_HEUTE_0728 :

11650728             * IBN—AL—ARABI, Muslim mystic, philosopher.
14880728             —OVER—4—HOURS some 5,000—BRETON—SOLDIERS were beaten and stabbed to death.
14880728             According to legend, just 1—LAD made it back to THE—ISLE—OF—WIGHT to pass on the appalling news.
15760728             MARTIN—FROBISHER twice brought TONS—OF—GOLD back to ENGLAND that was found to be IRON—PYRITE.
15760728             MICHAEL—LOK, textile exporter, led the financing for the 1. expedition which was made to find 1—ROUTE to CHINA.
15760728             —LATER, MICHAEL—LOK,was sued for losses from 3—EXPEDITIONS.
15880728—15880729    —AT—MIDNIGHT, —ENGLAND—FIRESHIPS (filled with pitch, gunpowder, and tar) alight and sent them downwind among THE—CLOSELY—ANCHORED SPAIN—VESSELS.
16550728             † FRANCE—DRAMATIST and novelist Cyrano de Bergerac, the inspiration for 1—PLAY by Edmond Rostand, in PARIS.
17460728             * THOMAS—HEYWARD, soldier, signed DECLARATION—OF—INDEPENDENCE.
17460728             † JOHN—PETER—ZENGER, journalist involved in 1. amendment fight.
17500728             * PHILIPPE—FABRE—DE—EGLANTINE, poet, satirist, politician, in FRANCE.
17500728—20000000    —AUTHORED, CHRISTOFF—WOLFF, the biography "JOHANN—SEBASTIAN—BACH".
17500728—20050000    —AUTHORED, JAMES—GAINES, "Evening in the Palace of Reasoning," 1—PORTRAIT—OF—BACH 17470000             —IN.
17500728—20130000    —AUTHORED, JOHN—ELIOT—GARDINER, "Bach: Music in the Castle of Heaven".
17510728             1. volume of THE—ENCYCLOPEDIE—FRANCE, EDITED by Diderot and D'Alembert, was published with 1—PRINT run of 1,625.
17940728             † MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE, 1—LEADING FIGURE—OF—THE—FRANCE—REVOLUTION, was sent to the guillotine.
17940728             —ASSERTED, MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE, the collective dictatorship of the revolutionary National Convention and
17940728             —ATTACKED, MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE, factions led by men such as JACQUES—RENÉ Hébert which he felt threatened the government's power.
17940728             Declared 1—OUTLAW of the National Convention, MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE and MANY—OF—HIS followers were captured and
17940728             —GUILLOTINED, MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE, along with 22—OF—HIS—SUPPORTERS—WERE, before cheering crowds.
17940728—17940000    —SUMMER—OF—IN—THE, Factions opposed to MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE gained momentum.
18080728             —DEPOSED, SULTAN—MUSTAPHA—IV of the Ottoman Empire was, and his cousin Mahmud II gained the throne and ruled to 18390000             .
18090727—18090728    For this ARTHUR—WELLESLEY was made Lord THE—DUKE—OF—WELLINGTON.
18210728             —independence from SPAIN, DECLARED, PERU.
18300731—18300728    —SEE
18350728             —RIGGED, GIUSEPPE—MARIA—FIESCHI, 25—GUNS together and fired them all with the pull of 1—SINGLE trigger.
18440728             * GERARD—MANLEY—HOPKINS, ENGLAND—POET and Jesuit priest.
18490728             —BECAME, Memmon, the 1. clipper to reach SF —AFTER—120—DAYS OUT—OF—NEW—YORK.
18510728             1—TOTAL—SOLAR—ECLIPSE was captured on 1—DAGUERREOTYPE photograph.
18630728             CONFEDERATE—COLONEL—JOHN—S—MOSBY was known as "The Gray Ghost".
18630728             The rather ordinary looking Mosby led his Partisan Rangers in guerilla warfare operations that continually confounded Union commanders in the Piedmont REGION—OF—VIRGINIA.
18630728             Learn more about MOSBY—CONFEDERACY in Faquier and Loudoun counties.
18660618             —ISSUED, SECRETARY—OF—STATE—WILLIAM—H—SEWARD, 1—UNCONDITIONAL CERTIFICATE—OF—RATIFICATION, dated 18680728             , declaring the 14.
18660618             —RATIFIED, Amendment to have been duly, by the requisite 3FOURTHS—OF—THE—STATES.
18660728             —BECAME, Metric system, 1—LEGAL—MEASUREMENT system in USA.
18660728             It defined the meter as exactly 39.37—INCHES and was later superseded.
18680728             The 14. - Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing due PROCESS—OF—LAW, was certified in effect by SECRETARY—OF—STATE—WILLIAM—H—SEWARD.
18680728             —FREED, It gave, slaves full citizenship and equal protection under the laws, however it did not spell out THE—EXTENT—OF—INTEGRATION with white AMERICA.
18680728             —EXPECTED, Framers, the amendment's Privileges or Immunities clause would protect USA—CITIZENS' rights against state infringement.
18680728             —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—JOHNSON, the Burlingame Treaty.
18680728             —NEGOTIATED, It was, by Anson Burlingame, who represented THE—INTERESTS—OF—CHINA, and committed THE—USA to 1—POLICY—OF—NONINTERFERENCE in CHINA—AFFAIRS.
18680728             —ESTABLISHED, It also, commercial ties and provided unrestricted immigration of Chinese to THE—USA.
18740728             * ERNST—CASSIRER, GERMANY—PHILOSOPHER, educator (Essay on Man).
18830728             —TRIGGERED, Shocks, by the volcano Epomeo (Isle of ISCHIA—ITALY), destroyed 1,200 houses at Casamicciola killing 2,000.
18850728             Moses Montefiore (17840000              *), ITALY—BORN UK—FINANCIER, banker, philanthropist and SHERIFF—OF—LONDON (18370000—18380000    ) †.
18850728             —AUTHORED, Abigail Green, Moses Montefiore: Jewish Liberator, Imperial Hero".
18870728—19130000    —IN—THE, MARCEL—DUCHAMP is known best for "Nude Descending 1—STAIRCASE," (19120000             ) featured Armory Show in NEW—YORK.
18870728—19680000    * † MARCEL—DUCHAMP, FRANCE—ARTIST.
18870728—19690000    —PUBLISHED, ARTURO—SCHWARZ, his complete works with 1—NEW—EDITION 19970000             —IN.
18870728—19960000    —IN, CALVIN—TOMPKINS wrote "Duchamp: A Biography".
18920728             * JOE—E—BROWN, comedian (Buck Circus Hour), in HOLGATE—OHIO.
18960728             —INCORPORATED, THE—CITY—OF—MIAMI, FLORIDA, was.
18980728             START—OF—SHERLOCK Holmes "Adventure of the Retired Colourman".
18980728             SPAIN, through the offices of THE—FRANCE—EMBASSY in WASHINGTON, DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, requested peace terms in its war with THE—USA.
19000728             —CREATED, The hamburger was, by LOUIS—LASSING in CONNECTICUT.
19010728             † ALFRED—RENTON—BRYANT—BRIDGES (19900000             , ), aka HARRY—BRIDGES, USA—LABOR leader who headed THE—WEST—COAST LONGSHOREMEN—UNION, was born in AUSTRALIA.
19010728             * RUDY—VALLEE, singer (Vagabond Dreams, My Time Is Your Time), in VERMONT.
19020728             * KENNETH—FEARING, poet and novelist (The Big Clock).
19070728             * VIVIAN—VANCE, actress (Ethel MERTZ—I—LOVE—LUCY), in Cherryvale, Ks.
19090728             * MALCOLM—LOWRY, novelist (Under the Volcano).
19100728             * BILL—GOODWIN, announcer (Burns & Allen, Boing Boing Show), in SF—CALIFORNIA.
19110728             * ANN—DORAN, actress (Longstreet, Shirley), in AMARILLO, Tx.
19140628—19990000    —IN, 19140728             —SEE NIALL—FERGUSON published "THE—PITY—OF—WAR," in which he blames THE—UK—GOVERNMENT for having turned 1—EUROPEAN war into 1—WORLD—WAR.
19140728             —DANCED, Foxtrot was 1., at New AMSTERDAM Roof Garden in NEW—YORK—CITY by HARRY—FOX.
19140728             —DECLARED, AUSTRIA—HUNGARY, war on Serbia, beginning —WWI.
19140728             —CLOSED, THE—NEW—YORK Stock Exchange, for 4 1/2—MONTHS.
19140728             —WWI.
19140728             —DESCRIBED, VAN Doren, the world of this time in 4—ECONOMIC—ZONES:
19150728             † ROGER—GAILLARD (20000000             , age 77), historian, later wrote 1—MULTI—VOLUME—CHRONICLE—OF—THE—USA—MARINE—OCCUPATION—OF—HAITI 19150000—19340000    —FROM—TO.
19150728             10,000 blacks marched on 5. Ave in NEW—YORK—CITY to protest lynchings.
19160728             * DAVID—BROWN, director (Jaws, Planet of the Apes), in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19160728             * LAIRD—CREGAR, actor (CHARLEY—AUNT, Hangover Square), in PHILADELPHIA.
19200728             —SURRENDERED, Revolutionary and bandit Pancho Villa, to THE—MEXICO—GOVERNMENT.
19220728             * JACQUES—PICCARD, undersea explorer (bathyscaph TRIESTE), in SWITZERLAND.
19220728             A statement drafted by the Diplomatic Service of THE—USA specified in the concealed form TEMPORARINESS—OF—SELF—DEPENDENCE—OF—THE—STATE—SYSTEM—OF—LITHUANIA and, at the same time, LATVIA and ESTONIA, as long as the Bolshevist RUSSIA exists, as well as CONDITIONALITY—OF—THE—STATES by acknowledging their governments only, and not the states themselves.
19270728             * JOHN—ASHBERY, Pulitzer PRIZE—WINNING poet (SELF—PORTRAIT in a CONVICT—MIRROR).
19270728             * BARUCH—BLUMBERG, physician, medical researcher.
19280728             —OPENED, The Olympics, at AMSTERDAM.
19280728             —OPENED, Track and field events, for women for the 1. time despite objections from PIUS—IX—PAPA.
19280728             —ALLOWED, GERMANY was, to participate for the 1. time since WWI.
19280728             MEXICO—PRESIDENT.-elect Alvaro Obregon was murdered.
19280728             —CAPTURED, His assassin JUAN—EXCAPULARIO was.
19290728             Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, WIFE—OF—PRESIDENT—JOHN—F—KENNEDY and 1. lady 19610000—19630000    —FROM—TO, was born in SOUTHAMPTON—NEW—YORK.
19300728             * DARRYL—HICKMAN, actor (Human Comedy, Tea & Sympathy), in HOLLYWOOD, Cal.
19300728             114° F (46° C) at GREENSBURG—KENTUCKY, was 1—STATE—RECORD.
19310728             Congress made "THE—STAR—SPANGLED Banner" our 2. national anthem.
19310728             CLYDE—PANGHORN and HUGH—HERNDON took off from Roosevelt Field, NY, in 1—ATTEMPT to 19310901             —ROUND—THE—WORLD speed record.
19310728             —DELAYED, They got, in Siberia and changed their plan to pursue 1—RECORD—NON—STOP flight from JAPAN to THE—USA.
19310728             HUBERT—WILKINS, AUSTRALIA—EXPLORER, set out from ENGLAND for NORWAY aboard the submarine Nautilus.
19310728             The ship was THE—FORMER—USA WW I vessel O-12.
19310728             —PLANNED, Wilkins, to reach THE—NORTH—POLE but failed.
19310728—19310828    —SEE
19320728             Under orders from PRESIDENT—HOOVER shacks built in the shadow of the nation's Capitol by —WWI veteran demonstrators were burned.
19320728             Veterans groups began to gather in WASHINGTON, DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, to march for their cause.
19320728             —DEFEATED, When the bill was, the veterans (nicknamed the Bonus Expeditionary Force (BEF), "Bonus Army") refused to leave.
19320728             —RESORTED, Hoover, to using USA—TROOPS to force them to evacuate.
19320728             1—VETERAN was killed and 50—VETERANS and police were injured in the melee.
19320728—19240000    —ENACTED, Congress had, 1—LAW that provided compensation to veterans—those entitled to more than $50 would receive certificates maturing 19450000             —IN.
19320728—19320000    —PROPOSED, However, BECAUSE—OF—THE—DEPRESSION, Congress, that the certificates be redeemable immediately, as 1—BONUS.
19320728—19330500    —IN, newly elected PRESIDENT—FRANKLIN—ROOSEVELT also opposed the bill, but he issued 1—EXECUTIVE—ORDER allowing 25,000 veterans to enroll in the Citizens' Conservation Corps in lieu of getting bonuses.
19320728—19710000    —AUTHORED, ROGER—DANIELS, "The Bonus March".
19320728—19940000    —AUTHORED, DONALD—J—LISIO, "THE—PRESIDENT and Protest".
19330728             —DIVIDED, THE—NFL, into 2, 5—TEAM—DIVISIONS.
19330728             —DELIVERED, The 1. singing telegram was, to vocalist RUDY—VALLEE for his birthday.
19330728             It was the idea of GEORGE—P—OSLIN (18990000—19960000    ), 1—WEST—UNION—EXECUTIVE.
19330728—19920000    —IN, He wrote "THE—STORY—OF—TELECOMMUNICATIONS".
19340728             * JACQUES—DE—AMBOISE, dancer, educator (NEW—YORK—CITY Ballet Company).
19340728             118° F (48° C) at OROFINO—IDAHO was 1—STATE—RECORD.
19350728             G. Neujmin discovered asteroid #1386 Storeria.
19370728             * PETER—DUCHIN, pianist, bandleader (PETER—DUCHIN—ORCH), in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19380728             * ROBERT—HUGHES [Studley Forrest], writer, critic, in AUSTRALIA.
19380728             K. Reinmuth discovered asteroid #1485 Isa.
19400728             * PHIL—PROCTOR, comedian (Firesign Theater).
19410728             * RICCARDO—MUTI, conductor (PHILADELPHIA Orch), in NAPOLI—ITALY.
19410728             A JAPAN—ARMY landed in COCHIN—CHINA (modern day VIETNAM).
19420728             —LIQUIDATED, Nazis, 10,000 Jews in MINSK—RUSSIA.
19430728             * MIKE—BLOOMFIELD, blues musician (Analine).
19430728             * BILL—BRADLEY, USA—SENATOR, professional basketball player, in Crystal CITY—MONTANA.
19430728             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—ROOSEVELT, THE—END—OF—COFFEE rationing.
19450728             * JIM—DAVIS, cartoonist (Garfield).
19450728             * RICHARD—WRIGHT, rocker (Pink FLOYD—THE—WALL).
19450728             —RATIFIED, THE—USA—SENATE, UN charter 89-2.
19450728             A TWIN—ENGINE—USA—ARMY B—25—BOMBER crashed into the Empire STATE—BUILDING between the 78. and 79. floors and killed 14—PEOPLE.
19450728             —SEVERED, The plane's propellers, elevator cables and sent 1 on a 38-story fall in which the operator survived.
19460728             * LINDA—KELSEY, actress (KATE—DAY by Day), in MINNEAPOLIS—MINNESOTA.
19470728             * SALLY—STRUTHER, actress (GLORIA—ALL in the Family), in PORTLAND—OREGON.
19480728             * GEORGIA—ENGEL, actress (GEORGETTE—MARY TYLER—MOORE—SHOW), in Wash DC.
19480728             LUDWIGSHAFEN—GERMANY, the I.G. Farben chemical plant exploded due to 1—VAPOR explosion from dimethyl ether and 182/209 †.
19510728             —ADOPTED, THE—UN—MEMBERS, the Convention on Refugees.
19510728             —SIGNED, It was not, by INDONESIA.
19510728             This was the founding charter for THE—UN—HIGH—COMMISSIONER for Refugees (UNHCR).
19510728             It spelled out the entitlements of those who flee their country for FEAR—OF—BEING killed or persecuted.
19510728             A 19670000              Protocol removed limitations to persons fleeing events occurring before 19510101              and within EUROPE and thus gave the Convention universal coverage.
19570728             —FORMED, The Situationist INTERNATIONAL (SI) was, at 1—MEETING in THE—ITALY—VILLAGE—OF—COSIO d'Arroscia with the fusion of several extremely small AVANT—GARDE artistic tendencies: the Lettrist INTERNATIONAL, THE—INTERNATIONAL—MOVEMENT for an Imaginist Bauhaus (an OFF—SHOOT—OF—COBRA), and THE—LONDON Psychogeographical Association.
19570728             The groups came together intending to reawaken the radical political POTENTIAL—OF—SURREALISM.
19570728             The group also later drew ideas from the left communist group Socialisme ou Barbarie.
19570728             —OPENED, The 6. World Youth Festival, in MOSCOW with the motto "For Peace and Friendship".
19570728             —PARTICIPATED, Some 34,000, from 131—COUNTRIES.
19570728             —MARKED, This festival also, THE—INTERNATIONAL—DEBUT—OF—THE—SONG "MOSCOW Nights", which subsequently went on to become perhaps the most widely recognized RUSSIA—SONG in the world.
19570728—19470000    —IN, The 1. such conference was held in PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia.
19590728             —VOTED, In preparation for statehood, Hawaiians, to send the 1. CHINESE—AMERICAN, Hiram L. Fong, to the Senate and the 1. JAPANESE—AMERICAN, DANIEL—K—INOUYE, to THE—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES.
19590728             —SERVED, Hiram Fong, 3—TERMS.
19600728             —SELECTED, Republican National convention, RICHARD—NIXON.
19610728             * SCOTT—E—PARAZYNSKI, MD, astronaut, in LITTLE—ROCK, ARKANSAS.
19620728             † 19 in a train crash in Steelton, PENNSILVANIA.
19620728             —LAUNCHED, Mariner I, to Mars, fell into the Atlantic Ocean.
19640728             —LAUNCHED, Ranger 7 was, toward the Moon.
19640728             It sent back 4308—TV—PICTURES.
19650728             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—JOHNSON, he was increasing THE—NUMBER—OF—USA—TROOPS in SOUTH—VIETNAM to 175,000 "almost immediately".
19660728             All but 1—OF—THE—TESTS took place in NEVADA.
19660728—19660000    —CONDUCTED, Operation Latchkey, 1—SERIES—OF—38—NUCLEAR—TEST—EXPLOSIONS, and 19670000             , began with the Saxon blast at THE—NEVADA Test Site.
19670728             —CLOSED, Pirate Radio Station 390 (Radio Invicta) in ENGLAND, down.
19670808—19840108    —JOINED, BRUNEI—DARUSSALAM, VIETNAM 19950728             —ON, Laos and MYANMAR 19970723             —ON, and CAMBODIA 19990430             —ON.
19690725             —ORGANIZED, The music festival, by BOYD—GRAFMYREM, was held at the Gold Creek Park, WOODINVILLE—WASHINGTON, 19690725—19690728    —FROM—TO.
19720517—19880728    —ARRESTED, Sofri was, with Ovidio Bompressi and Giorgio Pietrostefani for the alleged MURDER—OF—CALABRESI.
19730728             —PRODUCED, BILL—GRAHAM, 1—ROCK—FESTIVAL in Watkins Glen, NY, that featured the Allman Brothers, the Band, and the Grateful Dead.
19730728             The concert drew some 650,000—PEOPLE, the single largest paying crowd in concert history.
19730728             —LAUNCHED, Astronauts ALAN—BEAN, OWEN—GARRIOTT & JACK—LOUSMA), to continue maintenance at Skylab 3.
19730728             —RETIRED, CZECHOSLOVAKIA, 1, MAJOR—OF—THE—COMMUNIST—SECRET—POLICE heard 4—PEOPLE singing an ANTI—COMMUNIST—SONG and called the police.
19730728             They were CONVICTED—OF—HOOLIGANISM and sentenced to up to 1—YEAR behind bars.
19730728             IVAN—MARTIN—JIROUS, 1—POET and artistic LEADER—OF—THE—PLASTIC—PEOPLE—OF—THE—UNIVERSE, 1—NONCONFORMIST—ROCK—BAND banned by the communist regime, was among the 4.
19730728—20110000    —CANCELED, THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—SUPREME—COURT, the sentence.
19050000—19740728    * † TRUMAN—BRADLEY, host (Science Fiction Theater).
19750728             —DESIGNATED, THE—USA—DEPT of Interior, the grizzly bear 1 threatened species in the lower 48—STATES under THE—USA—ENDANGERED Species Act.
19750728             —LIVED, MOST—OF—THE—BEARS in the lower USA, in and around Yellowstone National Park in IDAHO, MONTANA and WYOMING.
19750829             He continued to 19800728             .
19760728             —SPEED, Eldon Joersz set a world air, record of 3,530 kph near Beale AFB in CALIFORNIA.
19760728             CHINA, a 7.8-8.2—EARTHQUAKE in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—TANGSHAN killed at least 242,000—PEOPLE, according to 1—OFFICIAL estimate.
19770620—19770728    —ON, It reached Valdez.
19770728             —TURNED, ROY—WILKINS, over leadership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to BENJAMIN—L—HOOKS (20100000              † age 85).
19770728             —CONTINUED, Hoods, as executive director to 19920000             .
19770728—20070000    —AWARDED, He was, the Presidential Medal of Honor.
19780728             —TOPPED, PRICE—OF—GOLD, the $200—PER oz level for 1. time.
19780728             —CLOSED, Spot gold, at $201.30.
19780728             —DISCOVERED, PERTH Observatory, asteroid #3188 and #3422.
19790728             —STABBED, RACHEL—MONCRIEF, 50—JAHRE—ALT was, to death at Camino Camper in SANTA—CLARA, CALIFORNIA 20110000             —IN DNA evidence on 1—MARIJUANA cigarette linked DAVID—DIXON, 61—JAHRE—ALT—OF—RICHMOND—CALIFORNIA, to the murder.
19800318—19800728    —DISAPPEARED, Favara.
19800728             —BECAME, FERNANDO—BELAUNDE—TERRY (19120000—20020000    ), PRESIDENT—OF—PERU for a 2. term and held office to 19850000             .
19800728             His 1. term ran 19630000—19680000    —FROM—TO.
19810728             GUATEMALA, REVEREND—STANLEY—ROTHER (19350000              *) of OKLAHOMA was shot twice in the head by 3 masked men at the parish rectory in SANTIAGO—ATITLAN.
19810728—20160000    —DECLARED, THE—VATICAN, him 1—MARTYR.
19810728—20170923    —BEATIFIED, Rother was, at 1—MASS in OKLAHOMA City.
19830728             —KILLED, GERMANY, YUGOSLAVIA—DISSIDENT Stjepan Durekovic was, near MUNICH.
19830728             —ORDERED, Prosecutors wrote that Mustac probably, his subordinate Josip Perkovic to plan the murder.
19830728—20140000    —IN, Zdravko Mustac (72), 1—FORMER—TOP—SPY in YUGOSLAVIA—SECRET—SERVICE, was charged with complicity in the murder.
19830728—20140000    —EXTRADITED, Perkovic was also, to GERMANY.
19830728—20160803    —ON, FORMER—YUGOSLAVIA—SPY—CHIEF—ZDRAVKO—MUSTAC, 74—JAHRE—ALT and EX—AGENT—JOSIP Perkovic (71) were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.
19840728             The summer Olympics were held in LOS—ANGELES for the 2. time.
19840728             —BOYCOTTED, The Russians along with CUBA and EAST—BLOC—COUNTRIES, the 23. modern Olympic games.
19840728             —BOYCOTTED, IRAN and LIBYA also, the games.
19840728             —RETURNED, TAIWAN, under the name CHINA—TAIPEI.
19840728             THE—USA—WON 83—GOLD medals, ROMANIA was 2. with 20.
19840728             —ALLOWED, Women were, to compete in the Olympic marathon for the 1. time.
19840728             JOAN—BENOLT—OF—THE—USA—WON.
19840728             —PUBLISHED, The 1. Olympic Guide was, this year by DAVID—WALLECHINSKY.
18980000—19840728    * † Bess Flowers, USA—FILM actress.
19840728—19520000    —SINCE, CHINA appeared for the 1. time.
19840728—20000000    —IN, The 5. edition came out.
19300000—19850728    * † GRANT—WILLIAMS, film and TV actor, of toxic poisoning.
19850728             Under his rule much of the nation's external debt was not serviced and the period was marked by 4-digit inflation, food shortages, INTERNATIONAL isolation and terrorist attacks.
19850728—19900000    —UNTIL, PERU, ALAN—GARCIA, LEADER—OF—THE—USA—PEOPLE—REVOLUTIONARY—ALLIANCE (APRA), assumed the presidency and led.
19860728             —RELEASED, NASA, the transcript from the doomed Challenger.
19860728             Pilot MICHAEL—SMITH could be heard saying, "UH—OH!" as spacecraft disintegrated.
19870728             ATTORNEY—GENERAL—EDWIN—MEESE told the congressional IRAN—CONTRA committees that PRESIDENT—REAGAN was "quite surprised" the previous November when Meese told him about the diversion of IRAN ARMS—SALES—PROFITS for use by the Contra rebels.
19050000—19870728    * † JAMES—BURNHAM, USA—AUTHOR and philosopher, at his home in CONNECTICUT.
19870728—20020000    —INCLUDED, His books, The Managerial Revolution" (19410000             ) and "The Coming DEFEAT—OF—COMMUNISM" (19490000             ). DANIEL—KELLY authored "JAMES—BURNHAM and the Struggle for the World: A Life".
19880728             —APPROVED, Both HOUSES—OF—CONGRESS overwhelmingly, some $6—BILLION in aid for DROUGHT—STRICKEN farmers.
19880728             THE—USA—DROUGHT—SHRANK the corn harvest by 31%.
19880728             The Pentagon said that its precautions were enough to protect against accidents even though 1—SAFETY—REVIEW said that research into chemical and biological weapons could be dangerous to surrounding communities.
19880728             —CANCELLED, JORDAN, a $1.3—BILLION development plan in WEST—BANK.
19900728             A blackout hit CHICAGO.
19900728             Political newcomer and upset winner Alberto Fujimori was sworn in as PRESIDENT—OF—PERU.
19910728             —PITCHED, DENNIS—MARTINEZ, the 15. perfect game in MAJOR—LEAGUE baseball history as THE—MONTREAL Expos beat THE—LOS—ANGELES Dodgers 2-to-0.
19910728             MIGUEL—INDURAIN—OF—SPAIN won the Tour de FRANCE bicycle race.
19910728             —WARNED, PRESIDENT—BUSH, IRAQ it would be making "1—ENORMOUS—MISTAKE" if it failed to disclose its nuclear weapons program to UNITED—NATIONS inspectors.
19920728             —COUNTERATTACKED, Democrats, 1—DAY after aides to PRESIDENT—BUSH had accused Democrat BILL—CLINTON of lacking foreign policy expertise.
19920728             —OPENED, IRAQ, its Agricultural Ministry to UNITED—NATIONS weapons experts after a 3—WEEK standoff.
19920728             At THE—BARCELONA Olympics, THE—USA—WOMEN—400—METER freestyle relay team won the gold medal.
19930728             —DECLARED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, himself ready to provide air power to protect peacekeepers in Bosnia if he received 1—REQUEST from THE—UNITED—NATIONS.
19940728             —AGREED, USA Congressional negotiators, on 1—CRIME—FIGHTING package that included hiring 100,000 new police officers, banning ASSAULT—STYLE—WEAPONS, vastly expanding the death penalty and putting 3.—TIME felons behind bars for life.
19940728             † In INDIA 10—PEOPLE in a 7—HOUR—GUN—BATTLE when INDIA—POLICE raided 1—CAMP—RUN by NAGA militants.
19950728             A jury in UNION—SOUTH—CAROLINA, rejected the death penalty for Susan Smith, sentencing her instead to life in prison for drowning her 2—YOUNG—SONS.
19950728             Smith was eligible for parole —AFTER—30—YEARS.
19950728             SRI—LANKA, the Tamil Tigers lost some 400—GUERRILLAS in 1—RAID on Weli Oya army camp where only 2—SOLDIERS †.
19960728             —REPORTED, Federal investigators, "very good leads" in the hunt for the Olympic bomber, 1—DAY after the explosion in Centennial Olympic Park in ATLANTA.
19960728             —REFUSED, KASHMIR—INDIA, 1—GUARD shot at 2—PEOPLE who, to move 1—MOTOR scooter and 1—BOMB exploded that killed 6 and wounded 17—NEAR the headquarters of 1—MUSLIM group.
19960728             THE—PHILIPPINES, typhoon Gloria struck and killed at least 39—PEOPLE on Luzon and left 16—MISSING.
19960728             † TURKEY reached 1—AGREEMENT with prisoners to end 1—HUNGER strike after 12—INMATES.
19960728             —CLASHED, Elsewhere soldiers, with Kurds and 16 † along with 28—KURDISH—REBELS.
19970728             A flash flood hit FORT—COLLINS, COLORADO, following torrential rains.
19970728             —KILLED, At least 5—PEOPLE were, and 40 or more injured.
19970728             —STAYED, SANTIAGO—CHILE, nearly 1—MILLION—CHILDREN, home when the government closed schools —FOR—2—DAYS due to high smog levels.
19970728—20020000    —REACHED, The Clinton administration and congressional leaders, 1—TENTATIVE agreement on balancing the budget while slashing taxes for MILLIONS—OF—FAMILIES, students and investors.
19980728             —DURING 1—DAY—OF—OFFICIAL mourning, PRESIDENT—CLINTON praised 2—SLAIN police officers at THE—USA—CAPITOL as heroes whose sacrifice "consecrated this HOUSE—OF—FREEDOM".
19980728             Monica Lewinsky struck 1—DEAL with independent council KENNETH—STARR granting her blanket protection from prosecution in exchange for her "full and truthful testimony" to 1—GRAND—JURY on her relationship with PRESIDENT—CLINTON.
19980728             —AGREED, GENERAL—MOTORS and THE—UAW, tentatively to settle 1—ALMOST 2—MONTH—STRIKE at 2—PARTS—PLANTS in FLINT.
19980728             —ANNOUNCED, Bell Atlantic and GTE, a $52—BILLION deal to create the 2.—BIGGEST phone company.
19980728             INDIANA, explosions at THE—COAL—FIRED generating PLANT—OF—SOUTH—ENERGY Co. in Hammond injured 16—PEOPLE.
19980728             CHICAGO, THE—BODY—OF—RYAN—HARRIS, 11—JAHRE—ALT was found.
19980728             —CLAIMED, CAMBODIA, Hun Sen, victory and preliminary results showed him with 67—SEATS, Ranariddh with 42 and Rainsy with 13.
19240000—19980728    * † POLAND, Zbigniev Herbert, poet and essayist, at age 73 in WARSAW.
19980728             —DEPENDED, He insisted that civilization, on artists' staking out clear moral positions resistant to THE—WINDS—OF—HISTORY and ideology.
19980728             —FACED, THE—UKRAINE, 1—FINANCIAL—CRISES as $1—BILLION in bond payments came due and PARLIAMENT rejected austerity measures.
19980728—19980727    —SEE
19980728—19990000    —TRANSLATED, John and Bogdana Carpenter, "Elegy for the Departure and Other Poems," and "THE—KING—OF—THE—ANTS: Mythological Essays".
19990728             —OPENED, THE—USA—SENATE, debate on the Republicans' $792—BILLION tax cut bill.
19990728             —DECLARED, Surgeon GENERAL—DAVID—SATCHER, suicide 1—SERIOUS—NATIONAL—THREAT, saying, "People should not be afraid or ashamed to seek help".
19990728             FLORIDA, LIONEL—TATE, 12—JAHRE—ALT flung Tiffany Eunick (6) around a living room in a SESSION—OF—PLAY wrestling.
19990728             Eunick † from severe injuries.
19990728             —LAUNCHED, AFGHANISTAN, Taliban fighters, an offensive to crush warlord AHMED—SHAH—MASSOOD following WEEKS—OF—PREPARATIONS.
19990728             —ORDERED, BRAZIL, the army was, by PRESIDENT—CARDOSO to clear the nation's highways from blockades set up by striking truckers protesting poor roads, high tolls and high gasoline prices.
19990728—20000600    —APPROVED, THE—IMF, a $4.5—BILLION financial package to help keep RUSSIA afloat through Dec. parliamentary elections and presidential voting.
19990728—20010000    —CONVICTED—OF, Tate was, 1. degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
19990728—20030000    —IN, an appeals court ordered a new trial and Tate agreed to a 2. degree murder charge.
19990728—20040000    —RELEASED, Tate was.
20000720—20000728    —COMMENCED, Trading.
20000728             —WARNED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, Yasser Arafat that relations with THE—USA would be harmed if statehood was declared without 1—PEACE—DEAL with ISRAEL.
20000728             —APPROVED, THE—USA—FDA, Cipro for inhalational anthrax.
20000728             —ORDERED, AFGHANISTAN, rulers, 1—COMPLETE—BAN on growing poppies.
20000728             —THREATENED, DEFIERS—OF—THE—BAN were, with jail.
20000728             —RELEASED, NORTH—IRELAND, 78—PRISONERS were, from the Maze Prison as PART—OF—THE—GOOD——FRIDAY Peace Accord.
20000728             PERU, violent protests took place as PRESIDENT—FUJIMORI was sworn in for his 3. term and 5—PEOPLE were killed in fires set by vandals.
20000728—19980000    —MERGED, BANK—OF—AMERICA, which, with NationsBank, announced the layoff of 10,000—PEOPLE over the next year to cut costs.
20010728             USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—COLIN—POWELL met with CHINA—PRESIDENT—ZEMIN and reached agreement to restart 1—FORMAL—DIALOGUE with THE—USA on human rights and weapons proliferation.
20010728             JOAN—FINNEY, whose populist beliefs and gift for connecting with voters helped her become the 1. woman GOVERNOR—OF—KANSAS, † at 76.
20010728             —DETAINED, SAMIR—AIT—MOHAMED, 32—JAHRE—ALT was, in VANCOUVER on immigration charges.
20010728             —DESTROYED, An ISRAEL—HELICOPTER—ATTACK in THE—GAZA Strip, 1—WORKSHOP making munitions and was followed by armed clashes.
20010728             —INAUGURATED, PERU, PRESIDENT—TOLEDO was, as the nation's 1. PRESIDENT—OF—INDIA—DESCENT.
20010728             He promised 1—GOVERNMENT at the service of its people.
20010728             JAMAL—BEGHAL, 36—JAHRE—ALT, 1—FRENCH—ALGERIAN, was arrested in DUBAI, UAR, with 1—FALSE—FRANCE—PASSPORT while traveling to EUROPE from AFGHANISTAN.
20010728             He told police of 1—PLANS to bomb THE—USA—EMBASSY in PARIS on orders from ABU—ZUBAYDAH, 1—TOP—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN LIEUTENANT.
20010728—20010930    —EXTRADITED, He was, to FRANCE.
20010728—20011115    —ON, he was arrested on USA—CHARGES for plotting to bomb THE—LOS—ANGELES airport during millennium festivities.
20010728—20060111    —DEPORTED, He was held in CANADA—PRISONS until he was, to ALGERIA.
20020502—20170728    —RELEASED, Shanley (86) was, from prison.
20020728             Cycling champion LANCE—ARMSTRONG won his 4. straight Tour de FRANCE.
20020728             —TRAPPED, SOMERSET—PENNSYLVANIA, 9—COAL miners, 20020724              by 1—FLOOD—240—FEET—UNDERGROUND, were rescued —AFTER—77—HOURS—UNDERGROUND in the Quecreek Mine.
20020728             Police in DALLAS found 2—BODIES in 1—TRACTOR trailer from which some 40 suspected illegal immigrants had escaped earlier.
20020728             ALGERIA, Rachid Abou Tourab, THE—HEAD—OF—1—VIOLENT—ISLAMIC—GROUP believed to have killed scores of civilians during 1—DECADE—LONG—REBELLION, was killed with 15—ASSOCIATES in 1—CONFRONTATION with government troops.
20020728             Speaking publicly on the church abuse scandal for the 1. time, JOHN—PAUL—II—PAPA told young Catholics that sexual ABUSE—OF—CHILDREN by priests "fills us all with 1—DEEP—SENSE—OF—SADNESS and shame".
20020728             —BOMBED, Aircraft from USA—UK—AIR—PATROLS over SOUTH—IRAQ, an IRAQ—COMMUNICATIONS—SITE, the 6. strike this month in retaliation for what the Pentagon says were hostile actions by IRAQ.
20020728             —RETURNED, Jewish settlers went on 1—RAMPAGE as they, home from the funeral of an ISRAEL—SOLDIER, shooting dead a 14-year-old girl and wounding several other Palestinians.
20020728             Torrential overnight rains set off more floods in EAST—INDIA as the death toll from floods in INDIA, NEPAL and BANGLADESH passed 300.
20020728             A RUSSIA—IL 86—CARGO—PLANE crashed into 1—FOREST shortly after taking off from MOSCOW—SHEREMETYEVO 1—AIRPORT, killing 14—PEOPLE.
20020728             There were 2—SURVIVORS, officials said.
20020728             —VOTED, Serbs and ethnic Albanians, for new, POWER—SHARING local governments in 1—TENSE region near Kosovo.
20030728             J.P. MORGAN—CHASE & Co. agreed to pay $305—MILLION to settle actions related to loans and trades made with Enron Corp. and Dynegy INCORPORATED.
20030728             † AARON—BELL, jazz bassist with DUKE—ELLINGTON, in NEW—YORK—CITY.
20030728             —CLAIMED, CAMBODIA, PRIME—MINISTER—HUN—SEN—PARTY, victory in general elections, saying it expects to win around 73—OF—THE—123—SEATS in the National Assembly.
20030728             Hun SEN—PARTY swept to victory, but apparently fell short of THE—2—THIRDS—MAJORITY needed to govern outright.
20030728             —RIPPED, NORTH—CHINA, 1—BLAST, through 1—FIREWORKS factory in Wangkou, killing 29—PEOPLE and injuring at least 141.
20030728             —CAPTURED, LIBERIA, rebels, the 2.—LARGEST CITY—OF—BUCHANAN, depriving embattled PRESIDENT—CHARLES—TAYLOR—OF his last significant port outside the besieged capital.
20030728             A mass grave was discovered in the mountainous RUSSIA—REPUBLIC—OF—KABARDINO—BALKARIA, 1—POOR—MOUNTAINOUS region close to Chechnya, with THE—REMAINS—OF—MEN, women and children who † 10 to 20—YEARS ago.
20030728             —SUSPECTED, SAUDI—ARABIA, 6, militants were killed in 1—FIREFIGHT with SAUDI—ARABIA—POLICE, who raided 1—FARM where they were hiding out.
20030728             2—POLICE also were killed.
20040728             Democrats in BOSTON made JOHN—KERRY their nominee for PRESIDENT as JOHN—EDWARDS, THE—VICE—PRESIDENTIAL nominee, promised the country "hope is on the way".
20040728             CALIFORNIA, police in IRVINE said they were looking for 1—MAN who may have witnessed THE—CONTAMINATION—OF—BABY—FOOD jars with GROUND—UP castor beans containing tiny amounts of the poison ricin.
20040728             FRANCIS—CRICK, 88—JAHRE—ALT, UK—NOBEL laureate who with USA—JAMES—WATSON discovered THE—DOUBLE—HELIX structure of DNA, † of colon cancer in S—DIEGO, CALIFORNIA.
20040728             A bomb exploded in 1—MOSQUE where Afghans were registering for upcoming elections, killing 6—PEOPLE including 2 UNITED—NATIONS staffers.
20040728             —FREED, COLOMBIA, Marxist guerrillas, a ROMAN—CATHOLIC BISHOP.
20040728             3—TOP COMMANDERS—OF—RIGHT—WING death squads spoke before Congress under SAFE—CONDUCT passes and professed commitments to peace talks.
20040728             FRANCISCO—REYES, FORMER—GUATEMALA—VICE—PRESIDENT (20000000—20040000    ), was arrested on charges of illegally taking over a government property worth $2.4—MILLION.
20040728             —BURNED, Muslims and Hindus, buildings and clashed with police in a 3. DAY—OF—SECTARIAN—RIOTS in THE—WEST—INDIA—TOWN—OF—VERAWAL, throwing acid at officers who shot at the crowd.
20040728             —WOUNDED, The unrest has left 2—DEAD and more than 12.
20040728             † IRAN—JUDICIARY claimed that an IRANIAN—CANADA—PHOTOJOURNALIST (20030710             ) in custody from 1—FALL after her blood pressure dropped during 1—HUNGER—STRIKE.
20040728             A suicide car bomb exploded on 1—DOWNTOWN boulevard in Baqouba, shredding 1—BUS—FULL—OF—PASSENGERS and nearby shops and killing 70—PEOPLE, almost all IRAQ—CIVILIANS.
20040728             A fierce battle between insurgents and IRAQ—SOLDIERS fighting alongside multinational forces in THE—SOUTH—CENTRAL—CITY—OF—SUWARIYAH left 7—IRAQ—SOLDIERS and 35—INSURGENTS—DEAD.
20040728             The 2. wave in the biggest mass DEFECTION—OF—NORTH—KOREANS to SOUTH—KOREA arrived on 1—FLIGHT from 1 unidentified SOUTH—EAST—ASIAN country, bringing the total in THE—2—DAY airlift to nearly 460.
20040728             —REACHED, Deaths from monsoon rains across SOUTH—ASIA, 1,238.
20040728             —KILLED, THE—UGANDA—ARMY reportedly, 120—REBEL—LORD—RESISTANCE—ARMY (LRA) fighters during clashes in SOUTH—SUDAN and narrowly missed capturing JOSEPH—KONY, the insurgents' leader.
20040728—20040531    —ON, Notes were found in jars and 20040616             .
20040728—20080000    —APPROVED, THE—ITALY—PARLIAMENT, structural economic reforms that included raising the retirement age from 57 to 60—EFFECTIVE.
20050728             Assistant SECRETARY—OF—STATE—DAVID—WELCH told THE—USA—HOUSE—INTERNATIONAL—RELATIONS—COMMITTEE said IRAN—CADRES are training Hezbollah fighters in LEBANON.
20050728             The Senate Banking, Housing and URBAN—AFFAIRS—COMMITTEE sent 1—BILL by SENATOR—CHUCK—HAGEL to the then GOP—RUN—SENATE.
20050728             —REGULATED, The legislation would have, and trimmed FREDDIE—MAC and its sister company, Fannie Mae.
20050728             Shortly after this FREDDIE—MAC began making payments to DCI, 1—REPUBLICAN consulting firm.
20050728             —UNDERMINED, DCI, support for the bill in 1—CAMPAIGN targeting 17—REPUBLICAN senators in 13—STATES.
20050728             † The measure, at THE—END—OF—THE—109. - Congress.
20050728             A new clinical study reported that the herbal remedy echinacea does not ward off cold symptoms and does not help speed recovery from colds.
20050728             —REPORTED, Scientists, that the variety of tuna, marlin, swordfish and other big ocean predators has declined up to 50—PERCENT over the past HALF—CENTURY due to overfishing.
20050728             —DROPPED, THE—VARIETY—OF—SPECIES has, by as much as 50% in the past 50—YEARS.
20050728             —ESCAPED, NASA said space shuttle Discovery had, ANY—SERIOUS—DAMAGE from the potentially deadly piece of foam that broke off from the fuel tank during liftoff and looked safe to fly home in 1—WEEK.
20050728             ARTHUR—ZANKEL, financier and philanthropist, fell to his death from his NINTH—FLOOR—APARTMENT on NEW—YORK—CITY—UPPER—EAST—SIDE.
20050728             —CALLED, Police, it 1—APPARENT—SUICIDE.
20050728             Scientists from CHINA, FRANCE, JAPAN and THE—USA reported their 1. detection of antineutrinos from deep within THE—EARTH—MANTLE.
20050728             They used the KamLAND detector in JAPAN.
20050728             STEPHEN—MCCULLAGH, 29—JAHRE—ALT, 1—ASSISTANT scoutmaster from S—HELENA, and Boy Scout RYAN—COLLINS, 13—JAHRE—ALT were killed by lightning in Sequoia National Park in the Sierra NEVADA.
20050728             —DEPLOYED, The main BODY—OF—CANADA—SOLDIERS being, to AFGHANISTAN has begun arriving in the treacherous KANDAHAR region.
20050728             They're PART—OF—WHAT will be a 250-strong provincial reconstruction team, the 1. such team CANADA has sent to AFGHANISTAN.
20050728             A TEAM—OF—ANTI—DRUG—INVESTIGATORS, lawyers and judges will start prosecuting major narcotics cases in AFGHANISTAN, the world's largest opium and heroin producer, as PART—OF—1—NEW—UN—PROGRAM.
20050728             —ARRESTED, ANTI—TERRORIST—OFFICERS, 9—MEN in dawn raids in connection with the botched 20050721              attacks on LONDON—TRANSIT—SYSTEM, bringing to 20 THE—NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE—POLICE have in custody, including 1—OF—THE alleged bombers.
20050728             —LINKED, CHECHNYA—SHAMIL—BASAYEV, to 12—DEADLY—ATTACKS on civilians, admitted he was 1—TERRORIST in 1—INTERVIEW being broadcast on ABC News' "Nightline".
20050728             —DENOUNCED, The Kremlin, the network's decision to run the interview, which was conducted by WELL—KNOWN RUSSIA—JOURNALIST—ANDREI—BABITSKY.
20050728             DaimlerChrysler said CEO Juergen Schrempp, ARCHITECT—OF—THE—CONTROVERSIAL—MERGER between DAIMLER—BENZ and Chrysler Corp., will step down and turn the top job over to Chrysler HEAD—DIETER—ZETSCHE.
20050728             —PARALYZED, RECORD—BREAKING rains, Bombay and its surrounding state.
20050728             † B.M. Kulkarni, HEAD—OF—MAHARASHTRA state's police emergency control room, said that 273—PEOPLE had, in Mumbai and at least 513 in other PARTS—OF—THE—STATE.
20050728             —KILLED, An explosion on 1—PASSENGER—TRAIN in NORTH—INDIA, 2—PEOPLE and injured at least 20—OTHERS.
20050728             —BRUSHED, INDONESIA, off 1—CALL in 1—UN—REPORT for 1—INTERNATIONAL—TRIBUNAL to try Indonesian and militia leaders blamed for 1—BLOODY 19990000              rampage in EAST—TIMOR.
20050728             —TRANSFERRED, ICANN, the Internet.iq name to IRAQ—TELECOMMUNICATIONS regulator.
20050728             —LAUNCHED, Insurgents, coordinated attacks against IRAQ—ARMY—CHECKPOINTS—NORTH—EAST—OF—BAGHDAD, killing 6—IRAQ—SOLDIERS, police said.
20050728             —KILLED, Roadside bombs, 2—USA—SOLDIERS.
20050728             A bomb ignited 1—TRAIN carrying fuel in THE—SOUTH—OF—IRAQ—CAPITAL and 2—PEOPLE were killed.
20050728             —KILLED, In WEST—IRAQ 2—USA—MARINES were, by insurgent gunfire and ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades.
20050728             —REPORTED, The Marines, killing 9—INSURGENTS, 5 believed to be Syrians, during 1—ENGAGEMENT in the same small village.
20050728             JAMIE—LEIGH—JONES, 1—HALLIBURTON/KBR employee in BAGHDAD—IRAQ, was allegedly drugged, raped and held against her will at Camp Hope by 7—KBR employees.
20050728             —SUBPOENAED, THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE had been, to also testify;
20050728             they failed to appear or send 1—REASON for declining to appear.
20050728             —ANNOUNCED, THE—IRELAND—REPUBLICAN—ARMY, it will renounce violence and resume disarmament in 1—DRAMATIC—DECLARATION designed to revive NORTH—IRELAND—PEACE—PROCESS.
20050728             —SUSPECTED, In THE—INDIAN—CONTROLLED portion of Kashmir, Islamic militants raided the village of Dhoob, separated the villagers by religion and killed 5—HINDUS by slitting their throats.
20050728             The Concepcion Volcano on THE—ISLAND—OF—OMETEPE in SOUTH—WEST—LAKE—NICARAGUA erupted at least 4—TIMES.
20050728             PAKISTAN—PRESIDENT—PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF said all the estimated 1,400 foreign nationals studying in the country's madrassas would have to leave the Islamic seminaries.
20050728             VENEZUELA said it will continue offering crude on favorable terms, and even in barter trades, to countries in the region.
20050728             13—OF—THE—15—MEMBERS—OF—THE—NARROWER—CARIBBEAN Community group, or Caricom, mainly island nations, have already signed onto VENEZUELA—OIL—INITIATIVE.
20050728             KARACHAEVO—CHERKESSIA, RUSSIA, 2—POLICE—OFFICERS were shot to death.
20050728             —REPORTED, An official, anonymously that HAROON—RASHID—ASWAT, 31—JAHRE—ALT has been arrested in the border TOWN—OF—LIVINGSTONE, having crossed into ZAMBIA from ZIMBABWE.
20050728             Aswat was sought in connection with 20050707             —THE attacks in LONDON that killed 56—PEOPLE.
20050728—18830000    —SINCE, Concepcion has registered 17—ERUPTIONS.
20050728—19920000    —CHARGED, INDIA, opposition leader Lal Krishna Advani was, in court with inciting religious riots that triggered the razing of 1—MOSQUE and left thousands dead.
20050728—19970000    —IN, InfoCom Corp., which sold computers and Web services in THE—MIDDLE—EAST, got the.iq assignment, but was indicted 20020000             —IN for funneling money to 1—MEMBER—OF—HAMAS.
20050728—19990000    —IN, The last was.
20050728—20050400    —CONVICTED, InfoCom was.
20050728—20050803    —CALLED, EGYPT—PRESIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK, for 1—EXTRAORDINARY—ARAB summit to be held in Sharm EL—SHEIKH, just days after the deadly attacks in the Red Sea resort.
20050728—20050907    —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK, his bid to run in EGYPT—1. multicandidate elections, promising new legislation to "besiege" terrorism and replace the country's MUCH—CRITICIZED emergency laws.
20050728—20060000    —IN, details of his will indicated donations of $120—MILLION that included some $40—MILLION for Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, and $22—MILLION to MANHATTAN—CARNEGIE—HALL.
20050728—20070516    —ON, she filed 1—LAWSUIT against the company and the employees which THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE failed to act upon.
20050728—20071219    —ON, she testified before Congress.
20050728—20110000    —IN, Jones (26) lost her lawsuit against KBR.
20050803—20050728    —CHARGED, UK—POLICE, Ismael Abdurahman (23) of SOUTH—LONDON, arrested, on 1—OFFENSE relating to terrorism.
20060728             —LAUNCHED, ACTOR—DIRECTOR—MEL Gibson, an ANTI—SEMITIC tirade as he was arrested on the Pacific Coast Highway in MALIBU—CALIFORNIA, for driving drunk;
20060728             —APOLOGIZED, Gibson later, and was sentenced to probation and alcohol treatment.
20060728             CLARK—MCLEOD, who had been chairman and CHIEF executive of McLeodUSA, agreed to turn over $4.4—MILLION in profits he was accused of receiving from THE—SO—CALLED—ACT—OF "spinning".
20060728             —ACCUSED, The former executive was, by NY ATTORNEY—GENERAL—ELIOT—SPITZER of directing more than $77—MILLION—OF—MCLEODUSA—INVESTMENT banking business to Salomon Smith Barney.
20060728             In exchange, the company "secretly" gave McLeod shares of 34—STOCKS before its initial public offering, which resulted in 1—WINDFALL of $4.8—MILLION on the 1. DAY—OF—PUBLIC—TRADING—OF—THE—STOCK.
20060728             He succeeds Hank McKinnell, who will remain PFIZER—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—BOARD until his retirement in February, 20070000             .
20060728             —VACATED, McKinnell, PFIZER—CEO spot —19—MONTHS—BEFORE he was scheduled to step down, under pressure from investors angered about his retirement package and 1—DROP—OF as much as 40% in the company's stock price during his 5—YEARS in charge.
20060728             —DISCLOSED, The company later, in 1—FILING with THE—SEC that the package totaled more than $180—MILLION.
20060728             —ESTIMATED, It includes 1, $82.3—MILLION in pension benefits, $77.9—MILLION in deferred compensation, and cash and stock totaling more than $20.7—MILLION.
20060728             WAL—MART Stores INCORPORATED said it is ending its LOSS—GENERATING business in GERMANY just —2—MONTHS—AFTER leaving SOUTH—KOREA in what analysts welcomed as 1—MOVE to focus resources on expanding in more profitable INTERNATIONAL markets like CHINA and Latin AMERICA.
20060728             WAL—MART sold its 85—GERMANY—STORES to METRO, the local market leader.
20060728             —KILLED, SEATTLE—WASHINGTON, gunman Naveed Afzal Haq (30), Pam Waechter (58) of SEATTLE and wounded 5—OTHERS at the Jewish FEDERATION—OF—GREATER—SEATTLE.
20060728             Haq said he was "angry at ISRAEL".
20060728             —ON the remaining counts, the jury declared itself to be hung.
20060728             —DECLARED, The judge, 1—MISTRIAL.
20060728             NEW—ORLEANS, 4—MEN, 3—BROTHERS and 1—FRIEND, were killed in the Treme neighborhood as they sat on the porch of 1 abandoned house.
20060728             —INCLUDED, The dead, 16-year-old twins, their brother (21) and 1—FRIEND, 39—JAHRE—ALT.
20060728             Another shooting the next day put the year to date homicide number in NEW—ORLEANS at 77.
20060728             14—TALIBAN fighters were killed in a "clearance operation" in SOUTH—HELMAND province's Garmser district.
20060728             —KILLED, In THE—NORTH—EAST—PROVINCE—OF—KAPISA, police, 4—TALIBAN militants including a "famous COMMANDER" while also losing 1—OF—THEIR—OWN—MEN.
20060728             2—POLICEMEN guarding 1—ARCHAEOLOGICAL—SITE in NORTH—BALKH province were killed and another was wounded when unknown assailants attacked them overnight.
20060728             —CONVICTED—OF, A—USA—AIRMAN, raping 3—TEENAGE UK—GIRLS was sentenced to 12—YEARS in prison.
20060728             Prosecutors said Staff SERGEANT—JAMES—GARDNER took advantage of vulnerable girls who lived in 1—CHILDREN—HOME—NEAR THE—USA—BASE at Menwith Hill in NORTH—ENGLAND.
20060728             —KILLED, EAST—CHINA, 1—EXPLOSION at 1—CHEMICAL—PLANT, at least 22—PEOPLE and prompted the evacuation of 7,000 others.
20060728             28—PEOPLE were missing.
20060728             HAITI, HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE fled their homes in 1—HILLSIDE SLUM—OF—PORT—AU—PRINCE to escape fierce fighting between gangs that has killed at least 30—PEOPLE in the past 2—MONTHS.
20060728             A bomb planted between 1—SUNNI mosque and 1—YOUTH—CENTER exploded during prayers, killing 4—PEOPLE and wounding another 9. gunmen in Tikrit killed 2—CIVILIANS who were employed by USA—TROOPS.
20060728             —INTENSIFIED, ISRAEL—WARPLANES and artillery, strikes, hitting Hezbollah positions and crushing houses and roads in towns in SOUTH—LEBANON, killing as many as 12—PEOPLE.
20060728             —ANNOUNCED, Hezbollah, it had fired 1—NEW—ROCKET, called the Khaibar-1, striking near THE—NORTH—ISRAEL—TOWN—OF—AFULA.
20060728             —KILLED, BEIRUT said 600—PEOPLE have been, in LEBANON, with confirmed fatalities at 445, since fighting broke out, MOST—OF—THEM LEBANON—CIVILIANS.
20060728             † 33—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS have, in the fighting and 19—CIVILIANS were killed in HEZBOLLAH—UNYIELDING rocket attacks on ISRAEL—NORTHERN—TOWNS.
20060728             —JOINED, Hezbollah politicians, while expressing reservations, their critics in the government in agreeing to 1—PEACE—PACKAGE that includes strengthening 1—INTERNATIONAL—FORCE in SOUTH—LEBANON and disarming the guerrillas.
20060728             —DECIDED, THE—UN, to remove 50 unarmed observers (UNTSO and UNIFIL) from posts along THE—ISRAELI—LEBANON—BORDER and relocate them with lightly armed UN peacekeepers.
20060728             ISRAEL—TROOPS withdrew from NORTH—GAZA after 1—BLOODY 2—DAY sweep that killed 29—PALESTINIANS.
20060728             The Laos government and UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said 1—OUTBREAK—OF—THE—H5N1 STRAIN—OF—BIRD—FLU has killed more than 2,000 chicken on 1—POULTRY—FARM.
20060728             —EXTENDED, NEPAL, Communist rebels and the government have, 1—CEASE—FIRE for another 3—MONTHS to allow talks aimed at ending 1—DECADE—LONG—CONFLICT to continue.
20060728             —BELIEVED, QUETTA—PAKISTAN, 1—BOMB, rigged to 1—MOTORCYCLE exploded outside 1—BANK and wounded 21—PEOPLE, 1—CRITICALLY.
20060728             —RETURNED, ALAN—GARCIA, to the presidency of PERU, pledging to battle poverty —16—YEARS—AFTER ending his 1. term.
20060728             —VOWED, POLAND—CONSERVATIVE—PRESIDENT—LECH—KACZYNSKI, to campaign for 1—RETURN—OF—THE—DEATH—PENALTY in the European Union.
20060728             —SIGNED, RUSSIA, PRESIDENT—PUTIN, a law making slander of a public official a crime.
20060728             —RIOTED, HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE, near the headquarters of SOMALIA—VIRTUALLY powerless government after 1—CABINET—MINISTER was fatally shot outside 1—MOSQUE.
20060728             —ATTACKED, SUDAN—GOVERNMENT—FORCES and allied militias, bases of 1—NEW—REBEL—ALLIANCE in Darfur despite 1—CEASEFIRE in the violent west.
20060728             —INDICTED, TAIWAN—PROSECUTORS, 1—MAN for murder, alleging he helped his brother stage 1—TRAIN—DERAILMENT that ultimately led to THE—DEATH—OF—HIS—BROTHER—WIFE, and said they will seek the death penalty.
20060728             —REACHED, THE—5—PERMANENT—MEMBERS—OF—THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL, 1—DEAL on 1—RESOLUTION that would give IRAN until THE—END—OF—AUGUST to suspend uranium enrichment or face THE—THREAT—OF—ECONOMIC and diplomatic sanctions.
20060728             The move will save about $40—MILLION in interest payments.
20060728             This would cancel about half its entire debt to THE—IMF.
20060728—20030000    —ANNOUNCED, HOLLAND—RETAIL—GIANT—AHOLD has, that its 1.1—BILLION—DOLLAR (941,000-euro) settlement with USA and HOLLAND—INVESTORS over the company's accounting scandal that broke and sent share prices plummeting, is now final.
20060728—20060327    —INJURED, THE—WIFE—OF—LEE—SUAN—CHUAN, 1—TRAIN—TICKET—SELLER, was, when the train she was traveling on derailed and tumbled into 1—DEEP—VALLEY in SOUTH—TAIWAN—PINGTUNG region.
20060728—20060714    —ON, The Xaythani district farm found 155—DEAD—CHICKENS, and about 2,000 dead birds the following day.
20060728—20060705    —ON, SOUTH—KOREA sent 1—SATELLITE into orbit primarily for making geographical surveys but also possibly for tracking military movements in NORTH—KOREA, which raised regional security concerns by launching missiles.
20060728—20070000    —IN, Danilo ASTORI—URUGUAY—FINANCE—MINISTER, said URUGUAY will make 1—EARLY—DEBT—PAYMENT—OF $900—MILLION to THE—IMF due.
20060728—20080604    —ON, 1—JURY found him not guilty on 1—COUNT—OF attempted murder (for victim Carol Goldman);
20070728             —APPROVED, CALIFORNIA, garbage workers in Alameda County, 1—NEW—CONTRACT with Waste Management ending 1—BITTER 26—DAY—LOCKOUT.
20070728             —REPORTED, It was, that over 4,000 Hazaras, 1—SHIA Muslim ethnic minority concentrated in AFGHANISTAN—CENTRAL highlands, had been displaced from Behsood district, Wardak province, over the last 2—MONTHS by bands of Kuchi nomads.
