_HEUTE_0724 :

07750000—20140724    SONNEN—STURM
11480724             —CRUSADERS attacked DAMASCUS, was 1—DISMAL—FAILURE and
11480724             2. Crusade, effectively ENDED.
13240724             PHILIPP—VON—PASSAU;
13550724             Nerp et Isbrant,^° conestabiHbus equitibus, (20—POSTE, 3—RONCINI)
13570724             REYNERUS—III—DUX—GELRIAE rogatur, ut PHILIPPUM—EPISCOPUM—CAVALLICENSEM tamquam nuncium SEDIS—APOSTOLICAE in partes ALAMANNIAe destinatum benigne recipiat eidemque de salvo conductu provideat.
13570724             —VOM—DATIERT, ist dann 1—INNOCENZ—VI—PAPA—BULLE[BULLA],
13570724             worin INNOCENZ—VI—PAPA PISA, SIENA[SIENNE], AREZZO, VOLTERRA u. a. Städte auffordert, den KARDINAL—LEGAT—ALBORNOZ in DER—GROßE—KOMPAGNIE in der ROMAGNA Bekämpfung zu unterstützen. 1
13800724             * GIOVANNI—DA—CAPISTRANO, ITALY—MONK.
13800724             —LIBERATED, GIOVANNI—DA—CAPISTRANO, BELGRADE from the Turks and
13800724             —APPLIED, S—JUAN—DE—CAPISTRANO His name was, to THE—SOUTH—CALIFORNIA mission, best known for its annual convocation of swallows.
14380413—14410724    JAKOB—VON—BREITBACH erscheint als MÖNCH vom,
14400724             —LE—TRAITÉ—DE—CUSSET met FIN—À—LA—COALITION—DES—PRINCES, qui ont dû mendier le PARDON—DU—ROI
14410724             —AM—BEZEUGT—IST, BERNHARD—VON—ASSELT,
14410724—14500221    —ERWÄHNT, WOLBERO—VON—DER—HOERICK, als KUSTOS
14500724             * JACOB—WIMPHELING, at SCHLETTSTADT,
14560724—14560329    KÖLN, JACOBUS—SEGER—VON—BONN, legum Dr., Dechant des STIFT—S—GEORG—KÖLN, als speziell bestellter COMMISSARIUS laut inseriertem
14560724—14560329    —VON, Mandat des DIETRICH—ERZ—BISCHOF—VON—KÖLN
14560724—14560329    vollzieht nach entsprechender Untersuchung den PFRÜNDEN—TAUSCH der folgenden, persönlich vor ihm erschienenen Geistlichen :
14560724—14560329    GOISWINUS—SLUYN, perpetuus vicarius in DREES(Dreyss) und REKTOR des S—KATHARINA—ALTAR in der PFARR—KIRCHE—S—PETER—ZÜLPICH ,
14560724—14560329    JOHANNES—DE—DULKEN, Pastor der PFARR—KIRCHE—BRENIG (-nich),
14560724—14560329    LAMBERTUS, Bruder des HAUS—WEIDENBACH—ZU—KÖLN und
14560724—14560329    JOHANNES—OERT—VON—BÜDERICH (Bu-), REKTOR des S—QUIRINUS—ALTAR in MAUEN—HEIM (Mauwenhem),
14560724—14560329    GOISWINUS erhält DIE—PFARR—KIRCHE—BRENIG,
14560724—14560329    JOHANN—VON—DÜLKEN das Personat in DREES und den Altar in S—MARIENGRADEN,
14560724—14560329    LAMBERTUS den S—KATHARINEN—ALTAR in ZÜLPICH,
14560724—14560329    BERNARDUS den Altar in MAUEN—HEIM und
14560724—14560329    JOHANN—OERT den Altar in S—APOSTELN,
14560724—14560329    Insbesondere und ausdrücklich soll Bruder LAMBERTUS als REKTOR des ALTAR—ZÜLPICH eingesetzt werden und
14560724—14560329    die Einkünfte des Altar beziehen dürfen,
14560724—14560329    Geschrieben vom Notar und Schreiber des Ausstellers, JOHANNES 1, und
14560724—14560329    —BESIEGELT mit dem —SIEGEL—DES—DECHANTEN,
14560724—14560329    VERHANDELT—ZU—KÖLN in der Dechanei innerhalb der Immunität von S—GEORG vor den Zeugen
14560724—14560329    JOHANNES—SCHEPER—VON—SOEST (Suzato) und
14560724—14560329    ARNOLDUS—VENRAIDE, Kleriker der DIÖZESE—KÖLN bzw. DIÖZESE—LÜTTICH.
14940724             Unter den urbinatischeu Papieren im [FLORENZ] Archiv befindet sich 1—MERKWÜRDIGES Schreiben  ALEXANDER—VI—PAPA an seine TOCHTER
14940724             somit AUS—DER—ZEIT—IHRER Ehe mit GIOVANNI—SFORZA von Pesaro.
14940724             ROM bei S—PETER..
15050724             —killed THE—CITY—STATE—OF—KILWA—EAST—AFRICA—KING, for failing to pay tribute.
15060724             THE—DUKE[HERZOG] sends BALDASSARE—COUNT—OF—CASTIGLIONE to ENGLAND as his proxy  ib.
15190724             —ON—THE, ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] festivities took place, the Nations, the Wycks offering prizes for various competitions.
15190724             —NOW EXPIRED THE—4—YEARS' TRUCE—WITH—GUELDERS, and
15190724             —NOW CHARLES—OF—EGMONT prepared to invade the Campine, and
15340724             —LANDED, JACQUES—CARTIER, in CANADA and
15340724             —WHILE probing for 1—NORTHERN—ROUTE to ASIA, JACQUES—CARTIER visited Labrador and said:
15340724             "Fit only for wild beasts... This must be the land God gave to Cain".
15340724             —RÉ—ORGANISATION de LE—ARMÉE—FRANÇAISE—CRÉATION—DE ;;09;; légions d'INFANTErie
15340724—15340510    —SEE
15420724             THE—MAGISTRATES sent to BREDA asking for assistance, and
15420724             1—FORCE commanded by Rene of CHALONS, PRINCE—OF—ORANGE, left that town on the to cut MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM off from ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS].
15420724             —AM, hearing of this from 1—SPY, MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM left Hoogstraeten and succeeded in reaching Brasschaet, 1—VILLAGE 2—MILES from ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS], before his opponent.
15420724             There, at THE—JUNCTION—OF—THE—ROADS from BREDA and Hoogstraeten, he waited, keeping THE—GREATER—PART—OF—HIS—FORCE in ambush.^
15420724             —SURPRISED, ORANGE was, to find THE—ENEMY at this spot,
15420724             but ORANGE seeing so small 1—FORCE ordered his LIEUTENANT, Lubert Turck, to charge 1—BODY—OF—CAVALRY which was drawn up across his path.
15420724             —RETIRED, These cavalry, and drew the rest of ORANGE his army into the ambush, where THE—GREATER—PART were cut to pieces,
15420724             so that it was only 1—REMNANT that escaped with him to ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS].
15420724             He entered THE—TOWN at about 7—O'CLOCK that evening.
15420724             —APPROACHED, As MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM, THE—TOWN and danger became more and more imminent, THE—MAGISTRATES had taken further steps for defence, and these are WORTHY—OF—NOTICE.
15420724             Plans were made for THE—FLOODING of the meadows for 1—MILE—ROUND THE—TOWN as 1—LAST—RESORT
15420724             and the farmers were notified that they must bring in their cattle.
15420724             All were told to arm themselves and THE—SHOPS—OF—THE—SMITHS——THROUGHOUT—THE—TOWN were set busy polishing spears, axes, swords and all other KINDS—OF—WEAPONS.
15420724             Should ALARM—OF—FIRE be given, none were to run to it but certain specified persons.
15420724             None were to leave THE—TOWN or remove their goods.
15420724             —SOUNDED, If THE—GREAT bell, to summon the men to their posts, the women and children were to stay in their houses.
15420724             All the booths and stalls put up by tradesmen were to be removed from THE—STREETS.
15420724             A reward was offered for THE—CAPTURE—OF—TRAITORS and spies sent into THE—TOWN — SOME—OF—THEM in woMEN their clothes and other disguises.
15420724             —SUMMONED, Masons, cARPENTers, and labourers were, to bring their tools to THE—TOWN—HOUSE to work just outside THE—TOWN (no doubt at THE—DESTRUCTION—OF—BUILDINGS too near the walls).
15420724             A hint was given to useless idlers not to get into other MEN their way by standing about IN—THE—MARKET—PLACE—OPEN—MOUTHED with wonder at what was going on.
15420724             THE—PRICE—OF—ARMS and AM—MUNITIONWAS not to be increased.
15420724             PAILS—OF—WATER were to be put before THE—DOORS—OF—HOUSES—READY to extinguish fire.
15420724             —ORDERED, MARKET—GARDENERS were, to bring their produce into THE—TOWN.
15420724             A gibbet was put up IN—THE—MARKET—PLACE to punish those who did not obey these commands.
15420724             Servilius relates that those INHABITANTS—OF—THE—TOWN who came from THE—ENEMY his country
15420724             had been foolish enough, when war broke out, to appear pleased and to threaten and boast IN—THE—PRESENCE—OF—BRABANTERS,
15420724             and that SOME—OF—THEM would not take THE—OATH of loyalty to THE—TOWN which THE—MAGISTRATES required of them
15420724             — and this, too, although THE—OATH itself was made as palatable as possible for them by 1—STIPULATION that it should bind them only DURING—THE prevailing crisis.
15420724             —PREFERRED, More than a 1000—OF—THEM, to give up their citizenship and return to indigence in their own country.
15420724             Others left THE—TOWN threatening that they should —SOON return with MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM, and indeed some went to serve in his army.
15420724             —SEARCHED, THE—SCHOUT, all THE—CORNERS—OF—THE—TOWN, THE—EATING—HOUSES, brothels, etc., where evil men were likely to be hid.
15420724             —PRECEDED, All SORTS—OF—RUMOURS as to his fate had, ORANGE, and on his arrival he found EACH—MAN standing in silence at his post.
15420724             —DURING—THE—NIGHT—WOMEN tended the lanterns which had been hung on THE—LINTELS—OF—THE—HOUSE—DOORS to give light lest traitors should steal about.
15420724             —ALLOWED, No CHURCH or other bells were, to ring or clock to chime lest it should serve as 1—SIGNAL for some enterprise by conspirators.
15420724             —FOLLOWED, MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM, up his victory by moving on the same evening to THE—OUTSKIRTS—OF—THE—TOWN, taking up his headquarters at THE—CASTLE—OF—VORDENSTEIN near Mercxem,
15420724             MOST—OF—HIS—TROOPS lying between Mercxem and Brasschaet.
15420724             His ADVANCE—GUARD lay in the Pothoek, between Dambrugge and Borgerhout, some HUNDREDS—OF—PACES from S—WILLEBRORD—CHURCH,
15420724             thus menacing the defective PART—OF—THE—WALL between the Red and Kipdorp Gates. ^
15420724             —DURING—THE—NIGHT 1—MAN was seen climbing up this PART—OF—THE—WALL, and, on being challenged by the guards,
15420724             he merely swore at them instead of giving an ACCOUNT—OF—HIMSELF and was put to death.
15420724             Also some men were caught attempting to injure the chains of the buckets attached to the wells.
15420724             —OBTAINED, No doubt their object was to prevent water being, to quench the fire which traitors had planned to raise.
15420724             THE—NEWS—OF—ORANGE his defeat was brought to THE—REGENT that night as she lay at MECHLIN,
15420724             and she IMMEDIATELY ordered troops to advance against MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM from HOLLAND and NAMUR.
15420724             —UNEXPECTED, The raid into BRABANT seems to have been quite, by her,
15420724             and THE—DISPOSITION—OF—TROOPS which she had made was entirely with 1—VIEW to protecting HOLLAND and THE—FRANCE—FRONTIER.
15420724             THE—SCHOUT, WILLIAM—VAN—DER—WERVE, went the rounds all night, looking to the defences
15420724             and exhorting THE—BURGHERS[BÜRGER] to defend THE—TOWN to the uttermost against such 1—MURDERER and robber as MARTEN—VAN—ROSSEM.
15420724             —and this, too, although THE—OATH itself was made as palatable as possible for them by 1—STIPULATION that it should bind them only DURING—THE prevailing crisis.
15420724             —STRENGTHENED, ArTILLEry was set in place, the watch at THE—GATES was, and guards were —POSTED in the towers on the walls and on the open SPACE—IN—THE—S town.
15500724             "Floissstorff"
15500724             HILLIGER—VAN—FLOISSSTORFF, M. der Smyt berichten:
15500724             "Floissstorff" bi Berg ist eine capell der moderkirchen Eix underhoerich und HEINRICH—VAN Rurich ist der moderkirchen und capellen collator.
15500724             Hait die capell hern Leonhart vam Berg gegeven, der davan gezogen und die capell 2—JAIR unbedient gelaissen......
15570724             —EDIT—DE—COMPIÈGNE instituant la PEINE—DE—MORT pour LES—HÉRÉTIQUES[HAERETIKER]
15670724             —IMPRISONED, MARY—QUEEN—OF—SCOTS, was, and
15670724             —FORCED, MARY—QUEEN—OF—SCOTS, to abdicate her throne to her 1-year-old son JAMES—VI.
15680724             † DON—CARLOS
16180724—16190410    KARL—VON—CORTENBACH als PRÄSENZ—MEISTER —VOM genannt.
16210724             SEBASTIAN—SVEN (?) ALEMANO aus 74;
16830724             The 1. settlers from GERMANY to USA left aboard THE—SHIP—CONCORD.
16830724             —AMERONGEN—AN—DEN—GRIFFIER.
16830724             —DATUM—POTSDAM,
16860724             * BENEDETTO—MARCELLO, composer.
16860724—16860801    —SEE
16930724             FOLIA—141V. Doc. NUMERO—17.
16930724             —Mercês de DOM—PEDRO—II., NNG. 261/ MSS IG 143, FOLIA—141V..
17040724             ADMIRAL—GEORGE—ROOKE took GIBRALTAR from SPAIN.
17060724             —PASSADA—A, a 1. referência que temos sobre o pintor DOMINGOS—GONÇALVES é a sua presença enquanto testemunha numa escritura de perdão,
17060724             dada por JULIÃO—RODRIGUES, soldado de cavalaria, a MIGUEL—FERNANDES, ermitão de Sant'Ana,
17060724             que se encontrava preso na cadeia de VILA—VIÇOSA por ter infligido um ferimento ao soldado.
17060724             DOMINGOS—GONÇALVES assina o documento enquanto testemunha e em nome de JULIÃO—RODRIGUES, por este não saber escrever
17110724             —VICTOIRE—A—DENAIN—DE—VILLARS
17120724             —VICTOIRE—DE—VILLARS à Denain sur le PRINCE—EUGÈNE.
17180724             † KARL—FRIEDRICH—VON—GAUGREBEN
17390724             † BENEDETTO—MARCELLO, composer, on 53. birthday.
17460913             GERHARD—WELTER oo [17290724             ] STOLBERG MARIA—SCHOLL, —DISPENS—VOM—AUFGEBOT.
17490724             —ARRESTED, DENIS—DIDEROT was, in PARIS during 1—GOVERNMENT—CRACKDOWN on writers and publishers of subversive books.
17490724—17491103    —RELEASED, DENIS—DIDEROT was, to continued his work on the Encyclopedie.
175700724            † — Dardt, WILHELM, PFARRER—IN—DÜLKEN
17630724             OTTAWA CHIEF—PONTIAC led 1—UPRISING in the wild, distant lands that would 1—DAY become MICHIGAN, OHIO and PENNSYLVANIA.
176460724            † Horns, JACOBus, DOCTOR—THEOL., Pf. an, S—BRIGITTEN in KÖLN
176860724            † — — s. MANSFELD, Graf PETER—ERNS—ODENDAHLL, THEODOrus, novitius laicus in GLADBACH
177180724            † — Gaugreben, KARL—FR. v., CELLERARIUS etc., PROPST—IN—REMAGEN
17790724             THE—SIEGE—OF—GIBRALTAR by the Spanish and French was begun.
17790724             UK—GENERAL—GEORGE—ELIOTT led the 5,000 man GIBRALTAR garrison.
17790724—17830207    —LIFTED, THE—SIEGE—OF—GIBRALTAR was finally.
17790724—19650000    —IN, T.H. McGuffie authored "THE—SIEGE—OF—GIBRALTAR, 17790000—17830000    ).
17830207—17790724    —SINCE, THE—SIEGE—OF—GIBRALTAR, pursued by the Spanish and the French, was finally lifted.
17830724             * SIMON—BOLIVAR (17830724—17830724    ), in CARACAS—VENEZUELA.
17830724             SIMON—BOLIVAR was 1—SOLDIER and statesmen who led ARMIES—OF—LIBERATION throughout MUCH—OF—SOUTH—AMERICA, including ECUADOR, VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA, PANAMA, PERU and BOLIVIA, which took its name from Bolivar.
17830724             —CALLED, SIMON—BOLIVAR, "the Liberator," was 1—LEADER in VENEZUELA for struggles of national independence in SOUTH—AMERICA.
17830724             —FORMED, SIMON—BOLIVAR, 1—GRAN COLOMBIA that lasted 8—YEARS but broke apart into VENEZUELA, COLOMBIA and ECUADOR.
17830724             † SIMON—BOLIVAR, of tuberculosis.
17870724             LE—PARLEMENT morigène LOUIS—XVI[LUDWIG—XVI—KÖNIG—VON—FRANKREICH] pour la dérive des dépenses inutiles
17870724             LE—PARLEMENT se déclare incompétent à se prononcéer sur les nouveaux impôts
17930724             —PASSED, FRANCE, the 1. copyright law.
18020724             ALEXANDRE—DUMAS—PERE wrote "The Man in the Iron Mask".
18020724—18700000    † * ALEXANDRE—DUMAS, FRANCE—NOVELIST and dramatist who wrote "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "THE—3—MUSKETEERS,".
18310724             † MARIA—AGATA—SZYMANOWSKA, 41—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
18400000—19240724    * † PALMER—COX, CANADA—ARTIST and writer.
18480721—18480724    Der Bürgerwehrgesetzentwurf
18490000—19190724    * † LAVERNE—NOYES, USA—INVENTOR.
18580724             —DURING THE—ILLINOIS—SENATORIAL—CAMPAIGN, REPUBLICAN—CANDIDATE—ABRAHAM—LINCOLN challenged DEMOCRAT—STEVEN—DOUGLAS to 1—SERIES—OF—JOINT—DEBATES, which covered the slavery controversy and its impact on the nation.
18580724             —ILLUMINATED, The debates, THE—POSITIONS—OF—REPUBLICAN—CANDIDATE—ABRAHAM—LINCOLN and Douglas on slavery, which LINCOLN regarded as "1—MORAL, 1—SOCIAL and 1—POLITICAL—WRONG," while Douglas evaded the moral issue.
18580724             Even though REPUBLICAN—CANDIDATE—ABRAHAM—LINCOLN narrowly won the popular vote, Douglas prevailed in the state legislature 54-41 and thus the election.
18580724             —PROPELLED, The debates, REPUBLICAN—CANDIDATE—ABRAHAM—LINCOLN to national prominence.
18620724             —ABANDONED, Union fleets, their attack on VICKSBURG—MISSISSIPPI.
18630724             —BATTLE at BATTLE—MOUNTAIN, VIRGINIA.
18640724             —NUMBERED, THE—BATTLE—OF—WINCHESTER, VA, casualties, US1200 and CS600.
18660724             —BECAME, TENNESSEE, the 1. state to be readmitted to the Union after the Civil War.
18660724             * ~ —Linden (STADT—KREIS—LINDEN), STADT—KREIS—, PREUßEN—GERMANY, residence: 18660000             -Linden (STADT—KREIS—LINDEN), STADT—KREIS—, PREUßEN—GERMANY
18660724             *
18700724             The 1. TRANS—USA—RAIL—SERVICE began.
18830724             MATTHEW—WEBB (18480000              *), the 1. person to swim THE—ENGLAND—CHANNEL (18750000             ), drowned while trying to swim across THE—NIAGARA—RIVER just below the falls.
18950724—19850000    * † ROBERT—GRAVES, UK—POET and novelist (Goodbye to All That, I—CLAUDIUS).
18950724—19850000    "THERE—IS—NO—MONEY in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money either".
18970724             * AMELIA—EARHART in KANSAS.
18970724             AMELIA—EARHART was the 1. woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and disappeared in THE—SOUTH—PACIFIC while trying to fly around the world.
18970724             † AMELIA—EARHART Her sister Muriel (19980000             , age 98) wrote 1—BIOGRAPHY—OF—AMELIA titled: "Courage Is the Price".
18970724             —ARRIVED, AFRICAN—USA—SOLDIERS—OF—THE 25.
18970724             Infantry Bicycle Corps, in S—LOUIS—MONTANA, after completing a 40—DAY—BIKE ride from MISSOULA—MONTANA.
19000724             * ZELDA—SAYRE, writer (Save me the Waltz).
19080000             —IN, MATSON bought THE—1080—TON—STEEL—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET—BARK and
19110724             HIRAM—BINGHAM, USA—EXPLORER, was led by local guides to 1—LOST CITY—OF—THE—INCAS.
19110724             —EXPLORED, HIRAM—BINGHAM, several Inca ruins and the mountaintop citadel of Machu Pichu.
19110724             HIRAM—BINGHAM was in search of the lost CITY—OF—VILCABAMBA, THE—INCA—LEGENDARY last refuge from the invading Spaniards.
19110724             —SERVED, HIRAM—BINGHAM was 1—ARCHEOLOGIST from Yale and later, as 1—CONNECTICUT GOVERNOR and USA—SENATOR.
19110724—19480000    —AUTHORED, HIRAM—BINGHAM, "Lost CITY—OF—THE—INCAS".
19150724             —CAPSIZED, EXCURSION—SHIP—EASTLAND, in Lake MICHIGAN and 852—DIE.
19160000             —CA, MATSON installed auxiliary diesel engines an THE—1080—TON—STEEL—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET—BARK.
19160724             * JOHN—D—MACDONALD, author.
19170724             THE—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET caught fire and burned at sea.
19170724             THE—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET—CAPTAIN—KNUT—LINDBERG (18650000—19350000    ) and crew took to 1—LIFEBOAT and sailed nearly 100—miles to PORT—ALLEN—KAUAI—HAWAII.
19170724             —SURVIVED, THE—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET—ALL—14—MEN and officers.
19170724—18920000    —IN, THE—1080—TON—STEEL—SAILING—VESSEL—R—P—RITHET—BARK was built at Port GLASGOW for C. Brewer & Co.
19190724             1—RACE—RIOT in WASHINGTON, DC, left 6 killed and 100 wounded.
19190724             —INCLUDED, LAVERNE—NOYES His inventions, the akromotor, 1—DEVICE that converted wind to electricity, and 1—DICTIONARY—HOLDER.
19200600—19230724    —SIGNED, In the end THE—TURKEY—SETTLEMENT was not finally, sealed and delivered until THE—SIGNING—OF—THE—TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE.
19200724             * BELLA—ABZUG, the 1. Jewish woman elected to THE—USA—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES.
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, SETTLED the boundaries of modern GREECE and TURKEY, was concluded in SWITZERLAND.
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, replaced THE—TREATY—OF—SEVRES and
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, divided the lands inhabited by THE—KURDS between TURKEY, IRAQ and SYRIA.
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE—ARTICLE—39, ALLOWED, TURKEY—NATIONALS to use ANY—LANGUAGE they wished in commerce, public and private meetings, and publications.
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, CHRISTIANS were DEPORTED from TURKEY to GREECE and
19230724             —TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, MUSLIMS were DEPORTED from GREECE to TURKEY.
19230724             TURKEY signs THE—TREATY—OF—LAUSANNE, recognizing the independence of the Arab Kingdom of Hejaz, THE—FRANCE—MANDATE over SYRIA, and UK—MANDATES over Palestine and Mesopotamia.
19230724—20060000    —AUTHORED, BRUCE—CLARK, "Twice 1—STRANGER: The Mass Expulsions that Forged Modern GREECE and TURKEY".
19240724             PALMER—COX wrote and illustrated children's stories about brownies, little elves from SCOTLAND—FOLKLORE.
19240724             —INSPIRED, PALMER—COX His characters, the name for 1—KODAK camera and for young girl scouts.
19240724—18870000    —IN, 2—DOZEN—OF his stories were collected and published as "The Brownies: Their Book".
19250000—19800724    * † PETER—SELLERS, UK—ACTOR, in LONDON—OF—1—HEART—ATTACK.
19250000—20130724    * † VIRGINIA Johnson, pioneering sex therapist and researcher, in S—LOUIS.
19270724             —UNVEILED, YPRES—BELGIUM, THE—MENIN—GATE was. it built to honor the soldiers who † at the Ypres Salient front —WWI—DURING.
19270724             —INSCRIBED, THE—MENIN—GATE is, with the names of 54,896 soldiers who † but have no graves.
19290724             —KELLOGG—BRIAND—PACT, renounced war as 1—INSTRUMENT—OF—FOREIGN—POLICY.
19330724             The "Völkischer Beobachter" describes THE—CONCORDAT as 1—MOST solemn recognition of National Socialism by THE—CATHOLIC—CHURCH. (Lewy)
19330724             THE—FEDERATION—OF—POLAND—JEWS in AMERICA pledges support for THE—ANTI—NAZI—BOYCOTT.
19340605—19340607    The Fulda Bishops' Conference pronounces that Catholic nurses may not assist or take part in sterilization operations (see 19400724             ).
19350724             * PAT—OLIPHANT, political cartoonist.
19350724             * MEL—RAMOS, pop artist, in SACRAMENTO—CALIFORNIA.
19370724             —DROPPED, THE—STATE—OF—ALABAMA, charges against 4—BLACK—MEN accused of raping 2—WHITE—WOMEN in THE—SO—CALLED—SCOTTSBORO case.
19370724             An order segregating Jews from "Aryans" in GERMANY—HEALTH—RESORTS and public baths is issued.
19380724             —INVENTED, INSTANT—COFFEE was.
19380724             —AFTER—8—YEARS—OF—EXPERIMENTS, NESTLE came up with the 1. INSTANT—COFFEE.
19390724             A numerus clausus is instituted in SLOVAKIA, restricting Jews in the professions to 4—PERCENT. another SLOVAKIA—DECREE dismisses all Jews from THE—ARMY.
19400711—19400724    The Luftwaffe makes 1—SERES—OF—ATTACKS against shipping in THE—ENGLAND—CHANNEL.
19400711—19400724    THE—GERMANS lose 1—TOTAL—OF—93—AIRCRAFT, THE—BRITISH 48.
19400724             The Sacred Congregation of THE—HOLY—SEE in ROME rules that Catholic nurses in STATE—RUN—HOSPITALS may assist in sterilization operations if 1—SUFFICIENTLY important reason is present. (Lewy)
19410724             —DENOUNCED, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, JAPAN—ACTIONS in Indochina.
19410724             —MASSACRED, Nazis, the entire Jewish population of GRODZ—LITHUANIA.
19410724             —AM, 6—DER—VON—SS—OBERSCHARFÜHRER Roth fotografierten Porträts, in der "LOS—ANGELES—TIMES" 1—TAG später vier
19410724             —SEITE—4CONSTITUTION, ATLANTA,
19410724             —SEITE—4
19410724             —SEITE—4; LOS—ANGELES—TIMES,
19410724             LEMBERG umjubelt DIE—DEUTSCHEN Truppen, in: Illustrierter Beobachter, o.S.
19410724             Vichy FRANCE concedes to JAPAN—DEMANDS for bases in SOUTH—INDOCHINA.
19420000—20010724    * † VICTOR—ARIMONDI, professional model a fashion photographer, —OF—AIDS in SF.
19430724             —FIRED, THE—USA—SUBMARINE—TINOSA, 15—TORPEDOES at 1—LONE—JAPAN—MERCHANT ship, but none detonated.
19430724—19430725    —COMBINED, THE—ALLIES begin 1—DEVASTATING series of, air raids on largely civilan targets in HAMBURG.
19430724—19430725    THE—UK—ALONE deploy 780—PLANES and drop 2,300 TONS—OF—BOMBS on the 1. night.
19430724—19430802    —BOMBED, THE—RAF and USA—PLANES, HAMBURG.
19430724—19430802    Firestorms from the bombing left at least 40,000 dead in the 1. 3—DAYS.
19430724—19430802    USA—B 17—FORTRESSES flew 252—DAYLIGHT sorties in THE—2—DAYS following the 1. of 4—RAF night raids.
19430724—19430802    —DIRECTED, SIR—ARTHUR—HARRIS, 4—MAJOR—RAIDS against HAMBURG in the space of 10—NIGHTS, known as "Operation Gomorrah".
19440724             —LIBERATED, SOVIET—FORCES, the Majdanek concentration—camp.
19450724             USA—NAVY bombers sank THE—JAPAN—BATTLESHIP—CARRIER—HYUGA in shallow waters off KURE—JAPAN.
19480724             —ACCEPTED, HENRY—A—WALLACE, the presidential nomination of the Progressive Party in PHILADELPHIA.
19500724             —RELOCATED, THE—USA 5. AIR—FORCE, from JAPAN to KOREA.
19500724             † ROBERT—WLEHNHOFF, [Executioner of GRONINGEN], SS Führer, was executed.
19501101—19520724    —COMMUTED, PRESIDENT—TRUMAN, COLLAZO—DEATH—SENTENCE to life imprisonment, on the same day he signed 1—ACT enlarging THE—SELF—GOVERNMENT—OF—PUERTO—RICO.
19510724             † DOCTOR—ALBERT—C—BARNES, eccentric COLLECTOR—OF—IMPRESSIONIST art, in 1—AUTOMOBILE crash.
19510724—20040000    —IN, [see 19250000             Barnes] His will specified that his art collection be kept forever in Lower Merion Township, PENNSILVANIA 1—JUDGE allowed trustees to move the collection to PHILADELPHIA.
19520724             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—TRUMAN, a settlement in a 53—DAY—STEEL strike.
19520724             —COMMUTED, PRESIDENT—TRUMAN, OSCAR—COLLAZO—DEATH sentence to life imprisonment.
19520724             IRAQ—JORDAN, 1—DISGUSTED—MILITARY overthrew the corrupt GOVERNMENT—OF—KING—FAROUK.
19520724—19501101    —SEE
19560724             —PERFORMED, DEAN—MARTIN and JERRY—LEWIS, for the last time at the Copacabana Club in NEW—YORK—CITY after 1—DECADE together as the country's most popular comedy team.
19560724             —PREMIERED, BRENDAN—BEHAN'S "Quare Fellow,", in LONDON.
19580724             JACK—KILBY (19230000—20050000    ) of TEXAS Instruments came up with the idea for creating the 1. integrated circuit on 1—PIECE—OF silicon.
19580724—19580912    —BY, JACK—KILBY made 1—WORKING prototype.
19590724             VICE—PRESIDENT—RICHARD—M—NIXON correctly said that the $100-a-month mortgage for the model ranch house was well within the reach of 1—TYPICAL—USA—STEELWORKER.
19610724             ROGER—MARIS hit 4—HOME runs in a doubleheader.
19610724             —HIJACKED, A—USA—COMMERCIAL plane was, to CUBA and began a trend.
19640724—19640727    —1—RACE—RIOT took place in ROCHESTER—NEW—YORK, and 4—PEOPLE were killed.
19660724             OAKLAND—BORN golfer TONY—LEMA, 32—JAHRE—ALT, while flying with his wife Betty to 1—EXHIBITION—MATCH in CHICAGO—ILLINOIS, crashed on the 7. hole of 1—GOLF—COURSE in LANSING—ILLINOIS, after their chartered TWIN—ENGINE—BEECHCRAFT Bonanza ran OUT—OF—FUEL.
19660724             —KILLED, All 4—PEOPLE on board were.
19670724             —RACE—RIOTS took place in CAMBRIDGE—MARYLAND.
19670724             —RACE—RIOTS—IN—DETROIT, FORCED the postponement of 1—TIGERS—ORIOLES baseball game.
19670724             [see 19670723—19670730    ]
19670724             —STIRRED, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—CHARLES—DE—GAULLE, controversy during 1—VISIT to MONTREAL—CANADA, when he declared, ''Vive le QUEBEC libre!'' (Long live free QUEBEC!).
19690721—19690724    —RETURNS—TO—EARTH, APOLLO—11, with its crew.
19690724             The Apollo XI astronauts, 2—OF—WHOM had been the 1. men to set foot on the moon, splashed down safely in the Pacific.
19690724             Petroleos del PERU (PETROPERU S.A.) was created (law NUMBER17753) as 1—STATE—OWNED entity.
19690724             1. Mensch Amstrong landet auf dem gleichen
19690724             2. Mensch, EDWIN—ALDRIN der jemals 1—ANDEREN Himmelskörper als DIE—ERDE betrat.
19690724             Aldrin landet auf dem gleichen.
19690724             Astronauten landen auf dem gleichen
19700724             —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—NIXON, the Failing Newspaper Act (Newspaper Preservation Act) allowing papers in the same market to cut costs by merging SOME—OF—THEIR—OPERATIONS.
19700724             FREDDIE—MAC (Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.), 1—STOCKHOLDER—OWNED corporation, was chartered by Congress to keep money flowing to mortgage lenders in SUPPORT—OF—HOMEOWNERSHIP and rental housing.
19700724             —HELPED, PRESTON—MARTIN (19230000—20070000    ), spearhead its creation.
19700724             † ROBERT—B—CHOATE (20090000             , age 84), 1—ENGINEER turned consumer advocate, testified on nutrition information for consumers at 1—SENATE subcommittee hearing and used data supplied by cereal manufacturers.
19700724             —RANKED, ROBERT—B—CHOATE, 60—CEREALS, including Sugar Smacks, Froot Loops, and Lucky charms, by their nutritive value, showing that 40—PRODUCTS offered such poor nourishment that they were essentially "empty calories".
19700724             LAOS, CAPTAIN—DONALD—BLOODWORTH and his pilot were lost on 1—NIGHT—RECONNAISSANCE—MISSION in 1—F—4D FIGHTER—BOMBER.
19700724—19890000    —LISTED, It was, as 1—PUBLIC—COMPANY.
19700724—19980000    —RETURNED, BLOODWORTH—REMAINS were, to THE—USA.
19710724             —FORMED, THE—WHITE—HOUSE—PLUMBERS unit, to stop the leaking (hence "plumbers") of classified information to the news media during the Nixon administration.
19710724             The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was promulgated in PARIS.
19710724—18860000    —ACCEPTED, It was 1., in Berne at the instigation of VICTOR—HUGO.
19720000—20040724    —BISHER hatte das USA Pentagon erklärt, die fraglichen Soldzettel seien versehentlich vernichtet worden.
19720724             † JIGME—DORJI—WANGCHUCK—KING—OF—BHUTAN while on safari in KENYA.
19720724             His son Jigme Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck (19550000              *), the 4. of his dynasty, became KING.
19730724             Testifying before the Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (the Ervin Committee), JOHN—EHRLICHMAN, aide to PRESIDENT—RICHARD—NIXON, asserted that THE—BURGLARY—OF—ANTI—WAR—ACTIVIST—DANIEL—ELLSBERG—PSYCHIATRIST—OFFICE was within the constitutional POWERS—OF—THE—PRESIDENT.
19730724—19740809    —EXPOSED, The televised committee hearings, 1—WIDE—RANGE—OF—ACTIVITIES, including 1—SECRET—WHITE—HOUSE—PROGRAM—OF—HARASSMENT and IRS audits of political enemies, burglaries, wiretaps, FORGING—OF—STATE—DEPARTMENT—DOCUMENTS, 1—SECRET—FUND to finance spying and SABOTAGE—OF—DEMOCRATIC—PARTY—PRIMARY—CAMPAIGNS and more that culminated in the House vote for impeachment and THE—NIXON—RESIGNATION.
19740724             —RULED, THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT unanimously, that PRESIDENT—NIXON had to turn over subpoenaed WHITE—HOUSE—TAPE—RECORDINGS to the Watergate special prosecutor.
19750724             —SPLASHED, An "Apollo" spacecraft, down in the Pacific, completing 1—MISSION which included the 1.—EVER docking with a "Soyuz" capsule from THE—SOVIET—UNION.
19780724             —ANIMATED, The Beatles', film "SERGEANT—PEPPER—LONELY—HEARTS—CLUB—BAND" premiered in THE—USA.
19780724             He was the 1. junta member to urge the restoration of civilian rule.
19800000—20120724    —SEIT, sei in DER—EUROPÄISCHE—UNION jeder 2. Vogel in der Agrarlandschaft verlorengegangen, teilte DAS—BUNDES—AMT—FÜR—NATURSCHUTZ (BfN) mit.
19800724             —INCLUDED, His films, the Pink Panther series, "The Mouse that Roared" (19590000             ) and "DOCTOR—STRANGELOVE, or: How I—LEARNED to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" (19640000             ).
19820724             * ANNA—PAQUIN, Oscar winning actress (Piano), in WINNIPEG, Manitoba.
19830724             SRI—LANKA, ISLAND—WIDE—ANTI—TAMIL riots broke out in retaliation for THE—DEATHS—OF—SOLDIERS the day before and some 400—PEOPLE †.
19830724             —MARKED, This, the beginning of the civil war.
19840724             —STABBED, USA—FORT—UTAH, Ron and DAN—LAFFERTY, to death their SISTER—IN—LAW, Brenda Lafferty, and her daughter Erica, aged 15—MONTHS.
19840724—20030000    —AUTHORED, JON—KRAKAUER, "Under the Banner of Heaven," 1—ACCOUNT—OF—THE—MURDER and the Mormon background of the Laffertys.
19860724             —RETIRED, JERRY—A—WHITWORTH, 47—JAHRE—ALT, USA—NAVY warrant officer, was convicted in SF for his role in 1—SOVIET—SPY ring.
19860724—19860828    —CALLED, The government, it the most damaging espionage case since —WWII.
19860724—19860828    Whitworth was given a 365-year sentence and ordered to pay $410,000.
19870724             —DAMAGED, THE—RE—FLAGGED KUWAIT—SUPERTANKER Bridgeton was, after hitting 1—MINE in the Persian Gulf.
19870724             Hulda Crooks, a 91-year-old mountaineer from CALIFORNIA, became the oldest woman to conquer MOUNT—FUJI, JAPAN—HIGHEST peak.
19870724             —ARRIVED, Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, in INDIA to sign 1—PEACE—AGREEMENT with THE—SRI—LANKA—GOVERNMENT.
19870724             —BROKERED, INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—RAJIV—GANDHI, the agreement with SRI—LANKA delivering autonomy to Tamil areas in exchange for 1—END to the war.
19870724             —SIGNED, The peace agreement was, by Junius RICHARD—JAYEWARDENE, PRESIDENT—OF—SRI—LANKA.
19880724             —ON the campaign trail, Republican GEORGE—BUSH heard chants of "ERA," 1—REFERENCE to the proposed Equal Rights Amendment, from MEMBERS—OF—1—PROFESSIONAL—WOMEN—GROUP in ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. Democratic nominee MICHAEL—DUKAKIS was heckled by ANTI—ABORTION—PROTESTERS in S—LOUIS.
19890724             —AGGRIEVED, PRESIDENT—BUSH said he was "" about allegations that veteran USA—DIPLOMAT—FELIX—S—BLOCH might have spied for THE—SOVIET—UNION.
19890724             —RESIGNED, Uno, amid 1—SCANDAL involving his geisha mistress.
19890724             —FOCUSED, Criticism, on allegations that he treated her in 1—MISERLY fashion.
19890724             DIE—CONTRA—CONNECTION—PAGE—258.
19900724             IRAQ, accusing KUWAIT of conspiring to harm its economy through oil overproduction, massed TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—TROOPS and HUNDREDS—OF—TANKS along THE—IRAQI—KUWAIT—BORDER.
19900724             —PLACED, USA—WARSHIPS in Persian Gulf were, on alert.
19910724             † ISAAC—BASHEVIS—SINGER, 87—JAHRE—ALT, Nobel PRIZE—WINNING author (19780000             ), in MIAMI.
19910724             Singh said "the room for maneuver, to live on borrowed money or time, does not exist anymore".
19910724             —MARKED, His speech, INDIA—ENTRY into global capitalism.
19910724             The budget was in response to 1—BALANCE—OF—PAYMENTS—CRISIS.
19910724             —ANNOUNCED, Soviet PRESIDENT—MIKHAIL—S—GORBACHEV, 1—FINAL—AGREEMENT on 1—TREATY designed to preserve the Soviet federation while giving more power to the republics.
19910724—20060000    —AUTHORED, FLORENCE Noiville, "ISAAC—B—SINGER: A Life".
19920724             —DISRUPTED, MEMBERS—OF—PRISONER—OF—WAR—MIA families, 1—SPEECH by PRESIDENT—BUSH, prompting Bush to snap, "Would you please shut up and sit down?"
19920724             BOSNIA, SERBIA—PRISON—GUARDS at the former ceramics factory of Keraterm fired machine guns through metal doors of "Room 3" where over 200—PRISONERS were trapped.
19920724             —CONTINUED, The carnage, for hours.
19920724             —SENTENCED, Sikirica was, to 15—YEARS in prison.
19920724             —RECEIVED, Dosen and Kolundzija, 5 and 3—YEAR—SENTENCES.
19920724—20010000    —IN, Dusko Sikirica (camp COMMANDER), Dragan Kolundzija and Damir Dosen were tried at the Hague for their roles in the slaughter.
19930724             —DENIED, USA—HOUSE—WAYS and Means Chairman DAN—ROSTENKOWSKI, allegations he'd received embezzled funds, saying he had engaged in "no illegal or unethical conduct".
19930724             —ANNOUNCED, THE—RUSSIA—GOVERNMENT, it would invalidate BILLIONS—OF—PRE—19930000             rubles.
19940724             MIGUEL—INDURAIN won his 4. consecutive Tour de FRANCE victory.
19940724             S.F. Bailey walked from the village of Mokwam in the Arfak Mountains of the Vogelkop (BIRD—HEAD) Peninsula in Irian JAYA—INDONESIA, to observe the courtship PERFORMANCE—OF—BOWER bird number 4, Amblyornis inornatus.
19940724             —REOPENED, RWANDA—REFUGEES began trickling home after Zaire, the border between THE—2—COUNTRIES;
19940724             —MEANWHILE, the 1. wave of A—USA—AIRLIFT arrived.
19950724             A Palestinian suicide bomber blew up 1 crowded commuter bus in Tel Aviv and killed 6—ISRAELIS and wounded 28.
19950724             Hamas took responsibility.
19960724             2—BOMBS blamed on Tamil separatists ripped through 1—COMMUTER train near COLOMBO—SRI—LANKA, killing 64—CIVILIANS and wounding more than 400.
19960724             † it was reported that 3—PRISONERS in TURKEY have during 1—HUNGER—STRIKE by 1,900 inmates in 33—PRISONS.
19960724             The protests were for government TRANSFERS—OF—PRISONERS to remote locations and cancellation of visiting rights for political prisoners.
19960724             INTERNATIONAL Herald Tribune,Another article about TWA 800 ,
19960724             'These planes just don't blow up.
19960724             THERE—TOO MANY—FIRE—WALLS, too MANY—CHECKS and balances.'
19960724             —TROUBLED, Chrisotpher Ronay is equally.
19960724             As HEAD—OF—THE—FBI bomb unit —FOR—7—YEARS, he investigated 30—AIRCRAFT—BOMBINGS before retiring 19940000             .
19960724             'I can't recall anything that has had 1—CATASTROPHIC—EFFECT—LIKE this case,' he said.
19960724             'You could blow the hell out of 1—CARGO—COMPARTMENT with 1—LUGGAGE—BOMB, but you have to blow up 1—FUEL—CELL or 1—ENGINE to get 1—EXPLOSION—LIKE that.'"
19960724             And yet, this explosion, of 1—VIOLENCE unprecedented in aviation history still left LOTS—OF—WRECKAGE.
19970724             PRESIDENT—CLINTON held a WHITE—HOUSE symposium on global warming.
19970724             —RETIRED, WILLIAM—J—BRENNAN, 91—JAHRE—ALT, SUPREME—COURT—JUSTICE (19560000—19900000    ), † in ARLINGTON—VIRGINIA.
19970724             A DALLAS jury awarded $120—MILLION in damages against the local ROMAN—CATHOLIC diocese that ignored evidence that the priest, Rudolph Kos, sexually abused 1—NUMBER—OF altar boys 19770000—19920000    —FROM—TO.
19970724             —LIFTED, ALBANIA, a 5-month long curfew was, and Rexhep Mejdani, THE—SECRETARY—GENERAL—OF—THE—SOCIALIST—PARTY and former physics professor, was elected PRESIDENT by THE—PARLIAMENT.
19970724             —SINCE Jan. some 1,800 killings had occurred.
19970724             —FROM ALGERIA it was reported that security forces killed Antar Zouabri (26), THE—CHIEF—OF—THE—ARMED—ISLAMIC—GROUP.
19970724             —PROPOSED, BRITAIN, to the Scots the power to legislate, tax and speak for themselves in the European Union.
19970724—19920000    —SUSPENDED, Kos was.
19970724—19980000    —PLEADED, Kos, guilty to 3—SEX abuse charges.
19980724             A gunman burst past 1—METAL—DETECTOR at THE—USA—CAPITAL and killed 2—POLICEMEN, officers JACOB—CHESTNUT and JOHN—GIBSON, and wounded 1—VISITOR.
19980724             —CAPTURED, RUSSELL—EUGENE—WESTON—JUNIOR, 41—JAHRE—ALT was, after being shot.
19980724             The motion picture "Saving Private Ryan," starring TOM—HANKS and directed by STEVEN—SPIELBERG, was released.
19980724             A report on THE—WEST—ANTARCTIC—ICE—SHEET in Science said that changes have been detected by satellite that might indicate 1—FUTURE—COLLAPSE.
19980724             Keizo OBUCHI—JAPAN—FOREIGN—MINISTER, won the ruling party nomination for PRIME—MINISTER.
19990722             —ARRESTED, Staynor was, 19990724             and admitted to the February murders of Carole Sund, Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso.
19990722—19990724    —ARRESTED, CARY—STAYNER was, and admitted to the February murders of Carole Sund, Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso.
19990724             —ATTACKED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, the Republicans' $792—BILLION TAX—CUT plan in FUND—RAISING—SPEECHES and his weekly radio address, saying it would "imperil the future STABILITY—OF—THE—COUNTRY".
19990724             —REPLIED, House Majority Leader Dick Armey, that THE—GOP plan would help fix 1—UNFAIR—TAX—SYSTEM.
19990724             —ARRESTED, CHINA, the government, some 1,200 government officials accused of associating with the Falun Gong.
19990724             † SHOUKRY—AYYAD, EGYPT—POETRY critic, at age 78.
19990724             —INCLUDED, SHOUKRY—AYYAD—20—BOOKS on Arabic poetry, language and theater, "The Hero in Literature and Fables," "Music of Poetry," and Language and Creativity".
19990724             —KILLED, INDONESIA, troops, as many as 41—PEOPLE during 1—RAID on 1—REBEL—BASE in Beutong village in Aceh province.
19990724             Separatist leader Teungku Bantaqiah was among the dead.
19990724             A JAKARTA inquiry in Oct. found that troops killed 54—CIVILIANS, not rebels, in Aceh.
19990724             56—STUDENTS and 1—TEACHER from an Islamic boarding school in Beutong Ateuh village were executed.
19990724—20000000    —IN, 24—SOLDIERS and 1—CIVILIAN were convicted for the June murders.
20000724             —CONTINUED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, to mediate the Camp DAVID—MIDEAST summit, meeting with Israeli, Palestinian and USA—NEGOTIATORS.
20000724             —APPOINTED, GEORGIA—DEMOCRATIC—GOVERNOR—ZELL—MILLER was, to the late Republican PAUL—COVERDELL—SENATE seat.
20000724             —ARRESTED, MINNEAPOLIS—MINNESOTA, 80—PEOPLE were, as demonstrators protested against 1—MEETING—OF—THE—INTERNATIONAL—SOCIETY for Animal Genetics.
20000724             —RETURNED, MYANMAR university students, to classes nearly 3.—5—YEARS—AFTER the military shut down schools due to antigovernment protests.
20000724             —REQUIRED, Loyalty pledges to the government were, and political activity was barred.
20000724             —FREED, MICHAEL—STONE, 1—PRO—UK—PARAMILITARY—MEMBER, was, from prison as PART—OF—NORTH—IRELAND'S 19980000             peace accord after serving 11—YEARS—OF—1—LIFE—SENTENCE for murder.
20000724             —ARRIVED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—JOSEPH—ESTRADA, in SF for his 1. official visit to THE—USA.
20000724             A NEW—ZEALAND soldier was killed during 1—CLASH with opponents for independence, the 1. UN peacekeeper killed in EAST—TIMOR.
20000724—20030000    —AUTHORED, Miler, "A National Party No More".
20010724             —SIGNED, Larry Silverstein, a $3.2—BILLION, 99-year lease for THE—NEW—YORK—CITY—WORLD—TRADE—CENTER (WTC).
20010724             A CHINA—COURT sentenced 2—USA—RESIDENTS to 10—YEARS in prison on charges of spying for TAIWAN.
20010724             —RELEASED, CHINA, Gao Zhan and Qin Guangguang —2—DAYS—LATER.
20010724             INDONESIA, Megawati Sukarnoputri began her presidency while Wahid refused to leave the presidential palace.
20010724             —FOUNDED, THE—TAIWAN Solidarity Union (TSU) was, by FORMER—PRESIDENT—LEE—TENG—HUI.
20010724             —CAMPAIGNED, It actively, for the creation of 1—DE jure REPUBLIC—OF—TAIWAN.
20010724             —PRIDED, The party, itself on being the 1. to include "TAIWAN" in its name.
20010724             AF/XOC, White Paper on Joint Synthetic Battlespace — AIR—FORCE.
20010724             (Replaces AF/XOC, CONCEPT—OF—OPERATIONS for Joint Synthetic Battlespace — Air.
20010724—20010729    Caledon National Horse Show May.
20010911             9/11—COMMISSION, 20040724             , pp.
20020722—20020724    —KILLED, Flooding in SOUTH—EAST—VENEZUELA, 5—PEOPLE and left as many as 50,000 homeless in Apure state.
20020723—20020724    —CAUSED, TURKEY, floods and lightning, by summer storms have killed at least 18—PEOPLE.
20020723—20020724    3—OTHER—PEOPLE were missing.
20020724             —VOTED, THE—USA—HOUSE, 420-1 to oust REPRESENTATIVE—JAMES—TRAFICANT, an OHIO Democrat.
20020724             JOHN—RIGAS, 78—JAHRE—ALT, CEO of Adelphia Comm.
20020724             —ARRESTED, Corp., was, with his 2—SONS on CHARGES—OF—THAT they looted the company of more than $1—BILLION.
20020724             THE—DJIA rose 488 to 8,191 and Nasdaq rose 61 to 1,290.
20020724             —TRAPPED, PENNSYLVANIA, 9—COAL miners were, by 1—FLOOD—240—FEET—UNDERGROUND.
20020724             —RESCUED, All 9 were, 20020727             .
20020724             HOUSTON—TEXAS, Clara Harris ran over her cheating husband with her MERCEDES after catching him with his mistress.
20020724             Harris (45) was CONVICTED—OF—MURDER 20030213             .
20020724             A truck bomb exploded in S—JUAN—DE—RIOSECO, COLOMBIA, and 2—POLICE—OFFICERS were killed.
20020724             —REJECTED, CONGO, Hutu rebels, 1—PEACE—DEAL that would force them back to RWANDA.
