Obama announces Libya sanctions
US President Barack Obama announces sanctions against Libya's government, blocking financial transactions of Col Gaddafi and several of his close associates.
Over 40,000 John Doe Copyright Troll Cases Dismissed Author: Roblimo

Requiem18th writes "From the EFF site: Thousands of unnamed 'John Does' in P2P file sharing lawsuits filed in California, Washington DC, Texas, and West Virginia have been severed, effectively dismissing over 40,000 defendants. The plaintiffs in these cases must now re-file against almost all of the Does individually rather than suing them en masse." Despite the dismissal, EFF has received reports that some Does are still receiving notices from their ISP's informing them that their identities are being sought in relation to these cases. If you get one, contact the EFF immediately.Read more of this story

Zimbabwe Professor Arrested and Tortured For Watching Online News Videos Author: Roblimo

An anonymous submitter wrote: "Disturbing reports have come out of Zimbabwe about how a professor who regularly held gatherings to discuss different news topics and social issues, was arrested, charged with treason and tortured for having the audacity to gather the regular group of about 45 people who discuss these things, and showing them some BBC and Al Jazeera news clips about the uprising in Egypt and Tunisia." Quote from the article: "Under dictator Robert Mugabe, watching internet videos in Zimbabwe can be a capital offense, it would seem. The videos included BBC World News and Al-Jazeera clips, which Gwisai had downloaded from Kubatana, a web-based activist group in Zimbabwe."Read more of this story

Landlords 'should get web rating'
Tenants should have a rating website on which they can share their experiences of landlords, a consumer body has said.
Inequality in America
Eight charts that show the glaring inequality between the ultra-rich and the middle class.
Brazil judge blocks Amazon dam
A Brazilian judge blocks construction of the huge Belo Monte hydro-electric dam in the Amazon because of environmental concerns.
Inequality in America
Eight charts that show the glaring inequality between the ultra-rich and the middle class.
Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in psychological operations to manipulate visiting American senators into providing mo
Is Diet Soda Really the Healthier Soft Drink?
New study finds link between drinking diet soda and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke
NASA'S Chandra Finds Superfluid in Neutron Star's Core
Chandra has discovered the first direct evidence for a superfluid, a bizarre, friction-free state of matter, at the core of a neutron star.
Lawyers Using Social Media Sites to Vet Jurors and Hire Employees
While attorneys use Facebook and social media to vet jurors, some government agencies are demanding social network passwords from potential employees. Sometimes social networking comes back to bite you with privacy invasion.
"I shall not hate"
Palestinian doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish has vowed not to hate despite suffering appalling losses at the hands of others. The doctor from Gaza has always used medicine to bridge the divide between Israelis and Palestinians, and continues to do so despite losing three daughters under Israeli tank fire.
Bald Eagles "Falling From the Sky"
The symbol of American stregth and freedom is seeing an extreme die off in the Northwest and literally, falling from the sky.
World's coral reefs 'will be wiped out by 2050', researchers warn
Pollution, climate change and overfishing could obliterate tens of thousands of miles of stunning reefs from the Indian Ocean to Australia and the Caribbean unless urgent action is taken.
Tax Breaks for the Sandwich Generation
What can you do when your parents are struggling to pay medical bills and your kids can't land jobs? Why, write checks, of course!
New Experiment Gives People Illusion of Having a Third Arm
In a series of unusual lab experiments, researchers in Sweden convinced study participants that they had three arms.
How a Pilot Risked His Life To Spy On Libya
Back in the late 80s, the United States and Libya were rabid enemies. This is the thrilling story of Brian Shul and his Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, as he zoomed through the skies of Qaddafi's country, dodging anti-aircraft missiles.
Ron Paul: The Tea Party Is Now Corporately Owned
When the man who is credited with the inception of the Tea Party, as a grassroots movement, says it's now corporately owned, it's worth hearing....
Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.
Madison, Wis., is looking a lot like Baghdad in 2003, with government officials exploiting fiscal crises for fun and profit.
Rule By Secrecy: Jim Marrs-Full Length
In this astonishing video, celebrated reporter and New York Times bestselling author Jim Marrs painstakingly explores the world's most closely guarded secrets, exposing clandestine cabals and the power they have wielded throughout time. Defiantly rooting out the truth, he unearths starting evidence that the real movers and shakers covertly collude to start and stop wars, manipulate stock markets and interest rates, maintain class distinctions, and even censor the six o'clock news. And they do all this under the mindful auspices of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the CIA, and even the Vatican. Drawing on historical evidence and his own impeccable research, Mars carefully traces the mysteries that connect these modern-day conspiracies to humankind's prehistory. The eye-opening result is an extraordinary synthesis of historical information, much of it long hidden from the public, that sheds light on the people and organizations that rule our lives.
Kenya's mentally ill locked up and forgotten
The tin shack looks like any other in a patch of small plots on the dusty outskirts of Nairobi. It's the haunting sound that grabs you, the awful moaning and cries coming from within.
Fuck you, Obama. I voted for you. Skype, BlackBerry, & other communications services are under attack! The Obama administration and the FBI are pushing legislation to ban online communications technologies unless developers make it easy for the government to wiretap them.

