_HEUTE_0413 :

08370413—20000000    —BEST—VIEW—OF—HALLEY—COMET.
11040413             —BEFORE—URKUNDE, [et] in DORWILERE"made to S—MARIA—KÖLN by
11040413             —BEFORE—URKUNDE, "MEGINHERUS—DE—RANDENRODE cum neque uxorem neque filium haberet",
11040413             —BEFORE—URKUNDE, IN—THE—PRESENCE—OF—"fratre suo HARTBERNO",
11040413             GERHART—COMES—DE—IULICHO[JÜLICH] et
11040413             FRATER—EIUS GERLACH,
11040413             GERHART—DE—HOCHSTADEN,
11040413             DIETERICH—DE—MERE,
11040413             HERIMAN—DE—ZULPICO[ZÜLPICH] … "
11040413             GERLACH —AFTER.
11040413             "MEGINHERUS—DE—RANDENRODE cum neque uxorem neque filium haberet", IN—THE—PRESENCE—OF—"fratre suo HARTBERNO",
12190413             ARLES. llomma'ie isaciamcnlum) (/ Science in Society > Skeptical.
14240413             —SIEGBURG—URKUNDE—493—VON,
15170413             † TUMAN—BEY—MAMELUKE—SULTAN—OF—EGYPT—THE—LAST, was hanged as OSMAN—ARMY occupied CAIRO.
15560413             —REVERTED, PORTUGAL—MARRANOS who, back to Judaism were burned alive by order of Pope.
15980413             —ENDORSED, KING—HENRY—IV—OF—FRANCE, THE—EDICT—OF—NANTES, which granted political rights to FRANCE—HUGUENOTS[HUGENOTTEN].
15980413—16850000    —IN, The edict was abrogated by KING—LOUIS—XIV, who declared FRANCE entirely Catholic again.
16210000—16950413    * † JEAN—DE—LA—FONTAINE, FRANCE—FABULIST and poet.
16380413             † DUKE—HENRI—II, 58—JAHRE—ALT, FRANCE—HUGUENOT leader.
16680413             JOHN—DRYDEN, 36—JAHRE—ALT, became 1. ENGLAND—POET—LAUREATE.
16950413             —PROVIDED, JOHN—DRYDEN is known above all for his Fables, which, a model for subsequent fabulists across EUROPE and numerous alternative versions in FRANCE.
17210413             * JOHN—HANSON, 1. USA President under THE—ARTICLES—OF—CONFEDERATION, in MARYLAND.
17280413             † JOHANN—CHRISTOPH—SCHMIDT, 63—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
17320413             * FREDERICK—LORD—NORTH, UNITED—KINGDOM—PRIME—MINISTER (17700000—17820000    ).
17410413             —PROTESTED, HOLLAND—PEOPLE, the bad quality of bread.
17420413             —PERFORMED, GEORGE—FRIDERIC—HANDEL'S "Messiah" was 1., publicly, in DUBLIN—IRELAND.
17420413             † GIOVANNI—VENEZIANO, 59—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
17430413—18260000    —STATED, THOMAS—JEFFERSON, that blacks were "in reason inferior" and "in imagination they are dull, tasteless and anomalous".
17430413—18260000    THOMAS—JEFFERSON "Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter".
17430413—18260000    THOMAS—JEFFERSON "History, in general, only informs us what bad government is".
17590413             —BATTLE—OF—BERGEN.
17590413             —DEFEATED, FRANCE, the European Allies in BATTLE—OF—BERGEN.
17620413             * KARL—FRIEDRICH—HORN, composer.
17750413             THE—ACT forbade trade with any country other than Britain and IRELAND.
17960413             —ARRIVED, The 1. elephant, in USA from INDIA.
18060413             † JEAN—JACQUES—BACHELIER (~82), FRANCE—PAINTER.
18080413             —PERFECTED, WILLIAM—HENRY—LANE ("Juda"), the tap dance.
18180000—18680413    * † TEWODROS—II[THEODORE—II], committed suicide at MAGDALA while under UNITED—KINGDOM—SIEGE.
18220413             † GAETANO—VALERI, 61—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
18260413             † FRANZ—DANZI, 62—JAHRE—ALT, composer.
18270413             † HUGH—CLAPPERTON, SCOTLAND—TRAVELER and explorer of West and Central Africa, in SOKOTO—NIGERIA, of dysentery.
18320413             * JAMES—WIMSHURST, UNITED—KINGDOM—DESIGNER, inventor (electric static generator).
18340413             —ANCHORED, HMS—BEAGLE, at river mouth of RIO—SANTA—CRUZ, Patagonia.
18520413—19190000    * † FRANK—W—WOOLWORTH, founder of the retail chain of 5&10—CENT stores, on a farm near Watertown NEW—YORK.
18560000—19170413    * † Diamond Jim Brady, USA—FINANCIER, philanthropist and gourmand.
18600413             1. Pony Express reached SACRAMENTO—CALIFORNIA.
18600413—19490000    * † JAMES—ENSOR, BELGIUM—PAINTER.
18600413—19490000    —UNCENSORED, JAMES—ENSOR became a master at dredging disturbing, images from the depths of the unconscious.
18610412—18610413    —ON, THE—CONFEDERATES sent a final ultimatum for the surrender of FORT—SUMTER at 12:45 a.m. Upon receiving ANDERSON—REFUSAL, GENERAL—BEAUREGARD—ARTILLERY began to bombard FORT—SUMTER at 4:30 a.m. For 34—HOURS, THE—CONFEDERATES and Federals traded fire before Anderson surrendered.
18610413             —SURRENDERED, After 34—HOURS of bombardment, UNION—HELD FORT—SUMTER, at 2:30 p.m. to CONFEDERATES under the command of GENERAL—PGT—BEAUREGARD.
18610413             —KILLED, No Union defenders were, in the 34-hour rebel ASSAULT—ON—CHARLESTON HARBOR—FORT—SUMTER led by Major ROBERT—ANDERSON.
18610413             —KILLED, Likewise, none of THE—CONFEDERATE attackers were, in this action.
18610413             UNION—PVT. DANIEL—HOUGH became the war's 1. official casualty when he was killed by a premature discharge of a cannon used as a salute in the evacuation ceremonies after the surrender.
18620413             THE—WASHINGTON, area volunteers led by Sarah J. Evans paid homage to the graves of CIVIL—WAR soldiers.
18620413—18660505    —ON, Villagers in WATERLOO—NEW—YORK, held their 1. Memorial Day service.
18620413—19660000    —IN, USA—PRESIDENT—JOHNSON gave WATERLOO—NEW—YORK, the distinction of holding the 1. Memorial Day.
18630413             —BATTLE—OF—IRISH—BEND, LA (Ft. Bisland).
18630413             Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled in NEW—YORK became the 1. orthopedic hospital.
18650413             —BEGAN, UNION—FORCES, under GENERAL—SHERMAN, their devastating march through GEORGIA.
18650413             —TOOK, RALEIGH—NC. SHERMAN—TROOPS
18660406—20150413    —SEE.
18660413             * Butch Cassidy [ROBERT—LEROY—PARKER], USA—WESTERN outlaw and LEADER—OF—THE Wild Bunch, in BEAVER—UTAH.
18660413—20150406    —SEE
18700413             —INCORPORATED, The Metropolitan MUSEUM—OF—ART was, in NEW—YORK.
18700413—18720000    —IN, The museum opened.
18730413             In THE—COLFAX—MASSACRE in GRANT—PARISH—LOUISIANA, some 105—BLACKS were killed on EASTER—SUNDAY.
18730413             MANY—BODIES, hidden or dumped into the Red River were recovered and found to have been mutilated.
18730413             —ARRESTED, In the end, only 9—MEN were, and they were charged with the murder of only 1—MAN.
18730413             —ARRESTED, Among those, was WILLIAM—J—CRUIKSHANK.
18730413—20070000    —IN, Lalita Tademy authored her novel "Red River" based on THE—MASSACRE.
18830413             —CONVICTED, ALFRED—PACKER was, of cannibalism.
18830413—18730800    —SEE
18920000—19730413    * † HENRY—DARGER, "outsider artist" and janitor in Chicago.
18920413             * ARTHUR ("Bomber") Harris, Marshal of THE—RAF, in Cheltenham.
18950413             S—FRANCISCO, a woman at THE—EMMANUEL—BAPTIST—CHURCH, on Bartlett St. between 22. and 23., discovered the stabbed and raped body of Minnie Williams (21).
18950413             Minnie was last seen with medical student THEODORE—DURRANT —THE—NIGHT—BEFORE.
18950413             Police then found the body of Blanche Dumont in THE—CHURCH belfry.
18950413             —STRANGLED, Investigators said she had been, 10—DAYS earlier.
18950413             —START—OF—SHERLOCK Holmes "Adventure of Solitary Cyclist".
18950413—18980000    —IN, Durrant was later convicted and hanged at S—QUENTIN.
18950413—19150000    —IN, THE—CHURCH was demolished.
18990413             * ALFRED—MOSER—BUTTS, INVENTOR—OF—THE—BOARD game Scrabble.
19020413             * PHILIPPE—DE—ROTHSCHILD, manager (Bordeaux Vineyard), in PARIS.
19030000—19870413    * † Ervin Nyiregyhazi, HUNGARIAN—BORN pianist in LOS—ANGELES.
19040413             PENSACOLA—FLORIDA, an explosion on THE—USA—BATTLESHIP—MISSOURI killed 29—MEN and injured 5—MEN, of whom 2 † later.
19060413—19890000    * † SAMUEL—BECKETT, Irish (French) playwright, NOBEL—PRIZE—WINNER 19690000             —IN, (Waiting for Godot).
19060413             —TRANSLATED, He settled in FRANCE and wrote in French and then, to English.
19060413             Sometimes he reversed the process.
19060413             —INCLUDED, His work, "Act Without Words" (19560000             ), "Happy Days" (19600000—19610000    ), "Rough for Theater II" (19760000             ), "Catastrophe" (19820000             ) and "WHAT—THERE" (19830000             ).
19060413             Also the prose trilogy "Molloy," "Malone Dies" and "The Unnamable".
19060413             —KILLED, An explosion on THE—USA—BATTLESHIP Kearsarge, 7—MEN.
19060413             The vessel was off Culebra Island in THE—CARIBBEAN Sea when THE—EXPLOSION in the forward turret occurred.
19060413             2—MORE deaths were soon reported with 10—SAILORS in serious conditions.
19060413190604       13             MUTINY, on THE—PORTUGAL—BATTLESHIP—DOM—CARLOS, THE—PORTUGAL—VASCO—DA—GAMA,There was.
19060413—19960000    —IN, JAMES—KNOWLSON wrote his study of Beckett: "Damned to Fame: The Life of SAMUEL—BECKETT".
19070413—20010000    * † HAROLD—E—STASSEN, later 3-term governor, on a truck farm in W. S—PAUL.
19090000—19920413    * † WALLACE—STEGNER, novelist (Pulitzer 19720000             ) in NEW—MEXICO.
19090413             WILLIAM—EDGAR—GEIL (18650000—19250000    ), travel writer from Doylestown, PENNSILVANIA, returned to THE—USA—FOLLOWING his 2. trip to CHINA.
19090413             —TRAVELED, He had, 18000000              miles along the Great Wall of CHINA gathering notes and photos, which he soon published in a 393-page volume titled "The Great Wall of CHINA".
19090413             TURKEY, a COUNTER—COUP, led by a certain Dervish Vahdeti, began Istanbul and continued for a few days.
19090413             It was put down by Hareket Ordusu (THE—ARMY—OF—ACTION) constituted with troops stationed in THE—BALKANS, which rapidly departed from Salonika.
19090413             —ENTERED, Among the officers who, the capital was a young captain named MUSTAFA—KEMAL.
19090413             74—SOLDIERS were killed in the incident.
19090413—19090413    —ON, The "19090331             "incidents actually started, a day corresponding to 13250331              in the Rumi calendar in use at the time in TURKEY for official timekeeping.
19090413—19980000    —IN, Ann Waldron published "Eudora Welty: A WRITER—LIFE".
19090413—20010000    * † EUDORA—WELTY, Southern writer, in Jackson, MISSISIPI Her books included "Delta Wedding" and "THE—OPTIMIST—DAUGHTER" (19720000             ).
19110413             * NINO—SANZOGNO, composer.
19120413             —FORMED, ROYAL—FLYING Corps, (later RAF).
19170413             * HOWARD—KEEL, actor, singer (7—BRIDES for 7—BROTHERS, Kiss Me Kate).
19170413             —EXAMINED, When his body was, doctors discovered that his stomach was 8—TIMES larger than that of an average person.
19180000—20060413    * † Dame Muriel Spark, in TUSCANY—ITALY.
19180413             —KILLED, Electrical fire, 38—MENTAL patients at OKLAHOMA State Hospital.
19180413             —ISSUED, THE—SOVIET—WARTIME and people's commissariat, an order to form LATVIA—SOVIET—RIFLEMAN division.
19180413             The commander in charge was Jukums Vacietis.
19180413             It was 1—OF the 1. divisions in THE—RED—ARMY.
19190413             * MADALYN—MURRAY—O'HAIR, USA—ATHEIST (opposed prayer in school).
19190413             NORTH—INDIA, at least 379—SIKHS were shot dead by UNITED—KINGDOM—INDIA—ARMY soldiers in what became known as the Amritsar Massacre.
19190413             —KILLED, UNITED—KINGDOM—FORCES under the command of GENERAL—REGINALD—DYER, HUNDREDS—OF—INDIA—NATIONALISTS in the thickly crowded plaza at Jallianwala Bagh.
19190413             Unarmed civilians were taking part in a peaceful protest against oppressive laws enforced in the Punjab by UNITED—KINGDOM—COLONIAL authorities.
19190413             —THE—JALLIANWALA—BAGH—MASSACRE, in which UNITED—KINGDOM—TROOPS opened fire on THOUSANDS—OF—UNARMED protesters, remains an enduring scar from UNITED—KINGDOM—COLONIAL—RULE in INDIA.
19210000—19960413    * † GEORGE—MACKAY—BROWN, SCOTLAND—POET and novelist in his hometown of Stromness, on the Orkney Mainland.
19220413             * JOHN—GERARD—BRAINE, UNITED—KINGDOM—NOVELIST (Room at the Top).
19240413             * STANLEY—DONEN, FILM—DIRECTOR, producer (Bedazzled, Damn Yankees), in SC.
19270000—20150413    * † GERMANY—AUTHOR GÜNTER—GRASS, in Luebeck.
19330413             —COMPLETED, The 1. flight over MOUNT—EVEREST was, by LORD—CLYDESDALE.
19340413             —REPORTED, Some 4.7—MILLION USA families were, to be receiving welfare payments.
19370413             * EDWARD—FOX, actor (M-Never Say Never Again, The Day of the Jackal), in LONDON—ENGLAND.
19370413             * LANFORD—WILSON, USA playwright (Hot L BALTIMORE).
19390413             * SEAMUS—HEANEY, IRELAND—POET, Nobel laureate.
19390413             * PAUL—SORVINO, actor.
19390413             W. Saroyan's "My Heart's in the Highlands," premiered in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19400413             In the 2. BATTLE—OF—NARVIK, 8—GERMANY—DESTROYERS were destroyed.
19410413             * MARGARET—PRICE, soprano (PAMLINA—DIE Zauberflote), in Tredegar, WALES.
19410413             —INSTALLED, HITLER soon, GENERAL—MILAN—NEDIC as a quisling leader.
19410413             —PROCEEDED, Nedic, to wipe out THE—JEWISH—COMMUNITY of SERBIA.
19410413             There was a heavy GERMANY—ASSAULT—ON—TOBRUK.
19410413             1—RUSSIAN—JAPAN NO—ATTACK treaty went into effect.
19410413—19970000    —IN, PHILIP—COHEN wrote "SERBIA—SECRET—WAR: Propaganda and the Deceit of History".
19420413             * BILL—CONTI, composer (For Your Eyes Only, Rocky IV), in PROVIDENCE—RI.
19430413             —DEDICATED, USA—PRESIDENT—ROOSEVELT, the Jefferson Memorial.
19430413             —DESIGNED, It was, by JOHN—RUSSELL—POPE.
19430413             NAZI—DISCOVERED a mass grave of POLAND—OFFICERS near Katyn.
19430413—19900413    —SEE
19440413             —REJECTED, SOUTH—CAROLINA, black suffrage.
19440413             Transport NUMBER 71—DEPARTED with FRANCE—JEWS to NAZI—GERMANY.
19450413             —CONQUERED, USA marines, Minna Shima off Okinawa.
19450413             Vienna fell to SOVIET—TROOPS.
19450413             THE—,3—WEEKS after SOVIET—TROOPS took Vienna some 87,000 women were reported to have been raped.
19450413             —BOMBED, THE—GERMANY—STEAMER Karlsruhe was, by SOVIET—PLANES and sunk in THE—BALTIC Sea with the loss of HUNDREDS—OF—CIVILIAN and military lives.
19450413             —INCLUDED, His work, the 3-volume "Philosophy of Symbolic Forms" (19230000—19290000    ).
19450413—20200000    —IN, POLAND—DIVERS found the wreckage north of the coastal resort of Ustka.
19450416—19450413    —WENIGE—TAGE—VOR—KRIEGSENDE—AM, FRIEDRICH—KARST, 1.LANDESKRIMINALAMT NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN BEHÖRDENCHEF, an einer Massenerschießung in Langenfeld teilgenommen.
19450416—19450413    —WENIGE—TAGE—VOR—KRIEGSENDE—AM, 71—GEFANGENE wurden dabei in 1 Schlucht südlich von DÜSSELDORF ermordet.
19450416—19450413    —WENIGE—TAGE—VOR—KRIEGSENDE—AM, FRIEDRICH—KARST habe selbst eingeräumt, Gefangene in die Nähe des bereits ausgehobenen Massengrabs geführt und dieses später zugeschaufelt zu haben.
19460413             —CARRIED, Jewish "Avengers", out a mass poisoning of FORMER—SS men at Stalag 13, an USA—PRISONER—OF—WAR CAMP—LANGWASSER.
19460413             —SICKENED, The effort, more than 2,200 Germans but ultimately caused no known deaths.
19460413             —INVESTIGATED, Authorities in NÜRNBERG later, JOSEPH—HARMATZ and Leipke Distal, who worked undercover in a nearby bakery for months, after they appeared in a
19990000             television documentary and revealed details of the operation.
19570413             THE—JURY—DELIBERATION movie drama "12—ANGRY Men," starring HENRY—FONDA, opened in NEW—YORK.
19570413             Due to LACK—OF—FUNDS, SATURDAY mail delivery in USA was temporarily halted.
19580413             In the 12. TONY—AWARDS: Sunrise at Campobello and Music Man won.
19580413             Van Cliburn became the 1. American to win the Tchaikovsky INTERNATIONAL—PIANO Contest in MOSCOW.
19580413             Lev Vlasenko (19290000—19960000    ) took 2. place.
19580413             Liu CHI—KUNG came in 2.
19580413—20160000    —IN, Nigel Cliff authored "MOSCOW Nights: The Van Cliburn Story – How 1—MAN and His Piano Transformed THE—COLD—WAR".
19590413             1—VATICAN edict forbade ITALY—ROMAN—CATHOLICS from for voting for communists.
19590413             † EDUARD—A van Beinum, 57—JAHRE—ALT, HOLLAND—MUSICIAN, conductor.
19600413             —LAUNCHED, The 1. navigational satellite was, into EARTH—ORBIT.
19610413             "Carnival!" opened at Imperial Theater in NEW—YORK—CITY for 719—PERFORMANCES.
19610413—19550000    —IN, USA—ARMY Private JOHN—A—BENNETT was hanged after being CONVICTED—OF—RAPE and attempted murder of an AUSTRIA—GIRL, 11—JAHRE—ALT.
19620413             —FORCED, USA steel industry was, to give up price increases.
19630413             * GARY—KIMOVICH—KASPAROV, world chess champion (19850000—20000000    ), in THE—USSR.
19640413             SIDNEY—POITIER became the 1. black performer in a leading role to win an Academy Award Oscar for best actor for the movie "Lilies of the Field".
19640413             In the 36. Academy Awards "TOM—JONES," SIDNEY—POITIER & Patricia Neal won.
19640413             IAN—D—SMITH became PREMIER—OF Rhodesia.
19640413             Smith was PREMIER—OF THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—COLONY—OF—SOUTH—RHODESIA (19640413—19651111    ) and PRIME—MINISTER—OF—THE—REPUBLIC—OF—RHODESIA (19651111—19790601    ).
19650413             —RECORDED, Beatles, "Help".
19650413             —APPOINTED, LAWRENCE—WALLACE—BRADFORD—JUNIOR, 16—JAHRE—ALT was, by NEW—YORK Republican JACOB—JAVITS to be the 1. black page of THE—USA—SENATE.
19660413             —PLACED, Pan Am, a $525,000,000 order for 25—BOEING 747s.
19660413             —REVOLUTIONIZED, THE—747—JUMBO jet, mass air transportation.
19700411—19700413    —ON, The mission was disrupted, when an oxygen tank ruptured and crippled the spacecraft.
19700413             APOLLO—13, 4-fifths of the way to the moon, was crippled when a tank containing liquid oxygen burst: "Houston, we've got a problem!" The incident preventing a planned moon landing.
19700413             —MANAGED, The 3-man crew, to return safely.
19700413             —ALLOWED, GREECE—COMPOSER—MIKIS—THEODORAKIS (19250000              *) was, to go into exile.
19700413             —INCLUDED, His music, the film score for Zorba the Greek (19640000             ).
19720214—19800413    —UNTIL, The show turned out to be a surprise hit and soon moved to the Broadhurst Theatre and then to the Royale where it remained.
19720401             A—USA—BASEBALL strike began and lasted to 19720413             ..
19720406—19720413    —ON, Hambleton was rescued.
19720413             —ENDED, The 1. USA Major League baseball strike, after 13—DAYS.
19730000             —CLOSED, THE—OFF—BROADWAY show, 19750413
19730413—20020000    —IN, He had spent as many as 40—YEARS working on a 15,000 page novel titled "The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What Is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of THE—GLANDECO—ANGELINIAN War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion. He illustrated the work with some 300—WATERCOLORS that were lifted and recomposed from popular sources. JOHN—MACGREGOR authored a 720-page study of Darger. 20030000             —IN Jessica Wu premiered her documentary film on Darger, "In the Realms of the Unreal," at Sundance.
19750413             —OPENED, LEBANON, THE—RIGHT—WING CHRISTIAN—FALANGE (Phalange), fire on a bus packed with Palestinians in a LOW—INCOME neighborhood after a DRIVE—BY attack earlier in the day on a nearby church.
19750413             —SPARKED, The ambush, a CIVIL—WAR that lasted to 19900000           .
19750413             —ATTEMPTED, THE—ATTACK was made to avenge an, assassination on Bashir Gemayel.
19760413             THE—USA—FEDERAL Reserve began issuing $2—BICENTENNIAL notes.
19760413             MOROCCO, Abdennaceur BNOUHACHEM—WORK as a LEFT—WING student activist came to an abrupt end when plain clothed security officers cornered him in the street and bundled him into an unmarked van.
19760413             —TORTURED, He was, and spent 9—YEARS in prison.
19760413             —AWARDED, Years later he was, 1—MILLION dirhams ($114,500) for his ordeal, but said THE—MONEY will not erase his memories.
19760413—19660000    —IN, The last $2—SERIES was discontinued after low production and the concomitant unpopularity of THE—BILL resulted in insufficient use.
19800413             "Grease" closed at BROADHURSTREET—THEATER in NEW—YORK—CITY after 3,388 performances.
19800413             —VOTED, THE—USA—OLYMPIC Committee, to boycott THE—SUMMER—OLYMPICS in MOSCOW.
19810413             —RECEIVED, WASHINGTON—POST reporter JANET—COOKE, a PULITZER—PRIZE for her feature about an 8-year-old heroin addict named "Jimmy".
19810413             —RELINQUISHED, Cooke, the prize 2—DAYS later, admitting she had fabricated the story.
19840413             Pete Rose, playing for the Montreal Expos, became the 1. NL baseball player to get 4,000 hits in a career, joining TY—COBB to become only the 2. player to enter the 4000—HIT club.
19840413             —WANTED, CHRISTOPHER—WILDER, FBI's "most, man," accidentally killed himself.
19860413             —VISITED, JOHANNES—PAULUS—II—PAPA, a Rome synagogue and met with Chief Rabbi Elio Toaff in the 1. recorded PAPA—VISIT of its kind.
19860413             —FORCED, Phillip Hallford, his daughter (15) to lure her boyfriend EDDIE—SHANNON, 16—JAHRE—ALT to an isolated area in Daly COUNTY—ALABAMA, where he shot and killed the boy and threw his body off a bridge.
19860413             Melinda Hallford was pregnant AT—THE—TIME—OF—THE killing and had been sexually abused by her father.
19860413—20100000    —IN, Hallford (63) was executed.
19870413             —ANNOUNCED, GARY—HART, his bid for 19880000             —THE—DEMOCRATIC presidential nomination.
19870413—19200000    —IN, He had been a child prodigy and arrived in THE—USA, where he married 10—TIMES and left behind over a 10000000              largely unknown works.
19870413—19990000    —IN, PORTUGAL signed an agreement to return MACAU to CHINA.
19870413—20070000    —IN, KEVIN—BAZZANA authored: "Lost Genius: The Story of a Forgotten Musical Maverick".
19880413             1—COMMANDEERED KUWAIT—JETLINER took off from CYPRUS for ALGERIA, after THE—PRO—IRAN—SHIITE—MUSLIM hijackers on board freed 12—HOSTAGES.
19880413             SOUTH—AFRICA, Aubrey Jabulani Ndaba, from the Pietermaritzburg area, and OSCAR—MALEKA, from Soweto, were working for the armed wing of the African NATIONAL—CTONGRESS when they † in firefights with security forces.
19880413—20050000    —IN, they became 1. of 477—MISSING people to be recovered.
19890413             —DELIVERED, USA House Speaker Jim Wright, an emotional defense of his conduct against ethics charges, declaring he would "fight to the last ounce of conviction and energy" he possessed.
19900413             —ACCEPTED, THE—SOVIET—UNION, responsibility for the —WWII murders of THOUSANDS—OF—IMPRISONED POLAND—OFFICERS in the Katyn Forest, a massacre THE—SOVIETS had previously blamed on THE—NAZIS.
19910413             Speaking at MAXWELL—AIR—FORCE—BASE in MONTGOMERY—ALABAMA, USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH warned IRAQ THE—USA would "not tolerate any interference" with THE—INTERNATIONAL relief EFFORT—FOR Kurdish refugees.
19920413             The Great Chicago Flood took place as the city's CENTURY—OLD tunnel system and adjacent basements filled with water from the Chicago River.
19920413             The opera "Life With an Idiot" by ALFRED—SCHNITTKE had its world PREMIER—AT THE—NETHERLANDS Music Theater in AMSTERDAM.
19920413             Crystal Pepsi began TES—MARKETING in Providence, Denver and Dallas.
19920413             —ROCKED, An earthquake, GERMANY and THE—NETHERLANDS.
19920413             —ANNOUNCED, NELSON—MANDELA, he would seek a divorce from Winnie.
19930413             —PREMIERED, TOM—STOPPARD'S "Arcadia,", in London.
19930413             —AWARDED, PULITZER—PRIZES were, to DAVID—MCCULLOUGH for his biography "TRUMAN," to ROBERT—OLEN—BUTLER for his collection of short stories "A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain" and to TONY—KUSHNER for his drama "Angels in America: Millennium Approaches".
19930413             The gold medal for public service went to THE—MIAMI—HERALD for its Hurricane Andrew coverage.
19930413             The day before a visit by USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH, 14—PEOPLE were arrested in KUWAIT for plotting to assassinate him.
19930413             —ORGANIZED, WASHINGTON said the plot was, by IRAQ—INTELLIGENCE.
19930413             NATO forces began combat patrols over BOSNIA to enforce a UN ban on flights.
19940413             1—PALESTINIAN blew himself up on a bus in Hadera in CENTRAL—ISRAEL.
19940413             6—ISRAELIS were killed and 25—WOUNDED.
19940413             It was Hamas's 1. SUICIDE—BOMBING.
19940413             —KILLED, RWANDA, 2—TUTSI mothers and their 4—CHILDREN were.
19940413—20090323    —ON, Mpambara had already been convicted.
19940413—20110000    —IN, an appeals court in THE—NETHERLANDS sentenced JOSEPH—MPAMBARA, 43—JAHRE—ALT to life in prison for torture causing the deaths of THE—2—MOTHERS and 4—CHILDREN.
19950413             BOB—DORNAN became the 7. GOP presidential contender.
19950413             1—FEDERAL appeals court opened the way for SHANNON—FAULKNER to become the 1. woman to undergo military training at The Citadel.
19960413             USA—PRESIDENT—CLINTON used his weekly radio address to call on CONGRESS to pass an ANTI—TERRORIST bill that had languished for a year despite a promise of quick action after THE—OKLAHOMA—CITY—BOMBING.
19960413             The Rosemary BAPTIST—CHURCH in BARNWELL—SOUTH—CAROLINA, burned down.
19960413             —SUSPECTED, Arson was, and investigations by THE—FBI and ATF were later begun.
19960413             † James "JIMMY—THE—GENT" Burke, 64—JAHRE—ALT, criminal, in prison in NEW—YORK state.
19960413             Larry WAYNE—SHOEMAKER, a white supremacist, shot 11—PEOPLE and killed 1—BEFORE committing suicide inside an abandoned restaurant in Jackson, MISSISIPI He left behind NEO—NAZI notes.
19960413             The annual CANADA—SEAL hunt in NEW—FOUNDLAND went out of control and some 16,500 seals were slaughtered instead of the 8,000 quota.
19960413             THE—USA—AGREED to close the Futenma Air Station at OKINAWA—JAPAN.
19960413120000       00             —THE—ACRE base is surrounded by the densely populated CITY—OF—GINOWAN.
19960413             LEBANON, Hezbollah (Hizbullah) leader Sheik HASSAN—NASRALLAH warned of retaliation following an ISRAEL—AIRCRAFT attack.
19960413—19960414    Representatives of 55—NATIONS met in BRUSSELS and pledged to raise $1.2—BILLION for the reconstruction of BOSNIA.
19960413—19960414    —REFUSED, SERBS, to attend as part of a delegation with Muslims and CROATS.
19960413—20060000    —IN, Maggie Ferguson authored "GEORGE—MACKAY—BROWN: The Life".
19970413             Tiger Woods won golf's Masters Tournament by 12—STROKES for a record 18-under-par 270—TOTAL score.
19970413             He was the youngest (21) and 1. black winner of the Masters.
19970413             —REPORTED, It was, that scientists had developed MEMORY—RETENTIVE chips that preserve data even with power shut off.
19970413             —EXPECTED, The chips were, to be available in 2—YEARS.
19970413             —DEPLOYED, With tanks, sharpshooters and THOUSANDS—OF—POLICE, to protect him, JOHANNES—PAULUS—II—PAPA preached forgiveness during a mass in Sarajevo.
19970413             TURKEY, a military modernization program for $31—BILLION was announced to reduce dependence on Western suppliers.
19970413             —NUMBERED, TURKEY—STANDING army, 639,000—MEN, 4,000 tanks, and 400—COMBAT aircraft.
19980413             —ANNOUNCED, BANK—OF—AMERICA, a $62.5—BILLION merger plan with NationsBank CORPORATION of CHARLOTTE—NORTH—CAROLINA THE—COUNTRY's 1. COAST—TO—COAST bank would be called BankAmerica CORPORATION with headquarters in Charlotte.
19980413             Banc 1 and 1. Chicago NBD said they would unite in a $28.9—BILLION deal.
19980413             A 500-pound steel joint fell from the upper level of NEW—YORK—YANKEE—STADIUM, crashing onto seats below.
19980413             No fans were inside the park at the time.
19980413             —COLLIDED, An Amtrak train, with Conrail freight cars near Pittsburgh and injured 20—PEOPLE.
19980413             —REPORTED, ALGERIA, it was, that Muslim clerics ruled to allow women raped by Islamic militants to have abortions.
19980413             —FACED, NASSAU—BAHAMAS, some 300—ANGRY protestors, 180—LESBIAN passengers on the cruise ship SS Seabreeze chartered by Olivia Cruises and Resorts.
19980413             —REPORTED, TANZANIA, it was, that at least 90—MINERS were feared dead after heavy rains the previous week caused 14—PITS to collapse near Arusha.
19980413             They were mining for tanzanite, a gem used in jewelry.
19980413             —CAPTURED, TURKEY—ARMY—FORCES, Semdin Sakik, a field commanded of THE—PKK, Kurdistan Workers Party, in 1—SECRET raid in NORTH—IRAQ.
19990413             The digital 3-D opera, Monsters of Grace," by COMPOSER—PHILIP—GLASS and director ROBERT—WILSON was scheduled to PREMIER—AT UC Berkeley.
19990413             The score was set to ENGLAND—TRANSLATION of love poems by the Sufi poet Rumi.
19990413             —SENTENCED, MICHIGAN, JUDGE—JESSICA—COOPER, DOCTOR—KEVORKIAN to 10—25—YEARS in prison for 2.-DEGREE—MURDER in the lethal injection of a Lou GEHRIG—DISEASE patient.
19990413             He planned to appeal the sentence which would require him to serve ,—OVER—6—YEARS, before being eligible for parole.
19990413             —DROPPED, NATO bombs were, on Pristina.
19990413             —CROSSED, YUGOSLAVIA—INFANTRY troops, into NORTH—EAST—ALBANIA for a short time and clashed with ALBANIA—BORDER—POLICE.
19990413             —REPORTED, Refugees in ALBANIA, GANG—RAPES and murders by SERBIA—SOLDIERS.
19990413             —LAUNCHED, CHILE, Alejandra Matus, author, her new book "The Black BOOK—OF—CHILE—JUSTICE".
19990413             —CONFISCATED, Police, the books THE—NEXT—DAY and Matus fled THE—COUNTRY to ARGENTINA.
19990413             —RELEASED, COLOMBIA, rebels, 6—OF 46—HOSTAGES from a commandeered Avianca airplane.
19990413             —CONVICTED, MALAYSIA, Anwar Ibrahim was, on 4—CHARGES—OF—CORRUPTION by High Court JUDGE—AUGUSTINE—PAUL.
19990413             —SENTENCED, He was, to 6—YEARS on EACH—CHARGE with the sentences to run concurrently.
19990413             PAKISTAN TEST—FIRED a ballistic missile, the Ghauri II, at Dina.
19990413             —REPORTED, It was, to have a range of 12000000              miles.
20000413             USA—PRESIDENT—CLINTON, during a QUESTION—AND—ANSWER session with newspaper editors, heatedly said "I'm not ashamed" about being impeached and "I'm not interested" in being pardoned for any alleged crimes in the Monica Lewinsky scandal and Whitewater investigation.
20000413             —ARRESTED, USA drug agents, at least 45—PEOPLE in a JAMAICAN—LED marijuana ring that bribed FedEx workers to distribute the drug for EAST—COAS—MARKETS.
20000413             22—OF—THOSE arrested were FedEx employees.
20000413             —FILED, The heavy metal rock group Metallica, suit against Napster for copyright infringement and racketeering.
20000413             Terayon Communications shareholders sued the company for securities fraud.
20000413             † GIORGIO—BASSANI, ITALY—AUTHOR, 84—JAHRE—ALT. His books included "The Garden of THE—FINZI—CONTINIS".
20000413             † In MEXICO 7—PEOPLE in a train carrying illegal immigrants from CENTRAL—AMERICA in a bid to enter THE—USA.
20000413             46—PEOPLE were hospitalized from suffocating conditions.
20000413             SOUTH—KOREA, election results gave 115—SEATS to the ruling Millennium Democratic Party of PRESIDENT—KIN—DAE—JUNG.
20000413             The opposition Grand NATIONAL—PTARTY won 133—SEATS.
20000413             —CALLED, ZIMBABWE, acting PRESIDENT—JOSEPH—MISS—IKA, for an end to squatter invasions of WHITE—OWNED farms after the high court ruled that police must comply with an order to remove liberation war veterans and other government supporters occupying the farms.
20000413             PRESIDENT—MUGABE was visiting CUBA for a summit of developing nations.
20000413             —REPUDIATED, Mugabe, MISS—IKA—ORDER on his return.
20000413—19890000    —IN—THE, Shareholders included EDWARD—ROSE—III—OF—DALLAS, short seller and FOUNDER—OF—CARDINAL—INVESTMENT—CO. Rose and GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH partnered bid for THE—TEXAS Rangers.
20010413             THE—USA—SAID its plane was struck by the jet.
20010413             —MAINTAINED, CHINA, that THE—USA—PLANE rammed the fighter.
20010413             —REPORTED, It was, that new evidence from ocean surveys supported the idea of global warming due to "greenhouse gases".
20010413             CHINA, a 5.9—EARTHQUAKE hit Yunan province and at least 7—PEOPLE were killed.
20010413             42,000 homes were destroyed in the Shidian area.
20010413             —EVACUATED, FRANCE, up to 15,000—PEOPLE were, from the region of Vimy due to fears of explosions from a —WWI bomb storage site.
20010413—20010401    —ON, With the crew of A—USA—SPY plane safely back in THE—USA, USA—OFFICIALS gave their detailed version of what happened when the plane collided with a CHINA—FIGHTER ;
20020411             † Stojilkovic 20020413           .
20020413             —KILLED, KENTUCKY, SHERIFF—SAM—CATRON, 48—JAHRE—ALT was, during a political rally in Shopville.
20020413             —ARRESTED, DANNY—SHELLEY, 30—JAHRE—ALT was soon, after crashing a motorcycle that belonged to Jeff Morris, 34—JAHRE—ALT, a political opponent to Catron.
20020413             —CHARGED, Morris and a campaign worker were later, with complicity to murder.
20020413             —ESTABLISHED, THE—ERITREA ETHIOPIA Boundary Commission (EEBC), to determine THE—NEW—BORDER, released its report.
20020413             —RULED, THE—UN panel, in favor of ETHIOPIA on all territory contested with ERITREA.
20020413             —STATED, The ruling, that Engal is in fact Eritrean.
20020413             The decision would divide the minority ethnic Irob community, spread across the region, 1—OF the few centers of ETHIOPIA—CATHOLICISM, introduced in the 19. century by ITALY—S—JUSTIN—DE—JACOBIS.
20020413             ETHIOPIA—REJECTION of THE—UN ruling on the demarcation of the border threw Addis ABABA—RELATIONS with Asmara into deadlock, prompting ERITREA to seal its borders.
20020413             —ISSUED, Yasser Arafat, 1—STATEMENT condemning terrorism and planned to meet with COLIN—POWELL THE—NEXT—DAY.
20020413             —DECLARED, Hamas, it had no intention of halting attacks.
20020413             SAUDI—ARABIA, Ghazi Algosaibi, SAUDI—ARABIA—AMBASSADOR to Britain, published a poem in THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—DAILY AL—HAYAT— titled "The Martyrs," in praise of Ayat Akhras, 20020329             —THE—PALESTINIAN suicide bomber.
20020413             —RETURNED, VENEZUELA, HUGO—CHAVEZ, to the presidency as PEDRO—CARMONA resigned following large protests in Caracas with dozens reported killed.
20020413             —KILLED, Caracas mayor Alfredo Pena said at least 9—PEOPLE were, in rioting and looting.
20030413             In the 25. DAY—OF—OPERATION—IRAQ—FREEDOM—USA—TROOPS pushed into Tikrit.
20030413             Marines found 7—MISSING USA—TROOPS on the road between Baghdad and Tikrit.
20030413             —WORKED, Army engineers, to help restore electricity in Baghdad.
20030413             —CRASHED, NORTH—GREECE, a bus carrying high school students, on a mountain road, killing 21—PEOPLE and injuring about 30—OTHERS.
20030413             —PUBLISHED, ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—ARIEL—SHARON in a, interview said ISRAEL will hand over some JEWISH—SETTLEMENTS for peace, but the Palestinians must give up their demand that refugees be allowed to return to their former homes.
20030413             —ATTACKED, THE—SOUTH—PHILIPPINES, some 40—MORO Islamic Liberation Front fighters, soldiers in Barira.
20030413             COLUMBUS—OHIO, a fire at a STUDENT—RENTED house left 5—PEOPLE dead.
20030413             —INCLUDED, The environmental Goldman Prize winners, PEDRO—ARROYO—AGUDO (SPAIN);
20030413             Von Hernandez (PHILIPPINES); Odigha Odigha (NIGERIA);
20030413             Eileen Wani Wingfield and Eileen Kampakuta (AUSTRALIA);
20030413             ;;07;;a Bonds (USA); MARIA—ELENA Foronda Farro (PERU).
20030413             MIKE—WEIR became the 1. Canadian to win the Masters after the 1. SUDDEN—DEATH playoff in 13—YEARS.
20030413             —ANNOUNCED, USA—LED forces, the capture of Watban IBRAHIM—HASAN, a HALF—BROTHER of and ADVISER—TO—SADDAM—HUSSEIN.
20030413             —AFTER—3—WEEKS of captivity, 7—USA—PRISONER—OF—WAR'S, including Army Specialist Shoshana Johnson, were released by IRAQ—TROOPS near TIKRIT—IRAQ.
20030413             The firefight left 12—GUERRILLAS and possibly 3—SOLDIERS dead.
20040413             BARRY—BONDS hit his 661. homer, passing WILLIE—MAYS to take sole POSSESSION—OF—3. place on baseball's career list.
20040413             Swimmer MICHAEL—PHELPS won 20030000             —THE—SULLIVAN—AWARD as the nation's top amateur athlete.
20040413             —DEFENDED, USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH, his IRAQ policy, vowed no retreat and conceded the need for UN help in a televised press conference.
20040413             Attorney GENERAL—ASHCROFT, speaking at the hearings on 9/11, placed much of the blame for terrorist successes on budgetary and investigatory constraints inherited from THE—CLINTON administration.
20040413             —APPROVED, THE—FDA, a clinical trial by Cyberkinetics on implants in humans for a BRAIN—COMPUTER interface.
20040413             BRAZIL's 10,000 federal customs agents began a 4—DAY—STRIKE, threatening to tie up the nation's ports and PINTERNATIONAL—AIRPORTS unless THE—GOVERNMENT grants them a pay raise.
20040413             —ANNOUNCED, Authorities in Shanghai, that divorced couples who remarry will be allowed to have a 2. child.
20040413             —AGREED, CUBA, to buy $13—MILLION in food from USA—COMPANIES and reached a tentative deal for up to $10—MILLION in farm goods from CALIFORNIA.
20040413             —ARRESTED, HUNGARY—AUTHORITIES said they, 3—ARABS who were plotting to assassinate visiting ISRAEL—PRESIDENT—MOSHE—KATSAV.
20040413             A 2,500-strong USA force, backed by tanks and artillery, pushed to the outskirts of the Shiite holy CITY—OF—NAJAF for a showdown with a radical cleric.
20040413             1—SOLDIER was killed enroute.
20040413             —KILLED, USA—FORCES in Fallujah, over 100—INSURGENTS.
20040413             4—ITALIANS working as private SECURITY—GUARDS for A—USA—COMPANY in IRAQ were reported missing, and an Arab satellite TV broadcaster said they were kidnapped by insurgents.
20040413             —OPENED, SAUDI—ARABIA, militants near Unaizah, fire on a police checkpoint at dawn, killing 4—POLICE—OFFICERS and fleeing in security agents' cars.
20040907             BUSH Mimics Herman GÖRING—PRESCRIPTION—FOR—LEADERSHIP.
20050413             —PLEADED, ERIC—RUDOLPH, guilty to carrying out the deadly bombing at 19960000             —THE—ATLANTA—OLYMPICS and 3—OTHER attacks in BACK—TO—BACK court appearances in BIRMINGHAM—ALABAMA, and Atlanta.
20050413             —RECEIVED, USA GYMNAS—PAUL—HAMM, the 75. SULLIVAN—AWARD as the nation's top amateur athlete.
20050413             —ANNOUNCED, NATIONAL—GTEOGRAPHIC and IBM Corp., a project to collect DNA samples from people around the globe to trace the routes of human migration.
20050413             —WORKED, Johnie Johnson (19240000              *), pianist who, with Chuck Berry, † in S—LOUIS.
20050413             —HIRED, Johnson had initially, Berry as a replacement in his RHYTHM—AND—BLUES trio.
20050413             —KILLED, ALGERIA—ISLAMIC—MILITANTS, 5—PEOPLE, including 3—SECURITY force members, and injured 8—OTHERS in attacks AHEAD—OF—AN expected general amnesty.
20050413             AUSTRALIA—MINING giant BHP Billiton said it had won a 71.5% rise in iron ORE—PRICES with a NUMBER—OF—ITS steel customers.
20050413             Top border officials of INDIA and BANGLADESH meet in Dhaka to discuss thorny issues including New DELHI—PLAN to fence off the frontier and DHAKA—CLAIM that INDIA harbors BANGLADESH—MILITANTS.
20050413             —AGREED, Britain and INDIA, to more than double THE—NUMBER—OF—FLIGHTS between THE—2—NATIONS, opening up DOZENS—OF—LUCRATIVE new routes for airlines.
20050413             He is already serving a life sentence for the murder of policeman STEPHEN—OAKE.
20050413             8—OTHERS arrested in the case were acquitted or not brought to trial.
20050413             —SHOWED, AL—JAZEERA, video of JEFFREY—AKE, who THE—USA—EMBASSY said appeared to be THE—USA—KIDNAPPED earlier THIS—WEEK in Baghdad.
20050413             1—BOMB exploded while being defused near a Kirkuk pipeline and 11—MEMBERS—OF—THE Facilities Protection Service were killed.
20050413             1—SUICIDE bomber killed 5—IRAQIS when he drove his car into A—USA—CONVOY down BAGHDAD—AIRPORT road.
20050413             4—USA—CONTRACT workers were injured.
20050413             —APPROVED, ITALY—REGULATOR Consob said it has, a bid by SPAIN—BANK Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA for ITALY—BANCA—NAZIONALE del Lavoro, in what would become the euro zone's largest CROSS—BORDER banking takeover.
20050413             JAPAN and INDIA took a 1. step to a possible free trade deal with an agreement to spend a year looking at the effects of a pact on THE—2—MAJOR—ASIAN economies.
20050413             LEBANON—PRO—SYRIA—PREMIER—QUIT for the 2. time in 6—WEEKS.
20050413             —REOPENED, NEPAL, businesses, and traffic resumed on major highways after an 11—DAY—GENERAL—STRIKE called by communist rebels that crippled life across the kingdom.
