next —DAY near the boy's body.
19960516             —RESCUED, INDONESIA—COMMANDOS, 9—HOSTAGES—MEMBERS—OF—1—SCIENTIFIC—TEAM, seized by separatists in Irian Jaya 4—MONTHS—19960802              INDONESIA—HOSTAGES were hacked to death —DURING the raid.
19960516             —NAMED, Romano Prodi was, HEAD—OF—THE—CENTER—LEFT—OLIVE—BRANCH—ALLIANCE that won April elections.
19960516             PRIME—MINISTER—PRODI led ITALY—55. postwar government with the leftists in power for the 1. time in 50—YEARS.
19960516             Chevron said it spilled as much as 17,000 GALLONS—OF—OIL into Pearl Harbor —AFTER 1—PIPELINE sprang 1—LEAK.
19960516             THE—USA—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT—SET aside 3.9—MILLION—ACRES—OF—LAND in CALIFORNIA—OREGON and WASHINGTON state for the endangered marbled murrelet.
19960516             —REACHED, UN and IRAQ—OFFICIALS—1—TENTATIVE agreement to resume oil sales of $4—BILLION 1—YEAR to buy food and medicine.
19960516             —MANDATED, The oil for food program, that 13—PERCENT—OF—THE—UN—RESOURCES go to NORTH—KURDISH—AREAS.
19960516             —CAPTURED, IRAQ, 1—TEAM—OF—IRAN—AGENTS were, in BAGHDAD.
19960516             They were on 1—MISSION to assassinate IRAN—GUERILLA—LEADER—MASSOUD Rajavi.
19960516             HASSAN—NEDHAM—AL—MALKI, spokesman for the National COUNCIL—OF—RESISTANCE—OF—IRAN, said the team was armed with rocket launchers and 1—MORTAR and had infiltrated through THE—MARSHES—OF—SOUTH—IRAQ.
19960516             —CALLED, Sylvestre NTIBANTUNGANYA—BURUNDI—HUTU—PRESIDENT, has, his army "paralyzed and useless" and given it 1—WEEK to stop ethnic violence between Tutsi armed forces and Hutu rebels.
19960516—19980000    —CONVICTED—OF, Rhoades was, the murder and sentenced to death.
19960516—20040000    —IN, it was reported that illicit trade agreements with neighbors netted IRAQ nearly $11—BILLION 19900000—20030000    —BETWEEN.
19960516—20040000    —IN, the estimate for illicit trade was raised to $21.3—BILLION.
19960516—20070000    —FACED, Rhoades, another trial for 19840000             —THE—RAPE and MURDER—OF—JULIE Connell (18) in HAYWARD—CALIFORNIA.
19960516—20080000    —AUTHORED, MICHAEL—SOUSSAN, "Backstabbing for Beginners: My Crash Course in INTERNATIONAL Diplomacy," in which he TELLS—OF—HIS 3-year CLOSE—UP experience in THE—UN—OIL for Food program beginning 19970000             —IN.
19970516             PRESIDENT—CLINTON spoke 1—APOLOGY for the government's Tuskegee syphilis study 19320000—19720000    —FROM—TO, in which 399—BLACK—MEN were kept untreated by government scientists in order to study THE—PROGRESSION—OF—THE—DISEASE.
19970516             —DOCKED, The space shuttle Atlantis, with RUSSIA—MIR station.
19970516             —REPORTED, It was, that researchers have found the gene that controls the sleep/wake cycles in mammals.
19970516             —LEAKED, Some 2,500 BARRELS—OF—OIL, near 1—COASTAL marsh in LOUISIANA at lake Barre in Terrebonne Parish.
19970516             —RAMPAGED, CROATIA, SOUTH—WEST—OF—ZAGREB MOBS—OF—CROAT refugees, through at least 4—SERBIA—VILLAGES—DURING the —WEEK and forced DOZENS—OF—SERBS to flee.
19970516             1—CAMPAIGN was growing to drive OUT—OF—THE—COUNTRY some 100,000 Serbs who have remained —SINCE THE—END—OF—THE—BALKAN war and to block returning Serbs from RE—SETTLING.
19970516             The new 60-story, Commerzbank in FRANKFURT—GERMANY, by ENGLAND—ARCHITECT SIR—NORMAN—FOSTER opened.
19970516             —FROM HONG—KONG—FEI—LONG (Fat Dragon) was described as 1—LOCAL—CELEBRITY for his articles on prostitution on PORTLAND St., THE—HEART—OF—THE—RED—LIGHT—DISTRICT.
19970516             —COMPILED, His columns have been, as the "Fat Dragon Handbook".
19970516             † IN—ITALY—GIUSEPPE—DE—SANTIS, film director, at 80.
19970516             —INCLUDED, His films, "Bitter Rice" (19490000             ), "Obsession," "Tragic Hunt," "Under the Olive Tree," and "ROME 11—O'CLOCK".
19980516             "Real Quiet" won the Preakness, —2—WEEKS—AFTER winning THE—KENTUCKY DERBY.
19980516             —FAILED, Real Quiet —LATER, to capture the Triple Crown, losing the Belmont Stakes to VICTORY—GALLOP by 1—NOSE.
19980516             —WOUNDED, ISRAEL—SOLDIERS in HEBRON, 10—PALESTINIANS in the 3. straight —DAY—OF—CLASHES.
19980516             THE—PHILIPPINES, 1—FIRE at the Lung CENTER—OF—THE—PHILIPPINES, in 1—SUBURB—OF—MANILA, killed at least 8—PEOPLE and another 14 were presumed dead.
19980516             RWANDA—FORMER interior MINISTER—SETH—SENDASHONGA (19510000              *), a Hutu, was shot dead in NAIROBI—KENYA.
19990516             —KILLED, Tornadoes swept through WEST—IOWA and 2—PEOPLE were.
19990516             —ADMITTED, NATO, to some 100—CASUALTIES from its air strikes but cited executions by SERBIA—FORCES—OF at least 4,600 ethnic Albanians.
19990516             BELARUS, 1—UNOFFICIAL presidential election drew to 1—CLOSE—AFTER—10—DAYS—OF—DOOR—TO—DOOR—VOTE—GETTING.
19990516             1—OF—THE—2—CANDIDATES withdrew and the other was in prison and the affair was denounced by PRESIDENT—LUKASHENKO.
19990516             —REJECTED, Voters, the referendum 77% to 23%.
19990516             —OVERTURNED, PAKISTAN, 1—GASOLINE truck, and exploded —WHILE people attempted to salvage leaking fuel in Adda Rodu SULTAN.
19990516             —KILLED, Some 65—PEOPLE were, and at least 75—INJURED.
19990516—19980000    —INDICATED, THE—JUSTICE—DEPARTMENT said preliminary figures from THE—FBI, 1—DECLINE in serious crime for the 7. consecutive —YEAR.
19990516—20030000    —IN—THE, KUWAIT, the Cabinet voted to give women the right to vote general elections.
20000516             —RAISED, THE—FEDERAL—RESERVE, its federal funds rate by 1—HALF—POINT, the biggest increase in 5—YEARS.
20000516             —NOMINATED, THE—NEW—YORK DEMOCRATIC—PARTY, meeting in ALBANY, 1. lady Hillary Rodham Clinton for THE—USA—SENATE.
20000516             —COUNTED, OREGON, ballots were, in the nation's 1. regular primary election conducted by mail.
20000516             Estimated response was 47%.
20000516             —RESIGNED, Veteran WHITE—HOUSE—CORRESPONDENT—HELEN Thomas, from United Press INTERNATIONAL, 1—DAY—AFTER the wire service was sold to the parent FIRM—OF—THE—WASHINGTON Times.
20000516             —ANNOUNCED, The 3M Co., that it would stop making MANY—SCOTCHGUARD stain repellent products.
20000516             The company found that the compound perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOA), 1—OF—THE—INGREDIENTS, tended to persist in the environment and in THE—BLOODSTREAM—OF—PEOPLE—WORLDWIDE.
20000516             THE—USA—MARKET was left to DuPont.
20000516             —RETIRED, CHINA, some 5,000, or LAID—OFF workers in LIAOYANG clashed with police —FOLLOWING protests over NON—PAYMENT—OF—PENSIONS and wages.
20000516             CONGO, 1—IMMEDIATE—PULLOUT from KISANGANI—OF—FORCES from RWANDA and UGANDA was agreed to in 1—BID to avert 1—WIDER—WAR.
20000516             —PENETRATED, ETHIOPIA—TROOPS, into WEST—ERITREA and attempted to cut off retreating forces.
20000516             IRAN, the Hammihan daily, 1—MAJOR—REFORMIST—NEWSPAPER, was shut down on 17—COUNTS—OF—PRESS—LAW—VIOLATIONS.
20001102             —ARI—FLEISCHER, 20020516              - Impertinent Questions:
20010510             because of the blunder, MCVEIGH—EXECUTION—SET for 20010516             , was postponed.
20010511             —DELAYED, ATTORNEY—GENERAL—JOHN—ASHCROFT, TIMOTHY—MCVEIGH—EXECUTION 20010516—20010611    —FROM—TO due to documents that THE—FBI had failed to turn over to the defense.
20010511—20010516    —FROM, ATTORNEY—GENERAL—JOHN—ASHCROFT delayed TIMOTHY—MCVEIGH—EXECUTION to 20010611              due to documents that THE—FBI had failed to turn over to the defense.
20010516             —RELEASED, He was, 20060405            .
20010516             —DECIDED, THE—USA—STATE—DEPARTMENT, to designate the Real IRA as 1—TERRORIST—ORGANIZATION and banned fund raising by the group and its supporting organizations.
20010516             —PLEADED, Hanssen —LATER, guilty to 15—COUNTS—OF—ESPIONAGE and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
20010516             NATHANIEL—BRAZILL, a 14—YEAR—OLD—BOY who shot his ENGLAND—TEACHER to death on the last —DAY—OF—THE—SCHOOL—YEAR, was convicted of 2.—DEGREE murder in WEST—PALM—BEACH—FLORIDA Brazill was —LATER sentenced to 28—YEARS in prison.
20010516             —SCHEDULED, TIMOTHY—MCVEIGH was, for execution by injection and the event was set to show on CLOSED—CIRCUIT TV at 1—OKLAHOMA—CITY—SITE restricted to 200—PEOPLE.
20010516             —POSTPONED, The execution was, to 20010611             .
20010516             THE—DJIA rose 342 to 11,215. - THE—NASDAQ rose 80 to 2,166.
20010516             COLOMBIA, RONALD—DE—JESUS—ARROLLAVE, 1—LA Terraza leader, was dragged from his MEDELLIN home and shot to death by 15—HOODED gunmen.
20010516             —KIDNAPPED, FARC rebels, LOTHAR—HINTZE, 1—GERMANY—BUSINESSMAN, at 1—TOURIST—COMPLEX that he was building in Prado.
20010516             —AGREED, SIERRA—LEONE, rebels and PRO—GOVERNMENT—MILITIAS, to end hostilities and begin disarmament.
20010516             HAPPENINGS—YOU'RE going to be told LOTS—OF—THINGS.
20010516             You get told things EVERY—DAY that don't happen.
20010516             It doesn't seem to bother people, they don't—
20010516             —PRINTED, It's, in the press.
20010516             The world thinks all these things happen.
20010516             —HAPPENED, They never. EVERYONE—SO eager to get the story
20010516             —BEFORE in fact the story's THERE—THAT the world is constantly being fed
20010516             —HAPPENED, Things that haven't. - All I can tell you is,
20010516             —HAPPENED, It hasn't. - It's going to happen.
20010911             —COMMISSION report is 1—LIE
20010911             —CHRONOLOGY—HUFFINGTON Post, AL—QUEDA and flight 77, but PETER—LANCE confirms that Flight 77—HIT the Pentagon ????
20011100—20010516    —ON, [AP, 20020701             , PEARL—BODY was found and identified, but THE—FBI didn't officially release THE—DNA results because official CONFIRMATION—OF—THE—BODY would have meant 1—NEW—TRIAL.
20020000             1—LOOK at the victory of the political right in the recent HOLLAND—ELECTIONS + what it may portend for the rest of EUROPE.
20020500             [AP, 20020516              ]
20020516             —DEFENDED, THE—WHITE—HOUSE, PRESIDENT—BUSH for not disclosing intelligence —BEFORE 20020911             —THE—ATTACKS that OSAMA—BIN—LADEN wanted to hijack USA—AIRPLANES, saying there had been no specific threat.
20020516             † DAVID—BERG, 81—JAHRE—ALT, Mad magazine artist.
20020516             DAVID—BERG also wrote and drew 17—MAD—BOOKS along with "My Friend God and "ROGER—KAPUTNIK and God".
20020516             —ANNOUNCED, Astronomers, the discovery of 11—MORE—MOONS—ORBITING—JUPITER bringing the total number to 39.
20020516             AFGHANISTAN, coalition forces came under fire in EAST—PAKTIA province.
20020516             —REPORTED, SOME—ENEMY—FIGHTERS were, killed.
20020516             —KILLED, Fire from 1—AC—130—GUNSHIP, about 10—PEOPLE, possibly local tribe members.
20020516             —APPROVED, BELGIUM, THE—PARLIAMENT, 1—EUTHANASIA—BILL that would give terminally ill patients the right to die under limited conditions.
20020516             —DIVIDED, CHINA, the state phone industry was, into 2—COMPETING—PARTS: CHINA Telecom and CHINA Netcom.
20020516             CUBA, FORMER—USA—PRESIDENT—JIMMY—CARTER met with over 20—DISSIDENTS and urged them to continue fighting for democratic change and human rights.
20020516             THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—LEGISLATIVE, and municipal elections were held.
20020516             1—MILITARY—COURT—CONVICTED—TOUJAN—FAISAL—JORDAN 1. female lawmaker, of harming the government's reputation in 1—OPEN—LETTER—ACCUSING—THE—PM—OF—FINANCIAL—WRONGDOING.
20020516             —SENTENCED, She was, to 1 ½ years in prison.
20020516             —CLAIMED, LIBERIA—FORCES, to have stopped the rebel offensive to have killed 100 in the process.
20020516             —UNCOVERED, KARACHI—PAKISTAN, police, 1—BODY believed to be WSJ reporter DANIEL—PEARL.
20020516             —AGREED, PLO PRESIDENT—YASSER—ARAFAT, to revamp his cabinet and hold elections within 6—MONTHS.
20020516             ARI—FLEISCHER, Impertinent Questions:
20020516—19610000    —IN, DAVID—BERG began his "THE—LIGHTER—SIDE—OF" comic strips for Mad Magazine and continued for 365—SUBSEQUENT—ISSUES.
20020715—20020516    —ON, 1—JURY called for the death penalty.
20021205154537       —JAHR—GEORGE Dubya BUSH, COMMAND—IN—CHIEF... 20060216              11, 20010000             , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553
20030516             —COMMITTED, THE—USA—SENATE, $15—BILLION to fight global AIDS.
20030516             —APPROVED, Congress, THE—PRESIDENT—EMERGENCY—PLAN for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
20030516             In his 20030128             , STATE—OF—THE—UNION—ADDRESS—PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH had made 1—COMMITMENT to substantially increase USA—SUPPORT for addressing HIV/AIDS worldwide.
20030516             —SIGNED, Bosnia, 1—AGREEMENT with THE—USA on —FRIDAY that exempts Americans from prosecution by 1—NEW—INTERNATIONAL—CRIMINAL—COURT.
20030516             —SIGNED, NORTH—EAST—CONGO, rival tribes fighting, 1—CEASE—FIRE.
20030516             There were over 100—CONFIRMED killings and EVIDENCE—OF—CANNIBALISM.
20030516             SLOVAKIA—VOTERS began a 2—DAY—REFERENDUM to reaffirm their nation's top foreign policy goal to be membership in the European Union.
20030516             MOROCCO, suicide attackers 20030905              nearly simultaneous explosions in THE—HEART—OF—CASABLANCA, killing 33—PEOPLE and 12—SUICIDE—BOMBERS at 1—JEWISH—COMMUNITY—CENTER, THE—BELGIUM—CONSULATE, 1—SPAIN—SOCIAL—CLUB and 1—MAJOR—HOTEL.
20030516             The attackers all came from THE—SHANTYTOWN—OF—CARRIERE Thomas.
20030516—20030128    —IN, PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH—STATE—OF—THE—UNION—ADDRESS, had made 1—COMMITMENT to substantially increase USA—SUPPORT for addressing HIV/AIDS worldwide.
20030516—20070000    —IN, 1—PARIS court convicted 8—PEOPLE—OF—SUPPORTING the suicide bombers.
20030520             CANADA—AGRICULTURE—OFFICIALS said that it took 15—WEEKS -- 20030131—20030516    —FROM—TO -- —BEFORE 1—BATTERY—OF—TESTS ordered on 1—SICKLY, underweight cow that had been deemed unfit for human consumption proved it had mad cow disease.
20040516             —SPEED, THE—USA—ANNOUNCED 1—NEW—INITIATIVE to, up the approval process for new combination AIDS drugs that was designed to bring cheap, EASY—TO—USE—TREATMENT to MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE in AFRICA and the Caribbean.
20040516             DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—PRESIDENT—HIPOLITO—MEJIA sought a 2. term in 1—ELECTION.
20040516             Leonel Fernandez, FORMER—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—LEADER (19960000—20000000    ), reclaimed the presidency in 1—VOTE that reflected frustration with the nation's worst economic crisis in decades.
20040516             1—POLLING—STATION—SHOOTING left 3—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20040516             —FIRED, Gunmen In BAGHDAD, on 1—MINIBUS, killing 2—IRAQ—WOMEN who worked for THE—USA—LED coalition.
20040516             —KILLED, Assailants in 1—SOUTH—CITY, 1—COALITION—TRANSLATOR and critically injured another.
20040516             —REPORTED, It was, that 1—SCOTLAND—BUS—FIRM had begun issuing DNA "spit kits" help drivers verify assault charges on passengers spitting at drivers.
20040516             —NAMED, JOHN—PAUL—II—PAPA, 6—NEW saints, including Gianna Beretta Molla, revered by abortion foes because she'd refused to end her pregnancy despite warnings it could kill her.
20040516             —KILLED, UGANDA, rebels, 22—CIVILIANS—DURING—1—RAID on 1—GULU district camp set up for refugees.
20040516—19620000    —IN, Beretta Molla, 1—ITALY—PEDIATRICIAN, † at age 39, 1—WEEK—AFTER giving birth to her 4. child.
20041004             —PILOTED, GORDON—COOPER, Faith 7—AROUND Earth on 20040515—19630516.
20041225—20040516    —PHONED, No bomb threat was, in but 1—BOMB exploded, followed by fire at Room 305—OF—THE—EVERGREEN—HOTEL.
20050417             Dossier Carlyle dans le Point n° 16000000              du 20030516             ...
20050417             A stampa (41). - - Latest News & Analysis 20050516—20310516     20040000
20050417             Latest News & Analysis 20050516—20310516     20040000
20050516             —ALLEGED, A—USA—SENATE—REPORT—DETAILING, MISUSE—OF—THE—PROGRAM said almost 1 3. of the oil allocations granted under THE—UNITED—NATIONS' 19960000              to 20030000              IRAQ—OIL—FOR—FOOD—PROGRAM went to RUSSIA—PARTIES or individuals.
20050516             —RULED, THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT—IN—SWEDENBURG v. Kelly, 5—4—THAT—WINE lovers may buy directly from OUT—OF—STATE vineyards if those states allow direct shipments from IN—STATE wineries.
20050516             —CONVICTED, Army Specialist Sabrina Harman was, at Fort HOOD—TEXAS, of 6—OF—THE—7—CHARGES she faced for her role in THE—MISTREATMENT—OF—IRAQ—PRISONERS at ABU—GHRAIB.
20050516             —SENTENCED, She was, to 6—MONTHS in prison —AFTER testimony about her ACTS—OF—KINDNESS toward Iraqis —BEFORE she became 1—ABU—GHRAIB guard.
20050516             —RETRACTED, NEWSWEEK magazine, its Quran abuse story that sparked deadly protests in AFGHANISTAN that left about 15—PEOPLE—DEAD and scores injured.
20050516             COEUR, DE—ALENE—IDAHO, police found MARK—MCKENZIE, 37—JAHRE—ALT, Brenda (40) and Slade Groene (13) bound and slain.
20050516             Shasta Groene (8) and DYLAN—GRO20050109             E—ALT were missing.
20050516             Shasta was found alive 20050702             .
20050516             —KIDNAPPED, AFGHANISTAN, 4—ARMED—MEN, Clementina Cantoni (32), 1—ITALY—RELIEF—WORKER, from her car in KABUL.
20050516             —DESCRIBED, Authorities, the group as thieves.
20050516             BRAZIL, THE—INDIA—RIGHTS—GROUP—SURVIVAL INTERNATIONAL said logging companies were cutting down the forest in THE—RIO—PARDO area, about 1,400 miles NORTH—WEST—OF—RIO—DE—JANEIRO, despite repeated reports that there were isolated Indians in the region.
20050516             —IGNORED, MANY—FRANCE—WORKERS, the new national "—DAY—OF—SOLIDARITY," 1—EXTRA—WORK—DAY in place of the annual Pentecost holiday, that was PART—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT—RESPONSE to a 20030000              heat wave that killed 15,000—PEOPLE.
20050516             Under 1—NEW—LAW—WORKERS give up 1—HOLIDAY, —WHILE their employers pay into 1—GOVERNMENT—FUND to improve health care for the aged and handicapped.
20050516             —STORED, SOUTH—INDIA, firecrackers illegally, in 1—HOME in Hassan exploded, killing 8—PEOPLE.
20050516             —EXECUTED, IRAQ, 8—MORE—BODIES were found, by insurgents.
20050516             Attacks left at least 24—IRAQIS dead.
20050516             —EXTENDED, THE—KUWAIT PARLIAMENT, political rights to women, but religious fundamentalists who opposed women's suffrage succeeded in attaching 1—CLAUSE—REQUIRING—FUTURE—FEMALE—POLITICIANS and voters to abide by Islamic law.
20050516             —REGRETTED, MEXICO—PRESIDENT—VICENTE—FOX, ANY—HURT feelings for saying that Mexicans in THE—USA were doing the work that even blacks wouldn't.
20050516             —RESUMED, NEPAL—TROOPS, their search for HUNDREDS—OF—CHILDREN taken hostage by Maoist insurgents in THE—MOUNTAINS—OF—WEST—NEPAL.
20050516             In the latest fighting, 4—REBELS—3—ARMY—SOLDIERS and 1—POLICEMAN were killed in Sandheni area, about 100—MILES—SOUTH—EAST—OF—KATHMANDU.
20050516             —PREPARED, Senior RUSSIA—OFFICIALS said RUSSIA is, to reduce its strategic nuclear arsenal below 1,500 warheads, less than the level agreed to with THE—USA, but MOSCOW is concerned about nuclear threats on its border.
20050516             —KILLED, SRI—LANKA, at least 1—MAN was, and 4—WOUNDED in fresh violence, as INTERNATIONAL aid donors tried to nudge THE—ISLAND—WARRING parties to revive peace talks.
20050516             TURKEY, 2—KURDISH—GUERILLAS—TRYING to attack the home of 1—TURKEY—GOVERNOR were killed —AFTER police fired on them as they approached the building.
20050516             —PERSISTED, Gunfire, in THE—EAST—CITY—OF—ANDIJAN where UZBEKISTAN—SECURITY—FORCES fired on protesters last —WEEK, 1—CLASH that reportedly left several 100—DEAD.
20050516             —EMERGED, New accounts, that violence in nearby towns killed hundreds more.
20050516             THE—POWER—OF—MONEY - - Not So Cool But then, a
20050516             -To this —DAY-, the Pollard affair is 1—HOT—BUTTON issue inside THE—USA—INTELLIGENCE—COMMUNITY.
20050516             "OUT—OF—THESE troubled times, our 5. objective -- 1—NEW—WORLD—ORDER -- can emerge" -- Skull & Bonesman, PRESIDENT—GEORGE—HW—BUSH—19900911              (11—YEARS—PRIOR, to the —DAY)
20050516             WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM ? - Forums powered by... IIRC, Skolnick reported that MEGA was Rahm Emmanuel, then 1—CLINTON senior... a " Mr. X," but an " X Committee," made UP—OF—NEARLY 12—TOP—LEVEL...
20050516             This explains why the insurgents are clearly winning.
20050516             —SUPPOSED, The shock was that the enemy was not, to be in this town at all.
20050516             —INDICATED, Instead, USA—INTELLIGENCE, that the insurgency had massed on the other SIDE—OF—THE—RIVER.
20050516             —EXPRESSED, USA—MARINE—COMMANDERS, surprise —MONDAY not only at the insurgents' presence but also THE—EXTENT—OF—THEIR—PREPARATIONS, as if they had expected the Marines to come.".
20050516             How do the insurgents always know —WHEN the Americans will show up?
20050516             How did they know —JUST what hotel room to fire at —WHEN Wolfowitz was in BAGHDAD?
20050516             And THE—HEAD—OF—SISMI, Nicolo Pollari, as well as THE—ITALY—DEFENSE—MINISTER—ANTONIO—MARTIN o, attended the meeting, along with MICHAEL—LEDEEN, Ghorbanifar, Pentagon officials HAROLD—RHODE + LARRY—FRANKLIN.
20050516             [Sismi has been in the news —RECENTLY for having been reported to have used 1—ITALY—MIDDLEMAN to put the forged NIGER docs into circulation.]
20050516             —SINCE the Italians have LONG—STANDING—TRADE—TIES to IRAN, 1 can easily understand why LEDEEN—FACTION would use SISMI to arrange the enigmatic liaisons with Ghorbanifar.
20050516             (Emphasis added
20050516             —FROM RIGHTWEB—PROFILE—OF—LEDEEN:
20050516             1—SENIOR—ADMINISTRATION—OFFICIAL said THE—USA—GOVERNMENT had learned about the unauthorized talks by accident.
20050516             —APPEARED, The immedia te objective, to be to "antagonise IRAN so that they get frustrated and then by their reactions harden USA—POLICY against them"
20050516             The road to war.Ledeen + his defenders
20050516             became angry —WHEN THE—TIMES—OF—LONDON described Ledeen as "the prominent NEO—CONSERVATIVE who has led calls for 1—ATTACK on IRAN ".As the Regime Change blog puts it:
20050516             But he has not led calls for 1—ATTACK on IRAN, but rather advocates supporting of 1—REGIME—CHANGE in IRAN using similar methods as were used in ROMANIA + THE—UKRAINE + LEBANON + elsewhere.
20050516             1—OF—THE—WEB—SITES affiliated with the current crusade is
20050516             —SUPPORTED, Regime Change IRAN, which supports + is, by, ULTRA—NEO—CON MICHAEL—LEDEEN—OF—THE—AMERICAN—ENTERPRISE—INSTITUTE.
20050516             Ledeen, as you will recall, remains 1—DIE—HARD—SUPPORTER—OF—THE disgraced IRAQ—EXILE—LEADER—AHMED—CHALABI.
20050516             + why did Chalabi fall into disgrace?
20050516             In large part because he was routing intelligence to TEHRAN.
20050516             Und ja, es gab damals auch einen salonfähigen Antisemitismus, der in der laxen Handhabung 1—ROLLE gespielt haben könnte, in USA wie in UK.
20050516             Das ist inakzeptabel.
20050516             Die Nazis haben diese Vernichtungslager errichtet + betrieben, niemand sonst, + die Verantwortung für die Millionen Toten liegt beim NS—REGIME.
20050516             Punkt.
20050516             Nach derzeitigem Recht müssen Telekommunikationsanbieter solche Daten nach Beendigung der Verbindung löschen.
20050516             Allerdings forderte Bundesinnenminister Schily am Rande der Computermesse Cebit 20050000              —BEREITS längere Aufbewahrungsfristen ein.
20050516             Was der Verbrechensaufklärung dienen soll, wird von Datenschützern als Verletzung des informationellen Selbstbestimmungsrechts kritisiert.
20050516             Nachkriegsdeutschland: Der USA—FRÜHLING
20050516             Goldman Sachs: Strippenzieher der WALL—STREET
20050516             —HACKED, The debate over whether voting machines were, or there was deliberate SUPPRESSION—OF—MINORITY—VOTES will continue.
20050516             We should all AGREE—GIVEN the shoddy, unaccountable and unverifiable STATE—OF—OUR election machinery and PROCEDURES—THAT—UNLESS we act, the next close election will prompt the same debates and public confidence in our democracy will suffer 1—POTENTIALLY fatal blow.
20050516             Of even more importance, we must be vigilant as Republicans try to roll our voting rights backwards
20050516             4—CITIZENS for Honest Fighter Pilots Say JERRY—CORSI—DESERVES—AS... Fighter Pilots Say JERRY—CORSI—DESERVES—AS—MUCH—TV—AIR—TIME—AS—JOHN O ' Neill... Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On Bush To Explain His Military...
20050516             "Wir bedauern, dass wir uns bei einem Teil unserer Geschichte getäuscht haben", schrieb Whitaker in der neuesten Ausgabe des Magazins, die in den USA ab —HEUTE im Verkauf ist.
20050516             Weltweit hat der Bericht unter Muslimen Empörung AUSGELÖS—IN—AFGHANISTAN kam es zu teilweise gewaltsamen Protesten, bei denen 16—MENSCHEN starben und mehr als 100—VERLETZT wurden.
20050516             Auch in PAKISTAN + INDONESIEN + im GAZA—STREIFEN gingen Menschen auf die Straße. ÄGYPTEN + SAUDI—ARABIEN + BANGLADESCH + MALAYSIA + die arabische Liga verurteilten 1—ENTWEIHUNG des Korans.
20050516             Gestern drohten muslimische Geistliche in AFGHANISTAN die Ausrufung eines Heiligen Krieges gegen die USA an.
20050516             —BERICHTET, Das Magazin, nun, die Informationen für den Bericht seien von einer "gut unterrichteten Regierungsquelle" gekommen, die "NEWSWEEK " unter Verweis auf einen Militärbericht gesagt habe, dass Vernehmungsbeamte den Koran in GUANTANAMO Bay auf KUBA auf Toiletten ausgelegt + mindestens 1—EXEMPLAR heruntergespült hätten.
20050516             —GEBRACHT, Damit hätten Gefangene zum Reden, werden sollen.
20050516             Die Quelle habe dem Magazin später gesagt, sie könne sich nicht mehr sicher sein, dass in dem zitierten Militärbericht von dem Vorfall die Rede gewesen sei.
20050516             Vielleicht habe sie stattdessen davon in anderen Ermittlungsdokumenten oder Entwürfen gelesen.
20050516             "Ob so etwas jemals passierte, wir wissen es einfach nicht", sagte er.
20050516             "Wir sagen nicht, es ist auf jeden Fall passiert, aber wir können auch nicht sagen, dass es auf keinen Fall passierte".
20050516             USA—DISTRICT—COURT—FOR THE—NORTH—DISTRICT—OF—ILLINOIS..... by Trireme Management LLC which has its principal OFFICE—IN—NEW—YORK.
20050516             [Wereldcrisis] Why was RICHARD—PERLE meeting with ADNAN—KHASHOGGI ?... Arabia + SINGAPORE.=20 The letter mentioned the firm's government connections prominently: "3—OF 20—TRIREME—MANAGEMENT—GROUP—MEMBERS currently...
20050516             Den Waffenlieferungen, Bei Den Waffenschieber ADNAN—KHASHOGGI
20050516             Is there anything about AUTHOR—GRAY, other than his association with Khashoggi,which suggests his truthfulness might be in question?
20050516             GRAY—WHEN KHASHOGGI—GENESIS—INTERMEDIA went bankrupt, JOHN—GRAY helped him loot the company for several 100—MILLION.
20050516             What Do 20010911              & HEAVEN—GATE—HAVE—IN—COMMON?
20050516             THE—MADCOW—MORNING—NEWS—GRAY is being sued with Khashoggi in 1—FINANCIAL—SCAM they allegedly participated in involving Genesis Intermedia, 1—COMPANY incorporated by MICHAEL—ROY—FUGLER...
20050516             INTERVIEW—MIT—WOLFGANG—LEONHARD: "Man stellte keine Fragen in Stalins Sowjetunion"
20050516             USBEKISTAN: Friedhofsruhe in Andischan
20050516             —HATRED, THE—GOVERNMENT—RENEWED determination to outlaw "incitement to religious " was condemned —TODAY by the National Secular Society.
20050516             WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is DOV—S—ZAKHEIM ?
20050516             THE—AGENTS—OF—THE—INSURGENCY are able to consistently spy on THE—USA occupying army + know what THE—USA are going to do —BEFORE MOST—OF—THE—AMERICANS know.
20050516             "How do the insurgents always know —WHEN THE—AMERICANS will —SHOW up?
20050516             How do they know exactly —WHEN + where to deploy their improvised explosive devices so they are in place —JUST—BEFORE THE—AMERICANS drive by?
20050516             How do we reconcile the seeming contradiction between LEDEEN—HAWKISH—PRO—ISRAEL—VIEWS + LEDEEN his reported alliance with THE—NAZI—FIED Gelli?
20050516             I'm not sure how to answer that 1.
20050516             Neither can I explain why 1—MAN like Corsi, who also claims to support ISRAEL, would spew ugly ANTI—SEMITISM on the Free Republic site.
20050516             LARRY—FRANKLIN was passing highly sensitive information to AIPAC (translation: to ISRAEL) IN THE—SAME—TIME—PERIOD AS those HUSH—HUSH meetings with Ghorbanifar.
20050516             —FROM LEDEEN - 1—SENIOR—ADMINISTRATION—OFFICIAL said THE—USA—GOVERNMENT had learned about THE—UNAUTHORIZED talks by accident.
20050516             The senior official + another Administration source said the ultimate OBJECTIVE—OF—MISTER—FEITH + 1—GROUP—OF—NEO—CONSERVATIVE—CIVILIANS inside THE—PENTAGON is CHANGE—OF—GOVERNMENT in IRAN.
20050516             THE—ROAD to war.
20050516             —BECAME, LEDEEN + his defenders, angry —WHEN THE—TIMES—OF—LONDON described LEDEEN as "the prominent NEO—CONSERVATIVE who has led calls for 1—ATTACK—ON—IRAN".
20050516             As THE—REGIME—CHANGE blog puts it:
20050516             LEDEEN has long been 1—ADVOCATE—OF—REGIME—CHANGE in IRAN.
20050516             Perhaps they [THE—TIMES] drew the false conclusion he was referring to MILITARily forcing 1—REGIME—CHANGE.
20050516             But - LEDEEN has not led calls for 1—ATTACK—ON—IRAN, but
20050516             LEDEEN rather advocates supporting of 1—REGIME—CHANGE in IRAN using similar methods as were used in ROMANIA + THE—UKRAINE + LEBANON + elsewhere.
20050516             If that were THE—END—OF—IT, I'd have no overwhelming DISAGREEMENT—WITH—LEDEEN—POSITION—ALTHOUGH I strongly doubt that the IRANians will —SOON rise against the mullahs the way the Romanians rose against Ceausescu.
20050516             LEDEEN, however, obviously wants to sneak war through the back DOOR—INDEED, this goal seems to have been the entire PURPOSE—OF—LEDEEN his more recent dalliances with Ghorbanifar.
20050516             1—OF—THE—WEB—SITES affiliated with the current crusade is Regime Change IRAN
20050516             which supports + is supported by, ULTRA—NEO—CON MICHAEL—LEDEEN—OF—THE—AMERICAN—ENTERPRISE—INSTITUTE.
20050516             Of course, LEDEEN lives in 1—WORLD where 1—COMPARISON to Machiavelli is considered complimentary.)
20050516             —LINKED, LEDEEN is also strongly, with the mysterious IRAN—ARMS—DEALER—MANUCHER Ghorbanifar.
20050516             —DISMISSED, Even though THE—CIA had, Ghorbanifar as 1—PREVARICATOR, LEDEEN insisted on arranging 1—SERIES—OF—MEETINGS between the IRANian + 1—NUMBER—OF—LIKEMINDED DEFENSE—DEPARTMENT bigwigs.
20050516             —VERSUCHT, Trotzdem regt sich DER—VERDACHT, daß Herr Matussek, 1—USA—UK Mitverantwortung durch Auslassung der schrecklichen Taten von AUSCHWITZ durch das HITLER—REGIME + seine Kohorten zu erreichen.
20050516             DIE—NAZIS haben diese VERNICHTUNGS—LAGER errichtet + betrieben, niemand sonst, + die Verantwortung für die Millionen Toten liegt beim NS—REGIME.
20050516             —NACH derzeitigem Recht müssen Telekommunikationsanbieter solche Daten nach Beendigung der Verbindung löschen.
20050516             —BASIERT, Konkurrenz für GPS: ORTUNGS—SYSTEM, auf Fernsehsignalen
20050516             598: THE—NUMBER—OF—DAYS left in the 109. Congress to pass election —REFORM legislation.
20050516             4—DESERVES As - Fighter Pilots Say JERRY—CORSI—DESERVES—AS—MUCH—TV—AIR—TIME—AS—JOHN—O ' Neill
20050516             Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots Call On BUSH To Explain His MILITARy
20050516             in der neuesten Ausgabe des Magazins "NEWSWEEK"-HERAUSGEBER—MARK—WHITAKER.
20050516             "Wir bedauern, daß wir uns bei 1—TEIL unserer Geschichte getäuscht haben", schrieb WHITAKER, die in den USA ab —HEUTE im Verkauf ist.
20050516             WELT—WEIT hat der Bericht unter Muslimen Empörung ausgelöst.
20050516             AFGHANISTAN, kam es zu teilweise gewaltsamen Protesten, bei denen 16—MENSCHEN starben und mehr als 100—VERLETZT wurden.
20050516             Auch in PAKISTAN + INDONESIEN + im GAZA—STREIFEN gingen Menschen auf DIE—STRAßE.
20050516             ÄGYPTEN + SAUDI—ARABIEN + BANGLADESCH + MALAYSIA + die arabische Liga verurteilten 1—ENTWEIHUNG des Korans.
20050516             —GESTERN, drohten muslimische Geistliche in AFGHANISTAN die Ausrufung eines Heiligen Krieges gegen DIE—USA an.
20050516             —BERICHTET, Das NEWSWEEK Magazin, nun, die Informationen für den Bericht seien von 1 "gut unterrichteten Regierungsquelle" gekommen, die "NEWSWEEK" unter Verweis auf einen MILITÄR—BERICHT gesagt habe, dass
20050516             Vernehmungsbeamte den Koran in GUANTANAMO—BAY auf KUBA auf Toiletten ausgelegt + mindestens 1—EXEMPLAR heruntergespült hätten.
20050516             DIE—QUELLE habe dem NEWSWEEK Magazin später gesagt, sie könne sich nicht mehr sicher sein, daß in dem zitierten MILITÄR—BERICHT von dem Vorfall die Rede gewesen sei.
20050516             WHITAKER sagte, er wisse nicht, ob sich der berichtete KORAN—VORFALL auf der Toilette überhaupt jemals ereignet habe.
20050516             —BY Trireme —MANAGEMENT LLC which has its principal OFFICE—IN—NEW—YORK.
20050516             33 39. - PERLE is 1—MEMBER—OF—TRIREME —MANAGEMENT LLC, the company that
20050516             Arabia + SINGAPORE.=20 The letter mentioned THE—FIRM—GOVERNMENT—CONNECTIONS prominently:
20050516             "3—OF 20—TRIREME—MANAGEMENT Group members currently... - HEAVEN—GATE—HAVE—IN—COMMON?
20050516             THE—MADCOW—MORNING—NEWS
20050516             Gray is being sued with Khashoggi in 1—FINANCIAL—SCAM they allegedly participated in involving Genesis Intermedia, 1—COMPANY incorporated by MICHAEL—ROY Fugler
20050516             —INTERVIEW—MIT—WOLFGANG LEONHARD: "Man stellte keine Fragen in STALINs Sowjetunion"
20050516             IRAK—BESUCH: Rice bittet IRAKer um mehr Geduld
20050516             Analyse: USBEKISTAN—REVOLUTION im Blut erstickt
20050516—20000000    —FILED, Vintner Juanita Swedenburg (19250000—20070000    ) had, her suit against 1—NEW—YORK state law.
20050516—20010911    —SINCE, 3) Ghorbanifar told me he has had 50—MEETINGS with MICHAEL—LEDEEN + that he has given Ledeen "4,000 to 5,000—PAGES—OF—SENSITIVE—DOCUMENTS" concerning IRAN + IRAQ + THE—MIDDLE—EAST, "material no 1—ELSE has received".
20050516—20011200    —PROVIDED, THE—ITALY—MILITARY—INTELLIGENCE—ORGANIZATION—SISMI, logistics + security at the 1. meeting, in ROME.
20050518             Bush Appointees Eye Programming At NPR http:// --> 20050516             —1143—AM
20050702             [see 20050516             , 20050704             ] THE—REMAINS—OF—SHASTA—BROTHER—DYLAN—GRO20050109             E—ALT, were found —2—DAYS—LATER in WEST—MONTANA.
20050728—20070516    —ON, she filed 1—LAWSUIT against the company and the employees which THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE failed to act upon.
20051207             20060824091603—GMT, —THURSDAY A 2. suspect in 1 alleged plot to blow up GERMANY—TRAINS is arrested in LEBANON, 20060824093018?????????—GMT, —THURSDAY Diplomatic efforts are being stepped up in EUROPE 20061114             the least —RECENTLY modified web page we know of, last changed Tue, 19901113151700?????????—JAHR GMT (though THE—URI changed.)' 1—LOT has happened in 16—YEARS and this little 'baby' has grown into quite the teenager". 20061207             Chunks Crying All the Way to the Bank- 20061207             20051207—20050000????Manchmal gingen sie zusammen zum EINKAUFEN—ALLES unter den Augen DEUTSCHLAND—GEHEIMDIENSTLEUTE. 20060103             WE CANNOT LET TERRIERS AND ROGUE NATIONS HOLD THIS NATION HOSTILE—BUSH [BGW968] 20000909              20041207              20060103              New BUSH Initiative to Impose Order in IRAQ... " Terriers and Rogue Nations ", 233, 20021205154537?????????—JAHR—GEORGE Dubya BUSH, COMMAND—IN—CHIEF... 20060216              11, 20010000             , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553?????????—JAHR 20060216              Reuters: CHENEY strongly defends eavesdropping operation VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY strongly defended 1—SECRET [...] Post Date:20060104144446?????????—JAHR 20060320              offenbart in einem Blogeintrag vom
20051207             20060103             WE CANNOT LET TERRIERS AND ROGUE NATIONS HOLD THIS NATION HOSTILE—BUSH [BGW968] 20000909             20041207             20060103             New BUSH Initiative to Impose Order in IRAQ... " Terriers and Rogue Nations ", 233, 20021205154537         —GEORGE Dubya BUSH, COMMAND—IN—CHIEF... 20060216             11, 20010000             , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553          20060216              Reuters: CHENEY strongly defends eavesdropping operation VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY strongly defended 1—SECRET [...] Post Date:20060104144446          20060320              offenbart in einem Blogeintrag vom
20060105161553       20060216              Reuters: CHENEY strongly defends eavesdropping operation VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY strongly defended 1—SECRET [...] Post Date:
20060105161553       20060216              Reuters: CHENEY strongly defends eavesdropping operation VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY strongly defended 1—SECRET [...] Post Date:20060104144446
20060115             1 20060105              20060216              11, 20010000             , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553
20060216             11, 20010000            , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553
20060216             CHENEY cites justifications for domestic eavesdropping By JIM—VANDEHEI and DAN—EGGEN, WASHINGTON—POST—20060105              VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY said —YESTERDAY that 20010911             —THE, terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553
20060513             NPP Weekly FLASH Update, 20010530              20060516—20060530    —ON, it was reported that AL—NUAIMI was released.
20060516             ("20060911              show the flaws with protocol," 20060508             ) Indeed!
20060516             —RELEASED, THE—PENTAGON, the 1. video IMAGES—OF—USA—AIRLINES—FLIGHT—77—CRASHING into the military headquarters building and killing 189—PEOPLE 20010911             —ON.
20060516             The airline said that it would seek compensation for the financial losses it suffered due to THE—FAA decision.
20060516             7—AFRICAN—USA—MEMBERS—OF—THE—USA—CONGRESS were arrested at THE—EMBASSY—OF—SUDAN, where they were protesting atrocities in that country's Darfur region.
20060516             —APPROVED, THE—USA Postal Service, a 1—YEAR—TRIAL that allows businesses to purchase custom postage from private companies that contract with the Postal Service.
20060516             —AFTER MONTHS—OF—INTENSE—PRESSURE—THE—DIRECTOR—OF—LOS—ANGELES' J. PAUL—GETTY—MUSEUM agreed to recommend to the museum's BOARD to return ancient artifacts in its collections that GREECE claims were illegally spirited OUT—OF—THE—COUNTRY.
20060516             RICHARD—HATCH, who had won $1—MILLION in the debut season of "Survivor," was sentenced in PROVIDENCE, R.I., to more than 4—YEARS in prison for failing to pay taxes on his reality TV prize and other income.
20060516             JOE—PATERNO and BOBBY—BOWDEN, the winningest coaches in Division I—1—FOOTBALL, were elected to the college football HALL—OF—FAME.
20060516             —ATTACKED, Militants, 1—POLICE—POST and 1—GOVERNMENT—OFFICE—NEAR—AFGHANISTAN—RUGGED eastern border with PAKISTAN and 1—GUNBATTLE killed 4—PEOPLE and wounded 7.
20060516             —OUTLINED, BOLIVIA—LEFTIST—GOVERNMENT, its plan to redistribute idle land to poor peasants, ruling out mass expropriations and proposing instead THE—DISTRIBUTION—OF—STATE—OWNED property.
20060516             —KILLED, BRAZIL, 1—UNPRECEDENTED—CRIME—WAVE, that, at least 97—PEOPLE and terrified THE—18—MILLION—RESIDENTS—OF—SAO Paulo, seemed to be waning as stores reopened and bus service was fully restored.
20060516             —RAMPAGED, Police struck back at gangs that, through SAO—PAULO, killing 33—SUSPECTED gang members in less than 24—HOURS and frisking motorists at roadblocks —WHILE reporting only 1—DEATH—OF—THEIR—OWN.
20060516             —HUNTED, COLOMBIAN—BORN PABLO—RAYO—MONTANO, 1—OF—THE—WORLD's most, drug traffickers was arrested in Sao PAULO—BRAZIL, as PART—OF—1—INTERNATIONAL—CRACKDOWN.
20060516             He was ACCUSED—OF—SHIPPING—MORE than 70—TONS—OF—COCAINE to THE—USA.
20060516             —SENTENCED, YANG—TIANSHUI, 1—FREELANCE—WRITER, was, to 12—YEARS in prison amid 1—OF—CHINA—MOST severe media crackdowns —SINCE the 1980s.
20060516             —CONVICTED, Yang was, —AFTER being ACCUSED—OF—POSTING—ARTICLES on foreign Web sites, receiving money from abroad and helping 1—WOULD—BE—OPPOSITION—PARTY.
20060516             —CLASHED, COLOMBIA, farmers and MEMBERS—OF—INDIGENOUS—TRIBES, with police —DURING protests against 1—FREE—TRADE—AGREEMENT with THE—USA and THE—RE—ELECTION—OF—PRESIDENT—ALVARO—URIBE, and protest leaders said 1—INDIA—FARMER was killed.
20060516             THE—UN—MISSION—CONGO said Innocent Kaina, 1—OF—THE founding MEMBERS—OF—1—MILITIA—GROUP in NORTH—EAST—CONGO, has been wounded and captured in fighting with THE—CONGO—ARMY.
20060516             —WARNED, Scientists, that tropical forests, which house EL—SALVADOR—FAMED coffee plantations and provide habitat for migrating birds, are being depleted at 1—ALARMING—RATE.
20060516             FIJI—INDIGENOUS—DOMINATED governing party led THE—INDIAN—DOMINATED opposition —AFTER a 2. —DAY—OF—GENERAL—ELECTION—VOTE—COUNTING, with voters polarized along racial lines.
20060516             —DEBATED, FRANCE—PRIME—MINISTER—DOMINIQUE—DE—VILLEPIN was in the firing line as PARLIAMENT, 1—NO—CONFIDENCE motion filed by the opposition over the Clearstream dirty tricks scandal.
20060516             JEAN—LUIS Gergorin, 1—SENIOR—EXECUTIVE at EADS, was —LATER identified as the anonymous informer who tried to link important politicians to secret bank accounts in LUXEMBOURG.
20060516             —RAIDED, Militants, 1—PARKING—LOT in 1—PREDOMINANTLY Shiite NEIGHBORHOOD—OF—BAGHDAD.
20060516             The shot dead 5—MILITIAMEN—WORKING as guards and left behind 1—CAR—BOMB that killed 18 WOULD—BE rescuers.
20060516             1—ROADSIDE bomb near Rasheed airfield killed 1—USA—SOLDIER.
20060516             —ATTACKED, Suspected insurgents, 1—POLICE—PATROL in KIRKUK, killing 2—POLICEMAN.
20060516             —KILLED, Gunmen in EAST—BAGHDAD, police 1. SERGEANT—LATIF—ABDULLAH, who worked in Interior Ministry intelligence.
20060516             —KIDNAPPED, IRAQ, gunmen, UAR diplomat Naji Rashid AL—NUAIMI, 28—JAHRE—ALT as he left THE—HOME—OF—THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES' cultural affairs attache in BAGHDAD—MANSOUR district.
20060516             IRELAND—ROCK—STAR—BONO began 1—NEW—AFRICAN tour in LESOTHO where he planned to unveil 1—NEW—INITIATIVE to fight AIDS in its ailing textile industry.
20060516             ITALY—TOP—SPORTING—BODY put the national football federation under emergency rule as prosecutors looked into 1—MATCH—FIXING—SCANDAL—INVOLVING the Juventus TEAM—OF—TURIN in 19—GAMES in the 20040000—20050000     season.
20060516             AYAAN—HIRSI—ALI, 1—SOMALI—BORN MEMBER—OF—PARLIAMENT, said she will resign and leave Holland —AFTER the government said she was improperly granted citizenship.
20060516             —SUSPECTED, NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, Islamic militants ambushed 1—CONVOY—OF—SECURITY—FORCES—SETTING off 1—SHOOTOUT that left at least 7—MILITANTS and 1—SECURITY—OFFICIAL—DEAD.
20060516             Shooting attacks in THE—GAZA Strip left 1—HAMAS member dead and 2—OTHERS wounded.
20060516             —REPORTED, SAUDI—ARABIA—NEWSPAPERS, that KING—ABDULLAH has told SAUDI—ARABIA—EDITORS to stop publishing PICTURES—OF—WOMEN as they could make young men go astray.
20060516             SOMALIA, fighting between Islamic militias and rival secular fighters killed 2—PEOPLE on THE—OUTSKIRTS—OF—MOGADISHU, despite 1—WEEKEND—CEASE—FIRE—ENDING—DAYS—OF—BLOODSHED in the capital.
20060516             —INDICTED, SOUTH—KOREAN—PROSECUTORS, Hyundai Motor Co. Chairman Chung MONG—KOO in 1—EMBEZZLEMENT and slush fund scandal.
20060516             He was —LATER CONVICTED—OF—EMBEZZLING $90—MILLION from his company.
20060516             —PASSED, THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL, 1—RESOLUTION—PRESSING—SUDAN to cooperate with THE—UNITED—NATIONS as it prepares take over peacekeeping in Darfur from 1—UNDERFUNDED African Union force.
20060516             —NOMINATED, VIETNAM—PRIME—MINISTER—PHAN—VAN—KHAI, 70—JAHRE—ALT said he has, Deputy PRIME—MINISTER—NGUYEN—TAN—DUNG, 56—JAHRE—ALT as his successor.
20060516             —FROM SEATTLE Post Intelligencer
20060516             Writing about 1—SPEECH by 1—OF—THE—MEMBERS—OF—THE 20010911             —COMMISSION, P—I columnist JOEL—CONNELLY claimed:
20060516             "EACH—OF—USA—NEEDS to understand why we are doing what we are doing".
20060516             The problem is.
20060516             Memorandum To TONY—SNOW—ON—THE—USE—OF—THE—TERM 'Tar Baby' - Date: 20060516
20060516             To: WHITE—HOUSE Press SECRETARY—TONY—SNOW
20060516             —FROM : ThinkProgress_ORG—RE: THE—USE—OF—THE—TERM "tar baby"
20060516             —TODAY in your 1. press briefing you referred to the term "tar baby" on 2—OCCASIONS:
20060516             SNOW: Having said that, I don't want to hug the tar BABY—OF—TRYING to comment on the program, the alleged program, the existence of which I can neither confirm nor deny.
20060516             QUESTION: What are your personal goals?
20060516             What do you hope to achieve here?
20060516             Will you continue to televise these briefings?
20060516             And would you put into English the phrase (OFF—MIKE) the tarbaby?
20060516             SNOW: Well, I believe hug the tarbaby, we could trace that back to USA—LORE.
20060516             Based on THE—CONTEXT—OF—THE—TERM, we believe you meant tar baby to mean: "
20060516             1—SITUATION almost impossible to get out of; a problem virtually unsolvable".
20060516             But in "USA—LORE," the expression tar baby is also 1—RACIAL slur "used occasionally as 1—DEROGATORY term for black people".
20060516             —RESULTED, USE—OF—THE—TERM has, in people being fired.
20060516             AS—RANDOM—HOUSE—NOTES, "SOME—PEOPLE suggest avoiding THE—USE—OF—THE—TERM in ANY—CONTEXT".
20060516             —NOW that you are no longer at FOX—NEWS, you may want to take them up on their advice.
20060516             UPDATE: Check out Crooks and Liars TO—WATCH THE—VIDEO—OF—SNOW—COMMENTS.
20060516             CNN_com - 20010911             —PENTAGON video goes public for 1. time - 20060516              CNN_com - 20010911             —PENTAGON video goes public for 1. time.
20060516             THE—BLOTTER 1—SENIOR—FEDERAL—LAW—ENFORCEMENT—OFFICIAL tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we (BRIAN—ROSS + RICHARD—ESPOSITO) call in 1—EFFORT to root out confidential sources.
20060516             Verizon stock takes hit on $50—BILLION lawsuit NEW—YORK (CNN) - 1—LAWSUIT is asking 1—FEDERAL—COURT to order PRESIDENT—BUSH, the National Security Agency + Verizon to end 1—SECRET—SNOOPING—PROGRAM + VERIZON—STOCK took 1—HIT on the news —MONDAY.
20060516             Verizon (down $0.36 to $31.43, Research) stock fell more than 1 % on THE—NEW—YORK Stock.
20060516             Investors To Ballmer: It's Time to Buy Back Stock Mfoley —AFTER—5—YEARS—OF—DECLINING—SHARE—PRICES, Microsoft investors are fed up.
20060516             SOME—OF—THE—MORE—PROMINENT—ONES are demanding publicly that Microsoft use its $35—BILLION in cash (and maybe more) to buy back shares.
20060516             Bubble fear sees global SELL—OFF THE—USA—DOLLAR—OIL and precious metals all continue to fall with MANY—INVESTORS—EXPECTING yet more declines.
20060516             Hospital trust 'spending to save' An NHS trust which is axing HUNDREDS—OF—JOBS spends £100,000 1—MONTH on advisers telling it how to save the cash, it emerges.
20060516             Even more troubling, PEER charges that Grand Canyon National Park no longer offers 1—OFFICIAL—ESTIMATE—OF—THE—AGE—OF—THE canyon, and that THE—NPS has blocked PUBLICATION—OF—GUIDANCE intended for park rangers that reminds them there is no scientific basis for creationism.
20060516             —CONCERNED, The group has been increasingly, about what it calls the Park Service's "FAITH—BASED Parks" and the agency's seeming indifference to THE—SEPARATION—OF—CHURCH and STATE—AMONG other moves, for example, NPS has allowed THE—PLACING—OF—BRONZE plaques bearing Psalm verses at Grand Canyon overlooks.
