Bahrain slams Iran's interference in its affairs
MANAMA, March. 17(Xinhua) -- Bahrain on Thursday slammed Iran's interference in its internal affairs after the latter communicated with international organizations expressing concern about the situation in the Kingdom. Hamad Al Amer, Bahrain's Foreign Ministry official in charge of Regional and Gulf Cooperation Council Affairs, described the Iranian step as a "very strange act and an encroachment" on the sovereignty of Bahrain.
UN Backs Action Against Colonel Gaddafi Author: timothy
chielk writes "The UN Security Council has backed a no-fly zone over Libya and 'all necessary measures' short of an invasion 'to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas.' The UK, France and Lebanon proposed the council resolution, with US support."Read more of this story
Japan shares climb as yen weakens
Japanese shares climb after Japan says G7 finance ministers have agreed on joint intervention to stabilise the yen.
G7 agrees on Japanese yen action
G7 finance ministers agree on first coordinated intervention in the currency markets since 2000 to cut yen volatility.
News you may have missed #484 Author: intelNews
Analysis: CIA may face reduced role in Pakistan after murder row. Lebanese Army dismantles Israeli spying device. Exhibition commemorates Soviet spy legend. Continue reading
News you may have missed #484 Author: intelNews
Analysis: CIA may face reduced role in Pakistan after murder row. Lebanese Army dismantles Israeli spying device. Exhibition commemorates Soviet spy legend. Continue reading
Blick in die russischen Zeitungen
Fukushima außer Kontrolle?/Mossad-Agenten in der ukrainischen Steppe/Die Geister, die wir riefen: Atom-Angst streift durch Europa/Experten raten Putin von Gasmarkt-Liberalisierung ab
First contaminated Passengers from Japan trigger U.S. Airport Detectors - Bloomberg [EN] Author: Crisis_Manager
Radiactive contamination is already spreading around the globe as a consequence of travel
Im Spiegel der Presse
Liberalisierung des russischen Gasmarkts mit Gazprom unsinnig * Atomkraft stellt Europa vor Zerreißprobe * Raketen-Streit: Bulawa-Entwickler legt sich mit Militär an
Auf Atomwirtschaft rollt neue Kostenwelle zu
Der Ratingagentur Fitch zufolge stehen der Atomindustrie nach dem Nuklear-Unfall in Japan schwierige Zeiten bevor.
Armee-Reform in Russland: Luftwaffe gewinnt an Schlagkraft
Russlands Militärreform schreitet in kleinen Schritten voran. Ab dem 1. April werden die Fliegerkräfte der strategischen Raketentruppen und ein Teil der Marine-Fliegerkräfte der Luftwaffe unterstellt sein.
Gaddafi ohne Flügel
Die Paradoxa des Revolutionsfrühlings in Nordafrika: Der UNO-Sicherheitsrat hat sich am Morgen des 18. März endlich entschieden, dem libyschen Staatsoberhaupt Muammar al-Gaddafi die "Flügel zu stutzen".
West directs spies, information-warfare at Libya Author: intelNews
Along with airborne surveillance and the bombing of targets, Western nations in charge of imposing a no-fly-zone over Libya are directing their intelligence and information-warfare arsenals against the Libyan regime. Continue reading
Alpha-Veteran: Terroristenjagd ist Krieg
Russland war zuletzt einigen Terrorangriffen schutzlos ausgeliefert. Alexej Filatow, Vizepräsident des Internationalen Verbandes der Veteranen der Anti-Terror-Einheit Alpha, spricht im Interview mit RIA Novosti über die Zukunft der Terrorbekämpfung.
As Food Prices Skyrocket, House Committee Calls For Cutting Food Stamps Instead Of Agriculture Subsidies Author: Pat Garofalo

In 2010, 18 percent of the country - nearly one in five households - reported not having enough money to provide food at some point during the year. Last month, food prices increased by 3.9 percent, in the largest jump since 1974. Vegetable prices increased by nearly 50 percent, driven in part by weather disasters damaging crops in place such as Australia and Russia.

These trends are occurring at the same time that unemployment has remained unacceptably high, leaving many Americans with nothing but the social safety net standing between them and going hungry. But as National Journal's Tim Fernholz reported, the House Agriculture Committee has called for a reduction in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) in a letter to House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI):

One part of the agriculture budget that has seen increases is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) where spending has tripled over the last ten years. Given the economic downturn and high unemployment which has left many Americans with few options, an increase in nutrition assistance spending is to be expected….But much of the cost increase has come through government action as opposed to the kind of macroeconomic forces that naturally result in increased subscriptions.

The letter's co-authors - House Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) and ranking member Collin Peterson (D-MN) - are correct that, in the face of the Great Recession, food stamp benefits were increased. But those increased benefits have (unfortunately) already been reduced to pay for a jobs bill that Congress passed last year.

