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20240709             Dienstag, 9. Juli 2024
20240709             Wirkung von Investments: Klimaschützer geißeln hohe Kapitalanlagen in Kohle, Öl und Gas
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20240709             Erneute Panne: Boeing-Flugzeug verliert nach dem Start ein Rad
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20240709             Heuschrecke, Grille, Seidenraupe: Singapur lässt 16 Insektenarten als Lebensmittel zu
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20240709             Trotz knapper Haushaltslage: »Zusätzliche Mittel loseisen« – Pistorius verlangt frisches Geld für Ukraine-Waffenhilfe
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20240709             Lehren aus dem Nachbarland: Der französische Sieg gegen die Rechtsextremen taugt nicht zum Vorbild Von Maria Fiedler
20240709             Maria Fiedler
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20240709             Nato-Treffen in Washington: Putin – der Gefangene Pekings Von Michael Sauga
20240709             Michael Sauga
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20240709             An der Front in der Ukraine: »Der ganze Krieg hat sich radikal verändert«
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20240709             Dirty bomb
20240709             The Russian Defense Ministry continues to record violations by Ukraine of fundamental international acts, such as the Chemical Weapons Convention.
20240709             It should be noted that the information released by the Russian Defense Ministry at its latest briefing on violations by the US and Ukraine of their obligations in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction has been heard by the expert community.
20240709             Relevant commentaries were run by the European and American news media, and news websites across the Asia-Pacific region.
20240709             Special emphasis was placed on expanding military biological research in Africa.
20240709             For example, the Daily Telegraph noted that, “As Russia succeeded in halting biological warfare programs in Ukraine, the Pentagon was forced to move incomplete research that was part of Ukrainian projects to other regions.”
20240709             In addition, some publications expressed concern about Ukraine's creating a “dirty bomb” using radiochemicals.
20240709             The import of spent nuclear fuel and by-products of hazardous chemical production continues through Poland and Romania, turning Ukraine into a dumping ground of high-risk waste.
20240709             This process is overseen by the chief of staff of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andrey Yermak, and sponsored by the Soros Foundation.
20240709             Use of chemical weapons by Ukraine
20240709             The Ukrainian regime regularly violates the Chemical Weapons Convention.
20240709             During the special military operation, it was recorded that Ukraine used non-lethal toxic chemicals more than 400 times, with most of these cases being officially confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry’s accredited laboratory.
20240709             The Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly use riot-control chemical agents: gas grenades with a US-made CS substance, Ukrainian hand grenades marked as Teren-6 and loaded with chemical irritants, and improvised chemical munitions.
20240709             According to evidence provided by Ukrainian prisoners of war, these capabilities are provided to Ukrainian assault groups.
20240709             There have been numerous cases of the use of the irritant agent chloropicrin by the Ukrainian side, which was often mixed with chloroacetophenone.
20240709             These incidents occurred near Donetsk, Bogdanovka, Gorlovka, Kremennaya, Artyomovsk.
20240709             With the connivance of Western countries, Ukraine does not limit itself to using non-lethal chemical agents, and actively employs listed chemicals such as BZ, prussic acid, and chlorine cyanide.
20240709             Nazi methods
20240709             We have already drawn your attention to a statement by representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that they have such compounds in their possession, including the analogues of the Tabun, or GA, warfare agent, which is included in Schedule 1 of the Convention and was used by fascist invaders during the Second World War.
20240709             Ukrainian military units use toxic compounds not only in the course of combat operations, but also to carry out terrorist attacks in liberated territories against some Russian political figures.
20240709             Moreover, Ukrainian nationalists repeatedly attempted to destroy chemically hazardous sites in the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, thereby raising the risk of chemical injuries to the region's civilian population.
20240709             I would like to note that investigations of chemical accidents in the conflict zone were conducted in accordance with OPCW requirements using field and fixed-site laboratories capable of establishing the type of chemical compounds and the country of manufacture.
20240709             All of the cases were officially confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry’s chemical analysis laboratory that had been accredited by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
20240709             The existing body of evidence that proves Ukrainian violations of its obligations under the Convention was submitted to the OPCW's Technical Secretariat, but no feedback has yet been provided.
