_HEUTE_0503 :

_030000-20050503     2.300—JAHRE—ALTE—MUMIE bezaubert ARCHÄOLOGEN
00000503             —KREUZES—ERFINDUNG am. große allgemeine KIRCHEN—FEST und
04950503             —ASSERTED, GELASIUS—PAPA, that his authority was superior to EMPEROR—ANASTASIUS.
09950000—10100503    S—ANSFRIED—BISHOP—OF—UTRECHT.
10100503             † S—ANSFRIED—BISHOP—OF—UTRECHT[9.] (~69—JAHRE—ALT),
10190503             —URKUNDE—WITNESSED—BY—… Cristiani comitis, HERIMANNI defensoris eiusdem TUITENSIS—ECCLESIE, ADOLFi fratris eius, GERHARDi defensoris domus, GERHARDI—IULIENSIS, Bilisonis comitis"
10960503             † † † 1—NUMBER—OF—JEWS, by CRUSADERS in SPEIER—GERMANY.
12110503             —PRISE—DE—LAVAUR
12500503             WALRAM—VON—BERGHEIM—HERR—ZU—BERGHEIM zu LÜTTICH verspricht, wenn er die HAUPT—SUMME der EINKÜNFTE—VON—100—MARK  erhalten habe, binnen —JAHRES—FRIST 1—GUT von entsprechendem Wert als LEHN—VON—BRABANT anzuweisen ^,
13200503             —AM, REINHARD—II—VON—LÜLSDORF als —KLOSTER—SIEGBURG schon genannt
13200503—13430422    —VOM, HEINRICH—VON—LÜLSDORF bezeugt
13270503             —VOM, handelte ES—SICH bei SIEGBURG—URKUNDEN—BUCH—I—268—UND
13350503             † Als auch GOTTFRIED—HERR—VON—BERGHEIM, Bruder des WILHELM—V—GRAF—VON—JÜLICH ohne männliche Erben stirbt,
13350503             —ENDGÜLTIG zurückfällt an JÜLICH DIE—HERRSCHAFT—BERGHE
13410503             —AFTER, PHILIPPA—DE—GRANDPRÉ.
13480503             —ET DIE—ANNO DISPOSITIONI SEDIS—APOSTOLICAE reservata.
13740503             —DEPUTANTUR—EXECUTORESS.
13740503             LITTERARUM—SCIENTIA....
13740503             —DATUM—APUD—VILLAMNOVAM etc., V—NONES—05—ANNO—4.
13740503             REGESTE—AVINIONE—BAND—22—FOLIA—235".
13740503             Vor den SCHÖFFEN—VON—WASSENBERG (Wassinberg) verkaufen Mens, HENKEN—KOXS Sohn, und seine oo Ulke 1.ERB—PACHT—VON—1—MALTER—ROGGEN Wassenberger Maßes sowie
14060503             Anche in quest^atto si fa menzione della procura data al Giudice de JulianiSj come nella quietanza precedente del
14070503             Quietanza del PAGAMENTO fatto dal sudd. Bartolomeo alias Scrocca nelle mani del TESORIERE—GENERALE—DELLA—MARCA—GIOVANNI vescovo d^ Ascoli di DUCATI XXXVi e ancon. x pel solito censo ad affitto DELL' ANNO—PRESENTE.
14100503             LIBER—DEL—CAMERLENGATO, a.
14280503             * PEDRO—GONZALEZ—DE—MENDOZA, fils du MARQUIS—DE—SANTILLANE, à Guadalajara
14550503             JEWS fled SPAIN.
14690503             NICOLO—MACHIAVELLI was 1—HISTORIAN and AUTHOR—OF "The Prince".
14690503             NICOLO—MACHIAVELLI saw in CESARE—BORGIA, the bastard SON—OF—ALEXANDER—VI—PAPA, the prospect of an ITALY—FREE—OF—FOREIGN—CONTROL.
14690503             NICOLO—MACHIAVELLI, "Men are more apt to be mistaken in their generalizations than in their particular observations".
14690503—15270000    * † NICOLO—MACHIAVELLI, political advisor and author.
14930503—14930504    —ISSUED, ALEXANDER—VI—PAPA, 3—PAPAL bulls that divided THE—DISCOVERIES—OF—COLUMBUS between SPAIN and PORTUGAL.
14930503—14930504    —THE—BULL, "INTER—CAETERA," was amended in September granting SPAIN the right to hold lands to the "western regions and to INDIA".
14970503             —fuerunt vespere solemnes IN—CAPELLA—MAJORE—PALATII—PAPA—PRÉSENTE, et non fuit facta COMMEMORATIO—S—CRUCIS.
149705030            —Vêpres papales à LA—CHAPELLE—SIXTINE.
15210503             —LE STEFANO—SAULI et FLAMINIO quitterent PADOUE[PADUA] et
15220503             —PERTE—DE—CRÉMONE, par LES—FRANÇAIS et DE—GÊNES
15250503             —CALLED, THE—DEPUTIES—OF—THE—COUNCIL, before them commissioners from the assembled countrypeople,
15250503             and reminded them, how faithfully THE—GOVERNMENT had watched over their interests HITHERTO;
15250503             how MANY—BENEFITS it had showered upon them in TIMES—OF—WAR, of dearth, of fire, etc.;
15250503             and how it had provided the needy with money, corn, and all other necessaries.
15250503             —ENTREATED, Having made this appeal, the deputies, the peasants to disband.
15250503             —PROMISED, They, to ride themselves to the different places, make further inquiries concerning their grievances.
15250503             THE—COMMISSIONERS took their departure without giving ANY—DEFINITE—ANSWER.
15250503             —SUMMONED, They then had the drum beaten, all to 1—MEETING—NEAR—THE—UPPER—GATE.
15250503             Here the assembled peasants took 1—OATH, held 1—COUNCIL in regard to the reply to be given.
15250503             Upon RE—ENTERING—THE—TOWN, they sent word to the deputies that they would give them their answer IN THE—AFTERNOON.
15250503             —AFTERNOON—IN—THE, This answer was 1—OF—DEEDS.
15250503             —AT—NOON another alarm was beaten,
15250503             and all were commanded, in CONSIDERATION—OF—THEIR oath, to meet at the lower gate, whence they were to march upon BASEL.
15250503             —WHILST THESE THINGS WERE TRANSPIRING, THE—AUTHORITIES—OF—BASEL had assured themselves of the loyal SENTIMENTS—OF—THE—BURGHERS[BÜRGER] of that city.
15250503             —ASSEMBLED, WHILST THESE THINGS WERE TRANSPIRING, The guilds were,
15250503             —ASKED, WHILST THESE THINGS WERE TRANSPIRING, The guilds were, whether they were still willing to share the good fortunes, evil FORTUNES—OF—THEIR rulers,
15250503             or if they had ANY—GRIEVANCES to complain of.
15250503             As 1—RESULT—OF—THESE investigations, 1—UNANIMOUS—GOOD—FEELING, 1—DISPOSITION to abide by law, order were found to exist IN—THE—CITY.
15250503             —NOW It was noised through all THE—STREETS that the peasants were marching on THE—TOWN.
15250503             They had made their approach to the place in the late twilight.
15250503             —ASSEMBLED, They had, near Monchenstein and Muttenz, and had scoured the surrounding country.
15250503             THE—CLOISTER—OF—ENGENTHAL, in THE—VICINITY—OF—MUTTENZ, was set on fire,
15250503             and the nuns were driven away.
15250503             —ATTACKED, They also, THE—CLOISTER—OF—SCHARENBURG and the Red House,
15250503             pillaged and ravaged whatever fell in their way,
15250503             and spread terror before them.
15250503             THE—GATES—OF—BASEL were shut,
15250503             an alarm was tolled,
15250503             and every 1—REPAIRED armed to the appointed SQUARES—OF—THE—CITY.
15250503             —ADVANCED, The peasants had —TIME—BY—THIS, as far as the little chapel in FRONT—OF—THE—ESCHENTHOR [ASH—GATE].
15250503             —REQUESTED, The younger PORTION—OF—THE—BURGHERS[BÜRGER], PERMISSION—TO—MAKE 1—SORTIE upon them.
15250503             THE—COUNCIL, however, was unwilling to resort to violent measures before once more trying THE—EFFECT—OF—KINDNESS upon THE—INSURGENTS.
15250503             —ACCORDINGly, THE—2—CHIEF—MEN—OF—THE—COUNCIL—HENRY—MELTINGER and Adelberg Meier,
15250503             were, under cover of 1—ESCORT—OF—ARMED—BURGHERS[BÜRGER], sent out to the peasants with instructions to ascertain THE—CAUSE—OF—THEIR conduct.
15250503             —RECEIVED, The answer which they, was very unsatisfactory.
15330503             2—LUTHERANS, were beheaded on THE—MARKET—PLACE
15330503             † 1—LUTHERAN—1—CARPENTER named JAN—VERSCHUEREN on THE—MARKET—PLACE beheaded
15330503             † 1—LUTHERAN—1—1—ARMOURER named Bernaert Hoze or Hoese on THE—MARKET—PLACE beheaded
15330503             —PRONOUNCED, These sentences were, by THE—VIERSCHARE and these seem to have been the 1. laymen
15330503             to suffer death at ANTWERP[ANTVERPIAE,ANTWERPEN,ANVERS] for their religious opinions since LUTHER began his agitation,
15330503             and also to have been the last to die as martyrs there before the whole ASPECT—OF—THE—REFORMATION was changed by THE—DOINGS—OF—THE—ANABAPTISTS.
15330503             —AM, same day as the last EXECUTION 2—OTHERS had THE—HAIR—OF—THEIR heads singed for like offences.
15330503050000       —AT— o'clock in the morning for having preached near the Beguinage and elsewhere, and for having lent aid to LUTHERans.
15440503             und 10. Ähnlichen Inhalts wie NUMMER—76.
15490503             —URKUNDE—KUR—KÖLN—4394—VOM, 1—BESONDERS gut erhaltener Abdruck befindet sich an der.
15490503             Umschrift in Minuskeln: S—MICHAEL—SEGEBERGENSIUM—PATRONUS.
15490503             Abbild.: EWALD—RHEIN—SIEGEL—4, T. 25, 6.
15490503             —AM, HERMANN—VON—WACHTENDONK—PROPST—ZU—REMAGEN erscheint als
15550503             THE—REGENT, who was IN—THE—TOWN to punish those who had taken part in THE—RIOTS,
15550503             —ORDERED THE—GREAT bell to be rung to give all men to understand that THE—NEWS was true.
15550503             —AM, 1. HINT—OF—IT THE—ENGLISH—MERCHANTS had caused all their ships to be put in readiness to —SHOW some worthy triumph upon the water,
15550503             —WHEN they heard THE—GREAT bell they ordered salutes to be fired IN—THE—PRESENCE—OF—THE—REGENT and all THE—NOBLES and her gentlewomen,
15550503             she in turn sending 100—CROWNS for THE—ENGLAND—MARINERS to drink.'
15550503             But THE—NEWS was untrue.
15830503             † ISAAC—MEHLING—RABBI—IN—PRAGUE
16160503             —PAIX—DE—LOUDUN entre LE—ROI et LES—PRINCES.
16160503             —LA—RÉVOLTE—DE—CONDÉ est apaisée par des Conçessions nouvelles (PAIX—DE—LOUDUN.
16170503             MARIE—DE—MÉDICIS part pour BLOIS.
16210503             —ACCUSED—OF—BRIBERY—FRANCIS—BACON was.
16310503             † ein anderer JOHANN—FLEISCHBEIN 26—JAHRE—ALT
16330503             —ZUGLEICHen auch beÿ HERRn Doctore Casparo Marxen die statuta Theologica[l] und was sonsten der Theologischen facultät zustendig [zuständig]abfordern laßenn, die statuta am nechst gedachten ohrt uberreichen
16330503             darmit solche COMMISSION—DESTO—EHER geendet und die vorhabende restauratio zu wergk gestellet werde: als wirdt Eines Ehrenfesten hochweisen Rahts wegen der Magnificus RECTOR ACADEMIæ hirmit ersucht:
16330503             daß ehr beÿ den 3—FACULTATIBUS, als juridica, Medica et PHILOSOPHIEa, verfuegen, darmit sie sonderligst und zum lengsten innerhalb zehen dagen von dato ahn zurechnen die itzige statuta particularia[k] ihrer facultät
16330503             ERFURT, JOHANN—MELLING OR JOHANN—MEHLING; Schwedischer Kriegskommissar. MARX Bed. 23v, MARX 30r, MARX 42v, MARX 48v,
16330503             MARX 48v, MARX 48v, MARX 49r, MARX 49r, MARX 49r, MARX 49r, MARX 49r, MARX 68r, MARX 74r, MARX 106r
16330503             nomine Magnifici Rectoris Domini Magistri[g] Justi Heckelii zu mihr kommen, die statuta ad Magnifici ædes[h] zu uberschicken begehret, und folgendes mandat mihr exhibiret.
16330503             und DAS—ÜBRIGE beÿ sich zu ferneren anordnung verwahrlich behalten wollen.
16330503             und was sie darinn zu verbeßern laßen gemeint, ihm, dem HERRn Magnifico, überreichen und ehr solche ALSBALD in die Cantzley ermelden HERRn Commissariis zur Revision einhändigen,
16330503             Weil die zur restauration der ACADEMIæ[i] verordnete HERREN Commissarii [GEORG Thiel, JOHANN—MEHLING] die particularia statuta[j] der 4—FACULTÄTEN gern haben mögten,
16540503             1—BRIDGE in ROWLEY—MASSACHUSETTS, was permitted to charge 1—TOLL for animals, while people crossed for free.
16550503             † ABRAHAM Nunez Bernal burnt at Cordova
16770503             —RESOLUTION—DER—GENERAL—STAATEN. l)at.
16770503             JACOB—VON—DER—TOCHT wird beauftragt, sich schleunigst nach BERLIN zu begeben
16791018—16820503    JOHANN—WOLFHARD—AURACHER (NÜRNBERG) und JOHANN Langenmantel (AUGSBURG).
17030503             † SAMUEL—OPPENHEIMER renowned financier, VIENNA[WIEN], <banker>
17130503             FOLIAS—138V—139V. (Inédito). Doc. NUMERO—
17130503             —A. As DOMINGOS—GONÇALVES suas qualidades enquanto artista terão justificado que
17130503             —A. DOMINGOS—GONÇALVES assinasse 1—ESCRITURA de ensino com o alfaiate ANTÓNIO—RAMALHO, para aceitar como aprendiz a seu filho, BENTO—RAMALHO, e
17130503             —A. INSTRUÍ—LO no ofício de pintor e de dourador.
17150503             —OBSERVED, EDMUND—HALLEY, a total eclipse phenomenon: "BAILY—BEADS".
17460503             oo —Oberweis, KATHOLISCH, Rhnlnd, Prss
17460503             oo DATE:
17730503             wegen familiären Umgangs, nach 2—VORHERGEGANGENEN Vermeldungen, und vorauszusehender SKANDALe
177330503            † Marsin (Massin), NICOLAUS—V., ABT—VON—KLOSTER—STABLO—MALMEDY, vorher PFARRER—ZU—SPRIMONT
17750503             De nouvelles ÉMEUTEs éclatent à PARIS.
17750503             Les Halles sont envahies et les boulangeries sont pillées.
17880503             LE—PARLEMENT évente la manouvre.
17880503             Par un arrêt il lance 1——DÉCLARATION—DE—GUERRE à LA—MONARCHIE
17910503             NEW—POLAND—CONSTITUTION—DESIGNED was, to redress LONG—STANDING—POLITICAL—DEFECTS—OF—THE—POLISH–LITHUANIA—COMMONWEALTH and its traditional system of "Golden Liberty".
17910503             NEW—POLAND—CONSTITUTION—REGARDED, is generally, as EUROPE—1. —CONSTITUTION and the world's 2. modern codified national constitution,
18020503             —INCORPORATED, WASHINGTON—DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, was, as 1—CITY, with the mayor appointed by THE—PRESIDENT and the council elected by property owners.
18080503             —COMMEMORATED, SPAIN—EXECUTIONS took place and were later, in GOYA—PAINTING "Executions of 18080503             ".
18100503             LORD—BYRON swam THE—HELLESPONT.
18100503             —BATAILLE—DE—FUENTES—DE—ONORO
18210503             —ORGANIZED, THE—RICHMOND—VIRGINIA Light Artillery was.
18300503             The 1. regular steam train passenger service started.
18330503             —PROMOVIERT, ALFRED—VON—REUMONT in Kriangen zum DOKTOR—DER—PHILOSOPHIE, wurde er
18440503             * RICHARD—DE—OYLY—CARTE, opera impresario (Gilbert & Sullivan operas, Ivanhoe), in England.
18490503             Lassalle
18490503             —VERBOT der rheinischen Gemeinderäteversammlung
18490503             —NEUE—RHEINISCHE—ZEITUNG—NUMMER—288—KÖLN.
18490503             —AM, DRESDEN MAI—AUFSTAND—IN—SACHSEN kam es zum
18490503—18490508    DRESDEN—AUFSTAND—FÜR—DIE—REICHS—VERFASSUNG teilnimmt am STEFAN—BORN und flieht nach dessen Scheitern in DIE—SCHWEIZ.
18490503—18490508    Viele Dresdner MAI—AUFSTAND für des REICH—VERFASSUNG Teilnehmer werden zu hohen ZUCHT—HAUSSTRAFEN verurteilt.
18490503—18490508    FRIEDRICH—ENGELS beteiligt sich am — AUFSTAND—DER—ELBERFELDER—ARBEITER.
18490503—19140000    * † JACOB—RIIS, USA—REPORTER and reformer (How the Other Half Lives), in DENMARK.
18540503             † WILLIAM—BEALE, 70—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
18550503             Macon B. Allen became the 1. African American to be admitted to the Bar in MASSACHUSETTS.
18550503             —SAILED, WILLIAM—WALKER, from S—FRANCISCO with approximately 60—MEN to intervene in 1—CIVIL—WAR in NICARAGUA.
18550503             —VOM, in seinem FABRIK—BERICHT, So sagt HERR—HOWELL "Wäre die folgende scharfsinnige Berechnung"
18560503             † ADOLPHE—CHARLES—ADAM, 52—JAHRE—ALT, FRANCE—COMPOSER, critic (Giselle).
18590503             —FRANCE—WAR—ON—AUSTRIA, DECLARED.
18610503             —ASKED, LINCOLN, for 42,000 Army Volunteers and another 18,000 seamen.
18630503             —AMPUTATED, STONEWALL—JACKSON—ARM was, and buried.
18630503             STONEWALL—JACKSON told his medical director, DOCTOR—HUNTER—MCGUIRE, "If the enemy does come, I am not AFRAID—OF—THEM; I have always been kind to their wounded, and I am sure they will be kind to me".
18630503             —FOLLOWED, STONEWALL—JACKSON His words, 1—ORDER from ROBERT—E—LEE to move Jackson to GUINEY—STATION—FEARING that nearby Federal troops might capture him.
18630503             —FOLLOWING perhaps STONEWALL—JACKSON, his greatest performance, leading 1—BRILLIANT—FLANKING—MANEUVER against Union MAJOR—GENERAL—JOSEPH—HOOKER at Chancellorsville, he was mistakenly shot by his own troops while scouting AHEAD—OF—THEIR lines after dark.
18630503             —SUSTAINED, STONEWALL—JACKSON, severe wounds to the left arm and minor wounds to the right hand that later led to his death.
18630503             [see 18630501             -2]
18630503—18630504    —THE—BATTLE—OF—SALEM—CHURCH took place in Spotsylvania COUNTY—VIRGINIA, as PART—OF—THE—CHANCELLORSVILLE campaign.
18660503             The 1. submarine in the Americas, a 39-foot vessel designed in the 1860s by GERMANY—IMMIGRANT—KARL—FLACH, sank in THE—BAY—OF—VALPARAISO off THE—COAST—OF—CHILE.
18660503             † The crew, 2—CHILEANS, 2—FRENCHMEN and 7—GERMANS—INCLUDING—FLACH and his 15-year-old son, all.
18660503—20070000    —IN, 1—SEARCH—TEAM found the vessel.
18820503             DIE—SOZIAL—DEMOKRATISCHE—REICHS—TAG—ABGEORDNETEN beantragen ergebnislos, alle Ausnahmegesetze aufzuheben, zum Beispiel das JESUITengesetz, den Kanzelparagraphen im STRAF—GESETZ—BUCH, den DIKTATURparagraphen für ELSAß—LOTHRINGEN und das SOZIALISTEN—GESETZ.
18830503             —AM, vereinigten sich die Vertreter unserer Stadt und der REGIERUNGS—BEHÖRDEN mit den Abgesandten zahlreicher wissenschaftlicher Korporationen und Gesellschaften,
18830503             um dem damaligen Präsidenten unseres Vereins ihre Huldigungen darzubringen.
18830503             Es galt der Feier seines fünfzigjährigen DOKTOR—JUBILÄUMS.
18830503             Mehr noch als die VATER—STADT, welche ihn zum EHREN—BÜRGERERNANNTE,
18830503             nahmen durch zahllose Zeichen der Anerkennung, durch glückwünschende Zuschriften und Depeschen
18830503             DIE—FÜRSTEN—HÄUSER DEUTSCHLANDs und der Nachbarländer,
18830503             an ihrer Spitze des DEUTSCHES—REICH—KAISER und des DEUTSCHES—REICH—KAISERIN ,
18830503             DIE—UNIVERSITÄTEN und Akademien, die Vertreter von Kunst und Wissenschaft des In—, Auslandes Teil an diesem Feste.
18830503             Mit vollster Überzeugung konnte unser Vorstand dem Manne, dem dies alles entgegengebracht wurde, warmen Dank dafür aussprechen, daß
18830503             er dem jungen Verein den Glanz seines Namens geliehen, und
18830503             mit Stolz darauf hinweisen, daß seinem Präsidenten für alle Zeiten 1—HERVORRAGENDER Ehrenplatz gesichert sei in der LITERATur zweier grossen Nationen.
18860503             —ARRIVED, Police, outside the McCormick Harvester Works in Chicago, where 1,400 IWPA workers were on strike.
18860503             They OPENED—FIRE on the crowd while anarchist August Spies was making 1—SPEECH—KILLING—4—OF the workers.
18890503             —BEGINNT, im RUHR—GEBIET Der größte deutsche STREIK
18890503             DIE—BERG—ARBEITER fordern die achtstündige Schicht.
18890503             —BEGINNT, Der größte deutsche STREIK —IM im RUHR—GEBIET
18980503—19780000    * † GOLDA—MIER, 4. PRIME—MINISTER—OF—ISRAEL (19690000—19740000    ) and the 1. woman PM, in KIEV—UKRAINE.
18980503—19780000    "Whether women are better than men, I cannot say -- but I can say they are certainly no worse".
19000000             ".. lederman/GW—CIA—NAZI—20010503             GENERAL—NAZI—GERMAN—GENERAL—REINHARD—GEHLEN in the.".
19010503             Harriman began his stock raid which would become known as THE—NORTH—PACIFIC—CORNER.
19010503             —BY THE—END—OF—THE—DAY he was short just 40000 shares...
19010503             NORTH—SECURITIES—COMPANY—WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia
19010503—19010500    —IN, HARRIMAN—STOCK—RAID, became known as the " NORTH—PACIFIC—CORNER", and drove SHARES—OF—NORTH—PACIFIC to $1000—PER share in some trades.
19010503—19010509    —WHEN the smoke cleared THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE had been ruined.
19010503—19010509    —REPLIED, MORGAN, "I owe THE—PUBLIC—NOTHING".
19010503—19010509    —BLAMED, MORGAN was.
19010503—19010509    THE—BY—PRODUCT was 1—SUDDEN—PANIC.
19010503—19010509    THE—PUBLIC, didn't know exactly what was happening.
19020503             * WALTER—SLEZAK, actor (Bedtime for Bonzo, Inspector General), in VIENNA.
19030503—19770000    * † BING—CROSBY, singer and actor, in Tacoma, Wa.
19030503—19770000    —MOVED, The family soon, to Spokane where he grew up.
19070000—19880503    * † Milton A. Caniff, USA—CARTOONIST (Terry & the Pirates).
19070503             * Show business columnist EARL—WILSON in ROCKFORD—OHIO.
19080503             Auf 1—GENERAL—VERSAMMLUNG in DARMSTADT löst sich auf Grund des neuen Vereinsgesetzes der "Verband der jungen —ARBEITER und ARBEITER—INNEN DEUTSCHLANDs" auf. DIE—VERSAMMLUNG beschließt aber, durch die über, 18—JAHRE—ALT PARTEI—GENOSSEN DIE—AGITATIONS—ARBEIT weiterzuführen. Bei der Auflösung hat DER—VERBAND 4.500—MITGLIEDER in 85—ORTS—GRUPPEN. Die "Junge Garde" zählt 11 000—ABONNENTEN.
19100503             * ALCEO—GALLIERA, composer, conductor.
19120503             * MAY—SARTON, poet and writer.
19121216—19880503    —ON, -
19130503             * WILLIAM—INGE, USA—PLAYWRIGHT (Picnic, Bus Stop).
19130503             EDWARD—HUGHES, 1—PURVEYOR—OF—WOOD and coal;
19130503             and WILLIAM—HUSSEY, 1—MINER, invested $100 each to set up the 1. COMMERCIAL—SCALE—LIQUID bleach factory in THE—USA.
19160000—20100503    * † KARL—KASTEN, painter, printmaker and UC Berkeley professor.
19160503             † IRELAND—NATIONALIST—PADRAIC—PEARSE and 2—OTHERS—WERE—EXECUTED, by the British for their roles in the Easter Rising.
19170503—20060000    * † BETTY—COMDEN, librettist, in BROOKLYN—NY, as Basya Cohen.
19170503—20060000    BETTY—COMDEN became 1—HALF—OF—THE—MUSICAL—COMEDY duo Comden and Green, who provided lyrics, libretti, and screenplays to SOME—OF—THE—MOST beloved and successful Hollywood musicals and Broadway shows of the mid-19010101—20001231    —CENTURY.
19170503—20120000    * † KIRO—GLIGOROV in the central MACEDONIA—TOWN—OF—SHTIP.
19170503—20120000    —SERVED, KIRO—GLIGOROV later, as the 1. PRESIDENT—OF—MACEDONIA (19910000—19990000    ).
19190503             * BETTY—COMPDEN, lyricist.
19190503—20140000    * † PETE—SEEGER, USA—FOLKSINGER and songwriter, in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19190503—20140000    His father was 1—MUSICOLOGIST and his mother 1—CONCERT—VIOLINIST.
19190503—20140000    —HELPED, Seeger, to lay the foundation for USA—PROTEST—MUSIC—SINGING out about THE—PLIGHT—OF—EVERYDAY—WORKING folks and urging listeners to political and social activism.
19200503             * JOHN—LEWIS, jazz pianist.
19200503             * "Sugar" RAY—ROBINSON (Walker Smith JUNIOR), USA—MIDDLEWEIGHT boxer.
19200503             He won the world title for 1—RECORD—5—TIMES.
19210503             —IMPOSED, WEST—VIRGINIA, the 1. state sales tax.
19230503             The 1. NON—STOP flight across THE—USA was made.
19230503             Army lieutenants Kelly and Macready flew from NEW—YORK to S—DIEGO.
19240406—19230503    —SEE.
19260503             A Pulitzer prize was awarded to Sinclair Lewis (Arrowsmith).
19260503             There was 1—UNITED—KINGDOM—GENERAL—STRIKE and 3—MILLION—WORKERS supported the miners.
19260503             —LASTED, The strike, 9—DAYS.
19260503             † Napoleon V Bonaparte (63), FRANCE—PRETENDER to the throne.
19260503—19330000    —UNTIL, USA—MARINES landed in NICARAGUA and remained.
19280503             —REMEMBERED, The singer is best, for the song "I—FEEL—GOOD".
19280503—19330503    —SEE
19300000—20140503    * † GARY—BECKER, USA—ECONOMIST in Chicago.
19310503             † FRANK—HOYT—LOSEY, 59—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
19330503             * JAMES—BROWN—USA—SINGER and songwriter.
19330503             Nellie T. Ross became the 1. female DIRECTOR—OF—THE—USA—MINT.
19330503             * A white buffalo calf in WEST—MONTANA.
19330503—19280503    —SEE
19330503—19590825    —UNTIL, He was later named "Big Medicine" and lived.
19330503—19610713    —MOLDED, His hide was, to 1—MANNEQUIN and that went on display at THE—MONTANA Historical Society.
19360503             JOE—DIMAGGIO, 21—JAHRE—ALT—OF—S—FRANCISCO made his MAJOR—LEAGUE debut as NY Yankee and got 3—HITS.
19360503             —ACHIEVED, The Popular Front in FRANCE, 1—MAJORITY—OF—THE—SEATS in THE—CHAMBER—OF—DEPUTIES, which led to THE—FORMATION—OF—THE 1. Popular Front ministry under LEON—BLUM.
19370503             MARGARET—MITCHELL won 1—PULITZER Prize for her novel, "Gone with the Wind".
19380503             —OPENED, The concentration camp at Flossenburg.
19380503             —RECOGNIZED, VATICAN, FRANCO—CATHOLIC and fascist SPAIN.
19390503             —REPLACED, Soviet leader JOSEPH—STALIN, MAXIM—LITVINOV, THE—PEOPLE—COMMISSAR for Foreign Affairs, with Vyacheslav Molotov.
19410503             There was 1—GERMANY—AIR—RAID on Liverpool.
19420503             —SIGNED, Executive Order 9066, by PRESIDENT—FRANKLIN—D—ROOSEVELT, was issued by LIEUTENANT—GENERAL—JOHN—DEWITT from his headquarters in THE—SF Presidio.
19420503             It called for THE—EVACUATION—OF—JAPANESE—AMERICANS from LOS—ANGELES effective 19420509           .
19420503             Some 110,000-112,000 JAPANESE—AMERICANS were settled in 10—RELOCATION—CAMPS, the 1. of which was in Manzanar in Owens VALLEY—CALIFORNIA In the Bay Area most JAPANESE—AMERICANS were sent to the Tanforan racetrack where they were put up in stables and later relocated to TOPAZ—UTAH.
19420503             —HIRED, Soon after, the War Relocation Authority, Dorothea Lange, 1—PHOTOGRAPHER already WELL—KNOWN for her striking DEPRESSION—ERA—PHOTOS—OF—MIGRANT—WORKERS, to document the internment process.
19420503             —REFLECTED, LANGE—POIGNANT photos, her disagreement with government policy and brought her into conflict with her employers.
19420503             —BOMBED, The Luftwaffe, Exeter.
19420503             —EXECUTED, Nazis, 72 in reprisal in SACHSENHAUSEN—NETHERLANDS.
19420503             Johan H. Westerveld, lt.-Col, leader Order Service, was among the executed.
19440503             "Meet Me in St Louis" opened on Broadway.
19440503             —ENDED, Wartime RATIONING—OF—MOST GRADES—OF—MEATS, in THE—USA.
19440503             —CA, notierte die knapp, 15—JAHRE—ALTE "Unser Kastanienbaum steht von unten bis oben in voller Blüte und
19440503             —CA, ist viel schöner als    —J—IM—VERGANGENEN".
19450503             THE—USA—SUBMARINE—LAGARTO (SS-371) sank in THE—GULF—OF—THAILAND following depth charges from THE—JAPAN—MINE—LAYER—HATSUTAKA.
19450503             † 85—SAILORS.
19450503             —ARRESTED, Allies, GERMANY—NUCLEAR physicist Werner Heisenberg.
19450503             A UNITED—KINGDOM—AIR—FORCE squadron bombed 2—SHIPS, the Cap Arcona and the Thielbeck and sank them.
19450503             The pilots knew nothing about the ships' human cargo.
19450503             —MARCHED, SS guards had, prisoners from Neuengamme to Lubeck on the Baltic coast, as UNITED—KINGDOM—TROOPS approached, and put some 8,000 inmates onto 2—SHIPS, the Cap Arcona and the Thielbeck.
19450503             —CAPTURED, Allied forces, Rangoon, Burma, from the Japanese.
19450503             —CONVEYED, IRELAND—PRIME—MINISTER—EAMON—DE—VALERA, official condolences to diplomat Eduard Hempel.
19450503             —LAUNCHED, JAPAN—FORCES on Okinawa, their only major COUNTER—OFFENSIVE, but failed to break THE—USA—LINES.
19450503—19450515    —ON, THE—USS—HAWKSBILL sank the Hatsutaka.
19450503—20050000    —IN, THE—WRECK—OF—THE—LAGARTO was found.
19450503—20050000    —IN, Documents confirming HYDE—VISIT were made public.
19460503             28—DEFENDANTS were tried.
19460503             Radhabinod Pal, the judge from INDIA, was the only judge with 1—INTERNATIONAL—LAW—BACKGROUND and the only judge to find all the defendants innocent on all counts.
19460503             THE—FAILURE—OF—THE—TOKYO—TRIAL... began its trial of 28—CLASS A JAPAN—WAR—CRIMINALS at TOKYO on.. Ryoichi Sasakawa : 1—OF the leading Fascists and MILITARISTS—OF—JAPAN..
19470503             —DRAFTED, JAPAN—POSTWAR constitution, by the Americans, took effect.
19470503             It included THE—CREATION—OF—THE—HOUSE—OF—COUNCILORS and renounced war as 1—WAY—OF—SETTLING—DISPUTES.
19470503             —PRODUCED, Beate Sirota (19230000—20120000    ), Article 24 which established women's rights and the essential equality of the sexes.
19480503             —AWARDED, Pulitzer Prizes were, to playwright TENNESSEE Williams for "A Streetcar Named Desire" and to novelist JAMES—MICHENER for "TALES—OF—THE—SOUTH—PACIFIC".
19480503             —RULED, THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT in Shelly v. Kraemer, that covenants prohibiting THE—SALE—OF—REAL—ESTATE to blacks and other minorities were legally unenforceable.
19480503—19260000    —ALLOWED, THE—SUPREME—COURT had, the practice.
19510503             —OPENED, THE—FESTIVAL—OF—BRITAIN, 1—NATIONAL—EXHIBITION, officially.
19520503             —LANDED, The 1. airplane, at geographic NORTH—POLE.
19540503             —AWARDED, Pulitzer prize was, to CHARLES—A—LINDBERGH and JOHN—PATRICK.
19570503             A low flying Navy bomber, while practicing evasion maneuvers, sheared 2—HIGH—VOLTAGE—LINES in THE—EAST—BAY—OF—S—FRANCISCO causing 1—POWER—OUTAGE in SF and the Peninsula.
19580503             Ismael Valenzuela (19350000—20090000    ) rode Tim Tam to victory in THE—KENTUCKY Derby.
19600503             —OPENED, The musical "The Fantasticks", at THE—SULLIVAN—STREET—PLAYHOUSE in Greenwich Village.
19600503             † Lore Noto (20020000             ), former actor and agent, produced the show, which became the world's LONGEST—RUNNING—MUSICAL.
19600503             It closed 20020113              after 17,162 shows.
19600503—19590000    —IN, It featured the song "Try to Remember" by TOM—JONES & HARVEY—SCHMIDT and was 1. produced at Barnard College.
19600503—19940000    —IN, The agreement took effect.
19610503             A UNITED—KINGDOM—COLONIAL—OFFICE telegram stated the general guidance for keeping papers OUT—OF—THE—HANDS—OF—NEWLY elected independent governments.
19610503             Items should be DISPOSED—OF—IF they "might embarrass MEMBERS—OF—THE—POLICE—MILITARY—FORCES—PUBLIC—SERVANTS or others eg police informers; might compromise SOURCES—OF—INTELLIGENCE" -- or might be used "unethically" by incoming ministers.
19610503             Under "Operation Legacy", officials in KENYA—UGANDA, MALAYSIA—TANZANIA, JAMAICA and other former colonial territories were briefed on how to DISPOSE—OF—DOCUMENTS that "might embarrass Her MAJESTY—GOVERNMENT".
19610503—20130000    —IN, This was only made public.
19620503             William A, Eddy (18960000              *), FORMER—USA—MINISTER to SAUDI—ARABIA (19440000—19460000    ), †.
19620503—20080000    —AUTHORED, THOMAS—W—LIPPMAN, "Arabian Knight: COLONEL—BILL—EDDY, USMC, and THE—RISE—OF—USA—POWER in the Middle East".
19630503             —UNLEASHED, BIRMINGHAM—ALABAMA, police Commissioner Bull Connor, dogs and HIGH—POWERED fire hoses on BOYCOTT—BOUND school children.
19680503             A Black Student SIT—IN at THE—BURSAR—OFFICE began.
19680503             It lasted —FOR—38—HOURS, after THE—NORTH—WEST—UNIVERSITY refused to accede to THE—DEMANDS—OF—FOR Members Only, the black undergraduate student group.
19680503             TEXAS DOCTOR—DENTON—COOLEY (19200000—20160000    ) and DOCTOR—MICHAEL—E—DEBAKEY (19080000—20080000    ), surgeons at HOUSTON—S—LUKE—HOSPITAL, sewed the heart of a 15-year-old girl into Everett Thomas (47) in the world's 1. successful heart transplant.
19680503             —LIVED, Thomas, —FOR—204—DAYS.
19680503             —AFTER—3—DAYS—OF—BATTLE—THE—USA—MARINES retook Dai Do complex in VIETNAM, only to find THE—NORTH—VIETNAMESE had evacuated the area.
19690503             DIE—STRAßENBAHN—ZEIT ist in SOLINGEN zu Ende, die Linie vom Mühlenhof über Cronenberg nach ELBErfeld fährt zum letzten Mal
19710503             The National Public Radio "All Things Considered" program premiered on 112—NPR stations.
19710503             JOHN—TOLAND (19120000—20040000    ), USA—AUTHOR and historian, won 1—PULITZER prize for "Rising Sun" (19700000             ) which chronicles Imperial JAPAN from its Manchurian involvement following —WWI to THE—END—OF——WWII.
19710503             JAMES—EARL—RAY (19280000—19980000    ), MARTIN—LUTHER—KING—ASSASSIN (19680000             ), was caught in a jail break attempt in TENNESSEE.
19710503             ANTI—WAR—PROTESTERS—CALLING themselves the Mayday Tribe began 4—DAYS—OF—DEMONSTRATIONS in WASHINGTON aimed at shutting down the nation's capital.
19710503             13,000 ANTI—WAR—PROTESTERS were arrested in 3—DAYS.
19710503—19700000    —IN, NPR, THE—USA—NATIONAL—NON—COMMERCIAL—RADIO—NETWORK, was founded and
19710503—19710400    —IN, hit the airwaves.
19730503             —TOPPED, CHICAGO—SEARS—TOWER, the world's tallest building (443—M), out.
19730503             —MOVED, Sears soon, its headquarters to the Sears Tower.
19730503—20090000    —CHANGED, THE—NAME—OF—THE—STRUCTURE was, to Willis Tower as Willis Group Holdings, 1—LONDON—BASED insurance broker, consolidated its area offices in the building.
19730503—20100000    * †             —DESIGNED, The building was, by BRUCE—GRAHAM, of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.
19750503             GOVERNOR—JERRY—BROWN—OF—CALIFORNIA began 1—ROUND—OF—PRIVATE—MEETINGS to resolve the issues between THE—UFW, agribusiness, and the Teamsters Union.
19770503             * MARYAM—MIRZACHANI, in TEHERAN; gestorben
19780503             "Sun Day" fell on 1—THURSDAY as THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE—EXTOLLING—THE—VIRTUES—OF—SOLAR—ENERGY held events across the country.
19790426—19790503    —ON, The Treasury was also late in redeeming T-bills which become due and 19790510         .
19790503             Britain held general elections.
19790503             Conservative Party leader MARGARET—THATCHER was chosen to become BRITAIN—1. female PRIME—MINISTER as the Tories ousted the incumbent Labor government in parliamentary elections.
19790503             —OPENED, THE—PHILIPPINES, 1—UN—CONFERENCE on Trade and Development, as THOUSANDS—OF—SQUATTERS around MANILA were forcibly moved OUT—OF—SIGHT.
19790503—20080000    —AUTHORED, Claire Berlinski, "There Is No Alternative: Why MARGARET—THATCHER—MATTERS".
19820503             † SINBAD—THE—SAILOR, the star HORSE—OF—RONALD—REAGAN'S "Death Valley Days" TV series, when he was struck by lightning at KANAB—UTAH.
19841000—200503      31—PRADO'S, arms dealer Sarkis Garabed Soghanalian...
19860503             NASA,'s 1. POST—CHALLENGER—LAUNCH—1—UNMANNED Delta rocket lost power in its main engine shortly after liftoff, forcing safety officers to destroy it by remote control.
19860503             —BOMBED, SRI—LANKA, Tamil Tigers, an Airlanka plane at Colombo airport and killed 16—PEOPLE.
19870503             The Miami Herald, in its —SUNDAY edition, said its reporters had observed 1—YOUNG—WOMAN—SPENDING "—FRIDAY night and MOST—OF—SATURDAY" at 1—WASHINGTON, DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA, townhouse belonging to Democratic presidential candidate GARY—HART.
19870503             —IDENTIFIED, The woman was later, as Donna Rice;
19870503             the scandal torpedoed HART—PRESIDENTIAL—BID.
19880503             —ACKNOWLEDGED, THE—WHITE—HOUSE, that 1. lady Nancy Reagan had used astrological advice to help schedule her husband's activities.
19880503             —SURFACED, The unflattering revelations, in 1—YET—TO—BE published memoir by FORMER—CHIEF—OF—STAFF—DONALD—REGAN.
19880503             The astrologer also supplies input to THE—TIMING—OF—CRITICAL—INTERNATIONAL—EVENTS, such as 1—RECENT—ARMS—CONTROL—SUMMIT in ICELAND.
19880503             THE—WHITE—HOUSE confirms stories that PRESIDENT—RONALD—REAGAN—TRAVEL and public appearances are scheduled around astrological data furnished by 1—MYSTIC in S—FRANCISCO.
19890503             PLO leader Yasser Arafat, ending a 2—DAY—VISIT to FRANCE, said THE—PLO charter calling for THE—DESTRUCTION—OF—ISRAEL had been "superseded" by 1—DECLARATION—URGING—PEACEFUL—COEXISTENCE—OF—THE—JEWISH—STATE and 1—PALESTINIAN state.
19890503             —DISAPPEARED, An ISRAEL—SOLDIER—ILAN Saadon, while hitchhiking NORTH—OF—THE—GAZA—STRIP.
19890503             —KIDNAPPED, He was said to have been, by Hamas militants.
19890503             Christine Jorgensen (19260000              *), DENMARK—BORN 1. transsexual (19520000             ), † in CALIFORNIA.
19890503—19670000    —IN, Her book "Christine Jorgensen: A Personal Autobiography" was published and
19890503—19700000    —IN, its film adaptation was released as The Christine Jorgensen Story.
19890503—19960000    —IN, his bones were unearthed SOUTH—OF—TEL Aviv.
19900503             —APPROVED, THE—USA—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT, the use of the drug AZT to treat children infected with THE—AIDS—VIRUS.
19910503             —REPORTED, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, the nation's civilian unemployment rate fell in April to 6.6%.
19910503             Exxon Corporation and THE—STATE—OF—ALASKA withdrew from a 1—BILLION—DOLLAR—SETTLEMENT—OF—THE "Exxon Valdez" oil spill (another settlement was reached later).
19910503             J.P. Morgan and Walt Disney companies were added to the Dow Jones.
19910503             —ADDED, Caterpillar was also, to replace Navistar.
19910503             Jerzy Kosinski (57), author (Being There), was found dead in his NEW—YORK City apartment.
19910503             —LOCKED, Carol Lutz (24) was, in THE—TRUNK—OF—HER car near CLEVELAND—OHIO, and burned to death.
19910503—20090000    —EXECUTED, DANIEL—WILSON, 39—JAHRE—ALT was, for her killing.
19920503             —CONTINUED, LOS—ANGELES, soldiers, to patrol streets and guard FIRE—GUTTED and ransacked stores in THE—WAKE—OF—RIOTING that erupted following THE—RODNEY—KING taped beating acquittals.
19920503             †    Hollywood SONG—AND—DANCE—MAN—TURNED—POLITICIAN GEORGE—MURPHY at age 89.
19920503             —MURDERED, TEXAS, Natasha Atchley (19) was brutally, early today.
19920503             Her remains were found later the same day in THE—TRUNK—OF—HER burned out Camaro hatchback on 1—DIRT road in 1—RURAL—AREA—OF—SHEPHERD.
19920503             —DISMEMBERED, Her body was, before being set on fire.
19920503             —REMAINED, The case has, 1—MYSTERY.
19920503             —ARMED, BOSNIA, men cruised into Doboj and began 1—PROCESS—OF—ETHNIC—CLEANSING that pushed 62,000 NON—SERBS from their homes in the surrounding area.
19920503             —RELEASED, He was, the next day.
19930503             "KISS—OF—THE—SPIDER—WOMAN" opened at Broadhurst in NEW—YORK—CITY for 906—PERFORMANCES.
19930503             —KILLED, SOUTH—CALIFORNIA, 1—ARSON fire, 10—PEOPLE in the Westlake DISTRICT—OF—LOS—ANGELES.
19930503             —SUSPECTED, Police, gang members who had been kicked off the property.
19930503             —CONFESSED, USA—SAILOR TERRY—M—HELVEY, to stomping to death ALLEN—SCHINDLER, 1—HOMOSEXUAL shipmate, but told his COURT—MARTIAL in JAPAN that he was drunk and did not plan the killing.
19930503             —SENTENCED, Helvey was later, to life in prison.
19930503—20040000    * † —COMPOSED, JOHN—KANDER, the music and FRED—EBB, wrote the lyrics.
19930503—20170000    —IN, police made arrests related to the fire.
19940503             —PRESIDED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, over 1—TELEVISED forum from Atlanta, during which he denied suggestions he'd vacillated on foreign policy, but said global problems were more difficult than he'd imagined.
19940503             would survive ANY—CLAIMS—OF—LIBEL or slander that ANY—OF—THE—INDIVIDUALS identified in the documentary might attempt to bring.
19940503             —CLEARED, The lawyers had, the documentary for broadcast.
19940503             —DURING the several months that the documentary was being prepared + advertised for showing, major legislation impacting the entire FUTURE—OF—THE—CABLE—TV—INDUSTRY was being debated on Capitol Hill.
19940503             —OPPOSED, Legislation, which the industry, was under debate for placing controls on the industry and THE—CONTENTS—OF—WHAT could be shown.
19940503             —DELIVERED, Messages were, in no uncertain terms from key politicians involved in the Cable TV battle, that if THE—CONSPIRACY—OF—SILENCE were shown on the Discovery Channel as planned,
19940503             then the industry would probably lose the debate.
19940503             —REACHED, An agreement was :
19940503             —PULLED, CONSPIRACY—OF—SILENCE was, + with no rights for sale or broadcast by ANY—OTHER—PROGRAM;
19940503             Yorkshire TV would be reimbursed for THE—COSTS—OF—PRODUCTION, the Discovery Channel itself would never be linked to the documentary; + COPIES—OF—CONSPIRACY—OF—SILENCE would be destroyed.
19940503             —DESTROYED, Not all copies were, however,
19940503             —ON the Discovery Channel...
19940503             TEDGUNDERSON—PRODUCT Outlet...
19940503             This video was set to originally air in
19940503             "CONSPIRACY—OF—SILENCE" was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel — as listed in TV Guide at that time.
19950503—19950300    —REPORTED, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, that its INDEX—OF—LEADING—ECONOMIC—INDICATORS dropped half 1—PERCENTAGE—POINT, its biggest tumble in 2—YEARS.
19960503             † JACK—WESTON, 71—JAHRE—ALT, actor (Ishtar, RAD—CUBA), of lymphoma.
19960503             A weak compromise treaty was passed in Geneva that aimed to phase out NON—DETECTABLE—PLASTIC—MINES, and introduced rules to limit THE—LIFESPAN—OF—ANTI—PERSONNEL—MINES planted outside marked fields to 3—MONTHS.
19960503             —SIGNED, The new treaty will go into effect once it is, by 20—COUNTRIES and revised 1—OUTDATED 19800000              weapons protocol signed by 57—NATIONS.
19960503             It has few enforcement provisions.
19960503             —ENDED, THE—INTERNATIONAL—CONFERENCE in Geneva, 30—MONTHS—OF—ARDUOUS—NEGOTIATIONS over whether to ban land mines with 1—WEAK compromise treaty giving countries 9—YEARS to switch to detectable, SELF—DESTRUCTIVE—DEVICES.
19960503             —ADMIRED, Chandraswami, aka Nemi Chand Jain, faith healer and psychic, by Elizabeth Taylor, was held by police in NEW—DELHI on CHARGES—OF—SWINDLING $100,000 from 1—LONDON businessman.
19960503             —REACHED, BURUNDI, 1—HANDWRITTEN account, the capital that described the massacre of 375—PEOPLE at the Kivyuka village market by government soldiers angry over recent rebel attacks on local power line towers.
19960503             —DENIED, An army spokesman, the charges.
19960503             A 6.4—EARTHQUAKE struck Inner MONGOLIA in NORTH—CHINA.
19960503             —KILLED, At least 14—PEOPLE were, and 266—INJURED.
19960503             A SUDAN—AIRLINER on 1—DOMESTIC—FLIGHT crashed in bad weather and killed all 50 [53] onboard.
19960503             It was an Anto19961124              airplane and had tried to land OUTSIDE—OF—KHARTOUM in 1—AREA cleared for 1—NEW—AIRPORT because sand covered the runways at KHARTOUM.
19960503—19910000    —CHARGED, GREGORY—CLEPPER was, with killing 12—WOMEN on THE—SOUTH—SIDE—OF—CHICAGO in 1—STRING—OF—SLAYINGS that began.
19960503—19960418    —ON, A preliminary UN report says that ISRAEL fired knowingly on 1—SOUTH—LEBANON UN compound after PRO—IRAN—GUERRILLAS sought refuge in the area.
19970503             World chess champion GARRY—KASPAROV won the 1. GAME—OF—HIS rematch with IBM—DEEP—BLUE—COMPUTER.
19970503             However, he lost the 6-game match.
19970503             Silver Charm won the 123. - - KENTUCKY Derby.
19970503             A GROUP—OF—TEXAS separatists ended 1—WEEKLONG standoff with authorities;
19970503             however, 2—ARMED followers fled into the woods.
19970503             1 was killed, the other eventually captured.
19970503             -La JORNADA—SU presidente, LEO—GLESER, dijo que para... alfatomega.com/20041219.html
19970503             EMIL—SAADA
19970503             Marshall,J. THE—IRAN—CONTRA Connection.
19970503             LEO—GLESER, COCKBURN,A.& L. Dangerous Liaison.
19970503             Herman,E. O'Sullivan,G. THE—TERRORISM—INDUSTRY.
19980503             —REPORTED, It was, that the drugs angiostatin and endostatin eradicated cancer in mice and that human trials could begin within 1—YEAR.
19980503             —DISCOVERED, The drugs were, by Harvard scientist JUDAH—FOLKMAN.
19980503             —LANDED, The Columbia Space Shuttle, at Cape Canaveral after a 16—DAY—MISSION.
19980503             —STUDIED, The mission, THE—EFFECTS—OF—SPACE—TRAVEL on neurological development in nearly 20000000              animals.
19980503             "The Sevres Road," by landscape painter JEAN—BAPTISTE Camille Corot, was stolen from the Louvre.
19980503             SERBIA, fighting began in the Kosovo VILLAGE—OF—PONOSEVAC and 10—ETHNIC—ALBANIANS were reported killed by SERBIA—POLICE.
19980503             —VOM, DIE—EURO Banknoten sind gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel (VERORDNUNG (EG) NUMMER—974/98—DES RATES über DIE—EINFÜHRUNG des EURO)
19980503             —VERORDNUNG (EG) NUMMER—974/98—DES RATES,—VOM, über DIE—EINFÜHRUNG des EURO, DIE—EURO Banknoten sind gesetzliches Zahlungsmittel (
19980503—19990000    —EXPLAINED, Their operation was, by researchers at Duke.
19980503—20020000    —AGREED, European leaders meeting in BRUSSELS—BELGIUM, on Wim DUISENBERG—OF—THE—NETHERLANDS as the chief of the new European Central Bank (ECB), but with the proviso that he step down to make way for Frenchman JEAN—CLAUDE Trichet.
19990328             A rematch in Baltimore was scheduled for 19990503           .
19990503             BALTIMORE, THE—CUBA—BASEBALL team beat the Baltimore Orioles 12-6. 7—MEMBERS missed the departure the next day and 1—COACH—RIGOBERTO Betancourt Herrera, was reported to have defected, as the others over slept.
19990503             —DEPARTED, THE—6—STRAGGLERS, 19990505           .
19990503             —REPORTED, It was, that Take Control, 1—NEW—BUTTER—MARGARINE substitute from Lipton, was deemed safe by THE—FDA.
19990503             The produce was made to help promote healthy cholesterol levels.
19990503             —PLEDGED, BILL—GATES, $25—MILLION over 5—YEARS to help develop a vaccine against AIDS.
19990503             PRESIDENT—CLINTON said that he would support 1—BOMBING pause if he was convinced that THE—YUGOSLAVIA—CRACKDOWN on Kosovo guerrillas and civilians was ending and that SERBIA—FORCES were being withdrawn.
19990503             † HOWARD—SIMPSON, USA—AUTHOR and career foreign service officer.
19990503             —SERVED, HOWARD—SIMPSON, in VIETNAM and his books included the novel "Someone ELSE—WAR".
