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20221218             Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2022
20221218             Europas Unruheherd: Droht ein neuer Krieg um das Kosovo?
202212180716 Ausland
20221218             Angriff auf die Ukraine: Baerbock warnt vor Waffenruhe zu russischen Konditionen
202212180746 Politik
20221218             Energie, Rente, Wohnen: Was bleibt vom deutschen Wohlstand?
202212180810 Wirtschaft
20221218             Fachkräftemangel: Heil fordert Firmen auf, verstärkt ältere Arbeitnehmer zu beschäftigen
202212180859 Politik •
20221218             Corona, Grippe, RS-Viren: Krankenstand in Kliniken steigt auf bis zu zehn Prozent
202212180940 Gesundheit
20221218             Volle Kinderkliniken und kein Fiebersaft: Grüne fordern Maßnahmen gegen Gesundheitskrise
202212180958 Politik
20221218             Nachrichten unlesbar für Dritte: Google startet zusätzliche Verschlüsselung für Gmail
202212181048 Netzwelt
20221218             Historiker Dan Diner über Lehren aus der Geschichte: »Wir verlieren zu leicht das historische Drama aus dem Blick« Ein SPIEGEL-Gespräch von Arno Frank und Ulrike Knöfel
202212181132 Kultur
20221218             Russlands Verteidigungsminister Sergej Schoigu hat nach Behördenangaben die Positionen des russischen Militärs in der Ukraine besucht".
20221218             Der Leiter der russischen Militärbehörde hat die Stationierungsräume der Streitkräfte abgeflogen und die Frontstellungen der russischen Einheiten im Gebiet der speziellen Militäroperation besichtigt",
20221218             teilte das Verteidigungsministerium auf seinem Telegram-Kanal mit.
20221218             EU-Parlamentspräsidentin Roberta Metsola fordert zusätzliche finanzielle und militärische Unterstützung für die Ukraine gegen den russischen Angriffskrieg".
20221218             Dieser Krieg muss dringend beendet werden.
20221218             Und die Ukraine muss diesen Krieg gewinnen",
20221218             MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             The European Union should legally lift all of its sanctions impeding Russia’s agricultural exports, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Grushko told TASS on Saturday.
20221218             "We continue to believe that the EU should fully implement its obligations enshrined in the Istanbul memorandum regarding the lifting of all restrictions on food and grain exports in order to strengthen global food security," he pointed out.
20221218             "Achieving the goal requires the legal lifting of all the imposed sanctions that impede the delivery of grain and fertilizers, as well as of commodities necessary for their production, instead of providing clarifications and recommendations or leaving the decision to the discretion of member states," Grushko added.
20221218             According to him, the EU needs to lift both direct and indirect sanctions to ensure the unimpeded export of agricultural goods".
20221218             This includes transportation services, the possibility for Russian ships to enter foreign ports, insurance issues, transaction restrictions on Russian agricultural companies, legal entities and individuals, as well as the need to lift sanctions on the Russian Agricultural Bank and reconnect it to the SWIFT system," the Russian deputy foreign minister emphasized".
20221218             If the EU is really interested in strengthening global security, it should remove import sanctions on Russia targeting agricultural machines and spare parts for tractors and harvesters," he said.
20221218             MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             The Central African Republic at the highest level announced its intention to cooperate with Russia in investigating the terrorist attack on Dmitry Sytyi, head of the Russian House, the Russian embassy in Bangui told TASS on Saturday.
20221218             "The Central African authorities at the highest level pledged their readiness to cooperate," the diplomatic mission said".
20221218             The embassy is in constant contact with the CAR’s law enforcement agencies.
20221218             The investigation is underway; no details have been disclosed yet".
20221218             The embassy added that Sytyi was conscious on Saturday and that his life is not in danger.
20221218             On Friday, the Russian embassy said that Sytyi was injured in an explosion of the anonymous parcel he received and then hospitalized.
20221218             It was also reported that the security of Russia’s embassy to the CAR was tightened.
20221218             The Russian Foreign Ministry defined the incident as a terrorist attack.
20221218             MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             Dialogue between Russia and NATO is out of the question amid the current developments, a source in Moscow told TASS.