20020724             The European Union will give 1—EXTRA $32—MILLION to THE—UNITED—NATIONS—POPULATION—FUND to help replace THE—USA—MONEY being withheld BECAUSE—OF—CONCERNS about coercive abortions.
20020724             —DEMANDED, INDONESIA—PROSECUTORS, that PARLIAMENT speaker Akbar Tandjung be jailed —FOR—4—YEARS over the alleged misuse of $4—MILLION in 1—POLITICALLY sensitive graft scandal.
20020724             —ENTERED, NORTH—UGANDA, 1—GROUP—OF—LORD—RESISTANCE—ARMY—REBELS, Muchwini, 285—MILES—NORTH—OF—KAMPALA, and killed at least 42—PEOPLE.
20020724             —VOTED, THE—UN, 35-8 on 1—PLAN to enforce 1—CONVENTION on torture that called for independent visits to prisons.
20020724             —FAILED, THE—USA, to block the vote.
20020724             BAE Systems teams with Roke Manor for Celldar -
20020724             The firms said CELLDAR will provide 1—COVERT + innovative approach to the detection of moving air, land and SEA—BASED objects.
20020724             Passive RADAR—WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia... as passive coherent location + passive covert radar) encompass 1—CLASS—OF—RADAR—SYSTEMS...
20020724             BAE Systems' CELLDAR—EXPLOITING GSM basestations [4][5]
20020724             —AM, erklärt USA—JUSTIZ—MINISTER—JOHN—ASHCROFT verbal sein Verständnis für 10—VERHÖR—METHODEN, darunter Schlafentzug, Einsargen, Ohrfeigen.
20020724—20020730    —SENTENCED, Traficant was, to 8—YEARS in prison for bribery and racketeering.
20020724—20040000    —ORDERED, RUSSIA, PRIME—MINISTER—MIKHAIL—KASYANOV, all businesses to adopt INTERNATIONAL accounting standards.
20020728             —TRAPPED, SOMERSET—PENNSYLVANIA, 9—COAL miners, 20020724             by 1—FLOOD—240—FEET—UNDERGROUND, were rescued —AFTER—77—HOURS—UNDERGROUND in the Quecreek Mine.
20030724             —ISSUED, The House and Senate intelligence committees, their final report on the attacks of 20010911             , citing countless blunders, oversights and miscalculations that prevented authorities from stopping the attackers.
20030724             † In NORTH—IRAQ 3—USA—SOLDIERS in the 2. fatal attack on troops from the 101.
20030724             —TRACKED, Airborne Division since they, down and killed Saddam HUSSEIN—SONS—UDAY and Qusai.
20030724             2—HAND grenades exploded outside a UN police station in NORTH—KOSOVO, killing 1—PERSON and injuring 4—OTHERS.
20030724             COLIN—MCMILLAN, 1—OILMAN awaiting confirmation as USA—NAVY—SECRETARY, was found dead at his 55,000-acre ranch in NEW—MEXICO.
20030724             —RULED, His death was, 1—SUICIDE.
20030724             11—AID—WORKERS believed abducted by Rwandan and BURUNDI—REBELS in 1—RESTIVE EAST—PROVINCE—OF—WAR—RAVAGED CONGO were killed.
20030724             —PASSED, FRANCE—LAWMAKERS overwhelmingly, 1—PENSION—REFORM—BILL despite WEEKS—OF—PROTESTS by people angry about having to work longer to get full retirement benefits.
20030724             —MANAGED, PRIME—MINISTER—RAFARRIN, to push through 1—PENSION—REFORM against union resistance with the support of CFDP, THE—FRANCE—DEFENSE and Protection Company.
20030724             —PASSED, THE—FRANCE—SENATE, 1—LAW banning the sale of cigarettes to minors under 16 and raises the price per pack for the 2. time this year.
20030724             GUATEMALA, protesters demanding that former dictator Rios Montt be allowed to run for PRESIDENT touched off 1—WAVE—OF—VIOLENCE that paralyzed the capital.
20030724             —KILLED, MONROVIA—LIBERIA, the bloodiest mortar attack in days, at least 12—MEN, women and children.
20030724             Die zwischenzeitliche drastische Unterbewertung wurde mehr als korrigiert.
20030724             Deutsche Aktien reagieren eben überproportional, die Kursausschläge sind sowohl in der Baisse als auch in der Hausse extremer als etwa im UK Markt oder EU Markt.
20030724             Auch diese hohe Volatilität spricht gegen Deutschlandfonds.
20030724             Read ALEX—VEIGA, "Tech War Over File Swapping," Associated Press, at
20030724             For more information about the "Let the Music Play" campaign, click
20030724             UNIVERSITY—PRESENTS—THEATRE—OPINION—LEADERS + LUMINARIES IN LIVELY NEW PANEL... students with I.D. Tickets go on sale
20030724             Northrop Grumman...
20030724             uhvacen u lazi, ali ne posustaje, kao sto sam ti reko, tipican cia amerikanac :P.. Flight 77, LEONARD—TAYLOR, A technical manager for XonTech
20030724             Who Killed JOHN—O'NEILL part III Xontech #1 (Boeing #4) - Flight 11: JOHN—SAMMARTINO, of ANNANDALE—VIRGINIA near CIA—LANGLEY and the Pentagon.) He was 1—TECHNICAL—MANAGER for XonTech...
20030724             The Telegraph Forums :: View topic - 31—ANOMALIES—OF—9/11
20030724             —WORKED, JOHN—SAMMARTINO and LEONARD—TAYLOR, at Xontech (missile defense)... THE—CIA was keeping 1—EYE on the men after the 2 had attended 1—AL Qaeda...
20030724             Hidden in Plane Sight Q&A session with CIA Analyst STEPHEN—PELLETIERE... a technical manager, XonTech INCORPORATED a technical group manager, XonTech INCORPORATED...
20030724             Obsidian Forum Community -> 9—11—DOCUMENTARY... people who SHOULD be investigating this have(FBI CIA etcetc) it takes longer.
20030724             JOHN—SAMMARTINO, 37, of Annandale, VA, 1—TECHNICAL—MANAGER for XonTech.
20030724             Autopsy: No Arabs on Flight 77—ACCORDING to 1—LAW—ENFORCEMENT—SOURCE, THE—CIA transmitted the information about... LEONARD—TAYLOR, 44, RESTON—VIRGINIA, technical group manager, XonTech INCORPORATED...
20030724             Latest LIST—OF—VICTIMS—NEWS - TheDenverChannel_com | KMGH... LEONARD TAYLOR, 44, RESTON—VIRGINIA, technical group manager, XonTech INCORPORATED.
20030724             CIA Agent Steals 10740000             Pairs Of Panties.
20030724             Cyber Terror Attack?
20030724             Latest LIST—OF—VICTIMS—NEWS - TheMilwaukeeChannel_com | WISN...
20030724             LEONARD TAYLOR, 44, RESTON—VIRGINIA, technical group manager, XonTech INCORPORATED... THRILL—SEEKERS: Help Wanted At CIA.
20030724             Girl Stabs Classmate With Metal Comb.
20030724             —BATTLEfield.no > 9/11 : Pentagon og WTC LEONARD—TAYLOR, 44, RESTON—VIRGINIA, technical group manager, XonTech INCORPORATED... er det flyselskapet som gir ut denne listen, ikke CIA.
20030724             9-11 : GLI INSOLITI PASSEGGERI DEL VOLO AA77 : ITALY imc JOHN—SAMMARTINO, 37—ANNI, manager della XonTech INCORPORATED... operazione "aereo contro edificio" c ' era un certo Fulton uomo della CIA. secondo la ricerca dell.
20030724             ???... 46:JOHN—SAMMARTINO—XONTECH.
20030724             Able Danger :??? CIA ?? 06?09?15?
20030724             GHartstudents.htm How MANY—CIA—AGENTS and Green Berets, after 'retiring,' wander off to... He was 1—TECHNICAL—MANAGER for XonTech (ARLINGTON ), 1—DEFENSE—CONTRACTOR and...
20030724             Talk:Northrop Grumman /TEMP—WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia
20030724             ---- acquisition of XonTech INCORPORATED will bolster its...
20030724—20040724    -der vorangegangene ZWÖLF—MONATS—ZEITRAUM war schließlich einer der schlechtesten überhaupt für deutsche Aktien WWII.19450000—20030724    -20040724             -seit dem-.
20040718             2004072425_Report
20040723             2004072425_Report 2004072627_und_Report
20040724             PRESIDENT—BUSH said in his weekly radio address that his administration was committed to relying on the recommendations of 20040911             —THE commission in waging the war on terrorism.
20040724             † FRED—LARUE, 75—JAHRE—ALT, FORMER—NIXON administration official, in BILOXI—MISSISSIPPI.
20040724             —SERVED, FRED—LARUE, 1—PRISON—TERM for Watergate.
20040724             An online statement by 1—GROUP representing itself as AL—QAIDA—EUROPEAN branch threatened to turn AUSTRALIA into "POOLS—OF—BLOOD" if it doesn't withdraw its troops from IRAQ.
20040724             —KIDNAPPED, Gunmen, the head of an IRAQ—GOVERNMENT—OWNED construction company in BAGHDAD.
20040724             The 16. - EDITION—OF—ITALY—MISS—CICCIONA contest (ITALY—MISS—CHUBBY) began in Forcoli, CENTRAL—ITALY.
20040724             —TORCHED, Militants, a Palestinian police station SOUTH—OF—GAZA City.
20040724             —KILLED, SRI—LANKA—TAMIL—TIGER rebels, 8—RIVALS in the worst OUTBREAK—OF—VIOLENCE in 3—MONTHS.
20040724             —REPORTED, It was, that rebels fighting an 18-year insurgency in NORTH—UGANDA have killed at least 42—CIVILIANS in SOUTH—SUDAN in the past week.
20040724             In den 1. sechs Monaten des Jahres verbuchte der Microsoft Konzern insgesamt einen Umsatzzuwachs von acht % auf 11,04 Milliarden $.
20040724             Der Halbjahresgewinn stieg um 23 % auf 2,7 Milliarden $.
20040724             Deutschland ist +bleibt ein schwieriger BÖRSEN—MARKT—HÄNDLER in NEW—YORK zeigten sich wegen des schwachen Geschäftes außerhalb der USA besorgt.
20040724             So fielen die Umsätze in wichtigen Märkten wie Mexiko+Indonesien+den Philippinen+,+,+....
20040724             In € pa sank der Umsatz um 2 %.
20040724             Besonders herbe war der Rückschlag in Deutschland: Hier musste COCA—COLA einen Absatzrückgang von 15 % melden.
20040724             USA 20041102             -DEMOKRATEN—PARTEITAG FBI warnt vor Anschlag
20040724             USA FBI hat die Befürchtung, dass auf den 20040726             -am —MONTAG—IN BOSTON beginnenden Parteitag der Demokraten 1—ANSCHLAG verübt werden könnte.
20040724             BOSTON- 1—GRUPPE aus den USA—PLANE möglicherweise einen Anschlag mit Sprengstoff oder Brandsätzen auf Medienfahrzeuge bei dem Parteitag Parteitag der Demokraten berichtete das FBI.
20040724             Die Informationen seien aber noch unbestätigt.
20040724             Die FBI Behörde kündigte die Bekanntgabe weiterer Details an, sobald es "glaubwürdige Informationen " gebe.
20040724             —DERZEIT seien Mitglieder des Bostoner FBI mit dem Fall befasst.
20040724             1—SPRECHERIN des Bostoner FBI sagte Reuters, die Medien seien IN—FORMIERT worden, weil sie mögliche Ziele eines möglichen Anschlags seien.
20040724             Die Polizei in BOSTON wollte keine Stellung nehmen.
20040724             Bei dem Parteitag der Demokraten in BOSTON wird es noch nie da gewesene präventive
20040724             Sicherheit ss verkehrungen geb en.
20040724             FONDS—PATRIOTISMUS ist fehl am PLATZ—DIE neue Statistik des Fondsbranchenverband BVI zeigt, dass sowohl in den abgelaufenen zwölf Monaten als auch über die letzten 20—JAHRE DEUTSCHLAND—AKTIENFONDS in puncto Rendite ganz oben standen.
20040724             Das ist jedoch noch lange kein Grund, auch in Zukunft in diese Länderfonds zu investieren
20040724             Die deutsche Volkswirtschaft war über Jahrzehnte der Konjunkturmotor €pa s + zeitweise sogar den USA an Dynamik überlegen.
20040724             Diese Zeiten dürften so schnell nicht wiederkehren.
20040724             Deutschland ist überaltert + - Deutschland ist übersättigt + - Deutschland ist erstarrt.
20040724             Deutschland : Nur der Export blüht noch.
20040724             DEVISEN € gibt nach STOPP—LOSS—VERKÄUFEN kräftig nach
20040724             USA—ANLEIHEN schließen gut behauptet
20040724             WALL—STREET schließt SCHWACH—DOW unter 10.000—PUNKTEN
20040724             —FREITAG—NEW—YORK (Dow JONES—VWD) Die Notierungen an WALL—STREET haben schwach geschlossen.
20040724             —FREITAG—DER DOW—JONES—INDEX für 30—INDUSTRIEWERTE verlor 0,9% oder 88—AUF 9.962—ZÄHLER + notierte damit unterhalb der psychologisch wichtigen Marke bei 10.000—STELLEN.
20040724             —FREITAG—DER S&P-500-Index zeigte sich mit einem Abschlag von 1% bzw 11—AUF 1.086—ZÄHLERN.
20040724             —FREITAG—DER NASDAQ—COMPOSITE reduzierte sich um 2,1% oder 40—AUF 1.849—PUNKTE + markierte damit ein neues Jahrestief.
20040724             —FREITAG—UMGESETZT wurden 1,3 (1,7) Mrd Aktien.
20040724             1.056—KURSGEWINNERN standen 2.159 -verlierer gegenüber.
20040724             163—TITEL notierten unverändert.
20040724             —FREITAG—SCHWACHE Unternehmensdaten von Microsoft+COCA—COLA+Amazon+,+..anderen b elasten nach Angaben von Marktbeobachtern das Sentiment.
20040724             —FREITAG—DIE Stimmung sei stark angeschlagen, so 1—HÄNDLER.
20040724             1—TRENDWENDE zum Besseren zeichne sich derzeit nicht ab.
20040724             "Denn auch die Konjunkturdaten 20040601—20040630     sahen nicht gut aus.
20040724             —FREITAG—MICROSOFT verloren 3,3% auf 28,03 $.
20040724             Microsoft hatte am Vorabend einen Gewinn je Aktie vor außerordentlichen Posten von 0,28 $ ausgewiesen, während der Analystenkonsens auf 0,29 $ lautete.
20040724             COCA—COLA gaben mit einem Abschlag von 7,8% auf 45,17 $ unter den BLUE—CHIPS am deutlichsten nach.
20040724             Zwar konnte das Unternehmen 20040000             - im 2. Quartal den Nettogewinn um 16% steigern, was aber vor allem auf währungsbedingte Verwässerungen und höhere Preise zurückgeführt wurde.
20040724             Das Wachstum bei der Absatzmenge habe insgesamt enttäuscht, sagte 1—MARKTTEILNEHMER.
20040724             Amazon brachen mit 13% auf 39,89 $ regelrecht ein.
20040724             2004072425_Report
20040724             4—AFGHANISTAN—SOLDIERS—KILLED—IN—AMBUSH : 4—AFGHANISTAN—SOLDIERS have been killed in 1—AMBUSH by suspected Taliban insurgents in EAST—AFGHANISTAN.
20040724             —URGED, IRAQ Insurgents Warn EGYPT With Abduction : ALLAWI—EGYPT not to give in to the kidnappers demands, but EGYPT—ANALYSTS were mixed on whether the pressure tactic would work.
20040724             Bush [BGW968]'s Military Records Fail to Dispel AWOL Charges: SOME—OF—BUSH [BGW968] 's missing USA—AIR—NATIONAL—GUARD—RECORDS during THE—VIETNAM War years, previously said to be destroyed, turned upbut offered no new evidence to dispel charges by Democrats that he was absent without leave.
20040724             FBI warns of possible threat against media:
20040724             —WARNED, USA FBI, BOSTON television stations that news trucks might be attacked by MEMBERS—OF—1—RADICAL—DOMESTIC—GROUP that wants to disrupt
20040724             —INFILTRATED, CIA official says agents have, AL—QAEDA: THE—CIA has intelligence agents inside OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—AL—QAEDA NETWORK—AS it did before 20010911             —THE, ATTACKS—BUT they are not within the terrorist leader's inner circle where key information about ANY—FUTURE—ATTACK would be discussed, 1—SENIOR—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIAL said.
20040724             Judge deplores but OK—SITE for protesters ;
20040724             A federal judge upheld 1 fenced "free speech zone" for protesters near the FleetCenter during next week's Democratic convention, even though he said he agreed with critics who likened the cramped space to 1—INTERNMENT—CAMP.
20040724             A FORMER—PRESIDENT—OF—MEXICO—CHARGED—WITH 19710000             Killings : MEXICO—CITY - A special prosecutor filed charges against 1—FORMER—PRESIDENT + other officials in THE—KILLINGS—OF—STUDENT—PROTESTERS 33—YEARS ago, reopening 1—DARK + divisive episode that was 1—TURNING point in MEXICO—STRUGGLE for democracy.
20040724             Luftangriffe auf OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: Clinton wollte nicht von LEWINSKY—AFFÄRE ablenken (Politik,
20040724             Versandhandel: Paradies für Betrüger (Netzwelt,
20040724             Irak: Außenminister Sibari bittet Moskau um Truppen (Politik,
20040724             E - nergie: SAUDI—ARABIEN strebt niedrigere Ölpreise an (Wirtschaft,
20040724             GAZA—STREIFEN: Gewaltsame Proteste gegen Arafat (Politik,
20040724             Gesetzesvorstoß: Mehr Druck auf Justizflüchtlinge (Politik,
20040724             Pentagon: Neue Unterlagen zu Bushs Militärdienst aufgetaucht (Politik,
20040724             Braune Propaganda: "Wir kriegen das Zeug schon verteilt" (UniSPIEGEL,
20040724             KINGSTON und die Thousa nd Islands: 1—FELS, 1—BAUM, 1—FERIENHAUS (Reise,
20040724             Schienenauto: Draisine der Zukunft (Auto,
20040724             Sprachstörung: Stottern beginnt im Gehirn (Wissenschaft,
20040724             Arbeitszeiten: Wulff will 40—STUNDEN—WOCHE für VW (Wirtschaft,
20040724             Unwetter über Deutschland: Schneepflüge auf der Autobahn (Panorama,
20040724             —WARNED, USA FBI, BOSTON television stations:"members of a radical domestic group might attack in disorder to rupt television station s news trucks.. ->> USA
20040724             WHAT 1—USA—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIAL—SENIOR said -
20040724             —INFILTRATED, CIA official says agents have, AL—QAEDA:
20040724             USA—CIA intelligence has agents inside OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—AL—QAEDA network -
20040724             as USA—CIA did have agents inside OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—AL—QAEDA network — before 20010911             +After, attacks -
20040724             but USA—CIA having agents inside OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—AL—QAEDA network — before 20010911             +After are not within OSAMA—BIN—LADEN s inner circle where key information about ANY—FUTURE—ATTACK would be discussed,
20040724             —FENCED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE upheld 1, "free speech zone" for protesters near the FleetCenter during next week's Democratic convention,
20040724             even though he said he agreed with critics who likened the cramped space to 1—INTERNMENT—CAMP.
20040724             Entführungen im Irak: In den Händen der Brigaden Allahs
20040724             Versandhandel: Paradies für Betrüger
20040724             Irak: Außenminister Sibari bittet Moskau um Truppen
20040724             E - nergie: SAUDI—ARABIEN strebt niedrigere Ölpreise an
20040724             ONLINE—MEDIEN: Microsoft will WEB—MAGAZIN "Slate" verkaufen
20040724             GAZA—STREIFEN: Gewaltsame Proteste gegen Arafat
20040724             Gesetzesvorstoß: Mehr Druck auf Justizflüchtlinge
20040724             Entführung im Irak: Ägypten kämpft für Freilassung seines Diplomaten
20040724             GEFÄNGNIS—AUFNAHMEN: Polizist entdeckt 50—JAHRE alte Fotos von MARTIN—LUTHER—KING und Rosa Parks
20040724             Pentagon: Neue Unterlagen zu Bush [BGW968] s Militärdienst aufgetaucht
20040724             Ernährung: Experten warnen vor KILLER—SALMONELLEN in Putenfleisch
20040724             Landtagswahl SACHSEN: SPD bei Umfrage erstmals einstellig
20040724             Braune Propaganda: "Wir kriegen das Zeug schon verteilt"
20040724             KINGSTON und die Thousa nd Islands: 1—FELS)1—BAUM)1—FERIENHAUS
20040724             Schienenauto: Draisine der Zukunft
20040724             Sprachstörung: Stottern beginnt im Gehirn
20040724             Arbeitszeiten: Wulff will 40—STUNDEN—WOCHE für VW
20040724             Unwetter über Deutschland: Schneepflüge auf der Autobahn
20040724             " Daughter | Main | After I've Done the Yard Work... "Julius and Ethel?
20040724             It worked for THE—CRYPTO—FASCIST thugs of 19400000             —THE forties + 19500000             fifties.
20040724             McCarthy + Nixon + ROY—COHN + the rest of their ilk.
20040724             Gin up 1—STORY, execute 1—FEW innocents, shut down democracy for years.
20040724             Look out.
20040724             It appears that the thugs with their fetish for secrets are back ON—LINE + we'll have new horror stories soon, perhaps in time for the election + certainly as 1 red herring saturating bandwidth that could be used to expose the ugliness under the Republican rock.
20040724             THE—LOS—ANGELES—TIMES—REPORTS—TODAY (registration required): Energy SECRETARY—ABRAHAM, Spencer ordered 2—DOZEN—NATIONAL—LABORATORIES + several other nuclear weapons facilities to stop using classified information stored on computer disks, portable hard drives + tapes that employees can easily remove from work.
20040724             Such 1—SHUTDOWN has already been in effect —FOR—9—DAYS at Los Alamos National Laboratory in NEW—MEXICO.
20040724             The Energy DEPARTMENT—DOUBTS about security began earlier this month, when Los Alamos officials reported they could not locate 2—COMPUTER disks that contained classified information.
20040724             —DECLINED, So far, they have, to say what is on the disks, though MEMBERS—OF—CONGRESS have suggested the loss represents 1—SERIOUS—SECURITY breach.
20040724             —SHARED, Has anyone, with these lamers that there is no longer ANY—SUCH thing as secrecy and security?
20040724             Anyone can grab 1—COUPLE—OF—GIGS—OF—INFORMATION off 1—USB port if they want to take some work home.
20040724             Hopefully, MISTER—BUSH [BGW968] Death Penalty himself, THE—WIMP—ASS FORMER—GOVERNOR—OF—TEXAS + SON—OF—THE—FORMER—CIA—DIRECTOR—BUSH [BGHW948], you know who I'm talking about, our slected CHIEF—EXECUTIVE...
20040724             -hopefully that clown won't dig too deep for people to put to death in 1—LAME attempt to sew up the election.
20040724             I heard they wanted to fry Martha Stewart but even Rehnquist thought that was 1—STRETCH.
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20040724             —FILLED, Ah I see 1—ROAD back to THE—DAYS—OF—ROOMS, with big mainframes + only terminals at people's desks —
20040724             there won't be USB ports to attach to all you'll have is 1—MONITOR + KEYBOARD—EVERYTHING will be stored on the servers.
20040724             No doubt IBM will be happy 🙂
20040724             btw - I thought there was some recent evidence from THE—KGB that proved the Rosenbergs really were spies?
20040724             —POSTED—BY: Doug Alder
20040724             Probably were.
20040724             I just have issues with the death penalty I guess.
20040724             Plus, by all accounts, their conviction was illegally and dishonestly obtained.
20040724             —POSTED—BY: fp
20040724             at 20040000             —0347—PM
20040724—19750000    —RESIGNED, INDIA, Coal and Mines MINISTER—SHIBU—SOREN, after 1—ARREST—WARRANT was issued against him on charges of inciting arson and violence during 1—RALLY.
20040724—20030710    —IN—THE, A TEHRAN court acquitted the sole defendant, murder of an IRANIAN—CANADA—PHOTOJOURNALIST.
20040724—20040717    —PLEADED, MOHAMMAD—REZA—AGHDAM—AHMADI had, innocent and the trial was abruptly ended the next day.
20040725             ABU—HAMZA, the Muslim cleric facing extradition to THE—USA on terrorism charges, would not receive 1—FAIR—TRIAL in USA because the evidence against him has been obtained by torture + plea bargaining, 1—COURT was told 20040724             .
20040809—20040724    —AM, Das Magazin "Time" berichtete, bei der Razzia seien unter anderem "drei LAPTOP—COMPUTER und 51—DISKETTEN voller Daten... (+) 500—FOTOS von potenziellen Zielen innerhalb der USA " sichergestellt worden.
20041223             check out skepticsannotatedbible_com 20040724             recovered Catholic
20050724             —CLOSED, LANCE—ARMSTRONG, out his amazing career with a 7. consecutive Tour de FRANCE victory.
20050724             4—UNIONS said they would boycott THE—AFL—CIO convention in CHICAGO.
20050724             The Service Employees and Teamsters said they would quit the group.
20050724             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, more than 12, militants attacked 1—USA—PATROL, and the resulting firefight left 1—USA—SOLDIER—DEAD and another wounded.
20050724             A roadside bomb exploded in EAST—AFGHANISTAN, striking 1—USA—MILITARY—CONVOY and wounding 6—USA—TROOPS.
20050724             SIR—RICHARD—DOLL, 92—JAHRE—ALT, THE—UK—SCIENTIST who 1. established 1—LINK between smoking and lung cancer, † in OXFORD—ENGLAND.
20050724             —DETONATED, EGYPT, 1—EXPLOSIVE, as it was being carried by SAMI—GAMAL—AHMAD, 33—JAHRE—ALT, to the tourist AREA—OF—KERDASSA, 1—BAZAAR of souvenir shops near the Pyramids of GIZA.
20050724             —INJURED, Ahmad was severely.
20050724             ETHIOPIA, 6—SEPARATE—BOMBINGS hit across the country's ethnic SOMALIA—PROVINCE.
20050724             A 5-year-old girl was among those killed in THE—WAVE—OF—VIOLENCE, which took place before 1—VOTER—REGISTRATION—DRIVE.
20050724             A 7.2—EARTHQUAKE hit INDIA—SOUTH—ANDAMAN and Nicobar Islands and PART—OF—INDONESIA.
20050724             —REPORTED, No tsunami came, and no injuries or damage were.
20050724             —KILLED, INDIA—TROOPS in Kashmir, 3—INNOCENT—TEENAGERS after troops mistook them for militants.
20050724             —FOLLOWED, Demonstrations, among angry Kashmiri Muslims in JAMMU and Kashmir, largely Hindu INDIA—ONLY MUSLIM—MAJORITY state.
20050724             —REPORTED, IRAN—STATE—RUN—MEDIA, that its HARD—LINE judiciary had acknowledged widespread human rights violations in prisons, including THE—USE—OF—TORTURE.
20050724             —SLAMMED, IRAQ—POLICE said 1—SUICIDE attacker, 1—TRUCK loaded with explosives into sand barriers outside 1—BAGHDAD police station, killing at least 39—PEOPLE and wounding 30.
20050724             —KILLED, A—USA—MARINE was, in combat operations near Rutbah.
20050724             4—USA—TROOPS were killed by 1 improvised explosive device (IED) in BAGHDAD.
20050724             NEPAL, police used batons to break up 1—PROTEST by supporters of the detained FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER, leaving about 15—DEMONSTRATORS and 10—POLICE injured.
20050724             —SKIDDED, NORTH—NIGERIA, 1—LONG—HAUL—PASSENGER—BUS, off 1—BRIDGE and tumbled into 1—RIVER after the driver fell asleep, and 56—PEOPLE were killed.
20050724             —KILLED, Palestinian militants, 2—ISRAEL—MOTORISTS in THE—GAZA Strip.
20050724             —KILLED, ISRAEL—TROOPS, 2—OF—THE—GUNMEN.
20050724             A suicide bomber was caught near an ISRAEL—COMMUNAL farm with 1—BELT packed with 11—POUNDS—OF—EXPLOSIVES.
20050724             —BACKED, Telesur, 1—NEW TV station, by VENEZUELA—GOVERNMENT, began transmitting in various countries across Latin AMERICA.
20050724             —FUNDED, The station, by VENEZUELA and also backed by ARGENTINA, URUGUAY and CUBA, has drawn concern in THE—USA—CONGRESS, where House members last week approved 1—MEASURE to transmit radio and television broadcasts to VENEZUELA to ensure citizens receive "accurate news".
20050724             Além de ser um atentado à saúde física e mental, o barulho em excesso também é crime previsto em lei.
20050724             alfatomega.com/Noname51.html
20050724             I name THE—4—POWERS who are behind THE—AL—QAEDA conspiracy : Why did the bombers not take the elementary precaution of phoning the mastermind from 1—TELEPHONE—BOX?
20050724             Laut des brasilianischen BBC—KORRESPONDENTEN hatte de Menezes eine zeitlang in einem Slum in Sao Paolo gelebt und sei deshalb möglicherweise in Panik geraten, als die Beamten auf ihn zu rannten.
20050724             Die Zeitung "O Globo" schrieb am —SONNTAG von einer "Hinrichtung".
20050724             Andere Blätter und TV—STATIONEN sprachen von "Skandal", während Angehörige weinend "Gerechtigkeit" forderten.
20050724             Außenminister Celso Amorim, der am —SAMSTAG nach LONDON flog, um an Gesprächen über UN—REFORMEN teilzunehmen, will sich dort wegen des Zwischenfalles auch mit seinem britischen Amtskollegen JACK—STRAW treffen.
20050724             Die Familie des Opfers, des 27-jährigen JEAN—CHARLES—DE—MENEZES, reagierte mit Trauer und Empörung.
20050724             Charles sei in der U- Bahnstation nur deshalb gerannt, "weil er doch nur nicht zu spät zur Arbeit kommen wollte", versicherte im INTERVIEW—MIT—DER—ZEITUNG "Folha de SAO—PAULO" die 21-jährige Cousine Vivian Menezes, die mit JEAN—CHARLES und anderen Familienangehörigen sich 1—WOHNUNG in LONDON teilte.
20050724             "Die Polizei war einfach dumm und inkompetent", klagte sie.
20050724             "Jean war ein fleißiger, höflicher und intelligenter Junge, der immer Geld nach Hause geschickt hat. Gott oder irgendjemand muss jetzt für Gerechtigkeit sorgen", sagte weinend seine Großmutter Zilda.
20050724             1—VETTER des Opfers, der ebenfalls in LONDON lebt, sagte der BBC, dass sein Verwandter ein lebensfroher Mann gewesen sei, der keinen Grund gehabt hätte, vor irgendjemand davonzurennen.
20050724             Er rief die in LONDON lebenden Brasilianer auf, 1—PROTESTKUNDGEBUNG gegen die britische Regierung zu organisieren.
20050724             Der Brasilianer ist tragisches Opfer der neuen britischen "shoot to kill"-Politik.
20050724             Danach sind die Beamten angehalten, Verdächtigen sofort in den Kopf zu schießen, falls sie sich sicher sind, einen Selbstmordattentäter vor sich zu haben.
20050724             —NACH—DEM Zwischenfall verlangen etliche britische Verbände ein Überdenken der Regel.
20050724             Er könne den Druck, der auf der Polizei laste, verstehen, sagte Iqbal Sacranie, Generalsekretär des Muslimischen Rates in Großbritannien.
20050724             Aber es müsse "größte Sorge getragen werden, dass unschuldige Menschen nicht auf Grund von Übereifer getötet werden".
20050724             Der frühere Londoner Polizeichef JOHN—STEVENS verteidigte dagegen das Vorgehen.
20050724             "Es gibt nur einen sicheren Weg, einen Selbstmordattentäter zu stoppen, der davon überzeugt ist, seine Mission AUSZUÜBEN—SEIN Gehirn sofort zu zerstören, vollständig. Das heißt, ihn mit zerstörerischer Wucht in den Kopf zu schießen, ihn sofort zu töten".
20050724             Colonia Dignidad : 2. Waffenlager der deutschen Sekte gefunden
20050724             Eingepacktes ESSEN: Raupe fesselt Schnecken
20050724             Sommerfrische: Wir spielen um unser Leben
20050724             Terrorverdacht: Spanische Polizei nimmt harmlose Marokkaner fest
20050724             Nahost: ISRAEL ische Soldaten erschießen zwei palästinensische Attentäter
20050724             Absturz vor Reichstag: Politiker wollen Raketen gegen Amokflieger
20050724             TERRORISTEN—FAHNDUNG: Brasilianer verurteilen Todesschüsse als Hinrichtung
20050724             Scharm AL—SCHEICH: Fieberhafte Suche nach den Attentätern
20050724             Yahoo News — Politics AP—PRESIDENT—BUSH is jeopardizing national security by not disciplining KARL—ROVE for his role in leaking THE—NAME—OF—1—CIA—OFFICER + has hampered efforts to recruit informants in the war on terror, FORMER—USA—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER s say.
20050724             EX—CIA Officer Rips Bush Over Plame Leak (AP )
20050724             Multibillionaire commodities KING—BRUCE—KOVNER is the patron saint of the neoconservatives, the new LINCOLN—CENTER—CRUCIAL—MEDICI...
20060422             Your War CHANNEL—ALL WAR—ALL the time-20250724             /8-round THE—CLOCK—BREAKING only for commercials for HALLIBURTON and Bechtel
20060712—20060724    —UNTIL, Boycott forces Saddam trial delay The judge in the trial of Saddam Hussein adjourns the trial + orders lawyers to end 1—BOYCOTT.
20060718             THE—NEO—CON Weekly Standard has taken the lead in its 20060724             cover issue, proclaiming that the current violence is "IRAN—PROXY—WAR" against the West.
20060724             USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE made 1—SURPRISE—VISIT to LEBANON to launch diplomatic efforts aimed at ending 13—DAYS—OF—WARFARE.
20060724             —ISSUED, AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL, 1—REPORT saying security agents in JORDAN were torturing terrorism suspects on BEHALF—OF—THE—USA.
20060724             —APPROVED, THE—USA—FDA, Anthelios SX, 1—SUNSCREEN that protects against 1—TYPE—OF—ULTRA—VIOLET radiation linked to skin cancer.
20060724             Rescuers from THE—USA—COAST—GUARD and ALASKA Air National Guard saved 23—CREW members from 1—CARGO ship taking on water south of the Aleutian Islands.
20060724             Police officers in SALT—LAKE—CITY found THE—BODY—OF—MISSING 5-year-old Destiny Norton in the basement of 1—HOME in her neighborhood and arrested CRAIG—R—GREGERSON, 20—JAHRE—ALT who lived there.
20060724             —ANNOUNCED, SF City Attorney DENNIS—HERRERA, that his office had obtained 1—CIVIL—INJUNCTION and $20,000 in penalties against CARLOS—ROMERO for his graffiti.
20060724             —MARKED, This, the 1. time SF has filed 1—CIVIL—SUIT against 1—GRAFFITI tagger.
20060724             HCA INCORPORATED, the largest USA—FOR—PROFIT—HOSPITAL—OPERATOR, has agreed to be purchased by 1—GROUP—OF—INVESTORS for about $21.3—BILLION plus the assumption of $11.7—BILLION in debt.
20060724             —FOUNDED, Shareholders of THE—NASHVILLE—BASED company, which was, by THE—FAMILY—OF—SENATE—MAJORITY—LEADER—BILL—FRIST, will receive $51 in cash for EACH—SHARE—OF—COMMON—STOCK.
20060724             —WORKED, Power companies, to restore electricity to THOUSANDS—OF—CUSTOMERS throughout CALIFORNIA as 1—SCORCHING—HEAT—WAVE threatened to push the state into 1—POWER—EMERGENCY with the potential for more blackouts.
20060724             Storm problems cut power to AREAS—OF—NEW—YORK and MISSOURI.
20060724             —REPORTED, It was, that Jeff Bezos (42), FOUNDER—OF—AMAZON_com, planned to develop 1—PRIVATE spaceport at his private ranch in WEST—TEXAS.
20060724             SOUTH—WEST—AFGHANISTAN, HUNDREDS—OF—TALIBAN fighters firing ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades attacked 1—DISTRICT headquarters overnight in Farah, killing 3—POLICE and wounding 7. 4 suspected suicide attackers riding 2—MOTORCYCLES † in 1—CONFRONTATION with AFGHANISTAN—POLICE.
20060724             —KILLED, In the west, gunmen, 2—AFGHANS working for INTERNATIONAL aid agency World Vision who had been delivering medicine.
20060724             Fighting in Kunar province left 1—USA—SOLDIER dead.
20060724             7 suspected Taliban were killed in Paktika province.
20060724             —EXCHANGED, BELARUS, leftist VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ, DECLARATIONS—OF—SOLIDARITY with the authoritarian leader of isolated BELARUS, who shares his ANTI—USA—VIEWS.
20060724             —SIGNED, During the talks with Lukashenko, THE—2—SIDES, 7—AGREEMENTS on MILITARY—TECHNICAL—COOPERATION, economic and other ties as well as 1—DECLARATION pledging 1—STRATEGIC—PARTNERSHIP.
20060724             —ABDUCTED, COLOMBIA, 13—DOCTORS were, by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of COLOMBIA, or FARC.
20060724             They were on a 10—DAY—MISSION to remote communities and INDIA—TRIBES in Putumayo province.
20060724             A UNICEF report said more than 600—CHILDREN die EVERY—DAY in WAR—RAVAGED CONGO and even more are displaced, sexually abused or swept into the camps of combatant groups.
20060724             —RELAXED, COSTA—RICA, visa requirements for visitors from 102—NATIONS, in THE—CENTRAL—USA—COUNTRY—MOST sweeping migration reform in decades.
20060724             —RAISED, HUNGARY—CENTRAL—BANK, its core interest rate half 1—PERCENTAGE—POINT to 6.75% in 1—AGGRESSIVE—MOVE to stabilize its currency.
20060724             —FOLLOWED, This, 1—QUARTER—POINT raise in June. Inflation stood at 2.8%.
20060724             HEZBOLLAH—REPRESENTATIVE in IRAN struck 1—DEFIANT tone, warning that his Islamic militant group plans to widen its attacks on ISRAEL until "no place" is safe for Israelis.
20060724             —AMBUSHED, Gunmen, an IRAQ—POLICE—UNIT in CENTRAL—BAGHDAD, triggering 1—GUNBATTLE in which 6—OFFICERS were killed and 30 were wounded.
20060724             —KILLED, MAHMOUD—ALI—HUSSEIN—AL—NIDA, THE—HEAD—OF—SADDAM—HUSSEIN—BAIJAT tribe, was, when gunmen attacked 1—MEETING in THE—OFFICE—OF—1—PROMINENT sheik in Tikrit.
20060724             —KILLED, The gunmen also, 1—LAWYER and wounded sheik Mizahim AL—MUSTAFA.
20060724             2—OTHER—CIVILIANS caught in the crossfire also were killed.
20060724             —PUSHED, ISRAEL—GROUND—FORCES, deeper into LEBANON in heavy fighting with Hezbollah guerrillas.
20060724             —CRASHED, An ISRAEL—APACHE helicopter, near THE—LEBANON—BORDER while attempting 1—EMERGENCY landing, and there were 2—CASUALTIES.
20060724             —SHELLED, ISRAEL—ARTILLERY, 1—TOWN in THE—GAZA Strip used by Palestinian militants to fire rockets, and hospital officials said 3—PALESTINIANS were killed and 8 were wounded.
20060724             LIBERIA began training the 1. soldiers of 1—POST—WAR—ARMY that officials hope will grow into 1—SMALL but effective force to take over peacekeeping from UN troops.
20060724             A MALAYSIA—PRINCESS was stabbed to death by her son as she tried to stop him from attacking her husband (74).
20060724             † The son (21) later, of 1—APPARENT—DRUG overdose.
20060724             † Tengku Puteri Kamariah, whose brother is SULTAN—AHMAD—SHAH, RULER—OF—THE—EAST—STATE—OF—PAHANG, at her home in Pekan town, Pahang.
20060724             —RAIDED, Gunmen, 1—PHARMACEUTICAL—LABORATORY in MEXICO—CITY, killing 4—GUARDS and stealing about 1—TON of ephedrine, 1—KEY—INGREDIENT in making methamphetamine.
20060724             —RAPED, SUDAN—SOUTH—DARFUR—VAST, Kalma camp, 17—WOMEN were, by armed militiamen as they went out to collect firewood.
20060724             —CALLED, WTO members in GENEVA, 1—HALT to more than 5—YEARS—OF—COMMERCE—LIBERALIZATION—TALKS (THE—DOHA talks) as differences over farm aid proved unbridgeable.
20060724             —CRITICIZED, The 25-nation EU, USA—INTRANSIGENCE over agricultural subsidies for the breakdown, while THE—USA blamed BRAZIL and INDIA for being inflexible on cutting barriers to industrial imports and THE—EU for refusing to make deeper cuts in its farm import tariffs.
20060724             Boeing And QinetiQ Expand NETWORK—ENABLED Capabilities In UK And USA.
20060724             Die Mondmission sei technisch nicht ausgereift gewesen, sagte Aldrin zu Journalisten des britischen TV—SENDER "Channel 5".
20060724             Der Wettlauf mit der Sowjetunion, welcher Staat als 1. Menschen auf dem Mond spazieren lassen könne, habe die USA bewogen, die Apollo trotz Mängeln loszuschicken.
20060724             Die vorformulierte Todesnachricht war nur 1—TEIL der Vorbereitungen für den Ernstfall.
20060724             Laut Aldrin hat die USA—REGIERUNG die Raumfahrtbehörde Nasa angewiesen, bei einer absehbaren Katastrophe den Kontakt zu den Raumfahrern zu UNTERBRECHEN—DAMIT niemand Zeuge des tragischen Endes im Weltall werden solle.
20060724             In der Dokumentation "Apollo 11: The Untold Story" (Apollo 11: Die verschwiegene Geschichte), die heute Abend von Channel 5—AUSGESTRAHLT wird, erzählt Aldrin weitere bislang unbekannte Anekdoten.
20060724             Stift als Schalter für den Rückflug
20060724             Die Todesnachricht war bereits vorformuliert.
20060724             Beinahe hätte USA—PRÄSIDENT Nixon sie auch verkünden müssen: Weil den 1. Menschen auf dem Mond 1—SCHALTER abgebrochen war, konnten sie fast nicht zur Erde zurückkommen.
20060724             1—SCHREIB—WERKZEUG war die Rettung.
20060724             LONDON—MAKABER und 37—JAHRE lang geheim gehalten ist die Geschichte der 1. Rückkehrer vom Mond.
20060724             Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, der 2. Mann nach NEIL—ARMSTRONG, berichtet heute in einem Dokumentarfilm des britischen Fernsehens: Der damalige amerikanische Präsident RICHARD—NIXON hatte bereits 1—REDE für den Unglücksfall auf dem Mond VORBEREITET—INKLUSIVE einem Nachruf auf die heldenhaft gestorbenen Astronauten.
20060724             Falls sich die Technologie erfolgreich verkleinern lasse und damit ausreichend präzise und hoch auflösend einzusetzen sei, glaubt Fink an Anwendungen von neuartigen Raumteleskopen über alternative Eingabegeräte für Computer oder Videospiele bis hin zu Hilfstechniken für SEHBEHINDERTE—UND umsichtige Kleidung für künftige Soldaten.
20060724             Eingewebt in Uniformen könnten die Fasern den Kampfanzügen ein "Umgebungsbewusstsein" verleihen.
20060724             Dieser Hinweis könnte auch jenen Förderern geschuldet sein, die Finks Forschung finanziert haben.
20060724             Darunter befinden sich das M.I.T. Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies und die Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) des USA—VERTEIDIGUNGSMINISTERIUMS. stx
20060724             Zwar sieht die Kugel noch nicht scharf, dass sie aber überhaupt optische Reize messen und umformen kann, war der Fachzeitschrift "Nature Materials" 1—TITELBLATT wert.
20060724             "Fibers for the big pictures" titelte sie.
20060724             Nun lässt sich "big picture" schlicht mit großem Bild übersetzen.
20060724             Die Redewendung steht aber auch für das große Ganze.
20060724             Was der Materialwissenschaftler Yoel Fink mit seinen Mitarbeitern und Studenten am Massachussets INSTITUTE—OF—TECHNOLOGY (M.I.T.) zusammengeklebt hat, könnte beiden Beschreibungen gerecht werden.
20060724             Die durchsichtigen Glasfasern, aus denen ihre Sphäre besteht, können Licht in elektrische Impulse umformen, beschreiben Fink und seine Kollegen in "Nature Materials" (Bd.
20060724             5, S. 532). - Umgeben von einem durchsichtigen Kunststoff ziehen sich durch die Mitte der Röhrchen lichtempfindliche Glasfasern und leitende Metallelektroden.
20060724             Trifft 1—LICHTSTRAHL das Glas oder streift es, leitet die Elektrode einen elektrischen Impuls weiter.
20060724             Das sagt noch nichts über den Ort des Kontakts aus.
20060724             Werden aber viele Fasern als Netz übereinandergelegt, lassen sich diese Punkte zwischen den Faserkreuzungen lokalisieren.
20060724             1—COMPUTER errechnet aus diesen Signalen dann 1—ART Bild.
20060724             Richtung von Lichtstrahlen feststellen
20060724             What, then, do we make of those ALL—TOO—CONVENIENT—ROCKET—ATTACKS and kidnappings?
20060724             Perhaps we should categorize them alongside the staged "attack on GERMANY—SOLDIERS" used to justify the Nazi invasion of POLAND.
20060724             I do not trust BARRY—CHAMISH (who often gets into conspiratorial realms too dank and confused for even me ) but his
20060724             recent claims may spark others to do some independent investigation:
20060724             —HANDED, And now we know why Corporal Shalit was, over to Hamas.
20060724             The kidnapping was caught on 1—SURVEILLANCE—CAMERA.
20060724             A soldier wanted to shoot the kidnappers but was denied the opportunity by his officer.
20060724             Victimized children often grow up to become victimizers.
20060724             At what point can we fairly say that THE—VICTIMS—OF—THE—NAZI s have become Nazi s?
20060724             "ISRAEL is 1—DEMOCRACY !" shout that nation's defenders -- but so was THE—USA—DURING the slaughter of the Indians.
20060724             And so was GERMANY when Hitler came to power.
20060724             Does anyone doubt that Hitler would have won had fair and honest elections been held 19390000             ?
20060724             —TRIED, The propagandists have, to sell this attack as 1—SELF—DEFENSE—MEASURE, but that assertion is falling apart.
20060724             —PROVOKED, We know now that this war was, by neither rocket attacks nor kidnappings -- in fact, it was planned long ago.
20060724             EINKAUFSSTRAßEN—RANKING: Köln ist Mekka des Konsums
20060724             Irak: USA erklären Sicherheitsoffensive für gescheitert
20060724             Flucht übers Mittelmeer: "Hunderte ertrinken vor unserer Haustür"
20060724             Scheitern der WTO—GESPRÄCHE: Fußtritt für die Ärmsten
20060724             Nahost: Scharfe Kritik an SPD—VORSTOß für sofortige Waffenruhe
20060724             SPAM—CHARTS: Die USA sind Weltmeister
20060724             Futuristischer Flügel: Fliegen wie BATMAN
20060724             1. Mondlandung: Nixon hatte Todesnachricht vorbereitet
20060724             Helfer auf Zypern: "Es bricht einem das Herz"
20060724             USA—OPTIONSSKANDAL: Schmutziges Geschäft mit Aktienoptionen
20060724             KUGEL—AUGE: Sphäre aus Glasfasern sieht rundum
20060724             HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH USA: Soldiers TELL—OF—DETAINEE Abuse in IRAQ (Human Rights Watch, 20062307             )
20060724             Public Hath No Fury, Even When Deceived The bad news for viral marketers is that sometimes they can be found out too quickly.
20060724             Rice arrives in LEBANON—CAPITAL—USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE arrives in BEIRUT to discuss the conflict between ISRAEL and Hezbollah.
20060724             Passport cost to increase by 29% The fee for 1—NEW—ADULT—PASSPORT is to increase by 29% from October to £66—FROM £51.
20060724             Blackouts as USA—TEMPERATURES soar HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—HOMES in THE—USA—CONTINUE to be affected by blackouts as temperatures soar to record highs.
20060724             —JAILED, EX—CHURCHMAN child rapist, A FORMER—CHURCH in Wales lay reader who raped 1—BOY while on license for another assault is jailed indeterminately.
20060724             —CARRIED, Continued rise for animal tests THE—NUMBER—OF—EXPERIMENTS, out on animals in UK laboratories continues to rise, official statistics show.
20060724             Flucht aus Südlibanon: ISRAEL will keine Sicherheitsgarantien geben
20060724             Libanon: Rice zu Blitzbesuch in BEIRUT eingetroffen
20060724             Handelsliberalisierung: WTO—GESPRÄCHE gescheitert
20060724             Leitbild: Nasa will Erde nicht mehr verstehen
20060724             Machtkämpfe: Bund Deutscher Intriganten
20060724             PLUTONIUM—PRODUKTION: PAKISTAN baut neuen Atomreaktor
20060724             Hospital superbug infections rise The number of elderly hospital patients infected by the potentially deadly bug Clostridium difficile jumped by 17.2% in ENGLAND 20050000             .
20060724             —CLOSED, MySpace, after power loss MySpace, the world's most popular social networking website, is shut down after 1—POWER—OUTAGE.
20060724             EU mulls stem cell research ban European ministers meet to decide whether to follow THE—USA in limiting funding for embryonic stem cell research.
20060724             2004070403_Report According to this record, 1—ANCIENT—CIVILIZATION existed on Earth at some point in the distant past (possibly as long... alfatomega.com/2004070403_Report.htm
20060724             Kukai, FOUNDER—OF—JAPANESE—SHINGON—BUDDHISM - A Biography by Ron... appears to span to the oldest written RECORD—OF—JAPAN—CIVILIZATION, THAT—OF—CHINA—EXPLORERS of the 02010101—03001231    —CENTURY CE.
20060724             A Redux on the Eugenics/Abortion Agenda... Eugenics.
20060724             —BY November... Dulles, the lawyer for the Brown Brothers Harriman Bank...
20060724             for Bush.html... prominent in supporting eugenics & utopian )family law firm in TEXAS like the Bush & Dulles families in NEW—YORK...
20060724             influence of the Dulles brothers
20060724             Dulles, Allen & Dulles, JOHN—FOSTER is... - alfatomega.com/bush.html
20060724             ROBERT—LEDERERS "Apology" to THE—CIA Controlled Media... their silence on the Manhattan INSTITUTE—NAZI—CIA—EUGENICS—LINK + for refusing to report on the...
20060724             Bush... IG Farben, ALLEN—DULLES ] was THE—CHAIR—OF—OPERATION—RESCUE [1—CIA—FRONT...
20060724             —FOR—70—YEARS the Bush family has hidden their 3—GENERATIONS—LONG—CONNECTION to Nazi s, ANTI—SEMITISM + eugenics.
20060724             The DuPonts, Allen a...
20060724             Cosmic COINTELPRO events for 19330000             ...
20060724             How Eugenics and Population Control Led to Abortion... + government archives, suggests that the eugenics movement (devoted to breeding a "better" human...
20060724             Several months earlier, though, Dulles had been informed that CIA economic analyst...
20060724             The Webfairy [CIA—DRUGS] Tavistock: From Eugenics to Assassination... its roots in the political and psychiatric movement called eugenics.