20050413             —DEMANDED, The student wing of Maoist rebels, all private schools shut down indefinitely.
20050413             —ANNOUNCED, NORWAY—STATOIL—ASA, oil exploration drilling from the offshore rig Eirik Raude has been shut down after its 3. spill into ecologically fragile Arctic waters in just over 2—MONTHS.
20050413             —APPROVED, THE—UN, a global treaty aimed at preventing nuclear terrorism by making it a crime for WOULD—BE terrorists to possess or threaten to use nuclear material.
20050413             —REPORTED, ZIMBABWE state radio, PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE—GOVERNMENT has acquired 6—FIGHTER jets "to deal with any challenges".
20050413             —APPEARED, The aircraft, to be THE—K—8—ADVANCED jet trainer, a CHINA—COPY of THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—AEROSPACE—BAE "Hawk".
20050413             —RELEASED, ZIMBABWE—OPPOSITION, a dossier to back claims that last month's elections were rigged to hand victory to PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE—RULING party.
20050413             COMMITTEE—FOR—THE Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal: article that discusses 10—HOAXES, including the Roswell Incident, Cottingley Fairies... directory.
20050413             Hobbes' Internet Timeline - the definitive Internet HISTORY
20050413             NSF lifts RESTRICTIONS—ON—THE commercial use of the Net (March) (:glg:)... of an RSA file security encryption program tattooed on his arm (:wired496:).
20050413             My View From LAS—VEGAS
20050413             not to mention MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in marketing - the 80's are not selling.
20050413             From rebel_onya yahoo.com.br Tue 20000201             :39:54 20050000             From...
20050413             pegar nalguns milhares de euros do orçamento de marketing para financiar uma.
20050413             They are PR people, the loyalists of Exxon Mobil (by whom most of them.
20050413             Conocereis de Verdad
20050413             Elitism as Marketing Strategy.
20050413             18Jun.---- History: This Date
20050413             NAME—GO_COM—WAS launched with a full dose of hype + marketing hoopla in.
20050413             —SAILED, Other loyalists in the city, down THE—DELAWARE—RIVER to escape the Patriots.
20050413             Gasvorkommen: Spannungen zwischen JAPAN und CHINA nehmen zu
20050413             USA—SENAT: Ausschuss verschiebt Abstimmung über Bushs UNO—KANDIDATEN
20050413             IWF—LOB: "Deutschland ist auf dem richtigen Weg"
20050413             Gipfel in Crawford: "BUSH vom Mars, Scharon von der Venus"
20050413             RIZIN—PROZESS: Londoner Gericht spricht vier Angeklagte frei
20050413             Berliner Unterrichtsstreit: Kanzler legt Wert auf Religion
20050413             UNO—EINIGUNG: Neue Konvention soll ATOM—TERROR vereiteln
20050413             Gegenangriff: Arbeitgeber schimpfen auf Müntefering
20050413             MOORE—LAW: 10.000—DOLLAR für eine Seite aus ELEKTRONIK—MAGAZIN
20050413             Weltweite DNS—ANALYSE: Genprojekt verfolgt Spuren der Menschheit
20050413             Mailänder Skandalspiel: Inter droht Ausschluss vom Europapokal
20050413             Tödliches Testkit: USA—FIRMA verschickte Killervirus an 3700—LABORE
20050413             Generation JP2: Was für einen Papst hätten Sie denn gern?
20050413             Italiens Innenminister: "Werde diese Gewalt nicht tolerieren"
20050413             EU—ERWEITERUNG: Parlament stimmt für Beitritt Rumäniens und Bulgariens
20050413             Grundsatzrede: Müntefering wettert gegen das "Kapital"
20050413             Projekt Wiederauferstehung: Mammuts sollen durch PLEISTOZÄN—PARK stapfen
20050413             UKRAINE: Ministerpräsidentin Timoschenko gibt PUTIN einen Korb
20050413             Zeitungsbericht: Bis zu 50—KARDINÄLE wollen Ratzinger
20050413             USA: Anklage gegen TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGE
20050413             Umfrage: Leistungsdruck ist für Deutsche Stressfaktor Nummer eins
20050413             PONTIFEX—FUTURE: Wie Zocker an der Papstwahl verdienen
20050413             UNO—MISSION: Kabinett beschließt BUNDESWEHR—EINSATZ im SUDAN
20050413             Schnüffelsoftware: Spione auf dem Desktop
20050413             Krebsdiagnose: Tumoren auf Knopfdruck erkennen
20050413             VULKAN—ALARM: Zehntausende fliehen vor Feuer und Asche
20050413             Reparaturflug: Neue Hoffnung für HUBBLE—TELESKOP
20050413             Kartellbedenken: Russen stoppen SIEMENS—VORSTOß
20050413             JACKSON—PROZESS: Stiefvater des mutmaßlichen Opfers spricht von Gehirnwäsche
20050413             Schuldentilgung: BERLUSCONI—FAMILIE verkauft MEDIEN—ANTEILE
20050413             HITLER auf Polnisch: Ein dubioser Verleger will mit "Mein Kampf" Geschäfte machen
20050413             Arbeitsmarkt: Forscher sieht Mindestlohn bei 6 Euro
20050413             Sparforderung: Arbeitgeber wollen Jobgarantie für Mütter verkürzen
20050413             SPD—GRUNDSATZREDE: Müntefering geißelt "Macht des Kapitals"
20050413             Kontroverse um Papst: Happening mit Heiligenschein
20050413             Aufrüstung: Chinesen setzen auf HIGHTECH—ARMEE
20050413             SAUL—LANDAU: THE—BUSH -DeLay Axis of Naked Power.
20050413             Als Labour die letzte Wahlkampfphase zünftig mit dem U2-Hit "Beautiful Day" einläutete, distanzierten sich die linken Rocker eifrig von der Vereinnahmung.
20050413             "Die Gruppe ist geschmeichelt", hieß es in einer offiziellen Erklärung der Iren, "behält sich aber das Recht vor, für oder gegen Inhalte jeglicher Partei zu sein".
20050413             Eine recht kühle Reaktion, bedenkt man die zahlreichen Fototermine und öffentlichen Auftritte, die U2-Frontmann Bono in früheren Jahren gerne mit BLAIR absolviert hat.
20050413             Heute ist von der Nähe nichts mehr zu spüren.
20050413             Niemand will für Labour werben, aber es will sich auch kaum jemand öffentlich gegen sie stellen - und damit den konservativen Torys zuspielen.
20050413             "View from Another Planet"
20050413             "Democrats! Paper "Trails" Aren't Good Enough. Count The Damn Ballots!"
20050413             —APOLOGIZED, AP - House MAJORITY—LEADER TOM—DELAY, Wednesday for using overheated rhetoric on the day Terri Schiavo †,
20050413             but refused to say whether he supports impeachment of the judges who ruled in her case.
20050413             MAJORITY—LEADER Asks House Panel to Review Judges
20050413             NEW—YORK—TIMES
20050413             Deflecting all questions about his ethical conduct and political future, TOM—DELAY stepped up his crusade against judges.
20050413             DeLay Defends EFFORT—TO Rein In the Courts
20050413             House MAJORITY—LEADER TOM—DELAY ordering THE—JUDICIARY—COMMITTEE to investigate the decisions of FEDERAL—JUDGES in the Terri Schiavo case.
20050413             DeLay Fundraising Plied Special Interests (AP )
20050413             Axis of Naked Power
20050413             —VOM, Als Labour die letzte Wahlkampfphase zünftig mit dem U2-Hit "Beautiful Day" einläutete,
20050413             distanzierten sich die linken Rocker eifrig von der Vereinnahmung.
20050413             "DIE—GRUPPE ist geschmeichelt", hieß es in einer offiziellen Erklärung der Iren,
20050413             "behält sich aber das Recht vor, für oder gegen Inhalte jeglicher Partei zu sein".
20050413             1—RECHT kühle Reaktion, bedenkt man die zahlreichen Fototermine und öffentlichen Auftritte, die U2-Frontmann Bono in früheren —JAHREN gerne mit BLAIR absolviert hat.
20050413             alfatomega.com/20050413.html
20050413             GEORGE—BUSH : The Unauthorized Biography (GB: Una Biografía.
20050413—19410000    —SUMMER—OF, THE—BRITISH were learning in detail by the of THE—CATHOLIC.
20050413—20010900    —IN, When Raines replaced him ,he snuffed the Lelyveld enlightenment + began packing the house with loyalists.
20050413—20030100    —IN, ENGLAND, Kamel Bourgass (31) of ALGERIA, captured, was sentenced to 17—YEARS in jail for planning attacks using ricin, cyanide and other poisons.
20050413—20070000    —IN, THE—EUROPE—PARLIAMENT approved the entry of BULGARIA and ROMANIA into THE—EU, but it said both countries still need to carry out necessary reforms.
20060405—20060415    —ON, Homicide charges were filed against BORIS—LENIS—BLANCO, 33—JAHRE—ALT, a POLICE—OFFICER, who was arrested 20060413             ..
20060405—20060415    —ON, Homicide charges were filed against BORIS—LENIS—BLANCO, 33—JAHRE—ALT, a POLICE—OFFICER, who was arrested 20060413             ..
20060412—20060413    SUDAN—JANJAWEED MILITIA with local CHAD—RECRUITS shot or hacked to death 118—VILLAGERS in EAST—CHAD in a bloody spillover of violence from SUDAN—DARFUR region.
20060412—20060413    SUDAN—JANJAWEED MILITIA with local CHAD—RECRUITS shot or hacked to death 118—VILLAGERS in EAST—CHAD in a bloody spillover of violence from SUDAN—DARFUR region.
20060413             2—MORE retired USA generals called for DEFENSE—SECRETARY—DONALD—H—RUMSFELD to resign, bringing the total to 6—THIS month, claiming the chief architect of THE—IRAQ—WAR and subsequent USA—OCCUPATION should be held accountable for the chaos there.
20060413             —ISSUED, CALIFORNIA, an independent TASK—FORCE, a 29-page report faulting UC executives and THE—BOARD—OF—REGENTS for LACK—OF—OVERSIGHT in pay practices and THE—USE—OF—PUBLIC funds.
20060413             —VOTED, THE—NEBRASKA Legislature, to divide the Omaha school system into 3—DISTRICTS, 1—MOSTLY black, 1—MOSTLY white, and 1—LARGELY Hispanic.
20060413             —SIGNED, GOVERNOR—DAVE—HEINEMAN, the measure into law, effective 20080700           .
20060413             —REPORTED, It was, that IOWA had counted at least 515—CASES of mumps this year, where it had previously averaged 5—CASES per year.
20060413             —KILLED, TENNESSEE—CHEROKEE—NATIONAL—FOREST, a black bear, a 6-year-old girl and critically injured her mother and 2-year-old brother.
20060413             —RELEASED, European scientists, new photos of Venus' south pole from the orbiting Venus Express spacecraft.
20060413             —REVEALED, The images, a mass of sulfuric acid clouds swirling in 220—MPH winds.
20060413             1—MILITARY court convicted a UNITED—KINGDOM—AIR—FORCE doctor of disobeying orders and sentenced him to 8—MONTHS in prison after he called THE—IRAQ—WAR illegal and refused to return for a 3. tour of duty.
20060413             —REACHED, The Danube, RECORD—HIGH levels in BULGARIA—ROMANIA and SERBIA, flooding fertile farmland as authorities in SOUTH—EAST—EUROPE considered ordering evacuations.
20060413             CHAD, GOVERNMENT—TROOPS using tanks and attack helicopters repelled a rebel ASSAULT—ON—N'DJAMENA—CHAD—CAPITAL.
20060413             —KILLED, At least 100—REBELS were.
20060413             PRESIDENT—DEBY went on STATE—RUN radio to assure residents he remained in control, and he blamed SUDAN, whose Darfur crisis has spilled over into his country.
20060413             CHINA—CONTROVERSIAL choice for a Tibetan holy figure made his 1. major appearance before an INTERNATIONAL audience, saying Tibetan Buddhists should be patriotic and "defend the nation".
20060413             Zeng said the relations between CHINA and LITHUANIA are developing smoothly with frequent HIGH—LEVEL contacts and fruitful cooperation in economic and cultural sectors.
20060413             —ROARED, WEST—COLOMBIA, mudslides, down on settlements, killing at least 10—PEOPLE, leaving dozens missing and blocking a key highway to THE—PACIFIC—COAST.
20060413             Bayer AG made its official takeover bid for fellow GERMANY—DRUGMAKER Schering AG, offering 16.5—BILLION euros ($20.01—BILLION), slightly more than its previous 16.3—BILLION euro ($19.76—BILLION) offer that SCHERING—BOARD had recommended be accepted.
20060413             —SMASHED, INDIA, distraught fans, cars, burned buses and battled with police in THE—SOUTH—INDIA—CITY—OF—BANGALORE after they were prevented from seeing the body of Raj Kumar, 77—JAHRE—ALT, an INDIA—FILM icon who † THIS—WEEK.
20060413             —ASKED, INDONESIA, police, Playboy magazine to stop publishing its INDONESIA—EDITION out of fears it could enrage Muslims.
20060413             Officials of THE—PUBLICATION said they were considering the request.
20060413             —URGED, AL—QAIDA—DEPUTY leader AYMAN—AL—ZAWAHRI, all Muslims to support insurgents fighting in IRAQ "for the dignity of Islam" and said the "enemy has begun to falter," according to a video —POSTED on the Internet.
20060413             IRAQ, DOZENS—OF—POLICEMEN were missing and some 20-30 were dead after insurgents ambushed a police convoy near A—USA—BASE.
20060413             —RETURNED, By THE—NEXT—DAY only 35—OF 80—POLICEMEN had, to Najaf, after picking up new vehicles at THE—USA—BASE of Taji.
20060413             —KILLED, In WEST—IRAQ 2—USA—MARINES were, and 22—WOUNDED 2—OF—THEM critically, in fighting in Anbar province.
20060413             —ADMIRED, Her spare and humorous novels made her 1—OF the most, UNITED—KINGDOM—WRITERS of the post —WWII years.
20060413             —INCLUDED, Her work of 23—NOVELS, the autobiographical "The Prime of Miss JEAN—BRODIE" (19610000             ), which was later adapted for a Broadway hit (19660000             ) and a movie.
20060413             —STORMED, JORDAN, security forces, a prison to put down a riot after inmates claimed they had taken 2—POLICEMEN hostage.
20060413             1—PRISONER was killed in the clashes while 15—POLICE and 20—INMATES were injured.
20060413             —FIRED, NEPAL, police, rubber bullets and tear gas on HUNDREDS—OF—LAWYERS protesting in Katmandu, the 8. DAY—OF—PRO—DEMOCRACY demonstrations.
20060413             RUSSIA, 1—GROUP—OF—YOUNG men beat inhabitants with metal bars, killing 1—MAN and a woman and leaving an 80-year-old woman and a 14-year-old girl gravely wounded.
20060413             9—PEOPLE were later arrested in connection with THE—ATTACK—ON—THE Roma camp in THE—SOUTH—VOLGOGRAD region.
20060413             THE—3—PARTIES that were central to UKRAINE—ORANGE—REVOLUTION signed a protocol aimed at advancing the formation of a COALITION—GOVERNMENT and ending their wrangling after last month's elections.
20060413             —ISSUE—OF THE—JOURNAL—NATURE.
20060413             "NUMERO—1 has gotten the cell cycle to go backwards before now," said Gorbsky.
20060413             "This shows that certain events in the cell cycle that have long been assumed irreversible may, in fact, be reversible".
20060413             In the lab, Gorbsky + his OMRF colleagues were able to control the protein responsible for the division process, interrupt + reverse THE—EVENT, sending duplicate chromosomes back to the center of the original cell,
20060413             an event once thought impossible.
20060413             —STREIT—UM—POPETOWN": BISCHOF ruft zu MTV—BOYKOTT auf
20060413             HANNOVER - Ein amerikanischer Finanzinvestor will die nach dem UNTERSCHLAGUNGS—SKANDAL zusammengebrochene HEROS—GRUPPE übernehmen.
20060413             Sieben Wochen nach der Insolvenz des Hannoveraner Werttransportunternehmens habe der Gläubigerausschuss die Erlaubnis für einen Vertragsabschluss mit Matlin Patterson gegeben,
20060413             teilte das Pressebüro des USA—UNTERNEHMENS heute in Frankfurt am Main mit.
20060413             BERLIN/KÖLN - 45 % der Deutschen seien der Auffassung, dass von den USA eine "größere Bedrohung für den Weltfrieden" ausgeht als von IRAN, ermittelte das FORSA—INSTITUT im Auftrag des Fernsehsenders n-tv.
20060413             28 % empfanden IRAN als größere Bedrohung, 16 % sehen in beiden Ländern eine gleich große Gefahr.
20060413             Population wird über die Speisekarte reguliert
20060413             Besonders der Grenadier, ein Tiefseefisch der mit dem Dorsch verwandt ist, hat die Auswirkungen der Naturerscheinungen offenbar genossen.
20060413             Der wegen seines AAL—ARTIGEN Aussehens auch "RAT—TAIL" genannte Tiefseebewohner kommt in dem untersuchten Gebiet dreimal so häufig vor wie 19890000             , zu Beginn der Studie.
20060413             Auch andere Populationen hätten sich deutlich vermehrt, sagen die Forscher.
20060413             Grenadiere ernähren sich hauptsächlich von Fischkadavern, Krustentieren und Würmern.
20060413             Auch die in großen Teppichen am Grund des Nordostpazifiks beobachteten Seegurken, Seeigel + Schlangenseesterne scheinen auf der Speisekarte des DORSCH—VERWANDTEN zu stehen: Große Zuwächse bei diesen Meeresbewohnern hatten eine leicht zeitverzögerte Zunahme der Grenadiere zur Folge.
20060413             Das ergaben die regelmäßigen Expeditionen mit Forschungsschiffen von Südkalifornien aus.
20060413             TIEFEN, von über 1000—METERN und mehr herrschen Finsternis, hoher Druck und Eiseskälte.
20060413             Wegen der erheblich erschwerten Forschungsbedingungen ist bisher nur sehr wenig bekannt über den mit Abstand größten Lebensraum des Planeten.
20060413             "Mit unseren Methoden hätten wir an Land nicht mal DIE—ELEFANTEN entdeckt", beschreibt Tiefseeforschungspionier J. FREDERICK—GRASSLE die Probleme.
20060413             Für den Laien mag das nur eine etwas eklige Skurrilität sein, für den Evolutionsbiologen dagegen eine kleine Sensation.
20060413             Denn die Frage, wie und warum die Meerestiere einst das Land erobert haben, dreht sich vor allem um die Nahrung - +
20060413             Aalwels Nummer vier könnte einen Teil dieser Frage beantworten, wie die belgischen Forscher um Sam van Wassenbergh glauben.
20060413             "Die Fähigkeit, den Kopf zum Fressen nach unten zu biegen, war für Fische wahrscheinlich von zentraler Bedeutung, um den Übergang an Land zu schaffen", sagt Wassenbergh im Gespräch mit SPIEGEL—ONLINE.
20060413             Denn für einen Meeresbewohner sei es gar nicht so einfach, auf dem Trockenen voranzukommen, geschweige denn zu jagen.
20060413             Meereswirbeltiere saugen ihre Beute normalerweise ein, indem sie ihr Maul blitzschnell öffnen und schließen.
20060413             Das funktioniert erwiesenermaßen gut im Wasser, da das Nass rund 800-mal dichter ist als Luft.
20060413             An Land aber lässt sich die Nahrung nicht einfach einsaugen.
20060413             Wer jemals versucht hat, eine Portion Scampi zu inhalieren, weiß, wie schwer das ist.
20060413             "Die frühen Landwirbeltiere mussten sich etwas anderes einfallen lassen", meint Wassenbergh.
20060413             Flexible Wirbelsäule unverzichtbar
20060413             Nun haben die Experten solche Spuren erstmals auch in Äthiopien gefunden -
20060413             im gleichen Land, in dem zuvor schon die Überreste von sieben anderen menschenähnlichen Arten aufgetaucht sind, die eine Zeitspanne von 6 Millionen Jahren + 3 Hauptphasen der menschlichen Entwicklung abdecken.
20060413             Das berühmte Skelett von Lucy, eines weiblichen Exemplars der Art Australopithecus afarensis, wurde vor einigen Jahren ebenfalls Äthiopien ausgegraben.
20060413             "Wir haben soeben die Kette der Evolution, die Kontinuität über die Zeit gefunden", kommentiert Berhane Asfaw, einer der beteiligten Forscher, ein wenig pathetisch.
20060413             "Eine Form entwickelte sich zur nächsten. Dies ist der Beweis, dass Evolution über die Zeit an einem Ort stattgefunden hat".
20060413             Debatte dürfte weitergehen
20060413             Die Debatte um die Ursprünge des Menschen bekommt neue Nahrung: Forscher haben in Äthiopien 4,2 Millionen Jahre alte Überreste von Vormenschen entdeckt.
20060413             Sie halten sie für ein weiteres Glied in der Kette der menschlichen Evolution.
20060413             Die Forscher brachten unter anderem den größten jemals entdeckten Eckzahn eines MENSCHEN—VORFAHREN zu Tage.
20060413             Auch der 1. bekannte Oberschenkelknochen eines Australopithecus anamensis wurde bei den Ausgrabungen im äthiopischen ASA—ISSIE geborgen.
20060413             Es sind aber nicht einmal die Funde selbst, die das Team der UNIVERSITY—OF—CALIFORNIA in Berkeley für die eigentliche Überraschung hält, sondern ihr Ort:
20060413             Fossile Überreste der Art Australopithecus anamensis waren bisher nur aus Kenia bekannt.
20060413             Die 1. Aufnahmen sind aus einer Entfernung von 200.000—KILOMETERN entstanden.
20060413             "Das entspricht zwei Dritteln der Distanz zwischen Erde und Mond", sagte Keller.
20060413             Wenn "Venus Express".
20060413             Darmstadt - Zwei Tage nach dem Einschwenken in die Umlaufbahn hat das deutsche Kamerasystem an Bord der ESA—RAUMSONDE "Venus Express" 1. Bilder unseres Nachbarplaneten zur Erde gesendet.
20060413             Auf ihnen sind erstmals die Wolkenformationen über dem Südpol der Venus zu sehen.
20060413             "Es sind die 1. Aufnahmen, die es überhaupt vom Südpol der Venus gibt", sagte Horst Uwe Keller vom Kamerateam der ESA—SONDE.
20060413             "Sonst schaut man bei der Venus nur auf eine dicke Dunstschicht, aber mit unserer Kamera erkennen wir Strukturen in den Wolken und ein spiralartiges Band um den Südpol herum".
20060413             ATOM—STREIT mit IRAN: Rice fordert von Uno Drohung mit Waffengewalt
20060413             Ölpreise: Preis für BRENT—ÖL über 70—DOLLAR
20060413             Großbritannien: 1. Festnahme im Parteispendenskandal
20060413             Handelspartnerschaft: BUSH gibt CHINA Wirtschaftsunterricht
20060413             TERROR—ISTENPROZESS: Gericht veröffentlicht neue Bilder vom 20010911
20060413             ITALIEN—WAHL: Merkel gibt BERLUSCONI den Laufpass
20060413             1. Fotos: Atmosphäre wirbelt um VENUS—SÜDPOL
20060413             PAPST—SATIRE: Junge Liberale mahnen PRESSE—FREIHEIT an
20060413             —FLUCHT aus Afrika: "Mir bleibt nichts anderes, als es zu versuchen"
20060413             Seit 6 Monaten ist Mafarna nun in Nuadhibu, am Nordzipfel Mauretaniens.
20060413             Es soll die letzte Station werden.
20060413             Noch diese Woche will er sich nach Einbruch der Dunkelheit in den Rumpf eines Schiffs zwängen.
20060413             —BIS zu den Kanaren will er darin kommen und ein neues Leben beginnen.
20060413             "Es gibt für mich genau zwei Chancen", sagt er.
20060413             Vor dem nächsten Satz hält er inne: "Entweder ich erreiche Europa, oder ich sterbe eben auf dem Weg".
20060413             AFRIKA, habe er keine Zukunft, sagt er.
20060413             "Es gibt keine Ausbildung, keine Arbeit und nur Gewalt".
20060413             Doch all seine Bemühungen, den Kontinent zu verlassen, scheiterten:
20060413             Mal bewarb er sich bei einem VISA—PROGRAMM für AUSTRALIEN, dann für ein ähnliches Projekt in Kanada.
20060413             Aber immer wieder gab es Absagen.
20060413             "Es sind einfach zu viele, die hier raus wollen", sagt er resigniert.
20060413             "Ich kenne niemanden, der hier bleiben will".
20060413             MILITÄR—GERICHT, Britischer IRAK—VERWEIGERER zu acht Monaten Gefängnis verurteilt
20060413             Zum 100. Geburtstag SAMUEL—BECKETTS: Die letzten Dinge zuerst
20060413             Bizarre NETZ—KARRIERE: Tokio Hotel verblasst im Sonnenlischt (20060317             )
20060413             - Konkret kopiert: Die krasse Story vom "Sonnenlischt" (20060321             )
20060413             - Gnarls Barkley: Per Download an die Chartspitze (20060330             )
20060413             - ONLINE—MEDIEN: "WASHINGTON—POST" lässt Leser Nachrichten remixen (20051128             )
20060413             Zum Thema im Internet: -
20060413             Mashr: Musikalische Mashups satt
20060413             API—LISTE bei Programmableweb.com
20060413             Eyespot: ONLINE—VIDEOSCHNITT
20060413             Jumpcut: Feinster Videoschnittplatz im Netz
20060413             Culture Bully: Musikalische Mashups
20060413             diggshoutslash: Digg+Slashdot+Shoutwire
20060413             web2null: Deutsche Sammelseite für Mashups
20060413             Placeopedia: Google Maps+Wikipedia
20060413             "Worldtrip": Reisereportagen von SPIEGEL—ONLINE
20060413             Wayfaring: Editor für MAP—MASHUPS
20060413             Gumshoo: EBAY—REMIX
20060413             Stadtplan von NEW—YORK mit Verkehrskameras und anderem
20060413             DELAWAREicio.us: Nachrichtensammelseite mit COMMUNITY—FEATURES
20060413             Popurls: Die andere Startseite
20060413             Adactio Elsewhere: Aufwendige Privatseite
20060413             Programmableweb: Eindrucksvolle MASHUP—LISTE
20060413             Kurzum: Wer zuviel Auswahl hat, hat am Ende überhaupt keine Auswahl mehr - und darin liegt dann auch wieder ein Stückchen Hoffnung für die alten Medien, die sich von der neuen COPY—UND—PASTE—KULTUR bedroht fühlen.
20060413             Da sagte er in einem Interview über seine Cutups, die Methode liefere "neue Worte, Sätze, Passagen, Bedeutungen, von denen manche nützlich sein mögen und manche nicht. Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit, alles zu verwenden".
20060413             Wer nicht programmieren kann, für den gibt es
20060413             für einfache Mashups sogar ONLINE—EDITOREN.
20060413             Ebenso einfach wie Google Maps lassen sich RSS—FEEDS remixen - die klickbaren Schlagzeilen von Blogs und Nachrichtenseiten sind einfach zu rearrangieren, lassen sich wiederum mit Ortsinformationen kombinieren, mit Bildern verknüpfen oder nach Stichworten in semantischen Punktwolken anordnen.
20060413             Die "WASHINGTON—POST" stellt ihre RSS—FEEDS seit einiger Zeit.
20060413             ganz offiziell zum Remix zur Verfügung.
20060413             —BISLANG sind SEITEN—MASHUPS am häufigsten Verknüpfungen der Daten verschiedener Informationsquellen, allen voran Google Maps: Es gibt Seiten, die
20060413             WIKIPEDIA—EINTRÄGE mit den passenden Orten auf einer interaktiven Karte verknüpfen
20060413             oder REISEREPORTAGE—SEITEN, die Texte und Fotos über den Globus verteilen und dabei die Leserschaft tippgebend an der weiteren Planung teilhaben lassen
20060413             Es gibt Mashups von MYSPACE—NUTZERPROFILEN und FLICKR—FOTOSTRECKEN mit Karten der USA.
20060413             —AUF—1—STADTPLAN von NEW—YORK kann man alle verfügbaren VERKEHRS—KAMERAS anklicken und sich Livebilder ansehen (und dabei dem NEW—YORKER Polizeifunk lauschen, wenn man das möchte).
20060413             Auch die "WASHINGTON—POST" masht mit
20060413             Die einzige Software, die man braucht, ist ein Browser mit den entsprechenden Plugins, schon hat man ein DO—IT—YOURSELF—MTV.
20060413             "Mashup" nennen die Remixer von heute es, wenn etwa DJ Danger Mouse - auf rechtlich höchst zweifelhaftem Terrain - das "Black Album" von Jay-Z mit dem "White Album" der Beatles zu einem "Grey Album" vermischt (und damit einen DOWNLOAD—HIT erschafft).
20060413             "Mashups" sind Urheberrechte mit Füßen tretende, anarchische, dekonstruktivistische Kunstwerke - und manchmal besser als das Original.
20060413             Nirvana trifft Britney, Madonna meets Metallica.
20060413             Danger Mouse ist inzwischen kein von Klagen bedrohter Outlaw mehr, sondern der Produzent der "Gorillaz".
20060413             Als Teil des Duos Gnarls Barkley schaffte er den 1. NUMMER—EINS—HIT in Großbritannien, der nur per Download zustande kam.
20060413             Mit "Crazy", einem Stück, dessen eigentümliche Rhythmik wieder an die "Mashup"-Ästhetik erinnert.
20060413             Alles ist Rohmaterial
20060413             Staatliche Investitionen: Beck hält höhere STEUER—N für unausweichlich
20060413             Brutpflege: WURM—MUTTI verfüttert eigene Haut
20060413             Schäfchenretten: BERLUSCONI will TV—IMPERIUM seinen Kindern vermachen
20060413             Falscher Kniefall: SAUDI—ARABIA—ZU 500—PEITSCHENHIEBEN verurteilt
20060413             Tschad: Frankreich setzt Luftwaffe ein
20060413             Finanznot: MICHAEL—JACKSON vor Verkauf seiner BEATLES—RECHTE
20060413             Erdbeben von S—FRANCISCO: Auf der Überholspur in den Untergang
20060413             Berlusconis Schlammschlacht: "Ihr dachtet, ihr seid mich los!"
20060413             ATOM—ENERGIE: Frankreich beschließt Bau eines Endlagers
20060413             Knochenfund: VORMENSCHEN—RESTE in Äthiopien entdeckt
20060413             Verurteilte Chinesen: Reporter ohne Grenzen besuchen YAHOO—ZENTRALE
20060413             HANDY—BOOM: Traumhafte Gewinne bei Sony Ericsson
20060413             CHINA: Geheimnis um abgehackte Schädel gelüftet
20060413             AN>USA—ELITEUNIS: Heikle Spenden eines Ölprinzen
20060413             Ungewöhnliche Taktik: Fisch schlürft Käfer vom Land
20060413             "Das Leben der anderen": Gericht stoppt SUHRKAMP—BUCH
20060413             ITALIEN—WAHL: BERLUSCONI verlangt Überprüfung von 1,1 Millionen Stimmzetteln
20060413             Indonesien: Polizei will 2. "Playboy"-Ausgabe verhindern
20060413             Horrende Benzinpreise: Tiefensee ruft Autofahrer zum Widerstand auf
20060413             THE—ALEX—JONES—REPORT 20060412             th 2006
20060413             The Credibility Of The Dissenting Viewpoint
20060413             Tangled up in spying controversy The engineers at Narus weren't intending to create Big BROTHER—DREAM machine when they began writing software a decade ago to help phone companies send out more detailed bills.
20060413             Tangled up in spying controversy
20060413             The engineers at Narus weren't intending to create Big BROTHER—DREAM
20060413             How Stupid are THE—USA—MEDIA?!?!
20060413             1. The vast majority of Hispanics/Latinos in THE—USA (75 % of us) were born and raised here, including many of us who have roots here that predate the arrival of the pilgrims.
20060413             2. "Immigrant" is not synonymous with "Latino" and the media should stop pretending they mean the same thing.
20060413             Judge to decide explorer's fate A RUSSIA—JUDGE will decide whether a UNITED—KINGDOM—EXPLORER who is walking around the world should be tried for entering THE—COUNTRY without paperwork.
20060413             UK loses GUANTANAMO case The Home Secretary loses a bid to deny a terror suspect held in GUANTANAMO—BAY the right to UNITED—KINGDOM—CITIZENSHIP.
20060413             ITALY faces POST—ELECTION limbo ITALY—PRIME—MINISTER—SILVIO—BERLUSCONI refuses to accept Romano PRODI—POLL win, repeating allegations of electoral fraud.
20060413             Fossils fill gap in human lineage Fossil hunters find remains of a probable direct ancestor of humans that lived more than 4—MILLION YEARS—AGO.
20060413             VENEZUELA marks coup anniversary VENEZUELAns commemorate the 4. anniversary of a failed MILITARY—COUP against PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ.
20060413             Clairvoyant conman foresees jail A judge tells a clairvoyant he probably predicted being jailed for conning money from a bereaved widow.
20060413             African fish leaps for land bugs BELGIUM—RESEARCHERS describe a fish from Africa that can hunt and catch its prey on land.
20060413             —REVISED, FRANCE—MPS back, jobs law FRANCE—LOWER house of parliament passes a youth employment law, amended after national protests.
20060413             UK concern at IRAN nuclear claim JACK—STRAW says IRAN must show by "words and actions" it is not trying to develop a nuclear bomb.
20060413             Teachers condemn city academies City academies amount to the privatisation of state education, teachers say.
20060413             Transplant girl gets heart back A girl is thought to be the 1. UK heart transplant patient to have her donor organ removed and her own heart restarted.
20060413             Problems mount from 9/11—FALLOUT There are now at least 15,000—PEOPLE with medical problems linked to dust fallout from the 9/11—ATTACKS, THE—BBC learns.
20060413             AT&T Seeks to Hide Spy Docs
20060413             The telecom giant asks for the return of technical documents that purport to show how it helped THE—NSA install internet wiretap gear as
20060413             part of 1—SECRET domestic surveillance operation.
20060413             - RYAN—SINGEL.
20060413             Google Defends CHINA Policy
20060413             GOOGLE—CEO says it would be arrogant to walk into CHINA and expect THE—GOVERNMENT to change its censorship laws to please a western company.
20060413             On the other hand, CHINA is the 2.-largest internet market in the world.
20060413             It's hard to walk away from that, too.
20060413             Cheap malaria drug moves a step closer Blog: A team of researchers at UC Berkeley have genetically engineered a species of yeast to produce artemisinic acid, a chemical cousin...
20060413             Alleged NASA hacker to hear fate next month UNITED—KINGDOM—MAN—LEGAL fight continues to avoid extradition to THE—USA to face hacking charges and possible imprisonment at GUANTANAMO—BAY.
20060413             Global Warming Dissenters Suppressed?
20060413             sycodon writes "Global Warming has become more than just a scientific issue and has been portrayed as nothing less than the End of the World by some.
20060413             However, despite all the hoopla from Hollywood, Politicians and Science Bureaucrats, there is another side, but it's being suppressed according to RICHARD—LINDZEN, an ALFRED—P—SLOAN—PROFESSOR—OF—ATMOSPHERIC—SCIENCE at MIT.
20060413             "Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, + themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse.
20060413             Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science that supposedly is their basis.'".
20060413             IRS Compels PayPal to Release Info
20060413             An anonymous reader writes "Just in time for the tax season, THE—IRS won a federal court ruling, allowing them to force PayPal to turn over records of USA—TAXPAYERS who have certain foreign accounts. It's all part of an ongoing EFFORT—TO track down money held in offshore accounts by WOULD—BE taxpayers. A spokesperson for PayPal acknowledged receiving the summons (PDF) and said 'We're still evaluating our options [...] The privacy of our customers' information is something we take really seriously.'"
20060413             Developer Stress Crippling Game Innovation?
20060413             hapwned writes "JASON—DELLA—ROCCA, THE—EXECUTIVE—DIRECTOR of THE—INTERNATIONAL—GAME Developers Association (IGDA), looks at the big PICTURE—OF—THE grim, DEAD—END careers of game developers.  'More fundamental is the notion that immature practices and extreme working conditions are bankrupting the industry's passion - the love for creating games that drives developers to be developers. When the average career length of the game development workforce is just ,—OVER—5—YEARS, and over 50% of developers admit they don't plan to hang around for more than 10, we have a problem. How can an industry truly grow + an art form evolve, if everyone is gone by the time they hit 30?'"
20060413             Lies + Death - Impeach GEORGE—WALKER—BUSH - By: A. Alexander -
20060413             How much more clear does it need to be made -- BUSH + his administration lied THE—USA—PEOPLE to war in IRAQ using 20010911             9/11 as...
20060413             MZM on Both Sides of PENTAGON "SECRET—POLICE" Merger By JUSTIN—ROOD -
20060413             How MANY—REQUESTS went from 1—MZM employee at CIFA to 1 at DSS ?
20060413             —NAMED, New Acting Director of DSS, 20060601
20060413             WATSON—SELECTION as THE—NEW—ACTING director of DSS comes at a crucial time for both DSS + CIFA as the department studies the potential of merger as...
20060413             2006—STEUERERKLÄRUNG : BUSH s Einkommen um zehn % gesunken... alfatomega.com/20060415.html.
20060413             RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, et al.: Lit. Rel. NUMBER 19655/.
20060413             Fraud Charges Against RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, ADNAN—KHASHOGGI, GenesisIntermedia + Others Arising Out of $130—MILLION Stock Loan and Manipulation...
20060413             SEC Complaint: RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, et al.
20060413             SEC Files Fraud Charges Against RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, ADNAN—KHASHOGGI, GenesisIntermedia,...
20060413             The Commission is also seeking to bar EL—BATRAWI, Jacobson,...
20060413             Khashoggi, EL—BATRAWI and Jacobson prohibiting from them from serving as.
20060413             Defendants RAMY—ELBETRAWI + DOUGLAS—JACOBSON knowingly.
20060413             SEC Files Fraud Charges Against RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, ADNAN—KHASHOGGI, GenesisIntermedia + Others Arising Out of $130—MILLION Stock Loan and Manipulation
20060413199909       00—20010900             —BETWEEN, Defendants Ramy. Y. EL—BATRAWI and Adnan.
20060413             M. Khashoggi, with the participation of Defendants.
20060413             ADNAN—KHASHOGGI—LINKED to 911—TERRORISTS The proprietors of GENI were ADNAN—KHASHOGGI + RAMY—EL—BATRAWI (both career criminals lurking behind their GENI blind would be instrumental in a...
20060413             JOHN—GRAY—DOSSIER (note that the 1. article uses an alternate spelling, Ramy El Batrawi...
20060413             Defendant RAMY—EL—BATRAWI... served as Chairman of the Board and as the...
20060413             The MadCow Morning News
20060413             Enter ADNAN—KHASHOGGI + LIEUTENANT—RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, who, we learned, has also used the nom de guerre "REMY—AL—BATSWANI," while running an air carrier for...
20060413             —SUPPLIED, ADNAN—KHASHOGGI LIEUTENANT—RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, who, 1—OF THE—2—DC9'S, is THE—FORMER—PRESIDENT—OF—AN admitted CIA subsidiary airline.
20060413             Enter ADNAN—KHASHOGGI and LIEUTENANT—RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, who, we learned, has also used.
20060413             But none of this does anything to explain RAMY—EL—BATRAWI and Adnan... alfatomega.com/20070705.html.
20060413             RAMY—EL—BATRAWI
20060413             RAMY—EL—BATRAWI is an entrepreneur, investor + humanitarian.
20060413             In addition, MISTER—EL—BATRAWI believes in his companies and strives to protect his investors...
20060413             RAMY—EL—BATRAWI Press and News
20060413             8, 20060000             -- From mid 20000000             till the end of 20010000             , GenesisIntermedia (OTC: GENI - News) and RAMY—EL—BATRAWI attracted the attention of 1—GROUP—OF—AGGRESSIVE...
20060413             Compensation for RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, GENESISINTERMEDIA COM, Chairman...
20060413             Compensation for RAMY—EL—BATRAWI at GENESISINTERMEDIA COM currently in the role of Chairman President and CEO, the company ticker symbol is: GENI Salary for...
20060413             RAMY—EL—BATRAWI Chairman President and CEO.
20060413             $263824, $0, $22761, $286585. DOUGLAS—E—JACOBSON—CFO and Secretary.
20060413             $149768, $0, $13178, $162946 ...
20060413             BW Online | 20040614             | Not A Pretty Picture At Elite His firm is affiliated with RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, FORMER—HEAD—OF—GENESISINTERMEDIA—INCORPORATED, a NASDAQ company that was delisted 20020000           .
20060413             LAST—YEAR, EL—BATRAWI,...
20060413             BW Online | 20030512             | A SAUDI—ARABIA—FINANCIER—SQUEEZE—PLAY
20060413             —COLLAPSED, When Genesis shares, in the wake of
20060413             KENNETH—KRIEG, under SECRETARY—OF—DEFENSE for acquisition, technology and logistics, has directed the Defense Science Board to conduct a.
20060413             Konkret kopiert: Die krasse Story vom "Sonnenlischt" (20060321             )
20060413             Gnarls Barkley: Per Download an die Chartspitze (20060330             )
20060413—19740000    —SCHON, WILLIAM—S—BURROUGHS hat das geahnt.
20060413—20060911    —IN—THE, Confessed AL—QAIDA conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui expressed no remorse for his role attacks as he took the stand for the 2. time in his DEATH—PENALTY trial in ALEXANDRIA—VIRGINIA.
20060413—20100000    —IN, MARTIN—STANNARD authored "Muriel Spark: The Biography".
20060414             NEWSWEEK Updated: 3:48 p.m. ET 20060413
20061017             Ärger, Trauer, Freude, EKEL—ÜBERRASCHUNG und Konzentration - solche...
20061804             —REDACTED, Subject: re: former red zone resident at Ground 0—FROM: [] Date: 20060413             "Hi DYLAN—I lived within a block of ground 0 on THE—SOUTH side. to be brief: 1. Confirm the security detail at WTC You are the 1. doc that mentioned the.
20070327             Bribery watchdog meets to rule on UK—ACTION over BAE scandal.
20070413             DELAWARE, a special committee of THE—BOARD—OF—DIRECTORS of Computer Associates accused founder and former chairman CHARLES—WANG of directing and participating in fraudulent accounting during the 1980s and 1990s, which THE—USA—GOVERNMENT had described as totaling $2.2—BILLION.
20070413             Google said that it will purchase DoubleClick, an Internet services company, for $3.1—BILLION.
20070413             —TRANSFORMED, This, Google into an powerhouse across the entire digital advertising industry.
20070413             —LEAPED, NEW—YORK—CITY, lawyer Moshe Kanovsky, 31—JAHRE—ALT, to his death from the 69. floor of THE—EMPIRE State Building.
20070413             —BROKERED, SF, Mayor Newsom, an agreement to ban cars from Golden Gate PARK—MAIN road for 6—MONTHS of the year and to make permanent a Sunday ban for a smaller area.
20070413             —REQUIRED, The deal still, approval from THE—BOARD—OF—SUPERVISORS.
20070413             1—FIREFIGHT in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN killed 1—NATO soldier and wounded 2—OTHERS.
20070413             8—SUSPECTED insurgents were killed by UNITED—KINGDOM—FORCES west of Basra.
20070413             The suspects had been planting bombs in the path of a UNITED—KINGDOM—PATROL.
20070413             AUSTRALIA—PRIME—MINISTER—JOHN—HOWARD said that people with HIV should not be allowed to migrate to AUSTRALIA, and that THE—GOVERNMENT was investigating whether it could tighten existing restrictions.
20070413             An AUSTRIA—BANK recently bought by a USA—LED consortium acknowledged it told a CUBAN—BORN client to take her business elsewhere and suggested that WASHINGTON—BAN on commerce with CUBA was behind the decision.
20070413             —ARRESTED, Federal police in BRAZIL, the chief organizer of RIO—CARNIVAL parade, a FEDERAL—JUDGE and a prosecutor in a CRACK—DOWN on illegal gaming and money laundering.
20070413             1—LEADING rebel in THE—CENTRAL—AFRICAN—REPUBLIC said he would be signing a peace deal with PRESIDENT—FRANCOIS—BOZIZE in the northeastern town of Birao.
20070413             —ARRESTED, Prominent CHINA—ENVIRONMENTAL activist Wu Lihong (39) was, for alleged blackmail.
20070413             —CAMPAIGNED, Lihong has, for years AGAINST—THE—POLLUTION of TAI—LAKE which lies in the center of Yangtze Delta plain, a region known for its natural beauty but littered with polluting light industry and chemical factories.
20070413             —SENTENCED, In August Lihong was, to 3—YEARS in prison for fraud and blackmail.
20070413             IRAQ—PARLIAMENT met in an extraordinary session on a Friday, the Muslim DAY—OF—PRAYER, and declared it would not bow to terrorism;
20070413             1—BOUQUET of red roses and a white lily sat in the place of a lawmaker killed in a parliament dining hall SUICIDE—BOMBING.
20070413             1—ROADSIDE bomb killed 1—POLICEMAN and wounded 4—OTHERS in SOUTH—BAGHDAD.
20070413             —CAPTURED, USA—FORCES, 14—SUSPECTED AL—QAIDA in IRAQ members in raids.
20070413             —CLOSED, MALAYSIA, the Negeri Sembilan state government, down a museum exhibition on ghosts, ghouls and supernatural beings after Islamic clerics claimed it was detrimental to Muslims' faith.
20070413             NIGERIA, gunmen shot dead a radical Muslim cleric in his mosque and fired on the congregation, killing 2—MORE people, in the northern CITY—OF—KANO.
20070413             —BURNED, Protesters, an effigy of PRESIDENT—GENERAL—PERVEZ—MUSHARRAF and demanded his resignation, as thousands rallied across PAKISTAN during a court hearing for a top judge removed by THE—GOVERNMENT.
20070413             5—EUROPEAN countries and the European Commission signed an accord on under which they will give 5.2—MILLION—DOLLARS for administrative reforms within the Palestinian presidency.
20070413             —RETURNED, FORMER—PRESIDENT—ALEJANDRO—TOLEDO, to PERU to visit his ailing sister and face accusations that he forged signatures nearly a decade ago to get his party on 20000000             —THE—PRESIDENTIAL ballot.
20070413             —FIRED, MUSLIM—REBELS, mortar bombs on a PHILIPPINES marine base in THE—SOUTHERN island of Jolo, killing 2—SOLDIERS and a child.