19990503             —BASED, He also wrote 1—SERIES—OF—DETECTIVE—STORIES, on the character Inspector Bastide: "The Jumpmaster," and "JUNIOR—YEAR—ABROAD".
19990503             —REPORTED, IRAQ—NEWS—2—CIVILIANS killed and 12—INJURED NORTH—OF—MOSUL.
19990503             —AGREED, The Justice and Treasury departments, to unfreeze THE—ASSETS—OF—SALEH Idris, THE—OWNER—OF—THE—SUDAN—FACTORY that was bombed by USA—CRUISE—MISSILES—19980820           .
19990503             A jury in Orange County declared that CHARLES—NG should die by lethal injection for THE—MURDER—OF—6—MEN—3—WOMEN, and 2—BABY—BOYS—DURING the 1980s.
19990503             —CLOSED, The Dow Jones industrial average, above 11,000, just 24—TRADING days after passing 10,000.
19990503             Some 76—TORNADOES hit OKLAHOMA and KANSAS and at least 40—PEOPLE were killed.
19990503             —DESTROYED, As many as 1,500 homes were.
19990503             38—PEOPLE were killed in OKLAHOMA and 5 in KANSAS.
19990503             —ESTIMATED, Damages in OKLAHOMA were later, at over $225—MILLION.
19990503             —VISITED, UNITED—KINGDOM—PRIME—MINISTER—TONY—BLAIR, the Stankovec I refugee camp in MACEDONIA and pledged to double BRITAIN—AID from $32—MILLION to $64—MILLION.
19990503             EU scientists said that the hormone, 17—BETA—OESTRADIOL, used by USA—CATTLE—FARMERS is carcinogenic.
19990503             THE—EU 10—YEAR—BAN on THE—USE—OF—HORMONES in beef would likely be maintained.
19990503             —APPROVED, INDONESIA, the cabinet, 1—AUTONOMY package for EAST—TIMOR to be voted on in August.
19990503             —OPENED, INDONESIA, soldiers, fire on villagers in Pulo Rungkom, Sumatra, and killed at least 19—PEOPLE.
19990503             —ABDUCTED, They were there to obtain the release of 1—SOLDIER, over the weekend.
19990503             —KILLED, Over 30—PEOPLE were, and thousands fled the town following the massacre.
19990503             NATO jets hit 1—BUS in Kosovo and killed about 20—PEOPLE.
19990503             NEPAL, elections for THE—PARLIAMENT began.
19990503             —APPOINTED, TURKEY, PRESIDENT—DEMIREL, Bulent Ecevit as PRIME—MINISTER and asked him to form 1—NEW—GOVERNMENT.
19990503             —INCITED, At the same time legislator Merve Kavakci, 1—TURMOIL by wearing 1—FORBIDDEN scarf.
19990503             Students Rally for Guards' Wages
19990503             Labor Groups Pursue 2—PLANS—OF—ACTION
19990503             IN—THE—CRIMSON
20000503             —ALLIED, GENERAL—WESLEY—CLARK left his post as NATO—SUPREME—COMMANDER.
20000503             —REPLACED, He was, by GENERAL—JOSEPH—RALSTON.
20000503             —APPROVED, THE—USA—FDA, the 1. device to aid women with sexual dysfunction.
20000503             † Cardinal JOHN—O'CONNOR, 80—JAHRE—ALT, THE—ARCHBISHOP—OF—NEW—YORK.
20000503             The Euro fell below 90—CENTS to the dollar for the 1. time.
20000503             —AMBUSHED, CHECHNYA, RUSSIA—TROOPS—1—REBEL—BAND and killed at least 18—MEN.
20000503             —ADMITTED, IRAN, 2—MORE—IRAN—JEWS, while on trial, that they had spied for ISRAEL.
20000503             —HIJACKED, JAPAN, a teenager (17), a bus and killed a woman before being overcome after a 15-hour, 190-mile chase on Sanyo Expressway.
20000503             —ARRESTED, MEXICO, police, Ismael Higuera Guerrero, 1—SENIOR—MEMBER—OF—THE—ARELLANO—FELIX drug gang, along with his son (15) and 8—OTHERS—NEAR—ENSENADA.
20000503             the other defendant, Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, was acquitted.
20000503             † In THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES 2—HOSTAGES as the military clashed with rebels under COMMANDER—ROBOT (Ghalib Andang) at Talipao.
20000503             —ON Basilan Island 15—HOSTAGES—9—CHILDREN and 6—TEACHERS, were rescued and 4 were killed when government troops engaged the rebels.
20000503             At Zamboanga, Mindanao, THE—MILF took some 100—HOSTAGES and at least 4—PEOPLE were killed.
20000503             —REDUCED, The number was later, to 4—PRESUMED dead.
20000503             IN—THE—CRIMSON
20000503—19880000    —IN, The trial of 2—ALLEGED LIBYA—INTELLIGENCE—AGENTS—ACCUSED—OF—BLOWING—PAN Am Flight 103—OUT of the sky over LOCKERBIE—SCOTLAND, opened in THE—NETHERLANDS.
20000503—20010100    —IN, 1—OF the defendants, Abdel Basset ALI—AL—MEGRAHI, was CONVICTED—OF—MURDER;
20010503             —ESTIMATED, An, 36.4—MILLION—PEOPLE tuned in to watch TENNESSEE nurse Tina Wesson win as the winner of "Survivor 2," following a 42—DAY—STINT in the "Survivor: THE—AUSTRALIA—OUTBACK" on CBS.
20010503             PRESIDENT—BUSH met with PRESIDENT—FOX—OF—MEXICO and discussed temporary visas for MEXICO—WORKERS and plans for LONG—RANGE—ENERGY—DEVELOPMENT.
20010503             USA federal agents broke up 1—SMUGGLING—RING that brought HUNDREDS—OF—UKRAINIANS into THE—USA—THROUGH MEXICO.
20010503             —DEMONSTRATED, ALGIERS, THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, against what they called 1—GOVERNMENT—CRACKDOWN on ethnic Berbers.
20010503             —BACKED, MACEDONIA, troops, by helicopter gunships began 1—FRESH—OFFENSIVE against ethnic ALBANIA—REBELS after 2—SOLDIERS were killed and 1—KIDNAPPED in 1—AMBUSH.
20010503             —ISSUED, SERBIA, Slobodan Milosevic was, 1—ARREST—WARRANT from THE—UN—WAR—CRIMES—TRIBUNAL in his jail cell.
20010503             —REPORTED, It was, that 20—PEOPLE in TURKEY had starved themselves to death in the past 5—WEEKS in protest of the prison system.
20010503             —ENGAGED, Some 200—400—INMATES—STILL, in the "death fast".
20010503             HARVARD—JANITORS/05_03_lat Student SIT—IN Tests HARVARD—LABOR—POLICIES + Patience in THE—LOS—ANGELES—TIMES
20010503             HARVARD—JANITORS/05_03_bh Students, workers stage protest in THE—BOSTON—HERALD
20010503             HARVARD—JANITORS/05_03_bg A LIFE—OF—ITS Own in THE—BOSTON—GLOBE
20010503             HARVARD—JANITORS/05_03_ap Harvard workers say they're GRATEFUL—THOUGH sometimes quietly by the Associated Press
20010503—19470000    —IN, THE—USA—LOST its seat on THE—UNITED—NATIONS—HUMAN—RIGHTS—COMMISSION for the 1. time since the commission was formed.
20011100             [WASHINGTON—POST—20020503             ]While in prison, his natural abilities soon allowed him to become THE—LEADER—OF—THE—JAIL—LARGE—MUSLIM population.
20011100             [WASHINGTON—POST—20020503             ]At the same time he could eliminate THE—OVERLY—NOSY Pearl, Musharraf could punish Saeed for the deed to make sure he would keep quiet about THE—ISI—CONNECTIONS to 20010911           .
20020503             THE—USA—LABOR—DEPT. reported the April jobless rate at 6%, up.3%.
20020503             —BACKED, THE—ROMAN—CATHOLIC—ARCHDIOCESE—OF—BOSTON, out of 1—SETTLEMENT—AGREEMENT with 86—PEOPLE who had accused defrocked priest JOHN—GEOGHAN—OF—CHILD—MOLESTATION—SAYING the deal was becoming too expensive.
20020503             —AGREED, The archdiocese later, to a $10—SETTLEMENT.
20020503             —INJURED, In rural IOWA and ILLINOIS and 6—PEOPLE were, when 6—OF 8—PIPE—BOMBS were detonated in what was called 1—CASE—OF—DOMESTIC—TERRORISM.
20020503             Suspect LUKE—HELDER was later found incompetent to stand trial.
20020503             † IN—BAKERSVILLE, NORTH—CAROLINA, 8—INMATES inside THE—MITCHELL—COUNTY—JAIL after 1—FIRE broke out.
20020503             —KILLED, Flash flooding in Appalachia, 4—PEOPLE.
20020503             VIRGINIA, W. VIRGINIA and KENTUCKY were hit at their intersection.
20020503             —CAPSIZED, BANGLADESH, 1—FERRY on the Meghna River, with some 400—PASSENGERS—TRAVELING from DHAKA to SOUTH—PATUAKHALI.
20020503             Early reports had only 100—SURVIVORS.
20020503             —RAISED, The ferry was, and the death toll increased to 370.
20020503             COLOMBIA, 2—DAYS—OF—FIGHTING left as many as 60—PEOPLE—DEAD in the region around Bojaya after FARC fired mortars into 1—BOJAYA church.
20020503             —RAISED, The death toll was soon, to 119—INCLUDING—40—CHILDREN.
20020503             —CRASHED, INDIA, 1—AIR—FORCE—JET, into 1—OFFICE—BUILDING in the Adda NEIGHBORHOOD—OF—JULLUNDUR in Punjab state.
20020503             —KILLED, At least 8—PEOPLE were.
20020503             2—PILOTS escaped from the MiG-21.
20020503             —KILLED, WEST—NEPAL, security forces, at least 90—MAOIST—GUERRILLAS.
20020503             VICE—PRESIDENT—DAHIR—RIYALE—KAHIN became acting PRESIDENT.
20020503             EFFector, Vol. 15, NUMBER 12,
20021125             —UPDATED, Information about this person was last, on —WEDNESDAY, 20060503           .
20030422             ".. lederman/GW—CIA—NAZI—20010503             bush... GENERAL—NAZI—GERMAN—GENERAL—REINHARD—GEHLEN in the.".
20030503             THE—KENTUCKY, Derby Jose Santos rode Funny Cide to victory.
20030503             PRESIDENT—BUSH told 1—NEWS—CONFERENCE in CRAWFORD—TEXAS, it was 1—MATTER—OF—WHEN — not if — WEAPONS—OF—MASS—DESTRUCTION would be found in IRAQ.
20030503             —CALLED, THE—NEW—HAMPSHIRE granite symbol, the "Old MAN—OF—THE—MOUNTAIN," 1,200 feet above I-93 (65—MILES—NORTH—OF—CONCORD), collapsed overnight into rubble.
20030503             † SUZY—PARKER, 69—JAHRE—ALT, model and actress, in MONTECITO—CALIFORNIA.
20030503             THE—USA—PICKED 1—NEW—HEAD—OF—IRAQ—HEALTH—MINISTRY on —SATURDAY, 1—BAATH Party member, whose appointment was so critical that USA—OFFICIALS designated the announcement "Public Notice NUMBER 1."
20030503             BAGHDAD—IRAQ, schools RE—OPENED for the 1. time since THE—START—OF—WAR.
20030503             † IN—COTONOU, BENIN, 16—PEOPLE in 1—LATE—NIGHT—CONCERT stampede at the gates of the nation's Friendship Stadium.
20030503             —REPORTED, It was, that UNITED—KINGDOM—RESEARCHERS had shown that fish feel pain.
20030503             —COLLAPSED, An apartment building, in CAIRO, killing 7—PEOPLE with at least 5—MORE reported missing in the rubble.
20030503             —REPORTED, THE—ETHIOPIA—DROUGHT was, to be the worst in 2—DECADES with MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE forced to stand in line EACH—DAY for food.
20030503             —REPORTED, It was, that HALF—OF—GERMANY—BEE colonies failed to survive the winter due to 1—MITE that began spreading from SOUTH—EAST—ASIA about 90—YEARS ago.
20030503             —CRASHED, In far EAST—RUSSIA 1—TRANSPORT—HELICOPTER, as it returned from dropping water on 1—FOREST—FIRE—KILLING—ALL—12—PEOPLE on board.
20030503             JOHN—PAUL—II—PAPA began 1—WHIRLWIND visit to MADRID—SPAIN.
20030503             NEWSWEEK POLAND: The Bush Family and Nazis :
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20030503             the new organization--the " Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group ( P2OG )"--will carry...
20040000—20040503    —ON, He stood in line for an hour and 1—HALF to get 1—TICKET for himself and 3—FRIENDS.
20040430             A suicide car bomb on the outskirts killed 2—AMERICANS and wounded 6. Saleh was replaced 20040503              by MUHAMMAD—LATIF, 1—FORMER—IRAQ—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICER.
20040503             —REPRIMANDED, THE—USA—MILITARY said it had, 7—OFFICERS in THE—ABUSE—OF—INMATES at BAGHDAD—NOTORIOUS—ABU—GHRAIB prison, the 1. known punishments in the case;
20040503             2—OF the officers were RELIEVED—OF—THEIR duties.
20040503             † MARVIN—RUNYON, 79—JAHRE—ALT, former postmaster general, in NASHVILLE—TENNESSEE.
20040503             A NEW—YORK—CITY—COURT found financier FRANK—QUATTRONE, 48—JAHRE—ALT guilty on 3—COUNTS—OF—OBSTRUCTION—OF—JUSTICE and witness tampering.
20040503             —INFECTED, THE—FAST—SPREADING "Sasser" computer worm has, HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PCS globally and the number could soon rise sharply.
20040503             —INFECTED, When 1—MACHINE is, error messages may appear and the computer may reboot repeatedly.
20040503             A GROUP—OF—UNITED—KINGDOM—SCIENTISTS announced early work on 1—NEW—PROCEDURE that makes teeth grow from stem cells implanted in the gum.
20040503             —CRUSHED, BANGLADESH, at least 5—WOMEN were, to death and dozens were injured when 1—FALSE—FIRE—ALARM caused about 4,000 workers to rush for the exits of 1—GARMENT—FACTORY.
20040503             —COMPLAINED, BULGARIA sent 24—OF—ITS soldiers home after they, about being unprepared for duty in IRAQ.
20040503             —POUNDED, Militiamen, A—USA—BASE in the most intense attacks yet on USA—TROOPS in the Shiite CITY—OF—NAJAF.
20040503             —KILLED, USA—TROOPS, 20—SHIITE militiamen in Najaf.
20040503             —OPENED, Insurgents, fire in THE—BAGHDAD, killing 1—USA—SOLDIER and wounding 2—OTHERS.
20040503             —ARRANGED, CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR—ARNOLD—SCHWARZENEGGER paid 1—HASTILY, visit to KING—ABDULLAH—II—OF—JORDAN following criticism from ARAB—AMERICANS that his Mideast trip excluded 1—MEETING with Arabs.
20040503             A car packed with explosives went off as 1—BUS carried CHINA—ENGINEERS to 1—PORT project in remote SOUTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, killing 3—OF—THEM and injuring 11—OTHER—PEOPLE.
20040503—20060822    —ON, 1—NY judge approved 1—SETTLEMENT that would allow him to avoid another trial and return to the securities industry.
20040506200503       25 (Spike) Zywicki — biography
20041210             WASHINGTON—POST 19850503              (22);
20050300             POWELL über IRAK—POLITIK: "Wir waren manchmal zu laut "..
20050300             Approaching Spiritual Death : MARTIN—LUTHER—KING, Jr, foresaw Americas
20050325200503       25——DATE 'see how it works? The commentary about "BULGE—GATE" found on this humble blog (and on 1—NUMBER—OF—OTHERS—WEB—SITES,
20050417             Avis no 20010000—20070000     du 20010503           .
20050503             —HIKED, THE—USA—FEDERAL—RESERVE, the fed funds target rate by 1—QUARTER—POINT to 1—EVEN 3%, marking 1—CUMULATIVE increase of 2—FULL—PERCENTAGE—POINTS in the past 10—MONTHS.
20050503             —MATCHED, That increase was, by 1—QUARTER—POINT—INCREASE in commercial banks' prime lending rate, the benchmark rate for MILLIONS—OF—CONSUMER and business loans, which moved up to 6—PERCENT, the highest that rate has been since the fall of 20010000           .
20050503             —DETECTED, THE—WHO said INDONESIA has, its 1. CASE—OF—POLIO in 1—DECADE—PROMPTING the government to launch 1—MASSIVE—VACCINATION—CAMPAIGN that is expected to inoculate more than 5—MILLION—CHILDREN.
20050503             IRAN told 1—UNITED—NATIONS nonproliferation conference it would press on with its URANIUM—ENRICHMENT—TECHNOLOGY.
20050503             Shiite Arab leader IBRAHIM—AL—JAAFARI was sworn in as PRIME—MINISTER as IRAQ—1. democratically elected government took office.
20050503             † 2—USA—SOLDIERS in roadside bomb attacks by insurgents in BAGHDAD.
20050503             —ATTACKED, Insurgents, coalition forces in Ramadi, setting off 1—BATTLE that killed 12—MILITANTS, an IRAQ—SOLDIER and 2—IRAQ—CIVILIANS.
20050503             ISRAEL—OFFICIALS said Hamas must disarm before participating in Palestinian PARLIAMENT elections this summer, in 1—NEW—TWIST to their standoff with Palestinian leader MAHMOUD—ABBAS over his refusal to use force against militants.
20050503             —SUSPECTED, INDIAN—CONTROLLED, Kashmir, rebels killed 6—PEOPLE in attacks, while at least 6—MILITANTS † in 1—OVERNIGHT gunbattle with soldiers.
20050503             —CREATED, KUWAIT—PARLIAMENT—1—CONSTITUTIONAL roadblock that effectively kept women OUT—OF—THIS year's race for municipal council seats.
20050503             CHEVRONTEXACO—NIGERIA—SUBSIDIARY said it would overhaul its aid projects in the country's OIL—RICH—SOUTH after finding MUCH—OF—THE—TENS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS spent yearly was fueling violence and wasted by corruption.
20050503             —ISSUED, PAKISTAN, 1—PARLIAMENTARY—COMMITTEE—32—RECOMMENDATIONS on how the government should address grievances in Baluchistan.
20050503             —ON World Press Freedom Day PAKISTAN police beat journalists with sticks and detained at least 30—OF—THEM for staging 1—RALLY in the capital, ISLAMABAD.
20050503             —EXPLODED, LAHORE—PAKISTAN, gas cylinders, in the basement of 1—APARTMENT—BUILDING as residents slept, causing the 3-story structure to collapse.
20050503             —KILLED, At least 25—PEOPLE were, and 20—INJURED.
20050503             —PLANNED, BLAIR—IRAQ war from start: INSIDE Downing Street TONY—BLAIR had gathered SOME—OF—HIS senior ministers + advisers for 1—PIVOTAL meeting in THE—BUILD—UP to THE—IRAQ war.
20050503             Kampf gegen Terror: Europarat verabschiedet neue Abkommen
20050503             Referendum in Frankreich: Chirac beschwört seine Landsleute, der EU—VERFASSUNG zuzustimmen
20050503             Die United Launch Alliance soll unter anderem das USA—MILITÄR und die Nasa mit Flugkörpern beliefern.
20050503             Die amerikanische Regierung als Auftraggeber für die Raketen werde von der Kooperation mit jährlichen Einsparungen zwischen 100 + 150—MILLIONEN Dollar profitieren, hieß es.
20050503             Die Kooperation beendet einen jahrelang schwelenden Streit zwischen den USA—RÜSTUNGSGIGANTEN.
20050503             Das Unternehmen war von Aufträgen für die Raketensparte ausgeschlossen worden, weil es Dokumente vom Konkurrenten Lockheed entwendet hatte.
20050503             Die Verantwortlichen betonten entsprechend die nunmehr guten Beziehungen zwischen den Konzernen.
20050503             "Wir können als Team zusammenkommen", sagte 1—BOEING—SPRECHER.
20050503             "Die Kooperation garantiert der Regierung volle Kostentransparenz", sagte LOCKHEED—CHAIRMAN ROBERT—J—STEVENS.
20050503             Werbetricks: "Es geht nur ums Abzocken"
20050503             USA—GELDPOLITIK: Greenspan hebt Leitzins auf drei Prozent
20050503             Fall Calipari: Peinliche Panne mit vertraulichem USA—BERICHT
20050503             GRASS—KRITIK: "Parlament missrät zu Filiale der Börse"
20050503             Münteferings Heuschrecken: Streit um Wolffsohns NAZI—VERGLEICH
20050503             KAPITALISMUS—KRITIK: Grüne unterstützen Müntefering
20050503             EUROPA—VERGLEICH: Deutschland rutscht bei der Kaufkraft ab
20050503             Unter Druck: Wie USA—ZEITUNGEN die Revolution verschliefen
20050503             2300—JAHRE alt: Mumie bezaubert Archäologen
20050503             EU—VERFASSUNG: Deutsche Intellektuelle appellieren an Franzosen
20050503             Transportpanne: 600.000—PERSONALDATEN—SÄTZE aus Lkw verschwunden
20050503             Terrorismus: Die mageren Ergebnisse der Binladologen
20050503             Alternative Medizin: Akupunktur im Hirn messbar
20050503             Rüstung: Boeing und Lockheed bilden Raketenallianz
20050503             Bilanzfälschungen: EU—GERICHT gibt gegen Berlusconi nach
20050503             —HEUTE vor 60—JAHREN: Ratternde Maschinengewehre
20050503             —ENDED, THE—LEGACY—OF—AGENT—ORANGE: —30—YEARS—AFTER hostilities, between THE—USA and VIETNAM, relations remain strained by 1—OF—AMERICA—MOST notorious weapons during the war, the chemical Agent Orange 20050503              USA has new trade war: Starting today, USA—EXPORTERS—OF—1—WIDE—RANGE—OF—PRODUCTS will be hit with penalty tariffs of 15—PERCENT levied by CANADA and the 25-nation European Union BECAUSE—OF—USA—GOVERNMENT—PAYMENTS to USA—COMPANIES that have been ruled illegal by the World Trade Organization.
20050503             ISRAEL i Arabs: 'Unequal citizens' : An ISRAEL i report said that the government's HANDLING—OF—THE—ARAB population had been both "neglectful and discriminatory" and it criticised the police service for its attitude towards Arab demonstrators.
20050503             Top Gov't Lawyers: Balfour Declaration Doesn't Allow for Jew s to Settle in Yesha : ISRAEL—TOP—GOVERNMENT—LAWYERS—REPRESENTING the Attorney General, have asserted that Jew s have no legal right to settle in Judea, Samaria + Gaza, at least according to the Balfour Declaration.
20050503             BUNKER—BUSTING nukes could devastate civilians:
20050503             Nuclear "bunker busters" could destroy enemy hideouts HUNDREDS—OF—METRES underground but, if the target is in 1—URBAN—AREA—1—STRIKE could lead to more than 1—MILLION—CIVILIAN—DEATHS, warns 1—REPORT from THE—USA—NATIONAL—RESEARCH—COUNCIL
20050503             —DECIDED, Blair promis es new nukes: TONY—BLAIR has, to equip UK with 1—NEW—GENERATION—OF—DETERRENT nuclear weapons, to replace those currently deployed on Trident submarines
20050503             USA—MAY allow nuke strikes over WMD:
20050503             Proposal would reverse 10-year policy
20050503             Full Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations
20050503             Charge Blair, army families demand : The possibly devastating CONSEQUENCES—OF—FIGHTING in 1—ILLEGAL—CONFLICT were set out in the Government law chief's secret advice to MISTER—BLAIR on THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL—IRAQ—RESOLUTION—14410000             , which was finally revealed in full on —THURSDAY.
20050503             —DEMANDED, Yesterday, relatives of 87—SERVICEMEN who †, MISTER—BLAIR now face prosecution.
20050503             —PUBLISHED, ITALY media reveals IRAQ details : ITALY—MEDIA have, classified sections of 1—OFFICIAL—USA—MILITARY—INQUIRY into the accidental killing of an ITALY—AGENT in BAGHDAD.
20050503             Blair hit by new LEAK—OF—SECRET—WAR—PLAN: A SECRET document from THE—HEART—OF—GOVERNMENT reveals today that TONY—BLAIR privately committed UK to war with IRAQ and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification.
20050503             QUANDARY—OF—AFGHANISTAN—OPIUM industry :
20050503             According to 1—DEVELOPMENT—EXPERT who did not want to be named: "THE—USA is starting another COLUMBIA—STYLE—WAR on drugs here".
20050503             ARISTIDE—EX—PRIME—MINISTER—REFUSES to Leave HAITI : A FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER on 1—HUNGER—STRIKE refused to leave for medical treatment in THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—DEMANDING instead his unconditional release from house arrest, the government said —MONDAY.
20050503             Nuclear Terror? USA called unprepared:
20050503             Security experts consider 1—TERRORIST—NUCLEAR—STRIKE highly unlikely because of the difficulty in obtaining fissionable material and constructing 1—BOMB
20050503             Planned USA—ISRAEL i Attack on IRAN : A massive buildup in military hardware has occurred in preparation for 1—POSSIBLE—ATTACK on IRAN.
20050503             Bush [BGW968] + THE—GOSPEL—OF—FREEDOM + liberty:
20050503             USA—ADMINISTRATION—OMNIPRESENT emphasis on freedom + liberty functions as the centerpiece for "1—THEOLOGICAL—VERSION—OF—MANIFEST Destiny".
20050503             If we take 1—LOOK at PRE—WWII.
20050503             GERMANY, we notice it has some things in common with THE—USA—NOW.
20050503             —BY Donna Glee Williams
20050503             Our belief in our own exceptionality erodes the walls that hold back human greed, FEAR—OF—OTHERNESS + violence.
20050503             Exceptionality makes the unthinkable possible, even reasonable.
20050503             Der aktuelle Browsermarkt: Zwei gegen Microsoft
20050503             Folterskandal von ABU—GHUREIB: Richter akzeptiert Geständnis von Lynndie England
20050503             Folterskandal von ABU—GHUREIB: Lynndie England bekennt sich schuldig
20050503             Weltsicherheitsrat: Streit zwischen Italien und Deutschland spitzt sich zu
20050503             INTERVIEW—MIT—HANS—KOSCHNICK: "Wir müssen den Balkan europäisieren"
20050503             WALL—STREET—SCHLUSS: Energieaktien treiben Kurse
20050503             This Newsday story draws our attention to 1—ENIGMATIC—ASPECT—OF—THE—POPE—HISTORY:
20050503             The most noteworthy link in ALL—OF—THIS is to
20050503             this letter from GORDON—LOGAN to Blair opponent Reg Keys:
20050503             All the discussion on THE—IRAQ war is essentially a diversion.
20050503             "For 1—QUARTER—OF—1—CENTURY—THE—CIA has been repeatedly wrong about EVERY—MAJOR—POLITICAL and economic question entrusted to its analysis".
20050503             SENATOR—DANIEL—PATRICK—MOYNIHAN, THE—NEW—YORK—TIMES—19910000              They still are.
20050503             Yahoo NEWS—AP - At least 2—AIDES to House Majority Leader TOM—DELAY + 2—DEMOCRATIC congressmen received travel expenses initially paid by lobbyist JACK—ABRAMOFF on his credit card or by his firm, internal records of the lobbying firm show.
20050503             ASSOCIATE—OF—LOBBYIST—TIED to DeLay Is Questioned on Island Contracts
20050503             Druckversion
20050503             TRANSPORTPANNE - 600.000—PERSONALDATEN—SÄTZE aus Lkw verschwunden
20050503             Parteien: USA—NUKLEARWAFFEN aus Deutschland abziehen...
20050503             Die gegenwärtige Krise um NUKLEARWAFFEN—AMBITIONEN des IRAN +... dass die amerikanischen Nuklearwaffen aus Deutschland abgezogen werden sollen.
20050503             00.
20050503             —KAMPF—GEGEN—TERROR: EUROPArat verabschiedet neue Abkommen
20050503             —REFERENDUM in FRANKREICH: Chirac beschwört seine Landsleute, der EU—VERFASSUNG zuzustimmen
20050503             DIE—UNITED Launch Alliance soll unter anderem das USA—MILITÄR und die Nasa mit Flugkörpern beliefern.
20050503             DIE—AMERIKANISCHE Regierung als Auftraggeber für die Raketen werde von der Kooperation mit jährlichen Einsparungen zwischen 100 + 150.000.000—DOLLAR profitieren, hieß es.
20050503             DIE—KOOPERATION beendet einen jahrelang schwelenden STREIT—ZWISCHEN—DEN USA—RÜSTUNGSGIGANTEN.
20050503             —ERST vor wenigen Monaten hob DAS—PENTAGON einen fast zweijährigen Bann gegen Boeing auf.
20050503             DIE—VERANTWORTLICHEN betonten entsprechend die —NUNMEHR, guten Beziehungen zwischen den Konzernen.
20050503             "DIE—KOOPERATION garantiert der Regierung volle Kostentransparenz", sagte LOCKHEED—CHAIRMAN ROBERT J. Stevens.
20050503             Umfrage, Leichter Aufwind für die SPD
20050503             USA—GELD—POLITIK, GREENSPAN hebt LEIT—ZINS auf 3—PROZENT
20050503             KAPITALISMUS—KRITIK: Grüne unterstützen MÜNTEFERING
20050503             EUROPA—VERGLEICH: DEUTSCHLAND rutscht bei der KAUF—KRAFT ab
20050503             Unter Druck: Wie USA—ZEITUNGEN DIE—REVOLUTION verschliefen
20050503             Trendsport Blogging, USA—PROMINENZ will auch mitmachen
20050503             EU—VERFASSUNG: DEUTSCHE Intellektuelle appellieren an FRANZOSEN
20050503             bilden Raketenallianz
20050503             Briten verärgert, USA—GESETZE behindern Privatflüge ins All
20050503             THE—LEGACY—OF—AGENT—ORANGE
20050503             —30—YEARS—AFTER hostilities ended between THE—USA—AND VIETNAM, relations remain strained by 1—OF—AMERICA—MOST notorious weapons
20050503             —DURING THE—WAR, the chemical Agent Orange
20050503             has new trade war
20050503             —STARTING  —TODAY, USA—EXPORTERS—OF—1—WIDE—RANGE—OF—PRODUCTS will be hit with penalty tariffs of 15 % levied by CANADA and the 25-nation EUROPEAN—UNION—BECAUSE—OF—USA—GOVERNMENT—PAYMENTS to USA—COMPANIES that have been ruled illegal by THE—WORLD—TRADE—ORGANIZATION.
20050503             THE—PAPER says in allowing combatant commanders in the Pacific and other theaters to maintain 1—OPTION—OF—PREEMPTIVE strikes against "rogue" states and terrorists
20050503             i Arabs: 'Unequal citizens'
20050503             An ISRAEL—REPORT said that THE—GOVERNMENT—HANDLING—OF—THE—ARAB population had been both "neglectful and discriminatory" and it criticised THE—POLICE—SERVICE for its attitude towards Arab demonstrators.
20050503             s to Settle in Yesha
20050503             —ASSERTED, ISRAEL—TOP—GOVERNMENT—LAWYERS—REPRESENTING—THE—ATTORNEY—GENERAL, have, that JEWS have no legal right to settle in Judea, Samaria + GAZA, at least ACCORDING—TO the Balfour Declaration.
20050503             BLAIR
20050503             es new nukes
20050503             —DECIDED, TONY—BLAIR has, to equip UK with 1—NEW—GENERATION—OF—DETERRENT NUCLEAR—WEAPONS, to replace those currently deployed on Trident submarines
20050503             IRAN readies DEFENSE—OF—ITS nuclear program
20050503             IRAN is planning to mount 1—STAUNCH DEFENSE—OF—ITS nuclear energy —PROGRAM at an INTERNATIONAL—CONFERENCE—BEGINNING——TODAY and will insist on rights to the same technology afforded to all MEMBERS—OF—THE—NUCLEAR—NON—PROLIFERATION—TREATY
20050503             may allow nuke strikes over WMD
20050503             army families demand
20050503             The possibly devastating CONSEQUENCES—OF—FIGHTING in 1—ILLEGAL—CONFLICT were set out in THE—GOVERNMENT—LAW—CHIEF'S—SECRET—ADVICE to MISTER—BLAIR on THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL—IRAQ—RESOLUTION—14410000             , which was finally revealed in full on —THURSDAY. Yesterday, relatives of 87—SERVICEMEN who † demanded MISTER—BLAIR now face prosecution.
20050503             reveals IRAQ details
20050503             —PUBLISHED, ITALY—MEDIA have, classified sections of 1—OFFICIAL—USA—MILITARY—INQUIRY into the accidental killing of an ITALY—AGENT in BAGHDAD.
20050503             "I think the harm we are doing there far outweighs the good + I believe it's inconsistent with USA—VALUES," says Saar. "In fact, I think it's fair to say that it's the moral ANTITHESIS—OF—WHAT we want to stand for as 1—COUNTRY". ABU—GHURAIB[ABU—GHRAIB]is not 1—ABERRATION
20050503             Torture is nothing new to USA Political Prisoners + PRISONER—OF—WARS, nor to everyday PEOPLE—OF—COLOR + others oppressed in the ghettoes + barrios + reservations + towns + cities throughout USA Amerika.
20050503             BLAIR hit by new LEAK—OF—SECRET—WAR—PLAN
20050503             —TODAY A SECRET DOCUMENT—FROM, THE—HEART—OF—GOVERNMENT reveals that TONY—BLAIR privately committed UK to WAR—WITH—I—RAQ and then set out to lure SADDAM—HUSSEIN into providing the legal justification.
20050503             —PLANNED, BLAIR—IRAQ war from start
20050503             —ACCORDING—TO 1—DEVELOPMENT—EXPERT who did not want to be named:
20050503             "THE—USA—IS starting another COLUMBIA—STYLE—WAR on drugs here".
20050503             ARISTIDE—EX—PM—REFUSES to Leave HAITI
20050503             A FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER on 1—HUNGER—STRIKE refused to leave for medical treatment in THE—DOMINICAN—REPUBLIC—DEMANDING instead his unconditional release from house arrest, THE—GOVERNMENT said —MONDAY.
20050503             called unprepared
20050503             SECURITY experts consider 1—TERRORIST—NUCLEAR—STRIKE highly unlikely because of the difficulty in obtaining fissionable material and constructing 1—BOMB
20050503             i ATTACK—ON—IRAN
20050503             A massive buildup in MILITARy hardware has occurred in preparation for 1—POSSIBLE—ATTACK—ON—IRAN. + THE—GOSPEL—OF—FREEDOM + liberty
20050503             If so, 1 must note THE—RISK—OF—REPEATING——TODAY what previous VERSIONS—OF—MANIFEST Destiny did in the past:
20050503             —YESTERDAY and —TODAY: Nazis + the Righteous Right
20050503             If we take 1—LOOK at PRE—WWII. GERMANY, we notice it has some things in common with THE—USA now.
20050503             —BY, Donna Glee WILLIAMs
20050503             Exceptionality makes THE—UNTHINKABLE—POSSIBLE, even reasonable.
20050503             Der aktuelle Browsermarkt: Zwei gegen MICROSOFT
20050503             FOLTER—SKANDAL—VON—ABU—GHUREIB: Richter akzeptiert Geständnis von Lynndie ENGLAND
20050503             FOLTER—SKANDAL—VON—ABU—GHUREIB: Lynndie ENGLAND bekennt sich schuldig
20050503             —INTERVIEW—MIT—HANS Koschnick: "Wir müssen den Balkan europäisieren"
20050503             Quartalszahlen: DEUTSCHE Börse erzielt Rekordergebnis
20050503             This Newsday story draws our attention to 1—ENIGMATIC—ASPECT—OF—THE—POPE[PAPA]'s history:
20050503             The most noteworthy link in ALL—OF—THIS is to this LETTER—FROM—GORDON Logan to BLAIR opponent Reg Keys:
20050503—19450503    —HEUTE VOR—60—JAHREN: Ratternde Maschinengewehre
20050503—20050504    9—AFGHANISTAN—TROOPS and 1—POLICEMAN were also killed in the clashes in THE—SOUTH—PROVINCES—OF—ZABUL and Kandahar.
20060422—20060503    —ON, Pramod Mahajan † from his wounds.
20060502             Frankreich: Watergate... alfatomega.com/20060503.html
20060503             In their 2. meeting at THE—WHITE—HOUSE—PRESIDENT—BUSH and GERMANY—CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL vowed to keep pressing IRAN on its nuclear program as other allies took the issue to THE—UNITED—NATIONS.
20060503             —RELEASED, The Bush administration, a 234-page report on avian flu saying 1—GLOBAL—BIRD—FLU—EPIDEMIC could disable THE—USA—ECONOMY.
20060503             It called for stockpiling antiviral medication and new vaccine development.
20060503             A federal jury in ALEXANDRIA—VIRGINIA, rejected the death penalty for AL—QAIDA conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, deciding he should spend life in prison for his role in 9/11;
20060503             as he was led from the courtroom, Moussaoui taunted, "America, you lost.... I won".
20060503             —PLEADED, Vernon Jackson (53), OWNER—OF—IGATE, guilty in ALEXANDRIA—VIRGINIA, to bribing REPRESENTATIVE—WILLIAM—JEFFERSON, D-La., with more than $400,000 to promote THE—KENTUCKY—FIRM—HIGH—TECH—BUSINESS in Africa between 20010000              and 20050000           .
20060503             THE—USA—POSTAL Service said it wants to raise the price of a 1.-class stamp by 3—CENTS to 42—CENTS, and proposed a "forever" stamp that people could use as hedge against future rate increases.
20060503             —CONDUCTED, USA federal agents, raids in CALIFORNIA targeting 1—SF—BASED cocaine and methamphetamine trafficking operation.
20060503             19—INDICTMENTS were unsealed.
20060503             SOTHEBY—AUCTION—HOUSE sold "Dora Maar au Chat," 1—PAINTING by PABLO—PICASSO, for a $95.2—MILLION, the 2. highest amount for 1—PAINTING at auction.
20060503             A burglary at 1—VA data analyst's home in Aspen Hill, Md., included loss of 1—LAPTOP with personal data for 26.5—MILLION—VETERANS and military personnel.
20060503             —DISCLOSED, The burglary was, 20060522              and THE—VA 1. said the data was for 50,000 veterans and military personnel.
20060503             —SUSPECTED, WEST—AFGHANISTAN, Taliban gunmen killed a judge.
20060503             An ARMENIA—AIRBUS—A 320—CRASHED in stormy weather off RUSSIA—BLACK—SEA—COAST while readying to land at the Sochi resort, killing all 113—PEOPLE on board, MOST—OF—THEM Armenians.
20060503             —RAISED, AUSTRALIA, its benchmark interest rate by 1—QUARTER—POINT to 5.75%.
20060503             This sent its currency to a 7-month peak against THE—USA—DOLLAR.
20060503             BOLIVIA—DECISION to nationalize its natural gas industry drew challenges from BRAZIL as top officials pledged to defend current gas contracts and suspend investment in THE—BOLIVIA—INDUSTRY.
20060503             A DECADE—OLD—BAN on UNITED—KINGDOM—BEEF, triggered by the mad cow crisis in the mid-1990s, was officially lifted, allowing cattle farmers to resume exports.
20060503             —INTRODUCED, Britain and FRANCE, 1—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL—RESOLUTION—DEMANDING that IRAN abandon its uranium enrichment program, possibly setting the stage for sanctions if TEHRAN does not comply.
20060503             —VOTED, Chadians, for PRESIDENT despite no real alternatives to incumbent Idriss Deby, who rebuffed calls to delay the election in this emerging African oil exporter in FAVOR—OF—PEACE—TALKS with rebels.
20060503             —INSTALLED, CHINA—STATE—APPROVED—CATHOLIC—CHURCH—1—BISHOP without VATICAN approval, the 2. this week.
20060503             Owners of 1—COAL—MINE in CHINA—CENTRAL—HENAN province falsely claimed that 5—WORKERS were killed and 7—INJURED in 1—BLAST, when 66—MINERS were underground.
20060503             —REVEALED, An investigation by the county government later, that 10—WORKERS were killed and 18 were injured in the accident which occurred in Yegou village.
20060503             —FINED, The European Commission, 7—COMPANIES—1—TOTAL of $489.8 (388.1—EUROS) for running 1—CARTEL in bleaching chemicals.
20060503             NEW—DELHI, Muslim separatists met INDIA—PRIME—MINISTER for fresh peace talks on THE—FUTURE—OF—KASHMIR.
20060503             † Hours before the talks were due to begin, 4—REBELS and 3—SECURITY—MEN in gunbattles in Kashmir.
20060503             —AGREED, INDIA and PAKISTAN, to launch 1—TRUCK—SERVICE and a 2. passenger bus route this summer linking THE—PARTS—OF—KASHMIR held by EACH—COUNTRY.
20060503             THE—GUARDIAN—OF—BUDHIA Singh, a 5-year-old INDIA—BOY who runs 50—KILOMETERS (31—MILES) 1—DAY, denied media accusations he was flogging him for personal gain.
20060503             † When BUDHIA—FATHER—2—YEARS ago, his mother, 1—DISH washer in Bhubaneswar, was unable to provide for her 4—CHILDREN and sold Budhia to 1—MAN for 800—RUPEES (20—DOLLARS).
20060503             NORTH—INDIA, 1—DRIVER apparently lost CONTROL—OF—HIS speeding bus, veering off 1—BRIDGE into 1—DRY river bed near Rampur, 1—TOWN in Uttar Pradesh state.
20060503             21—PEOPLE were killed and 26 were injured.
20060503             —DETAINED, INDONESIA—POLICE, the heads of the state electricity company Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) and 1—STATE fertilizer firm as suspects in corruption cases.
20060503             —ATTACKED, Sunni insurgents boldly, fellow Sunni Arabs, the latest in 1—GROWING—CAMPAIGN against those who cooperate with THE—USA—BACKED IRAQ—GOVERNMENT.
20060503             A suicide bomber cloaked in explosives killed 2—POLICEMEN and 13—POLICE recruits gathered in Fallujah.
20060503             3—MORE of the new IRAQ—SOLDIERS were found dead in Khaldiyah.
20060503             The bodies of 20—IRAQ—MEN were found in several areas of the capital, apparent VICTIMS—OF—DEATH—SQUADS that kidnap CIVILIANS—OF—RIVAL—MUSLIM sects, torture them, and dump their bodies.
20060503             —MASKED, In Wasit province SOUTH—EAST—OF—BAGHDAD, gunmen broke into the home of 1—SHIITE family, killing the husband, 2—OF—HIS sons and his sister.
20060503             —REFUSED, MEXICO—PRESIDENT—VICENTE—FOX, to sign a drug decriminalization bill, hours after USA—OFFICIALS warned the plan could encourage "drug tourism".
20060503             —KILLED, MEXICO, 1—PERSON was, as MACHETE—WIELDING—PROTESTERS—NEAR—MEXICO—CITY clashed with police, blocking highways, throwing molotov cocktails and briefly seizing 6—OFFICERS.
20060503             —ATTACKED, The residents, police after SEVERAL—OF—THEIR companions were arrested in the nearby TOWN—OF—TEXCOCO.
20060503             —DECLARED, NEPAL—CABINET—1—CEASE—FIRE with communist rebels and will no longer designate them as 1—TERRORIST—GROUP.
20060503             —RULED, NEPAL—REBEL—CHIEF, out disarming his forces and launched 1—SCATHING—ATTACK on the nation's new political leadership, according to the Maoists' website.
20060503             —ATTACKED, PAKISTAN, gunmen, a police post in a remote northwestern tribal region near THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER, killing 3—POLICEMEN.
20060503             —SUSPENDED, The European Union, aid and trade talks with Serbia after BELGRADE failed to deliver fugitive GENERAL—RATKO—MLADIC to THE—UNITED—NATIONS—WAR—CRIMES—TRIBUNAL.
20060503             The Alexandros T, 1—BULK carrier, sank off THE—SOUTH—AFRICAN—COAST with 33—CREWMEN.
20060503             The sip sank in heavy seas on its way from BRAZIL to CHINA.
20060503             5—MANAGED to reach life rafts in time and 1 was rescued with 1—LIFE vest.
20060503             BUSH—HAND in the Terror War -
20060503             There is no civil war in IRAQ;
20060503             it's all been fabricated to split the country apart.
20060503             The violence we see is emanating in waves from its ultimate POINT—OF—ORIGIN…1600—PENNSYLVANIA Ave;
20060503             THE—EPICENTER—OF—GLOBAL—TERRORISM. Continue
20060503             —APPROVED, Documents Reveal USA, torture before ABU—GHRAIB scandal -
20060503             —RELEASED, New Army documents, by THE—USA—CIVIL—LIBERTIES—UNION—TODAY reveal that LT—GENERAL—RICARDO—SANCHEZ ordered interrogators to "go to the outer limits" to get information from detainees.
20060503             The documents also show that senior government officials were AWARE—OF—ABUSE in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN before THE—ABU—GHRAIB scandal broke.
20060503             USA and Europe Draft UNITED—NATIONS Resolution on IRAN -
20060503             —DRAFTED, THE—USA, Britain and FRANCE have, 1—BINDING—SECURITY—COUNCIL—RESOLUTION—REQUIRING—IRAN to stop key nuclear activities, but Russia and CHINA are already resisting, officials involved in the negotiations said today.
20060503             Once more unto the breach
20060503             The current 'crisis' regarding IRAN—NUCLEAR—AMBITIONS is nothing more than 1—FACILITATOR for war.
20060503             The best thing the Europeans could do at this time would be to join ranks with the Russians and Chinese to take up THE—IRAN—OFFER—DEFUSING—1—VERY—TENSE and dangerous situation that, as it currently stands, seems to be spinning close toward yet another needless war in the Middle East.
20060503             Börsenwert: Gasprom deklassiert BP und Microsoft
20060503             USA—REISE: Merkel berät mit Bush über Kurs im IRAN—KONFLIKT
20060503             Reichensteuer: Köhler überprüft Verfassungsbedenken
20060503             DEUTSCHE—BANK—GEWINNE: Ackermann feiert historisches Quartal
20060503             Debatte um Verteidigungsbegriff: SPD warnt Jung vor Angriff auf die Verfassung
20060503             EGYPT insists S—LOUIS museum must return 3,000—YEAR—OLD mummy mask
20060503             If only the 3,000—YEAR—OLD mummy mask at THE—S—LOUIS—ART—MUSEUM could talk.
20060503             Maybe then THE—MYSTERY—OF—ITS rightful owner could be laid to rest, much like it was in 1—ANCIENT—EGYPT—PYRAMID so MANY—AGES ago.
20060503             Historian attacks Rosslyn Chapel for 'cashing in on Da Vinci Code'
20060503             A LEADING Scots historian yesterday criticised THE—KEEPERS—OF—ROSSLYN Chapel for perpetuating "ludicrous" Da Vinci Code conspiracy theories.
20060503             Study: Americans sicker than English
20060503             MIDDLE—AGED, white Americans are much sicker than their counterparts in England, startling new research shows, despite USA—HEALTH—CARE—SPENDING per person that's more than double what England spends.
20060503             actually, 19840000             —THE—LAW established that no 1 can profit from trafficking in human body parts;
20060503             it's on the books:
20060503             the problem is, it's not enforced, and
20060503             Of course you know our old friend HarryWhittington is currently HEAD—OF—THE—TEXAS—FUNERAL—SERVICE—COMMISSION.
20060503             and where did sci come up again more recently?
20060503             weren't they the questionable company that was given THE—JOB—OF—COLLECTING—ALL the bodies in nola after katrina??
20060503             bound to be 1—HELLUVA story there!
20060503             Remember funeralgate?
20060503             —THREATENED, This was the scandal that, BUSH—PRESIDENCY before it began;
20060503             the details are here and here. To summarize:
20060503             HERE—1:
20060503             "Chop shops" are dealing in human body parts.
20060503             The problem has been growing for some YEARS—THE Curious LIFE—OF—KYLE "Dusty" Foggo
20060503             What do we know about Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, THE—HIGHEST—RANKING—CIA—OFFICIAL to admit he attended poker parties thrown by crooked contractor Brent Wilkes?
20060503             Thanks to 1—HANDFUL—OF—ENTERPRISING journos, we know 1—SURPRISING—AMOUNT about the guy, whom THE—CIA insisted was undercover until late last year.
20060503             THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—INTERNET
20060503             "An important piece written by 1—COLUMBIA Law professor addresses sensitive questions about THE—FUTURE—OF—THE—INTERNET: "Is it 1—PROBLEM if the gatekeepers (i.e. 1—DUOPOLY of the local phone and cable companies) discriminate between favored and disfavored USES—OF—THE—INTERNET?
20060503             How would you take it if AT&T makes it slower and harder to reach Gmail and quicker and easier to reach Yahoo!
20060503             mail? What if I—95—ANNOUNCED 1—EXCLUSIVE—DEAL with GENERAL—MOTORS to provide 1—SPECIAL "RUSH—HOUR" lane for GENERAL—MOTORS—CARS—ONLY?
20060503             Is there something special about "carriers" and infrastructure--roads, canals, electric grids, trains, the Internet--that mandates special treatment? Should content providers like Google, or subscribers like us, pay for the bandwidth consumed?" HERE—HOPING that sites like Google Techtalks and Channel 9—REMAIN 'free' and available for the next 10—YEARS".
20060503             Evo Morales Joins Chavez As USA—TARGET : When the heat is turned up against USA—INTERESTS, this country won't go quietly into the night.
20060503             The plans are well underway now for a 4. attempt to oust HUGO—CHAVEZ that may include assassinations and possibly 1—ARMED—ASSAULT by USA invading forces.
20060503             Pepe Escobar : THE—AXIS—OF—GAS :
20060503             At 1—RECENT—SUMMIT—MEETING at 1—SAO Paulo hotel, presidents HUGO—CHAVEZ—OF—VENEZUELA, Luiz Inacio Lula da SILVA—OF—BRAZIL and Nestor KIRCHNER—OF—ARGENTINA further progressed to consolidate the giant gas pipeline following "strategic LINES—OF—COOPERATION—INTEGRATION and SOUTH—USA—UNITY", in the words
20060503             Indian, Coca Farmer, BOLIVIA—PRESIDENT : BOLIVIA—PRESIDENT—EVO—MORALES has become 1—SYMBOL for the left and for ANTI—USA—SENTIMENT the world over.
20060503             But is he really 1—SOCIALIST? A closer look at the peasant in the striped sweater.
20060503             CIA : the terrible HISTORY—OF—THE—TERRORISTS within : There is 1—TERRORIST—ORGANISATION—OPERATING in Britain today with the full knowledge and SUPPORT—OF—TONY—BLAIR and the New Labour government.
20060503             Spies Among Us:
20060503             Despite 1—TROUBLED history, police across the nation are keeping tabs on ordinary Americans
20060503             USA—FLU report predicts chaos:
20060503             A WHITE—HOUSE—REPORT on pandemic flu paints 1—GRIM—PICTURE of the social and economic chaos that could overtake the country in 1—SERIOUS—OUTBREAK—INCLUDING—WIDESPREAD—ILLNESS and 40% absenteeism, potential school closures and travel restrictions.
20060503             USA does not consider Taliban terrorists: Even as the Taliban attacks USA, Canadian + UNITED—KINGDOM—FORCES—ORGANIZATION is left off terrorist list in 'political' decision.
20060503             BBC—COVERAGE—OF—ISRAELI—PALESTINIAN conflict 'misleading' : THE—BBC—COVERAGE—OF—THE—ISRAELI—PALESTINIAN conflict is "incomplete" and "misleading", including failing to adequately report THE—HARDSHIPS—OF—PALESTINIANS living under occupation, 1—INDEPENDENT—REVIEW commissioned by the corporation's BOARD—OF—GOVERNORS has found.
20060503             USA to form ANTI—IRAN coalition if UN rejects sanctions: Bolton : THE—USA is ready to form 1—COALITION—OF—COUNTRIES to take sanctions against IRAN if THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL does not agree measures, THE—USA—AMBASSADOR to THE—UNITED—NATIONS, JOHN—BOLTON said.
20060503             Addicted to war : "HOUSE—OF—WAR" AUTHOR—JAMES—CARROLL says the Pentagon is OUT—OF—CONTROL, the Cold War was unnecessary -- and it's good that we're failing in IRAQ.
20060503             —MISSED, In case you, it: War Corporatism: The New Fascism:
20060503             A Must Read: JUAN—COLE: : We don't Want Your Stinking War!
20060503             I call on university students across America to begin holding antiwar rallies.
20060503             The only way you can have 1—WAR on IRAN is to draft the young people.
20060503             It is you who are on the line.
20060503             Demonstrate! Demonstrate against the very HINT—OF—WAR
20060503             Tell Congress to Stop a BUSH—CHENEY Attack on IRAN:
20060503             GEORGE—BUSH is considering attacking IRAN, including using nuclear bombs to do so.
20060503             Such 1—ATTACK would be illegal and disastrous.
20060503             Congress can prevent it, but only if Congres asserts its Constitutional right to decide whether or not THE—USA—GOES to war
20060503             Torture "widespread" under USA custody: Amnesty : Torture and inhumane treatment are "widespread" in USA—RUN—DETENTION—CENTERS in AFGHANISTAN—IRAQ, CUBA and elsewhere despite WASHINGTON—DENIALS, AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL said on —WEDNESDAY.