20240709             Furthermore, the Russian Defense Ministry possesses information that Ukraine is engaged in active cooperation with the OPCW's Technical Secretariat, as they concluded an agreement On Privileges and Immunities for Technical Assistance Visits.
20240709             This agreement will enable Ukraine to use the OPCW for its own benefit, circumventing the existing procedures under the Convention, and imposing its deliberately false conclusions about chemical investigations on the Organization.
20240709             Chemical lab near Avdeyevka
20240709             A laboratory with chemical equipment was detected in an industrial zone on the ground floor of a destroyed building in one of the settlements near Avdeyevka during engineering reconnaissance.
20240709             A mobile diagnostic team of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Protection Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was sent to inspect the premises and conduct a rapid analysis.
20240709             They found a semi-industrial rotary evaporator, a filtering exhaust system, chemical reactors, carbon dioxide bottles, and shelving systems with laboratory dishes and reagents in the laboratory.
20240709             Also found were personal respiratory and skin protection kits: gas masks, including US-made ones and a Polish-made protective suit.
20240709             Here’s the main part.
20240709             A laboratory with chemical equipment was found on the ground floor of a destroyed building in an industrial zone in one of the settlements near Avdeyevka during engineering reconnaissance.
20240709             A mobile diagnostics team of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was sent to the scene to inspect the premises and conduct a rapid test.
20240709             In the lab they found a semi-industrial rotary evaporator, a filtering exhaust system, chemical reactors, carbon dioxide bottles, and shelving systems with laboratory dishes and reagents.
20240709             Also found were personal kits for respiratory and skin protection: gas masks, including US-made ones, and a Polish-made protective suit.
20240709             An analysis of the lab’s containers showed the presence of sulphuric acid and sodium cyanide, suggesting that the found equipment was used for the production of toxic substances.
20240709             Afterward, wipe sampling from the laboratory equipment and exhaust system was made in accordance with the requirements of the OPCW and the samples were delivered to the chemical analysis laboratory of the Russian Defense Ministry for in-depth analysis.
20240709             Analytical studies in the laboratory showed the presence of sodium cyanide, sulphuric acid, and trace amounts of cyanide anions in the samples.
20240709             The presence of these chemicals clearly indicates that the found laboratory was producing systemic toxic agents.
20240709             The capacity of the laboratory unit was at least 3 kg/day.
20240709             It is maintained by a staff of 2–3 people.
20240709             I would like to stress that the lethal inhalation dose for this group of toxic substances is very low, and is only 70–80 mg per human.
20240709             As a reminder, under the Chemical Weapons Convention, a substance from this group, prussic acid, is in Schedule 3 of the CWC, and its use is prohibited under Article 1 of the Convention.
20240709             This compound is a colorless volatile liquid with the smell of bitter almonds.
20240709             When inhaled, it causes dizziness, vomiting, convulsions, respiratory paralysis, and death.
20240709             Drone drops
20240709             During the special military operation, there were multiples cases of use by Ukraine of improvised munitions that were loaded with said substance and dropped from UAVs.
20240709             The use of toxic chemicals, including prussic acid, by the Kiev regime is confirmed by numerous accounts of witnesses: civilians and Russian servicemen.
20240709             For example, in May 2024, Ukrainian drones dropped munitions in Semyonovka, 10 kilometers from Avdeyevka in the Donetsk People's Republic.
20240709             According to eyewitnesses, affected rural residents showed symptoms of being exposed to prussic acid: respiratory difficulty, vomiting, and the taste of bitter almonds.
20240709             Another case of the use of prussic acid by Ukrainian forces was recorded in early June 2024.
20240709             After an UAV attack against Russian positions in the Graivoron District of the Belgorod Region, fragments of munitions were found and sent for lab analysis, which confirmed the use of said toxic chemical.
20240709             Testimony by Ukrainian soldiers confirms presence in Ukraine of other chemical labs that are similar to the one detected in Avdeyevka.
20240709             Ukrainian prisoner of war Sergey Batyr testified about the involvement of US specialists in their operations, and said these laboratories are engaged in mass production of kamikaze drones.