20070413             —EMERGED, BORIS—BEREZOVSKY, the exiled RUSSIA—TYCOON who has, as 1—OF THE—KREMLIN—MOST vocal opponents, called for THE—USE—OF—FORCE to oust RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN and claimed he has support from some in THE—COUNTRY's political elite.
20070413             —OPENED, In response, RUSSIA—CHIEF prosecutor, a criminal case against Berezovsky on CHARGES—OF—PLOTTING a coup.
20070413             TANZANIA, THE—INTERNATIONAL—CRIMINAL Tribunal for RWANDA (ICTR) ordered that MICHEL—BAGARAGAZA, THE—FORMER—HEAD—OF—RWANDA—NATIONAL tea industry, be tried by a court in THE—NETHERLANDS.
20070413             —ACCUSED, He was, of involvement in RWANDA's 19940000              mass slaughter.
20070413             —SENTENCED, In Nov he was, to 8—YEARS in prison.
20070413             —ADOPTED, African health ministers meeting in SOUTH—AFRICA, a health strategy to deal with the host of diseases on the continent, a dearth of health workers and failing health systems.
20070413             1—LANDMINE killed 9—SUDAN—ARMY soldiers and wounded 11 on SUDAN—EASTERN border with ETHIOPIA.
20070413             —PUBLISHED, BENEDICTUS—XVI, "JESUS of NAZARETH," his 1. book as pope.
20070413             It offered a very personal meditation on the early years of CHRIST—LIFE and teachings criticized the "cruelty" of CAPITALISM and colonialism and the power of the wealthy over the poor.
20070413             LEVEL—HEADED: Economics experiment finds taste for equality
20070413             The rich don't get richer -- at least not in laboratory games.
20070413             They do so without any hope of personal gain, acting, it seems, out of a taste for equality and sense of fair play.
20070413             Dog study sheds new light on why dietary restriction can lead to a longer life
20070413             —CAUSED, Changes, to bugs in the gut by restricting calorie intake may partly explain why dietary restriction can extend lifespan, according to new analysis from a LIFE—LONG project looking at the effects of dietary restriction on Labrador Retriever dogs.
20070413             Warmer water leaves sea birds hungry
20070413             USA researchers say warmer currents from THE—GULF—OF—ALASKA may not be producing enough plankton to support WEST—COAST seabirds.
20070413             Reef 'at risk in climate change'
20070413             —CONTRIBUTED, AUSTRALIA—SCIENTISTS who, to the latest global greenhouse study say the Great Barrier Reef is 1—OF the nation's great assets most at risk under climate change.
20070413             Climate predictions grim, but no surprise
20070413             Climate change will wipe out 20 to 30—PER cent of all life forms and flood HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE from their homes, according to early reports from a new study by THE—UN—INTERGOVERNMENTAL—PANEL on Climate Change.
20070413             Climate change to hit poorest hardest Climate change will hit the world's poorest people the hardest, INTERNATIONAL experts meeting in BRUSSELS said Friday.
20070413             NOISE—ABSORBING windows
20070413             The noise of aircraft taking off, road traffic or a booming discotheque often drive inhabitants of the neighborhood to a nervous frenzy.
20070413             The 1.-ever windows with active sound insulation offer MUCH—NEEDED relief to local residents in their homes and offices.
20070413             "Random' bird flu baffles INDONESIA—SCIENTISTS INDONESIA—SCIENTISTS said they remained baffled by the "random" behaviour of the bird flu virus afflicting THE—COUNTRY, after a TOP—LEVEL meeting here.
20070413             —BLOCKED, Title: New USA forest rules, A FEDERAL—JUDGE put the brakes on THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION's plans to loosen rules governing THE—USA—NATIONAL Forest system.
20070413             CONGRESS Must Fix DoJ
20070413             THE—EVER—EXPANDING problems of THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE, including THE—FBI + including contamination of local police, clearly require immediate attention and a permanent fix.
20070413             Gonzo must go and the sooner the better.
20070413             Democrats have no excuse in this matter for inaction.
20070413             BUSH 's Gravest Impeachable Crime
20070413             BUSH, like NERO before him, has been diddling while the earth literally burns.
20070413             Worse, he has been preventing action to cool the flames.
20070413             Rove Tries to Bury Sordid Secrets of a WHITE—HOUSE Gone Wild JUDICIARY—COMMITTEE releases emails wherein Rovians gloat that USA media have ignored PALAST—REPORTS...
20070413             CONGRESS Must Issue Orders to Confiscate RNC Hard Drives Immediately
20070413             22—WHITEHOUSE staffers conspired to violate FEDERAL—LAW-- the Hatch Act-- by using RNC email instead of Whitehouse emails.
20070413             —DELETED, Now we discover that they were "accidentally".
20070413             GOP Warns Dems, Giving Back Constitutional Rights Could Backfire
20070413             THE—GOP in a gracious act of "looking out" for their political rivals, warned the Dems that eliminating "security" measures that BUSH "secured" after 9/11 could "backfire".
20070413             Oh,Really??
20070413             Latest USA—TERRORIST should've been old news
20070413             The latest USA—AL—QAEDA has been known to THE—FBI for at least 7—YEARS -- and likely longer.
20070413             But the investigation only began 4—YEARS—AGO + Paul is only now being charged.
20070413             —HAPPENED, What ?
20070413             JESUS, The Liberal of History, Vs. JESUS, THE—FASCIST of THE—CHRISTIAN—RIGHT—FANTASIES
20070413             JESUS the ultra Liberal, generous, empathetic, fought in a cosmic BATTLE—AGAINST—THE Ultraconsvative Romans and equally Conservative Chief Herodian Priest and Kings, not against the "JEWS".
20070413             This column displays how and why JESUS incredible generosity, kindness and empathy placed him among the Pantheon of great men of HISTORY, God or otherwise.
20070413             I establish JESUS The Liberal, stamping out the fictional JESUS of the "Right".
20070413             Is the Earth dying of terminal religion?
20070413             Is religion now showing it's true face, i.e., hatred of what it fears and escape from reality?
20070413             Are religious fanatics the literal cancer cells of planet Earth and can science and rationality beat back this tide of infinite stupidity?
20070413             The jury is still out.
20070413             Interior Department Official Tampered with Scientific Evidence
20070413             —ACCUSED, An INSPECTOR—GENERAL report, ;;07;;e MacDonald, deputy ASSISTANT—SECRETARY for THE—USA—FISH and Wildlife Service, of altering scientific reports in order to limit THE—NUMBER—OF—SPECIES classified as endangered, according to a 20070329             WASHINGTON—POST article bearing the title "Official Allegedly Tampered with Data".
20070413             Alberto GONZALES and the death penalty.
20070413             1—TIME for candor.
20070413             1—TIME for fairness.
20070413             THE—NATIONAL—COALITION to Abolish the Death Penalty has called for the resignation of Alberto GONZALES, citing his record on capital punishment.
20070413             Don't Just Complain About Attorney GENERAL—ETHICS, File a Complaint
20070413             You don't have to wait for CONGRESS to get up enough nerve or votes to go after political appointees who are lawyers.
20070413             You have the power to go after them yourself.
20070413             Photosynthesis May Rely On Quantum Effect
20070413             - —KDAWSON—88—COMMENTS forgethistory sends us to PhysOrg for a summary of new research suggesting that the near instantaneous energy transfer achieved by photosynthesis may rely on quantum effects.
20070413             "Through photosynthesis, green plants and cyanobacteria are able to transfer sunlight energy to molecular reaction centers for conversion into chemical energy with nearly 100-% efficiency. Speed is the key — the transfer of the solar energy takes place almost instantaneously so little energy is wasted as heat. How photosynthesis achieves this near instantaneous energy transfer is a LONG—STANDING mystery that may have finally been solved".
20070413             Uncle SAM—EARNS C-minus Grade for PC Security
20070413             T. Rex Protein Analysis Supports DINOSAUR—BIRD Link
20070413             "For the 1. time, researchers have read the biological signature of a Tyrannosaur — a signature that confirms the increasingly accepted view that modern birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. Analyzing the organic material (collagen protein) found inside the unique fossil linked the collagen to several extant species. The bottom line is that THE—T. rex's biological signature was most like a bird's, at least based on the 1. fragmentary data. "It looks like chicken may be the closest among all species that are present in today's databases for proteins and genomes," 1—OF the scientists interviewed said".
20070413             THOUSANDS—OF—WHITE—HOUSE E-mails Deleted
20070413             "THE—WASHINGTON—POST reports that in the midst of an investigation by THE—USA—CONGRESS into the firing of 8—USA Attorneys by THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—JUSTICE, numerous WHITE—HOUSE e-mails have been lost. Among them are communications from presidential adviser KARL—ROVE. Parallels are being drawn with the infamous '18 minutes' missing from THE—NIXON—WATERGATE tapes. Also at issue is THE—USE—OF—REPUBLICAN NATIONAL—CTOMMITTEE e-mail domains (such as gwb43.com and georgewbush.com) rather than the official WHITE—HOUSE domain. This is a violation of THE—PRESIDENTIAL Records Act".
20070413             DoD to Put Internet Router in Space
20070413             "ITworld is reporting that THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE plans to launch in the 1. quarter of 20090000             1—SATELLITE—BASED router to deliver military communications. Satellite operator Intelsat will manage the 3-year Internet Routing In Space (IRIS) project, while Cisco will provide IP networking software for THE—ON—BOARD router. After testing, the satellite will be available for commercial use.  'Potential nonmilitary benefits of THE—IRIS program include the ability to route IP (Internet Protocol) traffic between satellites in space in much the same way packets are moved on the ground, reducing delays, saving on capacity and offering greater networking flexibility, LLOYD—WOOD, space initiatives manager in the Global Defense, Space & Security division of Cisco, said Thursday.'"
20070413             NATIONAL—ITNTELLIGENCE Director Seeks Expansion of Spy Powers
20070413             "THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION is seeking even less judicial oversight for their spying efforts both here and abroad. An AP story is discussing proposed changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act proposed by NATIONAL—ITNTELLIGENCE Director MIKE—MCCONNELL. 'The changes McConnell is seeking mostly affect a CLOAK—AND—DAGGER category of warrants used to investigate suspected spies, terrorists and other NATIONAL—SECURITY threats. THE—COURT—APPROVED surveillance could include planting listening devices and hidden cameras, searching luggage and breaking into homes to make copies of computer hard drives.' 1—OF—THEIR specific goals is prosecution immunity for communications companies who comply with THE—PROGRAM, a sheild for groups that violate privacy laws in turning over information to THE—NSA. The article notes that 'Critics question whether the changes are needed and worry about what THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION has in store, given a rash of allegations about domestic surveillance and abuse of power.'"
20070413             Neutrino Experiment Restores Standard Model Symmetry
20070413             "A Fermilab press release announced that MINIBOONE—LATEST results have salvaged the Standard Model of particle physics. The experiment ruled out the simple neutrino oscillation interpretation of the 1990s LSND experiment. Neutrinos have a tiny amount of mass, required by their oscillations, as observed in solar, atmospheric + reactor neutrino experiments. Combining this mass with THE—LSND experiment's results required the presence of a 4. but 'sterile' neutrino, breaking the 3-fold symmetry of particle families in the standard model".
20070413             Nice to see some good news out of Fermilab after THE—CERN debacle.
20070413             Wolfowitz 'sorry' for favouritism : The former deputy USA defence secretary refused to say if he might have to resign as THE—WORLD—BANK—BOARD of governors met to discuss the row.
20070413             USA malaise unlikely to slow growth worldwide: The global economy should continue to enjoy its best run of buoyant growth for more than 40—YEARS during this year and next, despite a sharp slowdown in THE—USA, THE—INTERNATIONAL—MONETARY—FUND forecast yesterday.
20070413             Jobless claims rise dramatically : THE—NUMBER—OF—AMERICANS filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose LAST—WEEK to the highest level in 2—MONTHS.
20070413             UKRAINE PRESIDENT—YUSHCHENKO rejects USA ANTI—MISSILE system : UKRAINE—PRESIDENT—VIKTOR—YUSHCHENKO on Thursday: rejected any discussion of deployment of USA ANTI—MISSILE systems to his country, ending months of waffling by leaders of THE—FORMER—SOVIET—REPUBLIC.
20070413             Standing up to the west : It should come as no surprise that Russia is preparing its own military response to USA plans to build a missile defence system in EAST—EUROPE.
20070413             USA seeks control of EUROPE through missile shield - GORBACHEV :
20070413             Deployment of USA MISSILE—DEFENSE bases in POLAND and THE—CZECH—REPUBLIC is an attempt by THE—USA to control EUROPE, THE—FORMER—SOVIET—PRESIDENT said Thursday.
20070413             CHINA poses risk to key USA satellites: top general : CHINA—USE of a missile to destroy a satellite in ;;01;; put vital USA NATIONAL—SECURITY satellites at risk, the top USA AIR—FORCE general said on Wednesday.
20070413             EX—FBI boss blasts MI5's Ulster record : This is the 1. time that Freeh has so openly criticised MI5, which worked closely with THE—FBI in OPERATIONS—AGAINST—THE—IRA while Freeh was FBI director.
20070413             WHITE—HOUSE Can't Say If Lost E-Mails Include Firings: THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION acknowledged that some lost WHITE—HOUSE e-mails might have dealt with the firing of 8—USA attorneys, as a Senate panel stepped up demands for more information on the removal of the prosecutors.
20070413             Leahy Doubts BUSH Aides on Lost E-Mails : USA—PRESIDENT—BUSH 's aides are lying about WHITE—HOUSE e-mails sent on a Republican account that might have been lost, Senate JUDICIARY—COMMITTEE Chairman PATRICK—LEAHY suggested Thursday, vowing to subpoena those documents if the administration fails to cough them up.
20070413             Hizbullah accuses USA of secret war and arming opponents:
20070413             —SANCTIONED, CHENEY, covert operations, says leader
20070413             ALGERIA Attack and THE—AL—QAEDA Penetration of Afric a : It is sincerely mysterious "AL—QAEDA" has a knack of showing up in places targeted by the neocons.
20070413             For instance, Africa, in particular SOMALIA and, more recently, ALGERIA.
20070413             —SPAWNED, IRAQ policy ' new terror' : THE—BRITISH and USA—POLICY towards IRAQ has "spawned new terror in the region", a THINK—TANK report has said.
20070413             Refugees Speak of Escape from Hell :
20070413             "America is the reason why IRAQ was invaded, so we would like THE—USA—ADMINISTRATION to give aid to us refugees," she added.
20070413             "I would like people to read this and tell BUSH to help us".
20070413             IRAN May Be The Greatest Crisis Of Modern Times
20070413             We are being led towards perhaps the most serious crisis in modern HISTORY as THE—BUSH -CHENEY -BLAIR "long war" edges closer to IRAN for no reason other than that nation's INDEPENDENCE—FROM—RAPACIOUS America.
20070413             Awful Truth About Hillary, Barack, John... and Whitewash
20070413             This year, with their virtually identical statements about "options" and "the table," the leading Democratic presidential candidates -- CLINTON, Obama and Edwards -- have refused to rule out any kind OF—ATTACK—ON—IRAN.
20070413             —SHOCKED, If you're not, or outraged yet, consider this:
20070413             —AIMED, The escalating attacks are not usually, at civilians, but are a direct response to the brutal actions of USA—LED troops.
20070413             Creating a Market for Security
20070413             THE—WAR—ON—TERROR is a marketing campaign for security industries and terrorism experts.
20070413             The latter are pulling in the consulting fees + the former are rapidly inventing new products that enable "our" government to watch our EVERY—MOVE and to know our location at EVERY—MOMENT.
20070413             How an EX—MOSSAD chief, a GERMANY—UBERSPY + a gaggle of TOP—DOLLAR GOP lobbyists helped Kurdistan snag 15—TONS of $100—BILLS.
20070413             —MISSED, In case you, it -
20070413             Custodians of Chaos
20070413             -By KURT—VONNEGUT - In this extract from his memoirs, KURT—VONNEGUT is horrified by the hypocrisy in contemporary USA politics
20070413             juicy new piece on another site about GovTech and THE—WHITE—HOUSE email controversy.
20070413             ePluribus Media has placed a great deal of emphasis on Connell and his enterprises (see here
20070413             and here ),
20070413             —REVEALED, CREW has just, that no less than 5—MILLION emails
20070413             may have been scrubbed.
20070413             (See the full CREW report here.
20070413             What does MIKE—CONNELL, BUSH loyalist, know about this?
20070413             RNC E-mail Update: "In 1—LETTER to Attorney GENERAL—ALBERTO—R—GONZALES, Waxman said THE—RNC lawyer, ROB—KELNER, also raised the possibility that Rove had personally deleted the missing e-mails, all dating back to before 20050000             . GOP officials said Kelner was merely speaking hypothetically about why e-mail might be missing for any staffer and not referring to Rove in particular".
20070413             How much longer can America allow Rove to continue his tenure of corruption, law breaking + the undermining of democracy?
20070413             THE—DALAI—LAMA in America: Cultivating Compassion (3-Cassette Audiobook)
20070413             Hoosier Congressman Dan "Subpoena" Burton is the BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week
20070413             ProsecutorGate: WILL—THE—OTHER—MONICA be Granted Immunity in Order to Nail GONZALES -- and Maybe Rove?
20070413             Or WILL—SHE—STAY—LOYAL to THE—BUSH—EVIKS No Matter What?
20070413             Is It Being a Good Christian to COVER—UP for Potential Crimes?
20070413             So MANY—QUESTIONS, So Few Answers.
20070413             Tribute to KURT—VONNEGUT: Slaughter House 5: The Original Movie (RE—ISSUED DVD).
20070413             Get it from BuzzFlash.
20070413             Dave Zirin: Why Don Imus Is Now 1—MAN Without a Job -- A BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
20070413             Weekly Standard: BUSH has "near dictatorial power".
20070413             And THE—BILL—KRISTOL rag thinks that's good.
20070413             —OWNED, It's, and subsidized by Murdoch.
20070413             GREG—PALAST—FANS, Alert.
20070413             "Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to NEW—ORLEANS--Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a WHITE—HOUSE Gone Wild".
20070413             Expanded Paperback Edition -- PRE—ORDER for MID—APRIL Release.
20070413             If You Haven't Read This GREG—PALAST—BOOK, Get It in Paperback.
20070413             Turmoil Grows for Wolfowitz at WORLD—BANK.
20070413             What goes round, comes round: "In a chaotic DAY—OF—REVELATIONS and meetings at a normally staid institution, MISTER—WOLFOWITZ apologized for his role in the raise and transfer of Shaha ALI—RIZA, his companion, to a few 100—STAFF members assembled in the bank building atrium, only to be greeted by booing, catcalls and cries for his resignation".
20070413             Staff mutiny underway at normally staid WORLD—BANK.
20070413             —CORRUPTED, Everything THE—BUSH—EVIKS touch is.
20070413             Staking The Hypocritical Oafs -- WILL—DURST
20070413             Doch schon bald könnte es im MEKONG—DELTA ungemütlich werden, sollte der Klimarat der VEREINTEN—NATIONEN Recht behalten.
20070413             Im 2. Teil seines Sachstandsberichts
20070413             warnt das Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) vor verheerenden Folgen der globalen Erwärmung insbesondere in den Küstengebieten Asiens.
20070413             Das Abschmelzen der Gletscher im Himalaja werde wahrscheinlich schon in den nächsten zwei bis 3 Jahrzehnten für Überflutungen, Erdrutsche und eine Verschlechterung der Wasserversorgung sorgen, heißt es im IPCC—REPORT.
20070413             Auch chinesische Forscher haben vor einem Wassermangel in ganz Asien gewarnt.
20070413             Beresowski lebt seit dem Jahr 20000000             im Londoner Exil, als er nach Putins Wahlsieg aus Russland floh.
20070413             Ihm wurde in Großbritannien Asyl gewährt, von wo er des öfteren verbale Angriffe gegen die PUTIN—REGIERUNG startet.
20070413             Sein MILLIARDEN—VERMÖGEN hatte sich Beresowski in den JELZIN—JAHREN erworben, als er ehemaliges Staatseigentum günstig erwarb.
20070413             Danach hatte sich PUTIN mit dem Oligarchen überworfen.
20070413             Beresowski hatte in einem INTERVIEW—MIT—DEM "GUARDIAN" in Bezug auf Russland gesagt: "Wir müssen Gewalt anwenden, um dieses Regime zu ändern".
20070413             Mit demokratischen Mitteln könne dies nicht geschehen.
20070413             Beresowski weiter: "Es kann keinen Wandel ohne Gewalt, ohne Druck geben".
20070413             Auf die Nachfrage, ob er damit eine REVOLUTION fordere, antwortete Beresowski: "Das ist korrekt".
20070413             Putins Erzfeind führte weiter aus, er stehe in engem Kontakt mit russischen Regierungsmitgliedern
20070413             Sonne satt: Sommer in Deutschland, mitten im April!
20070413             März- Schätzung: Experten rechnen mit sensationell hohen STEUER—EINNAHMEN
20070413             "Niemand scheint vom G-7-Treffen eine Trendwende zu erwarten, das bedeutet einen schwachen Dollar, einen schwachen Yen und einen schwachen Schweizer Franken", erklärte Niels CHRISTENSEN—WÄHRUNGSSTRATEGE bei der skandinavischen Bank Nordea in Kopenhagen.
20070413             1. Beobachter ziehen bereits Vergleiche zu einem ähnlichen Fall aus der WATERGATE—ÄRA: Damals hatte Rosemary Woods, die Sekretärin von USA—PRÄSIDENT RICHARD—NIXON, angegeben, versehentlich fünf Minuten eines wichtigen Überwachungstapes gelöscht zu haben.
20070413             "CREW"-Direktorin Melanie Sloan ging mit ihren Vorwürfen noch weiter: "Sie wollten sicherstellen, dass niemals ein Beleg darüber gefunden werden kann, was sie im Weißen Haus wirklich gemacht haben", erklärte Sloan gegenüber.
20070413             "Die Angelegenheit ist nicht der Fehler eines Einzelnen. Vielleicht haben wir unseren Mitarbeitern die Dienstpolitik nicht klar genug gemacht", sagte ein Regierungssprecher in WASHINGTON.
20070413             Allerdings, so gab das Weiße Haus zu, hätten einige Mitarbeiter der BUSH -Administration für ihre Korrespondenz nicht das staatliche E-Mail-System, sondern ihre privaten E-Mail-Konten benutzt.
20070413             Das Verwenden von privaten E-Mail-Konten für dienstliche Zwecke ist nach den Dienstvorschriften verboten.
20070413             Ein Mitarbeiter BUSH s, der sich über das Verbot hinweggesetzt haben soll, ist der umstrittene Präsidentenberater KARL—ROVE.
20070413             Er soll einen Teil seines E-Mail-Verkehrs über das E-Mail-System der republikanischen Partei abgewickelt haben.
20070413             Das Weiße Haus wurde erst 20050000             auf das Problem aufmerksam
20070413             Verschollene E-Mails bringen BUSH s Stab in Erklärungsnot
20070413             E-Mail-Affäre in der BUSH -Administration: Möglicherweise wurden Millionen Regierungsmails gelöscht - darunter auch brisante, in denen Berater über die heikle Ablösung von acht Staatsanwälten diskutierten.
20070413             Besonders unter Druck: BUSH s enger Berater KARL—ROVE.
20070413             HAMBURG - Nach Angaben der BÜRGERRECHTS—ORGANISATION "CREW" sollen dem Chefbüro des Weißen Hauses zwischen 20030000             und 20050000             über fünf Millionen E-Mails verloren gegangen sein.
20070413             Die Organisation beruft sich dabei auf zwei vertrauliche Quellen.
20070413             Lesen Sie morgen den 2. Teil: Totalverlust für das Erbe der Menschheitsgeschichte am Indus
20070413             Entlang des Indus wird der Stausee aber auch die Zeugen ganzer Zivilisationen und alter Kulturen unter sich begraben - vor allem steinerne Botschaften + Bilder aus buddhistischer Zeit, deren Verlust durchaus jenem der berühmten BUDDHA—STATUEN von Bamian entspricht, die im März des Schicksalsjahrs 20010000             von TALIBAN—TRUPPEN in Zentralafghanistan gesprengt wurden.
20070413             AM NANGA PARBAT MAMMUT—STAUDAMM bedroht buddhistischen Bilderschatz
20070413             Von Joachim Hoelzgen
20070413             Am Oberen Indus in PAKISTAN werden 35.000—FELSBILDER in einem Stausee versinken - mit den Darstellungen prähistorischer Giganten, von Fabeltieren, Kriegern und Kunstwerken aus buddhistischer Blütezeit.
20070413             Ein Forscher aus Heidelberg versucht zu retten, was zu retten ist.
20070413             Auf den 1. Blick ist schwer zu unterscheiden, ob nahe des mächtigen, 8126—METER hohen Nanga Parbats am Fortbestand der Welt oder an deren Untergang gebastelt wird.
20070413             Frist für den Erforscher der Felsbilder
20070413             Zum Glück hat ihm die Firma Lahmeyer INTERNATIONAL per Brief mitgeteilt, dass sich der Bau des BASHA—DIAMIR—STAUDAMMS verzögere - erst in zwei Jahren werde damit richtig angefangen.
20070413             Hauptmann kann so ungestört noch weitere Täler und die Seitentäler von Seitentälern am Indus erkunden.
20070413             Bei alldem hat der Heidelberger Archäologe Harald Hauptmann schlechte Karten.
20070413             Er muß vom Totalverlust der Bilder- und Schriftengalerien Diamirs ausgehen, die jetzt noch von Kulten, fremden Dynastien und dem Durchmarsch von Völkern berichten.
20070413             Die Kunstwerke werden fast vollständig im Stausee untergehen und darin vom Sand und Geröll des Indus abgeschliffen.
20070413             Der kleine Rest, etwa 2.000 der Felsbilder, wird einer Verbreiterung des Karakorum Highway zum Opfer fallen, der Platz braucht für Flotten von Baumaschinen.
20070413             Haushohe weiße Ziffern weiter oben an den Hängen zeigen an, dass später sogar eine neue Trasse für die Straße nötig ist, da die jetzige unten am Indus ebenfalls im Wasser des Stausees verschwindet.
20070413             Notizen aus über 10.000—JAHREN Menschheitsgeschichte
20070413             Das Aus für das Erbe der Menschheitsgeschichte am Schnittpunkt des Hindukusch + des Himalaja
20070413             ist deshalb von besonderer Qualität,
20070413             weil hier die Etappen der Kulturentwicklung - wie in einem Zeitraffer - bis ans Ende der Eiszeit zurückreichen.
20070413             Jäger haben damals, 9000—JAHRE vor Christus, als 1. mit spitzen Steinen Wildtiere auf Felsen eingraviert + dazu gleich eine 1. Variante von Graffiti:
20070413             Abdrücke von Händen und Füßen - wohl, um die Gegenwart von Menschen zu markieren.
20070413             Ersatz- Keimzellen: Aus Knochenmark reifen Spermien- Vorläufer heran
20070413             Riesen- Staudamm: PAKISTAN flutet das Erbe der Felskünstler
20070413             USA- Regierung: Verlorene E- Mails bringen das Weiße Haus in Erklärungsnot
20070413             Schwacher Dollar: Euro steigt auf Zweijahreshoch
20070413             Rücktrittsforderungen: Weltbank vertagt Entscheidung in Wolfowitz- Affäre
20070413             —STAGED, The coup, by PRINCE—QABOOS, with his friend Tim Landon, was THE—BEGINNING—OF— a... alfatomega.com/20070327.html
20070413             —LINKED, UNITED—KINGDOM—MILLIONAIRE, to BAE commission payments in papers...
20070413             City shrugs off investigation into bribery allegations at BAE as earnings soar to.
20070413             BRIGADIER—TIM—LANDON, 1—OF—BRITAIN—RICHEST and most secretive men,
20070413             Wie eine Lawine rauschte die Geschichte zu Tal.
20070413             Der demokratische Präsidentschaftskandidat BARACK—OBAMA schwor, nie wieder in Imus' Show aufzutreten:
20070413             "Er hat mit die schlimmsten Vorurteile genährt, mit denen meine zwei jungen Töchter im heutigen Amerika zu tun haben".
20070413             Die Kommunikationsbehörde FCC, Herrin über Millionenstrafen für Nippelzeigen und andere Unsittlichkeiten, horchte auf.
20070413             Das Ende begann fast unbemerkt.
20070413             Tags darauf flachste Imus im Studio herum, wie immer einen Cowboyhut auf dem wirren, grauen Haargestrüpp, wobei besagter "Huren"-Kommentar fiel - sowie die Vokabel "Jigaboos", ein rassistisches Hasswort.
20070413             Der Aufruhr hielt sich zunächst in Grenzen.
20070413             —WIEDER, so ein IMUS—AFFRONT, dachten sich viele.
20070413             Die Show, vom lokalen CBS—RADIOSENDER WFAN—AM in MANHATTAN produziert, wurde landesweit an rund 90—STATIONEN verkauft und parallel von der NBC—TOCHTER MISS—NBC im Kabelfernsehen ausgestrahlt.
20070413             "Imus in the Morning" hatte rund 1,6 Millionen RADIO—HÖRER und knapp eine halbe Million TV—ZUSCHAUER.
20070413             Erst als die Blogger sich der Sache annahmen, gewann der Skandal an Schwung.
20070413             Schwarze Bürgerrechtler forderten Satisfaktion.
20070413             Die Geistlichen AL—SHARPTON und JESSE—JACKSON polterten durch alle Nachrichtensender.
20070413             Die Networks CBS und NBC, die Imus sendeten, runzelten leicht die Stirn, suspendierten ihn für zwei Wochen, hielten aber an ihrer Profitquelle fest.
20070413             Imus entschuldigte sich für die "gedankenlose und dumme" Entgleisung, die ja gar keine war, sondern nur die Fortsetzung eines langen, lukrativen Trends.
20070413             Es half nichts.
20070413             Sharpton legte nach, im Schlepptau nun eine ganze Armee empörter Minderheiten.
20070413             "Amerika ruft: Genug ist genug", sagte BRYAN—MONROE, Chef der NATIONAL—ATSSOCIATION of Black Journalists.
20070413             Physiker unterteilen die extrem flüchtigen Teilchen in 3 Typen: ELEKTRON—NEUTRINOS, MYON—NEUTRINOS und TAUON—NEUTRINOS.
20070413             Durch sogenannte Oszillation kann sich ein Teilchentyp in einen anderen wandeln und auch wieder zurück.
20070413             Bei einem Experiment am Liquid Scintillator Neutrino Detector (LSND) am Los Alamos NATIONAL—LTABORATORY in den neunziger Jahren glaubten Forscher, erstmals eine Oszillation beobachtet zu haben.
20070413             Allerdings passten die Messdaten nicht so recht zu den bekannten NEUTRINO—MODELLEN.
20070413             Theoretiker schlugen deshalb vor, die Existenz eines 4. NEUTRINO—TYPS anzunehmen, den sie als steril bezeichneten.
20070413             Nur einer konnte Recht haben
20070413             Dieses sterile Neutrino widersprach jedoch dem Standardmodell der Elementarteilchenphysik - ein Ärgernis für die Wissenschaftler.
20070413             Nach dem Menschen (HOMO—SAPIENS) und dem Schimpansen (Pan troglodytes) ist der Rhesusaffe (Macaca mulatta) der 3. Primat, dessen Erbgut komplett sequenziert wurde.
20070413             Zu 97,5 Prozent stimmten seine Gene mit jenen von Mensch und Schimpanse überein, berichten Forscher im Wissenschaftsmagazin "Science" (Bd. 316, NUMBER 13).
20070413             Möglicherweise sind viele Gene, die für erbliche Erkrankungen mitverantwortlich sind,
20070413             ursprünglich ungefährliche Genvarianten, die erst durch eine Änderung der Ernährungsweise oder Umweltbedingungen im Laufe der Evolution eine schädliche Wirkung entfaltet haben.
20070413             Elementarteilchen: Physiker klären Neutrino- Mysterium
20070413             Ökosystem in Gefahr: Galapagos- Inseln wollen Besucherzahl einschränken
20070413             3. Primat im Club: Erbgut des Rhesusaffen entziffert
20070413             Seminarbericht TERROR—ISMUS und TERRORISMUS—BEKÄMPFUNG
20070413             Die Aussagen in diesem TERROR—PROZESS werfen ein neues Licht auf AL—QUAIDA: Zum...
20070413             Die Anschläge auf das World Trade Center in NEW—YORK, auf die Madrider...
20070413             Der Unterschied zwischen gutem und schlechtem politischem Management lässt sich in der Türkei studieren.
20070413             Im Westen des Landes wurde schon vor langer Zeit eine Landreform umgesetzt.
20070413             Der Agrarsektor floriert, DIE—MENSCHEN können sich gut versorgen und ihre Produkte exportieren.
20070413             In der Osttürkei hingegen gehört das Land immer noch wenigen Großgrundbesitzern;
20070413             die Produktivität ist schlecht, die Armut groß, viele fliehen in die Städte.
20070413             Faist: "Mit dem sich wandelnden Klima wird der Westen der Türkei wesentlich besser fertig werden".
20070413             Entscheidend wird sein, wie entschlossen die Staaten auf Katastrophen reagieren.
20070413             Nach dem Erdbeben im japanischen Kobe etwa kehrten die meisten der 300.000—VERTRIEBENEN Menschen schon wenige Monate später zurück.
20070413             Beim Ausbruch des Vulkans Pinatubo auf den Philippinen hingegen habe die Rückkehr Jahre gedauert.
20070413             Die "Widerstandsfähigkeit" des Staates habe nicht nur mit wirtschaftlicher Stärke zu tun, wie das Beispiel der desolaten KATASTROPHEN—HILFE der USA—REGIERUNG beim Hurrikan "Katrina" gezeigt habe:
20070413             "Vielmehr geht es um Organisation, Entschlossenheit, die Bekämpfung der Korruption und der Misswirtschaft in Politik und Verwaltung", sagt Castles.
20070413             KLIMA—SCHRECKENSVISIONEN würden nur dazu beitragen, eine neue Fremdenfeindlichkeit hervorzurufen:
20070413             "Dabei prallen die FLÜCHTLINGS—STRÖME schon jetzt am Bollwerk der EU—AUßENGRENZEN ab".
20070413             Konjunktur: Wirtschaftsinstitute sehen hohes Wachstum
20070413             Klima- Flüchtlinge: Zweifel an neuer Völkerwanderung
20070413             AFGHANISTAN: Uno- Sonderbeauftragter Koenigs für Gespräche mit radikalen Islamisten
20070413             Biometrie- Zentraldatei: FDP- Politiker droht Schäuble mit Verfassungsbeschwerde
20070413             Affäre: Weltbank- Mitarbeiter fordern Rücktritt von Wolfowitz
20070413             Fossile Weichteile: Kollagen in Tyrannosaurus- Knochen gefunden
20070413             Researcher DOCTOR—MARCUS—GRAY said: "We found a close association between the actual performance of the heart and activity in the cortex, which suggests that these brain regions listen closely to THE—BEAT—TO—BEAT activity.
20070413             "We know that stress can increase the risk of sudden death through cardiac arrest and that the brain areas responsible for regulating heart function can be unbalanced by stress.
20070413             "Our research suggests that the cerebral cortex may play a significant role in these events by becoming involved in a vicious circle".
20070413             Billions Face Risks From Climate Change - —ZONK— 476+ Comments gollum123 writes with a link to a kind of grim BBC story.
20070413             —ACCORDING—TO—A report drawn up by 'HUNDREDS—OF—INTERNATIONAL environmental experts', BILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE face drought and famine, as well as an INCREASE—IN—NATURAL disasters, as a result of climate change.
20070413             Individuals in the poorest countries face the most danger, due to a LACK—OF—INFRASTRUCTURE and geographic location.
20070413             "The scientific work reviewed by IPCC scientists includes more than 29,000—PIECES of data on observed changes in physical and biological aspects of the natural world.
20070413             80-9 % of these, it believes, are consistent with a warming world. Several delegations, including THE—USA, SAUDI—ARABIA, CHINA and INDIA, had asked for the final version to reflect less certainty than the draft".
20070413             VeriSign Increases Domain Name Pricing
20070413             Amazon Patents Humans Assisting Computers
20070413             "AMAZON—LATEST patent, the Hybrid Machine/Human Computing Arrangement, reads like scary SCI—FI, with claims covering THE—USE—OF—HUMANS 'of college educated, at most high school educated,
20070413             at most elementary school educated + not formally educated' to perform subtasks dispatched by a computer.
20070413             From the patent: 'For examples, the task on hand requires FRANCE—SPEAKING humans + Task Server has requested that EACH—SUBTASK be performed by at least 10—HUMANS with a past accuracy record of at least 90%.' Yikes".
20070413             ICANN Wants Immunity
20070413             - —KDAWSON—175+ Comments rprins writes
20070413             "In what is perhaps a reaction to recent Homeland Security demands, a strategic report by ICANN suggests that it should take on the model of a private INTERNATIONAL organization (PDF).
20070413             That would make ICANN immune from USA law and regulations.
20070413             However, it's unlikely that THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION would grant ICANN these privileges.
20070413             So the organization might opt to relocate to SWITZERLAND where such privileges are easier to attain".
20070413             Der 'Kampf der Kulturen' - Teil 1
20070413             Von allen Seiten ? Politik ? Massenmedien und auch gewissen INTERNET—SEITEN ?
20070413             wird uns ins Ohr geblasen, nun sei der ?Kampf der Kulturen?
20070413             auf der Tagesordnung ? jetzt ginge es nicht mehr um den Kalten Krieg, sonder um die säkulare Auseinandersetzung zwischen der westlichen Kultur und dem Islam, zuweilen auch Krieg der Zivilisationen genannt.
20070413             Kriege seien unvermeidlich, denn nur einer könne als Sieger hieraus hervorgehen.
20070413             Stellt man den Propagandisten...
20070413             Haider, Kulterer und die HYPO—ALPE—ADRIA Bank (2)
20070413             - onlineredaktion DOCTOR—ALEXANDER—VON—PALESKE -
20070413             Im 1. Artikel hatte ich berichtet wie die WMP Bank, an der die HYPO—ALPE beteiligt war,
20070413             in ein Zentrum des internationalen Finanzbetrugs umgewandelt wurde, dank der Herren Khashoggi, Saxena, Mazur, Possino + Berthamieu.
20070413             Obgleich offenbar auch gerade durch die Ignoranz des Herrn HYPO—ALPE—VOSTANDS DOCTOR—KULTERER - der einen der Gauner als ?seriösen Mann?
20070413             bezeichnet hatte -
20070413             Millionenschaden entstand, durfte er weitermachen.
20070413             Dank des Kärntner Landeshauptmanns.
20070413             Vermurkster Klimabericht - Hoffen auf einen vulkanischen Winter?
20070413             - onlineredaktion Harald Haack ?
20070413             Etliche Vulkanologen rechnen mit einem baldigen Ausbruch des Tambora, einem Stratovulkan auf der indonesischen Insel Java, der wie der Semeru als einer der gefährlichsten Vulkane der Erde gilt.
20070413             Die Heftigkeit des Ausbruchs von 18150000             soll vergleichbar mit mehreren Millionen Hiroshimabomben gewesen sein....
20070413             CIA hires terrorist group to operate inside IRAN
20070413             —HIRED, THE—CENTRAL—INTELLIGENCE—AGENCY[CIA] (CIA ) has, a PAKISTAN—TERRORIST group that has carried out a series of deadly terrorist attacks inside IRAN, ABC News has reported on Wednesday.
20070413             The group, MEMBERS—OF—THE Baluchi tribe, operates from PAKISTAN—PROVINCE of Baluchestan, just across the border from IRAN.
20070413             Britanniens Kokain MAFIA foltert - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             Während KEITH—RICHARD seinen Vater
20070413             verkokst, haben wir aus sicherer Quelle erfahren, dass Südenglands KOKAIN—MAFIA im Ernstfall vor Folter nicht zurückschreckt.
20070413             Eine uns bekannte Frau wurde mittels.
20070413             Letzter Marinesoldat aus dem —WWI beerdigt - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             105—JAHRE alt wurde LLOYD—BROWN, der letzte lebende USA—MARINESOLDAT, der im —WWI diente.
20070413             Er wurde auf die USS NEW—HAMPSHIRE eingeteilt.
20070413             Der Baltimaore Sun erzählte der Veteran 20050000             , er sei in die Navy gegangen, weil die Girls auf Uniformen stünden und weil es die Jungs in der Navy auch in die Nachrichtenschlagzeilen brachten: "Wir waren.
20070413             Polizei spionierte BUSH Gegner aus - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             Wie die NEW—YORK—TIMES berichtet, erwartet Präsident BUSH ein neuer Skandal.
20070413             Polizeieinheiten aus NEW—YORK sollen im Auftrag des Weißen Hauses gegnerische Gruppen und Aktivisten unterwandert und ausspioniert haben.
20070413             Wie beteiligte UNDERCOVER—AGENTEN der Polizei bestätigen, waren sie nicht nur in verschiedenen amerikanischen Städten tätig, sondern auch in Kanada und Europa, um Informationen über BUSH -Gegner zu sammeln und Gruppen zu infiltrieren....
20070413             Amerika vermisst FBI—AGENT im IRAN - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             Amerika hat einen ehemaligen FBI—AGENTEN verloren und das ausgerechnet im IRAN.
20070413             Das USA State Departement übermittelte der iranischen Regierung einen Brief und ersuchte um Nachforschungen über den Vermissten.
20070413             Er wird seit einem Monat vermisst.
20070413             State Department Sprecher SEAN—MCCORMACK sagte, dies sei bereits die 2. Anfrage an die Iraner.
20070413             Flugzeugträger USS Nimitz auf dem Weg in iranische Gewässer - sfux Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             Die USS Nimitz wird mitte bis ende April in der Region erwartet um den Kriegsschiffverband der USS.
20070413             Russischer Generalstabschef warnt Amerika vor Angriff - sfux Onlineredaktion/Stephan Fuchs ?
20070413             Juri Balujewski, Generalstabschef der russischen Streitkräfte warnte heute vor der Presse DIE—USA vor einem Schlag gegen IRAN.
20070413             Amerika solle es sich gut überlegen bevor sie IRAN angreifen.
20070413             Das Echo dieses Schlages würde in der ganzen Welt widerhallen.
20070413             ?Man kann dem militärischen- und dem Industriepotential Irans schaden.
20070413             Aber es ist unmöglich, zu siegen.
20070413             Das Echo wird sich in der ganzen Welt verbreiten?, sagte er.
20070413             Balujewski.
20070413             Russischer Nachrichtendienst: USA schließen Vorbereitungen für ANGRIFF—AUF—IRAN ab
20070413             Nach Angaben des russischen Nachrichtendienstes haben die amerikanischen Streitkräfte die Vorbereitung zum möglichen Militärschlag gegen IRAN abgeschlossen.
20070413             Das teilte ein Sprecher des russischen Geheimdienstes RIA Novosti mit.
20070413             Die Angaben des Nachrichtendienstes belegten, sagte der Sprecher, dass DIE—USA eine Liste über mögliche Ziele in IRAN erstellt und den Einsatzplan bei Übungen getestet haben.?Nach Angaben des russischen...
20070413             Haider und Khashoggi und das Spinnennetz internationaler Abzocke
20070413             Die Geschichte fängt in den USA im Jahre 19930000             an.
20070413             Dort begann eine Bank unter dem Namen CZECH—REPUBLIC—FUND mit ihren Aktivitäten.
20070413             Mit dabei bis zum Jahre 19960000             war der ehemalige REAGAN—SICHERHEITS—BERATER ROBERT—MCFARLANE.
20070413             Die Firma verschmolz im Jahre 19960000             mit einer Firma Eastbrokers INTERNATIONAL, in deren Verlauf ein gewisser Herr Kössner aus Wien der größte Anteilseigner wurde.
20070413             Er hatte schon eine Wiener BROKER—FIRMA unter dem Namen...
20070413             Sperm made from bone marrow Scientists announce that they have made immature sperm cells from human bone marrow samples.
20070413             Fish pollutants' link to diabetes Eating oily fish could increase the risk of diabetes because of the pollutants this food can contain, scientists suggest.
20070413             How stress can strain the heart Brain centres responsible for emotion may play a key role in putting the heart under strain in times of stress.
20070413             Stem cells grow heart valves UNITED—KINGDOM—SCIENTISTS grow part of a human heart from stem cells for the 1. time.
20070413             Dirt exposure 'boosts happiness' Getting dirty may be a way to lift mood and boost the immune system, UK scientists believe.
20070413             Effects of 20070707             "LONG—LASTING' MANY—LONDONERS were still stressed and frightened months after 20050707             —THE—BOMBINGS, a study indicates.
20070413             Diabetes drug 'protects arteries' A drug given to help people with diabetes may also slow thickening of the artery walls, research suggests.
20070413             —KILLED, Deaths in UGANDA forest protest At least 3—PEOPLE are, in a UGANDA—PROTEST at plans to allocate forest land to grow sugar, police say.
20070413             Wolfowitz apology over pay row WORLD—BANK PRESIDENT—PAUL—WOLFOWITZ says he is sorry for "mistakes" made over the pay and promotion of his partner.
20070413             Bovine TB 'can spread in humans' Bovine TB can spread from human to human, scientists fear after a cluster of 6—CASES in ENGLAND.
20070413             The Green Room THIS—WEEK's Green Room argues that the landing of a colossal squid is a sign of how life deep in our oceans is being destroyed before it is understood.
20070413             USA Attorney GENERAL's aide quits A JUSTICE—DEPARTMENT official who refused to testify about the firing of 8—FEDERAL prosecutors resigns.
20070413             USA appeal on CUBA militant ruling THE—USA—GOVERNMENT appeals after a court rules a CUBA—MILITANT should be freed until an immigration hearing.
20070413             Mystery illness at MEXICO school Some 600—GIRLS at a boarding school run by Catholic nuns in MEXICO are struck by an illness said to be psychosomatic.
20070413             —FREED, RWANDA EX—LEADER, from jail RWANDA—POST—GENOCIDE—PRESIDENT—PASTEUR—BIZIMUNGU is freed from jail 3—YEARS into a 15-year sentence.
20070413             CHENEY asserts AL—QAEDA link THE—USA—VICE—PRESIDENT reasserts SADDAM—IRAQ had ties to AL—QAEDA, but a PENTAGON report says the opposite.
20070413             Billions face climate change risk BILLIONS—OF—PEOPLE face shortages of food, water and increased risk of flooding from climate change, experts warn.
20070413             Warning of bad hurricane season As many as 17—NAMED tropical storms are forecast for 20070000             , with at least 1—MAJOR storm expected to hit THE—USA.
