_HEUTE_0406 :

06100406             —DESCENDED, LAILAT—UL Qadar: The night that the Koran, to Earth.
06100406             —BELIEVED, MOHAMMAD is, by his followers to have had a vision of GABRIEL.
06100406             The angel told him to recite in the name of God.
06100406             —SUPPOSED, Other visions are, to have GABRIEL lead MOHAMMAD to heaven to meet God, and to JERUSALEM to meet ABRAHAM, MOSES and JESUS.
06100406             —CONVINCED, These visions, MOHAMMAD that he was a messenger of God.
08850406             † METHODIUS, GREECE—APOSTLE to the Slavs, ARCH—BISHOP—OF—SIRMIUM.
11990406             † Richard I "THE—LION—HEARTED" (41), KING—OF—ENGLAND (11890000—11990000    ).
11990406             —KILLED, Richard was, by an arrow at the siege of the castle of Chaluz in FRANCE.
12000000—20070406    —SEIT—DEM—AUSGEHENDEN—MITTELALTER, stieg der Meeresspiegel um ca. 20—30—CM PRO—JAHRHUNDERT.
12430406             PETRUS RUFUS—MÖNCH.(SUB I 109).
12500406             LOUIS—IX (12140000—12700000    ), KING—OF—FRANCE, lost THE—BATTLE—OF—FARISKUR, EGYPT, and was captured by Muslim forces.
12520000—13110406    PHILIPPINE—DE—LUXEMBOURG ([]).
12520406             † PETER—OF—VERONA (45), [PETER—MARTYR], ITALY—INQUISITOR.
13200406             —DECLARED, SCOTLAND, its independence in the Declaration of Arbroath.
13200406             In a letter to the Pope they said: "As long as only 100—OF—USA remain alive we will never on any conditions be brought under ENGLAND—RULE".
13210406             —JAHR—ZEHNTE—LANG, DAS—DORF—MONTAILLOU in SÜD—FRANKREICH galt als widerständiges KATHARER—NEST.
13210406             —JAHR—ZEHNTE—LANG, es gibt kein Entrinnen.
13210406             —JAHR—ZEHNTE—LANG, Alle wissen, was es bedeutet, wenn —PLÖTZLICH, der Pfarrer an die Tür klopft oder nach der Predigt 1—BRIEF ÜBERREICHT—ES ist die Vorladung der Inquisition.
13210406             —AM, dem MONTAG vor PALM—SONNTAG GUILLAUME—FORT erhält sein Schreiben.
13210406             Darin steht, GUILLAUME—FORT sei der Ketzerei, der Häresie, verdächtig und habe AM—SAMSTAG, in der STADT—PAMIERS vor den Untersuchungsrichtern der Inquisition zu erscheinen.
13210406             Darin steht, Komme GUILLAUME—FORT nicht aus freien Stücken, werde er vorgeführt.
13210406             So bleibt GUILLAUME—FORT keine Wahl, als den beschwerlichen Fußmarsch von ca 60—KM anzutreten.
13270406             PETRARCH met Laura de Sade in a church at Avignon, and was inspired for the rest of his life.
13270406             PETRARCH wrote his finest poems about her beauty and loveliness... and about his later recognition that he had loved her wrongly, placing her person ahead of her spirit.
13270406             This event has been taken to mark the beginning of the Renaissance.
13480406             † Laura de Sade, the arch love of PETRARCH of the plague.
13480406             —RETIRED, Boccaccio, from PLAGUE—STRICKEN Florence, and in a country residence began to write the Decameron.
13840406             —VITÓRIA MILITAR—DE—NUNO Álvares Pereira na batalha dos Atoleiros.
13850406             † MARQUARD—MENDEL, in VENEDIG
13850406             Nuno Álvares é nomeado CONDESTÁVEL—DO—REINO.
14530406             —OPENED, Ottoman forces under MEHMET—II, fire on Constantinople.
14830328—14830406    —SEE.
14830406—15200406    * † RAPHAEL[RAFFAELLO—SANZIO], HOLLAND—PAINTER (Sistine Madonna), to an unremarkable painter in the Duchy of Urbino.
14830406             RAPHAEL[RAFFAELLO—SANZIO] went on to paint works in THE—VATICAN.
14830406             After an apprenticeship in Perugia, RAPHAEL[RAFFAELLO—SANZIO] went to Florence, having heard of the work da Vinci and Michelangelo were doing.
14830406             RAPHAEL[RAFFAELLO—SANZIO] His last 12—YEARS were spent on numerous commissions in Rome.
14830406             † RAPHAEL[RAFFAELLO—SANZIO] on his 37. birthday, his funeral mass being celebrated in THE—VATICAN.
14830406             * RAFFAELE—SANZIO of URBINO, surnamed "THE—DIVINE"210
14830406             * —ON—THE—OF, Such was the father to whom there at URBINO a son RAFFAELE—SANZIO,
14830406—14830328    —SEE.
14890406             † Hans Waldmann, SWITZERLAND—MILITARY—MAYOR (ZÜRICH), was beheded.
14930406             Rmus. DOMINUS—KARDINALIS—PARMENIENSIS celebraturus, benedixit novum ignem et quinque grana thuris in cereo ponenda;
15021110—15040406    —VOM—BIS, —OTTO—VON—AHR als PRIOR nachweisbar ist
15030406             Les traites furent ratifies les, et
15050406             followed in by a murrain among cattle. at URBINO
15050406             Conformément au —TRAITÉ—DE—BLOIS, MAXIMILIAN—DE—AUTRICHE accorde à LOUIS—XII[LUDWIG—XII—KÖNIG—VON—FRANKREICH] l'investiture du DUCHÉ—DE—MILAN[MAILAND] dont il est officiellement suzerain
15200406             —INCLUDED, His work, "The Veiled Lady" and a set of cartoons that were woven into 10—TAPESTRIES titled "The Acts of the Apostles" (15440000—15570000    ).
15200406             RAPHAEL His sudden death and funeral
15200406             —BIENTOT On compara CELSO—MELLINI{MEHLING}sa mort infortunee a celle de RAPHAEL
15200406             † RAPHAEL
15210406—15210705    —ENTRE, LE BEMBO reprit le chemin de PADOUE[PADUA]..
15280406             Albrecht Dürer (14710000              *), GERMANY—PAINTER, graphic artist, † in GERMANY.
15280406             —INHERITED, His wife Agnes, his 6,874-florin estate.
15410406             —AM, BARTHOLMÄ—WELSER sich vom KAISER—KARL—V. für sich selbst, seine Kinder, den Teilhabern und DIENERn seiner Handlung 1—AUSDRÜCKLICHEN SCHUTZ—BRIEF erteilen liess, was DIE—FUGGER nie für nötig gehalten haben.
15450406             but it was by CHARLES his order imposed very gently, and after having done his office THE—SCHOUT "gently took his leave".
15450406             —ORDERED, THE—SCHOUT, that no goods should be taken out of THE—ENGLISH—HOUSE, and he made no search among VAUGHAN' s possessions.
15450406             —VISITED, He had ALREADY, Dansell' s lodging and sealed up his countinghouse, and he did the same to all the other ENGLISH—MEN.
15450406             Most of them were, however, at BERGEN—OP—ZOOM for the mart, but they did not escape similar treatment there.
15900406             † FRANCIS—WALSINGHAM (~57), ENGLAND—SECRETARY of state.
15930406             † HENRY—BARROW, ENGLAND—PURITAN, was hanged.
15930406             † JOHN—GREENWOOD, ENGLAND—CONGRESSIONALIST, was hanged.
16190406             —AM, HEINRICH—SCHEIFFARD—VON—MERODE verzichtete auf DIE—PROPSTEI
16190406             —AM, HEINRICH—SCHEIFFART—VON—MERODE wurde zum PROPST ernannt und
16190406             —AM, erfolgte die Ernennung zum PROPST—VON—MILLEN,
16310406             * VINCENZO—DE—GRANDIS, composer.
16520406—16520407    —BATAILLE—DE—BLÉNEAU entre LES—TROUPES—ROYALES et celles de Condé.
16630324—16630406    —SEE.
16630406             —SIGNED, KING—CHARLES—II, the Carolina Charter.
16630406—16630324    —SEE.
16710406             JEAN—BAPTISTE Rousseau, FRANCE—PLAYWRIGHT, poet (Sacred Odes & Songs), was born.
16720406             * ANDRE—ARDINAL—DESTOUCHES, composer.
16720406             —DÉBUT—DE—LA guerre de Hollande.
17000406             —TRAITÉ—DE—TURIN avec LE—DUC—DE—SAVOIE
17070406             Willem Van de Velde (16330000              *) the Younger, HOLLAND—MARINE painter, †.
17070406             —INCLUDED, His work, "fishing Boats by the Shore in a Calm" (16600000—16050000    ).
17220406             —ENDED, RUSSIA, PETER—THE—GREAT, tax on men with beards.
17570406             —FIRED, ENGLAND—KING—GEORGE—II, minister WILLIAM—PITT, SENIOR.
17600406             Charlotte Charke (17130000              *), actress and writer, †.
17600406—20050000    —IN, Kathryn Shevelow authored "Charlotte: Being a True Account of an ACTRESS—FLAMBOYANT—ADVENTURES in EIGHTEENTH—CENTURY LONDON—WILD and Wicked Theatrical World".
17720406             † † —  Campius, ChriS—(LAACH,
17730406             JAMES—MILL (18360000             ), ENGLAND—PHILOSOPHER, historian (Hist of UNITED—KINGDOM—INDIA) and economist, was born in SCOTLAND.
17860406             * Sacagawea (also Sacajawea), USA—EXPLORER.
17890406             The 1. USA Congress began regular sessions at Federal Hall on Wall Street, NEW—YORK—CITY.
18120406             —PRISE—DE—BADAJOZ par Wellington.
18140406             —ABDICATION—DE—NAPOLEÓN sans condition
18150406             At Dartmoor Prison in SOUTH—WEST—ENGLAND 7—USA—PRISONERS were killed by UNITED—KINGDOM—SOLDIERS under the command of CAPTAIN—THOMAS—G—SHORTLAND.
18150406             Some 6,000 prisoners were awaiting return to THE—USA.
18150406—18150408    —ON, A farmer's jury with no victims or witnesses issued a verdict of "justifiable homicide".
18240406             KING—KAMEHAMEHA—II—ROYAL yacht, HA`AHEO o HAWAI`I (Pride of HAWAII), sank on the southwest corner of Hanalei Bay near the mouth of the Waioli River, after striking a 5-foot deep reef a 100—YARDS offshore.
18260406             * GUSTAVE—MOREAU, FRANCE—PAINTER.
18290406             Niels Henrik Abel (18020000              *), NORWAY—MATHEMATICIAN, † of tuberculosis.
18290406             After him comes the term Abelian group, an algebraic commutative group.
18290406—20040000    —IN, PETER—PESIC authored "ABEL—PROOF: An Essay on the Sources and Meaning of Mathematical Unsolvability".
18300406             —ORGANIZED, The Church of JESUS Christ of LATTER—DAY Saints was, by JOSEPH—SMITH and 5—OTHERS in Fayette, Seneca COUNTY—NEW—YORK JOSEPH—SMITH (25) published the "Book of Mormon" in PALMYRA—NEW—YORK.
18300406             —BASED, He claimed that the manuscript was, on ancient golden plates revealed to him by the angel Moroni and written in the language of the Egyptians.
18300406             The book records the journey of an ancient Israelite prophet, Lehi, and his family to THE—USA—CONTINENT some 2,000 years ago.
18300406             [see 18270000             —1—, 1831] Some 5,000 copies of the book were published.
18300406—20140000    —IN, AVI—STEINBERG authored "The Lost Book of Mormon: A Journey Through the Mythic Lands of Nephi, Zarahemla & KANSAS City, MISSOURI".
1833040600—1833040700    in der Nacht
18410406             Cornerstone was laid for 2. Mormon temple at NAUVOO—MISSOURI.
18410406             —AM, eingereicht Seine Dissertation über die "Differenz der demokritischen und epikureischen Naturphilosophie" hat KARL—MARX und
18440406             * JOSEPH—LUDWIG, composer.
18480406             —GRANTED, Jews of Prussia were, equality.
18490406             —PREMIERED, GIACOMO—MEYERBEER—OPERA "Le Prophete,", in Paris.
18490406             —NEUE—RHEINISCHE—ZEITUNG—NUMMER—265—KÖLN.
18490406—18490407    —AM, die die Rede GOTTFRIED—KINKEL in 1—BERLINER—ZEITUNG veröffentlichen ließ.
18490406—18490416    —SEE.
18550406             † ELISABETH—TITZ, starb. in PISSENHEIM.
18580406             —ISSUED, PRESIDENT—BUCHANAN, a proclamation declaring Mormons in THE—UTAH Territory to be in a state of rebellion against THE—USA—GOVERNMENT.
18600406             † Rene Lalique (19450000             ), FRANCE—GOLDSMITH, jeweler, glassmaker and artist, was born.
18600406             He helped mold the shape of 20. century art nouveau, art deco and architectural ornamentation.
18620406             2—DAYS of bitter fighting began at the Civil War BATTLE—OF—SHILOH as the Confederates attacked GRANT—UNION forces in SOUTH—WEST—TENNESSEE.
18620406             Union commander MAJOR—GENERAL—ULYSSES—S—GRANT, planning to advance on the important railway junction at Corinth, MISSISIPI, met a surprise attack by GENERAL—ALBERT—SIDNEY—JOHNSTON—ARMY—OF—MISSISSIPPI.
18620406             —PUSHED, The Confederates, the Federals back steadily during the 1. day's fighting, in spite of JOHNSTON—DEATH that afternoon.
18620406             Only with the arrival of Union reinforcements during the night did the tide turn, forcing the rebels to withdraw.
18620406             —SLAUGHTERED, The opposing sides, EACH—OTHER with such ferocity that 1—SURVIVOR wrote, "No blaze of glory...can ever atone for the unwritten and unutterable horrors of the scene".
18620406             GENERAL—ULYSSES—GRANT after THE—BATTLE—OF—SHILOH said: "I saw an open field... so covered with dead that it would have been possible to walk across... in any direction, stepping on dead bodies without a foot touching the ground".
18620406             † More than 9,000 Americans.
18620406             The battle left some 24,000 casualties and secured the West for the Union.
18620406             ALBERT—SIDNEY—JOHNSTON (59), USA and Confederate general, was killed in BATTLE—OF—SHILOH.
18620406—19520000    —IN, Shelby Foote wrote "Shiloh," an historical novel based on documentation from participants in the battle.
18620406—19920000    —IN, Recorded Books made a cassette version.
18650406             At THE—BATTLE—OF—SAYLER—CREEK, a 3. of LEE—ARMY was cut off by Union troops pursuing him to Appomattox.
18650406             Skirmish at High BRIDGE—VA, (Appomattox).
18650406             † REUBEN—B—BOSTON, USA and Confederate cavalry colonel, in battle.
18660406             Butch Cassidy, [ROBERT—PARKER], USA desperado (Wild Bunch Passage), was born.
18660406             † JOSEPH—LINCOLN—STEFFENS (19360000             ), USA—INVESTIGATIVE reporter and muckraker journalist (Shame of the Cities), was born: "Nothing is done. Everything in the world remains to be done or done over".
18660406             "Never practice what you preach. If you're going to practice it, why preach it?".
18660406             G.A.R. was formed (Grand Army of the Republic).
18660406             —COMPOSED, It was, of men who served in THE—USA—ARMY and Navy during the Civil War.
18660406—19560000    —IN, The last member †.
18660406—20150413    —SEE.
18680406             —MARRIED, Brigham Young, his 27. and final wife (I am done with wifery).
18690406             —APPLIED, John and ISAIAH—HYATT, for a new patent using collodion to manufacture billiard balls.
18690406             —NAMED, They later, their product celluloid.
18690406             —PRODUCED, The new plastic could be molded and mass, but was very flammable and exploded when struck with excessive force.
18690406—18550000    —IN, It was similar to that made by ENGLAND—INVENTOR ALEXANDER—PARKES, who patented the process in England.
18690406—18690615    —SEE.
18710406             THE—GUILLOTINE was brought out by the 137. battalion of THE—NATIONAL—GUARD, and
18710406             THE—GUILLOTINE was publicly burnt, amid great popular rejoicing.
18750406             † MOSES—HEß, in PARIS.
18860406             —INCORPORATED, The City of VANCOUVER—CANADA, was.
18860406             —DELAYED, The ceremony was, when it was discovered no 1—HAD thought to bring paper on which to write down the details.
18860406             The ceremony was held in JONATHAN—MILLER—HOUSE.
18860406             The population of the city was about 1,000.
18890406             —PLACED, GEORGE—EASTMAN, the Kodak Camera on sale for 1. time.
18900406—19390000    * † ANTHONY—HERMAN—GERARD—FOKKER, aircraft pioneer, in Java.
18920406             DONALD—WILLS—DOUGLAS, USA aircraft pioneer (McConnell Douglas), was born.
18920406             Lowell Thomas, author, journalist, broadcaster and world traveler was born in WOODINGTON—OHIO.
18930406             —DEDICATED, Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City was.
18960325—18960406    —SEE.
18960406             —OPENED, The 1. modern Olympic Games formally, in ATHENS—GREECE after a lapse of 1,500 years.
18960406             8—NATIONS participated.
18960406             JAMES—CONNOLLY, a SELF—EDUCATED 27—YEAR—OLD American, won the 1. gold medal at 18960000             —THE—OLYMPIC games in Athens.
18960406             —CALLED, CONNOLLY—EVENT, the triple jump, which was then, the hop, step, and jump, was the 1. final of the games.
18960406             —REALIZED, THE—USA—OLYMPIC team hadn't, that the Greeks followed the Hellenic calendar, so they arrived not days in advance but just a few hours before the opening ceremonies.
18960406             —PREPARED, Despite being hastily, Connolly competed last and beat his opponents' distances by more than 3—FEET.
18960406             He went on to become a successful author of 25—NOVELS.
18960406—18960325    —SEE.
18960406—19810000    * † Edgar "Yip" Harburg, lyricist, in NEW—YORK—CITY as Isidore Hochberg.
18960406—19810000    —INCLUDED, His songs, "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" and "Over the Rainbow".
18970406             & 16, Frank M. Chapman, ornithologist with THE—USA—MUSEUM—OF—NATURAL—HISTORY, observed large numbers of flying hawks over VERACRUZ—MEXICO.
19030406             —REVEALED, FRANCE—ARMY—NATIONALISTS were, for forging documents to guarantee a conviction for ALFRED—DREYFUS, an officer accused of giving plans for FRANCE—DEFENSE to GERMANY.
19050406             W. WARRICK—CARDOZO, physician and pioneer researcher on Sickle Cell Anemia, was born.
19060406             * JOHN—BETJEMAN, ENGLAND—POET—LAUREATE 19720000—19840000     (MOUNT—ZION).
19060406             1. animated cartoon was copyrighted.
19090406             1. credit union formed in USA.
19090406             Explorers ROBERT—E—PEARY, MATTHEW—A—HENSON and 4—INUITS became the 1. men to reach the North Pole along with 4—ESKIMOS.
19090406             Peary used Ellesmere Island as a base for his expedition to the North Pole.
19090406             The north coast of Ellesmere lies just 480—MILES from the Pole.
19090406             —ACCOMPANIED, He was, by MATTHEW—HENSON, an AFRICAN—AMERICAN, who had spent 18—YEARS in the Arctic with Peary.
19090406—19880000    —IN, The claim was disputed by skeptics and the original navigational records were uncovered from THE—DOG—SLED voyage indicating that Peary probably never got closer than 121—MILES from the North Pole.
19090406—19890000    —IN, the Navigation Foundation upheld that Peary reached the North Pole.
19110406             —EXAMINED, S—FRANCISCO—THE—POLICE—BOARD, 9—MISSION saloon keepers who were cited for selling liquor to women decoys.
19110406             —FACED, Mission District Police CAPTAIN—HENRY—GLEESON, a possible charge of neglect of duty.
19120406             —ADOPTED, Cadillac, an electric SELF—STARTER.
19120406             —INTRODUCED, CHARLES—FRANKLIN—KETTERING (18760000—19580000    ), as PRESIDENT—OF—DELCO, THE—ELECTRIC—STARTER on 19120000             —THE—CADILLAC.
19150406—19900000    * † TADEUSZ—KANTOR, POLAND—DIRECTOR and theorist, in Galicia, a part of AUSTRIA—HUNGARY.
19160406             —UNRESTRICTED, GERMANY—GOVERNMENT OK'd, submarine warfare.
19170406             —ON, USA FORMALLY—DECLARED—WAR—ON——GERMANY and her Allies.
19170406             —APPROVED, THE—USA—CONGRESS, a declaration of war against GERMANY and entered —WWI on the Allied side.
19170406             DIE—USA erklären DEUTSCHLAND den KRIEG.
19170406             —ON, USA FORMALLY—DECLARED—WAR—ON——GERMANY and her Allies.
19170406—19170408    AUF 1—KONFERENZ VOM gründeten sie in GOTHA die Unabhängige SOZIAL—DEMOKRATISCHE—PARTEI—DEUTSCHLANDS (USPD) unter HUGO—HAASE.
19170406—19170408    GOTHA, findet 1—REICHS—KONFERENZ—DER—SOZIAL—DEMOKRATISCHEN OPPOSITION statt, auf der die "Unabhängige SOZIAL—DEMOKRATISCHE—PARTEI—DEUTSCHLANDS (USPD)" gegründet wird. DIE—KONFERENZ tagt auf Anordnung der MILITÄR—BEHÖRDE unter Ausschluß der Öffentlichkeit, DER—BERICHT—ÜBER DIE—VERHANDLUNGEN muß —SPÄTER, dem stellvertretenden GENERAL—KOMMANDO in KASSEL zur Zensur vorgelegt werden. Es sind 143—TEILNEHMER anwesend: 124—DELEGIERTE von WAHL—KREISEN, 15—REICHS—TAG—ABGEORDNETE und 4—SONSTIGE Teilnehmer, darunter KARL—KAUTSKY. erklärt referiert über DIE—SITUATION der Partei. Die gemeinsame Organisation solle DIE—PARTEI wieder zur grundsätzlichen —POLITIK zurückführen. Die alte Partei sei moralisch völlig zusammengebrochen. W. Dittmann spricht über DIE—ORGANISATION der PARTEI—F. Rück verlangt für die "GRUPPE—INTERNATIONALE" die größtmögliche Bewegungsfreiheit.
19170406—19170408    DIE—DELEGIERTEN sind sich nicht einig über DIE—NOTWENDIGKEIT parlamentarischer Tätigkeit und die Möglichkeit von Massenaktionen. Mit 1—GEGENSTIMME wird 1—VON KARL—KAUTSKY verfaßtes Manifest verabschiedet, das DIE—ARBEITER auffordert, sich auf KÄMPFE—GEGEN—TEUERUNG und ARBEITSLOSIGKEIT—IN—DER NACH—KRIEG—ZEIT vorzubereiten. Es verlangt 1—AMNESTIE—FÜRPOLITISCHE Gefangene, die —AUFHEBUNG—DER, Zensur, unbeschränktes Vereins-, Versammlungs—, KOALITIONS—RECHT, —AUFHEBUNG—DER, AUSNAHMEGESETZE—GEGEN—LAND—ARBEITER, STAATS—ARBEITER und Gesinde, ARBEITS—SCHUTZ und ACHT—STUNDEN—TAG, sowie das allgemeine, gleiche, geheime und direkte WAHL—RECHT. DIE—REVOLUTION—IN—RUßLAND wird begrüßt.
19170406—19170408    GRUND—LINIEN DER—NEUEN Partei sind: DIE—USPD stehe in grundsätzlicher OPPOSITION zum herrschenden Regierungssystem, zur KRIEGS—POLITIK der REICHS—REGIERUNG und zu der vom SPD—PARTEI—VORSTAND im Regierungsfahrwasser geführten Politik. Programm und Organisation der Partei seien nach den im Kriege neu gewonnenen Erkenntnissen auszugestalten. —BIS—DAHIN ist das Statut der SPD DIE—GRUND—LAGE für DIE—ORGANISATION der OPPOSITION.
19170406—19170408    DIE—ZENTRALLEITUNG besteht aus 1—AKTIONS—KOMITEE und 1—BEIRAT. Das AKTIONS—KOMITEE ist unter Mitgliedern aus BERLIN und Umgebung, der Beirat aus den übrigen Bezirken zu wählen. Das AKTIONS—KOMITEE besteht aus 2—VORSITZENDEN, dem Kassierer, den Schriftführern und den Beisitzern, darunter 1—WEIBLICHEN Mitglied. Der Zentralleitung oder ihren Mitgliedern ist es nicht gestattet, in irgendeiner Form Eigentumsrechte an den geschäftlichen Unternehmungen der Partei, insbesondere PARTEI—ZEITUNGEN ODER—DRUCKEREIEN, zu erwerben. Vor wichtigen politischen MAßNAHMEn habe DIE—ZENTRALLEITUNG die VERTRETER—DER Bezirke zur Beratung zusammenzurufen.
19170406—19170408    Dem AKTIONS—KOMITEE gehören an: W. Dittmann, erklärt, A. HOFER—G. LAUKANT—G. LEDEBOUR—R. Wengels und LUISE—ZIETZ;
19170406—19170408    Um DAS—SCHWERGEWICHT der politischen Aktionen in die Massen zu verlegen, sei bei allen wichtigen Entscheidungen, welche die Haltung der Partei für LÄNGERE—ZEIT festlegen, 1—URABSTIMMUNG abzuhalten, vorausgesetzt, daß die technischen Möglichkeiten hierzu vorhanden seien.
19170406—19170408    —NACH, dieser Konferenz bilden sich Gruppen der "Freien SOZIALISTISCHE—JUGEND".
19170406—19170408    Der USPD schließen sich erhebliche Teile der Mitglieder in den Bezirken GROß—BERLIN, LEIPZIG, FRANKFURT—AM—MAIN, Ostpreußen, NIEDER—RHEIN, Braunschweig, Halle, ERFURT und GROß—THÜRINGEN an. "Die LEIPZIGER—VOLKSZEITUNG" gilt als Hauptorgan der USPD.
19180406             Savva Mamontov, RUSSIA—INDUSTRIALIST, merchant, entrepreneur, and patron of the arts, †.
19180406             —SUPERVISED, He had, the construction of the Severnaya Railway linking Moscow with THE—RUSSIA—NORTH.
19180406—18760000    —FROM, He was also involved into the building of Donetsk railway to 18820000             —1—.
19220406             * BARRY—LEVINSON, director (Rain Man).
19240406             4—OPEN—COCKPIT biplanes took off from Seattle for a round the world flight.
19240406             2—OF the planes made it back.
19240406             They flew 26,000 miles in 363—HOURS over a 175—DAYS at an average speed of 77—MPH.
19240406             THE—USA—CONGRESS had to approve the financing and the airplanes were built by DOUGLAS—AIRCRAFT.
19240406             —RECEIVED, ITALY fascists, 65% of vote of parliament.
19240406—19230503    —SEE.
19250406             A Deutsche Lufthansa flight debuted an IN—FLIGHT movie, a SILENT—REEL short.
19270406             * GERRY—MULLIGAN, jazz saxophonist.
19280406             * JAMES—WATSON, discovered structure of DNA.
19290406             * "Crazy" JOE—GALLO, mobster.
19290406             * ANDRE—PREVIN, pianist and conductor, in BERLIN—GERMANY.
19300406             —INVENTED, Hostess Twinkies were, by bakery executive JAMES—DEWAR.
19300406             1. transcontinental glider tow was completed.
19310406             * RICHARD—ALPERT, later known as the spiritual leader Ram Dass in Boston.
19310406             1. broadcast of "Little Orphan Annie" on NBC—RADIO.
19310406             The 1. Scottsboro (Ala) trial began for 9—BLACKS accused of rape.
19340406             418—LUTHERAN ministers were arrested in GERMANY.
19350406             † EDWIN—ARLINGTON—ROBINSON (18690000              *), USA poet.
19360406             A tornado killed 203 and injures 1,800 in GAINESVILLE—GEORGIA.
19370406             * MERLE—HAGGARD, USA—COUNTRY musician.
19380406             —DISCOVERED, ROY—PLUNKETT, a DuPont researcher in NEW—JERSEY, the polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene, later known as teflon.
19390406             —SIGNED, Great Britain and POLAND, a military pact.
19410406             —SURRENDERED, ITALIAN—HELD Addis Ababa, to British and ETHIOPIA—FORCES.
19410406             GERMANY—FOREIGN—MINISTER—JOACHIM—VON—RIBBENTROP gave orders for the attack on YUGOSLAVIA to roll forward.
19410406             —ORDERED, Hitler, the Luftwaffe to bomb Belgrade prior to the final drive into the capital.
19410406             Most of the government officials fled, and THE—YUGOSLAVIA—ARMY began to collapse.
19410406             —COMMANDED, GERMANY—LUFTWAFFE—MARSHALL—ALEXANDER—LOHR, a surprise air attack on Belgrade and 17,000 †.
19410406             —TRIED, Lohr was later, and executed for the bombings.
19410406             —ATTACKED, Italian and ALBANIA—FORCES, and jointly occupied YUGOSLAVIA.
19410406             —DEFEATED, GERMANY, with support of ITALY and other allies, GREECE and YUGOSLAVIA.
19410406             Beginn des Feldzugs gegen Jugoslawien und Griechenland.
19410406             Beide Länder kapitulieren nach wenigen Wochen
19410406             —ON, the Division played an important role in the Invasion of GREECE....
19410406—19410407    —DELIVERED, The Luftwaffe, a heavy blow to THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—EXPEDITION when GERMANY—BOMBERS seriously damaged Piraeus, the port of Athens sinking 7—MERCHANT ships, 60—LIGHTERS and 25—CAIQUES.
19410406—19410806    —FROM, to 10, more than 500—BOMBING sorties were flown against Belgrade, inflicting more than 17,500 fatalities.
19420406             —EVACUATED, S—FRANCISCO, 660—JAPANESE were, and sent to the Santa Anita racetrack pending later movement inland.
19420406             —REMAINED, Another 4,000 Japanese in the city, to be evacuated.
19430406             —LINKED, British and USA—ARMIES, up in Africa.
19440406             —ROLLED, GERMANY—TRUCKS, up to the safehouse of Sabina Zlatin in IZIEU—AIN, FRANCE, and 44—CHILDREN and 7—TEACHERS including MISTER—ZLATIN were arrested.
19440406             —ORDERED, The raid was, by Klaus Barbie, HEAD—OF—THE—GERMANY—POLICE in Lyons.
19450406             During —WWII, THE—JAPAN—WARSHIP Yamato and 9—OTHER vessels sailed on a suicide mission to attack THE—USA—FLEET off Okinawa;
19450406             the fleet was intercepted the next day.
19470406             —PRESENTED, The 1. Tony awards were, at a dinner in the Grand Ballroom of THE—WALDORF—ASTORIA on Easter Sunday.
19470406             —NAMED, They were, in honor of Antoinette Perry (18880000—19460000    ), chairman of the board and SECRETARY—OF—THE—AMERICAN—THEATRE—WING throughout —WWII.
19540406             4—WEEKS after being attacked on the air by EDWARD—R—MURROW, SENATOR—JOSEPH—R—MCCARTHY, R-WISCONSIN, delivered a filmed response on CBS' "See It Now" in which he charged that Murrow had, in the past, "engaged in propaganda for Communist causes".
19560406             —FREED, POLAND—COMMUNIST Gomulka was, from prison.
19570406             —ENDED, NEW—YORK—CITY, trolley car service.
19590406             In the 31. Academy Awards "Gigi," Susan Hayward and DAVID—NIVEN won.
19630406             —SIGNED, THE—USA and Britain, an agreement under which the Americans would sell Polaris A—3—MISSILES to the British.
19650406             —AUTHORIZED, PRESIDENT—LYNDON—B—JOHNSON, the use of ground troops in combat operations.
19650406             THE—USA—LAUNCHED the Intelsat I, also known as the "Early Bird" communications satellite.
19660406             Emmett Ashford became the 1. AFRICAN—USA—MAJOR league umpire.
19660406             —REGARDED, The highly, umpire was known for his dynamic and distinctive style of calling balls and strikes.
19680406             —EXPLODED, RICHMOND—INDIANA, gunpowder stocks at a SPORTING—GOODS store, and at least 16—PEOPLE were killed.
19680406             —KILLED, Black Panther member BOBBY—HUTTON (17) was, in a gun battle with police in WEST—OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, and Eldridge Cleaver was arrested.
19680406             —APPROVED, EAST—GERMANY—VOTERS, a new socialist constitution by a 94.5% margin.
19690406             —MARCHED, S—FRANCISCO, at least 20,000—PEOPLE, to the Presidio to protest THE—VIETNAM War and the mutiny COURTS—MARTIAL of 27—STOCKADE prisoners.
19690406             —REACHED, SIR—WALLY—HERBERT (19340000—20070000    ), ENGLAND—EXPLORER, the North Pole on foot along with 3—OTHERS on his team.
19690406             They became the 1. men to cross the entire frozen surface of the Arctic Ocean on foot covering the 3,720 miles in 16—MONTHS.
19690406             —DRILLED, ROY—KOERNER, a glaciologist accompanying Herbert, more than 250—ICE core samples during the journey.
19700406             —AM, ALAIN—COMTE—DE—VILLEGAS visited THE—SPAIN—EMBASSY to lunch with Ambassador La Orden,
19710406             IGOR—STRAVINSKY (18820000              *), RUSSIAN—BORN composer, † in NEW—YORK—CITY.
19720406             5—AIRCRAFT crews were shot down during the rescue attempts.
19720406             19880000             —THE—FILM "Bat-21" was about their mission.
19720406             —HELPED, USA CAPTAIN—JOHN—W—RIPLEY (20080000              †), stop a column of North VIETNAM—TANKS by blowing up a pair of bridges at Dong Ha during 19720000             —THE—EASTER—OFFENSIVE of THE—VIETNAM War.
19720406—19720402    —ON, 6—USA—HELICOPTER crew members were killed in VIETNAM during a heroic rescue attempt of Air Force LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—ICEAL—HAMBLETON (19180000—20040000    ), who had been shot down.
19720406—19720413    —ON, Hambleton was rescued.
19730406             Yankee Ron Blomberg (19480000              *) became the 1. designated hitter.
19730406             He walked.
19740406             Willem Dudok (18840000              *), HOLLAND—ARCHITECT (Hilversum Town Hall), †.
19750406             —DISAPPEARED, Bundy victim Denise Oliverson (25), from Grand JUNCTION—COLORADO.
19770406             —OPENED, The Seattle Kingdome, and the Mariners lost to the Angels 7-0. The Seattle Mariners baseball team were created following 19700000             —THE—DEPARTURE of THE—1—YEAR—OLD Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee.
19780406             NICOLAS—NABOKOV (19030000              *), RUSSIAN—BORN USA—COMPOSER, †.
19780406             —INCLUDED, His work, the opera "RASPUTIN—END" with a libretto by STEPHEN—SPENDER (19580000             —1—).
19790406             THE—USA—CUT off aid to PAKISTAN, because of that country's covert construction of a uranium enrichment facility.
19790406             THE—USA—ALIEN Torts Claims Act (ATCA) of 17890000             —1—, meant to combat piracy, sprang back to life when it was used to allow 2—PARAGUAYANS to sue a former PARAGUAY—POLICEMAN in an USA—COURT for acts of torture committed in PARAGUAY.
19790406             —CREATED, INDIA, the United Liberation Front of Assam was, to fight for independence from INDIA.
19790406             The Ahom tribe was the major ethnic group of Assam.
19790406             THE—USA—CARTER administration cut off aid to PAKISTAN, because of that country's covert construction of a uranium enrichment facility.
19800406             3-M introduced POST—IT Notes.
19800406—20100000    —IN, inventors, 3M scientists ARTHUR—FRY and SPENCER—SILVER, were inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
19830406             —ATTRACTED, Saying rock 'n' roll bands, "the wrong element," Interior SECRETARY—JAMES—WATT declined to invite the Beach Boys to perform at a WASHINGTON 19830704             —1— celebration -- a stand he later reversed.
19830406             Melida Anaya Montes ("Comandante Ana Maria"), Salvadoran FMLN guerrilla leader, was killed in NICARAGUA, where MANY—SALVADORAN guerrillas took refuge under its leftist government.
19830406—20070000    —IN, her body was exhumed and buried in her homeland.
19840406             —OPENED, Pioneer Courthouse Square, in Portland.
19840406             1. time 11—PEOPLE in space.
19850406             WILLIAM—J—SCHROEDER became the 1. artificial heart recipient to be discharged from the hospital as he moved into an apartment in LOUISVILLE—KENTUCKY.
19870406             —CLOSED, The Dow Jones industrial average, above 2,400 for the 1. time.
19870406             Sugar RAY—LEONARD upset Marvelous MARVIN—HAGLER to become middleweight champion.
19870406             Los Angeles Dodgers executive AL—CAMPANIS said on ABC's "Nightline" that blacks "may not have some of the necessities" to hold managerial jobs in MAJOR—LEAGUE baseball.
19870406             —ENDED, Campanis, up being fired over his remarks.
19880406             Black Arctic explorer MATTHEW—HENSON (18660000—19550000    ) was RE—BURIED next to ROBERT—PEARY in ARLINGTON—VIRGINIA.
19880406             —KILLED, Tirza Porat (15), was, in a WEST—BANK melee, becoming the 1. ISRAEL—CIVILIAN to die in the occupied territories since the start of the Palestinian uprising.
19880406             —BLAMED, Although Arabs were initially, the army concluded that a Jewish settler accidentally shot the girl.
19890406             Soviet leader MIKHAIL—S—GORBACHEV met with UNITED—KINGDOM—PRIME—MINISTER—MARGARET—THATCHER in London, holding daylong talks that were characterized as argumentative, but friendly.
19890406             Caro Quintero... Aeropuerto clandestino B. Piza Tráfico de armas y drogas.
19890406             Hank G. Social Cristiana Rodríguez, el expresidente RAFAEL—CALDERÓN—F y embajador
19900406             USA SECRETARY—OF—STATE—JAMES—BAKER and Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze concluded 3—DAYS of talks in WASHINGTON, after which Shevardnadze handed PRESIDENT—BUSH a letter from Soviet PRESIDENT—MIKHAIL—S—GORBACHEV.
19910406             BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERBS began a war in a quest for their own ethnically pure republic.
19910406             —AGREED, IRAQ reluctantly, to accept UNITED—NATIONS conditions for ending the Persian Gulf War.
19920406             —OPENED, Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and Baltimore beat Cleveland 2-0.
19920406             —LIMITED, THE—USA—SUPREME Court, some undercover sting operations as it ruled that a NEBRASKA farmer had been entrapped by postal agents into buying MAIL—ORDER child pornography.
19920406             —RELEASED, Microsoft, Windows 3.1.
19920406             † Molly Picon (18980000              *), Yiddish actress (Milk and Honey), of Alzheimer's.
19920406             † ISAAC—ASIMOV (72), science fiction author, in NEW—YORK.
19920406             —AUTHORED, He had, 467—BOOKS.
19920406             —DECLARED, Alija Izetbegovic, independence for Bosnia.
19920406             —RECOGNIZED, The European Community, the former YUGOSLAVIA—REPUBLIC—OF—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA as an independent state.
19920406             War broke out in northern Bosnia between THE—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—GOVERNMENT and local Serbs who began to lay siege to the capital Serajevo.
19920406             BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERBIA—LEADER Radovan Karadzic, a psychiatrist, began the war in Bosnia with the help of SERBIA—PRESIDENT—SLOBODAN—MILOSEVIC, who ruled YUGOSLAVIA and the old YUGOSLAVIA—PEOPLE—ARMY.
19920406             —PUBLISHED, ERITREA, a Nationality Proclamation.
19920406             —KIDNAPPED, PERU, JOURNALIST—GUSTAVO—GORRITI was, hours after Fujimori seized dictatorial powers, announcing over television that he was closing Congress because it was sabotaging his war against the rebels.
19920406             —RELEASED, Gorriti was, the next day after an intense campaign by INTERNATIONAL journalist associations and human rights groups for his freedom.
19920406             —CLOSED, PRESIDENT—FUJIMORI, Congress and the judiciary and ruled by decree for the rest of the year.