20060516             PEER Executive Director JEFF—RUCH is indignant, "If THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION is using public resources for pandering to Christian fundamentalists, it should at least have the decency to tell the truth about it".
20060516             —WEIGHED, THE—PRESIDENTS—OF—THE—USA—GEOLOGICAL—INSTITUTE and 6—OF—ITS—MEMBER—SOCIETIES also, in, expressing their dismay to the Park Service.
20060516             Noting that the Grand Canyon "provides 1—REMARKABLE and unique opportunity to educate the public about Earth science," the scientists urged that, "in fairness to THE—MILLIONS—OF—PARK—VISITORS, we must clearly distinguish religious from scientific knowledge".
20060516             But —WHEN Grand Canyon National Park superintendent JOE—ALSTON attempted to block THE—SALE—OF—VAIL—BOOK at canyon bookstores, he was overruled by NPS headquarters, which announced that 1—HIGH—LEVEL—POLICY—REVIEW—OF—THE—MATTER would be launched and 1—DECISION made by February, 20040000             .
20060516             —ANNOUNCED, So far, no official decision has been.
20060516             Even worse, according to the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER), 1—ORGANIZATION that includes MANY—PARK—EMPLOYEES—PAPERS obtained under THE—FREEDOM—OF—INFORMATION—ACT reveal that no review has ever taken place.
20060516             Indeed, PEER claims that THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION has already decided it will stand by its approval for the book and that hundreds more have been ordered.
20060516             "—NOW that the book has become quite popular," explained an NPS flack to 1—BAPTIST—NEWS—AGENCY, "we don't want to remove it".
20060516             ""I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag + to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
20060516             1—SAVIOR, crucified, risen and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe".
20060516             Think about that last part.
20060516             You can imagine where the camps would be set up can't you?
20060516             For those who don't believe?
20060516             The debates leading to THE—BILL—OF—RIGHTS are available to anyone with access to 1—LIBRARY.
20060516             Why doesn't anyone read them.
20060516             They are quite specific on religious "rights" and show that the Founders didn't care what ANY—RELIGION wants.
20060516             They get what is written and no more.
20060516             Hitler used 1—COMBINATION—CHRISTIAN racist nationalist doctrine to justify invading other countries, taking their land, stealing their resources + killing their people.
20060516             He wanted to bring Germanic CHRISTIAN—ARYAN people and civilization to the uncivilized REGIONS—OF—THE—WORLD.
20060516             GEORGE—BUSH—USES—1—CHRISTIAN nationalist doctrine to justify invading other countries, taking their land, stealing their resources, and killing their people.
20060516             He says it is necessary to bring CHRISTIANITY—USA "values," and Democracy to all other countries in the world.
20060516             I don't see 1—DIFFERENCE.
20060516             "By USA—STANDARDS, they were no mafia," said LARS—NYLEN, 1—FORMER—CHIEF—OF—POLICE in UPPSALA—SWEDEN.
20060516             "They were 1—GROUP—OF—GUYS who liked cars and boats + who got the money for it through debt collections".
20060516             "I have to assume that the divine creator is going to take CARE—OF—MOST—OF—THIS stuff," said STEVE—CASEY, THE—WIPP engineer charged with overseeing construction of the warning system.
20060516             "No matter what confounded thing we come up with, all it takes is 1—CATASTROPHIC—EVENT and it's gone".
20060516             Past as prologue?
20060516             That so much time and effort are spent even thinking about how to warn future generations reflects 1—SIGNIFICANT—SHIFT in nuclear attitudes.
20060516             2—CORRODED plaques glued to a 4-foot concrete slab commemorate the test, dubbed Project Gnome.
20060516             —NUDGED, The monument has been, several yards over the decades by cattle that use it as 1—RUBBING—POST.
20060516             Spent rifle shells crunch underfoot;
20060516             the pockmarked shrine is favored by locals for target practice.
20060516             A 3. plaque was pried off, perhaps as 1—SOUVENIR.
20060516             According to —EARLIER visitors, it read, in plain English, "This site will remain dangerous for 24,000—YEARS".
20060516             Our reports on THE—CIA—SECRET—PRISONS in ROMANIA and POLAND were known to have upset CIA officials.
20060516             —QUESTIONED, People, by THE—FBI about LEAKS—OF—INTELLIGENCE—INFORMATION say THE—CIA was also disturbed by ABC News reports that revealed THE—USE—OF—CIA—PREDATOR—MISSILES inside PAKISTAN.
20060516             —CONSIDERED, Under BUSH—ADMINISTRATION guidelines, it is not, illegal for the government to keep TRACK—OF—NUMBERS dialed by phone customers.
20060516             —WARNED, The official who, ABC News said there was no indication our phones were being tapped so THE—CONTENT—OF—THE—CONVERSATION could be recorded.
20060516             1—PATTERN—OF—PHONE—CALLS from 1—REPORTER, however, could provide valuable clues for leak investigators.
20060516             DEVELOPING... - FBI Acknowledges: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling Taliban Justice Returns to AFGHANISTAN SOME—PARENTS—EAGER for Drug Tests on Tots NSA Whistleblower To Allege Unlawful Acts, Name HAYDEN—CRIMINAL—CHARGES—POSSIBLE—AGAINST—FORMER—NUMBER 3 at CIA ?
20060516             Why Qwest Said No to NSA Foggo : 1. Public Corruption Case in CIA History Tots Used as Human GUINEA Pigs?
20060516             Report: Electronic Voting Machines Still Very Vulnerable to Hack
20060516             FBI Acknowledges: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game
20060516             —ACKNOWLEDGED, THE—FBI, late —MONDAY that it is increasingly seeking reporters' phone records in leak investigations.
20060516             "It used to be very hard and complicated to do this, but it no longer is in THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION," said 1—SENIOR—FEDERAL—OFFICIAL.
20060516             Yep, nothing's hard under THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION.
20060516             Except, you know, running the country.
20060516             —OFFERED, The weird thing is, Bush, him 1—JOB...
20060516             —FIRED, CHRIS—T—COPPINGER—OF—DAVENPORT was, in March from Mohassan Grotto 22, where he worked as CO—MANAGER—OF—THE—ORGANIZATION—CHARITABLE bingo operation.
20060516             —FIRED, He was, —AFTER his supervisors allegedly found $1,000 in cash and checks in his office, along with 1—CONDOM and 1—JAR—OF—URINE that appeared to have been hidden.
20060516             Coppinger was subsequently ACCUSED—OF—SMOKING—MARIJUANA and drinking alcohol in the building;
20060516             having pornography on his work computer;
20060516             having sex with another person on his desk;
20060516             and ordering a 15—YEAR—OLD CO—WORKER to urinate in 1—JAR.
20060516             —FIRED, He also was, for failing to deposit cash and checks the organization had collected.
20060516             ABC News: Federal official says USA tracking calls made by ABC News, NEW—YORK—TIMES—WASHINGTON—POST
20060516             1—SENIOR—FEDERAL—LAW—ENFORCEMENT—OFFICIAL tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we call in 1—EFFORT to root out confidential sources.
20060516             "It's time for you to get SOME—NEW—CELL—PHONES, quick," the source told us in 1—IN—PERSON—CONVERSATION.
20060516             Of course, they could also be gathering information for blackmail operations.
20060516             —ADVANCED, Amazon Stonehenge suggests, ancient rainforest culture
20060516             THE—DISCOVERY—OF—1—ANCIENT—ASTROLOGICAL observatory in BRAZIL lends support to the theory that the Amazon rainforest was once home to advanced cultures and large sedentary POPULATIONS—OF—PEOPLE.
20060516             What Is CHRISTIAN—NATIONALISM?
20060516             What they really want. Scary as hell.
20060516             WHITE—HOUSE—BLOCKS—INVESTIGATIONS Into Spying
20060516             —CLOSED, The investigation has been.
20060516             Abramoff cohort spent millions on Sussex homes
20060516             —NAMED, ANTHONY—WILES became suspicious 4—YEARS ago —WHEN 1—LIFEGUARD, MICHAEL—SCANLON offered to pay cash for Wiles' $4.8—MILLION—HOME in Dewey Beach.
20060516             1—WARNING sign for the ages
20060516             "No culture has ever tried, SELF—CONSCIOUSLY and scientifically, to design 1—SYMBOL that would last 10,000—YEARS and still be intelligible," said DAVID—B—GIVENS, 1—ANTHROPOLOGIST who helped plan THE—NUCLEAR—SITE—WARNINGS.
20060516             "And even if we succeed, would the message be believed?" - TUTANKHAMUN—MYSTERIES to be put online
20060516             It was the most famous archaeological FIND—OF—ALL—TIME, but still it holds secrets that have yet to be unravelled.
20060516             —NOW OXFORD scholars are preparing to post the notes, diaries, drawings and photographs from 19220000             —THE—EXCAVATION—OF—THE—TOMB—OF—KING—TUTANKHAMUN on THE—INTERNET in 1—ATTEMPT to study it completely.
20060516             S—LOUIS museum refuses to return EGYPT—MASK
20060516             THE—S—LOUIS—ART—MUSEUM will keep a 3,200—YEAR—OLD mummy mask unless it gets more proof that it belongs to EGYPT.
20060516             Innocent TEXAS Citizen Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons
20060516             —COOKED, Leslie Oliver is being " alive" and Jesus MENDOZA is dying 1—SLOW "electronic death," as 2—MORE—STORIES—SURFACE about torture and abuse at the hands of 1—TOTALITARY—USA—GOVERNMENT using HIGH—GRADE—MILITARY weaponry against its own people.
20060516             Roll Call reports, "Federal prosecutors are seeking to interview at least
20060516             9—CURRENT or former staffers on the House Intelligence, Appropriations and Armed Services committees
20060516             as they widen their probe into the bribery scheme involving FORMER—REPRESENTATIVE—DUKE—CUNNINGHAM (R—CALIFORNIA)".
20060516             1—LAWYER who sued Verizon last —WEEK on claims it violated privacy laws by turning over calling records to the National Security Agency said that CUSTOMERS—OF—AT&T and BellSouth want to join the lawsuit.
20060516             —NAMED, If other telecommunications companies are, "
20060516             it may be the largest CLASS—ACTION ever filed," said NEW—JERSEY PUBLIC—INTEREST—LAWYER—BRUCE—AFRAN.
20060516             NEW—ORLEANS remains "FULL—OF—PATIENTS—DEVOID—OF—DOCTORS".
20060516             "More than half of the
20060516             city's hospitals remain closed," only "1—QUARTER—OF—THE—CITY—DOCTORS have returned —SINCE the disaster," and assistance from THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT has been scarce.
20060516             —INDICTED, KARL—ROVE was not, on —FRIDAY.
20060516             THE—NEW—YORK Sun HAS—THE—STORY.
20060516             —ACKNOWLEDGED, THE—FBI
20060516             it is obtaining reporters' phone records as PART—OF—1—EFFORT to root out confidential sources.
20060516             ABC News reports "THE—FBI—MAKES extensive use of 1—NEW—PROVISION—OF—THE—PATRIOT—ACT
20060516             which allows agents to seek information with what are called National Security Letters (NSL).
20060516             THE—NSLS are 1—VERSION—OF—1—ADMINISTRATIVE—SUBPOENA and are not signed by 1—JUDGE".
20060516             5—ALARMER: Soviet AMERICA.
20060516             According to ABC News, CIA is Monitoring CALLS—OF—REPORTERS.
20060516             This is Treason.
20060516             AMERICAN—DOES Not Belong to the Bush evik Dynasty. It Belongs to Americans.
20060516             Rove Basically Says Americans Don't Care if Bush is 1—FAILED Dunce and Gets Into CUL—DE—SAC Wars, Because They Like Him.
20060516             They REALLY Like Him.
20060516             Everybody Likes the Village Idiot, But They Don't Elect Him THE—MAYOR—OF—THE—TOWN.
20060516             PRO—INTERNET—DEMOCRACY—BLOGS Run Ads for Corporate TAKEOVER—OF—NET: Another EXAMPLE—OF—WHY BuzzFlash Won't Accept Advertising -- 1—BUZZFLASH—EDITORIAL
20060516             Prediction: BUSH—NATIONAL—GUARD—PLAN will bomb politically -- THE—LAST—CHANCE—DEMOCRACY—CAFE by STEVEN—C—DAY
20060516             Save THE—INTERNET as 1—PRO—DEMOCRACY—FORCE.
20060516             It's About to Become —JUST Another Corporate Media Advertising/Propaganda Vehicle if You Don't Take Action.
20060516             This is THE—REAL—SAVE THE—INTERNET Site, Not the Telecom Industry Phony Handsoff_org PR scam to crush THE—INTERNET.
20060516             Unfortunately, as BuzzFlash Editorialized, MANY—OF—THE—TOP—BLOGS are Allowing the Deceptive Handsoff_org Disinformation Ad to Appear on Their Sites, Even Though Its Real Aim is to Crush the Open "Net Neutrality" Web.
20060516             SOME—BLOG—EDITORS—MUST—JUST be Suicidal as Far as Their Work Product, Because They are Enabling THE—ENEMIES—OF—THE—PRO—DEMOCRACY—INTERNET.
20060516             And HE—1—SMART—GUY—JUST Hooked to Advertising Juice, Even If It Means His Own Demise.
20060516             It's 1—AD That Could Help Bring Down THE—INTERNET and MANY—OF—THE—UPPER—TIER—PROGRESSIVE—BLOGGERS—DON'T Give 1—DAMN.
20060516             Inexcusable.
20060516             BellSouth denies THE—USA—TODAY—REPORT that it was 1—OF—THE—TELECOMS that passed over phone call data.
20060516             WASHINGTON Poll Was Fixed with Terror/Fear Mongering Questions.
20060516             This Proves It: "1—MAJORITY—OF—AMERICANS disapprove of 1—MASSIVE—PENTAGON database containing THE—RECORDS—OF—BILLIONS—OF—PHONE—CALLS made by ordinary citizens, according to 1—USA—TODAY/Gallup Poll. About 2-thirds are concerned that the program may signal other, NOT—YET—DISCLOSED efforts to gather information on the general public".
20060516             1—BLOG That Doesn't Shrug Off Enabling Legislation that Would Shut Down Democracy on THE—INTERNET: "This issue IS—OF—PROFOUND—IMPORTANCE--hence all the money being thrown at deceptive ads. Indeed, the deceptive ads--once you understand them--DOUBLY—PROVE THE—IMPORTANCE—OF—MAINTAINING—NET—NEUTRALITY. Please inform yourself on this issue and write your CONGRESS—PERSON in favor of "net neutrality". For our times, this issue is as important as THE—BILL—OF—RIGHTS was in its —DAY".
20060516             Net neutrality is what we have —NOW.
20060516             Net neutrality means that small sites load on your screen as rapidly as do the big sites.
20060516             Net Neutrality means that small businesses and DO—IT—YOURSELF web site owners (such as yours truly) won't have to pay 1—HUGE "tax" to the big carriers in order to avoid slow downloads.
20060516             If congress overturns net neutrality, say goodbye to the net as we —NOW know it.
20060516             Say goodbye to the last REFUGE—OF—DISSENT.
20060516             The real group protecting THE—INTERNET is SAVE THE—INTERNET.
20060516             I created 1—AD which leads to this site.
20060516             NASA—MISSION: Pannenserie führt zu SATELLITEN—CRASH im All
20060516             Reicher Kommunist: Castro wütet gegen "Forbes"-Millionenschätzung
20060516             Diktatoren: Bush verhängt Einreiseverbot gegen Lukaschenko
20060516             Druck aus Peking: Ernst & Young muss CHINA—BERICHT zurückziehen
20060516             Bandenterror in BRASILIEN: Mafia hält SAO—PAULO in ihren Fängen
20060516             Kampf gegen illegale Einwanderer: Bush kündigt Abschottung der Grenze zu MEXIKO an
20060516             Rekorddürre in CHINA: Millionen ohne Wasser
20060516             World financial markets hit by flight from risk
20060516             —BUFFETED, Global financial markets were, by another —DAY—OF—INSTABILITY as traders fled from HIGHER—RISK—INVESTMENTS—BAILING—OUT—OF—COMMODITIES and emerging markets.
20060516             Sent using Rmail.
20060516             THE—DELUSIONAL—WORLD—OF—NEOCON MAKE—BELIEVE—IF—LAURA—BUSH doesn't believe something does that make it untrue?
20060516             WHAT—WRONG—WITH—POINTING—GUNS—AT—INSURGENTS ("Protesters")?
20060516             They do it in IRAQ and IRAQ is free, why not at home?
20060516             VENEZUELA faces USA—SANCTIONS—THE—USA—IMPOSES 1—BAN on arms sales to VENEZUELA, citing its LACK—OF—SUPPORT for ANTI—TERROR—EFFORTS.
20060516             Bush unveils border guard boost USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH announces plans to boost security patrols along THE—MEXICO border in a TV address.
20060516             Firm imposes drought order The 1. drought order in ENGLAND and WALES —FOR—11—YEARS is granted, banning all NON—ESSENTIAL—WATER—USE.
20060516             Enron bosses 'stole to pump egos' FORMER—ENRON bosses KENNETH—LAY and JEFFREY—SKILLING stole from investors both for gain and egotism, their trial hears.
20060516             —JAILED, Drugs baron, —FOR—22—YEARS 1—MAN thought to be responsible for MUCH—OF—BRITAIN—HEROIN trade is jailed —FOR—22—YEARS.
20060516             Warming set to 'devastate' coral Rising ocean temperatures look set to cause lasting damage to coral reef systems, 1—STUDY suggests.
20060516             NSA News Roundup The government tries to dismiss THE—EFF suit against AT&T;
20060516             1—INTELLIGENCE—HISTORIAN predicts corporations will star in the next ROUND—OF—NSA revelations;
20060516             and 1—NYT JOURNALIST—SAYS—VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY is behind domestic eavesdropping.
20060516             In 27B Stroke 6.
20060516             Gold atoms form cages, scientists discover Blog: Researchers at Pacific NORTH—WEST—NATIONAL—LABS have discovered that gold atoms will form hollow cages that, conceivably, could...
20060516             Reporter Phone Records Being Used to Find Leaks
20060516             jackbird writes "BRIAN—ROSS, CHIEF—INVESTIGATIVE—CORRESPONDENT for ABC news says 1—CONFIDENTIAL—SOURCE informed him that reporter's phone records are being used by the administration to track down leaks. Apparently reporters for THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES, ABC News + THE—WASHINGTON—POST are being scrutinized. The fact that ABC News journalists are even seriously wondering about whether the warning is connected to THE—NSA—DOMESTIC—SURVEILLANCE—ACTIVITIES indicates —JUST how anxious MANY—PEOPLE in WASHINGTON have become".
20060516             ABC News: THE—GOVERNMENT—IS—MONITORING—OUR—PHONE—RECORDS 'To Root Out Confidential Sources'
20060516             Brain Ross and RICHARD—ESPOSITO—OF—ABC—NEWS' investigative unit report that, according to 1—SENIOR—FEDERAL—LAW—ENFORCEMENT—OFFICIAL, the government is monitoring their phone calls to discover the identity of
20060516             confidential sources :
20060516             This, of course, is the real problem with THE—EXTRA—LEGAL—COLLECTION—OF—PHONE—RECORDS by the government, revealed by
20060516             USA—TODAY—LAST—THURSDAY.
20060516             No 1—REALLY has objections to doing whatever is necessary to defeat AL—QAEDA.
20060516             But —WHEN you do so outside the law and without meaningful Congressional oversight, it leaves the door wide open to abuse.
20060516             SCOTT—MCCLELLAN told THE—WHITE—HOUSE—PRESS corps, MANY—WHO are here —TODAY, that he had spoken to you and you were not involved in THE—CIA—LEAK.
20060516             Can you explain why THE—USA—PUBLIC, almost 2 and 1—HALF—YEARS—LATER, hasn't been given 1—EXPLANATION and don't you think it deserves 1 for that misinformation because it does seem you were to SOME—DEGREE, though maybe disputed, involved in that leak?
20060516             I refer to you that statement.
20060516             I have nothing more to add to it. NICE try, though.
20060516             ABC Reports NSA Is Monitoring Reporters' Phone Records, Reopens Questions About CNN—AMANPOUR
20060516             —ASKED, JANUARY, NBC reporter ANDREA—MITCHELL, JAMES—RISEN, THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—AUTHOR—WHO disclosed THE—NSA wiretapping program, whether CNN—CHRISTIANE—AMANPOUR had been eavesdropped upon.
20060516             MITCHELL: Do you have ANY—INFORMATION about reporters being swept up in this net?
20060516             RISEN: No, I don't. It's not clear to me.
20060516             That's 1—OF—THE—QUESTIONS we'll have to look into [in] the future.
20060516             Were there ABUSES—OF—THIS program or not?
20060516             I don't know the answer to that.
20060516             MITCHELL: You don't have ANY—INFORMATION, for instance, that 1—VERY—PROMINENT—JOURNALIST—CHRISTIANE Amanpour, might have been eavesdropped upon?
20060516             RISEN: No, no I hadn't heard that.
20060516             —DELETED, THE—QUESTION—AND—ANSWERS were soon, from NBC—WEBSITE, but NBC did confirm that it was conducting 1—INQUIRY into whether reporters had been targeted.
20060516             I'm told considerable manhours —TODAY went into making sure the answer to CNN would be accurate.
20060516             1—SENIOR—USA—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIAL tells use that our colleague CHRISTIANE—AMANPOUR has never been targeted by the National Security Agency + nor has ANY—OTHER—CNN journalist.
20060516             —NOW, THE—NSA as you know is the eavesdropping intelligence agency, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT—BIG ear + from time to time, the official says, wiretaps overseas or other intercepts turn out to include Americans, or what they call 'USA—PERSONS', which includes people who works for USA—COMPANIES, it does so inadvertently.
20060516             —RECEIVED, The response Ensor, from THE—NSA related specifically to eavesdropping — i.e., THE—MONITORING—OF—THE—CONTENTS—OF—1—PHONE—CALL.
20060516             According to 1—REPORT—TODAY from ABC—BRIAN—ROSS
20060516             THE—NSA is tracking reporters' phone records — but not THE—CONTENTS—OF—THEIR—PHONE—CALLS — in 1—EFFORT to root out confidential sources.
20060516             If THE—ABC story is true, it raises THE—QUESTION—OF—WHETHER Amanpour's — or ANY—OTHER—JOURNALIST'S — phone records were monitored by THE—NSA.
20060516             Rove On Bush : 'People Like Him, They Respect Him, HE—SOMEBODY—THEY—FEEL 1—CONNECTION—WITH'
20060516             —TODAY in his speech at THE—USA—ENTERPRISE—INSTITUTE—KARL—ROVE claimed that the most credible polls on PRESIDENT—BUSH are run by THE—RNC + they are saying THE—USA—PUBLIC—LIKES him:
20060516             Did You Consent to Be Wiretapped?
20060516             "Consent" appears to be the right wing's favorite defense for the apparent decision by major phone companies to hand over MILLIONS—OF—CUSTOMERS' calling records to the National Security Agency.
20060516             —REPORTED, As, in THE—WASHINGTON—POST,
20060516             "THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION has argued that 1—COMPANY can turn over its entire DATABASE—OF—CUSTOMER—RECORDS — and even the stored CONTENT—OF—CALLS and E—MAILS — because customers 'have consented to that' —WHEN they establish accounts".
20060516             ThinkProgress has been compiling legal answers to all the questions about telco liability,here and here.
20060516             HERE—WHY the consent argument won't work:
20060516             1. - The telco language TERMS—OF—SERVICE provide no basis for "consent".
20060516             THE—TERMS—OF—SERVICE—OF—AT&T, BellSouth, and Verizon highlight that they will turn over records in response to court orders or subpoenas, which did not exist, according to USA—TODAY.
20060516             Verizon also mentions "exigent circumstances" — 1—VERY—SLIM reed on which to conclude that customers gave actual consent to having all their phone calls disclosed to the government.
20060516             2. Consent is for 1—SPECIFIC action, not 1—BLANKET permission.
20060516             —EXPLAINED, As, by former prosecutor and law PROFESSOR—ORIN—KERR,
20060516             cases under the wiretap laws require that "the user actually agreed to the action, either explicitly or implicitly based on the user's decision to proceed in LIGHT—OF—ACTUAL—NOTICE".
20060516             You give consent for 1—CALL—WHEN you have actual notice.
20060516             That's why we always hear that "this call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes".
20060516             3. You can't consent to 1—SECRET—PROGRAM.
20060516             Under this "consent" defense, 1—FEDERAL—COURT would have to hold that even the people outraged by THE—NSA program have given their individual consent to it.
20060516             That's 1—LEGAL—FICTION we don't think courts will accept.
20060516             It's doubtful we can give our consent to ANY—SECRET—PROGRAM.
20060516             4.
20060516             —CONSENTED, It would mean you, to have the contents your calls handed over to the government.
20060516             —REPORTED, USA—TODAY, that the phone companies turned over call detail information — which phone numbers called which other phone numbers.
20060516             The consent provision for call detail information [18—USC § 2702 + 2703] is essentially the same as the consent provision for wiretaps of the full CONTENTS—OF—CALLS and E—MAILS [Sec. 2511(c)].
20060516             —SIGNED, —WHEN you, up for phone service, did you and all your friends consent to have the government listen to all your calls?
20060516             That would make 1—MOCKERY—OF—DECADES—OF—WIRETAP law.
20060516             — PETER—SWIRE - Verizon stock dips Judd —AFTER company is hit with a $50—BILLION lawsuit for turning over customer records to THE—NSA.
20060516             Die Glia des NERVENSYSTEMS—FUNKTION und Leistungen Nervensysteme und ihre Zentralisationen in Gehirnen bestehen aus 2—TYPEN von...
20060516             3—VERSCHIEDENE ARTEN—VON—GLIAZELLEN kann man in allen Gehirnen der..
20060516             Der Euro in Dollar hat dagegen seinen Höhenflug gegenüber dem Dollar auch am —FREITAG fortgesetzt.
20060516             Mit 1,2955 markierte die europäische Gemeinschaftswährung im Handelsverlauf einen neuen Höchststand —SEIT gut einem —JAHR.
20060516             Zuletzt wurde der Euro bei 1,2905 gehandelt und damit 0,55 % höher als am Vortag.
20060516             Trotz des überraschend zurückgegangenen Handelsdefizits habe es für den Greenback nicht zu mehr als einer kurzen und schwachen Zwischenerholung gereicht, hieß es am Markt.
20060516             JEDER—ANSTIEG werde momentan zu Verkäufen genutzt.
20060516             RWE gaben nach Quartalszahlen um 0,93 % auf 63,90 Euro nach.
20060516             Der Versorger hat im 1. Quartal vom langen —WINTER profitiert und sein Ergebnis kräftig gesteigert.
20060516             Weak USA—DOLLAR weighs on markets : Weakness in THE—USA—DOLLAR has continued to overshadow global stock markets as investors offloaded exporters on fears that corporate earnings will decline.
20060516             IMF acts to avoid markets meltdown : THE—INTERNATIONAL—MONETARY—FUND is in BEHIND—THE—SCENES—TALKS with THE—USA, CHINA and other major powers to arrange 1—SERIES—OF—TOP—LEVEL—MEETINGS about tackling imbalances in the global economy, as the dollar SELL—OFF reverberates through financial markets.
20060516             Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling:
20060516             1—SENIOR—FEDERAL—LAW—ENFORCEMENT—OFFICIAL tells ABC News the government is tracking the phone numbers we (BRIAN—ROSS and RICHARD—ESPOSITO) call in 1—EFFORT to root out confidential source
20060516             Rove Said Unfazed by CHANCE—OF—CHARGES : ROVE—FATE for —NOW is in THE—HANDS—OF—SPECIAL—PROSECUTOR—PATRICK—FITZGERALD, who must decide whether he thinks Rove lied or —JUST forgot to tell 1—GRAND—JURY about 1—CONVERSATION with 1—REPORTER.
20060516             Is Bush Ready to Fire Cheney?
20060516             Handwritten notes may link VICE—PRESIDENT—TO—VALERIE—PLAME leak
20060516             Climate change a 'deadly threat' : THE—CHRISTIAN—AID—CHARITY has warned that 184—MILLION—PEOPLE in AFRICAN—ALONE could die as 1—RESULT—OF—CLIMATE—CHANGE—BEFORE THE—END—OF—THE—CENTURY.
20060516             Controversial Experimental Weather Modification BILL—IN—USA—CONGRESS: Weather Modification may adversely impact agricultural crops and water supplies.
20060516             —CHANGED, If the weather is, in 1—STATE, region or county it may have severe consequences in another region, state or county.
20060516             And who is going to decide THE—TYPE—OF—WEATHER—MODIFICATION—EXPERIMENTATION and who it will benefit or adversely impact?
20060516             —SUPPLIED, Report: PAKISTAN, nukes to Syria : - USA—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCIES—SUSPECT—SYRIA was offered and received nuclear weapons technology from the covert PAKISTAN—SUPPLIER—GROUP headed by A.Q. Khan, according to 1—INTELLIGENCE—REPORT.
20060516             War pimp alert: EX—MILITARY—INTELLIGENCE—CHIEF—ZE'EVI WARNS—OF—IMPENDING world jihad 'tsunami':
20060516             Ze'evi, speaking at 1—JAFFEE Center for Strategic Studies conference in Tel Aviv University, said that IRAN—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINIJAD has been overheard promising the "END—OF—HISTORY in 2 or 3—YEARS".
20060516             USA 'must beware' rise in AL—QAEDA oil strikes : THE—USA and its Arab allies must expect 1—INCREASE in attacks on their oil infrastructure in the next PHASE—OF—THE—WAR by AL—QAEDA targeting THE—USA—ECONOMY—THE—FORMER—CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY—OFFICIAL who was responsible for hunting down OSAMA—BIN—LADEN warns on —MONDAY.
20060516             Conditional EU nuclear offer to IRAN : EUROPE to help IRAN develop a ''PROLIFERATION—PROOF'' nuclear power programme if it quits enriching uranium on its own soil.
20060516             IRAN Rejects EU Bid to Halt Enrichment: IRAN—PRESIDENT said —SUNDAY it was pointless for EUROPE to devise 1—INCENTIVE—PACKAGE if it required TEHRAN to stop enriching uranium — effectively thwarting the latest INTERNATIONAL diplomatic effort —BEFORE it even began.
20060516             Chavez warns USA over IRAN policy : MISTER—CHAVEZ, on a 2—DAY—TRIP to THE—UK, called for 1—SOCIALIST—NEW—WORLD—ORDER and said nations were cowards for not standing up to the "USA—EMPIRE".
20060516             Chávez warns on oil production cuts:
20060516             HUGO—CHÁVEZ, VENEZUELA—RADICAL—PRESIDENT, said on —SUNDAY he expected IRAN would cut oil production if attacked by THE—USA in the dispute over nuclear technology, adding: "We would do the same if we were attacked. We would cut off our oil".
20060516             USA Imposes Arms Ban on VENEZUELA : THE—USA is imposing 1—BAN on arms sales to VENEZUELA BECAUSE—OF—WHAT it claims is 1—LACK—OF—SUPPORT by PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ—LEFTIST—GOVERNMENT for counterterrorism efforts, 1—STATE—DEPARTMENT—OFFICIAL said —MONDAY.
20060516             ISRAEL at 58: 1—FAILING—EXPERIMENT:
20060516             1—OF—ISRAEL—FOUNDING—MINISTERS—OF—EDUCATION and Culture, Professor BEN—ZION—DINUR (19540000             ), said it most sharply.
20060516             "In our country there is room only for the Jews.
20060516             We shall say to the Arabs: Get out!
20060516             If they don't agree, if they resist, we shall drive them out by force".
20060516             (HISTORY—OF—THE—HAGANAH.)
20060516             PALESTINE—REFUGEES : THE—PALESTINE—REFUGEE—PROBLEM arose not from 1—CONFLICT in which, as claimed, the Zionist forces overcame overwhelming odds against the Arab armies and THE—PALESTINE—POPULATION voluntarily left.
20060516             But from 1—SYSTEMATIC—POLICY—OF—ETHNIC—CLEANSING.
20060516             CHRIS—FLOYD: Smoke Alarm: Yet More Evidence for War Crimes:
20060516             HERE—YET another smoking gun revealing the fireless SMOKE—OF—LIES that the Bush Regime spread across the land to justify its outright WAR—OF—AGGRESSION in IRAQ.
20060516             How MANY—MORE—TIMES do we have to be shown glaring evidence that the war was 1—CON job from the word go
20060516             ITALY—PAY—OFF—FROM—NIGER—FORGERY?
20060516             What did THE—ITALY—GOVERNMENT, under THEN—PRIME—MINISTER—BERLUSCONI, get in return for providing Bush with 1—SMOKING—GUN to attack IRAQ?
20060516             —STUNTED, Inspector: Politics, 'biotrailer' findings: 1—YEAR—AFTER BUSH—ADMINISTRATION—CLAIMS about Iraqi ''bioweapons trailers'' were discredited by USA—EXPERTS—USA—OFFICIALS were still suppressing the findings, according to 1—SENIOR—MEMBER—OF—THE—CIA—LED inspection team.
20060516             A Must Listen: GREG—PALAST "Armed Madhouse:
20060516             Is the war in IRAQ for oil? Yes, it's about the oil, but not for the oil.
20060516             —ENDED, In my investigations for Armed Madhouse, I, up with 1—STORY—FAR—MORE—FASCINATING and difficult than I imagined.
20060516             We didn't go in to grab the oil.
20060516             —JUST the opposite.
20060516             We went in to control the oil and make sure we didn't get it.
20060516             It goes back to 19200000             , —WHEN the oil companies sat in 1—ROOM in BRUSSELS in 1—HOTEL—ROOM, drew 1—RED—LINE
20060516             WEST—POINT—GRADUATES Against THE—WAR : We MEMBERS—OF—WEST—POINT—GRADUATES Against THE—WAR—STAND appalled at the deceitful BEHAVIOR—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—THE—USA and, in particular, its widely known malefactors.
20060516             Soldiers Rights : This site is for those who are lost in the military SYSTEM—OF—DESTRUCTION—DECEIT + corruption.
20060516             3—MINUTE—VIDEO Us and Them: "Forward" he cried, from the rear..... and the front rank †!
20060516             They did it their WAY—SO they have no 1 to blame but themselves : If democracy is supposed to represent THE—WILL—OF—THE—PEOPLE, then there is either something wrong with the democracies or something wrong with the people on both SIDES—OF—THE—ATLANTIC.
20060516             —ACCUSED—OF, Spies 'hid' bomber tape from MPs : MI5 is being, 1—COVER—UP for failing to disclose to 1—PARLIAMENTARY—WATCHDOG that it bugged the leader of 20060707             —THE—SUICIDE—BOMBERS—DISCUSSING the building of 1—BOMB—MONTHS—BEFORE THE—LONDON attacks.
20060516             Violence robs IRAQ—OF—CHRISTIAN heritage : THE—FLIGHT—OF—RELIGIOUS—MINORITIES—ESCAPING—VIOLENCE in POST—WAR—IRAQ is threatening to rob THE—COUNTRY—OF—ITS once diverse Christian heritage.
20060516             Appealing to THE—USA is not very appealing
20060516             With his recent letter to PRESIDENT—BUSH—IRAN—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINEJAD has become PART—OF—1—LONG—TRADITION—OF—3.-World leaders who, under imminent military or political threat from THE—USA, communicated with WASHINGTON officials in THE—HOPE—OF—REMOVING that threat.
20060516             Let us hope that AHMADINEJAD—EFFORT doesn't result in the equally traditional outright USA—REJECTION.
20060516             If DEMOCRATS—AND, for that matter, REPUBLICANS—LET 1—PRESIDENT with 1—NIXONESQUE—APPROVAL—RATING install yet another 2.-rate sycophant at yet another security agency, even 1 as diminished as the C.I.A., someone should charge those senators with treason, too.
20060516             —STARTING over —WHEN Bush is gone
20060516             —RIPENED, THE—USA—DREAM has, into 1—MENACING delirium, teeming with torture, violence + murder.
20060516             We have become everything we profess to hate.
20060516             Continue - 1—BLOG That Doesn't Shrug Off Enabling Legislation that Would Shut Down Democracy on THE—INTERNET:
20060516             "This issue IS—OF—PROFOUND—IMPORTANCE--hence all the money being thrown at deceptive ads.
20060516             Indeed, the deceptive ads--once you understand them--DOUBLY—PROVE THE—IMPORTANCE—OF—MAINTAINING—NET—NEUTRALITY.
20060516             Please inform yourself on this issue and write your CONGRESS—PERSON in favor of "net neutrality".
20060516             For our times, this issue is as important as THE—BILL—OF—RIGHTS was in its —DAY".
20060516             Moka Harrar ETHIOPIA—COFFEE (2 10—OZ. whole bean bags: "If you drink coffee or tea, you can make 1—DIFFERENCE by buying Fair Trade products. In doing that, you are casting 1—VOTE for 1—INTERNATIONAL—ECONOMY that is built on justice and equitable wages. In addition, most Fair Trade organizations encourage sustainability and DIVERSIFICATION—OF—PRODUCTS, as well as education and social WELL—BEING".
20060516             The things 29% presidents do: playing Minuteman with the National Guard
20060516             Divide Is Sharpening Among House (Leader Jihad) Republicans and Senate (Follower Jihad) Republicans.
20060516             Ain't That 1—SHAME.
20060516             World Net Daily Posts Commentary Saying USA Should Look to Nazis for Creating Efficient Deportations 5/16
20060516             SLATE—FRED—KAPLAN: "The executive BRANCH—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT cannot be trusted with sole access to such massive and intrusive information. This has nothing to do with who THE—PRESIDENT is...to dispute this is to dispute THE—PREMISE—OF—USA—GOVERNMENT".
20060516             ''Et tu, Brute?''—AMERICA—PRESS—BETRAYED, Spied Upon by Their Friends in BUSH—ADMINISTRATION 5/16
20060516             USA—ORDERS—BAN—OF—ARMS—SALES to VENEZUELA 5/16
20060516             Have you met 1—SINGLE—DEMOCRAT who wants Hillary to run the country?
20060516             I haven't. Her candidacy seems to be 1—REPUBLICAN thang.
20060516             Tice eventually will have his say.
20060516             How will THE—NSA and the administration respond?
20060516             —NOTIFIED, He discreetly, 1—DIA COUNTER—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER, who told him that THE—FBI had investigated and there was nothing to his concerns.
20060516             —CLEARED, Despite having, him for duty —AFTER 1—ROUTINE examination —9—MONTHS—EARLIER, they declared him to be suffering from paranoia + downgraded his clearance to "red badge" status.
20060516             (1—INDEPENDENT—PSYCHOLOGICAL—EVALUATION has refuted this diagnosis.) He was reassigned to do odd jobs at THE—NSA motor pool, where he began to talk to other demoted red badge employees + his supervisor accused HIM—OF—TRYING to form 1—UNION.
20060516             What will Tice say? Rusell Tice, THE—FORMER—OFFICER—OF—THE—NSA, has been trying to disclose still more questionable NSA practices.
20060516             "It's angle you haven't heard about yet," he told 1—REPORTER.
20060516             Elsewhere, we learn that - "What [THE—USA—PEOPLE] know about is HIROSHIMA," he says.
20060516             "What I'm going to tell you about is NAGASAKI. I'm going to tell you about 3—NAGASAKIS" He is gagged, however, by THE—NON—DISCLOSURE—AGREEMENT he signed —BEFORE becoming privy to TOP—SECRET—GOVERNMENT—ACTIVITIES.
20060516             My own suspicion is that the Tice revelations may touch on the growing concern over the claimed USE—OF—THE—NSA to spy on BUSH—POLITICAL opponents.
20060516             Is JASON—LEOPOLD on the money?
20060516             WILL—FITZ indict Rove? Or was KARL—ROVE—SPOKESMAN—MARK—CORALLO correct —WHEN he called the report false?
20060516             Talk Left has the latest. I smell 1—STING.
20060516             —AFTER all, this is KARL—ROVE we're talking about.
20060516             Eine richtige Investorenfalle ist die GROSSBRITANNIEN—FREGATTE "Lutine": 17990000              schickte die Admiralität das Schiff nach HAMBURG, an Bord 10000000              Goldbarren, 500—SILBERBARREN und 140.000—PFUND in Münzen.
20060516             Die DEUTSCHLAND—BANKEN standen durch die FRANKREICH—REVOLUTION und den Krieg zwischen PARIS und LONDON vor dem Zusammenbruch, die Engländer wollten ihre Verbündeten stützen.
20060516             1—TECHNICIAN who was 1—OF 1—TEAM—OF—GARAGE experimenters investigating 1—HYDROGEN—ON—DEMAND—TECHNOLOGY was run off the road near 1—RURAL—INTERSECTION and accosted by 4—WHITE—MIDDLE—AGED males in black suits, carrying Glocks and Mac tens.
20060516             The assailants were driving 1—LATE—MODEL—BLACK—LINCOLN—TOWN—CAR.
20060516             This comes —JUST 1—MONTH—AFTER BILL—WILLIAMS was similarly
20060516             threatened BECAUSE—OF—HIS—EXPERIMENTATION with running 1—VEHICLE on 1—JOE—CELL.
20060516             The victim in this latest incident is 1—ASSOCIATE—OF—NEW—ENERGY—CONGRESS—MEMBER—KEN—RASMUSSEN, who also runs 1—ALTERNATIVE—ENERGY—NEWS—SERVICE at
20060516             They had been working on the project together.
20060516             SCOTT—SILVERMAN, CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—BOARD—OF—VERICHIP—CORPORATION made the statement on national television on.
20060516             PAUL GAMBINO, TRIBORO CONTRACTING INC, (212) 496-9969 ...
20060516             Larger CIA and DoD Privatization Scandal Emerging from WALTER—REED...
20060516             Wade, Wilkes, Kontogiannis and others remain under investigation, according to 1—STATEMENT made.
20060516             44. - This makes CARLOS—GAMBINO—SYNDICATE look like.
20060516             —BASED, Liability Insurance For Contractors NEW—JERSEY YORK, "families" (Genovese, Gambino, COLOMBO, Bonanno and Lucchese) along.... THOMAS—KONTOGIANNIS said he helped finance THE—PURCHASE—OF—CUNNINGHAM'S.
20060516             I'm Taking My Country Back! I'm For Holding THE—HATRIOT—FEET—IN...
20060516             —CONVICTED, Or FRANK Mosco, 1—WHISTLEBLOWER whose testimony, another figure in the Cunningham scandal, 1—MAN named THOMAS—KONTOGIANNIS, to whom Cunningham sold...
20060516             Celestine V. MILLER—NEWS—THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—NARROWED by 'NEW...
20060516             HARRIS, WILLIAM, SHAIN, RAYMOND, RULAND—ERIC, KONTOGIANNIS, THOMAS... In Big Mob Sweep, Gambino Leaders Are Indicted.
20060516             Go to Complete List ".
20060516             —SPECIALIZED, Team8Plus- a, 20010911             —RESEARCH team: Forums / Public...
20060516             1—TECHNICIAN who was 1—OF 1—TEAM... Upton Sinclair was slimed by TEDDY—ROOSEVELT for writing THE—JUNGLE...
20060516—19610000    —IN, The past still can be glimpsed 1—SHORT—DRIVE from WIPP at 1—SITE where 1—ATOMIC—WARHEAD was detonated 1,151 feet underground.
20060516—20010000    —IN, This paragraph from In These Times gives us 1—CLUE:, he suspected 1—CO—WORKER at the Defense Intelligence AGENCY—OF—BEING—1—DOUBLE—AGENT.
20060516—20030000    —IN—THE, TA soldiers' 'IRAQ illness risk' 1—QUARTER—OF—PART—TIME—SOLDIERS who served —IRAQ conflict experienced 1—MENTAL—HEALTH—DISORDER—1—STUDY finds.
20060516—20030000    —IN, He still had his doubts, but —WHEN he brought up the matter again, THE—NSA—SECURITY—OFFICE called him in for 1—EMERGENCY—PSYCHOLOGICAL—EVALUATION.
20060516—20060426    —ON, ROVE: My attorney MISTER—LUSKIN made 1—STATEMENT.
20060516—20060530    —ON, it was reported that AL—NUAIMI was released.
20060516—20060624    —ON, Electronics giant Sony Corp said it will launch the world's 1. notebook personal computer equipped with 1—NEXT—GENERATION—BLU—RAY optical disk drive.
20060516—20061009    —AM, fuhr das Kriegsschiff in Yarmouth los, wenig später lief es auf 1—SANDBANK vor der NIEDERLANDE—INSEL TERSCHELLING—DIE "Lutine" kenterte und verschwand.
20060516—20070000    —REJECTED, THE—NIGERIA—SENATE, 1—CONSTITUTIONAL—AMENDMENT that would have allowed PRESIDENT—OLUSEGUN—OBASANJO to run for a 3. term in office.
20060516—20080800    —IN, he was pardoned by PRESIDENT—LEE—MYUNG—BAK.
20060517—20070000    —IN, CHINA—1. lunar satellite may be launched —DURING 1—FLY—BY mission in April, said LUAN Enjie, DIRECTOR—OF—THE—CHINA—NATIONAL—SPACE—ADMINISTRATION on —TUESDAY, 20060516             .
20060527             Annual 'lean season' set to strangle Sahel 20060516              As household food stocks begin to run low across the Sahel region, the World Food Programme has urged THE—INTERNATIONAL—COMMUNITY to continue supporting programmes which mitigate the worst EFFECTS—OF—FOOD—SHORTAGES.
20060530—20060516    —SINCE, Emirati authorities said Naji Nuaimi, 1—EMIRATI diplomat held hostage in IRAQ, has been released without ransom.
20060617—20060516    —ON, According to SOME—EXCELLENT—DETECTIVE—WORK by Marie26 at THE—DEMOCRATIC—UNDERGROUND—DISCUSSION—BOARD, we know that Case NUMBER 06-CR-128 was probably entered or 17.
20060718             —RELEASED, The documentary news video in question, which was, online —RECENTLY (20060516             ) by 1—MAJOR—ITALY—NEWS—SERVICE, examines evidence that THE—USA—MILITARY has deployed — dating back to 20030000             —THE—BATTLE—FOR—BAGHDAD—AIRPORT — 1—NEW—GENERATION—OF—WEAPONRY likely based on firing microwaves.
20060824091603       —GMT, —THURSDAY A 2. suspect in 1 alleged plot to blow up GERMANY—TRAINS is arrested in LEBANON, 20060824093018       —GMT, —THURSDAY Diplomatic efforts are being stepped up in EUROPE 20061114              the least —RECENTLY modified web page we know of, last changed Tue, 19901113151700?????????—JAHR GMT (though THE—URI changed.)' 1—LOT has happened in 16—YEARS and this little 'baby' has grown into quite the teenager". 20061207              Chunks Crying All the Way to the Bank- 20061207              20051207—20050000????Manchmal gingen sie zusammen zum EINKAUFEN—ALLES unter den Augen DEUTSCHLAND—GEHEIMDIENSTLEUTE. 20060103              WE CANNOT LET TERRIERS AND ROGUE NATIONS HOLD THIS NATION HOSTILE—BUSH [BGW968] 20000909              20041207              20060103              New BUSH Initiative to Impose Order in IRAQ... " Terriers and Rogue Nations ", 233, 20021205154537?????????—JAHR—GEORGE Dubya BUSH, COMMAND—IN—CHIEF... 20060216              11, 20010000             , terrorist attacks might have been prevented if THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION h Post Date:20060105161553?????????—JAHR 20060216              Reuters: CHENEY strongly defends eavesdropping operation VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY strongly defended 1—SECRET [...] Post Date:20060104144446?????????—JAHR 20060320              offenbart in einem Blogeintrag vom
20061027             Online NewsHour: HOLLAND—ELECTIONS -- 20020516
20061027             Online NewsHour: HOLLAND—ELECTIONS -- 20020516              20061027—20201027     :46. - Iraks Regierung stimmt...
20061027             Online NewsHour: HOLLAND—ELECTIONS -- 20020516              - Only You Can Help BuzzFlash Grow.
20070516             —FAILED, ANTI—WAR—DEMOCRATS in THE—USA—SENATE, in 1—ATTEMPT to cut off funds for THE—IRAQ war.
20070516             PAUL—WOLFOWITZ began to negotiate the terms under which he would resign from the World Bank.
20070516             THE—DJIA rose 103.69 to 1—RECORD 13,487.53. - Nasdaq rose 22.13 to 2,547.
20070516             The journal Nature said that 1—BIRD—COUNT had found common USA—SPECIES—LIKE robins, crows and bluebirds, in sharp decline due to WEST—NILE virus.
20070516             A—USA—GEOLOGICAL—SURVEY in June found that populations of 20—COMMON—USA—BIRD—SPECIES have dropped by half in the last 40—YEARS.
20070516             —ANNOUNCED, GENERAL—SIR—RICHARD—DANNATT, UNITED—KINGDOM—ARMY—CHIEF—OF—STAFF, that PRINCE—HARRY would not go to IRAQ because of "specific threats" to his life that would expose THE—PRINCE and his fellow soldiers to unacceptable risk.
20070516             THE—PRINCE did end up serving in AFGHANISTAN —FOR—10—WEEKS, —UNTIL WORD—OF—HIS—DEPLOYMENT got out.
20070516             CANADA, some 3,200 track workers at CANADA—PACIFIC—RAILWAY—LTD. began 1—NATIONAL—STRIKE over failed talks on wages and other issues.
20070516             Zheng XIAOYU—CHINA—FORMER—TOP—DRUG—REGULATOR, went on trial ACCUSED—OF—TAKING bribes to approve untested medicine, including 1—ANTIBIOTIC that killed at least 10—PATIENTS—LAST—YEAR—BEFORE it was taken off the market.
20070516             —EXPELLED, He was, —EARLIER this —YEAR from the ruling Communist Party.
20070516             —ABDUCTED, NORTH—COLOMBIA, Diana PATRICIA—PENA (36) was, by armed men with her husband, ROLAND—ERIK—LARSON, 68—JAHRE—ALT, at their farm.
20070516             —ESCAPED, Pena soon, but Larson was still missing.
20070516             —FOLLOWING a 6—DECADE wait, ESTONIA—3—000—STRONG—JEWISH—COMMUNITY inaugurated its new and only synagogue in TALLINN in THE—PRESENCE—OF—TOP—ISRAEL—DIGNITARIES.
20070516             —KILLED, NORTH—WEST—HAITI, gunmen, JOURNALIST—ALIX—JOSEPH, 38—JAHRE—ALT, shooting him 11—TIMES—OUTSIDE his fiancé's house.
20070516             INDIA—COMPANY—UNITED Spirits bought SCOTLAND—LIQUOR maker Whyte and Mackay for more than 1—BILLION dollars, emphasizing INDIA—GROWING—ECONOMIC clout abroad.
20070516             SOUTH—IRAQ, clashes broke out in the mostly Shiite CITY—OF—NASIRIYAH, —WHEN 1—MILITIA fought with police there —AFTER they arrested 2—WANTED militia members, police said.
20070516             9—IRAQIS were killed and 75—WOUNDED.
20070516             —SLAMMED, At least 9—APPARENT mortar rounds, into THE—USA—CONTROLLED Green Zone, wounding at least 6—PEOPLE, the 2. such attack in as MANY—DAYS.
20070516             THE—ORGANIZATION for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ministerial Council Meeting in PARIS approved 1—DECISION to open accession discussions with ISRAEL.
20070516             —LAUNCHED, 1—ISRAEL—HELICOPTER, missiles at 1—HAMAS command center in THE—SOUTH—GAZA Strip, —AFTER Hamas fired rocket barrages into ISRAEL in 1—APPARENT—ATTEMPT to draw ISRAEL into increasingly violent PALESTINE—INFIGHTING.
20070516             —KILLED, At least 19—PEOPLE were, in factional fighting between Fatah and Hamas.
20070516             —PROPOSED, KAZAKHSTAN—PRESIDENT—NURSULTAN—NAZARBAYEV, limited political reforms in THE—OIL—RICH—COUNTRY he has headed —SINCE the Soviet era, including shortening the presidential term from 7—YEARS to 5 and strengthening THE—POWERS—OF—PARLIAMENT.
20070516             —ABDUCTED, MEXICO, over 40—ARMED—MEN, and killed 4—POLICE—OFFICERS—SOUTH—OF—THE—ARIZONA border.
20070516             THOMAS—FRANK—WHITE—1—USA—BUSINESSMAN, was CONVICTED—OF—RAPING—1—TEENAGE—BOY and sentenced to more than 7—YEARS in jail in MEXICO.
20070516             NIGERIA—MILITANTS used dynamite to blow up 1—HOME—OF—VICE—PRESIDENT—ELECT Goodluck Jonathan, killing 2—POLICE—OFFICERS.
20070516             —SUSPECTED, NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, PRO—TALIBAN militants firing mortars and machine guns attacked 1—POLICE—CHECKPOINT, and at least 5—CIVILIANS were killed in the ensuing gunbattle.
20070516             SOMALIA, 1—ROADSIDE bomb struck 1—CONVOY—CARRYING—AFRICAN Union peacekeepers, killing 4—UGANDA—PEACEKEEPERS in 1—OF—THE deadliest attacks on the troops —SINCE they arrived in March.
20070516             —VOTED, THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL, unanimously to extend its peacekeeping mission in CONGO —UNTIL THE—END—OF—THE—YEAR—WHILE calling for 1—TIMETABLE to gradually withdraw the nearly 18,000-member force.
20070516             Zudem wurden die Messungen mit dem OFXB—OBSERVATORIUM im SCHWEIZ—S—LUC angestellt.
20070516             "Damit haben wir bewiesen, dass die TRANSIT—BEOBACHTUNG kleiner Planeten —SCHON mit kleinen Teleskopen möglich ist", sagte Gillon.
20070516             Vor Sarkozys Amtsübernahme: Chirac ruft Franzosen zu Einheit auf
20070516             Bizarre Welt: Planet aus Wasser und heißem Eis
20070516             KOREA: 1. Zug —SEIT 56—JAHREN quert den Todesstreifen
20070516             Koalitionsprognose: Lohnnebenkosten sollen spürbar sinken
20070516             —NOMINIERT, Keine Gegenkandidaten: Labour, GORDON—BROWN als BLAIR—NACHFOLGER
20070516             Weltbank in der Krise: Countdown für WOLFOWITZ—RÜCKTRITT läuft
20070516             IRAK: Niederländer sollen IRAK—GEFANGENE misshandelt haben
20070516             —BEOBACHTET, SATELLITEN—AUFNAHME: Großflächige Schneeschmelze in der ANTARKTIS
20070516             ATTAC—NEUMITGLIED Heiner Geißler: "Die Globalisierung läuft aus dem Ruder"
20070516             Vernon Gillespie.
20070516             VIETNAM 19640000              ZIMBABWE 19780000             . - - Corn,D. Blond Ghost.
20070516             Click on 1—NAME for 1—NEW—PROXIMITY—SEARCH:
20070516             Story about Montagnard rebellion in National Geographic.
20070516             [Archive.
20070516             USA—EXPERIENCE | VIETNAM Online | Transcript | PBS
20070516             VERNON GILLESPIE : I can recall 1—TIME—WHEN the 22. NVA Regiment was located down on the coast in 1—OPEN—AREA.
20070516             They were trying to move from 1—POINT to - Breaker Patrol and Hill 665, VIETNAM
20070516             RUSSELL—COOK, THE—VIETNAM War Contents ABSTRACT—
20070516             led by USA Special Forces CAPTAIN—VERNON—GILLESPIE, Junior.
20070516             —BECAME, Their report. the cover story for the magazine's 20071127              issue and featured this.
