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20221015             Samstag, 15. Oktober 2022
20221015             »Danke für den unglaublichen Flug«: ISS-Astronauten landen sicher zurück auf der Erde
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20221015             Vom FBI beschlagnahmte Dokumente: US-Justizministerium will Trumps Sonderprüfer absetzen
202210150718 Ausland •
20221015             Sabotage bei Nord Stream und Bahn: Faeser kündigt besseren Schutz von kritischer Infrastruktur an
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20221015             Seit mehr als 50 Jahren in Haft: Begnadigung von Charles-Manson-Anhängerin zum 15. Mal abgelehnt
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20221015             MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             The current US administration does not need talks on cybersecurity issues, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for International Cybersecurity Cooperation Andrey Krutskikh said in an interview with the International Affairs magazine, published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website on Friday.
20221015             "Washington does not currently need talks [on cybersecurity issues].
20221015             It cannot get concessions from us through talks and its diktat does not work.
20221015             The US seeks to resolve global political issues, in its own words, on the battlefield.
20221015             The main negotiator on digital issues, recently appointed by Congress, made a public statement the other day that US policy was aimed at containing Russia in the cyber sphere.
20221015             It’s a hopeless case," he pointed out.
20221015             "Washington has almost completely suspended dialogues on cybersecurity, while accusations and threats keep coming to us from overseas as if they have a horn of plenty there," Krutskikh stressed".
20221015             Our responsible negotiators are deprived of the opportunity to carry out their diplomatic duties at the United Nations, attempts are made to deny them access to the organization’s headquarters, which undermine the international negotiation process on international information security in general," he added.
20221015             At the same time, the diplomat was confident that "Russian diplomats and our country’s political leadership will have enough restraint, will and resolve to keep the world from a catastrophe without sacrificing the slightest bit of Russia’s national interests".
20221015             .
20221015             MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             The Russian side expects the situation around its sailors in Ismail, who are not being released from vessels that have entered the Ukrainian port for repairs, to be resolved soon, Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said on Friday.
20221015             "The story with our sailors in Ismail is not heard in the media space.
20221015             But we know about it and we do not get off it.
20221015             I think that some solution will be found," the diplomat said during a Soloviev Live TV broadcast.
20221015             Polyansky stressed that what was happening with the sailors could be called "a violation of all imaginable and unimaginable humanitarian norms"".
20221015             The situation there is really critical.
20221015             And there are, unfortunately, as far as I understand, people who now have problems with health.
20221015             Ukraine, of course, keeps it quiet, and Western colleagues do not make it public either," he added.
20221015             On September 2, the Russian human rights commissioner said that the situation around the Russian civilian sailors, who have been held by the Ukrainian side for more than six months at the ship repair plants in Ismail, escalated.
20221015             According to her, there were 66 sailors, including five seriously ill ones, on the vessels at that time.
20221015             In this connection, Moskalkova appealed to the UN, OSCE and the Council of Europe to assist in the immediate return of the Russian civilian sailors home.
20221015             Later, Moskalkova reported that the competent Russian authorities managed to secure the release of one of the detainees.
20221015             MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             The grain deal is unlikely to be extended in the current situation, Russia's First Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said on Friday.
20221015             "I wouldn't want to get ahead of myself right now, but to be honest, I wouldn't bet much on extending this deal right now in the situation we find ourselves in," he said during a Soloviev Live TV broadcast.
20221015             According to the envoy, the UN Secretary General is making the necessary efforts today, but so far there is "absolutely nothing to boast about"".
20221015             The UN Secretary General and his staff, who are working on this deal, they are trying somehow, first of all, to level out this impression, which everyone has and continues to have, that the grain is going the wrong way from Ukraine.
20221015             Plus, they are really trying the second part of the deal, which our former Western partners usually forget, to bring Russian food and fertilizers to the market.
20221015             They are also trying to revive that part, and it really depends to a large extent not on them," the diplomat explained.
20221015             "I don't know if the Secretary General will eventually be able to do something, I’m talking about a qualitative breakthrough in terms of grain and fertilizer exports.
20221015             So far, indeed, there is less and less time, there are very few practical results," Polyansky stressed.