20060503             GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH : A—USA—HITLER:
20060503             GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH—PETTY—PATHETIC, partisan world, laws he doesn't agree with don't have to be obeyed, Congressional actions that differ from his political agenda can be ignored and THE—CONSTITUTION—OF—THE—USA is just a "goddamned PIECE—OF—PAPER".
20060503             —OCCUPIED, Hamas: We'll move toward peace if ISRAEL leaves, lands : Hamas could reciprocate moves toward peace if ISRAEL agrees to withdraw from all lands occupied 19670000              and recognizes Palestinian rights, the group's leader Khaled Meshal said on —WEDNESDAY.
20060503             Gaza hospital fights for life after INTERNATIONAL aid cuts : "If this continues, THE—MAJORITY—OF—OUR services will cease to operate in 2—WEEKS' time," said Jumaa AL—SAQQA, the spokesman at the impoverished Gaza STRIP—MAIN—HOSPITAL.
20060503             Palestinian blames USA for LACK—OF—MONE y: Palestinian PRIME—MINISTER—ISMAIL—HANIYEH—OF—HAMAS said —WEDNESDAY that USA—PRESSURE foiled the latest attempt to pay 165,000 government workers by transferring money from abroad directly into their accounts.
20060503             —APPEALED, Haniyeh also, to Arab nations to counter THE—USA—MOVES.
20060503             UK uses FREEDOM—OF—INFORMATION—LAWS to avoid releasing casualty figures : A SERIES—OF—FOI requests has revealed that THE—MINISTRY—OF—DEFENCE was wrong to say there was no WAY—OF—KNOWING how MANY—SOLDIERS have been injured in IRAQ.
20060503             THE—CHAOS—OF—IRAQ, 1—PROJECT is on target: THE question puzzles and enrages 1—CITY: how is it that the Americans cannot keep the electricity running in BAGHDAD for more than 1—COUPLE—OF—HOURS—1—DAY, yet still manage to build themselves the biggest embassy on Earth?
20060503             —DISAPPEARED, After the boy, below the surface, the soldiers drove away.
20060503             —RECOVERED, His body was, —2—DAYS—LATER.
20060503             USA mercenary kill BAGHDAD ambulance crewman:
20060503             Asked about the incident, an IRAQ—INTERIOR—MINISTRY—OFFICIAL said: "The Americans killed the ambulance driver. They just killed him and left. They did not stop to check".
20060503             Cut and Run? You Bet.
20060503             Why America must get OUT—OF—IRAQ now.
20060503             Tied down like Gulliver in THE—SANDS—OF—MESOPOTAMIA, we simply cannot attract the diplomatic and military cooperation necessary to win the real battle against terror.
20060503             Getting OUT—OF—IRAQ is the precondition for ANY—IMPROVEMENT.
20060503             —BEYOND Incompetence: WASHINGTON—WAR in IRAQ -
20060503             Are NEO—CONSERVATIVES—BUMBLING crackpot idealists who unwittingly opened PANDORA—BOX in IRAQ by substituting idealistic DREAMS—OF—DEMOCRACY—AHEAD—OF—REALIST—MACHIAVELLIAN statecraft?
20060503             Exclusive: RETURN—OF—THE Shah
20060503             SHAH—OF—IRAN—HEIR—PLANS—OVERTHROW—OF—REGIME—BY Human Events
20060503             He believes the cause is urgent because of the prospect that IRAN may soon develop 1—NUCLEAR—WEAPON or THE—USA—MAY—USE—MILITARY—FORCE to preempt that.
20060503             He hopes to offer 1—WAY—OUT—OF—THIS dilemma: 1—REVOLUTION sparked by massive civil disobedience in which the masses in the streets are backed by ELEMENTS—OF—THE—IRANIAN—REVOLUTIONARY—GUARD.
20060503             Bolton Refuses To Answer KUCINICH—QUESTIONS—ABOUT—USA—TROOPS—IN—IRAN -
20060503             —WHILE Ambassador Bolton refused to answer questions about USA—TROOPS in IRAN, Bolton did state that THE—USA was prepared to move against IRAN, with or without THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL.
20060503             Beating about the Bush ? Not with Hersh
20060503             He is about all we have left to frighten the most powerful man in THE—WORLD—BY ROBERT—FISK
20060503             Bush has 1—MESSIANIC—VISION — and intends to go down in history (probably he has chosen the right direction) as the man who will have "saved" IRAN.
20060503             "So we're in 1—REAL—USA—CRISIS... we've had 1—COLLAPSE—OF—CONGRESS... we have had 1—COLLAPSE of the military... the good news is that when we wake up tomorrow morning, there will be 1—LESS—DAY (of Bush ). But that is the only good news".
20060503             Once more unto the breach The current 'crisis' regarding IRAN—NUCLEAR—AMBITIONS is nothing more than 1—FACILITATOR for war.
20060503             This HIGH—OCTANE ROCKET—RATTLING against TEHRAN is unlikely to succeed -
20060503             Ringed by nuclear states, IRAN—ATOMIC—PROGRAMME is scarcely unreasonable.
20060503             —MANUFACTURED, So why has WASHINGTON, this crisis? Continue
20060503             The Inevitable COLLAPSE—OF—THE—GREENBACK -
20060503             —TODAY, IRAN fired the 1. shot in 1—BATTLE that will ultimately change the global economic system.
20060503             —ANNOUNCED, Mehr News Agency, that THE—LONG—ANTICIPATED IRAN Oil Bourse (OIB) will open sometime next week on Kish Island competing HEAD—ON with THE—USA—DOLLAR.
20060503             This is the book that should disabuse ANY—PATRIOTIC—USA—THAT "staying the course" is 1—VIABLE option, except for 1—MAD—MAN.
20060503             —CREATED, Bush and his crew, the chaos.
20060503             It's time to pull the plug on their arrogant mendacity, stupidity, greed and failed NOTIONS—OF—EMPIRE.
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20060503             #2 House Democrat, Steny HOYER—OF—MARYLAND, stabs STEPHEN—COLBERT in back, says his comedy is "in bad taste," defends GEORGE—BUSH.
20060503             Wouldn't it be nice if the #2 Democrat in the House spent MORE—OF—HIS time worrying about how to help Democrats rather than Republicans?
20060503             Pathetic. 5/3
20060503             Religious Right Nutjob KEN—BLACKWELL—WINS—GOP—NOD for OHIO Governor.
20060503             —WONDERED, Have you ever, how 1—MAN who owns a $1,500,000 house in DC, a $1,000,000+ house in FLORIDA and a $48,000 cottage in TEXAS manages to survive on $161,000 1—YEAR—FEDERAL—SALARY?
20060503             It's odd.
20060503             Would it raise questions that same man had sold 1—PROPERTY to 1—SHELL company controlled by his former business partners and that man made between $250,000 and $750,000 profit?
20060503             Maybe it would raise further questions if those former business partners that bought the property were raking in MILLIONS—OF—POLITICAL—DOLLARS from THE—BUSH—CHENEY presidential campaign, THE—RNC and multiple other Republican candidates?
20060503             Would that just be 1—COINCIDENCE?
20060503             —HAPPENED, Well, those are 1—STRING—OF—COINCIDENCES that, to KARL—ROVE.
20060503             THE—GOP is planning yet another vote to put GAY—BASHING in THE—USA—CONSTITUTION—RIGHT about the same time vice presidential lesbian daughter MARY—CHENEY comes out with 1—NEW—BOOK later this month.
20060503             WILL—MARY finally speak out on BEHALF—OF—HER girlfriend and her community?
20060503             Not likely. 5/3
20060503             REPUBLICAN—CONTROLLED USA—SENATE votes to save pork.
20060503             The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
20060503             —AGREED, Bush and THE—GOP have, to EVEN MORE tax cuts.
20060503             They have GOT to be kidding.
20060503             The Republicans are desperate to buy off THE—USA—PUBLIC.
20060503             —SLAPPED, The Republicans got, down last week for their cute little $100—GAS rebate, enough to buy 2—TANKS—OF—GAS, thanks 1—LOT.
20060503             And since THE—USA—PUBLIC was too smart to be bought off by that little trick, now the Republicans wants EVEN MORE tax cuts.
20060503             "'Did our dad have to die?' Peggy Cohen wanted to know —TUESDAY as mine safety regulators opened 1—EMOTIONAL—PUBLIC—HEARING on questions still surrounding the January disaster that left 12—MEN—DYING—DEEP inside the Sago Mine".
20060503             Urteil im TERROR—PROZESS: QAIDA—MANN Moussaoui zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt
20060503             IRAN—KONFLIKT: Westliche Vetomächte bringen Resolution ein
20060503             Papstsatire: MTV darf "Popetown" zeigen
20060503             Dicke Kinder: Softdrinks von USA—SCHULEN verbannt
20060503             Verhüllte Schülerinnen: Geheimdienste werten Burka als Provokation
20060503             Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel: Schiene holt zum Auto auf
20060503             Goldbeladene "Sussex": Die Mutter aller Schatzschiffe
20060503             Viele Länder, darunter auch die USA und Mexiko, würden das Drogenproblem als 1—PROBLEM des Drogenhandels betrachten.
20060503             "Aber das wirkliche Problem ist nicht der illegale Handel, es ist der Drogenkonsum", sagte Riley.
20060503             Neues Gesetz: Mexiko will Drogenkonsum freigeben
20060503             "Lonely Planet": Die lila Reisebibel erscheint auf Deutsch
20060503             (20060503              - Besuch bei Bush : Merkel spart sich barsche Worte
20060503             Lauschangriff: Selten erfolgreich
20060503             Laut einer Studie des MAX—PLANCK—INSTITUTS für ausländisches und internationales Strafrecht nimmt Italien im Hinblick auf Abhöraktionen einen Spitzenplatz in Europa ein, gefolgt von den Niederlanden.
20060503             Der Bericht basiert auf Daten aus dem Jahre 20030000             , die die Regierungen veröffentlicht haben oder die aus Parlamentsdebatten stammen.
20060503             Abhöraktionen seien auf dem europäischen Kontinent viel verbreiteter als in Großbritannien oder den USA, sagt HANS—JÖRG Albrecht, einer der Autoren der Studie.
20060503             Dort gebe es eher "ein institutionalisiertes Misstrauen zwischen der Zivilgesellschaft und der staatlichen Rechtsprechung".
20060503             Abhöraktionen würden selten dazu beitragen, dass 1—VERDÄCHTIGER schuldig gesprochen werde.
20060503             Je häufiger Lauschangriffe benutzt würden, desto niedriger sei die Rate der Verurteilungen.
20060503             Drogenbericht: Mindestens 1,5 Millionen Deutsche medikamentenabhängig
20060503             AFGHANISTAN: Amerikaner gehen, Taliban kommen
20060503             USA—STUDENTEN am ONLINE—PRANGER: Kifferjagd mit Kopfgeld
20060503             Lauschangriff: In Europa hört der Staat mit
20060503             XXL—KÖRPER: Fettsucht in den USA stark unterschätzt
20060503             IRAN—KONFLIKT: PARIS beteiligt sich an AMERIKANISCH—BRITISCHEN Resolutionsentwurf
20060503             Kabinettsvotum: HARTZ—IV—EMPFÄNGER werden ab August schärfer kontrolliert
20060503             Zensur im Internet: "Yahoo ist am schlimmsten"
20060503             Tierversuch: Alzheimer bei Mäusen gelindert
20060503             Recommended and subcribed! ( 12+ / 0-) This is THE—KIND—OF—WORK that takes such patience to track down the names, figure out who they are, chart the relationships, find the suspicious deals and put the math together.
20060503             Anyone willing and CAPABLE—OF—THAT is 1—TRUE investigative reporter.
20060503             —GLEANED, Even if this is all, from secondary sources, putting it all together from the vast QUANTITIES—OF—INFORMATION out there is invaluable.
20060503             And Rumsfeld hanging onto his (
20060503             6+ / 0- ) huge interest in that company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the only drug thought to be effective against avian flu.
20060503             I guess he won't resign because he's waiting to cash in.
20060503             —FROM what I read, though, it's legal, just not pretty.
20060503             "Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful". SENECA
20060503             14—RULES—OF—FASCISM 6. A controlled mass media.
20060503             Under SOME—OF—THE—REGIMES, the mass media were under strict direct control and could be relied upon never to stray from the party line.
20060503             —EXERCISED, Other regimes, more subtle power to ensure media orthodoxy.
20060503             —INCLUDED, Methods, THE—CONTROL—OF—LICENSING and access to resources, economic pressure, appeals to patriotism + implied threats.
20060503             The leaders of the mass media were often politically compatible with the power elite.
20060503             The result was usually success in keeping the general public unaware of the regimes' excesses.
20060503             Even more shocking... (21+ / 0-)...this wasn't covered by CNN, the Post or THE—NYT.
20060503             I mean clearly those guys are the creme de la CREME—OF—INVESTIGATIVE journalism...right?
20060503             Was the fact that 2—MAIN—BENEFICIARIES—OF—REPUBLICAN money's largesse (Olsen and Thomas) ALL—OF—1—SUDDEN decided to buy 1—B&B in rural TEXAS, particularly 1—THAT was owned by KARL—ROVE... And overpay for it by 1—LOT?
20060503             Very suspicious.
20060503             Is it 1—COINCEDENCE that Karl owns 3—HOMES - 1 in DC (Assessor link)valued at $1.5—MILLION—1—VACATION—HOME in Rosemary BEACH—FL (Walton County)(Assessor Link)worth over $1—MILLION and 1—COTTAGE in Ingram, TX worth $57,258 (Assessor link)(which, coincedentally Rove believes is his home for voting purposes (link).
20060503             These are all questions that beg answers.
20060503             Tags: KARL—ROVE, GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH, Bamboozle, Corruption, Cunningham, JACK—ABRAMOFF, OLSEN—DELISI, Scandal, Kickback, Payoff, Impeach, corrupt, GOP, Recommended
20060503             Deconstructing the official story
20060503             To recap... The official explanation so far appears to be as follows: "A shadowy and STILL—UNNAMED—BUT—OBVIOUSLY—VERY—UNLUCKY VENEZUELA—COMPANY bought 1—DC9 airliner that used to use camouflage to appear to be 1—USA—GOVERNMENT—PLANE + then got caught with 5—TONNES—OF—COCAINE".
20060503             Those crazy Venezuelans! Muy stupido, no?
20060503             "I couldn't believe it," he said indignantly.
20060503             "I called THE—FAA to report 1—VIOLATION and was warned to leave Dekkers alone. An FAA guy came out and sat me down and said: 'I suggest you back OUT—OF—THIS.'"
20060503             —REPORTED, Of course, as we, earlier, Frederic GEFFON—ROYAL—SONS was listed with 1—ADDRESS which traced to Huffman AVIATION—HANGER at the Venice Airport.
20060503             Geffon, however, denies ANY—RESPONSIBILITY for the listing.
20060503             "THE—FAA system for registering airplanes is LITTLE—CHANGED from when it was started back in the good ol' boy DAYS—OF—THE 1930s. EACH—PLANE has 1—PAPER folder, for example, stuffed with all correspondence regarding airworthiness and ownership relating to that plane".
20060503             "Its 1—ANTIQUATED system which some feel is kept deliberately in place to encourage 1—CERTAIN—AMBIGUITY when 1—PLANE is interdicted. When 1—CHANGE—OF—REGISTRATION is mailed in, THE—FAA places 1—PLANE—FOLDER in what they call "suspense".
20060503             "That's 1—TREMENDOUS—INDUCEMENT to anyone with 1—CHANCE—OF—HAVING—1—PLANE nabbed to keep floating sales in progress. THE—CIA, for example, is very adept at keeping files on its planes "in suspense".
20060503             "I've been asked not to say who asked me not to say," he said.
20060503             'Cocaine One' not 1—FIT—SUBJECT for polite company Even THE—IDENTITY—OF—THE—CO—PILOT arrested with the plane (the pilot escaped, natch) remains 1—MYSTERY, though initial news reports confirmed his name as 1—OF the few actual known facts in the case.
20060503             But among the numerous mysteries surrounding the case is THE—QUESTION—OF—WHY 1—STORY—OF—1—MOUNTAIN—OF—COCAINE headed straight downhill towards THE—USA—MARKET had been received by USA—OFFICIALS and the major media with such stony silence.
20060503             USA—AUTHORITIES have made no statements identifying the organization involved in the massive drug move.
20060503             —ADDRESSED, Nor have they, serious questions with obvious national security implications.
20060503             —ALLOWED, Why was 1—AIRLINER, to impersonate 1—OFFICIAL—DEPT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY—AIRCRAFT?
20060503             —OWNED, How did it then end up being, by crooks BOASTING—OF—USA—INTELLIGENCE—CONNECTIONS... and involved in drug smuggling?
20060503             Most importantly... On whose behalf did all that coke take wing?
20060503             Professor Says 'Cutter Charges' Brought Down WTC Buildings EVIDENCE—OF—THERMITE Uncovered at World Trade Center
20060503             "The data stands on its own. Where are the honest scientists?" Jones asks.
20060503             "Take the blinders off and find out what happened".
20060503             The official 9—11—REPORTS are what Jones calls "pathological science," in which investigators ignore all evidence that contradicts the conclusion they have been asked to prove
20060503             —CONTACTED, AFP, 3—SCIENTISTS who support the official theory to ask if they would review JONES—PAPER.
20060503             —REFUSED, THOMAS—W—EAGAR—OF—MIT, to even look at the paper and said there is no EVIDENCE—OF—MOLTEN metal pouring from THE—WTC.
20060503             Challenged with the evidence, he hung up the phone.
20060503             —SUBMITTED, Zdenek P. BAZANT—OF—NORTH—WEST—UNIVERSITY, his FIRE—INDUCED collapse theory to THE—USA—SOCIETY—OF—CIVIL—ENGINEERS (ASCE) —2—DAYS—AFTER 9-11, without examining ANY—EVIDENCE.
20060503             —REFUSED, Asked if he would review JONES—PAPER—BAZANT also,
20060503             "I have seen JONES—FICTION before. If you want my private opinion, it is nothing but sensationalism," he said.
20060503             "His purported REFUTATION—OF—MY analysis is baseless".
20060503             Asked to simply look at 5—PHOTOS in 1—E—MAIL showing the cascading molten metal and core columns, which appear to have been cut with thermite, Bazant responded, "I do not have time".
20060503             Abolhassan ASTANEH—ASL, an IRANIAN—BORN professor at Berkeley, who was 1—MEMBER—OF—THE—ASCE team studying THE—WTC collapse, also refused to look at JONES—PAPER.
20060503             "I will not be able to find time to review the material that you have sent me," said ASTANEH—ASL.
20060503             The fact that the 9—11—COMMISSION—REPORT does not even mention THE—COLLAPSE—OF—WTC 7 "is 1—STRIKING—OMISSION—OF—DATA highly relevant to THE—QUESTION—OF—WHAT really happened on 9-11," he said.
20060503             "AS—OF— 21—DAYS—AFTER the attack, the fires were still burning and molten steel was still running," Leslie Robertson, structural engineer responsible for THE—DESIGN—OF—THE—WTC, told fellow engineers.
20060503             Footage taken by WABC—TV of the burning SOUTH—TOWER at 9:53 a.m., immediately before the building collapsed, reveals large AMOUNTS—OF—WHITE—HOT molten metal, presumably iron, pouring from the 81. floor of the east corner.
20060503             THE—AMOUNT—OF—SPILLING molten metal suggests 1—POOL—OF—MOLTEN iron was in that area of the building.
20060503             —SUGGESTED, While some have, that the molten metal was aluminum, this is easily disproved by the fact that molten aluminum appears SILVER—GRAY in daylight.
20060503             The only possible explanation is that THE—WHITE—HOT—METAL—GUSHING from THE—SOUTH—TOWER was molten iron and had been produced by 1—VERY—LARGE—AMOUNT—OF—THERMITE.
20060503             THE—AMOUNT—OF—MOLTEN metal seen falling would indicate that TONS—OF—THERMITE had been used on that floor.
20060503             —FROM the video footage it appears that several cubic YARDS—OF—MOLTEN metal fell, which, if iron, would have weighed over 8—TONS.
20060503             JONES—EXPLOSIVE paper is accessible on his web page (physics.byu.edu) and will be published in 1—FORTHCOMING—BOOK by DAVID—RAY—GRIFFIN and Peter
20060503             DALE—SCOTT.
20060503             Reading Jones' paper ON—LINE allows the reader to review the photographic/video evidence.
20060503             Mystery shipwreck has the romantics guessing
20060503             —TEASED, Ancient shipwrecks have, historians over the years, MANY—OF—WHOM are convinced that CAPTAIN—COOK was not the 1. to explore AUSTRALIA—EAST—COAST.
20060503             —BURIED, THE—SO—CALLED 'Mahogany ship', under dunes in Warrnambool, VICTORIA, is just 1—EXAMPLE, with enthusiasts citing THE—TYPE—OF—TIMBER in that hull as evidence that other nations plied our waters.
20060503             Were they Portuguese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese?
20060503             —ANALYSED, Until the timber is, no 1 can begin to know.
20060503             UNITED—KINGDOM—NOT French 1. to blame germs for sickness
20060503             —CONDUCTED, Work, by experts at THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—SHEFFIELD has, they claim, derailed the theory that Frenchman LOUIS—PASTEUR was the 1. scientist to debunk the ancient theory that diseases were caused by "miasma", or bad air.
20060503             FACT CHECK: USA—GOVERNMENT Commissioned SPANISH—LANGUAGE STAR—SPANGLED Banner 19190000
20060503             Part 49,568 in our ongoing series "Right Wingers are Idiots".
20060503             Red Lights on Capitol Hill? THE—WALL—STREET—JOURNAL reported today that indicted FORMER—CALIFORNIA Congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham may not have limited his good times to partying on 1—RENTED yacht.
20060503             It turns out THE—FBI is currently investigating 2—DEFENSE—CONTRACTORS who allegedly provided Cunningham with free limousine service, free stays at hotel suites at the Watergate and the Westin Grand + free prostitutes.
20060503             HERE—THE—FOLLOW—UP.Via Crooks and Liars.
20060503             THE—GOP—RACIST 'Big Tent'A VIRGINIA company that sells mailing LISTS—OF—FAR—RIGHT and racist groups has found willing clients in establishment GOP organizations like the Republican Governors Association.
20060503             Also via Crooks and Liars.
20060503             Cutter Charges Brought Down WTC Buildings
20060503             ORWELL—WORDS aptly describe THE—SITUATION—OF—STEVEN—E—JONES—1—SOFT—SPOKEN professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) who has turned his attention to the unanswered questions of 20060911             —THE—ATTACKS.
20060503             Read it. VIA—WHAT Really Happened.
20060503             'Cocaine One' DC—9—AIRLINER switched crews somewhere after leaving CARACAS?
20060503             —BUSTED, THE—,2—WEEKS since an American DC9 airliner was, by MEXICO—TROOPS at 1—SMALL—AIRPORT in the Yucatan, carrying 5.5—TONNES—OF—COCAINE packed neatly into 128—IDENTICAL—BLACK suitcases (somewhat hilariously marked 'private') the search for the true owners of the plane has produced these startling new developments...
20060503             Valerie WILSON—IRAN, TURKEY and nukes We've heard 1—LOT about Valerie WILSON—PLAME—INVOLVEMENT in tracking IRAN—NUCLEAR—PRODUCTION.
20060503             BUT—ANYTHING They Say does 1—PARTICULARLY good JOB—OF—TRACKING the story.
20060503             HERE—1—CHOICE nugget:
20060503             Disenfranchised FBI translator and 20010911              whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, confirmed that Plame, working under her CIA front company, Brewster Jennings & Associates, was very active in TURKEY up through THE—TIME—OF—HER outing, tracking 1—MULTINATIONAL NETWORK—OF—NUCLEAR—TECHNOLOGY—TRAFFICKING that involved not only TURKEY but PAKISTAN, DUBAI—SPAIN, SOUTH—AFRICA and others.
20060503             TURKEY, however, appears to have not only been 1—SIGNIFICANT—INTERNATIONAL—DISTRIBUTION—CENTER for contraband nuclear technology but also had suspected designs on nuclear weapons itself...
20060503             Also: But this investigation would cause havoc because it was suspected that THE—USA—AMBASSADOR to TURKEY, MARC—GROSSMAN, was deeply involved in this nuclear arms network, possibly with 1—DIRECTION—OF—COVERTLY or passively arming TURKEY with nuclear weapons A NUKES—TO—TURKEY scenario is not at all unlikely.
20060503             But now I'm wondering if the neocons were actively encouraging IRAN—NUCLEAR—DABBLING.
20060503             —AFTER all -- no nukes means no pretext for war. No war, no oil grab.
20060503             Permalink 20060503              The irony is just too thick, isn't it?
20060503             —BASED, Even the May DAY—OF—THE—USSR was, on THE—USA—LABOR—MOVEMENT + THE—POLICIES—OF—THIS country have all but left those SENTIMENTS—SO rich with all that democratic, egalitarian, progressive, liberal TALK—IN THE—DUST—OF—ALL those big, wealthy SUVs and limos.
20060503             Sometimes it seems like THE—IMPORTANCE—OF—STUDYING—HISTORY is to remind OURSELVES—OF—THE—POWER—OF—SHAME.
20060503             Permalink 20060503              Democracy Now!
20060503             —YESTERDAY (today had yet more interesting reflections) + they interviewed 1—HISTORIAN who focused on the fact that May Day is 1—INTERNATIONAL—DAY—OF—LABOR—SOLIDARITY—BECAUSE—OF—EVENTS that happened in CHICAGO—TO immigrant WORKERS—OVER 1—CENTURY ago.
20060503             Steny HOYER—BG MyDD :
20060503             Direct Democracy for PEOPLE—POWERED Politics
20060503             You know there's 1—HUGE—PROBLEM with our political system when the number 2—DEMOCRAT in the House is throwing himself in front of the media to defend 1—EXTREME—RIGHT—WING—PRESIDENT.
20060503             (CHESAPEAKE—VA —) -- JOHN—S—HADFIELD, Executive DIRECTOR—OF—THE.
20060503             alfatomega.com/20060503.html
20060503             passengers seem to be breaking through the cockpit door, fighting with.
20060503             Russians and Chinese to take up THE—IRAN—OFFER—DEFUSING—1—VERY—TENSE and dangerous situation... - -->
20060503—20000900    —IN—THE, A look at THE—DOGS—OF—WAR—CORPORATISM unleashed upon the world by Bush and THE—PNAC as stated document Rebuilding AMERICA—DEFENSES
20060503—20010911    —SEIT, Brand in NEW—YORK: Größter FEUERWEHR—EINSATZ
20060503—20030500    —DROWNED, Iraqi, 15, ' after soldiers forced him into canal' : The soldiers watched as AHMED—JABAR—KARHEEM, 15, who was unable to swim, began to struggle when he was ordered into the Shatt AL—BASRA canal.
20060503—20060409    —IN—THE, PERU confirmed that EX—PRESIDENT—GARCIA placed 2. voting and will face nationalist Ollanta Humala in a 20060604              runoff.
20060503—20060629    —ON, federal officials reported that the laptop was recovered.
20060503—20400000    —IN, Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds Sink : The trust fund for Social Security will be depleted, 1—YEAR before expected + Medicare will exhaust its trust fund reserves just 12—YEARS from now, trustees for the programs said —MONDAY.
20060504             PAUL—JOSEPH—WATSON—COLBERT—REACTION—SHOWS—MEDIA—ARE—FRIGHTENED—OF—BUSH—ANOTHER alarm bell warning that dictatorship is near PAUL—JOSEPH—WATSON/Prison Planet_com | 20060503              It
20060831             HARVARD—SHAME—HARVARD—SHAME. comment | —POSTED 20010503              (20010521              issue).
20060916200503       31... serving in THE—USA—ARMY......
20060930—20060502    —ON, — or 20060503             , the Dallas Business Journal (DBJ) called Tucker and inquired whether the contractor incident in JACKSON—STORY actually happened.
20070128             And: —9—DAYS—AFTER 20070503             —THE—MEETING in which we promised to disarm MEK, terrorist bombings erupted in RIYADH—SAUDI—ARABIA.
20070324200503       00—EXTREME—CINEMA Verite: GIs shoot IRAQ battle footage and edit it into...
20070324—20050503    Parteien: USA—NUKLEARWAFFEN aus Deutschland abziehen...
20070503             —CALLED, A—USA—HOUSE—PANEL, on THE—VA chief to explain why top officials got hefty bonuses even as veteran's care deteriorated.
20070503             —BARRED, A—USA—FEDERAL—JUDGE—PLANTING—OF—ALFALFA engineered by Monsanto to resist Roundup, 1—POPULAR weed killer made by Monsanto, pending further study.
20070503             THE—FLORIDA Legislature gave its final approval to moving the state's 20080000              primary from early March to 20070129           .
20070503             Ignacio De La Fuente JUNIOR (32), THE—SON—OF—OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, City Council PRESIDENT—IGNACIO—DE—LA—FUENTE, pleaded guilty to 5—FELONY sex charges committed between 20030000              and 20050000           .
20070503             3—OF—HIS 4—VICTIMS were prostitutes.
20070503             —KILLED, ALABAMA, Jamison Stone (11), 1—WILD pig weighing 1,051 pounds with a.50 caliber revolver.
20070503             —MEASURED, The pig, 9—FEET—4—INCHES from snout to tail.
20070503             The animal's former owner later said THE—NOT—SO—WILD pig, named Fred, had been raised on an ALABAMA farm and was sold to the Lost Creek Plantation just —4—DAYS—BEFORE it was shot there in a 150-acre fenced area.
20070503             † DOCTOR—LEONARD—D—ERON, 87—JAHRE—ALT, psychologist in ILLINOIS.
20070503             His research led him to warn society that children who watch violent TV shows tend to show aggressive and destructive behavior later in life.
20070503             —LEARNED, He determined that aggression is, behavior.
20070503             A REMOTE—CONTROL—BOMB hit an AFGHANISTAN—ARMY—BUS in Kabul, killing the driver and wounding 29—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—22—SOLDIERS.
20070503             —SIGNED, African neighbors SUDAN and CHAD, 1—SAUDI—BROKERED reconciliation deal in SAUDI—ARABIA, requiring both sides to cooperate with THE—UNITED—NATIONS to stabilize Darfur and the adjacent region in CHAD.
20070503             —SIGNED, AUSTRALIA, the 1. in 1—SERIES—OF—CONTRACTS that will see its AIR—FORCE buy 24—BOEING F/A-18F Super Hornet FIGHTER—BOMBERS from THE—USA—NAVY.
20070503             —HANDED, Voters, PRIME—MINISTER—TONY—BLAIR—LABOUR—PARTY a STRING—OF—EMBARRASSING defeats in local elections.
20070503             MADELEINE—MCCANN, 3—JAHRE—ALT, 1—UNITED—KINGDOM—GIRL, was kidnapped from her bed in 1—PORTUGAL—BEACH—RESORT while her parents dined nearby.
20070503             —UNVEILED, The Royal CANADA—MINT, 1—MONSTER—GOLD—COIN with 1—FACE—VALUE—OF—C$1—MILLION (455,000 pounds) that it says is the world's biggest, purest and highest denomination coin.
20070503             Forces loyal to the outgoing PRESIDENT—OF—COMOROS ISLAND—OF—ANJOUAN took CONTROL—OF—1—BUILDING—HOUSING—FEDERAL—OFFICES in what 1—AFRICAN Union official called 1—COUP.
20070503             A PAIR—OF—HEAVILY armed CUBA—SOLDIERS seized 1—CITY—BUS, killed 1—ARMY—OFFICER and triggered 1—GUN—BATTLE in 1—FOILED bid to hijack 1—CHARTER flight bound for THE—USA.
20070503             —ALLEGED, ECUADOR—NEW—LEFTIST—GOVERNMENT—SET up 1—TRUTH—COMMISSION to investigate, human rights abuses committed over the last 27—YEARS, particularly during THE—RIGHT—WING—ADMINISTRATION—OF—FORMER—PRESIDENT—LEON—FEBRES—CORDERO.
20070503             —OPENED, EGYPT, 1—CONFERENCE—OF—NEARLY 50—NATIONS, at Sharm EL—SHEIK to rally INTERNATIONAL support, particularly from Arab nations, for 1—AMBITIOUS—PLAN to stabilize IRAQ.
20070503             Hours after the chief military spokesman in IRAQ said Syria had moved to reduce "THE—FLOW—OF—FOREIGN—FIGHTERS" across its border.
20070503             FRANCE, Claude Mandil, HEAD—OF—THE—INTERNATIONAL—ENERGY—AGENCY (IEA), told 1—NEWS—CONFERENCE that there is no reason why IRAN should not have nuclear energy.
20070503             USA—LED forces conducting 1—CRACKDOWN on AL—QAIDA in IRAQ killed Muharib ABDUL—LATIF—AL—JUBOURI, described as AL—QAIDA—INFORMATION—MINISTER.
20070503             He was responsible for THE—HIGH—PROFILE—KIDNAPPINGS—OF—SEVERAL Westerners.
20070503             —STORMED, Gunmen, the offices of 1—INDEPENDENT—RADIO—STATION in 1—PREDOMINANTLY Sunni AREA—OF—BAGHDAD, killing 2—EMPLOYEES and wounding 5—BEFORE bombing the building and knocking the station off the air.
20070503             Police in Fallujah found 9—BULLET—RIDDLED bodies, 4—MEMBERS—OF—1—SUNNI tribe that recently joined 1—ALLIANCE against AL—QAIDA in IRAQ and 5—FOUND near the tax office.
20070503             —STORMED, Gunmen, 1—MARKET in Baqouba killing 1—PLAINCLOTHES policeman after 1—MILITANT read 1—DEATH—SENTENCE issued by AL—QAIDA and 2—SHIITE men.
20070503             —KILLED, They then, 1—POLICEMAN after he arrived at the scene to investigate.
20070503             —SHIFTED, ISRAEL, the campaign to oust PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT, to the streets, with 1—MASS—RALLY in Tel Aviv expected to draw TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE—CALLING for the embattled leader to step down.
20070503             NIGERIA, at least 21—WORKERS—MOST—OF—THEM foreigners, were kidnapped in separate attacks in THE—OIL—RICE—DELTA region.
20070503             8—FOREIGNERS and 1—NIGERIAN were later freed.
20070503             The Ulster Volunteer Force, 1—OUTLAWED NORTH—IRELAND group that for decades attacked the province's Catholic minority, renounced violence and pledged to disarm.
20070503             —ANNOUNCED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—GLORIA—MACAPAGAL—ARROYO, that USA—BASED TEXAS Instruments INCORPORATED, the world's biggest MAKER—OF—MOBILE—PHONE—CHIPS, will build a $1—BILLION plant in THE—PHILIPPINES, choosing the country over CHINA despite concerns about power costs.
20070503             —LASHED, Russia, out at THE—EU and NATO for supporting ESTONIA in its row with MOSCOW over the relocation of 1—SOVIET—WAR—MONUMENT.
20070503             SCOTLAND held parliamentary elections.
20070503             —KNOCKED, Labor was, out of the top spot for the 1. time in 50—YEARS by THE—SCOTLAND—NATIONAL—PARTY.
20070503             —SUPPORTED, THE—SNP, 1—FUTURE—REFERENDUM on independence.
20070503             THE—SNP won 47—OF—THE—129—SEATS.
20070503             —MOVED, TURKEY—LAWMAKERS, up elections to 20070722             , after THE—ISLAMIC—ROOTED ruling party and its secular opposition agreed that 1—EARLY—BALLOT was the only way OUT—OF—THEIR standoff over political Islam.
20070503             —WARNED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ, he will nationalize the country's banks and largest steel producer in 1—APPARENT—BID to STRONG—ARM the businesses to contribute more to local industry.
20070503             'They sold out the world for an F—16—SALE' : THE—USA and its allies allowed PAKISTAN to clandestinely acquire MOST—OF—THE—TECHNOLOGY for its nuclear program from abroad, unwittingly facilitating THE—SPREAD—OF—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS—TECHNOLOGY to IRAN, NORTH—KOREA and LIBYA over the past several decades.
20070503             Syria blames USA—ISRAEL for refugee influx:
20070503             —BLAMED, SYRIA—VICE—PRESIDENT—FAROUQ—AL—SHARA yesterday, the "violent policies" of THE—USA + ISRAEL for THE—PLIGHT—OF—MILLIONS—OF—IRAQI + Palestinian refugees in the Middle East.
20070503             ANDREW—COCKBURN: "Make Sure This Happens!!
20070503             ": How Rumsfeld Micromanaged Torture
20070503             —ISSUED, In 1—LETTER, over the weekend, they call on Tenet to "dedicate 1—SIGNIFICANT %age of the royalties from [his] book to THE—USA—SOLDIERS and their families who have been killed and wounded in IRAQ".
20070503             Price tag for war in IRAQ on track to top $500—BILLION : The bitter fight over the latest IRAQ spending bill has all but obscured 1—SOBERING—FACT: The war will soon cost more than $500—BILLION.
20070503             Secret court OKs all but 1—DOMESTIC—SPYING—REQUEST : A secret court approved all but 1—OF the government's requests last year to search or eavesdrop on suspected terrorists and spies, according to Justice Department data released today.
20070503             Are You On the government's 'watch list'?
20070503             YOU MIGHT not realize it, but your government might be targeting you for 1—EXTRA—LITTLE—DOSE—OF—HELL—NEXT—TIME you try to board 1—AIRPLANE.
20070503             States Wiretap Far More Often Than Feds : State investigators listened in on more than 3—MILLION—PHONE—CONVERSATIONS—LAST—YEAR as local prosecutors sought 1—RECORD—NUMBER—OF—WIRETAPS, mostly to investigate drug crimes.
20070503             —DISRUPTED, Immigration rally, by police: Video : It was 1—DRAMATIC and chaotic end to what was otherwise 1—PEACEFUL—DAY here in LOS—ANGELES.
20070503             … Police started to move and disperse the crowd and fired rubber bullets, DOZENS—OF—RUBBER bullets, into the crowd.
20070503             People went running and fleeing, trying to get OUT—OF—THEIR way
20070503             Tape 'reveals order' to shoot VIETNAM protesters:
20070503             37—YEAR—OLD—RECORDING—OF—KENT State killings found
20070503             Arctic ice cap melting 30—YEARS—AHEAD—OF—FORECAST :
20070503             GEORGE—MONBIOT: How to Stop the Planet From Burning : All over WASHINGTON, you can hear the giant scraping SOUND—OF—OFFICIALS and legislators frantically BACK—TRACKING.
20070503             —AFTER YEARS—OF—OBFUSCATION + denial + lies about climate change, all but the most hardened recidivists are rebranding themselves as "friends of the earth".
20070503             Panorama investigates the "NEO—CONSERVATIVES", the small and unelected GROUP—OF—RIGHT—WINGERS, who critics claim have hijacked THE—WHITE—HOUSE.
20070503             They brought us war against IRAQ—WHAT do the hawks in WASHINGTON have in store for us now?
20070503             Enter the Empire
20070503             The wealthiest NATION—STATE the world has ever seen has for the last 60—YEARS been standing atop the upper CRUST—OF—HUMANKIND, basking in THE—SPLENDOR—OF—UNFATHOMABLE—RICHNESS—ENJOYING—UNPRECEDENTED—STANDARDS—OF—LIVING, accumulating power and control at tremendous speed and becoming, at the expense of the planet and its inhabitants, the latest INCARNATION—OF—ROME.
20070503             Don't Steal, Don't Lie and Don't Be Lazy
20070503             -Evo Morales and the New WAVE—OF—DEMOCRACY in Latin America - A Must Listen Audio Report
20070503             —ELECTED, Democratically, with 54% of the vote, he is SOFT—SPOKEN, honest, mature, humble and trying to balance 1—HISTORY—OF—OLIGARCHIC—ELITISM with the growing needs on his people.
20070503             A new BREED—OF—GOVERNMENT which has the Bush Administration perplexed and unable to put in their pocket.
20070503             H a r l a n C o u n t 20070503              USA: -
20070503             Least we think that America was built by the starched shirts and expensive suits featured on FOX News and.
20070503             This documentary will help to remind us that our freedoms and working conditions were not won by USA—SOLDIERS in foreign lands but through the suffering and SWEAT—OF—OUR fathers and grand fathers in their struggle against commercial interests.
20070503             Post Mortem for the Stock Market
20070503             The real estate market is crashing faster than anyone had anticipated.
20070503             Housing prices have fallen in 17—OF 20—OF the nation's largest cities and the trend lines indicate that the worst is yet to come.
20070503             Millions WILL—DIE
20070503             Rich nations seeking to cut climate change have this in common: they lie.
20070503             You won't find this statement in the draft of the new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was leaked to THE—GUARDIAN last week.
20070503             But as soon as you understand the numbers, the words form before your eyes.
20070503             The governments making genuine efforts to tackle global warming are using figures they know to be false.
20070503             Top aides say Bush can order warrantless wiretaps:
20070503             Senior Bush administration officials told Congress on —TUESDAY that
20070503             they could not pledge that the administration would continue to seek warrants from 1—SECRET—COURT for 1—DOMESTIC—WIRETAPPING—PROGRAM, as it agreed to do 20070100           .
20070503             Administration pushes to expand domestic surveillance : Claiming that federal investigators are missing key information on terrorists because of 1—OUTDATED spying law, the top USA—INTELLIGENCE—OFFICIAL called on lawmakers on —TUESDAY to revamp the foreign surveillance act and make it easier to eavesdrop on NON—CITIZENS in THE—USA with suspected links to terrorism.
20070503             USA, Montenegro sign pacts ; THE—USA—SIGNED 1—DEFENCE—PACT—TODAY with Montenegro that could open the way for THE—DEPLOYMENT—OF—USA—FORCES to the young Balkan republic - 1—STEP—LIKELY to fuel tensions with Russia.
20070503             VENEZUELA nationalisation goes on:
20070503             —CONTINUED, VENEZUELA has, its nationalisation drive by taking CONTROL—OF—PRIVATELY run crude oil installations in the Orinoco basin
20070503             that together account for 1-5. of the country's production.
20070503             ISRAEL—VIOLATIONS of the right to life: Report: THE—ISRAEL i military employed violent, excessive and disproporti onate force against Palestinian civilians.
20070503             This was evident in THE—BOMBARDMENT—OF—CIVILIAN—HOUSES and infrastructure;
20070503             the extrajudicial KILLING—OF—PALESTINIAN activists resulting in THE—KILLING—OF—CIVILIAN—BY—STANDERS;
20070503             —FROM MEXICO—DIRECTOR—CAROLINA Rivas and cinematographer Daoud Sarhandi comes this elegant and visually breathtaking new film about the Palestinian experience.
20070503             —SURROUNDED, The Amer family lives, by the infamous WEST—BANK—WALL, where their daily lives are dominated by electrified fences, locked gates and 1—CONSTANT—SWARM—OF—ARMED—SOLDIERS
20070503             ISRAEL—FM calls on PRIME—MINISTER to resign: ISRAEL i Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called on PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT to resign on —WEDNESDAY over 1—DAMNING—LEBANON war report, upping the pressure on the beleaguered premier to step down.
20070503             Digging In : If THE—USA—GOVERNMENT doesn't plan to occupy IRAQ for ANY—LONGER than necessary, why is it spending BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS to build "enduring" bases?
20070503             IRAN calls on USA to leave IRAQ on EVE—OF—EGYPT meet ; - PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINEJAD called on —WEDNESDAY on USA and other foreign forces to leave neighbouring IRAQ, reiterating an IRAN—DEMAND on THE—EVE—OF—1—INTERNATIONAL—MEETING to discuss the violence there.
20070503             War pimp alert: Countdown has begun:
20070503             USA—ISRAEL prepare for IRAN strike in WAKE—OF—NEW—INTELLIGENCE—INFORMATION
20070503             "These People Frighten Me" THE—CANDOR—OF—MIKE—GRAVEL : "SOME—OF—THESE people frighten me--they frighten me.
20070503             —WHEN you have mainline candidates that turn around and say that there's nothing off the table with respect to IRAN, that's code for using nukes, nuclear devices.
20070503             Some analysts see IRAQ war eclipsing toll from VIETNAM : As fighting in IRAQ enters its 5. year, 1—INCREASING—NUMBER—OF—SPECIALISTS in foreign policy and national strategy are contending that the biggest difference might be that THE—IRAQ war will inflict greater damage to USA—INTERESTS than VIETNAM did.
20070503             THE—USA' War on Democracy
20070503             INTERVIEW—WITH—JOHN—PILGER
20070503             —WAGED, THE—USA has long, 1—WAR on democracy behind 1—FACADE—OF—PROPAGANDA designed to contort the intellect and MORALITY—OF—AMERICANS and THE—REST—OF—USA.
20070503             For MANY—OF—YOUR readers, this is known.
20070503             —MASKED, However, for others in the West, the propaganda that has, WASHINGTON—AMBITIONS has been entrenched, with its roots in the incessant CELEBRATION—OF—WORLD—WAR 2, the "good war", then "victory" in the cold war.
20070503             "Worthy and Unworthy Victims"
20070503             In 1—RECENT—ARTICLE—JOHN—PILGER quotes historian MARK—CURTIS' characterization of "unworthy victims" as "unpeople" while Herman and Chomsky explain the "propaganda system," played out in the dominant media, characterizes people abused and victimized by us or our client states as "unworthy".
20070503             ANTI—CAPITALISM in 5—MINUTES or Less
20070503             We are told, over and over, that capitalism is not just the system we have, but the only system we can ever have.
20070503             Yet for many, something nags at us about such 1—CLAIM.
20070503             Could this really be the only option? Continue
20070503             Sweet Waters From 1—BITTER—FOUNTAIN
20070503             -Monetary Reform for THE—USA—BY RICHARD—C—COOK
20070503             "This money power is not only the most governing and influential, but it is also the most unjust and DECEITFUL—OF—ALL earthly powers.
20070503             It entails upon millions excessive toil, poverty and want, while it keeps them IGNORANT—OF—THE—CAUSE—OF—THEIR sufferings;
20070503             for, with their tacit consent, it silently transfers 1—LARGE—SHARE—OF—THEIR earnings into THE—HANDS—OF—OTHERS, who have never lifted 1—FINGER to perform ANY—PRODUCTIVE—LABOR.
20070503             Kampf gegen Missmanagement: EADS macht Mitarbeiter zu Informanten
20070503             Truppenabzug aus dem Irak: USA—DEMOKRATEN geben klein bei
20070503             BUSH—ENDURING—LEGACY—OF—DELUSION and Failure Continues to Reach Gruesome New Milestones: Corpses Held for Ransoms in BAGHDAD
20070503             House Republicans Continue to Add Their Names to the Bush /Cheney Death Warrant on USA—GIS: "House fails to override Bush on IRAQ".
20070503             GOP Reps Stand by Their Delusional, Failed Sociopath and Abandon Our Troops.
20070503             Thank you to WILLIAM—LACY—CLAY (D-MO) and Janice Schakowsky (D-IL) for CO—SPONSORING—DENNIS—KUCINICH—IMPEACHMENT—BILL;
20070503             3—DOWN, 432 to go 5/3
20070503             GENERAL—EATON to Bush : "Respectfully, as your former commander on the ground, your administration did not listen to our best advice. In fact, 1—NUMBER—OF—MY fellow Generals were forced OUT—OF—THEIR jobs, because they did not tell you what you wanted to hear -- most notably GENERAL—ERIC—SHINSEKI, whose foresight regarding troop levels was advice you rejected, at our troops' peril".
20070503             —FAILED, Generals react to veto: You've, us, MISTER—PRESIDENT...
20070503             Lawyer Won?t Even Tell ABC His Client?s Name So They Can NOT Link It to DISTRICT—OF—COLUMBIA Madam;
20070503             Confused, you won't be after this episode of, uh, wait 1—MINUTE, yes, you will still be confused.
20070503             Mona Abboud: Advertising for a War TSAR -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
20070503             If you can't say something nice, MISTER—O'REILLY, then you should probably SHUT UP!
20070503             SENATOR—JON—TESTER calls on USA—ATTORNEY WILLIAM—MERCER to resign -- A BuzzFlash News Alert
20070503             DEPARTMENT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY—OFFICIALS got 1—EARFUL—DURING—1—WEBCAST TOWN—HALL—STYLE—MEETING on the controversial Real ID initiative -- 1—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT—PLAN to standardize STATE—ISSUED ID cards and link identification databases nationwide.
20070503             The people have spoken. 5/3
20070503             —SEIT JENEM—ES ist kaum zu ermessen, was Kate McCann durchgemacht hat.
20070503             —AM Abend DES—EINEM —DONNERSTAG—MADELEINE—MCCANN verschwindet, aus der Ferienwohnung ihrer Eltern.
20070503             —BIS die 1. Suchmeldung von den Fernsehsendern ausgestrahlt wird, vergehen Stunden:
20070503             —ERST—AM Freitagabend flimmert das Bild des damals dreijährigen Mädchens über die Bildschirme.
20070503             Zu diesem Zeitpunkt ist es knapp 24—STUNDEN her, dass Maddie aus dem Appartement ihrer Eltern verschwunden ist.
20070503             24—KOSTBARE Stunden.
20070503             Wenn 1—KIND verschwindet, sind die 1. 72—STUNDEN entscheidend:
20070503             - 0002pm. Carol Lam Justice Department USA.
20070503             Madeleine war am. aus dem Resort "Ocean Club"in PRAIA da Luz an der ALGARVE verschwunden.
20070503             Ihre Eltern hatten sie und die 2—ZWEIJÄHRIGEN Zwillinge Sean and Amelie ins Bett gebracht und
20070503             —SEITDEM, steht die Frage im Raum: Was passierte in dieser Stunde?
20070503             Paramilitary Operations: Issues for CONGRESS—HTML—VERSION
200705032030         —UHR, waren mit Freunden zum Abendessen in 1—TAPAS—RESTAURANT direkt am Pool hinter dem Apartmentgebäude gegangen.
200705032105         —UHR, hatte Gerry nochmal nach den Kindern geschaut.
2007050322           —UHR, dann hatte Kate die grausige Entdeckung gemacht.
20070503—19620000    —FROM, † WALLY—SCHIRRA, 1—OF the original Mercury 7—ASTRONAUTS, in La JOLLA—CALIFORNIA to 19680000              he logged over 295—HOURS in space.
20070503—20080000    —IN, 7—OF—CANADA—BIGGEST investment dealers said they plan to launch 1—NEW—ALTERNATIVE—TRADING—SYSTEM to boost THE—EFFICIENCY—OF—EQUITY—TRADING and make CANADA more globally competitive.
20070503—20200000    —BY, This means the ocean at the top of the world could be free or nearly FREE—OF—SUMMER—ICE—3—DECADES sooner than the global panel's gloomiest forecast of 20500000           .
20070611—20070503    —AM, Die vier Jahre alte Madeleine war aus der Wohnung verschwunden.
20070812             0 19670503              schloss der Berliner SDS die "Kommune 1" wegen "falscher Unmittelbarkeit", "Realitätsflucht" und chronischer Selbstüberschätzung aus seinem Landesverband aus.
20080308             29, besting Boeing (BA) to win a $40—BILLION USA—AIR—FORCE—CONTRACT for refueling... has run TV ads touting his triumph in that Boeing tanker " scandal. newsfeedresearcher_com/
20080308             THE—AIR—FORCE could explain to Boeing Co. as soon as —THURSDAY why it awarded a... has run TV ads touting his triumph in that Boeing tanker " scandal.RECENT—BUSINESS—NEWS_com/
20080503             —PULLED, Big Brown, won THE—KENTUCKY Derby 4 3/4—LENGTHS ahead of the filly 8—BELLES, who was euthanized by injection on the track with 2—BROKEN ankles.
20080503             —STABBED, BERKELEY—CALIFORNIA, student CHRISTOPHER—WOOTTON, 21—JAHRE—ALT was, to death during 1—OFF campus scuffle.
20080503             PHILADELPHIA, police officer Liczbinski was shot with 1—ASSAULT—RIFLE after 1—ROBBERY.
20080503             1—SUSPECT was fatally shot by police soon after, another was arrested the next day and a 3. was captured 20080507           .
20080503             —ANNOUNCED, The Asian Development Bank, emergency funding to help poor countries struggling with rice prices that have nearly tripled in 4—MONTHS.
20080503             THE—MANILA—BASED organization made the announcement while meeting in SPAIN.
20080503             An embassy representative said 11—USA—DIPLOMATS have left BELARUS after 1—ROW with the tightly controlled FORMER—SOVIET—STATE over human rights and sanctions.
20080503             —SHOWED, Early results, BORIS—JOHNSON defeating KEN—LIVINGSTONE as MAYOR—OF—LONDON.
20080503             —PICKED, Voters also, opposition candidates in more than 300—MUNICIPAL—COUNCIL—RACES—PROMPTING—PRIME—MINISTER—BROWN to humbly pledge to heed the scathing verdict.
20080503             —MARCHED, THOUSANDS—OF—MARIJUANA enthusiasts, in downtown Toronto, MANY—OPENLY smoking the drug as PART—OF—1—GLOBALLY coordinated rally meant to celebrate cannabis culture and push for the drug's legalization.
20080503             —ESCAPED, GUINEA, prison authorities said more than 30—PRISONERS, from 1—JAIL by using spoons to scoop 1—HOLE in the baked earth WALL—OF—THEIR prison building which had been softened by rain.
20080503             —FIRED, THE—USA—MILITARY—MISSILES at 1—TARGET about 50—YARDS away from the general hospital in BAGHDAD—SADR—CITY—DISTRICT—WOUNDING—MORE than 20—PEOPLE and destroying ambulances.