20070413             USA reporter ends record jail term JOURNALIST—JOSH—WOLF is freed after serving the longest jail time in USA HISTORY for failing to reveal information.
20070413             New Experiment Probes Weird Zone Between Quantum and Classical
20070413             —PERCHED, Scientists hope a microscopic cantilever arm, on a silicon chip will let them see quantum physics in action.
20070413             By MARK—ANDERSON.
20070413             Appeals Court Misfired in HACK—COUNTERHACK Dispute
20070413             LAST—WEEK's USA 9. Circuit COURT—OF—APPEALS decision in USA—VERSUS—HECKENKAMP is a mixed bag.
20070413             It assures us that a college student's dorm room computer is protected by the 4. Amendment, but says warrantless + perhaps even suspicionless, searches of those computers can be justified.
20070413             NYPD Intelligence Op Targets DOT—MATRIX Graffiti Bike
20070413             JOSHUA—KINBERG—INTERNET—CONNECTED, sidewalk printing graffiti bike got him a lot of attention aHEAD—OF—20040000             —THE—REPUBLICAN—NATIONAL—CONVENTION;
20070413             he was BoingBoinged, Slashdotted and featured on and in Popular Science.
20070413             Then there's the secret file THE—NEW—YORKPD built on him.
20070413             Vigilantism Is a Poor Response to Cyberattack
20070413             Last month Marine GENERAL—JAMES—CARTWRIGHT told the House ARMED—SERVICES—COMMITTEE that the best cyber defense is a good offense.
20070413             Blast from the past blasts "clueless bozos" of the present
20070413             —PLEASED, Blog: If you're, with the current batch of political leaders in THE—USA, there's a guy here who urges you to reconsider.He's...
20070413             CIA—DEATH—SQUADS operating in IRAQ
20070413             MILITIA's like the Badr MILITIA's and the Wolf brigade.
20070413             1—PHOTO tour of Camp Mercury can be seen here.
20070413             The photo of the prisoner compound has been.
20070413             Todesstrafe: USA- Gericht hält an Todesurteil für verurteilten Deutschen fest
20070413             Wetter- Extreme: Rekorddürre in SÜD—FLORIDA
20070413             As ANTI—MILITARY, ANTI—NUCLEAR and PRO—ENVIRONMENTAL sentiments spread in THE—WEST through the 1960s, TELLER became demonized by some commentators.
20070413             —ADVOCATED, Undeterred, he strongly, the.
20070413             Star Wars programme of SPACE—BASED, ANTI—BALLISTIC missile defences.
20070413             Early years
20070413             * TELLER, The father of THE—HYDROGEN—BOMB into a HUNGARIAN—JEWISH—FAMILY in Budapest.
20070413             TELLER, The father of THE—HYDROGEN—BOMB took a PhD in theroretical physics.
20070413             FORMER—CHRYSLER CEO LEE—IACOCCA lambastes THE—BUSH—ADMINISTRATION in his new book.
20070413             "Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening?" Iacocca writes".
20070413             Where the hell is our outrage?
20070413             We should be screaming bloody murder.
20070413             But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, 'Stay the course.'".
20070413             —INJURED, GOVERNOR—JOHN—CORZINE (D-NJ) was seriously, yesterday in a HIT—AND—RUN car accident, hospitalizing him "with fractured ribs, a broken leg + chest injuries".
20070413             Corzine did not ".
20070413             appear to have suffered LIFE—THREATENING injuries.
20070413             —RETIRED, RUDY—GIULIANI'S (R) current foreign policy advisers include, GENERAL—JACK—KEANE, the
20070413             architect
20070413             "4—YEARS after IRAQ—SADDAM—HUSSEIN was deposed by USA—LED troops, an INTERNATIONAL panel charged with recommending invitations for an exclusive meeting of the world's democracies " has ruled that
20070413             —INVITED, IRAQ is "not," the same status THE—COUNTRY had under HUSSEIN—RULE.
20070413             LAST—YEAR, IRAQ had observer status at the Community of Democracies meeting.
20070413             "PRESIDENT—BUSH is threatening to veto a SENATE—INTELLIGENCE bill that's laced with provisions that would force THE—WHITE—HOUSE and spy agencies
20070413             to be more responsive to CONGRESS
20070413             Der Bankrotteur mit dem zu kurzen Kragen (Tageszeitung...
20070413             Der Bankier und die NAZIS.
20070413             Teil II (und Schluß): Wie Hjalmar Schacht der Kapitalfraktion unterliegt.
20070413             1—OF the world's greatest problems is the impossibilty of any...
20070413             BUSH Mimics Herman GÖRING—PRESCRIPTION—FOR—LEADERSHIP
20070413             Chechen Separatists Say "3. Force"...
20070413             alfatomega.com/20070327.html
20070413—18450402    Photographing the Sun, Measuring Speed of Light
20070413—19011007    —AM, Brown wurde geboren und mit 16—JAHREN, 19180000             in die Navy eingezogen.
20070413—19310000    —IN, At least 30—PEOPLE have jumped from THE—EMPIRE State Building since it opened.
20070413—19610412    Russia Wins Race, Puts 1. Man in Space
20070413—19610412    THE—SOVIET—UNION—YURI—GAGARIN becomes the 1. man into space + the space race is officially on.
20070413—19690407    Birth of That Thing We Call the Internet
20070413—19720410    The World Outlaws THE—USE—OF—TOXIC Weapons, Mostly
20070413—19720410    The world outlaws the stockpiling and use of toxic weapons in warfare.
20070413—20030000    —IN, Britain, granted Berezovsky refugee status.
20070413—20040000    —BIS, Dieses löschte jedoch nach 30—TAGEN sämtliche Nachrichten.
20070413—20050000    —SINCE, "20—4—FEDERAL departments and agencies earned a collective grade of C-minus LAST—YEAR for their performance in meeting computer and network security requirements, according to marks handed out by a key congressional oversight committee today. THE—GOVERNMENT—WIDE grade is up slightly from 20050000             —THE, when it earned an overall grade of D+. 8—AGENCIES earned A grades, while as MANY—WARRANTED failing marks. '..THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE led 1—GROUP—OF—8—AGENCIES that received failing marks for computer security. Also receiving that dubious distinction were the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Interior, State and Treasury, as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY earned a D, although its overall performance improved. THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—VETERANS—AFFAIRS did not provide enough data to earn a grade. 20050000             , it received an F.'"
20070413—20070312    —AM, Die 1. Anfrage wurde, kurz nach dem Verschwinden des ehemaligen FBI—AGENTEN an die iranischen.
20070413—20070402    —AM, hat die nuklear betriebene USS Nimitz ihren Heimathafen bei der NORTH—ISLAND NAVAL—AIR Station in Kalifornien verlassen und befindet sich auf dem Weg in den persischen Golf.
20070413—20070403    —AM, verpassten die BASKETBALL—LADYS von Rutgers DIE—USA—MEISTERSCHAFT.
20070413—20070412    —IN—THE, According to a new study of behavioral economics, published issue of Nature, people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor.
20070413—20070412    —IN—THE, published issue of Nature, people will spend their own money to make the rich less rich and the poor less poor.
20070413—20071015    —FROM, "CNET reports VeriSign has made its move, increasing domain NAME—PRICES by 7%.,.com domains will now cost $6.42 (up from $6) and.net domains $3.85—PER annum. ICANN had previously voted to support the increase. Despite annual income of $323.4M from.com domain names alone, VeriSign claims it needs the increase to provide "a high level of security and reliability for.com". This increase comes in the face of complaints by customers, registrars and senators alike that VeriSign is abusing its ICANN monopoly. Yet the furrowed brows and promises of senators of investigations have come to nothing, even though the only people seemingly in favor of the monopoly are ICANN and VeriSign. With complaints about the pair running back to 20020000             , what can we THE—PUBLIC do to get our elected representatives to take the great domain name ripoff seriously?" 20070413
20070413—20090900    —IN, Bagaragaza (64) pleaded guilty to complicity in the slaughter.
20070413—20110000    —IN, A 2. installment, released, concerned the final part of CHRIST—LIFE, his death and resurrection.
20070430             So far, I have yet to uncover any direct link between Scaife and YWAM or the...
20070807             LR-19655, 20060413             , RAMY—EL—BATRAWI, et al.
20070807             See also: Complaint in this matter - LR-19654, 20060413             , Garner Anthony.
20070928             We felt we were in the inside loop," said Neal BLAIR—PRESIDENT—OF—FREE—THE—EAGLE... seattle st louis TALLAHASSEE—RED hills TENNESSEE URBANA—CHAMPAIGN UTAH... alfatomega.com/20050413.html
20071005             The time period for the abandonment of the legacy archival system coincides with the Executive OFFICE—OF—THE—PRESIDENT—SWITCH from Lotus Notes to MICROSOFT Exchange and Outlook, referred to by WHITE—HOUSE Press SECRETARY—DANA—PERINO in an 20070413             press briefing.
20080413             —ENDED, THE—WORLD—BANK, IMF and G7, 3—DAYS of meetings eliciting calls for economic coordination but no joint emergency plan.
20080413             —REPORTED, The winners of this year's Goldman Awards were, to be: Feliciano dos Santos (43) of MOZAMBIQUE, the director of Estamos, an environmental group promoting sanitation, sustainable development and reforestation;
20080413             Marina Rikhvanova, 46—JAHRE—ALT, FOUNDER—OF—BAIKAL—ENVIRONMENTAL—WAVE, which forced the rerouting of an oil pipeline in the Baikal basin;
20080413             PABLO—FAJARDO, 35—JAHRE—ALT and LUIS—YANZA, 48—JAHRE—ALT of ECUADOR, CO—FOUNDERS of the Amazon Defense Front, which accused Texaco (now Chevron) of dumping oil and wastewater into local streams;
20080413             Rosa Hilda Ramos (63) of PUERTO—RICO, HEAD—OF—A movement to protect the Las Cicharillas Marsh;
20080413             Ignace Schops (43) of BELGIUM, HEAD—OF—A movement to establish BELGIUM's 1. and only national park;
20080413             JESUS Leon (42) of MEXICO, CO—FOUNDER—OF—THE—CENTER for Integral Small Farmer DEVELOPMENT—OF—THE Mixtec (CEDICAM).
20080413             —AMBUSHED, AFGHANISTAN, Taliban militants, a police truck, killing 4—OFFICERS and wounding 7 in Helmand province.
20080413             —ATTACKED, Taliban militants, 1—GROUP—OF—POLICE—OFFICERS sleeping on the mud floor of an isolated roadside checkpoint, killing 11. THE—2—SOLDIERS from AFGHANISTAN's 47,000-strong NATO—LED force were killed and 2—WOUNDED in an explosion in THE—SOUTH.
20080413             —ARMED, BRAZIL, men firing from pickup trucks and flying in a helicopter attacked a MAXIMUM—SECURITY prison holding some of BRAZIL—HIGHEST—PROFILE inmates but were repelled by guards in Campo Grande, the state CAPITAL—OF—MATO—GROSSO do Sul.
20080413             —RESIGNED, BULGARIA—POWERFUL INTERIOR—MINISTER Rumen Petkov, amid a snowballing corruption scandal that exposed links between top CRIME—BUSTERS and suspected criminals.
20080413             —VOTED, Ethiopians, in a 1. round of elections that the main opposition coalition boycotted to protest alleged intimidation by ruling party officials.
20080413             —DOMINATED, HONG—KONG, the historical epic "The Warlords", THE—HONG—KONG—FILM—AWARDS scooping 8—GONGS including best film and best actor in martial arts star Jet Li.
20080413             EAST—INDIA, Biranchi Das, 40—JAHRE—ALT, the controversial coach of a young boy who ran a marathon in an attempt to set a world record, was shot dead.
20080413             Also in EAST—INDIA Naxalite rebels fatally shot 5—POLICEMEN and a luggage porter and seriously wounded 2—OTHERS in 1—ATTACK—ON—A railroad station.
20080413             —DISMISSED, Officials said THE—IRAQ—GOVERNMENT has, about 1,300 soldiers and policemen who deserted or refused to fight during last month's offensive against Shiite militias and criminal gangs in Basra.
20080413             —ASSASSINATED, Gunmen in Basra, police MAJOR—ALI Haider, a commander in the department's serious crimes directorate.
20080413             —AMBUSHED, Militants firing ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades, an USA—PATROL in EAST—BAGHDAD.
20080413             —ARMED, Fire from, helicopters and an Abrams tank repulsed THE—ATTACK, killing 6—OF the gunmen.
20080413             —DISCOVERED, USA soldiers, a mass grave near Muqdadiyah, which contained 20 to 30—BADLY decomposed bodies that appeared to have been buried nearly 8—MONTHS.
20080413             2—USA—MARINES were killed by a roadside bomb in Anbar province.
20080413             Italians went to the polls in general elections likely to return conservative Silvio BERLUSCONI to THE—PRIME—MINISTER's office for a 3. time at the expense of new CENTRE—LEFT flagbearer WALTER—VELTRONI.
20080413             —NAMED, KENYA—PRESIDENT—MWAI—KIBAKI, rival Raila Odinga as PRIME—MINISTER, implementing a POWER—SHARING deal after protracted negotiations over the agreement they signed more than a month ago.
20080413             —EXTENDED, Election officials said NEPAL—MAOISTS had, a stunning early lead in historic polls, as vote counting continued.
20080413             † Palestinian medical officials said 3—PEOPLE in an explosion in a house in THE—GAZA—STRIP.
20080413             —RESULTED, They said the blast likely, from the accidental detonation of explosives.
20080413             —TROUBLED, Khasan Yandiyev, 51—JAHRE—ALT, a top judge in RUSSIA—SOUTHERN, province of Ingushetia, was shot dead.
20080413             He had led trials of Islamic rebels.
20080413             —BEHEADED, THE—SAUDI—ARABIA, 2—NIGERIA—MEN CONVICTED—OF—SMUGGLING cocaine into the kingdom.
20080413             42—PEOPLE have been beheaded this year, according to an AP count.
20080413             —SUSPECTED, SOMALIA, Islamist insurgents dragged 2—UNITED—KINGDOM—NATIONALS and 2—KENYANS out of their home in Beledweyn and killed them.
20080413             SOUTH—AFRICA, 2—AMERICANS and a NORWAY—TOURIST on a shark cage diving adventure drowned when their boat was hit by a freak wave.
20080413             —CONFIRMED, SOUTH—KOREA—GOVERNMENT, a 4. outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu virus in THE—COUNTRY's southwest, as the tally of birds slaughtered to control the spread of the disease rose to 1.3—MILLION.
20080413             —MARKED, SRI—LANKA, its traditional new year with SECURITY—FORCESAND Tamil separatists locked in fierce combat resulting in heavy losses on both sides.
20080413             —KILLED, Defense officials said at least 87—GUERRILLAS had been, in the last 24—HOURS.
20080413             —SMASHED, Security forces, through defenses of Tamil separatists, killing at least 5—REBELS.
20080413             —CHEERED, TANZANIA, about 1,000—PEOPLE, and marched with a team of 80—ATHLETES and a Cabinet minister participating in the Olympic torch relay, the flame's only stop in Africa.
20080413             VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ said his government is working to create a NATO—LIKE SOUTH—AMERICA defense council along with BRAZIL and other countries.
20080413             —ENDED, ZAMBIA, African leaders, an emergency meeting of THE—SOUTH—AFRICAN—DEVELOPMENT—COMMUNITY and called for the swift verification of THE—ZIMBABWE voting results in the presence of all parties.
20080413             The declaration fell far short of opposition calls for neighboring leaders to pressure PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE to step down after 28—YEARS in power.
20080413             ISRAEL kauft Öl vom Teufel
20080413             Kategorie:
20080413             Aktuell
20080413             Politik
20080413             | DANIEL—NEUN | 3—KOMMENTARE
20080413             Die Internetzeitung "haGalil", welche eindeutig verortbar der Politik der Regierung Israels nahesteht,
20080413             titelte vor 3—TAGEN:
20080413             "Die europäischen Steigbügelhalter der Mullahs: DIE—SCHWEIZER stehen nicht allein mit ihren IRAN—GESCHÄFTEN".
20080413             Das tun sie in der Tat nicht.
20080413             Wie der israelische INVESTIGATIV—JOURNALIST—SHRAGA—ELAM vor kurzem.
20080413             berichtete
20080413             kauft der israelische Ölkonzern "Oil Refineries Ltd".
20080413             Öl aus dem IRAN, bereitet es auf und verscherbelt es dann gewinnbringend an seine Landsleute und an die Palästinenser.
20080413             Ein kleines Stück Verteilungsgerechtigkeit im Nahen Osten.
20080413             "mehr.
20080413             Der Kreis schließt sich
20080413             - MORGAN—TSVANGIRAI bittet USA in ZIMBABWE um Hilfe
20080413             Die BANKENDOMINO—MELDUNGEN kommen jetzt immer am Wochenende, damit die Börsen gerade zu haben und nicht monströs abstürzen können.
20080413             Heute: Citigroup und Merrill Lynch schreiben zusammen noch mal mindestens 15—MILLIARDEN Dollar ab, und, meine Lieblingsmeldung: In another sign of the intense pressure on leading banks, DEUTSCHE—BANK is attempting to offload some of its €35—BILLION (£28—BILLION) of toxic debt to a consortium of PRIVATE—EQUITY firms.
20080413             ACH.
20080413             Bisher sah das doch immer so aus, als hätte die DEUTSCHE—BANK das relativ cool gehandled und ihren Giftmüll an die IKB verkloppt, kurz bevor er zu stinken begann.
20080413             Und bei der DEUTSCHE—BANK sind das gar nicht mal JUNK—HYPOTHEKEN: DEUTSCHE—BANK is understood to be talking to a NUMBER—OF—PRIVATE—EQUITY funds about a disposal of some of its backlog of loans to VENTURE—CAPITAL firms.
20080413             Das ist dann wohl tatsächlich die nächste Iteration der platzenden Kredite, die "Risikokapitalgeber".
20080413             War ja auch klar, seit gut zwei Jahren ist offensichtlich, dass es eine 2. DOTCOM—BLASE gibt, alle möglichen wertlosen Firmen kriegen plötzlich Kapital und strömen auf den Markt.
20080413             —LEVERAGED, Der Kracher bei der DEUTSCHE—BANK ist: The value of, loans sitting on DEUTSCHE—BALANCE sheet is greater than its shareholder equity.
20080413             The bank is planning to sell on the loans to THE—PRIVATE—EQUITY funds at a loss to free up its balance sheet, according to market sources.
20080413             Ich übersetze das mal kurz, weil es so krass ist: deren Marktwert an der Börse ist kleiner als die Junkkredite, die sie da ausstehend haben.
20080413             Kurz gesagt: Götterdämmerung.
20080413             WALL—STREET mißbraucht die FED—AUKTIONEN direkt mal, um "HIGH—RISK corporate loans" als "Sicherheit" für Kredite vom Fed zu nehmen.
20080413             Corporate Loans, das sind dann Hedgefonds, die damit ihre HEUSCHRECKEN—TÄTIGKEITEN finanzieren.
20080413             Oder Venture Capital, das den Profit mitnimmt, aber das Risiko so an den STEUER—ZAHLER outsourced.
20080413             Airstrip 1—LEGT vor: Briten benutzen ANTITERROR—ERMÄCHTIGUNGSGESETZ, um Eltern zu überwachen.
20080413             The couple and their 3—CHILDREN were put under surveillance without their knowledge for more than 2—WEEKS using powers under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.
20080413             The family only found out about the spying when a school admissions manager told them.
20080413             The authority said it used the legislation to watch the family at home and in their daily movements because it wanted to know if they lived in the catchment area for a school which their 3-year-old daughter wanted to attend.
20080413             Die Überwachung sollte rausfinden, ob die im Einzugsbereich der Schule wohnen.
20080413             WTF?! Mit dem Geld, das das gekostet hat, hätten sie vermutlich eine neue Schule bauen können.
20080413             Nicht mal der Papst will noch den BUSH besuchen.
20080413             Ich vermute ja ein Mißverständnis.
20080413             Seit wann hat die katholische Kirche Probleme mit der Zusammenarbeit mit Diktatoren und Massenmördern.
20080413             Citigroup und Merrill Lynch schreiben zusammen noch mal mindestens 15—MILLIARDEN Dollar ab, und, meine Lieblingsmeldung:
20080413             In another sign of the intense pressure on leading banks, DEUTSCHE—BANK is attempting to offload some of its €35—BILLION (£28—BILLION) of toxic debt to a consortium of PRIVATE—EQUITY firms.
20080413             Die Spur des Menschen in der Geschichte - FRIEDRICH—SCHILLER alpha...
20080413             Flemmer: Für PHILIPP II. war dieses Weltverhängnis jedoch in der Tat eine.... eines riesigen Lagers von 60000 Leuten vor Pilsen in Böhmen gezeichnet.
20080413             Lasst uns ohne nachricht nit.
20080413             Botenwesen und.
20080413             Boten auf den Straßen zu folgen, die ihn von Wien über Budweis, Pilsen und Eger, wo der Kaiser...
20080413             Auch Usbekistan, wo die Bundeswehr den Flughafen Termes als Stützpunkt für den AFGHANISTAN—EINSATZ nutzt, habe die Kompetenz der deutschen Personenschützer in Anspruch genommen.
20080413             Raethjen wurde zum 19781231             auf eigenen Antrag aus der Bundeswehr entlassen.
20080413             Die Bundesregierung habe in Zeiten des TERROR—ISMUS verhindern wollen, dass die Palästinensische BEFREIUNGS—ORGANISATION (PLO) TERROR—ISTEN der deutschen Rote ARMEE—FRAKTION (RAF) Zuflucht bot.
20080413             Demnach sollte Muammar al Gaddafi vermitteln.
20080413             Quasi als "Dankeschön" habe man einen erfahrenen Personenschützer nach Libyen geschickt.
20080413             AFGHANISTAN: NATO—SOLDATEN werfen Waffenkiste über TALIBAN—GEBIET ab
20080413             NS—VERBRECHEN: Zug der Erinnerung erreicht BERLIN
20080413             BEWEGUNGEN &  Mission, JMEM (Youth With A Mission, YWAM ) arbeiten heute über 16.000—VOLLZEITLICHE Mitarbeiter in.
20080413             P. Tilmann Beller (Bewegungsleiter Österreich).
20080413             CorpWatch : EQUATORIAL—GUINEA: Death of a Mercenary + a Private Army
20080413             Surprisingly, it turned out that an ISRAEL—BUSINESSMAN, Moshe Regev ( Regenstreich ) was also associated with the group.
20080413             —SERVED, Regev, in THE—ISRAEL—DEFENSE.
20080413             Gewaltwelle im Irak: Amerikaner erleben blutigste Woche seit Jahresbeginn
20080413             Sternengucker: Astrologe sagt "Jahr der wütenden Frauen" voraus
20080413             KÖLN - Mit einer im Internet verabredeten SPONTAN—DEMO haben in der Nacht zum Sonntag rund 10000000             Teilnehmer den Verkehr in der Kölner Innenstadt teilweise lahmgelegt.
20080413             "Auf der Straße begannen die Teilnehmer zu musizieren und zu tanzen", hieß es im Polizeibericht.
20080413             Etliche der Demonstranten seien in ihren Kostümen als Sympathisanten einer "Clowns Armee" zu erkennen gewesen und wären damit wohl der "linken" Szene zuzurechnen.
20080413             "Aber deren Begehr ist uns nicht klar", sagte ein verdutzter Sprecher der Polizei: "Sie haben sogar Tische und Stühle mitgebracht und auf die Fahrbahn gestellt".
20080413             Ein Plakat habe den Slogan "Die Verhältnisse zum Tanzen bringen - Freiräume erkämpfen und verteidigen" gezeigt.
20080413             Erst nach Mitternacht habe sich die Demo aufgelöst.
20080413             Wo eine Algenblüte stattgefunden hat, hinterlässt sie eine Todeszone, weil das Phytoplankton den gesamten Sauerstoff des Wassers verbraucht hat.
20080413             Jeder Meeresbewohner, der sich in diese Todeszone verirrt, erstickt dort.
20080413             Auf Kreta herrschen derzeit 34—GRAD.
20080413             Und es bleibt erst einmal heiß.
20080413             Athen - Griechenland schwitzt unter Hitze und SAHARA—STAUB: Starke Südwestwinde haben riesige Wolken feinen Sandes aus Afrika über dem Südosten des europäischen Kontinents verteilt.
20080413             Zudem erreichte das Thermometer am Sonntag die 34—GRAD Celsius auf Kreta und auf 32—GRAD in Nordgriechenland.
20080413             Die Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft geht davon aus, dass die mittlere Lufttemperatur hierzulande im Jahr
20080413             "Durch die starke Luftverschmutzung wurde die Klimaerwärmung in Europa vorübergehend kompensiert", erläutert JOHANN—FEICHTER, Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe "Aerosole, Wolken, Klima" am MAX—PLANCK—INSTITUT für Meteorologie in HAMBURG.
20080413             Europa läuft heiß.
20080413             Doch die erfolgreichen Luftreinhaltemaßnahmen haben eine unbeabsichtigte Nebenwirkung, die erst jetzt deutlich hervortritt.
20080413             Weil die Atmosphäre über Europa immer sauberer wird, schlägt die Klimaerwärmung auf dem Kontinent umso stärker durch.
20080413             Die schwindenden Staubschleier sind offensichtlich der Grund dafür, dass sich Europa noch kräftiger aufheizt als andere Regionen in mittleren Breiten.
20080413             WELTBANK—PRÄSIDENT ROBERT—ZOELLICK schlug vor, dass die Staatsfonds dieser Welt ein % ihrer Anlagesumme investieren sollten, um der Wirtschaft in Afrika Impulse zu geben.
20080413             Gespräche dazu würden am Rande der WELTBANK—KONFERENZ laufen.
20080413             Jeder %punkt höhere Lebensmittelpreise bedrohe zusätzlich 16—MILLIONEN Menschen mit Hunger, erklärte die Ministerin.
20080413             DER—PREISANSTIEG bei Nahrungsmitteln könnte die Sicherheit in der Welt gefährden.
20080413             Sie machte besonders den Anbau von Pflanzen für Biosprit und damit verbunden die BIOSPRIT—STRATEGIE in Industrieländern verantwortlich.
20080413             Die Beimischungspflichten für Agrarkraftstoffe zu normalen Kraftstoffen müssten daher erst einmal ausgesetzt werden.
20080413             "Wenn die Lebensmittelpreise sich weiter so entwickeln wie zur Zeit..., werden die Auswirkungen schrecklich sein", sagte STRAUSS—KAHN auf einer Pressekonferenz.
20080413             "Hunderttausende werden an Hunger sterben..., was zur Zerrüttung des wirtschaftlichen Umfelds führen wird", warnte der IWF—CHEF.
20080413             Auf diese Weise könnten die Entwicklungsfortschritte in armen Ländern der vergangenen fünf bis zehn Jahre "vollständig zerstört" werden.
20080413             Schneller Pfänden: JUSTIZ—MINISTER wollen SCHULDNER—SCHUTZ lockern
20080413             Ungewöhnliche Hitzewelle: Griechenland schwitzt und staubt
20080413             KLIMA—HOTSPOT Europa: Saubere Luft heizt Europa ein
20080413             Verfolgte Gläubige: Schäuble will irakische Christen nach Deutschland holen
20080413             Preisexplosion: Währungsfonds warnt vor weltweiten HUNGER—UNRUHEN
20080413             Durch Missernten habe sich das Angebot verknappt.
20080413             3. Preissprung in diesem Jahr
20080413             Der Teuerungsrate von 7,1 % im
20080413             Die Großhandelspreise für Getreide, Saaten, Futtermittel stiegen sogar um 52,0 % im Vergleich zum
20080413             "Fahren Sie übers Land, schauen Sie sich die Verzweifelten an. Man kann mit ihnen machen, was man will. Sie haben nicht die Kraft, sich zu widersetzen. Sie haben nicht die Bildung".
20080413             "Die Amerikaner wollten Russland zuvorkommen und die Ausweitung des russischen Einflusses erschweren", sagt der JOURNALIST—STEVE—LEVINE vom "WALL—STREET Journal".
20080413             "Ich weiß nicht, bis zu welchem Grad sie bewusst übertrieben haben".
20080413             Transparency INTERNATIONAL (TI), die Nichtregierungsorganisation, die den internationalen Korruptionsdschungel zu lichten versucht, hat ermittelt, dass
20080413             gerade in Erdölländern die Einnahmen oft in den Taschen von Mittelsmännern und lokalen Offiziellen verschwinden.
20080413             179—LÄNDER listet TI auf, im Jahr
20080413             RAUMFAHRT—RECHT: Das All ist kein rechtsfreier Raum
20080413             HAITI: Regierung stürzt über zu hohe Lebensmittelpreise
20080413—19790000    —SCHON, LIBYEN—AFFÄRE: Deutsche Beamte haben Gaddafi geholfen
20080413—19820000    —SEIT, Wiesbaden/BERLIN - Solche Werte hat es nicht gegeben: Die Preissteigerung im Großhandel im März ist nach Angaben des Statistischen Bundesamts die höchste seit 26—JAHREN.
20080504             Threat Shuts Down Emergency Shuttle Landing Site in MOROCCO"/SPIEGEL+ NASA+... patients and the terminally ill + bombarded monkeys with microwaves. alfatomega.com/20050413.html
20090413             —EASED, USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, curbs on CUBA travel and money transfers.
20090413             CALIFORNIA, a jury found Phil Spector, 69—JAHRE—ALT, former rock-n-roll producer, guilty of 2.-DEGREE—MURDER 20030000             —IN—THE shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson (40).
20090413             —RULED, MINNESOTA—SENATE, race a unanimous 3-judge panel, in favor of Democrat AL—FRANKEN, but FORMER—REPUBLICAN SENATOR—NORM—COLEMAN swiftly announced he would take his fight to the state SUPREME—COURT.
20090413             —AFTER a statewide recount and 7-week trial, Franken stood 312—VOTES ahead.
20090413             AFGHANISTAN—OFFICIALS said an overnight NATO—LED airstrike on a remote village killed 6—CIVILIANS, including 2—CHILDREN.
20090413             —KILLED, Western forces said they, 4—8—ARMED—MILITANTS.
20090413             SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, Taliban gunmen used a firing squad to kill a young couple for trying to elope, shooting them with rifles in front of a crowd in a lawless, MILITANT—CONTROLLED region.
20090413             1—YOUNG woman CANADA—SOLDIER was killed in SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN and 4—OTHER soldiers were wounded when their armored vehicle hit a roadside bomb.
20090413             —DECLARED, ALGERIA—CONSTITUTIONAL council officially, Abdelaziz Bouteflika RE—ELECTED as PRESIDENT—OF—ALGERIA for a 3. mandate with 90.23% of the vote on a turnout of 74.56%.
20090413             —RELEASED, CHINA, its 1. HUMAN—RIGHTS action plan, pledging to improve the treatment of minorities and do more to prevent the torture of detainees but said that raising living standards would remain a central goal.
20090413             —REPORTED, It was, that EGYPT has cracked a major Hezbollah network and arrested 49—HEZBOLLAH members and sympathizers between November and January.
20090413             —OPENED, FRANCE, a 65-year-old man, fire on 3—PEOPLE apparently at random, killing 2. The man, who had holed up in a house in the town of DOUCHY—LES—MINES surrendered after the shootings.
20090413             INDIA, IJP candidate Bahadur Sonkar (48) was found hanging from an acacia tree in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh state.
20090413             Dhananjay Singh, a rival BSP candidate and alleged gangster, was ACCUSED—OF—SONKAR—MURDER.
20090413             IRAN, Roxana Saberi, 31—JAHRE—ALT, an IRANIAN—USA—JOURNALIST, was CONVICTED—OF—SPYING and soon sentenced to 8—YEARS in jail.
20090413             —KILLED, IRAQ, an USA—SOLDIER was, by an ARMOR—PIERCING bomb south of Baghdad.
20090413             —AMBUSHED, LEBANON, gunmen, GOVERNMENT—TROOPS in the east of THE—COUNTRY, spraying their military vehicle with gunfire and ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades.
20090413             4—SOLDIERS were killed and an officer was wounded in THE—ATTACK.
20090413             —OPENED, MEXICO—CONGRESS, a 3—DAY—DEBATE on the merits of legalizing marijuana for personal use, a policy backed by 3—FORMER—LATIN USA—PRESIDENTS who warned that a crackdown on drug cartels is not working.
20090413             —ARRESTED, MEXICO—AUTHORITIES, a woman guarding an arsenal that included the 1. ANTI—AIRCRAFT machine gun seized in MEXICO.
20090413             —CAPTURED, The army, RUBEN—GRANADOS—VARGAS, an alleged lieutenant for THE—BELTRAN—LEYVA drug cartel in THE—PACIFIC—COAST STATE—OF—GUERRERO.
20090413             —ATTACKED, SOUTH—NIGERIA, gunmen riding in 18—BOATS, a military houseboat outside an oil facility and commandeered a NAVAL—VESSEL.
20090413             The clashes left 9—MILITANTS and 1—NAVAL—RATING dead.
20090413             —SIGNED, PAKISTAN—PRESIDENT—ASIF—ALI—ZARDARI, 1—BILL imposing Islamic law in the Swat Valley.
20090413             —ARRESTED, PAKISTAN—MARITIME—SECURITY—AGENCY, 20—INDIA—FISHERMEN and seized their 4—BOATS for illegally trawling in its waters in the Arabian Sea.
20090413             —ESTIMATED, Authorities, that more than 100—PAKISTAN—FISHERMEN languished in INDIA—JAILS while INDIA—AUTHORITIES say nearly 500—INDIA—FISHERMEN were in PAKISTAN—PRISONS.
20090413             —UNMANNED, An, Palestinian fishing boat laden with HUNDREDS—OF—POUNDS of explosives blew up off the coast of Gaza in what THE—ISRAEL—MILITARY said was an attempt to attack a NAVAL—PATROL in the area.
20090413             —ADMITTED, PARAGUAY—PRESIDENT—FERNANDO—LUGO, that he is the father of a child conceived while he was still a CATHOLIC—BISHOP in S—PEDRO.
20090413             —COLLAPSED, PERU, a foot bridge in the highlands, sending DOZENS—OF—CHILDREN and teachers from a nearby school plunging more than 230—FEET (70—METERS) into a ravine and killing 2—TEACHERS and 6—SCHOOLCHILDREN.
20090413             POLAND—DEADLIEST fire in nearly 20091203             ades tore through a homeless shelter in the northwest, killing 21 and forcing parents to toss children from windows to rescuers.
20090413             1—RUSSIA—COURT ruled that tycoon ALEXANDER—LEBEDEV—REGISTRATION as a candidate in the mayoral race in the Olympic CITY—OF—SOCHI is illegitimate.
20090413             TAJIKISTAN, an independent audit was —POSTED indicating that the chairman of the Central Bank had diverted more than $850—MILLION to a company run by himself and his family.
20090413             1—FURTHER $221.5—MILLION allocated for investment in the cotton industry in 20040000—20070000     remained unaccounted for.
20090413             —UNLEASHED, THAILAND—TROOPS, volleys of gunfire in street battles with ANTI—GOVERNMENT protesters across Bangkok, forcing them back to their main rallying site in a final push to end days of turmoil.
20090413             —CONDEMNED, THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL unanimously, NORTH—KOREA'S 20090405              rocket launch, demanded an end to missile tests and said it will expand SANCTIONS—AGAINST—THE reclusive COMMUNIST—NATION.
20090413             0000—PM This is America.
20090413             Es handelt sich letztlich also nicht um eine Finanz-, sondern eine Überakkumulationskrise.
20090413             —CLAIMED, No group has, responsibility for the alleged demonstration.
20090413             Police arrest 114—PEOPLE in PRE—EMPTIVE strike against environmental protesters
20090413             • Activists held in Nottingham over alleged power station action
20090413             • Campaigners suspect tipoff from informer
20090413             Ergänzung zu Kurzarbeit: Staat erwägt massiven Eingriff in den Arbeitsmarkt
20090413             Blutige Krawalle: Thailands REVOLUTION der einfachen Leute
20090413             114—HELD in biggest PRE—EMPTIVE strike against environmental protesters
20090413             At the same time, other European ships have been looting SOMALIA—SEAS of their greatest resource: seafood.
20090413             —DESTROYED, We have, our own fish stocks by OVER—EXPLOITATION - and now we have moved on to theirs.
20090413             More than $300—MILLION worth of tuna, shrimp, lobster and other sea life is being stolen EVERY—YEAR by vast trawlers illegally sailing into SOMALIA—UNPROTECTED seas.
20090413             The local fishermen have suddenly lost their livelihoods, and they are starving.
20090413             MOHAMMED—HUSSEIN, a fisherman in the town of Marka 100km south of Mogadishu, told Reuters:
20090413             "If nothing is done, there soon won't be much fish left in our coastal waters".
20090413             This is the context in which the men we are calling "pirates" have emerged.
20090413             —AUFSTAND in THAILAND: Tote und Verletzte bei Straßenschlachten in Bangkok
20090413             Ostermärsche: Rund 20.000—MENSCHEN demonstrierten für den Frieden
20090413             OPEL—MUTTERKONZERN: USA—REGIERUNG drängt GENERAL—MOTORS zu Insolvenzplan
20090413             USA—AKTIENMÄRKTE: Riskante Rallye verunsichert Börsenexperten
20090413             Notstand in Bangkok: Thailands Armee feuert auf Demonstranten
20090413             Unruhen in Bangkok: Thailändische Militärs treiben Demonstranten auseinander
20090413—19620000    —IN, A broader economic embargo introduced by USA—PRESIDENT—KENNEDY remained in place.
20090413—19960000    —FROM, The Ernst & Young audit said that under Murodali ALIMARDONOV—STEWARDSHIP, to 20080000             , the Central Bank paid about $856—MILLION to his CREDIT—INVEST company, a general purpose investment concern.
20090413—20081100    —IN—THE, Rehman MALIK—PAKISTAN—TOP civilian security official, said authorities in Karachi have arrested a Shahid JAMIL—RIAZ, a 5. suspect SIEGE—OF—MUMBAI.
20090413—20090511    —ON, She was released from jail after an appeals court suspended her sentence.
20100411             The orders have been —POSTED on the Web site of the military prosecutor and are to go into effect 20100413           .
20100411             The orders have been —POSTED on the Web site of the military prosecutor and are to go into effect 20100413           .
20100413             USA—OFFICIALS said USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA is reviving THE—NASA crew capsule concept that he had canceled with the rest of the moon program earlier this year, in a move that will mean more jobs and less reliance on the Russians.
20100413             —CALLED, The space capsule, Orion, will go unmanned to THE—INTERNATIONAL—SPACE Station to stand by as an emergency vehicle to return astronauts home.
20100413             —AGREED, WASHINGTON—DC, the leaders of 47—NATIONS, to a voluntary program to prevent WEAPONS—GRADE nuclear materials from falling into the hands of terrorists.
20100413             —KILLED, THE—SF, Bay Area Parima Parineh (56) was, at her Woodside home.
20100413             She had a $31—MILLION life insurance policy.
20100413             —CHARGED, CHILE—ROMAN—CATHOLIC—PRIEST Ricardo Munoz Quinteros (55) was, with 8—CASES of sexually abusing minors, including his own daughter.
20100413             1—TOP CHILE—EXECUTIVE, Roberto Baudrand, 59—JAHRE—ALT, was found dead in his Havana apartment after being detained by CUBA—AUTHORITIES investigating his company, which is owned by a REVOLUTIONARY—TURNED—BUSINESSMAN and friend of FIDEL—CASTRO.
20100413             Baudrand was general manager of Alimentos RIO—ZAZA—SA and served as point man in CUBA for business leader MAX—MARAMBIO.
20100413             —SIGNED, ETHIOPIA—AUTHORITIES and the European Union, accords allowing EU observers to monitor MAY—GENERAL elections in the Horn of Africa country.
20100413             1. lady Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to the ruins of THE—HAITI—CAPITAL, a HIGH—PROFILE reminder that HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS remain in desperate straits 3—MONTHS after the earthquake.
20100413             —CELEBRATED, INDIA—SIKHS, World Turban Day to demonstrate the importance of retaining the headgear rather than adopting WESTERN—STYLE haircuts.
20100413             —KILLED, INDIA—KASHMIR, 1—PERSON was, and 24—HURT during a strike to protest the conviction of 6—MUSLIMS, including a Kashmiri separatist, for a 19960000              bombing in New Delhi.
20100413             —DEMOLISHED, INDIA, a cyclone, 10—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—MUD huts, killing 137—VILLAGERS in the northeastern parts of WEST—BENGAL and Bihar states.
20100413             Officials later said more than 200,000 houses were fully or severely damaged by the storm, which packed wind speeds of 120—KPH (75—MPH).
20100413             —PLANTED, IRAQ, a bomb, inside a Baghdad liquor store killed 3—PEOPLE and wounded 7.
20100413             —PERMITTED, ISRAEL—SUPREME—COURT, an ISRAELI—ARAB author to travel to LEBANON to receive a literary award.
20100413             —INVITED, ALA—HLEHEL, 35—JAHRE—ALT was, to the Beirut39 Festival THIS—WEEK, but laws in enemy nations prevented him from going.
20100413             —ACCLAIMED, Hlehel is, for a collection of short stories called "The Circus" and a play.
20100413             —ORDERED, GAZA—HAMAS rulers, residents to shut smuggling tunnels along the border with EGYPT indefinitely, cutting off the economic lifeline for 1.5—MILLION Palestinians in the impoverished territory.
20100413             An ISRAEL—SPOKESMAN said at least 2—PALESTINIAN—MILITANTS were killed and 2—WOUNDED when ISRAEL—TROOPS shot at them as they tried to plant explosives near the border.
20100413             KYRGYZSTAN—DEPOSED president said he will resign if the interim authorities guarantee his security, and THE—HEAD—OF—THE security services said he was ready to make such a promise.
20100413             KYRGYZSTAN—INTERIM leader said her government will extend the lease of A—USA—AIR—BASE key to the war in AFGHANISTAN.
20100413             † In NORTH—MEXICO 2—SOLDIERS and 2—GUNMEN in a shootout.
20100413             Soldiers patrolling in the border STATE—OF—NUEVO—LEON gave chase to 6—SUSPICIOUS cars that crossed into neighboring Tamaulipas state, where a gunbattle ensued in the town of Comales.
20100413             —REMOVED, NICARAGUA, and destroyed its last ANTI—PERSONNEL mine.
20100413             NIGERIA—ANTI—CORRUPTION agency sought the arrest of Chief JAMES—IBORI, a FORMER—GOVERNOR—OF—THE—OIL—RICH—DELTA—STATE (19990000—20070000    ), suspected of siphoning off MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS of state assets.
20100413             —RALLIED, HUNDREDS—OF—NIGERIA—YOUTHS, in the commercial capital LAGOS demanding Acting PRESIDENT—GOODLUCK—JONATHAN implement much needed electoral reforms to ensure credible national polls next year.
20100413             —LAUNCHED, NORWAY—NOKIA—CORP., 3—LESS—EXPENSIVE smart phones, including its 1. model expected to sell for under euro100 ($135), in a strong move to grab new customers in emerging markets.
20100413             —DISGUISED, In THE—PHILIPPINES Muslim militants, as policemen and soldiers detonated bombs and opened fire in a series of coordinated attacks in southern in Isabela city, triggering clashes that killed at least 13—PEOPLE.
20100413             —INCLUDED, The death toll, 3—MARINES, a POLICE—OFFICER and 3—MILITANTS, including Bensar Indama, the brother of militant leader Puruji Indama, whose body was found in a police uniform.
20100413             —STOPPED, SOMALIA—RADIO stations, playing music after hardline militants called it UN—ISLAMIC and ordered stations to take songs off the air.
20100413             Somalis in Mogadishu could still listen to music on 2—STATIONS: 1—THAT THE—GOVERNMENT controls and another funded by THE—UN.
20100413             SUDAN—TRICKLED into polling stations following a 2—DAY—EXTENSION of the vote aimed at making up for a chaotic start to THE—COUNTRY's 1. competitive election in over 20101202             ades.
20100413             ZIMBABWE—GOVERNMENT withdrew a controversial law that would have seen foreign firms forced to cede 51—PERCENT of their shares to locals.
20100413             —BURNED, ZIMBABWE, at least 25—PEOPLE were, to death and 2—DOZEN others injured when a bus collided with a truck laden with fertilizer on a highway in the northwest.
20100413—20100622    —ON, THE—GENEVA[GENF] INTERNATIONAL—CENTER—FOR—HUMANITARIAN Demining, or GICHD, said NICARAGUA has become the last country in CENTRAL—AMERICA to clear its TERRITORY—OF—THE banned weapon.
20110413             —ORDERED, THE—USA—FEDERAL—GOVERNMENT, 16—OF the nation's largest mortgage lenders and servicers to reimburse homeowners who were improperly foreclosed upon.
20110413             THE—USA—JUSTICE Department and FBI said they have seized computers and filed a civil complaint in a bid to disable a malicious botnet system called Coreflood, which has operated for nearly a decade stealing personal passwords and private financial information.
20110413             THE—CIVIL—COMPLAINT was against 13—JOHN—DOE defendants related to the Coreflood botnet.
20110413             —TESTED, THE—USA—NAVY said it successfully, a high energy laser from a ship LAST—WEEK.
20110413             The laser beam could set on fire boat engines, such as those used by SOMALIA—PIRATES.
20110413             1—JURY in S—FRANCISCO—CALIFORNIA, convicted former baseball star BARRY—BONDS of obstruction of justice regarding his use of PERFORMANCE—ENHANCING drugs.
20110413             —RESIGNED, S—FRANCISCO—BART—GENERAL—MANAGER—DOROTHY—DUGGAR, after accepting a severance deal worth nearly $1—MILLION.
20110413             CALIFORNIA—STATE's insurance commissioner said Sutter Health, 1—OF the state's largest health care givers, fraudulently charged insurers up to HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS over the past decade for anesthesia services that in some cases were not even provided.
20110413             —PLANNED, Officials in WASHINGTON—DC said they, to set up 20—30—ONLINE gambling hot spots by September in an EFFORT—TO generate revenue.
20110413             SOUTH—DAKOTA inmates ERIC—ROBERT, 48—JAHRE—ALT and RODNEY—BERGET, 48—JAHRE—ALT were charged with 1. degree felony murder.
20110413             —ATTACKED, They had, prison guard RONALD—JOHNSON, 63—JAHRE—ALT, wrapped his head in plastic shrink wrap and left him to die as they used his uniform in an unsuccessful escape attempt.
20110413             TENNESSEE, nursing student Holly Bobo (20) was last seen as she prepared to leave for college classes.