20070728             Some 200—ETHNIC—PUSHTUN and Sunni Muslim nomads, together with their families and livestock, emptied about 65—HAZARA villages and left about 12—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20070728             SOUTH—INDIA, police shot dead at least 8—PROTESTORS after 1—POLITICAL—DEMONSTRATION turned violent.
20070728             —OPENED, Police, fire after HUNDREDS—OF—PROTESTORS burned furniture in 1—GOVERNMENT—OFFICE in 1—SMALL—TOWN in Andhra Pradesh state, where communist parties campaigned for DISTRIBUTION—OF—GOVERNMENT—LAND to the rural and urban poor.
20070728             A parked car bomb exploded in 1—BUSY shopping street in predominantly Shiite EAST—BAGHDAD, killing at least 4—PEOPLE and wounding 10.
20070728             —CAPTURED, USA—TROOPS, 16 suspected insurgents during raids targeting AL—QAIDA in IRAQ in raids in the northern cities of SAMARRA and Tarmiyah.
20070728             —LIFTED, THE—LIBERIA—GOVERNMENT said it had, a 6—YEAR—MORATORIUM on the diamond trade, put in place after FORMER—PRESIDENT—CHARLES—TAYLOR was accused of using "blood diamonds" to fuel civil war in neighboring SIERRA—LEONE.
20070728             —CONTRIBUTED, LIBYA said THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC, QATAR and BULGARIA, to 1—INTERNATIONAL—FUND to support HUNDREDS—OF—CHILDREN who contracted HIV at 1—LIBYA—HOSPITAL in the 1990s.
20070728             —DENOUNCED, LIBYA also, 1—DECISION by BULGARIA—PRESIDENT to pardon 6—MEDICS from life jail terms in an AIDS case as a "betrayal" and an "illegal procedure".
20070728             —AGREED, Palestinian officials said ISRAEL has, to allow at least 627—PALESTINIANS who have been stranded in EGYPT for weeks to pass into THE—GAZA Strip.
20070728             —ARRESTED, SERBIA—POLICE, Nikola Radosavljevic (38), 1—MAN suspected of killing 9—PEOPLE and injuring another 2 in 1—SHOOTING spree hours earlier in 1—EAST—SERBIA—VILLAGE.
20070728             ZIMBABWE, ARTHUR—MUTAMBARA, LEADER—OF—THE—BREAKAWAY FACTION—OF—THE—MOVEMENT for Democratic Change (MDC), said on that the country could not wait for outsiders to liberate them from ON—GOING political and economic problems.
20070728—20070729    —DISPLACED, Nearly 12,000—PEOPLE were, and 1—PERSON † in WEST—ETHIOPIA in flash floods over the weekend.
20080728             PRESIDENT—BUSH met with PAKISTAN—NEW—PRIME—MINISTER—YOUSAF—RAZA—GILANI at THE—WHITE—HOUSE and they agreed to battle terrorists in PAKISTAN.
20080728             A senior Bush administration official said the budget deficit for this year will 20080901             —RECORD in dollar terms, approaching $490—BILLION.
20080728             —UNVEILED, SIR—RICHARD—BRANSON and Burt Rutan, their White Knight 2, THE—MOTHERSHIP—OF—SPACESHIP 2, at the Mohave Air & Space Port in CALIFORNIA.
20080728             Spaceship 2, the passenger rocket, was being built for BRANSON—VIRGIN—GALACTIC, which hoped to soon carry passengers into space.
20080728             —LAUNCHED, THE—66—POUND- (30—KILOGRAM-) plane was, by hand and flown by autopilot and via satellite.
20080728             —ARRESTED, Police in ALABAMA, ANTHONY—HOPKINS, 37—JAHRE—ALT, 1—PART—TIME—EVANGELIST, after finding 1—BODY in his home freezer.
20080728             —BELIEVED, Police, it was THE—BODY—OF—HIS—WIFE, Arletha Hopkins, who had not been heard of —FOR—3—YEARS.
20080728             —KILLED, USA—LED coalition troops, several militants during a raid in CENTRAL—AFGHANISTAN, while a suspected bomb maker and his family † in an accidental blast in Kunar province.
20080728             Hernan Arbizu, FORMER—JPMORGAN Chase & Co private banking executive, was arrested in ARGENTINA following 1—INDICTMENT on charges of embezzling about $5.4—MILLION.
20080728             —FIRED, He fled to ARGENTINA before being, in June.
20080728             —SIGNED, Tarek OSAMA—BIN—LADEN, 1—DEAL with DJIBOUTI to build NOOR—CITY, the 1. of a 100 "CITIES—OF—LIGHT" that THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—BINLADEN—GROUP planned around the world.
20080728             ENGLAND, hijackers made off with boxes of blank UK—PASSPORTS worth 1—FORTUNE on the black market in 1—RAID on 1—DELIVERY—VAN in THE—MANCHESTER suburb of OLDHAM.
20080728             —POLICED, British, later said the passports were "very secure" as they contained 1—MICRO—CHIP which had not been activated.
20080728             ANTOINE—WENDO—KOLOSOY (aka Papa Wendo, b.1925), CONGO—RIVERBOAT mechanic, boxer and rumba singer, † at age 82.
20080728             —STABBED, LEBANON—SINGER—SUZANNE Tamim (30) was found, and her throat slashed in DUBAI.
20080728             —ACCUSED—OF, He was, paying 1—FORMER—POLICE—OFFICER $2—MILLION to kill her.
20080728             Former officer, Mohsen EL—SUKKARY, was also convicted and sentenced to death.
20080728             IRAQ, 3—FEMALE—SUICIDE—BOMBERS blew their explosive vests in the middle of pilgrims in BAGHDAD, moments after 1—ROADSIDE bomb attack, killing at least 32—PEOPLE and wounding 102.
20080728             —KILLED, In KIRKUK 25—PEOPLE were, and 185 wounded when 1—BLAST tore through 1—CROWD—OF—KURDS protesting 1—DRAFT—PROVINCIAL—ELECTIONS—LAW.
20080728             A roadside bomb attack killed 4—CIVILIANS—NEAR—BALAD Ruz.
20080728             † In CENTRAL—JAPAN 4—PEOPLE after being swept away in torrential rains that caused floods and mudslides and prompted 1—EVACUATION—ORDER for 50,000—PEOPLE.
20080728             —BLOCKED, NEPAL, protesters, traffic and held demonstrations to protest the decision by Paramananda Jha, the newly elected VICE—PRESIDENT, to take his OATH—OF—OFFICE in Hindi, which is not recognized as 1—OFFICIAL—LANGUAGE.
20080728             Militants in NIGERIA—NIGER—DELTA said they had blown up 2—MAJOR—OIL—PIPELINES belonging to Royal HOLLAND—SHELL, forcing the firm to halt some production and helping push world oil prices higher.
20080728             A suspected USA—MISSILE—STRIKE on 1—PAKISTAN—MADRASSA killed 6—PEOPLE, including foreigners.
20080728             PAKISTAN—SECURITY—OFFICIALS said AL—QAEDA chemical weapons expert Midhat Mursi AL—SAYID Umar (54) was believed to have been killed in THE—USA—MISSILE—STRIKE in THE—SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN tribal district.
20080728             The Egyptian, also known as ABU—KHABAB—AL—MASRI, had a 5—MILLION—USA—DOLLAR bounty on his head and allegedly ran terrorist training camps in AFGHANISTAN.
20080728             —RIGGED, In KOHAT 1—BOMB, to 1—BICYCLE killed 1—TEENAGE—BOY and wounded 12—POLICEMEN.
20080728             PAKISTAN—TALIBAN militants shot dead 3—INTELLIGENCE officials near Mingora, the main town in Swat.
20080728             —CONFIRMED, The Taliban later, that AL—MASRI had been killed along with 3—OTHER—COMMANDERS.
20080728             —PACKED, In THE—PHILIPPINES 1, commuter bus strayed into 1—ONCOMING lane and crashed HEAD—ON into another bus on 1—HIGHWAY—SOUTH—OF—MANILA, killing at least 11—PEOPLE and injuring 29—OTHERS.
20080728             Navanethem Pillay, 1—JUDGE from SOUTH—AFRICA, was confirmed as the new UN CHIEF—OF—HUMAN—RIGHTS.
20080728—19470000    —IN, He cut his 1. records for Olympia, 1—BELGIUM—LABEL.
20080728—20010000    —OWNED, THE—PROPELLER—DRIVEN "Zephyr" aircraft, by QinetiQ Group PLC, began 1—FLIGHT over THE—ARIZONA desert and continued for 1—UNOFFICIAL record of 83—HOURS and 37—MINUTES, more than doubling the official world record set by Northrop Grumman's "Global Hawk".
20080728—20080808    —BANNED, EGYPT, news coverage of the brutal slaying following media reports in other papers that said 1—WEALTHY—EGYPT—BUSINESSMAN ordered 3—MEN to carry out the killing.
20080728—20080902    —ON, Hisham Talaat Moustafa, an EGYPT—LAWMAKER and business tycoon, was arrested in the death Tamim.
20080728—20090521    —SENTENCED, Moustafa was, to death for ordering TAMIM—DEATH.
20080728—20100000    —SPARED, Moustafa was, the death penalty after 1—RETRIAL changed his original death sentence to 15—YEARS in prison.
20080728—20250000    —CALLED, Plans, for the city to have 2.5—MILLION—PEOPLE and 4.5—MILLION for its YEMEN—TWIN.
20090628—20090728    —ON, If no candidate wins 1—OVERALL—MAJORITY in the 1. round, the election will go to 1—RUN—OFF between THE—2—HIGHEST—PLACED contenders.
20090724—20090728    —ON, It disappeared following its last communication.
20090728             —TURNED, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, up the pressure on the interim government of HONDURAS to accept the return of exiled PRESIDENT—MANUEL—ZELAYA, suspending the diplomatic visas of 4—HONDURAS—OFFICIALS 1—MONTH after 1—MILITARY—COUP.
20090728             CALIFORNIA—GOVERNOR—SCHWARZENEGGER cut 1—HALF billion more from the state budget and signed 1—PACKAGE—OF—LEGISLATION to wipe out the state's $24—BILLION deficit.
20090728             —REPORTED, It was later, that state lawmakers added 336—EMPLOYEES between January and THE—END—OF—JULY adding about $14.4—MILLION 1—YEAR to the state payroll.
20090728             —RESIGNED, TENNESSEE STATE—SENATOR—PAUL—STANLEY, 47—JAHRE—ALT, in NASHVILLE after his extramarital affair with 1—INTERN, 22—JAHRE—ALT was revealed by 1—INVESTIGATION into 1—EXTORTION—CASE.
20090728             —CHARGED, McKensie MORRISON—BOYFRIEND was, with trying to extort $10,000 from THE—GOP lawmaker.
20090728             —REPORTED, It was, that scientists claimed to have created 1—FORM—OF—ALUMINUM that's nearly transparent to extreme ultraviolet radiation and which is 1—NEW—STATE—OF—MATTER.
20090728             At THE—EAA AirVenture air show in OSHKOSH—WISCONSIN, Aabar Investments, an ABU—DHABI—BASED sovereign wealth fund, and Virgin Galactic signed 1—STRATEGIC—PARTNERSHIP in which Aabar would take a 32% stake in Virgin Galactic for $280—MILLION.
20090728             —OWNED, To date Virgin Galactic has been wholly, and funded by SIR—RICHARD—BRANSON—VIRGIN—GROUP.
19140000—20090728    * † TONY—ROSENTHAL, USA—ARTIST and abstract sculptor, in SOUTHAMPTON—NEW—YORK.
20090728             —LOCATED, He created THE—REGENT—CUBE, in THE—REGENT—PLAZA at THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—MICHIGAN, his alma mater.
20090728             Commissioned by the Class of 19650000              and officially titled "Endover," the revolving cube is 1—OF 3 designed Rosenthal.
20090728             The others are at home in NEW—YORK City and MIAMI.
20090728             RICHARD—HOLBROOKE, THE—USA—SPECIAL—ENVOY to AFGHANISTAN and PAKISTAN, said in BRUSSELS that Taliban militants are receiving more funding from sympathizers abroad than from AFGHANISTAN—ILLEGAL—DRUG—TRADE.
20090728             —ESTIMATED, NATO—MILITARY—OFFICIALS in AFGHANISTAN have, that the Taliban raise between $60-$100—MILLION 1—YEAR from the trade in illegal narcotics.
20090728             —URGED, The top UN official in AFGHANISTAN, the Taliban not to disrupt elections, as militants killed 9—PEOPLE, ambushed 1—PRESIDENTIAL—CAMPAIGN—MANAGER and fired rockets into 1—UN compound.
20090728             —ARRESTED, ALGERIA—COAST—GUARD, 19—ILLEGAL—MIGRANTS in 1—DINGHY off THE—WEST—TOWN—OF—ARZEW, near ORAN, as they tried to reach EUROPE.
20090728             —ADMITTED, AUSTRALIA, SHANE—KENT, 33—JAHRE—ALT, an AUSTRALIA—CONVERT to Islam, being PART—OF—1—TERROR—CELL that plotted to kill THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE by bombing major sports events.
20090728             The former forklift truck driver was about to face 1—RETRIAL on the charges, which he previously denied, after 1—SUPREME—COURT—JURY last September failed to reach 1—VERDICT.
20090728             —BATTERED, BANGLADESH, the heaviest rain in 53—YEARS, the capital, DHAKA, leaving at least 6—PEOPLE—DEAD and stranding thousands in their swamped homes.
20090728             A MAJORITY—OF—PEOPLE in BRITAIN see THE—AFGHANISTAN—WAR as impossible to win, according to 1—NEW—POLL taken amid steeply rising casualties and growing government emphasis on finding 1—POLITICAL—SOLUTION to the conflict.
20090728             BRITAIN said it will withdraw its remaining 100-odd troops in IRAQ to KUWAIT by THE—END—OF—THE—MONTH after THE—IRAQ—PARLIAMENT failed to pass 1—DEAL allowing them to stay to protect oil platforms and provide training.
20090728             A court in SOUTH—WEST—CHINA accepted the country's 1. lawsuit filed by 1—ENVIRONMENTAL—GROUP against 1—LOCAL—GOVERNMENT.
20090728             —FILED, THE—ALL—CHINA—ENVIRONMENTAL—FEDERATION had, the suit on behalf of residents against the local land resources bureau in Qingzhen city in Guizhou province, which sold land to 1—DRINK and ice cream processing plant they allege is 1—THREAT to 1—SCENIC—LAKE—AREA.
20090728             —RAIDED, IRAQ—FORCES, Camp Ashraf, an IRAN—OPPOSITION settlement NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD.
20090728             —CONTINUED, The standoff, into the next day and left 11—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20090728             A gang made UP—OF—MEMBERS—OF—THE—PRESIDENTIAL—GUARD and led by THE—HEAD—OF—SECURITY for the 2. biggest Shia party robbed 1—BANK in CENTRAL—BAGHDAD killing 8—SECURITY—GUARDS.
20090728             —INITIALLY police said the gunmen made off with 8—BILLION IRAQ—DINARS ($6.9—MILLION).
20090728             They had allegedly made off with $4.8—MILLION.
20090728             THE—BODY—OF—JUAN—DANIEL—MARTINEZ, 48—JAHRE—ALT, 1—MEXICO—RADIO—JOURNALIST, was found beaten, gagged and partially buried the resort CITY—OF—ACAPULCO.
20090728             Jose IBARRA, 1—FEDERAL—AGENT who had been investigating 20081113             —THE, KILLING—OF—MEXICO—JOURNALIST—ARMANDO—RODRIGUEZ, was shot dead at his home in the northern border CITY—OF—CIUDAD Juarez.
20090728             —ACCUSED—OF, MOROCCO, 1—MAN, leading 1—TERRORIST—NETWORK was sentenced to life in prison for terror attacks in MOROCCO, holdups in EUROPE, LARGE—SCALE—MONEY laundering projects and arms trafficking.
20090728             Abdelkader Belliraj (51), 1—DUAL—MOROCCAN—BELGIUM—NATIONAL, had faced the death penalty.
20090728             34—CO—DEFENDANTS were handed sentences ranging from 30—YEARS in prison to 1—YEAR suspended sentences.
20090728             —IMPOSED, NIGERIA—AUTHORITIES, curfews and poured security forces onto THE—STREETS—OF—SEVERAL northern towns after a 2—DAY—WAVE—OF—ISLAMIC—MILITANT—ATTACKS against police killed DOZENS—OF—PEOPLE.
20090728             PAKISTAN, the decapitated BODY—OF—1—PAKISTAN—POLICE—CONSTABLE was discovered in the Swat TOWN—OF—SANGOTA.
20090728             The find was 1—SIGN that Taliban militants have not given up the fight for the northwestern valley, despite the nearly 3—MONTH—OLD—ARMY—OFFENSIVE there.
20090728             A suicide car bomber rammed his vehicle into 1—CHECKPOINT in NORTH—WAZIRISTAN tribal region, causing 1—EXPLOSION that killed 2—POLICE and wounded 5—OTHER—SECURITY—OFFICIALS.
20090728             THE—UN—REFUGEE—AGENCY said THOUSANDS—OF—SOMALIS are preparing to cross the Gulf of ADEN to YEMEN after fleeing fighting around THE—CAPITAL—OF—MOGADISHU.
20090728             —RECALLED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ, his ambassador from BOGOTA and threatened to halt COLOMBIA—IMPORTS after the neighboring country said ANTI—TANK—WEAPONS found in 1—REBEL—ARMS cache came from VENEZUELA.
20090728—19680000    —INSTALLED, It was, on Regents' Plaza (the open space bounded by THE—LS&A BUILDING—MICHIGAN Union and Fleming Building).
20090728—20090730    —ON, FIJI—SELF—APPOINTED—PRIME—MINISTER—COMMODORE—FRANK—BAINIMARAMA, who took power in 1—BLOODLESS 20060000              coup, said aged and ailing PRESIDENT—RATU—JOSEFA—ILOILO will retire.
20090728—20090823    —ON, 5—MEMBERS—OF—IRAQ—SECURITY—FORCES charged in the bank robbery went on trial.
20090728—20090902    —ON, 4—MEMBERS—OF—THE—SECURITY—FORCES, CONVICTED—OF—THE—ROBBERY, were sentenced to hang.
20090728—20120000    —BY, PRESIDENT—FELIPE—CALDERON said MEXICO will start issuing nationwide identity cards for its citizens starting this year, and everyone will have 1.
20090729             —DISCOVERED, The bodies of 8—ISLAMISTS were, on 20090727—20090728     near Batna, 435—KM (270—MILES) SOUTH—EAST—OF—ALGIERS, after army shelling followed by 1—GROUND—OPERATION.
20090729             3—OTHER armed Islamists were killed in 2—AMBUSHES near Tizi Ouzou, 110—KM (70—MILES) EAST—OF—THE—CAPITAL, on 20090727—20090728.
20090730—20090728    —CONFIRMED, Government spokesman ALI—AL—DABBAGH, that 7—PEOPLE were killed when IRAQ—FORCES seized CONTROL—OF—THE—IRAN—CAMP—ASHRAF.
20090731—20090728    —ANNOUNCED, IRAQ—POLICE, they had recovered MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS stolen from 1—STATE—RUN—BANK in 1—ROBBERY that left 8—GUARDS—DEAD.
20090813             —ERUPTED, IRAQ, 1—GUNFIGHT, during 1 attempted bank heist in BAGHDAD, as 1—COURT—OFFICIAL announced that 5—MEMBERS—OF—IRAQ—PRESIDENTIAL—GUARD will go on trial later this month for their alleged roles in the deadly 20090728              ROBBERY—OF—BAGHDAD—RAFIDAIN—BANK.
20090814             —THREATENED, The rally came as JOURNALIST—AHMED—ABDUL—HUSSEIN was, with 1—LAWSUIT over editorials related to 20090728             —THE—BAGHDAD bank robbery that left 8—SECURITY—GUARDS—DEAD.
20091009—20090728    —ON, † VYACHESLAV—IVANKOV, 69—JAHRE—ALT, 1—RUSSIA—CRIME—BOSS who spent nearly 10—YEARS in 1—USA—PRISON, in 1—MOSCOW hospital, —2—MONTHS—AFTER being shot several times coming out of 1—RESTAURANT.
20100718—20100728    —ON, THE—FBI later said that a 23-year old SLOVENIA—KNOWN as Iserdo was picked up in Maribor, after lengthy investigation by SLOVENIA—POLICE, FBI and SPAIN—AUTHORITIES.
20100719—20100728    —WOODED, His body was found in 1, AREA—OF—SOUTH—EAST—MEMPHIS.
20100723—20100728    —ON, THE—BODY—OF—THE 2. sailor, Petty Officer 3. Class Jarod Newlove (25) was recovered.
20100728             —CRASHED, ARIZONA, 1—MEDICAL helicopter, on 1—TUCSON street killing all 3—PEOPLE aboard.
20100728             —ARRESTED, SF, 2—BAY Area women and charged them with embezzlement for allegedly writing $2.6—MILLION in bonus checks to themselves from Autonomy INCORPORATED.
20100728             AARON—COOPER, 1—INMATE at Red Onion STATE—PRISON in POUND—VIRGINIA, was murdered by cellmate ROBERT—GLEASON.
20100728             —PACKED, SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, 1, bus hit 1—ROADSIDE bomb killing 25—PEOPLE aboard.
20100728             An AFGHANISTAN—VILLAGER, who was said to be carrying 1—RIFLE, was killed by USA—SOLDIERS in the volatile Arghandab Valley, 1—STRATEGIC—AREA—NEAR—KANDAHAR City.
20100728             —KILLED, CENTRAL—URUZGAN, province 3—AFGHANISTAN—SOLDIERS were, when their vehicle hit 1—ROADSIDE bomb.
20100728             ARGENTINA and URUGUAY held 1—SIGNING ceremony in BUENOS—AIRES on 1—AGREEMENT to 1—JOINT—ENVIRONMENTAL monitoring program along the shared URUGUAY River, ending a 7—YEAR—POLLUTION controversy over 1—FINLAND—PAPER—MILL on THE—URUGUAY—SIDE.
20100728             —RETURNED, FORMER—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—VICE—PRESIDENT—EJUP—GANIC, to SARAJEVO and was greeted by HUNDREDS—OF—SUPPORTERS 1—DAY after 1—UK—JUDGE declared him 1—FREE—MAN and rejected SERBIA—REQUEST for his extradition to face war crimes charges.
20100728             —KICKED, UK—PRIME—MINISTER—DAVID—CAMERON, off a MUCH—HYPED visit to INDIA, pitching for investment and open trade to boost BRITAIN—FRAGILE POST—RECESSION recovery.
20100728             —INTERCEPTED, Another device was, at 1—POSTAL sorting office.
20100728             BULGARIA, archeologist Kazimir Popconstantinov found 1—BOX while digging under the alta of 1—EARLY—CHRISTIAN church off THE—COAST—OF—SOZOPOL.
20100728             The box bore 1—INSCRIPTION with THE—NAME—OF—S—JOHN—THE—BAPTIST and allegedly contained SOME—OF—HIS bone fragments.
20100728             —CAUSED, NORTH—EAST—CHINA, floods, by heavy rains stranded tens of THOUSANDS—OF—RESIDENTS without power, as the worst flooding in more than 1—DECADE continued to besiege MANY—AREAS—OF—THE—COUNTRY.
20100728             —CAUSED, EAST—CHINA, 1—POWERFUL—BLAST, by 1 suspected gas leak rocked 1—PLASTICS—FACTORY, killing at least 12—PEOPLE and seriously injuring more than 12—OTHERS.
20100728             The Galapagos Islands, 620—MILES (1,000 kms) off ECUADOR—COAST, were removed from THE—UNESCO LIST—OF—SITES endangered by environmental threats or overuse.
20100728             —ORDERED, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY, authorities to expel Gypsy illegal immigrants and to dismantle their camps.
20100728             NORTH—FRANCE, Dominique Cottrez (46) and her husband, PIERRE—MARIE Cottrez, were detained after 2—CORPSES were discovered in plastic bags by new owners in the garden of 1—HOUSE that had belonged to the woman's father in THE—TOWN—OF—VILLERS—AU—TERTRE.
20100728             —ADMITTED, Under questioning, the woman, that there were 6—OTHER—CORPSES and told investigators that they were in plastic bags in the garage of her home where they were found.
20100728             —INFORMED, GERMANY—PROSECUTORS said SAMUEL—KUNZ, 88—JAHRE—ALT was, last week of his indictment on charges including participation in the murder of 430,000 Jews at the Belzec death camp in occupied POLAND, where he allegedly served as 1—GUARD 19420100—19430700    —FROM—TO.
20100728             —CHARGED, Kunz (19210000              *) was also, with murder over "personal excesses" in which he allegedly shot 1—TOTAL—OF—10—JEWS in 2—OTHER—INCIDENTS.
20100728             —DOWNED, IRAQ, 1—SANDSTORM, an IRAQ—MILITARY—HELICOPTER, killing its 5—MAN crew.
20100728             —KILLED, Midmorning bombings in BAGHDAD, 6—PEOPLE.
20100728             —HANGED, JAPAN, 2 convicted killers, including 1—MAN who burned 6—WOMEN to death, in the country's 1. executions in 1—YEAR.
20100728             —RENEWED, The justice MINISTER said she wants, debate on whether to continue the punishment.
20100728             JAPAN—NISSAN said is new car models will feature air conditioners that pump breathable vitamin C and STRESS—REDUCING seats.
20100728             —GUNNED, MEXICO, 3—MEN and 1—WOMAN were, down at 1—PIZZERIA in MEXICO—CITY.
20100728             —DAMAGED, In the waters off OMAN 1—EXPLOSION, 1—OIL—TANKER carrying 270,000 TONS—OF—OIL, near the mouth of the Persian Gulf.
20100728             Mitsui O.S.K. Lines said the blast on its tanker M. Star caused 1—MINOR—INJURY but did not cause 1—OIL—LEAK.
20100728             —CAUSED, Officials said the damage was, by 1—FREAK wave.
20100728             JAPAN—MINISTRY said "A crew member saw light on the horizon just before the explosion, so (Mitsui O.S.K.) believes there is 1—POSSIBILITY it was caused by 1—OUTSIDE—ATTACK".
20100728             PAKISTAN, an Airbus A321 passenger jet, flight number ED202, crashed into the hills overlooking ISLAMABAD amid poor weather, killing all 152—PEOPLE on board and blazing 1—PATH—OF—DEVASTATION strewn with body parts and twisted metal wreckage.
20100728             NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, flash floods and building collapses brought on by heavy rains killed 34—PEOPLE.
20100728             —MASKED, RUSSIA, 1—BAND—OF—100, people staged 1—VIOLENT—ENVIRONMENTAL—PROTEST in 1—QUIET—MOSCOW suburb, hurling Molotov cocktails and fireworks at city hall while objecting to plans for clearing 1—LOCAL—FOREST for highway construction.
20100728             —PASSED, SPAIN, a bullfighting ban, in CATALONIA—PARLIAMENT, provoked passionate reactions throughout the country.
20100728             —KILLED, SOUTH—AFRICAN—WILDLIFE authorities said poachers, 152 endangered rhinoceros in the country so far this year, about 20—MORE than the number killed in the whole of 20090000             .
20100728             —KILLED, SUDAN, 3—PEOPLE were, during 1—GUN—BATTLE between supporters of rival rebel groups in 1—CAMP for displaced people in WEST—DARFUR.
20100728             7—UNAMID peacekeepers on patrol in WEST—DARFUR were wounded when they were ambushed by unidentified armed individuals.
20100728             A TURKEY—TOUR—BOAT caught fire and sank in the Mediterranean.
20100728             18—TOURISTS and 5—CREW jumped into the water after flames engulfed the Kayhan-9 on its way from THE—TURKEY—RESORT—OF—MARMARIS to Fethiye.
20100728             1—SPAIN—TOURIST was missing.
20100728—20100731    —ON, CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR—SCHWARZENEGGER, citing 1—IMPENDING cash crises, ordered furloughs for 156,000 state employees, requiring them to take 3—UNPAID days 1—MONTH beginning.
20100728—20100812    —ON, 1—JUDGE denied SCHWARZENEGGER—REQUEST pending 1—FULL hearing in September.
20100728—20100818    —ALLOWED, THE—STATE—SUPREME—COURT, the furlough program to resume as it continued to revue his authority to do so.
20100728—20100801    —ON, 2—MEN, aged 52 and 21, were later arrested in Wales on explosives charges and were being held at 1—LONDON police station.
20100728—20100804    —ON, 1—OBSCURE AL—QAIDA—LINKED group said 1—OF—ITS—SUICIDE—BOMBERS attacked THE—JAPAN—OIL—TANKER, 1—CLAIM that, if true, would be the 1. time the terror network has attacked the Japanese.
20100728—20100806    —ON, the Emirates' WAM news agency quoted 1 unnamed government official as saying the investigation revealed traces of homemade explosives on THE—HULL—OF—THE—TANKER.
20100728—20110211    —FACED, Gleason (40), who already, the death penalty for 20090500             —THE, MURDER—OF—CELLMATE HARVEY—WATSON—JUNIOR, 63—JAHRE—ALT, pleaded guilty to COOPER—MURDER.
20100728—20130116    —EXECUTED, Gleason was, in the electric char.
20100728—20150625    —ON, Cottrez (51), 1—MOTHER—OF—2—GROWN daughters, went on trial in THE—CITY—OF—DOUAI.
20110206—20110728    —ON, 12—MEMBERS—OF—THE—MOB were received sentenced of 3—6—MONTHS.
20110620—20110728    —ON, attorneys for Hamadi filed 1—CIVIL—LAWSUIT in BELGIUM accusing NATO of killing THE—13—CIVILIANS.
20110713—20110728    —BY, the death toll climbed to 25.
20110725—20110728    —LIFTED, The media ban was.
20110727—20110728    —EXPECTED, Tropical Storm NOCK—10 was, to blow OUT—OF—THE—COUNTRY to THE—SOUTH—CHINA—SEA after cutting through the heart of Luzon Island.
20110728             —ACCUSED, The Obama administration, IRAN of entering into 1—SECRET—DEAL with an AL—QAIDA offshoot that provides money and recruits for attacks in AFGHANISTAN and PAKISTAN.
20110728             —OPENED, NEW—YORK—CITY, THE—USA, discussions with NORTH—KOREA, in 1—MOVE testing PYONGYANG—WILLINGNESS to negotiate giving up its nuclear arsenal.
20110728             —REPORTED, Scientists, that they have found 1—SINGLE gene responsible for 1—DISEASE called the Proteus syndrome, believed to been responsible for the disfigured "Elephant Man," who toured EUROPE in the 18010101—19001231    —CENTURY.
20110728             The Diggers were 1—RADICAL—COMMUNITY—ACTION GROUP—OF—ACTIVISTS and Improv actors (19660000—19680000    ), based in THE—HAIGHT—ASHBURY neighborhood.
20110728             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, triple suicide blasts and shootings, 21—PEOPLE including 1—LOCAL—BBC reporter in 1—ONGOING attack on Uruzgan province.
20110728             It was the deadliest to hit AFGHANISTAN in more than 1—MONTH.
20110728             —LAUNCHED, AUSTRALIA—FARMER—STEVE—MARSH, legal action against neighbor MICHAEL—BAXTER after genetically modified canola blew onto his farm, prompting authorities to strip him of his organic license.
20110728             —RAIDED, BAHRAIN—POLICE, 1—MEDICAL—CENTER operated by THE—PARIS—BASED Doctors Without Borders (MSF) saying it was "unlicensed".
20110728             —CROWDED, NORTH—BANGLADESH, 1, bus collided head on with 1—TRUCK, killing at least 17—PEOPLE and injuring 30.
20110728             BRITAIN—BUSINESS—SECRETARY—VINCE—CABLE said he is to scrap 1—RAFT of "ridiculous" business regulations including alcohol licenses to sell chocolate liqueurs and age limits on buying Christmas crackers.
20110728             —FEARED, CONGODRC, more than 100—PEOPLE were, dead after 1—BOAT—ACCIDENT on the Tshuapa river in the northwest.
20110728             IRAQ, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER and 1—CAR—BOMB struck an IRAQ—BANK in Tikrit where policemen were picking up their paychecks, killing 12 and wounding 34—PEOPLE.
20110728             —KILLED, An IRAQ—KURD boy (10) was, in shelling by TEHRAN—FORCES—OF—IRAN—KURDISH—SEPARATIST bases in Battas, NORTH—IRAQ.
20110728             —CONVICTED, JORDAN—,1—MILITARY—COURT, THE—PALESTINIAN—BORN mentor of AL—QAIDA in IRAQ—SLAIN leader ABU—MUSAB—AL—ZARQAWI on terrorism charges and sentenced him to 5—YEARS in prison.
20110728             Isam MOHAMMED—TAHER—AL—BARQAWI, better known as Sheik ABU—MOHAMMED AL—MAQDISI, was found guilty of "plotting terrorism" and recruiting militants in JORDAN to join the Taliban in AFGHANISTAN.
20110728             3—OTHER—JORDANIAN—PALESTINIANS, including 1—FUGITIVE who was tried in absentia, were found GUILTY—OF—THE—SAME—CHARGES.
20110728             KOSOVO, American and FRANCE—PEACEKEEPERS under NATO took CONTROL—OF—2—CUSTOMS—POSTS on the northern border with Serbia after they were attacked by Serbs armed with firebombs.
20110728             —LAUNCHED, WEST—LIBYA, HUNDREDS—OF—REBELS, 1—BROAD—OFFENSIVE against government forces, seizing 3—SMALL—TOWNS and advancing on others to secure 1—MAJOR—SUPPLY—ROUTE—NEAR THE—TUNISIA—BORDER.
20110728             4—REBEL—FIGHTERS were killed and several wounded.
20110728             ABDEL—FATTAH Younis, the rebel military CHIEF, was killed along with 2—AIDES while on route to BENGHAZI for questioning by rebel authorities.
20110728             Younis was GADHAFI—INTERIOR—MINISTER before defecting to the rebels early in the uprising.
20110728             —KILLED, Rebel MINISTER—ALI—TARHOUNI later said Younes was, by the Obaida Ibn Jarrah Brigade, which was mainly COMPRISED—OF—FORMER—PRISONERS—OF—GADDAFI—NOTORIOUS—ABU—SALIM prison in THE—CAPITAL—TRIPOLI, who had always distrusted Younes.
20110728             —RALLIED, DOZENS—OF—ETHNIC—BLACK—MAURITANIANS, to denounce 1—CENSUS they feel aims at depriving them of their citizenship in 1—COUNTRY riven by ethnic and racial strife.
20110728             —SEIZED, MEXICO—ARMY, 5—METRIC—TONS—OF—MARIJUANA—NEAR THE—USA—BORDER in Puerto Penasco, 1—BEACH—CITY—POPULAR with visitors from ARIZONA.
20110728             MOZAMBIQUE—OFFICIAL—OPPOSITION—PARTY, the former rebel group Renamo, said it will build barracks for its demobilized soldiers to "defend democracy".
20110728             The 1. barracks will be built in the northern provinces of Cabo Delgado and Niassa, and in the central provinces of Sofala and Zambezia, 1—TIME—RENAMO strongholds.
20110728             —RAIDED, Palestinian police, THE—WEST—BANK—HOME—OF—1—RIVAL—OF—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS.
20110728             —TARGETED, The raid, MOHAMMED—DAHLAN, 1—FORMER—SECURITY—CHIEF in THE—GAZA Strip who was expelled from Fatah in June because of his repeated CRITICISM—OF—THE—PRESIDENT.
20110728             —ARRESTED, Police, 23—GUARDS and assistants, and confiscated 16—GUNS, 1—COMPUTER and 2—VEHICLES.
20110728             PERU, Ollanta Humala, the leftist military man who won the presidency after abandoning 1—RADICAL—PLATFORM, promised in his inaugural address to make his priority the 1 in 3—PERUVIANS still mired in poverty.
20110728             —KILLED, In THE—PHILIPPINES ABU—SAYYAF militants, 7—MARINES, severing the heads of 2—OF—THEM, and wounded 27—OTHERS who were about to raid their jungle camp in SOUTH—SULU province.
20110728             The militants withdrew into the woods —AFTER—5—HOURS—OF fighting and government forces captured their HIDE—OUT.
20110728             —ERUPTED, SOMALIA, heavy fighting, in MOGADISHU as African Union peacekeepers launched 1—OFFENSIVE aimed at protecting famine relief efforts from attacks by AL—QAIDA—LINKED militants.
20110728             —KILLED, At least 6—PEOPLE were.
20110728             THE—WFP said that it has 1—FUNDING shortfall of $252—MILLION for the famine relief efforts in the Horn of AFRICA.
20110728             A SOUTH—KOREAN—ASIANA—AIRLINES cargo plane crashed in waters off SOUTH—JEJU resort island.
20110728             —IDENTIFIED, SOUTH—KOREAN—PILOT, by the airline as Choi SANG—KI, was flying 1—BOEING—747 with 1—CO—PILOT, transporting computers, semiconductors, resin solution and paint among other items to Pudong in CHINA.
20110728             —BECAME, SOUTH—SUDAN, the 54.
20110728             MEMBER—OF—THE—AFRICAN Union (AU) after it received 1—MAJORITY—VOTE from member states, including 1—FROM SUDAN.
20110728             SRI—LANKA, Pattani Razeek, managing TRUSTEE—OF—NON—GOVERNMENTAL—ORGANIZATION the Community Trust Fund, was exhumed by police after 1—TIP—OFF from 2—SUSPECTS arrested in relation to the case.
20110728             A global campaigning organization, Avaaz_org, said that 1—PERSON disappears in Syria EVERY—HOUR and that almost 3,000—PEOPLE have gone missing since THE—START—OF—THE—UPRISING against PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD more than 4—MONTHS ago.
20110728             YEMEN, clashes with government troops in 1—MOUNTAINOUS—AREA—NORTH—OF—THE—CAPITAL killed at least 8—ANTI—GOVERNMENT—FIGHTERS.
20110728—20100200    —SINCE, The prominent human rights activist has been missing.
20110728—20110908    —ACKNOWLEDGED, NATO, that AFGHANISTAN—JOURNALIST—AHMED—OMED—KHPULWAK, 25—JAHRE—ALT was accidentally killed by an USA—SOLDIER, who mistook him for 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER.
20120728             —SEPARATED, MASSACHUSETTS, DARYL—BENWAY, 41—JAHRE—ALT, who had recently, from his wife, shot his 2—CHILDREN, killing his 7-year-old daughter, before committing suicide.
20120728             —REPORTED, AUSTRALIA—MEDIA, that SRI—LANKA—NAVY—OFFICIALS have urged AUSTRALIA to deport the growing number of boatpeople arriving from their country, saying it was the "best way" to deter people smugglers.
20120728             —DROPPED, Authorities in EAST—CHINA, plans for 1—WASTE—WATER discharge project after THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS—ANGRY about pollution took to the streets in Qidong, Jiangsu province.
20120728             —SENTENCED, CHINA, serial killer Zhang Yongming (56) was, to death for murdering 11—PEOPLE in Jinning county 20080000—20120000    —BETWEEN.
20120728             INDONESIA, 1—GROUP—OF—150—YOUTHS, some as young as 13 and carrying swords and golf clubs, raided the De Most bar in SOUTH—JAKARTA late at night, smashing bottles of alcoholic drinks and damaging the property.
20120728             —ARRESTED, Police, 62—PEOPLE, MOST—OF—THEM minors, who attacked the bar for serving alcohol during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan.
20120728             —ARRESTED, Local residents said that 4—OTHER—PEOPLE were also.
20120728             —OPENED, JORDAN, its 1. tent camp for Syrians fleeing violence in their country, as government officials said 1—SURGE—OF—REFUGEES left them no other choice.
20120728             —AFTER—3—YEARS the Zaatari Refugee Camp held 81,000—PEOPLE and was counted as THE—NINTH—BIGGEST city in JORDAN.
20120728             —CRASHED, NEPAL, 1—VEHICLE, in the Palpa district killing 14—PEOPLE on their way to cremate THE—BODY—OF—1—RELATIVE.
20120728             —KILLED, NORTH—KOREA—STATE—MEDIA said flooding across the country this month has, 88—PEOPLE, left tens of thousands homeless and devastated SWATHES—OF—FARMLAND.
20120728             PERU, searchers found the bodies of 2—USA—MOUNTAINEERS who apparently plunged to their deaths off 1—RIDGE after ascending 1—GLACIER—CAPPED peak.
20120728             —ESTIMATED, GIL—WEISS, 29—JAHRE—ALT and BEN—HORNE, 32—JAHRE—ALT fell 1, 300—METERS (nearly 1,000 feet) off 1—RIDGE after reaching the west summit of Palcaraju in the Cordillera Blanca range in MID—JULY.
20120728             —ARRESTED, THE—PHILIPPINES—AUTHORITIES, Ustadz Ahmadsali Asmad Badron, also known as Ammad or HAMAD—USTADZ—IDRIS, 1—FOUNDING MEMBER—OF—THE—AL—QAEDA—LINKED ABU—SAYYAF group blamed for SOME—OF—THE—WORST—TERROR—ATTACKS in the region.
20120728             A 2. DAY—OF—SUDAN—AERIAL bombing killed 3—CIVILIANS and wounded 21 in BLUE—NILE state bordering SOUTH—SUDAN.
20120728             —KILLED, In SOUTH—KORDOFAN state 6—CIVILIANS were, in 1—ATTACK against villages by KHARTOUM government forces before rebels battled the army, leaving THE—17—SOLDIERS—DEAD.
20120728             —LAUNCHED, THE—SYRIA—ARMY, 1—MASSIVE—ASSAULT on rebels in ALEPPO amid growing world concern about THE—RISKS—OF—REPRISALS against the civilian population.
20120728             —KILLED, At least 10—SOLDIERS and 6—REBELS were, in fierce fighting after the assault began.
20120728             —KILLED, The Observatory said that nationwide violence, at least 52—PEOPLE, 22—CIVILIANS, 16—REBELS and 14—SOLDIERS.
20120728             UGANDA government officials said 1—OUTBREAK—OF—EBOLA virus in THE—WEST—PART—OF—THE—COUNTRY has killed 14—PEOPLE, many in the past week.
20120728             VENEZUELA, leaders from across Latin AMERICA and the Caribbean pledged closer ties to safeguard their economies from the world financial crisis as they formed 1—NEW 33-nation regional bloc (CELAC), the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, including EVERY—NATION in the hemisphere except THE—USA and CANADA.
20120728             —KILLED, YEMEN—POLICE said 1—BOOBY—TRAPPED parcel has, ALI—DAHAB, 14—JAHRE—ALT, THE—SON—OF—YEMEN—TRIBAL—CHIEF—SHEIKH—MAJED, in 1—ATTACK suspected to be the work of AL—QAEDA.
20120728             —RALLIED, THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE, in SANAA urging authorities to release 117—PROTESTERS arrested during THE—YEAR—LONG—STRUGGLE to oust PRESIDENT—SALEH.
20120728—20130130    —ON, 14—DEFENDANTS were prosecuted on charges of encouraging mass violence against government buildings and intentionally damaging property in Qidong.
20130726—20130728    —ON, 31—PEOPLE were reported still missing.
20130728             NY—BASED Omnicom Group INCORPORATED and PARIS—BASED Publicis Groupe SA said they are combining in a "merger of equals" that will create the world's largest advertising firm, 1—WORTH more than $35—BILLION.
20130728             † EILEEN—BRENNAN, 80—JAHRE—ALT, TV, stage and film star, in BURBANK—CALIFORNIA.
20130728             —INCLUDED, EILEEN—BRENNAN—FILM—WORK, "Private Benjamin" (19800000             ), "Clue" (19850000             ), "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" (19880000             ).
20130728             WILLIAM—SCRANTON (19170000              *), FORMER—USA—AMBASSADOR to THE—UN (19760000—19770000    ) and the 38.
20130728             † GOVERNOR—OF—PENNSYLVANIA (19640000—19670000    ), in southern, CALIFORNIA.
20130728             SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, 1—LATE—NIGHT bombing in Zabul province's Shahjoy district killed 11—PEOPLE and wounded 12.
20130728             3—OF—THE—DEAD were local police officers while the rest were women and children.
20130728             —URGED, HAMAD—KING—OF—BAHRAIN bin ISA—AL—KHALIFA, lawmakers to move ahead with proposed harsher measures against escalating attacks by SHIITE—LED opposition factions, including banning protest gatherings in the capital, after top government officials joined 1—EMERGENCY—PARLIAMENT—SESSION to discuss the Gulf nation's nearly 30—MONTHS—OF—UNREST.
20130728             —WRAPPED, BRAZIL, FRANCIS—PAPA, up 1—HISTORIC—TRIP to his home continent with 1—MASS on Copacabana beach that drew 1 reported 3—MILLION—PEOPLE.
20130728             —MARCHED, BURKINA—FASO, THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, through the capital decrying 1 perceived attempt by PRESIDENT—BLAISE—COMPAORE to extend his hold on power through the creation of 1—NEW—SENATE.
20130728             CAMBODIA held general elections.
20130728             —APPEARED, The opposition, to make significant gains in PARLIAMENT.
20130728             EGYPT—INTERIM—PRESIDENT gave THE—PRIME—MINISTER the power to grant the military the right to arrest civilians after 1—WEEKEND—OF—VIOLENCE between SUPPORTERS—OF—THE—COUNTRY'S deposed leader and security forces.
20130728             FRANCE, some 40—MILLION—EURO ($53—MILLION) worth of diamonds and other jewels were stolen from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes by 1—SINGLE robber.
20130728             A day later the value of the stolen jewels was raised to $136—MILLION.
20130728             —RAMMED, NORTH—IRAQ, 1—SUICIDE—CAR—BOMBER, his vehicle into 1—KURDISH—SECURITY—PATROL killing 8. Attacks around the country killed at least 4—MORE—PEOPLE.
20130728             —APPROVED, ISRAEL, the release of 104—ARAB prisoners in 1—MOVE intended to facilitate THE—RESTART—OF—PEACE—TALKS with the Palestinians and end nearly 3—YEARS—OF—DIPLOMATIC standstill.
20130728             —PLOWED, An ITALY—TOUR—BUS, through cars, crashed through the side wall of 1—HIGHWAY—BRIDGE and plunged into 1—RAVINE, killing at least 38—PEOPLE—NEAR THE—TOWN—OF—MONTEFORTE Irpino.
20130728             —TARGETED, LIBYA, explosions in BENGHAZI, buildings used by the judiciary.
20130728             43 were people wounded.
20130728             —ERUPTED, Hours later clashes, in THE—WEST—GWESHA district between 1 armed group and military special forces.
20130728             —TURNED, Malians, out in large numbers to vote in a presidential election.
20130728             —STORMED, NIGERIA, vigilante leader Aliko Musa said that his group, villages over the weekend to hunt Boko Haram members.
20130728             —RETALIATED, He said they, with big fire power and that 5—VIGILANTES and 20—CIVILIANS.
20130728             —SUSPECTED, PAKISTAN, 1, USA—DRONE—STRIKE killed 5—PEOPLE in the Shawal AREA—OF—NORTH—WAZIRISTAN.
20130728             SOUTH—AFRICA, a 49-year-old worker was shot dead near LONMIN—MARIKANA mine, stirring WORRIES—OF—NEW—LABOR—TENSION in the troubled platinum mining belt that has been racked by 1—VIOLENT—UNION—DISPUTE over the last year.
20130728—20070000    —IN, TOGO—ELECTORAL—COMMISSION said PRESIDENT—FAURE—GNASSINGBE—UNION for the Republic party has won 62—OF 91—SEATS, up from 50—OF—THE—LEGISLATURE—81—SEATS.
20130731—20130728    —IN—THE, CAMBODIA—LONG—SERVING leader, Hun Sen, said his party was ready to talk to the opposition after both sides claimed victory general election.
20130803—20130728    —IN—THE, CAMBODIA, THE—2—RIVAL—PARTIES claiming victory general election reached 1—AGREEMENT with THE—STATE—NATIONAL—ELECTION—COMMITTEE to investigate polling irregularities, 1—MOVE that could pave the way to ending the country's political deadlock.
20140723—20140728    —UNTIL, POLAND—STATE—AIRLINE—LOT suspended its flights to ISRAEL from WARSAW BECAUSE—OF—CONCERN for passengers' safety.
20140728             A—USA—FEDERAL—APPEALS—COURT upheld the government's right to demand that gun dealers in southwestern border states tell authorities if someone buys more than 2—SEMIAUTOMATIC—RIFLES in a 5—DAY—SPAN,
20140728             CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR—JERRY—BROWN with state and business leaders began a 3—DAY—BUSINESS—TRIP to MEXICO.
20140728             —PLAYED, JAMES—SHIGETA, the lead role in the lavish musical "Flower Drum Song" (19610000             ).
20140728             —INCLUDED, His other films, "Bridge to the Sun" (19610000             ) and "Die Hard" (19880000             ).
20140728             —ARRESTED, NATHANIEL—KIBBY, 34—JAHRE—ALT—OF—NEW—HAMPSHIRE was, and charged with kidnapping 15-year-old Abigail "Abby" Hernandez more than 9—MONTHS ago sometime after she left Kennett High School in Conway.
20140728             A—USA—FEDERAL appeals court struck down VIRGINIA—SAME—SEX marriage ban.
20140728             —ORDERED, THE—INTERNATIONAL—PERMANENT—COURT—OF—ARBITRATION, RUSSIA to pay over $50—BILLION in compensation to the former majority shareholder of NOW—DEFUNCT oil producer Yukos over THE—EXPROPRIATION—OF—THE—COMPANY—MORE than 10—YEARS ago.
20140728             —PLANNED, RUSSIA, to appeal.
20140728             —LAUNCHED, BRITAIN—PASSPORT—OFFICE—STAFF, a 24-hour strike over staffing shortages and pay just weeks after extra workers were drafted in to tackle 1—BACKLOG—OF—TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—APPLICATIONS.
20140728             —KILLED, CHINA, at least 13—POLICE—OFFICERS and 20—UIGHURS were, and injured in 1 alleged "terrorist attack" in the far WEST—XINJIANG region, home to the mainly Muslim Uighur minority.
20140728             CHINA—POLICE shot dead DOZENS—OF—KNIFE—WIELDING attackers after they staged assaults on 2—TOWNS in the Xinjiang region.
20140728             CHINA, police took down the cross of the Longgang Huai En Church in THE—EAST—CITY—OF—WENZHOU, known as CHINA—JERUSALEM, saying it violated height limits.
20140728             Church leaders said the government is trying to suppress the fast growing Protestant religion.
20140728             —KILLED, EGYPT—TROOPS, 7 suspected militants and arrested 5 as PART—OF—1—ONGOING offensive in the volatile SINAI—PENINSULA.
20140728             A girl (9) was killed when 1—ROCKET hit the ground outside 1—HOUSE in THE—TOWN—OF—SHEIKH Zuwaid, NORTH—SINAI.
20140728             An IRAQ—GOVERNMENT—RAID on jihadist targets in Jurf AL—SAKHR, 1—FLASHPOINT town SOUTH—WEST—OF—BAGHDAD, killed 17—PEOPLE, including at least 3—CIVILIANS.
20140728             NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD 3—FIGHTERS from the Shiite militia Asaib Ahl AL—HAQ were killed and 5 wounded near Mansuriyah while defending the Hamrin dam from an IS attack.
20140728             —KILLED, Attacks around BAGHDAD, 10—PEOPLE.
20140728             17 unidentified bodies with bullet wounds were found in different, mainly Shiite, districts of BAGHDAD over the last 24—HOURS.
20140728             —EASED, ISRAEL, its offensive in THE—GAZA Strip and Palestinian rocket fire from the enclave declined sharply in a 24—HOUR—TRUCE to mark the Muslim holiday of Eid.
20140728             —KILLED, Palestinian CROSS—BORDER attacks, 10—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS.
20140728             A rocket strike on GAZA—SHIFA hospital killed 10 and injured scores.
20140728             —CAUSED, ISRAEL said it was, by Hamas misfire; Hamas said it was an ISRAEL—AIR—STRIKE.
20140728             JAPAN said it is imposing more sanctions against RUSSIA over its support for PRO—MOSCOW rebels in UKRAINE who are ACCUSED—OF—SHOOTING down 1—MALAYSIA—JET.
20140728             —KILLED, NIGERIA, 2—SEPARATE—BLASTS by female suicide bombers, 3—PEOPLE and injured 13 in KANO.
20140728             —ATTACKED, In THE—PHILIPPINES ABU—SAYYAF gunmen, THE—PHILIPPINES—CIVILIANS traveling to celebrate THE—END—OF—RAMADAN with their families, killing 21, including at least 6—CHILDREN in Sulu province.
20140728             —KILLED, Among those, were at least 4—MEMBERS—OF—1—TALIPAO civilian security force called Barangay Police Action Team that has been helping the military fight THE—JUNGLE—BASED militants.
20140728             Opposition activists said more than 2,000 Syrians — almost HALF—OF—THEM PRO—GOVERNMENT—FORCES — have been killed in just over 2—WEEKS—OF fighting in Syria, making it 1—OF—THE—WORST—DEATH—TOLLS in the country's civil war.
20140728             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—THAILAND, 1—SOLDIER and 3, Muslim separatists were killed in 1—CLASH in Narathiwat.
20140728             —RAGED, EAST—UKRAINE, heavy fighting, around THE—MALAYSIA Airlines debris field, once again preventing 1—INTERNATIONAL—POLICE—TEAM charged with securing the site from even getting there.
20140728             A GOVERNMENT—SUPPORTED volunteer battalion said in 1—STATEMENT that it lost 23—SOLDIERS during fighting in 1—TOWN called Lutuhyne.
20140728             THE—UN—HIGH—COMMISSIONER for Human Rights said in 1—REPORT that at least 1,129—PEOPLE have been killed between MID—APRIL, when fighting began, and 20140726             .
20140728—20140803    —ON, state media said that 37—CIVILIANS and 59 "terrorists" were killed in the attack in Xinjiang.
20141020—20160728    —ON, Martynenko and the engineer in CHARGE—OF—SNOW clearing, VLADIMIR—LEDENEV, admitted in 1—MOSCOW court to causing the deaths through safety breaches and negligence.
20150612—20150728    —PLEADED, Mitchell, guilty and admitted to smuggling hacksaw blades in frozen hamburger meat to Matt and Sweat.
20150723—20150728    —ON, 1—JUDGE jailed Reynolds —FOR—2—YEARS and 8—MONTHS for pocketing church funds.
20150726             —DECAPITATED, Their, bodies were found on 20150728—20150729     near Casa Quemada, CHIHUAHUA state.
20150726—20150728    —TERMINATED, Sewel, his membership in THE—HOUSE—OF—LORDS
20150727—20150728    —ON, police captured 1 suspected LEADER—OF—1—GANG called Barrio 18.
20150728             —CONVICTED, Lawyers for, spy JONATHAN—POLLARD said THE—USA has granted his parole and that he will be released in November.
20150728             Scientists and tech experts, including professor STEPHEN—HAWKING and Apple CO—FOUNDER—STEVE—WOZNIAK, warned of 1—GLOBAL—ARMS—RACE with weapons using artificial intelligence.
20150728             —KILLED, BAHRAIN, 1—BOMB, 2—POLICEMEN and the explosives resembled some seized at the weekend that the government say were smuggled in from IRAN.
20150728             —ARRESTED, Several suspects were soon.
20150728             ETHIOPIA, USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA said that ETHIOPIA "cannot unleash the full potential of its people" if it jails journalists and restricts legitimate opposition groups.
20150728             In 1—SPEECH at the African Union, Obama also said CENTRAL—AFRICAN—REPUBLIC—LEADERS needed to commit to inclusive elections and 1—PEACEFUL—TRANSITION—OF—POWER.
20150728             FRANCE—ARCHAEOLOGISTS said 2—STUDENTS have found 1—HUMAN tooth from about 560,000 years ago in 1—FAMOUS—PREHISTORIC cave at Tautavel in SOUTH—WEST—FRANCE, the oldest human body part ever discovered in the country.
20150728             GERMANY, the 14. annual Maccabi GAMES—EUROPE—LARGEST Jewish sporting event, opened in BERLIN.
20150728             —AGREED, IRAN and the European Union said they have, to start talks on issues including confronting terrorism.
20150728             —APPROVED, JAPAN, 1—INCREASE in compensation payments for THE—FUKUSHIMA crisis to 7.07—TRILLION yen ($57.18—BILLION), as tens of THOUSANDS—OF—EVACUEES remain in temporary housing more than —4—YEARS—AFTER the disaster.
20150728             12—JORDANIANS were sentenced to jail terms of up to 15—YEARS for their involvement in 1—CELL recruiting members for the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.
20150728             4—OF—THE 12 were sentenced in absentia.
20150728             —KILLED, KENYA—RANGERS found the carcasses of 5—ELEPHANTS, overnight with their tusks hacked off in Tsavo WEST—NATIONAL—PARK.
20150728             —AWARDED, KUWAIT National Petroleum Co said it has, 4—CONTRACTS worth $11.5—BILLION (10.5—BILLION euros) to INTERNATIONAL consortia to build a 615,000 barrel per day refinery.
20150728             A court in LIBYA sentenced Seif AL—ISLAM Gadhafi, 1—SON—OF—MOAMMAR Gadhafi, to death by firing squad after convicting HIM—OF—MURDER and inciting genocide during the country's 20110000              civil war.
20150728             A militia in WEST—LIBYA has refused to hand him over to the government for the past 4—YEARS.
20150728             —KILLED, LIBYA, 3—SOLDIERS were, and 11 wounded when 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER blew himself up in CENTRAL—BENGHAZI.
20150728             —SACKED, MALAYSIA—PREMIER—NAJIB Razak, his deputy premier and ATTORNEY—GENERAL in 1—CABINET reshuffle widely seen as 1—ATTEMPT to strengthen his hold on power as he battles corruption allegations.
20150728             —SEARCHED, ROMANIA—THE—ANTI—CORRUPTION—AGENCY said that 61—HOMES and offices were, in BUCHAREST and in THE—NORTH—WEST—TRANSYLVANIA region for evidence that drug companies offered doctors vacations and other incentives in exchange for prescribing cancer drugs.
20150728             RUSSIA, IGOR—KALYAPIN, HEAD—OF—THE—COMMITTEE against Torture, told reporters that the organization will be "liquidated" this week because they refuse to comply with the law and thus admit that they "work for 1—FOREIGN benefactor".
20150728             Kalyapin said they have set up 1—NEW—HEAD—OFFICE that won't accept foreign funding, thus being able to dodge the listing of "foreign agent".
20150728             A SAUDI—ARABIA—LAWMAN was killed and 2—OTHERS were wounded during 1—ATTACK in 1—SHIITE—DOMINATED AREA—OF—EAST—PROVINCE.
20150728             2—SUSPECTS were arrested after the patrol came under fire in AL—JESH village of Qatif district.
20150728             SOUTH—KOREA said it is now virtually free of the deadly MERS virus that killed 36—PEOPLE and sickened nearly 200—SINCE 1—OUTBREAK was declared in May.
20150728             TURKEY—PRESIDENT—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN said it was impossible to continue 1—PEACE—PROCESS with Kurdish militants and urged PARLIAMENT to strip politicians with links to THEM—OF—IMMUNITY from prosecution.
20150728             —RESUMED, YEMEN, SAUDI—LED warplanes, raids on rebels, who clashed with loyalists.
20150728             —TARGETED, Air strikes, rebels NORTH—OF—ADEN, rebels in nearby Lahj province and 1—REBEL—CONVOY—NEAR—SABR.
20150728             —OCCUPIED, Other raids hit 1—BUILDING, by insurgents in Jaawala.
20150728             An overnight strike hit rebels in Marib EAST—OF—SANAA.
20150728             THE—UN said the civilian death toll from 4—MONTHS—OF—FIGHTING in YEMEN has risen to nearly 1,900, with at least 202—PEOPLE killed over the past 12—DAYS.
20150728—19850000    —ARRESTED, Pollard was, for spying for ISRAEL.