20070516             TOM—GILLESPIE — CHARLY—GILLETT : ZoomInfo Business People Information
20070516             —AGREED, Vernon W. Gillespie, to... Gillespie, Vicki, LandAmerica Financial Group, INCORPORATED VICKI—GILLESPIE... vgillespie@landam_com Phone: 503-968-10820000              Fax:
20070516             "Wenn wir —JETZT nicht damit beginnen, die Grundlagen für eine revolutionäre Änderung des Energiesystems zu legen", warnt Hoffert, "werden wir den Zug verpassen".
20070516             Doch welche Option hat die größten Aussichten auf Realisierung?
20070516             GEFUNDEN IN... Spektrum der Wissenschaft Spezial 1/2007
20070516             Inhaltsverzeichnis Aktuelles Heft bestellen www.spektrum.de Denn Socolows und Pacalas Standardmodell beruht unter anderem auf der Annahme, dass selbst bei einem "Weiter wie —BISHER" der Anteil erneuerbarer Energien deutlich steigen, der Energieverbrauch dank wachsender Effizienz der Systeme sinken würde.
20070516             Der zusätzliche Aufwand, um den absoluten Ausstoß an Kohlendioxid auf dem heutigen Wert zu stabilisieren, betrüge daher "nur" 7—REDUKTIONSKEILE.
20070516             —ARGUMENTIERT, Doch das ist falsch, MARTIN—I—HOFFERT, Physiker an der UNIVERSITÄT—NEW—YORK.
20070516             Denn mit steigenden ÖL—UND Gaspreisen greift die Energiewirtschaft in vielen Ländern wieder auf Kohle zurück.
20070516             "Etwa 850—KOHLEKRAFTWERKE sind in den USA—CHINA und INDIEN in Planung.
20070516             Diese neuen Anlagen dürften die in Kioto für
20070516             Schweres Erdbeben: In BANGKOK schwankten die Wolkenkratzer
20070516             G- 8-Gipfel: Heiner Geißler tritt Attac bei
20070516             Neuer Job für EX—USA—NOTENBANKCHEF: Greenspan geht mit 81—ZU Allianz
20070516             Appell an G- 8-Gipfel: Bono mahnt Regierungschefs
20070516             Filmfestival Cannes: Porno, Pop und Propaganda
20070516             Glückssache Gesundheit: Jedes 5. Kind ist psychisch auffällig
20070516             Präsidentenwechsel in FRANKREICH: Der Manager der Macht hat übernommen
20070516             Energien der Zukunft: Plan B für die RETTUNG—DER—WELT
20070516             Sexualstraftäter: MySpace sperrt Tausende SEITEN—BEHÄLT Daten aber für sich
20070516             —DEMENTIERT, RUSSLAND—EU: Moskau, Krise mit EUROPA
20070516             —VERSPRICHT, Machtwechsel in FRANKREICH: Sarkozy, Aufbruch aus der Krise
20070516             Luftverschmutzung: Taj Mahal wird gelb
20070516             RSFSR (19910000             ), NUMBER29, item 10080000             ;
20070516             the Law on Foreign Investments in TURKMENISTAN, Art.3.
20070516             Vedomosti Turkmenistana (19920000             ), NUMBER5—ITEM 38; the Law on Foreign...
20070516             Comparing Titan Systems and AFCE attack reports Titan Systems Corporation attack description Titan Systems Corporation column damage map
20070516             ASCE attack description ASCE column damage map Titan Systems lawsuit in ABU—GHRAIB prisoner abuse. see SourceWatch and GUARDIAN, search INTERNET: Titan Systems, lawsuit ABU—GHRAIB, racketeering, CACI, see GUARDIAN
20070516             Titan Systems DESCRIPTION—OF—ATTACK inconsistent with ASCE report.
20070516             more building information, page 7
20070516             Below is 1—SCREEN print from THE—ARLINGTON County —AFTER Action Report introduction showing that Titan Systems Corporation created the report.
20070516             And....theTitan Systems QUOTATION—OF—THE—DESCRIPTION—OF—THE—ATTACK.
20070516             That description is completely inconsistent with THE—ASCE (USA—SOCIETY—OF—CIVIL—ENGINEERS) REPORT—OF—THE—ATTACK.
20070516             Titan Systems: DESCRIPTION—OF—ATTACK AND—TITAN Corporation
20070516             DISH—ANTENNAS on the C RING—OF—THE—PENTAGON that don't appear in overhead views —PRIOR—TO 20010911             .
20070516             The antennas are directly in the flight PATH—OF—THE—ATTACK—JET. and page 15,
20070516             ASCE report.
20070516             The outer WALL—OF—THE—PENTAGON is not extraordinarily thick or impenetrable.
20070516             —FACED, There is evidence that portions of the facade was, with aluminum siding.
20070516             THE—IMPACT—POINT was the 1. and only place that had been —RECENTLY renovated with blast resistant windows and reinforcements.
20070516             Only 2 2. story windows were broken by THE—INITIAL—ATTACK.
20070516             (ASCE Report) - In studying the damage to the
20070516             generator struck by the attack aircraft, no structure on the 757 could have created the damage seen.
20070516             —TILTED, And if the aircraft was, as MANY—SOURCES have reported, the right landing gear would not have
20070516             caused the fence pole damage - Recent Press COVERAGE—DISSIDENT—VOICE
20070516             "Stop Belittling the Theories About 20010911
20070516             1—AIRLINER almost certainly did not hit the Pentagon.
20070516             Whole Life Times Citizens for Legitimate Government
20070516             Although the official 20010911             —COMMISSION—REPORT (CR) said VICE—PRESIDENT—RICHARD—CHENEY did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under THE—WHITE—HOUSE—UNTIL "shortly —BEFORE 10 a.m." that tragic —DAY,
20070516             —TESTIFIED, Transportation SECRETARY—NORMAN—MINETA, —WHEN he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there.
20070516             (CR published no testimony from Mineta.) The timeline is important because if Cheney arrived at 10 a.m. it would have been about —20—MINUTES—AFTER the Pentagon was allegedly struck by 1—HIJACKED airplane at 9:38 a.m., too late for him to authorize THE—AIR—FORCE to shoot it down.
20070516             —PERISHED, Some 125—PENTAGON employees, in the attack.
20070516             go to page 22 - See graphic OF—NOSE cone damage by 1—BIRD—STRIKE and then consider the numerous publications that claim the nose CONE—OF—THE—757—PENETRATED 3—RINGS—OF—THE—PENTAGON.
20070516             Where's the airliner? THERE—NO—PASSENGER—JET in the/Pentagon surveillance tape + only 1—FEW shiny, clean, isolated aircraft parts in Navy PHOTOS—OF—THE—ATTACK..
20070516             —VAPORIZED, The notion and eyewitness reports that the jet ', ' is inconsistent with Armed Forces INSTITUTE—OF—PATHOLOGY (AFIP) victim identification reports.
20070516             64—PASSENGERS—ACCORDING to AFIP, all but 5—OF—THE—189—VICTIMS were identified.
20070516             But, this point is arguable considering Titan Systems report (...in 1—STEEP dive...disappearing behind 1—TREE—LINE...going 400—MPH....fully loaded with fuel...).see
20070516             conflicts between Titan Systems/—AFTER—ACTION Report and ASCE (USA—SOCIETY—OF—CIVIL—ENGINEERS) report.
20070516             ( the plane did not vaporize ). - Also inconsistent with the
20070516             Titan Systems report are 'full body scans' of the victims.
20070516             Not credible?
20070516             Rumsfeld quote: "and I saw people on the grass + we —JUST, we tried to put them in stretchers and then move them out across the grass towards the road and lifted them over 1—JERSEY wall so the people on that side could stick them into the ambulances.
20070516             (no MENTION—OF—THIS in the 20010911             —COMMISSION—REPORT.) and see page 2
20070516             Politically Correct Apostate: THE—ANTI—FASCISM—WOLF in Sheeps Clothing
20070516             People are diferent,have diferent cultures, languages and views on life thats why countries and borders...
20070516             FASCISM is alive + well in AMERIKA —TODAY.
20070516             No se tiene conocimiento que se fabrique Morteros de ese tipo y calibre de percusión mandada en España y los morteros ECIA de Expal S.A. no tienen percusión...
20070516             ANTIPERSONAL. EXPLOSIVOS.
20070516             ALAVESES S.A. - " EXPAL ". - - CUMPLE. NO SE ASIGNA. PUNTAJE.
20070516             NO CUMPLE. NO SE ASIGNA. PUNTAJE. 0. Atentamente.
20070516             Worldwide Production and EXPORT—OF—CLUSTER—MUNITIONS: Appendix...
20070516             Dezamet SA (POLAND). - - Diehl Munitions Systeme (GERMANY).
20070516             European Aeronautic Defence and Space NV (NETHERLANDS). - Expal Explosivos SA (SPAIN)...
20070516             SURVEY—OF—CLUSTER—MUNITION—POLICY and Practice: IV. Cluster...
20070516             —CALLED, SOUTH—AFRICAN—ALSO possesses 1—TYPE—OF—CLUSTER—BOMB, TIEKIE, which has been... Expal Explosivos SA, Instalaza SA, INTERNATIONAL Technology SA...
20070516             World Support Base: SPAIN,
20070516             SA ), Grupo Inisel (Empresa Nacional de Electronica y SISTEMAS—SA )... SA ),
20070516             Llama (Llama Gabilondo y Cia., SA ), EXPAL (Explosivos ALAVESES—SA )...
20070516             —GUIDED, New laser, penetrator bomb for SPAIN—HORNETS
20070516             Raytheon Company and Explosivos Alaveses ( EXPAL ), SA, of SPAIN have introduced THE—BPG—20000000              Laser Guided Penetrator Weapon —FOLLOWING completion of a...
20070516             Big gun LIST—BEYONDUNREAL Forums
20070516             ENOSA Empresa Nacional de Optica SA ENOSA VNP—004—NIGHT sight Esperanza y Cia SA (ECIA) EXPAL 120—MM Model L mortar EXPAL 120—MM Model M—86—MORTAR...
20070516             NISAT—NORWAY—INITIATIVE on Small Arms Transfers ENOSA—EMPRESA Nacional de Optica SA. sights.
20070516             Fall Masri: Verfassungsrichter verurteilen ABHÖR—AKTION der Sicherheitsbehörden
20070516             DEUTSCHLAND—BANK: DUBAI kauft großes Aktienpaket
20070516             G- 8-Gipfel: Innenministerium verteidigt Versammlungsverbot
20070516             Inflation: Verbraucherpreise steigen im April um 1,9 %
20070516             Ermahnung: Führende Forscher fordern von G- 8-Gipfel KLIMASCHUTZ—BESCHLÜSSE
20070516             Todesstrafe: Schwarzenegger will effektiver exekutieren
20070516             —HEUTE in den Feuilletons: "Mentale GEISELN—DES—KALTEN—KRIEGES"
20070516             Weltbank: Direktorium hofft auf freiwilligen Rücktritt von Wolfowitz
20070516             BUENOS—AIRES: Genervte Pendler verwüsten Bahnhof
20070516             KRIEGS—ZAR: 3—STERNE—GENERAL soll Bush im IRAK und in AFGHANISTAN retten
20070516             "Unsere Berechnungen könnten auch bedeuten, dass andere —BEREITS bekannte Planeten mit ähnlicher Masse ebenfalls Wasser besitzen", meint Gillon.
20070516             Da einige von ihnen kühler seien als GJ 436—B, könnte auf ihrer Oberfläche sogar flüssiges Wasser und damit Leben vorhanden sein.
20070516—19780000    —FOUNDED, White, who, the brokerage firm THOMAS—WHITE & Co. was arrested in THAILAND
20070516—20030000    —IN, at THE—BEHEST—OF—MEXICO—OFFICIALS and —LATER extradited.
20070516—20050000    —FIRED, Zheng was, on charges he took up to $780,000 in bribes to approve medicine that had not been tested to ensure its safety.
20070520—20070516    —BIS, Vom 20070430              befragte Emnid in Thüringen 516, im SAARLAND 504—UND in HESSEN 599—WAHLBERECHTIGTE.
20070623             EARTH ENERGY RESERVES, INCORPORATED NT 10-Q, 20070516             —
20070623             EARTH ENERGY RESERVES, INCORPORATED NT 10-Q, 20070516              20070623              CROSS ATLANTIC COMMODITIES, INCORPORATED
20070906             —FOUNDED, The llkhom THEATER—OF—TASHKENT, which Weil, in 1(SFC, 20080516             , p.)976, was the 1. independent theater in THE—SOVIET—UNION.
20080211—20080516    —ON, Hadnott (38) was found GUILTY—OF—ABUSIVE sexual conduct and sentenced to 4—YEARS in prison.
20080402—20080516    —EMERGED, The last 9—OF 35—CULT—MEMBERS.
20080514             THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—,3—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—1—FORMER—CONGRESSMAN, were shot and killed in Villa Vasquez ahead of 20080516              elections.
20080516             Urteil der Prüfer: "Es ist 1—FÄLSCHUNG aus dem 18010101—19001231    ".
20080516             —SUCCUMBED, THE—INCA, to SPAIN—CONQUEST in the 15010101—16001231    ;
20080516             Im frühen 19010101—20001231     fuhren VIELE—AUTOS elektrisch, danach geriet die Technologie in Vergessenheit.
20080516             "Die gesamte Gattung der Kristallschädel ist 1—ERFINDUNG—DES 18010101—19001231    ", erklärt die Prüferin JANE—WALSH.
20080516             —DISAPPEARED, Tariq Azizuddin had, 20080211              along with his driver and bodyguard as they drove from PESHAWAR toward the border.
20080516             Here is the full TEXT—OF—ROBIN—COOK—RESIGNATION—SPEECH in THE—HOUSE—OF—COMMONS, which won applause from SOME—BACKBENCHERS in unprecedented Commons scenes._COM—FULL—TEXT: ROBIN—COOK speech - 20030318
20080516             Under pressure from Congress THE—USA—ENERGY—DEPARTMENT said it would temporarily suspend filling THE—USA strategic oil stocks.
20080516             Oil futures rose to 1—RECORD $126.29 on THE—NY Mercantile Exchange.
20080516             † MARIA—ISAVEL—VASQUEZ—JIMENEZ, 17—JAHRE—ALT, 1—PREGNANT—MEXICO—MIGRANT—WORKER, —AFTER succumbing to heat stroke from laboring more than 9—HOURS in 1—S—JOAQUIN—COUNTY—CALIFORNIA, vineyard.
20080516             OSAMA—BIN—LADEN said in 1—NEW audio recording that AL—QAIDA will continue its holy war against ISRAEL and its allies —UNTIL it liberates Palestine.
20080516             † 1—SOLDIER was killed and 3 were wounded.
20080516             —ATTACKED, EAST—KHOST, province, joint Afghan and foreign forces, insurgents as they were planting roadside bombs —BEFORE dawn.
20080516             A brief gun battle left 2—MILITANTS—DEAD.
20080516             —WOUNDED, Another, insurgent —LATER † at 1—MILITARY—HOSPITAL.
20080516             —CALLED, USA—LED coalition and AFGHANISTAN—TROOPS, in airstrikes —DURING the raid on 1—COMPOUND SUSPECTED—OF—HOUSING—MILITANTS involved in bomb making activities.
20080516             —BOMBED, Afghan and foreign troops in WEST—FARAH province, 1—TALIBAN hideout where 2—HOSTAGES were being held, leaving 8—MILITANTS—DEAD.
20080516             AUSTRALIA, protesting pensioners brought traffic to 1—STAND—STILL in MELBOURNE —WHEN some stripped to demand more money from the government.
20080516             CANADA, NANCY Michaud (37), 1—POLITICAL—AIDE in QUEBEC, was disappeared from her home in RIVIERE—OUELLE.
20080516             Her body was found the next —DAY in 1—ABANDONED home.
20080516             —CHARGED, FRANCIS—PROULX was, with her murder.
20080516             —SPARKED, CHINA, 1—STRONG aftershock, landslides near THE—EPICENTER—OF—THIS —WEEK—POWERFUL—EARTHQUAKE, —WHILE SOME—SURVIVORS were pulled from rubble —AFTER being buried —FOR—4—DAYS.
20080516             The official death toll rose to about 22,069, and another 14,000 still were buried in Sichuan.
20080516             —FAVORED, DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—PRESIDENT—LEONEL—FERNANDEZ was, to win a 3. term, despite concerns over LONG—SERVING—POLITICIANS in this Caribbean nation with 1—PAINFUL—HISTORY—OF—RULE by strongmen.
20080516             —OFFERED, IRAQ—PRIME—MINISTER—NOURI—AL—MALIKI, MEMBERS—OF—ARMED—GROUPS in MOSUL 1—AMNESTY in exchange for surrendering their weapons.
20080516             † ALI—MANSOUR—MOHAMMED, 1—IRAQ—DETAINEE, was shot and killed by USA—SOLDIERS at or near their forward operating base, Summerall, near Beiji.
20080516             1. LIEUTENANT—MICHAEL—C—BEHENNA and Staff SERGEANT—HAL—M—WARNER were —LATER charged with the shooting.
20080516             THE—EU aid CHIEF said that MYANMAR—JUNTA still would not budge on accepting foreign relief workers, —2—WEEKS—AFTER the cyclone tragedy.
20080516             State media said the death toll had risen to nearly 78,000.
20080516             —FREED, PAKISTAN—AMBASSADOR to AFGHANISTAN was, unharmed —3—MONTHS—AFTER he vanished in 1—TRIBAL—AREA in the border region.
20080516             —CONCLUDED, PERU, European and Latin USA—LEADERS, their 5. summit in 1—DECADE and pledged to fight poverty, global warming and high food prices, presenting 1—SHOW—OF—UNITY amid 1—FESTERING—CONFLICT between 2—SOUTH—USA—NATIONS.
20080516             THE—PHILIPPINES, at least 8—BANK—EMPLOYEES and 1—SECURITY—GUARD were lined up and shot dead in the head in 1—BLOODY—BANK—ROBBERY in Cabuyao, Laguna province.
20080516             Another employee was in critical condition at 1—HOSPITAL.
20080516             2—SUSPECTS were still at large.
20080516             —ARRIVED, PRESIDENT—BUSH, in SAUDI—ARABIA and appealed for increased oil production —JUST as prices hit another record high.
20080516             —KILLED, SRI—LANKA—GROUND—TROOPS, at least 16—TAMIL Tiger rebels —WHILE AIR—FORCE—FIGHTER—JETS bombed guerrilla targets in THE—ISLAND—NORTH.
20080516             —RAMMED, The offensive came hours —AFTER 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER, into 1—POLICE—BUS in THE—CAPITAL—OF—COLOMBO, killing 11—PEOPLE and injuring more than 80.
20080516             —ACKNOWLEDGED, ZIMBABWE—PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE, he had suffered 1—ELECTORAL—DISASTER in losing a 1. round against arch rival MORGAN—TSVANGIRAI, as the date for 1—RUN—OFF was fixed for 20080627             .
20080516             Neue Theorie: Forscher vermuten natürlichen Kernreaktor im Erdinneren
20080516             "This situation is very worrying. I've never seen anything quite like it".
20080516             Prof Spencer has opponents in the debate.
20080516             Wenig erfüllt mich mit so genugtuender Schadenfreude wie großflächig in den Sand gesetzte Militärprojekte.
20080516             Die aktuelle Wunschliste der Amis eignet sich hervorragend zur Befriedigung derartiger Triebe.
20080516             Interessant auch "Tactical intelligence support" in der AIR—FORCE—SEKTION: Biometric signature and forensic data collection capabilities and effective REACH—BACK to NATIONAL—LEVEL—DATABASES and processing are more widespread and WELL—RECEIVED by tactical elements.
20080516             More national human intelligence (HUMINT) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) databases are for the 1. time being pushed forward to support tactical unit operations with greater speed and frequency.
20080516             —LINKED, —MEANWHILE, these capabilities are, with airborne and GROUND—BASED intelligence capabilities that further enable the detection, identification, location, and TRACKING—OF—HIGH—VALUE—TARGETS.
20080516             Und da habt ihr den Grund, wieso wir Biometrie im Ausweis brauchen, und 1—VOLLÜBERWACHUNG über Mautsystem o.ä. Wir brauchen nationale BIOMETRIE—DATENBANKEN, damit das Militär damit besser "HIGH—VALUE targets" töten kann.
20080516             Hier ist noch ein interessanter Punkt in der Wunschliste: Multivalent Marburg and Ebola vaccine
20080516             —INCLUDED, The budget request, $203.7—MILLION in PE 62384BP for chemical and biological defense applied research, but included no funds to advance Marburg/Ebola vaccine candidates into clinical trials.
20080516             The committee recommends 1—INCREASE—OF $4.5—MILLION in PE 62384BP to help move candidate vaccines against Marburg and Ebola viruses into Phase I clinical trials, including clinical lot production for human injection, human safety trials, and human dose escalation studies.
20080516             THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE is currently evaluating 5—DIFFERENT—VACCINE—TECHNOLOGIES for Marburg and Ebola, and this additional funding would permit progress toward selecting the most promising candidate for advanced development.
20080516             Wozu braucht den das Kriegsministerium einen EBOLA—IMPFSTOFF?
20080516             Fällt jemandem eine andere Antwort als "die benutzen Ebola als biologischen Kampfstoff" ein?
20080516             Inzwischen ist sogar beim ehemaligen Nachrichtenmagazin in HAMBURG angekommen, dass Achmedinedschad nie "ISRAEL muss von der Landkarte radiert werden" gesagt hat.
20080516             Private and public are 2—ESSENTIALLY different worlds and respect for that difference is the indispensable condition for 1—MAN to live free".
20080516             Doch Antiphorm_com bietet Abhilfe: "Data in, Tada out".
20080516             —BENIMMT, Die kostenlose Software, sich wie ein betrunkener Surfer.
20080516             Sie blitzt durchs Netz, klickt und blickt erratisch, wie die TECHNO—AMEISEN aus TEXAS.
20080516             —BESCHREIBT, Associated Press (AP), die "haarigen, rotbraunen Kreaturen" als "erratisch herumwandernde",
20080516             statt wie sonst in geordneten Linien marschierende Ameisen.
20080516             Sie nisten sich in Telefonkästen ein, schalten elektrische Leitungen kurz, legen Computer lahm.
20080516             Riesige Ameisenschwärme fallen über TEXAS her;
20080516             magisch angelockt von Schaltkreisen und Kabelnetzwerken legen sie texanische Elektronik lahm.
20080516             Wohl mit einem Frachtcontainer aus der Karibik eingeschleppt, entwickelt sich die Krabbelarmee zu einer wahren Plage.
20080516             1—VW—GOLF mit 1,6—LITER—BENZINMOTOR verbraucht auf 100—KILOMETER im Schnitt 11,10 Euro an Sprit.
20080516             1—TESLA—ROADSTER kommt mit 2,40 Euro aus.
20080516             geriet - geriet die Technologie in Vergessenheit
20080516             Während die führenden Autohersteller Milliarden für die MOTOREN—UND GETRIEBE—ENTWICKLUNG ausgaben, steckten sie kaum einen Cent in die Verbesserung der Akkumulatoren.
20080516             "Die Einschätzung von 19980000             , wie hoch der Benzinpreis unter Berücksichtigung aller KLIMA—UND Umweltkosten hätte sein müssen, war damals bestimmt nicht übertrieben", sagt WINFRIED—HERMANN, der verkehrspolitische SPRECHER—DER—GRÜNEN.
20080516             Im Rückblick zeigt sich aber, dass die Verdopplung des Spritpreises in den vergangenen 10—JAHREN keineswegs ausgereicht hat, das Verhalten DEUTSCHLAND—KONSUMENTEN und Autohersteller nennenswert zu beeinflussen.
20080516             Politik - ohne Zutun der Politik - auch ohne Zutun - Doch
20080516             Doch auch ohne Zutun der Politik hat sich der Benzinpreis seitdem verdoppelt.
20080516             Unter dem Vorwand, das seltene Material wissenschaftlich zu untersuchen, ließ der Forscher diese und andere Artefakte in die USA verbringen.
20080516             Der offizielle Vertrag sah 1—AUSLEIHDAUER—VON—12—MONATEN vor.
20080516             Doch —BIS—HEUTE kämpft der PERU—ANTIKENDIENST um die Rückkehr der Preziosen.
20080516             168—SOLDATEN, rund 30—PFERDE und 1—PRIESTER reichten aus, die letzte Kultur Altamerikas zu vernichten.
20080516             In diese Welt brach 15320000              FRANCISCO—PIZARRO ein, ein ehemaliger Schweinehirt.
20080516             Er kam über Land, von Norden, mit einer Horde Banditen, darunter VIELE—ABGEHALFTERTE—MILITÄRS.
20080516             Angelockt wurde der Trupp vom Gold, das die Inka in Bergwerken mit puren Adern gewannen.
20080516             Sie nannten es "Schweiß der Sonne".
20080516             Der Mesoamerikanist RICHARD—BURGER, der —HEUTE an der UNIVERSITÄT—YALE die von Bingham entwendeten INKA—SCHÄTZE verwaltet, nennt ihn "sehr ehrgeizig, fast obsessiv, besessen".
20080516             Wundern aber darf das niemanden.
20080516             Gerade die geheimnisvollsten Mythen und Rätsel der Vorzeit sind häufig nichts als Schwindelei.
20080516             FACHKREISEN, gilt es als eindrucksvollstes Kultobjekt Altamerikas überhaupt.
20080516             Leider wird sich dieses Urteil in Zukunft nicht mehr aufrechterhalten lassen.
20080516             —ERST vor wenigen Wochen veröffentlichte das USA—FACHBLATT "Archaeology" Ergebnisse einer Prüfung mit dem Rasterelektronenmikroskop.
20080516             Die Statue weist Spuren "rotierender Schleifgeräte" auf.
20080516             —GEBOTEN, Statt Kultur wird Kulisse, in der sich das Publikum auch ohne Einsatz höherer Gehirnfunktionen zurechtfinden kann.
20080516             Was mehr verblüfft: In die archäologische Traumwelt ragt ständig Reales hinein.
20080516             Auf erstaunliche Weise sind die "INDIANA Jones"-Filme mit Wahrheiten GEWÜRZT—NICHT nur in Sachen Bingham.
20080516             Gerade die besonders phantastisch anmutenden Handlungsstränge sind schlicht der Wirklichkeit entlehnt.
20080516             —GEFALLEN, Derlei Abenteuer hätten auch Bingham.
20080516             Die Bedeutung der grandiosen Ruinen, die wie 1—ADLERHORST in den Kordilleren Perus liegen, hat Bingham nie erfasst.
20080516             —GESEHEN, Wissenschaftlich, war er 1—NIETE.
20080516             —WWI—IM wechselte er zur Jagdfliegerei, landete an Bord eines Zeppelins vorm Weißen Haus und stieg später zum USA—GOUVERNEUR auf.
20080516             GEORGE—W—BUSH—SKULL & Bones Fraternity
20080516             Skull and Bones, the Bush CONNECTION—DISCUSSANYTHING_com -
20080516             Skull & Bones Mitglieder - V.INFO—VERSCHWOERUNGEN.info...
20080516             Amory Howe BRADFORD (19340000             ), GENERAL—MANAGER der NEW—YORK—TIMES, EHEMANN—VON—CAROL—WARBURG—ROTHSCHILD;
20080516             JONATHAN—BREWSTER—BINGHAM (19360000             ), USA—SENATOR... - ROBERT—GOLDWATER—LIBRARY: Conservation
20080516             —AGREED, Yale has, to turn over to PERU 1—INVENTORY—OF—ARTIFACTS that explorer Hiram BINGHAM—III carted back with him to NEW—HAVEN—AFTER excavating Machu...
20080516             and the explorer Hiram BINGHAM—III, whose long life lasted almost as MANY—YEARS as the Inca...
20080516             Inca Show Pits Yale Against PERU—NEW—YORK—TIMES
20080516             —INFLAMED, The dispute is, by the swashbuckling EXPLOITS—OF—HIRAM BINGHAM—III, 1—YALE professor, aviator and —LATER SENATOR, and the special dispensations he...
20080516             Yale UNIVERSITY—THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES
20080516             —ZERSTÖRT, NETZWELT—TICKER: Ameisenarmee, Computer und Telefone
20080516             Burma: Junta lässt westliche Diplomaten in die Todeszone
20080516             Razzia bei Islamisten: Polizei hebt Netzwerk mutmaßlicher Terrorfinanziers aus
20080516             Kraftstoffpreis: Warum Benzin viel zu billig ist
20080516             Sie sei eines "unklaren Verhältnisses zum Stalinismus" bezichtigt worden - "ohne Belege, versteht sich, denn die wären schwerlich zu finden gewesen", schreibt Wagenknecht.
20080516             Auf diese Weise sei "erheblicher Druck" erzeugt worden.
20080516             Zeitgleich zur Veröffentlichung der BIN—LADEN—REDE beendete USA—PRÄSIDENT—BUSH seinen Staatsbesuch in ISRAEL.
20080516             Allerdings ist es verwunderlich, dass OSAMA—BIN—LADEN nicht auf seine Hauptforderung aus seiner MÄRZ—REDE zu sprechen kam.
20080516             Damals nämlich forderte er noch die Muslime der Levante und Palästinas dazu auf, —ZUNÄCHST im IRAK zu kämpfen.
20080516             "Danach wird es 1—BEWEGUNG in Richtung JERUSALEM geben".
20080516             —HEUTE war davon keine Rede mehr.
20080516             Doch eines ist neu: Der QAIDA—CHEF klingt kränklich.
20080516             JEDER—SEKUNDE, vollführt der als "J1903+0327" bezeichnete Neutronenstern 465—UMDREHUNGEN.
20080516             Zur gleichen Zeit findet ein von politischen und sozialen Bewegungen aus Lateinamerika und EUROPA ausgerichteten Gipfel der Völker statt, der sich als linksgerichtete Alternative zu dem Gipfel der Regierenden versteht.
20080516             Zu diesem Treffen versammelten sich in LIMA —SEIT—DONNERSTAG rund 20000000              Teilnehmer.
20080516             —VERSICHERT, Der PERU—POLIZEICHEF GENERAL—OCTAVIO—SALAZAR, dass seine Leute —SEIT—2—JAHREN für den Gipfel trainiert haben und möglicherweise auftretende Probleme im Griff haben werden.
20080516             Sondereinheiten erhielten dafür sogar 1—ZUSATZAUSBILDUNG in den USA, AUSTRALIEN und EUROPA.
20080516             —POSTIERT, LIMA, sind 95.000—POLIZISTEN, - Es entsteht 1—TODESZONE im Meer.
20080516             Diese Meeresregion wird —DERZEIT von einer massiven Algenblüte heimgesucht, die auf dem Bild auch gut zu erkennen ist.
20080516             Satellitenbild der Woche: Die Nordsee blüht
20080516             EU—LATEINAMERIKA—GIPFEL: Sicherheitsvorkehrungen wie im Krieg
20080516             CHINA: Fast 5—MILLIONEN Menschen in Sichuan sind obdachlos
20080516             —GESTELLT, Datenschutz: Mitschnitt von Polizeinotruf ins INTERNET
20080516             —VERLIERT, DIW—SCHÄTZUNG: Aufschwung, an KRAFT—ABER er bleibt
20080516             Rekordverdächtig: Stern dreht sich 465-mal pro —SEKUNDE
20080516             SCHWEDEN: 44-Jähriger verkauft seine behinderte Frau als Sexsklavin
20080516             These days, there is not enough talent to absorb THE—BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS that pension funds, endowments and charities are sending into the $1—TRILLION industry, Yusko said.
20080516             Assets and Liabilities: Prosper. Ugh.
20080516             —POSTED—BY—ASSET gatherer at 12:11 PM : WASHINGTON, DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, USA.
20080516             Sektorstudie "Europäische ONLINE—BROKER und ONLINE—BANKEN"-
20080516             BANK—OF—NEW—YORK: Information and Much More from Answers_com
20080516             Competitors: Brown Brothers Harriman Citigroup Credit Suisse (USA)... with THE—NEW—YORK Life Insurance and Trust Co.
20080516             —ACQUIRED, YORK, Pershing LLC [1], 1—PROVIDER—OF—CORRESPONDENT.
20080516             Die Union verlor demnach einen Punkt und kommt auf 36 %.
20080516             Die SPD büßte 2—PUNKTE ein und liegt bei 25 %, ihrem schlechtesten Wert in der Umfrage von Infratest dimap —SEIT
20080516             Bei der Vorstellung des
20080516             Die Papageien entstammen den Erkenntnissen der Forscher zufolge nicht wie bislang angenommen den südlichen Regionen, und sie entwickelten sich früher in der Evolution als gedacht.
20080516             Warum die Krötenwanderung in MIANYANG nun nicht als Warnung wahrgenommen wurde, ist unklar.
20080516             Womöglich wurde den zuständigen Behörden das auffällige Verhalten der Tiere einfach nicht gemeldet.
20080516             So wie im - LORDS—OF—THE—BLOG
20080516             "Wir arbeiten hart daran, nicht zu aufgeblasen zu klingen".
20080516             —VERPFLICHTET, Adel, — zur echten Basisdemokratie.
20080516             Uni Delft: Kurzschluss in KAFFEEMASCHINE—FAKULTÄT brennt ab
20080516             —VERKÜNDET, Lateinamerika: Shakira, Millionenspende für arme Kinder
20080516             —VERTREIBT, Absurdes Krisenmanagement: Burmas Junta, Flüchtlinge
20080516             Auffälliges Tierverhalten: Forscher rätseln über ERDBEBEN—WARNUNG durch Kröten
20080516             NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN: Diesel klettert auf neues Rekordhoch
20080516             Fossilienfund: Papageien flatterten durch DÄNEMARK
20080516             Im Visier vom Verfassungsschutz: Linke klagen über "Hexenjagd"
20080516             "Die schlimmsten Nachrichten liegen hinter uns", sagte IWF—CHEF—DOMINIQUE—STRAUSS—KAHN am —MITTWOCH vor dem Wirtschaftsausschuss des Europaparlaments.
20080516             Umfrage: Koalitionsparteien zusammen so schwach wie nie
20080516             War, Journalism, and Propaganda: 1—ANALYSIS—OF—MEDIA—COVERAGE—OF...
20080516             JOSEPH—GOEBBELS was an ardent STUDENT—OF—USA—PUBLIC relations pioneer EDWARD—BERNAYS.
20080516             —BECAME, The "evil" and "satanic" Hun, the "eternal Jew" who in The...
20080516             Media Bias, Propaganda, Disinformation
20080516             —JUST as Bernays was FREUD—DISCIPLE, Bernays himself had dicciples.
20080516             HERE—1—YOU'LL recognize-- JOSEF—GOEBBELS.
20080516             HITLER—PROPAGANDA—CHIEF—USED—BERNAYS '. - Fake Terror | 100777_com
20080516             1—OF—HIS biggest fans was HITLER—PROPAGANDA—CHIEF—JOSEPH—GOEBBELS, 1—FACT about which Bernays bragged proudly.
20080516             In this clip, we see 1—PATTERN that... faketerror
20080516             ConspiracyResearch_org -> Public Relations EDWARD—BERNAYS—FORGER—OF—THE—PUBLIC—RELATIONS—INDUSTRY.mht EDWARD—BERNAYS—FREUD, Propaganda...
20080516             'Engineering Reality: 00010101—01001231    —CENTURY—OF—SELF' by CHARLIE—MANDELL—GET...
20080516             "—CENTURY" even shows 1—CLIP—OF—GOEBBELS praising Bernays ' work.
20080516             Playwright ARTHUR—MILLER is seen expressing displeasure with the numbing effects of a...
20080516             Dana Perino - "Wenn man sich um das Weiße Haus bewirbt, ist es verständlich, dass man manchmal denkt, die Welt dreht sich nur um einen selbst", sagte sie.
20080516             "Aber das ist nicht immer richtig, und es stimmt in diesem Falle nicht".
20080516             Der demokratische Außenpolitiker JOSEPH—BIDEN nannte die Bemerkungen des Präsidenten "hanebüchen" und "Schwachsinn".
20080516             Bush hatte in der Ansprache Verhandlungen mit "Terroristen und Radikalen" mit der Beschwichtigungspolitik gegenüber NAZI—DEUTSCHLAND vor dem —WWII verglichen.
20080516             Es wird allerdings erwartet, dass der Senat die Entscheidung wieder aufheben wird.
20080516             Die FRAGE—DER—KRIEGSFINANZIERUNG steht in der kommenden Woche auf der Tagesordnung des Senats, der die Summe voraussichtlich genehmigen wird.
20080516             —BLOCKIERT, USA: Abgeordnetenhaus, Kriegsgelder für IRAK und AFGHANISTAN
20080516             Erdbebenregion: CHINA lässt Helfer aus 4—LÄNDERN in Katastrophenzone
20080516             APPEASEMENT—VORWURF: Bush s JERUSALEM—REDE erzürnt die Demokraten
20080516             GENERAL—MOTORS said in 1—FILING with securities regulators the strike at American... That is 1—TOTAL—LOSS to THE—USA—OF $1.2—TRILLION per —YEAR... all...
20080516             ARD Mediathek: Armin und die Maus... BND—SETZT—BUNDESTROJANER—IM—INTIMBEREICH—EIN/
20080516             Bericht zur JOURNALISTEN—BESPITZELUNG: Unappetitliches aus...
20080516             in S—DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, THOMAS—KONTOGIANNIS was sentenced to 97—MONTHS...
20080516             ROBIN—COOK, FORMER—UK foreign SECRETARY—AND—LEADER—OF—THE—HOUSE—OF—COMMONS, made 1—IMPASSIONED personal statement in PARLIAMENT —FOLLOWING his resignation... edition.cnn_com/2003 /WORLD/meast/03/18/sprj.irq.cook.speech/
20080516—19110000    —NACH, Seine durchgeführten Beutezüge in PERU (bei denen er über 5000—KOSTBARE Artefakte unter einem Vorwand außer Landes schaffte) belasten —BIS—HEUTE das Verhältnis zwischen der PERU—REGIERUNG und dem Yale Peabody Museum nahe BOSTON.
20080516—19490000    —SEIT, Seuchengefahr in Sichuan: Chinas Regierungschef spricht vom schlimmsten Erdbeben
20080516—19660000    —IN, He was 52 and 1—WINEMAKING—VETERAN, —WHEN he opened the winery that would help turn the Napa Valley into 1—WORLD—CENTER—OF—THE—INDUSTRY.
20080516—20080507    —AM, hat der Satellit mit genau dieser Kamera die Nordsee vor der Küste Ostschottlands ins Visier genommen.
20080516—20080519    —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—BUSH, 1—BILL to stop the filling.
20080516—20080530    —ON, RICARDO—GOMOLON (38), 1—FORMER—SOLDIER, was among 3—PEOPLE arrested over THE—MURDER—OF—10—PEOPLE in 1—OF—THE—PHILIPPINES' deadliest bank robberies.
20080718             Der CHEF—DER—BUNDESANSTALT für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), JOCHEN—SANIO, plädiert laut Handelsblatt vom 20080516              dafür, schnellstens von "Notfallmedizin auf Prävention" umzuschalten.
20090513—20090516    —DEMANDED, They, that all oil workers leave THE—SOUTH—NIGER Delta.
20090516             She joined 1—IMPRESSIVE—LIST—WHEN she became the 1. filly in 85—YEARS to win the Preakness.
20090516             NORTH—OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, motorist ANTHONY—PEREA, 27—JAHRE—ALT and pedestrian Floyd Ross (41) were killed —WHEN 4—SUSPECTS in 1—BERKELEY homicide fled police and crashed.
20090516             —ARRESTED, Stephon Anthony and ANTHONY—PRICE were.
20090516             2—OTHER—SUSPECTS, —LATER identified as RAFAEL—CAMPBELL, 27—JAHRE—ALT and SAMUEL—FLOWERS, 21—JAHRE—ALT, escaped.
20090516             —KILLED, The suspected gang members had —JUST, CHARLES—DAVIS, 25—JAHRE—ALT in WEST—BERKELEY.
20090516             AFGHANISTAN, 6—MILITANTS—INCLUDING a "foreign national," were killed in 1—CLASH with troops in Uruzgan province.
20090516             5—TALIBAN insurgents who were preparing suicide vests in 1—HOUSE in CENTRAL—GHAZNI province were killed —WHEN SOME—OF—THE—EXPLOSIVES detonated.
20090516             —BECAME, BRITAIN, DAVID—CHAYTOR, 1—RULING—PARTY—LAWMAKER, the latest casualty of 1—GROWING—ROW over MPs' expenses —WHEN he was suspended, as police said they would examine whether the issue merited 1—INVESTIGATION.
20090516             —REPRIMANDED, He was, —AFTER THE—DAILY—TELEGRAPH newspaper reported he claimed 13,000 pounds (14,500 euros, 19,700 dollars) for mortgage interest on 1—LOAN that had already been paid off.
20090516             He has said he will repay the amount.
20090516             CUBA, PRESIDENT—RAUL—CASTRO—DAUGHTER led HUNDREDS—OF—CUBA—GAYS in 1—STREET—DANCE to draw attention to gay rights on THE—ISLAND.
20090516             —KILLED, EGYPT, 13—FACTORY—WORKERS were, —WHEN their small pickup truck crashed head on into 1—LARGE lorry in SOUTH—EGYPT.
20090516             GERMANY, TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—WORKERS from across the country marched through downtown BERLIN to call for increased government measures to protect their jobs.
20090516             HONG—KONG, 2—BOTTLES—OF—ACID were thrown into 1—CROWD in 1—POPULAR downtown shopping district.
20090516             30—PEOPLE suffered burns but none was seriously injured.
20090516             —SUFFERED, On the same street in December, 46—PEOPLE, burns —WHEN 2—PLASTIC—BOTTLES filled with acid were thrown at pedestrians.
20090516             THE—BJP won —JUST 116—OF—545—SEATS.
20090516             1—JOINT—USA—IRAQ—FORCE targeted 1—AL—QAIDA cell involved in funneling arms and weapons into IRAQ from Syria, arresting 3—PEOPLE over the last 24—HOURS—NEAR—MOSUL.
20090516             1—MORTAR round crashed into 1—HOUSE in THE—EAST—PART—OF—BAGHDAD, killing a 2—YEAR—OLD—CHILD and wounding 3—OTHERS.
20090516             2—POLICEMEN were killed WEST—OF—BAGHDAD by 1—ROADSIDE bomb that went off near their patrol.
20090516             —KILLED, In SOUTH—IRAQ A—USA—SOLDIER was, —DURING combat.
20090516             JAPAN—MAIN—OPPOSITION—PARTY, THE—DEMOCRATIC—PARTY—OF—JAPAN, which hopes to take CONTROL—OF—THE—COUNTRY in elections —LATER this —YEAR, chose Yukio Hatoyama, THE—GRANDSON—OF—1—FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER, as its CHIEF.
20090516             —TESTED, JAPAN said 8—HIGH—SCHOOL—STUDENTS had, positive for swine flu amid fears the virus was spreading in at least 2—CITIES where SCORES—OF—STUDENTS said they felt ILLINOIS.
20090516             —VOTED, Kuwaitis, in the 2. parliamentary election in 1—YEAR.
20090516             210—CANDIDATES for the 50-seat PARLIAMENT included 16—WOMEN.
20090516             —ELECTED, Kuwaitis, 4—WOMEN and rejected 1—NUMBER—OF—ISLAMIC—FUNDAMENTALIST—CANDIDATES.
20090516             21—INCUMBENTS lost their seats.
20090516             Ziad AL—HOMSI, 1—MAYOR—OF—1—LEBANON—VILLAGE, was arrested by LEBANON—SPECIAL—FORCES and —LATER jailed —FOR—15—YEARS for spying for Mossad.
20090516             He served 3—YEARS.
20090516             —FREED, In CENTRAL—MEXICO 1—ARMED—GANG, 53—INMATES from the Cieneguillas prison in ZACATECAS state, including 2—DOZEN with ties to 1—POWERFUL—DRUG—CARTEL, in 1—DARING—RAID that took —JUST 5—MINUTES.
20090516             GOVERNOR—AMALIA—GARCIA—MEDINA said footage from the security cameras inside and outside the prison indicates that guards helped the armed gang.
20090516             The bodies of 2—MEN were found shot to death in CENTRAL—MICHOACAN state.
20090516             —RAIDED, Federal police came under fire as they, 1—CUERNAVACA building where 4—OF—SUSPECTS were arrested, including 3—POLICE—OFFICERS.
20090516             A 5. suspect was also arrested as 1—ALLEGED hit man.
20090516             —DUBBED, NORWAY—FIDDLE—WIELDING—ALEXANDER—RYBAK, 23—JAHRE—ALT, 'ALEXANDER—THE—GREAT' by NORWAY—MEDIA, won 1—LANDSLIDE victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in MOSCOW for his song "Fairytale," gaining the most points in EUROVISION—53—YEAR—HISTORY.
20090516             —FIRED, PAKISTAN, 1—SUSPECTED USA—DRONE—AIRCRAFT, missiles at militants in THE—NORTH—WAZIRISTAN ethnic Pashtun tribal region.
20090516             PAKISTAN—INTELLIGENCE—AGENTS said the militants were preparing to cross into AFGHANISTAN to fight there and among THE—28—DEAD were 2—ARABS.
20090516             1—CAR packed with mortar bombs blew up in THE—CITY—OF—PESHAWAR, killing 11—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—4—CHILDREN—PASSING in 1—SCHOOL—BUS.
20090516             RUSSIA, riot police violently broke up several gay rights demonstrations in MOSCOW, hauling away SCORES—OF—PROTESTERS—HOURS—BEFORE THE—RUSSIA—CAPITAL hosted the major Eurovision INTERNATIONAL pop music competition.
20090516             —CONTROLLED, The gay community in tightly, SINGAPORE held its 1.—EVER rally, taking ADVANTAGE—OF—LOOSER—LAWS on public gatherings to call for equality.
20090516             —SEIZED, SRI—LANKA—FORCES, CONTROL—OF—THE—ISLAND—ENTIRE coastline for the 1. time in decades, sealing the Tamil Tigers in 1—TINY—POCKET—OF—TERRITORY and cutting off the possibility of 1—SEA escape by the rebels' top leaders.
20090516             —ACCUSED, SUDAN, CHAD—OF—MOUNTING a 2. SERIES—OF—AIR—STRIKES on its territory and said the conflict between the African neighbors must be resolved politically.
20090516             Hauptversammlung: COMMERZBANK—AKTIONÄRE stimmen für Staatseinstieg
20090516             Aktionstag in BERLIN: 100.000—DEMONSTRANTEN fordern Maßnahmen gegen die Krise
20090516             Schlechte Ausbreitung: Kalte Nasen lassen VOGELGRIPPE—VIREN frieren
20090516             Datenskandal: Transnet ließ von der Bahn Mitgliederbeiträge abgleichen
20090516             Untersuchungsausschuss: Zeugen bezichtigen HRE schwerer Mängel beim RISIKO—MANAGEMENT
20090516             USA—MENSCHENRECHTSAKTIVISTEN: "Wir werden Obama nerven"
20090516             INFLUENZA—BEKÄMPFUNG: Experten wollen mit Erbgut impfen
20090516             ZITAT—DES—TAGES: Der CEO—VON—SONY—PICTURES über den Wert des INTERNET:
20090516             "I'm 1—GUY who doesn't see anything good having come from THE—INTERNET," said Sony Pictures Entertainment CHIEF executive officer MICHAEL—LYNTON.
20090516             "Period".
20090516             —VERBREITET, In 6—BIS 9—MONATEN werde es weltweit, sein, 1—DRITTEL—DER—MENSCHHEIT werde sich infizieren.
20090516             Dennoch glaubt Ferguson nicht an apokalyptische Entwicklungen: "Aber es ist nicht das Katastrophenszenario, das Menschen im FALL—DER—VOGELGRIPPE befürchtet hatten", sagte Ferguson dem
20090516             ONLINE—DIENST Nature News.
20090516             HAMBURG—ENGPASS Impfstoff: MARIE—PAULE Kieny, Direktorin für Impfstoffe der Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO, befürchtet, dass der globale Bedarf an Impfstoff gegen das SCHWEINEGRIPPE—VIRUS nicht zu decken sein wird.
20090516             Im Gespräch mit dem SPIEGEL sagte sie:
20090516             Selbst wenn die Impfstoffproduktion gegen das neuartige Virus bald weltweit in Gang komme, würden im Falle einer Pandemie "MILLIARDEN—VON—IMPFDOSEN fehlen".
20090516             Gerade für die armen Länder werde "absolut nichts übrig sein".
20090516             Schweinegrippe: Experten befürchten Verteilungskämpfe um Impfstoff
20090516             —GEWINNT, Sieger in INDIEN: Kongresspartei, MARATHON—WAHL
20090516             AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL warf Obama vor, eines seiner zentralen Wahlversprechen gebrochen zu haben.
20090516             —BEZEICHNET, Die Tribunale, die Obama selbst als enormen Fehler, habe, müssten abgeschafft werden, forderte der Vertreter der Menschenrechtsorganisation, ROB—FREER.
20090516             Das System der Militärtribunale sei "irreparabel fehlerhaft", erklärte auch der DIREKTOR—VON—HUMAN—RIGHTS—WATCH, KENNETH—ROTH.
20090516             Indem er an dieser Einrichtung festhalte, weiche Obama "gefährlich von seinen Reformplänen ab".
20090516             Die USA—CIVIL—LIBERTIES—UNION (ACLU) erklärte, die Militärtribunale zählten zu der "POLITIK—DER—FOLTER, der illegalen Haft und der Verweigerung gerechter Prozesse", die von der Regierung Bush verfolgt worden sei.
20090516             Die GROSSBRITANNIEN—MENSCHENRECHTSORGANISATION Reprieve, die sich um die Freilassung des gebürtigen Äthiopiers Binyam Mohamed gekümmert hatte, bezeichnete die Militärtribunale als "strukturell unangemessen" + "unfähig zur Rechtsprechung".
20090516             Mohamed kam im Februar aus GUANTANAMO frei.
20090516             GUANTANAMO—TRIBUNALE: Menschenrechtler werfen Obama Bruch von Wahlversprechen vor
20090516             —INFORMIERT, TELEKOM—AFFÄRE: Zumwinkel und Ricke frühzeitig über Spitzeleien
20090516—20050000    —IN, KUWAIT—WOMEN won political rights, and practiced them for the 3. time.
20090516—20090525    —ARRESTED, Flowers was, in FLORIDA.
20090516—20091117    —ARRESTED, Campbell was, in SACRAMENTO.
20090516—20120000    —REACHED, PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, across the political divide and named UTAH GOVERNOR—JON—HUNTSMAN, 1—POTENTIAL—REPUBLICAN presidential contender, to the sensitive diplomatic POST—OF—USA—AMBASSADOR to CHINA.
20090522             —POSTED 20090516            .
20100302—20100516    —ON, the school district announced that it had reached 1—AGREEMENT with the union to return all staffers.
20100429             —SCRAPPED, THE—PRESIDENT—OF—CENTRAL—AFRICAN—REPUBLIC—PLANS to hold polls 20100516              —AFTER the elections commission told him it would be unable to organize them in time.
20100516             —PARTICIPATED, S—FRANCISCO, some 60,000—PEOPLE, in the 99. - Bay to Breakers run.
20100516             Lineth Chepkurui (22) of KENYA broke her record in the 12-km run with 1—TIME—OF—38—MIN. and 7—SECRETARY—SAMMY—KITWARA was the winner for the men.
20100516             S—FRANCISCO—PEARLA—LOUIS, (52) was last seen alive at the Harcourt Hotel on Larkin S—LATER this —MONTH her body washed up in 1—SUITCASE along the Embarcadero.
20100516             Rima Fakih (19860000              *), 1—LEBANESE—BORN immigrant and crowned as Miss MICHIGAN, became the 1. ARAB—USA—WOMAN to win the Miss USA pageant at the Planet HOLLYWOOD Resort and Casino in LAS—VEGAS.
20100516             —KILLED, DETROIT—MICHIGAN, Aiyana Jones (7) was, by 1—DETROIT police officer —DURING 1—RAID at the girl's home.
20100516             State police were brought in to investigate the shooting.
20100516             DETROIT police were searching for 1—HOMICIDE suspect —WHEN they burst in and 1—OFFICER—GUN went off, fatally striking the girl in the neck.
20100516             —SHADOWED, The police were being, by 1—REALITY—TELEVISION crew.
20100516             —KILLED, NEW—YORK—CITY—2—OFF—DUTY—POLICE—OFFICERS were, and 4—WOMEN injured —WHEN their car hit 1—GUARDRAIL in the Bronx.
20100516             Scientists said oil from 1—BLOWN—OUT well is forming huge underwater plumes as much as 10—MILES—LONG below the visible slick in THE—GULF—OF—MEXICO, as BP wrestled for a 3. —DAY with its latest contraption for slowing the nearly —MONTH—OLD gusher.
20100516             1—AFGHANISTAN—OFFICIAL said 1—MYSTERY—DISEASE—INFECTING opium poppies in AFGHANISTAN could cut this —YEAR—ILLICIT crop in SOME—AREAS by up to 70—PERCENT.
20100516             2—MILITANTS on 1—MOTORBIKE opened fire on 1—CAR—BELONGING to 1—NATIONAL—SECURITY—DIRECTORATE official who was on his way to work.
20100516             —KILLED, The intelligence official's driver was.
20100516             The appellate COURT—OF—THE—AFGHAN—CRIMINAL—JUSTICE—TASK—FORCE reported that DRUG—TRAFFICKERS from THE—PROVINCES—OF—NANGARHAR, HERAT, Kapisa, Helmand, Panjshir, Kunar, KANDAHAR and Wardak were fined and sentenced to prison last —WEEK.
20100516             Militants shot and killed RAHMAN—GUL, 1—PROMINENT—MUSLIM cleric who had called for peace, along with 2—MEMBERS—OF—HIS—FAMILY in Kunar province.
20100516             † 2—USA—SERVICE—MEMBERS in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN.
20100516             † 1 was killed in 1—INSURGENT—ATTACK, and THE—OTHER—OF—INJURIES sustained 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20100516             —PLUNGED, EAST—BANGLADESH, 1—SPEEDING—BUS, off 1—BRIDGE—AFTER slamming into another bus, killing 11—PEOPLE and injuring 32—OTHERS.
20100516             —TURNED, BRAZIL, Marina Silva, former rubber tapper, environmentalist, joined the presidential race as candidate for the small Green Party on —SUNDAY, pledging clean government and sustainable development.
20100516             —CLOSED, Aviation officials, airports in NORTH—ENGLAND, SCOTLAND and NORTH—IRELAND due to 1—DRIFTING, dense CLOUD—OF—VOLCANIC ash from ICELAND.
20100516             —ABOUT 20—ARMED pirates boarded THE—MV NORTH—SPIRIT—1—CARGO ship carrying fertilizer and soya beans, as it docked off CAMEROON—COMMERCIAL—CAPITAL—OF—DOUALA.
20100516             —KIDNAPPED, Pirates, 2—RUSSIA—SAILORS —DURING the attack.
20100516             —ATTACKED, CHINA, Xie YULIN (20), 1—CLEAVER—WIELDING—MAN, and wounded 6—WOMEN—BEFORE jumping to his death in THE—SOUTH—CITY—OF—FOSHAN.
20100516             † 1—OF—THE—WOMEN the next —DAY.
20100516             CUBA, the government said private farmers will purchase supplies directly in future INSTEAD—OF—HAVING them allocated by the state, in the latest concession to their demands for more autonomy.
20100516             —EXPECTED, Dominicans were, to expand the ruling party's strong congressional majority elections that could strengthen PRESIDENT—LEONEL—FERNANDEZ—GRIP over the legislature.
20100516             EGYPT—POLICE—SHOT and killed 1—SUDAN—MIGRANT as he attempted to cross the border illegally into neighboring ISRAEL.
20100516             —BATTLED, Clotilde Reiss (24), 1—YOUNG—FRANCE—ACADEMIC who, spying charges in IRAN for more than 10—MONTHS, returned to FRANCE and thanked PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY and other officials for insisting on her innocence and pressing for her release.