20110413             2—OTHER men faced CHARGES—OF—KIDNAPPING, raping and killing Bobo.
20110413             16—CIVILIANS and at least 4—DISARMED soldiers were killed in the village.
20110413             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, a suicide bomber, 10—PEOPLE in 1—ATTACK—ON—PEACE—TALKS between tribal elders in EAST—KUNAR province.
20110413             † Former mujahideen commander MOHAMMAD—ZARIN along with 9—OTHERS.
20110413             —DESCRIBED, ABU—HAFS—AL—NAJDI, as an "AL—QAEDA senior leader," was killed in an air strike in Kunar province.
20110413             THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—MAN was also known as ABDUL—GHANI.
20110413             † BAHRAIN—SHIITE opposition party said that another 1—OF—ITS supporters, the 4. to date, has in POLICE—CUSTODY.
20110413             † Haji KARIM—FAKHRAWI in "mysterious circumstances," while his relatives pointed to a body covered in bruises saying he had † of torture.
20110413             —CITED, The official news agency, the medical examiner from the army hospital saying Fakhrawi † of kidney failure.
20110413             —ANNOUNCED, BELARUS PRESIDENT—LUKASHENKO, 3—SUSPECTS had confessed to 20110411             —THE—MINSK metro bombing that killed 12 as he threatened a new wave of repression AGAINST—THE—OPPOSITION.
20110413             2—MORE suspects were detained by THE—NEXT—DAY.
20110413             —APPROVED, COLOMBIA—INTERIOR—MINISTER, the extradition to VENEZUELA of WALID—MAKLED, a reputed drug kingpin who has publicly accused his home country's ruling elite of deep involvement in cocaine trafficking.
20110413             It will take at least 5—DAYS to extradite Makled, in order to give him a chance to appeal the decision.
20110413             COLOMBIA, a river swollen with heavy rains swept a passenger bus off a highway in the mountainous northwest, killing at least 16—PEOPLE and leaving 4—OTHERS missing.
20110413             EGYPT—OUSTED PRESIDENT—HOSNI—MUBARAK was put under detention in his hospital room for investigation on accusations of corruption, abuse of power and killings of protesters.
20110413             His sons Alaa and Gamal were taken to Tora Prison outside Cairo.
20110413             —QUOTED, IRAN's 1. VICE—PRESIDENT was, as saying in THE—GOVERNMENTAL newspaper that IRAN has stopped refueling "western passenger planes" since EUROPE—BOUND IRAN—COMMERCIAL planes were refused fuelling there.
20110413             —RECOGNIZED, IVORY—COAST, forces loyal to, PRESIDENT—ALASSANE—OUATTARA went house to house searching for former soldiers, whom they shot and killed.
20110413             THE—UN HUMAN—RIGHTS office in GENEVA[GENF] said 536—PEOPLE had been killed in THE—COUNTRY's west in recent weeks.
20110413             —DOWNGRADED, JAPAN—GOVERNMENT, its assessment of the economy for the 1. time in 6—MONTHS to reflect last month's devastating earthquake and tsunami.
20110413             WHOLESALE—PRICES rose at the fastest pace in more than 2—YEARS in an ominous sign for company profit margins.
20110413             —PLEADED, LIBYA—REBELS along THE—EAST—FRONT line, again for more NATO—AIR—STRIKES and expressed hope that political developments will allow them to advance on Moammar GADHAFI—TERRITORY.
20110413             —GATHERED, Top Western and Arab envoys, in QATAR—CAPITAL to discuss ways to end THE—LIBYA—CRISIS.
20110413             —ADDRESSED, MEMBERS—OF—THE Transitional NATIONAL—CTOUNCIL, the contact group as an alternative voice for LIBYA—PEOPLE.
20110413             —ARRESTED, MEXICO—ATTORNEY—GENERAL said security forces, 16—MUNICIPAL POLICE—OFFICERS ACCUSED—OF—PROTECTING drug gang hitmen who massacred DOZENS—OF—PEOPLE near THE—USA—BORDER.
20110413             —KILLED, NEPAL, lightning strikes over the last 24—HOURS, 6—PEOPLE in 3—SEPARATE districts.
20110413             —KILLED, PAKISTAN, 2—USA—MISSILE strikes, 6—ALLEGED AFGHANISTAN—TALIBAN—FIGHTERS in THE—SOUTH—WAZIRISTAN tribal region, just days after PAKISTAN—AUTHORITIES asked for greater limits on such attacks.
20110413             SOUTH—AFRICA, Andries Tatane, a demonstrator in a central town protesting LACK—OF—BASIC services, was beaten to death by police.
20110413             8—POLICE—OFFICERS soon faced murder and other charges after state television showed images of the beating.
20110413             —FIRED, SWAZILAND—POLICE, tear gas and water cannons for a 2. day on at teachers poised to march in the commercial capital.
20110413             SYRIA, THOUSANDS—OF—WOMEN and children holding white flags and olive branches blocked a main coastal highway, demanding authorities release detainees picked up during a crackdown on opponents of SYRIA—PRESIDENT—ASSAD—AUTHORITARIAN regime.
20110413             —RELEASED, Authorities, about 100—OF the detainees and brought them to the area where the protesters had gathered.
20110413             —TURNED, Protesters, out at Damascus University in the capital and in ALEPPO UNIVERSITY—THE—COUNTRY's north.
20110413             THE—PRESIDENTS—OF—TURKEY and PAKISTAN, meeting in Ankara, said they would support initiatives designed to end the war in AFGHANISTAN, but they declined to confirm that a plan is under way to open a political office for Taliban in TURKEY to promote PEACE—TALKS.
20110413             —KILLED, THE—UN said that more than 800—PEOPLE have been, and 94,000 displaced because of violence in SOUTH—SUDAN this year.
20110413             1—TOP official warned of a humanitarian crisis if the violence continues.
20110413             1—MILITIA aligned with the northern government reportedly attacked EL—FEID and the nearby VILLAGE—OF—UM Barmbita in the Nuba Mountains of SOUTH—KORDOFAN state.
20110413             —BURNED, Attackers, between 300 to 500—HOUSES and reportedly killed more than 20—PEOPLE, including women and children.
20110413             —SEIZED, VENEZUELA—POLICE, 66—POUNDS (30—KG) of cocaine aboard a bus carrying MEMBERS—OF—THE—GOVERNMENT—ORGANIZED militias.
20110413             5—SUSPECTS, including the bus driver and his assistant, were arrested.
20110413             —CLASHED, YEMEN—SECURITY forces, with THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS who hurled rocks and burned tires in THE—SOUTHERN port CITY—OF—ADEN.
20110413             Soldiers shot dead 2—ANTI—REGIME protesters and wounded 9—OTHERS in different sectors of the port CITY—OF—ADEN.
20110413             —ATTACKED, Police, an army checkpoint in Amran province," 170—KM (105—MILES) north of Sanaa, killing 1—OFFICER and wounding 2—SOLDIERS.
20110413—19800000    —IN, ZIMBABWE, a government minister and a ROMAN—CATHOLIC—PRIEST were arrested and detained by police for holding a memorial service for victims of massacres in WEST—ZIMBABWE after independence.
20110413—19930400    —IN, Edin Dzeko (39) of WASHINGTON state was arrested for extraction to BOSNIA for his alleged participation in THE—MASSACRE of Croatian civilians in THE—VILLAGE—OF—TRUSINA as a MEMBER—OF—A BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—ARMY unit.
20110413—20110426    —ON, NATO made the announcement.
20110413—20111115    —ON, Dzeko agreed to be extradited to BOSNIA.
20110413—20130913    —ON, a federal appeals court upheld the felony conviction.
20110413—20140907    —ON, Her partial remains were found, near where she was last seen.
20110413—20150422    —ON, the conviction was reversed in a 10-20111201             ision by a limited en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit Court.
20110413—20170923    —ON, ZACHARY—ADAMS, 33—JAHRE—ALT avoided a possible death penalty by agreeing to a sentence of life in prison plus 50—YEARS.
20120406—20120413    —ON, they were charged with 1. DEGREE—MURDER.
20120406—20120413    —ON, they were charged with 1. DEGREE—MURDER.
20120413             —ARRIVED, USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, in CARTAGENA—COLOMBIA, for meetings with 33—OTHER regional leaders for THE—SUMMIT of the Americas THIS—WEEKEND.
20120413             11—USA—SECRET—SERVICE—AGENTS, sent to provide security for USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA, were reported to have visited prostitutes in Cartagena.
20120413             At least 20—WOMEN were in hotel rooms with USA agents and military personnel just before USA—PRESIDENT—BARACK—OBAMA arrived for THE—SUMMIT.
20120413             The top USA aid official said THE—COUNTRY is drastically reducing THE—NUMBER—OF—AID projects in PAKISTAN as part of reforms aimed at improving the distribution of BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in funding.
20120413             —PASSED, ARIZONA, legislation that bans most abortions after 20—WEEKS.
20120413             —LAUNCHED, AUSTRALIA—QANTAS, the nation's 1. commercial flight using a mixture of refined cooking oil, saying it would not survive if it relied solely on traditional jet fuel.
20120413             1—UNITED—KINGDOM—JUDGE sentenced computer hacker JAMES—JEFFERY, 27—JAHRE—ALT to 2—YEARS and 8—MONTHS in jail for breaking into the website of BRITAIN—BIGGEST abortion provider and stealing the personal details of THOUSANDS—OF—WOMEN.
20120413             —DISCOVERED, CHINA, an outbreak of H5N1 bird flu was, in Touying township of the Ningxia region after over 23,000 chickens began showing symptoms.
20120413             —CULLED, Some 95,000 chickens were quickly.
20120413             —PACKED, EGYPT, THOUSANDS—OF—ISLAMISTS, CAIRO—TAHRIR—SQUARE to pressure THE—COUNTRY's ruling generals to bar Hosni MUBARAK—ERA officials, including his former spy chief, from running in the upcoming PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTIONS.
20120413             —UNIDENTIFIED, GUINEA—BISSAU, a communique from an, MILITARY—COMMANDER was released claiming soldiers do not want to seize power, but instead were trying to halt an invasion from ANGOLA—TROOPS.
20120413             —CLAIMED, The unidentified MILITARY—COMMANDER, that PRIME—MINISTER—GOMES was going to allow troops from ANGOLA, another FORMER—PORTUGAL—COLONY in Africa, to attack military forces in GUINEA—BISSAU.
20120413             —CONDEMNED, THE—UN—SECURITY—COUNCIL unanimously, the coup.
20120413             —DESCRIBED, INDIA—FINANCE—MINISTER—PRANAB—MUKHERJEE, as "totally baffling" a huge downward revision in industrial output data that undermined hopes the nation's economy was recovering.
20120413             —REVISED, ;;01;; industrial output growth 1—DAY—EARLIER was, downward to 1.1—PERCENT from an initial 6.8—PERCENT estimate.
20120413             —ARRESTED, INDONESIA—POLICE, 2—SUSPECTED terrorists in the town of Bima in WEST—NUSA Tenggara province.
20120413             —KILLED, The suspects were part of a terror group that, a POLICE—OFFICER in a 20100000              bank robbery in THE—NORTH—SUMATRA town of Medan.
20120413             1—JAPANESE "black widow" was sentenced to death in a case known by the name of the female spider that eats its partner after mating.
20120413             —CONVICTED, Kanae Kijima (37) was, of murdering 3—MEN, aged 41, 53 and 80, whom she met through Internet dating sites.
20120413             MYANMAR, UNITED—KINGDOM—PRIME—MINISTER—DAVID—CAMERON and opposition leader Aung S—SUU—KYI issued a joint call for the suspension of SANCTIONS—AGAINST—THE former pariah state after landmark talks.
20120413             Cameron also met reformist PRESIDENT—THEIN—SEIN as he became the 1. Western leader in decades to visit THE—COUNTRY.
20120413             —SIGNED, NIGERIA—PRESIDENT—GOODLUCK—JONATHAN, on a $31—BILLION budget for 20120000              in AFRICA—LARGEST crude producer amid concern it has not done enough to guard against a possible future slide in OIL—PRICES.
20120413             NIGERIA, the Movement for the Emancipation of THE—NIGER Delta (MEND) attacked oil installations belonging to ITALY—FIRM ENI.
20120413             —HAILED, NORTH—KOREA—SATELLITE launch, as a moment of national pride, ended in failure when the rocket disintegrated over the Yellow Sea, earning Pyongyang embarrassment as well as condemnation from a host of nations that deemed it a covert test of missile technology.
20120413             —SUSPECTED, In THE—PHILIPPINES, extortionists bombed a bus in Carmen town, NORTH—COTABATO province, killing 3—PASSENGERS and wounding 16—OTHERS.
20120413             —WARNED, SPAIN—OFFICIALS, ARGENTINA that THE—COUNTRY risks becoming "an INTERNATIONAL pariah" if it follows through on its threats to nationalize SPANISH—OWNED energy company REPSOL—MAJORITY stake in its SOUTH—USA—YPF unit. concern" YPF represents 42—PERCENT of REPSOL—TOTAL reserves, estimated at 2.1—BILLION barrels of crude.
20120413             —INJURED, SPAIN—KING—JUAN—CARLOS, 74—JAHRE—ALT was, while on an expensive elephant hunting trip in BOTSWANA amid the nation's deep financial woes.
20120413             —REQUIRED, The accident, a hip replacement and led to scathing criticism amid the nation's deep financial woes.
20120413             SYRIA, tens of THOUSANDS—OF—POURED into the streets for ANTI—GOVERNMENT protests in the 1. major test of a UN—BROKERED truce.
20120413             GOVERNMENT—TROOPS fought with rebels near the border with TURKEY, and other scattered violence was reported.
20120413             6—CIVILIANS were killed.
20120413             THE—YEMEN—DEFENSE—MINISTRY said that the death toll among AL—QAIDA—MILITANTS in clashes in Abyan province had reached nearly 200.
20120413             ZIMBABWE state media said THE—COUNTRY will suffer a 1—MILLION ton maize deficit due to drought, after nearly half of THE—NATIONAL—CROP now coming up for harvest has failed.
20120413             —APPEALED, THE—UNITED—NATIONS has already, for $488—MILLION—DOLLARS in food aid for ZIMBABWE for LAST—YEAR and the 1. months of this year.
20120413—20080000    —IN, 1—DAY—EARLIER Enkhbayar released internal government documents finding PRESIDENT—TSAKHIAGIIN—ELBEGDORJ responsible for inciting deadly violence following the last parliamentary elections.
20120413—20110308    —IN—THE, He was also implicated, theft of a 20080000              Lamborghini from UNITED—KINGDOM—MOTOR—CAR—DISTRIBUTORS in S—FRANCISCO.
20120413—20120428    —ON, A gunman on a motorcycle fired 5—SHOTS at a couple in pickup truck in Mill VALLEY—CALIFORNIA MAX—WADE, 17—JAHRE—ALT was arrested.
20120413—20120428    —ON, The car and motorcycle were found in storage locker in RICHMOND—CALIFORNIA.
20120413—20120701    —ON, AUSTRALIA—TAX on carbon emissions comes into force.
20120413—20121030    —ON, Wade was CONVICTED—OF—1—COUNT—OF—ATTEMPTED murder and of auto theft.
20120413—20140123    —ON, Wade was sentenced to life in prison.
20120413—20180000    —BY, CANADA unveiled LONG—DELAYED regulations for cutting emissions that aim to make big trucks and buses up to 23—PERCENT less polluting.
20130408—20130413    —ON, THE—PHILIPPINES—AUTHORITIES found inside the ship more than 10,000 kg (22,000 pounds) of meat from a protected species, the pangolin or scaly anteater.
20130408—20130413    —ON, THE—PHILIPPINES—AUTHORITIES found inside the ship more than 10,000 kg (22,000 pounds) of meat from a protected species, the pangolin or scaly anteater.
20130413             —INCREASED, Months of, tension at THE—GUANTANAMO—BAY prison boiled over into a clash between guards and detainees as the military closed Camp 6, a communal section of the facility and moved its inmates into single cells.
20130413             —COVERED, Prisoners participating in a hunger strike had, up security cameras and blocked windows.
20130413             —ACCEPTED, S—FRANCISCO—SYMPHONY musicians, concessions and voted to ratify a new 26-month contract.
20130413             —DENOUNCED, The renowned London SCHOOL—OF—ECONOMICS, THE—BBC for using a STUDENT—ORGANIZED trip to NORTH—KOREA as "cover" for a reporting trip to the secretive communist country.
20130413             —ELECTED, He was the only candidate and was, unanimously by THE—105—COUNCIL members.
20130413             —AIMED, CHINA and THE—USA—COMMITTED to a process, at ridding NORTH—KOREA of its nuclear weapons.
20130413             † CHINA—OFFICIALS said a girl (7) has in Beijing from H7N9 bird flu, becoming the 11. victim tied to THE—NEW—STRAIN.
20130413             FRANCE, Redoine FAID—TOOK 4—GUARDS hostage and used explosives hidden inside tissue packets to blast his way out of a prison in Lille, near THE—BELGIUM—BORDER.
20130413             INDONESIA, a Lion Air plane carrying more than 100—PASSENGERS overshot a runway on THE—INDONESIA—RESORT island of Bali and crashed into the sea.
20130413             —EVACUATED, All of the passengers and crew were, from the plane.
20130413             7—PASSENGERS were taken to Sanglah hospital with head wounds and broken bones.
20130413             —REOPENED, NETHERLANDS' QUEEN—BEATRIX officially, the Rijksmuseum, THE—COUNTRY's national museum, AFTER—A—10—YEAR, 375—MILLION euro ($480—MILLION) renovation.
20130413             —PLANTED, NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, a bomb, in a bus killed at least 8—PASSENGERS and wounded 7—OTHERS as it passed a crowded bazar on its way from Peshawar to a nearby town.
20130413             —RESIGNED, Palestinian PRIME—MINISTER—SALAAM—FAYYAD, leaving the Palestinians without 1—OF—THEIR most moderate and WELL—RESPECTED voices just as THE—USA—BEGAN launching a new push for Mideast peace.
20130413             —PLUNGED, PERU, a bus, off an Andean highway into a river, killing at least 27—PEOPLE.
20130413             —UNVEILED, POLAND, a giant statue of the late JOHANNES—PAULUS—II—PAPA in THE—SOUTHERN CITY—OF—CZESTOCHOWA and billed it as the world's tallest.
20130413             —NAMED, Russia, 18—AMERICANS banned from entering THE—COUNTRY in response to WASHINGTON imposing sanctions on 18—RUSSIANS for alleged HUMAN—RIGHTS violations.
20130413             1—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT airstrike on Saraqeb in THE—COUNTRY's northwest killed at least 20—PEOPLE.
20130413             1—GOVERNMENT air raid on the disputed SHEIKH—MAQSOUD neighborhood in ALEPPO killed at least 3—PEOPLE and wound 16—OTHERS.
20130413             —BESIEGED, SYRIA—TROOPS, trying to relieve a, military base, ambushed a rebel checkpoint, killing at least 21—OPPOSITION fighters.
20130413             —MARKED, FRANCIS—PAPA, his 1. month as pope by naming 9—HIGH—RANKING prelates from around the globe to a permanent advisory group to help him run THE—CATHOLIC—CHURCH and study a reform of THE—VATICAN bureaucracy.
20130413—20121100    —IN, CONGO—JUSTICE—MINISTER—WIVINE—MUMBA said 12—SENIOR officers in THE—CONGO—ARMY have been arrested for responsibility for mass rapes committed by several army units in EAST—CONGO.
20130413—20130529    —ON, THE—FRANCE—INTERIOR—MINISTRY said Faid was arrested overnight in PONTAUT—COMBAULT with an accomplice.
20140413             WASHINGTON—DC a G20 official said reforms to THE—INTERNATIONAL—MONETARY—FUND have hit a deadlock despite a declaration from global financial chiefs that they would move forward without THE—USA—IF it fails to ratify the changes by YEAR—END.
20140413             —KILLED, KANSAS, 3—PEOPLE were, after Frazier GLENN—MILLER, 73—JAHRE—ALT of AURORA—MONTANA, opened fire outside at 2—JEWISH—SITES in Overland Park.
20140413             —ARRESTED, UTAH, Megan Huntsman (39) was, after police reported tiny bodies stuffed into separate cardboard boxes in the garage of her former home in Pleasant Grove.
20140413             She had 7—BABIES between 19960000              and 20060000           .
20140413             —DISCOVERED, Estranged husband DARREN—WEST, the bodies 1—DAY—EARLIER while cleaning out the garage.
20140413             An AFGHANISTAN—OFFICIAL said 1,892 complaints of fraud in this month's PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION are being investigated but the number is lower than that of the last election.
20140413             1—TALIBAN ambush killed 3—MEMBERS—OF—A local MILITIA that rose up against insurgent control in Andar district in the eastern province of Ghazni.
20140413             —KILLED, ALGERIA, 6—ARMED—MILITANTS were, in operations in the center and FAR—EAST of THE—COUNTRY.
20140413             —CAPTURED, WILSON—KIPSANG, 32—JAHRE—ALT of KENYA, his 2. London Marathon title by breaking the course record by 11—SECONDS in 2—HOURS, 4—MINUTES, 29—SECONDS.
20140413             KENYA—EDNA—KIPLAGAT saw off compatriot wFLORENCE Kiplagat to win the women's London Marathon.
20140413             —REPORTED, CHINA—STATE media, that authorities have seized more than 10,000 illegal guns in THE—SOUTHWESTERN province of Guizhou, marking its largest haul of illegal firearms.
20140413             15—PEOPLE suspected of being part of a criminal gang involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of firearms were arrested.
20140413             —AGREED, CHINA—CONGLOMERATE Sanpower said it has, to buy a majority stake in UNITED—KINGDOM—DEPARTMENT store HOUSE—OF—FRASER in a deal worth £480—MILLION (578—MILLION—EUROS, $800—MILLION).
20140413             —REPORTED, EGYPT—STATE news agency, the arrest of Wael AHMED—ABDEL—FATTAH, a veteran of THE—SYRIA—CIVIL—WAR, on suspicion of planning terrorist acts inside EGYPT.
20140413             GERMANY—MEDIA citing official sources said THE—GOVERNMENT will not approve a reported deal to sell up to 800—LEOPARD—2—BATTLE tanks to SAUDI—ARABIA.
20140413             —WATERSHED, GUINEA—BISSAU held, elections for a president and parliament aimed at ushering in a new era of stability in a country plagued by drugs and upended by a MILITARY—COUP.
20140413             —LAUDED, HONG—KONG—WONG—KAR—WAI—MUCH, kung fu epic "The Grandmaster" won a record dozen honors at THE—HONG—KONG—FILM—AWARDS.
20140413             —KILLED, NORTH—IRAQ, bombings targeting security forces, at least 16—PEOPLE.
20140413             ISRAEL—IBRAHIM—HAMED, a FORMER—HAMAS military leader serving multiple life sentences, declared an OPEN—ENDED hunger strike in protest at his solitary confinement.
20140413             —TESTED, JAPAN—AGRICULTURAL—MINISTRY said 2—CHICKENS have, positive for avian influenza at a farm where more than 1,000 chickens have †, marking THE—COUNTRY's 1. case of bird flu in 3—YEARS.
20140413             —SUSPECTED, KASHMIR, rebels attacked a PRO—INDIA politician's house with a hail of bullets killing 2—POLICE guards.
20140413             —STEPPED, LIBYA—PRIME—MINISTER—ABDULLAH—AL—THANI, down, saying he and his family had been the victims of a "traitorous" armed attack the previous day.
20140413             Thani said he would stay on in a caretaker capacity until a new PRIME—MINISTER is appointed.
20140413             —VOTED, Macedonians, for a new president in a poll seen as a test for the ruling party AHEAD—OF—GENERAL elections later this month in THE—EU candidate country.
20140413             1—MALAYSIA—MAN, 54—JAHRE—ALT, who went on a pilgrimage to SAUDI—ARABIA, became the 1. death in Asia from MIDDLE—EAST respiratory syndrome (MERS).
20140413             THE—NETHERLANDS, Eliud Kipchoge of KENYA won the Rotterdam Marathon, but failed in his bid to break the course record on a windy day in the port city.
20140413             —FILLED, The streets of NORTH—KOREA—CAPITAL, with runners from all over the world for the annual Pyongyang marathon, which was open to foreign amateurs this year for the 1. time.
20140413             —RALLIED, MOSCOW, more than 10,000—PEOPLE, to denounce RUSSIA—STATE TV news coverage particularly of the crisis in UKRAINE.
20140413             1—POWERFUL earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5—STRUCK off THE—SOLOMON—ISLANDS, HOURS—AFTER—A—7.6—TREMOR.
20140413             —REPORTED, No casualties or damages were.
20140413             —BASED, Glencore, in SWITZERLAND, said it has signed an agreement to sell its entire interest in THE—PERU—LAS—BAMBAS copper mine to a consortium led by MMG Ltd., a mining company controlled by STATE—OWNED CHINA Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd.
20140413             SYRIA, shelling and firefights between GOVERNMENT—FORCES and rebels in ALEPPO killed at least 29—PEOPLE over the last 24—HOURS.
20140413             Activists from the "SYRIA—REVOLUTION in Kfar Zeita" —POSTED video footage and pictures of an unexploded canister with the chemical symbol for chlorine, Cl2, on its side which they said was found in Kfar Zeita village.
20140413             —BLAMED, Rebels and THE—GOVERNMENT have, EACH—OTHER for the alleged poison gas ATTACKS—ON—20140411—20120411.
20140413             —EXCHANGED, UKRAINE—SPECIAL—FORCES, gunfire with a PRO—RUSSIA MILITIA in the eastern CITY—OF—SLOVYANSK, with at least 1—SECURITY officer killed and 5—OTHERS wounded.
20140413             —SEIZED, Separatist protesters, control of the mayor's office in the town of Mariupol.
20140413             THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES FINANCE—MINISTER said that officials are finalizing a new law to boost entrepreneurship with broad incentives, part of a wider push to create jobs for a burgeoning young population.
20140413             —SIGNED, PRESIDENT—SHEIKH—KHALIFA bin Zayed AL—NAHYAN, into law a measure to promote small firms.
20140413             Historischer Datenvergleich: Als INDIEN DIE—WELT—WIRTSCHAFT anführte
20140413             —IM, REGEN—WALD von BELIZE: "DIE—MAYA leben"
20140413             CYBER—ANGRIFFE: SPÄH—ANGRIFF—AUF—DEUTSCHES Zentrum für LUFT—, Raumfahrt
20140413             KRIM—KRISE, SCHÄUBLEs HITLER—VERGLEICH sorgt für diplomatische Verwerfungen
20140413             Unsicherheit online: DEUTSCHE gehen unbekümmert mit persönlichen DATEN um
20140413             —KAMPF—GEGEN—SEPARATISTEN: UKRAINE startet "ANTI—TERROR—EINSATZ"in Slawjansk
20140413             Großbrand in CHILE: Feuerwalze bedroht Hafenstadt Valparaíso
20140413             BERLIN, Wer Arbeitsfrust in sozialen NETZ—WERKEN hinausposaunt, kann seinen Job verlieren. Zuletzt haben sich DIE—MELDUNGEN gehäuft, daß Beschäftigte wegen FACEBOOK—EINTRÄGEN vor die Tür gesetzt wurden. Da ist der Bochumer Azubi, der gefeuert wurde, NACHDEM er seinen —CHEF—1 "Menschenschinder & Ausbeuter"geschimpft hatte. Selbst 1 "Gefällt mir"-Klick unter 1—BELEIDIGENDEN Fotowitz musste schon als Kündigungsgrund herhalten.
20140413             DUISBURG, wurde 1—MANN fristlos gefeuert, der Kollegen bei FACEBOOK als "Speckrollen"und "Klugscheißer"beleidigte. Das Arbeitsgericht kassierte die fristlose Kündigung zwar, DIE—RICHTER betonten aber: 1—FACEBOOK—ÄUßERUNG wiege schwerer als das gewöhnliche Lästern per Flurfunk.
20140413             Konkreter wird es selten - vor Gericht herrscht Unklarheit. Mal werden Kündigungen wegen ONLINE—ÄUßERUNGEN bestätigt, mal verworfen. Große Fragen sind ungeklärt: Ist 1—EINTRAG auf der eigenen FACEBOOK—SEITE im rechtlichen Sinn öffentlich oder privat? Und welche DATEN dürfen ARBEIT—GEBER aus dem sozialen Netz saugen?
20140413             Klarheit könnte DIE—POLITIK schaffen. Doch DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG will solche Fragen des ARBEITNEHMER—DATENSCHUTZES nicht anfassen. Das geht aus der Antwort auf 1 AN—FRAGE DER—LINKEN hervor, die SPIEGEL—ONLINE vorliegt. Allein die Frage, ob Unterhaltungen auf FACEBOOK öffentlich oder privat sind, sei "Gegenstand 1—NOCH nicht abgeschlossenen, auf mehreren Ebenen geführten Diskussion", heißt es.
20140413             es sind komplizierte Fragen, die sich für DIE—ARBEITSWELT mit dem Boom DER—SOZIALEN NETZ—WERKE ergeben. DIE—GROßE—KOALITION findet —BISLANG keine Antwort darauf. Zur Frage, welche DATEN ARBEIT—GEBER von Bewerbern aus dem sozialen Netz erheben dürfen, heißt es lediglich, sie müssten "angemessen"seien. Und: "Das weitere GESETZ—GEBUNGSVERFAHREN auf EU—EBENE bleibt abzuwarten".Doch DIE—VERHANDLUNGEN—IN—EUROPA verzögern sich, und bei OPPOSITION und —EXPERTEN wächst die Ungeduld.
20140413             —NUN, teilt DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG mit, es seien "für 1—GROßE Anzahl von Mitgliedstaaten noch wichtige Fragen offen". Heißt: es dauert. —EXPERTEN rechnen damit, daß neue Regeln frühestens 20150000             gelten könnten.
20140413             Selbst DIE—KANZLERIN nahm DAS—THEMA in ihrer Regierungserklärung —AM—MITTWOCH auf. BERLIN müsse, "auch wenn wir kritisiert werden, daß es etwas länger dauert", auf 1—GUTES DATEN—SCHUTZNIVEAU in ganz EUROPA drängen, so ANGELA—MERKEL. Das alles sei 1 "außerordentlich kompliziertes Unterfangen".
20140413             "Mit 1—GESETZ kann man diese Problem nicht komplett lösen".Was IM—NETZ sei, sei einfach nicht mehr zu kontrollieren.
20140413             Ist 1—GESETZLICHE Regelung überhaupt sinnvoll? Oder gebietet es nicht der GESUNDE—MENSCHEN—VERSTAND, IM—NETZ nicht den ARBEIT—GEBER zu beleidigen?
20140413             DAS—PROBLEM: Zur Zeit verlieren Beschäftigte ihren Job wegen Äußerungen, die sie als privat verstehen, von ihren ARBEIT—GEBERN aber als öffentlich gesehen werden. Und von Gerichten mal so, mal so.
20140413             Der arbeitspolitischen Sprecherin der SPD bleibt dieser Hinweis: Bis es 1—GESETZ gebe, sagt Katja Mast, —RATE sie "den Beschäftigten, sorgsam mit sensiblen DATEN umzugehen und diese nicht offen in soziale NETZ—WERKE zu stellen".
20140413             Man könnte angesichts solch vorsätzlichem Dilletantismus auch von 1—VERSCHWÖRUNG der Politiker ausgehen, die DAS—ZIEL hat, Anwälten (ein großer Teil der Politiker gehört zu diesen!) Arbeit zu verschaffen, indem man absichtlich keine klaren Reglungen, sondern solch schwammige Floskeln in Gesetze schreibt. Hier sieht man 1—WEITERES Mal, daß die sich geradezu wunderbar um Probleme kümmern, solange sie nur selber betroffen sind oder sein könnten.
20140413             Kommunikation ist 1—GRUNDPRINZIP des Menschen.
20140413             Das lassen wir und ernsthaft gefallen?? Was sind wir denn für Weicheier geworden? FACEBOOK—IST und bleibt meine Privatangelegenheit und in dieser Sphäre darf ich ablassen was ich will und über wen ich will. "Vorgesetzte"haben da nichts zu suchen! Wie bewegen uns wirklich auf 1—ART "LEIB—EIGENSCHAFT 2.0"zu und werden wohl BALD—WIEDER in Sichtweite des Chefs wohnen, der dann über alle Bereiche des Lebens bestimmen kann. DIE—"Aufklärung"hätten wir uns letztlich sparen können, denn des "VERSTANDes"scheinen sich immer weniger Menschen zu bedienen. Und sie akzeptieren wieder privilegierte BEVÖLKERUNGS—GRUPPEN, die sich zum neuen Adel aufgeschwungen haben. History repeats.
20140413             Der MITTLERWEILE verstorbene britische Ökonom ANGUS—MADDISON gibt Antwort auf die Frage, wer wann die größte VOLKS—WIRTSCHAFT hatte. Der EHEMALIGE—PROFESSOR der UNIVERSITÄT—GRONINGEN hat die BRUTTOINLANDS—PRODUKTE (BIP) aller Nationen —J—SEIT—DEM, eins errechnet.
20140413             1—MAMMUT—PROJEKT - in der EXCEL—TABELLE sind mehr als 12.800—BRUTTOINLANDS—PRODUKTE von mehr als 180—STAATEN aufgelistet. DIE—ERHEBUNG erfasst DIE—ENTWICKLUNG von mehr als 2.000—JAHREN. Sicher, viele der DATEN beruhen auf Schätzungen. An die Verlässlichkeit heutiger Wirtschaftsstatistiken reichen sie nicht heran. Entsprechend umstritten ist DAS—PROJEKT unter Experten. Was die "MADDISON—TABLES"aber nicht daran gehindert hat, zur vielgenutzten DATEN—GRUND—LAGE in Disziplinen wie Wachstumstheorie und WIRTSCHAFTS—GESCHICHTE zu werden.
20140413             es soll 105.400.000.000—$ in Preisen —DES—JAHRES  19900000             betragen haben. Zum Vergleich: Das ist weniger als die heutige Wirtschaftskraft von BERLIN.
20140413             CHINA dominierte über mehrere Jahrhunderte hinweg DIE—GANZE—WELT.
20140413             1—UMGEKEHRTES Schicksal hat RUSSLAND hinter sich:
20140413             —HEUTE hingegen ist RUSSLAND politisch 1—RIESE, doch ökonomisch 1—MITTELMACHT auf dem absteigenden Ast.
20140413             —BALD, könnten sich historische NORMAL—VERHÄLTNISSE wiederherstellen.
20140413             —NOCH—HEUTE, Wir wissen nicht einmal, wie viele Menschen zum jeweiligen ZEIT—PUNKT—IN—DIESEN Ländern gelebt haben",
20140413             Für DIETER ZIEGLER, PROFESSOR FÜR WIRTSCHAFTS—GESCHICHTE AN DER RUHR—UNIVERSITÄT BOCHUM ist Maddisons Erhebung deshalb "nur 1—SPIELEREI ohne wirkliche Aussagekraft".
20140413             sind Lehrbücher für VolkswirtschaftsLEHRE voll von Maddisons Grafen.
20140413             in der Wachstumstheorie vor allem werden DIE—MADDISON—DATEN—GRAFEN oft verwendet.
20140413             "DIE—ZAHLEN zeigen die richtige Tendenz", sagt Historiker Ritschl.
20140413             DIE—GROBE Rangfolge der Nationen stimme, auch wenn DIE—DATEN nur geschätzt seien.
20140413             ANGUS—MADDISON His work resulted in a deep new understanding of THE—REASONS why some countries have become rich whereas others have remained poor (or have succumbed to POVERTY). In this vital field, ANGUS—MADDISON is regarded as THE—WORLD—MOST prominent scholar.
20140413             —MAINTAINED, THE—DATABASES, by ANGUS—MADDISON and his former colleagues, which now include virtually EVERY—COUNTRY IN—THE—WORLD, form 1—OF—THE—MOST important sources for the analysis of LONG—TERM economic growth and are used —THROUGHOUT—THE—WORLD by academics and policy analysts
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE zeigt aber auch, daß vor allem jüngere Menschen äußerst sorglos mit ihren DATEN umgehen:
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE, Unter den 14- bis, 19—JAHRE—ALTE sagten 90 % der Teilnehmer, daß sie ihr Verhalten in Folge der Ausspähskandale durch NSA und Co. nicht umgestellt haben.
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE, Dagegen sind Menschen mit Hochschulreife oder 1—STUDIENABSCHLUSS eher bereit, ihr Nutzungsverhalten zu ändern:
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE, 20 % der Befragten aus dieser Gruppe hat demnach seinen Umgang bereits angepasst.
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE, Gleichwohl ist auch dort laut "WamS"1—GROßTEIL der Meinung, bereits gut geschützt zu sein:
20140413             DIE—UMFRAGE, 56 % der höher Gebildeten gaben an, ihre DATEN seien ausreichend geschützt.
20140413             "DIE—DIMENSION des Angriffs auf die digitalen GRUND—RECHTE lässt viele Menschen weitgehend ratlos zurück", sagte JOHANNES—CASPAR, HAMBURGischer Beauftragter für DATEN—SCHUTZ und Informationsfreiheit der "WamS".
20140413             DAS—PROBLEM: Oft sei nicht einmal DER—RAT von —EXPERTEN einheitlich.
20140413             Und Verschlüsselung sei für den durchschnittlichen Nutzer nicht trivial.
20140413             Ich habe nicht zu verbergen
20140413             An alle, die glauben, daß ihnen dann auch nichts passieren kann, seien herzlich zu 1—TOUR der Erleuchtung zu unseren KZ—, STASI—GEDENKSTÄTTEN.
20140413             Hier liegen die Gebeine von Millionen, die nichts zu verbergen hatten, bis jemand daher kam und das —PLÖTZLICH, ganz anders sah.
20140413             Neuer UNO—KLIMA—BERICHT, es hilft nur der ABSCHIED—VON—ÖL, Gas und Kohle
20140413             Nur die halbe Meldung
20140413             LAWROW sagte weiter, daß bei 1—VORGEHEN KIEWs GEGEN—DIE—"proRUSSISCH AKTIVISTen", RUSSLAND an den zum DONNERSTAG anberaumten Verhandlungen nicht teilnehmen wird (BBC)
20140413             Awakow wies die Bewohner von Slawjansk an, in ihren Wohnungen und den Fenstern fern zu bleiben.
20140413             NSA—UNTERSUCHUNGS—AUSSCHUSS: Regierung hält SNOWDEN—BEFRAGUNG offenbar für hochriskant
20140413             Der auf der BALEAREN—INSEL festgesetzte Hauptverdächtige, 1, 62—JAHRE—ALTER Mann, soll demnach Mitglieder aus dem FRANKFURTer Rotlichtmilieu erpresst haben, DIE—SUMMEN "in Millionenhöhe"aus Teilen des REEMTSMA—LÖSEGELDS "gewaschen"hätten. DIE—MUTMAßLICHEN GELD—WÄSCHER seien Mitglieder des —SEIT—JAHREN, verbotenen Charters "Westend"der ROCKER—GRUPPE HELLS—ANGELS.
20140413             Der REEMTSMA—ENTFÜHRER—THOMAS—DRACH war ;;1000—IM, —VERGANGENEN—JAHRES nach mehr als 15—JAHREN aus der Haft entlassen worden. —NACH, seiner Entlassung zog er zu 1—EHEMALIGEN Knastkumpel nach Ibiza.
20140413             Nicht nur USA—AUßEN—MINISTER—JOHN—KERRY beschuldigt den KREML. Er sieht "russische Provokateure und Agenten"am Werk. Berichte von Augenzeugen und Videos im INTERNET legen nahe, daß zumindest einige der Trupps über MILITÄR—AUSBILDUNG verfügen.
20140413             Allerdings ähneln die Einsatztrupps der ostukrainischen Separatisten eher den bunt zusammengewürfelten "SELBSTVERTEIDIGUNGS—KRÄFTEN"DER—KRIM und nicht den von MOSKAU entsandten MARINE—INFANTERISTEN in ihren dunkelgrünen Uniformen.
20140413             —LAUT, Umfragen haben nur 24 % DER—UKRAINER IM—OSTEN des Landes die MAIDAN—REVOLUTION unterstützt
20140413             Weder die ÜBERGANGS—REGIERUNG in KIEW noch MOSKAU haben vollständige KONTROLLE—ÜBER—DIE—HARD—LINER auf beiden Seiten.
20140413             Auf der anderen Seite machen nun auch ukrainische Nationalisten FRONT—GEGEN—DIE—SEPARATISTEN. Der "Rechte Sektor", laut eigenen ANGABEN—CA—10.000—MANN stark, hat die "vollständige Mobilisierung"verkündet. —WÄHREND, der MAIDAN—REVOLUTION haben auch DIE—NATIONALISTENN automatische Waffen erbeutet.
20140413             FLÜCHTLINGS—ANSTURM in ITALIEN: Regierung rechnet mit mehr ASYL—BEWERBERN
20140413             Neuer KLIMA—BERICHT, 1—MIESER Job - aber 1—MUSS ihn machen
20140413             —BOOM auf Pump: Das ENDE—DES CHINA—WUNDERS
20140413             Leopard 2: Regierung sträubt sich gegen PANZER—LIEFERUNG an SAUDI—ARABIEN
20140413             CHINA schwächelt. Nein, das ist 1—UNTERTREIBUNG: DAS—LAND steht vor ernsten Schwierigkeiten. Kommenden Mittwoch legen PEKINGs amtliche Statistiker 1.Zahlen zum WIRTSCHAFTS—WACHSTUM im 1.Quartal vor. Negative Überraschungen sind zu befürchten. Für Ostermontag hat sich WIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTER—SIGMAR—GABRIEL in PEKING angekündigt. —ZEITGLEICH beginnt die CHINA Autoshow, die Messe für den größten HoffnungsMARKT DER—DEUTSCHEN—INDUSTRIE.
20140413             DAS—LAND ist —INZWISCHEN, 1—ZENTRALER Pfeiler des deutschen Wirtschaftsmodells:
20140413             Ähnlich war die Konstellation 20070000             IN—DEN—USA, in GROß—BRITANNIEN, in SPANIEN, in IRLAND - —KURZ—VOR, dem großen Crash.
20140413             Egal, was passierte, CHINA half, DIE—WELT—WIRTSCHAFT zu stabilisieren. So war es in der ASIENKRISE—VON 19970000             , nach dem NEW—ECONOMY—CRASH und dem
20140413             OST—UKRAINE, USA—REGIERUNG macht MOSKAU für Unruhen verantwortlich
20140413             Neuer IPCC—BERICHT—KLIMA—SCHUTZ—EXPERTEN setzen EUROPÄER unter Druck
20140413             ANGST—VOR—MILIZEN, LIBYEN—PREMIER—THINNI tritt zurück
20140413             DII: Weitere Firma steigt bei WÜSTENSTROM—INITIATIVE aus
20140413             —BESUCH—IN—POMPEJI: MERKEL zwischen Trümmern
20140413             Schwere Unruhen: Das OST—UKRAINE—PROBLEM
20140413             [l] Oje, jetzt wird RUSSLAND in Sachen UKRAINE richtig ungemütlich. GAZPROM hat den ERDGAS—PREIS mal eben von 268—AUF 485—DOLLAR pro 10000000             Kubikmeter erhöht. Begründung: 1.ist DIE—UKRAINE fett im Rückstand mit den Zahlung, und 2. hat RUSSLAND den Rabatt immer als GEGEN—LEISTUNG für DIE—KRIM gewährt. —JETZT, wo DIE—KRIM Teil RUSSLANDs ist, fällt auch der Rabatt weg.
20140413             DIE—UKRAINE ist wohl—$ im Rückstand, da kann man die schlechte Laune schon nachvollziehen.
20140413             Außerdem sagen sie, daß sie ab jetzt nur noch per Vorkasse liefern wollen. Das zeichnet sich ja alles —SCHON—SEIT—VIELEN—JAHREN ab, aber jetzt hat RUSSLAND die Pipeline IN—DER—OST—SEE und kann die Drohung wahr machen. Eigentlich dürfte da niemand groß überrascht sein.
20140413             es ist natürlich auch der Wink mit dem ZAUNPFAHL—AN—DIE—EU. Schaut her, LEUTE, wir lassen uns hier nicht ewig lange von euch verarschen!
20140413             [l] Klarer Fall von SELBST—MORD unerkanntem Diabetes: NSU—V—MANN überraschend tot aufgefunden.
20140413             [l] DIE—GUTE—NACHRICHT: OBAMA sagt an, daß SICHERHEITS—LÜCKEN ab jetzt gemeldet werden statt sie GEHEIM zu halten und für SPIONAGE zu nutzen.
20140413             —DIE—SCHLECHTE—NACHRICHT,
20140413             —CARVED, But MISTER—OBAMA, a broad exception for "a clear NATIONAL—SECURITY or law enforcement need," the officials said
20140413             Ach soooo. Außer die Lücken lassen sich für SPIONAGE oder zur Strafverfolgung benutzen!1!! Na DANN ist ja alles gut!
20140413             Man sehe deutliche Anzeichen, daß die russische Regierung in DIE—UNRUHEN—IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE verwickelt sei, sagte Samantha Power, USA—BOTSCHAFTERIN bei den VEREINTE—NATIONEN, —AM—SONNTAG. Sollten DIE—UNRUHEN andauern, könnte man neue SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—MOSKAU verhängen.
20140413             Ukrainische SICHERHEITS—KRÄFTE waren  —AM—SONNTAG gewaltsam gegen prorussische Gruppen vorgegangen, die in der STADT—SLAWJANSK staatliche Gebäude unter ihre Kontrolle gebracht hatten. Bei den Zusammenstößen kamen —LAUT—ANGABEN, des ukrainischen INNEN—MINISTERS Arsen Awakow mehrere Menschen ums Leben. In der ostukrainischen Stadt Charkow wurden —LAUT—ANGABEN—VON—SICHERHEITS—KRÄFTEN—CA—50—MENSCHEN verletzt.
20140413             "es ist professionell, es ist koordiniert", sagte sie dem USA—FERNSEHSENDER—ABC.
20140413             DIE—OFFENSIVE—GEGEN—PRO—RUSSISCHE Separatisten werde man ausweiten - unter Beteiligung DER—STREIT—KRÄFTE. RUSSLAND hatte DIE—UKRAINE vor dem —EINSATZ—VON—GEWALT—GEGEN—DIE—DEMONSTRANTEN gewarnt.
20140413             In der 100.000—EINWOHNER—STADT Slawjansk herrscht dennoch Panik. "DIE—LEUTE erwarten, daß KRIEG ausbricht", sagte 1, 47—JAHRE—ALTE der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR—AFP. Derweil kreisten Kampfhubschrauber im Tiefflug über der Stadt.