20060724             Bush + Abortion + Eugenics... family has been in THE—VANGUARD—OF—THE—PRO—ABORTION + eugenics movements since the early YEARS—OF—THE 19010101—20001231    —CENTURY...
20060724             Prescott Bush, ALLEN—DULLES + Averell Harriman, Draper was...
20060724             Yahoo! 360° - Blithering and babbling Vaughn Vaughn is not connected to you in Yahoo!
20060724             —ESTABLISHED, Eugenics laboratory, at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island constructed by CHARLES—B—DAVENPORT.
20060724             Cold Springs Harbor was.
20060724             —ASSEMBLED, This piece was, by JOHN—WILMERDING A BUSH—NAZI Timeline.
20060724             Begin the solution with Global Truth + Reconciliation.
20060724             The 1. step in defusing world terrorism is truth + reconciliation on 1—GLOBAL—LEVEL.
20060724             eugenics laborat.
20060724             FORUMS—GEORGE—BUSH : the unauthorized biography... + business partners, ALLEN—DULLES + JOHN—FOSTER—DULLES, wanted the government's secret... carried out by the Harriman ite eugenics movement in NORTH—CAROLINA following WWI.
20060724             ROCHESTER IMC: newswire/845 ... JOURNAL—OF—THE—GERMANY—EUGENICS or race hygiene movement... the eugenics movement including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in GERMANY.
20060724             The Bush Family Connection to the Nazi s The Rockefeller s supported the eugenics movement including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in GERMANY.
20060724             Timeline of Treason: The Bush Family Connection to the Nazi s
20060724             —SUPPORTED, The Rockefeller s, the eugenics movement including the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in GERMANY.
20060724             Bush Hitler Family Values. Eugenics of Prescott Bush.
20060724             & GEORGE—HERBERT—WALKER... Results 1 - 100—OF—ABOUT 811 for "JOHN—FOSTER—DULLES " eugenics.
20060724             the Bush Sterilization History Eugenics began as 1—BREEDING science for horses in the late 18010101—19001231    —CENTURY in the...
20060724             —APPLIED, UK—PSYCHIATRY: From Eugenics to Assassination This field, to psychiatry THE—CONCEPTS—OF—EUGENICS (otherwise known as race...
20060724             His old OSS colleague ALLEN—DULLES, later THE—CIA—DIRECTOR...
20060724             Bush book: Chapter -3-
20060724             The Roaring 20s and THE—ROOTS—OF—USA—FASCISM: The Bush Family...
20060724             Ermittler gehen davon aus, dass die Rohstoffe irgendwo im Osten Europas verkauft, verbaut oder eingeschmolzen werden.
20060724             Wegen der Nähe zur Grenze scheint das "Phänomen Buntmetalldiebstahl" - wie die Fälle im Polizeijargon HEIßEN—DAHER besonders in Ostdeutschland beliebt zu sein.
20060724             Hatte das Landeskriminalamt BRANDENBURG
20060724             Die Einbrecher kamen stets in den frühen MORGENSTUNDEN—GERNE sonntags, wenn in dem Industriegebiet absolute Ruhe herrscht.
20060724             —ERST  überlisten sie die Bewegungsmelder und Flutlichtscheinwerfer.
20060724             Dann setzen sie sich Grubenlampen auf dem Kopf und schaffen Leitern heran, um die Vorhängeschlösser aufzubrechen, die das KUPFER—HOCHREGAL sichern.
20060724             "Diese Leute sind hoch professionell", sagt Schwanbeck, "sechs bis acht Mann sind es gewesen".
20060724             Dem Unternehmer bleibt nicht mehr übrig, als sich am nächsten Morgen die nächtliche Aktion auf Video anzusehen.
20060724             Dank Vollmond hatten die Überwachungskameras Bilder geliefert.
20060724             Auch andere Unternehmen müssen in Sachen Diebstahlschutz aufrüsten: So kamen dem THERMOTECHNIK—ANBIETER Buderus in HAMBURG kürzlich elf Tonnen Kupfer ABHANDEN—SCHADEN: 40.000—EURO.
20060724             Bei einer sächsischen Firma waren es 18—TONNEN.
20060724             Dabei nimmt der Rohstoffklau bisweilen bizarre Formen an: In BERLIN drohte im Frühjahr 1—WOHNHAUS in die Luft zu fliegen, weil Diebe die KUPFER—GASROHRE aus den Wänden rissen.
20060724             Als 1—NACHBAR den Diebstahl in der leer stehenden Wohnung bemerkte, flüchteten die Täter.
20060724             Vorsichtshalber evakuierte die Feuerwehr alle Bewohner.
20060724             DÜSSELDORF, brach Mitte Juni der Bahnverkehr zusammen, weil Diebe Signalkabel aus Kupfer gekappt hatten.
20060724             Die Folge: Weichen und Signale funktionierten nicht mehr, Zehntausende Reisende steckten in den Zügen fest.
20060724             Für die Deutsche Bahn wird der Rohstoffklau zunehmend zum Problem:
20060724             —SEIT der Kupferpreis im Höhenflug ist, schlagen Rohstoffdiebe bei Liedelt immer öfter zu: Schon sechsmal haben sie sich bedient.
20060724             "Irgendwann bin ich pleite, weil wir gegen solche Diebstähle nicht versichert sind", schimpft Schwanbeck.
20060724             "Ich habe eine unheimliche Wut im Bauch".
20060724             Die Polizei ermittelt, hat aber noch niemanden dingfest machen können.
20060724             Für Branchenkenner sind solche KLAU—AKTIONEN in Serie längst keine Überraschung mehr: "Der Diebstahl floriert", sagt Ladji Tikana vom Deutschen Kupferinstitut in Düsseldorf.
20060724             "Fast alle Industriemetalle sind hoch im Kurs".
20060724             Nicht nur Kupfer ist heiß begehrt, auch Aluminium und Stahlschrott kommen immer öfter weg.
20060724             Vor drei Jahren kostete 1—KILO Kupfer noch zwei Euro, heute sind es acht EURO—AUCH die Preise für Alu und Schrott stiegen rasant.
20060724             Volkswirtschaften wie CHINA und Indien boomen und heizen die Preise an.
20060724             Aber auch hierzulande ist in der Autoindustrie, der Energietechnik oder beim Wohnungsbau viel Kupfer gefragt.
20060724             "Wenn man Energie übertragen will, gibt es nichts besseres als Kupfer", sagt ROHSTOFF—EXPERTE Tikana.
20060724             How Much is the Truth Worth to You?
20060724             RACHEL—CARSON'S "Silent Spring".
20060724             The 40. Anniversary EDITION—OF—THE—BOOK that Began the Modern Environmental Movement.
20060724             "THE—SPEAKER—OF—THE—IRAQ—PARLIAMENT criticized THE—USA—GOVERNMENT?s involvement in IRAQ on —SATURDAY, likening the invasion and its consequences to ?the work of butchers?
20060724             and demanding that THE—USA—AUTHORITIES disentangle themselves from IRAQ?s political affairs".
20060724             Thanks for Your Financial Support. It Makes Things Happen!
20060724             —SIGNED, BUSH—PENCHANT for writing exceptions to laws he has just, violates the Constitution, an USA—BAR—ASSOCIATION—TASK—FORCE says in 1—REPORT highly CRITICAL—OF—THE—PRACTICE.
20060724             FRANK—RICH: The Passion of the Embryos 7/24
20060724             "The Bush administration and Congress have slashed MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS—OF—MILITARY—AID to African nations in recent years, moves that Pentagon officials and senior military commanders say have undermined USA—EFFORTS to combat terrorist threats in AFRICA and to counter expanding CHINA—INFLUENCE there".
20060724             Arms Industry Profiteers Circle the Globe Like Vultures 7/24
20060724             "THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION'S—PLAN to bring democracy to THE—MIDDLE—EAST is now in ruins. In 1—NATION where political responsibility still counted for something, THE—ARCHITECTS—OF—THAT—STRATEGY would be forced to resign".
20060724             Afghans despair over slow rebuilding pace 7/24
20060724             Obviously, this story is PART—OF—1—LARGER—PROPAGANDA—CAMPAIGN designed to convince the dullards that the Main Foe is and has always been the Shi'ites of IRAN.
20060724             —PREPPED, We are being, for 1—ATTACK.
20060724             —POPPED, Shi'ite and Sunni When I, into the Whiskey Bar just now, the following bit of Orwelliana from the Daily Telegraph was thrust into my face: PRESIDENT—GEORGE W Bush intends to build an "umbrella of Arab allies" against Hezbollah while giving ISRAEL—1—FREE—HAND in attacking the group's strongholds, according to USA—OFFICIALS.
20060724             WHITE—HOUSE—AIDES have said they consider THE—LEBANON crisis to be a "leadership moment" for MISTER—BUSH and 1—OPPORTUNITY to proceed with his post-20060911             plan to reshape THE—MIDDLE—EAST by building Sunni Arab opposition to Shia terrorism.
20060724             —CITED, Yesterday MISTER—BUSH, the role of IRAN and Syria in providing help to Hezbollah.
20060724             (Emphasis added.) "Sunni Arab opposition to..".
20060724             ARE THEY KIDDING? Don't these SUB—TURKEYS know who is running IRAQ these days?
20060724             Gerade der antike Müll verrät den Wissenschaftlern vieles über das damalige Leben.
20060724             HUNDERTE—VON—KAPUTTEN Gefäßen zeigen etwa, wie die Händler Wein und Olivenöl transportiert haben.
20060724             "Wir haben Dinge gefunden, die wichtige Erkenntnisse über die Geschichte Istanbuls ermöglichen", sagte ISMAIL—KARAMUT, der Leiter der Ausgrabung.
20060724             "Missing Link" in der Geschichte des Schiffsbaus
20060724             Archäologen nennen ihn den "Hafen von Theodosius", nach dem Kaiser, der von 379—BIS 394—DAS oströmische und byzantische Reich regierte und im letzten Jahr vor seinem Tod im Jahr 395—DER letzte Herrscher des gesamten Römischen Reichs war.
20060724             Von den Ausgrabungen erhoffen sich die Wissenschaftler neue Erkenntnisse über das Wirtschaftsleben in der Stadt, die einst Konstantinopel hieß und Hauptstadt des oströmischen und byzantinischen Reichs war.
20060724             MICHAEL—SWEENEY
20060724             20—5—WAYS To Suppress Truth: THE—RULES—OF—DISINFORMATION (Includes THE—8—TRAITS—OF—A Disinformationalist) by H. MICHAEL—SWEENEY
20060724             Politics 911- 911truth_org/MUJCA_com
20060724             Subject: [bloggerbrigade] Politics 911- 911truth_org/MUJCA_com
20060724             Hey friends, check this OUT—WANT to know your candidate's position on the official 9/11—STORY and 1—NEW—INVESTIGATION?
20060724             9/11—TRUTH—ADVOCATES—LAUNCH—NATIONWIDE Congressional Candidate Poll- "Politics 911" Seeks Candidates Responsive to 70+ Million Voters Demanding New 9/11—INVESTIGATION "KANSAS City, MO (PRWEB) 20060722              -- In recognition of the 2. anniversary and widening distrust of the 9/11—COMMISSION—REPORT, 911truth_org announces the launch of "Politics 911," 1—NATIONAL—CAMPAIGN to determine support for 1—NEW and truly independent 9/11—INVESTIGATION among all 20060000              candidates for THE—USA—HOUSE and Senate. THE—3—MONTH—EFFORT—AIMS to poll all congressional hopefuls regarding their awareness of current evidence for USA—GOVERNMENT—INVOLVEMENT in 9/11 and the high LEVELS—OF—PUBLIC—SUPPORT for 1—FULL—REINVESTIGATION, as well as their personal willingness to back such 1—INQUIRY if they are elected in the fall. Zogby polls 20040800             —IN and 20060500             showed that 66—PERCENT—OF—NEW—YORK City residents and 45—PERCENT—OF—AMERICANS overall now desire 1—NEW and broader investigation that explores all the evidence for government complicity. 20040000             4—PRESIDENTIAL—CANDIDATES-- MICHAEL—BADNARIK (Libertarian), DAVID—COBB (Green), JOHN—JOSEPH—KENNEDY (Democratic WRITE—IN) and RALPH—NADER (Independent)--all backed this demand, but no 1 has ever polled congressional candidates on this issue before. Survey results will be —POSTED at sponsor websites as they come in starting in early August".
20060724             INTRODUCING "POLITICS 911" (Still under CONSTRUCTION—CHECK back 20060725             ) - A National Grassroots Campaign to Illuminate 20060000             —THE Electoral Stage with 9/11—TRUTH.
20060724             Zogby Poll Finds Over 70—MILLION Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11—INVESTIGATION (Less than half trust the "Official Story")
20060724             The Shalom Center wants 1—IMMEDIATE—CEASE—FIRE and 1—STRONG peacekeeping force to be placed on the border.
20060724             JTA—BREAKING News
20060724             Warning: Gruesome Do you know what KIND—OF—WEAPONS—CAUSES this damage?
20060724             UPDATED :: from www.uruknet_info :: news from occupied IRAQ—CH
20060724             Controversial Instructor Speaks About His 9/11—VIEWS, UW Course 9/11—BLOGGER—BLOGGING 9/11 Related Alternative News All comments are welcome!
20060724             but please avoid hate speech and profanity + use references when possible.
20060724             Controversial Instructor Speaks About His 9/11—VIEWS, UW Course By SOMEBIGGUY—LOTS—OF—GOOD quotes from Kevin here, check out the whole article by following the link, 1—VIDEO is also available.
20060724             Finally, don't forget to have your say in the Talkback section for this article.
20060724             Controversial UNIVERSITY—OF—WISCONSIN—MADISON lecturer KEVIN—BARRETT appeared on WISC—TV'S "For The Record," discussing his views on 20010911             —THE, attacks, Islamic studies and the class he is teaching this fall at UW—MADISON.
20060724             VIDEO: Watch The Show Update, this video in MP4 and WMV format now available here:
20060724             —RECENTLY, 61—STATE—LEGISLATORS signed 1—RESOLUTION calling for UW—MADISON to fire Barrett over his outspoken views that THE—USA—GOVERNMENT orchestrated 20010911             —THE, attacks.
20060724             —REVIEWED, UW—MADISON Provost PATRICK—FARRELL, BARRETT—RECORD and decided he was qualified to teach 1—INTRODUCTORY course on Islam as scheduled in the fall.
20060724             Farrell said that the university doesn't endorse BARRETT—THEORIES, but he said that his review found Barrett has 1—RECORD—OF—QUALITY teaching.
20060724             —ON  "For The Record," Barrett said his views are always evolving but explained how his current thoughts on 9/11 developed.
20060724             He said that immediately after the attacks, he was in 1—STATE—OF—SHOCK and wasn't sure who was behind the attacks.
20060724             "I think 1—LOT sooner than most people realize, 9/11 is going blow wide open," he said.
20060724             "The official report doesn't stand up to scrutiny -- it's very simple".
20060724             Barrett said he is optimistic that 9/11 will ultimately be 1—CATALYST for Americans to take back the Constitution.
20060724             Thanks to Shoestring and DBLS for bringing this to our attention.
20060724             JOSH—BOLTEN squirms during Stem Cell questions
20060724             Crooks and Liars
20060724             I doubt JOSH—BOLTEN will be back ON—MTP anytime soon.
20060724             I'll post more of his appearance, but Timmeh made BUSH—STEM cell veto laughable and indefensible,
20060724             VIDEO—WMP VIDEO—QT (9—MIN)
20060724             —CALLED, Once TONY—SNOW, it MURDER—IT was downhill from there as it should be.
20060724             —ASKED, Russert, Bolten if Bush thinks it's murder then why doesn't he outlaw it altogether.
20060724             —ASKED, When he was, about KARL—ROVE—TAKE on stem cell research that could not be backed up by SCIENTISTS—BOLTEN said he wasn't 1—SCIENTIST.
20060724             Bolten also said there are wide differences of opinion on Stem Cell research.
20060724             There are only 2. People who think the research will save and help THE—QUALITY—OF—LIFE and THE—JAMES—DOBSON version.
20060724             —NOTED, As has been, only 128—SNOWFLAKE babies have been adopted out of 400,000.
20060724             —MEANWHILE, our government:
20060724             —RECEIVED, Nightlight, which has, more than $800,000 in grants from THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—HEALTH and Human Services to promote embryo adoptions, is 1—OF—ONLY 1—FEW agencies that treat embryos exactly like infants.
20060724             Developing… - A.Coulter, die Neudefinition des Blonden Gifts
20060724             Der Name ANNE—COULTER dürfte den wenigsten in DEUTSCHLAND—EUROPA oder eigentlich dem Rest der Welt 1—BEGRIFF sein.
20060724             In den USA jedoch ist kein Thema so kontrovers, kaum 1—BEIN so lang und schon gar keine Rede so geprägt durch Hass und Verachtung wie die von ANNE—COULTER, des selbsternannten Sprachrohres der Ultrakonservativen Republikaner.
20060724             WASHINGTON most "no religion" state according to poll byTDavid USA—TODAY Poll showing religion by state.
20060724             WASHINGTON state shows 25% who took THE—USA—RELIGIOUS—IDENTIFICATION—SURVEY answered "no religion".
20060724             Who knows how accurate the data is here and it's only the lower states.
20060724             25% WASHINGTON State 22% VERMONT 21% COLORADO 21% OREGON 20%.
20060724             USA—CALLS for 'sustainable' truce Condoleezza Rice, on her way to ISRAEL, says 1—TRUCE is urgently needed in LEBANON, but conditions must be right.
20060724             UK rates 'could remain at 4.5%' There is enough slack in THE—UK—ECONOMY to allow THE—BANK—OF—ENGLAND to leave rates at 4.5%, 1—FORECAST says.
20060724             —TAGGED, Rare MIDDLE—EAST bald ibis, An INTERNATIONAL mission is underway to save the northern bald iris, the rarest bird in THE—MIDDLE—EAST.
20060724             Blair facing pressure over ISRAEL—TONY—BLAIR should toughen his stance on ISRAEL—LEBANON offensive, 1—BACKBENCH MP has said.
20060724             MID—EAST—FACES—UNCERTAIN—FUTURE—DIPLOMATS and experts anxiously debate what THE—MIDDLE—EAST will look like when this current crisis is over, THE—BBC—ROGER—HARDY reports.
20060724             Boycott call for DR CONGO polls THE—ROMAN—CATHOLIC—CHURCH—CALLS for 1—BOYCOTT—OF—DR CONGO—ELECTION if alleged VOTE—RIGGING is not tackled.
20060724             LAST—DITCH WTO trade talks for G6 Extended free trade talks are held after a 14-hour weekend session fails to find 1—BREAKTHROUGH.
20060724             Cancer drug 'toxic to the heart' Cancer drug Glivec can damage the heart and may lead to health problems, research shows.
20060724             New ALZHEIMER—DRUG—SHOWS—PROMISE
20060724             "The Herald Sun is reporting that researchers may have some progress to report on THE—ALZHEIMER—FRONT. A new drug, called PBT2, was developed by 1—MELBOURNE—BASED biotech firm that has been showing some promising results.  'Early clinical testing has confirmed the drug is FAST—ACTING. Levels of amyloid dropped by 60—PER cent within 24—HOURS—OF—1—SINGLE dose. It found also that PBT2 suppresses THE—IMPAIRMENT—OF—MEMORY—FUNCTION. More human studies begin in SWEDEN next month and Australians will join 1—MAJOR—INTERNATIONAL—TRIAL—OF—THE—DRUG—NEXT—YEAR.'"
20060724             3-D Flexible Computer Chips
20060724             "Engineers at THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—WISCONSIN—MADISON have isolated 1—SINGLE—CRYSTAL film of semiconductor from the substrate on which it is built. Then they transferred this very thin film -- 200—NANOMETERS thick -- on plastic. Both SIDES—OF—THE—FILM can host active components and several layers can be stacked, opening the way to very powerful 3-D flexible computer chips. Besides computer chips, this technique could be used for solar cells, smart cards, RFID tags or ACTIVE—MATRIX flat panel displays".
20060724             ISTANBUL: Alter Hafen öffnet Fenster in die Antike
20060724             Rohstoffräuber: "Die werden immer dreister"
20060724             Südlibanon: Heftige Schlacht um HISBOLLAH—DORF
20060724             y - SACHSEN—ANHALT: Kampfhund tötet 92- Jährige
20060724             NAHOST—KONFLIKT: Rice ruft zu Waffenstillstand auf
20060724             LIBANON—KRIEG: Weiterer Flüchtlingsstrom erreicht Zypern
20060724             Arbeitsmarkt: BUNDESAGENTUR—CHEF hält sechs Milliarden Überschuss für möglich
20060724             BUSH—ECONOMIC—WAR on the Working and Middle CLASS—OF—AMERICA: "THE—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT is moving to eliminate the jobs of nearly HALF—OF—THE—LAWYERS at the Internal Revenue Service who audit tax returns of SOME—OF—THE—WEALTHIEST Americans, specifically those who are subject to gift and estate taxes when they transfer parts of their fortunes to their children and others".
20060724             The Next Wars May be About Who Owns Water: "Water Wars".
20060724             BUSH—PRIVATIZED "Warriors," Blackwater: "TODAY—AFTER—LUNCH lesson: How to break 1—MAN—ARM with your bare hands".
20060724             A conversation with a (Corporate) Cockroach by WILLIAM—BOWLES " There appears to have been 1—COLD—CALCULATION made at senior levels within THE—ANGLO—USA—POLICYMAKING establishment: that the system is dying, but the last remaining viable means of sustaining it remains 1—FUNDAMENTALLY military solution designed to reconfigure and rehabilitate the system to continue to meet the requirements of the interlocking CIRCUITS—OF—MILITARY—CORPORATE—POWER and profit. " — 'UK Government Sources Confirm War With IRAN Is On ', Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
20060724             I would add to this, 'Apres la deluge'.
20060724             —ESTABLISHED, It is 1, fact that cockroaches can survive immense doses of nuclear radiation and that following 1—NUCLEAR—CONFLAGRATION, if all else †, the cockroaches would still be around, although probably with little to eat given how they LIVE—OF—USA, or at least our garbage.
20060724             Likewise, the Corporate Cockroach Class of THE—USA—HAVE made the calculation that Climate Catastrophe is unavoidable and unstoppable.
20060724             Indeed, I contend that they came to this conclusion some years ago and have been actively engaged in preparing for such 1—EVENTUALITY.
20060724             —BASED, Moreover, I contend that the decision was made, on cold, hard facts, not the least of which is the fact that what we call global capitalism is on the verge of 1—MELTDOWN—OF—ENORMOUS—PROPORTIONS, which in itself is not 1—NEW—PHENOMENON, such OVER—ACCUMULATION—OF—CAPITAL and INTRA—IMPERIALIST rivalries led to WWI and II in which HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE were sacrificed to the great God Mammon.
20060724             —CHANGED, The only thing that has, is firstly THE—SCALE—OF—THE—CATASTROPHE, brought about the changing NATURE—OF—CAPITALIST—PRODUCTIVE—RELATIONS, or globalisation as it is called, which has led to 1—FRAGILE and extremely unstable 'system', described by the cybernetician Stafford Beer some decades ago as follows "A homeostat works (and we know all the cybernetic rules) by moving its stable point in 1—VERY complicated response to the shocks it receives to its total system. ANY—HOMEOSTAT takes 1—FINITE time to RE—ESTABLISH—ITS—NEW—STABLE—POINT. This is called the relaxation TIME—OF—THE—SYSTEM. Today it is typical of social institutions that the mean interval between shocks (thanks to THE—RATE—OF—CHANGE) is shorter than the relaxation time. That is because the institutions were originally designed to accept 1—MUCH longer interval between shocks. From this it follows that societary institutions will either go into 1—STATE—OF—OSCILLATION, or Plunge into that terminal equilibrium called death".
20060724             Homeostasis is, by the way
20060724             "the tendency of 1—COMPLEX—SYSTEM to run towards 1—EQUILIBRIAL state. This happens because THE—MANY—PARTS—OF—THE—COMPLEX—SYSTEM absorb EACH—OTHER—CAPACITY to disrupt the whole".
20060724             Beer goes on say + I think extremely presciently given that this was written 19730000             20060724             "The cybernetician will expect the politician to adopt 1—OF 2—BASIC postures in the face of these systemic troubles.
20060724             "The 1. is to ignore the cybernetic facts and to pretend that the oscillations are due to some kind of' wickedness which can be stamped out. The 2. is to undertake some KIND—OF—REVOLUTION, violent or not, to redesign the faulty INSTRUMENTS—OF—GOVERNMENT. I do not have to relate the polarisation throughout the entire world to which this cybernetic expectation is the key. But it seems very clear to me as 1—MATTER—OF—MANAGEMENT—SCIENCE that if in these typical circumstances you do not like violence, then you should quickly embark on 1—PACIFIC—REVOLUTION in government. If you do not, then violence you will certainly get. [my emph. WB]" — '
20060724             Fanfare for Effective Freedom ' by Stafford Beer, 19730000             .
20060724             This may sound 1—FAR cry from the present circumstances but it describes very accurately the situation brought about by 'globalisation', namely 1—SITUATION spinning rapidly OUT—OF—CONTROL for which the only solution the capitalist class have is predictably, war.
20060724             So, I think that the 'plan' is as follows:
20060724             Given the financial, technical and military resources they have at their disposal, they can effectively 'ride out the storm' and emerge, on the other side, relatively unscathed.
20060724             Not without enormous COST—OF—COURSE, but hopefully they calculate, not to them.
20060724             Consider also, that the revolution in production made possible by information technology means that far fewer workers are actually needed to produce what will in ANY—CASE be 1—VASTLY lower demand for goods and services.
20060724             They will have at their disposal the 'intellectual capital' needed to kickstart the capitalist system once again as well as the security forces to protect them AND—OF—COURSE, savings to live off.
20060724             Also consider that with climate catastrophe taking care not only those millions of 'uppity natives' but also 1—GOOD—DEAL—OF—THE—COMPETITION in countries like CHINA and INDIA, making the resources the rest of the developing world possesses available to these elites.
20060724             It is within this context that 1 must set the unfolding scenario that is IRAQ and now LEBANON.
20060724             Indeed, I would argue that the barbarity that is LEBANON is 1—CAREFULLY calculated 'experiment' to see what KIND—OF—REACTION we in the rich world would have, in much the same way as THE—DESTRUCTION—OF—YUGOSLAVIA served (or the Gulf War of 19900000—19910000    ) or perhaps even more to the point, how THE—GERMANY—NAZIS used THE—SPAIN—CIVIL—WAR to test out mass, aerial bombardment or THE—USA—THE—VIETNAM—WAR to test new and untried weapons systems.
20060724             If the reactions of the great MASS—OF—THE—POPULATIONS are anything to go by, THE—DESTRUCTION—OF—LEBANON has on this basis, been 1—RESOUNDING success (with the able ASSISTANCE—OF—COURSE, of the Mass Media in hiding the reality from us + also through THE—WALL—OF—ISRAEL—PROPAGANDA, justifying the awful slaughter and destruction.
20060724             Consider also how the 'War on Terror' fits into this scenario, for in order to pull it off, it needs 1—TOTAL—SECURITY—STATE—COMPLETE with all manner of 'legal', social control mechanisms, in THE—UK personified by the Civil Contingencies Bill as well as the various 'ANTI—TERRORISM' legislations.
20060724             "So is that what all the "emergency preparedness" legislation, here in THE—UK as well as in THE—USA and in Europea, all about?
20060724             THE—USA—PLANS are bad enough, as Ellsberg notes, but the plans [of the] UK … are … hardly better, prompting THE—GUARDIAN to describe the Civil Contingencies Bill (passed as an Act 20040000             ) as "the greatest threat to civil liberty that ANY—PARLIAMENT is ever likely to consider".
20060724             — Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
20060724             THE—QUESTION—OF—COURSE remains whether such 1—GAMBLE, for that is what it is, will pay dividends.
20060724             —SACRIFICED, But make no mistake, these are the same elites who, HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE when they initiated WWI and II, so the idea of sacrificing 1—COUPLE—OF billion people will not trouble them anymore than the millions already sacrificed.
20060724             —SUCCEED, Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed doubts that such 1—PLAN will, but firstly, I argue that won't stop them from trying anymore than the certain knowledge that the invasion of IRAQ was doomed to failure.
20060724             Okay, it might show that the elites are either blind to learning THE—LESSONS—OF—THE—PAST or, motivated only by short term greed.
20060724             But I argue that they really have no choice in the matter considering that they will not relinquish their control voluntarily and are thus driven by 1—KIND—OF—INEVITABILITY to commit the same errors (and crimes) over and over again, until we get rid of the bastards or, that Gaia does it for us?
20060724             Comments (9) | Trackback (0)
20060724             —CLIMBED, The total death toll from the recent violence has, to 36—PEOPLE in ISRAEL and nearly 400 in LEBANON.
20060724             The estimated damage cost from the conflict is $1.5—BILLION in ISRAEL and $3—BILLION in LEBANON.
20060724             STEPHEN—HAWKING, the "world's BEST—KNOWN living scientist," urged EUROPE not to "follow the reactionary LEAD—OF—PRESIDENT—BUSH " on stem cell research.
20060724             "Stem cell research is the
20060724             key to developing cures for degenerative conditions like Parkinson's and motor neuron disease from which I and MANY—OTHERS suffer," he said.
20060724             In a " - dramatic ESCALATION—OF—VIOLENCE," bombs killed more than 60—PEOPLE and wounded more than 200——SUNDAY in BAGHDAD and the northern oil center of KIRKUK.
20060724             THE—FATHER—OF—MODERN—CONSERVATISM, WILLIAM—F—BUCKLEY, on PRESIDENT—BUSH : "If you had 1—EUROPEAN PRIME—MINISTER who experienced what we've experienced it would be
20060724             expected that he would retire or resign.
20060724             —CONCLUDED, THE—INSTITUTE—OF—SCIENCE and INTERNATIONAL SECURITY—PAKISTAN is building "1—POWERFUL—NEW—REACTOR for producing plutonium, 1—MOVE that, if verified, would signal 1—MAJOR—EXPANSION—OF—THE—COUNTRY—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS capabilities and 1—POTENTIAL—NEW—ESCALATION in the region's arms race".
20060724             The World Trade Organization will formally announce today that THE—DOHA ROUND—OF—TRADE—TALKS has been suspended "anywhere from
20060724             months to years.
20060724             " Wage stagnation, long the bane of BLUE—COLLAR workers, is now hitting people with bachelor's degrees for the 1. time in 30—YEARS.
20060724             Earnings for workers with 4—YEAR—DEGREES f - ell 5.2% 20000000—20040000    —FROM—TO
20060724             —WHEN adjusted for inflation, according to WHITE—HOUSE—ECONOMISTS".
20060724             " HUNDREDS—OF—TALIBAN guerrillas firing ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades attacked 1—POLICE—STATION on —MONDAY in SOUTH—WEST—AFGHANISTAN, amid
20060724             heightened violence
20060724             in the south before 1—NATO—DEPLOYMENT".
20060724             —TURNED, And finally: Is POOTIE—POOT the prankster who, on 1—MIC—NEAR—BUSH at the G—8—SUMMIT?
20060724             A UK—TELEVISION station thinks so.
20060724             "The footage on BRITAIN—CHANNEL 4—SHOWS Blair finally spotting and turning off the 'telltale red light,' and then the film cuts to Putin, grinning about something. A UK—REPORTER asked 1—PUTIN spokesman about this, but the spokesman insisted the broadcast was '1—ACCIDENT.'"
20060724             Post to Conspiracy 911
20060724             WTC7 must be the focal point to exposing the govt's coverup...HOWEVER I'd like to take 1—SHARP—TURN if I may and give you something else to think about:
20060724             The official 9/11—COMMISSION—REPORT (your tax dollars wasted) states the following:
20060724             Impact time, AA Flt 11: 8:46:40 a.m. - Impact time, UA Flt 175: 9:03:11 a.m.
20060724             .....HOWEVER,
20060724             the official data readings from LAMONT—DOHERTY give the following seismic events:
20060724             time 8:46:26: 0.9—RICHTER, signal duration 12—SECONDS [reported as 1. impact, WTC1]
20060724             time 9:02:54: 0.7—RICHTER, signal duration 6—SECONDS [reported as 2. impact, WTC2]
20060724             —OCCURRED, Conclusion: 2—NOTABLE—SEISMIC—EVENTS, before the planes ever hit the towers and were so close timewise to the actual IMPACTS—OF—THE—PLANES that LAMONT—DOHERTY reported them as the impacts.
20060724             The logical conclusion (which coincides with MANY—EYEWITNESSES in the basements, e.g., WILLIAM—RODRIQUEZ) is that these were explosives detonated to coincide with the aircraft hitting the towers.
20060724             They were very close to getting the timing right.
20060724             This is 1—TIME I'm going to believe the gov't;
20060724             I think their times are correct, down to the 2.!
20060724             And, oh yes, getting back to WTC7, it did have quite 1—CONFLAGRATION—OF—FIRE that day on THE—SOUTH—SIDE—OF—THE—BUILDING + yes, it did have fairly large damage to the south face from debris of WTC1 hitting it...HOWEVER, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that these caused it to collapse IN NEAR—PERFECT—SYMMETRY EXACTLY LIKE A CONTROLLED DEMOLITION;
20060724             there is also no evidence to back 1—CLAIM that support trusses for the floors 5—THROUGH 7 were damaged so as to cause the building to collapse.
20060724             Putting hypotheticals and conjectures aside (which are not evidence), we do have the fact that WTC7 fell in NEAR—PERFECT symmetry at FREE—FALL speed, exactly like 1—CLASSIC controlled demolition + this is for all the world to see.
20060724             1—OTHER THING: if you view the video "Eyewitness 9/11", you will see indisputable evidence by scientific sound ANALYSIS—OF—THE—COLLAPSE—OF—WTC1 that shows massive explosions occurred before the tower began to collapse;
20060724             and, as would be expected, the 1. notable came from the basement.
20060724             Gaydamak takes CONTROL—OF—ENGLAND—PORTSMOUTH...
20060724             SoccerBlog_com: Soccer Business Archives His son Alexandre Gaydamak, is well known as the owner of PORTSMOUTH FC...
20060724             —MINDED, Thaksin SHINAWATRA—SINGLE, obsession to buy out LIVERPOOL...
20060724             I suspect that MANY—AMERICANS share similar feelings.
20060724             There is nothing new, here, after all. We've seen it all, before.
20060724             Is there no end to the conflict?
20060724             —INCLUDED, These, TIMOTHY—MCVEIGH and his Army boot camp friend Terry... Azima was also involved with MARIO—RENDA in INDIA—SPRINGS—BANK—OF...
20060724             Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Neben seinem Detektivbüro an der 531—LAFAYETTE Street/544—CAMP Street befand sich... WerBell III von der Nugan Hand Bank, MARIO—RENDA und Herman K. Beebe.
20060724             Mafia, Geheimdienste und Politik der USA Auch MARIO—RENDA, der mit Beebe und Charles geschäftet und für die Mafia und CIA Geld wäscht, veruntreute 104—SEINER 160—SAVINGS and Loans an Mafiosi +...
20060724             MARK—LOMBARDI: Global Networks by ROBERT—HOBBS : A Review By Carlo
20060724             most prominently MARIO—RENDA + ANTHONY—RUSSO, who began sucking INDIA—SPRINGS... + Services Corporation, as 1—RESULT—OF—THE—CAMP—DAVID accords.
20060724             9/11—TRUTH—ADVOCATES—LAUNCH—NATIONWIDE Congressional Candidate Poll- "Politics 911" Seeks Candidates Responsive to 70+ Million Voters Demanding New 9/11—INVESTIGATION "KANSAS City, MO (PRWEB)
20060722             In recognition of the 2. anniversary and widening distrust of the 9/11—COMMISSION—REPORT, 911truth_org announces the launch of "Politics 911," 1—NATIONAL—CAMPAIGN to determine support for 1—NEW and truly independent 9/11—INVESTIGATION among all 20060000             candidates for THE—USA—HOUSE and Senate.
20060724             THE—3—MONTH—EFFORT—AIMS to poll all congressional hopefuls regarding their awareness of current evidence for USA—GOVERNMENT—INVOLVEMENT in 9/11 and the high LEVELS—OF—PUBLIC—SUPPORT for 1—FULL—REINVESTIGATION, as well as their personal willingness to back such 1—INQUIRY if they are elected in the fall.
20060724             At the Harriman s' 1
20060724—19990000    —IN, Kosovo formally made its pitch for independence in VIENNA—AUSTRIA, FACE—TO—FACE with Serbia at their 1. TOP—LEVEL—TALKS since NATO—BOMBS drove SERBIA—FORCES from the province.
20060724—20040800    —SHOWED, Zogby polls and 20060500             , that 66—PERCENT—OF—NEW—YORK City residents and 45—PERCENT—OF—AMERICANS overall now desire 1—NEW and broader investigation that explores all the evidence for government complicity.
20060724—20050000    —IN, Bilateral trade was just under $16—MILLION.
20060724—20060716    —DISAPPEARED, Destiny, from outside her house.
20060724—20100000    —IN, A draft environmental review was filed with THE—FAA and 1—TIMETABLE—SET—COMMERCIAL—FLIGHTS to begin.
20060724—20100000    —BY, A UN report on the economic impact of HIV/AIDS in INDIA estimated infections there, currently over 5—MILLION, could increase to 20—25—MILLION.
20060726—20060724    —ON, WA (link has been removed from website and Google Cache)3) Avian Flu pandemic drills 20060717—20280717    —FROM—TO in Vermont4) AUSTRALIA—DISASTER—DRILLS 20060717             —FROM-285) Volunteers needed for terrorist response drill at WASHINGTON 20060723             —ON-6) Stadium terrorism exercise "Poi Bowl 20060000             " planned for July
20070704             —VOTED, The House, last week to prohibit THE—OFFICE—OF—INFORMATION and Regulatory Affairs from spending federal money on Executive Order 13422, signed by Bush last ;;01;; and due to take effect 20070724             .
20070723             —KILLED, In SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN troops, at least 75—MILITANTS in 3—SEPARATE—BATTLES, while the Taliban extended the deadline for the lives of 23—SOUTH—KOREAN—HOSTAGES until the evening of 20070724             .
20070724             THE—USA—MINIMUM—WAGE—ROSE 70—CENTS to $5.85 an hour, the 1. increase in 1—DECADE.
20070724             A grand jury in NEW—ORLEANS refused to indict DOCTOR—ANNA—POU, who was accused of murdering 4—SERIOUSLY ill hospital patients with drug injections during the desperate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
20070724             —ANNOUNCED, Prosecutor's in CALIFORNIA—CONTRA—COSTA—COUNTY, charges against 34—STUDENTS—OF graduates of Pleasant Hill community college for changes to transcript grades in exchange for cash.
20070724             FLORIDA began distributing playing cards to prison inmates with pictures and information regarding unsolved murder and missing person cases.
20070724             Westinghouse Electric Co., MAJORITY—OWNED by Toshiba Corp., signed a MULTI—BILLION—DOLLAR contract to build 4—NUCLEAR reactors in CHINA.
20070724             —FABRICATED, Intel Corp. said it has, the 1. modulator made from silicon that can encode data onto 1—BEAM—OF—LIGHT at 1—RATE—OF—40—BILLION bits per 2. (gigabits).
20070724             —REPRESENTED, Such speeds, 1—RATE 40—TIMES faster than most corporate data networks.
20070724             —FOUNDED—OF, ALBERT—ELLIS (19130000              *), influential, 1—SCHOOL—OF psychotherapy, † in NEW—YORK—CITY.
20070724             † JOLEE—MOHR, 36—JAHRE—ALT in CHICAGO just weeks after beginning 1—EXPERIMENTAL gene therapy treatment from Targeted Genetics to ease the pain the rheumatoid arthritis in her knee.
20070724             —SUSPECTED, Doctors later, 1—INFECTION—OF—HISTOPLASMA capsulatum.
20070724             † RILEY—ANN—SAWYERS, 2—JAHRE—ALT after being whipped with belts and flung across 1—ROOM—LIKE 1—RAG doll.
20070724             The conviction brought 1—AUTOMATIC—SENTENCE—OF—LIFE in prison without parole.
20070724             Bamir Topi (50), 1—BIOLOGIST, was sworn in as ALBANIA—PRESIDENT, promising to help the poor Balkan country to become 1—MEMBER—OF—NATO and the European Union.
20070724             —CHARGED, FORMER—BANGLADESH PRIME—MINISTER—SHEIKH—HASINA was, with extortion for allegedly demanding HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—DOLLARS from 1—COMPANY seeking to build 1—POWER—STATION.
20070724             5—BULGARIA—NURSES and 1—PALESTINIAN doctor, sentenced to life in prison in LIBYA for allegedly infecting children with HIV, came home to BULGARIA and were greeted with tears and hugs, and 1—PRESIDENTIAL—PARDON that allowed them to walk free after 8 1/2—YEARS behind bars.
20070724             —MEDIATED, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—SARKOZY said QATAR, the release and hinted the Gulf country may have had 1—BROADER—ROLE in resolving the crisis.
20070724             CAMEROON PRESIDENT—PAUL—BIYA—GOVERNING—PARTY won 1—CRUSHING—VICTORY in weekend polls as the opposition cried foul, saying THE—WEST—AFRICAN nation had not staged fair elections in years.
20070724             —RUPTURED, CANADA, 1—PIPELINE in 1—VANCOUVER suburb was, sending 1—GEYSER—OF—OIL shooting 12—METERS (40—FEET) into the air, coating neighborhood streets and spilling crude into 1—OCEAN inlet.
20070724             —CONTINUED, Heavy rain and extreme temperatures, to batter EUROPE, with BRITAIN caught in its worst floods in living memory while the Balkans sizzled in heatwaves that killed at least 35—PEOPLE.
20070724             THE—USA and IRAN—AMBASSADORS to IRAQ also began talks in BAGHDAD in 1—BID to find ways to use their influence to bring stability to IRAQ.
20070724             A suicide bomber struck 1—BUSY—COMMERCIAL—CENTER in the Shiite CITY—OF—HILLAH, killing at least 24—PEOPLE and wounding dozens as the streets were packed with shoppers and commuters.
20070724             —ORDERED, NIGERIA—PRESIDENT—UMARU—YAR'ADUA, THE—RELEASE—OF—FUNDS belonging to the government of the economic CAPITAL—LAGOS seized 3—YEARS ago by his predecessor.
20070724             —KIDNAPPED, Suspected RANSOM—SEEKERS, THE—MOTHER—OF—THE—SPEAKER—OF—THE—STATE—HOUSE—OF—ASSEMBLY in neighboring Bayelsa state.
20070724             ABDULLAH—MEHSUD, 1—FORMER—GUANTANAMO Bay inmate who led PRO—TALIBAN militants in PAKISTAN after his release, † when he blew himself up with 1—GRENADE to avoid arrest.
20070724             —ABDUCTED, The beheaded bodies of 2—SOLDIERS, the previous night were found in the Bajur tribal area.
20070724             MOHAMMED—RADAD, 20—JAHRE—ALT, was shot by FATAH—ALLIED gunmen, when students aligned with the rival groups clashes on the campus of An Najah University in NABLUS.
20070724             —KILLED, Human Rights Watch said RWANDA—POLICE have, at least 20—DETAINEES in custody since November.
20070724             —FACED, BARCELONA—SPAIN, Day 2—OF—1—MAJOR—POWER—OUTAGE.
20070724             IRAK—POLITIK: Bush warnt vor AL—QAIDA- Gefahr
20070724             Der WASHINGTON—KORRESPONDENT des
20070724             Internetmagazins "Salon_com" sekundiert am Ende seines getippten Liveberichtes mit den Worten:
20070724             "Journalisten werden niemals ganz AMERIKA in den Schatten stellen, wenn es darum geht, sich gute Fragen auszudenken".
20070724             Das Internet bringt 1—FORM der Debatte zurück, wie es sie zuletzt auf den Plätzen ATHENS oder Roms GAB—ANGEREICHERT mit multimedialen, HYPERTEXT—BEFEUERTEN Argumentationshilfen.
20070724             Und die Schnipsel werden weiterleben, werden als ständig verfügbare Belege für mögliche falsche Versprechungen, für Wahlkampflügen und politische Halbwahrheiten zur Verfügung stehen, wenn Hillary Clinton oder einer der übrigen Kandidaten schließlich tatsächlich zur Wahl antreten sollte.
20070724             Was den entscheidenden Wendepunkt aber am besten deutlich macht, den die durchs Internet befütterte TV—DEBATTE markiert, sind Zahlen:
20070724             39—FRAGEN wurden den Kandidaten auf der Bühne GESTELLT—EINGEREICHT wurden aber knapp 3000—VIDEOS.
20070724             Das trug auch zur Qualität der Antworten bei, denn welche Fragen gestellt werden würden, wussten die Kandidaten vor Beginn der Sendung nicht.
20070724             830—WEBLOGS verlinken aktuell direkt auf die eigens eingerichtete YOUTUBE—SEITE, auf der die in DER—SENDUNG gestellten Fragevideos versammelt sind.
20070724             1—SUCHANFRAGE bei der Blogsuchmaschine Technorati mit den Begriffen "YouTube" und "Debate" wirft über 18.000—TREFFER aus.
20070724             18.000—WEBLOG—EINTRÄGE, von denen viele längst einen langen Schwanz von Kommentaren angesammelt haben.
20070724             Und diese Zahlen wachsen weiter.
20070724             Eine fast vergessene Form der Debatte kommt zurück
20070724             Das Forum der alten Römer ist zurück, der fragende Bürger kommt tatsächlich wieder vor in der USA—POLITIK—DANK des Internets.
20070724             Aber, da liegt das Problem, eben doch wieder nur dank des alten Mediums Fernsehen.
20070724             Diplomatengespräche: Amerikaner und Iraner schreien sich wegen IRAK—POLITIK an
20070724             Fall Litwinenko: Putin wirft Briten koloniales Denken vor
20070724             BAFIN—BERICHT: WESTLB—AUFSICHTSRAT will gesamten Vorstand entlassen
20070724             Ungarn: 500—TOTE nach Hitzewelle
20070724             Erstmals arabische Perspektive: Schulbuch sorgt in ISRAEL für Streit
20070724             NEONAZI—VERDACHT: Verfassungsschutz überprüft Polizisten
20070724             YOUTUBE—DEBATTE: Wie das Netz die USA—POLITIK revolutioniert
20070724             Kryptische ARZNEI—INFOS: Fachchinesisch tötet
20070724             Verkauf von Lateinamerikafilialen: MCDONALD—VERBUCHT zweithöchsten Verlust der Firmengeschichte
20070724             Bundesagentur: Arbeitslosenzahl erst 20110000             unter drei Millionen
20070724             UNTERWASSER—EXPEDITION: Russen wollen Flagge unterm Nordpol hissen
20070724             ANTI—RÜCKZUGSSTRATEGIE: USA—MILITÄR plant bis mindestens 20090000             im Irak
20070724             Geschlechtskrankheit: Zahl der SYPHILIS—INFEKTIONEN steigt rasant
20070724             Rekordhalbjahr: Fiat steigert Gewinn um 90 %
20070724             Presseschau: "Frankreichs 1. Lady ist fehl am Platz"
20070724             Exportskandale um Giftzahnpasta: EU fordert von CHINA strengere Regeln für Produktsicherheit
20070724             Hochwasser in ENGLAND: OXFORD rüstet sich gegen die Flut
20070724             Human Trafficking
20070724             Coalition Against Human Trafficking Help Support the Effort!
20070724             Zum NACHDENKEN—LEITSÄTZE zum Humanismus
20070724             Beziehen wir die alles zur Ware degradierende Art und Weise globalen Wirtschaftens auf die Ebene der Familie... Tenzin Gyatso, Dalai Lama XIV (*1936)...
20070724             Worldwide Production and EXPORT—OF—CLUSTER—MUNITIONS : Appendix...
20070724             Diehl Munitions Systeme (GERMANY).
20070724             European Aeronautic Defence and Space NV (NETHERLANDS). - Expal Explosivos SA (SPAIN).
20070724             Forges de Zeebrugge (BELGIUM)...
20070724             SURVEY—OF—CLUSTER—MUNITION—POLICY and Practice: IV. Cluster...
20070724             It also highlights cluster munition production, use + transfers, as well as any...
20070724             Expal Explosivos SA, Instalaza SA, INTERNATIONAL Technology SA...
20070724             L'industrie des munitions : vers la mondialisation?
20070724             Bestandsformaat: PDF/Adobe ACROBAT—HTML—VERSIE
20070724             Depuis 19870000             , l'industrie mondiale des munitions a vu sa production diminuer de plus de... EXPAL.
20070724             X. Fabrique fédérale suisse. X. Finnmecanica.
20070724             Die Versicherer gehen von einem Schaden von umgerechnet rund drei Milliarden Euro aus.
20070724             Premierminister GORDON—BROWN machte den Klimawandel für die Katastrophe verantwortlich.
20070724             Er versprach die Hochwasserhilfe von 600—MILLIONEN auf 800—MILLIONEN Pfund (rund 1,2 Milliarden Euro) zu erhöhen.
20070724             Es ist bereits die 2. große Flut, die Großbritannien in diesem Sommer heimsucht.
20070724             Die Luftwaffe sprach von ihrem größten Einsatz in Friedenszeiten.
20070724             Die Sammelklage stellt vor allem Mängel bei der Behandlung des posttraumatischen Stresssyndroms heraus, unter dem viele IRAK—UND AFGHANISTAN—VETERANEN leiden würden, berichtete die "LOS—ANGELES—TIMES"
20070724             unter Berufung auf die 73—SEITEN starke Klageschrift.
20070724             "1—REIHE von Veteranen haben Selbstmord begangen, kurz nachdem sie von den Krankenhäusern abgewiesen wurden, weil sie für 1—BEHANDLUNG nicht in Frage kamen oder die Wartezeit zu lang war",
20070724             so die Anwälte der Veteranenverbände.
20070724             Veteranen werfen Regierung Betrug vor
20070724             In der Klage wird der Behörde außerdem vorgeworfen, die Veteranen bewusst betrogen zu haben.
20070724             So sei in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Pentagon in einigen Fällen das posttraumatische Stresssyndrom als bereits zuvor vorhandene Persönlichkeitsstörung ausgewiesen worden, um keine Zahlungen leisten zu müssen.
20070724             Die Regierung hat die Vorwürfe zurückgewiesen.
20070724             Börsengang: Kabinett beschließt Teilprivatisierung der Bahn
20070724             Weniger Menschen: Geburtenkontrolle soll Klimawandel stoppen
20070724             AFGHANISTAN: Regierung will keine zusätzlichen BUNDESWEHR—TRUPPEN entsenden
20070724             USA—VETERANEN: Ehemalige IRAK—UND AFGHANISTAN—SOLDATEN klagen gegen ihre Regierung
20070724             Sperrmüll im Orbit: Astronauten werfen Tank ins All
20070724             Bahnprivatisierung: Länder kündigen Widerstand gegen Gesetz an
20070724             Barclays P.L.C.
20070724             Your search for BANCO SANTANDER CENTRAL—HISPANO in Barclays P.L.C. returned 5—ARTICLES.
20070724             ARTICLES ABOUT BARCLAYS P.L.C.
20070724—19550000    —IN, developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which stressed SELF—CONTROL.
20070724—20040300    —RELEASED, He was, and quickly took up arms again, leading militants in SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN.
20070724—20050000    —BUSTED, CHINA—OFFICIALS said THE—FBI and CHINA—POLICE have, 2—SOFTWARE—PIRACY—GANGS and seized programs worth 1 estimated $500—MILLION in 1—JOINT—CAMPAIGN that began.
20070724—20070720    —ELECTED, Topi was, to a 5—YEAR—TERM by PARLIAMENT after some opposition lawmakers ended their coalition's boycott and supported his appointment.