Skype, BlackBerry, and other Internet communications services are under attack! The Obama administration and the FBI are pushing legislation that would ban online communications technologies like these unless their developers make it easy for the government to wiretap them.

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) requires telecom companies to make it possible for the government wiretap their networks. Now Obama and law enforcement want to expand CALEA to cover all online communications technologies, including peer-to-peer and social networking apps. The New York Times says the law would even include making sure the government could intercept and unscramble encrypted messages.

Click here now to tell Congress to protect services like Skype and reject the FBI's expansion of CALEA.

Companies that want to avoid stifling regulations, and those that actually care about our privacy rights, would have to leave the U.S. That'd reduce our prominence as a technology leader, and encourage the government to devise ever more heavy-handed ways of blocking Americans from using the offending technologies. Other companies would comply by creating back-doors that could lead to more privacy violations and make the Internet more vulnerable to attack: experts say wiretap-ready technologies would be much easier to hack.

An expansion of CALEA would be a tremendous blow to a free and open Internet. Lawmakers need to reject it: Will you sign our petition demanding that they do so?

Thanks for taking a stand.

-The Demand Progress team act.demandprogress.org/sign/calea/

In the so-called "prank" phone call, Gov. Walker actually admitted to three serious crimes: 1.) Firing state workers as political retaliation. 2.) Illegal campaign funding, and, most seriously, 3.) Plotting to place agent provocateurs on the streets of Madison to cause chaos. [link]

Guantanamo ghost
Pakistani scholar haunted by years of imprisonment
How Severe Can Climate Change Become?
How severe can climate change become in a warming world? Worse than anything we've seen in written history, according to results of a study recently appearing in the journal Science.

Paypal backs down!! Reinstates Account for Supporters of Bradley Manning!! [link]