20140413             in der heutigen FAS ist zu lesen, daß 1—GROSSTEIL der RUSSLAND—MILITÄRTECHNIK, einschliesslich des nuklearen Arsenals, IN—DER—UKRAINE produziert wird und RUSSLAND auf diese Lieferungen zwingend angewiesen ist. Das gleiche trifft auf die russische WELT—RAUMTECHNIK zu. es steht zu vermuten, daß dies das eigentliche Motiv für das russische Vorgehen IN—DER—UKRAINE ist. Alle anderen Begründungen sind vorgeschoben und absurd.
20140413             ""es ist professionell, es ist koordiniert", sagte sie dem USA—FERNSEHSENDER—ABC".Da muß ich ihr vollkommen RECHT geben. Oder zu welchen Zweck ist denn DER—CHEF—DER—CIA und bestimmt nicht er alleine mal so dieses Wochenende in KIEW eingeflogen? Zum Plaudern und Kaffeekränzchen bestimmt nicht.
20140413             DIE—USA—SEITE hat gemerkt, daß die KIEWer Putschisten ihr Pulver quasi verschossen hatten. Also mußten die FACH—LEUTE für SPIONAGE, Sabotage und Diversion sich vor Ort begeben, um die Leitung der Unterdrückung der PROTESTE—IN—DER—OST—UKRAINE in die Hand zu nehmen. Hat ja auch bestens geklappt. es gab die 1.Toten. es muß nun gerettet werden, was möglich ist. Wie sagte MISTRES—NULAND?—USD sind in DAS—PROJEKT UKRAINE geflossen.
20140413             Und nun drohen die den Don hinunter zu fließen. DIE—KRIM ist weg und kommt auch nicht wieder zur UKRAINE. Also nix mit Beherrschung des SCHWARZES—MEER durch DIE—NATO. —NUN, muß man zumindest zusehen, daß man den Zugriff zur russischen Grenze durch diese nazistischen Dilettanten in KIEW nicht noch verliert. Da man als USA—ADMINISTRATION nun selbst direkten Einfluß auf diese Geschehnisse IN—DER—UKRAINE nimmt und sich nicht mehr vornehm im Hintergrund hält, muß man aber zur Ablenkung zumindest DIE—RUSSEN der Einmischung bezichtigen. MISTRES—POWER und MISTER—KERRY machen sich gemeinschaftlich zum Löffel. Sie haben da ja gute Vorbilder. DIE—VERBÜNDETEN in aller Welt werden schon die vorbereiteten und aufbereiteten FALSCH—MELDUNGEN des UKRAINE—CRISIS—MEDIA—CENTER (UCMC) fleißig weiter verbreiten.
20140413             Finanziert wird die PR—KAMPAGNE u.a. von GEORGE—SOROS (wer kennt den nicht?), der UKRAINE—PUTSCH—REGIERUNG und 1—UKRAINISCHEN*Tochtergesellschaft von WEBER Shandwick.
20140413             WEBER Shandwick ist das größte PUBLIC—RELATIONS—NETZ—WERK der Welt mit Sitz in NEW—YORK—CITY. WEBER Shandwick ist Teil DER—USA—AMERIKANISCHEN Interpublic GROUP—OF—COMPANIES und gehört in DEUTSCHLAND zur McCann Worldgroup. Das ist doch schon mal was, oder? Nur mal zum Verständnis, mit wem man es hier zu tun hat. Der 2. DEUTSCHE StaatsFernsehsender ZDF ist dankbarer Kunde der UCMC. Braucht er sich doch selbst keine FALSCH—MELDUNGEN ausdenken und die können dann von Slomka, Kleber und KON—SORTEN mit gutem Gewissen (haben die wirklich eins?) mit seriösem Unterton den deutschen Fernsehkonsumenten verklickert werden.
20140413             RUSSLAND reagierte empört, DIE—REGIERUNG in MOSKAU nannte die Ankündigung 1—NEUES Einsatzes "kriminell". DER—WESTEN müsse den Ausbruch 1—BÜRGER—KRIEG—IN—DER—UKRAINE verhindern.
20140413             USA—BUNDES—STAAT KANSAS: 3—TOTE nach Schüssen auf jüdische Einrichtungen
20140413             [l] Heribert Prantl hat 1—SCHÖNE Laudatio auf EDWARD—SNOWDEN gehalten bei den Big Brother Awards 2014
20140413—19730000    —NOCH—IMMER NICHT ENTSCHÄRFT in LAOS, USA—AIR—FORCE 80.000.000—SPRENGSÄTZE von Streubomben sind.
20140413—19730000    —NOCH—HEUTEDIE Blindgänger töten.
20140413—19730000    Überlebende von Explosionen machen mobil zur Ächtung der Waffen.
20140413—19730000    IN—DEN—USA finden Überlebende von Explosionen kein Gehör.
20140413—19790000    —IN—THE, IRAN state news said THE—GOVERNMENT has complained to THE—UN about THE—USA—REFUSING to grant a visa to HAMID—ABUTALEB, its newly appointed UN ambassador over his role hostage crisis.
20140413—20040413    —IN DEN VERGANGENEN 10—JAHREN, DIE—WELTWEITEN CO2—EMISSIONEN sind so stark gestiegen wie noch nie zuvor, um durchschnittlich 2,2 % PRO—JAHR.
20140413—20040413    —IN DEN VERGANGENEN 10—JAHREN, Schuld daran ist neben dem Wachstum der WELT—BEVÖLKERUNG vor allem das WIRTSCHAFTS—WACHSTUM.
20140413—20040413    —IN DEN VERGANGENEN 10—JAHREN, DIE—FINANZ—KRISE, WIRTSCHAFTS—KRISE hat den Trend nur kurz bremsen können.
20140413—20140428    —ON, she was charged with 6—COUNTS of 1. DEGREE—MURDER.
20140413—20150420    —ON, Huntsman was sentenced to at least 30—YEARS in prison.
20140413—20150831    —ON, Miller, a former LEADER—OF—THE defunct NORTH—CAROLINA—BASED White Patriot Party, was CONVICTED—OF—MURDER and other charges.
20140413—20150908    —ON, a jury recommended the death penalty.
20140413—20300000    —J—IM, Nach dieser Schätzung wird CHINA DIE—USA als größte VOLKS—WIRTSCHAFT der Welt ablösen.
20150413             —AGREED, The Pacific Fishery Management Council, to close the sardine fishery from MEXICO to THE—CANADA—BORDER starting 20150701           .
20150413             —ANNOUNCED, FLORIDA Republican SENATOR—MARCO—RUBIO, 43—JAHRE—ALT, his candidacy for 20160000             —THE—USA PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTIONS.
20150413             IOWA, AUSTIN—DECOSTER and his son Peter, former egg industry executives, were sentenced to 3—MONTHS in jail for their roles in a major 20100000              salmonella outbreak that sickened thousands.
20150413             The Quality Egg company paid a $6.8—MILLION fine as part of a plea agreement.
20150413             NEW—YORK, a 19420000              handwritten 56-page notebook by ALAN—TURING (19120000—19520000    ), WWII UNITED—KINGDOM—CODE—BREAKING genius, sold at auction for $1.025—MILLION.
20150413             NORTH—CAROLINA, RONALD—LANE, 44—JAHRE—ALT was shot and killed inside a print shop at WAYNE—COMMUNITY—COLLEGE in Goldsboro.
20150413             —WORKED, KENNETH—STANCIL—III, 20—JAHRE—ALT, who had, with Lane, was arrested THE—NEXT—DAY in FLORIDA.
20150413             —ACCUSED, Stancil, the victim of molesting his younger brother.
20150413             AUSTRALIA, 1—MAN (47) from Warwick, Queensland, was charged with 145—SEX offences against at least 28—CHILDREN, including rape, after allegedly using social media to groom them.
20150413             —CURBED, CHINA—AUTHORITIES, some travel from mainland CHINA to HONG—KONG to cool tensions over a growing influx of shoppers that has angered RESIDENTS—OF—THE Asian financial hub.
20150413             —DECIDED, Lawyers said CHINA—AUTHORITIES have unexpectedly, to release 3—WOMEN activists, taken into custody on the weekend of 20150308             , INTERNATIONAL—WOMEN—DAY, and detained on suspicion of "picking quarrels and provoking trouble".
20150413             —RELEASED, Li Tingting (25) and Wu Rongrong (30) were also.
20150413             EGYPT, separate militant attacks in THE—SINAI—PENINSULA killed 1—SOLDIER and wounded another.
20150413             FRANCE, Arlette Ricci, 73—JAHRE—ALT, the heiress of the Nina Ricci fashion and perfume house, was sentenced to a year in prison and ordered to pay heavy fines and back taxes for having hidden MILLIONS—OF—EUROS in HSBC bank accounts in SWITZERLAND.
20150413             GERMANY, some 10,000 supporters of THE—ANTI—FOREIGNER Pegida movement rallied in Dresden, where Geert Wilders, LEADER—OF—A xenophobic party in THE—NETHERLANDS, was a featured speaker.
20150413             —OPENED, PAPUA—NEW—GUINEA—POLICE, fire on ANTI—GOVERNMENT protesters wounding several during violent clashes in Conakry.
20150413             —CALLED, The opposition had, for demonstrations in all parts of the capital AGAINST—THE—ONGOING LACK—OF—SECURITY for which it blames the regime of PRESIDENT—ALPHA—CONDE.
20150413             † 1—YOUNG man, Souleymane Bah from a gunshot wound blamed on police.
20150413             In central INDIA Maoist rebels set off a land mine, killing at least 4—POLICEMEN and injuring 7—OTHERS in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh state.
20150413             INDONESIA, a Sumatran elephant was found dead in Aceh province with its tusks cut off, raising suspicion it was killed by poachers.
20150413             —SUSPENDED, IRAN, all umrah pilgrimages to SAUDI—ARABIA amid growing diplomatic tensions between THE—2—COUNTRIES.
20150413             —REPORTED, IRAQ—PRIME—MINISTER—HAIDER—AL—ABADI was, to have retired more than 300—OFFICERS as part of efforts to restructure the army after multiple divisions collapsed during a jihadist offensive LAST—YEAR.
20150413             1—CAR bomb parked near an outdoor market in a busy commercial area in Baghdad killed at least 10—CIVILIANS.
20150413             —KILLED, Attacks elsewhere in and north of Baghdad, 5—MORE people.
20150413             —SLAMMED, HUMAN—RIGHTS Watch, the alleged abuse of Palestinian children working on ISRAEL—SETTLEMENT farms in the occupied WEST—BANK in a 74-page report.
20150413             THE—ITALY—COASTGUARD said it recovered 9—BODIES and rescued 145—PEOPLE after a boat carrying migrants sank off LIBYA.
20150413             —PLEDGED, JORDAN—KING—ABDULLAH—II, JORDAN—SUPPORT for efforts by LIBYA to confront "TERRORIST—ORGANIZATIONS", in talks with LIBYA—ARMY chief Khalifa Haftar.
20150413             —KILLED, KASHMIR, a militant commander's brother was, near Tral.
20150413             —KILLED, THE—INDIA—ARMY said the man was, in a gunbattle along with a militant.
20150413             —TORTURED, Local residents said the man was, to death.
20150413             —KILLED, PAKISTAN said its troops have, 13—MEMBERS—OF—A militant group that claimed responsibility for a WEEKEND—ATTACK—ON—A dam project in THE—SOUTH—WEST—BALUCHISTAN province that left 20—CONSTRUCTION workers dead.
20150413             —LIFTED, RUSSIA—PRESIDENT—VLADIMIR—PUTIN, a ban on supplying IRAN with sophisticated S—300—AIR defense missile systems after TEHRAN—LANDMARK outline deal with THE—WEST over its nuclear program.
20150413             —KILLED, SOUTH—AFRICA—POLICE said 4—PEOPLE were, and shops owned by immigrants in townships in Durban looted and burnt, as violence between residents and foreign nationals escalated.
20150413             SUDAN began nationwide elections.
20150413             —EXPECTED, PRESIDENT—OMAR—AL—BASHIR, 71—JAHRE—ALT was widely, to extend his 25-year rule as the opposition boycotted.
20150413             THE—GOVERNMENT had already said there would be no voting in 1—DISTRICT of Central Darfur and 7 in SOUTH—KORDOFAN for security reasons.
20150413             —ATTACKED, THE—SUDAN PEOPLE—LIBERATION—ARMY—NORTH (SPLA-N), "polling centers in the Habila district" in SOUTH—KORDOFAN and 2—CENTERS in the Abbasiya area.
20150413             —KILLED, EAST—UKRAINE, 6—GOVERNMENT servicemen were, and 12—WOUNDED despite a ceasefire deal.
20150413             † URUGUAY—AUTHOR—EDUARDO—GALEANO, 74—JAHRE—ALT in Montevideo.
20150413             —INCLUDED, His work, "The Open Veins of LATIN—AMERICA," a classic of leftist literature.
20150413             —WRESTED, SOUTH—YEMEN, MILITIA sources, control of an army base loyal to the Houthis after heavy fighting near the Balhaf liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant.
20150413             —KILLED, Fighters reportedly, around 40—HOUTHIS and ALLIED—SOLDIERS in Dhalea province.
20150413             —ATTACKED, In Lahez province fighters, a Houthi tank with ROCKET—PROPELLED grenades and machineguns, killing about 15—REBELS.
20150413             † GÜNTHER—GRASS,
20150413             [l] Das ging ja fix!
20150413             —UPDATE, Achtet übrigens mal auf die Formulierung.
20150413             [l] Die RUSSLAND—SANKTIONEN funktionieren!
20150413             Das russische IMPORTVERBOT—FÜR—LEBENS—MITTEL aus der EU trifft deutsche Landwirte —LAUT—ANGABEN, des DEUTSCHEN BAUERnverbandes (DBV) massiv.
20150413             Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
20150413             [l] In SPANIEN fand jetzt 1."holografische Demo"statt.
20150413             [l] Hey, warte mal, wenn DIE—AMIS und DER—IRAN sich geeinigt haben, dann kann man ja auch wieder HANDEL—MIT—DEM IRAN treiben, ohne von den Amis angepisst zu werden, oder?
20150413             [l] Du weißt, das du in 1—POLIZEI—STAAT lebst, wenn Meldungen wie diese fast beiläufig an dir vorbei scrollen.
20150413             Mit dem geplanten gemeinsamen "Rechen—, DIENSTLEISTUNG—ZENTRUM Telekommunikationsüberwachung DER—POLIZEIEN"(RDZ) wollen BREMEN—HAMBURG, MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN, NIEDER—SACHSEN und SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN den finanziellen Aufwand für die Strafverfolgung und Gefahrenabwehr mittelfristig "optimieren".
20150413             Aha?
20150413             Vielen Dank, liebe BILDREDAKTION von Heise/dpa!
20150413             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, POLIZIST erschießt Schwarzen.
20150413             NEW—HOTNESS, "73—JAHRE—ALTER FREIWILLIGEN—COP erschießt Schwarzen"!
20150413             FREIWILLIGEN—COP, fragt ihr?
20150413             —UPDATE, Öh, ach?
20150413             —UPDATE, Es gibt ein TASER—MODELL, das wie 1.SCHUSS—WAFFE aussieht und sich auch so anfühlt.
20150413—19590000    —IN, THE—NOBEL—WINNING writer (19990000             ) achieved worldwide fame with his debut and BEST—KNOWN novel "The Tin Drum".
20150413—19850000    —IN, THE—INTERNATIONAL—UNION for Conservation of Nature has listed the animals as "critically endangered" after their numbers dropped to between 2,400 and 2,800 from an estimated 5,000.
20150413—20070000    —IN—THE, USA District JUDGE—ROYCE—LAMBERTH sentenced former guard NICHOLAS—SLATTEN to life in prison and 3—OTHERS to 30-year terms for their roles Baghdad shootings that killed 14—IRAQ—CIVILIANS and wounded 17—OTHERS.
20150413—20070000    —SINCE, Sardine numbers had declined 91% along THE—WEST—COAST.
20150413—20150321    —ON, In his last interview Grass said he feared humanity was "sleepwalking" into a world war.
20150413—20150410    —SINCE, ITALY—COASTGUARDS intercepted 42—BOATS over the last 2—DAYS as a surge of attempted illegal immigration to EUROPE saw almost 6,000 other migrants rescued.
20150612             DAS—AMTSGERICHT BIELEFELD hat mit Beschluss 20150413             —VOM, den INSOLVENZVERWALTER—VON—THOMAS Middelhoff ermächtigt, sämtliche Vermögensgegenstände zurück zu fordern, die Middelhoff zuvor auf Firmen seines RECHTS—ANWALTS verlagert hatte.
20160413             —STAGED, THE—USA—LED coalition, 21—STRIKES AGAINST—THE—ISLAMIC State militant group, according to the coalition leading the operations in IRAQ and SYRIA.
20160413             THE—USA—CENTERS for disease Control and Prevention said there is no longer any doubt the Zika virus causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and other severe brain defects.
20160413             The Golden State Warriors won a record 73. regular season game to top the Chicago Bull's 72—WIN during the 19950000—19960000     season.
20160413             —ANNOUNCED, It was, that Silicon Valley entrepreneur SEAN—PARKER has donated $250—MILLION to launch an EFFORT—TO combine the forces of 6—TOP cancer research centers nationwide to develop treatments in cancer immunotherapy.
20160413             —ESTABLISHED, CHICAGO, a TASK—FORCE, by Mayor Rahm Emanuel said CITY—POLICE have alienated blacks and Latinos for decades by using excessive force and honoring a code of silence.
20160413             —CONVICTED, TEXAS, a jury, DALLAS—AREA DOCTOR—JACQUES—ROY and 6—CO—DEFENDANTS of fraud for allegedly processing almost $375—MILLION in false Medicare and Medicaid claims.
20160413             USA—BASED Peabody Energy, the world's largest private coal company, filed for Chapter 11—BANKRUPTCY protection.
20160413             Some 39,000 Verizon landline and cable workers on THE—EAST—COAST walked off the job after making little progress in negotiations since their contract expired nearly 8—MONTHS ago.
20160413             —DECAMPED, BRAZIL, 3—PARTIES, from THE—GOVERNMENT—OF—PRESIDENT—DILMA—ROUSSEFF diminishing her chances of surviving impeachment.
20160413             He drew on his heritage as a WORKING—CLASS Jew to create plays that captured the dialogue and struggles of the common man.
20160413             BURUNDI, Phocas Bakaza, a MEMBER—OF—THE ruling CNDD—FDD party, was shot dead in Mutimbuza area near the capital Bujumbura.
20160413             2—PEOPLE were soon arrested in connection with THE—ATTACK.
20160413             —REJECTED, CHINA, a court in Changsha, a landmark case by 2—MEN who had sought permission to get legally married, a decision that shines the light on gay rights in the world's most populous nation.
20160413             CUBA said it is opening its STATE—CONTROLLED wholesale market to a limited NUMBER—OF—PRIVATE business owners in response to RISING—PRICES that have angered MANY—ORDINARY Cubans.
20160413             —IMPOSED, INDIA—AUTHORITIES, a curfew in parts of Kashmir to stop fresh ANTI—INDIA demonstrations following THE—KILLINGS of 4—PEOPLE by INDIA—TROOPS and a GENERAL—STRIKE called by separatists.
20160413             IRAQ—LAWMAKERS held an ALL—NIGHT SIT—IN at parliament protesting efforts by powerful political blocs to maintain control of key government posts, pushing the speaker to convene an emergency session.
20160413             —KILLED, LIBYA, a suicide bomber, a MEMBER—OF—THE—SECURITY—FORCESAT a checkpoint south of Misrata.
20160413             5—PEOPLE were killed, including 3—WHO were beheaded, at a nearby military camp.
20160413             —BLACKLISTED, THE—LITHUANIA—GOVERNMENT said it has, 46—RUSSIA—CITIZENS involved in criminal prosecutions of several Ukrainians including the imprisoned pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.
20160413             —FIRED, MACEDONIA—POLICE, tear gas and stun grenades at migrants staging a protest at THE—COUNTRY's border fence with GREECE.
20160413             1—MAGNITUDE 6.9—EARTHQUAKE struck MYANMAR and was felt in parts of EAST—INDIA and BANGLADESH, causing residents to rush out of their homes in panic.
20160413             There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
20160413             PAKISTAN, a HEAD—ON collision between a passenger bus and truck killed at least 19—PASSENGERS, including women and children, in EAST—PUNJAB province.
20160413             PUERTO—RICO said it is publishing for the 1. time a list of delinquent taxpayers in hopes of recovering a portion of GOVERNMENT—OWED revenue amid a worsening economic crisis.
20160413             The list represents those who owe more than $50,000 worth of sales tax.
20160413             1—RUSSIA—COURT sentenced former NAVAL—OFFICER Yevgeny Mataitis (39) to 13—YEARS in jail for selling state secrets to LITHUANIA concluding he was GUILTY—OF—STATE treason.
20160413             The court said Mataitis had been gathering information in THE—KALININGRAD region for 6—YEARS.
20160413             —EXPECTED, SOUTH—KOREA held parliamentary elections that were, to hand a decisive win to PRESIDENT—PARK—GEUN hye's conservative party, and enable her to push ahead with controversial economic reforms.
20160413             —INDICATED, Exit polls, however, her party would not regain its majority in THE—NATIONAL—ASSEMBLY.
20160413             Syrians in GOVERNMENT—CONTROLLED areas cast ballots for a new 250-member parliament.
20160413             —DENOUNCED, Western leaders and MEMBERS—OF—SYRIA—OPPOSITION have, the vote as a sham and a provocation that undermines THE—GENEVA[GENF] PEACE—TALKS.
20160413             SYRIA—RULING Baath party and its allies won a majority of seats in parliamentary elections across GOVERNMENT—HELD parts of THE—COUNTRY.
20160413             THAILAND, an elderly UNITED—KINGDOM—COUPLE (65 and 68) and their son (43) were savagely attacked and beaten unconscious during a family vacation in Hua, Hin.
20160413             —CAPTURED, THE—ATTACK was, on video.
20160413             —LAUNCHED, TURKEY—ARMED forces, new artillery strikes on jihadist positions in SYRIA, after 3—DAYS of deadly fire on a TURKEY—BORDER town that has left residents on edge.
20160413             —ARRIVED, Local ceasefire monitors, at 3—YEMEN—PROVINCES to consolidate a shaky truce, AHEAD—OF—UN—SPONSORED PEACE—TALKS scheduled to start in KUWAIT NEXT—WEEK.
20160413             [l] In der GEN—FORSCHUNG geht es ja häufig darum, Gene zu identifizieren, die ein erhöhtes RISIKO—FÜR—FURCHTBARE Krankheiten mit sich bringen.
20160413             —JETZT, haben wir genug GENTEST—BASIS, daß Forscher mal "BIG—DATA"über Gendaten gemacht haben, und nach Leuten gesucht haben, die nach landläufigem Verständnis der Risikogene tot sein sollten, aber es nicht sind.
20160413             [l] Ratet mal, von wem DAS—ZITAT hier kommt:
20160413             So I watch Bernie, he wins, he wins, he keeps on winning, winning, winning; And then I see "HE—GOT no chance!"They always say he has no chance, why doesn't he have a chance?
20160413             Kommt ihr NIE drauf!
20160413             AMSTERDAM: Flughafen Schiphol evakuiert, 1.Festnahme
20160413             AMSTERDAM: POLIZEI hebt Sperrung von Flughafen Schiphol auf
20160413             USA—WAHL—KAMPF—DONALD—TRUMP—GEGNER pumpen Millionen in Schlammschlacht
20160413             ARTEN—SCHUTZ—ECUADOR: Busfahrer überfährt Leguan - 15.498—DOLLAR Strafe
20160413             —STREIT—IN—IMBISS: Verletzte bei Massenschlägerei in BERLIN—KREUZBERG
20160413             —KAMPF—GEGEN—STEUER—BETRUG: Fahnder sollen BUNDES—WEIT  nutzen können
20160413             RT Deutsch: CLAUDE—OLIVER RUDOLPH talkt bei umstrittenem KREML—SENDER
20160413             —STREIT—MIT—APPLE: FBI entschlüsselte iPhone offenbar mit HILFE—VON—HACKERN
20160413             GRIECHENLAND: Hunderte FLÜCHTLINGE verlassen Lager in Idomeni und Piräus
20160413             Unterwasserberg vor PANAMA: Forscher filmen Schwarm von Tiefseekrabben
20160413             Well, yes it's kind of hard to say 9—11—2001 was a specifcially JEWISH—PLOT when SAUDI—ARABIA is in alliance with ISRAEL, its media trying to frame IRAN for it, and THE—USA—GOVERNMENT and ISRAEL both complicit in hiding and diverting from THE—TRUTH.
20160413             see also Raimondo's "TERROR Enigma"establishing a role for EVERY—PARTY EXCEPT IRAN, HILLARY—BROAD support for ISRAEL also putting her in the mix for the revenge/LIHOP attacks.
20160413             —POSTED—BY—ANONYMOUS KEN—HOOP : 0302—PM
20160413             —KRISELNDER—KONZERN: BILFINGER—CHEF—UTNEGAARD hört überraschend auf
20160413             —SEIT—20—JAHREN ist Sandner dem "Führer"auf der Spur.
20160413             mit 2400—SEITEN.
20160413             FORM, von Itineraren dokumentieren Historiker in der Regel die Reisewege MITTEL—ALTERLICHER Herrscher.
20160413             Sandner hat diese Anstrengung nun für HITLER unternommen.
20160413             Einen DIKTATOR, 1—KRIEGS—VERBRECHER, für viele Menschen schlicht der Teufel in Menschengestalt.
20160413             "Man muss doch die Vergangenheit aufzeichnen, damit sie nicht verloren geht", erklärt Sandner.
20160413             "SIMON—WIESENTHAL hat einmal gesagt: 'Aufklärung ist Abwehr'".
20160413             56—JAHRE und 10—TAGE hat HITLER gelebt, mehr als 4000—TAGE hat er das 'DEUTSCHE Reich' regiert.
20160413             "Das Interesse für GESCHICHTE fing mit meinem 13.
20160413             —DAMALS, kaufte er sich die HITLER—BIOGRAFIE von Joachim C.
20160413             —SPÄTER, stieß Sandner auf Ungereimtheiten in Coburgs Stadtgeschichte
20160413             DIE—LÄSTIGE NS—VERGANGENHEIT?
20160413             "Dabei war COBURG die 1.nationalsozialistische Stadt in DEUTSCHLAND", sagt Sandner.
20160413             "Dort gab es den 1.NS—OBERBÜRGER—MEISTER, dort gab es die 1.JUDEN—VERFOLGUNGEN.
20160413             Ganz schlimm, auf offener Straße, am helllichten Tag".
20160413             "Ich war —VOR—15—JAHREN der 1., der das veröffentlicht hat".
20160413             Fehler und Ungereimtheiten in kleinen und großen HITLER—DARSTELLUNGEN bringen Sandner in Rage.
20160413             Nur dreimal habe sich HITLER im FRANKEN—COBURG aufgehalten, lautete nach Sandner 1.Legende.
20160413             Tatsächlich waren es 17—BESUCHE.
20160413             1—ANDERE Legende besagt, HITLER habe HAMBURG nach Möglichkeit gemieden, weil ihm DIE—HANSESTADT zu kosmopolitisch war.
20160413             —VON, wegen: 75—TAGE hielt sich DER—DIKTATOR—VON—19260000—19390000    dort auf.
20160413             "Ich habe mit Herrn Paeschke vom ZDF telefoniert, der 1.Dokumentation über das Hotel Adlon in BERLIN gemacht hat", sagt Sandner.
20160413             "Darin wird kolportiert, HITLER wäre nie im Adlon gewesen.
20160413             Der GESCHICHTS—FORSCHER ist weder JOURNALIST noch Historiker.
20160413             Statt GESCHICHTE zu studieren, lernte Sandner Kaufmann.
20160413             —HEUTE, ist er in der verarbeitung bei 1—GROßEN Logistikunternehmen tätig.
20160413             DIE—FÄHIGKEIT, große mengen zu verarbeiten, war für seine HITLER—FORSCHUNG unabdingbar.
20160413             Kaum 1.Stadt oder Gemeinde, in der HITLER keine Spuren hinterlassen hat
20160413             Das Hotel Goldener Anker, in dem Sandner von seinem Mammutunterfangen erzählt, hat er natürlich nicht ohne Grund ausgewählt.
20160413             ein Foto: Es zeigt 1.Parade vor dem Hotelgebäude, oben im Fenster ein Mann mit ZweifingerbARTIKEL Richtig, HITLER hat hier übernachtet
20160413             BAYREUTH.
20160413             Im Festspielhaus berauschte sich der "Führer"an Opern wie "DIE—NIBELUNGEN"und rückte im Laufe der —JAHRE immer näher an den WAGNER—CLAN heran.
20160413             Winifred, Wagners Schwiegertochter und Leiterin der Festspiele, duzte sich mit HITLER, für ihre Kinder war er "Onkel Wolf".
20160413             "Gehen wir doch kurz ins Esszimmer", sagt HARALD—SANDNER beim Besuch des SIEGFRIEDhauses.
20160413             "Meine —VORFAHREN waren normale Menschen, liebevolle Menschen.
20160413             —BIS—HEUTE, kann er nicht verstehen, warum.
20160413             Vieles hat seine Familie durch HITLERs —POLITIK verloren.
20160413             Seine JAHRZEHNTE—LANGE Beschäftigung mit HITLER ist demnach auch Beschäftigung mit der eigenen Familiengeschichte.
20160413             Sander will verstehen.
20160413             Bisweilen halfen ihm banalste Details weiter, zum Beispiel 1.Quittung aus dem Bundesarchiv.
20160413             "So kommt ein Puzzlestein zum anderen", sagt Sandner.
20160413             "Wissen Sie, irgendwie wird es dann einfach zur Sucht".
20160413             Deswegen verzichtete er auf vieles.
20160413             Statt im Urlaub zu entspannen, studierte er Akten.
20160413             Statt zu schlafen, arbeitete Sandner bis MITTERNACHT an seinem Itinerar.
20160413             Zigtausende Euros investierte er privat in Reisen auf den Spuren HITLERs.
20160413             Ist das normal?
20160413             In 1—NEBENEINGANG der Villa SIEGFRIED zückt Sandner ein weiteres Foto.
20160413             "Wo HITLER war, war DIE—MACHT", erklärt er.
20160413             Als DIKTATOR traf HITLER unterwegs an beliebigen Orten Entscheidungen.
20160413             Daher ist es von großer Bedeutung, wann und in wessen GESELLSCHAFT er Entschlüsse fällte.
20160413             Auch die Familie WAGNER beeinflusste HITLER in ihrem Sinne:
20160413             Er wendete den drohenden BANKROTT der Festspiele ab.
20160413             Exakt hat Sandner deshalb alle Aufenthaltsorte, Reiserouten und Tagesabläufe HITLERs bis hin zu genutzten Verkehrsmittel ermittelt - so weit sie —NOCH—HEUTE rekonstruierbar sind.
20160413             Seine Akribie hält er für gerechtfertigt.
20160413             Für diejenigen, die aber an Lokalgeschichte interessiert sind, ist es äußerst spannend".
20160413             Sein "HITLER.
20160413             Zur Person, HARALD—SANDNER, Jahrgang 19600000            , ist gelernter Kaufmann.
20160413             HARALD—SANDNER: BERLIN Story Verlag GmbH; 2.432—SEITEN; 399,00—EURO.
20160413             —EINTRITT frei, Anmeldung erforderlich bis zum ;;0418;2016—UNTER: anmeldung@BERLINSTORY—VERLAG.de
20160413             Angehimmelt: Mit BAYREUTH —VERBAND ADOLF—HITLER1.besondere Beziehung.
20160413             Massenauflauf: Wenn HITLER in BAYREUTH anwesend war, pilgerten unzählige seiner Anhänger dorthin, um ihm zu huldigen.
20160413             Fanatiker: Wie Sandner verzeichnet, empfing Houston STEWART—CHAMBERLAIN—HITLER 19230000             in seinem Haus.
20160413             Umkreisung: SYSTEMatisch näherte sich HITLER in BAYREUTH der Familie WAGNER.
20160413             Freundschaftsdienst: Winifred WAGNER hatte HITLER viel zu verdanken.
20160413             Zweierbeziehung: Winifred WAGNER, hier 19390000             , gehörte zu den wenigen Menschen, die HITLER duzen durften.
20160413             Zwiespalt: Trotz ihrer völligen Ergebenheit gegenüber HITLER unterstützte Winifred WAGNER Verfolgte, wie ihre Biografin Brigitte Hamann 20020000             herausstellte - darunter JUDEN und Homosexuelle.
20160413             Finale: Seine letzte Oper sah HITLER 19400000             in BAYREUTH: "Götterdämmerung".
20160413             Trauer: Bis zu ihrem Tod hielt Winifred WAGNER HITLER die Treue.
20160413             —VERHANDLUNGEN über Hilfen: TSIPRAS reist zu Krisengesprächen nach PARIS und STRAßBURG
20160413             UNESCO—WELTERBE: VIETNAM verbietet Bootsübernachtungen in HALONG—BUCHT
20160413             Koran mal anders: USA—ALLAH
20160413             Berufsstart: Immer weniger junge Menschen beginnen 1.Ausbildung (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 11:27)
20160413             Brisante Umfrage: Warum die IRAKer ihre Befreier fürchten
20160413             Idomeni: Mazedonische POLIZEI setzt TRÄNENGAS—GEGEN—FLÜCHTLINGE ein
20160413             BADEN—WÜRTTEMBERG Maskierter erschießt Betreiber von Kampfsportclub
20160413             Automatisiertes Fahren: Regierung erweitert RECHTSGRUND—LAGE für selbstfahrende Autos
20160413             BUNDESWEHR: KABINETT beschließt erweiterten MALI—EINSATZ
20160413             —ALTERTUM, Aus dem, sind erhalten Itinerare
20160413             das ITINERARIUM GADITANUM, 1—AUFLISTUNG der Streckenabschnitte von Cádiz nach ROM,
20160413             GESCHICHTS—WISSENSCHAFT
20160413             In der Fachsprache der GESCHICHTS—WISSENSCHAFT versteht man unter Itinerar die "Reiseroute" von Herrschern (bzw.
20160413             Geistliche LITERATur
20160413             In der geistlichen LITERATur kann Itinerar auch 1—WEGWEISUNG bedeuten, die hinführen soll zu rechter Lebensführung bis hin zur Vollkommenheit.
20160413             Henning Reinhardt: Das Itinerar des Wolfgang Musculus.
20160413             MARC—LÖWENER: Itinerare als Hilfsmittel zur chronologischen Einordnung des Quellenmaterials -- dargestellt am Beispiel der Herrschaftsgründung des DEUTSCHEN Ordens in PREUßEN, in: Fremdheit und Reisen —MITTEL—ALTER—IM,.
20160413             Itineraria (1429—BÄNDE) digitalisiert (Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum)
20160413             Krüger, Herbert: —DAS—ÄLTESTE deutsche Routenhandbuch.
20160413             Beispiel: GÜNTHER/Krüger/Zorawaska-Wilkowska: Die Reisen und Aufenthalte des KÖNIG—AUGUST—II.
20160413             —REVOLUTIONÄRER Antrieb: Wie STEPHEN—HAWKING ein MINI—RAUMSCHIFF mit Lasern zu den Sternen schießen will
20160413             —VOR, genau 55—JAHREN ist mit Jurij Gagarin 1. ein Mensch ins Weltall geflogen.
20160413             DIE—1.Schritte auf dem Mond folgten 19690000           .
20160413             —NUN, will die BREAKTHROUGH—INITIATIVE des russischen Milliardärs Jurij Milner neue, deutlich ambitioniertere Ziele ins Visier nehmen: Alpha Centauri.
20160413             100.000.000—DOLLAR wird die BREAKTHROUGH—INITIATIVE —IN—DEN—KOMMENDEN—JAHREN in die ER—FORSCHUNG des Vorhabens stecken.
20160413             1—BISLANG nur als theoretisches Konzept existierende Antriebstechnik, Der interstellare Flug zu Alpha Centauri erfordert 1.neue,.
20160413             1—NUR wenige Gramm schweres Raumschiff verfügt über ein riesiges Segel, auf das von der Erde aus leistungsstarke Laser zielen.
20160413             Der Rückstoß der Photonen, so die Berechnungen von Wissenschaftlern, kann 1.solche MINI—SONDE binnen 10—MINUTEN auf 25 % oder 20 % der Lichtgeschwindigkeit beschleunigen.
20160413             Mit dieser Geschwindigkeit würde das ultraleichte Raumschiff dann durchs All rasen und nach 30—MINUTEN den Planeten Mars passieren.
20160413             —CA—20—JAHRE—SPÄTER, wäre Alpha Centauri erreicht, ein Lichtstrahl braucht bis dort 4,3—JAHRE.
20160413             "Wir müssen unsere Strategie radikal überdenken oder unseren TRAUM aufgeben, jemals ferne Sterne erreichen zu können", erklärte jüngst PHILIP Lubin von der UNIVERSITY—OF—CALIFORNIA in Santa BARBARA.
20160413             "DIE—GESCHICHTE—DER—MENSCHHEIT ist 1.GESCHICHTE großer Schritte", sagte Jurij Milner.
20160413             ultraleichte Sonden, genannt Starchip, die lediglich wenige Gramm wiegen und im Grunde nur aus ein paar Elektronikchips, Sensoren, Batterien und 1—KAMERA bestehen.
20160413             Auch die gigantischen, nur wenige ATOM—LAGEN dicken Lichtsegel müssen noch entwickelt werden.
20160413             —LAUT—DEM—NUN vorgestellten Konzept soll 1.Armada von Lasern auf 1—MÖGLICHST trockenen Ort in großer Höhe auf der Erde aufgebaut werden.
20160413             DIE—MINI—RAUMSCHIFFE sollen an Bord von Raketen in 1.Erdumlaufbahn gebracht werden.
20160413             Weil pro Sonde wohl nur ein paar Minuten Laserbeschuss reichen, könnte nach und nach 1.ganze Armada von Kleinstraumschiffen zu interstellaren Reisen aufbrechen.
20160413             Womöglich liefe es auf 1.FLY—BY—MISSION hinaus, also auf 1—UNGEBREMSTEN Vorbeiflug mit 1—NUR sehr kurzen Fenster für Fotos.
20160413             Aber vielleicht fällt den Genies um STEPHEN—HAWKING ja auch noch etwas ganz Neues ein.
20160413             Geleitet wird DAS—PROJEKT vom ehemaligen NASA—WISSENSCHAFTLER Pete Worden.
20160413             VERFAHREN—GEGEN—SATIRIKER: BUNDES—REGIERUNG bittet im Fall Böhmermann um Geduld
20160413             BRÜSSELer Flughafen: Dutzende Flüge wegen Streik gestrichen
20160413             —RESOLUTION, EU—PARLAMENTARIER verurteilen polnische Reformen
20160413             —UMSTRITTENES Pflanzengift: EU—PARLAMENT will Glyphosat für 7—JAHRE zulassen
20160413             ULM: POLIZEI nimmt mutmaßliche EXTREMISTEN fest
20160413             Regen: Das Rätsel der gespaltenen Tropfen
20160413             —NACH, Drogenfund: VERFAHREN—GEGEN—VOLKER Beck eingestellt
20160413             "Nuit debout"—PROTESTE—IN—FRANKREICH: DER—ZORN wächst
20160413             STABILITÄTS—BERICHT, IWF sieht wachsende Risiken für FINANZ—MÄRKTE
20160413             Kalenderfunktion "Ziele": GOOGLE schickt Sie bald zum Joggen
20160413             Malaga: Helfer des SUPER—MARKT—ATTENTÄTERS von PARIS gefasst
20160413             —FLÜCHTLINGS—ROUTE über DAS—MITTELMEER: "DIE—LAGE ist alarmierend"
20160413             —ZWISCHEN—FALL—IN—DER OST—SEE: Russische KAMPF—FLUGZEUGE provozieren USA—KRIEG—SCHIFF
20160413             Chip im Hirn: Gelähmter —STEUERT 1. Arm mit Gedanken
20160413             Lage im FLÜCHTLINGS—CAMP Idomeni: Die Banalität der Gewalt
20160413             [l] CDU und SPD haben in BERLIN so nachhaltig verkackt, daß DIE—GROßE—KOALITION ihre Mehrheit verloren hat.
20160413—19360000    —SEIT, nächtigte der Despot im SIEGFRIEDhaus, nur ein paar Schritte entfernt von der Villa Wahnfried, dem Sitz der Familie WAGNER.
20160413—19960000    —JETZT, veröffentlicht der GESCHICHTS—FORSCHER HARALD—SANDNER, auf 2.400—SEITEN
20160413—19960000    —JETZT, veröffentlicht der GESCHICHTS—FORSCHER HARALD—SANDNER, WO aufgehalten DER—DIKTATOR ADOLF—HITLER, SICH hat.und
20160413—19960000    —JETZT, veröffentlicht der GESCHICHTS—FORSCHER HARALD—SANDNER, WANN aufgehalten DDER—DIKTATOR ADOLF—HITLER, SICH hat
20160413—20160425    —AM, um 1830—UHR stellt HARALD—SANDNER im BERLIN Story Bunker sein Buch "HITLER - Das Itinerar"im GESPRÄCH—MIT—DR.
20160413—20160428    —ON, police said they have arrested THE—4—SUSPECTED attackers.
20160413—20160523    —ON, THE—ATTACKERS were sentenced to 2—YEARS in prison.
20170413             USA USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP said "things will work out fine" between THE—USA and Russia, a DAY—AFTER he said USA—RUSSIA—RELATIONS may be at an ALL—TIME low.
20170413             —SIGNED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, legislation that lets states deny federal family planning money to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.
20170413             His Arpanet was the forerunner of the Internet.
20170413             ATLANTA—GEORGIA, ZACHARIAH—HUNNICUTT was shot and killed on a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit train.
20170413             3—OTHER people were wounded.
20170413             1—SUSPECT was detained.
20170413             2—GEORGIA POLICE—OFFICERS were fired after being videotaped beating motorist DEMETRIUS—HOLLINS, 21—JAHRE—ALT in Lawrenceville.
20170413             —FACED, SERGEANT—MICHAEL—BONGIOVANNI and Master POLICE—OFFICER ROBERT—MCDONALD, a criminal investigation.
20170413             —CHARGED, MICHIGAN, DOCTOR—JUMANA—NAGARWALA was, with genital mutilation.
20170413             —ARRESTED, She was, after 2—GIRLS, 7—JAHRE—ALT from MINNESOTA identified her as the person who performed the procedure on them in ;;02;; at a clinic in suburban Detroit.
20170413             —TRIGGERED, AFGHANISTAN, a mine, by a civilian car exploded, killing 3—PEOPLE and wounding 2 in Paktia province.
20170413             AFGHANISTAN, 1—ATTACK—ON—A tunnel complex in EAST—NANGARHAR province with the largest NON—NUCLEAR weapon ever used in combat by THE—USA—MILITARY left at least 36—ISLAMIC State militants dead and no civilian casualties.
20170413             The bomb, known officially as a GBU-43B, or massive ordnance air blast weapon, unleashed 11—TONS of explosives.
20170413             —RAISED, AFGHANISTAN—AUTHORITIES soon, THE—NUMBER—OF—FATALITIES to 94—ISLAMIC State fighters dead.
20170413             CHINA—FOREIGN—MINISTER—WANG—YI said Palestinians must be allowed to build an independent state, after meeting Palestinian FOREIGN—MINISTER Riyad AL—MALIKI, who pushed Beijing to do more in THE—MIDDLE—EAST peace process.
20170413             —ATTACKED, ETHIOPIA—GOVERNMENT said 10—REBELS who, vehicles headed to a massive dam project and killed 9—PEOPLE have been sentenced from 9—YEARS to life in prison.
20170413             —ARRESTED, THE—REBELS were, in March.
20170413             —RULED, The European COURT—OF—HUMAN—RIGHTS, that Russia failed to adequately protect victims of a 20040000              school siege in THE—CITY—OF—BESLAN that left more than 330—PEOPLE dead.
20170413             MOSCOW said it would appeal.
20170413             —TARGETED, Facebook said it has, 30,000 fake accounts linked to FRANCE AHEAD—OF—THE—COUNTRY's 2-round 20170423—20170507     PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION, as part of a worldwide EFFORT—AGAINST misinformation.
20170413             —COMPLETED, ITALY, the takeover of AC Milan was, with Silvio BERLUSCONI selling the club to a CHINA—CONSORTIUM, after 31—YEARS in charge.
20170413             —VALUED, The deal, Milan at 740—MILLION—EUROS (about $800—MILLION) and required the investors, led by businessman Yonghong Li, to spend 350—MILLION—EUROS ($372—MILLION) ,—OVER—3—YEARS, on improvements.
20170413             1—COURT in IVORY—COAST handed a former top general 18—YEARS behind bars in connection with 20110404             —THE, abduction and murder of 4—FOREIGNERS from the Novotel hotel in Abidjan.
20170413             —RESCUED, THE—LIBYA—COAST guard, 23—MIGRANTS around 6—MILES (10—KM) off THE—LIBYA—COAST following a distress call.
20170413             At least 97—AFRICAN migrants were missing and believed drowned after their EUROPE—BOUND boat sank in THE—MEDITERRANEAN Sea.
20170413             MEXICO, HUGO—CASTRO, a MEMBER—OF—THE migrant defence group Border Angels, sent a chilling Facebook live message saying he was stranded and people were trying to kill him.
20170413             —INDICTED, MONTENEGRO—SPECIAL prosecutor, 2—RUSSIANS and 12—OTHER people for allegedly plotting a coup last October that included plans to kill THE—COUNTRY's former PRIME—MINISTER.
20170413             —IDENTIFIED, The Russians, as EDUARD—SHISHMAKOV and VLADIMIR—POPOV, allegedly coordinated the operation from neighboring SERBIA.
20170413             NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, Mashal Khan, 23—JAHRE—ALT, a student at Wali Khan University, was beaten to death by fellow students after a dormitory debate was followed by accusations of blasphemy being spread across a university campus in Maradan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
20170413             —TARGETED, Police later said Khan was, by students who saw him as a political rival.
20170413             —STORMED, RUSSIA—POLICE, into the home of nationalist leader Vyacheslav Maltsev and taken him to MOSCOW for questioning.
20170413             —QUESTIONED, Maltsev was being, in connection with an investigation into 1—ATTACK—ON—A policeman at an opposition rally in MOSCOW last month.