20080503             —KILLED, USA—SOLDIERS, 4—MILITANTS elsewhere in BAGHDAD.
20080503             —SUSTAINED, A—USA—SOLDIER †—OF—WOUNDS, in 1—ROADSIDE bomb that struck the soldier's vehicle during 1—COMBAT patrol in EAST—BAGHDAD 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20080503             —ATTACKED, Insurgents, 1—ARMY—CONVOY in NORTH—MALI, violating 1—CEASE—FIRE and sparking 1—FIRE fight that left 5—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20080503             A tropical cyclone slammed into MYANMAR—MAIN—CITY—OF—YANGON, ripping off roofs, felling trees and raising FEARS—OF—MAJOR—CASUALTIES.
20080503             —GUESSED, Later counts, that some 138,000 † or went missing due to the cyclone.
20080503             —MOBILIZED, Foreign countries, to rush in aid after the country's deadliest storm on record.
20080503             Rebels in NIGERIA—OIL—RICH—NIGER—DELTA blew up 3—OIL wells operated by Royal HOLLAND—SHELL, their 5. attack in recent weeks against the petroleum industry.
20080503             SRI—LANKA, heavy fighting between government troops and Tamil separatists left 35—REBELS and 8—SOLDIERS—DEAD.
20080503             † In YEMEN 3—SOLDIERS and 4—REBELS in the overnight skirmishes that took place in the remote mountain PROVINCE—OF—SAADA, near THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—ARABIAN border.
20080503             USA—LEADERSHIP--Prayer List Asst. to THE—SECRETARY—OF—DEF. for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs: Honorable DALE—E—KLEIN.
20080503             The Tiger These monetary contributions will not have any " political conditions" attached... terrorist attacks from the air + explosions, according to DALE—KLEIN...
20080503             test daduh | 1—TESTING sandbox for daduh DALE—KLEIN, CHAIRMAN—OF—THE—NUCLEAR—REGULATORY—COMMISSION (NRC)... concern for voter fraud is rampant among MEMBERS—OF—BOTH political parties.
20080503             Fall Is Here Bringing A Great Seminar …-
20080503             Dale E KLEIN—PAPER—WEAPONS—OF—MASS—DESTRUCTION and Ballistic Missiles DALE—E—KLEIN... parlay THE—NORTH—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS—PROGRAM into political leverage suggest he is trying...
20080503             Die Lebensmittelkriege beginnen: CHINA will jetzt Felder im Ausland für den Essensanbau mieten.
20080503             Tibet: Abgesandte des Dalai Lama in CHINA gelandet
20080503             Webkatalog,Deutsschland,Verzeichnis,Webkatalog,Deluxe,Luxus living...
20080503             "What does THE—USA—PUBLIC think happens when they tell us to assault 1—CITY?
20080503             ISPs' Error Page Ads Let Hackers Hijack Entire Web, Researcher Discloses By RYAN—SINGEL
20080503             In that case, VeriSign, which controls the sales of _com and _net TOP—LEVEL domains through 1—CONTRACT with THE—USA—GOVERNMENT, began directing users who mistyped domains names to its own servers, where it presented paid search results.
20080503             —OUTRAGED, The move, the technical community and eventually led to an
20080503             ICANN commission report (.pdf) condemning the practice and 1—UNSUCCESSFUL—VERISIGN lawsuit against ICANN.
20080503             "Sitefinder showed that [NON—EXISTENT] domain RE—MAPPING is bad for the community," Vixie said.
20080503             "This would be 1—EXAMPLE—OF—WHY it is bad".
20080503             —EARLIER this month, Network Solutions, 1—OF the net's largest domain name registrars, was caught creating
20080503             link farms on nonexistent SUBDOMAINS—OF—WEBSITES owned by its own customers.
20080503             says the problem Kaminisky found isn't with the core internet protocols, which he could fix, but instead is a "problem exacerbated by inappropriate MONETIZATION—OF—CERTAIN—DNS features".
20080503             The Roaring 20s and THE—ROOTS—OF—USA—FASCISM—SULLIVAN and Cromwell, at Dulles behest accepted THE—ASSURANCES—OF—KRUPP that all...
20080503             —TARNISHED, Dulles' image was severely, by his PRAISE—OF—NAZI GERMANY.
20080503             Die Debatte um die Ursprünge des Menschen bekommt neue Nahrung: Forscher haben... "Venus Express " 1. Bilder unseres Nachbarplaneten zur Erde gesendet.
20080503             KARL—MARX—CAPITAL A single equation, such as 1—TON—OF—IRON = 2—OUNCES—OF—GOLD, now sufices to express THE—VALUE—OF—IRON in 1—SOCIALLY valid manner.
20080503             KARL—MARX—CAPITAL It would never occur to me to introduce into Capital the current jargon in which GERMANY—ECONOMISTS are wont to express THEMSELVES—THAT—GIBBERISH in which...
20080503             SARKIS SOGHANALIAN The Cold WAR—LARGEST—ARMS—MERCHANT—WITH more than 40 ... Know Your BFEE: Poppy Bush Armed Saddam Miami — Sarkis Soghanalian was once...
20080503             The Associated Press.
20080503             —CONVICTED, BCCI—RELATIONSHIPS with, IRAQ—ARMS—DEALER—SARKIS Soghanalian... alfatomega.com/20070531.html
20080503             Democratic Underground FORUMS—PRINTER friendly page, topic ID.
20080503             Miami — Sarkis Soghanalian was once the most powerful arms dealer in the world.
20080503             —BY Lisa Ashkenaz Croke ( bio )
20080503             As evidence continues to emerge indicating...
20080503             Kerry, Bush I + Bush II—DEMOCRATIC Underground BCCI—RELATIONSHIPS with convicted IRAQ—ARMS dealer Sarkis Soghanalian...
20080503             In vaccines, pharmaceuticals, BIO—TECH, utilities, security consulting...
20080503             Unanswered Questions " UQ Wire: Bush Flew For Airline Tied To IRAN...
20080503             BUSH—ALASKA adventure is another 'missing' CHAPTER—OF—BUSH—BIOGRAPHY...
20080503             LEBANON—WEAPONS merchant Sarkis Soghanalian, also a key figure in BCCI. 20040324             UQ—WIRE—BUSH—FLEW—FOR—AIRLINE—TIED—TO—IRAN—CONTRA/
20080503             AmericanHeritage_com / THE—HOLLAND—DOOR to America
20080503             FRANKLIN—ROOSEVELT was always very PROUD—OF—HIS HOLLAND—ROOTS; Eleanor didn't share his affection.
20080503             She referred to the Roosevelts as "my husband's family ".
20080503             Also participating was H. Delano Roosevelt, grandson of the late PRESIDENT—FRANKLIN—DELANO—ROOSEVELT.
20080503             It was a
20080503             WWII.
20080503             —DURING —USA—CITIZENS—OF—JAPANESE, German and ITALY—HERITAGE were held in. internment camps.
20080503             LISTSERV 15.5 - JUSTWATCH-L Archives
20080503             Subject: Re: Nikola Kavaja : Interview with 1—ASSASSIN... On Sun
20080503             Longtime homicide prosecutor is latest to resign
20080503             McKamey is joining the criminal defense law FIRM—OF—PERLET & Shiner, where he will make more than the $80000 he's paid as 1—PROSECUTOR.
20080503             Longtime homicide prosecutor is latest to resign CLICK—2—LISTEN—BY—LARRY KELLER Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
20080503             CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, CCHR und das CCHR—LOGO sind Marken und Zeichen... Michelle Stafford.
20080503             Cass Warner. MILES—WATKINS.
20080503             Kelly Yaegermann...
20080503             Wie das psychiatrische Monopol weltweit Milliarden scheffelt
20080503             CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, CCHR + das CCHR—LOGO sind Marken + Zeichen im...
20080503             Longtime homicide prosecutor is latest to resign Earlier this month, Michelle Marken quit the office after about 7—YEARS.
20080503             She has gone to work as 1—PROSECUTOR in VIRGINIA.
20080503             UK INDYMEDIA—UK Newswire Archive The Bilderberg Group and THE—PROJECT—OF—EUROPEAN unification...
20080503             Bilderberg Steering Committee Member CLARKE—TO—LEAD—UK—CONSERVATIVE—PARTY?
20080503             Arms Control Association: Fact Sheets: THE—INTERNATIONAL—SECURITY...
20080503             Nuclear Engineering | Business solutions from AllBusiness_com NUCLEAR ENERGY IS gathering political support in the... (PERIODICAL ARTICLE).
20080503             Executive Branch: DALE KLEIN DALE KLEIN Assistant secretary for Nuclear...
20080503             Sleeping Guards at Nuclear Power Plant " POLITISITE: Politics from...
20080503             —EXPECTED, ROBERT—CASEY + Arlen Specter are, to testify before the Senate subcommittee on clean air + nuclear safety, along with NRC Chairman DALE—KLEIN...
20080503             USA—SENATOR—BERNIE—SANDERS
20080503             SIEMENS—SKANDAL: EX—MANAGER belastet Pierer, Kleinfeld droht USA—STRAFE
20080503             Londons neuer Bürgermeister: Ein exzentrischer Edelmann
20080503             OLYMPIA—SPONSOR: ADIDAS—CHEF kritisiert ANTI—CHINA Demonstranten
20080503             Grundsatzurteil zur Todesstrafe: 14—HINRICHTUNGEN in USA geplant
20080503             Vermisste Maddie: Das Mädchen und die Medien
20080503             Unfreiwilliger Auftritt: USA—ALKOHOL—LOBBY wirbt mit Lindsay Lohan
20080503             "Ich glaube, man muss zumindest in dieser Hinsicht ehrlich sein", sagt der Reporter von der Insel.
20080503             "Stammte Madeleine aus PORTUGAL oder Frankreich, hätten wir vielleicht eine kleine Meldung gemacht, zehn Zeilen, am 1. Tag.
20080503             Das wäre es dann gewesen".
20080503             Mit Maddie wurde Auflage GEMACHT—UND Kasse.
20080503             Das alte Credo der Zunft - "Get it 1., but 1. get it right" - sei dabei so manches Mal auf der Strecke geblieben.
20080503             professionellen Pressekampagnen
20080503             amateurhaften Geheimniskrämerei
20080503             "Es gibt keine Wahrheit, nichts ist richtig und kaum etwas vollkommen falsch", sagt der britische Reporter.
20080503             "Dramaturgisch ist das eine perfekte Situation".
20080503             Enthüllungen funktionieren heutzutage nur noch, so hat ein investigativer Fernsehjournalist vor einiger Zeit im Kollegenkreis getönt, wenn es gute Bilder zu ihnen gibt.
20080503             In gewisser Hinsicht gilt das auch für Maddie.
20080503             "Sie ist ein so hübsches, kleines Mädchen. Eines, das sich wahrscheinlich jeder von uns zur Tochter wünschte", sagte die britische Radioreporterin Evanne Radley SPIEGEL—ONLINE.
20080503             Enthüllungen
20080503             In diesem Punkt unterscheidet sich die City laut Hinrichs entscheidend vom Londoner WEST—END, dem 2. großen Büromarkt in der britischen Metropole.
20080503             "Im WEST—END beobachten wir erheblich weniger Neubautätigkeit", so Hinrichs.
20080503             "Zudem ist die Nutzerstruktur dort diversifizierter. Der Wegfall der Nachfrage aus dem Finanzsektor kann daher von anderen Branchen kompensiert werden".
20080503             Die Folge: Die Mieten im WEST—END sind STABIL—JEDENFALLS im Moment noch.
20080503             Mit mehr als 1500—EURO pro Quadratmeter und Jahr wird dort laut Jones LANG—LASALLE ein einsamer Spitzenwert erreicht.
20080503             naturgemäß
20080503             Immobilienberater Jones LANG—LASALLE.
20080503             Die Analyse der Experten: Der Aufschwung, der die Büromieten in der City in den vergangenen Jahren auf immer neue Höhen getrieben hat, geht gerade zu Ende.
20080503             Tatsächlich legt niemand in seiner Stahlfabrik die Arbeit nieder, obwohl in der Nachbarschaft 40.000—MANN streiken.
20080503             Als 18720000              die Bergarbeiter von 40—RUHRGEBIETSZECHEN im Kampf für höhere Löhne und kürzere Schichten in den Ausstand treten, veröffentlicht Krupp einen Aufruf "An die Arbeiter der Gussstahlfabrik" und lässt ihn am Fabriktor aushängen.
20080503             Darin warnt er seine Männer vor "Untreue und Widerstreben", vor "herumtreibenden Aufwieglern".
20080503             Der "Stahlkönig", Protagonist eines neuen Zeitalters, gibt sich mehr und mehr wie ein moderner Lehnsherr, der auf seinem Land seine Leute ansiedelt und sich für sie verantwortlich fühlt:
20080503             Mitarbeiter
20080503             ALFRED—KRUPP stellt ständig ein.
20080503             —SCHON im Mittelalter
20080503             Obwohl man im Ruhrgebiet schon im Mittelalter nach Kohle gegraben hat,
20080503             gegraben hat
20080503             man
20080503             Dynamik entfesselt, die sich selbst in Gang hält
20080503             muss
20080503             dass Krupp unentwegt bauen muss
20080503             Preußen bestellt 300—KANONENROHRBLÖCKE für die gewaltige Summe von 200.000—TALERN.
20080503             der 1. Großauftrag:
20080503             endlich
20080503             verkaufen sich Meißel
20080503             Gibt es sogar Tote.
20080503             Feind der Sozialisten und Gewerkschafter
20080503             ALFRED—KRUPP ist 1—FÜRST eines neuen Zeitalters: Herr über Stahl und Kohle.
20080503             General einer Armee aus Tausenden Arbeitern, von denen er bedingungslosen Gehorsam verlangt.
20080503             08:24 Uhr
20080503             IMPERIUM
20080503             STAHL—IMPERIUM
20080503             Schicksalsgemeinschaft
20080503             schmiedet
20080503             ALFRED—KRUPP
20080503             verschmelzen
20080503             Arbeiter
20080503             seine
20080503             seine Arbeiter
20080503             die Fabrik und seine Arbeiter
20080503             reich. Krupp
20080503             ALFRED—KRUPP schmiedet
20080503             ALFRED—KRUPP—VERHEERENDE Unwetter: Tornados in den USA töten acht Menschen
20080503             Kriselndes Finanzzentrum: Trendwende am Londoner Büromarkt
20080503             Nach Angaben seiner Anwälte befand sich AL—HADSCH seit
20080503             AL—HADSCH wirft den USA vor, sie hätten ihn gefangengenommen, weil er über Menschenrechtsverletzungen der USA—STREITKRÄFTE in AFGHANISTAN berichtet habe.
20080503             -Seitdem war er dort ohne Anklage inhaftiert.
20080503             Die Gefangenname des 38-Jährigen hatte weltweit Proteste ausgelöst.
20080503             Der GUANTANAMO—LEITER JEFFREY—GORDON rechtfertigte die lange Gefangenschaft des Sudanesen.
20080503             AL—HADSCH sei ein "entschlossener feindlicher Kämpfer", sagte Gordon.
20080503             Die Überstellung in den SUDAN bedeute, dass die USA der dortigen Regierung zutraue, die Bedrohung durch AL—HADSCH "effektiv zu unterbinden".
20080503             Kolumbien: Polizei schnappt meistgesuchten Drogenboss
20080503             Sechs Jahre ohne Anklage: Kameramann aus Guantanamo entlassen
20080503             Doch vor allem die in Armut lebenden Bolivianer haben nach zwei Jahrzehnten neoliberalen Diskurses gelernt, sich den Überbringer derartiger Heilsbotschaften genauer anzuschauen.
20080503             Costas und Marinkovich sind bekannte Repräsentanten der Oberschicht, die sich noch nie um das "Wohl des Volkes" geschert hat.
20080503             Neueste Umfragen lassen auch deswegen eine zunehmende Tendenz zur Wahlenthaltung erkennen.
20080503             Die Regierung in LA—PAZ betrachtet den Urnengang als "Umfrage ohne rechtliche Wirkung".
20080503             Im Falle eines Sieges will die Gebietsverwaltung die neu erworbenen Kompetenzen allerdings sofort anwenden.
20080503             —ERST dann wird sich zeigen, wie weit die Rechte wirklich zu gehen bereit ist.
20080503             Ein neues Bolivien werde entstehen, für "eine solidarische und gerechte Gesellschaft, Arbeit und eine starke Wirtschaft", so Marinkovich, einer der reichsten Männer des Landes.
20080503             Aber die Wiederherstellung eines — letztlich auch im Pariser Mai angelegten — Blickes durch die in der Tat mächtig blendende und verblendende Bilderflut hindurch nach vorne bleibt mühsam.
20080503             Ein situationistisch orientiertes studentisches Komitee hatte dort zuvor besonders erfolgreich an der Universität agitiert und auch Kontakte zu Arbeitern aufgenommen.
20080503             Die Aktion von Nantes wirkte in der insgesamt noch aufgeheizten Atmosphäre als Zündfunke für MILLIONEN—VON—BESCHÄFTIGTEN im Land.
20080503             Es kam zu spontanen, von den Gewerkschaftsverbänden nicht mehr kontrollierten Streiks der Arbeiter in ganz Frankreich und nach drei turbulenten Wochen zur Auflösung des Parlaments durch de Gaulle sowie zur Einleitung von Neuwahlen.
20080503             Der Auftakt zum Übergreifen des Protestes auf die Arbeiterbewegung war der eintägige Generalstreik am
20080503             Ein rechtsradikaler Schlägertrupp löste Anfang Mai den Alarm für den Beginn der Ereigniskette aus, als ein Überfall auf die inzwischen Aufsehen erregenden links engagierten Studenten in Nanterre angedroht wurde.
20080503             —NACH—DEN Vorbereitungen zur Selbstverteidigung dort wurde die sofortige Schließung der Universität angeordnet.
20080503             Versammlungen verlagerten sich an die Sor­bonne, wo man sich ebenfalls auf die Abwehr von unerwünschten Eindringlingen vorbereitete.
20080503             Polizei wurde von der Universitätsleitung angefordert und nach der Verhaftung einer Reihe von Studenten auf dem Campus heftig angegriffen.
20080503             An den folgenden Tagen kam es zu Demonstrationen + auch Straßenschlachten mit einer blutigen Zuspitzung am
20080503             n Nürnberg schützten rund 3000—POLIZISTEN einen Aufmarsch von 15000000              NPD—ANHÄNGERN vor mehreren tausend Gegendemonstranten.
20080503             Auch hier gingen die Polizisten brutal gegen Antifaschisten vor.
20080503             Ganz anders als mit den neofaschistischen Gewalttätern sprang die Polizei indes vielerorts mit antifaschistischen Demonstranten um.
20080503             BERLIN, gingen die Einsatzkräfte am —DONNERSTAG abend brutal gegen linke Jugendliche vor, die gegen die Anwesenheit von Polizeipräsident Dieter Glietsch in der Nähe der "Revolutionären
20080503             1.-MAI—DEMONSTRATION" mit rund 13000 Teilnehmern protestierten.
20080503             Einer der anwesenden Zivilpolizisten, die Glietsch abschirmten, griff sogar zur Schußwaffe.
20080503             Außerdem attackierten 15—ZUM Teil vermummte Zivilpolizisten Demonstranten mit Schlagstöcken und Pfefferspray.
20080503             LOS—ANGELES Journal: Hungry Angelenos Rally Around the Taco
20080503             Bernankes riskante Wette
20080503             USA—REPRÄSENTANTENHAUS soll über Gesetz zu globaler Netzfreiheit abstimmen
20080503             Konservativer Johnson siegt in LONDON
20080503             Steigende Hopfenpreise: Warten auf die BIER—REVOLTE
20080503             Gas stations pump prices to new highs
20080503             GRANDE—BRETAGNE : déroute historique du Labour
20080503             "Venus Express " 1. Bilder unseres Nachbarplaneten zur Erde gesendet. alfatomega.com/20060415.html.
20080503—18590500    —IM,
20080503—20100000    —IN, former student ANDREW—HOEFT—EDENFIELD, 22—JAHRE—ALT was convicted of 2. degree murder and faced 16—YEARS to life in prison.
20080503—20100000    —SENTENCED, ANDREW—HOEFT—EDENFIELD was, to 16—YEARS to life in prison.
20080503—20100000    —AUTHORED, Emma Larkin, "Everything Is Broken: A TALE—OF—CATASTROPHE in Burma".
20080503—20140429    —ON, 1—JUDGE dismissed the 2. degree murder charge against HOEFT—EDENFIELD and blasted his defense attorney as ineffective and arrogant.
20090503             —KIDNAPPED, CALIFORNIA, Briant Rodriguez (3) was, by 2—GUNMEN who broke into his family's home in S—BERNADINO.
20090503             FLORIDA, TROY—RYAN—BELLAR, 34—JAHRE—ALT shot and killed his wife, WENDY—BELLAR, 31—JAHRE—ALT and their 5-month-old and 8-year-old sons before killing himself outside their home in Lakeland.
20090503             —ESCAPED, His 13-year-old son, Nathan.
20090503             The weekly Onion newspaper said it will close its print editions in S—FRANCISCO and LOS—ANGELES.
20090503             Print editions will continue in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Denver and Boulder.
20090503             —EXTENDED, Swine flu, its reach through Europe and Latin America, with at least 5—COUNTRIES—REPORTING—NEW—CASES.
20090503             Health experts were investigating 1—CASE of the virus jumping from 1—PERSON to pigs, trying to determine if the disease was reaching 1—NEW—STAGE.
20090503             3—AFGHANISTAN—MEN were shot in Kabul by USA—DEFENSE—CONTRACTORS—WORKING for Paravant, 1—SUBSIDIARY—OF—BLACKWATER Worldwide.
20090503             † 2—OF—THE—AFGHAN'S.
20090503             —TIGHTENED, CHINA, visa rules for citizens from THE—USA, which has reported the 2. highest NUMBER—OF—SWINE—FLU—CASES in the world.
20090503             —FIRED, EGYPT—POLICE, tear gas and clashed with irate pig farmers, leaving 12—PEOPLE injured as owners resisted the government's attempt to slaughter all the nation's pigs to guard against swine flu.
20090503             A FRANCE—NAVAL—VESSEL intercepted 11—SUSPECTED pirates traveling off THE—SOMALIA—COAST in 2—ASSAULT—VESSELS and 1—SO—CALLED "mothership" loaded with Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers.
20090503             —REPORTED, ITALY—MEDIA, that PRIME—MINISTER—SILVIO—BERLUSCONI—WIFE wants 1—DIVORCE, just days after she publicly criticized his party's SELECTION—OF—YOUNG—WOMEN to run in European elections.
20090503             —DUMPED, MEXICO—POLICE found 11—BODIES, around 1—SOUTH—GUERRERO state, including 7—WRAPPED in plastic bags and thrown off 1—BRIDGE.
20090503             The bodies of 5—MEN and 2—WOMEN were found in 1—RIVER between the Pacific resort TOWN—OF—ACAPULCO and THE—CITY—OF—CUERNAVACA.
20090503             The other 4—BODIES were found in a 600-yard ravine in THE—TOWN—OF—PILCAYA.
20090503             —CONFRONTED, MEXICO, at least 4—GUNMEN—JOURNALIST—CARLOS—ORTEGA, 52—JAHRE—ALT when he got OUT—OF—HIS car in FRONT—OF—HIS home in the small TOWN—OF—SANTA Maria del Oro.
20090503             Ortega was shot in the head after struggling with the attackers.
20090503             —ARGUED, Ortega recently, with the town's mayor, MARTIN—SILVESTRE—HERRERA, over 1—ARTICLE on sanitation at 1—LOCAL slaughterhouse, and then wrote 1—COLUMN—SAYING he would hold the mayor responsible if anything happened to him.
20090503             —FIRED, NEPAL—PRIME—MINISTER—PUSHPA—KAMAL—DAHAL, FORMER—MAOIST—REBEL—LEADER—ARMY—CHIEF—ROOKMANGUD—KATAWAL after accusing HIM—OF—DEFYING—GOVERNMENT—ORDERS—PROMPTING—1—KEY—PARTY to quit the coalition government and plunging the Himalayan country into 1—POLITICAL—CRISIS that could endanger its peace process.
20090503             —REJECTED, DAHAL—FIRING of the army chief was, by PRESIDENT—RAM—BARAN—YADAV, who officially leads the army.
20090503             —RELEASED, NIGER, Tuareg rebels fighting the government, their last hostage.
20090503             —KIDNAPPED, PAKISTAN, THE—BULLET—RIDDEN BODY—OF—FAZAL Haq (28), 2—MONTHS ago, was found dumped by the side of 1—ROAD in Naurak village, 15—KM (9—MILES) EAST—OF—MIRANSHAH, the main town in THE—SEMI—AUTONOMOUS—NORTH—WAZIRISTAN tribal region.
20090503             He had been ACCUSED—OF—SPYING for THE—USA.
20090503             —BEHEADED, Militants, 2—GOVERNMENT—OFFICIALS in Swat, in revenge for THE—KILLING—OF—2—TALIBAN commanders in dir and Buner.
20090503             PANAMA held elections.
20090503             Ricardo Martinelli (57), 1—CONSERVATIVE supermarket magnate, was favored to win the presidential elections.
20090503             Martinelli won the election in 1—LANDSLIDE, promising to guide the country through the world economic crisis and 1—AMBITIOUS—EXPANSION—OF—THE—PANAMA—CANAL.
20090503             A leaked cable from THE—USA—EMBASSY later revealed that Martinelli requested help in THE—WIRETAPPING—OF—HIS political opponents.
20090503             —KILLED, THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES, 7—PEOPLE were, and 1,000 forced to flee their homes as fresh fighting broke out when MILF separatist guerrillas attacked civilians.
20090503             The 12,000-member MILF has been waging 1—DECADES—OLD—INSURGENCY to set up 1—MUSLIM state in THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES, where Christian settlers now outnumber the original inhabitants.
20090503             A gas explosion tore through 1—SIBERIAN apartment block and sparked 1—FIRE that engulfed the building, killing 8—PEOPLE—INCLUDING—2—CHILDREN.
20090503             † In NORTH—WEST—SPAIN 1—MEMBER—OF—THE—COUNTRY—2.-place junior female volleyball team and 12—OTHERS were injured, 2—SERIOUSLY, in 1—BUS—CRASH.
20090503             —ARRIVED, The Emeve de Lugo team had just, in SANTIAGO—DE—COMPOSTELA from the Canary Islands when their bus overturned.
20090503             † THAILAND, A—USA—IDENTIFIED as Jill S—ONGE, 27—JAHRE—ALT 1—BARTENDER and artist from Seattle while staying at 1—POPULAR—DESTINATION for budget travelers.
20090503             † NORWAY—JULIE—MICHELLE—BERGHEIM, 22—JAHRE—ALT the next day.
20090503             Both † after suddenly falling ill within HOURS—OF—EACH—OTHER at the Laleena guesthouse on Koh Phi Phi in SOUTH—THAILAND.
20090503             16—VENEZUELA—SOLDIERS and 1—CIVILIAN were killed when 1—MILITARY—HELICOPTER crashed near THE—COLOMBIA—BORDER.
20090503             A brigadier general was among those killed.
20090503             Hal Faber lohnt sich mal wieder: Wie ulkig ist es doch, wenn gleich nach den von Westphalen die erlauchte Familie von der Leyen als Nummer 2—DIE größten Subventionsbrocken der EU einstreichen kann.
20090503             The Unhived Mind -> THE—FUTURE—OF—MIND—CONTROL and Weapons
20090503             Die personelle Zusammensetzung des Parlamentes sollte stärker durch den Wähler bestimmt werden,
20090503             FDP—PRÄSIDIUMSMITGLIED Sabine LEUTHEUSSER—SCHNARRENBERGER sprach von einem "dramatischen Abbau der Bürgerrechte".
20090503             Der Staat dürfe in Handys, Computer und Wohnungen schauen:
20090503             "Die Privatheit der Bürger, der Kern ihrer Freiheit ist durch die Große Koalition immer weiter eingeschränkt worden", sagte die frühere Bundesjustizministerin dem "Tagesspiegel am —SONNTAG".
20090503             Der Supergau drohe wirklich: "Die klaren Alternativen heißen: Überwachung oder Bürgerrechte, Datengeschäft oder Datenschutz, Profit oder Demokratie", sagte Pau
20090503             "Wir stellen nicht erst seit gestern fest, dass dem Grundrecht auf Datenschutz nicht nur von staatlicher, sondern auch von privater Seite Gefahren drohen können", sagte HANS—JÜRGEN Papier in 1—INTERVIEW—MIT—DER "Bild am —SONNTAG".
20090503             Der Präsident des Bundesverfassungsgerichts forderte, die Privatsphäre der Bürger besser zu sichern.
20090503             Der Staat habe die verfassungsrechtliche Pflicht, für einen angemessenen Datenschutz der Bürger auch gegenüber privaten Einrichtungen Sorge zu tragen, sagte Papier.
20090503             Der Staat müsse sich schützend vor die Freiheitsrechte seiner Bürger stellen: "Sonst droht aufgrund der modernen Technik und der weltweiten Verflechtungen 1—SUPERGAU des Datenschutzes".
20090503             Menschenrechtsgruppen und Bürgerrechtler kritisierten Obamas Pläne umgehend.
20090503             Ein fehlerhaftes System wiederzubeleben sei ein großer Rückschritt, sagte JAMEEL—JAFFER von der Bürgerrechtsbewegung ACLU
20090503             —DERZEIT befinden sich in Guantanamo noch etwa 240—HÄFTLINGE.
20090503             Viele von ihnen sollen mangels ausreichender Beweise für 1—SCHULD entlassen werden.
20090503             Allerdings findet sich bisher kaum 1—AUFNAHMELAND für die TERRORISMUS—VERDÄCHTIGEN.
20090503             Die Zeichen sind deutlich: Die von der neuen USA—REGIERUNG zu einem offenen Dialog aufgeforderte "Islamische Republik IRAN" zeigt sich zum 1. Mal vergleichsweise konziliant im Nahostkonflikt:
20090503             Die Zerstörung Israels steht nicht mehr auf der Agenda.
20090503             Staatspräsident Ahmadinedschad gab vorige Woche klipp und klar zu Protokoll,
20090503             dass er in der Palästinafrage das akzeptieren werde, was die Palästinenser selbst für akzeptabel HIELTEN—ALSO eine indirekte prinzipielle BEREITSCHAFT—ISRAEL anzuerkennen.
20090503             Die legendäre PLO (Palästinensische Befreiungsfront), die Jassir Arafat einst zu internationaler Anerkennung geführt hatte, gilt jetzt wieder als "oberste Instanz aller Palästinenser".
20090503             die Praktiken der französischen Kolonialpolizei.
20090503             "Ich habe auch Bücher über spezielle Verhörtechniken gelesen", sagt der Angeklagte.
20090503             Vom KGB kenne er ein "sehr nützliches" Handbuch, vor allem aber aufschlussreich sei "das Werk des CIA—DIREKTORS ALLEN—DULLES mit dem Titel: THE—CRAFT—OF—INTELLIGENCE. (Die Kunst des Geheimen)".
20090503             Leider habe er den von seinen ROTE—KHMER—BOSSEN übersandten Werken nicht immer ganz folgen können, "wegen sprachlicher Probleme".
20090503             So einer weiß, wie man 1—KOSTENNUTZENRECHNUNG aufmacht, wie 1—GLEICHUNG funktioniert.
20090503             Freimütig berichtet Folterchef Kaing Guek Eav alias Duch, wie er sein blutrünstiges Handwerk von CIA und KGB gelernt hat.
20090503             Er beruft sich auf Befehlsnotstand: "Ich war meinen Oberen ergeben wie dein deutscher Schäferhund".
20090503             "Derzeit gehe ich weiterhin davon aus
20090503             Deshalb gehe seine Organisation weiter davon aus
20090503             "Derzeit gehe ich weiterhin davon aus, dass 1—PANDEMIE unmittelbar bevorsteht, weil wir sehen, dass sich die Krankheit weiter ausbreitet", sagte MICHAEL—RYAN, der für weltweite Warnungen zuständige Vertreter der WHO.
20090503             Deshalb gehe seine Organisation weiter davon aus, die PANDEMIE—WARNSTUFE von derzeit 5—MÖGLICHERWEISE auch auf die höchste Stufe 6—ANHEBEN zu müssen
20090503             Bürgerrechte: Oberster Verfassungsrichter warnt vor Supergau beim Datenschutz
20090503             Neue Seuche: Schweinegrippe in 18—LÄNDERN nachgewiesen
20090503             GUANTANAMO—PROZESSE: Obama setzt wieder Militärtribunale ein
20090503             Neuer GRIPPE—ERREGER: Erstmals Infektion bei Schweinen nachgewiesen
20090503             Finanzkrise: GOLDMAN—SACHS—CHEF fordert kollektive Demut seiner Branche
20090503             "Accepted and routine": THE—AIPAC spies walk As expected, accused AIPAC spies STEVEN—ROSEN and KEITH—WEISSMAN have received their
20090503             get OUT—OF—JAIL—FREE—CARD.
20090503             "Thank God we live in 1—COUNTRY where you can defend yourself against 1—INJUSTICE—LIKE this," Rosen, 66, said yesterday.
20090503             —POLITICIZED, He said the case was, and pushed by government officials "who have 1—OBSESSION with leaks... and 1—OBSESSION with ISRAEL and the theory that it spies on America".
20090503             Theory? 20090504 [...]Permalink
20090503             Naturkatastrophe: Starkes Erdbeben erschüttert GUATEMALA
20090503             —WORKED, Having, in 1—CHICKEN 'factory' I know that we were never told to stay off work if we had flu.
20090503             —FIRED, We'd probably get, and were desperate for the work, otherwise we wouldn't have worked there (horrible job).
20090503             —IMPROVED, We all had constant flu like symptoms which only, when we left and got another job.
20090503             Why don't the Drs associations etc inform the media to tell employees and companies to not work at these places when ill?
20090503             It might FORE—STALL the inevitable.
20090503             —AFTER all, such large operations keep the animals in close confinement, dope them with antibiotics to keep them alive in the crowded conditions + create
20090503             vast pools and PILES—OF—WASTE——ALL good ways to promote THE—SPREAD—OF—ANY—DISEASE.
20090503             Frogs (and all amphibians) around the world are in dire straits, with nearly
20090503             1-3. of the world's 6,317 species on THE—BRINK—OF—EXTINCTION—ACCORDING to the Save the Frogs Foundation, headquartered in CENTREVILLE—VIRGINIA.
20090503             —ARGUED, Officials and the pork industry, this week that 1—DIRECT—LINK hadn't been found to pigs, and that the new flu strain had yet to be found in farm animals or workers, both in THE—USA and at 1—GIANT—HOG—FACTORY—NEAR the outbreak's epicenter in La GLORIA—MEXICO.
20090503             Owned by 1—SUBSIDIARY—OF—SMITHFIELD Foods, the
20090503             largest USA pork producer and 1—NOTORIOUS—POLLUTER, the factory processes 1—MILLION—HOGS—EACH—YEAR.
20090503             —CONCLUDED, The Pew commission, that this system created an "increased chance for 1—STRAIN to emerge that can infect and spread in humans".
20090503             Scientists and public health experts have said the same thing for years, in even starker terms.
20090503             Verwechslung auf See: Piraten greifen französisches Kriegsschiff an
20090503             Stresstest bei USA—BANKEN: Experten befürchten Kapitalbedarf von bis zu 150—MILLIARDEN Dollar
20090503             Körperfremde Eindringlinge: Mütter nehmen Zellen ihrer Kinder auf
20090503             PAKISTAN: Taliban enthaupten zwei Regierungsvertreter
20090503             INVESTOREN—LEGENDE: Krise vermiest selbst Buffett das Geschäft
20090503             A report filed with THE—USA—SECURITIES and Exchange Commission shows that
20090503             —COLLECTED, WILLIAM—HT—BUSH, just under $1.9—MILLION in cash plus stock valued at more than $800,000 from THE—SALE—OF—ENGINEERED Support Systems INCORPORATED to DRS TECHNOLOGIES—OF—NEW—JERSEY.
20090503             Quis custodiet custodien ?
20090503             alfatomega.com/20090503.html
20090503—20050000    —IN, The free weekly began its S—FRANCISCO edition.
20090503—20070600    —CAPTURED, Mamane Louali, who was, was released at the airport in Aga20071201             —TOWN in the country's far north and 1—OF the traditional bases of the nomadic Tuaregs.
20090503—20090120    —AM, [...] Je mehr die OBAMA—REGIERUNG sich die Sache angeschaut habe, "desto weniger sahen die Militärtribunale so schlecht aus wie ", zitierte die Zeitung eine ungenannte Regierungsquelle.
20090503—20100000    —INDICTED, JUSTIN—CANNON—27—JAHRE—ALT and CHRISTOPHER—DROTLEFF, 29—JAHRE—ALT were, on charges that included 2. degree murder.
20090503—20110311    —ON, Cannon and Drotleff were CONVICTED—OF—INVOLUNTARY manslaughter.
20100503             THE—USA—RENEWED sanctions against DAMASCUS, saying Syria has made some progress containing terror networks that use the country to infiltrate IRAQ but that DAMASCUS continues to support terrorists and pursue WEAPONS—OF—MASS—DESTRUCTION.
20100503             Some 20—STUDENTS at UC Berkeley began 1—HUNGER—STRIKE—DEMANDING that the school denounce ARIZONA—NEW—IMMIGRATION—LAW—DROP—CHARGES against protesters from ANTI—FEE hike occupation, rehire LAID—OFF janitors and declare Berkeley 1—SANCTUARY for undocumented immigrants.
20100503             † NICK—ROGERS, 30—JAHRE—ALT, FORMER—NFL player and GEORGIA—TECH—STAR, in a 1-car accident.
20100503             —KILLED, NICK—ROGERS was, about 1:30 a.m. when his car hit 1—UTILITY—POLE in College Park, near ATLANTA—GEORGIA.
20100503             He served as its chairman again from 20020000—20030000.
20100503             —AGREED, Prosecutors said WAL—MART Stores INCORPORATED has, to pay $27.6—MILLION to settle allegations that it improperly handled and dumped hazardous waste at stores across CALIFORNIA in 1—CASE that led to changes in the retailer's practices nationwide.
20100503             GEORGE—HUGUELY, 22—JAHRE—ALT, 1—MEN—LACROSSE player at THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—VIRGINIA, was arrested hours after THE—BODY—OF—YEARDLEY Love (22), 1—FEMALE lacrosse player, was found in her apartment.
20100503             —CHARGED, He has been, with murder.
20100503             † In SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN 2—NATO service members, 1—FROM 1—ROADSIDE bomb, the other in 1—VEHICLE—ACCIDENT.
20100503             A joint operation between Afghan and NATO forces killed 5—MILITANTS in central AFGHANISTAN.
20100503             —ARRESTED, Several militants also were, in the operation in Gezeb DISTRICT—OF—DAYKUNDI province.
20100503             —KILLED, In EAST—AFGHANISTAN 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER, 1—CIVILIAN—OUTSIDE the Camp Chapman CIA base.
20100503             —WIDENED, ARGENTINA, 1—JUDGE, the case against former dictator JORGE—RAFAEL—VIDELA (19760000—19810000    ) to include 1—ADDITIONAL—49—CASES—OF—KIDNAPPING, torture and murder.
20100503             —IDENTIFIED, These include victims whose bodies have been, by forensic experts.
20100503             —VOWED, Energy giant BP, to pay "all necessary and appropriate CLEAN—UP costs" from THE—USA—OIL—POLLUTION—DISASTER in THE—GULF—OF—MEXICO.
20100503             —CHOPPED, BURUNDI, attackers, off the limbs of a 5-year-old albino boy and pulled out his mother's eye, killing them over the belief that their body parts would bring wealth and success.
20100503             10—ASSAILANTS armed with guns and grenades killed Desire Vyegura (5) and his mother, Susann Vyegura.
20100503             Thoma Vyegura, who was not albino, was also killed while trying to protect his daughter and grandson.
20100503             EGYPT, police used batons and splintered wooden sticks to beat several protesters from 1—CROWD—OF—ABOUT 400—PEOPLE, mostly from opposition groups and social movements, that turned out near the government headquarters in downtown CAIRO.
20100503             —SIGNED, EGYPT—OIL—MINISTRY said it has, 1—MEMORANDUM—OF—UNDERSTANDING in BEIJING with 2—CHINA—COMPANIES to build a $2—BILLION refinery that would be its largest such plant.
20100503             THE—LEADERS—OF—ISRAEL and EGYPT met to discuss THE—RENEWAL—OF—THE—MIDDLE—EAST—PEACE—PROCESS—AHEAD—OF—USA—BACKED indirect negotiations between the Palestinians and the Jewish state.
20100503             GERMANY—CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL said her country will provide euro22.4—BILLION ($29.6—BILLION) to help bailout GREECE over a 3-year period, PART—OF—1—WIDER—PLAN aimed at keeping GREECE afloat and protecting their shared euro currency.
20100503             —WALKED, GRENADA, STEVE—GORRIE, 36—JAHRE—ALT, into 1—PRECINCT station with 2—SEVERED human heads in 1—BUCKET and presented his haul to horrified police.
20100503             Police later found 2—HACKED—UP, headless bodies in 1—RURAL—FIELD—INCLUDING the owner of 1—LOCAL tavern.
20100503             —SEIZED, IRAN—PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—AHMADINEJAD, center stage at the opening of 1—MONTHLONG debate at THE—UNITED—NATIONS on how to stop THE—SPREAD—OF—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS.
20100503             But behind the scenes, UN Security Council powers were discussing ways to punish IRAN for defying their demands that it curb nuclear activities that could be used to make bombs.
20100503             —QUESTIONED, KUWAIT said that several suspects are being, in connection with 1—BUSTED spy cell which 1—LOCAL—NEWSPAPER said had been working for IRAN.
20100503             Rewards from $20,000 to $100,000 were offered to those who can help find them, colossal bounties in 1—COUNTRY where the average salary is $130—PER month.
20100503             —WANTED, BAKIYEV—BROTHER—ZHANYBEK was, for ordering police to open fire on protestors.
20100503             —ARRIVED, NORTH—KOREAN—LEADER—KIM Jong Il, on 1—LUXURY 17-car train in CHINA, in what would be his 1. journey abroad in years as his regime faces 1—WORSENING—ECONOMY and speculation it may have torpedoed 1—SOUTH—KOREAN—WARSHIP.
20100503             INDIA, MOHAMMED—AJMAL—AMIR—KASAB, 22—JAHRE—ALT, 1—PAKISTAN—NATIONAL, was found guilty for his role in the 60-hour siege (20101126—20281126    , 20080000             ) that left 166—PEOPLE—DEAD.
20100503             —CONVICTED, He was, on MOST—OF—THE—86—CHARGES against him and faced the death penalty.
20100503             —IMPOSED, The next day JUDGE—M.L—TAHALIYANI, the death penalty against Kasab on 4—COUNTS—OF—MURDER—WAGING—WAR against INDIA, conspiracy and terrorism offences.
20100503             † In IRAQ 2—USA—SOLDIERS from injuries sustained in separate incidents unrelated to combat.
20100503             Sardasht Othman (23), 1—KURDISH—JOURNALIST, was kidnapped in FRONT—OF—THE—CAMPUS—OF—UNIVERSITY—OF—SALAHUDDIN in the regional CAPITAL—OF—IRBIL.
20100503             —HANDCUFFED, His, and BULLET—RIDDLED body was found —4—DAYS—LATER outside the Kurdish region in Mosul.
20100503             MEXICO, gunmen drove up to 1—SOCCER field and shot 5—MEN to death as they played early —MONDAY near the Pacific coast RESORT—OF—ACAPULCO.
20100503             MOHAMED—ABED—AL—JABRI (19350000              *), MOROCCO—ISLAMIC—PHILOSOPHER—CRITIC and political ideologue for 1—SOCIALIST—OPPOSITION—PARTY, † in Casablanca.
20100503             NIGERIA—PRIVATE—PAY TV station NN24 began a 24-hour news coverage service in a 1. for THE—WEST—AFRICAN country.
20100503             —FREED, NIGERIA—POLICE—1—GHANA—WOMAN after 1—SHOOTOUT with her kidnappers in the restive oil CITY—OF—PORT Harcourt.
20100503             —SEIZED, The kidnappers, another woman, Rita Oparaocha, 1—EMPLOYEE of the state MINISTRY—OF—WORKS and housing after snatching her car.
20100503             —SUSPECTED, PAKISTAN, USA—MISSILES killed 4—ALLEGED militants in a tribal region near THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER, while a top USA—GENERAL arrived to discuss the countries' efforts in the war against Islamist extremists.
20100503             † In SAUDI—ARABIA 2—PEOPLE in the flooding caused by violent thunderstorms which paralyzed RIYADH this week.
20100503             —GATHERED, SENEGAL, lawmakers from 27—AFRICAN countries, in DAKAR for a 2—DAY—CONFERENCE to push for 1—UN—BAN on female genital mutilation as 1—BREACH—OF—HUMAN—RIGHTS.
20100503             SOUTH—AFRICA, police officers found Emmanuel "Lolly" JACKSON—BODY—1—FLAMBOYANT strip club owner, shot several times in 1—HOUSE—NEAR—JOHANNESBURG after receiving 1—CALL from 1—MAN who said he wanted to surrender.
20100503             The caller, known as GEORGE—SMITH or GEORGE—LOUCA, fled to his native CYPRUS.
20100503             —SUSPENDED, SRI—LANKA—COURT—OF—APPEAL—1—COURT martial probing EX—ARMY—CHIEF and defeated presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka who is charged with engaging in politics while in uniform.
20100503             DARFUR—MOST powerful rebel group said it was suspending peace talks with SUDAN—GOVERNMENT—ACCUSING—KHARTOUM—OF—ATTACKING—VILLAGES and military positions in breach of 1—CEASEFIRE.
20100503             SOUTH—SUDAN, 1—RENEGADE army general said he had taken command of 1—BODY—OF—SOLDIERS and demanded the removal of the man who beat him in recent elections.
20100503             —PROMISED, THAILAND—PRIME—MINISTER—ABHISIT—VEJJAJIVA, to produce 1—POLITICAL roadmap that would end 1—STAND—OFF with "Red Shirt" protesters after the country's deadliest civil violence in almost 2—DECADES.
20100503—18470000    —IN, 1—USA Naval officer visiting the area reported on the "deafening roar of the tumultuous waters".
20100503—19880000    —FOUNDED, Forman, Rabbis for Human Rights and
20100503—19920000    —UNTIL, led it.
20100503—20090000    —SINCE, Local media have linked other deaths to Jackson.
20100503—20100420    —ON, Oil has been spewing into THE—GULF—OF—MEXICO since 1—DEEPWATER oil rig operated by BP exploded and sank killing 11—MEN.
20100503—20100430    —ACCUSED, SOUTH—SUDAN—ARMY—GEORGE—ATHOR—OF—MASTERMINDING—1—ATTACK on 1—OF—ITS bases and plotting further assaults after he lost in the race to become GOVERNOR—OF—THE—OIL—PRODUCING—SOUTH'S—JONGLEI state last week.
20100503—20100501    —RETURNED, FAISAL—SHAHZAD, 30—JAHRE—ALT, 1—USA—CITIZEN who had recently, from a 5-month trip to his native PAKISTAN, was arrested at 1—NEW—YORK airport on charges that he drove 1—BOMB—LADEN SUV meant to cause 1—FIREBALL in Times Square.
20100503—20110000    —BY, A TEAM—OF—ISRAELI, Jordanian and Palestinian environmental scientists said large stretches of the biblical JORDAN—RIVER could dry up.
20100503—20110900    —IN, the charred BODY—OF—JACKSON—LAWYER was found in the burned REMAINS—OF—HIS car near Johannesburg.
20100503—20130000    —UNTIL, LUGO—MINISTERS were frustrated by THE—PARAGUAY—SENATE—VOTE—LAST—WEEK to delay 1—PERSONAL—INCOME—TAX that would generate nearly $37—MILLION—1—YEAR that Lugo desperately needs to fund troops and PROVISIONS—OF—MARTIAL law he has declared across 5—STATES in pursuit of the guerrillas.
20100503—20150000    —HOPED, SENEGAL, to eradicate the practice completely.
20110502             THE—USA—ARMY corps. of Engineers exploded 1—SECTION—OF—THE—MISSISSIPPI River Birds Point levee in MISSOURI to protect the small TOWN—OF—CAIRO, ILLINOIS Water levels receded but a 2., smaller section was detonated 20110503              to allow water back into the river.
20110503             —SCOURED, USA—ANALYSTS—1—TROVE—OF—SECRETS grabbed from OSAMA—BIN—LADEN—FORTIFIED hideout for EVIDENCE—OF—THE—SLAIN terrorist's support network in PAKISTAN.
20110503             —REPORTED, THE—USA—CENTERS for Disease Control, that nearly 1 in 10—USA—CHILDREN and 1 in 12—AMERICANS—OF—ALL—AGES have asthma.
20110503             TEXAS used 1—NEW 3-drug combination to execute Kerr for 20010000             —THE—RAPE and MURDER—OF—PAMELA—HORTON, 34—JAHRE—ALT in Haltom City near Fort Worth.
20110503             —TURNED, JACKIE—COOPER (19220000              *), child actor, director, † in Santa MONICA—CALIFORNIA((PUNKT)).
20110503             —INCLUDED, His other films, "Skippy" (19310000             ) and "Treasure Island" (19340000             ).
20110503             —PLAYED, Cooper also, Daily Planet Editor PERRY—WHITE in the 1970s and 1980s Superman Series with CHRISTOPHER—REEVE.
20110503             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN—SECURITY—FORCES, and wounded 25—FOREIGN—FIGHTERS overnight after they crossed the border to Nuristan province from PAKISTAN.
20110503             —REPORTED, The Arctic Monitory and Assessment Program (AMAP), that THE—ICE—OF—GREENLAND and the Arctic is melting faster than expected and could raise global sea levels by as much as 5—FEET this century.
20110503             —TREATED, BAHRAIN—JUSTICE—MINISTER said 24—DOCTORS and 23, who, injured ANTI—GOVERNMENT—PROTESTERS—DURING—MONTHS—OF—UNREST in the Gulf kingdom, have been charged with acts against the state and will be tried in 1—MILITARY—COURT.
20110503             —SUSPENDED, COLOMBIA—SOLICITOR general, BOGOTA—MAYOR—SAMUEL—MORENO from office —FOR—3—MONTHS for alleged negligence in overseeing public contracts.
20110503             —LAUNCHED, GERMANY and several other countries, 1—CAMPAIGN to create 1—HUMAN—RIGHTS—LOGO that would serve as 1—UNIVERSAL—SYMBOL—LIKE the peace sign or 1—HEART—SIGNIFYING—LOVE.
20110503             —PACKED, IRAQ, 1—CAR—BOMB tore through 1—CAFE, with young men watching 1—FOOTBALL—MATCH in BAGHDAD, killing at least 16—PEOPLE.
20110503             —KILLED, Earlier in the day 1—POLICE colonel in NORTH—IRAQ was, by 1—ROADSIDE bomb.
20110503             JAPAN—NIKKEI newspaper said ISRAEL—TEVA—PHARMACEUTICAL—INDUSTRIES has decided to buy JAPAN—3.-largest generic drug company Taiyo Pharmaceutical Industry for about $500—MILLION.
20110503             ITALY—ANTI—MAFIA prosecutors said that 80—MAFIOSI from 2—PROMINENT—CRIME syndicates have been arrested in separate operations.
20110503             40 were arrested for association with the 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate in Calabria.
20110503             Another 40—PEOPLE in Naples were ACCUSED—OF—TRAFFICKING—DRUGS between ITALY and SPAIN.
20110503             —RATIFIED, KAZAKHSTAN, 1—AGREEMENT with THE—USA to allow the air TRANSIT—OF—SUPPLIES and personnel destined for operations in AFGHANISTAN.
20110503             MEXICO—POLICE found 1—TOTAL—OF—5—DECAPITATED bodies in THE—SUBURBS—OF—MEXICO—CITY accompanied by written messages of the kind frequently left by drug gangs.
20110503             Unidentified attackers shot JOEL—S—TIERRE, 1—CANADA—CITIZEN, in the head on 1—STREET in the Benito Juarez DISTRICT—OF—MEXICO—CITY.
20110503             —ANNOUNCED, Prosecutors in THE—NORTH—STATE—OF—DURANGO, that 6—MORE—SETS—OF—SKELETAL remains had been found in continuing excavations at mass graves, bringing the total NUMBER—OF—BODIES found in 1—MONTH—LONG—SEARCH of the sites to about 110.
20110503             —RIPPED, MEXICO, 1—GAS—EXPLOSION that, through 1—PRIMITIVE—VERTICAL—SHAFT coal mine trapping 14—MINERS in S—JUAN—DE—SABINAS, Coahuila state.
20110503             —KILLED, All 14 were.
20110503             —SKIDDED, In central NEPAL 1—CROWDED bus, off 1—MOUNTAIN—ROAD—KILLING at least 12—PEOPLE and injuring MANY—OTHERS.
20110503             —RIPPED, NEW—ZEALAND, 1—TORNADO, across PART—OF—AUCKLAND, upturning cars and sending debris slicing through the air.
20110503             —KILLED, At least 1—PERSON was, and about 20—INJURED.
20110503             —ACKNOWLEDGED, PAKISTAN—PRESIDENT, for the 1. time that his security forces were left out of 1—USA—OPERATION to kill OSAMA—BIN—LADEN, but he did little to dispel questions over how the al Qaeda leader was able to live in comfort near ISLAMABAD.