Juarez cartel boss shot in Mexico
One of the alleged leaders of Mexico's Juarez drug cartel, Luis Humberto Peralta Hernandez, is killed in a shoot-out with police, officials say.
Australian Court Gives Green Light To Disconnect Pirates Author: timothy
aesoteric writes "The Full Bench of Australia's Federal Court (three judges) has dismissed the film industry's appeal against a February 2010 judgment that found ISP iiNet had not authorised copyright infringement on its network. However, the ruling was a 2-1 majority and the judges have made several concessions to the Hollywood film studios. In particular, they set out a prescriptive path for the film industry to change the way it identifies alleged copyright infringers. The ruling says that if the film industry amends the format of its notices of infringement, pays the ISP to vet the notices and indemnifies the ISP against any fallout from disconnecting a customer, then disconnection is a reasonable step the ISPs should take to combat piracy. Essentially, the ruling gives internet service providers no absolute protection over the actions of their subscribers."Read more of this story
Wer hoch stapelt, kommt ganz nach oben?
An Guttenbergs Vita ist kaum etwas echt Seinen Doktor ist Freiherr zu Guttenberg nun zügig und ohne großen Aufhebens los (Guttenberg und die Herrschaft des Unbewussten). Die Universität kam dem Wunsch des Verteidigungsministers nach Aberkennung des Doktorgrades, gedruckt auf dem Papier mit Bundesadler im Briefkopf, nur zu gern nach und verzichtete ob der Kooperationsbereitschaft des Prädikatsjuristen sogar auf eine Prüfung der Betrugsabsicht.
Riesige Unterschiede im BIP pro Kopf zwischen den europäischen Regionen
Bulgarische und rumänische Regionen liegen weit unter dem EU-Durchschnitt, Inner London mit 343 Prozent am weitesten darüber In der EU ist der Wohlstand bzw. das BIP pro Kopf höchst ungleich verteilt. Das BIP, von Eurostat ausgedrückt in Kaufkraftstandards (KKS), gibt zwar Hinweise auf die wirtschaftliche Aktivität eines Landes oder einer Region, sagt aber nur indirekt etwas über den individuellen Wohlstand aus.
Griechische Arbeiter im achten Generalstreik
Die Arbeiter in Griechenland haben am Mittwoch erneut mit einem Generalstreik gegen die Sparmaßnahmen der sozialdemokratischen Regierung von Premierminister Georgios Papandreou protestiert. Der Streik war von der Gewerkschaft der Privatwirtschaft (GSEE) und der Dachorganisation der Gewerkschaften des öffentlichen Dienstes (ADEDY) ausgerufen worden.
Hartz IV-Reform: Vereint gegen Langzeitarbeitslose
Die Bundesregierung und die SPD haben sich in der Nacht zum Montag nach fast neunwöchigen Verhandlungen auf eine Reform der Hartz-IV-Gesetze geeinigt, die eine zweistufige Erhöhung der monatlichen Regelsätze um insgesamt acht Euro beinhaltet. Schaut man genau auf die Einigung und rechnet die schon längst beschlossenen Kürzungen bei den Langzeitarbeitslosen dagegen, ist der so genannte Kompromiss ein weiterer sozialer Einschnitt für die Betroffenen.
News you may have missed #479 (Iran edition) Author: intelNews
Iran arrests alleged CIA agent. Yemen charges family with spying for Iran. Leaked intelligence report claims Iran intensifies uranium hunt. Continue reading
Tunesiens Regierung von erneuten Protesten erschüttert
Zwei Tage andauernde Proteste gegen die Regierung in Tunesien haben eine Krise des Interimregimes ausgelöst, das auf den vertriebenen Präsidenten Zine El Abidine Ben Ali folgte. Zehntausende Demonstranten strömten ins Zentrum der Hauptstadt Tunis und forderten den Rücktritt des Gralshüters der Diktatur, Präsident Mohammed Ghannouchis und auch weiterer Regierungsmitglieder.
Obama und die Krise in Libyen
Angesichts des Volksaufstands und des Gemetzels in Libyen, einem der größten Ölproduzenten der Welt, sprach Präsident Obama von "Freiheit", "Gerechtigkeit" und "Würde", warnte aber zugleich, dass seine Regierung "sich alle Optionen offen halten" wolle.
Wisconsin: Proteste gehen weiter
Das Parlament von Wisconsin hat am Dienstag die Debatte über einen Gesetzentwurf aufgenommen, der den öffentlichen Bediensteten deutliche Lohnsenkung bescheren und ihr Streikrecht stark einschränken würde. Demokratische Abgeordnete mauscheln hinter den Kulissen mit den Gewerkschaften, um die Proteste auslaufen zu lassen.
Der Zerfall eines Partnerregimes
Deutsche Kriegsschiffe nehmen Kurs auf die libysche Küste. Wie das Bundesverteidigungsministerium bestätigt, hat es einen Einsatzgruppenversorger und zwei Fregatten vor das im Bürgerkrieg versinkende Land entsandt. Offizieller Auftrag ist die Evakuierung deutscher Staatsbürger. Tatsächlich ist die Anwesenheit deutscher Kriegsschiffe vor Libyen Teil einer anschwellenden westlichen Marinepräsenz, die für unterschiedliche militärische Maßnahmen genutzt werden kann.
Dauerhafte Basen in Afghanistan werden ein Hirngespinst der USA bleiben
Die Führung des afghanischen Widerstandes lehnt die Errichtung permanenter US-Militärbasen in Afghanistan ab und kündigt an, den Kampf so lange fortsetzen zu wollen, bis alle ausländischen Invasoren abziehen.
Manning-Spendenkonto wiederhergestellt
Das PayPal-Spendenkonto der Unterstützer des mutmaßlichen Whistleblowers Bradley Manning wurde offenbar wiederhergestellt, nachdem das Unternehmen es zuvor eingefroren hatte. Die Gründe für diese Entscheidung sind unklar; die Aktivisten vermuten allerdings, dass der große öffentliche Protest gegen die Schließung des Kontos eine Rolle spielte.
Aufstand gegen die Unsicherheit
Über 200 000 protestierten am Donnerstag gegen Leiharbeit Leiharbeit und Niedriglohn sind den Gewerkschaften ein Dorn im Auge. Die Zahl der Leiharbeiter, die oft - zusätzlich zur unsicheren Beschäftigung - viel weniger verdienen als die Stammbelegschaften und zudem nicht die gleichen Rechte im Betrieb haben, steigt.