20170413             1—RUSSIA—COURT said BILLIONALT—IRISCH Alisher Usmanov has launched legal action against opposition leader ALEXEI—NAVALNY over an accusation of bribery in his report into alleged corruption by PRIME—MINISTER—DMITRY—MEDVEDEV.
20170413             RUSSIA—STATE—RUN—CHANNEL 1—SAID it would not broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest, after rejecting proposals for contestant Yulia Samoilova to take part via video link or be replaced, after UKRAINE slapped her with an entry ban over a concert she gave in annexed Crimea.
20170413             —RAISED, SAUDI—ARABIA said it has, $9—BILLION in its 1. global Islamic bond issue, a move analysts say could ease pressure on foreign reserves.
20170413             —CALLED, HUMAN—RIGHTS Watch, on SAUDI—ARABIA to investigate the death of a PAKISTAN—TRANSGENDER woman who had been detained by police in the capital, Riyadh, following a ;;02;; raid on a private gathering.
20170413             1—FAMILY member has claimed the transgender woman was tortured in custody.
20170413             —RULED, The highest SWITZERLAND—COURT, that 2—EXECUTIVES of SWITZERLAND—BIGGEST political party violated laws against racism with a campaign advertisement suggesting people from Kosovo are violent criminals.
20170413             The Federal SUPREME—COURT in Lausanne upheld the convictions of FORMER—SVP SECRETARY—GENERAL—MARTIN—BALTISSER and his deputy, Silvia Baer, on CHARGES—OF—RACIAL discrimination.
20170413             SYRIA—PRESIDENT—BASHAR—AL—ASSAD said 20170404             —THE—ALLEGED poison gas attack blamed on his government in Idlib province was "100—PERCENT fabrication" used to justify A—USA—AIR strike.
20170413             —VOTED, THE—SECURITY—COUNCIL, unanimously to end THE—UN peacekeeping mission in HAITI in MID—OCTOBER after more than 20—YEARS.
20170413             The resolution also creates a FOLLOW—ON peacekeeping mission for an initial period of 6—MONTHS comprising 1,275 police who will continue training THE—NATIONAL—POLICE force.
20170413             1—PANEL of UNITED—NATIONS HUMAN—RIGHTS experts condemned TURKEY for violating the right to work and education through blanket dismissals of civil servants and school teachers under a STATE—OF—EMERGENCY.
20170413             —DEMANDED, THE—UN, that CHECHNYA halt the abduction, detention and killing of gay and bisexual men.
20170413             —PUBLISHED, RUSSIA—NOVAYA—GAZETA had recently, a series of reports saying recent waves of crackdowns in CHECHNYA have seen more than 100—MEN arrested and at least 3—KILLED.
20170413             —KILLED, THE—UN said cholera and acute diarrhea have, more than 500—PEOPLE and left tens of THOUSANDS—OF—OTHERS sick in DROUGHT—HIT parts of SOMALIA since January.
20170413             THOUSANDS—OF—VENEZUELANS took to the streets of Caracas to support a growing protest movement.
20170413             —CONFIRMED, Officials, earlier today that a 5. person had † in recent protests.
20170413             TREFFEN—MIT—STOLTENBERG: DONALD—TRUMP nennt NATO "nicht länger obsolet"
20170413             DONALD—TRUMP zu LUFT—SCHLAG—IN—SYRIEN—ANGRIFFSBEFEHL beim Schokokuchen
20170413             —NACH, gewaltsamen Rauswurf: Passagier bereitet Boden für Klagen gegen UNITED—AIRLINES
20170413             Oscargewinner: "MANCHESTER by the Sea"soll Paar zum Mord inspiriert haben
20170413             NORD—KOREA—FRAGE: DONALD—TRUMP umwirbt CHINA
20170413             PHARMA—BRANCHE im Umbruch: "Bezahlt wird nur, wenn 1.Therapie hilft"
20170413             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DONNERSTAG: Sieg für die Normalität
20170413             BVB—PROFI Sahin über AN—SCHLAG, "Ich werde ihre Blicke nie vergessen"
20170413             —KLAGE—GEGEN—WARNER Brothers: Der "Demolition Man"will Kohle
20170413             Unterwegs mit WAFFEN—ATTRAPPE: RAP—VIDEODREH löst POLIZEI—EINSATZ—IN—DORTMUND aus
20170413             Bock auf Burger: Achtjähriger chauffiert kleine Schwester mit Papas Auto zu McDONALD's
20170413             VENEZUELA: Teenager und, 36—JAHRE—ALTE bei ANTI—MADURO—PROTESTEN erschossen
20170413             —AUFRUF—ZU—TOLERANZ an Muslime: "Im ISLAM gibt es leider Defizite"
20170413             IT—SICHERHEIT im BUNDES—TAG: —EXPERTEN kritisieren "unkontrollierten —EINSATZ—VON—ENDGERÄTEN"
20170413             —VON, wegen Lebenssinn und Leidenschaft: Manifest für mehr Ehrlichkeit im Job (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 09:09)
20170413             "Stimmenfang"-Podcast: SCHULZ und die Jungwähler - hält das?
20170413             WAHL—KAMPF: Parteien umwerben Familien mit MILLIARDENversprechen
20170413             —BÜRGER—KRIEG—SYRIEN, MERKEL dringt auf POLITISCHE—LÖSUNG ohne ASSAD
20170413             Zum Tode von MICHAEL—BALLHAUS: Von der Dunkelheit ins Licht
20170413             In den Folgejahren entwickelt BØRGE—MOGENSEN ein komplettes MÖBEL—PROGRAMM,das dem WUCHTIG—DUNKLEN Mief der dänischen Wohnstuben den Garaus machen sollte.
20170413             —2—JAHRE—SPÄTER, stirbt BØRGE—MOGENSEN.
20170413             —DAMALS, sorgte der eher schmucklose Ansatz durchaus für Diskussionen: Nicht jeder Däne wollte von dem Nippes, der ihn umgab, befreit werden.
20170413             —VON, diesem Wiederwillen zeugt etwa e
20170413             Mogensen selbst auch seine lieben Probleme mit dem Zeitgeist hatte: 1962
20170413             bezeichnete er die vor allem IN—DEN—USA sehr erfolgreiche Besteckreihe Tjorn des Designers Jens Quistgaard als "geistigen Humbug",
20170413             den GRAND—PRIX—STUHL von Arne JACOBsen als "konstruktionstechnische Niete"und
20170413             DIE—ARBEITEN Verner Pantons als "reine Gags".
20170413             Das Buch thematisiert diese mangelnde Aufgeschlossenheit der Moderne gegenüber in 1—EIGENEN Kapitel -
20170413             Wechsel in 1.Preisregion, die für Mogensens ursprüngliche ZIEL—GRUPPE unerschwinglich war.
20170413             Das bei Hatje Cantz erschienene Buch "BØRGE—MOGENSEN - Möbel mit Format"gibt 1—GUTEN Überblick über das Schaffen des DÄNEN, der GEMEINSAM—MIT—SEINEN Kollegen —, Mitschülern - HANS J.
20170413             MICHAEL—BALLHAUS
20170413             Er war ein Gentleman, höflich, stilbewusst und gleichzeitig ÜBERAUS—WARMHERZIG.
20170413             Dass diese Augen —IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—JAHREN mehr und mehr erloschen, daß Ballhaus erblindete, war tragisch.
20170413             Man kann Ballhaus, der 19350000             in BERLIN zur Welt kam, in den FÜNFZIGER—JAHREN beim Fernsehen anfing, insgesamt 15—FILME für Rainer Werner Fassbinder und MARTIN—SCORSESES Oscargewinner "Departed - Unter Feinden"(20060000             ) fotografierte, 1—KAMERAMANN nennen.
20170413             Das ist nicht falsch.
20170413             Er schuf dreidimensionale Bilder, ohne 3D-Effekte zu brauchen.
20170413             Ballhaus lockte den Zuschauer in DIE—GESCHICHTEN hinein wie in Labyrinthe, so in der berühmten langen Einstellung, mit der er in Scorseses "Good Fellas"(19900000             ) 1—NACHTKLUB durchmaß.
20170413             1—DER schönsten Filme und der wohl lustigste, den er je fotografiert hat, ist die schwarze Komödie "DIE—ZEIT nach Mitternacht"(19850000             ), die 1.ZUSAMMEN—ARBEIT—MIT—SCORSESE.
20170413             Es ist DIE—GESCHICHTE eines Programmierers, der nachts im NEW—YORKER Stadtteil Soho lauter bizarre, beunruhigende Begegnungen hat.
20170413             Einen reich gedeckten Tisch setzte Ballhaus so ins Bild, daß man die Speisen zu riechen glaubt und durch die Leinwand hindurch einfach zugreifen möchte.
20170413             Zu 1—WIRKLICH großen Künstler machte ihn seine Fähigkeit, DIE—ZUSCHAUER dazu zu bringen, sich in den Filmwelten zu verlieren, WÄHREND
20170413             er gleichzeitig das Kino reflektierte.
20170413             BALLHAUS—FILMEN, gibt es LICHT—WECHSEL auf offener Szene, Theatereffekte, sichtbare Kameraoperationen.
20170413             Er war auch ein Kameramann im Brecht'schen Sinn, der DIE—ZUSCHAUER daran erinnerte, daß sie im Kino saßen.
20170413             —DANN, ließ er sie es im Nu wieder vergessen.
20170413             Ballhaus erzählte, höflich, wie er war, und auch stolz, immer wieder von den 360-Grad-Fahrten, die zu seinem Markenzeichen wurden und die er in Filmen wie "Martha"(19740000             ) und "DIE—FABELHAFTEN Baker Boys"(19900000             ) einsetzte.
20170413             Und gleichzeitig spürte man bei ihm ein gewisses Unwohlsein, denn er sah sich als Dienender des Films, dessen Arbeit dann besonders gelungen ist, wenn man sie nicht wahrnimmt.
20170413             Ballhaus' Filme sind gerade deshalb SO—REICHHALTIGE Erlebnisse, weil sie den Zuschauer dazu bringen, ständig zwischen verschiedenen Weisen der Wahrnehmung zu wechseln, der bewussten Betrachtung der Bilder und der rückhaltlosen Hingabe
20170413             In der ARTHUR—MILLER—ADAPTION "Tod eines Handlungsreisenden"(19850000             ), von Volker Schlöndorff IN—SZENIERT, sieht man die Kulissen und steckt 1.Sekunde im Kopf des Helden Willy Loman.
20170413             —VOR, 1—TREFFEN—MIT—MICHAEL—BALLHAUS hatte man
20170413             man
20170413             auch immer
20170413             ein bisschen Sorge.
20170413             als JOURNALIST will man
20170413             —NATÜRLICH
20170413             süffige Anekdoten über die KÄMPFE und Streitigkeiten hinter den Kulissen hören,
20170413             kleine Spitzen gegen Schauspieler und Regisseure.
20170413             DIE—LIEFERTE Ballhaus so gut wie nie.
20170413             BALLHAUS—WAR einfach durchdrungen von dem Respekt gegenüber anderen.
20170413             † Ballhaus, 1—GROßER Mann.
20170413             UNIONS—FRAKTION—CHEF—VOLKER Kauder hat an Muslime WELT—WEIT appelliert,
20170413             CHRISTEN tolerant zu begegnen.
20170413             RELIGIONS—FREIHEIT sei ein Gradmesser auch für andere FREIHEITS—RECHTE.
20170413             "Im ISLAM gibt es hier leider Defizite", sagte der CDU—POLITIKER der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR dpa.
20170413             Gerade die Fanatiker DER—TERROR—MILIZ—ISLAMISCHER—STAAT[IS] beriefen sich leider auch auf die Lehren des Koran.
20170413             "Diesen offenkundigen Irrlehren muss von den geistigen Autoritäten des ISLAM noch stärker widersprochen werden", sagte Kauder.
20170413             Diese müssten "doch selbst ein hohes Interesse haben, daß ihre RELIGION nicht von Fanatikern diskreditiert wird".
20170413             Jenen, die Gläubige radikalisieren wollten, "muss aus DER—ISLAMISCHEN Lehre heraus entgegengetreten werden", sagte Kauder.
20170413             Der Großscheich der AZHAR—MOSCHEE in KAIRO, AHMED—EL—TAYEB, mit dem er in regelmäßigem Kontakt sei, mache das beispielsweise.
20170413             Der CDU—POLITIKER kritisierte, die Lage der CHRISTEN insbesondere in SYRIEN und dem IRAK
20170413             —DIE—LAGE der CHRISTEN insbesondere in SYRIEN und dem IRAK habe sich —IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—JAHREN dramatisch verschlechtert.
20170413             sich
20170413             ÄGYPTEN, wollten islamistische Fanatiker DIE—GESELLSCHAFT spalten, warnte Kauder
20170413             DIE—GESELLSCHAFT spalten
20170413             wollten islamistische Fanatiker
20170413             "DIE—LAGE der CHRISTEN in der TÜRKEI ist bereits SEIT—JAHREN nicht akzeptabel", sagte er.
20170413             So wie ERDOGAN heute mit der Presse—, MEINUNGS—FREIHEIT umgehe, "ist er schon zuvor mit den Rechten der CHRISTEN verfahren".
20170413             CHRISTEN würden in der TÜRKEI "SEIT—LANGEM mehr oder weniger offen diskriminiert".
20170413             So dürften DIE—KIRCHEN keine PRIESTER ausbilden, DER—STAAT stelle zudem den Besitz der Kirchen infrage.
20170413             In der TÜRKEI sind bei 1—REFERENDUM am Ostersonntag mehr als 55.000.000—WAHLBERECHTIGTE zur Stimmabgabe für oder gegen das von ERDOGAN angestrebte PRÄSIDIAL—SYSTEM aufgerufen.
20170413             Dieses würde ihm deutlich mehr MACHT verleihen.
20170413             "Allein wegen der Behandlung der christlichen Minderheit kann DIE—TÜRKEI momentan überhaupt nicht damit rechnen, EU—MITGLIED zu werden", sagte Kauder.
20170413             "—IN—DEN—VERGANGENEN—MONATEN hat sich DAS—LAND auch auf anderen Gebieten immer weiter von der EU entfernt".
20170413             DIE—ENTWICKLUNG der TÜRKEI sei für viele Länder typisch, ergänzte er:
20170413             "Dort, wo DIE—RELIGIONS—FREIHEIT mit Füßen getreten wird, sind in aller Regel die übrigen FREIHEITS—RECHTE nicht gewährleistet".
20170413             Auch darum sei es so wichtig, sich intensiv mit der RELIGIONS—FREIHEIT zu beschäftigen:
20170413             Ihr Grad sei "ein LACKMUS—TEST für den Grad der Freiheitsgewährung insgesamt".
20170413             das Feddz ist kein "richtiges Motorrad".
20170413             In 1—BESSEREN Welt würden in den Städten nur Feddz fahren, keine Autos oder Motorräder.
20170413             Leider ist DIE—WELT in dieser Hinsicht noch zu schlecht (DAS—WETTER oft auch) und DER—PREIS zu hoch,
20170413             Obwohl das Feddz so puristisch aussieht, fährt ES—SICH überraschend komfortabel.
20170413             "Und wie viel kostet es?", wollte dann 1—WISSEN.
20170413             "Ungefähr 8000—EURO", antwortete ich.
20170413             —VON—DA—AN, BEGANN sich DIE—MENSCHENTRAUBE schnell aufzulösen.
20170413             Der Hersteller des Feddz ist ein ELEKTROMASCHINENBAU—UNTERNEHMEN aus Mittelbiberach, 1—GEMEINDE 130—KM südöstlich von STUTTGART.
20170413             [l] DONALD—TRUMP hat ja gerade so ein bisschen Probleme, seine offenen Posten zu besetzen.
20170413             Wer verhandelt da eigentlich dann PRIVACY—SHIELD gerade?
20170413             The Register hat mal recherchiert:
20170413             Judy Garber … Acting ASSISTANT—SECRETARY, BUREAU—OF—OCEANS and INTERNATIONAL—ENVIRONMENTAL and Scientific Affairs
20170413             [l] Über dieses DONALD—TRUMP—X1—MEETING kommen immer mehr peinliche Details heraus.
20170413             Apparently, DONALD—TRUMP came into his 1.meeting with THE—CHINA—LEADER, —IN—EARLY, ;;0400;;, convinced that CHINA could simply eliminate the threat posed by NORTH—KOREA—NUCLEAR program.
20170413             "After listening for 10—MINUTES, I realized it's not so easy," THE—PRESIDENT told the Journal.
20170413             Tjahaaa, liebe Leser, manchmal hilft es enorm, sich mal mit jemandem zu unterhalten.
20170413             [l] Klarer Fall von Selbstmord: 1—SCHWARZE muslimische Richterin der USA tot im HUDSON—RIVER gefunden.
20170413             CALIFORNIA,
20170413             skandinavischen Möbeldesigner
20170413             Mogensen wollte Möbel schaffen, die die von DER—DEUTSCHEN—BESATZUNG gebeutelte Bevölkerung beim Aufbruch in 1.neue Zeit unterstützen sollten.
20170413             EAST—BAY
20170413             Logo
20170413             Motto Per Aspera Ad Astra
20170413             —GRÜNDUNG, 1957
20170413             Trägerschaft staatlich
20170413             Ort Hayward
20170413             Land Vereinigte STAATEN
20170413             Leitung LEROY—MORISHITA
20170413             Studenten 14.526 (Herbst 20130000             )[1]
20170413             Website csueastbay.edu
20170413             DIE—CALIFORNIA—STATE—UNIVERSITY EAST—BAY hat 2—STAND—ORTE: den Hayward Hills Campus in den Hügeln von Hayward, und den CONCORD Campus, der im kalifornischen CONCORD in den Ausläufern des MOUNT—DIABLO liegt.
20170413             authwhore
20170413             JAMES—MICHENER?
20170413             If you live to be 10000000             , all your days will be spent trying to correct The Record.
20170413             —POSTED—BY—ANONYMOUS Amelie D'bunquerre : 1249—PM
20170413             BESIDES—I have always said that I have no —PROBLEM with speculation as long as it COMES labeled as such,
20170413             JOSEPH : 5:14 AM
20170413             Sowohl seine Sitzmöbel als auch seine Regalserien orientieren sich strikt an den Maßen des Menschen, aber auch jener Sachen, mit denen dieser sich umgibt.
20170413             For example, MANY—NEW LED lighting systems have vehicle MOVEMENT—BASED streetlights.
20170413             Taken as a whole, these strategies are helping lower reliance on fossil FUEL—BASED energy sources, reducing harmful emissions, and more.
20170413             All over THE—WORLD, from the most wealthy to the poorest countries, old street lamps are being replaced with new ENERGY—SAVING lights that are dimmed during the late night and —EARLY, hours when traffic is least or nonexistent.
20170413             And large MULTI—NATIONAL companies including Intel are building smart city technology including streetlights that save energy, and other INTERNET of Things (IoT) solutions that are being embraced by local, regional, and national governments.
20170413             —RECENTLY, physicians from THE—USA—MEDICAL—ASSOCIATION (AMA) issued guidelines on how communities should choose LED streetlights so as to minimize harmful effects to human health and the environment.
20170413             —ACCORDING—TO—THE—AMA, LED streetlights, if not properly designed, suppress melatonin and lead to circadian disruption and disturbed sleep.
20170413             Finally, in SILICON—VALLEY, companies are working to design and outfit smart cities —THROUGHOUT—THE—WORLD through THE—USE—OF—CONTROL networks to improve operational efficiency and energy savings.
20170413             These control networks will run automatic streetlights and collect energy from pedestrian footsteps, all run efficiently by WiFi.
20170413             Diesen Stuhl entwarf er für 1.Ausstellung 19490000           .
20170413             "Mein Ziel ist es Dinge zu erschaffen, die dem Menschen dienen und ihm DIE—KONTROLLE geben, anstatt den Menschen an die Dinge anzupassen", beschrieb BØRGE—MOGENSEN einmal seine Designphilosophie.
20170413             Das SPOKEBACK—SOFA entwarf BØRGE—MOGENSENS bereits 19450000             ,
20170413             Beispiel für 1.von Mogensen entworfene Tapete 19380000             —J—AUS—DEM,
20170413             —GEISELDRAMA von Nordkaukasus: RUSSLAND soll BESLAN—OPFERN 3.000.000—EURO zahlen
20170413             Dubiose Onlineshops: Bestellt, bezahlt und nicht geliefert
20170413             FLÜCHTLINGS—PATEN: Gebürgt, gezahlt, enttäuscht
20170413             Karrieretypen: Siegeszug der Schüchternen (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 11:48)
20170413             NETZ—NEUTRALITÄT IN—DEN—USA: FACEBOOK, Twitter und Co.
20170413             Ärger über Spielansetzung in DORTMUND: Uefa weist jede Schuld von sich
20170413             BREXIT und HANDELS—POLITIK, So könnte GROß—BRITANNIEN DIE—EU austricksen
20170413             Infektionskrankheit: Erkrankungen durch Hantaviren nehmen zu
20170413             Shop authentic BØRGE—MOGENSEN seating, case pieces and storage cabinets and other BØRGE—MOGENSEN furniture from THE—WORLD—BEST dealers.
20170413             Durchfallerkrankung: CHOLERA breitet sich in SOMALIA aus
20170413             LOS—ANGELES: POLIZEI fasst Mann namens Tupac Shakur
20170413             —VOM—AUS—STERBEN bedroht: SÄGEFISCH—HAPPEN für das Krokodil
20170413             Emden: Busfahrer lässt verschleierte Frau nicht mitfahren
20170413             Trotz MINI—ZINSEN: DEUTSCHE bunkern so viel Geld wie nie
20170413             SYRIEN—MACHT—HABER ASSAD: CHEMIE—WAFFEN—ANGRIFF zu "hundert % konstruiert"
20170413             Interessenkollision: DEUTSCHE—BANK soll GESCHÄFTE—MIT—TRUMP offenlegen
20170413             MILLIARDEN—GEWINNE, USA—GROß—BANKEN profitieren von BREXIT und DONALD—TRUMP
20170413             KELLY Rowland über Kindererziehung unter DONALD—TRUMP: KAMPF—GEGEN—DIE—ANGST
20170413             Heimat als Kampfbegriff: DIE—NATUR der NAZIs
20170413             DINOSAURIER—EVOLUTION: Der flache Vorfahr
20170413             ER—FORSCHUNG von Wanderbewegungen: Wie Forscher mit DNA ANGELN
20170413             MAL—PROGRAMM Autodraw: GOOGLE weiß, was Sie zeichnen wollen
20170413             SYRIEN— USA—KOALITION tötet versehentlich verbündete KÄMPFER
20170413             —AFFÄRE—UM—POLIZEI—GEWERKSCHAFTER Wendt: Jäger wehrt sich gegen Täuschungsvorwürfe
20170413             SKANDALfilm "The Birth of a Nation": Liebe weiße Mitbürger, schauen wir hin
20170413             Gewaltsamer Rauswurf aus UNITED—MASCHINE: Nase gebrochen, 2—ZÄHNE verloren
20170413             FRANKREICH vor der Wahl: Was scheren mich meine SKANDALe von GESTERN?
20170413             Offerte aus RUMÄNIEN: CHARLES, PRINZ—VON—TRANSSYLVANIEN
20170413             TÜRKEI vor dem REFERENDUM: Es grollt im Staate ERDOGAN
20170413             Saturnmond Enceladus: Mögliche Energiequelle für Leben entdeckt
20170413             —KAMPF—GEGEN—IS: USA setzen 1. größte NICHTATOM—BOMBE ein
20170413             Energie: EnBW baut Windpark ohne Subventionen
20170413             Anders als allgemein angenommen sollen die frühesten —VORFAHREN der DINO—SAURIER keine kleinen flinken, zweibeinig jagenden Räuber gewesen sein, sondern vergleichsweise flach gebaut - mehr Krokodil als RAUB—TRUTHAHN.
20170413             DIE—THESE macht sich an frischen Fossilfunden und der resultierenden RE—KONSTRUKTION von Teleocrater rhadinus fest, 1—ARCHOSAURIER, der VOR—CA—250.000.000—JAHREN lebte.
20170413             ARCHO—SAURIER sind 1.Gruppe innerhalb der Reptilien, DIE—ZEIT—ZU—JENER 1. auftauchte und 1.große Vielzahl an Arten und Formen hervorbrachte.
20170413             USA—STREIT—KRÄFTE haben in AFGHANISTAN 1.gewaltige Bombe des Typs GBU—43—EINGESETZT - auch bekannt als Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) oder "Mother of all Bombs"("Mutter aller Bomben").
20170413             DIE—BOMBE gilt mit mehr als 8000—KILOGRAMM Sprengstoff und 11—TONNEN TNT—ÄQUIVALENT als größter konventioneller Sprengkörper DER—USA—STREITKRÄFTE.
20170413             Er ist nach seiner Entwicklung 20030000             —BISHER, nach USA—MEDIEN—BERICHTEN noch nie bei tatsächlichen Kampfhandlungen eingesetzt worden.
20170413             Der Abwurf aus 1—KAMPF—FLUGZEUG hatte dem PENTAGON zufolge Tunnel DER—TERROR—MILIZ ISLAMISCHER—STAAT sowie deren KÄMPFER zum Ziel.
20170413             DIE—USA—STREIT—KRÄFTE seien —DERZEIT, dabei, den Schaden zu beurteilen.
20170413             DIE—REBELLEN verstärkten —DERZEIT, ihre VERTEIDIGUNGS—LINIEN mit improvisierten Sprengkörpern, Tunnels und Bunkern, hieß es.
20170413             DIE—RAUMSONDE "Cassini"hat Hinweise auf 1.mögliche Energiequelle gefunden.
20170413             Um Wanderbewegungen von Fischen zu beobachten, müssen die Tiere oft gefangen werden -
20170413             erst dann kann man sie zählen und genau bestimmen.
20170413             So konnten Forscher die Ankunft zahlreicher Wanderfische in NEW—YORKER Gewässern nachvollziehen, ohne ein einziges Tier zu sehen.
20170413             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER nahmen regelmäßig WASSER—PROBEN aus dem EAST—RIVER und dem HUDSON—RIVER, die DAS—ERBGUT der Fische enthielten.
20170413             In der UMWELT finden sich überall genetische Spuren von den Tieren, die darin leben:
20170413             Sie stammen beispielsweise von ausgefallenen Haaren und Federn, aus Hautschuppen, dem Kot oder von verendeten Lebewesen.
20170413             Nimmt man zum Beispiel Wasser— oder Bodenproben, kann man über die darin enthaltenen DNA—SPUREN die verschiedenen Tierarten identifizieren
20170413             Man spricht von UMWELT—DNA— oder EDNA—UNTERSUCHUNGEN, wobei das e für das englische Wort "environmental"steht - "aus der UMWELT".
20170413             Forscher um MARK Stoeckle von der ROCKEFELLER UNIVERSITY—NEW—YORK entnahmen
20170413             Darin suchten sie nach der DNA der in dem —GEBIET lebenden Fische.
20170413             Dazu bedienten sich DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER eines Genabschnitts, der für Wirbeltiere —, damit auch für alle Fische - typisch ist.
20170413             Der Genabschnitt lässt sich wie 1.Angel nutzen:
20170413             Gibt man ihn zu der Wasserprobe, heftet er sich an alle DNA—ABSCHNITTE von Fischen und sortiert diese so aus den Proben heraus.
20170413             —DANN, kann die geangelte DNA genauer analysiert werden, um die definitive Fischart oder zumindest die Gruppe, zu der ein Fisch gehört, herauszufinden.
20170413             DIE—FORSCHER registrierten auf diese Weise 81 % der in der Region häufig vorkommenden Fischarten.
20170413             "Wir haben nichts Schockierendes über FISCH—WANDERUNGEN herausgefunden - DIE—ARTEN und die Wanderungen, die wir gesehen haben, waren längst bekannt",
20170413             1.GUTE—NACHRICHT, die die Annahme stützt, daß UMWELT—DNA ein guter STELL—VERTRETER ist.
20170413             Es erstaunt mich einfach, daß wir die gleiche Information aus 1—KLEINEN Tasse Wasser und 1—GROßEN Netz voller Fische ziehen können".
20170413             "Zunächst haben Forscher in EUROPA gezeigt, daß in relativ kleinen Mengen Süß—, Salzwasser genügend unsichtbare DNA—STÜCKCHEN schwimmen, um Dutzende Arten von Fischen zu entdecken", schreibt Stoeckle.
20170413             DIE—EDNA—UNTERSUCHUNGEN seien 1.kostengünstige und schonende Alternative zum konventionellen Monitoring, bei dem die Fische gefangen, gezählt und bestimmt werden müssen.
20170413             hatten Wissenschaftler um Florian Altermatt von der Forschungsanstalt Eawag in DÜBENdorf (SCHWEIZ) mit dem Verfahren DIE—ARTEN—VIELFALT in und um den Fluss Glatt im KANTON—ZÜRICH herum untersucht.
20170413             DIE—FORSCHER fanden genetische Spuren von Hunderten Lebewesen, von der winzigen Eintagsfliege über Würmer und Schnecken bis hin zum Biber,
20170413             "Wir bekommen mit nur wenigen WASSER—PROBEN ein GESAMTBILD—DES—GANZEN Einzugsgebiets",
20170413             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER zeigten, daß der EDNA—TEST Sporen des Pilzes
20170413             Krebspest (Aphanomyces astaci)
20170413             zuverlässig im Wasser nachweist
20170413             —EINE enorme ARBEITS—, Kostenersparnis.
20170413             Mit Beginn des JURA—BEGANN—VOR—CA 200.000.000—JAHREN ein Siegeszug, der bis zur KATASTROPHE —VOR—66.000.000—JAHREN mit gigantischen Wuchsformen anhalten sollte.
20170413             standen Tiere wie Teleocrater auch am Beginn der Entwicklung, die zu Tieren wie Eoraptor führten:
20170413             Der kleine, zweibeinige Räuber gilt als 1—DER Prototypen der DINOSAURIER.
20170413             deren 1.echte Vertreter gehörten zu diesem schlanken, filigranen Typus: Zweibeinige Flitzer wie Marasuchus (hier im Bild), die selten auf mehr als 2—METER Körperlänge kamen.
20170413             Neben 1—MENSCHEN stehend hätten uns diese frühen Dinos gerade bis zur Hüfte gereicht.
20170413             erreichten sie —WENIG—SPÄTER, enorme Größen.
20170413             T-Rex, der SIEBEN—TONNEN—RÄUBER der ausgehenden KREIDE—ZEIT.
20170413             Sauropoden waren das andere Extrem dieser Entwicklung: Sie brachten Giganten von mehr als 30—METER Länge hervor —, Schwergewichte, die mehr als 70—TONNEN auf die Waage gebracht haben könnten.
20170413             —HEUTE, leben aus der Gruppe der ARCHO—SAURIER nur noch Krokodile und Vögel.
20170413             DIE—VÖGEL entwickelten sich einst aus gefiederten, kleinen Raubsauriern wie Archaeopteryx.
20170413             Mit divergierenden Schätzungen zufolge zehn- bis zwanzigtausend lebenden Vogelarten sind Archo—, DINO—SAURIER somit BIS—HEUTE die erfolgreichsten und artenreichsten Klassen der Wirbeltiere.
20170413             —BIS—HEUTE
20170413             Für WASHINGTON ist die Sache klar: DAS—ASSAD—REGIME soll DIE—STADT mit 1—NERVEN—GIFT angegriffen haben, tatsächlich deuten alle —BISHER, bekannt gewordenen Fakten darauf hin.
20170413             —JETZT, meldet sich 1. DER—STAAT—CHEF—PERSÖNLICH zu Wort.
20170413             DIE—SYRIEN—ARMEE verfüge über keine CHEMIE—WAFFEN mehr.
20170413             "Unsere Feuerkraft, unsere Fähigkeit, DIE—TERRORISTEN anzugreifen, ist durch den ANGRIFF nicht beeinträchtigt worden", sagte ASSAD.
20170413             Zu den —BISHERIGEN FRIEDENS—VERHANDLUNGEN sagte er: "DIE—USA meinen es nicht ernst in ihrem Bemühen um 1.POLITISCHE—LÖSUNG".
20170413             DIE—AMERIKANER wollten "den politischen Prozess nutzen, um DIE—TERRORISTEN zu schützen".
20170413             DIE—DEUTSCHEN parken Hunderte MILLIARDEN—EURO auf Sparkonten, obwohl
20170413             es dafür längst keine ZINSEN mehr gibt.
20170413             Ihr Geldvermögen vermehrt sich stetig und hat nun den REKORD—STAND VON—CA—5586.000.000.000—EURO erreicht.
20170413             Das Plus erklärte DIE—NOTEN—BANK vor allem mit gestiegenen BÖRSEN—KURSEN.
20170413             Der größte Posten waren DER—BUNDES—BANK zufolge Ende —VERGANGENEN—JAHRES BAR—GELD, Geld auf GIRO—KONTEN oder SPAR—EINLAGEN mit insgesamt 2200.000.000.000—EURO.
20170413             Weitere 2113.000.000.000—EURO steckten in Versicherungen und Pensionseinrichtungen.
20170413             DIE—MEISTEN Menschen in DEUTSCHLAND meiden Aktien nach wie vor.
20170413             "DIE—DEUTSCHEN sind eben leider IMMER—NOCH kein Volk DER—ANLEGER, sondern ein Volk der Sparer -
20170413             daran hat selbst die anhaltende NIEDRIG—ZINSPHASE BIS—HEUTE nichts ändern können", meint der HAUPTGESCHÄFTS—FÜHRER DER—DEUTSCHEN—SCHUTZVEREINIGUNG für WERTPAPIER—BESITZ (DSW), MARC—TÜNGLER.
20170413             DIE—ANALYSE DER—BUNDES—BANK gibt keine Auskunft darüber, wie der Reichtum in der GESELLSCHAFT verteilt ist.
20170413             Der aktuelle Armuts—, REICHTUMSBERICHT—DER—BUNDES—REGIERUNG kommt aber zu dem Ergebnis, daß des REICH—10 10 % der Haushalte mehr als 50 % des gesamten Nettovermögens besitzen.
20170413             SEXISMUS—DEBATTE in den NIEDERLANDEn: TV—SENDER streicht "Dick oder schwanger"
20170413             Ritual am GRÜNDONNERS—TAG: PAPA wäscht EX—MAFIOSI die Füße
20170413             Inhaftierter "Welt"-JOURNALIST: ERDOGAN schließt Auslieferung von DENIZ—YÜCEL aus
20170413             DONALD—TRUMP und RUSSLAND: Britischer GEHEIM—DIENST soll früh vor Kontakten nach MOSKAU gewarnt haben
20170413             [l] Wart ihr auch so erschüttert, als ihr gehört habt, daß DONALD—TRUMP sein Steak "well done"und mit Ketchup ordert?
20170413             Nun, wie sich rausstellt hat er da gute Gründe für.
20170413             JUST—DAYS—BEFORE—THE—STATE visit of JAPAN—PRIME—MINISTER—SHINZO—ABE to MAR—A—LAGO, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP—PALM—BEACH private club, FLORIDA restaurant inspectors found potentially dangerous raw fish and cited the club for storing food in 2—BROKEN down coolers.
20170413             Na da will man doch Urlaub machen!1!!
20170413             [l] Kennt ihr das?
20170413             So ungefähr muss das gelaufen sein, als DONALD—TRUMP die MOAB über AFGHANISTAN abwerfen ließ.
20170413             DIE—MOAB ist die "Mother of all Bombs", die größte nichtnukleare Bombe, die DIE—USA—AMIS haben, mit 1—BLAST Radius von 1—MEILE (!).
20170413             Eignet sich offensichtlich bestens für 1—SURGICAL strike gegen 1—TERRORISTEN!1!!
20170413—19580000    —ENTWORFEN, DER—SPAIN—CHAIR ist ein raffiniertes Kunstwerk, das vielerlei vereint: hohe HANDWERKS—KUNST in der Fertigung mit 1—KLASSISCHEN, völlig schnörkellosen Design, das historische Formen behutsam in die Gegenwart überträgt.
20170413—19630000    —AB, produziert wurde es aber erst.
20170413—19660000    —IN, ROBERT—W—TAYLOR, 85—JAHRE—ALT, DEVELOPER—OF—THE Arpanet, † at his home in WOODSIDE—CALIFORNIA He began working at THE—PENTAGON for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and quickly called for the agency's 3—COMPUTERS to be able to intercommunicate.
20170413—20170000    —J—IM—VERGANGENEN, DIE—ZAHL—DER—AKTIENBESITZER—IN—DEUTSCHLAND sank sogar wieder unter die Marke von 9.000.000.
20170413—20170402    —IN—THE, ECUADOR—ELECTORAL council late today approved a partial RECOUNT—OF—VOTES disputed PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION, in a bid to highlight what it says was a fair process after the losing conservative candidate said there was fraud.
20170413—20170415    —ON, 8—PAKISTANIS involved in the mob lynching of Khan over his liberal views were charged with murder and terrorism.
20170413—20170419    —ON, an official said Castro was found and taken to a hospital for treatment after an anonymous caller tipped police he was in Tlalnepantla, just north of MEXICO City.
20180326—20180413    —ON, PRESIDENT—LENIN—MORENO confirmed that THE—3—JOURNALISTS had been killed.
20180326—20180413    —ON, PRESIDENT—LENIN—MORENO confirmed that THE—3—JOURNALISTS had been killed.
20180413             —ISSUED, USA USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, a full pardon to I. LEWIS—LIBBY, who was CONVICTED—OF—LYING to investigators and obstruction of justice following 20030000             —THE—LEAK of the covert identity of CIA officer Valerie PLAME.
20180413             LIBBY at the time was serving as the chief of staff to FORMER—VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY.
20180413             —COMMUTED, PRESIDENT—GW—BUSH later, LIBBY's 30-month prison sentence, but did not issue a pardon.
20180413             —INSTRUCTED, USA USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, EPA Administrator SCOTT—PRUITT to more quickly revue states' smog reduction plans, make it easier for businesses to get air quality- related permits and to evaluate HEALTH—BASED smog and soot standards to determine whether they should be revised or rescinded.
20180413             S—FRANCISCO, inspectors of the city's Public Works Department swept in and impounded about 66—SCOOTERS following complaints that they were blocking sidewalks.
20180413             This came just weeks after 3—FIRMS (Lime, Bird and Spin) deposited HUNDREDS—OF—ELECTRIC scooters throughout the city.
20180413             —VOWED, All 3—COMPANIES, to cooperate with the city to find solutions.
20180413             —DECLARED, OKLAHOMA—GOVERNOR—MARY—FALLIN, a STATE—OF—EMERGENCY in 55—OF the state's 77—COUNTIES following wildfires that have forced the evacuation of some 1,400—PEOPLE in 3—TOWNS.
20180413             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, Taliban attacks overnight, at least 13—POLICEMEN and wounded several others.
20180413             —KILLED, At least 4—YOUNG children were, after a rocket fired by an insurgent hit their house late today in SOUTH—HELMAND province.
20180413             —KILLED, At least 2—POLICE—OFFICERS were, after insurgents attacked their check point in WEST—FARAH province.
20180413             —FLIPPED, BULGARIA, a passenger bus, over on a highway near Sofia, killing at least 6—PEOPLE and leaving 22—OTHERS injured, including 1—CHILD.
20180413             —REPORTED, It was, that THE—USA—EMBASSY in CAMBODIA has fired 32—PEOPLE after they were allegedly caught sharing pornographic material in a NON—OFFICIAL chat group.
20180413             —FIRED, There were no diplomats among those.
20180413             —ORDERED, CHINA—INDUSTRY ministry said it has, 12—STEEL mills to come back into compliance following breaches of environmental, safety and other regulations, while it has removed another 19—COMPANIES from a qualified enterprises list.
20180413             CHINA—SINA—WEIBO said in 1—STATEMENT it had begun a "CLEAN—UP campaign" to remove "illegal" content, including "manga and videos with pornographic implications, promoting violence or (related to) homosexuality".
20180413             CONGO took the extraordinary step of boycotting an INTERNATIONAL conference that reaped HUNDREDS—OF—MILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS to help its people, saying the Central African country's humanitarian crisis has been exaggerated.
20180413             UN humanitarian chief MARK—LOWCOCK said he expected $530—MILLION in pledges by the end of the day.
20180413             —RATIFIED, CROATIA—PARLIAMENT, THE—COUNCIL—OF—EUROPE—SO—CALLED—ISTANBUL—CONVENTION, 1—TREATY safeguarding women, despite opposition from conservatives and the powerful CATHOLIC—CHURCH.
20180413             —CLASHED, FRANCE—RIOT—POLICE, with protesters for a 5. day as their operation to clear squatters from an abandoned airport site evolved into a violent standoff that looked like it could go on for some time.
20180413             GERMANY, police in the central CITY—OF—FULDA shot dead a young AFGHANISTAN—REFUGEE, 19—JAHRE—ALT who went on a violent rampage in a bakery.
20180413             INDIA, lawmaker Kuldeep Singh Sengar from the ruling Hindu nationalist party was arrested after being ACCUSED—OF—ABDUCTING and raping a teenage girl LAST—YEAR.
20180413             —ARRESTED, Sengar was, after being questioned by authorities in Lucknow, THE—CAPITAL—OF—NORTH—UTTAR—PRADESH state.
20180413             —STAGED, THOUSANDS—OF—PALESTINIANS, a mass protest along GAZA—SEALED border with ISRAEL, some burning large ISRAEL—FLAGS and torching tires while soldiers fired tear gas and live bullets from across the border fence.
20180413             —WOUNDED, Gaza health officials said 363—PEOPLE were, by ISRAEL—FIRE or treated for tear gas inhalation.
20180413             PERU, THE—SUMMIT of the Americas began a 2—DAY—MEETING in Lima.
20180413             USA—VICE—PRESIDENT—MIKE—PENCE stood in for USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP at THE—SUMMIT, whose theme this year is corruption.
20180413             1—RUSSIA—COURT ordered that a popular messaging app, Telegram, be blocked after the company rejected to share encryption data with authorities.
20180413             —APPOINTED, THE—SWEDEN—ACADEMY, which awards the Nobel Literature Prize, a new head as a sexual harassment scandal rocked the prestigious institution.
20180413             Anders Olsson, a writer and professor of literature, was appointed to the post on a temporary basis.
20180413             —CENTERED, The scandal, on allegations by 18—WOMEN that they had been subject to harassment and physical abuse by JEAN—CLAUDE Arnault, THE—FRANCE—HUSBAND of Academy member Katarina Frostenson.
20180413             SYRIA, a new GROUP—OF—ISLAMIST rebels and other civilians left Douma, paving the way for THE—GOVERNMENT to declare full control over the onetime opposition enclave.
20180413             —HANDED, Among those who were, life sentences were GENERAL—ISMAIL—HAKKI—KARADAYI, who was chief of general staff between 19940000              and 19980000             , and his deputy at the time, GENERAL—CEVIK—BIR.
20180413             UGANDA, a wildlife official said a pride of 11—LIONS have been killed by suspected poisoning in QUEEN—ELIZABETH—NATIONAL—PARK, 1—OF THE—COUNTRY's major protected areas.
20180413             —VANDALIZED, UKRAINE—HARD—LINE nationalists in KIEV, a monument to NIKOLAI—VATUTIN, a SOVIET—ARMY general killed during —WWII, and engaged in scuffles with army veterans and other opponents.
20180413             1—NEW UN report put MYANMAR—ARMED forces on a UN blacklist of government and rebel groups "credibly suspected" of carrying out rapes and other acts of sexual violence in conflict for the 1. time.
20180413             1—GROßE ÜBERSICHTS—STUDIE zeigt, daß der Konsum von mehr als 100—GRAMM reinem ALKOHOL—PRO—WOCHE - das entspricht etwa 2,5—LITERN Bier oder gut 1—HALBEN LITER—WEIN - die Lebenserwartung verkürzt und DAS—RISIKO—FÜR—HERZ—KREISLAUF—ERKRANKUNGEN steigert.
20180413             DEUTSCHLAND, gelten —LAUT—ANGABEN, DER—DEUTSCHEN—GESELLSCHAFT—FÜR—ERNÄHRUNG 140—GRAMM für Männer und 70—GRAMM für Frauen als tolerierbar.
20180413             —LAUT, "Jahrbuch Sucht"konsumieren BUNDES—BÜRGER über 15—JAHRE im Schnitt 10,7—LITER reinen Alkohol —J—IM, - in Form von knapp 134—LITERN ALKOHOL—GETRÄNKE.
20180413             Das wichtigste Ergebnis: Ab 1—MENGE von 100—GRAMM PRO—WOCHE verkürzte Alkohol bei Männern wie bei Frauen die Lebenserwartung, und zwar wie folgt:
20180413             Für, 40—JAHRE—ALTE sinkt demnach die Lebenserwartung, im Vergleich zu Gleichaltrigen, die weniger als 100—GRAMM—ALKOHOL in der Woche zu sich nehmen,
20180413             um etwa 6—MONATE, wenn sie PRO—WOCHE 100—BIS 200—GRAMM—ALKOHOL konsumieren,
20180413             um etwa ein bis 2—JAHRE, wenn sie PRO—WOCHE 200—BIS 350—GRAMM—ALKOHOL konsumieren,
20180413             um etwa 4—BIS 5—JAHRE, wenn sie PRO—WOCHE mehr als 350—GRAMM—ALKOHOL konsumieren.
20180413             —ETWA 50 % der Studienteilnehmer trank mehr als 100—GRAMM—ALKOHOL—PRO—WOCHE,—CA—8 % sogar mehr als 350—GRAMM.