19930406             —TELEVISED, In a, speech a year after ethnic warfare erupted in Bosnia, THE—PRESIDENT—OF—MUSLIM led government, Alija Izetbegovic, compared that destructive nationalism to Nazism.
19940406             —ANNOUNCED, Supreme Court Justice HARRY—A—BLACKMUN, his retirement after 24—YEARS.
19940406             2—MONTHS before his retirement he declared his opposition to capital punishment because the system was fraught with discrimination and mistakes.
19940406             He stepped aside to allow PRESIDENT—CLINTON to appoint his replacement.
19940406             A car rigged with explosives detonated next to a bus in AFULA—ISRAEL.
19940406             8—ISRAELIS were killed and 45—WOUNDED in Hamas's 1. car bombing.
19940406             —KILLED, The presidents of RWANDA and BURUNDI were, on a return trip from TANZANIA in a mysterious plane crash near KIGALI—RWANDA;
19940406             widespread violence erupted in RWANDA over claims the plane had been shot down: Agatha UWILINGIYIMANA—RWANDA'S and Africa's 1. female PM, Cyprian Niayamira (Ntaryamira), PRESIDENT—OF—BURUNDI (19930000—19940000    ) and Juvenal Habyarimana, PRESIDENT—OF—RWANDA (19730000             —1—) were killed along with THE—FRANCE—AIRCREW.
19940406             —SUPPORTED, This finding, the theory that Habyarimana was killed by extremist members of his own ethnic Hutu camp.
19940406—19990000    —IN, DAVID—N—ATKINSON published "Leaving the Bench," a historical look At the conditions under which Supreme Court justices retire.
19940406—20040000    —IN, In RWANDA the Interhamwe, an extremist organization, and THE—RWANDA—ARMED forces, FAR, launched a massacre of Tutsis and sympathizers that killed some 800,000. [see 19970801             —1—] A FRANCE—REPORT concluded that PAUL—KAGAME, Tutsi rebel leader, was behind the crash.
19940406—20100000    —IN, a RWANDA—GOVERNMENT—COMMISSIONED inquiry said RWANDA—HUTU soldiers shot down the Hutu president's plane and sparked the slaughter of more than 500,000—PEOPLE.
19940406—20120000    —IN, a FRANCE—JUDGE determined that the missile fire that brought down the plane and sparked THE—RWANDA genocide came from a military camp, and not Tutsi rebels.
19950406             —APPROVED, THE—USA—SENATE unanimously, a $16—BILLION package of cuts in social programs.
19950406             Earlier in the day, SENATOR—ALFONSE—DE—AMATO, R—NEW—YORK, apologized on the Senate floor for lampooning O.J. Simpson trial judge LANCE—ITO on a nationally syndicated radio program by employing a mock JAPAN—ACCENT.
19960406             A sorrowful PRESIDENT—CLINTON was on hand at Dover Air Force Base in DELAWARE to greet the arrival of 33—FLAG—DRAPED caskets carrying the remains of Commerce SECRETARY—RON—BROWN and other victims of a plane crash in CROATIA.
19960406             USA INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) agents pursued a stolen camper with more than 20—SUSPECTED illegal immigrants when it plunged off a mountain road in TEMECULA—CALIFORNIA and 8—PEOPLE were killed.
19960406             † Actress Greer Garson in Dallas at age 92.
19960406             —COMMITTED, Cilipi Airport maintenance chief, Niko Junic, suicide at his home in DUBROVNIK—CROATIA.
19960406             Fighting and looting began in MONROVIA—LIBERIA, and a 6—YEAR civil war resumed between rival ethnic groups.
19960406             —FACED, Supporters of Roosevelt Johnson, off against the ruling council of state, which sacked Johnson as rural development minister and ordered his arrest for murder.
19960406             —ACCUSED, Johnson, CHARLES—TAYLOR of violating the Abuja accord of August, which set up a transitional government.
19970406             —ANNOUNCED, NASA officials, they were cutting short THE—16—DAY—MISSION of space shuttle Columbia by 12—DAYS because of a deteriorating and potentially explosive power generator.
19970406             A blizzard shut down much of the northern Plains.
19970406             † JACK—KENT—COOKE (84), owner of THE—WASHINGTON Redskins.
19970406             Settlement of his will took 7—YEARS and cost $64—MILLION in professional fees.
19970406             —MASSACRED, ALGERIA, attackers, 90—VILLAGERS at various sites over the last 2—DAYS.
19970406             52—PEOPLE had their throats slit near Medea by about 50—KILLERS;
19970406             15 were killed in Amroussa and their bodies were burned with gasoline.
19970406             —EXPLODED, BURMA, a bomb, at the Rangoon home of LIEUTENANT—GENERAL—TIN—OO and killed his daughter, Cho Lei Oo (34).
19970406             —REVEALED, PERU, Leonor LaRosa, her torture and beatings to a television station.
19980406             THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—TV program for toddlers, "Teletubbies," opened in THE—USA.
19980406             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—CLINTON, a ban on imports of 58—TYPES of MILITARY—STYLE assault weapons.
19980406             —ANNOUNCED, Energy SECRETARY—FEDERICO—PENA, his resignation.
19980406             —CLOSED, The Dow Jones industrial average, above 9,000 for the 1. time.
19980406             —ANNOUNCED, Citicorp (Citibank) under SANDY—WEILL and Travelers Group, a merger in an $82—BILLION deal that would create the world's largest financial services company.
19980406             —FORMED, The merger, Citigroup and was completed in October.
19980406             —ANNOUNCED, National Semiconductor, a new single chip computer system.
19980406             —ANNOUNCED, It was, that the drug tamoxifen cut the risk of breast cancer by half, but that it had potentially serious side effects.
19980406             † TAMMY—WYNETTE (55), country singer, at her NASHVILLE—TENNESSEE, home.
19980406             —INCLUDED, Her songs, 19680000             —THE—HIT "Stand by Your Man".
19980406             —ARMED, ALGERIA, groups killed at least 35—CIVILIANS in 2—SEPARATE attacks.
19980406             27 were killed near Oran and 89—NEAR M'Sila.
19980406             —REPORTED, PAKISTAN, a successful test of MEDIUM—RANGE missile from its Kahuta nuclear research lab.
19980406             It was capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a range of 900—MILES.
19980406             —BURIED, SUDAN, 117—STUDENT conscripts were, in a mass grave.
19980406             —KILLED, They were, after trying to flee the Ailafoon military camp 15—MILES southeast of Khartoum.
19980406             —REFUSED, Commanders had, to allow them to go home to celebrate a major Muslim holiday.
19980406             —REPORTED, From UGANDA it was, that rebels in WEST—UGANDA, who were short of food, had abducted a number of villagers and resorted to cannibalism.
19980406             World Health Day highlights scandal of 600,000 maternal deaths EACH—YEAR
19980406—19990600    —IN, It would hit THE—MASS—MARKET.
19980406—20200000    —IN, SUDAN—AUTHORITIES found a mass grave believed to contain the bodies of dozens of the student conscripts.
19990406             CHINA—PREMIER—ZHU—RONGJI began a 9-day, 6-city USA visit in Los Angeles.
19990406             He planned to gain support for CHINA—ENTRY into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
19990406             MASSACHUSETTS, Maria Grasso (54), a CHILE—IMMIGRANT working as a baby sitter for a millionaire, won the $197—MILLION Big Game jackpot.
19990406             —FIRED, EAST—TIMOR, gunmen, shots and lobbed grenades into a church where 15000000             —1— residents had taken refuge.
19990406             —REPORTED, Some 40—PEOPLE were, killed in Liquica and 5—PEOPLE were shot to death at the home of a parish priest.
19990406             —DENIED, Military officials, the massacre and a bishop later said the number killed might be less than 40. At least 25—PEOPLE were killed by members of the Red and White Iron (Besi Merah Putih) militia group.
19990406             —OPENED, INDONESIA, troops, fire on Christian and Muslim gangs in the Spice Islands where a week of rioting left 76—DEAD.
19990406             —HANGED, IRAQ, 4—MEN were, for the Feb murder of MOHAMMED—SADIQ—AL—SADER, a top Shiite cleric.
19990406             —BOMBED, NATO, YUGOSLAVIA—FORCES in Montenegro.
19990406             —ANNOUNCED, SERBIA, PRESIDENT—MILOSEVIC, a unilateral Easter CEASE—FIRE through to Sunday.
19990406             —REJECTED, NATO, the proposal and escalated its aerial bombardment on SERBIA—FORCES and supplies.
19990406             A submerged truck in the Danube at Kladovo was found to contain THE—DOZENS—OF—DECOMPOSED corpses that included women, children and old people.
19990406             Police took the bodies and blew up the truck.
19990406             —AMBUSHED, SIERRA—LEONE, rebels, 2—PASSENGER boats on the Mabang River and 60—PEOPLE were killed.
19990406             —KILLED, UGANDA, rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces, 11—CIVILIANS near Bundibugyio by THE—CONGO—BORDER.
19990406—20010000    —IN, The bodies were found in a mass grave at a police training camp in Batajnica, a Belgrade suburb.
20000406             A private company mapping the human genetic blueprint announced it had decoded all of THE—DNA pieces that make up the genetic pattern of a single human being.
20000406             —BOMBED, USA and UNITED—KINGDOM—WARPLANES, military sites in SOUTH—IRAQ and IRAQ—MILITARY reported 14—CIVILIANS killed and 19—WOUNDED.
20000406             —ARRIVED, JUAN—MIGUEL—GONZALEZ, the father of Elian Gonzalez, in WASHINGTON DC with his wife and baby son to press his case for the return of his son from relatives in Miami.
20000406             —SUSPECTED, COLOMBIA, rightist paramilitaries killed 21—UNARMED residents of Tibu.
20000406             —DECLARED, PAKISTAN, THE—ANTI—TERRORIST Court, the former PRIME—MINISTER—NAWAZ—SHARIF guilty of attempted hijacking and terrorism and sentenced him to 2—LIFE imprisonment terms of 25—YEARS each which would run concurrently.
20000406             2—RUSSIA—COSMONAUTS docked with Mir.
20000406             —DELAYED, The destruction of the space station was, after MirCorp. of Amsterdam agreed in Feb. to pay $10—20—MILLION to lease commercial rights.
20000406             TUNISIA, Habib Bourguiba former president and independence leader, † at age 96.
20000406             —ISSUED, UGANDA, authorities, 6—ARREST warrants for the prominent figures of the doomsday sect: JOSEPH—KIBWETERE, Credonia Mwerinde, DOMINIC—KATARIBABO, JOSEPH—KASAPURARI, JOHN—KAMAGARA, and Ursula Komuhangi.
20000406             —CHARGED, All were, with 10—COUNTS of murder, representing the 1. 10—IDENTIFIED victims of 924—CORPSES.
20000406             —ANNOUNCED, VENEZUELA, PRESIDENT—CHAVEZ, that the Pemon tribe had dropped their opposition to construction of a 136-mile electrical line in the Canaima National Park.
20000406             —APPROVED, ZIMBABWE, ruling party lawmakers, a bill empowering the government to seize WHITE—OWNED land without compensation.
20000406             —REACHED, The squatter occupation, to 940—FARMS.
20000406             6—WESTERN donors suspended $10—MILLION in land reform aid.
20000406             HIGH TIME FOR A LIVING WAGE
20000406—14210000    —YEAR, The Muslim new began with the new moon.
20010406             —ANNOUNCED, USA officials, some progress toward the release of 24—MILITARY personnel in CHINA and hoped to establish a joint USA—CHINA commission to examine 20010401             —THE—COLLISION of A—USA—SPY plane and CHINA—JET.
20010406             —ACCUSED, ALGERIA—NATIONAL AHMED—RESSAM, of bringing explosives into THE—USA—JUST days before the millennium celebrations, was convicted twice in the same day — 1. in FRANCE for belonging to a group supporting Islamic militants, then in Los Angeles on terror charges.
20010406             —FILED, CALIFORNIA, PG&E, for bankruptcy with $9—BILLION in debt in an offshoot of THE—CALIFORNIA energy crisis.
20010406             —AWARDED, Just before filing the utility, bonuses and raises to 6,000 senior managers and other employees.
20010406             —ASSIGNED, SF Judge DENNIS—MONTALI was, the case.
20010406             —STONED, BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—CROATS, Nato peacekeepers after police and troops seized the Hercegovacka Banka and its 10—BRANCHES.
20010406             —BELIEVED, The bank was, to be used by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) to promote a separate Croatian ministate.
20010406             —APPROVED, JAPAN, Parliament, its 1. law to protect victims of domestic violence.
20010406             PAKISTAN, the Supreme Court set aside the conviction of Benazir Bhutto and her imprisoned husband ASIF—ALI—ZARDARI and ordered a retrial.
20010406             Subliminal ADVERTISING—RETURN of the hidden persuaders [PROPAGANDA].doc
20010406—19990700    —SINCE, USA unemployment was reported to be 4.3%, the highest.
20020406             —REPEATED, PRESIDENT—BUSH, his call for ISRAEL to "withdraw without delay" from WEST—BANK towns it had occupied since launching an offensive after a string of suicide attacks.
20020406             —DEMANDED, Bush also, the Palestinians call "an immediate and effective CEASE—FIRE".
20020406             —DENOUNCED, Arab League ministers in emergency session, the Bush administration's handling of the Middle East conflict.
20020406             —MARCHED, Some 15k Jordanians, in Ibrid.
20020406             —MARCHED, Over 20k, in Paris and another 20k marched in Rome.
20020406             COLOMBIA, FARC rebels shot and killed police officers Norberto Perez and VICTOR—MANUEL—MARULANDA as they tried to escape.
20020406             —INTENSIFIED, ISRAEL—TROOPS, their assault on WEST—BANK towns and refugee camps.
20020406             —MARCHED, Over 20 10000000             —1— Jews and Arabs, in Tel Aviv demanding that the government withdraw from THE—WEST—BANK and resume talks.
20020406             SOUTH—KOREA envoy Lim Dong Won said North KOREA is ready to resume dialogue with THE—USA.
20020406             Implantierbarer Chip demnächst im Handel
20020406             Powell fordert ISRAEL zu raschem Truppenrückzug auf
20030406             † BABATUNDE—OLATUNJI, NIGERIA—DRUMMER, at the Esalen Inst. in Big SUR—CALIFORNIA He pioneered African music in THE—USA with his 19590000             —1— album "Drums of Passion".
20030406             —ANNOUNCED, AFGHANISTAN—OFFICIALS, a plan to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate an estimated 100,000 fighters over the next 3—YEARS.
20030406             —DISCOVERED, Police in Chechnya said they had, 4—GRAVES filled with disfigured bodies, many of them with their heads and arms cut off.
20030406             —KILLED, PRO—MOSCOW Chechen policeman RUSLAN—VISARIGOV was, by a mine near his home in the Shelkovskaya district.
20030406             —KILLED, Rebels, 4—SERVICEMEN and wounded 10—OTHERS in attacks over the past 24—HOURS.
20030406             —ROARED, EAST—CHINA, a fire, through a food processing plant, killing 21—WORKERS.
20030406             In the 19. DAY—OF—OPERATION IRAQ—FREEDOM 18—KURDISH fighters were killed and 45—WOUNDED in northern IRAQ when A—USA—WARPLANE mistakenly bombed a convoy.
20030406             —LANDED, The 1. USA transport plane, at Baghdad Airport.
20030406             USA forces near Baghdad reportedly found a weapons cache of around 20—MEDIUM—RANGE Rockets, BM—21—MISSILES, equipped with sarin and mustard gas and "ready to fire".
20030406             † DAVID—BLOOM (39), NBC correspondent, of a pulmonary embolism south of Baghdad.
20030406             —AIRLIFTED, AHMED—CHALABI, IRAQ—EXILE leader, was, by THE—USA—ALONG with 700 "freedom fighters" to SOUTH—IRAQ to join coalition troops and form the nucleus of a new national army.
20030406             The Int'l COMMITTEE—OF—THE—RED—CROSS said the number of casualties in Baghdad was so high that hospitals have stopped counting the number of people treated.
20030406             A convoy of RUSSIA—DIPLOMATS, including the ambassador, came under fire as the group was evacuating Baghdad.
20030406             UNITED—KINGDOM—FORCES made their deepest push into BASRA—IRAQ'S 2.-largest city.
20030406             —KILLED, ISRAEL—TROOPS in the Gaza Strip, a Hamas gunman and a 14—YEAR—OLD boy.
20030406             CAPETOWN—SA, Roxanne Dickson (5) became the 7. child to die from gang violence in the last month.
20030406             —OPERATED, Some 280—GANGS, in WEST—CAPE, a province of about 3—MILLION people, 5—PERCENT of whom are believed to belong to gangs.
20030406             Ein früherer Geheimdienstbeamter der BUSH—REGIERUNG erinnerte sich an einen Fall,
20030406             als CHALABI, AHMAD s Gruppe in Zusammenarbeit mit dem PENTAGON 1—ÜBERLÄUFER präsentierte, der in Übersee von einem Agenten der DIA befragt wurde.
20030406             Der Agent verließ sich auf einen Übersetzter von CHALABI, AHMAD s Leuten.
20030406             LETZTEN SOMMER
20030406             —AM, erreichten DIE—USA—TRUPPEN ihr Ziel.
20030406             —TAG—AN—DIESEM, Nach eigenen Angaben schlossen die amerikanischen STREIT—KRÄFTE die irakische HAUPT—STADT—BAGDAD von der Außenwelt ab.
20030406             —ZUVOR, war bereits DER—INTERNATIONALE Flughafen unter Kontrolle gebracht worden.
20030406             —DER—IRAKRIEG ging in seine entscheidende Phase.
20030406             DIE—KÄMPFE forderten auch Tote unter den Journalisten, die vor Ort die SCHLACHT—UM—BAGDAD beobachteten;
20030406—19950000    —IN—THE, INDIA—TROOPS killed Fayaz AHMAD—KHAN, a top commander of HARKAT—UL Mujahedeen, a Kashmiri guerrilla group that is suspected abduction of 6—WESTERN tourists and a 19990000             —1— airliner hijacking.
20040406             THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—CONNECTICUT—WOMEN—BASKETBALL team beat TENNESSEE 70-61 to win a 3. consecutive NCAA title, a day after UConn also won the men's championship.
20040406             —ISSUED, CHINA, a major ruling on how HONG—KONG chooses its leaders, saying the territory must submit proposed political reforms to Beijing for approval.
20040406             ECUADOR, in the midst of a national strike by prison guards, inmates in QUITO—WOMEN—PRISON took 2—TELEVISION news crews hostage to press their demands for shorter sentences and better living conditions.
20040406             INDONESIA, the Golkar Party of former dictator Suharto held a slight lead in parliamentary elections.
20040406             Golkar won the most seats in the parliamentary election with 21.6—PERCENT.
20040406             —MOUNTED, Insurgents and rebellious Shiites, a string of attacks across IRAQ—SOUTH and USA Marines launched a major assault on the turbulent city of Fallujah.
20040406             —KILLED, Up to 12—MARINES were, in Ramadi.
20040406             2—MORE coalition soldiers were reported killed.
20040406             —DESTROYED, USA warplanes firing rockets, 4—HOUSES in the besieged city of Fallujah.
20040406             A doctor said 26—IRAQIS, including women and children, were killed and 30—WOUNDED in the strike.
20040406             —KILLED, UNITED—KINGDOM—TROOPS, 15—IRAQIS in Amara.
20040406             —KILLED, In Nasiriya 15—IRAQIS were, in fighting with ITALY—TROOPS.
20040406             —CONVICTED, JORDAN—MILITARY court, 8—MUSLIM militants and sentenced them to death for 20020000             —THE—KILLING of USA aid official LAURENCE—FOLEY in a terror conspiracy linked to AL—QAIDA.
20040406             —OUSTED, LITHUANIA, lawmakers narrowly, Rolandas Paksas, THE—SCANDAL—RIDDEN president, for abuse of office, passing all 3—ACCUSATIONS against Paksas: that he illegally arranged citizenship for 1—OF—HIS chief financial backers, businessman YURI—BORISOV;
20040406             that he divulged state secrets;
20040406             and that he used his office for financial gain.
20040406             —PASSED, The Barcelona city council, a resolution condemning bullfighting and declaring the city SPAIN's 1. to come out against THE—CENTURIES—OLD sport.
20040406             With Tamil Tiger rebels threatening to restart the civil war, SRI—LANKA—NEWLY installed PM called on neighboring INDIA to help revive the island's faltering peace process.
20040406             El movimiento es magnífico... pero no es "todo".
20040406             How to defeat BUSH ism in THE—USA 20040000             —1— JOSEPH—P—DIAFERIA
20050225—20040406    - Goodrich Technology Selected for Homeland Security...
20050406             A joint session of USA Congress listened to UKRAINE—PRESIDENT—YUSHCHENKO as he called for an end to trade barriers and a new era in USA—UKRAINE relations.
20050406             FRANK—CONROY (69), novelist and director of THE—IOWA Writers' Workshop, † in IOWA City.
20050406             —WARNED, The World Bank, that the global economic recovery has peaked and that the severity of the coming slowdown depended on how skittish foreign investors are about buying USA—DOLLAR denominated assets.
20050406             —CRASHED, SOUTH—EAST—AFGHANISTAN, A—USA—MILITARY helicopter, in bad weather.
20050406             15—USA—SERVICE members and 3—USA—CIVILIANS were killed when their Chinook helicopter crashed.
20050406             A government official said CHINA plans to build 40—NUCLEAR power plants over the next 15—YEARS, making them the main power source for its booming east coast.
20050406             —PROPOSED, The European Commission, a major boost in EU spending in the 20070000—20130000     period to create jobs, spur growth and fund programs to make the 25-nation European Union safer and healthier for its 455—MILLION inhabitants.
20050406             Under pressure to stem a rising tide of textile imports from CHINA, the European UNION—EXECUTIVE unveiled guidelines for imposing curbs on a country which already has 20—PERCENT of a $400—BILLION market.
20050406             COLOMBIA—PRESIDENT met top CHINA—LEADERS during a visit to boost trade, seek financing for an oil pipeline and to promote sales of COLOMBIA—COAL to fuel CHINA—BOOMING economy.
20050406             —AMBUSHED, Marxist rebels, a COLOMBIA—MILITARY convoy on Wednesday, killing 17—SOLDIERS, the latest in a spate of bloody attacks that have undermined government claims the rebels are being defeated.
20050406             INDIA, police beat up HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE protesting against the razing of their homes by the government in the country's financial hub, Bombay.
20050406             —FLATTENED, Authorities, an estimated 90,000 shanties in the city early in January.
20050406             The slum clearance drive has left more than 300,000—PEOPLE homeless.
20050406             THE—IRAQ—PARLIAMENT chose Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as the country's new interim president, reaching out to a LONG—REPRESSED minority and bringing the country closer to its 1. democratically elected government in 50—YEARS.
20050406             —STORMED, SRINAGAR, 2—SUSPECTED Islamic militants, a building housing passengers on the eve of a historic bus ride across the divided Himalayan territory of Kashmir, in an attack targeting the biggest INDIA—PAKISTAN peace gesture in decades.
20050406             —KILLED, Both attackers were, and at least 6—PEOPLE wounded, but all the bus passengers were safe.
20050406             —AGREED, IVORY—COAST—WARRING factions, to end hostilities, start immediate disarmament and make plans for new elections.
20050406             † PRINCE—RAINIER—III (19230000              *) of MONACO at age 81, nearly a month after he was hospitalized with a lung infection.
20050406             His FAIRY—TALE marriage to Hollywood star Grace Kelly brought elegance and glamour to 1—OF—EUROPE—OLDEST dynasties.
20050406             —ARRESTED, PAKISTAN—POLICE, some 40—FAITHFUL of the Muttahida Majlis Amal in Gujranwala as they protested a mixed sporting event.
20050406             —DEMANDED, THE—MMA, a 6-party religious alliance, has, the ouster of PRESIDENT—MUSHARRAF for being PRO—WEST and secular.
20050406             —KILLED, Security forces, 1—OF—SAUDI—ARABIA—MOST wanted Islamic militants.
20050406             —KILLED, At least 14—MILITANTS were, over THE—4—STRAIGHT days of shootouts with extremists in different parts of the kingdom.
20050406             —FACED, SOUTH—KOREA, with ballooning FOREIGN—EXCHANGE reserves, announced plans to drive companies to invest excess dollars abroad rather than at home.
20050406             —STORMED, Security forces, the headquarters of SUDAN—MAIN opposition party, arresting scores of its members and top officials, apparently because of celebrations marking an ANTI—GOVERNMENT uprising nearly 20—YEARS ago.
20050406             —SNATCHED, TRINIDAD, gunmen, Balram Maharaj (62), A—USA—CITIZEN, from a bar and held him for ransom.
20050406             [[Page D294]] Daily Digest HIGHLIGHTS The...
20050406             Routine lists in the Air Force, Army, NAVY. Pages S3338-40
20050406             Messages From the... THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE: DALE—KLEIN, Assistant to the Secretary (Nuclear,...
20050406             GAO-06-592, Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD Needs Consistent...
20050406             For example, THE—NAVY 's Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program office considered... S
20050406             incerely, Signed By: DALE—KLEIN : Enclosure: As stated: GAO DRAFT REPORT...
20050406             Testimony was heard from the following officials of THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—DEFENSE :
20050406             but Las Vegas has opened its arms to a new member of rock royalty: Prince.
20050406             —COMPLAINED, PRINCE—ALWALEED bin Talal, who, about the disturbances being
20050406             19970300             —1— SAUDI—ARABIA—ARAB billionaire PRINCE—AL—WALEED bin Talal acquired 5% of Apple....
20050406             —EMPLOYED, SAUDI—ARABIA—PRINCE—AL—WALEED bin Talal bin ABDUL—AZIZ, CARLYLE as his
20050406             alfatomega.com/20070317.html
20050406             Encyclopedia entries starting with PRI
20050406             HRH PRINCE—ALWALEED bin Talal Abdulaziz Alsaud is the son of Talal bin Abdul...
20050406             PRINCE—ROYALTY, PRINCE—EDWARD—ISLAND—PRINCE—ROYALTY is the royalty for
20050406—20020000    —IN, MATTHEW—HALE (33), an avowed white supremacist, was sentenced in Chicago to 40—YEARS in prison for trying to have a federal judge killed.
20050406—20060100    —IN, The body of THE—VIETNAM War veteran were found in a forest.
20050406—20070606    SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Prince
20050406—20090000    —IN, 7—MEN were convicted in A—USA—TRIAL.
20050604             NEW—YORK—TIMES, By Rachelle Marshall
20060323—20110406    —ON, a federal appeals court overturned a jury's verdict of wrongdoing and $60,000 in damages against CHP Officer STEVEN—MARGRAF.
20060406             LOUIS—EPPOLITO (57) and STEVEN—CARACAPPA (64), former NEW—YORK—CITY detectives, were convicted of moonlighting as hit men for ANTHONY—CASSO, a Luchese family underboss from 19860000—19900000.
20060406             —APOLOGIZED, USA REPRESENTATIVE—CYNTHIA—MCKINNEY (D-GEORGIA), for an altercation in which she'd entered a Capitol building unrecognized, refused to stop when asked by a police officer and then hit him.
20060406             —SIGNED, MAINE—GOVERNOR—JOHN—BALDACCI, legislation to allow stiffer penalties for those convicted of attacks on homeless people.
20060406             —CLIMBED, Gold futures, to a 25-year high of 601.90 in Asian trading and settled at 599.70—PER ounce in NEW—YORK.
20060406             —KILLED, CALIFORNIA, 3—SKI patrollers were, when snow collapsed around a volcanic gas vent at Mammoth Lakes.
20060406             A manuscript called the Judas Gospel, probably copied from the original Greek, was unveiled.
20060406             —RULED, Researchers, that the manuscript is most likely authentic and declared with confidence that it was consistent with a date of approximately A.D. 280.
20060406             A mortar blast near the main USA military base in AFGHANISTAN left a civilian dead.
20060406             —CONFIRMED, BRITAIN—NATIONAL farming union said tests have, a dead swan found in SCOTLAND had the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.
20060406             —EXPLODED, COLOMBIA, bombs, on 2—BUSES in a working class district of Bogota, injuring 2—DOZEN passengers, including 3—CHILDREN with burns over half their body.
20060406             A government minister said EGYPT has found 2—MORE people infected with the bird flu virus, bringing the number of human cases in the country to 11.
20060406             GUATEMALA, MARIO—PIVARAL, an opposition congressman, was shot to death as he stepped out of his party's headquarters, the 2. lawmaker assassinated in the past 2—YEARS.
20060406             Students protesting a new labor law put more pressure on FRANCE—EMBATTLED government by blocking roads, trains and a convoy of parts heading to the factory that builds the world's largest airliner.
20060406             —BLOCKED, Shiite politicians also, a bid to have parliament try to break the deadlock on forming a new government.
20060406             A car bomb exploded in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, killing at least 13—PEOPLE.
20060406             An IRAQ—SOLDIER allegedly shot and killed A—USA—MARINE at a base near THE—SYRIA—BORDER.
20060406             —WOUNDED, Another USA—MARINE then, THE—IRAQ—SOLDIER.
20060406             1—USA—SERVICE member was killed by a roadside bomb near Beiji and another in action in Anbar province.
20060406             ISRAEL—PRESIDENT—MOSHE—KATSAV formally chose acting PRIME—MINISTER—EHUD—OLMERT to form ISRAEL—NEXT government.
20060406             JAPAN said it would launch free trade talks with 6—GULF kingdoms that provide 3-quarters of its oil imports, during a visit by a SAUDI—ARABIA—CROWN prince aimed at expanding business ties.
20060406             —RECEIVED, At least 28—PEOPLE, medical attention after suspected pickpockets used PEPPER—SPRAY to escape police at a Tokyo train station.
20060406             —BELIEVED, Media reports said the suspects are, to be members of a SOUTH—KOREAN—ORGANIZED pickpocket gang which has preyed on JAPAN—TRAIN system.
20060406             —KILLED, An attack in Laos, 26—HMONG civilians, mainly unarmed women and children.
20060406             JUNE, THE—USA—CALLED on COMMUNIST—RULED Laos to investigate the murder of the Hmong civilians amid allegations that LAO military forces had killed the group.
20060406             —OPPOSED, MEXICO, HUNDREDS—OF—MACHETE—WIELDING farmers, to a hydroelectric dam project briefly seized a pumping plant, cutting off much of the water supply to Acapulco just days before tourists flock to the Pacific resort for their Easter vacations.
20060406             —ARRESTED, NEPAL, police, 300—PROTESTERS in Katmandu, chasing them down narrow lanes and beating them with batons on the 1. day of a general strike to demand the king restore democracy.
20060406             Maoist rebels said they had shot down an army helicopter for the 1. time, during clashes in which police reported 5—OF—THEIR officers and 3—GUERRILLAS killed.
20060406             Palestinian PRIME—MINISTER—ISMAIL—HANIYA said his HAMAS—LED government would study any ISRAEL—OFFER for negotiations following an unprecedented peace overture to THE—UN.
20060406             —ASSIGNED, RUSSIA—PROSECUTORS said Vasily Aleksanian, an executive recently, to saving Yukos, RUSSIA—FORMER biggest oil producer, from bankruptcy was arrested on charges of embezzlement and MONEY—LAUNDERING.
20060406             —REPORTED, It was, that RUSSIA—HEALTH and sanitary officials had imposed a ban on Georgian and MOLDOVA—WINES effective 20060501             —1—.
20060406             —CONTAINED, Authorities said the wines, pesticides and heavy metals.
20060406             —EXTENDED, The ban was soon, to brandy and sparkling wines.
20060406             Cheese and butter from THE—DENMARK—COMPANY Arla were back on supermarket shelves in SAUDI—ARABIA after an Islamic group ended a boycott of the dairy producer sparked by DENMARK—PUBLICATION of drawings of the Prophet MOHAMMAD.
20060406             Am Mittelmeer geht das Trinkwasser AUS—FRANKFURTER Rundschau--
20060406             War Against IRAN, 20060400             —1—
20060406             Biological Threat and Executive Order 13292
20060406             JORGE—HIRSCH—HISTORY repeats itself, but always with new twists.
20060406             We are back to the good old days when a Declaration of War preceded the start of a war.
20060406             9/11—TAPES will be played in court (103)
20060406             Evangelicals Rally Their Flocks Behind ISRAEL
20060406             —BY—BILL Berkowitz Search the archives for POLITICAL—RESEARCH at
20060406             9/11—WIDOW Writes Scathing Article Regarding Upcoming Giuliani Court Appearance
20060406             The following article is from Kristen Breitweiser in response to the recent news
20060406             that RUDY—GIULIANI would be testifying in the upcoming sentencing phase of the Moussaoui trial.
20060406             GIULIANI—DEADLY—IMPACT?-
20060406             Can someone please explain to me why RUDY—GIULIANI gets to give a victim's impact statement at the Moussaoui penalty phase hearing?
20060406             Which family member did Guiliani lose in the attacks?
20060406             Forgive me, but Giuliani is the person responsible for deciding to locate NEW—YORK—CITY—EMERGENCY command center in the World Trade Center along with a diesal fuel tank (against the advice of certain FDNY officials) before 9/11.
20060406             Locating the city's emergency command center in a known al Qaeda target (the towers were struck
20060406             —RENDERED, During the attacks, because the command center was, inoperable,
20060406             NEW—YORK—CITY had no clear chain of command and no physical command structure in place to coordinate the emergency response.
20060406             Frankly, the whole reason Giuliani was on television all day and available for interviews was because he was scrambling around the streets trying to set up a command post since THE—1—HE had designed and located was paralyzed during the attacks.
20060406             Anyone who wants to witness the results of NEW—YORK—CITY—ABYSMAL emergency response to the attacks need only listen to the recently released 911—TAPES that chillingly reveal a total lack of coordination and flow of vital LIFE—SAVING information plaguing the city and its emergency response apparatus that day.
20060406             (By the way, Mayor Bloomberg has yet to fix THE—911—SYSTEM--even 5—YEARS later.)
20060406             Furthermore, Giuliani is also responsible for giving THE—FDNY inoperable Motorola radios.
20060406             This, too, cost HUNDREDS—OF—LIVES when firemen did not hear the order to evacuate the towers prior to their collapse.
20060406             (By the way, those radios are still not fixed--blame this on Bloomberg, too.)
20060406             How is a man who is responsible for such horrific and deadly judgments invited to give a victim's impact statement as to how 9/11—IMPACTED him?
20060406             —BY—THESE standards, should I expect Condoleezza Rice (Ms.
20060406             "Nobody knew planes could be used as missiles"), GEORGE—TENET (Mr.
20060406             "I failed to tell THE—FBI for 18—MONTHS that 2—KNOWN al Qaeda killers were living in S—DIEGO and planning the 9/11—ATTACKS") + perhaps,
20060406             GEORGE—BUSH (Mr. "I was reading a story about a pet goat while THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE perished and burned alive in the World Trade Center because I didn't want to alarm the school children.
20060406             to provide victim's impact statements, as well?
20060406             Wow, all I can say is 'right on'. Giuliani appearing at the trial seems more like a parade than a judicial court proceeding.
20060406             Kind of ironic that GIULIANI—NEW line of business is a security consulting business..
20060406             Wem gehören öffentliche Geodaten?
20060406             Author: Malt Zahn Die europäischen Insitutionen beraten derzeit darüber, wem die Geodaten gehören sollen, die der Staat sammelt.
20060406             Giuliani describes 9/11—HORRORS
20060406             The former mayor of NEW—YORK recounts the aftermath of the 9/11—ATTACKS at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui.
20060406             BAE Systems to sell Airbus stake
20060406             UK defence and aerospace group BAE Systems is to sell its 20% stake in European aircraft maker Airbus.
20060406             —MURDERED, FILM—MAKER '' by soldier
20060406             A UNITED—KINGDOM—CAMERAMAN shot dead in the Gaza Strip by an ISRAEL—SOLDIER was murdered, an inquest jury says.
20060406             Judge labels case 'PC gone mad'
20060406             A court case against a boy of 10—ACCUSED of racist NAME—CALLING in the playground is criticised by a judge.
20060406             —ORDERED, Bush ' leak', EX—AIDE says
20060406             A former top WHITE—HOUSE aide claims GEORGE—BUSH approved the leak of classified information on THE—IRAQ war.
20060406             FRANCE—PM defends youth job law
20060406             Embattled PRIME—MINISTER—DOMINIQUE—DE—VILLEPIN says he will fight on to solve youth unemployment despite student protests.
20060406             Man Utd sign £56m AIG shirt deal
20060406             Manchester United sign a £56m shirt sponsorship deal with USA insurer AIG, THE—UK—BIGGEST kit agreement.
20060406             Attack on school 'fundamentalism'
20060406             A teachers' leader says there is enormous concern about the influence of some faith groups.
20060406             New pictures of 'living fossil'
20060406             A rodent that has been living undiscovered in Laos for MILLIONS—OF—YEARS is more common than 1. thought.
20060406             Swan tests confirm deadly virus
20060406             A swan found dead in SCOTLAND tests positive for the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.
20060406             Algae protein may aid eye health
20060406             Scientists have been able to make eye nerve cells respond to light by adding a protein from green algae.
20060406             BILL—WOULD—CLEAN—UP—CALLER—ID
20060406             New legislation targets users of caller ID spoofing sites -- which already face FCC and law enforcement scrutiny. By KEVIN—POULSEN.
20060406             FDA Probes Cell Phone Safety
20060406             —PROLONGED, Following a SWEDEN—STUDY linking some brain tumors to, mobile phone use, the Food and Drug Administration plans a safety review.
20060406             Why VOIP Needs Crypto
20060406             Internet phone calls can be wiretapped in ways that would have made RICHARD—NIXON giggle with glee.
20060406             It's time for strong encryption to become the rule, rather than the exception.
20060406             Snagging Facts From Fish Stories
20060406             Researchers tap the memories of MAINE fishermen to map the salty secrets of the sea. By GEOFFREY—GAGNON from Wired magazine.
20060406             Prof Denied Funds Over Evolution Evidence
20060406             radarsat1 writes "The Montreal Gazette today reported that a professor at MONTREAL—MCGILL—UNIVERSITY was refused a $40,000 grant,
20060406             allegedly because 'he'd failed to provide the panel with ample evidence that CHARLES—DARWIN—THEORY of evolution is correct.
20060406             Ironically, the grant was for a study into the detrimental effects of intelligent design on CANADA—ACADEMICS and leaders.
20060406             "Jennifer Robinson, MCGILL—ASSOCIATE VICE—PRINCIPAL for communications,
20060406             said the university has asked THE—SSHRC to review its decision to reject ALTERS—REQUEST for money to study how the rising popularity in THE—USA of 'intelligent design' - a controversial creationist theory of LIFE—IS eroding acceptance of evolutionary science in CANADA".
20060406             RIM Chairman Wants Changes to USA Patent Law
20060406             florescent_beige writes "The Globe and Mail is reporting that JAMES—BALSILLIE '... called on USA lawmakers yesterday to fix a system that he says boxed the company into 1—OF the largest legal settlements in USA history.
20060406             Although this will do nothing to change the $612.5M(USA) settlement RIM was forced to sign with NTP,
20060406             MISTER—BALSILLE says he wants to help 'assure that no other company experiences what we endured over the past 5—YEARS.
20060406             MISTER—BALSILLIE—RHETORIC was direct: he said RIM—TREATMENT at trial was like '... a judge in a murder case pondering execution while ignoring DNA evidence that exonerates the accused
20060406             RIM was virtually held up for ransom by NTP...'"
20060406             Google/Earthlink Wins S—FRANCISCO—WIFI—DEAL
20060406             maximander wrote to mention coverage in THE—S—FRANCISCO—CHRONICLE of that city's final decision on their CITY—WIDE WiFi system.
20060406             They've chosen to go with Google and EarthLink. "In choosing to negotiate with THE—GOOGLE—EARTHLINK team,
20060406             the city is going with 2—INTERNET giants with marque names. Both firms have deep pockets and proven track records online,
20060406             but only limited experience building a large wireless network. The project,
20060406             championed by Mayor GAVIN—NEWSOM, is intended to boost the city's technology credentials and help bridge the digital divide between the Internet haves and HAVE—NOTS.
20060406             —GENERATED, It has also, intense interest from other cities looking to build similar networks. "
20060406             Sploid: The Judas COVER—UP Some 1,700 years after it was hidden from the Imperial Romans who were brutally creating their own GOVERNMENT—SANCTIONED version of Christianity,
20060406             the Gospel of Judas was finally released to the world today. or was it?