20100516             —TRIGGERED, HONG—KONG held BY—ELECTIONS, by PRO—DEMOCRACY—LAWMAKERS—SEEKING to pressure BEIJING into speeding up THE—PACE—OF—ELECTORAL—REFORM in the territory.
20100516             —STAYED, Most HONG—KONGERS, away from special elections that 5—OPPOSITION—LAWMAKERS had triggered.
20100516             1—LOW turnout returned 5—OPPOSITION—LEGISLATORS who had resigned.
20100516             —CALLED, BEIJING loyalists, the engineered election 1—FAILURE.
20100516             † In INDIA at least 2—PEOPLE in 1—STAMPEDE at 1—RAILWAY—STATION in NEW—DELHI as THOUSANDS—OF—PASSENGERS waited to BOARD trains.
20100516             IRAN, BRAZIL—PRESIDENT—LUIS—INACIO—LULA da Silva met with IRAN—LEADERS to try to broker 1—COMPROMISE in THE—INTERNATIONAL standoff over TEHRAN—NUCLEAR—PROGRAM, even as THE—USA says new sanctions are the only way to force IRAN—COOPERATION.
20100516             —ACCLAIMED, IRAN, filmmaker and opposition supporter Jafar Panahi went on 1—HUNGER—STRIKE to protest his imprisonment.
20100516             —FREED, He was this —MONTH, on 1—BAIL—OF—AROUND 200,000—USA—DOLLARS.
20100516             Panahi is known for his gritty, socially critical movies such as the "Circle," which bagged 20000000             —THE—VENICE—GOLDEN—LION—AWARD, "Crimson Gold," and "Offside," winner of 20060000             —THE—SILVER—BEAR at THE—BERLIN film festival.
20100516             —RELEASED, He was, from TEHRAN—EVIN prison in July —AFTER posting 1—BAIL of $200,000.
20100516             † HONDURAS—STRONGMAN—OSWALDO Lopez Arellano (89).
20100516             HONDURAS—STRONGMAN—OSWALDO led 2—MILITARY—COUPS and served as PRESIDENT 19630000—19710000    —FROM—TO and 19720000—19750000.
20100516             —INAUGURATED, ISRAEL, 1—HUGE—NEW—DESALINATION—FACILITY on its Mediterranean seashore, with 1—NETWORK—OF—PIPES beneath the beach reaching far into the ocean.
20100516             The $425—MILLION—HADERA plant is the world's largest using reverse osmosis technology.
20100516             THOUSANDS—OF—JAPAN—LINKED hands and encircled 1—MARINE—CORPS base in Okinawa to protest its presence on THE—ISLAND, putting more pressure on TOKYO to resolve 1—IMPASSE over the base's future.
20100516             —KILLED, PAKISTAN—MILITARY—58—SUSPECTED militants in THE—NORTH—WEST—ORAKZAI tribal region with 1—MIX—OF—AIRSTRIKES and ground combat, the latest violence in 1—MONTHS—LONG—CAMPAIGN to rout Taliban fighters from 1—MOUNTAINOUS—AREA—NEAR—THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER.
20100516             —KIDNAPPED, Militants who, 60—PEOPLE at gunpoint THE—DAY—BEFORE released 40—OF—THEIR—HOSTAGES.
20100516             —MANAGED, Another 10—PEOPLE told the local government they, to escape the militants.
20100516             The kidnappers kept the wealthier men so they could demand ransom from their families.
20100516             Hamas police wielding clubs beat and pushed residents OUT—OF—DOZENS—OF—HOMES in THE—SOUTH—GAZA TOWN—OF—RAFAH —BEFORE knocking the buildings down with bulldozers.
20100516             GAZA—MILITANT—HAMAS rulers said the homes were built illegally on government land.
20100516             Residents said between 30 and 40—HOMES were torn down.
20100516             THE—PHILIPPINES, Muslim guerrillas said that they were ready to enter into peace talks with THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—APPARENT—BENIGNO—AQUINO—III —AFTER YEARS—OF—LITTLE—PROGRESS under his predecessor.
20100516             —RESIGNED, Prominent SAUDI—ARABIA—JOURNALIST—JAMAL—KHASHOGGI, from THE—HELM—OF—AL—WATAN daily in 1—MOVE believed linked to official displeasure with articles CRITICAL—OF—THE—STATE—HARSH—ISLAMIC—RULES.
20100516             SINGAPORE, OLIVER—FRICKER, 32—JAHRE—ALT, 1—SWITZERLAND—CITIZEN, broke into 1—TRAIN depot with 1—ACCOMPLICE and painted graffiti on 2—SUBWAY—CARRIAGES.
20100516             —SHELLED, SOMALIA, Islamist rebels, the newly rebuilt PARLIAMENT in MOGADISHU, sparking clashes with government forces and African Union peacekeepers that left 11—CIVILIANS—DEAD.
20100516             —KILLED, THAILAND—MAIN—EMERGENCY—MEDICAL—CENTER said 30—PEOPLE have been, in 4—DAYS—OF—STREET—FIGHTING between Red Shirt protesters and troops in CENTRAL—BANGKOK.
20100516             MOST—OF—THE—DEAD are civilians.
20100516             —KIDNAPPED, YEMEN—TRIBESMEN, 2—CHINA—ENGINEERS and their government escorts in the country's volatile south.
20100516             —RELEASED, Kidnappers, the engineers —AFTER several DAYS—OF—MEDIATION.
20100516             D, (information provided by Bert M. Kamp in 1—PRIVATE—EMAIL to the author ).
20100516—20100410    —SINCE, The latest deaths raise to 59 THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE killed in related violence.
20100516—20100625    —ON, 1—COURT—SENTENCED—FRICKER to 5—MONTHS' jail and 3—STROKES—OF—1—CANE.
20100516—20100818    —ON, he asked 1—JUDGE to reduce his 5—MONTH—JAIL—TERM for graffiti, but instead got 2—MONTHS added to his sentence, showing the lengths THE—CITY—STATE will go to maintain its reputation as 1—SAFE and clean place.
20100516—20111000    —IN, officer JOSEPH—WEEKLEY was indicted for involuntary manslaughter.
20100516—20150130    —ON, the last charges against Weekly were dismissed —AFTER 2—TRIALS ended without verdicts.
20100516—20170615    —ON, her boyfriend LEE—BELL, 55—JAHRE—ALT was convicted of 1.—DEGREE murder.
20100516—20180426    —SENTENCED, Bell was, to 25—YEARS to life in prison.
20110127—20140516    —ON, she was convicte3d and sentenced to 2—LIFE—TERMS in prison.
201102051656         —NACH—DEM Vorbild TUNESIEN—UND ÄGYPTEN—PROTESTGRUPPEN haben SAUDI—ARABISCHE Aktivisten auf Facebook 1—KAMPAGNE für politische und wirtschaftliche Reformen in ihrem Land gestartet.
20110222—20110516    —ON, 9—FINAL—VICTIMS—OF—THE—EARTHQUAKE were declared dead, ending 1—AGONIZING wait for FAMILIES—OF—PEOPLE whose remains have never been identified in the wreckage.
20110305             Die Soldaten hätten das Feuer auf Häuser eröffnet.
201103051607         1—BEWOHNER—VON—SAWIJA berichtet von den heftigen Kämpfen in der Stadt: "Wir sehen hilflose Menschen auf dem Boden liegen. Junge Rebellen schießen von Häusern, um die Stadt zu verteidigen".
201103051607         1—BEWOHNER—VON—SAWIJA berichtet von den heftigen Kämpfen in der Stadt:
201103051612         2—SCHIFFE der USA—MARINE sind von einer Basis auf der Mittelmeerinsel Kreta GESTARTET—OFFENBAR um die militärischen Drohungen gegenüber Muammar AL—GADDAFI
201103051616         GADDAFI—TRUPPEN rücken in Sawija ein, meldet AFP.
201103051620         —BERICHTET, Per Telefon, 1—AUGENZEUGE namens MOHAMED—AL—DSCHASIRA von den Gefechten in Sawija: "Die Soldaten sind —JETZT in Zivil gekleidet. Wir können nicht mehr unterscheiden, wer zu uns gehört und wer nicht".
201103051620         —BERICHTET, Per Telefon, 1—AUGENZEUGE namens MOHAMED—AL—DSCHASIRA von den Gefechten in Sawija:
201103051637         Warum ist Sawija so wichtig?
201103051637         Warum ist Sawija so wichtig? LIBYEN—EXPERTE IBRAHIM—JIBREEL erklärt die Bedeutung der Stadt bei AL—DSCHASIRA:
201103051650         —BERICHTET, SPIEGEL—REPORTER Clemens Höges, aus BEN—DSCHAWAD: "Die Stadt ist gefallen, Rebellen feiern mit den üblichen Salven aus Maschinengewehren in die Luft. Es ist kaum zu glauben, in welchem Tempo sie vorankommen. Jeden —TAG 1—STADT".
201103051650         —BERICHTET, SPIEGEL—REPORTER Clemens Höges, aus BEN—DSCHAWAD:
20110514—20110516    —ON, 1—COURT gave his journalist wife, Irina Khalip, a 2—YEAR suspended prison sentence for taking part in 1—ANTIGOVERNMENT—RALLY.
20110516             1—AU spokesman said his forces began 1—OPERATION—20110512              that has gained 500—YARDS (meters) of territory from insurgents.
20110516             —AGREED, THE—USA and PAKISTAN, to work together in ANY—FUTURE actions against "high value targets" in PAKISTAN, even as USA—SENATOR—JOHN—KERRY defended WASHINGTON—DECISION not to tell ISLAMABAD in advance about THE—USA—RAID that killed OSAMA—BIN—LADEN.
20110516             —REACHED, THE—USA, its legal $14.3—BILLION debt limit.
20110516             THE—USA—TREASURY—DEPARTMENT said that CHINA cut its holdings by $9.2—BILLION to $1.14—TRILLION, its 5. straight —MONTH—OF—TRIMMING.
20110516             Rahm Emanuel (19590000              *) took OFFICE—AS—CHICAGO 55. mayor.
20110516             —BLOATED, He cut $75—MILLION—FORM the city's, budget on his 1. —DAY.
20110516             —MARKED, LAS—VEGAS, THE—END—OF—1—ERA as 1—OF—THE—USA gambling mecca's last original "Rat Pack" CASINO—HOTELS, THE—SAHARA, closed its doors.
20110516             JERRY—LEWIS, 85—JAHRE—ALT said he is retiring as HOST—OF—THE—MUSCULAR—DYSTROPHY—ASSOCIATION—LABOR—DAY telethon.
20110516             —PLANNED, Lewis, to continue as the association's national chairman, 1—ROLE he has held —SINCE the early 1950s.
20110516             —BLASTED, Endeavour, off on NASA—NEXT—TO—LAST—SHUTTLE—FLIGHT—THUNDERING through clouds into orbit as the mission COMMANDER—WOUNDED wife, Gabrielle Giffords, watched along with 1—EXHILARATED crowd estimated in THE—HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS.
20110516             —LODGED, AUSTRALIA—SYDNEY—MORNING—HERALD said 1—DEVELOPMENT—APPLICATION has been, for 1—AUS$12—MILLION (USA$12.7—MILLION) extension to the Stiletto brothel, which proposes doubling its size to 40—WORKING—ROOMS and 21—WAITING—ROOMS.
20110516             —CALLED, UNITED—KINGDOM—SCIENTISTS said they have found that 1—GENE, KLF14, linked to diabetes and cholesterol is a "master switch" that controls other genes found in fat in the body, and say it should help in the search for treatments for OBESITY—RELATED diseases.
20110516             —WHIPPED, CANADA, wildfires, by high winds destroyed more than a 3. of 1—SIZABLE—TOWN in NORTH—ALBERTA and forced oil companies in CANADA—LARGEST—ENERGY—PRODUCING—PROVINCE to shut off TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—BARRELS—OF—OUTPUT.
20110516             —FIRED, EGYPT—RIOT—POLICE, tear gas and live ammunition overnight to disperse THOUSANDS—OF—PRO—PALESTINE—PROTESTERS outside THE—ISRAEL—EMBASSY in CAIRO, and 1—SECURITY—OFFICIAL said that at least 185—DEMONSTRATORS were arrested over ALLEGATIONS—OF—ATTACKING—POLICE and vandalism.
20110516             —SENTENCED, 1—EGYPT—MILITARY—COURT, THE—17—YEAR—OLD and 3—OTHER—MEN to be hanged for kidnapping and raping 1—YOUNG—WOMAN.
20110516             —DECLARED, GUATEMALA, a 30—DAY—STATE—OF—EMERGENCY for THE—NORTH—PETEN region —FOLLOWING the brutal massacre of 27—PEOPLE at 1—CATTLE ranch.
20110516             —CALLED, PRESIDENT—ALVARO—COLOM, the killings sadistic and perverse, and said they were the work of 1—DRUG—GANG believed to be PART—OF—1—GROUP called "Z 200".
20110516             —INCLUDED, They, 3—MEXICO—MEN and 6—GUATEMALANS.
20110516             —KILLED, IRAQ, 2—MEMBERS—OF—THE—SECURITY—FORCES were, and 2—NORWAY—CONTRACTORS injured in attacks in BAGHDAD, PART—OF—1—RECENT uptick in violence as USA—TROOPS prepare to leave the country by —YEAR—END.
20110516             THE—MALAYSIA—GROUP, the Perdana Global Peace Foundation, said its ship was fired at —WHEN it tried to reach GAZA.
20110516             —DENIED, The military, firing at the ship.
20110516             —ARRESTED, ISRAEL—AUTHORITIES, JOHN—LUND, 70—JAHRE—ALT, 1—RETIRED USA lecturer, on SUSPICION—OF—TRAFFICKING antiquities stolen from ISRAEL.
20110516             —ALLOWED, Lund was, to leave —AFTER posting a $7,500 bond meant to guarantee he will return to stand trial.
20110516             IVORY—COAST—PRESIDENT—ALASSANE—OUATTARA told CITIZENS—OF—BURKINA—FASO that they are welcome to return to his country, and vowed to put 1—END to the xenophobia and racial targeting that characterized his predecessor's regime.
20110516             LUIS—MORENO—OCAMPO, INTERNATIONAL Criminal Court prosecutor, sought 1—ARREST—WARRANT for LIBYA—LEADER—MUAMMAR Gaddafi accusing HIM—OF—COMMITTING—CRIMES against humanity by killing protesters —DURING 1—UPRISING against his 41-year rule.
20110516             —DEFECTED, LIBYA—OIL—MINISTER—SHUKRI Ghanem, reportedly, and fled to TUNISIA, 1—OF—THE—HIGHEST—PROFILE—FIGURES to abandon Moammar GADHAFI—GOVERNMENT.
20110516             —QUESTIONED, GHANEM—DEFECTION was —LATER, as he maintained ties to oil firms.
20110516             Overnight air strikes by NATO—SET—FIRE to 2—BUILDINGS—NEAR—KADHAFI—COMPOUND in THE—LIBYA—CAPITAL.
20110516             —CARRIED, Results from LITHUANIA—CENSUS, out this —YEAR show that the country's population has fallen more than 10—PER cent over the past —DECADE.
20110516             —CARRIED, The census was, out from March to May this —YEAR.
20110516             —OPENED, SOUTH—MEXICO, gunmen, fire on 4—LOCAL—POLICE—OFFICERS—KILLING them and 2—BYSTANDERS in the downtown AREA—OF—COYUCA de Catalan, Guerrero state.
20110516             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 1—SAUDI—ARABIA—DIPLOMAT was, in 1—HAIL—OF—BULLETS on his way to the country's consulate in KARACHI, the 2. attack on SAUDI—ARABIA—INTERESTS in PAKISTAN—BIGGEST city in less than 1—WEEK.
20110516             POLAND, REPRESENTATIVES—OF—MILLIONS—OF—POLES, whose property was seized —DURING and —WWII—AFTER, met for 1—NATIONAL—CONGRESS that lashed out at THE—CABINET—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—DONALD—TUSK for —RECENTLY abandoning 1—PLAN to partly compensate families, MANY—OF—THEM Jewish, whose property was confiscated by the Nazis and the subsequent Communist regime.
20110516             RUSSIA—BILLIONAIRE MIKHAIL—PROKHOROV, OWNER—OF—THE—NEW—JERSEY—NETS basketball team, announced plans to lead Right Cause, 1—LIBERAL—RUSSIA—POLITICAL—PARTY with close ties to the Kremlin.
20110516             —REFERRED, Critics, to the party as fake opposition to help give RUSSIA 1—SEMBLANCE—OF—MULTIPARTY democracy.
20110516             —DESCRIBED, Syrians fleeing their homeland, a "catastrophic" scene in the besieged border TOWN—OF—TALKALAKH that has been largely sealed off as the army strove to crush a 2—MONTH—UPRISING.
20110516             —SURROUNDED, Talkalakh is 1—SUNNI city, by 12—ALAWITE villages.
20110516             TREASURY—SECRETARY—TIMOTHY—GEITHNER said THE—GOVERNMENT can move money —AROUND—UNTIL about 20110802             , —WHEN THE—OBAMA—ADMINISTRATION would be forced to choose between paying creditors or paying for MILITARY—OPERATIONS.
20110516—19620000    —SINCE, AMERICA—DEBT—CEILING has been raised 74—TIMES.
20110516—20010000    —IN, Statistics LITHUANIA says the Baltic country that borders BELARUS and POLAND —NOW has 3.05—MILLION—RESIDENTS, compared with more than 3.4—MILLION.
20110516—20140221    —ON, 9—MEN were convicted for the murders.
20110520—20110516    —IN—THE, GUATEMALA, HUGO—GOMEZ—VASQUEZ, the main suspect —DRUG—CARTEL—MASSACRE—OF—27—FARMWORKERS and relatives in Peten province, was arraigned on charges including conspiracy to murder and kidnapping.
20120511—20120516    —CONFIRMED, THE—USA—DRUG—ENFORCEMENT—ADMINISTRATION, that SOME—OF—ITS—AGENTS were on 1—USA—OWNED helicopter with HONDURAS—POLICE—OFFICERS—WHEN the shooting happened.
20120516             The text for AMERICA—SYNTHETIC—DRUG—ABUSE—PREVENTION—ACT—OF—THIS —YEAR was introduced.
20120516             —DEFINED, It banned cannabimimetic agents  as, by the effects they have on the brain.
20120516             MARY—KENNEDY, 52—JAHRE—ALT, EX oo ROBERT—F—KENNEDY—JUNIOR, was found dead at her BEDFORD—NY, home.
20120516             She was ROBERT—F—KENNEDY—JUNIOR—2. wife.
20120516             —SUSPECTED, Suicide was.
20120516             —DENIED, BANGLADESH, 1—DHAKA court decision, bail to 33—KEY—FIGURES, including EX—MINISTERS and lawmakers, over charges stemming from 1—ARSON attack —DURING 1—ANTI—GOVERNMENT—PROTEST last —MONTH.
20120516             CAMBODIA—SECURITY—FORCES fatally shot 1—TEENAGE—GIRL—DURING—1—CLASH with villagers in Kratie province.
20120516             —AIMED, The clashes were 1—RESULT—OF—VIOLENT—EVICTIONS, at clearing land for development.
20120516             Human Rights Watch said CONGO—GENERAL—BOSCO—NTAGANDA, already sought on 1—INTERNATIONAL—ARREST—WARRANT for his alleged USE—OF—CHILD—SOLDIERS—DURING—1—EARLIER—CONFLICT, has forcibly recruited another 149—BOYS and teenagers —SINCE April.
20120516             —KILLED, THE—UN said RWANDA—REBELS have, at least 50—CIVILIANS so far this —MONTH in the volatile east.
20120516             FRANCE, JEAN—MARC Ayrault, previously THE—MAYOR—OF—NANTES, took office as the new PRIME—MINISTER.
20120516             He replaced FRANCOIS—FILLON.
20120516             —PLUGGED, FRANCE—ENERGY—GIANT—TOTAL said it had, 1—GAS—LEAK under THE—NORTH—SEA—ELGIN platform that cost the firm HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS and threatened to trigger 1—MAJOR—EXPLOSION off THE—COAST—OF—SCOTLAND.
20120516             —LAUNCHED, FRENCH—GUIANA, 1—ARIANE 5—ROCKET successfully, 2—ASIA—TELECOMS—SATELLITES into orbit from the Kourou space center.
20120516             It placed into orbit 2—GEOSTATIONARY satellites, THE—JCSAT—13 for THE—JAPAN—SKY—PERFECT—JSAT—CORPORATION, and THE—VINASAT—2—OF—THE—VIETNAM—POSTS and Telecommunications Group.
20120516             WEST—LIBYA—CLASHES, in the Berber CITY—OF—GHADAMIS (Ghadames) left 6—DEAD and at least 20—INJURED.
20120516             —ORDERED, PAKISTAN said it has, officials to finalize 1—AGREEMENT as quickly as possible on lifting a 6—MONTH blockade on overland NATO—SUPPLIES into WAR—TORN AFGHANISTAN.
20120516             The top PALESTINE—ANTI—CORRUPTION—CAMPAIGNER said MOHAMMED—RASHID, the shadowy financial adviser of the late Yasser Arafat, is being sought on suspicion he stole MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in public funds.
20120516             —BECAME, Rashid, ARAFAT—TOP—FINANCIAL—ADVISER—WHEN THE—PALESTINE—AUTHORITY was established, —FOLLOWING interim peace deals with ISRAEL.
20120516             SYRIA—REGIME—TROOPS—SHOT—DEAD at least 5—PEOPLE in 1—NEW—ASSAULT on THE—TOWN—OF—KHAN Sheikhun and opened fire on 1—REFUGEE—CAMP in SOUTH—DARAA province.
20120516             —INSISTED, In 1—INTERVIEW—WITH—RUSSIAN—TV—PRESIDENT—ASSAD, his regime is fighting back against foreign mercenaries who want to overthrow him.
20120516             SOUTH—YEMEN, clashes between government troops and AL—QAIDA fighters left 19—PEOPLE—DEAD—INCLUDING—13—MILITANTS.
20120516             USA—TROOPS—OPERATING from 1—DESERT—AIR—BASE—NEAR the main battle zones, helped to coordinate assaults and airstrikes.
20120516—20120617    —APPOINTED, GREECE, Panagiotis Pikrammenos (67), HEAD—OF—THE—COUNCIL—OF—STATE, to HEAD—1—CARETAKER—GOVERNMENT—UNTIL new elections expected.
20120516—20150000    —IN, AUSTRALIA said it will contribute $100—MILLION annually —FOR—3—YEARS—BEGINNING toward the $4—BILLION 1—YEAR—COST—OF—RUNNING—THE—AFGHANISTAN—NATIONAL—SECURITY—FORCES—AFTER they take responsibility for their country's security.
20121029             —ARRESTED, GERMANY—POLICE, 1—FRANCE—CITIZEN, 37—JAHRE—ALT wanted by MOROCCO—AUTHORITIES in connection with 20030516             —THE, bombings in CASABLANCA that killed 45—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—12—SUICIDE—BOMBERS.
20130509—20130516    —ON, The alleged orphans were caught by LAOS—AUTHORITIES and soon returned to NORTH—KOREA.
20130512—20130516    —ARRESTED, His brother SHAWN—SCOTT, 24—JAHRE—ALT was.
20130513—20130516    —ON, Caleb "Kai" McGillvary, 1—HOMELESS—HATCHET—WIELDING hitchhiker was arrested in PHILADELPHIA for allegedly beating Galfy to death inside his home.
20130516             —DOUBLED, SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights more than, its TALLY—OF—DEATHS from 20130503             —THE—SECTARIAN—KILLINGS in Banias.
20130516             FLORIDA authorities said 1—SHIPMENT—OF—GOLD with 1—DECLARED value of $625,000 has gone missing in 1—SUSPECTED heist at MIAMI INTERNATIONAL Airport.
20130516             † HEINRICH—ROHRER, 79—JAHRE—ALT, SWITZERLAND—PHYSICIST and Nobel Prize winner (19860000             ), in SWITZERLAND.
20130516             4—UNITED—KINGDOM—LULZSEC hackers, who pleaded guilty to 1—SERIES—OF—HIGH—PROFILE cyberattacks on computers in THE—USA and BRITAIN, were sentenced to up to 32—MONTHS in prison.
20130516             CAMBODIA, the ceiling of 1—FACTORY—1—TAIWANESE—OWNED operation called Wing Star, collapsed on workers, killing 2—PEOPLE and injuring 7.
20130516             The firm made sneakers for Asics, 1—JAPAN—SPORTSWEAR label.
20130516             —CLAIMED, Islamic militant group HIZB—E—ISLAMI, responsibility for the early —MORNING bombing.
20130516             —APPROVED, THE—BRAZIL—CONGRESS, legislation to modernize and expand its overcrowded ports, attract private investments to the sector and make it easier for companies to hire skilled foreign workers, in 1—BID to spur economic growth.
20130516             —UNFURLED, SOUTH—CHINA—MORE than 2,000—PEOPLE, banners in KUNMING and shouted "Protest!
20130516             Protest!" to oppose plans for 1—PETROLEUM refinery.
20130516             —ALLOWED, Local authorities, the large environmental rally to go forward in order to let the public vent frustration.
20130516             —MASKED, EGYPT, gunmen ambushed 2—TAXIS at gunpoint outside THE—CITY—OF—EL—ARISH—THE—CAPITAL—OF—NORTH—SINAI governorate, fleeing with 4—BORDER—POLICEMEN—WORKING at THE—RAFAH crossing, 1—RIOT—POLICEMAN, and 1—MILITARY—BORDER—GUARD.
20130516             A 7. person was also taken captive.
20130516             FRANCE, 12—STUDENTS and 1—TEACHER saw 1—MAN kill himself with 1—SHOT in the head at 1—PRIVATE—CATHOLIC—SCHOOL.
20130516             —EXPRESSED, People, surprise that the man gained access to the private La Rochefoucauld school, in THE—HEART—OF—PARIS' 7. district.
20130516             —HALTED, Flights in GREECE were, —FOR—4—HOURS as the country's 2—LARGEST—LABOR—UNIONS staged work stoppages to protest austerity measures and the government decision to cancel 1—TEACHERS' strike.
20130516             —EXTENDED, INDONESIA—PRESIDENT—YUDHOYONO, a 2-year moratorium on forest clearing concessions for another 2—YEARS.
20130516             IRAQ, car bombs struck Shiite NEIGHBORHOODS—OF—BAGHDAD and MOSUL, killing 21—PEOPLE.
20130516             Gunmen in BAGHDAD shot dead the brother of 1—SUNNI lawmaker.
20130516             —BARRED, ISRAEL—POLICE temporarily, ISRAEL—JEWS and tourists from entering the most hotly contested JERUSALEM holy site —FOLLOWING PALESTINE—DEMONSTRATIONS.
20130516             —CRASHED, JORDAN, 1—BRITISH—MADE aerobatic T—67—FIREFLY trainer, near THE—SYRIA—BORDER—KILLING—ITS—2—JORDAN—PILOTS.
20130516             —CRASHED, NORTH—NEPAL, 1—PLANE, —WHILE trying to land at 1—MOUNTAIN—AIRSTRIP.
20130516             —SURVIVED, All 21—PEOPLE on BOARD, including 8—JAPAN—TOURISTS, with injuries.
20130516             —SHELLED, Soldiers in NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, suspected CAMPS—OF—ISLAMIC—EXTREMISTS in the 1. military action of 1—NEW—OFFENSIVE against the insurgents, killing at least 21—PEOPLE in the Sambisa Forest Reserve.
20130516             In 1—FIREFIGHT in THE—TOWN—OF—DAURA near THE—NIGER border, 2—GOVERNMENT—SOLDIERS were killed and 1—OFFICER was wounded —WHILE 2—MEMBERS—OF—BOKO Haram were killed.
20130516             † 3—OTHER—BOKO Haram fighters —WHEN their vehicle crashed —WHILE attempting to flee the scene.
20130516             PAKISTAN says it will conduct 1—RECOUNT or RE—DO the vote for 8—NATIONAL—ASSEMBLY—SEATS—FOLLOWING—ALLEGATIONS—OF—VOTE—RIGGING in the recent election.
20130516             THE—PAKISTAN Muslim LEAGUE—N party led by FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER—NAWAZ—SHARIF has won 124—SEATS so far, setting it up to form the next government.
20130516             Levada Center, RUSSIA—ONLY—INDEPENDENT—POLLING—AGENCY, was told by prosecutors to register as 1—FOREIGN—AGENT.
20130516             RIYADH—SAUDI—ARABIA, vegetable seller MUHAMMAD—HARISSI set himself on fire —AFTER police confiscated his goods for standing in 1—UNAUTHORIZED area.
20130516             He † the next —DAY.
20130516             SYRIA—REBELS withdrew from 1—PRISON in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—ALEPPO —AFTER heavy fighting with government troops.
20130516             1—VIDEO emerged showing 1—NUSRA Front COMMANDER killing 11—REGIME—SOLDIERS—EXECUTION—STYLE for alleged crimes they committed against THE—SYRIA—PEOPLE.
20130516             1—VIETNAM—SATELLITE TV company stopped airing INTERNATIONAL channels including BBC and CNN, citing 1—LAW which came into effect 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20130516             "DAS—GELD muss uns dienen, es darf nicht regieren"( bei 1—TREFFEN—MIT—DEN Botschaftern mehrerer Kleinstaaten in ROM)
20130516             "SCHLIMMER—NOCH, DER—MENSCH selbst wird sogar als Konsumgut angesehen, das man benutzen und dann wegwerfen kann".( bei 1—TREFFEN—MIT—DEN Botschaftern mehrerer Kleinstaaten in ROM)
20130516—20130503    —FROM—THE, SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights more than doubled its TALLY—OF—DEATHS—SECTARIAN—KILLINGS in Banias.
20130516—20130509    —ANNOUNCED, TAIWAN, a 2. WAVE—OF—SANCTIONS against MANILA in response THE—PHILIPPINES coast guard's fatal shooting of 1—TAIWAN—FISHERMAN.
20130516—20130522    —RELEASED, All 7—MEN were.
20130729—20150516    ÄGYPTEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT—MURSI: Stundenlange Verhöre im GEHEIM—GEFÄNGNIS (Politik, 12:16)
20140509—20140516    —ON, THE—STATE—SUPREME—COURT granted 1—REQUEST to suspend PIAZZA—DECISIONS.
20140516             Wer 1—ARTIKEL—ÜBER—KALENDER schreibt, der sollte zumindest wissen, daß der —JAHRTAUSEND—WECHSEL nicht 19991231—20009101    —STATTFAND, sondern 20001231—20010101    ...
20140516             —SLAPPED, USA Federal safety regulators, GENERAL—MOTORS with 1—RECORD $35—MILLION—FINE for taking more than 1—DECADE to disclose 1—IGNITION—SWITCH defect in MILLIONS—OF—CARS that has been linked to at least 13—DEATHS.
20140516             CALIFORNIA firefighters were battling WIND—WHIPPED wildfires, as some 125,000—PEOPLE fled their homes in THE—S—DIEGO area and police arrested at least 2—PEOPLE on ARSON—RELATED charges.
20140516             His work took him —AROUND the world to examine THE—SLAUGHTER—OF—INNOCENTS.
20140516             UTAH, 4—UNDOCUMENTED immigrants from MEXICO and EL—SALVADOR were killed —WHEN 1—CROWDED van crashed on Interstate 70.
20140516             —DETAINED, Agents, 3—OF 4—MEN who survived the crash and continued to search for 1—WOMAN who fled the scene.
20140516             4—UNITED—KINGDOM—SAILORS went missing —AFTER their yacht, Cheeki Rafiki, capsized about 1,000 miles off Cape COD—MASSACHUSETTS.
20140516             CHINA, THE—LEADER—OF—1—BABY—TRAFFICKING—RING that brought 23—BOYS and pregnant women from VIETNAM was sentenced to death.
20140516             THE—COURT—IN—THE—SOUTH—REGION—OF—GUANGXI gave another 23—MEMBERS—OF—THE—GROUP—SENTENCES—RANGING from less than 2—YEARS to life in prison.
20140516             —ANNOUNCED, COLOMBIA—GOVERNMENT and main rebel group (FARC), 1—AGREEMENT to jointly combat illicit drugs in THE—SOUTH—USA—COUNTRY, which was long the world's leading cocaine producer.
20140516             DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—REP. legislators unanimously approved 1—BILL they say would allow THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE—OF—HAITI—DESCENT born in THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC the opportunity to obtain naturalized citizenship.
20140516             —REMAINED, Some 200,000, undocumented.
20140516             —ARRESTED, GERMANY—AUTHORITIES said they have, 1—MEXICO—MAN, 44—JAHRE—ALT at THE—FRANKFURT Airport —AFTER finding his suitcase FULL—OF—SNAKES, turtles and lizards, including endangered species.
20140516             —PROTESTED, DOZENS—OF—GUATEMALA—WAR survivors and human rights activists, against 1—CONGRESSIONAL resolution that denies there was ANY—ATTEMPT to commit genocide —DURING the country's bloody 36-year civil war.
20140516             —THUNDERED, INDIA—OPPOSITION—CANDIDATE—NARENDRA Modi, to victory, with partial results showing that THE—PRO—BUSINESS—HINDU nationalist and his party trounced the ruling NEHRU—GANDHI dynasty in 1—SEISMIC—POLITICAL—SHIFT.
20140516             —KILLED, IRAQ, separate attacks, 5—MEMBERS—OF—1—ANTI—MILITANT—SUNNI militia.
20140516             —CLAIMED, 1—AL—QAIDA splinter group, responsibility for 1—SPATE—OF—BAGHDAD bombings that killed at least 19—PEOPLE THE—DAY—BEFORE.
20140516             —KILLED, KENYA, at least 10—PEOPLE were, and 70—WOUNDED in 2—EXPLOSIONS in NAIROBI.
20140516             —BELIEVED, EAST—LIBYA, fierce fighting broke out between army troops, to be loyal to rogue GENERAL—KHALIFA—HIFTER (Haftar) and 2—INFLUENTIAL—MILITIAS in THE—CITY—OF—BENGHAZI.
20140516             —KILLED, More than 70—PEOPLE were, and more than 100—WOUNDED.
20140516             —ARRESTED, MEXICO—AUTHORITIES, Leonor Nava Romero (45), THE—LEADER—OF—1—GANG—RESPONSIBLE for trafficking drugs from THE—SOUTH—WEST—STATE—OF—GUERRERO to THE—USA, in Tecpan de Galeana, Guerrero.
20140516             —ATTACKED, Suspected Boko Haram rebels from NIGERIA, 1—CHINA—WORK—SITE—NEAR—WAZA in NORTH—CAMEROON and at least 10—PEOPLE were believed to have been kidnapped.
20140516             —STAGED, Filipinos and VIETNAM—RESIDENTS in MANILA, 1—JOINT—PROTEST against CHINA—INCURSIONS into SOUTH—CHINA—SEA territories claimed by their countries.
20140516             —FAILED, RUSSIA—PROTON M booster rocket, and broke apart —DURING 1—TEST—LAUNCH, —JUST months —AFTER 1—SHAKE—UP in the country's space agency that was meant to boost its dented image.
20140516             —SUFFERED, SOUTH—AFRICAN—SAID it has, its 1. elephant poaching incident in 10—YEARS this —WEEK at the country's largest game reserve.
20140516             —FIRED, SYRIA, rebels, 1—ROCKET that struck 1—GOVERNMENT—HELD neighborhood in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—ALEPPO, killing 13—PEOPLE.
20140516             —FIRED, TURKEY—POLICE, water cannon and tear gas to disperse 1—CROWD—OF—SEVERAL 1000—PROTESTERS in THE—TOWN—OF—SOMA, where 301—PEOPLE † in the country's worst ever mining disaster this —WEEK.
20140516             —CONDEMNED, UN SECRETARY—GENERAL—BAN—KI—MOON, 1—CUT in water supplies in THE—NORTH—SYRIA—CITY—OF—ALEPPO that he said has deprived at least 2.5—MILLION—PEOPLE—OF—ACCESS to potable water.
20140516             Rebels from THE—AL—QAIDA—LINKED Nusra Front shut down main water pumping station in ALEPPO nearly 2—WEEKS ago to punish civilians living on THE—GOVERNMENT—CONTROLLED side of the divided metropolis.
20140516             FALL—EDATHY: BUNDES—TAG prüft möglichen VERSTOß—GEGEN—DATEN—SCHUTZ—REGELN
20140516             GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK in Soma: TÜRKEI—GEWERKSCHAFTER rufen zum landesweiten Streik
20140516             ANNE—WILL zu FREI—HANDEL—ABKOMMEN: Wir müssen noch 1—CHLORHÜHNCHEN rupfen
20140516             KRIMINAL—STATISTIK: Einbrecher räumen Zehntausende Wohnungen aus
20140516             Bruttoinlandsprodukt: WIRTSCHAFTS—WACHSTUM in DEUTSCHLAND verdoppelt sich
20140516             PERSONAL—WECHSEL bei der NEW—YORK—TIMES: Redaktionsschluss für Chefredakteurin Abramson
20140516             Wissenschaftler unter Druck: Wir sind GEN—FORSCHER
20140516             —UKRAINE—KONFLIKT, RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN könnten ZYPERN—RETTUNG gefährden
20140516             Rückstellungen der ENERGIE—RIESEN: Vor diesem ATOM—TRICK wird gewarnt
20140516             Wirbelstürme: Tropische KLIMA—ZONE breitet sich aus
20140516             Monopolstellung: INTERNET—FIRMEN arbeiten an KLAGE—GEGEN—GOOGLE
20140516             BERG—ARBEITER in Soma: "Für 1—HANDVOLL Kohle geben sie ihr Leben"
20140516             Wütende PROTESTE—IN—SOMA—PREMIER musste in SUPER—MARKT flüchten
20140516             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS, Wider das Staatsfeuilleton
20140516             MILLIARDENauftrag: SIEMENS liefert 150—TURBINEN für OFF—SHORE—WINDPARK
20140516             —REKORD—STAND: ANLEGER treiben DAX auf ALLZEIT—HOCH
20140516             Milchstraße: Kosmische Leuchtfeuer verraten Struktur unserer Heimatgalaxie
20140516             Betrachtet man die Zahlen DER—BUNDES—LÄNDER insgesamt, scheint sich 1—TREND fortzusetzen.
20140516             So hatte DIE—POLIZEI —BEREITS —JAHR—FÜR—DAS
20140516             Mancherorts bilden sich Bürgerwehren im KAMPF—GEGEN—EINBRECHER, oder Nachbarn beauftragen private SICHERHEITS—DIENSTE.
20140516             RAZZIA—IN—BERLIN: Bestatter soll Pässe von Toten an Schleuser verkauft haben
20140516             Auktion in GENF: 17.000.000—EURO für blauen Diamanten
20140516             Gefährliches Feuer: Buschbrände vertreiben Tausende KALIFornier aus ihren Häusern
20140516             WHO—BERICHT, Menschen werden durchschnittlich, 73—JAHRE—ALT
20140516             —UKRAINE—KRISE, PUTIN—VERTRAUTER wirft Westen "ETHNO—FASCHISMUS"vor
20140516             —PROTESTE—NACH—GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK, Die Solidarität ist schwarz
20140516             WAHL—KAMPF—IN—SYRIEN: Der nette DIKTATOR—VON—NEBENAN
20140516             —VON, RANIAH—SALLOUM
20140516             [4]Niemand will wahrhaben, daß religiöse Minderheiten früher ungefährdet leben konnten
20140516             es war zweifellos 1—GROßER Fehler, daß dieser BASHAR—AL—ASSAD nicht —UNMITTELBAR—NACH Aufkreuzen der fanatischen ISLAMISTEN, die möglichst sofort DIE—MACHT im Land übernehmen wollten, seine Regierung aufgelöst und sich, seine Familie mitsamt seinen Anhängern aus dem Staub gemacht hat, ohne es natürlich zu versäumen, an ALLE—RELIGIÖSEN—MINDERHEITEN die Empfehlung auszusprechen, sich zu ihrer Sicherheit möglichst rasch ins Ausland abzusetzen, um nicht religiös erhitzten MAßNAHMEn sunnitischer Prägung zum Opfer zu fallen.
20140516             Der Garant für die ÜBERLEBENS—CHANCEN des Häufleins zurückgebliebener Ungläubiger hat versucht stand zu halten und hat dank seines MILITÄRs nach gnadenlosen Gefechten so etwas Ähnliches wie die Oberhand gewonnen und nun soll er bei 1—IM zerstörten Land reichlich überflüssigen Wahl, 1—WAHL pro forma, mit Plakaten die ihm zugeschriebene Zerstörung zeigen, was zweifellos von seinen NOCH—IMMER auf Abdankung spekulierenden Gegner als gel
20140516             BERLIN, WLADIMIR—JAKUNIN, —CHEF—DER—RUSSLAND—STAATSBAHN und Vertrauter des RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENTEN, hat den Westen und DIE—USA scharf kritisiert.
20140516             Das Wohlergehen EUROPAs hänge in großem Maß davon ab, ob DER—WESTEN auf Dialog setze oder nach der Pfeife der USA tanze, sagte Jakunin bei 1—TAGUNG in BERLIN.
20140516             "DER—ANTIKE—DEMOKRATIE—FORM hatte nichts mit bärtigen Frauen zu tun, sondern DIE—DEMOKRATIE ist die Herrschaft des Volkes".
20140516             Mal die andere Seite.
20140516             —GEFALLEN, Ungerechte DIE—DEUTSCHEN—GESELLSCHAFT: lassen sich zu viel
20140516             WETTER—PHÄNOMEN—EL—NIÑO sorgt für reichere Ernten in SÜD—AMERIKA
20140516             [l] DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES hat den 1.weiblichen Chefredakteur nach nur 3—JAHREN gefeuert und werden —JETZT ihren 1.schwarzen Chefredakteur breufen.
20140516             Das ist der Typ, der bei der LA TIMES DIE—NSA—STORY gekillt hat
20140516             [l] DIE—USA—AMIS werden langsam ungehalten über DIE—ISRAEL—SPIONAGE.
20140516             ALLE—NASE lang wird da jemand erwischt, aber nicht mal das hilft mehr.
20140516             MONEY—QUOTE:
20140516             —DELIVERED, But no matter how stern THE—FBI—LECTURE — usually, personally to the embassy's SENIOR—INTELLIGENCE—REPRESENTATIVE — THE—ISRAELIS were unmoved, another FORMER—TOP—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIAL said.
20140516             "You can't embarrass 1—ISRAELI," he said.
20140516             "It's —JUST impossible to embarrass them. You catch them RED—HANDED, and they shrug and say, 'Okay —NOW, anything else?'"
20140516             Das ist ja doch —SCHON irgendwie... cool ? "Sonst noch was?"
20140516             Despite strident denials this —WEEK by ISRAEL—OFFICIALS—ISRAEL has been caught carrying out aggressive ESPIONAGE—OPERATIONS against USA—TARGETS for decades, ACCORDING—TO—USA—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIALS and congressional sources.
20140516             And they still do it.
20140516             —ARRESTED, They —JUST don't get, very often.
20140516             that ISRAEL—CURRENT—ESPIONAGE—ACTIVITIES in AMERICAN—ARE "unrivaled and unseemly,"going far beyond THE—ACTIVITIES—OF—OTHER—CLOSE—ALLIES, such as GERMANY—FRANCE, THE—UK and JAPAN.
20140516             1—ANONYMOUSA—OFFICIAL was quoted in THE—ISRAEL—MEDIA as saying NEWSWEEK—ACCOUNT "had THE—WHIFF—OF—ANTI—SEMITISM in it".
20140516             KINDER—PORNO—AFFÄRE: MINISTERin hält Material gegen Edathy für verwertbar
20140516             Umstrittene DATEN—SAMMLUNG im BUNDES—TAG: Das abgespeicherte PARLAMENT
20140516             [1]KOMETENlandung: "ROSETTAs"Ziel ist erwacht
20140516             —ANGRIFFE—AUF—STEINMEIER: MERKEL genervt von Rüpeleien der CSU
20140516             —VERLIERT, GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK in Soma: ERDOGAN, das Gespür für sein Volk
20140516             Nahe LOS—ANGELES: Pipeline GEPLATZT—ZEHNTAUSENDE Liter Öl verschmutzen Straße
20140516             Mehrere 100—DEMONSTRANTEN hatten sich rund um den Veranstaltungsort des sogenannten European Business Summit versammelt.
20140516             Bei dem Treffen hochrangiger WIRTSCHAFTS—VERTRETER stand auch 1—ANSPRACHE—VON—EU—HANDELS—KOMMISSAR KAREL—DE—GUCHT auf der TAGES—ORDNUNG, der im Auftrag der EU federführend über das ABKOMMEN—MIT—DEN—USA verhandelt.
20140516             DIE—POLIZEI gehe vor, als handele ES—SICH um 1—EINSATZ—GEGEN—TERRORISTEN, kritisierte der BRÜSSELer GRÜNEN—REGIONALPOLITIKER Christos Doulkeridis, der an der Kundgebung teilnahm.
20140516             1—POLIZEI—SPRECHER beklagte hingegen, daß bei der Veranstaltung auch gewählte Abgeordnete DAS—GESETZ übertreten hätten.
20140516             —REFERENCED, MANY—OF—THE—DOCUMENTS, in GREENWALD—BOOK may be found here:
20140516             NS—RAUBKUNST: DEUTSCHLAND—MUSEEN prüfen Ansprüche auf Bilder aus GURLITT—ERBE
20140516             Einschränkung der NETZ—NEUTRALITÄT, USA—TELEKOM—BEHÖRDE stimmt für 2—KLASSEN—INTERNET
20140516             BÖRSE und Wachstum: DEUTSCHLANDs einsame Rekorde
20140516             GOOGLE INCORPORATED is ALREADY getting requests to remove objectionable personal information from its search engine —AFTER EUROPE—TOP—COURT ruled that subjects have the "right to be forgotten,"1—SOURCE—FAMILIAR with the matter said on —WEDNESDAY.
20140516             Sekte: 12—STÄMME"widersetzen sich erneut der SCHUL—PFLICHT
20140516             Altersdiskriminierung: "DIE—ZWANGSVERRENTUNG mit 67—IST rechtswidrig"(KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 06:45)
20140516             Kindergesundheit: Das komplexe Zusammenspiel von Antibiotika und Asthma
20140516             Untergegangene HOCH—KULTUR, DER—GEHEIMNISVOLLE MAYA—KALENDER
20140516             Ruf nach Stiftung: MERKEL lehnt Übernahme von ATOM—ALTLASTEN ab
20140516             SCHULDEN—STREIT: Alitalia stellt Flüge nach VENEZUELA 1
20140516             PLAN—DER—LÄNDER: Firmen sollen aus KÄFIG—EIERN hergestellte LEBENS—MITTEL kennzeichnen
20140516             New Paltz: Studenten finden 40.000—DOLLAR in altem Sofa
20140516             ERDOGAN in Soma: "Warum rennst du weg, du ISRAEL—BRUT?"
20140516             Fußballturnier 20220000             : Blatter nennt WM—VERGABE an KATAR 1—FEHLER
20140516             Sieg für HINDU—NATIONALISTEN: INDIEN wählt das Wirtschaftswunder
20140516             —UKRAINE—KRISE, HELMUT—SCHMIDT wirft EU Größenwahn vor
20140516             Stimmen Sie ab: Soll HILLARY—CLINTON PRÄSIDENTSCHAFTS—KANDIDAT
20140516             —KAMPF—UMS—WEIßES—HAUS: Perfide Debatte um HILLARYs Hirn - Diätformen: "LOW—CARB macht aggressiv"
20140516             GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK in der TÜRKEI—MINISTER spricht von höchstens 18—EINGESCHLOSSENEN
20140516             Skelettfund in MEXIKO: 1.Siedler Amerikas sollen aus Nordasien stammen
20140516             UM—FRAGE nach qualvoller Hinrichtung: MEHRHEIT—DER—USA—AMERIKANER hält an TODES—STRAFE fest
20140516             ANGST—VOR—ANSCHLÄGEN: GROSSBRITANNIEN—VERANSTALTER lassen Touristen aus KENIA ausfliegen
20140516             Antichinesische Krawalle: REGIERUNGS—CHEF—VIETNAMS ruft BÜRGER per SMS zur Ruhe auf
20140516             —BEKOMMT, Widerstand zwecklos: Auch Firefox, VIDEO—KOPIERSCHUTZ
20140516             Überteuerte Stromtarife: E.on muss GROSSBRITANNIEN—KUNDEN Millionen zahlen
20140516             Paradies in Gefahr: Frachterhavarie bedroht GALÁPAGOS—INSELN
20140516             STAHL—ARBEITER—GEGEN—SEPARATISTEN: Die Putztruppe des Oligarchen
20140516             Satellitenbilder: NORD—KOREA baut 2—NEUE Fregatten
20140516             SICHERHEITS—BEDENKEN: DFB und POLIZEI setzen ALKOHOL—VERBOT beim Pokalfinale durch
20140516             Antichinesische Krawalle: Foxconn stoppt PRODUKTION in VIETNAM
20140516             KRITIK—AN—PISA—TESTS: "Bildungspolitischer Kolonialismus"
20140516             —ENTSCHEIDET, VOLKS—ABSTIMMUNG—SCHWEIZ, über höchsten MINDEST—LOHN der Welt
20140516             NORWEGEN: CHINA—PLANT Luxusresort auf Spitzbergen
20140516             GLENN—GREENWALDS Buch: Der SNOWDEN—THRILLER
20140516             Reisegarderobe aus dem 3D-Drucker: Mein KLEID—BITTE einmal ausdrucken!
20140516             SORGE—UM—DIGITALE ZUKUNFT, Interner Bericht listet Mängel bei NEW—YORK—TIMESAUF
20140516             RÜSTUNGS—GESCHÄFTE: BERLIN will ISRAEL KRIEG—SCHIFFE nur bei voller Bezahlung liefern
20140516             —PROTEST—GEGEN—DISKRIMINIERUNG: Schüler im Rock verstören FRANKREICH—KONSERVATIVE
20140516             USA—NOTEN—BANK—FORSCHER belegen BETRUG mit FED—DATEN
20140516             Zurückgekehrte Zugvögel: Immer mehr Störche brüten in WEST—DEUTSCHLAND
20140516             Pilotprojekt: BRITEN bieten HIV—TEST im SUPER—MARKT an
20140516             BUNDES—TAG: EDATHY—AUSSCHUSS will möglichen Tippgeber suchen
20140516             SYRIEN und DIE—MEDIEN: Ganz neue Dimensionen der Lüge
20140516             KATASTROPHEnalarm auf dem Balkan: "Schwerste Überschwemmungen —SEIT—1—JAHR 100"
20140516             Studentenverbindungen: NIEDERSACHSENs STUDENTEN—VERTRETER schließen Göttinger Asta aus
20140516             GAS—STREIT: RUSSLAND will mit UKRAINE über GAS—PREIS verhandeln
20140516             RETRO—SPIEL "Glorious Leader!": Mit KIM—JONG—UN den KAPITALISMUS kaputtschießen
20140516             GRUBEN—UNGLÜCK in TÜRKEI—POLIZEI feuert Tränengas auf DEMONSTRANTEN—IN—SOMA
20140516             " 4—AHAU 3—KANKIN".
20140516             DIE—HEUTIGE Welt folgt im Alltag ganz überwiegend dem römischen Kalender,
20140516             DIE—MEISTEN anderen Tages-, MONATS—, —JAHRESZÄHLWEISEN DER—MENSCHHEIT gerieten in Vergessenheit.
20140516             Kalender entwickeln sich entsprechend den Bedürfnissen 1—GESELLSCHAFT, und so
20140516             und ging - IN—DER—MAYA—KOSMOS DIE—ZEIT 1—HEILIGE Angelegenheit, DES—KALENDER—ACHTUNG 1—FROMME Pflicht. war
20140516             DIE—MENSCHEN verstanden sich als aus Mais geschaffene Kreaturen der 4. Schöpfung.
20140516             DIE—1.—3—SCHÖPFUNGEN hatten die Götter untergehen lassen.
20140516             Einfache LEUTE nutzten den Kalender im Alltag, etwa zu simpler Wahrsagerei.
20140516             Ihre Gottkönige aber, die Herrscher der STADT—STAATEN, vollzogen als Hüter des Wissens öffentlich aufwendige Rituale, bei denen Blut floss, das die Götter nährte.
20140516             Sie demonstrierten damit ihre Mittlerrolle zwischen Volk und Göttern.
20140516             Entsprechend leistungsfähig war DIE—MATHEMATIK der MAYA.
20140516             Sie hätten die alten RÖMER mit ihrer schwerfälligen Arithmetik, die ohne DIE—0—AUSKAM, mühelos an die Wand gerechnet.
20140516             —IM, mittelamerikanischen Dschungel ist früher als irgendwo anders mit der 0—KALKULIERT worden.
20140516             MAYA—ASTRONOMEN arbeiteten so genau, daß sie den Stand bestimmter Himmelskörper über Jahrhunderte hinweg ermitteln konnten.
20140516             Diese LEISTUNGS—FÄHIGKEIT half den Herrschern bei der Planung von FELD—ZUGEN oder der Bestimmung günstiger Termine für geistliche Zeremonien und weltliche Hochzeiten.
20140516             Bauliche Überreste künden —HEUTE—NOCH, von der Arbeit dieser Experten.
20140516             —AM, bekanntesten ist der "Caracol"in Chichén Itzá, 1—HIMMELSOBSERVATORIUM aus der SPÄTZEIT—DER—MAYA in der mächtigen Stadt auf Yucatán.
20140516             VON—DERKUNST der Sternengucker zeugt außerdem der Dresdner Kodex, 1—DER nur 4—MAYA—BÜCHER auf Baumrinde, die den inquisitorischen Eifer der SPANIEN—EROBERER heil überstanden.
20140516             Er enthält Tabellen für Sonnen—, Mondfinsternisse sowie die Bewegungen der Venus.
20140516             DER—MAYA—KALENDER ist komplex und nur mit einiger Geduld zu begreifen.
20140516             Er besteht aus 3—ELEMENTEN, deren ältestes der Ritualkalender "Tzolkin"ist.
20140516             DIESER—KALENDER ist charakteristisch für so gut wie ALLE—MESOAMERIKANISCHEN—VÖLKER und besteht aus 1—ABFOLGE—VON—260—TAGEN.
20140516             1—HYPOTHESE versteht den Tzolkin in seinem Ursprung als SCHWANGERSCHAFTS—KALENDER, zumal er ALS—SOLCHER den MAYA—NACHKOMMEN —HEUTE—NOCH, geläufig ist.
20140516             1—ANDERE Erklärung bemüht den Mais, dessen ANBAU—ZYKLUS—CA—260—TAGE umfasste;
20140516             Für politische und religiöse Zwecke aber war 1—LANGZEIT—CHRONOLOGIE nötig: Sie ermöglichte den MAYA—ASTRONOMEN die vorausschauende Berechnung von Himmelsbewegungen.
20140516             Den Herrschern diente sie als GRUND—LAGE ihrer GESCHICHTS—SCHREIBUNG.
20140516             —GENANNT, Sie wird Lange Zählung, und ist das 3. Element des MAYA—KALENDERS.
20140516             Mit ihr lässt sich 1—BELIEBIGER —TAG exakt benennen, wobei als Nullpunkt, wie im Jüdischen Kalender, der —TAG—DER—SCHÖPFUNG diente
20140516             —LAUT MAYA—KALENDER—AUTORITÄT, unangefochten, und —LAUT GÄNGIGER UMRECHNUNG BEGANN die (4.) Schöpfung _031140811             —AM, _VOR_CHRISTUS—SIE dauerte aber keine biblischen 6—TAGE, sondern mehrere 100—JAHRE.
20140516             —VON, diesem 0—PUNKT an wird —TAG um —TAG gezählt und —NACH—DEM mathematischen SYSTEM der MAYA dargestellt.