Zeit des Stillstands ist vorbei
So unterschiedlich die Systeme, so ähnlich die Ursachen des Zorns Der Sturm, so rasch er heraufzog, kam nicht überraschend. Tunesien, Ägypten, Jordanien, Bahrain, Kuwait, Irak, Libyen - so verschieden die politischen Systeme sind, so ähnlich sind die Ursachen für den Zorn der Jugend, die seit Wochen gegen ihre Despoten protestiert und den Westen das Fürchten lehrt, weil er eben diesen Despoten Partner und Geldgeber war.
Allianz-Chef sieht Lebensversicherung in Gefahr
Die Lebensversicherung ist kaum noch attraktiv. Nach der Überschussbeteiligung sinkt der Garantiezins. Bald sollen neue EU-Regeln die Branche belasten. Allianz-Chef Diekmann sorgt sich um die Zukunft des Produkts. Für Neuverträge ab 2013 hat die Aufsichtsbehörde jetzt den Garantiezins auf den Sparanteil von 2,25 auf 1,75 Prozent gesenkt. Das beliebteste Vorsorgeprodukt der Deutschen steht zunehmend in der Kritik.
Detailergebnisse des 4. Quartals 2010: Der soziale Graben wird immer tiefer
Die Unternehmens- und Vermögenseinkommen haben sich erstaunlich rasch von der Krise erholt, wozu vor allem größere Gewinne nach Einsparung bei den Personalkosten und niedrige Finanzierungskosten sowie der Aufschwung an den Aktienmärkten beigetragen haben. Dabei sind hier die Einkommen der besser- und bestverdienenden Arbeitnehmer bis zum Chef der Deutschen Bank inbegriffen. Die Normaleinkommen der Arbeitnehmer dürften sich noch schlechter entwickelt haben.
Das Verteidigungsministerium bucht eine millionenschwere Bundeswehr-Werbekampagne bei Bild
Dass K.T. zu Guttenberg weiterhin Verteidigungsminister bleiben darf, liegt vor allem an seiner Beliebtheit in der Bevölkerung. Diese kommt nicht von ungefähr, sondern basiert auf einer Medienkampagne, in der Guttenberg als Lichtgestalt präsentiert wurde. Allen voran erteilte die Springer-Presse dem Minister politische Absolution. Als Belohnung wird Guttenbergs Ministerium demnächst eine umfangreiche Anzeigenkampagne in der Bild-Zeitung schalten lassen.
AFP macht Propaganda für Tag des Zorns im Irak
Während in Ägypten für heute Massenproteste von Millionen angekündigt sind, macht die staatliche französische Nachrichtenagentur AFP gerade Propaganda für einen "Tag des Zorns" im Irak. Die westlichen Imperialisten können es also offenbar immer noch nicht verschmerzen, dass ihre Marionetten die Parlamentswahl im Irak verloren haben und stattdessen Iran-freundliche Kräfte die Wahl gewonnen haben und versuchen deshalb nun, noch mehr Chaos und Bürgerkrieg im Irak anzuheizen.
Kanzlerin im Selbstzerstörungsmodus
Die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin Merkel hat den roten Knopf gedrückt und den Selbstzerstörungsmodus aktiviert. Die Affäre um den Freiherrn zu Guttenberg wird sie den Kopf kosten wenn es ihr nicht noch gelingt den Countdown zu stoppen und Guttenberg zu feuern.
Obama seeks consensus over Libya
US President Barack Obama calls the leaders of the UK, France and Italy as international efforts to respond to the violence in Libya gather pace.
Schweiz sperrt allfällige Vermögen von Ghadhafi
Die Lage in Libyen wird immer unübersichtlicher, weite Teile des Landes sind nicht mehr unter der Kontrolle von Machthaber Muammar al-Ghadhafi. Hier die Abfolge der Ereignisse vom Donnerstag: Libyens Staatsfonds hat offenbar 32 Milliarden Dollar bei verschiedenen US-Banken angelegt. Mehrere Institute verwalteten jeweils bis zu 500 Millionen Dollar, heisst es in einer US-Botschaftsdepesche, die der Enthüllungsplattform WikiLeaks vorliegt.
Beschäftigungsprogramme für Ghadhafis Söhne
Oberst Ghadhafi hat seinen Söhnen wirtschaftliche Verantwortung auch in der Hoffnung übertragen, sie von ihrem unsteten Lebenswandel abzubringen. Dies geht aus mehreren Depeschen aus der amerikanischen Botschaft in Tripolis hervor.
Boeing bekommt Jahrhundert-Auftrag der US Air Force
Zehn Jahre hat es gedauert, jetzt scheint es entschieden: Boeing hat den Zuschlag für den zweitgrößten Rüstungsauftrag in der Geschichte des US-Militärs bekommen. Die mehr als 50 Jahre alte Luftwaffen-Tankerflotte soll ersetzt werden, insgesamt 179 Flugzeuge werden gebaut. EADS hat zehn Tage Zeit, um Widerspruch einzulegen.
Googlebombers turn "Abortion" into second result for "Murder"
Someone has spoofed Google into making the Wikipedia entry for "abortion" into the second result in searches for "murder."
Protest gegen ThyssenKrupp-Stahlwerk in Brasilien
Rio de Janeiro. Bewohner von Santa Cruz und Fischer der Bucht von Sepetiba planen für Freitag eine Demonstration gegen das ThyssenKrupp-Stahlwerk Companhia Siderúrgica do Atlântico (CSA) in Brasilien. Dies berichtet der Umweltblog Racismoambiental. Der Protest werde vor dem Gebäude des Umweltministeriums des Bundesstaats Rio de Janeiro (SEA) und des Umweltinstituts INEA im Zentrum von Rio de Janeiro stattfinden. Der ThyssenKrupp-Tochter CSA wird vorgeworfen, die Bucht von Sepetiba zu verschmutzen sowie mehrere Vorfälle der Umweltverschmutzung im Stadtteil Santa Cruz in der Westzone Rio de Janeiros verursacht zu haben.
Vorratsdatenspeicherung: Jeder ist verdächtig
Die EU macht Druck auf Österreich, die gesetzlichen Grundlagen für die Vorratsdatenspeicherung (VDS) endlich umzusetzen. Die Vorratsdatenspeicherung ist im Telekommunikationsgesetz geregelt. Der Vorschlag von Infrastrukturministerin Doris Bures (S) sieht eine minimale ­Umsetzung der EU-Vorgaben vor. Innen- und Justizministerium - beide ÖVP - ist das zu wenig. Die ISPA kritisiert die ­Verordnung nach wie vor [..]
Live Blog - Libya Feb 25