And at the same time they're pointing to food stamps as an area ripe for cuts, Lucas and Peterson say that the tens of billions in annual agriculture subsidies that the U.S. provides should be off-limits for reductions. At the moment, 61 percent of the subsidies that the U.S. provides for agriculture go to just ten percent of recipients. Though some restrictions on rich farmers receiving subsidies were placed into the 2008 farm bill, they were mostly ineffective. And entrenched lawmakers on the agriculture committee help to keep it that way:

The 15 congressional districts receiving the most in payments accounted for about a quarter of all farm aid…Representatives from nine of those districts serve on the House Agriculture Committee, including the panel's top Democrat and Republican.

At the moment, 90 percent of agriculture subsidies go toward the production of just five crops - corn, wheat, rice, soy and cotton. "Most of that 90 percent went to the large farming corporations," said Annie Shattuck of the Institute for Food & Development Policy. "Much of those commodities were not used for food, but for animal feed and industrial applications. Cotton is not even a food." Yet lawmakers on the Agriculture Committee feel that this wasteful spending is more important than helping Americans families weather the Great Recession.

Robot Swarms Could Help Search for Life in Martian Caves Author: Danielle Venton
Autonomous swarming robots, programmed to search like honeybees, could be the best strategy to explore caves on Mars that may harbor life.
Robot Swarms Could Help Search for Life in Martian Caves Author: Danielle Venton
Autonomous swarming robots, programmed to search like honeybees, could be the best strategy to explore caves on Mars that may harbor life.
Nerve-Electronic Hybrid Could Meld Mind, Machine Author: Rachel Ehrenberg
Nerve-cell tendrils readily thread their way through tiny semiconductor tubes, researchers find, forming a crisscrossed network like vines twining towards the sun. Such a system may bring researchers closer to brain-computer interfaces that seamlessly integrate artificial limbs or other prosthetic devices.
"Die armseligste Regierung aller Zeiten"
Großbritannien plant massive Einschnitte bei der Solarförderung
Japan Is Building Artificially Intelligent Rockets, Hoping to Streamline Operations & Cut Costs - Pop Sci
Artificially intelligent rockets could perform self-diagnostics & self-repairs, lowering the cost of future space launches. The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency is working on an intelligent rocket to supplement its current lift vehicle, & it would be cheaper & simpler to use
What's in a Name? 'Operation Odyssey Dawn' Is Pentagon-Crafted Nonsense Author: Adam Rawnsley
The U.S. military's nickname for the no-fly zone in Libya sounds like the beginning of a long adventure. But Defense Department officials insist that there's no hidden meaning behind "Operation Odyssey Dawn." It's just the product of the Pentagon's semi-random name-generating system.
Sex, Drugs and the Cold War
Using a number of old documentaries this 2006 film looks at how sixties youth counter-culture clashed with older people's values of 'moral decency'...... Many of the clips are quite humorous in their sixties Cold War outlook, especially Sam Hardon ("History Professor, This University") whose paranoid views that "sixties radicals are controlled by communists"....... The documentary then looks at "sixties radicals" talking about setting up coffee houses and their love of marijuana. The show finishes with the uncertain end of Sam Hardon as he is encircled by an angry mob of communist student radicals!!!!........ If we expose the population to the obvious propaganda of yesteryear we can be more aware of today's propaganda, which we desperately need to do!
Appeals Court Revives Challenge to NSA Warrantless Surveillance Author: David Kravets
It's easy to forget these days, but former President George W. Bush's illegal warrantless surveillance program was never halted by Congress, nor by the Obama administration; it was merely legalized in a 2008 law called the FISA Amendments Act. That means the surveillance of Americans' international phone calls and internet use -- complete with secret rooms in AT&T data centers around the country -- is likely still ongoing. On Monday, however, a federal appeals court reinstated a key legal challenge to that surveillance.
Neanderthal's Brain Development Created a Divergent Evolutionary Path
Brains of newborn human babies and Neanderthals, who became extinct about 28,000 years ago, were about the same size and appear almost identical at first. But after birth and particularly during the first year of life the differences in development...
Piggyback Virus Could Curb HIV Pandemic Author: Dave Mosher
Rather than destroying HIV, a proposed treatment would embrace its infectious abilities, sending the virus into competition with a harmless, stripped-down version of itself.
Tea Party At Its Dregs? Major Convention Attracts Few Author: Alex Seitz-Wald
With Fox News host Glenn Beck's ratings down and the biggest tea party rally eclipsed by a recent pro-labor rally in Wisconsin, could the tea party be losing steam? One new sign: a big tea party convention in Tampa, FL this weekend - headlined by such conservative favorites as Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), Fox News Judge Andrew Napolitano, and...
Read more
Drones' Suicidal Cousins Lead Libya Attack Author: Noah Shachtman
They're called "missiles." But the new Tomahawk cruise, um, weapons are smart and maneuverable, like unmanned aircraft. Think of them as drones, but packed with explosives.
Weltwassertag: Globale Entrüstung über äthiopischen Staudamm
Fast 400 Organisationen haben eine Petition gegen Afrikas höchsten Staudamm unterzeichnet, die zum Weltwassertag am 22. März äthiopischen Botschaften in Europa und den USA übergeben werden soll.