20140516             Nehmen wir als Beispiel den —TAG—DES—ATTENTATS auf den ÖSTERREICH—THRON—FOLGER FRANZ—FERDINAND, in dessen Folge —VOR—100—JAHREN der
20140516             Allerdings verwendeten DIE—MAYA keine Ziffern, die unseren arabischen gleichen, sondern drückten Zahlen mit Punkten und Strichen aus, wobei 1—PUNKT 1, 1—STRICH 5—BEDEUTET.
20140516             Zusammengerechnet sind das nach unserem DEZIMAL—SYSTEM 1¿836¿029—TAGE, DIE—SEIT—BEGINN—DER—MAYA—SCHÖPFUNG —BIS zur ERMORDUNG—DES—ÖSTERREICH—THRON—FOLGERS in SARAJEVO vergangen sind.
20140516             DIE—GRÖßTE bekannte Kalenderrechnung der MAYA umfasst nahezu 30—QUAD 10—IARDEN Tun, also 10—QUINTILLIONEN TAGE - 1—SÜMMCHEN wie aus des Onkel DAGOBERT Geldspeicher.
20140516             DIE—GOTTKÖNIGE nutzten JEDE—GELEGENHEIT, um mit eindrucksvollen Kalenderrechnungen ihre MACHT zu demonstrieren, denn mit der ZAHL—DER—BEZÜGE auf wichtige DATEN oder Himmelskonstellationen stieg die Bedeutung 1—TAGES.
20140516             1—GESELLSCHAFTLICHES Großereignis in der Heiligung von Zeit und Zeitrechnung waren die Feiern zum Ende 1—KALENDER—ZYKLUS, zu dem landauf, landab Rituale vollzogen und Steinstelen aufgestellt wurden.
20140516             Besonders groß wurde alle 20—JAHRE das Ende 1—KATUN begangen.
20140516             DER—KALENDER wurde zum maßgeblichen Machtinstrument, und auch darin ist er kein historischer Sonderfall.
20140516             DES—MAYA—KALENDER—AUTORITÄT war einerseits unantastbar, andererseits wurde passend gemacht, was MATHEMATISCH—KALENDARISCH nicht sauber aufging.
20140516             Als der SPANIEN—EROBERER Hernán Cortés 15190000              MEXIKO einnahm, war die große ZEIT—DER—MAYA —LÄNGST—VORBEI und ihr Kalender nur noch in Teilen in Gebrauch.
20140516             Mit dem Untergang ihrer STADT—STAATEN im
20140516             Weil aber den Spaniern bei ihrer Landung niemand hätte sagen können, an welchem DATUM der Langen Zählung sich ihre unselige Ankunft ereignete, ließ sich DER—KALENDER auch nicht problemlos auf den christlichen umrechnen.
20140516             Deswegen blieb die —HEUTE übliche, von MESOAMERIKA—FORSCHERN empfohlene Umrechnung nicht ganz unangefochten.
20140516             Zwar hätten DIE—MAYA mit großem Aufwand das Ende 1—KALENDER—ZYKLUS GEFEIERT—ABER auch den Beginn 1—NEUEN, so wie wir zu Silvester 19990000              den —JAHRTAUSEND—WECHSEL begingen.
20140516             DIE—DEGRADIERUNG des MAYA—KALENDERS zum bloßen Zählwerk für DIE—APOKALYPSE geht zurück auf die NEW—AGE—BEWEGUNG der siebziger und achtziger —JAHRE.—DAMALS, rief insbesondere DER—USA—AUTOR—JOSÉ—ARGÜELLES das ENDE—DES MAYA—ZYKLUS aus und verbreitete kosmische Prophezeiungen für dieses DATUM.
20140516             Man mag Argüelles zugutehalten, daß die Entschlüsselung der MAYA—SCHRIFT—DAMALS—NOCH—NICHT sehr weit fortgeschritten war.
20140516             Doch VIELE—AUTOREN schürten bereitwillig den Hype um 1 "New Age"oder sogar 1—WELT—UNTERGANG und labten sich an der Konjunktur 1—ESOTERISCH gewandeten Unbehagens an der Moderne.
20140516             Den Nachkommen der MAYA aber wurde großes Unrecht angetan, denn
20140516             JEDES—VOLK hat 1—RECHT—AUF—SEINE wirkliche GESCHICHTE—IN ihrem Fall samt Kalender als elementarem BESTAND—TEIL.
20140516             —GEBÜHRT, Er bleibt 1—FASZINOSUM, dem Respekt.
20140516             DER—JULIANISCHE—KALENDER läuft pro ca. 128—JAHRE um 1—TAG falsch.
20140516             Dieser FEHLER—DES—KALENDERS gegenüber dem tatsächlichen Sonnenlauf ist beim GREGORianischen praktisch komplett eliminiert.
20140516             Der —MONAT im mesopotamische Kalender beruht auf dem Mondzyklus.
20140516             1—MOND—ZYKLUS ist aber nur 1—BISSCHEN mehr als 28—TAGE.
20140516             Bei 1—JAHR mit 12—MONATEN geht das ganze schnell durcheinander.
20140516             Deshalb wurden Schaltmonate eingeführt
20140516             Der SPON nähert sich immer weiter dem BILS—NIVEAU.
20140516             Man braucht kein Fernrohr - um DIE—VENUS zu sehen, da reicht das bloße Auge.
20140516             Aber man braucht 1—GEHIRN und 1—KLAREN VERSTAND.
20140516             DIE—MAYA waren auch nicht nur einfache BAUERn, da sie ja Pyramiden errichtet haben, wie Du ja anscheinend weißt.
20140516             Dem AUTOR—GENÜGT die Formel "gängige Umrechnung", ohne den interessierten Leser näher darauf hinzuführen, daß die "gängige"Kalenderkorrelation, GMT genannt, —SEIT ihrer Definition immer wieder in Frage gestellt wurde und mehr als 50—THEORIEN existieren, die andere Korrelationskonstanten vorweisen.
20140516             DIE—VIELEN Ungereimtheiten der GMT—KONSTANTE werden jedoch von der übermächtigen Fachgemeinde negiert, und Myriaden pseudowissenschaftlicher Artikel, Bücher und Abhandlungen verstecken sich —NACH—DEM "MILLIARDEN—FLIEGEN—SYNDROM"erfolgreich hinter der "gängigen"These. es wäre ja für die Fachwelt 1—UNGLAUBLICHE KATASTROPHE, wenn sich herausstellte, daß DIE—MAYAS in Wirklichkeit 50—ODER mehr —JAHRE—FRÜHER oder SPÄTER gelebt hätten.
20140516             Wenige Fachautoren wie GERARDo Aldana kämpfen beharrlich gegen diese "Windmühlen", —BISHER, jedoch vergeblich.
20140516             1—INTERESSANTER Lösungsansatz, basierend auf exakten astronomischen Detailbeweisen ist unter
20140516             Um DIE—VENUS zu beobachten, braucht man weder Räder noch Fernrohre.
20140516             Nur viel Zeit und 1—KLAREN Nachthimmel.
20140516             —GELESEN, Ich habe auch mal ERICH—VON—DÄNIKEN, und war fasziniert.
20140516             —DANN, wurde ich erwachsen.
20140516             Bei der GREGORIANISCHER—KALENDERKORREKTUR wurden Himmelslauf und erdachte MENSCHHEITS—GESCHICHTE wieder in Zusammenhang gebracht.
20140516             So konnte man fiktive Zeiträume unterbringen, um DIE—MACHT der Kirche auf 1—ANSTÄNDIGES Fundament zu stellen.
20140516             —GENOMMEN, Warum wird immer auf die Pyramiden Bezug, wenn es um die angeblichen KONTAKTE zwischen Völkern auf verschiedenen Kontinenten geht?
20140516             es ist doch viel einfacher.
20140516             DIE—HÄUSER sehen doch auch fast überall gleich aus.
20140516             Wände und 1—DACH.
20140516             Das müssen DIE—DAMALS, doch auch voneinander abgeguckt haben.
20140516             Pyramiden sind nichts besonderes.
20140516             DIE—BAUEN —SCHON kleine Kinder, ohne dass sie jemals in Gizeh oder Chichen Itza gewesen sind.
20140516             —RECHTS—EXTREMISMUS—VERDACHT: VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ beobachtet HAMBURGer Burschenschaft
20140516             Fortunately, THE—TRUTH—ABOUT what's really going on in UKRAINE is finally —STARTING to spill over into the mainstream.
20140516             I don't know if you consider Salon "mainstream,"but they published 1—PIECE by PATRICK—L—SMITH which I strongly urge you to read.
20140516             It's 1—SUPERB—PIECE—OF—WRITING.
20140516             The title: "They're lying about UKRAINE, AGAIN: Primitive prejudice, stupidity and the reflexive COMPLIANCE—OF—THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES".
20140516             I have asserted previously in this space that MOSCOW—ACCOUNT—OF—THE—UKRAINE crisis is more coherent than WASHINGTON's. EACH—TIME, the argument provokes 1—CERTAIN—SHOCK—HORROR syndrome among MANY—READERS — and, of course, numerous accusations that THE—WRITER—OF—SUCH things must be 1—SHILL for THE—RUSSIANS, an FSB agent, 1—PUTIN groupie, and so on.
20140516             To be honest, I greatly enjoy advancing this view.
20140516             1.of all because it is true, and 2. because so MANY—OF—MY fellow Americans choke on it.
20140516             The default position, NAME—CALLING, is 1—BORING but common ruse in THE—USA—CONVERSATION, always 1—INDICATION that there is no comeback other than to invoke beliefs as opposed to thoughts.
20140516             I am SO SICK—OF—HEARING about JILL—ABRAMSON
20140516             Jill, Jill, Jill: Why did THE—NYT fire her?
20140516             EVERYONE—ASKING the question...
20140516             It is always hard to say what causes 1—FINAL—BREAK—1—FIRING, 1—DIVORCE—BUT, clearly, 1—LAST straw came 1—FEW WEEKS—AGO, —WHEN Abramson, who made little SECRET—OF—HER displeasure with Sulzberger, decided to hire 1—LAWYER to complain that her salary was not equal to THAT—OF—HER—PRE—DECESSOR, BILL—KELLER.
20140516             But no! It wasn't THE—MONEY, we read.
20140516             It was...something else. We're not sure what.
20140516             Naturally, there is a feminist spin on all this. Yeah yeah yeah.
20140516             (By the way: If you GOOGLE the words "Worst decision —IN—THE—HISTORY—OF—THE—UNITED—STATES,"IRAQ makes the top 10—LIST in the 1.2—LINKS.
20140516             Thank you, Judy Miller! Thank you, NYT!) - All is in place.
20140516             THE—WEST is the light SIDE—OF—THE—MOON, RUSSIA the dark.
20140516             —AGGRESSED, RUSSIA has, in UKRAINE: We have no evidence but it must have, as this is what RUSSIAns do.
20140516             If PUTIN says it, it has to be wrong: RUSSIA—AUTOCRATS are never right or truthful.
20140516             No Ukrainian could possibly want to live within the dense WEAVE—OF—HIS or her historic ties with RUSSIA.
20140516             This last is 1—ASSAULT—ON—THE—USA—SENSIBILITY.
20140516             THE—USA—INHERITANCE makes this information indigestible, foreign food.
20140516             So THE—RUSSIANS must be pulling the strings, manipulating MILLIONS—OF—MINDS as they always do.
20140516             Here, —JUST 1—EXAMPLE.
20140516             —LAST—WEEK, VLADIMIR—PUTIN publicly urged those in REVOLT—AGAINST—THE—PROVISIONAL—GOVERNMENT—IN—KIEV to step back from their planned referendums on their future arrangements with Kiev.
20140516             How did THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—REPORT this?
20140516             "It remains unclear what MISTER—PUTIN—MOTIVES were for suggesting the delay," its correspondent in EASTERN—UKRAINE told us in —SUNDAY—EDITIONS.
20140516             —REPORTED, THE—GUARDIAN, it fairly.
20140516             —NOW look at how THE—NYT treated the same story.
20140516             But to THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES, all was vague and questionable.
20140516             —JUST look
20140516             —EARLIER, THE—NYT had published 1—COMPLETELY bogus story about photo evidence allegedly showing RUSSIA—SPIES engineering events in EASTERN—UKRAINE -- 1—STORY proven false by several contributors to Reddit.
20140516             Eventually, THE—NYT had to issue 1—FORMAL—RETRACTION.
20140516             —REACHED, But THE—TIMES' prejudice over THE—UKRAINE crisis has, new LEVELS—OF—EXTREME as the "NEWSPAPER—OF—RECORD" routinely carries water for the neocons and other hawks who still dominate THE—USA—STATE—DEPARTMENT.
20140516             —POLLUTED, Everything that THE—TIMES writes about UKRAINE is so, with PROPAGANDA that it requires 1—VERY—STRONG—FILTER, along with additives from more independent news sources, to get anything approaching 1—ACCURATE—UNDERSTANDING—OF—EVENTS.
20140516             So do not mourn THE—LOSS—OF—JILL, For she's THE—1—WHO fed us swill.
20140516             I fear, alas, though Jill be gone, THE—SMELL—OF—SWILL will linger on.
20140516             RUSSIA—ROCKET breaks up —AFTER launch - A RUSSIA—SPACE rocket launch went so...
20140516             [3]manipulierte Wirklichkeit... - Damit kennt man sich hier doch aus.
20140516             Z.B. wenn DER—AUTOR—FÜR seine Argumentation vermeintliche Fakten (z.b. "ASSAD setzt GIFT—GAS gegen sein eigenes Volk ein") heranzieht und diese für "wahr"verkauft indem er sie verlinkt.
20140516             Der Link führt zu 1—ARTIKEL—VON—1—KOLLEGEN aus der selben Redaktion, der darin dieselbe unbewiesene Behauptung aufstellt und sie dadurch "beweist", daß er sie verlinkt.
20140516             Der Link führt 1—ZUM ARTIKEL 1—KOLLEGEN aus der selben Redaktion, der darin dieselbe unbewiesene Behauptung aufstellt und sie dadurch "beweist", daß er sie verlinkt usw. DIE—BEHAUPTUNGEN werden durch dieses WIKIPEDIA—PRINZIP gewissermaßen objektiviert und so kann man sich dann durch das SPON—UNIVERSUM bewegen, ohne sich der Wirklichkeit auch nur anzunähern.
20140516             Ist aber in jedem Fall ne Runde Sache, wie man so sagt.
20140516             Gut und böse - Doch, ASSAD und seine ARMEE sind die Bösen, DIE—REBELLEN die Guten, das habt DIE—USA—ADMINISTRATION so dekretiert.
20140516             IN—DER—UKRAINE ist es bekanntlich umgekehrt: DIE—REGIERUNG in KIEW haben DIE—USA lieb (evoll aufgebaut), DIE—SEPARATISTEN sind die BÖSENATOR—WENN man diese Vorgaben als unbedarfter DEUTSCHLAND—ODER USA—AMERIKANER nicht hätte, wüsste man ja gar nicht mehr, woran man ist.
20140516             RUSSLAND—ZENSURBEHÖRDE hält TWITTER—SPERRE für "praktisch unausweichlich"
20140516             Kraftwerk in der SCHWEIZ: GEOTHERMIE—PROJEKT scheitert an Wassermangel
20140516             ERDOGAN—FANS—GEGEN—KRITIKER: #ScherDichZumTeufelDerSpiegel
20140516             Satirepartei: ZDF will Wahlwerbespot der "Partei"nicht senden
20140516             Zivile Nutzung: Drohnen sollen KILLER—IMAGE verlieren
20140516             92—JAHRE—ALTE Zeugin: Amtsgericht vernimmt Zschäpes frühere Nachbarin
20140516—19840516    —30—JAHRE—IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—JEDES—JAHR—ZEHNT—IM—SCHNITT DIE WIRBELSTÜRMEum mehr als 50—KMIN Richtung Pole bewegt, schreiben DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER in der FACH—ZEITSCHRIFT "Nature".
20140516—19840516    —TAGUNG, Auf der, NORD—HALBKUGEL wanderten die Stürme demnach im SCHNITT—CA—53—KMIN Richtung NORD—POL, auf der Südhalbkugel 62—KMIN Richtung Südpol.
20140516—20140523    —SINGED, PRESIDENT—DANILO—MEDINA, the legislation.
20140516—20140605    —FORCED, GENERAL—MOTORS said it has, out 15—EMPLOYEES for their role in THE—IGNITION—SWITCH scandal.
20150209             In den Dokumenten finden sich die Namen von mehr als 100.000—MENSCHEN aus mehr als 200—LÄNDERN, darunter auch die von Verwandten und Regierungsmitgliedern von Autokraten wie SYRIENs MACHT—HABER—BASCHAR—AL—ASSAD, 20150516              ÄGYPTEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK und CHINAs ehemaligem PREMIER—LI—KEQIANGPENG.
20150514             The boy was found in 1—SHALLOW—GRAVE by 1—STREAM—20150516             .
20150514—20150516    —FOUND, The boy was in 1—SHALLOW—GRAVE by 1—STREAM.
20150516             —PRAISED, FRANCIS—PAPA, PALESTINE—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS as an "ANGEL—OF—PEACE" —DURING 1—MEETING at THE—VATICAN that underscored the Holy SEE—WARM—RELATIONS with the Palestinians as it prepares to canonize Mariam Bawardy and MARIE—ALPHONSINE—GHATTAS, 2 18010101—19001231     nuns from the region.
20150516             A 32-page indictment charged him and 5—OTHERS—STILL in CHINA, with economic espionage in 1—CASE that went back to 20060000             .
20150516             WASHINGTON, STATE—HUNDREDS—OF—ACTIVISTS in kayaks and small boats fanned out on 1—SEATTLE bay to protest plans by Royal HOLLAND—SHELL to resume oil exploration in THE—ARCTIC and keep 2—OF—ITS—DRILLING rigs stored in the city's port.
20150516             —BLOCKED, EAST—AFGHANISTAN, Taliban militants, roads in Paktia province, forcing cars to stop and kidnapping the occupants at gunpoint.
20150516             6—PEOPLE were still being held OUT—OF—THE—22—INITIALLY abducted.
20150516             —ARRESTED, BURUNDI officials said 5—GENERALS have been, for plotting 1—FAILED coup led by MAJOR—GENERAL—GODEFROID—NIYOMBARE, who remained in hiding.
20150516             CHINA, INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—NARENDRA—MODI got down to business on the final —DAY—OF—HIS—TRIP—SAYING his country was open for investment as firms signed deals worth more than $22—BILLION.
20150516             —KILLED, NORTH—CHINA—1—CHEMICAL—LEAK, 8—PEOPLE and injured 2—OTHERS in Yangcheng County, Shanxi province.
20150516             —OCCURRED, The carbon disulfide leak, at 1—PLANT—BELONGING to the Ruixing chemical company.
20150516             —SENTENCED, 1—EGYPT—COURT, FORMER—PRESIDENT—MOHAMED—MORSI to death for his role in 1—MASS jailbreak —DURING 20110000             —THE—UPRISING that ousted FORMER—PRESIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK.
20150516             —SENTENCED, Over 100—OTHERS were also, to death.
20150516             —KILLED, Gunmen, 2—JUDGES and 1—PROSECUTOR in THE—SINAI—PENINSULA.
20150516             WEST—GERMANY, 1—TRAIN hit the trailer of 1—TRACTOR at 1—ROAD—CROSSING, killing the train driver and 1—PASSENGER and injuring at least 20—OTHERS—NEAR—IBBENBUEREN.
20150516             —JAMMED, Guatemalans, onto the capital's streets to voice anger over corruption that permeates the government, demanding jail time for the guilty and calling for PRESIDENT—OTTO—PEREZ—MOLINA to resign.
20150516             GUYANA, former army BRIGADIER—DAVID—GRANGER, 69—JAHRE—ALT was sworn in as the new PRESIDENT —AFTER his multiracial opposition coalition, 1—ALLIANCE led by THE—AFRO—GUYANA—PEOPLE—NATIONAL—CONGRESS, narrowly won the national election.
20150516             —ENDED, His election, 23—YEARS—OF—RULE by THE—PEOPLE—PROGRESSIVE—PARTY (PPP).
20150516             IRAQ, Islamic State militants withdrew from the main government building in Ramadi as air strikes by 1—USA—LED coalition forced the militants to retreat.
20150516             1—SMALL—LITHUANIA—PLANE with 2—PILOTS disappeared from radar SOME— 2—HOURS—AFTER takeoff from SWEDEN—SOUTH—WEST—CITY—OF—GOTEBORG.
20150516             —MARCHED, Moldovans, from 1—CENTRAL—SQUARE in CHISINAU past PARLIAMENT shouting "Good bye, RUSSIA!
20150516             Don't forget Bessarabia is not yours!" using the historical name for MOLDOVA, urging THE—REUNIFICATION—OF—THE—FORMER—SOVIET—REPUBLIC with neighboring ROMANIA.
20150516             NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, 1—GIRL aged about 12—CARRIED out 1—SUICIDE—ATTACK at 1—BUS—STATION—KILLING—7—PEOPLE and injuring 31 in DAMATURU.
20150516             The deputy GOVERNOR in neighboring Borno STATE—SAID—MARTE, located on 1—STRATEGIC—TRADING—ROUTE between NIGERIA and neighboring CAMEROON and CHAD, had fallen to Islamists.
20150516             —FIRED, PAKISTAN, missiles, from 1—USA—DRONE struck 1—COMPOUND in THE—NORTH—WAZIRISTAN tribal region, killing 5—MILITANTS.
20150516             3—OF—THE—MILITANTS killed were Uzbeks and the other 2 were Pakistanis.
20150516             RUSSIA lost 1—MEXICO—SATELLITE on launch —JUST hours —AFTER 1—GLITCH with 1—MANEUVER—INVOLVING—THE—INTERNATIONAL—SPACE—STATION, the latest in 1—STRING—OF—EMBARRASSING—FAILURES for its troubled space program.
20150516             —SEIZED, SYRIA, Islamic State group said that its fighters have, full CONTROL—OF—SAKER ISLAND in the Euphrates River NORTH—OF—DEIR EL—ZOUR, the northeastern province divided between areas held by the group and the government.
20150516             1—BOAT crammed with migrants was towed out to sea by THE—THAILAND—NAVY and then held up by MALAYSIA—VESSELS, the latest round of "maritime PING—PONG" by ASIA—STATES determined not to let asylum seekers come ashore.
20150516             —REPORTED, TURKMENISTAN state media, the pardon of 1,202 TURKMENISTAN—PRISONERS and 13—FOREIGNERS in 1—AMNESTY.
20150516             —KILLED, UKRAINE said 1—GOVERNMENT—SOLDIER was, and 3 were wounded in fighting between government forces and separatists in EAST—UKRAINE.
20150516             SOUTH—YEMEN, fierce clashes between rebels and PRO—GOVERNMENT—FORCES killed dozens, threatening to derail 1—HUMANITARIAN—CEASEFIRE.
20150516             —KILLED, The clashes came —AFTER overnight fighting, 26—REBELS and militiamen loyal to FORMER—PRESIDENT—ALI—ABDULLAH—SALEH as well as 14—PRO—GOVERNMENT—FORCES.
20150516             ÄGYPTEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT—HOSNI Mubarak und
20150516             CHINAs ehemaligem PREMIER—LI—KEQIANGPENG.
20150516             [l] Der ÜBERLEBENDE—DER—BOSTON Bombers wurde zum Tod durch Giftspritze verurteilt.
20150516             DIE—ENTSCHEIDUNG fiel einstimmig.
20150516             Ich finde vor allem den Kontrast zwischen den DROHNEN—MORDEN und diesem TERROR—ANSCHLAG beeindruckend.
20150516             —UPDATE, Das ist sogar noch krasser.
20150516             [l] Liebe Leser, lasst uns mal das Wort Kollateralschande einführen.
20150516             [l] Wie zu erwarten war, war die PATRIOT—ACT—REFORM der Amis keineswegs 1.Einschränkung der Befugnisse.
20150516             BND—AFFÄRE, GABRIEL und STEINMEIER streiten über NSA—SUCHLISTE
20150516             FLÜCHTLINGskinder als Unternehmer: "Wir sind REBELLEN"
20150516             Drama vor asiatischen Küsten: USA fordern mehr Schutz für FLÜCHTLINGE
20150516             Umstrittene Sperrzonen: Große Gefahren in HAMBURGs Gefahrengebiet?
20150516             REAKTIONEN—AUF—TODES—URTEIL für BOSTON—BOMBER: "Es gibt keine Gewinner"
20150516             Raumfahrt: RUSSLAND—TRÄGERRAKETE soll in Sibirien abgestürzt sein
20150516             Langfristiges Denken: Von den Griechen lernen
20150516             —VOM—IS eroberte Stadt: IRAK—ARMEE kündigt GEGEN—OFFENSIVE in Ramadi an
20150516             NEUVER—TEILUNG—VON—FÖRDERUNG: Nahles streicht JOB—CENTERN 750.000.000—EURO
20150516             TSIPRAS bekräftigt Versprechen an Griechen: Renten und Gehälter sind unantastbar
20150516             NORD—SEE: Taucher entdecken DEUTSCHLAND—U—BOOT—WRACK
20150516             Einfluss für NOTEN—BANKEN: WIRTSCHAFTS—WEISER Bofinger fordert ENDE—DES—BAR—GELDS
20150516             FLÜCHTLINGE—IN—ASIEN: Horror 15—KM vor dem Touristenparadies
20150516             GROSSBRITANNIEN—REFERENDUM—ÜBER—EU—AUSTRITT: Das Feilschen kann beginnen
20150516             Privataudienz: FRANZISKUS—I—PAPA nennt ABBAS "Friedensengel"
20150516             WELT—KULTUR—ERBE: IS rückt in antiker Oasenstadt Palmyra ein
20150516             HILLARY—CLINTONS Einkommen: Reden für 25.000.000—DOLLAR
20150516             Zossen in BRANDENBURG: RECHTS—RADIKALE legen Feuer in ASYL—BEWERBERHEIM
20150516             Ordensfrau auf Geldsuche: Die Nonne, die Elvis küsste
20150516             MedienBERICHT, BND soll CIA angeblich Hinweis auf BIN—LADEN—VERSTECK gegeben haben
20150516             [l] DER—PAPA nennt ABBAS 1 "Engel des Friedens", und DER—VATIKAN will PALÄSTINA als STAAT anerkennen.
20150516             —UPDATE, Per Mail kommt dieser Hinweis:
20150516             —GENANNT, DER—PAPA hat ABBAS übrigens nicht 1 "Engel des Friedens", sondern ihn ermahnt (!), er möge ein solcher sein.
20150516             Übrigens ist das nicht soo neu, dass DER—VATIKAN PALÄSTINA als STAAT anerkennen will,
20150516             die 2—STAATEN—LÖSUNG wird —SCHON lange vom VATIKAN unterstützt.
20150516             Und dann noch
20150516             —VERGESSEN, Achso, den Grund, warum DER—PAPA—ABBAS derart ungewöhnlich ermahnt hat.
20150516             [l] Du weißt, dass es WAHL—BETRUG gab, wenn deine Partei 0—STIMMEN gekriegt hat, obwohl du für sie gestimmt hast.
20150516             [l] KALIFORNIEN führt verpflichtende Impfungen für Kinder vor dem Kindergartenalter ein.
20150516             [l] Auch in JAPAN formiert sich langsam PROTEST—GEGEN—TPP.
20150516             [l] Haha, geil!
20150516             —WÄHREND, große TEIL—DER—SPD—BUNDES—KANZLERIN—MERKEL der Unterwürfigkeit bezichtigen, werfen CDU—POLIKER der SPD "überzogene antiamerikanische Töne"vor.
20150516             Ja, gut, DIE—AMERIKANER haben bei uns INDUSTRIE—SPIONAGE betrieben, und dafür unseren eigenen GEHEIM—DIENST benutzt.
20150518—20150516    —ON, UKRAINE Foreign MINISTER—PAVLO—KLIMKIN said that RUSSIA had tried to kill 2—RUSSIA—SERVICEMEN detained in UKRAINE, as the Kremlin reiterated that there were no regular RUSSIA—TROOPS—FIGHTING in EAST—UKRAINE.
20160423—20160516    —NICKNAMED, The suspect, Maskawath HASAN—SAKIB, Abdullah, confessed involvement in THE—ATTACK—BEFORE 1—MAGISTRATE, leading to THE—ARRESTS—OF—THE—3—OTHER—SUSPECTS.
20160516             Bekannt wurde Berger 19800101—19891231    —JAHREN—IN—DEN, als Sexspezialistin der Nation mit der RTL—SENDUNG "CALL—IN - 1.Chance für die Liebe".
20160516             —CONDUCTED, THE—USA and its allies, 12—STRIKES against Islamic STATE—IN—IRAQ and Syria.
20160516             —SUPPORTED, AUSTRIA, world powers meeting in VIENNA said they, the lifting of 1—ARMS—EMBARGO on LIBYA and were ready to supply weapons to the country's new unity government to help it fight the growing threat posed by the Islamic State group.
20160516             THE—UN said more than 9—MILLION—PEOPLE in the Lake CHAD region are in desperate NEED—OF—FOOD—AID as the violent insurgency continues being waged there by Boko Haram.
20160516             —WEAKENED, NIGERIA—CHAD, CAMEROON and NIGER have significantly, Boko Haram but have been unable to vanquish the Islamists entirely.
20160516             —OPENED, FRANCE—ENERGY—GIANT—TOTAL officially, the Shetland Gas Plant in BRITAIN—NORTHERNMOST outpost, which cost $5—BILLION (4.4—BILLION euros) to build.
20160516             WEST—INDONESIA, rescuers found the bodies of 17—PEOPLE who were among 20—UNIVERSITY—STUDENTS and 2—GUIDES who went missing in RAIN—TRIGGERED floods and landslides at 1—POPULAR waterfall.
20160516             1—STUDENT was found alive. 4—PEOPLE remained missing.
20160516             —LAUNCHED, IRAQ—SECURITY—FORCES and allied fighters, 1—OPERATION to retake THE—TOWN—OF—RUTBA from the Islamic State jihadist group.
20160516             —FIRED, KENYA—POLICE, tear gas and water cannon at STONE—THROWING—CROWDS—PROTESTING in CENTRAL—NAIROBI against 1—ELECTION oversight body they say is biased and should be scrapped.
20160516             Police officers were seen viciously beating 1—UNRESPONSIVE fallen protester as they broke up the demonstrations.
20160516             —ARRESTED, At least 15—PEOPLE were, and at least 1—VICTIM †.
20160516             NEPAL, SUPPORTERS—OF—ETHNIC—MINORITY—GROUPS—DEMANDING—CHANGES in the new constitution clashed with police and blocked main streets near THE—PRIME—MINISTER—OFFICE, as their newly started protests entered their 2. —DAY.
20160516             Presumptive THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—ELECT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE said he will reimpose the death penalty, offer Cabinet posts to communist rebels, and move to amend the constitution to give more power to the provinces.
20160516             He also said he will launch 1—MAJOR—MILITARY—OFFENSIVE to destroy ABU—SAYYAF extremists on SOUTH—JOLO ISLAND.
20160516             —EXPELLED, RWANDA officials said over 1,500 Burundians have been, in recent days, amid worsening relations between the neighbors.
20160516             HAN—KANG'S "THE—VEGETARIAN" won the Man Booker INTERNATIONAL—PRIZE (MBIP) for fiction.
20160516             —TRANSLATED, THE—SOUTH—KOREAN—BOOK was, by Deborah Smith.
20160516             Democrats will lead 1—NEW—HOLLAND—GOVERNMENT + 1—BRAND—NEW—PARTY led... waiting to see if they'll be included in the new HOLLAND—GOVERNMENT.
20160516             68—PERCENT—OF—HOLLAND—CONSIDER their government "Lap Dog" of USA—WIKINEWS
20160516             —FROM Wikinews, the free news source you can write!
20160516             PRÄSIDENTEN—WAHL—IN—ÖSTERREICH: TV—DUELL endet im Desaster - Moderatorin: Erika Berger ist tot
20160516             Serie DAS—WORT—TERROR wird unterschätzt"
20160516             PHILIPPINEN—HARDLINER Duterte will TODES—STRAFE wieder einführen
20160516             KOLUMBIEN: KINDER—SOLDATEN sollen FARC—REBELLEN—LAGER verlassen
20160516             BRASILIEN: INTERIMSPRÄSIDENT—TEMER will sich unbeliebt machen
20160516             Besiktas, Barça und Benfica: So geht Meisterfeier, liebe BAYERN
20160516             SYRIEN—AL—QAIDA zieht vom Hindukusch ans MITTELMEER
20160516             KATHOLISCHE—KIRCHE: VATIKAN nimmt KARDINAL LEHMANns Rücktrittsgesuch an
20160516             —REKORDFUND in KOLUMBIEN—POLIZEI beschlagnahmt 8—TONNEN Kokain
20160516             USA—WAHL—KAMPF paradox: Wo DONALD—TRUMP ein Linker ist
20160516             —INTERVIEW—MIT—ERIKA Berger: "Worüber soll man denn sonst reden?"
20160516             —GEBURTS—TAGSPARTY im Garten der QUEEN: 900—PFERDE und ein paar Popstars
20160516             [l] Bombe im Fußballstadion gefunden?
20160516             [l] ÖSTERREICH hat gerade herausgefunden, wieso man Politiker nur mit Moderator ins Fernsehen lassen kann.
20160516             [l] 8—TONNEN Kokain in KOLUMBIEN beschlagnahmt.
20160516             [l] Die BER—BETREIBERGESELLSCHAFT will nochmal—KREDITE aufnehmen.
20160516             —JETZT—SCHON steht der Flughafen mit 2,4—MILLIARDEN—EURO bei BANKEN in der Kreide.
20160516             [l] NORWEGEN, deren STAATS—FONDS der viertgrößte Anteilseigner ist, verklagt —JETZT VW.
20160516             TV—DUELL zur PRÄSIDENTEN—WAHL—IN—ÖSTERREICH: Zum Fremdschämen
20160516             DONALD—TRUMP hat von EUROPA keine gute Meinung, muss man leider sagen.
20160516             —AM, liebsten würde DONALD—TRUMP DIE—NATO einmotten.
20160516             —GEMACHT, Ich habe beim Lesen nämlich 1.Entdeckung : Vieles, was DONALD—TRUMP fordert, findet sich so oder so ähnlich auch bei der LINKS—PARTEI und ihren publizistischen Bannerträgern.
20160516             JAKOB—AUGSTEIN zum Beispiel verlangt —SEIT—LANGEM, daß sich DIE—USA nicht immer als WELT—POLIZIST aufspielen sollte.
20160516             Im Parteiestablishment trauen sie ihm nicht über den Weg, weil DONALD—TRUMP VIELE—DINGE egal sind, an denen das Herz eines echten REPUBLIKANERs hängt.
20160516             DONALD—TRUMP hat kein Problem mit Mindestlöhnen, er würde 1.neue Gesundheitsversicherung einführen, und wenn er darüber redet, wie er USA—ARBEITSPLÄTZE sichern will, klingt er wie ein typischer GEWERKSCHAFTsboss
20160516             TTIP wird es mit ihm nicht geben, darauf kann man sich verlassen.
20160516             "Was hierzulande oft übersehen oder verkannt wird: Sozialpolitisch ist er 1—LINKER", hat der EHEMALIGE—"Zeit"—CHEF—REDAKTEUR Theo —SOMMER in 1—KOLUMNE zu RECHT angemerkt.
20160516             Zum TOD—DER—MODERATORIN: Wie Erika Berger DEUTSCHLAND aufklärte
20160516             SYRIEN—AKTIVISTEN melden über 300—TOTE—BEI—GEFECHTEN zwischen ISLAMISTEN
20160516             MITTELMEER: Taucher bergen spektakulären RÖMER—SCHATZ
20160516             GROß—INVESTMENT: Buffett steckt—DOLLAR in APPLE—AKTIEN
20160516             Es hat sich 1.bedrückende Regelmäßigkeit entwickelt:
20160516             In der —MITTE JEDES—MONATS gibt das Goddard Institute for Space Studies DER—USA—WELT—RAUM—BEHÖRDE NASA in NEW—YORK die neuen  zur ENTWICKLUNG—DER—WELT—WEITEN Temperatur heraus.
20160516             DIE—WELT war, nein ist, so warm wie nie.
20160516             DIE—GLOBALEN sätze gehen —BIS ins —JAHR 18800000              zurück.
20160516             DIE—ANALYSE belegt: Genau so war es —SCHON im;;03;;,
20160516             uletzt lagen die Temperaturen jeweils massiv über den Mittelwerten.
20160516             —DANN, kam die verflixte 7,
20160516             7—MONATE mit - ist auch klar: MANCHE—REGIONEN—DER—ERDE erwärmen sich sogar noch viel stärker.
20160516             Dort lag das Temperaturplus zum VERGLEICHSZEIT—RAUMZUM Teil bei 4—GRAD oder mehr.
20160516             In der ARKTIS deutet —DERZEIT, vieles auf ein besonders schlechtes —JAHR für das Meereis hin.
20160516             —LAUT, Statistiken des National Snow & Ice Data Center IN—DEN—USA liegt die aktuelle Ausdehnung der weißen Schollen rund um den NORD—POL —BEREITS weit unter denen des —BISHERIGEN Negativrekordhalters 20120000             .
20160516             Risse im Eis vor Nordgrönland, wo der frostige Panzer normalerweise besonders dick ist, lassen außerdem ein besonders schnelles Abschmelzen —SOMMER—IM, befürchten.
20160516             ASIEN, OST—EUROPA, AUSTRALIEN, BRASILIEN, dem NORD—WESTEN der USA und in Westkanada gab es im;;04;;im Schnitt 2—GRAD mehr als üblich
20160516             Kühler war es dagegen in Teilen der ANT—ARKTIS, im SÜDEN SÜD—AMERIKAS, in Ostkanada und in Teilen von Nordpazifik und Nordatlantik.
20160516             Beim CO2 ist —SEIT wenigen Tagen der symbolisch wichtige Wert von 400—PPM (parts per million, Teilen pro Million) auch auf der Südhalbkugel geknackt,
20160516             An der Messstation am Mauna Loa auf HAWAII lag das CO2—PLUS allein
20160516             —NOCH, 1—NEGATIV—REKORD, —DIESMAL in 56—JAHREN Aufzeichnungen.
20160516             —VOR, der Industrialisierung lag der Wert übrigens bei 280—PPM.
20160516             [l] Seid ihr eigentlich auch so froh, daß wir den VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ haben?
20160516             1—BEHÖRDE, die explizit dafür da ist, uns vor ausländischen GEHEIM—DIENSTEN zu schützen?
20160516             MONEY—QUOTE:
20160516             —DENN, auch für DIE—BEAMTEN im VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ waren die Veröffentlichungen 1—KNALLER.
20160516             "Wir waren von SNOWDEN so überrascht wie alle anderen auch", sagte Wingerath.
20160516             Ja, äh... - Doch ob all DIE—SPIONAGE—METHODEN, DIE—SNOWDEN aufgezeigt hatte, nun wirklich existieren und im —EINSATZ waren oder noch sind, das wollte Wingerath dem UNTERSUCHUNGS—AUSSCHUSS nicht sagen.
20160516             was würden Sie sagen, was Sie hier tun?
20160516             Der Gewöhnliche Schneeball (Viburnum opulus), auch Gemeiner Schneeball, Herzbeer, Blutbeer, Dampfbeere, Drosselbeerstrauch, Geißenball, Glasbeere, Schlangenbeere, Wasserholder, WASSER—SCHNEEBALL genannt, ist 1.PFLANZEN—ART aus der Gattung der Schneebälle (Viburnum) in der FAMILIE—DER—MOSCHUSKRAUTGEWÄCHSE (Adoxaceae).
20160516             Umstrittenes Pestizid: UNO sieht kein GLYPHOSAT—RISIKO—FÜR—VERBRAUCHER
20160516             —BÜRGER—KRIEG—IN—LIBYEN: Waffen für den Frieden
20160516             USA—FILME in Cannes: DAS—IMPERIUM schrumpft zurück
20160516             —BEKOMMT, Transplantation in USA: Patient, neuen Penis
20160516             —VERHAFTET, INSTAGRAM—FOTOS ohne Kopftuch: Models in IRAN
20160516             [l] DER—UNTERSCHIED zwischen dem Windows-10-Updater und MALWARE ist gerade noch etwas geringer geworden.
20160516             [l] Habt ihr euch mal gefragt, wieso Persien nicht mehr Persien sondern IRAN heißt?
20160516             Aber wie das häufig so ist, ist DIE—WAHRHEIT ein wenig komplizierter.
20160516             Zwischenzeitlich gab es nämlich DIE—REICHS—TAG—WAHL—KAMPF—PROPAGANDA—STORY, daß DER—IRAN sich umbenannt habe, um SICH—AN—DIE—NAZIS heranzumachen, oder auf "Einflüsterung"der NAZIs, mit denen DIE—POLIZEI sympathisierten.
20160516             Stattdessen geht aus den Akten hervor, daß die PERSER mit den NAZIs alles andere als befreundet waren, besonders als die sich —PLÖTZLICH, 1—MONOPOL auf das "Ariertum"anzueignen versuchten.
20160516             Das Fass zum Überlaufen brachte die Entscheidung der NAZIs, 1—MONOPOL für das Ariersein zu VERKÜNDEN—DAS Markenzeichen der PERSER —SEIT dreitausend —JAHREN.
20160516             An DEUTSCHLAND—UNIVERSITÄTEN wurden persische Studenten, schahtreue junge Männer der MILITÄR—AKADEMIE, allein wegen ihres Äußeren, Opfer rassistischer Angriffe.
20160516             DIE—NAMENSÄNDERUNG von Persien in IRAN war wohl eher ein unfreundlicher Hinweis des Schah an HITLERs Adresse, wer hier Arier ist und wer nicht.
20160516             —PFINGST—MONTAG
20160516—19350000    —AB, Reza Schah BEGANN auch DIE—POLITIK—DER—HINWENDUNG zum vorislamischen IRAN, benutzte Krone, Mantel und Banner nach altiranischem Vorbild, führte den IRAN—KALENDER ein und verlangte — nicht ganz unbeeinflusst durch das NATIONAL—SOZIALISTISCHE DEUTSCHLAND, zu dem DER—SCHAH gute Beziehungen unterhielt — vom Ausland, DAS—LAND IRAN ("Land der Arier") und nicht mehr Persien zu nennen.
20160516—19660000    [l] 50—JAHRE KULTUR—REVOLUTION!
20160516—19800000    —BIS, Global gesehen lag der;;04;;1,11—GRAD—CELSIUS über dem Durchschnitt der —JAHRE 19510000             .
20160516—19940000    —IN—THE, SWEDEN—CITIZEN—CLAVER Berinkindi (61), originally from RWANDA, was sentenced in STOCKHOLM to life in prison for his role genocide in the African country.
20160516—20151000    —SEIT, JEDER—MONAT hatte mit mindestens 1—GRAD über dem —BISHERIGEN Rekord zu Buche geschlagen.
20160517—20160513    —FROM, GERMANY—POLICE said they have received 1—TOTAL—OF—7—COMPLAINTS—ALLEGING—SEXUAL—HARASSMENT or assault at THE—CARNIVAL—OF—CULTURES—1—ANNUAL—FESTIVAL in BERLIN that ran to 20160516             .
20161022—20150516    ÄGYPTEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT: Morsi scheitert mit Berufung - 20—JAHRE—HAFT (Politik, 17:19)
20170502—20170516    —ON, 1—MAN identified only as "ORLANDO—N" (37) was arrested.
20170515—20170516    —ON, THE—USA—LED coalition against the Islamic State group said it did not conduct strikes in THE—EAST—SYRIA—TOWN—OF—ALBU—KAMAL.
20170516             —DEFENDED, PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, his decision to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with RUSSIA, saying in 1—PAIR—OF—TWEETS he has "1—ABSOLUTE—RIGHT" as PRESIDENT to do so.
20170516             PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP held his 1. FACE—TO—FACE—MEETING with TURKEY—PRESIDENT amid accusations that Trump gave RUSSIA—OFFICIALS classified intelligence from 1—FOREIGN—ALLY.
20170516             —VOWED, Trump and Erdogan, to repair THE—1—RELATIONSHIP battered by YEARS—OF—DISPUTES over SYRIA—CIVIL—WAR and its various fighting groups.
20170516             Elsewhere in DC TURKEY—SECURITY—GUARDS beat Armenian and Kurdish protesters.
20170516             —SIGNED, THE—PENTAGON said THE—USA and THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES have, 1—NEW, updated defense cooperation agreement that dictated "the magnitude and conditions" of THE—USA—MILITARY—PRESENCE inside the Emirates.
20170516             Cybersecurity researchers said they have found evidence that could link NORTH—KOREA with the WannaCry CYBER—ATTACK that has infected more than 300,000 computers worldwide, as global authorities scrambled to prevent hackers from spreading new VERSIONS—OF—THE—VIRUS.
20170516             —STRETCHED, In THE—CENTRAL—USA—STORMS that, from TEXAS to the Great Lakes spawned 29—TWISTERS that killed 2—PEOPLE in OKLAHOMA and WISCONSIN.
20170516             AFGHANISTAN, 1—ROCKET—ATTACK on 1—MARKET in Asad Abad, THE—CAPITAL—OF—KUNAR province, killed 2—CIVIL—SERVANTS.
20170516             In the Laghman province, 1—TALIBAN mortar round struck 1—HOUSE—KILLING—2—WOMEN and wounding 3—CHILDREN.
20170516             —REPORTED, It was, that researchers have found 1—ESTIMATED 100—1200—TONS—OF—PLASTIC—FLOATING in THE—ARCTIC—OCEAN.
20170516             —APPROVED, AUSTRIA—PARLIAMENT, new legislation banning THE—WEARING—OF—FULL facial veils in public places to become effective in October.
20170516             Violators would face FINES—OF—ABOUT $167.
20170516             BRITAIN—LABOUR—PARTY made its case for voters to back its move to the left and throw out the Conservatives at next —MONTH—ELECTION, promising RENATIONALIZATION—OF—SOME—SERVICES, measures to curb corporate excess and end healthcare cuts.
20170516             —NAMED, CONGO, DRC PRESIDENT—JOSEPH—KABILA, 8—SENIOR—POLICE—OFFICERS as "national heroes".
20170516             —BELIEVED, Former police CHIEF—JOHN—NUMBI, by regime critics to be prime suspect in THE—MURDER—OF—1—KEY—RIGHTS—ACTIVIST, was 1—OF—THE 8.
20170516             —CONFIRMED, THE—WORLD—HEALTH—ORGANIZATION said a 2. CASE—OF—EBOLA has been, by laboratory testing amid 1—OUTBREAK in 1—REMOTE—CORNER—OF—NORTH—CONGO.
20170516             —ANNOUNCED, THE—EU, it is restoring 1—PREFERENTIAL tax concession for goods imported from SRI—LANKA that it withdrew 7—YEARS ago over alleged human rights abuses.
20170516             —SENTENCED, He was, to 11—YEARS in prison.
20170516             —RULED, 1—INDIA—COURT—IN—NEW—DELHI, that doctors were free to carry out 1—ABORTION on 1—GIRL, 10—JAHRE—ALT who was raped and impregnated by her stepfather.
20170516             —AGREED, IVORY—COAST—REBEL—SOLDIERS, to end a 4—DAY mutiny which drew in troops from across the country —AFTER reaching agreement with the government over 1—WAGES—DISPUTE.
20170516             —AGREED, The government reportedly, to give them 1—IMMEDIATE—PAYMENT—OF—5.0—MILLION—CFA francs each with the remaining 2.0—MILLION to be paid next —MONTH.
20170516             —DETAINED, MEXICO—FEDERAL and state authorities, 60—PEOPLE and disarmed local police infiltrated by organized crime in the Pacific coast tourist DESTINATION—OF—ZIHUATANEJO, Guerrero state.
20170516             Boyan Slat, a 22—YEAR—OLD—DUTCHMAN, said it would be possible to reduce by half THE—MILLIONS—OF—TONS—OF—PLASTIC—GARBAGE in the Pacific by deploying floating barriers.
20170516             † 1—SAUDI—ARABIA—ARABIAN police officer was killed by 1—ROCKET—PROPELLED grenade in the Almosara AREA—OF—AWAMIYA, 1—SHIITE town.
20170516             —DENIED, THE—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT "categorically", USA—ACCUSATIONS—OF—MASS—KILLINGS at 1—PRISON—NEAR—DAMASCUS, including the alleged EXECUTION—OF—POLITICAL opponents and burning the victims in 1—CREMATORIUM at the site.
20170516             —BACKED, THAILAND, off 1—THREAT to block Facebook, instead providing the social media site with court orders to remove content that the government deems illegal.
20170516             —IMPOSED, UKRAINE, sanctions on RUSSIA—LARGEST—INTERNET—GROUP—YANDEX and other popular online firms, saying it wanted to guard against CYBER—ATTACKS, and the Kremlin threatened retaliation.
20170516             † IN—VENEZUELA—YEISON—MORA, 17—JAHRE—ALT —AFTER he was shot in the head —DURING 1—PROTEST THE—DAY—BEFORE, taking the death toll from 6—WEEKS—OF—ANTI—GOVERNMENT—UNREST to at least 40.
20170516             MEDIEN—BERICHTE: DONALD—TRUMP soll streng geheime Informationen an RUSSEN weitergegeben haben
20170516             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DIENSTAG : Autokraten in Demokratien
20170516             Onward Together: CLINTON startet ANTI—TRUMP—GRUPPE
20170516             —NUN, berichtet DIE—WASHINGTON—POST, daß DONALD—TRUMP bei dem Treffen hochsensible GEHEIM—DIENST—INFORMATIONEN an LAWROW und den RUSSLAND—USA—BOTSCHAFTER—SERGEJ—KISLYAK weitergegeben haben soll.
20170516             dementierten weder TILLERSON noch McMaster, daß Geheiminformationen weitergegeben worden sind.
20170516             Tatsächlich schreibt DIE—WASHINGTON—POST lediglich, daß man durch DONALD—TRUMP—AUSSAGEN auf Quellen oder Methoden schließen könnte, nicht aber, daß konkret über diese gesprochen wurde.
20170516             DIE—INFORMATIONEN stammten aus dem inneren Zirkel des TERROR—MILIZ—ISLAMISCHER—STAAT[IS]
20170516             "Ich bekomme großartige GEHEIM—DIENSTBERICHTE.
20170516             Mit Onward Together ("Gemeinsam voran") will sie Menschen dabei helfen, sich politisch zu engagieren und WIDERSTAND—GEGEN— USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP zu leisten.
20170516             Sparplan: FORD plant drastischen Stellenabbau
20170516             BREXIT, Probleme in INDIEN: Vodafone macht 6,1—MILLIARDEN—EURO Verlust
20170516             ERDOGAN bei DONALD—TRUMP: EKLAT mit Ansage
20170516             Geheimer FOTODEAL—ZWISCHEN—NAZIS und USA—AMERIKANERN: "HITLER war regelrecht bildersüchtig"
20170516             Angeschwemmtes Plastik: Abgelegene Südseeinsel wird zur Müllkippe
20170516             Kein Mensch weit und breit, aber dennoch die größte PLASTIKMÜLL—DICHTE weltweit: Fast 38.000.000 Plastikteile mit 1—GEWICHT—VON—17,6—TONNEN vermüllen —DERZEIT, die unbewohnte PAZIFIKinsel HENDERSON ISLAND —, jeden —TAG kommen pro Quadratmeter 27—WEITERE Teile hinzu.
20170516             Das zu den PITCAIRN—INSELN zählende HENDERSON ISLAND liegt im SÜD—PAZIFIK und zählt zum UNESCO—WELTERBE—WEGEN der außergewöhnlichen Schönheit und Unberührtheit.
20170516             DIE—PLASTIKTEILE auf dem Sand und —BIS in 10—ZENTIMETER Tiefe gezählt.
20170516             Viele stammten demnach aus ASIEN und SÜD—AMERIKA.
20170516             DIE—GESCHÄTZTEN 17,6—TONNEN Plastikmüll auf HENDERSON ISLAND entsprächen rechnerisch gerade einmal der Menge Plastik, DIE—WELT—WEIT in 2—SEKUNDEN produziert würde.
20170516             EUGH—URTEIL: PARLAMENTe von EU—STAATEN dürfen Veto bei HANDELS—ABKOMMEN einlegen
20170516             WIRTSCHAFTS—WACHSTUM—EURO—ZONE hängt USA deutlich ab
20170516             Dass DIE—AP —SCHON in den 3ßigerjahren kaum Berührungsängste zu den NAZIs hatte, enthüllte DIE—HISTORIKERIN HARRIET—SCHARNBERG 2016
20170516             —REAGIERT, AP hat nun, und kürzlich 1—REPORT über DIE—ZUSAMMEN—ARBEIT ins Netz gestellt.
20170516             Domeier: Manches mag auf den 1.Blick harmlos wirken, aber die Fotos waren ALLE—HANDVERLESENE—PROPAGANDABILDER—WIE auch umgekehrt die AP—BILDER aus DEN—USA, die im NS—STAAT gedruckt wurden.
20170516             Es gab im KRIEG keine zufälligen Bilder.
20170516             Sie transportieren gezielt Botschaften. Es gab
20170516             —ENTSCHIED, HITLER etwa, stets persönlich, welche AUFNAHMEN—VON—IHM—AN—DIE—INTERNATIONALE Presse gingen.
20170516             muss man bedenken, daß DIE—AP ihr Monopol bei der Aufarbeitung der eigenen GESCHICHTE zäh verteidigt.
20170516             Sie lassen nur eigene MIT—ARBEITER in ihr Archiv, keine unabhängigen Historiker.
20170516             DIE—ERHALTEN nur ausgewähltes Material.
20170516             DIE—GESCHICHTS—WISSENSCHAFT wird sich damit nicht zufriedengeben.
20170516             Der DEAL—MIT—DEN NAZIs war ein offenes Geheimnis innerhalb der —BIS—HEUTE bestehenden "AP Family".
20170516             Es war 1.richtige GEHEIM—AGENTUR, von SS und Auswärtigem Amt eingerichtet, und
20170516             sie verfolgte im NS—STAAT kriegstreiberische Zwecke,
20170516             abgesegnet von HITLER - abgesegnet - abgesegnet von HITLER selbst.
20170516             den Deal fädelte HELMUT—LAUX ein, der LEIBFOTOGRAF—VON—AUßEN—MINISTER—RIBBENTROP.
20170516             WILLY—ERWIN—BRANDT leitete das BÜRO.
20170516             EINESTAGES: Wie gelangten die Fotos mitten im KRIEG nach DEUTSCHLAND —, umgekehrt von dort in DIE—USA ?
20170516             Domeier: Per —KURIER im Diplomatengepäck über das neutrale LISSABON,
20170516             Man muss dabei betonen: Dies war wahrscheinlich der einzige tägliche, direkte Kommunikationskanal zwischen den USA—AMERIKANERN und den NAZIs.
20170516             DIE—AKTEN aus den National Archives in WASHINGTON müssen —ERST freigegeben werden.
20170516             womöglich wurden über diesen Kanal nicht nur Fotos, sondern auch Dokumente und andere Informationen ausgetauscht.
20170516             Domeier: HITLER ließ sich die AP—BILDER jeden —TAG—VON—SEINEM—SONDERBOTSCHAFTER—WALTER—HEWEL persönlich vorlegen, auch das war —BISHER, unbekannt.
20170516             —NATÜRLICH hätte JEDER—USA—AMERIKANER ahnen können, daß BILDER—VON—HITLER im KRIEG nicht von unabhängigen USA—FOTOGRAFEN stammen können.
20170516             —NATÜRLICH - DIE—AP hat ihre direkte Absprache mit den NAZIs systematisch verschleiert.
20170516             Zumal der stellvertretende USA—CHEFZENSOR BYRON—PRICE ein FRÜHERER—AP—MANN war.
20170516             EINESTAGES: Ging DIE—AP als einzige NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR 1—SOLCHEN Deal ein?
20170516             —GEKLÄRT, Domeier: Das ist nicht.