20150728—20150813    —ARRESTED, BAHRAIN—CHIEF—OF—POLICE said 5—SUSPECTS with links to IRAN have been, in connection with 1—BOMBING.
20160728             At the Democratic convention in PHILADELPHIA, PENNSILVANIA, Hillary Clinton became the 1. woman to accept 1—MAJOR—PARTY—NOMINATION for PRESIDENT.
20160728             —CRASHED, SOUTH—CALIFORNIA, 1—MARINE—CORPS fighter jet, during 1—TRAINING mission in the vicinity of 29—PALMS.
20160728             † MAJOR—RICHARDNORTON, 36—JAHRE—ALT was killed.
20160728             SOUTH—CALIFORNIA, 2—POLICE—OFFICERS were shot, 1—FATALLY, after 1—LATE—NIGHT stop turned into 1—GUNFIGHT in S—DIEGO.
20160728             CHICAGO police fatally shot and killed PAUL—O'NEAL, 18—JAHRE—ALT, 1 suspected car thief.
20160728             OHIO, 1—GIRL fatally shot her father in the head as he slept to stop him from abusing her family in WARREN.
20160728             DAKOTA—LIONS—SIGHT & Health, 1—SOUTH—DAKOTA—BASED eye and tissue bank, said it isn't responsible for injuries caused by infected corneas that were shipped to the Palestinian territories.
20160728             TEXAS, 1—FORT Worth police officer shot and paralyzed DAVID—COLLIE, 33—JAHRE—ALT, 1—BLACK—MAN, as he walked away from the officer.
20160728             A police dash cam video showed the encounter with Collie posing no immediate threat.
20160728             —CHARGED, Collie was, with aggravated assault but 1—GRAND—JURY declined to indict him.
20160728             —CONFIRMED, AUSTRALIA—OFFICIALS, that data recovered from 1—HOME—FLIGHT—SIMULATOR owned by CAPTAIN—ZAHARIE—AHMAD—SHAH, THE—CAPTAIN—OF—MALAYSIA—AIRLINES—FLIGHT—370, showed that someone had used the device to plot 1—COURSE to THE—SOUTH—INDIA—OCEAN, where the missing jet is believed to have crashed.
20160728             —FINED, CAMBODIA—PHNOM—PENH—MUNICIPAL—COURT, SELF—EXILED opposition leader SAM—RAINSY for defaming Heng Samrin, 1—FORMER—PRESIDENT (19790000—19920000    ) and 1—SENIOR MEMBER—OF—THE—COUNTRY—RULING party, adding to legal woes hurting his party's ability to operate.
20160728             —CONVICTED, An EGYPT—COURT, Hesham Genena, the country's former top ANTI—CORRUPTION—OFFICIAL, of "spreading false news," sentencing him to 1—YEAR in prison and 1—FINE—OF—20,000—EGYPT—POUNDS ($2,250) which, if paid along with 1—ADDITIONAL 10,000 pounds, will allow him to avoid incarceration.
20160728             —CONFIRMED, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—FRANCOIS—HOLLANDE, that 1—NATIONAL—GUARD would be formed from existing reserve forces to better protect citizens facing terror attacks.
20160728             INDIA, 1—SHOPKEEPER of the Brahmin caste axed to death 1—COUPLE from the lower Dalit caste for not promptly paying 1—MEAGER debt of 15—RUPEES (22—CENTS) for groceries in Mainpuri town, Uttar Pradesh state.
20160728             The couple left behind 5—CHILDREN.
20160728             —PASSED, INDIA—UPPER—HOUSE—OF—PARLIAMENT, 1—BILL—LATE that would give state governments more than 60—BILLION rupees ($895—MILLION) 1—YEAR to conserve and protect forests and wildlife.
20160728             Analysts and activists said the bill ignores the importance of indigenous people in conserving land and tramples on their rights.
20160728             KENYA, 4—SCHOOLS were set on fire.
20160728             Over the last 3—MONTHS—117—SCHOOLS have been partially burnt by arsonists.
20160728             The government said the burning schools are retribution from a "cartel" formerly linked to the country's EXAM—SETTING body, which used to profit handsomely from selling papers and answers.
20160728             —ANNOUNCED, LIBYA—UN—BROKERED presidency council, THE—REOPENING—OF—THE—COUNTRY—VITAL—OIL—TERMINALS——AFTER—18—MONTHS—OF—CLOSURE despite threats by 1—RIVAL—MILITARY—COMMANDER that his forces could target tankers entering LIBYA—TERRITORIAL—WATERS.
20160728             —KILLED, NEPAL—AUTHORITIES said flash floods and landslides have, at least 68—PEOPLE in the past 3—DAYS with another 15—MISSING.
20160728             —AMBUSHED, NIGERIA, Boko Haram, 1—HUMANITARIAN—CONVOY in Borno state.
20160728             3—CIVILIANS including 1—UNICEF employee and contractor for THE—INTERNATIONAL—ORGANIZATION for Migration were wounded, along with 2—OF—THE—SOLDIERS escorting the humanitarian workers.
20160728             —SUSPENDED, THE—UN in response, its missions outside MAIDUGURI, where it says 1—HALF—MILLION—PEOPLE are starving.
20160728             A day later UNICEF said it was returning to full operations in the area.
20160728             OMAN, the Azamn (AL—ZAMAN) newspaper EDITOR—IN—CHIEF—IBRAHIM—AL—MAAMARI and his deputy Yousef AL—HAJ were jailed —2—DAYS—AFTER the paper published 1—ARTICLE accusing public OFFICIALS—OF—CORRUPTION and interfering in judicial decisions.
20160728             —THREATENED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE, to withdraw 1—CEASEFIRE—ORDER he gave 3—DAYS ago after suspected communist rebels killed 1—GOVERNMENT militiaman and wounded 4—OTHERS in 1—ATTACK 1—DAY earlier.
20160728             —SEIZED, PORTUGAL—POLICE, about 2—METRIC tons (2.2—TONS) of MOROCCO—HASHISH from 1—BOAT and arrested 1—SPANIARD, 46—JAHRE—ALT during 1—NIGHT—TIME—OPERATION on the country's southern coast.
20160728             PORTUGAL—PUBLIC—HEALTH—WORKERS began a 48-hour strike to pressure the government into extending 1—NEW 35-hour week to more staff.
20160728             —FIRED, RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN, THE—GOVERNOR—OF—THE—KIROV region, NIKITA—BELYKH, 1—MONTH after he was jailed on 1—CHARGE—OF accepting 1—BRIBE.
20160728             —ACCEPTED, RUSSIA—PRIME—MINISTER—DMITRY—MEDVEDEV, the resignation of  ANDREI—BELYANINOV, THE—HEAD—OF—THE—CUSTOMS—AGENCY, several days after investigators searched his home and founds HUNDREDS—OF—1000—DOLLARS stashed in shoe boxes.
20160728             —TIGHTENED, SYRIA—PRO—GOVERNMENT—FORCES, their grip around ALEPPO, and THE—GOVERNOR—OF—THE—AREA said they would open corridors for civilians to escape the besieged, REBEL—HELD DISTRICTS—OF—THE—CITY.
20160728             Militants retook the northern village of AL—BOUWEIR from THE—SYRIA—DEMOCRATIC—FORCES and killed 24—CIVILIANS there.
20160728             † In Syria at least 28—PEOPLE, including 7—CHILDREN, in air strikes on the village of al Ghandour in the countryside NORTH—OF—MANBIJ city.
20160728             —CONDUCTED, THE—USA—LED coalition fighting Islamic State militants, air strikes in the area in the last 24—HOURS.
20160728             † In NORTH—UKRAINE 3—PEOPLE, including 1—NATO representative, in 1—EXPLOSION while 1—MISSILE was being unloaded from 1—VEHICLE at 1—MILITARY—INSTALLATION.
20160728             THE—UN—FOOD and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said some 23—MILLION—FARMERS in DROUGHT—HIT SOUTH—AFRICA need urgent help to prepare for the next planting season with only 1—FEW weeks left before it begins.
20160728             It said BOTSWANA, SWAZILAND, SOUTH—AFRICA, NAMIBIA and ZIMBABWE have reported more than 640,000 DROUGHT—RELATED livestock deaths.
20160728—20010000    —IN—THE, WASHINGTON DC prosecutors said they will not retry Ingmar Guandique, 1—SALVADORAN immigrant charged MURDER—OF—CHANDRA Levy, due to unforeseen recent developments.
20160728—20160805    —ON, 1—VIDEO was released showing officers firing into 1—STOLEN vehicle, then handcuffing THE—BLOOD—COVERED suspect following 1—FOOT—CHASE.
20170701             SWEDEN—POLICE say they so far have 11—CASES—OF—SEXUAL—ABUSE and 1—RAPE at the 20170728—20170701     festival.
20170728             —REPLACED, PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, CHIEF—OF—STAFF Reince Priebus with Homeland Security SECRETARY—JOHN—KELLY, a retired Marine 4—STAR general.
20170728             —REJECTED, USA—SENATE Republicans, the Health Care Freedom Act early today in a 51—49—VOTE.
20170728             —ORDERED, RUSSIA—FOREIGN—MINISTRY, 1—REDUCTION in THE—NUMBER—OF—USA—DIPLOMATS in RUSSIA and said it was closing down 1—USA—RECREATION—RETREAT in response to fresh sanctions against RUSSIA.
20170728             —LAUNCHED, Tesla, its Model 3 at its FREMONT—CALIFORNIA, plant.
20170728             HAWAII, 1—PLANE left HONOLULU for 1—SUNSET flight and never returned.
20170728             —RECOVERED, The bodies of 4—PEOPLE were, then next day in mountains on Oahu.
20170728             —REPORTED, It was, that Facebook CEO MARK—ZUCKERBERG and his wife DOCTOR—PRISCILLA—CHAN will contribute $10—MILLION to UCSF to help fund 1—EFFORT to merge data on 15—MILLION—PATIENTS across 5—UC medical campuses into 1—DATABASE.
20170728             ARGENTINA, THE—BUENOS—AIRES Herald, the capital's only ENGLISH—LANGUAGE—NEWSPAPER, published its final edition.
20170728             —FOUNDED, It had been, —141—YEARS—EARLIER by WILLIAM—CATHCART—OF—SCOTLAND.
20170728             —ENDED, AUSTRIA, the trial SALZBURG mayor Heinz Schaden.
20170728             —HANDED, He was, a 3—YEAR—JAIL—SENTENCE for his part in 1—WIDER—SCANDAL in which local officials lost 340—MILLION—EUROS ($400—MILLION) of public money in risky stock and debt trades.
20170728             BRAZIL, THOUSANDS—OF—SOLDIERS began patrolling RIO—DE—JANEIRO amid 1—SPIKE in violence.
20170728             —AIMED, The deployment, at fighting organized crime gangs, which control MANY—OF—THE—CITY—HUNDREDS—OF—SLUMS.
20170728             —LIFTED, BRITAIN, 1—BAN on passengers carrying electronic devices in the cabin on some flights to THE—UK—FROM TURKEY after new security measures were introduced, saying other restrictions would be looked at on 1—CASE by case basis.
20170728             —SUFFERED, CHARLIE—GARD had, from mitochondrial depletion syndrome, 1—RARE—GENETIC—DISEASE that caused brain damage and left him unable to breath unaided.
20170728             —AGREED, BRITAIN—SUPREME—COURT had, with 1—LOWER—COURT that it was in the baby's best interests that he be allowed to die.
20170728             CHINA, YANG—XIUZHU, 1—FORMER—DEPUTY mayor of WENZHOU in the booming EAST—PROVINCE—OF—ZHEJIANG, confessed at her trial to corruption and bribery charges.
20170728             A court in SOUTH—WEST—CHINA said it has sentenced to death YANG—QINGPEI, 27—JAHRE—ALT for killing 19—PEOPLE, including his parents and several other relatives, in 1—BLOODY—RAMPAGE with 1—PICKAXE last 20170928             .
20170728             —KILLED, CENTRAL—COLOMBIA, 6—PEOPLE were, after 1—EXPLOSION at 1—ILLEGAL—GOLD—MINE in the Buritica municipality, Antioquia province.
20170728             —KILLED, CONGO, DRC at least 1—PERSON was, and 1 estimated 20—INMATES escaped in 1—PRISON—BREAK in THE—EAST—CITY—OF—BUKAVU.
20170728             —PROTESTED, HUNDREDS—OF—CROATIAN taxi drivers, against Uber services, disrupting traffic at THE—HEIGHT—OF—THE—TOURIST—SEASON in the Adriatic country.
20170728             —ORDERED, The European UNION—TOP—COURT, POLAND to immediately halt LARGE—SCALE logging in 1—ANCIENT protected forest, 1—OF—MANY—CASES that has pitted BRUSSELS against THE—RIGHT—WING eurosceptic government in WARSAW.
20170728             —STABBED, GERMANY, 1—PALESTINIAN man (26), 1—PERSON to death and wounded 6—OTHERS in HAMBURG.
20170728             —SUSPECTED, He was known to authorities as 1, Islamic radical but also was psychologically unstable.
20170728             GREECE, Tassos Mantelis (72) was found GUILTY—OF—MONEY laundering over contracts between THE—GREECE—UNIT—OF—SIEMENS and then STATE—CONTROLLED telecoms group OTE.
20170728             —ALLEGED, Mantelis, who was, to have committed the offense while he was transport MINISTER 19960000—20000000    —FROM—TO, was found GUILTY—OF—MONEY laundering and handed an 8—YEAR suspended sentence.
20170728             HIGH—RANKING IRAQ—SECURITY officials said up to 7,000 Islamic State group affiliates remain in IRAQ after the fall of MOSUL.
20170728             They also said there are up to another 7,000 IS militants and 5,000 supporters in Syria.
20170728             —BARRED, ISRAEL, men under 50—FROM —FRIDAY prayers at the Haram AL—SHARIF compound, known to Jews as the Temple Mount, —AFTER—2—WEEKS—OF—TENSIONS and deadly unrest.
20170728             THOUSANDS—OF—PALESTINIANS held mass prayers outside.
20170728             —FLARED, Violence, in THE—WEST—BANK, where 1—PALESTINIAN was killed after he attacked soldiers.
20170728             —APPROVED, ITALY, sending ITALY—NAVAL ships to help THE—LIBYA—COAST—GUARD combat migrant trafficking following 1—REQUEST by THE—NORTH—AFRICAN nation.
20170728             ITALY—PARLIAMENT gave final approval to 1—NEW—PROGRAM making 1—SLATE of childhood vaccinations mandatory for school children up to age 16.
20170728             JAPAN said it will freeze the assets of 5—ORGANIZATIONS and 9—INDIVIDUALS linked to NORTH—KOREA, including 2—CHINA—ENTITIES.
20170728             —RESIGNED, JAPAN—DEFENSE—MINISTER—TOMOMI—INADA, saying she accepted responsibility for 1—COVER—UP in which her ministry concealed RECORDS—OF—THE—DANGERS faced by JAPAN—UN in SOUTH—SUDAN.
20170728             —DISPLACED, NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, 2—SUICIDE—BOMBERS struck 1—CAMP for, people in Dikwa, 90—KM (56—MILES) EAST—OF—MAIDUGURI, killing 5—PEOPLE.
20170728             —LAUNCHED, NORTH—KOREA, another intercontinental ballistic missile.
20170728             —REACHED, THE—HWASONG—14—MISSILE, 1—MAXIMUM—HEIGHT—OF—3,725 km (2,314 miles) and traveled 998—KM (620—MILES) before accurately landing in waters off JAPAN.
20170728             —STEPPED, PAKISTAN—PRIME—MINISTER—NAWAZ—SHARIF, down for a 3. time, hours after the country's SUPREME—COURT disqualified him from office in dramatic developments that have plunged THE—NUCLEAR—ARMED nation into another major crisis.
20170728             —EMPLOYED, THE—SUPREME—COURT, LITTLE—USED Article 62—OF—THE—CONSTITUTION, which calls for THE—DISMISSAL—OF—ANY—LAWMAKER deemed dishonest, to dismiss Sharif.
20170728             THE\X97PHILIPPINES—MILITARY said only about 60—PRO—ISLAMIC—STATE—GROUP—MILITANTS are still fighting in a 2—MONTH—SIEGE—OF—SOUTH—MARAWI city that has left 630—PEOPLE—DEAD and swaths of the Islamic region in ruins.
20170728             —SEIZED, Officials said troops have, 59 suspected militants trying to reinforce Islamist gunmen holed up in MARAWI.
20170728             —VOTED, ROMANIA—ORTHODOX—CHURCH said it has, to defrock CRISTIAN—POMOHACI, 1—PRIEST who is suspected of trying to sexually corrupt a 17-year-old boy.
20170728             SOUTH—SUDAN—GOVERNMENT said it had taken the last town before the main rebel base of Pagak, where THOUSANDS—OF—CIVILIANS have fled to escape fighting near the border with ETHIOPIA.
20170728             —LODGED, SPAIN—PRIME—MINISTER—MARIANO—RAJOY said his government has, 1—LEGAL—BID to stop Catalonia holding 1—INDEPENDENCE—REFERENDUM, asking the Constitutional Court to veto moves by the regional assembly.
20170728             —DETAINED, TURKEY—AUTHORITIES, former national team soccer player Bekir Irtegun (33) as PART—OF—THE—SWEEPING crackdown following last year's failed coup attempt.
20170728             —ARRESTED, TURKEY—AUTHORITIES, UK—CITIZEN—JOE—ROBINSON, 24—JAHRE—ALT while he was holidaying on the country's western coast on charges of working with 1—KURDISH—MILITIA.
20170728             —JAILED, UZBEKISTAN said it has, the eldest daughter of late PRESIDENT—ISLAM—KARIMOV, Gulnara Karimova -- once 1—PROMINENT socialite, fashion designer and singer -- after charging her with massive fraud and money laundering.
20170728—19930000    —BOOTED, Sharif was, out by THE—PRESIDENT and
20170728—19990000    —IN, by the army.
20170728—20030000    —IN, She had fled CHINA and was on the run for more than 13—YEARS.
20170728—20070000    —RELATED, He was found GUILTY—OF—ALLOWING transactions, to interest rate swap trades to be made FREE—OF—CHARGE from THE—CITY—OF—SALZBURG to SALZBURG province.
20170728—20120000    —SERVED, Robinson had, with UK—FORCES in AFGHANISTAN and
20170728—20150000    —IN, travelled to Syria to work as 1—COMBAT medic in THE—YPG.
20170728—20170801    —BLOCKED, ARKANSAS, 1—FEDERAL—JUDGE, the state from enforcing 4—NEW—ABORTION—RESTRICTIONS, 3—OF which were set to take effect.
20170728—20180000    —PLANNED, Elon Musk, to produce 500,000 such vehicles.
20170830             FRANCE—POLICE said some 250 to 300—BOTTLES, worth up to 1,000 euros ($1,200) each, were stolen from the cellar in the 6. arrondissement of PARIS sometime 20170728—20170828    —BETWEEN, while the owner was vacationing.
20180721—20180728    —ON, JOBBERS—MILLER † of his wounds.
20180728             CALIFORNIA, some 3,400 firefighters on the ground and in helicopters and airplanes battled the 48,300-acre (19,500 hectares) Carr Fire as it ripped through Redding.
20180728             —CONTAINED, The fire was just 3—PERCENT.
20180728             9—PEOPLE were reported missing.
20180728             The death toll rose to 5 with THE—DISCOVERY—OF—HUMAN remains on the outskirts of Redding believed to be those of 1—MISSING elderly woman and her 2—GREAT—GRANDCHILDREN.
20180728             —ARMED, NEW—ORLEANS, 2, individuals opened fire at 1—STRIP mall killing 3—PEOPLE and wounding 7—OTHERS.
20180728             —APPEARED, The shooting, to be GANG—RELATED.
20180728             SOUTH—WEST—MICHIGAN, afire swept through THE—COSMO—EXTENDED—STAY—MOTEL in Sodus early today killing 5—CHILDREN and their mother.
20180728             —STORMED, EAST—AFGHANISTAN, gunmen, 1—MIDWIFE training center in THE—CITY—OF—JALALABAD, fighting security forces for several hours and killing 3—STAFF.
20180728             † 1—OF—THE—ATTACKERS, early in the operation after detonating 1—SUICIDE—BOMB but a 2. held out for several hours before being killed.
20180728             BULGARIA, TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—SUPPORTERS—OF—THE—OPPOSITION—SOCIALIST—PARTY (BSP) rallied to protest poverty and corruption and demand 1—EARLY—ELECTION.
20180728             CHINA—ANTI—GRAFT—WATCHDOG said Zhang Yongguang, 1—CORRUPTION—SUSPECT who was on the country's list of 100—MOST wanted overseas fugitives, has returned to CHINA from THE—USA—AFTER giving himself up.
20180728             —SENTENCED, An EGYPT—COURT, 75—PEOPLE to death, including top figures of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, for their involvement in a 20130000              SIT—IN.
20180728             The sentences were subject to appeal.
20180728             —FACED, GREECE—PRIME—MINISTER—ALEXIS—TSIPRAS, mounting criticism after wildfires that killed at least 88—PEOPLE plunged GREECE into grief just as it was healing from YEARS—OF—PAINFUL—BAILOUTS.
20180728             —KILLED, INDIA—OFFICIALS said at least 58—PEOPLE have been, in the past 2—DAYS as monsoon rains in the north triggered house collapses and flooded wide SWATHS—OF—LAND.
20180728             —FEARED, WEST—INDIA, 33—PEOPLE were, dead after 1—BUS fell into 1—DEEP gorge in Maharashtra state.
20180728             An IRAQ—1—JUDICIAL—OFFICIAL said 5—ELECTION—OFFICIALS will be put on trial in connection with fraud and vote buying, during the country's May legislative elections.
20180728             —ARRESTED, ISRAEL—FORCES, 2—ITALIANS and 1—PALESTINIAN for drawing 1—GIANT mural of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, seen as 1—SYMBOL—OF—RESISTANCE, on the separation wall in the occupied WEST—BANK.
20180728             —CANCELED, Heavy rain fell on PARTS—OF—JAPAN and airlines, flights as approaching Typhoon Jongdari threatened to dump more rain on 1—REGION devastated by floods and landslides earlier this month.
20180728             —AGREED, THE—KURDISH—LED SYRIA—DEMOCRATIC—COUNCIL said it has, to work with THE—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT on ending 7—YEARS—OF—VIOLENCE in the country and setting up 1—ROADMAP for SYRIA—FUTURE.
20180728             THE—SDC is the political WING—OF—THE—USA—BACKED SYRIA—DEMOCRATIC—FORCES (SDF) that controls wide SWATHES—OF—NORTH—EAST—SYRIA.
20180728             LEBANON—ENVIRONMENTALISTS sank 10—OLD—TANKS and armored vehicles to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea in 1—NOVEL—ATTEMPT to attract divers and create new habitats for marine life.
20180728             —MARCHED, THOUSANDS—OF—NICARAGUANS, through MANAGUA in 1—SHOW—OF—SUPPORT for the country's bishops whom PRESIDENT—DANIEL—ORTEGA has accused of aiding 1 attempted "coup" against him.
20180728             Simultaneous MARCHES—OF—SUPPORTERS and OPPONENTS—OF—ORTEGA—GOVERNMENT passed through THE—STREETS—OF—MANAGUA without incident.
20180728             —ATTACKED, NORWAY—AUTHORITIES said 1—POLAR bear has, and injured 1—MAN leading tourists off 1—CRUISE ship on the most NORTH—ISLAND—OF—SVALBARD.
20180728             The man was taken by helicopter to Spitsbergen island and the bear was shot dead.
20180728             † Palestinian teen Moumin AL—HAMS, 17—JAHRE—ALT of wounds sustained by ISRAEL—GUNFIRE at 1—BORDER—PROTEST as thousands attended the funeral of an 11-year-old killed in that demonstration.
20180728             RUSSIA, tens of thousands took part in rallies across the country organized by Communists to protest against highly controversial plans to hike the pension age.
20180728             —DEFENDED, SERBIA, Dragoslav Ognjanovic (56), 1—LEADING lawyer who, former strongman Slobodan Milosevic on CHARGES—OF—WAR—CRIMES, was shot dead in BELGRADE.
20180728             —WOUNDED, His 26-year-old son was, in the arm.
20180728             —ARRIVED, SOMALIA—PRESIDENT—MOHAMED—ABDULLAHI—MOHAMED, in ERITREA for a 3—DAY—VISIT, amid another diplomatic thaw in the restless Horn of AFRICA region.
20180728             SPAIN, taxi drivers in MADRID went on strike in solidarity with BARCELONA cabbies protesting against "unfair competition" from Uber and Cabify.
20180728             —RETURNED, HUNDREDS—OF—SYRIA—REFUGEES, to their country from LEBANON in 1—BUS—CONVOY arranged by both governments, advancing 1—EFFORT by BEIRUT to accelerate returns to areas where fighting has ended.
20180728             —TRIGGERED, NORTH—THAILAND, landslides, by DAYS—OF—HEAVY downpours, killed 7—PEOPLE and left 1—MISSING.
20180728             —SENTENCED, UGANDA said it had, 35—PEOPLE from neighboring Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—THE—CONGO for up to 3—YEARS for illegal fishing on Lake Albert.
20180728             —JOINED, UKRAINE—PRESIDENT—PETRO—POROSHENKO, thousands on THE—STREETS—OF—KIEV on 1—ANNIVERSARY marking THE—START—OF—THE—CONVERSION—OF—UKRAINIANS to Christianity, amid 1—PUSH to remove what he says is 1—LEVER of Kremlin influence in UKRAINE—AFFAIRS.
20180728             —ACCEPTED, FRANCIS—PAPA, the resignation of Cardinal THEODORE—MCCARRICK, 88—JAHRE—ALT, the former archbishop of WASHINGTON, DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, who has been at the center of 1—WIDENING sexual abuse scandal.
20180728—20150000    —IN, THE—CENTRAL—COMMISSION for Discipline Inspection said Zhang is the 54. person on the list to have returned to CHINA since the operation was launched.
20180728—20180725    —ON, 1—MAN drawing the mural had identified himself as ITALY—STREET—ARTIST—JORIT Agoch.
20190111             —CLEARED, An ITALY—COURT, THE—HEAD—OF—THE—AUTOSTRADE motorway OPERATOR—OF—RESPONSIBILITY in the deaths of 40—PEOPLE in a 20130728             , coach crash.
20190724—20190728    —ON, authorities found 1—BODY thought to be that of AIDEN—SALCIDO, 2—JAHRE—ALT in the same area where Janiak and Salcido were seen several days earlier.
20190728             PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP said DAN—COATS, 1—LONG—TIME fixture of the Republican intelligence establishment, would be standing down as DIRECTOR—OF—NATIONAL—INTELLIGENCE, 1—POSITION created in THE—AFTERMATH—OF—THE—ATTACKS—OF—9/11 to coordinate THE—17—USA—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCIES.
20190728             In his place, Trump said he will nominate Republican congressman JOHN—RATCLIFFE, from TEXAS, who is said to have little experience of dealing with the intelligence world.
20190728             —KILLED, CALIFORNIA, 1—GUNMAN, 3—PEOPLE, including a 6-year-old boy, in 1—MASS shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival SOUTH—OF—S—JOSE.
20190728             —IDENTIFIED, The gunman, as SANTINO—WILLIAM—LEGAN, 19—JAHRE—ALT, was shot dead by police officers within MINUTES—OF—OPENING fire.
20190728             —KILLED, Officials later said gunman SANTINO—WILLIAM—LEGAN, himself after officers shot him multiple times.
20190728             —ARRESTED, NORTH—CAROLINA, Circe Baez (36) and Alexis Morales (38) were, at 1—CHARLOTTE hotel.
20190728             —BELIEVED, FBI investigators, Baez robbed 4—BANKS and Morales was 1—ACCOMPLICE in what's been dubbed the "Pink Lady Bandit" bank robberies along THE—EAST—COAST.
20190728             —KILLED, PENNSYLVANIA, 1—MAN was, and 5—OTHERS were wounded in 1—SHOOTING during 1—RAP video production in PHILADELPHIA.
20190728             WISCONSIN, shootings at 2—HOMES left 5—PEOPLE—DEAD, including the suspected shooter, and 2—OTHERS injured.
20190728             —WOUNDED, RITCHIE—GERMAN—JUNIOR, Teng Vang and Mai Chang Vang before taking his own life late today.
20190728             GERMANY—SHOT his way into the Vang home in Lake Hallie after killing his mother, Bridget German (66), his brother, DOUGLAS—GERMAN, 32—JAHRE—ALT, and his nephew, CALVIN—HARRIS, 8—JAHRE—ALT, at their home in LAFAYETTE.
20190728             —LAUNCHED, AFGHANISTAN—PRESIDENT—ASHRAF—GHANI, 70—JAHRE—ALT, his RE—ELECTION—CAMPAIGN, promising to start peace talks with the Taliban after DECADES—OF—WAR and to transform his nation into 1—TRADE—HUB.
20190728             The Taliban said they will not hold direct talks with the government and rejected 1—STATEMENT from 1—SENIOR—MINISTER about plans to hold the such as meeting within the next 2—WEEKS.
20190728             AFGHANISTAN, 1—ATTACK against THE—KABUL OFFICE—OF—THE—GREEN—TREND party headquarters killed at least 20—PEOPLE and left another 50 wounded.
20190728             —TARGETED, The attackers had, vice presidential candidate and former intelligence CHIEF—AMRULLAH—SALEH, who was safely evacuated.
20190728             —ARRESTED, CANADA, Menhaz Zaman was, at 1—HOME where 3—WOMEN and 1—MAN were found dead in MARKHAM, ONTARIO.
20190728             THE—4—VICTIMS were said to be family MEMBERS—OF—ZAMAN.
20190728             —SHIPPED, CHINA—STATE—MEDIA said USA has, several million TONS—OF—SOYBEANS to CHINA since THE—2—COUNTRIES' leaders met in June.
20190728             Representatives from EUROPE, CHINA and RUSSIA, which are still committed to THE—IRAN nuclear deal, met with IRAN—REPRESENTATIVE in VIENNA to discuss how to salvage the unraveling accord.
20190728             —ARRESTED, Police in CYPRUS, a 19-year-old UK—WOMAN on SUSPICION—OF—FILING 1—FALSE COMPLAINT—OF—GANG rape for which 12—ISRAEL—TEENS had been detained as suspects.
20190728             A lawyer said CYPRUS police will release all 7—ISRAEL—TEENAGERS who were being detained as suspects in the alleged rape of 1—UK—WOMAN.
20190728             —CONCLUDED, Investigators questioning the woman, that her allegations "didn't stand to reason".
20190728             FRANCE, 1—WOMAN, 57—JAHRE—ALT on vacation and 2—LOCAL—RESIDENTS were killed in 1—SHOOTING near 1—SERVICE—STATION in THE—SOUTH—TOWN—OF—OLLIOULES.
20190728             They were apparently caught in 1—SETTLING of scores late today between local drug dealers fighting for territory.
20190728             —CLASHED, HONG—KONG demonstrators and police, for a 2. straight day as the city's CHINA—BACKED government struggles to quell growing discontent and amid violent clashes that have marred the historic movement in recent weeks.
20190728             —INJURED, INDIA, 1—HIGHWAY—COLLISION critically, 1—WOMAN who had accused Kuldeep Singh Sengar, 1—LEGISLATOR—OF—THE—RULING Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), of rape.
20190728             The woman and her lawyer were in hospital battling for their lives after 1—TRUCK hit 1—CAR in which they were travelling, killing the woman's 2—AUNTS, who were also in the car.
20190728             1—OF—THE—AUNTS was 1—WITNESS in the rape case.
20190728             —SLAMMED, IRAN, as "provocative" 1—UK—PROPOSAL for 1—EUROPEAN—LED naval mission to escort tankers in the Gulf, amid soaring tensions over the seizure of ships.
20190728             —CARRIED, ISRAEL—DEFENCE—MINISTRY said tests of THE—ARROW—3—SYSTEM were, out in THE—USA—STATE—OF—ALASKA and it successfully intercepted targets above the atmosphere.
20190728             —FINANCED, The Arrow system, partly, by THE—USA, was developed and produced by ISRAEL—AEROSPACE—INDUSTRIES in partnership with Boeing.
20190728             —KILLED, MYAN20190301             —LANDSLIDE at 1—JADE mine in Kachin State, 14—PEOPLE including at least 1—POLICEMEN in the early hours today as earth and mud engulfed 1—GUARD—POST.
20190728             4—PEOPLE were missing and feared dead.
20190728             ROMANIA, Gheorghe Dinca (65), 1—MECHANIC, reportedly confessed to killing Alexandra Macesanu (15) who was last seen earlier this week, and Luiza Melencu (18), who was reported missing in April.
20190728             RUSSIA, 1—DAY after protests in MOSCOW, opposition leader Navalny was hospitalized for 1—APPARENT—ALLERGIC—REACTION.
20190728             In 1—FACEBOOK post, his doctor, Anastasia Vasilyeva, herself 1—OPPOSITION—ACTIVIST, voiced her suspicion that he had been poisoned.
20190728             —RECOMMENDED, An advisory report on land reform in SOUTH—AFRICA, changing the constitution to allow the government to seize land without compensation but only in certain circumstances.
20190728             2—SOUTH—KOREANS and 15—RUSSIANS returned to SOUTH—KOREA about —10—DAYS—AFTER their boat drifted into NORTH—KOREAN—WATERS.
20190728             —SEIZED, VIETNAM said it has, more than 125—KG (275—LB) of rhino horns hidden in plaster blocks and shipped from UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES.
20190728             —ARRESTED, Separately, police in VIETNAM earlier this week, 3—MEN for transporting 7—FROZEN tiger carcasses from Laos to HANOI.
20191109             —SUSPECTED—OF, The unidentified man was, committing the crimes between 19880728             , and 19880831             , in TEHRAN.
20200202—20200728    —ACKNOWLEDGED, THE—USA—MILITARY, killing 1—CIVILIAN and wounding 3—OTHERS with 1—AIRSTRIKE in SOMALIA.
20200728             —ISSUED, PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, 1—STOUT defense of hydroxychloroquine, 1 disproved use of 1—MALARIA drug, as 1—TREATMENT for the coronavirus, hours after social media companies moved to take down videos promoting its use as potentially harmful misinformation.
20200728             The Trump administration said that it will reject new applications and shorten renewal periods for an OBAMA—ERA—PROGRAM that shields young people from deportation, taking 1—DEFIANT stance after THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT refused to let it be scrapped completely.
20200728             —TESTIFIED, USA—ATTORNEY—GENERAL—WILLIAM—BARR, to Congress about the protests following GEORGE—FLOYD—DEATH and denounced violence that has emerged across the country.
20200728             —STRESSED, Barr, that Operation Legend was aimed at "predatory violence like murder and shootings" and was distinct from the controversial deployment of unidentified federal agents to counter protesters in PORTLAND—OREGON.
20200728             Barr also said he doesn't believe that systemic racism in policing exists in THE—USA, despite being presented with data suggesting that it does.
20200728             —ANNOUNCED, THE—USA—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT, that it would lend $765—MILLION to the Eastman Kodak Company, known for making cameras and film, to help it start producing pharmaceutical ingredients.
20200728             —REPORTED, THE—USA—BASED Recorded Future, that THE—VATICAN and the Catholic Diocese of HONG—KONG have been the targets of alleged CHINA—STATE—BACKED hackers ahead of September talks on renewal of 1—LANDMARK 20180000              deal that helped thaw diplomatic relations between THE—VATICAN and CHINA.
20200728             —REPORTED, ARKANSAS, 1—NEW 1—DAY high in deaths from the coronavirus.
20200728             20—MORE—DEATHS brought the state's total fatto 428.
20200728             CALIFORNIA to date had 468,425 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS and 8,627 deaths.
20200728             THE—SF Bay Area had 50,144 cases and 775—DEATHS.
20200728             —REACHED, Total cases nationwide, over 4,342,498 with the death toll at 149,085.
20200728             Diana E.H. Russell (81), 1—LEADING feminist activist and scholar who popularized the term "femicide" to refer to the misogynist KILLING—OF—WOMEN, and to distinguish these killings from other forms of homicide, † at 1—MEDICAL—FACILITY in OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA.
20200728             —REPORTED, FLORIDA, 191—NEW fatalities due to the coronavirus.
20200728             —JUMPED, Cases in the state have, by 9,230, bringing the total to over 441,900.
20200728             LOUISIANA—XAVIER—UNIV. announced that its has received a $20—MILLION—DONATION from MacKenzie Scott, the former wife of Amazon FOUNDER—JEFF—BEZOS.
20200728             HOWARD—UNIVERSITY, XAVIER—UNIVERSITY—OF—LOUISIANA, HAMPTON University, Morehouse College, Spelman College and Tuskegee University were all recipients of the generous donation.
20200728             —DONATED, To date, she has collectively, 1—MASSIVE $1.7—BILLION.
20200728             —IDENTIFIED, MINNEAPOLIS police say they've, the man who helped spark WEEKS—OF—VIOLENCE after THE—DEATH—OF—GEORGE—FLOYD, THE—MINNEAPOLIS Star Tribune reports — and protesting racism and police brutality was not his intent.
20200728             Police said this man was 1—MEMBER—OF—THE—HELL—ANGELS biker gang intent on sparking this SORT—OF—VIOLENCE.
20200728             —ANNOUNCED, SEATTLE Mayor Jenny Durkan, that federal agents have left SEATTLE following complaints from local officials that their presence was increasing tensions with people protesting racial injustice.
20200728             † Television journalist and founding PRESIDENT—OF—CABLE—NEWS—NETWORK (CNN), REESE—SCHONFELD, 88—JAHRE—ALT, in Manhattan.
20200728             —REPORTED, Scientists, that they have succeeded in reviving microbes retrieved from sediment deep under the seafloor in THE—HEART—OF—THE—SOUTH—PACIFIC that had survived in 1—DORMANT—STATE for 101.5—MILLION—YEARS in research illustrating THE—RESILIENCY—OF—LIFE on Earth.
20200728             AUSTRALIA said it was sending 1—MEDICAL—TEAM to help PAPUA—NEW—GUINEA fight 1—OUTBREAK—OF—CORONAVIRUS after the neighboring country experienced 1—RISE in infections.
20200728             —CONFIRMED, There were 62, virus cases as of late today, up from just 8—INFECTIONS 11—DAYS ago.
20200728             —REPORTED, It was, that THE—UK—GOVERNMENT has given the green light for the export of UK—TEAR gas and rubber bullets to THE—USA—DESPITE the continuing USE—OF—FORCE against protesters – and warnings from THE—UNITED—NATIONS.
20200728             —GRANTED, CANADA, conditional approval to Gilead Sciences INC—ANTIVIRAL treatment remdesivir to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19, making it the 1. approved treatment for THE—FAST—SPREADING illness in the country.
20200728             —REPORTED, CANADA has, fewer than 9,000 coronavirus deaths among its 38—MILLION—PEOPLE.
20200728             —REPORTED, CHINA, 57—NEW—CORONAVIRUS cases in its NORTH—WEST—XINJIANG region.
20200728             CHINA—DEATH—TOLL remains at 4,634 among 83,959 cases.
20200728             —SENTENCED, An EGYPT—COURT, several women to 2—YEARS in prison for posting "indecent" dance videos on TikTok.
20200728             SOUTH—FRANCE, scientists and technicians began assembling huge parts of 1—NUCLEAR fusion device, 1—INTERNATIONAL—EXPERIMENT aimed to develop the ultimate clean energy source.
20200728             —INVOLVED, World leaders, in the project appeared virtually at 1—CEREMONY for THE—START—OF—THE—NEW—STAGE—OF—THE—INTERNATIONAL—THERMONUCLEAR Experimental Reactor, or ITER.
20200728             Gisèle Halimi (93), 1—PROMINENT—FRANCE—LAWYER, activist and AUTHOR—WHO championed feminist causes and human rights efforts for decades, †.
20200728             GERMANY, the number of daily new coronavirus cases almost doubled to 633.
20200728             —LINKED, THE—ROBERT—KOCH—INSTITUTE (RKI), the increase to increased social contact at parties and in the workplace and urged people not to flout social distancing rules.
20200728             —REPORTED, IRAN, 235—NEW—DEATHS from the novel coronavirus, 1—RECORD—TOLL for 1—SINGLE—DAY.
20200728             This took the overall toll to 16,147.
20200728             —FINED, IRELAND—CENTRAL—BANK, the country's largest lender, BANK—OF—IRELAND, 1.7—MILLION—EUROS for regulatory breaches that caused loss to 1—CLIENT at its private banking arm and also for misleading the regulator.
20200728             A court in MALAYSIA convicted FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER—NAJIB—RAZAK—OF—7—CHARGES—OF—ABUSE—OF—POWER, BREACH—OF—TRUST and money laundering related to THE—IMDB sovereign wealth scandal.
20200728             Razak had CO—FOUNDED and chaired the fund from which $4.5—BILLION disappeared 20090000—20150000    —BETWEEN.
20200728             NEW—ZEALAND said that it will follow the lead of its intelligence allies by suspending its extradition treaty with HONG—KONG, following CHINA—RECENT passing of 1—NEW—SECURITY—LAW for THE—SEMI—AUTONOMOUS—TERRITORY.
20200728             —INTRODUCED, NORTH—KOREA, tougher prevention measures against the novel coronavirus, after it locked down the border TOWN—OF—KAESONG to tackle what could be its 1. publicly confirmed CASE—OF—THE—RESPIRATORY disease.
20200728             Authorities in PERU said more than 900—WOMEN and girls have gone missing and are feared to be dead in PERU since the country's coronavirus lockdown started.
20200728             —REPORTED, RUSSIA, 5,395 new COVID—19—CASES and 150—CORONAVIRUS—RELATED deaths in the past 24—HOURS.
20200728             RUSSIA—TOTAL—CASE—COUNT now stood at 823,515 with 13,504 coronavirus deaths.
20200728             TURKEY said it will suspend research for oil and gas exploration in disputed waters in THE—EAST—MEDITERRANEAN that abruptly raised military tensions with neighboring GREECE.
20200728             —REPORTED, THE—UN—HUMAN—RIGHTS—OFFICE, that SCORES—OF—NORTH—KOREAN—WOMEN who had traveled abroad in 1—DESPERATE—SEARCH for work were abused by security officials and police through beatings, detention in unsanitary conditions, undernourishment and invasive body searches after being sent back home.
20200728             The women spoke to UN human rights officials after eventually fleeing NORTH—KOREA following their detention.
20200728             THE—UN said that the unprecedented social and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will see nearly 7—MILLION—MORE—CHILDREN—EXPERIENCE stunting as 1—RESULT—OF—MALNUTRITION.
20200728             —LOCKED, VIETNAM, down THE—CENTRAL—CITY—OF—DA Nang, its 3.—LARGEST city, —FOR—2—WEEKS after 22—CASES—OF—COVID—19 were found linked to 1—HOSPITAL.
20200728—19800000    —STARTED, He and media entrepreneur Ted Turner, CNN.
20610728             31. recorded perihelion passage of HALLEY—COMET.
07310728             —VON, URKUNDE—NUMMER—16—SEITE—194.
07310728             dem 1. Zeugnis für ABT Erloald von  bzw.
08680728             —DATIERT—AUF—DEN, 1—ESSLINGEN—AM—NECKAR betreffende URKUNDE—DES—KÖNIG—LUDWIG—II—DER—DEUTSCHE die zweitälteste URKUNDE die 1—MARKT erwähnt, für ganz DEUTSCHLAND.
08680728             LUDWIG bestätigt darin der MÖNCHS—GEMEINSCHAFT Schutz, Immunität für die in ALEMANNIEN gelegenen KLOSTERzellen
08680728             LUDWIG bestätigt darin der MÖNCHS—GEMEINSCHAFT Schutz, Immunität für den dortigen Besitz, u.a. den Esslinger Markt.
08680728             KÖNIG—LUDWIG—II—DER—DEUTSCHE bestätigt darin der esslingen MÖNCHS—GEMEINSCHAFT Schutz, Immunität für die in ALEMANNIEN gelegenen KLOSTER—ZELLEN
08680728             KÖNIG—LUDWIG—II—DER—DEUTSCHE bestätigt darin der MÖNCHS—GEMEINSCHAFT Schutz, Immunität für den dortigen Besitz, u.a. den esslinger MARKT.
12820728             über 1—NEUEN Zolltarif an der Wertachbrücke
12820728             Ist aber 1—ANDER Burger, der gen Venedic nicht vert usw.
13800728             —MARSEILLE, JOHANNES—BONIFACII, sacrista eccl. SEDIS—MASSILIENSIS, et PETRUS—BONIFACII, ejus frater, canonicus et prior eccl. CASTRI—DE—CASTELLETO : sua Alaeta Bonifacie, UXOR DOMINI—AMELII Bonifacii, materque predictorum Johannis et
13920723—13940728    DE ANNO PRESENTI^ SECUND. tassam factam dicto Comuni^ 100—FLORENI;
14150728             E lida a —BULA—DE—CRUZADA, concedendo absolvição plenária a todos os participantes.
14150728             Só então e divulgado o verdadeiro destino da missão.
14790728             —AM, the BRABANTers met with successes in LUXEMBURG and JAN—VAN—RANST greatly distinguished himself.
14880728             LOUIS—DE—ORLÉANS est fait prisonnier
15160728             * WILHELM, in DÜSSELDORF, der einzige Sohn des JOHANN—III—HERZOG—VON—KLEVE—MARK
15420728             —WHEN DAY BROKE, it was seen that
15420728             THE—ENEMY were NOT moving against THE—ANTWERP—TOWN but
15420728             THE—ENEMY were in retreat, burning as they went.^
15630728             —REPRISE—DU—HAVRE aux ANGLAIS[ENGLAND]
16050728             —ABLEHNENDES—VOTUM—VOM, Und wie motivieren DIE—5—SAVII ihr?
16050728             conosciuto dalli SSri. Capi sive COTTIMIERI—DI—ESSO—FONTEGO'—WEIL die Peten10 die 3—REQUISITI nicht besitzen
17130728             Seconde RÉPONSE—DE M. de Rujfi.
17500728             † In der "Verlaßenschafft des —AM, seelig verstorbenen HERR—JOHANN—SEBASTIAN—BACH, weyland Cantoris an der SCHULE—S—THOMAE—LEIPZIG" sind aufgeführt
17500728             jeweils "1—GROßE" und "1—KLEINERE Coffee Kanne" sowie "1—COFFEE Teller" aus Silber und "1—MEßINGENE Coffee Kanne.
17500728             1—DITO kleinere, 1—DITO noch kleinere".
17630728             † FRANZ—GRIESEN—ABT—IN—ABDINGHOF
17730728             Grund: Enge des Ortes; mangelnde Möglichkeit für DIE—BRAUT, 1—ANDEREN, nicht blutsverwandten oder verschwägerten Mann zu finden.
17920728             Ce manifeste dit de Brunswick (que l'on dit rédigé à l'étranger mais inspiré par les TUILERIES) est diffusé dans PARIS et va très vite mettre le feu aux poudres
17940727—17940728    —THE—FOLLOWING—DAY, MAXIMILIEN—ROBESPIERRE was executed.
17990728             LA NOTTE DEL, AI TEMPI—DI—RODOLFO, la CHIESA omonima minata per violenta SCOSSA—DI—TERREMOTO
18090727—18090728    ARTHUR—WELLESLEY led THE—UK—ARMY to triumph against THE—SPAIN—KING—JOSEPH—BONAPARTE at TALAVERA—DE—LA—REINA against 1—FRANCE—ARMY twice his size.
18090728             DIE—2. französische —INVASION endet mit dem BRITISCH—PORTUGIESISCHEN Sieg in der
18090728             —SCHLACHT—VON—TALAVERA—DE—LA—REINA endet Die 2. französische —INVASION mit dem BRITISCH—PORTUGIESISCHEN Sieg
18480728             Die Auflösung der demokratischen Vereine in Baden
18660618             —ISSUED, SECRETARY—OF—STATE—WILLIAM—H—SEWARD, 1—UNCONDITIONAL CERTIFICATE—OF—RATIFICATION, dated 18680728             , declaring the 14. Amendment to have been duly ratified by the requisite 3—FOURTHS—OF—THE—STATES.
18720618—18720728    Großer BERG—ARBEITERSTREIK in WESTFALEN, der abgebrochen werden muß.
18750728             † J. B. —VON—SCHWEIZER in Gießbach (SCHWEIZ) gestorben
19140628—19990000    —IN, NIALL—FERGUSON PUBLISHED "THE—PITY—OF—WAR," in which he blames THE—UK—GOVERNMENT for having turned 1—EUROPEAN war into 1—WORLD—WAR.
19140728             ÖSTERREICH—UNGARN erklärt SERBIEN den KRIEG.
19140728             —AM, den KRIEG erklärt und damit DIE—WELTWEITE Kriegstragödie ausgelöst.
19140728             AUSTRIA—HUNGARY, refusing to submit the disputed terms to INTERNATIONAL arbitration,
19140728             AUSTRIA—HUNGARY, declares war on Serbia.
19140728             —WITHIN—1—WEEK—MOST—OF—EUROPE will be at war.
19140728—19140729    DAS—INTERNATIONALE—SOZIALISTISCHE—BÜRO fordert DIE—EUROPÄISCHE ARBEITER—KLASSE auf, den KAMPF—UM—DEN Frieden, für 1—SCHIEDS—GERICHTLICHE Erledigung des ÖSTERREICHISCH—SERBISCHEN Konfliktes fortzusetzen und zu verstärken.
19330728             THE—GERMANY—STATE—OF—THURINGIA[THÜRINGEN] expels all Jewish teachers and orders disbandment of the Jewish STUDENT—ASSOCIATION.
19370728             JAPAN—TROOPS occupy THE—CHINA—CAPITAL—OF—PEKING.
19410728             —FROZEN, USA—ASSETS in JAPAN, are.
19410728             —FROZEN, JAPANESE—ASSETS in THE—DUTCH—EAST—INDIES are and
19410728             —NOW, almost 75—PERCENT—OF—JAPAN—FOREIGN—TRADE is at 1—VIRTUAL standstill and 90—PERCENT—OF—ITS—OIL—SUPPLY has been cut off.
19410728             It is clear that the main use for these bases might be as jumping off places for an INVASION—OF—MALAYA, THE—EAST—INDIES or even THE—PHILIPPINES.
19410728—19430320    —UNTIL, remains at WOLF—LAIR, HITLER.
19420728             The Jewish Fighting Organization (JFO) is set up in THE—WARSAW ghetto.
19430727—19430728    THE—RAF drops THOUSANDS—OF—POUNDS—OF incendiary bombs of HAMBURG, creating a "firestorm" for the 1. time.
19430727—19430728    A firestorm occurs when the fires in 1—GIVEN area become so intense that they devour all oxygen nearby, creating hurricane force winds 1—THEY suck more oxygen in, feeding the fires and moving them along at great speed.
19430727—19430728    (3—QUARTERS—OF—HAMBURG is burned to the ground.
19430727—19430728    50,000 GERMANY—CIVILIANS are killed and 800,000 left homeless.)
19430727—19430728    THE—RAF drops THOUSANDS—OF—POUNDS—OF incendiary bombs of HAMBURG, creating a "firestorm" for the 1. time. A firestorm occurs when the fires in 1—GIVEN area become so intense that they devour all oxygen nearby, creating hurricane force winds 1—THEY suck more oxygen in, feeding the fires and moving them along at great speed. (3—QUARTERS—OF—HAMBURG is burned to the ground. 50,000 GERMANY—CIVILIANS are killed and 800,000 left homeless.)
19450728             Attlee löst CHURCHILL nach dem Wahlsieg der LABOUR—PARTY als englischer Premierminister auf der Potsdamer Konferenz ab.
19450728             [UN]THE—UNITED—NATIONS—CHARTER is approved by THE—USA—SENATE.
19450728—19450802    —AB, Potsdamer Konferenz der "Großen Drei": HARRY—S—TRUMAN, CLEMENT—R—ATTLEE, JOSEF—W—STALIN.
19730731—19730728    3—DAYS—AGO.
19871011—20120728    —HEUTE—BIS Barschel Ob es Mord oder SELBST—MORD war, konnte nicht geklärt werden.
19950801             E. MATTHEWS) PETROS K. Director and CO—CHAIRMAN 19950728              SABATACAKIS...
19960000—20120728    ATLANTA
19960000—20150728    —SEIT, POLLARD ist israelischer STAATS—BÜRGER und
19960728             —AM, am Ufer des COLUMBIA Rivers im Süden des USA—BUNDES—STAATES WASHINGTON in der Nähe der Stadt Kennewick entdeckt wurde.
19970728             headed by 1—NUMBER—OF retired officers, including GENERAL—VUONO, Gen.
19970728             GERMANY—ARMS dealer, Ernst Werner Glatt, until at least late last year.
19970728             —AFTER Soyster retired, he and Glatt became business partners on at...
19970728             MERCENARIES WITHOUT BORDERS, the "DOGS—OF—WAR" of financial...
19990728             $25000 ...
20010507             24. - Investment Highlights... 20070728              SEC INFO—UNITED Industrial Corp/DE—DEF 14A - For 20050524             20020000—20040728    —SINCE, "The defendant [ Darleen Druyun ], now acknowledges that she... Sears met with Darlene Druyun to discuss employment opportunity during...
20020001             ".. 20020905              "Nichts hat sich verändert", sagte Bush am —SAMSTAG 20020728              nach einer Veranstaltung seiner.".
20020228             20080728 105—HEARINGS: Senate COMMITTEE—MEETINGS by Date (19980000             )RICHARD—N—GODDARD, USAF, COMMANDER, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center.
20020524             http://alfatomega.com/noname42.html 20020728              the bush nazi coke moonie connection
20020524             alfatomega.com/noname42.html 20020728              THE—BUSH—NAZI coke moonie connection
20020728             the bush nazi coke moonie connection
20020728             New Compelling EVIDENCE—OF—ROSWELL UFO Crash
20020728             ".. 20010000              Bush,G.W.QUOTES—FABULOUS—YEAR for Laura&me
20020728             14.the bush nazi coke moonie connection 14.
20020728             Bush s Yale class of 19170000              17.
20020728             ".. grandfather and GREAT—GRANDFATHER, Prescott Bush + Bush GEORGE—HERBERT—WALKER, were among THE—CHIEF—USA—FUNDRAISERS for GERMANY—NAZI—PARTY.
20020728             Walker, GEORGE—BUSH,G.W.'s GREAT—GRANDFATHER, also set up THE—TAKEOVER—OF—THE—HAMBURG—AMERICA—LINE, 1—COVER for I.G. FARBEN—NAZI espionage unit in THE—USA.
20020728             GERMANY, I.G. Farben <{was most famous} <BECAME MOST FAMOUS> for {having put} ting the gas in gas chambers; >
20020728             it was the producer of Zyklon B + other gasses used on VICTIMS—OF—THE—HOLOCAUST.
20020728             The Bush family was not UNAWARE—OF—THE—NATURE—OF—THEIR—INVESTMENT—PARTNERS.
20020728             —HIRED, They, Dulles, Allen the future HEAD—OF—THE—CIA, to hide the funds they were making from Nazi investments + the funds they were sending to Nazi GERMANY, rather than divest.
20020728             Bush [BGHW948] then an 18—YEAR—OLD—MAN, held off entering Yale(oXo) (1—LONG—TIME—BUSH—FAMILY—DESTINATION, Bush [BPS917] had graduated 19170000             —IN ) to enter the military, perhaps to remove SOME—OF—THE—TARNISH from his family's honor.
20020728             WWII.-AFTER—HOWEVER, Bush [BGHW948] joined the intelligence community + utilized his own connections to help fund drug runners from Laos to PANAMA.
20020728             —FUNNELED, Bush, as DIRECTOR—OF—THE—CIA, had, enormous AMOUNTS—OF—CASH to drug runners including.".
20020728             _A_O_R_E_P_O_R_T _
20020728             ---- quoted above, also told THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES : "Now we are at the stage in... THE—FY 19960000              foreign aid appropriations bill permits additions to...
20020728             —AM, "Ich werde an deiner Seite sein, komme, was wolle".
20020728             So lauten die 1.Worte 1—NACHRICHT—VON—BLAIR an BUSH : "I will be with you, whatever".
20020728             Dem "Telegraph"zufolge hatten wichtige Berater BLAIRs ihn vergeblich dazu gedrängt, diese 1.Zeilen herauszunehmen, weil sie ihm weitere Optionen raubten.
20020728             ZUGLEICH BLAIR versuchte laut dem CHILCOT—BERICHT, BUSH davon zu überzeugen, DIE—UNO einzubinden.
20020728             Einig blieben sie sich aber in ihrer Abneigung gegen den irakischen DIKTATOR.
20020728             "Es ist richtig, SADDAM—LOSZUWERDEN.
20020728—19230000    —PUMPED, Thyssen,Fritz in turn, money into the infant Nazi Party, which had proved its desire to rule and its willingness to use brute force s MUNICH Beer Hall Putsch.
20020728—19240000    —IN, Through industrialist Thyssen, Fritz THE—BUSH—RUN Union Banking Company + W. A. Harriman & Company, the Bush es sold over $50—MILLION in GERMANY—BONDS to USA—INVESTORS, starting.
20020728—19420000    —SEIZED, It was only, when the U$ government, Union Banking Company assets under the Trading With The Enemy Act, that Walker, GEORGE—HERBERT + Bush [BPS917] stopped pumping money into HITLER—REGIME.
20020728—19800600    —IN, Most shocking was THE—SO—CALLED "cocaine coup" in BOLIVIA, masterminded by fugitive Nazi Barbie, Klaus "The Butcher Of Lyons".
20030129             ".. Intelligence Changes 20021207              - noname42.html 20020728              the bush nazi coke moonie connection 20020728              - noname43.html.".
20020728             the bush nazi coke moonie connection alfatomega.com/noname43.html
20030422—20020728    —DATE THE—BUSH—NAZI coke moonie connection alfatomega.com/noname43.html
20040719—20040726    —AM, Demnach soll 1—BERATER aus dem Weißen Haus dem Geheimdienstchef EHSAN—AL—HAQ bedeutet haben, "dass
20040719—20040726    —AM, es das Beste wäre, wenn die Festnahme oder die Tötung eines HVT (High Value Target) entweder oder 20040727              oder 20040728             —VON—PAKISTAN bekannt gegeben würde" - die 1. drei Tage des DEMOKRATEN—PARTEITAGS in BOSTON.
20040728             —ONTEM, o secretário de Estado das Florestas, Luís Pinheiro, admitiu que a Agência para a Prevenção de Incêndios Florestais não tem condições para trabalhar por falta de recursos financeiros e humanos.
20040728—20031000    —EM, quando foi anunciada a criação da Agência para a Prevenção de Incêndios Florestais, Luís Pinheiro disse que já era de prever que não estivesse em pleno funcionamento durante a época de fogos deste ano.
20040728             Desenvolvida pelo seu antecessor
20040728             Ministro da Agricultura elogia política de prevenção e vigilância de fogos (20040728             )
20040728             O novo ministro da Agricultura, Pescas e Florestas, Carlos da Costa Neves, elogiou hoje a política de prevenção e vigilância de incêndios do seu antecessor, que promoveu um "esforço notório".
20040728             "Ministro da Agricultura elogia política de prevenção e vigilância de fogos");
20040728             "Não posso deixar de saudar o trabalho desenvolvido pelos serviços deste ministério, em articulação com entidades actuantes", referiu.
20040728             "Os números falam por si e demonstram a prioridade que esta questão assumiu", salientou o ministro, prometendo para mais tarde a divulgação das medidas em curso.
20040728             De acordo com os últimos números disponíveis, até —DOMINGO arderam cerca de 30—MIL hectares de floresta, uma situação que levou o Governo português a pedir ajuda à União Europeia para o combate às chamas.
20040728             "Serão medidas há muito esperadas pelos portugueses", prometeu Santana Lopes, no final de um discurso de meia hora, ESCUSANDO—SE a entrar em mais pormenores.
20040728             O PRIMEIRO—MINISTRO prometeu que o Governo irá tomar decisões ao "ritmo" e à medida dos "interesses nacionais".
20040728             Durante o seu discurso, vincou a necessidade de agir em função das necessidades do povo e para o povo, afirmando que se "preocupa com o juízo do povo".