20221015             A package of documents geared towards resolving the issue of food and fertilizer supplies on global markets was signed on July 22 in Istanbul.
20221015             Under the Russia-UN memorandum, the United Nations undertakes to work toward lifting anti-Russian restrictions hampering the exports of agricultural products and fertilizers.
20221015             Another document envisages a mechanism of exporting grain from Ukraine-controlled Black Sea ports.
20221015             An agreement between Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Nations provides for the establishment of a four-party coordination center to search ships carrying grain in order to prevent weapons smuggling and avoid any false flag.
20221015             The grain deal expires in November.
20221015             MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             Russia's partners in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) understand the objective reality of the Donetsk and the Lugansk People's Republics, as well as the Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions becoming part of the country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Channel One on the sidelines of the CIS summit held in Astana.
20221015             When answering the question whether Astana discussed the accession of the respective territories to Russia based on the results of the referendums, the top diplomat said that Moscow had informed all partners during the preparations for the vote and the plebiscites".
20221015             No questions were asked.
20221015             Everyone understands that this is an objective reality," Lavrov said in a commentary published on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website.
20221015             Referendums on becoming part of Russia were held in the Donetsk and the Lugansk People's Republics, as well as in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions from September 23 to 27. The overwhelming majority of the population voted in favor of becoming a part of Russia.
20221015             The ceremony of signing agreements on the regions' accession to the Russian Federation was held on September 30 in the Grand Kremlin Palace’s St.
20221015             George Hall.
20221015             On October 4, Putin signed laws on the ratification of treaties on the accession of the abovementioned terrritories to Russia.
20221015             KIGALI, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             The position of the countries believing that Russia’s goal is to revive the empire and to annex territories "is fundamentally erroneous," as Russia does not aspire to world dominance, but merely defends people, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (the upper house of Russia’s parliament) Konstantin Kosachev said at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly in Rwanda on Friday.
20221015             "Most of the delegations here think that the essence of current developments revolves around Russia’s attack on Ukraine.
20221015             This general perception is substantiated with the results of the vote calling to put an urgent issue on the Assembly’s agenda.
20221015             The fact that so many delegations have bought into this interpretation can be explained quite simply, since many see Russia as another reincarnation of the former Soviet Union or the Russian Empire, whose sole goal is to revive the empire.
20221015             However, this interpretation of the issue is fundamentally erroneous," the senator said in his speech.
20221015             Kosachev admitted that he had initially planned to talk about gender equality, but as a result, was forced to focus on another problem - the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, since the Russian delegation "is receiving very many questions about what is going on and also requests to clarify Russia’s position".
20221015             "Russia most definitely does not want to revive any empires, does not seek to establish a unipolar world or does not aspire to world domination," Kosachev stressed.
20221015             The senator praised Russia as a unique country, home to nearly 200 nationalities and ethnic groups speaking nearly 300 languages.
20221015             "I would like to draw your attention to the fact that none of the nationalities living in Russia or ethnic groups seek to secede from Russia, since all of them live in peace and harmony.
20221015             They do not suffer from violations of their rights related to their language, religion or culture.
20221015             However, such violations occur in some former Soviet republics, where numerous nationalities and ethnic groups want to secede, as they do not feel comfortable there," the Federation Council deputy speaker said, adding that it was the case with Transnistria in Moldova, with South Ossetia and Abkhazia in Georgia, and the same happened in Ukraine.
20221015             According to the lawmaker, the difference between Russia and all those countries is that the Russian authorities would have never allowed "nationalists that any country has" to take power under the slogan "Russia for Russians".
20221015             "We are convinced that their coming to power would immediately result in the loss of our country’s territorial integrity.
20221015             We cannot afford this in any way.
20221015             But that is precisely what happened in Ukraine," the senator said.
20221015             Kosachev pointed out that nationalists took power in Ukraine in 2014 and sparked a civil war.
20221015             The politician noted that the Ukrainian government had deprived millions of Ukrainians of the opportunity to live in safety, to speak Russian, to preserve their culture and to adhere to their vision of history.