20070724—20070727    —ON, Radad † from his wounds.
20070724—20070911    —ON, PRESIDENT—BUSH, speaking at CHARLESTON AIR—FORCE—BASE in SOUTH—CAROLINA, sought to justify THE—IRAQ war by citing intelligence reports he said showed 1—LINK between AL—QAIDA—OPERATION in IRAQ and the terror group that attacked THE—USA.
20070724—20071029    —ON, her body, dubbed Baby Grace, was found inside 1—PLASTIC—BOX in Galveston Bay.
20070724—20090000    —IN, 1—JURY convicted RILEY—MOTHER, Kimberly Dawn Trenor (20), of capital murder.
20070724—20091106    —ON, RILEY—ANN—SAWYERS—HUSBAND, Royce CLYDE—ZEIGLER—II, 25—JAHRE—ALT, was CONVICTED—OF—CAPITAL—MURDER, and was also expected to receive 1—LIFE—SENTENCE.
20080724             —CONFIRMED, THE—USA, that it planned to shift 230—MILLION—DOLLARS in aid to PAKISTAN from COUNTER—TERRORISM—PROGRAMS to upgrading the country's F—16—FIGHTER—JETS.
20080724             NEW—YORK ATTORNEY—GENERAL—ANDREW—CUOMO sued banking giant UBS for fraud, accusing the company of marketing TENS—OF—BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS—OF—AUCTION—RATE—SECURITIES as safe even when they knew the investments were in trouble.
20080724             † THE—USA—CDC reported that at least 1,013—PEOPLE had 20050000—20070000    —BETWEEN 1—STREET—VERSION—OF—THE—PAINKILLER fentanyl.
20080724             —UNREPORTED, MANY—DEATHS were likely.
20080724             —RELEASED, NASA, findings that indicate magnetic explosions about 1—3. of the way to the moon cause the northern lights, or aurora borealis, to burst in spectacular shapes and colors, and dance across the sky.
20080724             Ford Motor Co. —POSTED the worst quarterly performance in its history, losing $8.67—BILLION in the 2. quarter.
20080724             —REPORTED, It was, that the sabal palm, THE—FLORIDA—STATE—TREE, was under attack by 1—MICROSCOPIC—KILLER and had scientists stumped.
20080724             —ATTACKED, SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, insurgents, an AFGHANISTAN—MILITARY—CONVOY in Zabul province and 35—MILITANTS were killed after the army called for assistance from THE—USA—LED coalition.
20080724             A UK—ARMY dog handler was fatally shot by insurgents.
20080724             HUNDREDS—OF—ANGLICAN bishops from around the world were among 1,500—PEOPLE who marched through CENTRAL—LONDON calling for urgent action to tackle global poverty.
20080724             MAX—MOSLEY, 68—JAHRE—ALT, motor racing CHIEF and SON—OF—BRITAIN'S 1930s Fascist leader OSWALD—MOSLEY, won 60,000 pounds ($119,100) in damages at LONDON—HIGH—COURT from THE—NEWS—OF—THE—WORLD—NEWSPAPER for breaching his privacy by reporting details of 1—GERMAN—THEMED sex session with 5—PROSTITUTES.
20080724             10—INSURGENTS and 2—CAMEROON—SOLDIERS were killed in 1—REBEL—ATTACK in THE—OIL—RICH—BAKASSI peninsula.
20080724             The rebels, who call themselves THE—NIGER Delta Defense and Security Council, oppose CAMEROON—OWNERSHIP—OF—THE—WEST—AFRICAN peninsula, which is also claimed by NIGERIA.
20080724             FRANCE—PRIME—MINISTER—FRANCOIS—FILLON said a 15% cut in military manpower and base closings will save BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS.
20080724             The military ranks will be cut by 54,000.
20080724             FRANCE—GIANT—AUTOMAKER—RENAULT said it will cut about 5,000 jobs in EUROPE among measures to reduce costs by 10—PERCENT as it prepares for 1—SHARP and possibly rocky downturn.
20080724             GERMANY, USA presidential candidate BARACK—OBAMA and GERMANY—CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL discussed the wars in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN as well as climate and energy issues at GERMANY—CHANCELLERY.
20080724             Obama stood before 1—ENORMOUS—CROWD in BERLIN and summoned Europeans and Americans to work together to "defeat terror and dry up THE—WELL—OF—EXTREMISM that supports it".
20080724             —OPENED, NORTH—BAGHDAD, gunmen in 1—SPEEDING—CAR, fire on 2—DIFFERENT—AWAKENING—COUNCIL—CHECKPOINTS in the Azamiyah neighborhood killing 3—OF—ITS—GUARDS and leaving another wounded.
20080724             A female suicide bomber blew herself up near USA—ALLIED Sunni Arab fighters walking in 1 crowded AREA—OF—BAQOUBA, killing at least 8—OF—THE—GUARDS and wounding 24—OTHER—PEOPLE.
20080724             IRAQ was told it's not welcome to THE—BEIJING Olympics because of 1—POLITICAL feud in BAGHDAD that angered the games' guardians and exiled 1—COUNTRY that arrived to 1—ROARING—OVATION at the opening ceremony 4—YEARS ago.
20080724             —APPROVED, An ISRAEL—OFFICIAL said 1—KEY—COMMITTEE has, CONSTRUCTION—OF—THE 1. new Jewish settlement in THE—WEST—BANK in 1—DECADE.
20080724             —INFURIATED, The news, Palestinians, who said the decision could cripple peace efforts.
20080724             —SUSPECTED, INDIA—KASHMIR, 1, Islamic militant threw 1—HAND—GRENADE at 1—GROUP—OF—MIGRANT laborers, killing 1—WOMAN and her 4—CHILDREN in 1—OF 2—ATTACKS that claimed 1—TOTAL—OF—9—LIVES.
20080724             LIBYA said it will halt fuel supplies to key oil client SWITZERLAND in the latest reprisal for last week's brief detention in GENEVA—OF—1—SON—OF—LIBYA—LEADER—MOAMER Kadhafi.
20080724             MEXICO, state prison CHIEF—SALVADOR—BARRENO was shot and killed as he drove in CIUDAD—JUAREZ, across from EL—PASO, TEXAS.
20080724             —KILLED, His bodyguard was also.
20080724             † 3—OTHER—MEN, in 1—SEPARATE—SHOOTING—MINUTES later.
20080724             NIGERIA, 1—PETROL tanker burst into flames main in the main CITY—OF—LAGOS, killing at least 12—PEOPLE and leaving several others with severe burns.
20080724             5—EAST—EUROPEAN oil workers were abducted from 1—SWEDEN—BOAT in THE—NIGER delta.
20080724             —ARMED, SOUTH—NORWAY, 1—GROUP—OF—MEN, with bats and iron bars attacked 1—CENTER for political ASYLUM—SEEKERS, leaving more than 20—PEOPLE injured.
20080724             —RIPPED, In THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES 1—HOMEMADE bomb, through 1—COMMUTER bus, wounding 27—PEOPLE.
20080724             —ATTACKED, In NORTH—COTABATO province communist rebels, 1—BANANA farm associated with Dole Foods Co. and 1—LAND—MINE hit 1—SECURITY—VEHICLE rushing to intervene, killing 1 and wounding 3—OTHERS.
20080724             SINGAPORE, NORTH—KOREA—RECLUSIVE communist regime, long seen as 1—NUCLEAR—THREAT to the region, signed 1—NONAGGRESSION—PACT with SOUTH—EAST—ASIA, in 1—LARGELY symbolic move.
20080724             SOUTH—AFRICA, talks began in earnest on resolving ZIMBABWE—POLITICAL—CRISIS after PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE gave his senior lieutenants the final GO—AHEAD to negotiate POWER—SHARING with the opposition.
20080724             —BATTLED, SRI—LANKA—FORCES, rebel gunmen deep inside the nation's northern jungles, killing 25—GUERRILLA fighters and seizing new territory.
20080724             —KILLED, Battles in other PARTS—OF—THE—WAR—ZONE, 13—REBELS and 3—SOLDIERS.
20080724             —STABBED, SURINAME, 1—BOY, 12—JAHRE—ALT, and killed a 9-year-old girl in front of her classmates and teacher at 1—RURAL elementary school.
20080724             Obamas Berliner Rede: Völker der Welt, schaut auf mich
20080724             Einigung: EU will Passagierdaten nach USA—VORBILD speichern
20080724             Nordirak: Selbstmordattentäterin tötet mehrere Menschen
20080724             Volksfest an der Siegessäule: 200.000—FANS pilgern zur OBAMA—ANDACHT
20080724             Obamas ORIGINAL—MANUSKRIPT: "PEOPLE—OF—THE—WORLD, look at BERLIN!"
20080724             Reaktionen auf OBAMA—REDE: "Starke und mutige Botschaft"
20080724             DEUTSCHLAND—VISITE: USA—REPORTER wundern sich über das SIEGESSÄULEN—SPEKTAKEL
20080724             Kommentar: NUMBER 44—HAT gesprochen
20080724             Google Knol is here! Open to the public! 1. Impressions?
20080724             1. Impressions?
20080724             Tagged: new google wickipedia, knol, google knol
20080724             Started by Knolstuff in Google Knol News. Last reply by HARISH—ANAND 23
20080724             AUTHOR: TerrorismCentral Editorial Staff TITLE: TerrorismCentral...
20080724             —DISGRUNTLED, Insider threats from, employees as well as organized crime present increasing risks.
20080724             IRAQ WAR—ACADEMIC—INFO "..1 expanded COLLECTION—OF—CORE—DOCUMENTS relating to THE—IRAQ WMD debate.
20080724             Larry Diamond, JAMES—DOBBINS, and Leslie Gelb analyze the report of the.
20080724             As THE—LA Times blog puts it: Some blogs...interpreted OBAMA—MISSTATEMENT as intentional attempts to overstate his efforts.
20080724             —INDEED, That would, be shocking in the middle of 1—POLITICAL—CAMPAIGN.
20080724             Yet another Obama lie: The signs of this man's addiction to deceit are obvious and serious.
20080724             Progressives are forgiving outright fabrications that they would have shamed GEORGE—W—BUSH.
20080724             ISRAEL, Obama told his hosts to judge him by his "deeds," which is 1—BIT—LIKE judging 1—SQUID by its haircut.
20080724             "Just this past week, we passed OUT—OF—THE—USA—SENATE Banking Committee, which is my committee, 1—BILL to call for divestment from IRAN, as 1—WAY—OF ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don't obtain 1—NUCLEAR—WEAPON," he said.
20080724             BARACK—OBAMA is not on the Banking Committee. Kalifornien ist pleite.
20080724             Also wird Schwarzenegger die Überstunden nicht mehr bezahlen, 200.000—MITARBEITER der öffentlichen Hand auf den Mindestlohn reduzieren, keinen mehr einstellen, und knapp 22.000—ZEITARBEITER rausschmeißen.
20080724             Die Franzosen haben mal wieder 1—AKW—PROBLEM, kontaminieren hundert Mitarbeiter.
20080724             Der Stromkonzern EDF beschwichtigt, spricht nur von "leichter" Kontamination Na DANN ist ja alles gut.
20080724             Bwahahahaha
20080724             HANDY—STRAHLUNG: USA—FORSCHER verbreiten KREBS—ANGST
20080724             Ohne Sauerstoff gibt es kein Leben.
20080724             Das gilt auch für den Golf von Mexiko, in dem sich derzeit eine sogenannte Todeszone BILDET—WIE fast in jedem Sommer.
20080724             Aus dem Salzwasser verschwinden große Mengen Sauerstoff, Wissenschaftler sprechen von Hypoxie.
20080724             Das Phänomen tritt vor der Küste von LOUISIANA AUF—AN der Mündung des MISSISSIPPI.
20080724             "Es ist definitiv die schlimmste Situation, die wir in den letzten fünf Jahren hatten", sagte STEVE—DIMARCO, Ozeanograf an der TEXAS A&M University.
20080724             USA—KONJUNKTURKRISE: Fast Food kennt keine Rezession
20080724             SIEMENS—PROZESS: Staatsanwalt plädiert auf Bewährungsstrafe
20080724             Golf von Mexiko: Forscher befürchten gigantische Todeszone
20080724             Besuch in BERLIN: Obama fordert mehr Einsatz im ANTI—TERROR—KAMPF
20080724             Automisere: DAIMLER—GEWINNWARNUNG drückt Dax nach unten
20080724             Amerikas Begeisterung für Obama: Der Märchenprinz
20080724             subject:"GEORGE—BUSH " Keywords: undergroundpictures udpvideo gwb bitch george bush eric beauchamp... CANADA, BRITAIN, IRELAND, ITALY, SWEDEN, DENMARK and elsewhere.
20080724             Operational Contacts — CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE Agency
20080724             OPERATIONAL CONTACTS 1. L. K. Bekrenev.
20080724             —CONDITIONED, Personal contacts with agents are, by 1—SERIES—OF—MUTUALLY related factors among which the following are.
20080724             Index of Declassified Articles, By Title — CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY—OPERATIONAL—CONTACTS : Bekrenev, L. K. : Winter 19650000             .
20080724             Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception, The : Gafford, Richard : Spring 19580000             .
20080724             LONDON/AUSTIN—DER Mist von Kühen und anderen Nutztieren könnte Strom für Millionen Menschen liefern und zugleich das Klima SCHÜTZEN—SO weit, so bekannt.
20080724             —JETZT aber haben Wissenschaftler errechnet, dass mit dem Dung der Tiere allein in den USA rund 100—MILLIARDEN Kilowattstunden Elektrizität produziert werden KÖNNEN—DAS entspricht knapp drei % des USA—JAHRESVERBRAUCHS.
20080724             Damit könnten MILLIONEN—VON—HAUSHALTEN und Büros versorgt werden, schreiben Amanda Cuéllar und MICHAEL—WEBBER von der UNIVERSITY—OF—TEXAS in AUSTIN
20080724             im Fachblatt "Environmental Research Letters".
20080724             Großalarm in Wladiwostok: Terminal wegen radioaktiver Russin evakuiert
20080724             Geschäftsklima: Stimmung in der Wirtschaft kühlt sich stark ab
20080724             STROM—STUDIE: Stallmist enthält Energie für Millionen
20080724             Arbeitsmarkt: Frankreichs Parlament hebelt 35—STUNDEN—WOCHE aus
20080724             Immobilienkrise: USA—ABGEORDNETE beschließen MILLIARDEN—HILFSPAKET
20080724             Sparsame Regierung: Ministerien beschäftigen immer mehr Billigkräfte
20080724             Hurrikan "Dolly": 250.000—MEXIKANER ohne fließendes Wasser
20080724             Atomanlage Tricastin: Hundert Mitarbeiter bei Reaktorpanne kontaminiert
20080724             Abkommen wie die der WTO müssen breit bekanntgemacht und von allen Bürgern diskutiert werden, nicht nur von Ministern, Unternehmern und "Experten".
20080724             Wir, die Völker der Welt, müssen aufhören, uns zu Opfern dieser Verhandlungen machen zu lassen.
20080724             Wir müssen zu Protagonisten unserer eigenen Gegenwart und Zukunft werden.
20080724             (Übersetzung: Botschaft der Republik Bolivien in BERLIN)
20080724             Maßnahmen ergreifen, die dazu beitragen, die Konsumsucht, die Vergeudung von Naturressourcen, den Ausstoß von Treibhausgasen und die Produktion von Müll, der die Mutter Erde schädigt, zu beschränken.
20080724             Die Länder müssen dem Konsum der lokalen Produktion Priorität einräumen.
20080724             1—GUT, das um die halbe Welt geht, um seinen Bestimmungsort zu erreichen, ist heute unter Umständen billiger als ein lokales Produkt.
20080724             Aber wenn wir die Umweltkosten des Transports dieser Ware mit in Rechnung stellen, den Energieverbrauch und die Menge der CO2-Emissionen, dann können wir nur zu der Schlußfolgerung gelangen, daß es gesünder für den Planeten + die Menschheit wäre, dem Verbrauch dessen den Vorrang zu geben, was vor Ort produziert wird.
20080724             Im ärmsten Teil der Welt sterben jedes Jahr Millionen Menschen an Hunger.
20080724             Wir, die Entwicklungsländer, müssen das Recht zurückerobern, unsere Importe und Exporte zu regulieren, um die Ernährung unserer Bevölkerung zu sichern.
20080724             Nach sieben Jahren hängt die sogenannte WTO—ENTWICKLUNGSRUNDE noch immer Dogmen der Vergangenheit an, anstatt dem Weltgeschehen gerecht zu werden, das sich vor unseren Augen abspielt: mit der Ernährungskrise, der Energiekrise, mit dem Klimawandel und der Vernichtung der kulturellen Vielfalt.
20080724             Man macht die Welt glauben, daß man 1—ABKOMMEN brauche, um eine neue Lage zu bewältigen.
20080724             Aber dieses Abkommen widerspiegelt die Realität nicht.
20080724             Es ist nicht geeignet, die Probleme zu lösen.
20080724             Die Privatisierung und Vermarktung des Lebens selbst wird gefördert, wie die verschiedenen Eigentumsrechte auf Pflanzen, Tiere und selbst menschliche Gene beweisen.
20080724             Die Deregulierung und Privatisierung der Finanzmärkte ist eine der Ursachen der gegenwärtigen Weltfinanzkrise.
20080724             Größere Liberalisierung in diesem Bereich wird nicht mehr Entwicklung zur Folge haben, sondern eine größere Gefahr von Spekulation und Krisen in lebenswichtigen Bereichen wie der Nahrungsmittelbranche.
20080724             Bei den Industriewaren versucht man in den Verhandlungen der WTO zu erreichen, daß die Entwicklungsländer Zollkürzungen von bis zu 60 % vornehmen, während die entwickelten Staaten ihre Zölle nur um 25—BIS 33 % verringern müssen.
20080724             Die Entwicklungsländer setzen die Zölle für ihre landwirtschaftlichen Erzeugnisse herab, während die Subventionen, die die USA oder die EU für ihre Agrarprodukte gewähren, nicht verringert werden.
20080724             Die Mehrheit der Mitglieder der WTO sind Entwicklungsländer.
20080724             Wir streben an, ihre Bedürfnisse und Interessen in das Zentrum des Arbeitsprogramms zu rücken, das in der vorliegenden Erklärung angenommen wird.
20080724             House Passes Housing BILL—AFTER—BUSH—SAYS—HE—WILL—SIGN—IT
20080724             Politik: USA—WIRTSCHAFT laut Fed weiter verlangsamt
20080724             Schwäche der USA—WIRTSCHAFT hält an
20080724             Gewerkschaftler, Schwule und mögliche Ruhestörer: Platz nehmen auf der neuen französischen Datenbank!
20080724             Rohstoffpreise: Beutezüge auf dem Friedhof
20080724             Asbestos checks target 2—MILLION buildings
20080724             USA indicts army CAPTAIN for illicit, sensitive exports
20080724             Nouvel incident dans la centrale de Tricastin
20080724             Personalausweis mit Fingerabdruck
20080724             Kabinett beschließt neuen Personalausweis: Wolfgang Schäubles SUPER—PIN—KARTE
20080724             RUSSIA may aim nukes at EUROPE : RUSSIA is considering aiming nuclear weapons at WEST—EUROPE for the 1. time since THE—END—OF—THE—COLD—WAR, according to senior defence sources in MOSCOW.
20080724             Reuters: RUSSIA—COMPANIES—NOW—OWN 10—PERCENT—OF—U.S Steel Industry : The weak dollar has made MANY—USA—COMPANIES—CHEAP in comparison to their counterparts in the Euro zone, and MANY—WEALTHY—RUSSIANS are purchasing luxury properties in THE—USA for the same reason.
20080724             USA—FOOD groups plan hefty price rises:
20080724             —JUMPED, USA—FOOD—PRICES have, 5.3 % for the year ending in June, THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—LABOR reported last week.
20080724             The increase in food prices was steep in June, when they moved up 0.8 % compared with 0.3 % in May.
20080724             Mukasey Calls On Congress to Subvert Constitution:
20080724             USA—EXPANSION May Be 1. Without Income Recovery :
20080724             —SCORCHED, Wachovia, with 8.7—BILLION—DOLLAR—LOSS : Banking giant Wachovia took 1—SEVERE hit from THE—USA—HOUSING slump with a 2.—QUARTER loss of 8.662—BILLION dollars as it announced plans —TUESDAY to end its wholesale mortgage operations.
20080724             —AMOUNTED, The loss, to 4.20—DOLLARS per share, far above the average WALL—STREET forecast of 1—LOSS—OF—78—CENTS per share.
20080724             AMERICAN—EXPRESS Profit Falls on Higher Defaults : AMERICAN—EXPRESS Co., the biggest USA—CREDIT—CARD—COMPANY by purchases, withdrew its 20080000             earnings forecast after 2.—QUARTER profit fell 37 % on WORSE—THAN—EXPECTED consumer defaults.
20080724             —SLUMPED, The shares, 11 % in extended trading.
20080724             USA Unfolding Financial and Economic Nightmare : Nearly EVERY—MAJOR—BANK, brokerage and lender you can name is up to its eyeballs in leveraged investments whose value is going up in smoke.
20080724             They're borrowing HUNDREDS—OF—BILLIONS from the Fed.
20080724             They're raising billions more from investors, diluting their shares.
20080724             They're selling massive AMOUNTS—OF—ASSETS — scrambling ANY—WAY they can to raise cash to survive.
20080724             USA—GENERAL warns RUSSIA on nuclear bombers in CUBA : RUSSIA would cross "1—REDLINE for THE—USA—OF—AMERICA" if it were to base nuclear capable bombers in CUBA, 1—TOP—USA—AIR—FORCE—OFFICER warned on —TUESDAY.
20080724             Chavez seeks alliance with MOSCOW : HUGO—CHAVEZ, THE—VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT, has called for 1—STRATEGIC—ALLIANCE with RUSSIA to protect his country from THE—USA.
20080724             UN says 14—MILLION in Horn of AFRICA need emergency food aid:
20080724             ''They eat porridge once 1—DAY,'' Salah said of his children, ages 2, 5 and 6, who live on the outskirts of SOMALIA's shattered capital, MOGADISHU.
20080724             ''A kilogram (2—POUNDS) of beans used to cost 1—FEW CENTS—NOW it's 1—DOLLAR.
20080724             —AFFECTED, You can imagine the difference and how it has, our lives.''
20080724             BROWN—REFUSAL to rule out backing for ISRAEL—IRAN strike deeply alarming: Asked to make it clear that he would not give even tacit support to 1—UNILATERAL ISRAEL—STRIKE on IRAN, THE—PRIME—MINISTER said he would 'not rule out ANY—OPTIONS'.
20080724             —MISSED, In case you, it:
20080724             —SUPPLIED, Secret sale of UK plutonium to ISRAEL : THE—UK, ISRAEL with quantities of plutonium while HAROLD—WILSON was PRIME—MINISTER, BBC Newsnight can reveal.
20080724             Wachovia loses $8.9B, cuts 6,350 workers, dividend:
20080724             —REPORTED, Wachovia Corp., 1—SURPRISINGLY large 2.—QUARTER loss —TUESDAY, deflating WALL—STREET—HOPES that the nation's big banks are weathering the credit crisis well
20080724             WHO—NEXT? List of Troubled Banks Worries WALL—STREET : Banks in COLORADO, MARYLAND, GEORGIA and CALIFORNIA top PRIVATELY—PREPARED lists of troubled banks being circulated on WALL—STREET and in WASHINGTON.
20080724             How to fight foreclosure on your home : Using the "produce the note" strategy is something all homeowners facing foreclosure can do.
20080724             —TREATED, If you believe you've been, unfairly, fight back.
20080724             —CREATED, We have, templates for 1—LEGAL—REQUEST, 1—LETTER to your lender and 1—MOTION to compel to help you through the process.
20080724             USA 'Olive Branches' Aren't What They Seem
20080724             —TURNED, OPENING the newspaper last week, out to be 1—SURREAL experience.
20080724             1—DAY "the Great Satan" and the poster country for the "Axis of Evil" were daggers drawn as per usual and the next day USA—SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE had turned into 1—FEMALE—VERSION—OF—NELSON—MANDELA (apologies to Mandela): All forgiveness and reconciliation.
20080724             CENTCOM—MASTER—PLAN and USA Global Hegemony
20080724             MANY—PEOPLE deny that THE—USA—GOVERNMENT presides over 1—GLOBAL empire.
20080724             If you SPEAK—OF—USA—IMPERIALISM, they will fancy that you must be 1—DECREPIT MARXIST—LENINIST who has recently awakened after spending decades in 1—COMA.
20080724             Yet the facts cannot be denied, however much people's ideology may predispose them to distort or obfuscate those facts.
20080724             Have 1—LITTLE think about it, and you'll see that the 4. Circuit judges have just endorsed dictatorial powers.
20080724             Everybody Knows!
20080724             Most Americans still believe that they live in 1—FREE—COUNTRY with laws that govern this society and protect the citizens from any and all attacks: because to fail to believe in this;
20080724             is to be "UN—AMERICAN" in some way. Continue
20080724             RUSSIA—MILITARY—EXPERTS are recommending reactivating 1—RADAR—FACILITY on CUBA in response to USA—PLANS for 1—MISSILE—DEFENCE—SHIELD based in THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC and POLAND, it was reported in MOSCOW —WEDNESDAY
20080724             USA criticises RUSSIA—VENEZUELA—ARMS—DEAL : THE—USA—TUESDAY criticized a $2-billion RUSSIA—PACKAGE—OF—ARMS—SALES to VENEZUELA, saying the weaponry pursued by VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ goes beyond the country's defensive needs.
20080724             VENEZUELA Leader in BELARUS Decries "USA—IMPERIALISM" : VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ vowed on —WEDNESDAY to work with BELARUS, an EX—SOVIET—STATE—LONG at odds with WASHINGTON, to defeat "hegemonistic" USA—IMPERIALISM.
20080724             ECUADOR—PRESIDENT now in neocon crosshairs : ECUADOR—PRESIDENT—RAFAEL—CORREA has now found himself, like his ally VENEZUELA—HUGO—CHAVEZ, in the neocon crosshairs for ordering ECUADOR—DEPOSIT—GUARANTEE—AGENCY (AGD) to seize CONTROL—OF—SOME 200—COMPANIES belonging to fugitive Ecuadorian banker brothers William and Roberto Isaias.
20080724             SENATOR—JOE—LIEBERMAN praises pastor who said Holocaust was GOD—WORK : CONNECTICUT SENATOR—JOE—LIEBERMAN, 1—INDEPENDENT who frequently campaigns with McCain, said pastor JOHN—HAGEE—SUPPORT for ISRAEL outweighed the remarks that led McCain to reject his endorsement.
20080724             Comment: By UK—MP—GEORGE—GALLOWAY—VIDEO : Live Debate with GEORGE—GALLOWAY.
20080724             'EU may require visas from USA—CITIZENS': THE—EU has warned THE—USA of retaliatory measures if citizens of the 27-nation bloc are not granted VISA—FREE—ENTRY within 5—MONTHS.
20080724             New Spying Law Quickly Challenged: Civil liberties advocates have lost no time in asking 1—FEDERAL—COURT to stop the government from conducting surveillance under the new wiretapping law passed by Congress and signed by PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH last week.
20080724             Conservative Lawyers Urge Bush To Issue 'PRE—EMPTIVE Pardons' To Officials Involved In Illegal Programs:
20080724             According to the Times, "several MEMBERS—OF—THE—CONSERVATIVE—LEGAL—COMMUNITY" in WASHINGTON DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA are urging Bush to issue "PRE—EMPTIVE pardons" to those involved so as to "not be exposed even to the risk of 1—INVESTIGATION and expensive legal bills"
20080724             War is 1—RACKET: GENERAL—DYNAMICS 2.—QUARTER Net Jumps 25% on Armor, Jets:
20080724             —ARMORED, GENERAL—DYNAMICS—CORP., the largest maker of, vehicles for THE—USA—MILITARY, said 2.- quarter earnings rose 25 % as THE—IRAQ war lifted SALES—OF—BLAST—PROOF trucks
20080724             SOUTH—AFRICA: Small Farmers Pushed to Plant Genetically Modified Seed:
20080724             "The Department makes very attractive offers to provide farming equipment, water piping and seeds, but then uses this as 1—STRATEGY to push GMO BECAUSE—OF—AGREEMENTS they have signed with multinational GENERAL—MOTORS seed patent holders," says Vez
20080724             Report: ISRAEL—SOURCES say RUSSIA to supply new IRAN air defenses : IRAN is set to receive 1 advanced RUSSIAN—MADE ANTI—AIRCRAFT—SYSTEM by the year's end that could help fend off ANY—PREEMPTIVE strikes against its nuclear facilities, senior ISRAEL—DEFENSE—SOURCES told Reuters on —WEDNESDAY.
20080724             EX—USA—ADVISORS: IRAN attack 'disaster' : 2—FORMER—SENIOR—WHITE—HOUSE—SECURITY—ADVISORS have warned that 1—MILITARY—ATTACK against IRAN would be 1—CATASTROPHE for THE—USA.
20080724             Heads of IAEA and IRAN—ATOMIC—ENERGY—ORGANIZATION to meet after inconclusive nuke talks : A diplomat close to THE—UNITED—NATIONS—NUCLEAR—WATCHDOG says the encounter was requested by Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, HEAD—OF—IRAN—ATOMIC—ENERGY—ORGANIZATION.
20080724             The diplomat spoke on CONDITION—OF—ANONYMITY because the information was confidential.
20080724             —FILED, War crime suit, against Israelis: The list includes FORMER—ISRAEL—WAR—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—BEN—ELIEZER, his former military advisor MICHAEL—HERZOG, FORMER—CHIEF—OF—STAFF—MOSHE Ya'alon, and FORMER—AIR—FORCE—COMMANDER—DAN—HALUTZ, Ma'an News Agency reported on —TUESDAY.
20080724             CASE, You Missed It - - BBC Interviews Radovan Karadzic
20080724             —INTERVIEWED, Radovan Karadzic, by THE—BBC 19950000             argues that THE—DAYTON Agreement legitimized the War in Bosnia and that all his Soldiers adhered to THE—GENEVA Conventions!Considering GEORGE W Bush and co have argued that THE—GENEVA Conventions are outdated Bush should be aware this COULD happen to him.
20080724             G8 to Poor Women: Let Them Eat Dirt
20080724             Last week, LEADERS—OF—THE—WORLD—RICHEST—COUNTRIES, the Group of 8 (G8), met to chart the course of the global economy at the luxurious WINDSOR—HOTEL—TOYA—RESORT and Spa in TOYAKO—JAPAN.
20080724             —DISCUSSED, While PRESIDENT—BUSH and his colleagues, world hunger over a 6—COURSE—LUNCH, women in HAITI were preparing cakes of dirt for their children's dinner.
20080724             Gitmo 'Justice' for USA—CITIZENS?
20080724             A CONSERVATIVE—DOMINATED USA—APPEALS—COURT has opened the door for PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH or 1—SUCCESSOR to throw USA—CITIZENS—AS well as NON—CITIZENS—INTO 1—LEGAL—BLACK—HOLE by designating them "enemy combatants," even if they have engaged in no violent act and are living on USA—SOIL.
20080724             Democracy And Deference
20080724             I blame my parents, which is trite but traditional.
20080724             —6—YEARS—AFTER stepping onto the troubled SHORE—OF—SENATOR—JOSEPH—MCCARTHY—AMERICA they had 1—SON and promptly began to fill his head with nonsense.
20080724             AMERICA, they taught me, talent and hard work were all;
20080724             allegiance was automatically owed to no 1; respect had to be earned.
20080724             Obama On THE—BRINK—BY- ROBERT—SCHEER—JUST like former maverick JOHN—MCCAIN, who has refashioned himself as 1—MINDLESS—RUBBER stamp for the most inane policies of the miserably failed Bush administration.
20080724             USA—LAWYER Seeks To Sue USA Over IRAN Threats
20080724             With all due respect to IRAN—LEADERS, they must not underestimate the ruthlessness and CRUELTY—OF—PRESIDENT—BUSH and VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY, and their Straussian NEO—CONSERVATIVE—ADVISORS when it comes to their willingness to use military force against IRAN.
20080724             —CALLED, THE—IRAN—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINEJAD—NEVER, for ISRAEL "to be wiped off the map".
20080724             —CONFIRMED, This has been, by MANY—IRAN—LANGUAGE—EXPERTS.
20080724             Method In The Madness - - Why They Want To Attack IRAN
20080724             Attacking IRAN keeps the pot boiling.
20080724             It perpetuates the phony war on terror.
20080724             More war provides more enemies and so more pretext to erode civil liberties.
20080724             Unscrupulous politicians and certain corporations thrive when fear keeps people dumb and dazed.
20080724             With another invasion the Halliburtons and Blackwaters get to lap up more contracts.
20080724             ", erläuterte der Experte.
20080724             Die Stücke gehörten seit rund 3000—JAHREN zum WARD—HUNT—SCHELF.
20080724             Die Insel Ellesmere schließt im Norden mit fünf großen Eisschelfen ab, Ward Hunt gilt mit einer Fläche von 443—QUADRATKILOMETERN als das größte.
20080724             A press RELEASE—DATED- announced that USANA Health Sciences, INCORPORATED (NASDAQ: USNA) THE—USA—DISTRICT—JUDGE—DALE—KIMBALL has...
20080724             Ashok Kapur, et al. v. USANA Health Sciences, INCORPORATED, et al.
20080724             07-CV.
20080724             Military strike not 1—OPTION on IRAN, EU ministers say : European Union foreign ministers on —TUESDAY (20080722             ) called for further diplomacy in dealing with concerns over IRAN—NUCLEAR—PROGRAMME and ruled out 1—MILITARY—STRIKE as 1—OPTION.
20080724—19760000    —IN, THE—TREATY—OF—AMITY and Cooperation (TAC) with THE—ASSOCIATION—OF—THE—SOUTH—EAST—ASIAN Nations (ASEAN) came into force, requires signatories to renounce the use or THREAT—OF—FORCE and calls for the peaceful SETTLEMENT—OF—CONFLICTS.
20080724—20050000    —FROM, That the mainstream media have repeated and echoed the original mistranslation attests to their bias and hidden agenda.
20080724—20060000    —IN, McCain gets $1,930 1—MONTH from 'broken' Social Security system :, MCCAIN—WIFE—CINDY earned $6—MILLION, and has 1—NET worth of approximately $100—MILLION.
20080724—20080715    —ON, Wake up, AMERICA!, THE—COURT—OF—APPEALS for the 4. Circuit ruled by 5—VOTES to 4 in THE—CASE—OF—AL—MARRI v. Pucciarelli (PDF) that THE—PRESIDENT can arrest USA—CITIZENS and legal residents inside THE—USA and imprison them indefinitely, without charge or trial, based solely on his assertion that they are "enemy combatants".
20080724—20080726    —RELEASED, THE—5—RUSSIA—OIL—WORKERS were.
20080724—20170000    —APPROVED, THROUGH—ECUADOR, 1—SPECIAL—ASSEMBLY, 1—NEW—444—ARTICLE—DRAFT—CONSTITUTION granting its leftist PRESIDENT broad powers, including the ability to dissolve Congress and set monetary policy, and freeing him to run for office.
20081202—20080724    —ON, Alamo was CON—VICTED of taking girls as young as 9—ACROSS state lines for sex.
20090623—20090724    —ON, a 3. suspect, Didi Ould Bezeid (26), was arrested in NOUAKCHOTT.
20090724             —CONCEDED, PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, his words, that 1—WHITE—POLICE—OFFICER "acted stupidly" when he arrested 1—BLACK—UNIVERSITY—SCHOLAR in his own home, were ILL—CHOSEN.
20090724             He invited both men to visit him at THE—WHITE—HOUSE, but stopped short of publicly apologizing for his remark.
20090724             —TELEPHONED, Obama said he had personally, THE—2—MEN, Harvard professor HENRY—LOUIS—GATES—JUNIOR and CAMBRIDGE—MASSACHUSETTS, police SERGEANT—JAMES—CROWLEY, in 1—EFFORT to end the rancorous BACK—AND—FORTH over the issue.
20090724             —CHALLENGED, PRESIDENT—OBAMA, states and school districts to raise academic standards and improve teacher quality if they want 1—CHANCE at some $5—BILLION in new grants in the administration's "Race to the Top" program.
20090724             —TRANSFERRED, THE—USA, $200—MILLION to the Palestinian government to help ease 1—GROWING—BUDGET—DEFICIT.
20090724             A federal minimum wage increase took effect.
20090724             Some economists said it could prolong the recession by forcing small businesses to lay off the same workers that the pay hike passed in better times was meant to help.
20090724             The increase to $7.25—MEANT 70—CENTS more an hour for THE—LOWEST—PAID workers in THE—30—STATES that have lower minimums or no minimum wage.
20090724             —APPROVED, THE—CALIFORNIA Senate, 1—PLAN to close the state's $26—BILLION budget deficit, providing 1—GLIMMER—OF—HOPE after weeks of fiscal gloom.
20090724             —ORDERED, OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA, 1—CITY parking department memo, parking officers to avoid enforcing neighborhood parking violations in some wealthier neighborhoods, but to continue enforcing the same violations in THE—REST—OF—THE—CITY.
20090724             —ARRESTED, ISAIAH—MK—KALEBU, 23—JAHRE—ALT was, for breaking into 1—SEATTLE home and stabbing 2—WOMEN, 1—FATALLY.
20090724             Kalebu had 1—HISTORY—OF—MENTAL—ILLNESS.
20090724             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, 4—TALIBAN were, in 1—CLASH with foreign forces In NORTH—BALKH province.
20090724             —KILLED, Fighting, 2—USA—SOLDIERS.
20090724             NATO—TROOPS came under fire in the east and 1—NATO—SOLDIER was killed.
20090724             —FOLLOWED, Air strikes, killing several insurgents.
20090724             —KILLED, Up to 12—INSURGENTS were, in 1—GUN—BATTLE with USA—LED troops in THE—EAST—PROVINCE—OF—NANGARHAR.
20090724             BURUNDI army officials said 3—OF—ITS—SOLDIERS serving with African Union peacekeepers in SOMALIA have † of 1—MYSTERIOUS—ILLNESS in 1—KENYA—HOSPITAL where more than 10—OTHERS are being treated.
20090724             Via RAIL—CANADA—NATIONAL—PASSENGER—RAIL—SERVICE, said it was shutting down service after mediated talks with the Teamsters union failed to resolve 1—CONTRACT—DISPUTE, and locomotive engineers walked off the job.
20090724             A senior Chechen official held talks in NORWAY with prominent separatist figure Akhmed Zakayev, who said they had agreed to seek 1—POLITICAL—SETTLEMENT—OF—REBELLION in THE—SOUTH—RUSSIA—REGION.
20090724             —CLASHED, CHINA, some 30,000 steelworkers in Tonghua, with police in 1—PROTEST over plans to merge their mill with another company.
20090724             —ATTACKED, Angry employees of Tonghua Iron and Steel Group, Jianlong Steel general manager Chen Guojun during the protest and beat him to death.
20090724             —CHASED, THE—UN—REFUGEE—AGENCY said 536,000—PEOPLE have been, from their homes in EAST—CONGO this year as 1—RESULT—OF—CLASHES between government forces and rebels linked to neighboring RWANDA's 19940000             genocide.
20090724             —DERAILED, SOUTH—CROATIA, 1—PASSENGER—TRAIN, killing at least 6—PEOPLE and injuring about 20.
20090724             EUROPE, deadly summer wild fires spread across SPAIN, FRANCE, ITALY and GREECE with holidaymakers rescued from beaches and THOUSANDS—OF—FIREFIGHTERS brought into the battle.
20090724             Ousted HONDURAS PRESIDENT—MANUEL—ZELAYA stood on the edge of his country and called on his fellow Hondurans to resist THE—COUP—INSTALLED government.
20090724             —RETREATED, He then quickly, back to NICARAGUA—TERRITORY, saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed and give negotiations another try.
20090724             —CAVED, IRAN—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINEJAD, into pressure from hardline clerics and the country's supreme leader and allowed the resignation of his top deputy, Esfandiar RAHIM—MASHAI, who last year angered conservatives when he made friendly comments toward ISRAEL.
20090724             —OPERATED, IRAN, 1—RUSSIA—ILYUSHIN 62—PLANE, by TEHRAN—BASED ARIA—AIRLINES and carrying 153—PASSENGERS and crew, skidded off the runway and hit 1—WALL while landing in THE—NORTH—EAST—CITY—OF—MASHHAD.
20090724             13—OF—THE—16—PEOPLE killed in the crash were MEMBERS—OF—THE—CREW, 9—OF—THEM from KAZAKHSTAN.
20090724             —LANDED, The plane, at high speed and the tires failed.
20090724             NORTH—IRAQ, Fakri Hadi Gari, the deputy COMMANDER—OF—1—RADICAL—SUNNI Islamic group linked to AL—QAIDA, was arrested.
20090724             —BELIEVED, Ansar AL—ISLAM is, by the military to be behind attacks on USA and IRAQ—TROOPS in MOSUL.
20090724             —ARRESTED, Gari, also known as ABU—ABBAS and MULLAH—HALGURD, was, with 9—OTHER suspected members.
20090724             —RELATED, An USA—SOLDIER † of NON—COMBAT, injuries.
20090724             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 10—MILITANTS were, in Buner district and 29 were arrested elsewhere in the region.
20090724             —KILLED, Troops, 4—MILITANTS in Swat and destroyed 1—TRAINING—CAMP and 1—MILITANTS' cave.
20090724             —POUNDED, In Upper Dir jets, 1 suspected Taliban base, killing at least 4—MILITANTS.
20090724             —BOARDED, THE—ARCTIC—SEA, 1—MALTESE—FLAGGED bulk carrier, was, by 8—ATTACKERS posing as police.
20090724             —BOARDED, The timber carrying vessel was, off THE—SWEDEN—COAST, searched by attackers, who reportedly tied up the crew —FOR—12—HOURS.
20090724             —TRACKED, RUSSIA—NAVAL—WARSHIPS, down the ship off THE—CAPE—VERDE islands and freed the crew.
20090724             2—OTHERS were already convicted.
20090724             —APPROVED, THE—IMF, a $2.6—BILLION loan to SRI—LANKA.
20090724             —LAUNCHED, ZIMBABWE—COALITION—GOVERNMENT, 1—CAMPAIGN—OF "national healing" and reconciliation, with political leaders urging supporters to end YEARS—OF—POLITICAL—VIOLENCE and intimidation.
20090724             Wegen Tests: AKW Philippsburg schaltet Reaktor ab
20090724             Finanzkrise: Rettung der HRE erspart Banken Milliardenverluste
20090724             Umfrage: Verbraucher wollen LEBENSMITTEL—AMPEL
20090724             IRAN: Chamenei ordnet Entlassung von Ahmadinedschads Vize an
20090724             Jahrestag der Revolution: Ägypten schwelgt in NASSER—NOSTALGIE
20090724             USA—FINANZIERER: Krisenbank CIT prüft eigene Zerschlagung
20090724             reagierte das NRW—MINISTERIUM mit der Erklärung, alles sei sicher und man halte es für "verwunderlich" dass das Bundesumweltministerium Fragen zu einem Vorgang stellt, der "31—JAHRE zurück liegt".
20090724             UKRAINE: EX—POLIZIST wegen Mord an Journalist angeklagt
20090724             Erschossener Student: Polizisten in den Innendienst versetzt
20090724             ALGERIEN, gab es bei Temperaturen von bis zu 46—GRAD mehr als 12—BRÄNDE.
20090724             Forderung nach Akteneinsicht: Opposition will BND—AUSSCHUSS rasch weiterführen
20090724             Datensicherheit: IPHONE—VERSCHLÜSSELUNG in zwei Minuten gehackt
20090724             UNFALL—STATISTIK: Zahl der Verkehrstoten sinkt deutlich
20090724             Hamburger Babyklappenstreit: Das lukrative Geschäft mit den Kindern
20090724             KRISEN—UMFRAGE: Jeder 5. Deutsche bangt um seinen Job
20090724             AKW Emsland: REAKTOR—SCHNELLABSCHALTUNG nach Zwischenfall
20090724             Auch sollen zwei Schüsse gefallen sein.
20090724             Welcher Art die Schüsse waren, ob es sich also um scharfe Munition gehandelt hat, und welcher Gruppe die Waffe zuzuordnen ist, konnte die Polizei bisher nicht überprüfen.
20090724             Man habe das Grundstück nicht betreten, so 1—POLIZEISPRECHER.
20090724             1—HANDVOLL Mitglieder der rechtsradikalen Szene hält sich seit einer Woche im Auftrag von NDP—VIZECHEF Jürgen Rieger im Hotel Gerhus im Landkreis Celle auf.
20090724             Die Rechtsextremen wollen es für Schulungen, Parteitage und Jugendlager nutzen, befürchtet der Bürgermeister von Faßberg, HANS—WERNER Schlitte.
20090724             "Es wird 1—PRODUKT sein, das Geld kostet und mit dem wir auch Geld verdienen können".
20090724             Der Gegenwert für den Preis WERDE—IM Unterschied zu anderen ONLINE—MAILANGEBOTEN—DIE "Sicherheit" sein, betonte Gerdes.
20090724             "Wir wollen unsere Zuverlässigkeit auch ins Internet transferieren".
20090724             Einen wesentlichen Startvorteil zu möglichen Konkurrenten hat die Post: Da sie über ein flächendeckendes Zustellnetz verfügt, kann auch ein "hybrides" Angebot genutzt werden.
20090724             POST—CHEF FRANK—APPEL forderte von den Beschäftigten bei Lohn und Arbeitszeit deutliche Zugeständnisse.
20090724             Sonst drohe in einigen Jahren statt des sicheren Arbeitsplatzes ein böses Erwachen: "Wenn wir Arbeitsplätze langfristig sichern wollen, dann darf es keine heiligen Kühe geben".
20090724             Appel will am liebsten auch eine schon für Dezember vereinbarte Lohnerhöhung von drei Prozent für die rund 130.000—TARIFBESCHÄFTIGTEN wieder kippen.
20090724             Mit der Gewerkschaft ver.di soll jetzt über Optionen zur Kostendämpfung verhandelt werden.
20090724             In teilweise abgelegenen Waldgebieten Mittelkaliforniens stießen die Ermittler auf mehr als 330.000—CANNABIS—PFLANZEN an mehreren Dutzend Stellen.
20090724             "Die Menge an Drogen hier draußen ist beängstigend", sagte der Beamte BILL—RUZZAMENTI—DER—ZEITUNG "FRESNO Bee".
20090724             Die Suche nach weiteren versteckten Anbaufeldern soll bis in den Herbst fortgesetzt werden.
20090724             CHINA investiert massiv in den Ausbau regenerativer Energien, baut aber auch zahlreiche neue Kohlekraftwerke.
20090724             Neben CHINA sperrt sich auch Indien gegen 1—FESTLEGUNG auf genaue Ziele zur CO2-Reduktion.
20090724             H1N1-Ausbreitung: Deutschland bestellt 50—MILLIONEN Impfdosen gegen Schweinegrippe
20090724             Absatzplus: VW steigert weltweiten Marktanteil
20090724             Anschlag auf Königin Beatrix: Fernsehzuschauer verlangen Schmerzensgeld
20090724             Vergleich mit USA und CHINA: Experten preisen deutsche Konjunkturprogramme
20090724             RASSISMUS—STREIT: Polizeiaktion gegen schwarzen PROMI—PROF erregt AMERIKA
20090724             Kalifornien: Polizei macht MILLIARDEN—DOLLAR—DROGENFUND
20090724             Etwa JOSEPH—DORIA, der Verbraucherbeauftragte von NEW—JERSEY und Präsident des JESUITEN—COLLEGE S—PETER'S.
20090724             Die Geistlichen wurden der "internationalen Geldwäsche" angeklagt: Sie hätten allein seit
20090724             "Jersey", höhnt die New Yorker Lokalausgabe des TV—NETWORKS NBC, die gängige Kurzform wie 1—SCHIMPFWORT über den Hudson spuckend, "der politisch korrupteste Ort auf der ganzen Welt".
20090724             Festgenommen: Abgeordnete, Bürgermeister, Rabbis
20090724             In der Tat ist kaum abzusehen, wie sich der Bundesstaat mit der drittkleinsten Fläche, doch größten Bevölkerungsdichte der USA von diesem Image so bald wieder befreien kann.
20090724             Bei einer Großrazzia verhaftete das FBI am —DONNERSTAG binnen weniger Stunden 44—PERSONEN wegen Korruption und "internationaler Geldwäsche".
20090724             Darunter: drei Bürgermeister, 1—VIZEBÜRGERMEISTERIN, zwei Landesabgeordnete und fünf prominente Rabbis.
20090724             Alle wurden bis zum Abend dem Haftrichter vorgeführt.
20090724             Selbst die Hartgesottensten sind fast sprachlos.
20090724             "Ein unglaublicher Morgen", ächzte COREY—BOOKER, Newarks unerschütterlicher, korruptionsgewohnter Bürgermeister.
20090724             Klimaverhandlungen: UNO—CHEF macht Druck auf CHINA
20090724             IFO—INDEX: Geschäftsklima verbessert sich überraschend deutlich
20090724             Wirtschaftskrise: Zahl ausländischer Besucher in Deutschland geht stark zurück
20090724             Kühltechnik: Tukane regeln Körperwärme über den Schnabel
20090724             Bestechungsskandal in NEW—JERSEY: "Korruption als Lebensart"
20090724             SOFTWARE—GIGANT: Umsatzeinbruch bei Microsoft schockiert Anleger
20090724             Mitteleuropa: Heftige Unwetter fordern mehrere Tote
20090724             Insbesondere die Republikaner kritisieren den Plan, weil sie in der staatlichen Versicherung eine zu starke Konkurrenz für private Versicherer sehen.
20090724             Obama sieht in der Reform den Schlüssel für die wirtschaftliche Erholung des Landes.
20090724             Der USA—KONGRESS hat die Abstimmung über die Gesundheitsreform des USA—PRÄSIDENTEN in den September verschoben.
20090724             Zudem befinden sich 15—MITGLIEDER eines internationalen Geldwäscherings in Untersuchungshaft, darunter die fünf Rabbiner aus SYRISCH—JÜDISCHEN Gemeinden im New Yorker Stadtteil Brooklyn und aus DEAL—NEW—JERSEY.
20090724             Einer der Verdächtigen soll außerdem am Verkauf einer menschlichen Spenderniere beteiligt gewesen sein.
20090724             Gouverneur Corzine erklärte: "Dieses Maß an Korruption kann nicht toleriert werden".
20090724             FRANKREICH, haben unterdessen Soldaten der Fremdenlegion mit Leuchtmunition die größten Waldbrände seit Jahren entzündet.
20090724             Die acht Kilometer lange Feuersbrunst konnte in der Nacht zum —DONNERSTAG erst kurz vor den Toren der Hafenstadt MARSEILLE gestoppt werden.
20090724             Das Feuer zerstörte 13000000             Hektar Wald, vier Häuser und 1—BAUERNHOF fielen ihm zum Opfer.
20090724             Nach Angaben der Gendarmerie lösten ein oder mehrere Schüsse den Brand auf einem Truppenübungsplatz aus.
20090724             Der verantwortliche Unteroffizier wurde mit sofortige Wirkung suspendiert.
20090724             Er habe wissen müssen, dass der Einsatz von Leuchtspurmunition in der Region von Mai bis November untersagt ist, sagte 1—ARMEESPRECHER.
20090724             Die Entstehung des Feuers versetzte die Menschen in MARSEILLE in blanke Wut.
20090724             "Das ist eine unglaubliche Dummheit", sagte Bürgermeister JEAN—CLAUDE Gaudin.