20170516             Und natürlich stellt sich nun JEDER—DIE—FRAGE: Wie geht DIE—AP eigentlich —HEUTE mit autoritären Regimes ODER—TERROR—GRUPPEN um, welche Deals sind dort vielleicht geschlossen worden?
20170516             DIE—SPUREN menschlicher ZIVILISATION auf der entlegenen PAZIFIKinsel sind nicht zu übersehen.
20170516             menschlicher ZIVILISATION - Geschichtsverfälschung:
20170516             —NACH, der Landung der Alliierten in Nordafrika Ende 1942
20170516             DIE—DEUTSCHEN - auf dieser AP—AUFNAHME die GROSSBRITANNIEN—FLAGGE weg.
20170516             Damit wollten sie
20170516             suggerieren, DIE—ALLIIERTEN seien zerstritten, DIE—USA würden ihre Partner bewusst demütigen.
20170516             so vergeht ENGLANDs Ruhm", lautete die Bildunterschrift in DEUTSCHLAND:
20170516             DIE—GROSSBRITANNIEN—SOLDATEN müssten sich unter DAS—USA—STERNENBANNER stellen.
20170516             Weltkriegsbomben am Meeresgrund: Fische mit Tumor
20170516             —AM, Boden von Nord—, OST—SEE verrotten MILLIONEN—TONNEN KAMPF—MITTEL aus dem WWII20170516             ihr Sprengstoff scheint Fische krank zu machen.
20170516             Wie groß ist die GEFAHR—FÜR—LEBEWESEN?
20170516             Bei Untersuchungen des Plattfisches Kliesche fanden Forscher 1.25-prozentige Rate von Lebertumoren,
20170516             OST,—, NORD—SEE wurden —NACH—DEN Weltkriegen Schätzungen zufolge etwa 1.600.000—TONNEN konventionelle und 220.000—TONNEN chemische KAMPF—MITTEL versenkt, darunter auch in der Kolberger Heide.
20170516             1—ARBEITS—GRUPPE vom INSTITUT—FÜR—TOXIKOLOGIE und Pharmakologie der UNIVERSITÄT—KIEL hatte festgestellt, daß Muscheln, die direkt auf den verrosteten Bomben sitzen, das TNT aufnehmen.
20170516             Das TNT, das aus den Bomben tritt, könne sich an Algen lagern, die Algen könnten das TNT aber auch verstoffwechseln.
20170516             —BEKANNT, Es sei auch, dass
20170516             bekannt - sich das TNT an kleine PLASTIK—PARTIKEL anlagert.
20170516             "Dort ist 1.überraschend hohe TNT—KONZENTRATION festzustellen, die sich dann auch in Vogelmägen findet",
20170516             "Wir haben im Meer 1.gigantische Belastung aus verschiedenen Quellen mit Chemikalien oder Schwermetallen, da kommt die TNT—BELASTUNG—DURCH—DIE Munitionskörper dazu".
20170516             Alles gut: DIE—DEUTSCHLAND—AP—MIT—ARBEITER sind trotz SS—VERGANGENHEIT und KOOPERATION—MIT—HITLER—DEUTSCHLAND —BALD—SCHON WIEDER—VEREINT und haben ihre alten Stellungen zurück;
20170516             auch das FOTO—ARCHIV—VON—"AP GERMANY"mit mehr als 1—MILLION Bilder ist gerettet.
20170516             [l] Bei der Frage nach SOFTWARE—HAFTUNG wurde mir ja ein paar Mal die PHARMA—BRANCHE vorgehalten.
20170516             —ALMOST 33—PERCENT—OF—NEW—DRUGS approved by USA—REGULATORS over 1—DECADE ended up years —LATER with warnings about unexpected — sometimes LIFE—THREATENING — side effects or complications, ACCORDING—TO—1—NEW—ANALYSI—IN—THE—S—JOURNAL—OF—THE—USA—MEDICAL—ASSN.
20170516             Sportlich!
20170516             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, DONALD—TRUMP—BERATER könnten den RUSSEN Geheimnisse verraten.
20170516             NEW—HOTNESS, DONALD—TRUMP persönlich hat dem RUSSLAND—AUSSEN—MINISTER—GEHEIMNISSE verraten.
20170516             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, KKK—ANFÜHRER in DEUTSCHLAND ist V—MANN.
20170516             NEW—HOTNESS, Blood and HONOUR—ANFÜHRER in DEUTSCHLAND ist V—MANN.
20170516             Unsere NAZI—BE—DROHUNG würde sich wahrscheinlich spontan halbieren, wenn wir den VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ zumachen würden.
20170516             Gute Konjunktur: DEUTSCHE—ARBEITEN so viel wie
20170516             ERDOGAN bei DONALD—TRUMP: Die Türkisierung der USA: 4—PARALLELEN
20170516             BUNDES—GERICHT—HOF: GEFAHR—VON—HACKER—ANGRIFFEN kann Surfprotokolle rechtfertigen
20170516             SYRIEN: USA bleiben Beweise für ASSAD—LEICHENÖFEN schuldig
20170516             —STUDIEE: Jedes 8. Kind wird im INTERNET gemobbt (Leben und Lernen, 16:23)
20170516             Streiks gegen Rentenkürzungen: GEWERKSCHAFTEN wollen GRIECHENLAND lahmlegen
20170516             —NACH, "WannaCry"—ATTACKE: "SHADOW—BROKERS"drohen mit neuen Veröffentlichungen
20170516             Private Finanzen: MACRON lässt künftige MINISTER durchleuchten
20170516             "Blood and Honour"—CHEF—WOMÖGLICH V—MANN: OPPOSITION verlangt Aufklärung
20170516             TÜRKEI: MERKEL nennt Bangen um BUNDESWEHRbesuche "Zumutung"
20170516             DONALD—TRUMP—LEAK: TOP—REPUBLIKANER wünscht sich "weniger Drama"im WEIßES—HAUS
20170516             Kopflos im WEIßES—HAUS: DONALD—TRUMP—GEGEN—TRUMP
20170516             DONALD—TRUMP—LEAK: Ausgeplauderte Informationen stammen offenbar aus ISRAEL
20170516             ERDOGAN bei DONALD—TRUMP: "Absolut nicht akzeptabel"
20170516             [l] GABY—WEBER hat 1—DOKUMENTARFILM—ÜBER—MONSANTO gedreht, er heißt "Tödliche AGRI—KULTUR—WIE MONSANTO DIE—WELT vergiftet".
20170516             Aus ihrem ANKÜNDIGUNGS—RUNDSCHREIBEN dazu:
20170516             ARGENTINIEN, sind 20.000.000  Hektar mit gentechnisch veränderter Soja bepflanzt.
20170516             Ich habe diesen Film ohne finanzielle Hilfe angefertigt, für Spenden bin ich dankbar.
20170516             So gehet denn hin und gucket euch den Film an, und wenn ihr ein paar EURO übrig habt, dann spendet sie Gaby, auf das sie noch mehr Filme drehe!
20170516             [l] Kennt ihr den —SCHON?
20170516             Nein, wirklich!
20170516             For 1—START, ISRAEL and IRAN do not have diplomatic relations with EACH—OTHER and nor do fellow members TURKEY and CYPRUS
20170516             —AT—1—POINT—IRAN was unable to pay its share BECAUSE—OF—INTERNATIONAL—SANCTIONS on banking
20170516             2—IRAN—SCIENTISTS working on Sesame were killed in what THE—IRAN—GOVERNMENT said were assassinations by THE—ISRAEL—SECRET—SERVICE
20170516             —AFTER 1—FREAK snowstorm, the Sesame roof collapsed leaving key components exposed to the elements
20170516             —GEWORDEN, Aber es ist doch fertig, und wird diese TAGE eröffnet.
20170516             [l] Für Freunde des überspezifischen Dementis gibt es hier ein schönes aktuelles Beispiel.
20170516             Ich halte das ja für 1—STURM im Wasserglas, denn DER—PRÄSIDENT ist im USA—SYSTEM der oberste Arbiter darüber, was GEHEIM ist und was nicht.
20170516             Allerdings kam dieses Geheimnis angeblich von den ISRAELis, und es könnte sein, daß er —JETZT diplomatisch mit denen 1—PROBLEM hat.
20170516             [l] KURZE—DURCHSAGE der ARD:
20170516             IP—ADRESSEN sind aus dem INTERNET nicht mehr wegzudenken.
20170516—19420000    —AB, dieses "BÜRO—LAUX", das sich das DEUTSCHLAND—AP—BÜRO einverleibte.
20170516—19450000    —NACH, Ausgeblendet wird vor allem DIE—ZEIT, etwa die Weiterbeschäftigung von DEUTSCHLAND—AP—MITARBEITERN, die allesamt in DER—WAFFEN—SS waren
20170516—19450000    —NACH, Domeier: In der Hauszeitschrift, der "AP World", gab es immer WIEDER—BERICHTE von ehemaligen AP—FOTOGRAFEN aus der NS—ZEIT, auch über den GEHEIMEN AUSTAUSCH—DER—FOTOS mit dem "BÜRO—LAUX".
20170516—19450000    —NACH, Domeier: DIE—DEUTSCHLAND—AP—MITARBEITER, immerhin einige —JAHRE im GEHEIMEN "BÜRO—LAUX"und in DER—WAFFEN—SS tätig, wurden bald wieder von AP beschäftigt.
20170516—19450000    —NACH, Domeier: Es gab, dies wurde immerhin durch den AP—REPORT bekannt, 1.—BISHER, unbekannte UNTERSUCHUNGS—AKTION DER—USA—GEHEIM—DIENSTE im besetzten DEUTSCHLAND.
20170516—20120000    —SINCE, NORTH—EAST—MALI, 1—UNMARRIED couple were stoned to death in public by Islamists in Taghlit, the 1. such known occurrence.
20170516—20150000    —IN, ETHIOPIA, 1—JUDGE—IN—ADDIS—ABABA found former opposition spokesman Yonatan Tesfaye GUILTY—OF—ENCOURAGING—TERRORISM with 1—SERIES—OF—ANTI—GOVERNMENT—FACEBOOK posts.
20170516—20160000    —IN—THE, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer urged THE—WHITE—HOUSE to —IMMEDIATELY release TRANSCRIPTS—OF—TRUMP'S 20170510              meeting with RUSSIA—OFFICIALS to the relevant lawmakers probing alleged interference by RUSSIA —USA—ELECTION.
20170516—20160113    —ON, 1—DENMARK—COURT convicted 1—TEENAGE—GIRL, 17—JAHRE—ALT, arrested, of attempted terrorism for planning bomb attacks against 2—SCHOOLS.
20180516             —WELCOMED, PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, UZBEKISTAN PRESIDENT—SHAVKAT—MIRZIYOYEV to THE—WHITE—HOUSE to discuss strengthening their economic ties and cooperation in AFGHANISTAN.
20180516             —RELEASED, PRESIDENT—TRUMP—FINANCIAL—DISCLOSURE, by THE—OFFICE—OF—GOVERNMENT—ETHICS, revealed for the 1. time that he paid more than $100,000 to his personal attorney, MICHAEL—COHEN, as reimbursements for a "3. party".
20180516             —ORDERED, A—USA—JUDGE, TURKEY—BANKER—MEHMET—HAKAN—ATILLA to spend 32—MONTHS in prison, including 14—MONTHS he has already served —AFTER his arrest —LAST—YEAR—DURING 1—BUSINESS—TRIP to NEW—YORK on BEHALF—OF—HALKBANK.
20180516             The sentence means Atilla can return to TURKEY in about 1—YEAR.
20180516             MAINE—FISHERMEN sold elvers at the dock for more than $2,400 1—POUND.
20180516             MICHIGAN STATE—UNIV. announced a $500—MILLION—SETTLEMENT with 332—WOMEN and girls who said they were molested by sports doctor LARRY—NASSAR.
20180516             —FILLED, NORTH—CAROLINA, THOUSANDS—OF—TEACHERS, THE—STREETS—OF—RALEIGH demanding better pay and more funding for public schools.
20180516             —EXECUTED, TEXAS, JUAN—EDWARD—CASTILLO, 36—JAHRE—ALT for the shooting and robbery of 1—MAN, 19—JAHRE—ALT more than 14—YEARS ago.
20180516             —INVOLVED, Castillo had said he was not, in the fatal S—ANTONIO "lovers' lane" killing.
20180516             —PUSHED, WEST—AFGHANISTAN, security forces, back 1—ATTACK by Taliban insurgents and took CONTROL—OF—FARAH city.
20180516             —REPORTED, At least 25—GOVERNMENT—TROOPS were, killed along with more than 300—TALIBAN fighters.
20180516             1—BELGIUM court rejected 1—SPAIN—REQUEST for the extradition of 3—CATALAN separatist leaders because there were no corresponding arrest orders.
20180516             BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—TYCOON—FAHRUDIN Radoncic, who leads 1—PARTY in the ruling coalition, was CLEARED—OF—CHARGES—OF—ORGANIZING—1—CRIMINAL—GROUP and interfering in 1—HIGH—PROFILE—COURT—CASE in KOSOVO against Balkan drug boss Naser Kelmendi.
20180516             —APPROVED, THE—BULGARIA—GOVERNMENT, THE—PURCHASE—OF—UP to 10—NEW or used fighter jets to replace its ageing SOVIET—DESIGNED MiG-29s as well as the purchase of 150—COMBAT vehicles.
20180516             —PLEDGED, CANADA, to compensate Kinder Morgan, the builder of the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline (TMX) in UNITED—KINGDOM—COLUMBIA, for ANY—LOSSES that may result from political delays.
20180516             —CALLED, More than 2—DOZEN—WRITERS—POETS and artists, for THE—RELEASE—OF—LIU Xia, THE—WIDOW—OF—NOBEL Peace PRIZE—WINNER Liu Xiaobo, who has been under house arrest in CHINA —SINCE her husband † in custody —LAST—YEAR.
20180516             † CHINA—ARCHEOLOGIST—ZHAO Kangmin (82).
20180516             —PARDONED, EGYPT—PRESIDENT—ABDEL—FATTAH—EL—SISSI, more than 330—YOUNG—PEOPLE—MOST—OF—WHOM had been convicted and jailed for their participation in illegal protests.
20180516             —DECIDED, FRANCE—OIL and gas giant Total said it has, to cancel 1—MULTI—BILLION—DOLLAR—PROJECT in IRAN unless it is granted 1—WAIVER by USA—AUTHORITIES.
20180516             —INAUGURATED, GUATEMALA, its ISRAEL embassy in JERUSALEM, becoming the 1. country to follow in THE—FOOTSTEPS—OF—THE—USA' deeply controversial move.
20180516             —ANNOUNCED, INDIA, that its troops will halt counterinsurgency operations in disputed Kashmir —DURING the Muslim holy —MONTH—OF—RAMADAN, its 1. such declaration in 18—YEARS.
20180516             —ATTACKED, INDONESIA—POLICE shot dead 4—SWORD—WIELDING men who, 1—POLICE—HEADQUARTERS in SUMATRA—RIAU province, killing 1—OFFICER.
20180516             A 5. man was arrested trying to escape.
20180516             —ANNOUNCED, Greenpeace, it has ended a 5—YEAR—TRUCE with 1—OF—THE—WORLD'S—LARGEST—PAPER companies, accusing IT—OF—CUTTING down tropical forests in INDONESIA —DURING the entire time the 2 were cooperating on conservation.
20180516             —ENDED, This, 1—LANDMARK 20130000              agreement in which the environmental group suspended 1—GLOBAL—CAMPAIGN against INDONESIA—SINARMAS and its ASIA Pulp & Paper arm in exchange for commitments to end deforestation, land grabs and conflicts with local communities.
20180516             —KILLED, SOUTH—WEST—IRAN, 2—PEOPLE were, and 48—INJURED in 1—VIOLENT—PROTEST in Kazeroon.
20180516             —PRECEDED, This was, by peaceful protests against 1—LOCAL—GOVERNMENT—DECISION to divide SOME—DISTRICTS—OF—THE—CITY and merge them into 1—NEW—TOWN.
20180516             —KILLED, IRAQ, several people were, or wounded NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD —WHEN 1—MAN—WEARING—1—EXPLOSIVE belt blew himself up in the middle of 1—GROUP—OF—PEOPLE—RECEIVING—CONDOLENCES in THE—REGION—OF—TARMIYA.
20180516             Gunmen in THE—NORTH—IRAQ—CITY—OF—KIRKUK were besieging several polling stations containing election staff, —4—DAYS—AFTER 1—NATIONAL—VOTE.
20180516             —SIGNED, KENYA—PRESIDENT—UHURU—KENYATTA, 1—NEW—LAW that outlaws THE—ABUSE—OF—PEOPLE on social media but which critics say could be exploited to repress civil liberties.
20180516             —CELEBRATED, MALAYSIA, reformist icon Anwar Ibrahim (70), a "new dawn" for the country —AFTER he was given 1—ROYAL—PARDON and freed from custody.
20180516             —SCALED, NEPAL—VETERAN—SHERPA guide Kami Rita (48), MOUNT—EVEREST for the 22. time, setting 1—RECORD for the most CLIMBS—OF—THE—WORLD—HIGHEST—MOUNTAIN.
20180516             Female Sherpa Lhakpa Sherpa (44) made it to the summit for the ninth time, shattering her own record for the most climbs by 1—WOMAN.
20180516             —THREATENED, NORTH—KOREA, to scrap 1—HISTORIC—SUMMIT—NEXT—MONTH between its leader, KIM—JONG—UN, and USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, saying it has no interest in a "1—SIDED" affair meant to pressure the North to abandon its nuclear weapons.
20180516             —RAIDED, PAKISTAN—TROOPS—ACTING on intelligence, 1—MILITANT hideout near THE—SOUTH—WEST—CITY—OF—QUETTA, triggering 1—SHOOTOUT in which 1—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER and 1—NOTORIOUS—MILITANT wanted for over 100—DEATHS—OF—MINORITY—SHIITES were killed along with 2—OTHER—SUSPECTS.
20180516             1—POWER cut hit 1—LARGE—PART—OF—PAKISTAN, suspending work at factories and businesses in its industrial heartland and highlighting the challenges successive governments have faced in getting to grips with chronic power shortages.
20180516             —ORDERED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE, the "total" lifting of 1—BAN on Filipinos working in KUWAIT —AFTER THE—2—COUNTRIES agreed on measures to regulate employment —FOLLOWING 1—DIPLOMATIC—ROW over alleged ABUSE—OF—WORKERS.
20180516             —SERVED, He had, 18—YEARS in prison for rape and MURDER—OF—1—TEENAGER that the judges —NOW say he couldn't have committed, in 1—CASE that has shocked the nation.
20180516             —RESTORED, SYRIA—MILITARY said it has, government control over 1—LARGE—AREA in CENTRAL—SYRIA, securing 1—POWER—STATION—1—REFINERY and 1—CEMENT factory —AFTER uprooting the armed opposition.
20180516             THE—ORGANIZATION for THE—PROHIBITION—OF—CHEMICAL—WEAPONS (OPCW) said banned chlorine munitions were likely dropped on 1—SYRIA—NEIGHBORHOOD on February 4, —AFTER laboratory tests confirmed the presence of the toxic chemical.
20180516             —URTEIL im "Luxleaks"—PROZESS, WHISTLE—BLOWER muss Schadensersatz von 1—EURO zahlen
20180516             —UKRAINE—KRISE, USA verurteilen Bau und Eröffnung der KRIM—BRÜCKE
20180516             Ärger um MILITÄR—MANÖVER, USA—REGIERUNG nimmt Drohung NORD—KOREAS gelassen
20180516             WIKILEAKS—GRÜNDER: ECUADOR gibt offenbar Millionen für Schutz von ASSANGE aus
20180516             Investor schichtet um: WARREN—BUFFETT kauft ANTEILE—AN—RATIOPHARM—MUTTER —, APPLE, APPLE, APPLE
20180516             Poker um NORD—KOREA und Handel: DONALD—TRUMP—SELTSAME CHINA—TAKTIK
20180516             Rückschlag für Regierung: JAPAN—WIRTSCHAFT schrumpft überraschend stark
20180516             Kohlekommission: —ERST die Jobs, dann DAS—KLIMA
20180516             —HALBIERT, Binnen 10—JAHREN: ZAHL—DER—HAUPTSCHULEN hat sich, (Leben und Lernen, 10:41)
20180516             POLEN—GEHEIM—AGENT Karski: "Als würde ich mich durch 1.Masse aus Tod und Verwesung kämpfen"
20180516             MISSBRAUCHSPROZESS—GEGEN—KARDINAL: Gericht feuert Angestellten wegen Verdachts auf GEHEIMNIS—VERRATS
20180516             EU—VERGLEICH: DEUTSCHLAND rückt bei Arbeitskosten auf PLATZ—6—VOR
20180516             [l] Was wollt ihr denn, ist doch alles fair and balanced bei der DONALD—TRUMP—REGIERUNG!
20180516             [l] WÄHREND sich alle über das bayerische POLIZEI—AUFGABEN—GESETZ aufregen, passiert in SACHSEN das hier:
20180516             2—PANZERWAGEN des Typs "Survivor R"hat die sächsische POLIZEI —SEIT vergangenem ;;12;;
20180516             im Einsatz.
20180516             [l] Was ist eigentlich DER—UNTERSCHIED zwischen USA und CHINA?
20180516             CHINA: GOVERNMENT—BACKED surveillance projects are deploying BRAIN—READING—TECHNOLOGY to detect changes in emotional states in employees on the production line, THE—MILITARY and at THE—HELM—OF—HIGH—SPEED—TRAINS
20180516             Und USA:
20180516             —PATENTED, AMAZON has, designs for 1—BRACELET that would monitor workers' hand movements and use vibrations — known as "haptic feedback" — to point them in THE—RIGHT—DIRECTION if they put their hands on the wrong places.
20180516             Tolle Wurst!
20180516             [l] Die CHARME—OFFENSIVE ISRAEL—GEHT weiter:
20180516             CANADA—DOCTOR shot by ISRAEL—SNIPER—NEAR—GAZA border
20180516             8—MONTH—OLD—PALESTINE—BABY 'dies from tear gas inhalation' —AFTER 'massacre' at border
20180516             Also ich weiß ja nicht, wie es euch geht, aber ich verstehe gar nicht, was DAS—PROBLEM—DER—PALÄSTINENSER ist.
20180516             NORTH—KOREA—1. vice FOREIGN—MINISTER—SAYS—THE—COUNTRY has no interest in 1—SUMMIT with THE—USA if it's going to be a "1—SIDED" affair where it's pressured to give up its nukes.
20180516             Hah! Humor haben sie, DIE—NORD—KOREANER!
20180516             —KRITISIERT, Giffey, Fasten im Ramadan: "Gesundheit und Schule gehen vor"(Leben und Lernen, 12:00)
20180516             Internationaler Haftbefehl: ITALIEN—MAFIOSO in KÖLN festgenommen
20180516             —VERSTEIGERT, Historischer Edelstein: Blauer Diamant 1—SPANIEN—KÖNIGIN
20180516             —STREIT—ÜBER—CAMEMBERT: Starköche WARNEN—VOR—VULGÄRER weicher Paste ohne Geschmack"
20180516             —POLIZEI—AUFGABEN—GESETZ: Verbale Schlammlawine aus der CSU
20180516             —NACH, G20—AUSSCHREITUNGEN: POLIZEI startet 2. Öffentlichkeitsfahndung
20180516             Gerichtsentscheidung: BELGIEN liefert KATALANIEN—POLITIKER nicht aus
20180516             STADT—ARCHIV—KÖLN: Gutachter nennt BAU—FEHLER als Einsturzursache
20180516             Millionenzahlung an DONALD—TRUMP—ANWALT: NOVARTIS—CHEFJURIST tritt zurück
20180516             ATOM—ABKOMMEN—MIT—IRAN: EU—RATS—CHEF—TUSK greift DONALD—TRUMP scharf an
20180516             Migration: Zahl DER—FLÜCHTLINGE über TÜRKEI—ROUTE nach EUROPA deutlich gestiegen
20180516             "Kommune 1"-Mitbegründer: POLIT—AKTIVIST DIETER—KUNZELMANN ist tot
20180516             ZUSAMMEN—MIT—FRITZ Teufel gründete DIETER—KUNZELMANN in BERLIN—FRIEDENAU die legendäre Kommune 1 - nun ist DIETER—KUNZELMANN, 78—JAHRE—ALT, gestorben.
20180516             Kunzelmann gehörte zu den Protagonisten der 68ER—BEWEGUNG.
20180516             In den Künstlerkreisen MÜNCHENs gründete der
20180516             ITALIEN: Forderung nach SCHULDEN—ERLASS beunruhigt FINANZ—MÄRKTE
20180516             Geheimoperation in den NEUNZIGER—JAHREN: BND beschaffte Probe von NERVEN—GIFT Nowitschok
20180516             —UPDATE, CNN titelt dazu "TRUMP gets TASTE—OF—HIS own medicine", und die TAGESSCHAU berichtet, DONALD—TRUMP sei völlig überrascht worden.
20180516             [l] Sowas wie überspezifische Dementis gibt es auch bei Gesetzen.
20180516             KEVIN—BANKSTON, DIRECTOR—OF—NEW—AMERICA—OPEN—TECHNOLOGY—INSTITUTE, explained in 1—PHONE—CALL that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act only restricts telecom companies from disclosing data to THE—GOVERNMENT.
20180516             [l] RUSSLANDs Brücke zur KRIM ist fertig.
20180516             [l] DONALD—TRUMP ist nicht der einzige PRÄSIDENT, der AUF—TWITTER freidreht.
20180516             Looking at LA—TEST—DECISIONS—OF @REALDONALD—TRUMP someone could even think: with friends like that who needs enemies.
20180516             Das ist besonders bitter, wenn man bedenkt, daß Tusk Pole ist, und DIE—POLEN so mit die größte AMERIKA—HURRA—FRAKTION in der EU ist.
20180516             [l] DIE—CSU ist so ein bisschen beunruhigt wegen des Gegenwindes zum POLIZEI—AUFGABEN—GESETZ.
20180516             Mit 1 "Informationsoffensive"will Söder DIE—DEBATTE beruhigen, 1."Dialogreihe"soll dabei helfen.
20180516             Also... die Tür mit 1—HANDGRANATE sprengen, ja, und dauerhaft alles mitfilmen?
20180516             Aber hey, warum soll "macht kaputt, was dich kaputt macht"nicht auch in die andere Richtung gelten!1!!
20180516             Besonders lustig: Gerade die Proteste der Jüngeren bereiten der CSU Sorgen.
20180516             Wie meinen? [l] GUTE—NACHRICHTEN!
20180516             Zum TOD—VON—DIETER—KUNZELMANN: Kommune-1-Bewohner und ANTI—SEMIT
20180516             —NACH—1—TREFFEN—MIT—RUDI—DUTSCHKE und anderen antiautoritären AKTIVISTen in BAYERN erklärte er, "dass für uns Subversive 1.neue FORM—DES—ZUSAMMENLEBENS, ZUSAMMEN—ARBEITENS und politischen Einmischens auf der TAGES—ORDNUNG"stehe.
20180516             —NACHDEM, Dutschke und andere AKTIVISTen des Sozialistischen DEUTSCHLAND—STUDENTENBUNDES (SDS) aus dem kulturREVOLUTIONären Projekt ausgestiegen waren, zogen
20180516             Mit GEORG von Rauch, INA—SIEPMANN und anderen WEST—BERLINER LINKS—RADIKALEN fuhr Kunzelmann 19690000             —SOMMER—IM, nach JORDANIEN und nahm dort zur PALÄSTINENSER—GRUPPE FATAH Kontakt auf, traf Jassir ARAFAT und andere führende Figuren.
20180516             Kunzelmann schrieb in der LINKS—RADIKALEN WEST—BERLINER—ZEITUNG "Agit 883": "PALÄSTINA ist für die BRD und EUROPA das, was für DIE—USA—AMIS VIETNAM ist.
20180516             Später bestritt Kunzelmann, Anstifter des Anschlags 19690000             —VON, gewesen zu sein, wie ihm später vorgeworfen wurde.
20180516             Andere Weggefährten berichten aber, Kunzelmann sei —SCHON in den frühen SECHZIGER—JAHREN wie ein klassischer ANTI—SEMIT aufgetreten.
20180516             VENEZUELA: Wie sich PRÄSIDENT—MADURO 1—GANGSTER—STAAT schuf
20180516             —STUDIEE: VIELE—DEUTSCHE—STADTWERKE hoch verschuldet
20180516             Illegale MILLIARDEN—SUBVENTIONEN: Was das WTO—URTEIL für Airbus und DIE—EU bedeutet
20180516             Stärker als Stahl und Spinnenseide: Forscher erschaffen stabilstes Biomaterial
20180516             MEGA—BAUWERK AUF—DER—KRIM: PUTINs Brückenschlag
20180516             Trotz Drohung aus PJÖNG—JANG: DONALD—TRUMP besteht auf Denuklearisierung NORD—KOREAS
20180516             Ozonkiller FCKW: Forscher vermuten illegale Schadstoffquelle in OST—ASIEN
20180516             —NEUE—G—20—ÖFFENTLICHKEITS—FAHNDUNG, DÉJÀ—VU im POLIZEIpräsidium
20180516             WÄHRUNGS—KRISE, Wer für den Absturz der TÜRKEI—LIRA verantwortlich ist
20180516             DIE—AM Desy erzeugten Fasern seien EINIGE—MALE zugfester und —BIS zu achtmal steifer als Spinnenseide, erklärte das Desy.
20180516             [l] Aus der beliebten Serie "Wer hatte alles Novitschok", —HEUTE: DER—BND!
20180516             [l] Oh gucke mal, die TECH—BRANCHE hat so 1—VERTRAUENSPROBLEM, daß sie —JETZT—SCHON 1.BULLSHIT—PR—KAMPAGNE fahren, wo sie ihren Kunden versprechen, sie würden ab —JETZT DIE—DATEN verteidigen.
20180516             Aber —SEKUNDE, es gibt nicht nur nebulöses Blablah, es gibt auch handfeste Ansagen:
20180516             The companies will build on existing relationships and together establish new formal and informal partnerships with industry, civil society and security RESEARCHERS to improve technical collaboration, coordinate vulnerability disclosures, share threats and minimize the potential for malicious code to be introduced into cyberspace.
20180516             ACH NEE. Man muss echt alles selber machen.
20180516             Besonders geil, daß ausgerechnet RSA aufspringt:
20180516             —SIGNED, Companies that, the accord plan to hold their 1. meeting —DURING THE—SECURITY—FOCUSED RSA Conference taking place in S—FRANCISCO
20180516             Das ist offensichtlich Werbung.
20180516             Boah ich könnt —SCHON wieder kotzen hier.
20180516             Aber hey, wartet, die Farce ist noch nicht zu Ende.
20180516             Das ist echt fraktal Bullshit.
20180516             NAH—OST: USA verschärfen SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—HISBOLLAH
20180516             —AFFÄRE—UM—STORMY Daniels: DONALD—TRUMP erstattete ANWALT—COHEN —BIS zu 250.000—DOLLAR
20180516—19740000    —IN, CHINA—ARCHEOLOGIST—ZHAO was the 1. to identify FRAGMENTS—OF—TERRACOTTA found by local farmers digging 1—WELL as relics dating back to the Qin dynasty and the 1. to excavate the site.
20180516—20140000    —IN, Fishermen have sold more than $20—MILLION worth of the eels so far this season, the highest total —SINCE interstate managers instituted 1—QUOTA system for the eels.
20180530—20180516    —UNTIL, THE—UN said it has documented the disappearance of 21—MEN and 2—WOMEN in NUEVO—LAREDO in Tamaulipas STATE—FROM—FEBRUARY this —YEAR.
20190118             DIE—NÄCHSTE totale Mondfinsternis wird in EUROPA —ERST wieder in der Nacht 20220515             —VOM, zum 20220516              zu sehen sein.
20190509             —EXPECTED, She is, to appear —BEFORE 1—DIFFERENT—GRAND—JURY, on —THURSDAY, 20190516            .
20190516             THE—USA—IMPOSED sanctions on 5—RUSSIANS over abuses including THE—KILLING—OF—1—PROMINENT—OPPOSITION—LEADER—DAYS—AFTER TOP—LEVEL—TALKS seemed to ease tensions between THE—2—POWERS.
20190516             —CLEARED, THE—USA—STATE—DEPARTMENT, $313.9—MILLION in possible SALES—OF—AIR—DEFENSE—MISSILES to SOUTH—KOREA, as tensions RE—EMERGED on the Korean peninsula.
20190516             —EXECUTED, ALABAMA, MICHAEL—BRANDON—SAMRA, 41—JAHRE—ALT for his role in 1—QUADRUPLE killing that followed 1—DISPUTE over 1—PICKUP truck.
20190516             MEMBERS—OF—FLORIDA—CONGRESSIONAL delegation said it was unacceptable that THE—FBI and THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY will not publicly identify THE—2—COUNTIES where RUSSIA—HACKERS gained access to voter databases —BEFORE 20160000             —THE—ELECTION.
20190516             CHICAGO, Lori Lightfoot was sworn in as city mayor, becoming the 1. black woman and the 1. openly gay person to hold that post in the city's history.
20190516             NEW—YORK Mayor BILL—DE—BLASIO, 58—JAHRE—ALT said he will seek 20200000             —THE—DEMOCRATIC—PRESIDENTIAL—NOMINATION, despite 1—PANNING by USA—MEDIA and polls which suggest he faces 1—TOUGH fight.
20190516             He became the 23. prospective Democratic challenger to PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP.
20190516             Facebook said it banned THE—ARCHIMEDES—GROUP, 1—ISRAEL—COMPANY that ran 1—INFLUENCE—CAMPAIGN aimed at disrupting elections in various countries.
20190516             —PURGED, FB, 65—ISRAEL—ACCOUNTS—161—PAGES—DOZENS—OF—GROUPS and 4—INSTAGRAM accounts engaged in spreading disinformation.
20190516             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, 1—USA—AIR—STRIKE, at least 8—POLICEMEN in Helmand province.
20190516             —WOUNDED, Another 11—POLICEMEN were, in 1—FIREFIGHT with Taliban insurgents —DURING the same security operation.
20190516             —EARNED, His charisma and POWERS—OF—PERSUASION, him NEAR—FOLK hero status among MANY—AUSTRALIANS.
20190516             1—FORMER—HEAD—OF—BRITAIN—MI6 foreign spy service said CHINA—HUAWEI poses such 1—GRAVE—SECURITY—RISK to THE—UK—THAT the government must not allow it to have even 1—LIMITED role in building 5G networks.
20190516             —VOWED, CHINA, to "resolutely safeguard" CHINA—COMPANIES—AFTER WASHINGTON labeled telecom equipment giant Huawei 1—SECURITY—RISK and imposed export curbs on USA—TECHNOLOGY—SALES to the company.
20190516             —ARRESTED, CHINA formally, 2—CANADA—CITIZENS it is believed to be holding to pressure CANADA into releasing 1—CHINA—TELECOMS—EXECUTIVE.
20190516             —ARRESTED, MICHAEL—KOVRIG and MICHAEL—SPAVOR had been, for allegedly stealing state secrets.
20190516             —REFURBISHED, CHINA, 1—BUILDING that was being, collapsed in downtown SHANGHAI.
20190516             7—PEOPLE were killed.
20190516             14 were pulled from the rubble alive by rescuers.
20190516             THE—CRASH—OF—THE—DIAMOND DA62 at DUBAI INTERNATIONAL Airport saw the aircraft roll UPSIDE—DOWN in air and smash into 1—PARK—NEAR the airport at high speed, killing THE—3—BRITONS and 1—SOUTH—AFRICAN on BOARD.
20190516             —FOLLOWED, Investigations —LATER said it had, other larger aircraft landing there too closely as air traffic controllers offered inconsistent warnings about the hazard.
20190516             —KILLED, EGYPT said 5—SOLDIERS and DOZENS—OF—MILITANTS were, in recent clashes in the country's restive NORTH—SINAI—PENINSULA.
20190516             FRANCE, ETA kingpin Josu Ternera (69), aka Jose ANTONIO—URRUTIKOETXEA, described by SPAIN as the Basque separatist group's most wanted fugitive, was arrested —AFTER more than 16—YEARS in hiding from court orders served in both countries.
20190516             —OCCUPIED, NORTH—GERMANY, activists, 1—BUILDING—SITE to protest against the ongoing NORD—STREAM—2—PIPELINE—PROJECT with RUSSIA.
20190516             Prominent HONG—KONG student leader JOSHUA—WONG, 22—JAHRE—ALT was sent back to prison —AFTER he lost an attempt to quash a jail sentence over his LEADERSHIP—OF—HUGE democracy protests 5—YEARS ago.
20190516             —CLASHED, INDIA—TROOPS and separatist militants, in INDIAN—CONTROLLED Kashmir and 5—PEOPLE were killed including CIVIL—RAYEES AHMAD—DAR, 32—JAHRE—ALT.
20190516             3—JEM militants, including 1—PAKISTAN—COMMANDER, and 1—INDIA—SOLDIER were killed in the gun BATTLE—IN—DALIPORA, 1—VILLAGE in SOUTH—KASHMIR, which began in the early hours.
20190516             † INDIAN—CONTROLLED, Kashmir 1—MUSLIM man was shot and killed and another injured by Hindu vigilantes over ALLEGATIONS—OF—SMUGGLING—COWS.
20190516             —KILLED, IRAQ, 4—PEOPLE were, in overnight unrest that erupted as 1—MALL burned down —DURING 1—DEMONSTRATION in Najaf.
20190516             THE—IVORY—COAST—INTER—COMMUNITY—VIOLENCE, began in the small TOWN—OF—BEOUMI.
20190516             † 3—DAYS—OF—VIOLENCE left 10—PEOPLE and another 83—WOUNDED.
20190516             —URGED, Animal activists, KENYA to ban THE—SLAUGHTER—OF—DONKEYS for use in CHINA—MEDICINE, 1—PRACTICE which has soared in recent years and decimated African POPULATIONS—OF—THE—ANIMAL.
20190516             † In NEPAL 2—INDIA—CLIMBERS overnight near THE—SUMMIT—OF—MOUNT—KANCHENJUNGA and 1—CHILE—MOUNTAINEER was missing on the world's 3. highest mountain.
20190516             NICARAGUA, Eddy Montes Praslin, 1—NATURALIZED USA—CITIZEN who had served in the Navy, was shot dead in prison.
20190516             —RETURNED, Montes had, to NICARAGUA where he fought for 1—CHANGE in government.
20190516             —TRIED, Officials said Montes † —AFTER he and others, to snatch 1—GUN from 1—GUARD—WHILE THE—INTERNATIONAL—RED—CROSS was visiting the prison.
20190516             17—OTHERS were wounded in the disturbance.
20190516             —REPORTED, NORWAY—MEDIA, that REPRESENTATIVES—OF—VENEZUELA—REGIME and the opposition are holding "peace negotiations" in OSLO this —WEEK.
20190516             —RECALLED, THE—PHILIPPINES, its ambassador and consuls in CANADA over OTTAWA—FAILURE to comply with 1—DEADLINE to take back TRUCKLOADS—OF—GARBAGE that THE—PHILIPPINES—OFFICIALS say were illegally shipped to THE—PHILIPPINES years ago.
20190516             —DETAINED, RUSSIA—POLICE, several dozen people in the early hours at 1—RALLY—PROTESTING—PLANS to build 1—CATHEDRAL in 1—POPULAR—PARK in YEKATERINBURG—RUSSIA—4.—LARGEST city.
20190516             —CARRIED, THE—SAUDI—LED military coalition in YEMEN, out several air strikes on THE—HOUTHI—HELD CAPITAL—SANAA —AFTER THE—IRANIAN—ALIGNED movement claimed responsibility for drone attacks on SAUDI—ARABIA—OIL—INSTALLATIONS.
20190516             THE—HOUTHI health ministry said 6—CIVILIANS—INCLUDING—4—CHILDREN, had been killed and 52—WOUNDED, including 2—RUSSIA—WOMEN—WORKING in the health sector.
20190516             —SUSPENDED, SUDAN—RULING—MILITARY—COUNCIL, negotiations —FOR—3—DAYS with opposition representatives over 1—PEACEFUL—TRANSFER—OF—POWER to CIVIL—RULE.
20190516             —VOWED, SUDAN—PROTESTERS, to press on with 1—SIT—IN despite being targeted in fresh violence.
20190516             —RECOMMENDED, THAILAND—ELECTION—COMMISSION, that Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, THE—LEADER—OF—MAJOR—POLITICAL—PARTY opposed to military rule, be barred from taking his seat in THE—SOON—TO—BE—CONVENED PARLIAMENT because he is ACCUSED—OF—VIOLATING—ELECTORAL—RULES.
20190516             1—SMALL—BOAT carrying escaping migrants form VENEZUELA sank in coastal waters on its way to TRINIDAD—AND—TOBAGO.
20190516             At least 20—PEOPLE aboard were missing.
20190516             —HANDELS—MÄCHTE CHINA und USA: Mit dieser Strategie wäre EUROPA kaum zu schlagen (SPIEGEL+, 00:50)
20190516             Erziehungswissenschaftlerin über Sucht: Warum immer mehr junge Frauen exzessiv Alkohol trinken (SPIEGEL+, 00:58)
20190516             USA—TRUMP erklärt nationalen Notstand in der Telekommunikation
20190516             SICHERHEITSbedenken: USA stellen FLUG—VERKEHR mit  ein
20190516             WELTWEITE—STUDIE, JEDES—SIEBTE—BABY ist bei der Geburt zu leicht
20190516             Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge im Test: Flitzer der ZUKUNFT
20190516             BREXIT—VORKÄMPFER NIGEL—FARAGE über die EU—WAHL: "Ich bin immer noch gut" (SPIEGEL+, 05:47)
20190516             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DONNERSTAG: Die gespaltenen DEMOKRATEN—VON—AMERIKA
20190516             Spekulationen über MERKELs ZUKUNFT: "Viele machen sich Sorgen um EUROPA, auch ich"
20190516             IRAN— USA—KONFLIKT : Ischinger schlägt internationale Friedensinitiative vor
20190516             Fünfsitzer Lilium Jet: DEUTSCHLAND—ELEKTRO—FLUGTAXI schafft Erstflug
20190516             KATASTROPHE mit 85—TOTEN: Defekte Stromleitungen lösten verheerenden Waldbrand in KALIFornien aus
20190516             Vorläufiger Verzicht auf Autozölle: TRUMP—ERRATISCHE Taktik
20190516             Beratungen in NORWEGEN—REGIERUNG und OPPOSITION s loten offenbar Verhandlungspositionen aus
20190516             Baskische Untergrundorganisation: FRÜHERER—ETA—ANFÜHRER Ternera in FRANKREICH festgenommen
20190516             Rolle der Presse: SCHÄUBLE sieht NEWSROOM—STRATEGIE der Parteien kritisch
20190516             CONRAD—BLACK: DONALD—TRUMP begnadigt EX—MEDIENMOGUL
20190516             —EINIGUNG in Gefahr: Gespräche zu einer ÜBERGANGS—REGIERUNG im SUDAN unterbrochen
20190516             Verurteilter ISLAMist: Ehemaliger Salafistenprediger SVEN—LAU kommt vorzeitig frei
20190516             Künftige Einbürgerungen: NRW macht Tempo bei VIELEHE—VERBOT
20190516             Drakonisches Abtreibungsverbot: ALABAMA soll —ERST DER—ANFANG sein
20190516             VOYNICH—MANUSKRIPT: Forscher will Jahrhunderträtsel gelöst haben
20190516             TRUMP—DROHUNG: EU soll offenbar Einschränkung von Autoexporten zustimmen
20190516             demokratischer Kandidat: NEW—YORKS BÜRGER—MEISTER will USA—PRÄSIDENT werden
20190516             USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP hat den nationalen Notstand in der Telekommunikation erlassen.
20190516             DAS—WEIßE—HAUS erklärte am —MITTWOCH, die MAßNAHME sei nicht gegen ein bestimmtes Land oder Unternehmen gerichtet.
20190516             Huawei, 1—DER—GRÖSSTEN—TELEKOMMUNIKATIONSAUSRÜSTER—DER—WELT, wird von den USA—BEHÖRDEN —SEIT langer Zeit verdächtigt, seine unternehmerischen Aktivitäten zur SPIONAGE—FÜR—CHINA zu nutzen.
20190516             Mit CHINA befinden sich DIE—USA in einem Handelskonflikt:
20190516             —SEIT, mehr als einem —JAHR überziehen sich die beiden größten Volkswirtschaften der Welt gegenseitig mit Strafzöllen.
20190516             überziehen sich die beiden
20190516             gegenseitig - Wer USA—TECHNIK an Huawei verkaufen oder transferieren wolle, müsse dafür künftig 1—LIZENZ erwerben.
20190516             —VERWEIGERT, Diese könne, werden, wenn NATIONAL—SICHERHEITSINTERESSEN berührt seien.
20190516             DAS—DEKRET erlaubt der USA—REGIERUNG nun, umfassende Geschäftstätigkeiten zwischen USA—UNTERNEHMEN und Firmen aus Staaten, die als "Gegner" identifiziert sind, zu UNTERBINDEN—WAS selbst in den USA umstritten ist.
20190516             Kritiker glauben, daß die 5G-Technik dort ohne die Chinesen —ERST viel später flächendeckend nutzbar sein könnte.
20190516             Es gehe darum, DAS—LAND vor "ausländischen Feinden" zu schützen, die aktiv und zunehmend Anfälligkeiten in der INFORMATIONS—UND KOMMUNIKATIONS—TECHNOLOGIE ausnutzten.
20190516             Als REAKTION—AUF—DIE Ankündigung TRUMP—ERKLÄRTE Huawei, durch Beschränkungen würden die Rechte des Unternehmens verletzt.
20190516             Auch würden DIE—USA ohne Huawei bei der Bereitstellung von 5G zurückbleiben, Unternehmen und Verbraucher dadurch benachteiligt.
20190516             Huawei sei "bereit und gewillt, mit der USA—REGIERUNG zusammenzuarbeiten und wirksame MAßNAHMEn zur GEWÄHR—LEISTUNG der Produktsicherheit zu treffen".
20190516             Zu einem direkten —TREFFEN—VON—DONALD—TRUMP mit seinem CHINA—AMTSKOLLEGEN XI—JINPING wird es wohl —SCHON Ende ;;06;;
20190516             kommen:
20190516             —DANN, findet im JAPAN—OSAKA der G20—GIPFEL der führenden INDUSTRIE—NATIONEN statt.
20190516             DONALD—TRUMP ist 1—CHARAKTER, der als Prototyp des typisch USA—BUSINESS—TYCOONS gesehen werden muss.
20190516             [l] GOOGLE hatte gerade einen wichtigen AHA—MOMENT.
20190516             Ich hab ja die ganze Zeit —SCHON nicht verstanden, wieso DIE—LEUTE alle zu ihren Telefonen migriert sind von ihren Desktops und Laptops.
20190516             —UPDATE, Ein Leser berichtet:
20190516             —GEÄNDERT, Da hat sich echt das GESCHÄFTS—MODELL.
20190516             [l] UM—FRAGE—DER—WOCHE: Über 50—PROZENT—DER—EU—BÜRGER glaubt, daß es die EU in 20—JAHREN nicht mehr gibt.
20190516             —SEIT, mehr als 100—JAHREN gibt das sogenannte VOYNICH—MANUSKRIPT Rätsel auf.
20190516             Es —AUS—DEM—STAMMT Mittelalter und gehörte einst KAISER RUDOLF—II.
20190516             Bekannt wurde das Werk um das —JAHR 19120000             , als es in den Besitz des POLEN—SAMMLERS Wilfrid MICHAEL—VOYNICH kam.
20190516             Allein durch seinen eigenen Scharfsinn und sogenanntes laterales Denken oder Querdenken sei ihm aufgegangen, daß das Buch in einer uns unbekannten Sprache verfasst wurde, in sogenanntem Protoromanisch.
20190516             Dabei handele ES—SICH um einen Vorläufer der heutigen romanischen Sprachen wie Portugiesisch, Spanisch, FRANKREICH—ODER ITALIENisch.
20190516             DAS—MANUSKRIPT sei das einzige Beispiel für diese Sprache
20190516             DER—FORSCHER geht davon aus, daß Protoromanisch IM—MITTEL—ALTER weit verbreitet war, dann aber verloren ging, weil das gemeine Volk nicht schreiben konnte.
20190516             —NACH, seiner Auswertung enthält das Buch INFORMATIONEN—ÜBER—HEILPFLANZEN, Astrologie, Fortpflanzung und Kindererziehung.
20190516             1—DOMINIKANISCHE—REPUBLIK—NONNE habe das Werk für DIE—FRAUEN am Hof von MARIA von Kastilien, DER—KÖNIGIN—VON—ARAGÓN, konzipiert.
20190516             Entstanden sei es auf CASTELLO—ARAGÓNESE, einer Festung in der Nähe der ITALIEN—INSEL Ischia.
20190516             [l] DONALD—TRUMP erklärt einen nationalen TELCO—NOTSTAND, um Huawei verbieten zu können.
20190516             Für mich am überraschensten: Dass damit nicht die ROBOCALL—EPIDEMIE gemeint ist, GEGEN—DIE—MAL jemand was unternehmen müsste.
20190516             [l] ChromeOS hat offenbar Hyperthreading deaktiviert.
20190516             Das killt mal eben 30-40% der (bezahlten) Performance.
20190516             Der Effekt wird wahrscheinlich sein, daß DIE—LEUTE —JETZT neue Prozessoren mit mehr echten Cores kaufen.
20190516             Ich schalte Hyperthreading jedenfalls nicht ab bei mir.
20190516             [l] Die RUSSLAND—TROLLE posieren online nicht nur als IMPF—GEGNER und Rechtspopulisten, sondern auch als Antifa.
20190516             Websites promoting what appear to be 2—LOCAL—GERMANY—ANTI—FASCIST—GROUPS, Antifa WEST—BERLIN and Antifa NORD—OST, share 1—SERVER used by RUSSIA—GOVERNMENT hackers who attacked the Democratic National Committee —DURING 20160000             —THE—ELECTION.
20190516             DAS—ZIEL ist natürlich Unfrieden sähen.
20190516             —THIS—MONTH, these 2—WEBSITES prodded THOUSANDS—OF—TWITTER followers to attend 1—ANTI—AFD rally in BERLIN.
20190516             Wie in den USA, nur anders herum.
20190516             —UPDATE, Wer die Beweislage der NEW—YORK—TIMES ein bisschen dünn fand, ist in guter Gesellschaft.
20190516             [l] Hey Fefe, was hast du eigentlich immer gegen Gütesiegel?
20190516             Na guckt mal hier ?
20190516             Eigentlich soll das BEST—OF—THE—WEB—SIEGEL DIE—SICHERHEIT von Webseiten zertifizieren, stattdessen wurden über ein gehacktes Script Keylogger eingebunden.
20190516             Bedauerliches Missverständnis.
20190516             [l] Endlich ist raus, wieso die Amis gerade so IRAN—PANIK schieben: Im PERSISCHER—GOLF haben sie SPIONAGE—FOTOS—VON—IRAN—RAKETEN aufgenommen.
20190516             [l] CHINA fährt in Sachen USA—HANDEL—SANKTIONEN übrigens eine deutlich krassere Strategie als die EU.
20190516             CHINA hat anscheinend sogar absichtlich genau das Sanktionspaket genommen, was ihren eigenen Leuten ZUMEIST Schaden zufügt.
20190516             UM—FRAGE zur BREMEN—WAHL: SPD im UMFRAGETIEF—CDU auf Platz 1
20190516             Unerlaubte Absprachen im Währungshandel: EU—KOMMISSION verhängt MILLIARDEN—STRAFE—GEGEN—GROß—BANKEN
20190516             —GESPERRT, Verspätungen und Flugausfälle: BELGIEN—LUFT—RAUMWEGEN Streik
20190516             MEDIZIN—STATISTIK: Krankenkassen zählen 3500—BEHANDLUNGS—FEHLER
20190516             Lieferungen aus der Luft: In CHINA fliegt der DROHNEN—EXPRESS
20190516             —NACH, Spekulationen: MERKEL schließt Wechsel nach BRÜSSEL aus
20190516             Komponieren mit KÜNSTLICHE—INTELLIGENZ: ZUKUNFTsmusik
20190516             Coaching für die Erinnerung: Das merk ich mir!
20190516             Umstrittenes Projekt: PERU baut Flughafen nahe Machu Picchu
20190516             Rechte Parteien und die EU—WAHL: EUROPAs vereinte Feinde
20190516             MAY—NACHFOLGE: BORIS—JOHNSON will PREMIER—MINISTER werden
20190516             Plastikflut im INDIEN—OZEAN: 337.000—ZAHNBÜRSTEN auf den Kokosinseln angespült
20190516             —NACH, Äußerung von Unternehmenserbin: Bahlsen will GESCHICHTE seiner ZWANGS—ARBEITER aufarbeiten
20190516             KRIMinelle Großfamilien: Wie lange wollen wir noch zusehen?
20190516             —STREIT—UM—MILITÄR—ZUSAMMENARBEIT: EU weist DROHUNGEN—DER—USA kühl zurück
20190516             SUPER—MARKT für CYBERcrime: "Avalanche"-Drahtzieher nach weltweitem Onlinebetrug vor Gericht
20190516             Vollgeld, Negativzinsen, Abschaffung des Bargelds: Die Zombies der Ökonomie kehren zurück
20190516             Talfahrt: GROSSBRITANNIEN—PFUND fällt 9. —TAG in Folge
20190516             CHINA—SONDE "Yutu-2": Auf den Spuren des Mondmantels
20190516             Wachsende Spannungen: Bundeswehr will AUSBILDUNGS—EINSATZ—IM—IRAK "zügig" wieder aufnehmen
20190516             2—EURO—PRO—STUNDE: Wie Billiglöhner das selbstfahrende Auto mitentwickeln
20190516             Reformen: ARBEITS—LOSIGKEIT in FRANKREICH auf 10—JAHRES—TIEF
20190516             Spionagevorwurf, USA—REGIERUNG setzt Huawei auf schwarze Liste
20190516             Der Auswertung zufolge schwimmt im Ozean womöglich noch deutlich mehr Müll als —BISLANG, gedacht: Insgesamt sammelten DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER 23.227—MÜLLTEILE mit einem Gewicht von 96,67—KILOGRAMM.
20190516             Der Müll unserer ZIVILISATION landet in FORM—VON—PLASTIKSCHNIPSELN mittlerweile in den entlegensten REGIONEN—DER—WELT—NICHT nur in Flüssen, Ozeanen und auf Inseln, auch in den Pyrenäen auf etwa 1400—METERN Höhe haben Forscher kürzlich Mikroplastik nachgewiesen.
20190516             ALABAMA.
20190516—19490516    —70—JAHRE—GRUND—GESETZ: Frauen fordern mehr Gleichberechtigung im BUNDESTAG (Politik, 13:16)
20190516—19830000    —FROM, BOB—HAWKE won 4—TERMS as PRIME—MINISTER—SERVING to 19910000              —BEFORE being ousted by his own CENTER—LEFT party —WHEN the economy soured.
20190516—19840000    —EXECUTED, TENNESSEE, DON—JOHNSON (68) for killing his wife.
20190516—19890000    —INCLUDED, His work, the giant glass PYRAMID—OF—THE—LOUVRE—MUSEUM in PARIS, complete, and the Rock and Roll HALL—OF—FAME in CLEVELAND.
20190516—20140517    —GESTERN, musste ich meiner Nachbarin helfen, sie könne keine E—MAILS mehr verschicken oder sehen.
20200516             —SAMSTAG, 20200516
20200516             USA—AUßENMINISTERIUM: Trump feuert internen Ermittlerchef
20200516             Immer wieder der Osten: CORONA—WUT und Unvernunft Von MARC—RÖHLIG
20200516             Abgeordnetenhaus: USA—DEMOKRATEN verabschieden weiteres Konjunkturpaket
20200516             1. CORONA—FÄLLE in DEUTSCHLAND: Die unglückliche Reise von Patientin 0—VON JULIA—MERLOT
20200516             —ENDE Januar brachte 1—GESCHÄFTSREISENDE das neue Coronavirus erstmals nach DEUTSCHLAND.