20110503             A top Palestinian negotiator said 15—SMALLER—FACTIONS—INCLUDING—MILITANT—ISLAMIC—GROUPS, have thrown their weight behind 1—RECONCILIATION—DEAL—ENDING a 4-year rift between the movement's main groups, Hamas and Fatah.
20110503             —ACCOSTED, PERU, 1—GROUP—OF—GUNMEN—REPORTER—JULIO Castillo Narvaez (41) as he was leaving 1—VIRU restaurant after lunch and shot him 6—TIMES, then fled the scene.
20110503             —HEADED, Narvaez, who, the newscast at Radio Ollantay in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—VIRU, was 1—FIERCE—CRITIC—OF—REGIONAL—AUTHORITIES.
20110503             —ANNOUNCED, PORTUGAL, 1—BAILOUT—OF—78—BILLION euros by THE—IMF, THE—EU and the European Central Bank to avoid default.
20110503             The conditions as well as the key REACTION—OF—OPPOSITION—PARTIES remain unclear.
20110503             —DROPPED, THE—CHURCH—OF—SCIENTOLOGY said RUSSIA—JUSTICE—MINISTRY has, 29—BOOKS and lectures by the movement's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, from its LIST—OF—EXTREMIST—LITERATURE.
20110503             —BANNED, They had been, in late April after 1—COURT in the Siberian CITY—OF—SURGUT found them "extremist".
20110503             —FIRED, SYRIA—SECURITY—FORCES, tear gas in THE—NORTH—CITY—OF—ALEPPO to disperse HUNDREDS—OF—STUDENTS—RALLYING and calling for 1—END to DARAA—SIEGE.
20110503             —KILLED, Rights groups said at least 545—SYRIANS have been, since the uprising began in Daraa.
20110503             —EXPECTED, Elections were soon.
20110503             A UN report said the world's population is growing and may hit 10.1—BILLION by the year 2100.
20110503             [l] Oh nein!
20110503             Für Staunen hat am —DIENSTAG die Nachricht gesorgt, das OSAMA—BIN—LADEN bereits lange Zeit in der Villa lebte:
20110503             Es sei "unvorstellbar", dass sich OSAMA—BIN—LADEN ohne Hilfe längere Zeit dort habe verstecken können, sagte etwa der ANTI—TERROR—BERATER—VON—USA—PRÄSIDENT BARACK—OBAMA, JOHN—BRENNAN.
20110503             PAKISTAN steckt weiter in Erklärungsnot, wie der AL—QAIDA—CHEF dort so lange hatte leben können.
20110503             1—VERTRETER des pakistanischen Geheimdienstes ISI bezeichnete es zwar als "blamabel",
20110503             dass es nicht gelungen sei, OSAMA—BIN—LADEN in dem Anwesen aufzuspüren.
20110503             "Hätten wir gewusst, dass er da ist, hätten wir ihn gefangen genommen und den Amerikanern übergeben", sagte der Vertreter, der anonym bleiben wollte.
20110503             WASHINGTON erklärte indes, dass "jede Bemühung zur Zusammenarbeit mit den Pakistanern die Mission aufs Spiel gesetzt hätte".
20110503             CIA—CHEF LEON—PANETTA sagte dem USA—MAGAZIN "Time", zudem sei es USA—SATELLITEN bis kurz vor dem Zugriff nicht gelungen, OSAMA—BIN—LADEN und seine Familie in dem Gelände eindeutig zu identifizieren.
20110503             Die CIA sei mit 60- bis 80-prozentiger Wahrscheinlichkeit davon ausgegangen, dass sich der Terrorchef dort aufhalte.
20110503             Tod von QAIDA—CHEF: USA korrigieren SICH—OSAMA—BIN—LADEN war unbewaffnet
20110503             Bin Ladens Ende: Die Spur zum Kurier des Todes
20110503             Entführungsopfer: Österreich zahlt Kampusch keine Entschädigung
20110503             USA—ARMEE: Die HIGHTECH—HATZ auf OSAMA—BIN—LADEN
20110503             PAKISTAN und OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: Amerikas undurchschaubarer Partner
20110503             Aufstand in Syrien: Armee rückt in weitere Protesthochburg ein
20110503             Verwandter des Menschen: Unser vegetarischer Cousin
20110503             Alleingang gegen OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: USA fürchteten Pakistans Verrat
20110503             erfahrenen BILDFÄLSCHER—WIR haben uns die Datei näher angeschaut.
20110503             —ZUNÄCHST fällt dem erfahrenen Bildfälscher auf: Wieso macht jemand das in Illustrator und nicht in Photoshop?
20110503             Die BUSH—ADMINISTRATION hat zwar immer vom Krieg gegen den Terror gesprochen, aber vor allem Krieg im Irak geführt.
20110503             Die OBAMA—REGIERUNG hat das korrigiert und nun einen großen Erfolg eingefahren.
20110503             "Sollte 1—ABWEICHUNG zwischen Antiwasserstoff und Wasserstoff gefunden werden, wäre das 1—HAMMER", sagt Müller im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL—ONLINE.
20110503             "Die CPT—SYMMETRIE wäre gebrochen. Das hätte fundamentale Auswirkungen auf die Physik".
20110503             Staunen: Der QAIDA—CHEF vagabundierte nicht von Versteck zu Versteck, immer auf der Flucht vor seinen Verfolgern.
20110503             Sondern er lebte nach USA—ANGABEN schon
20110503             —SEIT Mitte des vergangenen Jahrzehnts auf dem Anwesen am Rande der pakistanischen Garnisonsstadt Abbottabad.
20110503             OSAMA—BIN—LADEN habe die vergangenen fünf bis sechs Jahre in der von USA—SPEZIALEINHEITEN gestürmten Villa verbracht,
20110503             sagte USA—PRÄSIDENTENBERATER JOHN—BRENNAN am —DIENSTAG dem Sender CBS.
20110503             In der Zeit habe er praktisch keine Kontakte außerhalb des Geländes gehabt,
20110503             sei dort aber sehr aktiv gewesen und habe zum Beispiel VIDEO—UND Audiobotschaften aufgenommen.
20110503             POLIT—PIXEL: Wurde Obamas Geburtsurkunde gefälscht?
20110503             ISLAMISMUS—EXPERTE Steinberg: "Bei AL—QAIDA kann niemand OSAMA—BIN—LADEN ersetzen"
20110503             Rache an OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: Er ist tot. Hurra?
20110503             UNO—PROGNOSE: Bald leben zehn Milliarden Menschen auf der Erde
20110503             Verunreinigung: So viel Genmais im Saatgut wie noch nie
20110503             PHYSIK—REKORD: Forscher fangen Antimaterie minutenlang ein
20110503             Störfall: Japanisches AKW Tsuruga wird heruntergefahren
20110503             HYPOTHEKEN—WUCHER: USA—REGIERUNG verklagt Deutsche Bank auf 1—MILLIARDE—DOLLAR
20110503             USA—ERKENNTNISSE: OSAMA—BIN—LADEN lebte mehr als fünf Jahre in seiner Residenz
20110503             CYBER—DSCHIHADISTEN nach Bin Ladens Tod: "Gott, lass die Nachricht falsch sein"
20110503             Zu viel nackte Haut: Barcelona bestraft Stadtbummel im Bikini
20110503             "Ich möchte darauf hinweisen, dass die Masse der islamisch geprägten Völker arme Leute sind", erklärte der Altkanzler und plädierte dafür, die Unruhen in der arabischen Welt auf soziale und ökonomische Ursachen zurückzuführen.
20110503             Helmut Schmidt dagegen beharrte auf den Prinzipien des Völkerrechts und der Nichteinmischung, die mit dem Ende des OST—WEST—GEGENSATZES immer mehr durchlöchert und aufgeweicht worden seien.
20110503             Einwände gegen die WELTPOLIZIST—POLITIK der USA—FREUNDE artikuliert Schmidt mit der ihm eigenen trockenen Indignation.
20110503             "Bei mir bleiben Zweifel an der Vorstellung, dass der Präsident eines Verfassungsstaats den Auftrag gibt, einen Menschen umzubringen in einem anderen Land", erklärt er,
20110503             als Beckmann ihn um 1—BEURTEILUNG—DER—REDE—OBAMAS zum Tode des TOP—TERRORISTEN bittet.
20110503             Es war unklar, wie ernst García seine Äußerungen meinte.
20110503             JOHANNES—PAULUS—II—PAPA. habe die Welt damit von "dieser Inkarnation des Teufels, diesem Dämon des Hasses und des Verbrechens" befreit.
20110503             Garnisonsstadt Abbottabad: Bin Ladens ahnungslose Nachbarn
20110503             Terrorgefahr in Deutschland: Friedrich fordert Schutz für USA—EINRICHTUNGEN
20110503             Sicherheitsrisiko: Hacker konnten Daten von 100—MILLIONEN SONY—KUNDEN kopieren
20110503             SCHULDEN—STAAT paradox: PORTUGAL hortet gewaltige Goldreserven
20110503             Herfried Münkler zu Bin Ladens Ende: "Natürlich darf 1—DEMOKRATIE töten"
20110503             Perus Präsident García: "Bin Ladens Tod ist ein PAPST—WUNDER"
20110503             NETZWELT—TICKER: Google soll in Südkorea illegal Ortsdaten gesammelt haben
20110503             Sellafield: Briten fassen Terrorverdächtige nahe Atomanlage
20110503             NATO—EINSATZ: BIN—LADEN—TOD befeuert Debatte über AFGHANISTAN—ABZUG
20110503             HOLLYWOOD—PLÄNE: Jagd auf OSAMA—BIN—LADEN soll verfilmt werden
20110503             Debatte nach USA—OPERATION: Ströbele fordert Aus für AFGHANISTAN—EINSATZ
20110503             Space Shuttle "Endeavour": Letzter Start verschiebt sich um 1—WOCHE
20110503             Vielleicht wäre die Dekade ein bisschen anders verlaufen, hätten USA—SOLDATEN OSAMA—BIN—LADEN 20010000              schon in der Höhlenfestung Tora Bora getötet.
20110503             Doch der Terrorfürst entwischte, zehn Jahre lang.
20110503             Und durch diesen Fakt seiner Flucht hat er den Amerikanern vermutlich mehr geschadet als durch alles andere seit 9/11.
20110503             Auf amerikanischer Seite sind zu verbuchen: rund 6000—GETÖTETE USA—SOLDATEN.
20110503             Allein 1,3 Billionen Dollar neue Staatsschulden für die Kriege in AFGHANISTAN und im Irak, die wahren Kosten liegen wohl weit höher.
20110503             1—GESAMTSCHULDENLAST von mehr als 14—BILLIONEN Dollar hat das Land angehäuft, nach Haushaltsüberschüssen nur zehn Jahre vorher.
20110503             Die scheinbar mächtigste Nation der Welt muss bangen,
20110503             dass sie nicht bald die offizielle Zahlungsunfähigkeit erklären muss.
20110503             Amerika hat sich so verstrickt in 1—KULTUR—DER—ANGST und Ängstlichkeit, dass es mehr für Verteidigung ausgibt als alle anderen Nationen zusammen.
20110503             Und es ist gefangen in Kriegen, die es nicht gewinnen KANN—UND in denen es auch nicht mehr kämpfen will, glaubt man den USA—MEINUNGSUMFRAGEN über den Sinn etwa des AFGHANISTAN—EINSATZES.
20110503             Mit der jüngsten arabischen Revolution hatte sein Netzwerk wenig zu schaffen, die mittlerweile so wichtigen Internetnetzwerke blieben seinen TERROR—VETERANEN fremd.
20110503             Es gab 1—ZEIT, da er wirklich der gefährlichste Mann der Welt zu sein schien, der Globus zitterte vor seinen neuen Botschaften.
20110503             Leider haben all diese Bilder aber eines gemeinsam: Sie stellten sich stets als bloße Momentaufnahmen heraus, schöner Schein, mehr nicht.
20110503             Die Mission war eben nicht zu Ende, niemals.
20110503             23.35 - Um 23.35—UHR tritt er vor die Fernsehkameras im EAST—ROOM.
20110503             Pakistans Regierung wird nach Angaben der USA nicht vorab informiert.
20110503             "und es dauerte viele Monate, um diese Spur zu verifizieren".
20110503             errorhäftlinge im Lager Guantanamo und in den geheimen CIA—KNÄSTEN in Osteuropa
20110503             Doch sickern immer mehr dramatische Details durch, die es ermöglichen, den Ablauf zu rekonstruieren.
20110503             Es ist die beste und geheimste Eliteeinheit des USA—MILITÄRS.
20110503             Ihre verdeckten Einsätze kommen selten ans LICHT—UND wenn, dann sind sie voller Sprengkraft.
20110503             MEDIZINER—MANGEL: Land ohne Arzt
20110503             —BIS zu 36—MILLIARDEN Euro mehr: Staatsschätzer rechnen mit Steuersegen
20110503             Internationale Pressestimmen: "Bin Ladens Erbe wiegt schwer"
20110503             —HEUTE in den Feuilletons: "Kein rechtliches Gehör, kein Anwalt"
20110503             Kommandoaktion in PAKISTAN: Terrorfahnder scannen Bin Ladens Festplatten
20110503             Frühe Meeresbewohner: Stachelhäuter profitierten vom Massenaussterben
20110503             Nach BIN—LADEN—TOD: Obama plant Besuch am Ground 0
20110503             Tötung von OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: Zehn Jahre zu spät für Amerika
20110503             Bin Ladens Tod: Obama verfolgte "Geronimos" letztes Gefecht live
20110503             Millionen Bankdaten gestohlen: Sony meldet Hackerangriff auf weiteres Netzwerk
20110503             Das libysche Staatsfernsehen hatte berichtet, die Angriffe sollten die Nato davon abhalten, die Aufständischen mit Waffen zu beliefern.
20110503             TRIPOLIS—TAUSENDE Libyer haben den bei einem NATO—ANGRIFF getöteten Sohn von Machthaber Muammar AL—GADDAFI zu Grabe getragen.
20110503             Das Weiße Haus hat im Tagesverlauf hier offenbar seine Sprachregelung KORRIGIERT—VIELLEICHT auch, um völkerrechtliche Kritik an der Aktion zumindest teilweise zu entkräften.
20110503             Ein großzügiges Anwesen in städtischer Umgebung sei der bevorzugte Unterschlupf von QAIDA—GRÖßEN gewesen.
20110503             "Diese HOLLYWOOD—VERSION vom Rennen von Fels zu Fels und Höhle zu Höhle ist Unsinn.
20110503             Man ist am verwundbarsten, wenn man sich bewegt".
20110503             MICHAEL—SCHEUER, Gründer und Leiter der 20040000              aufgelösten BIN—LADEN—EINHEIT des amerikanischen Geheimdienstes CIA,
20110503             Das Anwesen sei "maßgeschneidert dafür gewesen, eine wichtige Person zu verstecken",
20110503             Sie unterstehen laut "GUARDIAN" direkt dem CIA—CHEF LEON—PANETTA, dem Präsident BARACK—OBAMA die Kommandogewalt für diese Operation übertragen hat.
20110503             Das Neue Testament fordert ohne Einschränkungen die Nächstenliebe.
20110503             Damit ist Schadenfreude über den Tod eines Menschen nicht vereinbar".
20110503             Mit diesen Worten kritisierte Hubertus Lutterbach, 49, katholischer Theologieprofessor an der Universität DUISBURG—ESSEN,
20110503             —AM Tag nach der Tötung von TOP—TERRORIST OSAMA—BIN—LADEN die öffentlichen Jubelfeiern in den USA.
20110503             "Einiges spricht dafür, dass die USA den Leichnam einfach schnellstmöglich verschwinden lassen wollten".
20110503             Obwohl es "eine große Seefahrertradition" von Muslimen im Indischen Ozean gebe, sei 1—FALL wie das Seegrab für OSAMA—BIN—LADEN bisher nicht bekannt, erläuterte der Islamwissenschaftler.
20110503             "Dass jemand auf dem Land stirbt und dann auf See bestattet wird, ist kaum mit dem islamischen Recht in Deckung zu bringen".
20110503             Die Regierung in WASHINGTON zweifelt dennoch an der Aufrichtigkeit der pakistanischen Bemühungen
20110503             Zudem hatte 1—CIA—SÖLDNER—ENDE—JANUAR in der ostpakistanischen Millionenmetropole Lahore unter ungeklärten Umständen zwei Pakistaner erschossen
20110503             Das Verhältnis zwischen den ANTI—TERROR—PARTNERN USA und PAKISTAN war in den vergangenen Wochen dramatisch abgekühlt,
20110503             "Seebestattung".
20110503             in ERKLÄRUNGSNOT—WEGEN der Entsorgung der Leiche
20110503             "Wir müssen schlicht und ergreifend einräumen, dass wir unwissend waren".
20110503             Tatsache ist, dass Mieter und Immobilienkäufer in Abbottabad eine "Unbedenklichkeitserklärung" der Regierung benötigen, dass sie also von staatlichen Stellen überprüft werden, bevor sie mieten oder kaufen dürfen.
20110503             manchen Aussagen aus pakistanischen Armeekreisen zufolge
20110503             Dem Vernehmen nach hatte OSAMA—BIN—LADEN sein Äußeres stark verändert, manchen Aussagen aus pakistanischen Armeekreisen zufolge hatte er keinen Vollbart mehr,
20110503             so dass sein Aussehen nur schwer in Einklang zu bringen war mit dem Bild, das man von ihm in der ganzen Welt kennt.
20110503             "Irgendetwas stimmt an dieser ganzen Geschichte nicht", sagte ein unmittelbarer Nachbar Bin Ladens in Abbottabad.
20110503             "Wie kann es sein, dass er hier für wie lange auch immer lebte, und niemand von der Armee wusste davon?
20110503             Die wissen doch sonst alles!"
20110503             "Normalerweise wissen wir über jede Person Bescheid, die im Umkreis von einem Kilometer von den Kasernen in Abbottabad lebt", gibt denn auch ein zerknirschter ranghoher ISI—OFFIZIER zu.
20110503             immense Erklärungsnot: Entweder war sie ahnungslos oder sie hat die Öffentlichkeit getäuscht
20110503             Die Militärakademie Kalkul ist etwa 500—METER von dem weiß verputzen Haus mit der etwa vier Meter hohen grauen Mauer entfernt, in dem sich OSAMA—BIN—LADEN versteckt hatte.
20110503             Das Quartier des Geheimdienstes ISI liegt ganz in der Nähe.
20110503             auch nicht in der Millionenmetropole Karatschi, wo Menschen jahrelang unerkannt untertauchen können.
20110503             Es ist eine missliche Situation für PAKISTAN, für die Regierung, vor allem aber für die allmächtige pakistanische Armee und für den Militärgeheimdienst ISI:
20110503             Was hatte Amerika überhaupt auf dem Territorium einer fremden Macht, also in PAKISTAN, zu suchen?
20110503             Ein militärischer Übergriff über die Grenzen, soweit er nicht nur Selbstverteidigung geschieht,
20110503             wird allgemein als Souveränitätsverletzung GESEHEN—ES sei denn, Pakistans Regierung hätte die USA zu Hilfe gerufen.
20110503             Für die Feldherren des "Krieges gegen den Terror" ist die ganze Welt das Schlachtfeld.
20110503             Überall dort, wo der Feind sich versteckt, egal ob in NEU—ULM oder in ISLAMABAD,
20110503             rechtfertigt die USA—SICHT einen Militäreinsatz wie den aus der vergangenen Nacht.
20110503             Kreß: "AL—QAIDA hat offenbar seit geraumer Zeit 1—NETZWERKSTRUKTUR.
20110503             In einem Netzwerk ist aber nicht klar, wer im Einzelfall die Befehle gibt.
20110503             Auch über die Struktur der Qaida im pakistanischen Grenzgebiet weiß man als Nichteingeweihter wenig.
20110503             Es ist also keineswegs sicher, dass OSAMA—BIN—LADEN noch immer Befehlsgewalt über 1—QUASI—MILITÄRISCHE—ORGANISATION ausübte".
20110503             Wenn er aber nicht mehr der Chef war, hätte man ihn auch nicht als feindlichen Krieger behandeln und töten dürfen.
20110503             Die ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit für Verbrechen, und seien sie noch so schwer, wird nach den Worten des Kölner VÖLKERRECHTS—PROFESSORS Claus Kreß "nicht durch summarische Hinrichtungen,
20110503             sondern durch eine prozessförmige Strafe" durchgesetzt.
20110503             Der übliche Umgang mit einem weltweit gesuchten MORD—AUFTRAGGEBER wie OSAMA—BIN—LADEN wäre, so Kreß, seine Verhaftung, Anklage und Verurteilung gewesen.
20110503             Dass die Festnahme des Verdächtigen im internationalen Rechtsverkehr mit militärischer Gewalt geschehen kann, dass dabei geschossen wird, Notwehrsituationen entstehen,
20110503             die schließlich keinen anderen Weg mehr übrig lassen als den, einen hochgefährlichen Hochverdächtigen notfalls zu TÖTEN—ALL dies kann tragische, unvermeidbare Zuspitzung des Prozesses der Gerechtigkeit sein.
20110503             Doch Völkerrechtler, die sich seit Jahren mit der juristischen Bewertung des USA—AMERIKANISCHEN " Krieges gegen den Terror " herumquälen, tun sich schwer mit den markigen Worten der vergangenen Nacht.
20110503             "Wir sind offen für eine befristete Verlängerung der Sicherheitsgesetze", sagt THOMAS—OPPERMANN, der parlamentarische Geschäftsführer der SPD—FRAKTION.
20110503             Die Regierung müsse mit Experten beraten und dann ideologiefrei über 1—AUSWEITUNG—DER—GESETZE entscheiden.
20110503             Und so weiter.
20110503             Der Streit zwischen Union und FDP poppt erneut auf.
20110503             Es geht um jene Gesetzespakete, die die damalige ROT—GRÜNE Bundesregierung nach den Anschlägen aufs World Trade Center im Jahr
20110503             "Durch Osama Bin Ladens Tod ist die Terrorgefahr gestiegen".
20110503             "Der Tod Bin Ladens zeigt, dass am Ende Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit siegen", bemerkt der Bundesinnenminister am —MONTAG.
20110503             Und KANZLERIN—ANGELA—MERKEL
20110503             sagt: "Heute Nacht haben die Kräfte des Friedens einen Erfolg errungen".
20110503             Datenbanken über Verdächtige und Kriminelle
20110503             Der Umfang der Schattenwirtschaft in Griechenland beträgt nach Schätzungen der EU und der Organisation für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung zwischen 25—UND 37—PROZENT.
20110503             von gerdmayer : Osama
20110503             Diese Jubelszenen zeigen doch nur das die Menschen in den USA geistig emotional auf der selben Stufe stehen, wie die "dummen Muselmanen" wenn sie den Tod von "Ungläubigen"bejubeln.
20110503             Nicht mehr und nicht weniger.
20110503             Gruppenzwang und [...] - mehr...
20110503             LIBYEN—KONFLIKT: Gaddafi bleibt Beerdigung seines Sohnes fern
20110503             Fotostrecke: Anspannung im Situation Room
20110503             Tod eines Terroristen: Bin Ladens letzte Minuten
20110503             Tötung von OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: USA—OPERATION blamiert Pakistans Regierung
20110503             USA—OPERATION gegen OSAMA—BIN—LADEN: Obamas fragiler Triumph
20110503             Bin Ladens Seebestattung: "Sein Körper glitt ins Wasser"
20110503             Tötung Bin Ladens: Gerechtigkeit auf Amerikanisch
20110503             Sicherheitsgesetze: BIN—LADEN—TOD befeuert deutschen Terrorstreit
20110503             BIN—LADEN—NACHFOLGER: Beste Chancen für einen alten Freund
20110503             BIN—LADEN—GENTESTS: Gewissheit zu 99,9 Prozent
20110503             15—PROZENT: SPD plant Migrantenquote in Spitzengremien
20110503             Zitat des Tages: "Schadenfreude über Bin Ladens Tod ist unwürdig"
20110503             Brüsseler Bekenntnis: EU schließt GRIECHEN—KAPITULATION aus
20110503             Zwischen 20030000              und 20080000              ist der Meeresspiegel pro Jahr um rund drei Millimeter angestiegen.
20110503             Dazu habe das geschmolzene
20110503             ARKTIS—EIS zu 40—PROZENT beigetragen, heißt es in dem AMAP—BERICHT.
20110503             In den letzten Wochen
20110503             dokumentierten mehrere Studien ein verstärktes Abschmelzen des Grönlandeises.
20110503             Nach Ansicht des Völkerrechtlers CHRISTIAN—TOMUSCHAT hätten sich die USA darum bemühen müssen, OSAMA—BIN—LADEN lebend gefangenzunehmen.
20110503             "Falls es sich um eine gezielte Tötung gehandelt haben sollte, ist das unter rechtsstaatlichen Gesichtspunkten bedenklich", sagte Tomuschat, emeritierter Professor für Völkerrecht an der HUMBOLDT—UNIVERSITÄT BERLIN.
20110503             Eine abschließende Bewertung der Aktion sei jedoch nicht möglich, solange die näheren Umstände nicht bekannt seien.
20110503             "1—FESTNAHME hätte Priorität haben müssen", so Tomuschat.
20110503             "Die USA hätten OSAMA—BIN—LADEN dann ohne weiteres vor ein amerikanisches Gericht stellen können".
20110503             Es habe sich um eine "Kill Mission" gehandelt, berichtete der Sender unter Berufung auf offizielle Quellen.
20110503             so solle verhindert werden, dass 1—PILGERSTÄTTE für islamische Extremisten entstehen könnte, wie es im Fall einer Beisetzung an Land möglich wäre.
20110503             "1—SEEBESTATTUNG ist im Islam unüblich", sagte der Vorsitzende der Islamischen Religionsgemeinschaft HESSEN, Ramazan Kuruyüz.
20110503             " Es sei denn, es handelt sich um 1—NOTSITUATION. Etwa, wenn jemand auf dem Meer gestorben ist und es keine Möglichkeit gibt, den Leichnam an Land zu bringen".
20110503             Der Vorfall zeige, dass eine dermaßen gewaltige Militäroperation wie in den vergangenen zehn Jahren nicht nötig gewesen wäre, "um einer einzelnen Person entgegenzutreten", sagte Mehmanparast.
20110503             Offenbar war PAKISTAN vorab nicht über die USA—AKTION gegen den QAIDA—CHEF informiert.
20110503             Und es melden sich auch Stimmen zu Wort, die die gezielte Tötung des QAIDA—CHEFS durch USA—AMERIKANISCHE Spezialkräfte in PAKISTAN verurteilen.
20110503             offen
20110503             Ernst zu nehmende Experten vermuteten ihn plötzlich im Jemen, andere in PAKISTAN, wieder andere in AFGHANISTAN.
20110503             Verschwörungstheoretiker stellten in Frage, dass er überhaupt noch lebe.
20110503             Ernst - 20110503 [...]"Wir sind ziemlich sicher, dass er entweder lebt oder tot ist", sagte Bush s 1. Verteidigungsminister DONALD—RUMSFELD.
20110503             Der SAUDI—ARABIA—KANNTE die Praktiken seiner Jäger: Ausgerechnet ein ehemaliger Ausbilder der Special Forces schulte seine Leibgarde.
20110503             und ein paar verbündete afghanische Warlords pirschten sich bis auf wenige Kilometer an den Staatsfeind heran,
20110503             von mehrlicht : Rebellen haben selbst chemische Waffen
20110503             Diese sollen sie laut Mossad an Hamas und Hisbollah verkauft haben.
20110503             Senior LIBYA—REBEL "officers" sold Hizballah and Hamas THOUSANDS—OF—CHEMICAL shells from THE—STOCKS—OF—MUSTARD and nerve gas that fell into rebel hands [...]
20110503             mehr...
20110503             Schließlich ist es seine Pflicht als USA—PRÄSIDENT, das Land sicher zu machen.
20110503             Außerdem haben die meisten Amerikaner gerade mehr Angst vor Schulden oder Arbeitslosigkeit als vor OSAMA—BIN—LADEN.
20110503             TERROR—VOLLSTRECKER inszenieren
20110503             Obama als erfolgreicher TERROR—VOLLSTRECKER
20110503             und Trump sieht wie 1—CLOWN aus, mehr denn je.
20110503             Die Inszenierung klingt wie direkt aus einem "JAMES—BOND"-Film, wo sich einsame Agenten in die Höhle des Oberschurken abseilen
20110503             Sie dachten dann daran, wie GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH, bis dahin ein schwacher, ein zögerlicher Präsident,
20110503             wenige Tage nach den
20110503             Anschlägen vom 20010911              auf die Trümmer der Wolkenkratzer am Ground 0 in NEW—YORK kletterte,
20110503             ein "bullhorn" - 1—MEGAFON—SCHNAPPTE und den versammelten Feuerwehrleuten und Helfern zurief, Amerika werde immer stark bleiben.
20110503             Auf einmal war Bush 1—HELD. Paukenschlag.
20110503             Von einem Ereignis, das seiner Amtszeit mit einem Schlag eine andere Anmutung gibt.
20110503             Denn die Regierung in WASHINGTON, so war OSAMA—BIN—LADEN überzeugt, stützte die Regime in den islamischen Ländern.
20110503             dieses MAKRO—MANAGEMENT—SYSTEM
20110503             deutlichen Drang, sich in alles einzumischen.
20110503             Den globalen Terror planen längst andere.
20110503             OSAMA—BIN—LADEN hinterlässt der Welt eines der widerstandsfähigsten und schlagkräftigsten Terrornetzwerke der Geschichte.
20110503             Von YASSIN—MUSHARBASH
20110503             Ion : Todesstrafe???
20110503             Merkel hat gesagt, daß sich sich über den Tod von OSAMA—BIN—LADEN freut, soll das heißen, daß sie für die Todesstrafe ist?
20110503             Sie ist doch in der EU verboten..... - mehr...
20110503             peddersen : sechtzehen
20110503             Der Westen bzw. die agierenden Beteiligten wissen genau, was sie falsch MACHEN—NÄMLICH am laufenden Band Menschen in die Arme des Terrorismus zu treiben.
20110503             Nur finden sie es nicht falsch, sondern machen das absichtlich, um ihre [...]
20110503             Hier vor dem Weißen Haus vereint sich Amerika wieder, die Linken und die Rechten, Soldaten und Umweltaktivisten.
20110503             Sogar 1—FAHNE—DER—TEA—PARTY—BEWEGUNG wird geschwenkt.
20110503             "Es ist nur ein weiterer Mensch gestorben, auch wenn es OSAMA—BIN—LADEN ist".
20110503             Zigarrengeruch strömt durch die kühle Luft.
20110503             Ein paar Mädchen stimmen ein Lied an: "We shall overcome".
20110503             Irgendwann beginnt sich die Masse in einem gemeinsamen Rhythmus zu bewegen.
20110503             Ein paar trällern: "Ding, dong, the witch is dead".
20110503             Eine bunte Versammlung aus allen Rassen, Geschlechtern, HAUTFARBEN—AMERIKA live.
20110503             NATÜRLICH—NATÜRLICH wird AL—QAIDA weiter existieren, es wird andere Terrorfürsten geben.
20110503             Die Menschen in den arabischen Staaten haben längst einen anderen, einen besseren Weg zur Freiheit GEWÄHLT—SIE kämpfen für mehr Demokratie, mehr Menschenrechte.
20110503             Man kann diese Art der Rache in Frage stellen.
20110503             Die USA verurteilten die Ausschreitungen nach Angaben des USA—AUßENAMTSSPRECHERS MARK—TONER aufs Schärfste.
20110503             Die Wiener Konvention schreibe vor, dass die libysche Regierung den Schutz diplomatischer Vertretungen in Tripolis gewährleisten müsse.
20110503             "Indem sie das nicht getan hat, hat dieses Regime wieder einmal seine internationalen Verpflichtungen und Verantwortung gebrochen".
20110503             Die Regierung warf dem Bündnis vor, gezielt Jagd auf Gaddafi zu machen und verurteilte die Attacke als Verletzung internationalen Rechts.
20110503             Es sei nun für jeden ersichtlich, dass die Geschehnisse in Libyen nichts mit der Verteidigung von Zivilisten zu tun hätten.
20110503             Zugleich widersprach die Regierung westlichen Angaben, dass der Luftangriff militärischen Zielen gegolten habe.
20110503             Es habe keine KOMMANDO—UND Führungsstrukturen in dem Wohngebiet gegeben, in dem die NATO—BOMBEN eingeschlagen waren.
20110503             Mit der Plastikschicht, welche die Forscher
20110503             in der Fachzeitschrift "Nature Materials" vorstellen, steht nun ein neues Material aus der Klasse der Thermoelektrika zur Verfügung.
20110503             Diese Werkstoffe könnten in Zukunft unter anderem die Auspuffwärme von Autos zur Stromerzeugung nutzen und so den Treibstoffbedarf senken.
20110503             "Wir können keine Entwarnung für Deutschland geben. Wir müssen in Deutschland weiterhin mit Anschlägen islamistischer Terroristen rechnen", warnte Ziercke.
20110503             Die Union dagegen erhält Unterstützung von der SPD.
20110503             "Ich denke, dass alles dafür spricht, diese Gesetze zu verlängern", sagte der SPD—INNENPOLITIKER Dieter Wiefelspütz der "Welt".
20110503             Die ANTI—TERROR—GESETZE seien "überschaubar in ihrer Reichweite".
20110503             "Jetzt, da der Prinz seine Prinzessin aus dem Volk gefunden hat, und das Böse tot ist…was soll jetzt noch kommen?"
20110503             In der Diskussionsarena der Seite Politico warnt JAMES—J—ZOGBY, Vorsitzender des ARABISCH—AMERIKANISCHEN Instituts, vor zu viel Euphorie:
20110503             "Sein Tod wird die Bedrohung durch AL—QAIDA nicht beenden, die TERROR—BEWEGUNG ist unübersichtlicher und gefährlicher denn je".
20110503             Um 5—UHR morgens deutscher Zeit ist "OSAMA—BIN—LADEN" bereits "Trending Topic" auf TWITTER—UND das weltweit.
20110503             Die großen USA—FERNSEHSENDER unterbrechen ihr Programm, die Agenturen schießen 1—SERIE—VON—EILMELDUNGEN über 1. Spekulationen raus.
20110503—19080000    —REPORTED, OKLAHOMA City, 1—RECORD—DROUGHT, the longest there since record keeping began.
20110503—19290000    —SIGNED, He had, onto the "Our Gang" film series.
20110503—19770117    —CONDEMNED, TEXAS, Cary Kerr became the 13.
20110503—19770117, inmate to be put to death this year in THE—USA and 12470000             —THE. overall since the nation resumed executions.
20110503—20090601    —RECOVERED, FRANCE—INVESTIGATORS, the cockpit voice recorder from an Air FRANCE Flight 447—THAT plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, killing all 228—PEOPLE on board.
20110503—20110508    —RECOVERED, The last body was.
20110503—20110606    —ON, Their prosecution began.
20120421—20120503    —FREED, Menon was.
20120502—20120503    —ANNOUNCED, The Taliban militia, they would launch their annual "spring offensive," CODE—NAMED AL—FAROUQ, across AFGHANISTAN.
20120503             USA federal authorities said 1—MIAMI—BASED crime ring stat stole at least $80—MILLION—WORTH—OF—PRESCRIPTION—DRUGS has been broken up following a 3-year FBI probe.
20120503             22—PEOPLE were charged in NEW—JERSEY, CONNECTICUT and Miami.
20120503             —REPORTED, The journal Science, that 1—SINGLE gene mutation is responsible for the unique PAIRING—OF—VERY—DARK—SKIN and very blond hair in THE—SOLOMON—ISLANDS.
20120503             —DEBUNKED, The findings, theories SOLOMON—ISLANDERS got their blond hair from intermarrying with European explorers.
20120503             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, 6—TALIBAN militants were, and 2—OTHERS wounded in EAST—PAKTYA province when the roadside bomb they were building in 1—MOSQUE exploded.
20120503             4—OF—THOSE killed were foreign fighters.
20120503             —RATIFIED, BAHRAIN—KING—HAMAD, amendments to the constitution aimed at defusing unrest in the strategic Gulf state, but the opposition dismissed the extra powers given to PARLIAMENT as not enough.
20120503             —PLEDGED, BRAZIL, major investment and technology transfer to Africa to repay a "solidarity debt" from 1—COUNTRY with 1—HUGE—BLACK—POPULATION to the poorest but RESOURCE—RICH—CONTINENT.
20120503             —BACKED, BRAZIL—TOP—COURT—SWEEPING affirmative action programs used in more than 1,000 universities across this nation.
20120503             UNITED—KINGDOM—INSURER Aviva became the latest VICTIM—OF—INVESTOR—ACTIVISM as shareholders rebelled over boardroom pay amid UNDER—PERFORMANCE in the poor economic climate.
20120503             —REJECTED, More than HALF—OF—AVIVA—SHAREHOLDERS, annual executive pay awards, delivering 1—MAJOR snub to chief executive ANDREW—MOSS at the group's annual meeting.
20120503             —DETAINED, CHINA—POLICE, and beat 2—SUPPORTERS—OF—CHEN Guangcheng at the hospital where the blind activist was being treated.
20120503             CHINA—BRIGHT—FOOD said it is buying 60—PERCENT—OF—WEETABIX from UNITED—KINGDOM—OWNER—LION—CAPITAL in 1—DEAL—VALUING the breakfast cereal giant at £1.2—BILLION (1.48—BILLION euros, $1.94—BILLION).
20120503             —EXPLODED, DAGESTAN, bombs hidden in 2—VEHICLES—OUTSIDE—1—POLICE—STATION in Makhachkala, killing at least 13—PEOPLE and wounding scores.
20120503             —SUSPECTED, Islamic suicide bombers were.
20120503             —SLAPPED, The European Union, 1—ASSETS freeze and travel ban on 6—COUP—LEADERS in GUINEA—BISSAU.
20120503             —ARRESTED, HONG—KONG, authorities, WALTER—KWOK, the eldest SIBLING—OF—THE—KWOK brothers, over bribery allegations in 1—CORRUPTION—SCANDAL.
20120503             The Kwoks are among HONG—KONG—RICHEST—MEN and Sun Hung KAI—PROPERTIES is the city's biggest property developer by market capitalization.
20120503             THE—ITALY—GOVERNMENT said citizens could now click on 1—GOVERNMENT—WEBSITE and indicate where state funds are being wasted.
20120503             —PASSED, LIBYA—AUTHORITIES—LEGISLATION—GRANTING—IMMUNITY to former rebels who fought to oust Moamer KADHAFI—REGIME and criminalized ANY—GLORIFICATION of the former leader.
20120503             —WORKED, MEXICO, 3—PHOTOJOURNALISTS who, the perilous crime beat in the port CITY—OF—VERACRUZ were found dismembered and dumped in plastic bags in 1—CANAL.
20120503             NEPAL said Maoist PRIME—MINISTER—BABURAM—BHATTARAI will disband his cabinet and form 1—NEW—NATIONAL—UNITY—GOVERNMENT in 1—BID to end the country's political deadlock.
20120503             —KILLED, NORTH—EAST—NIGERIA, at least 34—PEOPLE were, after 1—FAILED cattle raid in 1—MARKET In Potiskum, Yobe state, sparked 1—RETALIATORY attack by robbers angry 1—OF—THEIR colleagues had been burned alive by herders.
20120503             Olaitan Oyerinde, 1—POPULAR—LABOR—ACTIVIST and principal secretary to Edo State GOVERNOR—ADAMS—OSHIOMHOLE, was murdered in cold blood by unknown gunmen in BENIN city.
20120503             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 2—BOMB—ATTACKS, at least 5—PEOPLE in the Bajaur district of the lawless tribal badlands on THE—AFGHANISTAN—BORDER.
20120503             —ACCUSED, THE\X97PHILIPPINES—MILITARY—CHINA—OF—SENDING—MORE ships to the disputed Scarborough Shoal in THE—SOUTH—CHINA—SEA—DESCRIBING the move as 1—INSULT that would further inflame tensions.
20120503             SOUTH—SUDAN PRESIDENT—SALVA—KIIR, in 1—APPEAL for stolen funds to be returned, wrote 1—LETTER to government officials saying corrupt officials have stolen 1—ESTIMATED $4—BILLION from the world's newest nation.
20120503             —FOUNDED, Sara was among more than 100—JOURNALISTS who, an "ASSOCIATION—OF—SYRIA—JOURNALISTS" in February.
20120503             A TUNISIA—COURT slapped 1—SMALL—FINE on THE—HEAD—OF—THE—NESSMA television station for undermining morality by screening the film "Persepolis," which included DEPICTIONS—OF—GOD.
20120503             —ORDERED, The court, Karoui to pay 2,400 dinars (1,300 euros, $1,700 dollars).
20120503             TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—YEMENIS took to the streets to demand DISMISSAL—OF—MEMBERS—OF—THE—COUNTRY—FORMER—REGIME from top military posts.
20120503             8—AL—QAIDA militants and 3—TROOPS were killed in clashes in Zinjibar.
20120503             9—AL—QAIDA militants were killed in 1—BATTLE when the militants tried to RE—ENTER Lawder after it was taken by the army with THE—HELP—OF—ARMED—CIVILIANS and tribesmen.
20120503—20050000    —SINCE, THE—SUPREME—COURT voted 7-1 to uphold 1—FEDERAL—PROGRAM that has provided scholarships to HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—BLACK and MIXED—RACE—STUDENTS for university studies.
20120503—20121007    —ON, Nabil Karoui broadcast THE—AWARD—WINNING—FRANCO—IRAN—FILM which recounts THE—IRAN—REVOLUTION and its aftermath through the eyes of 1—YOUNG—GIRL—LAST—YEAR.
20120530—20050325    alfatomega.com/20050325.html
20130503             PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA in MEXICO—CITY said he wants to set aside old stereotypes that have created misunderstanding between MEXICO and THE—USA.
20130503             In 1—PRESS—CONFERENCE with COSTA—RICA—PRESIDENT—LAURA—CHINCHILLA, PRESIDENT—OBAMA said only 1—COMPREHENSIVE—APPROACH will work to solve the region's problems, including stronger economies, better institutions, education and youth centers.
20130503             Obama went on to 1—CLOSED meeting with the 8-nation Central USA—INTEGRATION—SYSTEM, known by its SPAIN—INITIALS—SICA, which was formed to discuss regional issues.
20130503             —PUSHED, An unexpectedly strong USA—JOBS—REPORT—STOCK—MARKETS—HIGHER as investors welcomed signs that the world's largest economy is not slowing down as quickly as some had feared.
20130503             —COVERED, SOUTH—CALIFORNIA, 1—COASTAL—FIRE—43—SQUARE—MILES and forced THE—EVACUATION—OF—HOMES in Ventura County.
20130503             —RULED, THE—IOWA SUPREME—COURT, that the state health deprartment mist list THE—NAMES—OF—BOTH spouses in 1—SAME—SEX—RELATIONSHIP on 1—CHILD—BIRTH—CERTIFICATE.
20130503             —CLOSED, SAGINAW—MICHIGAN, the Buena Vista Township school district, because it ran OUT—OF—MONEY.
20130503             The Solar Impulse, 1—SOLAR—POWERED airplane, that developers hope to eventually pilot around the world, took off from Moffet Field, SOUTH—OF—S—FRANCISCO, on the 1. leg of 1—ATTEMPT to fly across THE—USA with no fuel but the sun's energy.
20130503             —ARRESTED, MINNESOTA, Buford Rogers (24) of MONTEVIDEO, was, and charged with 1—COUNT—OF—BEING—1—FELON in possession of 1—FIREARM.
20130503             —CONTAINED, His mobile home, Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms.
20130503             † HERBERT—BLAU, innovator in USA—THEATER, at his home in Seattle.
20130503             —ANNOUNCED, AUSTRALIA, 1—SIGNIFICANT—BOOST to its military air power, committing to buy up to new 100—LOCKHEED MARTIN—CORP F—35—JOINT—STRIKE—FIGHTERS, as it shifts its focus back to THE—INDO—PACIFIC as CHINA and INDIA beef up forces.
20130503             GENEVA—AUSTRIA, more than 100—NATIONS concluding 1—ROUND—OF—GLOBAL—NUCLEAR—TALKS expressed alarm that MANY—NUCLEAR—WEAPONS are kept at 1—HIGH—ALERT—LEVEL and are still being modernized, despite 1—PROMISE to get RID—OF—THEM.
20130503             —DEPLOYED, INDONESIA, up to 2,000 police were, to secure THE—MYANMAR Embassy and its ambassador's house before 1—DEMONSTRATION by the Islamic Defenders Front.
20130503             —SHOWED, Several 100—PROTESTERS, up dressed in white with some holding banners that read: "We want jihad" and "Stop genocide in MYANMAR".
20130503             IRAQ, 1—BOMB—ATTACK—OUTSIDE—THE—AL—GHOFRAN mosque in 1—PRIMARILY Sunni AREA—OF—RASHIDIYA killed 7—WORSHIPPERS as Sunnis continued to hold demonstrations to protest what they say is 2.-class treatment by THE—SHIITE—LED government.
20130503             —CARRIED, ISRAEL—AIR—FORCE, out 1—STRIKE against Syria, saying it targeted 1—SHIPMENT—OF—ADVANCED missiles bound for THE—LEBANON—MILITANT—GROUP—HEZBOLLAH.
20130503             —ARRESTED, ITALY—POLICE said they have, 29—AIRPORT—BAGGAGE—HANDLERS—ACCUSED—OF—STEALING—CAMERAS, cellphones and other loot from passengers' luggage, 1—BUST made possible after hidden cameras were installed in airplane cargo holds where the thefts occurred.
20130503             —MARCHED, HUNDREDS—OF—LIBYA—PRO—DEMOCRACY—ADVOCATES, in TRIPOLI, denouncing militias' recent BLOCKADE—OF—GOVERNMENT—BUILDINGS and coming under attack briefly by supporters of the armed groups.
20130503             —KILLED, NIGERIA, at least 24—PEOPLE were, in ethnic violence  that pitted the Jukun people against the Hausa Fulani in the rural TOWN—OF—WUKARI, Taraba state.
20130503             —KILLED, ISLAMABAD—PAKISTAN, gunmen, prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfikar Ali.
20130503             He was leading investigations into THE—ASSASSINATION—OF—FORMER—PRIME—MINISTER—BENAZIR—BHUTTO and 1—BRUTAL attack on civilians in THE—INDIA—CITY—OF—MUMBAI.
20130503             A—USA—KC 135—MILITARY—TANKER—REFUELING—PLANE—CARRYING—3—CREW members crashed in THE—MOUNTAINS—OF—KYRGYZSTAN, the Central Asian nation where THE—USA—OPERATES 1—AIR—BASE—KEY to the war in AFGHANISTAN.
20130503             Gunmen on 1—MOTORCYCLE in Karachi shot to death 1—PARLIAMENTARY—CANDIDATE from the Awami National Party, and his son (6).
20130503             —RESIGNED, THE—PRESIDENT—OF—UNIVERSITY—OF—PUERTO—RICO—MAIN—CAMPUS, just days after the presidents of the university's 10—OTHER campuses did the same.
20130503             The announcement by Ana Guadalupe came amid 1—FLURRY—OF—RESIGNATIONS to protest the governor's reform of the institution's BOARD—OF—DIRECTORS.
20130503             —ISSUED, THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—JUSTICE—MINISTRY said 1—SPECIAL—SECURITY—COURT has, 2,145 jail sentences for "supporting terrorism" since it was formed 4 and 1—HALF—YEARS ago.
20130503             SYRIA, the death toll from sectarian killings in the coastal CITY—OF—BANIAS, initially put at 62, was later raised to 145.
20130503             A ZIMBABWE lawyer for 1—YOUTH—LEADER said SOLOMON—MADZORE is in jail for referring to longtime ruler ROBERT—MUGABE, 89—JAHRE—ALT as "1—LIMPING donkey" at 1—ELECTION—CAMPAIGN—RALLY.
20130503             SCHULDEN—KRISE, PORTUGAL streicht 30.000—STELLEN im Öffentlichen Dienst
20130503             alfatomega.com/20070430.html
20130503             DIE—SOLAR—FIRMA teilte mit, man habe DAS—PROJEKT an 1—STROMVERSORGER der Beteiligungsgesellschaft BERKSHIRE—HATHAWAY verkauft,
20130503             Berkshire wird von DER—USA—INVESTORENLEGENDE WARREN—BUFFETT kontrolliert.
20130503             Dafür zahlte MIDAMERICAN—CA—2—MILLIARDEN—$,
20130503             FIRMEN—CHEF—GREG Abel kündigte BEREITS—DAMALS, an, weitere Investitionen in ERNEUERBARE—ENERGIEN zu tätigen.
20130503             Experimente aber brachten 1—ÜBERRASCHUNG: Zwergschimpansen teilen ihre Nahrung mit FREMDEN—NICHT nur, wenn ihnen soziale Freuden winken.
20130503             Bedingung ist, daß ihnen im Austausch soziale KONTAKTE winken,
20130503             Ansonsten helfen die Affen Fremden immerhin gelegentlich, an Nahrung zu gelangen.
20130503             Bei all solchen Aktionen sieht es so aus, als ob hier 1—MACHT—ERGREIFUNG der Regierenden stattfindet..,
20130503             DIE—SACHE stinkt definitiv
20130503             —VOR—WENIGEN—TAGEN, war bereits bekannt geworden, dass
20130503             Dschochar Zarnajew äußerte sich der NEW—YORK—TIMES zufolge den Ermittlern gegenüber zu Vorbildern,
20130503             ANWAR—AL—AWLAKI an.
20130503             ALT—KANZLER—HELMUT—SCHMIDT zeigte bei BECKMANN wenig Lust auf ALLTAGS—KLEIN—KLEIN.
20130503             DIE—ANSICHTEN des Westens
20130503             1—EXPLIZITE Stellungnahme zur Causa Hoeneß vermied er mit Hinweis auf Investment—, HEDGE—FONDS, die viele erst dazu gebracht hätten, an der BÖRSE zu zocken.
20130503             Mit kurzlebigen Fragen hält man sich nicht mehr auf, wenn man den ABSCHIED—VON—DIESER Welt vor Augen hat.
20130503             sein Gastgeber die Frage nach der Rolle des aufstrebenden Riesenreichs zum Kernthema der Sendung machte.
20130503             Anders als DER—WESTEN habe die chinesische Führung
20130503             —BISLANG nicht versucht, anderen STAATEN ihr GESELLSCHAFTS—MODELL aufzuzwingen,
20130503             EUROPA und DIE—USA müssen von ihrem hohen Ross herunterkommen, lautet seine Botschaft.
20130503             Sie soll —VOR—40—JAHREN als MITGLIED—DER—BLACK Panther 1—POLIZISTEN erschossen haben.
20130503             WASHINGTON, DIE—USA—BUNDES—POLIZEI FBI hat 1. 1—FRAU in ihre Liste der meistgesuchten TERRORISTEN AUFGENOMMEN—FÜR 1—POLIZISTENMORD, den sie —VOR—40—JAHREN begangen haben soll.
20130503             "es ist 1—SCHRECKLICHES Verbrechen, und sie genießt ihre Freiheit", sagte Rick Fuentes, Leiter DER—STAATS—POLIZEI—VON—NEW—JERSEY.
20130503             finde ich es als LEIPZIGer, daß man an der "Runden Ecke"(dem ehemaligen STASI—HQ in LEIPZIG) noch so 1—MONSTRÖSE ÜBERWACHUNGS—KAMERA aus DDR—PRODUKTION hängen hat, die wohl auf den "ÜBERWACHUNGS—STAAT DDR"hinweisen soll...wenn diese BÜRGER—RECHTLER mal aufwachen würden, aus ihrem Dämmerschlaf und mal zur Kenntnis nehmen würden, was aktuell so abgeht...aber das wird 1—FROMMER Wunsch bleiben und DIE—POLITIK schafft sich mehr Möglichkeiten zur ÜBERWACHUNG, als es in der DDR je gab.
20130503             Unfassbar
20130503             Wie wenig Beachtung das ganze hat,
20130503             —VOR, —JAHREn wurde 1—GESCHISS um den Zensus und Rasterfahndung gemacht,
20130503             —NUN, gibt es ÜBERWACHUNG OHNE richterliche Anordnung bei VERDACHT—AUF—STRAFTATEN—ACH nein Ordnungswidrigkeiten,
20130503             GEHT—NOCH?
20130503             Verhältnismäßigkeit Fehlanzeige!
20130503             Und DE—MAIL?
20130503             Mit dem ZUGRIFF—AUF—HINTERLEGTE Passwörter kann man je nach Definition alels Mögliche machen,
20130503             Einige definieren z.B.
20130503             Hoffentlich liegt DIE—KLAGE beim BVG vor, sobald diieses unsägliche Machwerk korrupter Politiker im Bundesanzeiger veröffentlicht wird,
20130503             So0 langsam glaube ich auch, daß es keine krude VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIE ist, wenn hier die Vorbereitung gegen soziale Unruhen getroffen wird,
20130503             Immer MEHR—ÜBERWACHUNG—NATÜRLICH nur gegen den TERROR, die gegen TERROR aber ganz offensichtlich nicht nützt, mehr Kameras, mehr Telefonspionage, mit dem ANGRIFF—AUF—KENNWORTE hier wird deMail zum öffentlich lesbaren Dienst für jeden kleinen POLIZEI—BEAMTEN,
20130503             Das geht immer so weiter bis zum MILITÄR—EINSATZ (incl,
20130503             Schießerlaubnis) im Inneren,
20130503             Alles nur Wahnvorstellung?
20130503             —SCHON, mal die RE—AKTION beobachtet?