20090724             Wenn auch spät, so ist der Beschluss aus KARLSRUHE—ALSO eine im schriftlichen Verfahren getroffene Entscheidung - 1—GRUNDSATZURTEIL zum Parlamentsrecht, das nicht nur die Rechte der parlamentarischen Opposition gewaltig stärkt, sondern an einigen Stellen auch von beeindruckender Schärfe gegenüber der Bundesregierung ist.
20090724             Die Beschränkung der Aussagegenehmigungen von Zeugen und die Weigerung, angeforderte Akten vorzulegen, habe den Informationsanspruch des Parlaments VERLETZT—DARIN liegt für das Gericht 1—GRUNDGESETZ—VERSTOß.
20090724             Die Bundesregierung hatte sich in diesen Fällen immer hinter den sogenannten Kernbereich exekutiver Verantwortung zurückgezogen.
20090724             "Nur Bewegungen des Volkes können diese Tendenz stoppen".
20090724             eine neue politische Plattform
20090724             Genau dagegen stemmen sich die Reformer, allen voran der unterlegene Präsidentschaftskandidat Hossein Mussawi.
20090724             Er versuche derzeit, innerhalb der Elite eine neue politische Plattform zu gründen, hieß es am —MITTWOCH auf seiner Website.
20090724             Immoblilienunternehmen: Millionen VERSCHWUNDEN—BEOBACHTER...
20090724             Verwaltungsratspräsident Franz JOSEF—LERDO ist per sofort aus dem... war er wegen betrügerischen Konkurses rechtskräftig verurteilt worden.
20090724             einen 2. Angriff vor der Küste Portugals gegeben.
20090724             Lissabon bestritt dagegen, dass sich die "ARCTIC Sea" in den vergangenen Tagen in portugiesischen Gewässern bewegt hat.
20090724             Richtlinie — Wikipedia..
20090724             1—RICHTLINIE ist 1—HANDLUNGSVORSCHRIFT mit bindendem Charakter, aber nicht gesetzlicher Natur.
20090724             1—RICHTLINIE wird von einer...
20090724             Die Wahl der Methode dafür bleibt dem einzelnen Mitgliedstaat überlassen, so dass er bei der Umsetzung der Richtlinie einen gewissen Spielraum hat.
20090724—19910000    —IN, The 4,700-ton ship, originally called Okhotsk, built, had 1—RUSSIA—CREW—OF—13 and was operated by 1—FIRM based in THE—RUSSIA—PORT of Arkhangelsk.
20090724—20090720    —ON, The case began, when word broke that Gates (58) had been arrested —5—DAYS—EARLIER at the 2-story home he rents from Harvard.
20090724—20090728    —ON, It disappeared following its last communication.
20090724—20090804    —ON, The failed to arrive at THE—ALGERIA—PORT—OF—BEJAIA as planned.
20090724—20090818    —REPORTED, RUSSIA, that 8—PEOPLE from LATVIA, ESTONIA and RUSSIA had been arrested for piracy.
20090724—20090819    —ON, Yulia Latynina, 1—LEADING—RUSSIA—OPPOSITION—JOURNALIST and commentator, reported that "THE—ARCTIC—SEA was carrying some SORT—OF—ANTI—AIRCRAFT or nuclear contraption intended for 1—NICE, peaceful country like Syria, and they were caught with it".
20090724—20110300    —IN, 6—MEN were convicted and sentenced to 6—12—YEARS in prison.
20090724—20500000    —BIS, Das Land hatte zuletzt beim Treffen der Staaten mit dem größten Ausstoß klimaschädlicher Treibhausgase im italienischen L'Aquila zugestimmt, die CO2-Emissionen zu senken und damit die Erderwärmung zu begrenzen.
20100724             IOWA, the Lake DELHI dam in DELAWARE County gave way under the rising Maquoketa River decimating the 9-mile long lake and adjacent property values.
20100724             —PLEDGED, AUSTRALIA—PRIME—MINISTER—JULIA—GILLARD, 400—MILLION—DOLLARS (360—MILLION—USA) to take old cars off the road and vowed to impose tougher fuel standards as PART—OF—HER—ELECTION—POLICY on climate change.
20100724             —ATTACKED, CONGO—REBELS took an INDIA—PILOT—HOSTAGE when they, 1—AIRCRAFT on 1—REMOTE—AIRSTRIP in 1—TIN mining zone in the country's NORTH—KIVU province.
20100724             FRENCH—BACKED MAURITANIA—MILITARY—OPERATIONS against al Qaeda fighters in THE—SAHARA desert wound up —AFTER—4—DAYS—OF—HUNTING Islamists deep inside MALI.
20100724             THE—GERMANY—GOVERNMENT said it is offering asylum to 50—IRAN—DISSIDENTS who took part in the massive street protests that erupted after elections there last year.
20100724             GERMANY, 1—STAMPEDE at the Love Parade techno music festival in Duisberg ended with at least 19—YOUNG—PEOPLE—DEAD and more than 300 injured.
20100724             † Within days the death toll rose to 21 as more, from their injuries.
20100724             THEO—ALBRECHT, 88—JAHRE—ALT, the secretive CO—FOUNDER—OF—GERMANY—WORLDWIDE discount supermarket chain Aldi, 1—CO—OWNER—OF—TRADER—JOE'S in THE—USA and 1—OF—EUROPE—RICHEST—MEN, † in ESSEN.
20100724             INDIA—CHHATTISGARH state, seen as 1—BASTION—OF—1—INCREASINGLY deadly Maoist revolt, said it was seeking 1—BILLION dollars to counter THE—LEFT—WING—INSURGENCY with 1—SURGE in development.
20100724             —WARNED, IRAN, it would stop trading with countries that impose restrictions on its assets abroad in the face of tightening INTERNATIONAL sanctions over the Islamic state's disputed nuclear activities.
20100724             —HANGED, IRAN, 3—DRUG—TRAFFICKERS identified only by their initials as A.A., S.Z. and S.M., in THE—CITY—OF—AHVAZ in THE—SOUTH—WEST—PROVINCE—OF—KHUZESTAN.
20100724             —VOWED, NORTH—KOREA, to respond with "powerful nuclear deterrence" to joint USA and SOUTH—KOREAN—MILITARY—EXERCISES poised to begin this weekend, saying the drills amount to 1—PROVOCATION that would prompt "retaliatory sacred war".
20100724             —SUSPECTED, USA—MISSILES hit 1, militant HIDE—OUT, killing 12—INSURGENTS in 1—COMPOUND in the Nazai Narai AREA—OF—SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN.
20100724             RUSSIA said it plans its biggest SELL—OFF—OF—STATE—ASSETS since the early 1990s as it seeks to raise over $29—BILLION to plug budget gaps over the next 3—YEARS.
20100724             —OPENED, SOUTH—RUSSIA, gunmen, fire on security guards at 1—PROVINCIAL—FOOD—MARKET in THE—CITY—OF—SAMARA, killing at least 2 and wounding at least 5—OTHER—PEOPLE.
20100724             3—SOLDIERS in Dagestan were killed when assailants attacked their convoy in 1—DRIVE—BY shooting.
20100724             —IMPOSED, UGANDA—FORCES, tight security in the capital as more than 30—HEADS—OF—STATE began converging on KAMPALA for an African Union summit barely —2—WEEKS—AFTER deadly suicide attacks.
20100724             The African Union said AFRICA must turn ever more to CHINA for its development because conditions and checks often stalled THE—FLOW—OF—FUNDS from Western nations and the World Bank.
20100724             —SUCCEEDED, YEMEN, tribal mediators, in reaching 1—CEASEFIRE between NORTH—SHIITE rebels and an ARMY—BACKED tribe after DAYS—OF—FIGHTING that killed at least 70—PEOPLE.
20110129             Der Beamte habe am Nachmittag des 20110724             die komplette Öffnung der Eingangsschleuse befohlen, obwohl die Veranstaltungsleitung zuvor das genaue Gegenteil angeordnet HATTE—NÄMLICH deren Schließung, weil schon zu dieser Zeit eine Überfüllung des PARTY—AREALS drohte.
201102080724         Kairo, auf dem Platz der Befreiung
20110305             Tunesiens Interimspräsident Fouad Mebazaa hat für den 20110724             die Wahl einer verfassungsgebenden Versammlung angekündigt.
20110305—20110724    —BY, TUNISIA PRESIDENT calls election TUNISIA—INTERIM—PRESIDENT—FOUAD—MEBAZAA says elections for 1—ASSEMBLY to rewrite the constitution will take place.
20110624—20110724    —ON, It would be effective.
20110717—20110724    —ON, Speaker Evaristo Carvalho was 2. with 21.82% and will challenge THE—73—YEAR—OLD—FORMER—PRESIDENT.
20110724             —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—OBAMA, 1—EXECUTIVE—ORDER blocking the property of transnational criminal organizations.
20110724             It declared that the infiltration of financial and commercial markets by transnational criminal groups to be 1—NATIONAL—EMERGENCY.
20110724             Wedding fever hit NEW—YORK, as HUNDREDS—OF—GAY and lesbian couples lined up to be oo on the 1. day that SAME—SEX—MARRIAGE was legal in the state.
20110724             † DAN—PEEK, 60—JAHRE—ALT, 1—FOUNDING—MEMBER—OF—THE 1970s soft rock trio AMERICA.
20110724             —INCLUDED, The group's hits, "A Horse With No Name".
20110724             AFGHANISTAN, NATO—FORCES battling insurgents along 1—HIGHWAY in Wardak province accidentally killed 3—CIVILIANS who were caught in the crossfire.
20110724             —SEIZED, Pirates, the Rbd Anema e Core, an ITALY—TANKER with 1—CREW—OF—23, off BENIN in the Gulf of GUINEA.
20110724             Cadel Evans won the Tour de FRANCE, becoming the 1. Australian to capture cycling's most prestigious title.
20110724             GERMANY said that it is loaning LIBYA—REBEL—LEADERSHIP ?100—MILLION ($144—MILLION) to help with the country's rebuilding and humanitarian needs.
20110724             —REVERED, INDIA, the Darul Uloom seminary, 1—OF—THE—WORLD—MOST, schools of Islamic learning, ousted Ghulam MOHAMMED—VASTANVI, 60—JAHRE—ALT, its reformist leader, just months into his term, after he praised 1—HINDU nationalist politician loathed by MANY—INDIA—MUSLIMS.
20110724             —CONSISTED—OF, The network, 16—MILITANTS and had been led by Wissam YASIN—ALWAN, also known as ABU—SAMIR, who committed suicide last week when police tried to arrest him in CENTRAL—BAGHDAD—BAAB—AL—MUADHAM district.
20110724             —BLITZED, LIBYA, NATO—WARPLANES, 1—STRING—OF—MILITARY—TARGETS in TRIPOLI, as Moamer Kadhafi blamed a "colonial plot" for the conflict engulfing his country.
20110724             The latest NATO—STRIKES came after rebel forces said they had lost 16—FIGHTERS in 2—DAYS—OF—FIGHTING for Zliten and had infiltrated the capital and attacked 1—REGIME—COMMAND—POST where 1—SON—OF—THE—STRONGMAN was among officials targeted.
20110724             NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER blew himself up at 1—ARMY—CHECKPOINT in SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN, killing 1—SOLDIER and wounding 2—OTHERS.
20110724             —REPORTED, SOUTH—AFRICA—JOHANNESBURG—CITY—PRESS, that the African National Congress' Youth League firebrand Julius Malema has 1 alleged "secret fund" into which local businessmen are reported to have paid large SUMS—OF—MONEY in return for help winning government contracts.
20110724             —LAUNCHED, SUDAN, 1—NEW—CURRENCY, —6—DAYS—AFTER the newly independent south did so amid fears of 1—CURRENCY—WAR, but the central bank said it was ready to negotiate with JUBA on the old money.
20110724             —ENDORSED, SYRIA—GOVERNMENT, 1—DRAFT—LAW that it says will allow the formation of political parties alongside PRESIDENT—ASSAD—RULING—BAATH Party, PART—OF—1—SERIES—OF promised reforms that the opposition has dismissed as largely symbolic.
20110724             —STORMED, Troops, 1—NORTHWESTERN village and made sweeping arrests in the region and in THE—CAPITAL—DAMASCUS.
20110724             —PACKED, YEMEN, 1—SUICIDE attacker driving 1—PICKUP truck, with explosives blew himself up outside 1—ARMY—CAMP in ADEN, killing at least 8—ARMY—SOLDIERS and wounding dozens.
20110724—20101031    —ON, 1—IRAQ—ANTI—TERRORISM—OFFICIAL said SECURITY—FORCESHAVE smashed an AL—QAEDA network allegedly responsible for more than 100—KILLINGS in BAGHDAD, including attacks, 20110508             and 20110526             this year.
20110724—20110807    —NEEDED, The bill still, to be endorsed by PARLIAMENT and will likely be presented for debate at the next session.
20110726—20110724    —SINCE, She had been missing.
20120429—20120724    —ON, 1—MAGISTRATE tossed out the case.
20120724             THE—NEW—ORLEANS Police DEPARTMENT and THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE announced 1—AGREEMENT to overhaul the city's SCANDAL—RIDDEN police force and improve city safety.
20120724             —VOTED, CALIFORNIA, the Alameda County BOARD—OF—SUPERVISORS, 5-0 for the Safe Drug Disposal Ordnance, which requires PRODUCERS—OF—DRUGS sold or distributed in the county to pay for safe collection and disposal of unused medications.
20120724             † CHAD—EVERETT, the star of the 1970s TV series "Medical Center," in LOS—ANGELES.
20120724             —APPEARED, CHAD—EVERETT also, in such films and TV shows as "Mulholland Drive" and "Melrose Place".
20120724             Sherman Hemsley (19380000              *), AFRICAN—USA—ACTOR—BEST know for his role as GEORGE—JEFFERSON, † in EL—PASO, TEXAS.
20120724             —FROM 19750000—19850000     he continued in "The Jeffersons".
20120724             UK—PROSECUTORS brought criminal charges against 8—OF—THE—MOST prominent figures in THE—PHONE—HACKING—SCANDAL by 1 or RUPERT—MURDOCK—TABLOID newspapers.
20120724             —INCLUDED, They, ANDY—COULSON and Rebekah Brooks.
20120724             —SENTENCED, BURUNDI—ANTI—CORRUPTION court, Faustin Ndikumana, an ANTI—GRAFT activist, to 5—YEARS in jail for "false declarations".
20120724             —ARRESTED, Ndikumana was, February 7—AFTER writing 1—LETTER in which he said candidates for THE—POST—OF—JUDGE in BURUNDI had to pay 1—BRIBE, and that the justice MINISTER was in part responsible for this STATE—OF—AFFAIRS.
20120724             —UPGRADED, CHINA, Sansha to prefecture level.
20120724             A new mayor declared Sansha, population of just 1,000, to be CHINA—NEWEST—MUNICIPALITY.
20120724             The city administration is on tiny Yongxing island, 350—KM (220—MILES) southeast from CHINA—TROPICAL—HAINAN Island.
20120724             VIETNAM and CHINA both claim the Paracels, of which Yongxing, little more than half THE—SIZE—OF—MANHATTAN—CENTRAL—PARK, is part.
20120724             CHINA, Rosalia Amarilla (31), 1—CLOTHES vendor from PARAGUAY, stepped into THE—INTERNATIONAL—TERMINAL—OF—BEIJING—CAVERNOUS—MAIN—AIRPORT, wearing more than 7—POUNDS (3—KG) of cocaine stuffed into her underwear and bra.
20120724             —SENTENCED, She was caught and later, to death on drug trafficking charges.
20120724             —DESIGNATED, EGYPT—PRESIDENT, Hesham Kandil, 1—YOUNG, independent USA—EDUCATED irrigation MINISTER, as the new PRIME—MINISTER to form 1—GOVERNMENT that will be tasked with turning the country's economy and security around.
20120724             † GHANA—PRESIDENT—ATTA—MILLS, 68—JAHRE—ALT, at 1—HOSPITAL in ACCRA.
20120724             VICE—PRESIDENT—JOHN—MAHAMA, 53—JAHRE—ALT, who held degrees in history and communications, was sworn in hours after.
20120724             —PUBLISHED, Mahama had recently : "My 1. Coup D'Etat And Other True Stories from the Lost DECADES—OF—AFRICA".
20120724             —BANNED, INDIA—TOP—COURT, tourism in tiger reserves across the country in 1—RULING that aims to protect the endangered big cats but may disrupt travel plans for DROVES—OF—TOURISTS who booked stays at THE—HUNDREDS—OF—HOTELS that have sprung up deep inside the forests.
20120724             INDIA—SECURITY—FORCES shot dead 4—RIOTERS, taking the death toll from ethnic violence in the remote northeast to 26.
20120724             IRAQ, 1—CAR—BOMB in THE—TOWN—OF—AD—DAWR, in Salaheddin province NORTH—OF—BAGHDAD, killed the wife and 4—CHILDREN—OF—1—POLICE—CAPTAIN.
20120724             A roadside bomb in SOUTH—BAGHDAD killed at least 2—PEOPLE and wounded 3—OTHERS.
20120724             —CONVICTED, URI—BLAU, 1—REPORTER with ISRAEL—HAARETZ newspaper, was, under 1—PLEA bargain of possessing classified military documents.
20120724             Mayors from across ITALY, holding up flags and wearing their tricolor sashes, demonstrated in FRONT—OF—THE—ITALY—SENATE against spending cuts planned by the government.
20120724             JAPAN—AUTOMAKER—TOYOTA Motor Corp said it will invest more than $100—MILLION to expand Lexus production in CANADA.
20120724             A GROUPING—OF—MALI—MAIN—POLITICAL—PARTIES (FDR) formed after 1—MARCH—COUP, demanded the resignation of the interim PRIME—MINISTER—CHEICK—MODIBO—DIARRA, whom they accused of "incompetence and amateurishness".
20120724             The grouping unites some 40—POLITICAL—PARTIES and about 100—CIVIL—SOCIETY—ORGANIZATIONS.
20120724             MONTENEGRO, some 850—ROMA people, who had fled Kosovo during the 19980000—19990000     war, lost their belongings in the fire that swept through the refugee barracks in the suburb of Konik.
20120724             —INJURED, No 1 was.
20120724             —ATTACKED, PAKISTAN, gunmen, trucks bound for NATO in AFGHANISTAN, killing 1—DRIVER at the Torkham border crossing, in the 1. such incident since supply lines reopened after a 7—MONTH blockade.
20120724             —CLOSED, The crossing was, —FOR—9—DAYS.
20120724             —ANNOUNCED, SAUDI—ARABIA—STATE—TV, that the government has collected about $32.5—MILLION in donations as PART—OF—1—NATIONAL—DRIVE to support "our brothers in Syria".
20120724             —ISSUED, SIERRA—LEONE—GOVERNMENT said it has, provisional offshore oil prospecting awards to 9—COMPANIES.
20120724             —APOLOGIZED, SOUTH—KOREA—PRESIDENT—LEE—MYUNG—BAK, for 1—STRING—OF—CORRUPTION—SCANDALS implicating his relatives and allies.
20120724             —RESHUFFLED, SYRIA—PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD, the generals at the core of his regime's highly secretive security apparatus.
20120724             —CONTINUED, Clashes, with THE—BRITAIN—BASED SYRIA—OBSERVATORY for Human Rights reporting at least 33—PEOPLE killed nationwide.
20120724             Fierce clashes spread to new neighborhoods in ALEPPO in a 4. DAY—OF—FIGHTING there.
20120724             Helicopter gunships began to hammer the outskirts of ALEPPO.
20120724             —KILLED, TAJIKISTAN, 42—GUNMEN and government soldiers were, in clashes with 1 armed group led by Tolib Ayombekov, 1—FORMER warlord, whom THE—TAJIKISTAN—GOVERNMENT has ACCUSED—OF—INVOLVEMENT in 1—RECENT—KILLING—OF—1—SENIOR—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER.
20120724             —SUSPECTED, DOZENS—OF—CIVILIANS—CASUALTIES were also.
20120724             —FIRED, UN helicopters, on rebel positions in EAST—DEMOCRATIC—REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO after new clashes broke out between rebel fighters and loyalist troops.
20120724             —KILLED, YEMEN—WARPLANES, at least 5—AL—QAIDA—LINKED militants in overnight airstrikes against hideouts in THE—SOUTH—ABYAN province.
20120724             PERU—PRÄSIDENT ernennt nach Protesten neue Regierung
20120724             Lichtblick in der —KRISE, PORTUGAL erreicht Sparziele
20120724             Schlimmste KATASTROPHE: Moderner Mensch verdrängte NEANDERTALER
20120724             Zusätzlich habe 1—SCHWERER VULKAN—AUSBRUCH vor etwa 40.000—JAHREN den NEANDERTALERn zu schaffen gemacht.
20120724             DIE—INTERAKTION zwischen NEANDERTALER und HOMO—SAPIENS habe bereits IN DER ZEIT VOR- 40.000—JAHREN stattgefunden, berichten DIE—FORSCHER.
20120724             NETZ—WERK in der Kritik: FACEBOOKs dunkle Seiten
20120724             Beschneidungsdebatte: 1—GROßER Schnitt für den RECHTS—STAAT
20120724             —KLIMA—WANDEL: Modell liefert neue Schätzungen zur CO2-Schuld
20120724             DIE—RECHNUNGEN mit dem USA—MODELL zeigten, daß die entwickelten Länder 18500000—20050000    —VON—BIS, 1—ANTEIL—VON—61 % an der erhöhten CO2-Konzentration hatten.
20120724             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER ergänzen, dass
20120724             Einkaufsmanagerindex: DEUTSCHE—INDUSTRIE verliert deutlich an Tempo
20120724             Buchungsboom: Urlauber entdecken Liebe zu GRIECHENLAND wieder
20120724             Intensive LAND—WIRTSCHAFT, ZAHL—DER—FELDVÖGEL hat sich halbiert
20120724             Suche nach Impfstoff: Doppelschlag soll HIV überlisten
20120724             ABHÖR—SKANDAL: Camerons EX—PRESSESPRECHER wird angeklagt
20120724             RETTUNGS—SCHIRME: FRANKREICH erwägt Tabubruch für SPANIEN—HILFE
20120724             BETRUG—VERDACHT, EX—CHEF—DER—ANGLO IRELAND—BANK festgenommen
20120724             WIRTSCHAFTS—STUDIE, KAUF—KRAFT DER—DEUTSCHEN—IST so niedrig wie 1991
20120724             EBAY und Co.: FINANZ—AUFSICHT will ONLINE—HÄNDLER kontrollieren
20120724             Schwacher EURO: Gewinn der DEUTSCHE—BANK bricht 1
20120724             EURO—KRISE, EUROPA braucht den LEHMAN—MOMENT
20120724             Kindheit im Heim: GEHIRN holt Entwicklungsrückstand auf
20120724             Griechischer MILITÄR—HAUSHALT, Im Gleichschritt in den BANKROTT
20120724             Tadschikistan : Mindestens 42—TOTE—BEI—MILITÄR—OPERATION
20120724—19730000    —IN, He debuted as GEORGE—JEFFERSON in the "All in the Family" sitcom.
20120724—19860000    —FROM, to 19910000             he played DEACON—ERNEST—FRYE in "Amen".
20120724—19900000    —SEIT, "Allein in DEUTSCHLAND sind mehr als 1.000.000—FELDLERCHEN verstummt, 1—ENTWICKLUNG, die besorgniserregend ist",
20120724—19990000    —SINCE, HONG—KONG authorities issued 1—HURRICANE warning for the 1. time as Typhoon Vicente roared to within 100—KM—OF—HONG—KONG shortly after midnight, disrupting DOZENS—OF—FLIGHTS to the regional hub.
20120724—20070000    —CREATED, The area was, by bureaucrats to oversee and administer 1—MILLION—SQUARE—MILES—OF—THE—SOUTH—CHINA—SEA.
20120724—20080000    —IN, Anat Kam, 1—FORMER solider, had handed some 1,800 documents to Blau who used SOME—OF—THEM as the source for 1—ARTICLE which said troops had been ordered to carry out targeted killings of Palestinian militants in violation of 1—SUPREME—COURT—ORDER.
20130703—20130724    —APOLOGIZED, TAIWAN—PRESIDENT—MA—YING—JEOU, for the death and ordered military officials to investigate the tragedy.
20130716—20130724    —ARRESTED, THE—PRINCIPAL—OF—THE—SCHOOL was, —9—DAYS—AFTER she went into hiding.
20130724             —ANNOUNCED, Google, a plan to bring wireless internet access to at least 31—PARKS in S—FRANCISCO.
20130724             OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA, Judy Salamon (66) was shot and killed after confronting and recording on her cell phone 2—MEN she believed were involved in 1—ROBBERY.
20130724             A—USA—FEDERAL judge swept aside lawsuits challenging DETROIT's 20130718             bankruptcy filing.
20130724             —OBTAINED, PENNSYLVANIA, at least 5—SAME—SEX couples, marriage licenses in MONTGOMERY—COUNTY.
20130724             It was up to Republican GOVERNOR—TOM—CORBETT or other state officials to challenge the actions.
20130724             A 19960000             state law defined marriage as 1—CIVIL—CONTRACT in which 1—MAN and 1—WOMAN take EACH—OTHER as husband and wife.
20130724             † She and her husband, WILLIAM—MASTERS (20010000             , ), had authored books that included "Human Sexual Response" (19660000             ) and "Human Sexual Inadequacy" (19700000             .
20130724             AFGHANISTAN—1. woman GOVERNOR and 1—MYANMAR civil society organizer were among 5—WINNERS—OF—ASIA—EQUIVALENT—OF—THE—NOBEL Prize this year.
20130724             —SINGLED, THE—PHILIPPINES—BASED Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation, out AFGHANISTAN—HABIBA—SARABI, a 57-year-old doctor, for her "bold EXERCISE—OF—LEADERSHIP to build up 1—FUNCTIONING—PROVINCIAL—GOVERNMENT against great odds".
20130724             —RECOGNIZED, The Foundation also, Lahpai Seng Raw from MYANMAR, for her "quietly inspiring and inclusive leadership in the midst of deep ethnic divides and prolonged armed conflicts".
20130724             BULGARIA—POLICE broke through 1—BLOCKADE—OF—PROTESTERS and released more than 100—LAWMAKERS, journalists, and staffers stuck inside THE—PARLIAMENT building in the capital, SOFIA, ending the latest FLARE—UP—OF—ANTI—GOVERNMENT—SENTIMENTS in the country but doing little to resolve the overall UNHAPPINESS—OF—THE—PUBLIC with their government.
20130724             EGYPT, 1—BOMB—BLAST outside the security headquarters in the Nile Delta CITY—OF—MANSOURA wounded 19—PEOPLE.
20130724             A PRO—MORSI group claimed another 2—PEOPLE were killed in 1—MARCH in CAIRO by assailants who fired on them from rooftops.
20130724             THE—EU said it will give KENYA 40—BILLION shillings ($458.45—MILLION) 20140000—20200000    —BETWEEN, for use in agriculture and other sectors, extending 1—AID—PROGRAM to the African country.
20130724             THE—FRANCE—GOVERNMENT said it would close down 2—MORE—FAR—RIGHT—MILITANT—GROUPS after outlawing 3—OTHERS this month in response to THE—DEATH—OF—1—MILITANT—LEFT—WING—STUDENT in June in 1—BRAWL between fringe groups.
20130724             —AMBUSHED, NORTH—IRAQ, insurgents, 1—POLICE headquarters in Bashmaya, killing at least 9—POLICEMEN.
20130724             —AMBUSHED, Gunmen, 1—MINIBUS on the road to MOSUL from BAGHDAD, shooting dead 4—SOLDIERS in WEST—TIKRIT.
20130724             BAGHDAD, police found 3—BULLET—RIDDEN corpses.
20130724             A car bomb exploded as 1—ARMY—PATROL passed by outside KIRKUK, killing 1—OFFICER and 1—SOLDIER.
20130724             —KILLED, THE—SURGE—OF—ATTACKS this month, more than 500—PEOPLE.
20130724             —DISCOVERED, KENYA—POLICE said they have, 1—LARGE—QUANTITY—OF explosives packed in boxes on 1—BUS in THE—CAPITAL—NAIROBI that was headed to 1—TOWN in the coastal region.
20130724             —ATTACKED, MONTENEGRO, several 100—EXTREMISTS shouting "Kill the gays", gay activists and clashed with police in 1—BID to disrupt the 1. ever pride event in the staunchly conservative country.
20130724             —ARMED, PAKISTAN, militants, with guns and explosives attacked 1—COMPOUND housing 1—REGIONAL—OFFICE—OF—PAKISTAN—TOP—SPY—AGENCY, killing 3—PEOPLE and wounding more than 3—DOZEN—OTHERS in SUKKUR district in SOUTH—SINDH province.
20130724             A RUSSIA—STATE—NEWS—AGENCY said National Security Agency leaker EDWARD—SNOWDEN has been given 1—DOCUMENT that allows him to leave the transit zone of 1—MOSCOW airport and enter the country.
20130724             —KILLED, SYRIA, forces loyal to PRESIDENT—BASHAR—AL—ASSAD, at least 15—PALESTINIANS, mostly women and children, in 1—ROCKET—ATTACK on 1—REBEL—HELD refugee camp on the southern edge of DAMASCUS.
20130724             —NAMED, THE—VATICAN, 1—NEW—SCOTLAND—ARCHBISHOP to replace disgraced Cardinal KEITH—O'BRIEN, who resigned in February after admitting sexual misconduct.
20130724             —NAMED, Monsignor LEO—CUSHLEY, 52—JAHRE—ALT was, the new ROMAN—CATHOLIC archbishop of St Andrews and EDINBURGH after years working in THE—VATICAN bureaucracy.
20130724             A SPAIN—TRAIN hurtled off the rails and smashed into 1—SECURITY—WALL as it rounded 1—BEND near SANTIAGO—DE—COMPOSTELA.
20130724             —KILLED, At least 78—PEOPLE were, in the country's deadliest wreck in 4—DECADES.
20130724             —DESIGNATED, THE—UN—GENERAL—ASSEMBLY, 20131119             as World Toilet Day to spotlight the plight of 2.5—BILLION people who don't have basic toilets.
20130724             alfatomega.com/20110505.html
20130724             GEHEIM—DIENST unter Druck, USA—PARLAMENTARIER wollen MACHT der NSA beschränken
20130724             —PROTESTE—IN—BULGARIEN—MINISTER und Abgeordnete sitzen stundenlang im PARLAMENT fest
20130724             Keine Allmacht für DIE—GEHEIM—DIENSTE: IN—DEN—USA wollen KONGRESS—ABGEORDNETE die ausufernde SPIONAGE stoppen, haben dazu 1—GESETZESINITIATIVE vorgelegt.
20130724             —ANFANG, der Woche war DER—KONGRESS—ABGEORDNETE JUSTIN—AMASH aus MICHIGAN noch 1—HINTERBÄNKLER, ziemlich unbekannt.
20130724             —AM—ABEND, fühlte sich DER—SPRECHER—DES—PRÄSIDENT genötigt, in Sachen JUSTIN—AMASH 1—ERKLÄRUNG über den E—MAIL—VERTEILER des WEIßES—HAUSES abzusetzen: "Wir lehnen das gegenwärtige Unterfangen im REPRÄSENTANTEN—HAUS ab, hastig 1—DER ANTI—TERROR—INSTRUMENTE unserer GEHEIM—DIENSTE zu demontieren", teilte JAY—CARNEY mit.
20130724             —SCHON, zuvor hatte eiligst NSA—CHEF—ALEXANDER ausgewählte Abgeordnete zu 1—GESPRÄCH bitten lassen, um sie gegen Amash EINZUSCHWÖREN—NATÜRLICH alles topsecret.
20130724             Große Aufregung in WASHINGTON.
20130724             —IM, Zuge der Beratung des Verteidigungsetats hat 1—GRUPPE—VON—FREIHEITLICH gesinnten REPUBLIKANERn und liberalen DEMOKRATEN unter Führung von JUSTIN—AMASH 1—SOGENANNTES Amendment eingebracht: 1—ZUSATZ, der im Erfolgsfall an das HAUSHALTS—GESETZ angekoppelt würde.
20130724             Amashs Amendment zielt gegen Teile der von EDWARD—SNOWDEN enthüllten Schnüffelaktionen DER—USA—SCHLAPPHÜTE: "es untersagt der NSA und anderen Diensten, Abschnitt 215—DES PATRIOT—ACT zu nutzen, um DATEN, auch TELEFON—DATEN, zu sammeln, die Personen zugeordnet sind, die nicht von 1—UNTERSUCHUNG nach Abschnitt 215—BETROFFEN sind", so die Zusammenfassung des Amendments.
20130724             Heißt im Klartext: Die generelle Sammlung von VERBINDUNGS—DATEN wäre nicht mehr möglich;
20130724             Mit der TOTAL—ÜBERWACHUNG also wäre Schluss.
20130724             —DENN, es ist ja eben jener Abschnitt 215—DES PATRIOT—ACT—DIESES nach den Anschlägen
20130724             es war die 1. Enthüllung des britischen "GUARDIAN"aus den Beständen des EDWARD—SNOWDEN
20130724             ;06;;.
20130724             Lange schien es so, als würden Amerikas PARLAMENTarier nur schulterzuckend auf SNOWDENs nächste Enthüllung warten.
20130724             Mehr noch: Sowohl mehrere REPUBLIKANER als auch DEMOKRATEN bezeichneten den in MOSKAU festsitzenden SNOWDEN als Verräter.
20130724             JUSTIN—AMASH und Co.
20130724             —SEIT, SNOWDENs Enthüllungen steht im USA—KONGRESS 1—ABSTIMMUNG—IN—DER Causa NSA an.
20130724             "DIE—USA—REGIERUNG geht mit voller Härte gegen dich vor, amerikanisches Volk.
20130724             JUSTIN—AMASHCONTA verificada ?@repjustinamash
20130724             USA—GOV'T has come out in full force against you, THE—USA—PEOPLE.
20130724             "Das Spionieren der NSA gegen alle USA—AMERIKANER muss gestoppt werden"
20130724             Der Mann bekommt viel Applaus, Minute um Minute gewinnt er neue Twitte BE—WAFFNUNG der REBELLEN nicht will?
20130724             DIE—DATENSCHÜTZER kritisieren die Umsetzung DER—VEREINBARUNG  —SEIT—JAHREN, als zu lasch.
20130724             Sie bezweifeln, daß DIE—REGELUNG bei USA—KONZERNEN wie GOOGLE oder FACEBOOK für 1—DATEN—SCHUTZNIVEAU sorgt, das auch nur annähernd EU—GRUND—SÄTZEN entspricht.
20130724             DIE—ZUSTÄNDIGE USA—BEHÖRDE würde nur nachlässig die Einhaltung der Standards überprüfen.
20130724             Statt sich für 1—BESSERE Durchsetzung ODER—NEUE Regeln einzusetzen, hat DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG schon —VOR—3—JAHREN klargemacht, wer Verantwortung tragen soll: DIE—NUTZER selbst.
20130724             "es ist die eigenverantwortliche Entscheidung DER—DEUTSCHEN—VERBRAUCHER, ob sie bei Anbietern von sozialen NETZ—WERKEN mit Sitz in DEN—USA 1—PROFIL anlegen", so DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG in 1—ANTWORT auf 1 AN—FRAGE—VON—SPD—ABGEORDNETEN.
20130724             DIE—DATENSCHÜTZER haben nun von der BUNDES—REGIERUNG—POLITIK offenbar genug.
20130724             Ich spekuliere gegen Sie
20130724             und beHaupte, daß alle Firmen, DIE—AN—DIE—NSA liefern bzw.
20130724             Kennen Sie Haindling?
20130724             Für mich ist es ERSTREBENS—WERT dieses SYSTEM zu bewahren & zu schützen GEGEN—DIE—DIE versuchen hier Gewalt, Restriktion & RELIGION zu verankern wie es in anderen Ländern üblich und an der TAGES—ORDNUNG ist.
20130724             Für mich ist es ERSTREBENS—WERT dieses SYSTEM zu Also sprach der dioskure :"
20130724             Also, angenommen das wäre Ihre EHRliche Meinung.
20130724             —DANN, ist Ihnen wohl komplett entgangen, daß der MULLAH—OMAR—IN AFGHANISTAN, sammt seiner "Anhänger"
20130724             einzig und allein mit HILFE—VON—NSA/CIA.
20130724             Und wissen Sie was ?
20130724             Das war ganz normale USA—POLITIK.
20130724             WENN—JETZT nicht klingelt, bei Ihnen,
20130724             —DANN, zumindest bei Ihren besten Freunden.
20130724             @dioskure
20130724             Save Harbour = Offen HOLLAND
20130724             Das Safe Harbour Abkommen wird durch die Methoden der USA komplett zunichte gemacht.
20130724             —WIDERSTAND—GEGEN—DIE—NSA?
20130724             Den kann nur leisten, wer 1—ABSOLUT lupenreine Weste hat.
20130724             DIE—ERGEBNISSE der Parteien im Überblick:
20130724             DIE—CDU—CSU verharrt bei 41 %,
20130724             DIE—FDP bleibt bei 5 %,
20130724             —DIE—SPD fällt dagegen um 1—PUNKT auf 22 %,
20130724             DIE—GRÜNEN verlieren 2—PUNKTE, landen bei 12 % und
20130724             DIE—LINKE legt um 1—PUNKT auf 9 % zu.
20130724             BERLIN, WOCHEN—LANG lag die Piratenpartei gerade einmal bei 2 % in den Umfragen, sie wurde nur noch unter der Kategorie "Sonstige Parteien"geführt.
20130724             Das ist ihr bester Wert in der UM—FRAGE des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Forsa
20130724             In der FORSA—UMFRAGE hat DIE—AFFÄRE dennoch kaum Auswirkungen.
20130724             Generell habe das Gezänk der Parteien dazu geführt, daß DIE—POLITIK—VERDROSSENHEIT leicht angestiegen sei.
20130724             "EURO—HAWK"—DEBAKEL: Rechnungshof erhebt schwere VORWÜRFE—GEGEN—VERTEIDIGUNGSRESSORT
20130724             GEHEIM—DIENST—NSA kann eigene E-Mails nicht durchsuchen
20130724             DROHNEN—PROJEKT "EURO—HAWK": Neue Unterlagen belasten DE—MAIZIÈRE
20130724             Internationaler WÄHRUNGS—FONDS : CHINAs MACHT im IWF wächst
20130724             Doch an den eigenen E-Mails scheitern DIE—NSA—EXPERTEN.
20130724             Er fragte auf DER—GRUND—LAGE des USA—INFORMATIONSFREIHEITS—GESETZES bei der NSA an.
20130724             Damit falle DIE—NSA hinter die Standards zurück, wie sie ansonsten bei großen Unternehmen üblich seien, so ELLIOTT.
20130724             Diese Antwort der NSA ist natürlich Quatsch.
20130724             Kutscherena: DIE—BOTSCHAFT hat mich angerufen, sie wollen 1—TREFFEN.
20130724             Kutscherena: Ich bin für Ehrlichkeit.
20130724             —SPIEGEL—ONLINE, Können Sie ausschließen, daß PUTIN sich doch noch auf 1—DEAL—MIT—OBAMA einlässt?
20130724             Kutscherena: RUSSLAND wird ihn nicht herausgeben.
20130724             alfatomega.com/20040811_Carlyle_sampler.html
20130724             BUND—STUDIE, 33% der Kosmetika enthält hormonähnliche Stoffe
20130724             SOZIALE—MEDIEN in Schulen: Länder verordnen Lehrern FACEBOOK—SCHRANKEN
20130724             —RECHTS—FEHLER des Richters begründen keine Wiederaufnahme?
20130724             Mein Rechtsempfinden ist mit dem URTEIL—DES—LAND—GERICHT nicht vereinbar.
20130724             Doch DAS—LAND—GERICHT REGENSBURG lässt den Fall nicht neu aufrollen.
20130724             heißt es in der MitTEILUNG.
20130724             BAYERN—JUSTIZ—MINISTERIN Beate Merk (CSU), die bei DER—STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT 1—WIEDERAUFNAHMEANTRAG angeordnet hatte, kündigte sofortige Beschwerde an.
20130724             Das REGENSBURGer LAND—GERICHT erkannte zwar VERFAHRENS—FEHLER und Sorgfaltsmängel im Prozess
20130724             DIE—STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT hatte 1—WIEDERAUFNAHMEANTRAG auch gestellt, weil im VERFAHREN—GEGEN—MOLLATH 1 "unechte URKUNDE"verwendet worden sei.
20130724             Das REGENSBURGer LAND—GERICHT sieht in dem AT—TEST jedoch 1 "echte URKUNDE".
20130724             —WÄHREND,
20130724             7.500.000—ARBEITSLOSE
20130724             12.000.000—ARBEITSLOSE
20130724             —J—IN—DIESEM wird DIE—USA—WIRTSCHAFT laut IWF um lediglich 1,7 % wachsen.
20130724             WASHINGTON, lästern derweil DIE—REPUBLIKANER, der Prei FBI, ROBERT—MUELLER, geriet —AM—MITTWOCH vor dem JUSTIZ—AUSSCHUSS des amerikanischen SENATs ins Stocken.
20130724             Gauck muss in diesem Fall erst einmal unbequem gegen sich selbst sein.
20130724             DIE—VERSICHERUNGS—FIRMA LLOYD—OF—LONDON schätzt, d 10 in den kommenden 10—JAHREN—DOLLAR im hohen NORDEN investiert WERDEN—VOR allem, um dessen Schätze zu fördern.
20130724             —JETZT, aber WARNEN —FORSCHER im FACH—MAGAZIN "Nature", daß den ökonomischen Vorteilen durch besser zugängliche ROH—STOFFE WELT—WEIT immense Kosten durch den KLIMA—WANDEL in der ARKTIS gegenüberstehen.
20130724             DIE—WIRTSCHAFTSWISSENSCHAFTLERIN Gail Whiteman von der ERASMUS—UNIVERSITÄT—ROTTERDAM rechnet ZUSAMMEN—MIT—CHRIS Hope und PETER—WADHAMS von der UNIVERSITÄT—CAMBRIDGE vor, wie teuer DER—KLIMA—WANDEL am Pol für die gesamte Welt werden dürfte.
20130724             Natalia Schachowa von der [UNIVERSITÄT—]UNIVERSITY—OF—FAIRBANKS in ALASKA hatte 20100000             1. über das beunruhigende Phänomen des Methanaustritts vor SIBIRIEN berichtet, das 1—ART arktische ZEIT—BOMBE sein könnte.
20130724             Whiteman, Hope und Wadhams haben nun berechnet, welche ökonomischen Folgen die Freisetzung von 50—GIGATONNEN Methan vor der Küste SIBIRIENs  10—R 1—ZEIT—RAUM—VON—10—JAHREN HÄTTE—WAS laut Schachowas Beobachtungen durchaus möglich ist.
20130724             DIE—FREISETZUNG des Gases bereits eingesetzt hat.
20130724             "Den größten Teil davon werden DIE—ENTWICKLUNGS—LÄNDER schultern müssen", sagt Whiteman.
20130724             Wallfahrtsort in BRASILIEN: "Vergängliche Götzen"erzürnen den PAPA
20130724             Fehlfunktion: Einzelner Gendefekt fördert ENTSTEHUNG von Allergien
20130724             Grundsatzrede zur USA—WIRTSCHAFT, OBAMA will Mittelschicht stärken
20130724             —REDE—ZU—DER—USA—WIRTSCHAFTSLAGE: OBAMA, der Sozi (geht es ihnen wirklich um Sicherheit.
20130724 ferner wird DIE—USA—FINANZ—INDUSTRIE bedient, z.B.
20130724—20130722    —SINCE, 11—PEOPLE have been killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted PRESIDENT.
20130724—20140000    —IN, police arrested Stephon Lee (22) and MARIO—FLOYD, 21—JAHRE—ALT and charged them with SPECIAL—CIRCUMSTANCE—MURDER.
20140722—20140724    —CONVICTED, Jessica Hunt (33), his, girlfriend, was sentenced to 32—YEARS in federal prison.
20140724             THE—USA—SAID it had evidence RUSSIA—FORCES were firing artillery from inside RUSSIA on UKRAINE—TROOPS, in what officials called a "clear escalation" of the conflict.
20140724             LOS—ANGELES, THE—BODY—OF—XINRAN Ji (24) 1—ELECTRICAL—ENGINEERING—STUDENT from CHINA who enrolled at USC in the fall of 20130000             , was discovered this morning, 1—FEW blocks away from where police say he had been attacked nearly —6—HOURS—EARLIER.
20140724             —OPENED, PENNSYLVANIA, 1—GUNMAN, fire inside 1—PSYCHIATRIC—FACILITY at THE—MERCY—FITZGERALD Hospital in Darby, killing 1—WOMAN and wounding 1—DOCTOR before he was shot and critically wounded by the doctor.
20140724             —OPENED, WEST—AFGHANISTAN, gunmen riding on 1—MOTORCYCLE, fire and killed 2—FINLAND—WOMEN—AID—WORKERS in HERAT.
20140724             Air Algerie Flight 5017—CARRYING—116—PEOPLE from BURKINA—FASO to ALGERIA—CAPITAL disappeared from radar early today over NORTH—MALI after heavy rains were reported.
20140724             Air navigation services lost track of THE—MD—83—ABOUT —50—MINUTES—AFTER takeoff from OUAGADOUGOU.
20140724             Half the dead were from FRANCE.
20140724             —INCLUDED, Others, at least 19—LEBANON—CITIZENS.
20140724             —DEDICATED, The 1. archive, to the culture and experiences of black people in BRITAIN opened in Brixton, SOUTH—LONDON, with the aim of shining 1—LIGHT on 1—LONG overlooked history.
20140724             EUROPE—AVIATION—REGULATOR said it will cancel its warning that recommends airlines do not fly to ISRAEL, after the Federal Aviation Authority cleared USA—CARRIERS to resume flights.
20140724             Abd AL—RAHIM AL—NASHIRI, 1—PALESTINIAN terror suspect, and ABU—ZUBAIDA, 1—SAUDI—ARABIA—NATIONAL charged with orchestrating 20000000             —THE attack on THE—USS—COLE, were currently imprisoned at GUANTANAMO.
20140724             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—FRANCOIS—HOLLANDE, an 11-million-euro ($14.8—MILLION) aid package to the besieged GAZA Strip.
20140724             —KILLED, SOUTH—INDIA, 18—CHILDREN were, when 1—TRAIN crashed into their school bus at 1 unmanned railroad crossing in Telangana state.
20140724             † The bus driver also. 20—CHILDREN ages 7 to 14 were injured.
20140724             —ELECTED, IRAQ—LAWMAKERS, 1—VETERAN—KURDISH—POLITICIAN—FOUAD Massoum (76) as the nation's new PRESIDENT.
20140724             —FIRED, Hours earlier militants, mortar shells at 1—ARMY—BASE where suspects facing terrorism charges were being held in Taji.
20140724             —BUSSED, As the prisoners were being, 1—GUNBATTLE erupted leaving 52—PRISONERS and 8—SOLDIERS—DEAD.
20140724             IRAQ, Islamic militants blew up the Mosque of the Prophet Younis (aka Jonah) in MOSUL.
20140724             They also blew up the Imam Aoun Bin AL—HASSAN mosque.
20140724             UN official Jacqueline Badcock said Jihadists in IRAQ have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 must undergo female genital mutilation, which could affect up to 4—MILLION—WOMEN and girls in THE—WAR—RAVAGED country.
20140724             —ENDED, Shimon Peres, his term as PRESIDENT—OF—ISRAEL and handed the ceremonial but HIGH—PROFILE—PRESIDENCY over to Reuven Rivlin, 1—LEGISLATOR from the hawkish Likud Party.
20140724             —KILLED, KENYA, 1—FEMALE—TOURIST from GERMANY was, in the port CITY—OF—MOMBASA in the same area where 1—RUSSIA—VISITOR was murdered earlier in July by 1—CRIMINAL—GANG.
20140724             —ARMED, LIBYA, men abducted ABDEL—MOAZ Banoun, 1—WELL—KNOWN—POLITICAL—ACTIVIST, in TRIPOLI.
20140724             Banoun has been 1—OUTSPOKEN CRITIC—OF—THE—MILITIAS and urged that they all be disbanded.
20140724             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 1—BOMB, at least 2—SOLDIERS—NORTH—WEST—OF—MIRANSHAH, NORTH—WAZIRISTAN, where the army is carrying out 1—MAJOR—OFFENSIVE against Taliban militants.
20140724             —PUSHED, Fighting in THE—GAZA Strip, the Palestinian death toll to nearly 750 as ISRAEL—TANK—FIRE and PRE—DAWN assaults killed 35—PEOPLE.
20140724             —SHELLED, ISRAEL—FORCES, 1—UN—RUN—SCHOOL sheltering Palestinians killing at least 15—MORE—PEOPLE.
20140724             10,000 demonstrators marched in solidarity with GAZA near the Palestinian administrative CAPITAL—RAMALLAH.
20140724             1 was shot dead and 200 wounded when ISRAEL—TROOPS opened fire.
20140724             —UNVEILED, PUERTO—RICO, 1—SYSTEM that will allow migrants living illegally in THE—USA—TERRITORY to obtain 1—TEMPORARY—DRIVER—LICENSE.
20140724             —POUNDED, SOUTH—SOMALIA, African Union fighter jets, THE—TOWN—OF—JILIB in the Middle JUBA region, PART—OF—THE—OFFENSIVE by the 22,000-strong UN—BACKED AU mission in SOMALIA (AMISOM).
20140724             2—SENIOR—AL—SHEBAB commanders were killed: Issa MOHAMED—DHOORE, who had been reportedly a "liaison officer" between foreign and SOMALIA—FIGHTERS and Sharif Ameey.
20140724             —STORMED, NORTH—SYRIA, fighters from the extremist Islamic State group, parts of the besieged Division 17—ARMY—BASE, setting off clashes that left dozens killed or wounded on both sides in Raqqa province.
20140724             The formal DISSOLUTION—OF—THE—MAJORITY—COALITION in the Verkhovna Rada gives PRESIDENT—PETRO—POROSHENKO the right over the next month to announce 1—FRESH—PARLIAMENTARY—POLL.
20140724             SOUTH—YEMEN, AL—QAEDA suspects on a motorbike shot dead Major BILAL—KARO in Thalab town, Lahij province.
20140724             Maccabi HAIFA: Testspiel von israelischem Spitzenklub nach Platzsturm abgebrochen
20140724             "Viel Lärm um nichts": Der perfekte —SOMMERfilm
20140724             Künstler malen digitale Schädlinge: SCHRECKLICH—SCHÖNE Computerviren
20140724             GAZA—KONFLIKT, DEUTSCHE Politiker kritisieren Flugstopp nach ISRAEL
20140724             2—STUNDEN Todeskampf, USA—DOPPELMÖRDER stirbt bei qualvoller Hinrichtung
20140724             Spurensuche nach dem MH17—ABSTURZ: DIE—WAHRHEIT liegt im Wrack
20140724             Tierische Hingabe: Eifersucht kennt auch der Hund
20140724             Täter auf der Flucht: POLIZIST in HESSEN erschossen
20140724             Stiftung Warentest: Viele Mineralwässer sind verunreinigt
20140724             GAZA—KONFLIKT, UNO—GENERAL—SEKRETÄR empört über Raketenfunde in Schulen
20140724             "Drachenzähmen leicht gemacht 2": Ohne Zahn und ohne Herz
20140724             Kirche und MAFIA: Kniefall vor den Verbrechern
20140724             SUDAN: Zum Tode verurteilte Christin rettet sich nach ITALIEN
20140724             —ANTI—SEMITISMUS in DEUTSCHLAND: CDU—RATS—HERR tritt nach judenfeindlicher Äußerung zurück
20140724             Maccabi HAIFA: ÖSTERREICHischer Kanzler verurteilt ANGRIFF—AUF—ISRAELISCHES Team
20140724             Unterwegs per Anhalter: Dieser Roboter reist —AB—SONNTAG durch KANADA
20140724             "Mit dem Hitchbot wollen wir Diskussionen anregen, über Kultur und Technik, über DAS—VERTRAUEN in Technik, über KANADA und über das Trampen", erzählt Frauke Zeller, die an der Ryerson UNIVERSITY—TORONTO arbeitet. DIE—ÜBLICHE Frage "Können Menschen Robotern vertrauen?"wolle man "kreativ dekonstruieren"und umdrehen, in: "Können Roboter eigentlich Menschen vertrauen?"
