Electric Fish's Better Brain Linked to Biodiversity Boost Author: Daniel Strain, Science News
After upgrading their ability to communicate using electrical signals, a group of African fish exploded into dozens of species. This may be the first study to show a link between central brain evolution and increasing species diversity.
Manning Ruled Competent to Stand for Court Martial Author: Kim Zetter
WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning has been deemed competent to face a court martial, according to an Army panel.
Shed a Tear: The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday Author: Ryan Singel
AT&T's bandwidth caps go into effect Monday, putting half of U.S. broadband users to a limit on how much net they can use. We're all poorer for it.

Top Climate Scientist On The Monster Tornadoes: 'It Is Irresponsible Not To Mention Climate Change'

In pictures: World celebrates
Images of celebrations around the world as Britain's Prince William marries Kate Middleton in London.

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