20221218             "Any dialogue with NATO as an organization is out of the question now, given the current developments," the source said.
20221218             "It’s to the point that when representatives of NATO as an organization appear at universal international platforms, we will demand that they should not be there," he said, adding that an exception could only be made for specific platforms such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Forum for Security Cooperation.
20221218             Security initiatives
20221218             According to the source, Russia "should not be expected" to make "a conceptual return" to the proposals on security guarantees that it sent to the United States and NATO a year ago.
20221218             "We won’t be the ones to do it," he noted".
20221218             The reason is that if we do, the need will arise to update the position, which cannot be updated because everything depends on how the situation on the ground unfolds during the special military operation," the source explained.
20221218             Macron’s words about guarantees to Moscow
20221218             There is nothing behind French President Emmanuel Macron’s words about the need to provide security guarantees to Moscow, a Russian source told TASS.
20221218             "I’m sure that there is nothing behind it.
20221218             It’s nothing but an attempt to prove himself.
20221218             There is no clear position and counterproposals behind it," the source said.
20221218             According to him, there is no reason to expect anyone to act as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine because it’s not about "conveying any signals" but the problem is that the positions of the parties are incompatible.
20221218             Macron said following a visit to the US that the future European security architecture should include guarantees for Russia.
20221218             TEHRAN, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             Iran has boosted the uranium enrichment rate to a record high ever in the history of the national nuclear industry, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami said on Saturday.
20221218             "The capacity for the enrichment of uranium in Iran is currently twice as high as the total capacity since the genesis of the nuclear industry in the country," the Tasnim news agency quoted him as saying.
20221218             Eslami made this statement ahead of the visit of a mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Iran, scheduled for Sunday.
20221218             On Wednesday, the head of the Iranian regulator announced that the IAEA experts would visit Tehran soon.
20221218             On the same day, the Al Arabiya TV channel reported, citing an IAEA spokesperson, that a team of the agency’s experts would arrive in Tehran on December 18.
20221218             On November 10, IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said that talks with Iran had ended in Vienna without results but the parties would maintain contact.
20221218             Reuters reported later, citing an IAEA report, that Tehran had agreed to a visit by the agency to look into the origin of uranium particles found at three nuclear sites.
20221218             The demand to allow IAEA inspectors to visit those facilities was a key condition for the reinstatement of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as the Iran nuclear deal.
20221218             MADRID, December 18. /TASS/.
20221218             Pope Francis believes that the conflict in Ukraine is a 'world war' and will not end soon, according to his interview with the Spanish newspaper ABC published on Sunday.
20221218             "Now [Ukrainian President] Vladimir Zelensky is sending one of his religious advisers to me for the third time," the pontiff reported, "I'm in touch, accepting, helping"".
20221218             I don't see the end [of the conflict] in the short term, because this is a world war," he noted".
20221218             There are already several hands involved in the war," Francis pointed out, "There are many interests".
20221218             .
20221218             MOSCOW, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             Moscow considers the suspension of broadcasting licenses of six Russian-language television channels in Moldova as an unprecedented act of political censorship, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Saturday.
20221218             "We view this ban as an unprecedented act of political censorship, as the abuse of the principle of media pluralism and as a blatant breach of the right to free access to information, the adherence to which the republic’s political leadership regularly reiterates," the diplomat said.
20221218             According to Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, shutting down of six TV channels to deprive millions of news source.
20221218             "Through this step, official Chisinau, hiding behind alleged responsibility to protect its citizens from ‘not correct enough’ interpretations of events in Moldova and the world, intentionally deprives millions of Russian-speaking residents of the remaining sources of news content in their preferred language in the country.
20221218             Hundreds of journalists will lose their jobs in no time at the whim of politicians who are playing censors," the diplomat said.
20221218             Zakharova added, that Moscow urges the relevant international organizations to give a proper assessment to the suspension of broadcasting licenses of six Russian-language television channels in Moldova and take corresponding measures.
20221218             The diplomat pointed out that Russia defines that decision of the Moldovan authorities as a cynical violation of ethnic minorities’ rights.
20221218             "We demand that the relevant international organizations give a proper assessment of this move and take any possible measure to rectify this unacceptable situation," Zakharova said.