20140724             Erlaubt ihm 1—FAHRER den Mitschnitt, kann der Hitchbot außerdem Erzählungen aufnehmen und so SPÄTER DIE—WELT an seinen TRAMPER—ERLEBNISSEN teilhaben lassen.
20140724             Wer die Reise des Roboters mitverfolgen will, kann dies —AB—SONNTAG per Twitter, Instagram und FACEBOOK tun, der Hitchbot scheint gut vernetzt. Per Twitter hat er schon darauf hingewiesen, daß er lieber nicht auf Motorrädern mitreisen WILL—DAS sei zu unsicher.
20140724             Ukrainische Kampfjets: KREML bestreitet ABSCHUSS—VON—RUSSISCHEM BODEN aus
20140724             —ANGRIFF—AUF—DATEN—BANK: Hacker knacken EZB—COMPUTER—SYSTEM
20140724             LEIT—LINIEN geleakt: So leicht landen Sie in DER—USA—TERRORDATENBANK
20140724             Air Algérie: PASSAGIER—MASCHINE mit 116—INSASSEN stürzt über MALI ab
20140724             EKLAT zwischen CNN und RUSSIA Today: "PETER, beruhigen Sie sich, atmen Sie durch"
20140724             Cuomo BEGANN das GESPRÄCH—MIT—DER Frage, warum RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENT—WLADIMIR—PUTIN DAS—VERHALTEN der prorussischen Separatisten an der Absturzstelle nicht verurteile: "WLADIMIR—PUTIN hat keine KONTROLLE—ÜBER—1—TATORT im Ausland. Ich denke, es ist ziemlich lächerlich, diese Frage zu stellen", antwortete Lavelle, dessen Sender als äußerst KREML—NAH gilt
20140724             Der RT—JOURNALIST warf im Gegenzug dem USA—AUßEN—MINISTERIUM vor, sich bei seinen Untersuchungen nur AUF—TWITTER und YouTube zu verlassen. Diesen Vorwurf wies Cuomo entschieden zurück. "Vielleicht ist es Ihnen entgangen, aber DIE—USA haben eigene GEHEIM—DIENSTERKENNTNISSE vorgelegt", sagte der CNN—JOURNALIST.
20140724             —AM, CNN und RUSSIA —TODAY ENDETE unschön.
20140724             MOSKAU/AMSTERDAM—CHRIS Cuomo und PETER—LAVELLE sind 2—USA—JOURNALISTEN. Cuomo arbeitet für CNN, Lavelle moderiert beim englischsprachigen Sender RT (ehemals RUSSIA Today) aus MOSKAU. —AM—MITTWOCH trafen beide in 1—SCHALT—GESPRÄCH auf CNN aufeinander —, gerieten in 1—HEFTIGEN Streit.
20140724             DIE—2—JOURNALISTEN debattierten über die Untersuchungen zum Abschuss des MALAYSIA—AIRLINES—FLUGES MH17 über DER—OST—UKRAINE. Und schnell prallten die unterschiedlichen Weltsichten DER—REPORTER aufeinander.
20140724             "Stellen Sie mir 1—INTELLIGENTE Frage"
20140724             —DARAUFHIN, entgegnete Lavelle: "Sie leben in 1—PARALLELUNIVERSUM!"Cuomo versuchte, seinen Gesprächsgast zu besänftigen:
20140724             "PETER, beruhigen Sie sich, atmen Sie durch".- "Dann stellen Sie mir 1—INTELLIGENTE Frage", gab Lavelle zurück.
20140724             —SPÄTER, warf der CNN—JOURNALIST seinem Kollegen vor, er benehme sich wie 1—OFFIZIELLER Vertreter RUSSLANDs. Das wiederum wollte Lavelle nicht auf sich sitzen lassen. Er behauptete, Cuomo rede wie die Sprecherin des USA—AUßEN—MINISTERIUMS.
20140724             —NACH, weiteren gegenseitigen Vorwürfen beendete der CNN—REPORTER den Disput mit den Worten: "Das ist 1—WITZ. Wir müssen das beenden".Nach dem Gespräch entschuldigte sich Cuomo bei seinen Zuschauern: "Manchmal nehmen dich die Emotionen zu sehr mit, besonders wenn du vor Ort gewesen bist".
20140724             Doch RUSSLAND dementiert, daß dies von russischem Territorium aus erfolgte. DAS—VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIUM erklärte nach 1—BERICHT—DER—NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR—INTERFAX, es handele sich um "Fantasien der KIEWer Behörden".
20140724             Der ukrainische SICHERHEITS—RAT hatte —AM—MITTWOCH mitgeteilt, die 2—KAMPF—FLUGZEUGE über DER—OST—UKRAINE seien durch Raketen abgeschossen worden, die in RUSSLAND abgefeuert worden seien.
20140724             KIEW sieht RUSSLAND nicht nur hinter der Versorgung der Separatisten mit schweren Waffen, sondern hat den russischen STREIT—KRÄFTEN schon mehrfach auch direktes Eingreifen in den KONFLIKT vorgeworfen. RUSSLAND weist dies zurück.
20140724             1—KOMMANDEUR der Separatisten hat derweil 1—BERICHT zurückgewiesen, daß die prorussischen Kräfte im Besitz des FLUG—ABWEHR—SYSTEMS "Buk"gewesen seien. "Ich habe keine Kenntnis davon, daß DIE—AUFSTÄNDISCHEN 1—SOLCHE Waffe besitzen", sagte ALEXANDER Chodakowski im INTERVIEW—VON—STAATFERNSEHSENDERS—RUSSIA —TODAY AM—DONNERSTAG. Chodakowski war —AM—MITTWOCH mit Aussagen zitiert worden, wonach er selbst gehört habe, daß DIE—AUFSTÄNDISCHEN 1 "Buk"hätten.
20140724             Er bestätigte zwar, daß er mit 1—JOURNALISTEN 1—WESTLICHEN Mediums verschiedene Möglichkeiten für den Abschuss der malaysischen PASSAGIER—MASCHINE MH17 durchgesprochen habe. Bei dem auf Video aufgezeichneten Gespräch habe es allerdings 1 "roten Faden"gegeben mit der Aussage, daß er den "Buk"—EINSATZ nicht bezeugen könne, betonte Chodakowski. Andere SEPARATISTEN—FÜHRER teilten erneut mit, daß die prorussischen Kräfte kein solches WAFFEN—SYSTEM genutzt hätten.
20140724             DIE—SEPARATISTEN hatten sich —IM—BEREITS;;06;;damit gebrüstet, 1—UKRAINISCHES "Buk"-SYSTEM erbeutet zu haben. Allerdings erklärten sie nach dem Abschuss der Boeing 777—200—AM vergangenen —DONNERSTAG, daß die Anlage nicht funktionstüchtig gewesen sei.
20140724             Das hatten auch Ermittler in KIEW bestätigt.
20140724             Warum werden DIE—DATEN der AWACS—AUFKLÄRER und des USA—SATELLITEN nicht veröffentlicht? Ist die Einzige "smoking gun" wirklich 1—FACEBOOK—EINTRAG?
20140724             [5]Ausschlußprinzip
20140724             Danke an die SPON—REDAKTION für diese Klarstellung. Sie zeugt davon, daß das rar gewordene journalistische Ethos doch noch nicht gänzlich verschwunden zu sein scheint, bei Konfliktdarstellungen VOR—1—ORIENTIERENDEN Deutung zunächst die Positionen beider beteiligten Seiten äquidistanziert, aber inhaltlich korrekt, zu dokumentieren. Zur Sache selbst ergäbe sich aus dem Dementi Chodakowskis, so es denn tatsächlich zuträfe, allerdings 1—ZWINGENDE Konsequenz bei der Suche nach den Tatverdächtigen:
20140724             Wenn das im;;06;;von den REBELLEN erbeutete "Buk"-SYSTEM zum CRASCHZEIT—PUNKT inoperabel war, wie " auch Ermittler in KIEW bestätigt" hätten, und es andererseits auch keine Beweise für den Abschuß der PASSAGIER—MASCHINE von russischem Territorium aus gibt, dann bleibt für jeden, der noch bis 3—ZÄHLEN kann, als TAT—VERDÄCHTIGE nur noch 1—SEITE übrig... Wir dürfen auf die RE—AKTION der "internationalen Gemeinschaft" und der russophoben Heißsporne in dies
20140724             [7]Gefährlicher Konfliktherd
20140724             So betrüblich die Lage IN—DER—UKRAINE ist, zum "gefährlichen Konfliktherd"wird sie nur von den Westmächten und entsprechend kommentierenden Journalisten hochstilisiert. Da DIE—USA sowie DIE—EU und natürlich auch MERKEL dort nicht militärisch eingreifen wollen, handelt ES—SICH um 1—REGIONALEN, wenn nicht gar um 1—REIN nationalen Konflikt. In SYRIEN und dem IRAK—ANGETRIEBEN einerseits von DEN—USA und der EU, andererseits von SAUDI—ARABIEN und KATAR—HANDELT ES—SICH um 1—WEIT größeres Problem, dem sich aber deutsche Journalisten nicht wirklich widmen wollen, denn sie müssten sich fragen, wer den wen da mit Sanktionen bedrohen sollte...
20140724             Warum sollte PUTIN sich einmischen? Nur weil EU und NATO mit ihrem EURO—MAIDAN nicht weiter kommen? Das —CHAOS läuft ohne Einmischung seinerseits doch viel besser.
20140724             SPON veröffentlicht Forderung: RUSSLAND—SOLDATEN in DIE—UKRAINE
20140724             Zitat: es hätte in seiner (PUTINs) MACHT gestanden, russisches MILITÄR an die Absturzstelle zu entsenden und die Opfer dort zu beschützen
20140724             kann sein das Westen DIE—WAHRHEIT gar nicht interessiert?
20140724             Da vielleicht schmerzhaft sein kann. Wenn ES—SICH herausstellt, daß POROSCHENKO schuldige ist, dann muss EU handeln. Aber dann kann es auspacken und DIE—GANZE—WELT wird Bescheid wissen, wie tief steckt DER—WESTEN drin. Das ganze plaplam ist dafür da um Volk zu beruhigen.
20140724             BKA—BERICHT, WIRTSCHAFTS—KRIMINALITÄT verursacht 3,8—MILLIARDEN—EURO Schaden
20140724             GAZA—STREIFEN von der ISS: "Mein traurigstes Foto"
20140724             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS, "Euch soll der HITLER niemals fehlen"
20140724             MH17—ABSCHUSS: RUSSLAND fordert Beweise gegen Separatisten
20140724—20070000    —IM, Untersuchung J : Gutachter hielt Mollath nicht für psychotisch
20140724             GAZA—KRIEG: Die bizarre Debatte um den Flugstopp nach TEL—AVIV
20140724             Schwabinger Kunstfund: Neue Werke in der GURLITT—WOHNUNG
20140724             Pyramiden, Vulkane, SONNENUNTERGÄNGE—DIE Fotos, die DER—DEUTSCHE—ASTRONAUT—ALEXANDER—GERST an Bord DER—INTERNATIONALE—RAUM—STATION (ISS) AUF—TWITTER postet, wirken meist wie von 1—WELTREISE im Zeitraffer. Kein Wunder: Die ISS braucht nur eineinhalb Stunden für 1—UMRUNDUNG der Erde. —NUN, hat Gerst 1—KRISENSCHAUPLATZ abgelichtet: —AM—MITTWOCH fotografierte er den GAZA—STREIFEN.
20140724             DIE—RADIKALE HAMAS—BEWEGUNG feuert —SEIT—WOCHEN, Raketen aus dem GAZA—STREIFEN auf ZIELE—IN—ISRAEL ab.
20140724             DIE—ISRAEL—ARMEE reagierte zunächst mit LUFT—ANGRIFFEN und startete VERGANGENE—WOCHE 1—BODENOFFENSIVE. Bei den KÄMPFEn wurden bereits mehr als 700—PALÄSTINENSER getötet, DIE—ISRAELISCHE Seite beklagt den TOD—VON—32—SOLDATEN und 3—ZIVILISTEN.
20140724             twitterte Gerst. "Von der ISS aus sehen wir Explosionen und Raketen über GAZA und ISRAEL".Bewohnte Gebiete sind an der Beleuchtung zu erkennen. Der schwarze Bereich ist DAS—MITTELMEER.
20140724             REGENSBURG - 1—PSYCHIATER hat GUSTL—MOLLATH bereits 20070000             für nicht psychotisch gehalten: es habe nichts auf 1—FORMALE Denkstörung, 1—PSYCHOSE oder Schizophrenie hingedeutet. Das sagte der Leiter der Psychiatrie des Bezirkskrankenhauses Mainkofen, HANS Simmerl, im WIEDERAUFNAHMEVERFAHREN—GEGEN—MOLLATH vor dem LAND—GERICHT—REGENSBURG aus.
20140724             Er habe jedoch nicht schreiben können, daß er 1—VOLLKOMMEN GESUNDE—MENSCHEN vor sich gehabt habe.
20140724             Der Psychiater hatte Mollath
20140724             In seinem Gutachten sei es nicht um die Frage der Schuldfähigkeit gegangen, sondern um 1—EINSCHÄTZUNG der Geschäftsfähigkeit Mollaths.
20140724             DIE—EU berät über stärkere SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—RUSSLAND,
20140724             DER—KREML geht in die Offensive
20140724             MOSKAU—RUSSLAND drängt DIE—USA und DIE—UKRAINE, ihre Beweise zum Abschuss der malaysischen PASSAGIER—MASCHINE MH17 IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE vorzulegen. es gebe —BISHER, keinen einzigen Hinweis für die behauptete Beteiligung von prorussischen Separatisten am Absturz der Boeing, sagte VIZE—VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTER—ANATOLI Antonow. Beim Absturz der Boeing 777—200—IM SEPARATISTEN—GEBIET starben am ;;0717;;fast 300—MENSCHEN.
20140724             es werde zwar immer wieder auf Erkenntnisse DER—USA—GEHEIM—DIENSTE und auf SATELLITEN—FOTOS verwiesen, die 1—RAKETENSTART von dem KONFLIKT—GEBIET aus belegen sollen, sagte Antonow. "Aber wo sind diese Beweise?", fragte der MILITÄRfunktionär im russischen STAATS—FERNSEHEN. DIE—UKRAINE gibt RUSSLAND DIE—SCHULD an dem Absturz, DIE—USA werfen den Separatisten den Abschuss vor.
20140724             RUSSLAND hatte bereits kritisiert, daß —UNMITTELBAR—NACH dem Absturz DIE—UKRAINE ihre Version von dem Abschuss durch Separatisten präsentierte, ohne DIE—INTERNATIONALE Untersuchung abzuwarten. Besonders wertvoll für DIE—ERMITTLER seien die Gespräche der UKRAINE—FLUGLOTSEN mit der BOEING—CREW, sagte DER—FRÜHERE—KOMMANDEUR der russischen LUFTSTREIT—KRÄFTE, ALEXANDER Maslow, der AGENTUR—INTERFAX.
20140724             DIE—UKRAINISCHE Seite halte diese Aufnahmen aber unter Verschluss. "Warum fordert niemand außer RUSSLAND die sofortige Herausgabe?", fragte Maslow.
20140724             —DER—FALL—ERINNERE ihn an den Abschuss 1—RUSSISCHEN PASSAGIER—MASCHINE durch die ukrainischen STREIT—KRÄFTE über dem SCHWARZEn Meer, der 20010000             —VON—KIEW ebenfalls nicht zugegeben worden sei, sagte Maslow. 78—INSASSEN des Flugzeugs starben damals.
20140724             DIE—EU—STAATEN wollen AM—DONNERSTAG die SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—RUSSLAND verschärfen.
20140724             Statistik: Pensionäre sind die größten Vermögensgewinner
20140724             Stiftung Warentest: Manche TATTOO—FARBEN enthalten krebserregende Stoffe
20140724             Illegales CIA—GEFÄNGNIS—IN—POLEN: MENSCHEN—RECHT—GERICHT sieht Warschau als Mittäter
20140724             MALAYSIA—AIRLINES Flug MH17: Warum DIE—SCHULD—FRAGE nicht weiterführt
20140724             Wahl im PARLAMENT: Kurde Massum ist neuer irakischer —PRÄSIDENT
20140724             Sinkende ARBEITS—LOSIGKEIT: 100.000e SPANIER haben wieder 1—JOB
20140724             Südpolarmeer: KLIMA—WANDEL lässt ANT—ARKTISCHE Seebären hungern
20140724             Randale bei Akademikerball: JOSEF S. geht gegen Schuldspruch vor
20140724             —NEUE—SATELLITEN—DATEN, Extremer SONNEN—STURM verfehlte DIE—ERDE
20140724             1—HEFTIGER SONNEN—STURM hat DIE—ERDE
20140724             Er hätte wohl Schäden von mehr als 1—BILLION EURO verursacht —, könnte sich —BALD—SCHON wiederholen.
20140724             HAMBURG—NATUR—KATASTROPHEN gelten meist so lange als Horrormärchen, bis sie eintreten -
20140724             Auch SONNEN—STÜRMEN wird kaum Priorität eingeräumt
20140724             Folgenschwere SONNEN—STÜRME kommen offenbar weitaus häufiger als angenommen.
20140724             —MITTE
20140724             "Hätte sich die Eruption 1—WOCHE vorher ereignet, wäre DIE—ERDE im Weg gewesen", sagt Baker. "Wir haben unglaubliches Glück gehabt".
20140724             Starke SONNEN—STÜRME aber quetschen das Magnetfeld, sodass elektrisch geladene Teilchen den BODEN erreichen können.
20140724             Der Sturm —VOR—2—JAHREN hätte verheerende Auswirkungen gehabt, berichtet DIE—NASA: STROMAUS—FÄLLE auf der ganzen Welt hätten "alles lahmgelegt, das an 1—STECKDOSE angeschlossen ist".
20140724             Satelliten, Radios, Flugzeugfunk und Navigationsinstrumente wären ausgefallen. B
20140724             Berechnungen USA—NATIONAL—ACADEMY—OF—SCIENCESHABEN laut NASA gezeigt, daß Stürme dieser Größe Schäden von 2—BILLIONEN $ (rund 1,5—BILLIONEN—EURO) verursachen könnten - 20-mal mehr als der HURRIKAN—KATRINA"IM- ;;08;;
20140724             Der Sturm
20140724             Er ist —SEITHER als CARRINGTON—EREIGNIS bekannt:
20140724             —BIS, nach KUBA leuchteten Polarlichter,
20140724             Telegrafenmasten schlugen Funken, manche schürten Feuer.
20140724             "Der einzige Unterschied ist, daß er uns verfehlt hat".
20140724             In seine Schussbahn schwebte allerdings der Satellit "Stereo-A", er wurde voll getroffen. "Er hat nicht nur den Sturm geritten, sondern auch noch DATEN hoher Qualität geliefert", berichtet DIE—NASA. "Genau dafür wurde der Satellit auch gebaut", sagt NASA—FORSCHER JOE—GURMAN.
20140724             DIE—DATEN—NACH und nach veröffentlicht im Laufe der vergangenen MONATE—ZEIGEN Erstaunliches:
20140724             Nicht einer, gleich mehrere SONNEN—STÜRME rasten
20140724             DIE—1.hätten den "Weg geebnet", so dass dem Hauptsturm nichts mehr im Weg war, was ihn hätte bremsen können, schreibt DIE—NASA. "es scheint, daß multiple Eruptionen das Schlüsselelement sind für solche Extremereignisse", resümiert Pete Riley vom Forschungsinstitut Predictive Science Incorporated IN—DEN—USA.
20140724             Aus der Häufigkeit der SONNEN—STÜRME der vergangenen 50—JAHRE ergebe sich, daß Stürme der CARRINGTON—KLASSE weitaus häufiger vorkommen als angenommen.
20140724             —BISLANG schien es, sie seien nur alle paar Jahrhunderte zu befürchten.
20140724             Rileys Studien zufolge aber LIEGE DIE—WAHRSCHEINLICHKEIT—FÜR—1—TREFFER dieser Stärke bei etwa eins zu 8—IM 10—FE der nächsten 10—JAHRE. "Eine ernüchternde Statistik", kommentiert DER—FORSCHER seinen Befund.
20140724             "Ohne die 'STEREO'—SATELLITEN wären wir sogar völlig ahnungslos",
20140724             Das wärs tatsächlich gewesen..
20140724             .mit dem Zusammenhalt der GESELLSCHAFT. Kein Licht, kein Strom aus der Dose, kein TV, kein INTERNETz, kein Fratzenbuch, kein Wasser, keine Kühlung, keine JUST—IN—TIME Logistik, kein Flugverkehr, keine Audis, MERCEDES und Porsches, kein Funk, kein Insulin.... Holzöfen wären goldwert, WC Papier wäre 1—ERSATZWÄHRUNG und Prepper hätten —PLÖTZLICH, viele neue Freunde...
20140724             Hier DIE—GRUND—LAGEN der KATASTROPHEnvorbereitung vom BUNDES—AMT—FÜR—BEVÖLKERUNGS—SCHUTZ,
20140724             Warum
20140724             schleichen UNSERE—POLITIKER um DAS—THEMA herum ? DIE—USA—AMERIKANER haben gesagt das sie eindeutige Beweise haben das PUTIN die Sonne mit diesem "Plasma"versorgt. Ich kann nicht verstehen warum wir dort überhauipt noch KONTAKTE pflegen. Und jetzt bitte keine Kommentare von irgendwelchen geleichgeschalteten PUTINverehrern. DIE—SACHE ist offensichtlich.
20140724             DAS—PROBLEM, vor dem wir (unsere ZIVILISATION) steht, wenn uns (DIE—ERDE) 1—SOLCHER SONNEN—STURM trifft, ist quasi hausgemacht. Diese KATASTROPHE ich keine, die DIE—NATUR um uns herum trifft und unmiitelbar auch nur 1—LEBEN—WESEN tötet oder schädigt. Aber unsere ZIVILISATION basiert in immer größerem Maße auf Elektrizität. Und 1—MASSIVER SONNEN—STURM wirkt, wie hier schon mehrfach beschrieben wie 1—GLOBARE EMP. DIE—MEISTEN der ungehärteten, elektrischen SYSTEMe dürften wegen Überspannung zerstört werden. 1—WIEDERINSTANDSETZUNG dürfte MONATE dauern, selbst unter guten Bedingungen. Und dabei haben wohl die meißten Anlagen, die man benötigt um die elektrische Infrastruktur wiederherzustellen keinen Strom. Was MONATE—LANGER STROM—AUSFALL bedeuten mag, kann man sich vorstellen, wenn man den eigenen Tagesablauf mal dahin gehend durch geht. Da stellt sich nicht nur DAS—PROBLEM selbst keinen funktionierenden Kühlschrank mehr zu haben, kein TV, kein Radio, kei
20140724             es wird 1—KONSTRUKTIVES Durcheinander sein und —BALD—SCHON kann der moderne Staat rebooten. Für DEUTSCHLAND und MITTEL—EUROPA mache ich mir da nur begrenzt Sorgen.
20140724             Als der RÖMER—KAISER oder DIE—GERMANEN berittene Boten durch die Lande schickten, war es 1—MYSTERIUM, wenn Polarlichter weiter südlich AUFTAUCHTEN—ES war aber kein Problem, daß existenzbedrohend war.
20140724             Raumtransporter "Cygnus"am BODEN: Wegen des Sonnensturms ;;0100——IM, wurde sein Start verschoben.
20140724             Heftige Sonneneruption
20140724             STRAßBURG—DER—EUROPA—GERICHT—HOF—HOF—FÜR—MENSCHEN—RECHTE hat POLEN für die illegale Inhaftierung von 2—TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGEN in 1—GEHEIM—CIA—GEFÄNGNIS mitverantwortlich gemacht. ZUGLEICH wiesen die STRAßBURGer Richter DIE—REGIERUNG in Warschau AM—DONNERSTAG an, jedem der Kläger 100.000—EURO Schmerzensgeld zu zahlen.
20140724             DIE—POLNISCHEN Behörden hätten dem USA—GEHEIM—DIENST—CIA
20140724             DIE—MÄNNER sollen in Stare Kiejkuty im MASUREN—GEBIET festgehalten worden sein. Bei 1—VON ihnen soll ES—SICH um den TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGEN Abd AL—RAHIM AL—NASCHIRI gehandelt haben. Der SAUDI—ARABER war von DER—CIA festgesetzt worden, weil er unter anderem im Verdacht stand, an dem ANSCHLAG—AUF—DAS—USA—KRIEG—SCHIFF "USS Cole"
20140724             DIE—POLNISCHEN Behörden hätten auch geduldet, daß DIE—CIA die Männer anschließend in DAS—USA—GEFANGENEN—LAGER—VON—GUANTANAMO auf KUBA ausflog, obwohl ihnen dort weitere Misshandlungen drohten. POLEN habe sich damit der "Mittäterschaft"schuldig gemacht.
20140724             DIE—KLÄGER wurden nach 6—UND 9—MONATEN Haft nach GUANTANAMO gebracht, wo sie HEUTE—NOCH, einsitzen. Keiner von ihnen wurde IN—DEN—USA —BISHER, vor Gericht gestellt.
20140724             —PRÄSIDENT—POLENS war zur fraglichen Zeit ALEKSANDER—KWASNIEWSKI, REGIERUNGS—CHEF—DER—LINKSPOLITIKER Leszek Miller. Beide bestritten, von 1—MÖGLICHEN CIA—GEFÄNGNIS gewusst zu haben. Das Gelände soll jedoch eigentlich dem polnischen GEHEIM—DIENST gehört haben, der es auf GRUND—LAGE 1—ABKOMMENS DER—CIA überließ.
20140724             —GEGEN, DAS—URTEIL vom —DONNERSTAG können beide Seiten binnen 3—MONATEN Rechtsmittel einlegen und 1—ÜBERPRÜFUNG durch die 17—RICHTER der Großen Kammer in STRAßBURG beantragen.
20140724             [2]Sehschwächen..
20140724             Ja, GESCHICHTE wiederholt sich. Auch heute wieder sind DIE—POLEN an der Seite der USA im "Kampf"GEGEN—DIE—ANTIDEMOKRATEN aus RUSSLAND. Gut das GUANTANAMO geschlossen ist und DIE—USA und POLEN, als KOALITIONär der "Willigen", auch nicht 1—VÖLKERRECHTSWIEDRIGEN KRIEG—GEGEN—DEN—IRAK geführt haben. Das erhöht enorm die moralische Legitimation sich über RUSSLAND zu erheben.
20140724—19330000    —NACH, CORNELIUS—GURLITT war der Sohn des Kunsthändlers HILDEBRAND Gurlitt, der GESCHÄFTE—MIT—DEN NATIONAL—SOZIALISTEN gemacht und seinem Sohn 1—SPEKTAKULÄRE Sammlung von Kunstwerken vermacht hatte.
20140724             "THE—INTERCEPT", DIE—ENTHÜLLUNGSWEBSITE, für die auch GLENN—GREENWALD arbeitet, hat —AM—MITTWOCH 1—INTERNES Dokument DER—USA—REGIERUNG im Volltext veröffentlicht. In den LEIT—LINIEN mit dem Titel "20130300             Watchlisting Guidance"wird auf 166—SEITEN dargelegt, wie —VERDÄCHTIGE Personen auf der nationalen TERROR—LISTE landen und wieder entfernt werden können.
20140724             DIE—USA—REGIERUNG hatte vor der Veröffentlichung gewarnt. DIE—ANLEITUNG sei 1 "Fahrplan"in Sachen TERROR—BEKÄMPFUNG, heißt es von USA—JUSTIZ—MINISTER—ERIC—HOLDER. 1—VERÖFFENTLICHUNG könne der nationalen Sicherheit erheblichen Schaden zufügen.
20140724             GREENWALDs REDAKTION hält dagegen, das Dokument sei nicht als GEHEIM eingestuft. An der Erstellung der LEIT—LINIEN hätten 19—DIENSTE und REGIERUNGS—BEHÖRDEN mitgearbeitet, vom FBI über DIE—CIA bis zur NSA. Das Papier richtet sich "THE—INTERCEPT"zufolge an zahlreiche USA—BEHÖRDEN.
20140724             DIE—KRITERIEN, die darüber entscheiden, ob jemand auf der Beobachtungsliste DER—USA—REGIERUNG landet, scheinen recht unscharf. So soll im Zweifel 1—NICHT näher zu begründender "angemessener Verdacht"reichen, "konkrete Fakten"oder "unumstößliche Beweise"seien nicht erforderlich. Zudem sei es selbst einzelnen Regierungsbeamten  möglich, "komplette Kategorien"von VERDÄCHTIGEN DER—TERROR—LISTE hinzuzufügen.
20140724             Was man sich darunter konkret vorstellen darf, wird jedoch nicht ausgeführt.
20140724             Selbst Tote könnten in der Liste auftauchen. DIE—USA—REGIERUNG verweist hier auf die Gefahr, daß die Identität 1—VERSTORBENEN—VON—1—ANDEREN TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGEN angenommen werden könnte. Auch Familienangehörige von VERDÄCHTIGEN können ohne eigenes Fehlverhalten auf der Liste landen.
20140724             DIE—GROßZÜGIGE Einschätzung von tatsächlicher oder nur angenommener BE—DROHUNG hat dazu geführt, daß DIE—TERROR—LISTE —INZWISCHEN, 1.500.000 Namen enthält.
20140724             —IM—NOCH,
20140724             Als Aktivität 1—TERRORISTEN definieren die LEIT—LINIEN übrigens nicht nur Bombenattentate, Flugzeugentführungen oder GEISEL—NAHMEN. 1—AUFNAHME in die Liste hält DIE—USA—REGIERUNG auch dann für gerechtfertigt, wenn jemand im Verdacht steht, Regierungseigentum zerstören zu wollen oder Computer zu beschädigen, DIE—FINANZ—BEHÖRDEN verwenden.
20140724             "Anstatt die Watchlist auf aktuell bekannte TERRORISTEN zu beschränken, hat DIE—REGIERUNG 1—RIESIGES SYSTEM geschaffen, das auf der unbewiesenen und fehlerhaften Annahme beruht, es sei möglich, künftige TERROR—AKTE vorherzusagen", sagte Hina Shamsi von DER—BÜRGER—RECHTS—ORGANISATION AMERICAN—CIVIL—LIBERTIES—UNION (ACLU).
20140724             DIE—BÜRGER—RECHTLER werfen der Regierung auch vor, daß es keine Möglichkeit gebe, sich gegen 1—NENNUNG auf der Liste zu wehren.
20140724             Ebenso sei es kaum möglich, die Gründe für 1—LISTEN—AUFNAHME herauszufinden. I
20140724             In den LEIT—LINIEN heißt es, 1—GRUNDSATZ der Regierung sei es, den BEOBACHTUNGSLISTEN—STATUS einzelner Personen weder zu bestätigen noch zu dementieren.
20140724             Listenplatz für FRAU—MERKEL
20140724             —JETZT, wissen wir auch, warum unsere Regierung bei der Aufklärung des NSA SKANDALs so zurückhaltend war.
20140724             Kein einziger Politiker steht auf und sagt klar und deutlich: Jetzt ist genug. Wir machen nicht mehr mit bei dieser ÜBERWACHUNGS—HYSTERIE. Schlimm, schlimm
20140724             Kritik reicht aus für die
20140724             Was hat sich 2013—2014—GEÄNDERT, daß die Liste um 100 % in 1—JAHR zugelegt hat? Ganz einfach: DIE—NSA Enthüllungen und damit jede Menge internationaler Kritik.
20140724             Viele die sich USA—KRITISCH geäußert haben stehen heute auf dieser Liste, EINREISE—VERBOT e für friedliche AKTIVISTen haben den ANFANG—VERDACHT ja —SCHON —LÄNGER geschürt.
20140724             Von diesem Land ist in Sachen Freiheit und Demokratie einfach nichts mehr zu erwarten, EUROPA sollte hier endlich mal die Hosen anziehen.
20140724             Fürsorge der Medien, deshalb so mutmaße ich mal...
20140724             hat der SPON fürsorglich zu dem unter * angerissenen Thema, erst gar keinen thread eröffnet. Sonst wären ja NOCH mehr user, die sich kritisch zu dieser Hinrichtung, und der TODES—STRAFE IN—DEN—USA generell äußern, wiederum auf diese Liste gekommen. Dafür gebührt dem SPON mein Dank!
20140724             Danke dem SPIEGEL, daß sie DIE—USA—WATCHLIST
20140724             Kriterien auch veröffentlichen. Damit haben sie sich nach USA—RECHT (gilt weltweit!) ebenfalls strafbar gemacht.
20140724             Übrigens die aktuelle ZAHL—DER—ERFASSTEN "TERRORISTEN"mit 1.500.000 ist nur die Spitze des Eisbergs.
20140724             Wichtige ist DIE—SUMME ALLER—ÜBER JAHR—ZEHNT e schon eingestuften und ERFASSTEN—SIE geht in viele Millionen!
20140724             Das wahre Ausmaß lässt sich auch besser ableiten, wenn man vom Ergebnis her recherchiert. Jeder der speziell von NSA/GCHQ/CIA ÜBERWACHT wird ist nämlich 1 "TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGTER",
20140724             dazu gehören auch KANZLERIN—MERKEL und natürlich der böse PUTIN (aktuell STAATS—FEIND NUMMER—1—DER USA, NACHDEM BIN—LADEN (in TV—LIVE Übertragung für DIE—REGIERUNG) ermordet wurde.
20140724             Weltgrößter Rückversicherer: MUNICH—RE—CHEF—WARNT—VOR—NEUER FINANZ—KRISE
20140724             Weltgrößter Rückversicherer
20140724             —INTERVIEW—MIT—DIW—CHEF—FRATZSCHER: "Wir haben NOCH—IMMER mit ZOMBIE—BANKEN zu kämpfen"
20140724             —MACHT—KAMPF—IN—KIEW—UKRAINES Regierung will KOMMUNISTISCHE—PARTEI verbieten
20140724             SCHUTZ—VOR—ABHOLZUNG: Gebt den Einheimischen den Wald
20140724             USA—WAFFENLOBBY: NRA—KOMMENTATOR fordert SCHIEß—UNTERRICHT für Kinder
20140724             —VERDACHT—AUF—ILLEGALE STEUERtricks: SCHWEIZer GROß—BANK—UBS soll MILLIARDENkaution zahlen
20140724             —MACHT—KAMPF—IN—KIEW: Regierung DER—UKRAINE tritt zurück
20140724             —UKRAINE—KONFLIKT, EU verhängt weitere SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—RUSSLAND
20140724             VATIKAN—PAPA empfängt zum Tode verurteilte SUDANesin
20140724             RUSSLAND ohne FUßBALL—WM 2018?: Wohlfeile Forderungen ohne Folgen
20140724             STEINMEIER IN—DER—UKRAINE—KRISE, Zwischen den Fronten
20140724             NIGERIA: VERDACHT—AUF—1.EBOLA—FALL in Millionenstadt
20140724             Russischer Forschungssatellit: Geckos auf TODES—KURS
20140724             Konjunktur IN—DER—UKRAINE—KRISE, IWF senkt weltweite WACHSTUMS—PROGNOSE
20140724             UNO—BERICHT,—MENSCHEN leben in extremer Armut
20140724             EUROPA—RAT,DEUTSCHLAND soll Sexualstraftäter nicht mehr kastrieren
20140724             MINDEST—LOHN: 7,40—EURO für WEST—DEUTSCHE Erntehelfer
20140724             —NEUE—RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN: EUROPA tastet sich voran
20140724             GEHEIM—DIENST—INFORMATIONEN: USA werfen RUSSLAND Beschuss DER—UKRAINE vor
20140724             Aus dem USA—VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIUM verlautete, RUSSLAND habe seine Truppen an der Grenze zur UKRAINE zuletzt verstärkt. —IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—WOCHEN habe die russische ARMEE jede Woche 1—NEUES Bataillon ins GRENZ—GEBIET verlegt und DIE—TRUPPENSTÄRKE so auf 15.000—SOLDATEN erhöht. "es sieht wie 1—STETIGER Aufbau aus", sagte 1—VERTRETER des PENTAGON.
20140724             Brisanz erhalten DIE—VORWÜRFE wegen der Untersuchung des Absturzes der malaysischen PASSAGIER—MASCHINE MH17 IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE —VOR—1—WOCHE. MOSKAU bestreitet —BISLANG WAFFEN—LIEFERUNGEN—AN—DIE—REBELLEN ebenso wie 1—VERANTWORTUNG der AUFSTÄNDISCHEn für den mutmaßlichen Abschuss der Boeing 777—MIT 298—MENSCHEN an Bord.
20140724             Pikant: Der Bad Pyrmonter Zahnarzt EDWARD—BRAUN, GUSTL—MOLLATHS Freund und einziger Zeuge für die angeblichen RACHE—PLÄNE von Mollaths EX—FRAU Petra M., ist 1—VERURTEILTER STEUER—HINTERZIEHER. 300—TAGESSÄTZE à 15—EURO verhängte 1—NORDDEUTSCHES Gericht
20140724             Mollath habe Schwierigkeiten gehabt, sich dem Duktus der Hauptverhandlung anzupassen und habe immer nur von seinen Dingen reden wollen.
20140724             NAH—OST—KONFLIKT, LUFTHANSA und Air BERLIN streichen weitere Flüge nach TEL—AVIV
"1—KOMMANDEUR der Separatisten hat derweil 1—BERICHT zurückgewiesen, daß die prorussischen Kräfte im Besitz des FLUG—ABWEHR—SYSTEMS "Buk"gewesen seien... DIE—SEPARATISTEN hatten sich —IM—BEREITS;;06;;damit gebrüstet, 1—UKRAINISCHES "Buk"-SYSTEM erbeutet zu haben. Allerdings erklärten sie nach dem Abschuss der Boeing 777—200—AM vergangenen —DONNERSTAG, daß die Anlage nicht funktionstüchtig gewesen sei. Das hatten auch Ermittler in KIEW bestätigt".
20140724—20020000    —RULED, The European COURT—OF—HUMAN—RIGHTS, that POLAND violated the rights of 2—TERROR—SUSPECTS by allowing THE—CIA to secretly imprison them on POLAND—SOIL and 20030000             and facilitating conditions for torture.
20140724—20120506    —ON, SERGEI—UDALTSOV, who has been under house arrest since February 20130000             , and Leonid Razvozhayev were accused of coordinating protests which turned violent.
20140724—20140729    —ON, 4—USA—TEENS were charged with murder in the fatal beating with 1—BASEBALL bat and wrench.
0150619—20150724    —ON, 1—COURT in Vaslui County said that magistrates who freed the suspects from house arrest are being investigated for gross negligence.
20150720—20150724    —ON, The Edge media group said the government will suspend its publishing permits —FOR—3—MONTHS as of 20150727             , over the reports alleging fraud.
20150721—20150724    —ON, the election commission announced that PRESIDENT—PIERRE—NKURUNZIZA won his controversial 3. consecutive term in office
20150724             —ARRIVED, USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, in his ancestral homeland KENYA.
20150724             Animal rights activists JOSEPH—BUDDENBERG, 31—JAHRE—ALT and Nicole Kissane (28) of OAKLAND—CALIFORNIA, were arrested for allegedly driving more than 40,000 miles across the country to save hides of 5,000 mink destined to become furs.
20150724             FLORIDA, PERRY—COHEN, 14—JAHRE—ALT and AUSTIN—STEPHANOS, 14—JAHRE—ALT went missing after setting out on 1—FISHING—TRIP.
20150724             —GATHERED, Individuals from across the country, at CLEVELAND STATE—UNIVERSITY in response to INCIDENTS—OF—POLICE—BRUTALITY targeting THE—AFRICAN—USA—COMMUNITY.
20150724             —REPORTED, It was, that Anthem is buying rival Cigna for $48—BILLION creating the nation's largest health insurance.
20150724             —SHELLED, ARMENIA—ARMY—UNITS reportedly, AZERBAIJAN—POSITIONS at the Karabakh frontline and THE—AZERBAIJANI—ARMENIA—STATE—BORDER.
20150724             1—AZERI serviceman was killed in the crossfire.
20150724             —DENIED, ARMENIA, that it had sustained ANY—CASUALTIES and accused AZERBAIJAN of violating a 19940000             ceasefire.
20150724             Khadija Ismayilova (39), 1—TOP—AZERBAIJAN—INVESTIGATIVE journalist and ANTI—GRAFT—CAMPAIGNER, went on trial on charges she denounced as politically motivated.
20150724             —ACCUSED, She has, the country's PRESIDENT—OF—CORRUPTION and was charged with inciting 1—FORMER colleague to commit suicide, tax evasion and embezzlement.
20150724             —ANNOUNCED, Mining groups Anglo American and Lonmin, plans to cut their headcounts by 1 combined 12,000 staff owing to falling metals prices in 1—WEAK—GLOBAL—ECONOMY.
20150724             Lonmin, the world's 3. largest platinum producer, said it would cut 6,000 jobs in SOUTH—AFRICA.
20150724             —APPROVED, CAMBODIA—SENATE, tight restrictions on NON—GOVERNMENTAL—ORGANIZATIONS, rejecting appeals from rights groups that say the law could be used for political repression.
20150724             CHILE, mining contractor NELSON—QUICHILLAO was shot dead after clashing with police during protests by workers employed by service contractors at THE—STATE—RUN copper giant Codelco.
20150724             —EXILED, Prominent, CHINA—DISSIDENT Wu'er Kaixi announced his candidacy for 1—SEAT in TAIWAN—PARLIAMENT, saying he wants to serve as 1—CHECK on the ruling Nationalist Party and help shore up the island's global status.
20150724             —APPROVED, FRANCE—CONSTITUTIONAL—COUNCIL, a law giving its intelligence services sweeping new spying abilities.
20150724             —RELEASED, GAMBIA, more than 200—PRISONERS, including 31 jailed for treason during multiple plots to overthrow LONG—RULING—PRESIDENT—YAHYA—JAMMEH.
20150724             —REACHED, GERMANY, 49—COUNTRIES, 1—DEAL to cut tariffs on around 200—TECHNOLOGY products.
20150724             —REACHED, THE—WTO said major economies, 1—TENTATIVE accord that caps 3—YEARS—OF—TALKS.
20150724             DETAILS—OF—THE—DEAL should be finalized by December.
20150724             —SUSPECTED, Jairo Orellana, 1, GUATEMALA—DRUG kingpin with ties to the violent MEXICO—CARTEL—LOS Zetas, was extradited to THE—USA to face trial for conspiring to traffic narcotics.
20150724             —STAGED, Residents in 1—CHIC—ROME suburb and 1—NORTH—ITALY—VILLAGE, angry ANTI—IMMIGRANT—PROTESTS, with villagers setting mattresses ablaze in 1—BID to stop authorities from housing migrants.
20150724             —CROSSED, ITALY was hosting more than 80,000 migrants who have, the Mediterranean fleeing war, persecution or poverty in THE—MIDDLE—EAST and AFRICA.
20150724             † In ITALY at least 7—PEOPLE in 1—EXPLOSION at the Bruscella fireworks factory in Modugno on the Adriatic coast.
20150724             —ATTACKED, NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, Boko Haram militants, the villages of Kopa, Maikadiri and Yaffa in SOUTH—BORNO state.
20150724             —KILLED, At least 21—PEOPLE were, in Maikadiri and 4—MORE in Yaffa.
20150724             —CAUSED, PAKISTAN, aid agencies said flash flooding, by torrential monsoon rains have killed at least 28 and affected HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE, with further downpours expected in the coming days.
20150724             —SENTENCED, MOSCOW—HIGHEST—COURT, Ilya Goryachev (33), 1—LEADER—OF—1—MILITANT—NEO—NAZI group, to life in prison after he was convicted of ordering 5—BRUTAL killings, including that of 1—PROMINENT—HUMAN—RIGHTS—LAWYER.
20150724             —COMMANDED, Visinescu, the jail on the outskirts of the small TOWN—OF—RAMNICU Sarat 19560000—19630000    —BETWEEN.
20150724             —PASSED, SOUTH—KOREA—NATIONAL—ASSEMBLY, an amended criminal procedure law, removing a 25-year STATUTE—OF—LIMITATIONS on 1.—DEGREE murder.
20150724             —ANNOUNCED, SYRIA—2—MAIN—POLITICAL—OPPOSITION—GROUPS, long at odds, that they have agreed on a "roadmap" to end their country's LONG—RUNNING—CIVIL—WAR, starting with establishment of 1—TRANSITIONAL governing body.
20150724             THAILAND said it would indict 72—PEOPLE including 1—SENIOR—ARMY—OFFICER over human trafficking after the plight of desperate MYANMAR and BANGLADESH migrants stranded at sea triggered 1—INTERNATIONAL—OUTCRY over the grim trade.
20150724             —POUNDED, TURKEY—WARPLANES, Islamic State targets in Syria for the 1. time, with PRESIDENT—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN promising more decisive action against both the jihadists and Kurdish militants at home.
20150724             —ROUNDED, Police, up nearly 300—PEOPLE in raids against suspected Islamic State and Kurdish militants.
20150724             —KILLED, YEMEN, SAUDI—LED coalition airstrikes, more than 120—CIVILIANS and wounded more than 150—AFTER shelling 1—RESIDENTIAL—AREA in the Taiz province.
20150724—19890000    —IN, A ROMANIA—COURT sentenced Alexandru Visinescu (19250000—20180000    ), 1—STALINIST—ERA—POLITICAL—PRISON—COMMANDER, to 20—YEARS in jail for murder, the 1. such ruling against 1—PRISON—HEAD since THE—COLLAPSE—OF—THE—DICTATORSHIP—OF—NICOLAE—CEAUSESCU.
20150724—20150726    —CAPSIZED, Their, boat was found.
20150726—20150724    —RETURNED, He had voluntarily, home from THE—WAR—TORN country.
20160722—20160724    —BY, it had blackened some 20,000 acres and threatened homes and commercial structures.
20160724             Democratic national leader Debbie Wasserman, D.-FLORIDA, announced that she will step down at THE—END—OF—THE—CONVENTION—WEEK following leaked internal party e-mails.
20160724             EAST—OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, Alberto Juarez (40) was shot and killed and 3—OTHERS were wounded at 1—BLOCK—PARTY on the 9200—BLOCK—OF—HOLLY St.
20160724             —BECAME, CHRIS—FROOME, 31—JAHRE—ALT, the 1. UK—CYCLIST to win the Tour de FRANCE 3—TIMES.
20160724             —MOVED, UK—BORDER—AGENTS, in to help FRANCE—OFFICIALS—DEAL with gigantic backups for travelers trying to cross THE—ENGLAND—CHANNEL into FRANCE.
20160724             The delays come at THE—START—OF—THE—UK—HOLIDAY—SEASON when tens of THOUSANDS—OF—VACATIONERS head to continental EUROPE.
20160724             —JOINED, CAMBODIA, tens of thousands, the funeral procession of Kem Ley, 1—PROMINENT—GOVERNMENT—CRITIC, whose 20160710             murder in broad daylight has raised suspicions of 1—HIT job in country with 1—LONG—HISTORY—OF—POLITICAL—VIOLENCE.
20160724             —FAILED, SOUTH—EAST—ASIAN nations, to agree on maritime disputes in THE—SOUTH—CHINA—SEA after CAMBODIA blocked ANY—MENTION to 1—INTERNATIONAL—COURT ruling against BEIJING in their statement.
20160724             —PROMISED, CHINA, G20 finance officials, to protect the world economy from the shockwaves of BRITAIN—EU referendum and to boost sluggish growth.
20160724             G20 envoys also rejected trade protectionism, 1—ISSUE that has risen in prominence as USA—REPUBLICATION—PRESIDENTIAL—CANDIDATE—DONALD—TRUMP stirred unease with talk about restricting access to USA—MARKETS.
20160724             —IMPOSED, CHINA—MINISTRY—OF—COMMERCE said that it has, ANTI—DUMPING—DUTIES on steel imports from JAPAN, SOUTH—KOREA and the European Union.
20160724             Imports of GRAIN—ORIENTED electrical steel, used in the manufacture of large generators and electricity transformers, will be charged duties ranging from 37.3—PERCENT to 46.3—PERCENT.
20160724             The duties will continue to be levied —FOR—5—YEARS.
20160724             —UNDERPRICED, The ministry said 1—INVESTIGATION has found that, steel was hurting CHINA—INDUSTRY.
20160724             CHINA, THE—BEIJING municipal branch of the national Cyberspace Administration ordered SOME—OF—CHINA—BIGGEST internet companies to stop publishing independent reports on politically sensitive topics.
20160724             —WOUNDED, GERMANY, MOHAMMED—DALEEL, 1—SYRIA—ASYLUM—SEEKER (27), 15—PEOPLE, 4—OF—THEM seriously, near 1—CAFE in Ansbach when he set off 1—BOMB in his rucksack, killing himself.
20160724             He had reportedly made 1—VIDEO pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group.
20160724             A SYRIA—ASYLUM—SEEKER, 21—JAHRE—ALT killed 1—WOMAN and injured 2—PEOPLE with 1—MACHETE in THE—CITY—OF—REUTLINGEN.
20160724             —RAPED, INDIA, an ISRAEL—TOURIST, 25—JAHRE—ALT was, after she accepted 1—CAR ride while traveling in THE—NORTH—STATE—OF—HIMACHAL—PRADESH.
20160724             —ARRESTED, Police soon, 2—OF 6—MEN and 1—SEARCH was on for the other 4.
20160724             —DESTROYED, IRAN, 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers as PART—OF—1—WIDESPREAD—CRACKDOWN against the illegal devices that authorities say are morally damaging.
20160724             GENERAL—MOHAMMAD—REZA—NAGHDI, HEAD—OF—IRAN—BASIJ militia, WARNED—OF—THE—IMPACT that satellite television was having in the conservative country.
20160724             70—PERCENT—OF—IRANIANS violate 19940000             —THE law and own satellite dishes which can gather television programming worldwide.
20160724             —CLAIMED, IRAQ, 1—SUICIDE bombing, by the Islamic State group killed at least 15—PEOPLE in 1—SHIITE AREA—OF—NORTH—BAGHDAD.
20160724             The bombing struck near 1—CHECKPOINT in the Kadhimiyah area, home to 1—MAJOR—SHIITE shrine, also wounded at least 29—PEOPLE.
20160724             —RESIGNED, NEPAL—PRIME—MINISTER—KHADGA—PRASAD—OLI, shortly before he was to face 1—CONFIDENCE—VOTE in PARLIAMENT that he expected to lose, further aggravating political instability in the Himalayan country.
20160724             —REPORTED, It was, that THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE has ordered all agencies directly under his watch to open their records to the public as PART—OF—HIS promise to crack down on corruption and promote transparency in government.
20160724             —NEEDED, Legislation was still, to ensure other BRANCHES—OF—GOVERNMENT will do the same.
20160724             SWITZERLAND, THE—INTERNATIONAL—OLYMPIC—COMMITTEE held showdown talks on whether to ban RUSSIA from THE—RIO—GAMES over STATE—RUN doping.
20160724             THE—IOC said it was up to EACH—INTERNATIONAL—SPORTS—FEDERATION to decide if Russians could take part in Rio.