20221015             The senator added that in that thorny situation, Russia had been trying for eight years to help Ukraine restore and maintain its territorial integrity, but Kiev rejected the Minsk accords and started bombarding southeastern Ukraine.
20221015             Difference with Chechnya conflict
20221015             The Federation Council deputy speaker stated that Russia faced a similar situation during the Chechnya conflict, and initially allowed the same mistakes which the Ukrainian authorities are making now, as Moscow viewed the people of Chechnya as terrorists, separatists and criminals, attempting to "use military force to compel them to live within one Russian state".
20221015             "Nevertheless, such an attitude did not work, and it could not work.
20221015             Only after altering our strategy and starting a dialogue with our own citizens in Chechnya, after taking into account the specific features of that region and the interests of local people and so on, were we able to achieve the political solution to the conflict," Kosachev emphasized.
20221015             "However, a contrary situation can be seen in Ukraine, since the Ukrainian authorities still refuse to talk to the people from the country’s southeast.
20221015             That is why millions of people in southeastern Ukraine decided to gain independence from the country that does not respect their rights and tramples their dignity, religion, language and culture," he said.
20221015             Kosachev concluded by assuming that this view differs from the view that can be heard from Ukrainians and their handlers.
20221015             The senator invited the parliamentarians to "visit the conflict-ridden regions".
20221015             "You can go to Crimea, to Donetsk, to Lugansk and talk to people there.
20221015             You are well aware that Ukraine will be opposing it.
20221015             Why?
20221015             Because they do not want you to know the truth.
20221015             All our actions are not aimed at annexing any territories or resources, but at protecting the people who live there," Kosachev concluded.
20221015             MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/.
20221015             The proportion of Russian citizens' confidence in President Vladimir Putin stood at over 80%, according to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center that published the results of a survey conducted from October 3 to 9 among 1,600 respondents aged over 18.
20221015             "When asked about trust in Putin, 80.9% of respondents answered positively (-0.2% over the week), the approval rate of the Russian president's work was 75.6% (-1.3 % over the week)," the pollsters noted.
20221015             Positive assessment figures for the Prime Minister and the Russian government stood at 50.8% (-1%) and 49.8% (-2.1%), respectively," the report stressed.
20221015             Mikhail Mishustin was trusted by 62.4% of respondents (-1.3% over the week).
20221015             Those surveyed also expressed their confidence in the heads of various parliamentary factions.
20221015             Russia’s Communist Party (CPRF) leader Gennady Zyuganov was trusted by 34.7% of respondents (+2%), Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia - For Truth, received 33.1% (+1.8%), the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Leonid Slutsky got 18.3% (+1.1%), and the leader of The New People party Alexey Nechaev procured 11.9% (+1.2%).
20221015             The poll also revealed that the level of support for the United Russia party stood at 41% (-0.6% over the week), with the CPRF supported by 10.1% (+0.1%).
20221015             The LDPR got 9.1% (+0.5%), A Just Russia - For Truth was supported by 5.3% (-0.3%), and The New People party’s figures came to 4.3% (+0.2%).
20221015             Die USA gewähren der Ukraine weitere Militärhilfe, mit der das Land unter anderem Artilleriegeschosse, Panzerabwehr-Waffen und Fahrzeuge bekommen wird.
20221015             Das Hilfspaket habe einen Wert von bis zu 725 Millionen Dollar (745,6 Millionen Euro), wie die US-Regierung in der Nacht mitteilte.
20221015             Nach Angaben des ukrainischen Militärs haben ukrainische Streitkräfte große Mengen russischer Waffen und Ausrüstung in Antratsyt südlich von Luhansk zerstört.
20221015             Angesichts der russischen Mobilisierung erklärt der ukrainische Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj erneut, die ukrainischen Streitkräfte würden das ganze Territorium ihres Landes von Russland zurückerobern".
20221015             Sie haben immer noch Leute, die sie auf das Schlachtfeld werfen können, sie haben Waffen, Raketen, die sie gegen die Ukraine einsetzen"
20221015             Verkehrs- und Logistik-Unternehmen in der Ukraine und Polen sind Ziel einer neuen Attacke mit Verschlüsselungs-Software geworden.