20240709             Provocations by CPCS, Ukraine against Russia
20240709             Let me remind you that the US has full control over the activities of the OPCW.
20240709             In order to settle scores with undesirable countries, Washington set up an attribution mechanism in the Organization, which was utilized to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Syria.
20240709             According to information at hand, the US and Germany joined forces with Ukraine and the OPCW's Technical Secretariat to put together a special mission to investigate the so-called use of chemical weapons in Ukraine, with a view to make accusations against Russia.
20240709             One of the so-called “independent” countries is to initiate an investigation and fabricate evidence that Russia used toxic chemicals during the special military operation.
20240709             Americans already committed some $400,000 to this end.
20240709             At the same time, the OPCW received instructions from its Western handlers not to respond to Russian statements that Ukraine violates the Convention's provisions.
20240709             It should be noted that the US and the UK adopted a similar approach as part of the Science and Technology Review Mechanisms and the International Cooperation and Assistance Mechanism that are being promoted in the BTWC and will enable them to shape expert opinions about biosafety threats in their own interests.
20240709             To that end, it is planned to create at the BTWC certain channels of influence on international political and research organizations by providing grants.
20240709             Nato-Treffen in Washington: Der Zittergipfel
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20240709             _A_O_: was ist die älteste überlieferte zeitleiste?
20240709             ChatGPT
20240709             Die älteste überlieferte Zeitleiste ist die sogenannte "Sumerische Königsliste".
20240709             Diese antike Liste stammt aus Mesopotamien und enthält Aufzeichnungen der Könige von Sumer, ihrer Regierungszeiten und wichtigen Ereignissen.
20240709             Die Sumerische Königsliste ist in Keilschrift auf Tontafeln geschrieben und wird auf das dritte Jahrtausend v. Chr. datiert.
20240709             Wichtige Aspekte der Sumerischen Königsliste:
20240709             Mythologische und Historische Könige: Die Liste beginnt mit mythischen Königen, die vor der großen Flut regiert haben sollen, und geht dann zu historischen Herrschern über.
20240709             Die frühen Könige werden mit extrem langen Regierungszeiten aufgeführt, was auf ihre mythologische Natur hinweist.
20240709             Regierungszeiten und Dynastien: Die Liste gibt die Namen der Könige, ihre Regierungszeiten und die Orte ihrer Herrschaft an.
20240709             Sie ist in verschiedene Dynastien unterteilt, die in verschiedenen sumerischen Stadtstaaten regierten, wie Eridu, Uruk und Ur.
20240709             Historische Bedeutung: Die Sumerische Königsliste bietet wertvolle Einblicke in die frühe Geschichte Mesopotamiens und die Vorstellung der Sumerer von Königtum und Herrschaft.
20240709             Sie hilft Historikern, die Chronologie und die politische Geschichte der Region zu rekonstruieren.
20240709             Erhaltungszustand: Mehrere Exemplare der Sumerischen Königsliste wurden entdeckt, wobei das vollständigste Exemplar als "Weld-Blundell-Prisma" bekannt ist und im Ashmolean Museum in Oxford aufbewahrt wird.
20240709             Zusammengefasst ist die Sumerische Königsliste die älteste überlieferte Zeitleiste, die uns Informationen über die frühen Könige von Sumer und die politische Geschichte Mesopotamiens liefert.
20240709             [l] Google Chrome schickt jetzt Telemetrie heim zu Google.
20240709             Und zwar über CPU, GPU und Speicherverbrauch.
20240709             Über eine (festhalten!) Browsererweiterung, die in der Liste der Erweiterungen verborgen wird.
20240709             Das ist immer ein gutes Zeichen, wenn der Hersteller selber erkennt, dass er eine Funktion lieber versteckt.
20240709             Für Leute ohne Twitter-Account, die den Thread nicht sehen können, gibt es hier einen Screenshot.
20240709             Möglicher Vorfall in Lwiw: Linkenabgeordneter beklagt verweigerte Einreise in Ukraine
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20240709             Neue europäische Rakete: Erster Start der »Ariane 6« ist geglückt
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20240709             Ehefrau von Ex-Präsident Sarkozy: Justiz ermittelt gegen Carla Bruni wegen Libyen-Affäre
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