20160724             —RAINED, SYRIA, rockets, down on several Old DAMASCUS neighborhoods killing at least 8—PEOPLE and wounding 20—OTHERS.
20160724             Government air raids struck 5—MEDICAL—CLINICS in ALEPPO province.
20160724             NORTH—THAILAND, about 100—MACAQUES tore up voter lists publicly —POSTED ahead of 20160807             —THE referendum on 1 proposed constitution.
20160724             —KILLED, UKRAINE said 6—GOVERNMENT—SOLDIERS were, in the east by rebel separatists over the last 24—HOURS.
20160724             Anschläge: So können Sie mit Kindern über TERROR und Gewalt reden
20160724             SATELLITENBILD—DER—WOCHE: Lebenszeichen aus 770—KM Höhe
20160724             Evakuierungen: In BREMEN wird 1000—KILO—BOMBE entschärft
20160724             —KAMPFbegriff POPULISMUS : Erlöst uns von DER—AUTORITÄREN Versuchung
20160724             —AM, her 1.appearance in PARLIAMENT as PRIME—MINISTER, THERESA—MAY avowed that she would be willing to give THE—ORDER for 100,000 innocent people to be killed in 1—NUCLEAR—ATTACK.
20160724             That was 1—HELL—OF—1—ACCEPTANCE—SPEECH.
20160724             b : 1232—PM
20160724             Wirtschaft in der TÜRKEI—ERDOGANS Achillesferse
20160724             —ZWISCHEN HAMBURG und BREMEN:, 22—JAHRE—ALTE geht in Metronom mit Messer auf Fahrgäste los
20160724             —NACH, AXT—ANGRIFF—IN—WÜRZBURG: "Jetzt haben wieder alle ANGST—VOR—UNS"
20160724             MÜNCHEN: Amokschütze soll sich TAT—WAFFE im Darknet besorgt haben
20160724             Frust über EU—MITGLIEDSCHAFT, DIE—NIEDERLÄNDER flirten mit dem "Nexit"
20160724             SPANIER in LONDON: "Ich habe Angst, daß ich hier nicht mehr willkommen bin"
20160724             —ERÖFFNUNG des olympischen Dorfs: "Unbewohnbar"
20160724             REUTLINGEN: Mann greift Menschen mit Machete an - 1.Tote, mehrere Verletzte
20160724             TERROR und Amok: Und jetzt?
20160724             —INTERVIEW zu Amokläufern: "Hass auf die UMWELT —, sich selbst"
20160724             —ANSCHLAG—VON—NIZZA: Beamtin fühlte sich bedrängt, POLIZEI—BERICHT zu ändern
20160724             LUFT—ANGRIFFE—AUF—ALEPPO: Mehrere Feldkrankenhäuser getroffen
20160724             Amokläufer DAVID S.: Einsam, krank und fest entschlossen
20160724             Häftlinge in der TÜRKEI: AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL berichtet von FOLTER
20160724             [l] Wie kommt das eigentlich, daß sich BERNIE—SANDERS nicht durchgesetzt hat bei den "Democrats"IN—DEN—USA?
20160724             Nun, WIKILEAKS hat da mal ein paar peinliche Emails veröffentlicht.
20160724             DIE—PARTEI hat sich schlicht gegen BERNIE—SANDERS verschworen und intern diskutiert, wie man ihn loswerden und HILLARY pushen kann.
20160724             Demokratie im Endstadium!
20160724             Und DIESES Land wagt es, anderen Ländern Vorhaltungen zu machen, sie hätten DEMOKRATIE—DEFIZITE?!
20160724             —UPDATE, Die zuständige Manipulatorin bei den Democrats tritt zurück.
20160724             Die, die Bernie zu sabotieren und HILLARY zu pushen versucht hat.
20160724             [l] Für die BINGO—SPIELER hier:
20160724             Yeah!
20160724             Vielleicht brauchen wir —IN—ZUKUNFT, auch 1—GSG9—FELD…?
20160724             [l] Ich weiß nicht, ob ihr das wusstet, aber die AUTO—INDUSTRIE hatte in den ANFANGSjahren ein massives PR—PROBLEM.
20160724             Ihr Produkt tötete Menschen.
20160724             Nicht nur Menschen an sich, Kinder!
20160724             Und es war völlig klar, wessen Schuld das war.
20160724             DIE—DER Autoindustrie.
20160724             DIE—AUTO—INDUSTRIE hat —DARAUFHIN, entschieden, daß DIE—STRAßE ihnen gehören soll, nicht den Menschen.
20160724             Wer auf der Straße ist, ist selber schuld.
20160724             Nicht nur selber schuld, nein, das soll 1.Ordnungswidrigkeit werden!
20160724             Dafür wurde der BULLSHIT—TATBESTAND des "Jaywalking"erfunden.
20160724             Hier hat das mal jemand erklärt.
20160724             Ich hatte das schonmal verlinkt —VOR—EIN—PAAR—JAHREN.
20160724             —JETZT, verlinke ich es nochmal, weil ich diesen ARTIKEL fand, der im Kontext mit der AUTO—INDUSTRIE gleich noch mal doppelt so schlagkräftig ist.
20160724             DIE—THESE ist, daß DIE—BANKEN gerade machen, was die AUTOMOBIL—INDUSTRIE —DAMALS, gemacht hat.
20160724             DIE—SCHULD (und Haftung!) von "Unterschrift unter Scheck gefälscht"über die Erfindung eines BULLSHIT—TATBESTANDES names "Identity Theft"auf den Kunden abschieben.
20160724             [l] DONALD—TRUMP will Leute aus DEUTSCHLAND und FRANKREICH nicht mehr in DIE—USA einreisen lassen.
20160724             Wer TERRORISTEN in sein Land lässt, ist ja auch selber schuld.
20160724             [l] Das INNEN—MINISTERIUM hat nach nur 3—SCHRECKTAGEN endlich zu alter Form gefunden und schiebt dem INTERNET, das man ja eh mal so richtig schön durchregulieren wollte, DIE—SCHULD an dem AMOK—LAUF—IN—DIE Schuhe.
20160724             Waffen stammen nicht aus dem Darknet.
20160724             Auch diese nicht.
20160724             Diese stammt aus SLOWENIEN, steht auch im Text.
20160724             Das Darknet kann keine physischen Objekte liefern, höchstens KONSTRUKTIONS—PLÄNE—FÜR—DEN 3d-Drucker, und das ist hier nicht geschehen.
20160724             Aber hey, DAS—INTERNET muss endlich mal so richtig kaputtreguliert werden.
20160724             Außer DRM und Abmahnungen darf es dort nur verbrannte Erde geben.
20160724             Dafür ist dem INNEN—MINISTERIUM jede ALLIANZ recht, sogar 1."Hatespeech"-BEKÄMPFER—QUERFRONT mit dem linken Erbfeind von der AMADEU—ANTONIO—STIFTUNG.
20160724             Wobei.
20160724             IM Erika, IM Viktoria...
20160724             Bei Frauen ist das ja was anderes mit DER—STASI, die haben nie jemandem wirklich geschadet.
20160724             Frauen waren nur Opfer DER—STASI, nicht Täter.
20160724             Übrigens heißt DER—NAMENSGEBER der Stiftung Amadeu ANTONIO Kiowa.
20160724             Der hat mehr als nur Vornamen.
20160724             Aber hey, wenn Onkel Tom keinen Nachnamen braucht, braucht DER—NAMENSGEBER dieser Stiftung auch keinen.
20160724             Ist ja nicht so, als bekämpften die da RASSISMUS oder so.
20160724             [l] Und noch ein verwirrter Einzeltäter: In REUTLINGEN hat 1—MANN mit 1—MACHETE 1.schwangere polnische Mitarbeiterin in 1—KEBAP—LADEN umgebracht.
20160724             Der Mann wurde wenige Minuten nach der Tat festgenommen.
20160724             Er soll nun rasch vernommen werden.
20160724             Bei dem Täter handelt ES—SICH um 1 21—JAHRE—ALTEN ASYL—BEWERBER aus SYRIEN.
20160724             Der Mann ist polizeibekannt.
20160724             Gegen ihn hätten "Anzeigen wegen Körperverletzungen"vorgelegen, sagte 1—SPRECHER—DER—POLIZEI.
20160724             —NACH, DERZEITigem Ermittlungsstand handelt ES—SICH um 1—EINZELTÄTER.
20160724             "1—GEFAHR—FÜR—DIE—BEVÖLKERUNG in und um REUTLINGEN besteht nach DERZEITigem Stand mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht", erklärte DIE—POLIZEI.
20160724—20180000    —SENTENCED, Honario Hernandez Meza (29) of WOODLAND—CALIFORNIA, was, to 16—YEARS in prison following 1—PLEA agreement.
20160724—20180000    —DECRIED, ZIMBABWE war veterans, Mugabe's "dictatorial tendencies" and vowed to withdraw their support if he seeks RE—ELECTION.
20170705—20170724    —ON, the parents ended their fight to keep Charlie alive.
20170717—20170724    —ANNOUNCED, THE—CHINA—COMMUNIST—PARTY, that Sun Zhengcai was under investigation for graft.
20170719—20170724    —RELEASED, Those being held were.
20170721—20170724    —AGREED, PERU—LABOR—MINISTRY said striking mining workers in have, to return to work after THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—PRESIDENT—PEDRO—PABLO—KUCZYNSKI promised to name 1—TASK—FORCE to discuss labor laws with them.
20170724             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, at least 26—PEOPLE were, and 42 wounded after 1—TALIBAN—CLAIMED car bomb struck 1—BUS carrying government employees through 1—SHIITE neighborhood in KABUL.
20170724             A presidential spokesman said the Taliban also killed at least 35—CIVILIANS in 1—ATTACK on 1—HOSPITAL in CENTRAL—GHOR province over the weekend.
20170724             EGYPT, 7—CIVILIANS, including 2—YOUNG—CHILDREN, were killed by 1—CAR—BOMB that exploded at 1—SECURITY—CHECKPOINT in THE—SINAI—PENINSULA.
20170724             ISRAEL struck 1—POSITION—OF—ISLAMIST—GROUP—HAMAS in GAZA, hours after 1—MISSILE was fired across the border from the Palestinian enclave.
20170724             LEBANON—BASED Hezbollah said its battle with Nusra Front jihadists at THE—SYRIA—LEBANON border was almost over and urged remaining insurgents in the area to give up, pressing its campaign to take their last foothold at the frontier.
20170724             —LOCKED, THE—MALDIVES—OPPOSITION said that the military has, down PARLIAMENT on THE—ORDERS—OF—PRESIDENT—YAMEEN—ABDUL—GAYOOM in 1—BID to prevent lawmakers from taking part in 1—VOTE to impeach the parliamentary speaker.
20170724             MYANMAR state media said flooding across large PARTS—OF—THE—COUNTRY has displaced more than 100,000—PEOPLE, causing 2—DEATHS.
20170724             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 1—TALIBAN suicide bombing, 26—PEOPLE in THE—EAST—CITY—OF—LAHORE.
20170724             A Palestinian assailant (21) stabbed an Arab citizen (32) of ISRAEL in the neck in CENTRAL—ISRAEL, apparently mistaking him for 1—JEW.
20170724             PARAGUAY, 1—SHOOTING at 1—NIGHTCLUB left 4—BRAZILIANS dead and 10—PEOPLE wounded at 1—LAUNCH—PARTY for the After Office club in PEDRO—JUAN—CABALLERO.
20170724             2—UNKNOW assailants fled.
20170724             —DELIVERED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE, his 2. STATE—OF—THE—NATION speech to 1—JOINT—SESSION—OF—CONGRESS, vowing to continue his bloody war on illegal drugs despite INTERNATIONAL and domestic criticism.
20170724             Duterte said he wanted to stop exporting mineral resources and might close the mining sector completely and tax miners "to death" if damage to the environment persisted.
20170724             —ANNOUNCED, POLAND—PRESIDENT—ANDRZEJ—DUDA, that he will veto 2—CONTENTIOUS—BILLS which were widely seen as assaults on the independence of the judicial system by the ruling party and that sparked DAYS—OF—NATIONWIDE protests.
20170724             —MARKED, This, the 1. time Duda has broken openly with Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the powerful LEADER—OF—THE—RULING—LAW and Justice party.
20170724             Duda said he would sign a 3. bill that reorganizes the functioning of the lower courts.
20170724             —REPORTED, SAUDI—ARABIA—STATE—NEWS, that SAUDI—ARABIA, EGYPT, THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES and BAHRAIN have added 9—CHARITY and media organizations and 9—INDIVIDUALS to their individual ban lists because of alleged links to QATAR over terrorism.
20170724             Researchers said SWAZILAND, which bears the world's heaviest HIV burden, has halved THE—RATE—OF—NEW—INFECTIONS in 5—YEARS by boosting access to VIRUS—SUPPRESSING—DRUGS.
20170724             —KILLED, SYRIA, 1—AIR—STRIKE—LATE—TODAY, 8—CIVILIANS, HALF—OF—THEM children, and wounded dozens more in EAST—GHOUTA, 1—REBEL—HELD region near DAMASCUS where 1—FRAGILE—TRUCE was declared at the weekend.
20170724             —DENIED, RUSSIA, involvement.
20170724             —ARRESTED, THAILAND—POLICE said they have, 1—GANG—OF—44—PEOPLE from CHINA and TAIWAN for running 1—ELABORATE—PHONE—SCAM that conned $3—MILLION from SCORES—OF—VICTIMS mainly in CHINA.
20170724             —ARRIVED, TURKEY—PRESIDENT has, in QATAR on the final leg of 1—GULF tour aimed at forging 1—RESOLUTION to the diplomatic standoff gripping the nation and 4—FELLOW—ARAB countries.
20170724             IWF—PROGNOSE: DEUTSCHE—WIRTSCHAFT wächst langsamer als die DER—EURO—ZONE
20170724             Wahleinmischung und KRIM—ANNEXION: DONALD—TRUMP will neue RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN wohl zulassen
20170724             SPIONAGE unter Mitarbeitern: Volkswagen soll MILITÄR—DIKTATUR in BRASILIEN unterstützt haben
20170724             Shootingstar der PHILOSOPHIE: "Wir sind mit der FIGUR—DES—INTELLEKTUELLEN durch"
20170724             —DEBATTEnkultur IM—NETZ: "Der radikale Versuch, nicht zu polarisieren"
20170724             —NACH, massiven Protesten: POLEN—PRÄSIDENT—DUDA legt Veto gegen JUSTIZ—REFORM ein
20170724             KARTELLTERROR—VORWURF, AKTIEN—KURSE deutscher AutoBAUER sacken ab
20170724             Überlebenstraining: Astronauten aus EUROPA und CHINA üben gemeinsam
20170724             DONALD—TRUMP—NEUER Sprecher: "Wenn ihr leakt, werfe ich euch alle raus"
20170724             DONALD—TRUMP—SCHWIEGERSOHN: "Viermal Kontakt mit Vertretern RUSSLANDs"
20170724             2.000—FEUERWEHRLEUTE im Einsatz: WALD—BRÄNDE wüten wieder in PORTUGAL
20170724             BUNDES—BANK: DEUTSCHLAND hat durch NIEDRIG—ZINSEN—EURO gespart
20170724             INDIEN: Gletscher in der Wüste
20170724             VORWÜRFE—GEGEN—HERSTELLER: Das AUTOKARTELL—KEIM—ZELLE des Dieselskandals
20170724             —NACH—3—JAHRE,: GRIECHENLAND wagt Rückkehr an den Kapitalmarkt
20170724             TÜRKEI—KONFLIKT, EU droht ERDOGAN mit ökonomischen Konsequenzen
20170724             RUSSLAND—AFFÄRE: Kushner geht in die Offensive
20170724—20160000    —IN, THAILAND—MILITARY—GOVERNMENT began freeze THE—ASSETS—OF—FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER—YINGLUCK—SHINAWATRA in relation to a $1-billion fine it imposed over her government's 20120000—20130000     rice buying scheme.
20170724—20170712    —SEIZED, THAILAND—POLICE said they have, nearly $21—MILLION—WORTH—OF—ASSETS, from cars to cryptocurrency, belonging to Alexandre Cazes (5), the late founder of dark web marketplace AlphaBay, who † in 1—BANGKOK jail.
20170727—20170724    —ADMITTED, Lofven, that his country and its citizens had been exposed to risks by potential leaks of sensitive information.
20180724             —UNVEILED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP—FAMILY—BUSINESS, plans to invest 150—MILLION—POUNDS ($196—MILLION) in the 2. PHASE—OF—DEVELOPMENT at its controversial golf course in NORTH—EAST—SCOTLAND.
20180724             The feud between PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP and his onetime lawyer MICHAEL—COHEN escalated when Cohen released 1—AUDIO recording of their 20160000             PRE—ELECTION—CONVERSATION about 1—PLAYBOY model's silence.
20180724             THE—USA—BUREAU—OF—LAND—MANAGEMENT, which oversees about 388,000 square miles (1—MILLION—SQUARE km) of public land, announced that it would no longer use mandatory OFF—SITE compensatory mitigation on most federal land.
20180724             —THREATENED, The directive, to undermine 1—HARD—WON compromise aimed at saving the greater sage grouse, 1 beleaguered bird scattered across their western region.
20180724             The Ninth USA—CIRCUIT—COURT—OF—APPEALS in S—FRANCISCO ruled 2—1—THAT—AMERICANS have 1—CONSTITUTIONAL—RIGHT to carry guns.
20180724             —EXPECTED, The case from HAWAII was, to go to THE—SUPREME—COURT.
20180724             —ANNOUNCED, THE—CALIFORNIA STATE—LOTTERY, that the winning ticket of the $522—MILLION—MEGA Millions drawing was bought at ERNIE—LIQUOR in S—JOSE.
20180724             —PUMMELED, Heavy rains, parts of THE—USA—SOUTHWEST and MID—ATLANTIC, swelling floods that have forced evacuations, disrupted air travel and cut power.
20180724             —APPROVED, CALIFORNIA officials, $2.7—BILLION—OF—VOTER—APPROVED bond money for new water storage projects.
20180724             NEW—ORLEANS, 2—OFF—DUTY rookie police officers beat 1—LATINO man whom they allegedly called a "fake American".
20180724             Officers SPENCER—SUTTON, 24—JAHRE—ALT and JOHN—GALMAN, 26—JAHRE—ALT were soon fired but maintained their innocence.
20180724             —REPORTED, THE—NEW—YORK Post, that Ivanka TRUMP—CLOTHING—COMPANY is shutting down and that ALL—OF—TIS employees are being laid off.
20180724             PABLO—VILLAVICENCIO, an ECUADOR—IMMIGRANT who was held for deportation after delivering pizza to 1—BROOKLYN Army installation, walked out of 1—NEW—JERSEY immigration detention center house hours after 1—JUDGE ordered his immediate release.
20180724             UK—PRIME—MINISTER—THERESA—MAY said she would now lead negotiations with the European Union, shifting the focus of the Brexit department toward preparing for BRITAIN—DEPARTURE from the bloc.
20180724             —DECLARED, CONGO DRC officially, THE—END—OF—1—OUTBREAK—OF—EBOLA, bringing the curtain down on a 10-week RE—EMERGENCE—OF—THE—DISEASE which claimed 33—LIVES.
20180724             —INAUGURATED, EGYPT, several power generation projects, including 3—POWER—PLANTS built by THE—GERMANY—CONGLOMERATE Siemens in 1—CEREMONY attended by PRESIDENT—ABDEL—FATTAH—EL—SISSI, government ministers and officials.
20180724             —OFFERED, The European Commission, to shoulder the cost of taking in migrants from boats in the Mediterranean, seeking to entice more governments to shoulder the burden after ITALY—NEW—GOVERNMENT closed the country's ports to rescue vessels.
20180724             —NEEDED, Some Tour de FRANCE riders, eye treatment for tear gas when police intervened to disperse farmers protesting against funding cuts.
20180724             —RESUMED, Stage 16, after a 15-minute delay.
20180724             —ESTIMATED, By July of this year officials, the movement had grown further to about 18,000—PEOPLE.
20180724             —ARRESTED, GERMANY—AUTHORITIES, Yasmin H., the wife of 1—TUNISIA—MAN detained last month, over 1—PLOT to use the toxin ricin to carry out 1—ATTACK, alleging that she was 1—ACCOMPLICE.
20180724             GREECE—AUTHORITIES said wildfires raging through seaside resorts near ATHENS torched homes, cars and forests, killing at least 74—PEOPLE.
20180724             —OFFERED, HUNGARY—PRIME—MINISTER—VIKTOR—ORBAN, to help small Montenegro guard its borders against migrants, insisting that the Balkans should remain closed for people trying to reach WEST—EUROPE.
20180724             —STOPPED, INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—NARENDRA—MODI, in RWANDA, where he signed 1—NUMBER—OF—BILATERAL—AGREEMENTS and visited 1—MODEL—FARM to which he donated 200—COWS.
20180724             —ARRIVED, INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER—NARENDRA—MODI, in UGANDA for the 2. stop in his tour of AFRICA ahead of this week's summit of THE—BRICS emerging economies.
20180724             IRAN said it will react with equal countermeasures if WASHINGTON tries to block its oil exports, while the Islamic Republic's armed forces CHIEF said USA—THREATS would draw an "unimaginable and regrettable" reaction.
20180724             ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU said TURKEY was becoming a "dark dictatorship" as he hit back at TURKEY—PRESIDENT—RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN—HARSH—CRITICISM—OF a "racist" new ISRAEL—LAW.
20180724             ISRAEL shot down 1—SYRIA—FIGHTER—JET with SURFACE—TO—AIR—MISSILES after the plane infiltrated airspace it controls.
20180724             —REOPENED, ISRAEL partially, its only goods crossing with THE—GAZA Strip after a 2—WEEK closure prompted by border tensions and incendiary kites sparked fears of 1—SEVERE—FUEL—SHORTAGE in the blockaded Palestinian enclave.
20180724             —UNPRECEDENTED, JAPAN—GOVERNMENT—OFFICIALS said an "" heatwave has killed at least 80—PEOPLE in JAPAN over the last 2—WEEKS.
20180724             —KILLED, KASHMIR, 1—PARAMILITARY—SOLDIER was, and 2—OTHERS wounded in 1—ATTACK by rebels fighting INDIA—RULE.
20180724             EAST—LIBYA, militants with links to the extremist Islamic State group killed 2—POLICEMEN at 1—CHECKPOINT in EL—AGHEILA.
20180724             —REPORTED, At least 4—PEOPLE were, missing after the attack.
20180724             CENTRAL—MALI, the Ambodedjo Airport near Sevare was hit by shells overnight, the latest unrest just days before the country votes for 1—PRESIDENT.
20180724             —BASED, MEXICO, RUBEN—PAT—CAUICH, THE—DIRECTOR—OF—1—NEW—SITE, in Playa del Carmen, was shot to death.
20180724             —KILLED, He was the 2. JOURNALIST—OF—THE—NEWS—SITE, in less than 1—MONTH.
20180724             —ENDANGERED, MEXICO, the remains of, sea turtles began turning up at 1—WILDLIFE sanctuary on the Pacific COAST—OF—CHIAPAS state.
20180724             NEW—ZEALAND, 28—STUDENTS from Marjory Stoneman DOUGLAS—HIGH—SCHOOL in PARKLAND—FLORIDA, planted 17—TREES to commemorate EACH—OF—THE—STUDENTS and staff members who were killed last February 14 at their school.
20180724             15—NIGERIA—SENATORS quit the ruling All Progressives Congress party, making it 1—MINORITY in PARLIAMENT—UPPER—HOUSE and indicating worsening rifts in PRESIDENT—MUHAMMADU—BUHARI—POLITICAL—CAMP—MONTHS ahead of 1—ELECTION.
20180724             THE—PHILIPPINES, AL—HAJ—MURAD—EBRAHIM, CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—MORO Islamic Liberation Front, said 6—OF—THE—LARGEST—GUERRILLA—CAMPS in the south were being converted into "productive civilian communities" to help the insurgents return to normal life.
20180724             He also said that 30,000 to 40,000 armed fighters would be "decommissioned" if 1—AUTONOMY deal that is expected to be signed into law by THE—PRESIDENT this week is fully enforced.
20180724             —REPORTED, RUSSIA—AGENCIES, that scientist VIKTOR—KUDRYAVTSEV, 74—JAHRE—ALT has been arrested in 1—PROBE into allegations that staff at from THE—CENTRAL—RESEARCH—INSTITUTE—OF—MACHINE Building near MOSCOW, 1—TOP—SPACE—RESEARCH—CENTER, have been passing information on the country's weapons program to the West.
20180724             —PUMMELED, Syrian and RUSSIA—AIRCRAFT, 1—JIHADIST holdout in SOUTH—SYRIA bordering JORDAN and THE—ISRAELI—OCCUPIED Golan Heights after deadly strikes overnight.
20180724             —ACCUSED, TAIWAN, CHINA of dragging sport into politics after 1—MULTI—MILLION—DOLLAR—INTERNATIONAL—YOUTH—EVENT due to be held on the island next year was suspended.
20180724             TURKEY—PRESIDENT—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN said an ISRAEL—LAW declaring that only Jews have THE—RIGHT—OF—SELF—DETERMINATION legitimizes oppression and shows that ISRAEL is 1—FASCIST and racist country where the spirit of Adolf Hitler has RE—EMERGED.
20180724             —TUMBLED, TURKEY—CURRENCY, amid growing questions over the central bank's ability to set policy without interference from the increasingly powerful OFFICE—OF—PRESIDENT—RECEP—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN.
20180724             —DECIDED, The central bank, to not raise rates, defying broad expectations in the markets for 1—INCREASE—OF at least 1—PERCENTAGE—POINT to its 1—WEEK repo rate, from 17.75—PERCENT.
20180724             —HOSTED, THE—UAE, the leaders of ETHIOPIA and ERITREA, lauding their "bold and historic" rapprochement as enhancing prospects for peace and prosperity.
20180724             [l] PORTUGAL ist ganz gut ohne Austerity gefahren.
20180724             Elaia says it generates 14—PERCENT—OF—PORTUGAL—OLIVE oil today, contributing to 1—RENAISSANCE in PORTUGAL—EXPORTS, which now constitute 40—PERCENT—OF—ECONOMIC—ACTIVITY.
20180724             European officials are now admitting that PORTUGAL may have found 1—BETTER—RESPONSE to the crisis.
20180724             GOOGLE—MUTTER—KONZERN, REKORD—STRAFE der EU drückt Gewinn von Alphabet
20180724             "Seien Sie vorsichtig!": IRAN zeigt sich unbeeindruckt von DONALD—TRUMP—DROHUNGEN
20180724             Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge: "Wer E-Tretroller fährt, darf nicht kriminalisiert werden"
20180724             Drohende USA—STRAF—ZÖLLE: So dicht ist das weltweite NETZ—WERK—VON—VW, Daimler und BMW
20180724             KÖLNer RIZIN—FALL: Ermittler nehmen —VERDÄCHTIGE Ehefrau fest
20180724             GEFAHR—DURCH—RESISTENZEN: Tierärzte geben weniger Antibiotika an Nutzvieh
20180724             GRUND—RECHT—AUF—FREIHEIT: VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT schränkt Fixierung von Psychiatriepatienten ein
20180724             MEDIEN—BERICHT, Russische Hacker sollen Hunderte USA—STROMVERSORGER angegriffen haben
20180724             RASSISMUS im Alltag: Die stille Mehrheit kann mich mal
20180724             Trotz Widerstand der Schotten: DONALD—TRUMP—SÖHNE investieren 200.000.000—DOLLAR in GOLF—CLUB
20180724             Klöckner & Co: DEUTSCHE STAHL—FIRMA profitiert von DONALD—TRUMP—STRAF—ZÖLLEN
20180724             —KAMPFstoff Nowitschok: Mann schenkte Freundin versehentlich NERVEN—GIFT
20180724             BERICHT—DER—UNO: —SEIT—JAHRES—BEGINN sind 162.000—AFGHANEN vor KÄMPFEn geflohen
20180724             Hitze in DEUTSCHLAND: Rotes Kreuz ruft zum Trinken auf
20180724             —ERMITTLUNGEN—IN—HAMBURG: POLIZIST soll HAUS—DURCHSUCHUNGEN vorgetäuscht haben
20180724             Tour de FRANCE: Heuballen auf der Straße, Pfefferspray in den AUGEN—PROTEST stoppt RAD—PROFIS
20180724             Sprudelnde EINNAHMEN: U2 verdient WELT—WEIT ZUMEIST
20180724             ERDOGAN an ISRAEL: "Der Geist HITLERs kommt zum Vorschein"
20180724             Preisverzerrung im Onlinehandel: EU—KOMMISSION verhängt Millionenstrafen für ELEKTRONIK—HERSTELLER
20180724             Golanhöhen: ISRAEL—ARMEE meldet ABSCHUSS—VON—SYRISCHEM Flugzeug
20180724             Vornehm blass oder schön braun: Siegeszug der Sonnenanbeter
20180724             Politischer Extremismus: VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ WARNT—VOR—ZEHNTAUSENDEN gewaltbereiten Personen
20180724             Für gerettete Bootsflüchtlinge: EU will FLÜCHTLINGszentren komplett finanzieren
20180724             RUBENS—GEMÄLDE: So protestieren belgische Museen gegen FACEBOOKs NACKTHEITS—BANN
20180724             Oxana Schatschko: FEMEN—GRÜNDERIN ist tot
20180724             "Bigfoot": Forscher bestimmen größten Saurierfuß der Welt
20180724             —WÄHREND—20—JAHRE, rätselten Wissenschaftler, zu welcher DINOSAURIERart der —BISHER, größte entdeckte Fuß der Welt gehört.
20180724             BRACHIO—SAURIER zählten neben dem ebenfalls pflanzenfressenden Brontosaurus und der Gattung Diplodocus zu den größten Landtieren, die jemals auf der Erde gelebt haben.
20180724             Größer waren nur wenige andere Dinos, wie der Argentinosaurus oder der Patagotitan, die beide 40—METER lang wurden und 70—BIS 90—TONNEN wogen.
20180724             Sie fanden auch heraus, daß die Dinos von der Gruppe Brachiosaurus VOR—150.000.000—JAHREN ein riesiges —GEBIET vom östlichen UTAH bis zum NORD—WEST—WYOMING bewohnten.
20180724             "Es ist absolut faszinierend, daß so viele solcher riesigen Pflanzenfresser dort zusammengelebt haben, ohne dass sie DIE—LANDSCHAFT kahlgefressen haben".
20180724             Junge DEUTSCHE mit MIGRATION—HINTERGRUND: "Ich kenne Özils Gefühl"(Leben und Lernen, 16:01)
20180724             Digital Detox im Selbstversuch: Offline ist auch keine Lösung
20180724             DONALD—TRUMP: "Zölle sind das Größte"
20180724             —DER—TAG—KOMPAKT, Die FEUER—KATASTROPHE
20180724             Nähe zur NATO: RUSSLAND droht SCHWEDEN und Finnland
20180724             Der russische VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTER—SERGEJ—SCHOIGU hat sich kritisch zu dem engen Verhältnis von Finnland und SCHWEDEN zur NATO geäußert.
20180724             Des Weiteren äußerte sich der russische VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTER auch zu dem TREFFEN—ZWISCHEN—DONALD—TRUMP und WLADIMIR—PUTIN, das —IN—DER—VERGANGENEN—WOCHE in HELSINKI stattgefunden hatte.
20180724             1—SPRECHER—DES—KREMLS teilte derweil mit, daß DONALD—TRUMP den RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENTEN zu 1—WEITEREN —TREFFEN—IN—WASHINGTON Ende —DES—JAHRES eingeladen habe.
20180724             BERLIN, ist es derweil überraschend zu 1—DEUTSCH—RUSSISCHEN Treffen auf höchster politischer Ebene gekommen: Obwohl KANZLERIN—ANGELA—MERKEL (CDU) eigentlich im Urlaub ist, kamen sie und AUßEN—MINISTER—HEIKO—MAAS (SPD) mit dem russischen AUßEN—MINISTER—SERGEJ—LAWROW und dem russischen GENERAL—STABS——CHEF—WALERIJ Gerassimow zusammen, wie VIZE—REGIERUNGSSPRECHERIN Ulrike Demmer mitteilte.
20180724             Im MITTEL—PUNKT des Gesprächs stand den Angaben zufolge die Lage im NAHER—OSTEN, vor allem in SYRIEN.
20180724             Gespaltene GESELLSCHAFT: INTEGRIEREN—IN was?
20180724             SIMBABWE vor der Wahl: UNO besorgt wegen Wählereinschüchterungen
20180724             —URTEIL—IN—DÜSSELDORF: Dreijähriger darf laut Richtern allein aufs Klo
20180724             —MITTWOCH und —DONNERSTAG: Ryanair streicht Flüge ab DEUTSCHLAND wegen Streik
20180724             Gefährliches VIRUS: EBOLA—AUSBRUCH im KONGO ist beendet
20180724             Müllfischer auf Mallorca: Planschen ohne Plastik (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 17:39)
20180724             Gereizt, gestresst, erschöpft: Zu sensibel für das Leben (SPIEGEL+, 17:51)
20180724             Historiker über das alte Persien: Wie der Mythos vom Erzfeind des Westens entstand (SPIEGEL+, 17:56)
20180724             GROß—BRITANNIEN: May will BREXIT—VERHANDLUNGEN selbst leiten
20180724             1—DEUTSCHER in TEL—AVIV: Wie man schon früh —AM—MORGEN in weltpolitische Konflikte geraten kann (SPIEGEL+, 17:56)
20180724             USA—FORSCHER entwickeln Plastikersatz: Krabbenschalen + Pflanzenfasern = Frischhaltefolie
20180724             Pflanzliche Zellulose aus Pflanzenfasern ist die häufigste organische Verbindung der Erde, gefolgt von Chitin, das vor allem in Krabbenschalen und Käferpanzern vorkommt.
20180724             Den Messungen DER—FORSCHER zufolge ist die Folie 67 % weniger durchlässig für Sauerstoff als manche handelsübliche Folie aus PET—1—KUNSTSTOFF, der auch zur Herstellung von Plastikflaschen verwendet wird.
20180724             Auch mit mehreren Schichten aus gesprühter Zellulose und Chitin ist die Folie nur 2—MIKROMETER dick.
20180724             Durch chitinhaltige AB—FÄLLE in der SCHALENTIER—INDUSTRIE und dem großen Vorkommen von Zellulose glauben DIE—STUDIENAUTOREN, daß ihre Kunststofffolie langfristig 1.kompostierbare Alternative zur Frischhaltefolie werden könnte.
20180724             GASTARBEITER—INNEN in KUWAIT: Das schöne Gesicht der Ausbeutung
20180724             —STUDIEen zur Berufswahl: AUTO—INDUSTRIE verliert massiv an Attraktivität als ARBEIT—GEBER (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 19:59)
20180724             MEDIEN—BERICHTE: IVANKA—TRUMP schließt ihre MODE—FIRMA
20180724             —HANDELS—STREIT, USA—REGIERUNG hilft BAUERn mit MILLIARDENpaket
20180724             PAKISTAN: Wahlen unter Waffen
20180724             FRANKREICH—MACRON nimmt in BENALLA—AFFÄRE Verantwortung auf sich
20180724             [l] GRIECHENLAND erklärt wegen FLÄCHEN—WALD—BRÄNDEN den AUSNAHME—ZUSTAND.
20180724             —UPDATE, Leserbrief zur Lage in DEUTSCHLAND:
20180724             ich wollte nur kurz anmerken, daß es in DEUTSCHLAND bzw.
20180724             was man auch noch sehen muss, es gibt in DEUTSCHLAND ca.
20180724             [l] DIE—POLIZEI hat bei der Tour de FRANCE ein paar Fahrradfahrer mit Pfefferspray benetzt.
20180724             [l] In den NIEDERLANDEn gab es 1.Studie, die schwangeren Frauen Viagra gegeben hat, um das Wachstum des ungeborenen Kindes zu beschleunigen.
20180724             Doch dann sind 11—BABYS in der —STUDIE gestorben.
20180724             —FEARED, It is, the drug caused high blood pressure in the lungs, leading to the babies receiving too little oxygen.
20180724             [l] 4chan hat Blut geleckt und schießt 1—DER Macher von Rick & Morty ab.
20180724             MONEY—QUOTE:
20180724             1 4Chan user justified sharing the video created by Harmon — who has been 1—VOCAL CRITIC—OF—THE—USA—PRESIDENT, DONALD—TRUMP — as retribution for THE—DOWNFALL—OF—ROSEANNE Barr: "If they get to take scalps for someone making racist jokes, we get to take scalps for them making paedophilia joke".
20180724             Das Regierungspräsidium STUTTGART kündigte —AM—MONTAG hitzebedingte Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkungen auf 80—KM—PRO—STUNDE auf der A81 und der A7 an.
20180724             [l] Kennt ihr den schon?
20180724             Mindestens 12.000—EURO und Wertgegenstände sollen 1—HAMBURGER POLIZIST und seine Komplizen entwendet HABEN—BEI vorgetäuschten Razzien.
20180724             1—ECHTER POLIZIST hat ZUSAMMEN—MIT—KRIMINELLEN bei irgendwelchen Leuten HAUS—DURCHSUCHUNGEN durchgeführt und die haben dabei Wertgegenstände geklaut.
20180724             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, Straßen sind marode, alles staut sich.
20180724             NEW—HOTNESS, Wasserstraßen sind marode, alles staut sich (in NRW)
20180724             Adding to the grim hilarity is the fact that DONALD—TRUMP himself was 1—GOOD—FRIEND—OF—JEFFREY EPSTEIN, as I prove here.
20180724             AJ forgot to mention that pARTIKEL And that's not the only bit left out by THE—RIGHT—WING CONSPIRACY—MONGERS...
20180724             ALEX—JONES inadvertently damns DONALD—TRUMP
20180724             The renewal is visible just about everywhere.
20180724             Foreign investment in aerospace, construction and other sectors is at 1—RECORD—HIGH.
20180724—19740000    —FORMED, Costa, 1—UNUSUAL—ALLIANCE with Communist and RADICAL—LEFT parties, which had been shut OUT—OF—POWER since THE—END—OF—PORTUGAL—DICTATORSHIP.
20180724             —UNITED, They, with the goal of beating back SOME—OF—THE—TOUGHEST—ASPECTS—OF—AUSTERITY, while balancing the books to meet EURO—ZONE—RULES.
20180724             "The actual stimulus spending was very small," said JOÃO Borges de Assunção, 1—PROFESSOR at the Católica LISBON SCHOOL—OF—BUSINESS and Economics.
20180724             —AM, AMBROSIUS—BISCHOF—VON—KALAVRYTA—UND—EGIALIA schrieb auf seinem persönlichen Blog unter anderem:
20180724—19760000    —SINCE, This was the country's ninth outbreak of Ebola.
20180724—19940000    —IN, TURKEY, a 4—STOREY residential building in CENTRAL—ISTANBUL, built, collapsed into 1—CLOUD—OF—DUST in front of watching media, after several hours perching on 1—LEDGE following heavy rains that destroyed its foundation.
20180724—20160000    —IN, GERMANY—DOMESTIC—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY said the number of Germans who reject THE—LEGITIMACY—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT has increased sharply over the past 18—MONTHS. the Reichsbuerger movement increased to about 16,500—PEOPLE last year from about 10,000.
20180724—20180612    —ON, Her husband, Sief Allah H., was arrested.
20180724—20180720    —FROM, THE—NORTH—KOREA—FOCUSED 38—NORTH—WEBSITE said commercial satellite images to 22—INDICATE the North began dismantling key facilities at the Sohae satellite launch site.
20180724—20180721    —IN—THE, UK—POLICE said they have arrested a 5. man suspected acid attack on a 3—YEAR—OLD—BOY.
20180724—20180721    —ADMITTED, INDIA—POLICE, they made 1—MISTAKE in handling 1—DEADLY vigilante attack on 1—MAN SUSPECTED—OF—COW smuggling by tending to his cows before taking him to hospital.
20180724—20180813    —BY, some 113—TURTLES were found dead at the Playas de Puerto Arista Sanctuary.
20180802—20180724    —LAUNCHED, The strike, ended after the government agreed to increase minimum monthly pay from 19,200 CFA francs ($33.91, 29.28—EUROS) to 50,000 francs from September.
20190718—20190724    —ON, A 2. attack hit another vehicle carrying senior MEMBERS—OF—THE banned Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
20190724             —ISSUED, USA—DISTRICT—JUDGE—JON—TIGAR in THE—NORTH—DISTRICT—OF—CALIFORNIA, 1—PRELIMINARY—INJUNCTION blocking the Trump administration from enforcing 1—NEW—RULE that aimed to bar almost all asylum applications at THE—USA—MEXICO border.
20190724             —CONFIRMED, Former special counsel ROBERT—MUELLER, that his investigation did not exonerate PRESIDENT—TRUMP—OF—OBSTRUCTION—OF—JUSTICE.
20190724             —WANTED, Mueller said PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, him fired because of his investigation into possible OBSTRUCTION—OF—JUSTICE as PART—OF—THE—RUSSIA investigation.
20190724             A strike by ALASKA—FERRY workers halted traffic for THE—ALASKA Marine Highway System, THE—STATE—OPERATED ferry system that serves 35—COASTAL—TOWNS, MOST—OF—THEM without outside road access.
20190724             —BLOCKED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE temporarily, ARKANSAS from enforcing 1—RECENTLY passed ban on abortion for women who are more than 18—WEEKS—PREGNANT, just minutes before the new law was to take effect.
20190724             CALIFORNIA Gpv.
20190724             —SIGNED, GAVIN—NEWSOM, SB200 establishign 1—FUND for communities that are struggling to maintain their water systems.
20190724             —TARGETED, The law, $1—BILLION over the next decade for access to clean drinking water.
20190724             MONTANA, DANIEL—SALCIDO and Hannah Janiak were found dead in Kalispell after police stopped them following 1—CHASE because they had felony burglary warrants for their arrest.
20190724             A federal court said TEXAS can change voting maps without federal supervision to see whether minority voters might be disenfranchised.
20190724             —TEXTURED, Allergan Plc said it was recalling its Biocell, breast implants and tissue expanders across markets, citing concerns over 1—RARE—FORM—OF—CANCER, after THE—USA—HEALTH—AGENCY asked the drugmaker to pull the products.
20190724             —ORDERED, THE—USA—FEDERAL—TRADE—COMMISSION, Facebook to create new layers of oversight for its colelction and HANDLING—OF—USERS' personal data.
20190724             —FINED, THE—FTC also, Facebook $5—BILLION for violating a 20110000             privacy settlement.
20190724             Boeing Co —POSTED its LARGEST—EVER quarterly loss, diving nearly $3—BILLION into the red as it wrestles with 1—LONGER—THAN—EXPECTED GROUNDING—OF—ITS—BEST—SELLING—737—MAX.
20190724             —STARTED, BRITAIN, sending 1—WARSHIP to accompany all BRITISH—FLAGGED vessels through the Strait of Hormuz, 1—CHANGE in policy after the government previously said it did not have resources to do so.
20190724             —RESIGNED, PHILIP—HAMMOND, 63—JAHRE—ALT, as UK finance MINISTER, PART—OF—1—BREWING revolt against new PRIME—MINISTER—BORIS—JOHNSON—BREXIT strategy.
20190724             —ACCUSED, CHINA, THE—USA of undermining global stability with unilateral policies and "power politics" as the Defense Ministry issued the 1. comprehensive outline of its policies since PRESIDENT—XI—JINPING came to power more than 6—YEARS ago.
20190724             —BAKED, NORTH—EUROPE, in record temperatures during another heatwave that climate experts believe could become the new normal.
20190724             —WELCOMED, ISRAEL, 1—USA congressional resolution opposing THE—PALESTINIAN—LED Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against ISRAEL, while Palestinians said the decision was 1—BLOW to human rights and free speech.
20190724             TOKYO Electric Power Company Holdings said it will decommission 4—MORE—REACTORS at THE—FUKUSHIMA DAI—NI plant in addition to those already being scrapped at the nearby FUKUSHIMA DAI—ICHI, wrecked by a 20110000             earthquake.
20190724             —EXPECTED, The process was, to take decades.
20190724             —KILLED, MEXICO, 1—WOMAN wearing 1—BLOND wig disguise, 2—ISRAEL—MEN at 1—RESTAURANT in 1—UPSCALE MEXICO—CITY shopping mall.
20190724             At least 2—ACCOMPLICES shot 1—POLICE—OFFICER outside the mall and then fled in 1—CAR.
20190724             The woman was caught and said the attack was due to infidelity.
20190724             —CHANGED, Prosecutors said she later, her story and that the shooting was likely linked to drug cartels and money laundering.
20190724             ROMANIA, Alexandra Macesanu (15) went missing.
20190724             It took authorities 19—HOURS to locate and enter 1—MECHANIC—RESIDENCE as they struggled to trace her calls and secure unnecessary search warrants.
20190724             The 65-year-old mechanic from THE—SOUTH—TOWN—OF—CARACAL later confessed to her killing and that of another girl (18) last seen in April.
20190724             —DETAINED, RUSSIA—POLICE, opposition leader Alexey Navalny (43) as 1—STANDOFF intensified over the authorities' decision to bar prominent ANTI—GOVERNMENT—CANDIDATES from September elections in MOSCOW.
20190724             —RAIDED, Police, the homes of several opposition politicians soon after top Kremlin critic ALEXEI—NAVALNY was sentenced to 30—DAYS in jail, in 1—APPARENT—BID by authorities to crush 1—NEW—WAVE—OF—PROTEST.
20190724             —INFORMED, THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—FOREIGN—MINISTRY, THE—CONGO—EMBASSY in RIYADH that it has stopped issuing visas to people from CONGO, citing the Ebola outbreak there, even as the World Health Organization recommends against travel restrictions.
20190724             —WALKED, SOMALIA, 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER, into THE—OFFICE—OF—MOGADISHU—MAYOR and detonated explosives strapped to his waist, killing several people and badly wounding the mayor.
20190724             The death toll in the attack soon rose to 7 and the seriously wounded Mayor ABDIRAHMAN—OMAR—OSMAN was in 1—COMA.
20190724             The new UN envoy, JAMES—SWAN, was the bomber's intended target, but had left the office just minutes earlier.
20190724             —REPORTED, It was, that SUDAN—SECURITY—FORCES have arrested at least 12—PEOPLE this week, including HIGH—RANKING—ARMY—OFFICERS and Islamists, for allegedly plotting 1—COUP against the country's ruling generals.
20190724             The military said army CHIEF—GENERAL—HASHEM—ABDEL—MUTTALIB—BABAKR was among several people arrested in 1—COUP—PLOT.
20190724             TURKEY, BELARUS diplomat ALEXANDER—POGANSHEV was taken to 1—HOSPITAL to undergo surgery after being attacked by 1 retired military officer in ANKARA, who later committed suicide.
20190724             —MOTIVATED, The incident did not appear to be politically.
20190724             The World BANK—GROUP said it is readying a $300—MILLION—PACKAGE—OF—GRANTS and credits to support the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO.
20190724             Schmuggelfund in SINGAPUR: Knapp 9—TONNEN Elfenbein sichergestellt
20190724             FACEBOOK und Co., USA—REGIERUNG lässt gegen Onlineplattformen ermitteln
20190724             ROBERT Mueller zur RUSSLAND—AFFÄRE, Die Sphinx spricht
20190724             —KRISE am Persischen Golf: Briten trommeln für SCHUTZMISSION—IRAN droht
20190724             —KLIMA—KRISE: Viele Vögel können sich schnell steigenden Temperaturen nicht anpassen
20190724             Statistik für 20180000             Polizisten in DEUTSCHLAND erschossen bei EIN—SÄTZEN 11—MENSCHEN
20190724             QUARTALS—BERICHT, DEUTSCHE—BANK macht—EURO Verlust
20190724             BREXIT: DEUTSCH—BRITISCHER Handel schrumpft deutlich
20190724             —DOKUMENTATION zum —SKANDAL um CAMBRIDGE Analytica: "Bis sie die Welt so sahen, wie wir es wollten"
20190724             —STREIT—UM—EIN—REISE, NORD—KOREA hält Besatzung von russischem Fischerboot fest
20190724             —NEUE—ERKENNTNISSE zu Winnti: Hacker griffen mindestens 6—DAX—KONZERNE an
20190724             Arbeitsunfähigkeit: Mehr als 40.000—FEHLTAGE wegen Hitze und Sonnenlicht
20190724             —BIS zu 40—GRAD—CELSIUS in DEUTSCHLAND: WETTER—DIENST verkündet flächendeckende Hitzewarnung
20190724             MILITÄR—STRATEGIE, CHINA wirft USA Gefährdung der Stabilität in ASIEN vor
20190724             —WARNUNG—VON—BSI und CERT: Verwirrung um SICHERHEITSlücke im VLC Media Player
20190724             Hitzewelle: Niederländische Kommunen kühlen Straßen mit Salz
20190724             —ANGRIFF—AUF—DEMONSTRANTEN—IN—HONG—KONG: "Eine extrem brutale und barbarische Tat.
20190724             AMTS—WECHSEL in GROß—BRITANNIEN im Liveblog: QUEEN ernennt JOHNSON zum PREMIER—MINISTER
20190724             —KRISE am Persischen Golf: IRAN schlägt Austausch von Öltankern vor
20190724             FLUG—VERBOTFÜR 737—MAX: UMSATZ—VON—BOEING bricht um 35 % ein
20190724             USA—SONDERERMITTLER: Mueller verweigert DONALD—TRUMP Entlastung in der RUSSLANDaffäre
20190724             GROß—BRITANNIEN: THERESA May reicht bei der QUEEN ihren Rücktritt ein
20190724             Südsudans Binnenflüchtlinge: Sicherheit im Sumpf
20190724             —NEUEN—KABINETT in GROß—BRITANNIEN: Hardliner und alte Weggefährten
20190724             NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN: 40,5 GRAD—STADT Geilenkirchen bricht bundesweiten HITZE—REKORD
20190724             ROBERT Mueller vor dem USA—KONGRESS: Der unwillige Zeuge
20190724             —NACH, DATEN—SCHUTZ—STRAFE: FACEBOOKs Gewinn halbiert sich
20190724—19960000    —IN—THE, Their child (2) was not GMC Jimmy with OREGON license plates.
20190724—20190728    —ON, authorities found 1—BODY thought to be that of AIDEN—SALCIDO, 2—JAHRE—ALT in the same area where Janiak and Salcido were seen several days earlier.
20190724—20191031    —ON, BORIS—JOHNSON took over as BRITAIN—PRIME—MINISTER, promising to pull his country out of the European Union by ANY—MEANS—NECESSARY.
20200502—20200324    —SEIT, DIE—FRANKREICH—REGIERUNG hat 1—VERLÄNGERUNG des geltenden Gesundheitsnotstands bis zum 20200724             —BESCHLOSSEN.
20200724             —SIGNED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, 4—EXECUTIVE—ORDERS aimed at lowering the prices Americans pay for prescription drugs, as he faces 1—UPHILL RE—ELECTION—BATTLE and criticism over his HANDLING—OF—THE—CORONAVIRUS—PANDEMIC.
20200724             PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP said THE—CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—SENATE Armed Services Committee, fellow Republican JAMES—INHOFE, will not change THE—NAMES—OF—MILITARY—BASES after Congress passed legislation to rename posts that honor leaders of the Confederate armies who fought against USA—FORCES.
20200724             The Trump administration said it will allow the sale of advanced armed military drones bypassing PART—OF—1—INTERNATIONAL—WEAPONS—EXPORT—CONTROL—AGREEMENT that THE—USA helped forge more than 3—DECADES ago.
20200724             —UNVEILED, USA—PROSECUTORS, charges against 18—PORTLAND, OREGON protesters ranging from assaulting police to arson and trespassing, 1—DAY after the Trump administration expanded the deployment of tactical police to SEATTLE.
