How A Fraction Of A Battery Can Cripple iPod Production
There could be a delay in iPod production as a result of the closure of a polymer factory, owned by Kureha, near the Japanese earthquake's epicenter. The polymer is a tiny but important part of lithium ion batteries and Kureha dominates that market. Here's why:
MI5 concealed report on Soviet penetration from CIA Author: intelNews
British counterintelligence officials decided to conceal from their American counterparts a report detailing Soviet spy penetration of the UK, because it showed London's permissive attitude towards intelligence infiltration. Continue reading
Study: Canned Foods Much to Blame for Exposure to Synthetic Hormones
A new study has found that the majority of our exposure to dangerous synthetic hormones, namely Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates are canned foods. The urine of subjects eating canned foods and fresh foods were tested to check for levels...
Facial structure of men and women has become more similar over time
Research from North Carolina State University shows that they really don't make women like they used to, at least in Spain. The study, which examined hundreds of Spanish and Portuguese skulls spanning four centuries, shows that differences in the craniofacial features of men and women have become less pronounced.
US Government Domain Seizures Failing Miserably Author: timothy
ktetch-pirate writes "Operation In Our Sites, a US Government-led domain seizure action to deal with piracy, is pretty much a failure. TorrentFreak has examined a significant number of sites that have gone on pretty much unhindered, despite the seizures. Already some questions have been asked about the constitutionality of the seizures, and the evidence used as justification, but it seems the end results weren't as good as boasted either."Read more of this story
Varroa verantwortlich für Bienensterben
Studie: Je höher der Milbenbefall bereits im Herbst, desto weniger wahrscheinlich kommen die Bienenvölker durch den Winter
Afghan war isn't worth fighting, most in U.S. say
(15.03.) Nearly three-quarters of Americans say Obama should withdraw a "substantial number" of combat troops from Afghanistan this summer, the deadline he set to begin pulling out some forces. Only 39 percent of respondents, however, say they expect him to withdraw large numbers.
Glaciers Melting Faster Than Originally Thought
A team of scientists from Aberystwyth University, the University of Exeter and Stockholm University, led by Welsh scientist and Professor Neil Glasser, have released at study published in Nature Geoscience showing that the glaciers of Patagonia in South America are melting at a much ...
Werte statt Lügen - die Massenpetition zur Reparatur der EU-Grundrechtecharta
Am 29.03.2011 hat die Bürgerrechtlerin und überzeugte Europäerin Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing eine neue Massenpetition an das Europaparlament gestartet. Die Petition fordert, dass die EU-Grundrechtecharta so geändert wird, dass sie hält, was sie verspricht. Damit sie eine ernsthafte Schutzwirkung bekommt, müssen erst einmal alle EU-Grundrechte den höchsten Rang innerhalb des EU-Rechts bekommen, also oberhalb und nicht mehr unterhalb von EU-Vertrag, AEU-Vertrag und Euratom-Vertrag.
Dutzende Oppositionelle in Aserbaidschan festgenommen
Die Polizei in Aserbaidschan hat dutzende Oppositionelle festgenommen, die sich in der Hauptstadt Baku zu einer Demonstration gegen die Regierung von Präsident Ilham Alijew versammelt hatten. Die Demonstration sei nicht genehmigt gewesen, teilte das Innenministerium am Samstagabend mit.
DOE Contest Will License National Lab Patents for $1,000
If you're an entrepreneur with $1,000 and a strong business plan, the Obama Administration has a deal for you: A deep discount on the price for startups to license patents and patent applications held by the national labs for groundbreaking energy technology.
Banken wegen Abholzungen in Amazonien angeklagt
Neun Staatsanwälte haben in Brasilien die staatlichen Kreditinstitute Banco do Brasil und Banco da Amazônia wegen Finanzierung illegaler Abholzungen in Amazonien verklagt. Dies berichtete die Staatsanwaltschaft auf ihrer Internetseite am Donnerstag. Demnach hätten die beiden staatseigenen Banken mit öffentlichen Geldern landwirtschaftliche Großbetriebe (Fazendas) im nördlichen Bundesstaat Pará finanziert, denen illegale Abholzungen und Verstöße gegen Arbeitsrechte vorgeworfen werden.
Chinese Scientists Make Cow Producing Human-Like Milk Author: samzenpus
hackingbear writes "Scientists from China Agricultural University have produced 17 healthy cloned cattle expressing recombinant human lysozyme using somatic cell nuclear transfer. Lysozyme, a bactericidal protein that protects human infants from microbial infections, is highly expressed in human milk but is found in only trace amounts in cow milk. The cloned cows produce milk with similar nutritional benefits as human milk, and the scientists hope their results will lead to new techniques that could be further refined for production of active human lysozyme on a large scale." Read more of this story
Managing water is Fukushima priority
Low-radioactive wastewater from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power is discharged into the sea to allow the clean-up of more contaminated water hindering repair work on the damaged facility.
RIAA/MPAA: the Greatest Threat To Tech Innovation Author: CmdrTaco
TAGmclaren writes "The Harvard Business Review is running an article stating that it's not India or China that are the greatest threat to technological innovation happening in America. Rather, it's the 'big content' players, particularly the movie and music industry. From the article: 'the Big Content players do not understand technology, and never have. Rather than see it as an opportunity to reach new audiences, technology has always been a threat to them. Example after example abounds of this attitude; whether it was the VCR which was "to the American film producer and the American public as the Boston strangler is to the woman home alone" as famed movie industry lobbyist Jack Valenti put it at a congressional hearing, or MP3 technology, which they tried to sue out of existence.'"Read more of this story
Britain to supply telecommunication equipment to Libya rebels
Britain is supplying the Interim Transitional National Council (ITNC) in Libya with telecommunications equipment, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Monday, DPA reported. Hague also told parliament that a follow-up meeting of the Libya Contact Group, set up at an international conference in London a week ago, would take place in Doha, the capital of Qatar, next week.
Report: N. Koreans took crash course in US capitalism
The paper said six director-level officials were in the group, including delegation chief Yon Il from the trade ministry. Others came from the agriculture, finance and industry ministries. The trip was partly arranged by the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego. The visitors also attended seminars on corporate strategies, consumer protection, monetary policies and international economic cooperation, the report said.
Autistic brains work differently
People with autism use their brains differently from other people, which may be why some have extraordinary abilities, according to new research.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser and Tea Party Billionaire David Koch