20130503             Wie sagte schon...
20130503             Per Steinbrück?
20130503             ANGST—VOR—DEM—EIGENEN Volk
20130503             —VOM, ÜBERWACHUNGS—STAAT zur DIKTATUR ist es dann nur noch 1—KLEINER Schritt! Haben die nichts aus der GESCHICHTE gelernt?
20130503             Wir sind mal wieder an 1—PUNKT, wo Herrschende das eigene Volk fürchten,
20130503             Armes DEUTSCHLAND!
20130503             Wer NOCH—IMMER NICHT sieht, daß die BLOCK—PARTEIEN an der TOTAL—ÜBERWACHUNG basteln, muss mit Blindheit geschlagen sein,
20130503             DIE—STASI war 1—KEGELCLUB gegen das, was die "ERMITTLUNGS—BEHÖRDEN"in diesem Land veranstalten dürfen.
20130503             DIE—MÖGLICHST frühe Bekämpfung von durch ausufernden Sozialraub und geplante Verarmung der Bevölkerung ausgelösten AUFSTÄNDEn, indem sich jedem, der irgendwie auffällt, irgendein Pipifax anhängen lässt,
20130503             Das steckt dahinter, ebenso, wie hinter der VORRATS—DATEN—SPEICHERUNG,
20130503             So braucht man kein politisches STRAF—RECHT und wahrt 1—RECHTS—STAAT—ANSCHEIN,
20130503             Dass der Popanz der "Inneren Sicherheit"proportional zum Abbau der einzig wichtigen Sicherheit, nämlich DER—SOZIALEN, immer weiter aufgeblasen wird, ist ja nun —SEIT—MEHR—ALS—1—JAHR—ZEHNT  ersichtlich,
20130503             DER—KAPITALISMUS tut das einzige, was er tun kann, um bestehende MACHT—, BESITZ—VERHÄLTNISSE zu erhalten, er wird totalitär.
20130503             DIE—4—PLÄDIEREN dafür, daß ENTWICKLUNGS—LÄNDER sich nicht an der politisierten Debatte in EUROPA orientieren, "einem Kontinent, auf dem Unterernährung und LEBENS—MITTELKNAPPHEIT kaum vorkommen".
20130503             Aus ökonomischer Sicht könnte es für BAUERn außerdem sinnvoller sein, konventionelle —SORTEN anzubauen, wenn sie sich durch gentechnisch veränderte Pflanzen
20130503             ans Saatgut oder DIE—PESTIZIDE 1—UNTERNEHMENS binden,
20130503             bestimmte europäische Märkte nicht mehr beliefern können,
20130503             keine LEBENS—MITTEL, sondern nur noch Tierfutter produzieren dürfen.
20130503             WASHINGTON, Die Liste ist offenbar so unhandlich wie ihr Name: Im "TERRORIST Identities Datamart Environment", kurz Tide, speichern DIE—USA—SICHERHEITS—BEHÖRDEN DIE—DATEN—VON—POTENTIELLEN TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGEN.
20130503             In der DATEN—BANK fand sich auch
20130503             fand sich
20130503             Entdeckt hat das Gefahrenpotential im Vorfeld der ANSCHLÄGE—AUF—DAS MARATHONrennen niemand.
20130503             Mit seinem Bruder Dschochar hatte der tschetschenischstämmige Zarnajew Mitte;;04;;beim MARATHON in Boston 2—BOMBEN gelegt.
20130503             Der REUTERS—INFORMANT betont zwar, daß DIE—DATEN—BANK trotz ihres sprunghaften Wachstums durchaus übersichtlich und bedienbar sei.
20130503             TERRORISMUS—EXPERTIN an der Fordham UNIVERSITÄT—NEW—YORK.
20130503             Verbesserungsvorschlag
20130503             es wäre am sinnvollsten, zunächst einmal alle Menschen in diese DATEN—BANK aufzunehmen und dann die, die über jeden TERROR—VERDACHT erhaben sind, zu streichen, wie z.B.
20130503             Und wieder wurden BÜRGER—RECHTE beschnitten
20130503             —HEUTE—AB ist DAS—GESETZ durchgewunken: POLIZEI und ZOLL dürfen bei Ordnungswidrigkeiten, wie z.b.
20130503             EURO—ZONE in der Rezession: EU senkt PROGNOSE—FÜR—FRANKREICH
20130503             LÄRM—SCHUTZ, Die Bahn muss leiser werden
20130503             Vogel—, Schweinegrippe: VIREN—KOMBI stark ansteckend unter Säugetieren
20130503             LEBENS—MITTELSKANDALE: CHINA beschlagnahmt 20.000—TONNEN Fleisch
20130503             HIGHTECH—BOMBEN—GEGEN—IRAN: Amerika stärkt seine Bunkerbrecher
20130503             STEUERersparnis: APPLE rettet—$ durch ANLEIHE—AUKTION
20130503             Veteranen als Studenten: Erst KRIEG, dann Uni
20130503             ADIDAS—CHEF—ZUM Fall Hoeneß: "Wir sind da absolut sauber"
20130503             GEHALTS—AFFÄRE in BAYERN: LAND—TAG veröffentlicht Namen der 79—AMIGO—ABGEORDNETEN
20130503             INTERNETKONFERENZ—IN—BERLIN: re:publica erwartet 5.000—TEILNEHMER
20130503             Kirgisien, USA—TANK—FLUGZEUG abgestürzt
20130503             Masse von—SONNEN
20130503             7.500.000—GRAD—CELSIUS heiß ist der Halo, wie DIE—FORSCHER im "Astrophysical Journal"berichten.
20130503             [l] Der häufigste Todesgrund für KOREAner im Alter von 15—24—IST SELBST—MORD mit 13—VON 100.000, PLATZ—2—IST weit abgeschlagen Verkehrsunfällt mit 7,8.
20130503             CALIFORNIA,
20130503             UNITED—STATES—CITY—OF—TRACY (
20130503             search.yahoo_com — dennis di ricco fraud
20130503             Nutzloser SPRENGSTOFF—DETEKTOR: JAMES—MCCORMICKS tödlicher BETRUG
20130503             Kuriose These: Wie Parasiten DIE—POLITIK beeinflussen sollen
20130503             GELD—VERMÖGEN: DEUTSCHE sind SO—REICH wie nie
20130503             Women better at hunting terrorists
20130503             Susan Hasler, 1—OF—THE—ANALYSTS who...
20130503             Close GUANTANAMO now!
20130503             DEAN—OBEIDALLAH, MARGARET Hoover and...
20130503             GOP senators take heat on guns
20130503             JOE—MCLEAN says several senators who...
20130503             JPMorgan is in serious trouble:
20130503             —DEVISED, GOVERNMENT—INVESTIGATORS have found that JP—MORGAN—CHASE, "manipulative schemes" that transformed "MONEY—LOSING—POWER—PLANTS into powerful profit centers," and that 1—OF—ITS most senior executives gave "false and misleading statements" under oath.
20130503             Let the record —SHOW that MISS Blythe Masters is THE—INVENTOR—OF—THE—CREDIT—DEFAULT swap, the instrument that made possible so MANY—OF—THE—GAMES—BANKERS played using ALL—OF—THOSE crappy home loans they had accumulated.
20130503             In brief:
20130503             —INSURED, The "TIME—BOMB—MORTGAGES"were, by credit default swaps (CDSs) in 1—UNREGULATED environment, so that neither sellers (such as AIG) needed capitalization, nor buyers needed to own the insured assets.
20130503             Anyone THINKING—OF crying uncle should make sure they don't pick the Tsarnayev brothers' uncle Ruslan, who married THE—DAUGHTER—OF—CIA—GUY—GRAHAM—FULLER.
20130503             —POSTED—BY—ANONYMOUS b : 0311—PM
20130503             Banks like HSBC serve their purpose by cleaning up the massive profits generated by drugs so those profits can be used to fund shadow GOVERNMENTs and black ops all over THE—WORLD.
20130503             Französische 1.
20130503             DROGEN—SCHMUGGEL, DEUTSCHEr in INDONESIEN zu lebenslanger Haft verurteilt
20130503             —REAKTION—AUF—BOSTON—ANSCHLAG, USA—ZOLL soll ausländische Studenten besser überprüfen
20130503             VORWÜRFE—GEGEN—JP—MORGAN: Der WALL—STREET —GIGANT wankt
20130503             USA—DIPLOMATIE: Dobbins wird neuer SONDER—BEAUFTRAGTER für AFGHANISTAN
20130503             [l] Dass Cola und co das DIABETES—RISIKO stark erhöhen, ist hinlänglich bekannt.
20130503             [l] Tolle Idee aus DEN—USA: DIE—ARBEITSLOSENZAHLEN nicht mehr erheben.
20130503             FABRIK—EINSTURZ: Disney zieht Produktion aus BANGLADESCH zurück
20130503             PAKISTAN—FILM auf 3sat: Allah wird's schon zugrunde richten
20130503             MANAGER—STUDIE, Kompetenz steigt nicht mit den Berufsjahren (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 06:10)
20130503             Optionszwang für ZUWANDERER—KINDER: Wer zögert, verliert den deutschen Pass
20130503             OBAMAs neue HANDELS—MINISTERIN: Milliardärin mit Makel
20130503             —ANSCHLAG—IN—PAKISTAN: Ermittler im Mordfall Bhutto erschossen
20130503             VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIEN in Kirgisien: Tamerlans Familie und DIE—MAFIA
20130503             TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGE IN—DEN—USA: FBI setzt 1. Frau auf "Most Wanted"-Liste
20130503             GEHEIMNIS—VERRAT beim PAPST—BESUCH: Speichern von Journalistendaten ist unzulässig
20130503             "Sie ist 1—DER angesehensten UNTERNEHMENS—FÜHRER—INNEN in unserem Land", sagt OBAMA,
20130503             UNTERNEHMENS—FÜHRER—INNEN
20130503             Andererseits birgt ihre Karriere SCHATTENseiten.
20130503             Der weitverzweigte Clan insgesamt kommt auf 1—VERMÖGEN—VON—CA——$,
20130503             ohne sie wäre er möglicherweise gar nicht erst in das WEIßEHAUS gekommen.
20130503             Ohne Penny Pritzker hätte OBAMA im VORWAHL—KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS finanzstarke NETZ—WERK HILLARY—CLINTONS wohl kaum durchhalten können.
20130503             In seinen 1. Monaten sprach OBAMA Klartext, bezeichnete etwa WALL—STREET —BANKer als "fat cats".
20130503             OBAMA aber bat sie —SPÄTER, als —PRÄSIDENT nie auf den LAND—SITZ—CAMP—DAVID—MARYLAND.
20130503             Was soll eigentlich so 1—ARTIKEL?
20130503             Auch DIE—AMERIKANER interessieren sich für Details aus dem früheren Leben der Zarnajews.
20130503             Bischkek/MOSKAU—GEHT es nach Natalija Kurotschkina, 49, dann war Tamerlan Zarnajew kein Kandidat für 1—SPRENGSTOFF—ANSCHLAG.
20130503             Sowjetstadt
20130503             DIE—FRAU mit den blondierten Haaren
20130503             USA—ERMITTLER haben Tamerlan Zarnajew und seinen jüngeren Bruder Dschochar als mutmaßliche Drahtzieher des BOMBEN—ANSCHLAGS auf den Bostoner MARATHON identifiziert.
20130503             Drahtzieher
20130503             —NACH—DEM, Zusammenbruch des kommunistischen Großreichs
20130503             kommunistischen
20130503             Großreichs
20130503             Allem Anschein nach hoffte Tamerlans Familie, 1—NEUE Heimat zu finden.
20130503             Tamerlans Vater Ansor BESAß—DAMALS, 1—ROTEN Skoda, mit dem er durch DIE—GEGEND fuhr.
20130503             keine konkreteren Hinweise.
20130503             konkretEREN
20130503             MIT—ARBEITER der Rechtsschutzorgane
20130503             Rechtsschutzorgane
20130503             Wie überall in den Ländern der EX—SOWJET—UNION ist das Verhältnis DER—MENSCHEN zu Amerika gespalten.
20130503             Amerika
20130503             alles 1—SCHWINDEL
20130503             hier wird der welt mal wieder 1—GROSSER schwindel verkauft, denn wir leben in zu grosser freiheit, wir brauchen angst um die einschränkung unserer eigenen rechte zu akzeptieren, mehr kameras, MEHR—ÜBERWACHUNG, mehr sicherheitspersonal, damit uns die bösen bösen terroristen nicht kriegen, DIE—TERRORISTEN sitzen in den schaltstellen der macht, da sitzt der wahre feind............
20130503             es ist immer wieder erschreckend mitanzusehen, wie es offensichtlich derartig geistig minderbemittelten Schwachköpfen gelingt, ganze Nationen in Geiselhaft zu nehmen.
20130503             DER—TERROR der Medien
20130503             —TÄGLICH —STERBEN auf der Erde weit über 150.000—MENSCHEN.
20130503             unseriöser journalismus
20130503             Hysterische Amis
20130503             Das kannten wir doch FRÜHER nur aus den ARNOLD—FILMEN die alle in dem Bericht zufolge liegt das Vermögen bei 4—BANKEN sowie 2—SICHERHEITS—FIRMEN.
20130503             es herrschte höchste SICHERHEITS—STUFE
20130503             es herrschte
20130503             es
20130503             Dem Sender lag nach eigenen Angaben 1 61—SEITEN —GEHEIM—DOKUMENT vor.
20130503             GEWALT—TATEN extremistischer Gruppierungen
20130503             vereinzelter zum Teil namentlich bekannter Störer
20130503             Störer
20130503             Dabei geht es um das ERMITTLUNGSVERFAHREN—GEGEN—1—POLIZEI—BEAMTEN, der verdächtigt worden war, den Einsatzbefehl zum Papstbesuch an Journalisten des MDR THÜRINGEN weitergegeben zu haben.
20130503             1—POLIZEI—BEAMTEN, der verdächtigt worden war,
20130503             In den Ermittlungsakten hielt die Kripo Suhl unter anderem 1—FACEBOOK—NACHRICHT 1—DER MDR—JOURNALISTEN an den Beamten fest.
20130503             Persönliche DATEN 1—LINKEN—POLITIKERIN
20130503             "es ist besorgniserregend, wenn sich Äußerungen zwischen Journalisten und Informanten in Ermittlungsakten wiederfinden", sagte der Direktor des MDR Landesfunkhauses THÜRINGEN, Werner Dieste.
20130503             In der Stellungnahme des DATEN—SCHUTZ—BEAUFTRAGTEN heißt es weiter, DIE—NACHRICHT sei erst auf dem Handy eingegangen, als dieses schon beschlagnahmt war.
20130503             Unklar ist, ob DIE—KRIMINAL—POLIZEI Suhl 1—RICHTERLICHEN Beschluss hatte, bei der Telefongesellschaft die Nummer zu erfragen.
20130503             Aus den Akten geht zudem hervor, daß DIE—KRIMINAL—POLIZEI Suhl mehrfach Ansätze für STRAF—RECHTLICHE Ermittlungen auch GEGEN—DIE—2—JOURNALISTEN suchte.
20130503             In dem Verfahren sind auch persönliche DATEN DER—LINKEN—LAND—TAG—ABGEORDNETEN Martina Renner gespeichert worden.
20130503             Der von den Ermittlungen betroffene POLIZIST hat DIE—VORWÜRFE zurückgewiesen, den GEHEIMEN Einsatzbefehl an den MDR weitergegeben zu haben.
20130503             Großbrand: Buschfeuer wüten in KALIFORNIEN
20130503             Jüdischer WELTKONGRESS—IN—BUDA—PEST, UNGARN am Pranger
20130503             Ermittler in der Infoflut, USA—BEHÖRDEN blähten TERROR—DATEN—BANK auf
20130503             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS, Von der Selbstbefreiung zum freien MARKT
20130503             Gentechnisch veränderte Pflanzen: —FORSCHER WARNEN—VOR—EUROPAS schlechtem Beispiel
20130503             Gescheiterter NETZ—PROTEST: BUNDES—RAT lässt Bestandsdatenauskunft passieren
20130503             STAATS—TROJANER: BKA kauft umstrittene ÜBERWACHUNGS——SOFTWARE FinSpy
20130503             Migranten in GRIECHENLAND: Flucht vor dem FREMDEN—HASS
20130503             —PROTEST—PARTEI—UKIP: Britische EUROPAkritiker räumen bei Kommunalwahl ab
20130503             Im Durchschnitt erreichte die Ukip 1. Auszählungen vom Freitagmorgen ZUFOLGE—CA—26 % der Stimmen in den WAHL—KREISEN, in denen sie antrat.
20130503             Aber auch in DER—LABOUR—HOCHBURG SOUTH—SHIELDS verzeichnete sie 1—ACHTUNGSERFOLG.
20130503             Ukip wurde hier ZWEIT—STÄRKSTE Partei —VOR—NOCH den Tories.
20130503             —JETZT, fehlt eigentlich nur noch..
20130503             DAS—GESETZ, das es dem Ausgespähten verbietet, GEGEN—MAßNAHMEN—GEGEN—DEN—BKA—TROJANER zu ergreifen.
20130503             —NACH—DEM, Debakel mit dem STAATS—TROJANER der Firma DigiTask soll nun 1—SPITZEL—PROGRAMM—VON—ELAMAN VERDÄCHTIGE ausspähen.
20130503             VERDÄCHTIGE
20130503             bestätigte das INNEN—MINISTERIUM den Kauf 1—NUTZUNGSLIZENZ für DAS—PROGRAMM der Firma Elaman, deutsche PARTNER—FIRMA der britischen Firma Gamma.
20130503             Nicht VOR—2014—SOLL das eigene ÜBERWACHUNGS—PROGRAMM fertig sein, so lange wird auf die umstrittene SPÄH—SOFTWARE privater Entwickler zurückgegriffen.
20130503             erworben
20130503             Gamma wurde —IN—DER—VERGANGENHEIT wiederholt kritisiert, weil FinSpy in der unveränderten Version auch an autoritäre Regierungen verkauft wurde.
20130503             auch
20130503             DIE—INTERNATIONALE Sektion von "REPORTER—OHNE—GRENZEN"(RoG) führt Gamma deshalb auf ihrer "Liste der INTERNETfeinde".
20130503             Grins...
20130503             "vor seiner Verwendung aber NOCH—AN—DIE—RECHTS—LAGE in DEUTSCHLAND angepasst werden".
20130503             ÜBERWACHUNGS—STAAT
20130503             DIE—STASI lässt grüßen, es lebe der ÜBERWACHUNGS—STAAT...........
20130503             TERRORISMUS—ABWEHR
20130503             —VOR—1—PAAR—JAHREN, hat man uns noch hoch und heilig versprochen DIE—DATEN werden auschließlich zum Zwecke TERRORISMUS—ABWEHR und —BEKÄMPFUNG gesammelt.
20130503             Merkt hier keiner, wohin das Ganze geht?
20130503             Alle NACHRICHTEN—AUS—ALLE Richtungen und Themen bestätigen die "VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIE"DER—NEUEN Weltordnung.
20130503             Wer über diese ABSTIMMUNG—IM—BUNDES—RAT (TOP 4—DER heutigen Sitzung) überrascht war, hat weder die TAGES—ORDNUNG, noch den Abstimmungsvorschlag des AUSSCHUSS—FÜR—INNERE Angelegenheiten zur Kenntnis genommen:
20130503             Prima,
20130503             Was folgt als nächstes?
20130503             Na denn
20130503             auf geht's zum BUNDES—VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT.
20130503             putzig
20130503             Tja, man hat euch ja gewarnt, aber ihr wolltet es nicht glauben und seid dem Dicken wegen Bananen und der D-MARK hinterhergerannt, statt euer eigenes Ding zu machen.
20130503             Richtig, der von FB, GOOGLE & Co. (und damit USA—STAATLICHE Behörden) auch.
20130503             Immerhin, Sie scheinen 1—DER wenigen zu sein, die das so realistisch sehen.
20130503             Wäre DIE—DDR nicht das Billiglohnland der BRD gewesen, hätte die PLAN—WIRTSCHAFT nach einigen Anpassungen vermutlich sogar funktioniert.
20130503             Nein, dafür gab es SELBST—VERSTÄNDLICH mehrere Faktoren, aber das, was HEUTE als "Niedriglohnsektor"bekannt ist, befand sich FRÜHER hinter dem Eisernen Vorhang.
20130503             1—LOCH ist im Eimer...
20130503             —Was entwickelt sich da?-- DATEN—SCHUTZ und SELBST—BESTIMMUNG DER—BÜRGER Fehlanzeige.
20130503             HAMBURG—SCHON wieder schaffen es die Netzpolitiker nicht, 1—UMSTRITTENES Gesetz im letzten Moment BÜRGER—RECHTSFREUNDLICHER zu gestalten.
20130503             Mit der Bestandsdatenauskunft soll es Ermittlern leichter gemacht werden, 1—INTERNETNUTZER, der beispielsweise unter Pseudonym im Web unterwegs ist, nachträglich zu identifizieren.
20130503             —SCHON, beim umstrittenen LEISTUNGS—SCHUTZ—RECHT hatten Netzpolitiker gehofft, sie könnten mit Hilfe der OPPOSITIONsmehrheit im BUNDES—RAT im letzten Moment noch etwas GEGEN—DIE—MEHRHEIT im BUNDES—TAG ausrichten.
20130503             Der PLAN—DER—GRÜNEN war gewesen: Die OPPOSITION ruft den VERMITTLUNGS—AUSSCHUSS an, um doch noch kurzfristig Änderungen an dem Gesetz durchzusetzen.
20130503             —VON, Notz aber sagte —AM—SCHON, —DONNERSTAG—ABEND: "Nun müssen wir feststellen, daß DAS—LAND BERLIN DAS—GESETZ doch noch durch den BUNDES—RAT winken will".DIE—BERLINER SENATskanzlei bestätigte das.
20130503             Konkret geht es den Grünen um folgende Punkte, die nachträglich noch in DAS—GESETZ geschrieben werden sollten:
20130503             BUNDES—KRIMINAL—AMT und Zollkriminalamt sollen nur zur Abwehr 1—KONKRETEN GEFAHR—FÜR—DIE öffentliche Sicherheit Bestandsdaten bei Providern erfragen können.
20130503             Bestandsdaten sollen nicht schon bei jeder Ordnungswidrigkeit abgefragt werden dürfen, nur bei solchen von erheblicher Bedeutung.
20130503             Für die AB—FRAGE von dynamischen IP—ADRESSEN soll 1—RICHTERLICHER Vorbehalt gelten.
20130503             DAS—GESETZ soll befristet gelten und von unabhängigen Wissenschaftlern evaluiert werden.
20130503             —SCHON, beim sogenannten LEISTUNGS—SCHUTZ—RECHT hatten die Netzpolitiker der FRAKTIONen auf 1—STOPP des umstrittenen Gesetzes im BUNDES—RAT gehofft.
20130503             Oh nicht aus Unwissenheit, sondern viel eher aus gesunder Skepsis.
20130503             Wenn es in EUROPA um Grüne Gentechnik geht, zeichnen die Beteiligten oft 1—SCHWARZWEIßES Bild der Technologie, beklagen 4——FORSCHER im FACH—MAGAZIN "Nature".
20130503             Suchmaschine macht AUSSEN—POLITIK,GOOGLE erkennt PALÄSTINA an
20130503             FABRIK—EINSTURZ in BANGLADESCH: der TOTEN—ZAHL steigt auf mehr als 500
20130503             ARBEITS—MARKT, USA—WIRTSCHAFT schafft überraschend viele Jobs
20130503             WELT—RAUM—CRASH: Gigantische Gaswolke umhüllt kollidierte Galaxien
20130503             Man könnte ihnen ja die Gründe nennen, aber die würden ihnen mit Sicherheit nicht gefallen.
20130503             HAMBURG—GOOGLE hat seine palästinensische Seite in "GOOGLE PALÄSTINA"umbenannt.
20130503             Je präziser die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge, die man über Verbrechen der RECHTS—EXTREMISTEN erfährt,USA—MEHR lernen DIE—GESELLSCHAFT, DIE—POLITIK, DIE—BEHÖRDEN über den NährBODEN, der solch Menschenverachtendes hervorbrachte, über das Fehlverhalten, das es möglich machte und geschehen ließ.
20130503             Bei dem Kriegsgerät, "Massive Ordnance Penetrator"oder kurz MOP genannt, handelt ES—SICH um 1—DER größten konventionellen Waffen im PENTAGON—ARSENAL.
20130503             DAS—PENTAGON verweigert —BISHER, jede Auskunft, wofür die neue MOP—VERSION eingesetzt werden könnte.
20130503             1.
20130503             Amerika ist der Leuchtturm der Freiheit und des Humanismus.
20130503             Wie wäre es mal, wenn ISRAEL den Besitz seiner ATOM—BOMBEN endlich einmal offiziel zu gäbe und Anbieten würde, wenn DER—IRAN auf ATOM—WAFFEN verzichtet, im Gegenzug auch seine ATOM—BOMBEN zu zerlegen.
20130503             Warum sollte man sich auf 1—ZIEL festlegen?
20130503             Vertauscht!
20130503             auf die Nerven gehen mir die schlechtmenschlichen?
20130503             DIE—ANTWORT auf Ihre Fragen hat der braune JOSEPH bereits vor über 80—JAHREN SEINEN—UNTERTANEN gegeben: "Wenn man 1—GROSSE Lüge erzählt und sie oft genug wiederholt, dann werden DIE—LEUTE sie —AM—ENDE glauben.
20130503             —BISHER, hat DAS—VIRUS sich nicht derart verändert, daß es per Tröpfcheninfektion von Mensch zu Mensch wandern kann.
20130503             Um herauszufinden, wie wahrscheinlich solche verheerenden Mutationen sind, haben chinesische —FORSCHER Tests mit im Labor veränderten H5N1-Viren durchgeführt.
20130503             "Unsere Studien belegen, daß die Vermischung des SÄUGETIER—VIRUS 2009/H1N1 mit aviären H5N1—ERREGERN H5N1-Viren erzeugen kann, die sich per Tröpfcheninfektion zwischen Säugetieren übertragen können", schreiben DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER.
20130503             BRIEF—WECHSEL zwischen Grass und BRANDT: Ackern für DEUTSCHLAND
20130503             —REKORD—HOCH: DOW—JONES steigt 1. über 15.000—PUNKTE
20130503             7.500.000 Gr) est une cité portuaire antique mentionnée à plusieurs reprises par les auteurs latins
20130503             [l] Bei 1—UM—FRAGE kam raus, daß 42 % der befragten USA—AMERIKANER nicht wussten, daß OBAMAs GESUNDHEITSVORSORGE—GESETZ tatsächlich Gesetz ist.
20130503             auf Herrn FRIEDRICHs Weg zu Big Brother.
20130503             Ach guck an, jetzt ist DER—WESTEN daran schuld, daß DIE—DDR zusammengebrochen ist
20130503             Das israelische AUßEN—MINISTERIUM reagierte verärgert.
20130503             ich finde es BEWUNDERNS—WERT wie diese KRIEGS—HETZE und PROPAGANDA wieder in fahrt kommt
20130503—19570000    —GEGRÜNDET, JAY—PRITZKER, der das 1. Hyatt in LOS—ANGELES hatte.
20130503—19650000    —UNTIL, It continued when the founders left to run NEW—YORK—NEW—LINCOLN—CENTER—THEATER—COMPANY.
20130503—19900000    —SEIT, abgehakt, wobei deren Abbau bereits KURZ—NACH, der Wiedervereinigung BEGANN, VORAN—GETRIEBEN genau von denen, die zuvor am lautesten von Freiheit faselten.
20130503—20011200    LUFT—WAFFEN—STÜTZ—PUNKT—MANAS wird als Drehkreuz genutzt, um Truppen nach AFGHANISTAN ein—, auszufliegen.
20130503—20011200    Auch andere Nationen nutzten den Flughafen.
20130503—20011200    —PRO—JAHR, lassen sich DIE—USA die LUFT—WAFFEN—STÜTZ—PUNKT—MANAS MILITÄR—BASIS 60.000.000—DOLLAR kosten,
20130503—20040000    —J—IM, Das war, In ihr mit Kunst reich ausgestattetes PRIVAT—HAUS lud sie die Elite der Stadt 1—UND sammelte viel Geld für OBAMAs KAMPF—UM—1—SITZ im USA—SENAT.
20130503—20080000    —J—IM, Wie DIE—NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR—REUTERS mit Verweis auf USA—BEHÖRDEN—VERTRETER meldet, lag DIE—ZAHL—DER—EINTRÄGE noch bei 540.000.
20130503—20080000    Mittlerweise zählt Tide stolze 875.000—NAMEN.
20130503—20100000    —IN, A new report, called "The Real STATE—OF—THE—NATION," said SOUTH—AFRICA is fighting 1—LOSING—BATTLE against corruption which sucked up nearly 1—BILLION rand ($111—MILLION) in taxpayers' money last year — nearly 3—TIMES the amount lost.
20130503—20110000    —SEIT, stand DER—NAME 1—DER BOSTON—BOMBENLEGER in 1—USA—TERROR—DATEN—BANK—ERKANNT haben DIE—BEHÖRDEN die Gefahr trotzdem nicht.
20130503—20110000    —HERBST—IM, sorgte schon einmal 1—SOGENANNTER STAATS—TROJANER für Schlagzeilen.—DAMALS, meldete der [CCC]CHAOS—COMPUTER—CLUB (CCC) den Fund 1—SPIONAGE—SOFTWARE zur ONLINE—DURCHSUCHUNG.
20130503—20140700    —IM, KOMMENDEN JAHRES, wird der MIET—VERTRAG über den Airport LUFT—WAFFEN—STÜTZ—PUNKT—MANAS MILITÄR—BASIS im Zuge des Abzugs aus AFGHANISTAN auslaufen.
20140503             ARKANSAS, 1—GUNMAN shot 6—PEOPLE—KILLING—1—MAN and 1—TEENAGER in Jonesboro.
20140503             The gunman was later found dead of 1—GUNSHOT wound in the driver's seat of 1—STOPPED car.
20140503             —INCLUDED, His books, "THE—ECONOMICS—OF—DISCRIMINATION".
20140503             —ARMED, NORTH—EAST—AFGHANISTAN, rescuers and HUNDREDS—OF—VOLUNTEERS, with shovels and little more than their bare hands dug through earth and mud looking for survivors in Hobo Barik village, Badakshan province.
20140503             —COLLAPSED, SOUTH—CHINA, a stone arch bridge under illegal construction, killing 11—PEOPLE and injuring several others in Liangkengkou village, Guangdong province.
20140503             —SENTENCED, An EGYPT—COURT—102—ISLAMISTS to 10—YEARS in prison for rioting as campaigning began for the country's upcoming May presidential election.
20140503             —KILLED, SOUTH—WEST—HAITI, 1—BUS—CRASH—17—PEOPLE and injured 17—NEAR the coastal TOWN—OF—ROSEAU.
20140503             —DEPLOYED, INDIA, troops to THE—STATE—OF—ASSAM after 31—MUSLIMS were gunned down in 3—DAYS—OF—WHAT police said were attacks by tribal militants who resent THE—PRESENCE—OF—IMMIGRANTS from neighboring BANGLADESH.
20140503             —ARRESTED, Police said they have, 22—PEOPLE for helping separatist rebels ACCUSED—OF—KILLING—MUSLIMS in Assam state.
20140503             —KILLED, In central INDIA a blaze in a fireworks factory, 15—PEOPLE and seriously injured another 4—NEAR Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh state.
20140503             —KILLED, IRAQ, gunmen, 4—SUNNI ANTI—AL—QAIDA militiamen in Tarmiyah.
20140503             —KILLED, KENYA, 4—PEOPLE were, when attackers threw 1—EXPLOSIVE device at passengers at 1—BUS—STATION in Mombasa, and also targeted 1—LUXURY—HOTEL in the coastal city.
20140503             —PREVENTED, THE—PHILIPPINES, about 80—MEMBERS—OF—THE—NEW—PEOPLE—ARMY (NPA) "" 39—MINERS, including 4—CHILDREN, from leaving 1—MINING—SITE in Compostela Valley to stop troops from advancing and capturing them.
20140503             —PERSUADED, Local officials, the rebels to free MOST—OF—THE—MINERS.
20140503             —BELIEVED, Around 12 were still, held at the site.
20140503             —KILLED, SOMALIA, at least 6—PEOPLE were, in MOGADISHU, including 1—SENIOR—CITY—COUNCIL—OFFICIAL, when 1—REMOTELY controlled bomb planted by al Shabaab insurgents exploded on 1—BUSY—STREET.
20140503             SOUTH—KOREA—CONFIRMED death toll from 20140416             —THE—FERRY disaster reached 236 with 66—PEOPLE were still missing.
20140503             —REACHED, SUDAN, HUNDREDS—OF—EXHAUSTED illegal migrants, THE—SAFETY—OF—1—NORTH—TOWN, after 10 † when human traffickers abandoned them in the desert.
20140503             —APPEARED, Most, to be Ethiopian or ERITREA—BUT there were some Sudanese as well.
20140503             A team member from SWEDEN was also seized but was released earlier.
20140503             10—PEOPLE were reported killed in 1—CONFRONTATION with soldiers on THE—OUTSKIRTS—OF—SLOVYANSK.
20140503             † A 3—DAY—MOURNING—PERIOD was declared in Odessa for those that 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20140503             —INJURED, YEMEN, 2—SOLDIERS were, when 1—CAR—BOMB exploded in Mukalla, Hadramout province.
20140503             —REPORTED, State news agency, that 1—OF—THOSE killed in 1—EARLY—STAGE of the latest offensive was ABU—ISLAM—AL—SHAISHANI, 1—CHECHNIAN fighter with 1—SENIOR—ROLE in AQAP.
20140503             —ASKED, ROBERT Parry, if UKRAINE will be THE—NYT'S "Waterloo".
20140503—19620000    —IN, CALIFORNIA Chrome became the 1. CALIFORNIA—BRED horse to win THE—KENTUCKY Derby since Decidedly.
20140503—19920000    —AWARDED, He was, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and
20140503—20070000    —IN, received THE—USA—PRESIDENTIAL—MEDAL—OF—FREEDOM—.
20140503—20140425    —RELEASED, EAST—UKRAINE, PRO—RUSSIA insurgents, THE—7—OSCE military observers and 5—UKRAINE—ASSISTANTS who had been seized.
20140503—20140517    —ON, He will try to win his 2. consecutive Triple Crown race when the 139.
20140503—20140517    Preakness Stakes goes off.
20150422             alfatomega.com/20060503.html
20150503             —LIFTED, THE—MAYOR—OF—BALTIMORE, 1—NIGHTLY curfew that was implemented after residents in THE—USA—CITY rioted following THE—DEATH—OF—1—MAN in police custody.
20150503             TEXAS police shot dead 2—SUSPECTED Islamist extremists who opened fire outside 1—EXHIBITION—OF—CARTOONS—OF—THE—PROPHET—MOHAMMED staged by 1—ANTI—MUSLIM group in Garland.
20150503             1—OF the gunmen was identified as Elton Simpson.
20150503             WISCONSIN, SERGIO—DANIEL—VALENCIA del Toro (27), who had just been in 1—FIGHT with his girlfriend, armed himself with 2—GUNS, cycled to 1—SCENIC—BRIDGE and opened fire, killing 1—FATHER and his daughter along with another man before taking his own life on the Trestle Trail bridge in Menasha.
20150503             —KILLED, NORTH—WEST—AFGHANISTAN, Taliban attacks on police checkpoints, at least 16—POLICEMEN in Badakhshan province.
20150503             † In AFGHANISTAN at least 18—PEOPLE and another 3 were injured when 1—MINIBUS plummeted into 1—RAVINE in NORTH—WEST—BADGHIS province.
20150503             BURUNDI journalists held 1—SOMBER gathering to mark World Press Freedom Day, after 1—WEEK—OF—POLITICAL—VIOLENCE that has also seen radio stations shut down.
20150503             —STAGED, IRAQ, and Syria THE—USA and its allies, 17—STRIKES on Islamic State targets over the last 24—HOURS.
20150503             ISRAEL, several 1000—PEOPLE, mostly from the Jewish ETHIOPIA—MINORITY, protested in Tel Aviv against racism and police brutality.
20150503             ITALY—COAST—GUARD and commercial vessels came to the rescue of at least 16—BOATS—OF—MIGRANTS—SAVING—HUNDREDS—OF—THEM and recovering 10—BODIES off LIBYA—COAST, as smugglers took ADVANTAGE—OF—CALM—SEAS to send packed vessels across the Mediterranean.
20150503             Some 40—MIGRANTS in 1—CROWDED rubber boat fell into the sea and likely drowned as the commercial vessel, the Zeran, approached the rubber boat to rescue migrants between LIBYA and Sicily.
20150503             —PULLED, NEPAL, 3—PEOPLE were, out alive from THE—RUBBLE—OF—THEIR home —8—DAYS—AFTER the devastating 20150425              earthquake.
20150503             Rescuers found about 100—BODIES on 1—POPULAR—TREKKING—ROUTE that was hit by 1—AVALANCHE.
20150503             The current toll of 7,056 dead was likely to rise as the entire VILLAGE—OF—LANGTANG was carried away by the avalanche.
20150503             † In PAKISTAN 8—MEMBERS—OF—1—WEDDING—PARTY when metal dowry furniture strapped to the bus they were traveling in struck 1—POWER—LINE.
20150503             —WANTED, THE—PHILIPPINES, ABDUL—BASIT—USMAN, the country's most, Islamist militant, was killed along with 5—OTHERS in 1—FIREFIGHT with Muslim rebels in Muti village.
20150503             —ESCAPED, He had, after 1—RAID in January that killed 44—POLICE commandos.
20150503             —ARRESTED, POLAND, 30—PEOPLE were, and 5—POLICE—VANS damaged during a 2. NIGHT—OF—VIOLENCE in Knurow.
20150503             —FOLLOWED, This, THE—DEATH—OF—1—SOCCER fan hit by 1—RUBBER bullet fired by police 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20150503             SYRIA—ARMY cut the last main supply route for 1—REBEL—BASTION—EAST—OF—DAMASCUS.
20150503             A barrel bomb killed at least 7—CIVILIANS—INCLUDING—1—TEACHER and 4—CHILDREN, when it hit 1—SCHOOL in THE—CITY—OF—ALEPPO.
20150503             —KILLED, UKRAINE said 1—GOVERNMENT—SOLDIER and 1—CIVILIAN were, in the past 24—HOURS in in THE—SEPARATIST—HELD east amid 1—MARKED increase in fighting despite 1—FRAGILE—CEASEFIRE.
20150503             YEMEN, local fighters battling the rebel Houthi militia in Aden stormed areas around the airport in 1—OPERATION supervised by THE—SAUDI—LED coalition, which also provided air support.
20150503             At least 20—TROOPS from 1—SAUDI—LED Arab coalition, including YEMEN—EXPATRIATES in shorts, landed in Aden on a "reconnaissance" mission.
20150503             BND—AFFÄRE, KOALITIONäre verlangen strengere GEHEIM—DIENST—KONTROLLE
20150503             Austausch im Spannungsfall: NATO richtet direkten Draht zum RUSSLAND—MILITÄR ein
20150503             BND—AFFÄRE, OPPOSITION droht BUNDES—REGIERUNG mit Klage
20150503             Oberursel in HESSEN: MUTMAßLICHER—ISLAMIST hatte laut Berichten Kontakt zu AL—QAIDA
20150503             JEMEN: SAUDI—ARABISCHE Bodentruppen in ADEN—GEMELDET—MILITÄR dementiert
20150503             BND—AFFÄRE, NSA—AUFKLÄRER bestehen auf Vorlage DER—USA—SPIONAGELISTEN
20150503             —BEFREIUNG des KZ Dachau: MERKEL ruft zu Offenheit und Zivilcourage auf
20150503             JEMEN: SPEZIAL—EINHEIT soll Aden freikämpfen
20150503             GROß—BRITANNIEN vor der Wahl: Schrille Signale aus LONDON
20150503             PRIMATENforschung: Institut in Tübingen will Affenversuche —VORERST einstellen
20150503             Russische Rocker: "Nachtwölfe"überqueren GRENZE—ZU—DEUTSCHLAND
20150503             —1. Mitglieder der russischen ROCKER—GRUPPE "Nachtwölfe"sind über die offene Grenze nach BAYERN gefahren.
20150503             Das bestätigte 1—SPRECHER des POLIZEIpräsidiums Oberbayern Nord der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR dpa.
20150503             DIE—TOUR DER—KREMLNAHEN Biker zum 70.
20150503             Enden soll die Reise am ;;0905;;             in BERLIN.
20150503             DEUTSCHLAND hatte die Visa einiger Biker annulliert, mindestens 3—ROCKER wurden am Flughafen in BERLIN—SCHÖNEFELD abgewiesen.
20150503             RUSSLAND protestierte dagegen und forderte von DER—BUNDES—REGIERUNG 1.Erklärung.
20150503             —AM—MONTAG wolle die Gruppe die Gedenkstätte im früheren KZ Dachau besuchen.
20150503             RUSSLAND begeht am ;;0905;;             den Tag des Sieges über HITLERdeutschland.
20150503             Der "Nachtwölfe"—PRÄSIDENT ist mit dem RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENT—WLADIMIR—PUTIN befreundet.
20150503             DIE—GRUPPE ist im Westen auch deshalb umstritten, weil sie die Position prorussischer Kräfte im UKRAINE—KRIEG massiv unterstützt.
20150503             WIEN, waren einige Mitglieder der "Nachtwölfe"am —SAMSTAG—VON—CA—500—SYMPATHISANTEN und Schaulustigen empfangen worden.
20150503             —LAUT—DER ÖSTERREICHISCHE—NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR—APA hätten 2—RUßLAND—STAATS—BÜRGER und etwa 20—SYMPATHISANTEN gemeinsam mit dem russischen Botschafter 1—KRANZ vor dem Wiener Heldendenkmal der Roten ARMEE niedergeleg
20150503             Giganews Is an FBI OPERATION—CRYPTOME
20150503             —PEERED, Giganews traffic is, at Equinix[4] in Ashburn in Loudoun COUNTY—VIRGINIA, AMS—IX[5] and NL—IX[6] IN—THE—NETHERLANDS[NIEDERLANDE], DE—CIX[7] in FRANKFURT—GERMANY, and LINX[8][9] in LONDON—UNITED—KINGDOM.
20150503—20140916    —I noticed that you removed THE—2—LISTS—OF—GIGANEWS employees at THE—REQUEST—OF—SEVERAL employees.
20150503—20150611    —ARRESTED, ABDUL—MALIK—ABDUL—KAREEM, 43—JAHRE—ALT—OF—PHOENIX was, for helping orchestrate the shootout.
20160428—20160503    —ON, police detained 3—MEN for questioning in the rape and murder.
20160503             —LAUNCHED, THE—USA and its coalition partners, 22—STRIKES against Islamic State in IRAQ, including 10—NEAR the key CITY—OF—MOSUL.
20160503             CHICAGO, a 15-year-old student from SPAIN fell ill and later was found not breathing in her bed.
20160503             —CLOSED, MICHIGAN, nearly ALL—OF—DETROIT—SCHOOLS were, for a 2. consecutive day after HUNDREDS—OF—TEACHERS called in sick over concerns that MANY—MAY not get paid if the district runs OUT—OF—MONEY.
20160503             NEW—MEXICO, THE—BODY—OF—ASHLYNNE Mike (11) was found after she and her brother were kidnapped 1—DAY—EARLIER—NEAR—S—JUAN in the Navajo Nation.
20160503             —ARRESTED, Suspect TOM—BEGAYE, 27—JAHRE—ALT was soon, and faced murder charges.
20160503             —SENTENCED, NEW—YORK FORMER—ASSEMBLY Speaker Sheldon Silver (72) was, to 12—YEARS in prison following his conviction last year in a $5—MILLION corruption case.
20160503             A new report by Transparency INTERNATIONAL said almost a 3. of the people in 9—COUNTRIES surveyed in the Middle East have had to pay 1—BRIBE to access some KIND—OF—PUBLIC—SERVICE.
20160503             Only 1—SUSPECT—SHAMSUDDIN Ahmed, was in court for the verdict.
20160503             Authorities were still hunting for the other 3: Gazi ABDUL—MANNAN, Hafiz Uddin, and Shamsuddin AHMED—BROTHER—NASIRUDDIN.
20160503             Authorities in NORTH—CAMEROON said 1—LOCAL—SELF—DEFENSE—GROUP used 1—POISONED arrow to kill 1—WOMAN with explosives strapped to her body.
20160503             —CROSSED, The woman had, over from neighboring NIGERIA along with 1—GIRL—14—JAHRE—ALT, who girl also † when she detonated her own explosives.
20160503             A CHINA—STATE—RUN—NEWSPAPER reported that the influential Communist Youth League has had its budget slashed by more than 50—PERCENT for this year, after the organization came under fire in official media over graft scandals and inefficiency.
20160503             —KILLED, NORTH—EAST—CONGO, DRC 17—PEOPLE were, by armed attackers in Beni despite the presence of 1—UN outpost with 3,000 peacekeepers 20—MILES away.
20160503             —NUMBERED, UN blue helmets, 18,900 in the country.
20160503             CORSICA, THE—SO—CALLED—20161022              splinter GROUP—OF—THE—NATIONAL—LIBERATION—FRONT—OF—CORSICA (FLNC) said it would end "military operations", —2—YEARS—AFTER the main militant movement on THE—FRANCE—ISLAND laid down its arms.
20160503             —ANNOUNCED, THE—CUBA—GOVERNMENT, that farm products sold in STATE—CONTROLLED markets would have prices capped at levels affordable for the average person, who earns 1—STATE—SALARY—OF—ABOUT $25 1—MONTH.
20160503             —INCLUDED, The government measure, 1—SERIES—OF—EXCEPTIONS for private vendors, allowing them to continue to set prices for their goods that are often far higher than prices in STATE—CONTROLLED markets.
20160503             Memos containing internal instructions from EGYPT—INTERIOR—MINISTRY were leaked to the media, outlining strategies on how to deflect public outrage over arrests it made inside the journalists' union, handle the media in general, and deal with the case of an ITALY—STUDENT found tortured to death.
20160503             —IMPRISONED, IRAN—CARTOONIST Atena Farghadani, over portraying lawmakers as animals to criticize a draft law restricting contraception and criminalizing voluntary sterilization, was released from Evin prison after an appeals court last month reduced her initial 12-year prison sentence to 18—MONTHS.
20160503             —CONVERGED, IRAQ, TENS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—SHIITE pilgrims, on 1—GOLDEN—DOMED Shiite shrine in BAGHDAD to commemorate THE—ANNIVERSARY—OF—THE—DEATH—OF—1—REVERED imam as authorities tightened security measures in the capital amid CONCERNS—OF—MORE—ATTACKS by Sunni extremists.
20160503             —KILLED, NORTH—IRAQ, Islamic State militants, 1—USA—NAVY—SEAL after blasting through Kurdish defenses and overrunning 1—TOWN in the biggest offensive in the area for months.
20160503             AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL said IRAQ is holding more than 1,000 detainees, some as young as 15, without charge in "inhumane and degrading conditions" at makeshift holding centers in WEST—ANBAR province.
20160503             —UNCOVERED, ISRAEL—TAX—AUTHORITY said inspectors, 4—TONS—OF—AMMONIUM chloride— enough to produce HUNDREDS—OF—ROCKETS  hidden inside SACKS—OF—SALT about 2—WEEKS ago as the shipment was being transferred to Gaza.
20160503             —BURNED, WEST—MYAN20160301             —FIRE, down 1—CAMP that sheltered MEMBERS—OF—THE—COUNTRY—PERSECUTED Rohingya minority, leaving 440—FAMILIES—HOMELESS.
20160503             A Nepali official said CANADA—ROBERT—PENNE, living and working in NEPAL, has been ordered to leave the country within 2—DAYS for criticizing the government on social media.
20160503             —SIGNED, PAKISTAN—ARMY—CHIEF, off on the death sentences of 11—MEMBERS—OF—THE—TALIBAN CONVICTED—OF—TERRORISM—KIDNAPPINGS—ATTACKS on civilians as well as assaults on police and army officers.
20160503             The 11 had the right to appeal.
20160503             PAKISTAN, Aftab Husain, 1—PROMINENT—PARTY—ACTIVIST and 1—AIDE to Farooq Sattar, MQM leader in the National Assembly, † 2—DAYS—FOLLOWING his arrest in Karachi.
20160503             —ACCUSED, MQM, the regional paramilitary PAKISTAN Rangers FORCE—OF—KILLING—HUSSAIN.
20160503             The Rangers, who answer to THE—MINISTRY—OF—INTERIOR and to the army, said Husain was "wanted in several criminal cases" and had † of 1—HEART—ATTACK.
20160503             —AGREED, THE\X97PHILIPPINES—DEFENSE—CHIEF said his government has, in principle to lease 5—JAPAN—SURVEILLANCE—PLANES to be used in patrolling disputed AREAS—OF—THE—SOUTH—CHINA—SEA and in SEARCH—AND—RESCUE missions during disasters.
20160503             —SIGNED, SPAIN—KING—FELIPE—VI, 1—DECREE—SETTING—1—HISTORIC—NEW—ELECTION for 20160626              after politicians chosen in 1—INCONCLUSIVE December ballot failed to agree on WHICH—OF—THEM should form 1—GOVERNMENT, despite MONTHS—OF—NEGOTIATIONS.
20160503             SYRIA, heavy air strikes throughout the night on the Islamic State group's de facto capital Raqa killed 19—CIVILIANS and 10—JIHADISTS.
20160503             —KILLED, Battles in the city, at least 20—PEOPLE.
20160503             ZIMBABWE put its wild animals up for sale, saying it needed buyers to step in and save the beasts from 1—DEVASTATING—DROUGHT.
20160503             —PROTEST—GEGEN—AUSTRALIENS ASYL—POLITIK,Somalierin zündet sich in FLÜCHTLINGS—LAGER an
20160503             Sicherheit für Touristen: Chinesische POLIZISTEN patrouillieren in ROM
20160503             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DIENSTAG : 1—GROßER Tag für DONALD—TRUMP
20160503             "Solar Impulse 2": Sonnenflieger nach 1200—KILOMETERN sicher in Phoenix gelandet
20160503             Soziale NETZ—WERKE und Depression: "FACEBOOK war Gift für mich"
20160503             Enthüllungen von GREENPEACE: Scheitert TTIP?
20160503             GROß—BRITANNIEN—LABOUR—PARTEI schließt Mitglieder in ANTI—SEMITISMUS—AFFÄRE aus
20160503             Mieser AKTIEN—KURS: APPLE—CHEF—MUSS sich im Fernsehen rechtfertigen
20160503             —GEPLANTes REFERENDUM: 1.800.000—MENSCHEN unterschreiben gegen PRÄSIDENT—MADURO
20160503             Umfrage, AfD fällt wieder unter Zehnprozentmarke
20160503             Zu viel Eis im Eiskaffee: USA—AMERIKANERIN verklagt Starbucks auf 5.000.000—DOLLAR
20160503             BROWSER—STATISTIK: CHROME populärer als INTERNET Explorer
20160503             —URTEIL—IN—KARLSRUHE: Linke scheitert im STREIT—UM—OPPOSITIONSRECHTE
20160503             Schwuler Imam: "Der Prophet hat Homosexuelle beschützt"
20160503             Workshop auf der re:publica: Sound als Waffe
20160503             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS, "Eine oberflächenversiegelte Theaterhandwerksdarbietung"
20160503             Kroatiens Nationalismus: DIE—ANGST—VOR—DEM—NÄCHSTEN UNGARN
20160503             "Sea Hunter": USA testen weltgrößtes unbemanntes KRIEG—SCHIFF im PAZIFIK
20160503             Gescheiterte Regierungsbildung: KÖNIG—FELIPE ruft in SPANIEN Neuwahlen aus
20160503             Kreativitätstraining: Quer denken und Rätsel lösen
20160503             Trotz Bauboom: IMMOBILIEN—PREISE steigen 20160000              um bis zu 4 %
20160503             "MARSEILLE"mit Gérard Depardieu: Immobilien sind das neue Kokain
20160503             FRÜHJAHRS—PROGNOSE: Wirtschaft in DER—EURO—ZONE wächst langsamer als erwartet
20160503             Toter Popstar: Geschwister melden Anspruch auf Erbe von Prince an
20160503             Dauerdiät bei Normalgewicht: Weniger Kalorien, bessere Laune
20160503             Ungewöhnliche Lösungsansätze finden.
20160503             "Um die Ecke denken"
20160503             [l] DAS—BUNDES—VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT hat 1—URTEIL zur MEINUNGS—FREIHEIT gefällt, das mir wichtig erscheint.
20160503             1—ANSCHULDIGUNG von Vergewaltigung steht im Raum, vor Gericht gibt es 1—FREISPRUCH, weil die Tat nicht nachgewiesen werden kann, danach äußert sich die Klägerin nochmal über den angeblichen Täter.
20160503             Das Spannende ist jetzt das Folgende:
20160503             DIE—EINORDNUNG der Äußerungen als Werturteile und Tatsachenbehauptungen ist verfassungsrechtlich nicht zu beanstanden.
20160503             Es geht hier nicht um Larifar1—"Ich fühle mich verletzt"—ÄUßERUNGen sondern um Tatsachenbehauptungen.
20160503             es sei doch 1.Vergewaltigung gewesen, und der Freigesprochene hat auf Unterlassung geklagt und in allen Instanzen unterhalb des VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT RECHT bekommen.