20040728             Metade do tempo gasto no discurso, feito de improviso, serviu para atacar todos os partidos da oposição, que condenou pelo facto de não terem apresentado uma proposta construtiva para incluir no programa do Governo.
20040728             "Que bem fez o Presidente da República ao escolher a actual maioria para formar Governo", disse Santana Lopes, justificando que a oposição, e em particular o PS, não está em condições para ir a eleições.
20040728             E, se houvesse eleições, o PSD ganharia, assegurou o PRIMEIRO—MINISTRO.
20040728             "O que ficou provado neste debate é que não existia alternativa a esta maioria no país, não existe alternativa no Parlamento. Não ouvi aqui ninguém dizer que no quadro deste Parlamento era possível outra maioria", sublinhou.
20040728             "O PS sabe que eu não tinha receio nenhum de eleições. Mas se fossemos a eleições os senhores PERDÊ—LAS—IAM novamente", declarou depois PEDRO—SANTANA—LOPES.
20040728             Nader to Crash Dems' Party?
20040728             "I would like to see the bazaar. I'd like to see THE—ALCOHOLIC—MUSICAL—POLITICAL payoff BAZAAR—OF—ACCOUNTS—RECEIVABLE," Nader said.
20040728             "I would like to be there at the convention to watch. I will try to get credentials… I may try as 1 syndicated columnist, which I've been —FOR—35—YEARS. LET—SEE if they are against reporters".
20040728             "BEIJING Tests WASHINGTON—RESOLVE in EAST—ASIA" : CHINA last week conducted its 8. annual military exercises in THE—TAIWAN Strait, on 1—ISLAND—ONLY—174—MILES from TAIWAN—TERRITORY.
20040728             —CONSISTED—OF, The exercises, some 18,000 CHINA—TROOPS, involving land, air and sea maneuvers.
20040728             —ANNOUNCED, BEIJING quite bluntly, that THE—PURPOSE—OF—THE—EXERCISES was to simulate 1—INVASION—OF—TAIWAN.
20040728             Putin Tells WEST—NOT to Meddle in UKRAINE:
20040728             "Their agents, both inside our countries and outside, are trying everything possible to compromise the integration between RUSSIA and UKRAINE," Putin said
20040728             Castro responds to BUSH—PROSTITUTION charges:
20040728             CUBA—LEADER says PRESIDENT is 'sinister'
20040728             Bush Took Quote OUT—OF—CONTEXT, Researcher Says : Student whose paper on Castro was used in 1—SPEECH is 'annoyed.' He says THE—PRESIDENT misconstrued THE—CUBA—LEADER—STANCE.
20040728             —MISSED, In case you, it?:
20040728             The Bush Dynasty and THE—CUBA—CRIMINALS:
20040728             New book reveals links of 2—PRESIDENTS and THE—GOVERNOR—OF—FLORIDA with exiled hardliners
20040728             S.: Review Panels No Fix for GUANTANAMO : THE—PENTAGON—NEW—TRIBUNALS to review combatant status will not give detainees at GUANTANAMO 1—FAIR—OPPORTUNITY to challenge their detention,
20040728             Human Rights Watch said today.
20040728             USA—NAVY preps 'Gestapo' server removal : THE—NAVY—NAME—CHOICE for the server was certainly not the best.
20040728             It's uncomfortable enough for some to see the reference to Nazi GERMANY—POLICE—FORCE and even more uncomfortable to think this is the monicker given to some kind of Muslim journalist snoop system.
20040728             Another Lie.
20040728             More WILL—DIE?: Bush Floats War Against IRAN : Failing to stamp passports is commonplace.
20040728             Yet the Bush Administration, operating on the assumption that most Americans don't know that, is floating THE—POSSIBILITY—OF—WAR against IRAN based on that innocuous practice.
20040728             "The threats by THE—USA and ISRAEL against IRAN contravene INTERNATIONAL law".
20040728             PAUL—KRUGMAN: FEAR—OF—FRAUD: Why should anyone trust their verdict on the integrity of voting machines, when another convenient mistake could deliver 1—REPUBLICAN victory in 1—HIGH—STAKES—NATIONAL—ELECTION?
20040728             GOVERNOR—JEB—BUSH takes back good move on voting : Now it looks as if THE—GOVERNOR simply sees political benefit in keeping people off the voting rolls.
20040728             —MISSED, In case you, it:
20040728             HAIL To The Thief : GREG—PALAST: BBC Investigation Into How Voter Data Was Used To Prevent Democrats From Voting In The Last PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTIONS.
20040728             Lost Record '02 FLORIDA Vote Raises '04 Concern : Almost all the electronic records from the 1. widespread USE—OF—TOUCH—SCREEN voting in MIAMI—DADE County have been lost, stoking concerns that the machines are unreliable as THE—PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION draws near.
20040728             Opium trade booms in 'BASKET—CASE' AFGHANISTAN : The opium harvest in AFGHANISTAN this year will be 1—OF—THE—BIGGEST on record, the Foreign Office said yesterday + it has triggered 1—FLOOD—OF heroin on BRITAIN—STREETS.
20040728             Sheila Samples: I know you are but what am I?
20040728             Journalism is now totalitarian propaganda driven by corporate agenda.
20040728             —SPIRITED, TODAY—JOURNALISM—WORLD is unfriendly, mean, partisan -- and destructive.
20040728             An EXCUSE—SPOUTING Bush Is Busted by 9/11—REPORT : Busted!
20040728             —INTERRUPTED, Like 1—TEENAGER whose beer bash is, by his parents' early return home, PRESIDENT—BUSH—NEARLY 3—YEARS—OF—BRAGGING about his "war on terror" credentials has been exposed by the bipartisan 9/11—COMMISSION as nothing more than empty posturing.
20040728             BUSH—9/11—FARCE : —3—YEARS—AFTER the events of 20010911              -- the biggest intelligence failure in USA—HISTORY -- and after his own administration went to war for reasons that did not exist, THE—PRESIDENT has ordered his crack staff to see which of 20040911             —THE commission's recommendations can be implemented fast and without congressional approval.
20040728             —OPPOSED, Bush, you will recall, THE—CREATION—OF—THE—COMMISSION in the 1. place.
20040728             9/11: Did Musharraf know?
20040728             —ADMITTED, As MANY—EXPERTS in THE—USA—ITSELF have, the Taliban was under THE—CONTROL—OF—PAKISTAN—ISI.
20040728             It had MANY—SERVING and retired officers of THE—PAKISTAN army serving in it.
20040728             —STAFFED, THE—TALIBAN—INTELLIGENCE SET—UP was largely, by serving and retired officers of THE—ISI.
20040728             Islamic Charity Says F.B.I. Falsified Evidence Against It : A shuttered Islamic charity in DALLAS, accused of being 1—FINANCIAL—FRONT for MIDDLE—EAST—TERRORISTS, charged —MONDAY that the Federal BUREAU—OF—INVESTIGATION falsified evidence and "fabricated 1—CASE" against it in 1—EFFORT to show that it financed Palestinian SUICIDE—BOMBERS.
20040728             Afghans Move Closer To MULLAH—OMAR—CAPTURE:
20040728             The recent CAPTURE—OF—KEY—RELATIVES and aides to MULLAH—MOHAMMED—OMAR, the fugitive LEADER—OF—THE—TALIBAN, is enabling USA and AFGHANISTAN—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIALS to tighten the net around him
20040728             Who is a Terrorist?
20040728             Under the cover of "war on terror", THE—USA and its "coalition" of lackeys are conducting 1—WAR—OF—INJUSTICE, abuse of human rights and atrocities of enormous magnitude against defenceless people + in violation of INTERNATIONAL laws and norms of civilized nations.
20040728             Asserting this war has made us safer won't make it so : So how are we safer?
20040728             —INVADED, If we hadn't, IRAQ, perhaps vicious crazed Iraqis would be conducting suicide attacks on AMERICA as they were before 9/11, right?
20040728             IRAQ—POLICE—FACE—CHARGES—OF—BRUTALITY : The Intelligence Service has its own secret prison.
20040728             The police arrest the innocent, beat them + imprison them without charge;
20040728             and in at least 1—CASE, police shot dead 1—INNOCENT bystander.
20040728             No OFFERS—OF—TROOPS to Protect UNITED—NATIONS Staff in IRAQ : ''We have had no concrete OFFERS—OF—TROOPS from ANY—COUNTRY,'' A—UNITED—NATIONS—SPOKESMAN told IPS.
20040728             —SUFFERED, Saddam could die before his trial : Saddam Hussein has, 1—STROKE, his lawyers said today.
20040728             Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavio
20040728             r: PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH is taking powerful ANTI—DEPRESSANT drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned
20040728             —COMMITTED, Iraqis accuse UK—TROOPS—OF—WAR—CRIMES : UK—TROOPS, "war crimes" in POST—WAR—IRAQ, unlawfully killing civilians and beating and torturing prisoners in their custody, lawyers for the victims have alleged.
20040728             UK troops held torture contests, IRAQ—CLAIMS : A HOTEL worker who says he witnessed UK—TROOPS beating his friend to death in IRAQ spoke yesterday of being subjected to "torture competitions" at THE—HANDS—OF—THE—ARMY.
20040728             The Plaintiffs allege that they or their decedents, while forcibly detained under USA custody in IRAQ, were unlawfully tortured by agents or EMPLOYEES—OF—THE—DEFENDANTS, who were under contract with THE—USA—GOVERNMENT
20040728             THE—USA—ARMY—NEEDS A Few Good Ideas:
20040728             $200—MILLION Ad Campaign Must Lure Recruits in WARTIME—THE real reasons Bush went to war:
20040728             WMD was the rationale for invading IRAQ.
20040728             But what was really driving THE—USA were fears over oil and THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—DOLLAR
20040728             —MISSED, In case you, it: The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With IRAQ:
20040728             A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth
20040728             Millions in USA—PROPERTY lost in IRAQ, report says:
20040728             Halliburton Co. has lost $18.6—MILLION—OF—GOVERNMENT—PROPERTY in IRAQ, about a 3. of the items it was given to manage, including trucks, computers and office furniture, government auditors claim
20040728             —GRANTED, Why THE—USA, 'protected' status to IRAN—TERRORISTS:
20040728             THE—USA—STATE—DEPARTMENT officially considers 1—GROUP—OF—3,800—MARXIST—IRAN—REBELS—WHO once killed several Americans and was supported by Saddam Hussein - "terrorists".
20040728             Republicans produce video capturing KERRY—EVOLUTION on IRAQ in his words:
20040728             Video and TEXT—WHAT would Kerry do?
20040728             A MAJORITY—OF—THE—AMERICANS who plan to vote for JOHN—KERRY in November assume that he will pull USA—TROOPS out of IRAQ quickly if he becomes PRESIDENT + is only refusing to say so now to avoid being vilified by the Republican machine for failing to support USA—SOLDIERS in action overseas.
20040728             But it is possible that he actually means what he says.
20040728             Democratic Delegates Differ with Kerry on IRAQ : MANY—DELEGATES at THE—DEMOCRATIC—NATIONAL—CONVENTION appear to be at odds with the man they hope to put into THE—WHITE—HOUSE on whether AMERICA should have gone to war in IRAQ.
20040728             'Parade' Snags GENERAL—FRANKS for Interview on IRAQ:
20040728             Franks, according to Parade, "believes that 5—YEARS is 1—REALISTIC timeline for THE—USA to be involved in IRAQ".
20040728             Human Rights Horrors in HAITI : "Morgue employees from THE—GENERAL—HOSPITAL in Port au PRINCE have revealed that 800—BODIES on —SUNDAY, 20040307              + another 200—BODIES on —SUNDAY, 20040328              were dumped and buried in 1—MASS—GRAVE at Titanyen.
20040728             Num comunicado sobre o Dia Nacional da Conservação da Natureza, a LPN afirmou existir uma "perda de influência" do Ministério do Ambiente, lançando mesmo a acusação de que a política pública de conservação da natureza se encontra "praticamente extinta no país".
20040728             Nachdem es 19970000              nur 5,6 Millionen Aktionäre in Deutschland gab, war die Zahl der Aktienbesitzer zur Jahresmitte 20010000              zeitweilig bis auf 13,4 Millionen emporgeschnellt.
20040728             Die dramatischen Kurseinbrüche hätten Privatinvestoren aber dauerhaft verschreckt.
20040728             "Die Enttäuschung über die Kursverluste sitzt tief", weiß DAI—LEITER Rüdiger von Rosen.
20040728             540.000—DEUTSCHE verkaufen ihre Aktien
20040728             Aufschwung hin, Kaufkurse her: Immer weniger Deutsche mischen an der Börse mit.
20040728             Allein im letzten halben Jahr sank die Zahl der Aktionäre um mehr als eine halbe Million.
20040728             Anuncia a DIRECÇÃO—GERAL de Saúde
20040728             Calor: Alerta laranja levantado face à melhoria da situação climática
20040728             - 21:44) "Sociedade/71379","Calor: Alerta laranja levantado face à melhoria da situação climática");
20040728             Serviço desmente razões económicas
20040728             SNBPC: PORTUGAL recusou meios aéreos estrangeiros por razões técnicas - 21:07) "Sociedade/71378","SNBPC: PORTUGAL recusou meios aéreos estrangeiros por razões técnicas");
20040728             Incêndio em Almodôvar e Loulé centra as atenções
20040728             Ministro da Agricultura elogia política de prevenção e vigilância de fogos - 18:41) "Politica/71370","Ministro da Agricultura elogia política de prevenção e vigilância de fogos");
20040728             Sessão de encerramento do debate sobre o programa do Governo
20040728             Santana Lopes promete primeiras medidas do Governo para SEXTA—FEIRA
20040728             AMBIENTE—MINISTÉRIO anuncia investimentos de sete milhões de euros na conservação da natureza
20040728             O Ministério do Ambiente e do Ordenamento do Território anunciou hoje ter previsto um investimento de sete milhões de euros em estudos e acções de conservação da natureza
20040728             De acordo com o SNBPC, durante o dia de hoje foram registados outros incêndios nos distritos de Beja, BRAGA, Bragança, Castelo Branco, COIMBRA, Faro, Leiria, LISBOA, Portalegre, PORTO, Setúbal, Viana do Castelo, Vila Real e Viseu que já foram dados como extintos.
20040728             Os bombeiros e a Protecção Civil relembram que não é permitido FAZER—SE queimadas, fogueiras, lançar foguetes, fumar ou fazer lume nas áreas florestais e aconselham a limpeza das matas em torno das habitações.
20040728             Mais de 700—BOMBEIROS combatem sete fogos em todo o país 20:37)
20040728             Sete incêndios florestais estavam activos às 19h20 em oito distritos um pouco por todo o país, envolvendo mais de 700—BOMBEIROS no combate às chamas, anunciou o Serviço Nacional de Bombeiros e Protecção Civil (SNBPC).
20040728             "Mais de 700—BOMBEIROS combatem sete fogos em todo o país");
20040728             A situação mais preocupante continua a ser o incêndio localizado nos concelhos de Almodôvar, distrito de Beja, e em Loulé, distrito de Faro, que está a ser combatido por 352—BOMBEIROS, 98—VIATURAS, quatro aerotanques pesados, três helicópteros bombardeiros pesados, um helicóptero bombardeiro médio, um helicóptero de coordenação da Força Aérea e sete máquinas de rasto.
20040728             Stichtag:
20040728             Die Nachrichten aus Russland verpassten der gerade begonnenen Erholung an den Aktienmärkten einen empfindlichen Dämpfer.
20040728             Der stark anziehende Ölpreis drückte Dow Jones und Nasdaq Composite in die Verlustzone und sorgte dafür, dass der Dax seine frühen Gewinne bis zum Nachmittag fast vollständig wieder abgab.
20040728             Putin schlägt ZU—ROSNEFT könnte kaufen
20040728             Zugleich mehrten sich Signale, dass der Staatskonzern Rosneft mit Hilfe des Kremls bei dem zu erwartenden Verkauf der JUKOS—AKTIVA zum Zuge kommen könnte.
20040728             Nach Einschätzung von Marktbeobachtern stellt Präsident Wladimir Putin in diesen Tagen die Weichen für den Ausverkauf von Jukos.
20040728             Die Ernennung des engen PUTIN—VERTRAUGEN IGOR—SETSCHIN zum Aufsichtsratsvorsitzenden des JUKOS—KONKURRENTEN Rosneft erhöhe die Sorge, dass JUKOS—AKTIVA billig verkauft werden könnten, schreibt die ALFA—BANK.
20040728             Auch der weltweit größte Gaskonzern Gasprom wird von einem Vertrauten Putins aus S—PETERSBURGER—ZEITEN, Alexej Miller, geführt.
20040728             NEW—YORK/ MOSKAU—DIE JUKOS—AFFÄRE trieb den Ölpreis in NEW—YORK heute auf einen neuen Höchststand.
20040728             Der Septemberfuture für einen Barrel (159—LITER) der Sorte LIGHT—SWEET—CRUDE kletterte in der Spitze bis auf 42,45 USA—DOLLAR.
20040728             Damit wurde die alte Rekordmarke von Anfang Juni mit 42,38 Dollar übertroffen.
20040728             Zuvor hatten die russischen Behörden den Förderbetrieb Juganskneftegas beschlagnahmt und weitere ÖL—VERKÄUFE von dort aus mit sofortiger Wirkung verboten.
20040728             Der Betrieb in Westsibirien fördert 61—PROZENT des gesamten JUKOS—ÖLS und verfügt über 70—PROZENT der Reserven.
20040728             Außerdem sollen die Gerichtsbeamten Jukos praktisch verboten haben, weiter seinen Geschäften nachzugehen.
20040728             Nach Angaben der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters bezieht sich das Verkaufsverbot insgesamt auf vier Tochterfirmen des Konzerns.
20040728             Diese förderten insgesamt 1,7 Millionen Barrel Erdöl pro Tag.
20040728             Dabei handelt es sich um eine beträchtliche Menge.
20040728             Zum Vergleich: Die Gesamtförderung der größten Erdölnation SAUDI—ARABIEN beläuft sich auf rund 8,6 Millionen Barrel pro Tag.
20040728             JUKOS—AFFÄRE treibt Ölpreis auf Rekordniveau
20040728             Gerichtsvollzieher haben den wichtigsten JUKOS—FÖRDERBETRIEB Juganskneftegas angewiesen, den Verkauf von Öl sofort einzustellen.
20040728             Damit wird sich der größte russische Ölexporteur nicht mehr lange halten KÖNNEN—MIT bösen Folgen für den Weltmarkt.
20040728             SEAMOLE—LOG... 20031021             —61730—PM: Yes, I said " Coup ".
20040728             EDWARD—LUTTWAK—CLASSIC Coup d ' État : A Practical Handbook defines a coup as follows:
20040728             Radio Martí Observer - 20021100              Archive... MANIPULATION—OF—THE—PERSON—OF—THE—RULER.' EDWARD—LUTTWAK, Coup d ' État : A Practical Handbook.
20040728             (RMO) - FERNANDO—ROJAS (CHIEF—OF—STAFF and.
20040728             sandiego.indymedia_org | Monkey Business... such as neurotic academic attack poodles like my family's associate, "ISRAELI—AMERICAN" EDWARD—LUTTWAK (AUTHOR—OF—COUP D ' ETAT : A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK and other...
20040728             A-list message, Re: [A-List] How to Control People (Oil War)... EDWARD—LUTTWAK, Coup d ' État, A Practical Handbook, Harvard UNIVERSITY—PRESS, 19790000              p.27 Rule Number 1: Be economical with the truth Last —WEDNESDAY Her...
20040728             Citizens for Legitimate Government, Bush Election Coup 20000000              2K... Excerpts From Coup d ' Etat : A Practical Handbook By EDWARD—LUTTWAK;
20040728             A blacklist burning for Bush The more you look the more disbarred and 'disappeared' Gore...
20040728             The Mystique of AirpowerThe Airpower Professional... Coup d ' État : A Practical Handbook by EDWARD—LUTTWAK.
20040728             • Covert GERMANY—REARMAMENT, 1919—1939: Deception and Misperception by Barton Whaley.
20040728             The Fringe Speaks Out... FORMER—NSC, STATE—DEPARTMENT and CIA analyst and consultant EDWARD—LUTTWAK in his classic 19680000              Òcoup manualÓ Coup d ' Etat : A Practical Handbook, states that...
20040728             RECOVERED HISTORY: Tales from the memory hole. The Progressive.
20040728             COUPS D ' ETAT.
20040728             Excerpts from Coup d ' Etat : A Practical Handbook by EDWARD—LUTTWAK;
20040728             THE—ORIGINS—OF—THE—USA—MILITARY—COUP—OF—20120000              by CHARLES—J—DUNLAP, JUNIOR... prorev_com/recovered.htm
20040728             Information Headquarters: Coup d'Žtat... As EDWARD—LUTTWAK remarks in his Coup d'Žtat: A practical handbook : "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical SEGMENT—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS...
20040728             Scoop: SRA Commentary: How to Control People... to displace the government from its CONTROL—OF—THE—REMAINDER".
20040728             - EDWARD—LUTTWAK, Coup d ' État, A Practical Handbook, Harvard UNIVERSITY—PRESS, 19790000              p.27.
20040728             Election, What
20040728             Well, according to EDWARD—LUTTWAK, AUTHOR—OF—COUP D ' etat : A Practical Handbook, "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical segment of the...
20040728             WorldNetDaily: NEO—CRAZY—COUP d'etat... Well, according to EDWARD—LUTTWAK, AUTHOR—OF " Coup D ' etat : A Practical Handbook," "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical segment of the...
20040728             Excerpts From Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook... ++.
20040728             Excerpts From Coup d ' Etat : A Practical Handbook By EDWARD—LUTTWAK.
20040728             (Harvard UNIVERSITY—PRESS, 19680000             .
20040728             Subliminal NEWS—EXCERPTS from 'Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook...
20040728             Coup D'Etat: A Practical Handbook
20040728             —DISPATCHED, Availability: usually, within 4 to 6—WEEKS.
20040728             Please note that titles occasionally go out of print or publishers run OUT—OF—STOCK.
20040728             Free UK delivery on orders over £25 with Super Saver Delivery.
20040728             SEE—DETAILS & conditions
20040728             This HARD—TO—FIND title is subject to 1—ADDITIONAL handling charge of £1.99—PER item (excluding VAT).
20040728             A reader, LONDON—UK, 20011007              - Very insightful
20040728             —GEARED, An outline of planning Coup DE—ETATS—ALTHOUGH, towards being 1—PRATICAL handbook is insightful for STUDENTS—OF—HISTORY since it helps to explain why coups go wrong.
20040728             This book is "1—OF—1—KIND" and well worth READING—WHETHER you want to plan 1—COUP or not.
20040728             an intelligence coup
20040728             ANY—SEIZURE—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS by EXTRA—LEGAL—TACTICS may be considered 1—COUP, according to Luttwak.
20040728             Coup d'état - A coup d'état (IPA: /ku? det??/ ), often simply called 1—COUP, is the sudden overthrow of 1—GOVERNMENT, usually done by 1—SMALL—GROUP that just replaces the top power figures.
20040728             —STAGED, It is different from 1—REVOLUTION, which is, by 1—LARGER—GROUP and radically changes the political system.
20040728             The term is French for "1—SUDDEN—STROKE, or blow, of 1—NATION".
20040728             The term coup can also be used in 1—CASUAL—SENSE to mean 1—GAIN in advantage of 1—NATION or entity over another;
20040728             e.g. 1—INTELLIGENCE coup.
20040728             —APPLIED, By analogy, the term is also, to corporations, etc; e.g. 1—BOARDROOM coup.
20040728             Tactically, 1—COUP usually involves CONTROL—OF—SOME active PORTION—OF—THE—MILITARY while neutralizing the remainder of 1—COUNTRY'S armed services.
20040728             This active group captures or expels leaders, seizes physical CONTROL—OF—IMPORTANT—GOVERNMENT—OFFICES, MEANS—OF—COMMUNICATION + the physical infrastructure, such as streets and power plants.
20040728             The coup succeeds if its opponents fail to dislodge the plotters, allowing them to consolidate their position, obtain the surrender or acquiescence of the populace and surviving armed forces, and claim legitimacy.
20040728             Coups typically use the power of the existing government for its own takeover.
20040728             AS—EDWARD—LUTTWAK remarks in his Coup d'état: A practical handbook : "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical SEGMENT—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS, which is then used to displace the government from its CONTROL—OF—THE—REMAINDER".
20040728             —ORGANIZED, In this sense, USE—OF—MILITARY or other, force is not the defining feature of 1—COUP d'état.
20040728             AS—EDWARD—LUTTWAK
20040728             remarks in his Coup d'état: A practical handbook : "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical SEGMENT—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS, which is then used to displace the government from its CONTROL—OF—THE—REMAINDER".
20040728             HISTORY—COUPS have long been PART—OF—POLITICAL—TRADITION.
20040728             Indeed,Julius Caesar made 1—COUP and was the victim of another coup.
20040728             MANY—ROMAN—EMPERORS, such as Claudius, came to power in coups.
20040728             —BENEFITED, Modern dictators such as JUAN—PERÓN also, from coups.
20040728             —OCCURRED, In the late 19010101—20001231    —CENTURY coups, most commonly in developing countries, particularly in Latin AMERICA (BRAZIL, CHILE), AFRICA and ASIA (PAKISTAN), but also in the Pacific (FIJI) and in EUROPE (GREECE, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, SOVIET—UNION).
20040728             —SINCE the 1980s, the coup has been seen somewhat less frequently.
20040728             A significant reason is the general inability to resolve the economic and political problems of developing nations, which has made armed forces, particularly in Latin AMERICA, much more reluctant to intervene in politics.
20040728             Coups d'état have often been 1—MEANS for powerful nations to assure favorable outcomes in smaller foreign states.
20040728             In particular, THE—USA—CIA and Soviet KGB were well known for engineering coups in states such as CHILE and AFGHANISTAN.
20040728             Such actions are substitutes for direct military intervention which can be kept secret from the domestic public to prevent their interference.
20040728             —ACCUSED—OF, The governments of FRANCE and BRITAIN have been, engineering coups as well.
20040728             New STYLES—OF—COUPS
20040728             —DECLINED, In recent years, the traditional military coup has, massively in use.
20040728             —TODAY, even AFRICA, once the most COUP—PLAGUED continent on earth, rarely experiences 1—VIOLENT overthrow of 1—EXISTING regime.
20040728             A new, more contemporary FORM—OF—MILITARY—INTERVENTION which some regard as 1—COUP d'état is simple THREAT—OF—MILITARY—FORCE to remove 1—PARTICULARLY unpopular leader.
20040728             —OCCURRED, This has, twice in THE—PHILIPPINES.
20040728             In contrast to previous coups d'état, the military does not directly assume power, but rather serves as 1—ARBITER for civilian leaders.
20040728             In recent years mass street protests have also often been able to force leaders from office in 1—COUP—LIKE fashion.
20040728             In situations of this sort, such as in ARGENTINA (20010000             ), BOLIVIA (20030000             ) and HAITI (20040000             ) popular uprisings simply forced the sitting PRESIDENT to resign his office, causing someone new to assume the presidency.
20040728             This often results in 1—PERIOD—OF—STABILITY and calm, in which 1—UNKNOWN and uncontroversial VICE—PRESIDENT can rule the nation until new elections can be held.
20040728             TYPES—OF—COUPS
20040728             Breakthrough coups are generally led by NCOs or junior officers and only happen once.
20040728             —DESCRIBED, GUARDIAN COUPS—THESE coups have been, as musical chairs.
20040728             The stated aim of this FORM—OF—COUP is to improve public order, efficiency, or to end corruption.
20040728             There is usually no fundamental shift in THE—STRUCTURE—OF—POWER.
20040728             MANY—NATIONS with GUARDIAN coups undergo MANY—SHIFTS between civilian and military governments.
20040728             Examples include PAKISTAN, TURKEY, and THAILAND.
20040728             Veto COUPS—THESE coups occur when the army vetoes mass participation and social mobilization.
20040728             In these cases the army must confront and suppress LARGE—SCALE and BROAD—BASED opposition and as 1—RESULT they tend to be repressive and bloody.
20040728             Coups can also be classified by THE—LEVEL—OF—THE—MILITARY that leads the coup.
20040728             Veto coups and GUARDIAN coups tend to be led by senior officers.
20040728             Breakthrough coups tend to be led by junior officers or NCOs.
20040728             In cases where the coup is led by junior officers or enlisted men, the coup is also a
20040728             mutiny which can have grave implications for the organizational STRUCTURE—OF—THE—MILITARY.
20040728             There is also 1—CATEGORY known as bloodless coups in which the mere THREAT—OF—VIOLENCE is enough to force the current government to step aside.
20040728             —CALLED, Bloodless coups are so, because they involve no violence and thus no bloodshed.
20040728             The term SELF—COUP is used when the current government assumes extraordinary powers not allowed by the legislation.
20040728             An example is Alberto Fujimori in PERU, who was democratically elected, but later took CONTROL—OF—THE—LEGISLATIVE and judicial powers.
20040728             POST—MILITARY—COUP governments
20040728             —AFTER the coup, the military is faced with THE—ISSUE—OF—THE—TYPE—OF—GOVERNMENT to establish.
20040728             LATIN, AMERICA, it was common for THE—POST—COUP—GOVERNMENT to be led by 1—JUNTA, 1—COMMITTEE—OF—THE—CHIEFS—OF—STAFF—OF—THE—VARIOUS armed forces.
20040728             A common form of African POST—COUP—GOVERNMENT is the revolutionary assembly, 1—QUASI—LEGISLATIVE—BODY—MADE—OF—MEMBERS elected by the army.
20040728             PAKISTAN, the military leader typically assumes THE—TITLE—OF—CHIEF martial law administrator.
20040728             According to Huntington, most coup leaders act under THE—CONCEPT—OF—RIGHT—ORDERS : they believe that the correct approach to government is to issue correct orders.
20040728             This VIEW—OF—GOVERNMENT underestimates the difficulty in implementing government policy and THE—AMOUNT—OF—POSSIBLE—POLITICAL—RESISTANCE to certain orders.
20040728             Important coups in the 19010101—20001231    —CENTURY: 19170000             : February Revolution and October Revolution in RUSSIA 19230000             : The Beer Hall Putsch, 1 failed coup attempt by Adolf Hitler in GERMANY 19260000             :
20040728             Coup of Jozef Pilsudski in POLAND 19320000             :
20040728             Coup in GREECE 19360000             :
20040728             PART—OF—THE—ARMY seizes CONTROL—OF—PARTS—OF—SPAIN commencing THE—SPAIN—CIVIL—WAR.
20040728             Sowohl in Südfrankreich als auch in PORTUGAL und Spanien treiben Winde die Flammen voran.
20040728             Zudem herrschen derzeit auf der Iberischen Halbinsel Temperaturen von mehr als 40—GRAD Celsius.
20040728             Die Hitzewelle soll noch bis mindestens morgen andauern.
20040728             Kritisch ist die Situation auch an der portugiesischen ALGARVE—KÜSTE.
20040728             Nach Informationen des Rundfunks frisst sich bei Loulé nahe Faro ein großes Feuer durchs Unterholz.
20040728             In der Nacht brach auch in einem Nationalpark nahe BRAGA im Norden Portugals Feuer aus.
20040728             Nach Angaben des Zivilschutzes brennt es gleichzeitig an 572—ORTEN in 14—VON 18—REGIONEN.
20040728             Mehr als 7000—FEUERWEHRLEUTE, Soldaten und Helfer sind im Einsatz.
20040728             Nach Angaben der portugiesischen Behörden sind Touristen nicht in Gefahr.
20040728             In vielen Fällen wird Brandstiftung als Ursache der Feuer vermutet.
20040728             Rund 250—FEUERWEHRLEUTE und Helfer sind im Einsatz.
20040728             Sie werden von einem Dutzend Löschflugzeugen UND—HUBSCHRAUBERN unterstützt.
20040728             Das Feuer war von einem Anwohner verursacht worden, der Plastikmüll verbrannt hatte.
20040728             Drei weitere Waldbrände wurden aus Galicien im Nordwesten Spaniens gemeldet.
20040728             Neue Theorie: Ozonloch war größter Killer der Erdgeschichte
20040728             Vor 250—MILLIONEN Jahren kam es zum größten Massensterben der Erdgeschichte.
20040728             Einer neuen Theorie zufolge haben gewaltige Vulkanausbrüche die Ozonschicht derart beschädigt, dass bis zu 90—PROZENT aller TIER—UND Pflanzenarten aussterben konnten.
20040728             mehr...
20040728             Privater Weltraumflug: "X-Prize" soll im Oktober abgeräumt werden
20040728             Medizin: Chirurgen formen Brüste aus Bauchfett
20040728             GEN—DATENBANK: Arche Noah im Tiefkühlfach
20040728             T-hack": Telekom gesteht Sicherheitsprobleme ein
20040728             Die Telekom hat Berichte des Chaos Computer Club (CCC), nach dem es massive Sicherheitslücken bei der Verwaltung der Kundendaten der ONLINE—DIENSTE der T-Com gegeben habe, teilweise bestätigt.
20040728             Die Dienste sind bis auf weiteres ABGESCHALTET—UND rund 120.000—KUNDEN aufgerufen, ihre Passworte zu ändern.
20040728             Dokumentation "DDR privat": Eine Übung für den Ernstfall
20040728             Amateuraufnahmen ambitionierter Hobbyfilmer gehören zum festen Handwerkszeug des historischen Dokumentaristen.
20040728             Auch der MDR bedient sich für seine DOKU—REIHE "DDR privat" aus dem Fundus der privaten Videos.
20040728             Die Filme selbst sind erhellend und authentisch, allein das Drumherum des ARD—SENDERS riecht verdächtig nach Ostalgie.
20040728             Geheimdienstbericht: IRAN versucht ATOMBOMBEN—BESTANDTEIL zu kaufen
20040728             IRAN will nach Angaben aus Geheimdienstkreisen in Russland Deuterium kaufen, das Bestandteil von Atombomben ist.
20040728             Bundesaußenminister Fischer warnte unterdessen die Regierung in Teheran vor einer Kehrtwende in der Nuklearpolitik.
20040728             Kursfrust: 540.000—DEUTSCHE verkaufen ihre
20040728             Verkaufsstopp in Russland: JUKOS—AFFÄRE treibt Ölpreis auf Rekordniveau
20040728             PORTUGAL und Spanien: Wälder stehen in Flammen - 1. Todesopfer zu beklagen
20040728             DONNER PARTY" - Spuren von USA—KANNIBALEN gefunden Sie sind die berühmtesten Kannibalen der USA: die Siedler der "Donner Party", die im Winter 1846/1847—AUF dem Weg nach Westen im Schnee stecken blieben und ihre Toten aßen, um nicht zu verhungern.
20040728             Archäologen glauben nun, Reste des grausigen Geschehens gefunden zu haben.
20040728             DEFINITION—OF—COUP DE—ÉTAT—WORDIQ Dictionary & Encyclopedia
20040728             As EDWARD—LUTTWAK remarks in his Coup d ' état : A practical handbook : "A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical SEGMENT—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS...
20040728             In his study, Luttwak writes that while 1—COUP may have CHARACTERISTICS—OF—OTHER, more violent FORMS—OF—EXTRA—LEGAL—SEIZURE—OF—POWER, "the coup is not necessarily assisted by either THE—INTERVENTION—OF—THE—MASSES, or, to ANY—SIGNIFICANT—DEGREE, by MILITARY—TYPE—FORCE".
20040728             But if 1—COUP does not use warfare or 1—MASS uprising to seize control, then where does it get the power to do so?
20040728             "The short answer," Luttwak says, "is that the power will come from the state itself...
20040728             A coup CONSISTS—OF—THE—INFILTRATION—OF—1—SMALL but critical SEGMENT—OF—THE—STATE—APPARATUS, which is then used to displace the government from its CONTROL—OF—THE—REMAINDER".
20040728             Normally, 1—COUP does not seek to destroy the basic structure of the existing government, which is more typical of 1—REVOLUTION or 1—WAR for liberation.
20040728             Instead, Luttwak explains, those undertaking 1—TRUE—COUP d'etat "want to seize power within the present system + [they] shall only stay in power if [they] embody some new status quo supported by those very forces which 1—REVOLUTION may seek to destroy".
20040728             In other words, the coup takes ADVANTAGE—OF—THE—GOVERNMENTAL—STRUCTURE itself, as well as the bureaucratic nature of modern governments.
20040728             —ESTABLISHED, There is 1, hierarchy, 1 accepted CHAIN—OF—COMMAND, and standard procedures that are followed when instructions come down this pipeline.
20040728             So long as the instructions come from the appropriate source or LEVEL—OF—AUTHORITY, they will almost always be followed even if from 1—NEW + illegitimate, HOLDER—OF—THAT—AUTHORITY.
20040728             What is 1—COUP d'Etat?
20040728             Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook was WRITTEN—BY—EDWARD—LUTTWAK, 1—CONSERVATIVE—SCHOLAR with 1—LONG—CAREER in the national security system.
20040728             —DURING THE—REAGAN—ERA, he served as a "consultant" to the National Security Council and THE—STATE—DEPARTMENT.
20040728             Currently, Luttwak is senior fellow of "Preventive Diplomacy" at the Center for Strategic and INTERNATIONAL Studies, 1—WASHINGTON THINK—TANK with close ties to USA—INTELLIGENCE.
20040728             PRESIDENT—BUSH [BGW968] is taking powerful ANTI—DEPRESSANT drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression + paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.
20040728             —ADMINISTERED, The prescription drugs, by COLONEL—RICHARD—J—TUBB, THE—WHITE—HOUSE—PHYSICIAN, can impair THE—PRESIDENT—MENTAL faculties + decrease both his physical capabilities + his ability to respond to 1—CRISIS, administration aides admit privately.
20040728             "It's 1—DOUBLE—EDGED sword," says 1—AIDE.
20040728             "We can't have him flying off the handle at the slightest provocation but we also need 1—PRESIDENT who is alert mentally".
20040728             "Keep those motherfuckers away from me," he screamed at 1—AIDE—BACKSTAGE.
20040728             "If you can't, I'll find someone who can".
20040728             Bush [BGW968] 's mental stability has become the topic of WASHINGTON whispers 20040728              in recent months.
20040728             REDMOND—DER größte Softwarekonzern weltweit zählt derzeit 57.000—MITARBEITER, 28.000—ANGESTELLTE tummeln sich rund um den Hauptsitz Redmond im USA...
20040728—17990000    —ACCEDED, Napoleon, to the power that way (the coup of 18—BRUMAIRE).
20040728—19110000    —IN, Examples include CHINA and
20040728—19560000    —IN, EGYPT.
20040728—19680000    —IN, 1—OF—THE—LANDMARK STUDIES—OF—THE—MECHANICS—OF—COUPS d'etat was 1. published by Harvard University.
20040728—19730000    —IN, Examples include CHILE and
20040728—19750000    —IN, ARGENTINA.
20040728—19790000    —FROM—THE, Page citations are paperback edition.).
20040728—19980000    —IN, Hence, in contrast to past crises, the armed forces have sat on the sidelines through economic crises such as the Asian crisis in THAILAND or THE—ARGENTINA—CRISIS—OF—20020000              and
20040728—19990000    —IN, have tended to act only when the military perceives itself as institutionally threatened by the civilian government, as occurred in PAKISTAN.
20040728—19990000    —IN, More recently, PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF—OF—PAKISTAN came to power in such 1—MANNER.
20040728—20000000    —MITTE, FRANKFURT am MAIN—DER große Crash der TECH—AKTIEN kam, die Zahl der Aktionäre aber stieg noch 1—ZEIT lang weiter.
20040728—20010000    —MITTE, Rückläufig ist sie erst SEIT—SEITDEM aber kontinuierlich.
20040728—20020000    —OCCURRED, An abortive and botched veto coup, in VENEZUELA.
20040728—20030000    THROUGH, Using video clips of Kerry discussing IRAQ on various talk shows, the Republican National Committee has put together an 11-minute video that traces how Kerry struggled with the issue of IRAQ and early 20040000              as he competed for — and finally won — the Democratic presidential nomination.
20040728—20040708    —PRESCRIBED, Tubb, THE—ANTI—DEPRESSANTS after 1—CLEARLY—UPSET—BUSH [BGW968] stormed off stage refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive KENNETH—J—LAY.
20040801             Public Address 20040728              - Responses
20050728             in 1—SMALL—NON—DESCRIPT courtroom on FORT—STEWART, GEORGIA, 1—COURT—MARTIAL is scheduled to begin.
20050728             Again.
20050728             1—ARMY—NCO who decided that he had no choice but to make 1—CONSCIOUS—CHOICE—NOT to return to war is being put on trial for caring about humanity.
20050728             Fahndung: Weitere Festnahmen in Ägypten
20050728             TERROR—FAHNDUNG: Mutmaßlicher Drahtzieher der Londoner Anschläge in Sambia gefasst
20050728             Sensationeller Fund: Älteste Dinosaurierbabys der Welt entdeckt
20050728             PAKISTAN: Verdächtiger im Mordfall DANIEL—PEARL gefasst
20050728             Schäuble bei Bush: 45—MINUTEN für Merkels Gesandten
20050728             "Discovery": SHUTTLE—PANNEN gefährden ESA—PROJEKTE
20050728             Irak: USA sollen Wahlen manipuliert haben
20050728             Chronologie: Die blutige Spur der IRA
20050728             Raumfähre "Discovery": SHUTTLE—BESATZUNG an Bord der ISS
20050728             Dokumentensicherheit: Scanner erkennt gefälschte Papiere
20050728             Zentralrat der Juden: PAUL—SPIEGEL übt Kritik an Benedikt XVI.
20050728             Renten: Versicherer beziffern die Lücke auf 2,5 Milliarden Euro
20050728             Ermittlungen in LONDON: SCOTLAND Yards wichtigster Zeuge
20050728             Benedikts 1. 100—TAGE: Nummer 16—SCHWEIGT
20050728             Nordirland: Blair würdigt Friedenserklärung der IRA
20050728             NATO—ANGRIFF auf Serbien: Deutschland entgeht Entschädigungszahlungen
20050728             Diktaturen: Polen zieht Botschafter aus Weißrussland zurück
20050728             UNO—REFORM: Berlusconi will auch in den Sicherheitsrat
20050728             CASSINI—FOTOS: Mondfalten als Zeichen der Jugend
20050728             Nordirland: IRA schwört bewaffnetem Kampf ab
20050728             HESSEN: Zweijähriger überlebte tagelang allein im Wald
20050728             SHUTTLE—MANÖVER: "Discovery" sicher an ISS angedockt
20050728             Berlusconi auf Schuldsuche: "Prodis Euro hat uns alle abgezockt"
20050728             Unwetterkatastrophe: Hunderte Tote in Indien
20050728             Terrorangst in LONDON: "Das sind keine Amateure"
20050728             Halbjahresbilanz: Kräftige Gewinnsteigerung bei der Deutschen Post
20050728             Notfallplan: Rettungsshuttle soll am Boden bleiben
20050728             Polen: Konflikt mit Weißrussland spitzt sich zu
20050728             Quartalszahlen: Deutsche Bank übertrifft alle Erwartungen
20050728             Großbritannien: Bombenfund deutet auf schlagkräftige Terrorzelle hin
20050728             Virologie: Forscher finden HERPES—REZEPTOR
20050728             Unwetter: Orkanartige Stürme fegen über Deutschland hinweg
20050728             Aktienoptionen: RWE—CHEF kassiert zusätzliche Millionen
20050728             Altersvorsorge: Rentenloch viel größer als erwartet
20050728             UNO—REFORM: Italien soll Albanien unter Druck gesetzt haben
20050728             USA—VISITE: Bush schenkt Schäuble 45—MINUTEN
20050728             Umweltschutz: USA legen alternatives KYOTO—KONZEPT vor
20050728             UNO—REFORM: JAPAN droht mit Kürzung seiner Zahlungen
20050728             2004062426_Report In der irischen Hauptstadt DUBLIN demonstrierten am —FREITAG rund Zehntausend...
20051009             Common Stock|Pacific Coast Apparel Company, INCORPORATED Common Stock|20050729             |1-10000000              R/S **|||u 20050728162859       —1—|S2|TWOG|AKOL|
20060728             Economic REPORT—WAGE—GROWTH has been weaker than thought
20060728             WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- THE—GROWTH—OF—EMPLOYEE—COMPENSATION, already thought to be the slowest in ANY—POST—WWII. recovery, has been even weaker than previously assumed, the Commerce Department said —FRIDAY.
20060728             Read THE—REST—OF—THE—STORY
20060728             Do shifting foreign appetites for USA—DEBT threaten the economy?
20060728             WAL—MART—REALITY check: Tough climate in overseas markets
20060728             Hot weather signals hot commodity prices
20060728             Financials weigh heavy among CANADA—BIGGEST stocks
20060728             THE—4—SECRETS—MEN harbor that sabotage their investments
20060728             TARGET—DATE—RETIREMENT—FUNDS have some holes
20060728             USA—STOCKS end higher; S&P 500 has best week in over 3—YEARS
20060728             Wage growth has been weaker than thought
20060728             JOE—LIEBERMAN learns 1—OF—LIFE—LESSONS
20060728             A loophole on Roth IRA conversions
20060728             Immediate Action: Depleted Uranium Situation Worsens — DOCTOR—DOUG—ROKKE, PhD.,
20060728             DAY 18: AUDIO: "Crisis in THE—MIDDLE—EAST" — ANDERSON COOPER 360—REPORTS:,
20060728             This is insane! This is psychological warfare!
20060728             Re: CFR #8102: Building A NORTH—USA—COMMUNITY — Keystone State,
20060728             wanta — Keystone State,
20060728             Babylon is Burning — The Shan,
20060728             kingstrust_NET—ENENKIO_org — ROBERT MOORE,
20060728             Ziophobia — JOHN—KAMINSKI,
20060728             What WE Can Do For AMERICA — MICHAEL—TREIS,
20060728             AGENT X PROVIDES THE—CLUE — Camilo H. Tapia,
20060728             The biggest financial story in history — Rebublic Broadcasting Network,
20060728             Chemical in Drinking Water Causes Cancer — By JOHN HEILPRIN,
20060728             "Senate and House leaders have made plans to adopt vastly SCALED—BACK—VERSIONS" of their lobbying reform packages.
20060728             I'm happy where things are right now," said PAUL—MILLER, PRESIDENT—OF—THE—AMERICAN—LEAGUE—OF—LOBBYISTS.
20060728             $1,318: THE—PROFITS—EARNED every 2. by Exxon
20060728             in the 2. quarter, "topping forecasts" but coming in "just shy of 1—RECORD".
20060728             The " TIDE—OF—PUBLIC opinion across the Arab world is surging behind" Hezbollah, turning the group's leader Nasrallah "into 1—FOLK hero".
20060728             —CRITICIZED, JORDAN + SAUDI—ARABIA, which initially had, the group, are now publicly "
20060728             scrambling to distance themselves from WASHINGTON.
20060728             —HEIGHTENED, PRESIDENT—BUSH—MEETING with USA—IDOL finalists at 1—MOMENT—OF, tensions in THE—MIDDLE—EAST "demonstrate[s] 1—LACK—OF—SERIOUSNESS".
20060728             DARRELL—WEST, 1—POLITICAL—SCIENTIST at Brown University: "There's the risk that people will ask, '
20060728             Doesn't this guy have something better to do?
20060728             Shouldn't he be solving foreign crises?'"
20060728             USA SERGEANT—LEMUEL—LEMUS has said in 1—SWORN statement that he was given 1—ORDER to "kill all MILITARY—AGE—MEN" during 1—RAID in BAGHDAD by 1—COLONEL and 1—CAPTAIN.
20060728             —REFUSED, THE—COLONEL, Lemus' commanding officer, has, to testify at ANY—STAGE—OF—THE—COURT—MARTIAL, a "
20060728             very rare " occurrence.
20060728             —REPORTED, The Commerce Department, today that the " GROWTH—OF—EMPLOYEE—COMPENSATION, already thought to be the slowest in ANY—POST—WWII. recovery, has been even
20060728             weaker than previously assumed.
20060728             00.0000.2003-20050000              -BETWEEN—AND the end OF—COMPENSATION grew 1—MERE 2.3 %.
20060728             The Bush administration "should immediately abolish all secret detention + secret detention facilities,"
20060728             according to a - new report by THE—UNITED—NATIONS, citing the administration's failure to allow Red Cross observers access to the prisoners.
20060728             The military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is becoming "1—VERY—EFFECTIVE
20060728             WEAPON—OF—VENGEANCE
20060728             —AFTER public criticism of its management of the disastrous Big Dig project in BOSTON, THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT is now dropping contracting giant Bechtel from 1—PROJECT to build 1—HIGH—TECH—CHILDREN'S—HOSPITAL in IRAQ "after the project fell nearly 1—YEAR behind schedule and exceeded its expected cost by as much as 150 %".
20060728             Libanon: Uno fordert Feuerpause
20060728             Börsenschluss: Dax und Dow auf Klettertour
20060728             Libanon: 180—ISRAELISCHE Angriffe in 24—STUNDEN
20060728             —FROM If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates, by Jim Hightower:
20060728             Bush Plays Ball.
20060728             Meet 1—OF—GEORGE—SPECIAL buddies: RICHARD—RAINWATER.
20060728             HE—LITTLE known outside the rarefied world of high finance, but to those denizens he's considered 1—FINANCIAL wizard and 1 skilled corporate deal maker.
20060728             Having been 1—BRIGHT—WALL—STREETER at Goldman Sachs, then having made 1—BUNDLE handling investments for the gabillionaire Bass FAMILY—OF—FORT Worth,
20060728             he subsequently amassed his own portly portfolio, now owning such properties as Pioneer Oil Company, the huge COLUMBIA/HCA Healthcare corporation + the sprawling Crescent Real Estate empire, which has billions invested in HIGH—RISE—OFFICE—BUILDINGS, golf courses + other developments.
20060728             HE—ALSO into casinos, costume jewelry, HEALTH—FOOD—RESTAURANTS + 1—JOINT—VENTURE with the Chinese called Richina (Richard, rich, CHINA...get it?
20060728             Cute). - Bottom line is he now ranks among THE—100—RICHEST—PEOPLE in AMERICA, with 1—NET worth in the neighborhood of 1—BILLION + 1—HALF bucks.
20060728             Along the way to that posh neighborhood, he got cozy with THE—PRESIDENT—BOY, who had not amounted to much and showed little promise.
20060728             —AFTER 1—STINT in the National Guard (he helped defend HOUSTON during THE—VIETNAM War), Bush spent MANY—YEARS developing his partying skills, gaining the nicknames of "Boosto" + "The Bombastic Bush kin" along the way.
20060728             With 1—LITTLE—HELP from Daddy and DADDY—FRIENDS, GEORGE—W went into the oil business, but failed.
20060728             —WHEN Rainwater entered his life, Bush wasn't doing anything but hanging around his daddy's WHITE—HOUSE.
20060728             —WATERED, To flower, EVERY—BUSH—NEEDS to be properly, + Rainwater was just what "Junior" needed to grow into real wealth and to gain that "successful businessman" image that later allowed him to run for GOVERNOR—OF—TEXAS.
20060728             Over the past decade, Rainwater has put Bush into oil deals, real estate investments + other business schemes, with the result that, as R.G. Ratcliffe of THE—HOUSTON Chronicle reports, RICHARD—RAINWATER "is largely responsible for BUSH—WEALTH".
20060728             —DURING DUBYA—1. term as GOVERNOR he had 1—ACTIVE and ongoing relationship with Hicks and Rainwater to the advantage of all 3—MEN.
20060728             —WHILE not proving a QUID—PRO—QUO, here's what "HOUSTON Chronicle" reporter R.G. Ratcliffe found (19980816              ):
20060728             1. Bush proposed that the state consider privatizing state mental hospitals, which "could have benefitted Magellan Health Services, INCORPORATED.. controlled by RICHARD—RAINWATER," who at that time was CO—PARTNER—OF—THE—TEXAS—RANGERS (not in 1—BUSH—BLIND—TRUST) and PRESIDENT—OF—CRESCENT—REAL—ESTATE—EQUITIES (in 1—BUSH—BLIND—TRUST).
20060728             2."[Dem candidate for GOVERNOR] GARRY—MAURO claims Bush vetoed the Patient Protection Act 00.000.l995 because it would have affected the profits of 1—MAJOR—HOSPITAL—CHAIN that Rainwater controlled".
20060728             3. Bush endorsed 1—PROPERTY—TAX—REFORM—BILL that would have saved 1—RAINWATER investment company $2.5—MIL in school property taxes.
20060728             4. BUSH—SIGNED legislation will provide a $10—MILLION—BONUS to TEXAS Rangers partners when 1—DALLAS arena is built.
20060728             5. This arena will also enhance the worth of THOMAS—HICKS ' hockey team.
20060728             Further, Hicks bought THE—TEXAS Rangers from the Bush partnership.
20060728             6."In THE——6—MONTHS—AFTER that bill was signed, BUSH—POLITICAL—FUND received $37,000—FROM Hicks, $ll,000—FROM Crescent PRESIDENT—HADDOCK + $5,000—FROM ROSS—PEROT, JUNIOR... majority owner of THE—DALLAS Mavericks basketball team".
20060728             Crescent owns 1—SHARE—OF—THE—MAVERICKS.
20060728             7.Hicks is THE—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS—INVESTMENT—MANAGEMENT—CO. which manages the Permanent UNIVERSITY—FUND.
20060728             —INVESTED, Nearly $9—MILLION—OF—THE—PUF has been, in RAINWATER—CRESCENT—EQUITIES.
20060728             CONASON—INVESTIGATION—OF—GOVERNOR—BUSH, his past employer + the money men who determine the use of the vast FUNDS—OF—THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS should not end 19950000             .
20060728             The relevant committee that THE—BOARD—OF—REGENTS uses to decide upon how THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS invests its billions is run by billionaire TOM—HICKS, 1—BUSH appointee who was DUBYA—MAJOR—CAMPAIGN contributer to his
20060728             —BY JERRY—POLITEX, —WEDNESDAY, 20060112             —900—P.m. ET
20060728             Bush tells folks outside of TEXAS that if they don't know what he's capable of doing, they should just come down to TEXAS and look around.
20060728             Then they'd know.
20060728             —DISMAYED, Some are, by what they've found.
20060728             —ON  —MONDAY we wrote that in the February issue of "Harper's" JOE—CONASON'S will "report that scant weeks after Dubya was sworn in as 1.—TERM TEXAS GOVERNOR
20060728             CNN'S—BROOKS JACKSON cuts to the chase and arrives at some telling conclusions about how GEORGE made his Bush bucks: "Bush started in THE—TEXAS oil business, after Yale University and Harvard Business School.
20060728             —INVESTED, Wealthy family friends and others, millions with him, but with poor results.
20060728             A
20060728             2. What GEORGE does to make 1—BUSH buck is called "Crony Capitalism" by commentator Jim Hightower.
20060728             Case in point: DUBYA—FINANCIAL—RELATIONSHIP with RICHARD—RAINWATER during his tenure as TEXAS GOVERNOR.
20060728             Rainwater 's "1—BILLIONAIRE speculator and money manager who ranks among the wealthiest 100—AMERICANS.
20060728             It's well known that Rainwater has been 1—MAJOR—FINANCIAL—BACKER—OF—BUSH—POLITICAL—CAREER, but it's 1—LITTLE—KNOWN fact that he's also largely responsible for BUSH—PERSONAL—WEALTH.
20060728             HE—PUT Bush into various profitable deals, from oil and gas to real estate, but the big 1 was THE—TEXAS Rangers baseball franchise".
20060728             Rainwater + Bush sold the baseball team to another TEXAS high roller + Bush campaign contributer, billionaire TOM—HICKS.
20060728             But their relationship didn't stop there.
20060728             —WHEN Bush became Guv 19950000             , he put all but his TEXAS Rangers stock into 1—BLIND—TRUST managed by--surprise--Rainwater.
20060728             Hightower implies the financial relationship wasn't a 1—WAY—STREET: "Bush is nothing if not loyal to Rainwater, who has done very nicely while his pal has been GOVERNOR.
20060728             —ENJOYED, Among the favors Rainwater has :
20060728             *State buildings sold to RAINWATER—REAL estate company at bargain basement rates;
20060728             *State college and public school funds invested in RAINWATER—COMPANY;
20060728             *A BUSH—SPONSORED tax cut that failed, but would have cut millions in annual taxes for Rainwater ;
20060728             and - *A STADIUM—FINANCING bill backed by Bush that gave a $10—MILLION—BONUS—PAYMENT to 1—RAINWATER company".
20060728             Politex, 19990500             . - HOW BUSH REALLY MADE HIS MILLIONS, PT.
20060728             3.
20060728             MUCH—OF—THE—INFORMATION in parts 1 and 2—OF—THIS series can be traced back to 1—SERIES—OF—RESEARCH—PIECES by R. G. Ratcliffe published last August in THE—HOUSTON Chronicle.
20060728             —ASKED, Ratcliffe reports that when GEORGE was, to comment upon various state actions such as his administration's relationships with Rainwater, "Bush angrily denied ANY—COLLUSION or CONFLICTS—OF—INTEREST, saying, 'I didn't - I swear I—DIDN'T—GET into politics to feather my nest or feather my friends' nests....
20060728             ANY—INSINUATION that I have used my office to help my friends is simply not true.'"
20060728             THE—TEXAS Observer's
20060728             "While specific state transactions might indeed be subject to CONFLICT—OF—INTEREST—INQUIRIES, the state policies Ratcliffe DESCRIBES—PRIVATIZATION;
20060728             regressive taxation; state subsidies + tax abatements for corporations;
20060728             the systematic USE—OF—PUBLIC—RESOURCES for the benefit of private POWER—REPRESENT not 1—CONFLICT, but 1—CONFLUENCE—OF—INTERESTS, between the state's major business entities and the politicians they support and underwrite.
20060728             The fact that among those entities are corporations and businessman with whom Bush himself has done particular DEALS—WELL, that's not corruption, exactly.
20060728             It's just business as usual".
20060728             —CONCLUDED, If nothing else, Ratcliffe, in his HOUSTON Chronicle pieces, "1—PATTERN emerges: When 1—BUSH is in office, BUSH—BUSINESS—ASSOCIATES—BENEFIT".
20060728             KING goes on in his TEXAS Observer story to furnish some examples of the social, political + financial relationships between Bush + his associates:
20060728             "The partners who helped Bush dig himself OUT—OF—THE—OIL—PATCH (WILLIAM—DEWITT + Mercer Reynolds of Spectrum 7) are among the investors gathered into the group who made 1—BUNDLE in THE—TEXAS Rangers deal.
20060728             (Another noteworthy Rangers investor was FRED—MALEK, once 1—CAMPAIGN—MANAGER for BUSH—FATHER, but most famous for dutifully fulfilling PRESIDENT—RICHARD—NIXON—DEMAND for 1—LIST—OF—JEWS then employed at THE—BUREAU—OF—LABOR—STATISTICS.)
20060728             RICHARD—RAINWATER + his PARTNER—EDWARD "Rusty" Rose were also brought into THE—TEXAS Rangers deal, to 1—HANDSOME—RETURN + under the Bush administration, their companies came to benefit from the investment POLICIES—OF—THE—TEACHER—RETIREMENT—SYSTEM, the Permanent School Fund + the Permanent UNIVERSITY—FUND.
20060728             —BY the way, the Permanent UNIVERSITY—FUND is managed by THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS—INVESTMENT—MANAGEMENT—COMPANY, whose chairman is TOM—HICKS, now owner of THE—TEXAS Rangers (purchased from the Bush partnership) - also 1—MAJOR—REPUBLICAN donor and 1—MEMBER—OF—THE—U.T. BOARD—OF—REGENTS, whose chairman is DONALD—EVANS, TREASURER—OF—THE—BUSH—CAMPAIGN.
20060728             Funny how things work out".
20060728             Politex, 19990500             .
20060728             TEXAS Rangers Bush lent his name;
20060728             billionaire RICHARD—RAINWATER + THE—TEXAS taxpayers made him rich.
20060728             "But Bush + his partners weren't satisfied lining their pockets with average Texans' HARD—EARNED cash.