10:33am EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton has joined those calling for sanctions against Libya in a bid to stop the bloodshed. 10:14am Libyan state television reports Libyan families will receive 500 dinars each, while wages for some public workers could increase by 150pc. 10:12am Germany is preparing sanctions against Libyan leaders over the attacks on protesters, Guido Westerwelle, Germany's foreign minister, said on Friday ahead of a UN Security Council meeting.
Live Blog - Libya Feb 25
10:33am EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton has joined those calling for sanctions against Libya in a bid to stop the bloodshed. 10:14am Libyan state television reports Libyan families will receive 500 dinars each, while wages for some public workers could increase by 150pc. 10:12am Germany is preparing sanctions against Libyan leaders over the attacks on protesters, Guido Westerwelle, Germany's foreign minister, said on Friday ahead of a UN Security Council meeting.
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 2/24/2011
Well, as I think you heard the President say yesterday very clearly what our -- what his position is towards the situation, towards the actions of the Libyan government, very clear condemnation of the violence against the protesters there, violence against Libyan citizens, he also is obviously very concerned about the safety of Americans, and that is a priority. That's all I can say on that.
WH: Obama calls Sarkozy, Cameron, and Berlusconi to talk about Libya
United States President Barack Obama called President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom, and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy Thursday to discuss the ongoing situation in Libya.
UNO berät über Konsequenzen für Gaddafi
Angesichts der Gewalt in Libyen wird heute der UN-Sicherheitsrat in New York über mögliche Sanktionen gegen die Gaddafi-Regierung beraten. Als konkrete Maßnahmen kämen etwa Reiseverbote, das Einfrieren von Vermögen, ein Waffenembargo oder ein Flugverbot über libysches Gebiet infrage.
A revolution against neoliberalism?
If rebellion results in a retrenchment of neoliberalism, millions will feel cheated.
Sanktionen: EU will libysche Konten sperren
Die EU plant ein Paket von Sanktionen gegen Libyen. "Wir prüfen alles, Reisebeschränkungen, Kontensperrungen, in den nächsten Tagen", sagte die EU-Außenbeauftragte Catherine Ashton am Freitag auf Schloss Gödöllo bei Budapest bei Beratungen mit den EU-Verteidigungsministern.
Mud volcano flow to last 26 years
The world's largest mud volcano, which left 13,000 families in Indonesia homeless, is likely to continue erupting for another 26 years, estimate researchers.
Libya: UK 'Paid Officials To Evacuate Brits'
The UK government paid Libyan officials to allow Britons to be evacuated from the violence-torn country, according to Sky sources.
Americans Dumping Debt [Infographic]
Americans have reduced their credit card debts significantly since the CARD Act became law in 2009. Credit card companies are now forced to refrain from adding any unnecessary penalties and excessive fees.
Water bills see 4.6% average rise
Water and sewerage bills in England and Wales will go up by 4.6% this April, to an average of £356 per household.
Scott Walker's History Exposes a Dark Illegal Past Behind The Choir Boy Face
Scott was found guilty of illegal campaigning while in college and the local paper, that had previously been neutral, finally declared Scotty "unfit for Presidency."
Microchip in iPhones and Blackberries Spots Cancerous Tumors Within an Hour, Study Shows
Scientists say they have developed a microchip that can be attached to a smart phone and diagnose cancerous tumors within an hour, from the patient's bedside.
Mouse heart 're-grows when cut'
Scientists in the United States say newborn mice can re-grow their own hearts after sustaining significant damage.
Italy holds 'Pope hate' suspects
Six Moroccan men are arrested in northern Italy on suspicion of seeking to incite hatred of Pope Benedict among Muslims.
Libyan crackdown 'escalates' - UN
Thousands may have been killed or injured as the Libyan government crackdown escalates "alarmingly", says the UN human rights head.
USA wollten Psychoteam auf de Maiziere ansetzen
Die US-Armee wollte angeblich Spezialisten für psychologische Kriegsführung auf Bundesinnenminister Thomas de Maizière und andere hochrangige Politiker ansetzen - mit einem ganz bestimmten Ziel.
Economy shrinks more than thought
The UK economy shrank by more than first thought in the last quarter of 2010, contracting by 0.6%, revised figures show.
When the Internet Nearly Fractured Author: Soulskill
An anonymous reader writes "The Atlantic has a fascinating, if lengthy, story about a man named Eugene Kashpureff who 'ignited a battle over the future of the global network' by launching a rogue DNS registry in the late '90s. Here's an excerpt: 'He opted to go a step beyond simply registering sites on alternative top-level domains, and hijacked traffic intended for InterNIC.net. He pointed the domain to his own site, where he lodged a note of protest over how the domain name space was being controlled, and then offered visitors the option of continuing on to Network Solution's site. This was, you'll recall, at about the same moment that the federal government was attempting to make the case to the business community, to the world, that this Internet thing was no digital Wild West.'"Read more of this story
'New data' on Iran's nuclear plan
The UN's nuclear watchdog says it has new information on "possible military dimensions" to Iran nuclear development programme.