20180413             USA—MILITÄR—SCHLAG—GEGEN—SYRIEN: "Nur noch ein Akt der Bestrafung"
20180413             —HANDELS—KRIEG: DONALD—TRUMP—SORGEN wegen CHINA sind berechtigt
20180413             World PRESIDENT—PHOTO Awards 2018: PRESSE—FOTO —DES—JAHRES zeigt brennenden Mann in VENEZUELA
20180413             —NACH, EU—KRITIK: POLEN nimmt Änderungen an umstrittener JUSTIZ—REFORM vor
20180413             TPP: USA erwägen Rückkehr zu PAZIFIK—HANDELS—ABKOMMEN
20180413             WEIßES—HAUS zur SYRIEN—STRATEGIE: "Wir werten weiter GEHEIM—DIENSTERKENNTNISSE aus"
20180413             —NACH, langem Zögern: Auch KALIFORNIEN schickt Nationalgardisten an MEXIKOs Grenze
20180413             —DIE—LAGE—AM—FREITAG, EUROPA braucht 1—EIGENEN Weg
20180413             ECHO—VERLEIHUNG 2018: Politische Diskussion?
20180413             Fall PUIGDEMONT: SPANIENs —JUSTIZ lässt nicht locker
20180413             Mexikanischer DROGEN—BOSS Quintero : USA setzen 20.000.000  $ Kopfgeld aus
20180413             Bedrohte Lebensräume: Viele deutsche Seen sind in schlechtem Zustand
20180413             —STREIT—ÜBER—UNGLEICHGEWICHT, USA—HANDELS—DEFIZIT mit CHINA erneut gewachsen
20180413             SYRIEN—KRISE, KREML verspottet TWITTER—TRUMP
20180413             SAARLAND: POLIZEI nimmt 3—TERROR—VERDÄCHTIGE fest
20180413             HESSEN: Student nach SATIRE—WAHL—KAMPF verurteilt (Leben und Lernen, 11:49)
20180413             AMERIKA—GIPFEL nach DONALD—TRUMP—ABSAGE: Die Krawallmacher bleiben draußen
20180413             DEUTSCH—RUSSISCHE Beziehungen: MAAS für mehr Härte gegen MOSKAU
20180413             —REAKTION—AUF—SANKTIONEN: RUSSLAND erwägt Strafpaket gegen DIE—USA
20180413             BAR—GELD, Aktien, Versicherungen: Geldvermögen in DEUTSCHLAND steigt auf REKORD—WERT
20180413             Abstiegsängste: Der große HARTZ—SCHOCK kommt erst noch
20180413             CHAT—APP: Russisches Gericht lässt Telegram blockieren
20180413             —KRISE—IN—SYRIEN: MERKEL trifft MACRON in BERLIN
20180413             Söder zur ISLAMdebatte: "Wir wollen lieber Kreuze aufhängen"
20180413             Illegaler Reptilienhandel: Wie Hamm in WESTFALEN zur Drehscheibe des Tierschmuggels wurde
20180413             Kameras an Straßenlaternen: SINGAPUR will GESICHTS—ERKENNUNG testen
20180413             MECKLENBURG—VORPOMMERN: Mehr als 100—KG Kokain in Ananaskisten entdeckt
20180413             Alarmbereitschaft in DAMASKUS: SYRIEN bereitet sich auf USA—ANGRIFF vor
20180413             Politische Werbung: WAHL—KAMPF—MIT—BRANDBESCHLEUNIGER
20180413             KATALONIEN: Separatisten ziehen wegen PRÄSIDENTEN—WAHL vor Gericht
20180413             DONALD—TRUMP—ENTHÜLLUNGS—BUCH von EX—FBI—CHEF: Vernichtung auf 384—SEITEN
20180413             Kanadische Arktis: Forscher vermuten unberührte Seen unterm Eis
20180413             KÜNSTLICHE—INTELLIGENZ: GOOGLE—SOFTWARE filtert einzelne Stimmen aus Geräuschkulisse heraus
20180413             [l] Neulich gab es doch diese FBI—HAUS—DURCHSUCHUNG bei DONALD—TRUMP—BAGMAN, äh, Anwalt, COHEN.
20180413             [l] KURZE—FRAGE—VON—GOLDMAN—SACHS:
20180413             Is curing patients a sustainable business model?
20180413             Wer sich jetzt an BIG—PHARMA—VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIEN erinnert fühlt, hat völlig RECHT!
20180413             "The potential to deliver 'one shot cures' is 1—OF—THE—MOST attractive aspects of gene therapy, GENETICALLY—ENGINEERED cell therapy and gene editing.
20180413             Das ist ja schon geil, wenn sich DIE—LINKEN Antikapitalisten als die besseren Kapitalisten als GOLDMAN—SACHS herausstellen, weil sie die wichtigen Fragen früher stellen.
20180413             [l] 1—RUSSISCHES Gericht lässt den Zugang zu Telegram blockieren, weil sie die Schlüssel nicht rausrücken wollen.
20180413             Das nenne ich mal professionelle Industrieförderung!
20180413             [l] Ui, das eskalierte flott: In 1—KLEINSTADT in JAPAN bewirbt sich 1.KI auf das BÜRGER—MEISTER—AMT.
20180413             —POSTED—BY—ANONYMOUS b : 5:51
20180413             —AM, Lagebild von BKA und VERFASSUNGS—SCHUTZ, "REICHS—BÜRGER"verübten mehr als 10.500—STRAFTATEN
20180413             Grüne ZUKUNFT: "Wie DIE—SOZIAL—DEMOKRATIE im
20180413             BREXIT—FOLGEN: Jaguar STREICHT—CA—1.000—JOBS in ENGLAND
20180413             SYRIEN: MOSKAU wirft BRITEN Inszenierung von mutmaßlichem GIFT—GAS—ANGRIFF vor
20180413             LEIT—ARTIKEL zu DONALD—TRUMP—KRIEG—DROHUNGEN, Lust am Untergang
20180413             SYRIEN: GIFTANGRIFF—AUF—DUMA - wer sagt DIE—WAHRHEIT?
20180413             DEUTSCH—FRANZÖSISCHE SYRIEN—POLITIK, Der schwierige Monsieur MACRON
20180413             GAZA—STREIFEN: 1—TOTER und mehr als 950—VERLETZTE bei PALÄSTINENSERprotesten
20180413             Wegen dubioser Geschäftsbeziehungen, USA—JUSTIZ—ERMITTELT—GEGEN—DONALD—TRUMP—ANWALT—COHEN
20180413             Duma, USA—REGIERUNG sieht GIFT—GAS—ANGRIFF durch SYRIEN—ARMEE als erwiesen an
20180413             [l] Bei der W3C gibt es gerade 1.Palastrevolte.
20180413             [l] AUSTRALIEN will auch Blockchain machen!
20180413             Also machen sie, was jeder machen würde, und fahren ein
20180413—19970000    —IN, A TURKEY—COURT sentenced 21—PEOPLE to life sentences in prison over THE—SO—CALLED "POST—MODERN" coup that toppled TURKEY's 1. ISLAMIST—LED government.
20180413—20130000    —SEIT, TERROR—IN—NIGERIA: BOKO—HARAM hat
20180413—20130000    —SEIT, Britischer SICHERHEITS—BERATER: RUSSLAND soll SKRIPAL
20180413—20160000    —IN, TURKEY—STATE—RUN—ANADOLU news agency said prosecutors have ordered the detention of 140—PEOPLE including serving army officers over alleged links to THE—USA—BASED preacher ACCUSED—OF—ORCHESTRATING an attempted coup.
20190410191904       13             —THE—JALLIANWALA—BAGH—MASSACRE, in which UNITED—KINGDOM—TROOPS opened fire on THOUSANDS—OF—UNARMED protesters, remains an enduring scar from UNITED—KINGDOM—COLONIAL—RULE in INDIA.
20190413             —REPORTED, It was, that a 2. FEDERAL—JUDGE issued a nationwide injunction THIS—WEEK blocking THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—HOMELAND—SECURITY from terminating Temporary Protected Status for Haitians, which would force tens of THOUSANDS—OF—HAITIANS to return home.
20190413             —KILLED, TEXAS, 2—CHILDREN were, and about 12—PEOPLE injured after powerful storms spawned at least 1—TORNADO in Lufkin.
20190413             Over the next 24—HOURS the storm left at least 8—PEOPLE dead and 90,000—PEOPLE without power in ARKANSAS—GEORGIA, LOUISIANA—MISSISSIPPI and TEXAS.
20190413             —DESIGNED, THE—TWIN—FUSELAGE Stratolaunch, to launch rockets into space, took off on its 1. flight from the Mojave Air and space Port in KERN—CT., CALIFORNIA It was created by the late MICROSOFT CO—FOUNDER PAUL—ALLEN.
20190413             —REPORTED, It was, that a UKRAINE—BASED hacker group has —POSTED online the personal information of HUNDREDS—OF—USA FEDERAL—AGENTS and POLICE—OFFICERS apparently stolen from websites affiliated with alumni of THE—FBI—NATIONAL—ACADEMY.
20190413             —ATTACKED, AFGHANISTAN, Taliban forces, the northern CITY—OF—KUNDUZ, a DAY—AFTER the launch of their annual spring offensive.
20190413             1—LOCAL health official said more than 70—DEAD and wounded had been brought into the main city hospital.
20190413             —LIMITED, Attacks in 15—PROVINCES across THE—COUNTRY were, in scope and had largely been contained.
20190413             7—MEMBERS—OF—THE—SECURITY—FORCESWERE killed in an ambush in the western province of Ghor, leading to an HOURS—LONG firefight.
20190413             † In SOUTH—CHINA the only known female MEMBER—OF—1—OF the world's rarest turtle species at a zoo in Suzhou city.
20190413             The animal was 1—OF 4—YANGTZE giant softshell turtles known to be remaining in the world.
20190413             —CLASHED, FRANCE, "Yellow vest" demonstrators, with riot police in THE—CITY—OF—TOULOUSE as PRESIDENT—EMMANUEL—MACRON prepared a series of policy announcements aimed at quelling 22—CONSECUTIVE weekends of ANTI—GOVERNMENT protests.
20190413             —FLOCKED, Tens of THOUSANDS—OF—INDONESIANS, to presidential campaign rallies AHEAD—OF—A final debate between PRESIDENT—JOKO "Jokowi" Widodo and Prabowo Subianto.
20190413             —STABBED, JAPAN, A—USA—NAVY serviceman fatally, a JAPAN—WOMAN and then killed himself in Okinawa.
20190413             MALAYSIA—RULING coalition lost a state constituency in a BY—ELECTION in a further sign of declining public support for PRIME—MINISTER—MAHATHIR—MOHAMAD—ALLIANCE.
20190413             —ANNOUNCED, MALTA, a deal to distribute 64—MIGRANTS rescued at sea off LIBYA 10—DAYS ago among 4—EUROPEAN Union nations: GERMANY—FRANCE, PORTUGAL and LUXEMBOURG.
20190413             THE—GERMAN—FLAGGED aid ship carrying them, THE—ALAN—KURDI, will still not be allowed to enter its ports and none of the migrants will remain in MALTA.
20190413             Yvette Williams, 89—JAHRE—ALT, NEW—ZEALAND'S 1. female Olympic gold medalist (19520000             ) and holder of the world long jump record, †.
20190413             —KILLED, NIGERIA, 12—PEOPLE were, and 16—OTHERS badly injured when a fuel tanker exploded in the northern CITY—OF—GOMBE.
20190413             —GATHERED, SERBIA, THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE, in Belgrade for a protest rally against populist PRESIDENT—ALEKSANDAR—VUCIC.
20190413             —DEPLOYED, Authorities, riot police inside the parliament, saying they wanted to prevent the opposition from storming the building.
20190413             SOMALIA—SECURITY—FORCESSHOT dead a rickshaw driver and his passenger in Mogadishu and killed another 4—PEOPLE who were protesting AGAINST—THE—SHOOTINGS.
20190413             —INTERCEPTED, SOUTH—AFRICAN—POLICE, 167—RHINO horns believed to be destined for SOUTH—EAST—ASIA, in 1—OF the biggest such hauls ever in THE—COUNTRY.
20190413             2—SUSPECTS, aged 57 and 61, were arrested.
20190413             SUDAN, LT—GENERAL—ABDEL—FATTAH—AL—BURHAN—ABDELRAHMAN said a civilian government would be formed after consultations with the opposition and the transition period would last for a maximum of 2—YEARS, as protesters kept up pressure for rapid change.
20190413             THE—NEW—HEAD—OF—THE military council also said he was cancelling a night curfew ordered by his predecessor and ordered the release of all prisoners jailed under emergency laws ordered by ousted PRESIDENT—OMAR—AL—BASHIR.
20190413             —REPORTED, SYRIA—STATE news, that an ISRAEL—AIRSTRIKE on a military position in CENTRAL—SYRIA EARLY—TODAY wounded 6—SOLDIERS and destroyed several buildings.
20190413             —REPATRIATED, SYRIA—KURDS, 25—WOMEN and children from IRAQ—YAZIDI minority after freeing them during the final push AGAINST—THE—ISLAMIC State group.
20190413             YEMEN—PRESIDENT—ABD—RABBU—MANSOUR—HADI, who lives in SAUDI—ARABIA while rival Houthi forces control the capital Sanaa, made a rare visit to his country on SATURDAY for a meeting of the divided parliament in a loyalist southern province.
20190413             SANAA, Houthi PRIME—MINISTER—ABDELAZIZ—BIN—HABTOUR put forward plans for an election under Houthi auspices for the same parliament.
20190413             —KURZ—NACH Vereidigung: —PRÄSIDENT von SUDANs Übergangsrat tritt zurück
20190413             Chemiebranche: Merck übernimmt Versum FÜR—CA—6.500.000.000—$
20190413             Es geht wieder von vorn los: Warum die BREXIT—VERSCHIEBUNG so gefährlich ist
20190413             ABGAS—SKANDAL, Rund zwei Millionen Dieselautos haben noch kein SOFTWAREupdate
20190413             —STREIT—UM—ABSCHIEBUNGEN: DONALD—TRUMP droht, illegale Einwanderer in Städte der DEMOKRATEN zu bringen
20190413             Medizin: PROTEST—GEGEN—DAS—AUSUFERN der Medizin
20190413             IAN—COGNITO: Britischer Komiker stirbt während Auftritt - Publikum glaubt an Scherz
20190413             Empfehlung der WHO: Umweltbundesamt fordert strengere GRENZ—WERTE für FEIN—STAUB
20190413             Europäische GEHEIM—DIENSTE: RUSSLAND ändert Taktik bei Wahlbeeinflussung
20190413             "HITLER"-Manga: DER—FÜHRER aus der Ferne gesehen
20190413             —VORSTOß in Enteignungsdebatte: FDP soll sich als Partei des Eigentums profilieren
20190413             Old and busted: Das ist doch bloß ein WAFFEN—NARR / Sprengstoffenthusiast.
20190413             Na ein Glück, daß das kein TERROR—IST war!1!!
20190413             Endspiel um DIE—ZUKUNFT: Als das Team POPULISMUS gegen das Team Demokratie gewann
20190413             GROß—BRITANNIEN: Britische Politiker wollen ASSANGE an SCHWEDEN ausliefern
20190413             Drogentransport: 6—TONNEN Haschisch auf Segeljacht beschlagnahmt
20190413             Viele Arten auf der Roten —LISTE, Der Regenwurm - nützlich, aber gefährdet
20190413             Geheime Strippenzieher in BERLIN und BRÜSSEL: Fragwürdige Methoden einer deutschen Lobbyfirma
20190413             EMIL—NOLDE und die NAZIs: Was tun mit den Bildern eines Judenhassers?
20190413             Regenwürmer, das lernen schon Kinder früh, sind ausgesprochen nützliche Tiere.
20190413             —ZUDEM, verwerten Regenwürmer faulende Erntereste oder abgestorbene Pflanzenteile.
20190413             Doch um den Bestand der Tiere ist es nicht gut bestellt.
20190413             —ETWA 40 % der hierzulande vorkommenden Würmer stehen auf der Roten Liste gefährdeter Arten.
20190413—20160000    waren, als 1. Ergebnisse von Zählungen bekannt gegeben wurden, 16—DER insgesamt 47 in DEUTSCHLAND vorkommenden Regenwurmarten auf der Liste erfasst
20190413             Als extrem selten gelten 14, zwei werden sogar der Kategorie ausgestorben oder bestandsgefährdet zugeordnet.
20190413             Auch beim Bestand von weiteren wichtigen BODENLEBE—WESEN gibt es Grund zur Sorge.
20190413             stehen  22 % der Asseln, knapp 24 % der Doppelfüßler und 7 % der Hundertfüßler auf der nationalen Roten Liste, die vom BUNDESAMT—FÜR—NATURSCHUTZ herausgegeben werden.
20190413             Alle diese Tiere sorgen für eine ausgeglichene Bodenflora, dazu tragen auch Algen, Bakterien und Pilze bei.
20190413             Doch selbst 25 % der Großpilze sind —INZWISCHEN, gefährdet oder selten.
20190413             Ein Gramm Boden enthält MILLIARDEN—VON—MIKROORGANISMEN.
20190413             MILLIONEN—VON—BODENTIEREN wie Fadenwürmer, Regenwürmer, Milben, Asseln, Springschwänze und Insektenlarven bevölkern einen Quadratmeter Boden.
20190413             Hochgerechnet auf einen Hektar ergibt das circa 15—TONNEN Lebendgewicht im durchwurzelbaren Bodenraum, was dem Gewicht von etwa 20—KÜHEN entspricht,
20190413             DIE—GRÜNDE dafür sind bekannt: Schädlich für die Bodenflora sind demnach etwa MONOKULTUREN—RÜCKGANG von GRÜNFLÄCHEN—DÜNGUNG durch Gülleeintrag, Pestizide und zu viel Bodenbearbeitung.
20190413             Wie dramatisch die Lage ist, lässt sich noch nicht endgültig abschätzen, denn DIE—DATENLAGE lässt zu wünschen übrig.
20190413             "Bei vielen Arten muss man ebenfalls mit starken Rückgängen rechnen, aber DATEN dazu fehlen, denn DIE—BUNDES—REGIERUNG hat beim ARTEN—STERBEN im Boden weggeschaut",
20190413             "DIE—VIELFALT der Pflanzen und Tiere könnte verloren gehen, bevor wir sie richtig kennen",
20190413             Viele Arten könnten verschwinden, bevor es überhaupt bemerkt werde.
20190413             umwelt im eimer...
20190413             temperaturen steigen, regen kann man die tropfen zählen, FLUG—VERKEHR nimmt weiter zu, autos werden immer größer und stärker, vorgärten versteinern, Glyphosat all over...
20190413             DIE—ITALIENISCHE POLIZEI hat im MITTELMEER eine Segeljacht mit mehr als 6—TONNEN Haschisch an Bord festgesetzt.
20190413             —VERHAFTETER WIKILEAKS—GRÜNDER: —DER—FALL—JULIAN ASSANGE und die dünne Anklage
20190413             —NACH, erneutem MACHT—WECHSEL: SUDANs MILITÄR verspricht Freilassung politischer Gefangener
20190413             Für freie Medien:—CA—10.000—SERBEN PROTESTIEREN—GEGEN—PRÄSIDENT—VUCIC
20190413             Finnland: Ein Genosse mit Chancen
20200326—20200413    —UNTIL, A lockdown of AUSTRIA—SKI resorts that have become hotspots for the spread of THE—CORONA—VIRUS in EUROPE was extended, Easter Monday.
20200326—20200413    —UNTIL, A lockdown of AUSTRIA—SKI resorts that have become hotspots for the spread of THE—CORONA—VIRUS in EUROPE was extended, Easter Monday.
20200409             —PREPARED, ITALY—PRIME—MINISTER—GIUSEPPE—CONTE, to prolong THE—NATIONAL—LOCKDOWN from a current expiration date of 20200413             for another 2—WEEKS.
20200409             —PREPARED, ITALY—PRIME—MINISTER—GIUSEPPE—CONTE, to prolong THE—NATIONAL—LOCKDOWN from a current expiration date of 20200413             for another 2—WEEKS.
20200413             —CLAIMED, USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP, the "total" authority to decide how and when to reopen the economy after weeks of tough social distancing guidelines aimed at fighting THE—NEW—CORONA—VIRUS.
20200413             But governors from both parties were quick to push back.
20200413             10—GOVERNORS on the east and WEST—COASTS banded together in 2—REGIONAL pacts to coordinate gradual economic reopenings as THE—CORONA—VIRUS crisis finally appeared to be ebbing.
20200413             THE—USA—SUPREME—COURT, changing its practices due to THE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIC, announced that it will hear arguments by teleconference in May.
20200413             It will hear arguments by teleconference in a HIGH—PROFILE dispute over whether USA—PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP—TAX and financial records should be disclosed and other cases due to THE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIC.
20200413             † A MEMBER—OF—THE crew of THE—CORONA—VIRUS—INFECTED USS THEODORE—ROOSEVELT of complications related to the disease, just weeks after the aircraft carrier's captain was fired for pressing his concern that THE—NAVY had done too little to safeguard his crew.
20200413             Severe weather swept across THE—SOUTH—USA overnight, killing more than 30—PEOPLE and damaging HUNDREDS—OF—HOMES from LOUISIANA into the Appalachian Mountains.
20200413             11—PEOPLE were killed in MISSISSIPPI.
20200413             9—PEOPLE † in SOUTH—CAROLINA.
20200413             —KILLED, Coroners said 8 were, in GEORGIA.
20200413             —KILLED, TENNESSEE officials said 3—PEOPLE were, in and around Chattanooga, and others † under falling tREES or inside collapsed buildings in ARKANSAS and NORTH—CAROLINA.
20200413             CALIFORNIA to date had 24,029 cases of CORONA—VIRUS and 721—DEATHS.
20200413             THE—SF—BAY—AREA had 5,242 cases and 146—DEATHS.
20200413             —DISCOVERED, Chicago authorities, the bodies of THOMAS—JOHNSON, 69—JAHRE—ALT and Leslie Jones (67) at around 7:30 p.m. while conducting a welfare check at their Oak Park home.
20200413             —GATHERED, Police said that "preliminary information, at the scene indicates suspicious circumstances" and it does not appear that the deaths were SELF—INFLICTED.
20200413             NEW—YORK—GOVERNOR—ANDREW—CUOMO said the state's death toll has topped 10,000 only about a month after recording its 1. fatality.
20200413             —DISCOVERED, Police in NEW—JERSEY, 17—BODIES piled inside the nursing home in Andover in a small morgue intended to hold no more than 4—PEOPLE.
20200413             —LINKED, The 17 were among 68—RECENT deaths, to THE—LONG—TERM care facility, Andover Subacute and Rehabilitation Center I and II. Of those who †, 26—PEOPLE had tested positive for THE—CORONA—VIRUS.
20200413             —REPORTED, WYOMING, its 1. death from the novel CORONA—VIRUS, the final USA state to report a fatality from the outbreak.
20200413             WYOMING has 270—REPORTED cases.
20200413             Blackstone Group Inc said it would invest $2—BILLION in Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc through an EQUITY—AND—DEBT deal, giving the drugmaker a financial boost without tapping into currently volatile STOCK—MARKETS for funds.
20200413             Alnylam is the 1. drugmaker to win USA approval for a treatment using THE—NOBEL—PRIZE—WINNING RNA interference (RNAi) technology and is currently developing other RNAi drugs to treat a range of conditions, including rare bleeding disorders.
20200413             Grocery distributor Performance Food Group Co said it had furloughed about 3,000 employees and cut pay, while funneling 1,100 workers to help keep its retail clients' shelves stacked as it deals with the pressures exerted on supply chains and its business by THE—CORONA—VIRUS crisis.
20200413             —INCLUDED, Customers, Dollar Tree and Home Depot as well as theater chains AMC, Cinemark and Regal Cinemas, which have temporarily closed movie houses to prevent the spread of THE—COVID—19—DISEASE caused by the virus.
20200413             —RECORDED, BANGLADESH said it has, 5—NEW deaths and 182—NEW cases of THE—CORONA—VIRUS over the past 24—HOURS.
20200413             The death toll stood at 39 with 803—CONFIRMED cases.
20200413             BELARUS PRESIDENT—ALEXANDER—LUKASHENKO said he believed nobody in BELARUS would be killed by the virus.
20200413             THE—HEALTH—MINISTRY, which encourages people to reduce contact to prevent the spread of THE—CORONA—VIRUS, says 36—PEOPLE in BELARUS have † of it.
20200413             —CONFIRMED, BRITAIN, cases of THE—CORONA—VIRUS rose by 4,342 to a national tally of 88,621. The death toll in UNITED—KINGDOM—HOSPITALS rose to 12,107.
20200413             —REOPENED, EGYPT, its border crossing with THE—GAZA—STRIP after nearly 3—WEEKS, allowing HUNDREDS—OF—PALESTINIANS stranded by THE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIC to return home.
20200413             —EXTENDED, FRANCE—PRESIDENT—EMMANUEL—MACRON, a virtual lockdown to 20200511           .
20200413             IRAN—DEATH toll from THE—NEW—CORONA—VIRUS rose to 4,585, with 111—DEATHS overnight.
20200413             —INFECTED, There were 1,617 new, cases in the past 24—HOURS.
20200413             —RECORDED, IRAQ, 1,378 cases of COVID-19, including 78—DEATHS.
20200413             IRELAND, a senior Fine Gael lawmaker said an AGREEMENT—BETWEEN—THE Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties aimed at attracting enough additional support to form a new government is "effectively complete".
20200413             —REPURPOSED, ISRAEL—DEFENCE firm Elbit Systems said it had, assembly lines to manufacture THOUSANDS—OF—AUTOMATIC ventilation machines as THE—COUNTRY eyes local production to OFF—SET global shortages due to THE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIC.
20200413             —WARNED, JAPAN—ENVIRONMENT—MINISTER—SHINJIRO—KOIZUMI, that THE—PARIS climate accord could face death if steps to fight global warming were put on the backburner to facilitate the economic recovery from THE—CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIC.
20200413             —SEIZED, LIBYA—UNITY government said its forces had, 2—COASTAL cities between Tripoli and THE—TUNISIA—BORDER from troops backing MILITARY—COMMANDER Khalifa Haftar.
20200413             —REPORTED, MALAYSIA—HEALTH authorities, 134—NEW CORONA—VIRUS cases, raising the cumulative total to 4,817. 1—NEW death was also reported bringing total fatalities to 77.
20200413             MOZAMBIQUE, Gilberto Aparecido dos Santos, 49—JAHRE—ALT, aka Fuminho, was arrested in Maputo after spending more than 20201202             ades on the run.
20200413             —WANTED, He was 1—OF—BRAZIL—MOST, criminals and the alleged LEADER—OF—THE—SÃO PAULO—BASED 1. Capital Command (PCC) drug gang, ACCUSED—OF—SHIPPING tons of cocaine around the world.
20200413             NEPAL has 9—CONFIRMED cases of THE—CORONA—VIRUS and 1—PERSON has recovered.
20200413             —ANNOUNCED, NIGERIA—PRESIDENT—MUHAMMADU—BUHARI, a 2-week extension of a lockdown in 3—STATES, including the capital Abuja, to curtail the spread of CORONA—VIRUS.
20200413             —SUMMONED, PAKISTAN, an INDIA—OFFICIAL to protest over CROSS—BORDER shelling from its neighbor that it said had killed a child and wounded 4—CIVILIANS in Kashmir.
20200413             —REPORTED, THE—PHILIPPINES, a cumulative total of 4,932 CORONA—VIRUS cases.
20200413             —CONFIRMED, RUSSIA—TOTAL number of, cases of COVID—19—REACHED 18,328, double the level of 5—DAYS earlier.
20200413             THE—NUMBER—OF—DEATHS stood at 148.
20200413             —SIGNED, THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—PORTS—AUTHORITY (Mawani) said it had, an agreement worth more than 7—BILLION riyals ($1.9—BILLION) with SAUDI—ARABIA—GLOBAL—PORTS (SGP) to build and operate container terminals at a port in Dammam.
20200413             —REPORTED, It was, that SAUDI—ARABIA has deported nearly 3,000 ETHIOPIA—MIGRANTS in recent days, despite concerns that such operations could hasten the spread of THE—CORONA—VIRUS.
20200413             —REPORTED, ETHIOPIA has, just 74—CASES of COVID-19 and 3—DEATHS.
20200413             —DETAINED, SERBIA—POLICE, the director of a STATE—RUN center for the care of the elderly where there has been a CORONA—VIRUS outbreak.
20200413             —CHARGED, He was, with both "an aggravated crime against public health" and spreading diseases.
20200413             139—PEOPLE were infected with THE—CORONA—VIRUS at the center located in THE—SOUTHERN CITY—OF—NIS.
20200413             —RECORDED, SINGAPORE, a new high of 386—CASES of THE—CORONA—VIRUS, its largest SINGLE—DAY spike to date.
20200413             —REPORTED, SOUTH—KOREA, that at least 116—PEOPLE initially cleared of THE—NEW—CORONA—VIRUS had tested positive again.
20200413             —SUGGESTED, Officials, they would soon look at easing strict recommendations aimed at preventing new outbreaks.
20200413             —REPORTED, SOUTH—KOREA, only 25—NEW cases overall.
20200413             —STARTED, SPAIN, to ease tough lockdown restrictions that have kept people confined to their homes for more than a month and put a brake on economic activity.
20200413             SPAIN—CUMULATIVE death toll rose to 17,489, up 517—FROM 1—DAY—EARLIER.
20200413             —TOTALED, Confirmed cases, 169,496, up from 166,019 the previous day.
20200413             —INKED, SUDAN, a deal with THE—UNITED—NATIONS World Food Program to import wheat, state media reported, more than a year after THE—COUNTRY was rocked by protests sparked by bread price hikes.
20200413             10—MORE cases of THE—CORONA—VIRUS were discovered in Khartoum.
20200413             —REGISTERED, SWEDEN has, 899—COVID—19—DEATHS.
20200413             —BANNED, So far, SWEDEN has, gatherings larger than 50—PEOPLE, closed high schools and universities, and urged those over 70 or otherwise at greater risk from the virus to SELF—ISOLATE.
20200413             —AFTER a sharp spike in deaths, PRIME—MINISTER—STEFAN—LOFVEN proposed an emergency law allowing the quick closure of public venues and transportation if needed.
20200413             —WARNED, Lofven also, citizens to prepare for possibly up to THOUSANDS—OF—DEATHS.
20200413             —JUMPED, CORONA—VIRUS infections in TURKEY have, to more than 56,900 cases and almost 1,200 deaths.
20200413             —APPROVED, UKRAINE—PARLIAMENT, a revised budget for 20200000              drafted by THE—GOVERNMENT to deal with the economic fallout of THE—CORONA—VIRUS epidemic.
20200413             —DAMAGED, THE—UN said swarms of locusts in ETHIOPIA have, 200,000 hectares (half a million acres) of cropland and driven around a MILLION—PEOPLE to require emergency food aid.
20200413             —CHOMPED, BILLIONS—OF—DESERT locusts have already, their way through much of EAST—AFRICA, including ETHIOPIA—SOMALIA, KENYA—DJIBOUTI, ERITREA—TANZANIA, SUDAN, SOUTH—SUDAN and UGANDA.
20200413             —RELEASED, THE—UNITED—NATIONS, $2.5—MILLION from its emergency humanitarian fund to help THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE in THE—SOUTH—PACIFIC island nation of VANUATU affected by Cyclone Harold and offered support to other HARD—HIT countries.
20200413             DIE—AUSWIRKUNGEN der VIRUS—KRISE auf die weltweite Wirtschaft sind noch längst nicht absehbar.
20200413             Einem Bericht der Zeitung "Times" unter Berufung auf FINANZ—MINISTER—RISHI—SUNAK zufolge könnte das britische Bruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) zwischen ;;04;; und ;;06;; um bis zu 30—PROZENT sinken.
20200413             Das chinesische Festland meldete am Sonntag 108—NEUE—CORONA—VIRUS—FÄLLE gegenüber 99—AM Vortag. Es ist die höchste Zahl an NEU—INFEKTIONEN seit mehr als fünf Wochen.
20200413             DIE—MEISTEN Fälle seien auf Einreisende zurückzuführen,
20200413             In einer UM—FRAGE des Meinungsforschungsinstituts YouGov im Auftrag der NACHRICHTEN—AGENTUR dpa plädierten 44—PROZENT für eine Verlängerung der Maßnahmen über den ;;0419;;             hinaus, 12—PROZENT sind sogar für eine Verschärfung. Nur 32—PROZENT sind für eine Lockerung und acht Prozent für eine Abschaffung der von Bund und Ländern beschlossenen Einschränkungen. 5 Prozent machten keine Angaben.
20200413             DIE—CDU—VORSITZENDE kritisierte, in einem Bundesland seien Baumärkte geöffnet gewesen, in einem angrenzenden Land aber geschlossen: "Da wundert es nicht, daß es SOFORT—EINEN regen REISE—VERKEHR dorthin gibt".
20200413             DIE—VIRUS—KRISE gefährdet nach UNICEF—ANGABEN die Grundversorgung der ärmsten Kinder in Entwicklungsländern und Krisengebieten. "DIE—PANDEMIE ist für MILLIONEN—KINDER eine existenzielle Gefahr"
20200413             "Viele Kinder leiden dort bereits an Mangelernährung und anderen Vorerkrankungen und haben neuen Gefahren nur noch wenig entgegenzusetzen", sagte Schneider. Das Gleiche gelte für Kinder in Ländern der SAHEL—ZONE und im südlichen Afrika. Fast 40—PROZENT der Afrikaner hätten zu Hause keine Möglichkeit, sich die Hände mit Wasser und Seife zu waschen.
20200413             NICARAGUA geht in der CORONA—KRISE einen gefährlichen Sonderweg. Viele Menschen haben dort nun die Abstandsempfehlungen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation missachtet und sind zu Ostern in Badeorte gereist oder haben an Festivals teilgenommen. Gut besucht war etwa das "Summer Music Fest 2020" am Sonntag in einem Badeort nahe der Hauptstadt Managua, wie das regierungsnahe Portal El19Digital berichtete.
20200413             —WÄHREND, die Bischöfe in dem katholischen Land wegen der PANDEMIE Prozessionen ohne Publikum abhielten und zum Daheimbleiben aufriefen, hatte die linke Regierung von —PRÄSIDENT—DANIEL—ORTEGA—DUTZENDE—VERANSTALTUNGEN während der Karwoche organisiert und den Tourismus angekurbelt.
20200413             Das kleine Land zwischen PAZIFIK und Atlantik schließt weder Schulen, noch schränkt es das öffentliche Leben wesentlich ein. Begründet wird dies damit, daß es in NICARAGUA nur 9 Infizierte und keine lokale Übertragung gebe.
20200413             In den Gefängnissen Berlins können Inhaftierte ab Dienstag Angehörige "draußen" per Video besuchen. Der Empfang echter Besucher in den Haftanstalten ist derzeit wegen der CORONA—KRISE nicht möglich.
20200413             1—MEHRHEIT würde sich einer UM—FRAGE zufolge eine App zur Kontaktverfolgung in der CORONA—KRISE installieren. Wie eine repräsentative UM—FRAGE des Meinungsforschungsinstituts Civey für BR24 ergab, zeigten sich 56,1 Prozent der Befragten offen für die Nutzung einer solchen App. Knapp ein Viertel der Befragten (24,2 Prozent) schloss dagegen die Nutzung einer solchen App kategorisch aus.
20200413             DIE—GRÖßTEN Sorgen bereiteten den Bürgern eine potenzielle Überwachung auch nach der CORONA—KRISE (42,8 Prozent) sowie ein Missbrauch der Daten (40,2 Prozent).
20200413             Knapp jeder 3. hat Bedenken wegen der Verletzung seiner Privatsphäre (32,8 Prozent) und/oder einer zu großen —STAAT—KONTROLLE (31,7 Prozent).
20200413             Bisher läuft diese Information über die Gesundheitsämter. Diese bemühen sich, aufwendig alle Kontaktpersonen zu erreichen, an die sich der Infizierte erinnert.
20200413             In der CORONA—KRISE soll SÜD—KOREA MEDIEN—BERICHTEN zufolge 600.000—TESTKITS an DIE—USA verkaufen.
20200413             Hilfloses Amerika: Die berühmte Seuchenbehörde versagt gegen CORONA
20200413             Bundestag: Fraktionen wollen auf Erhöhung der Diäten verzichten
20200413             —CORONA—KRISE: Kia will Produktion teilweise aussetzen
20200413             —CORONA—LOCKDOWN: DEUTSCHE sind immer mehr unterwegs
20200413             —CORONA—KRISE und häusliche GEWALT—IN—ITALIEN: "Diese Männer sind wie Tiger im Käfig" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—MARIA—STÖHR
20200413             —POLIZEI und Militär in ECUADOR haben in den vergangenen 3—WOCHEN fast 800—LEICHEN aus Häusern in der besonders von der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE betroffenen Stadt Guayaquil geholt. 771—LEICHEN seien von einer Spezialeinheit aus den Häusern gebracht worden,
20200413             Weitere 631—LEICHEN seien von der Sondereinheit aus Krankenhäusern fortgebracht worden, deren Leichenhallen voll seien,
20200413             ASIEN, sei besonders die steigende Zahl von Infektionen in Bangladesch besorgniserregend. "Mehr als 850.000—ANGEHÖRIGE der Rohingya leben dort in überfüllten FLÜCHTLINGS—LAGERN",
20200413             PRUSA—FACE—SHIELD—MODEL_files
20200413             bandolete
20200413             FLY—FIBER Acrylic Sheet Cast Klaren Plexiglas 10PCS transparentes Plastik PLEXI—GLAS DIY—BOARD mit Schutzpapier, Stärke 1mm,Size: 100x150mm
20200413             Polycarbonat
20200413             —CORONA—FLAUTE: Niederländer schreddern 140.000.000—TULPEN
20200413             —CORONA—PANDEMIE: LEOPOLDINA—FORSCHER legen konkreten Fahrplan für Ende der Kontaktsperren vor
20200413             NRW—MINISTER—PRÄSIDENTEN: "Neue Phase unseres Miteinanders"
20200413             OPEC+: ÖL—PREIS fällt trotz Einigung auf Förderkürzung
20200413             RUSSLAND erwartet wegen der CORONA—KRISE eine Verdoppelung der Arbeitslosenzahl auf acht Millionen.
20200413             LAGOS CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—3—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             PORTIMÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—30—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             LAGOA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—3—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             SILVES CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—19—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             ALBUFEIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—55—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             LOULÉ CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—42—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             FARO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—52—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             OLHÃO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—12—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             TAVIRA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—29—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             VILA REAL DE SANTO ANTÓNIO CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—14—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             SINES CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—4—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             SANTIAGO DO CACÉM CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—11—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             BEJA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—6—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             SERPA CASOS—CONFIRMADOS—17—DATA 202004131200         —NACHMITTAG
20200413             Waldbrände rund um Reaktor: Sorge um Radioaktivität in Tschernobyl
20200413             DER—TOURISMUS in GRIECHENLAND steht wegen der CORONA—KRISE vor einer KATASTROPHE. Die Umsatzverluste im wichtigsten Wirtschaftssektor des Landes werden von der Hotelkammer bis zum —JAHRESENDE auf knapp 4.500.000.000—EURO geschätzt. 65—PROZENT der Hoteliers fürchten, daß ihre Unternehmen bankrottgehen werden. 45.000—ARBEITSPLÄTZE seien bereits verloren gegangen.
20200413             Das Hotelgewerbe und DER—TOURISMUS sowie die damit verbundenen Betriebe machen etwa 30—PROZENT der griechischen Wirtschaft aus.
20200413             DIE—CORONA—EPIDEMIE hat den Flugzeugträger schwer getroffen: Nach Angaben der USA—MARINE wurde bei mehr als 550—BESATZUNGSMITGLIEDERN eine Infektion mit dem CORONA—VIRUS— nachgewiesen.
20200413             Ein Besatzungsmitglied des USA—FLUGZEUGTRÄGERS USS "THEODORE—ROOSEVELT" ist an den Folgen einer CORONA—VIRUS—INFEKTION gestorben.
20200413             DIE—USA—REGIERUNG erwägt, am 20200501             . Kontakt- und Bewegungseinschränkungen zu lockern. USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP erklärte, er allein entscheide über eine Rückkehr zur Normalität in der Industrie. Dies sei nicht Aufgabe der Gouverneure der Bundesstaaten.
20200413             —CORONA—KRISE: Ökonomen im Blindflug
20200413             Epidemien im Alten Ägypten: Mit magischen Formeln gegen Seuchen
20200413             —CORONA—KRISE—IN—DEUTSCHLAND: Wie kommen wir wieder raus?
20200413             —INZWISCHEN. Es sei klar, daß das neue VIRUS "sich schnell ausbreitet und tödlich ist: zehnmal mehr als das Grippevirus 2009", sagte Tedros.
20200413             Dem WHO—CHEF—ZUFOLGE kann das neuartige VIRUS nur komplett gestoppt werden, wenn ein "sicherer und effizienter Impfstoff" entwickelt wird.
20200413             —LAUT—ANGABEN der WHO starben WELT—WEIT 18.500—MENSCHEN an H1N1. Das angesehene Fachmagazin "The Lancet" schätzte die Zahl der Todesfälle auf 151.700—BIS 575.400.
20200413             An der durch DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— ausgelösten Lungenkrankheit COVID—19—STARBEN WELT—WEIT bisher fast 115.000—MENSCHEN.
20200413             Der SPD—CO—VORSITZENDE Norbert WALTER—BORJANS hat sich für eine schrittweise Lockerung der Beschränkungen im Zuge der CORONA—KRISE ausgesprochen. Die Restriktionen in der jetzigen Form aufrechtzuerhalten, werde aus seiner Sicht zunehmend auch zur psychischen und wirtschaftlichen Belastung, sagte er der "Süddeutschen Zeitung".
20200413             Das entscheidende Kriterium bei den anstehenden Gesprächen bleibe, die Belastbarkeit der medizinischen Einrichtungen und des behandelnden Personals nicht zu überfordern.
20200413             —CORONA—VIRUS, FRANKREICH verlängert Ausgangssperre 20200511             —BIS
20200413             Ein geordneter Tagesablauf wird im eremitischen Milieu gemeinhin als fördernd angesehen.
20200413             im eremitischen Milieu
20200413             Der normal tickende Mensch wird durch die plötzliche Krisensituation in seinem gewohnten, von Mobilität und selbstverständlichen Sozialkontakten geprägten Leben nachhaltig irritiert.
20200413             Der normal tickende Mensch
20200413             Eremit über das Alleinsein  "Das ist ein existenzieller Schock" - DER SPIEGEL
20200413             —CORONA—VIRUS, JOHNSONs Krankenpfleger wird in PORTUGAL als Held gefeiert
20200413             Es wird viel Unsinn verbreitet in diesen Tagen.
20200413             Gut 20.000—VON insgesamt knapp 117.000—UNTERSUCHTEN FACEBOOK—POSTS hatten mit CORONA zu tun, die meisten stammten aus "Mainstream"-Medien, knapp zweieinhalbtausend von "alternativen" Medien.
20200413             "Insgesamt machten Posts, die man mit Desinformation oder VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIEN in Verbindung bringen kann, nur 1,1—PROZENT des gesamten Datensatzes und nur 1,1—PROZENT der Interaktionen aus".
20200413             Allerdings werden die Posts später oft weiterverarbeitet und -verbreitet, etwa von verschwörungstheoretischen oder RECHTS—RADIKALEN YOUTUBE—CHANNELS.
20200413             VERWIRRUNGS—CONTENT: DIE—THEORIE, daß es sich beim CORONA—VIRUS—IN—WAHRHEIT um eine wahlweise außer Kontrolle geratene oder bewusst freigesetzte BIO—WAFFE handeln könne, mal produziert von CHINA, mal von BILL—GATES.
20200413             deutschen Rechtsaußen- und VERSCHWÖRUNGS—THEORIESZENE wie "Compact", "Philosophia Perennis", "Unzensuriert" oder "Pravda TV".
20200413             Auf allzu fruchtbaren Boden scheint so etwas aber nicht zu fallen.
20200413             Tatsächlich haben Studien immer wieder gezeigt, daß das Vertrauen der deutschen Bevölkerung in Institutionen und Presse im internationalen Vergleich weiterhin ziemlich hoch ist.
20200413             Wer eines Tages womöglich koalieren muss, kann nicht ungebremst Hass und Verachtung über den politischen Gegner ausgießen.
20200413             DONALD—TRUMP hat zunächst behauptet, DAS—VIRUS sei ein "Hoax", dann, daß es sang- und klanglos wieder verschwinden werde, dann, daß er alles im Griff habe, und dann plötzlich, daß "nur" 100.000—CORONA—TOTE im eigenen Land als großer Sieg betrachtet werden könnten.
20200413             Das schmerzverzerrte Gesicht von TRUMP—MEDIZINISCHEN Chefberaters ANTHONY—FAUCI bei den PRESIDENT—BRIEFINGS wird als das tragische Antlitz der CORONA—KRISE—IN—DEN USA in die Geschichte eingehen.
20200413             DAS—CORONA—CHAOS in den USA, die katastrophale Organisation, die gewaltigen Infektionszahlen, der rasante Anstieg der COVID—19—TOTEN, die Kühllaster für Leichen in den Straßen NEW—YORKS scheinen TRUMP—ZUSTIMMUNGSWERTEN nicht zu schaden, im Gegenteil.
20200413             stimmen im Moment sogar mehr USA—BÜRGER mit TRUMP—AMTSFÜHRUNG überein als vor Beginn der CORONA—KRISE: fast 45—PROZENT.
20200413             All sein Geschwätz über die Ungefährlichkeit des VIRUS falle in dieser Fernsehunterhaltungslogik nicht ins Gewicht
20200413             republikanerfreundlichen Frauen aus der Mittelschicht, in denen es immer nur um diese Frage geht: STEUER—T TRUMP DAS—LAND in die richtige Richtung? Nein, finden die Frauen. Manche nennen den Präsidenten einen "narzisstischen Psychopathen", andere erklären, sie würden "lieber einen Hund wählen" als noch einmal TRUMP.
20200413             DIE—ERNÜCHTERNDE Wendung: "DIE—FRAUEN mochten TRUMP nicht, aber sie mochten auch sonst niemanden.
20200413             Sie vertrauten den Medien nicht und waren der Meinung, andere Politiker seien genauso schlimm wie der Präsident".
20200413             DIE—ABLEHNUNG gegenüber der "anderen Seite" sticht im Zweifel alle anderen politischen Motivationen.
20200413             DIE—MEDIEN, die seine Wählerinnen und Wähler konsumieren, geben ihm Recht.
20200413             Kritik wird dank der extremen Polarisierung der Gesellschaft immer als Angriff der "anderen Seite" aufgefasst.
20200413             —CORONA—THEORIEN  Unsinn von unten, Unsinn von oben - Kolumne - DER SPIEGEL
20200413—20090000    —J—IM, Das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— ist nach Angaben der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) zehnmal tödlicher als die "Schweinegrippe".
20200413—20090000    DAS—VIRUS H1N1 hatte eine PANDEMIE ausgelöst.
20200413—20200324    —ON, A lockdown, imposed, banned all flights and ground transport, and closed markets, schools and offices.
20200413—20200703    —BY, THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—HEALTH awarded SWISS—BASED Hamilton Medical a $552—MILLION contract to build 14,115 ventilators.
20130110—20290413    —AM, der Kleinplanet auf der Erde einschlagen könnte, Berechnungen hatten ergeben, daß - mit geringer Wahrscheinlichkeit -
20130110—20290413    —INZWISCHEN, gilt dieses Szenario zwar als ausgeschlossen.

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