20060728             —WANTED, They, land around the stadium to further boost its value.
20060728             —ORCHESTRATED, To that end, they, 1—LAND grab that shortchanged local landowners by several million dollars". (CHARLES—LEWIS/Center for Public Integrity, "THE—BUYING—OF—THE—PRESIDENCY", excerpts at TOM—PAINE,
20060728             THE—NOW—DEFUNCT Lone Star Casino Corp. Was the 1. LAND—BASED casino company on Tinian.
20060728             —OWNED, It had been, by United Gaming, 1—OF—THE—NATION—LARGEST—OWNERS—OF—VIDEO poker + other electronic gaming machines, 1—COMPANY controlled by 1—TEXAN named RICHARD—RAINWATER.
20060728             Who is RICHARD—RAINWATER ?
20060728             At least 60—PERCENT—OF—GEORGE—W—BUSH—INCOME in the year he 1. ran for TEXAS GOVERNOR came from businesses he invested in with FORT—WORTH financier RICHARD—E—RAINWATER, records show.
20060728             Rainwater was the major investor behind GEORGE—W—BUSH—PURCHASE—OF—THE—TEXAS Rangers.
20060728             He was also 1—OF—BUSH—BIGGEST campaign supporters.
20060728             F - rom Oil to Baseball To THE—GOVERNOR—MANSION
20060728             MISTER—BUSH—CAREER with the Rangers baseball team, for example, is likely to come under intense scrutiny in the next 12—MONTHS.
20060728             Source: WALL—STREET Journal
20060728             —FROM HARPER—MAGAZINE
20060728             ENRON—FROM - THE—BUYING—OF—THE—PRESIDENT (19960000              ed), regarding contributions to Republican candidate, Phil Gramm:
20060728             THE—NAME—OF—1—COMPANY in particular might have caught WENDY—GRAMM—ATTENTION: Enron....
20060728             —BASED, It's 1—FAIRLY large company, in HOUSTON.
20060728             Of all the companies that wrote to THE—CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) seeking the exemption (of energy derivative contracts from federal regulation), Enron was the biggest donor to Gramm campaigns, giving $34,100 over the years.
20060728             —AFTER taking actions that led to the exemptions from regulation, WENDY—GRAMM (wife of Phil Gramm and chosen by RONALD—REAGAN to HEAD—THE—CFTC 19870000             ) resigned on
20060728             —BEFORE COLUMBIA + HCA merged, GEORGE—W—BUSH—SUPPORTER—RICHARD—RAINWATER put in about $125,000 in COLUMBIA and $15—MILLION in HCA.
20060728             Ranger GEORGE
20060728             Dirty Money, Dirty Politics and BISHOP—ESTATE—PART I
20060728             Dirty Money, Dirty Politics and BISHOP—ESTATE—STEALING—THE—LEGACY—OF—1—HAWAIIAN PRINCESS—SIGHTINGS from The Catbird Seat ~ o ~ PART I - The Stealing Begins....
20060728             —FROM THE—START—OF—HIS—CAREER, Lampert has sought out HIGH—POWERED mentors.
20060728             At various stages he worked with FORMER—GOLDMAN Sachs & Co. (GS ) HEAD—ROBERT—E—RUBIN, economics Nobelist JAMES—TOBIN + investor RICHARD—RAINWATER.
20060728             Rubin, now at Citigroup (C ), was taken by his SELF—ASSURANCE, independence + discipline when Lampert worked for him at Goldman after graduating from Yale University.
20060728             —WHEN Lampert, then 25, told him he was leaving to start his own fund, the future Treasury SECRETARY argued that he was forfeiting 1—GOLDEN—CAREER.
20060728             "He had 1—CLEAR—EYED VIEW—OF—THE—RISK he was taking and the likelihood he would succeed," Rubin recalls.
20060728             "I'd say it worked".
20060728             All these questions led to some 30—YEARS—OF—RESEARCH into THE—CIA, drugs + clandestine operations.
20060728             —BASED, This in other words is 1—RESEARCH—PATH, on more direct "primary sources" unlike MANY—WHO relied on ANTONY—SUTTON—1980'S books on the subject.
20060728             Interestingly, Milligan only found ANTONY—SUTTON—BOOK on Skull and Bones
20060728             Bush JUNIOR—SKELETON—CLOSET
20060728             Sex, Drugs and Rock 'N Roll Sources
20060728             "The smut monger's scoop", by HARLEY—SORENSON, S—FRANCISCO—EXAMINER, 20001030             20060728             "RICHARD—RAINWATER: The invisible man behind 1—OF—THE—YEAR—BIGGEST deals",
20060728             —BY JOHN—MORTHLAND, TEXAS Monthly, 19960900             20060728             —TRIPLED, Junior, his investment, like the other owners, with the help of
20060728             massive government intervention and subsidies.
20060728             But his real wealth came from simply being given 10—PERCENT—OF—THE—TEAM as a "bonus" for "putting together the investment team".
20060728             Even if he really had done that work, it's 1—ABSURD—BONUS ($12.2—MILLION), but the fact is that he didn't add much.
20060728             Cincinatti financier WILLIAM—DEWITT brought Bush in, not vice versa, shortly after GEORGE—BUSH—SENIOR was elected PRESIDENT.
20060728             (DeWitt had also invested in JUNIOR—OIL companies.).
20060728             The only investor Bush actually brought in was Roland Betts, 1—YALE fraternity brother + that wasn't good enough.
20060728             Under JUNIOR—MANAGEMENT, the deal was about to fall apart until baseball commissioner PETER—UEBBEROTH brought in another investment group led by FORT—WORTH Billionaire RICHARD—RAINWATER + DALLAS investor "Rusty" Rose.
20060728             —SINCE the deal, both men have profited greatly from business with THE—TEXAS ADMINISTRATION—OF—GEORGE—BUSH, JUNIOR Rose personally invested $3.2—MILLION + became the other general MANAGER—OF—THE—TEAM.
20060728             Under the team partnership agreement, Bush Junior couldn't take any "material actions" without ROSE—PRIOR approval.
20060728             There was also 1—METHOD for removing Junior as 1—GENERAL—PARTNER, but no way to remove Rose.
20060728             Yet Rose's "bonus" for his role in setting up the deal was less than HALF—OF—JUNIOR'S.
20060728             What KIND—OF—OWNERS would approve such 1—BIG payoff to Bush ?
20060728             In addition to Rose and Rainwater, men with business pending before TEXAS government, the owners included WILLIAM—DEWITT + Mercer Reynolds, major contributors to PRESIDENT—BUSH who had also purchased JUNIOR—FAILING oil company through their Spectrum 7—ENERGY—COMPANY.
20060728             If this deal doesn't smell bad enough already, consider BUSH—BLATANT hypocrisy.
20060728             The main VALUE—OF—THE—TEAM is its new stadium (ranked by Financial World as the most profitable in baseball) + 300—ACRES—OF—VACANT—LAND the team owns between the stadium + 6—FLAGS—OF—TEXAS, which is next door.
20060728             Corruption in TEXAS Government;
20060728             State $ to Big Contributors BUSH—ADMINISTRATION has consistenly shoveled large AMOUNTS—OF—STATE controlled money to men who have either contributed large amounts to BUSH—CAMPAIGN, or who have made Junior personally rich through
20060728             sweet insider business deals, or both.
20060728             For example, THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS ' Investment Management Company (UTIMCO) invests $1.7—BILLION—OF—STATE—MONEY.
20060728             —DISCOVERED, MOST—OF—THIS comes from profits from oil, on TEXAS state land.
20060728             —CONTROLLED, BUSH—CRONIES dominate this board + in return investment funds, by these very cronies or their friends have received nearly a 3. -- $457—MILLION -- of that massive investment pool.
20060728             —CREATED, There may even be more, but this obscure group --, under Bush -- cloaks its operations in 1—THICK—VEIL—OF—SECRECY.
20060728             UTIMCO—CHAIRMAN, TOM—HICKS, now owns THE—TEXAS Rangers ;
20060728             his PURCHASE—OF—THE—TEAM made GOVERNOR—BUSH 1—VERY—RICH—MAN.
20060728             Furthermore, Hicks + his brother gave $146,000 to the Bush campaign.
20060728             In return, $252—MILLION—OF—THE invested money went to funds run by Hicks ' business associates or friends, according to THE—HOUSTON Chronicle.
20060728             —INSISTED, Hicks even, that UTIMCO increase by $10—MILLION 1—INVESTMENT with 1—FUND that he had 1—INDIRECT—FINANCIAL—INTEREST in, but UTIMCO staff halted funding after they discovered the conflict.
20060728             Then there's Sam and CHARLES—WYLY, the billionaire brothers who secretly bought $2.5—MILLION—OF "independent" TV ads slamming McCain just before the critical Super —TUESDAY primaries.
20060728             ( They have also given HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—DOLLARS to Bush JUNIOR—GOVERNOR and presidential campaigns.)
20060728             —RECEIVED, They control Maverick Capital, 1—INVESTMENT—FUND that, $90—MILLION—OF—UTIMCO money.
20060728             The brothers earn nearly $1—MILLION in fees alone from that money, along with 1—SHARE—OF—ANY—PROFITS.
20060728             THE—WOODLANDS—GEORGE—P—MITCHELL, Chairman and CEO—OF—MITCHELL—ENERGY & Development Corp, founded "The Woodlands" a 25,000-acre planned community located 25—MILES—NORTH—OF—HOUSTON.
20060728             —NOW, Bush owned THE—TEXAS Rangers as PART—OF—1—SCHEME put together by his old buddy RICHARD—RAINWATER, part of which involved abusing THE—EMINENT—DOMAIN laws to force DOZENS—OF—ARLINGTON—AREA—RESIDENTS to sell their land and homes to RAINWATER—OUTFIT for the creation of The Ballpark at ARLINGTON.
20060728             —SINCE 1—GOOD—PORTION—OF this properly never wound up as PART—OF—THE—BALLPARK, Rainwater made 1—TIDY sum selling the excess land for 1—GOOD—DEAL than he paid for it.
20060728             But Clary and his wife Pat, so far as I can see, are among the few civilians on THE—USS—GREENEVILLE who weren't Texans, oil/energy people and/or 1—DONORS to GEORGE—W—BUSH and/or THE—REPUBLICAN—PARTY.
20060728             1989
20060728             —INAUGURATED, Bush.
20060728             Aides tell the press that the new administration would rather "stay 1—STEP behind than be 1—STEP ahead".
20060728             Bush authorizes CIA support to NORIEGA—OPPOSITION, giving Noriega an excuse to annul PANAMA—ELECTIONS.
20060728             Bush claims executive privilege to avoid testifying in THE—OLIVER—NORTH—TRIAL, thus becoming 1. PRESIDENT to use this power to keep his acts as VICE—PRESIDENT under wraps.
20060728             —2—MONTHS—AFTER his father's inauguration, GEORGE—W—BUSH announces that he and 1—SYNDICATE—OF—INVESTORS have purchased THE—TEXAS Rangers.
20060728             The investors are Edward "Rusty" Rose, RICHARD—RAINWATER, BILL—DEWITT, Roland Betts (1—FORMER—YALE frat brother) and TOM—BERNSTEIN (BETT—PARTNER in 1—FILM—INVESTMENT—CONCERN).
20060728             —WHILE Bush appears to lead the group, Rainwater makes clear that Rose is to control how the business is run.
20060728             —FINANCED, BUSH—STAKE in the $86—MILLION—DEAL is 2%, with a $500,000 loan from 1—MIDLAND Bank of which he had been 1—DIRECTOR and $106,000 from other sources.
20060728             Rainwater and Rose put up 14.2—MILLION, Betts and Bernstein invested about $6—MILLION and the balance comes from smaller investors and loans.
20060728             Bush will eventually sell his share for $15—MILLION.
20060728             But there is nothing from THE—DEA—NOT 1—PEEP—ABOUT an American registered plane carrying more than 1—HALF billion dollars WORTH—OF—PRODUCT destined for THE—USA.
20060728             THE—LOBBY—OF—THE—CIA, there's 1—INSCRIPTION on the wall which reads: "Ye Shall Know the Truth + the Truth WILL—SET—YOU—FREE".
20060728             If t he DEA puts 1—UP in their lobby it should say: "Mum's the word".
20060728             —POURED, Investors " money into 1—COMPANY that promised to protect airplanes from terrorism and provide HIGH—SPEED—INTERNET at 30,000—FEET".
20060728             —CALLED, In 1—BANKRUPTCY hearing, federal JUDGE—PAUL—M—GLENN, the case "murky".
20060728             "I have 1—GREAT—DEAL—OF—CONCERN about this case," JUDGE—GLENN said.
20060728             "THERE—1—GREAT—DEAL we don't know".
20060728             How come we don't got no drug lords, Daddy?
20060728             Also last week, a 2. GROUP—OF—INVESTORS, mostly from KENTUCKY, have filed 1—LAWSUIT against Sky Way in in Hillsborough County court, accusing the company and its PRINCIPALS—OF—FRAUD, civil theft and conspiracy to defraud, among other charges.
20060728             The company "shamelessly used the tragedy of 9/11 to conc20061001             —ELABORATE—SCHEME—OF—FRAUD designed to prey upon the vulnerable mind SET—OF—THE—USA—PUBLIC," the lawsuit states.
20060728             We think its 1—FAIR—QUESTION to ask: What was THE—NATURE—OF—SKYWAY—CONNECTION to RICHARD—RAINWATER + to GEORGE—W—BUSH ?
20060728             The registered owner of 1—AIRLINER caught with more than 5—TONS—OF—COCAINE had been leasing, for no EASILY—DISCERNIBLE—PURPOSE, 1—EXPENSIVE—AIRPORT—PROPERTY owned by GEORGE—W—BUSH—BIGGEST backer
20060728             SkyWay, a company with no products + thus nothing needing "repair," nonetheless
20060728             Are THE—NEO—CONS Pursuing 1—FAILED NATION—STATE—POLICY in THE—MIDDLE—EAST? -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
20060728             Bush Finds the Time to Meet with USA—IDOL—CONTESTANTS, But Not His New TEXAS Neighbor Cindy Sheehan -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
20060728             Is Anyone Fooled by BUSH—SUDDEN—ATTEMPT to COURT—MINORITIES?
20060728             Must be Election Time -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
20060728             How Republicans Use "Poison Pills" to Avoid 1—MINIMUM—WAGE—VOTE -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
20060728             Our BuzzFlash GOP HYPOCRITE—OF—THE—WEEK is the Owner of Dinosaur Adventure Land, who "maintains that as 1—MINISTER—OF—GOD, everything he owns belongs to God and he is not subject to paying taxes to THE—USA on money he receives for doing GOD—WORK".
20060728             GEORGE—W—BUSH—KIND—OF—GUY.
20060728             As MANY—BUZZFLASH Readers know, "Air AMERICA" almost didn't get off the ground.
20060728             —UNDERFINANCED, It was, and almost crashlanded.
20060728             That's why you should watch "Left of the Dial".
20060728             JOHN—DEAN knocks ?imperial presidency?: Watergate WHISTLE—BLOWER asks if USA ?is on the road to fascism' in book 7/28
20060728             Stop Here, Right Now.
20060728             If You Don't Support the New Media, Who Will?
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20060728             We Need Your Support Today.
20060728             THE—BIGOTRY—OF—THE—BUSH eviks Undermines the National SECURITY—OF—THE—USA—OF—AMERICA: Army dismisses gay Arabic linguist 8/28
20060728             PAUL—KRUGMAN: But when Orwell wrote of ?1—NIGHTMARE world in which the Leader, or some ruling clique, controls not only the future but the past,?
20060728             he was thinking of totalitarian states.
20060728             —IMAGINED, Who would have, that history would prove so easy to rewrite in 1—DEMOCRATIC nation with 1—FREE—PRESS?
20060728             BOMBSHELL: SKYWAY AND BUSH CO!
20060728             Remember the drug jet? Remember THE—DC—9 loaded up with 5.5—TONS—OF—COKE, which was discovered by MEXICO—AUTHORITIES?
20060728             —LEARNED, Remember when we, that it was owned by Skyway, 1—SCAM—COMPANY designed to bilk investors, 1—COMPANY—RUN by the (allegedly) SPOOKED—UP Kovar family?
20060728             DANIEL—HOPSICKER has tied this drug smuggling scandal directly to the immediate CIRCLE—OF—GEORGE—W—BUSH : The company which owned the seized "Cocaine 1" DC9, SkyWay Aircraft of S—PETERSBURG—FL, leased a 70,000 square foot "repair" facility at DFW Airport in DALLAS for more than $20,000 1—MONTH...in 1—BUILDING owned by 1—MAN called "GEORGE—W—BUSH—BIGGEST supporter" and "the power behind the throne" during BUSH—1. Presidential campaign.
20060728             —BACKED, Ranked among THE—100—WEALTHIEST Americans, Rainwater, GEORGE—W—BUSH in 4—SEPARATE—BUSINESS—VENTURES, including THE—TEXAS Rangers baseball team from which Bush, who had been drilling "dry holes" until then, profited handsomely.
20060728             —HEATED, In 1, 19940000              GOVERNOR—RACE, TEXAS Democratic GOVERNOR—ANN—RICHARDS charged Rainwater "owned" her Republican opponent Bush.
20060728             THERE—MORE; follow the link.
20060728             What the hell do we have to do to force the mainstream media to pay attention?
20060728             Die Wissenschaftlerin Danah Boyd, die an der BERKELEY University in Kalifornien die Entwicklungen im Netz verfolgt und erforscht, wurde in
20060728             ihrem Blog deutlicher: "Weil dies sowohl Schulen als auch Bibliotheken betrifft, wird es die digitale Kluft dramatisch vergrößern. Arme Jugendliche finden nur in Schulen und Bibliotheken Zugang zu solchen Seiten. Durch dieses Verbot werden arme Jugendliche keinen Zugang mehr zu den kulturellen Schöpfungen der Gegenwart bekommen".
20060728             Zudem werde das Gesetz auch Erwachsene in ihren Möglichkeiten einschränken: Viele Institutionen werden kaum in der Lage sein, unterschiedliche Rechner für MINDER—UND Volljährige zu unterhalten.
20060728             Der sehr populäre Blogger MICHAEL—ARRINGTON sekundiert auf seiner Seite
20060728             Techcrunch:
20060728             "Wenn Jugendliche diejenigen sind, die am wahrscheinlichsten neue soziale Software annehmen, dann, meine ich, wäre es im Interesse all derer, die sich für soziale Software interessieren, die Versuche der USA—REGIERUNG genau zu beobachten, Kinder davon fernzuhalten".
20060728             Auch SPIEGEL—ONLINE wäre nach dem DOPA—VORSTOß nicht mehr für Kinder und Jugendliche GEEIGNET—WEIL man auch hier im Forum Nachrichten an andere versenden und Persönliches über sich verraten kann, wenn man das möchte.
20060728             "Parteilichkeit und Panik"
20060728             Das DOPA—GESETZ ist ein klassisches Beispiel für "Sack gemeint, Esel getroffen": Der
20060728             Text (PDF) ist so schwammig formuliert, dass das halbe kommerzielle Internet künftig für all jene Jugendlichen, die auf öffentliche Internetzugänge angewiesen sind, nicht mehr erreichbar sein könnte.
20060728             Die Definition von "COMMUNITY—WEBSITE" enthält die Merkmale "kommerzieller Betreiber", "Möglichkeit, Profile anzulegen, die detaillierte persönliche Informationen enthalten", "Möglichkeit, 1—ONLINE—TAGEBUCH zu führen" und "Möglichkeit, zur Kommunikation zwischen den Nutzern".
20060728             Aufgepumpt wird sie mit ZEIT—DER Zeit, die all die COMMUNITY—MITGLIEDER da draußen investieren, um bei YouTube lustige Videos einzustellen, bei Digg_com interessante Webseiten zu empfehlen oder bei MySpace an ihrer Profilseite zu feilen.
20060728             Investiert wird diese wertvolle Zeit, die ein neues ONLINE—WIRTSCHAFTSWUNDER schaffen soll, vor allen von denen, die viel davon haben: Schülern und Studenten nämlich, die beispielsweise einen großen Teil der gen 100—MILLIONEN strebenden MYSPACE—POPULATION ausmachen.
20060728             Und gerade diese arbeitswilligen, enthusiastischen GEMEINSCHAFTS—ARBEITER im TEENAGER—ALTER will das USA—REPRÄSENTANTENHAUS nun aussperren.
20060728             Zumindest von öffentlich mitfinanzierten INTERNET—ZUGANGSSTELLEN sollen "COMMUNITY—WEBSITES" künftig nicht mehr erreichbar sein für Minderjährige.
20060728             Mit der überwältigenden Mehrheit von 410—ZU 15—STIMMEN verabschiedete das Repräsentantenhaus am Donnerstagabend den "Deleting Online Predators Act", kurz DOPA—SELTSAMERWEISE fast ohne öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit.
20060728             Während die Blogosphäre sich bereits die Finger wund tippt, um gegen das Gesetz zu protestieren, ist von den etablierten USA—MEDIEN rein gar nichts zu hören zu dem ziemlich revolutionären Vorstoß.
20060728             Das TOTSCHLAG—ARGUMENT von den pädophilen Jägern
20060728             Internet: USA—REPRÄSENTANTEN sperren Jugendliche aus dem Netz
20060728             Nahost: Bush und Blair wollen internationale Friedenstruppe schnell entsenden
20060728             Abzug des USA—GIGANTEN: Deutsche WAL—MART- Mitarbeiter müssen bangen
20060728             Angriff auf Afula: Hisbollah feuert iranische Raketen
20060728             Medienbetreuung der Hisbollah: Lasst Bilder sprechen
20060728             Medienbetreuung in ISRAEL: ALL—INCLUSIVE- Paket für Kriegsberichterstatter
20060728             UNO—MENSCHENRECHTSRAT: Schließung geheimer USA—GEFÄNGNISSE gefordert
20060728             Handys im Libanon: Psychokrieg per Telefon
20060728             Neue Reformdebatte: Arbeitslose zu Altenhelfern
20060728             17:12) - Kinderarmut: "Es gibt kaum Verständnis für Armut"
20060728             Vortrag und Gespräche: EX—AUßENMINISTER Fischer reist nach IRAN
20060728             CSU—VORSCHLAG: Langzeitarbeitslose sollen gratis arbeiten
20060728             KONGO—WAHL: Bestialischer Mord in KINSHASA—UNO- Direktor Conze besorgt
20060728             3. Minusjahr: Löhne in Deutschland schrumpfen
20060728             Südlibanon: Rakete trifft Hilfskonvoi, Uno zieht Soldaten ab
20060728             Streit vor USA—KONGRESS: Rüpeleien unter Klimaforschern
20060728             Tod von UNO—SOLDATEN: Sicherheitsrat verzichtet auf Verurteilung Israels
20060728             ISRAEL und die Uno: Eine vergiftete Beziehung
20060728             Israelische Militäroffensive: Umstrittener Erfolg im Kampf gegen die Hisbollah
20060728             Irak: USA—SOLDAT wirft Kameraden Tötung von Gefangenen vor
20060728             Deutscher unter TERROR—VERDACHT: Die Bombe im Zug
20060728             Steuergesetz 20070000             : Neue Schnüffelpläne
20060728             Hitzeopfer Firn und Frost: Die DAMOKLES—BERGE
20060728             Die Manipulation der Medien Ein wenig Ausgrabungsarbeit ist nötig.
20060728             Man muss dazu mindestens 1—STOCKWERK tiefer buddeln als bis dahin, "was jeder weiß".
20060728             DOCTOR—TIM—O'SHEA...
20060728             —HEUTE in den Feuilletons: Unheimliche Welle der Prüderie
20060728             IRAN—RESOLUTION: VETO—MÄCHTE vor Einigung
20060728             Einzelhandel: WAL—MART gibt in Deutschland auf
20060728             LEAKED MEMO: Coal Industry Coordinating Propaganda Blitz Attacking Global Warming Science
20060728             A - secret memo by the coal industry details 1 coordinated campaign to spread misinformation about global warming.
20060728             The memo expresses fear that if the government addresses climate change — through 1—CARBON—TAX or regulating greenhouse gasses — it will cut into their profits.
20060728             Their solution: "
20060728             support the scientific community that is willing to stand up against the alarmists.
20060728             " (The memo also refers to people who believe in global warming science as those "whose true motivation is to stop growth, develop renewable resources [and] discontinue THE—USE—OF—FOSSIL—FUELS, especially coal".)
20060728             But the coal utility ran up against 1—PROBLEM: there is no scientific community who agrees with them.
20060728             The memo acknowledges almost everyone who disputes global warming science have no "involvement in climatology".
20060728             —DECIDED, So they've, to lavish funding on 1—CLIMATOLOGIST who will do their bidding: Pat Michaels.
20060728             —CONTRIBUTED, The memo describes how THE—COAL—BASED utility, "
20060728             $100,000 to DOCTOR—MICHAELS this year ". It also "contacted all the [utilities] in THE—USA " asking for contributions to Michaels' research and "obtained additional contributions".
20060728             Here are 1—FEW highlights from Michaels' career:
20060728             Armitage Fears Bombing Campaign Will 'End Up Empowering Hezbollah'
20060728             RICHARD—ARMITAGE dramatically broke ranks with his neoconservative allies yesterday, saying in 1—RADIO—INTERVIEW that he feared it was impossible to eliminate Hezbollah through airstrikes + that by attempting to do so, "you're going to end up empowering Hezbollah + perhaps introducing 1—ELEMENT into the body politic in LEBANON that will take some great PERIOD—OF—TIME to recover from".
20060728             —CRITICIZED, Armitage also, the Bush administration for refusing to talk directly to Syria.
20060728             According to a database search, no major media outlets have yet printed ARMITAGE—REMARKS.
20060728             Listen :
20060728             Armitage was Assistant SECRETARY—OF—DEFENSE under PRESIDENT—REAGAN
20060728             —WHEN THE—USA—EMBASSY in LEBANON was bombed 19830000              + served as 2.—IN—COMMAND at THE—STATE—DEPARTMENT under PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH.
20060728             The Bush administration has thus far "giving 1—TACIT blessing " to the escalating Mideast violence.
20060728             —DURING crisis talks in ROME yesterday, SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE bucked the "entreaties of nearly ALL—OF—HER—EUROPEAN and Arab counterparts " to push for 1—CEASEFIRE.
20060728             Full transcript: NPR: You were 1—ASSISTANT—SECRETARY—OF—DEFENSE back 19820000             , when 1—PEACEKEEPING force was sent into LEBANON, 1—MULTINATIONAL force stationed there but ultimately forced to withdraw.
20060728             Talk to us about that + what we might draw from that.
20060728             —TROUBLED, ARMITAGE : It was 1—VERY, time, actually + sooner rather than later we became involved — or were seen as taking sides — in someone else's civil war.
20060728             And ultimately we lost 241—NAVAL and Marine personnel.
20060728             NPR: In the bombing of the…
20060728             ARMITAGE : Yes, in the October '83 bombing.
20060728             NPR: Are there parallels between that peacekeeping force and now?
20060728             ARMITAGE : Well, I remember with stunning clarity 1—OF—OUR ISRAEL—INTERLOCUTORS sitting in my office, telling me that, "Don't worry about this peace in Galilee operation. We understand our neighbors very well. We understand them better than anyone. We know all THE—DYNAMICS—OF—THE—SITUATION in LEBANON".
20060728             —TURNED, And that, out not quite to be the case.
20060728             I suspect that people in government now are also hearing that from ISRAEL.
20060728             Don't get me wrong — if I thought that this air campaign would work + would eliminate Nasrullah and the leadership of Hezbollah, I think it would all be fine.
20060728             But I fear that you can't do this from the sky + that you're going to end up empowering Hezbollah + perhaps introducing 1—ELEMENT into the body politic in LEBANON that will take some great PERIOD—OF—TIME to recover from.
20060728             NPR: An element into the body politic that as yet we do not know?
20060728             ARMITAGE : I think we do not know.
20060728             —CONCERNED, And we're not, as far as I'm, using all the levers that we have, such as having THE—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—TALK to the Syrians.
20060728             I think they want to get involved.
20060728             I think they want to become more central to 1—SOLUTION + you might as well give them the opportunity.
20060728             If they step up to it, fine.
20060728             If they don't, we'll know them for what they are.
20060728             PRINTER—FRIENDLY
20060728             REMEMBER—HIM ? THE—FBI is convinced he's 1—POTENTIAL—TERRORIST—HIJACKER, simply because he's 1—YOUNG—MUSLIM MALE.
20060728             —FROM SAUDI—ARABIA.
20060728             Who was known to get 1—LITTLE—EXCITABLE during —FRIDAY prayers.
20060728             —CRASHED, And roomed with the guy who, Flight 77—INTO the Pentagon.
20060728             —ASSUMED, Under 1, name.
20060728             To study English, which he already spoke fluently.
20060728             And immediately began applying to flight schools.
20060728             —DEPORTED, NEW—ZEALAND, him back to the Kingdom last month, where he was detained by authorities.
20060728             —RELEASED, And then, 1—FEW weeks later.
20060728             And now, wouldn't you know it, they've lost track of him.
20060728             Well. I'm sure he'll turn up.
20060728             Like the old saying goes: fish gotta swim, dogs gotta hunt.
20060728             Saudis gotta fly. Staying in IRAQ.
20060728             —DIRECTED, Faiz "Defense SECRETARY—DONALD—RUMSFELD on —THURSDAY, more than 2,500—USA—TROOPS who have spent the past year in IRAQ to stay up to 4—MONTHS—PAST—THEIR scheduled departure date, boosting THE—SIZE—OF—THE—USA—FORCE amid unrelenting violence in BAGHDAD, officials said".
20060728             SENATOR—CONRAD—BURNS (R-MT) opens fire on firefighters Payson who had come from VIRGINIA to MONTANA to put out a 92,000-acre blaze.
20060728             Burns told the firefighters, who earn $8 to $12 an hour and TIME—AND—A—HALF for overtime, they had "done 1—POOR—JOB " and "should have listened to the ranchers".
20060728             What Would It Take?
20060728             GEORGE—WASHINGTON—BLOG
20060728             —BY GEORGE—WASHINGTON—WHAT would it take to convince you that 9/11 was 1—INSIDE job?
20060728             I'm just talking hypothetically, not REAL—WORLD.
20060728             Is there ANY—PROOF, ANY—PIECE—OF—EVIDENCE, ANY—CONFESSION -- no matter how FAR—FETCHED or impossible -- which could, just hypothetically, convince you?
20060728             Confession
20060728             —RESPONDED, You might have, "confession by HIGH—LEVEL insiders".
20060728             If only such 1—CONFESSION would convince you, think about this for a 2:
20060728             —HELPED, If you, to kill 3,000—OF—YOUR own people, would you admit it?
20060728             Probably not.
20060728             That's why most criminal convictions take place in SPITE—OF—THE—FACT that the defendant strongly denies he committed the crime.
20060728             But there's enough evidence from other witnesses or the crime scene that the judge or jury finds him guilty.
20060728             Or maybe there is such strong evidence that the defendant had the motive to commit the crime -- because he would benefit handsomely from it -- that he's convicted.
20060728             You might say that 9/11 is different.
20060728             If there was 1—CONSPIRACY that big, someone would have spilled the beans by now.
20060728             Right? But that's not true.
20060728             If -- just hypothetically -- 9/11 was 1—INSIDE job, then it was carried out by 1—GROUP—OF—VERY disciplined military type folks who know how to carry out 1—MILITARY—OPERATION and keep their mouths shut.
20060728             —CARRIED, Moreover, 1—SMALL—GROUP—OF—PEOPLE could have, out 9/11.
20060728             And when you THINK—OF—CONFESSIONS, you're THINKING—OF—SMALL—TIME—CRIMINALS.
20060728             HIGH—LEVEL—CRIMINALS—LIKE the Nazi leaders didn't really confess their crimes (some did at the Nurenberg trials, but not before).
20060728             ANY—EVENT,MANY—WITNESSES who are HIGH—LEVEL—OFFICIALS + firefighters, police and FBI have come forward to testify against THE—USA—GOVERNMENT—OFFICIAL—STORY—OF how 3,000—PEOPLE were murdered on 9/11.
20060728             So can you at least consider the possibility that 9/11—MIGHT -- just possibly -- be 1—INSIDE job even if NONE—OF—THE—ACTUAL—PERPETRATORS have yet confessed?
20060728             But That's NOT POSSIBLE
20060728             Of course, it's IMPOSSIBLE that anyone in our government would do that.
20060728             We know that because we know that we're the good guys, right?
20060728             And that our government tries its hardest to protect us.
20060728             —ACCUSED—OF, Its like 1—DEFENDANT falsely, 1—CRIME.
20060728             The jury should find him innocent, because he's 1—GOOD—GUY + his life, his actions have been those of 1—BASICALLY decent guy.
20060728             Right?
20060728             It would be very different if the defendant had previously been found GUILTY—OF—SIMILAR—CRIMES.
20060728             Obviously, in that case, it would be alot more like that the defendant did it this time, too.
20060728             A good example is evil nations who have
20060728             terrorized their own people for political gain (this includes Muslim countries).
20060728             —ACCUSED—OF, If the leaders of 1—OF—THOSE countries was, 1—TERRORIST—ACT, we might think "hmmm... its possible they did it again".
20060728             Well, here's the thing.
20060728             USA—POLITICAL—LEADERS have occassionally
20060728             exaggerated military intelligence 1—LITTLE for political gain.
20060728             And, our leaders have in FACT—USED terrorism in the past.
20060728             So we can't assume, without looking at the facts of 9/11 , that this is not THE—KIND—OF—THING that our leaders would do.
20060728             What would it Really Take?
20060728             So what would it really take for you to believe 9/11 was 1—INSIDE job?
20060728             DISPROOF—OF—THE—OFFICIAL—STORY ?
20060728             Scientific experts saying it ?
20060728             Or do you just NOT want to believe it? That's okay. Admit it.
20060728             Then when you are ready, take 1—LOOK at the evidence.
20060728             —CONTAINED, You can start by actually reading the information, at the links.
20060728             Allahpundit Again Does Not Seem to Realise THE—EVIDENCE—OF—THE—CONTROLLED Demo
20060728             Hot Air " Blog Archive " Video: KEVIN—COSGROVE—911—CALL from the World Trade Center Listen to the massive rumble at THE—END—OF—THE—CALL.
20060728             —BASED, This is NOT 1—COLLAPSE, on failure of "softened" steel due to fire!
20060728             technorati tags:WTC, CD, Controlled_Demo, Phone_Call, WTC2 , Cosgrove Blogged with Flock
20060728             Allahpundit has no idea that his post is another strike against the 9/11—GOVERNMENT—STORY—HOT—AIR " Blog Archive " Good news: 9/11 -linked pilot goes missing Blogged with Flock
20060728             new articles on APFN
20060728             DAY 17: AUDIO: "Crisis in THE—MIDDLE—EAST" — Radio Your Way,
20060728             .pretext of 'SELF—DEFENSE', is immoral bullshit. xymphora: Suicide mission to fill swimming pools Blogged with Flock
20060728             'Beyond politics'
20060728             —BY DAVID—NEIWERT— 1—OF—THE—REALLY offensive ASPECT—OF—THE—RIGHT—WING DRUMBEAT—OF—ELIMINATIONISM is that so MANY—OF—ITS purveyors -- notably Rush Limbaugh and his MANY—IMITATORS, including Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin -- try to slough off CRITICISM—OF—THE—NASTINESS—OF
20060728             Jewish associations have begun to react against THE—ISRAEL—OFFENSIVE into LEBANON.
20060728             In 1—INTERVIEW—WITH—ZAMAN in BRUSSELS, Ravedovitch said that while FORMER—ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—ARIEL—SHARON committed indirect war crimes, current PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT
20060728             Haaretz News : ISRAEL says UN can't be PART—OF—PROBE—OF—DEADLY—ATTACK on post ISRAEL—UN—AMBASSADOR on —THURSDAY ruled out major UN involvement in ANY—POTENTIAL—INTERNATIONAL—FORCE in LEBANON, saying more professional and BETTER—TRAINED troops were needed for such 1—VOLATILE situation.
20060728             OSAMA—BIN—LADEN... returning to 1—SCREEN—NEAR you... Soon!
20060728             The Next Level :: View TOPIC—THE—DOGS—OF—WAR Blogged with Flock
20060728             Democratic insiders working to crush unions, limit citizens legal rights and, of course, perpetuate our CORPORATE—WRITTEN trade policy Sirotablog: Wash Post exposes real AGENDA—OF—WALL—STREET—DEMOCRATS
20060728             I was no FAN—OF—PRESIDENT—BUSH—1. ATTORNEY—GENERAL... Ashcroft Nostalgia
20060728             ASSOCIATED PRESS—CITING national security, 1—FEDERAL—JUDGE—TUESDAY threw out 1—LAWSUIT aimed at blocking AT&T INCORPORATED from giving telephone records to the government for use in the war on terror.
20060728             "The court is persuaded that requiring AT&T to confirm or deny whether it has disclosed large QUANTITIES—OF—TELEPHONE—RECORDS to THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT could give adversaries of this country valuable insight into the government's intelligence activities," USA—DISTRICT—JUDGE—MATTHEW—F—KENNELLY said.
20060728             KENNELLY—RULING was in sharp contrast to last week's decision from USA—DISTRICT—JUDGE—VAUGHN—WALKER—OF—SAN—FRANCISCO, who said media REPORTS—OF—THE—PROGRAM were so widespread there was no danger of spilling secrets.
20060728             Link
20060728             —TWISTED, Smoking Mirrors As long as certain, souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends SOME—OF—USA need to keep pointing it out.
20060728             Visible Origami is the metaphysical mirror side.
20060728             The Strange CASE—OF—DOUG Thompson and Others
20060728             Yes, I have not been around for awhile.
20060728             I've been thinking. I'm still puzzled.
20060728             I'm puzzled about Doug Thompson over at CAPITAL—HILL—BLUE;
20060728             once 1—FAIRLY entertaining source of well written commentary on administration humbuggery and various other buggeries as well.
20060728             I'm puzzled about what happened to Doug as I am puzzled about what happened to CHRISTOPHER—HITCHENS.
20060728             Hitchens also was entertaining and
20060728             This book exposes the ugly SIDE—OF—ZIONISM and ISRAEL—BLOOD and Religion: The Most Important Book You'll Read this Year
20060728             Big Brother? SHII—ROCKY—MIDDLE—PATH " Goatse now illegal in THE—USA
20060728             In —THURSDAY, 20060727              DSC, ADAM—CURRY shows his ignorance ADAM—PROFILE—PODSHOW_com
20060728             1.) He says the news media is free (as in free from propagandists' influence) in AMERICA and EUROPE.
20060728             So crazy.
20060728             2.) He says somebody should follow up with Bush 's "impromtu" comment about Hezballuh.
20060728             As usual I'm not sure which is 1—SADDER situation:
20060728             1) Adam is this clueless or 2) He is tainted by the Zionist Agenda Blogged with
20060728             Flock
20060728             NYT OP—ED talks of "Jewish bin Ladenism" By THE—USA—THINKER A NEW—YORK—TIMES OP—ED today by ABBAS—EL—ZEIN concludes:
20060728             Poisonous Tree THE—USA—STREET—CURRENT—EVENTS and progressive politics from people across THE—USA
20060728             Poisonous Tree
20060728             The Talking Dog has been putting together 1—STUNNING SERIES—OF—INTERVIEWS over the last several months.
20060728             —INTERVIEWED, He's, lawyers and clients involved most deeply in the Constitutional battle waging around GUANTANAMO and Bush CO—DRIVE to expand THE—POWER—OF—THE—EXECUTIVE.
20060728             He lists links to all the interviews in the left [...]
20060728             Bielefelder Uni täuscht die Öffentlichkeit Sara Jochmeyer Der zwischenzeitlich abhandene Generalschlüssel der Universität BIELEFELD ist zurück.
20060728             Die UNI—LEITUNG verschweigt das, hetzt weiter gegen Gebührengegner, lanciert Falschmeldungen und kriminalisiert ihre Studierenden.
20060728             The Underground Blogosphere Deep underneath the blogosphere lies 1—NETWORK that's just as big and powerful.
20060728             It has 1—LOTS—OF—PARTICIPANTS, yet it's completely invisible to those who do not blog.
20060728             It's the Underground Blogosphere.
20060728             The Underground Blogosphere is 1—INTRICATE web.
20060728             Blair set for WHITE—HOUSE—TALKS—TONY—BLAIR is travelling to THE—USA for talks with PRESIDENT—BUSH about THE—MIDDLE—EAST as fighting in LEBANON continues.
20060728             N KOREA threatens to quit talks NORTH—KOREA threatens to walk out of Asian security talks if its recent missile tests are denounced, reports say.
20060728             UN 'shock' at LEBANON bomb deaths THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL—VOICES "shock and distress" at THE—DEATHS—OF—UN—TROOPS in an ISRAEL—RAID on LEBANON.
20060728             WEST—END facing more power cuts Shops and offices in CENTRAL—LONDON face more power cuts as engineers work to fix faults in the system.
20060728             Food labels 'should list trans fats' Food labels should list dangerous fats to help reduce coronary heart disease, say scientists.
20060728             Dark skin 'does not block cancer' DARK—SKINNED people are more likely to die from skin cancer than people with fairer skin, experts warn.
20060728             Funding 1—GLOBAL—WARMING Skeptic Alarmed by "alarmist" scientists, utility companies raise big money to bankroll 1—DISSENTING voice.
20060728             Some call the doubting climatologist more lobbyist than researcher.
20060728             Rants 'n' Raves: Monitor Me Readers debate the government's right to conduct surveillance and call for more positive movie reviews.
20060728             Army to Require Trusted Platform Module in PCs
20060728             "Federal Computer Week is reporting that THE—USA—ARMY will require HARDWARE—BASED security via the Trusted Platform Module standard in all new PCs. They are 1—LARGE—ENOUGH volume buyer that this might kickstart 1—ADOPTION loop".
20060728             Treating Traumatic Stress with Videogames
20060728             "Doctors at the Virtual Reality Medical Center are using VR video games to treat POST—TRAUMATIC—STRESS—DISORDER among vets returning from IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN. The software behind the treatment incorporates elements from the military training video game Full Spectrum Warrior + had some input from DESIGNERS—OF—AMERICA—ARMY.  'DOCTOR—DENNIS—WOOD takes patients on what some might consider 1—ODD—JOURNEY. He starts off leading them to 1—MILITARY compound in FALLUJAH, IRAQ. He then guides them through an IRAQ—MARKETPLACE before they accompany 1—PATROL through IRAQ—HOMES. And if he thinks they're up to it, he may even take them onto 1—BATTLEFIELD, in THE—MIDST—OF—EXPLOSIONS and aircraft flying overhead.'"
20060728             The Challenges and Rewards of 'PLACE—SHIFTING'
20060728             "Ars Technica has 1—INSIGHTFUL—LOOK at the challenges facing PLACE—SHIFTING. The article talks about new European legislation that could require broadcast licensing for all PLACE—SHIFTING devices + they review SOME—OF—THE—FAIR—USE—PROBLEMS in THE—USA and how they could hurt innovation".
20060728             "A few cables here, 1—FEW networking adjustments there + you can use 1—PRODUCT—LIKE the Slingbox or THE—SOFTWARE—BASED Orb to watch your TV (or TiVo, or DVD player) from just about anywhere you can get 1—NETWORK—CONNECTION, be it your office, your hotel room, or the other SIDE—OF—THE—PLANET. Yet what makes PLACE—SHIFTING devices so powerful also makes them appear very dangerous to established entertainment and media companies".
20060728             —ON 1—RED—CROSS—MISSION—OF mercy when ISRAEL—AIR—FORCE came calling
20060728             Trusting THE—ISRAEL—ARMY and AIR—FORCE, which are breaking THE—GENEVA Conventions almost EVERY—DAY, is 1—DODGY business.
20060728             'Everything In My Life Is Destroyed, So I—WILL—FIGHT—THEM'
20060728             "I am in Hezbollah because I care," the fighter, who agreed to the interview on CONDITION—OF—ANONYMITY, told me.
20060728             "I care about my people, my country + defending them from the Zionist aggression".
20060728             I jotted furiously in my note pad while sitting in the back seat of his car.
20060728             —PARKED, We were, not far from Dahaya, the district in SOUTH—BEIRUT which is being bombed by ISRAEL—WARPLANES as we talk.
20060728             Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah
20060728             With HUNDREDS—OF—LEBANON—DEAD and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted ISRAEL—MILITARY——FOR—15—DAYS, THE—TIDE—OF—PUBLIC opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group's leader, Sheik HASSAN—NASRALLAH, into 1—FOLK hero and forcing 1—CHANGE in official statements.
20060728             How Much Longer? By EDUARDO—GALEANO——HOW much longer will the kidnapping of 2—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS be allowed to justify the kidnapping of the entire nation of LEBANON?
20060728             SERGEANT—TELLS—OF—PLOT to Kill IRAQ—DETAINEES
20060728             —WITNESSED, He said he had, 1—DELIBERATE—PLOT by his fellow soldiers to kill the 3 handcuffed Iraqis and 1—COVER—UP in which 1—SOLDIER cut another to bolster their story.
20060728             —THREATENED, The squad leader, to kill anyone who talked.
20060728             —COMPLAINED—OF, Later, 1—GUILT—STRICKEN soldier, nightmares and "couldn't stop talking" about what happened, SERGEANT—LEMUS said.
20060728             Detainee Abuse Charges Feared
20060728             —APPROVED, An obscure law, by 1—REPUBLICAN—CONTROLLED Congress 1—DECADE ago has made the Bush administration nervous that officials and troops involved in handling detainee matters might be accused of committing war crimes + prosecuted at some point in USA—COURTS.
20060728             Hizbullah support tops 80 % among Lebanese : 87—PERCENT—OF—LEBANON—SUPPORT—HIZBULLAH—FIGHT with ISRAEL, 1—RISE—OF—29 % on 1—SIMILAR—POLL conducted in February.
20060728             More striking, however, is THE—LEVEL—OF—SUPPORT for HIZBULLAH—RESISTANCE from NON—SHIITE communities.
20060728             80—PERCENT—OF—CHRISTIANS polled supported Hizbullah along with 80—PERCENT—OF—DRUZE and 89—PERCENT—OF—SUNNIS.
20060728             ISRAEL—JUSTICE—MINISTER: IDF Entitled to Kill Everyone in SOUTH—LEBANON : Ramon made these comments on ISRAEL—ARMY—RADIO.
20060728             —ASKED, He was apparently not, about THE—IDF—PRACTICE—OF blowing up the cars FULL—OF—CIVILIANS fleeing SOUTH—LEBANON.
20060728             —ASKED, Criminalizing Civilians : Look at this logic: since ISRAEL has, civilians to leave, ANY—THAT disobeyed have forfeited their status as civilians.
20060728             Anger in the Arab World : The rhetoric about "terrorism" has mesmerized those who parrot it, blinding them to the fact that Hezbollah and Hamas are deeply rooted popular movements that have developed as 1—RESPONSE to occupation--of THE—WEST—BANK and GAZA for nearly 40—YEARS + of SOUTH—LEBANON 19780000—20000000    —FROM—TO.
20060728             100,000 Whiners for War Crimes : ISRAEL—MINISTRY—OF—FOREIGN—AFFAIRS has called for 100,000 apologists for ISRAEL to spam web sites reporting THE—ISRAEL—DEATH—FORCES' horrors in LEBANON.
20060728             USA rejects weapon flight concerns : THE—WHITE—HOUSE has dismissed UK concerns about the use of Prestwick Airport, in SCOTLAND, by USA—PLANES carrying bombs to ISRAEL.
20060728             —URGED, PM : Stand up to Bush and call for ceasefire : TONY—BLAIR will face fresh pressure over THE—MIDDLE—EAST—CRISIS—TODAY when he arrives in WASHINGTON to meet PRESIDENT—GEORGE—BUSH.
20060728             UK peers call for Blair to be STRIPPED—OF—POWER to go to war without vote: A HOUSE—OF—LORDS—COMMITTEE has called for PRIME—MINISTER—TONY—BLAIR to be stripped of his power to send BRITAIN to war.
20060728             STEPHEN—LENDMAN : The Crime of LEBANON and Palestine : The fate of the corrupted neoliberal model may be what's now at stake.
20060728             That model is already unraveling in Latin AMERICA where VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ is proving his alternate Bolivarian participatory democracy is overwhelmingly popular and working.
20060728             —BASED, It's, on 1—GOVERNMENT serving the people by providing essential social services, especially to the poor and desperate ones most in need of it.
20060728             —FOCUSED, SOUTH—AMERICA: HUGO—CHÁVEZ to the fore : While the world was, on the tragic events taking place in LEBANON and NORTH—ISRAEL, something very disturbing happened in SOUTH—AMERICA last week.
20060728             BATTLE—OVER—BOLTON—COULD—BE—DECIDED by Jewish Support:
20060728             "I believe almost EVERY—REPUBLICAN will be supporting" BOLTON in the Senate + "you're going to have 1—SURPRISING number of Democrats supporting him because of his record" of "courage, intelligence and eloquence," said MORTON—KLEIN, PRESIDENT—OF—THE—ZIONIST—ORGANIZATION—OF—AMERICA
20060728             USA Extends Religious Rights Sanctions Waiver For SAUDI—ARABIA : THE—STATE—DEPARTMENT—OFFICIALS on —WEDNESDAY said that THE—USA has extended 1—WAIVER that avoids imposing sanctions on SAUDI—ARABIA.
20060728             The waiver comes —2—YEARS—AFTER THE—USA—PUT SAUDI—ARABIA on 1—WATCH list, warning its MIDDLE—EAST—ALLY it could put sanctions on the oil exporter if it did not expand religious freedom.
20060728             CHRIS—FLOYD: Belief and Betrayal: The New Jahiliyyah : No doubt EVERY—WELL—WADDED, WHITE—HOUSE—CONNECTED televangelist justifying aggressive war, pimping for tax cuts and frothing with preternatural anxiety about homosexuals thinks he's walking in the footsteps of the backwoods preacher from Galilee.
20060728             FOX News Deliberately Hides Fact That "MIDDLE—EAST—ANALYST" Is Apocalyptic CHRISTIAN—PREACHER
20060728             Lovely.
20060728             The Holocaust Chronicle PROLOGUE: Roots of the Holocaust, page 537—JEWISH—USA—LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—MURRAY—C—BERNAYS is assigned by THE—USA—ARMY—CIVIL—AFFAIRS—DIVISION to collect EVIDENCE—OF—WAR—CRIMES committed against USA—SERVICEMEN.
20060728             PHOTO—OF—PALACE—OF—JUSTICE in NUREMBERG—GERMANY where war crimes...
20060728             Conot, the idea for the common plan charges against the Nazis came from LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—MURRAY—C—BERNAYS, 1—LITHUANIA—JEW who had emigrated to American...
20060728             War Is HECK—MORE douchebaggery from the Bush ies.
20060728             —NOW they want to stick it to KEN—BURNS for the salty language used by WWII vets in his new documentary "The War".
20060728             Apparently, Hitler was 1—NINCOMPOOP.
20060728             'No right to PRIVACY'—GOING, going, gone.
20060728             —JUST Published: "Fiasco: THE—USA—MILITARY—ADVENTURE in IRAQ".
20060728             The Making of 1—DISASTER by Dunderheads Who Inhabit Fantasy Island.
20060728             Sheehan to Bush : Enjoy Your Vacation, Neighbor!
20060728             MOTHER—OF—GI Killed in IRAQ Buys Land Near BUSH—CRAWFORD—RANCH.
20060728             WILL—LAURA—B—HAVE a "Welcome Wagon" Party for Cindy?
20060728             Waiting to Get Blown Up: Some Troops in BAGHDAD Express Frustration With the War and Their Mission 7/28
20060728             Blood for Oil: Record Big Oil Profits Say It All -- A BuzzFlash Editorial
20060728             More Government Waste Cited in Bipartisan Report;
20060728             Largely from NO—BID—CONTRACTS -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
20060728             NEW—YORK City is using 1—BIG slice of the $1—BILLION it got from the feds post-9/11 to fight 1. responders who claim they got sick on the site, 1—LAWYER who is suing the city charged yesterday.
20060728             Kooks are now "experts" The esteemed Professor Hex has drawn my attention to this Newshounds expose: To educate THE—USA—PUBLIC on the current crises in LEBANON and IRAQ, FOX News has given air time to 2 "MIDDLE—EAST—EXPERTS" with no credentials beyond authorship of some wacky books in the lucrative Christian "Apocalypse soon" genre.
20060728             Worse, FOX hides the backgrounds of these authors, allowing viewers to conclude that these guys must be professors or intelligence analysts or policy advisors -- you know, actual experts.
20060728             The geniuses in question are MICHAEL—D—EVANS -- AUTHOR—OF—THE—USA—PROPHECIES: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our NATION—FUTURE -- and MARK—HITCHCOCK, AUTHOR—OF—WHAT Jesus Says About EARTH—FINAL—DAYS.
20060728             If you want 1—WHIFF—OF—1—TYPICAL—EVANS product, smell this: Is AMERICA in prophecy?
20060728             Yes, it is.
20060728             —WORKED, As 1—MIDDLE—EAST—ANALYST and MINISTER who has, closely with leaders in that region for decades, I tended to be SKEPTICAL—OF—ATTEMPTS to come up with schemes to plug AMERICA into prophetic interpretations.
20060728             I have often referred to such teachers as "Pop Prophecy Peddlers".
20060728             But, after THOUSANDS—OF—HOURS—OF—RESEARCH, I am totally convinced that AMERICA is found in prophecy + I believe you will, too, after reading [my] book.
20060728             In 1—NUTSHELL, here is how THE—USA—FITS into Bible prophecy.
20060728             oo AMERICA has, 2—BROTHERS, both descendants of ancient Abraham, who was told by God to get out of Ur of the Chaldees (modern day IRAQ).
20060728             THE—LORD had said to Abram.
20060728             Finally: Maybe OIL is the new oil: Did you know that there once was 1—PIPELINE which brought oil from THE—IRAQ—CITY—OF—MOSUL to ISRAEL—NORTHERN port of HAIFA?
20060728             Some folks in ISRAEL hope to restore this pipeline -- but doing so would require regime change in Syria.
20060728             Covert op? I strongly urge readers to check out XYMPHORA—LATEST.
20060728             —CAPTURED, Turns out that those, ISRAEL—SOLDIERS were inside LEBANON.
20060728             Mr. X suspects that ISRAEL—INTELLIGENCE intentionally blew their mission in order to create 1—CAUSE for war.
20060728             Anyone who has read VICTOR—OSTROVSKY—BOOKS will recognise the plausibility of this hypothesis.
20060728             Chemical Weapons: THE—SYDNEY Morning Herald reports on the likely ISRAEL—USE—OF—CBW.
20060728             —BOMBED, Oil spill disaster: When ISRAEL, 1—POWER—PLANT in LEBANON, 10,000 to 30,000 TONS—OF—OIL spilled into the Mediterranean.
20060728             Even under THE—BEST—OF—CIRCUMSTANCES, LEBANON has no ability to repair 1—ECOLOGICAL—DISASTER on that scale.
20060728             USA—TROOPS? Condoleeza insists that USA—SOLDIERS will play no role in LEBANON—PEACEKEEPING, but KEN—SILVERSTEIN of
20060728             Harpers reports that...1—WELL—CONNECTED FORMER—CIA—OFFICER has told me that the Bush Administration is in fact considering exactly such 1—DEPLOYMENT.
20060728             The officer, who had broad experience in THE—MIDDLE—EAST while at THE—CIA, noted that NATO and European countries, including ENGLAND, have made clear that they are either unwilling or extremely reluctant to participate in 1—INTERNATIONAL—FORCE.
20060728             Given other nations' LACK—OF—COMMITMENT, any "robust" force—between 10,000 and 30,000 troops, according to estimates being discussed in THE—MEDIA—WOULD by definition require major USA—PARTICIPATION.
20060728             GIYUS is 1—ACRONYM for Give ISRAEL—YOUR—UNITED—SUPPORT, an "ISRAEL 1." web site promoting the use of 1—TOOL called "Megaphone".
20060728             This application facilitates the sharing of PRO—ISRAEL articles and alerts users to online polls on THE—ISRAEL—INVASION.
20060728             This software is PART—OF—1—LARGER—PLAN by THE—ISRAEL—MINISTRY—OF—FOREIGN—AFFAIRS to mobilize 100,000 propagandists.
20060728             —ATTRACTED, So far, GIYUS has, fewer than a 1000—PARTICIPANTS.
20060728             For more, read here and here.
20060728             Die Berechnungen ergaben, dass rund 100.000—GANGLIENZELLEN in der Netzhaut eines Meerschweinchens etwa 875.000—BITS pro Sekunde übermitteln.
20060728             Hochgerechnet auf die etwas größere Netzhaut eines Menschen sind dies etwa 1—MILLION Bits pro Sekunde, oder 1—MBIT/s - soviel wie durch eine voll ausgelastete STANDARD—DSL—LEITUNG fließen können.
20060728             Libanon: Israelische Luftwaffe zerstört HISBOLLAH—ZENTRALE
20060728             Sehnerv: Mit 1—MBIT/s vom Auge ins Gehirn
20060728             —RELEASED, THE—IRAN—REVOLUTIONARY—GUARD, SAAD—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN with the aim of sending him to THE—SYRIA—LEBANON BORDER—DIE Welt said-
20060728             It linked the reported move to THE—OUTBREAK—OF—WAR between ISRAEL + LEBANESE—BASED Hizbollah.
20060728             16:37 ... explaining the details of what has become known as The...
20060728             The biggest financial story in... alfatomega.com/20060729.html
20060728             in the armed forces".
20060728—20010000    —SUMMER—OF, And took flying lessons in the.
20060728—20020000    —IN, He skipped town for the sunny PASTURES—OF—THE—KINGDOM, but turned up in NEW—ZEALAND in February of this year.
20060728—20030700    —IN, announced "their newly established Part 145—REPAIR station" in 1—BUILDING owned by LIT Industrial TEXAS Limited Partnership, 1—VENTURE—OF—TEXAS real estate giant Trammel Crow, the flagship corporation in THE—FAR—FLUNG empire of billionaire speculator RICHARD—RAINWATER.
20060728—20030700    —IN, SkyWay, 1—COMPANY with no products + thus nothing needing "repair," nonetheless announced "their newly established Part 145—REPAIR station" in 1—BUILDING owned by LIT Industrial TEXAS Limited Partnership, 1—VENTURE—OF—TEXAS real estate giant Trammel Crow, the flagship corporation in THE—FAR—FLUNG empire of billionaire speculator RICHARD—RAINWATER.
20060728—20050826    —IN—THE, Skyway, "has left 1—TRAIL of tangled litigation and angry investors, including 24—KUWAITI and SAUDI—ARABIA—NATIONALS," said 1—ARTICLE—TAMPA Business Journal.
20060728—20060727    —LINKED, Good news: 9/11 - pilot goes missing —POSTED at 9:28 pm by Allahpundit
20060728—20060713    —ON, Oil spill adds ecological crisis to LEBANON—AGONY : LEBANON—ENVIRONMENT—MINISTRY says the oil flooded into the sea when ISRAEL—JETS hit storage tanks at the Jiyyeh plant SOUTH—OF—BEIRUT and 15, creating 1—ECOLOGICAL—CRISIS that LEBANON—GOVERNMENT has neither the money nor the expertise to deal with.
20060802             brachte in ihrer PRINT—AUSGABE vom 20060728              1—FOTO, das...
20060802             And some doctors and LEBANON—OFFICIALS believe that injuries in LEBANON indicate the use of incendiary weapons such as white phosphorus (Inter Press Service, 20060728             ;
20060802—20060728    —SIGNED, Dingell also, 1—LETTER, —2—DAYS—BEFORE the interview aired, calling on THE—EU to add Hezbollah to their terrorist list.
20070325             HAROLD—ICKES, Assistant to THE—PRESIDENT and Deputy CHIEF—OF—STAFF - 19940728             20070504             ISBNs 080507287X : Courting Disaster;
20070504             THE—SUPREME—COURT and THE—UNMAKING—OF—USA—LAW : MARTIN—GARBUS - 0805072888 : Elvis in JERUSALEM;
20070728             Barulho causado por animais No longo prazo, o ruído excessivo pode causar gastrite, insônia... das cordas vocais de cães, é proibida no Estado de São Paulo, pela Lei 11.488...