20221015             Ein bisher nicht bekanntes Schadprogramm sei Anfang der Woche in einer Serie von Angriffen verbreitet worden, teilte der Software-Konzern Microsoft mit.
20221015             Die Sicherheitsexperten stellten keine Vermutungen zum Ursprung der Attacke auf, verwiesen jedoch darauf, dass sich die Ziele mit denen früherer russischer Cyberangriffe deckten.
20221015             Deutschlands Städte fordern, die Bevölkerung stärker über mögliche Folgen von Energieknappheit oder Sabotage zu informieren".
20221015             Ein Blackout ist ein realistisches Szenario",
20221015             und "wir müssen uns darauf einstellen, dass verschiedene Krisensituationen aufeinandertreffen",
20221015             warnte der Hauptgeschäftsführer des Deutschen Städtetages, Helmut Dedy, in der "Süddeutschen Zeitung"".
20221015             Eine funktionierende Notversorgung mit Wasser und Wärme ist nur über maximal 72 Stunden möglich".
20221015             Ein Problem sei dabei: "Die Menschen in Deutschland sind bisher unerfahren mit Krisen und Katastrophen",
20221015             erklärte Dedy".
20221015             Deshalb ist eine kontinuierliche, transparente und niedrigschwellige Aufklärung über mögliche Risiken wichtig.
20221015             Kampagnen zur Selbstschutz- und Selbsthilfefähigkeit müssen deutlich stärker und breiter ausgerollt werden".
20221015             Der iranische Außenminister Hussein Amirabdollahian hat in einem Telefonat mit dem EU-Außenbeauftragten Josep Borrell laut Webseite des Außenministeriums Waffenlieferungen an Russland und damit eine aktive Teilnahme an dem militärischen Konflikt in der Ukraine dementiert".
20221015             Wir haben zwar eine militärische Zusammenarbeit mit Russland, aber keine Waffenlieferungen"
20221015             Iran wolle ein Ende des Krieges und der menschlichen Leiden.
20221015             Berichte über die Lieferung und auch den Einsatz von iranischen Drohnen in dem Krieg gegen die Ukraine hat Teheran bislang stets dementiert, obwohl die von russischer Seite bestätigt wurden.
20221015             Die FDP-Politikerin Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann hat den Nazi-Vergleich von Kanzleramtschef Wolfgang Schmidt im Ringen um eine Lieferung von Kampfpanzern an die Ukraine kritisiert".
20221015             Ich biete Wolfgang Schmidt kollegial an, ihn mal in die kleine Waffenkunde einzuführen.
20221015             Dann würde er auch schnell merken, dass nicht nur der Vergleich mit NS-Waffen völlig deplatziert, sondern auch schlichtweg falsch ist",
20221015             sagte die Vorsitzende des Verteidigungsausschusses der Nachrichtenagentur dpa.
20221015             Schmidt hatte am Donnerstag bei einer auf Englisch geführten Diskussionsveranstaltung in Berlin die Regierungsposition verteidigt, der Ukraine keine Kampfpanzer für den Abwehrkampf gegen Russland zu liefern.
20221015             Unter anderem verglich der SPD-Politiker dabei die Rufe nach deutschen Leopard-2-Panzern mit Hoffnungen, die in Nazi-Deutschland in die von der Propaganda als "Wunderwaffe" bezeichnete V2-Rakete gesetzt wurden".
20221015             Ich bin manchmal versucht, es das V2-Syndrom der Deutschen zu nennen",
20221015             sagte Schmidt - dass es eine Wunderwaffe gebe, die wie Magie dafür sorge, dass Dinge sich erledigten".
20221015             Und jetzt ist der Leopard 2 (..). diese Wunderwaffe, die den Krieg beenden wird.
20221015             Und das wird er nicht".
20221015             Nach dem NS-Sprachgebrauch steht V2 für Vergeltungswaffe 2 und wurde von Nazi-Deutschland vielfach gegen zivile Ziele eingesetzt.