20221218             NEW YORK, December 17. /TASS/.
20221218             Ukraine’s authorities have allegedly made an attempt to assassinate General Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, The New York Times reported on Saturday.
20221218             According to the daily, Kiev allegedly launched the attack when Gerasimov was on the front line.
20221218             The newspaper gives neither the date nor any other information about the attack in question.
20221218             However, the daily said, Washington was against Kiev’s plans to kill Gerasimov for the worries that an attempt on his life could lead to an escalation.
20221218             The Americans withheld the information about the general’s movements from the Ukrainians, and then asked "Ukraine to call off an attack — only to be told that the Ukrainians had already launched it".
20221218             NEW YORK, December 18. /TASS/.
20221218             American authorities are still guided by Cold War logic in their policy toward Russia, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said in an article published in the American magazine Newsweek.
20221218             "Washington seems to need to constantly assert itself through competition with Russia.
20221218             It looks as if the 'ghost' of the Soviet Union is still haunting the corridors of power in the American capital, and the ‘?old War' has not ended at all," he wrote.
20221218             In the context of the conflict in Ukraine, the diplomat noted that it was much easier for Washington to consolidate society inside the US and in the Western camp as a whole around the image of a "foreign enemy that undermines the values of the democratic world"".
20221218             At the same time, one can always shift the blame for its own problems and miscalculations onto the Russian Federation and use Russia to justify its unprecedented military spending," Antonov added and suggested that "under the pretext of the developments in Ukraine, the administration is ruining mutually beneficial ties between Russia and Europe, making the latter fully dependent on Washington".
20221218             The envoy noted that for decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US deliberately worked "to create an anti-Russian foothold on the Ukrainian territory" through governmental and non-governmental means.
20221218             According to the diplomat, it "encouraged hostility towards everything Russian".
20221218             On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a special military operation in Ukraine following a request for assistance from the leaders of the Donbass republics.
20221218             After that, the US, the EU, the UK, as well as a number of other countries imposed sanctions against Russian individuals and legal entities.
20221218             In addition, Western countries began to supply arms and military equipment to Kiev worth billions of dollars at this stage.
20221218             NEW YORK, December 18. /TASS/.
20221218             Washington is being drawn deeper and deeper into the Ukrainian conflict, losing its instinct of self-preservation, the supplies of more and more powerful weapons to Kiev speaks of the US' mood for escalation, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said in an article published in the American magazine Newsweek.
20221218             "It is clear that we are at the beginning of a complex and long journey of building a multipolar world," the diplomat said in an article about the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on Russian-American relations and the process of transforming the world order".
20221218             The Russian Federation advocates that the interests of all participants should be taken into account in the future system of international relations, and that new centers of development in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East could have an equal impact on global processes together with Russia and the United States.
20221218             Our proposals find more and more understanding and support in various regions of the planet," Antonov stressed.
20221218             "It is na·ve to assume that in the course of the abovementioned transformation, the rivalry between the Russian Federation and the United States will cease overnight.
20221218             Washington will certainly do everything possible to maintain its leading position and 'silence' our voice," the envoy added.
20221218             According to him, "the Russian-American standoff, if it is to continue, must be mutually respectful".
20221218             "This is the foundation of both diplomatic practice and basic human communication," Antonov pointed out.
20221218             The envoy recalled former Soviet ambassador to the US Anatoly Dobrynin’s memoirs that revealed that even during the time of the Cold War, "the basic component of interstate interaction—a genuine desire to understand each other—was present".
20221218             "Today, we do not see this kind of Washington's attitude.
20221218             On the contrary, Russophobia prevails over creativity and common sense so much that the United States is getting increasingly dragged into the Ukrainian conflict, losing the instinct of self-preservation," the envoy said".
20221218             The consequences of a further increase in the supply of arms to Kiev's criminals are truly unpredictable.
20221218             The Administration [of US President Joe Biden] completely ignores our concerns, which we communicate to our interlocutors via all channels available," Antonov continued, "The practical steps of the White House, which is constantly 'raising the stakes' by sending more and more powerful weapons, points to only one thing: Washington is pushing for escalation".
20221218             Responsibility of Russia and US
20221218             "In this context, it is appropriate to remind the colleagues once again of the special responsibility of our countries for maintaining global security," Antonov pointed out.