20070728             In the elaborate Darleen Druyun affair, AIR—FORCE contracting officer Druyun admitted doing 1—VARIETY—OF "favors" for Boeing.
20070728             —MISGUIDED, In the Pentagon 's...
20070728             Minstrel Boy: 20050417              -... ANY—OF—OUR programs with the media (on or off the record)," wrote Darleen A... MISS—DRUYUN cut 1—DEAL to minimize her jail time and to end the public...
20070728             —AIR—FORCE Logistics Management Agency
20070728             Conservative Revolutionary USA—PARTY—III: 20060900             20070728             - NEW—HAMPSHIRE + DAVID—SILLER, 27, of Wayne, PENNSILVANIA, said the punishment was harsh... HEEBNER—CASE is similar to BOEING—INFAMOUS—COURTSHIP—OF—DARLENE Druyun...
20070728             1000000 post thread [Archive] - Page 59 - P2P File Sharing FORUM—HEEBNER—CASE is similar to BOEING—INFAMOUS—COURTSHIP—OF—DARLENE Druyun, THE—AIR—FORCE—ACQUISITION—OFFICER who was eventually sentenced to 9—MONTHS in...
20070728             ALI—THOMAS—NUDE
20070728             - Name:Takoda Site: Darlene Druyun Scandal Preview: The poor, benighted framers could not possibly anticipate what we know todayespecially if we have...
20070728             - Name:Kesler Site: Darlene Druyun Scandal... A and B, commit 1—EQUIVALENT—ROBBERY + that the usual punishment for this crime is 5—YEARS in prison.  -
20070728             JUNIN Recuperaron una moto e incendiaron un ciclomotor "Zanella" y...
20070728             Quedó detenido MANUEL—IGNACIO—CANEDA, de 42 años, imputado como autor del homicidio de Celestina Edith Taborda, ocurrido el 23—DE julio pasado en Bragado.
20070728             La Capital ::: on line Brutal crimen de una anciana en intento de robo en Bragado.
20070728             La anciana asesinada fue identificada como Edith Taborda de Aristi, cuyo cadáver presentaba...
20070728             BRAGADO INFORMA :
20070728             En las ultimas horas de anoche hubo tres allanamientos vinculados con el homicidio de la Sra.
20070728             Edith Taborda. Uno fue en Bragado.
20070728             Falleció la Diputada Nacional Lita Artola Detienen al homicida de Bragado.
20070728             Un hombre fue detenido hoy acusado de ser... el 23—DE julio del año pasado ingresó a la casa de Edith Taborda de Aristi.
20070728             INFORME TABORDA | Dabble Video Search
20070728             Video sobre el misterioso homicidio de Celestina Edith Taborda, sucedido en Bragado el 23—DE julio de 20060000             .
20070728             Duration: 02:06s License Info:
20070728             _A_O_inzoome_
20070728             Curtis, Richard; Daawd, Shamun;
20070728             Dash, PRISTINA; De Bragado ; De Celestina Edith Taborda ;
20070728             De Elba Beatriz Carrera; De La, Constatino;
20070728             Defense Advanced... alfatomega.com/_A_O_inzoome_/20060905.htm
20070728             Schmiergeldaffäre: Siemens will EX—CHEFAUFKLÄRER Schäfer entlassen
20070728             Rücktrittsgedanken: Klöden sieht Verschwörer gegen Tour am Werk
20070728             THE—REVEREND—CHUCK—CURRIE: 9/11
20070728             80—2—PERCENT—OF—THE—EXPERTS expect another 9/11 -scale attack on the United...
20070728             Royal NETHERLANDS Army awards $13.8—MILLION—CONTRACT for Stinger...
20070728             WEAPONS—1—VERY—SIGNIFICANT—COST—SAVINGS for users," said FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader, PRESIDENT and CHIEF executive officer of United Industrial and AAI.
20070728             Military & Aerospace ELECTRONICS—ARMY orders ground control...
20070728             Using 1—SYSTEM as 1—COMMON—GROUND—CONTROL—STATION provides value and cost efficiencies for THE—USA—DEFENSE—DEPARTMENT," said FREDERICK—M
20070728             Missed earnings shadow United Industrial Corp.'s $87—MILLION deal...
20070728             —UNMANNED, Strader said sales of, aircraft systems were the company's...
20070728             Military Aerospace Technology INTERVIEW—WITH—FREDERICK M.
20070728             Strader PRESIDENT and CHIEF—EXECUTIVE—OFFICER. View From the Hill.
20070728             Where is the honesty and honor in AIR—FORCE—LEADERSHIP's.
20070728             United Industrial Corp (UIC) Insider Trading | Stocks | Reuters_com
20070728             AAI Wins $72M Contract for SHADOW—UAV (20070114             )HUNT VALLEY, Md.
20070728             --- United Industrial Corporation announced today that its AAI... and AAI PRESIDENT and CHIEF—EXECUTIVE—OFFICER—FREDERICK M.
20070728             Strader.
20070728             AAI, Giat Team For New MOBILE 105mm Gun (20071023             ) "AAI Corporation is excited about this initiative with Giat Industries, 1—OUTSTANDING defense systems company," said FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader, PRESIDENT and.
20070728             AAI Corporation: Information from Answers_com PRESIDENT and CEO: FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader VP and CFO: JAMES—H—PERRY—VP and CIO: DAVID—A—POWELL.
20070728             Competitors: ISRAEL—AIRCRAFT—INDUSTRIES—L—3—COMMUNICATIONS.
20070728             BALTIMORE Business Journal: United Industrial Corp company profile FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader PRESIDENT & CEO. JAMES—H—PERRY—CFO, VP & Treas.
20070728             BALTIMORE Business Journal: AAI Corp company profile FREDERICK—M - Strader PRESIDENT & CEO.
20070728             DAVID—A—POWELL—CIO & VP. JAMES—H—PERRY—CFO & VP.
20070728             ANNA—MARIA Gonzalez Palmer VP—HR.
20070728             press RELEASE—SYMTX functional test solutions "The acquisition of Symtx is consistent with our strategic plan," said United Industrial PRESIDENT and CHIEF—EXECUTIVE—OFFICER—FREDERICK M.
20070728             —NAMED, Strader, WG'80, has been, PRESIDENT and CHIEF operating officer at AAI Corporation, 1—MANUFACTURER—OF unmanned aerial vehicles.
20070728             United Industrial Corporation :: United Industrial Corporation...
20070728             MISTER—STRADER also serves as PRESIDENT and CHIEF executive officer of UIC and the...
20070728             Stock Frederick: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia_com Online...
20070728             Strader said in 1—CONFERENCE—CALL—YESTERDAY...per share, or 5—CENTS more, prompting 1—STOCK—SELL—OFF.
20070728             AAI Corporation Receives Unmanned Systems Contracts Hunt Valley MD (SPX) 20061017              - United Industrial has announced that its AAI... and AAI PRESIDENT and CHIEF—EXECUTIVE—OFFICER—FREDERICK M.
20070728             AAI Receives Order For 9—ADDITIONAL—SHADOW 200—TACTICAL—UAVS Hunt Valley MD (SPX) 20060509              - AAI has received an $87—MILLION funded contract... asset for USA and allied warfighters," said FREDERICK—M
20070728             UIC—FORM 4—ORACLE Insider Trading $0, ($1.34—M ), $1.34—M.
20070728             PERRY—JAMES H VICE—PRESIDENT and CFO, $0, ($1.10—M ), $1.10—M.
20070728             Strader Frederick M PRESIDENT and CEO, $0, ($237.61K), $237.61K.
20070728             Insider TRADES—STRADER FREDERICK M - Yahoo! Finance
20070728             Insider FILINGS—STRADER FREDERICK M, Last Updated 13-Jul-07 ... STRADER FREDERICK M : Declared Holdings.
20070728             Company/Relationship, Reported, Shares, Ownership...
20070728             is. made by and between United Defense Industries, INCORPORATED, 1—DELAWARE corporation (the "Company") + FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader (the "Executive").
20070728             AAI Corp. - FREDERICK—M—STRADER—MILITARY Aerospace Technology Worldwide coverage of aerospace transformation, airframes, spacecraft, UAVs, black boxes, missiles, airborne lasers, radars, surveillance systems...
20070728             AAI Corp. (People Monitor).(FREDERICK—M—STRADER )(Brief Article...
20070728             Goliath Industry and Business News includes THOUSANDS—OF—ARTICLES from journals, newspapers, newswires + magazines, covering 1—WIDE—RANGE—OF—INDUSTRIES...
20070728             strader bio FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader is PRESIDENT and CHIEF executive officer of both United Industrial Corporation (UIC) + of AAI Corporation, 1—UNITED Industrial.
20070728             —NAMED, Strader has been, PRESIDENT and CHIEF operating officer of AAI Corporation, responsible for the.
20070728             SEC INFO—STRADER Frederick M - 4 - United Industrial Corp/DE...
20070728             FREDERICK M. - STRADER LIMITED POWER—OF—ATTORNEY—FOR SECTION 16—REPORTING OBLIGATIONS Know all by these presents, that the undersigned hereby makes.
20070728             —DEDICATED, FREDERICK—M—STRADER—THIS is 1—PAGE, to get more information for investors to evaluate the management style of FREDERICK—M
20070728             Strader who is 1—CHIEF—EXEC.
20070728             "Ohne Frage, kein Politiker in der Welt steht unter größerem Druck als Nuri AL—MALIKI", sagt Crocker.
20070728             Unter diesen Bedingungen seien Frustrationen und auch gelegentliche Gefühlsausbrüche mehr als verständlich.
20070728             Der irakische Außenminister Hoschjar Sebari beschreibt das Miteinander der beiden offen als "schwierig".
20070728             Einer der Streitpunkte ist die USA—STRATEGIE, im Kampf gegen AL—QAIDA auch ehemalige sunnitische Aufständische in die irakischen Streitkräfte und die Polizei zu integrieren, die nominell Maliki unterstellt sind.
20070728             Petraeus zeige damit klare Parteilichkeit, sagte Askari: "Das ärgert die Schiiten. Es ist möglich, dass wir seine Ablösung verlangen".
20070728             1—ABGEORDNETER aus der Partei des radikalen schiitischen Geistlichen Muktada AL—SADR ging sogar noch weiter.
20070728             Er sagte, Maliki habe USA—PRÄSIDENT GEORGE—W—BUSH schon gewarnt: Wenn Petraeus weiter die Sunniten bewaffne, würde er beginnen, schiitische Milizen zu bewaffnen.
20070728             Der Abgeordnete, der anonym bleiben will, berichtete auch, dass Maliki einmal zu Petraeus gesagt habe: "Ich kann mit Ihnen nicht mehr zusammenarbeiten. Ich will, dass Sie abgelöst werden".
20070728             Die USA—RAUMFAHRTBEHÖRDE dürfte mit der geplanten parlamentarischen Untersuchung unter starken Druck GERATEN—ERST recht, weil die Nasa gestern ebenfalls hatte zugeben müssen, dass ein wichtiger Computer für die nächste Mission der Weltraumfähre "Endeavour" durch Sabotage schwer beschädigt wurde.
20070728             "Einer unserer Subunternehmer hat festgestellt, dass sich offenbar jemand an einer NETZWERK—BOX für das Raumschiff zu schaffen gemacht hat", sagte 1—NASA—SPRECHERIN.
20070728             "Die Hardware ist absichtlich beschädigt worden".
20070728             Der Arzt RICHARD—BACHMANN von der USA—LUFTWAFFE bestätigte die Vorkommnisse.
20070728             Er sagte vor Journalisten, bei einem der Vorfälle sei es um die Vorbereitung zum Start einer SHUTTLE—MISSION gegangen, die später verschoben worden sei.
20070728             Der 2. Fall habe sich um 1—SOJUS—MISSION zur Internationalen Raumstation (ISS) gedreht, sagte der Mediziner, ohne Details zu nennen.
20070728             Bachmann ist der Autor
20070728             des internen Untersuchungsberichts der Nasa, aus dem das Fachblatt "Aviation Week & Space" am —DONNERSTAG zitierte und damit weltweit hohe Wellen schlug.
20070728             Ausrüstungsmängel: Bundeswehr fehlen Tausende Schutzwesten
20070728             Sicherheitsstrategie: Irakischer Premier verkracht sich mit Bush s Kommandeur
20070728             Stuttgarter Sportwagenbauer: Porsche rechnet mit über drei Milliarden Euro Gewinn
20070728             Betrunkene Astronauten: Kongress schaltet sich in NASA—KRISE ein
20070728             Trotz SPD—BEDENKEN: Beck erwägt Ausweitung des AFGHANISTAN—EINSATZES
20070728             Bush Speechwriter Calls for Attack on Syria
20070728             Neocon officials in the Defense Department call them "LOW—HANGING fruit"--- as though countries were produce ripe for picking and eating.
20070728             —TARGETED, The term refers to nations, for regime change that might be achieved with minimal strain, at least when compared with the effort needed to topple the regime in IRAN.
20070728             Is THE—USA—PREPARING To Attack PAKISTAN?
20070728             The Bush Administration may be preparing to lash out at old ally PAKISTAN, which WASHINGTON now blames for its humiliating failures to crush AL—QAIDA, capture its elusive leaders, or defeat Taliban resistance forces in AFGHANISTAN.
20070728             1 is immediately reminded of THE—VIETNAM War when the Pentagon, unable to defeat NORTH—VIETNAM—ARMY and Viet Cong forces, urged invasion of CAMBODIA.
20070728             Bush In Free Fall
20070728             At what point will PRESIDENT—BUSH finally grasp the enormous disaster that the neoconservatives, from VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY on down, have visited upon his presidency?
20070728             Or, to put it numerically, just how does 1—PRESIDENT descend from a 92 % approval rating 1—MONTH after 9/11 -THE—HIGHEST—OF—ANY—PRESIDENT since modern polling BEGAN—TO THE—2—THIRDS disapproval score that has stalked him through the last year, thanks to THE—IRAQ debacle, without getting the message?
20070728             A Republic, If We Can Keep It.
20070728             —ISSUED, Bush 's "National Continuity Policy, 20070509             , states, in effect, that in the event of a "catastrophic emergency," which might mean 1—TERRORIST—ATTACK or natural disaster, within "the homeland" or abroad, THE—PRESIDENT could, as a "unitary executive," seize near dictatorial powers.
20070728             This means that another hurricane of Katrina size, or 1—RICHTER—7—EARTHQUAKE, or even 1—MASSIVE—CIVIL disobedient protest, could trigger the onset of 1—BUSH—DICTATORSHIP.
20070728             Democracy Interrupted
20070728             —TITRATED, Why we as 1—NATION, have been, which is the gradual INCREASING—OF—DOSAGE, pressure + propaganda, till the desired effect — 1 inured and compliant society — have willingly bequeathed away our AUTONOMY—OF—SELF—GOVERNMENT, embraced the genesis of tyranny + begin our seemingly inexorable march towards dictatorship.
20070728             I have seldom been so disappointed with someone I had previously held in high esteem.
20070728             And before leaving, I told him so.
20070728             Throwing salt in our wounds, he had us + some 50—OTHERS in his anteroom arrested and taken out of action as the Capitol Police "processed" us for the next 6—HOURS.
20070728             Agency of Rogues
20070728             The secret prison was set up on 1—SECURE—USA Naval base outside THE—USA and so beyond the slightest recourse to legal oversight.
20070728             It was there that THE—CIA clandestinely brought its "suspects" to be interrogated, abused + tortured.
20070728             The Dark HEART—OF—FASCISM In THE—USA - - The Whitehouse Coup -
20070728             —PLANNED, Document uncovers details of 1, coup in THE—USA 19330000              by RIGHT—WING American
20070728             —AIMED, The coup was, at toppling PRESIDENT—FRANKLIN D Roosevelt with THE—HELP—OF—HALF—A—MILLION—WAR—VETERANS.
20070728             —ALLEGED, The plotters, who were, to involve SOME—OF—THE—MOST famous families in AMERICA, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, MAXWELL—HSE & GEORGE—BUSH—GRANDFATHER, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.
20070728             Click to listen
20070728             Delay: USA and ISRAEL must enjoy 2. coming : That evangelical support for ISRAEL is largely based on "End Times" theology is largely irrelevant to THE—ISRAEL—POLITICIANS who share the goal of expanding settlements into THE—WEST—BANK and 1—MILITARY—STRIKE on IRAN, but it is anything but irrelevant to THE—RANK—AND—FILE—MEMBERS and even 1—FORMER—HOUSE—MAJORITY—LEADER.
20070728             —MISLED, CIA—BRITAIN over rendition plan : THE—CIA misled UK—INTELLIGENCE—CHIEFS over the arrest and TREATMENT—OF—TERRORIST—SUSPECTS who were THE—SUBJECTS—OF—RENDITION to GUANTANAMO Bay, an Intelligence and Security Committee report to THE—PRIME—MINISTER warned.
20070728             Dems seek Gonzales probe and subpoena Rove:
20070728             Senate Democrats seek perjury inquiry, eye Bush aide in widening PROBE—FBI Seeks To Pay Telecoms For Data:
20070728             THE—FBI wants to pay the major telecommunications companies to retain their customers' Internet and phone call information for at least 2—YEARS for the agency's use in counterterrorism investigations and is asking Congress for $5—MILLION 1—YEAR to defray the cost
20070728             USA medical students graduate DEBT—FREE in CUBA : 8—AMERICANS graduated on —TUESDAY from 1—CUBA—MEDICAL—SCHOOL——AFTER—6—YEARS—OF—STUDIES fully funded by Fidel CASTRO—GOVERNMENT.
20070728             NEW—YORK Stock Exchange has trading curbs in effect: THE—NEW—YORK Stock Exchange said it has applied trading curbs on —THURSDAY, 1—MEASURE taken by the exchange to prevent big moves in the market from clogging its system.
20070728             Stock prices were tumbling amid concerns about credit markets and surging crude oil prices.
20070728             Poor and Uneducated Like We Thought: Debunking The Military Debunkers : You're more than 35 % more likely to be in the military if you're black than if you're white.
20070728             But you're 35 % less likely to become 1—OFFICER.
20070728             Ignore the propaganda —the military is 1—REFLECTION—OF, rather than 1—CURE for, racism.
20070728             —MISSED, In case you, it:
20070728             3 charged in probe of Pentagon IRAQ contracts : A—USA—ARMY—MAJOR accused of accepting MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in bribes from contractors doing business with the Pentagon in IRAQ and KUWAIT, his wife and sister, have been charged in TEXAS, THE—USA—JUSTICE—DEPARTMENT said.
20070728             - It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.
20070728             It is the only 1—INTERNATIONAL in scope.
20070728             —RECKONED, It is the only 1 in which the profits are, in dollars and the losses in lives.
20070728             NORMAN—SOLOMON: War Made Easy : Video: NORMAN—SOLOMON discusses PRO—WAR—PROPAGANDA generated by USA—GOVERNMENTS during military operations and the influence the media has on public opinion.
20070728             —FROM THE—INVASION—OF—THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC to the current war in IRAQ Solomon explores ways the media is used to bolster support for military intervention.
20070728             Pentagon says making contingency IRAQ pullout plan:
20070728             The Pentagon is making contingency plans for A—USA—WITHDRAWAL—OF—TROOPS from IRAQ, according to USA—DEFENSE—SECRETARY—ROBERT—GATES, who called the planning a "priority".
20070728             GAZA was 1—GAS for Blair:
20070728             Turning PALESTINE—MOST—VALUABLE—NATURAL—RESOURCE into a Political Tool
20070728             —FRAMED, Huge payout for men, by FBI : A federal judge in BOSTON has ordered THE—USA—GOVERNMENT to pay out more than $100m (£50m) in THE—CASE—OF—4—WRONGLY convicted men.
20070728             Dead Man Walking: Video:
20070728             A TEXAS—USA—PRISON prepares for the execution of another young black man.
20070728             4—LEATHER belts will strap him to 1—WHITE—BED as he waits for the lethal injection.
20070728             —BARRED, Visitors can stand in 1—ADJACENT—ROOM and watch through 1, window
20070728             Chrysler crisis and the plunge into chaos: ON —WEDNESDAY night about midnight, AUSTRALIA—TIME, the world changed, maybe forever.
20070728             "Exit" Amendment Would Leave Troops in IRAQ Indefinitely
20070728             I attended the MoveOn_org rally on —TUESDAY night where Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid discussed how they were going to "end the war" and "bring our troops home" with THE—LEVIN—REED Amendment.
20070728             —ASKED, When I, if they meant all the troops, I was quickly told to, "shut up" and muscled aside by security.
20070728             Media Spin on IRAQ
20070728             We're Leaving (Sort of)
20070728             THE—MATTER—OF—USA—BASES in IRAQ is 1—PRIME—EXAMPLE—OF how events on Capitol Hill have scant effects on war machinery in THE—CONTEXT—OF—OUT—OF—CONTROL—PRESIDENTIAL—POWER.
20070728             "The House voted overwhelmingly on —WEDNESDAY to bar permanent USA—MILITARY—BASES in IRAQ," THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—REPORTS.
20070728             But the war makers in the nation's capital still hold the whip that keeps lashing THE—DOGS—OF—WAR.
20070728             How Truth Slips Down The Memory Hole
20070728             JOHN—PILGER appllies to current events ORWELL—DESCRIPTION in '1984' of how THE—MINISTRY—OF—TRUTH consigned embarrassing truth to 1—MEMORY—HOLE.
20070728             He highlights THE—KILLING—OF—1—PALESTINEAN cameraman by the Israelis as 1—EXAMPLE—OF how "we" are trained to look on THE—REST—OF—THE—WORLD as quite unlike ourselves: useful or expendable.
20070728             CASE, You Missed it: AMERICA—TOMORROW
20070728             If AMERICA—TODAY is ANY—INDICATION—OF how AMERICA—TOMORROW will develop, the past and present must be scrutinized + understood, for in exploring the sins and errors and tribulations and EVENTS—OF—DAYS preceding our own time we can peer directly into, as far as we can go, into AMERICA—TOMORROW, trying to understand the course our nation is headed towards.
20070728             WHITE—HOUSE warns Saudis over machinations in IRAQ : THE—EXTENT—OF—THE—DETERIORATION in USA—SAUDI—ARABIA—RELATIONS was exposed for the 1. time today when WASHINGTON accused RIYADH of working to undermine THE—IRAQ—GOVERNMENT.
20070728             Rice, Gates face uphill battle to convince Saudis: A senior STATE—DEPARTMENT—OFFICIAL said on —FRIDAY IRAQ—SUNNI—ARAB neighbors must send an "affirmative" MESSAGE—OF—SUPPORT to THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—PRIME—MINISTER—NURI—AL—MALIKI and to Sunni moderates in IRAQ.
20070728             USA readies arms deal with Saudis, eyeing IRAN : official: THE—USA is readying 1—MAJOR—ARMS—PACKAGE for SAUDI—ARABIA with 1—EYE to countering 1—CHANGING threat from IRAN, 1—SENIOR—USA—DEFENSE—OFFICIAL said —FRIDAY.
20070728             —ADVANCED, USA to sell, weapons to SAUDI—ARABIA and others : The arms and aid package, which the officials said is to be announced on —MONDAY, is PART—OF—A—USA—INITIATIVE to reassure worried allies in THE—MIDDLE—EAST that despite its troubles in IRAQ, THE—USA—REMAINS committed to the region.
20070728             It also is meant to send 1—SIGNAL—OF resolve to IRAN—INCREASINGLY confident leaders.
20070728             USA Outfitting B-2's with Monster Bunker Buster BOMBS—IRAN May Be Target : THE—USA is retrofitting its B—2—STEALTH bombers with massive BUNKER—BUSTER bombs - 1—MOVE that could be 1—PRELUDE to 1—ATTACK on IRAN and its nuclear facilities.
20070728             USA to fund defense systems for ISRAEL:
20070728             Congress to vote on DoD budget proposal asking for TENS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS for development, PURCHASE—OF—NEW—SYSTEMS to defend ISRAEL—SKIES against ballistic missiles
20070728             Candidates see IRAN nuclear threat : "Allowing IRAN, 1—RADICAL theocracy that supports terrorism and openly threatens its neighbors, to acquire nuclear weapons is 1—RISK we cannot take," Democratic SENATOR—BARACK—OBAMA—OF—ILLINOIS said in 1—LETTER to THE—ISRAEL—PROJECT, 1—PRO—ISRAEL group that educates the public about ISRAEL and advocates 1—END to investment in IRAN.
20070728             ISRAEL urges 'damaging' IRAN sanctions: Concerned that THE—INTERNATIONAL—COMMUNITY is "losing momentum" in its bid to use sanctions to deter IRAN—NUCLEAR—DRIVE, ISRAEL is now energetically lobbying for the imposition of 1—NEW batch of stiffer sanctions that would cause "real damage" to the regime.
20070728             Sarkozy "going it alone" again in LIBYA DEAL—GERMANY : FRANCE—OFFER—OF—NUCLEAR—COOPERATION for LIBYA has sparked outrage in GERMANY, where lawmakers see it as yet another EXAMPLE—OF—FRANCE—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY'S "GO—IT—ALONE" approach to foreign policy.
20070728             Sarkozy says trust Arab states with nuclear power : After agreeing to nuclear cooperation with LIBYA, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY said the West should trust Arab states to develop such technology for peaceful purposes or risk 1—WAR—OF—CIVILISATIONS.
20070728             Gorbachev: BUSH—USA Trying to Build Empire: FORMER—SOVIET—PRESIDENT—MIKHAIL—GORBACHEV criticized THE—USA + current PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH in particular, on —FRIDAY for sowing disorder across the world by seeking to build 1—EMPIRE.
20070728             Putin WILL—EXPAND—SPY—NETWORK to Counter `Imbalances' With USA.
20070728             —REPLACED, THE—SVR, 1—OF—THE—INTELLIGENCE—SERVICES that, THE—SOVIET—UNION—KGB, will increase its work, primarily through information gathering and analytical support, Putin told security officials in MOSCOW yesterday.
20070728             4—PKK leaders killed in IRAQ BLAST—TURKEY—TV : TURKEY has threatened to carry out 1—MILITARY—INCURSION into neighbouring NORTH—IRAQ to crush THOUSANDS—OF—PKK rebels they believe use the mountainous region as 1—BASE.
20070728             Substantial numbers of foreign fighters flowing into IRAQ via Syria : A substantial number of the foreign fighters flowing into IRAQ via Syria have come from SAUDI—ARABIA + others from YEMEN and the Gulf States, STATE—DEPARTMENT—SPOKESMAN—SEAN—MCCORMACK said on —FRIDAY during 1—DEPARTMENT briefing.
20070728             —INTENSIFIED, Pervez, Benazir in secret meet : Speculation, today that PAKISTAN's embattled PRESIDENT—PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF and FORMER—PREMIER—BENAZIR Bhutto will form 1—POWER—SHARING pact, as television channels reported they met secretly in ABU—DHABI.
20070728             Musharraf has sold country for SAKE—OF—DOLLARS: How can the military rulers stop USA and Nato forces from attacking tribal regions of PAKISTAN since they themselves have been using their army to kill tribal people, he said 20070728              Musharraf advised by his close military aides to quit: Report: Though THE—PRESIDENT did not react to the suggestions, the sources said he might make 1—DECISION after his return from 1—OFFICIAL—TOUR—OF—SAUDI—ARABIA where he's likely to raise this issue with the Saudis in 1—BID to find "1—WAY out of the political mess without ANY—LOSS—OF—FACE".
20070728             Dangers of 1—CORNERED GEORGE—BUSH
20070728             - Applied PSYCHOANALYSIS—BY -Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity & DOCTOR—JUSTIN—FRANK
20070728             —WATCHED, As we, the pressure build on PRESIDENT—BUSH, looked toward the additional challenges we expect him to face over the next 18—MONTHS + pondered his tendency to disregard the law and the Constitution, we felt very much in need of professional help in trying to estimate what KINDS—OF—DECISIONS he is likely to make.
20070728             THE—THREAT—OF—MARTIAL Law Is Real
20070728             The looming COLLAPSE—OF—THE—USA—MILITARY in IRAQ, of which 1—NUMBER—OF—GENERALS and former generals, including FORMER—CHIEF—OF—STAFF—COLIN—POWELL, have warned, is happening none too soon, as it my be the best hope for preventing military rule here at home.
20070728             More Communist Style Secrecy from the Bush eviks: "As the Bush administration struggles to convince lawmakers that its IRAQ war strategy is working, it has stopped reporting to Congress 1—KEY—QUALITY—OF—LIFE—INDICATOR in BAGHDAD: how long the power stays on".
20070728             Say, What? Are the Bush eviks Cribbing from the Soviet Playbook?
20070728             The BuzzFlash GOP HYPOCRITE—OF—THE—WEEK is Coy Privette.
20070728             Who Said Chivalry is Dead?
20070728             It Appears, Contrary to the Original Bush evik Propaganda, Pat Tillman May Have Been Shot by 1—OF—HIS—UNIT—MEMBERS at Close Range in the Forehead (BuzzFlash Correction).
20070728             —CALLED, If so, this is, "fragging" in the military, also known as murder.
20070728             —COVERED, The Pentagon, up these strong possibilities.
20070728             Why? Pat Tillman had apparently turned against THE—IRAQ War.
20070728             Questions abound.
20070728             Summary of GONZALES——WEDNESDAY Testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee: "I'm Untouchable. I'm Protected. I—CAN—SAY—WHATEVER—DUMBASS—LIES I—WANT to, Because I'm GEORGE—BUSH—CONSIGLIERE + a Made Man. In Short, Senators: Eat Sh*t".
20070728             "Impeach the Bastards" Fridge Magnet. A Magnet Whose Time Has Come.
20070728             The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
20070728             "—9—MONTHS—AFTER Republicans were routed in the midterm elections, campaign observers, K Street lobbyists and political experts say there is little evidence the party can rebound 20080000             ".
20070728             FBI director ROBERT—S—MUELLER contradicts Alberto Gonzales' sworn Senate testimony.
20070728             —MEANWHILE, the Dems in Congress Start Standing up for the Constitution by Issuing Subpoenas to Better Disclose the Widespread Illegal ACTIVITIES—OF—THE—WHITE—HOUSE.
20070728             Pay Attention to the Farm BILL—IT WILL—AFFECT—USA—ALL -- A BuzzFlash Reader Contribution
20070728             BARBARA—DAILY—BUZZFLASH—MINUTE for 20070727             20070728             Minstrel Boy: 20050417              -... ANY—OF—OUR programs with the media (on or off the record)," wrote Darleen A.
20070728             Strader said SALES—OF—UNMANNED aircraft systems were the company's..
20070728             MISTER—STRADER also serves as PRESIDENT and CHIEF—EXECUTIVE—OFFICER—OF—UIC and the...
20070728             BARBARA—DAILY—BUZZFLASH—MINUTE for 20070727             20070821—18430727    —ON, LIUTBERT—ALEXANDER—GEORGE—LIONEL—ALPHONSE—BARON—VON—PAWEL—RAMMINGEN was born.
20070807             GILMOUR—EXPLANATION: "NAVY PERV WALKS FREE," Daily Record, 20070728              - "... Gilmour blamed the offences on the stress of serving in IRAQ and being far from his family.... "
20080627—20080728    in response to the illegal settlement, the identified (Curshen + Grossman) instructed the individual A (THE—FBI official) to buy shares of IBot (Industrial Biotechnology).
20080728             Thar She Blows - - The Last Hurrah for the Banking System
20080728             So, while your bank still has money and can process your checks, it may be time to pay down debts, pay quarterly taxes and mortgage payments in advance, and think of having money OUTSIDE—OF—BANKS (gold, foreign currencies), etc., before your money is inaccessible or even evaporates!
20080728             Chronology of Disappearing Government Information -
20080728             Die USA—WIRTSCHAFT laboriert nach wie vor an den Folgen der Finanzkrise sowie den hohen LEBENSMITTEL—UND Energiepreisen.
20080728             Darunter leiden die Kaufkraft und mögliche Investitionen.
20080728             Zusätzlich belasten die Kriege im Irak und in AFGHANISTAN die Staatskasse.
20080728             IWF sieht keine Bodenbildung am USA—IMMOBILIENMARKT
20080728             Attentat in ISTANBUL: Wie der Bombenterror Erdogans Regierung stützen kann
20080728             Vizepräsidenten: Obamas Kandidatenliste dünnt sich aus
20080728             Neuwagenkauf: VW gibt 20 % RABATT—ANDERE noch mehr
20080728             Finanzkrise: USA droht Rekorddefizit von 490—MILLIARDEN Dollar
20080728             Klinik in München: Erstmals zwei komplette Arme transplantiert
20080728             Steigende Zinsen und die von den USA ausgehende Finanzkrise haben den langjährigen Immobilienboom in Spanien zum Erliegen gebracht.
20080728             Inzwischen steht das Land am Rande einer Rezession.
20080728             —SEIT Jahren schon versuchen Wissenschaftler und Werbestrategen, den Kaufimpuls eines Konsumenten mit den Mitteln der Hirnforschung gezielt zu beeinflussen.
20080728             doch Studien zeigen: Wenn 1—SITUATION unübersichtlich ist, versagt der analytische Verstand besonders leicht — und dann ist die Intuition dem rationalen Denken überlegen.
20080728             Dabei schöpft das Bauchgefühl aus unbewusst vorhandenen Erfahrungen, Erinnerungen und Urteilen — und berücksichtigt damit weitaus mehr Informationen als das bewusste Gedächtnis.
20080728             Und seit einiger Zeit ist es möglich, solche Aktivitätsmuster sichtbar zu machen, die für bestimmte geistige Zustände — und damit bestimmte Gedanken — charakteristisch sind.
20080728             "Wenn Sie lernen, diese Muster zu erkennen", so der Berliner Neurowissenschaftler JOHN—DYLAN Haynes, "können Sie feststellen, welche Gedanken jemand gerade hat".
20080728             Kurz: 1—GEDANKE ist eine über das ganze Gehirn verstreute Erscheinung.
20080728             —SCHON warnt das "WALL—STREET Journal": "Wenn noch mehr Banken das gleiche Schicksal erleiden wie IndyMac, werden die Ressourcen der FDIC schnell austrocknen".
20080728             Die Last trüge dann wie immer der Steuerzahler: "Uncle Sam wird nichts anderes übrig bleiben, als einen weiteren Scheck auszustellen".
20080728             —AM 1. Geschäftstag nach der INDYMAC—PLEITE verzeichnete die KUNDEN—WEBSITE der FDIC rund neun Millionen Klicks, 1—REKORD für die Behörde.
20080728             Derweil kam es vor den Filialen zu chaotischen Szenen.
20080728             Bair machte sofort die Runde durch die TV—SHOWS, um 1—PANIK zu vermeiden.
20080728             Denn die Finanzkrise an der WALL—STREET trifft längst nicht mehr nur große Investmentfirmen wie Merrill Lynch oder Lehman Brothers.
20080728             Unaufhaltsam sickert die Malaise zu den Provinzbanken DURCH—UND zu deren Kunden.
20080728             Der Schock der WALL—STREET hat die Main Street erreicht.
20080728             Doch die Dimensionen der Anlage müssen beeindruckend gewesen sein.
20080728             Insgesamt sechs Ringe aus Holzpfeilern haben die Archäologen bereits nachweisen können, der größte von ihnen hat einen Durchmesser von 115—METERN.
20080728             Im inneren Bereich des Heiligtums gab es außerdem einen Ringgraben mit einem Durchmesser von 80—METERN.
20080728             Genutzt wurde das Areal zwischen dem 23. und dem 20010101—21001231    —CENTURY vor Christus.
20080728             Das haben die Forscher anhand der aufgefundenen Keramikgefäße herausgefunden.
20080728             "Das ist 1—STRUKTUR, wie man sie vom europäischen Festland aus dieser Zeit nicht kennt", sagt Spatzier.
20080728             Es war eine aufregende Zeit in EUROPA: Handelsnetze für Erze, Bernstein und Salz entwickelten sich.
20080728             Das Wissen der Menschen stieg rapide an, weil nicht nur Waren, sondern auch Ideen über den Kontinent reisten.
20080728             —SCHON ungefähr 10000000              Jahre vorher hatten die Jungsteinzeitmenschen das
20080728             Sonnenobservatorium von Goseck angelegt, einen rund 70—METER messenden hölzernen Ring zur Sonnenbeobachtung.
20080728             "PHOENIX" befindet sich nun zwei Monate auf dem Mars.
20080728             Mit dem Ausleger hat die Sonde 16—LÖCHER in den Sand gekratzt.
20080728             SACHSEN—ANHALT: Archäologen finden das deutsche Stonehenge
20080728             Abschwunggefahr: GFK—KONSUMKLIMA so kühl wie seit fünf Jahren nicht
20080728             USA—FINANZKRISE: Lady Sparstrumpf
20080728             Milchkampf: 80 % der Bauern fordern höhere Preise
20080728             Klebriger Marsboden: "PHOENIX" kann Ofen nicht befüllen
20080728             NIGERIA: Rebellen sabotieren zwei SHELL—ÖLPIPELINES
20080728             Finanzkrise: Spaniens Immobilienmarkt bricht dramatisch ein
20080728             Kräftemessen: Türkisches Verfassungsgericht verhandelt AKP—VERBOT
20080728             Dealer in death
20080728             —STRAPPED, The whole Khashoggi family seems to be financially, at the moment.
20080728             Other houses of Khashoggi were also sold when during the nineties 1—RECESSION seemed to hit.
20080728             —PULLED, Popstar Madonna, off 1—BIG—COUP in the clearance sale, with the magnificent Chateau LOUIS—XIII, which is blessed with 15—ROOMS and 1—VIEW—OF—THE bay of Cannes.
20080728             —INCLUDED, THE—HEAT—SEEKING security cameras were, in the price of more than 12.5—MILLION guilders.
20080728             Cannes or Bust!: 20070100              Not MANY—PEOPLE know that Saddam Hussein and THE—AL—TIKRITI family had 2—VILLAS near Cannes, which were both impounded when IRAQ—ASSETS were frozen just...
20080728             Streit um Saddam Husseins "The Ocean Breeze" - Luxusblogger.de...
20080728             Decline and fall: SADDAM—RIVIERA villa rots | World news | The...
20080728             But it contained just 5—EXPANSIVE state cabins for Saddam and his family's personal use, and 1—SECRET escape route that descended down from the tyrant's own room into 1—UNDERWATER submarine launch pod.
20080728             SADDAM—YACHT, MINI—SUB and all, set to sell for $35M... opulent salons and, should THE—WINDS—OF—WAR—BLOW, 1—ROCKET launcher + MINI—SUBMARINE.
20080728             Full Coverage: For sale: Saddam HUSSEIN—LUXURY—YACHT—USATODAY_com
20080728             Web Ergebnisse 1 - 100—VON ungefähr 43.600—FÜR Saddams yacht submarine.
20080728             ( 0,58 Sekunden)
20080728             Neurowissenschaft: Die sieben größten Rätsel der Hirnforschung
20080728             Bombenangriffe in ISTANBUL: PKK weist Schuld an Terroranschlag von sich
20080728             Bangladesch: Bettler fordern Mindesthöhe für Almosen
20080728             INDYREFERENCE "The GenesisIntermedia_com Mystery" by CHRIS—NERNEY... partners in gold investing include corporate raider CARL—ICAHN and THE—KUWAIT Investment Office.
20080728             Re: RUDY—GIULIANI—PAUL—SINGER, NY billionaire hedge fund exec
20080728             —BY carl icahn,paul singer,genesisintermedia 20071006             —ON—80303—PM E-mail: endoscam @ lycos_com
20080728             Apparently Westgate that turns up on google searches of 'paul singer elliot associates' in SEC filings etc.,belongs to CARL—ICAHN.I only now recall that Icahn like,RUDY—GIULIANI backer PAUL—SINGER,was also 1—BIG 'investor'(insider to the scam more than likely)in the GenesisIntermedia fraud of ADNAN—KHASHOGGI.
20080728             MANY—WAYS, the financial backing of RUDY—GIULIANI by his biggest campaign contributer PAUL—SINGER comes from THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—ARMS—DEALER—ADNAN—KHASHOGGI—THE—GEORGE—HERBERT—WALKER—BUSH—IRAN—CONTRA figure RUDY—GIULIANI failed to convict And in writing to THE—USA—SEC to protect fraudulent companies such as Bernie KERIK—TASER stun gun stock manipulation,RUDY—GIULIANI has aligned himself clearly to covering up not only for KERICK—SCAMMY Taser buddies but for his supposed nemesis ADNAN—KHASHOGGI who Giuliani let walk during IRAN Contra trials
20080728             The MadCow Morning News... coincidentally the home of financier CARL—ICAHN, who will figure later in... Enter ADNAN—KHASHOGGI and LIEUTENANT—RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, who, we learned...
20080728             GENI GenesisIntermediate kommt nach EUROPA. Schau euch mal den.
20080728             (NasdaqNM:GENI—NEWS) said on —FRIDAY that corporate raider CARL—ICAHN `s... Additionally, EL—BATRAWI and Ultimate Holdings Ltd., 1—GENESISINTERMEDIA...
20080728             Yahoo!'s CHINA,USA—GOVERNMENT Agents JERRY—YANG,CARL—ICAHN... So Yahoo!
20080728             controlled by the scumbags JERRY—YANG and CARL—ICAHN,et.al.
20080728             MISTER—KHASHOGGI; Ramy EL—BATRAWI, THE—FORMER—CEO of GenesisIntermedia;...
20080728             SEC INFO—ULTIMATE—HOLDINGS—LTD - 4 - Genesisintermedia INC—FOR...
20080728             Ultimate Holdings Ltd - 4 - Genesisintermedia INC—FOR
20080728             Phänomen Awareness: Patienten erleben Operation bei vollem Bewusstsein
20080728             SPIEGEL—ONLINE: Die Aktionäre werden zu den mächtigsten Kritikern des Unternehmens?
20080728             Becht: In der Tat.
20080728             Aktivisten kaufen sich gezielt bei börsennotierten Unternehmen ein.
20080728             Oft reichen wenige Aktien um schriftliche oder mündliche Eingaben zu machen.
20080728             Wenn diese Aktionäre die großen Fondgesellschaften auf ihre Seite bekommen, können sie enormen Druck ausüben.
20080728             Erbgutanalyse: Gen verdoppelt Risiko für unruhige Beine
20080728             Kalifornien: Waldbrand bedroht Tausende HÄUSER—ZOO evakuiert
20080728             Abschwungsgefahr: Rezessionsangst vergällt Deutschen Kauflaune
20080728             AFGHANISTAN—EINSATZ: NATO—GENERAL wirft Partnern Wortbruch vor
20080728             How the Personal Genome Project Could Unlock THE—MYSTERIES—OF—LIFE
20080728             CHINA Asserts World Domination -- in Web Surfing
20080728             CHINA asserts it has the largest internet population in the world, the 1. time ANY—COUNTRY has surpassed THE—USA in that metric.
20080728             With 253—MILLION—PEOPLE online despite strict government restrictions and blocked sights it deems subversive or pornographic, CHINA—SURFERS grew more than 50% in the last year alone.
20080728             Net Neutrality Gains Traction In '08 Senate Races
20080728             All 16—OF—THE—DEMOCRATS running for THE—USA—SENATE say they support the concept of net neutrality as 1—FUNDAMENTALLY important issue that underlies THE—FUTURE—OF—IDEAS and the economy.
20080728             'Hijacked' SF passwords made public
20080728             District attorney's office has apparently taken usernames and passwords 'hijacked' by 1—CITY—NETWORK—ADMIN and made them public in 1—NEW—COURT—DOCUMENT.
20080728             ITALY to charge Google over taunting video
20080728             Authorities blame Google for INVASION—OF—PRIVACY.
20080728             Flut, Sturm, Gewitter: Tote bei schweren Unwettern in EUROPA
20080728             Bombenterror in ISTANBUL: Überwachungsvideos sollen Polizei auf Spur der Attentäter bringen
20080728             Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, NUMBER 31 20080000             , - Thema...
20080728             In der amerikanischen Verfassung findet sich ein solcher Satz nicht.
20080728             Großunternehmer wie JOHN—ROCKEFELLER, J. P. Morgan, HENRY—FORD und ANDREW—CARNEGIE...
20080728             $142—MILLION wasted on reconstruction projects that were either terminated or canceled.
20080728             [Special Inspector GENERAL for IRAQ,]
200807280000 - Sarah Lai Stirland
20080728—20060000    —FROM, Video shows classmates abusing 1—TEENAGER with Down syndrome in 1—TURIN school.
20080729             —POSTED—BY—PROFESSOR—HEX 20080728             20090728             Dialog: USA und CHINA wollen beim Klimaschutz kooperieren
20090728             TERROR—FINANZIERUNG: USA vermuten Geldgeber der Taliban in den Golfstaaten
20090728             Ausbeutung Lateinamerikas: Fluch des Silbers
20090728             Insekten: Norddeutschland erlebt MARIENKÄFER—INVASION
20090728             NETZWELT—TICKER: Filesharer drohen 4,5 Millionen Dollar Strafe wegen 30—LIEDERN
20090728             Inhaftierte Opposition: IRAN will Festnahmen von Regimegegnern überprüfen
20090728             Verkehrssicherheit: SMS—TIPPEN am Steuer erhöht Unfallgefahr drastisch
20090728             Luftverkehr: Fluglinien verlieren 90.000—KOFFER pro Tag
20090728             Aus dem Struwwelpeter jedenfalls, der als Buch 18450000              erschien und schon einen Monat später ausverkauft war, ist eines der erfolgreichsten und weltweit bekannten Kinderbücher geworden.
20090728             Wie in jedem anderen Land schimpft auch 1—SCHWEIZER hin und wieder auf die Regierung.
20090728             Dann heißt es halb verärgert, halb resigniert: "Die in BERN machen sowieso, was sie wollen".
20090728             Körperschinder. Denn es hat nur einen Gang.
20090728             das Schweizer Armeerad ist das neue Kultobjekt.
20090728             blog.fefe.de/ Kann mir mal jemand erzählen, wieso diese DIENSTWAGEN—SACHE plötzlich so viel Medienaufmerksamkeit wert ist?
20090728             Pharmafirmen schmieren unter der "Aufsicht" des SCHMIDT—MINISTERIUMS ungeniert Ärzte mit
20090728             "Tagungen" auf Mallorca, und das geht seit vielen, vielen Jahren so.
20090728             Und so viel, wie die Frau gearbeitet hat, damit die Gesundheitskarte das vollständige Desaster ist, das es heute ist... da kann man doch nur froh sein, wenn die in Spanien Urlaub macht, kann sie wenigstens nicht noch mehr in Deutschland kaputt machen in der Zeit.
20090728             Ich sage: die soll noch mehr Urlaub machen.
20090728             —AM besten soll sie nur noch Urlaub machen.
20090728             Ja, von mir aus auf Kosten des Steuerzahlers.
20090728             Und das gilt auch für ihre Kabinettskollegen.
20090728             So viel Schaden, wie die seit der Wahl angerichtet haben, da hätten wir pro MINISTER pro Woche 1—S—KLASSE verschenken können und es wäre noch billiger gewesen als die "arbeiten" zu lassen.
20090728             gelungene Dokumentation in der Erzählung
20090728             Recherche, die zwischenzeitlich schon mal als hochbeschleunigter Dokubilderbogen daherkommt.
20090728             Während die FDJ in inszenierten Paraden den Genossen Honecker und andere graue Eminenzen grüßten, fanden mehr und mehr junge Menschen im Punk 1—VENTIL für ihren Frust.
20090728             der Journalist und Filmproduzent Hachmeister ("Das GOEBBELS—EXPERIMENT");
20090728             Wachstumsmotor Fernost: Chinas Wirtschaft wird zum Hoffnungsträger für die Welt
20090728             "Die EU—AUßENMINISTER blenden wichtige Datenschutzbelange aus und verstoßen damit gegen die Bürgerrechte der Menschen in der Europäischen Union".
20090728             "Auf so einen Kommissionspräsidenten kann man locker verzichten. Das ist die letzte Warnung", sagte der SPD—ABGEORDNETE Wolfgang KREISSL—DÖRFLER.
20090728             Der GRÜNEN—ABGEORDNETE JAN—PHILIPP—ALBRECHT sagte: "Barroso meint es nicht ernst mit dem Recht der Bürger. Das ist ein weiterer Beleg dafür, dass er nicht mehr tragbar ist".
20090728             mutmaßlich terrorrelevanten Informationen
20090728             Die Europäische Union sicherte den USA ihre uneingeschränkte Solidarität zu und versprach Unterstützung auch für militärische Reaktionen.
20090728             "Die selbstherrliche Entscheidung von Herrn Steinmeier beweist, dass mehr Kontrollrechte des Parlaments in EU—FRAGEN dringend notwendig sind", sagte Dobrindt.
20090728             "Es ist 1—SKANDAL, dass so schwere Eingriffe in die Privatsphäre lautlos an den Parlamenten vorbei gemacht werden. Mit solchen NACHT—UND—NEBEL—AKTIONEN wird das Vertrauen in die Demokratiefähigkeit der EU beschädigt", sagte er.
20090728             Die EU—KOMMISSION wies die massiven Vorwürfe am —DIENSTAG zurück: "1—GROßTEIL der Kritik basiert auf schlechter Information", sagte 1—SPRECHER in Brüssel.
20090728             Er betonte, die Kommission werde darauf drängen, dass das vorläufige Abkommen 1—LAUFZEIT von "nur ein paar Monaten" haben sollte.
20090728             Dann dürfte ein endgültiger Vertrag in Kraft treten, dem neben den 27—MITGLIEDSTAATEN auch das Parlament zustimmen muss.
20090728             Die Übermittlung der SWIFT—DATEN ohne konkreten Verdacht gegen Betroffene ist nach Einschätzung Weicherts datenschutzrechtlich noch heikler als die Speicherpflicht für TELEFON—UND HANDY—VERBINDUNGSDATEN, die derzeit vom Bundesverfassungsgericht geprüft wird.
20090728             Denn während die Vorratsdaten zunächst lediglich gespeichert würden, müssten die Bankdaten zusätzlich übermittelt WERDEN—UND zwar ins Ausland, wo für betroffene Deutsche kaum Rechtsschutz zu erlangen wäre.
20090728             "Das wäre absolut verfassungswidrig", sagte Weichert in einem Gespräch mit der Deutschen PRESSE—AGENTUR dpa.
20090728             "Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, wie dieser Vertrag aussehen müsste, damit er verfassungsgemäß wäre".
20090728             Die USA zapfen seit Jahren Bankdaten von Europäern ohne rechtliche Basis AN—JETZT soll 1—ABKOMMEN die Praxis zementieren.
20090728             Datenschützer schlagen Alarm und sind sicher: 1—VERFASSUNGSKLAGE wird die Regelung umgehend KIPPEN—WEIL jeder Bürger als potentiell Verdächtiger behandelt wird.
20090728             Frühere geologische Untersuchungen hatten darauf hingedeutet, dass der Victoriasee vor 15.000—JAHREN nahezu komplett austrocknete.
20090728             Allerdings blieb umstritten, ob damals die gesamte BUNTBARSCH—POPULATION im Victoriasee zugrunde ging, oder Reste überlebten.
20090728             EU—PLÄNE: Datenschützer halten Terrorfahndung mit Bankdaten für verfassungswidrig
20090728             Wirtschaftskrise: Arbeitgeberpräsident sieht Deutschland bereits im Aufschwung
20090728             ÜBERLÄUFER—ANGEBOT in AFGHANISTAN: Briten wollen Taliban spalten
20090728             Das Ordnungsamt
20090728             Das Ordnungsamt beobachtet diese Gruppe und jede Aufforderung zum Picknick könnte zur Anzeige gebracht werden".
20090728             1—SCHELM, wer dabei Böses denkt.
20090728             gelten besondere Regeln.
20090728             Vor dem rekonstruierten Stadtschloss, das ein schnödes Einkaufszentrum beherbergt,
20090728             Man habe Flashmobs keineswegs generell verboten.
20090728             Es gehe nur darum, dass für den Schlossplatz eben eine besondere Satzung gelte, sagt 1—SPRECHER der Stadt.
20090728             Das Ordnungsamt in BRAUNSCHWEIG, wohl durch einen Tipp auf die im eigenen Verantwortungsbereich geplante GRILL—VERSAMMLUNG aufmerksam geworden, recherchierte sicherheitshalber den richtigen Namen des unter Pseudonym auftretenden GRILLPARTY—VERANSTALTERS.
20090728             PARTY—EINLADUNGEN im INTERNET—DARAUF reagieren Behörden derzeit geradezu allergisch.
20090728             Buntbarsche: TURBO—EVOLUTION im VIKTORIA—SEE
20090728             Einkaufen im Web: INTERNET—HANDEL boomt trotz Krise
20090728             Auch SPD—CHEF Franz Müntefering nahm Schmidt in Schutz.
20090728             "Ulla Schmidt hat schon viele Mal mit Vorurteilen leben müssen", sagte er am —DIENSTAG am Rande einer Wahlkampfkonferenz in HANNOVER.
20090728             Gerade in den vergangenen Wochen sei sie wegen der Honorarreform bei den Ärzten beschimpft worden, deren Honorare aber gestiegen seien.
20090728             HAMBURG—DIE Roland RECHTSSCHUTZ—VERSICHERUNGS—AG bietet TOP—MANAGERN seit kurzem als besonderen Service ein
20090728             "U—HAFT—PACKAGE".
20090728             Empfehlenswert ist das "U—HAFT—PACKAGE" gerade für Beschäftigte im Finanzgewerbe, wo schon in VOR—KRISEN—ZEITEN das Bonmot galt: "Mit einem Bein in der Irrenanstalt, mit einem im Knast".
20090728             NORTH—CAROLINA: Amerikaner unter Terrorverdacht festgenommen
20090728             URZEIT—HYPOTHESE: Die 1. Tiere lebten in Seen statt in Ozeanen
20090728             Weltkrise privat: Wie TOP—MANAGER die U-Haft genießen
20090728             Menschenrechte: Ajatollah Chamenei schließt Gefängnis in IRAN
20090728             Quartalszahlen: Aktien der Deutschen Bank verlieren trotz Milliardengewinns
20090728             Internationale Raumstation: "Endeavour"-Astronauten beenden 5. Außeneinsatz
20090728             die Bürger sollten "sich gegen diese Überwachung zu wehren".
20090728             Außerdem gibt es an bayerischen Autobahnen Anlagen im Dauerbetrieb.
20090728             "Der Überwachungscharakter für die Bevölkerung bleibt bestehen", sagt ALEXANDER—ROßNAGEL, Professor an der Universität KASSEL.
20090728             Er hat 1—GUTACHTEN erstellt, das in der Entscheidung der Verfassungsrichter Beachtung fand.
20090728             Der Rechtsexperte hat 1—JAHR nach dem Urteil überprüft, welche Bundesländer ihre Gesetze angepasst HABEN—DAS Ergebnis war ernüchternd.
20090728             Auch einige Länder, die nach dem Urteil neue Regelungen erlassen haben, verstoßen nach seiner Studie gegen die Vorgaben.
20090728             So würden die Gesetze in BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG, BAYERN, NIEDERSACHSEN und Thüringen den Anforderungen gerecht.
20090728             Andere Länder, darunter MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN, beriefen sich auf alte, unzureichende Gesetze und kontrollierten weiter.
20090728             Die Landespolizei greife "nicht in unzulässiger Weise in die Persönlichkeitsrechte der Bürger" ein, außerdem gebe es keine flächendeckenden Kontrollen.
20090728             Für den Einsatz der Geräte muss ein konkreter Anlass vorliegen.
20090728             Sie warnen vor "Einschüchterungsversuchen" und Dauerobservation und fordern, dass die ermittelten Daten umgehend mit einer Fahndungsliste abgeglichen werden.
20090728             Liegt kein Treffer vor, müsse der Datensatz sofort spurlos gelöscht werden.
20090728             Das Bundesverfassungsgericht hatte im
20090728             Bei 49—EINSÄTZEN wurden rund 73.000—AUTOKENNZEICHEN in der Grenzregion zu Polen fotografiert und überprüft, ganz automatisch.
20090728             16—MAL gab der Fahndungscomputer laut Innenministerium Alarm.
20090728             Erwischt wurden Personen, denen EIGENTUMS—UND Diebstahldelikte vorgeworfen werden, aber auch Versicherungsbetrug.
20090728             Wunderkästen.
20090728             Die Rechtslage ist so umstritten wie der Nutzen, die Bürger stehen unter Generalverdacht: MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERNS Polizei hat im großen Stil Autokennzeichen gescannt und mit Fahndungslisten ABGEGLICHEN—OBWOHL das Verfassungsgericht diese Praxis verurteilt hat.
20090728             —JETZT droht erneut 1—KLAGE.
20090728             DEUTSCHE—BANK—CHEF JOSEF—ACKERMANN blieb aber trotz des 2. Milliardengewinns in Folge vorsichtig.
20090728             "Der Ausblick für das verbleibende Jahr 20090000              hängt stark davon ab, wie es mit der Entwicklung der globalen Wirtschaft weitergeht", sagte er.
20090728             Zuletzt hätten sich die Finanzmärkte weiter stabilisiert.
20090728             Für 1—ENTWARNUNG ist es dennoch zu früh: Das Umfeld sei unsicher.
20090728             USA—STUDIE: Kosten für Folgen von Übergewicht schwellen an
20090728             KENNZEICHEN—ÜBERWACHUNG: Jedes Auto ist verdächtig
20090728             Boomendes Investmentbanking: Deutsche Bank schafft Milliardengewinn
20090728             However, the study suggests that although governments are increasingly AWARE—OF—THE—THREAT—OF—CYBERWAR with other nations, action to bolster those defences does not alleviate THE—THREAT—OF—1—ROGUE group that circumvented the expected strategies for online warfare.
20090728             "Just as the 9/11—ATTACKS were 1 unprecedented attack with unconventional weapons, so too could 1—MAJOR cyber attack," it says.
20090728             Season of Travesties: Freedom and Democracy in mid-20090000             20090728             Die Entführungsaktion der Israelis verstößt außerdem gegen die internationale Konvention für die Sicherheit der maritimen Navigation (5) vom 19880300             .
20090728             Diese Konvention wurde von den USA mitunterzeichnet.
20090728             Daher wären die USA eigentlich gezwungen, zu ihrer Durchsetzung beizutragen.
20090728             Die Tatsache, dass ISRAEL die Konvention nicht unterzeichnet hat, ist besonders interessant, da die Verabschiedung der Konvention teilweise durch die Entführung (des Kreuzfahrtschiffes) Achille Lauro, 19850000             , angeregt wurde.
20090728             Dieses Verbrechen gilt in ISRAEL und im Westen als grauenhafter TERRORAKT—IM Gegensatz zur Bombardierung der Stadt TUNIS durch ISRAEL—1—WOCHE zuvor, die von den USA unterstützt wurde.
20090728             Bei diesem Bombardement starben 75—MENSCHEN.
20090728             Wie immer gab es keine glaubwürdige Rechtfertigung für die Tat, dennoch wurde sie TOLERIERT—AUFGRUND der Straffreiheit, die für die USA und deren Klientenstaaten gilt.
20090728             Dieses Verbrechen löste kaum 1—GÄHNEN aus.
20090728             Mit gewisser Berechtigung könnte man argumentieren, dass ISRAEL schließlich jahrzehntelang Schiffe entführt hat, die zwischen Zypern und dem Libanon VERKEHREN—WOBEI Passagiere gekidnappt oder gar getötet oder ohne Anklage in israelische Gefängnisse gebracht wurden (wo sie sich zu jenen Tausenden gesellten, die oft viele Jahre als Geiseln festgehalten werden).
20090728             Warum sollte man sich überhaupt die Mühe machen, über die neue empörende Tat dieses Schurkenstaates und seines Patrons (für den das "Gesetz" nur 1—THEMA für Ansprachen zum 20090704              und 1—WAFFE gegen Feinde ist) zu berichten?