FLASHBACK: Ronald Reagan Called Union Membership 'One Of The Most Elemental Human Rights' As the Main Street Movement of students, workers, and other middle class Americans erupts across America, many conservatives have invoked the legacy of former president Ronald Reagan to demand that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) not back down from his push to end collective bargaining for his state's public employees. In a prank call with the Buffalo Beast's Ian Murphy, where Murphy pretended to be right-wing billionare David Koch, Walker himself even fantasized about being just like Reagan.

Yet conservatives may be shocked to learn that their idol Reagan was once a union boss himself. Reagan was the only president in American history to have belonged to a union, the AFL-CIO affiliated Screen Actors Guild. And he even served six terms as president of the organized labor group. Additionally, Reagan was a staunch advocate for the collective bargaining rights of one of the world's most famous and most influential trade unions, Poland's Solidarity movement.

Founded in September 1980, Solidarity was formed in Soviet-occupied Poland as the USSR's first free and independent trade union. By 1981, the union had grown to 10 million people and became a powerful force for demanding economic and political reforms within the Soviet Union. Solidarity began to use strikes to demand these reforms, and the Soviets responded by jailing their leaders and cracking down on their right to organize. During his Christmas address to the nation on December 23, 1981, President Reagan condemned the Soviet-backed Polish crackdowns on labor unions, promoting the "basic right of free trade unions and to strike":