As of last Friday, just three groups have spent nearly $1.4 million to keep Gov. Scott Walker's (R) ally David Prosser on the Wisconsin Supreme Court - 40 percent more than Prosser's opponents have spent to defeat him. Moreover, new evidence unearthed by the Center for Media and Democracy suggests that Prosser's advantage comes from a familiar source. Nearly $400,000 of Justice Prosser's support comes from Citizens for a Strong America (CSA), a group with close ties to the billionaire Koch brothers:

[E]ven though Citizens for a Strong America lists no staff on its website, its website name was purchased by John W. Connors of Milwaukee, who has been a leader of "Americans for Prosperity," a right-wing group chaired by oil billionaire David Koch. On the domain registration through "Go Daddy!," the holder of the web address listed is for Connors and the business address is listed as 1126 S 70th Street, Suite S420, in Milwaukee, along with a gmail address. … This address is the same street address as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in Wisconsin. AFP is listed as holding offices on the second floor of that building. It is not clear how many suites in the building are leased by AFP. [...]

In other documents on the web about him, Connors' work email address is listed as at afphq.org and he is described as involved in grassroots campaigns and marketing for AFP. He has been with AFP for a couple of years. During college, Connors interned for Walker and worked on his campaign.

CSA also shows the same kind of disregard for the truth that is typical of Koch-funded operations. Their flagship ad accused Prosser's opponent, prosecutor JoAnne Kloppenburg, of jailing an 80 year-old farmer, and was labeled "ridiculously false" by a leading non-partisan fact-checking site.

Nor is CSA the only right-wing group fighting tooth and nail to keep Walker's ally on the court. After Prosser allowed corporate lobbyists from an organization called Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce to write the state supreme court's "justice-for-sale" ethics rules, WMC rewarded Prosser with nearly $600,000 in corporate-funded ads. The anti-tax advocacy group Club for Growth also kicked in over $400,000 for Prosser.

Of course, none of these corporate efforts to buy a supreme court seat would have been legal just a few years ago. Wisconsin banned corporations from buying state elections in 1905, but that law effectively ceased to exist when the Supreme Court opened the floodgates of corporate campaign funds in its infamous Citizens United decision.

