Wall St. Stands at the Pinnacle of 5,000 Years of Human Exploitation
As powerful as Wall Street appears to be, its abuse of power has so eroded the economic, social, and environmental foundations of its own existence that its fate is sealed.
Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to ADHD
Secondhand smoke could boost a child's risk of depression and behavioral disorders, including ADHD, a new study claims.
China criticises US 'preaching'
China tells the US to stop preaching, after the state department's annual report on rights singles out China for criticism.
Anne Franks Peiniger arbeitete für den BND
Der SS-Oberscharführer, der im Jahr 1944 das jüdische Mädchen Anne Frank in seinem Versteck in Amsterdam aufspürte und ins KZ Auschwitz schickte, hat nach FOCUS-Informationen nach dem Krieg als V-Mann und Anwerber für den Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) gearbeitet. Der Hamburger Publizist Peter-Ferdinand Koch fand entsprechende Belege in US-Archiven. Anne Franks Peiniger Karl Josef Silberbauer, als brutaler Verhörspezialist gefürchtet, habe jahrelang in Nazi-Kameradschaften geeignete Spitzel für den BND und zuvor für die Organisation Gehlen gesucht.
Recent USC Study Links Polluted Air to Brain Damage
Clogged highways have already been linked to heart and lung problems, but in case you needed another reason to hate traffic, here it is: New research says car pollution on southern California's freeways might be causing brain damage in commuters and people who live near the roads.
Lessons From the Recession, Learned the Hard Way
The pain caused by the recession can't be minimized: millions of homes lost to foreclosure, 8 million jobs erased from the landscape, families displaced, lives disrupted.
Two rebel helicopters downed near Brega: Libya
Kaaim hit out at the NATO forces in charge of applying Security Council Resolution 1973 imposing the air exclusion zone over Libya, saying: "NATO on Saturday permitted then rebels to violate this resolution and use combat helicopters." Claiming that NATO was siding with the rebels, Kaaim went on: "Our question to NATO: does this resolution concern only the Libyan government or the two sides?"
Zwei Helikopter der Aufständischen bei Brega abgeschossen
Die libysche Armee von Muammar al-Gaddafi hat bei Brega zwei Helikopter der Aufständischen abgeschossen. Die strategisch wichtige Stadt Adschdabia ist derweil heftig umkämpft... Vize-Aussenminister Chaled Kaaim kritisierte in diesem Zusammenhang die Nato. Obwohl es Aufgabe der Militärallianz sei, die über Libyen verhängte Flugverbotszone zu überwachen, habe sie zugelassen, dass die beiden Kampfhelikopter der Regime-Gegner aufgestiegen seien. Es stelle sich die Frage, ob die Flugverbotszone lediglich für die libysche Regierung oder aber für beide Seiten gelte.

Chinese foreign ministry: "We advise the US side to reflect on its own human rights issues and not to position itself as a preacher of human rights," [link]

New Record: Biggest Explosion in the Universe
The March 28 explosion, about 3.8 billion light years away, is so bizarre that experts aren't sure what to call it. Apparently, it is the largest cosmic explosion ever witnessed - and it's still happening. While most supernovae outshine a galaxy for a few moments and disappear, this one has been pulsating and even increasing its brightness over and over since March 28.
NASA Telescopes Join Forces to Observe Unprecedented Explosion
On March 28, Swift's Burst Alert Telescope discovered the source in the constellation Draco when it erupted with the first in a series of powerful X-ray blasts. The satellite determined a position for the explosion, now cataloged as gamma-ray burst (GRB) 110328A, and informed astronomers worldwide.
Rätselhafte Super-Explosion in Galaxienkern: Neu entdeckte, ungewöhnliche starke Strahlenquelle stellt Astronomen vor ein Rätsel
Allein seit dem 3. April hat sich die Strahlenquelle um das Fünffache verstärkt. Die Astronomen gehen davon aus, dass die Röntgenstrahlung von Materie in einem hoch beschleunigten Teilchenstrom ausgeht, der entlang der Rotationsachse des Schwarzen Lochs austritt. "Die beste Erklärung, die wir im Moment haben ist, dass wir genau den Strahl dieses Jets entlang schauen", erklärt Andrew Levan von der Universität von Warwick in Großbritannien, der die Beobachtungen durch das Röntgenteleskop Chandra leitete. "Wenn wir genau ins Zentrum eines solchen Jets blicken, lässt uns eine spezielle Helligkeits-Verstärkung Details sehen, die wir sonst übersehen würden."
File-Sharers Await Official Recognition of New Religion
A group of self-confessed radical pirates are pinning their hopes on gaining official recognition of their own unique belief system.
US Navy Close To On-Ship Laser Cannons Author: samzenpus
An anonymous reader writes "The Office of Naval Research and industry partner Northrop Grumman said they successfully tested for the first time an on-board laser defense system known as the Maritime Laser Demonstrator (MLD), using it to destroy a small target vessel. The test actually accomplished several other benchmarks, including integrating MLD with a ship's radar and navigation system, and firing an electric laser weapon from a moving platform at-sea in a humid environment."

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What happens when we run out of water?
Over the last century, H20 has become so convenient we take it for granted. That's about to change
Arab League to ask UN to impose no-fly zone over Gaza
The Arab League on Sunday announced during a special meeting in Cairo that it plans to press the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza amid an escalation in violence in the area, AFP reported.
Bob Dylan makes Vietnam debut
Legendary folk singer Bob Dylan, whose songs became anthems of the 1960s anti-Vietnam War movement, plays his first concert in the communist country.

China: The United States is beset by violence, racism and torture and has no authority to condemn other governments' human rights problems [link]

Mubarak summoned for questioning
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is summoned by the state prosecutor for questioning over alleged corruption and the killings of protesters.
UK and Netherlands to sue Iceland
The UK and Netherlands are to sue Iceland to recover 4bn euros (£3.5bn) lost in its banking collapse, after Icelanders reject a repayment deal.

Do people realize when they say "You're really quiet" to a shy person that it crushes their confidence even more? [link]

Murder charge after sub shooting
A man is charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder following a shooting on board a nuclear submarine HMS Astute.
Scientists Design Barcode System For Zebras Author: samzenpus
A team of biologists and computer scientists has come up with a unique barcode-like system for tracking zebras called Stripespotter. The system is able to automatically identify zebras from pictures with a much higher accuracy than traditional methods. Its creators say it can be modified to track any animal with unique coat patterns such as giraffes or tigers.Read more of this story
Japan PM Kan makes tsunami pledge
Prime Minister Naoto Kan, on a tour of Japan's tsunami-hit coast a month after the disaster hit, says survivors will never be abandoned.
Libya 'accepts peace plan' - Zuma
South African President Jacob Zuma says the Libyan government has accepted an African Union peace plan, which will now be put to rebel leaders in Benghazi.
First in space
Fifty years since Yuri Gagarin blasted into orbit