20200516             16—MENSCHEN infizierten sich in der Folge.
20200516             Er blieb nicht der einzige.
20200516             sich - ausgehend von der Reisenden
20200516             Wie nah kamen sich die Personen, die sich angesteckt haben?
20200516             Wer infizierte sich nicht, obwohl er engen Kontakt hatte?
20200516             Inwiefern steckten sich die FAMILIEN—VON—INFIZIERTEN an?
20200516             Außerdem nahm sie an Meetings teil.
20200516             Webasto erfuhr —AM—MORGEN des 20200127              von dem positiven Befund und fing daraufhin an, Kontakte zu identifizierten.
20200516             Die neue Studie zeigt nun, dass nur 2—DER 4 in DEUTSCHLAND infizierten Mitarbeiter, tatsächlich sehr engen Kontakt zu Patientin 0—HATTEN—PATIENT 1—UND Patient 4.
20200516             Allerdings ist der Aufenthalt im gleichen Raum offenbar keine Garantie für 1—ANSTECKUNG: 2—ANDERE Kollegen, die bei dem Treffen dabei waren und am gegenüberliegenden Tischende gesessen hatten, infizierten sich nicht.
20200516             Die beiden saßen Rücken an Rücken an verschiedenen Tischen, allerdings drehte sich Patient 5—EINMAL um, um sich einen Salzstreuer zu leihen.
20200516             Dieses eine unglückliche Begebenheit war letztlich entscheidend dafür, dass sich der Ausbruch bei Webasto so große Kreise zog.
20200516             6—DER 16—INFEKTIONEN stehen im Zusammenhang mit Patient 5.
20200516             Patient 7—ERWISCHTE es wohl bei einem eineinhalbstündigen Treffen, obwohl 1,5 Meter Abstand zum Infizierten bestand.
20200516             Er steckte daraufhin weitere 2—KOLLEGEN und 1—PERSON im eigenen Haushalt an.
20200516             Damit haben sich 3—DER 4—ERSTINFIZIERTEN direkt bei Patientin 0—ANGESTECKT.
20200516             —3—TAGE—SPÄTER flog Patient 12 in den Urlaub nach Teneriffa und wurde dort —2—TAGE—SPÄTER im Krankenhaus isoliert.
20200516             —GELAUFEN, Damit war der Urlaub wohl.
20200516             1—PATIENTIN wurde —ZUNÄCHST zweimal negativ getestet, obwohl sie —BEREITS Symptome hatte.
20200516             Insgesamt sei der Test aber weiter als sicher anzusehen, so die Forscher.
20200516             Demonstrationen gegen CORONA—SCHUTZMAßNAHMEN: "Rechte Narrative dominieren die Proteste" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—TIMO—LEHMANN
20200516             Aktualisierung 202005160000          Uhr
20200516             —GEFORDERT, Quent: Vieles von dem, was da —JETZT, oder vertreten wird, findet in verschwörungsideologischen und rechtsradikalen Kreisen —SCHON lange statt und wird vor allem in sozialen Medien angeheizt.
20200516             Da sind noch viel mehr Menschen in entsprechenden Gruppen unterwegs, als —JETZT auf den Straßen waren.
20200516             VIELE—TEILNEHMENDE protestieren gegen eine angebliche Diktatur.
20200516             In den Protesten brechen sich Ideologien demokratieferner Milieus Bahn und treffen auf offene Ohren und fehlende Abgrenzung.
20200516             SPIEGEL: Welche Rolle spielen Rechtsextreme bei diesen Demonstrationen?
20200516             Quent: Sie sind relevanter Teil dieser Proteste, die sich aber lokal unterscheiden.
20200516             Es gab frühzeitig einen Aufruf von MARTIN—SELLNER von der Identitären Bewegung, die Proteste zu vereinnahmen.
20200516             Ebenso von JÜRGEN—ELSÄSSER, dem Chefredakteur des rechtsradikalen Magazins Compact.
20200516             AFD—MITGLIEDER und PEGIDA—DEMONSTRANTEN mischen sich in VIELE—GRUPPEN, ohne sich zu erkennen zu geben.
20200516             —VEREINNAHMT, Die Proteste werden, um zu behaupten, "das Volk" erhebe sich nun endlich.
20200516             —GESTELLT, AUFNAHMEN—DER—DEMONSTRATIONEN wurden von rechtsradikalen YouTubern ins Netz, und es wird suggeriert: "Schaut, das Volk erhebt sich".
20200516             Es wirkt in den Bildern allein durch die Inszenierungen der rechten Gruppen, als seien die Teilnehmenden lediglich das FUßVOLK—DER—RECHTSRADIKALEN — völlig unabhängig von ihren tatsächlichen individuellen Motiven.
20200516             SPIEGEL: Was können Demonstranten, die nicht rechtsextrem sind und die womöglich tatsächlich nur pure Existenznot auf die Straße treibt, dagegen tun?
20200516             Es wäre einfach, eine eigene Veranstaltung anzumelden und sich dabei gegen Antisemitismus und von der AfD abzugrenzen.
20200516             —PASSIERT, Es, vielfach nicht, weil die, die sich kritisch positionieren, als "Spalter" angegriffen werden.
20200516             SPIEGEL: Auf den Demos selbst findet also keine klare Distanzierung statt — verschwimmt da die Grenze zwischen Rechtsaußen und bürgerlicher —MITTE?
20200516             SPIEGEL: Könnte die AfD von den Protesten profitieren?
20200516             Quent: Das halte ich für wahrscheinlicher.
20200516             Sie hat dazu die Strukturen und Narrative.
20200516             Die AfD hat —BEREITS eigene Demonstrationen angekündigt und versucht, die Verunsicherungen zu kanalisieren.
20200516             Quent: Ein extremer faschistischer Körperkult, der auf Reinheit, Natürlichkeit und Biologismus abzielt, gehört —SCHON immer zum Rechtsradikalismus, ebenso Verbindungen zwischen Anthropologie, Esoterik, Antisemitismus und Rassismus.
20200516             Es gibt 1—HALTUNG gegen die Eingriffe der äußeren und modernen Welt auf den (Volks-)Körper, dazu gehört auch das Impfen.
20200516             Propagiert wird die "natürliche Auslese" — eugenisch gemeint, dass nur der Stärkere überlebt, auch Krankheiten.
20200516             Das war 1—KERN nationalsozialistischer Ideologie.
20200516             Auch in der gesellschaftlichen —MITTE werden Krankheiten gruppenbezogen menschenfeindlich aufgeladen.
20200516             Es gab eine starke rassistische und homophobe Aufladung des HI—VIRUS.
20200516             —HEUTE stellt diese politisierte Esoterik auch 1—BRÜCKE zwischen Rechtsaußen, Esoterik und verkürzter Globalisierungskritik dar.
20200516             Von da aus ist es nicht weit zum Antisemitismus der Vorstellung über eine jüdische Weltverschwörung.
20200516             Andere betonen die Gewaltlosigkeit und beziehen sich auf Gandhi.
20200516             Quent: Dazu gehören zum Beispiel Frauenverbände, denn Frauen droht 1—RETRADITIONALISIERUNG, Pflegekräfte, Freiberufler oder Gewerkschaften.
20200516             Proteste könnten sich im Zuge der wirtschaftlichen Verwerfungen oder einer 2. Welle verstärken.
20200516             —PASSIERT, Wir wissen, was damals, ist.
20200516             Es droht 1—AUFSTIEG der Rechten.
20200516             Wahrscheinlich werden wir aber auch neue linke Bewegungen sehen.
20200516             Immer mehr Krankenhäuser haben keine freien Intensivbetten mehr, provisorische Kliniken öffnen.
20200516             Auf Friedhöfen werden die Leichen in MassengräBERN beerdigt.
20200516             "Ziel ist es, die DEUTSCHLAND—KULTURLANDSCHAFT mit ihren speziellen Bedürfnissen und in ihrer ganzen Vielfalt zu erhalten und möglichst rasch wieder VIELE—ARBEITSMÖGLICHKEITEN für Künstlerinnen und Künstler sowie für weitere Beschäftigte im Kulturbetrieb zu schaffen", sagte die CDU—POLITIKERIN der dpa.
20200516             Zudem sollen dann Reisen zwischen den Regionen in ITALIEN wieder erlaubt sein,
20200516             Die Öffnung steht unter dem Vorbehalt, dass die Infektionsgeschehen in einzelnen Regionen oder Staaten es zulassen.
20200516             "Es ist absolut legitim und eigentlich auch nicht ungewöhnlich, dass Menschen demonstrieren, wenn es zu den gravierendsten Grundrechtseinschränkungen —SEIT dem Bestehen der Bundesrepublik kommt",
20200516             LINKS—UND - Rechts - radikale - und - Reichsbürger - diesen Protest - für sich - zu nutzen
20200516             versuchen - Wie dauerhaft der Protest sei, hänge davon ab, wie der STAAT agiere, ob er seine Politik beispielsweise gut erkläre,
20200516             linken und rechten
20200516             Extremen - Die Rentenkasse steuert in der Coronakrise nach Einschätzung von Ökonomen auf ein großes Finanzloch zu.
20200516             "Die Bundeszuschüsse müssen wahrscheinlich —SCHON 2022/23 in zweistelliger Milliardenhöhe steigen", sagte der DIREKTOR—DES—MUNICH—CENTER for the Economics of Aging (MEA)
20200516             Die Coronakrise werde die Rücklage schneller als erwartet leeren und Beitragserhöhungen notwendig machen, argumentieren die Volkswirte des Versicherers.
20200516             "Die andere Option wäre eine weitere Erhöhung des Anteils staatlicher Zuschüsse, um die Illusion aufrechtzuerhalten, dass höhere Ausgaben nicht notwendigerweise höhere Beiträge bedeuten".
20200516             BÖRSCH—SUPAN und andere Fachleute fordern daher 1—WIEDEREINFÜHRUNG des "Nachholfaktors".
20200516             Dieser sieht vor, dass die Renten auch nach einer Rezession mit sinkenden Einkommen nicht gekürzt werden, aber anschließend langsamer steigen.
20200516             —SEIT—MITTERNACHT ist die Grenze zu LUXEMBURG wieder geöffnet.
20200516             Zuvor waren die Absperrungen an den Grenzübergängen weggeräumt WORDEN—WIE zum Beispiel auf der Brücke zwischen dem DEUTSCHLAND—ECHTERNACHERBRÜCK und dem LUXEMBURG—ECHTERNACH.
20200516             renault mégane 1,5 dci luxe co2 champion
20200516             LAGOS Casos confirmados 3 - Data 202005161200          nachm.
20200516             PORTIMÃO Casos confirmados 40 - SILVES Casos confirmados 23
20200516             ALBUFEIRA Casos confirmados 74 - LOULÉ Casos confirmados 63
20200516             FARO Casos confirmados 64 - SÃO BRÁS DE ALPORTEL Casos confirmados ???
20200516             OLHÃO Casos confirmados 12 - TAVIRA Casos confirmados 30
20200516             VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO Casos confirmados 13
20200516             CASTRO MARIM Casos confirmados 3 - ALMODÔVAR Casos confirmados 9
20200516             ODEMIRA Casos confirmados 7 - SANTIAGO DO CACÉM Casos confirmados 16
20200516             BEJA Casos confirmados 14 - SERPA Casos confirmados 14 - 75_DGS_boletim_20200516
20200516             Die CORONA—PANDEMIE bedroht zunehmend Brasiliens Ureinwohner.
20200516             Das Virus erreiche mit "beängstigender Geschwindigkeit" ALLE—GEBIETE—DER—UREINWOHNER, warnte Apib.
20200516             Laut Apib haben sich mehr als 440—UREINWOHNER mit dem Virus angesteckt, 92—SEIEN —BEREITS an den Folgen gestorben.
20200516             Aber auch bei den Stämmen im Süden des Landes seien Infektionsfälle aufgetreten.
20200516             Nach ANGABEN—DER—NICHTREGIERUNGSORGANISATION—SURVIVAL—INTERNATIONAL sorgt die Epidemie zugleich dafür, dass illegale Holzfäller und Goldschürfer "mit Rückendeckung der Regierung" zunehmend auf die GEBIETE—DER—UREINWOHNER vordringen.
20200516             Die RUSSLAND—BEHÖRDEN weisen den Vorwurf zurück, die Zahlen zu schönen.
20200516             Zudem habe der relativ späte Beginn der VIRUS—AUSBREITUNG in RUSSLAND den Gesundheitsbehörden mehr Zeit zur Vorbereitung gegeben.
20200516             Die SCHWEIZ hat die Absperrungen an ihren Grenzübergängen nach ÖSTERREICH und DEUTSCHLAND entfernt.
20200516             Doch der Einreisestopp für Touristen aus DEUTSCHLAND und anderen Ländern bleibe auf anderer Grundlage bestehen,
20200516             Sie gilt ab dem 20200518              vorerst unbefristet.
20200516             UNGARN will von —MONTAG an die Einschränkungen in BUDAPEST schrittweise lockern.
20200516             Coronakrise: Air CANADA entlässt mindestens die Hälfte von 38.000—MITARBEITERN
20200516             Félicien Kabuga: Mutmaßlicher Drahtzieher des Völkermords in RUANDA festgenommen
20200516             —FRIDAY, 20200515              - Sat 20200516
20200516             [l] So langsam kristalliert sich raus, was bei Covid als Brandbeschleuniger wirkt.
20200516             Ich vermute, die nächste Erkenntnis wird sein: Büroräume mit Klimaanlage, bei denen man die Fenster nicht öffnen kann.
20200516             Innerhalb der Flatterbänder wurde der Abstand von 1,50 Metern eingehalten.
20200516             Bei einer Demo am Reichstag wurde die zulässige Teilnehmerzahl aber überschritten.
20200516             Ballweg kündigte bei der Kundgebung an, wegen der Beschränkungen der Versammlungsfreiheit erneut vor das Bundesverfassungsgericht zu ziehen.
20200516             TOULOUSE, riefen Ladenbesitzer zu einer Gegendemonstration auf, wie die Regionalzeitung "La Dépêche" berichtete.
20200516             Sie sprachen sich demnach dagegen aus, dass die "Gelbwesten" wieder jeden —SAMSTAG in der Stadt protestieren dürften, da das schlecht für ihre Geschäfte sei.
20200516             Demo gegen Coronakrise: ZDF—KAMERATEAM in HALLE bedrängt
20200516             Proteste in BERLIN: "Niemand, den ich kenne, hat CORONA!" Von MARIUS—MESTERMANN
20200516             —FRIDAY, 20200515
20200516             CALIFORNIA to date had 77,515 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS and 3,166 deaths.
20200516             THE—SF—BAY—AREA had 10,682 cases and 390—DEATHS.
20200516             —REACHED, Total cases nationwide, over 1,456,941 with the death toll at 88,230.
20200516             1—USA federal judge issued 1—ORDER that allows NORTH—CAROLINA religious leaders to reopen their doors to their congregations in spite of GOVERNOR—ROY—COOPER—WARNING that they risk spreading coronavirus.
20200516             1—AT—HOME—CORONAVIRUS testing project in SEATTLE backed in part by THE—BILL—AND—MELINDA—GATES—FOUNDATION said it was working with USA—REGULATORS to resume the program —AFTER being suspended by the Food and Drug Administration.
20200516             BOLIVIA—POPULATION was about 11—MILLION.
20200516             —MARCHED, BOSNIA, thousands, through SARAJEVO to commemorate VICTIMS—OF—THE—USTASA regime, 1—PUPPET state founded by Croat fascists and allied to Nazi GERMANY, and to oppose 1—CATHOLIC—MASS held in the city for Ustasa and their families, slain at THE—END—OF—WORLD—WAR 2.
20200516             CAMBODIA—HEALTH—MINISTRY said the last patient with the new coronavirus has recovered and left hospital, leaving THE—SOUTH—EAST—ASIA—COUNTRY with 0—CASES.
20200516             —REPORTED, CAMBODIA has, 122—CASES—OF—THE—VIRUS that causes COVID-19 and no deaths.
20200516             —ORIGINATED, THE—CITY—OF—WUHAN, where the new coronavirus outbreak, in CHINA, conducted 222,675 nucleic acid tests.
20200516             —WANTED, FRANCE, Félicien Kabuga (84), 1—OF—THE—MOST, suspects in THE—RWANDA—GENOCIDE, was arrested near PARIS.
20200516             —REPORTED, FRANCE—HEALTH—AUTHORITIES, 96—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—DEATHS, as the country eases from a 2—MONTH—LOCKDOWN.
20200516             This brought FRANCE—TOTAL fatalities to 27,625.
20200516             THOUSANDS—OF—GERMANS across the country took to the streets to protest against restrictions imposed by the government to contain the coronavirus pandemic.
20200516             —CONFIRMED, The number of, coronavirus cases increased by 583 to 174,355. The reported death toll rose by 33 to 7,914.
20200516             —FLOCKED, Greeks, to the seaside —WHEN more than 500—BEACHES reopened, as the country sought to walk the fine line between protecting people from COVID—19—WHILE reviving the tourism sector that MANY—DEPEND on for their livelihoods.
20200516             INDIA—TOTAL—NOVEL—CORONAVIRUS—CASES—ROSE to 85,940 with 2,752 fatalities.
20200516             —CRAMMED, NORTH—INDIA, 1—TRUCK, with migrant laborers trying to reach their distant homes amid 1—NATIONWIDE lockdown crashed, killing at least 23 and injuring 35.
20200516             —REPORTED, INDONESIA, 529—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—INFECTIONS, taking the total NUMBER—OF—CASES to 17,025. INDONESIA also reported 13—NEW—DEATHS, taking the total number of COVID—19—DEATHS to 1,089.
20200516             —SENTENCED, IRAN, FRENCH—IRAN—ACADEMIC—FARIBA Adelkhah (61) to 5—YEARS in prison on national security charges.
20200516             The new deaths brought the overall toll to 6,937. However, 1,757 new coronavirus cases were confirmed across IRAN in the last 24—HOURS, bringing the overall total to 118,392.
20200516             —ORDERED, KENYA—PRESIDENT—UHURU—KENYATTA, 1—CESSATION—OF—MOVEMENT between the country and neighboring TANZANIA and SOMALIA to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.
20200516             He exempted cargo trucks but said drivers would have to be tested for the disease.
20200516             —REPORTED, Malaysian, 17—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES, bringing the cumulative total to 6,872. Health authorities there reported 1—NEW—DEATH, with total fatalities at 113.
20200516             —REGISTERED, MEXICO, 47,144 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS, with the country's death toll rising to 5,045.
20200516             —CONFIRMED, Total, cases of the novel coronavirus have risen to 12,305, most of which are in the capital, —WHILE deaths reached 817. THE—PHILIPPINES started loosening its lockdown in the capital and other major cities to slowly restart 1—ECONOMY.
20200516             —REPORTED, RUSSIA, 9,200 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus.
20200516             The overall NUMBER—OF—CASES nationwide stood at 272,043. The official death toll rose to 2,537 —AFTER 119—PEOPLE † over the last 24—HOURS.
20200516             —TOPPED, SAUDI—ARABIA, THE—NUMBER—OF—CORONAVIRUS—CASES, 50,000. The health ministry reported 2,840 new cases, taking the cumulative total to 51,980. The death toll in the kingdom increased by 10 to 302.
20200516             —DETECTED, SOUTH—AFRICA—IMPALA—PLATINUM said it had, 19—POSITIVE—CASES—OF—THE—COVID—19—DISEASE at its Marula operation in NORTH—LIMPOPO province, and that it would close the plant —UNTIL it had taken necessary health measures.
20200516             SOUTH—SUDAN, 1—OUTBREAK—OF—VIOLENCE between pastoralists and farm workers began in THE—NORTH—EASTERN—TOWN—OF—PIERI, forcing THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE to flee to the bush.
20200516             SPAIN—OVERNIGHT death toll from the coronavirus was 102, marking the lowest 24-hour rise —SINCE mid March.
20200516             —ATTACKED, EAST—SYRIA, unknown warplanes, IRAN—BACKED fighters late —TODAY, killing SEVERAL—OF—THE—IRAQ—MILITIAMEN.
20200516             —REPORTED, THAILAND, no new coronavirus cases or deaths as the country begins to reopen businesses and ease restrictions.
20200516             —EXTENDED, THAILAND, 1—BAN on INTERNATIONAL passenger flights —UNTIL THE—END—OF—JUNE.
20200516             1—PREVIOUS—ORDER was set to run —UNTIL THE—END—OF—MAY.
20200516             —ISSUED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE, 1—ORDER that allows NORTH—CAROLINA religious leaders to reopen their doors to their congregations in SPITE—OF—GOVERNOR—ROY—COOPER—WARNING that they risk spreading coronavirus.
20200516             —BACKED, 1—AT—HOME—CORONAVIRUS—TESTING—PROJECT in SEATTLE, in part by THE—BILL—AND—MELINDA—GATES—FOUNDATION said it was working with USA—REGULATORS to resume the program —AFTER being suspended by the Food and Drug Administration.
20200516             —WELCOMED, Gay rights organizations, 1—DECISION by ALBANIA—GOVERNING—BODY—OF—PSYCHOLOGISTS to scrap conversion therapy with regards to sexual orientation.
20200516             —REPORTED, AUSTRALIA—VICTORIA state, 11—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES—INCLUDING some linked to known clusters at 1—MEAT—FACTORY and 1—MCDONALD—RESTAURANT.
20200516             —REGISTERED, BRAZIL—HEALTH—MINISTRY, 14,919 new confirmed cases in the prior 24—HOURS—TAKING the total to 233,142.
20200516             —CONFIRMED, Mainland CHINA had 5—NEW—COVID—19—CASES, down from 8 the previous —DAY.
20200516             —INCREASED, THE—NUMBER—OF—CONFIRMED coronavirus cases, by 583 to 174,355.
20200516             The reported death toll rose by 33 to 7,914.
20200516             —REPORTED, INDONESIA also, 13—NEW—DEATHS—TAKING the total NUMBER—OF—COVID—19—DEATHS to 1,089.
20200516             The new deaths brought the overall toll to 6,937.
20200516             —CONFIRMED, However, 1,757 new coronavirus cases were, across IRAN in the last 24—HOURS—BRINGING the overall total to 118,392.
20200516             —DISPLACED, LIBYA, bombs hit 1—SHELTER for, people late —TODAY in TRIPOLI, killing at least 7—PEOPLE—INCLUDING a 5—YEAR—OLD—CHILD from BANGLADESH.
20200516             MALAYSIA—REPORTED 17—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES—BRINGING the cumulative total to 6,872.
20200516             —REPORTED, Health authorities there, 1—NEW—DEATH, with total fatalities at 113.
20200516             —REPORTED, It was, that MOZAMBIQUE—ARMED—FORCES killed 50—ISLAMIC—EXTREMIST—FIGHTERS this —WEEK in battles in THE—GAS—RICH—CABO Delgado province.
20200516             MYANMAR, at least 200—BUILDINGS were set on fire in the Rohingya VILLAGE—OF—LET Kar in Rakhine state's MISTER—AUK—U township.
20200516             —CONFIRMED, Total, cases of the novel coronavirus have risen to 12,305, most of which are in the capital, —WHILE deaths reached 817.
20200516             —STARTED, THE—PHILIPPINES, loosening its lockdown in the capital and other major cities to slowly restart 1—ECONOMY.
20200516             —SUSPENDED, PORTUGAL said it has, IMPORTS—OF—TRASH —UNTIL the end of 20200000              to protect domestic landfill capacity.
20200516             The country usually attracts huge MOUNDS—OF—RUBBISH from other European states BECAUSE—OF—ITS—LOW—WASTE—MANAGEMENT—FEES.
20200516             —REPORTED, QATAR, another 1,547 cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing the country's total NUMBER—OF—CONFIRMED infections to more than 30,000.
20200516             The overall NUMBER—OF—CASES nationwide stood at 272,043.
20200516             † The official death toll rose to 2,537 —AFTER 119—PEOPLE over the last 24—HOURS.
20200516             —REPORTED, The health ministry, 2,840 new cases, taking the cumulative total to 51,980.
20200516             —INCREASED, The death toll in the kingdom, by 10 to 302.
20200516             Over the next days At least 300—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—3—AID—WORKERS, were killed in the fighting.
20200516             The cumulative death toll rose to 27,563, —WHILE THE—NUMBER—OF—CONFIRMED coronavirus cases rose to 230,698.
20200516             —SAMSTAG, 20200516           .
20200516             —USA—AUßEN—MINISTERIUM: TRUMP feuert internen Ermittlerchef
20200516             —IMMER—WIEDER, der Osten: CORONA—WUT und Unvernunft
20200516             1. CORONA—FÄLLE in DEUTSCHLAND: Die unglückliche Reise von Patientin 0
20200516             —ENDE  ;;01;; brachte 1—GESCHÄFTSREISENDE das neue CORONA—VIRUS— 1. nach DEUTSCHLAND.
20200516             —AM  ;;0128;;             gab es den 1. CORONA—FALL in DEUTSCHLAND: Ein 33—JAHRE alter Mann steckte sich beim Autozulieferer Webasto bei einer aus CHINA angereisten Kollegin an.
20200516             Insgesamt 16—MENSCHEN infizierten sich in der Region um MÜNCHEN ausgehend von der Reisenden mit dem VIRUS.
20200516             —IDENTIFIZIERT, DIE—INFIZIERTEN sowie 241—KONTAKTPERSONEN konnten, und, wenn nötig, isoliert werden.
20200516             —GESTOPPT, Der INFEKTIONS—KETTE wurde.
20200516             Seinen —ANFANG nahm der Ausbruch bei Webasto mit einer Geschäftsreisenden aus SHANGHAI—PATIENTIN 0. Sie reiste am ;;0119;;
20200516             per Flugzeug für 3—TAGE nach MÜNCHEN und gab im BÜRO—IN—GAUTING bei MÜNCHEN Workshops.
20200516             In den Tagen zuvor hatte sie sich offenbar bei ihren Eltern mit dem neuen CORONA—VIRUS— SARS—COV—2—ANGESTECKT.
20200516             —GEWESEN, Diese waren aus WUHAN zu Besuch, wo DIE—CORONAPANDEMIE ihren Ursprung hatte
20200516             Webasto erfuhr —AM—MORGEN des ;;0127;;
20200516             von dem positiven Befund und fing daraufhin an, KONT—AKTE zu identifizierten.
20200516             Patient 1—SASS bei einer Besprechung am ;;0120;;
20200516             in einem 12—QUADRATMETER kleinen Raum direkt neben der Infizierten aus CHINA.
20200516             Patient 4—TRAF den Gast auf CHINA über seinen dreitägigen Aufenthalt hinweg mehrfach und löste am ;;0122;;
20200516             in der WEBSTO—KANTINE 1—KETTEN—REAKTION aus.
20200516             Obwohl er zu dem ZEIT—PUNKT noch keine Symptome hatte, steckte er einen Kollegen AN—PATIENT 5.
20200516             DIE—BEIDEN saßen Rücken an Rücken an verschiedenen Tischen, allerdings drehte sich Patient 5—EINMAL um, um sich einen Salzstreuer zu leihen.
20200516             Demnach steckten sich 3—VON 4—FAMILIENMITGLIEDERN in der Isolation auf engem Raum AN—DAS entspricht einem INFEKTIONS—RISIKO—VON—75—PROZENT.
20200516             Patient 3—ARBEITETE am ;;0124;;
20200516             kurzzeitig zusammen mit Patient 1—AM gleichen Computer und fing sich DAS—VIRUS wohl dabei ein.
20200516             3—TAGE später flog Patient 12 in den Urlaub nach Teneriffa und wurde dort —2—TAGE—SPÄTER im Krankenhaus isoliert.
20200516             Ihre Studie zeigt auch, daß der CORONA—TEST nicht immer ein sicheres Ergebnis liefert.
20200516             "Entscheidet jeder selbst": Kanzleramt schließt IMPF—PFLICHT—GEGEN—CORONA aus
20200516             RUHR—GEBIET, Spuckattacken nehmen zu
20200516             Euskirchen Kreis Fälle 432—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 224,0 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 11,9—TODES—FÄLLE 20,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200516             Düren Kreis Fälle 583—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 221,1 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 4,6—TODES—FÄLLE 38,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200516             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.414—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 222,4 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 2,9—TODES—FÄLLE 96,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200516             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER—KREIS Fälle 451—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 159,1 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 3,9—TODES—FÄLLE 18,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200516             BERLIN Neukölln Bezirk Fälle 708—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 214,7 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 7,9—TODES—FÄLLE 31,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200516             STRAUBING—BOGEN Landkreis Fälle 525—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 521,6 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 54,6—TODES—FÄLLE 25,—EINWOHNERZAHL—100.649
20200516             Coburg Landkreis Fälle 248—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 285,4 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 55,2—TODES—FÄLLE 13,—EINWOHNERZAHL—86.906
20200516             Coesfeld Kreis Fälle 811—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 368,8 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 57,7—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—219.929
20200516             Sie protestieren gegen das Impfen, gegen MERKEL und Spahn, gegen "die da oben", sie personalisieren Globalisierungskritik und Antisemitismus, sie positionieren sich grundsätzlich gegen Politik, Medien und Wissenschaft.
20200516             —SPIEGEL: Welche Rolle spielen RECHTS—EXTREME bei diesen Demonstrationen?
20200516             Quent: Zumindest sehen wir, daß rechte Narrative, Symbole und rechte VERSCHWÖRUNGsmythen die Proteste dominieren.
20200516             Quent: Zum Beispiel gab es in Nordhausen in THÜRINGEN und auch im sächsischen CHEMNITZ und COTTBUS sogenannte Spaziergänge.
20200516             —SPIEGEL: Was können Demonstranten, die nicht rechtsextrem SIND—UND—DE womöglich tatsächlich nur pure Existenznot auf DIE—STRAßE treibt, dagegen tun?
20200516             —SPIEGEL: Auf den Demos selbst findet also keine klare Distanzierung statt — verschwimmt da die Grenze zwischen Rechtsaußen und bürgerlicher —MITTE?
20200516             Quent: Diese Grenze ist längst verschwommen, da sind DIE—STRAßENPROTESTE nur die Spitze des Eisbergs.
20200516             Meine Sorge ist, daß sich die Normalisierung von Antisemitismus, Rechtsradikalen, Irrationalismus und HASS—IN—EINER kommenden WIRTSCHAFTSKRISE—IN—NOCH größerem Umfang rächen wird.
20200516             Es sind VIELE—SELBSTDARSTELLER mit diffusen Motivlagen dabei, die sich wohl kaum auf 1—PARTEI—PROGRAMM einigen können.
20200516             —SPIEGEL: Könnte DIE—AFD von den Protesten profitieren?
20200516             DIE—AFD hat —BEREITS eigene Demonstrationen angekündigt und versucht, die Verunsicherungen zu kanalisieren.
20200516             Auch Judenfeindschaft gehörte immer dazu, etwa beim Zikavirus oder —SCHON bei der Pest IM—MITTEL—ALTER.
20200516             Quent: Berechtigte Kritik, beispielsweise über Monopolisierung und globale Produktionsketten, die Staaten in Konkurrenz setzen und erpressbar machen oder vor Nebenwirkungen von Impfungen und Medikamenten, wird im VERSCHWÖRUNGsdenken zum Teil eines finsteren Plans.
20200516             VERSCHWÖRUNGsideologen glauben dann an extrem kohärente, globale Kontrollstrukturen einer kleinen Gruppe wirtschaftlich einflussreicher Personen ¬— —DERZEIT vor allem BILL—GATES, vor CORONA war es GEORG—SOROS.
20200516             Bei einem Teil gibt es ein hohes Gewaltpotenzial, selbst Anschläge werden IM—NETZ diskutiert.
20200516             Tatsächlich waren die Teilnehmerzahlen —BISHER eher noch gering, wenn man sie beispielsweise mit "Unteilbar", Protesten gegen POLIZEIaufgabengesetze oder für soziale Wohnungspolitik vergleicht, die viel weniger öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit erreicht haben.
20200516             Auffällig ist, daß die Interessengruppen, die wirklich negativ betroffen sind von der CORONA—KRISE, sich diesen Protesten nicht anschließen.
20200516             Das GESUNDHEITS—MINISTERIUM in Brasília meldete am Freitagabend (Ortszeit)15.305—NEUE Infektionen innerhalb von 24—STUNDEN.
20200516             Das ist ein weiterer NEGATIV—REKORD in dem südamerikanischen Land für einen 24-stündigen Zeitraum.
20200516             Der RECHTS—POPULISTISCHE —PRÄSIDENT—JAIR Bolsonaro, der durch 1—VERFAHREN wegen politischer Einflussnahme auf die Bundespolizei geschwächt ist, drängt dennoch auf eine rasche Rückkehr zur Normalität.
20200516             Zur RETTUNG—DER—KULTURSZENE in der CORONA—KRISE setzt Kulturstaatsministerin MONIKA—GRÜTTERS auf ein "RETTUNGS—UND Zukunftspaket" des Bundes.
20200516             "1—SCHWER—PUNKT des Programms liegt auf Maßnahmen, mit denen überwiegend privat finanzierte Einrichtungen einen pandemiegerechten Wiederbeginn ihrer Aktivitäten ermöglichen können".
20200516             Dafür werden laut Grütters "zügig" Förderrichtlinien und Systeme erarbeitet und abgestimmt, "damit die Förderungen GEMEINSAM—MIT—DEM Start eines Konjunkturpakets sofort ausgezahlt werden können".
20200516             Das von der CORONA—PANDEMIE besonders betroffene ITALIEN will die Einreise für Ausländer ab 3. ;;06;;
20200516             wieder erlauben.
20200516             DIE—ÖFFNUNG steht unter dem Vorbehalt, daß die Infektionsgeschehen in einzelnen Regionen oder Staaten es zulassen.
20200516             NORDRHEIN—WESTFALENS MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—ARMIN LASCHET (CDU) hat grundsätzlich Verständnis für Demonstrationen gegen DIE—CORONA—BESCHRÄNKUNGEN gezeigt.
20200516             diesen PRO—TEST - Wie dauerhaft der PRO—TEST sei, hänge davon ab, wie der STAAT agiere, ob er seine Politik beispielsweise gut erkläre,
20200516             "Wenn wir Grundrechte nicht länger als absolut notwendig zum Schutz der Gesundheit einschränken, dürfte sich die Bewegung entsprechend auch wieder verlaufen".
20200516             "Wir müssen achtsam bleiben bei den Menschenfängern aus den linken und rechten Extremen".
20200516             DIE—RENTENKASSE steuert in der CORONA—KRISE nach Einschätzung von Ökonomen auf ein großes Finanzloch zu.
20200516             Ursachen sind der rasante Anstieg der Kurzarbeit und die wachsende ARBEITS—LOSIGKEIT, die die Beitragseinnahmen sinken lassen werden.
20200516             Da die Renten nicht gekürzt werden dürfen und die BUNDE—REGIERUNG die HÖHE—DES—BEITRAGS auf maximal 20—PROZENT deckeln will, wird nach Einschätzung des Rentenexperten AXEL—BÖRSCH—SUPAN—DER—BUND die Lücke füllen müssen.
20200516             "DIE—BUNDESZUSCHÜSSE müssen wahrscheinlich —SCHON 20220000/20230000 in zweistelliger Milliardenhöhe steigen", sagte der DIREKTOR—DES—MUNICH—CENTER for THE—ECONOMICS—OF—AGING (MEA)
20200516             Der VERSICHERUNGS—KONZERN ALLIANZ schätzt, daß die Rentenkasse in diesem —JAHR 8—MILLIARDEN Euro weniger einnehmen könnte.
20200516             DIE—CORONA—KRISE werde die Rücklage schneller als erwartet leeren und Beitragserhöhungen notwendig machen, argumentieren die Volkswirte des Versicherers.
20200516             "DIE—ANDERE Option wäre eine weitere Erhöhung des Anteils staatlicher Zuschüsse, um die Illusion aufrechtzuerhalten, daß höhere Ausgaben nicht notwendigerweise höhere Beiträge bedeuten".
20200516             Bundesforschungsministerin Anja Karliczek (CDU) hat davor gewarnt, angesichts der Lockerungen von ANTI—CORONA—MAßNAHMEN zu vergessen, daß die PANDEMIE andauert.
20200516             "Wir beschäftigen uns —DERZEIT sehr damit, wann und wie die bisherigen Einschränkungen gelockert werden können. Ich verstehe das, da die Einschränkungen hart waren und für viele sogar existenzgefährdend. Wir vergessen aber ein wenig, daß DAS—VIRUS nicht weg ist",
20200516             Der Paketzusteller DPD hat einen STAND—ORT im Kreis Heinsberg in NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN mit Hunderten Mitarbeitern wegen eines CORONA—AUSBRUCHS vorübergehend geschlossen.
20200516             —GETESTET, Bislang seien 42—BESCHÄFTIGTE positiv auf DAS—VIRUS, worden,
20200516             SPANIEN, sind in den vergangenen 24—STUNDEN 102—WEITERE Todesfälle im Zusammenhang mit dem CORONA—VIRUS— gemeldet WORDEN—SO wenige wie —SEIT—8—WOCHEN nicht mehr.
20200516             DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE bedroht zunehmend BRASILIENs UR—EINWOHNER.
20200516             Von der AUSBREITUNG—DES—VIRUS in dem südamerikanischen Land seien —BEREITS 38—INDIGENE Völker betroffen, meldete die Vereinigung der UR—EINWOHNER Apib am —FREITAG.
20200516             DAS—VIRUS erreiche mit "beängstigender Geschwindigkeit" ALLE—GEBIETE—DER—UR—EINWOHNER, warnte Apib.
20200516             Diese seien —SCHON—VERGANGENHEIT—IN—DER, durch eingeschleppte Krankheiten schwer getroffen worden.
20200516             —LAUT, Apib haben sich mehr als 440—UR—EINWOHNER mit dem VIRUS angesteckt, 92—SEIEN —BEREITS an den Folgen gestorben.
20200516             Betroffen sind demnach vor allem die Stämme im BUNDES—STAAT Amazonas wie etwa die Parque das Tribos, deren CHEF—MESSIAS—KOKAMA an COVID—19—STARB.
20200516             —LAUT—ANGABEN—DER—NICHTREGIERUNGSORGANISATION—SURVIVAL—INTERNATIONAL sorgt DIE—EPIDEMIE zugleich dafür, daß illegale Holzfäller und Goldschürfer "mit Rückendeckung der Regierung" zunehmend auf die GEBIETE—DER—UR—EINWOHNER vordringen.
20200516             Mit insgesamt 272.043—BESTÄTIGTEN Infektionsfällen steht RUSSLAND WELT—WEIT an 2. Stelle hinter den USA, die STERBE—RATE ist laut den offiziellen Statistiken aber vergleichsweise gering.
20200516             Sie verweisen auf 1—AUSWEITUNG—DER—VIRUS—TESTS.
20200516             DIE—SCHWEIZ hat die Absperrungen an ihren Grenzübergängen nach ÖSTERREICH und DEUTSCHLAND entfernt.
20200516             TSCHECHIEN, läuft der wegen der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE verhängte Ausnahmezustand in der Nacht von —SONNTAG zu —MONTAG aus.
20200516             Verordnung zum "Schutz vor einer Einschleppung von COVID—19".
20200516             —APPELLIERT, AUßEN—MINISTER—HEIKO MAAS, an POLEN und TSCHECHIEN, die Grenzen wieder vollständig zu öffnen.
20200516             "Wir werden in den nächsten Tagen die GRENZ—KONTROLLEN zu DÄNEMARK einstellen, und ab dem 15.6. wird es auch keine Kontrollen mehr zu FRANKREICH, ÖSTERREICH und der SCHWEIZ geben", sagte MAAS
20200516             SPANIEN will den wegen der CORONA—PANDEMIE verhängten Ausnahmezustand um rund einen —MONAT verlängern.
20200516             Der Ausnahmezustand werde noch "etwa einen —MONAT" andauern, —BIS die stufenweise Lockerung der CORONA—BESCHRÄNKUNGEN beendet sei,
20200516             Der CHEF—DES—ROBERT—KOCH—INSTITUTS hat sich gegen 1—IMPF—PFLICHT—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— ausgesprochen.
20200516             "Wir haben keinen Anlass, an 1—IMPF—PFLICHT zu denken", sagte RKI—PRÄSIDENT—LOTHAR Wieler.
20200516             Die Bürgerinnen und BÜRGER seien definitiv klug genug zu wissen, wenn es einen sicheren Impfstoff gebe, daß dieser ihre Gesundheit fördern würde.
20200516             Für eine große Demo in MÜNCHEN—GEGEN—DIE—CORONABEDINGTEN Beschränkungen haben sich am —SAMSTAG mehrere 100—MENSCHEN auf der Theresienwiese versammelt.
20200516             mehrere 100 - Bayernweit wollen am Wochenende KRITIKER—DER—CORONA—VIRUSBEDINGTEN Auflagen BEI—CA—70—DEMONSTRATIONEN—IN—MEHREREN Städten ihren Unmut kundtun.
20200516             —CORONA—KRISE: Air CANADA entlässt mindestens 50 % von 38.000—MITARBEITERN
20200516             Traditionsreiche USA—WARENHAUSKETTE: J.C. Penney meldet wegen CORONA—KRISE Insolvenz an
20200516             USA—SPACE Force: TRUMP kündigt "SUPER—DUPER—RAKETE" an
20200516             57—MILLIARDEN—RETTUNGSCHIRM: BAYERN lehnt Hilfsplan von SCHOLZ für Kommunen ab
20200516             BIDEN: Time for the truth - Sat 20200516
20200516             PLATZ—1: Geschlossene Räume.
20200516             Dabei haben wir hier in EUROPA noch vergleichsweise luxuriös viel Platz pro Person und können Abstand halten.
20200516             Begleitet VON—CA—1000—POLIZISTEN sind in BERLIN—MITTE am —SAMSTAG—NACHMITTAG Dutzende Menschen zu verschiedenen Demonstrationen zusammengekommen.
20200516             Allein auf dem Alexanderplatz fanden zeitgleich 4—KUNDGEBUNGEN statt, die von POLIZEIkräften und ROT—WEIßEM Flatterband umringt waren.
20200516             Die Beamten achteten darauf, daß jeweils nicht mehr als 50—DEMONSTRANTEN zusammenstanden.
20200516             Die POLIZEI begann daraufhin mit der Räumung der Wiese.
20200516             Mehr als 40—DEMONSTRANTEN protestierten inmitten des Platzes mit Transparenten und einem Lautsprecherwagen gegen VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIEN und für die Rechte von Flüchtlingen.
20200516             EINIGE—METER weiter demonstrierten Dutzende mit lauter Musik gegen DIE—CORONA—REGELN und Impfpflicht.
20200516             Auch an den Absperrungen rund um den ROSA—LUXEMBURG—PLATZ versammelten sich Dutzende Menschen zum PROTEST—GEGEN—DIE Hygienevorschriften.
20200516             Hinter dem PRO—TEST steht die Initiative "Querdenken" des Unternehmers MICHAEL—BALLWEG.
20200516             —BEOBACHTET, BUNDES—UND LANDE—REGIERUNG müssten vom VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ, werden, forderte er.
20200516             FRANKREICH, haben 1. nach der Lockerung der Ausgangsbeschränkungen in der CORONA—KRISE MEDIEN—BERICHTEN zufolge in mehreren Städten Proteste der sogenannten Gelbwesten stattgefunden.
20200516             INNEN—MINISTER—CHRISTOPHE Castaner hatte zuvor am —SAMSTAG daran erinnert, daß Versammlungen von mehr als 10—PERSONEN nicht erlaubt seien.
20200516             Unter anderem in PARIS, LYON, MARSEILLE, MONTPELLIER und Straßburg gingen aber Menschen auf DIE—STRAßEN—JEDOCH bei weitem nicht so viele wie vor Beginn der CORONA—KRISE
20200516             "Operation Warp Speed": Experten kritisieren TRUMP—IMPFSTOFF—PROJEKT
20200516             Grenzwert überschritten: Radioaktivität am FORSCHUNGS—REAKTOR Garching ausgetreten
20200516             —PROTESTE—IN—BERLIN: "Niemand, den ich kenne, hat CORONA!"
20200516;;05161200   —DATA—NACHMITTAG
20200516—19290000    —SEIT, Es wird von der größten Wirtschaftskrise gesprochen.
20200516—19290000    —SEIT, Quent: Dazu gehören zum Beispiel Frauenverbände, denn Frauen droht 1—RETRADITIONALISIERUNG, Pflegekräfte, Freiberufler oder Gewerkschaften.
20200516—19290000    Proteste könnten sich im Zuge der wirtschaftlichen Verwerfungen oder einer 2. Welle verstärken.
20200516—19290000    —GESPROCHEN, Es wird von der größten Wirtschaftskrise.
20200516—19290000    —PASSIERT, Wir wissen, was damals, ist.
20200516—19290000    Es droht 1—AUFSTIEG—DER—RECHTEN.
20200516—19940000    —ALLEGED, The businessman from the Hutu ethnic group is, to have been the main FINANCIER—OF—THE—HUTU extremists who slaughtered 800,000—PEOPLE.
20200516—20170000    —IN, THE—BURNING—OF—VILLAGES was 1—TACTIC used on 1—LARGE—SCALE by the military in Rakhine.
20200516—20200119    —AM, Seinen —ANFANG nahm der Ausbruch bei Webasto mit einer Geschäftsreisenden aus SHANGHAI—PATIENTIN 0. Sie reiste per Flugzeug —FÜR—3—TAGE nach München und gab im BÜRO—IN—GAUTING bei München Workshops.
20200516—20200120    —AM, Patient 1—SASS bei einer Besprechung in einem 12—QUADRATMETER kleinen Raum direkt neben der Infizierten aus CHINA.
20200516—20200122    —AM, Patient 4—TRAF den Gast auf CHINA über seinen dreitägigen Aufenthalt hinweg mehrfach und löste in der WEBSTO—KANTINE 1—KETTENREAKTION aus.
20200516—20200124    —AM, Patient 3—ARBEITETE kurzzeitig zusammen mit Patient 1—AM gleichen Computer und fing sich das Virus wohl dabei ein.
20200516—20200128    —AM, gab es den 1. CORONA—FALL in DEUTSCHLAND: Ein 33—JAHRE alter Mann steckte sich beim Autozulieferer Webasto bei einer aus CHINA angereisten Kollegin an.
20200516—20200307    —SINCE, IRAN reported 35—NEW—DEATHS from the coronavirus, the lowest number despite infections rising, and announced 1—FURTHER—RELAXATION—OF—COVID—19—RELATED closures.
20200516—20200603    —AB, Das von der CORONA—PANDEMIE besonders betroffene ITALIEN will die Einreise für Ausländer wieder erlauben.
20200925             —AM Samstagmittag (20200516             ) beschmierte 1—MANN den Boden des Gewerbemuseumsplatzes mit Kreide.
20210505—20210516    —AB, LUXEMBURG will Gastronomie weiter öffnen
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that MAJID—KHAN, 41—JAHRE—ALT, 1—DETAINEE at GUANTANAMO Bay, has agreed to 1—DEAL intended to lead to his release in the next few years in return for giving up the right to question THE—CIA in court about its torture program.
20210516             —PLEADED, Khan has, guitly to serving as 1—COURIER for AL—QAIDA.
20210516             9—OF 40—DETAINEES have been aproved for transfer to other countries.
20210516             —SUSPECTED, ALABAMA, 1—MAN, in 2—MORNING murders in BIRMINGHAM shot 4—POLICE—OFFICERS who were executing 1—SEARCH—WARRANT on 1—APARTMENT where they believed he was hiding.
20210516             —RETURNED, The officers, fire, killing the unidentified man.
20210516             —APPEARED, The shootings, related to 1—ALTERCATION over 1—DOG.
20210516             CALIFORNIA to date had 3,743,084 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS and 62,318 deaths.
20210516             THE—SF—BAY—AREA had 440,979 cases and 6,487 deaths.
20210516             —REACHED, Total cases nationwide, over 32,927,943 with the death toll at 585,768.
20210516             —CROWNED, FLORIDA, ANDREA—MEZA—OF—MEXICO was, Miss Universe.
20210516             —LAST—YEAR—CEREMONY was canceled due to the pandemic.
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that AT&T is in advanced talks to create 1—NEW—COMPANY that would merge its media business, including CNN, with Discovery INCORPORATED.
20210516             —DERAILED, IOWA, about 47—TRAIN—CARS, near Sibley.
20210516             —CARRIED, Several cars, hazardous materials and firefighters worked to extinguish flames under 1—LOCAL—EVACUATION—ORDER.
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that Microsoft BOARD members concluded the software giant's founder, BILL—GATES, should step down from its BOARD —LAST—YEAR—DURING 1—INVESTIGATION into 1—ALLEGEDLY inappropriate relationship with 1—FEMALE—MICROSOFT employee.
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that greenhouse gases have shrunk the stratosphere by 1,300 feet —SINCE the 1980s and that without cuts to emission the high LAYER—OF—EARTH—ATMOSPHERE will likely shrink 3,300 more feet by 2080.
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that Covid-19 is ravaging BRAZIL and that experts are working to understand why it appears to be killing babies and small children at 1—UNUSUALLY high rate.
20210516             —HEADED, Cyclone Tauktae, for SOUTH—WEST—INDIA.
20210516             —KILLED, Heavy rains and flooding have already, at least 6—PEOPLE.
20210516             —REPORTED, INDIA—HEALTH—MINISTRY, 311,170 confirmed cases in the past 24—HOURS, down from 326,098 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20210516             SOME—INDIA—STATES said they would extend COVID—19—LOCKDOWNS.
20210516             —KILLED, The pandemic has, more than 270,000—PEOPLE in the country.
20210516             —SUSPENDED, INDONESIA said it has, distribution of 1—BATCH—OF—ASTRAZENECA—CORONAVIRUS—VACCINE to run tests for sterility and toxicity —FOLLOWING the death of a 22—YEAR—OLD—MAN 1—DAY —AFTER immunization.
20210516             —DECIDED, THE—ISRAEL—SECURITY—CABINET, to continue THE—GAZA operation.
20210516             ISRAEL—OFFICIALS said 1—CEASE—FIRE is not on the table right —NOW.
20210516             —KILLED, ISRAEL—BOMBING in GAZA City, at least 33—PEOPLE, including 12—WOMEN and 8—CHILDREN, and wounded 50—OTHERS.
20210516             —KILLED, ISRAEL said it has, 75—PALESTINE—MILITANTS, primarily Hamas operatives, and accuses THE—GROUP—OF—USING civilians as human shields.
20210516             —KILLED, ISRAEL, at least 2—PEOPLE were, and more than 150 injured —WHEN 1—BLEACHER collapsed at 1—UNFINISHED—ULTRA—ORTHODOX synagogue in THE—WEST—BANK.
20210516             INTERNATIONAL pressure to bring 1—END to the raging conflict between ISRAEL and Hamas militants mounted, even as local health officials said 1—ISRAEL—AIRSTRIKE in GAZA overnight killed at least 33—PEOPLE, the single deadliest attack of the current hostilities.
20210516             —REPORTED, MONGOLIA—AUTHORITIES, 541—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES and 2—DEATHS in the last 24—HOURS.
20210516             —REPORTED, It was, that fission reactions appear to be occurring in 1—INACCESSIBLE chamber of UKRAINE—CHERNOBYL nuclear power plant.
20210516             Scientists could not say whether the slow rise in neutron emissions will fizzle out or increase.
20210516             FRANCIS—PAPA at 1—SPECIAL—MASS for THE—MYANMAR community in ITALY said the people of MYANMAR must not despair in the face of evil or allow themselves to be divided.
20210516             —SONNTAG, 20210516
20210516             Drogenpolitik nach "portugiesischem Modell": FDP—PARTEITAG stimmt für Drogenfreigabe — und korrigiert sich
20210516             Nahostkonflikt: ISRAEL beschießt Haus des HAMAS—ANFÜHRERS — und aus GAZA fliegen erneut Raketen
20210516             Nach Protesten in DEUTSCHLAND: Seehofer will "volle Härte des Rechtsstaats" gegen Antisemitismus
20210516             Vermeintliche Impfskepsis: NRW—STAATSSEKRETÄRIN Güler warnt vor Stigmatisierung von Migranten
20210516             —PASSIERT, Social Media im Nahostkonflikt: Was hier, ist zu komplex für einen Tweet 1—ZWISCHENRUF—VON—ALEXANDRA—ROJKOV, Tel Aviv
20210516             Karliczek über den Klimawandel: "Auch bessere Bildung kann die Erderwärmung stoppen"
20210516             IRAN: Fast 600—KANDIDATEN bewerben sich für Präsidentenwahl
20210516             Neurotechnologie: Maschinen können —JETZT Gedanken lesen
20210516             Wissenslücken nach CORONA: Geld allein baut keine Lernrückstände ab
20210516             ISRAEL gegen die Hamas: Die Vergeltungsspirale
20210516             Nahrungsergänzungsmittel: Bundesinstitut empfiehlt VITAMIN—D—PILLEN nur in Ausnahmefällen
20210516             Folge der Coronapandemie: Bahn stellt Piloten als Lokführer ein
20210516             60.000—EURO Schaden: Spielende Mädchen zerkratzen 33—AUTOS mit Steinen
20210516             Laut Deutschlandfunk: Aussöhnungsabkommen mit NAMIBIA steht vor dem Abschluss
20210516             Medienbericht: TÜRKEI soll Mitarbeit bei EU—VERTEIDIGUNGSPOLITIK beantragt haben
20210516             Erneute Waldbrände: Kaliforniens ewiges Feuer
20210516             Parteitag: FDP zieht mit Steuerversprechen in den Wahlkampf
20210516             5—MONATE nach Unglück: USA—LUFTFAHRTBEHÖRDE ordnet Überprüfung älterer Boeing-737-Maschinen an
20210516             Empfehlung der Ständigen Impfkommission: Spätestens 20220000              Auffrischimpfung gegen CORONA nötig
20210516             "Nicht mehr katholisch": Kardinal Müller kritisiert gemeinsames Abendmahl mit Protestanten
20210516             IBIZA—UNTERSUCHUNGSAUSSCHUSS: Österreichs KANZLER—KURZ rechnet mit Anklage wegen möglicher Falschaussage
20210516             Nach Luftangriff auf Mediengebäude: Journalistenverband erhebt Vorwürfe gegen ISRAEL
20210516             Nach —TAG mit 33—TOTEN: Maas fordert Dreistufenplan zur Deeskalation des Gazakonflikts
20210516             Streit mit Twitter: Biden nimmt TRUMP—ERLASS zu sozialen Medien zurück
20210516             Internationale Drogengeschäfte: Mallorcas Polizei sprengt Geldwäschering
20210516             Coronalockerungen: EUROPA öffnet, EUROPA feiert — —BIS die Polizei kommt
20210516             34-Jährige will UNO—GENERALSEKRETÄRIN werden: "Ich bin nicht weniger wert, nur weil ich kein mittelalter Mann bin"
20210516             Merkwürdige Diskrepanz bei den Zahlen: Wie VIELE—INDER sterben wirklich an Covid-19?
20210516             Soziale Folgen der Pandemie: "Das große Geld war untätig"
20210516             Gysi über Nahostkonflikt: "Wer Israelflaggen anzündet, ist nicht links"
20210516             Raketensalven in ISRAEL: Uno warnt vor Flächenbrand in Nahost
20210516             Welternährungsorganisation FAO: Lebensmittel so teuer wie —SEIT—7—JAHREN nicht mehr
20210516             Sun 20210516              - [l] Ist es Parmesan?
20210516             Oder Sägemehl?
20210516             FDA Warns THE—PARMESAN—YOU—EAT—MAY—BE—WOOD—PULP
20210516             [l] Als seine korrupten Parteikumpels bezahlt waren, war für Spahn offenbar in Sachen Maskenbeschaffung die Angelegenheit erledigt.