20221015             Milliardenschwere Pakete der Ampel
20221015             Studie: Reiche Haushalte profitieren mehr von Entlastungen als arme
20221015             FDP fordert Laufzeitverlängerung bis 2024
20221015             Große Mehrheit stimmt auf Grünen-Parteitag dafür: Am 15. April ist Schluss mit der Atomenergie
20221015             The war in Ukraine
20221015             I want to be clear.
20221015             What’s happening now is unpleasant, to put it mildly.
20221015             But all the same things would have happened later, under worse conditions for us.
20221015             So our actions are correct and timely.
20221015             We’re not giving ourselves the task of destroying Ukraine.
20221015             Look at Crimea, 2.5 million people live there.
20221015             They captured it, and cut off the water.
20221015             Our troops had to go in and turn the water on.
20221015             That’s just an example of the logic of our actions. If they hadn’t acted, we wouldn’t have reacted. Or take the bridge they blew up. Now we have to think 10 times over how important it is for the Russian Federation to ensure communication with Crimea across territory.
20221015             We know Kyiv’s position – they were always talking about negotiations, requesting them, and now they’ve adopted a resolution that prohibits negotiations.
20221015             What is there to talk about?
20221015             I’ve always said that we’re open to negotiations.
20221015             The agreements in Istanbul were actually almost initialed!
20221015             But as soon as the troops left Kyiv, that’s it, their desire to negotiate disappeared.
20221015             If they grow up, let’s talk!
20221015             Possibility of war with NATO
20221015             This is an understandable question.
20221015             What is defeat for Ukraine?
20221015             Everyone has a different understanding.
20221015             Look at Crimea, which became a subject of the Russian Federation in 2014 – was that defeat?
20221015             In any case, putting troops into direct contact, direct conflict, with the Russian army is a very dangerous step, which might lead to a global catastrophe.
20221015             I hope that those who speak about it have enough good sense not to take that step.
20221015             Brutal unterdrückte Proteste: Iran bezeichnet Kritik der EU als Vorwand
202210150943 Ausland
20221015             Bei dem Gipfeltreffen Russlands mit den fünf Ex-Sowjetrepubliken in Zentralasien hat sich der Kremlchef Kritik an dem für selbstverständlich gehaltenen Vorrang Moskaus anhören müssen.
20221015             Russland dürfe die Interessen der kleineren Länder nicht wie zu sowjetischen Zeiten übergehen, sagte der tadschikische Präsident Emomali Rachmon in der kasachischen Hauptstadt Astana.
20221015             »Damals und, entschuldigen Sie, auch noch heute wurden die kleinen Republiken, die kleinen Völker nicht beachtet«,
20221015             sagte er.
20221015             Tradition und Kultur der Zentralasiaten seien nicht geachtet worden.
20221015             »Es gab keine Hilfen, keine Unterstützung«,
20221015             sagte der Präsident Tadschikistans.
20221015             Internationale Wirtschaftsforen seien nur in Moskau, in Minsk (Belarus), Kiew (Ukraine) oder noch in Almaty (Kasachstan) organisiert worden.
20221015             »Für die anderen Republiken hieß es nur: Schick Milch, schick Baumwolle, schick dies und das!«
20221015             Russland sieht sich immer noch als Ordnungsmacht für Zentralasien.
20221015             Die Länder dort sind ökonomisch, teils auch militärisch auf Moskau angewiesen.
20221015             Gleichzeitig deuteten Beobachter in der Region die Kritik des Tadschiken auch als Zeichen eines schleichenden Machtverlusts Putins und Russlands wegen des Kriegs gegen die Ukraine.
20221015             Nach zunehmender Kritik der USA an Saudi-Arabiens Verhalten angesichts des russischen Angriffskrieges hat die Führung in Riad Kiew humanitäre Hilfe in Höhe von 400 Millionen Dollar zugesagt.
20221015             Der Kronprinz betonte laut SPA in dem Telefongespräch die Haltung seines Landes, »alles zu unterstützen, das zu einer Deeskalation beiträgt«.
20221015             Riad sei weiterhin bereit, zwischen Kiew und Moskau zu vermitteln.
20221015             Saudi-Arabien widersetzte sich allerdings der Forderung der USA, auf eine Drosselung der Ölförderung zu verzichten, um die aus dem Ukrainekrieg resultierende Energiekrise abzumildern.
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