20221218             He noted that Russia and the United States shared "other common priorities, including the fight against international terrorism, climate change, pandemics, as well as ensuring stability in the Arctic region".
20221218             The Russian envoy agreed with the opinion of the former US Secretary of State and national security adviser Henry Kissinger, who noted that under the new world order, "traditional American idealism must combine with a thoughtful assessment of contemporary realities".
20221218             "Therefore, I hope that Washington will after all heed to our arguments and adopt a constructive approach to the Ukrainian crisis and the risks associated with it," Antonov added.
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20221218             Lebensmittelskandal in Australien: »Halluzinogener Spinat« – Dutzende Menschen suchen ärztliche Hilfe
202212181353 Panorama
20221218             Emissionshandel-Reform: CO?-Ausstoß wird für Unternehmen und Verbraucher teurer
202212181445 Wirtschaft
20221218             Europa in der Polykrise: Ein Kontinent verspielt seine Zukunft
202212181448 Wirtschaft
20221218             US-Grenzstadt: El Paso ruft Notstand wegen hoher Zahl von Migranten aus
202212181624 Ausland
20221218             EVP-Chef Weber: »Wenn nötig, müssen auch Zäune gebaut werden«
202212181849 Politik
20221218             Afghanistan: Tanklastwagen explodiert in Tunnel – viele Tote
202212181914 Ausland
20221218             Weitere Sperrungen: Twitter verbietet Werbung für andere Social-Media-Plattformen
202212182027 Netzwelt
20221218             Unterbundener Protest bei WM-Finale: Pussy-Riot-Mitglieder offenbar in Katar festgenommen
202212182257 Ausland
20221218             Sun Dec 18 2022
20221218             [l] Kennt ihr den schon?
20221218             Macht die Bundeswehr eine Übung mit "Puma"-Panzern, fallen alle aus.
20221218             Es gibt da eine schönen alten Spruch: Irren ist menschlich, aber um wirklich alles kaputtzumachen brauchst du einen Computer.
20221218             Wenn alle während einer Übung ausfallen, ist die Annahme glaube ich ziemlich sicher, dass es sich um ein Softwareproblem handelt.
20221218             Da kann man nichts machen.
20221218             Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin wird nach Informationen russischer Staatsmedien in der kommenden Woche eine wichtige Ankündigung machen".
20221218             Wir warten auf wichtige Erklärungen",
20221218             sagte der Moderator Pawel Sarubin im Staatssender WGTRK.
20221218             Putin wird demnach die alljährliche erweiterte Sitzung des Verteidigungsministeriums leiten.
20221218             Der Kremlchef hatte zuvor bei einer Regierungssitzung gefordert, die Rüstungspläne anzupassen.
20221218             Als möglich gilt, dass der 70-Jährige die Umstellung auf eine Kriegswirtschaft weiter forciert, da die russischen Truppen in der Ukraine weiterhin Probleme mit der Versorgung haben.
20221218             Wegen der Probleme im Krieg hat Putin in den vergangenen Wochen das Thema weitgehend gemieden und auch die traditionelle Jahrespressekonferenz kurz vor Weihnachten absagen lassen.
20221218             TOKYO, December 19. /TASS/.
20221218             On Sunday, North Korea conducted trials related to the final stage of developing a military intelligence satellite, the Yonhap news agency reported on Monday.
20221218             It is noted that a test satellite was launched from the Sohae satellite launching station.
20221218             According to Japan’s Defense Ministry, on Sunday, North Korea launched two ballistic missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan.
20221218             They covered a distance of about 500 km at a maximal height of 550 km and fell beyond Japan’s exclusive economic zone.
20221218             Earlier this week, at the Sohae testing ground, North Korea conducted successful trials of its high-thrust solid-fuel engine.
20221218             PRETORIA, December 19. /TASS/.
20221218             The buildings of the EU mission in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR), burned down on Monday night, EU ambassador to the CAR Douglas Darius Carpenter said.
20221218             "The EU embassy buildings burned down, no one was injured," he reported on his Twitter page.
20221218             No details of what has happened were given.
20221218             The EU mission has not yet commented on possible causes of the fire.
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