20060406             —ACCUSED, Workers, of fudging '04 recount Is Democracy dead in OHIO?
20060406             DEVIL—BOARD occultist to lead ITALY? SPLOID—GOT it.
20060406             —DISCOVERED, Ancient pyramid, Archeologists said Wednesday they have discovered a massive 6.—CENTURY INDIA—PYRAMID beneath the site of a CENTURIES—OLD RE—ENACTMENT of the Crucifixion of Christ.
20060406             The Dropa Stones
20060406             Did JESUS Ask Judas to Betray Him? It is a mystery 2,000 years in the making, buried in the desert and fueled by centuries of debate and doubt, theft and deceit.
20060406             Fish oil may help protect against retinal degenerative diseases
20060406             The role that THE—OMEGA—3—FATTY acids in fish oil play in protecting cells in the retina from degenerative diseases like retinitis pigmentosa + AGE—RELATED macular degeneration,
20060406             the leading cause of loss of vision in those older than 65.
20060406             Libby Claimed Bush Authorized Plamegate Leak A former top aide to VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY told a federal grand jury that PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH authorized him to leak information from a classified intelligence report to a NEW—YORK—TIMES reporter.
20060406             Die Möglichkeiten der neuen Suchmaschine sind gewaltig. Ob sie ihre volle Power bald entfalten kann, hängt allerdings von der Zahl der Nutzer ab. Je mehr mitmachen und fleißig Punkte vergeben und Spam aussortieren,
20060406             umso zuverlässiger wird Wikio arbeiteten. Die Blogosspähre wird sicher ihre Freude an der Seite HABEN—AUCH weil die Onlinetagebücher hier gleichrangig mit klassischen Medien behandelt werden.
20060406             Ob der Durchschnittsurfer den Mix aus Blogs und News mag, muss sich erst zeigen.
20060406             Bunte Themenwelt
20060406             Die von Wikio erfassten Meldungen werden automatisch in verschiedene Kategorien sortiert, etwa Kultur, Wissenschaft oder HIGH—TECH. Diesen Kategorien haben die Programmierer auch bestimmte Farben zugeordnet:
20060406             Violett steht für Kultur, Grün für Sport. "Unsere Ergonomietests haben ergeben,
20060406             dass fünf bis sechs Farben das Maximum sind, was ein Surfer verarbeiten kann", heißt es es im WIKIO—BLOG.
20060406             Mit "Web 2.0"-Techniken will die neue Nachrichtensuche Wikio Angeboten wie Google News oder Technorati den Rang ablaufen.
20060406             Wikio setzt konsequent auf Tags, Wikis + Bewertungspunkte und indiziert neben Newssites auch Tausende Blogs.
20060406             Surfer können auch selbst Nachrichten verfassen.
20060406             GOOGLE—PROGAMMIERER träumen schon seit längerem vom perfekten elektronischen Chefredakteur.
20060406             Vollautomatisch soll er rund um die Uhr Tausende Nachrichtenseiten im Blick haben, Wichtiges von Unwichtigem unterscheiden und Meldungen zum gleichen Thema erkennen können.
20060406             Aus der Vielzahl der Artikel soll er eine Nachrichtenübersicht generieren, in der die wichtigsten Themen ganz oben stehen.
20060406             ist zwar ein solcher elektronischer CHEFREDAKTEUR—DOCH die Seite arbeitet längst nicht so gut wie ein erfahrener Journalist.
20060406             Häufig landen Meldungen vom Vortag ganz oben.
20060406             Sie verdienen die Bezeichnung News zwar kaum NOCH—SIND aber im Web besonders häufig zu finden.
20060406             Ähnliches gilt für den Newsbot aus dem Hause Microsoft.
20060406             So interessant die Aussagen sind, so wenig klar ist ihre Entstehung.
20060406             Deutlich ist in den Papieren vermerkt, dass KSM "im Angesicht der Nationalen Sicherheit nicht persönlich oder per VIDEO—LINK für eine Aussage zu Verfügung steht".
20060406             Auch sei eine Vernehmung durch das Gericht nicht möglich.
20060406             Allerdings weisen die Behörden daraufhin, dass die Vernehmungen "unter Umständen gemacht wurden, die dafür geschaffen seien, wahrhaftige Aussagen aus dem Zeugen herauszuholen".
20060406             Den Verdacht der Folter schließt dieser Satz jedenfalls keineswegs aus.
20060406             Gegenüber den USA—ERMITTLERN sparte der Scheich nicht mit Kritik an seinem Chef.
20060406             Durch seine Geschwätzigkeit habe dieser den Plot des 11. ;;09;; mehrmals massiv gefährdet.
20060406             So predigte er im Sommer 20010000             —1— vor Anhängern im berüchtigten AL—FARUK—CAMP nahe der afghanischen Stadt Kandahar,
20060406             sie sollten für den "Erfolg einer wichtigen Operation von 20060320             —1—tyrern beten".
20060406             KSM + MOHAMMED—ATEF, ebenfalls weit oben in der QAIDA—HIERARCHIE, stockte der Atem.
20060406             Zu diesem Zeitpunkt waren die TODES—PILOTEN bereits in der Ausbildung in den USA.
20060406             Nur der kleinste Verdacht hätte sie auffliegen lassen können.
20060406             Doch auch wenn so manche Entwicklung zum Schmunzeln einlädt, ist die Messe nicht in 1. Linie eine Show der Skurrilitäten.
20060406             Letztes Jahr wurden in Genf Geschäfte in Höhe von rund 30—MILLIONEN Dollar gemacht.
20060406             70.000—BESUCHER erwarten die Veranstalter dieses MAL—DIE meisten seien Profis,
20060406             die Lizenzen erwerben wollen oder Produkte suchen, die sie vermarkten können, heißt es seitens der Veranstalter.
20060406             Die Aussteller kommen aus 40—VERSCHIEDENEN Ländern.
20060406             Das Treffen ist das größte seiner Art.
20060406             "Geh und lebe": Das Kind des Jahrhunderts
20060406             H5N1-Bekämpfung: EU zufrieden, Seehofer prüft Stallpflicht
20060406             Frankreich: Villepin will seine verlorene Schlacht weiterschlagen
20060406             Pelzige Müßiggänger: Faule Mulle sind rund und fit
20060406             Inside Qaida: 9/11-Planer rechnet mit Osama Bin Laden ab
20060406             Nachrichtensuche: Wikio soll ONLINE—NEWS revolutionieren
20060406             Vogelgrippe in SACHSEN: Behörden fahnden nach fünf Tonnen Geflügelfleisch
20060406             ITALIEN—WAHL: Berlusconi will mit ANTI—TERROR—POLITIK punkten
20060406             Sprüchesammlung: Berlusconis bizarre Welt
20060406             Nuklearpläne: USA wollen jährlich 125—ATOMBOMBEN bauen
20060406             Irak: Entführer von Giuliana Sgrena gefasst
20060406             AN>Vogelgrippe in SACHSEN: "Weiß der Teufel, wie es weitergeht"
20060406             Zwischenruf einer Direktorin: Wie Hauptschüler ums Überleben kämpfen
20060406             Deutschtürkischer Komiker Topal: "Die Unschuldigen baden es aus"
20060406             Streit um ZDF—REPORTAGE: Fernsehteam zahlte prügelnden Jugendlichen 200—EURO
20060406             Die Techniken, die Kunsthandwerker ursprünglich zur Perlenproduktion entwickelt hatten, könnten also auch bei Zahnbehandlungen erfolgreich eingesetzt worden sein, erklären die Forscher.
20060406             Wahrscheinlich wurde ein kleiner Bogen benutzt, um die Feuersteinspitze des Bohrers in den Zahn zu treiben.
20060406             Ein Nachbau des FEUERSTEIN—BOHRERS zeigte im Experiment eine erstaunliche Effizienz:
20060406             Die Wissenschaftler benötigten nach eigenen Angaben weniger als eine Minute, um ähnliche Löcher zu bohren.
20060406             Ein französisches Forscherteam hat jetzt bei Ausgrabungen im pakistanischen Mehrgarh 9000—JAHRE alte,
20060406             mit Feuersteinspitzen behandelte Zähne gefunden.
20060406             Die Funde aus dem jungsteinzeitlichen Gräberfeld in der Provinz Belutschistan sind damit die ältesten ihrer Art:
20060406             Bisher waren nur Fälle nachgewiesen worden, die jünger als 6000—JAHRE sind.
20060406             MEXIKO—STADT — DIE Kultstätte, die auf dem Sternenhügel (Cerro de la Estrella) im Südosten von MEXIKO—STADT entdeckt wurden,
20060406             hatte nach Angaben mexikanischer Wissenschaftler eine Grundfläche von etwa 150—MAL 120—METERN und war rund 18—METER hoch.
20060406             Die gesamte Anhöhe sei eine große Stadt der um das Jahr 10000000             —1— untergegangenen TEOTIHUACÁN—KULTUR gewesen,
20060406             sagte Jesús Sánchez vom Nationalen Institut für Anthropologie und Geschichte (INAH).
20060406             Ausgrabung: Pyramide in MEXIKO—STADT entdeckt
20060406             Jugendgewalt: "Nimmt dich dein Vater manchmal in den Arm?"
20060406             Nervöse Märkte: Analysten sehen Ölpreis vor neuem Allzeithoch
20060406             "Boykottiert diesen Film!", wütet jedoch ein Mann namens PAUL—ANTOINE in dem Internetforum, das die Produktionsfirma Universal Studios für "United 93" eingerichtet hat.
20060406             "Dies ist der abscheulichste und schamloseste Akt der Profitmache aus einem schrecklichen Ereignis".
20060406             BUSH—REGIERUNG: Rumsfeld düpiert Rice
20060406             ;;0911;; im Kino: "Zu früh! Zu früh!"
20060406             VOGELGRIPPE—EINDÄMMUNG: Verzögerungen bei Desinfektion und Keulung
20060406             Prähistorische Medizin: Schon Steinzeitmenschen drohte der Bohrer
20060406             Flut in BRANDENBURG: Wasser steigt schneller als erwartet
20060406             Heute in den Feuilletons: "Jeder kämpft für sich allein"
20060406             Skurrile Auktion: CHINA—VERKAUFT seine Seele
20060406             USA: Republikaner beenden Streit um Einwanderungsreform
20060406             MOUSSAOUI—PROZESS: Gericht lässt Tonband aus 9/11-Flugzeug zu
20060406             Integration von Muslimen: USA rüffeln Europa
20060406             NEO—BUSHISMUS: 20040300             —1— Zuvor hatten sich Minister der Clinton- + BUSH—REGIERUNGEN die Schuld nur gegenseitig zugeschoben.
20060406             urknall.wav Dateiinformation wav • 00:00:03 sek
20060406             68cis.wav Dateiinformation wav • 00:00:05 sek
20060406             Dateiname first1Myr.wav Dateiinformation wav • 00:00:05 sek
20060406             March to Redeem THE—SOUL—OF—AMERICA:
20060406             The unifying themes of speakers on the 1. 2—DAYS was the need for citizens to begin to get control of the combine of government and major CORPORATIONS—NOT only to stop THE—IRAQ war,
20060406             but to protect human rights and civil liberties.
20060406             Sex tourism thriving in USA Bible Belt:
20060406             "Men fly in, are met by pimps, have sex with a 14—YEAR—OLD for lunch + get home in time for dinner with the family," said Sanford Jones,
20060406             the chief juvenile judge of Fulton COUNTY—GEORGIA.
20060406             Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed:
20060406             A multimedia report on television newsrooms' use of material provided by PR firms on behalf of paying clients
20060406             —RELEASED, MARTIN—LUTHER—KING shooting tapes, online:
20060406             30—8—YEARS after he was assassinated on a motel balcony, photographs, recordings and police files that describe the death of MARTIN—LUTHER—KING—JUNIOR have been placed on the internet.
20060406             Video: THE—SPAIN—INQUISITION :
20060406             —ALLEGED, For years now, the Basque people of SPAIN have, that SPAIN—POLICE have regularly tortured suspects,
20060406             arrested for having connections with the Basque separatist group ETA.
20060406             —BACKED, Recently, those allegations have been, up by THE—UN Human Rights Commission.
20060406             Helen and Sylvia, the new face of terrorism:
20060406             2—GRANDMOTHERS from Yorkshire face up to a year in prison after becoming the 1. people to be arrested under THE—GOVERNMENT—LATEST ANTI—TERROR legislation.
20060406             DOCTOR—DAVID—RAY—GRIFFIN:"9/11, The Myth & The Reality,":
20060406—20060330    —ON, In this definitive presentation given., 20060000             —1— at the historic Grand Lake Theater in Oakland,
20060406             CALIFORNIA, Griffin deconstructs 9—OFFICIAL myths, given that day.
20060406             —MURDERED, ISRAEL—SOLDIER, Briton:
20060406             An AWARD—WINNING UNITED—KINGDOM—CAMERAMAN shot dead in Gaza by an ISRAEL—SOLDIER was murdered, a London inquest has found.
20060406             —BEGGED, Film crew ' ISRAEL—SOLDIERS to save colleague':
20060406             A television producer has told an inquest into the death of a UNITED—KINGDOM—CAMERAMAN killed in Gaza how he begged THE—ISRAEL—SOLDIERS who shot his colleague to help save his life.
20060406             Palestinian Child Day 20060000             —1—:
20060406             400 in ISRAEL—PRISONS, 740—KILLED by ISRAEL—FORCES, tens of thousands injured as ISRAEL is clearly not honoring INTERNATIONAL Treaty on Children
20060406             ISRAEL—TURKEY suspend deal to ship water in huge tankers:
20060406             —SUSPENDED, ISRAEL and TURKEY have, what was meant to be a breakthrough deal:
20060406             shipping water in huge tankers from TURKEY to the parched Holy Land.
20060406             —PADLOCKED, BOLIVIA: Evo Morales '' in palace:
20060406             —ALLEGED, THE—PRESIDENT—OF—BOLIVIA has, that MULTI—NATIONAL companies are funding a campaign against his government.
20060406             NEWSNIGHT—PAUL—MASON has been to BOLIVIA to meet Evo Morales and find out more about the challenges he is facing.
20060406             Video: Witness To A Revolution:
20060406             VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ spoke to Newsnight about his country's oil reserves.
20060406             MISTER—CHAVEZ was bullish over VENEZUELA—OPEC standing and USA policies in Latin America. GREG—PALAST reports from Caracas.
20060406             VENEZUELA in WASHINGTON—SIGHTS:
20060406             In the face of THE—LEFT—ORIENTED shift of Latin AMERICA—POLITICS, the Bush administration seems to be determined to block THE—RE—ELECTION of the Bolivarian president.
20060406             It looks like the design of THE—FTAA, the dream of THE—WHITE—HOUSE, will only be a reality over the ashes of a Bolivarian COUNTER—MODEL that they need to destroy.
20060406             CHINA—INFLUENCE in BRAZIL worries USA
20060406             Alarm bells ring in THE—USA at CHINA—RISING credibility in the developing world as a model for ending poverty.
20060406             Ollanta Humala: PERU—NEXT president?:
20060406             Ollanta Humala - a firebrand nationalist ANTI—GLOBALISATION CAMPAIGNER—IS a front runner in the race for PERU—PRESIDENCY.
20060406             For NEWSNIGHT—INSIDE—LATIN—AMERICA week, GAVIN—ESLER caught up with MISTER—HUMALA in Lima.
20060406             'Internally Displaced Persons' : A world of misery:
20060406             What can THE—UN do to protect THE—24—MILLION internally displaced persons around the world?
20060406             Net closes in on Gaza fisherman:
20060406             Isreali gunboats stop Palestinians from fishing as a communal punishment or to prevent attacks
20060406             The tethered goat strategy:
20060406             Since THE—IRAQ—ELECTIONS in ;;01;;, USA foreign service officers at the Baghdad embassy have been writing a steady stream of disturbing cables describing drastically worsening conditions.
20060406             JOHN—KERRY: 2—DEADLINES and an Exit:
20060406             —LISTED, Half of the service members, on THE—VIETNAM Memorial Wall † after AMERICA—LEADERS knew our strategy would not work.
20060406             It was immoral then and it would be immoral now to engage in the same delusion.
20060406             How Massacres Become the Norm:
20060406             USA soldiers killing innocent civilians in IRAQ is not news. Just as it was not news that USA soldiers slaughtered countless innocent civilians in VIETNAM.
20060406             However, when some rare reportage of this non news from IRAQ does seep through the cracks of the corporate media,
20060406             albeit briefly, THE—USA—PUBLIC seems shocked.
20060406             IRAQ—LULLABY:
20060406             Vocals by Laura Bush and Mothers of America :
20060406             —PROVIDED, Pictures, by President G W. Bush
20060406             Noam Chomsky: Returning to the Scene of the Crime, War Crimes in IRAQ
20060406             Amnesty INTERNATIONAL Report Condemns USA Treatment of Detainees:
20060406             A new report released Wednesday by the human rights group Amnesty INTERNATIONAL says that THE—CIA used private airplanes owned by front companies to send terror suspects to secret locations or to send them to countries that condoned torture.
20060406             Full Amnesty Report: Secret flights to torture and 'disappearance':
20060406             Sending prisoners overseas to extract information through water torture,
20060406             removal of toenails and fingernails, beatings, and electrocution at the request of USA officials is inhumane and must be stopped.- USA Congressman Edmund Markey,
20060406             20050312             —1—0000             —DATE
20060406             INTERNATIONAL laws hinder UK TROOPS—REID:
20060406             —DEMANDED, JOHN—REID, sweeping changes to INTERNATIONAL law yesterday to free UNITED—KINGDOM—SOLDIERS from the restraints of the Geneva conventions and make it easier for the west to mount military actions against other states.
20060406             CIA made '185 rendition flights through Britain':
20060406             CIA aircraft used in secret flights to transport terrorist suspects around the world made nearly 200—CALLS at UNITED—KINGDOM—AIRPORTS over the past 5—YEARS, according to a report released today.
20060406             Torture around the world:
20060406             Governments are often more reluctant to discuss torture than to practice it
20060406             —APPEARED, The following advert, in the Financial Times: UK
20060406             AIPAC Pimps War With IRAN:
20060406             —INTENDED, The video and maps below are, to help you better understand the escalating threat that is IRAN—PURSUIT of nuclear weapons.
20060406             2—B—2S could take out IRAN—NUCLEAR assets':
20060406             IRAN—NUCLEAR weapons ambitions will be history by the time USA PRESIDENT—GEORGE W Bush leaves office, said a report published here.
20060406             IRAN conducts 4. missile test:
20060406             IRAN successfully TEST—FIRED an AIR—LAUNCHED ANTI—SHIP missile Wednesday during war games in the Gulf,
20060406             the 4. launch in 6—DAYS, state television reported.
20060406             IRAN—PERSIAN—GULF oil bourse on track:
20060406             IRAN is still insisting on opening a Persian Gulf oil bourse with THE—SOUTH—IRAN—ISLAND Kish as its base,
20060406             —REPORTED, STATE—TELEVISION, Saturday. 'The issue has already been agreed upon and the oil ministry has been instructed to open this bourse in the Persian Gulf island of Kish,' Economic and Finance Minister Davoud DANESH—JAFARI said.
20060406             If 1—SIDE in a conflict goes nuclear, the other is bound to follow suit:
20060406             THE—IRAN—CRISIS can only be understood as the inevitable result of ISRAEL—USA—BACKED—WMD monopoly in the region
20060406             USA blueprint for 125—NUCLEAR bombs a year:
20060406             —UNVEILED, THE Bush Administration has, a blueprint for rebuilding THE—USA—DECREPIT nuclear weapons complex,
20060406             including restoration of a LARGE—SCALE bomb manufacturing facility
20060406             Channel 4—VIDEO Report on UK Mercenaries shooting IRAQ—CIVILIANS:
20060406             "We don't know whether it was an innocent civilian or whether that was an INSURGENT—WE don't know, because we never stop". The words of a former security consultant,
20060406             explaining the story behind the video footage.
20060406             Trillion Dollar War
20060406             Nobel Prize winning economist JOSEPH—STIGLITZ
20060406             Nobel Prize winning economist JOSEPH—STIGLITZ, 63, discusses the true $1—TRILLION cost of THE—IRAQ conflict.
20060406             The only people benefiting in this war are BUSH—FRIENDS in the oil industry.
20060406             He has done THE—USA—ECONOMY and the global economy an enormous disfavor, but his Texan friends couldn't be happier. Continued
20060406             Retired CIA Official Says Bush Is A War Criminal
20060406             An IN—DEPTH interview with former HIGH—LEVEL CIA analyst RAY—MCGOVERN; McGovern talks about his work as an advisor to Bush 1 and his belief that Bush 2 is a war criminal and should be tried for crimes against humanity. Real audio
20060406             Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks
20060406             —TESTIFIED, VICE—PRESIDENT—DICK—CHENEY—FORMER chief of staff has, that PRESIDENT—BUSH authorized him to disclose the contents of a highly classified intelligence assessment to the media to defend the Bush administration's decision to go to war with IRAQ,
20060406             according to papers filed in federal court on Wednesday by PATRICK—J—FITZGERALD, the special prosecutor in THE—CIA leak case. Continued
20060406             COURT, Filings, Cheney Aide Says Bush Approved Leak
20060406             BuzzFlash Reviews "The Secret Way to War: The Downing Street Memo and THE—IRAQ WAR—BURIED—HISTORY," by MARK—DANNER. With a Preface by FRANK—RICH.
20060406             Wouldn't TOM—DELAY—MAKE a Great Villain in a JAMES—BOND—FILM?
20060406             Just Call Him "Bushfinger". -- A BuzzFlash News Analysis
20060406             Vote Against Bush by Giving to BuzzFlash. Do It Now. Support DAVID—AGAINST—GOLIATH.
20060406             Signs point to federal investigators zeroing in on DeLay
20060406             The BuzzFlash Mailbag -- Uncensored and Unvarnished Truth from BuzzFlash Readers.
20060406             Coultergeist: Ann Coulter Calls TOM—DELAY an ?incredibly honorable man.? 4/6
20060406             Watchdog Group Issues Annual 'Pork' Report: REPUBLICAN—RUN Government Hits New Record of $29—BILLION in Pork Barrel Spending. 4/7
20060406             Senators seal immigration deal, giving some illegal immigrants a path to citizenship and creating a temporary worker program.
20060406             —RELATED, Pending amendments and negotiations, to THE—HOUSE—DRACONION bill could derail it. 4/7
20060406             Molly Ivins: Good Riddance to DELAY—CRUCIFIX—SHAPED—HAMMER 4/6
20060406             Should WELDON—DISPLAY of hideous taste impact the Able Danger story? NUMBER
20060406             The allegations do not rest on his word. His primary informant was Lt.
20060406             COLONEL—ANTHONY—SHAFFER -- who, as far as I know, has not made any ridiculous comments about the medical treatment given to young children.
20060406             —BACKED, SHAFFER—CLAIMS have been, up by others, as my previous post
20060406             makes clear. Research into Able Danger continues
20060406             The old warrior has amazingly still not lost hope.
20060406             He somehow feels that ultimately justice must prevail.
20060406             The matter of the involvement of THE—INTER—SERVICES Intelligence ISI + other intelligence agencies in the manipulation of politics + the disbursement of the people's money for that purpose is by no means over nor has it, apparently, even abated.
20060406             —RETIRED, BHUTTO—INTERIOR minister, another, general, Naseerullah Babar,
20060406             had disclosed in the National Assembly 19940000             —1— how THE—ISI had disbursed funds to purchase the loyalty of politicians and public figures so as to manipulate 19900000             —THE—ELECTIONS + form THE—IJI + bring about the defeat of THE—PPP.
20060406             Commentary: Know Your Enemy
20060406             "Nuclear PAKISTAN terrifies the world + this serves PAKISTAN well".
20060406             Resistance blueprint
20060406             no stranger to resistance movements, tells SYED—SALEEM—SHAHZAD the chilling implications of events in IRAQ. ( 20041112             —1— )
20060406             A Pretty Good Way to Foil THE—NSA
20060406—19900000    —IN—THE, The man who angered the world's eavesdroppers by releasing PGP s is back,
20060406             this time with VOICE—ENCRYPTION software that might be good enough to frustrate illegal telephone SURVEILLANCE—NO matter who's doing it. RYAN—SINGEL reviews Zfone.
20060406             Microsoft: Don't sell PCs without operating systems
20060406             Naked PCs: Free software supporters are angry that Microsoft is putting pressure on PC vendors not to sell machines without an operating system installed Microsoft has urged UK PC vendors not to give customers the opportunity to buy a PC without a PRE—INSTALLED operating system.
20060406             YouTube receives $8—MILLION in venture funding
20060406             —RECEIVED, Video upload site YouTube_com has, $8—MILLION in funding from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, the companies announced Wednesday.
20060406             This latest round of funding comes
20060406             MPs fearful over AFGHANISTAN—MISSION
20060406             UNITED—KINGDOM—TROOPS deploying to AFGHANISTAN face "fundamental tension" over their mission, MPs warn.
20060406             Court to hear 9/11—COCKPIT tape
20060406             —CRASHED, The cockpit audio from the 9/11—FLIGHT which, in PENNSYLVANIA is to be played in public for the 1. time.
20060406             Fixed penalties target graffiti
20060406             New powers for councils to crack down on environmental crimes and ANTI—SOCIAL behaviour come into force.
20060406             Saddam dismisses evidence
20060406             Saddam Hussein tells his trial documents suggesting he approved the execution of minors are fake.
20060406             Bomb plot witness is 'fantasist'
20060406             —ACCUSED, The key witness against 7—MEN, of plotting to plant bombs in THE—UK is called a "fantasist".
20060406             The commission set up to investigate the 9/11—ATTACKS described the final minutes of the flight in its report and released some details of what was heard on the cockpit recording.
20060406             Prosecutors wants to use the recording to show the jury how passengers were treated by 9/11—HIJACKERS.
20060406—20010911    —ON, Flight 93 was 1—OF 4—PLANES hijacked.
20060406             En route from NEW—JERSEY to CALIFORNIA, it crashed in SHANKSVILLE—PENNSYLVANIA, killing 40—PASSENGERS and crew.
20060406             Mobile phone conversations from passengers and flight attendants showed that they had heard about the other hijackings and planned to fight back.
20060406             —CRASHED, It is thought that hijackers, the plane, believed to be heading for WASHINGTON, when passengers were close to overwhelming them. Story from BBC NEWS:
20060406             Published: 20060405232657       —JAHR GMT
20060406             Vogelgrippe erreicht Großbritannien
20060406             Die Vogelgrippe hat nun auch Großbritannien erreicht. Das Virus vom Typ H5 sei in einem toten Schwan in Schottland entdeckt worden,
20060406             teilte die schottische Regionalverwaltung am Mittwoch mit.
20060406             LONDON—IN weiteren Tests solle nun festgestellt werden, ob der nördlich von Edinburgh gefundene Vogel an der gefährlichen VOGELGRIPPE—VARIANTE H5N1 erkrankt ist,
20060406             hieß es. Ergebnisse sollten am Donnerstag vorliegen.
20060406             GROßBRITANNIEN, war bisher nur bei einem aus Südamerika importierten Papagei das VOGELGRIPPE—VIRUS gefunden worden.
20060406             DEUTSCHLAND, war die die Krankheit am Mittwoch erstmals bei Nutztieren diagnostiziert worden.
20060406             Hierzulande wurden bereits mehrere mit dem Virus infizierte Wildvögel gefunden.
20060406             Toter Schwan: Vogelgrippe erreicht Großbritannien
20060406             FRANCE—UNIONS give law deadline
20060406             FRANCE—UNIONS threaten more protests unless the government repeals a youth labour law by mid-;;04;;.
20060406             NEPAL—OPPOSITION set to strike
20060406             Opposition activists in NEPAL are to stage a 4—DAY general strike, as part of ANTI—MONARCHY protests.
20060406             Poultry farmers hold their breath
20060406             THE—UK'S 1. case of avian flu will inevitably concern the country's poultry industry, the 2. biggest in Europe.
20060406             Rice defends INDIA nuclear deal
20060406             USA SECRETARY—OF—STATE—CONDOLEEZZA—RICE urges Congress to ratify a civil nuclear technology deal with INDIA.
20060406             —CONFIRMED, Bird flu, in dead swan
20060406             Preliminary tests on a swan found dead in Fife confirm the H5 avian flu virus, health officials reveal.
20060406             —OVERLOOKED, Cat bird flu risks ''
20060406             Extra precautions should be taken to prevent the spread of bird flu to CATS—AND then to humans, scientists warn.
20060406             Premature babies 'feel true pain'
20060406             Premature babies experience feelings of pain rather than simply displaying reflex reactions, a study says.
20060406             Swan find halts bird flu TEST—RUN
20060406             An exercise to test plans for a bird flu outbreak in Britain is cancelled as tests find the H5 virus in a swan in Fife.
20060406             Bid to gauge animal suffering
20060406             A study is examining whether it is possible to measure the suffering of animals during scientific procedures.
20060406             Audio: Did JESUS really walk on ice?
20060406             A recent blog about research on the possibility excited such heavy reader feedback that we got the professor on the phone to elaborate.
20060406             Feds fail to protect privacy rights, auditors report
20060406             Blog: Government agencies that use PRIVATE—SECTOR databases to pull up information on USA—CITIZENS without their knowledge often...
20060406             2—LEGGED Robot Sets Speed Record
20060406             An anonymous reader writes "Researchers in GERMANY and SCOTLAND have made the fastest 2—LEGGED robot yet (for it's size) called RunBot.
20060406             —CONTROLLED, It is, by a simple program that mimics the way neurons control reflexes in humans and other animals.
20060406             'We wanted to show that a very simple system with a simple neuronal controller could walk in a natural MANNER—AND fast,' says Florentin Wörgötter,
20060406             from THE—UNIVERSITY—OF—GÖTTINGEN in GERMANY.
20060406             The story also features couple of videos of RunBot in action".
20060406             —INTRODUCED, ANDY—UPDEGROVE writes "A bill has been, in MINNESOTA that would require all Executive branch agencies to 'use open standards in situations where the other requirements of a project do not make it technically impossible to do this.
20060406             —FOCUSED, The text of the bill is, specifically on 'open data formats.
20060406             While the amendment does not refer to open source software, the definition of 'open standards' that it contains would be conducive to open source implementations of open standards.
20060406             —INTRODUCED, The fact that such a bill has been, is significant in a number of respects.
20060406             1., the debate over open formats will now be ongoing in 2—USA states rather than 1.
20060406             2., if the bill is successful, THE—MINNESOTA CIO will be required to enforce a law requiring the use of open formats,
20060406             rather than be forced to justify his or her authority to do so. 3.,
20060406             the size of the market share that can be won (or lost) depending upon a vendor's compliance with open standards will increase.
20060406             And finally, if 2—STATES successfully adopt and implement open data format policies, other states will be more inclined to follow".
20060406             Zeitungsbericht: Rentenkassen senken Erwartungen
20060406             Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle
20060406             jonasj writes "A doctor and former programmer has written a good article on common geek health problems.
20060406             'If I were to go and try to run a few miles this weekend, I would not be able to easily do so. [...]
20060406             However, if you take 1—OF the these college basketball athletes, any of them would be able to run miles without even breathing heavy.
20060406             However, if you made them sit down and try to learn Java for 12—HOURS a day, most of them would be asleep at their desk before lunch.
20060406             —FOCUSED, The typical geek trains their brain to be heavily, while multitasking day after day.
20060406             Is it surprising that this same brain does not do well when forced to isolate down to 1—TASK?'"
20060406             Your Digital Inheritance?
20060406             eldavojohn writes "I wrote a journal entry musing on the idea of passing on accounts and digitally stored information from generation to generation.
20060406             Has anyone done this or inherited anything? Does anyone else plan to do this?
20060406             Is there a slip of paper in your deposit box at the bank with websites, account names and passwords?"
20060406             Buy PC Without an OS... Get a Visit From MISS—FT?
20060406             sebFlyte writes "'Don't sell PCs without operating systems or we'll send the boys round.
20060406             That seems to be the general message coming out of microsoft's antipiracy unit, according to ZDNet.
20060406             While MS seems to accept that people might want to get hold of PCs without Windows so they can put Linux on them,
20060406             they don't think that's a good enough excuse.
20060406             "We want to urge all system builders -- indeed, all Partners -- not to supply naked PCs.
20060406             It is a risk to your customers and a risk to your business," says Microsoft.
20060406             THE—FSF has given this policy short shrift, saying: "It looks like a private sniffing service which is supposed to spy on these who do not want to pay the Microsoft tax anymore.
20060406             It is an incredible piece of impudence"."
20060406             Where the Online Traffic is Going
20060406             vitaly.friedman writes "While growth is slowing at most top Internet sites, it is skyrocketing at sites focused on social networking, blogging and local information.
20060406             The dramatic success of those Internet categories is apparent from a recent ONLINE—TRAFFIC analysis provided by market research firm ComScore Media Metrix,
20060406             which examined visitor growth rates among THE—50—TOP Web sites over the past year".
20060406             Frankfurter Rundschau: Am Mittelmeer geht das Trinkwasser aus-
20060406             Besonders an der SÜD—UND Ostküste des Mittelmeers zeichnet sich ernster Trinkwassermangel ab.
20060406             Der Studie zufolge werden in zwei Jahrzehnten 63—MILLIONEN...
20060406—19780000    —IN, Discovered in the 1970s near MINYA—EGYPT, the volume, including the gospel and other documents, was sold to an EGYPT—ANTIQUITIES dealer.
20060406—20010911    —ON, At the death penalty trial of AL—QAIDA conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, former NEW—YORK City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani described his own harrowing experience in lower Manhattan.
20060406—20030000    —SUMMER—OF, Newly released court records cited Lewis "Scooter" Libby saying that in THE—PRESIDENT—BUSH told VICE—PRESIDENT—CHENEY to tell the vice president's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, to disclose highly classified information regarding IRAQ intelligence in order to try and discredit legitimate criticism of the administration.
20060818             Lateline - 20040406             —1—:
20070118             Aktuelle IT—NEWS auf - 200604061146         —JAHR: Finanzspritze für...
20070331—20070406    —ON, ZIMBABWE police opened a murder investigation into his death.
20070406             THE—USA—DEPARTMENT—OF—EDUCATION said an official in its student financial aid office has been placed on paid leave while his stock ownership in a student loan company is being reviewed.
20070406             ARIZONA authorities found at least 80—SUSPECTED illegal immigrants in a house west of Phoenix and arrested 2—SUSPECTED smugglers.
20070406             —RULED, FLORIDA, USA District Judge Kathleen Cardone, that LUIS—POSADA—CARRILES could be released on $250,000 bond.
20070406             He is being held at the Otero County jail in NEW—MEXICO on charges he lied to immigration authorities in a bid to become a naturalized citizen.
20070406             —ACCUSED, Castro has repeatedly, THE—USA—GOVERNMENT of protecting Posada.
20070406             —OBSERVED, Supernova SN2007bi was 1., in a nearby dwarf galaxy.
20070406             It burned steadily for months.
20070406             in AFGHANISTAN a suicide car bomber hit a police checkpoint in Kabul, killing 4—PEOPLE, including a policeman who tried to stop him.
20070406             —SEIZED, Taliban rebels, control of Khak AFGHANISTAN—DISTRICT in SOUTH—ZABUL province.
20070406             A Royal Navy lieutenant who was among the captives held by IRAN said UNITED—KINGDOM—SAILORS and marines held for nearly 2—WEEKS were blindfolded, bound and threatened with prison if they did not say they strayed into IRAN—WATERS.
20070406             Health officials said teenage girls in CAMBODIA and INDONESIA have † of bird flu as the virus continues to stalk across Asia.
20070406             —PUBLISHED, CHINA, new rules governing human organ transplants in its latest effort to clean up a business critics say has little regard for medical ethics.
20070406             —INCLUDED, These, consent from the deceased owner's family.
20070406             THE—GREECE—CRUISE ship Sea Diamond, which had struck a volcanic reef and forced the evacuation of HUNDREDS—OF—TOURISTS sank, 15—HOURS after it began taking on water off the coast of Santarini Island.
20070406             —SEARCHED, Navy divers, around the sunken wreckage for a Frenchman and his daughter, the only 2—PASSENGERS still missing.
20070406             —ORDERED, IRAQ—GOVERNMENT it has, that senior officers of Saddam HUSSEIN—MILITARY receive pensions and requested that LOWER—RANKING soldiers serve again as part of a sectarian reconciliation plan.
20070406             The decision was made last month.
20070406             A suicide bomber driving a truck loaded with TNT and toxic chlorine gas crashed into a police checkpoint in WEST—RAMADI, killing at least 27—PEOPLE and wounding dozens.
20070406             USA—TROOPS swept into the troubled, predominantly Shiite city of Diwaniyah before dawn, killing 3—MILITIA fighters and capturing 27 in the 1. day of an assault, named "Operation Black Eagle".
20070406             —KILLED, In Baghdad, 2—USA—SOLDIERS were, and 7 were wounded by 2—SEPARATE roadside bombs.
20070406             Amado Ramirez, the Acapulco correspondent for MEXICO—TOP television news network, was shot to death.
20070406             —KIDNAPPED, SOUTH—NIGERIA, gunmen, 2—TURKEY—ENGINEERS from their car in Port Harcourt.
20070406             PAKISTAN—MULLAH ABDUL—AZIZ said he had set up a TALIBAN—STYLE Islamic court at his mosque in Islamabad and pledged "tens of thousands" of suicide attacks if the government tries to shut it down.
20070406             Pasteur BIZIMUNGU—RWANDA'S 1. POST—GENOCIDE leader, walked free from prison after a surprise presidential pardon of his convictions that included inciting ethnic tension.
20070406             SAUDI—ARABIA, Waleed bin Mutlaq AL—RADADI, among the kingdom's most wanted terrorists, was killed in a gunbattle with SAUDI—ARABIA—FORCES.
20070406             —FREED, SOMALIA—PIRATES, 2—HIJACKED merchant ships, including 1—THAT had just delivered UN food aid when it was seized more than a month ago with 12—CREW on board.
20070406             A CHINA—DELEGATION arrived in SUDAN—TROUBLED Darfur region for a 4—DAY—VISIT.
20070406             They met officials and visited camps for the internally displaced.
20070406             —ISSUED, UN climate experts, their starkest warning yet about the impact of global warming, ranging from hunger in Africa to a fast thaw in the Himalayas, in a report that increased pressure on governments to act.
20070406             —FORCED, Human migrant traffickers, some 300—AFRICAN migrants to jump into the sea off YEMEN causing at least 32 to die.
20070406             Bibliography of Primary Sources-
20070406             5. Annual Women in Business Conference at London Business School
20070406             DAME—PAULINE—NEVILLE—JONES is Chairman of QINETIQ GROUP plc,
20070406             —EXPOSED, SPINWATCH—DAME NEVILLE—JONES quits BBC after IRAQ links
20070406             DAME—PAULINE—NEVILLE—JONES has quit THE—BBC board of governors
20070406             A YEAR EARLY, after her links with defence firms supplying USA forces in IRAQ were exposed
20070406             FEMA : FEMA Ready to Respond to Seattle Earthquake
20070406             ALLBAUGH will be traveling with congressional representatives to SEATTLE on
20070406             + THE—NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER, a customized plane that FEMA...
20070406             They Let it Happen: war games...
20070406             which BUSH asked FEMA Director JOE—ALLBAUGH to create.
20070406             —NICKNAMED, These E-4B NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER planes— "Doomsday" planes during the
20070406             They Let it Happen: 9/11—COMMISSION...
20070406             explaining the new ONP, which BUSH asked FEMA Director JOE—ALLBAUGH to create....
20070406             + involved 3—E—4B NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER planes,
20070406             Emergency Operations Centers-
20070406             NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER (NAOC), (402) 422-18910000             —1—...
20070406             ALLBAUGH, Joe M. Director, FEMA. (202) 646-3900, (202) 646-3930. RUSSELL, Barbara...
20070406             IX
20070406             Renamed THE—NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER (NAOC), the aircraft was designed...
20070406             This agency, which cultivates opacity, is directed by Joe M. ALLBAUGH,...
20070406             They Let it Happen...
20070406             the "Doomsday" planes of,  which BUSH asked FEMA Director JOE—ALLBAUGH to create....