20160503             DAS—VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT sagt jetzt:
20160503             DIE—TATSACHENBEHAUPTUNGEN sind nicht erwiesen unwahr.
20160503             Weil es keine Gegenbeweise gab, zählen diese Tatsachenbehauptungen als Meinungsäußerungen und sind damit grundsätzlich zulässig.
20160503             Für mich klingt das jetzt, als könne man damit ab jetzt ungestraft Menschen irgendwelcher Straftaten bezichtigen, wenn man nur sicher sein kann, daß die das Gegenteil nicht beweisen können.
20160503             Ich finde das rein intuitiv 1.recht gruselige Vorstellung.
20160503             Wie kommt denn das, daß dieses Urteil nicht einmal die BOULEVARD—PRESSE hoch und runter ging?
20160503             Oder hab ich das bloß übersehen?
20160503             —UPDATE, Es gab ein paar Berichte, die hatte ich übersehen.
20160503             Der KNACK—PUNKT scheint zu sein, daß Kachelmann und seine Anwälte sich nach ANSICHT—DES—GERICHTES pöbelnd und unsachlich geäußert haben, also darf sie auch zurückpöbeln.
20160503             [l] In SPANIEN ist DIE—REGIERUNGSBILDUNG gescheitert, DER—KÖNIG ruft Neuwahlen aus.
20160503             Da kann ich nur sagen: Weiter so!
20160503             DUPONT wurde 18020000              von Eleuthère Irénée du Pont gegründet, 2—JAHRE NACHDEM er und seine Familie aus FRANKREICH in DIE—USA ausgewandert waren, um der FRANZÖSISCHE—REVOLUTION zu entfliehen.
20160503             DUPONT lieferte vor allem SPEZIAL—MUNITIONFÜR Flugzeuge und SCHWARZPULVER—PELLETS als Munitionsbestandteil.
20160503             —WÄHREND, dieser ganzen Zeit blieb DUPONT 1—PRODUZENT—VON—KRIEGS—GÜTERN für die beiden Weltkriege und spielte 19430000             —AB im MANHATTAN—PROJEKT 1.wichtige Rolle, wo es Konstruktion, Bau und Betrieb der PLUTONIUM—PRODUKTIONSANLAGE in Hanford und des Oak Ridge NATIONAL—LABORATORY in TENNESSEE übernahm.
20160503             DUPONT hat immer wieder mit schwerwiegenden IMAGE—PROBLEMEN zu kämpfen, da ES—SICH einerseits früher um 1—DER HAUPT—HERSTELLER—VON—FCKW gehandelt hat, andererseits auch —NOCH—HEUTE hohen Schadstoffausstoß bewirkt und damit
20160503             Let that sink in.
20160503             Please understand: My friends for the most part, were liberals, not REPUBLICANs.
20160503             The hard truth is that we think the way THE—MEDIA tells us to think
20160503             Falschgeld: BKA findet deutlich mehr EURO—BLÜTEN
20160503             "Teddy Girls": Die ALPHA—FRAUEN—VON—LONDON
20160503             LONDON in Trümmern.
20160503             DIE—JUNGS waren zuerst da.
20160503             Teddy war die Abkürzung für EDWARD, jenen Monarchen, unter dem um die Jahrhundertwende Männer in feinen Ausgehröcken das STRAßENBILD—DER—INSEL geprägt hatten.
20160503             Nun, 50—JAHRE und 2—WELTKRIEGE später, entdeckte 1.neue Generation den Stil der Vorväter für sich.
20160503             1—GENERATION, die in den Ruinen des alten Imperiums gegen ihre Eltern rebellierte.
20160503             In den Medien dominierten ZUNÄCHST BERICHTE—ÜBER—DIE Teds, die wilden Jungs in Tweed, die britische Antwort auf ROCK'N'ROLL—BEWEGUNG und JAMES—DEAN.
20160503             1—JAHR—SPÄTER, porträtierte KEN—RUSSELL die Teddy Girls.
20160503             "Sie erzählte mir, sie sei 1—TEDDY—GIRL, und mir wurde klar, daß sie 1.weibliche Version der Teddy Boys war", erklärte der Fotograf später der "TIMES".
20160503             Doch der Tenor des Artikels war ein anderer.
20160503             Tatsächlich stammte viele aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen und hatten ihre Kleidungsstücke selbst angefertigt — oder aus den Resten alter Mode neu kombiniert.
20160503             Eines der Mädchen aus seiner Fotoserie war Rose Shine, auf Russells Fotos, 15—JAHRE—ALT.
20160503             Auch DER—SPIEGEL berichtete über die britischen Mädchengangs in feinen Anzügen.
20160503             Dass LONDON sich heute an die Teddy Girls erinnert, liegt an Judy Westacott, selbst Anhängerin der lässigen Nachkriegsmode.
20160503             Teil 1—JUGEND—KULTUR, GRACE—LIVING, 14, VOR—1—WERBESCHILD für PEPS1—COLA.
20160503             FREI—HANDELS—ABKOMMEN: Der TTIP—ZEITPLAN ist kaum zu schaffen
20160503             Einwanderer aus EUROPA: AUSTRALIEN will Karpfen mit Herpesviren töten
20160503             DIE—AFD und DER—ISLAM: Im Geist des Konfessionalismus
20160503             Mexikanische Enthüllungsjournalistin: "Der KOKAIN—HANDEL in deutschen Gewässern ist bestens organisiert"
20160503             SUCHT—ERKRANKUNGEN, Was Zigaretten mit TTIP zu tun haben
20160503             STEUER—VERMEIDUNG: Firmen leiten—DOLLAR in NIEDRIG—STEUER—LÄNDER
20160503             DIE—RICHTLINIEN—ENTWURF: Grüne fordern EU—WEITEN Schutz für WHISTLE—BLOWER
20160503             Psychologie: In Flugzeugen mit 1. Klasse wird öfter randaliert
20160503             Massenentlassung: SAUDI—ARABIEN schickt Kontrolleure zu BIN—LADEN
20160503             Linke vor VERFASSUNGS—GERICHT: Gysis krachende Niederlage
20160503             STEINMEIER in NIGER: In der TRANSIT—ZONE der Verzweifelten
20160503             —URTEIL—IN—DÜSSELDORF: Salafist muss wegen Misshandlung seiner Familie in Haft
20160503             Schwere ANGRIFFE—AUF—ALEPPO: 1—STADT blutet aus
20160503             Erzkonservative USA—WÄHLER: Für Gott,—GEGEN—DONALD—TRUMP
20160503             REPUBLIKANER—SCHLAMMSCHLACHT: DONALD—TRUMP fabuliert über Verbindung von Cruz' Vater zu KENNEDY—ATTENTÄTER
20160503             [l] In der TÜRKEI gab es 1.ordentliche PARLAMENTsprügelei mit fliegenden Fäusten und kreischenden Frauen, das volle Programm.
20160503             [l] Meldung des Tages: DONALD—TRUMP bezichtigt den Vater seines Konkurrenten TED—CRUZ, dem JFK—MÖRDER geholfen zu haben.
20160503—19540600    —IM, "Sie hatte rotbraunes Haar und war, 15—JAHRE—ALT", schrieb der "Daily Express.
20160503—19710000    —SENTENCED, BANGLADESH, 1—SPECIAL—WAR—CRIMES—COURT—4—MEN to death for killing, torture, arson and looting during the nation's independence war against PAKISTAN.
20160503—20160504    —RESUMED, Classes, after teachers received assurances they would be paid for the school year.
20160503—20170713    —ON, 1—FEDERAL—APPEALS—COURT overturned the conviction.
20160503—20180000    —PLEADED, FRANCIS—EMANUELE, 38—JAHRE—ALT, 1—SUBURBAN Chicago man, guilty to supplying 1—FATAL—DOSE—OF—METHADONE to the student.
20170422—20170503    —ARRESTED, THE—STATE—RUN—KCNA news agency said he was, for committing "hostile criminal acts with 1—AIM to subvert the country".
20170429—20170503    —ON, they were charged with defaming the monarchy,
20170503             PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP met with Palestinian PRESIDENT—MAHMOUD—ABBAS.
20170503             Abbas said the meeting left him hopeful, but he did not appear to have come away with ANY—ACHIEVEMENTS that move the needle on ISRAELI—PALESTINIAN peace.
20170503             Trump struck 1—OPTIMISTIC—NOTE—SAYING he believes an ISRAELI—PALESTINIAN deal can be reached.
20170503             10—ENVIRONMENTAL and Alaskan Native groups filed suit to maintain the ban on oil and gas exploration, 1—KEY—PART—OF—FORMER—PRESIDENT—OBAMA—ENVIRONMENTAL—LEGACY.
20170503             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, at least 8—CIVILIANS were, and 3—USA—SOLDIERS wounded when 1—SUICIDE—BOMBER attacked 1—USA—MILITARY—CONVOY in Kabul.
20170503             A LONDON jury found university student DAMON—SMITH—20—JAHRE—ALT GUILTY—OF—PLANTING—1—HOME—MADE bomb on 1—BUSY—LONDON subway train last October.
20170503             COLOMBIA—UN—OFFICIAL—ARLEY Lopez, 1—MEMBER—OF—1—TEAM—WORKING on 1—PROJECT to substitute illegal crops with legal ones, was kidnapped by dissident FORMER—FARC rebels who have rejected the peace process.
20170503             —APPROVED, GERMANY, the state LEGISLATURE—OF—BADEN—WUERTTEMBERG, plans to introduce tuition fees for students from outside the European Union, starting with this year's winter semester.
20170503             —TRAPPED, NORTH—IRAN, more than 50—MINERS were, after 1—HUGE—EXPLOSION in 1—COAL—MINE, and some were feared to have † in the Zemestanyurt coal mine in Golestan province.
20170503             —KILLED, At least 35—PEOPLE were.
20170503             ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU said he will withhold $1—MILLION in payments to THE—UNITED—NATIONS following 1—RESOLUTION adopted by its cultural agency that he says diminishes Jewish ties to JERUSALEM.
20170503             —ANNOUNCED, ITALY—HEALTH—AUTHORITIES, they would recall up to 7,000 children in NORTH—ITALY to be RE—VACCINATED after determining that some children didn't receive the necessary doses.
20170503             A nurse, identified by authorities only as P.E., is ACCUSED—OF—HAVING botched THOUSANDS—OF—VACCINATIONS from 20090000—20150000    , intentionally or not.
20170503             MEXICO, 2—ARMY—SOLDIERS were shot to death and a 3. wounded when troops investigating 1—PIPELINE—FUEL—THEFT came under fire from gunmen using townspeople as 1—HUMAN—SHIELD in Palmarito, Puebla state.
20170503             A video appeared to show 1—SOLDIER—SHOOTING—1—WOUNDED man in the head as gunmen defended their fuel theft operations.
20170503             The day's combat left 4—SOLDIERS and 6—CIVILIANS—DEAD.
20170503             —MISSED, NIGERIA—PRESIDENT—MUHAMMADU—BUHARI, 74—JAHRE—ALT, his weekly cabinet meeting for the 3. straight time as concerns mounted about his health.
20170503             —REACHED, PAKISTAN and IRAN, 1—AGREEMENT to strengthen security along their shared border after last week's incident when gunmen killed 10—IRAN—BORDER—GUARDS.
20170503             —ANNOUNCED, PUERTO—RICO—GOVERNOR, 1—HISTORIC—RESTRUCTURING of $70—BILLION debt through courts after talks with bondholders fail.
20170503             —TOTALED, Public sector debts, almost $74—BILLION.
20170503             —EXTENDED, SWITZERLAND—AUTHORITIES—THE—DETENTION—OF—OUSMAN SONKO—GAMBIA—FORMER—INTERIOR—MINISTER, for another 3—MONTHS amid 1—INVESTIGATION into accusations he committed crimes against humanity while serving in the African country's government.
20170503             —SUSPENDED, THE—SYRIA—ARMED—OPPOSITION said it has, its participation in the 4. ROUND—OF—PEACE—TALKS—BEING held in ASTANA—KAZAKHSTAN, and demanded 1—END to government BOMBING—OF—AREAS under its control.
20170503             A large explosion shook 1—REBEL—HELD SYRIA—TOWN along the border with TURKEY, killing at least 5—PEOPLE and wounding others.
20170503             —CALLED, THAILAND—MEDIA—ORGANIZATIONS, on the military government to withdraw 1—BILL that would set up 1—APPOINTED council to regulate print and online media and require journalists to be licensed or risk jail.
20170503             Soziale NETZ—WERKE: FACEBOOK—LIKES machen nicht glücklich
20170503             Befragungen zeigen, daß Erfolgsmeldungen anderer in sozialen NETZ—WERKE—BEI—VIELEN Nutzern negative Gefühle wie Frust, Unzufriedenheit oder Neid auslösen.
20170503             "Obwohl es nur 1.vergleichsweise kleine Untersuchung ist, deuten DIE—ERGEBNISSE darauf hin, daß SOZIALE—MEDIEN unsere Gefühle beeinflussen und das nicht immer auf positive Art und Weise",
20170503             VENEZUELAs PARLAMENT: OPPOSITION lehnt —PLAN—FÜR—NEUE Verfassung ab
20170503             VON—DER—LEYEN zum Fall FRANCO A.: "Ich trage die Gesamtverantwortung"
20170503             Vorläufige Zahlen: Volkswagen steigert QUARTALS—GEWINN deutlich
20170503             —STREIT—MIT—DER TÜRKEI: MERKEL warnt ERDOGAN erneut vor Einführung der TODES—STRAFE
20170503             BERICHT—ÜBER—MÖGLICHE EU—FORDERUNG: BREXIT könnte BRITEN mehr als—EURO kosten
20170503             Kopierte Rede: LE—PEN räumt Plagiat ein
20170503             [l] The Oatmeal erklärt den Backfire Effect.
20170503             [l] IBM liefert MALWARE auf dem TREIBER—USB—STICK für ihre STORWIZE—PLATTEN—RACKS aus.
20170503             BREXIT—MINISTER—DAVIS: "Wir gehen nicht als Bittsteller in DIE—VERHANDLUNGEN"
20170503             Kjell Inge Røkke: Norwegischer Milliardär investiert in UMWELT—SCHUTZ
20170503             Lange oder große Pause?: Die Muttersprache —STEUERt das Zeitgefühl
20170503             DIE—SPRACHE, mit DER—MENSCHEN aufwachsen, beeinflusst offenbar, wie sie Zeit wahrnehmen.
20170503             Anlass für die Untersuchung bot den Forschern die Beobachtung, daß manche Muttersprachler Zeit bevorzugt als physikalische Distanz betrachten: So sprechen SCHWEDEN, ENGLÄNDER und in vielen Fällen auch DEUTSCHE beispielsweise von 1—KURZEN Pause oder 1—LANGEN Hochzeit.
20170503             Representing Duration Through the Language Hourglass: Bylund et al.
20170503             —UMSTURZ—VORWÜRFE : NORD—KOREA nimmt weiteren USA—BÜRGER fest
20170503             Konjunktur: EURO—ZONE hängt USA—WIRTSCHAFT ab
20170503             BREXIT: EU—CHEFUNTER—HÄNDLER drängt BRITEN zur Eile
20170503             VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIN unter Druck: MERKEL sichert VON—DER—LEYEN "volle Unterstützung"zu
20170503             "FAKE—NEWS"-Einblendung: CNN weigert sich, DONALD—TRUMP—SPOT zu zeigen
20170503             Gefährliche Körperverletzung: Gericht zieht "HORROR—CLOWNS"zur Verantwortung
20170503             Borneo: Seltener ALBINO—ORANG—UTAN entdeckt
20170503             USA—AFRO—AMERIKANER —STERBEN im Schnitt 4—JAHRE—FRÜHER—ALS Weiße
20170503             Umfrage, DEUTSCHE wollen BAR—GELD für immer
20170503             Suche nach intelligenten Lebensformen: Und wenn die Aliens SCHON—LÄNGST hier waren?
20170503             Wirkung sozialer Medien: Die Filterblase sind wir selbst
20170503             —NACH, Debatte um Mordvideos: FACEBOOK stellt 3000—NEUE ONLINE—AUFPASSER ein
20170503             ERDOGAN in Sotschi: RUSSLAND will TÜRKEI—SANKTIONEN schrittweise lockern
20170503             [l] Der goldene Bordstein für den schlechtesten Gossenjournalismus —DES—JAHRES geht schon vorab an "Correctiv"für diese "BERICHT—ERSTATTUNG", die der "Bild"peinlich wäre.
20170503             Größter Markt: HECKLER—UND—KOCH baut WAFFEN—FABRIK IN—DEN—USA
20170503             ABBAS—BESUCH—IN—WASHINGTON: DONALD—TRUMP ruft ISRAELis und PALÄSTINENSER zu Anstrengung für Frieden auf
20170503             —KLIMA—WANDEL: Forscher erklären Pause der ERD—ERWÄRMUNG
20170503             PARLAMENTS—WAHLEN—IN—GROß—BRITANNIEN: THERESA—MAY wirft EU Beeinflussung vor
20170503             "Europäische Politiker und Vertreter haben GROß—BRITANNIEN gedroht", sagte THERESA—MAY vor ihrem Amtssitz in LONDON.
20170503             LONDON reagierte darauf empört.
20170503             Das neu gewählte PARLAMENT soll am ;;0613;;zusammenkommen.
20170503             DONALD—TRUMP meets ABBAS
20170503—20170504    —ON, KAZAKHSTAN said it expects THE—SYRIA—ARMED—OPPOSITION to return to the table.
20170503—20170705    —ON, the government announced that Lopez has been released.
20180503             —REINSTATED, USA—HOUSE—SPEAKER—PAUL—RYAN, REVEREND—PATRICK—J—CONROY as CHAPLAIN—OF—THE—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES after Conroy sent him 1—LETTER—INTIMATING that the speaker did not have the authority to fire him..
20180503             —FIRED, CBS News anchor Charlie rose was, after more than 2—DOZEN—WOMEN came forward with sexual misconduct allegations.
20180503             LOS—ANGELES, THE—ACADEMY—OF—MOTION—PICTURE—ARTS and Sciences, closed the door on ROMAN—POLANSKI, 84—JAHRE—ALT, announcing that it had revoked his nearly 50-year membership, along with THAT—OF—BILL—COSBY.
20180503             —OPENED, THE—SF, Bay Area 1—MAN—FIRE in 1—APARTMENT—BUILDING on THE—EDGE—OF—MILL—VALLEY—KILLING—SABRINA Lew (30) and wounding her father (84) following 1—TALK about eviction.
20180503             The shooter, VICTOR—AURELINO—LUGO, 71—JAHRE—ALT, was soon found dead.
20180503             —ERUPTED, HAWAII—KILAUEA—VOLCANO, belching ash into the sky and spewing FOUNTAINS—OF—LAVA in 1—RESIDENTIAL—AREA after 1—SERIES—OF—EARTHQUAKES over the last COUPLE—OF—DAYS.
20180503             —ORDERED, HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE on the Big Island were, to evacuate their homes.
20180503             THE—SEATTLE—BASED Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said it will spend $150—MILLION over the next 4—YEARS in 1—NEW fight against systemic poverty.
20180503             AFGHANISTAN, 1—GUNMAN in WEST—FARAH province shot and killed ABDUL—JALAL, 1—DEPUTY—COUNTERTERRORISM—OFFICIAL in the provincial capital, also named Farah.
20180503             —ARRESTED, Officials said security forces, 7—SUSPECTED militants who were planning to attack 1—GOVERNMENT—RUN—HOSPITAL and 1—INTERIOR—MINISTRY—OFFICE in Kabul.
20180503             ARMENIA, DANIEL—DANIELYAN, 1—SENIOR—TRAFFIC—POLICE—OFFICER in YEREVAN, shot and killed 1—SECURITY—GUARD and injured 2—OTHER—PEOPLE - 1—OF—WHOM †—OF—HIS wounds hours later - when he robbed 1—BRANCH—OF—THE—BRITISH—HSBC bank.
20180503             —DECLARED, Basque separatist group ETA formally, its dissolution, marking the definitive end to WEST—EUROPE—LAST—ARMED—INSURGENCY after more than 4—DECADES—OF—VIOLENCE.
20180503             —REASSERTED, BEIJING, its right to build "defence" facilities in the disputed SOUTH—CHINA—SEA, but declined to confirm reports it had installed new missiles on artificial islands it has built in the region.
20180503             —FILED, CHINA—SMARTPHONE maker Xiaomi, documents with HONG—KONG—STOCK—EXCHANGE—OPERATOR for 1—INITIAL—PUBLIC—OFFERING that could be the world's biggest share sale in years.
20180503             THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—GOVERNMENT said nerve AGENTS—OF—THE—NOVICHOK type, though not the same as that used to poison 1—FORMER—RUSSIA—SPY in Britain, have been synthesized in tiny amounts in THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC to help train the army against chemical warfare.
20180503             —RAIDED, HUNDREDS—OF—GERMANY—POLICE—OFFICERS—1—REFUGEE—SHELTER in THE—SOUTH—TOWN—OF—ELLWANGEN, days after 1—ANGRY—MOB—OF—MIGRANTS prevented authorities from deporting a 23-year-old man from TOGO.
20180503             —BLOCKED, INDIA, 1—MOB—HIGHWAYS and sat on railway tracks near Guntur, in THE—STATE—OF—ANDHRA—PRADESH, demanding public punishment for 1—RICKSHAW puller ACCUSED—OF—RAPING—1—GIRL—9—JAHRE—ALT.
20180503             The accused, said to be around 55, was found hanging in 1—WOOD the next day.
20180503             —COMMITTED, Police said he had likely, suicide.
20180503             A powerful dust storm and rain swept PARTS—OF—NORTH and WEST—INDIA overnight, causing house collapses, toppling trees and leaving at least 134—PEOPLE—DEAD and more than 160—INJURED.
20180503             EAST—INDIA, 1—BUS caught fire after falling into 1—DITCH along 1—HIGHWAY in Bihar state.
20180503             The Press TRUST—OF—INDIA news agency said 20—PEOPLE were feared dead.
20180503             —REPORTED, It was, that 1—GOVERNMENT taskforce in KENYA has called for THE—MANAGEMENT—OF—THE—KENYA—FOREST—SERVICE to be sacked and SOME—OF—ITS staff investigated for alleged corruption which it said had allowed for illegal logging and significant destruction to forests.
20180503             KENYA, 8—PEOPLE were swept off 1—BRIDGE in 1—FLASHFLOOD outside the capital.
20180503             † 120—PEOPLE have over the last 2—MONTHS—FOLLOWING—WEEKS—OF—TORRENTIAL rain.
20180503             —INJURED, RWANDA officials said 116—PEOPLE had † and 207 had been, in flooding and landslides since January.
20180503             † Torrential rains have also hit TANZANIA, where 14—PEOPLE in April, as well as UGANDA where flash floods have destroyed homes and left at least 3—DEAD.
20180503             Doctors without Borders (MSF) said about 800—MIGRANTS in 1—GOVERNMENT—RUN—CENTER in WEST—LIBYA are being detained in worsening conditions without sufficient food or water.
20180503             —RULED, MADAGASCAR—HIGH—COURT, that the state's new election laws are unconstitutional.
20180503             —LINKED, MALI, 1—TUAREG leader said extremists, to the islamic State killed at least 17—PEOPLE in the Menaka region.
20180503             —KILLED, MEXICO, a lone gunman in Hidalgo state, Pacula Mayor Alejandro Gonzalez Ramos.
20180503             —KIDNAPPED, MEXICO, 9—MEN were, in Guerrero state.
20180503             Their bodies were found —2—DAYS—LATER in 1—TRUCK on 1—HIGHWAY between Chilpancingo and Tixtla.
20180503             —HANDED, MOLDOVA, prison sentences to 8—CITIZENS for fighting on THE—SIDE—OF—PRO—RUSSIA—REBELS in the separatist conflict in EAST—UKRAINE.
20180503             † MOZAMBIQUE veteran rebel leader AFONSO—DHLAKAMA, 65—JAHRE—ALT, who had opened talks with the government unexpectedly.
20180503             Local media said he suffered sever diabetes.
20180503             —FOR—39—YEARS—DHLAKAMA led Renamo, the rebel group which fought a 16-year civil war against the ruling Frelimo party.
20180503             Inspectors for the Organization for THE—PROHIBITION—OF—CHEMICAL—WEAPONS (OPCW) had completed their work at the site of 1—SUSPECTED gas attack in THE—SYRIA—TOWN—OF—DOUMA.
20180503             NORTH—KOREAN—LEADER—KIM Jong Un told 1—VISITING—CHINA—DIPLOMAT that he is committed to denuclearization.
20180503             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, gunmen, 6—LABORERS from Punjab province who were working on 1—PROJECT for the national phone company in the border TOWN—OF—KHARAN, Baluchistan province.
20180503             The Palestinian Authority cut salaries for its staff in Gaza by 20—PERCENT and failed to make up for skipping the previous month's pay, leaving civil servants in the impoverished territory fuming they were pawns in 1—FACTIONAL power struggle.
20180503             PA salaries in the other Palestinian territory, THE—ISRAELI—OCCUPIED WEST—BANK, were paid in full.
20180503             DOINA—CORNEA had been beaten and arrested after criticizing THE—DESTRUCTION—OF—ROMANIA—VILLAGES and churches during THE—REGIME—OF—NICOLAE—CEAUSESCU.
20180503             A RUSSIA—SU 30—FIGHTER—JET crashed off THE—COAST—OF—SYRIA, killing both pilots.
20180503             The initiative aims to create 300,000 new jobs and represents 1—KEY pillar of the nation's "Vision 2030" reforms.
20180503             SOUTH—AFRICA, the Legal Resources Center said lawyers for gold miners who got lung diseases while working underground over MANY—DECADES have reached 1—COMPENSATION—AGREEMENT in their class action lawsuit against mining companies.
20180503             —TRAPPED, SOUTH—AFRICA, 13—MINERS were, at the mine located in its Driefontein operations WEST—OF—JOHANNESBURG after 1—EARTHQUAKE caused 1—CAVE—IN.
20180503             7—MINERS were killed at SIBANYE—STILLWATER—MASAKHANE mine.
20180503             6—OTHERS were rescued after being trapped underground —FOR—2—DAYS.
20180503             6—CRITICALLY endangered black rhinos were en route from SOUTH—AFRICA to CHAD in 1—PIONEERING—PROJECT to RE—INTRODUCE the animals to 1—COUNTRY where they were wiped out by poaching nearly 50—YEARS ago.
20180503             —SURRENDERED, SYRIA—REBELS began pulling out of 1—ENCLAVE they have, in SOUTH—DAMASCUS, but 1—FEW fighters in another besieged area near Homs shelled government areas after their groups agreed to quit.
20180503             The enclaves in SOUTH—DAMASCUS and near Homs were the only 2—BESIEGED areas still held by rebels.
20180503             —REPORTED, It was, that TUNISIA—PRIME—MINISTER—YOUSSEF—CHAHED has opened 1—CONFERENCE on dialogue between religions on THE—ISLAND—OF—DJERBA during 1—ANNUAL—JEWISH—PILGRIMAGE that is taking place amid high security.
20180503             TURKEY—CARICATURIST—MUSA—KART, 64—JAHRE—ALT of the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet, facing more than 3—YEARS in jail, won THE—INTERNATIONAL—PRESS—DRAWING—PRIZE, 1—AWARD given every 2—YEARS to leading cartoonists, especially those working under authoritarian regimes.
20180503             1. in DONALD—TRUMP—AMTS—ZEIT: GUANTANAMO—INSASSE kann Lager verlassen
20180503             Südchinesisches Meer: CHINA stationiert offenbar Raketen auf SPRATLY—INSELN
20180503             Fall Stormy Daniels: DONALD—TRUMP soll Zahlung an Pornodarstellerin erstattet haben
20180503             Materialmangel bei Helikoptern: Zu wenig FLUGSTUNDEN—BUNDESWEHRPILOTEN verlieren Lizenz
20180503             Schuhwurf auf GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH: "Ich würde es wieder tun"
20180503             Hochrangige USA—DELEGATION in CHINA: Erst drohen, dann verhandeln
20180503             —STREIT—UM—ALTERSVORSORGE: IG Metall fordert deutliche Rentenzuwächse
20180503             Schwangerschaftsabbruch: IOWA stimmt für schärfstes ABTREIBUNGS—GESETZ der USA
20180503             Nahles kritisiert VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIN : "Bestmögliche Ausrüstung heißt nicht höchstmögliche Aufrüstung"
20180503             "Aggression des Tourismus": Reinhold Messner fordert Sperrung von Pässen in Südtirol
20180503             Spectre Next Generation: Neue SICHERHEITS—LÜCKEN in INTEL—CHIPS entdeckt
20180503             Schikane gegen Medien in UNGARN—DES ORBÁN—SCHWARZE—LISTEN
20180503             5—MONATE—NACH Bekanntwerden der schwerwiegenden SCHWACH—STELLEN "Spectre"und "Meltdown"hätten Forscher 8—NEUE SICHERHEITS—LÜCKEN in den Chips des kalifornischen HALBLEITER—HERSTELLERS gefunden,
20180503             in INTEL—CHIPS
20180503             Intel halte DIE—INFORMATIONEN zu DER—NEUEN Generation der "Spectre"-SCHWACH—STELLEN allerdings noch geheim.
20180503             "1—DER—NEUEN—LÜCKEN vereinfacht jedoch Angriffe über SYSTEMgrenzen hinweg so stark, daß wir das Bedrohungspotenzial deutlich höher einstufen als bei Spectre".
20180503             Besonders betroffen seien "Anbieter von CLOUD—DIENSTEN wie AMAZON oder Cloudflare und
20180503             —NATÜRLICH
20180503             deren Kunden"
20180503             DIE—KONKRETE GEFAHR—FÜR—PRIVATLEUTE und FIRMEN—PC sei hingegen eher gering, weil es dort in aller Regel andere, einfacher auszunutzende SCHWACH—STELLEN gebe.
20180503             "Eine niemals endende PATCH—FLUT ist aber keine akzeptable Lösung dafür, daß Intel —VOR—20—JAHREN PERFORMANCE—OPTIMIERUNGEN ohne ausreichendes SICHERHEITS—KONZEPT umgesetzt hat",
20180503             TAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT: 1—VERTEIDIGUNG der journalistischen "Sklavenarbeit"
20180503             —VERHAFTET in NORD—KOREA: DONALD—TRUMP deutet Freilassung von 3—INHAFTIERTEN USA—BÜRGERN an
20180503             Weniger Pestizide, kleinere Felder: UMWELT—MINISTERIUM legt Plan zum INSEKTENSCHUTZ—VOR—
20180503             Parodontitis: So sehr schadet entzündetes Zahnfleisch
20180503             Ursache noch unklar: RUSSLAND—KAMPF—JET stürzt über MITTELMEER ab - 2—TOTE
20180503             EX—GENERAL—BUNDES—ANWALT: Harald Range ist tot
20180503             [l] DIE—BUNDESWEHR wollte 19600101—19691231    —JAHREN—IN—DEN, CHEMIE—WAFFEN anschaffen und einsetzen.
20180503             —KAMPF—GEGEN—KORRUPTION im BUNDES—TAG: EUROPArat stellt BERLIN mieses Zeugnis aus
20180503             Fremdes SONNEN—SYSTEM: 1. Helium auf EXO—PLANETEN nachgewiesen
20180503             Astronomen haben das Edelgas Helium 1. in der Atmosphäre eines Planeten in 1—ANDEREN SONNEN—SYSTEM nachgewiesen.
20180503             Den Planeten umgibt 1.Heliumwolke, die ZehntausendeKm ins All hinausreicht.
20180503             —CA—200—LICHT—JAHRE entfernten EXO—PLANETEN mit der Katalognummer WASP-107b
20180503             der 1.Sonne im Sternbild Jungfrau umkreist.
20180503             "Durch die Messung von Infrarotlicht können wir weiter in den WELT—RAUM hinausspähen als wenn wir ultraviolettes Licht benutzen".
20180503             —URTEIL—IN—BAYERN: Kirchenasyl schützt nicht vor Abschiebung
20180503             BUNDESWEHR im KALTER—KRIEG: BUNDES—REGIERUNG drängte USA offenbar auf Belieferung mit CHEMIE—WAFFEN
20180503             DIE—BUNDES—REPUBLIK hat —IN—DEN—SECHZIGER—JAHREN offenbar umfassende Planungen für den —EINSATZ—VON—CHEMIE—WAFFEN gehabt.
20180503             unter Berufung auf JAHRZEHNTE—LANG GEHEIM gehaltene Akten DER—BUNDESWEHR und DER—USA—REGIERUNG.
20180503             Der damalige VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTER—KAI—UWE von Hassel (CDU) bat DIE—USA—REGIERUNG demnach 19630000              um die Belieferung mit CHEMIE—WAFFEN.
20180503             —VON, 19620000              bis mindestens 19680000              habe DIE—BUNDESWEHR zudem 1.detaillierte Planung für 1.chemische KRIEG—FÜHRUNG betrieben, um 1—MÖGLICHEN CHEMIE—WAFFEN—ANGRIFF des Warschauer Pakts zu vergelten.
20180503             Zur Umsetzung der Pläne sei es aber nicht gekommen, unter anderem weil sich DIE—USA—REGIERUNG 1966—GEGEN—1.Weitergabe chemischer MUNITION—AN—DIE—BUNDES—REPUBLIK entschied
20180503             BUNDES—REGIERUNG und BUNDESWEHR hätten —DAMALS, immer wieder bestritten, den —EINSATZ und BESITZ—VON—CHEMIE—WAFFEN zu planen.
20180503             DAS—BUNDES—VERTEIDIGUNGS—MINISTERIUM teilte mit, es handle sich um 1—HISTORISCHEN Vorgang, zu der Sache lägen keine Informationen vor.
20180503             Roboter "InSight": NASA platziert ERDBEBENwarte auf dem Mars
20180503             Durchführen soll die Untersuchung der Lander "InSight", der am ;;0505;;             an Bord 1 "Atlas"-Rakete von der Vandenberg AIR—FORCE—BASE im USA—BUNDES—STAAT—KALIFORNIEN starten und
20180503             EHEC—BAKTERIEN: Todesfall durch verunreinigten Salat IN—DEN—USA
20180503             —VERHANDLUNGEN—MIT—NORD—KOREA: CHINA pocht auf Mitsprache
20180503             Verstorbener EX—GENERAL—BUNDES—ANWALT Range: Der Unbeugsame
20180503             Geld für Schutz des RECHTS—STAATS: UNGARN wirft EU—KOMMISSION Erpressung vor
20180503             Filmdrama über RUSSLAND: Schläger, Pöbler, Prostituierte
20180503             Schweigegeld an Stormy Daniels: DONALD—TRUMP gibt Zahlungen an Pornodarstellerin zu
20180503             —STREIT—MIT—EU und CHINA, USA—HANDELS—DEFIZIT sinkt überraschend stark
20180503             BAYERN, war das Kreuz nie aus dem öffentlichen Raum verschwunden, daran konnte kein KRUZIFIX—URTEIL etwas ändern.
20180503             Deshalb wird die Entscheidung der bayerischen STAATS—REGIERUNG, das Kreuz in allen Behörden im Eingang aufzuhängen, damit man es beim Betreten des Gebäudes gleich sieht, auch nicht als der große —SKANDAL empfunden, als der er im Rest der Republik gilt.
20180503             Aufnahmestopp für Ausländer: Deutlicher SPENDEN—ANSTIEG bei Essener Tafel
20180503             KÜNSTLICHE—INTELLIGENZ: FACEBOOK lässt INSTAGRAM—NUTZER für sich arbeiten
20180503             Einzelfallentscheidung: Beamtin aus HESSEN darf Kopftuch tragen (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 18:13)
20180503             EU—PARLAMENTS—PRÄSIDENT—TAJANI: "DIE—EU braucht 1.eigene ARMEE"
20180503             SÜD—AFRIKA: MINEN—ARBEITER erstreiten 330.000.000—EURO für LUNGEN—KRANKHEIT
20180503             TAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT: "Tendenziell geht es nach unten"
20180503             UNGARN—ORBÁN will mit VERFASSUNGS—ÄNDERUNG Aufnahme von FLÜCHTLINGEn verhindern
20180503             Mitten im BOMBEN—KRIEG, Der letzte Film der NAZIs
20180503             Verbreitete Krankheit in EUROPA: Die Migräne kam mit der Kälte
20180503             —LAUT, WELT—GESUNDHEITS—ORGANISATION (WHO) steht Migräne an 6. Stelle der am schwersten beeinträchtigenden Erkrankungen des Menschen, PRO—TAG haben allein in DEUTSCHLAND—CA—1.000.000—MENSCHEN mit Migräneattacken zu kämpfen.
20180503             das Gen TRPM8 in den Fokus.
20180503             MISSBRAUCHS—VORWÜRFE, OSCAR—AKADEMIE schließt BILL—COSBY und ROMAn Polanski aus
20180503             SICHERHEITS—LÜCKE entdeckt: Twitter ruft Nutzer zum Ändern ihrer Passwörter auf
20180503             4.000—JAHRE—ALTE Großmacht: Das GEHEIMNIS—DES—KÖNIG—REICHS Margiana
20180503             [l] DONALD—TRUMP hat mit seinem "legal team"nicht viel Glück.
20180503             GIULIANI hat mehrere Leute gefeuert und dann bei HANNITY auf FOX—NEWS 1—INTERVIEW gegeben.
20180503             Aber GIULIANI hat DONALD—TRUMP trotzdem unter den Bus geworfen in dem Interview.
20180503             Mit Freunden wie Rudi "9/11"GIULIANI braucht man keine Feinde mehr 🙂
20180503             —UPDATE, Auch DONALD—TRUMP selbst gibt —INZWISCHEN, zu, dem COHEN die SCHWEIGEGELD—AUSLAGEN erstattet zu haben.
20180503             KREUZ—ZÜGE : Die Doppelmoral des KARDINALs
20180503—19770000    —IN, Polanski had been 1—FILM—ACADEMY—MEMBER for over 40—YEARS since pleading guilty to unlawful sex with 1—MINOR.
20180503—20150000    —CONVICTED, An ISRAEL—COURT—ARAB poet Dareen Tatour (36) of online incitement to terrorism for using her poem "Resist, My People, Resist" as the soundtrack to images —OF—PALESTINIANS in violent confrontations with ISRAEL—TROOPS.
20180503—20161200    —ANNOUNCED, Dhlakama, 1—SURPRISE—TRUCE with the government in the major 1. step towards 1—FORMAL—PEACE—DEAL.
20180503—20180414    —ON, A TEAM—OF—EXPERTS from THE—OPCW returned to THE—NETHERLANDS from their mission after going to DAMASCUS.
20180503—20180427    —ON, † PALESTINIAN—ANAS—ABU—ASR, 19—JAHRE—ALT—OF—WOUNDS sustained during confrontations between protesters and ISRAEL—TROOPS along GAZA—BORDER.
20180503—20200000    —KICKED, SAUDI—ARABIA, off 1—INITIATIVE to invest 130—BILLION riyals ($34.7—BILLION, 29—BILLION euros) in culture and leisure.
20190501—20190503    —ON, INDIA began evacuating HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—VILLAGERS and shut down operations at 2—MAJOR ports on its east coast AHEAD—OF—IMPENDING—CYCLONIC—STORM—FANI expected to make landfall.
20190501—20190531    —IM, Konjunkturabkühlung: ARBEITSLOSEN—ZAHL steigteicht an (Wirtschaft, 10:32)
20190503             USA—AIR—FORCE—GENERAL—TOD—WOLTERS was sworn in as the top military OFFICER—OF—THE 29-nation NATO alliance.
20190503             —KILLED, ILLINOIS, at least 1—PERSON was, in 1—EXPLOSION and fire at THE—AB Specialty Silicones in Waukegan.
20190503             † A 2. victim the next day and a 3. was found the next day.
20190503             1—PERSON remained missing.
20190503             —RULED, OHIO, 1—FEDERAL—COURT, that the state's congressional map is unconstitutional and ordered 1—NEW 1 to be drawn for 20200000             —THE—ELECTIONS.
20190503             —REPORTED, TEXAS girl Maleah Davis (4) was, missing.
20190503             —ARRESTED, Derion Vence, 1—MAN, in connection with her disappearance, had told 1—COMMUNITY—ACTIVIST he had DISPOSED—OF—HER body there.
20190503             —CONVENED, An AFGHANISTAN—GRAND—COUNCIL, by PRESIDENT—ASHRAF—GHANI ended with 1—RESOUNDING—CALL for peace with the Taliban and 1—PROMISE from THE—PRESIDENT to free 175—TALIBAN prisoners AHEAD—OF—RAMADAN, the Islamic holy month that starts next week.
20190503             AUSTRALIA, THE—VICTORIA state SUPREME—COURT—JUSTICE—MICHAEL—CROUCHER ordered Islamic State group sympathizer and firebrand preacher Robert "Musa" Cerantonio to serve at least 5—YEARS and 3—MONTHS in prison before becoming eligible for parole.
20190503             —MAINTAINED, Troops in BENIN, 1—TIGHT clamp on protests —AFTER—2—DAYS—OF—DEADLY—VIOLENCE sparked by elections in which not 1—SINGLE—OPPOSITION—CANDIDATE took part.
20190503             —REPORTED, It was, that police killings in THE—STATE—OF—RIO—DE—JANEIRO have hit 1—RECORD—HIGH—RISING by 18% in the 1. 3—MONTHS—OF—THIS year in 1—SPIKE partly attributed to a 0—TOLERANCE for criminals campaign by state leaders.
20190503             —SUFFERED, BRITAIN—2—MAIN—PARTIES—1—DRUBBING in ENGLAND—LOCAL—ELECTIONS as voters vented their frustration with the prolonged Brexit deadlock.
20190503             —VOWED, CANADA, to defend its businesses operating in CUBA after USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP lifted 1—BAN on USA—CITIZENS—FILING—LAWSUITS against investors working on the island nation.
20190503             † More than 1,000—PEOPLE have NOW—OF—EBOLA in the Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO, as aid workers warned that the highly contagious virus combined with insecurity in the restive region was creating a "deeply worrying situation".
20190503             —FIRED, CYPRUS PRESIDENT—NICOS—ANASTASIADES, the small island nation's police chief, saying botched missing person investigations might have allowed 1—SELF—CONFESSED serial killer to claim more victims.
20190503             THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC—REP. cybersecurity officials from DOZENS—OF—COUNTRIES drew up 1—BLUEPRINT to counter threats and ensure THE—SAFETY—OF—NEXT—GENERATION—MOBILE—NETWORKS that their nations are set to start deploying.
20190503             GERMANY—PROSECUTORS said police have shut down 1—OF the world's largest illegal online markets in THE—SO—CALLED darkweb and arrested THE—3—MEN allegedly running it.
20190503             —ENABLED, The illicit "WALL—STREET—MARKET" site, trade in cocaine, heroin, cannabis and amphetamines as well as stolen data, fake documents and malicious software.
20190503             Cyclone Fani tore through INDIA—EAST—COAST as 1—GRADE—5—STORM—LASHING—BEACHES with rain and winds gusting up to 205—KM (127—MILES) per hour and affecting weather as far away as MOUNT—EVEREST as it approached the former imperial CAPITAL—OF—KOLKATA.
20190503             —SLAMMED, At least 3—PEOPLE † Cyclone Fani, into EAST—INDIA.
20190503             Media reports put the death toll at up to 6.
20190503             2—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS were wounded by Gaza gunfire near the border.
20190503             A retaliatory ISRAEL—AIR—STRIKE killed 2—MILITANTS from the Islamist Hamas group that governs Gaza.
20190503             2—OTHER—PALESTINIANS protesting near the frontier were also killed by ISRAEL—FORCES.
20190503             ITALY, Norveo Fedeli (74) was found dead inside his clothing store in Viterbo.
20190503             —ARRESTED, Police the next day, USA—MICHAEL—AARON—PANG, 22—JAHRE—ALT and alleged that he killed the storekeeper by striking him with 1—STOOL.
20190503             —SENTENCED, MALAWI—HIGH—COURT, to death 1—MAN who murdered 1—YOUNG albino, 1—UNPRECEDENTED—PENALTY in 1—COUNTRY which has seen 1—SURGE in attacks and KILLINGS—OF—PEOPLE with albinism.
20190503             —RELATED, SINGAPORE police said that $26—MILLION in 1MDB- funds was in THE—PROCESS—OF—BEING returned to MALAYSIA, the latest tranche in $176—MILLION in cash and properties seized by THE—CITY—STATE—RELATING to the scandal.
20190503             Sources said USA—AUTHORITIES will this month return $200—MILLION stolen from MALAYSIA—STATE—FUND—1MDB, including money from 1—STAKE in 1—LUXURY—NEW—YORK hotel and from 1—HOLLYWOOD movie producer.
20190503             —VOTED, SPAIN, the town COUNCIL—OF—BARCELONA, to modify its zoo's bylaws to include 1—RULE by which ANY—OF—ITS breeding programs will be stopped unless there is 1—PLAN to eventually release the offspring into nature.
20190503             SYRIA, at least 12—AIR—RAIDS overnight on THE—SOUTH—EDGE—OF—IDLIB province killed 6—CIVILIANS.
20190503             —DROPPED, Government warplanes, over 68—INDISCRIMINATE barrel bombs on several villages, including 12 in Kfar Nabudah alone.
20190503             —ORDERED, TUNISIA, the army to transport fuel to petrol stations on the 2. DAY—OF—1—STRIKE by fuel distribution workers that has caused empty pumps and long queues across the country.
20190503             —DROWNED, NORTH—WEST—TURKEY, at least 2—WOMEN and 5—CHILDREN, after 1—BOAT—CARRYING—MIGRANTS sank off the Aegean coastal TOWN—OF—AYVALIK.
20190503             —REJECTED, THE—UN—HUMAN—RIGHTS—OFFICE said HUNGARY is deliberately depriving, asylum SEEKERS—OF—FOOD as they await deportation, in VIOLATION—OF—INTERNATIONAL—LAW.
20190503             THE—UN—TOP—FOOD—AGENCIES said about 10—MILLION—PEOPLE in NORTH—KOREA are facing "severe food shortages" after THE—EAST—ASIAN nation had 1—OF the worst harvests in 1—DECADE.
20190503             The World Bank said will extend more than half-a-billion dollars in grants for CYCLONE—RAVAGED SOUTH—AFRICAN—COUNTRIES as he concluded 1—VISIT to MOZAMBIQUE.
20190503             A TOTAL—OF—UP to $545—MILLION will be disbursed to MOZAMBIQUE—ZIMBABWE and MALAWI—THE—3—COUNTRIES hit by Cyclone Idai in March.
20190503             A VENEZUELA—COURT issued 1—WARRANT for THE—ARREST—OF—OPPOSITION—POLITICIAN—LEOPOLDO Lopez, saying he violated 1—ORDER that required him to remain under house arrest and restricted his ability to speak publicly.
20190503             Lopez was evading arrest in 1—SPAIN—DIPLOMATIC—RESIDENCE.
20190503             A SPAIN—GOVERNMENT spokeswoman said MADRID had no INTENTION—OF—TURNING him over to VENEZUELA—AUTHORITIES.
20190503             HETZE im INTERNET: FACEBOOK sperrt Konten von Ultrarechten
20190503             —NACH, Attentat auf KIM—JONG—UNS Halbbruder: Verurteilte Vietnamesin aus Haft entlassen
20190503             Leopoldo López: SPANIEN liefert venezolanischen OPPOSITIONS—FÜHRER nicht aus
20190503             WELTTAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT: MAAS ruft zu besserem Schutz von Journalisten auf
20190503             Ferienwohnungen in LISSABON: Beste Lage, zu viele Touristen
20190503             Erdüberlastungstag: Leben auf Pump
20190503             —DIE—LAGE—AM—FREITAG, Die Rückkehr der NAZI—MÄRSCHE
20190503             WARREN—BUFFETTS Investmentgesellschaft: Berkshire Hathaway kauft sich bei AMAZON ein
20190503             Talquerung der A45 in NRW: 100.000—TONNEN Autobahnbrücke sollen um 20—METER verschoben werden
20190503             Weidmann: BUNDESBANK—PRÄSIDENT erwartet Wirtschaftsaufschwung
20190503             Schwerer Wirbelsturm: Zyklon "Fani" trifft auf indische Küste
20190503             BERICHT—ÜBER—WWF: "Menschenrechtsaspekte finden zu wenig Beachtung"
20190503             DARKNET—RAZZIA: Ermittler nehmen Betreiber von "WALL—STREET Market" fest
20190503             —UMGANG—MIT, MUELLER—BERICHT, DONALD—TRUMP trickst seine Gegner aus
20190503             KÖLNer Dom, dessen Gewicht ohne Fundamente AUF—CA—120.000—TONNEN geschätzt wird.
20190503             Verstaatlichung und Enteignungen: SPD—BASIS feiert Kühnerts KAPITALISMUS—KRITIK (SPIEGEL+, 11:14)
20190503             Dermatologen rechnen für die nächsten 30—JAHRE mit einem deutlichen Anstieg aller HAUTKREBS—ARTEN in DEUTSCHLAND.
20190503             "Wir werden jetzt DIE—EFFEKTE der SIEBZIGER—UND ACHTZIGER—JAHRE sehen, in denen Bräune schick war",
20190503             —ZURZEIT gebe es in DEUTSCHLAND—CA—300.000—NEUDIAGNOSEN pro Jahr,
20190503             In der Mehrzahl handele ES—SICH um den weniger gefährlichen weißen Hautkrebs,
20190503             23.000—FÄLLE beträfen schwarzen Hautkrebs.
20190503             Ob Spargelstecher, BAU—ARBEITER oder DACHDECKER—VIELE können der Sonne auf der Arbeit nicht entgehen.
20190503             —INZWISCHEN, gebe es mehr als 10—NEUE Medikamente, die 1—VERMEHRUNG—VON—HAUTKREBSZELLEN gezielt blockierten oder das IMMUN—SYSTEMAKTIVIERTEN,
20190503             Preistreiber Energie: Inflation in DER—EURO—ZONE steigt deutlich
20190503             Chefredakteur Hrafnsson: WIKILEAKS kritisiert Verhaftung von ASSANGE als "politisch motiviert"
20190503             WIKILEAKS—CHEFREDAKTEUR Hrafnsson: "Wenn der Teufel mir Dokumente über Korruption im Himmel GÄBE—ICH würde sie veröffentlichen" (SPIEGEL+, 12:12)
20190503             Kollektivierung von Unternehmen: 40 % DER—SPD—WÄHLER finden  Kühnerts Vorschlag gut
20190503             CDU beerdigt Pläne: Vorschlag zu CO2—STEUER fliegt aus Klimapapier
20190503             UNO—MENSCHENRECHTSBÜRO: Ungarn verweigerte Flüchtlingen in 21—FÄLLEN Nahrung
20190503             Umstrittener KRAFTWERKS—KONZERN, —CHEF—WILL RWE zum ÖKO—KONZERN umbauen
20190503             Menschenrechte: UNO—KOMMISSARIN kritisiert Hinrichtung von Minderjährigen in IRAN
20190503             PERSONAL—NOT, DIE—JUSTIZ sieht alt aus
20190503             Kapitalismus in der Krise: Es muss nicht immer SOZIALISMUS sein
20190503             ENGLAND: Die KOKAIN—SHRIMPS von Suffolk
20190503             AFGHANISTAN : Loja Dschirga endet mit FRIEDENSAPPELL—AN—DIE—TALIBAN
20190503             BMW—BETRIEBSRAT—GEGEN—KÜHNERT—VORSTOß: "Für —ARBEITER ist diese SPD nicht mehr wählbar"
20190503             Konjunktur, USA—REGIERUNG meldet überraschend starken Jobboom
20190503             RÜSTUNGS—EXPORTE nach SAUDI—ARABIEN: Airbus will BUNDES—REGIERUNG verklagen
20190503             —MACHT—KAMPF—IN—: GUAIDÓ ruft zu Protesten an MILITÄRanlagen auf
20190503             Sternschnuppen Aquariden: KOMETENgrüße
20190503             Zum TAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT: Dies ist keine SONNTAGsrede
20190503             Kühnerts KAPITALISMUS—KRITIK: Wem DEUTSCHLAND gehört (und wem nicht)
20190503             BÖRSEN—START—VON—FLEISCHERSATZ—FIRMA: AKTIEN—KURS von Beyond Meat verdreifacht sich
20190503             Telefonat DER—STAATSCHEFS: DONALD—TRUMP und PUTIN sprechen über KRISE—IN—
20190503             Kommunalwahlen in GROßBRITANNIEN: Tories verlieren fast 38 % ihrer Sitze
20190503—18920000    —IN, The goal is to convert the zoo, which was built inside 1—PARK in the city center, into 1—CENTER focused on education and research, and 1—REFUGE for animals that can no longer survive in liberty.
20190503—20150000    —SEIT, ist Hautkrebs als 1—VON—CA 80—BERUFSKRANKHEITEN anerkannt.
20190503—20160000    —PLOTTED, Cerantonio and 5—OTHER—MEN had, to take a 7-meter (23-foot) HALF—CABIN fiberglass power boat off THE—NORTH—EAST—QUEENSLAND coast to encourage others to overthrow the government in THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES and install Sharia Law.
20190503—20170000    —IN—THE, Doan Thi Huong, 1—VIETNAM—WOMAN who was tried —KILLING—OF—THE—ESTRANGED half BROTHER—OF—NORTH—KOREA—LEADER was released from 1—MALAYSIA—PRISON and flew back to HANOI.