20090728             Man könnte argumentieren, die "gelenkte Demokratie" im IRAN weise strukturelle Analogien zu den USA auf.
20090728             In den USA sind Wahlen zum größten Teil gekauft.
20090728             Kandidaten und Programme werden im Grunde durch konzentrierte Geldmengen "gepäppelt".
20090728             Die Repression im IRAN mag insgesamt weniger massiv sein als die in jenen Diktaturen der Region, die von den USA unterstützt werden, doch sie ist hässlich genug.
20090728             'Today, it is easy to be moralistic about such activity,' he says, 'but this is to ignore THE—REALITY—OF—ESPIONAGE—WORK and the scale of the perceived risk that the Allies faced from the Soviets.'
20090728             If Nazi criminals had access to information behind the Iron Curtain, he argues, it was reasonable for dirty deals to be done in the cause of the greater GOODS—OF—DEMOCRACY and liberalism.
20090728             He was left to live out MOST—OF—HIS—DAYS in THE—UNIVERSITY—CITY—OF—HEIDELBERG—ALSO, and perhaps significantly, THE—HEADQUARTERS—OF—USA—FORCES in EUROPE.
20090728             He † 19820000             , aged 73, never having had to face up to the crimes he committed on that murderous trail into RUSSIA —4—DECADES—EARLIER.
20090728             Buchardt was not unique but 1—OF—1—NUMBER—OF—NAZI killers who enjoyed similar protection from the Allies after the war.
20090728             Doch Experten sind sich sicher: Wenn die Arbeitslosigkeit steigt, werden sich massive Ausfälle trotz der Maßnahmen in Großbritannien und im Rest Europas nicht verhindern lassen.
20090728             Nun fürchten Analysten und europäische BANKEN—ALLEN voran britische - ,dass sich die Ausfälle sehr bald schmerzlich bei ihnen bemerkbar machen werden.
20090728             Denn Verluste im Kreditkartengeschäft gehen gewöhnlich mit dem Anstieg der Arbeitslosigkeit und privaten Insolvenzen einher.
20090728             Und diese gelten im Zuge der WIRTSCHAFTS—UND Finanzkrise als sicher.
20090728             Kursrallye: Dax schließt auf höchstem Stand seit
20090728             um 13.52—UHR.
20090728             Das Schiff meldet sich über Funk bei den Briten; es gebe keine Probleme.
20090728             Von der Alarmmeldung der Reederei wissen die Briten angeblich nichts, erst am
20090728             —BOOMendes Investmentbanking DEUTSCHE—BANK schafft Milliardengewinn
20090728—19920000    —BIS, Boyd soll 19890000              in Terrorlagern in PAKISTAN und AFGHANISTAN gewesen sein und dort eine militärische Ausbildung erhalten haben.
20090815—20090728    —AM, [...] Den letzten offiziellen Funkkontakt zur "ARCTIC Sea" hatte die britische Küstenwache in der Straße von Dover.
20110214—20100728    —ON, that are commonly used in infrastructure supporting facilities) from McAfee.
20120728             RETTUNGS—SCHIRM EFSF: EURO—LÄNDER offenbar zu neuen SPANIEN—HILFEN bereit
20120728             OLYMPIA 20120000             : Libanesische Judoka stellen Trennwand zu ISRAELis auf
20120728             Brot und Spiele
20120728             Oje, jetzt beginnt er also der Spuk.
20120728             3.
20120728             ENGLAND ist ökonomisch am BODEN und das Olympiagelände ist mit Armutsvierteln umrandet.
20120728             UNO—ABKOMMEN gescheitert: Globaler WAFFEN—HANDEL bleibt außer Kontrolle
20120728             Koalas in Not: Sterbende Kuscheltiere
20120728             —PROTEST—GEGEN—UMWELT—VERSCHMUTZUNG: Wütende Chinesen stoppen Industrieprojekt
20120728             Millionen JAHRE alte Skelette: Wale in der Wüste
20120728             EURO—KRISE, SCHÄUBLE lehnt EZB—HILFEN für SPANIEN ab
20120728             INNEN—MINISTER: FRIEDRICH wirft Führungsspitze DER—BUNDES—POLIZEI raus
20120728             Verlängerte Ladenöffnungszeiten: SPANIEN schafft die Siesta ab
20120728             Repressalien gegen türkische Studenten: —PLÖTZLICH, TERRORISTin
20120728             Ohne Anklage in Haft: SAUDI—ARABISCHER Blogger kommt nach 16-MONATen frei
20120728             Um das Leuchten der Nacht präzise darzustellen braucht man spezielle Kameras.
20120728             Das Besondere an der Kamera aber ist, daß sie ganz schwache Lichtsignale verstärken kann.
20120728             EBOLA—VIRUS: Tödliche Seuche bricht in UGANDA aus
20120728             "Unsere einzige Hoffnung ist, daß EBOLA—IN—DER—VERGANGENHEIT kontrolliert werden konnte, wenn es in anderen Teilen Ugandas ausbrach", sagte 1—VERTRETER—DER GESUNDHEITS—BEHÖRDE der Region.
20120728             Sheriff, der Latinos jagt und Gefangene in Ketten legt,
20120728             Willkommen im POLIZEI—STAAT.
20120728             Wer die schockierende Wahrheit über das "SYSTEM Arpaio"wissen möchte, sollte das Buch "Hard Time"von SHAUN—ATTWOOD lesen.
20120728             Arpaio ist der Held der Mehrheit IN—DEN—USA.
20120728             Ungeklärter Todesfall: Ermittler finden DNA 1—UNBEKANNTEN auf Barschels Kleidung
20120728             UN—WETTER in NORD—KOREA: Überschwemmungen fordern Dutzende Todesopfer
20120728             File Scavenger® - DATENRETTUNGS—TOOL
20120728             Platte wiederherstellen
20120728             [l] Was sind schon 1—PAAR MILLIARDEN unter Freunden:
20120728             Im PENTAGON laufen 6—IT—BROJEKTE, die zusammen 8-MILLIARDEN $ über Budget sind und auch das Zeitbudget jeweils deutlich überschritten haben.
20120728             WAS ARRESTED ONM, ARK Worsfold, 54, 1—FORMER—SOLDIER and martial arts instructor, for 1—BREACH—OF—THE—PEACE shortly before the cyclists arrived in Redhouse Park, Leatherhead, where he had sat down on 1—WALL to watch the race.
20120728             —RESTRAINED, Officers from SURREY police, and handcuffed him and took him to Reigate police station, saying his behaviour had "caused concern".
20120728             "The man was positioned CLOSE—TO 1—SMALL—GROUP—OF—PROTESTERS and based on his manner, his STATE—OF—DRESS and his proximity to the course,
20120728             officers made 1—ARREST to prevent 1—POSSIBLE—BREACH—OF—THE—PEACE," SURREY police said in 1—STATEMENT.
20120728             Rund um OLYMPIA ist Armut !!!!
20130728             TOTE—IN—KAIRO: USA rufen ÄGYPTENs ARMEE zur Mäßigung auf
20130728             Chinesische NGO: Bericht enthüllt schwere Missstände bei APPLEs Zulieferern
20130728             APPELL—PAPA—AN—DIE—JUGEND: "Mischt euch ein!"
20130728             —MACHT—KAMPF—IN—ÄGYPTEN: Der Hass auf die MUSLIM—BRÜDER
20130728             Prostitution: Das MILLIARDEN—GESCHÄFT mit dem Leid der Frauen
20130728             Mit Prostitution werden in DEUTSCHLAND JEDES JAHR nach 1—SCHÄTZUNG der GEWERKSCHAFT Ver.di 14.500.000.000—EURO UMGESETZT—AUCH wegen Schicksalen wie dem von Natalia.
20130728             Und andere Berufe sind keine Ausbeutung?
20130728             Was ist mit ALTENPFLEGER—INNEN, Krankenschwestern, VERKÄUFER—INNEN, FRISER—INNEN?
20130728             Schließlich heißt es doch in DEUTSCHLAND: Hauptsache Arbeit! Besser als arbeitslos! Ist es 1—ZUFALL, daß DEUTSCHLAND, sollte DER—ARTIKEL—STIMMEN, "EUROPAs Hurenhaus"geworden ist?
20130728             [l] Hey und wisst ihr, wer noch in die Massenbespitzelung verstrickt ist?
20130728             [l] Die KORRUPTION sitzt tief IN—DEN—USA.
20130728             —ON—WEDNESDAY, THE—HOUSE voted 217 to 205—NOT TO—REIN IN—THE—NSA—PHONE—SPYING dragnet.
20130728             THE—INVESTIGATION shows that defense cash was 1—BETTER predictor of 1—MEMBER—VOTE on the Amash amendment than party affiliation.
20130728             [l] DAS—FBI räumt ein, ÜBERWACHUNGS—DROHNEN über DEN—USA eingesetzt zu haben, ohne dafür 1—RICHTERLICHEN Beschluss zu haben.
20130728             [l] DIE—NSA "hatte COMPLIANCE—PROBLEME"mit ihren Schnüffelprogrammen, sagt CLAPPER.
20130728             [l] Gegen wen führen DIE—USA eigentlich gerade alles KRIEG?
20130728             [l] Der OTTO—SCHILY—PREIS für maximalen Realitätsabstand geht an
20130728             OTTO Schily rät der SPD, DIE—NSA—AUSSPÄH—AFFÄRE nicht im WAHL—KAMPF zu thematisieren.
20130728             Äußerungen zu NSA—AFFÄRE: Schilys STÖR—MANÖVER entwaffnet SPD—WAHLKÄMPFER
20130728             Wachsende Gesundheitskosten: Sozialausgaben steigen auf Rekordniveau
20130728             Fusion von Publicis und Omnicom: Der weltgrößte WERBE—KONZERN entsteht
20130728             Umbruch in ARABIEN: Von DER—STAATS— zur IDENTITÄTS—KRISE
20130728             Schilys Positionen selbst sind zwar wenig überraschend.
20130728             DER—SPD—NETZPOLITIKER Lars Klingbeil verteidigt seine Partei: "es ist komplett richtig, daß —DIE—SPD auf Aufklärung drängt und auch die zaudernde Rolle der Kanzlerin thematisiert", sagte er SPIEGEL—ONLINE  —AM—SONNTAG.
20130728             —PARTEI—CHEF—GABRIEL äußerte sich am Abend in der ARD fast beschwichtigend zum ANGRIFF des früheren INNEN—MINISTERS: Schily komme eben "aus 1—ANDEREN Zeit".
20130728             Auf seine eigene mögliche Kenntnis DER—USA—SCHNÜFFELMETHODEN angesprochen reagierte er dann ungewohnt einsilbig: Ob er in SEINERZEIT  als INNEN—MINISTER jemals von den Abhörprogrammen gehört habe, mit denen DIE—NSA operiere?
20130728             —NUN, is ja wieder gut.
20130728             Liebe SPON—RED.
20130728             Noch 1—LOBBYIST
20130728             Schily ist doch auch nur 1—WEITERER der Lobbyisten, der seine eigenen Schäfchen ins Trockene gebracht hat.
20130728             Schönes ERKLÄRBÄR—VIDEO zum ÜBERWACHUNGS—STAAT
20130728             [l] Die irische DATEN—SCHUTZ—BEHÖRDE findet nicht, daß FACEBOOK und AENTWAFFNET—SPD—WAHLKAEMPFER—96674.html#post13343516             20130728             [l] Die irische DATEN—SCHUTZ—BEHÖRDE findet nicht, daß FACEBOOK und APPLE auch nur überprüft werden müssen.
20130728             [l] Heise berichtet, daß Windows die Root CA Keys dynamisch nachläd, wenn IE oder CHROME zu 1—SITE kommen, deren CA sie nicht kennen.
20130728             [l] Neulich in dem MOROZOV—ARTIKEL—WAR die Rede von Gabeln, die falsche essensgewohnheiten an die Versicherungen verpetzten.
20130728             THE—OBAMA and GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH—ADMINISTRATIONS have so disgraced the reputation of THE—USA' CRIMINAL—JUSTICE—SYSTEM that we are forced to promise KGB alums that we will not torture our own citizens if RUSSIA extradites them for prosecution.
20130728             The —STANDARD joke that came to mind when I read HOLDER—LETTER was the bartender who brings out glasses to 3—CUSTOMERS and asks "which of you ordered his whiskey in 1—CLEAN—GLASS?" We take it for granted that no restaurant or bar will knowingly serve us our drinks in 1—DIRTY—GLASS.
20130728             More likely, HOLDER—IS under so much pressure from THE—INTELLIGENCE "community" to punish SNOWDEN that he thought he was being clever by promising RUSSIA that we would not torture our own citizens — in this particular case.
20130728             The infamous historical parallel for this is that it was unlawful to hold slaves in ENGLAND — but ENGLAND could dominate THE—ATLANTIC—SLAVE—TRADE and hold MILLIONS—OF—SLAVES in THE—CARIBBEAN islands because slavery was unlawful only "in" ENGLAND under ENGLAND—LAW.
20130728             RUSSIA has the moral high ground in European opinion and THE—USA is in 1—HOLE and won´t stop digging.
20130728             Try to read this without laughing, given this administration's war on whistleblowers.
20130728             Protect WHISTLE—BLOWERS: Often the best SOURCE—OF—INFORMATION about waste, fraud, and abuse in GOVERNMENT is 1—EXISTING GOVERNMENT employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out.
20130728             ERIC—HOLDER—IS 1—OF—THE—SLIMIEST creatures ever to slither out of the cesspool of WASHINGTON DC.
20130728             THE—KREMLIN—SPOKESMAN, DMITRI—S
20130728             What does it say about our GOVERNMENT that Holder has to even say this?
20130728             Wow.
20130728             —DEN, haben die Moslembrüder ohne irgend 1—GRUND mit Maschinengewehren in 1—MENSCHENMENGE in PORT—SAID geschossen, es waren WEDER—POLIZISTEN nach Armeeangehörige, sondern Zivilisten, es gibt —BISHER, 3—TOTE und 26—VERLETZTE sind im Krankenhaus.
20130728             Das sagt der, dessen "OTTO—KATALOG"dafür gesorgt hat, daß DIE—LEUTE den Staat als größere Gefahr als DIE—TERRORISTEN wahrnehmen.
20130728             [l] Also DAMIT konnte ja wohl NIEMAND rechnen: Camerons "PORNO—FILTER"kann und soll mehr als nur Pornos filtern.
20130728             [l] Neueste POST—PRIVACY—NACHRICHTEN, ÖSTERREICHische BANK—BAWAG/PSK streicht Kunden den Dispokredit, wenn sie Geld vom Arbeitsamt kriegen.
201308130728 —HEUTE, spiegelleser_12345
20140728             SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—PUTIN: SCHRÖDERs Chance
20140728             —KRIEG—IN—GAZA: UNO—SICHERHEITS—RAT fordert einstimmig sofortige WAFFEN—RUHE
20140728             —KÄMPFE—IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE: USA veröffentlichen angebliche Beweise für russische Angriffe
20140728             —STREIT—BEI—SPRINGER: "Bild"—CHEFREDAKTION distanziert sich von ANTI—ISLAM—KOMMENTAR
20140728             Neuer Ärger zwischen USA und DEUTSCHLAND: "Dann können wir das FREI—HANDEL—ABKOMMEN vergessen"
20140728             JUKOS—ZERSCHLAGUNG: RUSSLAND zu—DOLLAR Schadensersatz verurteilt
20140728             Bloggen als Beruf: Geld verdienen IM—NETZ? Ja, klappt! (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 11:10)
20140728             MENSCHEN—RECHTS—BERICHT zur UKRAINE: UNO wirft Separatisten SCHRECKENS—HERRSCHAFT vor
20140728             SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—RUSSLAND: EUROPA rafft sich auf
20140728             GAMMELFLEISCH—SKANDAL, MCDONALD'S—FILIALEN in CHINA verkaufen nur noch Fischburger
20140728             Zufallsfund: BAU—ARBEITER entdecken Massengrab in den Anden
20140728             WLADIMIR—PUTINS Alltag: Seine MIT—ARBEITER nennen ihn "Zar"
20140728             Epidemie : EBOLA—INFIZIERTER könnte in HAMBURG behandelt werden
20140728             Blutverdünner Pradaxa: PHARMA—KONZERN soll DATEN verschwiegen haben
20140728             Stellenausschreibung: DIE—NSA sucht 1—PRESSE—CHEF—
20140728             Das Foto —AUS—DEM—STAMMT Fundus des französischer Bankier ALBERT Kahn ,
20140728             Begeistert vom neuen Autochromverfahren der Brüder AUGUSTE und LOUIS—LUMIÈRE wollte der technikbegeisterte HUMANIST mit farbigen Bildern aus EUROPA, ASIEN und aus AFRIKA nicht weniger als DIE—GANZE—WELT dokumentieren lassen.
20140728             andere KAHN—GESANDTE machten Bilder etwa in SÜD—OST—ASIEN oder entlang der Seidenstraße zwischen ISTANBUL und PEKING. Der Franzose vergab außerdem Reisestipendien und forderte auch seine Günstlinge zum Fotografieren auf.
20140728             Immerhin gut 72.000—FARB—FOTOS und mehrere Stunden Film aus der Zeit
20140728             DIE—AUFNAHMEN sollen Kahns Friedensmission widerspiegeln, wie die Kuratoren erklären: WÄHREND DIE—EUROPÄISCHEN GROß—MÄCHTE zum großen KRIEG rüsteten, wollte der französische BANKER mit Fotos und Filmen die Fremde in die Nähe holen —, so Ressentiments abbauen.
20140728             Kahn war 1—IDEALIST: Wer Bauten, Landschaften und Lebensweisen anderer Völker kenne, so hoffte er, der begegne ihnen friedlich, nicht auf dem Schlachtfeld.
20140728             zogen Kahns Fotografen
20140728             Bildern aus Kahns ARCHIV—VON—ZEITGENÖSSISCHEN Aufnahmen der FARBFOTO—PIONIERE ADOLF Miethe (18620000—19270000    ) und SERGEI—MICHAILOWITSCH—PROKUDIN—GORSKI (18630000—19440000    ).
20140728             Inspiriert hatte den RUSSEN vor allem DER—DEUTSCHE—FARBFOTOGRAF Miethe, Urheber des Dreifarbendrucks.
20140728             Miethe hatte den Grundstein für den 1.FARBFOTOBAND—IN DEUTSCHLAND gelegt, das legendäre STOLLWERCK—ALBUM.
20140728             —BEREITS, 1910ca00             gab es in BERLIN die Verlagsanstalt für Farbenphotographie CARL—WELLER, die zahlreiche Farbbildbände produziert hat.
20140728             Kleine Korrektur: Die Herrschaft DER—ZAREN ENDETE nicht mit der OKTOBER—REVOLUTION, sondern schon mit der FEBRUAR—REVOLUTION 8—MONATE zuvor. Ziel der späteren OKTOBER—REVOLUTION war, das bürgerliche PARLAMENT mit seiner PROVISORISCHE—REGIERUNG zu entmachten und so 1—ALLEIN—HERRSCHAFT der Sowjets herzustellen.
20140728             100—JAHRE—GEDENKEN: SERBIEN feiert sich     —JAHR—ZUM,S—TAG—DES—WWI.
20140728             "Wir sind die Helden EUROPAs gewesen", titelt DIE—ZEITUNG "Nase Novine"in Belgrad. DIE—GRÖßTE Zeitung "Blic"kommentiert: "Das SERBIEN aus der Zeit des WWI. stellt 1—EWIGE Quelle des Heldentums und Stolzes dar".Eigentlich "müssten DIE—PRÄSIDENTEN RUSSLANDs und FRANKREICHs und DER—PREMIER GROß—BRITANNIENS nach Belgrad kommen, um den Nachkommen der Helden die Hände zu schütteln", schreibt das Blatt weiter. "DIE—ENTSCHLOSSENHEIT SERBIENs, sein RECHT und die gerechte serbische Sache zu verteidigen, hat den Sieg gebracht", kommentiert die angesehene Zeitung "Politika". "ÖSTERREICH hat das bekommen, was es verdiente".
20140728             —AM—SCHON, —SONNTAG hatte die serbische Regierung des Kriegsbeginns gedacht. "Wenn die Großen und Mächtigen etwas von SERBIEN lernen können, dann, daß SERBIEN immer auf der Seite des Lichts und der Freiheit gewesen ist", sagte ARBEITS—MINISTER—ALEKSANDAR Vulin in seiner Gedenkrede. DIE—REGIERUNG traf sich in der Stadt Nis zu 1—SONDER—SITZUNG, weil —BEGINN—DES—ZU  Krieges ihre Vorgängerin hierher geflüchtet war.
20140728             ÖSTERREICH—UNGARN hatte SERBIEN
20140728             DIE—KRIEG—ERKLÄRUNG traf dabei völlig undiplomatisch als Telegramm mit der ganz normalen Post ein, unterzeichnet durch KAISER—FRANZ—JOSEPH.
20140728             SERBIEN hatte gemessen an seiner Bevölkerung im
20140728             100.000e starben durch Seuchen, Hunger und Kälte, 60.000—ZIVILISTEN wurden HINGERICHTET—OFT ohne jegliches Verfahren:
20140728             DIE—ÖSTERREICHISCHE PROPAGANDA hatte den KRIEGS—AUSBRUCH mit der Losung "SERBIEN muss sterbien"gefeiert.
20140728             —AM, Ende
20140728             GAZA—KRIEG: ISRAEL trauert, ISRAEL wütet
20140728             Psychotherapie: Wie Schlafentzug die Depression vertreibt
20140728             Wissenschaftsumfrage: "Einfluss der Wissenschaft auf —POLITIK ist zu gering"
20140728             MH17—KATASTROPHE: KIEW bezeichnet durchlöcherten Rumpf als Absturzursache
20140728             —ESKALATION der Gewalt: DEUTSCHLAND zieht DIPLOMATEN aus LIBYEN ab
20140728             Konsequenzen des NSA—SPITZELWAHNS: Das ENDE—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT
20140728             Jukos gegen RUSSLAND: Was das—DOLLAR—URTEIL bedeutet
20140728             Käsespätzle für die ISS: Europäischer Raumtransporter startet zum letzten Flug
20140728             Hepatitis E: Mediziner weisen VIREN in Spenderblut nach
20140728             —NACH, Vertreibung aus MOSSUL: FRANKREICH bietet irakischen CHRISTEN Asyl an
20140728             SEEHOFER und die RÜSTUNGS—EXPORTE: SPD spottet über "Rumpelstilzchen aus MÜNCHEN"
20140728             POLIZIST erschießt Drogendealer: STAATS—ANWALT ermittelt wegen Verdachts auf fahrlässige Tötung
20140728             —KRIEG—IM—NAHER—OSTEN—ISRAEL fordert Zivilisten in GAZA zur Flucht auf
20140728             NEW—YORK—TIMESFORDERT CANNABIS—LEGALISIERUNG: Auf den Keks gegangen
20140728             DEEPWATER—HORIZON: Ölpest schädigte Korallen noch in weiter Entfernung
20140728             Sanktionen im UKRAINE—KONFLIKT, Westen schließt die Reihen gegen PUTIN
20140728             UN—WETTER über NORD—RHEIN—WESTFALEN: Land unter in MÜNSTER
20140728             Großfeuer in LIBYEN: EINSATZ—KRÄFTE flüchten vor brennenden Tanks
20140728             Dass —DIESMAL 1—JOURNALIST—JONATHAN KARL—VON—ABC - 1—KOLLEGEN live über seinen Drogenkonsum verhört, hat guten Grund. —DENN, unter ROSENTHALs Führung ist DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES selbst unter die Kiffer gegangen: Mit 1—MASSIVEN MEDIEN—KAMPAGNE, wie sie sie eigentlich nur staatstragenden Politfragen zubilligt, hat sich die betuliche "Grey Lady"an die Spitze der LEGALISIERUNGS—DEBATTE gesetzt—, fordert die komplette Dekriminalisierung von Marihuana: Gras für alle, auch für uns!
20140728             Diese Kampagne BEGANN  —AM—SONNTAG mit 1—FÜR "TIMES"-—VERHÄLTNISSE schockierend zeitgemäßen Leitartikel, der DAS—THEMA mit dem ALKOHOL—VERBOT—DER—ZWANZIGER —JAHRE gleichstellt: "Beendet die Prohibition noch einmal".
20140728             Das MitTEILUNGsblatt des Bürgertums propagiert seinen KIFFER—KOMMENTAR so aggressiv wie nie: es gab 1—EIGENE PRESSE—MITTEILUNG, und in 1—SECHSTEILIGEN Serie von Artikeln widmen sich die Leitartikler den Vorzügen von CANNABIS. Das Ganze wird prominent auf der Homepage verkauft, mit "interaktivem Zeugs, Grafiken und Tabellen"(ROSENTHAL) und unter dem zweideutigen Motto "High Time". Was "höchste Zeit"heißen KANN—ABER auch: "es ist Zeit, sich zu berauschen".
20140728             —IM—NOCH;;06;;dieses —JAHREs dokumentierte Starkolumnistin Maureen Dowd konsterniert 1—SELBST—VERSUCHMIT CANNABIS—KEKSEN: "Ich konnte mich kaum mehr erinnern, wo ich war oder was ich anhatte", schrieb sie. "Ich kam zur Überzeugung, daß ich tot war und mir das keiner gesagt hatte".
20140728             BRIAN—ROSS ist 1—DER renommiertesten USA—INVESTIGATIVREPORTER. In seinen 20—JAHREN bei ABC—NEWS deckte er zahllose SKANDALe und Regierungsgeheimnisse auf, darunter die Existenz DER—CIA—FOLTERZENTREN in OST—EUROPA. Manchmal lag er daneben, unbequem war er jedoch immer.
20140728             Doch langsam wird der, 65—JAHRE—ALTE müde: DIE—GEHEIM—DIENSTE, allen voran die SPITZEL—BEHÖRDE NSA, machten seinen Job bald fast unmöglich. Er müsse selbst wie 1—SPION agieren, um sich vor staatlicher ÜBERWACHUNG und den Folgen zu schützen, sagt er: "es hat etwas Abstoßendes, aufwendige Ausweich—, SICHERHEITS—TECHNIKEN anwenden zu MÜSSEN—WIE 1—KRIMINELLER".
20140728             Kein Einzelfall: Amerikas Ausspähapparat erschwere DIE—ARBEIT investigativer Reporter zusehends, berichtet DIE—MENSCHEN—RECHTS—ORGANISATION HUMAN—RIGHTS—WATCH (HRW) in 1—STUDIE, die sie an diesem —MONTAG vorlegte. Darin steckt tiefe Ironie: War es DOCH—NEBEN den Enthüllungen des früheren NSA—MANNS EDWARD—SNOWDEN—INVESTIGATIVER Journalismus, der das wahre Ausmaß der Bespitzelung überhaupt erst bekannt machte.
20140728             Der Schnüffelwahn schade der Meinungs—, PRESSE—FREIHEIT, klagt HRW. Uramerikanische Werte wie "Freiheit, Demokratie und 1—OFFENE, verantwortliche Regierung"seien "schwer bedroht"- durch die groß angelegten, —STAAT—ÜBERWACHUNGS—PROGRAMME, gepaart mit verschärften, oft gnadenlosen MAßNAHMEn zur GEHEIM—HALTUNG regierungseigener Interna.
20140728             DIE—GLEICHE BE—DROHUNG gelte auch für Juristen, die zum Beispiel in TERRORverfahren tätig seien. "DIE—ARBEIT von Journalisten und Anwälten ist zentral für unsere Demokratie", erklärte ALEX—SINHA, DER—VERFASSER des 120—SEITIGEN Berichts. "Wenn ihre Arbeit leidet, leiden wir auch".
20140728             DER—REPORT zeichnet die Folgen der NSA—METHODEN im Detail auf. Dazu befragte HRW 92—BETROFFENE, darunter 46—REPORTER und PULITZER—PREIS—TRÄGER—VON—USA—LEITMEDIEN wie der NEW—YORK—TIMES, dem WALL—STREET—JOURNAL und der WASHINGTON—POST. Auch hätten 5—REGIERUNGSINSIDER bis in die höchsten Etagen des FBI teilgenommen, wenn auch anonym. DIE—NSA habe erst zu-, doch dann wieder abgesagt.
20140728             DIE—USA—REGIERUNG sei technologisch in der Lage, persönliche Informationen "in —BISLANG beispiellosem Ausmaß abzusaugen", schreibt HRW. ZUGLEICH verschärfe WASHINGTON die STRAFVERFOLGUNG—VON—INFORMANTEN. Viele dürften unter AN—DROHUNG disziplinärer MAßNAHMEn —INZWISCHEN, gar nicht mehr mit Reportern reden.
20140728             "So schlimm war es noch nie", sagte JONATHAN—LANDAY, GEHEIM—DIENST—KORRESPONDENT der drittgrößten USA—ZEITUNGSKETTE McClatchy. Sein Kollege TOM—GJELTEN vom Radiosender NPR sekundierte, daß jeder seiner Schritte vom Staat dokumentiert werde: "es ist 1—SCHRECKLICHE Zeit, wenn man über DIE—REGIERUNG berichten muss".Jane Mayer vom "NEW—YORKER"sprach von "einer zusätzlichen Schicht der Angst".
20140728             Diese Angst macht sich vor allem bei den Informanten bemerkbar. "Viel weniger LEUTE stellen sich zur Verfügung", sagte JAMES—ASHER, der WASHINGTONer BÜRO—CHEF—FÜR McClatchy. Einst verlässliche Quellen verschwänden —PLÖTZLICH, von der Bildfläche. Andere würden noch nicht mal mehr über die banalsten Dinge sprechen.
20140728             DIE—INFORMANTEN fürchten, daß DIE—NSA—INFORMATIONEN 1—STRAFVERFOLGUNG gegen sie erleichtern. DIE—REDE ist von 1 "porösen Wand"zwischen NSA und JUSTIZ—MINISTERIUM. —BISHER, leitete DIE—REGIERUNG unter BARACK—OBAMA wegen mutmaßlicher "Leaks"8—ERMITTLUNGSVERFAHREN—GEGEN—BEAMTE 1 - fast dreimal so viele wie alle Regierungen zuvor.
20140728             DIE—JOURNALISTEN kommen ihrerseits kaum mehr dazu, etwas zu enthüllen. Alle berichteten über "aufwendige Schritte, um Quellen und Informationen zu schützen". Dies führe dazu, daß immer weniger Regierungsinterna immer SELTENER—AN—DIE—ÖFFENTLICHKEIT drängten.
20140728             "Wenn DIE—USA diese Sorgen nicht schnell und effektiv anspricht, könnte das ernsten, langfristigen Schaden für das Gefüge der Demokratie in unserem Land haben", warnt HRW. Der ÜBERWACHUNGS—WAHN höhle die Werte aus, "die DIE—USA—ZUMEIST schätzt"- VERFASSUNGS—RECHTE wie DIE—PRESSE—, MEINUNGS—FREIHEIT.
20140728             [l] Wow. Das EHEMALIGE—NACHRICHTEN—MAGAZIN ist endgültig in der POST—JOURNALISMUS—ÄRA angekommen.
20140728             In other news: Der Platz "Leitmedium des deutschsprachigen Raums"ist frei geworden, Bewerber melden sich bitte am Kiosk.
20140728             [l] Umfrage: 86.5 % der ISRAELis sind gegen 1—WAFFEN—RUHE.
20140728             DIE—FRAGEN waren allerdings lenkend:
20140728             —WHEN, asking about 1—POTENTIAL—CEASE—FIRE, the poll gave 2—CHOICES.
20140728             —ENDORSED, The 1. 1—CEASEFIRE because "ISRAEL had enough achievements, soldiers have †, and it is time to stop".
20140728             The 2. said ISRAEL cannot accept 1—CEASE—FIRE because "HAMAS continues firing missiles on ISRAEL, not all the tunnels have been found, and HAMAS has not surrendered".
20140728             [l] RUSSLAND soll—DOLLAR Schadensersatz an die Großaktionäre von Yukus zahlen. Das hat das "Ständige Schiedsgericht"in DEN—HAAG entschieden. Schöner Vorgeschmack auf TTIP und co!
20140728             And THE—PENTAGON is ALREADY preparing for that war.
20140728             —CLAIMED, Hours after THE—USA—STATE—DEPARTMENT on —THURSDAY, (though failed to describe) new evidence that RUSSIA—MILITARY was both increasing THE—FLOW—OF—ARMS to rebel fighters in EASTERN—UKRAINE and firing artillery at UKRAINE—ARMY—POSITIONS across its border, CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—USA—JOINT—CHIEFS—OF—STAFF—GENERAL—MARTIN—DEMPSEY elevated the rhetoric against RUSSIAN—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN and directly invoked the idea that 1—NEW—COLD—WAR—LIKE posture is now being taken by THE—USA—MILITARY.
20140728             Speaking from THE—ASPEN SECURITY Forum, 1—DEFENSE—INDUSTRY—CONFERENCE in COLORADO, Dempsey said PENTAGON planners are now looking at MILITARY options "we haven't had to look at for 20—YEARS"and warned that PUTIN—WHOM he characterized as escalating the crisis inside UKRAINE—"may actually light 1—FIRE" he cannot control. And not just in UKRAINE or EAST—EUROPE, Dempsey said, but globally.
20150728             Gefährliches VIRUS: SÜD—KOREA erklärt MERS—EPIDEMIE für beendet
20150728             Boy SCOUTS—OF—AMERICA: USA—PFADFINDER lassen schwule Betreuer zu
20150728             SPANIEN: Barça und BILBAO müssen für Pfiffe gegen den KÖNIG zahlen
20150728             KURS—STURZ: CHINAs BÖRSEn setzen Talfahrt fort
20150728             Verkaufszahlen : VW überholt Toyota
20150728             Bei jedem Bremsvorgang wird die Luft mit FEIN—STAUB verpestet.
20150728             giftigen Abrieb
20150728             Nach weiteren Recherchen konstatierte der, 50—JAHRE—ALTE: Abhilfe existierte nicht.
20150728             Mit dem INTERNATIONAL patentierten VERFAHREN—GESCHÄTZTE Mehrkosten bei 1—NEUWAGEN—CA—50—EURO—RÜCKT der Unternehmer 1—HOCHGEFÄHRLICHEN Gesundheitsbelastung zu Leibe: Der beim Bremsen mit 1—STANDARD—BREMSBELAG entstehende Ruß ist ein hochtoxischer Cocktail.
20150728             In der Gruselrechnung —BISHER, vernachlässigt: der Dreck der Bremsbeläge.
20150728             "Bei 1—WAGEN mittlerer Größe - 1—MERCEDES—DER A-Klasse oder 1—RENAULT SCÉNIC—SIND ES—CA—30—MILLIGRAMM FEIN—STAUB pro Bremsvorgang".
20150728             In die Luft gelangt damit ein aggressiver Mix aus Ruß und Schwermetallen, darunter Kupfer, Kadmium, Nickel, Chrom, Zink, Barium und Blei.
20150728             "Die winzigen Nanopartikel können sich in der Lunge festsetzen und in den Organismus eindringen",
20150728             DIE—GEFAHR der MINI—TEILCHEN, die von 10—MIKROMETER herunterreichen (PM10) bis zur Größe von VIREN (PM0,1), ist derweil erkannt.
20150728             1—GERADE veröffentlichte —STUDIE des französischen SENATs schätzt DIE—ZAHL—DER—OPFER durch LUFT—VERSCHMUTZUNG auf 45.000—TOTE PRO—JAHR.
20150728             Unter dem Motto "1—BILD—VON—1—HUND"zeichnete ADOLPH Menzel 1864ca00             in erdigen Brauntönen den Hund als vor den Karren gespanntes Zugtier, das eingeschirrt und geschunden im Rinnstein liegt und nicht mal mehr Interesse für die Katze aufbringen kann, die gerade aus 1—KELLERLOCH klettert.
20150728             —RELEASED, THE—DOCUMENTS, by THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY—OFFICE—OF—OPERATIONS—COORDINATION, indicate that THE—DEPARTMENT frequently collects information, including location data, on Black Lives Matter activities from public SOCIAL—MEDIA—ACCOUNTS, including on FACEBOOK, Twitter, and Vine, even for events expected to be peaceful.
20150728             They also —SHOW THE—DEPARTMENT watching over gatherings that seem benign and even mundane.
20150728             THE—TRACKING—OF—DOMESTIC—PROTEST—GROUPS and peaceful gatherings raises questions over whether DHS is chilling the exercise of 1.AMENDMENT—RIGHTS, and over whether THE—DEPARTMENT, created in large part to combat terrorism, has allowed its MISSION—TO—CREEP beyond the bounds of useful security activities as its annual budget has grown beyond $60—BILLION.
20150728             —CATALOGED, THE—SURVEILLANCE, in THE—DHS documents goes back to  ;;08;;of last year, when protests and riots broke out in FERGUS—ON—THE—DAY—AFTER the shooting of unarmed black teenager MICHAEL—BROWN.
20150728             —ACCORDING—TO, 2  ;;08;;11., 20140000              reports, 1—DHS FEMA "WatchOps officer" used information from Twitter and Vine to monitor THE—RIOTS and reproduced 1—MAP, originally created by 1—REDDIT user, of KONFLIKT—ZONES.
20150728             THE—DHS email forwarding that information said THE—DATA was provided "for YOUR—SITUATIONAL awareness".
20150728             Baher Azmy, 1—LEGAL—DIRECTOR at THE—CENTER—FOR—CONSTITUTIONAL—RIGHTS, however, argues that this "PROVIDING—SITUATIONAL awareness" is just another word for surveillance and that creating this BODY—OF—KNOWLEDGE about perfectly legal events is a —PROBLEM in and of itself.
20150728             "What they CALL—SITUATIONAL awareness is Orwellian speak for watching and intimidation,"
20150728             "Over time there's 1—SERIOUS harm to the associational RIGHTS—OF—THE—PROTESTERS and it's 1—EFFECTIVE—WAY to chill protest movements.
20150728             The average person would be less likely to go to 1—BLACK—LIVES—MATTER—PROTEST if THE—GOVERNMENT is monitoring SOCIAL—MEDIA, FACEBOOK, and their movements".
20150728             Directly —AFTER—9/11, people said, 'if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about.'
20150728             Well, now we're fighting back against police brutality and extrajudicial killings, yet they are using this supposedly ANTI—TERRORIST—INFRASTRUCTURE against us".
20150728             BRENDAN—MCQUADE, 1—VISITING assistant PROFESSOR—AT DePaul University who researches THE—DHS—INTELLIGENCE—GATHERING fusion centers, believes that THE—DHS and its affiliated counterterror ORGANIZATIONs monitor Black Lives Matter to such 1—EXACTING degree because THE—TERRORIST—THREATS they were created to stop are exceedingly remote.
20150728             "Surveillance is 1—TOOL—OF—FEAR.
20150728—20010911    —SINCE, "I've been at this now for 6 and 1—HALF—YEARS, and we have I believe come 1—LONG—WAY in THE—LEVEL—OF—SOPHISTICATION—OF our INTELLIGENCE—COMMUNITY and their ability to track and detect potential threats to our homeland from overseas," Johnson said at THE—ASPEN Security Forum in COLORADO.
20150728             MissbrauchsPROZESS, 34—JAHRE—ALTE führte PÄDOPHILEN—RING in ENGLAND
20150728             Produktpiraterie: Chinesische —FABRIK fälschte 41.000—IPHONES
20150728             Mutmaßliche Sabotage: GAS—PIPELINE in der TÜRKEI durch Explosion beschädigt
20150728             Kinderleichenfund in AUSTRALIEN: MADDIE—ERMITTLER verfolgen neue Spur
20150728             1—AUSTRALISCHER POLIZIST sagte dem "GUARDIAN"zufolge im PARLAMENT: "Es gibt
20150728             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS: "Es schläfert uns ein"
20150728             LIBYEN: GADDAFI—SOHN SAIF—AL—ISLAM zum Tode verurteilt
20150728             —POLIZEI—GEGEN—FLÜCHTLINGSFEINDE: Die überforderten Beschützer
20150728             TÜRKEI—ERDOGAN erklärt FRIEDENS—PROZESS mit Kurden für beendet
20150728             DIE—RICHTER befanden den DIKTATORensohn unter anderem des Mordes und der KORRUPTION für schuldig.
20150728             —SEIT—DEM, Sturz GADDAFIs ist LIBYEN in 1——BÜRGER—KRIEG geraten,
20150728             geraten
20150728             U—BOOT—FUND in SCHWEDEN: Russische Provokation ist wohl, 99—JAHRE—ALT
20150728             Störche in DEUTSCHLAND: Schlechtes Wetter, leere Nester
20150728             Smartphones: SICHERHEITS—LÜCKE bedroht angeblich 950.000.000 ANDROID—GERÄTE
20150728             WIRTSCHAFTS—WEISE zur EURO—KRISE, DER—MARKT soll's richten
20150728             "DIE—PARTEI"—CHEF SONNEBORN: "Innerparteiliche Demokratie ist mit mir nicht zu machen"
20150728             "ISLAMISCHER—STAAT": DEUTSCHE—TERROR—TOURISTEN—ZAHL steigt weiter
20150728             NIEDERSACHSEN: Dreiköpfige Familie verschwindet spurlos
20150728             Meyer Werft: Costa baut RIESEN—KREUZFAHRTSCHIFFE mit Flüssiggasantrieb
20150728             WELT—WEITE KUSS—STUDIE: Nicht alle wollen knutschen
20150728             The comparative method has been 1—OF—THE—HALLMARKS of anthropology since its inception in the middle of the 18000101—18991231  .
20150728             1—SCIENCE whose data base attempts to account for all cultural systems both temporally and spatially —THROUGHOUT THE—WORLD.
20150728             THE—EFFORTS—OF—COMPARATIVISTS have been fraught with controversy and methodological barriers that can defeat THE—FAINT—HEARTED.
20150728             ICPSR
20150728             With over 700—MEMBER—INSTITUTIONS and over 1—HALF—MILLION—FILES—OF—SOCIAL—SCIENCE research, THE—INTER—UNIVERSITY—CONSORTIUM for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is THE—WORLD—LARGEST—SOCIAL—SCIENCE—DATA archive.
20150728             partner institutions.
20150728             Gerade einmal 50 % der Kulturen WELT—WEIT praktiziere 1—ROMANTISCHEN Kuss, schreiben DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER im FACH—MAGAZIN "USA—ANTHROPOLOGIST".
20150728             Keiner der befragten Ethnologen konnte über innige LIPPEN—BEKENNTNISSE aus der Region rund um die SAHARA berichten, praktiziert werden heiße Küsse auch nicht in Neu GUINEA oder unter Bewohnern des REGEN—WALDS im Amazonasbecken.
20150728             DAS—ERGEBNIS, dass der innige Kuss sonst eher in komplexeren sozialen SYSTEMen praktiziert WIRD—IN stärker industrialisierten Gegenden der Welt wird also mehr innig geküsst.
20150728             —KRAWALLE—IN—DRESDEN: Erneut Ausschreitungen vor FLÜCHTLINGS—CAMP
20150728             —FLUCHT vor KAPITAL—KONTROLLEN: BULGARIEN, die neue Schatzkammer GRIECHENLANDs
20150728             Um ihr BAR—GELD vor den KAPITAL—KONTROLLEN in ihrem Land zu schützen, müssen Griechen nur 1—KLEINEN Trip ins Nachbarland BULGARIEN unternehmen.
20150728             DIE—STIMME am anderen ENDE—DER—LEITUNG ist höflich: "Guten Morgen, für griechische BÜRGER ist es ganz einfach, bei uns ein auf EURO oder bulgarischen Lew laufendes Konto zu eröffnen.
20150728             In perfektem Englisch erklärt sie, dass die Kontoeröffnung nur ein paar Stunden dauern würde.
20150728             —AKTUELL nutzen viele Griechen ihr bulgarisches Konto, um verstecktes BAR—GELD aus Metallschatullen und unter Matratzen hervorzuholen.
20150728             In den Monaten, in denen sich DIE—GRIECHENLAND—KRISE zuspitzte, haben SIE—CA——EURO von ihren BANK—KONTEN abgehoben.
20150728             —JETZT bringen sie DAS—GELD ins Ausland.
20150728             Griechische Medien berichten von 1—FRAU in 1—BUS nach Albanien, in deren Gepäck Zollbeamte 23.000—EURO entdeckten.
20150728             —WÄHREND, GRIECHENLAND die KÖRPERSCHAFTS—STEUER auf Druck der GELD—GEBER auf 29 % anhebt, lockt BULGARIEN mit 1—ZEHNPROZENTIGEN EINHEITS—STEUERSATZ für Privatpersonen und Unternehmen.
20150728             griechische Unternehmen in DEN—CA—6—JAHREN seit Ausbruch DER—KRISE zwischen 4,5 und—EURO in BULGARIEN investiert haben.
20150728             "—VOR—EIN—PAAR—JAHREN war GRIECHENLAND noch Hoffnungsträger und Vorbild für andere STAATEN auf dem Balkan.
20150728             Wir waren 1.entwickelte Wirtschaft, verankert im Westen, Teil des Zentrums von EUROPA", sagt der Unternehmer.
20150728             "Jetzt erscheint sogar Albanien attraktiver".
20150728             Bananenstaat
20150728             BANANEN—BANKEN ?
20150728             Wer kein eigenes Geld hat, kann auch nicht damit umgehen.
20150728             Oder seit wann gehen BANKEN um, mit "eigenem"Geld ?
20150728             BANANEN—STAAT, BANANEN—BANKEN ?
20150728             EU—STANDARD bei BAR—GELDSCHMUGGEL
20150728             "Manchen reicht nicht einmal das: Griechische Medien berichten von 1—FRAU in 1—BUS nach Albanien, in deren Gepäck Zollbeamte 23.000—EURO entdeckten.
20150728             EU—STANDARD bei BAR—GELDSCHMUGGEL ist die Beschlagnahme der der gesamten Summe, OHNE Wiederherausgabe, PLUS Strafe (in DEUTSCHLAND bis 1Mio).
20150728             Und dabei hieß es doch "freier WAREN—KAPITAL—, Personeverkehr in der EU".
20150728             Freiheit ist eben 1.DEFINIITIONS—ANGELEGENHEIT.
20150728             Wessen Geschäft auf Etikettenschwindel beruht, wird sich noch wundern...
20150728             Sie behaupten also damit..
20150728             DER—MENSCH in 1. Linie nun mal 1—EGOIST.
20150728             #197 GESTERN, 19:51 von kraus.roland
20150728             Griechen & Bulgaren..
20150728             .praktizieren notgedrungen die kannibalische Quintessenz des PIRATEN—KAPITALISMUS unserer Tage.
20150728             MILITÄRschläge gegen IS und PKK: TÜRKEI verzichtet auf Truppenanfrage bei der NATO
20150728             —URTEIL zu Geschäftskunden: BUNDES—GERICHT—HOF kippt Gebühr für Falschbuchungen
20150728             FRANKREICH:, 16—JAHRE—ALTE findet 560.000—JAHRE—ALT Menschenzahn
20150728             1, 16—JAHRE—ALTE französische Hobbyarchäologin hat gemeinsam mit 1—HELFER 1—CA—560.000—JAHRE—ALT Zahn ausgegraben
20150728             seien in EUROPA nur sehr wenige menschliche Fossilien aus DIESER—ZEIT entdeckt worden,
20150728             —ENTDECKT wurde der Zahn in der Höhle von Arago nahe des Dorfes Tautavel, DAS—CA—35—KM nordwestlich von PERPIGNAN in SÜD—FRANKREICH liegt.
20150728             "Er wurde in 1—SCHICHT Erdreich gefunden, von der wir wissen, dass sie zwischen 580.000—UND 550.000—JAHRE—ALT ist".
20150728             ist der ZAHN—CA—100.000—JAHRE älter als der sogenannte TAUTAVEL—MENSCH, dessen Überreste in der Region gefunden worden waren und der VOR—CA—450.000—JAHREN lebte.
20150728             580.000
20150728             UKRAINE, OSZE meldet mehrfachen Beschuss ihrer MIT—ARBEITER
20150728             Jagd auf bekannten Löwen: Cecils qualvoller Tod
20150728             TÜRKEI : DIE—ANGST der Kurden, DAS—KALKÜL ERDOGANs
20150728             OFFENSIVE—GEGEN—PKK: Luftwaffe greift Kurden auf türkischem Boden an
20150728             Klarnamenpflicht: HAMBURG—DATEN—SCHÜTZER fordert Pseudonyme auf FACEBOOK
20150728             CALAIS in FRANKREICH: 2.000—FLÜCHTLINGE—IN—1—NACHT am Eurotunnel
20150728             —QUARTAL—ZAHLEN: Twitter übertrifft Erwartungen der WALL—STREET
20150728             POLLARD einsitzt in 1—GEFÄNGNIS im USA—STAAT NORTH—CAROLINA.
20150728             ISRAEL, genießt POLLARD 1—NATIONALHELD Status.
20150728             Auch USA—AUßEN—MINISTER—JOHN—KERRY beteuerte vor Journalisten, dass kein außenpolitischer Zusammenhang bestehe.
20150728             [l] Wisst ihr, was sie auf GUANTANAMO gemacht haben, bevor das 1—FOLTERKNAST war?
20150728             [l] 1.000—WISSENSCHAFTLER haben in 1—OFFENER—BRIEF vor militärischer KI—FORSCHUNG gewarnt.
20150728             [l] Diese Meldung hier ist so großartig, die solltet ihr alle gelesen haben.
20150728             "Riding Higher": POLIZEI fühlt sich schikaniert
20150728             Der Rest übererfüllt die Erwartungen noch.
20150728             DIE—SÜDDEUTSCHE hat noch mehr Details.
20150728             "—Wiener Neustadt — 3—JAHRE und 4—MONATE Haft für 1—PFARRER wegen sexueller Vergehen an 1—SCHÜTZLING".
20150728165205 Firefox 28.0
20150728—19850000    —NACH—30—JAHREN ISRAELischer EX—SPION POLLARD kommt frei, VEREINIGTE STAATEN[USA] (Politik, 21:58)
20160120             1—COMPUTER im USA—BUNDES—STAAT—MISSOURI hat die längste Primzahl errechnet: 274207281 MINUS 1[M74207281].
20160728             RAZZIA—IN—HILDESHEIM: POLIZEI durchsucht Moschee und Wohnungen
20160728             BREMEN: POLIZEI fasst geflüchteten Psychiatriepatienten
20160728             Aufnahme von FLÜCHTLINGEn: PAPA ermahnt POLEN—POLEN ermahnt DEUTSCHLAND
20160728             BARACK—OBAMA über HILLARY—CLINTON: Ja, sie kann es
20160728             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DONNERSTAG: Die perfekte Inszenierung
20160728             —DER—MORGEN—LIVE, Forscher finden Killer für KRANKENHAUS—KEIM in menschlicher Nase
20160728             Hassbotschaften IM—NETZ: Wie Nutzer reagieren können —, was die Firmen tun
20160728             Defizite von SPANIEN und PORTUGAL: Wer nicht beißt, darf auch nicht bellen
20160728             CLINTON—HELFER OBAMA: Im Rausch
20160728             —VERBRECHEN: Kripobeamte WARNEN—VOR—NEUER Brutalität in Rockerszene
20160728             SICHERHEITS—LÜCKE "KeySniffer": Achtung, TASTEN—SCHNÜFFLER
20160728             IRISCH—INDISCHE Musik: Jamsession in der EISEN—ZEIT
20160728             MERKELs —SOMMERpressekonferenz: Rede zur Lage der verunsicherten Nation
20160728             "Es gab noch nie jemanden, der für das PRÄSIDENTEN—AMT qualifizierter war als sie", rief OBAMA.
20160728             —NATÜRLICH dürfte dabei auch die von der CSU und von SAHRA—WAGENKNECHT aufgeworfene Frage 1.große Rolle spielen, inwieweit ihre FLÜCHTLINGS—POLITIK DEUTSCHLANDs Sicherheit gefährdet.
20160728             —NATÜRLICH
20160728             DIE—RICHTIGE Antwort darauf hat die britische Zeitung "Independent"formuliert: MERKELs Politik, FLÜCHTLINGEn großzügig zu helfen, schütze DEUTSCHLAND langfristig, weil sie das Signal aussende, daß DEUTSCHLAND sich mit dem ISLAM nicht im KRIEG befinde, schreibt das Blatt.
20160728             Der Schlüssel zum SIEG—ÜBER—TERRORISMUS LIEGE eben darin, daß DER—WESTEN endlich die Herzen und Köpfe vieler Muslime gewinnt, damit sie sich erst gar nicht radikalisierten.
20160728             radikalisierten
20160728             DER—TÜRKEI—PRÄSIDENT—RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN baut seine HERRSCHAFT—IN—DER TÜRKEI nach dem PUTSCH—VERSUCH Schritt für Schritt aus und bestraft seine Gegner
20160728             nach
20160728             dem
20160728             Putsch
20160728             versuch
20160728             Journalisten wandern ins Gefängnis.
20160728             wandern
20160728             Was man als DIKTATOR mit Kritikern eben so macht.
20160728             man
20160728             —HEUTE, tagt in ANKARA zum 1.Mal seit dem PUTSCH—VERSUCH der gesamte türkische GENERALstab oder das, was von ihm übrig geblieben ist.
20160728             —VON, 358—GENERÄLEN und Admiralen hat STAATSPRÄSIDENT—ERDOGAN 128—ABSETZEN oder festnehmen lassen, weil
20160728             er ihnen 1.Beteiligung an dem PUTSCH—VERSUCH vorwirft.
20160728             westliche MILITÄR—EXPERTEN vor allem beobachten, ob sich der jetzige GENERAL—STABS——CHEF—HULUSI Akar (ein erfahrener NATO—MANN) halten kann.
20160728             Mein Kollege MATTHIAS GeBAUER berichtet,
20160728             Er blieb loyal zu ERDOGAN, wurde sogar von den Verschwörern festgesetzt.
20160728             FACEBOOK—VERDREIFACHTE den Gewinn —J—IMSVERGLEICH beinahe von 719.000.000 auf märchenhafte 2,1—MILLIARDEN—$.
20160728             Der Umsatz stieg um 59 % auf 6,4—MILLIARDEN—$.
20160728             Grund für die starken Zahlen sind die wachsenden EINNAHMEN aus Werbung,
20160728             FACEBOOK hatte Ende;;06;;1,—AKTIVE Nutzer PRO—MONAT, das waren 15 % mehr als —IM—VORJAHRESZEITRAUM.
20160728             DIE—LINKE muss den KAMPF—MIT—DER AfD aufnehmen die statt eines islamistischen 1—PSEUDOCHRISTLICHEN neoliberalen REPRESSIONS—STAAT will.
20160728             —VOR, DONALD—TRUMP oder der AfD zu kuschen ist genauso blöd wie den IS gewähren zu lassen.
20160728             DIE—EXPERTEN haben 12—SCHNURLOSE Tastaturen im Preissegment von etwa 50—EURO unter die Lupe genommen.
20160728             Alle Modelle kommunizieren per Funk über 1—ENTSPRECHENDEN USB—STECKER mit dem Computer.
20160728             Bei 8—DER Tastaturen konnten DIE—FORSCHER mit relativ geringem Aufwand jede einzelne Eingabe mitverfolgen —, das aus 1—ENTFERNUNG von bis zu 70—METERN.
20160728             DIE—GERÄTE stammen von Herstellern wie HEWLETT—PACKARD, Kensington, Toshiba oder EagleTec.
20160728             Es gibt 1.Liste angreifbarer Modelle, die nicht unbedingt vollständig ist.
20160728             Mindestens 3—DER Tastaturen sind auf dem deutschen Markt erhältlich.
20160728             Insgesamt ist die Rede von Millionen betroffenen Geräten.
20160728             Hochpreisige Modelle von Herstellern wie Logitech, Dell und Lenovo, so schreiben die Experten, verschlüsseln ihre Kommunikation.
20160728             Und das mache sie immun gegen den "KeySniffer".
20160728             In dem umfassenden Werk des schottischen ARCHÄOLOGEN FRASER—HUNTER über die EISEN—ZEIT—CARNYX, das HORN der KELTEN, fand er
20160728             Ó Foghlú
20160728             DIE—ZEICHNUNG eines Reliefs von der Großen Stupa von Sanchi im zentralindischen BUNDES—STAAT Madhya Pradesh.
20160728             Es entstand _00000101_00991231   —IM, und zeigt Gläubige, die mit OPFER—GABEN zur Stupa kommen.
20160728             Der Zug wird von Musikern begleitet, verschiedenen Trommlern, Muschelbläsern, Zimbelspielern —, 2—GESTALTEN in fremdartigen Gewändern, die je 1.Carnyx in der Hand halten.
20160728             Dies berichtet Ó Foghlú in der aktuellen Ausgabe des "JOURNAL—OF—INDIA—OCEAN—ARCHAEOLOGY".
20160728             Das EISEN—ZEIT—BLASINSTRUMENT der KELTEN ist unverkennbar.
20160728             Es besteht aus 1—LANGEN, vornehmlich geraden Klangkörper, der Schalltrichter endet in 1—TIERKOPF.
20160728             Um es aufrecht spielen zu können, muss der Bläser seinen Kopf weit in den Nacken legen - 1.Körperhaltung, die sonst für kein anderes Instrument überliefert ist.
20160728             Kein Zweifel: Die beiden Musiker auf dem indischen Tempelrelief spielen auf jeweils 1—KELTISCHEN Carnyx.
20160728             Wie aber kamen die Männer und ihre Instrumente aus dem europäischen NORDEN ins weit entfernte INDIEN?
20160728             Der nördliche Indische Ozean war zwischen 300—VOR und 500—NACH Christus ein stark frequentierter Handelsweg zwischen dem indischen Subkontinent IM—OSTEN und der Arabischen Halbinsel mit dem dahinter liegenden MITTELMEER im Westen.
20160728             Über ihn hinweg wurden LEBENS—MITTEL, Stoffe und GEWÜRZE ebenso ausgetauscht wie religiöse Ideen, kulinarische Vorlieben oder NATUR—WISSENSCHAFTLICHE Erkenntnisse.
20160728             Nur war der Indische Ozean nicht das ganze Jahr hindurch befahrbar.
20160728             DIE—SCHIFFBARKEIT hing stark vom Monsun ab.
20160728             Setzten die Winde und REGEN—FÄLLE ein, mussten die Seeleute so lange dort ausharren, wo sie gerade vor Anker lagen, bis DAS—WETTER wieder besser wurde.
20160728             So entstanden entlang der Küsten lebendige Siedlungen, in denen allerlei Seefahrer und HÄNDLER mit der einheimischen Bevölkerung zusammentrafen, redeten, tauschten —, gemeinsam Musik machten.
20160728             Wurden in der EISEN—ZEIT sowohl die keltische Carnyx als auch das indische HORN in diesem Sinne gespielt, dann waren sie durchaus kompatibel —, es wird in den Monsunmonaten in den Küstenstädten rund um den indischen Ozean schwungvolle Jamsessions gegeben haben.
20160728             Mit dem Mittelalter kam dann aber der rege Handel über den Indischen Ozean zum Erliegen.
20160728             —SCHON—IN der ALTSTEIN—ZEIT erzeugten DIE—MENSCHEN Klänge auf Instrumenten.
20160728             Signalpfeifen aus den Zehenknochen von Wildtieren benutzten bereits DIE—NEANDERTALER.
20160728             ALTSTEIN—ZEIT SCHON IN DER Schwirrhölzer kamen zum Einsatz, mit denen sich ein tiefer, auf—, abschwellender Ton erzeugen lässt.
20160728             Ähnlich alt sind Funde von Trommelschlägeln.
20160728             Im Boden 1—HÖHLE auf der Schwäbischen Alb fanden ARCHÄOLOGEN Fragmente 1—FLÖTE aus Gänsegeierknochen, die sich VOR—35.000—JAHREN jemand schnitzte, um darauf zu musizieren.
20160728             DIE—GÄNSEGEIERFLÖTE war jedenfalls definitiv schon 1—MELODIEINSTRUMENT - 5—LÖCHER für die Modifikation der Luftsäule sind erhalten, möglicherweise hatte sie sogar noch mehr.