20070406             * ALLBAUGH 's Joyride : FEMA director,
20070406             —ANGERED, JOSEPH—ALLBAUGH, career employees at
20070406             called THE—NATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS CENTER, for a routine trip. alfatomega.com/20060223.html
20070406             "Sie waren dort, bevor wir im Irak einmarschierten", sagte CHENEY.
20070406             Geschacher um WELT—KLIMABERICHT: GABRIEL wirft USA "wissenschaftlichen Vandalismus" vor
20070406             IRAK—FELDZUG: PENTAGON—MEMO zeigt, wie USA—REGIERUNG Kriegsgründe konstruieren ließ
20070406             Schlechte Prognose für 20070000             —1—: IWF glaubt nicht an deutsches Boomjahr
20070406             AFGHANISTAN: Karzai hält Gespräche mit Taliban für sinnvoll
20070406             Zwischenfall mit IRAN: Britische Marine setzt Patrouillen aus
20070406             Gute Konjunktur: Sozialversicherungen wieder im PLUS—MIT 20,5 Milliarden Euro
20070406             JOHN—LOFTUS_com
20070406             "Grover appointed ALAMOUDI—DEPUTY, Khaled Saffuri to head his own organization.
20070406             —GAINED, Together they, access to THE—WHITE—HOUSE for Alamoudi and AL—ARIAN...
20070406             2—BABES and a Brain: Abramoff Thing
20070406             Debbie Schlussel knew what ABRAMOFF was all about...and his connections to ISLAMO—FASCIST Khaled Saffuri,
20070406             an admitted funder of Palestinian homicide bombers...
20070406             POLUNATIC—JOURNAL of Polunacy: Follow THE—MONEY—ABRAMOFF and co.
20070406             —FOUNDED, Khaled SAFFURI—FORMER ABRAMOFF biz partner who, the Islamic Institute which gave the official Islamic nod for BUSH co's shock and awe campaign to...
20070406             Current Contents 20010600             —1—
20070406             Khaled Saffuri, "THE—QATAR—EXPERIENCE" [19-20] Laura DeKock,
20070406             "Free Markets and Democracy Conference in QATAR" [21-22] Shafeeq N. Ghabra, "Embracing Reform...
20070406             THE—AMA -- Murder by Injection
20070406             AMA Criticized for Letting Drug Firms Pay for Ethics Campaign...
20070406             How the drug industry is branding itself with bioethics. - By Carl...
20070406             —HIRED, To promote the drug, Lilly has, a PUBLIC RELATIONS agency; THE—PR
20070406             will have an impact on that (corporate) activity only if bioethicists can be part...
20070406             Antarktis und CHINA: Gletscher schmelzen immer schneller...
20070406             USA—FORSCHER prophezeien deshalb einen raschen Anstieg des Meeresspiegels.
20070406             das in die Ozeane gelangt, lässt den Meeresspiegel steigen.
20070406             Flora + Vegetation der Deiche an der mittleren Elbe zwischen...-
20070406             (1) Säkularer Anstieg des Meeresspiegels der Nordsee:
20070406             Bush Money
20070406             Part 1: "Hike in USA defence spending to benefit OSAMA—FAMILY":
20070406             BIN LADEN—BUSH business connection seen through CARLYLE GROUP...
20070406             CARLYLE GROUP Subsidiaries/Affiliates Covered By HOOVER—ONLINE : Empi,...
20070406             1 would almost think BIN LADEN, Osama wanted to enrich CARLYLE s GROUP
20070406             THE—PORK—BOLTER — WHAT—REALLY—GOING on in Worthing
20070406             BUSH, BIN LADEN and THE—CARLYLE GROUP. WHAT is the missing link between THE—CIA,...
20070406             The Carlyle GROUP—ALFRED Mendes
20070406             —ADDED, The report, that THE—FBI had subpoenaed THE—BIN LADEN family's BANK
20070406             of 1—OF—CARLYLE GROUP 's subsidiaries,
20070406             CATERAIR, an airline catering company....
20070406             CorpWatch : USA: Bush Advisers Cashed in on SAUDI—ARABIA—GRAVY—TRAIN
20070406             —SERVED, THE—CARLYLE GROUP has also, as a paid adviser to THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—MONARCHY on the
20070406             failings in dealing with terrorists like BIN LADEN, said CHARLES—LEWIS,...
20070406             Bush 's Former Oil Company Linked To bin Laden Family
20070406             He was a big investor in THE—CARLYLE GROUP, a DEFENSE—INDUSTRY investment...
20070406             00.000.19 99—USA—TODAY newspaper reported that a year after BIN LADEN 's ATTACK s on...
20070406             The Best Enemies Money Can Buy
20070406             and is now owned by a subsidiary of THE—HALLIBURTON Corporation, Dresser Industries.
20070406             Scoop: USA—MILITARISM: Is THE—USA—ADDICTED To War?
20070406             THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—ROYAL family also IS—AND THE—BIN LADEN family recently was - a major investor...
20070406             He was a director in THE—CARLYLE GROUP 's subsidiary, CATERAIR,...
20070406             JEFFREY—S—CLAIR:
20070406             When War is Swell, Bush + the Carlyle Group
20070406             1—OF THE—SAUDI—ARABIA—INVESTORS lured to CARLYLE by BUSH was the BinLaden GROUP ,
20070406             the construction conglomerate owned by the family of Osama BIN LADEN.
20070406             Sympathy For The Devil
20070406             Der Staubsturm, der am ;;0331;; Peking einhüllte,
20070406             war der 1. seiner Art in diesem Jahr.
20070406             Am. ;;0331;; fand der 1. "Grüne Tag" statt,
20070406             doch die Zeremonie in Peking wurde empfindlich gestört:
20070406             Aus der Wüste Gobi wehten gewaltige Staubwolken heran.
20070406             Auch rund 2.000—KILOMETER südlich der Hauptstadt herrschte dicke Luft:
20070406             Feuer in Südostasien schickten Aerosole nach CHINA, wie dieses Bild des USA—SATELLITEN "Aura" zeigt.
20070406             THE 4. REICH—OPUS DEI ILLUMINOUS MALTA (Knights of MALTA...-
20070406             at THE—UNITED—KINGDOM—AEROSPACE complex to fly BRITISH and foreign agents in and out of the...
20070406             Marginal Utility: Bush pardons S&L embezzler, Deserter, Coke Dealer
20070406             BUSH pardons S&L embezzler, Deserter, Coke Dealer.
20070406             —PARDONED, Among THE—17—MINOR Criminals, by GEORGE—W—BUSH today, 3—STAND out:...
20070406             Bush Pardons Coke Dealer
20070406             Jenna BUSH 's ID In Possession of Coke Dealer.
20070406             A Denver lawyer was pardoned Tuesday by PRESIDENT—BUSH for DRUG—RELATED crimes she committed more...
20070406             BUSH—COKE—PEPSI Triumvirate Under Fire in INDIA
20070406             BUSH—COKE —PEPSI Triumvirate Under Fire in INDIA. by HAIDER—RIZVI.
20070406             THE—BUSH administration is facing fierce criticism across INDIA for backing the Coca Cola...
20070406             Bush Administration Twists Arms for Coke, Pepsi
20070406             BUSH Administration Twists Arms for Coke,
20070406             Pepsi. by Amitabh Pal. THE—BUSH Administration is acting as the muscle for Coke and Pepsi.
20070406             Erderwärmung: Bush lässt UNO—KLIMABERICHT entschärfen
20070406             Antrag aus München: USA sollen CIA—AGENTEN wegen Entführung Masris festnehmen
20070406             Satellitenbild der Woche: Dicke Luft über Asien
20070406             Digitalisierung deutscher Bibliotheken: Öffentliche Konkurrenz für Google
20070406—19100000    -When THE—ROCKEFELLER Syndicate began its takeover of our medical profession,
20070406—19760000    —IN—THE, Posada, a former CIA operative, is wanted in CUBA bombing of a CUBA—JETLINER that killed 73—PEOPLE, a charge Posada denies.
20070406—19790000    Osama BIN LADEN goes to AFGHANISTAN to fight THE—SOVIETS, with support...
20070406—20070226    —IN—THE, AL—RADADI was implicated killing of 4—FRANCE—NATIONALS.
20070406—20090000    —IN, scientists reported that the explosion was probably that of a super massive star, at least 200—TIMES the mass of the Sun.
20070406—20120000    —IN, S—FRANCISCO—UMAR—HUDSON, stabbed his girlfriend, Jernell Scott, to death in front of her home on Ellsworth Street after she reported his sexual abuse of her 2—DAUGHTERS, aged 9 & 13. Hudson (35) was sentenced to 205—YEARS to life in prison.
20080406             —ANNOUNCED, USA—EVANGELIST JOHN—HAGEE, donations of $6—MILLION to ISRAEL—CAUSES and said that ISRAEL must remain in control of all of JERUSALEM.
20080406             —OPENED, TEXAS, Erick DANIEL—DAVILA (21), fire at a child's birthday party killing Annette Stevenson (48).
20080406             † Her granddaughter (5) the next day.
20080406             —ATTACKED, USA and AFGHANISTAN—FORCES, a remote village in a mountainous region of NORTH—EAST—AFGHANISTAN following reports that an infamous insurgent leader was in the area.
20080406             —KILLED, At least 16—PEOPLE were.
20080406             —DRAPED, THOUSANDS—OF—ANTI—CHINA protesters, in Tibetan flags disrupted the Olympic torch relay through London, billed as a journey of harmony and peace.
20080406             MERRITT, UNITED—KINGDOM—COLUMBIA, a girl and 2—BOYS aged 10, 8 and 5, were found dead by their mother in her trailer home.
20080406             ALLAN—SCHOENBORN (40), their father, was arrested 20080416             —1— in connection with the murders after local residents discovered him hiding in rugged bush.
20080406             EGYPT, THOUSANDS—OF—DEMONSTRATORS angry about rising prices and stagnant salaries torched buildings, looted shops and hurled bricks at police who responded with tear gas in a northern industrial town as part of a nationwide strike.
20080406             3—PEOPLE were killed and more than 150—INJURED over 2—DAYS of unrest in Mahalla, the culmination of more than a year of strikes by workers at a giant STATE—RUN textile factory.
20080406             —BACKED, IRAQ—TROOPS, by USA forces battled Shiite fighters in BAGHDAD—SADR—CITY in clashes that killed 20—PEOPLE and wounded more than 50—DESPITE a CEASE—FIRE between the government and the militia.
20080406             3—USA—SERVICE members were killed and dozens wounded in rocket attacks on the fortified Green Zone.
20080406             † 2—MORE USA soldiers in roadside bombings.
20080406             SOUTH—MEXICO, a truck carrying Central USA—MIGRANTS in a hidden compartment plunged into a reservoir, killing at least 8—PEOPLE.
20080406             —BELIEVED, Most of the migrants were, to be from GUATEMALA.
20080406             —VOTED, Montenegrins, in the tiny Balkan state's 1. presidential election since it split from Serbia 2—YEARS ago.
20080406             PRESIDENT—FILIP—VUJANOVIC won RE—ELECTION by a landslide, cementing MONTENEGRO—WESTWARD economic and political course since breaking away from Serbia 2—YEARS ago.
20080406             —UNIDENTIFIED, NIGERIA, gunmen kidnapped an 11—YEAR—OLD boy in Port Harcourt, wounding his mother and killing the family's police guard and their driver.
20080406             A Palestinian boy (8) was killed by shrapnel in an explosion in the central Gaza Strip.
20080406             —IDENTIFIED, The source of the shrapnel was not.
20080406             RUSSIA, PRESIDENT—GEORGE—W—BUSH and RUSSIA—VLADIMIR—PUTIN ended their last FACE—TO—FACE meeting as heads of state with warm words for EACH—OTHER but no solution to their row over missile defense.
20080406             —KILLED, SOMALIA, 4—PEOPLE were, in Mogadishu in separate attacks overnight, as violence raged in the shattered EAST—AFRICAN nation.
20080406             —KILLED, Angry SUDAN—BORDER guards, 1—CIVILIAN and wounded 3—OTHERS in a market after opening fire indiscriminately in DARFUR—POLITICAL capital.
20080406             A suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomber assassinated Jeyaraj Fernandopulle (55), SRI—LANKA—HIGHWAYS minister, as he opened a marathon in an attack that also killed 13—OTHERS and wounded 100.
20080406             YEMEN, a housing complex used by foreigners in the capital came under attack, with explosions shattering windows and prompting residents to evacuate with suitcases and boxes.
20080406             —REPORTED, ZIMBABWE—STATE Sunday Mail newspaper, that PRESIDENT—ROBERT—MUGABE—RULING party demanded a vote recount and a further delay in the release of presidential election results, prompting outrage from the opposition party.
20080406             Several foreigners, including NEW—YORK—TIMES correspondent BARRY—BEARAK, remained in custody after being charged with "illegally observing an election without official accreditation".
20080406             Chico MENDES—SINDICALISTA e Ambientalista
20080406             A global rice shortage that has seen prices of 1—OF the world's most important staple foods increase by 50 % in the past 2—WEEKS alone is triggering an INTERNATIONAL crisis,
20080406             with countries banning export and threatening serious punishment for hoarders.
20080406             Kampf gegen Lärmbelästigung: Mumbaier Polizei ruft hupfreien Tag aus
20080406             Olympischer Fackellauf in London: Polizisten nehmen Dutzende PRO—TIBET—DEMONSTRANTEN fest
20080406             Steuererklärung: Clintons legen MILLIONEN—KLÜNGEL offen
20080406             Ende der Amtszeiten: Bush und Putin nehmen voneinander ABSCHIED—DIE Differenzen bleiben
20080406             LEBENSMITTEL—TREND: BIO—REVOLUTION erfasst den Schokoladenmarkt
20080406             BUSH—PUTIN: Prima Kerle, anständige MÄNNER—ZITATE zweier Präsidenten übereinander
20080406             JAPAN: Opposition stimmt ZU—NOTENBANK bekommt endlich einen neuen Chef
20080406             Medien im Dreißigjährigen Krieg: Die Macht der Sensation
20080406             SPEZIALKRÄFTE—AFFÄRE: Schröder soll von Polizeihilfe für Libyen gewusst haben
20080406             IRAK—STUDIE: Immer mehr USA—SOLDATEN leiden an Angstsymptomen
20080406             WAFFEN—NARR und OSCAR—GEWINNER: Charlton Heston ist tot
20080406             Ultimatum: Microsoft droht —Yahoo mit feindlicher Übernahme
20080406             Und so entsteht jene sich häufig verstärkende Wechselwirkung zwischen Politik und loyaler Berichterstattung,
20080406             die aus einem Geschehnis erst ein wirkmächtiges Ereignis werden lässt.
20080406             Deshalb verspricht das Geschäft mit den Nachrichten beste Umsätze.
20080406             "Wacht auf, wacht auf, ihr lieben Leut, all die ihr noch nicht schwedisch seid!"
20080406             Zu Beginn des 16010101—17001231    —CENTURY können die Publizisten erstmals sicher sein,
20080406             halbwegs aktuell und regelmäßig berichten zu können. Und so erscheinen
20080406             Zwei bis vier Kreuzer kostet ein Flugblatt zu Beginn des 16010101—17001231    —CENTURY, das entspricht etwa dem Stundenlohn eines Maurers.
20080406             Fahrende Händler verkaufen die Blätter auf ihren Reisen.
20080406             Seit JOHANNES—GUTENBERG um 14500000             —1— den Buchdruck mit beweglichen Metalllettern erfunden hat,
20080406             zirkulieren unüberschaubar viele Druckwerke im Reich. Um
20080406             Und die in Köln erscheinenden "REICHS—ZEITUNGEN" verbreiten das Gerücht, die Magdeburger hätten die Stadt selbst in Brand gesteckt.
20080406             Aber sie verrechnen, wie wir erkannten, bei ihrer Gruppenentscheidung über die gemeinsame Marschrichtung das Verhalten aller Anwesenden.
20080406             Jeder von ihnen drückt die von ihm bevorzugte Richtung durch Haltung, Blicke oder auch einige Schritte dahin aus.
20080406             Am Ende folgen dann alle dem offenbar entschlossensten Affen, wobei es allerdings auch auf die einzelnen persönlichen Beziehungen,
20080406             auf frühere Erfahrungen und auf Stimmungen ankommt.
20080406             Bei der Entscheidung wirken also soziale wie kognitive Prozesse mit.
20080406             Die Futtersuche wird so zu einer Gemeinschaftsleistung, auf die das Schlagwort einer "verteilten Intelligenz" ganz gut passt.
20080406             Das bedeutet auch: Intelligenz betrifft mehr als nur das, was im Gehirn stattfindet.
20080406             Denn wichtig ist, was an Verhalten herauskommt, an Interaktionen mit der Umwelt.
20080406             Die Affen verfolgen oftmals nicht optimale Strategien, sondern solche, die ausreichen, um sich zu behaupten.
20080406             Denn um komplexe Probleme zu lösen, genügt es manchmal, einfache Regelmäßigkeiten zu nutzen.
20080406             Evolutionär gesehen hat Risikovermeidung eben oft Vorrang.
20080406             Um solchen Anthropozentrismus zu vermeiden, kann man allerdings auch einen alternativen Weg wählen und nach der Evolution der Phänomene fragen.
20080406             Denn vieles am Verhalten von Arten erklärt sich aus ihrer Entwicklungsgeschichte,
20080406             insofern es sich auf das Überleben und dadurch letztlich — das ist das Entscheidende — auf den Fortpflanzungserfolg, die Fitness, der Tiere auswirkt.
20080406             So wertvoll unsere anthropozentrische Herangehensweise für Erkenntnisse oft ist — den Verstand von Tieren stufen wir hiermit doch nur als unvollständige Version des unsrigen ein.
20080406             Demnach wäre es eine spezielle Eigentümlichkeit des Menschen, hinter Beobachtungen die nicht sichtbaren Gründe zu suchen.
20080406             Genau solches Streben bildet auch den bevorzugten Tummelplatz von Wissenschaftlern.
20080406             Möglicherweise können die großen Menschenaffen anderen durchaus Absichten zuschreiben, ohne zugleich unser vielschichtiges psychologisches Verständnis zu besitzen.
20080406             Trifft das vielleicht auf nichtmenschliche Primaten zu? Können sie Zusammenhänge nur vorhersehen oder sie auch erklären?
20080406             Darüber streiten sich die Gelehrten noch.
20080406             Der schottische Philosoph DAVID—HUME (17110000—17760000    ) hielt es für sinnlos, nach einem letzten Beweis für Kausalität zu suchen.
20080406             Unsere Wahrnehmung würde uns nur vermitteln, dass Ereignisse zusammentreffen.
20080406             Unterstellt man eine Ursache, zieht man einen Schluss.
20080406             Dabei entwirft man eine — richtige oder falsche — Hypothese über den Mechanismus, der die Ereignisse miteinander verknüpft.
20080406             Mit diesem Kausalverständnis gewinnt man mehr Einfluss auf die Realität.
20080406             Damit lassen sich schließlich unter den unzähligen möglichen Verknüpfungen selbst noch Zusammenhänge aufdecken, die räumlich oder zeitlich weit auseinanderliegen.
20080406             Dies wäre ein starkes Kausalitätsverständnis.
20080406             Ähnliche Tests hatte der amerikanische Forscher DAVID—PREMACK—MITTE—DER 19700000             —1—er Jahre mit einem Schimpansen durchgeführt.
20080406             Auch der zeigte sich von unlogischen Versuchsaufbauten offensichtlich irritiert.
20080406             Hauser deutet dies als Zeichen von Irritation — als rationale Reaktion auf die Diskrepanz zwischen Erwartung und Beobachtung.
20080406             Wie Affen damit umgehen, versuchen Forscher anhand künstlicher Situationen zu ergründen,
20080406             in denen ein entscheidendes Element gerade nicht vorhanden ist, das zur Lösung der Situation aber benötigt würde.
20080406             Mit solchen Versuchsaufbauten lässt sich erproben, ob ein Affe das Ausschlussverfahren anwendet,
20080406             ob er sich die Position eines versteckten Gegenstands vorstellt oder auch,
20080406             ob er die Transitivitätsregel benutzt (das Prinzip:
20080406             Wenn B aus A folgt und C aus B, dann folgt C aus A).
20080406             Wenn ein Tier eine Aufgabe löst, ist stets die Frage, ob ihm das durch Versuch und Irrtum gelang — auch indem es aus Fehlern lernte und sie korrigierte —,
20080406             oder ob es vorher darüber nachgedacht, sich die Sache überlegt hat.
20080406             Im 1. Fall würde das Tier lediglich zwischen Objekten oder Ereignissen Verbindungen bemerken,
20080406             Muster, an denen es sein Verhalten ausrichtet. Es würde etwas ausprobieren und so dem Ziel in kleinen Schritten näherkommen.
20080406             Im 2. Fall hätte es Kategorien oder Eigenschaften erkannt und solche Abstrakta aufeinander bezogen.
20080406             Es hätte sich eine Vorstellung gemacht und Schlussfolgerungen durchgeführt.
20080406             Allgemeiner gesagt: Das Tier bewertet eine Information als gültig,
20080406             weil sie mit einer anderen verknüpft ist, von deren Wahrheitsgehalt oder Stimmigkeit es schon vorher überzeugt war.
20080406             Demnach können diese Menschenaffen aus fehlenden Indizien Schlüsse ziehen — schlussfolgerndes Denken durch Ausschluss.
20080406             diese Menschenaffen
20080406             schlussfolgerndes Denken durch Ausschluss.
20080406             Demnach können diese Menschenaffen aus fehlenden Indizien Schlüsse ziehen
20080406             Kann ein Affe über etwas nachdenken, das er nicht sieht?
20080406             nachdenken
20080406             Für uns Menschen des 20010101—21001231    —CENTURY zeigen die frühen Kalkulationen vor allem:
20080406             Es ist nicht so wichtig, ganz genau zu sein, wenn man zumindest ungefähr richtig liegt.
20080406             In der Tat ist ein Gefühl für Zahlen, Größenordnungen und Flächen im Alltag von weit größerem Belang als eine komplizierte Formel,
20080406             die zum exakten Ergebnis führt. Wer grob überschlägt, bemerkt, wenn Taschenrechner oder Computer bizarre Werte AUSSPUCKEN—UND kann so folgenreiche Fehler vermeiden.
20080406             Offensichtlich dachten die Azteken in den gleichen geometrischen Kategorien wie die Menschen in der alten Welt, folgern die Wissenschaftler.
20080406             Acolhua KONGRUENZ—ARITHMETIK nennen sie die METHODE—UND sie beinhaltet vor allem einen Ratschlag: Halte die Rechnung möglichst simpel.
20080406             Ungefähr RICHTIG—NICHT genau
20080406             Mehr Mut zur Unschärfe könnte man auch SAGEN—UND diesem Motto folgte offenbar auch das zum Aztekenreich gehörende Volk der Acolhua.
20080406             Pi mal DAUMEN—SO kalkulierten die Azteken vor fast 600—JAHREN die Flächen von Grundstücken.
20080406             Komplizierter Bruchrechnung gingen sie aus dem Weg und griffen stattdessen zu intelligenten Faustformeln.
20080406             Wir sollten uns ein Beispiel an ihnen nehmen.
20080406             Dresdner Spitzen: Staatskanzlei verteidigt Milbradts Privatgeschäfte mit SachsenLB
20080406             Gipfeltreffen in Sotschi: Weißes Haus schließt Einigung über Raketenschild aus
20080406             Kirchen und Islam: "Dialog mit Außerirdischen"
20080406             Nato: Bush umschmeichelt Kroatien
20080406             BIOSPRIT—PANNE: Glos sieht Klimaschutzpaket in Gefahr
20080406             Fahndungserfolg in Mexiko: Sechs Millionen Dollar bar in Lastwagen entdeckt
20080406             Fehlspekulationen: Finanzaufsicht fürchtet Eskalation der KREDITKRISE—GERÜCHTE um Dresdner Bank
20080406             Zahnfüllungen: AMALGAM—STUDIE gibt Entwarnung
20080406             Schiitenführer Sadr über Saddam und die USA:
20080406             "Der kleine Satan ging, der große ist gekommen"
20080406             Klimakonferenz in Bangkok: Rettung in der Nachspielzeit
20080406             Kampagne: Kirchen verdammen Fitnesskult
20080406             Numerator: Rechnen wie die Azteken
20080406             USA—MARKT: Volkswagen ruft 410.000—PASSAT zurück
20080406             Intelligenzforschung: Der umsichtige Affe
20080406             Über dem Gesetz VI-
20080406             Zahllose USA—SOLDATINNEN werden von "Kameraden" vergewaltigt
20080406—20080405    "Weise Entscheidung": IOC—PRÄSIDENT Rogge verteidigt Olympische Spiele in CHINA
20080406—20080405    "Weise Entscheidung": IOC—PRÄSIDENT Rogge verteidigt Olympische Spiele in CHINA
20080406—20100000    —BY, JAPAN, the Group of 8 (G8) rich nations vowed to step up cooperation with emerging donors such as CHINA and INDIA and said they remained committed to a goal to double their own aid to Africa.
20080406—20180000    —IN, Davial was executed.
20090327—20090406    —ON, her body was found in a suitcase dumped in an irrigation pond a few miles away.
20090331             —INDICTED, He and 6—OTHERS were later, following 20090406             —THE—EARTHQUAKE that left 308—PEOPLE dead.
20090404—20090406    —ON, The 2 19—YEAR—OLDS detained 20090402             —1— for allegedly distributing leaflets calling for a NATIONAL—DAY—OF—PROTEST.
20090406             THE—USA—FEDERAL Reserve said it will supply new lines of credit worth up to $287—BILLION to the central banks of JAPAN—SWITZERLAND, THE—UK and EU.
20090406             —FILED, ANDREW—CUOMO, NY state's attorney general, a civil suit against J. EZRA—MERKIN, a NEW—YORK philanthropic leader and former chairman of GMAC, on allegations that he betrayed HUNDREDS—OF—INVESTORS by repeatedly lying to them about how he invested their money.
20090406             —FUNNELED, Merkin had, $2.4—BILLION from universities and nonprofit organizations into the firm of BERNARD—MADOFF, now in jail for running a multibillion dollar Ponzi scheme.
20090406             —UNANNOUNCED, GERMANY—CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL made an, visit to northern AFGHANISTAN to meet with her country's troops and view rebuilding efforts.
20090406             She pressed PRESIDENT—KARZAI to review carefully a new law that critics say legalizes marital rape.
20090406             SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, an insurgent rocket attack hit THE—NETHERLANDS' main military base, killing 1—HOLLAND—SOLDIER and wounding 5—OF—HIS colleagues and 2—AFGHANISTAN—SOLDIERS.
20090406             —SURRENDERED, AUSTRALIA, a motorcycle gang leader, to police and became the 6. biker charged in connection with a brawl that left a rival bleeding to death before shocked travelers at AUSTRALIA—BUSIEST airport.
20090406             BELGIUM began World Court proceedings against SENEGAL in an effort to bring former CHAD—PRESIDENT—HISSENE—HABRE on trial for alleged widespread human rights abuses during his 8-year reign.
20090406             A CHAD—COMMISSION of inquiry has concluded that HABRE—REGIME killed at least 3,780 political opponents, but added that the figure likely represents only 10—PERCENT of his victims.
20090406             EGYPT—POLICE were out in force to deal with a nationwide protest called by PRO—DEMOCRACY groups, arresting Islamists and seeking to contain small demonstrations in the capital, Cairo.
20090406             —RIPPED, INDIA, 2—BOMBS, through crowded markets in the restive northeast, killing at least 7—PEOPLE and wounding 60—OTHERS.
20090406             A grenade attack left 2—POLICE officers injured.
20090406             —SUSPECTED, Authorities, the separatist United Liberation Front of Asom was behind the attacks.
20090406             —CRASHED, An INDONESIA—MILITARY plane carrying 24—PEOPLE, into an airport hangar during heavy rains and burst into flames, killing everyone on board.
20090406             —ROCKED, IRAQ, a series bombs, Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad, killing 37—PEOPLE and wounding more than 100 in a dramatic escalation of violence.
20090406             In central ITALY a magnitude 6.3—EARTHQUAKE knocked down whole blocks of buildings as residents slept, killing 309—PEOPLE in L'Aquila, CAPITAL—OF—THE—ABRUZZO region, which was near the epicenter.
20090406             It was the country's deadliest quake in nearly 20091203             —1—ades.
20090406             —INJURED, Tens of thousands were homeless and 1,500 were.
20090406             8—STUDENTS were killed when their dorm collapsed in L'Aquila.
20090406             —FOLLOWED, Investigations into shoddy construction soon.
20090406             —ORDERED, JAPAN—FINANCE—MINISTER—KAORU—YOSANO said PRIME—MINISTER—TARO—ASO has, a $100—BILLION stimulus plan to boost the national economy.
20090406             —AGREED, PRIME—MINISTER—ASO and VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ, to deepen ties in energy, investment and trade, with JAPAN—COMPANIES ready to participate in gas and crude production in the Latin USA—COUNTRY.
20090406             —RESIGNED, KENYA, justice minister Martha Karua, in protest of PRESIDENT—KIBAKI—DECISION to appoint judges without consulting her.
20090406             —SEIZED, SOMALIA—PIRATES, THE—TAIWAN—SHIP Win Far 161 with 29—CREW onboard near an island in THE—SEYCHELLES in THE—INDIA—OCEAN.
20090406             A 32,000-ton BRITISH—OWNED bulk carrier, the Malaspina Castle, was also hijacked in the Gulf of Aden.
20090406             Pirates soon began using the Win Far as a base for attacking other commercial ships.
20090406             † 3—OF—ITS crew of malnutrition and disease during their 10—MONTH captivity.
20090406             —DROPPED, SOUTH—AFRICA, prosecutors, corruption charges against JACOB—ZUMA, saying the case had been manipulated for political reasons and clearing the way for him to become the next president without the looming threat of a trial.
20090406             783—CHARGES of corruption, fraud, MONEY—LAUNDERING and tax evasion against Zuma were dropped shortly before he came to power.
20090406             TURKEY, PRESIDENT—OBAMA, making his 1. visit to a Muslim nation as president, declared that THE—USA "is not and will never be at war with Islam".
20090406             ZAMBIA, western nations and lending agencies meeting in Lusaka agreed a financing package of more than $1—BILLION to improve infrastructure in southern and central Africa at an investment conference meant to expand transport links and trade.
20090406             Britain said it would separately provide 100—MILLION pounds ($149.2—MILLION) to transform the region's infrastructure to increase trade and mitigate the effects of the global financial crisis.
20090406             New projects will link businesses in 8—AFRICAN countries: TANZANIA, the Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO, ZAMBIA, MALAWI—BOTSWANA, ZIMBABWE—MOZAMBIQUE and SOUTH—AFRICA.
20090406             sah er. Eine Eilmeldung lief über den Bildschirm:
20090406             Der Oberste Gerichtshof hatte seinen Antrag auf einen neuen Prozess abgelehnt.
20090406             Was das bedeutet, erklärt sein Anwalt ROBERT—BRYAN erst,
20090406             als er an diesem Tag das Gefängnis verlässt:
20090406             "MUMIA könnte in einem Jahr tot sein".
20090406—20090324    —ON, BANGLADESH police detained FAISAL—MUSTAFA, the head of a BRITISH—BASED charity that funded an Islamic school in SOUTH—BANGLADESH, where authorities seized weapons and explosives.
20090406—20100211    —ON, Win Far 161 was released, following the payment of a ransom.
20090406—20200000    —BY, CHINA announced it will make improved health care services available to all its citizens, taking aim at a system long derided as creaking and inadequate.
20100406             —SPILLED, LOUISIANA authorities said a pipeline has, some 18,000 gallons of crude oil into a canal in the Delta National Wildlife Refuge about 60—MILES southeast of New Orleans.
20100406             —PROCLAIMED, VIRGINIA GOVERNOR—BOB—MCDONNELL, April to be Confederate History Month with no mention of slavery.
20100406             The next day he conceded that this was a major omission and amended the document to acknowledge the state's complicated past.
20100406             Wilma Mankiller (64), the 1. woman CHIEF—OF—THE—CHEROKEE—NATION, †.
20100406             —KILLED, WEST—AFGHANISTAN, 27—INSURGENTS were, in ground fighting and airstrikes in Badghis province, in what appeared to be a major blow to Taliban influence in the region.
20100406             —ANNOUNCED, AUSTRALIA, its 5. rate hike since October and said borrowing costs would continue to rise as growth and inflation return to normal after the global crisis.
20100406             —SWAMPED, BRAZIL, 14—STRAIGHT hours of rain, RIO—DE—JANEIRO and killed at least 8—PEOPLE in the city.
20100406             † 3—MORE in RIO—DE—JANEIRO state.
20100406             5 were also are missing in a mudslide.
20100406             —REACHED, The death toll eventually, 246.
20100406             —CONTESTED, The bitterly, race will be dominated by a RECESSION—WRACKED economy and a sense that 13—YEARS of Labour rule may be coming to an end.
20100406             A group of CANADA—RESEARCHERS released a report saying a CYBER—ESPIONAGE group based in SOUTH—WEST—CHINA stole documents from THE—INDIA—DEFENSE—MINISTRY and emails from the Dalai LAMA—OFFICE.
20100406             —EXECUTED, He was, in Liaoning province.
20100406             In central COLOMBIA HECTOR—JOSE—BUITRAGO (71), a veteran paramilitary leader and reputed founder of a bloody RIGHT—WING militia faction, was arrested after more than a decade on the lam.
20100406             ECUADOR, 20—COLUMNISTS and contributors to the state newspaper El Telegrafo said they will no longer write for the paper because of alleged censorship.
20100406             EGYPT—POLICE beat and dragged off protesters to disperse a gathering of a few dozen in downtown Cairo calling for constitutional reforms and fairer presidential elections.
20100406             —ORDERED, The next day EGYPT—PROSECUTOR general, the release of all the protesters arrested during the demonstration.
20100406             —OPENED, An African Union conference on maritime security, in ETHIOPIA.
20100406             —CALLED, SOMALIA—DEPUTY—PRIME—MINISTER—ABDULRAHMAN—ADAN—IBRAHIM—IBBI, for outside help to clear toxic waste dumped illegally on his country's vast coastline, arguing that the fight against dumping goes hand in hand with the fight against piracy.
20100406             —DOWNGRADED, MOODY—INVESTOR—SERVICE, ICELAND—DEBT ratings outlook to negative from stable over concerns about the tiny island nation's ability to tap the foreign credit it needs to stay afloat.
20100406             —LAUNCHED, EAST—INDIA, Maoist rebels, a series of devastating attacks on government forces patrolling the forests of Chattisgarh state, killing 76—ARMED policemen in the deadliest strike against the state in the 43-year insurgency.
20100406             —RIPPED, IRAQ, at least 5—BOMBS, through apartment buildings across Baghdad and another struck a market, killing some 50—PEOPLE and wounding more than 160. Officials blamed AL—QAIDA in IRAQ insurgents for the violence.
20100406             ISRAEL began distributing MILLIONS—OF—PROTECTION kits against biochemical warfare, Deputy Defence Minister Matan Vilnai announced, stressing the campaign was not linked to any imminent threat.
20100406             KYRGYZSTAN, HUNDREDS—OF—PROTESTERS angry over rising heat and power prices seized a government building in Talas, took a governor hostage and clashed with troops after trying to seize a regional governor.
20100406             —SUSPECTED, MEXICO, cartel gunmen wounded 2—SOLDIERS in an unprecedented grenade attack on army housing in the Gulf coast city of Tampico.
20100406             GUERRERO, state police found the bodies of 2—MEN who were shot to death and had their hands and feet bound with tape.
20100406             —BURNED, The bodies of 12—MURDER victims, 8—OF—THEM partially, were found outside the town of Xalisco, Nayarit state.
20100406             —KIDNAPPED, In Nuevo Leon state gunmen, OLIVER—GARCIA, police chief of the town of Los Aldamas, from his home and THE—2—OFFICERS from police headquarters.
20100406             —INSTALLED, NIGERIA—ACTING—PRESIDENT—GOODLUCK—JONATHAN, his new cabinet, appointing senior Goldman Sachs executive Olusegun Aganga as his new finance minister.
20100406             —NAMED, Jonathan also, former mines minister Deziani ALLISON—MADUEKE and Godsday Orubebe as the new oil and NIGER Delta ministers.
20100406             —STOPPED, Police said that religious massacres have, but "secret" killings of Christians and Muslims continue on a smaller scale across central NIGERIA, claiming more than 30—LIVES this year.
20100406             —KILLED, PAKISTAN—POLICE, 2—SUSPECTED suicide bombers during a raid in the Mittani area on the outskirts of Peshawar.
20100406             RUSSIA—FOREIGN minister, Sergey Lavrov, said the new USA—RUSSIA—ARMS control treaty is a much better deal for Russia than its predecessor, but Moscow reserves the right to withdraw from it if a planned USA missile defense system grows into a threat.
20100406             —TRIED, SOMALIA—PIRATES aboard the Faize Osamani, to attack THE—MV Rising Sun.
20100406             A hostage onboard the hijacked INDIA—CARGO dhow drowned after the ship was used to attack another vessel and navies intervened.
20100406             A warship from OMAN arrived and 9—HOSTAGES jumped overboard to try to swim away from the pirates.
20100406             1—DROWNED and the other 8 were rescued.
20100406             —ARRIVED, THE—USA—DESTROYER USS McFaul, on the scene after THE—OMAN—FORCES and helped persuade THE—10—PIRATES to surrender, which they did after throwing their weapons overboard.
20100406             THAILAND, tens of THOUSANDS—OF—RED—SHIRTED protesters took over sections of Bangkok, pelting police with eggs and dancing in the streets as they pushed through barricades to press the prime minister to call new elections.
20100406             —CRITICIZED, UN SECRETARY—GENERAL—BAN—KI moon, as "unacceptable" UZBEKISTAN—PLACING of land mines along parts of its border with KYRGYZSTAN and TAJIKISTAN that have not been delineated.
20100406             —ARRESTED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—HUGO—CHAVEZ said that 8—COLOMBIANS have been, as suspected spies and charged that several carried identification indicating they are members of neighboring COLOMBIA—MILITARY.
20100406             —DETAINED, He said the suspects, who were, more than a week ago, had computers and satellite telephones and were using cameras to take photographs of VENEZUELA—POWER plants.
20100406—19720000    —IN, CHINA said it had executed a JAPAN—MAN for drug smuggling, the 1. execution of a JAPAN—CITIZEN since the countries established relations.
20100406—20060000    —IN, S) of drugs from CHINA to JAPAN.
20100406—20080000    —IN, Mitsunobu Akano (65) was convicted of attempting to smuggle 2.5—KG (4.8—POUND
20100406—20080700    —SINCE, THE—CANADA—DOLLAR rose to 1—FOR—1—FOOTING with THE—USA—CURRENCY, hitting its strongest level, boosted by rising commodity prices and expectations for higher domestic interest rates.
20100406—20100402    —IN—THE, 7—PRISON guards were reported arrested for alleged complicity jailbreak in Reynosa.
20100406—20100506    —ON, PRIME—MINISTER—GORDON—BROWN announced that Britain will hold a national election.
20110406             ALABAMA, a parking lot shooting in Opelika left 1—WOMAN dead.
20110406             The estranged wife of THOMAS—FRANKLIN—MAY (34) and another woman were wounded.
20110406             —RELATED, It was all, to a domestic problem and was preplanned.
20110406             —ARRESTED, The next day May was, after he walked up to journalists and said he was the man authorities were after.
20110406             Virgin America Flight VX2001 became the 1. to land at S—FRANCISCO—NEWLY remodeled Terminal 2. 19540000             —THE—STRUCTURE had just undergone a $383—MILLION upgrade.
20110406             —BASED, Dish Network Corp., in ENGLEWOOD—COLORADO, said that it won the auction for Blockbuster INCORPORATED with a bid valued at $228—MILLION in cash.
20110406             —FILED, The Dallas MOVIE—RENTAL chain had, for Chapter 11—BANKRUPTCY protection in September.
20110406             —DECREASED, DISH—BID was for $320—MILLION, but the value, to $228—MILLION after adjusting for available cash and inventory.
20110406             THE—AUSTRALIA—MILITARY was hit by another scandal after a young army recruit allegedly filmed himself having sex with a female cadet and broadcast it via Skype to his friends.