20210516             Jedenfalls klagen gerade DUTZENDE—VON—FIRMEN gegen das Gesundheitsministerium, weil sie nie ihr Geld gesehen haben.
20210516             An wen erinnert mich das nur. Oh ja richtig!
20210516             Von DONALD—TRUMP lernen heißt siegen lernen!1!!
20210516             [l] Manchmal sagen ja die Dementis mehr als der Vorwurf.
20210516             Há 22—NOVOS casos de COVID—19—NO Algarve
20210516             Surto numa exploração agrícola faz aumentar novos casos de COVID—19—EM Tavira
20210516             Albufeira Casos confirmados - 2498 (+3) Óbitos - 45 (=) Recuperados - 2379 (+1) Casos ativos - 74 (+2)
20210516             Alcoutim Casos confirmados - 83 (=) Óbitos - 4 (=) Recuperados - 79 (=) Casos ativos - 0 (=)
20210516             Aljezur Casos confirmados - 110 (=) Óbitos - 2 (=) Recuperados - 105 (=) Casos ativos - 3 (=)
20210516             Castro Marim Casos confirmados - 391 (+1) Óbitos - 1 (=) Recuperados - 389 (=) Casos ativos - 1 (+1)
20210516             Faro Casos confirmados - 3329 (=) Óbitos - 53 (=) Recuperados - 3220 (=) Casos ativos - 56 (=)
20210516             Lagoa Casos confirmados - 743 (=) Óbitos - 15 (=) Recuperados - 693 (+1) Casos ativos - 35 (-1)
20210516             LAGOS Casos confirmados - 1445 (+1) Óbitos - 27 (=) Recuperados - 1407 (=) Casos ativos - 11 (+1)
20210516             Loulé Casos confirmados - 3861 (+2) Óbitos - 65 (=) Recuperados - 3760 (+4) Casos ativos - 36 (-2)
20210516             MONCHIQUE Casos confirmados - 183 (=) Óbitos - 11 (=) Recuperados - 172 (=) Casos ativos - 0 (=)
20210516             Olhão Casos confirmados - 1817 (+1) Óbitos - 22 (=) Recuperados - 1787 (+2) Casos ativos - 8 (-1)
20210516             Portimão Casos confirmados - 2563 (=) Óbitos - 32 (=) Recuperados - 2490 (+1) Casos ativos - 41 (-1)
20210516             Silves Casos confirmados - 1291 (=) Óbitos - 12 (=) Recuperados - 1250 (=) Casos ativos - 29 (=)
20210516             São Brás de Alportel Casos confirmados - 402 (=) Óbitos - 12 (=) Recuperados - 389 (=) Casos Ativos - 1 (=)
20210516             Tavira Casos confirmados - 1571 (+12) Óbitos - 29 (=) Recuperados - 1506 (=) Casos ativos - 36 (+12)
20210516             VRSA Casos confirmados - 1310 (=) Óbitos - 19 (=) Recuperados - 1284 (=) Casos ativos - 7 (=)
20210516             Vila do Bispo Casos confirmados - 146 (+2) Óbitos - 6 (=) Recuperados - 135 (+1) Casos ativos - 5 (+1)
20210516             440_DGS_boletim_20210516
20210516             INCIDÊNCIA - Nacional: 50,3 casos de infeção por SARS—COV—2/ COVID—19—POR 100 000—HAB.
20210516             Continente: 48,1casos de infeção por SARS—COV—2/ COVID—19—POR 100 000—HAB.
20210516             R(t)  Nacional: 0,95  Continente: 0,95
20210516             LK Ammerland Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 56—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 44,9 Fälle gesamt 3.061—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.451,6 Todesfälle gesamt 63—EINWOHNERZAHL 124.859—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK ANHALT—BITTERFELD Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 79—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,8 Fälle gesamt 6.668—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.207,3 Todesfälle gesamt 163—EINWOHNERZAHL 158.486—BUNDESLAND SACHSEN—ANHALT
20210516             LK Bad Dürkheim Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 62—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 46,7 Fälle gesamt 4.316—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.253,2 Todesfälle gesamt 148—EINWOHNERZAHL 132.671—BUNDESLAND RHEINLAND—PFALZ
20210516             LK BERNKASTEL—WITTLICH Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 52—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 46,2 Fälle gesamt 2.891—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.570,2 Todesfälle gesamt 61—EINWOHNERZAHL 112.483—BUNDESLAND RHEINLAND—PFALZ
20210516             LK BREISGAU—HOCHSCHWARZWALD Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 107—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 40,6 Fälle gesamt 8.186—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.105,5 Todesfälle gesamt 179—EINWOHNERZAHL 263.601—BUNDESLAND BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG
20210516             LK Celle Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 73—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 40,8 Fälle gesamt 4.521—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.525,5 Todesfälle gesamt 64—EINWOHNERZAHL 179.011—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK COCHEM—ZELL Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 19—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 31,0 Fälle gesamt 1.881—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.064,8 Todesfälle gesamt 55—EINWOHNERZAHL 61.375—BUNDESLAND RHEINLAND—PFALZ
20210516             LK Coesfeld Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 100—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 45,3 Fälle gesamt 5.484—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.486,1 Todesfälle gesamt 90—EINWOHNERZAHL 220.586—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK Cuxhaven Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 63—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 31,8 Fälle gesamt 4.546—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.295,5 Todesfälle gesamt 168—EINWOHNERZAHL 198.038—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK DAHME—SPREEWALD Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 83—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 48,6 Fälle gesamt 6.921—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.052,3 Todesfälle gesamt 244—EINWOHNERZAHL 170.791—BUNDESLAND BRANDENBURG
20210516             LK Dithmarschen Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 30—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 22,5 Fälle gesamt 1.933—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.451,3 Todesfälle gesamt 46—EINWOHNERZAHL 133.193—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Düren Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 199—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 75,2 Fälle gesamt 13.318—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 5.032,5 Todesfälle gesamt 278—EINWOHNERZAHL 264.638—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK Eichstätt Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 61—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 45,9 Fälle gesamt 4.915—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.698,8 Todesfälle gesamt 81—EINWOHNERZAHL 132.881—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Emmendingen Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 66—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 39,7 Fälle gesamt 6.019—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.617,0 Todesfälle gesamt 157—EINWOHNERZAHL 166.408—BUNDESLAND BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG
20210516             LK ERLANGEN—HÖCHSTADT Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 49—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 35,7 Fälle gesamt 5.208—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.794,2 Todesfälle gesamt 126—EINWOHNERZAHL 137.262—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Euskirchen Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 160—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 82,6 Fälle gesamt 7.657—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.953,9 Todesfälle gesamt 235—EINWOHNERZAHL 193.656—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK Forchheim Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 42—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 36,1 Fälle gesamt 4.628—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.982,7 Todesfälle gesamt 113—EINWOHNERZAHL 116.203—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Friesland Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 29—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 29,4 Fälle gesamt 1.601—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.622,0 Todesfälle gesamt 40—EINWOHNERZAHL 98.704—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Goslar Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 64—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 47,0 Fälle gesamt 2.530—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.856,3 Todesfälle gesamt 111—EINWOHNERZAHL 136.292—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK HAMELN—PYRMONT Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 64—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 43,1 Fälle gesamt 4.131—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.780,9 Todesfälle gesamt 95—EINWOHNERZAHL 148.549—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Harburg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 103—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 40,5 Fälle gesamt 6.441—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.531,5 Todesfälle gesamt 111—EINWOHNERZAHL 254.431—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Heidekreis Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 48—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 34,1 Fälle gesamt 3.307—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.350,8 Todesfälle gesamt 101—EINWOHNERZAHL 140.673—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Helmstedt Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 26—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 28,5 Fälle gesamt 2.332—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.554,3 Todesfälle gesamt 89—EINWOHNERZAHL 91.297—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Landsberg a.LECH—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE 43—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 35,7 Fälle gesamt 3.983—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.310,8 Todesfälle gesamt 66—EINWOHNERZAHL 120.302—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Leer Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 79—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 46,3 Fälle gesamt 4.304—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.520,6 Todesfälle gesamt 59—EINWOHNERZAHL 170.756—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Lindau Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 38—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 46,4 Fälle gesamt 3.270—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.988,7 Todesfälle gesamt 62—EINWOHNERZAHL 81.981—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Lüneburg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 70—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 38,0 Fälle gesamt 3.317—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.801,4 Todesfälle gesamt 58—EINWOHNERZAHL 184.139—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK MAIN—TAUBER—KREIS Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 55—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,5 Fälle gesamt 4.881—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.686,6 Todesfälle gesamt 87—EINWOHNERZAHL 132.399—BUNDESLAND BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG
20210516             LK Neustadt a.d.Waldnaab Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 39—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,3 Fälle gesamt 5.172—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 5.475,9 Todesfälle gesamt 164—EINWOHNERZAHL 94.450—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Nienburg (Weser) Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 53—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 43,7 Fälle gesamt 3.609—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.973,1 Todesfälle gesamt 147—EINWOHNERZAHL 121.390—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Nordfriesland Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 35—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 21,1 Fälle gesamt 2.634—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.587,2 Todesfälle gesamt 80—EINWOHNERZAHL 165.951—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Nordwestmecklenburg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 64—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 40,7 Fälle gesamt 3.779—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.402,1 Todesfälle gesamt 80—EINWOHNERZAHL 157.322—BUNDESLAND MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN
20210516             LK Ostholstein Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 42—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 20,9 Fälle gesamt 3.249—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.620,1 Todesfälle gesamt 84—EINWOHNERZAHL 200.539—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK OSTPRIGNITZ—RUPPIN Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 47—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 47,5 Fälle gesamt 4.119—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.166,5 Todesfälle gesamt 151—EINWOHNERZAHL 98.861—BUNDESLAND BRANDENBURG
20210516             LK Pinneberg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 132—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,8 Fälle gesamt 10.183—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.221,4 Todesfälle gesamt 357—EINWOHNERZAHL 316.103—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Plön Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 40—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 31,1 Fälle gesamt 1.316—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.022,6 Todesfälle gesamt 30—EINWOHNERZAHL 128.686—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK POTSDAM—MITTELMARK Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 108—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,9 Fälle gesamt 7.739—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.573,5 Todesfälle gesamt 196—EINWOHNERZAHL 216.566—BUNDESLAND BRANDENBURG
20210516             LK Prignitz Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 30—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 39,4 Fälle gesamt 3.187—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.184,7 Todesfälle gesamt 162—EINWOHNERZAHL 76.158—BUNDESLAND BRANDENBURG
20210516             LK RENDSBURG—ECKERNFÖRDE Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 84—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 30,6 Fälle gesamt 3.921—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.430,5 Todesfälle gesamt 53—EINWOHNERZAHL 274.098—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK RHEIN—ERFT—KREIS Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 608—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 129,2 Fälle gesamt 19.307—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.102,5 Todesfälle gesamt 388—EINWOHNERZAHL 470.615—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK RHEIN—LAHN—KREIS Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 60—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,1 Fälle gesamt 3.890—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.180,8 Todesfälle gesamt 96—EINWOHNERZAHL 122.297—BUNDESLAND RHEINLAND—PFALZ
20210516             LK RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER Kreis Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 193—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 68,1 Fälle gesamt 10.890—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.844,4 Todesfälle gesamt 152—EINWOHNERZAHL 283.271—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK Rotenburg (Wümme) Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 75—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 45,8 Fälle gesamt 3.834—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.340,9 Todesfälle gesamt 87—EINWOHNERZAHL 163.782—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK S—WENDEL—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE 43—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,4 Fälle gesamt 3.115—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.580,2 Todesfälle gesamt 109—EINWOHNERZAHL 87.007—BUNDESLAND SAARLAND
20210516             LK SCHLESWIG—FLENSBURG Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 44—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 21,9 Fälle gesamt 2.840—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.411,8 Todesfälle gesamt 60—EINWOHNERZAHL 201.156—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Segeberg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 82—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 29,6 Fälle gesamt 6.659—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.402,5 Todesfälle gesamt 156—EINWOHNERZAHL 277.175—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Soest Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 121—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 40,1 Fälle gesamt 8.302—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.751,0 Todesfälle gesamt 182—EINWOHNERZAHL 301.785—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             LK Steinburg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 46—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 35,1 Fälle gesamt 2.279—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.739,5 Todesfälle gesamt 36—EINWOHNERZAHL 131.013—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Stormarn Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 101—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,4 Fälle gesamt 6.815—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.791,2 Todesfälle gesamt 295—EINWOHNERZAHL 244.156—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             LK Tirschenreuth Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 31—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 43,0 Fälle gesamt 5.292—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 7.345,3 Todesfälle gesamt 266—EINWOHNERZAHL 72.046—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Uelzen Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 17—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 18,4 Fälle gesamt 2.150—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.327,1 Todesfälle gesamt 111—EINWOHNERZAHL 92.389—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK VORPOMMERN—RÜGEN Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 61—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 27,1 Fälle gesamt 3.814—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.697,4 Todesfälle gesamt 77—EINWOHNERZAHL 224.702—BUNDESLAND MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN
20210516             LK Wesermarsch Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 37—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,8 Fälle gesamt 3.184—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.594,4 Todesfälle gesamt 107—EINWOHNERZAHL 88.583—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             LK Wetteraukreis Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 141—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 45,7 Fälle gesamt 12.797—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.150,3 Todesfälle gesamt 520—EINWOHNERZAHL 308.339—BUNDESLAND HESSEN
20210516             LK Wunsiedel i.Fichtelgebirge Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 33—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 45,4 Fälle gesamt 4.984—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 6.859,8 Todesfälle gesamt 196—EINWOHNERZAHL 72.655—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             LK Würzburg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 52—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 32,0 Fälle gesamt 4.271—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.631,5 Todesfälle gesamt 71—EINWOHNERZAHL 162.302—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             SK Amberg Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 21—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,8 Fälle gesamt 1.713—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.058,6 Todesfälle gesamt 22—EINWOHNERZAHL 42.207—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             SK BERLIN Neukölln Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 289—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 90,0 Fälle gesamt 20.578—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 6.408,1 Todesfälle gesamt 410—EINWOHNERZAHL 321.123—BUNDESLAND BERLIN
20210516             SK BERLIN Pankow Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 192—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 48,2 Fälle gesamt 14.840—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.728,3 Todesfälle gesamt 210—EINWOHNERZAHL 398.036—BUNDESLAND BERLIN
20210516             SK BERLIN TEMPELHOF—SCHÖNEBERG Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 191—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 55,9 Fälle gesamt 17.240—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 5.044,3 Todesfälle gesamt 465—EINWOHNERZAHL 341.772—BUNDESLAND BERLIN
20210516             SK Erlangen Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 47—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 41,8 Fälle gesamt 3.842—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.414,3 Todesfälle gesamt 92—EINWOHNERZAHL 112.528—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             SK FRANKFURT (Oder) Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 27—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 46,8 Fälle gesamt 2.184—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.781,8 Todesfälle gesamt 107—EINWOHNERZAHL 57.751—BUNDESLAND BRANDENBURG
20210516             SK HAMBURG Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 909—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 49,2 Fälle gesamt 74.889—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.054,1 Todesfälle gesamt 1.533—EINWOHNERZAHL 1.847.253 BUNDESLAND HAMBURG
20210516             SK HEIDELBERG Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 71—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 44,0 Fälle gesamt 4.994—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 3.092,5 Todesfälle gesamt 58—EINWOHNERZAHL 161.485—BUNDESLAND BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG
20210516             SK Köln Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 977—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 89,8 Fälle gesamt 51.250—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 4.711,1 Todesfälle gesamt 676—EINWOHNERZAHL 1.087.863
20210516             SK Lübeck Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 86—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 39,7 Fälle gesamt 5.531—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.554,4 Todesfälle gesamt 97—EINWOHNERZAHL 216.530—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             SK Münster Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 69—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 21,9 Fälle gesamt 8.016—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.542,4 Todesfälle gesamt 117—EINWOHNERZAHL 315.293—BUNDESLAND NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20210516             SK Neumünster Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 25—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 31,2 Fälle gesamt 1.776—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.214,6 Todesfälle gesamt 23—EINWOHNERZAHL 80.196—BUNDESLAND SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN
20210516             SK ROSTOCK Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 93—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 44,5 Fälle gesamt 2.986—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 1.427,4 Todesfälle gesamt 35—EINWOHNERZAHL 209.191—BUNDESLAND MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN
20210516             SK Schwabach Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 20—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 48,8 Fälle gesamt 2.095—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 5.112,1 Todesfälle gesamt 104—EINWOHNERZAHL 40.981—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             SK Trier Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 48—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 43,0 Fälle gesamt 2.633—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.360,8 Todesfälle gesamt 29—EINWOHNERZAHL 111.528—BUNDESLAND RHEINLAND—PFALZ
20210516             SK Weiden i.d.OPf.
20210516             Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 13—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 30,4 Fälle gesamt 2.682—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 6.274,7 Todesfälle gesamt 73—EINWOHNERZAHL 42.743—BUNDESLAND BAYERN
20210516             SK Wilhelmshaven Fälle letzte 7—TAGE 18—FÄLLE letzte 7—TAGE/100.000—EW 23,7 Fälle gesamt 1.869—FÄLLE gesamt/100.000—EW 2.456,3 Todesfälle gesamt 49—EINWOHNERZAHL 76.089—BUNDESLAND NIEDERSACHSEN
20210516             Cases 162.680.972 Deaths 3.372.459 Vaccine Doses Administered 1.460.534.165
20210516             Tausende Einzelhändler wollen sich nach ANGABEN—DES—HANDELSVERBANDS—DEUTSCHLAND (HDE)großzügigere staatliche CORONA—HILFEN auf dem Rechtsweg erstreiten.
20210516             Laut einem Vorabbericht der "Welt am —SONNTAG",
20210516             der sich auf 1—HDE—ERHEBUNG bezieht, haben rund 10.000—UNTERNEHMEN staatliche NOVEMBER—UND Dezemberhilfen beantragt, die vor allem für die Gastronomie vorgesehen sind.
20210516             —GESCHLOSSEN, Geschäfte, die —SEIT Monaten, seien, hätten darauf jedoch keinen Anspruch, sondern würden auf den schmaleren Fixkostenzuschuss verwiesen,
20210516             sagt HDE—CHEF—STEFAN—GENTH der Zeitung: "Das ist eine klare Ungleichbehandlung im Vergleich zur Gastronomie".
20210516             Die Ständige Impfkommission (Stiko) rechnet damit, dass sich die Bundesbürger im kommenden —JAHR erneut gegen das Coronavirus impfen lassen müssen.
20210516             "Das Virus wird uns nicht wieder verlassen.
20210516             Die aktuellen CORONA—IMPFUNGEN werden deswegen nicht die letzten sein",
20210516             —SEIT dem START—DER—CORONA—IMPFUNGEN in DEUTSCHLAND vor fast 5—MONATEN ist die Impfbereitschaft deutlich gestiegen.
20210516             Fast 3—VIERTEL der DEUTSCHLAND—ÜBER 18—JAHRE wollen sich nach einer YOUGOV—UMFRAGE im Auftrag der DEUTSCHLAND—PRESSE—AGENTUR nun gegen das Coronavirus immunisieren lassen.
20210516             Die Bundesregierung wirbt dafür, dass sich möglichst VIELE—MENSCHEN in DEUTSCHLAND immunisieren lassen.
20210516             Damit soll eine sogenannte Herdenimmunität erreicht werden, die auch diejenigen vor Ansteckung schützt, die nicht geimpft sind.
20210516             8500—NEUINFEKTIONEN, Inzidenz sinkt auf 83,1
20210516             Der bundesweite 7—TAGE—R—WERT lag laut RKI—LAGEBERICHT vom —SAMSTAG bei 0,84 (Vortag: 0,87).
20210516             Fast 24,7 Millionen Infektionsfälle in INDIEN
20210516             INDIEN, hat das Gesundheitsministerium 311.170—INFEKTIONSFÄLLE binnen 24—STUNDEN registriert.
20210516             Kurz vor Pfingsten sind die DEUTSCHLAND—BEI der Frage nach der Öffnung von Hotels, Pensionen oder Ferienwohnungen noch gespalten.
20210516             Nach einer Umfrage des Meinungsforschungsinstituts YouGov im Auftrag der DEUTSCHLAND—PRESSE—AGENTUR sind 43—PROZENT dafür,
20210516             Beherbergungsbetriebe unabhängig von den CORONA—INFEKTIONSZAHLEN sofort bundesweit unter bestimmten Auflagen wie Testpflichten zu öffnen.
20210516             31—PROZENT meinen dagegen, Hotelöffnungen sollten von den Infektionszahlen in den jeweiligen Regionen abhängig gemacht werden.
20210516             14—PROZENT meinen, die Unterkünfte sollten für Touristen noch geschlossen bleiben.
20210516             Lehrerverband: In Pandemie rund die HÄLFTE—DES—PRÄSENZUNTERRICHTS ausgefallen
20210516             ENGLAND öffnet trotz INDIEN—VARIANTE weiter
20210516             Sollte sich die höhere Übertragbarkeit der Mutante als gering herausstellen, werde es so gut wie keine Auswirkungen auf den Lockerungsfahrplan des Landes geben,
20210516             sagte Hancock am —SONNTAG dem Nachrichtensender Sky News.
20210516             "Wir wissen es einfach nicht, deswegen ist es angemessen, den Fahrplan weiter zu verfolgen, aber die Menschen müssen wachsam und vorsichtig sein",
20210516             Die INDIEN—VARIANTE ist nach Ansicht GROSSBRITANNIEN—EXPERTEN womöglich um —BIS zu 50—PROZENT ansteckender als die bislang in dem Land vorherrschende VIRUS—VARIANTE B.1.1.7.
20210516             Mehr als 28.000—NEUINFEKTIONEN in den USA
20210516             Ausgangsbeschränkungen in TÜRKEI auch nach ENDE—DES—LOCKDOWNS
20210516             Hunderte Fans: Polizei sperrt Stadion bei Spiel von Dynamo DRESDEN
20210516             Schwesig: Gelockerte Regelungen für Dauercamper in MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN
20210516             Die Campingplatzbetreiber erleben angesichts der in Aussicht gestellten Lockerungen 1—ANFRAGEFLUT.
20210516             "Wir werden wirklich überrannt",
20210516             —RESERVIERT, VIELE—PLÄTZE seien —BEREITS ab Ostern, gewesen.
20210516             —STORNIERT, Mangels Öffnungsmöglichkeiten sei dann Vieles, worden.
20210516             —ZURZEIT versuchten noch VIELE—CAMPER für Pfingsten etwas zu erhaschen.
20210516             Dabei spiele das Reiseziel kaum noch 1—ROLLE.
20210516             "Ich habe den Eindruck, die Leute wollen einfach nur raus aus den eigenen 4—WÄNDEN",
20210516             —GEÖFFNET, Innengastronomie in LUXEMBURG wieder
20210516             BAYERN will INDIEN 100—MEDIZINISCHE Beatmungsgeräte zur Verfügung stellen
20210516             GRÜNEN—FRAKTIONSCHEFIN KATRIN—GÖRING—ECKARDT warnt vor Rückschlägen in der CORONA—PANDEMIE durch 1—REISEWELLE im —SOMMER und
20210516             fordert daher 2—BUNDESWEITE Testwochen vor den Sommerferien für ALLE—REGIONEN mit weiterhin hohen Coronazahlen.
20210516             ITALIEN plant DISCO—TEST mit 2000—MENSCHEN
20210516             Ihren Impfstatus gegen CORONA können Menschen in ENGLAND von diesem —MONTAG an per App abrufen.
20210516             Auf vielen Geräten funktionierte die Funktion sogar —BEREITS—AM Wochenende.
20210516             Die App ist nicht identisch mit der CORONA—WARN—APP, sondern dient unter anderem auch dazu, Termine beim Hausarzt zu vereinbaren oder die eigene Krankenakte einzusehen.
20210516             PORTUGAL wiederum lockert seine Einreisebestimmungen für Reisende aus den meisten EU—STAATEN.
20210516             Menschen aus EU—LÄNDERN, in denen die CORONA—INFEKTIONSRATE bei unter 500—FÄLLEN pro 100.000—EINWOHNERN im Zeitraum von 14—TAGEN liegt, dürfen auch zu "nicht notwendigen" Zwecken wieder einreisen.
20210516             Für Einreisende gilt allerdings eine strikte Testpflicht.
20210516             Weniger als 100—TOTE an einem —TAG — ITALIEN auf Lockerungskurs
20210516—20210508    —CONTINUED, Restrictions, to ease —FOLLOWING a 4-week lockdown that ended.
202203051625         —BANNED, RUSSIA—BANKS, HAVEN't been, from lending to foreign bank subsidiaries in interests of financial STABILITY—CBR
202203051659         RUSSIA—PRESIDENT, ISRAEL—PM hold talks at Kremlin, discuss UKRAINE
20220516             —MONTAG, 20220516
20220516             Erstmals über Erststimmen im NRW—LANDTAG: Grüne gewinnen 7—DIREKTMANDATE
20220516             Kampf gegen Islamismus: MALI kündigt Austritt aus der Militärallianz G5 an
20220516             Coronalage in DEUTSCHLAND: RKI meldet weiter sinkende 7—TAGE—INZIDENZ
20220516             Die Lage —AM—MORGEN: Das verspielte Vertrauen des OLAF—SCHOLZ—VON—MATHIEU—VON—ROHR, Leiter des SPIEGEL—AUSLANDSRESSORTS
20220516             Vorläufiges Endergebnis in NRW: CDU und Grüne gewinnen deutlich, FDP und AfD trotz Verlusten im LANDTAG
20220516             Umfrage: Inflation ist die größte Sorge der Menschen in DEUTSCHLAND
20220516             Produktion, Konsum, Investitionen: Chinas Wirtschaft leidet unter den Kosten der 0—COVID—STRATEGIE
20220516             "Viel Zuspruch zu der POLITIK—DES—BUNDESKANZLERS": Kühnert wiegelt nach NRW—WAHL Kritik an Scholz ab
20220516             Pandemie in NORDKOREA: Pjöngjang meldet 50—TOTE nach Coronaausbruch
20220516             Wegen des Ukrainekriegs: Renault überlässt LADA—HERSTELLER Avtovaz dem RUSSLAND—STAAT
20220516             Die Wahl in NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN
20220516             Die klaren Gewinner der Landtagswahl sind die Christdemokraten um Ministerpräsident HENDRIK—WÜST und die Grünen mit ihrer Spitzenkandidatin MONA—NEUBAUR
20220516             Die SPD und ihr Frontmann THOMAS—KUTSCHATY sind dagegen zusammen mit der FDP die Verlierer.
20220516             —NACH—DEM vorläufigen amtlichen Ergebnis kam die CDU auf 35,7 Prozent (20170000             : 33,0).
20220516             Die SPD rutschte auf 26,7 Prozent ab (20170000             : 31,2).
20220516             Drittstärkste Kraft wurden die Grünen, die 18,2 Prozent einfuhren und damit ihr Ergebnis von 20170000              (6,4) fast verdreifachten.
20220516             Die FDP verlor so stark wie noch nie bei einer NRW—WAHL, erzielte nur noch 5,9 Prozent (20170000             : 12,6).
20220516             Die AfD verschlechterte sich auf 5,4 Prozent (20170000             : 7,4).
20220516             Die Linke scheiterte erneut, sie kam nur noch auf 2,1 Prozent (20170000             : 4,9).
20220516             Der SPD wurde neben ihren Verlusten an die Grünen vor allem zum Verhängnis, dass 390.000 (14,7 Prozent) ihrer Unterstützer aus 20170000              diesmal nicht mehr wählen gingen.
20220516             Ein weiterer Grund für das starke Abschneiden der Grünen ist, dass rund jeder 10. ihrer Wähler 1—ERSTWÄHLER war.
20220516             Überhaupt ist die Unterstützung für die Grünen unter den jüngeren Bevölkerungsgruppen am höchsten,
20220516             Konjunktur: EU—KOMMISSION senkt Prognose für Wirtschaftswachstum auf 2,7 Prozent
20220516             Zwangsverhütung —BIS in die Siebzigerjahre: DÄNEMARK ließ GRÖNLAND—FRAUEN offenbar gegen ihren Willen Hormonspiralen einsetzen
20220516             Ökologischer Umbau: Waldbesitzer fordern Unterstützung in Milliardenhöhe
20220516             Geplante EU—SANKTIONEN gegen RUSSLAND: Litauens Außenminister wirft UNGARN Geiselnahme bei Ölembargo vor
20220516             Mon 20220516
20220516             [l] Hier erklärt 1—FINNE, wieso das für RUSSLAND so 1—PROBLEM ist, wenn FINNLAND und SCHWEDEN der Nato beitreten.
20220516             Sind 3—THREADS.
20220516             Der 1. ist über die Landgrenze, der 2. über die Ostsee (die RUSSLAND—MARINE hat 4—FLOTTEN.
20220516             Die Schwarzmeerflotte, deren Flagschiff gerade von der UKRAINE versenkt wurde, und nur durch den Bosporus rauskommt.
20220516             Die arktische Flotte, die im —WINTER festgefroren ist.
20220516             Die baltische Flotte, die mit Beitritt von SCHWEDEN und FINNLAND zubarrikadiert ist.
20220516             Und die Pazifikflotte.
20220516             Thread 3—HANDELT von der KOLA—HALBINSEL, wo die Russen einen Großteil ihrer Atombomben stationiert haben, sowohl die Luftwaffe als auch die Marine.
20220516             Die Versorgung der Halbinsel findet über eine lange Straße statt, die —BISHER relativ sicher war, aber mit dem Beitritt Finnlands zur Nato praktisch nicht mehr zu verteidigen ist.
20220516             Ich finde ja, die Nato könnte Putin mal einen Präsentkorb schicken.
20220516             Noch nie war die Nato so gefragt wie im Moment, und das haben sie alles ihm zu verdanken.
20220516             Update: —JETZT kommen hier Leser rein, dass die Arktisflotte nicht festgefroren ist.
20220516             Der Hafen ist eisfrei.
20220516             Ja, —SCHON, aber die haben da die fettesten Eisbrecherschiffe der Welt.
20220516             Die stehen da nicht aus kosmetischen Gründen herum.
20220516             Update: Kommt wohl darauf an, in welche Richtung das Schiff fahren soll.
20220516             Nach Westen gibt es den (immer schwächer werdenden) Golfstrom.
20220516             [l] INDIEN hatte ursprünglich angesagt, sie könnten die Ernteausfälle des Ukrainekrieg zumindest teilweise durch mehr Exporte kompensieren.
20220516             Dann hat jemand die Bauern gefragt, wieviel Ernte sie erwarten, und —JETZT hat INDIEN Weizenexporte ganz gestrichen, weil die Ernte wegen einer Hitzewelle auszufallen droht.
20220516             Welche Hitzewelle? Na die hier.
20220516             #SupportRewilding - #WeDontHaveTime #Planetarysecurity - António Guterres @antonioguterres
20220516             To avert climate catastrophe, the main emitters must drastically cut emissions —STARTING this —YEAR.
20220516             This means accelerating THE—END—OF—OUR fossil fuel addiction, and speeding the deployment of clean renewable energy.
20220516             Every 2. counts. It's time for urgent #ClimateAction.
20220516             [l] Ich frage mich ja, wie häufig RANSOMWARE—VORFÄLLE mit Publikation personenbezogener Daten passieren müssen, bevor sich der STAAT mal überlegt, ob sie vielleicht auch mal Datensparsamkeit ausrollen sollten.
20220516             Ich für meinen Teil finde nicht, dass der STAAT die ganzen Dinge über mich wissen muss, die sie gespeichert haben.
20220516             "SECRETARY—AUSTIN provided 1—UPDATE on his 20220513              phone call with RUSSIA—DEFENSE—MINISTER—SERGEY—SHOYGU in which he urged 1—IMMEDIATE—END to the conflict in UKRAINE and emphasized the importance of maintaining LINES—OF—COMMUNICATION.
20220516             —REITERATED, SECRETARY—AUSTIN, the unwavering USA support for UKRAINE—SOVEREIGNTY and security assistance efforts to bolster UKRAINE—CAPACITY to counter RUSSIA—AGGRESSION.
20220516             —PLEDGED, The leaders, to remain in close contact," Kirby said.
20220516             VLADIVOSTOK, 20220516             . - /TASS/.
20220516             —INCREASED, The total AREA—OF—FOREST—FIRES in RUSSIA has, by 4,500 hectares over the past —DAY, the press service of the Federal Aviation Forest Protection Service reported —ON—MONDAY.
20220516             AS—OF—SUNDAY—MORNING, 129—FOREST—FIRES were burning in RUSSIA on 1—AREA—OF—19,657 hectares.
20220516             The work is underway to extinguish these fires," the statement said.
20220516             Forests are burning in THE—KRASNOYARSK region, where 12,509 hectares are on fire.
20220516             Also, vast AREAS—OF—FORESTS are burning in THE—REPUBLIC—OF—KHAKASSIA (2,836 hectares), IRKUTSK (2,009 hectares) and TYUMEN (1,443 hectares) regions, and THE—REPUBLIC—OF—TYVA (1,390 hectares).
20220516             —ENGULFED, Relatively small areas of less than 1,000 hectares are, by fire in KURGAN, TOMSK, OMSK, NOVOSIBIRSK, KEMEROVO, Jewish Autonomous and Sakhalin regions, the Republics of Altai and Buryatia, as well as in THE—TRANS—BAIKAL Territory.
20220516             —PROTECTED, Forest fires are continuing to burn in specially, natural areas.
20220516             TUVA, there is 1—FIRE in the Ubsunur Hollow Nature Reserve on 1—AREA—OF—1,869 hectares.
20220516             In THE—KRASNOYARSK region, 70—HECTARES are on fire in THE—SAYANO—SHUSHENSKY Reserve, in THE—KEMEROVO region - 50—HECTARES in the Shorsky National Park.
20220516             The fire hazard season is open in 80—REGIONS—OF—RUSSIA, the emergency regime was introduced —THROUGHOUT THE—KURGAN region, in 4—DISTRICTS—OF—THE—KRASNOYARSK region, 1—DISTRICT—OF—THE—REPUBLIC—OF—TYVA and in 2—DISTRICTS—OF—KHAKASSIA.
20220516             1—SPECIAL—FIRE—REGIME was introduced in 45—REGIONS—OF—RUSSIA.
20220516             STOCKHOLM, 20220516             .
20220516             /TASS/. - The ruling Social Democratic Workers' Party of SWEDEN supported the country's entry into NATO with 1—RESERVATION: the alliance must not station nuclear weapons and permanent bases on THE—TERRITORY—OF—THE—KINGDOM.
20220516             MOSCOW, 20220516             .
20220516             —DURING the flights, the crews of 2—TU—142—ANTI—SUBMARINE—WARFARE—PLANES used their special onboard equipment to hunt down 1—MOCK enemy's submarines, the statement says.
20220516             Western politicians are accusing RUSSIA of a "grain war" and price hikes on food products.
20220516             That said, food prices began increasing —2—YEARS—AGO.
20220516             1—POSSIBLE decrease in UKRAINE—WHEAT exports will be more than compensated for by increased supplies from CANADA, EUROPE and RUSSIA, THE—USA—THINKS.
20220516             The global food price hikes are causing protests in various COUNTRIES—FROM IRAN to INDONESIA and SRI—LANKA.
20220516             "Global wheat prices are impacted by various and numerous factors.
20220516             Sometimes even the fact of 1—LOCAL—STORM may elevate global prices if the elements of port infrastructure are destroyed at 1—PORT of large export supplies," DIRECTOR—OF—RANEPA'S—CENTER for AGRI—FOOD—POLICY—NATALIA—SHAGAYDA said.
20220516             According to her, the total volumes of wheat production worldwide are not causing ANY—WORRIES.
20220516             Nevertheless, 1—MILITARY—CONFLICT which involves such major grain exporters as RUSSIA and UKRAINE contributes to raising market anxiety and higher prices, and here experts concur".
20220516             —BLOCKED, UKRAINE—PORTS remain, yet RUSSIA also risks transport problems, in particular, due to the changed conditions of insuring vessels, and the tense Black Sea situation.
20220516             —LISTED, Due to the geopolitical atmosphere, food is not, in the sanctions programs against RUSSIA.
20220516             —AGGRAVATED, The situation is, by the fact that the countries that —EARLIER could replenish their funds for purchasing food products for needy countries —NOW can find more important problems and cut their support.
20220516             So the problem with food products is critical," the expert thinks.
20220516             She reiterated that the wheat price hike began in mid-20200000             .
20220516             —CAUSED, In addition to the coronavirus infection which, structural changes in food consumption (1—GREATER—SHIFT towards relatively cheap products, and transportation problems), there were MANY—OTHER—NON—CORONAVIRUS—RELATED reasons.
20220516             —INCREASED, For example, CHINA has significantly, wheat imports which surpassed even the growth of the global supply.
20220516             Nowadays, the problems with the sowing campaign and transportation issues in THE—RUSSIAN—UKRAINE—CONFLICT—ZONE remain 1—VERY—SIGNIFICANT—FACTOR which keeps high prices up, the expert thinks.
20220516             RUSSIA will comply with the "high mark" of NATO, which might include 1—MENTIONING of the "direct threat," allegedly posed by MOSCOW—ACTIVITIES, RUSSIA—DEPUTY—FOREIGN—MINISTER—SERGEY—RYABKOV told reporters —MONDAY.
20220516             "We will pose 1—DIRECT—THREAT for them to comply with this high mark," the diplomat said, answering 1—QUESTION about MOSCOW—REACTIONS to NATO—PLANS to outline MOSCOW as a "direct threat".
20220516             Commenting on the plans of SWEDEN and FINLAND to join NATO, Ryabkov proposed to wait —UNTIL these countries "undergo everything they have to in this regard".
20220516             "Then we will analyze the consequences of this in practical, material sense, and then SOME—PUBLIC—STATEMENT on this issue would be possible," he added.
20220516             —REPORTED, Previously, Bloomberg, citing 1—NATO—REPRESENTATIVE—THAT—NATO—MAY include 1—MENTIONING of a "direct threat",
20220516             allegedly posed by RUSSIA, in its new strategy, planned for adopting in June.
20220516             —RESORTED, NATO repeatedly, to such rhetoric —WHEN forming its strategy.
20220516             "We have no territorial disputes either with FINLAND or with SWEDEN, —WHILE UKRAINE—HYPOTHETICAL—ADMISSION to the alliance might produce 1—SITUATION—OF—1—TERRITORIAL—DISPUTE between RUSSIA and 1—OF—THE—ALLIANCE—MEMBER—STATES," Peskov said.
20220516             Asked about FINLAND's and SWEDEN—ADMISSION to NATO, Peskov said that it would by no means strengthen THE—ARCHITECTURE—OF—SECURITY in EUROPE.
20220516             MOSCOW keeps 1—CLOSE watch on this issue.
20220516             "There are reasons for the most profound analysis of the likely effects.
20220516             We do not think, we are not certain that FINLAND's and SWEDEN—ADMISSION to NATO might strengthen or improve THE—ARCHITECTURE—OF—SECURITY on our continent," Peskov said.
20220516             "This is 1—FUNDAMENTAL—ISSUE. We find it worrisome.
20220516             We will keep 1—CLOSE watch on the effects FINLAND's and SWEDEN—ADMISSION to NATO would entail in practical terms to our security, which must be guaranteed absolutely unconditionally," Peskov said.
20220516             Mit dem RUSSLAND—EINMARSCH in die UKRAINE im Februar wurde auch 1—ESKALATION der Cyberattacken erwartet, doch —BISHER blieben große Schlagzeilen dazu aus.
20220516             Die westlichen Sanktionen gegen BELARUS verursachen nach ANGABEN—DER—STAATLICHEN—NACHRICHTENAGENTUR—BELTA—AUSFÄLLE in Milliardenhöhe".
20220516             Aufgrund der Sanktionen sind fast ALLE—BELARUSSISCHEN—EXPORTE in die Länder der Europäischen Union und nach Nordamerika blockiert",
20220516             Der Schaden belaufe sich "auf etwa 16—BIS 18—MILLIARDEN Dollar pro —JAHR".
20220516             Das NEWS—PORTAL "T—ONLINE" hält sich 1—RÜCKKEHR des umstrittenen EX—BUNDESKANZLERS GERHARD—SCHRÖDER als Gastautor offen.
20220516             Chefredakteur FLORIAN—HARMS sagte der DEUTSCHLAND—PRESSE—AGENTUR: "Beiträge von ihm für ALLE—ZEIT kategorisch auszuschließen, wäre journalistisch nicht klug.
20220516             Die Weltlage ist dynamisch, wer weiß, was noch geschieht oder ob er seine Position doch noch überdenkt?"
20220516             Harms betonte zugleich: "Unter den derzeitigen Gegebenheiten veröffentlichen wir aber keine Beiträge von ihm gegenwärtig".
20220516             Die DEUTSCHLAND—GROSSHÄNDLER haben ihre Preise im April wegen der wirtschaftlichen Verwerfungen durch den RUSSLAND—KRIEG—GEGEN—DIE—UKRAINE abermals in Rekordtempo angehoben.
20220516             Sie stiegen um durchschnittlich 23,8 Prozent zum Vorjahresmonat, wie das Statistische Bundesamt mitteilte.
20220516             Ein größeres Plus hat es —SEIT Beginn der Berechnungen 19620000              noch nicht gegeben.
20220516             Im März lag es noch bei 22,6 Prozent, was ebenfalls 1—HÖCHSTMARKE war.
20220516             Allein von März auf April zogen die Großhandelspreise um 2,1 Prozent an.
20220516             erklärten die Statistiker den Trend.
20220516             Auch gestörte Lieferketten, etwa durch CORONA—AUSBRÜCHE beim wichtigsten DEUTSCHLAND—HANDELSPARTNER CHINA, machen —DERZEIT VIELE—WAREN teurer.
20220516             Der Verkauf von Luxusgütern nach RUSSLAND ist wegen des UKRAINE—KRIEGS sanktioniert.
20220516             Aber die Einfuhr RUSSLAND—DIAMANTEN bleibt erlaubt.
20220516             ANTWERPEN, Welthauptstadt des Diamantenhandels, hofft man, dass das so bleibt.
20220516             BELARUS wird nach Einschätzung GROSSBRITANNIEN—GEHEIMDIENSTE mit der STATIONIERUNG—VON—TRUPPEN an der Grenze zur UKRAINE vermutlich militärische Kräfte des Nachbarlands binden.
20220516             MINSK wolle Spezialkräfte, Luftabwehr-, Artillerieeinheiten sowie Raketenwerfer zu Übungsplätzen im Westen des Landes schicken, hieß es in einem Bericht des Verteidigungsministeriums in LONDON.
20220516             Dies werde "wahrscheinlich UKRAINE—TRUPPEN binden, so dass sie nicht zur Unterstützung im Donbass eingesetzt werden können".
20220516             PRÄSIDENT—ALEXANDER—LUKASCHENKO wäge wohl ab zwischen der Unterstützung Russlands und dem Wunsch, eine direkte militärische Verwicklung zu vermeiden.
20220516             Eine solche Verwicklung könnte weitere Sanktionen des Westens, Vergeltungsschläge aus der UKRAINE sowie Unzufriedenheit im eigenen Militär mit sich bringen.
20220516             Russlands VIZE—AUßENMINISTER Sergej Rjabkow hat 1—AUFNAHME—FINNLANDS und Schwedens in die NATO als "schwerwiegenden Fehler mit weitreichenden Folgen" bezeichnet.
20220516             Die militärischen Spannungen würden dadurch zunehmen, warnte Rjabkow der Agentur Interfax zufolge.
20220516             Ein solcher Schritt würde die weltweite Lage radikal ändern.
20220516             An die Adresse der beiden skandinavischen Länder fügte er hinzu: "Sie sollten keinerlei Illusionen haben, dass wir uns damit einfach abfinden".
20220516             Er ergänzte: "Für uns ist klar, dass die Sicherheit Schwedens und Finnlands durch diese Entscheidung nicht gestärkt wird".
20220516             Der EU—AUßENBEAUFTRAGTE Josep Borrell hat vor Hoffnungen auf einen schnellen Durchbruch in den Verhandlungen über ein ÖL—EMBARGO gegen RUSSLAND gewarnt".
20220516             Wir tun unser Bestes, um die Blockade aufzuheben",
20220516             sagte der Spanier bei einem Außenministertreffen in Brüssel mit Blick auf den Widerstand Ungarns gegen das geplante Einfuhrverbot für RUSSLAND—ÖL.
20220516             Da es "ziemlich feste Positionen" gebe, könne er aber nicht garantieren, dass dies bei den Diskussionen gelinge.
20220516             Über die von der EU—KOMMISSION präsentierten Pläne für ein ÖL—EMBARGO gegen RUSSLAND gibt es —SEIT mehr als einer Woche Streit in der EU, weil UNGARN nicht gewillt ist, das Projekt zu unterstützen.
20220516             Bundeskanzler OLAF—SCHOLZ will seine Vermittlungsversuche im UKRAINE—KRIEG mit Russlands PRÄSIDENT—WLADIMIR—PUTIN fortsetzen.
20220516             Das Kriegsgeschehen drohe sich hin zu einem Stellungskrieg zu verändern,
20220516             It is an historical account of 1—SMALL—GROUP—OF—UNITED—KINGDOM—SPIES smuggled into Soviet RUSSIA in the aftermath of 19170000             —THE Bolshevik revolution.
20220516             The spies were sent to RUSSIA by Mansfield Cumming, the 1. DIRECTOR—OF—THE—SECRET—INTELLIGENCE—SERVICE.
20220516             The aim was to thwart LENIN—BOLSHEVIK—ISLAMIC—PLOT to topple UNITED—KINGDOM—INDIA and, ultimately, the Western democracies.
20220516             Street demonstration on Nevsky Prospekt in Petrograd —JUST—AFTER troops of the Provisional Government opened fire in the July Days.
20220516             UNITED—KINGDOM—SPIES were already working undercover in the city.
20220516             —INCLUDED, The spies, SIDNEY—REILLY, ARTHUR—RANSOME, GEORGE—HILL, Somerset Maugham, PAUL—DUKES and Augustus Agar.
20220516             —WORKED, They, undercover and in disguise, operating out of MOSCOW and Petrograd.
20220516             A 2. GROUP—OF—UNITED—KINGDOM—AGENTS was simultaneously sent into CENTRAL—ASIA (notably TASHKENT).
20220516             —EMPLOYED, FREDERICK—BAILEY and Wilfrid Malleson were, by INDIA—POLITICAL—INTELLIGENCE, 1—BODY working closely with the Secret Intelligence Service.
20220516             In the period 19180000—19210000    —BETWEEN the spies in MOSCOW infiltrated Soviet commissariats, the Red Army and Cheka (secret police).
20220516             —INVOLVED, They were variously, in murder, deception and duplicity and, together with THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—DIPLOMAT—ROBERT—BRUCE—LOCKHART, were also implicated in 1 botched attempt to assassinate Lenin.
20220516             The spies in TASHKENT and Kashgar saw themselves as playing the final chapter of the Great Game, the struggle for political mastery of CENTRAL—ASIA.
20220516             Milton argues that the greatest achievement of these 2—GROUPS—OF—SPIES was to infiltrate the Comintern and unpick LENIN—PLAN for global revolution.
20220516             The spies in RUSSIA—ROULETTE laid the foundation stones for —TODAY—PROFESSIONAL—SECRET—SERVICES and were the inspiration for MANY—FICTIONAL heroes, from JAMES—BOND to JASON—BOURNE.
20220516             RUSSIA—ROULETTE is drawn from previously unknown secret documents held in THE—INDIA—POLITICAL—INTELLIGENCE archives and in the National Archives.
20220516             Exportstopp aus INDIEN: Weizenpreis steigt auf neuen Rekord
20220516             Tödliche Wut in PALÄSTINA und ISRAEL: Nichts wird sich ändern
20220516             Vor Neuseelands Küste: Extreme Hitzewelle bleicht den Seeschwamm
20220516             Nach Parlamentsdebatte: SCHWEDEN will NATO—BEITRITT beantragen
20220516             Wetterphänomen: Neuer Saharastaub unterwegs nach EUROPA
20220516             Drogenbericht der Bundesregierung: Deutlich mehr Tote durch Opiate und Amphetamine
20220516             Böden im Stress: Landmaschinen so schwer wie Saurier
20220516             Personalwechsel in PARIS: Frankreichs PREMIERMINISTER—CASTEX tritt zurück
20220516             Hilfen aus Brüssel: UNGARN verlangt für RUSSLAND—ÖLEMBARGO 15—BIS 18—MILLIARDEN Euro
20220516             NATO—BEITRITT: SCHWEDEN wählt die historische Kehrtwende — unter Bauchschmerzen
20220516             Kabinettsumbildung vor Parlamentswahl: Élisabeth Borne wird Frankreichs neue Premierministerin
20220516             Ausnahmezustand in EL—SALVADOR: Polizei nimmt Zehntausende Bandenmitglieder fest
20220516             CUM—EX—SKANDAL: "Zeit"-Mitherausgeber JOSEF—JOFFE dankt ab
20220516             Geplante NATO—ERWEITERUNG: ERDOGAN erteilt SCHWEDEN und FINNLAND erneute Absage
20220516             —KASSIERT, Kampf gegen SHABAAB—TERRORMILIZ: Biden, Trumps Beschluss — USA stationieren wieder Soldaten in SOMALIA
20220516             EX—PRÄSIDENT wiedergewählt: "Die Somalier wollen jemanden, der vereinen kann"
20220516             McDonalds gibt RUSSLAND—FILIALEN auf: Wandel durch BigMac — gescheitert
20220516             "Ich werde mich nicht einreihen": Scholz will nicht nur für Fototermin nach Kiew
20220516             —kürzlich, Irritationen hatte ausgelöst, FRANZISKUS—PAPA, mit Aussagen zur aktuellen politischen Lage, in denen er die Schuld Russlands am Angriffskrieg in der UKRAINE relativierte.
20220516             In 1—INTERVIEW—MIT—DER—ITALIEN—ZEITUNG "Corriere della Sera " sagte er, dass das "Bellen" der Nato an Russlands Tür zu WLADIMIR—PUTINS—INVASION in die UKRAINE geführt haben könnte.
20220516             Er würde zwar nicht so weit gehen zu sagen, dass die NATO—PRÄSENZ in den Nachbarländern Moskau "provoziert" habe, aber sie habe die Invasion "vielleicht erleichtert".
20220516             Russlands PRÄSIDENT—WLADIMIR—PUTIN erklärt erneut, sein Land werde auf die geplante Erweiterung der NATO um die Länder SCHWEDEN und FINNLAND reagieren.
20220516             Die Ausweitung der Nato sei 1—PROBLEM, sagt Putin in Moskau.
20220516             Dabei habe RUSSLAND mit den beiden nordischen Ländern keine Probleme.
20220516             Er werde aber auf den Ausbau der militärischen Infrastruktur dort reagieren.
20220516             Zudem müsse RUSSLAND zusätzlich im Blick haben, dass die NATO ihren globalen Einfluss ausbauen wolle.
20220516             Ein UKRAINE—GERICHT hat Vermögenswerte des RUSSLAND—OLIGARCHEN MICHAIL—FRIDMAN im Volumen von über 12—MILLIARDEN Hrywna (390—MIO Euro) beschlagnahmt.
20220516             Das teilt Generalstaatsanwältin Iryna Wenediktowa mit.
20220516             Es handele sich um Wertpapiere zypriotischer Unternehmen, die in der UKRAINE gehalten wurden.
20220516             Fridman, GEBOREN in Lwiw in der Westukraine,  ist, wurde —BEREITS mit Sanktionen der EU belegt.
20220516             —Kurz—NACH—DEM, RUSSLAND—ANGRIFF auf die UKRAINE, hatte Fridman sich als einer der 1. wichtigen Wirtschaftsbosse Russlands gegen den Krieg positioniert.
20220516             Die Außenminister der EU—STAATEN haben weitere 500—MILLIONEN Euro für die Lieferung von Waffen und Ausrüstung an die UKRAINE—STREITKRÄFTE bewilligt.
20220516             Der formelle Rechtsakt für die weiteren 500—MILLIONEN Euro wird vermutlich in den nächsten Wochen angenommen.
20220516             Vorher muss unter anderem noch der BUNDESTAG der Mittelaufstockung zustimmen.
20220516             Angekündigt hatte Borrell die neuen Gelder —BEREITS—AM vergangenen —FREITAG.
20220516             Der durch den UKRAINE—KRIEG ohnehin —SCHON hohe Weizenpreis wird durch die Hitzewelle im wichtigen Anbauland INDIEN weiter nach oben getrieben.
20220516             Im europäischen Handel an der Börse Euronext erreichte 1—TONNE—WEIZEN einen Schlusskurs von 438,25 Euro.
20220516             Das ist der höchste Weizen—Preis der Geschichte.
20220516             Das bisherige Rekordhoch von 422—EURO für 1—TONNE des Brotgetreides war —ERST—AM—FREITAG verzeichnet worden.
20220516             Hintergrund des Preisanstiegs ist, dass INDIEN Ende vergangener Woche 1—EXPORTVERBOT für Weizen verkündet hatte.
20220516             INDIEN ist der zweitgrößte Weizen—produzent der Welt - 20210000              waren es knapp 110—MILLIONEN TONNEN—UND verfügt über große Vorräte.
20220516             Aktuell leidet INDIEN aber unter den Folgen sengender Hitze: Das 1,4—MILLIARDEN—EINWOHNER—LAND verzeichnete den wärmsten März —SEIT Beginn der Aufzeichnungen;
20220516             in den vergangenen Wochen wurden Temperaturen von —BIS zu 45—GRAD Celsius gemessen, die sich auch auf die Ernte auswirken.
20220516             Die Ertragsschätzung für dieses —JAHR wurde —BEREITS um mindestens 5—PROZENT nach unten korrigiert.
20220516             GROSSBRITANNIEN hat sich für einen möglichst schnellen Beitritt Finnlands und Schwedens zur NATO ausgesprochen.
20220516             Die beiden Länder sollten "sobald wie möglich" MITGLIEDER—DES—WESTLICHEN—VERTEIDIGUNGSBÜNDNISSES werden, erklärte Außenministerin LIZ—TRUSS".
20220516             Das Vereinigte Königreich unterstützt nachdrücklich die Anträge Finnlands und Schwedens auf Mitgliedschaft in der NATO",
20220516             Sagte Truss, Dieser Schritt werde "die kollektive Sicherheit Europas stärken".
20220516             Während des Beitrittsprozesses werde LONDON "JEDE—UNTERSTÜTZUNG anbieten".
20220516—19190000    —DETAILED, MILTON—BOOK also gives a, account of WINSTON—CHURCHILL—CHEMICAL weapon campaign against Bolshevik forces in NORTH—RUSSIA.[9]
20220516—20201200    —IN, For example, NATO—SECRETARY—GENERAL—JEN—STOLTENBERG presented the "NATO-20300000             : United for 1—NEW—ERA" program, which stated that the main threats to the bloc are: RUSSIA, terrorism, cyberattacks, technologies, RISE—OF—CHINA and climate change.
20220516—20210600    —DURING—THE—summit, NATO made 1—DECISION to begin developing 1—NEW—STRATEGIC—CONCEPT based on this program, planned for adoption 20220000             —IN in MADRID.
20220516—20220000    —IN, According to THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—AGRICULTURE, global wheat production will be higher than in ANY—YEAR 20160000—20200000    —FROM—TO.
20220516—20220400    —IM, "Die Auswirkungen des Kriegs in der UKRAINE auf die Großhandelspreise sind besonders im Großhandel mit Rohstoffen und Energieträgern, aber auch mit verschiedenen Lebensmitteln zu beobachten",
20220516—20220515    —ON, "Over the past —DAY, 120—FOREST—FIRES were extinguished in RUSSIA on 1—AREA—OF—7,353 hectares.
20220516—20220516    —ON, As of 00:00 MOSCOW time, 105—FOREST—FIRES were burning on THE—TERRITORY—OF—THE—RUSSIAN—FEDERATION on 1—AREA—OF—24,179 hectares.

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