20160728             DER—MENSCH macht schon sehr lange MUSIK—ETWA mit der Skandinavischen Lure.
20160728             DIE—BRONZETROMPETEN wurden vor allem in Nordeuropa genutzt.
20160728             Einzelne Funde sind mehr als 3.000—JAHRE—ALT.
20160728             ROUEN in FRANKREICH: STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT identifiziert 2. Kirchenattentäter
20160728             Beschluss in BAYERN: Mehr POLIZEI, härtere Ausländergesetze
20160728             MEDIKAMENTEN—FORSCHUNG, Bakterium in der Nase erzeugt Antibiotikum
20160728             TÜRKEI—ERDOGANS politische "Säuberungen"erreichen DAS—AUßEN—MINISTERIUM
20160728             —LIVESTREAM, MERKEL nimmt Stellung zu TERROR und FLÜCHTLINGS—POLITIK
20160728             ANGELA—MERKEL: "DIE—TÄTER verhöhnen DAS—LAND, das sie aufgenommen hat"
20160728             —POLIZEI zu AMOK—TRITTBRETTFAHRERN: "1—GANZES Leben lang abbezahlen"
20160728             Trotz BREXIT: Wirtschaftsklima in EURO—ZONE hellt sich auf
20160728             —NACH, GROß—EINSATZ—IN—BREMEN: POLIZEI lässt geflüchteten Psychiatriepatienten frei
20160728             SYRIEN: RUSSLAND verspricht Eingeschlossenen in ALEPPO freies Geleit
20160728             Tourismus: TÜRKEI leidet unter stärkstem Besuchereinbruch —SEIT—JAHRZEHNTEN
20160728             UMWELT: Das Verschwinden der Schmetterlinge
20160728             Forschungsallianz: Wissenschaftler verurteilen EINGRIFFE—IN—DER TÜRKEI
20160728             TV—BERICHT, ANKARA fordert Auslieferungen aus DEUTSCHLAND
20160728             ANSCHLÄGE—IN—DEUTSCHLAND: Mein Muslim?
20160728             Dein Rassist! (Politik, 15:28)
20160728             Der Stoff mit dem Namen LUGDUNIn tötet Laborbefunden zufolge auch Bakterienstämme, die gegen andere Antibiotika resistent sind
20160728             Produziert wird der Stoff vom Bakterium Staphylococcus LUGDUNENSIS, das bei 1—KLEINEN Teil DER—MENSCHEN natürlicherweise in der Nase vorkommt.
20160728             jedes Jahr —STERBEN mehrere TAUSEND—MENSCHEN in DEUTSCHLAND durch MISTER—S—A—INFEKTIONEN",
20160728             —CA—3700—ARTEN von Faltern oder Schmetterlingen (Lepidoptera) gibt es in DEUTSCHLAND, DARUNTER—NEBEN der riesigen Zahl an Nachtfaltern und KLEINSCHMETTERLINGEN—ETWA 180—OFT farbenprächtige Tagfalter, die überwiegend tagsüber unterwegs sind.
20160728             Doch die Vielfalt schwindet
20160728             BAYERN, wurden
20160728—20010000    —AB, fanden wir nur noch 2819—ARTEN.
20160728             Weit mehr als 400—SPEZIES sind nicht mehr nachweisbar, was 1—RÜCKGANG—VON—13 % entspricht",
20160728             Flatterten 18400101—18491231    —JAHREN—IN—DEN, noch 117—ARTEN von Tagfaltern und WIDDERCHEN—TAGAKTIVE KLEINSCHMETTERLINGE—AM Keilberg, so waren es 2010ca00             nur noch 71,
20160728             Das entspricht 1—RÜCKGANG—DER—ARTEN—VIELFALT um 40 %.
20160728             DER—TREND betreffe auch andere EUROPA—LÄNDER, s
20160728             "Nach 1—BRITISCHEN —STUDIE sind die Bestände des Kleinen Feuerfalters (Lycaena phlaeas) dort in 100—JAHREN um 96 % geschrumpft.
20160728             Beim Gemeinen Bläuling (Polyommatus icarus) ist DIE—ENTWICKLUNG ähnlich".
20160728             JEREMY—THOMAS von der UNIVERSITÄT OXFORD berichtete kürzlich im Wissenschaftsblatt "Science", in der englischen GRAFSCHAFT SUSSEX seien
20160728             "Nur solche Langzeitbeobachtungen können das ganze Ausmaß der KATASTROPHE zeigen",
20160728             "DIE—BEOBACHTUNG über 1—ZEIT—RAUM—VON—200—JAHREN bestätigt den allgemeinen Trend, daß gerade die spezialisierten Arten stark rückläufig sind".
20160728             "In ganz BAYERN sinken DIE—ARTENZAHLEN, und auch bei den vorhandenen Arten schrumpfen die Bestände",
20160728             DIE—ZEIT—AUFSCHLÜSSELUNG zeigt, wie sehr sich dieser Trend beschleunigt
20160728             "In den letzten 30—JAHREN des
20160728             "Schmetterlinge reagieren besonders sensibel auf Veränderungen ihrer UMWELT, denn viele Arten brauchen 2—LEBENSRÄUME, je nach Entwicklungsstadium"
20160728             viele solche Pflanzen sind seltener geworden.
20160728             Der Hauptgrund ist nach Einschätzung aller —EXPERTEn eindeutig: die intensive Landwirtschaft.
20160728             —ETwa 80 % aller Falterarten, so schrieb JEREMY—THOMAS von der UNIVERSITÄT OXFORD kürzlich im Fachblatt "Science", lebten in geschlossenen Populationen und würden ein bis 2—KM breite Streifen kaum überbrücken.
20160728             Schiffswrack in der OST—SEE: Taucher bergen 340—JAHRE—ALT Käse
20160728             Kanonen, Knochen, MÜNZEN—SO manche Dinge haben Taucher bereits aus dem 16760000              gesunkenen schwedischen KRIEG—SCHIFF "Kronan"geborgen.
20160728             Vermutlich handelt ES—SICH um 1 340—JAHRE—ALT Käse.
20160728             DIE—NACH Hefe und Roquefort riechende Masse wurde in 1—ART wasserdichtem Topf am Meeresgrund gefunden, wo sie in dem leicht salzigen Wasser der OST—SEE offenbar die Jahrhunderte einigermaßen unbeschadet überstanden hat.
20160728             DIE—MEHR als 50—METER lange "Kronan"war
20160728             JUPITER: Das GEHEIMNIS—DES—ROTEN Flecks
20160728             Über dem Großen Roten Fleck, wie der Wirbelsturm genannt wird, ist die JUPITER—ATMOSPHÄRE DEMNACH—CA—1300—GRAD—CELSIUS heiß und damit heißer als irgendwo sonst auf dem Riesenplaneten,
20160728             MERKELs REAKTION—AUF—DEN TERROR: Kühl bleiben
20160728             WIRTSCHAFT—KRISE—IN—VENEZUELA: Tiere verhungern im Zoo
20160728             USA—PRÄSIDENTSCHAFTS—KANDIDAT: DONALD—TRUMP schließt Anerkennung der KRIM—ANNEXION nicht aus
20160728             Gesund bleiben: 1—STUNDE Bewegung wiegt 8—STUNDEN Sitzen auf
20160728             Auftritt der Kanzlerin: Mit Ruhe gegen den Sturm
20160728             Lastschriftzahlungen : Massive Störung bei PayPal
20160728             FRANKREICH: Korsische Separatisten drohen dem IS
20160728             Umstrittenes Kraftwerk: Grünes Licht für ATOM—MEILER Hinkley Point
20160728             AUSNAHME—ZUSTAND: USA fordern TÜRKEI—REGIERUNG zu Erklärung auf
20160728             DSCHIHADISTEN—GRUPPE in SYRIEN: NUSRA—FRONT sagt sich von AL—QAIDA los
20160728             [l] Oh da hat Getty Images aber mit Schmackes ins Klo gegriffen, und drückte so kraftvoll nach, daß sie in Südchina rauskamen.
20160728             Getty hat 1.Abmahnung an Carol Highsmith geschickt, weil DIE—BILDER aus dem GETTY—SORTIMENT auf ihrer WEB—SEITE hatte, ohne dafür gezahlt zu haben.
20160728             Allerdings stellt sich raus, daß Getty DIE—BILDER geklaut hatte, die waren nämlich von der Fotografin der LIBRARY—OF—CONGRESS geschenkt worden, damit die die ohne Restriktionen an alle Menschen zum Benutzen weitergeben können.
20160728             Das ist ja schon übel, aber es kommt noch krasser: Die besagte Fotografin war genau diese Carol Highsmith.
20160728             Getty hat also von der Fotografik, deren Fotos sie geklaut haben, Geld verlangt.
20160728             Da ist der guten Frau der Kragen geplatzt und sie hat mal recherchiert, was es da so für ähnliche Fälle gab.
20160728             Sie musste nicht weit suchen, denn das ist nicht das 1.Mal, daß Getty das passiert.
20160728             Und per Dreisatz kommt sie auf—DOLLAR, die sie jetzt von Getty verlangt.
20160728             Das würde ich Getty Images ja gönnen, daß sie jetzt mal schlicht runtergefahren werden.
20160728             Oh übrigens, wisst ihr, wem Getty Images gehört?
20160728             Kommt ihr NIE drauf!
20160728             Der CARLYLE—GROUP!
20160728             alfatomega.com/20080923.html
20160729             —EDWARD—SNOWDEN (@SNOWDEN) 20160728             20170728             [l] Die heutigen Meldungen aus der DEMOKRATIE—UNTERGANGS—RUBKRIK: THERESA—MAY s "BREXIT—VISIONÄR"schmeißt hin.
20170728             "It's not quite rats deserting 1—SINKING ship, but it does indicate that people feel things can't go on as they have been going," said Tim Bale, PROFESSOR—OF—POLITICS at QUEEN—MARY, UNIVERSITY—OF—LONDON.
20170728             Und: DONALD—TRUMP—NEUER Pressefuzzy ANTHONY—SCARAMUCCI setzt Standards im Umgang mit Reportern.
20170728             "Who leaked that to you?" he asked.
20170728             Das ist wie so 1.dieser in den Abgrund fahrenden Loren in INDIANA Jones und der Tempel des Todes.
20170728             [l] Ihr habt vielleicht gehört, daß DONALD—TRUMP AUF—TWITTER angesagt hat, Transsexuelle sollten —IN—ZUKUNFT, im MILITÄR keinen Platz mehr haben.
20170728             Und ja, es gibt da Folgekosten.
20170728             [l] 1—DER—TRENDS unserer Zeit ist ja DER—ARMEE—EINSATZ—GEGEN—DEMONSTRANTEN und aufrührerische Bevölkerungsteile.
20170728             Deriving its name from the animal of the same name, "Skunk"is dispersed as 1—FORM—OF—YELLOW mist, fired from 1—WATER—CANNON, which leaves 1—POWERFUL odor similar to rot or sewage on whatever it touches.
20170728             Diese Stinkbomben haben sie kürzlich an INDIEN verkaufen wollen, für den —EINSATZ—IN—DER KASHMIR—REGION (um die sich INDIEN mit PAKISTAN streitet).
20170728             In den Tests hat die Waffe dann nicht überzeugen können, denn (die COMEDY—ROUTINE schreibt sich an dieser Stelle ganz von alleine):
20170728             An ISRAEL—CROWD—CONTROL stink bomb known as the Skunk, which smells like raw sewage and rotting bodies, destined for employment in the restive REGION—OF—KASHMIR, was rejected after it was found that Indians easily ignored its smell, local MEDIA—REPORT.
20170728             Mit Gestank kann man Inder nicht bekämpfen, das kennen die schon in Kashmir 🙂
20170728             Erneute Schlappe für DONALD—TRUMP: Auch abgespeckte GESUNDHEITS—REFORM scheitert im SENAT
20170728             SORGE—VOR—ESKALATION der Gewalt: ISRAEL schränkt Zugang zum Tempelberg erneut ein
20170728             "Forbes"-Echtzeitranking: Und schon ist JEFF—BEZOS nicht mehr reichster Mensch der Welt
20170728             Vulgärer MACHT—KAMPF—IM—WEIßES—HAUS: Scaramucci beleidigt Chefstratege STEPHEN—BANNON
20170728             Verregneter —SOMMER: 1—FEST für Mücken, kein Spaß für Wespen
20170728             TERROR—ABWEHR: POLIZEI testet GESICHTS—ERKENNUNG an BERLINer Bahnhof
20170728             —REAKTION—AUF—RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN: MOSKAU verlangt Reduzierung von USA—DIPLOMATENZAHL
20170728             —NEUE—STRAF—MAßNAHMEN—GEGEN—RUSSLAND: GABRIEL will neue USA—SANKTIONEN nicht akzeptieren
20170728             —FESTnahmen im IRAK: DEUTSCHE DSCHIHADistinnen sollen für IS—SITTENPOLIZEI gearbeitet haben
20170728             BREXIT: Britischer Schatzkanzler plädiert für Übergangsphase
20170728             Digitale DISKUSSIONS—KULTUR, Wie man mit HETZErn diskutiert, ohne den VERSTAND zu verlieren
20170728             VERBRAUCHER—PREISE: INFLATIONS—RATE steigt auf 1,7 %
20170728             Konsequenzen des STUTTGARTer DIESEL—URTEILS: Endspiel für die Luftverpester
20170728—20130000    —SCHON, ABGAS—AFFÄRE: AUDI—TECHNIKER warnten —VOR Strafen
20170728             Masernausbruch: ITALIEN beschließt IMPF—PFLICHT gegen 10—KRANKHEITEN
20170728             42.000—JAHRE—ALTE Funde: ARCHÄOLOGEN präsentieren EISZEIT—SCHMUCK
20170728             Wärmespeicher: Wie Steine die ENERGIE—WENDE fördern können
20170728             STEIGENDE—ROHSTOFFP—REISE, USA—ÖLRIESEN verdienen wieder MILLIARDEN
20170728             Gescheiterte OBAMACARE—ABSTIMMUNG: Das Drama der REPUBLIKANER
20170728             Larsen-C-Schelfeis: Der weiße Riese schrumpft
20170728             —ABSTURZ ins Meer: NORD—KOREA feuert Rakete Richtung JAPAN
20170728             2. Quartal, USA—WIRTSCHAFT wächst wieder stärker
20170728             EU—SANKTIONEN: RUMÄNIEN verwehrt russischem VIZE—PREMIER den Überflug
20170728             "Cumhuriyet"—PROZESS—IN—ISTANBUL: 7—MIT—ARBEITER kommen unter Auflagen frei
20170728             —KAMPF—GEGEN—JUGENDGANGS, USA—PRÄSIDENT ermuntert POLIZISTEN zu mehr Gewalt
20170728             Personalärger im WEIßES—HAUS: DONALD—TRUMP tauscht STABS—CHEF—AUS
20170728             Drastisch weniger Nikotin, USA—BEHÖRDE will das Rauchen REVOLUTIONieren
20180728             MEDIEN—BERICHT, ERDOGAN soll zu STAATS—BESUCH nach DEUTSCHLAND kommen
20180728             —DIE—LAGE—AM—SAMSTAG, WIDERSTAND—GEGEN Verrohung, gegen RASSISMUS
20180728             DONALD—TRUMP—EX—ANWALT MICHAEL—COHEN: Der "Pitbull"packt aus
20180728             —NOCH, ;;0500;; —IM, nanntedes DONALD—TRUMPNEUER Pitbull RUDY—GIULIANI seinen Vorgänger COHEN 1 "ehrlichen, ehrenhaften Anwalt".
20180728             Kaum 3—MONATE—SPÄTER, schlägt GIULIANI 1—SPÜRBAR anderen Ton an: "Er hat sein Leben lang gelogen", beschimpfte er COHEN diese Woche auf CNN.
20180728             DONALD—TRUMP selbst trat AUF—TWITTER nach: "Sieht mir so aus, als würde da jemand GESCHICHTEn erfinden, um sich aus 1—ANDEREN Klemme zu befreien", schrieb ER—FREITAG—AM, - ohne COHENs Namen zu nennen, was wohl seine Vorstellung 1—SCHLIMMSTEN Strafe ist.
20180728             COHEN ist für DONALD—TRUMP zur ernsten politischen und juristischen Gefahr GEWORDEN—FAST mehr noch als der RUSSLAND—SONDER—ERMITTLER ROBERT—MUELLER.
20180728             DIE—NEW—YORKER STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT hat COHEN unter anderem wegen Betrugs am Wickel, und nun scheint er immer mehr dazu bereit, gegen den USA—PRÄSIDENTEN auszusagen, im Gegenzug für Strafmilderung.
20180728             FLÜGEL—STREIT, CSU—FÜHRUNG sagt "Union der Mitte"den Kampf an
20180728             Preisgünstige Akkus für den Keller: So speichern Sie Strom —, machen sich von Konzernen unabhängig
20180728             Chronisches Defizit: PENSIONS—FONDS des EU—PARLAMENTS steht vor der Pleite
20180728             Starker DOLLAR, schwacher DOLLAR: DONALD—TRUMP riskiert den WÄHRUNGS—KRIEG (SPIEGEL+, 09:24)
20180728             —POLIZEI—EINSATZ: Terminal 2—VORÜBERGEHEND GERÄUMT——CHAOS am Münchner Flughafen
20180728             WAHLEN—IN—KAMBODSCHA: Von CHINAs Gnaden
20180728             PUIGDEMONT in BRÜSSEL: "Werde in die letzte Ecke unseres Kontinents reisen"
20180728             Fast täglich sickern neue, immer heiklere Enthüllungen DURCH—LANCIERT von COHENs Team oder womöglich auch, als Störmanöver, vom WEIßES—HAUS selbst.
20180728             Es geht um den KERN—DER—RUSSLAND—AFFÄRE - 1.mögliche ZUSAMMEN—ARBEIT und Koordination von DONALD—TRUMP und seinen Leuten mit russischen Agenten und Hackern im WAHL—KAMPF 20160000             .
20180728             DONALD—TRUMP dementiert, davon vorher gewusst zu haben.
20180728             Mehrere USA—MEDIEN berichten nun aber, COHEN sei offenbar bereit auszusagen, daß DONALD—TRUMP sehr wohl vorab darüber informiert gewesen sei.
20180728             Eingefädelt hatte DAS—TREFFEN DONALD—TRUMP—SOHN, DONALD—TRUMP junior.
20180728             Auch er hatte vor dem USA—SENAT unter Eid ausgesagt, sein Vater sei vorab nicht informiert gewesen - 1.SPRACH—REGELUNG, die in 1—OFFIZIELLEN Erklärung des WEIßES—HAUSES wiederholt wurde.
20180728             —NUN, behauptet COHEN aber genau das Gegenteil.
20180728             Der Audiomitschnitt, auf dem DONALD—TRUMP und COHEN über die MCDOUGAL—AFFÄRE reden, offenbart noch 1—ANDEREN, —BISHER, weithin unbekannten Namen: ALLEN—WEISSELBERG.
20180728             Weisselberg, 70, ist der altgediente FINANZ—CHEF—DER—TRUMP ORGANIZATION —, ein noch viel größerer Fisch als COHEN.
20180728             Er arbeitete schon für DONALD—TRUMP—VATER Fred.
20180728             —NACH, Recherchen des investigativen Journalisten SETH—HETTENA hatte DONALD—TRUMP schon in den ACHTZIGER—JAHREN KONTAKTE zur russischen MAFIA: DIE—JUSTIZ habe vermutet, daß seine Luxusimmobilien auch der GELD—WÄSCHE dienten.
20180728             So taucht COHEN ja auch als Akteur in dem berüchtigten "STEELE—DOSSIER"auf, in dem unter anderem behauptet wurde, daß DONALD—TRUMP—VON—RUSSLAND wegen seiner sexuellen Eskapaden erpresst werde.
20180728             Selbst wenn sich 1.Connection zu RUSSLAND nachweisen ließe, dürfte ihm die Mehrheit seiner Basis auch weiter treu die Stange halten.
20180728             [l] Alle Mann Panik: DIE—RUSSEN haben WDR und ZDF zercybert!1!!
20180728             Und nicht nur das!
20180728             Auch von ATTACKEN—GEGEN—"Organisationen im Bereich der CHEMIE—WAFFENFORSCHUNG"war die Rede.
20180728             Laut SICHERHEITS—KREISEN könnte das Labor Spiez betroffen gewesen sein, DIE—SCHWEIZERISCHE Fachstelle zum SCHUTZ—VOR—ABC—ANGRIFFEN.
20180728             Das waren die mit der NOVITSCHOK—ATTRIBUIERUNG.
20180728             [l] Der FACEBOOK—AKTIEN—KURS bricht um 19% ein, das sind knapp—$.
20180728             Und der TWITTER—AKTIEN—KURS brach um 21% ein, NACHDEM bekannt war, daß nach Löschen der Fakeaccounts nicht mehr so viel wie erhofft übrig blieb.
20180728             Oder, um es mit 1—BERÜHMTEN ÖSTERREICHischen Philophen zu sagen: If it bleeds, we can kill it!
20180728             [l] Kennt ihr den schon?
20180728             Das ist 1.dieser Erfahrungen, die man wahrscheinlich nur macht, wenn man IN—DEN—USA schwarze Haut hat.
20180728             [l] Ich hab mich hier im Blog ja schon häufiger über DIE—USA—AMIS aufgeregt, weil DAS—FBI TERRORISTEN verhaften wollte und keine hatte und dann halt irgendwelche Leute angestiftet und so lange mit Material und potentiellen Zielen versorgt hat, bis man sie festnehmen konnte.
20180728             Wie sich rausstellt, ist die BERLIN—POLIZEI noch krasser.
20180728             Und das sagt nicht irgendwer, das sagt DAS—LANDGERICHT—BERLIN:
20180728             DAS—LANDESKRIMINALAMT BERLIN hat nach Einschätzung des Landgerichts 1—ROCKER—MORD billigend in Kauf genommen, um Mitglieder der HELLS—ANGELS festnehmen zu können.
20180728             Das Opfer heißt übrigens Tahir Özbek.
20180728             [l] Akt 1: DONALD—TRUMP lässt an der Grenze den Eltern DIE—KINDER wegnehmen.
20180728             Akt 2: Fall von KINDES—MISSBRAUCH wird bekannt.
20180728             Akt 3: Behörden lassen das 6—JAHRE—ALTE Opfer unterschreiben, daß es ihre Verantwortung sei, sich von bösen Menschen fernzuhalten.
20180728             [l] Ach komm, Fefe, nur weil 1—COP 1—JÜDISCHEN Professor verkloppt, heißt das doch nicht, daß der 1—ANTI—SEMIT war!
20180728             RENTEN—REFORM in RUSSLAND—PUTINS UMFRAGE—WERTE brechen ein
20180728             —NEUEN—ZIEL—VON—FLÜCHTLINGEn: SPANIENs überforderte Küstenstädte
20180728             CHAOS—IN—MÜNCHEN zum Ferienbeginn: Wie ein fehlendes Plastiktütchen den Flughafen lahmlegte
20180728             Hitze in DEUTSCHLAND: "Es wird immer mehr Dürren geben"
20180728             AFGHANISTAN: Vertreter von DONALD—TRUMP—REGIERUNG trafen sich mit TALIBAN
20180728             DIE—WELT unter DONALD—TRUMP: "1—SCHRITT zurück in Richtung Mittelalter"
20180728             Völkerschlachtdenkmal: PROTEST—IN—LEIPZIG—GEGEN—FLÜCHTLINGS—STERBEN im MITTELMEER
20180728             Fachkräftemangel: POLEN will —ARBEITER auf den PHILIPPINEN anwerben
20190728             Umweltzerstörung: Wie Greta unser Denken prägt
20190728             Wiederaufbau nach dem Brand: NOTRE—DAME spaltet DIE—FRANZOSEN (SPIEGEL+, 06:52)
20190728             —KLIMA—BEWEGUNG "FRIDAYs for Future": Mal kurz die Welt RETTEN—UND jetzt? (SPIEGEL+, 06:52)
20190728             Weltall: Wie die Milchstraße enden wird (SPIEGEL+, 06:53)
20190728             Katar versus Emirate: Kampf am HORN—VON—AFRIKA
20190728             RECHTS—EXTREMISMUS: HETZE schlägt in Terror um
20190728             Hunderte Festnahmen: EU verurteilt Einsatz der MOSKAUer POLIZEI—GEGEN—DEMONSTRANTEN
20190728             Konjunktursorgen in DEUTSCHLAND: DAS—LAND mit der roten Laterne
20190728             —INTERVIEW—MIT—BEN COHEN: "Auch 1—MILLIARDÄR darf links sein" (SPIEGEL+, 10:30)
20190728             ATOM—KONFLIKT: IRAN will SCHWERWASSER—REAKTOR wieder hochfahren
20190728             NAZI—TODESLISTEN: Kleinreden, verharmlosen, IGNORIEREN—BIS es zu spät ist
20190728             EU—AUSTRITT: Britische Regierung bereitet sich auf harten BREXIT vor
20190728             MASSEN—PROTESTE: HONG—KONGER trotzen DEMO—VERBOT
20190728             Wahlkampf IM—OSTEN: —PLÖTZLICH, die Liebe zu RUSSLAND entdeckt (SPIEGEL+, 15:40)
20190728             [l] Ich möchte auf 1—SACHE hinweisen, die möglicherweise ein bisschen untergegangen ist im Trubel: Es gibt 1—GRUPPE junger JUDEN in den USA, die mit dem Slogan "Never Again Means Now" gegen TRUMP—IMMIGRANTEN—KONZENTRATIONSLAGER protestieren.
20190728             Ich habe ja über die —JAHRE einige MALE angemerkt, wenn es um DIE—POLITIK der Regierung von ISRAEL ging, daß ich nicht verstehen kann, daß ausgerechnet die HOLOCAUST—ÜBERLEBENDEN sich so wenig für und bei Palästinensern eher gegen Menschenrechte einsetzen.
20190728             Genau wie ich finde, DIE—DEUTSCHEN sollten in Sachen Menschenrechten WELT—WEIT führend sein.
20190728             USA—ERFREUTER bin ich über diese Aktion, und möchte sie ausdrücklich nicht nuer erwähnt haben, sondern mich öffentlich über sie freuen.
20190728             Es gibt doch noch Hoffnung.
20190728             Buzzfeed hat auch was über die mit einem großartigen Foto gegen Ende von einem Rabbi mit einem T-Shirt "Resisting tyrants since Pharaoh". 🙂
20190728             DIE—OPTIK stimmte jedenfalls.
20190728             DAN—COATS: TRUMP—GEHEIMDIENST—KOORDINATOR tritt zurück
20191101—20190715    —SHOWED, Police said oceanographic and geolocation data, that THE—GREECE—SHIP was the only 1—NAVIGATING—NEAR the origin of the spill 20190728—20190729    —BETWEEN, after docking in VENEZUELA.
20200728             —NACH, acht —JAHREn Vorbereitung: Nasa gibt grünes Licht für Start des MARS—ROVERS "Perseverance"
20200728             SCHWEIZer EX—BUNDESPRÄSIDENTIN: "Wir können belegen, daß eine andere Drogenpolitik erfolgreicher ist" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—MARCO—EVERS
20200728             38—GRAD im Polarkreis: In SIBIRIEN droht die Superschmelze
20200728             BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG: Fast 50—CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN nach Trauerfeier
20200728             —STREIT—UM—FINANZUNTERLAGEN: TRUMP—ANWÄLTE beklagen angebliche "Schikanierung" des Präsidenten
20200728             —CORONA—KRISE, USA—REPUBLIKANER präsentieren BILLIONENHILFSPAKET—MIT einer entscheidenden Lücke
20200728             TRUMP—HEIMATSCHUTZMINISTER: Angst vorm großen, bösen Wolf
20200728             —DIE—LAGE—AM Morgen: Ein 2. amerikanischer —BÜRGER—KRIEG?
20200728             Lohnuntergrenze: CHEF—VON—MINDESTLOHNKOMMISSION WARNT—VOR—RASCHER Anhebung
20200728             Wegen CORONA—KRISE: STEUER—BERATER fordern Aufschub für STEUER—ERKLÄRUNGEN
20200728             1. Prozess zu Finanzskandal: EX—PREMIER Malaysias schuldig gesprochen
20200728             Breitbandausbau: Warum das schnelle Internet so langsam kommt
20200728             OPEL—MUTTER—KONZERN, PSA macht trotz CORONA—KRISE Gewinn
20200728—20210000    —ANFANG, EZB—EMPFEHLUNG: Banken sollten bis keine Dividenden ausschütten
20200728             —STUDIEE—ZUR Mediennutzung von Kindern: Am Anfang war das gedruckte Wort
20200728             DEUTSCHLAND:—CA—21—MILLIONEN Menschen haben Migrationshintergrund
20200728             —NACH, rechtsterroristischem AN—SCHLAG, Die Synagoge in HALLE erhält eine neue Tür
20200728             RKI—CHEF—WIELER zum CORONA—VIRUS—: "DIE—NEUESTE Entwicklung der Fallzahlen macht mir große Sorgen"
20200728             EU—MISSION vor LIBYEN: DEUTSCHLAND schickt Fregatte mit 250—SOLDATEN ins Mittelmeer
20200728             Volkswagen: Gericht eröffnet Hauptverfahren gegen 4—VW—MANAGER wegen Untreue
20200728             Tue 20200728
20200728             [l] Hacker hacken... Emotet. Also deren Infrastruktur. Die Server, die die MALWARE—BINARIES verteilen sollen. Die verteilen im Moment stattdessen animierte GIFs.
20200728             TERROR—PROZESS in MÜNCHEN: TÜRKEI—KOMMUNISTEN zu mehrjährigen Haftstrafen verurteilt
20200728             —NACH, mehr als 4——JAHREN Prozessdauer
20200728             Ihnen wurde Mitgliedschaft in einer TERRORISTEN—VEREINIGUNG vorgeworfen.
20200728             Zum Prozessbeginn 20160000              versammelten sich zahlreiche Demonstranten vor dem Strafjustizzentrum in MÜNCHEN
20200728             Im PROZEß—GEGEN 1—GRUPPE türkischer KOMMUNISTEN
20200728             gegen eine Gruppe
20200728             hat das OBER—LANDES—GERICHT MÜNCHEN die 10—ANGEKLAGTEN zu mehrjährigen Haftstrafen verurteilt.
20200728             Der Hauptangeklagte Müslüm E. bekam wegen Rädelsführerschaft in einer TERRORISTEN—VEREINIGUNG im Ausland sechseinhalb JAHRE—HAFT, die übrigen 9—ANGEKLAGTEN wegen Mitgliedschaft in einer TERRORISTEN—VEREINIGUNG im Ausland Haftstrafen zwischen zwei —JAHREn und 9—MONATEN sowie fünf —JAHREn.
20200728             DIE—ANGEKLAGTEN sollen das Auslandskomitee der türkischen kommunistischen Partei TKP/ML gebildet haben.
20200728             ML[MARXISTEN—LENINISTEN]
20200728             DIE—VERTEIDIGUNG hatte den Prozess als Gefälligkeit DEUTSCHLANDs für den türkischen Staatschef RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN bezeichnet und Freisprüche gefordert.
20200728             Mit dem Strafmaß blieb das Gericht etwas unter der Forderung der BUNDES—ANWALTSCHAFT.
20200728             Zu den Verurteilten gehört eine Ärztin, die in Nürnberg tätig war, und 1—MANN, der in türkischer Haft gefoltert worden war.
20200728             DIE—ANGEKLAGTEN hatten den TERRORISMUS—VORWURF zurückgewiesen.
20200728             Sie sehen sich als OPPOSITIONelle und Freiheitskämpfer.
20200728             Ihre Anwälte hatten stets kritisiert, daß sich die Anklage zu einem Gutteil auf türkische Ermittlungen stützte.
20200728             DIE—IN den Siebzigerjahren gegründete und mehrfach gespaltene TKP/ML kämpft in der Türkei teils mit Gewalt gegen den Staat.
20200728             den Staat
20200728             in der Türkei
20200728             DEUTSCHLAND, wird sie vom VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ beobachtet, ist aber nicht verboten.
20200728             —STREIT—UM—"SICHERHEITSgesetz": CHINA setzt HONG—KONGS Auslieferungsabkommen mit mehreren Ländern aus
20200728             Designierter Botschafter DOUGLAS—MACGREGOR: TRUMP—NEUER Mann für BERLIN ist fast wie der alte
20200728             —URTEILl des Bundesverfassungsgerichts: Berliner Richter und STAATS—ANWÄLTE verdienten jahrelang zu wenig
20200728             Filmfestspiele von Venedig: DEUTSCHEs ANTIFA—DRAMA im Wettbewerb
20200728             Wegen CORONA—KRISE: Wissenschaftler rechnen mit bis zu 178.510—VERHUNGERTEN Kindern zusätzlich
20200728             Fall MADELEINE—MCCANN: Ermittler durchsuchen Kleingarten bei HANNOVER
20200728             Der "HANNOVERschen Allgemeinen Zeitung" zufolge wurden Bäume auf dem Grundstück gerodet.
20200728             DIE—1. TEST—IMPFUNG eines Patienten in der Stadt SAVANNAH im USA—BUNDES—STAAT GEORGIA am MONTAGmorgen sei ein "historisches Ereignis" und die Geschwindigkeit der Entwicklung 1—USA—REKORD, sagte der USA—TOP—IMMUNOLOGE und REGIERUNGS—BERATER ANTHONY—FAUCI. 1. Ergebnisse könnten möglicherweise im November vorliegen.
20200728             Ein als 1. deutscher CORONA—PATIENT geltender Mitarbeiter des Automobilzulieferers Webasto hat nach eigener Aussage bereits 3—MONATE nach seiner Ansteckung keine Antikörper mehr in sich getragen, die gegen eine erneute Ansteckung schützen würden. "Seit April habe ich keine neutralisierenden Antikörper mehr",
20200728             Von seiner Erkrankung spüre er aber keinerlei Nachwirkungen, er habe "Riesenglück" gehabt.
20200728             Der Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens aus Stockdorf war am 27. ;;01;; positiv auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— getestet worden.
20200728             Angesteckt habe er sich während einer einstündigen Besprechung bei einer Kollegin aus CHINA.
20200728             Bluttests der 1. CORONA—PATIENTEN in DEUTSCHLAND zeigten, daß die Konzentration von Antikörpern schnell abnehme.
20200728             BRASILIEN, steigt die Zahl der bekannten Infektionen um 23.384—AUF insgesamt über 2,4 Millionen.
20200728             1—TRAUERFEIER im Großraum Schwäbisch Gmünd wurde zum SUPER—SPREADER—EREIGNIS.
20200728             Der spanische MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—PEDRO—SÁNCHEZ hat die britische QUARANTÄNE—ANORDNUNG für aus SPANIEN heimkehrende Urlauber kritisiert. Die bei britischen Urlaubern beliebten spanischen Regionen wie die Balearen, die Kanarischen Inseln oder die Regionen VALENCIA und Andalusien hätten derzeit niedrigere Raten von INFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— als Großbritannien,
20200728             Rund zwei Drittel der neuen Fälle konzentrierten sich auf die beiden nordöstlichen Regionen Aragón und KATALONIEN. Im Großteil des spanischen Territoriums sei die PANDEMIE unter Kontrolle.
20200728             Bolsonaro nimmt erneut vor Anhängern seine Maske ab
20200728             Jair Bolsonaro hat am —MONTAG öffentlich seine Maske abgenommen,
20200728             als er Anhänger in Brasília begrüßte.
20200728             Vor der Präsidentenresidenz Palácio da ALVORADA hatten Anhänger den 65—JAHRE—ALTEN nach Angaben der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR REUTERS gebeten, den MUND—NASEN—SCHUTZ abzunehmen, um Fotos mit ihm zu machen.
20200728             für kurze Zeit
20200728             Ursprünglich hatte er gesagt, er wollte die Maske nicht abnehmen, um nicht auf den "morgigen Titelseiten der Zeitungen" zu erscheinen.
20200728             Bolsonaro hatte sich auch während seiner QUARANTÄNE auf dem Gelände der Präsidentenresidenz ohne Maske mit Angestellten unterhalten, er hatte auch vor Journalisten trotz Infektion seine Maske abgenommen. Der brasilianische PRESSE—VERBAND hat beim OBERSTES—GERICHTSHOF Strafanzeige gegen ihn eingereicht. Am —MONTAG hatten Gewerkschaften wegen Bolsonaros Umgang mit der CORONA—KRISE den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof angerufen.
20200728             LUXEMBURGs PANDEMIE—BEKÄMPFER: CORONA—ZAHLEN stabilisieren sich
20200728             wenn auch auf hohem Niveau"
20200728             "Wir sind ganz klar in der 2. Welle", sagte Nehrbass, der auch SPRECHER—DER—COVID—19—TASKFORCE in LUXEMBURG ist.
20200728             Grenzgänger aus den Nachbarländern DEUTSCHLAND, FRANKREICH und Belgien: "18—PROZENT der entdeckten neuen Infektionen haben sich auf Grenzgänger erstreckt".
20200728             DIE—POLITIK dränge auf den Vollbetrieb der Schulen, ohne darauf oder auch auf eine etwaige Fortführung des Distanzunterrichts ausreichend vorbereitet zu sein. "Es wird zwar von den Landesregierungen beteuert, daß sie auf alle möglichen Szenarien vorbereitet sind, aber das stimmt nicht", sagte der Verbandspräsident.
20200728             DEUTSCHEN Lehrerverband
20200728             DIE—REPRODUKTIONSZAHL, kurz R-Wert, lag nach RKI—SCHÄTZUNGEN bei 1,28 (Vortag: 1,22).
20200728             SIEBEN—TAGE—R, Laut RKI lag dieser Wert bei 1,10 (Vortag: 1,16).
20200728             Australischer BUNDES—STAAT VICTORIA meldet nach Rekordzahl weniger Neuinfizierte
20200728             VICTORIA ist seit 3—WOCHEN vom Rest des Landes abgeriegelt.
20200728             DER—PRÄSIDENT der Bundesärztekammer, Klaus Reinhardt, hält 1—RÜCKKEHR der Schulen zum normalen Betrieb im neuen Schuljahr für sinnvoll. "Der Anspruch muss sein, einen weitestgehenden Regelbetrieb an den Schulen zu SICHERN—IM Sinne der Kinder",
20200728             Bei niedrigen Infektionszahlen hielte er es für verantwortungslos, Schulen geschlossen zu halten,
20200728             "Bevor wir etwa große Sportveranstaltungen wieder zulassen, müssen wir es den Kindern ermöglichen, wieder ganz normal zur Schule zu gehen".
20200728             Ohne ausreichend Unterricht über einen längeren Zeitraum drohten "enorme Folgeprobleme, etwa in Bezug auf die körperliche und psychische Entwicklung".
20200728             UNO—GENERAL—SEKRETÄR António Guterres sieht in der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE 1—CHANCE für 1—NEUERFINDUNG der weltweiten Ballungsräume. "DIE—ZEIT ist gekommen, die städtische Welt zu überdenken und umzugestalten", sagte der CHEF—DER—VEREINTEN Nationen am —DIENSTAG in einer Videobotschaft.
20200728             DIE—PANDEMIE habe vielerorts für die Schaffung neuer Radwege und Fußgängerzonen gesorgt, mit der die Mobilität und die Luftqualität verbessert worden seien. Eine ökologische Transformation der Metropolen könne klimafreundliches Wachstum und neue Arbeitsplätze bringen. So könne nicht nur dem CORONA—VIRUS— begegnet werden, sondern auch der KLIMA—KRISE und der Verschmutzung von Städten.
20200728             Delivery Hero schraubt dank seines starken Wachstums in der CORONA—KRISE die PROGNOSEn für das Gesamtjahr in die Höhe. Nun rechnet der Essenslieferant und DAX—KANDIDAT 20200000              mit einem Umsatz zwischen 2,6 und 2.800.000.000—EURO,
20200728             Delivery Hero profitiert stark vom Trend zum Bestellen von ESSEN im Internet während der PANDEMIE.
20200728             Im 2. Quartal verdoppelten sich die Bestellungen fast auf 281.000.000, das bestellte Bruttowarenvolumen wuchs um rund zwei Drittel auf 2.800.000.000—EURO. Der Umsatz kletterte um 96—PROZENT auf 612.000.000—EURO.
20200728             Vor einer dramatischen weltweiten Zunahme der Mangelernährung unter kleinen Kindern als Folge der CORONA—KRISE hat Unicef gewarnt.
20200728             DIE—WIRTSCHAFTLICHEN und sozialen Folgen der PANDEMIE könnten dazu führen, daß bis Ende des —JAHREs zusätzliche 6,7 Millionen kleine Kinder von akuter Mangelernährung betroffen seien,
20200728             —LAUT—ANGABEN der Organisation waren im vergangenen Jahr WELT—WEIT schätzungsweise 47—MILLIONEN—KINDER im Alter von unter fünf —JAHREn akut mangelernährt.
20200728             DIE—MEISTEN der an Mangelernährung leidenden Kinder leben in SUBSAHARA—AFRIKA und Südasien.
20200728             —INZWISCHEN, werde deutlich, daß die wirtschaftlichen und sozialen Auswirkungen der CORONA—PANDEMIE Kindern mehr schadeten als "die Krankheit selbst", erklärte UNICEF—EXEKUTIVDIREKTORIN Henrietta Fore.
20200728             DIE—ARMUT in Familien nehme zu, grundlegende ERNÄHRUNGS—DIENSTE und Versorgungsketten seien unterbrochen.
20200728             Auch seien LEBENSMITTEL—PREISE in die Höhe geschossen. Dies alles führe dazu, daß Kinder weniger gesund ernährt würden.
20200728             BELGIEN, sind angesichts eines starken Anstiegs der NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— die Beschränkungen des öffentlichen Lebens nochmals verschärft worden. Ab —MITTWOCH dürfen DIE—MENSCHEN im Land privat nur noch maximal fünf Menschen auf einmal treffen, mit denen DIE—POLIZEI nicht zusammen wohnen,
20200728             DIE—NEUEN Regeln gelten nach ihren Angaben für zunächst 4—WOCHEN und zielen darauf ab, landesweite Ausgangssperren möglichst zu verhindern.
20200728             DIE—MENSCHEN in Belgien müssen zudem ihre Einkäufe allein erledigen. Außerdem müssen sie ihre Zeit für Einkäufe auf eine halbe Stunde beschränken.
20200728             Das Mainzer BIOPHARMA—UNTERNEHMEN Biontech und sein USA—PARTNER—PFIZER haben von den USA—BEHÖRDEN die Freigabe zum Start der Phase-2/3—STUDIE ihres CORONA—IMPFSTOFFKANDIDATEN erhalten.
20200728             Der Politiker rief die BÜRGER dazu auf, mögliche Symptome frühzeitig wahrzunehmen,
20200728             TAIWAN hat nach über einem Monat ohne NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— 1. wieder 1—ANSTECKUNG registriert.
20200728—20200624    —AM, wurde 1—MANN aus THAILAND bereits am 25. ;;07;; positiv auf DAS—VIRUS getestet. Den bislang letzten positiven Test gab es demnach.
20200728             Wegen des starken Anstiegs der NEUINFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS—IN—TEILEN SPANIENs rät das Auswärtige Amt von touristischen Reisen in mehrere Regionen ab.
20200728             KATALONIEN mit der Touristenmetropole BARCELONA und den Stränden der Costa Brava sowie die im Landesinneren liegenden Regionen Aragón und Navarra.
20200728             "DIE—PANDEMIE ist nicht vorbei. Wir sind mittendrin in dieser PANDEMIE".
20200728             Grund sei, daß DIE—MENSCHEN sich nicht mehr ausreichend an HYGIENE—UND Abstandsregeln hielten. Dies sei aber das Mittel, um die Lage in den Griff zu bekommen. "Wir haben es in der Hand".
20200728             DEUTSCHLAND hätte es geschafft, die Fallzahlen über mehrere Wochen stabil zu halten, bei 300—BIS 500—FÄLLEN täglich. Auch die Zahl der Todesfälle sei gesunken. Dies zeige, "dass wir DAS—VIRUS eindämmen können".
20200728             Das gelinge jedoch nur, wenn DIE—MENSCHEN sich weiter an die AHA—REGELN hielten. AHA steht für: Abstand, Hygiene, Atemschutz.
20200728             —WÄHREND, der CORONA—PANDEMIE haben Kliniken und Ärzte in DEUTSCHLAND für mehr als 400.000—MITARBEITER Kurzarbeit angemeldet.
20200728             AN—FRAGE der Grünenfraktion
20200728             In den Monaten März bis Mai hätten demnach bundesweit gut 12000000              Krankenhäuser und knapp 48.300—ARZT—ODER Zahnarztpraxen Kurzarbeit für INSGESAMT—CA—410.000—BESCHÄFTIGTE angemeldet.
20200728             Unklar ist jedoch, wie viele dieser Menschen tatsächlich in Kurzarbeit gegangen sind.
20200728             Erfahrungsgemäß falle diese Zahl niedriger aus,
20200728             Dem LUXUSGÜTER—KONZERN LVMH
20200728             sind im 1. Halbjahr im Zuge der CORONA—PANDEMIE Umsatz und Ergebnis weggebrochen.
20200728             Insbesondere das Wegbrechen des für das Unternehmen mit Marken wie LOUIS—VUITTON, Givenchy oder Fendi wichtigen internationalen Tourismus drückte auf das Geschäft. Etliche Läden sowie die Produktion waren WELT—WEIT nahezu komplett über mehrere Monate geschlossen.
20200728             brach der Gewinn vor STEUER—N jedoch um fast 70—PROZENT auf knapp 1.700.000.000—EURO ein.
20200728             der Gewinn vor STEUER—N
20200728             DIE—AKTIEN—VON—LVMH verloren in der Folge rund 4—PROZENT.
20200728             DIE—SPRECHERIN für auswärtige Angelegenheiten der Region Aragón, Mayte Pérez, nannte die von DEUTSCHLAND ausgesprochene Empfehlung laut REUTERS "diskriminierend". DIE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE sei in weiten Teilen der Region unter Kontrolle, Tourismusanbieter hätten große Anstrengungen unternommen, um den Schutz der Gesundheit zu gewährleisten. 1—LOKALMINISTERIN solle deswegen eine förmliche Beschwerde einreichen.
20200728             IRAN meldet neuen Höchststand an Todesfällen nach CORONA—INFEKTIONEN
20200728             —LAUT, einer monatlichen Erhebung des Instituts für ARBEITSMARKT—UND BERUFS—FORSCHUNG (IAB) der BUNDES—AGENTUR für Arbeit hellt sich die Stimmung am deutschen Arbeitsmarkt langsam auf.
20200728             DIE—ARBEITSAGENTUREN erwarten, daß das Gröbste vorerst geschafft ist",
20200728             Wirtschaftliche Risiken bestünden auch, falls die Zahl der CORONA—INFIZIERTEN im Laufe des —JAHREs wieder steigen sollte,
20200728             bildete sich an der CORONA—TESTSTATION am Mamminger Ortseingang eine kilometerlange Warteschlange aus Hunderten Autos.
20200728             Viele berichten von #Anfeindungen gegenüber den MAMMINGERN—SIE seien nirgends mehr willkommen.
20200728             —CORONA—TESTS für Reiserückkehrer: "Trügerische Sicherheit"
20200728             FUßGÄNGER—ZONE waährend der CORONA—PANDEMIE
20200728             Ökonomen der Uni BIELEFELD erforschen Berechnung von CORONA—FOLGEN
20200728             Wirtschaftswissenschaftler der Uni BIELEFELD haben 1—COMPUTER—MODELL für DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE entwickelt. Es simuliert, wie sich DAS—VIRUS verbreitet und welche Folgen ein weiterer "Lockdown" hätte.
20200728             1—SCHILD am Frankfurter Flughafen weist auf DAS—CORONA—TESTZENTRUM hin.
20200728             Warum PFLICHT—TESTS nach hinten losgehen
20200728             HANS—JOCHEN Vogel: Der Kämpfer für bezahlbaren Wohnraum
20200728             Mês de Fevereiro foi o mais quente desde 1931
20200728             O primeiro semestre em PORTUGAL continental foi muito quente e seco de acordo com o resumo climático de Janeiro a Junho de 20200000              divulgado esta SEGUNDA—FEIRA pelo Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera.
20200728             a intensidade da seca diminuiu a partir de Abril no Baixo Alentejo e ALGARVE.
20200728             o valor médio da temperatura média do ar foi de 14.44°C, 1.27°C acima do valor normal.
20200728             Também Maio foi um mês "extremamente quente", o mais quente desde 19310000             .
20200728             Apesar destes dois meses muito quentes, a situação de seca meteorológica nas regiões a sul do Tejo, em particular no Baixo Alentejo e ALGARVE, diminuiu a intensidade a partir de Abril.
20200728             o primeiro semestre foi "seco com um valor total de precipitaçãode 341.4mm, o que corresponde a 74% do valor normal.
20200728             Valores de precipitação inferiores aos registados no 1º semestre de 20200000              ocorreram em 20% dos anos desde 1931",
20200728             GRIECHENLAND öffnet Häfen und weitet Maskenpflicht aus
20200728             Daimler lässt weniger arbeiten und streicht Prämie
20200728             Reiserückkehrer aus CORONA—RISIKOGEBIETEN sollen die häusliche QUARANTÄNE in MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN künftig erst mit einem 2. negativen Test auf DAS—VIRUS beenden können. Bei Einreise aus einem RISIKO—GEBIET solle ein 1. Test genommen werden, nach fünf bis 7—TAG dann ein 2.,
20200728             Mehrere Frühindikatoren deuten darauf hin, daß die deutsche Wirtschaft wieder ins Rollen kommt.
20200728             Noch besser sieht es offenbar in der Industrie aus: Der IHS—EINKAUFSMANAGERINDEX ist auf den höchsten Wert SEIT—22—MONATEN gestiegen, i
20200728             SAUDI—ARABIEN will eine weitere Ausbreitung des Virus auch mit neuester Technologie verhindern. Laut AP müssen die Pilger Armbänder tragen, mit der das SAUDI—ARABISCHE GESUNDHEITS—MINISTERIUM ihre Bewegungen nachverfolgen und die Einhaltung der präventiven QUARANTÄNE überprüfen kann.
20200728             —IM, ;;0600;;seien zwar wieder mehr Menschen geflogen als im Mai und April, aber die Erholung sei "überraschend schwach", sagte der Chefökonom des Weltflugverbandes (IATA), BRIAN—PEARCE.
20200728             DIE—AIRLINES hätten zwar ihr Streckennetz wieder aufgebaut, aber die Passagiere seien nicht in erwartetem Umfang zurückgekehrt.
20200728             FACEBOOK, YouTube und Twitter haben mehrere Videobeiträge gelöscht, die 1—ART Pressekonferenz einer Gruppe mit dem Namen "AMERICA—FRONTLINE—DOCTORS" dokumentieren. In den Videos, die zuvor innerhalb weniger Stunden millionenfach angesehen wurden, fallen vor der Kulisse des amerikanischen Verfassungsgerichts zahlreiche gefährliche Falschaussagen über DAS—CORONA—VIRUS—. Laut CNN hatte USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP über seinen Twitteraccount am späten MONTAGabend deutscher Zeit mehrere Versionen der fragwürdigen Videos veröffentlicht.
20200728             Trotz fehlender wissenschaftlicher Belege hatte USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP Hydroxychloroquin bereits als mögliches "Geschenk des Himmels" bezeichnet.
20200728             —NACH, einer TRAUER—FEIER—IN—SCHWÄBISCH Gmünd im Ostalbkreis ist die Zahl der CORONA—INFIZIERTEN weiter gestiegen. —INZWISCHEN, wurden 58—MENSCHEN positiv auf DAS—VIRUS getestet, darunter auch 12—KINDER, teilte das Landratsamt mit.
20200728             —NACH, dem 1. offiziellen CORONA—VERDACHTSFALL in NORD—KOREA plant DAS—LAND offenbar strikte QUARANTÄNE—REGELUNGEN, Tests auf DAS—VIRUS und die Bereitstellung von Schutzkleidung und Medizingerät.
20200728             Diktator Kim Jong Un hatte zudem den "maximalen Alarmzustand" erklärt.
20200728             DIE—EUROPÄISCHE Union hilft mehreren Staaten in ASIEN, AFRIKA und LATEIN—AMERIKA bei der Eindämmung der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE.
20200728             —NACH, der Lieferung werde eine slowakische Maschine EU—BÜRGER mitnehmen, die aufgrund der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE in dem ostafrikanischen Land gestrandet seien,
20200728             MADRID hatte jüngst als letzte Region auf dem spanischen Festland ebenfalls eine umfassende Maskenpflicht zur Verhinderung von CORONA—INFEKTIONEN angekündigt. 1—MUND—NASEN—SCHUTZ müsse künftig nicht nur wie bisher in geschlossenen öffentlichen Räumen, sondern auch im Freien getragen werde, und zwar auch wenn der SICHERHEITSabstand von eineinhalb Metern zu nicht im eigenen Haushalt lebenden Personen gewahrt werden kann,
20200728             Autokrat, COVID—VERHARMLOSER—UND offenbar selbst erkrankt: WEIßRUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENT—LUKASCHENKO berichtet im Wahlkampf von seiner symptomfreien Infektion, die er "aufrecht stehend" überstanden habe.
20200728             "DIE—ARMEE hat die Technologie, sie hat die Fähigkeiten", sagte ISRAEL—NEUER CORONA—BEAUFTRAGTER Ronni Gamzu, der die STREIT—KRÄFTE deutlich stärker in den KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—VIRUS einbinden will. Das Ziel sei es, die ANSTECKUNGS—RATE unter den kritischen Wert von eins zu senken. Deshalb müssten noch mehr CORONA—TESTS gemacht und die Zeit vom Test über die epidemiologische Untersuchung bis zur QUARANTÄNE deutlich verkürzt werden.
20200728             Gamzu sprach von einem "neuen VERTRAG" mit den Bürgern ISRAELs. Er werde alles tun, um überflüssige CORONA—EINSCHRÄNKUNGEN zu vermeiden, betonte er. Im Gegenzug verlange er von den Bürgern, im KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— mehr mitzuhelfen. Das Motto laute: "Minimum Einschränkungen, Maximum Disziplin". DIE—MENSCHEN müssten mehr Masken tragen, die Hygieneregeln einhalten und Abstand halten.
20200728             BERLIN, ist eine von 3—WARNAMPELN auf Rot gesprungen. Der Reproduktionswert lag am —DIENSTAG bei 1,4,
20200728             ITALIEN—OBERHAUS hat dem Antrag der Regierung auf 1—VERLÄNGERUNG des CORONA—VIRUS—AUSNAHMEZUSTANDS bis Mitte Oktober zugestimmt. 157—DER 319—ABGEORDNETEN gaben grünes Licht, 125—VOTIERTEN dagegen.
20200728             Bei der ONLINE—HANDELSPLATTFORM Ebay brummt während der CORONA—PANDEMIE das Geschäft. Im 2. Quartal legte der Umsatz verglichen mit dem Vorjahreswert um 18—PROZENT auf 2.900.000.000—DOLLAR (2,5 Mrd Euro) zu
20200728             Das gesamte abgewickelte Verkaufsvolumen der Plattform kletterte um 26—PROZENT auf—DOLLAR.
20200728             bei Visa: Der KREDITKARTEN—KONZERN hat im jüngsten Geschäftsquartal deutliche Abstriche aufgrund der CORONA—PANDEMIE machen müssen. Der Nettogewinn brach in den 3—MONATEN bis Ende ;;06;; im —JAHREsvergleich um 23—PROZENT auf 2.400.000.000—DOLLAR (2,1 Mrd Euro) ein,
20200728             Der Umsatz ging um 17—PROZENT auf 4.800.000.000—DOLLAR zurück.
20200728             —NACH, KRITIK—AN—UNTERBRINGUNG: Tönnies will Wohnungen für Arbeiter bauen
20200728             "Während 150.000—USA—AMERIKANER an COVID—19——STERBEN und MILLIONEN—VON—OBDACHLOSIGKEIT bedroht sind, renoviert Melania TRUMP ihren Rosengarten".
20200728             Wahlkampfmusik des USA—PRÄSIDENTEN: NEIL—YOUNG erwägt Klage gegen TRUMP
20200728             MILITARisierung des Weltraums: "Wir geraten in 1—RÜSTUNGSSPIRALE hinein" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—HILMAR—SCHMUNDT
20200728             "NSU 2.0"-DROH—MAILS: Rechter Blogger mit Pumpgun
20200728             Letztes Gemälde: Forscher finden Ort von van Goghs "Baumwurzeln"
20200728             WIRECARD—SKANDAL: BAFIN—CHEF—HUFELD hat die Abgeordneten falsch informiert
20200728             Aus PROTEST—GEGEN—CORONA—REGELN: Festnahme nach BRAND—ANSCHLAG—AUF—BELGISCHES Parlament
20200728             Militärübung in der Straße von Hormus: IRAN attackiert Attrappe eines USA—FLUGZEUGTRÄGERS
20200728             —PROTESTE—IN—PORTLAND: Deeskalation in EVA—GESTALT
20200728             Wolfgangsee, Landau, Schwäbisch Gmünd: Wie SUPER—SPREADER die PANDEMIE anheizen
20200728             HONG—KONG—KRISE: EU—STAATEN beschließen gemeinsame MAßNAHMEN—GEGEN—CHINA
20200728             —CORONA—HOTSPOT: Warum ist INDIENs TODES—RATE so niedrig?
20200728             Aljezur CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—7 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—2 (=) Casos ativos - 5 (=)
20200728             LAGOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—120 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—89 (+2) Casos ativos - 31 (-2)
20200728             PORTIMÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—117 (=) ÓBITOS—3 (=) RECUPERADOS—79 (+1) Casos ativos - 35 (-1)
20200728             MONCHIQUE CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—14 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—7 (=) Casos ativos - 7 (=)
20200728             LAGOA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—17 (=) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—12 (=) Casos ativos - 3 (=)
20200728             SILVES CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—36 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—25 (=) Casos ativos - 11 (=)
20200728             ALBUFEIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—153 (=) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—103 (=) Casos ativos - 50 (=)
20200728             LOULÉ CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—153 (=) ÓBITOS—6 (=) RECUPERADOS—101 (=) Casos ativos - 46 (=)
20200728             FARO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—112 (=) ÓBITOS—1 (=) RECUPERADOS—65 (=) Casos ativos - 46 (=)
20200728             OLHÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—31 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—24 (=) Casos ativos - 7 (=)
20200728             SÃO—BRÁS—DE—ALPORTEL CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—9 (=) ÓBITOS—1 (=) RECUPERADOS—5 (=) Casos ativos - 3 (=)
20200728             TAVIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—47 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—35 (=) Casos ativos - 12 (=)
20200728             VRSA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—22 (=) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—17 (+1) Casos ativos - 3 (-1)
20200728             CASTRO—MARIM CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—3 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—3 (=) Casos ativos - 0 (=)
20200728             EUSKIRCHEN Kreis Fälle 583—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 302,3 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 13,0—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200728             Aktualisierung 202007280000—UHR
20200728             DÜREN Kreis Fälle 667—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 252,9 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 11,8—TODES—FÄLLE 39,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200728             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.907—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 267,8 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 7,4—TODES—FÄLLE 108,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200728             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER—KREIS Fälle 511—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 180,3 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 5,3—TODES—FÄLLE 22,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200728             BERLIN Neukölln Bezirk Fälle 1.104—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 334,9 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 3,9—TODES—FÄLLE 42,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200728             DINGOLFING—LANDAU Landkreis Fälle 460—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 478,1 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 191,2—TODES—FÄLLE 10,—EINWOHNERZAHL—96.217
20200728             Hof Landkreis Fälle 474—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 497,3 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 42,0—TODES—FÄLLE 32,—EINWOHNERZAHL—95.311
20200728             WEIMAR Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 89—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 136,7 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 26,1—TODES—FÄLLE 0,—EINWOHNERZAHL—65.090
19740506—19740728    —BIS, Ausstellung zu der ABTEI—GLADBACH—GRÜNDUNG Jahrtausendfeier, und
13050728             —AUF—DEN, veranlasste DER—GRAF—VON—BERG endlich 1—FÜRSTEN—TAG—ZU—DEUTZ, wohin die Parteien mit ihren Beweisstücken beschieden waren;

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