20110406             —ARRESTED, EGYPT, authorities, MOHAMMED—IBRAHIM—SULEIMAN, the former housing minister (19930000—20060000    ), on suspicion he was involved in the illegal sale of state lands for CUT—RATE prices.
20110406             —INVESTIGATED, SULEIMAN—SUCCESSOR, AHMED—MAGHRABI, was also being.
20110406             —REFUSED, FRANCE—TOP court, to allow citizenship for 10—YEAR—OLD twin girls born to a surrogate mother in CALIFORNIA, affirming FRANCE—LEGAL ban on surrogacy.
20110406             THE—GERMANY—GOVERNMENT said it is providing an extra euro14 million ($19.9—MILLION) in funding for child immunization in the developing world as part of an agreement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
20110406             —ATTACKED, ISRAEL—AIRCRAFT, 2—TARGETS in the Gaza Strip, wounding 4—PEOPLE, among them a pregnant woman.
20110406             A group of prominent Israelis, many of them former defense chiefs, launched a new peace plan calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state with JERUSALEM as its capital.
20110406             IVORY—COAST forces loyal to presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara launched a heavy attack on the bunker where Laurent Gbagbo was defying efforts to force him to cede power.
20110406             —HALTED, JAPAN, workers, a leak of highly radioactive water into the ocean that had raised concerns about the safety of seafood.
20110406             —CONTAMINATED, Officials did not rule out the chance of, water still leaking into the sea from other points.
20110406             —PREPARED, Engineers, to inject nitrogen into containment vessels around the cores to deter any hydrogen explosions.
20110406             LIBYA—DEPUTY foreign minister Khaled Kaim said in Tripoli that Moamer KADHAFI—REGIME will talk with the rebels about reforms provided they lay down their arms.
20110406             —PLEDGED, FRANCE, to open a sea corridor to the besieged city of Misrata.
20110406             —REGAINED, Rebels, ground in a new advance on an oil port but accused NATO of inaction hindering their quest to oust Gaddafi.
20110406             Between 130 and 250—PEOPLE were missing and at least 20—APPEARED to be dead after a boat carrying refugees from LIBYA capsized south of Sicily.
20110406             53—SURVIVORS were plucked from the sea and 150—REMAINED missing.
20110406             MEXICO—PUBLIC—SAFETY—SECRETARY—GENARO—GARCIA—LUNA said drug cartels are increasingly recruiting common criminals and quickly converting them into killers.
20110406             —KILLED, THE—UNITED—NATIONS said 62—PEOPLE have been, and thousands forced from their homes since the start of the year by flooding in northern NAMIBIA.
20110406             More rains in northern NAMIBIA were forecast for the coming days.
20110406             NIGERIA, 3—MOTORCYCLE—MOUNTED gunmen, members of Boko Haram, killed 2—PASSERS—BY in Maiduguri.
20110406             1—OF the suspects was shot dead after a police chase.
20110406             A senior immigration official said NIGERIA has deported 87—NIGER nationals over fears they could be involved in election rigging during this month's rescheduled polls.
20110406             —TORCHED, SOUTH—WEST—PAKISTAN, gunmen, 2—NATO oil tankers in SOUTH—WEST—BALUCHISTAN province as they traveled to AFGHANISTAN.
20110406             4—BOYS were killed by an abandoned explosive device that went off in NORTH—WEST—PAKISTAN.
20110406             —CRITICIZED, Human Rights Watch, Palestinian security forces in THE—WEST—BANK and Gaza Strip for what it said was an increase in attacks on local journalists, including arbitrary detentions and abuse.
20110406             —ARMED, In THE—PHILIPPINES, tribesmen under pressure from government troops abandoned 13—HOSTAGES they held 6—DAYS to demand the release of jailed relatives, then escaped in the southern jungle.
20110406             —APPLIED, PORTUGAL, to THE—EU for help after paying prohibitively high interest rates to raise badly needed fresh funds to cover mounting debt as the market bet it will have to seek a bailout sooner rather than later.
20110406             —CLOSED, Syria, the country's only casino and reversed a decision that bans teachers from wearing the Islamic veil, moves seen an attempt to reach out to conservative Muslims ahead of calls for PRO—DEMOCRACY demonstrations.
20110406             —LAUNCHED, TURKEY, a probe into allegations that the state agency which makes the university entrance exams had devised a code so that students deemed to be PRO—GOVERNMENT could score high points.
20110406             Some 1.7—MILLION students took the exam 20110327             —1—, and those who pass will take another exam in June.
20110406             YEMEN, tens of THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, defying a deadly government crackdown, poured into the streets of Taiz in ongoing protests against longtime PRESIDENT—ALI—ABDULLAH—SALEH.
20110406             —KILLED, At least 24—PEOPLE were, over the last 24—HOURS.
20110406             † Mike Campbell 978), white ZIMBABWE farmer.
20110406—20070000    —IN, he PRESIDENT—MUGABE before the tribunal of THE—SOUTH—AFRICAN—DEVELOPMENT—COMMUNITY to protect his property and won his suit.
20110406—20080600    —IN, he was left brain damaged after thugs broke into his house and severely beat him.
20120329             —HAD—BEEN—INVITED, The clerics, by THE—FRANCE—ISLAMIC—UNION to speak 20120406             —1—-9 at a congress in Le Bourget near Paris.
20120406             —CRASHED, A—USA—NAVY F/A—18—HORNET jet, into the courtyard of a VIRGINIA Beach apartment complex after taking off from USA Naval Air Station Oceana.
20120406             —EJECTED, THE—2—PILOTS, safely before impact.
20120406             There were no deaths in the crash.
20120406             † CALIFORNIA artist THOMAS—KINKADE (54).
20120406             His brushwork paintings of idyllic landscapes, cottages and churches were big sellers for dealers across the country.
20120406             —ARRESTED, INDIANA, RICHARD—LEON—FINKBINDER (39) was, and charged with coercing 2—TEENAGE boys into performing online sex acts for him by threatening to post on gay porn sites videos he secretly made of them.
20120406             —DEVELOPED, The Transition Roadable Aircraft, by Terrafugia, INCORPORATED, made its auto show debut at 20120000             —THE—NEW—YORK—INTERNATIONAL—AUTO—SHOW.
20120406             —PRICED, THE—MASSACHUSETTS firm, the commercial flying car at $279,000.
20120406             OKLAHOMA, a series of EARLY—MORNING shootings left 3—PEOPLE killed and 2—OTHERS critically wounded within a 3-mile span of north Tulsa.
20120406             —CONFESSED, Both men soon, to the shootings.
20120406             4—AFGHANISTAN—POLICEMEN were killed in 3—SEPARATE incidents in Helmand province.
20120406             A fuel tanker overturned and caught fire, killing 7—PEOPLE.
20120406             A suicide bomber assassinated the head of the peace council in Kunar province.
20120406             † His son in a hospital where he and the bodyguard were treated for their injuries.
20120406             † A NATO service member following an insurgent attack in the east.
20120406             A member of the Islamic Movement of UZBEKISTAN (IMU), an AL—QAIDA—LINKED group who helped finance attacks against Afghan and foreign forces, was captured in Faryab province.
20120406             —SUSPECTED, AZERBAIJAN said members of a, terrorist group have been arrested.
20120406             1—SECURITY officer was shot and killed and 3—OTHERS were wounded in a skirmish during the arrests, and 1—SUSPECT was also killed.
20120406             Officials later said the group had links to AL—QAIDA and some trained in neighboring IRAN.
20120406             —CHANTED, BAHRAIN, THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, slogans in support of a jailed human rights activist whose nearly 2-month hunger strike has become a powerful rallying point for the tiny nation's SHIITE—LED uprising against the Sunni monarchy.
20120406             —MOVED, Zainab AL—KHAWAJA was, to prison after being detained during widespread protests for her father, Abdulhadi AL—KHAWAJA, whose declining health has brought INTERNATIONAL appeals for intervention.
20120406             —INDICTED, CHINA—XINHUA—NEWS—AGENCY said authorities have, 5—PEOPLE in central CHINA for involvement in illegal organ trading after a teenager sold 1—OF—HIS kidneys to buy an iPhone and an iPad.
20120406             2—CHINA—POLITICAL websites, Mao Flag and Utopia, said they had been ordered by authorities to shut for a month for criticizing state leaders, the latest move in a broad government crackdown on the Internet.
20120406             CHINA—DISSIDENT Fang Lizhi (76), a key figure in THE—PRO—DEMOCRACY movement behind 19890000             —THE—TIANANMEN—SQUARE protests, † in THE—USA.
20120406             A CHINA—CARGO ship was hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of OMAN, not far off the south of IRAN.
20120406             —OWNED, The Xianghuamen, by Yuanyang shipping company, was sailing with a crew of 28. IRAN—NAVY rescued THE—28—CREW members and detained 9—SOMALIA—PIRATES.
20120406             CUBA, Good Friday was an official holiday for the 1. time in a half century, but few ROMAN—CATHOLICS on the island seemed to be using the day off to attend MASSACHUSETTS The Communist government declared the holiday to honor a request that BENEDICT—XVI—PAPA made during last week's visit.
20120406             GUATEMALA—AUTHORITIES said they have begun to see new and disturbing evidence of an alliance between the Mara Salvatrucha street gangs and Zetas, THE—MEXICO—PARAMILITARY drug cartel.
20120406             INDIA—POLICE said a FRANCE—SCHOOL teacher (25-30) has been found murdered in a New Delhi guesthouse located in a rundown district popular with backpackers in the heart of the capital.
20120406             —PERCEIVED, New Delhi is widely, as an unsafe city for women.
20120406             Among THE—35—BIGGEST cities in the country, it had the largest numbers of crime cases against women.
20120406             —CLOSED, THE—ISRAEL—ARMY, THE—WEST—BANK border for the 1. 2—DAYS of the Passover holiday, which began today at sundown.
20120406             —DECLARED, MALI—TUAREG rebels, independence in the north, a move shot down by Islamist insurgents and THE—INTERNATIONAL community.
20120406             —MOVED, The Islamist group, Ansar Dine under Iyad ag Ghali, in alongside THE—MNLA but has given short shrift to their independence plans.
20120406             —AGREED, The military junta, to give up power under a deal with WEST—AFRICAN bloc ECOWAS in return for amnesty and a lifting of sanctions.
20120406             The new interim president would be Dioncounda Traore, the parliament speaker.
20120406             —KILLED, SOUTH—EAST—NIGER, 4—CHINA—PASSENGERS and 2—FRANCE—PILOTS were, when their helicopter crashed in an oil field.
20120406             PAKISTAN, THOUSANDS—OF—ISLAMIST activists hit the streets, demanding holy war and torching USA flags to condemn a $10—MILLION bounty slapped on Hafiz Saeed, THE—FOUNDER—OF—THE—LASHKAR e-Taiba (LeT) terror group.
20120406             —GATHERED, In THE—PHILIPPINES THOUSANDS—OF—PEOPLE, in villages to watch devotees being nailed to crosses as they marked Good Friday by RE—ENACTING JESUS CHRIST—SUFFERING, a yearly rite that continues even as church leaders discourage the practice.
20120406             A RUSSIAN—UKRAINE—CREW of 8 on board the 29-meter Scorpius yacht, that set sail in September on an historic expedition around the South and North Poles, went missing in the Antarctic.
20120406             —CONDUCTED, SYRIA—TROOPS, raids in the suburbs of Saqba and Douma following overnight clashes with army defectors in Saqba and the nearby suburb of Arbeen, where 3—MEMBERS of the military were reported killed.
20120406             A CEASE—FIRE was expected to begin 20120412             —1—.
20120406             —MARCHED, Tens of THOUSANDS—OF—PROTESTERS, in towns across Syria, calling for the ouster of the Assad regime.
20120406             —FIRED, YEMEN—PRESIDENT—ABED—RABU—MANSOUR—HADI, 4—GOVERNORS and over 12—MILITARY generals, loyalists to the old regime.
20120406             † 2—SUSPECTED AL—QAEDA suicide bombers when their payload exploded short of their intended target in Aden.
20120406—20110000    —SINCE, A CHINA—COMPANY has been producing oil in the desert region.
20120406—20120408    —ON, police arrested 2—WHITE men, JAKE—ENGLAND (19) and ALVIN—WATTS (32) in connection with the shootings.
20120406—20120408    —ON, A suspect was arrested.
20120406—20120413    —ON, they were charged with 1. degree murder.
20120406—20120416    —VOM—BIS, wurde 1—ÄHNLICHE Erscheinung an etwa derselben Stelle beobachtet.
20130404—20130406    —ON, she reappeared in an interview on FRANCE—CABLE TV station Canal Plus saying she fears for her life and wants to take refuge abroad.
20130406             FLORIDA state officials said an annual toxic red algae bloom has killed 241—OF the state's roughly 5,000 endangered manatees.
20130406             NEVADA, the body of WILLIAM—MCCUNE (62), the state's chief insurance inspector, was found in THE—CARSON—RIVER in CARSON—CITY.
20130406             4—SUSPECTS, believed to have stolen property, were arrested in the case.
20130406             SOUTH—AFGHANISTAN, 3—USA—SERVICE members, 2—USA—CIVILIANS and a doctor were killed in a suicide attack on a convoy in Zabul province.
20130406             Anne Smedinghoff (25) became the 1. USA diplomat to die in AFGHANISTAN.
20130406             —KILLED, Another USA—CIVILIAN was, in a 2—DAY—AFGHAN—LED military operation in Kunar province that left as many as 11—SUSPECTED Taliban militants dead including Taliban commander ALI—KHAN.
20130406             A related USA airstrike killed also killed 17—AFGHANISTAN—CIVILIANS, including 12—CHILDREN.
20130406             GENERAL—MARTIN—DEMPSEY, THE—USA—MILITARY—TOP officer, began a weekend visit.
20130406             —URGED, AL—QAIDA—LEADER AYMAN—AL—ZAWAHRI, Muslims in Arab Spring countries to unite to institute an Islamic state.
20130406             His  103-minute audio message was —POSTED on militant websites.
20130406             BANGLADESH, HUNDREDS—OF—THOUSANDS—OF—MEMBERS of Hefajat-e-Islam, a HARD—LINE Muslim group, rallied in Dhaka with 13—DEMANDS including the introduction of antiblasphemy laws to punish people who insult Islam.
20130406             CENTRAL—AFRICAN—REPUBLIC—SELF—APPOINTED leader, Michel Djotodia, said he's created a new council that now will choose a president to lead the country until elections can be held.
20130406             —REPORTED, CHINA—OFFICIALS in Shanghai, 2—MORE cases of H7N9 bird flu, raising the number of cases in EAST—CHINA to 18, including 6—DEATHS.
20130406             —REPORTED, It was later, that 27—DAYS elapsed between the 1. death from H7N9 and its public announcement.
20130406             —ERUPTED, EGYPT, Clashes between EGYPT—MUSLIMS and Christians, in Shubra EL—KHEIMA, a suburb north of Cairo, leaving at least 5—PEOPLE dead.
20130406             —DOUSED, Attackers, Saber Helal (26), a Copticf Christian, with gasoline and set him on fire.
20130406             —STARTED, Police said the clashes, when young Muslims drew inflammatory symbols on an Islamic institute and a local mosque.
20130406             —SPARKED, Residents had different accounts of what, the violence.
20130406             A Cairo court dismissed a lawsuit filed by an Islamist lawyer demanding that Bassem Youssef's "ElBernameg," or "The Program,"  TV show be banned for allegedly insulting the president and containing excessive sexual innuendo.
20130406             Tokyo Electric Power said almost 32,000 gallons of radioactive water has leaked from a large underground storage pool at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
20130406             Tepco said emptying the pool could take 5—DAYS and another 12,000 gallons could leak.
20130406             —FAILED, KAZAKHSTAN—IRAN and 6—WORLD powers, to reach agreement on an approach to reducing fears that Tehran might use its nuclear technology to make weapons.
20130406             —DECLARED, THE—EU—FOREIGN policy chief, that THE—2—SIDES "remain far apart on substance".
20130406             —ASKED, LEBANON—PRESIDENT—MICHEL—SULEIMAN, TAMMAM—SALAM (68) to form a new Cabinet.
20130406             The Beirut legislator and former culture minister was chosen for the job by 124—MEMBERS of the 128-seat parliament.
20130406             —KILLED, IRAQ, a suicide bomber, 20—PEOPLE and wounded dozens at a political rally for a Sunni candidate in Baqouba.
20130406             An IRAQ—SHIITE militant group, the Hezbollah Brigades, said 1—OF—ITS members, Arfad Mohsen AL—HEMEDAWI, was killed in Syria.
20130406             —KILLED, In central NIGERIA at least 11—PEOPLE were, in ongoing fighting between Christian and Muslim villagers in the region.
20130406             North KOREA—KAESONG industrial complex, the last vestige of cooperation with the South, moved closer to paralysis as nearly 100—SOUTH—KOREAN—WORKERS went home across a border that Pyongyang has closed in the return direction.
20130406             —APPEALED, The influential SERBIA—ORTHODOX—CHURCH, against a deal with Kosovo Albanians that would pave the way for SERBIA—EUROPEAN—UNION membership.
20130406             SWEDEN—BASED Ikea said it has withdrawn 17,000 portions of moose lasagna from its home furnishings stores in Europe after traces of pork were found in a batch tested in BELGIUM.
20130406             A SYRIA—GOVERNMENT airstrike on a heavily contested neighborhood in the city of Aleppo killed at least 15—PEOPLE, including 9—CHILDREN.
20130406             —CLASHED, Government troops, with rebels in the town of Otaybah.
20130406             DAMASCUS, several mortar rounds hit areas near the Tishrin football stadium, killing 1—PERSON and wounding at least 13.
20130406             —EXPERIENCED, ITALY—JOURNALIST—DOMENCIO—QUIRICO (62), an, war reporter, entered Syria from LEBANON, and was heading to the Homs area when he went missing.
20130406             Quirico and BELGIUM—NATIONAL Pierre Piccinin, a historian and teacher also kidnapped in April, were released in September.
20130406             —NAMED, FRANCIS—PAPA, a SPAIN—FRANCISCAN to be THE—NUMBER 2 at THE—VATICAN—OFFICE for religious orders, his 1. appointment to THE—VATICAN bureaucracy.
20130406             —ELEVATED, Jose Rodriguez (60), who also was, to archbishop, replaced USA Archbishop JOSEPH—TOBIN, who was transferred from THE—HIGH—RANKING VATICAN post to a Midwestern USA archdiocese following his efforts to mediate tensions between THE—VATICAN and USA—NUNS.
20130406—20130322    —ON, The product had only been on sale for a month when it was pulled off the shelves.
20130406—20130404    —ON, McCune was reported missing.
20130406—20130411    —ON, Helal † of hiw wounds.
20140406             MICKEY—ROONEY (19200000              *), USA—STAGE and screen star, † in SOUTH—CALIFORNIA.
20140406             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, a roadside bomb, 2—AFGHANISTAN—ELECTION workers and 1—POLICEMAN and destroyed DOZENS—OF—BALLOT papers in Kunduz province.
20140406             —PICKED, THE—AUSTRALIA—NAVY ship Ocean Shield, up 2—SEPARATE signals late last night and early today in seas far off THE—WEST—AUSTRALIA—COAST.
20140406             Confirmation that the signals belong to MALAYSIA—FLIGHT 370's black boxes could take days.
20140406             Officials in THE—BAHAMAS said the charred corpses of 3—MEN and 1—WOMEN were found under burning tires on the uninhabited ANGUILLA Cay.
20140406             Investigators said the people may have been HAITI—MIGRANTS.
20140406             LONDON, 3—WOMEN from THE—UNITED—ARAB—EMIRATES were in hospital after being savagely attacked in their room at the 4-star Cumberland Hotel by a man wielding a hammer.
20140406             A woman (31) was also arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.
20140406             CHILE, a fire tore through a nursing home in Paillaco killing 9—RESIDENTS and their caretaker.
20140406             COSTA—RICA held presidential elections.
20140406             —FACED, Historian and former diplomat LUIS—GUILLERMO—SOLIS (55), no opposition in THE—RUN—OFF election.
20140406             SOUTH—EGYPT, clashes between an Arab clan and a Nubian family resumed in Aswan, killing 2—PEOPLE and wounding 4. The bloody feud began after a fight last week between school students drew in adults.
20140406             HUNGARY held elections.
20140406             PRIME—MINISTER—VIKTOR—ORBAN—FIDESZ party won the parliamentary elections by a wide margin, with a LEFT—WING coalition and THE—FAR—RIGHT Jobbik party in 2. place.
20140406             An official projection gave ORBAN—FIDESZ party 133—OF 199—PARLIAMENT seats, guaranteeing it will form the next government.
20140406             —KIDNAPPED, IRAQ, gunmen near Baghdad, and later shot to death 6—MEN, the deadliest of a series of attacks that killed at least 15—PEOPLE across the country.
20140406             —ATTACKED, ISRAEL—WARPLANES, several sites in the Gaza Strip, hours after a rocket from the Palestinian enclave hit the Jewish state.
20140406             —ERUPTED, JORDAN—OFFICIALS said bloody riots have, at the largest camp for SYRIA—REFUGEES, leaving at least 1—REFUGEE dead by gunshot and 31—PEOPLE wounded.
20140406             A key LIBYA—MILITIA in the east agreed to hand back control of 4—OIL terminals it captured and shut down last summer in its demand for a share in oil revenues.
20140406             MOROCCO, THOUSANDS—OF—WORKERS, teachers and civil servants marched through downtown Casablanca to protest austerity plans put in place by the government to control runaway spending.
20140406             —KILLED, SYRIA, at least 13—REBEL fighters were, in a vehicle explosion in Homs.
20140406             —REPORTED, At least 5—PEOPLE including 3—CHILDREN were, killed in the Damascus suburb of Douma during shelling by government forces.
20140406             2—PEOPLE were killed and 8—WOUNDED when mortar fire hit the grounds of the Damascus Opera House.
20140406             —KILLED, Several rebels were, while they were rigging a car with explosives in Homs.
20140406             —SUSPECTED, SOUTH—THAILAND, Muslim insurgents launched a wave of attacks in Yala that killed 1—PERSON and wounded 24—OTHERS.
20140406             UKRAINE, about 50—PRO—RUSSIA—PROTESTERS broke through police lines and stormed inside the main administration building in the eastern city of Donetsk.
20140406             —SEIZED, PRO—RUSSIA—ACTIVISTS, government buildings in at least 3—CITIES.
20140406             SEXISMUS—DEBATTE: Brüderle sieht sich als Opfer 1—MEDIEN—KAMPAGNE
20140406             SPANNUNGEN—MIT—NORD—KOREA: USA schicken weitere Zerstörer nach JAPAN
20140406             814.000.000—WAHLBERECHTIGTE in INDIEN: Der Kraftakt
20140406             Havarierte Segelyacht, USA—STREIT—KRÄFTE retten krankes Baby auf hoher See
20140406             —KRISEN—LAND in WEST—AFRIKA: Regierung in MALI tritt zurück
20140406             NOT—OPS: SCHOCK—KÜHLUNG soll Menschenleben retten
20140406             EEG—REFORM: ÖKO—STROM—DEAL kostet private STROM—KUNDEN MILLIARDEN
20140406             Holcim und Lafarge: ZEMENT—HERSTELLER planen Fusion zu WELT—MARKT—FÜHRER
20140406—20140408    —ON, officers arrested 3—MEN aged 56, 34 and 32 on suspicion of attempted murder following raids at addresses in north London.
20150404—20150406    —ON, THE—HEAD—OF—JONATHAN—CAMILIEN was found in the apartment of CARLOS—COLINA (32), who was arraigned.
20150406             MARYLAND, Rodney Todd (36) was found dead with his 7—CHILDREN in PRINCESS—ANNE following carbon monoxide poisoning from a generator they were using after the power company cut off their heat.
20150406             AFGHANISTAN—TRADERS shut up their shops in Kabul and marched through the streets to protest tax hikes.
20150406             —KILLED, Elsewhere roadside bombing targeting police, at least 10—PEOPLE.
20150406             —REPORTED, At least 5—PEOPLE were, killed in heavy flooding in the northern province of Baghlan.
20150406             LONDON—JEWELRY industry found that thieves had got away with a record haul of diamonds after a brazen heist in Hatton Garden netted an estimated £200—MILLION worth (275—MILLION euro, $300—MILLION) of gems over the Easter weekend.
20150406             —CONVICTED, HUGH—DOYLE (52) of Enfield, was, of concealing, converting or transferring criminal property.
20150406             —CONVICTED, Altogether 6—MEN between the ages of 49 and 77 were, of tunneling into the vault.
20150406             CANADA—HEALTH authorities said 2—TURKEY farms in Ontario have been placed under quarantine after H5 bird flu was detected in 1—OF—THEM.
20150406             —SEIZED, Croatian police, more than 140—KG (308—POUNDS) of heroin on a border crossing with Serbia.
20150406             A Turkish and a GERMANY—CITIZEN were arrested on the Bajakovo border crossing.
20150406             —REPORTED, DUBAI, 20—8—MEN and women were, fined or jailed for attending an ALCOHOL—FUELLED sex party on a yacht.
20150406             IRAN, an attack by gunmen in the volatile southeast near the border with PAKISTAN killed 8—IRAN—BORDER guards.
20150406             —REPORTED, IRAN—OFFICIAL news agency, that the country's powerful Revolutionary Guard has broken up a militant group linked to a "foreign intelligence" agency and killed its members.
20150406             An attack by gunmen in the volatile southeast near the border with PAKISTAN killed 8—IRAN—BORDER guards.
20150406             IRAQ—FORENSIC teams began excavating 11—SUSPECTED mass grave sites thought to hold the corpses of as many as 1,700 soldiers massacred last summer by Islamic State militants as they swept across northern IRAQ.
20150406             A DNA database registered 1,686 cadets as missing.
20150406             —TARGETED, IRAQ, USA—LED forces, Islamic State militants with 8—AIR strikes and conducted 5—AIR strikes in Syria over the last 24—HOURS.
20150406             —CRASHED, JORDAN, a training propeller airplane, during a routine flight, killing 2—PILOTS onboard.
20150406             —SUSPECTED, KASHMIR, rebels fatally shot 3—UNARMED policemen in SOUTH—AMSHIPORE village.
20150406             —DESTROYED, THE—KENYA—AIR force said it has, 2—AL Shabaab camps in SOMALIA, in the 1. major military response since the Islamist group massacred students at KENYA—GARISSA—UNIVERSITY last week.
20150406             —KILLED, WEST—MEXICO, as many as 15—STATE police were, in the ambush at Soyatan, Jalisco state.
20150406             —PLAGUED, The state has been, by the Jalisco New Generation (JNG), a violent drug cartel that crime experts now regard as 1—OF the biggest threats to security in the country.
20150406             RUSSIA, talks began in Moscow on ending the war in Syria, but the absence of key opposition groups meant there was little hope of progress in resolving the conflict.
20150406             —KILLED, RWANDA—REBELS in EAST—DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO, around 10—SOLDIERS in an ambush in the Masisi region of north Kivu province.
20150406             —BEHEADED, SAUDI—ARABIA, Saleh AL—YAMI for drug trafficking, raising to 57 the number of executions it has carried out so far this year.
20150406             —CLASHED, SYRIA, Palestinian fighters, with Islamic State militants in the heavily contested Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus as a UN official described the situation in the embattled camp as "beyond inhumane" for some 18,000 residents.
20150406             —KIDNAPPED, NORTH—WEST—SYRIA, Islamist fighters, some 300—KURDISH civilians at a checkpoint in Dana, Idlib province.
20150406             A wooden migrant boat sank in the Aegean off THE—TURKEY—COAST of Datca late today.
20150406             —RECOVERED, THE—TURKEY—COAST—GUARD, 8—BODIES, rescued 9—PEOPLE and 3—REMAINED missing.
20150406             —LIFTED, UKRAINE—PRESIDENT—PETRO—POROSHENKO publicly, his objections to a referendum that could give more powers to the restive regions engulfed in more than a year of warfare, reversing his government's previous position.
20150406             —DISMISSED, RUSSIA—BACKED separatists, however, POROSHENKO—GESTURE as meaningless.
20150406             —RAGED, SOUTH—YEMEN, fierce clashes, between rebels and loyalists, leaving 114—DEAD in 24—HOURS.
20150406             —FACED, The Red Cross, delays to urgently needed aid deliveries.
20150406             —KILLED, SOUTH—ZAMBIA, 17—PEOPLE were, when a light truck they were in hit a shop before turning over in Mazabuka.
20150406             [l] Aus der beliebten Kategorie "Was man so zu nächtlicher Stunde durchs PARLAMENT schiebt", heute: In BRITEN können Kommunen sich jetzt nicht mehr dagegen wehren, dass bei ihnen ATOM—MÜLL gelagert wird.
20150406             NUCLEAR—WASTE—DUMPS can be imposed on local communities without their support under a new law rushed through in the final hours of parliament.
20150406             [l] CHELSEA—MANNING hat jetzt 1—TWITTER—ACCOUNT.
20150406             [l] DER—FORTSCHRITT ist nicht aufzuhalten!
20150406             WALL—STREET —CHEFs kassieren nur noch 124-mal so viel wie ihre Angestellten
20150406             [l] 1—FRANZÖSISCHES Gericht hat 1—DER FOLTER—KNECHTE aus DEN—USA vorgeladen.
20150406             [l] In NEW—YORK haben ein paar Künstler 1.fette Büste von EDWARD—SNOWDEN errichtet.
20150406—20111100    —IN, MALI, FRANCE—SPECIAL forces, in an operation that killed several jihadists, rescued HOLLAND—TRAIN driver Sjaak Rijke, kidnapped, in Timbuktu by AL—QAEDA—NORTH Africa arm.
20150406—20150328    —ON, The family was last seen and Delmarva Power was subpoenaed to document its role.
20150406—20160114    —ON, CARL—WOOD (58) of Cheshunt, WILLIAM—LINCOLN (60) of Bethnal Green, were convicted of conspiracy to burgle.
20160406             —CONDUCTED, THE—USA and its allies, 27—STRIKES against Islamic State in IRAQ and Syria.
20160406             Merle Haggard (19370000              *), USA—COUNTRY music star, † at his home in REDDING—CALIFORNIA.
20160406             KANSAS and OKLAHOMA authorities said wildfires this week have burned through THOUSANDS—OF—ACRES, scorched numerous structures and prompted HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE to evacuate their homes ahead of the blazes.
20160406             —CRASHED, In northern ALBANIA a military helicopter, at Shkodra Lake, killing 2—CREW members and injuring the other.
20160406             —EXPRESSED, BANGLADESH, Nazimuddin Samad, a student who, PRO—ATHEIST views online, was hacked to death as he walked with a friend in Dhaka.
20160406             BENIN, businessman Patrice Talon (57) was sworn in as the country's new president after winning last month's elections.
20160406             Junior doctors in ENGLAND—HOSPITALS went on strike again, withdrawing all but emergency care in their 4. WALK—OUT in a bitter dispute with the government over working conditions.
20160406             —LAUNCHED, CHINA—PRESIDENT—XI—JINPING, another ideological campaign named "2—STUDIES, 1—ACTION," aimed to strengthen the Marxist stance of Communist Party members and keep them in line with party leadership.
20160406             EGYPT—BASED Nilesat satellite operator cut transmission of HEZBOLLAH—TELEVISION channel AL—MANAR amid rising tensions between THE—LEBANON—SHIITE group's backer IRAN and Sunni powerhouse SAUDI—ARABIA.
20160406             A Paris court convicted JEAN—MARIE Le Pen (87), founder and former HEAD—OF—FRANCE—FAR—RIGHT—NATIONAL—FRONT party, of denying crimes against humanity for repeating that the Nazi gas chambers are a "detail" of —WWII history.
20160406             FRANCE—LOWER house of parliament held a final vote on a bill against prostitution and sex trafficking that bans buying sex, not selling it.
20160406             Customers would face fines and be required to attend classes on the harms of prostitution.
20160406             FRANCE—ECONOMICS minister EMMANUEL—MACRON and BENJAMIN—GRIVEAUX CO—FOUNDED the En Marche! (On the Move!) political movement.
20160406             —RESCUED, ITALY—COAST guard, more than 300—MIGRANTS from a packed boat in which they had traveled HUNDREDS—OF—KM (miles) from EGYPT to the Strait of Sicily.
20160406             —REPORTED, It was, that CHINA—AUTHOR Cao Wenxuan and GERMANY—ILLUSTRATOR Rotraut Susanne Berner have been awarded the Hans CHRISTIAN—ANDERSEN—PRIZE for children's literature during the Bologna CHILDREN—BOOK—FAIR.
20160406             A JAPAN—MILITARY jet carrying 6—AIRMEN disappeared from radar over SOUTH—JAPAN.
20160406             —MOVED, LIBYA—UN—BACKED unity government, to cement control over the country's finances and institutions after the rival administration in Tripoli ceded power in a boost to efforts to end years of chaos.
20160406             —SIGNED, MYANMAR—PRESIDENT—HTIN—KYAW, a bill giving Aung S—SUU—KYI a new role of state adviser, shoring up her influence across all branches of government despite vehement opposition from THE—STILL—POWERFUL military.
20160406             HOLLAND—VOTERS went to the polls and rejected a key EU pact with UKRAINE in a referendum triggered by grassroots eurosceptic groups and seen as a yardstick on ties with Brussels.
20160406             —APPROVED, PUERTO—RICO—HOUSE—OF—REPRESENTATIVES, a bill that would allow THE—USA—TERRITORY—GOVERNOR to declare a fiscal emergency and implement a debt moratorium to prevent a shutdown of basic government services.
20160406             SOUTH—AFRICA'S 1. National Bank (FNB) said it has has closed the accounts of a company owned by the wealthy Gupta family, the latest example of companies cutting ties with the Guptas following allegations over their relationship with PRESIDENT—JACOB—ZUMA.
20160406             —SENTENCED, SUDAN, an ANTI—TERRORISM court in Khartoum, 22—SOUTH—SUDAN—NATIONALS to death and 3—OTHERS to life in prison for belonging to a militant group in Darfur.
20160406             In honor of the 250. anniversary of SWEDEN—ABOLISHMENT of censorship, the country's SWEDEN—TOURIST—ASSOCIATION debuted its newest marketing strategy: 1-800-CALL-A-SWEDE.
20160406             Interested people worldwide can, however, call 46-771-793-336 to speak to a random SWEDEN—VOLUNTEER about anything and everything.
20160406             —RAIDED, SWITZERLAND—POLICE, the headquarters of the European soccer body UEFA in Nyon to gather information about a contract signed by Gianni Infantino, now head of the global soccer body FIFA, that was reported in THE—PANAMA Papers.
20160406             —LAUNCHED, THE—SYRIA—ARMY and its allies, a major attack on insurgents south of Aleppo, described as the fiercest government assault in the area since an agreement to ease the fighting came into effect in February.
20160406             —LAUNCHED, Islamic State fighters, attacks on GOVERNMENT—HELD areas near Damascus overnight.
20160406             —REPORTED, It was, that THE—PANAMA Papers revealed that SYRIA—REGIME has avoided INTERNATIONAL sanctions and funded its war effort through 3—SHADOWY companies in THE—SEYCHELLES.
20160406             —DECREED, VENEZUELA—PRESIDENT—NICOLAS—MADURO, that all Fridays for the next 2—MONTHS will be holidays for state workers, in a bid to save energy in THE—BLACKOUT—HIT OPEC country.
20160406             —VORSTOß FRANKREICHs: PANAMA soll wieder auf die SCHWARZE—LISTE
20160406             PANAMA—PAPERS: Endlich Härte zeigen
20160406             Weltenbummler des MITTEL—ALTERS: 10—DINGE, die Reisende VON—IBN—BATTUTA lernen können
20160406             Elitetruppe für RUSSLAND—PRÄSIDENT—PUTIN schafft neue NATIONAL—GARDE
20160406             1—USA—STADT—S—FRANCISCO führt bezahlte Elternzeit ein
20160406             kurz & krass: "Keine Bewegung!"- POLIZISTEN stoppen spielende Kinder
20160406             INDONESIEN: Seltenes SUMATRA—NASHORN gestorben
20160406             FRANKREICH—PRÄSIDENT—HOLLANDE im Interview lobt deutsche Solidarität mit FLÜCHTLINGEn
20160406             Rivale des Eiffelturms: Eine "Sonnensäule"sollte ganz PARIS erleuchten
20160406             —FLÜCHTLINGS—ROUTEN nach EUROPA: Schmuggler locken mit neuen Angeboten
20160406             SATIRE—MAGAZIN—CHARLIE—HEBDO titelt mit "Je suis PANAMA"—KARIKATUR
20160406             Frag den Anwalt: Kann mich mein —CHEF—ZWINGEN, den Ehering abzuziehen?
20160406             BANKEN: Wie man Kontogebühren vermeiden kann
20160406             Entführung in Arbil: IRAKer lassen Mitarbeiterin DER—LINKEN frei
20160406             Der Mann aus dem Maghreb, der mit seinem Reisebuch "Rihla"eines der bedeutendsten Werke des MITTEL—ALTERS schrieb, war Abenteurer, Forscher, Gelehrter, Diplomat und Reporter in einem.
20160406             Als überzeugter Muslim bewegte er sich vorwiegend unter Glaubensbrüdern, was nicht allzu schwer war in der —DAMALS, weitgehend vom ISLAM beherrschten, schon erstaunlich globalisierten Welt.
20160406             Aber mit jedem Satz in seinen Memoiren ZEUGT—IBN—BATTUTA von 1—ERSTAUNLICHEN Toleranz und Aufgeschlossenheit gegenüber anderen Kulturen und jenseits aller Grenzen.
20160406             Er aber suchte interessantere, individuelle, gänzliche unerforschte Routen, und er dachte nicht daran, wie von seinen Eltern geplant und erwartet, nach den vollzogenen Riten des Hadsch wieder in DIE—HEIMAT zurückzukehren.
20160406             —IBN—BATTUTA war 1—BEGNADETER Erzähler und wusste um seine Fähigkeiten, Zuhörer zu begeistern.
20160406             Den Mann aus TANGER, als rastloser Reporter 1.Art Vorgänger von Egon Erwin Kisch, interessierte einfach alles: die Sitten der Stämme und Völker, ihre religiösen Gebräuche, die Tierwelt und die Pflanzen —, für gutes ESSEN ging er meilenweit, auch wenn ihn manche Magenverstimmung zurückwarf.
20160406             Ganz besonders interessiert HAT—IBN—BATTUTA die Damenwelt betrachtet.
20160406             OB—IBN—BATTUTA je geplant hat, seine Memoiren zu schreiben, ist sehr zweifelhaft.
20160406             ALS—IBN—BATTUTA sich mit seinem Ghostwriter zusammensetzte, muss er sehr bereut haben, so gut wie nie Tagebuch geführt zu haben.
20160406             —RÜCKTRITT vom Rücktritt: ISLAND—PREMIER gibt Amtsgeschäfte nur vorübergehend ab
20160406             [l] DER—PRÄSIDENT—VON—TRANSPARENCY—INTERNATIONAL CHILE tritt zurück, NACHDEM sein Name in den PANAMA—PAPERS aufgetaucht war.
20160406             [l] Wer profitiert eigentlich von den PANAMA—PAPERS?
20160406             [l] Der Wissenschaftliche Dienst des BUNDES—TAGES hat zur ABGAS—AFFÄRE auch was zu sagen.
20160406             —NACH, der Rechtsauffassung des Gremiums hat das dem VERKEHRS—MINISTERIUM unterstellte Kraftfahrtbundesamt den Autokonzernen für manche Fahrzeuge illegal Typengenehmigungen ausgestellt und somit womöglich selbst gegen EU—GESETZE verstoßen.
20160406             Yeah!
20160406             [l] ISLAND—PREMIER—MINISTER dementiert, seinen Rücktritt angeboten zu haben.
20160406             [l] 1—WAHL—MANIPULATOR packt aus.
20160406             THE—SOFTWARE let him quickly change names, profile pictures, and biographies to fit any need.
20160406             [l] Wenn ihr den FNORD—JAHRESRÜCKBLICK aufmerksam verfolgt, kennt ihr die "ATOM—KRAFTGEGNERIN und Kletteraktivistin Cécile Lecomte", auch als "Eichhörnchen"bekannt.
20160406             —JETZT, sollte sie für 20—EURO Bußgeld in Erzwingungshaft.