20190503—20190531    —ON, Investigators found her remains near 1—FREEWAY OUTSIDE—OF—HOPE—ARKANSAS.
20200411—20200503    —UNTIL, ITALY—PRIME—MINISTER—GIUSEPPE—CONTE extended his nationwide lockdown.
20200414             —SEIT, Ende März gilt in INDIEN die größte Ausgangssperre der Welt. Nun wurde die Maßnahme verlängert und gilt zunächst bis zum 20200503             . Er fordere alle Inder auf, dabei zu helfen, daß DAS—VIRUS nicht weiterverbreitet werde,
20200415             Der Bund will den Ländern vorschlagen, die bestehenden Kontaktbeschränkungen für die BÜRGER noch mindestens bis zum 20200503              aufrechtzuerhalten. Das sei nach Angaben der DEUTSCHEN PRESSE—AGENTUR das Ergebnis einer Schaltkonferenz des Kanzleramts mit den Staatskanzleichefs der Länder AM——DIENSTAG.
20200415             —CORONA—KRISE: Bund will Kontaktbeschränkungen 20200503             —BIS verlängern
20200418—20200503    —BIS, Der KBV—VORSITZENDE Stephan Hofmeister stellte jedoch klar, daß die Ärzteschaft sich für 1—VERLÄNGERUNG eingesetzt habe. Er äußerte "Erstaunen und Unverständnis" über die Entscheidung. Offenbar habe "der große Druck der Arbeitgeberseite eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt" mit dem Ziel, die Zahl der Krankschreibungen zu verringern.
20200419             —BIS zum 20200503             . Dabei dürfen Kinder auch nicht in Parks oder nach draußen zum Spazieren.
20200424             DEUTSCHLAND, gilt eine weltweite Reisewarnung für Touristen bis zum 20200503             . Ende ;;04;; soll entschieden werden, wie es damit weitergeht.
20200503             —PREDICTED, PRESIDENT—TRUMP, that the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country may reach as high as 100,000 in THE—USA, twice as many as he had forecast just 2—WEEKS ago, even as he pressed states to reopen the shuttered economy.
20200503             Trump also struck 1—NOTE—OF—URGENCY to restart the nation's economy.
20200503             —REPORTED, It was, that THE—USA—NATIONAL—RIFLE—ASSOCIATION has laid off DOZENS—OF—EMPLOYEES, canceled its national convention and scuttled fundraising, membership and shooting events that normally would be key to rallying its base in 1—ELECTION—YEAR.
20200503             † Longtime ALABAMA newspaper PUBLISHER—H—BRANDT—AYERS, 85—JAHRE—ALT.
20200503             He had made The Anniston Star 1—VOICE for progressive politics during the civil rights era.
20200503             CALIFORNIA to date had 54,923 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS and 2,25 deaths.
20200503             THE—SF Bay Area had 8,560 cases and 308—DEATHS.
20200503             —REACHED, Total cases nationwide, 1,158,041 with the death toll at 67,682.
20200503             KANSAS, police Officer MIKE—MOSHER was OFF—DUTY but in uniform when he saw 1—APPARENT—HIT—AND—RUN and pursued the suspect, which led to 1—SHOOTOUT.
20200503             † † The suspect at the scene and Mosher at 1—HOSPITAL.
20200503             OHIO GOVERNOR—MIKE—DEWINE said that 1—STATEWIDE order mandating face masks be worn in stores went "too far".
20200503             OHIO has over 19,000 CASES—OF—CORONAVIRUS with over 1,000 deaths.
20200503             —REPORTED, It was, that THOUSANDS—OF—DESPERATE—MIGRANTS around the world are trapped in limbo and even at RISK—OF—DEATH without food, water or shelter in scorching deserts and at sea, as governments close off borders and ports amid the coronavirus pandemic.
20200503             —LAUNCHED, AFGHANISTAN—OFFICIALS—1—HUNT to retrieve BODIES—OF—AFGHANISTAN—MIGRANTS from 1—RIVER in 1—WEST—PROVINCE after reports that IRAN—BORDER—GUARDS tortured and threw Afghans into the river to prevent their entry into IRAN.
20200503             —SUGGESTED, Initial assessments, at least 70—AFGHANS who were trying to enter IRAN from Herat province were beaten and pushed into the Harirud river.
20200503             AFGHANISTAN—HEALTH—OFFICIALS said 1-3. of 500—RANDOM—CORONAVIRUS—TESTS in Kabul have come back positive.
20200503             The official death toll was at 85.
20200503             BRAZIL—PRESIDENT—BOLSONARO, who has drawn criticism from across the political spectrum for dismissing THE—THREAT—OF—THE—CORONAVIRUS, attacked Congress and the courts in 1—SPEECH to HUNDREDS—OF—SUPPORTERS as THE—NUMBER—OF—CASES blew past 100,000.
20200503             —KILLED, CANADA, the total NUMBER—OF—PEOPLE, by the coronavirus rose by 4.6% to 3,606.
20200503             —DIAGNOSED, The figure for those, with the coronavirus rose to 57,148.
20200503             † EGYPT—MILITARY said that 15—OF—ITS men had or been wounded in operations in THE—SINAI—PENINSULA recently, and that 126—SUSPECTED militants had been killed.
20200503             AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL said journalism in EGYPT has effectively become 1—CRIME over the past 4—YEARS, as authorities clamp down on media outlets and muzzle dissent.
20200503             —RECORDED, INDIA, its largest SINGLE—DAY jump of 2,600 coronavirus infections.
20200503             83—NEW—DEATHS raised the death toll to 1,301.
20200503             —CONFIRMED, Total, cases neared 40,000.
20200503             —REPORTED, INDONESIA, 349—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES—TAKING the total NUMBER—OF—INFECTIONS in the country to 11,192.
20200503             14—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—RELATED deaths were confirmed, bringing the total to 845.
20200503             IRAN said it would reopen schools and mosques in some locations, even though the nation has been the regional epicenter of the pandemic since MID—FEBRUARY.
20200503             † Authorities said that 47—PEOPLE had in the preceding 24-hour period raising the death total to 6,203.
20200503             —REACHED, Total case number, 97,424.
20200503             —REOPENED, ISRAEL, some schools but the bid to edge back to normality as coronavirus concerns ease was boycotted by several municipalities and MANY—PARENTS who cited poor government preparation.
20200503             THE—LEBANON—MILITARY said it detained 5—SUDAN—CITIZENS—NEAR the border with ISRAEL and was questioning them.
20200503             —DETAINED, This was hours after THE—ISRAEL—MILITARY said it had, the 5 on suspicion they were trying to infiltrate THE—HEAVILY—GUARDED border.
20200503             —RETURNED, ISRAEL—MEDIA said the 5 were job seekers who were, to LEBANON.
20200503             —INCREASED, THE—NETHERLANDS, THE—NUMBER—OF—CONFIRMED coronavirus infections, by 335 to 40,471.
20200503             —REPORTED, The National Institute for Public Health, 69—NEW—DEATHS—TAKING the total COVID—19—FATALITIES to 5,056.
20200503             —SECURED, NORWAY—AIR said it had, support from enough bondholders for a $1.2—BILLION DEBT—FOR—EQUITY swap, 1—VITAL—STEP in helping it survive the coronavirus crisis.
20200503             —CLIMBED, THE—NUMBER—OF—CORONAVIRUS—CASES in THE—PHILIPPINES, to 9,223 after the Health Ministry reported 295—NEW—INFECTIONS.
20200503             —BARRED, THE—PHILIPPINES, incoming passenger flights from this morning for 1—WEEK to contain the spread of the coronavirus and help reduce pressure on quarantine facilities housing THOUSANDS—OF—THE—PHILIPPINES—REPATRIATES.
20200503             —REPORTED, Russia, 10,633 new cases in the last 24—HOURS.
20200503             More than half the cases were in MOSCOW
20200503             —RECORDED, SOUTH—KOREA, just 13—NEW coronavirus cases and no deaths.
20200503             SWISS—BASED Roche said THE—USA—FOOD and Drug Administration has cleared 1—CORONAVIRUS antibody test produced by the company for emergency use.
20200503             Roche said its test has proven 100—PERCENT accurate at detecting antibodies in the blood and 99.8—PERCENT accurate at ruling out THE—PRESENCE—OF—THOSE antibodies.
20200503             SANCTIONS—HIT SYRIA—TYCOON—RAMI Makhlouf said that security forces are arresting employees at his diversified companies in what he said were "mounting pressures" on him days after SYRIA—AUTHORITIES asked him to repay hefty taxes.
20200503             —PLAYED, Makhlouf, 1—BIG—ROLE in financing ASSAD—WAR—EFFORT.
20200503             TANZANIA—PRESIDENT—JOHN—MAGUFULI said coronavirus test kits used in the country were faulty, because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from 1—GOAT and 1—PAWPAW.
20200503             —RECORDED, TANZANIA had, 480—CASES—OF—COVID—19 and 17—DEATHS.
20200503             Magufuli said he will send 1—PLANE to MADAGASCAR to import 1—HERBAL tonic, produced from the artemisia plant, which has been touted as 1—CURE for coronavirus by the country's PRESIDENT.
20200503             —LAUNCHED, The drink was, as COVID—ORGANICS and was being marketed after being tested on fewer than 20—PEOPLE over 1—PERIOD—OF—3—WEEKS.
20200503             —PROMISED, CONGO—BRAZZAVILLE—PRESIDENT has also, to import the drink.
20200503             THE—TANZANIA—HEALTH—MINISTRY said there would be no more night burials and that from now on, family members would be fully involved in funeral preparations to ensure that the dignity of the deceased is preserved.
20200503             —REPORTED, THAILAND, 3—NEW—CORONAVIRUS—CASES and no new deaths, as the country started lifting restrictions on some businesses and ASPECTS—OF—LIFE.
20200503             THAILAND has seen 1—TOTAL—OF—2—969—CORONAVIRUS—CASES and 54—DEATHS since the outbreak began in January.
20200503             —ENJOYED, RESIDENTS—OF—BANGKOK, their 1. DAY—OF—EASED coronavirus restrictions.
20200503             VENEZUELA—GOVERNMENT said it foiled 1—MARINE—INCURSION by "terrorist mercenaries" who attempted to enter the country at La Guaira on speedboats from neighboring COLOMBIA.
20200503             —REPORTED, VIETNAM, its 1. new coronavirus infection in 9—DAYS.
20200503             —REGISTERED, The country has, 1—TOTAL—OF—271—CORONAVIRUS—CASES and no deaths.
20200503             USA—MILLIARDÄR WARREN—BUFFETT: "Nichts kann Amerika aufhalten"
20200503             Zu Berkshire Hathaway gehören an die 90—UNTERNEHMEN, hinzu kommen diverse Aktienpakete börsennotierter Großkonzerne wie COCA—COLA, Wells Fargo oder APPLE—DER IPHONE—KONZERN hat sich in den letzten —JAHREn zu Buffetts großem Liebling entwickelt. Buffett
20200503             Buffett verfügt laut dem USA—MAGAZIN "Forbes" über 1—VERMÖGEN—VON—72—MILLIARDEN DOLLAR. Der 89—JAHRE—ALTE gilt damit als viertreichster Mensch der Welt.
20200503             —NACHDEM, sich Buffett sich zur CORONA—KRISE bislang recht bedeckt gehalten hatte,
20200503             recht bedeckt
20200503             beantwortete er bei Berkshires Hauptversammlung nun Fragen von Presse und Aktionären.
20200503             zeigte er sich optimistisch, daß DIE—USA gestärkt aus der Krise hervorgehen werden. "Nichts kann Amerika aufhalten, wenn man es genau betrachtet", sagte Buffett.
20200503             DIE—USA hätten bereits andere schlimme Krisen wie die Große Depression und den BÜRGER—KRIEG gemeistert. DIE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE sei allerdings 1—EXPERIMENT mit vielen möglichen wirtschaftlichen Folgen.
20200503             Einer Branche jedoch traut Buffett nicht mehr über den Weg: der Luftfahrt.
20200503             Berkshire habe —IM, ;;0400;;alle Beteiligungen an den 4—GROßEN USA—FLUGGESELLSCHAFTEN USA—AIRLINES, Delta, Southwest und UNITED—AIRLINES verkauft, sagte Buffett.
20200503             Er habe "einen Fehler gemacht", überhaupt in diesen Sektor zu investieren. DIE—CORONA—KRISE habe die Branche sehr massiv verändert, das lasse kaum Potential für Investoren übrig.
20200503             das Aktionärstreffen, das auch als "Woodstock der Kapitalisten" bekannt ist,
20200503             Normalerweise pilgern jedes Mal Zehntausende Fans nach NEBRASKA, um am Starkult um Buffett teilzunehmen und ihrem Idol nahe zu kommen.
20200503             Normalerweise
20200503             pilgern
20200503             jedes Mal
20200503             Zehntausende Fans
20200503             —NACH, NEBRASKA,
20200503             um
20200503             —AM Starkult
20200503             um Buffett
20200503             teilzunehmen und
20200503             ihrem Idol
20200503             nahe zu kommen.
20200503             Berkshire Hathaway hatte jedoch bereits im letzten Quartal 20190000              einen heftigen Verlust eingefahren.
20200503             —NACH, Vorstoß Österreichs: SEEHOFER sieht schnelle Grenzöffnung kritisch
20200503             Nordkoreas Diktator: TRUMP freut sich über Rückkehr Kim Jong Uns
20200503             Zwischenfall an der koreanischen Grenze: Schüsse aus Nordkorea
20200503             —NACH, anderen Wahrzeichen in aller Welt hat sich auch der PARISer Eiffelturm an einer Aktion zur Würdigung von Helden in der CORONA—KRISE beteiligt.
20200503             hat sich auch
20200503             der PARISer Eiffelturm
20200503             an einer Aktion
20200503             beteiligt. Das Bauwerk
20200503             DIE—INITIATIVE 'HeroesShineBright (Helden leuchten hell) hatte am ;;0424;;             in NEW—YORK begonnen.
20200503             Jede Nacht werden Gebäude in einer anderen Farbe angestrahlt, um den verschiedenen Berufsgruppen zu danken, die während der CORONA—KRISE besonders wichtige Arbeit leisten.
20200503             stk/dpa/REUTERS/AFP
20200503             Altkanzler GERHARD Schröder (SPD) hat auch vor dem Hintergrund der CORONA—KRISE ein wieder engeres Verhältnis zu RUSSLAND angemahnt.
20200503             "Gerade jetzt, wo wegen der CORONA—KRISE wirtschaftlich schwere Zeiten auf uns zukommen, brauchen wir mehr Zusammenarbeit. Deshalb müssen unsinnige Sanktionen weg", sagte der Schröder dem "Tagesspiegel" in einem Interview zum Ende des —WWII. VOR—75—JAHREN.
20200503             Angesprochen darauf, daß die Sanktionen 1—ANTWORT—EUROPAS auf die völkerrechtswidrige Annexion der KRIM gewesen sei, meinte Schröder: "Wer glaubt, man könnte RUSSLAND mit Sanktionen zu irgendetwas zwingen, der irrt.
20200503             Kein russischer —PRÄSIDENT wird die KRIM jemals an DIE—UKRAINE zurückgeben".
20200503             Man dürfe die Geschichte im Falle RUSSLANDs nicht ausblenden.
20200503             "Es war ein grausamer Vernichtungsfeldzug mit dem Ziel, RUSSLAND von der weltpolitischen Bühne verschwinden zu lassen.
20200503             Das dürfen wir nie VERGESSEN—UND dem muss die deutsche RUSSLAND—POLITIK stärker Rechnung tragen als dies gegenwärtig der Fall ist".
20200503             —AUFHEBUNG—DER, weltweiten Reisewarnungen. "Wenn Leute nicht nur wieder ins Ausland fliegen können, sondern auch mit hinreichender Sicherheit zurückkommen, dann können wir die Reisewarnung schrittweise zurückfahren", sagte DER—SPD—POLITIKER
20200503             "Es darf dabei aber keine Schnellschüsse geben. Wir können und werden im Sommer nicht noch einmal 1—VIERTELMILLION—MENSCHEN aus dem Urlaub zurückholen".
20200503             1—WELTWEITE Reisewarnung des Auswärtigen Amtes gilt weiterhin, sie war am —MITTWOCH bis Mitte ;;06;; verlängert worden.
20200503             MAAS betonte, die Grenzen in EUROPA dürften "keinen Tag länger als nötig" geschlossen bleiben.
20200503             Aber auch bei den Grenzöffnungen müsse die Regierung "kontrolliert und koordiniert vorgehen, um nicht die Fortschritte im KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—VIRUS aufs Spiel zu setzen, für die wir alle in den letzten Wochen einen Teil unseres normalen Lebens geopfert haben".
20200503             Bürgermeister von Manaus bittet Greta THUNBERG wegen CORONA um Hilfe
20200503             "Wir brauchen Hilfe", wandte sich Bürgermeister ARTHUR—VIRGILIO—NETO in einer auf Twitter veröffentlichten Videobotschaft auf Englisch an THUNBERG. In seiner Stadt im Herzen des AMAZONAS—GEBIET müssten die "Leben von Waldschützern" gerettet werden.
20200503             Das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— habe in Manaus "1—KATASTROPHE, 1—BARBAREI" verursacht, klagte Neto.
20200503             Wegen des Leidens seines Volkes wende er sich nun an THUNBERG. "Ich kenne den Einfluss, den Sie haben, und ich kenne Ihre Fähigkeit, Mitgefühl mit anderen zu haben", sagte der Bürgermeister.
20200503             "Helfen Sie dem Amazonas, der Amazonas und DER—WALD müssen gerettet werden".
20200503             Im BUNDES—STAAT Amazonas, dessen Hauptstadt Manaus ist, sind bereits mehr als 500—MENSCHEN an COVID—19—GESTORBEN,
20200503             darunter viele UR—EINWOHNER.
20200503             Den Krankenhäusern in der Region fehlt es massiv an Material.
20200503             ARTHUR—VIRGÍLIO—NETO
20200503             With  much humbleness and for all the Amazonas state does for THE—WORLD in relation to the enviroment, I requested the enviromental activist @GretaTHUNBERG with all her influence in order to help combat THE—CORONA—VIRUS.
20200503             Großbritanniens PREMIER—MINISTER—BORIS—JOHNSONBEFAND sich während seiner COVID—19—ERKRANKUNG nach eigenen Worten phasenweise in einer äußerst bedrohlichen Situation. "Es war ein schwieriger Augenblick, das bestreite ich nicht. Sie hatten 1—STRATEGIE, um mit einem Szenario wie bei "DEATH—OF—STALIN" umzugehen", sagte JOHNSON in einem INTERVIEW—MIT—DER Boulevardzeitung "The Sun".
20200503             "Ich war nicht in einer besonders guten Verfassung, und ich wusste, daß es NOTFALL—PLÄNE gab",
20200503             "DIE—ÄRZTE hatten allerlei Absprachen für den Fall getroffen, daß etwas sehr schief gehen sollte",
20200503             Sie hätten ihm "Liter um Liter" Sauerstoff gegeben, sagte der PREMIERminister.
20200503             Er habe sich in der schwierigen Zeit auf der Intensivstation immer wieder gefragt, wie er aus dieser Situation herauskommen würde.
20200503             Er habe schon viele Verletzungen gehabt und viele Knochen gebrochen. "Aber
20200503             ich hatte noch nie etwas so Ernstes wie das hier", sagte JOHNSON.
20200503             Einen Monat zuvor war er positiv auf das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— getestet worden.
20200503             —ZUNÄCHST verbrachte er 10—TAGE abgeschirmt an seinem Amtssitz.
20200503             —DANN, kam er ins Krankenhaus S—THOMAS, wo er mit Sauerstoff versorgt wurde und
20200503             3—NÄCHTE auf der Intensivstation verbrachte.
20200503             —AM  —MITTWOCH hatte JOHNSONs Lebensgefährtin Carrie SYMONds den gemeinsamen Sohn Wilfred LAWRIE—NICHOLAS zur Welt gebracht.
20200503             Mit der Namenswahl sollen nach früheren Angaben JOHNSONs auch die beiden Ärzte gewürdigt werden, die ihn behandelt haben.
20200503             JOHNSON spricht
20200503             nicht
20200503             In der Diskussion über CORONA—IMMUNITÄTSPÄSSE hat BUNDESGESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—JENS Spahn (CDU) einem MEDIEN—BERICHT zufolge den Ethikrat zu einer Stellungnahme aufgefordert.
20200503             heißt es in einem Schreiben an den Rat, aus dem die "Bild am —SONNTAG" zitiert.
20200503             DIE—ETHIK—EXPERTEN sollten 1—EINSCHÄTZUNG abgeben, "wie und in welchem Zusammenhang der Nachweis einer Immunität genutzt werden sollte".
20200503             Für den Fall, daß es demnächst gesicherte Erkenntnisse zur Immunität nach einer CORONA—INFEKTION geben sollte, soll 1—BESCHEINIGUNGSMÖGLICHKEIT dafür KOMMEN—ÄHNLICH wie im Impfpass.
20200503             —NACH, Einschätzung der Weltgesundheitsorganisationen (WHO) ist derzeit allerdings noch nicht hinreichend klar, ob eine überstandene COVID—19—ERKRANKUNG überhaupt zu Immunität führt.
20200503             Experten in DEUTSCHLAND sprechen dagegen von mindestens 3—MONATEN Immunität.
20200503             Über das Für und Wider eines Immunitätspasses können Sie sich hier informieren.
20200503             Ein historisches Beispiel dafür, wie es nicht laufen sollte, finden Sie hier.
20200503             0824—UHR: In ungewohnter Einigkeit haben Demokraten und Republikaner im USA—KONGRESS 1—ANGEBOT—DER—REGIERUNG—VON—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP zurückgewiesen, ihnen für ihre Rückkehr ins Parlament CORONA—SCHNELLTESTS bereitzustellen.
20200503             DIE—DEMOKRATISCHE Vorsitzende des Repräsentantenhauses, NANCY—PELOSI, und der Mehrheitsführer der Republikaner im Senat, MITCH—MCCONNELL -
20200503             normalerweise erbitterte politische Widersacher
20200503             normalerweise
20200503             versicherten am —SAMSTAG in einer gemeinsamen Erklärung, sie seien "dankbar" für das Angebot des Präsidenten, würden es aber "respektvoll ablehnen".
20200503             DIE—PARLAMENTARIER wollten nicht riskieren, daß DIE—CORONA—TESTS an wichtigerer Stelle fehlten, erläuterten Pelosi und McConnell.
20200503             "Der Kongress will die Ressourcen weiter an DIE—EINRICHTUNGEN an der FRONT—LINIE schicken, wo sie am schnellsten am meisten Gutes bewirken können", schrieben sie mit Blick auf Krankenhäuser und andere Einrichtungen.
20200503             —NACH, einer wegen der CORONA—PANDEMIE verlängerten Sitzungspause sollen sich die 100—USA—SENATOREN am —MONTAG in WASHINGTON versammeln.
20200503             TRUMP hatte mit Blick darauf auf Twitter geschrieben, es gebe "enorme CORONA—VIRUS—TESTKAPAZITÄTEN in WASHINGTON für die Senatoren, die am —MONTAG zum Kapitol zurückkehren".
20200503             DONALD J. TRUMP
20200503             @realDONALDTRUMP
20200503             There is tremendous CORONA—VIRUS—TESTING—CAPACITY in WASHINGTON for the Senators returning to Capital Hill on —MONDAY. Likewise the House, which should return but isn't BECAUSE—OF—CRAZY—NANCY P. THE—5—MINUTE—ABBOTT Test will be used. Please inform DOCTOR—BRIAN P. Monahan. @MarkMeadows
20200503             71.400
20200503             Twitter Ads Info und Datenschutz
20200503             29.300—NUTZER sprechen darüber
20200503             DIE—435—ABGEORDNETEN des USA—REPRÄSENTANTENHAUSES werden nach Pelosis Angaben frühestens in einer Woche ins Parlament zurückkehren.
20200503             TRUMP twitterte dazu, die Abgeordneten sollten zurückkehren, täten dies aber nicht "wegen der verrückten Nancy P.".
20200503             DIE—ERFOLGE bei der Eindämmung des CORONA—VIRUS— bergen nach Meinung des BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERGISCHEN MINISTER—PRÄSIDENTEN Winfried Kretschmann auch die Gefahr einer neuen Infektionswelle.
20200503             Ermüdungseffekte eintreten, sagte der GRÜNEN—POLITIKER der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR dpa. "Das ist ja auch nur menschlich". Es liege an der Politik,
20200503             unermüdlich darauf hinzuweisen, wie wichtig die disziplinierte Einhaltung der Maßnahmen ist. "Denn
20200503             sie wirken, das sieht man jetzt".
20200503             Kretschmann warb für eine "neue Normalität" im Umgang miteinander und im gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Leben.
20200503             1—NORMALITÄT
20200503             1 "neue Normalität"
20200503             und allen klar ist, daß manches einfach nicht geht",
20200503             "Große Veranstaltungen mit dicht gedrängten Menschenmassen, feuchtfröhliche Großparties wie der Cannstatter Wasen sind auf absehbare Zeit einfach nicht drin".
20200503             DIE—VERHÄLTNISMÄßIG niedrigen CORONA—INFEKTIONSZAHLEN in den meisten ostdeutschen Bundesländern sind aus Expertensicht unter anderem auf demografische Faktoren zurückzuführen.
20200503             "Das ist sicherlich eine wichtige Frage: Wo sind Menschen wie alt?", sagte Hajo Zeeb vom LEIBNIZ—INSTITUT für PRÄVENTIONS—FORSCHUNG und Epidemiologie in BREMEN.
20200503             "Wir gehen oft in 1. Linie davon aus, daß Alter 1—RISIKOFAKTOR für schwere Erkrankungen ist. Das stimmt auch, aber
20200503             DIE—AUSBREITUNG ist zu Beginn wahrscheinlich tendenziell vor allem über jüngere Menschen erfolgt, über Reisende".
20200503             1 "größere Rolle" bei der Ausbreitung des VIRUS spielt laut Zeeb außerdem die Bevölkerungsdichte, die in mehreren ostdeutschen Bundesländern verhältnismäßig niedrig ist.
20200503             "Gerade MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN fällt mit niedrigen Zahlen auf: 1—BUNDESLAND mit sehr geringer Bevölkerungsdichte und viel ländlicher Struktur".
20200503             Belege dafür, daß viele Ostdeutsche im Zusammenhang mit dem neuartigen CORONA—VIRUS— von ihrer TUBERKULOSE—IMPFUNG profitieren könnten, gibt es laut Zeeb hingegen bislang nicht.
20200503             Mehrere Wissenschaftler prüfen gerade in Studien, ob eine TUBERKULOSE—IMPFUNG—GEGEN—CORONA—INFEKTIONEN schützen könnte.
20200503             INNEN—MINISTER—HORST SEEHOFER befürwortet eine zeitnahe WIEDER—AUFNAHME des Spielbetriebs in der FUßBALL—BUNDESLIGA.
20200503             "Ich finde den Zeitplan der DFL plausibel und unterstütze einen Neustart im Mai", sagte der CSU—POLITIKER der "Bild am —SONNTAG".
20200503             "Ich will kein FUßBALL—SPIELVERDERBER sein, aber was für alle gilt, gilt auch für Fußballprofis" sagte SEEHOFER
20200503             "Für mich ist aber auch klar, daß es keine Privilegien für die FUßBALL—BUNDESLIGA geben kann", sagte SEEHOFER:
20200503             "Es kann nicht sein, daß Profispieler öfter getestet werden als etwa Ärzte, Pfleger ODER—POLIZISTEN, die in täglichem Kontakt mit den Menschen sind. Und es darf durch ein höheres Testaufkommen im Sport an keiner Stelle zu Engpässen im öffentlichen GESUNDHEITS—WESEN kommen, etwa bei den Tests oder in den Laboren. Das ist für mich die Grundbedingung".
20200503             Bei einem Flugzeugabsturz in Bolivien sind 6—MENSCHEN ums Leben GEKOMMEN—DARUNTER 4—SPANIER, die wegen der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE in ihr Heimatland zurückgebracht werden sollten.
20200503             Der SCHWEIZer PHARMA—KONZERN Roche hat nach eigenen Angaben die Notzulassung der USA—ARZNEIMITTELBEHÖRDE FDA für einen CORONA—ANTIKÖRPERTEST erhalten.
20200503             Damit soll geprüft werden, ob Personen mit dem VIRUS infiziert waren und nun 1—IMMUNITÄT dagegen ausgebildet haben.
20200503             Antikörpertests haben auch andere Unternehmen entwickelt, darunter Becton Dickinson, Abbott und Diasorin. Letztere beide bekamen dafür bereits die USA—NOTZULASSUNG.
20200503             Auch 1. LADY—MELANIA TRUMP verfolgte das Schauspiel am Weißen Haus, wie auf einem Foto im ONLINE—DIENST Twitter zu sehen war.
20200503             DIE—FRAU—VON—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP winkte den Kunstfliegern zu und bedankte sich für "dieses schöne Zeichen der Solidarität".
20200503             Unter dem Motto "America Strong" (Amerika stark) waren die BLUE—ANGELS und die Thunderbirds Ende ;;04;; bereits über NEW—YORK City, NEWARK, TRENTON—NEW—JERSEY und PHILADELPHIA geflogen.
20200503             DIE—TSCHECHISCHE Regierung erwägt, die Grenzen des Landes —IM, ;;0700;;wieder zu öffnen.
20200503             sagte AUßEN—MINISTER—TOMAS Petricek am Samstagabend laut NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR CTK. "Ich würde —IM, ;;0700;;gerne die GRENZEN—ZU—DEUTSCHLAND, Österreich, POLEN und der Slowakei öffnen".
20200503             —NACH, ihrer Rückkehr aus dem Ausland müssen Tschechen nun einen CORONA—VIRUS—TEST machen. Die GRENZ—KONTROLLEN sollen derzeit noch bis zum ;;0514;;             bestehen bleiben.
20200503             Beim "Öffnen des Alltagslebens" könne es "nicht immer eine absolute Gleichberechtigung aller gesellschaftlichen Bereiche geben, weil unser Vorgehen eben schrittweise ist", sagte Braun der "Welt am —SONNTAG"
20200503             "Ich verstehe und akzeptiere jedes einzelne Urteil", sagte Braun in dem Interview. "Aber ich empfinde es schon als Herausforderung, wenn sich Gerichte auf den Gleichheitsgrundsatz berufen, um einzelne unserer Maßnahmen aufzuheben oder zu modifizieren".
20200503             DIE—CORONA—KRISE hat katastrophale Folgen für NEW—YORKS Broadway.
20200503             werden die Theater noch lange geschlossen bleiben. ZEHN—TAUSENDE—MENSCHEN stehen vor dem Nichts.
20200503             SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN streicht Größengrenze im Einzelhandel
20200503             Größengrenze
20200503             Je mehr Menschen Rad fahren, desto leichter können andere in leereren U-Bahnen Abstand halten. Die Linkenfraktion im Bundestag will das fördern, ähnlich wie FRANKREICH—DIE Union reagiert skeptisch.
20200503             BUNDES—PRÄSIDENT—FRANK—WALTER Steinmeier befürwortet die —DEBATTE—ÜBER—DAS Ausmaß der CORONA—EINSCHRÄNKUNGEN in DEUTSCHLAND. "Das erzeugt der Politik gegenüber den heilsamen Zwang, täglich zu begründen, wie lange solche Maßnahmen verantwortbar sind", sagte Steinmeier der FRANKFURTER—ALLGEMEINE—SONNTAGS—ZEITUNG.
20200503             Er sehe "mit großem Respekt", wie DIE—POLITIK versuche, "die Balance" zwischen dem Schutz der Bevölkerung und möglichen Erleichterungen zu finden.
20200503             Dass es mittlerweile weniger Neuinfektionen in DEUTSCHLAND gebe, sei das Ergebnis "von klugem Krisenmanagement, gepaart mit Verantwortung und Disziplin der Menschen".
20200503             Wenn die Beschränkungen jetzt aber zu schnell fallen würden, "hätten wir einen Pyrrhussieg erzielt", warnte Steinmeier.
20200503             DIE—DEMOKRATIE werde durch die Maßnahmen von Bund und Ländern zur Eindämmung der PANDEMIE nicht gefährdet, sagte der Bundespräsident.
20200503             DIE—GESELLSCHAFT brauche zwar ihre Grundfreiheiten "wie die Luft zum Atmen". DIE—DEMOKRATIE nehme Schaden, wo DIE—KRISE missbraucht werde, um autoritäre Strukturen zu verstärken. Dafür gebe es Beispiele in EUROPA.
20200503             "Ich sehe aber nicht, daß diese Sorge bei uns gerechtfertigt ist", betonte er.
20200503             Für Subaru wurde der Legacy zum Erfolgsmodell. Heute gilt er als meistverkaufter ALLRAD—PKW der Welt und wird bereits in der siebten Modellgeneration verkauft.
20200503             sagt Sven Meßner vom SUBARU—KLUB. Die ideale Alternative sei der Legacy: "Mit ihm kann man einen automobilen Exoten fahren, ist aber technisch auf der sicheren Seite". Den Zahnriemen können selbst Hobbyschrauber wechseln, Nebenaggregate wie Wasserpumpe oder Lichtmaschine sind quasi unkapputtbar.
20200503             Der Legacy ist hier so etwas wie der Mercedes oder Volvo unter den JAPANern.
20200503             Subaru Legacy der 1. Generation sind selten geworden, aber man findet SIE—OFT sind es Kombis mit Schaltgetriebe.
20200503             Turbos sind sehr rar.
20200503             —SCHON ab etwa 1500—EURO kann man fahrbereite Exemplare finden, manchmal sogar mit gültiger HU—PLAKETTE. Gepflegte Autos liegen BEI—CA—4000—EURO. Legacy Turbo aus Liebhaberhand wechseln auch mal für 10.000—EURO und mehr den Besitzer.
20200503             "Verheerender SCHLAG—GEGEN—KÜNSTLERISCHE Freiheit": 24-jähriger Filmemacher stirbt in KAIRO im Gefängnis
20200503             Weltlachtag in CORONA—ZEITEN: "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—CHRISTOPH—GUNKEL
20200503             PORTUGAL Incidence rate: 247,04 per 100,000 persons
20200503             PORTUGAL CASE—FATALITY ratio: 4,06%
20200503             Euskirchen Kreis Fälle 370—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 191,9—TODES—FÄLLE 15,—EINWOHNERZAHL—192.840
20200503             Aktualisierung 202005030000—UHR
20200503             Düren Kreis Fälle 561—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 212,7—TODES—FÄLLE 31,—EINWOHNERZAHL—263.722
20200503             KÖLN Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 2.315—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 213,2—TODES—FÄLLE 91,—EINWOHNERZAHL—1.085.664
20200503             RHEINISCH—BERGISCHER Kreis Kreis Fälle 430—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 151,7—TODES—FÄLLE 15,—EINWOHNERZAHL—283.455
20200503             BERLIN Neukölln Kreisfreie Stadt Fälle 661—FÄLLE—PRO—100.000—EW 200,5—TODES—FÄLLE 23,—EINWOHNERZAHL—329.691
20200503             DEMONSTRATION—GEGEN—CORONA—MAßNAHMEN in Stuttgart | Bildquelle: dpa
20200503             —CORONA—MAßNAHMEN
20200503             Es rumort
20200503             Der Widerstand gegen DIE—CORONA—MAßNAHMEN der BUNDE—REGIERUNG wächst: Auf der Straße, in der Wirtschaft, in den Bundesländern. WIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTER—ALTMAIER macht Gastronomen Hoffnung, Reisende dürften mehr Geduld brauchen.
20200503             Tagelöhner mit Mundschutz stehen Schlange, um von afghanischen Geschäftsleuten gespendetes Weizen zu erhalten | Bildquelle: dpa
20200503             —CORONA—VIRUS—IN—AFGHANISTAN
20200503             Mit dem VIRUS droht der Hunger
20200503             AFGHANISTAN, fürchten die Menschen nicht nur DAS—CORONA—VIRUS—. Mit den Ausgangsbeschränkungen könnte auch die Versorgung ZUSAMMENBRECHEN—UND der Hunger kommen.
20200503             Menschen sehen sich DIE—ÜBERTRAGUNG der Gerichtsanhörung an. | Bildquelle: REUTERS
20200503             VIDEO Höchstes Gericht in ISRAEL prüft Petitionen gegen MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—NETANYAHU
20200503             Anhörung in TEL—AVIV
20200503             Oberstes Gericht berät über NETANYAHU
20200503             Das Oberste Gericht ISRAEL berät darüber, ob NETANYAHU trotz der Korruptionsanklage erneut MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT werden darf. An der Anhörung sind ungewöhnlich viele Richterinnen und Richter beteiligt. |
20200503             Mada Masr Reportage
20200503             Video starten Audio starten
20200503             PRESSE—FREIHEIT in Ägypten
20200503             "DIE—POLITISCHE Autorität ist unberechenbar"
20200503             ÄGYPTEN, landen unliebsame Journalisten oft hinter Gitter. Die wenigen unabhängigen Medien haben es mit einem Gegner zu tun, der kaum kalkulierbar ist. Die Macher von "Mada Masr" wollen sich davon aber nicht beeindrucken lassen.
20200503             Fotos für die PRESSE—FREIHEIT: PROTESTE—IN—HONG—KONG | Bildquelle: Lam Yik Fei für THE—NEW—YORK Times / Reporter ohne Grenzen Bilder
20200503             WELTTAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT
20200503             —KRISEn, Kämpfe und Proteste
20200503             1—LICHTERMEER aus Smartphones bei einem MASSENPROTEST—IN—HONG—KONG oder die EX—KÄMPFER des "Islamischen Staats" in einem kurdischen Gefängnis: Zum WELTTAG—DER—PRESSE—FREIHEIT blicken Fotografen für Reporter ohne Grenzen auf DIE—KRISEN dieser Welt.
20200503             Großeinsätze: Unbekannte verschicken Drohbriefe mit weißem Pulver
20200503             —DEBATTEum Staatszuschuss: DEUTSCHE Autokäufer, Retter DER—EUROPÄISCHEN Solidarität 1—KOLUMNE—VON—HENRIK—MÜLLER
20200503             BRASILIEN: POLIZEI befragt EX—JUSTIZ—MINISTER—MORO zu Vorwürfen gegen Bolsonaro
20200503             "5—EYES"-Geheimdienstpapier: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen CHINA wegen CORONA—VIRUS—
20200503             In einem westlichen Geheimdienstpapier wird CHINA offenbar scharf für den Umgang mit der CORONA—KRISE kritisiert. Die australische Zeitung "Daily Telegraph" berichtet über 1—DOSSIER der sogenannten 5—EYES, einer Geheimdienstallianz, zu der sich DIE—USA, Großbritannien, Australien, Kanada und Neuseeland zusammengeschlossen haben.
20200503             Das 15—SEITIGE Papier dokumentiere die Vertuschung chinesischer Behörden und weise auf riskante Forschungsarbeiten in einem Labor in der chinesischen Stadt WUHAN hin, wo das neue CORONA—VIRUS— —IM, ;;1200;;erstmals aufgetaucht war.
20200503             Das Dokument erwähnt nach Angaben der Zeitung aber auch die Differenzen der GEHEIM—DIENSTE über den Verdacht, daß DAS—VIRUS wirklich aus dem Institut für Virologie in WUHAN stammen könnte.
20200503             USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP hatte die Spekulationen darüber angefacht. Wissenschaftler halten es allerdings für viel wahrscheinlicher, daß SARS—COV—2—VON Fledermäusen über ein anderes Tier und durch den WILDTIER—HANDEL auf den Menschen übertragen wurde.
20200503             Wissenschaftler haben auch nachgewiesen, daß DAS—VIRUS nicht künstlich erzeugt wurde, sondern natürlichen Ursprungs ist, wie vergangene Woche auch DIE—USA—GEHEIMDIENSTE bestätigten.
20200503             In dem Geheimdienstpapier wird laut dem Zeitungsbericht auf gefährliche Forschungsarbeiten in dem Labor mit Viren von Fledermäusen verwiesen, die allerdings auch in Zusammenarbeit mit amerikanischen und australischen Wissenschaftlern erfolgt waren.
20200503             Das Papier
20200503             hält fest, wie CHINAs Behörden frühzeitige Warnungen seiner Mediziner unterdrückten, das wahre Ausmaß des Ausbruchs herunterspielten und Informationen zensierten. Die Vertuschung werde in dem Dossier als "Anschlag auf die internationale Transparenz" beschrieben.
20200503             Besonders beklagt wird demnach, daß CHINA noch bis zum ;;0120;;             bestritten hatte, daß sich DAS—VIRUS von Mensch zu Mensch übertrage.
20200503             Dafür habe es schon seit Anfang ;;12;; Hinweise gegeben, heißt es in dem Papier.
20200503             —ZUDEM, werde CHINA darin vorgeworfen, VIRUS—PROBEN vernichtet zu haben und Veröffentlichungen von Wissenschaftlern über DAS—VIRUS streng zu kontrollieren.
20200503             CHINAs Behörden hätten sich auch geweigert, LEBEND—PROBEN internationalen Forschern zur Verfügung zu stellen.
20200503             Der australische "Daily Telegraph" ist 1—TAGESZEITUNG aus Sydney, die vom Verlag Nationwide News herausgegeben wird, einer TOCHTER—FIRMA der NEWS—CORPORATION des umstrittenen USA—MEDIENUNTERNEHMERS RUPERT—MURDOCH.
20200503             ANTIKÖRPER—STUDIE: Fast jeder 5. NEW—YORKER könnte bereits mit CORONA—VIRUS— infiziert gewesen sein
20200503             ISRAEL: Gericht prüft NETANYAHUs Notregierung
20200503             BUNDESAUßEN—MINISTER—HEIKO MAAS ruft CHINA zu Transparenz in der CORONA—KRISE auf. "DIE—GANZE—WELT hat 1—INTERESSE, daß der genaue Ursprung des VIRUS geklärt wird", sagt DER—SPD—POLITIKER
20200503             BUNDESENTWICKLUNGS—MINISTER—GERD Müller (CSU) bezeichnet DIE—CORONA—KRISE als "Weckruf an die Menschheit, mit Natur und Umwelt anders umzugehen".
20200503             "Der IMMER—WEITER—SCHNELLER—MEHR—KAPITALISMUS der letzten 30—JAHREN muss aufhören", sagt Müller der Zeitung "RHEINISCHE—POST" (MONTAGausgabe) laut Vorabbericht.
20200503             "1—AUSLÖSER—DER—PANDEMIE liegt auch am Raubbau an der Natur, in der Rodung der Regenwälder. Deswegen müssen wir umdenken und können nicht einfach zur Normalität der Globalisierung zurückkehren".
20200503             DER—PRÄSIDENT sagte aber, niemand solle zu der Parade gezwungen werden. RUSSLAND hatte seine große Militärparade auf dem Roten Platz in Moskau wegen der Epidemie verschoben.
20200503             Der Grund dafür ist, daß in Moskau zu der Zeit 19450000              schon der neue Tag angebrochen war.
20200503             DEUTSCHLAND, wo die Kapitulation Hitlers
20200503             DIE—KAPITULATION
20200503             Hitlers
20200503             DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG hat rund um den BUND—LÄNDER—GIPFEL am —DONNERSTAG zu hohe Infektionszahlen genannt. Die Zahl von 40.000—AKUT Infizierten sei wohl nicht korrekt gewesen, räumte 1—SPRECHERIN des Bundesgesundheitsministeriums am Wochenende ein. Das Kanzleramt wollte sich am —SONNTAG auf AN—FRAGE der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR REUTERS nicht äußern.
20200503             Tatsächlich waren auf Basis der Zahlen der ROBERT—KOCH—INSTITUTS (RKI) am —DONNERSTAG nur gut 29.000—MENSCHEN in DEUTSCHLAND infektiös. Kanzlerin ANGELA—MERKEL hatte am —DONNERSTAG nach dem BUND—LÄNDER—GIPFEL ebenso wie GESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—JENS Spahn von 40.000—GESPROCHEN—ALSO fast 33 % mehr als das RKI auswies. Zur gleichen Zeit hatte Spahn diese Zahl in einem Gastbeitrag für die "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) genannt.
20200503             MERKEL hatte auf die Frage eines Journalisten nach den von ihr genannten unterschiedlichen Parametern für eine mögliche Lockerung geantwortet: "Heute liegen wir aktuell bei 40.000—INFIZIERTEN und einer Gesamtzahl von 150.000—BIS 160.000".
20200503             LAGOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—3
20200503             Data 20200502             ,
20200503             PORTIMÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—35
20200503             SILVES CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—22
20200503             ALBUFEIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—68
20200503             LOULÉ CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—62
20200503             FARO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—66
20200503             OLHÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—13
20200503             TAVIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—30
20200503             ALMODÔVAR CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—8
20200503             ODEMIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—4
20200503             BEJA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—10
20200503             SERPA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—18
20200503             Sammelaktion der EU: Milliardenspenden für einen CORONA—IMPFSTOFF
20200503             Rekorddefizit prognostiziert: Börse in SAUDI—ARABIEN bricht ein
20200503             BALI—AUSSTEIGER und DAS—CORONA—VIRUS, Vertrieben aus dem Paradies
20200503             —NACH, zwei Monaten Ausgangssperre: ITALIENer dürfen wieder spazieren gehen
20200503             —ANGRIFF—AUF—"HEUTE—SHOW"-Team: "Woher kommt diese Wut, die meine Leute da abbekommen haben?" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—JULIA—STANEK
20200503             COVID—19—DEBATTE: Wissenschaft ist keine Wunschmaschine 1—KOLUMNE—VON—CHRISTIAN—STÖCKER
20200503             "SICHERHEITSpolitisch im Nirwana": SPD und Union streiten über USA—ATOMWAFFEN
20200503             —PARTEIEN—SYSTEM in der CORONA—KRISE: Der Kampf um die Normalität 1—ANALYSE—VON—JONAS—SCHAIBLE
20200503             Der offene Brief gegen Palmer ist von besonders vielen GRÜNEN—MITGLIEDERN aus BERLIN unterzeichnet. "Mit seinen Äußerungen spaltet er die Gesellschaft, simplifiziert gesellschaftliche Probleme und betreibt immer wieder Propaganda gegen Schwächere", heißt es darin. Palmer sei "unbelehrbar".
20200503             Palmer hatte zur CORONA—KRISE gesagt: "Wir retten in DEUTSCHLAND möglicherweise Menschen, die in einem halben Jahr sowieso tot wären". Damit hatte er parteiübergreifend für Empörung GESORGT—UND sich später entschuldigt, falls er sich "da missverständlich oder forsch ausgedrückt" habe.
20200503             Der Flughafen WIEN bietet ab —MONTAG CORONA—VIRUS—TESTS an, um die bei Einreise in Österreich sonst übliche 14-tägige QUARANTÄNE zu vermeiden. Der Test ist allerdings kostenpflichtig: Passagiere können bei Ankunft für 190—EURO auf DAS—VIRUS getestet werden, teilt der Flughafen mit.
20200503             Das Ergebnis soll innerhalb von zwei bis 3—STUNDEN vorliegen. Sollte es negativ ausfallen, ist keine QUARANTÄNE notwendig. Bislang müssen Einreisende entweder einen negativen CORONA—BEFUND vorweisen, der nicht älter als 4—TAGE ist, oder sich für zwei Wochen isolieren.
20200503             Positive Testungen würden sofort der Behörde gemeldet, die die entsprechenden Schritte zur weiteren Behandlung der betroffenen Person einleite, heißt es in einer Mitteilung.
20200503             DER—DEUTSCHE—RICHTERBUND hat verärgert auf die Kritik von KANZLERAMTS—MINISTER—HELGE Braun (CDU) an der gerichtlichen Aufhebung einzelner CORONA—AUFLAGEN reagiert. Die BUNDE—REGIERUNG "sollte sich darüber bewusst sein, daß 1—KORREKTUR unverhältnismäßiger Maßnahmen durch die Gerichte gerade in der aktuellen Ausnahmesituation erkennen lässt, daß der RECHTS—STAAT funktioniert", erklärten die Vorsitzenden des Richterbunds, Barbara Stockinger und Joachim Lüblinghoff, am —SONNTAG.
20200503             BÜRGER und Unternehmen würden sich in wachsender Zahl an die Gerichte wenden, um die Maßnahmen überprüfen zu lassen. "Das spricht für das große Vertrauen der Menschen in die Gerichte".
20200503             Unlängst hatte die Organisation Reporter ohne Grenzen (ROG) DIE—SITUATION in vielen Ländern angeprangert. Populistische und autoritäre Machthaber missbrauchten DIE—CORONA—PANDEMIE für eine weitere Einschränkung der PRESSE—FREIHEIT. So wirft ROG etwa CHINA massive Verletzungen der PRESSE—FREIHEIT vor.
20200503             —UNTERDESSEN, stellte sich der starke Anstieg der Totenzahlen in ITALIEN am —SAMSTAG als rein statistischer Effekt heraus: Die Region LOMBARDEI HATTE—CA—280—BISLANG unberücksichtigte Todesfälle aus dem Monat ;;04;; nachgemeldet.
20200503             —CORONAschutz: Bayerischer GOLFPLATZ—BETREIBER probt den Aufstand
20200503             Gefährliche ZOONOSE—ERREGER: "40—WEITERE Viren mit einem PANDEMIE—POTENTIAL wie SARS—COV—2" 1—GASTBEITRAG—VON—GERD—MÜLLER, Bundesentwicklungsminister
20200503             USA—AUßENMINISTER zum CORONA—VIRUS, Pompeo erhebt Anschuldigen gegen CHINA
20200503             Vorfall an Grenzfluss: AFGHANISTAN beschuldigt IRAN wegen Dutzender toter Migranten
20200503             DIE—BRITISCHE Regierung empfiehlt Menschen über 70—JAHRE, die eigene Wohnung über Wochen nicht mehr zu verlassen, um 1—CORONA—ANSTECKUNG zu verhindern. Leitende Ärzte haben das nun kritisiert. In der "—SUNDAY—TIMES  warnten die Ärzteorganisation UNITED—KINGDOM—MEDICAL—ASSOCIATION und das Royal COLLEGE—OF—GENERAL—PRACTITIONERS, Isolation schade der mentalen Gesundheit. Es dürfe keinen pauschalen Bann für ÜBER—70—JAHRE—ALTE geben, für gesunde ältere Menschen sollten die Beschränkungen gelockert werden.
20200503             Der USA—AUßENMINISTER—MIKE—POMPEO hat in einem TV—INTERVIEW gesagt, es gebe "eine bedeutende Menge an Beweisen" dafür, daß das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— von einem Labor in der chinesischen Stadt WUHAN aus in Umlauf geraten sei.
20200503             Unbestätigten Theorien, wonach DAS—VIRUS menschengemacht oder genetisch modifiziert sei, widersprach Pompeo nicht.
20200503             "DIE—BESTEN Experten denken offenbar, daß es menschengemacht ist. Ich habe keinen Grund, das zum jetzigen ZEIT—PUNKT zu bezweifeln", sagte Pompeo.
20200503             Dies widerspricht Erkenntnissen der USA—GEHEIMDIENSTE
20200503             FRANKREICHs GESUNDHEITS—MINISTER—OLIVIER Véran gibt sich zu möglichen Lockerungen der CORONA—AUFLAGEN für den Tourismus zurückhaltend. Er wisse nicht, ob die Strände wieder öffnen könnten, sagte Véran der Zeitung "Le PARISien". Er würde sich persönlich kein Flugticket kaufen, antwortete er auf die Frage, ob DIE—FRANZOSEN in die Sommerferien fahren könnten.
20200503—19530000    —IM—JAHR, Der SOWJET—DIKTATOR JOSEF—STALIN war während seiner Amtszeit —PLÖTZLICH, an den Folgen eines Schlaganfalls gestorben.
20200503—20200318    —SINCE, SPAIN—CORONAVIRUS—DEATH—TOLL—ROSE by 164 to 25,264, marking the lowest 1—DAY—INCREASE.
20200503—20200508    —AM, Schröder sagte, inmitten der CORONA—PANDEMIE LEHRE das KRIEGS—GEDENKEN : "Statt Konfrontation geht es heute WELT—WEIT um Verständigung, Zusammenarbeit und Solidarität".
20200503—20200508    —AM, Anders als DEUTSCHLAND, wo die Kapitulation Hitlers begangen wird, feiern RUSSLAND und WEIßRUSSLAND den Sieg der Sowjetunion erst einen Tag später.
20200503—20200509    —AM, Trotz der CORONA—PANDEMIE will WEIßRUSSLAND an seiner Militärparade in Erinnerung an das Kriegsende VOR—75—JAHREN festhalten. "Wir können die Parade nicht einfach absagen", sagte —PRÄSIDENT—ALEXANDER—LUKASCHENKO am —SONNTAG—DER—STAATS—AGENTUR Belta zufolge. "Ich habe lange darüber nachgedacht". Das sei eine emotionale und ideologische Sache. Auch im Krieg seien Menschen an Viren und anderen Krankheiten gestorben. "Sie starben FÜR USA—EGAL wie schlimm das auch klingt", meinte der Staatschef.
20200503—20200509    —AM, Außerdem soll es in Moskau und weiteren Städten 1—HIMMELSPARADE—DER—LUFTSTREIT—KRÄFTE sowie ein großes Feuerwerk geben.
20200603—20070503    —Am, verschwand die —ZEIT—PUNKT—ZU—DIESEM, 3—JAHRE—ALTE Madeleine (Maddie) Beth McCANN spurlos aus einer Hotelanlage in PRAIA—DA—LUZ—PORTUGAL.

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