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Fukushima shows that renewable energy is the way to go
Atomarer GAU in USA?
Die auffällige Häufung von schweren und schwersten Erdbeben entlang der seismisch extrem aktiven Pazifischen Platte rückt Kalifornien mit seinen Mega-Städten San Francisco und Los Angeles in den Mittelpunkt des Interesses. Der Gedanke liegt nahe, dass die Platte zurzeit eine größere Bewegung durchmacht und dass diese eben im Uhrzeigersinn zu diesen schweren Erdbeben entlang des Feuerrings führt. Und das könnte die Ursache dafür sein, dass das nächste größere Erdbeben an der Westküste Amerikas stattfindet.
Salamander Has Algae Living Inside Its Cells Author: Brandon Keim
In a symbiotic union more complete than any previously found in vertebrates, the common spotted salamander lives with algae inside its cells.
Army: Manning Snuck 'Data-Mining' Software Onto Secret Network Author: Kim Zetter
Accused WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning installed and used unauthorized "data-mining software" on his SIPRnet workstation during the time he allegedly siphoned hundreds of thousands of documents off that classified network, the Army said Friday in response to inquiries from Wired.
News you may have missed #491 Author: intelNews
Libyan defector Moussa Koussa 'was an MI6 double agent'. Israel pressures Russia to prevent EU Palestine recognition. Anlysis: Egypt's top spy a US concern. Continue reading
Accidental Find May Lead To a Cure For Baldness Author: Soulskill
kkleiner writes "Science is full of stories in which great discoveries are made by accident: the discovery of radiation, the discovery of the universe's shape through x-ray detection, and now perhaps the cure for hair loss. At the time they returned to the cages to find that their bald mice had miraculously grown their hair back, the scientists at UCLA had no intention of curing baldness. Originally, theirs was in fact a study aimed at reducing the harmful affects of chronic stress. The unanticipated side effect of their treatment could prove a boon to balding men and women everywhere, not to mention to the drug company that delivers the cure to them."Read more of this story
Marines in Japan to skip Philippine drills
About 3,000 Marines will not join annual war exercises in the Philippines starting this week because they are helping with relief work in quake- and tsunami-devastated Japan, officials said Sunday. Philippine military spokesman Maj. Enrico Ileto said civic missions such as school construction will proceed as planned during the April 5-15 exercises, but some field exercises would be scaled back because of the U.S. relief activities in northeastern Japan.
Appeals Court Strengthens Warrantless Searches at Border Author: David Kravets
The authorities may seize laptops, cameras and other digital devices at the U.S. border without a warrant and scour through them for days hundreds of miles away, a federal appeals court ruled.
Rebel Leadership in Libya Shows Strain
"They behaved like children," said Fathi Baja, a political science professor who heads the rebel political committee. Little was accomplished in the meetings, the participants said. When they concluded late last week, Mr. Younes was still the head of the army and Mr. Hariri remained as the defense minister. Only Mr. Heftar, who reportedly refused to work with Mr. Younes, was forced out... "They behaved like children," said Fathi Baja, a political science professor who heads the rebel political committee. Little was accomplished in the meetings, the participants said.
Gaddafi-Söhne reden von Frieden in Libyen
Gaddafis Söhne Saif al-Islam und Saadi haben nach einem Bericht der New York Times den Übergang zur Demokratie angeboten. Der Friedensplan wird angeblich vom Vater befürwortet.
Somaliland coast guard tries to prevent piracy
In 2009, the Mogadishu government formed and armed a 500-man anti-piracy force. No one seems to know where they have gone. So the international community continues to spend millions on its naval fleet, a solution that Somalia analyst Stig Jarle Hansen called "expensive and seemingly inefficient" in a recent report on piracy funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense. Hansen recommended that instead of focusing on rebuilding a central Somali state and coast guard, resources could be directed to regional administrations capable of providing security - like Somaliland, which he said "might have been a very good ally in the fight against piracy, [but seems] to be ignored."
Do Violent Games Hinder Development of Empathy? Author: Soulskill
donniebaseball23 writes "Although there's yet to be a study that conclusively proves a direct causal relationship between video game violence and real-life violence, psychologists are continuing to examine the effect violent media can have on children. A new study in the Journal of Children and Media notes that violent video game exposure can actually hinder a child's moral development. 'Certainly not every child who continues to play violent video games is going to go out and perpetrate a violent act, but the research suggests that children - particularly boys - who are frequently exposed to these violent games are absorbing a sanitized message of "no consequences for violence" from this play behavior,' said Professor Edward T. Vieira Jr."Read more of this story
'Worrying' picture for UK economy
The UK faces a fragile economic recovery, with the overall picture worrying, a British Chambers of Commerce survey suggests.