20160406             Und als sie dann zur JVA—HILDESHEIM fuhr, um dort ihre Haft anzutreten, sagte man ihr, die Buße sei bereits gezahlt worden — vom Leiter der JVA Vechta (ist auch für HILDESHEIM zuständig).
20160406             "Und zwar als Spende und nicht etwa aus HAUSHALTS—MITTELN".Er sei der Ansicht gewesen, "dass dies für alle Beteiligte die geeignete Lösung ist".
20160406             Das kann man wohl sagen!
20160406             [l] Die "Zeit"hatte letztes Jahr mal 1—SCHÖNEN ARTIKEL—ÜBER—DIE—USA als STEUER—OASEN—STAND—ORT.
20160406             Und in der Tat sind die Bedingungen in NEVADA günstig:
20160406             Und noch ein Staat ist —INZWISCHEN, hinzugekommen: NEVADA.
20160406             How to Hack an —ELECTION
20160406             —RIGGED, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, —ELECTIONs —THROUGHOUT LATIN—AMERICA for almost a decade.
20160406             —BY, JORDAN—ROBERTSON, MICHAEL Riley, and ANDREW—WILLIS |
20160406             Photographs by JUAN Arredondo
20160406             From BLOOMBERG—BUSINESSWEEK
20160406             Versión en español
20160406             —WHEN, PEÑA—NIETO won, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA began destroying evidence.
20160406             For 8—YEARS, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, now 31, says he traveled the continent rigging major political campaigns.
20160406             —WITNESSED, As a child, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, the violence of COLOMBIA—MARXIST guerrillas.
20160406             —ALLIED, As an adult, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, with a right wing emerging across LATIN—AMERICA.
20160406             —BELIEVED, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, his hacking was no more diabolical than the tactics of those he opposed, such as HUGO—CHÁVEZ and DANIEL—ORTEGA.
20160406             ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA is serving 10—YEARS in prison for charges including use of malicious software, CONSPIRACY to commit crime, VIOLATION—OF—PERSONAL data, and espionage, related to hacking during COLOMBIA's 20140000             —1— PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION.
20160406             Usually, he says, he was on the payroll of JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN, a MIAMI—BASED political consultant who's been called THE—KARL—ROVE of LATIN—AMERICA.
20160406             —RIGGED, For decades, LATIN—USA——ELECTIONS were, not won, and the methods were pretty straightforward.
20160406             A devout Buddhist and practitioner of martial arts, ACCORDING—TO—HIS own website, JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN cultivated an IMAGE—OF—MYSTERY and menace, wearing only ALL—BLACK in public, including the occasional samurai robe.
20160406             As for ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, his insight was to understand that voters trusted what they thought were spontaneous expressions of real people on SOCIAL—MEDIA more than they did experts on television and in newspapers.
20160406             —HACKED, After ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA, CABELLO—TWITTER account, JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN seemed to congratulate him.
20160406             2—WEEKS BEFORE VENEZUELA—PRESIDENTIAL—ELECTION, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA sent screen shots showing how he'd hacked CHÁVEZ—WEBSITE and could turn it on and off at will.
20160406             It goes with THE—TRADE in LATIN—AMERICA: "Having a phone hacked by THE—OPPOSITION is not a novelty.
20160406             —WHEN, ANDRÉS—SEPÚLVEDA leaves for meetings with prosecutors at the Bunker, THE—ATTORNEY—GENERAL—BOGOTÁ headquarters, he travels in an armed caravan including 6—MOTORCYCLES speeding through the capital at 60—MPH, jamming cell phone signals as they go to block TRACKING—OF—HIS movements or detonation of roadside bombs.
20160406             "I worked with presidents, public figures with great power, and did MANY—THINGS with absolutely no regrets because I did it with full conviction and under a clear objective, to end dictatorship and SOCIALIST governments in LATIN—AMERICA," he says.
20160406             "I have always said that there are 2—TYPES of POLITICS—WHAT people see and what really makes things happen.
20160406             —LAST—YEAR, based on anonymous sources, THE—COLOMBIA—MEDIA—REPORTED that JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN was working for DONALD—TRUMP—PRESIDENTIAL campaign.
20160406             THE—CAMPAIGN did approach him, he says, but he turned them down because he dislikes DONALD—TRUMP.
20160406             But JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN says he's in talks with another leading USA—PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN—HE wouldn't say WHICH—TO begin working for it once the primaries wrap up and THE—GENERAL—ELECTION begins.
20160406             —HEUTE—IN—DEN—FEUILLETONS, "Wellen, die sich auf 1—SCHÜSSEL Rahm ausbreiten"
20160406             UNTERSTÜTZUNG—FÜR—BLINDE Nutzer: FACEBOOK liest jetzt Bilder vor
20160406             —FLÜCHTLINGS—KRISE, EU—KOMMISSION schlägt neues ASYL—SYSTEM vor
20160406             Mehr als 1.500—STRAFTATEN: Die Ermittlungsergebnisse zur KÖLNer SILVESTER—NACHT
20160406             KABINETT beschließt GESETZ—ENTWURF: Freiern von Zwangsprostituierten droht Gefängnis
20160406             I can't find any source for this claim but 1—OF—THE comments at WSW was:
20160406             "The total PUTIN TIE—IN after a year long investigation of the leaked DOCUMENTS  by over 300—JOURNALISTS?
20160406             That's it?
20160406             PRÄ—HISTORISCHE Tiertransporte: STEIN—ZEIT—MENSCHEN schipperten Hirsche nach SCHOTTLAND
20160406             —VOR, 4500—BIS 5.550—JAHREN sollen Menschen Hirsche auf die Inseln vor der schottischen Küste gebracht haben.
20160406             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER hatten sich Rothirsche auf den schottischen Inseln der ORKNEYS und der Inneren und Äußeren HEBRIDEN näher angesehen.
20160406             Für DIE—ORKNEYS und DIE—ÄUßEREN—HEBRIDEN zeigten sich Besonderheiten: Hier gibt es wenig genetische Verwandtschaften zu benachbarten Populationen.
20160406             DIE—HIRSCHE waren, so Stanton und seine Kollegen, offenbar von Menschen VOR—4500—BIS 5.500—JAHREN auf die Inseln gebracht worden.
20160406             DIE—ORKNEYS und DIE—ÄUßEREN—HEBRIDEN
20160406             Und zwar aus großer Entfernung.
20160406             DIE—FORSCHER gehen davon aus, daß die Hirsche weder vom schottischen Festland, noch aus IRLAND oder gar NORWEGEN STAMMTEN—SONDERN von irgendwo noch weiter weg.
20160406             Wühlmäuse.
20160406             gelungen, diese mit dem Auftauchen von ACKER—BAUERN aus dem —GEBIET des heutigen BELGIENs auf den Inseln in Verbindung zu bringen.
20160406             DROGEN——REPORT, Weniger Jugendliche rauchen und trinken Alkohol
20160406             WHO—BERICHT, 422.000.000—MENSCHEN WELT—WEIT haben Diabetes
20160406             Riesiges leak: TÜRKEI—JUSTIZ leitet Ermittlungsverfahren ein
20160406             Alkohol, CANNABIS und Co.: Wie Eltern erkennen können, ob ihr Kind Drogen nimmt
20160406             Auktion in HONGKONG: Blauer Diamant für 28.000.000—EURO versteigert
20160406             Übereifrige Eltern: "LEISTUNGS—DRUCK ist das Schlimmste für Kinder"
20160406             PANAMA—PAPERS: Leak ist Pop!
20160406             —KAMPF—UM—BERG—KARABACH: MERKEL mahnt zu diplomatischer Lösung
20160406             —REFERENDUM—ÜBER—UKRAINE—ABKOMMEN: EU zittert vor dem "Nee"der NIEDERLÄNDER
20160406             30.000—EURO Strafe: LE—PEN wegen HOLOCAUST—VERHARMLOSUNG verurteilt
20160406             STAATS—KRISE—IN—BRASILIEN: "Wir sind nicht mehr zu retten"
20160406             Belgische LKW—FAHRER protestieren: Benzin und LEBENS—MITTEL werden knapp
20160406             UNESCO—WELT—NATUR—ERBE: UMWELT—SCHÜTZER bangen um KRON—JUWELEN der Erde
20160406             Bundesverwaltungsgericht: Schmerzpatient darf privat CANNABIS anbauen
20160406             VÖLKER—STRAF—RECHT: SEK nimmt mutmaßlichen KRIEGS—VERBRECHER aus SYRIEN fest
20160406             PANAMA—PAPERS: Warum POROSCHENKO —DIESMAL zu Unrecht am Pranger steht
20160406             PANAMA—PAPERS: FIFA—FUNKTIONÄR Damiani legt Amt nieder
20160406             —AFFÄRE—UM—BRIEFKASTENFIRMEN: Neues zu den PANAMA—PAPERS—DER Überblick
20160406             WHO—BERICHT zu Diabetes: DIE—WELT ist zuckerkrank
20160406             Verräterische Isotope: Supernovae hinterlassen Spuren in der Tiefsee
20160406             langlebige radioaktive Atome, die über MILLIONEN—VON—JAHREN ZERFALLEN—ZUM Beispiel das Eisenisotop Fe-60.
20160406             Wenn ES—SICH doch irgendwo auf unserem Planeten nachweisen lässt, dann muss dieses Material kosmischen Ursprungs sein.
20160406             Sie wollen belegen, daß sich die beiden —VORERST letzten SUPERNOVA—EXPLOSIONEN in der Umgebung unserer Erde VOR—CA—2,3 und 1.500.000—JAHREN ereignet HABEN—IN JEWEILS—CA—300—LICHT—JAHREN Entfernung.
20160406             Anhand von Konzentration und Halbwertszeit ergeben sich Zeit und Entfernung der SUPERNOVA—EXPLOSIONEN.
20160406             Beide explodierten Sterne stammten demnach aus der sogenannten Lokalen Blase im All, 1—REGION voller heißem, diffusem Gas, in die unser SONNEN—SYSTEM eingebettet ist.
20160406             DIE—LOKALE Blase wurde vermutlich durch 14—BIS 20—SUPERNOVA—EXPLOSIONEN in 1—GRUPPE—VON—STERNEN erzeugt, die sich gemeinsam bewegen.
20160406             DIE—WISSENSCHAFTLER um Breitschwerdt haben die Bewegung dieser Sterne zurück gerechnet und mit statistischen Methoden jeweils den wahrscheinlichsten Ort der 2—JÜNGSTEN SUPERNOVA—EXPLOSIONEN bestimmt:
20160406             —VOR, 2.300.000—JAHREN explodierte demnach 1.Sonne im heutigen Sternbild WOLF—VOR—1.500.000—JAHREN krachte es im heutigen Sternbild Waage.
20160406             DIE—FORSCHER spekulieren, in welchem Umfang nahe Supernovae DAS—KLIMA und vielleicht sogar DIE—EVOLUTION auf der Erde beeinflussen KÖNNEN—DURCH 1.stark gestiegene kosmische Strahlung.
20160406             Bei den beiden jetzt identifizierten Sternexplosionen gibt es keine handfesten Belege für signifikante Auswirkungen auf DIE—ERDE.
20160406             klar ist: Je näher 1.Supernova explodiert, desto größer sind die Folgen.
20160406             Innerhalb 1—ENTFERNUNG von etwa 25—LICHT—JAHREN wären solche ein Ereignis für das Leben auf der Erde katastrophal,
20160406             In den beiden nun untersuchten Fällen waren es 300—LICHT—JAHRE.
20160406             ANSCHLÄGE—IN—BRÜSSEL—EU—PARLAMENT bestätigt Beschäftigung von mutmaßlichem TERRORISTEN
20160406             RAZZIEN—IN—BERLIN: Durchsuchungen wegen RECHTS—EXTREMER HETZE IM—NETZ
20160406             PANAMA und die OFF—SHORE—FIRMEN: "TODES—URTEIL für unsere FINANZ—INDUSTRIE"
20160406             ABGAS—SKANDAL, USA—HÄNDLER verklagt VW
20160406             —REFERENDUM—IN—DEN—NIEDERLANDEN: Über 60 % "Nee"-Sager und sehr viele ZUHAUSE—BLEIBER
20160406             SATIRE—SENDUNG legt nach: "Extra 3"spottet über ERDOGANs "Chefdramatürk"
20160406             PANAMA—PAPERS: "—POLITIK in ISLAND ist —PLÖTZLICH, irre geworden"
20160406             —UPDATE, DER—ECONOMIST zur STEUER—OASE—USA
20160406             [l] Ich hatte hier ja schon ein paar Mal angesprochen, daß die ONLINE—WERBE—BRANCHE im Wesentlichen ein Haifischbecken voller Betrüger ist, die sich gegenseitig zu übervorteilen versuchen.
20160406             Und dann kommt Punkt 7—UND rammt 1—LUSTIGEN Fnord in den Boden:
20160406             Fraudsters don't go incognito: But it's not just the fraudsters' behavior that's revealing.
20160406             [l] DIE—SPRINGER—PRESSE ruft zum bedingungslosen GRUND—EINKOMMEN auf.
20160406             [l] DIE—GEZ at der AFD—VORSITZENDEN BEATRIX von Storch das Konto gepfändet, weil sie ihre Rundfunkabgabe nicht gezahlt hat.
20160406             [l] Jens Berger ist unzufrieden mit den PANAMA—PAPERS.
20160406             Weil hier so viele Kommentare in die Richtung eingehen, will ich es auch mal kurz ausformulieren: Wenn hier keine USA—AMERIKANER enthüllt werden, und die Enthüllten keine juristischen Konsequenzen zu fürchten haben, dann stellen sich gewisse Fragen.
20160406             Irgendwo muss DAS—GELD der gebrannten Kinder ja hin.
20160406             Wer war noch gleich der anonyme spender?
20160406             Das schöne an solchen Theorien ist ja immer, daß sie nicht falsifizierbar sind.
20160406             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, KRIMineller verschafft sich Zugang zum Flughafen.
20160406             NEW—HOTNESS, TERRORIST arbeitet im PARLAMENT als Reinigungskraft.
20160406             Und sprengt dann trotzdem nicht DAS—PARLAMENT sondern lieber den Flughafen.
20160406—20000800    —FOR 16—YEARS, FROM UNTIL TODAY, JUAN—JOSÉ—RENDÓN says he has worked on behalf of PRI—CANDIDATES in MEXICO.
20160406—20030000    —IN, The defendants belong to the Justice and Equality Movement, a rebel group based in Darfur that took up arms against THE—SUDAN—GOVERNMENT, complaining that their region was being marginalized.
20160406—20160408    —ON, Ansar AL—ISLAM, THE—BANGLADESH division of AL—QAIDA in THE—INDIA—SUBCONTINENT, or AQIS, said that its members carried out the attack.
20160406—20170000    —IN, Following MACRON—ELECTION the party was renamed "La Republique en Marche" (LRM).
20170406             —ANNOUNCED, PRESIDENT—TRUMP, a missile barrage late today on an air base in Syria in retaliation against SYRIA—PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD for a chemical weapons attack against civilians caught up in his country's long civil war.
20170406             —INFORMED, USA officials, RUSSIA—FORCES ahead of the strikes.
20170406             —URGED, CHINA—PRESIDENT—XI—JINPING, cooperation with THE—USA on trade and investment, inviting PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP to visit CHINA in a cordial start to their 1. meeting likely to broach sensitive security and commercial issues.
20170406             —CHANGED, Republicans in THE—USA—SENATE, Senate rules to overcome a Democrat filibuster of Judge NEIL—GORSUCH for the Supreme Court.
20170406             —ALLOWED, This, confirmation for Gorsuch to proceed on a simple majority vote.
20170406             USA Rep. and House Intelligence Chairman DEVIN—NUNES recused himself from the House Intelligence COMMITTEE—INVESTIGATION of RUSSIA—INFLUENCE in last NOVEMBER—ELECTIONS.
20170406             —RECEIVED, The 23andMe genetics testing company said it has, FDA approval to sell tests that indicate people's risk of developing 10—DISEASES including Alzheimer's, celiac and some blood clotting disorders.
20170406             † Don Rickles (19260000              *), USA—COMEDIAN, at his home in Los Angeles.
20170406             —CLASHED, Protesters in ARGENTINA, with police during marches over government austerity measures as labor unions challenged PRESIDENT—MAURICIO—MACRI in the 1. general strike since he took office 16—MONTHS ago.
20170406             —ARRESTED, The former HEAD—OF—BRAZIL—AQUATICS confederation was, in a fraud probe that allegedly involved sports officials embezzling public funds.
20170406             —ARRESTED, Federal police, 5—PEOPLE for the alleged embezzlement of up to 40—MILLION reais ($13—MILLION) in public funds to benefit the country's water sports association.
20170406             —SUSPENDED, BRAZIL—PROSECUTORS said a federal court has, the operating license of the massive Belo Monte hydroelectric dam on environmental grounds.
20170406             They said operators must complete basic sanitation works in the city of Altamira before filling the dam's reservoir.
20170406             A real estate agent said CHINA—PEKING—UNIVERSITY is buying a 19.-century manor house near Oxford in SOUTH—ENGLAND to use as a campus in a MULTIMILLION—DOLLAR deal.
20170406             Foxcombe Hall is to become a branch of Peking UNIVERSITY—HSBC—BUSINESS—SCHOOL.
20170406             —ADOPTED, CROATIA—PARLIAMENT, an emergency law to protect the economy from large company failures after the country's biggest PRIVATE—OWNED firm accumulated huge debts.
20170406             Following the collapse of Agrokor, a food and retail chain, Founder Ivica Todoric put everything he had into the hands of the government.
20170406             —IMPOSED, The European Commission, ANTI—DUMPING duties on steel products from CHINA to stop them flooding EUROPE—STRUGGLING steel market.
20170406             —EXPANDED, The European Union, sanctions against North KOREA over the country's nuclear tests and launches of ballistic missiles.
20170406             —AIMED, The new sanctions are, at the country's metalworking, aerospace and ARMS—RELATED industries, and services in computing, mining, chemicals and refining.
20170406             —VOTED, European lawmakers, 521 to 75 to grant Ukrainians holding biometric passports the right to visit for up to 90—DAYS for tourism, business or visiting relatives and friends.
20170406             —CALLED, FRANCE—FOREIGN minister, for the prosecution of PRESIDENT—BASHAR—ASSAD—GOVERNMENT amid growing INTERNATIONAL outrage over 20170404             —THE—ASSAULT that activists say killed 86—PEOPLE.
20170406             —RESIGNED, FRANCE—BISHOP—HERVE—GASCHIGNARD (57), at the behest of THE—VATICAN over "inappropriate behavior" towards youths, just weeks after complaints came to the attention of his diocese.
20170406             —VOTED, Gambians, in the 1. election since longtime leader YAHYA—JAMMEH left power, with opposition parties set to gain seats after being left in the cold for years during what was tantamount to 1-party rule.
20170406             —ELECTED, PRESIDENT—ADAMA—BARROW—UNITED—DEMOCRATIC—PARTY (UDP) won 31—OF THE—53—AVAILABLE, seats in the country's National Assembly.
20170406             JAMMEH—ALLIANCE for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) shrank from 43—ELECTED seats to 5.
20170406             HUNGARY said it will cooperate with IRAN on setting up a small nuclear reactor for SCIENTIFIC—EDUCATIONAL purposes.
20170406             —CONSECRATED, NORTH—EAST—INDIA, the Dalai Lama, a Buddhist monastery in Arunachal Pradesh state, amid CHINA—WARNINGS that the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader's visit to a disputed border region would damage bilateral relations with INDIA.
20170406             The Islamic State group shot down an IRAQ—HELICOPTER operating over Mosul.
20170406             2—PILOTS were killed.
20170406             —ANNOUNCED, Security forces, they recaptured another neighborhood in their nearly 6—MONTH—OLD offensive against the jihadist stronghold.
20170406             4—SUSPECTED migrant smugglers were killed in an exchange of fire with THE—LIBYA—COASTGUARD off WEST—LIBYA.
20170406             —REPORTED, HOLLAND—PUBLIC broadcaster NOS, that as many as 100—HOLLAND—CITIZENS of TURKEY—DESCENT are being prevented from leaving TURKEY.
20170406             —AFFECTED, NOS said those, many of whom had been to TURKEY on holiday or to see their families, had all been publicly critical of PRESIDENT—TAYYIP—ERDOGAN.
20170406             Retired PAKISTAN—LIEUTENANT—COLONEL—MOHAMMAD—HABIB went missing after arriving in NEPAL.
20170406             A Palestinian man carried out a CAR—RAMMING next to a bus stop near a settlement in the occupied WEST—BANK, killing an ISRAEL—SOLDIER and wounding another.
20170406             —HANGED, GAZA—HAMAS rulers, 3—PALESTINIAN men they convicted of collaborating with ISRAEL, fulfilling vows of revenge for the mysterious killing of 1—OF—THEIR commanders last month.
20170406             —ORDERED, THE—PHILIPPINES—PRESIDENT—RODRIGO—DUTERTE, the occupation of uninhabited islands and shoals it claims in the disputed SOUTH—CHINA Sea, asserting THE—PHILIPPINES—SOVEREIGNTY in an apparent change of tack.
20170406             —REFUSED, They, to surrender and fired back at officers.
20170406             —KILLED, In the ensuing gunbattle, all 4—GUNMEN were, and 3—NATIONAL Guard officers were wounded.
20170406             —REPLACED, SOMALIA—PRESIDENT—MOHAMED—ABDULLAHI—MOHAMED, his security chiefs and called on al QAEDA—LINKED al Shabaab insurgents to surrender within 60—DAYS in return for education and jobs.
20170406             —REMOVED, SOUTH—AFRICA, 3—CABINET ministers, by PRESIDENT—JACOB—ZUMA in a reshuffle last week quit as lawmakers of his African National Congress party ahead of a vote of NO—CONFIDENCE in the president which THE—ANC has vowed to defeat.
20170406             —SIGNED, THAILAND—KING—MAHA—VAJIRALONGKORN, a MILITARY—BACKED constitution into law, an essential step toward an election the junta has promised will restore democracy after the 12. successful coup in little over 80—YEARS.
20170406             TURKEY said that autopsies of SYRIA—VICTIMS from 20170404             —THE—ASSAULT in SYRIA—IDLIB province show they were subjected to chemical weapons.
20170406             —RELEASED, RUSSIA—DEFENSE—MINISTRY said the toxic agents were, when a SYRIA—AIRSTRIKE hit a rebel chemical weapons arsenal and munitions factory on the town's eastern outskirts.
20170406             7—PROTESTS against VENEZUELA—SOCIALIST government were held in Caracas, 1 for each of the Supreme Court judges who passed a ruling last week taking control of the country's OPPOSITION—LED congress in what demonstrators said was a lurch toward dictatorship.
20170406             Jairo Ortiz (19) was shot and killed in a Caracas suburb by security forces that were breaking up a protest there.
20170406             EX—PARTNER von "EL—CHAPO": Mexikanischer DROGEN—BOSS in USA verurteilt
20170406             USA—KONGRESS: REPUBLIKANER kommen bei OBAMACARE—ABSCHAFFUNG nicht weiter
20170406             Dramatischer Eisschwund: Es fehlen fast 4—DEUTSCHLANDS
20170406             Freizeitpark im NORD—IRAK: Komm mit ins MAJIDI—LAND!
20170406             —DIE—LAGE—AM—DONNERSTAG: Gipfel der Rivalen
20170406             Spekulation über MACHT—KAMPF: Warum sitzt BANNON nicht mehr im SICHERHEITS—RAT?
20170406             DEUTSCHLAND: BUNDES—ANWALTSCHAFT ermittelt offenbar gegen 20—TÜRKEI—SPIONE
20170406             WELT—RAUMPROJEKT: AMAZON—GRÜNDER tauscht Aktien gegen All
20170406             PETRY—INTERVIEW: AfD will angeblich "Garant jüdischen Lebens"sein
20170406             Aussage von ZENTRAL—BANK—CHEF: MEXIKO passt GELD—POLITIK an DONALD—TRUMP—TWEETS an
20170406             DONALD—TRUMP und SYRIEN: REALITY—STAR trifft Realität
20170406             Für 1.Degradierung BANNONs spricht auch deshalb nicht viel, weil BANNON für DONALD—TRUMP und die ideologische Ausrichtung seiner —POLITIK zu wichtig ist.
20170406             DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES und andere Medien zitierten leitende MITARBEITER—DES—WEIßES—HAUSES mit den Worten, BANNON habe in dem Rat ein Auge auf MICHAEL Flynn haben sollen, den später zurückgetretenen nationalen SICHERHEITS—BERATER.
20170406             Das sei jetzt nicht mehr nötig, und BANNON habe genügend andere Aufgaben.
20170406             Allerdings war Flynn schon Mitte ;;02;; zurückgetreten, was ZWEIFEL—AN—DER Begründung aufkommen lässt.
20170406             Möglicherweise hat sich nun also doch Flynns Nachfolger HERBERT—RAYMOND—MCMASTER durchgesetzt
20170406             Der DREI—STERNE—GENERAL war  ;;0200;;             —IM, als Nachfolger Flynns berufen worden.
20170406             McMaster hatte großen Wert darauf gelegt, den NATIONALER—SICHERHEITS—RAT nach seinen Vorstellungen besetzen zu können.
20170406             Dem Vernehmen nach verwahrte er sich gegen 1—ZU großen Einfluss des WEIßES—HAUSES.
20170406             BANNON ist 1.der schillerndsten Figuren in der Machtarchitektur des WEIßES—HAUSES.
20170406             Als INVESTMENT—BANKER reich geworden, zog er zunächst als —CHEF—DER—RECHTEN WEB—SEITE "BREITBART—NEWS"gegen das Establishment zu Felde, bevor er als DONALD—TRUMP—CHEFDENKER die "Dekonstruktion"des Staates als oberstes Regierungsziel ausgab.
20170406             [l] STEVE—BANNON ist aus dem NATIONALER—SICHERHEITS—RAT rausgeflogen.  (Kontext)
20170406             [l] Wenn DONALD—TRUMP 1—VERTEIDIGT, scheint das so zu sein wie wenn MERKEL 1—IHR Vertrauen ausspricht.
20170406             [l] Neulich so: Das EHEMALIGE—NACHRICHTEN—MAGAZIN macht bezahlte PROPAGANDA.
20170406             —JETZT, so: Die "Zeit"macht die selbe bezahlte PROPAGANDA.
20170406             Und: Die "Süddeutsche"macht auch die selbe bezahlte PROPAGANDA.
20170406             Und wisst ihr was?
20170406             Beim EHEMALIGES—NACHRICHTEN—MAGAZIN haben sie immerhin 1.andere Hintergrundfarbe vergeben zur Kennzeichnung.
20170406             Das fanden die "Zeit"und die "Süddeutsche"nicht notwendig.
20170406             So tief ist DAS—NIVEAU schon gesunken.
20170406             20170405             —1— ;;115943;;
20170406             NORFOLK,
20170406             —FUNDED, THE—NATO and Gulf State, White Helmets, handling alleged SARIN—GAS—ATTACK victims with bare hands — goes against all medical procedure for this type of attack.  (Photo: Twitter)
20170406             "At least 58—PEOPLE were killed in an alleged horrific GAS—ATTACK in the Idlib GOVERNO—RATE THIS—MORNING".
20170406             However, even before investigations could be conducted and for evidence to emerge, Federica Mogherini, THE—ITALY—POLITICIAN High REPRESENTATIVE—OF—THE—EUROPEAN—UNION (EU) for Foreign Affairs and SECURITY Policy, condemned THE—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT stating that the "ASSAD—REGIME bears responsibility for 'awful' SYRIA 'chemical' attack".
20170406             The immediate accusation from a high ranking EU—OFFICIAL serves as a dangerous precedent where public outcry can be made even BEFORE—THE—TRUTH surrounding the tragedy can emerge
20170406             —JOINED, ISRAEL—PRESIDENT—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU, in on the condemnation, as did AMNESTY—INTERNATIONAL.
20170406             Orient TV reporter:
20170406             "tomorrow we are launching a MEDIA—CAMPAIGN to cover the airstrikes on Hama country side including THE—USAGE—OF—CW"pic.twitter_com/tZ5SWdnHp7
20170406             With THE—SYRIA—ARMY and its allies in a comfortable position in SYRIA, making advances across THE—COUNTRY, and recovering lost points in rural Hama, why would they now resort to using CHEMICAL—WEAPONS in Nusra Front occupied Idlib?
20170406             It is a very simple question with no clear answer.
20170406             It defies any logic that —EVE—OF—ON—THE, a SYRIA conference in Brussels and a week before peace negotiations are to resume, that THE—SYRIA—GOVERNMENT would blatantly use THE—NON—EXISTENT stock of CHEMICAL—WEAPONS.
20170406             —TARGETED, Therefore, it becomes evident that the area, was definitely a terrorist location, where it is known that the White Helmets share operation rooms with terrorist forces like AL—QAEDA as seen after the liberation of EAST—ALEPPO.
20170406             Civilians and fighting forces, including Kurdish militias, have all claimed that militant groups that operatein Idlib, Hama and ALEPPO countrysides, have used CHEMICAL—WEAPON—IN—THE—S past.
20170406             STEIGENDE—GEBÜHREN: BANKEN halten kostenloses Konto für überholt
20170406             DEUTSCHLANDs private BANKEN sehen 1.dauerhafte Abkehr von kostenlosen Girokonten.
20170406             Es gebe bei allen BANKEN den Trend, daß Dienstleistungen rund um private GIRO—KONTEN nicht mehr quersubventioniert würden.
20170406             Jedes Institut müsse aber selbst schauen, wie es anfallende Kosten decken könne.
20170406             Hintergrund der Entwicklung sind die niedrigen ZINSEN und der geringe Abstand zwischen Kredit—, Guthabenzinsen.
20170406             Diese Lage erschwert es den BANKEN, ihre Dienstleistungen wie kostenlose GELD—AUTOMATEN, Überweisungen oder EC—KARTEN mit Gewinnen aus dem ZINS—GESCHÄFT querzusubventionieren.
20170406             Doch selbst wenn DIE—ZINSEN wieder steigen, heißt das nicht, daß DIE—KOSTENLOSEN Konten massenhaft zurückkommen.
20170406             Das machte GESCHÄFTS—FÜHRER Kemmer deutlich.
20170406             DER—TREND zu höheren Gebühren sei nicht nur 1.kleine Delle, die durch die NIEDRIG—ZINSEN ausgelöst werde, sondern ein "dauerhafter Trend".
20170406             Kemmer sieht in der Abkehr von der Kostenloskultur allerdings auch 1.Art neue Ehrlichkeit: Es sei nicht verwerflich, daß Kosten, die durch Dienstleistungen anfallen, auch durch diejenigen gedeckt werden, die sie verursachen.
20170406             Sprich: durch die Kunden.
20170406             Das WYOMING—TERRITORIUM (aus dem DER—BUNDES—STAAT später entstand) führte 18690000             —1— als 1.—GEBIET der USA DAS—FRAUEN—WAHL—RECHT ein.
20170406             Podcast "Stimmenfang": Wie FACEBOOK DIE—BUNDES—TAG—WAHL beeinflusst
20170406             Burma: Suu Kyi bestreitet "ethnische Säuberungen"
20170406             SANKT—PETERSBURG—POLIZEI entschärft Bombe in Wohnhaus
20170406             —ANGRIFF—AUF—CHAN—SCHAICHUN: Autopsie von Leichen bestätigt GIFT—GAS—EINSATZ
20170406             MISSBRAUCHS—VORWÜRFE, DONALD—TRUMP unterstützt Talkmaster O'Reilly
20170406             WELT—WEIT—TABAK—STUDIE, Jeder siebte DEUTSCHE stirbt am Rauchen
20170406             GERING—VERDIENER: Beschäftigten im Handel droht Altersarmut
20170406             MENSCHEN—RECHT—GERICHT: Warum Konfessionslose manchmal KIRCHEN—STEUER zahlen müssen
20170406             Warnung der Küstenwache: Eisbergalarm auf "Titanic"-Route
20170406             PARLAMENT—BESCHLUSS: UKRAINEr dürfen ohne Visum in DIE—EU einreisen
20170406             LAPTOP—VERBOT ab Dubai: Auch Emirates verleiht Tablets auf USA—FLÜGEN
20170406             —REAKTION—AUF—GIFT—GAS—ATTACKE: SPD—SPITZE warnt DONALD—TRUMP vor Alleingang in SYRIEN
20170406             STEIN—ZEIT—ERNÄHRUNG: Kannibalismus im Kaloriencheck
20170406             —ANGRIFF—AUF—CHAN—SCHAICHUN: PUTIN will keine vorschnellen Schuldzuweisungen
20170406             BUNDESWEHR sucht IT—EXPERTEN: "Einen Joint vorm Vorstellungsgespräch"(KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 16:21)
20170406             DÄNEMARK—10—MAL so teuer wie RUMÄNIEN: So viel kostet Arbeit in EUROPA
20170406             Unter Halbinsel: NORWEGEN baut Tunnel für Schiffe
20170406             in Gran Dolina?
20170406             Über 900.000—JAHRE—ALTE Funde aus Höhlen nahe ATAPUERCAUNWEIT—VON—BURGOS im heutigen SPANIEN wurden von einigen Forschern als kannibalistischer Akt interpretiert.
20170406             Der STRAßBURGer GERICHT—HOF stellte fest: ARTIKEL 9—DER—EUROPÄISCHEN MENSCHEN—RECHT—KONVENTION garantiere sowohl DAS—RECHT, frei 1.RELIGION auszuüben als auch DAS—RECHT, dies nicht zu tun.
20170406             Wie DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES irritiert schreibt, sei es ein merkwürdiger Vorgang, wenn der amtierende —PRÄSIDENT sich in 1—FALL von sexueller Belästigung einmische, zumal wenn die Hintergründe noch so unklar seien wie in O'Reillys Fall.
20170406             Noch dazu sind die Verbindungen zwischen DONALD—TRUMP und FOX—NEWS laut der Zeitung sehr eng: DER—PRÄSIDENT gibt seinen TWITTER—FOLLOWERN Programmtipps für Sendungen, die auf dem Kanal laufen, dessen Moderatoren loben ihn und seine —POLITIK im Gegenzug über den grünen Klee.
20170406             Großumbau bei Unilever: Jobabbau und MILLIARDEN für die Aktionäre
20170406             Homeschooling in DEUTSCHLAND: Familie klagt in STRAßBURG—GEGEN—SCHUL—PFLICHT (Leben und Lernen, 17:46)
20170406             [l] OLD—AND—BUSTED, Narrhallamarsch, Radetzkymarsch.
20170406             NEW—HOTNESS, CYBERmarsch!
20170406             1—VIDEO 1—VORFÜHRUNG habe ich nicht gefunden, aber hier fragt jemand den Staat.
20170406             Quelle dort: Der BONNer GENERALanzeiger.
20170406             Harte Zeiten für Satiriker.
20170406             —UPDATE, Hier gibt es 1—AUSSCHNITT, ab Sekunde 20.
20170406             [l] Eine niederländische Warenhauskette hat ein KINDER—MALBUCH mit HITLER—MOTIV aus dem Verkauf genommen.
20170406             des ORBÁN—RECHTS—POPULISTEN in der EU: Der Spalter
20170406             Meeresbiologie: Warum Delfine Kraken verprügeln
20170406             CHINA—PRÄSIDENT besucht DONALD—TRUMP: Xi ist gelandet
20170406             Fessenheim: FRANKREICHs UR—ALT—AKW bleibt am Netz
20170406             Kims ATOM—PROGRAMM: In NORD—KOREA gibt es nur schlechte Optionen
20170406             SYRIEN: USA prüfen MILITÄR—EINSATZ nach GIFT—GAS—ANGRIFF
20170406—20170403    —ON, RUSSIA—SECURITY agents arrested 3—PEOPLE suspected of links to a suicide bomber accused of attacking THE—S—PETERSBURG subway and deactivated an explosive device in the apartment where the suspects lived.
20170406—20170404    —ON, RUSSIA, the National Guard in the city of Astrakhan found suspects, who had killed 2—TRAFFIC police.
20170406—20170410    —ON, PAKISTAN—OFFICIALS later said he was seized by INDIA—INTELLIGENCE and that the abduction was aimed at pressuring PAKISTAN to release Kulbhushan Jadhav, an INDIA—NAVAL officer convicted of espionage who was sentenced to death.
20180405—20180406    —ON, McGregor faced criminal charges after the backstage melee injured 2—FIGHTERS and forced the removal of 3—BOUTS from UFC—BIGGEST card this year.
20180406             —ANNOUNCED, THE—USA—STATES of TEXAS and ARIZONA, plans to send National Guard troops to the southern border with MEXICO after PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP ordered a THOUSANDS—STRONG deployment to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration.
20180406             —INDICTED, S—FRANCISCO, 10—MEN were, on racketeering, assault, firearms, murder and other charges for hunting down and killing rival members between 20060000             —1— and 20130000             —1—.
20180406             They were all members of the 19. Street Surenos and the 16. Street Surenos, violent offshoots of THE—MEXICO—MAFIA prison gang that has battled its rival Nortenos in the city's Mission District.
20180406             ALAMEDA—CALIFORNIA, Cindy Le, the owner of 2—EAST—BAY restaurants, † after her head was slammed against the pavement during an attempted PURSE—SNATCHING outside her Pho Anh Dao restaurant.
20180406             —FILED, Murder charges were later, against Donte Holloway (39) and PAUL—PRUDENCIO—PAEZ (38).
20180406             HAWAII, former Democratic SENATOR—DANIEL—AKAKA (19240000              *) † in Honolulu.
20180406             —REPRESENTED, He had, HAWAII for 36—YEARS in Congress (19760000—20120000    ).
20180406             2—USA—SOLDIERS were killed in a helicopter crash at Fort Campbell, which straddles THE—KENTUCKY—TENNESSEE border.
20180406             —KILLED, In northern AFGHANISTAN A—USA—AIRSTRIKE, Qari Hikmatullah, a senior Islamic State commander.
20180406             The former leader of the Islamic Movement of UZBEKISTAN was killed in the northern Faryab province along with a bodyguard.
20180406             A UNITED—KINGDOM—HEALTH official said EX—SPY SERGEI—SKRIPAL is improving rapidly and is no longer in critical condition, a month after he and his daughter were poisoned with a rare nerve agent that triggered a diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West.
20180406             —CALLED, London police, an emergency meeting of community leaders after 6—STABBINGS in a matter of hours, as they tried to stem a wave of knife crime that threatens to dominate the city's politics ahead of local elections in May.
20180406             —KILLED, CANADA, 14—PEOPLE were, when a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos junior ice hockey team collided with a truck in Saskatchewan province.
20180406             —VOWED, CHINA—GOVERNMENT, to "counterattack with great strength" if PRESIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP goes ahead with plans to raise USA tariffs on an additional $100—BILLION worth of CHINA—GOODS and said negotiations were impossible under current conditions.
20180406             —CALLED, CHINA, on THE—EU to take a joint stand against USA protectionism as Trump warned that he could slap another $100—BILLION (86—BILLION euros) of extra tariffs on CHINA—IMPORTS.
20180406             The European Union said that Facebook has told it that up to 2.7—MILLION people in the 28-nation bloc may have been victim of improper data sharing involving political DATA—MINING firm Cambridge Analytica.
20180406             —PLEDGED, FRANCE, INTERNATIONAL donors, BILLIONS—OF—DOLLARS in aid and loans for LEBANON at a conference in Paris, hoping to stave off an economic crisis in a country hard hit by the fallout from THE—SYRIA—WAR.
20180406             SAUDI—ARABIA said it will grant the country a $1-billion (800—MILLION—EURO) development loan.
20180406             —WALKED, GERMANY, former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, out of a prison after posting 75,000 euros ($92,000) bail, demanding that SPAIN—AUTHORITIES release fellow Catalan separatists and open a dialogue on his region's future.
20180406             —RESCUED, An INDONESIA—FISHING boat, a group of 5—MUSLIM Rohingya found in weak condition off westernmost Aceh province after a 20—DAY—VOYAGE that killed 5—OTHER people.
20180406             —SEIZED, INDONESIA—NAVY, a fishing boat carrying 20—CREWMEMBERS, including 14—INDONESIANS believed to be trafficking victims who were forced to work for years without pay.
20180406             The boat was carrying 6—RUSSIANS, including the captain, and 14—INDONESIANS.
20180406             —ANNOUNCED, MALAYSIA—SCANDAL—TAINTED—PRIME—MINISTER—NAJIB—RAZAK, that Parliament will be dissolved to pave the way for general elections, expected to be held next month.