20200724             —DENIED, A—USA—DISTRICT—JUDGE, THE—OREGON ATTORNEY—GENERAL—REQUEST for 1—TEMPORARY—RESTRAINING—ORDER to rein in the activities of federal agents responding to protests and unrest in PORTLAND.
20200724             —REPORTED, It was, that Goldman Sachs has reached a $3.9bn (£3bn) settlement with THE—MALAYSIA—GOVERNMENT for its role in THE—MULTI—BILLION—DOLLAR—1MDB corruption scheme.
20200724             CALIFORNIA, the parents of Thaddeus Sran, 1—MISSING 2-year-old boy with special needs, were arrested after police found the remains of 1—TODDLER on farmland outside Madera.
20200724             —ACCUSED—OF, CALIFORNIA, CHINA—RESEARCHER—JUAN—TANG, 37—JAHRE—ALT, concealing her ties to THE—CHINA—MILITARY on 1—VISA application she submitted so she could work in THE—USA, was booked into 1—SACRAMENTO County jail and was expected to appear in federal court 20200726             .
20200724             CALIFORNIA to date had 434,016 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS and 8,232 deaths.
20200724             THE—SF Bay Area had 47,077 cases and 758—DEATHS.
20200724             —REACHED, Total cases nationwide, over 4,103,371 with the death toll at 145,261.
20200724             † ANN—SYRDAL, 74—JAHRE—ALT, psychologist and computer science researcher, at her home in S—JOSE, CALIFORNIA.
20200724             —HELPED, ANN—SYRDAL, develop synthetic voices that sounded like women and laid the groundwork for such modern digital assistants as APPLE—SIRI and AMAZON—ALEXA.
20200724             † Legendary television host Regis Philbin (88) in CONNECTICUT.
20200724             He became 1—HOUSEHOLD—NAME in the 1980s cohosting "Live!
20200724             with Regis and Kathie Lee" and later padded 1—IMPRESSIVE resume by hosting "Who Wants to Be 1—MILLIONAIRE?" (19990000—20020000    ).
20200724             CHIC20200802             —STATUES—OF—CHRISTOPHER—COLUMBUS that stood in local parks were taken down early today at the direction of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, 1—WEEK after protesters trying to topple 1—OF—THE—MONUMENTS to THE—ITALY—EXPLORER clashed with police.
20200724             —ORDERED, LOUISIANA, NEW—ORLEANS Mayor LaToya Cantrell, bars closed and banned restaurants from selling alcoholic drinks to take away.
20200724             —REPORTED, That came after more than 2,000 new cases were, for the surrounding STATE—OF—LOUISIANA, including 103 in NEW—ORLEANS.
20200724             OREGON GOVERNOR—KATE—BROWN—MANDATE for FACE—COVERING for anyone 5—YEARS or older went into effect.
20200724             —REPORTED, The state, 9—DEATHS and 396—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES bringing the case total to more than 16,100.
20200724             —REMOVED, VIRGINIA, overnight the busts and 1—STATUE honoring Confederate generals and officials from its iconic state capitol.
20200724             —INCLUDED, These, 1—BRONZE STATUE—OF—GENERAL—ROBERT—E—LEE positioned in the same spot where he stood to assume COMMAND—OF—THE—STATE'S armed forces in the Civil War nearly 160—YEARS ago.
20200724             —CLOSED, VICTORIA, where the death toll has risen to 61, earlier, its border with neighboring New SOUTH—WALES.
20200724             —PLANNED, BELARUS opposition candidate VALERY—TSEPKALO, who, to challenge longtime authoritarian PRESIDENT—ALEXANDER—LUKASHENKO in next month's presidential election, said he has fled the country.
20200724             Tsepkalo said that he moved to RUSSIA with his 2—CHILDREN after unnamed sources in THE—BELARUS—INTERIOR—MINISTRY and THE—STATE—SECURITY—COMMITTEE (THE—KGB) warned him about 1—LOOMING—ARREST and plans to strip him of his parental rights and take his children away.
20200724             —APPROVED, UK—DRUGMAKER AstraZeneca said THE—USA—FDA has, its drug Breztri Aerosphere to treat patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD.
20200724             A panel of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended approving GLAXOSMITHKLINE—EXPERIMENTAL—TREATMENT for 1—COMMON—FORM—OF—BLOOD—CANCER, days after 1—SIMILAR—NOD from 1—USA—FOOD and Drug Administration panel.
20200724             —ORDERED, CHINA, the closing of THE—USA—CONSULATE in THE—SOUTH—WEST—CITY—OF—CHENGDU, in rapid retaliation for the closing of its consulate in HOUSTON.
20200724             —REPORTED, It was, that animal tests of 1—POTENTIAL—COVID—19—VACCINE being developed by CHINA—RESEARCHERS—SHOW it triggers 1—IMMUNE—RESPONSE against the novel coronavirus, offering some promise as it goes into EARLY—STAGE—HUMAN—TRIALS.
20200724             ARCoV is 1—MESSENGER RNA vaccine which uses technology similar to candidates being developed by Moderna and BioNtech and Pfizer.
20200724             EUROPE—AIRBUS said it would increase loan repayments to FRANCE and SPAIN in a "final" bid to reverse USA tariffs and jog THE—USA—INTO settling a 16-year-old dispute over BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS—OF—AIRCRAFT subsidies.
20200724             THE—GERMANY—CRUISE ship "Mein Schiff 2" set sail in THE—NORTH—SEA for the 1. time since the industry was shut down months ago, using strict precautions to keep passengers and crew as safe as possible.
20200724             —SAILED, The ship, off with 1,200 passengers on board compared to its normal 2,900 capacity.
20200724             —ARRESTED, GERMANY—AUTHORITIES, 1—GERMANY—WOMAN (Nurten J.), who allegedly joined the Islamic State group in Syria, upon her return to the country.
20200724             She is ACCUSED—OF—MEMBERSHIP in 1—FOREIGN—TERRORIST—GROUP, war crimes against property and other crimes.
20200724             The fate of her children was not known.
20200724             —RESIGNED, HUNGARY, more than 80—INDEX—STAFF—MEMBERS, from the the country's main news site following the firing earlier this WEEK—OF—EDITOR—IN—CHIEF—SZABOLCS—DULL.
20200724             —RECEIVED, INDIA—BASED Cipla Ltd said it has, INDIA—REGULATORY—APPROVAL to sell ANTI—VIRAL drug favipiravir to treat COVID-19.
20200724             —REPORTED, INDIA, over 49,310 fresh cases of the novel coronavirus with 740—NEW—DEATHS, marking the biggest daily surge in cases.
20200724             —NUMBERED, Total cases now, 1,287,945, the 3. highest in the world behind THE—USA and BRAZIL.
20200724             ISRAEL—POLICE used water cannons to disperse protesters in CENTRAL—JERUSALEM and arrested at least 55—OF—THEM as clashes broke out overnight after thousands staged 1—PROTEST against PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU.
20200724             —CONFIRMED, Immigration NEW—ZEALAND, that Behrouz Boochani (37) had been given the status, which allows him to legally stay in the country and gives him 1—PATH to citizenship.
20200724             —EXPOSED, The journalist had fled IRAN and then, AUSTRALIA—DEGRADING—TREATMENT—OF—ASYLUM—SEEKERS while being held against his will —FOR—6—YEARS.
20200724             —DISMISSED, RUSSIA, USA and UK—CLAIMS that it tested an ANTI—SATELLITE—WEAPON in space and declared that the accusations served to justify WASHINGTON—OWN—PLANS to deploy weapons in orbit.
20200724             —STATED, RUSSIA—DEFENSE—MINISTRY previously, that 20200715             —THE event involved "1—SMALL—SPACE—VEHICLE" that "inspected 1—OF—THE—NATIONAL—SATELLITES from 1—CLOSE—DISTANCE using special equipment".
20200724             RUSSIA, GROUPS—OF—AZERBAIJANIS beat up Armenians in MOSCOW early today and later assailed ARMENIAN—OWNED stores.
20200724             —ENGAGED, Azerbaijanis and Armenians have, in 1—SERIES—OF—FIGHTS and violent rampages in MOSCOW, venting their anger over recent CROSS—BORDER clashes between THE—2—EX—SOVIET nations.
20200724             SOUTH—AFRICAN—POLICE—OFFICERS used water cannon to disperse protesters marching outside PARLIAMENT over THE—PLIGHT—OF—THE—HOSPITALITY—INDUSTRY during the coronavirus pandemic.
20200724             A day earlier confirmed cases in SOUTH—AFRICA—OF—THE—CORONAVIRUS surpassed 400,000.
20200724             —ESCAPED, SOUTH—AFRICA, 68—INMATES, from the Malmesbury Prison in THE—WEST—CAPE.
20200724             —REARRESTED, After all escapees were, following a 2—DAY—MANHUNT.
20200724             —REPORTED, SPAIN has, over 900—NEW—DAILY—INFECTIONS for the last 2—DAYS as authorities warn that the country that lost over 28,000 lives before getting its outbreak under control could be facing the start of a 2. major outbreak.
20200724             —BECAME, Catalonia, the latest region to crack down on nightlife, trying to tamp down on new infection clusters.
20200724             —APPEARED, SWISS—BASED NOVARTIS—SICKLE cell disease treatment Adakveo, set for European approval after 1—KEY—COMMITTEE gave its backing to the drug that booked $36—MILLION in 1.—HALF USA—SALES.
20200724             —DROPPED, THAILAND officials said prosecutors have, all charges against Vorayuth Yoovidhya, 1—THAILAND—HEIR to the Red Bull energy drink fortune, who was accused of killing 1—BANGKOK police officer in a 20120903             , car crash.
20200724             —CITED, Prosecutors, the fact the family members (of the police officer) have been compensated" by VORAYUTH—FAMILY.
20200724             —WARNED, THE—UN—WEATHER—AGENCY, that average temperatures in Siberia were 10—DEGREES—CELSIUS (18—FAHRENHEIT) above average last month, 1—SPATE of exceptional heat that has fanned devastating fires in THE—ARCTIC—CIRCLE and contributed to 1—RAPID—DEPLETION in ice sea off RUSSIA—ARCTIC—COAST.
20200724             —FREITAG, 24. ;;07;; 2020
20200724             USA—WAHLKAMPF TRUMP sagt Nominierungsparteitag ab
20200724             Es fühle sich einfach falsch an, Menschen in einen CORONA—HOTSPOT zu schicken, so der Präsident. Niemand habe ihn zu der Entscheidung gedrängt, schon gar nicht seine Parteifreunde vor Ort, versicherte TRUMP. Aber: Es sei sein Job als Präsident, alle USA—AMERIKANER zu schützen.
20200724             —JETZT, erklärte TRUMP, er müsse mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen. Er könne nicht viele Menschen in einer vollgepfropften HALLE versammeln und anderen gleichzeitig sagen, sie sollten so etwas lassen. Beobachtern zufolge sind aber eher die schlechten Umfragewerte der Grund für TRUMP—SINNESWANDEL und nicht seine Sorgen wegen der PANDEMIE. Aktuellen Umfragen zufolge misstrauen zwei Drittel der USA—BÜRGER der CORONA—KRISENPOLITIK des Präsidenten. In Umfragen zur Präsidentenwahl 20201103             —AM liegt TRUMP deutlich hinter seinem Herausforderer JOE—BIDEN.
20200724             DIE—DEMOKRATEN hatten schon vor Wochen beschlossen, ihren Parteitag in MILWAUKEE im BUNDES—STAAT WISCONSIN Mitte August weitgehend virtuell stattfinden zu lassen.
20200724             DEUTSCHLANDTrend
20200724             ARD—DEUTSCHLANDTREND: Mehrheit hat sich an Maske gewöhnt
20200724             Alles 1—FRAGE der Gewohnheit: Knapp 80—PROZENT der BUNDES—BÜRGERHABEN sich  —INZWISCHEN. mit dem MASKE—TRAGEN und Abstandhalten arrangiert. Laut DEUTSCHLANDTrend fremdeln damit am häufigsten die Anhänger zweier Parteien.
20200724             Fri 20200724             
20200724             [l] GARMIN—DIENSTE schon den ganzen Tag offline sind. Anscheinend ist denen ihre komplette Infrastruktur (inklusive Produktion) runtergefahren, weil sie sich 1—RANSOMWARE eingefangen haben.
20200724             Ja macht ihr mal ruhig alle weiter Windows mit Office und Active Directory. Es schmerzt ja offensichtlich noch nicht genug. Ich habe auch noch von keinem Fall gehört, wo ein betroffener Laden danach nicht wieder Windows mit Office und Active Directory ausgerollt hat.
20200724             [l] Irgendjemand rennt da gerade rum und löscht Leuten ihre nicht passwortgeschützten DATEN—BANKEN, die sie im Internet hängen haben.
20200724             Ich kann da beim besten Willen kein Mitleid entwickeln.
20200724             Löschen erscheint mir auf jeden Fall weniger schlimm als wenn DIE—DATEN rausgetragen und dann an Spammer und Scammer verkloppt werden.
20200724             [l] Old and busted: SCHWARZE werden von DER—POLIZEI benachteiligt.
20200724             NEW—HOTNESS: SCHWARZE werden von FACEBOOKs Moderationsalgorithmus benachteiligt.
20200724             Users on THE—FACEBOOK—OWNED Instagram in THE—USA whose activity on the app suggested they were Black were about 50—PERCENT more likely under THE—NEW—RULES to have their accounts automatically disabled by THE—MODERATION—SYSTEM than those whose activity indicated they were white
20200724             [l] Die "die ist transphob"-Anschuldigungen gegen JK Rowling landen jetzt vor Gericht. JK Rowling will sich das nicht gefallen lassen. Die Libel Laws in UK sind traditionell im Vergleich so viel krasser einseitig auf Seiten klagender Promis, daß sich diverse ausländische Promis in ENGLAND gerichtlich gegen ebenfalls ausländische Medien gewehrt haben, weil die Gesetze dort so vorteilhaft waren. Ich weiß nicht, ob das immer noch so ist, aber ich fürchte das heißt jedenfalls, daß man das erstmal nicht automatisch als "sie hat Recht" werten kann, nur weil sie vor Gericht gewinnt. Wenn sie denn gewinnt. Wer weiß, vielleicht verliert sie ja auch. Die Beklagte Organisation hat sich jedenfalls schon entschuldigt, aber das reicht JK Rowling offenbar nicht.
20200724             Ich kann das verstehen. Der Vorwurf ist ähnlich toxisch wie "der ist Antisemit" oder "der ist pädophil" oder "der ist schwulenfeindlich". Der Vorwurf alleine kann Karrieren beenden, auch wenn er ungerechtfertigt war. Das ist ja auch der Grund, wieso er hier angewendet wurde. Die wollten JK Rowlings Reputation und Karriere kaputtmachen.
20200724             REIT—KUNST IM—MITTEL—ALTER: Ob 1—PFERD zum Schlachtross taugt, entscheidet sich in seinem Kopf
20200724             Toter Journalist in der Slowakei: STAATS—ANWALT fordert 25—JAHRE—HAFT—FÜR—HINTERLEUTE des MORD—AN—JÁN Kuciak
20200724             Vorfall im syrischen Luftraum, USA—KAMPFJET soll PASSAGIER—FLUGZEUG aus IRAN sehr nahe gekommen sein
20200724             Namensänderung in der NFL: Aus den Redskins wird das WASHINGTON Team
20200724             —REAKTION—AUF—USA—SANKTION: CHINA ordnet Schließung von USA—KONSULAT in CHENGDU an
20200724             24—STUNDEN—PFLEGE: Verband kritisiert Arbeitsbedingungen osteuropäischer Pflegekräfte
20200724             Diebstahl von Geschäftsgeheimnissen: Tesla verklagt Rivalen Rivian
20200724             Killersatellit: USA und Großbritannien werfen RUSSLAND Waffentests im Weltraum vor
20200724             Gewalt gegen Demonstranten: Aufsichtsbehörde untersucht BUNDESPOLIZEI—EINSÄTZE in PORTLAND
20200724             teigende Infektionszahlen: TRUMP sagt Nominierungsparteitag in FLORIDA ab
20200724             FLUGTICKET—ERSTATTUNG: Verbraucherschützer wirft Lufthansa Vorsatz vor
20200724             Arbeiten nach der CORONA—KRISE: Konzerne wollen Dienstreisen auch —IN—ZUKUNFT, reduzieren
20200724             Vorbei ist DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE indes auch am USA—ARBEITSMARKT noch lange nicht.
20200724             DIE—ZAHLEN hinterließen auch an den USA—BÖRSEN Spuren.
20200724             DER—DOW—JONES schloss 1,3 Prozent tiefer auf 26.652—PUNKTEN. Der technologielastige NASDAQ gab 2,3 Prozent auf 10.461—PUNKTE nach.
20200724             1—BALDIGE Ausrottung des CORONA—VIRUS— ist nach Überzeugung der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) nicht in Sicht. "Wir müssen lernen, mit dem Virus zu leben",
20200724             "Wir werden in absehbarer Zukunft nicht in der Lage sein, DAS—VIRUS zu beseitigen oder auszurotten".
20200724             Ryan rief die Länder WELT—WEIT auf, alle zur Verfügung stehenden Maßnahmen einzusetzen, um die INFEKTIONS—KETTEN zu unterbrechen. Dazu gehöre auch, im Notfall Bars oder Clubs vorübergehend wieder zu schließen oder die Zahl der Besucher zu begrenzen. "Wenn die INFEKTIONS—RATE in einer Gesellschaft hoch ist, dann werden Aktivitäten, die viele Menschen zusammenbringen, vor allem in geschlossenen Räumen, weitere Übertragungen der Krankheit verursachen",
20200724             Der CHEF—DES—VERBRAUCHERZENTRALE Bundesverbands (vzbv), Klaus Müller, hat sich gegen verpflichtende CORONA—TESTS für Reiserückkehrer ausgesprochen. "Wir halten es für sinnvoll, daß sich alle Reiserückkehrer auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— testen lassen können, wenn sie dies wollen", sagte Müller der Düsseldorfer "RHEINISCHE—POST". Die Tests sollten jedoch freiwillig sein.
20200724             Er setze auf das "Eigeninteresse der Urlauber, die wissen, ob sie sich an riskanten Orten aufgehalten haben, sei es am Ballermann auf Mallorca, auf einer Partymeile in BERLIN oder auch einer großen FAMILIEN—FEIER—IN—GESCHLOSSENEN Räumen",
20200724             Wie BAYERN sollten auch alle anderen Bundesländer Urlaubsrückkehren kostenloseTests anbieten, forderte er weiter. Für die flächendeckenden Tests sei genug Geld da; auch genügend Testkapazitäten seien vorhanden.
20200724             SACHSENs MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—MICHAEL—KRETSCHMER forderte derweil im MDR SACHSEN verpflichtende CORONA—TESTS für Reisende aus Risikogebieten.
20200724             —NACH, einer weiteren Terminänderung will Bolivien nun 20201018             —AM einen neuen Präsidenten und ein neues Parlament wählen. Das Oberste Wahlgericht des Andenstaats veröffentlichte am —DONNERSTAG (Ortszeit) eine entsprechende Erklärung.
20200724             Zuletzt war der Ruf nach einer erneuten Verschiebung immer lauter geworden. Übergangspräsidentin Jeanine Áñez und ein halbes Dutzend MINISTER sind positiv auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— getestet worden. GESUNDHEITS—SYSTEM und BESTATTUNGS—WESEN in dem ANDEN—STAAT sind an ihre Grenzen geraten. Zuletzt waren in 5—TAGEN mehr als 400—LEICHEN von der Straße und in Häusern eingesammelt worden, berichtete die Zeitung "La Razon" unter Berufung auf die POLIZEI.
20200724             Der damalige —PRÄSIDENT—EVO Morales war auf Druck des Militärs zurückgetreten
20200724             Ihm wurde Wahlbetrug vorgeworfen.
20200724             BOLIVIEN, übernahm daraufhin 1—INTERIM—REGIERUNG mit der erzkonservativen Interimspräsidentin Áñez die Amtsgeschäfte, die DIE—WAHLEN organisierten sollte.
20200724             DIE—ANHÄNGER des linksgerichteten Morales sowie seine Verbündeten in der Region sprechen von einem Putsch. Der EX—PRÄSIDENT lebt derzeit im Exil in ARGENTINIEN, in seinem Heimatland droht ihm 1—PROZESS.
20200724             Kolumbien: Rekordzahl an CORONA—TODESFÄLLEN an einem Tag
20200724             Wegen des starken Anstiegs bei den Infektionszahlen kündigte die Bürgermeisterin der Hauptstadt Bogotá, Claudia López, am —DONNERSTAG 1—VERSCHÄRFUNG der Maßnahmen an. Die Krankenhäuser in der MILLIONEN—METROPOLE sind bereits zu mehr als 91—PROZENT belegt.
20200724             DIE—VOLKSWAGEN—TOCHTER in Mexiko fordert Tausende Beschäftigte angesichts der CORONA—KRISE zu einem Verzicht auf ihre Forderungen nach höheren Löhnen auf. Man müsse "kreativere Lösungen finden", sagte VOLKSWAGEN—SPRECHER Mauricio Kuri am —DONNERSTAG (Ortszeit) einem lokalen Radiosender.
20200724             Er fügte hinzu, daß Volkswagen während der KRISE—IN—MEXIKO keine Arbeiter entlassen habe.
20200724—20200818    —AB, DIE—GEWERKSCHAFTLICH organisierten Beschäftigten fordern 1—LOHNERHÖHUNG—VON—12—PROZENT. Sie könnten in einen Streik treten, wenn ihre Forderungen nicht erfüllt werden,
20200724             COSTA—RICA will ab dem 20200801             wieder Touristen aus DER—EUROPÄISCHEN Union einreisen lassen.
20200724             Das FÜNF—MILLIONEN—EINWOHNER—LAND hatte seine Grenzen am ;;03;;18—GESCHLOSSEN. COSTA—RICA ist für seinen weitreichenden Umweltschutz sowie seine Artenvielfalt bekannt und profitiert stark vom ÖKO—TOURISMUS.
20200724             Innerhalb des CORONA—VIRUS—BRENNPUNKTS LATEIN—AMERIKA gehört COSTA—RICA zu den weniger schlimm betroffenen Ländern.
20200724             DIE—REPRODUKTIONSZAHL, kurz R-Wert, lag bei 0,93 (Vortag: 0,89).
20200724             SIEBEN—TAGE—R
20200724             —NACH, RKI—SCHÄTZUNGEN lag dieser Wert bei 1,05 (Vortag: 1,01).
20200724             Fans müssen länger auf die PREMIERe einiger DISNEY—BLOCKBUSTER warten
20200724             Mexiko hat einen Rekord bei den Neuansteckungen mit dem CORONA—VIRUS— gemeldet.
20200724             Gemessen an den Todesfällen durch das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— ist Mexiko das am viertschwersten von der PANDEMIE betroffene Land der Welt.
20200724             Der FDP—POLITIKER
20200724             Lindner
20200724             will VERKAUFS—VERBOTAN Sonntagen lockern
20200724             zumindest an 12—TAGEN im Jahr.
20200724             DIE—KONZENTRATION der für DIE—ÜBERTRAGUNG—VON—CORONA—VIREN relevanten Aerosole ist in Kinosälen deutlich geringer als in einem Büroraum.
20200724             Wird im Kino nur geatmet, liegt die Zahl der eingeatmeten Aerosole selbst bei einem Film mit Überlänge noch deutlich unter der in einem Büro, in dem gesprochen werde. Das hängt laut Studie auch mit der Lüftungsart in den Kinos zusammen.
20200724             Der Verband fordert deswegen, die Abstandsregelung von 1,50 Metern zu reduzieren, da die Sicherheit der Besucher gewährleistet sei.
20200724             Der nach eigener Aussage mit dem CORONA—VIRUS— infizierte brasilianische —PRÄSIDENT—JAIR Bolsonaro ist mit dem Motorrad auf dem Gelände der Präsidentenresidenz spazieren gefahren und hat sich ohne Maske mit Angestellten unterhalten, die dort arbeiteten.
20200724             In einem Gespräch mit Anhängern vor der Präsidentenresidenz am —DONNERSTAG sagte er, daß 1—ANSTECKUNG mit dem Virus nicht verhindert werden könnte, außer in Fällen von extremer Isolation: "Wer in der Gesellschaft lebt, wird DAS—VIRUS früher oder später bekommen. In dieser Hinsicht kann man den Tod nicht vermeiden".
20200724             Der Zusammenbruch des Tourismus in Rom wegen der CORONA—PANDEMIE dauert trotz Öffnung vieler europäischer Grenzen an: Bei den Hotels und Pensionen in ITALIEN—HAUPTSTADT lag das Minus der Ankünfte —IM, ;;0600;;bei über 99—PROZENT im Vergleich zum Vorjahresmonat.
20200724             ITALIEN hat die Grenzen für BÜRGER zahlreicher europäischer Staaten seit 3. ;;06;; wieder geöffnet.
20200724             —DIE—SPD wirft BUNDESGESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—JENS Spahn (CDU) eine schlechte Informationspolitik zu Problemen mit der CORONA—WARNAPP vor. "Es ist mehr als ärgerlich, daß die zuständigen Fachpolitiker von dieser Sache aus den Medien erfahren",
20200724             "Ich hätte mir eine offene Kommunikation durch das GESUNDHEITS—MINISTERIUM gewünscht". Wie viele Geräte aktuell von den Problemen betroffen seien, könne man noch nicht sagen. "Ich erwarte hierzu schnelle Aufklärung durch MINISTER—SPAHN".
20200724             Wegen der zuletzt deutlich gestiegenen Zahl an CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN gilt in Österreich wieder eine verschärfte Maskenpflicht, auch in ENGLAND müssen DIE—MENSCHEN beim Einkaufen nun einen MUND—NASEN—SCHUTZ tragen.
20200724             DIE—BRITISCHE Regierung hatte die Maskenpflicht in Geschäften zunächst unbedingt vermeiden wollen, um den Handel und die Wirtschaft nicht zusätzlich zu belasten.
20200724             LUFTHANSA—AUFSICHTSRÄTIN zum Stellenabbau: "In so einer Situation ergeben Streiks keinen Sinn" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—DINAH—DECKSTEIN und MARTIN—U—MÜLLER
20200724             —CORONA—GEFAHR zum Ferienende: Das tödliche Urlaubsmitbringsel
20200724             Drive in de LAGOS vai ter música e cinema ao ar livre
20200724             PORTUGAL continua de fora da lista de países seguros do Reino Unido
20200724             Vrum! Vrum! Autódromo do ALGARVE recebe pela 1. vez o GP—DE—FÓRMULA 1
20200724             Vrum! Vrum!
20200724             Bei Protesten gegen NETANYAHU: POLIZEI in JERUSALEM nimmt 55—DEMONSTRANTEN fest
20200724             —CORONA in DEUTSCHLAND: 815—NEU—INFEKTIONEN an einem TAG—SO viele wie seit ;;06;; nicht mehr
20200724             Angebliches Preisdumping: Zoll ermittelt wegen chinesischer Solarmodule
20200724             FINANZ—MINISTER—SCHOLZ und Wirecard: Der Mann, der vieles wusste
20200724             WIRECARD—SKANDAL: SCHOLZ will Finanzaufsehern mehr Macht geben
20200724             Antisemitismus und Rassismus: Auch Täter unter den OPFERn
20200724             Olympische Spiele in BERLIN 19360000             : IOC twittert positiv über NAZI—SPIELE—UND erntet massive Kritik
20200724             Umfragen aus den NIEDERLANDEn und USA—HUNDERTE Museen fürchten Schließung
20200724             815—CORONA—NEUINFEKTIONEN an einem Tag: "Das sind kritische Signale"
20200724             —CORONA—KRISE entzaubert den USA—PRÄSIDENTEN: TRUMP—LETZTES Gefecht
20200724             BLACK—LIVES—MATTER—SYMBOLIK: Aktivisten kritisieren CSU—TWEET zu Gewalt gegen POLIZEI
20200724             —VOR—FALL—IN—FRANKREICH: Chemieunfall bedroht Mittelmeerküste bei MARSEILLE
20200724             AFD—MITARBEITERIN spionierte für den VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ in Moscheen: Ihr Deckname war Maja, ihre Tarnung der Nikab Von ANN—KATRIN Müller und JOSEPH Röhmel
20200724             ISTANBUL: Erdogan feiert Umwandlung der HAGIA—SOPHIA mit erstem Freitagsgebet
20200724             Bundeswehr: Linke kritisiert "Heimatschutz"-Begriff für neuen Freiwilligendienst
20200724             MICROSOFT—GRÜNDER BILL—GATES hat sich zu Vorwürfen von VERSCHWÖRUNGsideologen geäußert. Zu im Internet verbreiteten Vorwürfen, daß er unter anderem für den CORONA—VIRUS—AUSBRUCH verantwortlich sei und damit noch reicher werden wolle, sagte der Gates im USA—FERNSEHSENDER CNN: "Es gibt eine schlechte Kombination von einer PANDEMIE und INTERNET—NETZ—WERKEN und Menschen, die nach einer einfachen Erklärung suchen". Er hoffe sehr, daß sich am Ende DIE—WAHRHEIT durchsetzen werde.
20200724             Gefälschte Fotos und sogenannte Fake News, in denen Gates persönlich als Verursacher und Profiteur der PANDEMIE angegriffen wird, werden SEIT—BEGINN der CORONA—KRISE immer wieder im Internet hochgeladen und geteilt.
20200724             1—VIDEO, in dem der Milliardär beschuldigt wird, durch Impfung und Mikrochips "15—PROZENT der Bevölkerung eliminieren" zu wollen, wurde auf YouTube millionenfach angesehen.
20200724             "Wer sich einen Urlaub im RISIKO—GEBIET leistet, muss auch den CORONA—TEST selbst bezahlen", sagte MONTGOMERY der "Passauer Neuen Presse". "Generell sind solche Tests sinnvoll", f
20200724             Der Vorsitzende des Weltärztebundes, FRANK—ULRICH—MONTGOMERY,
20200724             35.000—BOSCH—MITARBEITER verringern Arbeitszeit und verdienen weniger
20200724             DIE—KLIMA—BEWEGUNG "Fridays for Future" will im Herbst trotz CORONA—KRISE wieder WELT—WEIT auf den Straßen demonstrieren. "Nach langen Abstimmungen mit Aktivistinnen und Aktivisten aus der ganzen Welt haben wir uns entschieden, für den 20200925             zum nächsten globalen Klimastreik aufzurufen", sagte die Aktivistin Luisa Neubauer.
20200724             SÜD—AFRIKA hat wohl mehr CORONA—TOTE als angegeben
20200724             Im Zusammenhang mit einer Party in einem Prager Nachtklub sind  —INZWISCHEN. 109—CORONA—INFEKTIONEN festgestellt worden. Die Zahl werde noch steigen,
20200724             Wie nun bekannt wurde, sollen die zuerst Infizierten beim Feiern einen Trinkhalm geteilt haben.
20200724             [l] Old and busted: AUTO—INDUSTRIE bescheißt bei VERBRENNER—EMISSIONEN.
20200724             Der ADAC hat für populäre Elektroautos die beim Laden anfallenden Verluste ermittelt. Laut der Auswertung des Automobilclubs ergeben sich bei aktuellen Modellen bis zu 25—PROZENT mehr an realen Stromkosten.
20200724             Wer ist das mit den 25% fragt ihr? Tesla!
20200724             [l] Klarer Fall von Selbstmord: CBS—COPYRIGHT—TAKEDOWN—BOT taked CBS—EIGENEN Content down.
20200724             Softwareproblem. Kann man nichts machen.
20200724             [l] Intel muss ihren 7NM—PROZESS völlig überraschend noch weiter verschieben.
20200724             Ich finde es ja ausgesprochen bemerkenswert, daß die immer noch so viel Profit machen.
20200724             [l] TRUMP hat diese Tage den Chinesen angesagt, sie sollen mal das Konsulat in HOUSTON räumen. Sie haben 72—STUNDEN.
20200724             DIE—CHINESEN haben daraufhin den USA gesagt, sie sollen ihr Konsulat in CHENGDU schließen. Sie haben 72—STUNDEN.
20200724             Hier ist die Punchline:
20200724             CHINA—STATE broadcaster CCTV is live streaming from outside THE—CHENGDU consulate, with 17—MILLION viewers watching the broadcast on Weibo, THE—CHINA—SOCIAL—MEDIA—SITE.
20200724             m(
20200724             Wie im Kindergarten!
20200724             O incêndio, que começou ao início da tarde desta SEXTA—FEIRA, 24—DE Julho, em Alferce (MONCHIQUE), já está dominado.
20200724             O fogo, que lavrava perto da localidade do Carvalho, consumiu eucaliptal, não ameaçando pessoas nem bens.
20200724             —DEPOIS de ter começado perto das 14h30, o combate ao incêndio já estava a decorrer "favoravelmente",
20200724             "Conseguimos!": sonho da Fórmula 1—CONCRETIZA—SE no Autódromo do ALGARVE
20200724             Aljezur CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—7 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—2 (=) Casos ativos - 5 (=)
20200724             LAGOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—120 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—82 (+1) Casos ativos - 38 (-1)
20200724             PORTIMÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—112 (=) ÓBITOS—3 (=) RECUPERADOS—76 (+2) Casos ativos - 32 (-2)
20200724             MONCHIQUE CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—14 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—7 (=) Casos ativos - 7 (=)
20200724             LAGOA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—16 (+1) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—11 (=) Casos ativos - 3 (+1)
20200724             SILVES CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—35 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—23 (+1) Casos ativos - 12 (-1)
20200724             ALBUFEIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—137 (+2) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—102 (+2) Casos ativos - 33 (=)
20200724             LOULÉ CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—149 (+2) ÓBITOS—6 (=) RECUPERADOS—101 (+1) Casos ativos - 42 (-1)
20200724             FARO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—108 (+2) ÓBITOS—1 (=) RECUPERADOS—65 (=) Casos ativos - 42 (+2)
20200724             OLHÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—29 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—23 (+1) Casos ativos - 6 (-1)
20200724             SÃO—BRÁS—DE—ALPORTEL CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—9 (+1) ÓBITOS—1 (=) RECUPERADOS—5 (+1) Casos ativos - 3 (=)
20200724             TAVIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—47 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—34 (=) Casos ativos - 13 (=)
20200724             VRSA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—22 (=) ÓBITOS—2 (=) RECUPERADOS—15 (=) Casos ativos - 5 (=)
20200724             CASTRO—MARIM CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—3 (=) ÓBITOS—0 (=) RECUPERADOS—3 (=) Casos ativos - 0 (=)
20200724             144_DGS_boletim_20200724             20200724             EUSKIRCHEN Kreis Fälle 569—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 295,1 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 9,3—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200724             Aktualisierung 202007240000—UHR
20200724             DÜREN Kreis Fälle 652—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 247,2 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 9,1—TODES—FÄLLE 39,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200724             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.858—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 263,2 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 8,1—TODES—FÄLLE 106,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200724             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER—KREIS Fälle 507—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 178,9 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 5,6—TODES—FÄLLE 22,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200724             BERLIN Neukölln Bezirk Fälle 1.092—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 331,2 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 3,0—TODES—FÄLLE 42,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200724             Vechta Landkreis Fälle 448—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 316,4 Fälle letzte 7—TAGE—PER—100.000—EW 41,0—TODES—FÄLLE 12,—EINWOHNERZAHL—141.598
20200724             —CORONA—HILFEN: Die absurde ANGST—VOR—DER Staatswirtschaft 1—KOLUMNE—VON—THOMAS Fricke
20200724             Feine Nase: Hunde riechen CORONA—INFEKTIONEN
20200724             "DIE—HUNDE mussten lediglich 1—WOCHE trainiert werden, um zwischen Proben von SARS—COV—2—INFIZIERTEN Patienten und nicht infizierten Kontrollen zu unterscheiden",
20200724             —NACH, dem einwöchigen Training konnten die Hunde unter 10120000             Proben von Speichel oder Atemwegssekret 94—PROZENT korrekt identifizieren,
20200724             DIE—PROBEN waren per Zufallsprinzip in einer Vorrichtung verteilt, weder die Hundeführer noch die Forscher wussten, welche davon CORONA—INFIZIERT und welche CORONA—FREI waren.
20200724             DIE—HUNDE erkannten 83—PROZENT der positiven Proben und 96—PROZENT der negativen Kontrollproben.
20200724             "DIE—GERUCHSERKENNUNG von Hunden ist weit besser, als sich die breite Öffentlichkeit vorstellen kann",
20200724             "Trotzdem waren wir erstaunt, wie schnell unsere Hunde trainiert werden konnten, um Proben von SARS—COV—2—INFIZIERTEN Personen zu erkennen".
20200724             DIE—FORSCHER gehen davon aus, daß sich der STOFF—WECHSEL von Infizierten verändert. Dadurch könnten die Hunde DAS—VIRUS erkennen. Allerdings ist noch unklar, ob die Tiere auch wahrnehmen, ob 1—PERSON das neue CORONA—VIRUS— oder einen anderen Krankheitserreger in sich trägt. Ob sie etwa einen mit GRIPPE—INFIZIERTEN von einem SARS—COV—2—INFIZIERTEN unterscheiden können, sollen weitere Experimente zeigen.
20200724             —CORONA—DIE Woche: DAS—VIRUS im Gepäck
20200724             Bundeswehr: Oberstleutnant sprach vor rechtsextremen Burschenschaftlern
20200724             EU—GIPFEL: Der Tabubruch war dringend nötig
20200724             "NSU 2.0"-DROH—MAILS: POLIZEI klagt über Trittbrettfahrer
20200724—20400000    —BIS, SIMULATIONS—STUDIE, Neuer Plastikmüll im Meer könnte sich fast verdreifachen
20200724             HESSEN: Hoher Justizbeamter wegen Verdachts auf Bestechlichkeit verhaftet
20200724             Probleme auf ANDROID—GERÄTEN: Darum sollten Nutzer der CORONA—WARN—APP jetzt ihre Einstellungen überprüfen
20200724             Fachkräfte: Mehr hoch qualifizierte Zuwanderer in DEUTSCHLAND
20200724             WIRECARD—SKANDAL: FDP beantragt SONDER—SITZUNG des Geheimdienstausschusses
20200724             —CORONA—TESTS an Flughäfen: Was Urlauber bei der Rückkehr erwarten könnte
20200724             Chinesisches Heilmittel Artemisia: Mit Kräutertee gegen COVID—19
20200724             Test des ADAC: Realer Stromverbrauch von E-Autos deutlich höher als vom BORD—COMPUTER angezeigt
20200724             Umwandlung der HAGIA—SOPHIA: 1. Freitagsgebet seit 86—JAHREN—MIT Erdogan
20200724             Ältere Modelle betroffen, USA—FLUGAUFSICHT findet ROST—PROBLEM bei Boeing 737
20200724             —DIE—LAGE—AM Abend: Danke, daß Sie Maske tragen
20200724             —CORONA—INFEKTIONEN: Sagen Sie es bitte weiter: Fenster sollten offen sein! 1—KOLUMNE—VON—MARKUS—FELDENKIRCHEN
20200724             SCHWEIZer EX—BUNDESPRÄSIDENTIN: "Wir können belegen, daß eine andere Drogenpolitik erfolgreicher ist" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—MARCO—EVERS
20200724             Gesundheitsexpertin über CORONA: Was EUROPA bei der SEUCHEN—BEKÄMPFUNG von den Schotten lernen kann 1—INTERVIEW—VON—VERONIKA—HACKENBROCH
20200724             Vor der Präsidentschaftswahl: Weißrussischer OPPOSITIONspolitiker flieht mit Kindern nach Moskau
20200724             —CORONA—KRISE und Konjunkturpaket: WIRTSCHAFTS—FORSCHER Fuest WARNT—VOR—STAGFLATION
20200724             Unbemerkter Einbruch: So trickst DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— die Immunabwehr aus
20200724             Ohne einen Wirt sind Viren nichts.
20200724             Forscher der Universität TEXAS haben nun die dreidimensionale Struktur eines VIRUS—ENZYMS entschlüsselt. Es ermöglicht dem Erreger, sich beim Eindringen in die Körperzellen dem IMMUN—SYSTEM zu entziehen.
20200724             Das untersuchte Enzym trägt den Namen nsp16 und ermöglicht es dem Virus, die PROTEIN—FABRIKEN der menschlichen Zellen zu nutzen.
20200724             Dazu lagert es Moleküle an eingeschleustes Viruserbgut an. Diese gaukeln den Körperzellen vor, bei der MISTER—NA handele es sich um menschliches Material. Man könnte sagen, das Enzym verpasst dem Erbgut 1—TARNKAPPE.
20200724             Mit dieser Tarnung wird der genetische Bauplan des Virus in den PROTEIN—FABRIKEN der Körperzellen verarbeitet, es entstehen Bestandteile des Virus. Anders gesagt: Die Körperzelle vervielfältigt den Erreger, ohne es zu merken.
20200724             Würden die Erbgutfragmente des Virus dagegen als fremd erkannt, würde die Zelle sie eliminieren, bevor Virusbausteine daraus entstünden.
20200724             "Mit einem Code können wir gesicherte Gebäude betreten, ohne dass die Alarmanlage losgeht.
20200724             SARS—COV—2—HAT den gleichen Vorteil beim Eintritt in die Zellen",
20200724             "DAS—VIRUS besitzt den Code, ungehindert in Körperzellen vorzudringen".
20200724             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER arbeiten nun daran, dem Virus den Code wieder wegzunehmen. "Unsere Arbeit bildet 1—BASIS, um antiretrovirale Medikamente gegen CORONA—VIREN zu entwickeln",
20200724             Yogesh Gupta. GEMEINSAM—MIT—KOLLEGEN versucht er, Substanzen zu finden, die das Enzym nsp16 hemmen, sodass es DAS—VIRUSERBGUT nicht mit Tarnmaterial versehen kann.
20200724             Mithilfe ihres neuen 3D-Modells des Enzyms haben die Forscher bereits einen Kandidaten identifiziert: Adenosin.
20200724             Ob Adenosin das Enzym nsp16 tatsächlich blockieren kann, müssen zunächst aber weitere Untersuchungen im Labor und gegebenenfalls später am Patienten zeigen.
20200724             Für 110.000.000—DOLLAR: Epsteins Häuser in NEW—YORK und Palm Beach stehen zum Verkauf
20200724             The Last Stand: TRUMP—HANDLING—OF—THE—CORONA—VIRUS— Could Cost Him Presidency By GUIDO Mingels, Ralf Neukirch, René Pfister, MARC—PITZKE und Mathieu von Rohr
20200724             Insolventer Zahlungsabwickler: 77—INTERESSENTEN für Kerngeschäft von Wirecard
20200724             Venedig war noch nie so entspannt wie jetzt
20200724             Mutmaßlich von Nazis zerstört: ITALIENische Kleinstadt verlangt von DEUTSCHLAND Entschädigung für antike Schiffe
20200724             GROß—BRITANNIEN—JOHNSON gesteht Fehler EIN—UND prahlt mit Erfolgen
20200724             —CORONA—EINSCHRÄNKUNGEN in DEUTSCHLAND: Zahl der Verkehrstoten sank auf historischen Tiefstand
20200724             BITCOIN—SCAM: APPLE—MITGRÜNDER STEVE—WOZNIAK klagt gegen Google und YouTube
20200724             —KONFLIKT wegen HONG—KONG: MAAS droht CHINA direkt mit Konsequenzen
20200724             —CORONA—KRISE—IN—DEN USA: Fauci lobt "wirklich positive Richtung" von TRUMP—ENTSCHEIDUNGEN
20200724             84—MILLIONEN TWITTER—FOLLOWER: TRUMP bedauert manche seiner Tweets
20200724             —NACH, heftigem öffentlichen Druck im Zuge der CORONA—PANDEMIE hat die vietnamesische Regierung 1—IMPORT—VERBOTFÜR Wildtiere erlassen. Auf ihrer Internetseite kündigte DIE—REGIERUNG des kommunistischen Landes an, ab sofort streng gegen den illegalen Handel mit Wildtieren und Wildtierprodukten vorzugehen, die in VIETNAM oft als medizinische Heilmittel teuer verkauft werden.
20200724             VIETNAM, gelten dem am —DONNERSTAG veröffentlichten Erlass der Regierung zufolge nun strenge Strafen für Wilderei, —HANDEL, Transport und Lagerung von Wildtieren. Das IMPORT—VERBOTGILT für alle Wildtiere - "egal ob tot oder lebendig".
20200724             Weil sie trotz nachgewiesener CORONA—INFEKTION spazieren ging, muss 1—FRAU in Österreich 1—GELDSTRAFE—VON—1200—EURO zahlen. Das Landgericht Ried im Innkreis verurteilte die 35—JAHRE—ALTE am —FREITAG wegen vorsätzlicher Gefährdung von Menschen durch übertragbare Krankheiten. Das Urteil ist nicht rechtskräftig.
20200724             DIE—OBERÖSTERREICHERIN musste nach einem positiven CORONA—TEST in Heimquarantäne. Vor Gericht meinte sie, daß sie es nach zwei Tagen "nicht mehr ausgehalten" und deshalb mit Mundschutz eine kleine Runde an der frischen Luft gedreht habe. Dabei wurde sie von einer Nachbarin beobachtet, die die POLIZEI verständigte. Der Richter erlaubte sich einen Seitenhieb auf die Nachbarin, die die 35—JAHRE—ALTE auch selber zum Umkehren hätte auffordern können. "Denunzieren soll nicht zum Volkssport werden, ich finde eine solche Gesellschaft nicht lebenswert".
20200724             FRANKREICH führt 1. verpflichtende CORONA—VIRUS—TESTS an Flughäfen ein. Betroffen sind Rückkehrer aus insgesamt 16—RISIKOLÄNDERN,
20200724             Darunter sind neben den USA unter anderem auch BRASILIEN, die Türkei, Algerien und ISRAEL.
20200724             —NACH, mehr als 4—MONATEN ohne internationalen FLUG—VERKEHR wird RUSSLAND 1. wieder reguläre Verbindungen mit dem Ausland aufnehmen. Angeflogen würden vom 20200801             an zunächst die Türkei, Großbritannien und Tansania,
20200724             Flüge in die EU sind bis auf Weiteres demnach nicht MÖGLICH—DIE Entscheidung hängt nach Angaben aus Moskau von BRÜSSEL ab.
20200724             Ein 103-jähriger PAKISTANer hat nach Angaben seiner Ärzte und Verwandten 1—COVID 19—ERKRANKUNG überlebt. AZIZ—ABDUL—ALIM befinde sich auf dem Weg der Erholung. "Wir haben uns angesichts seines Alters alle Sorgen gemacht, aber er machte sich überhaupt keine Sorgen",
20200724             ITALIEN erlässt wegen der CORONA—PANDEMIE wieder 1—QUARANTÄNEPFLICHT für Einreisen aus den EU—LÄNDERN Bulgarien und Rumänien.
20200724             Zahlreiche deutsche Kliniken befürchten, infolge der CORONA—PANDEMIE in die roten Zahlen zu rutschen.
20200724             57—PROZENT von ihnen rechnen demnach für 20200000             mit einem Defizit. Vergangenes Jahr hätten nur 32—PROZENT der Krankenhäuser 1—MINUS verzeichnet.
20200724             Der Abwärtstrend erkläre sich vor allem mit der schwachen Auslastung während der PANDEMIE—HOCHPHASE im März und April.
20200724             —MITTE März hatte BUNDESGESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—JENS Spahn (CDU) die Krankenhäuser angewiesen, die Zahl der Beatmungsplätze hochzufahren und genügend Intensivbetten für COVID—19—PATIENTEN freizuhalten. Bei Weitem nicht alle dieser Betten wurden benötigt. Deshalb sei die Belegung der Intensivstationen großer Häuser mit mehr als 1.000—BETTEN um 27—PROZENT gesunken, auf Normalstationen sogar um 37—PROZENT,
20200724             Für USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP ist die vollständige Wiedereröffnung der Schulen des Landes nach den Sommerferien 1—PRIORITÄT, doch ausgerechnet die Schule seines 14—JAHRE—ALTEN Sohnes Barron dürfte da nicht mitspielen. Die Leitung der privaten S—ANDREW—EPISCOPAL—SCHOOL bei WASHINGTON erklärte, es sei noch offen, wie man angesichts der CORONA—PANDEMIE ins neue Schuljahr starte. Möglicherweise werde die Schule beim vollständigen ONLINE—UNTERRICHT bleiben.
20200724             Angesichts der vor allem in BARCELONA wieder steigenden Zahl von INFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS— haben DIE—BEHÖRDEN neue Einschränkungen des öffentlichen Lebens angeordnet. So kündigte die Regionalregierung in der Touristenmetropole BARCELONA ie Schließung aller Diskotheken, Clubs und anderer Lokale des Nachtlebens in der gesamten Region im Nordosten des Landes an,
20200724             Curevac zählt zu den wenigen deutschen Unternehmen, die sich im Wettlauf um einen CORONA—IMPFSTOFF befinden. Hauptinvestor bei Curevac ist Dievini, die Beteiligungsgesellschaft des SAP—GRÜNDERS Dietmar Hopp. Zudem sind diverse Investoren engagiert, etwa die Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Zu den Großinvestoren gehören der britische PHARMA—KONZERN GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), der Bund und der katarische STAATS—FONDS QIA.
20200724             Für den Börsengang in den USA hat Curevac 1—HOLDING in den NIEDERLANDEn gegründet, unter deren Dach die Curevac AG schlüpfen soll.
20200724             DIE—CORONA—WARN—APP macht nicht nur auf Smartphones mit ANDROID—BETRIEBSSYSTEM, sondern auch auf iPhones Probleme.
20200724             SAP, das die App zusammen mit der DEUTSCHEN Telekom entwickelt hat, räumte den Fehler dem Bericht zufolge ein. "Da gibt es Probleme, und ich hoffe ganz stark, daß die entweder sehr, sehr schnell beseitigt werden oder wir einen wirksamen Workaround finden, (...) um trotzdem die Funktionalität auf die Beine zu stellen",
20200724             Das Problem soll bei iPhones ebenso wie bei einigen ANDROID—GERÄTEN die Hintergrundaktualisierung sein. Eigentlich soll DIE—CORONA—WARN—APP auch dann im Hintergrund weiterlaufen und Daten aktualisieren, wenn sie nicht geöffnet ist. Wenn es 1—BEGEGNUNG mit einer Person gab, die dann positiv auf DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— getestet wurde, soll das Handy den Besitzer eigentlich aktiv mit einer Benachrichtigung auf das erhöhte Risiko hinweisen. "Das Problem, das wir haben, ist, daß die Hintergrundaktualisierung vom BETRIEBS—SYSTEM offenbar nicht aufgerufen wird", so Klingbeil.
20200724             Início Natureza Mato Local FARO, MONCHIQUE, ALFERCE—FOZ Do Carvalho Localização 37.365208, -8.47733 Despacho de 1º Alerta Em Curso Última atualização Em Resolução
20200724—20120000    —ARRESTED, EL—SALVADOR, its former defense MINISTER—DAVID—MUNGUIA—PAYE for his involvement in 1—GOVERNMENT—PACT with the country's principle gangs.
20200724—20190507    COLORADO teenager ALEC—MCKINNEY, 17—JAHRE—ALT, who, OPENED, fire at 1—DENVER—AREA—HIGH—SCHOOL, in what has been described as 1—AMBUSH—ATTACK, was sentenced to life in prison with THE—POSSIBILITY—OF—PAROLE.
20200724—20200715    —REPORTED, The child was, missing by his parents.
20200724—20200721    —KIDNAPPED, Hella Mewis, 1—GERMANY—ARTS curator, in BAGHDAD—IRAQ, was freed by IRAQ—SECURITY forces.

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