REAGAN: The Polish government has trampled underfoot to the UN Charter and Helsinki accords. It has even broken the Gdańsk Agreement of 1980 by which the Polish government recognized the basic right of free trade unions and to strike.

Watch it:

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="320" height="260" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/orwN4WKhriw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
In a radio address given the following October, the former president escalated his rhetoric. Reagan condemned the Polish government's outlawing of Solidarity, and attacked it for making it "clear they never had any intention of restoring one of the most elemental human rights - the right to belong to a free trade union":

REAGAN: Ever since martial law was brutally imposed last December, Polish authorities have been assuring the world that they're interested in a genuine reconciliation with the Polish people. But the Polish regime's action yesterday reveals the hollowness of its promises. By outlawing Solidarity, a free trade organization to which an overwhelming majority of Polish workers and farmers belong, they have made it clear that they never had any intention of restoring one of the most elemental human rights-the right to belong to a free trade union.

Although Solidarity was not an American union, it is important to understand that much of its political program at the time was much farther to the left than any comparable U.S.-based unions. Solidarity's economic platform in 1981 called for worker-owned businesses, social control of the food supply so as to ensure that everyone was fed, and for workers to decide what days of the week businesses would be able to declare holidays, among other things.

As conservatives, including Walker himself, continue to fashion themselves as clones of Reagan as they face off with a new progressive populist movement across the country, Americans should know that Reagan's views and actions may not have always perfectly aligned with those on the far right.

How One Nuclear Skirmish Could Wreck the Planet Author: Dave Mosher
Even a small nuclear exchange could ignite mega-firestorms and wreck the planet's atmosphere. Wired Science chats with atmospheric chemist Michael Mills of the National Center for Atmospheric Research to find out how.

Obama signs extension of Patriot Act, the same Act he railed against during the campaign. [link]

Supply talk eases oil price surge
Oil prices retreat after reports suggest Saudi Arabia has increased production to offset shortages caused by unrest in Libya.
Lloyds sees £2.21bn annual profit
Lloyds Banking Group returns to profit for the first time since it was bailed out by the government during the financial crisis.
Sleeping With Dogs May Spread Plague Author: Maryn McKenna
Do you let your dog sleep on your bed? You do, don't you? Once you read this story, you might want to rethink that.
Brain-Wasting Prions Amass Before Dealing Deathblow Author: Tina Hesman Saey
Infectious proteins that cause brain-wasting conditions like mad cow disease appear to build up in the brain long before initiating the cascade of deterioration that leads to dementia and death, a new study of mice finds.