20180406             —KILLED, MALI—ARMY, 14—JIHADIST suspects, arrested a day earlier in Dioura, who were trying to escape detention in its central region.
20180406             The suspects were later said to be Fulani civilians.
20180406             A UN peacekeeper from NIGER was killed when 2—ARMED men in the northern city of Gao opened fire on his vehicle.
20180406             —ARRIVED, PAKISTAN—PRIME—MINISTER—SHAHID—KHAQAN—ABBASI, in AFGHANISTAN for a DAY—LONG visit MANY—SEE as an effort to ease strained relations between THE—2—NEIGHBORS and revive a push for peace talks with the Taliban.
20180406             —RALLIED, PAKISTAN, hundreds, across the country to denounce the recent killing of 18—PEOPLE by INDIA—FORCES in the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.
20180406             —PROTESTED, THOUSANDS—OF—PALESTINIANS, along GAZA—SEALED border with ISRAEL.
20180406             A SOUTH—KOREAN—COURT jailed former PRESIDENT—PARK—GEUN hye for 24—YEARS and fined her 18—BILLION won ($16.9—MILLION) after finding her guilty of charges including bribery, abuse of power and coercion in a scandal that exposed webs of corruption between political leaders and the country's conglomerates.
20180406             SPAIN—CIVIL—GUARD said it has brought down a criminal network making lucrative profits by smuggling glass eels to Asia, a burgeoning illicit traffic that is worrying both law enforcement agencies and scientists.
20180406             —COORDINATED, Europol, the operation involving Spanish and PORTUGAL—INVESTIGATORS.
20180406             Meeting in SUDAN the foreign ministers of SUDAN—EGYPT, and ETHIOPIA failed to reach an agreement in the lingering dispute over ETHIOPIA—MASSIVE dam on THE—BLUE—NILE.
20180406             —FINISHED, The Renaissance Dam is now 63—PERCENT.
20180406             —BELIEVED, SYRIA, warplanes, to be Russian, struck THE—REBEL—HELD town of Douma in EAST—GHOUTA near Damascus, shattering days of calm as mediated talks between the sides appeared to have collapsed.
20180406             —REPORTED, Opposition activists, 40—PEOPLE were killed in Douma.
20180406             —KILLED, State media said 4 were, in GOVERNMENT—HELD Damascus.
20180406             VIETNAM—MINISTRY—OF—PUBLIC—SECURITY said a 2. senior police official, LT—GENERAL—PHAN—VAN—VINH (62), accused of involvement in an illicit online gambling ring, has been arrested amid a sweeping crackdown on graft.
20180406             —REPORTED, It was, that a spate of deadly DRIVE—BY shootings has targeted Muslim clerics and preachers in YEMEN—SOUTHERN port city of Aden.
20180406             —BELONGED, Many of the slain clerics, to the Islah party, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and a top ally of PRESIDENT—MANSOUR—HADI, SELF—EXILED in SAUDI—ARABIA.
20180406             —ENGAGED, UAE—TRAINED militiamen have, in deadly clashes with HADI—FORCES.
20180406             —KILLED, DOZENS—OF—SUDAN—SOLDIERS were reportedly, by Huthi rebels in northern YEMEN in an ambush.
20180406             Auszeichnung für EX—SPD—CHEF—: MARTIN—SCHULZ erhält PORTUGALs Freiheitsorden
20180406             FALL—SKRIPAL: LONDON und MOSKAU liefern sich bei UNO—SITZUNG heftigen Schlagabtausch
20180406             1—OFFIZIELLE Äußerung über Stormy Daniels: DONALD—TRUMP bestreitet, von Zahlungen an Pornostar gewusst zu haben
20180406             BRASILIEN—RICHTER erlässt Haftbefehl gegen EX—PRÄSIDENT—LULA
20180406             "MAYBRIT—ILLNER"zu Gewalt an Schulen: Kinder fördern, irgendwie
20180406             Wechselakkus für Elektroautos: Raus, rein, weiter
20180406             Stundenlang Warten an der Säule: Das Laden von E-Fahrzeugen schreckt Käufer ab.
20180406             Genau so stellt sich der STROMSYSTEME—BERATER Ralf Dunker aus HAMBURG DIE—ZUKUNFT—DER—ELEKTROMOBILITÄT vor.
20180406             Sein Plan: Die ÖL—KONZERNE investieren in Tauschakkus und Wechselstationen an ihren Tankstellen und sollen so zum "Treiber und nicht zum Blockierer"der Wende werden.
20180406             Je mehr Windräder und Solarpanels es gibt und je größer ihr Anteil am Energiemix wird, desto größer sind auch die Schwankungen beim Energieeintrag.
20180406             Bei viel Wind, vor allem nachts, müssen Windräder HEUTE—TEILS gegen BEZAHLUNG—STILLGELEGT werden oder den Überschussstrom ins Ausland verschenken.
20180406             Jeweils etwa 200—BIS 300—WECHSELAKKUS an 14.000—TANKSTELLEN könnten als riesiger Puffer eingesetzt werden, sie hätten so seiner Meinung nach 1.Regelenergiekapazität von circa 60—GIGAWATT.
20180406             An der Strombörse wird bei ÜBERSCHUSS—PRODUKTION Strom günstig eingekauft und in Spitzenzeiten bei hoher NACH—FRAGE teurer verkauft.
20180406             "DIE—NICHT vermeidbaren Stromschwankungen durch ERNEUERBARE—ENERGIEN werden so zum GESCHÄFTS—MODELL und sind kein Handicap mehr", sagt der Energieexperte.
20180406             unsinnig.
20180406             Untersuchungen von Mercedes hätten ergeben, daß Wechselakkus nicht zum Nutzungsprofil DER—KUNDEN passen
20180406             "Das wäre Planwirtschaft"
20180406             Gemäß dem STUTTGARTer Konzerns betragen 90 % aller Autofahrten weniger als 400—KILOMETER.
20180406             "An 50—WOCHEN —J—IM, fährt der Autofahrer also weniger als diese Strecke",
20180406             Doch DIE—ZEITEN ändern sich.
20180406             Erst jüngst wurde bekannt, daß mit Toyota 1—DER größten AUTOMOBIL—HERSTELLER der Welt plant, in Wechselakkus zu investieren.
20180406             "DIE—INDIEN—REGIERUNG sieht die WECHSELAKKU——TECHNOLOGIE als ein Schlüsselthema zur schnellen Ausweitung der E—MOBILITÄT", sagt Projektinitiator PAUL Leibold.
20180406             TAIPEH, Taiwans HAUPT—STADT, liefert die Firma Gogoro mit ihren Motorrollern täglich den Beweis dafür, daß DIE—TECHNOLOGIE im Alltag funktionieren kann
20180406             —ETwa 50.000—KUNDEN wechseln Tag für Tag insgesamt mehr als 33.000—MAL die Stromspeicher an mehr als 500—STATIONEN.
20180406             DIE—TAUSCHBATTERIEN haben etwa DIE—GRÖßE von 4—MILCHTÜTEN, wiegen 9—KILOGRAMM und besitzen 1.Kapazität von 1,3—KILO—WATTH.
20180406             —DIE—LAGE—AM—FREITAG, Masterplan ist das bayerische Wort für Plan
20180406             "Konservatives Manifest": MERKEL—KRITIKER fordern KURS—WECHSEL
20180406             Fall PUIGDEMONT: SPANIEN reagiert zurückhaltend auf Entscheidung DER—DEUTSCHEN—JUSTIZ
20180406             USA—URTEIL: MILLIONEN—ENTSCHÄDIGUNG wegen Wanzen in der Wohnung
20180406             Preisverfall beim Schweinefleisch: BAUERN—VERBAND WARNT—VOR—FOLGEN von HANDELS—KRIEG
20180406             —HANDELS—KONFLIKT, CHINA droht DONALD—TRUMP mit Gegenwehr "um jeden Preis"
20180406             DEUTSCHLAND: Rauchen TÖTET—VOR allem 1—TEIL unserer GESELLSCHAFT
20180406             DEUTSCHLAND, —STERBEN arme BÜRGER mit schlechter Bildung viel früher als Wohlhabende und Gebildete.
20180406             1—NEUE—STUDIE zeigt: Rauchen trägt erheblich dazu bei.
20180406             für das Gefälle
20180406             —LAUT, 1—NEUEN repräsentativen —STUDIE der HEINRICH—HEINE—UNIVERSITÄT DÜSSELDORF rauchen 42 % aller über 14—JAHRE—ALTEN DEUTSCHEN, die keinen Schulabschluss haben.
20180406             —VON, Bürgern mit Abitur greifen hingegen nur 20 % zu Zigarette, Zigarre oder Pfeife.
20180406             DIE—FOLGE ist laut den Forschern ein dramatisches soziales GEFÄLLE bei Erkrankungen und der Lebenserwartung.
20180406             Menschen mit niedrigem sozioökonomischen Status hätten im Schnitt 1.5—BIS 10—JAHRE niedrigere Lebenserwartung —, 10—BIS 20—WENIGER krankheitsfreie JAHRE—VOR sich als Angehörige höherer sozioökonomischer Schichten.
20180406             —WÄHREND, der Raucheranteil bei DEUTSCHEN mit hohem und mittlerem Sozialstatus seit 1—HALBEN Jahrhundert sinkt, hat sich die Quote unter Bürgern mit niedrigem Sozialstatus kaum verändert.
20180406             "Etwa 25 % bis 50 % dieser Gesundheitsunterschiede in der Bevölkerung sind auf das Tabakrauchen zurückzuführen",
20180406             outeten sich 28,3 % der Studienteilnehmer als Raucher.
20180406             n GROß—BRITANNIEN, BELGIEN, den NIEDERLANDEn oder den skandinavischen STAATEN liegt der Anteil hingegen bei 7—BIS höchstens 20 %.
20180406             PRO—JAHR —STERBEN mehr als 120.000—RAUCHER, EX—RAUCHER und Passivraucher in DEUTSCHLAND an den Folgen des Tabakkonsums.
20180406             Das sind 30-mal mehr Tote als durch Straßenverkehrsunfälle.
20180406             DIE—SUCHT—FORSCHER machen DIE—DEUTSCHE—POLITIK dafür verantwortlich.
20180406             —VOR—ALLEM aber ist DEUTSCHLAND der einzige EU—STAAT, in dem die NIKOTIN—KONZERNE ihre tödlichen Produkte auf Plakaten bewerben dürfen, die MILLIONEN—KINDER oder Jugendliche täglich zu Gesicht bekommen.
20180406             UNIONS—FRAKTION—CHEF—VOLKER Kauder verhindert das WERBE—VERBOTIMMER wieder mit massivem persönlichen Einsatz.
20180406             hatte sich DIE—BUNDES—REPUBLIK schon —VOR—14—JAHREN gegenüber der WELT—GESUNDHEITS—ORGANISATION (WHO) verpflichtet, spätestens 20100000             —1— ein umfassendes Verbot aller Formen von Zigarettenwerbung zu erlassen.
20180406             In der Tabakkontrollskala DER—VEREINIGUNG Europäischer Krebsligen belegt DEUTSCHLAND den vorletzten Rang unter 35—STAATEN:
20180406             Nur ÖSTERREICH schneidet noch schlechter ab.
20180406             "Indem DIE—DEUTSCHE—POLITIK DIE—WHO—VORGABEN nicht umsetzt, ist sie VERANTWORTLICH—FÜR—DIE stets größer werdenden sozioökonomischen Gesundheitsunterschiede",
20180406             In den neuen BUNDES—LÄNDERN qualmt fast 33 % der Erwachsenen.
20180406             —VON, den Menschen in HESSEN mit mindestens 4000—EURO—PRO—MONATEM Nettohaushaltseinkommen nur 16 % rauchen
20180406             sind von den BRANDENBURGern mit weniger als 2000—EURO Einkommen mehr als 50 % nikotinabhängig.
20180406             "Gerade in OST—DEUTSCHLAND fehlt vielen Bürgern das BEWUSSTSEIN, wie schädlich Rauchen ist",
20180406             SACHSEN—ANHALT, etwa greift jede 6. schwangere Frau zur Zigarette.
20180406             "Jahr für Jahr werden so Hunderte Kinder geschädigt", sagt Fellner.
20180406             SACHSEN—ANHALT hat Suchtprävention noch nicht einmal im LANDESSCHUL—GESETZ verankert, obwohl der Landesschülerrat, der Landeselternrat und Mediziner den Landtag SEIT—LANGEM darum bitten.
20180406             Konjunktur in DEUTSCHLAND: INDUSTRIE—PRODUKTION sinkt überraschend
20180406             KORRUPTION—PROZESS, SÜD—KOREAS EX—PRÄSIDENTIN—PARK zu 24—JAHREN Haft verurteilt
20180406             Raketenflugzeug: "SpaceShip 2"fliegt wieder
20180406             KATALANIEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT: —JUSTIZ wartet auf Kaution für PUIGDEMONT
20180406             PHILIPPinische Trauminsel: Boracay wird für Touristen geschlossen
20180406             Ungewöhnliche Stellenanzeige: Warum ein Unternehmer nach "unmotivierten Taugenichtsen"sucht (KARRIERE—SPIEGEL, 10:50)
20180406             —NACH, MACHT—KAMPF—MIT—VW: ZULIEFERER—REBELL Prevent muss Arbeitern kündigen
20180406             ISLAMinstitut: STREIT—ÜBER—IMAM—AUSBILDUNG in BERLIN
20180406             Artilleriesysteme: USA genehmigen MILLIARDEN—RÜSTUNGS—DEAL—MIT—SAUDI—ARABIEN
20180406             ARD—BÖRSENSENDUNG: Fernsehen für die Parallelgesellschaft
20180406             Betrugsmasche IN—DEN—USA: Neue Bankkarte, alter Chip
20180406             FACEBOOK: —KARTELL—AMT geht von MACHT—MISSBRAUCH aus
20180406             EU—KONFLIKT, Geldentzug für OST—EUROPA droht DEUTSCHLAND zu schädigen
20180406             SEEHOFER zum Familiennachzug: "Kein Zuzug in die Sozialsysteme"
20180406             KATALANIEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT: STAATS—ANWALTSCHAFT ordnet sofortige Freilassung PUIGDEMONTs an
20180406             Bestes Quartal der FIRMEN—GESCHICHTE: Daimler verkauft mehr Autos als je zuvor
20180406             Es stellt sich übrigens raus, daß das DEUTSCHE LUFT—, Raumfahrtzentrum gerade, 50—JAHRE—ALTES Jubiläum feiert und man daher ausnahmsweise als Besucher das Space Operations Center betreten kann.
20180406             1—DER —BISHERigen Erkenntnisse von der Reise ist jedenfalls, daß Quantenmechanik und insbesondere QUANTEN—COMPUTER—GRUND—LAGEN—FORSCHUNG —IM—MOMENT 1.herausragende Bedeutung für die PHYSIK—FORSCHUNG hat.
20180406             DIE—EU—KOMMISSION, erzählte man mir, hat 1.MILLIARDE—EURO für DAS—GEBIET locker gemacht.
20180406             have you tried to use Network Manager for the connection, MODEM—MANAGER should have THE—PLUG—IN for this device
20180406             NDR, MDR, DEUTSCHLANDradio: UKW—BETREIBER droht Sendern mit Abschaltung
20180406             FALL—SKRIPAL: BUNDES—REGIERUNG hält Sicht der BRITEN für "äußerst plausibel"
20180406             KATALANIEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT—PUIGDEMONT ist frei
20180406             Fall PUIGDEMONT: DIE—FREILASSUNG, die Folgen, die Reaktionen
20180406             FRANKREICH: Studenten verbarrikadieren sich in Unis (Leben und Lernen, 14:35)
20180406             RUSSLAND—AFFÄRE: USA verhängen SANKTIONEN—GEGEN—KREML—NAHE Milliardäre
20180406             Vergifteter EX—SPION: SERGEJ—SKRIPAL geht es deutlich besser
20180406             —KONFLIKT an GRENZE—ZU—ISRAEL: Tote und Hunderte Verletzte bei neuen GAZA—PROTESTEN
20180406             "Aus CHINA GE—STEUERT": HAMBURGer Ermittler decken STEUER—BETRUG durch ONLINE—HÄNDLER auf
20180406             Ostritz in SACHSEN: BÜRGER—MEISTER wehren sich gegen NEO—NAZI—FESTIVAL
20180406             —SPIEGEL—PODCAST gratis: "Wir geben das ESSEN der Welt in die Hand von CHEMIE—KONZERNEN"
20180406             Spezieller Neutronenstern: Schwer auffindbare Sternleiche aufgespürt
20180406             Experiment am Cern: Antimaterie entpuppt sich als ziemlich normal
20180406             TERROR—BEKÄMPFUNG: HESSENs POLIZEI kauft SOFTWARE von umstrittener USA—FIRMA
20180406             Gewalt am GAZA—STREIFEN: SCHWARZER Freitag
20180406             DONALD—TRUMP verteidigt STRAF—ZÖLLE: "Wir haben den HANDELS—KRIEG bereits verloren"
20180406             —DELETED, FACEBOOK has, some of MARK—ZUCKERBERG—PRIVATE messages over fears sensitive data could be leaked.
20180406             3—SOURCES claim old FACEBOOK messages from Zuckerberg have disappeared from their inbox.
20180406             The recipients were not NOTIFIED—RAISING concerns about what THE—FACEBOOK CEO could be hiding.
20180406             The deleted messages were copies in the inboxes of the recipients.
20180406             The "Sony hack"explanation doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
20180406             —BY, the way: Zuckerberg admitted that "malicious actors"have stolen FACEBOOK phone data, including SMS messages.
20180406             I was trying to configure audio settings to play HDMI—I think, when this happened.
20180406             Fix MISSING—SYSTEM settings issue in Ubuntu 14.04
20180406             Open a terminal and use the following command:
20180406             sudo APT—GET install UBUNTU—DESKTOP
20180406             —REINSTALLED, Basically, we just, Unity.
20180406             Schmuggel an SPANIENs Südküste: Die Drogenkuriere von Cádiz
20180406             PUIGDEMONT aus JVA entlassen: Llibertat!
20180406             VISA—ANTRAG abgelehnt: SKRIPALs Nichte darf nicht nach GROß—BRITANNIEN einreisen
20180406             —NACH, Haftbefehl: Lula schaltet UN—MENSCHEN—RECHTS—AUSSCHUSS ein
20180406             Moers in NRW: POLIZEI findet CANNABIS und Waffen bei Rentnerpaar
20180406             Freilassung von Carles PUIGDEMONT: "1—DESASTER für SPANIEN"
20180406             —URTEIL—GEGEN—EX—PRÄSIDENT—LULA lässt Frist nach Haftbefehl verstreichen
20180406             MAßNAHMEN—GEGEN—WAHL—MANIPULATION: FACEBOOK erzwingt Transparenz in POLIT— Anzeigen
20180406             Umstrittener Wohnungsdeal: DEMOKRATEN drängen DONALD—TRUMP zu Entlassung von UMWELTchef
20180406—19590000    —IN, BOSNIA, the landmark Sarajevo cable car, opened and destroyed early in Bosnia's 1990s war, resumed services up MOUNT—TREBEVIC above the capital.
20180406—20150000    —IN, SUDAN began deploying HUNDREDS—OF—SOLDIERS as part of an Arab coalition fighting on the side of THE—YEMEN—GOVERNMENT.
20180406—20160000    —IN—THE, THE—USA—IMPOSED sanctions against 24—RUSSIA—BUSINESSMEN, companies and government officials, in 1—OF—WASHINGTON—MOST aggressive moves to punish Moscow for a range of activities, including alleged meddling —USA—ELECTION and other "malign activity".
20180406—20180330    —ON, ISRAEL—TROOPS opened fire from across the border, killing at least 9—PALESTINIANS and wounding 491—OTHERS raising the death toll to 31—SINCE clashes began.
20190406             —KILLED, SOUTH—CALIFORNIA, CHP Officer steve Licon was, by a driver as he was issuing a ticket for speeding.
20190406             —ARRESTED, MICHAEL—CALLAHAN (36) was, on suspicion of murder and drunken driving.
20190406             Ernest Hollings (19220000              *), former SOUTH—CAROLINA Democrat, † at his home in Isle of Palms.
20190406             —SERVED, Hollings, 38—YEARS in THE—USA—SENATE and authored 2—BOOKS: "The Case Against Hunger: A Demand for a national Policy" (19700000             —1—) and "Making Government Work" (20080000             —1— with KIRK—VICTOR).
20190406             —KILLED, AFGHANISTAN, insurgents, 7—POLICEMEN and 3—CIVILIANS in attacks across the country.
20190406             —LURED, BANGLADESH, Jahan Rafi (18) told her family she was, to the roof of her rural school in the town of Feni and asked to withdraw sexual harassment charges against her Islamic school's principal by 5—PEOPLE clad in burqas.
20190406             When she refused, she said her hands were tied and she was doused in kerosene and set alight.
20190406             Rafi told the story to her brother in an ambulance on the way to the hospital and he recorded her testimony on his mobile phone before she †.
20190406             BOSNIA—CAPITAL city made Iron Maiden lead singer BRUCE—DICKINSON an honorary citizen for a concert he performed while Sarajevo was under siege during the 19920000—19950000     war.
20190406             —COLLIDED, BRAZIL, a ferry, with a bridge pillar in Belem, Para state.
20190406             Witnesses saw 2—CARS fall into the Moju river.
20190406             —CAUSED, The accident, the span's central roadway to plunge into the river, cutting access to 1—OF the country's busiest ports.
20190406             —RALLIED, LONDON, HUNDREDS—OF—PEOPLE, outside THE—BRUNEI—OWNED Dorchester hotel in protest at new Islamic sharia laws in the country that punish homosexuality, adultery and rape with the death penalty.
20190406             —REPORTED, CHINA—INNER—MONGOLIA region, a case of human infection with the H7N9 bird flu virus.
20190406             —KILLED, The same bird flu strain, almost 300—PEOPLE in the country during the winter of 2016/2017.
20190406             CONGO—BEGAN engaging BURUNDI—REBELS in clashes with 2—ARMED groups in the east of Democratic REPUBLIC—OF—CONGO.
20190406             —KILLED, Over the next 3—DAYS 36—REBELS were reportedly, as well as 3—SOLDIERS.
20190406             † In DENMARK a 20—YEAR—OLD man and at least 4—PEOPLE were injured in an outbreak of gunfire north of Copenhagen in what appeared to be a clash late today between criminal gangs.
20190406             14—PEOPLE were arrested after raids in several areas.
20190406             —UNVEILED, ESTONIA—PRIME—MINISTER—JURI—RATAS, a detailed plan for a 3-party coalition, including THE—FAR—RIGHT EKRE—PARTY, which could see him hold power despite his party having come 2. in an inconclusive election.
20190406             THOUSANDS—OF—BERLIN residents took to the streets to vent anger over surging rents and demanded the expropriation of more than 200,000 apartments sold off to big private landlords, which they blame for changing the character of the city.
20190406             —CLASHED, In northern GREECE HUNDREDS—OF—PROTESTING migrants, with police for a 3. straight day, with migrants throwing rocks at officers who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.
20190406             —REPORTED, IRAN—STATE TV, that authorities have ordered the evacuation of 6—MORE towns in the southwestern province of Khuzestan, which is widely inundated with floods.
20190406             Authorities have put the number of dead at 70—PEOPLE.
20190406             —REPORTED, IRAN—STATE media, that 3—STAFF in the country's defense industries have been killed in an explosion in a submarine under construction in the country's south.
20190406             ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU said he would start to extend ISRAEL—CONTROL over THE—WEST—BANK if give a 4. consecutive term.
20190406             Forces loyal to rival LIBYA—ARMY commander Khalifa Hifter said they have seized control of the main airport in Tripoli.
20190406             G7 foreign ministers meeting in FRANCE warned EAST—LIBYA—MILITARY commander Khalifa Haftar to halt his thrust on Tripoli, menacing the internationally recognized government based there, or face possible INTERNATIONAL action.
20190406             —REACHED, MALAYSIA and SINGAPORE, an agreement to end their MONTHS—LONG airspace dispute.
20190406             Under the deal, SINGAPORE will halt instrument landing system procedures at its Seletar Airport, while MALAYSIA will open up a restricted area near the countries' border.
20190406             —VOTED, People in THE—MALDIVES, in a crucial parliamentary election that MANY—HOPE will help PRESIDENT—IBRAHIM—MOHAMMED—SOLIH overcome a coalition split that has hampered his efforts to restore political freedoms and tackle corruption.
20190406             —KILLED, MALTA, Ivorian Lassana Cisse was, in a fatal DRIVE—BY shooting that injured 2—OTHER men from GUINEA and GAMBIA.
20190406             THE—PHILIPPINES—OFFICIALS said an INDONESIA—HOSTAGE held by Muslim militants in SOUTH—SULU province swam his way to freedom but another drowned, and a Malaysian was shot in the back while escaping over the last 2—DAYS.
20190406             At least 3—MORE hostages were still in the custody of THE—ABU—SAYYAF.
20190406             A coalition of POLAND—OPPOSITION parties launched its campaign for MAY—EUROPEAN elections by warning that the governing eurosceptic PiS party could drive the country out of the European Union.
20190406             —ARRESTED, SPAIN—POLICE said they have, a fugitive they described as a millionaire and THE—MOST—WANTED man in POLAND.
20190406             —CONVICTED, He had been, of making illegal audio recordings in a Warsaw restaurant during 20130000—20140000, with the aim of using the recordings for monetary gain.
20190406             —FIRED, SUDAN—SECURITY forces, tear gas to try to disperse THOUSANDS—OF—DEMONSTRATORS converged on PRESIDENT—OMAR—AL—BASHIR—RESIDENCE in Khartoum, in what appeared the largest protest for his ouster yet.
20190406             THAILAND, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, the leader of a popular new political party that ran a strong 3. in last month's general election, was formally charged with sedition and expressed concern that he is to be tried in a military court.
20190406             13—FOREIGN diplomats were present at a Bangkok police station where Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of a popular new political party, acknowledged charges of sedition and other crimes.
20190406             —MOTIVATED, Thanathorn says the charges are politically.
20190406             TUNISIA—PRESIDENT—BEJI—CAID—ESSEBSI (92) said he did not plan to stand for RE—ELECTION in the November polls, in order to make way for someone younger.
20190406             TURKEY, the last commercial passenger flight took off from ISTANBUL—ATATURK airport and convoys of trucks ferried THOUSANDS—OF—TONS of equipment across the city to a giant new airport which TURKEY plans to make the biggest in the world.
20190406             —NAMED, FRANCIS—PAPA formally, Monsignor MICHAEL—BYRNES as GUAM—ARCHBISHOP following the definitive sex abuse verdict against his predecessor.
20190406             VENEZUELA, rival political factions took to the streets across the country in a mounting struggle for control of THE—CRISIS—WRACKED nation.
20190406             1—GOTTFRIED aus dem Geschlecht der Matfriedinger Seine Herrschaft bestand neben dem Grafenamt aus 1—NICHT unerheblichen Grundbesitz,
20190406             —NUN, Die in unserer Gegend noch weitgehend mittelalterlich geprägten HERRSCHAFTS—VERHÄLTNISSE und RECHTS—VERHÄLTNISSE wichen 1—NEUEN Ordnung.
20190406             GRUND—HERR und Bauer gleichermaßen BÜRGER der französischen Nation wurden
20190406             DIE—ORTE mit ihren bisher unterschiedlichen Herrschaftsstrukturen, die Weiler, Unterherrschaften und Herrschaften,
20190406             Tories im BREXIT—CHAOS: Mays Partei vor dem Kollaps (SPIEGEL+, 07:03)
20190406             IRANische Eliteeinheit: USA wollen offenbar REVOLUTIONsgarden als TERRORorganisation einstufen
20190406             Steuererklärungen: DONALD—TRUMP wehrt sich gegen Offenlegung seiner Finanzen
20190406             USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP wehrt sich auf rechtlichem Weg GEGEN—DIE—NUN auch formal erhobene Forderung der DEMOKRATEN, seine Steuererklärungen der vergangenen —JAHRE offenzulegen.
20190406             1—ANWALT TRUMP—RIEF das USA—FINANZ—MINISTERIUM in einem Schreiben dazu auf, die Steuererklärungen seines Mandanten nicht herauszugeben.
20190406             Mehrere USA—MEDIEN, darunter DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES, veröffentlichten den Brief —AM—FREITAG.
20190406             Darin heißt es, die Forderung der DEMOKRATEN sei rein politisch motiviert und erfülle keinen legislativen Zweck.
20190406             Es wäre ein MACHT—MISSBRAUCH, die Offenlegung von Steuererklärungen dazu zu nutzen, um einem politischen Gegner zu schaden, schrieb der Anwalt weiter.
20190406             Würde DIE—USA—STEUERBEHÖRDE der Forderung nachkommen, wäre dies ein gefährlicher Präzedenzfall.
20190406             DONALD—TRUMP HAT—ENTGEGEN der üblichen Gepflogenheiten in DEN—USA—SEINE Steuererklärungen —BISLANG, nie veröffentlicht.
20190406             Normalerweise machen Präsidentschaftskandidaten das schon während des WAHL—KAMPFES.
20190406             Zur Begründung sagte TRUMP, seine Steuererklärungen seien sehr kompliziert und unverständlich.
20190406             DIE—NEW—YORK—TIMES hatte IM VERGANGENEN HERBST einen Bericht veröffentlicht, der nachwies, mit welchen Tricks die Familie TRUMP—OFFENBAR Steuern hinterzogen hat.
20190406             DER—UNO—MENSCHENRECHTLER Nils Melzer hat ECUADOR aufgefordert, WIKILEAKS—GRÜNDER JULIAN—ASSANGE nicht zum Verlassen der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in LONDON zu zwingen.
20190406             Er befürchtet eine Strafverfolgung in DEN—USA.
20190406             Wie die schwedische Zeitung "Svenska Dagbladet" berichtete, fordere ASSANGE UMGERECHNET—CA—890.000—VOM schwedischen Staat.
20190406             Wegen einer Gesetzeslücke im schwedischen RECHT habe er —BISLANG, keine ENTSCHÄDIGUNG—FÜR—SEINE privaten Ausgaben für Anwälte erhalten, berichtete das Blatt.
20190406             Gelber Sack: Megafusion in der MÜLL—BRANCHE könnte teuer für den Verbraucher werden
20190406             Offensive auf Tripolis: UNO—SICHERHEITSRAT fordert libyschen Warlord Haftar zum Rückzug auf
20190406             Vizepräsidentin des EU—PARLAMENTS: Bei "flauem Jein" keine Verlängerung der BREXIT—FRIST
20190406             TÜRKEI: EU fordert ERDOGAN auf, Wahlergebnisse zu respektieren
20190406             —DIE—LAGE—AM—SAMSTAG, Wer steuert DIE—AFD?
20190406             Bestandsdatenauskunft: Deutlich mehr BKA—ABFRAGEN zu INTERNETnutzern
20190406             BREXIT: GROßBRITANNIEN stellt bereits Pässe ohne EU—AUFDRUCK aus
20190406             Tiere: Die Bosheit der Honigbiene
20190406             "Von ärmeren Schichten entfernt": WAGENKNECHT attackiert Kritiker in der eigenen Partei
20190406             —DEBATTE—ÜBER—WOHNUNGSMARKTSITUATION: SPD lehnt Enteignungen als Instrument gegen Mietexplosionen ab
20190406             [l] SPANIEN hat eine schöne POLIT—AFFÄRE.
20190406             Wie jetzt bekannt wurde, haben MINISTERien dazu Fake News verbreitet und einige Zeitungen haben mitgespielt.
20190406             Schon komisch, daß das immer DIE—KONSERVATIVEN  sind, die bei solchen unmoralischen Aktionen erwischt werden.
20190406             Und wie haben sie das anstellen wollen? Sehr trickreich!
20190406             Ein Abgesandter des spanischen Innenministeriums soll einem venezolanischen EX—MINISTER—PROTEKTION angeboten haben.
20190406             Na sowas! Korrupte POLIZISTen? Und die sind dann natürlich im konservativen Teil des politischen Spektrums? Wie ungewohnt!1!!
20190406             Aber der Gipfel von der ganzen Nummer ist das hier:
20190406             Doch auch wenn das Ganze DAS—NIVEAU der "WATERGATE—AFFÄRE" haben SOLLTE—POLITOLOGE Simón glaubt nicht, daß es den Konservativen bedeutend schadet.
20190406             Na? Erinnert das jemanden an was?
20190406             "Wie Abschiedsbrief vor dem Selbstmord": BILDUNGS—MINISTER warnt Tories vor TEILNAHME—AN—EU—WAHL
20190406             EU—EINSTUFUNG der Chemikalie Titandioxid: Weiße Weste für den Weißmacher
20190406             —PROTEST—IN—BERLIN: Tausende DEMONSTRIEREN—GEGEN—"Mietenwahnsinn"
20190406             10—JAHREN nach ERDBEBEN: Die offene Wunde von L'Aquila
20190406             Altes Ägypten: Mäusemumien im "Grab von Tutu" entdeckt
20190406             —INTERVIEW—MIT—CHRISTO: "Unsere Projekte sind nutzlos" (SPIEGEL+, 16:03)
20190406             Umstrittene URHEBER—RECHT—REFORM: Woher die Uploadfilter kommen könnten
20190406             AMAZONAS—REGEN—WALD: Brasilianer nehmen Kontakt zu isoliertem Urvolk auf
20190406             "Nationalsozialistische Offensive": Mutmaßlicher Verfasser RECHTS—EXTREMER Drohschreiben in Untersuchungshaft
20190406             —INTERVIEW—MIT—KLIMA—FORSCHER HANS von Storch: "DIE—WELT wird deswegen nicht untergehen" (SPIEGEL+, 17:51)
20190406             Früherer USA—PRÄSIDENT in BERLIN: Obama ruft DIE—JUGEND zu mehr Engagement in der Welt auf
20190406             RUSSLAND—AFFÄRE: DONALD—TRUMP will MUELLER—REPORT noch nicht gelesen haben
20190406             Analyse: Warum es sinnvoll ist, FACEBOOK zu zerschlagen (SPIEGEL+, 19:03)
20190406             25—JAHRE VÖLKER—MORD in Ruanda: Das Sterben hat nie aufgehört
20190406             Gesperrte Balkanroute: Hunderte Migranten stoßen mit POLIZISTen zusammen
20190406             Wegen HOCH—WASSERGEFAHR: IRAN ordnet Evakuierung von 6—STÄDTEN an
20190406             Das Grab soll mehr als 2.000—JAHRE—ALT sein, schätzen —EXPERTEN—UND doch ist es noch gut erhalten: Nahe der ägyptischen Stadt Sohag wurde das beeindruckende "Grab von Tut" aus dem antiken Ägypten gefunden.
20190406             Im Grab selbst fanden DIE—ARCHÄOLOGEN Mumien von Menschen, umgeben von 50—MUMIFIZIERTEN Mäusen, Falken und Katzen.
20190406             Im antiken Ägypten mumifizierte man Tempeltiere, weil man sie für STELL—VERTRETER eines Gottes hielt
20190406             Das heiligste Tier im Alten Ägypten war der APIS—STIER, der als Symbol der Stärke und Männlichkeit eng mit dem allmächtigen KÖNIG verbunden war
20190406             Im Grab von Tutu lassen sich die Mumien einer Frau und eines Jungen in die ptolemäische Epoche einordnen, die von etwa _03300000            bis _00300000            geht.
20190406             Das Grab besteht aus zwei Räumen, deren Wände prunkvoll bemalt sind.
20190406             Gehören soll das Grab einem Mann namens Tutuund dessen oo TA—SHERIT—ISIS, einer Musikerin.
20190406             —VON, den politischen Entwicklungen 20110000             —1— hat sich DER—TOURISMUSSEKTOR in Ägypten bis heute nicht erholt.
20190406             "Operation Freiheit": OPPOSITION in  demonstriert gegen Stromausfälle
20190406             ISRAEL—NETANYAHU will bei Wiederwahl Teile des WEST—JORDAN—LANDS annektieren
20190406—19920000    —IN, This came on Sarajevo Day, which marks the city's 19450000             —1— liberation during —WWII and the start of THE—BOSNIA—HERZEGOVINA—SERBIA—SIEGE that killed more than 11,000—PEOPLE, including 1,600 children.
20190406—20120600    —SEIT, Der gebürtige Australier lebt im selbstgewählten Exil.
20190406—20140000    —IN, The airport has not been functional since fighting destroyed much of the facility.
20190406—20190401    —ON, POLAND—AUTHORITIES issued a European arrest warrant for the man.
20190406—20190519    —ON, MALTA—SOLDIERS Lorin Scicluna and FRANCESCO—FENECH were charged with murder and attempted murder.
20200401             Privately held BRA said it was cancelling all flights between 20200406             —1— and 20200531             —1—.
20200406             —AGREED, PRESIDENT—TRUMP, to allow treatment of coronavirus patients on the Navy hospital ship Comfort, which is docked in NEW—YORK City.
20200406             PRESIDENT—TRUMP—ACTING Navy SECRETARY—THOMAS—B—MODLY, in a PROFANITY—LACED reprimand, criticized sailors aboard the stricken aircraft carrier THEODORE—ROOSEVELT for cheering their captain, who was removed after he appealed for help as coronavirus spread throughout the warship.
20200406             —PROMPTED, Congressional calls for his resignation, Modly to apologize.
20200406             THE—USA—INSPECTOR GENERAL—OF—THE—DEPARTMENT—OF—HEALTH and Human Services reported that a shortage of tests and long waits for results were at the root of mounting problems faced by hospitals.
20200406             —CALLED, PRESIDENT—TRUMP, the report, based on a late March survey of 323—HOSPITALS nationwide, "just wrong" and suggested that its conclusions were skewed by politics.
20200406             —DESIGNATED, THE—USA—STATE Department, a white supremacist group as a foreign terrorist organization, assigning the label to THE—RUSSIA—IMPERIAL—MOVEMENT.
20200406             —NAMED, It also, 3—OF the group's leaders as terrorists.
20200406             —PASSED, THE—USA—CORONAVIRUS death toll, 10,000 with 10,993 cases.
20200406             The total number of cases in THE—USA—ROSE to 368,449.  Hospital officials, doctors, public health experts and medical examiners said that official counts have failed to capture the true number of Americans dying in this pandemic.
20200406             —NEARED, Global cases of the coronavirus, 1.3—MILLION;
20200406             deaths topped 70,000.
20200406             THE—USA—PENTAGON said there were a total of 1,132 cases of COVID-19 in the active duty military and 303—CASES in the national Guard.
20200406             —REPORTED, CALIFORNIA, 15,824 cases of the coronavirus and 372—DEATHS.
20200406             —CONFIRMED, SF Bay Area, cases numbered 3,753 and 95—DEATHS.
20200406             —REPORTED, IDAHO has, 1,170 cases of coronavirus and 13—DEATHS.
20200406             —ARRESTED, LOUISIANA, CORRIE—WALLACE (37) was, on a charge of 1.-degree murder in the death of 25—YEAR—OLD Ja'Riel Sam.
20200406             —KIDNAPPED, He turned himself after police said he had, and killed a woman a day earlier, shooting her in the head when she escaped.
20200406             MARYLAND authorities said they had found the body of Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean (40), daughter of former MARYLAND LIEUTENANT—GOVERNOR—KATHLEEN—KENNEDY—TOWNSEND and granddaughter of the late ROBERT—F—KENNEDY, after a 4—DAY—SEARCH.
20200406             NEW—YORK state had its deadliest day in the coronavirus pandemic, with 731—NEW deaths in the state to a total of 5,489 fatalities.
20200406             —ISSUED, SOUTH—DAKOTA, GOVERNOR—KRISTI—NOEM, a limited STAY—AT—HOME mandate that applies only to people in THE—2—HARDEST—HIT counties who are older than 65 or who have chronic health conditions.
20200406             NORTH—DAKOTA, NEBRASKA, IOWA and ARKANSAS were the only USA states where no 1 is under a STAY—AT—HOME order.
20200406             —OVERRULED, WISCONSIN—SUPREME—COURT, GOVERNOR—TONY—EVERS' (D) LAST—MINUTE order to stop IN—PERSON voting for 20200407             —1—.
20200406             —RULED, THE—USA—SUPREME Court, against an attempt by WISCONSIN Democrats to extend the deadline for absentee voting.
20200406             —GAINED, The Dow Jones Industrial Average, 7.7—PERCENT, THE—S&P 500—ROSE by 7—PERCENT, and the Nasdaq rose by 7.3—PERCENT as the spread of the coronavirus outbreak in THE—USA—APPEARED to slow.
20200406             USA insurer Allstate Corp said that it would return more than $600—MILLION in auto insurance premiums to customers as MANY—AMERICANS stay home and drive less due to "SHELTER—IN—PLACE" orders to curb the coronavirus outbreak.
20200406             USA—FAMILY—INSURANCE in MADISON—WISCONSIN, also said that it would return a total of $200—MILLION to auto insurance customers beginning in MID—APRIL.
20200406             —LAUNCHED, CVS Health Corp, 2—NEW DRIVE—THROUGH COVID—19—TESTING sites in GEORGIA and RHODE—ISLAND using testing equipment made by Abbott Laboratories, with up to 4—MORE locations to follow.
20200406             Inovio Pharmaceuticals INCORPORATED began a phase 1—HUMAN trial of its COVID—19—VACCINE, INO-4800. The company said animal studies show promising immune responses.
20200406             —CONFIRMED, RedHill Biopharma said the 1. patient with a, coronavirus diagnosis was dosed with opaganib in ISRAEL, and additional patients are expected to be treated in the coming days.
20200406             —DEMONSTRATED, The company said PRE—CLINICAL data, ANTI—VIRAL effects in other viruses, ANTI—INFLAMMATORY activities and the potential to reduce lung inflammation.
20200406             —REPORTED, It was, that ResearchGate, a social network site for scientists and researchers, has launched a new forum to facilitate collaboration between COVID—19—EXPERTS on research into beating THE—FLU—LIKE disease caused by the novel coronavirus.
20200406             —DEVELOPED, The site was, in 10—DAYS and launched late last week.
20200406             —CLOSED, TYSON—FOODS—INC said it has, a pork plant in Columbus JUNCTION—IOWA, after more than 24—CASES of COVID—19—INVOLVING employees at the facility.
20200406             —OVERTURNED, AUSTRALIA—HIGH—COURT, the convictions of Cardinal GEORGE—PELL, the most senior Catholic leader ever found guilty of sexually abusing children.
20200406             —ENTERTAINED, It found that the jury "ought to have, a doubt as to the applicant's guilt with respect to each of the offenses for which he was convicted".
20200406             —VOWED, BANGLADESH, to provide emergency food supplies for "as long as needed" to THOUSANDS—OF—SEX workers left destitute by the sudden closure of brothels due to the coronavirus pandemic.
20200406             —TRANSFERRED, UNITED—KINGDOM—PRIME—MINISTER—BORIS—JOHNSON was, to intensive care as his COVID—19—SYMPTOMS worsened significantly after he was admitted to a London hospital for tests.
20200406             —DESIGNATED, Foreign SECRETARY—DOMINIC—RAAB was, as his replacement if he becomes incapacitated.
20200406             UNITED—KINGDOM—DRUGMAKER GlaxoSmithKline Plc said it will invest $250—MILLION in Vir Biotechnology Inc and collaborate to develop potential treatments for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus.
20200406             CHINA—NATIONAL—HEALTH—COMMISSION (NHC) said that 78—NEW asymptomatic cases had been identified as of the end of 20200405             —1—, compared with 47 the day before.
20200406             —WARNED, EL—SALVADOR—PRESIDENT—NAYIB—BUKELE, that security forces had been ordered to enforce quarantine orders more rigorously to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, confining offenders to "containment centers" and confiscating their cars.
20200406             —SHOWED, FRANCE—CORONAVIRUS figures, that the rate of increase in fatalities sped up again after several days of slowing.
20200406             —REPORTED, GERMANY, lower numbers of new coronavirus cases.
20200406             —ANNOUNCED, CHANCELLOR—ANGELA—MERKEL—GOVERNMENT, a new "limitless" aid program for SMALL— AND MEDIUM—SIZED companies.
20200406             —PRESENTED, HUNGARY—POPULIST PRIME—MINISTER—VIKTOR—ORBAN, a massive action plan to mitigate the economic FALL—OUT from the highly contagious disease, focusing on bolstering investment and employment but bypassing the very poor.
20200406             —REPORTED, IRAN, 136—NEW deaths due to the coronavirus, compared with 151 a day earlier.
20200406             —REPORTED, The nation also, 2,274 new infections, taking the total to 60,500. Total deaths stood at 3,739.
20200406             —ANNOUNCED, ISRAEL—PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU, a complete lockdown over the upcoming Passover holiday to control the country's coronavirus outbreak.
20200406             —SHIFTED, THE—BANK—OF—ISRAEL, course by cutting interest rates and adding new MARKET—BASED tools.
20200406             —REDUCED, The bank's monetary committee, the key rate back down to THE—ALL—TIME low of 0.1% from 0.25%.
20200406             —CLASHED, IVORY—COAST police, with protesters who had begun dismantling a HALF—BUILT coronavirus testing center, afraid that people using the facility would spread the epidemic through their district.
20200406             —MOVED, JAPAN—PRIME—MINISTER—SHINZO—ABE, to declare a state of emergency in 7—PREFECTURES including Tokyo and Osaka, and announced a record economic stimulus package as the country braces for a surge in coronavirus infections.
20200406             —DIAGNOSED, At least 3,654—PEOPLE in JAPAN have been, with COVID-19 and 85—OF—THEM have †.
20200406             —INCREASED, KENYA, its restrictions to combat the coronavirus, announcing travel bans into and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and the counties of Kilifi and Kwale.
20200406             MALI, a "terrorist attack" on an army post in the northern town of Bamba killed at least 25—SOLDIERS and wounded 6—OTHERS.
20200406             —REPORTED, MALTA has so far, 227—COVID—19—CASES but no deaths.
20200406             —REPORTED, Total, cases rose 5% to 18,803.
20200406             NORWAY—HEALTH minister said THE—COVID—19—EPIDEMIC is under control in the country, pointing to the low rate of transmission of the disease.
20200406             PAKISTAN said it would reopen its border for 4—DAYS so that Afghans wishing to return home can go back.
20200406             —CLOSED, On the other side of the border, which, nearly a month ago, THE—AFGHANISTAN—GOVERNMENT has set up a coronavirus quarantine camp for the returnees.
20200406             —STRANDED, PAKISTAN—NATIONALS, in AFGHANISTAN will also be allowed to go back.
20200406             Some 200,000 Afghans and counting have been flowing home across its border with IRAN, 1—OF the world's biggest epicenters of the pandemic, for weeks.
20200406             —OPENED, PAKISTAN, its 1. DRIVE—THRU COVID—19—TEST facility in Karachi.
20200406             Peace activists in the Gaza Strip took part in a web conference with ISRAEL—ACTIVISTS.
20200406             —ARRESTED, Within days HAMAS—RUN security forces, several of the activists on treason charges.
20200406             —ANNOUNCED, RUSSIA—GOVERNMENT, a 150—BILLION—RUBLE program under which banks will offer INTEREST—FREE loans to small businesses to pay salaries as the coronavirus lockdown continued.
20200406             —REPORTED, SOUTH—KOREA, fewer than 50—NEW coronavirus cases for the 1. time since its peak in late February.
20200406             —REPORTED, SPAIN, lower numbers of new coronavirus cases.
20200406             New infections were 4,273, taking the total to 135,032. The death toll rose by 637 to 13,055 in the past 24—HOURS.
20200406             SWEDEN—GOVERNMENT said it will act to keep vital domestic airline routes open, despite the impact on travel caused by the coronavirus.
20200406             —REPORTED, SWITZERLAND, 21,652 positive COVID—19—CASES and 584—DEATHS.
20200406             A Boeing 747—LANDED in Geneva with 92—TONS of protective medical equipment including masks made in CHINA for distribution to 13—SWITZERLAND—HOSPITALS and pharmaceutical associations as they battle THE—COVID—19—PANDEMIC.
20200406             —ARRIVED, Another delivery had, in ZÜRICH the previous evening on a chartered SWITZERLAND—AIRLINE flight from Shanghai carrying protective gowns for DOZENS—OF—HEALTH care facilities.
20200406             —PLANNED, Further flights with additional equipment were.
20200406             —CONTINUED, Emergency teams in UKRAINE, battling a forest fire in the contaminated area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
20200406             A man (27) said he burned grass "for fun" and then failed to extinguish the fire when the wind caused it to expand quickly.
20200406             Cyclone Harold made landfall on the largest island in VANUATU, Espiritu Santo before hitting THE—SOLOMON—ISLANDS, FIJI and TONGA.
20200406             The storm left more than 2—DOZEN people dead, and destroyed homes, buildings and crops in THE—4—COUNTRIES.
20200406             —STARTED, THE—VATICAN said FRANCIS—PAPA has, an emergency fund to help areas affected by the coronavirus in developing countries.
20200406             Mon;;04;;6 2020
20200406             [l] In Zeichen der CORONA—PANDEMIE ist mal ein vergleichender Blick auf die Religionen der Welt angebracht, finde ich.
20200406             Fangen wir mit dem Islam an.
20200406             Der Muezzin ruft in BERLIN Neukölln, also kommen die Gläubigen. Money Quote:
20200406             Dem Imam, dem OA & unseren Kolleg. gelang es nur zum Teil, die Anwesenden zum Abstandhalten zu bewegen.
20200406             Zu den Christen ist eigentlich mit dieser südkoreanischen Sekte alles gesagt, könnte man vielleicht denken, aber dann würde man sich irren. Schaut mal dieses Video von einer amerikanischen Megachurch an. Ein Highlight jagd das nächste. Money Quote:
20200406             I'm covered in JESUS' blood. I'm covered in JESUS' blood!
20200406             Man ist versucht, an der Stelle das Video abzubrechen. Wenn man dranbleibt, gibt es bei 1:40 noch eine tolle Szene.
20200406             Und zu guter Letzt: ISRAEL.
20200406             JERUSALEM sanitizes stones of WEST—WALL and removes all notes amid CORONA—VIRUS fears
20200406             A worshipper who stepped up to the wall and kissed it Tuesday was removed by police amid tightened public prayer restrictions
20200406             Wenn ihr mich fragt, gibt es einen klaren Sieger.
20200406             —RELEASED, PRIME—MINISTER—BENJAMIN—NETANYAHU, updated social distancing guidelines on Tuesday, following reports that THE—ULTRA—ORTHODOX Jewish community was not taking safety precautions seriously. While THE—NEW—RULES prohibit gatherings for prayers and weddings in public, they make an exception for prayer groups of 10—MEN, known as minyans, who are at least 6—FEET apart from EACH—OTHER at THE—WEST—WALL.
20200406             6—FUß sind ca. 2—METER.
20200406             —MONTAG,
20200406             Mittelstand in GELD—NOT, Warum die Milliardenhilfen für viele Unternehmen zu spät kommen
20200406             —CORONAKRISE—IN—SLUMS und Favelas: Wenn DAS—VIRUS auf Armut trifft
20200406             Medizinhistoriker: "Bei der Spanischen Grippe herrschte die gleiche Hilflosigkeit, der gleiche Aktionismus" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—KATJA—IKEN
20200406             Helden der Krise: Sterneküche für Obdachlose und Polizisten
20200406             DEUTSCHLAND, haben sich  —INZWISCHEN. mehr als 100.000—MENSCHEN mit dem neuartigen CORONA—VIRUS— infiziert.
20200406             1576—MENSCHEN starben demnach im Zusammenhang mit der von dem VIRUS ausgelösten Lungenkrankheit COVID—19
20200406             Es sei WELT—WEIT die 1. bekannte CORONA—INFEKTION bei einem Tiger, teilten die Betreiber des zoologischen Gartens im NEW—YORKER Stadtteil Bronx mit.
20200406             Das vierjährige Weibchen Nadia sei positiv auf DAS—VIRUS getestet worden. Das Tier leide an einem trockenen Husten, werde sich aber voraussichtlich erholen.
20200406             DIE—GEGENWÄRTIGE Lage kann sich nach Ansicht von BILL—GATES erst dann wieder völlig normalisieren, wenn es für alle Menschen auf der Welt einen Impfstoff gegen das neuartige CORONA—VIRUS— gibt.
20200406             sagte Gates. Reiche Länder wie DIE—USA könnten DAS—VIRUS früher oder später eindämmen.
20200406             Wenn es sich dann aber in ärmeren Ländern ausbreite, werde es auch wieder zurück in DIE—USA kommen,
20200406             "Wir müssen DAS—VIRUS auf der ganzen Welt besiegen", forderte er. Das sei langfristig nur mit einem wirksamen Impfstoff für alle Menschen auf der Welt möglich. Bis es so weit sei, könne das Leben nicht zum Normalzustand zurückkehren. Die Pandemie nannte Gates ein "ALBTRAUM—SZENARIO".
20200406             DIE—MEISTEN EU—LÄNDER haben nach Ansicht der Vizepräsidentin der EU—KOMMISSION, Vera Jourova, im KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— mittlerweile die Grundrechte ihrer BÜRGER eingeschränkt.
20200406             "Bisher haben 2$—EU—LÄNDER eine Art Notstandsgesetzgebung verabschiedet, um DIE—CORONA—KRISE erfolgreich zu bekämpfen und die notwendigen Maßnahmen wie Ausgangsbeschränkungen und den Schutz der Menschen gegen DAS—VIRUS durchsetzen zu können"
20200406             Auf lange Sicht bestehe jedoch die Gefahr, daß DIE—DEMOKRATIE durch diese Maßnahmen geschwächt wird, sagte Jourova.
20200406             "Darum ist Kontrolle in diesem Moment so wichtig". Eine demokratische Balance sei dringend erforderlich, sagte DIE—POLITIKERIN aus TSCHECHIEN.
20200406             "DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— darf die demokratische Ordnung nicht killen".
20200406             —NACH, ihren Angaben untersucht die EU—KOMMISSION derzeit in allen betroffenen Ländern die Notfallmaßnahmen und prüft, ob sie gegen demokratische Grundwerte (Artikel 2, EU—VERTRAG) verstoßen. "Wenn das der Fall sein sollte, werden wir einschreiten".
20200406             Der größte USA—FLUGZEUGBAUER verlängert wegen der CORONA—KRISE die Produktionsunterbrechung in seinen Werken im BUNDES—STAAT WASHINGTON.
20200406             Boeing
20200406             USA—PRÄSIDENT—DONALD—TRUMP hat dem britischen PREMIER—MINISTER—BORIS—JOHNSONNACH dessen Einlieferung ins Krankenhaus eine rasche Genesung gewünscht.
20200406             sagte TRUMP. "Er ist ein starker Mann".
20200406             TRUMP fügte hinzu: "Alle USA—AMERIKANER beten für ihn".
20200406             ALTEN—UND, PfleGEHEIMEN in DEUTSCHLAND verschlechtern sich nach Angaben des DEUTSCHEN Roten Kreuzes (DRK) durch DIE—CORONA—KRISE die Zustände. DIE—SITUATION sei "sehr, sehr angespannt", sagte DRK—PRÄSIDENTIN Gerda Hasselfeldt
20200406             DIE—VERSORGUNG mit Schutzmaterial bis hin zu Desinfektionsmitteln in den PfleGEHEIMEN und bei den ambulanten PFLEGE—DIENSTEN sei "völlig unzureichend".
20200406             DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— bringt auch das deutsche SCHUL—SYSTEM komplett durcheinander.
20200406             hat sich auch der niedersächsische MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—STEPHAN Weil (SPD) geäußert.
20200406             Er erwartet, daß sich das Sozialverhalten der Menschen in DEUTSCHLAND dauerhaft verändern wird.
20200406             So werde "der gute alte Handschlag" künftig deutlich weniger praktiziert werden, s
20200406             —ZUDEM, würden künftig SCHUTZ—MASKEN viel stärker zum öffentlichen Bild gehören, sagte Weil voraus.
20200406             In der Millionenmetropole Abidjan in der Elfenbeinküste haben Einwohner ein Zentrum für CORONA—VIRUS—TESTS zerstört, weil sie ihre Ansteckung durch Besucher der Einrichtung fürchteten.
20200406             WEBVIDEOS, war zu sehen, wie Dutzende Menschen am Sonntag in dem Arbeiterviertel Yopougon das noch im Bau befindliche Gebäude beschädigten. Einige von ihnen riefen: "Wir wollen es nicht!"
20200406             Ein Mitarbeiter des Gesundheitsministeriums sagte, DIE—EINRICHTUNG sei nie für die Behandlung von CORONA—PATIENTEN bestimmt gewesen, sondern lediglich für Tests.
20200406             Auch JAPAN steht wegen der Ausbreitung des VIRUS kurz vor rigiden Ausgangsbeschränkungen.
20200406             will der RECHTS—KONSERVATIVE MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—SHINZO Abe den Notstand für Tokio und andere Großstädte wie Osaka ausrufen.
20200406             deutlicher Anstieg der INFEKTIONEN—MIT—DEM CORONA—VIRUS—IN—DER Hauptstadt Tokio sowie anderen großen Städten des Inselreichs wie Osaka.
20200406             DIE—DER TODESOPFER—ZAHL im BUNDES—STAAT NEW—YORK ist zuletzt weniger stark GESTIEGEN—UND schon bemüht sich DONALD—TRUMP um Zuversicht. "Vielleicht ist das ein gutes Zeichen", sagte er am Sonntag.
20200406             Der Leiter des öffentlichen Gesundheitssystems der USA, JEROME—ADAMS, warnte hingegen davor, daß sich die Pandemie in den kommenden Tagen weiter ausbreiten werde.
20200406             Der Leiter des öffentlichen Gesundheitssystems der USA, JEROME—ADAMS,
20200406             sagte
20200406             im Sender FOX—NEWS. "Das wird unser PEARL—HARBOR—MOMENT, unser 11. ;;09;;, nur wird das nicht auf einen Ort begrenzt sein. Es wird im ganzen Land passieren. Und ich will, daß Amerika das versteht".
20200406             Experten der Regierung schätzen, daß zwischen 100.000—UND 240.000—USA—AMERIKANER im Zuge der Pandemie —STERBEN könnten.
20200406             Angesichts der CORONA—EPIDEMIE machen sich laut einer UM—FRAGE viele BÜRGER Gedanken wegen möglicher finanzieller Nachteile. WUCHER—PREISE
20200406             WUCHER—PREISE für vielleicht einmal knappe Waren wie HYGIENE—ARTIKEL besorgen 38—PROZENT sehr oder eher stark,
20200406             33 % (33—PROZENT) befürchtet stark, daß die private Altersvorsorge an Wert verliert.
20200406             DIE—GRÖßTE Unsicherheit gibt es darüber, wegen fehlender Klinik— oder Arztkapazitäten nicht ausreichend behandelt werden zu können. Dies besorgt 43—PROZENT der Befragten stark.
20200406             DIE—MEHRZAHL der Verbraucher scheine noch nicht übermäßig beunruhigt zu sein,
20200406             auch DIE—DEUTSCHEN Brauereien haben mit den wirtschaftlichen Folgen der CORONA—KRISE zu kämpfen.
20200406             Führungskräfte in der Energiewirtschaft erwarten einer UM—FRAGE zufolge wirtschaftliche Schäden für die kommunalen Stadtwerke.
20200406             Auch für Beschäftigte der Stadtwerke wird die Pandemie laut der UM—FRAGE voraussichtlich deutliche Folgen haben - 12,9 Prozent der Befragten erwarten Einstellungsstopp oder Personalabbau.
20200406             gehen 16,4 der Führungskräfte davon aus, daß sich die Arbeit im Homeoffice nach der Krise durchsetzt.
20200406             dürfte es nach ihrer Einschätzung Veränderungen bei der Digitalisierung der Stadtwerke geben: 13,9 Prozent rechnen mit verstärkten Investitionen in diesem Bereich.
20200406             6,5 Prozent) gehen aber davon aus, daß die Versorgungssicherheit gefährdet ist.
20200406             Der deutschen AUTO—BRANCHE drohen einer UM—FRAGE des IFO—INSTITUTS zufolge schwere Zeiten. Die Exporterwartungen stürzten demnach auf minus 42,7 Punkte, nach minus 17,3 im Februar.
20200406—20090300    —SEIT, Das ist der schlechteste Wert.
20200406             APPLE hat angesichts der CORONA—VIRUS—PANDEMIE einen Atemschutz entwickelt.
20200406             DIE—MASKEN aus durchsichtigem Plastik decken das gesamte Gesicht ab und sind für Krankenhauspersonal bestimmt,
20200406             Das Unternehmen werde in der Lage sein, 1—MILLION MASKEN pro Woche herzustellen.
20200406             —NUN, haben es französische Experten ausgesprochen: DIE—CORONA—KRISE macht dick. "Das wird uns allen so gehen, selbst wenn wir versuchen, Sport zu machen",
20200406             Mehr als ein Viertel der Menschheit ist derzeit gezwungen, zu Hause zu bleiben.
20200406             DIE—VERSUCHUNG, sich mit Essen zu trösten, ist groß.
20200406             Wegen der fehlenden Bewegung verbrenne ein Erwachsener derzeit im Durchschnitt bis zu 400—KILOKALORIEN weniger am Tag, ergänzt die Ernährungswissenschaftlerin Jennifer Aubert.
20200406             Deshalb sollten die Portionen auf dem Teller derzeit kleiner ausfallen und jeder sich so viel wie möglich BEWEGEN—UND zwar nicht nur zwischen Sofa und Kühlschrank.
20200406             Der britische PREMIER—MINISTER—BORIS—JOHNSONFÜHRT die Regierung auch aus dem Krankenhaus.
20200406             sagte der Minister für Wohnungswesen, ROBERT Jenrick, der BBC. JOHNSON werde sich einigen Tests unterziehen. "Aber er wird weiterhin über das Geschehen informiert und in der Regierungsverantwortung bleiben".
20200406—20200320    —ENDE—BIS, BMW hat von ;;01;; ,6 Prozent weniger Autos verkauft als im 1. Quartal des vergangenen —JAHREs.
20200406             "In EUROPA sind derzeit aufgrund des CORONA—VIRUS——CA—80—PROZENT aller Händlerbetriebe geschlossen, in den USA sind es circa 70—PROZENT".
20200406             "In CHINA sehen wir mit einem starken Auftragseingang die 1. Anzeichen einer Erholung".
20200406             —DIE—LAGE—AM Morgen: Das üble Gefühl, in einer Diktatur zu leben
20200406             Appell an Ursula von der Leyen: Unionspolitiker wollen Kinder aus griechischen Flüchtlingslagern holen
20200406             Shutdown der Wirtschaft: Kurzarbeit bremst Rezession
20200406             Rede der Queen im Video: "Wir können DAS—VIRUS besiegen"
20200406             Beitrag in fünf europäischen Zeitungen: SCHOLZ und MAAS sichern EU—PARTNERN Solidarität in CORONA—KRISE zu
20200406             Reparaturstau: Bahn ringt mit abrissreifen Brücken
20200406             Wichtige Werke: Boeing verlängert Produktionsstopp auf unbestimmte Zeit
20200406             —CORONA—KRISE an der WALL—STREET: "DIE—MASCHINE muss weiterlaufen" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—MARC—PITZKE, NEW—YORK
20200406             [l] SPANIEN will als Teil ihrer CORONA—RESPONSE das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen ausrollen. Und zwar nicht nur temporär, sagt die Wirtschaftsministerin.
20200406             But the government's broader ambition is hat basic income becomes an instrument "that stays forever, that becomes a structural instrument, a permanent instrument," she said.
20200406             [l] Stellt sich raus: In Atomkraftwerken gibt es einige sehr arbeitsintensive Prozesse. Zum Beispiel das jährliche Auswechseln der Brennstäbe im Frühjahr.
20200406             —UPDATE, Wer sich jetzt dachte, hey, das betrifft doch bestimmt auch deutsche Atomkraftwerke!, der hat natürlich völlig Recht.
20200406             [l] Wie schlimm ist die Lage? So schlimm:
20200406             DEUTSCHLAND stundet Brauereien die Biersteuer
20200406             [l] Hier ist einer für ASTERIX—FANS: Falls ihr mal einen Passierschein A38 braucht: Die Stadt Barsinghausen liefert.
20200406             Palmsonntag in PANAMA: Bischof segnet in CORONA—KRISE aus dem Helikopter
20200406             —CORONA—INFEKTION: JOHNSON führt Regierungsgeschäfte trotz Klinikaufenthalt weiter
20200406             Zwischenhoch: Dax legt kräftig zu
20200406             DIE—NACH—FRAGE von Unternehmen nach CORONA—KREDITEN ist ungebrochen hoch. Bis Donnerstag hätten FIRMEN—CA—3200—ANTRÄGE mit einem Volumen VON—CA—11—MILLIARDEN Euro bei der KfW gestellt, teilte das BUNDESWIRTSCHAFTS—MINISTERIUM auf AN—FRAGE mit. Bisher seien etwa 2700—ANTRÄGE mit insgesamt 960.000.000—EURO zugesagt worden.
20200406             Aus der Wirtschaft waren wiederholt Klagen laut geworden, Kreditprüfungen der Hausbanken seien zu aufwendig und Kredite würden nicht vergeben, weil Firmen in der derzeitigen Krise nicht kreditwürdig seien.
20200406             Firmen sollen für eine begrenzte Zeit mit einer 100-prozentigen Staatshaftung abgesichert werden.
20200406             DIE—KOMMUNALEN Spitzenverbände in NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN haben die LANDE—REGIERUNG aufgefordert, wegen der CORONA—KRISE die Pläne für die Kommunalwahlen am ;;0913;;             zu überdenken.
20200406             Alle politischen Veranstaltungen sind bereits seit Wochen bis vorerst zum Ende der OSTERFERIEN—DEM ;;0419;;             — ausgesetzt.
20200406             Dazu gehören auch die Listenaufstellungen für die Kommunalwahlen.
20200406             DIE—PARTEIEN müssen laut KOMMUNAL—MINISTERIUM ihre Wahlvorschläge bis zum ;;0716;;             bei den Wahlleitern einreichen.
20200406             In der CORONA—KRISE steigen die Umfragewerte der CDU sowie die Beliebtheitswerte von Angela MERKEL.
20200406             "Sie hat gesagt, daß es ihre letzte Amtszeit ist. Und ich glaube, daran hat sich nichts geändert", sagte Kanzleramtschef Helge Braun
20200406             DIE—GEPLANTE HANDY—APP zur Analyse der CORONA—VIRUS—INFEKTIONSWEGE ist nach den Worten von Kanzleramtschef Helge Braun sehr bald EINSATZBEREIT—SCHON in den kommenden Tagen oder spätestens Wochen.
20200406             Zu den Voraussetzungen für Lockerungen zählen nach seinen Worten mehr Intensivbetten, aber eben auch eine verbesserte Kontaktverfolgung von Infizierten.
20200406             "Dabei spielt die TRACKING—APP, die dem EU—DATENSCHUTZ genügen muss, eine entscheidende ROLLE—UND mehr Personal für die Gesundheitsämter".
20200406             Es geht dabei um eine App, die BÜRGER freiwillig installieren könnten und die sie ohne Preisgabe von Namen oder STAND—ORTDATEN anonymisiert warnt, wenn sie Kontakt mit einem bestätigten Infizierten hatten.
20200406             —SEIT, Sonntagabend haben sich die Zahlen kaum verändert, da lediglich SCHLESWIG—HOLSTEIN seine Angaben aktualisiert hat.
20200406             Besonders hohe Zahlen haben laut dpa BAYERN mit mehr als 24.300—NACHGEWIESENEN Fällen und mindestens 383—TOTEN sowie NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN mit mehr als 20.500—FÄLLEN und mindestens 258—TOTEN.
20200406             Gerechnet auf 100.000—EINWOHNER verzeichnet BAYERN mit einem Wert von 186,2 die meisten Infektionen.
20200406             Im Bundesschnitt waren es 115,4.
20200406             Österreich will seine Maßnahmen im KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— direkt nach Ostern langsam lockern. Ziel sei es, daß ab dem ;;0414;;             kleine Geschäfte sowie BAU—UND Gartenmärkte unter strengen Auflagen wieder öffnen dürften, sagte Bundeskanzler SEBASTIAN—KURZ (ÖVP).
20200406—20200501    —AB, sollen alle Geschäfte, Einkaufszentren und Friseure wieder öffnen dürfen. Hotels und die Gastronomie sollen frühestens Mitte Mai folgen.
20200406             —ZUDEM, wird das Tragen eines Mundschutzes künftig nicht nur in Supermärkten und Drogerien zur Pflicht, sondern auch in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln.
20200406             Österreich ist damit eines der 1. europäischen Länder, die im KAMPF—GEGEN—DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— ihre Maßnahmen schon direkt nach Ostern wieder etwas lockern wollen.
20200406             Auch in Dänemark hat Regierungschefin Mette Frederiksen angekündigt, DAS—LAND wahrscheinlich nach Ostern schrittweise wieder öffnen zu wollen.
20200406             Mehr als 180—PREDIGER der islamischen MISSIONS—BEWEGUNG waren bereits positiv auf SARS—COV—2—GETESTET worden.
20200406             DIE—STADT Raiwind, in der sich auch das Hauptquartier der Anhänger in PAKISTAN befindet, sei aufgrund der Ausbreitung des VIRUS komplett abgeschottet worden. Auch Moscheen seien von DER—POLIZEI geschlossen worden.
20200406             KÜCHEN—GADGETS für Hobbyköche: Mehr Hackordnung
20200406             VIRUS auf Flugzeugträger: Gefeuerter USA—MARINEKAPITÄN positiv auf CORONA getestet
20200406             —CORONA—HILFEN: Bund will Kredite bis 800.000—EURO voll absichern
20200406             —HANDELS—STREIT, EU verhängt STRAF—ZÖLLE—AUF—USA—IMPORTE
20200406             Waldbrand: Feuerwehr kämpft gegen Flammen in SPERR—ZONE von Tschernobyl
20200406             [l] Die Briten haben gerade wenig Glück mit ihren Bestellungen in CHINA.
20200406             Erst haben sie ein paar Millionen COVID—ANTIBODY—TESTS geordert, und die funktionieren jetzt gar nicht. Immerhin kam die Lieferung mit den Beatmungsgeräten an
20200406             VANUATU: Schwerer Zyklon verwüstet PAZIFIKinseln
20200406             Grünenchef Habeck: Die Ablehnung von CORONA—BONDS schadet DEUTSCHLANDs Interessen Ein Gastbeitrag von ROBERT HABECK—BÜNDNIS 90/Die Grünen
20200406             Dieselskandal: Britisches Gericht gibt 90.000—KLÄGERN gegen VW recht
20200406             A Crisis Unmasked: GERMANY Is Failing in its Efforts To Obtain Protective Gear
20200406             —CORONAKRISE—IN—GROßBRITANNIEN: Der englische Patient
20200406             Leserfrage: Warum sind Kinder offenbar besser vor COVID—19—GESCHÜTZT als Erwachsene?
20200406             1—ENDE März veröffentliche Analyse eines internationalen Forscherteams legt jedoch eher nahe, daß sich Kinder und Jugendliche offenbar genauso oft mit dem neuartigen CORONA—VIRUS— anstecken wie Erwachsene.
20200406             Davon geht auch das ROBERT—KOCH—INSTITUT (RKI) aus:
20200406             Möglicherweise sind bei Kindern die Andockstellen, über die DIE—VIREN Körperzellen befallen, noch nicht ausreichend entwickelt und bieten damit weniger Angriffspunkte.
20200406             1—GEFÄHRLICHE Komplikation von COVID—19—KANN eine ÜBER—REAKTION des Immunsystems sein: Um DIE—VIREN zu bekämpfen, setzt der Körper eine starke ENTZÜNDUNGS—REAKTION in Gang, schädigt dabei aber die Lunge. Da Kinder ständig mit neuen Erregern in Kontakt kommen, ist ihr IMMUN—SYSTEM womöglich besser darauf eingestellt, bei der Bekämpfung dieser Erreger angemessen zu reagieren.
20200406             Zwischen NORDRHEIN—WESTFALEN und den angrenzenden Ländern Belgien und NIEDERLANDE wird es keine GRENZ—KONTROLLEN geben. Das habe das sogenannte CORONA—KABINETT in BERLIN entschieden, sagte MINISTER—PRÄSIDENT—ARMIN Laschet (CDU) in einer Videobotschaft an der DEUTSCH—NIEDERLÄNDISCHEN Grenze in Vaals.
20200406             In der "Euregio" lebten die Menschen über Grenzen hinweg.
20200406             "Gesundheitsschutz gelingt nur grenzüberschreitend", sagte er.
20200406             In der CORONA—KRISE sollen bestimmte Pflegekräfte eine Sonderprämie von 1500—EURO erhalten. Darauf einigten sich die Gewerkschaft Ver.di und die Bundesvereinigung der Arbeitgeber in der PFLEGE—BRANCHE (BVAP) in einem speziellen Tarifvertrag,
20200406             Bundeskanzlerin Angela MERKEL hat eine Lockerung der zahlreichen Einschränkungen des öffentlichen und wirtschaftlichen Lebens vor dem ;;0419;;             ausgeschlossen.
20200406             NORWEGEN, ist die Verbreitung des CORONA—VIRUS— nach Einschätzung der Regierung eingedämmt worden.
20200406             "Wir haben es zusammen geschafft, die Ausbreitung des VIRUS unter Kontrolle zu bringen und wir wollen auch künftig die Kontrolle behalten", sagte Höie.
20200406             Bauern sollen in der CORONA—KRISE schneller Geld aus BRÜSSEL bekommen.
20200406             Der Dax hat zum Wochenauftakt den Sprung über die 10.000—PUNKTE—MARKE geschafft.
20200406             Beflügelt von weltweiten Hoffnungen auf eine Verlangsamung der COVID—19—AUSBREITUNG legte der Leitindex am MONTAG zum Handelsende um fast 5,8 Prozent AUF—CA—10.075—ZÄHLER zu.
20200406             NEW—YORKS Gouverneur ANDREW—CUOMO sieht für den besonders heftig vom CORONA—VIRUS— getroffenen BUNDES—STAAT Licht am Ende des Tunnels.
20200406             Es könnte auch sein, daß die Zahlen wieder ansteigen.
20200406             ITALIEN hat in der CORONA—PANDEMIE den 3. Tag in Folge weniger Patienten auf der Intensivstation vermeldet
20200406             DIE—GESAMTZAHL der Infektionen stieg um 2,8 Prozent auf 132.547. Die Steigerung ist moderater als an den Vortagen.
20200406             TSCHECHIEN lockert seine restriktiven Maßnahmen im KAMPF—GEGEN—COVID—19—EIN wenig.
20200406             Das Betreiben von Individualsport wie Tennis oder Golf wird wieder erlaubt,
20200406             Geschäfte wieder öffnen, darunter HOBBY—UND Baumärkte, der EISENWAREN—HANDEL sowie Fahrradwerkstätten.
20200406             DER—EUROPÄISCHE Flugzeugbauer Airbus setzt seine Produktion in 3—WERKEN zeitweise aus. In Mobile (ALABAMA) stoppt der Konzern eigenen Abgaben zufolge bis voraussichtlich ;;0429;;             DIE—PRODUKTION von Jets der Modellfamilien A220 und A320.
20200406             "Es macht ja keinen Sinn, wenn wir mit unseren grünen Lastwagen Güter transportieren und dann ein privater Logistiker Pleite geht".
20200406             DIE—BUNDESWEHR greife nur ein, wenn alle anderen Möglichkeiten ausgeschöpft seien,
20200406             Auch Dänemark will die in der CORONA—KRISE ergriffenen Maßnahmen nach Ostern lockern. In einem 1. vorsichtigen Schritt sollten Kinderkrippen, Kindergärten sowie die unteren Jahrgangsstufen von Schulen am ;;0415;;             wieder geöffnet werden,
20200406             Verkehr zu CORONA—ZEITEN: ADAC erwartet 1.—SEIT—JAHREN zu Ostern keine Staus
20200406             DEUTSCHE—BAHN: Bis zu 90—PROZENT weniger Reisende im Fernverkehr
20200406             Funkmasten in Flammen: Das Gefährlichste an 5G Ein NETZWELT—NEWSLETTER von MARKUS—BÖHM
20200406             Frankfurter Börse: DAX—STEIGT auf mehr als 10.000—PUNKTE
20200406             —CORONA—KRISE: Auch ONLINE—HANDEL klagt über sinkende Umsätze
20200406             KONTAKT—ERMITTLUNG von Infizierten: BUNDE—REGIERUNG hält TRACING—APP—FÜR—"ganz zentralen Baustein"
20200406             Stabile Versorgung: NONSTOP—ÖKOSTROM soll gezielt gefördert werden
20200406             UM—STÜRZE und VERSCHWÖRUNGEN, Wie EXTREMISTEN DIE—CORONA—KRISE ausnutzen wollen
20200406             Österreich: Mann hortete mehr als 1—MILLION Schuss Munition
20200406             —KRISEN—FORSCHER über Versäumnisse der —POLITIK,"Man hat sich in Sicherheit gewiegt" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—ANNETTE—GROßBONGARDT
20200406             Krankheitsverläufe: Die 4—PHASEN von COVID—19
20200406             DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— ist wie ein Chamäleon, so beschreiben es SCHWEIZer Mediziner in einem Fachartikel
20200406             Auch gibt es keine Schablone mit Beschwerden, in die alle Patienten passen.
20200406             Tröpfchen sind eine Art Taxi der CORONA—VIREN. Verpackt in Speichel und Schleim, ausgeschleudert beim Husten, Niesen oder Sprechen, landen Tausende Erreger in der Luft, auf Gegenständen UND—FALLS sie "Glück" HABEN—IM Gesicht eines neuen Wirts.
20200406             Hat eine Zelle Hunderte kleine Virenkopien produziert, geht sie häufig an Überlastung zugrunde.
20200406             Zwischen der Infektion mit SARS—COV—2—UND dem Ausbruch der Krankheit COVID—19—VERGEHEN im Mittel fünf bis 6—TAGE.
20200406             knapp 50 % der in DEUTSCHLAND erkannten Infizierten nicht hustete, noch weniger hatten Fieber.
20200406             Ärzte berichten außerdem von Patienten, die schon zu einem frühen ZEIT—PUNKT der Erkrankung nichts mehr riechen und schmecken können.
20200406             Unumstritten ist hingegen die Gefahr einer sogenannten Superinfektion. Ist das Lungengewebe bereits durch DAS—CORONA—VIRUS— entzündet, können sich viel leichter zusätzlich auch Bakterien ansiedeln.
20200406             Angebliche Lieferung von Schutzausrüstung: Betrüger prellt Pharmaunternehmen um Millionen
20200406             —CORONA—KRISE—DEUTSCHLAND im Lockdown: "Jetzt wird es anfangen, wehzutun"
20200406             KRITIK—AN—CORONA—REGELN: "BESUCHS—VERBOTE sind verfassungswidrig" Von JEAN—PIERRE Ziegler
20200406             Zusätzliches Kreditprogramm: BUNDE—REGIERUNG will Mittelstand in CORONA—KRISE stützen
20200406             Flüchtlinge in der Türkei: "DIE—WELT hat euch vergessen"
20200406             —CORONA—KRISE: BÜRGER machen sich zunehmend Geldsorgen
20200406             PAOLO GIORDANO über DIE—CORONA—KRISE: "Wir sollten auch zu normalen Zeiten mehr auf Wissenschaftler hören" 1—INTERVIEW—VON—FELIX—BAYER
20200406             Mehr Geld für Pflegekräfte in CORONA—KRISE: Die PREIS—FRAGE
20200406             Arbeiterinnen in der MODE—INDUSTRIE, Die Vergessenen der CORONA—KRISE
20200406             Baumärkte wollen später zahlen: Leiden auf hohem Niveau
20200406             ITALIEN—WUT auf DEUTSCHLAND: "DIE—LASSEN uns verbluten"
20200406             [l] Wie schlimm ist die Lage? So schlimm: Die Produktion von CORONA—BIER wurde in Mexiko ausgesetzt. Der Einsender kommentiert:
20200406             DIE—VIRALE MARKETING—KAMPAGNE ging anscheinend nicht auf.
20200406—20200330    —SINCE, THE—NETHERLANDS reported 101—NEW fatalities, the smallest increase.
20200406—20200410    —FROM, MALTA said it would allow hunters to hunt quail until the end of the month, despite health authorities urging everyone to stay indoors to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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